Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 17, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 17, 1841 Page 3
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r BANKRUPT LAW. " 0 call attention lo ilic new bankrupt law ')'! papur. It will bo scgii tlial niiy m ',viliiiil can liavu thu benefit of it as n debtor. !'d in a certain contingi'iicy process of Iknkrnptcy can bo commenced against u debtor by bis creditors. In either caso ilie debtor's propeny, if ho 1ms any, is equally divided among nil bis creditors. As it now, U the sharpest, thamott griping, and general ly tho wealthiest creditors, sitiz.o all the -debtor has ; nnd tho more forbearing, more generous and tho poorer creditors get noth ing. Where a debtor actually has nothing ; it is cruel to shut him up in j.iil : that will not enable him to pay, though it may bo tho means of extorting money from some goncrou f rio ud, who will pay tho dobt to got him out. But this is littlo belter than robbing an innocent and generous man. But suppose thn debtor has boon in trade, and is left his liberty, tho moment a friend aids him to begin business again, the old creditor strikes upon him. Ho is therefore kept out of business. To 1)0 sure he may saw wood, or work on a firm tor S12 a month, and keep his family oh" tho town, in that way, tut he can never pay h debt of thousands of dollars by the labors of his hands. The bet ter way, then, is to take what ho has and set him frco. If bo over gets the means, and is an honest man, ho will pay the debt, which ho never could do while the. old debt teas suspended over him like tha sword of Damocles. c POSITION OF THE WHIG PARTY. Our Tory opponents profess to sec, in thu disagreement between the Whig Party and the President, in relation to a Bank, signs of a general convulsion, which is to result in tho downfall of that Party and we nro sorry to say that there aro tlioso whom we number among our friends, who arc given to despond, and who gather gloom from every little reverse that occurs. They seem (o expect that every thing should go right and that, without any effort of their own, the whole business of the party should be con ducted just according to their Millions of pro priety. Without energy enough to have done much towards the achievement of our political victory without ncrvo enough to stand up in defence of the party when it is in danger they aro ever ready, with their raven voices and lengthened visage, to pro phesy destruction, mid snuff up ruin in every breeze. It would involve tho solution of a nice mathematical problem, to ascertain how many of these grumblers it would take to carry a political party into power, or to sus tain it theru after its ascendency was at tained. To all over-exulting Loco Focos, and over-desponding Whigs, to whom these pre tents shall come Bk it known, that the Whigh Party is in no danger. lis asci , . . aency is permanent, us supremacy, is complete. The open attacks of its enemies the insidious treachery of some few who have been supposed its friends cannot so riously affect it. The ereai bodv of the People, tho true Democracy of the country are tho W big Purty. They have bando themselves together for certain praiseworthy and patriotic objects. They are governed by a firm and holy resolution to kcrp together until thoso objects are fully attained. Willi tho strength of Hercules they overthrew thu accursed Power of Loco Fucoism. Thev relieved thu country from the Infernal De mon that ruled its destinies with a rod of iron. Now that they have conquered that Evil Spirit, they are resolved to keep a watch ful eye upon him, and see that ho does not escape from the den to which they have scourged him back. Tnr. Whig P.trtTr is SATE. No ONE MAN OS TUB FACE OF THIS Earth has rowtu enough to nncAK it down. Boston Atlas. Rule on Ruin is the countersign of that most unpatriotic body of men who constitute the minority in the two Houses of Congress. 'They have steadily resisted, during the Extra Session, every bill for its ob ject the prosperity and security of the coun try. Notwithstanding there is reason to ap prehend serious coll'nion with England in the very faco of the fact, that that arrogant power has been steadily strengthening her armaments and means of annoyance on tho American coast in spite of tho miserable and neglected condition of pur forts and gar risons in utter disregard of tho financial bankruptcy of the country, and of tho wide spread disasters of a ruined currency not n .i .. . . " - fa" in.ii.i, - repeat, that this most itnpatrintic body have I resisted every measure n.lcul.itnd to nl.ico ... i . ,i the nation "in the armour and attitede. nf defence," and to pronmlo the commer ial, ' manufacturing, and agricultural prosperity of the country. Itoally such conduct is ap palling! It argues that there is a canker at tho heart of our political institutions, which, unless speedily eradicated, must end in dcaih. This very party have been blowingtho flames of discord between this country and England during tho past winter aud spring, and yet have persovcringly withheld their sanction from every measuro calculated to arm and fortify the country. Tho Treasury was left by Mr. Van Biiren in a state of bankrupcy, and yet this patriotic band have refused, by their votes, to replenish it by loans or taxa tion. They have voted against every thing, however wise, beneficent, nnd useful how ever necessary to tho honor, interests, and safety of tho country. These arc strongl , . . : , I, ana serious mnic,, um imueniiimv s nirunuitv mav distort, mvsiifv. or discolor the subject, but wo predict, that wifr;f J ; ; ' ', ' will put the brand of reproach upon the mo- twet'aml principles of the minority nf the A,., .,..:., nf the. rrt,nl C.nnnrm ! first session of the X o Richmond Whig. The New Vokkeb, a neutral paper edited by Horace Greeley, Esq. has been discon tinued, and is sueceeded by tho New York Weekly Tribune, a political paper under b management of the jimo edition. FROM WASHINGTON. Correspondence of the Boston Alios. Wasiiinoiin, Sept. !', I -3 1 1 . The new Veto tnudo its ciqvctcd, lint nil un welcome appearance, today at Hi o'clock, and was received wilh the must cr.mnitndablc quiet nces. There wns not tho slightest disturbance even in the gnllericf, no imirincts of dissattsfac tion from the Whip, or of triumph from the Locon, fir. .Morrow, of Ohio, the Mereajro should he entered at largo upon the journal, anil that 12 o'clock toinorro.v should be aligned for its consideration by the house, and this motion was at once adopted ; but it is pt liable that tho subject will bo again postponed till Saturday, to give time for furlhor reflection on tho part of member, before entering upon so exciting a topic. It is anticipated that the debato will bo short and temperate certainly no advantage can be hoped for from violeiU do denuncations. I learn from high authority that Messrs Crittenden and Badger will resign their seats in the Cabinet tomorrow, and that Messrs Ewing and Bell will in all probability do the like, either to morrow ur at an early day there 'aftcr. These resignations will have tho un. pleasant effect, among others-, of delaying the session of co..gress, till the vacancies can be supplied by the President and Senate. It if Biid that the Vclo message was not so much a- laid before the Cabinet, and that two of the members of that Council were endeavoring to procure copies of it in the House tins morning. riiouiih there is no external tlisply ol angers, yet, of course the deepest diecenicnt prevail hroughout tho ranlss of the party whose hopes have been thus, frustrated. A great many names hrc flying about as appertaining to thon who are to fill the vacant posts, among which he most prominent aro thosa of Mr. Lushing, Judge Upbhur, ofVa, Mr McLean, of Delaware. and ll. II. Wilde, of Ga. Hut wo snail no have to wait long for satisfaction upon these . . i . -i r itr 1 points. It is now thought thai. ur ucusicrauu Mr Granger will retain their seats lor uio pre- pent. 7'ho Secretary of Iho President announced his approval of bills, making appropriations for ilm 1W Office, ilonartment. for the repairs nf Fortifications, for tho removal of Greenough's statue, and for extending tho franking privi lege to Mrs. Harrison. Tho Diplomatic bill was taken up by the Committee of the hole, (Mr. Mason of Ohio in the chair,) tho question being upon concur ring with the amendments of the senate the first of which strikes out the appro priation for the Neapolitan legation. Mr McKeon was in favor of concurrence, on the ground that Naples had no Minister here, and that this wan a suitable case for retrench ment. Messrs Adams, dishing, and Wise took the opposite side, contending that the state of our comnmrcical relations with Naples, initio it highly desirable that we should bo represented at tint court, the more so because it had rent no Minister to us, and that this branch of the public Forvicc, being in no way liable to abus e d.d not call for the pruning knife. Mr .Stanly al so supported the mission to Naples, but directed his remarks chiefly to Mr. Wise. They invol. ved some charge of incone .ntency, but seemed to be such as could bo best understood by the parties immediately coiicerueJ. 7'he conse quence of this was, that some minutes after Mr Si. ceased, and while the discussion was quietly going on, .Mr Wise was observed to gtriko at Mr S. with Ins clenched list. The blow was parried and instantly returned, and while thi lively operation was going on with increasing vivacity, a pugnacious croud instantly gathered a'jout the combatants, endeavoring to separate them, and with that design, furiously fighting and tugging among llieitieelves. Tho Speaker tool; the cliur. and despatched the sen-earn-at- arms to still the tumult. Cries of order were .-eileratcd from all bide?, and in the mcaivvhilc those in the melee were push-ng and hustling each other, clambering upon tho seals and ta- blef, and getting up small fijiobilitm scu!lle, until the timely interference of Mr I.owi", of Ala,, whose gigantic bulk formed an impene trable wall between the opposing forces, put a period to the disgraceful tumult. Order being then with difficulty icbtorcd, Mr. Wise rose, and hunbly begged pardon otthe House for the breach of order which he had committed. Ho Ind stepped to tho seat of the gentleman from N. C to remonstrate with him upon the re marks which he had made wilh reference to himself, and after an excited conversation, he had been betrayed, by the utterance of language lo which be could not submit, into an act ol violence, which he regretted with 'eolinga of the deepest shame aud contrit.on. Mr Stanly said he had no pardon to ask. When it catno lo that jwint with him, he would rcsi"i. or bo expolled his scat. The gentlcimn from Va., had not comu to rcnvwrate with him, hut to scold him in a most offensive) man ner. He had told 'he gentleman that lie did not w ish tif hear any sucn language. The gen Jcuian lud requested Inni to go into Iho lobby with him, but lie had replied hy telling him to take his own course he wished to have nothing to do with bun. The gcntlemin then said he was beneath his Contempt, to which he retorted "You are a liar." Mr Wi-e. "Tint's not the fact that wa not the word." Mr S. "It was me w orn, anu i am re ' the w ord, and I am ready to make oath of it.' (K. u, tiiuj tiiould bo iincu as unpnrtont, i; bem;,' a tm e ques'ioii .iiuon' ll.e 'chia:rou,'' w, ''o flr.t mor'ai uiiVont, and a deer sie one, lots iuie';ard to l.'.o next questun oftllli iire.0-,ters blull send llmclulleaj;C and which shall lu-.e Ins choice of "ri.vins." u thev call them on the other Bide of the AI.e 'ha nies.) Mr Andre A's, of Kj called the Hous to or der, and insisted that tho lale gladiatqrs should tske their tuatf, which was done. .Mr Ingeifoll then ufiered a resolution, providing for the ap pointment of a oommitteu lo invd&tiatd and re port upon tho subject. .Ur Andrcwb moved to lay this resolution on llie table, to allow him .to' introduce .another, was read by the clerk, and which pruti ded that Mr Wise, bavins been, by his own confession, uuilty ofau as-ault upon -Mr Stan. Inv. while the House was in committee ol'-.lhe Whole, and against the rules, ifcc. should bo ex. pclled Iroin tun seat, -nr A. said no nau some exnerience of these rommillces, who were cs. sentially humbugs, and he was sure the whole would end m smoke il tho rominiuce were appointed. All the facts worn before tho House, then and thoy could act at mice, anvdilliijultv M uncertainly. The motion m I. - .r . -. i lay n the tabic was repciou, however, and l is first resolution was pasted, after which the Houso again went into Couunittee, ijeeply sen tublc nf the disgrace u Inch had been inllicle. ; upon their owm bo.ry antl llie country.-Tl.o " House rcfured to concur with thn amunJineut , r(!iaii2 InN.mlcs. and concurred in that which jives a ' litiunal pay M tho officers of the two ! trnnches for their-cxtra .abor the pres. cut session. 1 Ir.s latter was opposed uy .li Warren, of Ga:,and supported hy Messrs Ad am. Fillmore, Hopkins, of Va., and l'rollil. V'iio ameiiKiuout was further amended, on motion ot .Mr Tillmghast, by inserting an appru. priation of S170, lor printing and binding cat. alogucs of thu library. No further difficulty is expected to grow out of th outrageous iracw uovo-innuonso, uu 'iii'tor of tlm rnmkVtin'x ,pm supposed lo he a , 'i ed in .1 . i.i I y t'U Chih tifi'., wht'h, linn ever, wen. d"iil v ciU'li want ol st,nl or -f v ,.'r, Ih it tlii"x' a.ipc n J nn deep traces of 'hem afterwards, whub, cerU' , im a rheum, stance much to ho No kuno.J or pis. lols were drawn in Iho melee, and only one catic as brandished, and tint hut for a moment. rinse who saw Iho rencontre between llynmn mil Garland, describe it to havo been a mere rifio compared Willi the outrage toda. NOTICE. A full and punctual attendance of the members of the Hurlingtnn Acn cny of .Musi", is requested, at llirir usual placo of meeting, on Tucshy evening next, nt 7 o'clock, for t lie purposo of framing by laws, and transact ng other impt?rtniit business. J. 11. 1 10WR Sec. Pro. Tern. CONSECRATION. Wa aro rcqu-stfil hv iho Itovd. J. O'Calbfilmn to n jtil'y I that l!ilinp l-Vnwiclt, of Uoston, will perform Iho suit inn nuiwcrnlimi of thu new Calhohn Church in this town, aud adininiitir then-in t'io sicrami-ntof c inlirmation on Sunday tho 'id day i f October and al'O sivu confirmation in St. Alhan's, on Tuesday, tho fifth ofsimc month. J. O'Callaglun would respectfully remind the sev eral Homan Calholirs inclined lo approach that ia. erament that they should rekindle in tlcir soul tho love of God and of his holy law, with a clear sub stantial knowledge of the whole Christian doctrine, and especially of confirmation i prepare the way of the Lord anil mnkc slrnicjht his paths f . r thn recep tion nf ihc Spirit of Truth nnd his .even-fold pilts which arc abundantly pound down upon the worthy receivers of confirmation : Acts VII I, 17. "Then they, Peter nnd John, laid their hands upon them midllu-y rereived the Iloly-Ohost." won d remind ihem they should put off the old man of in, alter through the help of Hod's fitnee, the crooked wavs ofihn world, and of thn fle"h. into tho straight and s-ilutnry pnths of the Goprl. nnd wnh away every stain anil vestige of sin in the holy tribunal of pcn'incct John -., "As me i-aiiuriiaiu sent " ino, I nlso send you ! roctive ye the Itnly Ghrntj " whore sins you ball retain, they are retained." Even if llie ihfileld of our unfortunate davs mako morkiry of the "pardon of ems ly man," rta the .Scribes and Phnriws d'd, sayinc: Whn is this who sneakrih lilapheinv ! Who ran foreive sins hui t'ol done 7 Lcrc V, 21. the t'ntholio slioul l not be thus dunned nut of lui fai h, b t should rather admire the Boodnes nn I mercy of Chnt .lesus for havinj; inslitiited th u henvenly liver in wlneli fallen man may wash luiusrlf fioiu the filth of tin. AN ACT OV Oil VTITL'DC. The Reverend Jereiniih O'CnlliL'han likes (jrcat nlcasure in relurnini' thanks on behalf of tho Unman Catholics of Hurlinston, to the nanvo eilirens, for their kindne s in yranlin? us ever since the destruc tion of our church, llircc. 'years niro, Ilia free use of the Town-I louse, to perform Divine Serurc j nlso for their liherct donation towards the erection of our new church, now mushed. H air if fi o dl In Colchester, on the filli inst. hy the Ilevd. Mr. Taylor, .Mr. Win. It. Joshn, of Wcstford, to Miss Mary 11. Unchain. In Colchester, Vt., Atipt. 30, D.inirl Munson, aged 05 ears. Primers in Ohio arc requested, Ac. In Colchester, Stpt. 10, Mrs. Elizabeth Hrowncil, nyed 81 ycats. FALL GOODS N. LOVELY fc AT Co's. JUST received, and now o)i-ninij for sale, a lull Assortment of Goods, adapicd to tho season, such as : Printed Saxnny cloth, a great variety Alpackas, nil kinds, plain and fisuicd I'n ncli a id I'.nalish Mcrinocs, fi'jured and p'ain Pl iin hilt nnd ti"tt mourning and half-mourning JIj isscline-dedanio Plain, fiiney and fipured ditto Plain white sittin. "strip;d challys Plaid nioussehne-de-laiue, a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints. September, 10, 1S41. 'IjpnilOrt Carimcres O F.irnli I'n-, cj.ittuiei- Ilroa I cioih-, at a great largafn Cu-ineii. 10 h SVp'einicr, 1311. Looking Glasses, 17Itt'NCH plate anJ pi.t framo. L ALSO A general ai-strimutu of Herman Pla'e, cfce. At Sep-emler 10, 1311, N. LOVKLV A Co. 07" NEW SILK GOODS.-0 PIII.I.P.S & KIMtlALL, 71 Stale Mrvei, llo-trn, hue re.eivel ili-,r K.ul v nply o, Silk Cionna em' raeins a comp'e e a-ortmoul of 't-liiuua! le and de-iruulo nilules in their line, to wlneli lliey invite llif alteiuii n of i,ireh.i-cr-, l"c r Ca h, or on -hurt ri' ip, to whom ihev w el lr -o.M al the lowe-l ni ir- f' nr'ee . Their a--.rtiueul ion-1'ls in nrirl of ihi follownvj ar'n'Irs: ) .syn-hi'Wx an I nr-net , lli'r and I I .i I lack, urn' di Swi'v, Plain nn.l n h figM ro' i'i ian e-. Merino and cloak tu'r lleok and Sui-s innJins. S'uwl- of all kins'-, Knney handkerchief, and arT . in ercni vnrlivv. Chine -ilk- of all Wind Pjickei lundkcnh.ef- of -i npej nn I in;M Hep, Slt. all I.111I-. oenne sill; aim I.incn ciiuil rie ami cam- I lorent terge, crepe li- 1.111 .rrelnel. ce. Iiali'an & Freni h er.iv.n-. Plain and fig'd ann e-t-ins-, Hlk, bliii-b'ark aud col',. I ouil it z ue , Hlknull.luc-hll; silk vel Plain au.l (ia'J mou..e!im de lame, Kiheniu-, prinle.1 Sax n if, 31 30, 3?, dO inch, jIoio-, men'., women's & 0 il Iron's silk, l,ck, nnd woolen, Itihl nn-,eap, I onnet, 1 tit, t.if'a and - a 1 1 1 1 . rJalloon-, French and F.n- cli-h line nh1 on-, wwiiir -ilk, iwi-t,, eonl-, &e. i;e. Uo-ton, Septender 1, 1311. . Gw. NEW GOODS. A CiI.M-.nAI, a- oronein 1 n l.e firm nt Sinwrr XA. I'AHLOW New- :( ra at Pulls. S-.itemliT 17, IStl. PROTECTIVE SYSTEM, Cl l.OI US lif .upenor li 11. h an ld. ratio colors jnt I ma iiifdcturi'l I v the II rlinirtou Iill Co. Ibr sn'e li thnhnic-l price-, at Ibij New Sore, Wmoo.-ki iY-t by Sejiteinler, 17, 1811. SID.NKY IiAItLOW. IARLWFLI.'S "HOLS, n new n.rerimeni, i,t 1 re.rivol, nt tho .New Store, Wmeo-ki Fall-. SIDNEY UARI.OW. Septem) cr 17, 1811. 7w. TO SPORTSMEN. PrnrilSSION GUNS, powder lta-k-;dou'.le and rinple rhoi I clis, pereur'ion rap, pow.'er nnd ho', eon-iandy on hn3, lor rale at the Hardware lore of R. MOODY, Sep'cmlir 15, IS11. I''jji-t.. ;'AIH)L".I',Y AND COAril HARDWARE J A l ir.'e nu I f.'cn 'i I ns orlineat of Coai li Hard wiire nnl Ssildlery, ihit iim'h ns si the llarlware s ore J rnrn of the P line' , eornrr of Co'leue anl Ch i pc -1 i stieits, nn I f. r.ralewhi h"a'e nn I retail, I v SepiemUr 15, 1S4I. ItOI'KUT -MOODY, HARHWARE. TIIl Mrli-criler i- ni w reieivin; l.irije a Mipons in hi. nir'k of .helf HAHDWA Itf", eMn,iriins nearly every nr iele m ihc Hue I rr'gli at llie prereut low prn e ; and y.'hic h he o-ler- for ale at who e n'e .in I re ml ni n -inn'l a !n ue fro-n eot for ea h ; hi the i Id ota I' i hl llarlware Store, nVn of thel'ud In. k, vomer of Church 4ml Ccillei-o r'rrei. KOIIKKT MOODY. Uurhniton, Vt., Septem'ir 15, 1811. PETITION TO SELL LANDS. Rttb ov Vkrmikt, ) ATarcs ion of ihe Probate Ih n-i ol Chitiiiidin, ( Co irt, hrl l at R irtuis'nn web n nn.l f ir the Di.-ri.'i nf Ch.pen !en, oi, the It li day ol. Se iieml er, 1S1I, fir orue H. Irlnm rf Slit.. h one in the eo in'y of Chipcn len, euardmn of .Mary IU'1 mil Lru. Hal, I olh of Parmn, in lheMn'io,f Miehiunii, I'euiHle infants under, the ao of cifiMmi ) ear-, hn vine h'ed iif iai.1 einrl hi- petition in w'ri m eiime lordnha the raid .Mary IIjII is M"ied in her own richt iu leo of -u acre nnl rmy.(oiir rol.if Un I lyinem at I Shelh irne and thai ihe ra'd l.oi II ill is reijol i f six a -rc- and ixiy.lo ir rod- 1 1 land -iltin'e'iu ni I .sihel'iiine, .'em the ..ime. lands ,ci o-it to I hem '' eoi'iini -inner a -pr.iu'tyl I y raid pro 'aieei.un lo ma'o uion i l ihe e.iaie i.fJir.ih Irham, h'u if raid H'lep.iinie. iVn(,sl, ntninz ,hc l.eir nn I repri.' e.i nine- of the he r lo su.l f,in,i. ns ihe raid word- iKiriiun i r rharrs of the real e 'ii,', of the rai lilisiMM-li'iltal a rn'e of rai.l bin I. uo. 1 1 Leeo'i'fueiir to 'lie mitre-t of raid war,1-, I y puiiinc ihe. prin cid.i'l mi. Ii H'eal m'ere-l, nn I jiruyinc raid eo'iri toll, en.e nn l e ii io'ier him to re'l raid hui Ir nireea' lv to ihe da u'e 1 1 mi h ea.n made and pro.' v VI. Where ij.imi, l,e eonr' nfore-n .1 .mill apf.oini the w?ihi. ilny ol O 'Mil er, I3I1, lor lienriii' an I i'e oilinijoii .aid iie i io,, a' the ol'iie if ihe rc.'i-U'r nf raid eourl iu llurlinifion, mid doth on'i r 'hat all per 'i ns in'crc-ie. le notilied thereof Ty puHieniioti if thi order, eoiiiamui'.' 'lie ruli.iniice id and pe'inon ihiee wiu'.s ie u-sive'v m tl. Il.irlinston Frit! Pre-. a newpair pnn'ei in llurlhu nn, the la-l of which pill licn'ions to le prouois lo tai l ncundd.iy of Oii lolcr, 1311. linen un.ler my hand nt Huilington afore,i'kl, ihls lllh dsy id' Sepicinl i r, 18-11. HI.Ort'TION. Mil. WitiTNr.v Thi- gcnllfi, mi's testimonials are sat "iiu toiv He lectures Monday livoi.u at. the Court House Ilia illiir.trations will be from 1 tin siilihtiicst efforts of Webster, Haync, etc. SHU BILLS. The Patent Portable Itedttcil CI A N 1 e m 'V I from room lo room or o II ol the 'timer in im eel' lire, without Inking down or loo ening the cord, is moreca-ily ict up, and thi-cnrd liirhlincd wilh le- tro il lr, and i a 1'onlel al n' o'lt the -nine pricunsihu old fi hiiniel IkiNliil. Call at my S!ni and -ie itj it i n enriniily worth looking ill, nn 1 1 crlnpi yon will think it wur h h tyni. Cailin'., Lane, sii-pl. 7, 1HII. 1). K. P V.NOllOit.S. .IU. T ARRIVED. 1?nKStI Soda Crackers in fine, Order nnd for Silo hy It. AL GIMDI.N'Uj. Ac. sept. 4 u. TM nijain in market with his Xcw Goods, mndonp from ii lection of nil tho varieties to bo found in New York, an J at such prices for cash as w ill suit tiujcrs. Kept, b, mil. FAMILY GROCERIES. H SON SKI.V, young hyson, nnd old hyson Teas, lonfond brown supars, pepper, spice, cin per, starch, tobacco, raisins, prunes, CnIishcitrrants, Uio nnd Java coffee, soap, Ac. &c. Kor salo cheap ui uie iiuniuQiou iusn oiorc. Sept. 3, 1811. S. L. IIEMUCK. L. MASON'S TUSlCAI. KXnilCISKS. in largo type, for 1X Suiijinix Schools, for sale, b Sepi.9, 1S41. A. KHAMAN. fX? 11 ROAD CLOTHS 0 cunAr I ciii'.ap! ciieai' I TUST opened hy K. M. WmoiiT & Co, a larye nsorlment of liroad Cloth", which are offered to the puhho cheaper than cur. P. S. Call and sec. September, Olh 1811. 250 VAKDS 5-4 TOW CLOTH, Just received hv E. M. WRIGHT -Si Co. jtcniber, Olh, 1811. ID NEW FALL GOODS. .a ONLY six days sinccthey purchased in New York, Poiiaus, plain, chine, nnd bit., muslin de lame, plain satin, striped and black challys, Km;lish and Krcneh incjinoes. blue nnd black scarfs, silk shawls. and dress handkerchiefs, chine scarfs, Palmyra and dres9 hankerchiefs, buhbinctt and rail-road lace, thread, tilff mil and injecting Idk and col'd silk nel hiss, wor ti d niidoilk cIoms, chine, I onnct an I neck ribbons, blue and black cro do wi, colored Poult do Soic, striped nro d'Afrinue and black Mantioni siiks, bonnet silks and sirsncls, col'd crapes ami rrnno lace. F.iiLdish. I'rene'n nnd Aiiuriecnu nrinls, black nnd col'd cashmere nnd merino worsted hose. hhfk, hluc-bhck and 1 lite broad cloths, fancv cnsi incre ami s.itlmcts, sun velvets, dark vtstmtis, lilench (Ollonsand cambric brown shirtins. nnd sheetinrs. candle wick, batting and waddinsr, red and white tlmnelfl, liril ticlnnqs, canvass padUms, buttons, silk twist, thread, Ac. Ac. Call and examine ihc cooes and prices at tha liurhngtnn Cash Store. 3d Scpkmber, 1811. S. L. IIF.rtniCK. STATF. OF YKHMO.NT ( Al a Pro' ate Court Di.TnicT or CulTTr.sDr.N s ( holden at ll irlinirlou, wi'lun and for llie di-lrict nlnre-aid on llie fimrih dav ofepicui' er, A. I. 1311. an inlrmient purperlino to I e tin' la-t will anil Ic-iatuent olJalez rcuniiujn, lalo of Cot luMer m aul Disiriel. deeea-e-l. wn- ere enteil to the Cii'irt here for Prol a'o, I yCirithya Pen niuian, John .loiiu-on, aiu Luiticr 1.0011111, tae uxec iiler- therein named. Therefore il is ordered hy Mini Co irl, that rublieno lice I u iriven lo all perrons concerned Iherein to appear lefoio the -aid l;oirt, nt n s"-9ion there of lo le hnlden nl llie Ileiri-'er's Old e in U ir u on the h day of Setitember A. O, lSll.nnd conie 1 me proi ive 01 an will, aim 1! is I inhcr or ilerod thai Uii orler I e ivihlisliu.1 thriN" weeks Mine nveiy in the ii'irlinzion t iee I're . a new-nnner limit cl nl U irhiisioii, 111 llii S'ale, the la.t of which ahull t e prcvio i 10 tne uav a-snrnvJ lor hearui!; Given under my hau l, at the Itetri-ler's 0(Ti"i, tin im nay 01 .-vpl- A. 11. 1S11. Win. W e-to.v, Kv.-i-ter. FOR SALE. A dwelling hoii-e an 1 lot -ituale.l at tho head of Pearl tt reel, owne.1 and occupied I y die lale C. Suvc-an-e. I'or parliejlar enquue i,f ihestils -r' er on the premises. Sept. 10. K. SICVKP.A.NCK. TlTAUiKILLrs Quit-, 8-10 II an I 12 qr. liJL Rii-sia -heelings, I rnwn nu t Meaeh'd Iri-h linens Linen enml rics and handkerchiefs Worked collars H-iw silk and other figured shawls Iti.di laie iciU Fittell do do -cans Silt- frine.for shawls, &ic. Fi'd and plain rub silks lor drove.", of la!o-l s'yle Lad.e- fancy traveling 1 n-let, a new nrtieic. Uy N. LOVKLV i Co. PeptemlerO, 1S11. STATU OF 1 lt.MO.NT, ) The Hon. the Pro! a'u DisTi.iCT of ciiittkndes, ss. 1 Ci urt 0 r the IhslriLt f I h 'te.ideu : Tu.ill per on-loiiiernisl iu the esnee of John Van Sickltn late of Hurlinston in rail di-inef, i'e,r,i-e.l, lillLLI'LMi : WHldtKAS John Va'nSickhn (late junior) Adm'r (dlliee-;a e ol's.ud iliie.i e I, propo-e to render an neeo int of hi-adinini-lr.inon, and pre-enl hi- ae- conn! ai.'.iinsi raid eia'etur exatiiiiiaiiou nnanuow nnce ai n v -ion ol'ihe Co irt of Prol ale, to I e holden at the Reiistcr'-oiliie in li irlinguui, on tho lir t Wtslne day id October next ; TiiEiicFinc. Y. ii .ire hi-iehv nntillol 10 appear 1 e- fore rani einiri nt tlie tiino niul ptnie afnre aid, nnd sliowi-au-e, il any vou nave, wuy llie necouut ttlure' -aid shoild i.ot I eilflowe.1. Oiven under my hand nt Burlington, this 15th day ot tfcpteiuler A. D. lbJl. WM. WESTON, Htsiiter. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T n probate Court nisTiiicT or cimTENDcy, s e S holden nt Uur hnlon within nnd for th; District nforisnid on the 13lh d y of Sept. A. D. 1B4I nn instruiiiiiit purport ing to he the la-t will ami I cstaniint ol roily .notion la c of Williston in said District deceased, was pre Fcnledtolho four lure for Probate by John Van si' klen the Kxrcutor thcriin named. THERal'ORI'- it is orthreil by said Court, that mitilie notice be nit ell to nil persons concerned thirciu loapptar before said Couu, at a sess.on ihcreof lo ho liolili n nt the llcgisier'sofniem said llurlingion on Ihe first Wednesday ol Octoher A. I). lHtl, and contest ihn nrnlinieof said Will, an I it is further ordered thai tliis order he publihiil ihren weeks sueeersivelyin the llijrlinnton r rce I'icssanews paper punien ni uur linpton. i.'i.lhis state, ihe last of which shall be previ mis in i hpihiv nslcned. as aforesaid forhinrinLf. Riven under my hand nt tho Reeistcr's Omci this 15th day of September A. D. 1P11. WJI. WESTON Regitter. THIS FALL,. hnvc received a variety of New Goods, amons which nnv be found the following atlidcs : (lold and finer, icier watcnes, Gold and silit r Lepincs, Silier, Enshsh nndQuarticr watches, ll.nss eloiks, with innhogany cases, German alarm clocks, Cameo, JIoair, painted and monnimr; pins, Jet, chrvstnl, inpaz, and oilier pretty gents pins, Fine colli, plain, chased and scale lings, Gol.l ttntclr-bcys, silver pencils, Purse rmss, steel pens, .... I'.aji do Cologne, and nil nthrrkindsof perfumery, iiu'ile de Antique, nnd either hair oils, jnyiu's celc' rnled hair Ionic, Wards vcsctnble, and the Macassar Oil, Toot brushes, orris tooth wash, mcar-roufe, Atkinson's depilatory, Teinpciaiiee and Sablmh school medals, Fine sirnw nnd motocco travelling baskets, Wosicnholui's knives, lJritnnn-i tumblers, jo cups, w ilh handles, Sit phen's blue rit nc llluids, Cooper and Phillips' black ink, I'.naineleil visiiine cards, chilk crsyons, Pocket iuk-sinnds, red wafers, Jlewolintn saucers, ptnk saucers, Cohen's and other fine drawing poncils, 0-bom's fino water colors, Stcwnil's do do do Ilrisiol hoard, Tiss e pa er, all colors, liiitol hoard. Ilrimnnin Spoons, Counler brushs, I'restnn salt. Pcatl jiowdcr, Illack punrd (hains. An ' n vsrielv of fancy articles Gjods Selliiui cheap, Friends and customers are invited to call at PANCRORN it BRINSMAID'S. STKAVr.D OR STOLLN. TMtOH the eni'hi'Ure of ll'i.oii Tonilinen, in Riehnif nd, en the niehl i f ihe J h in t, a hshl (rev .Mnre, with w Id'e lun n .in I tail, lifiien or nx; tivrt err ohh Wlioeur will tei im aid m ire it five iiiformaiun where rhc may lo fumid rh.ill le lileriil'v E. D. Kl.MIIAl.L. l'iide'ihill,..Vpl 15. IS 11. FARM FOR SALE., TT'OIt Sale a farm, consisting of about one hundred . and fiflien ncresof land well siluilrd on iho main road from Ilincsburgh lo lluilinetoii On the premises theres nreenod buddincs andchn cefiuit.Thcnri'nertv will ho sold low. For further particulars enquire of aept. if, ij. u, isiiAii, aneiourne, i. Statu or Vermont, I A Tn Pro1 n'el'our! liM'l of t h irn 'en ) J nl II in iiti il w i Inn iiilnr a il I ir l I' eujen cm 'he 3 I u rifn Ail" I I ., I). 13(1, Ilumn, C. Ilih, ol'Cli.ii tr In Iho eo'itilv it I liiiifin'i n. who I- "' Jntue Urea enrulsc s.l" - nl Charlonr, a minor tinker llie no of twciiiyiine viar , Invin hhil in .n'l eo iri Iih pcii'iun, icitiua' forth thai lu , aid ward I teiuM un i pu e ii in in own new, in ire ol ine followuiqik' cribc Iparitl of I h Ina in ml H'nar lolti-, vir. I'uurtcvn n re if ' Ivlim ihu alnl hindjct i H to him I y a commit! o appoint? 1 1 y ni I Prn' nlj. I ,1 In Im. i. r. .lii.j.l. III... l-tnln 1.1 .lonatliiii UrcaU nridjre l.ieol aid Cliarlntlc dci-cai- eil. aiiMiuc tliu he r tlioriol'i aho one en ia! fcxih parlof nnu li.ilf of Iho hni. ennd one lxih oart of two llur i of llie I nriM nn I nil oilier I uiMiniM Hand in R on tlie farm of the said dcii'.i id) mil that -nit ward u aUo sc zeil of one en ml tiivlivl.V! mk'Ii part of tlm rovers 01 ol the wl low do.viior innhl I'-in'e I ".'ink: n' o it 2'J aei-e ol .-ind lireaUiinri! I.irin, niw htil'illUL' iLiTeoii flii. Ii v i'rn nl.ti seV n il liV a rout' inifte,ipjiiiuiO '.y sai I court, at llieiUWner ol Pid'y llrci! cnridiio, widow of Iho -.aid I'ecra i-l, mi l thai ii mleol' hi 'aid wnrd' inieru-l in Mud land, ntul pren'.i-u, Xvould roud ue to 111, let lirwest, nnl lirivniS sail eoirt fur i-cn-o lo c lie fniee. Whtreunon tho eourtnfore ai.ldoih ainiuinl iLo 27ili lav "f A..)!. 1811. f.r lie. inn i a"uJ dcoidimr on taid liuiilion nl iKo Ite'ji-ler' Odleu in said llurliuntou aud clot Ii order lliat all ncron in'eru.te'l I e notifnil tliere oi uy puincaiinn 01 iiu srjcr, coniaininif niesiiii lonce ol said netilu u. three weeks siK'ee-ivelv in the oiininifion tw ire, a newspnper printoil m tnio ii iriinRinn, tneiit 01 winch pin nraimns to i,e pre ViOM-totlmntid 27lh dav uffV'iit. ISM. mien unutr my nana bi saw uuriingion tins "JU.n lay ot Auguit lau. Wji. WISTO.V, nei?ltcr. State of Vermont. ) 4 Ta Prnbale Court held Dl-lriel of Clutienden. I J V nt ll'irlimr'nn within and for saul Di-lru t of I'lnilen 'eu 011 the 30 b day ol A is 11, -.iou.zri naiiol u.,ar ot 0, m iiiev.o n lv of t''ii, wlioi- ir lardiau of.lohn S. Uieak enridee, Newell lireakennilire and (llie- llreal.ciiri 'ire a ot fntd Ch.irlolte. minor clulilren ol Jtmullinu Ureatciiridire, Ma ol saidC 1 irlolte, d"oi-nl, Inv- ini lilcil in -aid eonrl his nelilion in U'rituie. scl t f n tr furilitliat the said John S. N teizud in hi own rilu 111 feeol al out ten aero, ol Innl. in two nnreel-. of one sixlh nan of one h ilf of the ho i-e and oik ixlii part ol two third of all the l nrn nnd oilier buildiiiift. stindiuetin the Itrcakcnridj:c I.irin in -aid Charlotte 1 lliat the said Lowell isnUosvized oleleicn and on luurili nere ol aiJ I.irin and ol ono nxlli part of one half of llie Imi-e uud one ix'h nart o two ill rds of the I arn. and nil o her huildinys Ham! in.' on -aid farm; llialllit:aid (J1I0. 1.. -cized ol twehe an I one loiirth acres 01 aid unn ami 111 e nxm one half of lliehou'C uul ono sixth of two llnnl" the barns and all ether liiiildines on laid farm, Iciur the nno laud, an 1 prcni-e whih were cl 1 ut to -aid -cveral wanl l.y n eotnniiitee appoin'cl I y said eonrl to mil e a divi-ion of llie K-lnle id I lie nld, ilerea-e-l, as tneir shares if said I-.-t itc t lliat saul waril are al-oea'ii pevcr.1 'V -iMzeu 1. 1 ono enual ixth nart of the reverion of the wtl dower in nid l.-iale, I einir nl out 20 aere of aul farm, and hiulihits-. which land nnil le ildinsr w nl-o set out hi a einnuiilteo aniioinied bv -aid court ns the dower of Polly Pica enridce, widow of Ihc aid ih".ea-ed, and reiiie-entiii!; thai a ale of vnV wnnls inlcre-t 111 aid laml and nreiui-iM would cuii iIiii ij lo their I e-t iu'ere-t, nnd prnvins nid court fur lieene lo -ell the mtere-t id' said .everal WHrd iu aid Und au.l prene-e. Where mon iheeo in amn -aid dath appoint the 27'h day ofSvp'oml it, 1311 lor leu 1111.' 11 ml ileenunir 011 .aid nelilion nl llie uili of the Iteci-ler of raid court in iud llur instnn, ami doth ordertlutali per 11. in'cie-'cdl c nolil-oltherci f hy p iMieation ol'the. order conuiniiK' the ul'rlaie a oi' nid pe'ilion, llireo weeks smveivc!v, in the It'irlinclon Frit.' Pre-st a ne'.i -paper priu'e-i in said II irlincUHi, llie lal ol which pu' licnniu to le pre vious to rani 2". h day of Septem' er, 1S11. Civen under inv hand at said Il irliii'oil this 30 h day of Aiijii!, 1311. Wm. WHSTON, R.:?i'er. BALSAM OF 11VEHWOHT, Ob-erie w l.en vi u bnv that Votcot ll.e cennine, prepare-l at 375 Uowery', New York. Pre that 37a IIowrryNcv York is on thu wrapper of eu"h lhiUie. All o'h'ers are Fraud, and sold only ly rpeeil.lK.r-, without reard .o pi-iiee, to the public, or the proprie tors of Ihe genuine arm le. FOR Crnsiiuption, and Liver complaint', Dvpep ns, dizziness of the hea I, lo-s of appetite, Dy.-cn-larv, and trencral re'il.i'eriil tho whole rv'em. Sone ceu'ime t ut lliat prepared at 37.1 llowery, New York, u here the ani le was (I p-t ma le, thu clnr nc eriflhe mc heme feruieil and e-lahhsliod I y the pre-cnl sole prepr:c'Or, and whonre the only perrons knowinst the com position of the eenuino, I i has I ecu u-e-d siicee fnl'v fur ei'ht years in Ihe eun.' of these dtsea-es. "Cyitemeini t r iho oniiunl and OeiiUMe is made only at No. 375 llowery, New York. All others are e'o interll it. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa ceneral rcme'y for the e d se.ise-, I urn f Hy ratidiu I, from Ions experience, there is no medicine cpialioDr. Taylor'- H ilrsin of Liverwort. Ileins pure y vegetable, it can beo.-ul w it It the uluio-t -afe'y l.y ad pc.sems iu every con htion. It cleti'e. the hniffs by expectoraiiun, relieves ilunoiilt hieallunir, niul -eeiiis to heal the clie-t. There can I e noque-tion but llii meiheine i-a cer'ain iure lor i Itronieco mhi and cold-. 1 haie iee.1 it lo ir vear- in inv practice. and alwav-wi !. e... . F ItOfiLUS, M. 1). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Tayioi's II. i :tn i f Liverwort to le aiertam reme-tyfor Ibis complaint, a. 1 bale uc! r iiiy-ell'und found iti- e'evts nn unine-dinte. I wa m'ich Iro ilJcd until I ma 'o u.f'ol'tliis niheine. M. L. IIFNSIIAW. 211 .M.imrin -t. Hoar-cncs I'tuel For the euro if hoar-ene-s 1 can stronplv reecommend Dr. Taylor's l!a! am of Liv erwort. I lnie not onlyluiind c'reui lenetit mri'T, hut nuny of my eoiifreiraut n I v my re.voinme'nJi tion have reeicvl I enefii Iroui its virlue. It I alntue mi'd , c.licacious nil 1 harmless, RLV. 7 LEWIS. Severe Coughs nn I Cold I luve had a inn-t -c-vere cold an I eouih, (or a loni; lime win hi eniild no' se' rid of. Af er nini many u e'e-s uimffi I Iri eil Taylor's Ital-nni of Liverwort, an I it e ire I me in a lew dnyr. JA. II. KEItltl.MJCIi. ll.n-mir i'f rtlooil A' out two wie' s azo I had s fall, waich eau-ed mo lo -pu laruo qualities of .md wlin h noihinir eonld cere imtd I Ine.l Dr. Taylor'-I!.il-nni of Liverwort. Tin mcilieiiie erne ine inline d a'e relief an I in a very sliori time e .eeicl an enthe cure. Lei all persons trv i'. IIFOII MCi;ARVF.Y,21 ('nnnon t. Pr. Tnvlcr's llttsam of Livcrwor' l his superior reim-ly of ihe hun- nn I livir has oLiain ed a re-iutii'ioti never lcfiieei''n'li,il. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . UMs-oneir her iVnh wuh tlnsth en e, my fr'cn 's -nt for a I r e-t tnconfess me t ie I t'ie-l. He in hi- mtr'y, told me nut lo siveuri iiiuil t tnol Pr. Tny'or's ilal-am of Liverwirt. I -ent imii'e li.i'elv fnr'this meJicine, and nhho'ih llie con'e t fi-r a few days I ctwrcn this molii'iiie, and my di ea-e was rt re're , the medicine eonqueie 1, nnd in a lortniirht I wa- re-lored in health. I In I a Co iih, rai-in of mat ter, lo-s ol my voice, pain-, we.ikne.,, Ac. I can re fer in Doctor WiIm n, in tho Carlton Hou-c, fur lb'' InPh of my sta'eineul. MARY DILI., 10 h rtrcetior. llewaru of fra 'd-. ol 3 1 avenue. Summer Complaint. The Bal-nm ol Liverwor', in several ea-e of tin di'ease, where all oilier remedies applied l.y physi cian havo proved ino.I'evtual, has produced a por.1v' cure. Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. 1. 1 1 Delhi, N. Y., of a uaturaliy con. snmptive eetn-titulion', has Ipen raiel from an on limely end l-v the u- eofDr. Tuvlrr's I! l'lram of l.iv erwort. A evero cold I roiicht'on nn.auaelc i f Pc i-re-y, and thus en lei in ceneral debility and eiui-ump. turn. A cunslant en nth, hivlie flub, re-tle-s ndii, quick pul.'C. nnd eont.nuel fu-s of f.ish, nuecrtsl a "sprtity iVilli j but as soon as I coinmenci-l ihe u-eoi I In- liil-am I (trew I e.tcr, an I is now filly restore to health. Shortness of Breath. Fcr this d.'.ea e, I h.ivi!,alnnys lound Dr. Taytfr' Ual-ain ef Liverwort an exrelfent remely. It 'is a onre ro rafeand ro eevihe, lliat 1 alway- ue it in my ptarlice, and reecommend il lo my friend-. I have U'CJ it iu nunc hundreJs i,f cn-e wuhin ll e pit four year', nn 1 I have iic'ver hn,l it fail. In manv ea-t ofasllurta, I fully Iciieve it lo have I ecu llii means oftaviug preeicu's live-, l'l all n-e il. nroitr.i: iialpii, m. d. None sreruine l.ut thai prepared at 375. ovvery. New York as will le urn ly Ihe la' t1- an wrap pers of each In tile. He sure von lool. w hen you I uy. The pen line ran always looluauxvl ofthu ol I asci' N. Lovely Co. in H ifliiiion, nl-o of Dr. nu I Thou. A. Peek Co. Drufjzi-l Sam'l ll. Ilame Char'niie. lRENCH it LNGLISH Merinos, Circissians, X Ciimhleic. ns, Prinli-d Sa.iomo , Alpines Al pacca's, t'.c. &.C. a large assoitmcnl, rhenp, bv S. 1). SCOTT. 3 September, 1311. Chittenden Cminiv Court t Ho it rrmiuiiheied. I hit. August 1 t rm, , Court nforrsnd 1311. J ai the said linn, ofihe John Peck, n.nd Luner Lnnmis nf niir'initon, Jo seph Clark of M.lton JedMn'i lUiynmli, of I line lurir, and Luther Slone nf Chailulle, wero by said court nipoinledn C uu "Mce, ,o take into conmdcrauoii the fo'loivmi; suhiecls, vr, 1 t. To sslcct a sde lor n n'w Jail. 2J. TnvstiTintii thn prolnlile cost and expenseffa new Jail. 2d. To ee what dip'isilii n can ho made of the old Jail an 1 preni scs, nnd if any, at whit price. John Peck lobe chairman n( said cu.niiulice, who w ill notify the oilier mcuiheis of iho coiiiiiiiine of the limn nnd place of nllcnduj to said inquiry nnd exami nation nnd make report thereof to ihc Clt tk nf said Court ns noon is miy he. Alte t Wni. NOIILE, Cl'k, To Luther Looniis, Joscnh Clark. Jcdadiah llovn. 'Ion, and Luther Stnne'. , on are hen hy requested tn meet nt the pubi c HousnofJolin ll 'W.ird, in Itiirliuetnnnn Wciinesdav fJlll ihvnr svm ,nc, n in ..ii,.-i. a h . ... nllenil to Iho dulics rcnii re I hv llif foregoing order of said Court. JOHN PECK, Chturmsn. Burlington, Stpt 11,1 Ml, '--- J - -1-..v ,. VII'V IS. .1. .1, II. DI- p. a ii . a ; in W4 Koilhcra 'J'i jntsioi(:ttim 5.l:c. mills Lineff ( anal I ll'.ii. rm rlmmrdnlii Cnml. ! an , rA"tf ' n3 M I S IMIOOXI It, h'rny, nn.l nnd Ve-c! and S-i I ni)iitlni.(.il I V JMI ISA AC V. Il.tM.f. Whitehall. The friends of ihn Line, and tin: puli -, w e lo'ievu will I e Mili.fied with lh. urramiemen'. I lie v ual onfidenie nnd .uitie-s is .olietlcl. Lvery exerimn will I ! nn le lo che .atl-f-iHun. ! h 1341. l orfrcicle nuidy to POPl! CAT1.1N, ) 31 and U II. JAM '. t ia t ocnticiSlip, b. Y. L.A.l'AHI.nO.,) t.,v,.r.l,Trov J. II. IlOO'il It, l 1,,J llltcwl lr0' (1. ILliAltM.V. 7) Pier. AH any. l.V. n'l ll.Vlnieliu I. nl 1m2. KOI.Ll.Tr A. lUtADI.I.V, llnrlinctrn, Vl. HOT A N 1 C CON V ENT I ON. In ihc a' senee of tho Secretary il 1 e.iomci inv duty ns President. (See Ait. 13. 111 tlio Constitution.'! to de signate the limeandp'.iceol the annual mecliir (1311) df the Ilota.ii Society of thn Wetern District, inclu innr, ihn coiintiesnfCliitleudeii. Krjnklin. Gmnd Isle. Laiin il c and Addison, 1 do hereby iive notice that .1 1 ...,.,:., ,...11 i.i,i.i , q,..,i r;,.,.' iTnml in Euti. Vl. on the first Tucsdav. (5thl in October next, at 10 o'clock A. M. A general nitcndincc ia rcquo.i(il, ns business of iiiiniriaiire w-ill come before llie Society. uuui jLTtsiuem. LAMP OIL, an cxctdlcnt article, nt S. II. SCOTT'S. 3 September 1811. LAW BLANKS. r OOODUICH has constantly for snlj hy the w lieain or ilmre. n General nssoriincm 01 law' blanks, printed from forms from Revised Siatults, consislmc of Jusiice U ids and Lxcculions, all kinds in use Tnileo Wrils County Couit Writs nnd Kxenitions, various kinds wnrinntry. unit-claim, and .iiorinapo uceutf Chancery Hills for fjrclosiug Mortgages Blanks fer Depositions Administratorn llonds Letters of Cuardiaiibhip OHicers Receipts Justice Appeals I.lanks for Nole, Hay-Scales, Vc. i.e. August 20 h. ROBINSON'S TJIDLICAL Ile-iarchcs in Palistme, Mounl-Sinai XJ and Arabia-Pelrea. now for s.tlu al the Hook Store of Ausust 20lh. D. A. 1JUAMAN. STHAY IIEIFKR. CAMHinlo thernclosuro of tho -iihscribcr, about tho 1st May last, n red, hno-hacked, two year old Inifer, of nood size. The owner i rcijuctrted 13 pay euarfis aim taKC ucr awjy. A. 1). MURRAY Wdhston, August lGth, 1311. sVorlhy of Xotlcet TMIOSrc taken or troubled with Dvscnterv. Iiiar X rhan, Suminer Complaint or Cholera Morbus. can procure immediate re ief, hy the 11 oof Dr.Jnyne's Cnrininativo ll.ilsam, of Philadelphia. I'or sale by .iu-r. 'J- i iu.u. A, fl.CK i-UU, V" tew doors Has! of the Post Ollice. Ac iv Tuilorin; lOslalilisIitiioul, On 1'iarl Strctt. rlillE Subscriber respectfully informs the public nni no nasopeneu a siioji in tno new onck ljuild liiu one uoor west ol llie 1'earl-st. ll,itie, wlirro will he happy to receive orders from his friends and tlie puiuic. vv ork of every description executed the most fashionable style, and lo suit the pecu iar taslo of his patrons. All orders promptly attended to. a Mnre ot pniron;;-is solicited, liuthnglon, Sept. 2, 1F11. M. O. RATH HUN. TO HUNT. DWELLING neat the Court House Sqinri. Aug. 30, 1311. II. LEAVENWORTH. II A li AV A It I. . T II E O H O It i: II O L II It O O K , (Late Holbrook itTappan) C 31111; st., Uoston, rrtllE "uhscriber ofTcrs a large and choice -election I. of Hardware to the country trade upon tlio most liberal tei ins. Sept. 1, 1SIL 2in HORSES LOST STRAYED from the pasture of Joel Itishop, on Tuesday ht. a brown, clcvm venrnld mare, with shoes on the fore feel, and the mark' of n runt-hone. OII the left le Also, nn the same day, a hlnck mnre twelve or thu teen years old, with while spot, on llie nnsp, and sliiies on llie P reject. A rt.asonatuc com pcnsalkm will be paid for any information of them. E. GAGNON. Apply to Peter Shiott, Water-street. Piurlinitton, Sept. 2, IS 11. ESTRAY. CAME into tho enclosure nf the subscriber, about the 1st August list, ii lUhtrcil, three vcnrold lil.ll- JK, Willi snots or while about the Ices belly. The owner is u quested to pay charges and taue ntr away. M.OSGOOD, Westfurd, Sept. 2, IS 1 1. New Crop T'lour. 402?, i HARRELS and half libit. Superfine Flour, "round from new i ist receive 1 and fur Jleoy II. .11, UlUUl.MiS iVCo, Sept. 1. IM Rf HAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATKS OF AMERICA, IJcrscANT JVrmuut Dlstrut. tn icit ; S 1 to undir Warrsnt issued out of llie Hon. District Court of the Lnili-d btites for said District, to inu directed. I di hereby give this pu he notice, that Inform mons for viiditlo i- of the Revenue Laws of llie Cmtiil Stitc- have been lilwl in sud Cnurl, hv Clnrlo D ivi, E Dutiet Atlorn.'y nf the United --tnte s for s lid District against the following describe I goods, wares and iner clrintiisc, to w t : 1 Over Coat, 1 h rock Coat, 3 ests, 2 pur panta lonns, I piirdra crs, Gsd- ami coll. m handkerchiefs, I brush, 1 pi r sucpcn lers, 2 razors, 1 me uey purs', 1 watch clnin, 3 knives, 1 doz. buttons, l fur cap, 1 hoi, 2 skins, and 1 trunk, seized at Ilighgats, Ver moot, on the I im ol Ucccm&cr, lain. 31 yds. Petcrslnm t-Ia h. 5 yds. broi 'cloth, 1 yd. ' roa fcloth, G yds. jrey kersey cloth, 2 yds. cotton vestinu, 2J vds. cotton cur l, 3 patterns muslin de laino, 1 fruck coals, 6 piirs pantaloons, 5 oilier pa rs pant ilooii", fi vest", Vi vests, 4 ilv r vvaicbc", i doz. J Waded knives, 5 12 do. dviser knives. 3 common knives, I dnz. scissor, 1 silk drcs, 17j yds. silk 2 yds. silkr 30 yds. s Ik. 1 biwls. 0 muslin dresses, 13 muslin u"rcSe. 1 muslin de lame dsesses, l crine !nwl, nnd 1 trunk, setjc, on the waters of Lake Cliamphia within said District, on tha 27th of?Isy, 1641. And .fparate trials will I e had oi tha foregoing scleral seizures, nnd tho mine mil bo condemned, iL'tceilily to iho prayers of slid Informations, at the next staled term nf raid Di tricl Court to lehid en it ltutlinJ within and for sud District, on the sixth day of Oc obcr noxt, unless a claim orchnnis shell be interposed on nr hi fore tlntdiy: of whn Ii, all per sins interested will take nonce, anl govirn them elvcs accoiding'y. Given under my bind at Itiadf rd, in said District, this21.-tdiy of Ammst, A. I), fll WILLIAM HAltllON, Mnr-hal. STATE Oh' VERMONT At a Probate Court hoi Gnssn Isir. Dutcict s" ) den nt my dwell ng huu-e, in North Hero in s ud District on the 23th day ofAiu- s', A. D.l ll. . An ins rimitul purpurting to lie llie last will and tes tament of James Darby, late of Albui ch, iu said dis trict, deceisd, b"in rprc'seatil to the Court hy Gesirge D-trby, one of die F.vecutnrs llicrein nsnicd for Pro I, no. It is ordered bv sud court thil all persons con cerned therein b nntifiesl to appear nt a ses-iun nf said court, to heh-d 'en nimyd'v. housem North Hero, in ssulihstt ct, on the ?"th day of September next, it one o'clock P. M, and shew causa ifnny they have n'linst the probate of said will, for which pur pose it is further nrdced that a copy of the re ord of ihisnrdr-r ho published three wivks siirce s.vely, m ths Hurhnsilon Free Press, n paper printed at 11 itling ton in Chittenden County, as s'ion ns imy be. A copy of record. At et, ' ' JOEL ALLEN, JuJge, rpiIE AMrRICAN GLEE HOOK Cons sting of I a filcciion nf Glees. Madriiral. nnd llonn Is, frnui the most thstinitui-'ied Enrhsh nnd German iiith'irs, t '-ceili-r w thOiimnil Puces enmposcd ex pressly f.,r the wnr , (embrn'-inj piece from th. works of upwards of tl Ply coinpofi'ts 11 v Gt-j, J. Webb. For ile at the Iluthngton lWistnrc. Aug. 31, Pill. 1). A. HI'.aMAN. f" AW HOOKS. -Cnvvni's Reports, 9 volumes J Wt Men's Reports, 22 vol'itre, Paige's flit. ruN C and 7 I'nwen's Phillip Evidence, 1 vols. " Justice, 2 vols. Pftrrdorr.s Abr'dsenie nl, I5 vols. Entdish Common Law, end Chinecry Reports. Code Nnpnieen. Jcre nr's Enuity uri'dirtinn, Chifud's chiricery Pleadings. I.iw of Eisments, GrcenleifB fosses Ovtjfuled. For by hft.S, COOODRICH. I'Al'MIt HANHINHS. , Tim Sii'iscrlher has on hand and w ' one' " recuvius Paper llangmns dircf 1 froui 1 1 nnni ' tur rs, winch will losuldtoiif.i'rc.hatitsnnd dealers u city puces, rddin freiahl. Any person wiMu! pal ticulartiittctnscantra supplied by invm? a hnrt n' t,cn C. OOODUICH July q, 1 S 1 1. riS Q-1 SATIN IIAll I) nnd Plain 3Iulin He lam ? f SHAWLS, received ' Hirrlmrt in Cnsl. Store. b. L. HLIlllH li Anginl 11, 1811. to itnvr. TIIF. llrick Store on Church Street, now occupied by N. Lovely it 'o Poss'mhiii (.-lien llie first day of Aprn ucxl. I'or linns enquire of llie uSseri!ct C. WAINWr.lOIIT. ma I Durlinelon, August 12, 1SI1. ALHUTtGU SIMtiXGS. rrilATlan'e and airy Man-ion, at Ac X hurch Sprint's, is rijstn reoponed bf Mr. S.imusi Mills, fur tho reception ot vis.lors dunni; the ureent season. Th rcuort industriously put in circulate n, ni Tmsli wfitur tin hi eti tit into the Sntinss, j no error, without the least shadow of truth, us no alters lion Ins heen nan, in, or nuoui ine nprinn min mi acquaintance 01 tlie EUDscrioer witn me - pnng, in 19.1). Hut the Springs remain that ijrent I-ocntain, pure and unaduli. rated, not in need of a weekly 11 tendinc physician to recommcnJ her,asda her sitti jites. Acconiinolationspoo I. Itosrd two dollars per week. Private Families pleasantly nccommodited, if-e. SAMUEL MILLS Mburgh Sprinqs, June 2, 1341. CTRAYEI) from llie subscriber about the first nf Ojunelnst, three ycarlines, twolincbacked, and on red i nnc n steer and the other two heifers. Whoevt will trive information where they may le found shil. he rewarded for their trouble. PIIINEAS Al WATKK. Burlington, August 10, 1511. nlO NOTICE. 1 AMF. into the inclosure of thf s i 'ibcnbr on lh J Jii, n r.d.iwo veatsold .Ti:ER. not particu larly matktd. The owner can havs Unn by pajnoj liarges, proving proper.)', ixc ,mnlo Hurling n, August 9, 1311. )0TON Academy's Collection, Massachusetts '.) Collection. Ho'ton Glee Hoik, American GIe Hook, jut received by C. GOODRICH. August UIO, IS". Till STRAYED from the subscribe' on the 7 th inst. a dark red COW i a dark 1 ntr. her horns turn in with a ward, oncof which is cracked. Who ever will civcinfomiation where Mul .mv may t lound, shall he suilntdv rewarded. liurlington, Aug 12, 13sl. DAMlil. UAV13. JUST RECEIVED AT the New Cash Store, a full assortment of rluriin?, sheclnu; and hatliuir. Also, a general onmeni of Faiuilv lrocrie-. all ofwLii-h will I olJ very low for cash, ly J. r. hali.u ef- V.U. July IB. n7 JISK CAItl'KNTKIt, Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. AT CSSUX CCNTRC, CllirTENDCV CO., VT. Orrlcn, near lJarney'a Hotel. Fiscx, July 1, IS 11. rS ROOKS. rpHE fu'lowinst tin, day received and for ia!s ly x nu- siin-crii er. I'd lUe's Evide ice-, l ee' Physiology, Lift: of Fran 1 1 n, .New En:iandJ.izeiteer, Yo ni Orator, The O fi. Confession of a Schocil Ma.ter, Parent's Pre-ent, Slcizh Hide, Marred t.i!e. Ami Gentlemen, ALSO, a nevf uwi!y cf Pocket Uihlc cheaper linn ever, i y a. ll.u iu.. July 2D, 15 II- n? A GREAT Variety of Rich Silks Just received and for Sale very chap at the Burlington Cisli ntore by S. L. HEi'RICK. July iu rUr-T oncned a beaulifil ns-onment of Freack I wor. ed Collars, at rtduied prices. S. 11 July 23. SCOTT. NEW GOODS. MR".. I.AXC.WOItTIIY HAS received a supply ot Fashionable Goo Is for llie season. Rich long and npnre Shawl", Sca'fs, French embroidered Capes and Collars, Para- ols, Rihbons, Printed Muhns, Flowers, Lacis, Per fumery, t -. iVc. aTonc, sju usiue court-iiousc oquare. n liurlington, July 2J, 1511. SCHOOL A NO CLASSICAL BOOKS. A general assortment for sale at tho lowest prices uy C. GOODRICH. Julv 30th. BLANK BOOKS, LEDGERS, Journals, Diy-Huok, Records, &c. &c. v. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Jnly 30th. DISCOURSE on the Death of Waits m Hen-it llivnnirov, bile Pre uhnt of the United Sates, by John Whetler, Pre-idcnt of tho University of Ver mont, published and fur sale by C GOODRICH. July 30th. PVouhlc llctincd l.oaf Sugar. t XJ S. u. Aug. 6. SCOTT'S. n9 Mlkt! Silks! Silks I very e.ttcnsiie nssorlment of every variety (if XV figure, color, style, oi price, now opt n at S. B. SCOTP'S. Prices arc most certainly reduced so that good GOODS of this kind can bo purchased al entire ly new bargains. Auz. 6. n9 Molcslsln ami Pur Hats, of the latest stylo at reduced prices, st ) S. B. SCOTT'S. A"g. 6. n9 hectlni;s, Shirt. ngs, Ticking, Canvass, Paddui', O Hatting, Cotton Yarn, etc. etc. jjst received at S. U. SCOTTS. Aug. fi. u) Satin Striped ("hatlys Plain Cc Figured Main line dcLainci, just received and for sale low, at a. u. Scott's Aug. 8. Herman Silver Table Spoons. JFST received, of the best quality tr.d will be seld nt the lowest pric. Also, vvc viouln call alicntioa, to some good Plnted, Spo,in, made for u-. nfter llie silver patterns, all goods will be sold st tho lowest price. PANliliORN t URINSMAID July 23. n7 'I'MIE atteniion ef il epul lie is tn a largn JL Mix-li of ''otitis now epeuinsr al S. H. SCOTTS. A rare opportunity for pjtvhj-ing exmshnzly low prices. Julv 21 good Giodt it riAHl. I.tDY'S Cabinet, devoted to science ani J general literature, just received it the llo,,lt J-,, where subscriptions are received for ihi'andtheNl V. Renew, American Journal of the Medical Snenrrg and N. American Review. July 1, I). A. I1RAMAN. MUSICAL Instruments Ac. B H& T flat riario nrltcs, BiVC Fifes, FIai;ea',ets, Ounar, Violin, and Viohneel o -tnngs, recicvo by July 21 1811. PANGISOR;'& RR1N!MAID. OTO.SF.'S CAST. STEEL AXES, Warranted su O periortoany llung in Matkrt- -0 doz. for snlebr Julyl.lS.1 WRONGS ,.Co7 NEW (iOOI)S. TIIE subscriber hive rccM a new nssojtrnent of I Pliiiir.iushn DeLiins'-rinleil muslin nmlPrmt ed I.ivve., Wlk and vvhit9 rus!l.l Lice Trench snr. nut 1) Railroad and 'ilnnd Do RibKns Fsns f-C , E. MURRAY WEIGHT 4-co. June 10, Isll. pHENA and I'aiibreided Itibbons.Chena Scarfs nnJ V I anew lot cf I rcneb artificials. S. 11. SCOTT July 23. OTRAYHD, from the subscriber, nbout five weeks O s.nce, small blaclt French HORSi; 10 or 11 yoirs old, with long lad, 'mill sp.ums on hisle-s au la stripe round the right hind leg. Whoever will return said horse, cr give nny infornnlinn rt latin J In ihcsime, to Jeremiah Poller, shall be suitably io vvarded. HUBERT ELAIP. Hurlingtan, 20th August. frISSrE Paper, green, yrllnw, blue, and other eoj. X ors. Ladies note nnd letter paper, B. H H. II. ' H. H II IL F and Othr drswmg Pencils. Juitrse'ti uly 21 1MI. PANGDOIIN tf- BRIN5MAIP.

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