Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 12, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 12, 1841 Page 1
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J hi TTV ii , JOJC TUB GLORY Of CSAH, PPT TUP W B l' T A 1Tb or R 0" STACY. LILY SYRUP. yli unpavralkd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Wood, Hooping Cough, eye. y. TO THE PUBLIC. In presenting to tin nublie a new rcinali for ili-c.i .esof the lungs, it may be proper to fay that, judging I irom mc uiauy i eriiui .ue- nun i cLuoniiinjiiuiiuoiis ui oilier specifics contained hi tho newspapers of the day no new remedy was called for or required, lint if I lie popular remedies had materially lessened the lulli of mortality, or any one of the many preparation' pro fessed those virtue recommended, oiliat after a fair trial, the patient could depend upon its healing power-, rind rationally hope for n apeely recovery ol health, this humble, attempt to nrret the progress of Pulmo nary Consumption would not have appeared. Hut that the victims of this destroyer are daily, in creasing, need no proof and the large scale of the Dru jib I Ms. show that the remedies M l'11-' lay nave been fairly trio.1, and faileil in llioirnb.ect, il that ob ject was the restoration to heihh of persons sit It-ring from diseases of the Inn;'. While one remedy dries Up a conch that should bo properly nideJ to throw o I the viscid phlegm collected upon the lungs nmtlhroat the harbinger ofdiscase, another, hy a bad .selection ol an expeciorant, is indccJ enabled' to dispossess the present tenant, but leaves a wor-conolo occupy the haltered preini-o ; mid by il,thu worli of death is the sooner aceninplihi 1. The LILY SVHt. P is now IcIicveJto he the let remedy for lung complaint", that has ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Consumption nfter the disease lias done its last work, orbeconie seated upon the vi tal f.mctions, and tubercles are formed and, and atmospheric air is inhale I Inlo the part-, is not among the pre'eusion of the thousand and one popu'ar nostrums to Ihe contrary, notwithstanding). Tint niedicmeihas restored many who were sup. .posed tobe beyond cure, by men standing high inthe medical profession ; hut their rc-tornlion to health on ly proved thai greal and good men may I e, in the .stage or progress of the d'-ou-e". Hence, let no person de-pair of relief, until he has made a lair I rial of the Lily Syrup. This medicine operates by promoting a ficc and easy expectoration, thereby freeing the lung and throat from viscid phlegm, mid strengthening the parts nuil freeing them from inllamatory action which constiiute Ihe disease of Pulmonary Con-uniption. The Syrup l entirely free from auv mineral substanie, and purely vegetable and may be lal.en with per fect safety by ihe hum delicate' constitutions. It is highly recommended lo Ihn-o who have weal.' lung". Teachers 01 performers of vocal mu-ic will lind it of invaluable use lo Iheni, by its giving great .strength and sweeincs to the tonc'of mu-ic, and en. tthliug the person to perform with great case. Piillie speakers and del alers will find it of invalua! le ser vice to them. Tin medicine has lecn thoroughly and -uoccssfiilly teted bv able physicians, and by thi'ir a Ivice is now 'prepare I and o 'ored to the pul lie, to speak for itself i 01 inecau-eoi anuciei ii'inunuv. Ami may lie who JJ U It L I NGT 0 N, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1841. MOUIIL'S I'S-jUNCI. OK LII'K A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the uvans of saying thousands from an untimely grac. It has been sold and u.ed for Ihirly years, with great success, and found very cinoncious in Ihe following diseases, viz. Consumption, Whooping Coughs, eoin- mon Coughs, Co'd, ihiuVnll Iliealhmg, Inllueiiza, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spilling of Dlood, Flatu lency, Indige-tion, Lnosones of the Dowel, Pita of every kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dysen inrv.' Faintinir. Ilvnoehnndriac Alleclion. Headaches. Sickness al Stomach, -Measles, a preventive of Con tagious diseases, mint ami itiieumati-hi. iCT'IhenbovcMeJicincisprcparcd by Henry Sey mi)'ir,of Hndley, .Mn. from the Original Hecipc, hvl Ihe directum of said Moore, nnd sold by himnndlhc principal I'ruggi.tsin the L'nileilblalcs. auui v no c-u u a iu rem . iv I ci k oz. .-.near. Hirlingtnn, and by thcdcalcrs cenerallv through out the country MIM.IXAIIY A DltliSS MAKINC'. By Miss S. CRAY, TXrilOhas commenced v i WT M in tho new bnililim on the cast side or Church street, oppisiioll. 1 .aim's siorc,nnu a lew rous souiii of thotJhurch, whercovcry in no given to ir of IloNNr.Ts. Dunssi:--. in no cordanccwitli lliumoslnti- proved New Yolk style, winch Fashions are now just received for the tea- sou 3 is ml JL PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. I'li'HIS articleis too well known to need commends- datioll nnd the pvnerif nee of seven vrnrs has demonstrated to tho commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 0 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to GOOO lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to "00 lbs. Portable Counter do a ncwnrliclo - to wei"h from 1-2 oz. to JO lbs. J. & .1. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Hiulington, April 8 1S11. I'AINTlNC.. TIIIT sub-riler Icing thankfa! for past favors wo'dd respectfully solicit u continuance of the same an I remind hi. friends ami the public that he i prepared to accommodate iheni outhe shortest notice andino-tfavor.iblo terms m the various branches in llieaboveline. .Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, Pearl-stteet, IJnrlington, Yl. JAMKS SCOT I'. April l.NSIl. n 13: 1y HJESASiidiHB. CHRTAIN CURK FOR SICK HF.ADACHE, which has been used in families, every member of which has had sick headache from infancy, as a constitutional family complaint, and Ins cure'd clt'ec luillv in every instance-yet known, ninounliiii to ma ny hundred. It is not unpleasant to the taste, nnd bles-e.l the in-tr uncnia'itv of clay to open ilieeye of does nol prevent the daily avocations of'oneusing it the blind, make il a ' les.i'nitoih'eh.mian family, nnd ' it must be persevered in, and tho cure is gradual, but .iu itpimi o evi oi u:e prupneivr will tc atwin pitsni-i, .mi irisiicine -no 1 1 :v r ven a an t n; te e -.t;. a t ion of the patient ! and, ti i-nvii nl..-x, a siiul er innlily than where tl erf s ,0b. .V a :ii h. 'rhc directions on the I ottle may 1 e -Ave as x -r:r,:! r ile : bin if taken for n lone standim; v s! .; may Iv on tsnry lo lake n much mrper do e I.t s. ire one i r t vo days, and even oliciier until an etu.'toraiioii i produced that will 1 e frio and ei-y. Vben ih.-ii'is lunch lightlies ol ihe chest, it will -i.niciiinc- iuciea-e ihe cough for a day i r two ; in v hichca-e, the p.ilienl should take tho .iy'riii uioiefiecly, even until il should produce a liitht naliscu of llio MoinaHi lie in r I um fear any burro fiom su'-h cns itioii. I wotd I -ay in h!1 who" uurcha-c Ill's mcvliVum foru-i'. they can have but little hope ol Icing I enelilied I y ii, uules , too, Vt. is ia en steadily u hen it Is cominencnl with. Sonic hayctal en it ence a day, then twice, then not any for two or threeday. I ran not av that Mich wind I I e likely lo rc-ene in j h I encfit from it j but if regularly, n i rmmenily calculntisl lo uproot the di ear, and lo rcstcr1 lo sji-nd health. It i.ilictarm;-t 'V-ire of the proprie'r r to have every r no ihat n-- m leat oae I o'.llc f it tt-a according tr the d rec lions to commtmicate ihe result to the per-on ct v.'hoin he u.'ch'ansj the medicine. The prrpr c or is privilege I to refer to t! c fullov. ins per-ons n ho ha.e o il the Lily Syrup, anil ho will be happy lo give mf nnalfun 'of it .superior healing powers, to any wish nr'o know mirealoui it. Mr. C'nl'enden, one of tho firm of '. I'. Smith A. Co., wholc aleand retail merchant, Lxchangc-streei, !oehe.-!er, li r bleeding at the lam.. J!ev. K. Tucker, Pa -tor of second HapiM Church, Iloche-ter. Cantaiu C rrceman. for a bad conirh. .Mr. Stoddard, of tho lirm of Slanwood .V Co. 1 ook- H'iier, corner ol iHiiam ami Kale streets, Iforliestcr, Mr. J. M. French, Norlh-streo!, Hoche-tcr, lor the whooiuns-corch. Mr. Soiilhwor.h, Stone-Mrift, Ric1itcr, for 1 :ul couuh. Mr. Uol crl M'Kiblcn, Monrr e-lrccl, Itm-husfrr, in a cverealid alarming caeol I lie whooping-cougli II. Ilarnnrd, Iq-iire, ollito in courl-hou-c, in : eac of whooping-cough m his family. Caplain . I. Fish, fir a casuol Pliihi-ic in hii famdw Itcv. Mr. Clark, Pattor if the P..ipti-t Church, Lc Itov Uev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of ihe fir.-t Ilapli-t Church. liochc.-lcr. Captain A. I'ritton, for Haemorrhage of the lunirs. A. G. Smith, cashier of Mechanics and Fanners' nank, Koeiie-ier. L. W. Siblev, of the firm of Sil ley & Si-ramom, dry good merchant and auctioneers, 'llii.lalo-.strect Iloclies'cr. Ifcy. A. Kingslcy, Pastor of the ll.ipli-,1 Church at uaneiiestcr. Key. Jacob Ifnann. Fvansclist. Jlr. T. Ilunn, Carriisu Maker. St. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, n'lorncyat law. ltncho-icr. Mr. Thomas Ashman, paver, Roelie-ler, who ha rc'eivci asioniiing rwiei. i ieau inquiie oi in case. l!ev. Thomas Carlton, M. K. Ch. Rochester. A. Stcil, (bleeding al lungJ Lockporl. II. Miner, Wet Henrieiia", ilunroe Co. Profo-.-or Medium, JIauiilion Theol. Sem'y. Hcv. U vi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio, O. W. Cook, " " iCJ2 'Hie Proprietor has lecn oTercd c;rlilicate by many of the above gentlemen ; but he prefers Hint llio-e wishing information, would call on them per fonally. PECK & SPEAK, Agent fur tin eclion. CROCKERY, GLAST& CHINA WARL l'AKKAIt & WAIT, Importers and Wlwlesale dealers in Crncier'j, Glass and China Ware, and .Manufacturers of Stone llarc. "1 fin CRATF.S just received and now opening X JyJ namely 2. Packages Kdgcd nnd Common Ware, 25 do lilue Printed do 10 do Hoynl Ilourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea sets and Toilet Ware. 10 do French While Oranilo Ware, with com plete sets throughout. 10 do AntiouoYase Opaque Pearl Ware, con taining perfect dinner sets, entirely new patterns and fhnpr, a most beauliful article, vilh(Tca and Toilet Wore to match. CHINA WAItF.. 10 packuges China Ware, containing llcautiful certain and permanent. Instances are constantly r.iultiphingwherctlu dities?ing complaint is com pletely reh ved and cured, although of ears standing bv l!ii use of Or. Spolm's celebrated "remedy. One dec. .I.a preference is its pieasant.iess, having none of Ihe nauseatuir etteci of common drugs. Itis sj perfu'ctlysaiisfactory, that the proprietor has gnen directi ms tor his agents in refund the price to any one who is not iib ased with, nnd even cured by i. nc nopes also nine iui may secure ns great Den lils t.i the ditrrsc I snilerers who are laboriimundcr Headache. V.. SPOHN. M. D., inventor and Pro prietor. rsokt ny i;e.i.v ji Vv if. t;r;., 71 M.nilrn I.nnc. New York. P F. 0 K eV S P K A II, Wlm'rvile Agents, a few doois eakl of the PostOflice, lluilni; nO I'AI.I, (iOOUS AT N. LOVELY it CoV. TL'ST received, nnd now opening for sale, a full Assortment of Goods, adapicd to the season, such as : Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety AInackaF. nil kinds, nlain nndfieruiul Frtnch and I'mjlish Merinoes, fiLuiredand nlain Plain blk and fig'd mourning and half mourning Mo itaeline-dc-latno Phin, fancy and figure el ditto Plain vvhite'satim. striped chill n Plaid mousscline-de-laine, a new article Prints A choice selection of Furniture Prints September, 10, 1E11. Rurlington May 2G, 1BI1. n51 NOTICU. jCTMedicinu is I est known by the cures it nerforms. fll I. -Ncnvtou's Pauncea. or Purifier of the Dlood. The unparalleled and still iucreasinirieiiulaliou which this medicine hasncuair- ed throughout the New Jaiglnnd Stale-, and theliiany 'ures il has performed, and the great demand made for it by Ihe advice of physicians we'll acquainted with its preparation, ha indjecj the proprietor lo extend it circulation to almost every town in the eastern States and the principal towns in ihe United Slates. 1 his ranaceis warranted purely vegetal levuid is not uri)a-i"d Iv any oilier medicine ever ollered lo the ailliclel as its extensive sale and great popularity plainly Drove. It h.i within the lnt cizhtcrn mouths cured iis llieiiisnn Is ofthc hum ob-lmate di-ca-c, as an I e proved by cert lieales nnd i eminent and repc.tnblc physicians the lt-meiheui'e in use. I.' inl'ormalion may I e found iu circulars containing e'crtificates of cures and direclionsifbr ta king the medicine. I lie following appointed agent". liurlinston, I'F.ClCand SPKAIl. It. Mo(Nv St Allans, Ciirli an I Ilu-sel Milton, C. Drp.!;'e iiiuton ran-, nuriici and Mvvyer w atcrville, risk nnd Drown, lime-burgh, Hull aul Cool; Fairfax, Parker and Mat lioid Vergenne--, Adams and Murray Cambridge, M. Wire I'mVrhill, M. C. Uamcy .Norlh, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Dliss Williton, N. Cliilli'udcn lijchineiiid, Orecn efcllhodo John-oil, (!. L. Warner aud .0" Munition, F.than Sniiih Dakerslield, Ariniiigtoirand WoOvvarJ Fair- held, llirncl an.l larnswortli. eo, MAltSIIAI1!.' I'ontmues unrivalled a a strengthening PI.ASTKIt: Also, ferllheuma- lisin, Laineiie-s or puns in theidus, limbs or back: for scrofiilou swelling-, -e.irvy ore, Fresh wounds! and I ei r ei general eaunlyl lasterorsa ye. I' or Corn. moreover try it; pne'elo-e-, pcriven in iheii'eby inakinga new application occasionally, and m linn', yonrcorns will 1 o cured. Fur snb: by ' n.i'iv iv, ni-r..n, anl Dr.. ItODT. MOODY. Ilurlington, Jnn. 22, 1SI1. ly.f.lS "tTie"jo6kstoke OF tho Subscriber is just leplcni-hcd Willi a new audvaluable assortment of DOOKS, STATION- UlYAND UNOUAVINCS", anionir tho many in- (cresting woiks may he found llio following l.earn to wie, uy unnsiopncr sution, .Sutton on the Saciamcnts, The Young Man's Aid, by Rev. H. Winslow, Glimpses of the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's I lit rprcler, Flora's I.e.icon, .Summer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Sled, TheNestoriins.or the Lost Tribes, by Dr. Crrant A Week in Wall-Street D. A. HRAMAN. July -0, ,,o liLANK HOOKS. IjCiIkcis, uournuls & llccoril Hooks, T70R towns, county and probito reconls manufac tured from llio best linen vovo Demi nnd Medi um pnper.bouud in calf : Also, n variety of common Illank work jir saleclicip for ready pay at the sign of ine ivcii i.ciigcr, i.y funo 2', 1311. NOTICE. nnili: COPAirrM:USIIIP heretofore i-MMins 1 JL iw 1". .11. filDDIVr.S nnd DATs !Y- ().. under the firm of II. 31. (ilDDI.MiS s"c Co., ha ecu ell so.v e-ti 1 v ine ois't-.i' e 01 ji. .u eiiwi' The lurvivina parliicr lias oia ine oioer. 1 nevtmto SA.Ml'KL M. 1'01'F.. who i hereby ai: Ihorize'd 101 ollcct ai.d discharge ihe debts due the late firm ; anullioe 111 ici.ieu arc lequcsuai iu 1n.11 e- pay mint lolum. DAN LYON. Dirling'onO;t. 1. It 11. dAMlIEli S. I'llI'H haying purclia-eii tue H . i.L- nf Cioods of th" Firm e.f 11. M. OID- DINCSifc Co., hcrely gives noli-o that he has eom- -I l....; fil i'Iii! Slnml recently oceuoiel by aid firm, and invites his friends and the customers of ihe lale concern aud ihe Public generally to extend to him, al Ica-t, a spare ol their patronage. IbirJiiismn, ojt. 1. ibii. Heal Ustatc Ior Sale. iviceii acres of hnl. lvimr in Fndcrbill iboiningtbe farm of Ken! en Parker, vvitlia goml house and I am thereon, lemg the hou-c and land owned and posc-e'd I V Reuben lloinl, decea'cJ, al the lime of bis death, 1 now o eied for Mile. Ihe landi- of pool quality ami lie' upon ine 11111 roan leading from I'nderhill villaso lo Caml nJf-e. Person wishing to p ircha-c will plea-u make application to the mbscril cr. 7.11. A vv. i iii;kuii, auiii r tie bums non, of the e-tate ol Real en Doud. Underbill, Ansr. 11,1811. lllf a noin1 Xladj MOFFAT'S FULTAIILK LIF10 Mi:i)ILT.KS, These medicines are inde-bteil for I heir name to their manifest and sensible action iu purifying the spnngsnlid channel of life, and enduing Iheni wilh renewed lone mid vigor. In inany liundru I certified e:es which have been made nul li, and iu nlmo-l every species oftli-easelo vvhich Ihe hutiian frame 1 liable,the happv elect of Moffat's l.tri: Pili.s ANn PitiKNi.v IltTTr.ns have been greatfiillyand publicly acknowledged by the persons bcnefifted, and who were previously unacquainted with Ihe beautifully phi-lo-nphica! prmeip'es upon which they nrecompound- su, uii'i , 1 1 m .11 which 1 nc li 'ii-cqueuiiy act. Tho l.IFK MKDKTNLS recommend lhemclvein ilneM-e of every form and description. Their first ope'ration i lo 'oo-en from ihe .coats of the stomach and bowels, the various impurities itnd crudiiic con stantly setllmc aruuhd Ihcnilnitd loreniove Hm Iu.. dened furs which eolli'ct in the con obit ions of the Mnalle-t intestines. Other medicine only n.-ininll.. clcanselhese, anil leave such colle'cteil mas'-es I ehin'd as to produce habitual e'risiiveness, with all 11 tram of evils. nrMiddeuiliarrfiixa, Willi its imminent dnger.-.n This fact Is 'well known to all regular nnalomi.ty, whoexainiHClhchmpan bowel after death j nnd hence the" prejudice tifl hose, well uiformed men araint qunck medicine; or" medicines prepareil and herahlnl to thepublicby Yjneiranl per-oiis, The fecond ellect ol thSLifo MeJicmes is to cleaae the kidnov's and Ihe liljiddcr, nnd by tin means, iholiver nndlheliinr., the liealuifiiluclion ofnhiche.itirclyilenendsunon ihe r... gularity of the qriiiary organs. The blood, which takos'i s rcdcoldr from the areneyof the liverand the IfulgsMoroitpaycfslntotlie heart, 1 eingthus purified by tlioln, ajia'iiBitriie'J bv food coming from a clean stomach, Wmr.-es freely ihrough the veins, renews every'paft of ther system, and triumphantly mounls tlu banner. ollejiltli hi ihu blooming cherk. Mo'lat's Ygemblc Life Mc.lieine. have been thnr Mighty tesfiflin.nd pronounced a sovereign remedy for I)yepepjj) Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo ii .vppciuc, ni.'ari-onrn aim icau-acne, leesttessncs, Ill-teniocr. Airriety, Laiiirijor and Melancholy, Cos. tivcness, Dlarrliica, Cholerlt', Fevers of all kind-, lthonmalitm, Goui, Drop-ies ol all kind, 'Gravel, Worm.-, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic iituptiuits and llad Com plexion, Kriptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oilier disagreeable Complexion', Sail Rheum, Erysip elas. Common Colds nnd Inlluenza.and various other complaints which nfihot thchninan frame. Iu Fnvr.n nivl ACL'i:, parliculariy, llicl.ile .Muiliemes have been most eminently siicce'-fiil ; -n muedi so that in I lie Feverand Agncditricts, Phyicians almost universally pri'scril e them. All lint .Mr. .uo'.iat ri'quircsot iu patient i to le particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding lo the directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything llie-t he Inm-elfmaysay in their favor, that lie hopes lo gam credit. Itis'aloiiebyihe results ol a lair trial. MOFFAT'S MLD1CAL MANUAL; de-tuned a a domestic suidolo he'allh. Tluslinle tiamphlei, ed'tnl by W.I).,273 llroadvvay, New York, has lecn piillishedforlhe purpo-u ofexiilaining more' filly Mr. Mo lal's theory of die-a-cs, ami will le found highly intereliu!r lo person seekiuir lealth. It treat upfiii nrevalentdi-e'a-es. andihoe'iiuses thereof. Price. 2."i cent- for sale by Mr Moilat' Aienl generally. 1 hCjc Valuahie .Hellenic are tor sale hy Koleit Moody Drutrgist, if Ccnoral asciit, (to whom all an- plicalion for ageivie.ssho.ild I eaddre-sed, pot paid) liuninaton, v 1. Jan. 1, tan. VOL. XV.. ..No. 23. 'pHEsiibscridcrs having transferred their entire , s'0,Jt,f Drugs' Medicines loT. A. PF.CK & , , , - tiua uiciistuii iu Illuu ineir in;- know edgements lo their friends &tho Public fot their lilicral and long continue! patronage which has been extended to them as druggists! and at Ihe same time they I eg leave stroncly to rcccommcnd their successors-Messrs PF.CK & SPKAR as regularly bred Druggists and lhaton their fidelity andexperiencotho Public mny fully rely. .. J. & J. H. PECK &, Co. Hurhnglon Sept. 20 1311. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. One door castof .1. & J. H.PECKeVCo. r 'Ilhsubscriber. successors asDruggists to Messrs -; J.eV, J. II. PICCKitco. have formed a copartner ship under the firm of PF.CK if SPEAR, and have purchased of heir pro lecessors their cmirc stock of Drugs if-Medicines which, together with lale addi tions from ?,ew York if Iloslon renders their assort mcnt largo if complete enabling them to supply the trade on the most liberal nnd advantageous terms. broni thcirknowlcdgeof.lio business and the unre mitting and exclusive attention which they are deter mined lo bestow they hope to give satisfaction to the Ph,ic:. T. A. PECK, Hurhnglon, Sept. 20, 1811. A. C. SPEAR. NEW BOOKS. rnili: Poys'snnJ Girls' Own Hook of Fairy Tales, JL Comslock tho Whaleman, Juvenile Forget Me' Not, Fortune Tellers and Dream Rooks, and a great variety of children's Rooks, for Sale at October 1. S. HUNTINGTON'S. I JEW GOODS. PDOOI.1TTI.E hasjist received his Fall sup . ply of Goods, consisting of all tho Ynriety of Day Goods, Dht GnocEnus, &c., usually called for, whUh he will sell for the very lowest trices. Ilurlington, Sept. 30, 1811. 2,00 HUNTINGTON. u'3 N'EW GOODS. THF. stibscri! ers have jiist icceivevl from N, York u largo as-ortinent of ! A N UY GOODS. among which may 1 e f mnd Heavy 1 lack ami 1 Lie bine:.- l,i do Sen Silks, 'roe.'c3nis " Light colored l'e'.inMrincd GroiIe.Miique " do " Pekin .striped " " Plaid Poi o'eSoi, (a new nriieli) I'onnel silks, I onnet Lawns, blk Italian e'ravat plum andfie'd I'rcneh I'OluI illlle. Half niournin,-, plain if fij'el, all wool Mouslinc oei.ames, Chinee and SaiintripeJ Moisline iluLaines very IIIIC. l.iHC en-, Ulkue't 'haw nnd se-arf-, nett Mill and Glove', siuienor Kid do I oml azine nnd mini stock-, " .-aiiibrieit Mu-lm In-erting et illging. i nrcaii i.-emg,i,einui Sci-nu , ,,.. ,.,,. si,-l.s hvr Worsieil, , lain and ribl.M s.n. ii... ' v.orsteo vveiri.mir raiieii-nn i e anva-, en-. July S3, 1611. n7 E. M.WRIGHT et CO. ATATIJUH'S GRAND Rl.STORATIVK, jl i vah able Ncge'alle Medicine stands unrivalled lor Ihe following complaints, viz: Dv.pcnin. or liuh ton. disca-ed Liver, bi!ioudi-t,rJcr-, Dropsv. Asth ma, ostivcne'.-s, v urnis mm io-s oi Appetue. mm ny icansing ine siomacn ami i oweis, cure pain in me ide. stoinach and I rcasi. colds and coutrh ol lone taiidiui:, lloarsene-s. siiortne-s of hreath. Nervous coinplaiuts, etc., which nrefre'nent"ly the elect ofdis case. For Feverand Ague, it i a most valunt le pre ventative a well a a sovereign remedy, lis viriue- irpass any tiling lieretoiorr known in removing oi. iliis' Danee'. two 1 eittles have 1 ecu known to cure luialllielnigiliM-asc, niter Having milieu evciy rxer lion lor four years. It ha a tiovverful iutliience in renio viug nervous complaints. Ills ple'asanl Intake and -o easy iM , eipcralion.llial it may I eadininiftered lo tho infant with safety. The nbovo Medicine is very hiehly revommi tided by many seieutilic gentlemen. nnd a laree nuinl er of fadie-. who have proved Hie irtues of the Me-dieinc by persona use and that of their families. A I ill nfcerlificilc accompanies e'lich bottle-,1 Willi oireciions, n mav 1 1. nan wiioie-.-aie or re'iiiu oi. Ilritnin, Darn, ami J. C. hnruam, Last ilhams low n. l. sole pronricti r. Pretiared from the oricin ill recipe; fortale by L. II. Prenti, Jlontpelicr, and 1"CCK I SI'FAll, Ibirlinglon, and in the principal lown in Ihe stalepin lire-nons .signed in I lie li. ml writing ol tliepiopnelor 1 Nuiv Fall ( EM. WRIGHT & Co. have jn-t ruceived an a .trrtment of entire new patterns M. ele Lnine-s, Dark Fnsli-h print-, 1-1 Scotch liinihani-, t'niicn l.isle.Threail nnd Linen Lace-, Plaid Tlnleli-, Flan nels, (a new iirlicle feir lnldren' wear,) I Mai I Shawls, ele. wlucn are oi.crcu . very mw prices. ALSO, A neev nock of Farewi'll's Giiter Doots, Walking Shoe--, Spring liee-l nnd Fiench Kid Tin uud Slipper, Ladie-' halt'Gaitcr, (a new arliclc,) Mi-se e'o. all which will be told cheap as llieciicapi-l. Aug. 23. j Gold edge and lino Tea .Sets nnd gold band China Nurse Lamps. WhitcTca Sets, Mptig elo elo Golei band et sprig do 10 packages Glass Wnro containing fi, 6, and 0 flute Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, fi, B, nnd 'J lluto " Pressed do do W packages fine plain Tumblers, very cheap. Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety, Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Astral Lamps, Girondales, Candlebras, Cut Glass Bowls, Lemonade Glasses, Pitchers. Drennlf rq. 1 Knlpndid French PorCO Goblets, Wine and lino Vases, with flowers ana siiaucs, and a variety of other articles in their line, all of vvhich are nowofl'ered Wholesale nnd Retail at New York prices, v, & w. would invito the attention ol Mer chants in I ho surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuring them thnt ihov will sell in nncknrrn assorted to order on asgood terms as can bo purchased iu New 1 ork Boston or Troy, at their warehouse corner ot Ol enurcii and VvOiiego Mis. Burlington, June 1. 1841. PAPER HANGINGS NEW tupply, with borders, &c. just ree'd from theinanulaciurers. jiiiy xi. u. GUGDIUCH NEW SILK GOODS. P HELPS k KLMIIALL, 71 Slate Heet, llo-ton, have reeeived their Fall supply of Silk Goons, embracing a complete asortmeut of fahionnl.c and ele-irable articles in their line, lo whiedi ihey invile the atlention of purchaser., for Cah, or on shorl creLbl, to whom they will I e mid nt ihe lowest inar- ket price-, I tieir ussoruueni i-ousims in pari oi ine following article : lllk synshews and sarsiiefs, Merino and cloa'; flu'Ts lllk and blue-black gro' del Hook and Swi- muslins, Sw!s, Shawl of all kin., Plain and rich fig'd gro' del Fancy handkerchief and Nan'e--. scarf-, in great variety. Chine silks of all kinds, I Pocket ban Ikerchieft of Slrip&l and fig'd Rep. silks,. nil kind', llounet sill.s aiins, uiueu i-jnnni- aiwrani Florences, sere. crepe II- brie Inndk rchiefs, ' " ' ' l.n1:n.. f. L- 1. . kec, u, I I v in il irjiYuls, Plain and fig'd satin veM Jl. JO, js, iu inch, nigs. Ililovo-', men's, women's lllk, blue-black and col'd, & e ildrcn's silk, buck Loin inzine-s. ami wooien. lllk and blue-blk silk ve'l Ribbon-,eai, bonniM, I elt, vets. Plain and fig'd mousfeline ele lame, Lilicnne, irinlel Saxo-nie1.-, tafia niul satin. Galloons, French and En glish sIkk ribbons Sewing silk, twi-f, braids, corns, eve. ic. Do-lou, Scptenil er I, 1811. Cw. QTimOAD CLOTHS (jiiii.u! cnr.Ai! ciii:ai ! JUST opened by E. M. Wniau-r it Co, n Inrgo ussoruueni of Droad Cloths, which arc oflercd to llin public chenper ihau cvci. P.-S. Call and sec. Sepienibcr, Dili 1811. lSriNHO.Y SASII- T Just received !., 211 and 217 bv Ue'a-euicnl o sash, a lirst rale article at 3 and SI eenl per lirihl : nl all kind nndsize, fiiru tlieil to order. I icondcrogn black leaf, a lir-l rate nrtie-Ie, for Mile very low, together will a gre'at variety of oilier nrli elac cheap a? ean I e found al any other establish ment in the plan. Gno. Pr.Tr.nsos, W HATCH would inform tho in habitants of Burlington and u duty, thai lie lias opcucil n shop in Cliuicli street, at tho sign of the Rill wheie heinleiids to carry on llio Gun sinilh Business, in all ils various blanch es. Having been employed for the last six years in llio snop ot j. .vt. i. asvvcll. in I.iusingburgh, (undoubtedly the be shop in the United estates,) lie tee war rallied in oIK'ring his work to the public, iiuriingion, June i, mil "ATYSTIOHIOUS! A genlleinan belonuing to 1JL oneof llio most ancient and wealthy families of this cily.wlio must bo wi II known lo numerous friend hiving since llio year Iblf, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for several )ears confined to bis bed, has been restored to good lieilih has regained his natural erect position and has quitted his car mac, and now walks with ease!! He believe this thcgenileiuan's own dcsciiptiouas near ns possible-, iiuu .nul i" in in. , .iii:ti .11 Kill ill il. t v m in j;i v iiiou. rcrs lusacldte'ss, and doubt not liuiuauc Iccliugs w excuse tho liberty j to thnt any one doubting, may .noir uicse i.ici iiiougii lie rcqiicsiu ins name may not appear m punt. Among oilier insianccs, .nr. Jas. G. Reynolds, 111 Christie-street, has been restored. nnd will givo personal assurances of tho facts of In: case, lioin wcru rncuimiisni, anil conirncicit corn and sinews. 1 low has this I cen done Anttrer. Hy the Indian Vegetable Elixer t'ti tcrnallij, and llcwcs' Sene and Hone Liniment externally. Jan. UO, 1811. boiaonnj uy i iiuii i cry., 71 .Maulm fMre, iSetr tor;. n'J 1' UK et S 'l.AK. Who csalo Ancnts. a few doors east of the Post Office, Ilurlington, Yl. FOR SALE. rpIIAT large and commodious two slo. I. ry Uriel; Dvvclng House ..-Lit situated on tho west sido of College giocn ntlho head of Collcrro-strcel. in ibis vd. age. l lie iioisr. is Si by 4o, with a basement slory, with Kitchen an 1 Provision eclhrs, and n wingU' In Cj.cxn tiding north on Colle'goGreen.wiih woef and lore hou-e below, and chanilcr and lirpiii" room, iibove. A Inrgo and i'omnitnliO'i Ham, carriage hou.e ice houe, and oilier o4-hoiiiis, and a spacious yard west of lls'ilwillnighoii-i', and n good durable wc'l or vva'cr of the best nualiiy in the villain, nn In brick I'.-tern. One nnd a duarler acie-sol land, ofiho first n unlit, i a larjo garden andedioice frinl tree1 west of the hcu-o nnd vnril. I he ll iilding aii'cons!rue!ei in inoe'ern Mvle. ol the leu materials and workmanship, vverecrivtr.l I v tho siibrcrilcr for lu own u-i, and the location nf. oris n verv exteusivo and i k-a-anl propivt of the DDLS. Pork 1,0001b-. Laid 10,000 lbs Hauls, for sale I v " I.Y.MAN et COL1'.. This fa INGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, J I' S T rc e'ivesl. a snnnlv ol Mnr-b' eclelr.Tel Trus-e-, of every descriplicii, for -a'e I y Ihe dozen orsimrlc, Oct. 1. PIX'K T.f .SPKAIl. ("ATA 11 HII S.NUIT. pf AUSIIALl.'S SNUFF, is lilleurinslhc Cularrh 1TJI and I he various di-i'ascs of lbs head, a well a sore eye's, In all parts eif llio country; ami Misiaiuin the ti'putation which it has long iuce ciine-d, i lelllg nuseauiciy ine i.esi ariicic oi ine kiiki in uie market. I Inch bolllv conlnins ibrrctiincs the rpiantity of one of Iho-i which ore i deled al "O.M.Y I WI..M Y FIVII CK.NTS." And I therefore a lunch e hcaiu as well as l etter arlicle, For sale bv PI.t'K it SPF.AR nnd Dn. Klllll'. MOODY. Iliirlm-rton. .I,iu2i, 1811. J-V'!J8 C'l Df KF.WARD his hern olfcred for months J JyJ to any one who will usu a bolilcof lltu's Liniment for the J'ile, without being cured. Of thousands sold, in nn one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof ovcrw helming to be had where it is sold. It is also a certain cure in FOUND. fll may bo found in this village, directly opposite mo .ueiiioiusi iunpei, nil in. li ruivr snur nevvlv fitted lin in uood stvle. where tho will be tflart to wait on bis old customers wholnny IflVUl 11111 wild uili iaiiuii Jj:r, f-mlO K. O. SP.ULDIN. Ilutlinglnu, April 23, 1G11. (n.Mernnlly,) in the following complaints. For the Piles, lor all dropsy, lender leci, sore lliroat, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head Tiahtnessof tho chc.t, especially iu children, foul id cersof tho legs, or other fungus sores, however ebsti nateor loner standini, fresh wounds, ehilblains.etc. LOOK OUT. .Vunic sirindlers hare countcrftited this arlicle.and put if up Kith ranoustttrices. Da not be imposed upon. One thing only wiM protect you it is tho namo of COMS'J'OCK f CO: that name must be arav e the icrai rer. or vou may be cheat ed. Do not loract it. Take the direction wilh you and test by that, or never buy it for it is impossible loranv o ner in no irueor genuine. n;i Sold bv CO.VSTOCIx , CO.. 71 Maiden Lane, New York. P F. C 1C et S ! F. A R, Wholsnle Agents, a few doors east of tho Post OIlicc, liurling ton, VI. "pvOCT. MAIISII.VI.lS A roin itic, Catarrh nnd IJ lleiidaclio h.M If. 1 In Miull is superior to any thing yel known, lor removing mni trouoii-oiiie hi can. Ine Catarrh, and alo a cold in the 1 cad, and II hcadaihe. Il owns and niirue out all obsliueiioii sticiigliiiitheglaud,andi.ive.n healthy acli'ou tolhe part aileeied. Il is pi rli-elly Iree from any lliingdelc lerio is in its composition lia a i lea-ant flavor, and Us immeiliaieellcc', alien eiug nnn, is iiogreeabiev Price ill iints nerlKiuli. Dik'I. Marslmil's Veseiablelndian lllack Pl.ASTi.'l! Ibi. l'la.icr is unrivalled for curinir scrofnlous swed ling, Scurv y S(ri's, Inline Hack, and Freh Wound ; pains in Ihe side., I lip and Limbs; nnd seldom fad in give relief in local If applied lo the sieliyt will e'lirc many ofihcconimon Liver Conipl.iinls; and is I'qunl, if not superior, lo any thing in ue for corns on llieleci; Ihe vitlui's of IhisPla.ler have lien wilncsscilby thousund of individuals in the I'niieet Suites, who' have le.ste.1 ils I'llieacy. Sold bythe pro prietor! Chav. Dowcn, Middlebiirv, Vl., and iV Srrn, Ilurlington, V. ' je SAIJIJATll SCHOOL HOOKS. m rtuut. i . . ., .. . .... r w.g u.wi, aiu.uAVJii tu t if.KS. may j; i' u-eil fn Wineor water. Thesteelcbraledbillers are composeel purely of Veire'nbles of the tnot inno- eniyei specme virtue.. I hey nru recommended pur A VIJHY VAl.O'Alll.K F A It AI F O It SAT. V.. T'HII subsctiber being desirous lo retire Irom tictiro licularly for restoring weak constilutions, cleansing! business, now oilers lodisjiose of his l'ARM, and slrengihening the siomnch, nnd increasing" the 1 ""'''n in Colchester, one half mile west of tho stage appclito al-o n preventative ngainst the cholera nior-1 !):"'' leading from Ilurlington to St. Albans, and only iiii", lever nnd ague, removing nauea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness hi the brcat, pain in Ihu "J"'""" uiiier syiiiuuiii5 oi iiaimeiiec nnel indiges tion. One boxwill linciureonegallon. Prico2J'ct. a box. Russct-ii Itch Ointment. This choice nnd .-afi ointment is said to I e superior lo any now in ue, for lliatdi. agreeable and loathsome ihsoa-c, ihe l'lCll. This Ointment Is so cearlain in ils operalion tlnl no person doubled with the above disorder ought to I e without it. It is a remedy for ciilaneons enipion. scorbutic alfeclions ofllie head, orany oiherbn-akiior n5 six miles from ISurlintrton. SnlFnrm isbandsnmnlr situated, containing ISO icros of asgood land ai can bofound in Chittenden county, and under n high slate of cultivation, having been under the improve ment of an English Agriculturist tho last tweu'jr threo years. There is on tho Farm n convcrfKnT lloue, with a never failing well of pure water al the door. A good Ham, with convenient sheds attached toil, a valuable wood lot of Reach and Maple, and a fine Orchard of ehoice Fruit. Any person wishing to purchase such a farm as obovo described, had betlor mal C application fOOIl lo Jnilles Scoll. Pcnrl.sIrcr.Al out which ariei from sharp humors iu the blood. I Ilurlington, or the subscriber on the premises. Price 23 els. a box. WILLIAM SCOTT. Rus-F.l.t.'s Hm iocs Pui Ihirliturton. July fi. 1RII. physic, for general use, in ea-c of Jaundice, morbid ' N. H. Terms of payment will be made Tery -.--H-iimny oi uie siouiiicil II IK! OOWCIs, OsS Ol nppetllO, ll,! flrlid I rcnlh. cosl ii-nm.... .,,.1 .11 .11 .' ' I " ing from biliary ilerangeiiient, al.n fir e-orrirlinc Ihu flale of the llooel, and eleanving the sysieni ol foul nnd viscid Immtur... The... i.ills nr.. n m.t.l t hartic, producing neither pain nor griping, and are therefore a vajuablo and highly approved medicine', an 1 lire pronounced as such by Ihe nio-t distinguished physician. Fach box coulainuiir 33 fill.-. PnVc 37 J et-.a box Itis'cll's eelcl rated Salt Rnr.fMOiNTMr.NT. This is unn tCstiouaklv the I est nnd snfes! rfnif,l,. ... ... ,.i oHeri'd to the puliliu for that obstinate di-ordcr SAL'I itm.e .u. nere oilier means luive iailc.1, it h is.ue cceJed nnd Ihe fact that it has been sxlcnively u-ed by eminent Practitioners speaks volume in its prai-e. Itis equally edieacious in all of the skin, cam neau, ring worm,anu tne most inveternte lleh, S:c. eke. Numerous certificates might lo ohlnlncd, DR. TAYIOR'3 n a i. s a si o f i, i v i: n w out, Ob-erve when vcu bnv ibat von pel the fri-nnm.. prepared at 37.) llovvery, New York. See that 37j liowcry.New l one i on tne wrapper ol cacti ilottle. .ii. ..i.-. 1. i i ..t i . .v. ... nn o.iii is uis- l itmus mm oiu uiuv ov specuiaiors. ilhout reiard to justice, to the nublic. or tl.e nronrie- tor of tho gciiuiucartulc. OR Cons iniption, and Liver ccmplainls, Oyspep - -in, dizinessofthe head, loss of aimetite. ffv-en- tary, and general icgulaler of the whole system. i-oiiu Cii'iiuc i ui iiuu iirepareu at jo liowery, New York, where Ihe nrlicle was hrst made, theebnr- ac'erofthe inelicme formed and o-lal .1 isln-.l bv Ihe e'sent sole proprietor, and who a re the only rer?ons nnvving the eoniposition of the genuine. It has I ecu -ed Mie'e'Cssfully for eurht year in ihe cure of these disea-es. !t3"Hciiiind er ihe original anil made only at .No. 375 llovvery, New York. All other are eounteifeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! ,sa sre-ncra! rcmecly for the-e disease. I am fully alisfiud, from long experience, there i- no iiieibcine pnltoDr. laylur's lialsam ol l.ivcrworl. Deing line y vcueiablc, it ean boused Willi tue utmost safety iy all pc. -on in eviry condition. Il cleanse ihe limr I V 1'xne'cloralion, relieves difficult breathim;. andse'etiislo heal the chest. Therecan Icnonucstion but tin- inelicme I aeertaui e'Ure for chronic I'O'ish rndcilds. I have i sed'it fo ir years in my praclicc, mid always Willi sin e-es'. A. r. Itoiil.lts, M. 1). I tckling vt the J hroat. I know Dr. Taylor's lial-am of Liveiw.irt to be cerlain remedy for thicomplniiil, ns I have ucd it mv-cll ano louiui us'ct an imme-elinte. I wa m ich troubled until I made u-eofihi lue licine. Jl. 1.. HK.NSIIAW. 211 .Mangin st. Iloir.sene. Ciued For die cure of hoarseness 1 can stronglv roccommend Dr. Taylor's DaUam of Liv erwort. I liave not onlyli lind gieal I enclit my-elf. but many oi my eonsregatu n by my re commeiula tion have le'cic'veil great 1 enefil froni ils virue. It i: a I once mild , efficacious aud harinle. iti.v . i.i. ii. See e.eCouih and Cold I have had a most sc vere cold nnd couh, for a long tune which I eindii nil get ridof. Alter u-iug many u-ele-s things 1 in el laylors Hal-am ot l.ivcrworl, ami it rureil me in a few days. JAS. 11. KEKKINOCIv. Rai-imr e f Illoeiel About two wee'ks am) I had fall, vvhich caused me to spit larire qualities of blood which nothing eould cure until I mod Dr. Taylor's alsani of Liverwort. 1 Ins miMi'ino gave me inline late n lief and tu a very short tunc elected an enure euro. He. I ut the propritor choo.-es that a fair trial sho-Id I e tin' only evidrme ofits iiperior"licacy. Price jljeentsa box. For sale by Peck if .Spear 'and Uol url Moody, iiuiiuiiuii , i;r. ij. -lines, iiuu iiuiiu e-oo;., tunes. our; 1. Also, by ihu hru'ighout the Constantly on hand, a suodIv of warrnntod Lir Grcsse Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTFD, by the subscriber, Curl and Ilirds Eft Maple, delivered at UU shop in Church street, oppouni -. ij. i-i vn iiirghi S. II. Darnes, Charlotte; L, Jane, Georgia; Tyler, Fsex ; Fuller st Huntington, Richmond druggists and inerchauts gcneunlly -tale'. o2.!)ir". Lei all nersons try it, jiueiu .iivv ei.eie 1. 1 , s t e.aunoa si Dr. Taylor' llalsiim of l.ivcrworl Tin suncrior remedy turdi-cwc. ol Ihe lung und liver ha obtain I a repuia ion never iicioieepiaiied. Remarkable Curt of Consumption. . . wa o ne'.ir her eleath with tin disease, that my f' ls -cnl for a iir.e-st toeonfc nie en I I'ierl. lb' iu his nit r 'V, told me not to give up until 1 trn-d Dr I'ayloi' IJ.iImuii of Liverwort. 1 sent immediately for ihi inedii'ine, and ullhoiigh t tie e-onte-t lor a few ays belwccn tin mo heme, aud my diica-e w:i s yeie.the ineslieiiiecouqucreJ, and iu a forum-Mit I wa le-ioreltoh.'.ilib. I Ind coush, rai.ins of mat ter, lo-s ol my oiie. pain-, vvewkne-, kte. I can re- ler lo uocti r vv its, n ui the i nrllon Hou-e, lor Hie trmli ol'mv sia'eiue'iit, MARY DILL, 1C h treelcor. of Iraud.. u 3 nveiii c. Summer Complaint. The Kal-nm otLivcrworl, in seve-rnl of ihi- li-ca-e. w here all other reme lies aimlied Iv nhvsi- cians h ive provetl melfectual, ha proilineJ a perfect cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. U. Hl.iddui of Delhi, N. Y., of n naiuraby eon. suniplive e'oiislitutiou, ha lecn savel from nn nn. luue-Iy cn l I y the n-i ori'r. Inyloi' I! ilain of Liv erwort. A severe cold I ro ight'on an attack of Plcu- V, nudum, ended in general debility and eoniiinp- lion. A constant en-igli, hectic llu-li, rel'e. night, 1 uck p dec, and cont.nuesl lo- of ih-sh, nuircrcil 11 death ; but a soon a I comment iil the iifeof tin. 1 grew letter, and 1 now fully restored to health. Shortness of Jsrcath. For Ihi disease-, I have ahviiv found Dr. Taylor' lliilsiiui ol" Liverwort nn ixeelfcnt reme ly. It is jt once n. nfcnud o elective, that 1 nlway 110 it 111 my pinciici, and rtveoiniuenu 11 10 my Iriend-. I have mod it ill some hundreJ 1 f e'a-e vvilhiu ihe pa lour'. and 1 have never hnd 11 tin . In in.-inf 1 a-e. 01 tisiuuiii, 1 mny iciievenio nave 1 e'en ir.i means 01 raving prcciou live-. U't all ne it. liLOIIOi: RALPH, M. D. None genuine but that nrennruj at 37j. Jovverv New York a will lc seni bv Ihu lal el and wran per 01 eacu noun-, uc sure you 10111. w lieu you buy. I he gcii'iine can always I e obtumod of the old agent S". Lovely ii Co. 111 IJ irhugton, nlo of Dr. Moody and I'e!'; if Spear, Druijgists Sjmuel II. Dame.-, Charlotte. DISKASUS OF TUB I.tJ.Nt.S.--DrcidcdU Ihe innpl prinilar leincilv evei knuvvnin Anfiica I egttable l'ulmonaru Bultum is lin iiuhi 111I11 ible leiiiciL unn in use f.r cui'fihs.culibi, a.thn,a ur idulii.ic, coiMiunpllon. evlloripingronill and piilmonirv HfTrcliuu. of ever kind. Its sale is straddv incieaing. nnd the prnptietois hip Cfisi,iiilly .peeiv 111a (lie iiuhi (ivoislile arcoiiiu of ils effecl. The fdluwuig new certtliiMlei' ate oP'red fir pnbbc exainiiiatiiin. AN Ihtkukstino CSK lixiraci or.i lener frnin Mr IJ S CI11), Kni;.iiii, Ulsir Co., N. Y. to the proprietors. 1 nuts ol ihe Hill nisi, vva tbiH 1 fe d A lem uk.ibte cure w.i cITt'Cied b the Veginble I'ul. inun.iry D.itc.1111 in the uiuler tint) -in ins nn&33. The persuti, Mr. Moodi, had been siek a lung lime vvnh ihe ciinsiiiiipibiii. His hnd tiieen him up He was 1 cilurt il so low as 10 be unable In help hiiu-elr. end was mi ing a huge ipianlilv of bluoe! vvIipii he coiniiipiici'il Hip ll,, hIiii-Ii ha. pffpcied a cilinplele cm p, nnd he is mm ahi!pniid heailv s pvpr lip w a.. Mr. .Moodv has leinowd fiotu ihi. nm n, bill he h is premised nie te more detailed .ircoiuil of his esse, which I vvillfuiward vou. C, tj CLAY. kings'nn, ,. Y. June 25. 1838. Uxnaci of a letter finin Dr. J.troli Mver. The Vpgptable Piilinrinai v Itabiiin li is bepn soltl in this cutiillv for Iw'nvparf, and the uicdieiiie has aainpil an iincnmninii relptinli , lor it -caicelv in one in-iancp fiilpil ui Ii.iviiij; ihe draiieu pffecl. I um bv no lueaot 111 fivur of ihe inaiiv nnmi inns, mn.l nl w hii h are hit poitiliun. upon h credulous piililic, bill ihalvvliiili I knnvv by use lo be pffeciual, I csnuni helii bin uiw nn ai'liiob if ton lliereio. A cnuiilcrh' il pi Piai i 1011 lis. been oltered here by n Iravelhug Apiit, of IJnmsioi k N. Y. and there is anuiher ariicle vended here 1 i' Mrongly suspected lo bpiipuriiuis. Jaroii, M. I). Mifltington, Juniaia co Penii. Mnv 3, IS37 F10111 Dr. Samuel .Muri ell, In ihe Pmpi ipiois nf ilu- Vegp (able Piiliiiniiarv Uat.aiu. I nui saliiified dial (lie 'p. KPIable Piilinnna.rv Daliiin is 11 valuable iiipiIpcicp Ii has been used iu this place wilh riiinpleie siu're- iu an olHlinaie ciiinpuiiil nl Ihe Inn:., iillenupd Willi .1 .pvere ciiiiiIi, Ions uf voice, and llio nitons of mini blond, whirlihail prpviiiuslv led. led man sppruved piPscriplinn.. Alter iMIi'g lbs Dalsain one weik, Hip tiaiieni s vutre leuiiin d nnd hp wasable in pe ik mull lilv. Phis rase oeruried sump tiine sinee, md the mni is now pngagpil not only in active bin lalmi inn. biiionesi. Kesppcifullv, Sr. .. MoHiiri.i.. Il Is now liinrp ihau six pars sinre I was I ireiu III vprv low by nn nfTccliiui of the lung., and mv eiunplaoil was ueclai e.l In be inctii alei b a council ol Mil ce phi sicians. I was llipn re-luied 10 asgno I liPallb a. I hai j en;ocd for uiaii( vear., bv ii.iiiit die VpupuIiIp Put ' inonarv Dal.ain. ' Since mv recover I have iproin hipiiiIpiI 1 lie II.iIfiiiii 111 u gieal uianv of 'mi! ciiinplini', and bu fir us I can p.un. its 11. e hi. in variable been followed by much 1ipim-Iii, ami in ooiuv ,1 l.s cilVcieu cm ps w Ini It wpi p whouv iiiipx IipcipiI. riAMUKL Ertr.nTT., March 2, 1S37. For .ulp, vvhulp.alp unit mail, by PFCK SPF.R,ltiiriin8ii,n, Vl. TTI1 the stib-crilsTs, having I cen appointed I y tl.i iionorae-ieinc 1 roi.uie eimri lor ine 1 '11 r Llmtendeii eoniinis.ioncr-to receive, examine nn a lut the I'launs and demanJs of all person-, again, ihe e.-ia'.e of JAI!i:Z PFXMMAN. lale of Cob'hes'er, in nid Di-trict, ilece.i'tj, rcpn entisl insolvent, an il al-o a'l claim ami eleni.indscx In I ited in nl-ci ihereto ind six month fi 11111 ibudalc hereof, I emg allowel 1 y .u 1 l ourt, for p iipo-e we tlo hereby give notice, that we wil aiien.i 10 11 b'tsine-s 1 f our annointincnt. at ihe ilvvelling of Job Howard, in liuriing'on, 111 -aid ui-trici, en tn. seeoui aloiiday nl .1111111.0 y and April next, at IU o cine A. M. on each ol -a in days. Dated, this II h day t t'O -lol cr, A. D. 1S1I. I.OO.Mi:., j tom.ssioncrs i:i)lVAIM .T. FAY'S SOOT & SSXCniCTOHE Church -Street, llurtinslon. WHF.RH he has on hand a superior assortment of Ladies and (ientlcmen's HOOTS AND SHOES, 01 the lollowing assortment i Hoys Calf Shbesi, Ladies (Jailer Hoots, " Kid Slips, " New spiing nip & Tics, " Colored Slips, " Hronzcj " " Calf " Misses Shoes if Slips, Also, a large a-sortment of Children and .Infanta Shoes. leiil' line ealf-e.vd lb Kit. I " " peg'd do. light " ' do. Summer fiailorti, " Piiinps, Calf " Shoeie. Drognns Thick d Kin Douts, " " llrorrans lloys Shoes et Hrcgans, 1 llicii e. r.ip nones, ,i .1 lt o 1 11 x. it f. W 1.1 O-I.IOS. TrK. J. F. would invitohis customcrsand thoDuh.. lie tu general to call and nxainine his arsortuicni of Hoots S:ior.s wlntli lie can warrant to be ot good lock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also. Woik and Repairing done nt I ho shorten notice, nsuninl. Ii51 Hurhugtoii, .Hay 29, 1S41. I r c m 1 11 ni iiAssANi) nouuLi: nASs viols. An It AH AM PRES- N i: V E S T A B L I S 1 1 I E N T . MaiicilhoM S3 Baraios (SL'CCESsSOnS TO E. UHIGGS,) "Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, WCl'Ll) ri'spcetfu'lv inform the inhabitants of v liurliugtoii and Hie surrounding country, Hint (hey tarry on tho Confectionary Uusintts, on all its vano I 1 ranches, icierinined 10 ue ine very I est inaieriais 111 iiiuiiiii.iciuriug, nicy win ai nil tune, furnish Men haul and others dealing iu Confection aric. with the lest uualilv. and on the lowest no-si. blulerms. Shop on Church Strev!, two doors South i f S. F. Howard's Slore, newly and neatly lillei! up, w here. vc cordially invite all to call nnd eamineour article, I'on-isiingof nil kind of Stick Candv, Halls and ICisn-, Ill-art and Diamond-, Dr.lid-, fYpper minl, U-nioii Drops, Vnnilla Cream, Lozenges, Sugar Plumb., Canawavs, Comfit., l.'niu IluiU, liivk and Drown Candy, ugar Sand, Mottes-s and Secrets, Sugar Apple, Fotaloi,, nnd llaskei, with varii u other article too numerous 111 be mentioned, A general assortment of rich and fancy Cake 00 hand, and baked lo order, together Willi lee Creams lo tiiruih panic-, 0.0. cr. ALSO 1'ovmi Cas'dv, which we rcoinmciid for Cough', lYIds, IloarM iicss, i$;e. Wo do not prc'ciid In say with Mr. J. P ate eV Sm, that rur Candy will cure all village and lake 011 tho We-t and i not surpaMU.1 by , y. ,, HRAMAN would solicit the atlention of any other in Ibis part of the country. ' IJ. superinlendanls ol .Snbbath Scholls, and olheis, A'to for sale 11 lot containing unncre. fiflaml direct, in lii nssnrimeni of Honks suitable for S. S. I.ibrni- Iv nppo.iielho nbovelol vvilliu Mnallcoiivenienlvveod' ries, vvhich hooll'ors at n very largo discount from bo iirouipllv al dwelling house thereon. I retail prices. The Mass. Sabbath School Socieiy'n oil I eiard of M.i Piir-'linsersaie inviiesl 10 rail nnd exmiiie for lln-'in-! pnhHeulinns are always on hand, including tho valii- charge. Hi p.i fcivt nuns mane known by (he luiserilrr on the able nnd increasingly popular sen" o mine line! 1" n""",''' . . ,c .AMl'KL ItKICD. iin, by Newconib, H irliuglon June, If!, 8y. i Au"ut '.'Olli. EDnLirJQTON CHAIR FACTSSV 1.ATHF.RS, business of lnanufacturimr ("hairs ot the old s'.and, of tliefol lowing descriplinsi Curl Mnpla Ctriciaii, CnneSent, Common Cano nnd Fl.ig Seat, Large and Small Raised Scat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, evc. &. Alt of which are warranted n first rale article nnd will be sold at pricta to correspond wilh the times. AND FF..VTHER HKDS, READY .11.11)1. --35J'5 "4 COTT w ould re sJ?lrfW,spectfu:iyinrorro e3?3,'JSSSr all person, inler- estd in the Sci ence of Music, that be continues to tiumufactur a Concord, New Hampshire, H.VSS AND IjOUDLK RASS VIOLS, of a very superior quality, and having obtained tU first I'rcnuums inni uascver oecn nsmutu uicricnii inanutactiircr of such instrumcnn ai in "reat rain of ihe American Institute in Maw Tork City, at the great Fair of the Mechanic's Association in H.iston, and nt the Fair of the Mechanic'! Charita ble Association in Portbind, Maine bo now not only tenders his thanks to bis iricnds nnu paironsior pw favors, but pledges luniself to Religious Societies, Musical Assocntions and individuals wno may wi6n to purchase, that no reasonable cllbrts shall be want" ing 011 his pan, to enable him to meet their ordr in the most prompt and satisfactory manner, that ha may still retain iliciri oiifiilence, nnd merit a continu ance of the liberal palronage he has for many years enjoyed. tie a 10 r.ccps nil c.mcumm' a oi ion 01 w -ursn VI. IXSTRUMF.NTS. of the best tpiniily, which ho oll'crs for sale on th most reasonable tcrnt", among w men are MH.OD10NS AND SF.RAPIIINF.S, which aremiich ndimred for sweetness of ton, nail wi II adapted to parlor or church music. .Music Schools, Military Dinds, or individuals, can be supplied vvnh I'rass and oilier instruments or any description, as chnp or cheaper than they can pur chase in tne cny 01 liOSlOIl. , , Also, Violin, Dass nnd Double Rass 10I Slnngs, How, I'.ndgcs, Patent Heads, Tuning Forks ei Pipe, Instruction Hooks, Clarionctt Reeds and mouth Pie ces, 1'inbrellas, Parasol. Wnlkin: Canes, etc. Oiders will be gratefully received, and Instruments sent bv Stag' at the risk of the nnnufaclurcr, and if not satisfactory, i.iav be ccchangi.l. .Musical instruments nnd rmbrcllns.rcpaired as usu al. Please cill nt hi new Music Store, a few doors south uf the II igle Collie Houe. n31 Coneoril, New Ilaiiipslme. Matc'i 2, 1511. PANODORN .f DIUNS.MAID, Agents, Bur-iag-ton. Vt. 18-51. ."Vai't'icrsi 'i':jtsisi)ortalioii Line. STEAM-BOAT HOTEL, llUr.I.IMJTO.V 'mm fc.e..rn. At' rjlllls Line of Canal Ib.ats 011 Chatnplain Canal, an I Ve-tris an l S'cnm 011 La' e (- hamplain will ee I v J MI S II.IIOOIvl II, Troy, ami ISAAC V., Whitehall. The friend ol ilu Line, and thrpuHic, we I e-'ieve w ill I e :it.icl w I'll Oil- urrangemrni. The Bsunl colli !eiee and business is solicited. livery eertion v il' I e made to give niifai nun. dill Sept. 1811. I, r frcigh! ntv'i 10 POPL l" VI LIN, '( 31 nnd . . C D. JAM'-S I J!) Cocntics Slip, N. A . I....C1IL1T0N, ; .,. J.II.HOOKFR, i l5s.L.vcr-stTro. (i. II. DAIINKV, 7j Pier, All any. I. V. llKFl!,Whi'rhall. FOI.LI1T iV HRAIILFV, llurlinclon, V. -11 vj fur 1 leaks an I Dresses, several kinds entirely new and very neat stvlcs, ho t for tho, Philadelphia Mntket by mv Av'em! who had perception from the rclebrilv of lliis region, that they would also suit tho LvDir.s'of the fliecn Mountain Sia'e, they are with othei Fall (iooods cheaper llin" ever before seen. .llto, '2 Cases Sii.r.spiD New 11 ATM Cnrpet in'S, Paper-Hangings, Ntw Laces, Silks, Shawle Gloves, eVc. .Vc. all for sale Cnnv? "r CASH at HO IR1) S, Thursday Morning, 30ih Sept. do cue leading to Consumption, vie think that is tayiug loo miicli. CLOCKS. Wrhavra gooel asortmenl of llrass and Wooden Clocl.s, which we will sell very low for rash or ap proved rrcd.t. Pleiiie eall and examine tcfore pur chasing elsewhere. N, II. All orders Irom u distaue'e. nnst naiel. will iiui-iiutii 10, unu packiige. and ioxus mil .(ages or I oats, when rc,iuirtl. fisn parlieular nnd ad Ire all orders 10 MIT. CIII'Lli is: II,KM, Confectioners, there I ring tun firms (if ihe same name in ihe village, II ;r iiic'ion, Vl. Del. -Jl, 1311. 11Y JONATHAN HART. TR. II. respectfully announces to the citizen of 1.JL Ilurlington and vicinity, and the travelling public generally, thai he has purchrsed, thorrughly repaired, painted, filled up, and furnished the abovo Hotel, Miiialed 011 the corner of Suulh nnd Wnier streets, opjiosite iheheadof the Steamboat Wharf in llin ItnrblirTlon ffitrtttnrlv .it,-t,nl tind kpnt by Captain I. R. Ilarunglon, of the Steamboat Plito- i t OODS fioui Auction Cur..vr for Cash 1 Articles nix,j in a style ot convenience ami coiuiori not sur passed by any oilier I lull 1 in the village. A spacious parlor, titling room, reading room, and dining room, all communicate with each other, nnd wilh the front piazza on the ground lloor. Tho liar room, barns, sheds and yards are arranged iu the best possible man ner to accommodate tho travelling and business pub lie. An acre of ground, nearly oil a level, ndjoitis ibis Hotel, with convenient out-houses, spacious nnd airy walks, and gardens j ato nil inviting to travellers, business men, boarders and panics of pleasure. Mr. II. from long experience professes to know how tofutnisha goodTablo and liar, and 10 serve up the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies llial the market and season allord, in a manner to suit the taste of tho connoisseur , and he confidently assures his patrons and guests that his utmost cxerlioiiswiltbc putin re miis'uion lo serve litem. Steamboat passengers will be wailed on, to and from llio Hoats, and iheir baggage transported, and taken care of at Ibis Hotel, and save their Hack lure to nnd from tho Court house smiarc. Stngo passengers can bo left at and taken from this Hotel w ilhout additional fare, and ihosn taking Ihe Hoats will bo shown on board and their baggage free of expense, and without incurring "uy risk of bring lcfl,by thedarkucss or lalrucssof the night, or sm other contingency incident lothoprccipitancyof steam power, or the fluctuations of wind and weather. Horses and Cnrr ages furnished those vv ho wish to transact business, or visit any part of the v illage, on reasonable term. Singlemcnls 23 cents, and other charges in propor tion. 3m50 Ilurlington, Mny 10, 111. FARM FOR SALE. I7"OI! Sale a farm, consisting of nhout one hundred nnd fifteen acres ofland well situaled on the mam road from Hinesburgh to Ilurlington. On the pienuscs ihern nreeond hiiildinps nnd choice fruit. 1 he properly wilt be sold low. For further parlirulars rnmiiro n Sept. 17. I'. imii.i.'I, oiiciuurne, .1 Q4WW1 YDS. French Knglish and ftVJJ PnntsofKverv Stylo just rre'd by I'l l 7 , -M. WI American miihi v nnd Prtt n niUltlT A- Co, WILLIAM WRIGHT'S INDIAN I'UHCJATlVK PILLS, r.nlircl'j Vegetable. MA NT FA CI Flil-.D 1 nder the immediate suprrln lin 'ence of W amWright,ieo-preiVenl of the .Vorf.. .ImrnVon Collrce of Health, for the treatment and fun if di ta 1- in the fonn of Hdlions and fief vou Fever-, Mca-le-, Small Put, Pains in the slum irk, lack and ii'e, Consumption, Dropsy, Serof. nla, Cancer, Spilling cf Wood, s-'ick-Ilead-ache, lllii'uniati in, Diarrlui'i, Pyrnturv, Colics. I'yspep. sia, Palpila'icn of the lli-art, I'lerrs nnd rorrs of evtTy kind, . Ve Feir sale iy Pi:i'! eV Sl'lHH, llurlinstrn, W. II. IIOI.I.V. Willi.uin. W. J. I I OU..S, Hinesburgh. J. II. HAL11VRT, Wcsslforel. ;;o-t 18,1. i7oi.Tti:i vs xmv I'lcr.Ncii HicAnioT, CONTAINING Original and Selccteil Anccdoles, Hioi'mehicnl Skeichrs and I haractciistic Trsi s nf Persons bisiinauihed by their Ueiiins and iheir Miovv'.. Mteell ovvlcdgei Historical Fads, Inventions and olhrv soellanies, Vscful, lutcicstuifi and Varied. With Notes nnd an Append C. GOODRICH. Jnsl receilid I ltnrlinloS 11, 1. R. lSIf Teachers ate rcijucsleel to trml for copit foi e-animation. '(Will PS. House paper direct from the mjjiti- JJ J vr act TihCtt. clti e for sale rhrnp bv T.. M. WKIHIVT ef Cfl.

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