Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 3 Eylül 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 3 Eylül 1841 Page 1
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' ' mmmmMmmmmmm mui i in, NOT THE GLORY OP O JQ S A 17; tt V T THE W E L F' A R B OF ROME. '"""'1ltl ii nil iiii mi e inn ill'lra aumtiw i i t irmrwr-rmjr.iw agg i Pinrinin e maag CBan miiiny'-r.mi " - " " 111 i: n- nmn im iw ruin i n BY II. B. STACY. MHLINGTON, VERMONT, FBI BAY, SEP T Ell BE It 3, 1841. VOL. XV.. ..No. in. V 1 i i t i J ii I I f I MOGUL'S Il-N(.'i: UK LIFT,'. A ultinb!u MixlR-itK", winch, if riahtly applied, will lio dm means of saving ihou-and- from nn untimely grave, ll has been sold and u-od for ihiriy yi-nr, w'nh great succc.--, and found very ciucac'iou- m iho following 'ditca-e-, viz. Cnnu. option, Whooping Cough., com moii Cough-, Co'd-, difficult Hrealliing, liillucnz.i, Quinsy, A-tluna, Phthi-Ir, Spitting of lllood, Fletii lcncj'.' Indige-tioii, Loo-one of tin" Howt-I-, Fi'tsul every kind, (.ramp, Hickcl, Ctilii', Catarrh, ly,-cu-tarv,' Fainting, Hypochondriac Alleclion-, IlcaJichc, Sickness at stomacii, .vea-io., n preventive ot uon-iagtoiidi-cae--, Gout and Hhciimali.m, CThunbove.Me,lii-inel prepared hy Henry Scy mour, ofltndlcy, Ma-, from Recipe, fiy 'the direction eit .-aid Moore, and oU by hitnamllhc principal Druggt-tsin the I'nilcdStnic.. Sold whole-ale and retail, byJ.Ai,.!. II. Peek-Co and Then. A . Peek As Co., Iluilinglon, and Ly the 'dealers generally throughout tire country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. 'TVIIIS articleis too well known to need common--- dation and the experience of seven ypars has demonstrated to the co'nmcreial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, th'ov arc unrivalled Coal van! scales to weigh from 3 to fi tons. Dojimnt Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to S000 lbs., Portable do. to wciph from 1-2 m. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a now ai ticlo to ciyh from 1-2 oi. to 10 lbs. J. & .1. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Ruilington, Annl 8 1811. PAINTING. Till! siiWilrr liejng thankful for past fivOr woulil revpcetfiilly ohell u continuance ot the sarao and remind hisfri'eniN and the public that lie i preparcd to ai'coiinnud.ile them en the thnrtct noli.-e and ino-t favorable terms m the various branch's in theaboveline. Shop oppo-ite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, JVarl-Kttcn, Uiirlington. Vt. J.V.M1S SCOTT. April .'. 1S11. iM:y -iCRTAiN rtuir. i'ok sick hraoachk, which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache from infancy, as a constitutional f imdv complaint, and Ins cured cirec tually in every instance yet known, nmounttn to ma ny hundreds.' It is not unpkasant to the t:tto, and ilixs not prevent thedailv avontions of 'one iismi; it ttmustb pcrsi'vend in, and tnc cute is rj.-adual, but ccrti'ti and permanent. Instances are constantly miiltiplviivi wheiethi-distrc-siu complaint is com pletely rehecd and cured, aUlioiiti of years -tandinL' by the u-i of Dr. Spohn's cclcbintcd remedy. One ticcidi'il pn feren-e is its pleasantness, having none of the iriuseatin? cITect of common drills. Itis soporfeetlysiiisfaetory, that the proprietor has given directions tor hisncenisto refund the price to any one who is not pleased witli, and iven cured by it. Ho hopes aUn that ibis may secure its rcat ben efits to the distressed suflcrers who nre laboruiflrundcr Ileadaclie. I'.. Sl'UIIN, M. 1)., inventor and Pro prietor. SoIdbyCO.Us7'Or;fC.r- CO., "1 Ma'uli n I.ane. New York. TIIKO. A. I'KCK CO., Who'esile Acent, a few cn't ef the Post OUier, liurlin; ton, Vt. nil SEW MUSIC, AM) MUSICAL JIEXT. INSTKI'- Ni w AI u csl Intruiiients, fee, whicli he is auihon.ed to sell at tho lowest lioston re'ail prices. The Music for tin Pjano I'ort' consists of .Sons, t;h't.s, I), cits and Trios. N waiiil beautiful Mareln s, (luiekstcps. (' il opades, Val17es, Dance , and pieces with vamt'ons, somo of which are the latest publications of the lios ton lirhjadc and Hras Hands. ALSO A great variety of American, German, French and Kntihsh Musical Instruments, eonsisiini; of Husles, Truiiipcls, 1'iench Horns, lia-s, Tenor and Alto Trombones, 11, (J and wanonctts, ucr man Concert FlnlesA tromono toninekevs.) I'laio ietts. Octave and Picolo Flutes and Fife. Snlcndid Mass Viols and Violins, clesaut and plain Violin and HassViol Hows. Superior ltoman Violin, Hi's Viol and Guitar Strings of every sUc and letter. Knghsh and French Clanonelt Heeds. Sol'inhd I'rctieh Ac- eordeons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and ( Suverpatent iieaiis, Instruction liuoks, Willi dun ills, Lessons, and Kxereises for all the above, and oth er instruments, are now for sale at .Mr. Mann's ii") deuce a few rods north of the Fpi-copal Church, in riiirhniton, wheio ho respectfully invites customers to give him a call. Military Hinds and Miiio Schools, furnishtd will, Music, Musical Intruimnl, (utnl Inslruv ion, f tic MretlA at short notice. KrPIANO FOIITUS strunir, repaired and timed .as isuai. imrimgton, .uny 1, lsu. 13 ( NEW ARRIVAL, N. I,OVUI,Y & CO. A RF. now receivinc their third suiplvof Fancy J. Staple and other Goods, adapted to the wantsof inc innrKei, which were imienustu 111 ilw i uiiv, oiv Inst week, aim are tiowollcreil lor a smalt an--i-anconndsrcatly reduced prices atiionR which are tiie lullouiil;;: Sana Challv.s. do. do liisnreil and plain Moiifline PeLainc-, lor dresses, mine a- low as t-.',0Ua pattern, i'rintiil Lawn lordrc-te-, flam do. fur I onnets, "rencli striped Print", Cnirli-b and Aiiiencuti do. Satin stripe -ill.. for ilrt'ssc. a fincv article Illa'k and blue I lack Gro i'c.Swi-,' tiro i.'e Ttliino etc. of eerv varielv. 1 olonl silks i.f eerv iriade. "White Gro do Aim-and other ei I'd silk (or bonnets, i r.ipes aim crape 1. e.e, Fillet -earf and shawl-, some very superior, Thread .ace, 1 jj'iii.'- and laseilioii-, 3Iusbn lnertioii, Gieeniu s, Lailies Luibruidered and wt rktd eape and cellars, Fillu.t .Mils and Gloves, l(ai)f ami .in rt, all colors, ItililiOii-, a bejutif il as-ortuieai, e.mro new sl)Ie, Vellum Kil l on-, Head bauds, I'onsce-, an ll'ons-to h ll.f., m-orliil 0-1 Mou-lineileUune shawls, a newand ihejji ar Janeu vanil ric Ii 11.1.-, I.hvii-, ele. Fre.u h Ariille al-. Whalebones and Kalians. Para-el-& Unil rellus, duivi from the maniilaeturer 8-lil.HiM-l, silk .h.iwl., cbejper than ever. Travellin? audWork basket-, Jtedand lllack .Merino sbawU, at a largain jtawMti. aim oiner uie-b iiuKUaiu .hawls, a great viriety, Tli-hopLawn-, Nan-ook and Hook JIu-1ns, WireNett, Kailroad, Wash Ulond and other Iace, Irish Lintu- an 1 eaml ries, Shell side in I other combs, Ladieaand gents, sill, nnd Lislrhosc. uo jo oiove-, Retieuler, 1 cad bags and purges, Satlinett,ea.siniere and l.roaddotli'.ebtaii enough Silk Veliet.,for Ipdios undi'ents. also for vesting, lark and light Vesting-, Valencia., ele. ele. Tal c spreadf, elotb-, iliajiers, etc. Sheeting. aiiJhirtiug-, lleaebed and unbleached, Jeansniid eazenets, iuiuiliue diinitic-', Curtain fringee.. To which may be added, a Urge assortment of Pry (Iroccrics, such as; illaeW aiidfireen Teas, of every variety, While, ll.ivanna and ol'ier brown Sugars, Mola se.-, Pimento, Peiiper, (imger, Clove., Cassia lVlanJ Siurth, l.'iigli ii C irrnnt. Crockery and Gluts Wart, French and American J'aper Hanging. As cash iu ir ibjcei, we will givegieat baigains. Call and examine for yotirlvu-. Uurliugloii, July 30. n9 Crockery, China ami ejlass Ware. A largo and rich assortment ju-t reitjve'd nnd opened, purclia-e.l at greatly redue-ed piiees in New York, and now for salo at ihu very lowest rate b N. LOVLLY &. CO. Juno 9, 1811. r.2 nnSOMS nnd A'ineka. Fine frilled and nlmn K... , . n-T!i. MA NN, Sr4,&?tA ifJl fin-jut rt-Ky'Cai-.ton, commi -7'A'-Q' 7J "'".) "Tl'lv of LJ soma b fewmoroof ihonew stvle&''ocks whir l,1.. i"i,'4"' by the subscriber, Curl nnd Hirils I nuich knnd "nuSrc and"roVn,lcollaT.k"ec'C,l. fnc'0CJ ' ,l '"8 hup m 'V8',' iuly 21 JBU. PANfUIORN ,V HRJNSMAID. iiu,",:. ,, ,. IB. C '" 0 MIL.liI.VAKV .Si J)JMS MAKING. By Miss S. BRAY, WHO lias commenced in Iho new buiditig on tliccnt tide of Church street, opposite It. Lane's store, and a few rods south -v" cordance with the most an proved New oris style, which Fashions are now just received for the sea Eurlington May IG, lflll. son. n51 SU1M5IIIOU KI,f)1Ttt. ' i lllN.Snil.I,, Acent forllo l . Chester and other Western .Mills i &c. Ins for sale, now in slore. and It&j'"ii.' r" en nig i.isni iiiousanu narrcm ui ii2Ti Tanr-v aiul .Simerfino Urands of l''i ((JI, of llio hihest reputation in the J.'ow York and lioston markets. Anion'' which are the lollowmsr, II. Hlv. 'I'. lleninshall. V. S. Clark Ar Co. J.Davis, II. Holmes, UnionJMilk Jackson JIills, Clifton Mills, and J. Kosher, oirctlier with secrai choice brands of Ohio and Miclugan Flour. Also, It. Kuddand N. Shick. suitablofor the Montreal Mar ket. Merchants and dealers will lie furnUhrit to order. at a very low rate, by remittins Drafts, Cettilicates of Deposit, or Cash, to 313 Itivcr-slrect, Tiuy, where n full supply will bo kept at all times. .May ii, i-iii iDiiiu Nt)TI C t:. jCJ.Medieine is I est known by the cures it perform. I lj 1. Mewton's Panaeei, or Purilier ol the Illood. The unparalleled and still inerea-int'iepiilation which this medicine ha-aeqair-ed throughout thoNew Knizl.nid.'-tatcs, and the many cures it lias performed, mid the great demand inad'e for it by tbeadviee ofpliy-iei in. well aciptaiutot wilh it- preparation, ha- indieel ihu proprietor to extend it.-eiraulalioii to alino-l every town m the ea-Urn Slates and the principal town- in ibe FnileJ States. Tin. Pairieci- wairantel puiely vegetal !e,aiid I.- mil -urpas-eu i.y any oiiht ine.iieine 'er oiieici to the allbcted a- it- e.ten-ue -,ilo and pi eat populari'y lilainlv tuove. It ha-within the la -t eighteen uionth- euretl tt- thou-and ofthe 1110-t ob-linate ih-ca-e-, a ean 1 1; prove I by oerulieate.-, and 1- prououueed by eminent and re-p"eciaUe pliysicun- the j-. iik-Pi'iiic 111 11-e. I'-eful iiift'tinaliun may I e found 111 nreular eontaining eertiiicaie. of cures and duectiuiis (or ta king Ihe iiieihcme. I lie following appointed airent-. I'lrliinrton. J. & J. II. Peek an I Co., 1!. .Mowlv St Allan-, Curli-and Ku-sel Milton, C. Dral'e .union I all-, li'irnei anil sawyer .I'.erwMc, i., and llrowu, lline-hiirsli, Hull and (look Fairfax, Parker nnd.Iatlie!d ergi'uue-, Adam- nn I .Murray Cam! ritlge, M. Wire rnderhill, .M, C. Ikirney North l'erri-l.urgh, 11. C. iuler Georgia, A. llli-s Willi-ton, M. Cliillenden I!chtiu.iid, Gieeu &.jhile lohu-on. (!. I.. Warner and C" Mi.nkton. I.'ilun -11111I1 IS.iker-iifldj Amiingtoii .111 1 I lield, H.iriiet and 1 arn-woitli. e.o.p. I y.f PJ M.Mi-Mi.11.1."" eoniimies imrivaileii n- a . -tiensrtheiiiug Pl.ASTLIi: Al-o, for Itlieiui-a- 11-111, l.atueue-- or pain- 111 Ihe -ile-, Iiinh- or I aeu J tor -ena-ilou-swclling-, -curvy -ore-, I'resh wound-; and fir a 1rener.1l Family Pla-ieror-alve. ForCorn-, moreover try it; paieclo-e, per-eveie 111 ibciee I y nnkinira new .ipplie.inou oee.i.iunally, and in tune, yoiireorn- will be tare I. For -ale by ' .1. .1. II. I'MW; eV Uo. TIIKO. . Pl'.CIC Ai Co. nnd Hit. liOUT. MOODY. Hurlington, Jan. 2, ISM. ly.f.lS THE HOOKSTOiTe OF ibe Subscriber is just repleni-hed wilh a new and valuable as-ornm ut of HO'UCS, 6' TATIO.N- ARY AND KXGUAVIM.S, among the luanv 111- lerestnig woiks niny be found the foil "Willi; l.earn to Die, 11 y umisiopuer auuon, Sution on the Saeiainents, The Young Man's Aid, by Rev. II. Window, Giinipsis of the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Floia's lot rpn lcr, Flora's. Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Steel, The Ne-tomns, or the Lost Tubes, hy Dr. Giant A Week 111 Wall-Street D. A. IlllAMAN. July 30, n3 BLANK HOOKS. Ledgers, .Intirnal-i & Hceoril nooks. 17OR towns, county and probate records imnnfne lured from the be-t hntn wove Demi and .Medi um nun r. bound in calf: Also, a varu'lv of common Mlank work or s do cheap for ready pay at the sign of 'lie itcu L.eiiger, 1 y S. HUNTINGTON. Juno 25, 1511. n:i Tl.L of kinds I ongiit a- usual, a liberal ad- 'eve pair-faf mitul lh'tl')-cti will It- verv :ns-ei!.i b't ii tin- IO1I1 of June, and the highet pi it e will I epai.l 111 ea-n lor -ucli. ALSO To i -hanire, n fir-l rate Chan e mid II. ir ne , tor ,loek or eu-h, 11 30 DAMIiL K1.M11AI.L, Jr. II nlington, .May 12, I S 1 1 . unu.iMiToxc vsii sToiii:. Ni.AniA ori'o-iri. lovi.i.v A. ro. riAIIEEubM riber li.i-au i-nnii- new Si(H:k of Oond-, ju-i rei-eive.i lion .m-.vv iUKIv Goiilnri-iii;' I-a-hionable S'ap'e an I'-y Gou's ile Lime- and Piintcd Lawns .Mi'iuery Go'sl Fbtreu' e Hr u I II uinets S'raw- 'riunug. A. . &e. A-o FAMILY GKOCKIill S all of which are oleii'lattbelowe t price.. I y S. L. Hl.ltHICK'. yir nu-ton, July 2 Isll. PAPI'.R HANGINGS. A NT.W supply, with borders, etc, jus ree'd (rnni the manufacturers. July 22. C. GOODRICH. NEW fiOODS. TIIK s'lb-i ril em liave tu-t received from N. York a large a orimcul o( F ANCY GOODS. among which lu ly 1 e found Heavy Mai k and blue Mae's Poi do Sen Silks, " " ' GroeloSwi-s " " " " " Pekin sinned " Gro ile Alnque " Light eoloreil no lY!iiu striped " Plaid P01 tleSoi. fa new article1! Ilnnnet silks. I oinift Lawn-. I.Ik liuhancrm-nt.. iilain nndtlgM Fictnli boinl-azines, Half ino iniinj, ilain if-iig'el, all vvoe.l Moasliiie elelaune-, Chinee and Sa'in -tnped Mo.i-Iine elcLaiues very fine-, lu c Veil-, lllk ne!t -haw s mid -earf-, netl .Mitts and (iloye, superior Kid do I 0111I azine and sntin slm-k-, Workenl cainbrieAi Mu-lin lu-crliiig. Ai. lilguig., 'Thread Ivlgings.bonnet&eaii Itil.bins, new style-, Zephyr Worsted, plain and ribb'd silk Hot, Wurste-d Working Patten. and Canvass, etc. July 23, 1811. n7 R. M. WRIGHT et CO. WriNHOW SASII- V T Just reecivel 13,20 and 2 17 by II ea.einciit- ol -.e!i,a lirsl rate article at 31 audij e-ents per light; al-o all kind- aud -ize-, I iini-heJ to orJer. Tieondrroga I lack lead, a lir-t rate nrlieli-, for sale very leivv, together with xSWt&LilMilion will bo given to 2$ T&VCiif 11,0 lnal"nc ofHoNNcrs, r II, W JtS C.U'flANii Dnr.ssrs. in ac L claso cheap as can Lo lound at any other estal li-h-inent in the pla e. Geo. Pctlusos, nORLiriGTON CHAIR FACTORY II ..I I m l .1 r. r,.i, f,l nil,. L. NIvl.SON, eonlinues, iho ''. business of 'manufactimug Chairs at Ihu old s'and. of iho fol lowing description 1 Cutl Maplo Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Cane aim 1 lag Heat, l.arijo nnd Small Raised Sent Rnckinf, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, Ac, &c, AH of which are warranted n ftr.i rate nrtielo and will bo sold at prices 10 correspond whii uie iiinea. FKATHERS, AND I'F.ATIIKR IIKDS, KKADY M VDF. Constantly on hind, a supply of warranted Live Grerpn I-'Lathpra. u-lneli will tie sold low for rash. WAXTI'll I.!. ..t 1 ... .l ll,.,l. !,. iposuo 11V iiuriington, June ), 1BI1 fLTPLMPOITTA.N'l (UFTIO.N.T!Jl It ia singular fact and one lunch to I e regretli-d null valiiaije medicines, a- soon as tliey I eeonie pop nlnr, and have recene-d llie te-t and approval eit a discriminating public, arn -lire u he counterfeited, mid thus a bad and-purion- article is. immediately paluieel upon tlioun-u-peeliiigforlhe genuine. This ha- been iiotonoii.-ly the ease wilh all popular tne l and truly valuable inedienes for year- p.i-t, and will probably eoiilnitiutol e the e'.i-e for year- to enine'. 'The b.i-0 ami i-ontemptiblo e-ounlerfeit in ibis way meanly tako advantage ol all the e.lort- and adver-ti-mg u-eil by Ihe proprietors oftho genuine arliile-, logei ineir me ueine- iniini-e ami ue.-erveii populari ty. Ilisthereforeniit less tbediilv than it coninbule tblhc -afely of evi'ry hone-t individual in the com munity to expo-e, frown down, and forever afierDIS TKt'UT all IIFAKTLISs IMiKA'TLSwho lliusirre--pon-il ly (ride Willi health and life. SCTIIILlil.FOl!!-: TAKL .NOTICIiJ There is a per-011 by the name of. I. it. liOCIIK rOHT. now engaire.l in .i-llmg a Pill done up in.boxes and Purli-ct linitatiou ofthe geiiuiiiL LNDIA.N VLGLTAHLi; PILL--, withlbe 01111 ion ol'o'nlv one word 011 the Hoxc- viz. Wnli.itT. The I'lll- tu'ldby thi- ivoehelorl are evidently iniended a- nfrauflau'd niipei-ition upon the community, cr the-y would not have I ecu done up m such exiiei'iinilatinn ofthe gen uine'. 'lliisper-011 i- tall blu-lering with a gieat llie sWiiggiT. He wa-recently know 11 a-n very po ir plave-r 111 Ilaltunoie, under thci mu-ieal cognomen of Jim llrowu, andi-nlotit Ivveuty live je-ar-ofnge-Itisalino-t leyondn doubt that lie is -applied with the PiH. Ironi 11 Druggi-t linn in ibis ciiy, who have bere-lolori! I ecu notonoii-ly cemnecliil Willi counter fen ini-dieine'-. A - en as proof is obtained the foun tain head of this nefarious buine w ill be e.po-ed, that the community may -him them as they would a -erpeut. IN Till: MKAN TIM1-: THft PL'HLIC AKI! CAU TiO.N i:i again-t buying WI!1GITI"S Indi vn Pn.ts of any one who eloe- not exhibit 11 eeitilieaie of agen cy Mgncd by the airent for llio Ne-vv I'liglnnd Slatc and 'earing il.itc -nice January ISM. Al-o take par ticular notice that I he fullowin.' wording i-em thubo c Wright's Indian Vegetal lolYI (Ind. Purgative) of the .North American College of Health. Tlie Indian I'tgrlallc I'ilh aie 11 eerlabi cine fnr dii-.i-e in ic evi ly vaiieiyof foiin, brciuse tliej tho ioiiIiI) I' l-e sioai.teb and bowel, induce a pio. per disi b.uge bv ibe him;., tkoi unil kiilnev, and sti nml, He lie-lilnud hi pi il n;elf. In oilier uonl. ilov open diauw, and le.ivo N A I II It K (lif Grand I'hyiicinn) nee to dine di.rse lioni 1 tie 1 budj. The above outlet?, or drain., aie ibe common seueis iifibe bodv, ihiimgli 'iliieb all inciibid and ror- rupl I mis (ihe ul ilisea-e) ale eanied off ; .11111 sn long .1. llie) aie all kept open, and di-eli.iroe lieelj lllt-ii aPolled pot lion, of hnpin ilj , llie bod) will eon. nnue nllieallli: bin u bei, fiom ealiiiJ nnpropei lood, bieaibin inifioe air, sudden (10111 beat 10 euld, ovei exli.iuiii)u oranv oilier epn-e, the bowel, become costive, ibe pole, ol ihe kin heroine clnted, or the kidnevs fail V pt-i f n m iken funriiniii piupei 1 , (lie itnpiirilip whicli sliuiild be diained liom the builv by the.e out lets, w ill he leiained, mid ronloiue to an etliuulaie until ibe 1io.l) bfeiiiut-s liteiallv loaded uilh di.ise. If ibe cli iiuiel. of our itnglii' m-i h should bi-eriine blocked up, would nol llie ae-ct.uiiilaieil waieiH linil new nuilet.s, or Ibe cnniurv beeinne iunndate-l ' Jn-l so v.fih ihe limn 1 1 body ; iflhe 11at111.1l dtnins be come eln-ed, llie slugn till and em nipt biiiuois will find venl in llie v-iriniit. fotiiin ol ile.ife siu-h as l-'evei, Snull Pox, Me.i.le', UliriiuuiHiu, Goul, Ajinptexy, See. or Dc.uli will eu I our sulfeiin.. Tlierefme, vv lien iiirkile.. at llie stllinaell, paliH 111 ibe bark and "ide, ijuitk pnhe, bnrntni'skiu, or liny oilier tniplea. ..nil symptoiiM, indn-ale one or more of the 0.1. di a ins aie not ilitcliaigiil!; fieely, and ilia eoiwtb iiiiujii i. .1I10111 10 eouiinrnee 11 .11 ugule lot ihe rejinra lion of health no tune should be ln.l 01 aibn in isieriog a fe.v bri.k ilo.e of ihe Indian Puig.tive (Indian I'e Ktlablc I'illt.) liy so doins, all tin; luiieiion- of the Imily w ill he le.tuieu iu outer, 1 ml ibe foul Iniinoi. (llie eaufe nf every iitlUnisiion or poo we suffer) will be removed in so e.iy and n iiural a niaiitier, lluit the hotly w ill be ipMom d as if byaebaini The ahoie Pills in iv tic Liken at ALL linits and under ALL til. ciiintances, wilh peifeei sifeiv. They suit all com plaints and allagis, .indnreto ihe luon.iii e-oti si i 1 ui iein I? haul : eoii.t-rpieii'ly iliecan nencr tnjutc even ihe tuosi deheale Like our lo-id, ihey me iliaeslihlej ihetefoie ihey puier inio dip e'ueulaiion and imp.ii I an r npi gv to llie blond, w inch eusbtes it In tl iw Willi fi pp. 1. j 111 ipiile in llip extteniiltes and fuu-coupnilv 10 kiep 1 lie poip. ol ihe iMii oi-eu. I Iipy aie tine ami 111-1 h-t t punfiei e ol the blood: bi-e.iti.e ihey thamall euitiipl Itiuunrs fioui ilul life giniii fltiiil. They imparl siiength ami Vigor in 1 lie venule system, and their ef fiels aiealways : because llipy only leinnvp ihu.e liiuuois whieh are nppoted to health. They aid alio impiuve iIicpsiioii, ant) sound sleep hillou-n ihpir n-e: hcejuse ihev ele-uise the sionotrh and bowr !. ol ho .Tonv huinonr. which unl onlv hritale and pxenp tlie iipivomsysiini, tun p.iinlj-ra' nnd w p.iken Ihedi- lii'Siiveoigaiin. in pilon nipy pinp.s iIPy ,OOI 1'ioperlie. that can tip claimed lot any inpiliriiio : nm! wlm hi. veiy leiiiarkable, il is ullcrly tiupoe.ih'e 10 np iiieiii without he iipiii, i'rne 2.5 rent,, per llo-, wilh full direction. Oilie-e nn I (ieneral Depot for the New Luu-land Mate-, No, la-3Tre-nioiilSiri-et,ne.-ir Court -trevt, llo-lon. The reiul.irnppointel Agent - run receive tbtir-up- olie-of the noovo Pill-, a- hcieiiifoie, tiont 'be only o-liceand gi-ueral depot forlhe Ne-vv Fuslan I Mate-, IU3 iiemoiit -ireel, iio.lon. TiMlar- or trav e'lmg airent- are not allovvedto-ell ihe genuine indi 111 vfje-.iUc Pill-, therefore never pui-eha-e from them, lor If you elei you will be sure to obtain ailangeious .1110 eo iir.erieu ariicie. sll iiir.o. A. Peck A: Co. Agent- in Ilurliiiglnn. f. r the -ali'of the Vegeta' le 1Mb., al-o, W. II. Holllt, v iri-ion. vi nun .. iirin-tnai'i. Muriiuglon. 1 (Jl'I'A'T'S LGLTAIILL I.1FK MKIUCINKS. 1TJL 'The- tneibeiiie-ate indel te.l lor tlieir name 10 their inanife-t and -eii-ible action in purilying the spunks and eliaiiueU of life, mid enduing tlam with n-newe.l tone and vigiir. In many hundre-L ecrlilnil c-a-e-which have teen made public, and in almo-l every - le- e fdi-'a-e lo w I1n.l1 the hmnan Iraiue 1- liil Ii-, the b.ippye e t i.fMeiriAT'- I.II K PiLl.s anii I'iit.siv MiTTi.ti- havu I it?n grealfolly and publicly aei.llowieui:i-o oy ine pcr-on- ie-iu-uiei, anil vvtli were previeiii-ly'iiuaeq-iainteil with thebeautifolly phi lo-ophieal pruicip e- upon whe htliey iiieeompound ed,aii'l upon whie-li ihi'veon-eij icntly act. llie j.i 1-1 .in-.iJiLi.M--5 rt eomnii'ii'i ineni.e-iv-i's m ib-ei-e- of every form and ele-criiition, 'Their lir-t operation is to 'on-en from the of the -tomaeli nn 1 bowel-, the various iinpui me-and eruditie- con- -tain IV -eitliug around them; and to remove the bar dene I fae-e- which --.ille- in llie eonvoliilion- of 1 In "tualle-t mte-tines. Odie-r medicine- only partially elcjn.-elhc-e, ami leave such ce.lleeteil uia-.e ( elim'd a- 10 produii habiiuali-eistiveuc , with nil it- train ul evil., or sudden diairluea, wilh it- imminent 1lager-.11 'Tin- fad 1- well known to all regular atiatouu-ts. whoexaniinelbe hiinian ho-.v-el-aftenV-ath ; and hence l ie nreiudu'i'Ol ihiiseweilinroiiiieil men asratn-lnuack mehciiie or me'dieines prepartsl and berabk-d 10 Uiep-iM'c I y ignorani persons, ine seconu elleci o thel.ife Jlehcuies i-to ilean.e the kidm-y- and th bla I ler, and bythi- means, theliver unrtliebtng-,the iieaiiiiiuiai-tion 01 iviueiieniue-iyeiepeiui-tiioii tlie re gularity t'f the uriuary oran-. 'The bloinl, vv Inch lake's I's rcdc-olor fioni the agency id llie liver mid tin lung- Is-Jore it pa-se- into llie heart, 1 i-ing th 1- iiarilled , .1. . 1 I. . 1 , r ... I : .-. oy int'iii, ana uouri-uei oy ioini coining iieiui a e-le-au stomach, cour-es lieely llirougli the vein-, renews every part of the svslent, and triumphantly mounts the l.atinerol healili in the Mounting check. Mn.l.U' Vegetal le Life Mi'dicine- have leen thnr- tinghly te'-tcl, and prononne-esl a -oveieigii reme-dyfor Dy-pe-p-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo ot Appetite, Heart-burn and hi', Ife-tle no , I ll-te'iiiper, Anxiety, Ling ior and .Me-laneholy, CW liveni's-, Di.irrhiea, Cholera, Fevers of all kincK ,i 1;..... ... . .,1 ll I ' -V ivuetioi tii-i'i, .hi ii, iivip-ii wi 1111 hiuo', viraveii i.rm-. Aslluna an I ( on-iimptfou, Survv' I'he-r Inveterate Sore-, Scorbutic Lruptious and Had Com pti"Cion, i'r ip'.ivc complaints, sallow, Clo-nly, ami toiierui'arec.ii.i.' iuiiipicMiiu-, .-an iiiie-'iui, i.ry ip eln-. ( ominoii Colds and Iiilbieiiza,auJ various othe eiimplaiiil- which iillln i ibeh iiiiau frame. In Flvi.ii and Aci'i:, parlieularly, the Life .Medicines lnye I ecu most eminently stioee-sMt ; so ni'icn so mat 111 tlie IVve-ranl Agnedistriet', I'liysn ians nluiosiiuiivcreall) pre-cril e ilium. All lint Mr. M0T.1t rertnire. of his patients is to 1 e 111 laKmg llio i.ue .ne.ucines strictly nwor thug to the dire"ticin, It is not a new-parer untier or liynnytliuiglliet liehiniseJIinaypay in their favor. that ho hopes to gain credit. I Its alone by the re.uli of a fiir iri.t!. MOFFAT'S MI'DICAL MANI'ALi iWnrnnl as a donie.tin g-iideiobeaiib. Thislmle pamphU'i, ed'lcd 1... vv n Vf.. 1... n-. n. . 1 v ..-f. , . 1 iiy " . i. .'to 1.11, n a I'l o.iow iiy, .'t-w- i orh, ll.l- ns-ii pul lisheilforlho tiurpo-e ofexplaining inoiefilly Mr. Mo lal's theory of di-ea-es, and will Ic lound highly iuterc-tingtopersonsse-ekiiig he-alih. It Ire'ai- upon prevalenldi-ea-e-s, and tho causes Ihrreof. Prue1, 23 cents for sale by Mr .Modal'--A gents generally. These Valuable Meilii-ines are lor sale by Itolerl Mnoly Druggist, ift General neent, (in whom all ap plication, for ami le.shonl I I eaddre-sed, po.-l paid) Hurlinetnn, Vt. Jan. 1, IS II. ' ' 2,00 UHLS. Pork l,UUUIb. LarJ 10,000 lbs Hams, for tulc by LYMAN ft COLR, Disi:asi:s op tuh i.uN...D,.c,de.ii the iiioi popular reined) ever known 111 Atnuica 1 cgctablc Valmonury Jlalsam Is ll,.- valuable "" now in u.efi.i coiigli,rold,iifihtaorplilliiic, coiKiuupiion. whooping rough and piilinou it ) afTiclions nrevetj kind. Its sale is steadily and the prnprieinis ate ruiuMnily nfciinig ibe mo.l favouvblp atcnaut of ineffeeis. 'I he fidloiving new cerliliciilcs no otlered (or public examination. An iNTKitEsriso Csi. F.xnacl or.i leticrfrnm Mrl. S C.'a), Kiii.iiii, Ul.HPr eo., N. Y. to ibn pr .pnetiiis. "Viiuts ofihe Dili ui'i. via. dulj irc.M A lem uk.ildp cure waselh-cieil h) llie Vcgjintile Pal. niun.iiy HaNain 111 llie winier and pi ins of 1S33. 'The, ,Mr. ,Muodv, had been mrk 11 long lime with lite cniisiiuipilnn. His bed given him tip lie wa. ledurrdsn loiv as 10 be unable lo hptp hlni.rlf, and wa. a laige tpi.inliiv of- hlom! nlienhc "" enc,, using the ll,i..itn, Rbidi ha. plfeeied a complete rule, and lie is now a.hileand heaiiv as pvprhpwa.. Mr. Moodv bus lenioied fioni this inn n, bul he h is premised me a' moie detailed nerouui of bis ca.e. whicli I vvillfoivvard vou. C. S, CLAY. Kmssioii, N. V. Jimp aj. 1S3S. Kxtiarl of a leller fioui Dr. Jacob Mvers. The VV;el.ihle Puhnon.n-, HaUani has ben iuld in this eoiiuiv for, anil Ihe medicine ha. sained an tliieuiniiinii rclebril), for tl .e.licclj in one in.taiirp i.nieii ni 11.1M11J ihe ite-iied plleci. I .1111 bv uo means 111 favor of Ihe luanv iimliuin, innllol uhiih are im- pasitinn. upon n irpihilous publie, bin which I know by ue lo be, I ciniini help but give inj aipiobition llieieto. A i-nunlerfi-it preparalion lit. beennlTft,pd hrte In .1 ir.ivelliog Agpiit, of ('nmsioik, i. 1 . and there 1. .iiioiImi ariicie vended heie lli.u is strongly sii'pccicd 10 bepui iiuk. jAcon iivr.Rs, M. i), .MiflUnglou, Juniata co. Ppiiii. Miij 3, 1SII7. 1 't tun Dr. Samuel Moriell, to the Piopiieinis of itie Veap latilp I nlmnnarv Hal' 1111, 1 am sali'lled llie Ve getable Piihnonairv It.ilj itu i a valuable inedreine Il II u bppti li'pd in llll nlacp with comldelp siieee in an nh'liii.iie rnnipbiinl ol the lum-., alien, led wilh a -evete eniigh, ln.- ot volee. ami llie 1.111114 of mtieh bluud, pipvioii'lv reitcd man appinved pte.i 1 iplion. Alter ti'ing the Hsl'sm one week, the patient's voice reiurnrd and he wasabb-to spe ik audi lily. This ra?e oenuied some lime since, and the mail is now encased not only in aeiive bin Isbniious bii'iness. Kesneeifullv . iic. S. M0KI1KI.L. It is now moie 1I1.111 sin vears since I was hrnin-lit verj low by an .ilfef lion of the lung, and mv eouipbiiiil wa iieel.ueii lo lie meuiaiile lij a cuuneil oriluee phi I was llien le-lmcil 10 aioo I hpallh .1 I hid en.ojedfor inauj vpiis, be 11s i 114 ihe Vegptatilp Put. tnnuaiv Hil-ain, Suite mv reeovprv I have reeom. nielided I tic H ilsaui in .1 great inaiiv of 'line uinpl.iini., and so fir a. I can le.on, its lir hi. in. vnriahl) been followed by inueli beneill, and in inaiiv initanei s il has eifeclcit cuies whii h weie wluill-, mieie. eeieit. Samuel i;vi:nErr, I'msion, March 2, 1SP.7. For sate, wholesale anil retail, bv J. ?? J. II I'KCK Co., ami TIIKO. A. I'KCK & Co., Ilur- UrIOII, VI. FOR SALK. rjiwfl rilllAT large and conimcb'oii-two sto i'ff.'A 1 ry JJrict. Dwelling House IM, w a a f if 8 'ilnatclun the west -ide of College erecn at the head of Cnllesi licet, ill till- vil-L-e. The llor.-r. 1-32 1 V 13. w ith a l a-einelit -tore. with Kllcbcii nnd PieiV-i-lfili cellar-, nnd a vv ine- 32 bv G), eMcndimr north on Colie-ge Green, with woo I anil -tore hoti-e in low, and chamt er- and sleepni"- ie;om abtive. A lar 'eandcoiiiiuodiou- Hani, carriage hou-e ie-e hou-e,aiiil olhe-r oiit-lioii-t-J, and a spaeiou- yaiil wc-t of llscdwe-lluighoiw, and a irood duiable well of vva'er of the I est quality 111 the villase, and a I rick e-.-terii. line an I a nuaiter neie-ot latni. o Ihe ir-t o ualitv ; a Inrgo ganlen andehoice fruit tiecswest of the hou-e and vard. The ltoilihng- aieeon-trttcltNl in modern tv'e. el the le-t material- and workman-hip, were e'roe'e.! bv the -ob-criber for In-own 11-e, and the location nf- lopl-a very eicn-ive and ptea-ant pro-pee-t 1 f the village and lake on the We-t mid i- not siirpas-e.l bv any other in thi- part of the country. A'-o tor-ate a lot e-ontniiniitriinaere. ot lano eiirec ly oppo-ite the above Irt with a small convenient woo J dwelling bou-e thcicon. Pi N'h.T-ir- aie invited locall an! exniiue for iheni .clve Terms made known by ibe su! scnl cr 0.1 the iremi-e--. ,S'A.MI KL KKUD. Hui lingloti June, 10, IS 10. i,2 linaililollis. Cassinieies. nnd Saltlnctt-. I t I;. M. WKIGITTA; CO., have -311-t opened very Fine Wool Dyed Itlaek, lllue Ulaek, Invi die Green aivl fluey eoloi'e-l Hroadclotlw, a irood n--ortmcni if iivv pri el 00. .mso, very l ine vv 001 iiyen men'-, a eirletl colors, eto. eio. an 1 common sailt netl, very clie ip. liurlmston, July lu, loll. ml XrU) (Caclj Stovr. TP. WHALING A: Co. nre now receiving a full . and eleirnnt assortment of coods suitLd to the season, such as French, r.nglisb and Aincriean Prints, Paintea .llii-nns nun I. awns, .viouselme eto l.nmcS Challv. Silks, for drrses and bonnets. Lawns ami Silks for Slurred Hats, Illaek Lae-e Veils, lilnck Veiling, Linen labingofvariousriuiliiiesand patterns, ...: "-v 1 ... 1:.. t'.t. 1 1 ...... r 1. .1.. o i-.a 1111 1 .nun 1:: lu iio'ii.. niiiiii ic ni. i ... Linen Cambric lldkfs, French Workid Coll us of superior fjuaiitv, Mourning do., Ladies Cravats and mess limns, w i .-sin; .-jnavvis, moves 01 every int- ity, aKcneralassortinentof Hosiery, Honnetnnd Cap Rihhons, Suprrior Lephorn and Plain Straw Honncts, .cpliyr vorsteiinnn ratterns. I'iniireiiasanii rara sols. Finally almost any thing ihe L-idicsol Hurling ton may want can be found at tlio"Ncvv Cash Store' on "Cheap Side." 1JIV 1 li!(CJ 'x.lill.S, Such as Tca. Sugars, Sileratus. Rice", Ginger, Spices, A;e. ; almost any article that 1- arniers want. Also, nn as-ortincnt of CKOCkl.Rv AND GLASS WARF.. All the above mined articlcs,to"cther with many not rnumera ed.will hesoiiiat a very low pncolorcasli Jltirnngton, .nine 1, 1 - 1 j. Ni:V AIUMVAL. Tust Kerrhi-il at Thee. A. Peek and Co . Apoth l ecarie". nnirhair Ro-e Omiment Fnvkle-, King Worm-, Pimples on the Face, nnd other eruption-. Alkm-oii'- Depilatory, for rcmoviuj supcrflunu- tlair on 1 lit' laee, en-. Fieneh Corn Pbi-'er, winch gives immediaic relief, and ren iiire-. bill few applications to eradicate them altogether. , A supply of Halm of Columbia, theinn-t relebra lel article br DandmT nnd re.-toratton ofthe Hair. June IS, 1S1I. n2 LVMAN & COLE. TTAVF rrecive 1 a splendid nsscrltnent of Summer XX Coods, which ll ey o .ernt reel iced price-. Allium' which will be lound a gicata ortmi'M cf licit l'rinted Mirns, for ino iiiiiug, hall mourning anil 1-auey, new lyie--. Printed Jaw net-, and Caml ric, Harr'd Muspn, Sirincil, llarr'd and Plain Svvi-s .Mu-lin, Plain Jaconet Muslin and Caml nr. CAUcons. Hu b Mcrrimac. and Dover Print-, vere love. Also, French an J. Knglish Cambrics, cheaper than ever. llonnet Caml ric, Curtain do. Hirds Fvc andllu-ia Diaper. White Linen 'Table Spread-, llrowu ami 1.0101 in no. . l.incii Pamasl;, T- v.,i...., v rasa 1110 emi-.ii .uu.iii-, Superior Linen Slnriing, llrowu Jackel Linen and Gnmbrocn' fiZ.KS. Heavy Canton, Gro 10 Swiss nn! Lit-tringSilk Fig'd, Drown, Hlue Hlncl; and plain col'd do. 'Taylor', best Persian 'I bread, Mrtahc Spool do. ZUIUAUCZMTUS, CAUSM;inS, AXD Thclarce-ia.sorimiMiliil e-iings,vve ever cITerrd Mr sale inciuiiing ri 'ti riainiinii i igurtsl Satin, Silk Velvet, Mc-raeille-, Valencia, Silk and Wor-tcel, and oilier new article's lor n-sinig, v-i ry cice'ani. STO C1CS, Satin Stocks-, with Ilo'ys, Plain do. Scarf Tie-, do lioiuti.iziuuelo. uo. viso very 1 eautilul Sum merStocks. FineLinen Collars. V'.l U.OI S Tl.MMXaS. Pud ling, Canvas-, Selecia-, c olored Jeans, I'rown Linen, lll.i -l, do. Verona SurgSdk do, Silk Ilindingg, Wor-inl llinding, Silk Cord, Sewing Silk and twist, Cm Vclvi'tniulnViired Sdk Huttons. The nhnvc comprising pari of .1 very large nock of Gceods wlm h is o'leivil on ine mosi layoraniaierms Jimp 1, Isll. v oitsTi:i si i:ii.i:s nl.ACK silk Hags. Rodgrrs nnd Klliots best Rat J3 ors, Hankers Shears, Mack "traps, Silk Sashes, Miniatuio cases, unu oiner iiooas. itcrrivruat PWGIlORNeV URISMA1I). July at DAIJIES SIlYtPSOl. 'eie'7i Lever Watch, staler, from Liurpnril. AS His now- twelve years -iiKiJtiS:llle.lhiiii.-'eil of the pnvilvgu "1 reliirning his grateful acknowle Igeinenls 10 Ins friends nnd the tiiibbe in yG peneral,IOralmo-t iinpree-eilen. fS ' r f "'ll l-ivors, be I egs leav e lo 111- V s "'v0 .:.&Jxu& form them that he is -till nt tlio Old Stand, on Cburcli-stieel, one door -outh of Nohle Lovely an I Co's. -tore, w hei e he pcr-onally allcnd- tnthe repairing of Chrduonie-ter.-, Palent l,cver-, Duplex, lo-pine-, and all olher de-eription o Tilnopii-cos lie will warrant nil new work nTiteil lo Wntelie-- in bis shop to I e a- gooil'n. Ibe cr nal, ora- any done cu tbt't onnneiit. . i- N. '(.-A frond n-ortinent of A'V IF ll'.l TC'IIliS of the lir-l ipialily of worlvitjaii-hip, and will I u sold ascheapatiJ on us goexl terras as at any other shop in the state'. ' ' . From his long experience in lhc")m-ines-, and his heing -o many year- engaseeoin the irraking of wnteh es in hiicluiul, he Hatter-him-elf that ho is as com pelein lo niakj se-li'elions as any in '.he vicinity. I'lirlimiton, J uie 11, IS 11 nl DA. HR MAN, has this day rccivedn new assort of Hooks and Stationery, comprising Addrcs-cs and Messages, of the Presidents from Washington lo Ilarri-on. Vnluahleand npprnvcil works, in Tntoing ieal and Aliccellaneous Literature. General Hiography voyages ami travels. The atest editions ofthe most approved School Classical nnd Mathematical Hooks. argc supply of Paper. O111I s. H ank Hooks. F. em. entary and ntlurSpellars, Grammars and Urographies Hostott Academy Gleo Hook and Odmn, and Jitverile books earef lly selccted.all winch are ollered at tho lowest prices, at lite liooie amre. July 1 IHU. IISSKI.I.'S STOMACH HriTLllS. may le V- ill Winror water. 'Tht-eceleliiatetl hitler. aiecoinpo-ed purely eif vcee'able- ofthe mo-t inno cent yi-l -peeilie virtue-. Thcv aie reH-ofiinieinled par ticularly for re-toring Weak eiai-lilulion-, cteaifim: ami -(lengthening tlie -toniaen, nnu increasing the ippctui- al-o a preventative auain-t tbeeholera inor-bu-. fever and ague, lenioyiug nan-ca. voitiituiL'. heart buiiiiiig, weikne-- in the lrea-t, paiu m the toiiiaeh nu-l other -ymptenn-ol H.iiuleiice ami mduri--- tion. One boxvvill tincture oneg.illou. Pru-e23 ct. a box. Kt-s-r.Li. s Itcu Oivtmia-t. i hi- choice an 1 -afe ointment l -aid tot c superior to any now 111 ue, foi that ili-agreeable an I loalli-ome il -ea-e', llio ITCH. Tin-Ointment I--o ee.irliiiii in il- operation that no ier-011 1 oubNfl with the above ih-order ought to le witlu-ut it. It 1- a remi-dy lor eiilane-ous cruplien-, -corbiitie iiTeelien- ofthe head, ornny othir breaking ri'it which ari-es from sharp humor- in the blood. price 2 j el-, a 1 ox. I'l-s-iil s v i-.r.r.rAW.r. Iltl 1 roes Put, or laniily diysie, for general o-e, in tn-e'. e.f J.iuiidui', morl lit eii-tbilitv 1 f the -tomaeli and bowel.. In el appetite-. fii'tid bri'alh, co.-tivene--, Pile-, and nil ili-ei-i-. on from biliary derangement-, al-o fi r e-nrrectm-; the -tale e,f Ihe I loo 1, and eh au-ing llie -v-iem p foul nnd viscid lniniour-. Thee pill- are a mild ea tbariic, producing ner.ber p-iui- nor griping, and are tlicrefoiea yalnal le and highly approved piedicine, audaie pronounced asuch ly tliemo-t ili-tmguMusI pliy-ician-. Cich box containing 33 Pills. Price 74 i-l-.a I ox Uu-elTs ci-lel rated altKiilimOis-tmext. This . unipie-tional ly the 1 e-t and .-afe-t leine'dy everyet ollcrcd tu thi' p il '1 it' for tbalob-tmn'e ih-order SA l. T Ul l-.I'M. here other means have tailed, it hi-uc- e-cedeil, and the tact that it ha- I een -xte-u-ive-ly 11-ed hy cimtient l'ractitie.ncr.s sic.n;s volume-111 it- prat-e. ll i- equally eille-.tcioti- iu nil di-ea-es of the skin, .eald head, ringworm, and the mo-t invele-rate Itch, -c. A'o. Niiinerou- e-erlilicate- ini'-hl le obtaimil. I lit Ihe propritor cbeio-e- that a fair trial -hti ild lethe only evi'-oiu e ofit- -upenorellicacv. Price 30 e cut-a box. 1-or -ale by J. A: .1. 11. P.-k x Co., 'I hendure A. Peel: V.('o.,-l.'il of the Mortar, and Kol rt Mnrsly, Hurlington s Dr. C. K. Mile-, and Hull & Cook, limes, burirli; S. II. II true-, Charlotte; L. Jane-, Georsin; I., lyler, I x; lnlkr Ac lliiutiugton, niehmonl Al-o. lv Ibe elru-rgi-t- and merchant- geneiallv hronghoiit the -tale. o2.Un". I'ouxn. tmv bo found ill Ibis village, directly opposite J the Methodist Chapel, nn ui.l) t'Al.NT SHOP, newly lilted tip in good style, vvliero the undersigned will be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with tlieir patronage. out in it. e. ni'ALijii.N G. Hurlington, April 23, 1SI1. 1US3W GOOD?. rHTlNF.TT Ai SAWYJ.H, at .Milton Falls, have 1 J just rt"civcu tncir opting mock 01 uonis, cum prising a general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GKOCI-KIF.S, CROCKF.HV AND GLASSWARH, HARDWARF, Dllt.'GS AND MF.DICINT.S, DYF. STLI-FS, PAINTS JND OIL, (il.ALiS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKF.RKL, GIUND-STONF.-, if-c. v.-r. All of whieh. having been puteh.i.ed at tho nrcsenl vi ry low prices, will bo sold at moderate profits for Produce-, anil aschc.ip as the cheapest for Cash ; and as we have not time-tins inotnuigtoemimeriitcartiehs and prices wo would resjcctfullv mvitconr furmer na trons and tho public, generally to call, examine and juileo lor tlicinsitvcs. .Uilion, June 1, luu. P. S. JloH'attsLil'e Medicines, New-ton's Panicra, Hitchcock's Snuiratul Worm Tea, ('ouch Lozenges, nnd many olher of the most approved Medicine., constantly on hand. H'IMI'I'lH. l'Al'I'.n. Qnn RKAMSassortcdsiscsandquailtiesjust rec. ei.JK by. C. GOODRICH. June 17. Dry nnoJs very Cheap. 5H:Pi:i:i!IOR black, I Ine black, gro de twi- Silk, ) tlo. ih Italian Real ilu I'onnri and Florence -dk-, While and black Crape, Mourning Lawns and Print-, superior French Heanl azine,'e lY'ot V s, l.ui edo. Fillet nnd GiitizoSi-arl-, Fancy Handdcrchie-f-, Victoria Skirls, Pie Nic Glove-, ele. by II. M. GIDDINGS A: Co. July I, 1011. nl PIANOS. "JNordcr to closo the concern of Ilcrtick, Christo J. pher &. Co., we oiler the three remaining Piano's at two hundred Dollars each, for Cash, or approved notes, in 12 months with interest. For the quality nnd durability of ihesc instruments, reference is made to many ofthe Citum of this Village, who have had Piano's of tho above mitiufactnre in use fir years. lie fcrencc also to Processor Molt of tho Musical e'eparlment of the Female Seminary. Huthnston, 2d. July, 1811, LY.MAN.t COLF. SAIHIATEI SCHOOL HOOKS. A. HRMAN would solicit tho attention of J Minerintcndiuitsol Sabbalh Scholls. and others. to his ns-ortment of Hooks -iiitablo for S. S, Libra ries, vvliieh he oilers at a very large discount from retail puces. The Mass. Sibbalh School Society's publications arc always on hand, including tho vilu able nnd increasingly popular series of lSib'o Ciuc tions by Nevvcomb. August "Olh. A most excellent article for curing old or youn" persons of Pains and Rheumatism in iho hacker side, healing up sores, ruring soro throits, swelling, etc., nml for tho cure of the P1LKS. It has 1101 Its equal, seldom or never failing to cure when applied co piously, and according lo directions, sold nt tho Varie ty Btorc, hy tho dozen or single bottle. PANGHORN et IHtlNSMAID. July 15, IB1I. o HA.OKS .1IH.Y Kill. l V. hav o just received , ,.,,n WW f Hodgers mid l-.lhot's FineRAXORS inueli hked by persons who shivothrmsMvra. I'AKODOnV et UnlKSMAIP. GOliU WATClinS JIJI,Y Hill. -fXTll bavdlh M. ...... lvArj jCngii.h innelo Go d 'Ci ' rtSrll u 11,0 fl,lir"1 ,0 received C 1 "iSi? """Pf"tjandnimmer. We in. 'V. cV 'hJ.- ' ino.i wisHIiik line Watch Wii'-j!iW'!'il1iU'l) nn selling them at I n"-1 "VT vt-rylovv price-, and we intend lo, tell as lovv iiud lower than the samequahty ef Watrh-1 e. ran bo bought in New York or itn-mn. w- . .. ll- l . ,,v )Saee to sell as low at any rat. STEAM-JJOAT JI0TEL, mm IlUItMNOTO.V, Vcn.MONT. Y JONATHAN 11 ART. (VI11:.11: "csiicctrully announces to tho citizens eflsurpa- any thing heretofore known iu removing St. -tix Hurlington nnd vicinity, and the travelling , ,.....,.K.;L-,ao , uiauio nas ptiicursru, inorousuiy repaired, painted, Titled up, and furnished the above Hold, situated on llio corner of Smith ttnd Water 1 l,fi' "''P"?1,10 head of the Steamboat Wharf in Iho villageof Hurlington, (formcily owned ami kept hy Captain I. R. Harrington, of the Steamboat Phic nix,) 111 a stylo of convenience nnd comfort not sur- passed by any other llolel 111 the village. A spacious parlor, silting room, reading room, and dining room, all communicate with each otln r, and with the front piazza on iho ground tloor. Tho liar room, bains,, sheds and yards arearranged in Ihe best possible man-1 ncr to accommodate the liavellmg and business pub- he. An aero of ground, nearly on a level, adioinstliis llotel, with eonvtnieni uu-hQuses, spacious and airy walks, and gardens; are all mutinj; to travellers. uii-uiess oieo, ooaroirs and patiic ol pleasure. Mr. II. fiomlongi-Tpcrieiieo professes to know how to fiitm-h a good Table ami I!ar, and to serve up the choicest eatables and rarest dehraeies that the market and e;ason allord. 111 a manlier to suit the nstc of the coiinois-cur t and lie confidently assures his patrons nml guests that l. utmost cxerlinn-will bo put in re quisition to si rvc ihim. Stcanihoat iascngeis will be waited on, to and from llie Hoats, and their baggage transported, and taken rare of at thislliitel, and save their Hack hire to and from the Court hou-e square. Stage passengers can be left aland taken from this Hotel without additional tare, and those taking the Units Will bo show n on board ami tin ir Inggngc free of expense, nnd without incurring any ri-k of being left, by Ihcihtkness or htewsof the' night, or any olher coming! ncy incident totheprccipilisieyofsicam power, or the fluctuations of wind anil weather. Horses and Carr ages furnish! d those who wih to transact Im-incss, r vjsimny part of tho village, on rensnnnhle terms. Singletncals2jconts,andot!icrchargcsin propor- 'luu. 3H15U Hurlington, May 20, 1SI1. HIWAlin .1. FAY'S 3CK-T ft .' HOH r.Tozi?:. Ol 11 rcl - Si reel. Ultrtinolnn. WIII'.KK he Ins on hand a superior assortment of Lathis anil Gentlemen's IIOOIS AND SIIOF.S, of tlie folloeving assortment : Gent's fine calf. -ow-d Doot- Hovs Calf Shoes, Lailies Gaiter Hoots, " Kid Slip, " New-spring nips et Tics, " Colored Slips, " I!ron.ed " " Calf " Misses Slioes if. Slips, Also, a large a-soitnient of Children and Infants Shocj. " " " pcg'il do. " hglil " " do. " Summer Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " Shoes A Hrogans " Thick ipKip Hoots, " " " HiOL'.ans Hoys Shies eV Hrogans, " Thick et Kip Hools, Yths " ev " " " A-. " Riogins. 1CVK. J. F. would invite his custoniersnnd thenub- lio 111 pcneral to call and examine his arsortmcnt of Hoots ip Snor.s whieh he enn warrant to be of gooil stock, thorough vvorkmausliip ami lalcststylcs. Also, Work and Rcpatiing done at the shone.-! notice, nsusual. n3l Hurlington, May 2?, Iill. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. r.VH ICAIC & WAIT, Zmpnriern and II Imlcs'ile dealers in Crcclertr, Cllais anu e-niiti iiure, ana .i miijacturcrs oy Slonc Ware. 1 OO CR-vTF.S just received and now opening XVJVJ namely gj I'ncunges Lelgolnnet Common Ware, 21 do Hluc Printed do 10 du Royal Houibon. Sprig do containing complete dinner services. Ten sets and rniict varc. 10 do French White Granite Ware, with com ph to sets tbtottijiout. 10 do Antique Va-e Ojiaque Pi arl Ware, eon taining perfect ilinncr -ets, tntitclv new pattern-and shape, a most beautiful uniclc, wilhTca and To:le-t .......... 1 v aie 10 maim. CHINA WARK. 10 packeges China Ware, containing Hcautiful White Tea Sets, Gold edge and lino Tci npnp do rlo Gold band it sprig do sets aim gold hand China Nurse Lamps. r.-i wa ii'itii' 10 packages Glass Ware containing C, ?, nnd y time Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, fi, ?, and 'J flute " Pirrscd do do 3 packngc s line plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Pliin do i'o, a greit variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Limps, .v-ini i-amps, i.ironilales, uanclletiras, Cm Gin- Howl Lemonade Gtascs. Pitelierc, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and Splendid French Porro lino Vases, with flow ets and s lade nnd a variety of other articles in llieirline, oil of whieh arc now-ollcred Wholesale and Retail at New Yotk prices. I . eV . would invite the attention of Mer chants in the surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuting them tint they will sell inmckago a-soilcil to order on nsgood terms as can be purchased in New ori. Iio-ton or Troy, at their warehouse corner 01 of Church anil College Sts. Hurlington, June 1. 1S1I. A VUHY VAIiUAItl i: F A K M F O R S A L E. THF. siibscitlicr being desirous to retire Irom active busitiis-, now oilers 10 dis oc of Ins l'AIt.l, sitintid III Co'rhesttr, one half inilo west ofthe stage nvid, leading from Hurlington to Si. Alh.ins, and only six miles from Hurlington. Said Farm is handsomely situated, containing 1.7 0 iicrc- of a good land as can he found 111 Chittcndc 11 county, and tinder as high state of cultivation, having been under tho improve ment of an F.nghsh Agriculturist ihe last twenty three years. Tlie-ro is on tho Farm n convenient House, with n never failing well of pure water at the door, A good llam, with convenient tlietls attached tott, a valuable! wood lot of Reach and Maple, and a iine Orchard of choice Fruit. Any person wi-hing 10 purchase such i firm as above deseiibcd, had better 111a' capphcilion soon to J.1111C9 Scott, Pcnrl-strccct, Hurlington, or . he subset iber on the premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Ihnlington, July C, IB 1 1. iTT N. 1!. Terms of payment will be made very easy. n, 1 II1XF.SUURG II A C A I) KM V. i"TMIK Trustees of llixcsni'nmi Acapcmv arrharmv -L toiiifoini tho public, that ihey hire obtained the ncy. I'cot s iienKcr, ns a pcrin.innit teactier. .Mr. Duikco has been engagnl, for tinny ears, in the business of instruction, nnd has given, wherever he has been employed, ample satisfaction. He has sue cceded, especially in conciliating iho confidence and alli'cttons of his pupils, in awakening within them a thustlor improvement, and in leidmg them lo lest thoroughly, thnr own powers. From his tried skill and expcrieneejugh expectations nre evrited, and it is confidently behtveil that nono will b disappointed who mav fivor the Institution wilh their pilpinigeby placing their sous or their daughters under his tuition and carp. While it is expected that proper moral and religious instruction will be given, nnd a constant and pater nal oversight taken of ihcdepoitmcnl of the student-, it is designed that the institution shall be kept from every tiling of a sectarian character. Tho Academic year willbe divided into two Terms, romprising two quarters rarh of 11 weeks. The first Term will commence on Wednesday ihe 1st day of September. Thcic will be. a vacation of two weeks at llio rloseof iho first Term.and another of six weeks nl iho e nd of tho second. Tuition for roinmon branches will be -),0H per qnir ler. For nil other studies it will be 4,30. No inciden tal chaiges will bo made. Hoard will ho afforded in respectable families from SI,!.) toSLSO per week. For boirding place-s, itfcr rncomay be had 10 Jedodiah Hoynton, (). S, lloyt, Nullum Peek, l-.sq , OrloJ. Hildvvin, Harmon Bur. dm, A. S. Weller, Joel Turrill. .Mrs. Ronton, Dan'I Goodyrnr. This Institution is pleasantly located inn healthful, flourishinfj village. It has now been in operation about sixteen years, and its course hat. hern steadily, onward, never surfeited wuli a Hood of scholars, never famishing for want of support 'Pl,n hiiil.liiifv kit.intpil nn n .1..!! r.l. if.,! nm .t.cnp.. A nd overlooking tho whole village, is undergoing thorough repiirs. ll will l-c finished in n nrnt and fashionable i u PIJU-, L OS ll lllillUIIICVlVlia iC Willi VV,.IU'II-S Hinetburjh, 3d AuCusl 6r ,N ATIJKI'.'S (illAND ItlS'IOKATlVK. This valuable erelalle Medicine -'.amis iinrival ei for thelollowiiM eoiupln'iit-, viz : llyspep-in, or Indi-gi'ioiijeh-ea-eil Liver, bilion.-th-eq-dcrs, llrop-y, Asth' ma, Co.-iivene , Worm- nml lo of Appetne. nnd by cleansing the tomaeb and bowels, i-ures pains in thti side, sloinaeh and breast, colds and roughs cf long standing, Hoar-inc , shorlnc of breath, Ncrvou coniilaiiil-,eteT .v Inch arelieqncntly the elli-et of dis-ea-e. For I'everand Ague, it isa mo-l valuable pic Ventnlive a-well s a -oveie-ign leineily. its virtues Vitus' Dante, two I oltle. hnvu Icen known to euro tin-alllielingtli-eae, having I atl.'eel every excr- lion tor four venr. Ilha-n mo-i Hivverful hiflucnco in removing iiervou-ei.mplnihl-. It i pl'aisAit tojako nnd -o easy i-i il s'raiioti,ibit it may I u administered to Iho infant w uh safely. The above .Medicine is vtry highly ree-oiiiineni'e-d lv manv seicntifir- gc.illemeii, nnd n 1rue mtinl er ot'lad e-,' who have proved the virti e- ofthe Medicine by rsonal l.seandlhat of their fairuhe-. A bill ofn-rlili'calr- accompanies each bottle, with direction-. It innv I e had wholesale or retail ol S. Hriiuiu, Harre, aud'J. C. Farmini, Ka-t Willunis- town, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin- al iceipe ; for sale by L". II. Prenti, Moutpeher, and .1. & J. II. Pr.cK & Co, andl nun. A. Co., Utir- lington, and 111 the principal tiiwn- in tlx: statu; all elireelinn- .iiineil in the hand writini! cd the proprietor WINOOSKl SASH 1'ACTOHV, I3 in con-tant operation. ini pri'pari'd to execute or'ers lor WINDOWSASIi ifeveiy ilcseiiption, end ul ihe he-t manner. A con-tant sunplv kent on hand and fir -ale n't llicstor ol George Petcr-ou, in Llur linu'ton, at iLeloUowin' tr'irrA-rW-T?r pi c c s : 12 Light raeiiKiit, 3 cents per Light, do do do do. do. do. 3 V do da do. do. do. .el 5 do do do. do. tlo do sIDNKY SMITH. n3 June IS, DOCT. MAltMIAMi'.-j Are untie, Catarrh and lie .niacin.' SN I I'F. 'Tin- Miuil 1- -uperior In any thing vet known, for lemovmr that trouble-orie eh--ei e, the Ca'arrh, and al-o a eold in the bead, mi J lb he.i-'.u he-. Ii opt us and purge- not all ohiucuons, -I lengthen- tl,eg'atid-,.iiidcivc- a healthy action to tire pin- a ii-nil. It 1- pi rfeetly tree from any thingdele-teriini- 111 it- ei inpo-riut! ha- a ; lea-ant llavur, and its nnnicdiaiee ec, afer I emg u-ed, 1- abgrecabfe. Price!! l-cni. 1 rr bottle. Doct.Mar hall'- ej.-iab e Indian Clack PLASTER. Ihi-Plu-ter 1- unrivallisl lor euiing scre.fulou- swelling-, S urvy S11C-, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wounds ; pain- in ibe side-, Hip- and l.iml -; and x-hlom fad- to give icl.ef 111 bxal lihe -mali-iii-. If npi'hcd to the iele,n will cure many of the centime 11 Liver Complaints; and 1-eqt al, if not -upcrior, to any thing in 11-e for corn- on ihe feet ; Ibe vutt-e- of ilu- Pla.p.-r have leen wilncssed I y thi'it-.tnd- ol individuals in ihe I'nited S-ale-, win bave'e teil it-i-llieacy, Sold I.y I he pro- pr etor ; 1 hn. In wen, .vin'iiici.ury, V 1., and Inco. A Pee it Ac Co., linrliiiEiou, vt. jel r HATCH would inform tlm in- . habitants of Huriing'on and vi cnily, that ho has opened a t bop in Chinch strict, at the ign of the Rifij, whtre lie intends to carry on the Gun smith Kiitiiess, in all its various branch es. Having been employed for the hat six years in llie shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lansingburgh, (undoubtedly tho best suop 111 1110 unueu a talcs;) ho leels war-raiiti-d in oiTeringhis w ork 10 llio public. Hurlington, Juno 1, 1611. MYrVrKKIOt.'S! A genllcman belonsingto one of tho most ancient and wealthy families of this city,vv ho in 11st be we 11 known to numerous frknds hiving since llievcar 1518, up to recently, been bent neatly double, and for several years confined to his bed, ins been restorctl to good health has regained Ins natural erect position and has quitted his car riage, and now walks with ease ! ! We believe this is tliegeiilleman'-ovv ti description as near as possible, and there is 110 ex.iggi ration in it. We will givo inqui rers Ins address, and doubt not humane Wings will exc so thehbcriyi so ihut any one doubling, may Auotr ttifs-e f.icls bough be requests his name may not appear in punt Among other instances, Mr. Jas. (!. Reynolds, Ml Chtislie-stiect, has been restored, nnd will give pi rsonal assurances of llie facts of his case. Both were rheumatism, and contracted cords and sinews. I low has this ken elone t Answer. Hi thr Indian Vegetable tllixrr inm ternati, and litres' A'ene aiie Heme Liniment externally. Jan. 211, 1811. So'd only LvVO.VSTOCK f. CO., 71 Maiden L-tr.c, Acn- Vor,. riO THLO. A. PF.CK v. CO, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Offer, liuthng'Cn, Vt. C1 ()() RF.WARD Ins been offered for months i?x Jyt to anvonewho willu-e aboltloof Hay's Liniment for the 1'ils, without bting cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instinct) has it failed of n cure. Proof overwhelming 10 Lo had vvliero ilissold. Itts also a certain euro in nearly erery case. (l'.xtcrn illy,) in the fo'lovving complaints. For llio Piles, for all dropsy, tender feet, sore throat, l,v can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scale!" head, Tightness of the elu st, especially in children, foul ul cci.sof the legs, or other fungus sores, however obsti n.itcor long standing, fresh wounds, chilblains, etc. LOOK OCT Home strindlcrs hare roiin.'ertieel tls article, and put it up irith rarloiu dcrices. Do not bo impo-cd upon. Onu thing only vviU protect you 11 is tho name of COMSTOCK .f. CO.- that nams must be alrays on the trio; ;ir, or vou leav be cheat ed. Do not lurget 11. Take the direction' with you and te-t bv that, or never buy i-; for it is impossible for any other to be true or genuine. n9 Sold by CO.VSTOCi .f- CO., 71 Maiden Lane, New York. TIIF.O. A. PF.CK A, CO., Whnlsalo Agents, a lew doors cast of tho Post Oilice, Uiuling ton, Vt. l'EAJ.L STREET HOUSE, lll'R Ll N'CiTO N, V r R MO NT. J. S. PF.IRCI HAS lately opeuel the al ove cstabli-hincnl for Yrt rvcep-ion e.f families and travellers, ge-reraily, who niay vi-it Ihi-pan of ibe Green Maintain slate, and may I e dcsiroii of pas-ing a lew summer week on'ihe pictnri-qnt' height- of flnr ingtcn. 'Thello'e'l i- spac-o i and commodious and is -ilu-an d ner the Cniversity.nt the head of l'earl-st., on 1 1 iheiiiosifa bioua' le and agrie.vllc heiroc;iiares in ihettmn.eonimaii.hng an e-xten-ive view e f Lak Cbamplaiu and the surnsinding country. 'I he view fie m the we'-if-rn window, nnd piazras are unrivallel ly nnyonihe Is rler-of the Like for ihcir in.i.'nili. cut e nnd I ca ny, auJ a'c, pro) ally, not -uri a-e l in il.el'1 red Slate-'. In the internal arrangement of the Hnn.e, every re yard ha- I cvn paid to the i-rmiorl of fannlu-., who m iv 1 e ais-cmmoi'v'tsl wuli private purlers and ih occupant till er- bun-ell that the fiiiiu-huig of his table and Ibe at-endance, are stit-li a- to merit the sp prolatunel iho-rlulc- and Gentlemeu who may lavr luni i h their pa-ronase. '1 he STACII'S loand from the North, North. Fast and Fa-I pa-d.i ly, and lo panie'- stopping at Hur liugli'ii, t n ibeir way to iho White .Mountain-, and tho-e travelling in any of the above dir.vii n, morn lei-iire i-a-'.nel, a-iheslaie- leaving town eni at tin-hou-e ha 1 an hour l.Uer lhan at llie Hotrh in iho lower part e ftl-e vil nse. A e-otnfortal le Curriaue atlrn.l- regularly, rq the arrival f the toal, with the slew apl ofthe craSWlii ment, who will tal e charge of Ibe bageajJJSMiSsJn short, no pain-will le sp.ire.dtn give t.ititViri to all ii.itrons, and entitle the houic to the support of lha put la. 4N. , Wine-, Cordials aud Liquors, of approves! quality, Le-pt alway- rn hand. I lorsOs and Carnages ki'pt in readmpss for iho ar- coimnilaiitai of s.tch a- may require ilicm. I'url.ngton, J ine Ujl. nl cataiiiui sNirrr. MARSHALL'S SMT-'F, is still eurinpihe Catarrh mil ihevanon-eh-ea-e-ol the lua I. aswrllas sore ryes, In all parts of the c-o-uitry ; nnd sustaining Iho reputalioii which it has long since gained, of K ing absolutely the hot article of Ihe kind in the nnrket. Each bottle contiunsthrre times the rjinntitvr.f one nflho-e which are eflcrcd at "U.M.i CKVTS." And is therefore a much chcapsr, a.vvt-llasb-Hlifrarliele. Feirsaleby J. cc J. n. 1-r.v.n. Ov en, TIIKO. A. PKCK A Cr. snd Db. ROUT. MOODY. Dirlintrn, Jan. 2.', 1811. ly.MI

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