Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 16, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 16, 1841 Page 3
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with llit public servica. A strict responsibility on llie port of all the agents of tlio Government should bu maintained, and peculation or defalcation visited with immcuiniu expulsion irom uinec mi me niusicuiiuicii punishment. Tho public interest demands, that, if any war nai existed between the Government nnd the currency, it hall cense. Measures of n financial character, now hivim' (he sanction of legal einctnictit. shall bo faith fully enforced tin til repealed by the legislative ntithor ity. Itut I owe it to myself to declare lint I ward tiifingcnactmentsns unwise and impolitic, und in a huh decree oppressive. I -ha1! promptly, nivci my unction to any constitutional measure which origin Mini! in Coneress. shall have for its object the resto- latiou of a sound circulating medium, so essentially Accessary to givaconfiilciicein all the transactions of me, iu secure 10 iiiuusirv us mn mm iiui-quniu rc ward, and re-establish the pubhc prosperity. In de ciding upon the adaptation of any uch measure to the ond proposed, as well as its conformity totho Consti tution, I shall rcsjrt to tlio Fathers of tlio great Re psbhean school for ad vice and instruction, to bo ell awn Ironi their sago views of our system of Government, and thelightof thcirevcr glorious exmiple. The institutions under which we live, mv country men, secure each person in tlio perfect enjoyment of all his rights. Tho spectacle is cxhihitc'd to iho world of a Government deriving its powers from the consent of the governed, and having imparted to it only so much power as is necessary for its successful operation. Thnso wuj am charged with its adminis tration shoidd carefully abstain from all Attempts to enlarge uie rango 01 powers lints granted to the scv iiivinnSuiF mils Ulilllll-ll IU III!' sev- ' era! dcpirtmcnWnf the Government, other then by ' an appeal to the lVople for additional crants, lest by and statesmen who framed the Constitution design-1 A,loricab Mochuiic's.Typojjrjphical, and 1 jok ed to cs'nblish between the Federal Government and I Binders institutes, members of the literary and SvSf enjoined !MnJentiticasPocin.ions,butchers,car.;nen, tailors, by that feeling of reverence and Direction which finds , stone cutters, sail makers, blacksmiths, ship Eft union 'S l&J'Z m?1 lamp-lhtor,, watchmen, and all good of our children and our children's children, other classes of our citizens, each class in a through countless generations. An opposite course single body ; these swelled tho vast procession coiiMnotfiiltogenrratofactl)ns,iiii(.niiipontbeerat- . . ' , ., 1 rocession ificahon ofthcirselfish rndss togivehirth tolocaland I co"""" 1,1 "early the order in winch they have flt'elional iealnnsirs. tn ntlif,iiinr.;,lni- li, I. Imnr. iM. .' ... . s . asunder the bonds of union , or in budding up a central system, which would inevitably end in a bloody scep tre and an iron crown. In conclusion I beg you Mho assured lliv I shall exett myself to carry tho foregoing priuripbs into pracliceduringiny administration of the Government, mi l, confiding in tho protecting care of an ever watchful and overruling Providence, it shall be my first ami highest duty to preserve unimpaired the free institutions under which we live, anil transmit them to those who shall succeed me in their full force and rigor. JOHN TVI.r.H. ttashixotom, April?, 1(54 1. Correspondence of (lie Free l'rcs.. Nr.vv Vouir, April 5, 1511. News goes farth from this city tu-dsy that bears wilh it gloom nnd deep heart-fill nations! sorrow. The great and good man, whom the voice of in.llioiia had placed at tho head of the nation and to whom our country looked fur whatever was noble and high minded and patriotic, has departed to another world. ........ ...,.... ...iivi in uu.ii.iii'' Our shipping, our Halls of Ji.siieo and all our public places display their lings at half-mast, our journal (with thesingbexcoption oftlic.lournal of Commerce) arc dressed in mourning gloom sits upon the face of each of our citizens and even tha noise of business 18 111UII1CU ami suuuucu. i.vcry man rco'a that tlie 1 C n"",n ""P"" ........ . vin. Vo. iniiu uic u is ue-e-ii uevorc l 10 h:r service, and whose last words were breathed for lung continued and high well-being. Inscrutable are the dispensations of an all-wise Providence, and no eye can discern the good he will bting nut of this dire calamity, Rut he is a Gon that vvatcheth over s. , , . , i . . - .ww. t. .ikii.iii.i.1 im iiiij , niyi ui iuuu- .vations as well as individuals and we nie bound to 1 ectieiit is one of the greatest of w Inch wcevei had oc beheve that he huh not thus alllietcd us for our hurt ' cns'" boast, and tlu clli-rt throughout the country The intelligence, although expected yesterday vri L'i11"10' heotbei wisethan biglily eheuing and salula Ml upon the ears of this ci,5 h,(e a tlmnderbinl. ' ,, j fooungi'm0 5 waB with difficulty that men could believe tint fitn. . hive been folly and niadliiss, if We hid refused to Hsrrisjn, so recently placed in the high sntion which I '!"-' '!"" administration winch we had helpul to hi- filled ith so much dignity and ability-vvn, now I itT.uL'i'Z! TT''- , V'c tti' -vi"1'!"1 U"W" no more , a moment', ihcugh, mVprlled .he ' !c?. digamy doubt, and die truth came homo to their ' ever prep ued to guard her rights and hliei lies. Xot Starts with all its anguish. I withstanding the vole cist is several thiusand lar- gcr than ll wis last sunn.', fim. I'll iI.'m i.,'.ir,r... i.i:tti:i;s fiiomtiip, Mrruoi' :;o. vni. New Vonr., April 10, 1311. Tho shadow of Darkness and Heath has n,,(1,i ,l. u,, ,,,, i. , , ., passoij over tho land. J he high hopes, the worm affections, and the exulting pride of a Na-! two, kimijiii iii mi- i.inio in iiieir l airiot iniei, in,. lnM..r. ,1.- f. 11. . . m ' have boon chilled and blasted in a moment Thus do we learn a lesson of which we were nigh forgetful. that Nations, like individuals, are in the hands of an omnipotent lttilor. Thus arc wo admon'sliml that not upon Man, must our hopes for national glory and greatness be cen tered. Heath stalks among the Nations, and the k :i..., ., n ..,!. ,.,.,,, t. i,:.. . , MiLliluct to, . uii .m iiii; iiii-.uiuni, iiu.i Ml, m n u , . , ,. f, .... , . 1 "su "u mn u i-i ii-Pf, as , the despaitin siL'h of a solitary heart, to stay i liis hand or turn him firm his onward way: he worketh his own will among us, and no bonds of affection, of greatness or of glory can snatch them from his embrace whom ho has marked for his victims. Ti, r, r .i. in ! i. uv. v.u. ..'Mini:-, w. uiu IIIUMI lOUIJ UU- ceased have been celebrated in every pilH of the country with sincere and hoar' felt sorrow tnd by all classes of our citizens without distinc tion of party. The most magnificent funeral pageant over witnessed on the American Con tinent was displayed in this city today. All distinctions of party, all minor difll'ivncoK of opinion and all personal feelings were thrown to the winds: and the whole miss of our citizens poured forth in one broad flood to do fitting hon ors to tho venerable and honored man who has left the nation. It is estimated that at least ! twenty-five thousand persons joined in tlio pro cession, and at least four times that number crowded the streets, public places, bi'.conics and windows, to catch a glimpse of the passing core monies. A hasty and impcrfectdescription may not he without interest. The day was dark and gloomy ; at sunrise all , trie ags oi me eiiips in tne naruor, on an uie ", fe , , , , ,. , i i ncaucs, liuiuio ,iuu inner iiuuno miii'.i .iiiu . , ,' , i . ' from many priyato houses, were displayed at Jialf-mast and heavily hung with black. About ' ten o'clock tho citizens and those interested ' began to gather in the Paik in front of tho City ! Hall. At l'J the great fire alarm bell on the Hall pealed forth tho signal for the procession ) to move. From that time till sunset all the church and firo bells in tho city tolled dolefully .1 m.nn ...nwA rt A.l ..1.. (l.n ll.ll.n. I nllU IIHIIUli; UIIO ,UIJ 1IIUX IIUIII tllU IJllllUlt Broadway, Bowery, (I rand and Chatham streets, through which the cortege proceeded were over hung in many places with block cloth. The military escort first began to move; it wan composed of all the military forces in this city and Brooklyn with the volunteer companies, in all, some 7000. Kich regiment marched with its own commander with its banner heavily craped, drums muffled, tho swords of tho officers reversed and with crape at the hilt ; and the bands of music breathing forth slow and solemn strains. Slowly and without disorder the dense masses fell into the ranks ; the crowd about all tho while growing more dense and tin interest of the ccene becoming deeper and more ab sorbing. The officials and high dignitaries of tho land had in the meantime gathered in the city Hall, and now came forth to take their appropriate places. Boforo them, however, was borne by twenty-four sailors from tho Constitution, TIIK UUN, tlio same used at the funerals of Wash is'.tos, 5,iiAvr.TTr. and IIa.mii.tox, having i- ti. :....-M ...l their names wiiu mat m iiauiiiu.-s insiriuiu !, .nr.mnoipd l,v a lanm bronye P-ai'ln upon "i b - n - and covered viith black velvet and cloth of gold, t. ,i, nr it s M-irinps solrndidlv -I'our conipaiics of U. o. .Marines, splcniliui) drCSBCU, I011UU' " wumuui uunui, i iivii . tam6 4 llOHM. liuuijr t..iiannuiii-u, UIIU ICO uy Bna"ed eerva)tof Gen. Harrison. Thirteen carriMie" wer.ty-sixpall bearers followed, 'tei 'hem Kv.President Van Buren with r...i.. 1 .i i.i i... ii ipii ny i Senator T-jVtlard and B, f. llutler. The com. J inoti Councils of New York and Brooklyn as mourners, the Governor, Lt. Governor, and mom. bers of tlio Legislature of Now York, Members or Longicss, society of Citicitiatli, Revolutionary Soldicrs,Foreign .Ministers and Counsuls.Judgcs 01 mo united Mtates, State and city Courts, Members of the Uar, Police Magistrates with uiuu uniciai staves end in mourning, Militia Officers ofl'duty, civil officers of the U. S. and New York, members of the fire department, grand lodge of the state preceded by tlio grand master and the officers of the independatil coin pany of Odd Fellows in full costume and bearing the Bible, Chaplcl, Constitution, Ark of thu Covenant, Aaron's Rod, and other insignia of tlio order, the trustees, faculty and students of all our Colleges and other literary institutions, teachers and pupils of our public schools, officers and pupils in the naval schools, tippecanoo clubs, political associations of both parties, the New Kngland society, Si, Andrew's, St. Patrick's and St. Nicholan' societies, the German, French and Italian benevolent societies, each with its ap- , . , . .It', . . prupnato banner, tlio Irish society bearing the Harp shrouded with crape nvjlnbers of the ii-vu i IU c 117.1; is 111 mini- sinm,. and those of Brooklyn and this city, arranged according to wards, closed the procession. Splendid b.rtnors wore borno at intervals, heav ily hung witii crap;, aula balgo of mourning was worn by every one of the vast multitude. Before the procession was fairly started it began to snow and continued to storm till after dark. Tho effect of all this was indescribably solemn, lt was a an eloquent and worthy expression of n1tion.1l grief for tho loss of a great nnd a good Chief .Magistrate. At about six o'clock the throng again arrived at the City Hall, in front of which a large platform had been erected, cov ered with black clatli, from which it was announ ced that the remaining exorcises, consisting of an oration by Chancellor Frc!iiigliuycn, and the olher solemn and religious rites prepared for the occasion, would be postponed by reason af tho inclement weather. The assembled thousands thou dispersed quietly to their homes". And thus ended tho most splendid and aflectin pigeant 1 over beheld. 1 lav it g thus Miited to (o honor to the Dead, it now becomes tho duty of all to look at the Administration of their alhirs and to the to.iduct of those retaining stations of power. Yours &c. Vermont. From th" Hartford fViurant conni: tktt r.u:r,Tio.v. 'I'), V!..i,,ji. in.i n.,1.. trt. ...I I... .1 t.: r r H over IC'OO larger and in pioporlinn is gienitr I man at the Presidential dection in the fall. The t.ons are so tsloiinded n'. thtir utti.r overthrow, tint even the Times his to roufess that they are sur prised at tlu result. Th. most gratifying part of llie tieeiujii, is ini lemrn oi our six tiiente, and mills- trimiH of Congress, every one of whom is chosen by a majority increased over that of Ths amount "I our victory is as follows i vviiKi fi(l KilNOJt, l.lhl TK.N AT (iOVRuAblt, TilHASlIItHll, sKni'.in'Aitv, CO.MPTRni.U'.It, SIX WIIKi MKMHKIIS C)r'CONOItK.JS. AT.hTIir. Si:.AT()KS HUTONK, AND TWOTHIRDSOF TUP. HfOVSi: Ob' Itr.PItE- si:.VTATivr.s. Ill the next Sinalcof lh .State the l.ocos will hive . ,. "' ' but a solitary member Doct. Woodward of Middle- town not nougli to siy "ire." I.ast year tliey lnd 3- Jnthcllous-of IicpreHontuives, oil the towns arc heard from but three 1 17 Whigs are elected oj l.ocos and there are 10 vacancies. I. ant year the sntenf parties in thcllousa was as follows : -Whigs, 1 10 1 l.ocos, Cij. V. S. lIv.N'K OF I'r.N.VSTLVANU. Tlld President, Cashier, and six Directors of this ,... . 1 , , rt , '"S 'tulion resigned tlieir places on I l.ursaily and Col. William Dayton, formerly a mem ber ofCongtess from South Carolina was elected President, nml tho places of llio six Directors who resigned filled by gentlemen of high standing nnd first rate business hab its. The now President is a gentleman of tlio most unbending integrity and of great pu rity of character, The stock has been sold since the election at P1,r s'wro The Report of tho committee appointed to investigate the condition of tlio B,tnk dis closes a revolting scene of corruption and mismanagement for the last four or five years. Tho l.ttc officers of tho Bank np ponr not to have been properly controlled by the Directors, and to have used its funds ;.. ,i , . .. in their own private speculations, Indeed ., , , . , appears since t ho rcmnva of the donos tcs. 1 myosins, ll'lvo 1,ecn ninnngcd almost as badly as ,ho Manhattan Bank, the deposito IJ.uiks in Boston, or any other locofuco institutions. After tho nibiirary power of tho General Government was directed against it with n spirit of indiscriminate fury that no regard for (l0 commerco of,10 colmtry C01llj uay tho Hank appears to have broken loose from its former safe moorings, and to have dashed headlong into tho wild speculations which tho enormous increaso of paper money authorized by locofoco state legisla tures, rendered so rifo throughout tho country. Tho following article exhibits the determi nation of tho Stockholders at lluir lato meet ing : L'xrrr.D states hank. The adjourned meeting of the stockholders which was very large, took place this morning. Tiicpro ceedinss were to protraclul that wecanouly mention tin- leading points rcccominendtid by tlio Committee appointed to report upon thocourscproper to do adop ted by the Hank. Their recommendations were: To reduce through tho agency of tho Legislature, tho capital to fourteen millions, and to have the loans to the htiteand the sums paid to the State reduced to the ratio established for oilier I'anks. To change tho name of tho Hank. To restrict Iho mode of voling by proxy. To protect by special sccuiity the Circulation, Dc positcs, and Post Notes of the Hank. These, ns well os wc remember, were the main points of the Committees' Resolutions. The debates on some of them wero very prolracttd. Several oth- it lesoiuuoiis were adopteu. Anion:' them was oneinstructin tho Directors in I innuire into the obligations incurred by the former X'"., 1 J',C?S ,I,.B ".proccai ny iig.H iin-uii!. iu iiuoreo uie luilillucnt oi tlicm. Ana- tber absolved tne clerks from their oaths to kcrji the socrcls of..,n0 from ,nc stockholders. The mrcling adjourned to meet on the second Tuesday in ,uay. A Br.vuTim. Cunnncv. The NalcJiez Fico Trader says : " On Saturday, wo saw a SlOgold piece :o!d for $100 in Mitaiasippi Railroad nolc? Voiv the Xational lnltllitri-nttr. Tim follnuitiff Sn.v.VToasandltErntistNTATivcsi n r.osoiil.rC 3 ill Congress, bpjiit present in tho city, attended tho Funeral ef Urn Iain IVsidcnt of the United States I S'r.NATOns. .Ilr- TAtLMAnns. of New Ynrtt. Mr. Henton, of Missouri, Mr, Mebbick, of Maryland, Mr. Pbkntiss, of Vermont, Mr. Waikw, of Missis. sppiand Mr. CnimcnT. of Oeorgia. ItcenssESTATivEs. Mr. Adams, of Mass.. Mr. Saltonstall, of Mass., Mr, White, of Louisiana, Mr. CesiiiNo, of Mass., Mr. Cartko, of Tennessee, Mr. Snennon Williams, of Kentucky, Mr. Johnson, of .Maryland, Mr. Pbck, of New Yorlt, Mr. Kemble, of New Voik, .Mr. Hall, of Vermont t also, Mr. Downing, Delegate from Florida, and Mr. Dotv, Delegate from Wiskonsati, PKt.UNtnv ArrAins or tub I.aic PnnsiDCNT. We regret to learn tint in consequence of becoming responsible for the liabilities of bis sons, several years since, the farm of the Pitsidcnt at N'orib llend is un. der heavy incumbrance and as tint was the only property'ho possessed, that his family arc left in u destitute condition. It is highly probable, we arc aware, that Congress will order the amount of his salary for the whole year, to be paid to bis widow. Hut that will only setve to relieve her from tho extra ordinary expenses incurred by the lato President in mailing preparations lor taking up Ins residence at Washington, and those which accrued after his es tablishment there, lt was therefore suggested, at the tneetin? of the citizens nf Troy held on Friday even ing, for the tutriiuso of adnntiti'r proper measure for t'slifyiug their rcspeit for the memory of their late Piesident, by n personal friend of the deceased, that a subscription' be commenced, thcamount subscribed by each individual not to exceed one dollar, for the pur pose of relieving the homesicd at iVortb llend from its incumbrances, and presenting it to the family of IlAn atsoN, A similar measure was recently adoptid in (treat Hritain on the dcalli of Walter Scott, in order to relieve bis estate Irem the mortgages upon it. And if Waller Scott wasslcemed worthy of such an honor by the people of Great Britain, c'eitainlv the eminent sorviies of the lamented Harrison to the United States, should render bun worthy of a similar honor. Wuy ft'hig. TIIK ADVANCEMENT OK TIIIJ GROWTH OK COTTON IN Till'. ENGLISH COLONIES, AND Till: PAVOHAULi: DISPOSITION OK Till: GONUll.WMr.NT TOWARD it. The growing interest in England for promoting the cultivation of Cotton in the Colonics, and thefavoring intbiencoof the (iovernuieiit, makes the subject one of Iho greatest importance to nsin this country, both as Cotton growers and nmiufaclurets. Kor if the measured which aro in progress should bo succossful, iiicrciuusi laitc piaeo a revolution III prices Itut will au"ert the whole coursj of our Cotton trade. Tho origin of these measures will be found in the interest for the advancement of the Colonies, the li vely competition of the German Stales in manufac turing, and in the strong feeling which exists among all classes in England to discourage as much as pos sible the sys-eni of slave labor. This feeling may be seen in the laying of duties on our Sugar, so bcav y as to diminish its importation, and in siisiaiiiimr fl'min during the scarcity of the lat year, when, owing in part to tho liberation of the slaves in tho West Indies, the supply was so small, that prices rose to 'lo and 30 cents per piund. Added to this, the Manufacturers complain of the low state of trade, (w hich in fact is only theprcs-nt low price of goods, caused by the rivalry of this coun try and Oerminy) and arc endeavoriug'to obtain tem porary rvhif by uducing the price- of Cotton. The present iluty on Indian Cotton inj'.nglaud is Id a owl. , and on American 2s 10,1. Hut as tho growth increases in the I'.isf Indies and other Colonic s, il is proposed gradually to raise it on the American and other foreign Cottons, until the country shall be in dependent of other supplies. The increase of the im portation liom tne I'.ast India Colonies will lie seen to he steady, though not rapid. In the five years pre vious to HI I it averaged 0,3ij3,000 lbs. and'in the fivu years tiicvious to 1339. it avrratrcd -I3.3'i9.fiC0 lbs. or one eighth of the whole consumption, The climate and sod arc now proved to be more congenial to the growth than any where the production has been tried, except this country, and tliodilTicultics ibat have been encountered, hive arisen not from these, but cruelly, if not wholly, from bad cleaning. To avoid this, experiments have been undo wiih Whitney's saw gin.but o fir. ovvina to the dillerenee of the s'tapte, without the success which attends it Here. Attempts haw been successfully mmlc to mi- irovc the Indian .instalment called tho "chuika," to ie usi'd for eleiniiiL' the shnii st.inlp. and the l".i.i India Comcanv of'ow have recommended tbiir improved machine on the principle of the clutrka, which is said to produce satisfactory results. The roller gin,- s'l'-n as is used lor our bea Island Cot ton, is adopted fo the long staple. Also experimental farms have been established un der the direction nf practical supeiintcndenls. The agent of tint in tho Mahratta country, reported to the Directors of the Company last year, that "the presencoof the leaf which grows unikr the cotton pod, is the main cause of the inferiority of our Indian Cot tons in tho English imrkct : this, with oilier impu rities, gets into the miss of Cotton in the act of pick- 'Mf, In tlif fi-l.t, n,,i, loi.tor ar.litiKy oirruili st.lllcot., e-innit afterwards begot rid of. The radical remedy for this is to pick the Cotton in the lields with greater rare, as is done in America, by can fully pulling the Cotton out of the pod, and Hot snatching at tho pod itself, anl separating tli-! Cotton into uso portions, one of thu first quality, freefiom leaf and dirt, ami the other such as may be entangled with the leaf and olher impurities." The strongest evidence to the sameell'ct, is given in the reply by Sir John Malcolm, and reported iu his book j also in the report mad,! to the I'.ast Ndii Company, by the Director of llie Girwat Distiict in lS.i'J. Hut tho last cllbn, and what promises to be the most speedy method uf bringing; their Cotlon to an Civiihty with ours, is tho adoption of the plan suggest ed by thcGjvernor General, Lord Auckland, to'pro ciirefrom this country enmpetint nun, who have been phntcrs, nr aro practically ncruiainud with the management of plantations, wiih suitable machinery, and all the varictioof American seeds, and toftablieh unm moiiii-reni pirts o: tne Uotion districts, 10 in struct the' planters, and to superintend the natives in the cultivali in and eleming. In this manner it is reasonably supposed there will be a growth of Cotton which can be cleaned with our common gins, and so the ih'Ci ssity of inenling new processes be avoided. This plan is now in opciation. The agents of the P.titisli (J.nernment in thi country, bid orders to make liberal oilers to a number of" individuals last yeir ; and before the end of the summer, they were on their way to the East at Government expense, with the ren'iisitc maebinei v, and every provision that money could purchase to ensure their success. Happening to m.'et in travelling a gentleman lately, the Chief Magistrate of Hombay, returning to Eng land, the writer first became acquainted with this novel importation, and from farther conversation with him, was assured thai 'it was one important pirt of the policy of (he Government to push this production, now no longer an expenment, toa great extent, nnd in their imin-nsj territories in thcEi'-t, embracing as they do every soil and chm.Hr, to produco Cotton to supply at le:it ihriravvn markets." Soon after this, there appeared in llie Times newspaper an account of the Convention held m London, ot delegates from all parts of the .vorld, "fur the suppression nf slavery and tho slave trade.' The assembly vvh cb listened ti the proceedings, was described as containim? some of tho talented and influential men in the I- ingdum, and nnny noblemen. TIi j reports of lbs spaa -he con tained a great deal of valuable information, and many appeals to awaken the people to the horrors of slavery in ibis country. Tho only scheme for cnlivdilening us that was pro posed, (and wc were sorry to sec it advocated hya" gentleman fro n our own city) besid, spursuasiun, w'as tint of touehing us through our pockets. A resolution was proposed to this effect (hat every effort should bo used to aid the iiicrca-ing culture of cotton in (he Colonies, byimpnmg dnlieso:i American Cotton, the productof slave labor, and by graining facilities to the importation of that of Colonial growth, until En", land should be defendant on Ate men subjects only, for her supplies. We need not say it wns unanimously adopted, and as far as the writer bail opportunity to observe, this sentiment was universal, not only of Iho press, but of individuals of all classes. llcston Alias. THE NEW BRUNSWICK TRAGEDY. Nr.vv Brunswick, April 3. Robinson seems now to relent, and has confessed his crimo in tho most hideous form. Ho savs lie called upon Mr Suydam tho night before tho murder and invited him to his houso under pretence of paying off the note nnd S300 on the hond and mortgage that ho was prepar ed to assault him on his ontry, and had pla ced his hatchet in tho sidelight of tho front door, intending as ho passed in to seize it and make tho attack ; but Mr S. cameiu the hack door, which frustrated this plan. They wont into tlio hascment story, nnd Mr S. entered into familiar conversation about tho homo, remarked to him that ho was getting alum' well, and would soon ho through, &c, bin seemed to keep hiseyo on his guilty associ ate, who had taken up a mallet. They pas sod into tlio 1st story, und thero Robinson said to Mr S. that his wifo had gono out for pen and ink and would soon return. Mr S. replied, " I'll walk out a fow minutes and rc' turn again, by that time she may bo in," and advanced to tho door. Robinson stepped behind htm and struck tho blow with the mal let which throw off his hat and brought him on his bands and l.neosa second blow brought him to tho floor. J!.e the,, went down to prepare tho grave and whilst die giRC he beard a noise up stairs, end rturc cd and found Mr S. on hi lWl5 and kners i -.1 .!. . . l 1 n?lncnl ,00l MIS lialitl mid wi petl tho blood from hit eves and said, in a faint voice, " oh 1'ctor. oli ! Peter." Thoip words tho convict says ring continually in insear. no tuon gave liim the fatal blow and carried him down stairs and let him lay un (no gravo was iinisiieu, FUNERAL OBSEQUIES OF THE LATE PRESIDENT HARRISON, A Public Discourse will be delivered by PRESIDENT WHEELER, at the JJrick Church in Burlington, at 12 o'clock, M. on FRIDAY the 23d instant. A procession, composed of tho citizens of the town and county, will be formed at tho Square at 11 o'clock, A. M. and proceed from thence to the Church. A general attendance of the citizens of the town and vicinity, is requested. VM. A. GR1SWOLI), Ch'n, JOHN N. POMEROV.Sec'y. April 13, 1811. At a meeting of the students of tho University of Vermont, holdunat the College Chapel, on April l'Jlh to consider thepropnety of adopting measures to ex press their deep sense ol the loss of General William Henry Harrison, late President of tho United States, a coiuuiittic of four was appointed to draft resolu tions. The Committee reported the following, which were adopted : Whereas, an over-nilinfrand msfrtitr!,T..1r.i;.l...., has seen fit to remove from this life. William IKnrv Harrison, late President of the United .States ; anil vvhcieas it is light and proper, thai we, not only as siudeuls.but also as ciluens, should adopt such meas ures as will express our grief for the loss, and respect for the memory of the illustrious deceased i there fore Itcsulvul, That we as students of (his University, entertaining feelings in common with oilier limmrv institution, and with eitujtn generally, would unite with them, m expres-ing our eleep sorrow at the late afflictive dispensation, nnd in commending our berea ved country to Divine pro'ection. rsolrul, That vvliatcw measure we adopt, ns the manifestation of our feelings, on the melancholly oc casion, shall be in conjunction with those of the citi zens of Ilnrhngton. It was then flcsolteit, That the above proceedings be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and pub lished in the Burlington I'rea I'rcs'.when the meeting on motion adjourned. c , . '' r" WOODIIRlDOr., Chairman, .o, C. I.. CciiTis, .Secretary. 13. a ir? S s si In Groveland, X. V. on Th ,rsdav evening last, by the llev. Mr. Atwatcr, Hon. Jv.mhs'G. IIirnby, of the e;ily of New York, to .Hiss Kuzxiietii KiTzin-em, daughter of the late Col. Win. Fiuhugh, ofUrovc land. At N'ew York, on Thursday ovenihg, by the Ilev Dr. Alden, of Williams Coll. -tc, Sid.ncy H. Moasn, I-.sq. senior editor of the New York Observer, to CATimniNE, eldest daughter or-tho late Itev. Gilbert R. Livingstone, D. D. of Philadelphia, Iu this town on the 17 mst I y Itev. Mr Drown Mr 1 ra ll Lawronce to Miss'Maria Duxy. 3D ii o dl In Willi-ton flu-13 h nut alier a distrsn'ng dines, Henry Martin Sinfor I, son i f Peacun Sauford, age'l 12 year.". ".50 fade, the lovely 1 looming flower." In this town on the 2d inst. Joseph Cublcy, ag.-d 39 years. ICditors in Plittslurgh, Rochester, und Rallimore, arc requested, die. In South Ilero.Grar.d Isle county, on Sunday, the Ith inst., the Rev. and vencral lo ASA LYON', in the "Dili vcar of his age. "Father Lyon, as many hive been accustomed to call him, was. i nativeof Massachusetts. He entered tlieCliustian Ministry more than half a century ago. He came to Vermont about forty ) ears since, and com menced preaching the Gospel iu Grand Isl counlv, w hen the se'tlement there was new. Mr. Lyon was a man of solid talents and prudent deportment. Though altogether retiring and unam bitious in his feelings and habits, he has been repeated ly called to bear an important part in the civil transac tions e;f his state anJ country. He was for several years, if we mistake not, a member of the Vermont Legislature, nnd has also represented tins district in Congres-. While holding office, he uniformly digni fied il by muiglioii withiin Uuiieunn cslnhiiion of the Christian virtues. Asa preacberor IheOospel hedis- nlaVfd inlellt'i'tllnl nnuiirii llio !.;..!..,, .....- il. continued the labors of his niinislry"to n iniall' con- j Kiegiiiiun iiiuil wuiiiii nuoui a year ol ins eleath. Iu I'e' ruiry of thelast year, be was overtaken by in at tack of inlsy From that time he was obliged bydis ease and the increasing iufirmitics of ape to keep his house, lleisnow discharged from Ins warfarn and received, as wc trust, to that home in Heaven, whoso " gloric," he has tooften and so eloquently described. Communicated. AT AUCTION. Tumorrovv at 1 .o'rloclr, A 1.0 r of ho i-i'hr.l I firmture-, l-'.irming' im. riivvinu piei'-, Dry ne,., ('.una: and ri'liii- nip-, anna yir.eiv ol Arlu-les. April IG1S1I- " II THOMAS AIWTION AUCTIO.V. WILL 1 soM at Ainicn a general a-ortn-,ent of DryliooL on . Saturday April 21 ai 2 oVlock and 7 iM-lnck P. M. at the siloro corner of Church an l College S'. an I to I c iv,niintul on mcli i.iitirdav following iiiuil iilKol I. lILMtY MAYO. Trustee ' llnrbiiL'ioii April L'i, Hit toT-ici;. WIIITi: and (in y MarbV grave itencs of super. I or quality anil workmin-hip will le furnish cl on the 'he rict noliceliy. U.S. CLAPP. nurlinqion April 15 1811, IF I I SjI riTHP. Copariner-bip hcrttofui JL linn uf Mayo Cv Wait as tri XI) I'lCU. ore rzisting nailer the Iru-lces eil 1-T. iron iV I'utwin, was di-solvcil on the Iflih March 1H 1 1 Iv mutual Con-fiit. Jo-eph Wait w ilhilr.iwnu, the biis-nu- e,f ihejiroit will le-ili.viii I y Henry Mavo the remaining pannernt the- tore Co'rni r i f'Clmn'h and College Si. Ilurhngiou. Iir.MtY MAYO. April 12 1311. JO.S. WAIT. The goo,N rcmiining unsil.l in tin. Innd. of Henry Mayo a. Tru.tco niii.t le, i,i,l. All will do well to avail thoin-i'lye. of (hi, nppornituuitv, to pitiehaiu gooil. at retail, much I elow ihe-ir value, at pruvi to -nit euitonier- for ea-h. April 12 IStl. A" NOTICE. LLpcr-ons indo'.iisl (oof, I the amount C-t 25 cis SI, or more, .ire politely rciueitisl to pay. a wo nenl the mony. Thechtviiie any account agaui't in will pie e pru-int il. PANCillOltNifc Hltl.NlM f). April I5th 1811. I'tHVOKU. Kegs I!laiing Powder by. 40 Aprl I5:h 1811. STKONRS tt Co. Medicinal Lienors. AKTKT.LS iu this lino e,f First quality, may U con -tantlv foiui I at Till. A. PLCK & CO'., Apothecaries ilJiMtent MedlciTics.7Jaf Qt'PPLIIii of eviry lb.nS iu ih,5 iT.itieh rf the O healing an, ol" the popular kind, together with the eld i'.'uglish articles, continually on hand at THKO. A. PLCK iV CO'S. OIIKUMAN'S COUKII I.O.nXr.KS-The O ve-rv lest Cough remedy, and .-hirman's Poor Man's Plancr'f.for 12 cents, fir superior to your 50 rent or dollar piasters. Sold at Iho Vanrir Su re by PANG HORN A liltlNSMAIU. 5 Sole Agents for the town and State N. I). The maker's name " A. SHERMAN, M. D." is on each Rov of Lozcngoj and each Plaser. April IS II. Sll Kit MAN'S tVOHM I,0RN'(;F.- are di le-rcnt Irom all othe r preparations put forth for children and, adults tor worms. The peniuni- arc for sale at (he Variety Siore-, I y PANGIlOltN & I1R1NSMAID. Solo Apeni fur lhi town and the Slale. X. II. Look and set- if the- name " A. SHIiRM N. M. D."is emthebox. Apnl 1810. MKSSIIS. PANG HORN' & IIIUN'SMAH), gent. The four lloxes of Sherman's Cough Lozenges had of you cureil mc entirely of a severe attack of the Lung Fever accompanied by a Hard Cough. I cs teem them highly and recommend them to all who have a Cough or the Lung Fever, i:,ltA HOYT. r.sscie, Vl. July 13, 1SI0. Pangborn li lrinmaid solo agents for Sherman's Cough and Worm Lezengesand PoorMan's Plasters, his Lozenges all have A. Sherman, M I) on (ho bo. CANADA IN .TK, showing, by his- lorical facts, the cause's of the late attempted Revolution, and of us failure. The present condition of the people and th'ir future prospects, togiihcr wilh the personal adventures of tho Atithorind othera who were connected with thu Kevoluttorii by K. A. Tiiritr.". D-lp. fin. in tt Caiadiai Republican ti'iies. This divrocfived and for mlt at th Book Store ef D. A, flRAMAN, "jV'OT fond of, and the times, not I clnir propitious -r - lioniiseiiisro win none tsc plai n. I hero lore please not anlicipato what might have Ircn oontunplateil bad circumstances eonspiml to have fniliiecd it, Suiliee it Is that sundry divers largo Na tional, Lomniercieal financial, corporate and Individ, uats .leeulationsbavoof late bucnSecn notwitbstand nig nil lair external oppearanet-t to have cullapsrd. So ikiw as wit 1 lll.l l inn.l.- l.., ..onr.,l..l ... I. llie long tried cbuap cash storo to the ibou-aiids of vj.iiiiiuii, juycrs who uo not only wish to gues '"') is-iuiii want to continue tor tho present at least vvhe're (hey know thev can buy so. Which is said I y Mr. Smith and his i"rcind to l r at. Apnl 15 1811. HOWARDS. Garden Seeds of the growth of 18IO. n aisi:i n., .t i... r.. ...i. n i. .. s al th Sce-d Kstablishmcnt eonnceleil with the i,,,'1 rarmer u.iiiw,tioson. toon sort Is lal i'NoiIvviili Directions for its culture. "TheaboveSeudsare of the growth of 1840, and ef the very liet quality, being by the mint cx perieii'-eJ growers, expressly for this establishment, em-pt such sorts as will not ripcu to adianiage- in Ihiscounlry, which arc imporlesl Irom the tir-t houses in L iropc. A wari-lof the great coinp'uinls that have lntlii.rli, i.v,u,...l .h , . , ' , ... :, s-.., in ri.-.ini iii ceins, unu oi ine impor lance to the Gardener, of having such as can be re. v (Jils ue-cn mauc ai mis e-iiaiillsn- lllent tn r.iu,. nn.l ...... I n..i.. ...:u r ... ,su ensii winy a, ,VJI unu lix'ril'Cl saii-factiein." .I,SO Ornamental Flower Seeds, choice varie ty. Itoln ll.-i.-n. VV1... CI-. 'I'..-..!.. t ft . .. ,. " " "in . ici iiKiiip, vrnui; v.,irrui, Sugar Heel, etc. above at wliolesals and retail by Apnl 1811. STRONGS Oi ct. StClllll'll ll.lli-lil'u l.'.sllilo. Illliesnbserilers, having I ecn appointed by the Honorable' Ihe Prol mo ('in, n r,,nl. II,.,,,.., of Chittenden, coinniisiioncrs to reivlvs-, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, a int the ciatu of Stephen IlaightJaieofUurlinglon iu saiJ District, dei-ea-u I. ri-ore.enlesl in.olvenl. and also all e'taims and eluniands cxhibitc I in oMVct thcrclo; and six monihs from thcd.iy of the dale hereof, leung allowisl by said Court fur purpose, wcdo iheie. ore-iii.-rcuy pive nonce mai we will olleml to the busiiie,, of our appointment at the dwelling e. John Heiwar.', in llurlmgion in sai l district on the ses-unii Monday ol June ami first Monday nf Octo ber next, at li) eiVlocl.', A. M., em each of suid ilav, Dated,ihis 12'hdny nf April A. i). 1811. 3w'l5 LtTIIKR LOOMIS, ,. . . ARCH. W. HYIIK L"nl""'"i"'"s. John Van Slcklcn's Kstatc. "T7"K the s ibse-ril er. h ivinir 1 1','n nnitiiiiiltsl l.s llm V Ilonorablethe Prol ale Conn tor the District of '.hit e-noen, e'Oinimssioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims Rnd demands nf all perun, against Ihec.iatcof JOHN VAN SICKCI-.N", late f Uurhng lon, in saidihstrici, dis ea.ed, reprcscnlesl insolvent, and al'o all claims anl demands exhibited in olVel thereto and six months f,om tho date herceif. lemj allejwul by said Court, f. r.that trirpnte, we; do herel y Vive nntiev, that we will attend lo the business of o ir appointment, at lb.) dwelling of John Van Sic'ilen, (latejun.) iu Iliirlinglnn. iu said district, on the'lO.h elar of Si'pteinl er next, at ten (A lock, A. M. Fated, this tenth day of Match, A. D.1SI1. ALVAN FOOTK j LITIIKI! LOOM IS, . CoininissJeiuers. 1IAIIRY HRADLLY, STAVX! OF VLRMONT ) Dislrie-t ofChille'iidcn,ss. I AT a Prol ate Court lied en at Burlington within and for said district on the tenth d ly of Aprd, A. D. 1311, IIKNJAMIN IlLldtM, of Charlotte in Ihe County ol Chittenden, guardian of the properly and estate id Nancy O. (illicit, Lucim Gillelt and Sarah Ann Gillett, minor e'lnldren of Sheldon Gilleu ef said Charlotte-, having lil'od in sud court hw peti tion m writing, jetting forth that his said ward, aro te, zed in their own rii'hl in fir of one e-qual undivided half of thirty nine and one hajf acre, nf the- home farm e.f vvlnen Jonathan (Jilleli, lasu of tmd Char-le.UivliH-ca-cil, died jeizml, ,eiug all c,f ii I home farm, exicpling -ixte-en acres thereof which has 1 tvn n't o l'to Ihe widow nf the jaid derea.esl as a part of her dower ill the real estate if said deceased, and cx iepting,also, 17 1-2 acres of saiJ f.,riu which has been sold by the exe-coloriif thelast wi'l uf the eli-cease-d, iiinlcr an order ot said probate court. And that his snid wards arc aLo seize-d of one undivided half eftwoand one half acre's e.f the Woed lot, o called, if thu said ilcevail I ei'ngall of said woel lot, cxi'cpt two and oue half acre's tin roof which ha- alo I cen set out to the widow ol'j.nd deceased a a furth er portion of her dower in jnid real estate-, And that aid wards are ido seized in their own right in Ire i fthre-e' undivided eighih pnrls of said six"'crn acres and said two and one halfauicsnf said lind -u sc t o it to the vvielow of saiddeecisesl, which sixteen .n re's and two and halfaeresot land are sub ectto Ihe life estate of said widow of the said eleiea-e therein, all of which lands are situate in said Charlotte j rcprc.-i'ii-ing that it'Wonld I e e'undueive to the interest ef jaid wards to have their interest in said lands sold, and the proceeds of such sa'e put at interest and praying -aid court to license ond empowe r him lo ie-11 Ins wards interest in said land-, for the purpose aforo said. Whereupon ihe eo irt afore-aid doth appoint the third day of May next for hearing said petition and deciding thereon, at the iiffi.'e oflliu Itezisii-r of said Court in said Uurlinglon, and doth order that notice thereof l given to .VI pcri'iis iiiteres'esl hv puUieR lionofthis eirik'r, containing Ihe Mibatani-e of said petition, in Ihe Uurlinglon Free Press, newspaper printedin Uurliugtun in llie eoiiutyofChitlrnden, three weeks s,KTcsMVely previous to the said third day of May, IS II. Given under mv hand at laid Burlington this tenth day of April. 1911. W.M, WKSTON, Icgister. S T ATK O F V K It M O N' T ) District of Chittenden, ss. 5 TaProbiti' l'oiirl held at Hurlincton within and for said District of Clultonden on tho tenth dav of April A. D. 1611. William O. linker of Ohailnti'c in the County of Chittenden, guardian of ihe pio pcrty and estate of Catharine llamcs, Lucrctia l!arnc, Caroline llamcs and Lniilv Barnes, nil of siid Cliar lolte, minor children of John Barnes of ond Chatlotte, hiving tiled in siid Court his petition, in writing, setting furth that his said wards ares' izi'diu their own right 111 fee of four eq.ial undivided fifih parts of one undivided half of thirty nine and one half acres of the home farm of which Jonathan Gillctr. late of said Charlotte, died seized, being all of said home farm, excepting sixteen acres thereof which has been set oil' to the widow of said deceased as a part of her dower in the real e-tato of said deceased and excepting also l'J acres of said farm which has been sold by the Fxccutor of the last will of the said deceased under an order of said Probate Court. And that siid wards are alo se-ied of four equal undivided fifth parts of one undivided half of two and one half acrcii of the wood lot, so called, of said deceased, being all of said wood lot, except two and one half acres thereof whieh has also been set out to the siid widow as a further portion of her dower in siid real estate. And that said wards are also seized in their own right in fee of four equal undivided eighth parts of said sixteen acres and said two and one half acre of land, so set out to the snd widow of siid deceased ns her dower in the real estate of slid deceased, which sixteen acres and two nnd one half acre's arc subject to the life eslateof the said widow of said deceased, allof which said lands, ire situite in said Charlotte! representing that a sale of his said wards interest in said lands would be conducive to their interest, bv having the proceeds of such sale put at interes-, and Praying said Conn to license and empower him 10 sell his vvirils interest in said lands, agreeably to the statute iu such csc made and provided. Whereupon, the Court aforesaid doth apnoint the third day of May next for hearing and deciding on said petition, at theoflice of the Register of siid Court, in said Burlington, and doth order lint notice thereof be given to nil persons interested, bv publication of tins order, containing the substance of said petition, in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed iu Burlingtonm the Coun ty of Chittenden, three weeks successively previous to the said third day of .May, A. P. 1311. Given under my handat Ilurlincton.this 10th day of April, 1811. WM. Wi;STO.V, Register. STATF. OF VKItMONT, ) DisrnlcT or Chittenhes s. t AT a Prohaie Ceurt held at Burlington, vrithin and frr satdelistrietricteif Chittenden on the 15th. lav of April 1811. Cyrus K'cilh, of Sheldon in the county of Franklin, guardian of Mrhnda Brooks, jr. e,f Cleve land in the State of Ohio, a female infant imdis the age of eighteen years, elaiigh'er of Joslrm Brooks, late of Burlington in the county of Chittenden, eleceas ed, having tiled in said court his petition, in writing, setiine forth that his said ward is seized in her own right in fee of one equal undivided fourth part cf city or nuarier acre lots numlereil 21 and 22, situate in said Uurlinglon, and the 1 uildmgs and appurtenance, there' of and thereto lelongmg, suhjeet 10 ihe right of dow. er the of widow of the said Joshua Brooks, deeea-ed, which right of dower is a life estate to raid widow in onu third par' ofiaid land and premises represent ing that a sale of said ward's interest in said lands and premises would lece'ndticive to her interest by havina ihe proceeds of uch sale pnt at interest, and praying said court lo lirenev and empower him to sell his wards interest in said lands and premise., acns-ablyeo die statute in such raie made and pro vided. Whereupon the court nforc-aid doth appomt the third day fif May next, for hearin? and I'es iding on soul pennon, ntlhe olll.-ecifthelicjiste'r e'f.aul court in said Hurlinmon and doth order that noliee thereof I e given to nil persons mlcre'strd l y pul licnlion of this order containing the snhnance of snid pennon jn the Burlington Frex Prcs-,a newspaper printed in said Biirbnzton, three wi-eks successively, previous to said third dayol May. 1811. Given under mp handat said B irboalon thu I5'h dayofAprd, 1811, W.M WK-jlON. Ilc$ister. a; YOUNG M N (not a Gentleman wn ihinkA nasseil a fl Counterfeit St. Alhans lull in 1 .m .U Bov in our sloru vesferd.11. the l?ih ins-i TI,A l.:il is No. 191, 1.ettcrl, signed A.Plimpton, Cashier, II. Swift, President. Tho bill is much worn and has been torn and mended in two places and part of (he bill pone. Some one may recollect nf seeui" such a billtn tha hands of the SCOUNDREL who passed ,t end c-j aid di h bringing hiaj to jusiiee, VV rub bsfthis hoping lo eisttcthirrti th.a wav. Teb IS, 15tl r,WBORN et BRlNSMAIP riBST XIBPORT I'rom the Cheap Cash Store, A S waa hcraldod forth In the Hurlincton Tree Press on Iho nioriimer of the in. iinr, i, .n,-; the former Agent, HOWARD, waa continued, and had commenced upon Ins twentieth year, who now most respectfully reports, as follows, vizt That the effort made in disposing of the old stock of remnants and Ooods nt ttllxng-oj' prices was highly satisfacto ry. That on the 23d he proceeded to Allnny, nnd was present in the Legislature w hen tho couinnllec rcpol ted, adverse to tho budding of n Bridge at that place, and wero directed to take back the papers and bring in a bill for immcdiato action to determine, whether, constitutionally, an obstruction could be thrown over the Hudson, when tho General Govern ment had improved the navigation by removing im pediments and tlccpening its channel, far above such place, is the question. Now that noblo River beinp the inlet froni the high seas and Atlantic Occon to the tiado of tho Green mountain State, of courso the Peo ple's Agent could not but haven deep interest in the result which may soon bo known. That on lhc27lh he left in tho Steamer Ultca for New Yolk, on which passage Lieutenant Governor Biodish was called to thcchair.J. Fennimorc Cooper, secretary, and the meeting being addressed by Major General Sanford, whereupon a unanimous expression of thanks was voted to Captain Sliultz, by the Lndy nnd Gentlemen passengers for his indefatigable enterprise and exer tions in ploughing a way through theiee from Pough. kecpsie to Albany, thereby allording a pleasurable trip by watcrinslcsd of a dangerous one through mud by land to i'cw York. , That hiving arriv.d at the qrcat commercial empo rium of the Union afler a winter's absence was cheer ed by mutual salutations with former friends who without exceptions, prolTered their every effort lit shewimr and displaying all of their most Fashionable beautiful, and desirable articles of Merchandize with a corresponding wish to favor me with sucli selections as might be wanted and at the very best bargains, par ticularly as being for tho sunnlv of llie nwr m, nnd doing, quick and cheap, cheap fur cash ond non-irn. insonment-for-ilcbl store, located in the beautiful vol ey of Lnko Champlain, at Burlington, Vermont. Thus baviiiL' been so rcrriird f m.-ido 1 mdi, Dn. lection of such articles as wero calculated for spring trade, nnd returned home, where any of the many kinds of Fancy ond other Goods may be had at pri ces to suit purchasers, at HOWARD'S. April 3d, 1311. Vmv niul IfiulilninisiA ifliLUKiwii ESTABLISHMENT. 1T"; Itl'INNS would iinform bis riends and lL the jmbhc generally, that he has taken the well known slatid in Church-street, recently occupied bv Idward K. l'.vons, Draper and Tailor; at which place will be kept constantly on hand and for sale, a general assortment of French, F.nglish and American Broadcloths, Cossunercs, and Vesting, suited fur dif ferent seasons. Also Fashionable Trimmings nf all kinds, and of the best quality, which will bo sold for Cash ns low as can elscw he-re bo obtained. in? 1. utting weportment will ho ruperintcnded by Its I vsnj r... ,1... ,: .... 1. ..1 -- .,, . J, ..... .....- .v.. ul-uii., .su p'lins wi 1 no spn-ei on us part to employ the best ot workmen, and lo mnko tin.' one of the best establishment of the kind in the stale. Any gentleman who mav fni or bhn with any order, may rely upon having it execute d at (he lime iu the very best possible man ner. An ad iilion wi'l bo made In the nhoip stock as soon as the opening of navigation will permit. He hones by ibrpciu-i. nod nil, iiilni, 1.. n nl.s.H ,.e the public patronage. 3w 11 uurungion, .vpru p, is-ii. STATF. OF VERMONT I)istri"t nfCbiticm'en, s-. A T a Piobilr Court hidden at B irlington, within XI. and for .aid di-lncl, on the 8 h day 1 f April, A D. 18-1 1 1 LYMAN HALL, ginrdnn if ihe property .i'id e-ta'e of Genrs-r Bb-i, Martha II. U'l-s, Sophia lllisi, and Jo.hua u Bliss, minor., i liddr,.,, ..r MO'CS Bliss and Sonhia Bins, line ill- li'ed i I Court his pelif'on 111 writin',', setting tilth dial Ins sain war i are srizist m their own rich! 111 fee, as tenants 111 common, r f llie following iVirri! edpan el nf land, lying and Icing itua.c in Sliilb irn, iu Ihe coun'y nf Cliiitendin, viz : A piece nf bind cont.iiniiic one acre, fi rmerly I c longinr to ihe c.tatr nf Jo.limi I ham, e'es raii'J, ly ing nn the sou'h eit i-orner of the farm e ieupieil fy Judc West, which aerr ha heretofore' I cen leaswl to Jo-eph Tucker. Also, n piece nf land I minded a. follows! Beginning nt n hemleicl;, standing m the south line cf Jn.h1.11 Rtcd', anj j .,, .sbelburu, and north of the I-hini farm, so cnllesl ; thence Kas seventeen chains six links; thence south SUo 2.V e-a't twelve- chain-, to the road le-adiug norih Irom !'. Mauri'.; thence soulh 2ln -fj' iu',1 eight clum-, thence south 13 1 west lilVcn chains mi l sixty-five links ; thi'irr west two chains and sixty nine finks ; dunce, si.uih lo -IV wet, twenty fouri bains m,d ten links; thence north 90 wc-l, thiriy-five cliains nnd Inrty links, in Ihe road leading the fills to Joshua Reed's; thinev north 111 tha rend IDo 10' ial, six c'xin. and twenty r ght Imls ; Ihenee nnnh 25n 30' e.i,twenty-jeveii chain1 to the plar nf I egir.nuig, cemiaining one hundred and fen v. 1 even and ninety dure hundreths ae-res. Also, the middle divi'ion ol the seven acre.lnt, o rnllesl, forn'erly teloncing to the estate nf the said Joshua Ishoin, ilisened, 1 oini'ed as follows! I eginning at a slake standing 1011th fcSo east two i'hain and ninety one links tn m the south trust corner of Anson Tucler's lot in said Shelburn Ihenee north 45' east eivht chains and nluv five link'; thence south t-0o 40' ra.t, two chains and ninety one links t Ihenee souih -15' we.t eight chains and jimmy three link., thence north S9o wet, two chains and lime") one links to the place 1 f I eginmnr, contain ing two and lifiy-six hundreds acre.. Also, Ihe mid lie division nf the twenty-one nrre led, -o cnl lesl, formerly I elongmg lo the c ln'enf the .aid Joh- 11a l-hain, de.-ea.esl, 1 n'r I as hllows; le-inmng nt a -tale standing south S7o, we-t live chains and iixly-five links from thu north corner of said lot ; Ihenee lo 30' ea-t, twe've chains and ten links i thence we-l, six rham.; thence nnrlh lo 30' we.t, elev en chains nnd eighty links to die road; thence north S7oeast -is chains 10 the place if I egmutng, I'cnlitin inc sever, acies. And thai it would ,. enii'lue-ive to the interests nt sanl wards to, hmds sn'd, and the priHcols of seh si'e put at mvirst, ir mvr.tisl iu stock', a'ul praving the said Coirt to gnnl him, the said Lyman Hall, g onlian a. n fore a id, lie-rnse 10 e-l! saul Isuds lor the purpo-e ntorev aid. Vyheirupon Iheroiirt alore-aid, doth appoint the 21 h dayof April, IS J I, for hearing said petiliim and deciding thereon, at Iheoilice nf the Register ef s.ud court 111 said Burlington, and doth order, lh.11 nntiv thereof I e gnen to all persons interested, by pul lica tionnl lhi order, containing the. ul sianer of said pe tition, in the Burlington Krre Press,, new-paper prin ted m Burlington, 111 said county of Chittenden, three weeks successively, prcv iously to the said 2 llh dav cf April, 18)1. Given under my hand, at Burlington, in laid district, this 8th dav of April, IS 1 1 . ' WM WKSTON, Register. TTRUIVS (;it.MS SUKIl forsalehv J-f ., . STRONGS & CO. 'ipru f, ibii. Valuable KralKstatc Pir Sale. "POR sale-all the real IMale, lite the property of X -Mr. John Abbott, in the village of Burlington, sMiiate. nnd adjoining the. south-east corner of the Cour t-house square.and consisiing of a d w e Ming house aim nut-buildings, o!o a three story brick building occupied as a Cabinet Shop, but may be so arranged to make .1 ijood store and dwelling. This property will he sole! together or separately as will best suit, to gether with land for gardens, etc., Also 0113 building lot separate. 6 A creditjwill be given on good security for ths gTon tcr pnrt of the purchase money. For father pirncu larsnpply 10 'JOHN JOHNSON. Ilmhngton, Apnl P, Hll. NOTICE T70R SALH. A two story dwelling HOUST. and -t- between five and six acres of first rate LAND. The house is situated on Shelburn street, 0 few rods South of (ho village. Ponsessmn given about tho first of May, For further particulars enquire of llurlington, April 9, lfill. A. B. BISHOP. NOTICF.. THIS may certify, thil 1 have given mv son Levi S. Cole, Ins time, after this date. 1 will loy no claims to his services or ony property he may accu mulate hcrcofter, ond will hold myself responsible to pay none of his debts. , , . .. ALV1N rt, COLE. Colchester, Apnl 5, 1R4I. NOTICU. THIS certifies that I have given my son, John Mr Laughlin, his lime, to trade andoctfor himself; ond thu I will neither claim any of his earnings or pay any of his debts after this date. faurcll Mclaughlin. Witness, Lews Ladd. Grand Isle, April 1, 1B11 Commissioner's Notice. WK the Subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Protnle Court for the district of Grand Isle, Commissioners to receive and examine and adjust tho clnnns and demands of all perrons ngaiiiM Ihe eslateof CL1SIIA REYNOLDS, laic of IslcI.aMoti, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited 111 offset thereto, and six monihs from ihe day of the date hereof being allowed by siid court for that pur. pose, wc do thcrrfoto hereby give notice that we will attend 10 the business of our oppomtmcnt at the dwel ling house of I'.hzibclh Reynolds, in Isle La .Moll, on the first Tuesday nf July and Seplembri, A, l. ISII, from (en o'clock in (be forenoon, nil six o'clock in the oltrtnoon, on each of the snd days. Dated at Isle La Mott, this third day of Apiil, A. P. ISII. 3w1t AMASA L. HOLCOMB, ) rommi.sioncrs. F.LIHU HOLCOMII. j Commissioners. ; HAY FOIl SAI.K. T1IF. subscriber has on hand a few lonsof first rat hayforsale. Will weigh ll in ejuanilrs to suit putrhjpcrs,at Ins barn at 10 dollars per ton. for ready cash. JOHN VAN SIC'KLKN. VTEZOTINTO Brushes, nnd Paints, Clarified IM Hoein for Viols, p and E datoetova futas, Toy Trf-'Ccnand D" ri mas;.' new m elt jajt re ceived .fnlll?ll Psx.f oas- it Hwjfum. s..v 1'AINTINtl. I ..,. ii ; 1""n 'sf pan ftv JZ Ti L'nV, H"" '"Mlii'iano, id tho snine Jil l remind hi. friends and the pnl.lie that Im I, pr.'oar.'d to aeconnlalu the,,, e.ntac ( or c t . otii u aiiJiiiOstfdvr.1,,Merla I,,,, -he, of "r'T Hl.opw.fK.wair. C. A. SeyiuouFl Hat Store, Pearl-stteet, Burlington, Vi. ' A,ril ., ,8. JAM,:S SC N. II WANTED n Apprentices to theabnva bu- shims, two Jinan ,, j rc-pecia! ; vo'inir men, (Amer ,?.n.'' o ,"r 13 "'',r' oW, t" whom good emo irage- mem w ill I e given by Ihustibscril cr. J, S. raiiiL. HISOMJTION. rilllhcopartne'r.liip here'i.fore exMing under lbs jx- I inn ofl,. JohennotieVoo, day d..r,lvel Ly niuthal i'i,,,.e,,t, '11,,. 1 ne f lr,;, ,.m,)nv will l e seilled by Leonar I Jnhonnotl ni ll,e old stand. All then- having elauns ngam.i the t-oiniintiy cr- Ho quested lo pre-enltheraiiiiiiniha.ely, ,i xvoiiid ;,l.o say to tho-e having iin-cttled account, with Iho loin-panylliatwe'haveavrr,iigde-irelo-ccthein, 1 tho company BemU m-i.t 1 1: set'lcd tinuialiaielvi Ad thoe having Inarl exl Hides and Skins aro re-iuoaleJ to call and gel them. pirrrn JonoNNrtT. , , LI'ONAKD JOIIONNOTT. Ch irch St., B, I April I, lill. j N. B.-The Business will Lo continue') at tho old stand. NKtV YORK m:.vtiii:k STOltn. New I''irm. Johonnolts ,V Blanelurd, havn g purchased heenlir Stock i f L. Jnhonnotl eV Co vviuld infc rm the put u that lh, will L, ,-u cDiisi'itxli. s... t. ....1 ti ii.iiiv. . Mcfitru, assortment nf l,eathtr and futJinrs ef so UjiiJs and Piri'LI! JOHONNOTT.Jr. LEONARD JOIIONNOIT. TIIO.MA'jL, Bl.ANlHAIiD. Church Sr., Burlington, ( April 1 1810 ) rplin attention of all disno-icd to engage m tho mail X BlTViCO iS SOSCiallC l-allrd til lllrt ndvi.rlantnr.s.J for proposals fur carrying the Vmted States mads, in the N'ew Fngbitid States, and in New York issued b? my predecessor tn December last. The last day for receiving bids is the 10th of April (at 3n,clok P. M ) and fir deciding upon them the '.'lib 'f Apnl. As tins h-tlmi's ciunot bo postponed without materially diminishing die competition by incieasing the diffi culty on the pnrtof now contractors in making ado ejate preparations for the seiviee winch must com mence on the 1st olJuly, all those in the State of v crmont, tnktncmi interest 111 this matter oro refer red to llie mail advertisement published in Iho Ver mont Gizette, tho Vermont Republican, the Vermont Watchman &. Statu Journal and the Spirit of tbs Age. And lobe found in pimphlet format each PostOffic at the County townseV at theends of routs for f 1 information .is to the particulars of ihe scrv " 1 nature of the liabilities, the mode of bidding ar. . form of llie guaranty Is to accompany v f proposal. F GitANGI Post Olfice Department ) .March loth 1311 j :n ahi.oi 11 i'bham: n.iiiNAK rpili: suiniiier term of tins Institution will e X nietii'cnt t'h.iilottc Four Corners, under t careof Miss L. Hitchcock, on the Idtli of April, Di i continue two quarters without vacation, clounj on the 13th of Sept. The public are most confident, assured 1h.1t this school is well worthy of pilronagj, .Miss Hitchcock is in every respect well qualified for the station she occupies, and will spare no pains for the intellectual and moral improvement of the young Ladies committed to her care. Board can bo obtained 111 the immediate vinrntv of thu School at a reasonable rate. M. BATES. 3vv Pres. of the Board of Trustees. STATF. OF VHtMONT, (AT a Pre! am uisrnicT or, ss. I I Ceurt hi leu at II irlinglcm wiihin and for Ihe Di-trict nforcai.l 011 Ihe 30 Inlay ol'larch A. D. 1511. an Ins'ruuient P'irporiing 10 le tho 1 .1 -1 Will nut Te--Mincni of Leonard Hodges nf Wil'i-ti n in -nid do I'eascd, wa prc'inied to the Court hcie fir Prol ate, by David Frcm-h the Lxe-c.itor, therein name 1. Tho rrfore it is orderel by said Court, that the pu'iio notice be given to all pcr-ons concerned therein to apiirar lefore said Court, at .1 .e-siou thereof to Id holden at thu Fag'e Hall in WilUton nn third Monday of April A. D Idll, and contest the prolate of 'at 1 Will, nnd ii ts further ordered that lhi order 1 f pub bshrl three weeks itire'Cssiyely in the Burlington Free I're-s a newspaper printed 111 li irhngtbn, in this State, tl e last 1 f which shall I e previous lo the ihiy assigned, as 1, for hearing. Given under my baud at the' Register's OtTi.'C, ilia 30lh day ef March A. D. ISII. WM. WKSTON. Register. IT. THOMAS, BLG.S leave respectfully to annnunco to thrtra bur nnd business puMir, ihit lie Ins openrl an Al'G TION AND COMMIE-ION S'lORF; on Col.e.-e St., near ihr Co irt Home Squnre, in his newnnd dioti bleirk cf Iltriel; stoics. .Merchandize and prop erly nt all kinds received on consig.imenl, anJ se'J nn conimisinn, either at private i.l'e cr at ii'ictinn, at the consignt'C "hall direct, em rca-einil le terms. A le advance will at all times Le made on properly rce'eivisl. Auction Sales 011 every Smtrlay, nt one 1 VI ick, P. M. to I'Oiiimenie on ihe'tirl Saturday 111 April iipxi. Burhngtin, March 23, IS II. New ConJs I'lrst in .Market. AT I,OVI3I,V it IIUIII, HUT'S. Aleaulif 1 as.crtincnt nf Fancy Dnv Goep., jr'. care', from tifipiin.iiuuis -,1 New York, since thelir-t nf March, of which w e cniiiurr aira few. Pnn'ed Lawn-, French ('.mil ri -s, Fiigh-li Prints,, f rntirr new style, Blk, lll' e B ',. an 1 (. '1 1 r er Sil' s, 111: anl Maroon colore I Velvet r 1 n-.s, Bile and III' e IIII, llnni' azme-, Light and Par IVr -,e.. Ills Itiiitm l''ivat.,s inn Ve-ting-, Mou-I 11 VI linos IJd'l HisI'nri'.td I .aril-, Iviel (.ddve'.MiU-, Ciueb. Cho uldr Ci id., ,Vr. Biirluigtnn, March I', ISII. TAKi: NOTICi:. ..- LL thns-c indebied to the sulocribcr who.e natos XI or accounts ARK NOW l)Vr., are request i to mike immediate pavmcm if thev w mid .S T. themselves COST, furl uillharc niy piv, (p.aca'jly if lean, forcibly if 1 must.) ,. . , J- WA1NWRIGIIT. Rurhiigton, March 3, 1S11. GO I I) II UK Wc have a few OidJ Bevda at diirerent prue-, al-o Gobi Nerkiaec, aint th same length anJ price ot the Bcesl.. PANGBORN it BKINSMAIP. HK A II i!c N KCK O ft N A .11 K TS And Bo-nin Pins at re lucril price- (1 n lew week at iheVariety Store. PA.NGBNRN it Blil.MSMAID. HORNK'S INTltOI)L'CnON-rciii.ii"e a 0 v. umcs, just ree'd by C, GOODlilUI, J.I . .1. or Ol- ,'.1,11.11, Itl'TA 11AC.A SKIJI). A ( LRS. genuine .Scotch p irp'e tm R ita Biga '-.t'KJ Sied, rai-esl from selcctclTurnip., fi-sa.uly March 25. ('. GOOl It. fit. " TO ItKNT. " " A convenient Dwcll-ng House, pleaan 'y rf' -a'tsl ni'ar the if i'carl strict, for partic ilars apply at this other, I.MI'OUTANT Ill'.llOlt ! 1 XT is rnmorfd 111 "certain circles" that nil persons unbilled to the suhscrnVr (particular contracts exccptid) had better callond settle up ai,,' m so doing save the neccss.ty ofemphning an ' fsrr sr. ''' tn settle thrsi) ' vexed t;uestitms." ' Prisons '.- estcl w ill do w rll to mako s sine enquiry about this n. mor," tt is not tmpossihlc for newspaper rumors lo be true, we shall see what credit 1 given tn m-Mnrs, SML'F.L Ilt'NTINGTON. College St., March 23, 1511. NO DODGING. VLL prr,on lndeltel 10 the sulisi-n' er, y.-je. Notes nd Aevounl hive leeomr d e, a-e ro qurne.1 to main payment by the life-en h 1" Aprd next. Hoitiliiie. will come nl i lit (ho-e d.T 1, a' n. lert-stiil will I11L e tisnrsi .n I ! i.. cnrduicly. r L. D. SUn't'M.' .March 25, ISII. ti '5 MAXtJIlK rOHKS. L, OIR Tined Steal Manure Forks, fnrsn'c 1 v -1- "J5 II. M. OlDriNC.s t tC U.iHJUKr.I.AS. TVlRf CTfroni the mannfacuirer, and vf .he c J Materials, for sa'et at :e-il iced prices 25 by H. M GIDDING5 & CO. .7.iTCIIK.S, Jewelry, Perfumery. Musics' In. strumcnls, Stocks, Canes, riding Wn.pi Chims, Keys, Spectacles, I.orrngi's, l'dls, p!asti r, Soothing Syrup. Cjodi're)s Cordial, Corn Plaster Hav s Liniment, Hair A c. April? IRslli P.vNnaoo.v if. Buinsm ip c im si ir.v 1 1 n v n u 1 1' 1 .... TAMCAItHS.GoHetsand Platcsji'st rr.",vr April'.' 1641. PvsgboiissV, up s Il I-: l Herds Grass While: jnle at -Ma n h, )1. l-rr S, for IlDVi RDS'VnT,"! "''""'''t his T-i,ved h soiTlc. X lo the rooms ovetl.vmanA Ci c's smrc. nurlmclnn IVhtnary 1, I'll Ti-.ATIIEK". Jut received, nml for rale by tho X subscribers 11 quantity of beGccr IVntheis. , NI'.L SON it GATI'S. Ilurhagton, March 1 I'll, CKKMan MllJc:l7i:Tl'. A Js1" j ,'0'cn, "f 'his famous medicine, for the etira S Colds and Courhs, ore for sale by the tubrcr'-bera- Rcrcmmtfrtaujrjs fre.-n rr.aKs' cf our o'utna t-Vf. re ;irsri THrO. A, ITCK it CO Af CtcinV.'. .,... sV.'ee

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