Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 1, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 1, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OF C 3 S A It BUT TUB WELFARE OF BOMB. BY' II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1841. ' V0jNo.7. 7T jmj...ulJXL.Ll -1X1 l.L3E! ll " ' T. . i 7.7 l u I -ill' . L I ' E mi. imi. m I ..... IJ ."J J miJlill 1 1 1 L'l- n . m I IfULFJ1 .1 I II " " Mil ! I I " i. .. . ,., , MOOIiL'S KSSI.NCI" OK 1.11-1; A ah,nl,lc .Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will bu the means of saving thou-and- fmin nn untimely grave. (I has heen sold and n-ed fur thirty years, with great micces-, and found very clhciicious 111 the following vli-ea-es, viz. Consn.nptlnn, Whooping Cough-, coin inoit Com?!!", Co'd-, difficult Breathing, lnllueiiz.i, Qniny, A-thma, Plillii-ie, Spitting of Mood, FI.iiii Im. ludieu-tion. Loo-cnc-s of the Bowel-, Fit. of everv tar; Mil' .ngtousdi-ea-c-, (lontaiul Rheumati-ni, ncy, liidigu-tion, L.oo-enc oi me nowei-, rnoi rerv kind, Cramp-, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-eii-ry,' Fainting, llypoehnndriiic A lection-, Headache-, ckne.sal Siomich, Mea-te-, n preventive of Con ..,,., .I,-........ Ctmi nml Rhcum.iH-tii. "j tpTliealnive Medicine Is prepared by Henry Sey nour, ofHailley, .1n.. from the Original Recipe, ly -aw -miore, lino miui ii) uiiii iiiiu niu tnour, Slif-ihrrrlilill iirtncipal lnipirii-in me e uiu-iicntics. SolJ vvliole-ule ami retail, by .Lit. J. II. Peck Co wiidThco. A. Peck et Cel., Hiiilington, nnJ by the vlealcru genernllv throughout Ihe eountrv PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrticlcis too well known to nerd commen dationand the experience of seven year" lias demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience nml din ability, they are unrivalled Coal vnul scales to weigh Irom 3 to fi ton. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 Hi. to ROOO His., Porlablc. do. to weigh fiom 1 2 07. to 200 lbs. PortablcCoimterdo a now article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. it .1. II. Pr-cic &. Co. Agents. Hurlington, April 8 1311. IWlNTIXfJ. T1IK sub-rilcr Icing thankful for past favor would rc-pei-'fully -elicit .1 continuance ol the sa me and rem in .1 In-frft-mK anil the public that be i prep."" rod to ai-comniod.itc them on the shorle-t notice niidnio-ti'ivoriLle terms in the various branches in thcnl.oielmo. Shop nppn-i,-'- Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, i'earl-sttc.t, uni line-toil, I. JA.MDS SCOTT. April 1, 1SII. l3:ly MUiMN'AKY A l)ItlS MAKING Bjr Misi S. BRAT, WHO hns commenced in tnu new but (line on theeast side of Church street, opposite H. I.nne's store, nml a few rods south nf thcChurch. where ever v JJdf attention will ho givin to tho making of Honnets, Cats and DnnssEs, in ac cordance with the most ap proved New Yutk style, which Fashions nro now just received for tho sea son. i Hurlington May 2C, 1811. n51 SUPKItlOH 1-M.OUIt. T N. HINSDII.I,, Accnt furKo ) . Chester and other Westrrn Mills &c. has for sale, now ill store, nml receiving Kisht Thousand ltarrtls of I'nncv nnd Siinerlinc Hrands of Ki OUH, of ilio lushest reputation m the J.'cw Vorkniul lloston markets. Anmng which are the fnltowm.r. II. I'.K-. T. Ilenuishall. I'. S. Clark & Co. J.Davis. II. Holmes, Union Mill", Jackson Mill". Ulilloii .Mills, nml J. Itosucr, loueiucr wnu beeral choice brands of Ohio and Michigan flour. Also, 11. lluddand N.Shick, suitable for the Montreal Mar- Merchmts and dealers will ho furnished to order, at a very low rate, by remitting Drafts, Certificates of Deposit, or Ca-h, to 313 Rucr-Micct, Troy, where a fullnpplv will bo kept at all times. May 2S, 1311 n31ln3 iLTF'l.Ml'OK l A.VI UAl"l IO.N.--! It ln singular fact ar.dono inueh to I e regretted that alual le iiiedieiue, a- soon as they I eeouie pop ular, nnd hae re-eueil lhelet and npproinloln di-erimiiiatiiigptil lie,nreMiielo I eco inteifeited, nml thus a bad nud-pnriotiH nrliele is iuuiiediateiy paliui-tl 'ipon tbi'iiniipeetiiigfortbe gen-iiiie. Tin- ha been nolorioi-ly the ease Willi nil popular tried and Inly valuable iiiedii-iie for jear-pn-t, an.l will prol al ly eouiini'etii' e Ibe c.i-u. for J cars to eoiue. 'I be 1 a u nml eoii'cmptible counlerfeit ill Ibis way meanly 1. 1 e a I vantage ol all the e lort-and aiKer-ll-inir ne,l I V tbo proprietors ofthc genuine article, to gel their me lieine. liitou-o and de-erved ly. Iti-therefuieiiot tbeduty than it eonirib-ite-to the safely of eicry honei mi'lividual in the com m in it y to expose, frou-n down, ami toreierafier Dlri TKIJI.T nil IIKAIITJ.I&S IMiliATUHwho tlmi irre-spon-il Iv tritle wilh health ami life. tL-M'iinti.Foui: taki; .notick.i! There is a iier-on I v the name of J. II. TtOt.'IIK- I'OItT. now eiisrnqud in -ellnig a fill di Disi:asi:s of run i,uN...iv.i.ieiii tin- mofi ii' leni' il) inn kmmiiin Ami iici ytgttable Pulmonary Jlnltam Is Hip mom v.iliuble ihih in ujp fni ciM'ulK.rnl,!,, hhIiiim or ilnln-ic, -on.niiipiioii, (vlHiiipbigcoiigli nml pnlnion irj sflTtliiin "fi-iert kind, lis snie l sipihIiI) inrirasiiift, hhiI the prnpneiors ihp CfMHtHiillv icceiiing i lie nio-l linmble hicimiiii nf im fTiTi!". 'Hip fulluwing new certificate lie nlli'tril fur pnbl r: exuiln.ilion. An Utkiirsiino Csf. Exiraci ofn lelierfrnm Mr I! S Chi), King-inn, U'sir Co,, N. V, In I lie pripripiir. "Yiiuis nfilip 9ih nisi. n duly irc'd n iriii.itK.iijif. cine uHsellt-cicil lij die Vegjintilp Put daiiii;l sjivxpstoiv. Patent Lever Watch Maker, from Lherjmol. AS His now twehc years sliieehuavailcl himvell of the iirivilet'e of reluming his raicii nukiiowic'iireineiits io nublie in iinpreeclcu- eat- to in- -ml in ii... lil.l Kh.n.l iint:iiiin.i..lnv. iMiviiuursriiui oi .ouie uovely aiui t;o'.. More, w Here SS"'hSjJ araleM nuknowle-Ve !r, '"-Wends and Ibe If Ufiiifa general, loralmt iiiii :f V, ltJ.,J.'fr tedMvor.-,belerlea lV -?fef,3 r.rm them fei3 eotnuienrpd lining iIip lll.imt wtiir Ii rlfpcieil a cnmplrip cine, and lie n nmv a.liiiennd bearli I a. . I. , , M 1.1 . .. r .1. I . aaeil in c lingo til iioiieun m i.oxe r" --"- .i-""i rniu,r nn .u.mi, inexact an-l peiRs-t imitation ol tbe penuiiit I.M)IA. "e " " 1'rrnnfru nn- h mmr uciHiirii iiccoiini oi ma VKULTAIIM-: 1'ILUS. with the onn-sion (ifonlyonc e"f". hirli I wiMfuiwHril ou. O. S CL4Y. wind on the lloxe viz. WntmiT, 'The Tills oldby Km-jsuin, N, . Juiip 2j. 1838. tin-Hoehelort nre evidently iulciidcd nsnfrnudnnil Extr.ui nf a h-nei from Dr. J.icnli Mjers The impo-itiou upon the eomiiiuniiy, or they wo ild not Veui.ibln Tiihnun.iii lias bcrn mild in ibif have bd-ii done up in such cai-t 'imitation of thoceii- cnuni) for luo ipars, and ilin meliciiip has gained nn nine. Thi iieron is tall l-l-i-leriug Willi a great the- unriuniiiuii erlpbrilv, for il -e.iteeU in imp itifUnrp itrieal svaire:er. He wa reeenllv I nown aa lerv I f-oled ol h.iiinsi ilip deitiied fflect. I am bv no ineanp imor pl.ii er in llaltimore, under tbo unreal cognomen in f.ivnr nfilu- iii.inv nn'ti uni. mnfl ol nliirh aie mi of Jim Drown, and i nl o it twenty Ihe cars ofnire- po'itions upuu a crpilulous public, but llnil ulncli I in. ii I. . . j . - - i. t i" . .... I C I er-O )a l ft flu In I .,, n irim- (il nmiMrj n.ii-.iiii in inn inincr iinu -prnig in IOJJ. I lip . i,... i .. i, V 1 . ' lersiui, Mr. .oml), Wen -irk a loiij; lime iih L r"' "'l 7,. J"" ! e , V.'i al"' H other ihecunsnmpiinn. II .ici..n- Im,1 gi.en bin ' 'I' . V 'l ''r'cc'-. I will warrant nil new He was reduced sn low hmo be iinablP m I,pI bln.-Plf, "'h ' " 'p. '" '"'I' ,0n Boul1 ' (...I was racing a l.irgP (i.Mniili of blond wbpn lie "'V "Y. ,U,W ' " ''l1'' ""-''": '!:. ' .... .1 ... I,. i ifiiuii :issnriiiiiiii (11 .v. fu il. 11 .1 i.i,... of the lir-tipialily of workman. hip, and will lupoid as eheapaiul on us good terms at al any other tbop in Ibe Male. 1 rolll Iih lonrr eXDerlenee in lt. t,.in,.av. nt.,t t,i being o many ear engase,! in the making of watch- e in I-.ngland, be tlalicrs hiin clf ilmt be is n com petent to luaki uleetions as any in the vin'niiy. liiirlmgtun, J.uie , 1811. nl DA. llltAMAN, has this day rcciied a new assort of Hooks nnd Slationerv. comnris!ni? Addresses nnd Messages, of the Presidents from Washington to tinrrisou. NOTICi:. ;C7.Mebi-me i I c-t known by the euies i perfoniK.plJ I. .Newton'. I'linni en, or 1' irilier ol'tbo lllood. The unpninllclcil and Mili inerea-iiigrepuiatK.iiwh:!-!! ihi ine.beine haaeiair ill throiislioiil thcNew llnjl.i nil ri-.nte-, and llieiu.iny euri' it has nerfurined. an.l the greil deinand made foril I y tlieadvi-e ol'diy-ieians well ac.i ainitocwiib it- prepiration, ha iul .eel the proprietir to exlen l eir.mlalion to ainioi everv iowii ie r.i-mn nnd Ibe iiruieeial town- Ml 1I10 I iiitetl slate-. s:a!e lie fnlknvmi wording is on tin, I ox- ""'? r"." i' , V "'"''l ' "'" ! .Vei'e,al,lel,'l( hlnml., h.l p,e.,sly .j-s,.,pd iimiij upp,ie,t eii Colle-e of Heilib piesri iptinns. Alier ii'iug ibe ll.ils.iui one n ik, ibe lloston Acmleinv (!lce Hook and Odion. and Juvenile books earifdly selected, all which are oll'ercd at the lowest prices, at the Hook Stor-. July I 1911. xntTtlX CUIII! l'Olt SKK lir.ADACIir.. Li winch lnsiicetiiisi'd .n fimilie, everv inenibcr of which has had sick lieadndio fiom ml'iney, as a constitutional family comp tint, nnd Ins cured dice- tuilly in every instance vet known, amounting to ni.i iiv hundreds. 1 1 is not 'unidciiKint to the tn--te, and docs not prevent the daily avocitions of one u-ing it it must he persevered ill, and the cure is gradual, but certain and permanent. Instances ale constantly inultiplvingwlurctlii-distressing complaint is coin plptely iclieved and cured, although of years t.induig tiy the use of Dr. Spohu's ceb-bnited iiincdy. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having nonu of tbo nauseating i fleet of i ommoii drugs. It is so perfeetlvsil'Hf.ietory, that the proprietor his given directions tor Ins audits to nfimil the price to nny one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. lie hopes al-n that this may secure its griat hi n ifitR to tho distnsscd t-ulleiers who aiel iboringiinilrr Hea-lache. 15. Sl'OHX, M. D., inventor and Tro prietor. Sol.lby CmS'7'OCv .r- CO., 71 Maiden I.ane. New-Vork. TIII'.O. A. Ti:CK .t CO., Whoiesilc Agents, a few doers east of the ToftOilice, liurhug ton, Vt. ii!) NEW MUM If, AND .MUSICAI, IXSTItV-.HIJXT. Tin. warianiel I'tirelv vegetal le.and i- not .iirpa..ed ' v any other me bei'ne ever ol'eied to the allbe-el a 'it. etenne ..lie nil I great pop ilari y nlainlv prove. It ha. w-itluu the la-t eighii-en month. cured its thou-an I. ofibe hum ob.tinate di-ea.t-, a. l.e nrove.l bv eeriilieate.. and i. iiroiioum t-1 bv einiiient an 1 ri-.p-vta' le phy.ici.ius the 1 e.t ine.beine in ii.e. I' ef il mfi rmaliou imiy I e lo-iinl in eireu'.iir. containing eeitili'-ate. of curt and iliiivimns fur ta king the medicine. The following nppoin'el agent.. H.irlingliHi, J. it J. II. Tei-k nn 1 Co., ii. Moody St Allan., Corn, an I Uo-sel Milton, C. Drat i Miloin full.. Il.irnei and J iwver Waterville. l'i-k and Drown, lline.biirgh, Hull unl Cook l-'.iirf.ix, Tarkeran 1 .M.itlielil eicenne-, Adam, ami .vinrr.ii Cninlndse, M. Wue I'liderlull, M. C. Il.irnev .North l erri-l urgh, II. t". vv icker l-eorgia, A. till-. Will i. ton. X. Chitten leu Kn hiiion I, (;ieeu it Kliolc- John. on, Vt. h. Warner and C Moil' Ion, l-' Smeli Hal er-lield, Arimnglon an I Wood war I fail" lield, It iruct and rarn.woith. e.o.p.l y.liTJ eiintiii'ies unrivalleil a. a lima I lam i.ii : ai-o, I, r iiiieiuoa .ainene-. or ,i mi. in tne.nie-, nnii.s or i ne,; : lor .-r-.t'llo l. swe.l'iig-, .eorv y .ore-, r ic.n wirin i- , in I for a I-amity 1'ia-ieror. live. I-or (.urn-, inoii-ovei' rv It: laieeiu-e, ner-evi re mine u-e i y iii.ikinga new appli -anon oee.i.ionaliy, nnd in tune, vonreoriH wiil U-eure.i. I or -ale i.y .1. iV .1. II. I'r.Ulv it (.o. Tlli:0. A. l'MCIv & Co. nnd l)n. ltOUT. MOODY. H.irlington, Jan. 22, 1 11. ly.f.IS Vnluabln nnd aiinrnvr.(l works, in Tnentoi. Il is almost lejonda lie i Mippliel wilh knmv by mc to b, I mnnoi help bin tive mv ienl nnd Miccellaueous i.itcraturc. (fe-ernl Hiography the fills Irom a Druggi-t firm in tins city, who have ,i, piobiiinn llineio. A counieifi-il pieiuiuiion li.i voyages and travils. The latest editions of the most lieretolore I een notoriou.iy connoctiH Willi couiiler- ,ren ntTpiPrl here by a ir.iv t-llxig Agent, nf Cnnismck, npnroved School Clnssr al nml Hooks. icu iiii-iii iiii-. rt.Mniii.i.)irioi ISOIIIHI1L-.I i ne iniiii- , y, amj 1 1 1 c i p in iinoilicr Hiiicle venUed licie Hull it largo sumuy oi raper, mulls, iiianit hooks, i.iem am neao oi mis nei.irious u-i.iucs win i e ex po-eo, .,, . ,m,r.tri m ip.nni inns. eiuary aim otner SHCIiars, (..rainiuars ana Ueoermi lies .11 luo euiiiiiiuuuy ui.iy Miuu iiiein ns nicy wuuio a i Jicon ilYF.RI.l. D n.'!V:. r. Mil)1lii2ion.JiinMl.ico Tenn. Mai 3, 1837 fmni TIOM.D nn.i i.iiyu g v iin.iii .-INOI.W i i im.i trlMr. p.,!,,,,,,,.,.,, Uu, .1 inedpcine sny on.- iioteMul il a eertitea-eot neen- ,, ,, . 1,,,. -,,1, igned by the ngent lor the .New 1 nsl.ind atale. ... ., , 1 ...... i.i and 1 earing da-e mu-c Jamiarv IS 10. AImi take par- ' , V ... ' "... " ; ,,' ,r ' .' vv right . Indian i... . i ........ i. . .. I-..H.. r 11.. .1.1. The Mian lettable Pill, ,R a epi lain cure fr P'K n;s voice returnrii anu hp was-win sppsK .in, TITH- MXX .... .-i v.V.. f.f o .,i trim Hos SVV'WBysH10'1' ''0""'"'s '' zxri -s.r Xew .Music, Mji- cnl IntruniPtits, itc, vvliieh ho is amhori.ed to sell at the lowest H.isimi ro ail prices. The Mu-ic for the Vinnr. l.Vrln eonsisIS I f Soil . (Ill-Cs, D -CttS llllll Trios. X -wand bo-iutilul M ucln s, lliueksti ps, ul opaiks, W.ilr.i.s, Dani-es.aml pices with variation.-, some of whi h ire the latest publications of the Hus ton Hri-mlc and ISras HallJs. ALSO A gnnt vitntv of American, Oeriuan, Proneli nnd l' Mll-ieal In-trillllClltS. r0llsitill2 of Uncles, Truiiincis, frenih H.uns, T.a-s, Tenoi and AltoTronib-ines It ll-it, (J ami Hllit CI innnitts ler mm (Concert I'lule-A I'rolll one to lll-u-kevs.) I'lageo It tts, Octave and 1'ieolo I'luli s nml I'ife..-. Splendid Hass Viols and Violins, degant nnJ idiin Vmli'i and Ha.sVinl Hows. Supeuor Homan lolm, Hn's Viol nnd friiitir Strings of evi rv i-ie ami letter, r.iigli-h nnd f leneh CbinunellHceds. Splrtiihd fieiieli A cirdeons, SpanWi (Jiulars, with plain, an-J tierninn lien 1 Inntnictinn lioo!;-1. willi (itlll- iitP, Io&j-onsniul Kxcrciesfiir nil the above, run! uth rr initruiucnts, nre nnwfnr salt-nt lr. Mum s rctt rods north of the f.pisconnl Church, in Hurlington, where he respectfully invites customers tr n'tvf Iiiiu 1 Cfill. Military Hands nml Music Schools, furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, (and Instruc ion, if lie tired,) nl short nolice. SJM'IAXO KOinT.S strmiir, repaired and tuned unusual. Burlington, May 7, 1811. 13 M A Hs!IM -tieiigllien Tin: nooKSToitt: (V the Siihscribir is jm-t npleni bed with a new V and valuable n-ortiii-nt ol IIUiJivM, sr.t I iu.. AIIV AXD nVOUAVIXU-4, ninniig the many in tercstmg woil.s m-iy II- lound Ihe Inll-'Wing Leant tn Die, bv Chiiitnpher button, Sutton on ibe .Sa-iainenis, The Young Man's Aid, by Kov. II. Winslow, filinipses of the fast, Language of I'lowr n, Tnlci- of the Oecin, flora's 1 ill rpieter, f Iota's Lexicon, Summer Joiirnev in the Wet. bv Mrs. Slcrl. Tlie Xestnrians, iir the Lost Tribes, by Dr. (Ji ant A VU'IK m wall-street D. A. HUAMAX. July 30, nO Ii L A N K BOOKS. Ledgers, .Journals fc Itccord ltunko. 17011 towns, county and piobate record- nniinfic. lured fiom the bet I1111 11 wove Demi and Mcdi 11111 p,iper,hnund 111 calf: A1..0, a variety of connnon lllank wnili 'or .ale cheap lor ready pay at the sign of the Ked Ledger, I y S. IIUXTIXGTOX. June 23, 1311. n3 i.l ILL ol l.ini' 1 0 ignt a. 11-ual, a vy v.i 111 ernl a I nice made for iho-e taken on comiiii-.ioti, lew imr. of goo. ieef O'.en will le verv aeeenlabie 011 tho lOthof June, ami the htghe.t price will I e paid 111 ea -Ii lor .lit-1. ALSO 'To exchange, n ltr-1 rate Clm-e and liar ne--, lor loek or e.i-n. nIO DA.NILI. K1MHALL, Jr. Ii irlington, May 12, IS11. Khine gra !e, NEW A R n I V AL , X. I.OVIJIiY it CO. ARE now receiving their ihird supply of fancy Staple and other Goods, adapted to tlic wantsof tha lanitet, which were piiiehased at Xew oik, ibe 5nst week, and areaewollired for easli, at a small all iance nml greatly reduced prices among which are J he following: .S,iiiiinn,ieClia!lys, do. do liigiin-lan 1 pliin Mnu-line DeLauics, for die', -oiiie a. low 11. 2,30 a pattern, J'rinte.1 Lawn, lor dre-ies, plain do. for I outlets, f reiich .Iripeil I'riuti-i mid American do. Kami slrine .ilk., for dn'-st-, a fancy article Illaek ami blue I lack Oro deSwi.., lro ee etc. 1 l eierv vaneiv. colon-1 -ilk. ( f every White tiro de Alrieand oilier eol'dsilk lor bonnet-, Crapes and crape Le-e, Fillet -earf. and - bawl-, minu very superior, Thread Lace-, IVIging- and lnseilion-, Muslin Inxrtioi, (liceian l.aie, I.adie- Kinbroi-k-i'il an I vi-orful e.ipe. nndenllar, Fillet Mil. nnd Glove-, long un l h rt,all color-, Jtil I on-, n be.iutif d aorliueiit, entire new t-iylc, Vellum ltd I on-, Head lining, Ponui-e-, nud 1'ongiv b lkf-, u-sortel 0-1 Mou-li leLnne t-li ivv Is, a new nnd cheap ar- Linen canibrie hdkf-, Lawu, etc. fre.ieb Ariiiiu nl. Whalebone., ar.d Italians. faraxl-et full rellas, direetfrom ibeiimniitacturer 8-1 dama.L ilk hawl-, cheaper lliau ever. Travelling nu-lWoil; I md-el-, Ited ami lllael; Merino fhaw., nt a great 1 argain, Itaw-sill;aiidollierdie-shdkNamUhawl, a great tJli-hopVivvn., XanMnk and Ilonl, Mu.lins, 'WireNett.llailroad, Wa-li lllond and other lace 'Jri.h Liiii-u- and uind rict yhell ide and oilier euinb-, I.adie and gent.. dk and Li-lc ho'e. do do Glove., Reticules. 1 cad biigf and nur.e.. K.ittinett..,eafimei'i!.ainll roudelolh, ehiap enough Silk Velvet-, lor Imno. lino genu, olsolor voting, il.irk an Might Vcting-, Valencia-, etc. etc, Tallcpread-, cloth-, diaper, etc filiceting. "ii I .hiriing , I leached nnd iinbleaebe.l, Jeam-aud e.ieae:-, f.iruituio diuiiiic-, 1:..,,... (....,,.. To which may be- ad led, a large a.seirlincnt of Dry firtictrUs, micIi a . Illaek an.lGreen 'Teas, ,f every variety, Whi-e, II iv ni l 1 md n-her I n wn .S'i-,4r-, Mola-se-, I'liu. iiio, Tepper, tnnger, Lluc,Casii Poland Starch, fugli-li C.iuant-. w Cro'lury and Glass Hare, Vrcnch and American Paper Jlinplnrt. As i- o-ir ob.e.-i, wn will givogreat bargain- C'nll nud examine lor yuur eivc. Uiirlington, July 30. nntMXGToxoASii sToiti:. Kr.Atit v oi-i'o iTi: N. Lovr.LT ivcn, fTHlf Sub-i r.l-r lia-uii en' ire new Stoe1; of Good L in-t reeeivel fro 11 NI.W " Olt I-C r.i-iuonatitc a.ap.e an t l .nn-v uooita ltiehSdk's M011.I111 de Lame, and Piiu'ed Lawns -Milinerv tiool. I'lorenee Hi-aid IJ.innrn iS'raw tinning. ite. itc. A'sn FAMILY GltOCLItlLS all of which nre ibe lowe-t prne-. by S. L. Hl.ItltlCiv. IS trlinglon, July u Isll. f. Xf.W the m.-mtrfiirtiircrs. n6 Crockery. China ami ilai,s W ave. n.., an.l rieli II .kOrtllieiU Hl-t OCCVOl lllll J. oiK-lied, purcha.eil lit greatly red icod p-iee. in i-y, X, LOVIil.Y it i'O. n-2 JnneO, 1811. inKO-MS nnd .Stocks, fino frilled nml plain Wo Jj Boms, a few more of llio new Myle .S'-ncks, which jrnimch admired, square and round Collars. Itrc'd. J 21 PANGHOKN & HHIXSMAII). PAPKIl IIAXG1XGS. "I'ply. with borders, itc. just rec'-l from July gj. u. (ilJUDlttuil ni:v GOODS. rT,HI" sub-cril er have iu-t ri-eeiveil from X. Yor X .1 large a.-oriineiil "( F ANCY GOODS, among vvliieh niav lefouinl Heavy I luck and blue bbic'r P01 de Mil S Iks, " i( ' (iroi' " " " " P,-' " " " 11 Grode Alri.j ic " " Light colored " elo " " do " Pekin-lriped " " Plaid P01 ile S01. (a new articled " Honnet nlkr, I on net Lawn-, blk Italian cravat-, .lain and lig'd 1 icnih bom) aziue.-. Half inoirning, plain if- fig'd, all wool Mousliuc ilel.aine-. Cliiiiiu and Sa'in ftriped Mo.i-linc dcLainc. very line. i.aie veil-, It'll ne't .haw sand M-arf-, netl Mitt, nml tilov Miiu-rior ki.t do I 0111' a.uie 1111 1 atm -lock- Worke I i-ainl rieit Mil Im Iii-erting. it lilgin Thread I'. Igiug-, bonnet fecar, Itibbiu-. new tvb Ze.ihvr Wnr-te.1, plain an 1 ril 'M nlk llo-c, Wor-'lisl Working Patten- nnd Canii--, etr. July 23, 1311. u7 f M. WltlGHT it CO. I i;ssi:i i.'s t. STEA3I-JJ0AT HOTEL, nurtLiNCTox, Mfmw mm VERMONT. WLNOOHKl HASH I'ACTOltY. IS in con.tant operation, nnd prepaid to e.xecnt orders lor WINDOWriASIl of every description, nnd iu the bu-t manner. A eon taut supply kept rn ban 1 and for .ale at the lot of George Peterson, 111 Ujr- liinill III " s-J Imguw, at the lollowing pi c r. s : 12 Light caicmeiitf, 31 cents per Light, j) uo elo uo .tj do do do 3J do elo do 5 do do do SIDXEY S.MITn. nl DOCT. .vlAHSIIAI.I.'S Are initio, Catarrh nnJ llead.u be S.NI. 11'. 'Tin. Suit:! 1. .ui i-rior to any .1.:. r... .1... Iln.,..n...l... ,, , ilium itl . ,,, ,,.1 iiiejini uni, ,t .nn. it -v..... uu- I in ttnr fnnni let ma .i ... iT , . , , ., iitieil n.l r.t ... i i . '. 1 ca-c, tie i. iiarr i, ami aio a coin m ne i can, niw niu nr? n, , "r""anP"lll''''.l"ViWo'''- bcJ iehc. It opl-n, nnd purge- Out .ill ol .tiuction-, e ,i lZ 7J"' l''rn1l'S''n'lu'f ';'' P'.'-jM giheu.thegl.- -.amlmic a bealtby aciiou te the Inlet ii.lih f B'0-n?TIy "" " ,CV' " J"mi ""3 I1'"" n':" 'rd- " " l- rlilv Im-h IV..,., any (bingdcle .il -J i convenient out-housc.,, spacious t.nd airy u.tlm, , it, Coini,o.ition-l,a. a , len.aiit flavor, and Im.:,, '. n K-tflens j are all inviting to travellers, , ,ini.-d.atee e-e-, af.erle-iug used, f abgreeable.- busincssn,(n, boarders and patties of pli.isurc. Price tlT cents per bottle. ,?!.:. i " ,!lr!',lK"e,nf? 1,rofL'f SIS '" know ho,w "o'-l. Mur-ball'. euetul.'c Indian Itlack PLASTLIt. to furnish a good! able and tar, nnd to serve up the! n hi. Ph.ier i. nnriialltsJ fir coring M-rofnlou. .viol- cnoiccsieata ttcs anu rarest delicacies that the market MI s.uru. rf,,rl.., Lame Hack, and fre-h Wound, I and season alloid, in a manner to suit the Instc of the , ,,,', 1 -;,.-.. II,.,. and LunUi and.,.l,!,n r,.,l, n ...i... i ... I I in .i...... Ir I. -.I ... .1 .. I 4 .. . , 1,,-llVI in iuv .,1 1111,11-in-, ,, i, i, -ihii itiu nml triiPQla lltn, Inn i. ,. .......... . .. ,11 I in .... . ... .. . . ...... u.....,, I.U...J.,, ,,, b ,.. ,s-. ,,,. Wm eore many oi n eeoiuimni L,n-r . ulni.1 nun.--, II V JONATHAN HART. MR. II. respectfully announces to the citizens of Hurlington anil vicinity, and thu travelling public generally, that he has purehrsed, thoroughly repaired, painted, Titled up, and furnished the nbovo Hold, ktuialtd on the corner of South nnd Water streets, opposite tin head of Ihe Steamboat Wharf in thevillagcof Hurlington, (formerly owned and kept by Captain Lit. Harrington, of the Steamboat Phui ni.x,) in a style of convetiiuKe and comfort not sur passed by any other Hotel in the village. A spacious ii.'ii nir. s i nnr rniiin i-nrniiin. p.,.,i I .1 .. .... i ., - p ""-'i 1-..U...H hi. nn, iiiiu 11111111:3 ii'i'in, I all communicate with each oilier, and with Ihe ftont ."T Pia.Ai oil tbo ground llnor. Tim ttnr Fffl 1 fJ tlo. do. C lo, do. 4 do. du. I June IS, 1 i(tM-e in nrij i.ineij (' loi in, 1)' v.wfp ihy il initi'hli rir.iiMf Hit rU)tii..rh .nut Iioucn, inuiire i pto difi'lm u'' h 1 1 1 f In nil-, okin (unl UmImpi , tindflr inid.ile 1 ! 11 1 ' pin if HtfclT In mliei unul iIm in ii .ill iIih ii iiiimI (ti.tKM, iiml !e,ic na I U 11 K the Grand Phytirinn) nte in duu dtcp.iu (nni the mi. I lip .iliuVM otii'i, or ih,iii4t itic Ihe nuniiioit upr. nl llif I nut . tiMdin'li m Im Ii 11 ui'niiitt . nl rot unl liuiii'iiit (lltr Ctii-p ul'l .tie r.n i if d off: hhI Ioiij; .if iliej iiie -ill kfpi open, hum ihpt ti-figi Itcdj ll .illoiled nnrlKMi nfltiipiii n . itit IxiiU unl run. iimtp in lip.ilili : Inn ulifn fHMit raiinn imprnnri Inud hp.iIhm2 miimiiic nir, Midtlcit imn-iiion hum in Id, iipi t'xli.iti'i inn fir an mlipr rptic, iIip bimrl hpninip nuiup, ilifi imhp nl iliHcktii Iipi'uiiip rlu-ptl, iliekiilnei Till tt pel foi ni iKi'ii ptnpeik lip impiM lUPi li'irfi r-tioii1! Iip di.iinfil limn llie lndv f V iIihp niiilH", v ill lip tel. lined, mid rcml iiiup in tic 11111111,111' Mill 1 1 I liP llii llfCiillU? llll'l .ltl Id.lllfd U llll im-c If In eh II1H--I' nf imr imsliu rurte fliiiu )TIMIIP hllHkf'tl IU). WOllHl lOl llll' ,11 (t lllll 'illl'll W.HPtC id npt imii It or I lie cunniu liprnuip tnniut-iipd ii-i o Mill) thf Im ma i Imdv ; il I lit ii.ilnt ul di nin Iih ii ihp ctn-pil, tin' fi.tgiM in h ii'l mi i ii l Iiihihim ill find nl in i In .hi Km lot m il nifp.i'p Hiit'li a? tppi, Niiill I'tix, Me.iflp l!licininiiiH, (lout, Apnplpy De.nli w ill pii I onr ciillf i I Iipi t lui c lien ih Kiirf .11 I lit' ii itl.K-Il , li ll it in ilip li.ifkHinl id', fitnt k ptiUe, IjniiiMiii ekin, 1,1 "'V o'lirr unpl.i niiinlniiM, indi(.ap ilml nncur mine of I Iih ii.i. ' n i. i I ih din am not fl'-i Ii.i 1 2i Hi! fipoly mid the ('111111 ni uni i' .iliiitit ni i'iimiiPiH-p a en Mmiip (oi iIih rpt'ior.i Mill nfllP. lllll llu UlllP idhiilld Iih im1 ill .icltll I tl l t'l Illy p In i-k .Iiiup-of iIih Iim riit"..ti.e Indian le etitblc Pills ) (i itoiiii'. .ill llu liiuritoiHMl ihf- K' will he ipclnicu K uiilpr, unl Hip Itml lilinim (ilin fMtMPnf Pi'l lull Hi) H niu nr p UN up Pnfli'i ) will ip tpiiiiupil nt ft iM-V ind iiaMiial a iii.tmiPi , lh.ii (In hiiIv will Iih iPiiiuii-d a- if li-11 rhai 111. TIip ii!mj- lli mav lit liiki'ii al ALL In net" mid nnilPr ALL 1 11 Ulll-MIK'H-, H llll IIP! Iff I K 1 MM V. I 1'PV fi' 1 1 ail COVl plaints and all apit, and .hp in iIip Inini in rnn-i inn nn. Ii.nil : rmwtpiPinly iliep.ui ntner tnjme pt n itn ni"it dt lir.t'p Like nut lu'id, iIipv aip ihtphlil( liri pI.m ( iIihv enter 1 tin iIih cnriilai inn and niiiiai 1 an lltM" V In ihp liliiinl, w 11 Til piMliiPd 11 In Ilnu u nil It i h linn tniitp hi iIip PXiiPiniiief mid rnn(inif ullv in kfei tin (tnrPi' nl 1 In Km 01 pii I lipy an inn a llll pM inilifiitni ilip liliiinl ; li p.niitp tlipy drain all ciniiip1 tinnioi h fitn thai 1 1 It "it ids' tlnin 1 hey nnpai nieii'lh mid V ij t ji in 1 Iih utialp r-yeieiii, mid Ik it ef rtn at p alt, uv- ; tippaif ilipy onl t M inn. 1 iif-p Iiiuil'ir- wIlU'll ap nnnnjtHil In lie iltll. I'll aid 1 tii I iiniuu.p di"e?tinii. and ntnid Ii-pii fnll'iiv ilie'n np ; Mipy rip iiijte ihp innm-H h and ! ul in" 11 nnv liuinonifi wlnrli nni nnl niii.iip and rr t f p npiiti (tVf'CMi, Inn nai.ilvze and wraken llu di p.-'iivpoii'ini'i. I ti !"lmi 1 Ihi'V ptid-Pi? all iliey ynod tnnnPiiiH. that can he rimmed Im any inpdirinp : and whn lux ei teinaik'tlile. il it uiioi Iv impudiiu np ilicin w itlintii lit tn fit. I,rn't'2. tvn- per Ilt. with lull dirivtinn-. OiTtc nn I tiiMifral lcpot fnr the Npv laiIand SMtt."., Sv, iui 1 ri'iinniiMrroi.niMr nnrl -!nv:, ito-ioir l in.' rt'uuir appoiiitf l Apvnl- itin itM'lVi'lhcir -fi 1 f Ihe iihtiM- popular 1MU. a ht'ii'lofori. fiom In only o'het-' and ufiii'ral depot for the New I airland tale , !)3 I temoitt Mreet. Kti-ton. I'tNlIar- or trav I in"1 ai-vm art not alloweiMOM'll the jreiiimie Indian wire'a'lc rtll, lliettlurc never puniM-r irnni 1 iifin, for tl you do yon will Iu Mire to ohlitm aiunirerou n.s I .... ...-..l..;. r.Pln.1.. ..I 1 I'rcK SiTAn, Asenl 111 n-irlinaion, for ill nlenftlieln h tn Ve-i'ta' le 1MK aU.., W. II. HoLI.r.1 Vilhton. Vi an 1 A. Ilrmmaid, H lrliniton ui-'KATd vi:iii.-i'.m.i:; Miii'iLi.MH I'lie e ineibeine- an: mdel tel fur their name In iheir in tnili'-t aii'l .en-d le ai-tiou in t'urifvtui: tin1 -iinu"-an I eh liineN of life, and enluinir them wilh ri-ni'iic-1 'one an i visor, in mane u ui ire.i eeriinoi ir cmls iciii li r a pr.e-t uieoiiie-nie ere i riu i. r.i-c ncciin 111. in is ti'jiv cni iijeil 1101 null tii.u-livc imii uoniion.. liM-ne-n. Iti-.iirciliilK . &c. H. Moiiiui.t.. tl is nmv in.irr iti.m e'w veir pincp I i.n binuiilil crv Inn h an nflVclion nf ihe linigs, mid mi cnniil,,i,it w.,9 itpcMie.l 10 ne iim-iii unit- li a cvnncil ol liiiee iili. icmiis. I 11 hs ihen re-lined in ap 1: -o I li'-iibh a I b-nl iijiiii-d fi.r tn-iiii vein, hi u-iiis die eee'iibti- I'u'. inoniiv .1111, .Since mv lei-men I have iproin tui'iiiled llie ltilii.1111 111 iiiiiel iii.inv Cl-es nf 'nil!! ini.hiiin., and .11 f.n a. I 1-1111 li'.nn, i s imp ti 1. in l.lMllt Iipcii full. nieil bv nun ll bciipril, nd ill UMIll -liilir,iil hit eflVcltil chips Im h upip nhnllv iihpx- ii-nrd. Samuel Everett, tin. on, il.inii J, lba7. for -alp, ulmlif ile and retail, ty IT.CK u Sl'l-:AR,lliir i.ision, Vi. II A I, S A M O I' 1. 1 V ll II W OUT, OI-iTve when vi u line that vrrl eo the iren-itne prepaic I at 37o ttimery, New York. See that 375 llowiTy New York is on' the vv rapper ol e.ieh Hnit.'e. Mi oilier-are 1 raii-is ami -o:,i only i.y peeuiaior-, wilhoui re-.'ardlo utue, 10 the public, ill the proprietor- o the genuine urlicle. IT'OIt laiiis-iinption, and I.ivcr coniplant, I'l-spep-. -1.1, d:zzinosoftho bead, lo-s nf apprtile, fty.-en- V. ami L' leui.iteroi llie wnoie -v-iein. None I'eniiine 1 111 that nrenaiiil at 17o liowerv. .i-v ork, wheie llie aril -le via- lir-t niiiie, the eliar aeeri'fthe ineJieine foiine.1 and iMal udicl I v the ire.-eiit o!e nn nr.e;or-. and vi home I beonlv- i-er-ou- l.nowiiu the eniniio-itiou of the seii'iim'. It In- I ecu i-i'd iiii-c-sliiltv tor embt vear- 111 the are ot these bpea-e-. trlteineuil i r ihe oriiriu.i. nihl tlenin.ic i inaile oulv al -No. 37.") liowerv, -New York. All others an- eo-inieifcit. Consumtttum and Liver Complaint ' s a ireucral renie-lv for the.o ibfca-e. I 11111 t'.llv ali-liwd, from Ion" experience, iln-ru 1- no iiiedieine l iallol'r. lav in li.u-aiu 01 i.iverwori. liein 1. ne v veu-etaiiie, it can .ou-e,ivMHi i'u.- iiuno-i miiciv v all he.sou- in everv conditio!, ll e'e.iu-es ihe liiiiir-. I.v exneeloralion, relieve- ihlbeiilt brcalhinir, .iiid-eein-to beil theebi-t. 'riicieean I e iioque-non ii 11 111- inciiiciue 1- a cenain cuir lor enroiiie co isn cold-. I have ii-e.l it vvit 111 mv practice, and ahiav- well m e . A. 1, M. 1. 1 icklin! m the lltrnat. 1 know Dr. 'I'avlor's Iti-atugf Liverwort to I rerlain'for ibi-coinplaiil, ns 1 have 11-ed 11 inv-ell unit louuil it e 'eet an iiiiiueuiaii'. 1 wa iich troubled until I iiiin'e ii-i-il llu- nelieine. M. I.. lll'.NSllAV. 211 M.iul'iii M. Iloar-enc t'i'jej Kortbeeire ol lion cue- 1 cm .iron--lv reecoiiiiuciid Dr. 1 at or llal-ain 1 1 Liv erwort. I have 1101 onlyli nnd ( I euelit luy-ell, but iii.inv of inv i-onrct'aiii.n I v mv re -eoiniucnda- lion have ie.-ievcil eical I enelil Imm its virtue, ll 1 atoiue 1111I1I , ellieaeiou-and h.irii'e-s. lll.v . A., l.l.vv I-?. Pi vvrero-ichs and Cold I have bud a ino-t n- vere cold ami conah. lor a li.n-- 1 mc vvhi- h I could not act rid of. Al'er 11-ini iii.inv u.-eiC-- llu'iis 1 Iri rl uvloi !- Hal-am ol Liverworl, ami it cured nn a lew d.iv- .IAS. II. ICI'dtltlNQCK. Rn 1112 of liloiil At o-it two 11 1 el. mi so I had fall, waii-h cau-et me 10 ,-pu lurs quainn-s nl I.IikhI whi. li notlnnir eoulil cure tui'il 1 trust nr. layioi-.- Ilil-ain of Liverwort. I hi- iiuvb-ine save ine iiiinu- iba-e relief and 111 a verv short tine eieetel an rutin lure. Let al tier-oiis trv it. HI fill 31 f J r.AIt-i:v,21 Cannon -t. Pr. Taylrr's llil-nm of Livei-.vorl Tin- superior icinelv toroi-ea-r- 01 Hit- iiinu-. nnu uvir nas obtain ed a ii-iiua-ion never I ifniee.--a,le.l. ltemarUable Lure of Vmisumntum her iieilli Willi 1111. iti-ci-e. mat mi ll STOMACH IH'ITi:itJ. niav le Used 111 v meor water. I lie-eceicl laiedbillcr.- areeonipo-cil purely of ve-'e able of the mot lutio- rent yet -pccitic virtues. 1 ncy arc recoinnieni'eil par- ticnlarlv for re-torini weak eontituliois, c'ciiiMn-i and i-trcnelheiiinsr the sRiniacb, ami nicrea-ini. llie appetite al-o a preven-atHeacaiii-l the cholera nior- ii i-, lever nun a?ne, lemnvini; uau-ej, vouiiiun.', heart l-nriiiu?', w rul. ne-" iu llu- bn-.i-t, pain iu the toinai h and oilier symptom ol li-i'iileiu-eand ui.lie-- tion. Uuc box will tineluruoneiiillon. J'nceijeK. I ox. Hl-i-cu.'s Itch Oin-tviest.I lii choice and -afe oiiiiuiciit is Mild tot e superior to any now 111 ice, for that di asrccable. audloalb oinedM-a-e, the ITCH. Tln Ointment i -o ecartaiu iu its operation that no pcr-011 tloubleil with llie alove di-oiMer o-iuhl to It wilhout it. It is a remedy lor cutaneous rr iption-, corbntic a !i-ctioii- of ihe bead, orany oiln-r breal.inz o n i Inch ari-e- from -harp biiinors 111 Ihe blood. Price 23 et-. a I ox. ICcs-ki !.' Uiii.mui Pni.s, or familv nlivsii-. for ceneral u-e. iu c.i-e of Jaundiie. inorl 10 eii-il ility if the -toinaeh an I bowel-, In. of appetite, lietnt 1 reatli, co-uvene , rue-, ami nil in-ca-es an nitf from I diary deriineeinenl-, al-o l"ir correetu.i' llie -ta-e 1 1 the I loo I, and elcan-111? tho -y.-iein 01 fo-d and vi-eid humour-. The-epilN .-lie .t'nii'.l (a tharlie, prod ieni2 neilhir p'uti- nor frriiiui, au-l are .1 ,,1.... 1 1.. i ii,i,. ,..,.', ...1 ,,,..1 and are pronounced nssuch 1 V the moil di-tuiirni-hed iihvi'-ian-. i.'aclt box containui,.' 33 1'iil-. I'ner 37J et-.a I u liu-elr.- ii-lcl rated svi.t ltllr.t'M UIs-TMr-S'T. 1 In- iiiKli.e-tional Iv the 1 e-t and -ale-i rrinedv ever el 0 I'erisl to the p iblie for that ob-tinaie di-order h. L'l Kill .I'M. Where other incaiis have tailed, it has-ue- eeeJed, and the fact that it ha- I icn -Men-ivelv ti-ed '.y eminent fraelit loners vpe.ucs vniuint- iu n- pr.u-c. It" is eipi.illy ellieaeiou- in all di-ea-es nf the -kin, -raid head, rinsrworni-, aii'l the mo-t invcter.i'e Itch, ixc. ie. "Niimero 1- cerlitiea'e. initftit I e oi.iau-.el. connoisseur! and hu coul'uhntlj- assures his patrons ' g'1V0 , ini-i ;u..-ia uiui nn uinu nuisitiott to serve thein. .Steamboat passciitters will be vvniti on, to and from the Unite, and their ba:'"aae, anil taken care of nt tliis Hotel, and save Hack bite to and from the Court houe sipnre. Stage pacnucr can be lift at and taken from this Ilotilwiihu'tl additional fare, ni-d those taking the tloatswill be shown on board and their bacaue free of expense, and without incurring any risk "of bein-; icii, uy iiicunikiie5s or nienissoi ttie initlit, or any other contiiiKincy incident to theptecipitnneyof steam power, or inn iiii-tuaiious 01 wiiut ami wiutiicr. Horses nml l arr n-es 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 t : tl iho-e wlio wish to transact liufiness, or visitany jiart of the village, 011 reasonable let 1111. Nnmc meals 23 cents, and other chargc-3 in propor tion. 3ui50 Uurlitifiton, 3Iay 10, 1 3 1 1 . UmVAUU J. I'AV'H BOfT fi iTiO". RT0?.r. Clnmh-Slrect. Uurlinvton. WIIKHK he Ins on hand a superior assortment of I.-jdus and tienlli-iiien's 100 IS AM) SHOKS. nf the followini! a-sortnicnl : Ient-liueea!f-e-.vdlIoot.- pe" it ilo. ' in the propntor ehoo-es that a fair trial -ho dd I e the only eiideiuc ol'it- superior e.liraey. Price ",0i ml.-a 1 ox. For ale 1 y J. e-' .L H. Peck o- Co., 'I bco lore . l'eek iv Co., -tan ot llie .unnar, ami Ito! rt .viomu, 11 iiIiii;!oii; llr. i . I., .villi-, ami null K i ooi,-, nine burshi H. II. l'l.irne-, L'harlolle; L. Jane-, tieiriia; L. I yler, L--ex ; rullcr -v 1 1 1 latin rnn. iin tiuu-inl Al-o.' bv ibe drUL'm-t- and luenbani- euu-ially hruiitrhoul the Mate. oJ.0u. FOUND. niav be found iu Ibis villii'e, directlv opposite the .Vlctlio.Ii.-t Cliapi I, an VIA) 1".U.T tiliut', new Iv fitted im in nood .t vie, whire the undersigned will be k!,h1 to wait on his old customers who mav t.ivor bun with their patronage. Unilli ll. u. ni-.iui.iu.Mi. liiirhngton, April ""3, 1SI1. .n:isi: c:aiim:ti:u. Attorney at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. at ussux cr.NTitr., co., vt. Oi rtcr, near It.irncy'.- Hotel. !-n:x, July 1, 1311. ' "8 Dry Ctoo.'.s vt-iy 1'hrap. OlTI'l'lilOR blai k. bb e I l.iel,, sro de wi- f-ill O do. do. I all.lll lte.ll do iloniict and I loren-.-e -il bite and Hack I rape .Mo-iruiui! Lawn- and I'rint-, onerior riench Loinlazuie, llbic'i Fillet Vrl-. Lai e do. i'd'cl aud(t:.iiZi-Se.irl-, Fancy HandJerclnif-, v ictoria skirt, rn .Mciiime-, nr. I.y 11. .vl, (illJDI.MiS .5; l o. July I, 1911. -! and I-e. -ul, if not -ii erior, to a.iy thin? m u-e" for corn- on the liet , the v irti.e- of tin'- Pla-tir have Leeu wiliii'.-ed Iv iboii'tuid- of indivnJjnls in the 1 toted Sla'e-, who haiete-ted it- cll'- ai y. Sold I the pro prietor ; C'ba. lloweii, Middiebury, and Peck fli, lliirlinsti n, t. jet ' lie it " " do 1 iSuuinur fiaiteri.-, 1 " Pumps, ' Calf ' " .Shocsi-i Itroaans ' Thie!i 'lKi, Hoots, ' " " I'roL'ims Itoys Shoes it lliocans, " Thick & Kip Itootti, Ylhs " it " ii ... ,i i iv. i.ini: in-, v rIJ. J. F. would invite lus etistomcrsand the nub- lie in general to call and usamine bis areorlmcnt o! Itoois ib .Siioks vil.iehhe can warrant to be of -rood -tock, thoroii;;h vvmhiiianf h.ti and litest sty'es. Also, Work und lit pairing done at the shortest notice, as usual. ti51 Uurliniiton, Alay tsil. Itoys Calf Shoes, I. ailus (inner Itoots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips it Ties, " Colon d Slips, " llronzcd " " Calf " . Misses Siloes Slips, Al-o. a kir:;e a snrmicnt of Children and Infants Shoes. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. l AKUAU VAl t. Impottcrs and WhoUs itcdiaUrs in Crocl cry, OVusi ana L.nta lliirt, ami Manitjaaurcrs oj Slune Ware. 1 HA CltATI'.S u.t received and now open'ng i namely '23 PackiiL'i s Kdacd and Common Ware, 'J.i do ltliie Piinlcd do do It'iutboii Snri? do containiu: complete dinner service, Tea sets and I one i iv arc. do Ficuch White Granite Waic, with com pli-tc sets ihroiiuhoiit. do Anintue Yate Oinu-ir IVnrl Ware, eon tunini: petfict dinner scl. cntuelv new uatterns and hnpe, a niot beautiful atticle, wttli.Tca and Toilet vv are to maleli. CHINA W.VUK. 10 pnekees China Ware, containing P.cautiful Ytr HATCH would inferm the in- i hahiiatits of llurhng-gn and vi c nity, that he has optiud a shop iu Cliuuh strict, at the nuin of the little, wheie be intends to carry on the Gun smith lluincss, m nil its various branch es. Havir.2 bien i mploied for thu last six years in the shop i f J. 31. Caswell, , i I.aiisiii"buri.h, (uudoubtidlv thu bust snop m the Ifuittd Stalls,) he fed- war ranted in ulTt.ring his work to tho public. Iturlingtun, June 1, IS 11. MV!TUIUOt'.S! A cclilleinaii bfleiaiEgiei one of the most ancient and wcalihy famiLcy of us citv.who must be will known to numerous Iriends having since llie jear 131"', up to recently, bun Unt nearly double, and lur scviral vcats confine ii to his bul, has restoied to go' d health has naaintd his natural elect j osiliou and has itutit-d his car riage, and now- walks wilh case ! ! We believe this u tliceeiiileman'-on u di scription as near as possible, I tlicreis no exaggeration in it. vve will pitcinqui- rerstiiaililt(.ss, nuu ilnubt not liumauo teclinis win xc so the liberty: so that any one duubtini', may Aiiotr these l'.ict diougliht rinuists Ins naiue may not appear in print. Among other instances, .Mr. Jas. Ci. Reynolds, 111 Christie stieet, has been restored, and vull give personal ns-urances of the facts of Ins case. Hoth were rlicunntistu, and contracted cord and smews. Howhus this lien done J Iii.ikci-. liu llm ImUan 1 taclable Elixcr ternallt!, and Jhun' Aerie and liune Liniment x-hrniilli. Jan. '-Jf, J all. .Vo(( on(y d" i. u.M J UU1 q- i.L., tl .iiauicn ire, .Yetc )vrk. nil I'l'.CK A. vl'FAlt, Wholesale Agents, a hvf doors east of the Post Officci Hurlington, Vt. 11) 10 10 Gold cd"i nnd lino Ten Seta and gold baud China Nurse Lamps. "i InteTea Sets, Sprig do do (iolilband it spris do I..I.A.--) IV All I-.. 10 pack-ices U lass Ware containing fi, 5, find !! Mute Heavy Cm (!la-s Tumblers, C, 3, and 9 lluto " Pir-si-d do do 3 packages tine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Cla-s Lamps, Il-ini do i'u, a err-it variety, Superb Cut Gla-s Hall Limps. Astral Lamps, Uirondalcs, Can.llehrii". wa- le-tore-dtohi-.illh. 1 had a ctiih, rai-in-r' ler, let- ol mv voice-, pain-,, etc. J can le- wbii-h have I een made piilli". ami iu alrno-t in In- im r-v. lold liu- not to sue in inilil I trirl I'r, eicrv Mes-n-oiiu.-e-a-eio wincii ine ii'iuian iraiue i l avior - llal-ain ol laierw-ort. 1 ent iiiiini-.iia-eiv Ii.i' le, llie ba,ipy e le -I- uf .Mot cat's l.trt: Pll.i.-and b.r llu- iiiiilieiue, an I although tie enn'r t for a few I'lliKst-c iilTmts nave I'-cn gieaiiiiivann i-u in iv iiav-I ctweeii nil-me iii-uie, au.i mv iii-e.t-r wa- te- .now ed-'i-1 bv Ihe per-on- I ene!ille.l, an.l w bo vere . the inislieineroiiiMere-.l, aul in a loriniulil I were nreviou-iv iiliacfiuaiuie-n vvru luene-.iuiiiuiiv lo-eiplnc.i! priui-ip'e- upon will' hlbi-y arc compound ed, and upon which ilieveon-C('ieiiliy act. The L1F1-. .11WU1.1.M.S recoiiinienu ine-ni-eiv li.i'.i.e-of everv furni and ilt'-eriiition, Their tir-i niieratiou I-io -oo-en i,oni ine ruais 01 ine sioiiiacu nml -. Ihe vano-is uupuritie-anil cruJiiie- con .ninilv s-t-illiiiir aroinul them; and toreniove Ibe bar ilene.l' face- which collect in the. convolutions of ihe rin.illr-t inte-line-. tJ.ln-r ininieine-- only partially ele.lll-ellie-P, alio ie-ave such cuueeieii uia e- i ennui as toproibiielnl'iliiali-o-tneiies',, with all its train nl rvil-, or-uel icn niarruie 1, vvr.u u- inniiiiie-iii n.mcr-.n Tin- f.n-1 i well kno.i-ii Hi nll'regiilar nnatonii who examine the human bowrl-afirrdi-ath i and lieiu- the prei'idieeof lhoe well iiiforuiesl men uiram-tii iai-1, PIANOS. TN order Inclose the conci rn of Merrick. Christn i. pher it Co., we ntlir the three remaining PianoV al two liuniireii Hollars cacu, lor easu, or iipproviu notes, ni r monilis with interest, lor tlie quality and durability ortheseinstriinieiiis, icterenccis mane to many ot ot tins mage, wno nave nan l'iano's of ihe above manufacture in use for vcais. Itcference also to I'rovessor .Molt of the Alti.-ical 'epartnicnt of the female .-scniinajv. Hurlington, -J. .' ty, ton, 'i.v.iv v ui,i.. Lemonade (IIac, Splendil Flench Porcc line Viue.s, withllowirs ndis. in tht-ir line, all of which Cut Gin-- Howls, Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and and s mil a varietv of otherartiel. ate now ofl'eicd Wholi -ib- and Retail at New Yi r Is prices. F. it W. would the attention ef .tier e hints m ' icsiirrounttiui tow us to tneir stocl; 01 ware, assminir them tint tit. v will .-ell in nackaee assorted to ordi r on as good terms as em be purchased 111 New or'. Itostnn or Trov. nt their waituouso coiner 01 of Church and t ollcc Ms. nurluigtou, J-inc 1. 111. SAMSATI1 SCHOOL HOOKS. DA. H11A3IAN would solicit the attention of . siiputiulrndmtsot Sabbath Scholl-, and others to his as-ortiutnt of Hooks smiihle for S. S. I, thru- ries, nootie-rs at a very Urge iiiscount iroin fer 10 Doctor' Wil-i 11, 111 the Carlton Ilo-i-e, for the retail prices. The .Mass. Sabbath School Socieiv's trm Ii of mv-statement. .MAHY DILL, in h -irceiror. licw.ire 01 iraiio-. 01 3J nveniic. Summer Complaint, The Ilal-nm oll.nerworl, 111 several ca-cs of thi- di.c.i c. where all oilier reme He- annlie-u IV pnvi- eian-have provesl, ha- produce 1 11 jierfe.-t cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. It. tila 1.1m ol Delhi, N. Y., of a naturally con. -iniiiilive ron-litiitiou. h.i I ecu saved fiom an 1111. linielv end by llie u-e of Dr. Tuylor'- IJ.1Nn.111 ol" Liv erwort. A severe cold I rough! on an attack ol Ple.i- publicilious arenlwavson linnet, including ihe valu able an I increasingly popular scries of it.bto Que Hons liy .ewconio. August .'Utli. A most excellent article for cling old or young persons of Pains nnd Rheumatism in the bach or side. bcnluiL' up sores, curing sore- throats, swellings, etc., nnd for tho cure of thu PILI'.S. It has not its e'cpial, -eldom or never failing to cure whrn ipphed co. iiousy, aim accoruuig 10 oirections, soiu at 1110 v aric nG WI.VIMMV SASII J 1st rei-eivcl 1 3,10 and 217 by ae a-i-inents ol -ash. 11 first ralu article at 31 ami 3 i-e-nt- per ligbl i al-o nil kind- an l-i.e , firni-besl to order. Tironderoun lilac!,- R lei 1, a nr-l rate ani'-ie, lor J -ire very low, loii-incr vvuii a great variety "I" other urn- chio e-licnp ns can be louud at a ny other mint 111 Hie iii.u e, tu.o. 1'i.ti:iisv. nUnLINOTON CIIAIIS TACTORY C Ii. Mil, SON, coiilinucs the ' business of itrilliif:irtiiiui!' Chairs at llio old B-nud, of the fol lowing ihscriplious: (."nil Jliple fJircmn, Cane Sc-il, Common Cane and Flag Sinl, I.aruo and Smill lla scd Scat llnckme', do do Com 111011 do (minion Pining, itc. itc All of which are warranted a first rate artiele and will be sild at prices to correspond with tlie tunes. AND FF.VniF.Il IIIIOS, Ill'.ADY .vi.vui:. Colistanllv Oil hand, a s dv nf w-nrrnnled I.ivtl f!ree?e IVaihcrs, which will lie s dd low for null. WANTI'.D, by tho subsenbor, Curl and Hirds F.yo .Maple, ih livercd at his shop iu Church sued, opposite the old Hank. 0. Ii. NKL--KJ.V Ittirhngtoit, June 1. 1S1I. Fr..vnii:us, .-nri. A seiere colli I roue it nn an attack iu i le.i- 1 . " ? me heme or tut! hemes preparesl and heralded 10 re-y, and thu. endel 111 general ile-lulity anil eon-unip- ' '1 '' ' IVGHORNit HIiINSMMD ihep-il lie I.y iineranl person.. '1 be sii-ond e-!lis-t ol lion. A ci.n-taiit e-oiigb, hectic llu-h, re-t!e night-, ,. .(... ' ' if. I...1 .0. vl. . 1 .iiiii- 1 111 1 Ii'.m.p I m .11 iicv run Hi.. .1.11.. . mi .ii. nml e'Ont.liur.I Io- eil 1 t h-h. ainrcrri a ' ' bladder. 1111 1 by llii-, the liver nml the lungs, the I -u-eitv death i but a. soon a- I roinmriicisl the n-eol lion oi nieil ciiiiie-i) iii-, im- mnii mv re "iil.iritv of lie: urinary organ-. The bloml, which ial.e i s rod color froin'tho usency 1. 1 llie liv-e-rand the niir- U l ire it pa e- into the he-art, I einir lb i p-infa-d by ibein, an I no iri-hi-1 by roml roining Iroin a l ie -loin.ii-b, eoor e Irerlv lliro igli the vein-, rene-w- rverv pari oflbe -v-lcin, and Irrunpliantly inount- the banner ol heahh in the bloonuni cheek. .Mn.lai'.-Yreeiable Life Medicine, have I een tbor ivighly ti'-ted, and prouiniiicitl a -ovt-ieigu remedvfor l'V-pepla, M.ltiileucy, l aipiriuoii in iiiriieari, 1.0. iif Aiinniie-. Ili-.irt-l.urn and Ilrad-ache-, lte-tle ne- ... 1 1 ' . . i i n..i i. ,.. .... leinper, AIIXIl'IV, uans-iur nni .'iviniii iiiuy, i u-eiii-s., Diarrbie'i, Cholera, Fever- of all kind-, Ilin. nn ui. in. (imp. Drop-ie's ot all kind-, (irnvel. Worm-, A-lhui.i and Con-uniptioti, Se-urvv' I'lccr-' Inveterate Sore-, Scorbutic Krii-lloii- and Had Complexion-, l.'riptive eoniilaiu's, -allow, Cloudy, and nihrrih.airrccal.h' Comnb"tion-. Sail Itbi-un, Krv-m- ela-, Coiinnon Cold- and Infl-K'nza.aud varum- other coinpl.iints which aiinci men noaii iraine. in i r.irn an I Aoi'c, tiarlieul.irly, ihe Life .Medi -ine- h ive Ireu iiiii-i it-ill v sun e--- i: so niu n o in.ii in llie I A -'uedi-iriet-, Physician almost universally iirt-.cri! e- lliciu. All ih it Mr. Mol'at re-nuiie- of his paiie-nts is to Ir particular in t iking the Life Me heme, sinnly m-i-or-ding to tho direction.. Ill-not a new.p.i n-r ui'lnr, or by iiuithmg ibet hrhiin-rlfm ly -ay inllu-r f.iv r, tlu' lie hopes m gaincreit. llisnlonebytho re.-ulls ol -i I iir 'rial. MiM'FA'rS MKDICAl, MANI'AL; de-isnesl asn dii-iie ii- a udi' b. T1ii-Iip') pamphli-, nbli-il liy W.I I. Mo ai,-i7j Hnn t iny, New York, In- I mi n-iU'-hel for 'In' "rpo-i - frx .laming refdly Mr. MolaiVlbeiryiifili-ea-i., nil will le loin I highly niicri..iin.'in ei- -ii- .- ni-.' health. Il tre-at- upon prevalent di-r i es, an I her.m.i-. thereof. Price-, 'Jj rent for. nle I.y Air Mil III'- Agent-generally. The.r Valnblo Me brines are lor sale by Unl rit Mnolv Dru-'-ri-t. .f. licneralticrnt. (tn whom all tip- plications lor neiMr-ic should I e addic-scd, post paid) liiiiHijion, vt, Jan. I, loll tin-1 al-ain I grew I eitcr, ami i- now- fully re-stored to health. hhorlncss of I ire at It, For lhi di-ra-c, I have aiiiav linind Dr. TavlorV Ikil-nm if Liverwort an e-M client iciiusly. It I- 41 i. ins; so safe and so etc-ttte, that 1 ulw.iv- u r it in my pun tiee-, and reei-oniiia-nd it lo my friend-. 1 hair ii-ed it in some hundred- 1 1" ca.e- within the pa. fo ir ve.u-, ami 1 nave never lia l it tail. Iu many e-a-e.s ofa-thin.i, I fully lebrveiltii have I ee-ii the means ol saving prr-eiou- live., lj-t all n-r it. GLOItfiK RALPH. M. D. None genuine but that prepare I at ;J3. on cry. New York as will Ic .evil bv thu Iul el- an I per- of each bntilc. lie -lie v o i look vi ben vu-i I uv. The !.'eu line can alway- I uobiiiuiisl nfibc old aient- N. Lovrlv'.t Co. in 11 irlington, nl-o of Dr. .Mnoily anij rrci;, I'rufgisit, aamuei ll. li.unr- I'lurlotte. pURNFrr it, at .Milton Falls, havo J jiifl reccivcii ineir -spang siocli ot Uoeets, com pritiug a iieiie-riii iissuriuicui ot llll 1 nuniiii, DRY tillOCI P.1F.S, CROfK'F.RY AND GLASSWAim, llAllDWARF., Dltl'GS AND 11F.DICINF.S, DYF. STUFFS, PAINTS ,INI) OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKntllL, GlllND-STONF... d-c. fse. All of vvliieh, having bien nurelnscd at the nrcfent verv low prices, vi ill be sold nt mode-atn nrntits for Produce, uiui as cheap na lliccbiapc-t for Cash and 3.7-NKW I-'Al.I. GOODS. r.fl ONLY six day- sinccthey purchaseil in New- York, Pongiis, plain, chine, and blk del lame, plain satin, stri:cd nud hl.ark challys, I'ng'ish and French nietiiiocs, bine and black scarfs, silk shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, chine scarfs, Palmyra nud Iress hankcrc in fs. bubbmiit nnd rad road lace. thread, edging and infecting blk and e'ol'd silk net bins, wi r led and sdk cloves, chine. I onnrt nnd neck ribbons, blue nnd blaik erode Swiss, colored Poult ile Soic, striped gto d'Afrique nnd black .Maniioni silks, oonuit suns ami sirsncls, coin crapes anu crnno lice. Kiiffhsh. French and Ami rtecnn prints. tilacii an,i cot u casnmcre ami merino women nose, black, ibie-black and ' ue broad c otlis, i-incv cassi meres and saltini ts, silk velvets, ditk ve stings, blench ottuiis and cambric brown slnrlings, anil shectincs. candle wick, batting nnd wadding, red nnd white flinucls, bed tickings, canvass padding, buttons. silk tvviil. thread, itc. itc. ( all and cvainmu Hie goods anu prices at the Hurlington Cash Store. 3d September, lSll. S. L. lir.UllICK. A VUIIY VAl.UAIU i: F A H M V O ll S A L K. PI IH stihsciibcr being desirous to n tire Irom active L businiss, now otitis to ihs io-c ol bis 1-A It Al mated ill Co ihcster, one half mile wi st of the stage- load, leading fnun liiiilmgton to St. Albans, and only ix miles from Hurlington. ft.ud I arm i-.lliii(isonuiy sitiiate-d, containing l,0 acre- of as good land as can hclounil in l niitrnuen county, anil under as state of cultiialion, havine liecn iiiuli r the improve nienl of an F.n'jhsh Agriciiltur -t the last twenty three years. There is on the I arm a convenient House, wnu a never tailing wi 11 oi pine wnicr ai tin door. A good tiaru, wini coinemcnt sheds aitacueu to tt, a valuable wood lot 1 1 iicich and .vlap'e, ami fine Orchard of choice Fruit. Any person wi-lnng purchase such a firm as above described, had bitter mi' c application so"ii to James -colt, Pearl-strecct, Hurlington, or the suosentiur on the premises. Wll.LIA.M SCO 11. Hurlington, July fi, 1311. X?T N. I!. Terms of payment will be made very easy. . nj STATU OF VFRMONTl Al a Prolate Court Di-TituTCr I iitTTttvncN - t boMen at HirluiL'lin wiihin and for ihe ih-lriet n(ori-nid on ihe fourth dav iifS-pieinbcr, A. II. ISI1. an in-lriincni p rn r ingM l e 1 lie in ! will an i io taineni I'lJ.i-e-i renuiii-.iii l.i'r off 'nl br-ier ill (unl Dis net. i'ise-a-r I, wa . ere eti't-l to tin Co rt hen for Pro' a'r, 1 y I'll tbyn Pru nun in, Ii hn John on, and l. illicrLoonii-, llie f mv ulor- Ihe-ieiu naiue I. Therefore it i. pi-Awl ' Vtaid Co ir', tint rnblieno tiee le given in nil per on runceriiel Iherrm ti aopi-ir lefore Ibe said I o-irt, lit a son there 1 to IC lioiorn ni ine ivi-j;iier . vin e- in u as we have no! time tins moi mug to eniiineialearlicli s !,, ort ,ni. 05. , ,ny ofSenteinbcr A. D. IS 1 1 , ami nn, j. nn ..o ......... n.,.11 uiui) i,iiiie-.,ur loiniii r-1, coiio. t tut- prona'o ol ..ii I vvui, un,i 1; is tiiriher C'l VXASAVM has been otlercd for niOLtb Cj) J. jy 1 to any onewliu will use abottleof linj's Liniment far the I'ilrs, without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no 0110 instance ha? it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be had where it is sold. Ins also a certain curu iu nearly erery tase. (F.Mtrually,) iu thefo'lowingcomplnints. For tho Piles, fur ail dropsy, tinderfiel, sore throat, Lt cub ccrs or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head, Tightness ol the chest, especially 111 children, toui uj cctsof the legs, or other fungus sorts, however obsti nate or lone standing, lresh wounds, chilblains, etc LOOK OFT. Some strindlers hare counterfeited litis artirli , and put it up villi tariousderices. Do not PC linpi M-ii upon. eJlle- tiling euiiv wi-i proieei you it is the name of CliMSVUCK- CO: that nam mutt lie iifrai mfli. trre.-t; ir, or von n nv techeat- d. Do not lorget it. Take the dutction with jou nd t. st be 1b.1t. or tii.v-cr bnv i' : fer it ts impassible fur anv oilier to be trueor ge'niiine. n9 Sold by CO.MS''OCK d- CO , 71 .Maiden I.nne, New York. P F. C K it S P F, A II, Wholsalo Agents, nlcwduors cast of the Post Office, Burling ton, t. Ill.NESUUllGlI ACADE.MV. TIIF Trustees of lIis-r.sDt i-oii Ac.vnrMV nre happy to infotm llie public, that they have obtained the Rr.v Peolv DinKn:, ns a pcrnianc nt teni her, 31r. Duikee has bien eneagi-il. for iinnv vcus, in ihe business of insttiiclinu, nnd has riven, wherever he has been emploved, ample sat i-l'nclion. lie has sue cceihil, iiccially 111 co.icihating the confidence nnd iH'cetions of his pupils, tn awakening within them n iniisi lor impiiivcmeui, nnu m ic-iuuig incin 10 it -1 thotouglilv. ll cir own pimcrs. From his tried skill and expel lcnee.htgli expectations nre rxcitisl, and ins contideniiy ticlievtil mat none win no in-appoinicu who may I ivor the Insbtution with tluir pair nigehy placing tlicr sons or their daughtus under his tuition and care. While it is expected that proper moral and religious instruction will bo givrn, mu! a constant and p-Ucr-nal ovrrsigh' 'aktnof ihedepoitincnl ol'ihe student-, it is dc-igiied that the institution shall bo kept from every thine nf a scctirini thntncler. I he Academic yea-willbeiliviihil into two terms, cnmprifing two ipi.irtcis 1 -icn ol iiwccks, iin-tnst Term will cnninicnre on Widnesdny the 1st day of September. There will be a vac itioii of two wo Ks at the closeof the first i'triii,aiid another of six weeks nt ihe end of the second, Tu.t oil f romniiiii brnnchfs vi.ll be 4,00 per char ter. Fot all oihei slndiesit will be 1,50. No Hidden I il charges will In iiiad-. Itoird will he iifljubd ill rrpfctihle fnuilicsfrom Ol.""i tn S1,"0 p. r wick. For In. aidi-ig places, lifer-.11,-emav be had to .Iislcdi'ih Ilovnlon, O. S. II Vt, Nnhuni IVck, Fto,., OrloJ. Uildwm, llmiion llur diit, A. S. Wilier, Joel Tuirill. 3Irs. ltcnton, Dan 1 Gnodvcar. This lusiitiitio i is pleasantly locntnl in a hcalihful, tlourirhing village. It has now been in opernl.on about sixteen jears, nnd its course tins Hecn stcnilii onward, iipvcr surfeilnl wih n llood of scholars, PEARL STREET HOUSE, HITiLINGTON, :it.MO.NT. J. S. I" III KCE HAS latrlv orenisl the al ove ral ll-l.mcnt for tho re-.epn.ji ot f.imila-- and tr.ive'ler-, generally, who may vi-ii llu- pari ol the linen 3I-- main state, an I may 1 e ilesuou- of pa in-- a tew -umnier weeks on the piettire-qi e height- of Hcr'Hnrti 11. The Hive! 1- -pai-iui-.ind eoimnodiiius and is situ ated inv.r the Fnier-iiy,at of Pcarlt., one l ll e inr-t f.i-bii.nal Ir'and ague-alle ihe reiuehfares in tl.e tow n,eeiniiii.iinhng nn eten-ive view ct Lake. ClMinplain and the -iirroiindinci-i untry. I lie- v-irw- trim me vie-iern v.-inciov.-- and piazznj are eurivalliM IV any on 11. e mp-ir-oi 1 11c ui-.e nr tin .r inajniliieni i- and I en ity, and a'e, pre' al ly, cot sur a ,eil in ihe Ih nril S'alt-'. In the interna1 arr.1n.-en cut ol" the Ilnn-r, every ro var I ha-I icn paid lo the eomforl of families, who hi ij-1 r ais-i inmevta-evl w ih private parlor and the o. i-'ipHiu tlafer- hnn-elftbat the li rnlsbing ef his la ' and ihe ntlendams-, aie -ue-h ns to nienl the ap-p.-. I .nn n ot tho r Lad.e- and Genlleuien who may i. iv r bun wnh their pa'rona:!. 'I I,, i'7'.l Gi:S lo and from the North, N- rlh-Fast 1:1 Mm na i'.i Iv. and to name, -topiuns nt Itur- u, e 11 their w ay to the While Monniain, and r trnvelliiif m anv of the a' ove dir.v-i'n 11-, more rr 1- atl'ori til, a- ll e- -l.ige-- letvinc inwn ea'l at bi.ii.e half nil hour later than at thellote's in the wi i- pari 1 f the vil.apr. A l oiHlnrtal le l airiage ailcnd- rejn'arty, r-n tr arrual nl" the hi at, ofthc r.-iablih-iiii-ii', who vv.ll take charge rf the I ajgacr etc. In sin M, no pain- w-itl le spared to give sail fiction to all -..i-rons, und entitle the heme to the support ol tea I111. .-. .... , ., .1 i,vv ine-, e ennui- nnu Lupicr, m np1111.11.. qua 1.), l-e-pi aiway-en naiiii. llulse, ano 1 nri.ii--' i'i ui ii-1.1 ii. iu eoimni-lalion ( f si'e h a-may reunite tin in. H ,rl. niton, June '.'0, l"ll. nt CATAlMtll SMUT. MRsilAI.L'.-" S.M r i , i -till cnrinstne eatarrii an I thevatiois di-c.i-e- of lb? hea I, a. well as , In sll nart. of the co-.nirv : and sii-iainitig the re'p-itaiii 11 which it lias long since rained, rf elate' y Hie 1 esi arucie 01 mv sum in m niiri.i-t. , , 1 .11 h bottle ccntnin'-ftircr time, 'he nnnntitv of one 1 fiho-e which are 1 tiered nt "ONLY 'IWKNTi- F1VK l I. MS. ' And I. Ihereli rr a nuicn creaper, nswellaslcitcrarlie'e. For sale-by J, iV .1. 11. l'l .x r. ex. eo. 11HO. A. I'll K it Co. and Pk. liOUl'. MOODY, n-r i- .1, Jan. 22, lt-lL 'yUF 'I ln I -. ih lei llu trims and tho public generally 10 call, examine and 1 1 .1 1 .. ...l, ,.,i.t,.i,..i it,.,.,',, .... iiidne for I hen 1 si Ives. I .. .1.. .1.- 11.. l'..-. p.w. .. n n 1 .,r.0r roiml.inir far n-.-mi nf .nrnort ..... . . .-.I. I siveiv ui liter inn iinii ..' ...... 1. --, . ti. -'.i., 1 in nil- .'-' -' k - v- .'.' . . . , .union, .nine 1. is 1 1. .11 ... it ..1,. ....., .,, 1 11. s,nti. ih.. H. 1 r,r,.-i,,..t. . i.,n 'I'll.- n -i in... sit iaice nn a 1 c l" 11 ui cnuninre nnu P, S. MolViitlsLirnJIcilicines, Newton's Panacea, ,, I,.v,0 p, the day a-signe.l for hearing over-lookiug the whole undergoing thorough il.lii-.,L-'ci Sll.iill'nw.l VV'.ii. 1. .. frtiiot. t miimr. I ' . . ..... t l. 1 1 .. .11 I a it .. l.L.l in m a I nltrt Tf, .liinnnlitl. iril'-'U- ll "lllll-llllirii". .."I. - - , ?.i as tn le gnncc vvitn contentrncr. 9 Of VV.'S' ''!"-.WIl-.. l..rd-IU,U.)U lbs Hitchcock's Snuiraml Worm Tea, Counh t.oicugts, . , , , ,,, it(.si,,rr.;o,r r . rcpa ;S ORAM) HLSTORAUVK. - T t 'l'l Til I-' N 'vi'i.nhlc Vegi-al le Medicine .tand.- iiiinvnlled .-. .. .i...r. ii - ., !,., i. ,.,r! iii-.ncnMa. or tnnl- ..r in.-,.. ,u.,i. - . .--- , .-.. ge- ion,il'-ra-eil l.iver, I iliou.iii-cr.ei-, ' ii")i.' -ma, Ci'-.vri-r s, Wi nn- nn.l lo-s id Apj i"c-. and ly !can-ui? the sUiAnh and I . wei-, t'-rr- i-am- in i r i '.. .(..,n-.i.h in, isms IIM. I', in- '.1I-.1 US Ifintsbutch, 11 Au;-u?t. ...i ii ,.k. -nir-ne--o iriii n, -m oi.ip...nls.rt.-., wn j.n.1 " ';-,, ,:- CJ', I1' r 1 cilTli'mstrii.., I..-- ....... wntauie a-vie:i a- a .oiereigii n in.-i y. u- vi a . nriin-- anv in ng iiin-ier rr u wn m iiiih.,.i. .-i. nn.' I au'-i-, lv 'e have 'een 1 uown Ii cure tbi.allb -'m.'-.ia.c, nl cr bavin? laPe i every exer. n hrli r Mars, ll in-H 1110.-1 pivtriiui iiin ieniu nireiiioviiigneivo i.e. 11; la nt.-. ll i f 'c a-ant take aiid.iic-.i'y ihwU'g"- a-ioi', hai .1 imiy I e a-iminisiereii lo llir iniant vvttti aiev, 1 ne .u "vi ..imiiui. h qbly riH-oninicn.Vil 'I v many scii-nlilie gentium 11, nnd h Uigc- ip inter, win. ran- I"'"' viri' e- ofthc Medicine by personal us-and that of their familii s. A I ill ofcrrtilicale- aisnipanie-enchl nttie, wilhil re -non-. It nmv I ld wholesale eu icinil et S. Hniain, llarre, and J. C. Viruttni; Fa.t ,,. iowii, Vl. sole priipric-ti r-,(VriM lioni the origin .ll recipe" fnrsa'n by '-rcnli--, Mimlptber, n J. it J. II. PrCK i Co, ailWL.e.. A. Puck Co., Heir lington, and in the prineipalaw-ns in the state; nil d.rcMtrns; rfthejropr.(i

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