Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 12, 1841, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 12, 1841 Page 2
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XEGSLA-XtTKi: OF YISBMONT. SKN.iTK- Wednesday, Nov. 3, 1811. Tmyer by llic Chaplain. . ,, . Uill), Reported by .Mr Inton of W. to aboluh ca pital punishment, null substitute thcref r iiiiprison inent far life, twice rca land laid upon llio lablo pro viilin for v ecological curvcy of Una stall', calleel up by Mr Woo ter, nnJ upon hi.s motion recommitted to the coniiiiillco on Agriculture lor the purposo or a iiicndincnl, , , ... , , Hesolulion, iclirlnir to the in.htia, called up by Mr n . ..l.. , it,,, resolution, n a amended, oil motion of Jlr Diling-iain, pri-Miling for the exemption from I nctive mit'tary duty (thouah nut from enrolment) in time of pence, of oil under 21 and ovor'JJ years of aye, was ndoptcd. Hills, rolntins to high way?, called up by Mr. Hitch, debated by Jlessrs Match, daw-ford, Dana, Fi-h and Palmer, in favor, Mr Woostcr opposed, read a third time and passed i to incorporate the Rcadsbnro' nud Woodfoid Turnpike company, re turned from the House by tetUeol, and a motion of Mr Crawford in writing, to reconsider llio vole re fusing the lull a third rcidin;;, laid upon the -able. Hesolulion, fiom tho ho isc, providing lor joint as sembly on FritWy next, for election of S-dicnll nf Washington county, in the placo of Jehu Stark- .weather, I.9i, deceased. The senate lesetlvcd to concur. iilll, topiv llnfin Giuiib'll On sum mrntiincu, debated by .Missis Clark, Hilson, llartlclt and Dana, in favor, when .Mr Dil.inuhn.n moved tint the bill ho recommitted to thn eoniinillce with insr clions lo dj the interest 'o the prineipil if the aliened claim, and report the bill accordingly, lie ds-ired tuseann end 'o the claim. .Motion in iceoiiiunt ncjatived, ho 1 lank ll led with tho sum of one bundrel and II fly eix (I lars, mid tho bill ordeted to bo engros ed for a thiid reading;, vena lfi, nnjsO. JlcsoUttion, Hy Mr IVh, telnting to the l.ikiny of depositions to bo used hef re the semle in ea enf contested election-, icfcrred to the committee on the J die ary. Bill, providing for a sealo-rical survey, re,-ortod by Mr Oliipm in, with proposals of nmenduirMil, pro vi ling tint -S2 000 ho appropriated from the proceed .of the sales of tho public hud, afer he payment of the first instilment. Mr Hatch ntivSI to ainrnJ the amendment hv atldins thereto, a provision thnl Ihe net la'io tin effect mini 9130,010 of tho State debt be paid off. Mr H. in .-iipportnfhis motion, npp sed the project of a s .rvey, on account of the expense, and elemantlcl ilu vca-ani ins a- iiruuliiicnt . Mr li ttiKii lhtr.-p.lit the gentleman t mi- ahirme I about thecspen lie had done what linlj he could lo rene.ll I lis bountv on foe. The annually piid up in Iheir 'defenrcle.s held' would linn- than meet the Annual e..penr, or appn prialion for a penl-H'ieitl survev of the Hate. Tha stato il'dtl wa- a debt due fiom the state to itself, and.tho'Tren'urer, with proper legislative authoiity, eould conn I ilmt debt in five minutes, an I jenve a surplus m inn i iensiiiy. Sir Hatch b.-hoved thao.mrhsa of the cnnterntiUtci! survey, if propeily mi l ihoro iphly performed, would rnt at l:a t forty thousand are. Tii jpi ed afn nd'h;itt of Mr Hatch was further ,rppi. 1 1 y Messrs ISittum and Clark, mid irjVctcd -joi F, n.iys CO and tho bill, a amended in c m initio', was n'dcfc I lo be en -rossed and ica.l a ilurd time to-mmrow innrmnir. Hill, finm the hon-i. fivhiT the time when nub lioacts shall la'ie e".ct, ttti-eteaJ an I rcfeneJ to tho committee mi the j dietary. Senate adjourned. IIOUSE-V'idncslay, Nov. 3. -Piavcr bv Rev. Mr. ICcIIol'j. The bill bom the senile, relative to election of members of C'ongrcM, was icco nmittcJ to tho C!a ncral coinnmicc. Hesolnlions. Ily Mr lliylins, provid'ngfor the no minHion of sheriff of Wasliin.t m couuiy ; adopted Ily Mr rr-area-it, aiithorrin llio appointment of n comniitlo.', to lepott on the unbje t of cdiicilini J ado ft I. I!y Mr Cibb, (l.rtcim lb" commit ej on lnns to riquireiran v nuaMires aroneee-snry to com pel ilia bank of Hciiiiiiiton to pay its nihilities; a cloptid. I'ro n the ccirite, for n joint at embly 'o uieet cinpiaiu 01 siaio prison; aiupuu. I'lom 1110 ollt, appo nihil! John .. l'rail, Hhubul Wnrdnei and Stephen I'lenti-s, a cimmitte.- to examine and selt'e aeeounts of state pii on ; rrfrncd to commit teooa stato piismi. H v .Mr Hi'; r i.Hruenn! our d-'le'jati n to 50 for the repeal of the duty on -alt ; undo In 01 ilt r for to-motrow al'tereoon. 'b'tomtlie Senate, in f ivor of desiijuii 115 tho sinud ly thn iii;h o it thj U. . for il -i-ti in of l'n-ident and Vice I'le si 'cut, also ri'spjiidini to re-olmi ins f Maine and IS'ew II iinpslure an.l llio llouso shrilly munded tliu resolutions and concurred in iheii adoption um ninioujly : pubsqikiiily ihc litter resolntioim wore rceoaslderr'!, and hid o'i the taldo for aiueiidmcit. Ily Mr Vilas, llio following : v.-hiih were made the crderfor to. in irrow afternoon. Wherrcs nvo acts of incorpoialion. one ca'lul " the Kiteal Hank," and tl.o nlher "a I'hcal f!or poration," weio pass d bv both 1 loue of C'on"re. at the late i lra si&sio.i tiio.col, which fai'ed to I e come laws for want ol tho approval m.d signature of tho PHilent; and wlrrcas it U highly piopir for t'.ie people, t'lioujli iheir un iierllato repRa-untives. to express their ripminiii 011 n tubjeet oftucli Mtal i.u portance lo the American peo; 1 . 111 11s miieh no it is probable 'hit the amo matter will enga-io tin nttcn tionof (;ongic it their net s hoi,' therefire, IKsolccd, I'y the senate and Hiiu of Hejire;nta tives. tl.nt the conduct "f 1'icsi.lcnt Tjlrr, in with holding an I rlgnaturc to' the "rival liank" and (lie " P1sr.1l fli.rjioralio ," which were pissed hvbolh llnu cs of Con Tess at the late extra soion there sf, ineiits our approval, and entitles h'rn lolhe tlnnltsof llieficemon nf the United Statet-. Kttolrttl, That our -rnul' is in Coiigrcru be in structed, and our Iteprcsent Hives rcipi "te I, to u: their inlliirnce to prevent the , n?.ige of a I iw incor poration any such instim inn, whriher '-nihil 1 United Slates Hank," ''I'ls.-al Hank," "Fiscal Corporatijti," or hy any o hoi name whatever. iiurttttt. Tint the Governor he rcnui'ttfd lo for ward ropies of the forenoon; pre imhlo and resolutions to tho President, and each of our Scuatora and lie prcsent.itives in Congrefs. Bill introrlttretl. Ily Mr. Dewry, in amendnient of sec. 2 chap. -II II. S. ; r" 10 Julieiary com mittee. Ily Mr M irrill, in -leasing fees of grand and pitit j irors; referred to (lom-ral eo'ntntttee. Petition rrf.rrc l. Of Jon i. Smith an I others to general committee. Iltpnrts. Ily Mticral e.i'nniillee, against th.'bill r-Miiahng the b u'lty on silk, nn I after s 1111; diseiis- sion by .Messrs Hire ol'S. S ids an I Chandler o' V., it was dismissc.l, Ifil to 30 ; bill for distributee annually nn 1st Oct. tho iitcrest of the sell to1 fu in prop irtion to popu'ati in, and il was undo tlnor (lei f ir to-nioi row afie-in.ion, as vvas al.s tha bill n ib ihs'i the stale K"li'io' Inn'. Ilv s.'rc conunittee ill rein 1 r.g toshue t ".vn of l'.i-niiia:.'ton county ; hi. onthonlle. I'v c!ertcomuiiiiiv, iijaiiist lul inad fih.oii toelnp. 1U II. S. prnviding for cl c ion of'e vcral town olfi 'ers by one ball. it an 1 il wa-. dis lni-sed. I'.y cotnuiilii'o tovvlrim vva-i referie.l Ilia' part of he Governor'- mei ige re I iling lo proleeiio'i lbs following resolutions, unanimously 011111111' ing iheir adoptbn, ami Ihey were ad jited, ayes 1S1 oes 3 : Bached, Thatlihir, bit'i mental an 1 orpartal is no! wily the mosl honorable means, but the onlj true source, 01 wealth. B'soltctt, That it is ihe duty of our governmrn' at all Unit", to protect nud en-ii'irag; tho domesii' industty of our citi 'lis hy male ng and euforeiu such a tarifl'of dut es as vv 11 secure our homo mar iels fiom the do pcratc and eluaslrous fl jodings ; .foreign omj etition. ilicstlnd. Tint wo regaid the riulit to enjoy lb litinliicts of our sill and lihoras acrel and as v 1 luablo as ilu ni'ht to the sod itself, and 1I111 11 i equally llio il ily of our government lo repel invasion and encroachments upon the one as the other. Itcsultcd, That thu f irmer nnl manufacturer ar alike vitally interested in such protection, and thai t lie prosperity uf nil rl isses-ind oec ip iti lis, is main ly cVpe ndant on the .s iecu-s of our ngiicul'.urul an manufacturing inteiesls. Iltsoltcd, Thai iho tariff laws now rusting ar' tiighly defee ive and ins ill'ieient, and by ih ll part el the compromise act which is to lake elli-ci in Julj next, will be renJercd still uurc defeclivi',iusullieierii and unjii't. llnu'.ttd, That oir sniators in Coitiress bo in MruclPil, nd our reiri ves in C'iui.'reps re rpiested to use all honorable menu in their power, I' luenll honorable means in iheir power, to procure ill )ia-sngo of lives, vvlurli, while they shall guard a (lainst ho iiumeroiis frauds and cvas'ons now pra lis ;d upon us bv fureiirncrs and f 'riign aam s, am' wliU'lhfy shall raisj a revenue tu neienl onlv for the necessary expenses of covernmeiit, and shall hevo n due regard 10 llio particular interests ol every section of our countiy may give, hy protective dutiis, such a pieferelieo to dam sticuver foreign prodiiels in our nwn marl ets. and m-iv s. ilis rin,liisin l,ni,f.-, those ari'flea which wo can an I those which we eau not produce at home, cs to give a j ist, sure salutarj to tho industry of every Amciican citizen. Hesihtd. That his exrellencv the Rmrnnr Im r. quested to forward a ropy of these rt solutions to each 01 our senators ami tteprescnt ilives in t ongrcss. Iltports. Ily select committer, bill altering the cranil uirv term of vvui'Uir uounlv court : Mr. U-vvey m'.vcd to in lude llsse.x county, when the bill wai recommitted. Ilv eonrnillce 011 education that it is inexpedient 10 lako any itiea.siircs,olher linn loan iii-ii nireuoy nnopeo, in reiercneo 10 'i iiomp eon's Uazeincr. Ilyneleei couimiiiee nirnin-.t 1I10 se. veral netituius for a division of Windsor rnoiilyi and after discussion bv Messrs I'ullain. Cloiniller of W . Vilas and Robins, llio report wa, undo Ihe order for to-morrow afiero' on. The bill relating in shiro town of Henningtan eouity, was iimdu iho order for llio same li ne, on motion ni -or (.anllelil. Ilyruiimil leaon roans auo cainis, uui 111 aafnuoieut of net rt lalinr lo lii-jliwiys, ( onco rei;ureil l,y net of 1-110 iiiiiv no -dim"., oy miv prism in inn Hnti, i nlerol to boensros.ei! Ily Judiciary ron tire, muhia to be di-clnruod from reu in on on ll"timiii'nii mi,le Cianled, nnd tlia r 'hinon lef -rrnl to ro'innitii banks) ajiiiint bill in iridium to, ','5 R. S. (iho body of mi person lo tionnr.irtf 15 M fiaief ir ilt ht in artotlur fctair, ynie-is that plate nulliorles iho arritl of ino ttoily lor elout,) ami it was iJit-imsi, ,1 l I. .11 i w U, op ihif iil'K 1 ajxr! further U -i t, rnn o-i inltrcst on executions, and also 111 rcferciico tu vn )i runts 1 against bill 111 addition to tec. 11 chap. 13 R. ninlil wa3 laid on tho table. Ily select com mittee agahst biil in alteration of chap. 9 R. S. (an nexing sundry to .v us to Ornngo co.) laid 011 llio lal lo mid thcorder for tonioirovv afternoon. Ily Ju diciary committee', bill m amendment of sec. Oehap. 107 11. B. (iclatiii)' to fees of town clerks,) dismissed, alter rctnaiksby Messrs. I'ullam, linker, Nilcs and olheiu. Adj. SKNATH, 2nelock, 1'. 31. I hit fit bill, fixing Ihe time vvh:n public acts shall n ,,f,ri,.il In ihe committeo on tho Jueli- riaiv. with an iiniend ii"Ol. substituting fiist day of January for lirsl day of December next 1 amendment adopted, and ihe, 1 s am(.ndcd,rcada third lime, and I.i id upon tho table. The coniiuitlec on Ihll made report of llio several nets which b id parsed both Houses, and were pre sented to the Governor for his signature. Jlilla. in relation to llio militia, reported by the committee oa Military Affairs, in accordance vviih in-! ructions cf tho rc"oht'ion of esterdn, as ninciid- nl nn moiion nf.vir l)i 1112 ham I Jlr Ui avvior.i mov ed an nmenelinetil repealing certain sections of tho cxi-img miuiary law s, auti me utu, vvini iuu uuitim inent. was aid 1111011 tho tabic. Hcnilnlioiis, fuiui Ihc IIoje, on tho subjects of a'foH an I n l'runeiitt t urijt wire severally read ami lain epon 1110 tame. (.;. mm rnoiaiuiir 1 m itrac sooro ana vvoouioru turnpike company. Vote tifusmg a ihiid reading of thohill, after a Btatemeiit fiom MrSlicldun, and re- M It l!t..,l...ll h...ll'rni,..itit III. I I II. I I Ulll ..HPS,-, , ,1.11,1111, ......l-l... .11... V.. M, rero.isi 'cicd, an 1 lit c bill read a third time and pas sed. . .... Itrtntiitinn. nrnviilinir for llio c nsliviii2 ntui ar tanging llio revolutionary pay roi.s 111 inu ouice oi secn laivof tate, leportedby .Mr Kalon of b'r. in favor, anil Ihe resolution piijseu. Bills, in allcinliou ofchaiiter C3, of tl.o Revised Nl-itntcs. rr ami" to I no sea nrr ol ca uer. ici uiriu: ilii-. tinmr nt'tliM o.ninil'n'tiiri.r and weilll! of Iheleatll er, to bo inaikc'l thereon. Indefinitely postponeil. In n.litilimi It, I'liintiT 1st nf ll.o revised statutes I Mr Sovvlcs inoied lo erase the wnrels "one full year," and insest in hen tluicof, "s.x moiilhs," as the time of ri-siileneo 111 low ns nevl mecedui!' election to en till) a fri email lo vote, who may have removed out of ihe Kt.ita and returned. Amendment lost, when oil motion of Mr .Norton the bill was indefinitely .Mr l-nneii eaneii up ine resouiiious irom inr House rei ning to a Tariff of Piotcctivo llnliei, and the ."fcinti resolved 10 cone r, ayes 2(3, noes none. Illlh -lehl.nsr to the 'iispontiou ol 1I10 military hvvs, called up by Mr Crawford, and on motion of Mr liarth'tt, in .-finitely poslnoned i to repeal part of tho act thoiriu I, rclatmglo the militia, in definitely postponed. t-'enate adjourned. IIOU'E, 2 o'clock, P. M. Mr Nilcs of Thetford obtained leave of absence fot be leiuaindcr o! the session. Il.vohilimi, I'roiu llio m-iiate, for adjournment on Tuesday morning nou ; laid on the table. I! ;t.u(, l!y judiciary committee lull to amend 13th chap. It. S. aiidit w.i.s ordered to a mini leading) b.ll in ad htim to 11-U chap. R. .S.(fee for trials on forcible entry and de'ainer regulated) and it was ordered to a third reading. O.-.v.d list. The went into committee of the while on the biting I ill, Mr I'ullain in the chair, the pending nucMion ringon tin 111 Hum of Mr Cobb to Mnkcou Ihe tli .section, provi ling lor inenssi-siiicni 01 aeior neysp'iys.eiin.', meebanie.s and inanuhcturers ; the tnollon wr.s negalueil. A minion to add niciclnnls an! irader3 wis ujoete I, when Mr Ibaeh moved to stii emit tneehatuis an.lnnnufielurcrB, which was ncmivcJ. Mr Cobb u.oveil lo add brokers, money Ion lers, stock j biers, innkctpi-ts mid Fpe-ulatois, wiueh wis rej.-cleit. 111 the 0 srcttoti toi e.xcmpii'ins,i Mr I'i cinovi'lio add oni year's supply "I pi ovimuhp .Mr l'lerno.nt moved lo add all prual and p'ofi'S-ioaal libraries , agieed to. Mr I.euvird 111 )V ed to add In v nn l other produce sufficient lo winter o taf.nm i's sio,-k ;a lopted. Mr l'n rpoiat n.ovt-il to amend ihoTth si el on, assessing real estate, so as to dr luct fiom 1'ie amount of the arsessnicnt such sum a, m.iy hescaired 011 sne'i tt;ile bv tniittrage . opposed bv .Mrs is Adams cf-oulh Hern and Porter FMppor e'd b Mr Pi i point and tcjeeted, 77 to GO. ' Mr Jon' s o' I), in we I 1 1 1 1 1. tin 1 il s; ti in, de luct 1112 fio n ilia list ui p'rsjns doing unh ury dn y, and for minors iq I', the same sum to he deduc ted from list of nan nt 11 rr'nnhin. Mr Taylor move I to amend bv s'lhoituting .11 for M ; while llus qttesiion vv is pen.In', tho eooimittcc rose, reported pro ;re,s and h 1 I leave to sit tigiin. Messrs JShalter anil llir,eoni were apnointetl on the m'nniit e'eon ihe bill taxniL' Washington eo., in )i ace ol .vlesostJhaniiler ot v . an I v has vxcuscil. Tlie s..' came in, and sundry appointments of j istices ot Hie place vveie ninhe, vviitti Ihe Joiiu as sembly ndjnuiiud "o Piidnv nut.lip. m. Mr. lloug'iion oflteTlilioro'obfiined leave of ab sence for the rem imderof he scoiion. Adjiurned. Sn-VATIl-Tjl-BbDAV, .ov. -1. Piayci by the Chaplain. Iltsiv Cij. S-nntor. M'. I'i'.k, of iho e'om iiittje ot elections, mule n wriiteu n rmrl on the case ol the tJen il"r fio.n I'.ss. x flnuuty, and ihe iiiemoni.! uf Moody Rich and olheis, uni irom iiie ev lOtiiee n,inie ino coiuiiiiiic-, .ti.i'iu '.lieh, l"s . was du y eleete I Senator from lb co'iu tyof l"sst'x, and isenntjel to a sett, 1.1 the place ol the silling .Sen.iioi, .Mr. Uov.c. Th.' resolution re pined by lb) committee lo thisell'.et, and the ae eo.iip.iuying paper , on motion of Mr. .Siibin, were hid upon the table, and 111.1J0 the order of the day for 'o-iuorrov morning. Mr. Chipman had !;avc of absence from and after to inortovv mornin'-'. (!--'cs;irnl Harvey. The bill provi'Kng for th s object was reid a third time, and after lUb.ue by Me sis. Dana, Wooster, and ei'.ieldoa in fivir, jiacscd vea-,21, nay-3. Mr. Shel Ion Mi.! ho ill I not kiD.v'lhat his constituent! wen ill favor of Ihe I ill. lie that as it miilr. we oil 'hi even 10 o ahead of nil' he opinion, when convinced that a ineasuie 111 conteniplat'ou was of great public uiiiiiy. 1 ne interests to r.e proiuoieii ny a geological survey nf of the state were numerous and important, 'ritouir. of tcioiier. of 111 10 jfacturcs mid ot agriculture, 1110 me nuer 10 in trreii .uas-i ur ,1,0 .ut.i.. u eia Iv important. The iwpniso of a snr--ev. he ll, ved, would be nmie than 1 uveal, by the prtvenliun fill u.'e.essfnl oxa-n r.e it-, y inejuiie'eiit j.idgeE upon iiiiiieial'S. tint r.'".UL-necij ne tn-'isls Know wodld nal di fi.iy the exente of unii'ig. The para- .11 rail 11 jxt ol Iht lull was lo promote ihe interest.-1 if a'ri u lure, 111 deve! ipi'ig our le ourcis, asca 1,1111 11.' ihe 11 iluroof our, and what is best ajaptcel 10 improvement) it 01 t h.s hc-uly apjiioval. Bill Soniy Rufus Cimphell tho Mini nienli'nied, read a third ini", autl lifter debate at tome length, tlie lull w 1 laid up n tip" nblu ; from the House, rc lilin.'to highways, I wire lead and leferrid to the o nuiitteo on mads an I r mils ; fixing the lime when ab!ie nets ilnll take efl'et, (Januaiy 1-1) read a '!iud lime and pa 'r d, altering chapter n of the re ned btaiutes (vlteriiig the StSiions of ChitteniLn Ir.uity Co.iih) r.'pirf 1 by committer, and ordered to bjcncrrossed an.l rea 1 a third time ; to ibjlis'i ca tital p'.misiim.nt y.r. Kat 11 of V advoe.-.kd iht nssn're- of the lull in ihe belief that eliciatt-s ol ne-rcy and tli.i' ' :niii Is of ...silui-CiTiirnl the neiil of cnpii.i', punl'hm lit. Shi uld evper ciieepion .l.o isure unwi-eor tinsjl", it roi.1.1 naddy bo re 'ealed. Mr. H. ful'ier staled Ins vhvv at PO'iu eni'lh, 0.1 the grau.i I lb 1! sill' ilestrit. liou wn un .1st ihble, nud th; taUngof anoilnt's life ju-.tifiibi inly in self-d fence when ill our power, "ilia l.fe o 1:1 ci .uy should Ln sre e I si If-defeiire then cease o e'pciate. So in ihe eae of the iiuirih rer, wlunu he (ntidsof iho g leeriinient, Irslifi shotil I be spa hougli his blicrty ihoild be r tiauicd. The ven rid nays boin .- ,1 111 'tn'cd, ihc I ill was ref -ed a thin VMiliiiL', 51-is l, 11 iv s 13-, topav Kufii Cantpbcll lip '.1111, railed up by .Mr. I ti'.Iiiijjli 1111 win 0. t)d the history of the claim, as pr.-senlr.l 10 pre ions legislatures, :i"d the at lion had u o'l i' ) afie tebale by Messrs. 1) tea in f ivor, Messrs, ('' mil I'lench ni;.osii', llio b II was nfused a fiiribe vailing, jeas p, in), 13, .Senate Adjuurne I. nOUS-Thursday, Nov. I. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Ha l 111. Besolitlion. Ily Mr. Kagir, no bill to be intin 'lie t after l'riday, save by committees ; dismissed Of 10 f,0. Me srs, Itayh s and R".seoo were appointed losep ilv v leaneio on ihc rommitlre on hinks. Mr. Kidder was appointed on tho uoininiiteo li ink" iipdi'lienliires 111 phifcof Mr. Houghton. B'lls intinilmed Ily Mr. Hillings, 111 nnieiidmen if sec. DOrlnti. in R. S.j referred 10 General rom niltee. Ily .Mr. Premiss hy riquesl, rxlttnhn,' tin limils of jail jaitls. Ily Mr. .Martin of (!., tu pav lohn II rlhcrl, referred to rommitiee of Claims. I'cliliuns refcrrtd Of I Hint I. .Smith to General c.immille'O j of (ieo. W. Sampson and R. I". Abbott lo ft liimittec of Claim-. r.nsvoud bills. In amendmert nf liiithwav act jf list year) for ascertaining boundary linu between i I l, II - ' e .. iieiiiiiniitii -100 tiniuuini itiimiies; niur dtseiis sion by Mcra. Uieo of S., .S'lnfier, Sioneand Sar. want, passnl. Jttpirtt. llvfoinmitleeoii banks, bill in addition lo chap. 73th R. S. (empowering Iniik commissianer i' ripply to ui.uitoi t.nancery lo close coinirns o banks vvho'echarlcriihavefxiiircil or arc nnnulledi ordend lo be rngros.-etl. Ily General comniiiirr, lull .....T,.m u,ei.n iih,l-i 1 11 ui 111 11 nuns in inu 11111111.1 nys1 lent, iivio returns, courts mariial and Iho nrpinin iiiot.i inuerfiiil' nt co'iipainrj in nriivo mil tin, not 1'xrceiiiiicwiuu men, ihernrodeil inihtta u do no si vrurxeipi speenllv urdercd 1) untie ihc nrdrr for lhiso!icrnooiiand?,ii0copit, ord.-reii 10 bopilnlcd, llyroniuiilleeof Chiuu, bill 10 -.ny ., ,ovey and co. .illOyl, tirdtritl 10 becnyro.kid. Bills introduced, Ily Mr. Dvi. of II. lopny Hiah ll-nley li'. ri ferred lu run uf (Jl.uma. Ily .Mr. Cleavthml, from rum fl Wnysnml .Meins. umhti- r sing treasurer o In rrovv a -j.jhi not (txrurelnl" ."10 . 000) nsio'sina a la r,f ll,rr5 rctt,i nn tlm r'r support of snverniiiciil i t.nWu'-'itn nnpri'ininiin fr suppoil i,f goytrntiieiil severally nrdricil lo be, e,,,- giot-aed. Xjrllt.nnhrn ItMndary Question. Mr. Culls called up Iho lu-olulions of iho Smile 1 on this sulijocl, nnd lltev were amended nnd ndonlel. ns folliiws, RrMolveil, Ily lherri;iloiiitl linos,, ol'llrm rgr tiiM. Iiv .s. t t wr luciilly rifpond in the cntiin-nla out uni il in Iht. r s l.'ti -i- frnm i, Halo nf vjur, and Now lltiinpslilro, nbovo referred to. (lUfarrcd loin tbo report ni tho committee. j lla,,l,..,i Tint ii is ihe tlntv of lha Ccnoral Gov crntnctit lo proscctito the sctt'emcnt of tho North- casieru rounuary ijucsuou vvnnuui uuy itoiif'-iosji y '!? . . . ... . ... , t. llesolvcd, 'Hint wnusi wo eieprccnio n war who Oivat llritam, nsn great national evil, and to be re norted lo onlyin casoof steriiliiccessity.aml.whilst wo recommend to the government ol the United Siale- n ro.wili.siiirit. vi 1 lit 111 and decided rouise-. on this sub jeel, yet if such coiitdo fail, wo pledge ourselves lo sustain llio auini lines 01 iuu union 111 iiininiuniui thrir risihts w.'li all the res uireco in our power. Resolved, That his r.xccllcncy the Governor, be, and bcrebv isreniiestetl to trnnsmil a ropy of the fore tr.iimr rrnnrt nttil rest iluiions lolhe Governors of the Slnli"s of Maine anil New Hampshire, and to each of our Senators and Representatives 111 ijongrcss rirnlirt lAsl. The House ncniu went nit 1 committeo of the whole on thobsting bill. Th" amendment s riking out S i and inserting-)!, as lo thosedomg imlllary duly, was atli'pleil, ami llicti the vviiulo section ri'je ieo. inr. Ilico of S. moved the sime section, fixing Ihe reduc- i nn at s2 1 reiectei . Jlr. Sal ore inovcii 1111 nmrnif inent 10 tho 1 1 h section providing for an addition to Iho assessment of re il esl.Uo lor new iiiuliiuigs creep itl, and nn abilciiienl for buildings destroyed by nc m nni t nt on et . Mr. ri riv mt moveii nn nuienii lii'tit to Iho 15th section, for a reduction fi r properly uneiirnl In innrtt'irte. when the 11101 tjaLree rcsitlesin Ibis State ) nj.'cied. Mr. Sprngue inovcii a provi o lint in case a pcrfon Is inttililctl over ins personal cs tiles tlieexcessshnllbodcdiicted fiom his real estate, rejected, 71 to (51. The comimllce lose, reporl'tl the bill and nnicnd incuts to the House, and tho Houe ailjourncd. SKNATI'.-'J o'clock. P. M. Rciohttion, hy Mr. Crnvvford, that llio rominittcc on Ihnks be directed t" inquire and report w hat nieas- ure-s should bo lalten 111 relation to the uanK 01 lien- niu 'ton, ntloptcd. . House Hill, to pav II. S. Morse tho sum of S92 32 fiirexpenses incurred in an nllemnt lo search out the murder ofa Mr. Sillord, nt .Shelhiirn, in IS 10, sup n irinil liv Messrs. Wnosltir. Treneh. Chrk and Pai nter, opposed by Messrs. Crawford, Dam, Katon of b'r. anil Illo 'gett, nnd ircommitletl ttt the iom. nf claims) relating to the inililia, and providing a civil tribunal for the collection of fines, and exempting all toiler 51 and over Tl froni active tltilv. hut not from eii'olment, in lime of peace) called up hy Mr. Cravv- lortl, when The Senate went into rominirce 01 1110 vvuoie, .nr. Dana in iheclnir, when Iho lull underwent tliseussinu nnd varint'S amendments, nnd the ciininuttm rose, reported progress, nnd had leave to sit ogam lo-mor- row tift'-riioon, when t Thi Senate m ule reference t various puuiic.uocu menu to appropriate committees, and A"J!CnC"- HOUSn. 2 o'clock, P. M. Mr. At'wood ohliined leave of absence for the re main er or Ihe session. Bill intra lilted. Hy Mr. warien 01 .m tiiesc.x to p y Horace snow, nun 11 was reierrcn 10 uie coui miiiee of Ways and Means ) of C. I'. Sheld and oilp'rs In General cool. Hrjhirls. flycnminilteo of Ways nutt Cleans, on smiiiiy docuinentsfioni llio auditor, &c. that no le-L'islinvi- action is necessary. Ily Gent ral committee, bdl altcriiv: the mines of certain' persons, trdcied to hi! eiu'resfetl. Ily eoinmiileo of Claims, hills to pav I.vinan rind King li'J, to pay win. A. unsworn S121 ) se'vrrallv ortleietl enurossrd. Hrmhilicn. Froni the Senate, forthj dissipation ami eiirnllmcut of pen inn rolls in the Se-ctclary of stite s nlfieo ) rcferied loa sclccl committee rl Ihree. Tlie Ho se roncurretl in the amendment of the Se nile to iltr bill fixing time when the laws shall go into cllect 1st Jan. Grand List. Tin TTnusn tin ceetled In consider the Ii-tin2 bill. whc. the amendments te-portrd hy tlie'commitien of llio whole were cnncurrcM in, an 1 llic mil was oruercei to he cngrosscel, Geological Surtcv. A bill vva- rec-ivcl from the Sena'r, proviilios for a ceolo.'ieal f-urvev of the state J ff from llic House 1 ill in this,' the s .uey is not In like pla c mini the stite Ins received ihe first instilment of the public lintl.s, out of which the expense is to be piitl ;) th's bill wa 1 usli ne l bv Mc5is Jam-ntit, Hehaitl, Dewey, I Mi 111 Her of W. Gilc'iri-t, I'.caeh and 'haflcr, I In M,.srs. Vila.', li t' er anil Rico of S.. lilt! ordered to n second reading, 111 to fcO, read a second time ami ordered 1.1 third reading. Adj. SUNATH, I'tiday, Nov. 5. Pifivrr 111' the fMinttliii. lltport, by Mr Hatch, of the committee on Ranks, of 11 resolution directing the bank cnniriii'Sinnfr to take iunnedi ite mtasur.s to secure the public from loss by the liank of l!enniti2ton in any failure to re deem its lulls j resolution adopted. Hunt bill, piovnlinirfor surveying the line bo'ween the counties of llenninzton and Windham ) twice ici.l nnd referied lo the Senators fiom Deiinington and Witlflh tin counties. .V. :. llonndarij. The Penile resolved to concur w ith the House in the proposed amendments to llio lis Millions upon this subject. Ilmt e bill, in addition 10 chapter 79 of the Revised St noes, (relating lo b-ink- and the duties of bank eiiiiiinisr.ioncr;) twice read and rcferied lo ihc com imltu on thejuilicnry. IJsset Couuiy Senator, Tho resolution rcpor'cd by llio committee of clec tiuis, was taken up, when com mittee repoite I additional facts, and the rcpoit and iiso'utioiis were reid. -Mr I) ma then ollered a res oljlion, alleging Informality in lliepiocecdings ) that 111 n.iti e to'Mr How hid been given that his seat vvnul 1 heconlcsted. This rcsedutiou was debated by M3ra Dirt in lavor, for reasons staled in the res olution : opposed by Messrs Dillingham and ILirllett on the cround tint the liw req iring notice, Ind no innlraiion lo the ele-ct.on ol sciiatur-i ; uy virtue ot la it could hive a 1 s.ieh application, the votes fur . i'.'ii . r. . .1 . s "tutors not ot rig rounieu 1111 nuer 1110 expiraiiou often d.ivs, and the notice alluded to, apabcal lo on- ly to the election of u.euibci ' of tho other house, re-' quired nonce to be given within six da after the d iv jfhalloliiig. JIcssi bt lark, I'isk, antl ICaton of W. iUo rpoke in oppo ilion lo tho ics-olution, when, on ui ttiau of Mr Dina, the irsdjiion wis hid upon the taj'.". Tin. lecturing upon the adoption of the resold inn renortrd Itv the rom. ol elections, civ ing the sen tu Jlojjy Rich, Usq as llio duly elected Senator fiom Kssex Counlv, Jlr Clalk moved ihat tho rtp rt and reaohnimi be laid upon the table. JIo 11.111 supporletl by Jlis-vts t latK, jiini.i, ..ii.i iinrn , ; opposeil I y JIu rs I'm licit, Dillingham nml Illo gelt, ; tin-latter i..'nit)rd'Uiiuding the ye as and n.iys ncg- . itivetl, yeas 12, mys Vi. the qui tip 11 again ricur-1 ii?. iiDon the adoption of the n solution reported by the e-ouiin ile-enf elections, was fnither elelntel by j .Messrs Salmi and iiartltlt, run neioio lanmg 111c pu'itiou, Hi' e-ena c aujourneu. HOL'Si: Trid-.y, Nov. 5. Prayer hy ilu Rev. Jlr. Young. llesnlutions. Krom the senate, accompani.-d by resolutions from other stales, on il,0 public lands and the rc-uuph'lity of the Prcbidcnt ! referred to s;!cci omnnllee on amendment 01 tne consiiiunoii. r rom the Senate, directing bank commissioner im nediitely to appoint a receiver of thu lnnk of llenuiiuttun j I'oneuired in. Against the appoint neiit of inctnbers of Congress to office under the teneral govrrnntrnt j called uji and suppoiteil by Jlr. Iclnid, who alleged that it i-ontained coirect doc rina ami was c r.sis'cnt wilh the opinions of tho peo deof this s,laie,cxpre.ol in almo-,1 every formiluimj he list l.vclvt year-) Jlr Vilas regarded such np ... . ........ j - - - - - - . loiniiiifiiis as wrong in practice and 111 princqile, and bal it was a pioper subject for legislative action j op - losed by JItssrs Downs, Hillings, R ce of S., 'l l ..I- s.-...l. I 1.,.. s!-.,,.o.,nl r',,.l.l -litnii'- ,,.niii-ii -j-'iiiii 11,1". w.... ....... . Chandler of P. nud Gitswold. It was urged by wine if the opponents of this leioluti ui lint lln ugh cor- I ret as a generil nile, it was too broad that for sumo tllici H of llio highest impuitauee, 11 en vv ho hid long -on...., in I ' ini,t,1 lion I sllmi-ilile lirllii' est ti Inl, and iherefoie the Piesitleut on;'ht lo bo 1, r iti' I it il to securr tiuir service.) hy others lint ihc 'nuipU nt of bile yeirs had been, rather that thu ibtlgt (of Urn. Jackson) had been violated on this 4 Piect. than neainst ihe npiirintments Ihemselves ) ...r...l .1 il.-. .!,' r.eti.ll ,. l,n,nr 11 inslrueiinff liur irincsiniativcs to inttlfere 111 np - oinliuents, with which they had by tbo constituiioii nt. sort of connexion. .Mr. Sargrant moved to dis- '"" ', " ; " 1 11 was pnsfcti ) .111 10 pay uissj o'titoseil bv M.ssrs. rullain, Cobb nml Hiker, '-renrc Hrninaid til 2a, and 11 was 01 tiered toLe iiitlnecativuhBGioEa. The question then recurred! c!8rsscd ) bill to pay John Hurlhurt S3 EO (lor ser .nnloptiii" llio resolution. On the loll being cnlhd, I vices 11 a court marlial,) an, lit was ordered to Icon Mr. Canrield rliiniiel iho right lo be rxcinpied from E". 1 to 1 ) ngamst bill 10 pay Horaco Snow, votui", on Ihe ground thai ibis question was not a ""' " was dism ssed. Ily land tax cotiiuullce, taxing irnper Itgi Iniit.ii. 'Ihe cpic.tinn was sub- l!ulds '." -reeiisboro , nnd it was ordered to be m nitie.l 10 thechsir, who exprrsse.l nn opinion ihat S3C'' ') fcelecl eomnutter, requesting lo bo dw die member was not bountl 10 voio under these rir-, Clinr-,C1 r-om further cnns.dcralion of the t.ov 'iiuiHanrrs, but pn ferred to put Iho question toibo I cr""r ? message, nml resolutions of otliir States, in House. The House ordend Jlr Canm-M's vote to 1 nmeudiiicnt of the coosttiution, and on tho pubhe be taken, anil itwas taken. Ayes DO, noes83 so the lesoliui in was passed. The qiustioii then recurred on the seeontl resolution requiring the resolutions of Ihe lloiiso to letcoinmnnicalid to tin' Prcsi'rnt and th" Vi. tlelcgaiiou in Congress : nyes S7, noes 91 ) eo Ibis resolution wns rijectid, Uncrossed Hills. In ndtliiioi) lo chap. 79 R. S, providing for closing up nll'airs of lnnks) nllering nanus of certain persons t to pay Win. A. (inswnld, N'obht I.ovelv mil co. and Lyman antl King j inising an appropriation for support of guvernment ) author iiing ireasurer to borrow- a rerlain sum) nsses iug 11 lax forsu iport of government ) severally read ihc third liinound passed. lltport. Ilv coniiiiitlft on I'ducation, against any presen' nclion on the petition of Troy r.'onferencv tradrinv, ni.) a!'aim-t Ihe peliiion of ("ohh nntl Ten nry an I 'others, nnd llio pelitionrro hail leave in wilh ilrine I'.eihese'ret roiiimiitro of inriii1 nsof Wnsh- ,. ,..;. .. i,.eel,t,, liadhreii r. f, rre I rho mo- moriil of r.hasllollii'jaiiisl Kinitl I'. Th impmii the eomuiiltce 1 eomuiiltce riporii.l ihat ihey found 110 mch fact, vverralleaitliicainsl JlrThouipiii-lhat hu wis lejuiltvof Ihe (har"esnlh'U'cd-nd that Iho ,.,, ""? "M" !? 1,0 Jw'""-'VW;"U! w V not ui. ,i.. ., lie Ju 'irmrv rommtllir, hill ill mucin!. itieiil oft-ee. il'l rh.ip. SH It. M. rulntniff lo Iho trunlco proern.und it wis ordered l be cnrosrd Ily l.'inil Tax GViniilllre, at-aiust tho pelitlun ol Nullum, il W. Sieveiis nml others, ami of Klertmen of llliiouillelil.nii.l lite tielitioilfi-B hid IdVO III Wllll'ltlivv. I 11:11 inl.... In...l ... el,nrlrui,,n iiiirl if was orderi-il . m In, 1 itt-rn.ts,..l Ile.,iti,i,iitiit nn imhtarv aflitrs. that no 1. tri-hition u ur vmr) on th' A'ljutTU len ' tia'. rtp.f .S'ftife Prison, Tho ennimilleQon tbo state itrisnn miido a rcnort accompanied by a bill for 11 board of directors of the prison. This report slates that Iho affairs of lh prison nro nit on o kouuiI nnd afon footing n they should be) nnd also that llio scvcinl charges made against tho.siiperinlcnd nit havo not been sustained. Thu report we shall probably p ibhsh at length here after. The bill was then read tno Hut and second lime anil law on uie nunc. 7 tie .Scioci f'Vnu. The rrso'utions of .Mr Vilni ebreclinrr iho collection of Iho school fund, will that Iho treasurer shall bor row fiom tho school fundi) pay the debts of llio stale, were considered and adopted.- Adj. SHNATi:, 2 o'cloek, P. 31. UinUl'aii Ily .Mr I' 1I01 of Tr. providing fir pay ing the debenture ol 1). W. Aiken, to the lime his seat was vacated) passed. thiet Cowxlij Senator. Tho consideration ol the it solution reported bv tbo cimmilco on elections, under discussion nt iho ad journment, was resuinitl, anil Mr llarllelt having Iho noor couiiiuicu aim iiniMirn 111. veryiugeiiious specen itl support of tho resoluli m, and in advocacy of tho rightof Stood)' Rich ICsq.lo a scut in tho Senate, assuming the ground that Victory vv as n duly organ ized town, nnd Mr Rich had received 11 majority of Ihel.'gal voles of llio freemen (or senitor. MrDana replied to 3Ir I!, in a I rief hut argumenta tive speech, assuming llic ground that Victory was nvtn duly organized town, nnd tho voles given in that town we're therefore illegal, ntui Jlr Howe having n imj irily of tlm votes of the freouicn of ihe county of llsscx, exclusive nf those cast in Victory, was enti tled lo his scat ) 0 mending, also, that no noire what ever bad been given llio si ling Senator that his seat would bo contested. Without taking thovole. Tho trtiale went into joint assembly. Tho eoiiimillei on bills tnndo the ir report. 3Ir I" lloaof l'r. moved the reconsideration of ihe vole ref smga Ihitd reading 10 die bill to pay Rufus Campbell tho sum mentioned ) hid upon tho table. Several bills weru twicotead anil referred to com mittees, nnd the Senate a 'journal. HOUSH 2 o'cloek, P. 31. llesotulion. Hv .Mr llarlon. lor uvcninir sss:ons. commencing Manday eve-, next ) Inid on "the initio. tcevoris. ilv coiuimttuc on Itan lul . to tneor- porale the liurhiiL'ton Snmes ban1,, ant it was ortlerol lo bo engrossed. Ily select coinniillee, llio lull 111 addition lo chap. S3 R. S. providing fur free licenses 10 rem icrato nouses, ant rroor intr that anv other legislation on tho subject of licenses is inexpedi ent ni ui's session) ino inn was mat e tno on er or Jlontlay aficmoon. Hy select committee, bill for the apportionment 1 f senators, nnd it was made the order lor tomorrow nllernoon. Division nf Windsor County. The report of the committee adverse 10 Ihe division of Windsor county was concurred in, and Iho peti tioners nati icavo 10 wiiuiiravv nieir petition. The I ill in alteration of chin. 0 R. S. nddinu eer Hill towns toOrani-e co inlv. was made thn nrdrr for Monday afternoon, ami iho lull altering tho militia ucs, was initio Ihc ortlcr lor Mon 'nv mornin lliiir.)sscl bills. Sc late hi I in audition to ihip. 23 R. S. ; in addition to chap. 41 R. S. (fts in cases 01 lori iiite entry aim detainer regulated ;) severally passed. Tho senile came in and the following appointments weio mane : A. A. Sweet, Sheriff of Washington county. Suiireintrntliiil tr State 1'riton. Ilcnoni Hue' , 3Iilten llrown and Isaac W. Huh bard, vv -n p il in n) uinatbn, wlio.i Isaac W. Hub- uanl wasrlcetctl. Isaac W. Hubbard, 12) llennni lluck, 51 Milton llrown, .12 Henj. Hapgood, 17 Scallering. 13 Chaplain of (he Stale Prison. Rev. Annsa llrown, Rev Joah Seeley antl Rev Rufus I.. Harvey wore put in nomination, and on the mini 11.1 :i 10 11, kuius 1,. itnrvcy was elected . 1st 2d 3d Rufus u. Hirvey, 1)') 10.1 131 Atuasi llrown, TO 62 31 Joah Stele v, 30 2,' 8 Scattering 10 in n Tho joint nssemblyadjonrucJ to Jlondav afternoon , and tbcsrnae within vv, .S'liri to ctotlLmiinrlan Ctmntn. The hi I providing fora oinmittee to examine and leport on the question of altering the shirctown of Ilenninglon counlv, wascoiifidered, the quistion be tug on the amen Inn-til tcTiiring tho freemen nf the several town , nt tho next vlnrch meeting, to decide bv I allot wbctherllio roininittee find bo railed out The amendment was udoptcd, and the bill subsc ruenlly dismissed. Grand list. Jlr Rice of S. lroved to commit the bill on this nbject for hu insertion ofa provision lo compel person- to furnish to Ihe h-ters srhc.hilcsof their person al properly : Jlr Adum of South lluro, for the pur pose of testing tho sense of the House, moved 10 t'is miss the It'll ayis 3?, noes 133. Thohill was then made the order for to morrow- morning. Adj SKNATI1 .Monday, Nov. 8. Prayer bv the Chaplain. Bills. Rehlin; to ilu grand list, called up hy Jlr. Clark, ntui referred to the committee on Finance) lelatmg to the State I.ibinrv, rend a third time antl passed) m amendment of chnper 23 of iho revis.d talnles, ie,initcd y hiTiiiuinillee on the ju bci.irv, reid .1 third 111110 and passed ) regulating and govern ing the inihiia of this stile, callid up I y Jlr. Palmer, nnd the amendments ntloptcd in coinniillee of ihe whole, were read in conncxtinn with tho entire bill, when Jlr. Dana moved that ihe hill and amendments be; recommitted to ihe committee oil Military Affairs, with instructions. A question of order arising, Jlr. Dun withdrew his motion, when Ml. Clark moved to amend the lull byciasing the firsils-ction. (pro viding for iht- retluei on uf tbo militia by excluding from active duty m tune of t nice, all under SI nnl .-.... ')). XI ... i-s.t. . ,,. ta . "-; ,,-i .mussi-.. i. i, nosier, noiiimt, Dana antl lnton of I'r.. suppored the moiion, Messrs. Craw for I ami P.ihneroppos-d. The nntion of Jlr. I '-'lark wns adopted, anil the bill c ununited to a select coininitleo of three, with iustr 'Ctions to lepor' a bill abolishing il rills an I rourls niariials, and requ.rnig quirlrr nias rrs to make annual returns. I House Hesolulion, rcl iling lo ihc appointment of members of Congress lo office. An nmusing antl playful debaie occurred upon this question between Messrs. Dim an I Crawford, on ihe one side, and Jlcssrs. Dilbnglnm nnd liar lett pit thn other, when iI.m io f nn..iirrun. o wuh the II. ii-otii the passage nt the resolution, was decided in the negative, yeas 10, nays 11. Hesolulion, Ily .Mr. Crnwfr.ul, empower'ng iho fiiyt mor 10 cnm'oy a committee of e nt 10 ievise llic militia laws, ami report n new bill, at iho next sess.on nftli,, t.M.T -.1 itnr., n 11 nn ,ill,nril,i .... ..l...:nn il,. I . n..;.... .?.a:.. . 1,. 1: nno "a.. .r'u t iiutn.w,,,,,,,! iuujwv.. sii tnutivu 01 .'ir, i'lMt, lain Uiou the table. Hesolulion, Ily Jlr. Dlotlgetl, approving the course r t,Miin,,it', I,.. :.. : .t.l.ii. .1 .... . fis-al agent, or mtioivil bank 1 reiicled. veas 0 u. . ,.., .. )"-', 111 eii'iiig ur u.ns reiaung 1011 navslP. The resolution for adjoiuumcn', was sent up from ihe House with .1 propisal of aniendnient, an' tituting Piidiy for Tuesday, ill which lite Senate resolved not to ct'iicur, and proposetl 10 amend the resolution hy inserting Thursday next, in which the Senate ask the coiicurrenre of ihe House. Select roniiniiiee on the militia bi'l, Messrs. Craw ford, Dillingham antl Clark. The vo'e, refusing a third rra ling lo ihe bill to nay Ru'us Campbell the sum mentioned, was reeonsidei etl, nnd after llic reading of nfli l iviu relating to the u'li ini'iiiiiei 1 1 1 1. le.iuiiin I II II I 1 IV . chinli wi,lnll, taking the question, 1 i'tnate adjourned, IIOUST X IlOUSr.. Jlondav. Nov. S. Prayer by Hcv. Jlr. Halloa. Heiolutious. For evening sessions, coniinenc ng tomorrow evening j a lopted. Tor riiljournmeiil without diy ) PriJav morning ngreed to, nml the re s ilulion ndopted. 1'ioni the Senate, in lavor of res- 'rlc"'' llio I'tesideiit to a single term, concurred in. Shoot I 'and. Mr. Adams of S. II. moved 10 reconsider tho vote ol Saturday rejecting the bill to abolish the eln I "-iivei tu, .,tm 1110 uui was unue 1110 urucr ror UllS IlllCrnOOIl. 1 ,. 'Worts. Ily committee to make lip gran I lis', the 1 J ,,-A0,7, h -'.v, '0,"n''",o 01 - l'i-a. t0 ny lands, junk and miUtreasury and llio House con win ii iii itiet itpon. Bills intro t'lccil. On leave, laxiiis lands in Av ery l. ire. Addison'ro., antl it viaa or.lrred to horn- r0u i ,''ro"1 l,lt' Sl'll''l,i i" alteration of chip. 13, K. h. (Chittenden en. Courts lo he holdrn on ihe I Ii lucMl.iyiii Jlay ami Nov.)) ordcrol to third rradiiis. I roni ilieSeintr, rehtiiij. to iho Stale Library ) or elcreJ to a ihird riadins. On leave, uxinp Was,in!T. loneouniy, audit vvamuade the order for tomorrow lorenooii. . l.nqrosted bills. To pay Azariah Webb, 4)0, and .,. .., ,i,.,.,r,ii in ec. pu, etiap. lij, l(. r. (provi 'in; for the inspection of lime,) and ihcy were passed. Contested Seats. 1 lie ro.nmtiteoof lections reporttd llic facts in the case of Jlr. Dewey of f!.id,llnl, eonclu.lins with a rcsolutiiin derlaruij; thai Jlr. Dewey U entitled In a seat m tins liouse, which vvasadoptetl 1 liecoininilleoalaii rennn...! ... r i. u:' "l '. eoncliul i. , , ,. ' in Hiv upc,ii ..,1. i, leu ot t.riinliy. roiicludiii'. will, a resolution tint .Mr. I .I.1:!"". 1 la;"'t'it. vvhieli was ntloated Tho ' ' r. iiorletl that ihrio is no per-111 bold , sc"t" HouwjbId was ineligible ol the linu 1 d'lls eieelion. The IIouso nroeeilL!-,... .u - Jlr. 1 1 is 011 thin biilijcrr, nn Irre nular anil nmubine , .'r, "PProviu,. Iho voio, was dismissed, lZlliiT. the. ijenonil, ngaiist qpy sort ofa bank, waseli.i.ussod, 1)9 in 70, ' ' The Militia Bill. The lloui-e vvenl inlo rninmittreu.f the whole, Mr, iIjs in Iho chair, nn ihe hill entitle.! 1111 an in addition in an "et rerpili'ini: nud cpvrriuns tho inilith of Ihu Miitu fli.s In I ritilinri 1 t,c pl.,11 f , ouflmng ar live to volunteer companies, not exceeding COOO men, who are to receive 81 per year and be exempted from poll lax.l Mr. Harncs of Addison moved to amend the first section by s rikinsout "persons enlisted inlo volinlcer companies, and" adopted. Sir. Davis of N. moved to slriko out '-excepting such as nro hy law exempt from military duly 1" rejecictl,78 to 43. Mr. Shifter moved to strikeout the word "white," sons to read "eviry nblo bodiol male cilizen 1" tigrcctl In. Mr. Ilebnrd moved to strike out Iho word "nialo i" negilivcd. The committee rosj nliu reported and 111c House adjournal, -..A11.. I O CIOCK, I . y7i'.i.-Rrnorlid bv Mr. Dean. laviugnlax of I cents the acre on jatitls in Ncvvalk, with propo sed ninendmeiit , which were ndoptid, and tho bill as amended, rend n third tiinn nnd passed 1 to incur- Cnrnio vviuoiiBiiny 1 nto rurnpiKo company, reporict y .Mr. Russell, vvhos nlcd the facts in lliecase, and the bill vvasreail n ihird tiinonnd passed t establishing nn ncatlemy in Corin'b, introduced by Mr. Illodgett, twice read anu reierrcd to 1110 conimitico on l-.uu- ral-on. 3Ir. Whcc'ock, of the commilleo on Hanks, made report on Iho report of the liank Commissioner., that 110 notion is necessary. Bills In amendment of chap. CO of the revised statutes lo pay Azariah Webb SoO for a yoke of oxen furnished during tliu Revolut onary war, several ly twico read anil relerrctl to coiiiiiiiiiccs : 10 pay me sum mentioned to II. S. Jlorsonntl others, for search after murderer 1 facts sta'cd hy Jlr. Clark, llio hi 1 supported in debate by Slessrs. French and Woostcr, opposed bv Sir. Illodgclt, read a third lime, nnd pas- so ', yeas ui. nays.o. Ji'inl resolution, relating to ndj)urnment. This re solution wns returned from tho House, non concurrcd in, and the Scnato resolved to rccctle from its propos ed amendment, and concurred with the. Hctise in fix ing on I'ridiv next for adjournment without day. .ur. urniioui had Icavo ot austneo irom anu ancr Thursday next. Bills passed. To pay Z.iba P. Nichols tho sum tttnti 1 ioiinil I tome Wilde I.ovelv the sum mentioned! to pav l.ymnnci King tho sum inrntbned j assessing a nx'fnr ibn sunnorl of trovcriimelit I making appro priations fur the support ol government ) millions ng ine i rca tirer to itiurnvv uie sum iitcuiioiuu ; tu fny Win. A. Griswo'd Ihcsniu of 8173, (a claim growing nut of the olil .susnetisinn netsA The committee on Funtice were cxcuseil from llio furthi r consideration of sundry documents relating to the state orison. IliK.-To pay Rufus Campbell the sum mentioned, file nucsiion he ngtimn the final pisa'.'o of the bill, it was decided in iho nffliinalivot yeas 15, nays II. Adjourned. I10USK.-2 o'clock, P. M. Mr. Picrpoint hail leave of absence for Ihc remaind er of tho session after tomorrow. Will Introduced. Ilv 3Ir. Safford, relating to high ways) refcrretl lo Judiciary com, The bill nroviditi't-for a board of chrectrrs of state prison aff lirs, was supporletl hy 3Ir. Sla on, opposed by Jlr. Cobb, and ordered to a third reading. Ktport. liy committee 01 omnia, bill to pay C. Camp, antl it was ortlerol lo a third reading. Besolution. Relative to adjournment ) returned by the Scnato with a proposition to nnicnd by in-erling Thursday instead of Friday. Tbo House resolved not to concur. The Militia Bill. The House again went into com. of the whole on 1 1 1 i Lull, .Mr. Vilas 111 the clnir. It was moved to amen I by exempting common tipplers nnd drunkards from enrolment : iriectcd. Jlr. Davis nf N. moved lo amend the second sec. by making it the duty of commanders ol companies (instead ol listers) to pre pare mi nun I lists 01 person enrolled ) adt ptcd, as were .visa s'lidrv am-nl ue its rendered necessary by this. Jlr. Davis ol'N. moved lo amend llicoth sec. first line by inserting nftcr 'enrolled' a rct ircniet.t of nil ncrsons 10 nrinaii'l en-iui themselves : lei up themselves j lej.'ctnl, il to 12. Mr. Unmet moved an amendment n quiring the enrolled milili 1 10 bo called out biennially for the pur pose of keeping themselves provided with officers r adopted. Jlr. Davis of N. moved to strike 011 the vvoiltl 'no' (preceding 'a-nve service,) m ihe fir-t line of jlh section 'intending thai the 111U1I11, untler the r i..i. . .!... 1 ' , . constitution, itiiisi lie 0010 iiiiiot-n 01111 nruieti re- jcctetl. Jlr. Davis nso niovid lo strike out tie filli section t ad iptc.l. On coming to ihe sertions provid- ing for the active militia, Jlr. Adams of South Hero moved to irpo-1 llio lull 10 Hie House. Iliiswas-up-portcd by Jlr. Tullim as n test quesiiin lo defeat Iho lull. Alier hri'l ihse ssion Itv .Messrs. ltlants of II. 'rullnm, Davis of N Noyes'nn.i Cinfielil, the motion ncgaliveil. 00 to 57 Jlr. .Mcl.oud inovi'd tint the I'oni. rise, report progress and ask leave to t-it ngiin : nejalivetl, 91 10 2S. Mr. llarnes of A. moved lo strikeout GflOO anil ins'rl 10D0 (for the num ber of iho active in h ii )) onposed by Jlr. Divis of N. nnd withdrawn. Jlr. Jlcl.oud move I to strike out COOO nnd ins-err 2",000 rejicto1. Jlr. rsoyes mov etl lo amend thu 22 I -re. bv graining the same com - pcusation 10 binds of music as to omcers and sol - dicrs ) rejeeirtl. Jlr. R ibbins moved to nnicnd sons H. ' SubleiitdyrecIS: ed nnd rejected. Mr. Rice of S. moved to strike out Hie eompensalion or SI per vear which th- bill gives in addition to ihu exemption fiom the poll n.x j sup - ported hv .Messrs. Adauw c f S. II. Coo idgo nnd Riee of S. on ihe groun I lint ihe coinpeiisiluin, wh Ir it would be spurned hy lbs militia as inidt quale, would in the aggicgale impose a heavy lax on the stnte. Jlcssrs. Chandler of P. an 1 Chandler of V. op- 1 posed Ihe motion, insisting tint if military services are required, then isa conipe-isition to iheiu rendered jus. Tito motion was negitivitl, 03 to nt. ) I lie coinniillee rose anu reporicu ami uau teivo 10 ; su again. 1 In- Scmteciino m ami ihe joint assembly adjourned to Thursdav, 3 o'clock, p. 111., for the com pie ion of county appointments. Adjuurne 1. 'RIDAV MORNING,, 12, I 8 I 1 ADJOURNMENT. Tho Legislature, it is understood, got through its business yosterel.iy, and probably iiliiinriie.l this morning. If so, we shall sen a largo number of the members in town this evening. MASSACHUSETTS. The election took place in this Stato on Monday. Tho voio cast is much smaller than last year, and the Whig majority will of course bo proporlionably lessened ; but Irom the cotnpkvxion of .ho returns linforo us more, c,.,. .m uu uut.ui o. i.iu ru-mcciiuu oi Gov. Davis, by Irom three to six thousand. Both branches uf tho Legislature will bo de cisively Whig. NEW YORK. Tho election in this Slate has resulted as most people anticipated, in tho success of Thu time has gone bv when il is necessary the lucolbco paily, in both brunches of the j to reason with men about tho evils of intent- legislature. Their majority will be two in peranci. He who does not sen litem ca it thu Senate, and over fifty in thn House. 1)0 reasoned with. Every man must seo the Yet they full 25,000 votes short of tho num- vils lint has eyes to see, and every one ca ber cast fur their ticket last year. Tl-e ' p:1!o oflw ioralilo ficlitir will admit that in trulh is. tho wings have suffered thn election ! temperance is a curse. What is wanted is to to go entirely by default ; nnd while the result , amounts to a revuliition of the stnte, it indi cates no accession whatever lo thu ranks of locofocuisin. lu llio cily of New York the conlrst was somewhat closer than usual, and tho whigs have elected 0110 of the two Sena tors, nnd three of the thirteen members. ilr. Granger, Into I. M. General, we also ob serve, is returned to Congress from his dis trict, by about four hundred niajoiily. Tho following judic.ous remarks on the dis. astrous results of the election, are from tho N. Y. Tribune : "We do not waste much space on tho details of our state election. It is necdlets. IVo have already announced the loss of the Astcinbly by an overwhelming majority. The Kenato may or may not have gone with it, but in a tornado like this it is wise to apprehend the worst. At all eventr, the Whig cause 111 this ttato is temporar. ily prostrate, l-'ifly thousand Whig voters havo rel'ubcd or neglected to vote, while not more than twenty thousand of our opponents havo done likewise. The coiin'ipienco is the lorn of tho I ttato by liftten or twenty thousand. Thoroaru many rviises of this rev erte, though no rrnsons for it. The policy and measures of tho VhI party aro ttill identified with the best imeroets of the country ; and their defeat, however temporary, mutt prr.vo disaitrous lo IhoBO intcrosta. Tho people ttill believo with us that tho restoration uf a tonnd and uniform rac tical currency, tho duo protection and en. ciuragemeni of American industry, Ihe vigr reus though jiplie'itiiiH prffccutioliof mtcrip' "npfnc- motit, aro essential to their welfare anil true progress. On tlioso grounds substantially tlie people confided to us tho administration of the Government. "Our defeat Is no radical cliango of opinion on their part, hut tho interposition of unforeseen obstacles tn Iho attainment of those i;reat national blessing. Many who voted with us to elect Harrison, Tyler, and a Whig Con gress, have now refused to votu became a part of the vital measures which thoy expected to follow the Whig triumph have not been pressed lo a successful issue. Many accuse Mr. Tyler of treachery to his party, and refuse to vote from InJignntion at his course. Soino on tho other track have grown cold, from .1 feeling that the President has been harshly treated by the great mats of tho Whig!-. Ind there is still another clas s, not inconsiderable in numbers, whoso pat riotic aspirations to servu their country in some easy, .voll-paid station, have not found a response from the appointing pow er and they have sev erally cursed politics iind the ingratitude of re putines, iiuii rcstiivcu never ugnui eu iiiiugii) in tho strife tilt t hey have found cat.diJ.itcs and loaders gifted with an omniscience to discern their tiansccndatit merits and claims. .Ill those alverso influences have proved for the moment tno much for us. One Stale gave way, then another ; tho panic became contagious, and eo resistless that oven Now York has sunk under it wo trust only for a brief season. Such ihe history of our toverse.". "We foreboded much of this when our cars were first stunned with tho sad tidings of Gen oral Harrif-on's ileatk The fall of the General is too often followed by the rout of the army; and this was not a dissimilar case. It could not be expected that John Tyler or any other man should retain Pennsylvania and Maine ; while local and sectional questions must every whore interpose to diminish if not destroy the great majorities given to General Harrison. If Mr. Tyler and llio whig majority in Congress had in every rcapoct done the best that cnlighl ened patriotism could prompt if angelic wisdom had guided all their s'.cps and ruled every heart the death of our elected head and the anarchy of opinion, the loosening of ties consequent thereon, would probably have involved us in temporary disaster. "And yet the ilisagreementol' Congress and the President on tho currency question, has increas ed imrnonsly the ill efects of our other and ear lier calamnitics. It was not the fact that the President differed from Congress on a single, though vital measure It was the censorious ' j nnciiaritabic spirit which dictated the first , , veto in its palp iblo design to aggravate rather than reverse the differences therein demonstra ted that the poison lurked. lis hostility was 1 vcry naturally, though perhaps not wisely, hurl I . , , , . , , , J ed back bv Concress : ami frr.m ihnt nunnnii od hick by Congress ; and from that moment was exhibited the spectacle ofa divided house a house tottering to its fall. "Ho speak frankly of these mtttcr-, and shall pursue the subject in a similar spirit. Wo fuel that the wounds received by the Whig cause are not irremediable ; but they require probing, not plastering. The approaching re assembling of Congress, must bring about a cor dial and thorough reconciliation between the President and tho WIhts. nr a tiAnnnil mt,l 1 ,t,,,i, ,..,; , ,', ., , 'gh separation. It is abundantly evident that wo cannot go on as wo are. " " Whig vv ill be discouraged by the clouds that now surround us. 'We have tee ,Iarl;,,r ,),,.. tl,lM . that on which a noble baud of one of thorn was f patriots ami states 1 met in llarrisburg to nominate a U'hig candi ! date for President, in December, 183!). 7'hen ,. . uu...u. ii., i., i,,, u (,,,, ,i, UlitllV arms, and tilled feeble hearts Willi despair. Ycd the proper means were taken for arousing the U'hig spirit, and how magical was the change which a few months exhibited ! So may it bo again. A'. Y. Tribune. A NEW .MOVEMENT. A now impulse lias lately been given to tho cause of temperance. The right sort of men lire; now nt work, and tho great success i t,.,,, 1,-,,-n , nil ,C ill., line! nn t.n,t; m.ntrtl.l iurauvrr,iiico. Those who Imvo heretofore been in the habit of drinking Imvo taken hold in earliest and nro doing something worthy themselves and the cause. In i f1'.01'1 ,imu 0,10 tllolls:"1'1 ns will have juincci tno society, ami what is still more Ciicuting, it will number among its most zeal ous anil honorablu members, ninny who havo been snalrhed fiom th precipice. Meetings are held onco a fortnight in the tvoutt liouse, anu il is animating nnel con .., . ,. .,. lnt,,r.,s. ..... f ....j ibe ' ,nect that is produced. Those who attend , know it aml n p p rccia 1t i,. If tlicro is any ,t, ),.,. .,,i ..t,i :,:., ui i llMH" t:iLiil iimi IIIIUII-, il is ii iiKiii i Li'L in intuit from (Ifgiedation, standing out in tho dignity , forl1' ' g'owinS te""a inducements to en ofa high re-solve, laboring fur the good of rollmunt and the benefits to accrue to those others." Such there are. and .ho number is ! v;h vvou'd j0'11 ,,10f0 regiments which Ind Be. incicasin?. convince tho subjects of it of their true situa tion. It is a mel.inreolv fact (hat tho most , , dreadlulKits aniongus cannot be convinced of " their situation. Say to one of this class that ho is the vvorso for liquor and ho will tell you that you aro mistaken. What then shall bo done I Persevere, persevere. It is here that tho reclaimed hato it in their power lo do great good. Their word will be morn readily taken, their nssuranco may bo credited when that of others wilHio shun ned. Let nil tho people then, encourago these men in their great work of reforming tho drunkards. Their labor may ho groat, but groai shall bo thuir reward. a. n. FOREIGN. Huston, Nov. 8. Tho British steam packet Hritunnin, Opt. John Iluvvitt, arrived 111 our harbour yesterday, at two o'clock I'.M. Tho news sho brings is not vcry important, although wo havo by her eight days later in telligence from China than that received by tho Huntress and Nairagansrtt,atNew Yoik. Cotton remains the same. Flour has advan ced two shillings per barrel. The) Tea mar ket was in a very unsettled state. The .Mon ey market had been much agitated by political uvents.and tho failures that had occurcd, nnd was as tight as uvor, and in sonio instances a severe pressure had been experienced. The rato of discount is -17 to fi per cent, on first- flats bill-, while on the stock Exchange thf rato has varied from 8 and 10 per cont. to 3 per cent, wliicli lias now become tho cur rent value of money fortcmpontry'loans on unexceptionable securities. Tho tardiness of tho Diitiinnia, which lias occasioned no littlo anxiety here, -was caused by Iter detention foriy-ciglit hours in Liverpool, ns well as by suvoro Westerly gales on her passage. Th Britannia was detninnd hy order of tho Post master General, in consequence of tho non Mrrivnloftho Caledonia, which was expected to bring sumo important despatches for the goverment from tho Canadas. Tho anxiety of tho peujilo of England for intelligence Irom the other side of thu Atlantic wns intense, nnd, special railway trains were for some days in waiting to convey her news instantly to London. Silio camo into port on Tues day uvenlng, Oct. 19ili,1i tvin-r been pre ceded some; few hours by tho packet-ship South America, which sailed from New York on tho day previous to her departuro from here. As the papers received by tho South America announced that the Caledonia would leave hero on the 2d, and the commander of tho packet ship was, of course, unaware of thn damage which thn steamer had sustained on her passage from this port to Halifax, if was supposed that shu had been detained in the latter port for other than the real reasons, and publick curiosity was still further awak ened to ascertain the exact cause of the delay. Parliincnt was prorogued on the 7th of October to tho 11th of November. The trade of tho manufacturing districis was more ihnn usually dull. From tho Continent there is little newi of importance. Communication. On board Steamer Britania, opposite llilifai, ) Nov. 4,1911. Mr.. Stacv, Dead Sir. : I am thus far on my return from Knglandr having made a short business visit to Liverpool and tbo Watch manufacturing towns in the vi- cinity, alio to Manchester, Sheffield, Birming ham and London. I write this line t'i say a word with regard to the feeling manifested by the people in England, in whose society I was thrown during my shurt stay'J in the country, in relation to a war with America, etc. Through tho kindness of friends who furnish ed ine with letters of introduction, 1 had tho pleasure of making the acquaintance of many intelligent gentlemen in tho various placse visilcd ; among oilier matters, the "border disturbance.--," " McLcods's trial," the Boundary question," and " Ihe probabilities of a war with the United States" formed a part of our daily conversation. 1 he sentiments very uniformly expressed were of a most friendly nature. There appears lo be in Ilngland, so far as my liinilcd observation enables me to judge, a strung desire to maintain friendly relations with America. A war with America was tpoken of as a grcit calamity, a thing that must not ba allow ud if it can pcsMbly bo avoided. Thoy did not understand jpiccUely why tlioso who were creating trouble on the borders were not more promptly and efficiently put down, ncr why a stale should be allowed to stand belwccn two governments, and to act as to cause a war. They seemed to think there was Coo mcn pow. er in the stale and tno little in the Government of the United States. Tho feeling is general that if McLeod should be found guilty and hung , t,l:lt war 01Jld inevitably ensue, and that tho English would be popularly sustained in the war. The news (rom the States of llio excitement on ihe borders in relation to the reizitre of (Jroghan and tho trial of McLeod, together with Ihc it-marks of American editors, Ihe Bur lingtoneditors ainonvj the res, caused considera ble excitement in England. The Caledonia, vvlnrh was expected to bring intelligence of tbo result of McLeod's tria', and later news frcm the frontier was looked for with increas ing interest; sho did not arrive at the usual time. Orders from the Government or I'.Dt Office depaitiucnt arrived af Liverpool to ibiain the Britannia, which was to sail the 19;h i i , of October, until the 21st. This assisted to increase the excitement, as it was evident that the was uotatncil in order to answer any impor- tain despatches that might arrive in tlie Ciledo. ma, vv Inch was momentarily looked for. Tho Eclianye rooms were crowded ; on Change conversation was animated, the probabilities of war constantly disctisod. It was supposed that I thu Caledonia had been detained bv tho British j Ministnr until tho rrsnlr nf TrT.i-mil,c lit,l ivm known or for other important despatched - - " Hand bilk made their appearance advertising r. i;t r. a,. v- .i i - t S.-V.I iow tniiit ijihi iiiit iiiiu Ci;-lllill nobly distinguished thstnsulvcs at the various places named in the bills. Tuesday the 10th October the Packet ship South America arrived bringing two days later intelligence from New York, although nothing of importance in tho way of news, still as there was no mention made of bolder troubles, or McLeod excite ments, the minds of mm y were in a ineasuro relieved, still on Change the attendance Kit numerous, the excitement great. The Exrhango rooms were not closed at 1 1'. M. as is customa- ry. I lie was telegraphed and notice 1 1 . , , , . , , I ifn nut tin Ihnt Ilit Ifrvntnu uhich i r i fnrm irr close at $ would nut close until 0 this evening. They were well fiiled and the anxiety increas ing, at half past 0 o'clock the clerk came in and mounting the desk announced to a still larger ! audience that the Steamer Caledonia had arri- veu, .vici.coirs trial is posiponcu, inai no news of interest is contained in the papers from the United States. The excitement was over, the crowd disported ipiickly anil the next day there was much joking and laughing at the excite ment of the last few days. The Britannia, on board of which I pen this communication, is a noble Ycssel, much stronger than I had formed an idea of. Had she not been very strong built she could not havo weathered the gales of this voyage, which have blown from tho west sc. verely most of the time since we left Liverpool. It often teemed as though the waves mits, break through her sides, and often that the would be thrown on her beams end, tcmctimcs tho eea would dath over the deck in a flood, sweeping all before it, but the outtrodo the ttonns, and teems not to have felt the blasts, and is doubt, less as strong as when wo left the port of Liverpool. Capt. John Hewett, her commander, is an active, pleasant gentleman, has secured tho respect and admiration of all his passengers who prepared an address, expressive of their feelings, and through Sir Henry Huntley it was delivered to tho Captain, who made an apprc- rcply. Sir Henry it appointed fiovernnr of IV" e !'! nrd's Is'aud, and is wilh hu ftrn-y

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