Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 10, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 10, 1841 Page 3
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nnl within a week business will bo nt its liciglit for the season. Thcro was it tumor in this city thi nftcr noon, that fivo Hrilislt vessels of war had been scon off the Hook; but of coitrsu it was tm ibunilctl. McLcod's trial is to commence on the 27th iusl. STEAMER IJURLINGTON. Ir. Buckingham, tho traollor, who has Visited nearly every impoitant placo in the four quarters of tho globe, and travelled by every mode of conveyance at present used by civilized mmi, in Ids lour in this country, two or three years ago proceeded from Sara toga Springs by Lakes George and Cham plain to tho White Mountains, and thenco by Concord, N. II. and Lowell to Boston. From Ticondoroga to Biulington, Vt. ho made the passage in tho Burlington, and in Ills late work on America, he pays tho fol lowing liberal and deserved compliment to that unrivalled steamer and her truly gallant commander, Admiral Richard V; Sher man. Compliments from our own country men are so freely and universally bestowed upon the Whitehall and tits Burlington, that we should become weary in copying a tithe of what we hear and sec in difl'crcnt news papers ; but when a disinterested and intel ligent foreigner, who from his own extensive) observation is constituted as good a judge certainly as any man living, volunteers opinions like the following, wo cannot resist the temptation to transfer them to our col umns: Boston Trav. "About 3 o' lock tlio steamboat Burlinsrton slopped at the landing place, and in her we embarked for Bur lington higher up I.ako Champlain, whero wo pro posed to land. This was one of iho most elegant vessels I hid yet seen in America; and of steam ves sels, the most complete in all her fitting and equip ments that I had ever Been in nny fart of iho world, not excepting tho Great Western, which I visved. "Tho llurlinglon being built for lake navigation, and not having to encounter the heavy gales of the Atlantic, did not, of course, require tho strength and solidity of tho fircat Western; and this enabled her constructors to givehcr n Vinci motsld, and to produce elegance offorni and rapidity of motion in n higher degree. Her hull is coinpletemodelgrnceandbeautys all iter equipments nio of tho first order; and her in fnrinr nrenmmiida tinnn. for comfort and Milt-ndor combined, tui pass, those nf nny fhip or vess-ei I have ever seen. Her engine are ol i ill horse power, ana she cost about 9100,000, or 20,000 sterling. Tho enntsin was worthy of his shin, taking the highest degreo of pride m hers and ev cry part of her was as swoet, pure, imu clean as aroyai yaciu. Communication. Mr Editor, Having recently visited New York city, I was much gratified to find one of tho best Hotels in the great metropolis, kept by a gentleman who was fortncaly a res ident of your beautiful village I alludo to Howard's Hotel. For tho last few years, this Hotel has giadually risen in tho cstima tion of the travelling public, until it has final ly acquired a reputation unsurpassed by any public house of tho kind in the Union. ISo Hotel in New York, to say tho least, is sup- nlicd with richer fruits, choicer wines, or more prompt and well trained servants, And as I have recently had tho pleasure of passing a few days at this most excellent house. I cannot refrain from commending it to the patronage of such of your leaders ns may chaneo to visit tho city, both from tho fact that Mit. Ilow.uto was formerly one of your townsmen, and because, by his po litoness, promptitude, and assiduous attention to the slightest wants of Ins natrons, he lias acquired for his Hotel n reputation wlii may well bo envied by almost any other in our country. iator. Burlington, Sept. 9. 1841. Coimmmiciitinii. Mr. Editor, Spending a day at Howard's Hotel, and being at dinner table with the Judges of your County Court, I cannot leave your beautiful village, without expres sing in some way, my sense of tho impor tance of tho example set by those men in high places, in the causa of Temperance. Wrould that all our Judges over tho wholo land, might be held up in as favorable a light. At tho table, sal over fifty person, and I noticed only one individual with a glass of brandy and water, not a glass of wino on the wholo table. I thought it that individual knew how odd he was, he would never do tho like again. A Traveller. COMMUNICATION Mr. Bf.unard a Delegate from tho Bos ton Washington Total Abstinence Society arrived here yestctday, on his route to Bos ton, Mass. which place ho left on the 14th ult. for Bennington, ho was induced by invi tation to extend his labors in the glorious work of reclaiming tho lost inebriate nnd getting signers to tho Pledge of Total Ab- Stnejice to Shaftsbury, Manchester, Rutland, Pittsford, Middlobury, Vergennos and Bur lington, in conjunction with Mr. Bailor, an other Delegate from the same society, and xvlio returned to Boston on the 30th ult. lea ving Mr. Bernard to visit tho other sido the lake he therefore crossed to Port Kent on Tuesday 31st and lectured at Keesevillo, in York State. They all appeared to Utko great interest in tho glorious cause, and not withstanding the heavy rain tho Presbyterian Church was full noxt day proceeded to (ylintonville a short distance Irom K. and held forth there on Wednesday to a lartre nssombly Tuesday wont to AuSablo Forks fivo miles turlher and addressed a resnectn bio congregation Friday left for Port Kent nnd took Steamboat, for Wcstport, on the iork sian at which placo ho tarried until Monday, holding forth on Saturday night at the Hev. Mr. Ulnpp s.and on tsunday after noon at Row Mr. Brown's Baptist Church. The total number of Signers from Brat- tlehoro' to Burlington in Vermont wore 1213 In York ntatn on the other side tho LtjUc 311, making a total of 1654, persons who nro determined to taste not, touch not, nan die not, therefore prcat and glorious good has been accomplished throughout tho Green Mountain region and even extending across Lako Champlain, and along its fertilo bor tiers. At Middlobury, Vt. Mr. Bernard rccicvetl a votool thanks by tho minister nnd con grcgationat tho Rev. Mr. Merrill's meeting liouso, for lus eloquent address. There was nlso a vote that a copy of the said addrcs bo left, to bo put to press. The same comnli ment was paid Mr. Bernard at Keesovillo tho other side of the Lake. May the samo uninterrupted success attend him wherever ho goos. In several of the above named places, there had been Total Abstinence societies organised previous to our visit. TBMl'KKAiVCEi An ailjiiurneil moclin;; of tho Utirlinarton To. tal Abstinence Society, will bo liolilon this evening at tho Court House, nt o'clock. All, who foul an interest in the catiso of temperance are invited to attend. PREACHING. Tho Citizen nf Rllrtinr'tml find , irmllt' flt-n l,iv1, informed tint thcro will bo proa liinj a;ain, (health inn winner prriiiiinng. in hip glial open Ti-uili e. llie public Square, On uibbilli n. M lliM'.'lh nl!)iiV.ln(!( A M. and 12 1-2 u' clock- nojii, also nt ii o (.men r. .vi, 'ilio lii'Mi'is of r.ural ruorm. mi o ami female, Pircnta and Children nrercrpie tnd'v in. Vitel M attend, l!y S. II. WELD. Burlington Sept. 10 if! 11. Mi In Richmond, cm 'I'linmhr. Slinst.. In- llie Rev. Liinau I.ovcwell, Mr. Jaepji A. Hall, to Mi. Sarah Brownson, both of Richmond. 5 fi o o3 In llli3 town on tho .",t!i mat. Mil. Ann Art rtnivc.., i,n aged, 71 ye nr.. jn una town on sumiiy sin inst. ilrs. Pbisciua Foote, w.fe ofHjn. .than Poole, aged 51 voir. On Sundae. -Nth ult. Ellen K iz,,;,ii,i-r of thol-ito Rid, Moore, a.'id 2 veal oiuf'J months. In this town on the Slot August, Mrs., formerly of Ma., ajod f0 years. Piinters in that siaicarcicquesicu, inc. In Wilh-ton. Amr. 31. Mr. r.l.r twit B,st.11. nf tbc ltevolutloti. Ho was born March -lib, 1761. In Milton. Thursday dredge, only son or Win. A. and Jane E. Burnctt.aged 2 years and 13 days. ji icrgennc, on tne in tilt. .Mr. Joseph Tucker, aged 33, fotnicrlv of Boston, Mass. but a resident here for the lat 20 year-. Ho was killed instantly while engaged in blasting rocks near the Fall. of the Creek. Hewnsa very active, industrious citi zen, and .will bo long remembered by the inhabitants of this city and alt those to whom ho was known. Jn tins town, on tho Bth mslant, Mr. LconnidC. I.ldcr, aged 31, of consumption. Editors in New Hampshire and Maine arc respectfully requested. In Nortlif.cld, at the residence ot II. Smith, lOih ultimo, after a sickness of six days, of inllaination of the bowels. David Robinson, .ifP. iai lfnn,lll, aged '12. In Randolph, on the 23d nit., Mr. Lund Tarbox, aged VI. Also, on the 23th, Hon. James Tarbox, aged B2 ycais. in "range, Aug. 2j, Mr. John Cutler, aged 83. In Cavendish, on the 15th nil., ninnihin i!r.,l aged 93 years. lie entered the United States nrmy at t il' first mrt Of the rpviilntinnnrv ,r nn.l r.m.m. ed until its dose, being in .Morgan's rifle corn during nearly halt the war. Ho wa. wnh Sullivan in the Indian country, at Cherry Vallev when attacked be Butler und Ilfandt, and al surrender of Cornwallis. At Hanover. N. II. Amr. 23 ATro r.v.iis irrit,i aged fi3 years. ' in i-.tiosuurgli, Uicllis SafTonl, aged 76 years. KOTiicaJj. jUHETINO at williston. CAMP ASiaro will leave Wdley'.'. at tl-.s Pall., at i-evcn i.'eloel; in the mornine, mid lli.iop' on the Square, nt half pa-t bvvm every inoimnc during the meetiii.', an I reiiirn from Wdlistun, at 5 o'clock. The Patent Portable Hedstcd C A N 1 luuved from 100111 to ro'-m or out of the ilDii-e ini-.i'i'of lire, without taking down ur loosi'iiiiigthccunl' niiioioe-i-ily -el up, and the cord tiffhti-ned i!h le- trouble, and b alfurded at al out the ame pni e.i.ihe old f.i.luoned HcKn-d. Call at my Shop and M-e it i it i a t'uriouv wi.rtb looking at, and ptrliai you will think it worth bnvm". Catlm's l.jue, Sept. 7, I). K. I'ANlJHOttN. JUST ARRIVED. IItr.SII Soda Crackers in fine Order and for Sale ' , , H. M. G1D1JI.GS. &c. Sept. 3 d. I n again in maritct with hi .New JonJ, made up 1 from a selection of all the varieties to bo found in cw lurk, and at such prices for cash as will suit bujers. Sipt. 8, 1811. FAMILY GROCERIES. HYSON SKIN, young hyson, Bnd old hyson lea, lonfnnd brown sugars, pfppcr, spice, gin ger, Mau-li, tobacco, raisins, prunes, I'liglishcurrants, Km and Java entile, soap, &c. itc. Kor sale cheap at the liuihugtoii Cash Store. Sept. 3, 1111. S. I,. HEIUtlCK. L. MASON'S j I l. nil .11. t-..l'.ll( lM;.-), in Inrirn (vho - - on iinriiig .School.!, fur'salc. be Scpi.U, IStl. D. A. UKAMAN. 07" imOAI) CLOTHS ! ciicAi-! cnriAp ! TfST optned by E. M. Wright it Co, a largo a-siii tiiKiilof Ilro id Cloth, w ha h are offered to the public ihiapei ibaa ever. 1'. S. Call and tee. September, Dili 1811. 250 YARDS S-4 TOW CLOTH. Just received by K. AI. WRIGHT it Co. September, 9th, 1511. azr.N'CW FALL GOODS, .a ONLY six day since they purchased in New York, l'ongi.s, plain, rlimc, and bl1. muslin de l.uti", nam satm, mi,.ei! nnd lil ick i hilly, Eni'li-h and rencli inerinies. hlue and b ac t i-rnrfs riIIi and drcs bandlti r( Imfa, clime scarfs. I'nlmvra and mi" immunitm", iiubti.nctl and rail-toad lace, thread, edging and inn-cling bll: and col'd nlk. m l bigs, wi r-ted nnd fiilt rlous. chine. I uniu'i ami mvlt riouons, nine una mack pro de nw-iss, colored I'oult d? Soie, striped gro d'Afrtque and bhek Mauttoni silks, bonnet f-ilks and sitsnets, col'd crapes and crape hee, Enchsh, I'rcneh and Aintriecan print, WacK and col il cashmere and merino unruled hose. hlack, blue-blacli and 1 ue broad cloths, ntu. meres and sittmcts. sdk vclvtis. dark vi stm hlmrli eolinns nnd cambric bronn shirtings, and ehrttinc, candle wick, balling and wadding, red and whito iianncis, oca ncKings, cantass padding, button e,k tit. thread. &e. etc. Call and examine tho tooda and prices at ihs JUI IIIIlUIl OIUIC. d September, 1911. S. I,. HEUniCfC. HI.MK Or VI'KMONTl Al it Prt.m DlTKICT Or CillTTENDCK t I holden nl It irtinln, wiihin and for llm di-iriet nfoioaul on the fourth day oic-picaiicr, A. I. JHtl. n in-tnmient purporting lo IU. .1... I ... ....II n I 1' . . . f t .. .... wui mu je-iiiiueiii ui jaicz I ciiiiuiiair idie oi ioi'-iie-tcr in -aid llitricl, deceai-ed, pre euted lo tl.e Court here for Probate, by Cmlliva Ten ninian, John John-on, and Luther Loomi-, the Kcc- Thr ri-foii' il isonlen.,1 1 (?r,-, ,l.n. ....1.1:.. tiee 1c given to all per-ons concerned llicrein to ..,..-.. niuii - me ,n unfiri, at a sr-sion t use j1 10 le ''"''in at the negitter'- Offi e in m.ihi.'U uu nil' 3 n ua V OI .-m'ii l'i hpr A r lull i i i 1 w ,u aim i; is or- j. uiui nn- unicr i"! inihiisiHM three weet. mete, sively ui the Darlington Krcij Pre-,n nwpnrr urinl -i hi lltirlington, in tin. State, the lat of which thai! i-i.'uiu luouay a-signru lor Hearing, "iven iimier my hand, at the Rcgiter' Office, thi j , (01 u r tRTOPf, m Ulster. V. , b.e "-'' TOJipnnOW, (Sept.ll,) at ONT. Idomnh Auction Store. .V ',, t;, -(,"-. v uu ai iif it. t , ni.iin lllfLllliri tHltliP Vmnrn (...,( n 4 1 palruain IIorse,l inpldforiiOifnot nrcviotij-ly andSSboal. l-arrnmir li,ol. i-nn.i.unn ,,r pi.. lis,.,,.,,. w. rn ... . . ;. r. " , ..,.... . linn (tks, nui.ey , 7,',. lrcu Bar """ Shove!, (Sc. AIo, Hoilc lioliliiiiniiMr,., cenn-nns of Feather Hods, It.-d-tcl-, Iron Ware i lr' blove, W Croelcry 1841. NoitUcra TrutiKiiortntion jLIiic. l a, I Jin(,,t'f n Champlain Canal 1.7 .rf'" "nJ?! on I-alc Chaninl" m w, 1 CI IO V I, . t. 1-n .' "" .m"',ni'1e.t.f ,h, tlicp.iMlc, wc iSi'x confidcece an l . n"i,nf,.,,ou'; '1'bc v.ual I.A.cAlVuON Slip, n. J. II. IIOOKI It, 155 nivcr-ft Troy, VvJ.'JtftWI'f". Albany. I. V. UAKhH. w nteh,.ii nl Im2, rottnTAMHAULKy.BMriinwon. V, FOIl SALE. A ilnclling houe and lot Moated at the .xj oriVarl rllrcct,owiie.l and occuincd I'V Iho Into V. Scvfrancc. I', , I,.- nisei -.. , ... . eul,9vrl, cr on me nreiill-ef 1 -Pl. 10. K..SKVf.KA.NCK. rnnulri nl . ,.t , .. State or Vr.nMo.NT, A Tit Prola'eCotrt liM I' 'net i.f ( lii i ii leu. J 1 a: 1 1 . r iti" on wit tun niiitlor Mid Distri 'tofUlii iiulon on the ."Oh ilnv'il A trust A. 1). 1S1I, llioni.i. O. Hill, i,f Charliiltc m thu rnutily il I'liitleut'ui. who i gimrdinu ol Jjnie llri'tkciiri IgeH' -aid (Inrlollc, n niinnr iimler the mru of tweniyimu year', haviiir lllil In snid court hi sol il ion , iclliiia foilh that hi Miidwnrl U oirel mil pii.-rl in lil own right, in fee of the fnilowitii! i'e ctiIpo I par 1 of In it I Ivinz in -al I t'linr lo't", viz, fouilei'ii one if l.ind, leiiic llie -.Hue la ,d el nut to linn I yn tvmmit'i-e nppimr.iU I V mil I'm atetJiuit to nui,i! n iiim nn nl iho P','ati" of Joiiathin Hi i' i i nn Ige latcf said L'hailottc i!eira el, nm-'ii'T il'-' be i' 'liciiiifl nlo one eivnl M'Xth part I'fniitf h t'f i f iho Imii.i' an I inc'.ixili nart nl two tlur ' r.ftliL'..irn nn I all oilier I uil.liug - 'and. ing im llie firm nf tin-mid tliivi-c 1 j and lint said ward n nlo -e.zed ( f one equal undivided MXlh part of II o n'Vi'iB on ol llie wi low do encr n.-aid llnlc Icing aloit S'J lien' of -ai I Dim! nirige larin, and b iildin.'i tlieteou wlii.'li wero iibn n't uul l.y a eiiin mit'ixyiivoiiiicl . al I einiri, a llu'ilowner ol 1'idly Ureal en,-: Li', vt v ".f tl.o -aid deie-i e1, and ihai a snlecf hi aid vinl' mie.-e t in -aid land ttnd prt'iiiKo.i voilid rotiduu tn hi I cm mtcrr', nirl .'ij'"U' -ail colli fur ll'i'n-r to 'ell iho nun'. Hlj'tre't.ion llie nlri' aid doili appoint tiie27'h ('ay i'f -e,it. 1311, fi'f hearing and ibvidmg on pelilmii uulu'lli'.'i 'ei' O.II'X' mtnid lliirlinviou and dolh order i hat all perven - lull ie-ii'd I e nutiliedtheie of by pal lieatton of ibi wi'er, rontaiinnx tliunib lami; el in ( I petition, tbu! week Mien.'- ivrly in the Purlini'to'i I'lir I'u'-i-, a r.ewvpaper pruned in aul Hiulin'Mor,, the !.i t'ofwh'ih p' -aiiun-. tolcirc viimioiho'aid27tli dayofSipt. 1911. ('iveii under niy h.inJ'ai -aid ll.irliugton tlii.i 30ih day ofAuguM 1311. Wm. WPSTON, IleeMcr. State or Vr.ttMONT, j A Ta 1'iobale (y'ourl hi Id District of Chittenden. 1 - at Itiirlmuinu wilhin nnd for said District of Chittenden nn Ihc30lh d ly of AuKuvt, .'MSllLVri IlallofCI'arlote.inlheCo n ty (if Cliittendeu, wlioi irimrdian of John S. Hre.ik enridgr, Newell Itreakenritlge and (tile llreakenridgo all of i a id Charlotte, minor children of Jonathan Ilrenkenndire, lute ol j-aidCluriolte, iLvrui-ol. hav ing filed in vaid court his petition in writing, M-timg forlli that thu rani John S. ii seized in hi own riglu in feeof nl out leu ucre ol laiul, in two parcel", and of nno . -1Mb part of one half ()f the hoii'-u and one -ixlli pan ol iwii ilunl of all llie barn and other building Minding on the Ilreabrnrldge farm tn -aid Chailott"' j I hat the i aid J.ewrll u nl-OMSZtxl ofeleveu and one fo'irth aerei (f ald farm and of one Mxth part of one half i f the hau-e and one mxiIi nan nl two third of tho barns, and all o'her building siand inir on --a nl firm: Ih.iltliUMiid (5ile n cized ol'lwcUe mil one fouith nere of mid firm and one ninth of one hall of llieliiiii-o and nno -ixth or two third-ol the barn and all oilier hriblings oiiMiid farm, leing the sauio land an 1 pi-u'iiUu win h were t out to said i-eieral warvU by a committee appointed by .-aid court to mal e a divi-ion of the l)lal of tlm .-nil Jonathan, Avea-eJ, a Ineir several .-bare of said P-tale : tint -a id ward, aio al-oeaeh -evciallv seized of one equal -ixth part of thu reversion of the widow loiter in saw 1..-1UU', i.euig aooiu ai) aeie-oi .-am farm, an I building-, which laud nnd building- were alto set out b a eommitieu appointed by -aid court, a tho dower of I'olly lliea eniKh'c, widow of llie said det ea-ed, and repre-eiilmg that a -ale of said ward intere-t in said laud au.l i-reiiu-ej would con duce to their l'-t iniere-l, nnd praying said court for lu-eii'C to .cll the miere-t of -aid'-everal wardn'n -aid Und- and prcini-e.. Whereupon thecourt afore- aid (lath appoint llie 27th day of .Seiitenil er. 1811, for heaj :ng and deeiding on said petition nl the oilicu oflliu Reffller of -aid court in -alii Ibirlimrtou. and ill til order that all pir- n-inlcre.'edbe HOlilieillheteof by pul.lieation ol lliu order containing tho MilManeo of said petition, tlueo week siicvc-ivcly, in the H'lrhncrton I'leo l'rc, a newspaper printed in slid Hiirlliigtou, tl.e la-l of whiih pul lieaiiou to bo pre vioiito MiulSTlli dav of Seoleml er. 1S1I. Given und(r my hand at said Ujrlinglon this 30th , iii my ui vkuu-M, ion, Wm. WTSTOX, Hegi-ter, D3. 11 A I) S A M O F 11V K It W O It T Ob-erve when vou buy that vou gel the genuine, prepared at 373 Bowery, New York. See that 375 How cry New l orU I- in the wrapper of rich Untile All other- ate i-raud ami oiu only ny .-peeiiiaiur-' witliMit rivardtoju-tii-e, to tlio public, or tliepropriu tor- i.f the genuine article. OK Ccu-iimption, and I.iver cntuplainl, Dvpep diziius cf the head, lo- ofnppelitc, Dycn rv. and ireneral reirnlaierol the whole -v-tem. None 'eiiuiue but that nrenared at 37.1 Howerv New York, v. here the urlii le wu- lir-l made, the char acter nf the medicine formed and e-lal.hshcd by the pre-ent ole proprietor, and wboare the only per-on iiuwiii uie i-uiiiii,-iiHiii ui uie ii'iiuc. i in- Keen -cd siieee f.illv for eu;ht year- in the cure of these :se.i-c-. ft rlieuiiit.t ( r the oncinal ami lieuui.ic made riilv ut .in. jj Ijowciv, ?,ew i ork. A other arc eoiinteileit. flnitstimitttnn nun T.ivrr flnwttlnhit ' As a general remedy for llie-e disea-ei-. I am f ill v nti-finl. fiom lolirr CKt'i-rielice. there is no mtshcine cipinl to Dr. 'rayh-r'- II.ils.un of l.lveivuit. Itiln piiie;y i cue! a i i.e, u can nomou wun iue uiino-t -niety iy all pe.-on- in every eoniinoii. u (-ieau--e- ine lungs ly expectoration, rebeves ibllienll breathiiir, and'cein-tu heal ibeche-t. There can be utiquc-lion bin this iiiedi'-ine I- aierfaiu (ure fi.r ihrouic co igh- aivl ((J U. 1 haie ii-i'd il lour year- in mv pracluc, and always m-mIi -id e-. A. T. KOtiKUS, M. I). Tickling tn the I liroau I know I r. Taylor'- llai-am of Liverwort to be aiertam remedy lor lln-eompiaiiit, n- 1 have ii'O-i il mv-i-1 and luuud it el eit- an immediate. 1 vra much troabled until 1 made n-cofllu- me-heme. M. L. Ill iVlIAW. 211 .Mnngin -t. Hmr-enc-- t'ujcl K"r the core of ho ir-eni' 1 can si rou c y re.-iouuneii'l Dr. t auor ii.ii--.iin 1 1 rworl. 1 have not onUkimd ureal I enctit myn-lt. bjl mauvofinv eoneicj-.iii n hv mv ret'comiiieiela- tioti have ris-ievcl cieat leni-lit Iroui it virtue. It i alonce ini'd ,e:lieaeio i- and harinle--. ui. v. aa. i,i;wis. Severe Co'ichs and Cold- I have bnd a ttio-t he- ' vere co'd ami ci uah, lor a long lime wlii'-h t could not cot rid of. Al er ii-m; nianv u-e'e thimr 1 iri- cdTnylorS of Livcrvnr'i, nnd it c tred me in n few day-. J.W II. Kr.l.'UI.NOCK. Un-mg rf filooil Al out two wick asro I hal a fall, whn h 'K'.ifod rre to -it hir-'e qualities of blond vvh.i h nclliini (oold cin' nniil I Irusl Dr. lavUr i" It il-am of Livcrvv crl. '1 In mcli-ine gave rie imme diate rdii-f an I in a very shorl tune e Iccted an cntiic cure. Let all penon-Irv it. HI GH MC GARVr.Y.21 Cannon t. Dr. Taylor's Habam of Liverwort 'I hi- simi-por remedy fordi'ca-e- of ll.i' lung nud liver lias obtnin ed a ri'inmi'ii'n never I elorccpialVd. Jirmarlcahlr Cure oj Von sumption. wa--o near her death with thi ih'C,ie. that my friends M'nt for toconfe-- me err I died, lie m his rncr'y, told me not to give up until I tncl Dr. Taylor's I'al-nin of.LiVf rwort. I n-nt immediately for this tntdieine, an 1 although the contc-t for a few day 1 ctwtcn ibis nie-hcine, and my di-eaie wa i.f vcre,ihc imslicineconT.-i-iei, and in a fortnight I wa rc-lored tohcillh. I hatl a cough, rai-insr of mai ler, lo-s of my voice. pain, wenkne.-.i, I ( an re. fer to Doctor il n, in the arlti n Ilnu-e, for the truth ofmyna'cnient. iMARY DILL, jfl'h slu-etcor. pewarc oi ira-in.. ci iivenuc. Summer Complaint. ' The Rrtbam ol l.i"erwort, in .-cveral cac cf the h'ca-i'. where nil other apidied bv nlivi- cians have proved ine.icctiial, ha- (iroducvil a pcrfl-' cure. Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. H. ol Delhi, N. Y., of a naturally con. snmptivii coaiiiiutiini, hs I en. faicd from an un tiinrly end by the uc of Dr. Taylor' llal.-am of Liv erwort. A severe cold brought on an attack of I'le-e rosy, and thu ended in general debility and con.iimp. tion. A eon-tanl couvh, hectic ilu-b, re-tle-s night, quii-k pul-e. and continued lo.s of flesh, augereil r, iipeedy deain ; bin as soon as I commented Ihc nseol Ihn laNnin I grew letter, and is now fully rc-iorei to health. Shortness of Breath. .Tcr thi dix-a'o, 1 have aliinv- found Dr. Tnvlor' Hal-am of Liverwort an cm client remedy. It is a' onto so safc and fO elective, that I always u-e it in my piaetice, and reocommond it to my friend. 1 have ii.editin some hundreds of ea-cs v itlun the pai four years, and 1 have never had il fad. In manv cues of asthma, 1 fully Irhcveitto have Iccn thi mean of favinp preciou- live-. It all ue it. GF.OKGI-; RALPH, M. D. Ncno genuine 1 initial prepaid at 375. Wowrry New York awill hi: Ken by llie labcl and wrap pers nf each Lottie. He -arc yon look vi lien you buy. 1 he genuine can always le obtained of the old nccui. N. Lovely Co. m U'irliiigtrn, also of Dr. mid A. Peck i) Co. Druf gi-i Sam'l 11. Barue Charlotte. STHIKK WHILE THE IRON IS MOT. mllAT being Ihc case, hst now3o'drek P. M.. I the Mercury at 92 degress, the striking n(T of liood i iiici nrap i.ani r-torc, is in th most active, ovvcllfiing, melting, evaporative operation. Ptrsons of great curionty and desire would do well to call while the fiirnice in in fall blast, and ue fhrgiod-vani-h-it i a great curiosity, for it require lut a little money to rxincate a great many pretty good iroin a dormant to ins passing on inn at HOWARD'S, IBlh August Ml. Jlack Ten, for fale by July 1. WHAM.NO cfc CO. n7 T?RF.NCH it F.NGI.IS1I Merinos. Circassians. X Cumblctcfiis, Printed Raxonic, all kinds Al- pacca s, eve. eve. a lurco assortment, cheap, ny S.D. SCOIT. 3 September, 1BU, ESTRAY. QJTnAYI'D from the subM-nlcr on the 11th May k,la-t, a three year old, rtiHi.h I rindle Heifrr, nnd a ro-1 Ihreo yenr cilil Dull. A hleral rnmien.atJoii will l.c paid to any per-on who will return aid cattle, or uiiuiiimiiuii wiiere incy may ;,e loiitiu. l-es,Aiis.3l, 1811. JOIJ.N CARTY. DOTAN1C CONVENTION. In thi a seneoof tho Seoret irv it I oomes inv duty as I'usid -it (Sco All. 13, m thoCon.titulion,) to il.. ficuate tlio timonnd tiiaceoflhe niniual incetinir (1811) df thu llola.iie Society uf tlio Western District, luclu- mug tno counties ol;inlicii'irn, rranitim, Urauu isle, I.ainul'o and Addi'on, 1 do hereby givo notice that Ilia said ineetiiiL' will bo held at Samuel l'aiiru's Hotel in ICsscx, Vt. on the first Tueday, (5ili) in October next, nl iu o c ock A. ill. a genera atlenuanco is reqnc'led, ns business of nnportancc will eomo before thu Society. OllllIS l'llill, l'nsidtnt. L AMI' Oil., nn excellent article, nl . Ii. SCOTT'S. 3cptcinlcr 1911. PENMANSHIP. 17. 55. Al.VSWORTII respectfully informs tho I.a div'i and ficiillemen of lltirlington. that bo will eninmcitcogivinga contoe of instruction in writing on Monday, Aug. liUth at a room in Mr. Strong build ing fronlin ; iho public rquarc. I.a tica will bo taught a beautiful Intid iho (initlemcn a bold, free, round Inn I that can be r.rq.iind and written wi It caso and f uility. A class of I.mlies will mict at ! o'clock af ternoon. Gentlemen all other hums of tho day and evening. Mr. Ainivortli nronovs oneninirn school In this village fir gning intiuction in Writing. 1 hao ex some specinicnslie h.ia shown me,ct I approve of hi stvleof writing n a natural, cay, ami legible ii iiui. i mm no ptronai ncmninianeo witli -ir. Aiiis.voilh. but have eximined tho credentials he brings from those who bavo patronize:! him in other places, i neso credentials speak well of his success in giving instruction in this useful and iniuorlantL ranch of education. , J. K. COXVERSK. Iliirhngton, Aug. 21, 1911. LAW BLANKS. C nOODUlClI ha constantly for salo Ly the Heaill or (lllirp. n irpnernl nisnrtinriit nf law. blanks, primed from forms from Revised .Statutes, consisting of justice v rits nnd I.xccutions, nil kinds in uso Tiuslce Writs County Couil Writ and Executions, various kinds Warrantry, Uuit-chim, and Mortgago Deeds Chancery Hills for foi closing JIortgajrcB Illanks fer Ucpoitioug Admimslrators Ilonds Letters of Oiinrdiansliip Officers Ileceiiit Justice Appeals Illanks Tor Xotes, Hay-Scales, &c. &,c. August 20 h. HOBINSON'S IHIII.K'AI. Itc-carchcs in Palestine, Mount-Sinai and Arabia-l'etrca, now for salo nt tho llook Store of D. A. nitAMAN. August 20th, STRAY HEIEKR. CAJIF. into the enclosmu of tho Mibscriber, nljout . the 1st May last, a red, line-backed, two vear Old llClfer. Of l?00d SIZ.". Tim nu-r..r ia l-frmoulnil in iaj cuiiiea uiui laiio uer away. A. n. .uUUltAx . Milhston, August 10th, 1311. Worthy of Notice! THOSK taken or troubled with Dysentery, Diar rlim i, Summer Complaint or Cholera Morbus, can procure immediate relief, by the u-oof Dr.Jayne's uarmiurtive uaisam, ol Philadelphia. For sale by An.-. 19. THK.O. A. PF.CK if- CO. jA few doors East of the Post Ollice. TVuw 'lailorin Ct:il)llsluueut, On Pearl Street. rSIIT. Subscriber respectfully informs the public Jt that ho has opened a shop in the new brick build in" one duor west of tho Pearl-st. House, where ho will be happy to receive orders from his friends and the public. Work of every description executed in the most fashionable style, nnd to suit the peculiar lasteof his patterns. All orders promptly attended tn. A -hare of patronage is solicited. Darlington, Sept. 2, IS 11. M. G. HATH BUN. TO HI'.XT. DWr.t.I.INO near the Court House Square. Aug. 30, 1311. II. l.KAVKN WORTH. A II A EI D WAKE. TIIMODOUi: IIO LB ROOK, (I.ato Ilolbrook it Tappan) (JU Milk St., Hoston. TUT. Subscriber oin-rs a large nnd choice selection of Hardware to the country trade upon tho most liberal toi iii3. Sept. 1,1611. 2m HOUSES LOST. STRAY r.D from tho pnsture of Joel Bishop, c Tuesday last, a brown i-tevcn vrar old marc, wil on oh slid on the fore feet, nud the mark of n ring-tionc on the left leg. AUo, on llie same day, a black mare tudveor thirteen year old, with v.hitospol, on the liii-o, and shoes on the forefeet. A reasonable com pensation will bo paid for any information of them. V.. GAUNON. Apply lo Peter Shiolt. Water-street. Burlington, Sept. 1811. EST It AY. CAMT. into the encln-ure of tho subscriber, about the lt August list, n lightred, three year old IIKll', with spot. of white about the legs nn belly. The owner is requested to pay'charges and take her away. 21. OSGOOD. Wcstford, Sept. 2, ISll. New Crop flour. A fj BARRF.I.S and half libls. Superfine Flour, fit ground from new Wheat, jut received and for saleby II. M. GIDDINGa &. Co. Sept. 1. MARSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITF.D STATUS OF AMF.RICA, ) "IJcnsfA.NT Vermont Dlftritt, to iclt i J 1. toiundry Warrant. issued out of the Hon. District Court of the United Stnli" for said Dir-mct, to me directed, I do hereby give thi put lie notice, that Informations for violation- of the Laws ofthc United States have been filed m slid Court, by Clntlc Davis, Fsq. District Attorney of ihc United Matrfor said District, against the follow ing described goods, wares and mer chandise, to wit : 1 Over Coat, 1 Frock Coat, 3 Yes!, 2 pair panta loons, 1 pair drawer, fisilk and cotton handkerchiefs, I hrutdi, 1 pair su-hpenders, 2 razors, 1 money purse, I watch chain, 3 knives, 1 do7. button, 1 fur cap, 1 boa, 2 skins, nnd 1 trunk, seized at Ilighgato, Ver mont, on the 1 Uh of December, 1S10. :H vds. Petersham cloth. B yds. broadcloth. H vd. ' roa icloth, 6 yds. grey kersey cloth, 2) yds. cotton vesting, '-'J yds. cotton cord, 3 patlarnx muslin de laine, I frock cmts, r pair9 pantaloons, 5 otlitr pairs pantaloons, 3 vest, C vests, 4 ilvi r watches, i doz. J b'aded knives, 5-12 do. daguer knives, 3 common knives, 1 doz. scissors, 1 silk dress, I7J yd, silk. 2 rd. nlk, 30 yds. sdk, 4 shawls, 9 mulin drrscs, 13 inuslin drchses. -1 muslin dc lame da"Scs, 1 crape bawl, and 1 trunk, peiseel on the waters of Lake 'himplnin wilhin said District, on tho 27th of May, ItJIl. And rparatc lnals will be had on the foregoing several fcizurcs, nnd tho -amo will be condom ncf, agreeably to iho prayers of said Informations, at the icxt tatcd torm of aul Di-trict Court to le hoi len il Rutland within and for slid District, on the ulh lay of October next, unless a claim orclnims shnll be interjiorcil on or ncioro mat nay i oi wuu u, an per sons uileres'cd will take notice, and govern them elves accordingly, Given under my hand nt Bradford, in said District this 2ht day of Aucust, A. D. lflll. WILLIAM BARRON, Martha!. STATU OF Vr.RMONT ) At a Probate Court ho! Gmsn Inn Distiuct ss) den at my dwelling houre, m North Hero in said District on tlio 23th day of Aug'it.', A. D. 1811. An intrumcnl purporting lo be the last will and tes tament of James Darbv. late of Albnrch, in e-nid dis trict, deceased, being preeiited to the Court by Gcnrgo Darby, ono ol the hvecutnrs therein nameo. tor rro bate. It is ordered hv said court that all perrons, con rimed therein bo notified lo appeir at a session of said court, to he holden at my dwelling iioiieiiifortn Hero, in siiddisitict, on the day of September next, at ono o ciock r, .u. nnq snevv cause it nny iney the nrobalo of Hid will, for which pnr- iseit is fnriher ordered that A copy of the re -ord of this order Ho pillilisiu-il tnree wrens succe-siyei v, in Iho lltirlington itco i-rcss,a paper printer, in nuiiing, ton in Chilienden County, as soon as may bci A truo copy of record. At'e-t, JOr.L ALLr.N, Judge, rpili: AMF.RICAN GLF.F. ROOK Cnns-'sting of JL a scloction of Glees, Madrigal, and Hounds, from the most distinguished F.nplish and German nnthnrfi tenmlirr wtih Oncinal Pieces conmosed cx- prcsly for the work, (embracing pieces from the work of upvvnrds of thirty composer.) ny uco. j Wibb. For ule at ihc Butlington Bookstore. Aug. 31, 1911. D.A.BRAMAN. T AW BOOKS. Covre-n' Reports, 9 volumes XJ Wclden'e Reports, 22 volume", Paige's do. vols C and 7 Cowcn's Phillips F.vidcnce, 4 vol " Josiicc, 1 vol. Pctcrdorfa Abridgrmcnt, IS voU. Kiighsh Common Law, and i;iianccry ne ports Cmlet Nnpoleon, Jeremy' Knuity Juridietion. Chnford's f'liancrry Pleading I.avv nf F.sments. Grfenlear Cases Overruled. For sale, by Sept. 3. C. GOODRICH. l'Al'KIl IIAN(5IN(H. Tim Sulmci lbtr has on hand and wilt often ba rccciMtig Paper Hangings, direct from the manufac turers, which will losold to merchants nnd dealers nl city prices, adding freight. Any person wishing par ticular patterns can be supplied by giving a abort no tice C. Goomucit. July 8, 1941. i.G QmA SATIN BAR'D and Plain Muslin do lane dU3IlAWl.S, just reel -t.SIIAWI.S, just rcceiycdnndfor sale cheap nt tho lliirlingtnn Cash .Store ir U1210II i;as i tj oro. H. I., iikkiuuk. August 13, 1811. TO HUNT. THU Uriel; Store on Church Strcot, now occupied by N. I.ovdy ct Co. Possesion given the first day of April , next, Kor terms cnuulro of tho subscriber, , ,. C YK 1VK1UI1T. Iliirhngton, August 12, ISil. ALBUUGII SPRINGS. l.i rPHATIarao and mry Mansion, nl AI. ?2''i'i?c -- burgh Sprini's, is a'gain reopened by ;jlti:;U Sir. Samuel Mill, for "the reciplmnof lMIJ,? vls'tors during the present season. The Ji.-rA..,4 report industriou'ly put in circulation, that fresh water has been let into tlio Spring, U nn error, without tholeist shadow of truth, as no altera tion has been bad, in, or about tho Spring since tho acquaintance of the subsenbtr Wiethe Hiiring, in 181 1. Hut tho Spring. remain tlj,atr great l ouniain, pure and unadnlurated, not in need of a weekly at tending physician to recommend hcr,asdo Iicrsaticl lite. AccommolattoiHgoo 1. Iloird two dollars per week. Private Families pleasantly accommodated, if-c. , , SAMUEL, MILLS. Alburgu Springs, Juno 2, 1S11. STItAYKD from iho subscriber about tho first of Junclat, three yearlings, two lino backed, and one red s one n steer und the other two heifers. Whoever will gio information where they may bo found shall bo rewarded for their trouble. P1IINF.AS ATWATER. Durlington, August 10, 1811. nlO NOTICE. CAMT. into tho inclouro of the subscriber on tho till in:t, a red, two year old STF.KR, not particu larly marked. Th6 owner can have Lim by paying charges, proving property, &c JAMES NOURIS. Burlington, August 9, 1911. BO-t'l'ON Academy's Collection, Massachusetts Collection, Uoton Glco llol-k, American CUeo Hook, just received by C. GOODRICH. August 13th, 1811. ulO ESTRAYKD from tho subscriber on ihe'lhinst. a dark red COW with a dark I aq, her horns turn in' ward, onoof whichis cracked. Whom ever will irivo information wlicro sjie Cow may btound, shall be suitably rewarded, llurlinglon, Aug 12, ISsl. DANIEL DAVIS. JUST RKCKIVCD AT the New Cash Store, a full assortment of hhirtitijf, sheeting nnd balling. AUo, a general a ortmeui of Knmily Uroenries, all of which will Lc sold very low for cash, Ly J. P. WUAL1.NO if. CO. July 16. n7 JESSE C AltPHNTER, Attornoy at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. AT i:SSEX CCXTHE, CIIITTE.N'DK.V CO., VT. OrrtcE, near Harney's, Hotel. J:s?r.x, July 1, 1811. nS BOOKS. rplIE following tliis day received and fur salo by A tue -uii.-eru er, Hlaku' L'videnci', Coufe-Mons of a SsUool Ma.ler, Parent's Pre.-cnt, Slcmh Itide, .Marnel Lite, American Gentlemen.'s tqiy-iology, Life cf Franklin, New 1'milaniUiazclteer, Youni! Orator, The Gift, AltSO, a new supply of l'uekct Bible t beaper lnau ever, l.y S. HUNTINGTON. July 20, IS II. n3 AGRKAT Variety of Rich Silks Just received and for Sale very chap at tho Burlington Cash tore by S. I.. HI'..RICK. July 16 1311 TI.M openci d u beautiful a-ottineut cf Fieii h a w orked Collar.-, aticduccd prices. a. a. awn. July 23. NEW GOODS. MRS. liANlilVOIlTHY TTA.1 ULl-l.tU a etu iy ol la?l,,iiia,ti. GOO 1 fof j j- uie seasuu. ivitn ionLr aim square anavvii. Scarf, French eniliroidcred Cape. and Collars, Para sol., Ribbon., Printed Muslins, Klowtra, Laces, Per fumery, cVc. Sio'ur., souihsido Court-Housc Square. ti7 Burlington, July 23, ISll. SCHOOL AND CLASSICAL ROOKS A general assortment for salo at the lowest X- prices by C. GOODRICH. Inly 30lh. RLANK ROOKS. T KDGT.RS, Journals, Day-Books, Records, Ac. Ji eve. etc. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Jnly 30th. DISCOURSE on the Death of Willi sM Hcsnr Habiiiso.v, Into Prcidciit of iho United Sates, ny John vi heel, r, I'resiueni ot the university ot er iiiont, putwisiiui and lor salo ny J. UlJUUlUUll. July 30th. Double Itelliicd Loaf Sucnr, at S. B. SCOTT'S. Aug. C. n'J Mlks! Sllksl Silks I Avery extensive nssortinent of every variety nf fiL-iire, color, style, ot piice,'imvy open nt S. II. SCOTT'S. Price arc most certainly reduced so llial good GOODS of this kind can be purchased at entire y new nargain. Aug. C. n9 Moleskin nnd fnr Hat, of tho latest style ut reduced prices, at 11. SCOTT'S. Aug. G. nO Qhcetlng. Shirtinc, Ticking, Cnnvas-, Paddin O Batting, Colton Yarn, etc. etc. lust received nt S. B. iCOlTS. n9 Aug. C. Qatln f-tilpcd Clinllys-Phin A. Tigurcd Mniis line dol.atnes, just received and for silo low. at S. 11. SCOTT'S. Aug. 6. (.crman Silver Table Hpoon. JUST received, of the best quality nnd will be sold at the lowest price. Also, wc would call attenlioa, to some good Plated Spoons, made for u, nfter thn silver patterns, nil goods will bo sold nt tho lowest price. PANGBORN A BRINSMAID. July 13. n7 Till', aitcntion e.f ihepul lie i inviled tn a large stock ofpoods now opening at S. B. SCOTTS. A rare opportunity for purchasing good Grod at exceedingly low prices. July 23 rTiIIF. LADY'S Cnliincl, devoted to seienco nnd Jl general literature, just received at the Book Store where subscriptions are received for this nnd the N. Y, Review, American Journal ofthc Medical Sciences nndN, American Review. July 1, D.A.BRAMAN. jVlUSlCAI. Instruments Ac. 11 l.A F flat Clnrio 11 neltcs, BACFifcs, Flagcolcls, Guiiar, Violin, and lolince lio July 21 1811, trine, rericvci ny PANGBORN & BRlNSMAin. STONF.'S CAST STI'F.I, ANF.S, Warranted u. pcrior to any thing in Matket 20 doz. for talc by STRONGS .f. Co. July 1. 1611 NEW GOODS. TIIH mbferibcr- have ree'd a new assortment of l'biin muslin Del.iins Printed muslin and Print ed Lawns Ik nnd while 7russcll l.icc Frcncli sqr. nelt D Railroad and filond Do Ribbons Fan -C. V.. MURRAY WRIGllTipco. June 16,1911. CHF.NA and I'tnliroidnl Ribbon-.Chena Scarf, and a new lot uf French artificials. S. B. SCOTT. July 23. STRAYED, from the subscriber, about five week i-ince, a small blaik French HORsF., 10 or 11 year old, with long tail, mnll spavins on his leg, and a Mripe round llie right html leg. Whoever will return said horfc, or givo any information relating to tho sime, to Jeremiah Potior, shall be suitably re- wnrJld' lIUIir.UT BEAIS. Burlington, 20th AitguRt. riilSSUK Paper, green, vrllow, bine, and nthrr col. X or, l.adics note and letter paner, II. II 11. H, 11. II II 11 II. F and other drawing Pencil. Justrec'd July II ISll. VANGU01U? .t UUINSMA1D. pOMMON, 1'or Sale, August, 50th, by O. GOODRICH. KA'S I'rcgrc-lve Infant and Pi fiiiarv School Header and Dclincr lo.-eiher with I.lenientary le-...on iu Duuving nnd I.'xerei.c in wril iii.', forali; I'y Aug. 19, S. IIL'.NTIMITON. IMtlfeTOI. DOAlil). .V Miin-rier arliclc, thi- day received. Aug. 13. H. I1U.NTIMJ1 ON. Alia I,jim's i:tntc. STATH OF IdlMO.NT, 1 Thu Hon.lho Prol ale miTtilCT ot- ctiiTTr.-ni.N-, m. 1 C tin frr Iho Dulrkt of ( hittciidcn I To all per-oii-coiuvrni'd in the estate of Alva Lyon, lalu of Sliclburn, in kiiI di-irH, de ('ciV.Mt.... , tJUI.l.TLNO! WIN.IJLA, Ceorcc A. Alien, Adinini.iratoric bo nit noil ol lliee-tali' ( h-aidili-rcn i; !,propo,e lo render an account of hi nilinini-traliou, and pre cut hi ac count ng.iinit'aid c-tatefor examination and allow ance at n c-ion of tho (ourt of Pro' ate, to I c boldi'ii at thu Uei'i-lerV ofliee in Iliirlirurlon, on the M-eond ulne-day of SVptcml cr nel ; and .Mary Urady, formerly .Mary nnd funuer U'lmini-tratrix of tlio xtalo of niidiVcia.eJ.propo'c- lo Ktiloher iidininia (ration account at tho nine nine and place, r.n, Yi.u aiebciel y iii.nfivl to appear lo fore wild court at the tune niul afuri'-aid, nnd show cau-e, if nnyyou have, why the account afore said khoulil nol I callow cd. Civenundermyhindnt Burlington, this fifth day of Aii'u-t, A. IJ. 1811. n 1 1 WM. WUSTON, RtgUttr. lirm for salo nt Auction. "yS Saturday Iho 1Mb Septemler, on the preinl- V-Zsituatcil on Onion rncr in Jenelio, on tlw ruer rouu irom liuriiiigion to .Alontpelier, with iruol lauld inn nnd 330 acieof land, about nn nf ('1lil- 14 l!l--f late intervale, formerlv thu Gov. I'liiiieiidon Knrm aim', n (.ows, -i uxeu, u youiiir Unlllc, tilt) Mitep and 3 Horse, nil the nroliav of .-aid I'trtnj with the ngou, Carts and Tool and Kurnituru m tin lloii-o. Term, two thoii-aud ddlnrs to 1 o paid o'own, the i, ..-i in imyiiieiiis id sin ine tiiin.-li.i-cr, will, uitercM- annually. U. If. JOHNSON. Jcrkho, Aug. 23, ISll. NEW LINK OF STAGES From lltirlington via Johnson and Danville to thu While .Moimtaln. THIS Lino leuvciUiii bunion .Muadays, Wn day. and Kntl.iv. at fl o'clock. A. .M. JllCrt- at Ilanvillo at V P. .u. sumu day villo at V P. .U. suiuu (lay. arriven rer-on taking tins routu tuu remain tito hcurt longer ut Hiirlliigtou, nnd arrivo tit Danville as early n hv anv olbiir route. Tin-lino iiiiern'L-t-tho S,an-tead lino at Johnson, nnd i-eucho. iho L-'ne, nt 9 the next morning. Thu route pa-cs ou-rgtod real--, Ibrough a plc-ture-niiu nnd plen-aut region if eoimliv, rind tho-o w no uav ira veiled il, expre-.- their unqualified nppro lutionofit. rjlo llUltl.INGTOV iiirm sr.iiooi.. ritllt; Kall'lerin of ihenl uvo institution will coiik X meiKco.-, WcJiii'-day, tl.e ii.iih iiit. TheTrti.- lee have engasre'd, as i.riuciiial. Mr. CilAnLi C. arulii, late a graduate from iho Uuiwrsilvoi Ver mont. Irom their acquaintance v, iih Mr. Parker their l;iiovvle-l,'e of lus iiiitililJeiiiotH and suce-oj u. it lc.u-her,tbcy feel cuilideut, tlnt.wilh tliecoucurriii! uiiuviim: ui win --juzi-ll s null pillions OI IUC lll-llu(j) vvt'-hall havea. school of llielir-t Order. iho tuition m l.ugli-h hriiuchei hds leearcdaced. In leh iff (if thu Tr isleo-, J. K. CONVKltSt; Scc.rro. turn. Aug. 21:1, 1311. New fall tloods. T? M. WRIGHT c. Co. have, m-t received an na- X-..s(-rlinent of rntire new pancin- M, do Lame. Dark l.ugli-h print, -1-l-v-otih Ginxhnni, Cotlou Lisle, Thread and Linen La. e-, Plaid Tlulet, l'ljn-nil-, (a new article fi,r children's wear,) Plaid Shaw Is, etc. which are otlcieJ ut wry low prue. ALSO, A new -tock of Farewell'. Gaiter Bool. Walk in hoe. Sncini l.eel and Kiench KidTie a, id Shn,..4 Ladies' half Gaiter-, (i new arli. le,) Mi-se, do. all which win ic buiut-Leap Us ilc Liieapc'ot. Aug. xa. OO n MIS. Superior Twi-t Cotton Y uu, a-oried WC'J.Nes. cheap, I y K. M. WRIGHT It Co. Aug. 25. DRY OnOCF.RILM. A GOOD ASSORT.MF.NT of Dry Grocoriei of all kind can be had cheap of ..u-12. K. M. WRIGHT & CO. NEW G OODS. Ql'PKRIOR Flannil and Cotton Batiinft s ' uu. i an i-nur and iisiii-'. de. Padding and Cinva.-s, Jut ns-eiied and for salo very cheap at the Burlina- ton Ca-li More, ly S. U HKRRICK. J.djr aa. ,r ST E I' II E N'S T RAVELS INCKNTIIAF. AMVR1C1 A now nml valuable work, now fer -ale at tin Bookstore, D.A.BRAMAN. Juiy m. BASS VIOLS. pVlt Violeneelloes, tbris-fine Ba Vic, jut reeeixsl niiamr aie atinc loviesi price, al the Variety Sirini nl lower price than usual. Musical In struii.enls of all kind.- low. . . Pancbc; if. BaiNSMAlo. June 2j, ISll. nj tTVr. Atnn O. Hull' fiero Aldenunal Snnnor- XJ tcr-.A -uppiy of Iho a' ove (elebr.ttcd lnln menl, (which have never Ini'eil ot crfomunc n enrel jii-I risciveil lor silc and wPI le Lept con-tantlv on "" ii'v il. .uuuin, Urugiist. June 21-t, Bll. 3 Pre nt I u nt UASSAND DOUlU.i: HAS VIOI.S. A till III I ( WOv-tj-'1 1 F. S r (--I i tiiiui ouorin v all persons inter ested in lbp Sri. ence of Music, that he continues to manufacture a Concord, New llamp-hirc, Bt.SS AND DOUBLE BASS VIOT.S. of n very superior quality, nnd liavng obtained the first Premium that haever been awarded toan A- mcrican nnniifncliirrr nf f-ueh Instrumctit. at tho grrnl airs ol the American Institute m Naw York City, at tho great Fair of tho Mechanic's Association in Boston, and nt thel-'airof iho Mechanic' Charita ble Association in Portland, Maine- he now not oulv tenders In thank tn his friends nnd patrons past fai'nr. litlf nlcttri'S lu,na.,tr tn l!,a K.,,.. ...... Mti"ical Associations and individual who may wish to purehiso, thai no reasoiinblecllorl shall be want ing on In part, lo i nablc him lo meet their ordeis in Iho int prompt and satisfactory manner, lint he mav8till retain ihiircrinfiilenec nnd merit a rnmims nnc'c'oflihe liberal paironac he lias for many years cm") i u. llcab-o keeps nn elcniir assorlmrnt nf .MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. of the best quality, which he oflir for sale on the niosi reasoiianicjrrms, nmong w Inch nrc MI I.ODIWXS AND SnilAPIIINT.S. which nrc much admired for wcctnrs of tone, and j-cll n 'aptisl lo parlor or church munc. .Music Schools, Military Bands, or individuals, can ue ru'iueu w uu nra-s nnu niner in.irumcnis oi nny description, a cheap or cheaper than they can pur chase in Ihc city of Boston. Also, Violin, Diss and Double Bas Yiol Slrlnrs Bow, Bridge., Patent Heads, Tuning Forks A Pipes, instruction noon, uiarionett l.eedsnnil mouth Pie ccs. Umbrellas. Parasol. Walkim Canes. Ac. Orders will bo gintcful y received, and Instrument. sent by Stago at thcri-k of the manufacturer, and if noi sanmaeiory, may nn exchanged. Miiical iiitrtimeutsond Umbrfllns.rcpaircd asitsti al, Plrao call at his new Music Store, a fow ilrwrs s-oulli ol the l.agle l ollt e llonse. rial Concord, New Hampshire, March 2, ISll. PANGBORN .f- 1IR1NSMAID, Agents, Btirlin; ton, Yt. FANS AND CANES ! I70R talc al Iho Vanelv Store, M iiii:i'oiiv a- nniVsUitn July 1, ISll. nt TVTnTlCI. t bnie thi dav civen mv son. Hookm 1 Barnes, histime. with full permi-sti n tn transict business for hi own benefit. This i therefore to give nonce thai 1 snail nrreanrr ciaim nniningon in ne count, nor hold myself rcsponMb'e for nnv cf his eon trncl. A. BARNF.S, Burlington, 10th Amr. IStl. I'OIl SALE A YOUNG COW with her second calf about three week old, Or, if preferred, an older one, with a calf two week old. C. 11F.NNS, August, COih. NEW GOODS. A GF.NT.R.U. nssottmctit of Fall Goods rnrr. I piit-mg rich silks, muslin-de-lame and chally', French and F.nglish cahcoe, all of which will ba sold at very reduced price, at the llurlinglon Cash Store. s l.hi:rrici;. September, 3d, IBM. FAR INKS ! FA1UNES1 TIIH Sit (-cribrrs have romtantly on Iiaud Per mudi Arrow Root, Pearl Parley, Patent Groat., Freshly ground Uice, Sago, nnd Oat Meal. Aug. 31. THr.O.A.rECKA Co. LYMAN & COLE. HAV?re -eve In si H'ndidassr.rntiriit t,f Sntm. Oood3, wliii li Ihevoiliratreduced priii'-. Atllcnir (tliich ui.) hi fiitiiiiln L.ri.niii.,.,1,,1. nt . r lllrkl'flntrdlsivn', formo'iimnjj, half mouniin; and I'liney, new -tylc. J'ruitiil .In-met-, and Cam! ric, IlanM Muul'n, Sinpiil.IlarrM and Plain Swl-s Mindm, Plain Jacoiicl Muslin and Cambric. CAUCor.H. t'l'.h Merriinac, nnd Dover Print, very low. Also, Trench and Ijigliih Cambric., iheaiicr tlmti ever. llomiei Cnnil rie.C irtain do. liird IWu and It.,..,a Diaper. Whitu .men Tal lo Spread-, llrown n.i l Coloied do. I, men Damask, Clash rnd l.lnen Napkin, Superior l.lnen Slurtinir, llrown Jacket Lim nand flambrocn' Heavy Canton. 'iro ih'Su-i-s nnd l.u-trniij.Silk.. 1'igV, llrown, illi'o llla-k nnd plain col'd do, 'I ay!or' be-l I'-r.idn 'I bread, Metnl'c S.ionl do. Ull OA D CL O 7 'US, CA S SUM IMS. A XU rA'&'vv.vff.v. The largest assortment ol Vciinc, w.. ever cfTerc 1 for alc ni'-biding rn-h Plain and l'liiiuil Satin, Sil Velvet, MiTioillc., Valeni-ai, Silk nnd Worsic.l, nuJ other new ankles for Vettinir, cry elegant. S T O CK .'. Satin S'ock., with How, Plaindo. Scarf Tief, do Duuibazine do. do. Al-o very Uautiful Sjiu- iuerSlOw-I.s. Kmu Linen Collar. T. 1 . OKS TlllMMIXGS. Padding, Cauva, Sclecia, colored Jean, Urown Linen, Illicit do. Verona SurgSdk do, Sill, liini'inir ', Worvied Uiniling, Sill: Cord, Sewing Silk nud, Cut Velict and figured Sill: Uulton-. The abon; comprising pari of a very laro i-tock i Good- v.'hieh is o'lcred on the most favorallu teriuj. Juup I, 1811. Ni:V AK1UVAL. J ust Kecclvcd utTlieo. A. Peck and Co's. Apotb ecar.Cji, .uicliau' Uo-e Ointment fir renoviu' 1'ieckle-, King W onus, Pnnplos ou the Face, mij other er.iptiun-. Atkm-ou's Depilatory, for removing vipcrlluou. Hair on the face, clc. Krcm-li torn Ph-ler, which gives immoliaio, and requires but few appiicatiuui to crail.calo iLi-U nllogeller. A supply of Balm of Loluml is, the mot ct-Rlra ll article Icr Dandru.f nud restoration of thu Hair. June IS, 1911. nj WOllsiTKU .NliC.UI Vt BLACK sill; Bag, Rodgers and Elliots beet Uu or, Bankers Shears, Black Straps, Silk Sashes. Miniaturo casjs, and other Goods. Received ot PANGBORN le BRINSMA1D. July 9t Real Cstatc fur Sale. ABOUT sixteen acres of Ivud, lying m Underbill. a-JjOiuiug the farm en Parker, wi'.h u LJyl house and 1 am tbeiuun, Icing iLe hou-o and lam owned and po--e--ed ty Ile.iben Bond, elcccneJ, u ths lime ot Ins death, is now ollvreJ for a!e. Tl, Und is ofood nuality nnd lie upon tho hill roa-f from Underbill village to CatuLraLre. Person. wi'Lng lo purch'a-u will please luako apphca'.iou to tba sub-erili-r. ZIBA W. LTIURLH, adm'r dt lonlt non, of the Obtale ol liu.ileu Bnu-1 Underbill, Aug. 11, 1311. nlltf DURMNGTO.V IIUUK KTOUL.. D. A. DKA1MAN, nOOKSELLF.R AND STATIONCR, INFORMS his friends and the public ireuerally, thu! he 1 coii'iautly addilions to hu stick i.l BOOK-i, of all the new and popular publication! f tl.e day from the ino-t prominent publiiny houc iu tlie country. Hi arraugeiiieat enable hun to pro cure the la'e-t 'iteiary ultracticns al an early day. His pre-eut a.soritnpnt of Books einlracc- a vcrv great iarn-ty of toluol, Ctatsltal,; MtdUal, Ifiilorlcul, and .MiscclUneoui ll'ur.. Aitiuim his -toi-k will le I'uiiuJ a vcrv great Tandy i.f BLANK BOOKS and STATION FRY, nil of which he i enabled to o !t-r HI prices .vhi..'h cannot fad to suit theinosl ecinoiiiicitl. Merchants, -sbool Tiacher, fee. are respeelful'T invited to call and examine hi si SCHOOL BOOK-C whiih ccinpri-e all the laie pojiular und improved editions, in eterv dtpartmeul ol letiruiui'. Augu.-t 27, 1311. BROAD CLOTHS. Caajimercs, and superior Sattineli, just received, and must be euld soul for Ca.U, at S. I.. HF.RRICK'S. September 3d, 1?II. PFI ITION TO SF.LI. LAND. State or VEn.-tosT, ) A Ta Probate court he! J Dntnct of Chittenden. ( jt- a: Barliucion. vvilhir. ndf.,riid District of Chittenden, on the 2llh,dar of Augut, A. D. 1511. Atla h. Mather of Detroit, in the Mate of Michigan. Guardian of his infant daughter, Susan Helen Mo ther, of tho same Detroit, having filtd in said Court hi petition, in writing, setting torlh that his said ward l scrcdm her own right in fee of one equal undivi ded seventh part cf the following described parcels ol nno, i7.. iwo nunareu and sixty acres ot land lying in Charlotte in the county of Chittenden, being thu home farm (-o called) of Lyman Yale, late of said Charlotte, decensr-d, and fifty-nine acre. and seventy rod of land lyingin said Charlotte, hounded west by tlio highwn) leading south from Charlotie Four Cor ners to Ferrisburgh, south and east by Harry Yale's land and north by John Thorp's land, also, two i land. m Lake Champlain, conlnimng about forty three acres of hnd lying west of the horn; (arm, arir1 fifteen rods of ground nn the oiilh-east corner oflhn Pattrrnon lot, on which llie Re-haw bouc stand, vi liieh sml lands arc subject to the right of dower c, Manila Yale, widow of tho said deccn-sd, and that r. salt of of his ward' intenst in i-aid lands would I. c- nducive lo her interest by pulling the proceeds r' such sale at interest : nnd praving said Court to ! cenccand empower him to sell itie interest of cf hi" said ward in said land, sub, ect to the said widow's nuht of dower therein t it hereupon tho court nfon said dolh appoint theelevenili day of September, 1K1 1 for hearing and deciding on iid petition, nt the offi' of iho Reginr of Mid lourt, in said Burlington, an dolh ordtr tint nil peison interested be notifi. i thereof by publication of thU orihr, contains the su) stance of said peinion. Iline wck succes'ivelv n the Burlington Fne Pre a newspaper printer! ,-i Burlington in Ihc County of Chutcnden, the last ( which publication to be previous to tho said 11 th if SiptPiiiher, ISll. Given under my lnr.d nt eai 1 Burlington, th s 2 1 th, day of August, 1611. Win. WESTON Register SllIiKt'T SCHOOL, lll.MI!l'l!GII, T. rTMH; .eeoml term ot the Select Schn?!f,r Ytmr.f X Lodiis m the vulase of Hine-burgh wil cor t"r mo the tir-t Mmday 111 Scplcmber next. Mi. Bl renrr., (the princ.pil) is an experienced lenclu 1" the tir-t i.r.T r ; having rcicivcd her education nn 'imitation, w here a thorough and riiid I'lse-iph if ' ie mm I w.1 I'ni.-iib'nvl in h-pcn-ahle, and In pai iiuparallc'isl mi-ccs in tcach nr, we llunU b every way qualihed to the yuiilhfal nm nl njihc rucgeil, jel de'islitful pathef tcienccj nn in a-icniling lln ilnneult'wayheti her pupils, M Iliei Iter ha- a happy faculty of plrasinf;, while th improrrnho muiif.' To ihn.e who ore acquaint!. Willi the character and qualification. ( f Mits B. as n tea her, be n(xl no f irther ccmii'.cndatioii. Term e f tuition n follow : Common l.'imli-h blanches, $2,50 Higher do, 3,00 linn niul French Language 3,;0 N. B. Board may IcmvuiisI hi io-pfitable lamil e., on reasonable term.-, or rcoiu, if huv wi-h lo boar Iheuiiclvo. W.G.JOHNSON. F. W. BALDWIN. Ilincbm-gh", Aug. 17, ltl. Miranda Churchill 2 rpun petuioner slates that 1. X was lnatr.ed to the rcspoi FlishaB.CIiurchi'l. ) dent on ihe23ili June, 133, th i tho respondent w.ll'ully e)ecrlnl her on the 20th Jun-, I ''id, and lift this state, and fiom that tune ha. aflVdcd no aid nor support, ind priymg that th bands of matrimony between hcrnnd the respondent may I o dissolved. Ii having heen made to appear that the said niish B.Churchill, la wiihout thestateof Vermonldit is or dcrcd that the substance of said libel bo published in the Free Press, three weeks successively, the last ef winch to bo moie than sitv days before ihc session of iho court. Aivl tho said Hlisha B.Churchill i hereby summoned to nppcar before th.i Supreme Court, to be holden at Burlington, on the Monday net licforo tho first Tuesday of January, IS 12, in show c.iuo why ihe prayer of said petition should not tc granted. M. I,. RENNET, Judge of Supreme Court. Burlington. Vt, August Uth, ISll. liroiiard IlndprV Hstatr. WD the S'ibcriU'r, h.11 ing I ceo nppot'nlel 1-v the HonoraUethe I'm' ate Courl for llie- J)i-irict cf Chiiicii len, pomimiiintr to rcecne,. txquKvs.'iind a tiu-l the i-laiius an 1 demands of all per.'oiu'fvoftalnsf tin c-ta'c of ' -- LEONARD HODGE--, late of Williston, in -nd Di-lnet, drceacd, repre tenttsl insolvent, and itlo h'I claim and tie. main' ex bll net in o let thcretiv an 1 us month- fiom the date hereof, 1 cmg a'lowcl I y ! Court, for that purpose, w e do hereby g ve IH'tuc, ihu- we will niicnd lo ln I i-tne-s of o ir appoiuinicnt, ai tha ilwelhu? f'r Hodge., in Wtllntop, m sa.d ih-tri' t, on the Ziih divsof tVpteml i r und Dml erncit, nt icnoctoc-f . M. on each ol the ' id 'lav. Pate.l.ih - 19ih dav J lv. D. 1S11- NATIIAN JOHN-SON. (omtfMtH. A.J FtH.I.r.11, t - 1 1 ST It ss'ive I, uno'ber hirue 'ct of tho e niperfer J ShciMnani.ratun-t'iy nnrvev, ;V"'i '''l; Srpt. 2. , II. SCOTT.

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