Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 26, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 26, 1841 Page 1
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BY H. B. STACY. LILY SYRUP. An unparrallcd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hooping Cough, eye. cy. TO TUG PUBLIC. In presenting to tlio public a new rcnioly for di-fa-a,.. i,r tlm mav be nrolicr to sav 1 li.ll, filclirill c front the many certificates anil roJcoinmcnJ.itioiH of other specifics contained in the newspapers oftho il.iy no new remedy was called for or required, lint if the popular remedies had materially lessened the lulls ol mortality, or any one of the many preparation pos. scs-cd those virtues recommended, so that alter a fair trial, the patient could depend upon its healing power, and rationally hope for a speedy recovery ul health, this liutnUe attempt to nrrc-t the pro;res ol'Puliiio nary Consumption would not have appeared. Hat that the victims of this destroyer are daily in creasing, need-no proof and the large scale-, of the that the remedies ot the day hayo been fairly tried, and failed in their object, it thai ob ject was the re-toratiou to he.illh of persons siillering lrom diseases of the Iiiiis- wllilu "n,u rcmetljr drie n n he nroiicrlv aided to throw oil the viscid phlegm collected upon inching and throat the harbinger of ill-ease, another, hy a bad (election cl an expectorant, is indeed, enabled to di-posfss the present tenant, but leave a wor.-e one to occupy the shattered premise- j and by it, the work of death i the fcooner nceompli-lieil. The LILY SYHIjP inovv believed to be the bcM remedy for lung complaint, that has ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Consumption after the disease nas uone lis tasi won.-, oruecomc senicu upuu inc vi tal function, and tubercles are formed and broken, and almo-iihcric air is inhaled into the nroken pnrls is not among the pretcn-ious cf the thousand nnd one popular nostrum to the contrary, iiuiwuii-iuiiuiugi. Thi medicinciha restored many who were sup posed tole beyond cure, by men -landing high in the medical profession i but the'ir restoration to health on ly proved that great and good men may I e mistaken, in the Mage or progie- of tlicdi-easc. Hence, let no person de-pairof relief, until he ha. made a fair trial uf the Lily Symp. This modicum operates by promoting a free and ea-y expectoration, thereby fleeing the lung and throat Irom viscid phlegm, and strengthening the part and freeing them from inflamatory action which constitutes the disease of Pulmonary Consumption. The Syrup is entirely free from auv mineral substance, and purely vegetable; and may lie taken with per fect safety by the most delicate' constitution. It is highly recommended to those who hnvo weak lung. Teacher 01 performers of vocal music will lind it of invaluable use to them, by its giving great Mrcnglh and sweetness tothe tones of music, ami en abling the person to perform with great can. Public speakers and debaters will lind it ol invalnal le ser vice to them, This medicine ha been thoroughly and sitecessliilly tested by able physician, and bv their advice is now prepared and o'lcred to the public, to -peak for itself in the cause of allhcted humanity. And may he who blessed the instrumentality of clay to open the eyes of me ounu, niai.e it a i le-sing 10 tne Human family, and the great object of the proprietor will le accom plished. All medicine should be given according to the situ ation of the patient; and, il much reduced, a smaller quantity than where there is considerable strength. The direct ions on the bottle may betaken as a general rule : but if taken for a long standing cough, it may be necessary to take a much larger do.efor some one or two days', nnd even oliener until nil expectoration is produced that will be ficc and oa-y. when there is much lightiic ol the chest, it will sometimes iucrca-e the cough for a day or two ; in which ca-e, the patient iihould take the Syrup niorefieely, ecn until it should produce a slight nausea of the stomach. He need not fear any harm from such sensation. 1 would stiy to nil who purchase this medicine for Use, that thev can have but little hope ol I eing benefitted by it, mile. it is taken steadily when it I commenced with. Some havctak'en itoncea day, then twice, then not anylbr two or threedays. I cannot savthat such would ! likely to receive much benefit from it ; but if taken regularly, it is eminently calculated to uproot the dis ease, and to restore to sound health. It i-thecariie-t desire of the proprietor lo have every one that u-e at least one bottle of it steadily according to the direc tions, to communicate the result to the peron ol whom he purchased the medicine. The proprietor is privileged to rufcr to the following ler-ons who lime it-ed the Lily Syrup, and who will be happy to give information of its .superior healing iower-,'to anv wishing to know more about it. Mr. Critteinlcii, one of the it 1 1 ol IT. i Smith At Co., wholc-nlcand retail merchant, Exchange-street, ltoche-ler, for bleeding at the lungs. Rev. E. Tucker, Pastor of second ll.iptisl Church, Rochester. Captain E. Freeman, for a bad cough. Mr. Stoddard, of the (innot Slanw.ood it Co. bookseller.-, corner of lluilalo and State -trceis, liocbesier. Mr. J. M. Fieneh, .S'orlh-slrcet, Itoeho-ier, lor the whooping-cough. Mr. Southworlh, Sumc-strcet, Rochester, for lad cough. Mr. Robert M'Kiblcn, Monroe-street, Rochester, in a severe a lid alarming ca-e of the whooping-cough E. Barnard, Esquire, oflice in court-house, in a ease of whooping-cough in his family. Captain W . I. 1-Vh, for a caseol Phthisic in his family. liev. Mr. Clark, Pastor of the Hapti-t Church, Le Hoy Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the llr-l Baptist Church, Rochester. Captain A, lintton, for Haemorrhage of the lungs. A. G. Smith, cashier of Mechanics and Farmer.' Dank, lioche-ter. L. W. Siblev, of the firm of Sil.lcy& Herantoin, lry good merchants and auctioneer.-, 'Hullalo-slrcet, Itochester. Kev. A. King-Icy, Pastor of the Baptist Church at Manchester. Kev. Jacob h'nnpp, Evanpeh-t. Mr. T. llunn, Carriage Maker, St. Paul-street, Hiram Tucker, attorney at law, Rochester. Mr. Tlioma- Ashman, paver, Rochester, who has received astonishing relief. Please inquire of his case. Itev. Thomas Carlton, M. E. Ch. Rochester. A. Steel, (bleeding at lung-) Lockport. II. Miner, We-t Henrietta, Monroe Co. Professor Mcl!inni, Hnmilion Theol, Sem'y. Kev. Levi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C W. Cook-, " Icy The Proprietor has been oil'crcd certificates ny many ot thu nuove gentlemen ; hut he prclersthat those wishing information, would call on them pcr-t-onally. PECK & SPEAR, Agents for this section. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, 1 AltltAK & WAIT, Importers and Wholesale dealers in CrocXery, Glass ' I i. - ii' j . r r i onu wiwiu iturc, unu .HumtjiiciuTcrs pj Stone Ware. 1 I M 1 ul just rt'ceivei1 and now opening j. namely 25 Packages Edged and Common Ware, 25 do Blue Printed do 10 ilo Royal Bourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea sets and louei vnre. 10 do French While Oranite Ware, with com n'etesets throughout. "10 do Antique Vnse Opnquo Ptarl Ware, con taining perfect dinner nets, entirely new patterns and shape, a most bcauulul omcle, withjTca and Toikt ware to maicii. CHINA WAlin. 10 packegts China Ware, containing Beautiful White Tea Sets, Gold edge and line Tea Sprig do do rinl.l band it SIiriL' do fcets anil guld band ChinaNursc Lamps. GLASS WARE 10 packages Glass Ware containing C, P, and 9 lluto Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, G, 8, and 9 flute " Pressed da rio 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety, .Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps, Astral Lamps, Girondalcs, Canulcbras, Cut Glass Bowls, Lemonade Glasses, Pitchers, Decanters, Splendid French Porce Goblets, Wine and lino Vases, with llowcrs and s mdes, and a variety of other articles in their line, all of which nre now olTered Wholesalo and Retail at New York prices. F. & W. would invite the intention ol Jler chants in the surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuring them that they will sell in package assorted to order on asgood terms as can be purchased in New York Boston or Troy, at their warehouse corner o of Church nnd College hits. Ilurlingtou, June 1. IB) I. PAPER HANGINGS. NEW fupply, with borders, Ac. iuit rce.M from the Minufacwreri.thJuly 2i, c, GOODRICH. MOORE'S ESSENCE OF LIFE. A nhin,lu Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the mentis of saving thousand-, from nn untimely grave. It has been sold and u-cd for thirty years, with great siicce., nnd found cry clucnciou in the following dieae, viz. Consumption, Whooping, Cough, com mon Coughs, Cold, difficult Breathing. Influenza, Hums)', Asthma, i-iiiiiisic, upum nm mono, nam lency, Indigestion, Loociies of the Bowel-, Fitso even kind, Cramp, Kicket, Colic, Catarrh, Dyson t.ire.' Faiiiiinir. Ileniichondriac AU'eelion. Headache Siekncnt Stomach, Alea-le, a preventive of Con tagion disease, (ionland Khcumalittit. tCJ-! he above Medicine i prepared by Henry Sey mour, of Hadley, Ma, from the Original Recipe, by ihedirection of said Moore, nnd sold bv htm and the principal Iruggitiu the United Stntes. I I ..I.. I .......1 I.. 11 . .1. t. . oom wuoic-siuc- mm icon, ny I cult u. opcar, Biiiliiiglon, and bv thedcalcrs generally through out the country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rilHIS article is too well known to need commcn dation and the experience of seven years has Icilionstrated to the rnmnmrrifil rnnimimitv. ibnt for accuracy, convenience and durability, they arc unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from :t to 6 tons. Dormant Waichousc do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs.. Portable do. to weiidi from 1.2 ni. to 200 lbs. PortableCouuter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to -10 lbs. J. & J. II. Pecx & Co. Agents. Burlington, April S 1841. rAIXTIXCi. THF. subsriber being thankful for pat favor. would reiiectfiillv solicit a continuance ol the same and remind hifrfeud and the public that he is prepared to accommodate them on the shortest notice andinostl'iivorablu terms in the various branches in the above line. Shop opposite Mr. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store. Pcarl-slteiit, Burlington, Vl. JAait.3 acu i t , April 1, 1841. n43:ly HEADACHE. CERTAIN CURE FOR SICK HEADACHE, which lias been used in families, everv member of which has had sick headache from infancy, as a constitutional .family complaint, and has cured ellec- tuauy in every instance yet known, amounting to ma ny hundreds. It is not unpleasant to the taste, anil does not prevent thedaily avocations offone using it it must be persevered in, and the euro is gradual, but certain and permanent. Instances are constantly miiltiplyingvtherethis distressing complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years standing bv the use of Dr. Snohn's celebrated remedy. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having none of iuu naiiM-Liiiiig cueci oi common urtigs. Itis sonerfcctlvsatisfactorv. that the nronrietor has given directions for his agents to refund the price to any one who is not pleased with, and ccn cured by it. He hopes aUo that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sullerers who are laboring under iieanaenc. i.. oi'uu.M, Ji. I)., inventor and Pro pi letor. HotdljyCU.l.S'VYJCA f- CO., 71 Mnidcn I.ane. New York. PECK & SPEAK. Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Oflice, Burling- IOII, 1 l. nil FALL GOODS AT N. LOVELY & Co's. TUST received, and now opening for sale, a lull Assortment of Goods, adapied to the season, such a ; Printed Saxony cloth, a great variety Alpackas, all kinds, plain and figuied French and English jlerinoes, figured and plain Plain blk and fig'd mourning and balfinourning Mousschiie-de-lainu Plain, fancy and figured ditto Plain white sattin, striped challys Plaid mousseline-dc-laiiie, a new articlo Prints A chuice selection of Furniture Prints. September, 10, 1811. NOTICE. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing 1 iwecn II. M. GIDDINOS and DAN IiV- ON. under Ihefirm of II. M. OIDDINOS & Co., ha been dissolved by tbedecca-eol II. 31 UlllDI.M'.S. 'I'd., surviviim narmcr ha -old iho STOCK of (1001)3 10 SAMUEL M.POPE, who i, li-r.h- nn. ihorizedloioUoctnticl itisi uarge tiicui-iiis one uieiaie firm ; and tho-e indebted are requested to make pay. nient to him. ittv.s. Burlington Oct. 1. itHi. SAMUKli M. l'OI'H having purchased the stock ofdood of thclati! Firm of H. M. BID DINGS & Co., hereby gives noli, c that he has ci.m mciued bii-incss at the Sland recently occupied by ...;,i i. nn iin.l iiiviic hi- friends and the cutrmer of the late concern and the Public generally to extend to him, at lea!, n -hareol llieir patronage-. Burliiialon, Oct. 1. 1811. Ileal Estate l''or Sale. ADOPT sixteen acre of land, lying in I'lidcrlnll adjoining the farm of Reuben Parker, with a good l.n.isi. nn,l bnrn thereon. Icing the house, and land owned and po-rced by Reuben Bond, decea-ed, at the time of his death, i now oliercd for Mile. The landis ofgoeid (inaliiy nnd lies upon the hill road leading from Underbill villagu lo Cambridge. Persons wishing to purchase will please make application to the subscriber. ZIBA W. CHl'RLII, adm'rV bonis noil, of the estate 01 Reuben Boud. Underhill, Aug. 14,1811. lltf New Vail Goods. llMlieiT'l' .1. In l.o.'.. -u....;..n.t n.. .ortmcnl of entiru new patterns M. de Laine.-, Dark Engli-h irints, 1-1 Scotch (iinghaii)s, Cotton Lisle, Thread and Linen Laees, Plaid Thibet-, Flan nel, (a new n rtiele for children' wear,) Plaid S ha wis, imi. udiieh are ollcrcil at very low Prices. ALSO, A new stock ol Farewell's Gaiter Boots, Walking l.rtu. Ki.rin.r heel nnd French Kid Tie and Slipper!. LnibeL' half Gaiters, (a new article.) Misses do. all which will be sold cheap as the cheapest. Aug. 25. 0? NEW SILK GOODS.Tj PHELPS h KIMBALL, 74 State street, Boston, tmvn received their Fall supply of Silk (juodi. embracing a complete assortment of fashionable and de-irable articles in their line, to which they invito the attention ol purchaser-, lor i,asii, or on snort credit, to whom they will I e sold at the lowest mar ket price. Their assortment consists in part of the following ai'ticlc-s : 1111; synshews and sarsiiel-,! mi. 1 .1 1.U..1- .!..! Merino ami cloak stud Book and Swis inu-tin Shawls of all kin)". 1JI1V Ull't MtllS -....tS.1. Jj's- Swiss. Plain and rich fig'd gro' etc, Fancy handkerchief- nnd scarf-, in great variety, Pocket handkerchiefs of Naules. Chine silks of all kinds, Striped and lig'd Rep- Mlki all kinds, Linen cambric and earn brie haiulkcrehicl. lionncl silks Ullll, Florences, serge, crepe II see. Italian & French cravats, 31. 36, 3S, -10 inch, Plain and fis'J satin vest lttl'al Glove, men's, women's Blk, blue-black and col'd. U children's silk, buck, nnd woolen. bombazines, Blkandblue-bll; silk vel vets, Plain and fig'd mousseline dc lame, Eslicnnes, printed Saxo nies, Ribbons,eap, bonnet, licit, tana ami satin. Galloon, French and En- g isli stieie rioi.iili". sewing -ilk, lwit, braids, cow.-, etc, occ. Boston, Septcmlcr 1, 1811. Cw fI7 UKOAD CLOTHS cju:ap ! CHEAT ! cmur ! JUST opened by E. M. Wiuciit .& Co, a large assortment of Broadcloths, which are offered to the public cheaper than ever. P. . Lnll and sec. September, 9th IB 11. icoirvii. OR may be found in this village, directly opposite tho Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, neulv filled imhi Eood stvle. where the undersigned will bp slail to wait on Ins old customers who may favor nun Willi ineir puironnge. Cmlfl II, O. SPAULDING Ihtrlingtor, April 13, 1SU. 3 AJ BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1841. MII.l.INAHV ,s. mtKSS MAK1M Dy Miss S. BRAY, "ITTIIO has coninieneed 'W-t Sm vv. in the new building on the cast side of Church street, opposite H. Lane's storc.and a few rods south . of thcChurch. whereevcrv nltcntiou will bo given to the making of Bonnets, C.M'S and iJansscs, in ac cordancowith Ihcmostnti- proved Ncw York style, which Fnshions nre now just received for the sea Burlington May 20, 1311. son. n51 OT10E. JCPMediemc is best known by the 11 cine it pcrforiiK.faj 1. Newton'. Panacea, or Pnriher ol'the Blood. The unparalleled and still incrcasingrcpiitatioii which thi medicine hancnair- .1 ll.,.i...rl.. I..V C' I 1 ,., 1 vt. .Miyiiuuni ins. i.uw r.llrIUIll OUIICS, U1HI IIIC' 1 1 1 fL 1 1 V cure it ha performed, and the demand made for it by the advice ofplivsicianwcll acnuninio. n lit, it preparation, has induced the proprietor to cxte-nd us cirauiaiion to aiiuosi every town in I he iMOurn State and the principal town in the United Slates. Tin Panaceis warrantcil I'urclv xecetal lc.and is in sin jiassu u .ins. inner iiicuieinc eer oiicrcii to the .iiiucicu us us cAtunsive aie aim great popularity plainly prove. It ha within the last ..iVIu,.,.,, ninmh. cureil its thousands ofthc iuot obstinate dii'asL.), as cm be proved by certificate', and i pronounced bv eminent and ru-pci'tnble phvsicinns the best medicine inue. Useful information inav be found in ciroulnr. uontaining ccrlilicatc of cures and direction for ta king the medicine'. The following appointed agent Ilurlingtou, PECK and SPEAR, R. Moody St Alban, Curti and Ru-sel Milton, C. Drake Milton Falls, Burnet and Sawyer Walcrville, Fisk and Brown, Iliiicsburgh, Hull and Cook Fairfax, Parker and Mallicld Vergenne-, Aelam and Murray Cambridge. M. Wire Underbill, M. C. Barney .Mirth 1-errisliurgli, il. C. Wicker Georgia. A. Bliss Willkinn. X. Chili, .n,l..,,t!;..i,., i r.... . in... .' ...... ...,,,,,1,,,, ..tvn iX iiuune Johnson, G. L. nrner and Co Monkinn. I:i1,t, Smith llakcrsfieldj Armingtou and Woinlwnrd Fnir- ucici, iJiiiuc-L uiiu i- .irusworill. MA ItS II ALL'S continues unrivalled n u .slreiigthening PLASTER: Al.o. for Ifhenm.-i. tisin, Laiucncs or pains in the side-, limbs or back: for scrofulous swellings, scurvy sore, Fresh wound j and fora general Family Plaster or salve. For Corns, moreover try it; paie close, per-evcre in theu-eby inakiuga new application occasionally, and in lime, yonreorns will be cured. For sale by ' PECK & SPEAR, and Dn. ROBT. MOODY. Burlington, Jan. 22, 1811. lv.f.lS THE I500KSTOIIE OF the Subscriber is just replenished with a new and valuable assortment of BOOKS, STATION ARY AND ENGRAVINGS, among the many in teresting works may be found the following Learn to Die, by Christopher Sutton, Sutton on the Sncinments, The Young Alan's Aid, by Rev. II. Winslow, Glimpses of the Past, Language of Flowers, Tales of the Ocean, Flora's Interpreter, Flora's Lexicon, Summer Journey in the West, by Mrs. Steel, TheNcstorians.or the Lost Tribes, bv Dr. Grant A eek in Wall-Street D. A. BlUMAX. Ju n9 BLANK HOOKS. ledgers, Journals .fe Iteronl llnnl;s. IOR towns, county and probate records maiinfac . Hired from the best hncn woe Demi and Mcdi- 1IITI ll.mpr.ltiinnit t,, ..nir. 1 . , in I , " s,.,. , .1LDU, il liiici Ol CUIlllllUll I lank work or sale cheap for ready pay at the sign of tlir. llrl I... , S. HUNTINGTON. June 25, 1311. n;j nkvv r;nnn THE subscril erH have just rcceieed from N. Yorl:, .1 l.l ri.. n s.nrll, rf ' A IV P. Y n n n n c among which may be found Heavy Mack and blue black- Poi de Soi Silk GrodeSwi-s " ' " " Pckinslripc-d " " " ' GrodeAlriT,e " Light colored do " lo " Pel; riped " " Plaid Poi deSoi, (a new article) Bonnet sill;, bonnet Lawn-, blk Italian cravat-, plain and lig'd French bombazine--. Half mourning, plain if-lig'd, all wool Mouslinc iicLiuues, Chinee and Satin tripi-l Mojsline deLainc. very line. Lace Veil-, Illk nelt -haw's mid -carf-, nett .Mitts and Gloves, tff ",1 '!", Vc and sntmsioe-k, ' Tl Vp ' '" -l"1 '"rtmg ct Elimgs, I bread E Igiugs .bonnet &..ap Ril.l,,,,. cWsvlc- w', r I vr''i" ' "''?' ribbM silk' Jo". '5 " ' Worsied Working Piiliciismu-, July 23, 1341. u7 E. M. WIlHifri' co l"I.MOW SASH I Ju-l received 15, 211 iuni si ny ycascnicnts ol sllst, li r.l ml,. n , '1 I nnil 31 cents per light ; al-o an i.iiiiis amisize., nii'lll-licit 111 llritt'r. 'I'lfin, ,t...,, i. I.I ...I lea l, a first rate article, for sale very low, together with Bic-.ii v.iriciy oi oiner aril dase cheap a can 1 e loiind at any other establish nent in the place. tiuo. Pi:Ti:nsov. K?-0 CWSIBITHZNG,) VV li;ibitnnt, of 1 tnrlnw-i,,.. , i cinity, that lie has opcneil a &!iop in vyi.uti.ij Butu, ui uiu Mgn oi me utile wlicru he intends to carry on the Gun fainith lliiMiicsf, in all its various, hranch I'S. 1 f n V i tier In iiii ..rntil.t.t r., tl... 1. Btx years mtlieshonof J. 31. Caswell in l.nnt.iiiit I. . .l.i, .11.. .1. ' shnu in tin. TTtnl...J 1. f.i . r "v , ,"iuiui; iiuiuLi- war ranted in oilennghis work to the public. TITV1.TIIIW1ITI 1 i.i. VI oeionginfrto J-'J. oneof the most ancient and wealthy families of tills ntv.whn tl,lll l,n Vl-rll 1.- i c- , ,.vt. ,, ,u,,,ii,ii.-iuusiricuus having since tlio y ear 181S, up to recently, been bent ...u. uuuu.v, uiiu iui rtiuui ycurs coiinncil to Ills bed, has been restored to good health has regained mo uicci iiuMiioii aim nns quitted his car. rmnn. mwl linn, ii'ollra ,,.i,l, ..., I I w.. 1...IT .1, ,,,. vfv.. iicuciievoillis 11 thegciiilciuan's own description as near as possible nnd thereis no cYnffffprntinn in it v .;n t rcrs his address, nneTiIoubt not huniaiio teelinis will inrniicn tlio ht.ri,, . ... .I.n ...... -,..., n ... v ' , cU , uiiv uuuuimt;, may (wu. t,ii.Ev.-i.ii:i. uiougu ue reijuesis ms name may n 11 . :Z , u VV ni,V;' i ?,"' . , "ccs' -ur-Jtts.- i ' w...,o,,-DivtI utii oeeii rcsioreu, and will give personal assurances of the facts of Ins and sinews. How has ibis pen il.m.ii Answer. Ily the Indian Vcttul.Ie mixer in- ternally, and Haves' Ncrie and Hone Liniment fl,.i.)..i.ilf., 1.... nn icn t. ii ' 1 .'t it y 1 uiill, v.i, 1011, S.'.J.In.,!.. ,.. "VI IKWl'i- r tr. .... J.rmf, Jeir iorl;. ..n PUCK it .SPEAR, Wholesale Agent,, a few doors east of the Post Office, Ilurlingtou, Vt. FOR SALE. rnllAT large and commodious two sto. ffilB ry "rirkllwclni; House .S; l,ot IllSH s"Ultcil on the west side of College gieen HIUiLntllic head of Culleim.atroKi :,, ,i.;.. ...i e0; 'Vl" House is 32 by -13, with a basement story, with Kitchen and Provision en irs mid ,. :.,o.i if. Gj.oxteiidingnoith on College (irecn with wood'aiul sioii: uuusu uciow, uiiu ciiaiuier- ana slcepiuc room above. A largeandi-oiimiodioiis Hani, carriage house ice hou-e-, and other out-houses, and a spacious vaul l!' liT I tw. ihi-t'llintr Itibit... ....I. 1 'l . , ' i .luu.i kuijii iiuriiMu well Of water of the best nualilv in the vill...... m,,! i...i. c,tern. One mi l bind ,rii, i,... iiualil) a large garden andehoiee fruit tiees west of (he house and yaid. uie iiiiuiiiugs arei-oiistrueied in modem style, ol it... I. ...I mtPrinl. nml ...1,-1 n, .... I. ... ... I. , ..w,.....uii.-iiii, wereerei'leil uv the siibsenber for hi-own use. and ib frw,!!!,,,, nf- onls n very extensive an.l pleasant' prospect of the village and lake on the West and i- not siirnn-seJ bv mil' l)tl.,.r li, Iiii ,..i,i ..r.l... ' AtSO loi- s.-lbi n lot eniilMinii,,. ,,n nri 1 .1.' . IV oiiiio-ite the above lot with usiiialleonienicntwood .,.,, in n.Hisu iiiereon. I urehascrsnre invited to call and exminefor thun-selves-lejms made known by die sul srril er on the premises. .AMl'J'L HERI). uuriinjtcn June, IB, lenj. 1 1 J MUl-l-AT'S VKtll-.TAULi; LIFE MLDKJl.NES. These nieiliciues are indebted for their name lo their manifest nud scii-iblu action in purifying the spnngsniid channels of life, and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified c.isck which hau been made public, and in nlmo-t every species of disease to which the human frame i liable, the happy e feels of Mot fat's Lire Pili.h and litiKNK lltiTi.r.s h.u-o been greatfullynnd pullicly acknowledged by thu persons bcnclitled, and who werc pieviously iiiiacqiiainted with thobcaulifully phi losophiea. principle- upon which they aieconipound ed, nnd upon which Ihcvcoiisiiitiently net. Iho UI-LMLDILIM-.S i cconuucud themselves in diseases of every form mid description. Their first operation is to ' from the coats of the stomach and bowel-, the various impurities and crudities con stantly seltlllur around tbemlnnd In ti.tnnv.. il,.. u,. ileneil faces which collect in the convolutions ofthc smallest intestine. Odicr medicines only partially cleansethcse, nud leave such collected tnas-es I ehin'd as to produce habitual costivencss, with nil it Irani of evil-, orsnddcii diairlnea, with Us iminiiient dager-.n I Ins fact i, well known to nil logular nnntoiiii-t., who examine the litim.ui bow els after death j and hence tho prejudice of those Well informed men against iniack medicine or medicines prepared nnd heralded to the public by igiioraul persons. The second ellect ol the Life Medicines K to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and by this means, the liver and tlielmigs, the hcalthfulac-iion ofvv Inch entirely depends upon tho le gularily of tho miliary organs. The blood, 'which take-it rcdcolor from the agency ol theliverand the lung- before it passes into the heart, being thus purified by them, and nuun-liod bvfuod coining from a clean stomach, course- freely through the veins, renew every pari of the system, and triumphantly mount the banner of health in the blooming cheek. Moilat's Ve-gctahlu Life Medicines have been thor oughly to-tcd, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dy spepsia, Flatulency, Palpilalionof thclleart, Loss ol Appetite, Heart-burn and llead-achu, Itc-tlcncss, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos. Iivcnes-, Di.irrluea, Cholera, Fever- of nil kind-, Rheumatism, Com, Dropsies ot all kinds, Cinvcl, Worms, Asthma and Coiisnuuition. Senn-v' rt,..r.i Inveterate Soies, Scorbutic Eruption-and Dad Com plexions, Eruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and other disagreeable Uomiilexion-. Salt Rheum. Eiv-sn.. clas, Cuminon Colds and Influenza, and various other complaints which nflliet the human frame'. In Fi.vmi ami .oc-E, paiiicuiaiiy, tlie I.Hu -Medicine, have been ino-t eiiiiucntly successful ; so much so that in the Fev crand Aiiedi-triet-, Physician- almost mn'v ersally prescribe them. All that Mr. Moll'at re'uiiiic-of his patient- i- to le particular in taking the Life .Medicine- strinlv ner -or. ding to the duections. Hi-not a new-paper notice, or by anything thet lichunsell may-ay lulheir favor, that he hopes to gain ciedit. Itis'aloneby the results of a fair trial. .MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; de-ignesl n- n lome-tie guide to health. Thi-litlle uaumlili'i. i.lue,l by W. II, Mo.l'at, 27 j llroadvv ay, New York, ha- I ecu published forthe jiurpo-eofexiilainiug inorefully Mr. Moilat's theory of diseases, and will be lound Inzhly interesting tonersons seeking health. It treat- imou prevalent di-e-asc-, and tho cause- theieof. Price, 25 cent- for sale by Mr Moti'at's AirciHs-rc-iierully. riicse valuable Medicines are for sale bv Robcit Moody Druggist, i. Ifeneral agent, (to whom all np-plication- for atrciiciesshould bcaddicsscd, post jaid) iiuriiiiuiou, il. .inn. -i, ion. 'TIIE Ilurlingtou llrevvery is now X in full opeiation, and Beer of dm vfrv l,pl iittntilir i. Lrnt ntn stnntlv on hand for sale in whole 'nr Ci I'F.TKII SnV Oct. ia, i8ii. NATUHE'S (IRANI) RESTORATIVE. This valuable Vegetable Medicine -tands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz: Dy-pcpsia, or Indi-gCstion,disea-eil Liver, biliousdisorde'rs, lirop-y, Asth ma, Costivenc-s, Woinis and loss of Aiineiue.'aiid bv cleansing the stomach and bowels, cuies pain- in the sine, siomacii ami ureasi, colds and cough- ol long staiidniL', lloar-cucs... shorlncs- of breath. Nervous complaint-, etc., which nie frequently the ellect ol'dit- casc. l or 1 eve-rand Ague, it isaiuost valuable pre ventative as well a- a sovciciirn rcinedv. Its virtues surpass any thing hcietofore known in icinoving St. v mis' nance, two Oolites have I ecu known to cute tbi-allhciingdiscase, aficr having I allied every exer tion tor four year.-. It ha-a most powerful inllucuce in removing nervous complaint., in- pleasant to take andsoea-y in its operation, 1 hat it may I eiulministeieil to tlie infant witli -alety. I he above Medicine i- very highly rc-omuii'iided by many scientific gentlemen, and a Luge niiml er ol'ladie-.' who have nron.l 1 1 , . - virtue- of the Medicine by personal useniid that oftheir laniuies. A inn oiccTiihoate-acccimpauiesc.R'h bottle, with direction-. It may I e had whole-ale or retail ol :. iirnain, iiarre, ami j. u. t nruaiii, J.ast VVillianis town, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin al recipe j for sale by E. II. Pienti , Monlpelier, and 1T.CK .par-Mil, Ilurlingtou, and in the principal town- in the sutepill directions signed lit the hand writing of the proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. JI' S T received, a supply ot Marsh'- celebra Trus-e-, of everv elv-criptioii, for ale bv thu doz or single, Nov. 1. PECK if-'.SPEAK. lLjTru-sc. accurately applied free of ch lrge. CATAIIIMI SNUl'J'. MARSHALL'S SM'l'F, is .-till cuniiallic Catarrh and the various di-ea-e- of the head, a -.well as soieeyes, In all part- of the eo mtry ; and sii. mining the leputatioii which it has lung since gamed, ot being ab-ol.ilely the best article of the kind in the market. Each bottle eoiitnin- three time- the iniantilv of one of tho-e which are offered at "ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS." And I- therefore a much cheaper as well as better article. For sale bv PECK &. SPEAR and Dr.. ROD I MOODY, nilington, Jan. 22, IS 1 1 . lv.f.lS $20 SlEW-fiim. C'l (M lti:WARU has been offered for month! Wu" to any otiow ho wi 1 use a hot I eof llaxj s Jjimmcnt fur the I'lles, without being cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof ovcrvv helming to be had vv here it is sold. Itis also a certain cure in nearly evert ease. (Externally,) in the following coniplnints. For the Piles, for all dropsy, tender feet, sore throat, by can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scnld head, Tightness of tho chest, especially in children, foul ul cers of tho legs, or other fungus sores, however obsli natcor long standing, fresh wounds, chilblains, etc. LOOK OUT. ifomc swindlers hare counterfeited this article.und put it up with rariousdexices. l)o not bo imposed upon. One thing only will protect yon it is tho name of CUMU'J'OCK CO: that name mutt be nirny on the wrapper, or you may be ciliat ed. Do not forget it. Take tho direction with you and test by that, or never buy it j for it is impossible for any other to bo true or ge nuine. uj .Sold by COMSVOCK CO., 71 Maiden Lane, Iew York. P E CKi S P E A II, Wholsale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Oflice, llurling lon. Vl. DOCT. .M.WtSII AI.lS Aronwtic, Catarrh and Headaclie SNI I'F. Tin-Snulfis superior lo uny thing yet known, for leniovuig that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a c old in the Lead, and the headache. It opens nnd purges out all ob-tiiu uons, streiiglhcu-the gl.iiid-,and sue-a healthy action to the part- allecled. 1 1 1- pi i fcclly lice from uny tlungilele-teriou- in it- compo-ilion has a lea-nut flavor, and itsiimut-bateelli'ci, nfierl eing used, is abgrceabjc'. Price il 1 cents per bottle. Duel, Marshall'. Vegetable Indian ll.'ack PIASTER. 1 his Plu.ter t- uuiivalleil for curing scrofulou- swelling-, rkurv y Soics, Lame Hack-, nnd Fresh Wounds j pains in the sides, Hips and Limbs; and seldom fads to givuiclicfin local Rheumatisms, If applied in the will cure many of iheeommon Liver Complaints; nud is equal, if not superior, to any thing in u.-c for corn- on tho feet ; the virtues uf tin- Plaster have 1 een witnessed by thousand- of individuals in the Cuitt-d Slates, vvho'liavcle-tcd Us etUciey, Sold byihe pro prietor; Cha. liowen, Jliddlebufy, Vt., and Peck .V b'lTAn, Ilurlingtou, V. jel Ileal Hstate for Sale, fit the Till", Two Houses owned hy Mr. L. Human!, at liurlmgtnti Fall-, will be sold at a reduced price. Attached to one is about an acre of land, and to the other about half an aero. Applv to II, LEAVENWORTH May :i. 1SU. 51 fpHEsubscrulcri having transferred llieir entire v 6sjnifn?f,lUrU-&,-McmcinoaloT' A' I,KCK A. o. bl EAR lake this occasion to make their ac know jedgcnicmajD llieir friends ettlio Public fot their liberal and long continued patronage which has been cMcnde'd tu them as druggists ; and at Iho same lime they beg leave strongly to reccommend their succes sors -Messrs PECK it .S'PEAR as regularly bred 'ruggists and that on their fidelity andexperience the Public may fully rely. ,, J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. Iltirlington Slept. 20 1911. DRUGS ANI) MEDICINES. r.,,Ono door cast of J. it J. II. PECK -v: Co. I H I. subscribers successors as Druggists to Messrs J. II, PECKeteo. have fonnud a copartner ship under Ihe firm of PECK ip SPEAR, and have purchased or their predecessors llieir entire slock of Drugs if. Medicines which, together with Into nddi tions from ;Nevv York if. Boston renders their assort ment largo if- complete enabling them to supply the trade on the most liberal and advantageous terms. From,, I initting and exclusive attention which they are deter mined lo bestow they hope to give satisfaction to the I'llllilU. llurlington, .Sept. 20, 1811. . T. A. PECK, .A. C. SPEAR. NEW BOOKS mill', Poys'sand Oirls' Own Hook of Fairy Talcs, X Comstock tho Whalcinau, Juvenile Forget Mt rvot, Fortune Tellers and Dream Hooks, and a great variety of children's Hooks, for Salu at October 1. S. HUNTINGTON'S. Ni3W GOODS. PDOOL1TTI.E has just received his Foil sup- ply or Goods, consisting of all the Variety of Drv Goons, l)nv Ghocekies, &.c, usually called for, which he will sell for the very lowest rmexs. Ilurlington, .Sept. 30, 1811. II A I, S A JI () K LIVE 11 V OUT, Observe when vcu buy that voti g.t the genuine, prepared at 37i liowery, New York. See that 375 HowcryN'evv York i- on the wrapper of each Mottle. All other-are Fraud, and -old only by -peculator-, without regard to jii-tice, to the public, or the proprietor- of the genuine article. IJ'OR Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dvspcp . si.i, dizziness ofthc head, loss of appetite. De-sen tarv, and general icgiilatcrol the whole sv-iciu. None genuine 1 ut that prepared at 37J Howery, New York, where the arliclo vva- first made, the char acter of the medicine foimed and established by the present sole proprietor-, ami whoaie the only pe'r-ous knowing the coinpo-itiou ofthc genuine. It ha-1 eejii u-cd siiccessfjdly for eight year- in the cure df these disease-. Jt-JHcincinl cr'tbe original aiid' I-made only at No. 375 Iiowciy, New York. All other- are eoiintcifcit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a general remedy fur lhe-e disease-, I am fully satisfied, from long experience, there is no medicine eipial to Dr. Taylor'- llalsum of Liverwort. Hting iiiuc'v vegetable, it can be used with the utmost sulci v liy all iic.Min- in every condition. It cleanse- the lungs by expectoration, relieves dillicult breathing, and seem-lo heal the che-l. Therrcnn 1 e noque-tiuii but thi- medicine is a certain cure for chrome cough and colds. I have u-ed'it lo ir eais in my pracuce, and always wilhsui cess. A.'F. HOGEli'S, M. 1). Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'- llalsam of Liverwort to be a certain remedy 'for this coiiiilaint, as I have u-cd il myself and found il- elects an immediate. I wa luuch troubled until I made u-r ofthi- medicine. M. L. I1ENS1IAW. 211 .Mjiigin st. lloarscne Ciucl Fur the cure of hoar-ene-- 1 can strongly receoinmeiid Dr. Taylor's of Liv erwort. I have not onlyloiiud n'reat leuclit my-rlf, but many of my congregation by my re.'coinnic'tida tion have rccicveil gicat leuclit irom iis virlne. It i u toiicu mild , ellicaeious and harmless, REV. AZ. LEWIS. ScvereCough-and Cold- I have had a mo-t se vere cold and cough, for a long tune u Inch J could not get ridof. After u-ing many u-clet- thing. 1 tri iilTavlor's HnUam of Liverwort, and it ours-H me in a tew day.. J.S. H. K'ERHINOCK. Rai-ing of Illood About two weeks ago I had a fall, vt iiich caused ine to spit large qualities of blood which nothing could cure until 1 tried Dr. Taylor's llalsam of Liverwort. This medicine gnve me imme diate relief and in a very short lime elected an entile cure1. Let all person- irv it. HIUH MC GAI1VEV,-1 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor'- llalsam of Liverwort This suprior remedy fordi-ea-es of ihe lung- and liver ha- obtain ed a rt'iiula'iun never bcforeepialled. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . wa--o near her deilh wild thi. di-ea-e, tint mv Ineuds -cut lor a pr.est locotife me ere I died. Ill in Ins nn rev, told me not to give up until I tried Dr. Taylor's llalsam rf Liverwort. 1 sent iiniuediaiely fortius medicine, and although the conu-t for n few days 1 etwceii tin-medicine, and my di-ea-e w.i- se vere, the medi'-ine conquered, and in a fortnight I was rcstuicd to health. I had a co igh, rai-iug ter, lo-s ul my voice, ji.iin., in's, ecc. i can re nrto Doclor WiIm n, m tin- C.irllou Hiiu.f, for the truth ot my stuteineui. MARY DILL, IB 1, street cor. Hew.ire e.ffr.iiids. U-3J avenue. Summer Complaint. The Hal-am ot Liverwort, in several ca-es of this oi-ea-e, wiicre an oilier rcnuilies applied ly phy-i-oiaii- hive proved, ha. i.roduccd a perfect Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. li. Glnddiu ot Delhi, N. Y., of a n.iiiir.illv eon. suiimtive constitution, 1,,,. 0cu savi-.! from a",, nn timely end by the u-e of Dr. Taylor's of Liv erwort. A -eveie cold brought'oii an attack; of I'leu icy, and thu-ended in general debility and Vonsmni.. lion. A ci.u-taul cough, bec-tic ilu-li, re-t'e night quick piil-c, and cunt. need lo-s f,f flrsl .mccred a . mm-unuii j imi .is soon a- i eoiiuiicnml the u-eol tin- 1 alsaiii I grew letter, nnd i now fully restored U Jlt-slltll. Shortness of lircath. For this disease, I have always lound Dr. Taylor'- iiai-.iiu in i.ivcrwon an excellent remedy. It is at once -u sale and u elective, that I always u.e it in my practice, and rcceoininrnd o m i,,,' r.....i. i have u-e.l it in some hundreds cf can's within Ihe'p.i. lour year-, and I have never had it fail. In many ca-es oiiisiiiin.i, 1 lully Iclicveitio have I een the "iv.ius uis.iiiuy niecioiis live-. all use it . . . GEORGE RALPH, m'. 1). None genuine but thai prcpaied at 375. iowery. New 1 ork. as will te seen by the label- ami wrap pers ol each bottle. He sine you look when vou buy 1 he genuine can alvvny- 1 e ul t.uned of the old nccnts .. i.oveiy c. co. in iiurliugtoii, also of Dr. Moody ainl Peel; .f.&'pear, Druggists Samuel II. Uarne Chdrlolte. ' NEW ESTA1JLIS1I.MENT. (SUCCEriSUHS TO K. JiltlCOS.) Wholesale and lictail Confectioners, W ii i ''M'cciluify inli.riu the inhabitant- of - . i.iiiiiiiiiui .inn mo surrouuiiiiig ccjuntiy, that they carry on the Confectionary J,'usincts, on all it variuus I ranches. Determined to u-e the very I est material- in manufacturing, ihey will at all lime. furnish .Merchants and other.- dealing m Confection, uries with the lest quality, nnd on thu lowe-t po-si- uieicrins nuop out luir.-li Mnt't, two door- South of S. L. Howard's Sioie, newly and neatly lilted up, where we cordially mvue all to call nnd ccum.,,..., ... article-, eousi.iingol all kinds of Stic; Candn. Halt. and Kise-, Hearts and Diamond., Hr.tid., Pepper mint, U'luou Drop-, Vanilla Cream, Lozenge. Sicar Plumb-, C.irravv.iV", Couilii-, Cassia Hud-, Rik I; and Drown Candy, Sugar Sand, Mom, and Scciet-, Sugar Apple-, Potatoes, Egg-, and llnsket,, wul, various other ailicles loo nmnen Us to be mentioned. A general assortment of rit h and fancy Cakes on hand, and bakevl to order, together Willi Ire Cicauis to furnish panic-, c. c. AI.IO- Col'cit Caniiv, which we rxoinmeud for Cough Colds, Ilo.irsene-s, ilr, We do not iireiend to say Willi Mr. J, Ps.ise iV S.u, that our Candy will cure all disi'a-e. Ic.uluig to Consumption, ihink. that is saying ttio lunch. CLOCKS. We have a goo.1 a-sorlincnt of llrass and HWtn Clocks, which we will sell very low for ca.h i,r nil. provixl enslit. Plra-e call and examine lrfore pur chasing elsewhere. ' N. H All orders Irom n ili-ianre, post paid, will In pioiupllv attendcilto, ami iiaeka.'e.and boxe. nm on I oarvl of stages or boats, when ir..,,,,r..t rr..J . r II I i.'n.. .... .i . im ji.iiiii-iii.ii nun -.iii.ii an orders to .VII T. f'lll.. I I a. I l IV '.. r-. . . - r i, ,l",,'" t-aqrit-iionerf, there leinstwo ....,,su, sm,v ittiiiii; ,,i i nr niingp,'in;trn, Vt. O-t. 2i, 1SU. umbiiIi's oiujiauii iiirn;iis. may Used ill Vv ineor Water 'l'bi's.,.cFel,rntn,ll,iller. are composed purely or Vegetables of the most inno cent yet specific virtue-. They are recommended par ticularly for rc-loriug weak constitution-, elcaii-ing nnd strengthening the stomach, and increasing the nppetite also a preventative again.! the cholera mor-bu-, fever nnd ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in the breast, pain m the stomach anil other symptoms ofllalidcncoiuid indiges tion, One box will lineturu one gallon. Price S3 cts. a box. Rirssiai.'s Itch Ointment. Thi-choice and safe ointment i- said to I e superior to any now in u-e, for that di.agrecablc an 1 lo.uh.omc, ti e I'lCH. This Ointment is ii cearlinn in its operation flint no person llouhlcd with the above disorder ought lo be without it. It is a remcily for eutuiieous eruptions, -eerbutie nilectioii'. of the head, or any other breakiuy out which ari-es from sharp humors in the blood. Price 25 el. a box. Rus-li.l's Vegetable HfLtioi's Pn.i.s, or family physic, for general iiscy in (lases of.Iaundiie, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowels, loss of appetite, liclid breath, co-lfvgneis, IHe'i, and all diseases aris ing from biliary derangement-, al-o fur correi-tmg the state of thejWood, aiyl cleansing Ihe sVsieni ol foul and viscnpiuiinours. These pills area'iuild ca thartii', producing tieJicr Pun nor griping, and are therefore a valuable and liijldy approved medicine, nndare pronounced assticb by the most distinguished pby-jciiin-. Each box contauiiii'' 33 Pills. Price 37fcts.a'tox. .' " liutvell'k Velclirated Salt Rheum Ointment. This iwinime-tionably life best and snfe-l remedy ever V el fiered to lhe"iuolie for that obstinate disorder SAL'I RHEUM. Where oflier means have tailed, it has suc ceeded, and tlte fact thai it has been .Men.irely used by eminent Piactitioners speaks volumes in its praise. It i equally eilicaciou- in all di-ea-es of the -km, -aid head, riig worm., and the nvost inveterate Itch, .te. i:e. Niiincrous certificate. Might le obtained, 1 utthu propritor choo-e- llial a fan sho ild I elhe only evidence ofit superior eilicacy. Price 50 cent- a box. For sale by Peck if. Spcnr and Robwrt Momlv, lliirlingloiii Dr. C. E. .Mile-, and Hull fc Cook, Huic; burghi S. II. llarnc-, Charlotte; L. Jane-, Georgia! L. Tyler, E ex j Fuller tV IIiintiiiL'ton, liiihinoud Al-o, by the druggists and merchant, generally liroiigboui the state. o2.'Jn.'. DISEASES OF THE LIJNKS...Deci,lc.ll the ino-l i'i . u !.t i leuii'dv ever kncivn in America Vegetable l'ulmonury llalsam is the must valuable leiiirdj in, iv in uje fur eoi:h,rulils, .i..lin..i or phihile, coiiriiinpiiun, u hooping cough and aflrciiuH. ofevcij kind, lis sale i steadily iiicieasinj. and the tuopneiois nie runslanlly leceiting ihe must ravoiable account of its rflcrir. 'I he folluwitig new certificate aie ufferedfnr public ox.imin.iiinn. An Cask Exiracl of a If iter Troiii Mr U ti Cl,i), Kinjsioii, Ulswr Co., IN. Y. iu ihe pruprieiors. " Vuuis of ihe Dili nisi, was duly isc'd A remarkable cine was t'tTecird by ihe Vealalilc Pul. inunaiy llabain in the wuuer and "u ini! f IS35. 'I he person, Ml. Aluudv, had been sick a long lime wild ihe eeiniiiiiiptiiin. Ilia plij ici,nn had given him up He was icducedsu low as lo be unable lo help hiui-elf, mil was Lining a l.nge ipianlil) of blund when he coniinenct'd using ihe lljla.iin, which has elTeeiedn, coui))lele cine, and lie is iinvv as h.ile and hcnl) as evei hp via., .Mr, Muodj has iciuond fiom this town, bin lie II ii picuiised me a nioie deUllfd .iccnunl of his case, uhie-li I vvillfuiwrd vou. C. S CLAY. Kiugsion, N. Y. June 23. 1S3S. Exliarl of a lellei fioin Dr. Jaenb Mvprs. The Veelable Pulumn.iiy H.iLiim has bepri sold i i this coiluly for luoyeais, mid ihe medicine has g.iinej an uneuiniiliin rplrbi ilv, Tor il'ely in iiiicim.-i.iucp f.iilpd nl h.Hiin 'be desueii cfTeci. I am by no meant in favor of llu: many uoslriuii-, inosl ol vv Inch are im io-ilioii4 upoH ,i rredutous tniblie, bill llial which I know by use In be efie'ciu il, I cannot help bui 1vp inv il.'prob iiiun ihcreio. A rounierfi-ii prrpariiiioii Im's been ii ffered here by a travelling Agpui, of Conisioek, N. Y. Hiidtheieis aaaiher ariiele vended heie lhat is .Irungly suspccied to bespurious. Jcon Myers, M. I). Mifflingion, Juniata co. I'pnn. Maj 3, IS37 Fioin Dr. Samuel Muirell, to the Piopi ipiois of ihe Wiie lable Pulmonary HdUani. I am satisfied the Ve getable Piilinonasrv llaljim is a v alu.ible mcdpciiie Ii has been iispiI in this place with complete succe.-- in mi obsiin.iie complaint ul the lumen, .incmled iviih a seveie coiijjti, loss of voire, and the raisin; of iiiiii li blood, which hsd ptpviolislv re-i-lpd ui.ih) Hppiuvi"! (nesc'iipiioiis. AIim u-ing ilie-H.iNHiu one vvei-k, the paiieni's voice leiurncd and hp wasable to spe4k audi bly. This rase ocriined suiiip time since, and the man is now engagpil not unly inactive but laborious business. Kpspri'ifnll), Ice. S. MoKni.Li.. Il is now nirire iImii six je.irs sinre I was In unglil vpij low bj an affeelion uf llip huis, dud in rumpbiinl was declared lo be incurable h) a council of ilupp ph. -ieiaus. I vvds iben ip-loied lo .i-uuo I heallli a- 1 enjojpd fur mail' p,irs, bv usin ihe Vegpinblp J'ul. moii'irv Halsain. Since ill) rec.uvprj I luve ipcom inputted the litis. m in a 51e.1l umiij cj.p of 'itni; i'iiiiiibtials, nnd so far ih 1 can leant, its line his in. varinblj been fullinv ptl bv iiiiirh heuefii, and in uiauv iiistsnct s ii has efTt'Cieu curpg whirli vti-ip nbnllv iinex ppcipd. Samuel ErEKt.rr. H.i.ion, M.irib 2, 1S37. For sp, wliolesrflr and retail, by PECK & SI'E Wl,Hiiiiiininn, Vi. WE the siibsirilcrs, having bicn appoinltsl by the Honor.ibleihe Probate Court lor Ihe District ol Chittenden commissioners lo receive, examine and ailju-i the claims and d.'iiianJs of all person-, ayauist the estate of JAIIE5C PE.N.M.MAX, laic of Co! hes'er, 111 .aid Dl-lrict, decea'cd, repre eiitcil insolvent, an d al-o a l claims and ilriuand. ex hibited 111 u'l-ci thereto and six month- from the dale hereof, being allowed by said Court, fur that purpose, we do hereby give notice, 1 lull wevvil annul to tro biisines. cf appointment, at the dwelling of John Howard, in Ilurlington, 111 said di-trii 1, 1 11 ihe sp,.und Mondays of Janu.11 y and April npxt, at 10 o cluck, A. M. on each ol'saiu el.iys. Dated, tins. 1 Ithd.iy c.l'O. tol er, A. D. IS II. roon:, l.l'THER LOOMIS, j ---niis 10 STEAM-JJOAT HOTEL, 11LTII.INUTO.V, VERMONT. HY JOX.VTIIAX II A UT. fit. H. respectfully announces to the citizens of J.a iiurliimton nnd vicinity, and the travelling public generally, that ho has nurclirsod. ihoroiinblv repaired, painted, filled up, and furni-hed tho above iioiet, sitiiateu on me corner ot .soiiili and unter streets, opposite the head of the Steamboat Wharf in the village of Ilurlington, (formerly owned and kept uy cupiuiu 1. it. 1 lurriugion, 01 1110 .sieamuoai l'lite nix,) iu aslylo of convenience and comfort not stir. passed by any other Hotel in the village. A spacious parlor, sitting room, reuding room, nnd dining room, all communicate with each other, nnd with the front piaza on tlie ground lloor. The Har loom, bams, sheds and yards are arranged m the best possible man ner to accommodate the travelling and business pub lic. An ncru of gruund, nearly on a level, adjoins this Hotel, with convenient out-huuses, spacious and airy walks, and gardens 1 are all inviting lu travellers, business men, boarders nnd partitsof pleasure, Mr. II. from long experience professes to know how to furnish a cood Table and liar, and to crvc tin the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies that the market and season ttlliml, in a manner to suit the iaic of the connoisseur i and he confidently as. urcs hi patrons and guests that his utmost exertions vvillbe puttn re quisition 10 serve tiieiu. Steamboat passengers will be waited on, to and from the Hoats, and llieir baggage transported, and taken eareol at thistintcl, and save their I lack lure to nnd from the Courl bouse square. alago passengers can tie teit at aim taucn irom 1111s Hotel without additional fare, and those taking the lioatsvvill bo shown onboard and their baireace flee of expense, and without incurring any ti-k of being tell, oy lueuaiKuess or I'ucncssoi ine mgni, or any other contingency incident totheprccipitnticyofttearii power, or tho fluctuations ot wind and urnthrr. liorses ana carnages iiirmsueii iiin-c wun wisn 10 transact business, or visit any part of ibe village, on reasonable terms. Single incalb 25 cent-, and other charges in propor. Hon, 3ma0 Ilurlington, May 20, 15 II. FARM FOR SALE. TOR Sale a farm, consisting of about one hundred nnd fifteen acres nf lund well situated oil tho main road from Hinesburgh to Hurlinglon. On thepieniisps lliero nre good liuihliiigs amieno cciiuu. 1 uepn iicriy will be sold low. For further particulars enquire a Sept. 17. n, 1), 1SHAM. Shdhiirne, Vt Qana YDS. French English and American OUUW Pnntsof Everv Stvle ounhiv and Price just re'd by r,. M. vv KiiiitT cv: jo. It' slrJM i IB ul I VOL. XV....No. 25. A VH11Y VAl.UAItl U F A U M F O It s A L E. THE subscriber being desirous to retire Irom aotiva business, now oilers to dispose or bis li' A It M , situated in Colthcstcr, one hair mile west of tlio stage, toad, leading rioni Ilurlington to St. Albans, and only six miles from Ilurlington. Said Farm is handsomely situated, containing ISO aeias of as good land a's can befound in Chittenden countjr'and under as high state of cultiv.tljpu, having been under the improve ment of nn English Agriculturist tho last twenty three years. There is on the Farm a convenient House, with a never failing well of pure water al lli door. A good Ham, with coiiTcmcnt sheds attached to it, a valuable wood lot of lleach and Maple, and a fincOrchard of choice Fruit. Zny person wishing t purchase such a farm as above described, had better make application soon to James Scolt, Puarl-struect, ' liuruugiun, or me suusenner on ttio premises. j WILLIAM SCOTT. I Ilurlington, July 0, IS II. j N. H. Terms or payment will be inaJu very easy. nS BURLINGTON CHAIR FAC7CST CL, XELS.X, continues the business of manufacturing unairs at me oiti stand, or tlio fol lowing descriptions: Curl Maplu (irecian, CanuScat, Common Cano nnd Flng Seat, Large and Small Raised Scat Rockine', do do Com mon do. Common Dining, etc. &c. All of vrluch are warranted a first rate article uiul will bo sold at pnom to coircspoiut wnn the times. AND FEATHER HMDS, KBADT FEATHERS, M.Ul.. Constantly on hand, a supply of warrantee! Liyo Grcese Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Hirds Ey Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite bfu ' 1 i C. L. XEL'SON UDWAItl) J." If AY'S BOOT Sc SHOT3iSTOUr. iMunli-fslrect, ISurhnpJon. HERE be lias on hand a superior assortment ot Ladies and Gentlemen's w HOOTS AND SHOES', of the following assortment 1 (.cut's fine calf sewd Hoots I Hoys Calf Shoes, Ladies Clnitcr Hood, " Kid Slip, " New spring nipa & Tics, " Colored Slipj, " Hionzcd " Calf " Misses Shoes .p Slips, Also, a large a-sortmont of Children and Infant Shoes. ' peg'd do. " light " " do. " Suuime-r tlaitcr-', " " Pumps, " Calf " " "hhocsvtHrognii3 " Thick ipKip Hoots, llrogans Hoys Shoes iv llrogans, " Thick it Kip Hoots, Yths " & " " ' " et " llrogans. . 5lrK. J. !'. would invite his customersand tho pub lic 111 general to call and examine Ins nrsorlmtiu ol Hoots ip fc'nor.s which he can warrant to be of good stock, thorough workmanship nnd latest styles. Aiso, Measure Work and Repairing done at tha shortest notice, asusual. n51 Ilurlington, May 2:, ISlI. 1 re 111 1 11 111 IIASSAND DOUIILE HASS VIOLS. AHRAHAM i'HES. COTT would ro- siiectrullyinform all persons inter, esteii in the Sri. eneeof Music, that he continues to manufacture a Concord, New Hampshire, HASS AND DOUHLE HASS VIOLS, of a very superior quality, and hating obtained the first Premiums that has ever beein awarded toan A nicricaii manufacturer of such Instruments at th great I'airs of the American Institute in Xzn York City, at the great Fair of the Mechanic's Association in Hoston, nnd at the Fair of the Mechanic's Charita ble As-ociiitinn in Portland, Maine he novr not only tendcis his thanks to his friends and patronsfor past Tavors, but pledges himself to Religious slocieties, Mu-ical Associations and individuals who may wish to purchase, that 110 reasonable efforts shall be want ing on his part, to enable him to meet their orders in the most prompt and satisfactory manner, that lis may still letam ihtircoiitidcnce, and merit a tontinu. ar.c'c of'tlieluVral patronagelio has for mauy years enjoy e tl. He also keeps an eten-ive assortment of M ITS I C A L I X STRUM ENTS, of the best quality, which he oilers for sale on the most rea-onable terms, among w hie h arc Ml I.ODIOXS AND SERAPHINES, which are much admired for svvcctnes of tone, and well adapted 10 parlor or church muic. Music Schools, Military Hands, or individuals, can be supplied with llrass and other instrument of any dc-crijition, a-cheap or cheaper than they can pur chase in the city of Hoston. Also. Violin, Hass and Double llass Viol Strings, Hows, ISrulge-, Patent Heads, Tunin? Forks & Pipes, Instruction Hunks, C'larionett Reeds rnd mouth Piece-, 1', P.ira-ols, Walking Canes, etc. Order.- willbe gratefully received, and Intrumenl sent by Stage at tlien-le of the manufacturer, and if not satisfactory, may be exchanged. Musical instrumcntsand iTmbu Unrepaired asusri' al. Plea-c call at his new Music Store, a few doors south of the Eagle Collie House. n51 Conconl, New Hampshire, March 2, 1541. PAXGHORX- . HR1XSM.UD, Agents, ButUng ton, Vt, 1 8 " Su rlhcrsi 'l'i;in-.ioit:tlion' ..! 'pill.-- Line of Canal Hoats on Champlaiu Canal. - nut Ve-sils and Steam on Lake Chainplain will 1 e ci 'inued bv JAMES II. HOOKER, Troy, nnd ISAAC V. IIAKE1!. Whitehall. tha, Tli. fnemls of this Line, and thepuMic, we teliere w 1 I - -atisiiod Willi this arrangement. The v-nal inn 1 n.-e and I iisincs. is so'iciIchI. Every exertion ' e made to give satisfaction, lth Sept. J S II. For freight apply to "POI'EOaTLIN, 131 and C II. JAM'S, S iu Cocnlies Sim, N. Y. L.A.CARI I.'ION,) , . ' J. II. IIOOKUl, j I55 l.'vcr-st Troy, (i. II. HAR.NEV, 7a Pier, All any, I. V. MAKER, Whin hall, llnmt. FOI.L11T & HRADLEV, Ilurlington, Vt, WILLIAM WRIGHT'S IXDIAX lMlltGATIVK IMIiL?, Entirely Vigetable. A rANFFAfll'IU I) under ibe iiumobaie snpe-rt. 11 l.teiidcnc- ot illiamvv rieht.vice-prcsidtai 0r )ne .Vortt.lmcn'ran College of Health, lor the treatment and cure of,e- 111 the form cr Hilliou. and Notion- Fever-, .Mea-les, Sm.,11 Pox, !.. , lne sloiii.ii k, 1 ack nud -ule, Consumption, Drop.y Serof iila, ('.inter, Spilling of 1)1, nut, .-.ick-lVa'd-ache Iiln'iiuiaiisin, Diarrlurn, Dyseninry, Coliev Dyspe,,. sia. P.llnllalii 11 of iho lit.irl. l"b..p. ,,,1 . , , 1 -.-'s- sell's tTJ every kind, if-c. cce 1 or -aie i.v PKi'K SPEAR, Ilurlington. W. 11. H Ol.l. V, V,l,s,"r,! W, J. DI OCiLA.V, HimislHirgli. J. H.HALUniT, Weslford. 22 0,-t 1541, hoi.'-thix's xuw i'iu:xciiiu:ai)e 1 , ,-, 1 , , "....., .vnccootes, Notes and nn Appendix. ' Just icceivcd by C. GOODliirir Ilurlington, Oct. P, I'll. 1L"' Teachers ate requested ly fend for copies for cx w.-.i. e-inr; hooks A great variety ;r.fCoin,e and oiher ' sa c at I I'XT-i . i.Vjnc; Jlookt,, lor sale at Cillefo. sine'. .Sep,.",. IWS, Xciv Tailoi-iiiLT IlMnhiisiimciu On Pearl Stret t. ' rpilE Subscriber rcsptclfully informs the puhl,c - 111111.11 iiaaopcnciia suop m the new brick build, mg i-ne door west of the Pearl-st. llonse, where lie vvdl bo happy to receive 01 dtrs from bis fucnJsnnd the public, 01k of evtry deseription executed in tne most lasiuoniibie nyie, or to nut any pecu.lar Ifisloof his patrons. Ail orders promptly attend! to. A share or patronage is mliciinl, Huihnglon, Sept. IS11. .M. G. RATIIJ!lTr' U41 - -3 a'sW.-siiar 1 of Persons Disiinguishcd by their Genius and the'ir knowlidgcj lli-toucal Fuels, lnvrntions and other itii'i nisciciics ailtl t liariirteitsti T..:. .iiisccuanies, lfiiui, 1 icrts 111c anil Van,..

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