Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 8, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 8, 1841 Page 1
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MOT TUB GLORY O r OfflSAK, DDT TUB WELFARE OP ToM E. BY H. B. STACY. . B U R LJ N g VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1841. VOL. XV....N". 18. nVtOOHE'-j iS.SK.NUU OK LIFE. A Valuable 1HL Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will bo the trramoi saving tliousamis irum an unumciy grave. It has been soldaud used for thirty year, nieces?, and found very cihcacious m 111c iuiiowm ttl.cnusi. vis. Consii.nnl'ion. Whooping Coughs, coin inoh Cough., Cobb, diflicnll Hie.tthlng, Inlliicnzu, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting uf Blood, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Looseness of the Bowel-, Fitsof every kind, Cramp, Kickets, lone, oauirru, iiysen Inry,' Fainting, Hypochtiudriae Allecitons, Headaches, GjeUnessai oioiuacn, .'icasics, h prcvcinivu oi vuh-togioudi-eases, Gout and Hhciitiiati-tii, C3Thealjovc Medicine i prepared by Ifenry Soy tyOint Of Hadley, Mas from the Original Recipe, ly hi direction of .--aid Moore, and e,ld l.y him and the jtrmcipal Druggistsin the IInitcdStnio. Sold wholesale and retad, ly I'eek Spear, Burlington, and by ihcdcalcrs generally thruiigh bnt the country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years lias demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durahilitv, they are -unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to C tons. Dormant Warehouse' do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. toSOOOlhs., Portable do. to weigh from 1-2 oz. to '200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oi. to -10 lbs. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agtnlt. Burlington, April 8 IS 11. PAINTING. THE subsriber being thankful for pat favors would respectfully solicit h continuance n( th0 name and remind his friends and the puLlie that he i .-prepared to accommodate tkein on the shortest noiice fendmo-tfavorablo term lit the various branches in thcnboeliue. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Prarl-sttevt, Uurlington, Vt. J.VMIJS SCOTT. April 1, 1841. n-(3: 1 y CERTAIN CURE FOR SICK HEADACHE which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache fiom infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, and has cured effec tually in every instance yet known, amounting tomn nyhundrcds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, and .toes not prevent the daily avocations of.'onc u.-mg it 'it must be persevered m, and the cure is gradual, hut certain and permanent. Instances aie constantly multiplying wherctht- di-tre-sing complaint is com plctcly relieved and cured, although of years -landing njy the use of Dr. Spoilt- s. celebrated remedy. One decided preferences unpleasantness, having none of i-he nauseating effect of common drugs. ltis sopcrffctlysati'factnry, tnat the proprietor lias raven directions Tor hn agents to refund the ir-t.c ,u nny onewho is not lileisod with, and even cured hy it. He hopes al.-o thai tins may secure its ,e. .-fits to the Jistressed sjilleriTs who aie laboring under Headache, h. MOIIN, .11. D., mventur mid I'io- olcty ty.uo ';- "' ii .uaiiien Line. e Vork. P E C k & E A 1(, Wholesale gents, a few doers east of 1 u'tOHice, Burling- New Agent ton, Vt n'J HEW MUSIC, ANJ) MUSIUAIi INSTUII MIJNT. MR. .MANN, has iust re- d frem l!os- (oii commis' RtSrrii i.",) a supply of - , w iiusic. .tin- Instruments, iVc, hich he is to sell at the lowest llostuu retail prices. The Music for the Piano Korto consists of Songs, dices, Duetts and Trios. Newand beautiful M.irches, (luicksicps, Gal opndes, Waltzes, Dance, and pieces with vanalions, pome of vIii' h are the latest publications of the 1'js ton Brigade and Brass Hands. ALSO A great ariety of American, German, French and English Musical Instruments, consisting of liuglcs, Trumpets, French Horns, Pass, Tenor and Alto Trombones, I! flat, Cand Etlal Clarionet!-, Ger man Concert Flutes,) from one to nine keys,) ITageo lettH, Octave and Picolo Flutes and Fifes. Splendid Bass Viols and Violins, decant and plain Violin and Bass Viol Hows. Superior Roman lohn, Bass Viol and Guitar Strings of every size and letter. English nd French Clarionett Reeds. Splendid French Ac cordcons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German Silver patent Hearts, instruction r.ooks, wnu uaiu tats, Lessons, and Exercises for all the above, and oth cr instruments, are now for sale at Mr. Mann'.s resi rlencoii few rods north of tho Episcopal Church, in Turlington, where lie respectfully invites customers to give him a call. Military Bands and Music Schools, furnished with i ..... . i 7..-. ... - jnusic, .uusicai instrument, miu. iusirutiiviit ij uc sirtdA at short notice. I-PIANO FORTES strutr,', repaired and tuned csusual. Uurlington, -May i, Ibll. 13 NEW ARRIVAL, N. I.OVUIA" CO. A RE now receiving their third supply of l ancy Stanli! and other Goods, adapted to thewantsof -i. i... ...I. I. 1.. --.l. ine niniKCI, wiueil were i,t;, i uitv, iiiu ilast wceK. ana are nonv otn reu lor i nsu, at a smau an Yancenndgreatly reduced prices among which are ibc following: Satin .-triotjChallvs. do. do liigured and plain Mou-line DeEiiincf, Tor rcs-e., some as tow a-cv,&ua pattern, Printed Lawn- lor dre-scs, plain do. for bonnet-, French striped Print', Englih and American do. .satin -trine silk-, for dre-se. a fance article iUIaekand blue I lack Gro deSwi ,' (!ro de Rhine , etc. of e cry variety, colored silk- i f every grade, "While Gro de Allien ml other coIMmII: lor bonnets, grapes ami crape l.'e-e, Tillet -carf- and shawl-, sonic, very -npfrior, Thread Uitv-, Edgings and Inseition-, Muslin lii-ertions, Giccinn J.aees, T.adies Kmbroideied and worked cape, nnd collar', Fillet .Mil- and Gloves, long nnd slu rt, all color", Ribbons, a beautiful a--oriuient, entire new .-tyli', Vellum Ribloii", Head l ands, Pongee-, and Pongee Ivlkf, a-sorled 3-4 Mou-linedehiitne shawl-, a newand cheap nr Linen rami rio hdl,J, Lawn-, etc. French Artificial,-. Whalebones and Rattans, 1'irinl-i. Umbrellas, direct from the manufacturer fl-1 damask nil; shawls, che-iper than ever. Travelling andWork ba-ket-. Red and Black Merino shawls, at a great 1 argain, Jtaw silk and other ures hdlclj and shawls, a great variety, Tlisbon l.awns, Nan-ook and Hook Mu-lm, AVircNett, Railroad, Wa-h Blond andother lace., Irish Linens and cambrics, Shell side and other coinb, Ladies, and gents, -ilk and Li-lehoe. do do Glove', ll.-t if, ,!.-. l-,.nd bags nnd nur-e. Saiiinctis,casimcre-atidl roadoloth,i btapenougl tidk Velvets, for ladies aiulgent. aioior vesting, dark and light Ve-tings, Valeneias.etc. etc. Table spread-, cloths', diapers, etc. Sheeting- and shining-, I leached and unbleached, Jeans and cazenet", furniture dimities, fTnrtnm frill?,,!-. To which may be ad led, a large assortment of Dry Groceries, siicii n : Black andGreen Teas, of every variety, Whin, llainnna and other brown Sugars. Molasse., Pimento, Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Cassia l'oland Starch, I'.ugii-n uiirrani.. Crockery and Glnss Wart, French nnd American J'aner Ifanpines. As cash nour object, w will guc great bargains Vail aim examine tor yourselves Burlington, July 30. n8 Crockery, China anil Glass Ware. A large and rich assortment ju-t received and opened, purchased at greatly reduced plices in Xtw York, and now for rale at the very lowe.i rate by ' N. LOVKLV & CO. June u, ibu. " T10SOMS and Stocks, Fine frilled and plain lto. plain la. XJ sotns, a few more 01 tnenew myiesiocHs, men arcnu-h admired, enusre nnd round Collars. Htc'd. J 'j ml. l'ANOBOKN ct UIIIN3MA1D. astisy to. MlIaMNAUY .to DltCSS MAKING. uy mill s. uuaii "IT7HO has comtncnccd in the new building on the cast side of Church street, opposite H. Lane's More, mid a few rods south j-j!S of thoChtircli, wherocvery SilCS.nlteiilion will be given to TiTTi Vf-Slm ,.,t,, fl!,vrh "v Cats ANn Dresses, in ac- coruance Willi tnu most ap proved New Vork style, which Fashions are now just received for the ecu- son. Uurlington May 26, 1811. n51 SUI'EIMOH VI.OIJK. T K. HINSD1I.I., Agent for lto J Chester and other Western Mills itc. has for sale, now in store, and rccciimr Eiaht Thousand Harrels of I'ancv and" Sunerline llrands of KI.DUII, of tho highest reputation in tho ew Vork and Boston markets. Among which are the following, II. Ely, T. Hrmpshall, V. S. Clark fc Co. .1. Daus, It. Holmes, Union Mills, Jackson Mills, Clifton Mills, and . I. Kosher, together with several choice brands of Ohio and Michigan Hour. Also, R. Ruddand N. Shick, suitable for "the Montreal Mar let. Merchants and dealers will ho furnislud to order, at a very low rate, hy remitting Drafts, Certificates uf Denosit. or Cash, to 3 15 River-street. Trov. where a full supply will be kept at all limes. May 23, tan noimj IVOTICU. lC7"Medieine is U:-t known by the i cures it pcrforins7J I. Newton's Panacea, or Purihcr of the lilood. The unparalleled and still increasincrenulation which this medicine haucuair- cd throughout the New England Stale-, and the many cure- it ha- performed, and the great demand nude font by the advice ol phy-icianwell acqtiaintot with its preparation, ha- ind iced the proprietor to extend its circulation to almo-t every town in the easicrn hlate ami the principal towns in the I nileJ btates. I In- Panaceis warranted purely eci'lalle,aiiil not -iiroas-ed by any other medicine over oilered to the atllieled as 'its exten-ive sale and great popularity plainly irove. It ha- within the l.i-t eivhteeii luonth eiirol its thousand-of the mo-t ob-tmate dt-ea-e-, a can ! proved by ecrlilie.Hes, and is pronounced by eminent and re-iivtable the fe-t iiiedii'iiie unite. I '-etui inlormation may ie louuu in circuMr- eonlaiiimir ecrtiheatc-ot rule- and direction- for ta king the medicine. The following appointed agent-. Uurlington, P KCKand SPEAR, H. .Mootly St Alhan-, Curtis and Itu-sc! Milton, C. Milton Kali-, liiirncl and Sawyer Waterville, l'i-1; and llrow n, Iline-burgh, Hull and Cool, Fairfax, Parker and Matticld Vereeiinc-. Adam- and Murrav Cambridgo, .M. Wire I'liderjiill, .M. ('. Hariiev Mirth I em-burgh, II. C icUer tieorgia, A. lilt Willi-ton, N. Chittenden Richiiioud, C recti A. Iihrxie- John-ou, G. I,. Warner and C!" MonKtoii, Ethan Suutli llal.ersiield, Arininalon and Woodward I'air field, Hurnct and l iirn-woith, MAHSII ALL'S eonlmiies unrivalled a- a strengthening PMhTEIt: Al-o, fur Rheuma tism, l.aniene-s or p.uns in the side-, limbs or back : lor scroiiiiou-swelling-, -curvy .-ore-, I resh wound-: and lorn general 1 amily Plu-lerors.tlve. Kor Corns, moreover try it; paiuelo-e, per-evcre in iheu-eby maliiiiga new application occasionally, and in tune, your coins will be cured. I'or-ale bv ri.v. n iv ari.Ait, and Ha. ROUT. .MOODV. Ilurlincton, Jan. -2-2, lill. ly.f.18 THK HOOKSTOUK OF the Subscriber is just rcpleiu-hed with a new anil valuable assortment of BOOKS, ATATTON- ARV AND ENGRAVINGS, amoni the nianv in teresting works may be found the following l.earn to Die, uy tinitoptier nutton, Sutton on the Saciaments, The Young .Man'A Aid, by Rev. H. Winslow, Glimpses nf the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's lnt, rpn icr, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, by .Mrs. Steel, the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant A We-k in Wall-Street D. A. RRAMAN. July 30, i,9 Ii L A X K HOOKS. Ledgers, Journals & Record Hooks. FOR towns, county nnd piobatc re'eords manufac tured from the best hucii wove Demi and .Medi um paper.bound in calf i Also, a variety of common i,t.niK ,wjiiv ju suiu cueup lui ICUU) J)ay ui luc Slll Ol IH-..I I. . 1 1.. .... r... I .1 : c llio kcu Ledger, ny . J l.Mi l U.N. Juno 25, 1S11. n3 CATTLE of kinds lougut a- usual, a lileral ad vance nude for tho-e taken on eominis-iun. r lew liair- of good Beef Oxen will be very aei cpt.ii.le on the lOtliol June, and the lushest price will bo paid in eusii iur -uc'ii. Al.SO To exchange, a first rate Chaise and Har- , fur stock tr ea-h. , njO DANIKLICLMDALL, Jr. B.iiliiiirton, May 12, IS 11. PAPER HANGINGS. NEW supply, with borders, Ac. just ree'd from the manufacturers. July 22. C. GOODRICH. NEW GOODS. TIIE sub-crila-rs bavejii-t rit eiveil from N. York, t large u oriint'iu 01 r A iN (J Y liUUDS. among which may be found Heavy black and blue black P01 do S01 Silks " " " GrniloSvvi-s " " " " " IVkinsiripcd " " " " " GtodeAtntue'' " Light colored " tlo " " do " Pel; in striped " " Plaid Pot deSoi, (a new nnicle) " Bonnet silks, bonnet Lawn-, blk Italian cravat plain and fig'd French bombazine-. Half mourning, plain i lig'd, all wool Moushno tieiaiuie-, Chuieennd Sa'in -triped Mou-Iine deLaincs very nut-. in r e-ii-, 111k nelt sbavv s and -carf-, licit Mitts and Glove MijienorKid dj bombazine and satmi sioeks, orlcil rami riotfc Mu-liii Incrlings it Elging Thread Edgings, houuet &eap Ribbiii-, new-slvle Zephyr Worlid, plain and ribb'd -ilk Hum, ' Wor-ted Working Patten. and Canvass, etc. July 23, 1341. n7 E. M. WRIGHT &. CO. iinxnotv sash Just received 15 20 anJ -2 17 by U casement- ul -ash, a first rate article at 31 and 3& cent- per light ; also all kind- and-izes, liirui-hcl lo order. Ticondcro-'a black leal, a tir-t rale article, for ale very low, together wnu a great variety 01 other arti cla-e cheap as can bo (o.ind at any other e-tablish int-nl in llie place. Geo. I'ktcrion-. BOIILINQTON CHAIR FACTORY I.. Ni;i..sUN, eoiilitiucs tlic J business of inaniifactutiiig ChairB at the old stand, of tho fol lowing descriptions! Curl Maple Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane and Flag Seal, Largo and Sm ill Raised heat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, S c. Ac. All of which nro warranted a first rate article ami will bo sold at prices lu cui 1 rsn,ini mm tnu iiuies. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live Grcesn Feathers, winch will ho sold low fur cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds Eye .Maple, delivered at his. shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank. C. L. NELSON Burlington, June 1. IB 1 1. GOIjH WATCHKS 3VUY Htll. WE have this week m-eive-d some leaieifol fini-hed English made Gold Watches, Tin- I. tho fourlh lot received mills spring and summer. We in. i'ffi Ilorlii tliosewi-hing line Watch w5 les. mat wo nro sel infr tlirm oi vmltKu veiy low prices, and wc intrnd to 1 sen n low ami lower man ttiesnineijuaiity pi vv rich es, can Its brnghtirr New York cr IIilon, We m gageto tell aslovvat any rat. af.vyrj.i jjb 3K. ff TR 1 ICTj-I.MPOItTA.VI CALTTO..f3! It is a singular diet ni.douu much to I c regrcm-d that valuable ineeheiiic., a soon a. they become pop. ular, and havu received the te-t and approval ol a di-eriniinatiiigpiiblii',are-iire to be counterfeited, nnd thus a bad nudpuriou article is immediately palmed upon the unsuspecting for the genuine. Thi ha- been iiotonou-ly thcease with all popular tried ami truly valuable iiiedicne- for years jiast, and will probably eoniinuetobu the eae for year- to come. The ,a-o and contemptible' eounteifeit in lhi way meanly takes advantage ol all the e,l'or! and adver tising u-ol by the proprietors ofthe genuine article, to gel their medicines into use and deserved pnphinri ly. Ilistheieforenot less ibediity than it eoulribiite tolhe safety of eve-ry honest individual in the com-Hi-mil V to expose, frown down, and forever niter DIS T'Rl'LT all lll'AUTT.IHs INGRATESwho llm-ine-spon-iblv Inlle wi h licalihinid lile. TIIEHrFOiii; TAKE .NOTICECl! There is a per-on l y the name of. I. II. liOlTIE I'OKT. now engaged m-elliiiga Pill done up m I oe inexact and perfts-i imitation ofthe genuine. INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS, with the omiion of only one word on the Boxes viz. WmniiT. The Pill, sold by tin-Ro.'heforl are evidently nilended a. a fraud anil iiupo-ition upon the community, or they would not hive been done up m such exact imitation ofthe gen uine. This per-on is tall blu-tcring Willi u great the atrical swagger, lie was reee'iilly known u-a very poor pl.ijeriu Baltimore, under I mi musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and I- about twenty live jear- of age" ltl-almot beyonda lieis supjilied with the Pills Irom u Druggi-t firm in this city, who have heretofore been nolonuu-ly eonneete-d Willi counter feit medicine.. As soon aspreiol is obtained the foun tain head of this nefarious bu-ines- will I e expo-ed, that the community may slum them as they wculd a serpent. IN THE .MEAN TIME ITlfl ITBLIC ARE CAU TIONED again-t buying WRIGHTS Indian Vr.or.T.vt!Lr. I'll 1.9 of any one who doe- not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the acent for the New England Stales and 'taring dale -mci: January IS10. Al-o take par lie'ular notice Ihat lliu following wording is on Ihubox f Wright's Indian Vege-tablel'iT (Ind. Purgative) uf tho Norlh American College of Health. ' 7Vic Indian Vigftttble I'ilh me u erilabi cure fur dtse.i-e in us evi i v.u iei of lui in, t'e.iii!,e ihf llio ruugltl) ele.niae die sioiii.k Ii ,ind buvvcN, induce a P10 per di-rll.iriie bv ibc Ituigs, skin mnl kuhiev , hikI nml.ite the blood lo pmif) itself. In oilier tvoiiU ihev u)en ill .lias, and leave s.AlUUK(fie Grand l'hyyician) nee lo diive iIkimfp I'ioiii llie bod). The abuve uiillels, in 1 1 1 ;i i n ' . are llic ciiiiiinoii scucrs of l lie body, lliioiyh vbi( h ,i uiuibid and roi nip! humors (ihs citise ol disease) in e en i ied ufl'; .ind so long .is ihcy sic all Knpl open, and dicli.iiijM heel) lltpir atliiitcd pnrlinns of Inipiii itv, die btidv wall con. nunc in lieahh : bm when fium eating impiopei loud, bicilhiii itiifiire ail, sudden ti.iii.iliiuis Iroin lo culd, ovci exli.iitslion oi nay ulher cpitsc. die bowels berouie eoslive, ilie jioies ol the skin becnnie clofpd, ui iliekidnevs f.iil ti pcif.irui ll,cu ruuciiuns pt fipi-r 1 v lite ilupurilies vvhicli bliniild be diaincd linM llie body by llice otltlt'lr. will be lelained, and cmiliiuip lone, cuiiiiilale until llie hnil bpnnillis lilct.illv landed with disi-e. If ilie cli.innrl of our iniylilv rlveis should become blocked up, would nut llie .icci lntilnied vv.ueis liud new uuilcls, or I lie cniinuv become iiuiud.iled Just so wiih the liiiin.n body ; iflhe ii.iiui.ildiuiiis bc eruni. closed, the sing nan I and cutillpl hiiinols vv ill find vent in ilin various fuinis ofilisca-e fiicIi ns l-Vvcr, Sin.ill Pus, Mctslrs, Rhcliinnl ism, (tout, Aodfy, ie. or Death will end our siiflciins. TTieiefoie, when sirkuesa at the stnin.irlit Mins in the b.irk and .ide, fpiu k puke, bin iiiii skin, or iiuv other iiupte.i. sum syinpiouH, indie, up lhal one oi inote of iliu n,i. Ui ,iiih me nol i hsi ii.i i ging lirt-ly, unit l he cuiisli. I lit ion i. .ilirju t lo ciiiuulPiiee a sli ugu It- lot ill, reslura liun of be'.illli, nu nine slinuld bp lost til .idminipipi iu a fe v bri-k ihire of the ludinii Puigniivp Indian Ve getnble I'illn.) Bv'soduuig, all the lunciioii. of ilip ouily w ill in icsinieit lo oitlcr, rnd Ilie lo'j.1 luuntiis (lit- cttifipuf e veiy intl.iui'ilioii oi p. nu wefiilTei) will be iciiiovpd in fo p,i-v .ind ii.iiiu ,il ,t iii.inuei, lli.u ibi1 bodv'vvillbe irsloieil ,i if by a in. The uhoif Pills maybe inkriint all. time, and under At.t. til. cioiwi.incps, Willi pcrb-ci salpiy. I bey sun all com vlatniK I all .iups. .mil nip i dip liiiiii.iu eou.iitiiiiuii is loot! : nr nrr i;m e even il tiuist ilelicaie. Like our fuod, ihev .tie tligt'stible; llleipfiii e llipy eule-r into the circukiliuil .ind luip.ill .til eiiHigy lo I lie bluod, winch en -tides 1 1 lo Ibiw wllh fire, duiu rpiiip ti, die exiieiiiines anil cun.eipip'iily lo kepfi Hip pi, i PS nl i he .kin open . I liey .ti e irtie -tnu pt-i b-ci pin int-is ol iiieiiluou: oe.ui,p iliey tlr.nn nil contipl litunors fi nm life giviu.' (laid ITit-y si l -rig 111 and vi'oi In I lit wli-- svsll'in, ami llieir ff eels .ti e .tlw ay- : lipc.iti-c llipy only ipiiinvp lllu.e liitllliirs which .lie opposed In hp lltti. I'tipy .till iiitl iiii,iiivp ibiteslion, h ml sinuid sir cp lulluws lliptr use : bc'f.iu.p tltpy t Icuisp die einiu.ini ,tnd buwi'lsnl ilmse slimy liutiituirs wliiflt mil nnlv iiiii.ue .iiiiIpxpiip nip net voiis syslt in, Inn pn.ilyze .mil wp.iI.pii llie tli- eiitivpot(Kiiii. In shun ihpy poitse-s all ilit-y goml pioieriips llou can bp ibtime",! loi any medicine : .mil hit veiy i fin trk.ible, it is ullPi ly impusub'c lo lisp IIIPIII XV 1 1 11,111 1 UPllelll. I rite '2j cent- per Box. with full direction-. OfTb, ami General Depot f,,r the New England State-, Nt I'Js I iemoiits.tri-et,nejr v. ourt street, Ifo-tou. The regular nupomieJ Agent- can receive their sup plie- ofthe above popular Pill-, as beictofore, from llie only otliccaud general depot for the New England Siate-, PJS 1 reiiionl strei't, Bo-lon. Pedlar- or trav elling agents are not allowed to -ell the genu menu ban vegetable Pill-, therefore never piirch.i-e from them, for ff you do you will le sine to obtain a dangerous and counterfeit article. sll Pi(K & .vitaii, Agents m Burlington, for the aloof the Indian Vegetable Pill-, also, W. II. HoLt.r.T, VMiliston. vt uiri A. lirm-iiiMii, liurlmgton. 7 OKKAT-S EGI.TAIII.E LIFE MEDICINES, 1TJTL I lie-o im-itii'iiif- ait inuel ttvl fir their iiaine to their inanile-l and sfii-ible action m purifviiis the -prmgs and channels ol lile, and enduing them with icpewed tone mid vigor, in iii-inv hundred oerluicd ca-e-which have been mailt iiubli,-, and in alnui-i evcTV -ticeies e.tih-r.iseto which the biiuian Iraine Ii ible, thu happy e led- of.MoitAi's I. HE PiLl-ash PikkMx BtTrr.R- have Ut-n greaifully and publu Iv aciiiiwledj-ed by tho pcr-bn- beiichiittl, uud who were pievn, i- y una' quaiiiled with llu-bcaulibilly phi losophica prin'M, c. tipun win b they lire compound ed, and upon wlm-h iht-v oonsciuentlv act. Tho l.ll'E MIIDK IMS lei-ommcnd thetn-clve-in ih-e-a-e-ol every form and description. I heir first operation 1- to 'oo-cn fiouillu co.iiseif the stomach and bowel-, the v.iriou-iiniiuritie-and cruihtic- con stantlv -filling nroiuul thciiitnud tureinove the bar- deiied' face- which collect in the couvoliilion- ofthe sin.illc-t iiite-tiiie-. Oilier mishciucs only parliallv elean-elht'se, nntl le'ave such ci llected inas-es I cliind as 10 produce habitual coslivenes-, with all its tram of evils, or sudden tliarrhtc.i, with Us imminent 1l.1gcr-.11 his act 1- well Known to all regular tinutoiiiM- who examine the human bowel -after death and lu-nce thu pi ciudie-e of tho-e well informed men ngain-tipiack mtiihciuc- or medicines prepaictl and her.iltftl to tlieiitiblic by tguoranl per-on-. the seconu elect ol the Life Medicine-, is to clcaii'e the kidney nnd the bladder, and by tin- mean-, the liver and the lungs, the heulihlutiiplion ol wlncliciiiirclyiicpciui-upon the rc gularilv i f the iiruiar.- organ-. The blood, whit I lake- is rtl color from the agency of the liver and the lung- In-line it pae- tnttilhe heart, being thus purified ny llieiii, 1111,1 nonri-neii oy imui eouiing irom a stomach, eourst's Iicelv through the vein-, renew every pari of ihe system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of he.illli 111 the blooming check. Mo'ial's v ecctal lo l.ile .vleilicine- have ten thor oughly te-te l, and prono-incivl a -ovcreisn rcmolvfor Iiy-pepsi.i, 1 i.ituiency, i'.iiiiiuiou 01 11,0 llc.irl, l.o of Atipentc, Ileart-biiru and Ilead-ai-he, Rf-lle--ne lll-lemiicr, Anxiety, Languor mil Melancholy, Co nvenes-, Diarrlur.i, Cholera, lever- of nil kind-, Ithcutn ili-iii, Gout, Drop-it's nl all kind., Giavel. Mono-, Vsiuuia ami v onsiimpiiou, r-curvv i,lccr-' Inveterate hoi t-s, Seorbulie l.ruplious ami 1 0111 p'exioii-, Erupnve complaints, sallow, (Toudy, and oilieriii-agrceaiilti (uiu;iiexioii,-, "-alt iiheiim, l.rysiji ela-, t'.oiiimnn Cold- and Iiilluenza, and vnrioii- otlu eoinplainls which ntlhct thelmmaii frame. In ti nud Aritii:, particularly, the Life .Medicine- have teen mo-t eiiiinently suet e tnl ; ,0 much so thai in the Fever and Ague-districts, Phy.-iei.iii-, almost universally jirf-i ru 1 1 111.111. All that Mr. MoTat re-nnin'sof his nalieul- i to 1 p irlit' in taking the Life Medicinei strictly nccor thug Id the direction-. It I-not 11 new-paper notice or bv unvtlung Ihel lie Inm-ell 111.1ys.1y intlieir lav llwt be hopes lo gain cielit. lllsnloiiebyihe result ui n 1 nr trial. MOFFATS MEDICAL MANl'AL: de-ignesl a. tlome-tie guide to health. Tin-little pamphlet, cihtiti by W.ll. Mcd'at, 275 Broadway, New York, has lien pul li.hed for llio iiurpo-ofexiilaming morefilly Mr. MoTat's theory of di.-ea-es, anil will lo touiid highly iiucrcsiiiig uiperson. tceKiug neaiiii. it treais upon, 111111 tnu caii-ea inereoi. rrice, cents for -ale by Mr Moll'at's Agent-eenerallv. These Valuable Mixlicines are lor sale by Rol en Moody Druggist, tf Ucneralugent. (to whom all an- plications for iigenciesshoiild I e addre-sed, post paid) lliilineion, Vt. Jan. !, J8II. Ci irhlH.H. I'ori.- .(Will, Lard lU.OdOlbd &y.lJ Hams, fcr tttfo by LYMA.V it COLft. D i"f.A-si;r, )!' THK l,UNt.r-..-Decidt.iHi tllC mntl linntlUr ipmeib si.rL,, 4 !M . Vegetable l'ulmonuru llaltam I. il, ,.,., .i.'t. leuirtl) now in use fi eouijIiM old., mil or phthisic, consiimpiioii, vliooiiiig rough and pulinon.iij nfltcliuiu olevcij kind. In, talc is sipadily inricasing. mid llip propneiors ate eoiuinnily leceiving iho limn f.ivoiablc ircrmni of IhcITpcis. The ri.ll.ivvlng new certificates -He ufTt-ipil fur public cxiiuiiu.iliun, An iNTEi.EsriNo Csk Exiractofa Ipttcrfroni 'r(. S CU), Ixin-jiinii, Ulsier co., N. Y. lo the pri.priptiii,.. "Vours of (lie Dili insl. was duly lec'd. A iein.iili,iblc euro wnscfficicd by i lie Vrgjiuble Pul. moiMry ll,i.,i, in ilu; wiuier nudsiring of 1635. T he l.cisun, Mr. Aloenli, h ul been sick n long lime wiih llie roiisiiiiiiiinn, His pliviticiniH given h'un up. lit; was ledurpilsn low ns to be uii.ililn m hplp him, elf, and was tui'iug a ipiamiiv of bluod wIipii lie eoinuipiicid using llie Balsam, vv'liitli ha. (-(reeled a compli-ie ruie, and he it now as Inlc and lipany na evpi lie was, Mr. Motnlj has lemoii d fiom lliis loivn, bin he prcml-pil me a inoie detailed ui etnuii of his cape, whieh I w ill fut ward vnii. C. S CLY. Kingsinii, N. V. June 25. 1S.13. i Exlrari or.i lellei finui Dr. Jaroli .Mjers. The ri;pabl PiiliuiMiai y Babain has been sold in ibis ctiuniy for two vp.irs, and tin: mediciiip has g.iinrtl mi uni-iiininoii cclcbiilj, for it seairely In one insiiince failed iif'h aviu 1 lie tlpsii pil ((feci. I am hv 110 menus in favor of the inany iiu.iiiun., inosl ul which are iin imjiliun. upon a rredtllous pulilic, bin thai which I kunw by use to b pfltictiial, I raiinoi help bill give m a,)iub ilniii thereto. A roiinleifpil n pp.11 at ion has liPeii-.flViPil here by a tr.ivellinii Agent, of Comsiock, N'. V. nnd theip i. aniiihrr ariicle vended licie that is strenglj u;pccied lu bcspiuioiM. Jacoii iMvers, M. D. Mifil'iiglnn, Jiini.ilii co. I'pnn. May 3, 1S37. Fium Dr. Samuel Moirrll, lo the I'topiieiois of llie Vese ladle I'nliiiniiary Balsam. I .1111 s.iti.fietl ill, 11 the Ve. jeiablo I'lilniona.r.v llaljiin is .1 valuable iiietlpcinc Il ha. been u?pil in ibi. (dace wiih enmplcie success in ill ob'liiiaic complaint of llie lung., alien, led Willi 11 sevpic coiiiIi, Inn nf voice, and the raising of much blood, which had prpv iouslv rcipd many nppioved pipst lipiitina. Alipr ii.ini: the Balsam one week, llie ) ilipnl's voice leiuined and hp wasable in spc tk audi bly. I'hi. case necuired foiiic time sint-p, and ihe m in is now pngagpil nol only in aclivp but laborious business. Bcsprctltillv , &c. S. MoHPtl.L. Il is now intiip than ix vears since I was biouwlti veiy low by an alfeclioo oft lie lunes, and mv coiii()laiul is tleclaipil 10 be incur able by 11 council ol iluee phy siciaiis. I was llien IPIotptl In n.eoo I henlili a- I had eujoyptl fur many years, hy using t lie Vegetable Pul. iiionaiv lialsniii. ft nice my recovpiy 1 have iccnin. mended I In- It ilsani 111 a gtPat many cases of lung ciiinpl.iinis, untl .11 far as 1 can leain, iis use ti is in vnnably be-e-u followed by liiuih benefit, and ill many iiiFiaucpri 11 has effect CO cuics w Inch wpip wholly unex pt-ried. Samuel Everett, lln.ion, xiarrli a, li-37. I'nr sale, vv holp.alc and iciail. by PECK t; Sl'EAR.Burlinuion, Vi. DSL. It A Ii S A M () V , I V K It V OUT, Ob-erve when vi.u buy lhal von get the genuine. lire-pared at 375 Bowery, New Vork. See that 375 liowcry.xew 1 oru is on the wrapper ol each llotlle. rll other-are Fraud-ami -old onlv by speculator-. without regard to justice1, to thu pulilic, or the proprie tors of the genuine urticlc. IOlt Consumption, nnd Liver eoinplainls, Dv-spep-. sin, tliziness of the head, lo-s of appetite. Dv-en- tarv, anil general legiilaierol the whole -v-iem. .-tint gt-iiniiie but that prepared at 1175 Bowery, New Vork, where the article wa- lir-t made, hc char acter of the me liciue foiiucil nud established by the present solo proprietor-, untl whonre the only pe'r-on- uowmg the coiiipo-inoii 01 the genuine. It ha- been ii-t-tl -ucce billy lor eight year 111 the cure ol these h.-ea-e-s. L-"Rt-meml cr the original ami Genuine mailt! onlv nt No. 375 Bowery, New York. All olhei- are counterfeit. Consumjitiun and Liver Complaint ! ,sa general leinedy for tlie-e disca-e-. I 11111 fullv -ali-liud, from lung expenenee, llie-ro 1- no medioine evpml to Dr. Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort. Heine nire y, 11 can no 11-e.i wnu me iitmo-l aietv y all pe.-on- lu every condition. It clcau-e- the mig- bv, relieves itiincult breathing. nndscoius to heal iheche-t. Therecan lC!ioiUf-tion 0111 tin- iiiciueiue i- u ecri.iiu cure iur ciirouie coiien and cold-. I have ii-ed it four vear-in mv piactuv, anil alwav-wiili-ut-i c-. A. K. ROGEHS, M. D. J icUm" ill the Throat. I know Dr. Tavloi'- Ba'-am of Liverwort to be 1 certain remeily'for this complaint, ns I have u-od 11 iiiy-ell and found its cilccts an tmiiiexhite. I wa miich troubl -d until I uiaJt 11-eof ibi- 1111'bciiie. M. L. I JEN .-HAW. 1211 Mangm st. Hoar-cne-- Oiucd For lheeurc ol' hoar-i-iu'-s I an siroiiglv receoiiunciid Dr. Taylor' - Bal-am of Liv- crwiit. I have not onlylound great 1 ciicht mv-ell, nit many ot tny congicgalioti bv my reccoiniticntla lion have rit-icvcilgicat lenclit Irom its virtue. Il t a lonce lui'd , ellicaeiou- uiul hariulc--. l.i-.v . A., l.i.vv is. r-evcret ougus ami v-oui- 1 nave uiul a inn-t se vere cold and cough for a long nine which I coultl not gel rid ol. Alter 11-iiig many ii-ele-- things I tri- tslTaylor's Hal-am of Ltverwori, and it cured mo in X lew days. JAS. B. KI.HUINOI K. R u-iiig of Blood About two weeks ago 1 bail a fall, winch eau-e,l me to spit large ijuutities of flood which nothing could euro until I tried Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. T his medicine gave me mime- hale rt Itel and 111 a very short tune e lectel an entire cute. Let all per-on- try 11. IIFGII MC GARVr.V,2I Cannon -t. I'r. lavlor s ol Liverwort I hi-superior leiuctly tortice-a-e- 01 tin lung- aim liver ha- obtaut- eil a reputation never I cloii'0u.illed. licmarkablc Cure nt Luiifitiinitioii . wa.-ouear her devlh Willi tin- ili-i-a-e. that my fi icuds sent for a pr.i-t toconfe-- 111c en I died. He 111 hi-nit r -v. told me not to give up until I tried Dr, Taylor'- Ba'l-ain of Liverwort. 1 sent immediately lor this 111, "heme, and although the i-onie-t for 11 lew lavs I ctvvccn this iiielicinc, uud my di-east wa- se- vi-rt , the iiifilii-meeiui(ucii-1, and m a fortnight I w.i- fe-storetl to he-nth. 1 hail a eough, rai-mg ol mat ter, los- ol my voice, pain-, weal;nc-, Ac. 1 can re fer to Doctor Wili 11, in the Carlton llou-c, for the t nil Ii ol'iuy sialeincut. -MARY DILL, 10h street cor. liewareot triiuu.. l 3 1 avenue. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ol Liverwort, 111 -eve ral ca-cs of this 'i-.i-e. vv here all other rcmedie- applied bv physi cian- have proved uicll'ccluul, ha- proJuceJ a perfect ure Surprizing Cure, nf Consumption. Mr. II. Uladdin ol Delhi, N. V., of a naturally eon. sumptive eon-titiition, ba Iccn saved from an un timely end by the 11-e of Dr. Tnylor'- Ihl-am ol" lav- erworl. A severe cold bro-tght oil 1111 attack ol Pleu- re-y, and thus ctnlcl in general debility and coiisiunp. Hon. A constant cough, luvliu lluli,'rpt'e-s uighl-, n nck pid-e, and cont.iiuel lo of llcsh, nugeritl a -needy elealli ; out a- soon as 1 commcnt-cil the use of tin- bal-am I grew letter, and i- now lully resloted to neaiiii. Storlncss of llrcath. For this di-eate, I have always I, mntl Dr. Taylor's It I- at Hal-am of Liverwort an excellent cine so sate uiul so e'lis-tivi, that I always ue it in my practice, auu icccoiiimenii n to my Iricml-. 1 have u-eil it in some hundreds ( f cne. within the pas four vear-. anil I have never had it fad. In many ca-cs ofiislhtna, 1 fully lelu veitto have j ecu the means ol saving precious live-, l-cl all use it. geokgk Ralph, .m. d. None genuine hut lhal prep.nej al 373. Wovvery. New York us will I e seen by Ihe lal els ami wrapper- of each bottle. Be sine you look when vou i,uv. The genuine can always I c obtained ofthe old ngeu'is N. Lovely iv bo, in Biirliiiglon, u-n of Dr. Moody and Perk if .S'pear, Druggi-ts Samuel II. Bariie-, Charlotte. PJSSW GQOUS. niJRNETT iV, SAWYER, at Milton Fall., havo ij just roccivcii iiieir apriug htocU ol Goods, co prising a gcncrnl assorliiient of lllU HVJVIIJ.--1, DRY GROC1 RIES, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE, HARDWARE, DRUGS AND MEDICIN'F.S, DYE STTFFS, PAINTS AND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, GRIND-STONES dc. ite. All of which, having been purchased at tho present very low prices, will bo sold nt moderate profits for Produce1, ami ns ihcnn as the cheapest for Cash i and as wo have not lime Bus morning loetiumernlearticlcs and prices wo would respectfully invite our former pa trons and Ihe public generally to call, cxainin and judpo for lliemsclves, .union, .lane I, imi. P. S Moll ills I.ifi Medicines, New-Ion's Panacea Hitchcock's Sniifl'and Worm Tea. Couch Loicnces. ',r,d many other of the most Bi-Pf"" "cdicincs, DANIEL. SZiaPSON. Patent Lever Watch Maker, from Liverpool. AS ills now twelve year, since he availed himsell of the privilege of returning hi! nr.ilefiil ncl: imielfslrenienl - li. aC" nl" lrlenis and llie public m Bl'"eral, foralmo-t unpreccilen csrG? ted favor-, he begs leav e to in- -K.w,2'!iia.'' nj KinJ r'i,iw.i,.. ,.,., one door oulh of Noble Lovely and Co's. store, where hcpcr-onally nltend. tothe repairing of Chroiiotne ler, Puiotit levers, Duplex, U-pines, and all other ilo.criptnm of Timepieces. He will warrant all new work ailixed lo Watches 111 hi. shop lole as good as Ihe original, or a. nny done on the continent. N. B.A good assortment of A' IF WA TCIIHS ot the iirslepialuy of workmanship, and will le-old as cheap and on 113 good terms as at any other shop 111 1 nu sinie. ! roni Ills long experience in ihe bnsine.. nntl In. being so many year- engaged 111 the making of watch- os m i-.iigiuiiu, ne nailers nun-cll that he is as com petent to maks -eleclions n nny in the vicinity. uurlington, June II, ISH. nl DA. BRAMAN, lias this day rceived a new assort of Books and Stationery, comprising Addresses and Messages, of llie Presidents from Washington to Harrison. Valuable and approved works, in Tiuolog icnl and Micct llancous Literature. General Biography voyages mnl travels. Tlie latest editions ofthe most approved School Classi' nl and Mathematical Books. A largo supply of Paper, (liu s. 1! ank Hooks. Elem entary and olhcr Spellars, Grammars and Geographies Boston Academy Glee Book and OJ1011, and Juvenile books carefully selected, all which are oilered tit the lowest prices, nt the nook store. July I lgll. RUSSELL'S STOMACH BITTERS, may le ii-ed in Wineor water These' celehialed hitter. are composed purely of vegetable- of llip mo-t inno cent yet speeiho virtue-. They are recommended par- lie-uluriy lor rc-loring weal; eoii-tiiuiions, clean-ing and sireitgihcuing the stomach, nnd increasing the appetite al-o a pre-venlativeagainst the cholera mor- bus, tever ami ague, removing' nau-en, vominng, heart burning, weakness in the breast, pain in the tomach mnl olhcr symptoms ol llalulcnccaml indiges tion. One box will tincture onugullon. Price 25 et-. a box. RtissEi.i.'s Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment is to be superior lo any now 111 u.e, lor that tli-agreeable and loath-ome tb-ea-e, the ITCH. This Ominient s -o irartain in its operation lhat no per-on ttoubled with the above di-order ought to le without it. It is a remedy Iur cutaneous ei-npliuns, scorbutic alfcclions of ihe head, ornuy other breaking out which ari-es from sharp huniui's hi the blood. Price 25 et-. a box. Rcs-i:i.l's koetaiili: Bni.iocs Pitt.s, or family physic, for general 11-e, 111 ca-e of Jaundice, moibid seii-ibiliiy of the -toinach nud bowel-, los- of appetite, fa-tnl bre-ivlh, coslivene , Pile-, nud ull di-ea-cs lin ing from biliary derangement-, al-ti fur eorievnug Ihe -tale of the blood, nnd clean-ing the -v-ieui ot foul and vi-cid humour-. The-e pills men mild cn tharlic, producing neither pain- nor griping, and nie Iheretore a vnluahie anil highly npprovcij lueiiicine, aiitlare pronounced a-.-uch byilietnost th-tiugui-hcJ piiv-ietan-. Each box containing 33 Pills. Price 37i et-. a ho4 Ru cll' celebrated Salt Riiecm Ointment. This is uiiipie-tioiiably the be-t and siil'e-t renie-ly evervsi oilcrtil 10 the public for lhat oh-tm.itc di-order SA LT lillKl'M. Where olhcr mean-have tailed, it ha-uc-cevded, and the fact that it ha- luen -xtcu-ively u-ed by eminent Piacliiioncr -peaks volume- lit II- pnn-e. It is equally ellicaeiou.- 111 all diseases of the -km, -caldhead, ring worm-, and the mo-t nivelt raie Itch, tX;c. tc. Nuincroii- cerlilieale- might le ollauitsl, but the propritor ehoo-e- thai a fair Irinl should e x only eviileuif ofit superior olficacy. Prn e 50eeitl- a box. For -ale by Peck t(- Spear ami Rol wit, Biiiliugton ; Dr. C. E. Mile-, and Hull c Cook, I lines burgh ; S. I I. Barnes, Ch.irlollei L. Jane-, Georgia j L. Tyler, I'is-cx j Fuller st Iliinttngtoii, Riihuioti,l AIo,' by ihe druggist- and merchant-, gim-ially hronglioiit the state. o2.'Jn:. I'OUM). OR may ho found in this village, directly oppoite the Methodist Ch-ipel. an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly fitted up in good style, where the undersigned will be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. Gin Hi R. G. SPAULDING. Burlington, April 23, 1311. JK'JSi: OAHPKNTHII. Attornoy at Law, & Solicitor in Chancery. AT Ilxsnx CU.NTRl'., CIIHTKNUUX CO., VT. Oiricf. near Barney's Hotel, Essex, July 1, 1311. Jn8 Dry CioniU ttry ('heap. S'FPEEHIOR bl.u k, blue black, gro de svvi.s Silk, ) do. do. Italian Real do Runnel and Florence1 silk-, White and black Crape, .Mourning Liiw-n- ami Prints, .iiiii-i lor I'teiieli llolnl itxtiii'. -upeiior i iciicii iioini aziiie, Black Fillel Veil-, Lacedo. Fillet and GauzeSi-arls, Fancy IlanilderchtcfV Vfctoria Skirls. Pie NieGlove-. eic. l.y 11. M. GIDDINGS .X: July I, 11111. Co. nt PIANOS. TN" order to close the concern of Hcrrick, Christn- .L phcr it Co., we ofl'e-r the three remaining Piano's at two hundred Dollars each, for Cash, or approved notes in 12 nionlhs with interest. For the quality ami durability of these instruments, reference i undo to in-niy of tho Citicn- of tin. Village, who have had Piano's of ihe above manufacture in use for years. Reference also to Prollessor Moll of tho Musical department of the Female Seminary. Burlington, 2d. J .ly, 1311, I.YMANA. COLE. SAI1I1ATH SCHOOL HOOKS. DA. BRAMAN would sulicit tho nttention of . siipcrinlciidauls ol Sabbath Scliolls, and others, to hi. assortment of Books suitable for S. S. Lihrai- nes, which he otters at a very largo ihcnunt Irom retail prices. Tho Mass. Sahbntli School Society's puhlications are always on hand, including the valu able an I increusmgly'popular series of Biblo Unc tions uy .xevvcoinu. August .'Ulli. A most excellent article for curing old or young persons of Pains ami Rheumatism in llie back or side. Iiealing up sores, curing sore throats, swellings. etc., and for tho cure of iho PILES. It has not its equal, -eldom or never fading to euro when applied co piously, and according to eiircetions, soul at ine v arte- ty store, by tnc dozen or single home. PANGHORN A BHINSMAin. July 15, 1S-I1. nG STATE. OF VERMONT l Al a Prolate Court District or Chittenden ss j holdeu at Burlingtuii, vviihiu and for the di-inci afore-aid on the fourth ilav ofS-iMcml er, A. D. ISH. an iii-truinenl purportiiig lo I e the la-t will and T'e-lamcnt ol'JalcZ Peiiniinan, late of Cob he-tcr in said District, dtxea.ixl, was pre sciiled m the Court here foi Prol ale, by Cinihya l'en niman, John John-on, and Luther Lotuui', the Exec utors (herein iiameJ. Therefore it !serdcrcd bysanl ('ourl, lhat public no lice If given lo all per-ons cancel nod I herein lo appear lefore the Mini Coiirl, nt a sesioii there of 10 le hidden al the Register's CuTco in Bur lington on the 23th tliy of September A. D. ISII.nul viiiile-t the probate ol said ill, ami I! is lurlher or derej lhal ilu- ortk'r I e publi-luxl thiee weeks .-uc-ecs-sivcly in the Ilurlincton Flee Pre, a new-paper print ed at Burlington, in tin- Slate, thela-t of which thall be previous to the day a-sigued for hearing Given under my hand, at the Register's Oflit-e, ihl. lib day ol Spl. A. D, lSTl.Wm, Weston, Register. LAW I1LANKS. r GOODRICH has constantly fur sale by the x. llcam or tJuirt). a general assortment ni invv blanks, printed from forms from Revised .Statutes, consisting of Justice Writs and Executions, all kinds in uso Trusiie Writs Coiinly Court Wnls and Executions, various kinds Wartantry. ftuii-claim, and Mortgage Deed Chancery Hills for forclottng Mortgages Blanks fcr Depositions Administrators Bonds I .diets of Guardianship Oflicers Receipts Justice, Appeals Blanks for Notes, Hay-Scsles, ec. etc. August 20 h. (L7" IHtOAD CLOTHS CIIUAP t CIIKAP ! CHEAP ! I "1 1ST opened by I'.. M. Wbioiit i Co, a lartje 'itl assortment of Broadcloth, which ara offered to '"9, 1,UUI1C. c""J,'f,,,a;, the public curaprr man ever, r. i xan ana tee. r. : ' iAU' . STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, DURMNOTO.V, VUltMONT. UY JONATHAN HART. MR. II. respectfully nnnoiinces to the citizens of Burlington and vicinity, ami the travelling public generally, that lie has purchrscd, thoroughly repaired, painted, filled up, nnd furnislieil the above Hotel, situated on tho comer of South ami Water streets, opposite Ihe head of llie Steamboat Wharf in thevdlaguof Burlington, (formerly owned and kept by Captain Lit. Harrington, of the Steamboat Phen nix,) in a stylo of convenience and comfort not sur passed by any other Hotel 111 the vilhgc. A spacious parlor, sitting room, rending room, nud dining room, 1 all communicate wiih each other, nnd with the Iront piazza on tho ground floor. The Bar room, barn-, bhcils and yards nrearrangul in the best possible man ner to accommodate the travclhni nnd business pub lic. An aero of ginutid, nearly on a level, adjoins tins Hotel, with convenient out-houses, spacious and airy walks, and gardens j are all inviting to travellers,! bllsuli ss tiirtt. hnrml, rj nn.t im,.i1..u .,r 1....a.,... I Mr. It. from long experience professes to know how i tofutnisha good Table and Bar, and to servo lip Iho choiee.l t,.l. un,l ...I. !... I.-. .1 '.!.... ... .. u ....... t m.h, 1 ,,, lit 111 .11.11", 111.11 ill.-' Illlll M'l ! Qllll sensnn ntl.iril. in n nnn, r In ....It it... tui.. nC tl... 1 Connoisseur nnd In. rimn,l,.iiltt-. ...,. .,..t...r,u ! nnd gnestu that his utmost excit'ion- will be put in re- j tpiiMiiuu iu serve uieni. i ...... . it i . , . , fs,o, .' Vi' ,' r. H.t I UL w?"ta ""', 7 !U" tl , r 1 ', , 1I,tllr,birJe') trantportcd, and nke-tt care o at his Intel, and save their Hack lure to and from the Court house square Un, f ;n"Y' llonts will lie -hovvn on board and their baggage fie-e of expense, and without inclining any risk ol being left, by tliedarkiiiss or hlcmssof the night, or any oilier contingency incident to the precipitancy of steam power, or mo iiuctiiiitioiis ot wind mnl weather. Horses and Carr ages furnished tho-e who wish to transact business, or visitnny part of the village, on reasonable terms. Single moaU 25 cents, and other charges in propor tion. " 3in50 Burlington, May 20, I'll. r.nwAitn .1. iys Caurch-Strccl, IlurlitiL'tun, THERE he has on hand a superior assortment of Lames anil i.etitlctiien s BOOTS AND SHOES. of the following as-nji tment .- Gent'- fiiiecilf-evv I Boots " " " peg'd do. " light " ,? do. " Summer Gailer., " " Pumps, " Calf 11 " Shoes A llrogatu " Thick tl-Kip Boots, " " 11 ilrogana Boys Shoes et Brogaus, " Thick A. Kip Hoots, Yths 11 it 11 " Hovs Calf Shoes, I. ailies Gnitcr l!oot3, " Kid Slip., " New spring nips A, Tic, " Colored Slips, 11 Broned " " Calf " Misses Shoes i Slips, Also, a huge a-sornniiit of Children nnd Infants Shoes. .v nrogms. , 7,-j'E. .1. F. would nu He lus eustomersaiiil the nub lie. 111 general to call ami examine his ar.scrtmcnl uf i Hoot- if Snous which he can warrant lo be of good slock, thorough vvorkm.iiish,-) nud latest sty ,'cs. Also, Measktc Woik ami Rcpiuriiig done at the shortest notice, nsiisiial. ti51 Biirhnslon, .Alay 2, 1--11. CROCKERY, GLASS fiTCHiMA WARE. IA It It A It & WAIT, Importer and Wlwlesiilc dealer in Crocltry, (Itass and China Hiirr, and AUnufaiturers of Slont 1 1 ure. 1 (C CRATF.S jim received and now opening 1V.VJ namely 25 Pnckages F.dged and Common Ware, tlo Blue Piiiilcd do 10 10 Royal Bourbon Sprig complete dinner services, do containing Tea sets and Toilet vv are. French White Granite Ware, with com plete sets throughout. A n i nine Vase Onauiie Pearl Ware, con do do 10 taining perfect ilmner si is, entirely new patterns and shape, a most beautiful article, with.Tca and Toilet Ware to match. CHINA WARE. 10 packeges China Ware, containing Beautiful White Ti a Sets, Spng do do Gobi edge nnd line Tea Sets and gold baud China Nurse Lamps. Gottl band & sprig tlo libitSS VV.UU.. 10 PHckagcs Glass Ware contnining fi. P, ami 9 llute Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, G, S, ami 1 llittc 11 Pnssi-d do do 3 packagts tine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Gla-s Lamp., Pl-iiii tlo do, a great variety, Supcib Cut Glass Hall Lamp.. Astral Lumps, Girondalcs, Candlebra", Cut Glass Bowls, Lemonade Olanei, Pitchers, Decanters, Goblets, Wine and Sph ndi I French Porcc line Vases, wiih llovvers and iadcs, nnd a variety of other nrticl-s in their line, all of which arc now oilered Whulesile and Retail al New York prices. P. iv vv. would tttvilc the attention ot .Mer chants in tliesiirroiindingtowns to thrirstock of ware, assuring them that they will sell in packui-c a'-mrlcd to ordcron as good trrms a can be purchased in New Vor'e Boston or Troy, at their warehouse corner oi of Church nnd College St.. Burlington, June 1. lill. A Villi Y VAMJAISI r: F A It M F O It S A L L. HMIE subsciibcr being desirous to retire from active L business, now oilers to disco.e of lu I-'AIOI, sitiiiitcd in Colchcsttr, one half utile west of the tagn toad, ending lioin Biirhugloii to l. Albans, and only six miles from Burlington. Said Farm is h ltid.-oincly situated, containing loO Rcies of as gooil land ns can lie bunnl in Chilienilrn county, ami tinitcr ns tiigti state of cullivation, having he-en under the improve ment of an English Agriculturist tho h-i twenty, three years. TTure i on iho Farm a convenient House,' wiih a never fading well of pure vvntcr at the door. Ago.itl Barn, with convenient sheds attached toil, a vnluahie wood lot f Bench and M ip'e, nntl a fine Orchard nf choice Fruit. Any pcrs.m wishing to purchase such a farm a. above described, hud b iter make application .oon to Jmus Scott, Pcnrl-strctet, Uurlington, or tho subscriber on the premises. WILLIAM SCOTT. Burlington, July fi, 1911. 'JT N. I). Terms of pajmcnt will be made very cosy, n ri TiiNi:sljuit(fii 7cai)i:jiy. irPIIE Trustees of Hisr.sBi-Koii AcApn.'iv are hnppy L to inform the public, ihnt they hive obtained the Rev. Peol.x Dcrkek, ns a permanent teacher. Mr. Duikeo has been engaged, for many years, in the biismcssof instruction, and ha. irivcn, wherever he lias been employed, ample satisfaction. He has sue eeeded, cspeehlly m conciliating the confidence and nH'cclions of lus pupils, in awakening wilhin them a tlutsl for improvement, and in lending them lo test thoroughly, their own powers. From his tried skill and epcricnee,higli expectations are excited, and it is confidently believed lhat none will be disappointed vv ho may favor the Institution with llieir patrenigeby placing llieir sons or llieir daughters under his tuition and care. While it is expected lhat proper moral and religious instruction vvtll be given, nnd a constant and pater nal oversight inkenof thedipoilmenl ol ilicsiudeni-, il is designed that the institution shall be Kept from every tilling of a sectarian character. The Academic war will be divided into two Terms. comprising two Quarters each of 11 weeks, The first win win commence on vviuuesuay tnc istuayoi rscplemlicr. I Here win no a vacation ol ivvuvveeus at llie e-loseof ihe litt Term,and imothereif six weeks at the end of the second. Tuinon for common branches will ho-l,C0 prr quar ter. For all other stutlies it will bo -1,30. No inciden tal charge's will be made. Hoard will be afforded in rcpcclanle f.nniliesfrom i 1,25 to 81,50 per week. For boarding places, trfcr eneomay bo had to jeelediah Hnynton, O. S. Iloyt, N'ahiim Peck, Esq., Orlo J. Ihldwin, Harmon Bur dm, A. S. Wellcr, Joel Tumll. Mr. Benton, Dan'l ThMListiliitiiin is plia-anlly locatetl in a healthful, flourishing village, it has now boen in operation nlmni smeenvenrs. and its course Ins been steadily onward, never surfeited wi-h a flood of scholars, never famishing for vv anl of support. Tho building, sit laled on a dclMitfut cmini nee and nv-i-r.t.vvkin-r ihe vv hnle vdlaee. is unde-foinc" thoroueli repairs. II vv ll be tinislietl in a neat ana nismonauie st vie, so as lo combine elegance with convenience. I 'llinesburjli, 3d Aupist, Sw A j ff 11, .11,,.. 11 .i.t ,1 .i,p IV.l . --,.IIW1 WLVOOSK1 KASII FACTORY. Ts 1. ni con-iant operation. an 1 prepared to exot.ui orders Iur WLNDOWSASIl of every dt-scrlptit n, and w the be. I manner. A con-lanl supply kopt on hand and for sale at the ioit ot George 1'eter.jn, in Bar lington, at thu lolluv. in j n c c s : 12 Light e-.tscmculi, .'ij cents per Light, do do do tlo SMITH. ii- do. do. do. do. do do do do dt) do do do SIDNEY June IS, DOCT. .iIARSIIAIiI.'r Arr.tu itic, tatuirh and Headache SNI FF. T ins Sim.l is superior to any thing vol known, for removing lhat troiible-ome th.'-ea-e, the Catarrh, and al-o a! m llie Lead, end tho headache. It opens tin 1 purges out all c,li-truClioii( stieiiglliein the glauil-,and gives a healthy action to thu part- n-lci'ied. It is p, rfet tiv Iree Irom any thing del)-1 terio'i- in it- composition has a lea.nnt flavor, and rs iiniiKshaiee 'cc1, afcrlemg Used, is abgrecabfe. 7in',.i XlHrT.nv .., j"' ' I his I 1.1-ICr s nil Price 111 cents per bottle. U s vetctiio c inuinii tiinew ri.Asir.K. unrivnlletl lor curing scrofulous .wol I lntr, 0"S urvy Sore-, Lntrie Back, and Fresh Wound 1 PJ'" m the side.-, Mips and Limbs; and seldom fads to give icht-f in local Ilhe ,ninti-iiis. If applied to th will cure many i,f ihe common Liver Complaint; and is, if not -"iipenor, lo any thing in use for corn-on the foci i ll.e v lili es of IhisPlaster have 1 id ,vlllR..5tj Lv thJnsand- of individual, in the LniteJ Sw, . ,, i5 aolJ ,v,c . prictor (Tia.. How en. Middltl.ury, Vt., and Pet ic B.irlihg.on, Vt. " j.l WT HATCH would inform tho in- habitants of Burlington and vi- cutty, that he has opened a shop in Chinch street, at the sign of the Rdlo, where he intend, to carry on tho Gun smith Business, in all it" various branch es. Having In en employed for the last MX years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lausiiieliiirgh, (undoubtedly the best shop in the Uiuliil Mates,) nettels war ranted in ulli-rmg his work to tho public Burlington, June 1, ISH. MYS-TintlOUS! A gentleman belonging to one of the most ancient and wcillhv families of this cttv,vvlio must be well known to numerous fnndii having since the ear lHi8,tip lo recently, been bent nculy double, and for seVLinl jeais confined to his bed, has been rcstoritl to good health has regained lus natural erect position and ha quilted his car riage, and now walks with in.e!! We believe this is thcgeiitlcman's ow u description as near as possible, tindthereis no e-xnggi ration in it. Wcvvdl givemqui rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse the liberty! so that any one doubting, inn knoic these fact though he requests lus name may not appear in print. Among other instances, Mr. Jas. G. Reynolds, 111 Christic-stieet, has been restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of hi case. Both wt re rheunnti-m, and contracted cords and sinews. Howlin. this lecn done-7 Ansurr. Hy the Indian Vegetable l'.lixer in lernalty, and Il'ive' ierir and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. -'!, Is 11. SMonlybyCOMSTUCK if- CO., 71 Maiden c .V'g V'oi-A-. n9 PEC K t- WEAR, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Utliee, Burlington, Vt. $7.00 RtWiiH'O. Ol tt REWARD Ins been offered for months t? i xJ" to any one who will use a bottle oi Hay's Liniment for the Piles, without being cuiul. Of thousands sold, in no ono instance has it lailid of a cure. Proof overwhelming to be had where it i. sold. It is also a certain cur la nearly trcrv cae. (Externally,) in the fo'lowing complaints. For the alldropsy, titnirr leet, sore throat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scold head, l'lghniessof iho chest, especially in children, foul ul cersof the legs, or other fungus sores, however obstr tnteor long standing, fresh wounds, chilblain-, etc. LOOK OUT. Some swindlers hare counterfeited this articlt. and ;uif it ;i with various derices. Do not be imposed upon. One thina only will protect you it islhrnameof COMST()CK .( CO: that nam imi( hiilways on the wronger, or you n ny be cheat ed. Do not forget it. Take the direction' with you and test by lint, or never buy il s for it is impossible for nny other to be true or genuine. n9 Sold by COMS'l'OC'H CO , 71 Maiden Lone, New York. P E C K & S P E A R, Wholsala Agents, a few doors east of the Post Oflice, Burling ton, Vt. " PEARL "STREET HOUSE, BFRLINOTON, VLB MONT. J. S. PEIHCE HAS lately opened the above cs'al li-hmfntfor ike icicptit'n ot fiiml.-es and travellers, generally, whii may vi-it t 111 - pari of the Green Mountain stal'e( and may I e desirou- of painga few summer wnoks onrtlit picturesque lic-ghts of H-ir'uigton. " . The Hotel i- -p,tc. on- iiu.l commodious nnd is situ ated near the Fniver-ity, ivl thehcatl of Pearl-l., cna el tl.c most f.ishii-ii.ible'and aarreal le tliorongh'are in the tow n,t-t,iiimanthiic?ui exten-ive- view of Lak 1-Ti.iiuilaiu and llie siirrountimgcamiry. 1 In- view- Irr in ti e wc-tern vv intiows ami piaz? nrc 'inriy.ilic-it I y aiiyrntne i croer- oi tnc i.ase it-r lli'-ir ma.'infii ei r and I ( amy, and ale, prol ably, oi sun n-'0tl in the Fi.ited Stales' In the inttrnal arranseinrnt ot Ihelfoii-e, every re yar I ha-I em paid tu the eomlorl of fimibe, who hi ty I e acre nimodatt-d with private parlors and the oet'ipai i llat'ers lutn-elf that the furnishing nf hi ta le and the nltendatiee, are such a. to merit the ap pr latum ( t tho-e Ladies and Gentlemen who may lav r bun wi'h their patronage. Tie ST.idlJS tonmr from the North, North-fast nn J I a t pnssd.i ly, and to panic, slopping at Hur I n.ii n, i u their vvuy to the White Meiintajn., nnd il ,, c tiavelling in .my of Ihe nl ove I'ir.iciii ns, more , ,-nre i- alfiTile,!, a- the slices leaving lown call at i'- - hoioe half an luir later than at the Hotels ia the I ,v er part of the village. A i i infortal le Carriage attends regularly, cn the nrnv.i' of the 1 oats, Willi the -toward cf the establish ment, w ho w.ll take charge of the l-aggaae etc. In In r', no pain- will I r soared to gte salt-fiction to ah patron-, uiul entitle the he-u-etu the -uppe rt oflbe tin' lie. N, B. Wine, Cordial, and Liquors, of approTsa qua uy, kept alway. on hand. ' llor'.e. and Carnaie kept in read. nr. fcr the t column. 'alum of si rb a- may require them. Burlington, June '.'fi, 1-311. n cATAiiiiu s.Nirrr. AR?I1ALL'S S.M'KF, is still eurinsthe Catarrh it 1 and the various th-ea-es oftha head, aswella soreeves, In all ports of the country; and utoining Ihe reputation Inch it ha- long since gaineil, of l. iiig absol nely the lot article of tho kind in the market. Fan h boltle conlnni" three time, the qnsntilv of oao of tho-e which nte e In-red at "ONLV TWENTY FIVE CENT'S." And is therefore a much chenp ns well as letter arin le. For sale hv I'ECK A- SPEAR and Du. KOIll-. MOODY, Burlinilevti, Jan. 22, HU. ly.f.tS N ATUUIVS GRAND liE-fTOIIATIVE. Thl is! le Medicine tands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz: Ilyspenjis, or Indt- "eslton,ibll-ixI I.IVCT, l llloilillsonicr, I'rupsy, .isin ma, Contvene-s, Worm- and lo-s cl Appelile. and by cleansing the stomach nnd bowel., cure- pains in the ule, ftomach and I re-a-l, cold, and coughs of long , lauding, iloancne-f, shcrtlie-s of brcalh, Nervous eoniiilamts, etc., wlnen are frequently the e'ee-t of ills' caic. For Feverand Ag, e, it i-a mo-t valuable pre venlative a. well as a seven ign remedy, lis virtue, surpass any thing hcrettfi rr known in removing St. Vitus' Dniicr, -two I utiles have I ren known lo cure ihisaHhetingihseat-e, after having ladled every rxcr linn lor four jears. Il ha- a mo-t powerful influence ui re-moving nervous eoinplainls. It is pleasant to take andsorusy in its operation, that it mny 1 r admini'lcreil to ihe infant vv nh nifeiv. The M.ovc Mtdieine is very highly rei-oniinenJeel by many feicnlific gentlemen, and a Isicenumler ol Indie-, xvho have proved the virtue-of tin Medicine ly personal nseandihat ofihrfr famibi w A 1 ill of , erlilieate-accoinpinies each bcitlr, iiMiiiibrnainne. Ii may le had vvhlrnlr er rfiail vl . Biiiam, Barre, aud'J. C. Farnaiit, Last W;'!-,, nd wn, i. e pmpnet, t-. Preparwl frum . ghla' rtiipe-, brnici by F, II. Prcntl.s Montpeher, V 'de . ''"K if-SipH. I liurluiKtnn.ana n mr principal lrwn, , UiSI elire-n m s'f';-J'nr--...anilTvfliint; of Iheprerrivnot iFFH J !

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