Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 17, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 17, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OP GJ3SAB) BUT TUB WELFARE OP It O IYI E. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, V R 310 NT, FRIDAY, S.EPTE MB E It 17, 1841. VOL. XV.. ..No. 15. wliu'li, II rlahtiy applied, will bo the TVf OORI-.'S iTl Mchcim tircansof savinc thoii.-nnds lrorn an iinttmclv tir.ivc. tl has been sola ami n-cd fur llnrty yenrs, with success, and found very cluMfioii-. "in llm lollowiuir dicac, viz. Coit'i.npiinn, Whooping Coughs, com mon Cough, Cu'd, iliiTu-iill Breathing, fnlhieiiM, Clitmy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spittiua of Blood, Flalu lcncy, Indu-it-lion, Loo-enc of the DowiU, l'its of everv kind, Cramp, Ricket, Colic, Catarrh, Dyscn larj'i Fainting, Hypochondriac Alluelions, Headaches, Siekne.nt Stomach, Mealc., a preventive of Con ta"ioiiihscve, Gout ami Rheumatism. Icj'I he above Mc lii-tnoi prepared hy Henry Sev tueiiir, ofltaillcy, Ma. from the Original l'ccipi', fy ihedirectiou of nid Moore, and sold by luin and lire principal Dritggilin the l'nitodStale. Sold wholesale, bv .1. He. J. It. Peck- Co and Theo. A. Peek & Co., Builington, ami by Ihe 'dealers generally throughout the civintrv l.UT.. A Valuable, MIIjIjINAHV '.iTlVHlJSS MA KlXtS. " PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS article i too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years lias demonstrated to the. commcrcnl community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal vaul scales to weigh from 3 to li "tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 nz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. eo .1. II. Teck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1311. PAINTING. TUT. snbsrilcr being thankful for pat favors would respectfully solicit a continuance o! the same and remind his friend and the public that be i prepared to accommodate them on the, shortest notice and mot favorable terms in the various branches in tho above line. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour'n Hat Stoie, Pearl-ttteit, Burlinglon, Vt. JAMLS SCOTT. April I, 1811. nl3:ly i-if-rtain emu; rou sick, V which has Inen nod in families, every member "if which has had sick hcaJicles from inbiney, n a constitutional family complaint, and has cured rlicc tuilly m every instance yet known, amounting to m i nvhunlreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent iticuiuy avocinuns oi .one using it it mut b. persevered in, and the cure is gradual, but certain and p-rmnient. lti-ianccs are constantly mullipl) ins w here tin ilitri"ing complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years -landing 'by tho use of Dr. Spoiin's celebrated remedy. One decided prefcrenceis its pleasantness, bavin); none of ths nauseating elfoct of commun drtiL". Ilisfopcrfectlys-ili-fnctory, that the pinprietor has given directions for his agent tn refund the price to Hny one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sullen rs who are l.iburingundcr Heedache. 13. SPOHN, M. D., inventor and Pro- By Miss S. BRAY i -."J 1 'v - WHO has commenced in tne new lutihling on lliecast side of Church street, opposite II. I. alio s Otltll erv li XZ'fisa vfiPvwtiK store, ami a low rods s K?StfVa. -. of theChtircli.vvhcrocv Vr7fVSf4 Ifi'C.allentioii will bo Riven to fl TWr1TOrvtv?tlio inakine of HoNNr.TS, mm r.nrlington May 2G, 1811. C.vrsANii Dnnssr.s, in nc cordance wiih llicinostnti- proved New York style, which Fashions are now just received for the sea- tiOll n51 MS SUI'I'.ItlOlt ri.OUit. T N. 111NSDILL, Agent for Ro il thester and other Vetern Mills 'Mii c. lias lor sale, now in "lure, aim .tia !. !":.. I.. f,. i n t.. Ji'mtLmlm 1'ancv and Sinieifine Drands of I'M OU1!, of ihe hmlics' reputation in tho "Kew York and I'oston maikets. Ainnn which are the follovvniff, II., T. Hrmpstiall, V. S. Clark & ('. J.Davis. II. Holnics, Union Mills, Jackcon Mill", Clifton Mil s. and .1. Kosher, toirclher with several choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Flour. Also, II. Uuddand A, Stuck, suitablofor the Montreal Mar ket. . Merchants and dealers will bo furnished to order, at n very low rate, by remitting Oralis. Cetlificatcs of Deposit, or Cash, to'JIj ltiver-slrcct, Troy, where a n51ni3 full supply will bo kept at all times. May 23, 1911 NOTICK. ciue M i CjP.Mcdieine I I ct l.nown bv the tn e M ncrii'riiN. n I. revlcir l'.iu.ieca. or Punlier ol the Itloi. I. 'the i.npaia'li Ic I and stilt iucre iin;r reputation which ih medicine h.i-. acquir ed throughout the New Inland Plate, and ihem my cure, it h.i pcil'urnicd, nii'l ihu p;reat deiinn I nndc for it by theadvieo ofphyieiani well nnicaiuti't. with its preparation, ha ind il bc propr.cp r to extend it circulation to almost every town in the eulcin Slate and the principal town in the t'niled Slate. Tin Panaeei warranto I purely v hyind i not surpa.edly any oilier niedicme ever ota-icd to the allhcied a "its cxlen ne sale and (Treat pop'ilan y plainly prove. It ha within the Ut eiirhicni uioutir unred its Ibou-and nfihe iiuiit (hliualo. di-eae, a can bo proved by certuic.ite, and i pronounced by eminent and le-pectable physician the I ct medicine iiinc. r.eful iiifnrinatitni "may be found in eireular voiilainintr cerlilieatc. of cure and dnectiun for la kinir the inebciuc. The follownin nppouued asent. iiurlinlon, ..&,.. If. Peek and Co., It. MiukIj Si, Cnrti and l!ii-sel Milton, ('. Dral.i Millon Kail ,l!.irnct and Sawver Watcrvide, Fil. an I llrovvn, lliiieburjh, Hull and Cool; Fairfax, lir!.er and M.i'lield eipenne-., Adam antl Murray I'.unl nd'.-e, M. Wue I ndcrhill, M. C ll.uiicv .Vonh Fcrnburu'h, II. C. Wicl,ir tleur-ris, A. Hli U iditen, N. ( hitiendeii Uichuicnd. tlieen it lihnue Johii'on, 15. I.. Warner and C MonMnii, I. lb in SuiiMi, Ariiiiii'jtun and vS oiKlwar.l r.ur- lielil, li irnct and J-.irnworth. anetor. CO.. 71 Maiden I.anc. New York. Till'.O. A. PF.CK & CO., Wholesale Agent, afevv doors ent of the Pol Olhce, Ilurhni; toil, Vr. n9 tTAItSJI V 1,1.'. cnnliii'ies unrivalled a J.TA iienL-lhi'nuis I' AIo, fcr Ulieumn- tim, I.ameue or pain in tliuMo. limb or 1 auk r rot no'i weMini;, curv y -ores r rrli wouinl j una tor a sener ii rauuiv i'iaiernr jivc. r or corn moreover try it; paieclo-c, iei-cveieinthoii-oby inakni-ii now application occa-ionally, and tu time, your corn will tu ruicu. 1 nr aic ny J. &. .1. II. 1'FC'K &. Co. TIIFO. A. PKCK &, Co. and Da. If. OUT. MOODY. Ilurlington, Jan. 22, 1311. ly.f.18 NKV MUSIC, AN' I MUtilCAI. I"STKU JHiXT. .. . f ll- MANN, tv iftv m - ' t'teJ-i L'fi- has jut re- ""TX.Vv ton, (f) comwh- lu eil Intruniciit", Sc., which he is authorized to cell at the lowest Koslon re'a.l pries. The Mii'ic for the Piano Forte consists of Song", f'hes, Di.ctls ntid Trio". New and b"iutiftil M itches, liuiekstcps, Oal opsdts, Waltns, Dances, and pieces with varimoii, some of win 'h are thu litest publications of tho Bos ton Riiiri'ie ami l!ra3- J! inds. ALSO A groat variety of American, German, French snt", F.nsbsh Miii-ical Instruments, ronsistiii" ol Ilusles, Truinppt", French Hurns, lias, Tenoraud AltoTrnmboiKS, I! tVit, C and F.tbit Clarionetts, (Jer min Concert Flutes.) from one tonuiekcys,) Flap'i Ifctts, Octave and Picolo l'lutes and Fifes. Splendid ila"s Viol" and Violin-", cl sunt mid l.nn Violin and RassViol Hows. Superior Ilnmiii Iihn, llacs Viol and fSuitar Strings of evtry hi.e and letter. Knilish n.ll'rc'u-'i CirimeitHeul. Stdendid Frcnih Ac romions, Spain'i (iuitars, with plain, and fitnnan nt hi n.'. 1 ustrilclintl ltOilV.". with Cillll- uts, Lesson", ami Hxeiei' all the above, and otli- r lMstrtiinents. are iitc tor sale at air. .ijann s u-n deuce -i few rods north of the Kpiscopil Cliurcli, in nurliiicton. where be respetlfully invites customers m iitn liitn n enlf. Militarv Ihnds and Muie. School", furnislud with Music, Mti-ical Iii'lrumcnts, V'vM lnslr.icii, V ' nt t.linrt imliep- SVI'IANO FOIHTS strun:', repaired and tuned ai usual. uurunton, .nay , 1011. 13 THE HOOKSTOUE AF lheSubcribir is just iiplrni hetl witli a new J and valuable assnrtmeut of ItOUKS, ATATIO.x AltY AM) F.NOltAVINOS anion ' tho many m tercstmtrwoihs may bo found ihc following Learn to Die, uy Clinstoplicr &UU011, Sutton 011 the Saciniuciils, The Youiij Man's Aid, by Kcv. H. Winslow, Gliinps" of the Past, Laminate of Flowers, Tale" 01' the Ocean, Flora's I tit rpretcr, Flora's I.eviei 11, .Snmmir.liiiirney in Ihc Wct, liy Mrs. Steel, The Ncslorinis, or thu 1. 01 Trilie, by )r. fJran! A Week in Wall-Street D. A. BRA MAN. July 3fl, n9 BLANK DOOKS. I.edorerH. .Tournnls Ai Ilrcord Hooks. IT'OR towns, countv and nrobato ricords inannfac L lurid from the best linen wove Dt mi and Medi um tianer.hound in calf : Also, a varktv of common rianli V.01K .or sale clieap lor reauy piy at tne siyn 01 tne lieu Linger, 1 y S. HUNTINGTON. Juno 2, 1911. n'l lA'FTI.K of Uniils louriil a uual, a n I- !ev pair- of jroml l!cif Oen will In verv acecntal 1 11 ihc Ifltli of June, and the h.he-t puce will I ejiaid 111 ca 11 m-li. Al SU To exchanse, a llr-t rule Cliaite and Har ne, fi;r tocl. 1 r iali. nil) DAMF.Ij KIM BALI,, Jr. II irlmmon, May 12, 1311. NEW ARRIVAL, N. I.OVIM.Y & CO. A v.v. nnu.' rrcfivinir their third sunnlv of Fancy -fi. Stnrle and olhcr Goods, ad ipud to tho vvantsof the market, winch were purchased at iNcvv 1 oih, me last wcik, and arc nuw otfercd for ca.Ii. at a small ad vance nndiiroally reduced prices amoiiR which aic tho fullowing : Sitiiistih-eChally, , . ,. n , . do. do fiitrtireJ and plain Moutlinc Pelitnes for, r.i,.e a . low a. 2,50 a pattern, Printed Luvvn firdrce, plain do, f r I onnel., Frencli striped Prints, KiiL'h'h and American do. Fntm slnpesilks, for iln-fe, n fancy article Black and bh.o I lack Gro deSwi-, Gro '!e rthine etc. of every variely, oh..ri'i .1. f every irade, White Gro du A trie and other col'd silk lor bouiiet., Crapes and crape f.:e.-e, Fillet carf and shawl-, some very superior, Thiead Lace--, latins, and Insertion", JMuilitilii'crtK'n, (iiecian Lines, Lad ie" KinhroiJoicd and eane. and collars, Fillet Mil end Glove.--, lou' and slit rt, alleolors, Ribbon-, a beautiful a-sortuiciit, e.imc new style, Vellum Millions, JU-ad bands, J'onsee, and J'niietu hdkl', norleil 'J-i MotulmPi'uLaiiiChhavvls,tkncvvnnil cheap ar- Linen eambrio li b.l, liwn-, elc. 1'reneh Amfie al, Whalebouei. and Rattan", Pan-i I- A- I'ml rellas, direct from the manufacturer e-i damask sill, shaw l, cheaper than ever. Travllinir nmlVVork bi-l.i't-, lied and Black Merino shawl-, at a creat 1 arain, Havvsilk audolher dre-shdkland shawls, u b'reat variety, Bihop luvv-ns, Nansorik and Book Mulin, Wire Nell, liailroad, Wa.h Blond and other laee, Irish Linen- and luml rics, Shell siik) and other comb-, iadioiand jjeuti. silk nnd Udqhote. do do Glove, nuieulos, 1 ea l ba; an I punc", Satlinett,ea.siiiieie-au'll roadeloib-.ehtnpfnoiigli Silk Velvets for lathe an.lL'eiils. also tut vestuif, dark nnllis-lit Vt-liiii, Viilencia, tie. etc. Table ,pread-.elo'h-',.haper., etc. l.iioi- nni.liirtiiis . leaebisl and unbleaibed. Jean.aud cazcnels, liirmturc diinitie, I Curtain frinrie. Tu which may be added, a Urge assortment ol Dry flroccrus, smh n; Black and Green Tca, of every variety, White, llav.iuna and mher brown Siijar, Mcda-sc, Puncnto, I'eiipcr, Guifcr, Clove", ( assia Poland Starch, lait'lih Currant.. Cro'l.cnj mid Glass Wart, Frendi and American l'tiptr lfovging: As cash 1 our object, we will give great bargains. Call and examine for youn-lvc. llurlinglon, July 30. "8 lll'RI.l.NGTON CASH STOHK. NIIAIU.V OITU'lTr. K. I.OV T.I.T l'. C O. rrHI.Pulit ribcr ha an entire new Stock ( f Grod--, JL jii-t ieceive.1 fiivu MAV VOKK Comprisini: r.emonauie oiapic ami raicy imiMj ltiehSilks Moiuhn i!e Lime and 1'iiuled Lawns MilineryGonL Florcmu Unud Bonnet Sirawtrnnin'.'", itc. A o lA.atl.V GI(UUi;uiLS nil of whidi are ol.ereilat the lowe-t priicby S. L. IIKUKICK. irlinston,.luly0 IS 11. CjIMPOin'A.N'l CAFTIO)5pl It i n sni'r.ilar fact nr.d 0110 iniieli I11T1! resretled that valuable, medicines, a soon as they leeome pop utar, nnd have received the let nnd approval ol a ilix'riiiiiiiailiii: public, are "lire tu 1-e counterfeited, and ttui" a bad aiu!.puriou article is immediately palmed upon theiiniispeclingfortbe genuine. This ha been nolonouly the ease with all popular tried and truly valuable luedicne" for years pat, and will probably eoiitimiutobe the cae for jear to come. Thu ba-o and eonleinplilile counterfeit in 'ii" way meanly lake, atlvantj'.-t! ol all the cd'orl'mul ndver liuiS used by the proprietors of tho ircintine article, to get tlieir medicine jutoue and do-.-Tved popluari ly. It i therefore not le" llicdutv than it eontribiiles tothe mi fit y of ever)-honest imlivi' initio coin 111 imty to expoe, liow n down, and forever nlier DIS Tltt'LT all llF.AItTI.ISS INGliATl'.Swho thu irre-siion-ililv trifle wi'h heallh anil life. tlTlll.'IlLKOUi: TAKi: .NOTICF.) Theie 1. it iier-on bv tho name of J. 11. Itul'ltF- FOUT. now en-.'-aijcd in .riling a Pill done up 111 1 oxc in exact and ieifirt iiuiiation of ihe stnuiiiL LNDIAN LliirTAIIt.i; PILLS, wiih the omi'sion ofoulyone word on the lloxe viz. Wnir.itr. The Pills sold by this liocbcfoit ate evidently intended as a frail land impo-iliou upon itio community, or Ihey womKI not have I ifn done up 111 such exact 'imitation of ilie gen uine. Tlii.peron is tall Miileriin; Willi a great the atrical swacacr. He wa lecently known asa very poor player m Baltimore, under the muical cognomen of Jim Blown, and 1 ill 01. t twentv live vcar'tifagc1 III almost leyonla doubt that lie i supplied with the Pill from 11 Druasi-t linn ill lbi city, who have heretofore 1 ecu iiotorioii-lv conneeled witheounter- leit medicine. As soon nsprnnf isobtauieil the foun tain head of this iicfariou huinc v ill 1 e cxpo-ed, that the community may shun tliein as they would a serpent. l mi; .ui-.A. i i.vii. nil-; i-t iilic akk cau- 'Hom;d against biiyini; WlilGUTS Iniiian Vrnr.TAr.Lr. Pit.t.s of anyone who dre not extol it a lertiticiileof iteen ev siiued by the aieut for Ibt; .New Fncrlaud Stale and 'earinq datesinco January I SID. AIo take par ticular notice that the followinir woi-dme iou ttiwbox- Wnslit'" Indian Vcrelablel'i I (Ind. Piirvalne) of the. North American Collei:c of lleiillli. 7'ie Indian I czrlablt l'ittt are a certain rure fur disease in iuev-i) varieiynf form, Iii-c.iihc lliey llio intiQliI) tie stomach and boivcU, induce 11 pro per dirlt.iii!e In ibe Inn;?, -kin and kidnc), and sti mulate the hlnoil 10 ptn if) imelf. In other vnid. ilfv pen all llio drain., mid leave N A r 0 It K the iirana I'lujsictaii) lire to time ilise.ise 1 1 0111 the hudv. Tlie above outlet?, or. ilrains. nre the coninion f-FHCrs id tlie tiod, lliiutill nhirh all mnibtdand cor. uiit Imiiiidi (the c.iuiip ul iliscase) me earned oti ; ami sn I111C4 11. tlirv ate all kepi open, ami discharge freely thrir atliiitcd porliou. ofiiiipurii), tlie body will cun. timi!1 in bcahh : hut whu fioni eaiini; iiupropei lood, lit phi Li its iniiiii c air, stiihh'n t r it 11 si 1 10 110 from to cold, met exh.nuiiiiii oranv oilier ciiure, the bowel. become cmtive, tlie porp. ol the nkiu bt'coine clost'd, or tliekitlnevs tail tu perlurm tncii fnneitinH pioppilv. tlie imptii itip. u hicli stiiiuiil lie ilraiiit d limn lite bmlv by ilip.e oinlsit, will be iciabied, and continue to ne eiiinutatc limit ihe bod beermps hieiall) loaded with ilis.isc. If ih cIhiwii-U of our iim;hi nveis .hould lirome lilot ki il up, would tint the .11-rt.iiiiilaied waleis Hud new iiiiib is, or the eotiuiiv become iiiiind.ip-l ' Jihi -lo with 1 lie Imiiim i budv : ifllie n 11 11 111 1 diains be cuiiif1 clo.ed. ihe iiitii.iui iiml cut 1 nut biunoi s will find rent ill the tanoti. foiuis til ilniea-e bUl.ll lis Fever, .Muall Pox, Mp.kIp.,, Gout, Apnptcsy. file, or Dp.iiIi will euj our siin'eiins TliPiefine wIipii sirknp?. at the sinm.irh, p lin. in the liark and iouc, iptu I piii.e, oitriiitu; skin, 01 .hi) oilier iniplp.i "ant syiiiiliiiiii(, tudicain ihai one nr more of the na. Itirul ilrain. are nut,iii; freely, and ihe cuiutl tut 1011 i hIiihii 10 ciiiiiiiiencp 11 (fiiciiele lot the rc-tora lion of health, no lime slmiitd he lost in .iduuiiiierin 1 le v In ik diMci of ihe Indian Piiicaiive Indian I t gtlablt Pills.) Bv so ilninj, nil the binniiuH of tin- liiidvwiltbe ipptiireit tu order, red 1 lie find luimins (1 he cause uf eveiy iutl tiiMlinu or p tin we ftilfei ) will lie icriiineif in so i'.uy ami njtiiial .inner, 111.11 tin- nl-will h ipsiiiied a if by a rli.11 111. Tlie above ills may be Inken .11 ALL limp mul under ALI.or cum. unci'!!, with lieilecl 9 ilelv. I nev miii alt com ldaiw anil all aes. nmt are to the lutni iileoil.tillllion .u 11. ml : ciin--erpipiiily the can nencr mjuc pviii ihe 111111 ih lieate. Like our fniitl, they me tlipxlitde ; ihetpfnte thpy eiiier inio the eiicul.innn and initial I sn energy 10 the biouu, w inch cu.ibles 11 to Haw with li ee duin tpiite In the exliemilips mid ciui.eipieiilly In kee the times ofilie kln fit-en, Thev' are true and iici fi e an ifieis of ilip lib.od : hicau.eihey dram alt currupi tlnulois fium llllt life iiilu fluid 1'hev imiMrl .nenuiti and vigor to ihe whale vsieiii, nnd their ef feels .ucatwHy : ber.inse they onlv lenime ih. ire hiimois whii h aie opposed 10 hrahh. They aid I itnnroie 11 lue-si ion , sml sniinil slcpp follows tlieir tiso : because tliev clean. e tlie stouiarh anu tioweis ol ilio.p sliinv hiirnoiir. which not onlv iiritate umtexciif the neivoiM syslf in, hut paialyze .Hid weaken the di i;eliveoii;n-. lit eiion they po.e.,i all ihev eooi proppitie. thai cm be claimed lor any medicine : ami In.. ei ifiiMik'.lilf, 11 10 unci ly iiiipuss lb e tu 11-e Miein wiinoiit to neiu. l'iK-e-25 cent per Box, with full direction. O.He and fieneial Pepol for llie New Lmrland State, ,i lU-i 1 reiuout:rci.i,iii'.ir 1 ourt street, tioion. Tlie ic.-ular amiomte I Acent can receive their tin one ol llio almve iiojiniar rill, a iierctoture. iron he only ii'iiceauu pencr.11 uepui lorine im'w- r.tigiano late-, I'jSTit'iiionl lrect, Botou. Pollar" or Irav .'llinir aicntato not alloweillo-ell the genuine mdia 11 veieiable Pill, therclore never piirclia-e Irom tliein lor ff you do vou will le sure to obtain a d.ingerou- am eoun'.erleil article. si 1 Ttli-o. A. Plck V Co, Auenl in Burlinzirti, for ihe ale of Ihe In iian Vegetal le Till, alo, W. II. Ifoi.i.F.r, Wiilitoti. V and A. Brin-tuat I, Burlington. DISHASUH Ol-' 'J ill: I.IJ.JS.Dcculedl) Ihe rtio.t rriu'dy ever kuuivn 111 A tunica Vcgttabte Pulmonary Jialtum Is ihe inojt valuable lemi dj now in Ufa fir euUKli,cold, ii'lhiiii or phthisic, consiinipiion. wlioiipiiiRroi'Rli and pnlinnii iiy (T. clioo. ofcvcrj kind. Its sale is sieadily hicieiising, nnd ihe piopticiors ate constantly ireciving the mini favoiablc nceiMinl of lis rfferis. 'I lie I'ollniving new certificates in c olTcred for public, exiimiiiiilion. A.n iM-r.ii r.sttMo Cask. Kxlrscl of a teller from Mr t! S Cla, Kiogilon, Ulster co,, IS, Y. 10 t tie proprietor.. "Youts of tlie 9th inst. was duly lec'd. A irin.uknhle cine wmeflVcied liy the Vegatalile I'ul. tngn.iri ia ihe winter and spring of 1833. The person, Mr. Momli, bepn sick a long time with the roii'iimptlon. His plijsici.ini b id Riven him up lie was icitucedsn tow its to be unable 10 help hlni-elf, and was r.n.tng 11 l.itcn riti.imii v of lilood when he eoinmencid using the, whiih has etlecied a coinplelc rinc, mid lie i. now a. Ii.ile sail heart) us ever lipnm, Mr. Mnodv li 1. lemutril fioin this lonn. hut he h is prcinUed tne 11 more detailed nrcoiiiil of bis ,i?e, winch I w ill fn ward von. C. 5. CLAY. Ivinton, N. Y. June 23. 1S.13. Fxlraci of a letter fiom Dr. J.irnli Mvers. Tlie Vegetable Puluion.irv Bal'.iin has been sold in this coiiniy for two je.ns, ami I lie mcil icine hot gained 11 11 iinniinmon celebrity, fur it seaicclv in one insianre 1 iiipil ol having tlie ilesiieo cflecl I am liy no uieriiii in f.ivnr of ihe many nostriinis, molt ol which are i 111 po.ilion. iriiou a crrdiilous imblie. but tluit which I know by use In lie., I c.iniml belli but eive tin .....)...-. I . . r". . - 1 "rnw" iir,i-io. t rounierii'ii pieioiriiiion lias liren nlTereil hpre by atiavclling Agent, of Cotn.loik, . .iiu oi-ifiii .iiioiucr ariicie veiiueu ucic mails Irouglj sutpeclcd lo bespuriotis. jAcon .Mvr.ns, M. u. Mifilincton. J11ni.1t.1ro. Prnn. Mnv 3. 1S37. From Dr. Samuel Moriell, 10 ihe Piopiictois of 1 lie Vege table Pulmonary Balsam. I am satislied ihstlhc Ve getable Pulmuaisrv Baln'n is n valuable mcilpcine. lias been used in thu place with coinnlrte Sucre" In mi oli"l in.iic coiiml.iiut of the liuiz., alien, led W illi a sevriecough, loss of voice, and Ihe railing of much lonit, which hail previously re.istei! niatiy spptoved prescriptions. Alter using the Balsam one week, the .it 1 em s voice returned ami tie was able to speak nitdt. ly. This case occurred some lime since, and the 111 in is now engaged not only in active hul laborious bii-inesj. Pipspccifully, tse. t. M011IH I.L, It is novv uioie than six ve.irs since I was luoiiuht very low by nn nfTectinn of the lung., and my runiplainl .is tlecl.ued to be incurable li) acooneil ol Hirer ph) sin.ins. I was then ir-loreil lo asgoo I nenlili a. I lud enjnvedfor ininy vrars, bv using I lie Vegeiable Pill 1110n.11 v IliUaui. Since my lecovery I have rccnin. inemled the Balsam in a m.iuy of lung eoiopbiiiiis, and so far 11s 1 team, its use his in. vsn.ibl) been followed bv iiuiiti benefit, and 111 many inslaucf s it has cflVcied cures which wpip wbulty unex peried. Saviuel r.viliETT, Bo.'on, March 2. 1S37. For .ale, wholesale and retail, by J. J. II F.CK S: Co., ami TIIFO. A. PECK St Co., Bur lington, Vl. DAXlXSZi SilVlPSON. PAPF.Il HANOINOS. t NF.W supply, with borders, A-c. jut ree'd from thcitiantil-icturcrs. July 22. C. G0f)DllICH t 1 ori'AT'.-s !-.iiTrT.iir.i: i.irir .Mi:h1i i.i ItL The-n meibcine ore indel teil for their name to Patent Lexer Which Maker, from Liverpool erf A S fti" now twelve years fi,'Sc -hiceheuvalleJhiiusell of 'viX'" N l,rvllege of returning Ids V'tv ,;-' jj "pratefiil aeknowledgemeuts to flf In friend and'tbe Jiublie in 1' general, loralino"t'nnireceden- .TikY, t'Aj,f ted l.tvor, ho beg leave 10 in-J?X-f f-.w"&s3 f"f' ll'om Ih." be is Mill at the 'i.fti' fl,1 fuwt. n l-,rr-li.lM...t. one door south of Noble Lovely and Co'., store, where liepcr-nnallv iillend. tothe repairing of Chronome ters, Patent lawer, Duplex, U-pmos, and all other do eription of Tune niece. He will warrant all new work mlixcd 10 Watcbe in hi shop lo I e a good uv- 1110 oriKiiuo, or a nny uonu on iticconiinent. N. 11. A irood n-sorlnicnt of .VR IF HM VCim.-i of thelirstipiality ol'woikmaii.lup, and will losold hi 1 oc.ip mi , on us uuuu terms us 111 any inner snop in ihu stale. Frutn In long experience in Ihe b'isines, and In being so many j ear engaged in ihe making ol watch o. 111 Lnirl.iii'l, lie ll.iller liiiuiclf that he I u cotu peliul to make -elections a any in the vicinity. luriiiisiun, June 11, loll. 111 DA. BHAMA.V, Ins this day rciivcda new assort of Books and Slnliumry, comprising Addresses and Messages, of llio Presidents from Washington to Harrison. Valuable nnd approved works, in Tneolog ical and Micctllatieous Literature. Gci.cral Biography voyages and travels. Tho latest editions of the most npproved School Classi-al and Mathematical Book. arise supply of Paper, (liulls, Blank Books, r.lem- cntnry and other Spellars, Grammars and Geographies Boston Academy Glee Book and Odioti, and Juvenile hooks caret- uy select, all winch are ollereil at llio lowest price, at the Hunk Slore. Julv 1 1911. FOR SALE. fTIII AT lari:f and commoiliou two tn fr--Y-Tt A r' ''ck I'Welling Ilouse .S; Lot, iiS-' k"iiaieii 011 the west u:e 01 l oiicuegicen mfflat the land of Colleci-Mrcet, 111 till Vib asc l he llouK 1 32 1 y 43, W illi a baement tory, with Kitclicu nnd Provii"on cellar, and a wing 32 I v Gj, exteiidiui: north on College Green, vi ith woo.1 ami More nome in-low, ami iliamier ami Iccpinu- room ubiive. A lar-'c andcoimnodioii Barn, carnage hoii-r ice liriu-c,.iud other oiit-hou-e, and a spacious yaid wct of lle-il-.vclliiu'liii i-e, and u gooil duriil le wc'l f water ol tl.o 1 est quality in the villairc, and a I ruk 'itern. One an t noiiarlernciciit laud, ol'the lirt lualitv ; a lar.'o uarden and choice fruit tree west ol the In u-e mid yard. I he I, iil iuiir areeoiiMnieliil 111 mislern slvlc. ol the I e-l material and workmanship, wcr" elected by inc 'io-crn cr inr 111 own u-e, ami ine iwauoii ai- lord a very extcii-ive and pli.i-.inl iropect ol the v ill iL'i' an 1 lake 011 the Wet and 1- not siupae.l by any oincr 111 tin part ( 1 ine cciiutry. A o fir sale u lot t-jmluminean acre of laud dncet ly opposilu the nl ove lol wllllll Mlialleonvenielltwoo I welling no-i.-u iiiercou. Pi.r.ha-er aie mviieil 10 call and exminefor iIikiii elvc Terms iiudeknuwn by the sut sent cr on the prciui-e. icm;i. ilurlington Juno, lu, Id 10. 112 Oi-oadcloths, fakslineres, and Saltlncllh. u v.. M. vvitmii rci 1 1.1., have tu-t opcneil verv Fine 'ool Dyed Black, Hhie Black, Invi-il-le Gieen .111 II nieveoloreil tlro.nlelot i. a rori norimeiit 1 ow ui oil 00. also, very i-iiie vvnoi iijeti v..isi- meie-, nv-orteil color, ilo. do. and common salti netts, very cheap. ItiiiliiCton, July 1G, 1511. nl. STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, ffiliiMM. iirfr uunLixoTo.v. uv -StfiiBpf m rmr JONATHAN IIAUT. VIIltMOXT. MR. H. respectfully announces to tho citi7on4 of Btirlingtuti and vicinity, an! tho travelling TVt ATl'Itri'H GUAM) li vab.aMe tfea!le Meli'ine IfLS'IUltA'UVl;. 'fins It'ine stand lilirivnllf.1 lor the li Mowing compl.TiTt', viz: liy.p''iiia, or Indl-ge-.loiijtb ea ed Liver, bibif idiordcr, fiiop.y, Alh ma, Coiiieue., Worm nnd os of Appetne. nnd 1 y 1-li.ausing the sp.lna'-h Jnd bowel", cure pain In tb side, stomach and liiea-,1. Colds und coughs of long vtsmhiiB, enc.", sfn.irlnes '.f l.rentli, NerVoU. complaint, etc., 'Ahieh.iirefie'iuently the c'lect of dia' ease, For Fev er and Ague, it 1 a mot vnluable pro vt.ilutive a well as n sovereign temrdj 1 li virtue. irp:is tiny thing heretofore known in removing St. militix . .t T V , 1 'mis if.iiu.i-, iwn 1 uiiie 11.1V0 iCtn i.uuwn 10 corn Sr. Z Z ?, yf r th ha l;ufchrslJ.,t,'or,,U(!'1yitl'isain.eli.igd,.ease, nlur havtt.g lalllod every exer M?H s,tii 1 ' .'1 P' l""yiht the njiovo tint, for four year. Il ha a 1,10't powerful thflucnoo tinttl, situatul on the corner ol Soiilh and Water ! ; reinovnw nervous ci inplaml. It f plea-ant total. H,e n,01'1' ri? 1 ' a ,ho s1,t-all'1'0!", N ll?r,f " i nnd o tay in lis operation, that il mnv I e administered the vil ageol I urltngton, (former y ow tied and kept tf, tl,0 ,iai with Mifetv. 'I he above Medictne i verv L V',plal" ., ' ''""'"Kbni, ol the Steamboat Pine- hmhlv recomm.-n.leil 'by many ..cientuic gentlemen, m.t,) 111 nstvle of conviniLnce and comfort iiot sur- n, larire immli r ol lad.o, who have proved tbi .isscd by any oilier I Intel 1.1 the v tllnge. A s acious , vtrt..e- of the Me-bcne I v -eroual us.- and lliat of their parlor, sitting room, reading room, and dining room, fatnihe. A I ill of. emhcHe acer mpameseHeh Uitllo, wiih the liout With d.rectK.uv. It may I e had whole-alt! or retail 0 p awa on the ground lloor. The Bar room, barns, s. Urilain, Barre, nnd .1. C. Farnam, Fat W,lliam. . . . ,K,lllnuKtu ,, iiieuesipussiuiviiin 1-1 tr,wn, vt. sole pronrietois. t'rtiiani rom Ibe orimo. RWSSKl.I.'S STO.MACH BI'lTKItS. may le liked 111 Wineor water. Tbe-eeelebratedbi'lters aroconipocd purely of veireialile of the most inno cent yi t pevilic virtue-. They are reeemiiiieiide-d par liciilarly for ietorinc weak eoiistilittioti, cleuniug and slrenu'theiiing tlie stoiuaeh, and incre.isiui: the appetite alo a preventative ac.iint I he cholera mor- I111-, lever anil ngue, removing naii-ea, vouiiiiiiir, bean liiirniuir, weakue in ll.e breast, pain 111 the lomaeli ami other symptoms 01 il.ilmi'uccnnil inilige- tion. One box will tincture one gallon. I'rice23 ct. a I ox. Iiussri.1.. Itch Oistvient. tin choice nndafe oiuttiicut 1 said tol e "iipi'rior 10 any now in tic, fin it di.agree.ible an.l loaili-ome il.ea-e, the l lCU. riii Oiniment 1 so ce'iirtain lit il oneraltoii that 110 peron lleniblel with the above diorder eniL-ht to le without it. It 1 a remedy lor cutaneous eruption, corbutie atlceiion tif the head, or any oilier breaking nut which ari-e from harp hiiinors in tho I loud. Price Sj et. a I ox. Hus-ell's v F. llti Ltoi's Pn 1, or family hvic. for ecneral u-e. in ea.e of J-ititubei', moil-iil eiiibililv of the toiit.ich an 1 buwei, to of aiiiiettte. ltd nl I realh, couvene, rue-, ami an in.iae on 1 11 tr from bili.irv derangement. .1I-11 fur coirectitiL- the -late f ll.e 1 loo.l, ami 'le'.inuig Ihe yiem ol toul iiinl visctu imuiLur. 1 iic-e (mi ine a mini 1 a tbartic. nrodiieimi neither pain nor iriipim.'-. and ari tncreioreu vaiiianie uuu niitiuv nppruven inciiciue, iiii'late tirointiiiictst riiieh byihemot ihtmgnitii-d phvsieiau. Laeh I o). coniaiiiiug Jri 1'iU. t'rn 37i ct.a I ox Kll.cir IClCl r.1ll1lAt.T llllF.UM UlS'TVIfr ST. I li imniielioiiat ly the I et and -al'c-t icineilv ever vt ii'ienil to ihe public lor that obstinate di'Ordcr SA LI Kill IiM. v hcte ollicrine.iu h.ivet iileii, 1 liassuc- iivikxl, and the lart that II ha I ecu xlcnively it.eil by eminent I'rae'tiuoner pcai; volume 111 il prat-e lit Hinallv etlieaeioti in all di-eTCof the skin .eahl lie.Ki. ring worm-, anu uie 11101 inveicraie itcn, eic. exc. rvnmerot! cerltlieate mirjbt I e iM l.m-l, I ul Ibe propritor olino-e itial a t nr trial lio-iM I e II: mi l- oiiiienie of 11 ittieriorcilicacv. PiiccStlient six. 1 or a e iv J. cc J. 11. I'eck' ev 10.. 1 heo hire A.l'ivksV Co.,igu ol the .Mortar, and Uol rt Moody, lliiiliiiL-lon: Dr. C. K. Mile, and Hull : Cool, lime- liurslii N II. Ilarne, I harlotle: 1.. Jam-, Geor: L. I yler, ; 1 tiller c. Iltuiliiiirton, liichiiu 11 1 AIo, bv the drutrgi.-ts and merehauts geneiallv hioiisliout Ihe stale. i..'iu-, ner tu accommodate the. rr.-ivi lliru. Mml liii.nfE. mil lie. An acre ol ground, neatly on a level, adjoins this Hotel, with convenient out-hous, spacious and airy walks, ami gurdens , are all inviting to travellers, business men, hoarder and pattiesof pleasure. Mr. H. from longripirienco professes to know how tofuriiHha good Table and Bar, and lo servo up the choicest eatables ami rarest delicacies that Ihc niatkct and season all'ord, in a manner to suit the tatc of the connoisseur ; and he confidently assures hi patrons and quests that his utmost exertion w ill be put in re quisition to serve them. Steamboat Iiasseimei-s will be waited on. tn nnd from the Boat", and tiicir baggage transported, and taken care of nt this Hotel, and save their Hack hire to and from the Court house square. Stiigu passengers can be left at and taken fiotn this Hotel without additional fare, and ihosc taking tho HontswiU be shown onboard and their baggase free of expense, and without incurring any risk of being 1111, ny iuenaihucs or laicnesjoi llio tugnt, or any other contingency incident to theprecipitancy of steam power, or ino iiueiuations ot wiinl nml weather. Horses ana Larr aires lurnisbcd those who vult to transact business, or visit any part of the village', on reasonable terms.- Single meals 25 cents, an.l other cliarecs m propor tion. 3111DO Burlington, May 20, 1311. recipe j for sale bv F. II. Prititi-, Monlpeber, an. 1 J. II. Pr.cuil Co. nud'lltlo A. Pr.rt; Co.. ltnr. Iintou, uuel 111 ihe principal towns in the state; all directions sigiudiu the hand writing of tlie proprietor WIXOOSKl SASH FACTORY. ii TS fit X ai FOUND. Oil nnv be found in this village, dirretlv opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP. newly liiteil upm gooil siv ie, win re tlie tinucrsigncn will be gbui to wait on his old customers who may lav or nun witli tlieir patronage-. Cm Hi K. G. SPAUI.D1NG. Burlington, April 23, 1SI1. NEW GOODS. York ""PHF. tubscril erB have u-t leceivcd from N. X a large a-ortineul of FANCY GOODS. among which may le found Heavy I lack 'and l ino blie',- I'm tie Sot Pilks, " " ", " " " " " Pekmiiripol " " " " " UrodcAtii'i'ie" " Light eolcrcd " do " " do " Pi-kin stripe 1 " PlailPo-.VSoi, (a new nniclc) " Ilonneluli , ' 1 nnei I awn , 1 Ik Italian cravat, plain nun he it i- icn 11 ' our npie . Half mo'iriiing, plain if-lig'd, all wool Mousline oe'Laute1, Uuiiice an 1 ssi'in ftripet .Mo,iunc iloLafne. very line', e 1 eu-, Iilk neit -haw s and scarf-, neu .Miip an 1 Glow suiierior Kiel do I ombazme an I satin slock , Worue l c.iinl nciV .Mil. nn ln-iTliuj-.iV Miring, I lireatl f.-ijiiig'.iiOnnetKeap K1I1I1I11, new style Zephyr Vt'or-.ted, plain and nl ''M silk Hot, Worleil Working Pat!i'nnn I ( unva, etc. July 23, 1311. n7 F. M. WHIGIIT it CO. WINDOW SASII Just receiveil U, SO ami 217 by 'Jea.i'inout of asb. .1 first rale article at 31 nml 31 cent per light; nl-o all kind nndic, furiu-beil to order. TiooiiJeroj.i black leil, afir-t rale article, for sale wry low, together with a ureal varicle t if iitbcr nrtl- clase 1 heap il" can bo fojnd at any other clalJi-h-meni in the place-, Geo. I'kti:iho.i, (heir tn inife-t and fcn-iUc action hi p'infynm ibe -pruis ami channel ol lite, ami cmiumg ilicm will lenewed lone ami vigor. In tnunv liuiilril ceriuml i'ii' which hive bi-eu nude, piillic, and in nlino neiv niceie ofih-easclo which the human frame 1 IiaMe.lhe hippy elect of MotrAT'. I.11 1: Pill ab ril'KMX niTTl.r. irivo is'eu gic.iiiiuiy .11111 piiiuiciy ai'tnowlcdsel by the person I cut-fitted, and who weit' previously 'uii.icipt.i lilted witlu he beaiilifully plu loopluca! priucip'c upon win hthey areeompbutid ol, und upon winch theveoii-eipicntly net. Tlie L1FK .MF.HRlSLS recommend thcnm-lve 111 ih'e.i'C f everv form and de-cription. Tlieir tirl operation i to 'oosen from the coats of the stomach mil bowels, the various inipuritie nnd crudities con- tantly sciilins areiiuui tiiom ; timi to remove ine har leneil fate whieli collect in llio i-oiivohitibit of the m:ilb'i inti-stinc.-. Olhcr medicine" onlv oarlial v e'leanetbcse, and leave such ce'lle'eletl ina-e I ebiiut a to proiitice uaiiiiuai coiiveucs, wun on n ir.uu 01 evil, orsiidlen diarrha-a, Willi it imminent 1lagiTr.11 Thi fact i well known to all regular aiiaonn.., who examine t he human bowel alter ileal li ; a ml hui"e the iirciiiib'eeofthoevvellmforineilnicii ng.un touack luc.licme or meibcinc preparetl mid herah'cil to Ihi'tiubliel v Ignoranl person. Tlie sivemd elli-et ol ihu Life Mo'hcmc 1- to ilean-e the kidneys and ibe 1,1.1,1 1, r, an I l y th - nu-m-, lb liv er and the lungs, Ihe he'nhhf.ilacMnn I iv Inch entirely depend upon the re- zul.irilv i f the urinary orizan. Tlie blood, winch lake tis icd color fiom the asenev ol the liver and the tun -j- hcturo it paT into the heart, I chit thus purified hy llieni, an.l nnuri-hed by fund coming from a clean stomach, en ir-e freely thro iih the vein., renews every part of the tv.tem, nnd l;mmplnntly mount the l atine-r ol heallh in llie l.bioming chce!,. M01l.1t'. Vivetal lo Lite .uctticinc navo lt n thor- o-tgbly le.tcd, nndpronouni-eiln sovereign ri-medvfi Dv.nco-ia. Flatulency. Palpitation of tlie llcarl, l.o- ol'Appetiie, Heart-burn and llcid-acbc, 1(c-Ic.ik-.-lll-lcinper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Co ttvencs., iiiarriuea, Vviioura, i-i-vcr 01 1111 uir.u- T P. WHALING .V Co. arc now rcceivinz a full J . and eletrant assortment of coods suited to the season, suclias Fiencli, F.uglish and American Prints, Painted MuMms ami Lawns, Mouse line de Lames, Challys, Silks for dresses and bonnet", Lawns and Silks fur Slurred lints, Black Lace Vtds, Black Veiling, Linen Kilging of various qualities and patterns, Swiss Muslin Kilning nnd Ittseitton, Cambric do. do., Linen Cambric lldkf, Punch Worked Collars of superior quality, Mourning do., Ladies Cravats and l)res Hdkf, S-l Silk Shawls, filovts of every qual ity, a general assortmentof Hosii ry, Bonnet nnd Cap llihboti", Superior Leghorn nnd Plain Siraw Bonnets, Zephyr Worsted and Patterns. Umbrellas and Para sol. Finally almost any thins the Lidiesol Burling ton may waul can be found al the "New Cash Store" on "Cheap Side." DIIY fiKOCF.ltlKS, Such as Tea", Sugars, Molasses Sileralus, nice, Ginger, Spires, iVc. ; almost nnv nrtii Ic tint Fanners want. AIo, an assortment of CHOCKF.llY AND GLASS WARF.. All tlie above named articlrs.together with tinny not enumerated, will be sold at a v cry low price for cash. Burlinstoii, Juno 1, 1311. Crockery, China and Glass, Ware. A largo and rich assortment lit.t rociivcd and opened, purchased at greatly reduced piices ill "New Y ork, and now for sale al the very low est rate Oy ' N. LUVKLY & CO. June 0,1811. n2 B' OSOMS and fa'tocks, Pino frilled and plain 11a. DDnLINGTON CHAIR TACTOBT CI L. NI.LSO, ronliiiiies the business of nniiiifacturiug f'hairs at the old stand, of tho lowing descriptions! Curl Maplo Grecian. CanoSeat. Common Cane and Flag Seat, Large and .Small Haisetl Scat Hocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, etc. Ac. All of which aro warranted a first rate article and will be sold at prices 10 rorrcsponu wun tun tunc". Fr.ATIIF.RS, AND BUDS. READY MADF. Constanlly on hind, a supply of warranted Live Greese F alfieis. which will be Slid low for cash. WANTKD, liy tho subscriber. Curl antl Birds F.yc G0111, Dropsies ol all kind-, Gravel, Wi'rm., Asthma and Consumption, hciirvv' 1 leer r..vHHT.i!i- Sores. Soorbiilie Lriiptlons an I Bad Com plexion-, Lniitivt! eoinplaiuls, sillow, Clouly, ami oilier dis.igri'e.i'ilo Complexion-, Salt Hhcuin, Fiysip ..1.1. . ( oinmiin Cnl.l. and Intliicnz.i,nnd various othci complaints which ullbct tbehuin.iu friiinc. In n and Aour., parlieularly, llio Iife Melicine have I ecu n.i ..iniocndv succe-fiil : to much so that in the Fever and Ag-ieditriets,l'hysi"ian almost miiversally'e them. All ihit.Mr. rcqmrese.f hi patient" is to 1 narticular in taking the Lin-' MeJicme. slnctly neeor- ding to tlie direction.. Itinmu ncvv-spaiicr notice, or bvauvthmgtliet lieliiiu-elfmayay in their favor, . ' ... I.. 1 1 1- nl it.... 1... . I... v.....ll. Ill I ho liopei in gam cicuii. i isc.i.i "nV-Vi'p'si MF.DICAL MANI'AI.i dcignctl as domestic ii.udetiihcal h. I Insliiile pamphlet, I'll'ttil by W.B. Mo bit, "73 Broatl.vay, .M-w tori., na its-n icillishclfuriht! iiirnoTiifexnlamiiig iiioiefdlv Mr. MotaiVihcorvofdise' and will Ic lo.m 1 highly micreslmgtnpcrson seeking health. It treats upon prevalent di.ea-es, ami Ihe eaun's Ihneoi, rriee, g ,.,.nt. for sale bv Mr Moi'il1. Audit ccnerallv. Thee Valuable Medicines nre for sale by Hot crl Mnndv Drtizzisf. if- ('ciuthI agent, (to whom all np- pb -alion for agencies should I e addiestcd, post paid) Burlington, vt. jnn. !, 1011. J tome, a few more of tho new style. .Stocks, which Maple, delivered at his ihop in Church plrce 1, opposite e much udrnited, Pi.." d-1 1 olJ Bank. C. If. NEL'ON J 21 1811. I'ANGHOHN & UIU1N SMA1D. Uarltnston, June 1. IBM. 2,00 lllll.S. Perk 1,0.10 Mi. Lard 10,000 lbs Hani', for tale by LYMAN' A COLL. HovsCnlf Shoes, I. aeli b Gilt, r B'jots, " Kul Slips, " New-spring nips & t ies, " Colored Slips, " Bionzed " " Call " Misses Shoes J- Slips, AI.o. a larLre a sortmeiit of Children and ItiUnts. Shoes. Contant oneralinn. an I Prenarcd tn cvini orders lor WI.NDOWSASH il every tleeiiption, and ia the bet manner. A con.lant supply kept o hand and for alu al thestor of George Peterson, in Bur ungiou, ai liieltilluvuni l't C E S 12 Light enseineut-, 3J cents pc; do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 3i Light, do do do June 13, do do do do do do do do do SlDNL'Y SMITH. ni TJURNF.TT it SAWYER, at .Milton Falls, have U just reecivcel their spring -iiocK ol Gocils, com prising a ge uerai asorimeui 01 DRV GOODS, DRY GROCI llin.S, RUOCKHIIY AND GLASSWARE, HAItDVVAltl., Dltl'GS AND MF.DICINKS, 1)Y I . S'lLFKM, PAINTS AND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKF.RI'L, GHIND-STOM-..--, .f-c. &c. All of which, having been purchased at the present very low prici s, vv ill lie sold at moderate prolitb for Pruduce, and as 1 heap as the cbe.ipctfor Cnh ; mid a we have not time this morning to 1 numerate articles and price we would respectfully invite our former pa trons and the public generally to call, examine ami judge for themselves. Milton, .lane 1, ISM. P. S. Molh'Uts Life Medie-iiiP", New ton's Panacea, Ilitcheoeis's SimiVand Worm Tea, Couch Lozenges, and in-tny oilier of the most approved Medicines, constantly on hand. UUHAUl) J. KAY'.") BOOT A fi2IO"?JiSTOIE Ch li rch-Street, flintitn'tun. "VTIIKKK he lias on hand a supenor assortment of V Ladies nnd Gentlemen's BOO IS AND SIIOF.S, of the following assortment ; Gent's fine e-.lll -ew! Hoot " ' peg'd do. light " " do. Summer Gaiters, " Pumps, Calf " Shoes A Brogan Thick d- Kt-i Boot", " " Brogans Boys Shoes A- BroL'ans, " Tluek ; Kin Buots. Ytlis " &. " II M. II t!. . SV III 11 II), , K. J. P. would inutehis customcrsand the nub lie 111 si netal to call and sxaminu his arsortment of Boots .1- Shoes which he can warrant to be of irood stock, thorout-ii vvoikiiiauli:ii and latiststy'is. also, Work and Kcpniring elonu at lite shorle! nonce, asusual. n'A Burlington, Aliy 2S, 1311. CROCKERY. GLASS & CHINA WARE. l-AUICAU .v. WAIT, Importers and Hhdcs ihdiaUrs in Crocltry, Cfai. una oii.i Mure, anu u innjttt,inrcii Stone I Purr. 1 00 Cll'V'i'I'S Just UCl''ci1 anJ now 25 Packagt s Filged and Common Ware, 25 do Blue Printed do 10 do Rojol Bourbon Sprig do contsimn complete dinner services, Tea sets and toilet vvnro. 10 do French While Granite Ware, wiih cum plete sets throughout. 10 do Antique Vase Opupie Pearl Ware, con taining perfect dmiitr sets, i utility new patterns and shape, a most beautiful an. cle, with Tea atid To.let Ware to match. CHINA WARF.. 10 packi'gcs China Ware, containing lieatitiful DUCT. .MAUSHAI.I.'M Aromatic, Catarrh and 1 Iead.11 he .M KF. '1 In Snml 1 tieriorto any lliiug yet known, fur icmoving tliat tronl.!eonie di.- e.isc, il e talari b, anil al-o a e-ulel in ihe bead, and th btadaehc. It open n ml purge out all obstructions, stien..rthen- lheiand-,atidcivf.' a healthy action tothi) pari agcensl. It i pi rltetlv tree Irom any thinsr dele terious 111 it composition ha a lei-ant" llavor, and its iminediatee ect, ulier I eing useJ, is al e r-eabfe. I'm e !l " cent per I en Ik-. Duct. Mar-hair- Veget.ili'e Indian Blcek PLASTER, 'lhi- Plaster is tuirivatleil lor curing serefulcu swel ling, b urvy Sure. Lanie B11I;, and Freh Wounds pain- in li e 'suit-, Hips und Limbs; and seldom fails tu give tela f in b al Ithc niali-m.. If aiphiil tothe n'e,it will cure tc.iny ol 11 Liver Complaint.) and 1 eip al, if not u ine r, to any thing m ue fer corn. 011 tie feel , Ihe villi c.of I hi Pla-ter have I tee '.vilni-ed I y lhoi'-.ind, cf in tin- L'nited Sia'e-, w ho' have te-lcd it el'n ncy. Scld 1 y the pro priilt'i-; t'ba,. Bowi 11, Mield.e! tir, Vt., anil 'i heo. A 1'i.CK ex; C 1 ., Ih.r!ini,ii n, t. jul HvTC'II would inform the in habitants of Burling on and vi- c tuty, that be ha" opened a shop ia Cliuieh -stieet, at thu sign of the Rifle, where be intends to carry on the Gun smith Business, in all its various branch es. Having been employed for the last six years m tlie shop of J. M. Caswell, in I.ansiti'thurgh, (undoubtedly ihe bust shop 111 111.- United Slate.,) he fed war ranted in otrerniL' his work lo lb,, iml.lm Burlington, June 1, 1S1L 0pt.ll.llg Gold edge and line Tea Set and gold band China Nuree Lamps, White Tea Sit", Spng do do GuleThand it sprit' do GLASS WART.. 10 packages Gla Wire containing (1, ?, and !! rtntc Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, C, S, and 9 flute " Pressed do do 3 packages line plain Tumblers, very chesp, "lit Glass L11111 s, Finn tin t!o, a great variety, Superb Cut Glass Hill Limps, A"tral Limp, Girondalts, ( 'an.llebras. Cut Glass Howls. Piti lii r. De'antcr", Goblets, Wine and snd Lemonade Glasses. Splendi I French Porce line Vases, with flowers mites wnAi'i'm. r&ri;R. OHO ItnAM.Vassortcd eiscsanduuiiltiesiust rec. ZVv.) by. C. GOODRR'H. June 1". and a variety of other article" n their line, all of whir h arc novv ollereil Wholesale and Retail .11 New York price. I . iV vv. would invito Ihe attention of Mtr chants in lliesiirroiimlmg towns tn their stork of ware, urine them that the-v will sell in mekai'r aborted In order on as irood terms a can be nurcl-ird in New York Boston or Trov. at their wsrtheiie corner or ot t.huri-li anil College Ms. Burlington, June 1, IP II. PF.TITION TO SF.LI, LAND. Stath or VniiMosi, ? A T a Probate court held Distnct of Chittenden, i at Burlington, within and for said District of Clntlcndcn, on the 5Mlh,day All-list.... 1). 1RI1. Atl.i P. Mather of Detroit, in the State of Michigan, Guardian of his infant daughter, Susan Helen Ma ther, ot tho same Detroit, having file I m slid Court bis petition, in writing, setting forth that hi said ward s fietzcu in ner own rigui in ice 01 one i-uiiai umu.i led seventh part if the following described pat eels of lind, vii.two hundred and sixty nercsofland ljtng 111 Cliarloilo in the county of Chittetidcn, being the homo farm (o cancel) ol l.yiiian aie, laie 01 ram Charlotte, deceased, nnd fifty-time acres and seventy rods of land lying 111 said Charlotte, lioiuulcil west ny the highway It admg south from Charlotte Pour Cor ners to Fcirishiirgh, south nnd cast by Harry Yale's land and nortlt liy J01111 1 iiorp s latin, aiso, iwo is lands 111 Lako Cliamjilam, containing about forty- 1 urn nrri-s nt ami iv in" west 01 iu 11 it 1 it 1. iinu filtt en rods of ground on tho south-east comer of the I'.ittf-rsiiii Int. 011 which theReshaw house stands, vvlneh f aid lands nre subject to tho right of dower rf Martha Yale, widow ol the saul itcccasau, ami mat a sale of nf his ward's interest m said lands would bo cindiicivetoherintrrcstby putting the proceeds of suih sale at mien st 1 nun praying sain oouri to 11. cence ami empower bun lo sell the interest of of his said ward in said lands, subiect to 1I10 said widow's right of dower therein : whereupon the court aforc sni.l ihith nnnoint ttieelevemli dav of September, 1RI1 for hearing and deciding on said petition, al ihcotlice of the Register of slid court, in said Burlington, and tlollt order that all peisons interesieil uc notinrei ihcrnnrliv niihhrnlioti of llus order, contains the sub- st-incoof said petition, three weeks successively in ,1,1. iinr mrrtmi i reo l'rcss a ucwsiiat'cr prion 11 111 lliirlinglun 111 the County ol ciitttrnilrn, tne last 01 whieli piihlicaiions to be ptcvious to tlie said 11th of .vwmucr.iiti. , , .. ... lilYl-n Ullllir Illy liauu in Bum iiiuuiiiuii, un, 21th, day of August, 1HI1. . Wm. WKSTON Register, Dry Cioo.N Very Cheap. SITLLRIOU black, blue black-, gro de sw i. Silk, do. do. Italian Real do Bonnet and Florctce dk, lute and Llack t rape, Mourunis Lawn and Punt, superior French Boinl azine-, Blac'i Fillet Veil, Lai edo. Fillet and Gauze Scarls, Fancy Handelcrclucf., Vietorm SI;irl, IV .Nielilove-, He. by II. M. HIDMNGS it Co. July 1, 1911, nl PIANOS. N order to closo the concern of Hcrrick, Chrito tiber .t Co.. we olTer the thrco reiniining Pisno's nl tw-j lumdreil Dollars each, fur Cash, or approved note?, in VI months wttn interest, lor ine quality and durabdiiv of these instrn tin nl, refen nco t made to many of tl'10 Citizen of till" Village, who have had Piano's nf the above manufacture in use fir yer. Reference also to Proliissor Molt of the Musical ANA. COLH. department ol the Feinile Seminary. Burlington, 2d. July, IS II, LYM: SAM.ATll SCHOOL HOOKS. DA. BRAMAN would solicit the attention of . stiperitilcndanlsot Sabbalh Scholls, and others, to his tisortiiient of Books suitable for S, S, L1br.11 ricfj, which hooirers nl a very large discount from retail priie". Tho Mass. Sabbalh School Society's pubhcalions are always on band, inclinting tho valu able and increasingly popular scries of Bible Que tions by Nevvcoinb. August CO ill. A VIJIIY VAI,T.HI F A It M F O II S A L K. 'PHF. subset iher being tlcsi'iiu to retire Irom nrttv X btiitiis, now oilers to ills c"? of his I1' A It .11 situated m t. o'ebesii r, one half mile west nf the stage imtl, leading from Butlmgion to !t. Albans, and only st miles Irom Burlitiittott. Saul Farm t lijtidsotne "v "misled, containing ISO re-re of as good land as can befuund in t luttend.nroiiniy, nnd under as high siaieoi ciiitivntmn, navmg nc 11 uiiilrr Inu improve inimt of an Fuslish Acrutilturtst the lit twrntv three yeir. Then: is on the harm a convement lloue. with a never failmu well of nuip water nt the Hour. A conn nam. with convenient sheit attacneif tint, a valuable weiod lot 1 f Beach and JlanV, and line Orchard of choice Piuit. Any person vthtnn to purchaso such a farm as above desciibed, hid bcltir ma1 enppnc.iiion soon to James cott, rcarl-strrcct. Ilurlington, or tuo suDscriucr on the prrmis'". Wll.LtA.M SCOTT. Ilurlington, July C, I'll. N. B. Terms of payment will bo made vry easy. ns MY'lsT!:i;ioUS! A gentleman belcmeingto one of thu most ancient and wealthy families of 1111. i-ii),wiiu mum oe cn huovrn 10 numerous tnenett having t.nee the year 131, up to recently, been bent iitilv double, ami far several jcats confined to Ifu urn, iiHsDicnie.-toreei to gotel health lias regainod his natural erect 1 oitio:t and ha quitted Ins car riage and now walks with ease 1 1 We believe this is ihe'L'cn'.leiuan's own description as near as nnil,1. and tliercis no exaggerution 111 it. We will give tnqui' rers In address, ami elonbl not humane feihngs will Ihe liberty; so that any one doultmp, may know these facts though he requests his name mar not appear 111 print. Among other instances, Mr. Jas. (I. Reynolds, 111 Chrisiie-slrevt, has been restored, and will give personal assurances ol the facts of his case. Buih were ihctmntisin, and contracted cordi and I low lias this Ircn done ! Aniicer. Uu the Iivlian Veattnhle Lllxcr in- Urnally, and 11 u-cs' AVrre mid Hone Liniment cxlirnally. Jan. 1!0, lll. Sold only bH O.lH'J'OfA ,f. CO., 71 Maidm have, Xclc rl: n9 TIIF.O. A. PKCK & CO, Wholcilo Agints, a lew doors east of the Post Ol'.iec, Burlington, Vt. i'L wtr.'P. Q1 f( REWARD Ins hi en oll'cridfor months V t" any on who will use a bol,'. of Hi); s leiitiinent fur Ihe I'ilrs. without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no ona instance has it t ub d of a cure. Proof ove rwlaliuing to he bad where it ia sold. Itu also a certain cure ia marly case, (F.trrnnl!v,) in thrfu'lowing complaints. For ths riles, for all rirepsy, tender feci, sore throat, ly can cers nr ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head, Tightness of thechet, especially in children, foul ul cers of theltgs, or olhcr fungus sores, howeier obstr nateor Ion'! standing, Iresh wound, chilblains, etc. L' OU OFT. .Vomt sirinrilrrs hare immtcrfcitcd tlv's .irluh, and jmt it up villi tarioutt!cr-rc. Do not he tmpc'scd upon. One thinsr only vviM protect you it is the name of CO.MSTUCK if- CO: 1'iat namt tr.vl be nirai cn tlie t.-ro; ;irr, ur you may be 1 Imi. c-d. Do not forget it. Take tho direction witlr'ytxi.. nrd trst bv that, or never buy it 1 for it is impois'tllf:- ii( ,ii unit i in iu inir ur c inline. n'J IJ by COMSTOCli'.i- CO.. 71 Maiden I.ana. ,.- York. TIIFO. A. PLCIC it CO.. Wholsali N At Mils, a few doors east of the Post UUiee, ton. Vt. Burling- PEARL STREET HOUSE, BURLINGTON, Vl'liJIONT. J. tf. PL'I fiCE A most evcillent article for c 11112 old or voiim j"V persons of Pains and Rhcumatl"iii in the back or side, lieahng up sores, curing sum throats, swelling", ctc.,anJfur Ihe cure of ihe PILl'.S. It has not its equal, seldom or never failing to cure when applied co piously, and according lo direction, sold at Ihu Varie ty store, oy tuo uo.en or singio noiue. PANGBORN it BIIINSMAID. Ju'y 15, 1RII. nG ) riHI. petitioner states that she . 1 was married to tho respon dent on the '25ih June, IKi'J, that Miranda Churchill vs. ('bnrcbill. the respondent wilfully dcsciteil her on tho 20lh June, lS'W, nnd lift this stale, and from that time has afforded no aid nor support, nnd praying that the binds of matrimony betw een her and the respondent nny 1 n dissolved. ,.., It liivtnrf liecn inaue 10 appear mm 1110 s-"" f.n.ti. U.CIiittrhill, is without the mate of Vcrnionl.'.il n or. .i.n.i ,l.i ihn siilisianeflof said libel bo iiublihctl in the j-'reo Press, three wee ; successively, ine iai n which lu be mote llinn fitv d ivs biforo tlie -f"ton of tho court. Ar.d the said Llisln II. 1 liurciun is hereby sitiiimoneil to ntipeir neioro ino iipiciue r.,.i-l tr. 1m 'inblrii at Burlington, on tho Mnnilav next before tho first Titeslayof Januiry, 1812, in show cauo whv tne prayer ot saiu pennon suouiu not be granted. M, HF.NNET, 1 Jud"eof .Supreme Court ' Buflington, Vt. tignsl 13tn, IStl, HA'.OHS .IlMfY Hill. P. have just received r r a variety of linderrs an.l F.lhot's Fine RAZORS much liked by persons who slnvollienis Ives. PANCDOIIS Cs BftlNSM.VIO. C.OI.U M'ATflllJS JULY H(h. ui 1TTIJ ll.ivo lhi. week rn-rirnl V some leatrtfnl liiu.kcl f 'i-ic-f .)'"(!' ""uI" '"a'ches. s-V-Vff 1 ril"rl11 '"' rccHvu! id ii tilii, tin spring ami summer. Worn- I . lii'SA Inrii, tlin.1. .... .t.,.. n 11'.... 1. 0vk 1 , ;.ftJ ., ". " ..'"" .'"'I'"- .UV V .'..1'Sl,. inai we nru sc ins Ihpiu nt i- -v very low price-, and wc intend lo sell ns low mm lower man tin; saincipinlity of Watch i, can I" bought m Now ork or lltteri. Ween jrsjeto ;. asievrat snyrsts. IILXESUUIsCJII ACAI)i:.MY. ep!in Trustee of Hissii-roit Acndemv are hippy L to inform tho public, that tlu-y have obtained ihe Rr.v. Peoi.a Dcrkle, ns n pcm.inent leather. Mr. Diukre has becg engaged, for many years, in tho business of instruction, nnd has nu n, wherever lie Ins been employed, ample "atisfaciioti. He has suc ceeded, cp'.ctilly tn conciliating the confidence and all'eclions of his pupils, in nwnkrnng within ihem a tlntst for improvement, and m leidtng them to trt thoroughly, their own power". From hi tried skill and erpcrii n-e.liih expectation" are ctcitetl, antl it is confidently believed ibnt notio will bo diappointnl vvhoinayf.ivor the Institntiui with their patron.iiirtiy placing their sons or their daughlirs under his tuition and care. vv lulu it i" rvprcted that proper moral and ridigious instruction will bo givin, and a contnut nnd pater nal oversielil tnkcnof the depot tinent ot tin "indent, il is designed that the institution shall be kept fiom evtry ilunL-nf a recianan rbarnrler. The Academic year willbodtvideil into tvvoTcrme, rnmpriui" two nuartcrs each of 11 weeks. The first lerni win commence on vvitincsusy ine istdiyol September. There will be a vacation of two wnks at the elocof the first lVrm.atiil another of si weeks al ineenii 01 ine second. 1 ml ion fur common branrhrs will be 1,00 per quar ter. I or be 1,50. No inciden tal chatL'eS will betnarle. lt.nrii will he afforded in respectable families from SI. 25 101,50 per weik For lionrdtnc places, ufir rneomnv be liad to Jclediah Biiynton, O, S. Hoyi, Nalitnii Peek, ,n., Orlo J. Bildwin, Harmon I'ur tlitt, A. S Welkr, Joel Turrill. Mrs. Benton, Dau'l iioouvrar. This Institution is pleasantly located inn healthful, l1ourihinL' village. It liss now- liren 111 operation ntiotit sixteen vcars. and it" eoure has been steidtlv onward, never surleiied vvnn a nnoj ui scnoiars, never famishing for want of support. The Iiui'dum. situated on a deliQlilfui rmimnce nnd over-looking I lie whole village, is undergoing thorough repairs. Il will I o finished in a neat and fusluonable styls, so as to enmbuieelrjtrince wtth fo.iTenicne 1 irmcsburgh, 3d Augusf Bv. HAS lately rpeurd ihe above eslabb'hnient for ths rricptiiin ot families and travitllirs, gcierally, win. may visit tin pitri of i!:o Green Mountain stai, ami may 1 e cf naini a lew summer u.-, L. oiillbt' iici:r"sni;c height of B:.r m.-trn. 1 i.e Hotel 1 pac on nnd eimmo.iirii nnd ts situ atrd near the l'niverity, at tbehi'.id of Pearl-!., oni rt the mnl la-hiotta' le and ngnealle lhoiemrbl'arr in the town, comm.indinc nn etnive v.ew of Lak Champtain and the i.rroundingci ttn'ry. 1 lie view hum Hie western window, and piazzas nre unrivalled ly any unit." borders nf the Lake fc.r their nirscniiii fine and len-itv.anda'e, prolr.bly, no surpasseil in it e Ft nrd Mate-. In the luteins.1 anant.eiiieni i f the Ilott-r. everv rr yard lia-1 ccn paid to the iitnlorl 1 f lamtlir, 'who in.iyle aecenimi.l.i'i.l wnh privi'e parlors and thu es-rupat t Ikit'cr him. til that li e fiiriu.litnc of bis ln!lf nnd the afcnd.u-cr, nre such a to nit nt ibe n. Iirol aiii n cl iho-eLa le ami Gentlemen who mav favT bun vitth their iiatn-nae. I he S7'.lff;.S toand trom thcNorib. Ncrth.Fs.i and Fast pa-s tla Iv, and tc parties stontmic nt Bur linilcn, 011 their way to the White Mountain-, anl ilio-e tiavelluie m anv if the above i'ir.cti.n, mot leisure is allorle.1, as the .ai-r leivinc tnwn ca.l 11 1 itu. Ittin-e hail nn In.-ir later than at the Jlnois 111 ths luvurpart t f the vil'age. A ci.mlnrlai ir 1 nrnae altrnd rcgolarlv, rn It arrival 1 f the I oai-, vv uh ihestewsrd rf ibe mint, who w.ll la- e 1 h.irs.-e 1 f the 1 airirage i-'e. la short, no pains will I c spared 10 give taii-fariion tn all piiroiis, slid entitle tne buu to ihe turpi rt ff ths pn' Ic .V B. Wine, Corhal. and Lirpirr, ef approvtsd ipii'tly, kept nlvvny on hand, liot'c nnui-airiore irpt in read nefs fertile ae- eomin.s'atn.a ct smh amiv ri-tuiicthem. 11 rlmcion, J.ine iG, l?li, n4 ATAIIHH HMfl'I't MARSHALL'S SM'FF, I. still curincibr Catarrk an I ihevaio-ts di eires cf lbs hra I, a.vyrll as -orceves, In all parts nf the iiiuniry; and sustamtns the rqritaiioii which it has long since pained, of lung absolutely the best article of tho kind iu tha market. .... . Knh I oilleconlnin" three limr Ihrnuanilifof cnn .,f those which are iflered nl "ONLV 'I WKfcj y. FIVr CF.NTf'." Aid is lli.rrefore a minh tJ:-"ap,r, 9 will as I eifr arltcle. Fi r .1. ci. J. II. PFfK &, V.c. TI1LO. A. VH K .. Co. and Pn. KOJr. MOOPY. P.trlinr,ni J- 2! 1?1' if.ll

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