Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 22, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 22, 1841 Page 1
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rt t t mot t nc fJJy F 0IIIIIIIIII W r A n " r n o r.i g. BV If. fl. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22.V8U. 314 lM,ei l 1031 iHl Of i.U'i,. A VhIiMIiIc Medicine, winch, if rightly applied, will to the uieansuf saving thuii-and- from an untimely grate. It has I ecu sold and u-cd fur ihirly years, vv'iihgrcal micce.', aiul founJ very ctliracicus m Ir.u lullovving dica.-o, viz. Coii'i.iiptinii, Whooping Coush, com mon Cough, Co'd-, difficult Hrculum.'. Influenza, Quin.y, A-lhina, Phlhiie, Spitting of Mood, Flatu lency, Indigo-lion, Lonenes of the Hovvel, Kit of every kin 1, Cramp, Hickcl, Colic, Calnrrli, llyscn :tarv,' Fainting, Hypochondriac Allertion, lleada'ches, 'Sickness at Stomach, Me'a-lo, a preventive ofCou ', Gout and Rhe,tmalim. TZJ l lie ntinve .tie iicinuis prepare.! iy nenry scy Vnour, of Hadloy, Mas, from the Original lieeipe, by tnc uiroe'iiou 01 sum .uuoie', ami hu uim mm mv principal Druggistsut the UnitedSiaics. Sold wholcsule and retail, l.y Peek tV &'X'nr, Burlington, and by thedcalcrs generally through out the couiilrv Pi PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WIRRANTED. rimiS article is too well known to need common--- dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, tluit for accuincy, "Convenience and duralnlity, they are unrivalled Coal vard scales to weigh from 3 M fi tout. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. tu 5030 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oi. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter da a new at liclc to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. J. & .1. H. Peck it Cu.-.lreiis. Burlington, April 8 1811. PA1NTINC5. THK subsrilcr Icing thankful fur past favor wo'ild re-neeifilly solicit u continuance ol the ..,....l...n....l I.. I .1... ....1 I... .1 I . bhiiic aiii'j luiniiiii in 11 it uu .tun me r,iiije iu.ll lie hj prepared to aceominod.ue I hem onlhe hor:e.t noticfl and inot favorable terms m the various branches, in the above, line. Shop oppo-iie Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pearl-sttc.1, llurlington, Vt. J AMIS SCOT I'. April 1, 1311. nl3:ly CERTAIN CFRE KOIt SICK HEADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which has bad sick headache fioin intancy, as a constitutional family complaint, anil lias cured ellec tuilly in every instance yet known, amounting to tin ny hundred'. It is not unpleasant to the tnlo. nnd does not prevent theilnly avocations of oncusiii" it it must be persivercd in, and the cure is gindiuifj but certain and ppiiiinncnt. Instances are constantly mulliplvingwhcretlu distressing complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years -tanditi" by the use of Dr. Spohn's celebrated remedy. One decided preferenceis its pleasantness, having nono of the nauseating effect of eommim drms. Itis soierfectlysaliTictnry, ihnt the proprietor lias Given direction lor Ins agents in return! the price to any one who isnot deacd with, nnd even cuu-d by it. He hopes also that this may secure its (mat ben efits to the distressed sullcreis who aielalwringimdcr Headache. E. SPOHN, M. D., inventor and Pro prietor. Sold by COMSTOCK .f- CO., 71 Maiden Latin. New Vurk. l'l'.CK efc SI' 11 A It, Wholesale Agents, a few doers east of the Post Oilier, Hurling ton, Vt. n'J JiliW .MUSIC, AN D MUSlCAIi IXS-TKV- M N'N li JR. VVkStt-.fy-4:cA frctn Hos- VifoRrv?' ' V ion,) a suppl v of -.1 WJ- New Music. Mji- I nstrutnenf, Ac., which lie is authorized to .-ell at the lowest lioston re-ail prices. The Music for the Piano 1'orte consists of Sonus, dices, 1) etts rind Tno. New and briutiftil M liclus, (luicksteps, (al ODades. Wall.cs. Dances. and nieces with vaii ittons some of win It are the latest publications of the lios ton Urijndo and Hraa- Hands. ALSO A great vanity of American, German, French anil 1.h;j1mi Altwcil instrument", eonsisin of Untiles, Trumpets, Kicncli Horns, llass, Tcnorand Alto Troinliones, I! tlat, CJatid Lll it CI nionctts, Oer man Concert PlutesA from one toninckevs. Fiasco lclts, Oclave and Picolo I'ltites and I'ifrs. SplcmliJ llas Viols and Violins. (loL'imt nnd plain Violin and llass Viol l!ow. Snpeiiur Roman lolm, l'ass Vi il and Ciuitar Strings of cury size and Idler, lliijjhsl: and Krcncb ClanoneltHeeils. SnliMidid l'rench Ac cqrdcons, Spanish (iuitars, with plain, ami fiennan ail ver patent Iteaiis. instruction itootts, witn Ij mi uts. Lsons. and Exercises fur all thoabovc. and oth or instruments, arc nowforsale at Mr. Miami's resi dence a few rods north of the Ent'cnnol Cliurcb. in Hurlinctou, where he respectfully invites cnstoniers to civc lum a call. Military Hands and Music Schools, furnished with Music, Musical Instruments, (nnd Italruc'ion, f de sired,) at snort nonce. Sarl'lANO KOUTF.S strung, repaired and tuned s usual. iJiirimgton, .nay v, tail. -id .M1L,M.AKV ; I)lM:iS MAKING. By Miss S. DKAY, nniOhaa commenced V in the new bui'dmg on the cast side of Church street, opposite II. Lane's store, and a few rods south of IheChurcli, vvhfrccvery mven 10 Sonnets, ac- iiuostnn- proved New Voik style, wlncli Fashions aro now just received for the sen Hon. Iliirlington May 20, 1311. ti51 rJU Sifa' iJJT-ii w"1 uu. ft If i Ty -Ars and Dnr.ssKs, Itl Jt iK cordaneevvil i tin HUl'MHIOIt KM) UK. T N. lllNSDlLI., A?ent fur llo- . clicstcr nnd other Western Mills ccc. has for sale, now in store, nnd receiving Eight Thousand llarrels of bancv and Sunerfino llrands of Kl OUlt. of llie hiiditst rfnutntion m the IJew York nnd l!olon maikets. Amnnir which arc the follow ins, II. Ely, T. lleinp!inll, F. S. Clark it Co. J.Davis, II. Holmes, Union Mills, Jackson Mills, Chiton Mills, and J. Roshcr. toirclhrr willi several choice brands of Ohio and Michman Flour. Also, R. Ruddatid N. Shiek, suitable for'thc Montreal Mar- i.ct. Merchants and ilea crs wi l bo furnished to on er. at a very low rate, by ri'inittins Drafts, (Jetlilicates of Deposit, or Cash, to il.") River-sliect, Truy, where n full supply will be kept at all times. nay iou ni)im;j jVOTIOU JCP'Jlivheine i I e-t known by the il e ire- it perform. .JTi 1. Newton'- l'.macea. or Purifier ol'tlie Hlood. 'I lie iiniiaralleled and .-till iiicioa'.inirropu'utioii vvlneh tbi'. im-dicinc ha.a''nair- d ihro isho it the New I Finland State-, and he many ure- il li.ts nerfurnied, an I the ilemand m.ui'e font bv the ee nfpliv-iei.ins well aen i.iinlue.iviih its piepa ration, has m 1 ice I the proprif'tt r to cxiem! its lir.iul.iiiou to alino-t every town in the eastern S'ale- and the towns in die 1'uiii'J S:a:c. This P.iii.icei w.irr.iu'ed piuely ve'je'al e,and I. nut siirpas-i'il t v any oilier lucuieiue ever o. erel to f In: aflbetevl as its eteaive sale an 1 creat populariiy lil.iinlv prove, il vvitliui tun la-t eiirliieeu luonl i- cured its oflhe nin-t nl-tinatu ih-.e'a-es, n Its prove.! by eeruiieales, and i-pronuuiice'd l,y euiiiient an I re. portable physicians the I e-t medicine muse, t'.el.ii niK rui.ition may I e loiiKi in eireu.ur- eonlaiiiuie; e'l'rlilicaie- ol e ires aiul iluivnoiis li.r la- kiii'j the medicine. The following appoiu:eil ii'jeut.. DiirliiiL'toii, PECICand SPEAR, li. Mnodv St All an-, Cnrti- and 1! i-sel Milton, C. Dral.'e Millon Fall-. Irirnet mil S.iwvei Wnlereille. 1'i.t. and Itrovvn, lline-biirh, Hull and Cuoi Fairfax, I'arUcr an I .u.riielil v ersenne-, Ailatn- anil .Marr.iv Caml rid-'f, M. Wire I'nderhill, JI. C. Ilarnev North Ferris! uruh, II. C. Wicker ticcriria, A. Illi-- v illi-ton, . v. liilteuUen tin linionil. Iireen Ai Ifhu !u- John on, (j. 1,. vv aruer ami C' .wonMnn. I.I ban Smith bV.LMield, Arininirtou and WoodwurJ Fuii lield, 15 irnet and Fanisvvorth. e.o.p ly.KI!) AKStI A !!.' eoiiliniie.s unrivallrd as a streiislhenius Al-o, ft r Ithe.ima- ti-ui, t.aineiie-v ,.r pains in iliesiilo-, Inn' s or 1 ac', : fur svvi'll.uirs, se irv y sure-, Freli wound-: in I torn 1 .imtly Pl.i-ieror-alve. ForCorn-, inoieiiver try it ; paie elu-e', per-evere in iheii-el v iiiakiua new applicitinn oeca-ionally, and in tune, vuureurns vvi.l Lu cured. For -ale bv ' PECK & SPEAl!, and Du. ltOliT. MOODV. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1S1I. ly.l'.lS tiil: nooKSToitc OF the Subscriber is just replitii bed with a new nnd valuable assortment of HOOKS, .STATION ARY AND ENCRAVINO', amoip,' the many in- tercstni'' works may be found thefolbivvini; Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutton on the Sac! .mienls, The Youna .'Man's Aid, by Rev. II. Winsluvv, (iilitipses of the Past, Laniruarc of Floweis, Tab s of the Ocean, Flora's Int rpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Suniincr Journey in the Wct. bv Mrs. Steel. The Nestorhn-, or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Grant eei, in iiii-.Tiieci I). A. HIIAMAN. July SO, no itrP'iMPuurANi cAi;,iio.N.r-it It isa ai 1 1 l; ulii f fuel and one much to I o rcrrclled that valu.iMu.inedieuii.'j, us toon as they I ceonie pop iifir, and havu received the test and approval or a dicti'inliiatfnipnLliCjarosiiro to l.eeouiiterfeitcd, anil thus A laJ and spurious article is immediately palmed upon Iheunsiispeclinsforthe genuine. This Ins een notoriously tbueasc with iill popular trusl and truly valunblu inclicnes fur years past, and will probably eontinuctoLe the case for e-ar to come. The ba-e and eontemptible eounlerfeit In this way meanly takes iijv-untajro ol all the e.lbrtsand adver-ti-ing used by ihe proprietors of thu genuine article, to get their medicine into use and deserved popluari ty. ItislhcieforiMiot less theduly than it contributes to the safely of every honest individual in the com munity to expose, fiown down, and forever afier I IIS- nii'1,1 an nr..i( it.i.-js i.titt.vt 1.S who thus irre- spon-ibly trifle with heallhand life. iCIIH.KI-.FOltE TAKE NOTICE. I lieic is a per-ou l v I he name ol J. II. ltOCIIE- AKI. NOTICE, name i,l'J. It. FOliT. now eiijjaijed in -elling a Pill done up m bnxe 15 LANK HOOKS. Ledger!', .loiirnills A llceoril Hooks. T70R towns, county and prubato records inaunl'ie- . uircu irom uie uesi nneii wuvo Demi ami .Mceli 11111 papcr.boiind 111 calf : Also, a variety of common Hlank work "or sale cheap for aady pay'nl lliesyu of tbo Red Ledger, I y S. 1IUNTINOTON. Juno 2), 1?11. n3 CA'ITLE of knits t o j-rut as usual, a literal a I v.iiue mai'e for tbo.e ta'.en on romimion, a few iirur-ot jroo I lieef t scn will I e very acepMli'i oil ihe lUlhof June, and tl.e highest pi lie will I op.tid ill ca-b tur -neb. ALSO To ex 'dians fir-t rate t'lnpe an 1 Ear- NEW ARRIVAL, N. I.OVIlliV CO. A RE now receiving their third supply of Fancy -O. St.iplo and other Goods, adapted to the wantsof the ninrkct, which.wcre puichnsednt New York, the last vvesk, nnd are ncwollered for fasti, nt a small ad vance and greatly reduced prices among which arc the follow iiiR: Satin stripe Challys, do. do fii?ur'cd and plain Mo i-line DcLninos, for dresses, seme low u32,50a pattern, i'rinled Lawn- tordre-es, plain do. fnrlonnels, French striped Prints, Enzli-h and Ameruau do. Satin stripe silk-, for dro-se-, a fincy artieln Dlackand Hue Hack (Iro deSwi-s, (!ro de. Iihine etc, of every vnni'ty, eoloieil silks cf every jiiulc White t!ro de Afrie and euhcr eed'd ilk (or bouuets' C'rnpeii and crape L e-e, ' Fillet scarfs an I sh.uvb, somcj erv superior, Thread Laee-, Jjriii; and Insertion-, Muslin lirernon-, Urec'an l.ace '"-"w!"' r"JI':c".-'1 "..rt:nl cape, andeollars, ille.t Mil- nnd td'.-.e, long nnd sin rt, all colors, Kl' ,.on-, nli'U,f , a-oruieiit,eul!ro new style, Veil';1.,! liiblon-, 1 1111 Is, Ponrei-., an I PoaseT; h l!f-, aborted fl. M'lii-lnieileLaine shawls, n new and cheap ar Linen etitrd'rie'bdl, Is, Lawns, etc. t'reijeli Arnlie nl-, Whale) ones and Itatlnris, Par.vel- cc IJml reikis, direct from the manufacturer 8-4danri-k -ilk hawl, cheaper than ever, Travellins an iWork 1 a-ket-. Red and lllaek .Merino shawls, at a great 1 argfiiu, Raw silk and other dre-s hdkli and shawls, a great . variety, Jlishop Lawn", Nan-oek and Hook Mu-lins, WireNeti,ltailroad, Wn.b Ulond andoiher laces, Irish Linen nnd cam! ries, Shell side and other comb-, Ladies and pent, sill; and Lisle ho-e, do do Clove-, Hellenic.. 1 eal bass and pur-e. Sattinciis,casinieieand! roadcloth, cheap enough Bilk Velvet, tor tames nnutteuis. aiioior vesting-, dark and light Ve-ting-, Valencia, etc. etc. Tal le sprcdd. cloths, diapers, e tc. Shi-etinsJ an 1 shirting-, I leached and unbleached, Jean. and eizone!., larnilure dnnilie., Curtain frinirte... To which may he ud led, a large a.ssortmcnt of Dry tiroccrus, suen as : Hlack anilti'revnTeas, of every variety, While-. Havanna and other brown .Sinrars. Mola-se-, Piuiento, Pepper, (Singer, Cloves, Cassia 'Poland Stareli, l.ngti-li i; irrant. Crockery and Glum Wart, l'rench and American J'aper Jhngingt, As casln.ieir ob.eeijwo will give great bargain' Call and examine for yourelve-. Il'irlin.'ion, J dy 30. 118 lie--, tor sle'c:vi;r ea-b. n 50 I) NIEL KLM11AI.L, Jr. H ulinglon, .May 12, loll. PAPER HANOINTiS. ANEW supply, with holder, &c. jutrec'd from the manufacturers. July 22. C. GOODRICH. inexact and period imitation of ihe iteuuinc INDIAN M'.liLIA ILK PILLS, with ihe onii.snm fifonle nne word on the Hoxc viz. Wnicnr. Tlie Pills s(!ld bv thl Koehe'forl ate evi'.'ently nuciided" n alrnudnuil nnpo 1I1011 upon thu eoinin miiy, er they would not have I een done up 111 such exact 'imitation of the gen uine. Till, tier.-oll Is tall Lbi-terni'' Willi n n-ienl ihe. atrical swagger. He vva receutlv known asa veiv poor pl.ijer 111 Halliinore', under llicniu.ieal euignomeii of Jim llrown, andinl 0 it twenty live jear eifage' ltiallllOs Iwoilla dollbt thai llei. sinmliisl U'ltl, ihel'il's Irom u Druagi-t firm in this etly. who have heretofore I ecu notoriou-ly cuunevted wph co'in'er feit ine'dieine-. As snun ns'nroof is obtained ihe to. m- imu head of this ncl.irioo bii-iness will 1 e cxno-cd. 1.1I the ecmiuuiiiiyniav.hiin tlieui as they would a -erpent. IN TEE MEAN TIME l llft PEI1L1C A11E C.VE- TIO.SED iisain! buying WHIfillVS Indian Vr.nrTjini.r. ol ' any one v. bo due- not exhil 11 a eerlitica'ei fa-eu-cy snriied by ihe ngent for Ihe New I iiL-land Stales 111 I' e.lruia el.l'e slliee Januaie IK til. AL11 01 Ln tie il ir notice that I lie lullowini wording is on thu box es Wright' Indian Vcre'iil lelVI (Ind. Purgative) ofihe North American CoMcec of Health. 77if Indian Visftabli I'lllt mp . in iu'1.1 rnrc for li-.i-e in Hi. v i v.ineHiifl 1. bieiu.p Hiev Iho iiiiijIiIj clciiifi; il.e siuiu.ieli ,ini buwcL, induce .1 pio per di.-idurae In the lunss, skin .mil kulncv, nndii inul.itc llie blood 111 pin il ilsetf. In olhrr ivoiils iln-j upen nil Ihe uiliir.ll iIi.i'iim, nnd Irate NAIUItl; Ihe (1 rand I'hvsiaan) tire to dine ibse.ise limn ihr b'tdj. The .tbote oulleis, or (bam., ,ue llif coiuiuiiii .ewrrs of llie bud), lliiniigli inh nil ninilnd.iiid cur. lupl Iiimiiois (ihe e.iu-e ul di.-e.lse) aie ird off ; .mil Kins .is lliev .lie .ill Kent nncn. ,1111 1 it i.iii-c icelv iln-ii ,'illuiiid piiitunis iifiiiiiii ii), ihe 1 1. 1, 1 v will nm. noil'1 nilicilili : Init ivhcn lium cuing imprnpei luud, bir.ilhiii; iiupiue nil, siiddi'n limn licit 10 0I1I, opi exb.m.iiiin or ant oilier rniop. the bowels bcrinue riKtivp, llie nm e. ul ihe skin Ik nniie elu-nl, lllbkldnets l.lil tl pi-l fin III ll, en filiil-li,ins pinprult. die inipiii Hies whn li slnai'd be di .11111 d liniii ibn budv by llii-e millets, it ill In lei .1 ined, and ciiiilinue lo ,ic cuiiiiikiie iiuiil die built biTiiuu-s liii'i.illi lii.ulcd null ii...isc 1 1 ilie e li lined' of our niiiMitt riviM. sliuuld bsTouie bl, if kfd up, uuillil mil llie .11 rrniuliliHil it.oeis find new uiillfls, or lite euiiiilty lieciime' iiinnd.ili"! .lui-o oh iIip lmiii.1 1 li.idy ; il 1 lit- n ibnin. bp ciiiiip to-Pil, the iMuii.ini .iinl cm 1 upl liiiiimis wilt liuil tent 111 Die tulluiis Iihiiis ul ili-p.t.p suiliil. letci, Small Pox, Mp-isIp., UIipuiiihi i-iii, Gum, ApopleNy. f;c. or De.ilh ttill en I our siifipi 1114s TliPiilme, wIipii sirkiip.s ,n 1 tie slum 11 b, p mis 111 ihe I1.11k.1ud . lib, ipiu k pii'fp, bmiiing skill, 01 anj o'her unplp.i. s.iiii symptoms, inilir.oe III 11 nue or mule of ills ii:i tin .it ill .mi. ,ne mil .lip. Ii.ii fc.n. fiti It', nnd 1 lie ciin. It. I11I11111 u .itiiuil :u ciiiiiuipui p ,1 iiii"Ip lui 1I11' rcslui.i linu nflip.ililt in, limp sliuuld bp lost 111 ilinini.ipriiti: 1 lev Ini-k .itn-fi i,l ihp Indian Ping.,iivp (Indian IV Xttilblc Piltfl ) I Jy SO doMii;, ,il ihe liiMriiiiii. .if ilip lindv sv 1 1 1 be iPsluiPU 10 tinier, mil ihe f'i"l liiiimir. lli cins-p fifetpiy iiill.iiiMliiui 111 p mi we mfi'pi ) t ill up iciiiotpil 111 so e.i-y .mil immii ,11 in.oiupi , 1I1.11 1I11 body "ill In ipstoted a if ly .1 cb.iiin. TIip .ibute Pills lil.iy bp (..iki'll ill AI.I. lii'nes nnd iindci Al.l.cii. einn-iai vtuli pel feci sifpiy. Tliey sun all com J Minis .nut .ill ;ips. .1 ml .hp In Ilip lium 111 l'inl-1 rill 11111 a. I-. ml : rniHi (iipiuly ilip can nenev ivjuie etpu ih innsl debcrfle. Like our luud. lliev ,np ilinpsliblp llipicfnip lliey rulei lino 1 lie circiil.ili'uii nnd uiii.iit .111 1 UPigy 01 1 lie hliiml, mm ii en ti!esn tu Ihnt t nh fu-e-diiill ipillp In ilip PMiemines :iud cml'iipiS'illy 111 kppj lip ,i,ips nfilip -km o'en They me Hue hiiiI pi'if-Ti niiriupis hi the iit'iini : ii'dine Hipy ili.itn .ill chmiiii litiinni'' f. mil ill 11 IiIh gmmt l,'ii( t'li.-y imp ti 1 .lieiiilli nnil Vijoi lo Hip Hh.ile syli null tl i ( li cis .11 e .ilu ay- hpiii'firinl ; btcnisp ilipy onlv 11 unit,' ill i.p luiitiiii. itlin Ii ,ne npn,eil in Iip.iIiIi. I'lipy .ml .nut iinpiotp iii;psiiiiii, .mil S'iiiiiiI -tipp Minus iln-ii up : i.pimii.p ilipy die. stiiui.irli ,nul luntp'snl !'.rs" slimy liintionrii tvlltt!: nni on'1. 'I't'aie .111, 1 xrtip hi iipiviiii. syslriu, but p.nulyzp ,ind tte.ikpii the di i-e-inpiiii' hi.. I,,li,,,i ,y jvi;-p- .ill ihpy om) iioipi lie- 1I1.11 ( .111 lip 1 1 iiiui'il lot .my luPilii'tite ,hi( "Ii.ii In. Hiy ipin iik.iblp, 11 1. uocily iiiiutsih'e 111 up il 1 iviiliuiii ln.i,-(ii, PrM-e2j eeui per llx, web fu'l dire-1011.. Oillce nil I lie 11cr.1l Depot ft r ihe New Enu'l'nvl State. No. I'jSTieiiioiiTSuev' Co irt sireet, Ito-n,,',. ' The icMlaru iponi e I Aireut can nsvireiheirsnp-obe- eif the a' ove pop -lar Pill-, a', fioin he oniy o lire an I general depoi fur the New England S'ale , laSTreuiout street, 11, -ton. Pedlar or tr.iv-e'liuga.-e.r- are not a Howe 1 10 sell the genuine uidia 11 vewn' le Pill-, therefore never pur.'ha-e from iliem, tor If ycudii yo'iwill le ure to obtain a dangerous an I eo urerfeit article'. sl 1 Pi ck cc .S'i'r..vr,, Arent in Il'iilinstnn, fur the s.ih-nf the Indian ejetal le I'd1, nlo, W. 11. Hom.ct, Willi-ton. Vt an I A. Ill ui-miiid, llurlimxton. IMJ5ASKS ill' llli: UL(J...)eci,p,llt tllP IIIIHI ll'UllllHr I PlIlPlK PIPS Llln.n 1,, A ..... 1 . Vegetable I'ulmonarv l!attan Is llie i.m.i vuIujIiIh iciiiiilj u,liv in u.e fur ciiciln,i'lil,n(ilin,aor iiliilnsic. coii'itiiipnini. Hhoopiiift cougli miiI pulnioiiHiv alT'Ctliiiis rcij miiii, iis s.iicn sir.uuy iii('ie.iiing, ami Ilip prnpneion are eonsninilv iccdvln" 1 tic must f.itnisblp .icciuiiit i,f lurfi'pois. 'I lit- fillotving nctv ccrlilicslCJi aie iifi'rred Inr publ c pxHihiii.idnn. An Intkklstino Cik -Exii.iPUif.i Ipiierfrnm Mr C S Clay, King.iun, Uln.r cn,, N. Y, lo ihe pii'pllrluiii, "Yours of iIip U1I1 insl. ivh. duly ice'd. A ii'in irkablc chip was pITpcihI by llie Vcirjintile 1'ul. niuiMry II.iImiii in iliu inlet mil sprini! oflS35. The LCrroil, Mr, Aluiull. beet mrk 11 Inns nm. unl, llie ruiisuitiptlon. Hi. physicians' had given him tin lie tv us loiliiri'ilfii low j 10 IcnnablBlo liplp hiunilf, nnl H.i. i.n.iui' a hone 11 ii, uf lilum! ttlipiilte coinnipiicul using iIip, whiih lots- pflfscted a cumplpiv fin r. and lie is nmt .is li.ile nnd Iip.iiij u pipi hp it, .Mr. Miiotlj icmoii d fioin iliisiovtu, bin hp In. prcui'scd me a mure deluded iiccnuiil of his imsp, tthn-h it ill fm tv.trd ton, C. tj CLAY. Kiiigsimi, N. Y. June 23. IS:13. Uxiitiri nfti leiipt fiiiui Di. Jurnli Mters. The Vcgi'LibV piihiio lt.tls.iin bppii '.uld in lliis ciiiinit lor Itvovpus, .wul llie me bciup L-.iinpd 1.11 1 mniunii cclt'lii ilv , fur 11 -chiccIv in imp in-luncp filled ul b.itmii tlis dpsiied i-fftci ' I am bv no means 111 l.itnr uf llie 111. in nii.iiiiui., 1110H ul tvliieh ate nn. pnsttinn. upon i cipilulous poldlr, bin ttliich I kmitv by u.e In be pffi-cii il. I r.innut help lull sit" nit ai.piob iliiiu lltpiplo, , (ounlprfpil prpp.ii.ilinn Ins biTii;iHpipd bsre bj 11 iravrllinK Arpiii, of Ciunsiiick, - 111111 nieip 1. .inn icr .irnt-ic tenueil isip liii. Irongl) suspected to bespui iuu. Jacob Mvrns, M. I). Mifiliiijinii, JiinLii.i cu. Prim. Mm :i. is:it i-'ii. in Dr. Samuel Munell. 0 (hp 1'iutn iplms of In- Vpop t.ililp I'ltbiiuii.iit li .1 In jin. I ,1111 s iiisfied ihuliheVc iPi.ible PiiliniiiM.rt IIhIjiiii m .1 t.tln tli'e incdppur Ii h-i. Iippii u.pil in ihi. nl.n-e ttiib C'linidpip siiccp-s in an 11I1. 1111 nc ciiiupliuit ul the Iiiiii!ii, .illeiolpd ttllh a etpu- ciiuijIi, I if tiiii-e. and llie r.lisiuj of uuii'li bliiudt ttliKh Ii .1 tl pipttuiislv ic.i.led 111.111) itppioted ptpsriipiiiius. AIipi-ti'iug ihe II.1I..1111 one tteck, llie p iticiu's v nice ipitirnrd ami tip ttas.dilp to spe ik .null biy. I'll is. case nrruited nuitp limp since, 1 ihe inolisnoiv pnu.i'tpd nnl onlv in aclivp but laborious business. ItesupciliiMv. &c. S. Momu.LL. Ilisnrttv lump ili.iu six tears since I was IiioiiliIu tery Itm bv an afiecnun of ilip liuifl., and tin ciuliplainl was ilce-laipil in be itif-iii able bj n inuncil ofilucp pin- siciaus. I ttas ilten rp-lmcd In nss'io I liPti ill a- Iliad eilOtl d fur Ml my tr.irs, bl usiip) ilip VejPlablp I'td. nioii.irt l)tl.nn. Since inv iccutprv I hate ipcuui- lilpiiilcit iliu It iisain in a 1' 111. nit ea-is n( !iiiil miithiinis, and so far a. I ran (pain, lis use lias in. tari.ilil) been fiillnn id bv 111111 h I -lit, and in 111.nn iii.uures 11 has ctfecicil cut ce ttliu h ttpie itltiillt unex pPPUll. SAMUEL, EVKR1.Tr, IJ.i. on, M.nrli 2, 1SS7. I'nr snip, tvliiilesalp ami iriail, by PECK k SPEAIt.llur insiiiri, Vi. DANIEL SIMPSOW. Patent Lexer Watch Mal'cr, from IAverpool AS ills now twelve jtrs since huavailcdliimsell of the privilege of returning hi. grnleful acknowledgement lu hi. fneutN mid thu public in is", ft , 1 "vaSt EenernbluralmuitunpreeeJeu rfV. ' Jt'l.Vj ledlavor.',bubcgsleavcio In-'-.".-r-JvJW' -brni iliem that ho is mil at the OW ,S7aliei, on Cburch-stree't, oncdoorstutli of Noblu Lovely uml Co's. store, vvbcie he personally atlends 10 the repairing of Chronotne ters, Patent Lever-, Duplex, Lepiiier, and all other do-enption i,f l ime piece. He will warrant all new work a, fixe! to V aleles 111 hi shop to 1 v a gootl as the- original, oras any done entliei-duiinpiit. N. U. A good assortment of NE IF H'A TCllICS of llio first mialily of wurkmaiihip, ami will loo!d use heap nn J on as good ttrnis as at any other shop in Ihe stale. brom his long experience in the bn.incss, and hts Item 1 so many years eiigneed in the making ol watch e 111 Liuland, lie Halter.- Iniiiself that he as eom-pe-tcnl lo iiink j .election as any in tLe vicinity. -"Miiiigtuii, June 11, uii. hi o k L 1 v 1 : it w o n t , NEW GOODS. THE i'lbseri! eis have pi.-t ici eive-il from N. York, a large aortiiienl ol F ANCY GOODS. among which may I e found Heavy I lack 'and blue black P01 de S01 Silks irouer,'i.s. 11 Pe'kins'ruied OroduAlriuut;" dn 1 lV!;mtriiied Crocket-', China and Glass Vaic. A largo and rub assortment jut iveritetl and opened, purchased at greatly risluecd piiivs in New ork. and now for sale at the very lowest rato . UIVl'.I.V June 3, 1S1I. & CO. n. BOSOMS ana .mockf, l ine irillcu ana nln Boms, n few more of the new style S'ucks, plain Ila- . which uk much admired, square nnd rntindColIars. Hoc d ? Tl WU. PANnilORNet IUNSMAID. " Light colored " tlo " i'laid POI ;. bn, (n lie,,' rn,.1..t' Ptline-. ,1. f,lmc, (Awlls U! ,nl'an c.ravath plain and tia'd Freni h 1 oml n.ine". Hall mo irnin.', plain if. lig'd, all wool Moi.lme dcLuine-, Chinee and Satin striped Mouline tleLauics very fine. Laee Veil-' llllt ne't shavv s an lenrf, neli .Mills and (Ilov superior ivi.i eio i run' azinenn I satin siori,., Worse I cunt ne&. M i lin In-eriing. &, Iklginis, ThaaJ E lgiiigs,lainui"Jii'.i,i Itibbm-, new style, . ihyr Worked, pla nl riMM silk lltie, Wor-'sl Working P.iiten-an 1 Cama--. etc. Ju!y23, 1311. n7 E. M. WRIGHT it CO. i. lin.VIIIHV SASH- V T .lut receive Ij, 211 f and 217 by 'Jca-cnicni ol L sash, a first r.i'o article at 31 i. and 31 per light ; also J all km 1- an l.ize", lumi be I to order. Tieoii'Iero.'a black F, a lir t rate ar'n-le, for (I niie very low, together witn it a v.lruuv ol nl ter urn clase cheap as can 1 e found at any other e'-t,iblili mem In the place. Geo. PcTitntON. DUULINGTON CHAIR TACTOItY L. NELSON, continues the J business of iiiaiiuf ictuiing Chairs at the old s'and, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Maplu Grecian, (June .Sett, Common Cane and Flag Scat, Largo and Small Raises! Seat Rocking-, do do Com. mon do, Common Dining, vc, ttc. All of which aro warranted h first rato article and will bo sold at prices .rr,,,..t. uicorresponu witn the tunes. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER IlEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, n pimply of warranted Live , ., r . ""'" which win ne sum low lor cash. WANTED, by ilpj buhsenher, Curl and llinls Ey Maple, delivered at Ins shop in Cliurch slrei I. opposii MOFFAT'S VEOLTAIILE LIFE .MLDK.'LNLS. 'l'he-ii medieme are inde-' letl for their name to their nianife-t and le action in purifying the priiiaaiid ehanncN of life, and enduing them with renewel lone and vigor. In many h-iudrel certified ca-e-whuli have leeu made iml lie, uml in ulinot every specie i fdi-ea-oto vt hub the liiiman frame i le, the happy o'evl ol'.Morr.vT's Liru PlI-i. ami Piukvix HlTTi-.n- have I ecu 'reaifullyand nullulv aeailtiwlcdge 1 1 y ','no pcr-on I end'u'ti'd, and vt hii vveie prevp..ii.iy iin.icii'i.uutisl Willi the beautiliilly pin lOvopliiea! pritu-ip'e upun villi hlbey nrueompoiiud ed, and upon whn-h theveoii-eii 'fully ai-l. Iho LII-L .MI.DH.I.M-.'s leconmicnd tbeiinelve in ,lie.i-e of every form an 1 de-criptiou. Tlieir lir-t nperatioii is to 'o.i-cn from the coats ol the stomach an 1 I owets, uie vru is itup-irinei an.i cru uiie e-on--laully seilling aro, mil them; ami to remove the bar dene 1 f.uo, li it'll collect in the eonvolntiun of the siu.ille-t inU'-iiue.. O.her me-lieines only parli.illy eleaii-eihe-p, and leave u h eelle'clt-l ma-e. I clnnil n in prisliue bal'ilual i-o-iiveness, wuh nil its tram of evil, or Mid leu ill. urine i, with us iimmnent ilagir Th i fact is well known to all regular aniitomi-is, tt'iioexaniiiiellie ii-unan !ovvciaiteriica!ii t uni iieitt-e the iireiiidicuoftbos-j well inforiiiesl men asaui lii'ia.'i iiiehciue or mebeincs prepared and lierih'e.l io ihep'il liel v' igut laul person-, 'Ihe sevcuul e'le.-i r.l iho Life .Mu hemes i o clean e iliu kuliiev'- nnd ihe blad 'er, and by tin tiie.ui, llie liver mid Iliu liuiis, the lie.ittiit-ilaciioii ol wiiieiie'iilireiyitepcn.i-upon tlie re gularity of the urinary organ-. The blond, whiel lake i s re I color from llie naeirv ol the liver and tin lungs Is'btie it pa e. into llie heart, I eing Ih i purified tiy mem, an I uoiiri-neel l y luou coining irom a clean -luiiiaeh, eour-e lreelv lltro-igtt Iliu vein-, renews every part of ihe sv'-teni, an I triiunjilianily inr.unts the banner ol beabn in the blooming t heek. Mo hit's V eget.'il lo Life Medicines havn I een llirr oughly le-tesl, nnd pronouiieisl u sovereign remedy for ny.pep'ia. I latiileney, I'.tlpiutiono t ie Heart. Ui ol Appetite, lle-art-burii and Ilea l-ai-he, Ite.e.sneF, iii-icmjier, ,-vnxieiy, languor am .tiei.inriioiv, i n-livcnc.-, Diarrbie.i, Cbolcra, Fevers of all' ,ir,l. Itlieuuiui-m, (top, Dropsies ol all kind. Gravel! Worm., Asthma ninl Coiwimptinu, Seurvy' I'U-er' inveterate ores. -x-orluille l.ruptioii ant Had Com plexion, Eruptive eomplaiiit, sallow, Cloudy, am !..! l. .1 I . . I 1 t! . 1.1,1 I'. . ii.i,,skii uui,,-.M,,u-, ,-au i,iu- nn, i.ry iiiiion Cold ami Iutliii-iiza, and varum in C. L luiosito i;bo.N NEW AlilUVAI.. Tusl Kerch fil in PECK and SPEAR'S, Apclb I eear.e-, v anelian's lto-c Ointment fir rcn oving Freckles, Hing Worms, Piinjiles on the Faev, nnd other eruptie'iis Atkinson's Depilaiory, fur removing superfluous Hair on llie face, ele. l-'ri'iuh Corn Plaster, which gives immediate relief, ami reniiiresoiu icw applications to crauicntu tncin uiirgetner. A supply of Halm of Columbia, Ihe most eelclrn' toil article Icr Pnndrtiil' and re'sloration of the Hair. Srpt. IB, 1811. o'iie',-it..i2re' torn picMon-, can line mi, i.ry-ns e,.i, ( oiiinion ( old ami Intlni-iiza, and varum other ('Oinplaiui vtiiieli nllliel tlielrimau Irume. In KLtnn and Acer., parlieularly, iho Life Medicines have U-eu niot ciniiicntiy snece nil ; so iniieii so that in the Fever and A gnedislncts, Physicians almost universally All that Mr. Mo I'at remnresr.f his patients is in 1 parli"ii!ar in ta'.ing the Life Melieme. strictly accor eling to llie ilireetion. Ill not a nevvspauer noliee, or liv anything Ihel bobiniselfinaysav inlheir fator tlut'be hopes to gain ercJit. I lis alone by the results of i fair ir'til. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL-, deigned na ilonte.iii' g'liileioheal li. I hisnti.' pauiph'et, ed'li by W.ll, .Mobil, 273 Uroadway, -ew York, has leen pulli-belfurlho p-irposo oletnlaining iimre-filly Mr. Mo bit's theory of dise.t-es, aiul will Ir loiuid highly intcre'-ling lopcrsous seeking health. It ireats upon prevalent ili-e-Tes, an I llie. eausr thrre-of, Price', 2j e'ciu utr -aie i y.ur inee vattaiie Jioucines aie lor sale ly llol erl Moody Dr i-'gi-i, if. General agent, (lo whoni all ap. pli-.ttions for ngeiii'iesshoiild I eaddrestctl, post paid) ii ir.tugton, 1 1, jau. -i, ion 11 A Ii S A M vm-erve wiienyiu iu,y mat vo-i get llie genuine, prepansl nt il7.i Hnvvery', New York. See that 37. i Howi rvNew Vorl; on' ihe wrapper of each ll.itile'. All other are Fraud- and -old only by speculator-, without leg.ii'dm justice, to the, puli'iic,or tl.eproprie lor of llie genuine article. 1011 Cnns'imption, and Liver ccmplamt, Dyspep sia, dizziness of the held, Ios of appetite, fly-en-tarv' anil general icgulaterol the whole v!eni. ' None genuine I ut that prepared ul 375 llovvvry, New York, vthere the arli'-lu wn lir.l nude, iliechar ae'er cl'the inotbcine forme I nnd established by the pre-enl sole propr.e'tor-, and whonro lite only prrntn knowing ihe eompnmon oflhe geiintne. It has I c, n u-ed suce e f illy for emhi year- in llie cure of lliese disea-e. IC-'licnieinl cr'the original nud Geuui ic i made only at No. 375 Uowcry, New York. All others are eo unci felt. Consumption anil Liver Complaint ! Aa ceneral leuusly for the-e d seasc-, 1 am filly nli-livd, from lung experienee, tin re is no tiiL'tlicine iqunl to Dr. Taylor' llal-uni of Liverwort, lleing p-iiey vegetable, it can bou-od with the iilino.t safely l.y all ic.ou in every eon hliou. It eleau-es ihe 1'ing iy e.peetor.ini n, rebeve ihiriculi breathing, and -eeui to heal ihcclie-t. There can be uoquc-lioii but Ihi medieine I a ccriain eure fur e hronie eough antl e'ttbl. I have ued il lour vear in my practke, and a!way.wiihui'.e. A.'F. ItOGEItS, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor' Hi'. am if Liverwort to be aiortaiu remcdy'lor ihi complaint, ns I have n-ed it my. I'll ami luuiiu us e-'eet- mi iiiiiueeliate. I was ni'iili tro'iLleil unlit I mailt' u-e ol lin li e heine. M. L. IHNMIAW.2II M.nisin sl. Ilo-ir.-cnesi Cujud Foriherurc of lioar.-cne: 1 an struni'lered'limmtli-l Dr. Taylor s Hal-am uf Liv rwor'. I hate nnl onlv It untl I enelit lily-ell. 'tl many (! my ci-n-ieg.ite u I y nil' re.'coniineiid.i lion have u -iev' gn .11 I enelii liniii i's irti e'. It i a l li c mild , edicaci j i.- and h.irni'e . ItCV. 7 LEWIS. Severe ''o'lgh anl Col I- I have had u most ,e vcre cold and coii.'h, for a long liu-.o whu-li I could not u,-t Al er tl-lng lllllliv u.oU'.s. lium- 1 ll-l laavloi llalsam of Liverwon. aicl It cure-t itn: In a lew tl.iy. JAS. H. IvEIIKINOCIv. R ibiiig of I'lood At'O'il two wteL ago I had fall, w'neh e.iuse.1 ice lo .-nil biri:e uuiitnu' of blond whi, h noibing co.iltl cure until I Irnsl Dr. Taylor' H il-aui of Liverwort. Thi medicine gave me mime diate relief and m u very sliort time e iccted an uni;e ture. Let all pcr-on trv it. HI GH MO Cannon l Dr. Taylor'. Hal.-am of Lm-rwor' This stinrrior rcinely lnrtU'ea-e ol llie inng uu I liver ha oMnm Ma re uita i"n never leioieej'iaiie.i. llanarhabh Cure, of Consumption. . . waoneir her death with llii ih-ea-e. ihul my li-icn ta 'cut for a pr e-t loeoufe me ere 1 died. II in In-incr-y, told me not In give up unlit I trie I Dr. ravlor's Hal-am of Luerworl. 1 scut immediately for this ineshi'ine, and although ihe con'e-t for a few I. iv o'.wccn tins tiioiiieiuc. ami my ili-ease wa sc. vere , the me h"inccoum.eii' I, nnl in a tor: in: lit I wa teloredlolie.illh. I hadacough, raiing of mat ter, lo- ol my voice, pain, weakne-, Ac. I can ic ier lo Doctor wili n, in the I arllon Iloii'C, lor the truth of my statement. MAUY DILL, 111 h street cor. llewjre ot Ira ni.. olj t avenuo. Summer Complaint. The l'al-am ol Liverwort, in several im-cs of ihis Ji.ea-i', vthere all other rcineJu' upibed ly physi cian have proved lucllecltiai, lia pru.luet.vl a perlecl cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. I!. UUldin ol Delhi, N. V., of a iiatural'v con. sumplive con.tuulion, ln lecn savel fioni an un timely end I y ihe u-e of Dr. Tnylor' H of Liv erwort. A severe col II ro ight on an attack of Pie I- le y, an I Iliu i n. lei lu general ilebiluy and coniiiup lun. A ci.ntanl e'o igh, bene llu-h, re-l'e nights, ti'iic'.! iril-e. nn I cont.iiue 1 In i f dish, auecrctl a I.ccly eleaib ; but a soon a I eniiimenee.l the u-e of Ihi 1 ulsiim I grew le.ler, and is now fully restored to health. Shortness of hrcath. Fcr thi di'in-e, I have always tumid Dr. Taylor' Habani of l.ivcivvorl an i-xcelfcnl leiue ly. It i al once so safe and so e le 'live, that I always u-e it in my pint-tier, and rcceoniiiicnd il lo my friend-. I have u-etl II in some hundreds cf can's within Ihe pas fu ir years, and 1 have never had u fad. In many ca-cs of ii-thm.i, 1 fully lebrveitto have I ecu the means of saving pircieus live.. Lei all ue ii. GEOItGE ItALPII, M, D. None genuine but thai picparol al 375. ottery. New York as will le seen by the lal el and wrap pers of each bottle. He sine you look vt lien you i uy, Tbo gen line can always I e uhlnuieil oflhe old ngen'ts N. Lovely cc Co. in 1! irliuglon, also of Dr. Moody n nl Peek if-Spear, Druggists Samuel II. Ilarue-, Charlotte. Q I llllt..S. Pur.. 1.0J0 lb. Lard 10,000 lbs .i.l Hams, for sale by .i .'i.i.t e t.v1-.!- DA. HRAMAN, Ins this day recited a new assort of Hooks and Stationery, ciniiiiiisimr A,l,lrp.'s.- mid Messages, of the Presidents from Washington to Harrison. Valuable and approved works, in Tneolog ical and Miceellancous Litera'ure. Gc cral Hiogrnpby vnyajrci and travels. The latust editions of the must approved School Classrnl nnd Hooks. i lame supply of Paper, Ouills, Ulnnk Hooks, F.letn ntnry and other Snellars. Grammars nnd RmimtnluM HosIOll Acadcmv Glpa Hook nliil flibnn nnrl fiiinmln books caref.lly selecled.nll which ate offered at the lowest pnecs, at tlie lloole tsior.'. July 1 1311. (jSllSSEI 1,'S STOMACH IIITTEUS. may le u-el in Wineorw.iter. The-ecc'eLratetlbiiipr irecouipo-eil purely of veiie ables of ihp most iiino 'cut yet specihc virtue.. They are recommended nur. tie.ilurly fur resloring weak eonstitutions, cleansiiiE and slrengthening the stomach, and incicasunr lin nppclite al-ii a prevcntalive n-.'.iinl Ibeeholern nior bii, fuver and ague, removing nausea, vomilinr, bean Isirning, weakness in the l.reat, pain in the stomach and other symptoms til llalulenec uml indiges tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Price 25 cts. a Lux. ltL'ssr.LL's Itch Ointment. Thl choice nnd nfe ointment t sasl lo I e superior lo any now in ue, fur that iliasree.ible and loaihsoine ibsea-e', iho ITCH. I til uiiiiuieni I o e-e.inaiu in Us opcr.illun that no peron liniii le.i witn llie aimve ili-oruer ought lo I e without it. It is a lur e-itaneo'i eniiition. corbutlc atlect ion of the head, nrnrie oili..r l.r...l ,,. out which an-es from sharp h.uiiurs in Ihe blooef. rrice g. ei. a i ox. KL's-t i i.'s llti.tinus Pnt.s, or f.iinilv physic, tor general u-e, m ea-ei ol Jaundice, iiiorl.ii. -e'li-il ility of thu -tiuuach anil ovtel, lo-s ol aptelile, lit" lil I re'iih, eosiivene-., Pile., niul all tli-e.i-e aris ing from I iliary dcranaeirieiii, il-o fur correcting the nie i f Ihe blood, and r!e.iniug the v.teni ol fo il and yteid liumiur-. Tliee pills are a 'mild ea Ihariif, pioJ.'cmg neither piui nor griping, and an therefore a val.-alle and highly unproved meihciue. itnlnre pronounced nuch byilieiuo-t di.tingui-hcil ;ihy-iciau. Each lox e'Utitaiiiiiig 33 Pills. Pnte 374 el.-. a I ox Itus-ell's eelebrnted Salt Iliir.f.M Ointment. This until. e-nonably lite lct and -nl'e-i lemislf etertn o'lcnil lo tlie public for that ob-iinnie ihori!er SA 11 ItilKI'M. Wheie olhrr iiiciin bavelailetl, il h.issuc e ceded, nud lite fact that it has I een -x!euivcly used by eminent Practitioners speaks volumes in it praise'. It is e.i'iullv eiiicaious in uii eiiscave's nf the skin. ild head, ring worm-, and the most inveterate Itch. tVe. cVe'. Numerous icrtiiicale. might le obtained. I ut Ihe propritor choo-es that a fair trial should I eil-.e only evitleiue ofit iiporioruih'caey. PriieSOcentsa lox. I or sale hy l'tck i). rspenr uml KoUrt Moisly, ll-iilington: Dr. C. E. Miles, ami Hull fc Cook. Ilmei. burgh; S. II. liarnc-, Charlotte: L. Jane.-. Georgia: I.. Tyler, Ecx j Fuller & Huntington, Hiclimoiul Al-o, ly the druggists and niercbauts (,etie-rallv hro'ighout the slate. ti.flii". seamoat hotel, UUULl.NLITO.V rstit.r: vcrtMoxT. -1 ','1 i flrr. DY JONATHAN II ART. MK;H. respectfully nnnouncos to the citizons of Uurlinalon nnd vicinity, and Iho IrnvelliiiL' public gcnsrally, thatliu has purchrscd, thoroughly rtpaiied, painted, iittcd up, and furnnlud the above Hotel, situated on the corner of South and Water streets, oppo-ita the head ol the Steamboat Wharf in thevilhigeul llurbngton, (formerly ovvnesl and kept Uy Captain I. R. Harrington, of the Steamboat I'liaj nix,) in a style of conveiiKiieu and comfort r.ot sur passed by any other Hotel in the village. A spacious pylor, s.ttini; room, rending room, nnd dining room, all coiiiinunicatuwitlicaeliollier.aiid with the front piazza on the ground lluor. The Har room, barns, sheds and tarda aro arranged in llie best iiossiblp mmi. ncr to accomiiioJato the travelling and business pub VOL. XV....No. ao. WLNOOSKl SASH FACTORY. Fffl TS X in In convtant oncratlon. end prepaiej to cxecuui . It ,- WLNDOW-JASH of every decri nito, und in thu be t manner. Acon'lant st ppty kept mj ban 1 untl fir ae at ihu tcra ol'George Peterson, 111 IlJr- ltng n, at thu louuvvinj pi c r. s : 12 Light cascmeuls, 3 cents per dj. do. do. do. do. do. do. 3 ll 5 do June 18, do du o 1j u tlo SIDNLY Ligh. da do do do SMITH. h2 DOOT. MAltrs-HAUH An inn.., Catarrh mid Heatlaclie SNL r F, 'l hi Snu.. is s , ermr to any thing v-el htiown. lor letiint-ititr irimi .'i-.niu,' ,b. ea'C, IhuCaiurih, and nbo a cold m the Load, nud thu i . i,,.i... i , . . .'. . w tfstuiiuttui.illo llie iraVCI lltlg ailU UUSinCSS pUO- i "v " 't ""-'ta sun inures "itt tin iti ii iieuuu, be. An aero of ground, neatly on a level, adjoins this ' lengthens ihe g;.iuds,autl give a healthy action toll J Hotel, with convenient out-houses, spacious nnd airy walks, nnd gardens i aru all mviiiiig to travellers, business men, boarders and paiticsof pleasure. Mr. II. from long experience professes lo kuowliow tofurnisha ttoodTaMc and Har, and lo serve up the clioicist eatables and rarest delicacies that the market and season afford, in n nnnner to sun tho taste of the connoisseur', and lie confident y assures I119 patrons and guests that his utmost exorluiis will bo put In re quisition to serve them. Steamboat posseiigeis will bj waited on, to and from the lioats, and tlieir baggage tranp ittcd, and parts a leetetl. It is p rfeclTy lice from any thingdolo- terious in it composition has u IcHsant tlav ir, an J i'Sinimisjiateel.'ot.", nfjerl eing lued, Is algieeatlu. Price 31 cenlspirboltle'. Doei. Mar-hall's Ve.e'.ab'e tndiati Black PLASTK1!. This Plaster i uuiivalled for curing scrofiileus swel lings, S urvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Fresh Wounds pains in the sides, Hips aiul Liruis; aud st'lu uu fails t give lebef in loiul Itbe iii.ali.iiiv. If applied to tLw side,it '.till cure many of the common Liver toiiiplaiai and is eii al, if not nii.eriLr, to any tiling m use for corns cu thu feet: Ihevirli es of this Pialer have 1 etu taken enre of nt this Hotel, and save their Hack luo I vulnl"H'J,' ' l'ul'-u'"Is individuals m the Cniitsj to and from the Court house sejunre. State., vt ho have te-tod its eilit-Ki-y. Sold byihe pro- oi; g'-'pissengtrs call no lell a! and taken from this l, 1 ""'"i '"""""it m.,uuu itcsa Hntil without additiurial fare, and those lakni" Ihe Loats will be shown on bonrd and their barrage fte-e of expense, ami without incurring nny risk of being left, by thedniktiiss ur lateness of tho night, or any other cominsetncy incident to the precipitancy of steam power, or the fiucliialions of wind and weather. Horses and C'arr ages furnished ibose who viish lo transact business, or visit any part of tho village, on reasonable terms. . Smglenieals locents, and other charges in propor tion- 2111:0 Iluiliugtoii, May .0, 1911. IIDU'AKI) .I. PAY'S EOfT ck s:HOC:.STOol2. CtltrchSlriil. Hurllnvhm. WlII.ltL be Iras 011 band a atipeiior assortment of Ladies ami Gentlemen's P.OOIS AND SHOKS. of the following assortment : POUND. OR ma v be found in this vdlaee, directly opposite ihe Mt'thobst Chanel, nn OLD PAINT slini newly fitted up in good stvlc, where the undersigned wtllbe ghid lo wait on his old customers who "nay favor It iitt with their patronage. uiiHO It. u. Si'ACLDlNG. Darlington, Apul 23, 1311. .)i:iSK L KI'tliNTK It, Attorney at law, & Solicitor in Chancery. at ussr.x cn.NTiin, ciiiTTn.viit.v co., vt. Outer, near Harney's Hotel. Esu-.x, July 1, 1311. ' f 11S Dry Coo It very Cheap. Ql l'EElilOR black, blue I l.i-k, gro de -wi.-s Silk O do. du. I iilian Real do Honncl and Fli leu d.-, White and Hack Ciape Mm riimg Law us and Print superior Fieii'di 'oml ny-tiie, Hiiie. Fillet Yed-, l.aii'tlt'. Fillel niul l.'niipScnrl., Fnncy Il.llldt'crcha l", Victoria bk'irt, Pie NieGiote., e'e. ly II. M. GIDDINGS Co. July I, I!ll. nl Gent's fine ca i f -e ,t't I Hoot " " '" P'g'd do. " light " do. " Suuimer Giilcr, " " Pumps, " Calf " " " Shocsil Hrogain " Thick .'Ki Hools, " " " lirogans Hoys Shoes iS; Hri'gans, " Thick ,t Kip Hoots, Ylhs ' A. ' " et " Hromno. STrE. J. I. W'HlId invite his customers ind tbp nub. lie in general lo call and examine Ins arsorline'iu ol Hoots tp Suor.s which he can vvnrrnnt lo bu of i-nnd slock, llioroiit;h woikmanshiii ind litest styles. 1 . ., . ti .... t-...t. I 1, 1' . . ., "t-sji .'tis).!!- nuns aim ivepairwg uoue 31 111c horltst notice, asilsnnl. n51 Hurlmgttm, .May 'JS, I'll. HyjsCnlf Slices, Ladies Gaittr Hoots, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips & Ties, " Cutorod Slips, " Ilionzed " " Calf " Misc ."shoes if- Slips, Also, a large a sorinietit of Children and Infants Slioei. Si-EAit, Iliirlingioti, t. Jl HATCH would inform llm in V . habitants of Hut ingion and vi- c.nily, that he lias opened a shop 1:1 Chinch sireet, at tho sign of the Rsllu, where he intends to ratrj on the Gun smith HLS.ness, in ull its various branch es. Having been employed for the ln-st sit v cars in ihe shop f J. M. Castvtli, in Laiisingbiirth, (uudcubltdlv the best suup 111 me umicu oiatesj ne tests war riinU'd in ollirmg Ins work lo tho public. Hurh.11.jton, June 1.1S-11. CROCKEflY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. 1 A It It A IS & U AIT, Impotters and Wiolcs tie dealers in Cuviiry, Glass and Oiina Ware, and Mjnurachiras uf !lune llurr. 1 HO just uceivtd and now oocning X JJ naiiit ly "5 l'ackages Edrodand Common Ware, 25 do Illi.e Pi'mted du 10 do Royal Hoinbou Sprig do containing coinplelp I'uinor seivtces, Tea sets and Toilet Ware. 10 do French While Grnnite Ware, with com- plttescts throughout. 10 do Antuiiio Vase Opaque Piarl Ware, eon tuining pi rfi cl dinner els, entiitlv m v.-patterns and shape, a most bcaulif-l niticlc, v.iihTea and To.lst t are 10 uiaicit. CHINV WARE. 10 parkuges China Ware, containing Hcautiful v lute Tea Suls, Spng do do Gold band V spri.: do GUSS WARE. 10 pni-kagt-s tll-isi Ware'ig ti, S, and 11 flute Hiat y Cut Glnss, Tumblers, (!, 3, and Dilute " Pressnl do do 3 packrges line plr.m Tumblers, very ihcop, Cut Glass Lamp, Plmi do i'o, a variety, .Superb Cut G!.i, Hall Lamps, A-lral Limp), Girondales, Caudlcbras, Gold edge' ami line Tea Sits anil colli band Ciitua Nutso Lamps PIANOS. IN' order Inclose the e'ouccin of Hcrrick, Ch-isto-pher tV. Co., wo oiler Iho three reiiniuing Piano's al two hundred Dollars each, for Cah, ot nppioved nun"', in 1 i monius wiiii interest, lor inequality and durabihly of these instruments, icfercncc i-i made lo many of iho I titien. of this Village, who have had Pianu'-sof ihe above manufacture in use for vears. Reforcnco also In Proilessor Moll of tho Musical department of tho Fcmilc Seininnrv., 2d. J.dy, IH tl, LY.MAN'et COLE. sa iiii a i isc i Too LTiioo its. T A. IIRAMAN would solicit the attention of I J . siipermtcnihnls ol Sabhalh Schollj, and others, ft his a-soriuieiiiof Hooks suitable fur S. S, Libriu m's, which he oilers at a very large, d.sroimt from retail piicis. T1U Mass. Sahlnth School Society's ptibhcitiotis arc always on band, including ihe valu able an I increasingly 'popular scries of Iliblc Ques tions by Newconib. August "Oth. Cut Glass llottls. Pitchers, Decaiiicrs, Goblets, Wine and and : Lemonade Glasrrs. Splendi I Frpnrh Porco line Y.iscs, with (lower? i.i tits, M1!Ti:itIOi;s: A gentleman belenginsw oneof the most ancient and v.e-allhv of this city,who must be will known to nuiiierousfrieiids having since the year ISIS, up to recently, been bent neailj double, and lor scvetal yens conrinHl to his' bid, has been restored lo got d litallh lias regained his natural erect position and has qtntitd his car riage, and now walks with cael 1 We bcl.evethis is the ccn'Icman' own description as near tis possible, and iherein'.oe.'.igreratii-nin it. We will givemqui lers his addicsa, ind doubt not humane feikngs will exti se thelibirlyi that any one tfeu&Jf'ir, may .r.01.-these faclj.liounh be retiutsis Ins ntine may not in print. Among other instances, Mr. Jai. G. Reynolds, 1 11 Christx rlieet, has btsn restoted, and will give personal n-surances of ll.e facts of hia case, liuth were rbcuiii'itisiii, and contracted coide and sinews. Howlsas this 1 een done 1 Aiisiicr. I lu the Indian Yt tit table ElUer in ternally, and eiie' AVrTc and Hone Liniment ixternally. Jan. 10, 1SU. bold only by (SUMSTUCK if- CO., 71 Aaid- Lare, .Veu; lor.-. n9 PECK il .S'PEAR. Wholeaalo Amenta, n fow doors east of thu Post Ufiiep, liurlington, Vt. $330 r-L ' tsvA3iir. Q1 HO llKU'-VKD has been olicrtsl for months V-I VJVf to any one-who will tisu n bottle of Hay's Liniment for the I'iles, without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no nna instance has it faded of a cure. Proof overwhelming 10 bo had where tlisaold. It 13 also a certain euro la nerrly tnry tasc. (Evternallv,) in the following complaints. For the. Piies, fur all dropsy, lender feel, sure throat, by can cers or ulcers, ercup, whooping cough, senld head. Tightness of the chest, especially in children, foul ul cersof tho legs, or other fungus sores, botvetcr cbsis ualcor long stantling, fresh wounds, cliilblains.ete. LOOK OFT. Some si:indiers hare ronntirftittd thU article, and put it up vith rarioiitderieet. Do not be uniio.-ed upon. On.- thing only will protect you it is the inline of COMSTUCIC i). CU: that name must be always cn the I'nnn ir, or you 11 11 be cheat ed. Do nut turret it. Take th.' direction' with you and test by ilnt. or never buy it j for 11 is impossible for any other to be true or genuine. n9 Sold by COMSTOCH d- CO.. 71 Maiden Lane, New York. P E C IC c.. S P I. A R, Wholsale Agents, a lew doors cast cf the Post Olhcc, Ujrlins lon, I. M ("ATA It It II -HALL'S SNt'FF, 1 AH anti u.e v.irio 1 tiiseae ol ins ne-a l, aweiias SMUT. till eurinsthe C'B'srrh and a variety of other artii It - in the ir line, all of which are now oHL-rcd Wholesale and Retail at New Ycik prices. F. t- W. would inv.te tli attention ol Mer chants m the surrounding! vn lo their stock of ware, assuiing llicui that they will sill in package assorted to onler on as gootl terms as can be purchased in New Yor's Ho-ton or 'l'rot.nt their vvarelr.use corner 01 of Church and College Sis. Ilurlingion, J ne I. 1?I. A most excellent article for c tring old or young persons of l'ains and Rhcumallsni in the Imekur side, healing up sores, curing soro throats, swe-llings, etc., and for tho cure of the PILF.S. It has not ils equal, -tldorti or never failing to cure when applied co- pifiisiy, anitaccoriling in directions, sold at iho Yurie l"suie tloeu or suisio botilp. ly store, bj July 13, 1511. PANGHORN it HRINSMAID. no XAISW GOOJT5- BURNF.TT tV. SAWYEU, al Millon Falls, have just received their Spiing Stotlt of Goals, coin, prising a general assortment of DRY GOODS. DRY Gl'.Ofl III US, CIIOCKEUY AND GLASSWARE, HARDWARE, DHFGS AND MEDICINES, DYE STUFFS, PAINTS .IND OIL, GLASS, NAILS, CODFISH, MACKEREL, filMND. STONE". iI'C Ae. All of which, having been purchased al tho present very low prices, will be sold at niodcrato profits for Produce, and as cheap as the cheapest for Cash ; and as we have not time this morning to cnuntcrntearticles anil price f we would respectfully invite nur former pa trons and tho public generally to call, examine and judge for IlirinsciVPJ. 1 ;; ;hs 1. lsll. P. S, Mnrt'atisLifoMctlicine s, Newton's Tanacra, Hitchcock's NmnTnnit Vorni Ten, Cough Loengcs. and pnny other of the most ar-proved McUkincs, eninianuy on nanu LAW BLANKS Cl GOODRICH has constantly for sale by tho . Ream or Ouire. a oeuernl assortment nf Inn. 1.1 s 1 ' f " . .. " uitiiii.s, priiiie-u irum lurius irom tecvised statute's, consisting 01 Jiisiicc Writs and Executions, all kinds in use County Couit Writs and Executions, various kinds ttnrianiry. tiuit-ciatni, niul Mortgage Dtedd Chancer) Hills for furelosinj Morigajts Hlniks fer Di-posiiious Adiuimstralors Honds Leltcrs of Guardianship Officers Receipts Justice Appeals nianksfur Notes, Hay-Scales, Ac. Ac. August 20 h. fJ7 BROAD CLOTHS CHIIAP 1 Clir.Af ! CIIRAP ! 1 1I-T opened by E. M. WaioiiT it Co, a large I assnrlniculnf llroxd Cloihs. which aro olli red to nip puuuo ciicapcr innii ever, i". a. (.all and sec, September, !hh 13l, ItA7.()ltsnjIII,V Rlh. l F. havo tut received T a variety nf Hodgers ana taunt line RAZORS inucli liked by persons who f invc inrinselvrs. Pan&oobm A. HoiNrM.vto r.s-ysy.(Ygjg rj',rtisseH. Dr. Hull's Trus ej, consisting 01" men's piiiiu single, no, rauicHi lure, no. Hotilik'. ( lnl. ren' single, do ibln anil untbilieal, of every site re ceives! lur saie', a.iu win co accurately applied 1 If. MOOIIV June 21st, 1811. 3' a vi:ky ui i: F A It M F O It S A L F.. 'IHF. subsciiher being desirous to relue Inun nciivc - luisini is, now oilers to ills o'.e of us V A I! .'I . situitid ill (.'o ihi strr, one half mile v.r st of llie stage ins j, leading from Pii'lington to St, Albans, and only six mib'H from Hiirbnglon. Said Farm is situated, containing I () aeic- of as good land as can be found m ( hiliniilcn county, and under as high stain of cultivation, having been ntukr ih'i imprint.- inciil ot ,111 l.ngusii .tgricultur st me last twenty three years. There is on ihe I'aim a CJIIvciuent House, with a nnvcr failing well of pine water al llie door. A good Hani, with comcirent sheds attached toil, a vilusblo wood lot 1 f 1'each and Map'e, and a fine Orchard of choice Frinl. Any person wishing to pureln.e such 1 farm as above described, had better niaLo application soon to aimcs coii, t'cnri strecei, Ilurlingion, or llie siiosenotr nn t no rretnisi-s. WILLIAM SCOTT. Hiuhngton, July 6, 1311. TV N. H. Terms of piyi-.iont will be made very ca3y. no ' uTnF.SB U RG 1 1 ACAD vJY. '1MIE Trustees of Acadcmv arehnpny L to inform the public, that lliey Invo obtained llie srreeyes, In all part-cf the country ; and ulaining tLe rp ttaMim vt bit'b it M bing uic' gained, of ls-in s'tMiIutt'ly llie lest article of the kiad in the mir'si-:. Each I itttl- citnins thrcetirac th' ne"it"v of cn of ibtt.e vt-hien ate rfTercd at "OM.V 'IWEMTY FIVE (HINTS." An, I i iherefi re a much cheaper as well as letter article. For ss'e 1 y Pi OK A SPEAR nnl Dr.. 1:0111. MOOI V. H.r'.ngtc.n, Jan. 2J, Ictl. 1 .LIS TVlATITIUrS GRAND RI.STOItA'1 1VE. This it vn't-alle cge'al le rie'licni' staed. unrivalled for 'liefttilo'.t-inK isomptainl, vizi Dvsep-ia, cr Inih-gc-'io i,tli-e iftsl Liver, biliond.i r'eT., Dropsy, Asth ma, CVstivenC', Weirin and lo.- ol Ap eliie. and by i'rnn:ng the iiomaeh nnd bowelf, cure pain in the si.ip, stum i''h ami 1, cold r.tid cough of long 'sut'ny, He ir.eues, slier'nc' i'f Irm'h, Nervous ;i'.i u.,)!-., v u't-ii arefreqnetr'y Ihe e" ect t.f dta-en-t . Ft r Feveraii.t Ag e, it 1- a tin -1 va ua le pre ven ii iw a well a a s.ncrr igu It viriutx . ir:t. anything l.erett I re !-niwn I'rnioving St. V11 is' Pain" e, two 1 ottle- have I een known lo cure ll.i-...ll.eii.i; tlisi'.ie, af'cr having Inll'e! every excr lu n tt.rft'tir years. It ha a most powetful niflt-ence in re 1 -t '.'nig licrvotiseuuijila nls. 1 1 1. pleasant to lake a::1 1 e.i-y in 11 operant n, ihat 11 may I e administered to 'be ui fan t with safely. 'I he above Medicine is very li , 'i y iivominendisl 'by many scientific seutlnnen, an! a Urge ntiinl er rt lad.e-,' vt ho have proved the vir' c- oflhe Medicine I y peri nal t se.tnd I hit cf their famil'is. A bill oft 1 rlili't ates aix-oniiianirs-rach battle. Willi d.rc-Mon. It may Ic Had who'esale erre'atlot S. Hn nin, Harre, aud'J. C. Farnain, last Wilhair.a- town, v 1. sole propneit r. iTcpartsl from the crimin al recipe ; forsa'e ly K. II. Preuiis. Muntrelier, and Peck '1-SriAn, Huilingtrn, and in the principal towns in tl.e slate tail' directions signed 111 the hand vvntlnc of the proprietor Itr.v Pcola DcnuEt:. ns a permanent teacher. Mr. Duikco his been engaged, for many tests, in the business of instruction, and hss given, wherever he has been employed, ample snisfaciion. He has suc ceeded, cspciilly in concilhling iho confidenco and allcclions of his pupils, in awakening within lliein .1 thitst fur iiuprovoiiicnt, and in leiding them to lest thoroughly, llieir 0A11 potters. From his tried skill nnd expi'ricnee.high expectations are excited, nnd it is confidently believed that none will ba disappointed who may favor the Institution vviih their patronipcby placing their sons or their daughters under his tuition and care. While it is expected that proper moral and religious instruction will bepivrn, nnd a constant and pater nal ovirsiglit taken of ihedepoitmenl oflliPSllidenf, it is de-signed ihat the institution shall be kept from every thin .'of a sectarian character. Tho Academic year willba divided into IvvnTcrms, comprising two ipnrlcrs each of 11 weeks. Tho first Term will coniiuciie on Widnesdiy Iho 1st day nf September. Thcrn will be a vcniionof two weeks nt tho closeof the first Terni,and another of fix weeks it ihe end of the" Fernnd. Tuition for common branches will be prr nuir ter. Fot allotliprstiidiesit will be 1,50. No inciden tal charges will be midc Hoard will bo afforded in roprrtibtefuniltesfroni 1,25 toSI,ri0 per vverk. For boarding places, tefer tfncoimv be had to Jidediah Hnvnlon, O. S. Huyl. Valium Peck, Esq, OrloJ. Ilslduin, lUrmon Hur diit, A. S. Weller, Joel Turrill. Mrs. llenton, Dan'l 'This Listitutlnn is pleas-intlylocnlctl in a healthful, flourishing vill.ig". It has now been In operation , nn.1 ila pnnrsp hss open slrntlilv A V.-Jl'''fll',.l,ly "I 'lioieefaiiiily groceries such as Snvvarrl,' never surfctted wrh a Hood of scholars, f. U. 6. 1. II. O. I L and Imperial Teas. .,m.r fsmishing for want of support. . , neligiliiui ciiuunice nun ts undergoing thorough a neat and fashionable legan'co ftth convenience. V J I"? ,; . 1 """' .sttitiuiiiiu common Tho bm i ing, s;l inteu nna .oai ougjrs, . i riorico .-rriip Muyrna nnd Hox 'ovtv-looking Ihe whole villnge, Rasins, dass.i. Pepper .Tpiec, Ginger. Cloves. Nut. ,1 It will be finished in mogo, nice. Mileratits .fa ,r.e. juat roccivrd and for, st vie, so as to combiner s,.i.iivivs..,i,nl7, ,stulTi HiiicfliUTSli, II Aitfusi. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBIUCAU- JF S T reee vc', a supply ol Mar.' V celcl rated Tiuse, e 1" every drscriptirii, fi r s.i't I v Ihe dozen 1 r single, O '. 1. I'F CK .f- SPFAR. NF.W LINE OF STAGES Krom Ilurlingion via Jnlit'soii and Danville to tlie- White Mountains. THIS Line Irnvr-s I) irlinmon M,r.. 'ays, Wexlnes. days and F rs-lavs, a' 5 t lock, A. M. and arnvrs at nan'v'illt' a' ll P. M. sane t'av. Pcr-on ta-ing this rt ute can rcrrnm ftro Actrn oigcr nt Htirling'iMi, and arrive al I anv,.,e as onrly a I y any t-'her rou'e. Tin- hue in'cr eci ihe Sian-trntl I r.e at Johnrrn, ind reviles ll.e Line- at 9 the next im ruing. '1 hi ro no pa -t- ovcrgir.1 11 ad-, throigbapie rtirc)' e and plen-a't rcgiru if to mi j". and Ihoo who have irivelKl 11, e.(pre.-s Iheirunqiialitictlappro ' alit n of 11, ni2 PAl'KR HANGINGS. The Snh-rrlber has on hand and will often tV receiving P.ipcr Hanging, dr en from (lie man-u''c. Hirers, whe 1 vvil' lesold toinstchantsanrf rlealcrs'i city prices, ndJing freight. Any peison wiiVung p,t. ticular patterns can be supplied by.giviiyr a short no. tic? -' CpQDjtjr'ar July 1-11 .',5

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