Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 24, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 24, 1841 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OP C JB S A K BUT THE WELFARE OF ROME. IBIWMMMHWMWijW -liri-fckuwMiiiwc'i! ii:iJ-M1 H1--1 ' fun f". n-H- "'i , . B. STACY. BURLINGTON, V RMONT, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1841. VOL. XV.. ..No. 1G. MOlMli'd KSSKMJK OK I. IKK. A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the nteansof savins; thou-nnds fnm an untimely grave, tt has been mil ami n-ed for thirty year?, with great success, and found very ciRcncion- in the following di-ca-e-', vi. Consii.nptmr, Whooping4 Couch COUI" moil Cough, Cu'd , ihftienll Breathing, Influenza, Quinsy, Atlinia,, Spitting of DhioJ, Flalu lenoy, Indigestion, Loo-enc. nf the Dowel., Fits of rverv UiihI, Cramp-, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-en-tarv, Fainling, Hypochondriac A leelinn-, Hoajiohe-, K,I;ncnt Stomach, Mea-le-s ft preventive ofCon- "agious di-ea-e-, Oonl and Rbcuniati-iii. ICPTheahove Mc heme is prepared by Henry Sey tnojr.oflladley, Ma-v.from the Original llecipc, ly thethrectinn ol-aid Moore, and ill l y hiniandthe tprmcipal Druggi-lsio the llniledStiitc... Sold whole-ale nndretail, by J. J. II. Peek Co nd Theo. A. Pock & Co., Hurlinsuin, and Ly the dealers generally throughout the eountrv PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS article! too well known to need commen dation and tlte experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 'J to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 11). to 50n0 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lbs. PartableCounter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. it J. II. & Co. Ai-.nfs. Burlington, April 8 1S41. PAINTING. THI1 mlnrilcr being thankful for past favor would respectfully miIivii a continuance ol the ame and remind befriend-and the public that he i prepared to accommodate them nnllie shortest notice nnd mo-t favorable, terms m the various branches in theaboveline. Shop oppo-ite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, fcarl-sttcvt, Burlington, Vt. JAMES SCOT I'. April I, 1811. nI3:Iy 1ERTAIN CURK FOR SICK HEADACHE,' j which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache from infancy, ti a constitutional family complaint, and lias cured effec tually in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not 'unpleasant to the taste, and does not prevent thod.nly avocations of our using it it must be persevered in, and the cute is gradual, hut certain and permanent. Instances are constantly multiplying where tbi-distressing complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years -tanding by the use of Dr. Spohn's eel' brated remedy. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having none of the nauseating effect of common drugs. Itis soperfcctlyatif.ictory, that the proprietor has given directions lor hisaaentsio refund the. price to any one who is not pb aed with, and even cured by it. lie hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits totbe distressed ufWirs who arelnlioringundcr Headache. E. SI'OHN, M. D., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMSTOCK f- CO., 71 Maiden Line. New York. Til HO. A. PECK vt CO., Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Bulling ton, Vt. n9 NEW MUSIC, AM) MUSICAIj INSTltU- HfU. MANN, j.rm. has just ct icd from Bos ton, (on com:nis' rioit,) a Mipply of ixtvv.vius.o. .vli- rit Tiitrivnentw. ite.. which be is nuiliori7ed to sell at the lowest 13 i.-ton read prices. The Music for the Piano Forte consists of .Songs, Glees, 1) itts and Trios. Now mul beautiful Matches, Quicksteps, Gab opades,, Dance, and pieces, with variations, some ot win it are me, latest puuiicaiiou. ui m ujs. t'.on Briside and Br.13 Bands, ALSO A great variety of American, German, French and English Musical Instruments, cotisistinir of Bugles, Trumpets, Fienih Horns, l!as, Tenornnd Alto Trombones, It tlat, Cand Edit C! irionetts Ger man Concert Flute?,) from one toninckeys,) I-Tigen-letts, Octave and Picolo Klnles and Fifes. Splendid Bass Viols and Viohns.sdegmt and plain Violin and Bass Viol Bows. Superior Roman Violin, Ilas Viol and Guitar Strings of every fim and letter. English and French Clarionet t Reeds. Splendid French Ac cordeons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German .Silver patent heads. Instruction Books, with Gam Ms, Ltsfcons.and Exercises for all the above, and oth er instruments, are nowforsilc at Mr. Mann's resi lience a few rods north of the Episcopal Church, in Hurlington, where lie respectfully invites customers to give lum a call. Military Bands and Music School", furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, (and Jnstruc.ion, if de- ..V.ff nl ahnrl nnlipp. jCfPIANO FORTES Ftiumr, repaired and tuned as usual. Burlington, May , IH41. iMIIiTilNAKV A DIMi-sS M VICING. By Miss S. BRAY, WHO ha9 commenced in the new bui'dmg on thecast side of ChurcR street, opposite H. Lane's store.and a few rods south inattention will bo given to OOIKIUU UI Caps and Dnt:srs, in ac cordance with the most ap proved New Yotk style, which Fashions arc now just received for the sea son. Burlington May 2(1, IB 11. nr.l SUIM'.ltlOlt K1,OIJR. T N. I11NSD1LL, Agent for Ro- k ) . Chester and other Wcstirn Mills ecc. has for sale, now in store, and receiving Eight Thousand Barrels of Fancv and Superfine Brand" of I"i DUK, of the highest reputation in tlie Xew York and Boston markets. Ainnnir which are the following, II. Ely, T. Hcmpsliall, F.'S. Clark &, Co. J. Davis, II. Holmes, Union Mills. Jackson Mills. Clifton Mills, and J. Rosher, together with several choice brands or Ohio and Michigan Flour. Also. R. Ruddand N. Shick, suitable for the Montreal Mar- Merchants and dealers will he furnisbed to order, at a very low rate, by remitting Drafts, Certificates of Deposit, or uash, to an Kivcr-strcci, i roy, wncrc a nSlm3 full supply will bo kept at all times. iuny 2d, 1MU IVOTICE. iCp.Meibeine i- J-1 circs it perform-. I. I et known I y the Newton'- Pani'ieea, or Purifier of the Blond. 'I lie unparalleled and -till nurea-ine'repiitalion wbieb thi medicine hu-nciair-ed throughout the New England Slate-, and the many cure- it ha performed, and the gieat ilemaud made for it by llieadvice ofpliy.-ieian-well aeipiaintoe with its preparation, na innici'u Hie propneur io esien i it- cir.iuuiion to almo.-t every town ni the c.i-tcru Sia'e and the nrineinal town- 111 die Vnile I Slate-. Tin- Panaeei- warranlej puuly ereia' lf,nnd I- not Mirpa'.-en ry any oiner ineiueine eer o.ieieu io ine allbeicd as "its exten-ii' !-a!e anil great pepubiriiy pl.imlv prove. It ha within the la-t eiarh'een month. cured its thou-aii I- otibe mo-1 ob-tina'c di-ea-e-, n- an lo proved bv eerliliea e-, nnd i-iiroiioniieed bv eininen' an J re-pe Mnl le phv-ieian- the 1 e-t me in u.-e. U of d mfi rui.ition may 1 e Io uul ill cuniainmg eeriificaie- ol e nc ano ilueelion- lor la- umg the me'dieine. The followni'i n;.puinicl airent-. Uiirlmilon, J, et .1. II. Pee1; and Co., II. Mo,lv Si Allan-, Corn-an I It i-sel Mdtnn, V. I'ra1 e Mil'on l-all-, II irnet ami Mwyer .rerville, I-.-I. and Brown, lline-biirsli, Hull an I ('!. Fairfax, Parser ami Mallield Versenne-, Adam- an I M irnv Caml ndsrr, M. Woe I'mlerhill, M. ('. Il.irnev .North I erri-liiifsu, li. t . ie',er ieorria, A. nii--Willi-ion. .N. Cliiiiendeii Bicliniond. lireeu ctllboile- lohn-ou, G. L. Warner and C MnnUon, -nn b B.i'.er-llel.lj Armingion and Woo'lwar I tleld, B irnct and I'.itnworlli. e.o.p 1 .til'J TIT A US II A 1jI" continue. ITl -ti mi rival led a- a tienglbennig PI.APT1 .1! : Al-o, ( r Hbu in a- ti-m, l.aniene or paue- m tin- -He-, Jtmi or I at", : lor cr"luio i uir-, -e irvy -ore-, r re-n wo'iu i-; anl fir a general Family I'la-ieror-alve. For Com-, moreover try it; paioela-e, per-eveic in llieiee I y makni'-'a new a,ipje.itinii oeea-ional'.y, and in time, vonr eurn wnlte eure.1. For - ale bv J. t J. II. PECK & Co. THEO. . PECK' & Co. and Drv. ltOMT. MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, ISII. lyXlS THE IJOOKSTOKE OF the Subscriber is justrcpleni bed with a new and valuable assortment of BOOKS, SPATIOX AltY AND F.N'GH WING-, nmong the many in teresting works may hi found the loll' wing Learn to Die, bv ChriMnphcr Sutton, Sutton on the Sacianicnt". The Young Man's Aid, by Rev. II. Winslow, Glimpses of the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Int rpretcr. Flora's Lexicon, .Summer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Steel, TlieNe-toii'ins. or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A Wed; in Wall-Street D. A. B RAMAN. July 30, nO I) L A N K BOOKS. ledgers Journals ifi Itrcord Hooks. r70R towns, county nnd probate records mannfar- i- tureu irom ine ue"i uufu wove jeini juio .oeoi mo rnner.bnund in cnlf : Ai so. a varietv of coinino' Itlnnk work "or sale cbenp for ready pay at the i-ign ol the licit Ledger, i.y P. HUNTINGTON. June 1511, ti3 CATI'LE of'ls lo'igm a u-ual, a lileral a I vance m.i ' for tho-e la'.en on eoinmiion, a few nair-of srood lleef Cxen will le verv ai'een'al.'i n die lOlh of June, and the lugbe.-l prue will I e paid in ea h lor -uclt. ALSO To exebaiv.-e, a fir-t rate Cbn-e an 1 liar ne for -tiiel; irm b. nDO DANIEL KIMBALL, Jr. B irlincton, Mav 12, 1311. NEW ARRIVAL, X. IiOVUIiY & CO. a pp. now rcceivim? their third suntilvof Fancy J. Staple and other Goods, ndipted to the wantsof the market, which wore purchased at New York, the last week, and are now offered for cali, at a small ad vance and greatly reduced prices among winch are the following! Satin Mri.iuChallys, do. do fimincd and plain Mou-line HeLainc-,!-, ome a- low a-tf'2,50a pattern, Printed Lawn- lordre.(e, Flam do. forlouneu, 'rench striped Print.-, Endi-h and Ameriean do. 5atin stripe rill,, for ilre-se, a fancy article Black and bbie I lack Oro ileSwi-, Oro e'e Rhine etc. of every varietv, colornl mII; 'f every cradr, While tiro de Al'rieiind oiber col'd Mil- lor bonnet-, Crapes and crape L e-e. Fillet -carf- and hawl-, some very superior, Thread Lace-, jljingand Insertion', Muslin Imcrlions Grecian l.acoi., Ladie- Enibroideied nnd worked i-ape, and i ollar", Fillet Mil- and Glove.-, long and tie rt, all color, Ribbon-, a beautif d arhorlinrut, entire new style, Vellum Hiblon-, Headband.-, Pomree., and Pongef hdl.f-, aborted 9-4 Moii-linecVLaine i-hawly, a new and cheap ar Lmcn cam! ric h b.f-, Lawn-, etc. .Freo. h ArtlfioaU. Wlialel oi.e and Rattans, Para-d-et Uml reikis, direct from the manufacturer S-1 daiiia-K mik luw ij, ehe.iper than eier, 'Travelling audWork bnl,et., Red and Blae'k Merino rliawl, tit a sreat I argain, Rawulk and other die thawl.-, a great varieiv, Bi-hop Lawns, Nan-fid; ard Book Mn-lin", Wire Nell, Railroad, Wn h Blond and other laces, Irish Linen- and euml ric-', Shell ude and oilier eoinb-, Ladies aud genti-. nil. and Lt-Iehoie. do do Glove , n..i,m,i.- lend hasrh and nur-e. Hattinctt-', ca .Hineru- a ml I roadcloih', cheap rnough Silk Velvet, for lad e. andgenf. also lor ve-ting, dark anl light Veting-, Valencia ,ctc. etc. Talle-prcad-.ilo'h-, diaper-, etc. Sheeimgs anl thirling-, I learned and unbleached, jeans and cazend, lurnituro dimilie-, To which i nay be added, a large a-tortmcnt of Dry Groceries, mh Black andGicenTeas, of every variety, wi,.'i. ir.....,niin nnd other lireiwii Sucars. Mula-ie-, Pimenio, Pepper, Ginger, Clucr, Cas.ia I'oland Starch, Migli-n murrain., Cncktry and Glass Wart, Paver Iavcinet As casli U our c.bjeci. w will give great bargains OH ami examintJ for yonrf lvc. Burlington, July 30. 118 iiuni.i.Nt.Tox c sn siuiu:. Xr.AllI.T OppO ITF. K. I.OVF.I.T Ci. rpHEFulM rilt-T lia-uii ni'in new Stool; of fioo'l Fii'luonJtl.lo S.aple ini'l Panrv floods KichSilL Mou-Im ile Lnme ami IVin'eJ Lawns ii ihrur OrioN Klort'rice Hrai'l 11 mnct .S raw inuiuvi Sz tV. Afo l AMIia tiKOC I LS nil of whi"h arc olorodai iho lowrt S. U Ui:itHICK' It i a finiriilar fact nr.tlon mucli to U- rcirettttl I hat alna!k iituhtnit'-f a-.-oon ns they I cunmc pop nlur, nnd have rereifil tbctct and npproo!ofn diiTinn'natinspuMK', rtrunrc to Itico inicrfeiit'd, nnd lliiu a I ad amUpnr.'oti nrliuk is imineJiftreiy palmed upon th.;iin.i!cc,li'ii:br I lit pcnin'ite. This'ha Leon nolonoii'-ly tlmcasc with all popular tried and truly valuahlc mcdicnc" lor year pa-t, and will probably con i nne to 1 1 tho ca-e for J ear to come. 'I he I a t anil eontemptiUe eounlerfeit in tht? way meanly t.ilm nflvantavf'J ol all the e lort.- and ndver iwnj? iinl I y ihf proprie(ir ofihe penntne article, to L'i their iihMk'jirm inlou-tr and deerved popluari ty. It I therefore not tlwduly than it contributes io the .-afuty of every honet individual in tho com m-milv toexpovo, frown down, and forevcrafierDIS TlttniT ail llHAUTUSS LNOKATiwho thti irrc lion i' I trffl wiih hcnllh nnd life. iCTiintiiFOKi: 'iakk iOTiciirri There f n ieron )y thy name of.I. U.ITOCHK KOKT. now enp-ard m 'elltn? a Pill done up in Im.xe in exact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VUtll.TAlHJ; PIUS, wuh the omiMOn ofonlyone word on the lloe vi. The Pill -old by ihl-. Iio 'heforl arc evidently inlcnded a a fraud and impo-ilion upon ihe comtn-iniiy, or they wn ild not have I eon done up in .mh-Ii exactiiuilaliou of the iron i mi e. Thw person N'tall Ibi-teiin with a greatlho atrical -waer. He wn recently tin own a.-a ery poor player in JJalttmore, under the nvi-ical eognoincn of .Inn itiuwn, and U al o it tweniv ll jearmfape it i- almost leyonda doubt that lie K supplied with ihePdl Irom n DrnnM firm in tin.' eitv who hae heretofore I een ii0ttinouly connected with counter feit medieine. A non asproof iVobiained ihe foun tain head of this ncfanoit bu-iue will 1 e exposed, that the community may.-h'm them as they would a erncnt. in 'i hi: mean timi: run ark cau. TIO.Nri) arain-t btiyin? WKIGU'Prf Indian VnriF,TAr,Lr: of any one ho due not exhibit a certificate of aen cv Mjrned by the nont for the New J-n-Iand State" nnd 'carina" da'e -itico January 18 10. Alo talc par ticular not if-e that the following wording i-' on thu box e WnirlitV Indmn Vozoiallo Pi'l (Ind. Purgative) of 'heNoith American Colleso tf Health. The Indian riHnhU Pill jie .t eeitainrnrc for iU-fM-p in Hrrfi) .u ifij nf (hi in, h'T nipe llifj tho iiiutd rlt'iiRp il.o pionurli huI Imwid, mdncp a pro per lint It.n In i Ik lnnt;-t tkiu andkifbicv andcti unit. Me the blood n pnnf iiplf. In oihet umil ittfy pfi) .ill i Ik it it mi ill (Iihiih, and tc-uc N A I U It P. ( jc (ttand JAfKtrtl nor id dmr dlprft bout I lie limlj, I In .ih'ivo outlpi?t or (li.t'ii, riie tlip cumtnuii eurr? of i hp hdt , tin nugli luidi nil inni bid .ind ror nipt tut 014)1 y (iIip r.iiip ol difCH'- hip r.n i ied nfT; .mil -i bins a ibpv aip alt bppi open, rfiid difcli.tigp (ifplj dun .il'oiipd pfii i miu of hupm iij , 1 lie bod) will run. iiuiti uilip.ihh: bu ipu Ooiii p;iiin improppi lood, tiipiliii) MiipiiK1 .in, Middpn ii.intlioo lifiin heat In ruld, inpi pvliauflnui oi rim oilier rpifp, the IkhipIj niiiii co-iup, ihp pnip-nl thekui bprmnp closed, ihpkitlnpi) fail i t iirtfniin iheii 1'inniniM pinpeih. iIip iiiipnriliPii hi( li plnaitil be dimnnti Jmhh i lie bodv by lliPre ouiiPi-, ill lifl rpianipil, hiki ronlinue lo r iiuitilair unlit hip limt) oernini'U liipiallv loailPu Willi II to cli uufl il ntir micltiv rueip stiuuld tdiK'kfit up, would not the H'Tiiniu'nipd waipr nl iipm' oin If M or I In Pfiiititrv lifcomp innndalpd ? o w tilt Hip liuiiM i li'idy ; if i he Manual di a in. bp huh (Mii-ed, Hip iapuaiil .iml roi t li pi Iiiii)lul8 w HI mm VPtll Ml lilt (HMOIIS fi)llll tli lIli-P.IP KO'tl 1M I'ftt'l intllPnx, IpicIp-, KitPtnii titcm. (loin, Apoptpjcv, kr, or Drrtih will end our eufiViiiij! ThetpfoiP, hen .irkupj ai i lip ?tnm.ich, paint in iIip kirk ami i;1p, tpni k piiUp, but ni n u pkin, or any oilier unplpn. mi pyiiipoiuif", iimIkmip ilmi one nr moie of imp n. uiral Ht Jin aip not cl if o lieely, nml i lie runMo i mi ion i- about iti rnmmpnrp -iiuecie lor iIip rPMora ion of lip.illh no iiihr fhoufd w loi in adtniiii'tprnij; lni-k loe of ihp Indian Pui!i,ihp (Indian VfiA etabfe Pilfs ) ISy po iloiun, alt the tlip ily will ho rPjtioiPd io outer, mil me loin immhuii iIih i aiif of ivi'i v in (la m 1 1 ion or p nit v p futfei ) w ill p tinned mi pit pa-v and iM'ntal a oianner, ihat iIip todywiMIi- iPionda-if hv a clou in. The iiboie Mt) m.iy be lakeu at ALT. litupn and under Al.Lcir uiu-ianpp-, with ppiipci p ipiy. l iiev pun all com plain1!' nut all and arc i ihp lunti iiit-on-iiiint(Hi is (iiiiil i pfni-ripipii'ly i lie can nener tnjme ppii Hip mnpi iMira'p I.ikp out lood, mip :ne dippl ioip : lipiefoip ilipy ruler lino ihp oil culaiuui and iinp.ii t an iifiy in i lip hiooil, w mrii on mip it lo li'w ivmii n re loin quitp io iio pxitPiiiuip and ritii-p(pipuly to kiop poip 1 1 1 1 1 1 f hkni open I hpy aip inn anil pt iti ifii'i'nl ilp blnfid h raup ihpy diaiu.ill roinijn Mniioi lioui Dial Hie t;i mi lluiil I Iipv impai i nenlh ami viciu in iIih uhalt pyi-irin, and iheir ef riparpalway- bpiithPMi : lieraiipp ihey onlv irmmi i'i.f hnimiip wliii h .itf upM'i.pd io health. They aid Mill imjIHHP illPrllOII, lint PMIIIHl pN'Pp t'llloW IllPII l-Hcaii-f Iipv ''iPaii' ihp pionoirh and I'owpIi nl liui tfliinv hiiinoui p uhicli moi onK n fitntp and pxpiip p iihi win- ttw'i'tn. Inn paal'7.P aii't uPiikPii Hip (( -iiipiuii in-" ln-dioii i hpy pophfpH itll (hey (ood opri iiiliuran lif rl tmii'd fot nn mdirioo : and li ii hi' pi MMiiaik ibti it ip ulipi K itiipnib'p to h ihpin wiihniii tifnt'fii. Pr'co'25 eent per llo. with full direction. Office in (n-ncral iVnoi lor i lie tM'w i'.n?lami state, ino. l03TicinotitS!roet,near Court Mteet, lloton. i he roTMlnraiipointel Ayent- can rocetvetheirmp e.(fthe a'tjvo pn'vilar Pill, a1 heie'oforc, from he only rWi 'ean 1 p'neral depot for tho New Kngland Statr , iyj l icuiont treotf uoton. reiuar or trav- i;'lms asent are not allowed to .ol I the jeiminoinihan eaMePill. therefore never purchase from tiiem, lor it vou iio vo i will to Mire to obtain a dangerous n I co in'eruMt arllf'c. Ml Turn. A. PrcK & ko, Airent" in nurlmpton, for the i oof Hit Indian ireu' le fill, alo, . li. Hollf.t, Wi!b ton. t nnd A. Urin-mui I. H intmrion CrocKery, China anil t:ias AVavc. Alar?c ami rich aortmcnt jut retrivetl and opened, purchaf-ed nt greatly reduced pikes in vw Vork. and now for nle at the very lowest rate N. hOVKhV CO. n2 June 9, IrtU. ncnMS Stocks. I me frilled and plain m B re much J 21 1911 . PAPER HANRINOS. NF.W mfplyi with IwriliT", &c. jimtrccM from l i lemanuincturers. Jii v ma. u. L.DUI) tiuii. ni:w GOODS. THE suWril cr have lu-t rovivul from N. Yw' a large a ortmi'nt of FANUV O O O U S . amrmc wIik-Ii 111.1 v 1 fn in I HiTivy IJai'k ami Mnu Uacs I'm ile soi .Silli. " " " a " " " " " reMiiMniicJ " " " " " liroilaAfrir('ic" " Light roloral " iio " " iio " IV!;m-lriicil " " Plaiil I'oi ileSoi, (a nr.v anitlo) " liiinnel mIU, I nnni-i Lawn-, UK Italian cravat.--, plain ami fiyM Frcru'li I oin' ainej. Half mo'irninj, )lain f.isM,all wool Mouslinc ilet-amc-, Uumi'caiii a'in uripuj .no i-iinu doLaine very mif. iriur en-, H'k nfit liaw p aiiiUrarf-, nctt Miit ami Glow iiit'nor u id ii.) 1 om'-azini' ami nUn iik., Wur'msl cm ml rw &. Miilm In-ertiii'j- it Illsin TlireaJ I. Isins-.l'diniw&fap Itil.Lin-, iu'w.-iylf ''pliyr Wor-iwl, plain am) riMM nil; llo-t-, Wnr-Hil WcirLins I'.UH'ii-ami Canvvs '' July 23, 1311. ri7 II. 31. Will GUT it CO. Disi;asi:s or run lajM.-DHnicii) Ihp innf 1 popnliir rpincclj pver kiitmn 111 Aint-rict vtgetabk Pulmonary Daham is Uir mui tuliMhle ipiiinlj now in imp f..r rniglM,rnlil, iIuim or plnlii'ic, ron.iimpilon. whooiiu( rough nml pntmnimit HflVclimia ofpprj kiml. tin f,ilp it inrrpapiiig. nnd ikp prnpneiom ate poiiitanlly rcrpiiii 1 lie ninri frtioialjlr arcouni of iiarffrcip. The fullowing new certiflcmea aie offerpd for public examinalinn. An Intkhf.stinq Csr. Emraci of 11 leilerfrnm Mr I." .S Chi, Kingmnii, Ulnnr co., N. y, 10 ihe pr.ipripinrit, Vinirr nflhe 9ih insi. win ilulv lecM A lenurkalilc cure w plTcciril hj ihe Vpgjn.hle I'nl. muiury ll.ilain in I lie winipr mill i.priiij of 1835. The .eiKn, il r, Atuudt, been nrk a long lime wnh iIip riiM(iini,iion. Hi ,1ijMrirfil" hail jivpn him up Hp a rciiurrd tn hiw in 10 beiinablpin help biin-elf, nml At a Urge ipi.iniiiv of IiIikkI when he comiiipnppil inting the ItdUrfin, which Imj pllpiacil a Comp'pip rnrp, hiiiI hp i. nnw an h.ilp uml lipatly pci hp uiik. Air. Mnoil) b in ipniovi'il finiii ihlr limn, bin he ur prrut'FPil ine a' more ilclaili'it urciimii of hia cap. Inrli I M'illf.iiiv.iril win. C. S ULAY. Kingainn, . V. June 25. 1838, Kxtrnri nf a lellpr finiii Dr. Jarnli iMvpr!" The Vpfei.ililn I'uliniin.iiy lUI'mn ha bppn ioiil in ihir KMiiuii for Iwo jearj, and Ihp medicine h.i sained an iiiirmnimiii relclirit), for it r.uccly in one iiifl.incc f-iiled nf havtine Ihe deyiird pITpci. I am by no inpans in fivnr nftlic many iio.imiiii,", niol ol wliich are im posiion upon rrediitoiin public, Inn linn uliirli I Know by vtf in bp pITt'Ctnal, 1 caiuioi liplp but aiv mi ilipiob Hion ihereio, A rounicrfpil piepaiaiinii li.i bppii.iirered here by n lr.ielling Acenl, of Cumnock, iN. V. Hiiti tlicif i. another article cuiled beie ic -tronjlj ;u;pccted lo hpfpurimin. J cob M VERS. M. D. Alifilington, Juniala co. Ppnn. Maj 3, 187 I'lnni lir. .Srfmupl .Moirpll, to the 1'iupi ipiom of 1 tie Veae ublp PulntoiMri IfaNain. I am saiirlied llnil ihe Vp. eeiahle Putmonarv Itiiljim i .1 valuable medrrine Ii Ii.m been u?ed in ilin place with cnmpleie iukcp? in an nlwtiiiaie rnmplamt ol Ihe htn!;il nitemled with .1 hpipip rouah, Ion of oicP. and the r.ii'iiif. of iiittrh IiIoimI, lii'hhud pipii,Hiiiv reciHted many appinied pipnijiiinnii. Alter ifinK ihe llaliam one upi-k, ihe ptipni V inicp reiurned nnd lie wabble lo ppe.ik audi bly. Phi? rape occurrpd ?otnp limp pinr-p, and ihe man is now pnzaged not onlyinaciiie but laborious bil'ines'. Itespectfiilly, &c. S. MoBllFt.t. Iilnnow inniPlli.iu six jeari pinrp I uas liouht ipty low by an affection of the lung?, and 1111 rnniptrfiul wan pd 10 be inrm able bj a rounril nf liupp phi 'iciiiQ. I uas then le-tuted to aiigun I beiilih a. I bad eojoiPilfnr lll.inj jpars, hi inini the Vpwpi.iblp Put (l.ilit.nn. Since mv recoiPij I hale ipcom niPinlfd ihe ll-iliiaiu in a many ca-e ol 'ung roinpbtinip, and mi far as 1 can p;un. ils imp h is in. .iil.ttili hppn fulloupil bv much benrtit, anil in m.uii instancfs it has effecteil cures uhirb iieip whuHv uncx ppricd. Samuel Evkrett. Knsion, March 2, 1837. I'or sale, wholesalp and retail, by J, J. II PECK & Co., anil I'HEO. A. PECK & Co., Ilur tingtnn, Vl. DANIEL Patent Levcf Watch 1 1 Vflli-I SIMPSON. Maimer, .from JAccrpoo!. AS itii now Iwclve year n'nd-lie availu I himscll of prittlogu (if reinrnintf Ins firaiciyi nckrinwlcilgcint'iitv lo ii friends and llm public in treneral. loralmo-t iiiinrL't-oilcn. S s . 1 leoiavor-, nc icis iraie 10 tn- W'xtffsMsi f'T'i I hem that lie is -nil at the vlWtVii -iu .... r-i 1 viu .siu'iu, i'ii 1. uurtii-Mri'tM, pnndoor.-oulh of Noble Lovely ami Co'?. tnrc, iliere heper-onally nttrnd to the npairini; of Clirnnotiu! tors. Patent Levers. Diinlcr. U iilni-. nnrl all nihpr ile.i'ri'!ion of Time piece-, lie will warrant all new wurK uiuxm 10 (vnicne" in hi hop 10 I a. pouil a ie original, or as any none (11 tliiTonnnciit. N. I). A irood a-vortmcnl of VKII' I1M 'mirrffl of Ihe firM quality of workmanship, and will lo-old as cheap and on us good terms as at any other .-hop 111 llll' M.llt. 1'Voill his loni? exnerienre (n llio bn-incss. nt.d bis bi'tnir so many years eniraned in the inaUinc of waleli-e- 111 En;:liiud,'lnMlallur-htm' elf thai be 1-as com pelenl to dink? selections as any in thoviciniiy. "iniiiipiuii, june ii, inu. ni DA. P.IIA31 AX, has this day rccived a new aasnrt of Hooks and Slntionnry, contpriinr Addresses and Jlcfsngcs. of tho Presidents from Wa-hinston to Harrison. Valuable and approved Tniolof ical nnd .Miccellanpiuis I.itpr.-1'iirn. (If. iprnl ltin.trwnh v voyapes and travels. The latest editions of tho most opiiroycd School fllassi al and Mathematical Hooks. A l.irfro supply of Paper, Quills, Wank Hooks, Elem entary and other Spellnr", Gratnmais and Ooopraphtes Hosloti Academy fileo l'ookand Odtoti, and Juyenile books enrtfdly selected, all which are oll'cred nt the lowest prices, at tlie hook .Ntorc. Jttlv I DR. TAYIOR'S BALSAM OF I.IVK n Y OUT. O'.terve when vou boy that von net the genuine. prepared nt 375 llowery, New York. See ihat 375 uowrryisew 1 one s on the wrapper ot each noitle. All other.-are Fraud-and sold only bv speculator-, ilhoui reirardto 111-tiee, tothe nuhlie.or thenronrie- lor- o( the genuine arpcle. OIl Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dvpep- mii, iiizzmcss ui iue ue;i 1, in-s m apnciue, iy.-en- II OFKAT'ri VLCI.'I'AIILK LIKE .MEDlCIM-i. ITI. The e mcdieiiie-ate indel l-d fur their name to WIVIMMV SASH J 1st receive. , j, 2U and 217 by Ilea einents id -ash, a lir-i ra:e article al 31 and 3J 'tiii per lihi ; al 11 all I in I- an l-iz', firui lie. I to order. Ticmi lerou'a blaek leal.alir-l rale ariicle, for s.i'c very low, toeibi r with a ureal varietv of oilier urn. clae cheap as can le found al any other e-ul.ii-h-mini in ihe plaie. O1.0. Pethiison. DURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY CI L. M.LSO.N, eoniinues tho business of maiiiifactuiinq Chairs at the old s'and, of thofol. lowing descriptions ( Curl 31nplo Orccian,, Common Cane find Kla Scat, Largo and Small Raised Scat llockinir, do do Com. mon do, Common Diuiu?, Sre, itc. All of which nro warranted n first rale article and will be sold at prices In correspond Willi 1 no tunes. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of yvarrantcd Live urecse t caihers, which Mill he sold low for cash 11 am iO. WAN'TI'll I,,, 0,,l,t,;i., r,.rl nr.. I ll.rrlu if,. soin's 11 few more of the new BtylcS'ocks, which 3Iaple. dehverod at his shop in Church street, opposite f) ( ( UHI..S. Pork nuch admired, square nnd rpund Collars. Kcc'il theolJ Honk C L, NELSON I 6 1 KJS Hani", for I M.i Liliwn.i i !.-'. in iijiinif;ioii, un 1 inn iheir inauife-t an I 'eu-ible nctiiin in ii irifyms tin orini-an I ' liannels of life, and einluin? them will reni'wel tone aiel vt"or. in many 11 nmre 1 eriiiui ea-e-which have Icen made p'll li", and in alum v-iip fih-ca-i! to which Ihe. human Irame 1 In1 le, the haiipy e evi- of Mlftat's I irp. Pili. and Phirmx IHTTr.Rs nave leen sreaiiuuyanu pui.iiely ae.uowledied bv the pcr-on- I enefilted, nnd who uero pievioii-ly unaeq'iainled Willi the beautifully phi lo-ophical prini'lji es upon win di they are compound M, ail. I upon wniru Mieveiui-i.'ii'ieuiiv .11:1. Tim LIFE .MEDIUMS iii iunmend ihem-elve ii.,.:ie-of 1'i-erv furm ami de-erintion. Their fir.-i operation i- to 'oo-en from ihe coats of ihe sinniach and 1 owei-, ine various iiupuruie-uiui ,-ii.'iiui' i-iu -inntle mmiIiii!? around them: and tnreniove Ihe bar lenel laeo- wlncli coiieu 111 ine convolution- in 1 lie -malli'-i inie-tines. tVher inisbemes only pirliallv cican-otbe-p, and leave suih eollectisl masc- I ehiiul to nrtsluie liatitluai eo-ttvene-s, wn 11 an n. iram n evil-f. orsiidien oiarrinea, won n- iiiiuniii-ui nuer Thf. mi is wel Unnwn In all leiular nnalomi-ts whoexaininelbelriman bowels alter ileum i nnd hence thi- nr..iMdieei.f those we 1 inforiiieil men acain-t niiae , me heme or medicines prepared and heralded o the p il lie 1 y i'-'ii"ranl per-on-. The second etrecl ol Ihe Lift! Me'hemes j- to i U'.in-c the kidneys and I tie l.hid,!.r. anl bvihis mean-. I he ivcr and the liins. Ill be.ilihfulaeiioii ofwhieh entirely depends upon Ihe rr 'iil.iriiv of the nrinar.' orran-. The blond, wlm h lake-1 s re I color froni'lhe aircncy ol tho liver and the un''-helnre it naes into Hie heart, letnlli i-puriln- by them, an I no iri-lusl by furxl eotnins from a rlean -toinich, eo ir-e- freely ihro ish ihe vem-, renew every part ofibe -v lem, and triumphantly mouui ihe banner ol bealih m Ihe blooming cheek. .Mo al'- Veaeiable l.ile Medicines inve I ecu thor O'islily te-led, and priuiounceila siivereisn reineilyfor Dy-pep-ia, riatuleney, i-aipiuuoiini ineiieari, of Anneiiie. 1 lean-burn and llead-ar be, He-ile. Ill-iemper, Anxiety, l.antr lor anl Melancholy, Co. Iivenes-. DiarrhuM, Cholera, Fevers of nil" Kind Ithe ini'iti-in, (! , Drop-ies ol all kinds, Ciaiel Worm.. Asthma and Consumption, Bcnrvv I'livr. Inveterate Sore... Seorbutie Erurlions and Hail Com plexion., Er iptive eoniplaint-, sallow. Cloudy, am! iiiherdi-airee.i1 le l;i.mpeion-, rs.ill Klienm, l.rysip ela-, Common Cold- and Influenza, nnd various oihe I'llllllil. Mills 11 hu h alflict ihehuinan frame. In Ff.iki mil Ague, parliciilarly, the Life .Medicines hae leen inol eminently snei e-si u ; so mui u so inai in ine I'eyerand A suedi-lricts, Physicians alinost universally pre-cnl e them. All Mr. Mofat rcnutre. of hi nalienls is to particular in takmz the Life Medicine, slrielly iieeor dim lo Ihe directions. It is not n mwspaner nnner, or by anything Ihet he htm-ell may-ay mtlieir lavor. that lie hopes to Rain credit. Ilisuioneoytiie rc.-utt; ofa fair trial. .MOFFAVS MEDICAL MAM'AL: demned dome-lie s ndc to health. Thislillle paii)ihlet, ed'Hnl by W.II. Molat,275 llroaiU-ay, New York, ha. Icen pill li-he.l for Ihe jiurpo-c tifexidainins more fully Mr. Mn lal's theory of diseases, and will Ic found highly intere-tmsiopersoiisnekini! health. It treal upon prevalent dt-ea-es, and the causes tnercot, i'riee, rem. for sale by. Mr Mnlfat's Airenls ctnerally. The..c Valuable Medicines are lor sale by Robert Mooly Druitsi.t, ) ticneraias:eni, (to whom all np plications for ncenciessiiouiu oca mresseii, post pa Hirlinston, Vt. Jan. I, 1811. None genuine but lhat prepareil at 375 llowery, New York, where the article wa. Iir.t made, the char ac'er of the medicine formed and c-tablished 1 y the pre-ent sole proprietors, and whoare the only pe'r-ou- nowina Ihe compo-iiion oi ine genuine, ti Iris I et u ed succe-sfidly for cihl years in the cure ol these hseaes. SCPRemtml ir ihe orii-'inal ami is made only at No. 375 llowery. New York. All others are eO'inlcrfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a cencral remedy for thc-e disca-es. I am f dlv sati-fid, from long experience, there . no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor'- Ual-am of Liverwort. Hein? puie v vetretaoie, li cin nouse.i wuti ine u"no-i -ateiy liy all pe.-on. in every coivhtion. It e'ea i-e- the lours l,y expecioralioh, relieve- difficult breatliin", and-eem. lo heal iheebe-t. 'I here can I e noriue-iiou but thi- mcilicine I- a certain ture for chrome i o tab and cold-, I have teed it four year, in my piactur, and alway-wrhs ie e-s. ..'F IIOGEIIS, M. I). Tickling in the lhroat. I know Dr. Taylor'. Hi'-amif Liverwort to be rertain-remely'for this complaint, as I hate ued it my-e l and found lis e.'eet- an imincihnie. I was much troubled until I ninth n-ef fihi- ire lieine. M. L. llENSIIAW. 211 Maiigm s. IInar-inc Cojed Fur the cure til hoar. cue 1 can stroni'lv reecoinmend Dr. Taylor's Hal. am of Liv erwort. I have not onlyh'imd ureal I enclit iny-elf. bui many o my i-omriejein n 1 v my receominenda- tion have reeievisl preal Luichl from its yirtue. ft i atoncc nu'd ,elIicacious nud harin'e-s. iti.v. i.i-.yy i.-, Pevere Couihs and Cold- I have bad a nio-t e. vcre cold and voiizh, for a lona I me which I eould not cei riil of. Af cr usimr many li.e'e-s iliiiisrs I tii eil TuvlorV Hal-am of Liverwor'l, and it cured me n few divs. JAfi. II. M'UI.I.MJi. ri. Rai.ins of Hlood About two wt el, s a'.'o I had i fall, which eau-ed me to spit law nttatitu's of blocul wlneli nothing tsiuiu euro until i int i nr. i.iyior I!. il-nm nf Liverwort. This medieine "aie me mime hale relief and in a very short lime e.leeie.1 an cnii:e ure. Ia.-t all per-ons try it. Ill (HI 3IU Cannon 't. Dr. Taylor's Halsam of Liverwort 'I his superior remedy forib-ea-e- of the lima- and liver ca- obtntn ed a repula't'ou never I efort'equalled. Remarkable Cure nf Consumption. wa-so near her doalh with thi-ih-ei-e. thai my fuends sent for a nr.e-t loconfe-s ine ere I died, lie n hi- mercy, lold me not lo siveuii mini I trio I nr. I'avlor'- llal-ani of Livcrworl, 1 scut piiniedM'ely fortius medicine, and alilniuph ihe coire-t for a ew days I etvvccn llii-meJieiue, and my ilpca-e wa- sc. vere , the mediemeeonquered, and in a fortnight I wa- ie-tored tohe.ilih. I had a eou'h, rai.iua ter, lo-s r.l my voice, pain-,,, iVc. 1 eau re. ferlo Doctor Wil.rn, in the Cnrlton Ilnue, for the iruih of my statement. MARY DILL, G b -licet i or. tievvare ot irauu-. nt j t avenue. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ol Liverwort, in several ea-rs of tins h-ease, where all tjther remc lie applied ly pliy-i- eians have proved ineueetuat, has produeiM a periect ure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R. liladdin o Delhi, N. V., ofn naturally con. Mimptirc i on.ltlulion, has icen saved Irom un im. liuiily end by the u-e of Dr.' Tnylor'- ol" Liv erwort. A severe cold I ro ijrht on un attack of P.'eu-re-y, an 1 thus endel in general debility and eonsump lion. A eiaistant eoufrh, hectic flu-h.'re-l'e-s n iirbt I nek pul-e. and cont.nue.1 lo-s of llesh, antrereil a 'needy death ; but as soon n. I commenced the u-cof thi. balsam I grew letter, and is now fully ruaturcl to heallh. Shortness of Jircath. Fur this di-ea-e, I have ahvav- lound Dr. Taylor's 1 abnin of Liverwort an excellent remedy, li . at oivt so safe and (i e lecnve, that I always ti-e it in me niactiu-. aim receommena it to mv iricm s. i nave ii-en n in snme oi eae- wiinin me pa. locr year', nnd i nave never had it lail. In many ol nsiiima, I inuy i curve it to have leen the means of saving precious live-. Let all use it. Vtf.UKlil'. liALI'M, .11. II. None ccnuinc but that pieparcl at 35. Wowery. New York as will le seen by iln lal el- and wrap pers of each bottle. He sure yon look vv hen you 1 ny. The aenuine can always I e obtained of the old nirents N. Lovely it Co. in 11 irliuston, also of Dr. Moody and Theo. A. Peek if. Co. Druegi-l Sani'l II. Barnes Charlotte. RUSSELL'S STOMACH IH'ITEKS. may le u-ed in Winror water 1 he.-c celebrated bluer.- ;irceompo-til purely tifveire ables of the tnost inuo- ecntvet -peciln: virtue-. I hey arc recommended par- lieularly for re-lormir weak eon-lilulioos, elt.iu-ing and strenirtlK'nini,' th. stomicli, and mctea-inc- the appetite al-o a preventaltva aa..iu-l thechokTa inor bu., fever and aaue, reniovtnir iiattsei, vomitin?, licart biirnina, vveaktie-s in tlie brca-t, pain tu the tomacli uiid oilier symptoms olilaiulenccuiul inili-o tion. One box will tincture one gallon. I'in e2a els. box. He.ssF.u.'s Itch Ointmkmt. This choice and safe (liniment 1- saul to I c superior to any now tu u-c, (in that di-aaiccihlo and loath. nine d scae, the I'l Cll. Tin-Ointment 1-.-ti cc.trtain in Us operation lhat no per-on ttonbled with the atiove dt-oriter onflit lo I ' without it. It I- a remedy lor cutaneous eruption-, corhulie a'Tecuon- of the head, or any other breaking nut vi Inch nn-es Irom -harp liiimars in the blood. Price 25 cl-. a I ox. Kus-rt.1. s v r.CETABt.n II I I.I toi-s I', or family physic, for aeneral n-e, m ca e. nf Jnuudit e, morl til -cti-il'iliiy of Iho -toniat h an I bowel.-, lo nl appetite, fiend breath, eosnvene.., Pile., and all di-en-c- an niff from biliary derail aemeiit-, al-o fur conei tine the -late of thellooJ, and clean -i mr the -ysiem ot foul and viscid humour-. Thc-e pills are a mild ta thartic, produeina oetlhir pains nor gnpin'.', and are llicrcfore a valuable and highly approved medicine, and are pronounced as.uch by (lie most ili.ttngtii.hcsl physician.. Each box containing 38 Pill-. Price 37i et-.a box Kus.ell's cclel.rnicd hti.T iiiicum ui.vtmknt. I hi is iinniic.tionablv the I est and .-afe-t reincilv eiervet otlercd to the pnlilic for that ob.linate di-onlcr SA L'l 1(111. li.M. Where oilier means nave laile I, it hts-ni- cecded, and the fact lhat it has bt eu -Men-tvelv u-i'd by eminent Piaetiltoners -peaks volumes in . prai-e. Ill', equally eilicaciou- in nil di-ea-es of iIm-.,iu, scald bead, rim worm-, and the mo-i mveteraie Itch, iVc. ie. iSnmeroii- ecrtincate- intiriit le ol.latned, I ut Ihe pronrilor lhat a fair trial -bould I e the only evidence ofil- superior ellieacy. Price SO com-n l.ox. ror -ale tv .1. iV .1. li. recti tv 1 n., I Ino lore A. Peck it Co., sign of the Mortar, and Rol url Moody, Burlington; Dr. C E. Mile., and Hull & Cook, lline.- burah; S. H. Barne-, Charloitei L. Jane-, (.rerr'a: I.. Tyler, Ls-e : roller it Huntington, lliLbiuiiit AIo, by the drUL'gt-ts and merchants L-em'rallv Iirouirhoul the stale. o2.fl'i . STiVM-IIOAT HOTEL, IIY JONATHAN HART, IXTTl. II. respectfully announces to iho citizens of if- Iiur'm(!lon "'"I vicinity, nnd the travelling 'T.iuiiijjy-i.UJjJHssUii 'ii i i iiw 3 ,VTUHHH 0KM) KIKIXJltA'inE. 'Ihf. va'uable eirelable Mcdieinu stands unrivalled for ihefollovvina roinilams, via: Dysiepsif., or lndi ce-lirin.disea-vd Liver, bilmusdis&rder-, Drop.y. Asth- hna, CoMivenc--, Worm and los of Appetite, and ly cicm-ing Ib stomach and l.nwcls, cures pains in tho side, stomach and 1 roast, colds and coughs of" lois slmiding, lloar.-ene-s, shortness of breaih, Nervous eomplaint-, etc., which are fieqnently the erlect of ills' en-e. I'or I'Vverand Ague, it is a rnot valuable pre venlalive lis well as asoveitgn retnedj. Its virtue siiipa-s any thing heielofore known in removing Pti ii- i , i 1 lm,J' ullu illL iru.t-iui'g i mis' tyante, two ooiuos nave i ecn unown to curti public generally, that ho has purchrscd, llioioiighly , this aflheling disease, afcr fiaving l.nflled every exer repaired, pamlcd, filtcd up, and furnihhul the nbovc tion lorfour year-. Ithaa mn-t powerful Holfl, situalctl in iho comer of South and Water i in removing iiervouseoinplninls. It I plut-nnt toinkr SLrrcl:,, opposite he head of the Steamboat Wharf in andsoea-y in its opt ration, that it n.ay I e udministcred the vtllageof Burlington, (formerly owned and kept m the infant with .afoty. The above Medicine isverv by Captain 1. 11. Harrington, of Iho Steamboat Phrc-j highly r ommem'ed bv many scientific gentlemen, nix,) in a stylo 0 convenience and comfort not sur-1 nml ri large nuniler ol'ladit-,' who have proved tl. passed by any other Hotel in the village. A s-pacioift virtue-nl the Medicine I y personal i sc and that of ilic -parlor, sillmg room, rending room, and dining loom, families. A bill nlicrnfioaic. accompanies each bottle, all cominunicalcwitheachuthcr.iind with the ftont with dircciion-. It mav I e bad wholesale or retail of pm7ii on the ground llonr. Tho Bar room, hams, , S., Harre, and'.!. C. Farnnin, J.a-t Williams eheris and yards arearranged in the best possible man- town, Vt.sole proprreior. Prepared from the origin ner to accommodate the travelling and business pub- al recipe ; for sale bv L". II. Prenlis, Monlpeher, and if i" !.lcrc'"f Rro"nn neatly on a level, adjoins this , J.iV .1. II. Pun A: Co, and Tnr.o. A. I' Co., Hur llotcl, with convrmr lit out-houses, spacious and airy 1 lingtoo, uml in the principal towns m the stale; all .iiiti ij.iiih,iis : -tr,. jiii ii ne iu irave crs. n ri'iuioiis sineii i ie na no wr i 2 oi l it orinir cior business men. boarders Mr. II. from long experience professes to know how to furnish a good Table and Bar, and to servo up 1 tic choicest eatables and raicst delicacies that thcinntkct and season nllord, in a manner to ruit tho nslc of tho connoisseur , and he confidently assures his patrons and guests that his utmost exertions will be put in re quisition to srrvc them. Steamboat passengers will ho wailed on, to and frnm tlip Boats, nnd their baggage transported, and taken circof nt this Hotel, alii save tln-tr Hack lure to and from the Court house squire. Stage passengers can bo left at and taken from (his Hotel without additional fare, ard (hose taking tlie Boats will be shown on board and their baggice frit of expense, and without iiicmring any risk of being icn, ny inenarkiirss or intcnessol llic night, or any oilier contingmcy incident to iheprecipilmcy of. steam puwe-r, or ine iiuciiiaiions oi wind ami weatner. Horses and ( arr ages furnished those who wi.-h to transact business, or visit any part of the village, on reasonable terms. Smgloincals 25 cents, and other charges in propor tion. 8n,;o Burlington, May 20, 1 11. WINOOSK1 SASH FACTORY. i T.S in 1 and lit i f " -' L "'-WM FOUND. (tl may be found in this village, directly opposite K.' t he .lietnojist ciianci, an ui.n .stiur. newly fithsl upin ijood style, where the undersigned will lie glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. lillllti 11. li. or.vl.HJI.Mi. Biirhnglon, April 23, 1311. .iuisi: c.aim:ntek. Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. at kssux cuntiii:, ciiiTrn.m:N CO., VT. Orrtcn, near Harney's llote'. INsr.x, July 1, 1811. !n3 MDyVAItl) J. I'.W'S BOOT U. fiHOT3 iSToni:. Churrh-Strut, Tlurlinston. TT7HI',1!1' he has on hand a supciior assortment of Ladies and f ientlcincn's HOOT S AND SHOr.S. of ihe following assortment : Cent', fine ealf.-ewd Boots " " ' pcit'd do. " light " " do. " Summer Hnitcrs, " " Pumps, " Calf " ".ShocsABrogms " Thick i)Ki;i Hoots, " " " llrogans Hoys Shoes e Brocans, " Thick it Kip Boots, Ylhs " sV " " ii n ... ii t)VA..A..n Sir.. J. F. would invitehis customers and the pub lic in gcneial to call and amiuc Ins arsoitment ol Boots if .Sitor.s which he cm warrant to be of good Boys Calf Shoes, Ladies Griitrr Boots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips it Ties, " Colored Slips, " Broncd " " Calf .Misses Shoes if Slips, ANo, a I'irge a-soiimcnt of Children and Infants Shoes. OCT. ."lAIt'-IIAI.IS An untie, Catarrh and Headache MTF. This r-nuii is siu.eneir to anv tlnni: vet known, for removing that Irouble-ome di- '.lso, the (. alarrh, and al-o a cold m the 1 cad. and tlie headache. It opens and purges out all oosliuciion-, ticngthen-tliegland-,anil2ivisa healthy acuon ti 'he pail- ailectul. II i. pi rle-etlvfrce from any thing dele terious in its compo.itii n has a i lcaant flavor, and i's immesbatee Ice, I eing used, is al grecallc. Priced 7 cents iter bottle. Doei. Mar-hall's Veaetab'o Indian Black PLASTKII, T in. Pin. ter 1. unrtv ailed for curing serofui jus s'A'el lings, Sttirvv Soies Lame Hack, nnd Freh Wounds i pain, in ibe sie'e., Hip. and Limbs; and seldom fails to rtveieiiet in loeai line .mait-m.. u appiicl to Hit ide.ii will cine many of I lie common Liver Complaints; and is, if not superior, to any thing in use for corns on the leei : the Mrlces nl Hp. l'fn-tvr have Itcn w ttnessed bv ihou-and- of individuals in the Fnited Stale-, who bavotc-ted its ttlieaey. Sold bvtho pro prietor i Clia.. Boweii, Middle! ury, Vt., and" Tueo. A rrtk cv t. o., nuriiugion, 1 1. ici stock, thorough woikmanslnii nnd latest styles. Also, Measure Work shorlest notice, asu-unl. Burliiigtou, Viy 23, 1 11. Ilcpaning done it the nai CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. I'AKUAK ,v WAIT, Imparttrs and Wltohs ile dealers in Croc' try, Class ana C u;t.i II .rrti, ana .1 inuJatlitrCs rj Sltntc Ware. I I Ml ju-t received and now opening uu ii'imeiy 25 Packages I'.ducdnnd Common Ware, 25 do Blue Punted do 10 do Royal Bourbon Sprig do containing complete diunci seiviccs, Tea sots and loili t Waie. 10 do French White Granite Ware, wilh com pie to sct throughout. 10 do Aniline. Vase Onauup Pearl Ware, con taming perfect diniiir scis, tuinclv new patterns and hape, a most beautiful atticle, with.Tta and Toilet ware to matcn. CHINA WA1!K. 10 parkeges China Ware, containing Beautiful Dry CJoods vtiy Cheap. Si;pi:i:i(I01l black, blue I lack, '.-ru ile swi-s Silk, do. tin. I alian Real do Bonnet nnd Florence sdl;., White and black Crape, Mouriiins Lawns and Prints, superior French Bum azine, Hlaek Fillei Veil-, Late tin. Fillet nml liaueScarl-, Fah'-y Han'k'crcluel'-, Victoria Skirt-, Pie NicClove-, etc. by 11. M. UIDDI.NCS tV Co. July 1, 1911. nl PIANOS. IX order t,. close the concern of llcrrick, Christo pher it Co., we oiler the three rcunining Piano's at two bundled Dollars eich, for Cash, or approved notes, in 12 months with interest. For the quihty and durability of these mslrumentf, leferencois umlc to many of tl'io Citizens of this Village, who hive hid Piano' s'of rite above manufacture in ue for yens Reference also to Processor Molt of the Jlu'ical department nf the Female Scmunry. Burlington, 2d. July, 1911, LYMANit COI.i:. Gold edge and hue Ti Sets nnd gold band China Nurse Lamps. White Tea Sets, hpng uo Ho fiold band it snrin do siL.tSS vvaiii;. 10 packiL'Cs Cilass Ware conlaiuing 0, S, and il ilule Heavy Cut lilass Tmnblcis, b, S, and '.I flute " P'rcssid do do H jiaekages fine plain Tumblers, very t heap, Cut filass I.aiu s, Phin do do, a crrat variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Astral Lamps, iiiroiitlales, Caii(, Cut Glass Howls Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and and i Lemonade Glisrrs. Siilendi I French Porec line Vas-cs, with llovvtrs mle of SA1JRATII SCHOOL HOOKS. Pv A. HRMAN would solicit the attention I J superiutendants ol Sabbath Scholls. and other! to his assortment of Book" suitable for S. S. Librai ries, which he oilers ntavcry large discount from retail price. The Mass. Sabbath School Socie v's publicnlions are always on hand, including the valu able nn I increasingly 'popular scries of Bible Hue lions uy iieweomu. rUgllSI 20111. A most excellent article for cuing old or young persons of Pains nnd Rheiiumlsm in ihe back or side, healing up sores, curing sore throats, swellings, etc., nnd for the cure nf the PII.US, It has not its eriual, .11110111 ur never failing to cure when inplied co piously, and according 10 iiirecnons, som at 1110 Varie ty store, ny me U07."ii or single pottle. PANCiliORN it. BRINSMAID. J11 y Ii, 1541, 11G 1,1)1)0 Hi". Lard 10,000 lbs sale I y I, .H.V.S tV V.W1.I., rvuw GOOD . TJURNErr & SAWVIIR, at Milton Falls, have U just receiveu ineir spring stock 01 uoiils, com priing a general assortment of DRV GOODS, DRV GROCLRIES, CROCKICRY AND CJLASSWARF,, 11.. '.DWARF., DRUGS AND MF.DICINHS, DVF, STUFFS, PAINTS AND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKF.RF.L, nitlND-STONK-s. if-c. Ac. All of which, having been purchased nl the pteptnt very low prices, will bo sold at moderate prolils for Produce, and as cheap as the cheapest foVCnsh i and as wo have not time this morning to enunicraicarticlcs and prices vvc would respectfully invite our former pa trons and the public generally to call, examine and ludce lor tncmseives. Milton. Jane 1. 1SIL I. S. MofTnllsLifc Medicines, New-Ion's Panacea, Hitchcock's Snunand Worm Tea. Couch l.oiengts. land msnynihrr rf the most spproved Medicines constantly on iisnu D-XKW FALL COODS-XD ONLY six days sinrcthcy purchased in New York, Pongiis, pj'tin, chine, nnd Idle niiislm do lame, plain satin, striped and black challys, Lnglish antl French nicrinoes, blue and blaek scarfs, silk shawls, and dress haiidkerehitfs, chine fccnrf, Palmyra and tlress hankcrclucfs, bohhinctt and rail-road hec, llircad, edging and insccling blk and col'd silk net bigs, worted and silk ulovcs, chine, I onnet and neck ribbons, blue and black rro de Swiss, colored Poult de Soie, stiiped nro d'AI'rinue and black Mantiotu .:.i... 1 .in... 1 ....... ..e.i 1 Mill", iMjimi'i Willis in,, raisiivis, 1 ii 11 riiijiis uuu erapo hec, Ilnglish, French and Anicriican priiils. blacK and col il easiunero and merino worstetl hose, black, blue-blick and blue broad cloths, fmcy cnssi mcrcs and satl'meis. silk velvets, dark veslinns. bleach cottons and cambric brown shirlings, and shcelings, candle wick, balling and wadding, red and white flannels, bed tickings, canvass padding, buttons, silk twist, thread, itc. itc. Call and examine iho good9 and prices at the tHirmigioii uasu more. 3d September, 1S1I. S. L. IIF.RRICK, and a variety nf other nr itch in their line, all of which are now olfered Whoeile and Retail at New 't rk prices. F. it W. would invite the attention of Mer chants in the surrounding towns to iheir stock of ware, asPuntig tin 111 that they will sell ill packaee assorted to iinler on as good terms as can be purchase I in New Vor- Boston or Troy, at iheir warehouse corner or 01 ( iiurcli and College sis. Burlington, J ine 1. IS1L A vr.nv vai.haih r. V A It M V OR S A L V.. T"!!!', subscriber being desirous to retire from active 1. businiss, 11 nvolleis todis, o.-t of us 1' AII.M situated in Co chestir, one half mile west of the stone load, leading Imm liutimgton to St. Albans, and only six miles, frnm Burlington. Said l-'arm is hind-omelv ituated, conti'iiinn l.0 in-re- of as nood land as can be found in Chittenden county, and undir as high state ol cultivation, Hiving pecn under the improve mem of n-i I.ughsli A,;ricnlliir st the last twenty. three ve.iis. 'lucre h on Ihe f arm a convenient House vviili a never fading wt 11 of pure water at the loor. A good inrli, wmi convenient siitsis attached in tt. a viluable wood lot i f llcach and .Map c, and a line orchard nl choice 1 nut. Any person vv 111111; ti purchase such a farm an above dis.'ribcd, had bene ma e application soon 10 .nines i-coit, reari-streeet, Hiir'mg'on, or the subscuber on the premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Burlington, July H, 1311. N. It. Terms of payment will be nude very easy. nj ' STATK OF VFUMONT ) At a Prolaio Conn Di.tuict or CiiiTTi Niir.s 1 holden at Burlin-rion, wiiiiiu ami lor the ui-iriei .1101 1 011 tiiciourih itav of.-sepieml er, A. D. ISII. an in-triment purponing ti !; ihe last will nnd Tc-l.tinenl ofJalez Peunniian, Into of Cob he.ier in raid District. dts-eaej. wa. prr. teiueil 10 ihe Court heie for Probate, byCinthva Pen- ininan, John John. on, and LulherLoomi-, Hie Lxee. utors ilicrein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Co ir that cublie no. lice le given 10 all per-ons concerned ihereui to appear Iffore the said Court, at a se 91011 there- nl 10 ic nniiien at 1110 uegi-ier. cfli e in II,lr. linRtnnonthe 27!-.h"laj pfSipicniber A. D, ISII, and comet the probate ol riiiil Will, 'juiiI tip fnrlher nr- ilefelihauius order I c published ihrte vTetikssiicce. sivcly 111 the Burlington Free Pic-, a newspaper print t'.l nt Burlington, 111 Ibis S a'c, Ibe I i.t of whiili shall te previous to the day assigned lor hearing Given untlt r my hand, at Ihe Rcgi-icr'n Ofliec, llus j llhdiy 01 rxpt. A. i, tsu, m, vi r.sT"v, Hcgisler. eon-tant operation, prepared to execul orders lor WINDOWSASH of every dee-ripiion, and 111 the be-t manner. A ioil-tant supply kcot on hand and for sale nt Ihcstor ol George Peier-ou, m Bur" nngton, at itie loiiowing l'l CF.s 12 L'eht caiemenlt, ."1 cents per lo. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 5 June IS, Light, do do do do f-lDNLY SMITH. n2 do do tlo do cy-a uKsmiTHUvja, W HATCH would inform tho in- habitants of Burlington and vi cnity, that he has opened a shop in Chuicli street, at the sign of the Rifle, m In rc lie lute nels to carry on the Gun smith Business, mall its various branch es. Having In en employed for the last six years 111 ihe shop of '.I. M. Caswell, in Lati-inglmrL'h, (undoubtedly ihe best shop in the i.'inicd state",) he itils war l.inted in offering his work to the public. Burlington, June 1, ls41. MVfsTr.RIOt'.S! A gentleman belonging to one of the mostnncieni and wealthy of this city, who must be well known to numlrons friends having since the year ISIS, up to recently, been bent ncany uouuic, ami tor several vctirs contintn to ma hod, ha. been restored to goi d health has regained his nuiiirnl erect r-uMtinn and has qiiiitnl his car nage, and now walks with easel! We In heve this 13 lliejien leinau' own rlesri iritinn as near as possible. and there is no exaggeration in it. We will give inqui rers his addiess, and doubt not humane lechngs will exeusc ihe liberty; so that any one doubting, may A-noic these factv though he rtejucsls Ins name may not appear 111 piiin. Among other instances, Jir. Jan. G. Reynolds, M l Christie-street, has been restored, and will give personal nssuiances of the facts of his case. Both were rheumatism, and contracted cords and sinews, llow has this Icen done? Anwcr. JS 11 lie Indian Vegetable Elixcr in ternally, and liiu-rs' AVric and Done Liniment externally. Jan. ii!). It? II. .sviaoniy ty vuMS i ocvv t. CO., ,1 AWtrfcn, Stir Yorl.. n9 THI.O. A. I'F.CK et CO. Wholesale Ajents. few doors east of ihe Post Oilier, Burlington, Vt. C' l Ci RF.WARI) has been otlercd for months O j JJ to any onewho will use a bottleof Ilmi's ijintmnU for the I'ih-r. without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instance hasilfailrdrf a Proof overwhelming to be had where it is sold. 1 1 is also a certain euro in marly arv iase. (Internally,) m the fo'Iovving complaints. For the Piles, for all dropsy, lender ft tl, sore llnoat, ly can cers or ulcerr, cioup, w hoopni!; cough, scald head, Tightncsiof ihceheal, c-pccialh in children foul ul cers of iho legs, or other fungus sons, bowcvir obsu- natenr ion; stanilmg, lrcsli wouuels, chilblains, etc. I.i 'OK OCT S"mr sirindle-? have ro'tr.trrfeiied Or .trfictt.and pntil ur irirh rarioiisd'Viris. Do not be 1 . nnsi.d upon. One lliing only will prelect you it i-t ic name of COMSTOCh'i. CD: that name ih br alrayt en the trrai tr. or you 11 nv be cheat id. Do not forget it. Tike the ihrtcfion' wnh you and test by thai, or nrvrrbuyr I for 11 is iviyios-'Mo fo- iv other 10 be irre or genuine. n9 f" bv Cn.VS'fOri: ,U CO.: Maiden Lane. N Vork. Tlir.O. A, PLCK it CO., Wholsale Al ton. 'is, a f-w doors cast of tho Fust Oflice, Burlinc; t. HINESmjIiCII ACADEMY. r J11IF Trusties of IIiNi:m-nGii At vm -iv are happy I. tiimfotmlhe public, that they hate obtained the Rr.v. ProL.v DccKtr, ns a permanent Itacher. Mr. Durkee Ins been engaged, for nnny years, 111 the business of instruction, and bu given, wherever ho has been employed, ample si; isfaction. He Ins suc ceeded, 1 specially in concilnling the confidence and all'eclions of bis pupils, in awakening within ihem a ihiist for itnpiovemcnt, and in leading them lo tisi thoroughly, then uwu power". 1'roin his turd skill and cxperienee.lugli expectations are excited, and it is confidently believed lhat none will be disappointed who in ly fivor the Inslitution with llictr patromt'eby placing I heir sons or their daughters under his tuition nnd cart. While it is expected that proper moral nnd rrhgious instruction will be given, ami a constant and pitct ml oversight taken of thedi ppitiiicnl of the student-, it is designed lhat tin institution shall be kept from every thinirof a sectarian chnrncirr. The Academic yea' will be divided into two Terms, comprising two quarters each of 1 1 weeks. The fust Term will commence on Widnesday ihe 1st day of September. There will be a vacation of two weeks nt the eloseof Ihe first 'IVrm.and another of six weeks at the end ot ihe second. Tuition for common branches will be l.ffl per o, Icr, For all olher studies 11 will be 1,50. No inciden tal cbatgea will be made, Hoard will be allhrded in reportable families from $1,25 to SI, 50 per week. I'or boarding places, irfer enecmay bo had to Jedediah Boynton, O. S. Ilciyt, Nahum Peck, Fsq., Orlo J. Baldwin, Harmon Bur tint, A. S, Wilier, Joel Turrill. Mrs. Benton, Dan'l fiiiodvear. This Institution is plcasmtly located in a heallhful, flourishing village. It has now been in operation about sixteen years, and its course has been steadily onward, never surfeited vviih a Hood of scholars, never f mushing for want of support. The bui dim;, sn ated on a delightful cmim nee and ovcr-lookmg the whole v illa"0,is undergoing tlioroueh repairs. It will 1 0 finished in a neat and fashionable ' style, so as to combine elpgnnce with convenience, ' Hinoshurih, 7J AiiRvibi, 8w. PEAKL STRUCT HOL'SE, Iimi.lNGTON, VfHMONT. 1 . S. PFIRCU H" ' S lately q eped Hie al f.Ve cs'al 'i.hmrnt for tVn nscp'nn of fainiles and traveller-, gei.trilly, who ii.-iy visit this part ol the Gps'n Mountain state, an I may I e i'i'uru. nf a few sumnit r weeks on'ile phi. el lb r tngton. The Ilo'el is .pin-n is an 1 1 omniothoes and is n'tn. altxl n'-ar ihe l'nivcr-uy,rtt tlieluad oi'Pearl-st., cne if ibe most fasluonal le'and agncalle tin roughlarcs in Ihe town, com manding an t x't-u-m- vie a of I nVt t'baniplain and ihe surroundin'.ciitniry. 'I he Views ti-nt iln vve-tcrn window, and piarfss an unnval'rsl ly nnynntl.e bnn't rs of ibe Lake lis iheir nia.'iiiheenee nnd I enutv, and a'e, prol ally, sen siirra-tt-.l 111 il e I'i ped Stan-'. Ill the interna' irraii'-t ii' ul of thell u-t, tveryrp yard hu I ten paid to iln cc'iiifert t f families, who inay I e aeenniiiioila-txl w ith pnv a'e pari r and il e neehpaiit llafcr. linn-elf thai il.e of his lal le and ihe at'endan -e, are sui has 10 pieril the ap probation f tho-e Lidie- and lien ileii't-n who may lavor him w eb their pa-ri pace. 'I be S'l'ACI'S In ami from ihpNT'h, Nrrth-Ks.i and l-.i-t pa-siki Ij , and tu parpe. slopping at Bur lington, 011 ihctr viuy 10 the While M. ntam", and lbo-e tiavillins m nnv of the al nvc i'im ti n., ninrn lei.ure 1-niiort'e.l, a. ibe sfiires leivini; Pnvn call nt this bou-e half an hour Liter than at the IL tels in the lovverparltf ibevdlnge, A h- ("tirriairi. attends rcgr'nrly, en the arrival t f the boa!-, Willi the steward of tbe'establih incut, who wdl ml-e charge t f the l aigase etc. In shun, no pains will I e spared to give satisfaction to all patrons, and en-.ille ihe In u e to the tuppnrt of tho pu' lie. N. 11. Wines, Cor hats and Ltjurrs, nf approved qua i'y, kept ftlvv ay nu hand, Horses and Cnrriares kept in readiness fcrthe ne eominodalinn of si rn a msy require them. I urlington, June SO, ISII. n1 C'ATAItltll s.vurr. is still ciinngthe Catarrh TTAR?IIALL'S SNUFF, 111 and the various diseases if the head, aswcllas sore eyes, Innll pirtsot ihe eunniryi and susiainins the re'piilalion wbit-h il has long since gained, cl Is-iug absolutely the l est article of the kind in tho , l.ach bottle cnutnin ihree times ibe quantity; f one nf ihoe which arc clTered al "ONLY TW 1..M 1 -T VI CI.NTS." And is therefore a 111-ch cheaper, a, well as loner .ruele.j For ffU & HII.O. A. I'I IK t Co n.l I'D. KOI11' MOODY Burlington, 'an. 22, IPU.

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