Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 26, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 26, 1841 Page 3
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COMMUNICATION TIM FIRST ANI)TIII3 LAST DRINK. Tlio first drink may bo given totlio lurant in tlio cradle, or totlio child at its mothcrV nurse. If it stopped here, there might be but little dan ger. Hut the first loads on to tlio second, and so on. until, bv decrees, a habit is formed : and wo nil hnjvv how Inveterate is the force of habit. Some may break through nnd savo themselves, but thousands perish. It is thus tho first drink has a tendency to produce a habit which when onco formed has sent its thoiiands to the grave in all tho forms of horror that can bo conceived. As you value your honor, your poacoand yoursafotv, guard against tho tirst drink. Hut what shall bo said of tho last drink J What shall bo thought of him who gives it ! In what terms shall wo (speak of tho man who sells it for gain! Fifteen persons, it is said, have died of intemperance, in this town within tho past year. Each of these miserable beings had his last drink. How lost to all feeling must they have been when they drank it. I'oor men ! may Clod forgive them. Rut what must bo tho sensations of the wretch who sold them their last drinks! Ho may not have known at the time that it was to bm tlio last, but ho did know that he was doing wrong, nnd lie did it for gain. Take tho case of poor Hall for an example. 1 Ic drank his last drink, went out, and almost in a moment broke his neck. To what a condition was ho reduced. Let tlio fate of the dead be a warning to tho living, and let him that takes a glass in his hand remember it may bo the last. If it be not his last in life, it is his last in honor able feeling. Tliemanwhosoldtollallhis last drink, may not have foreseen tho dreadful con sequences. Hut he did know ho was doing the man an injury, and lie did it for gain. To what depths of degradation will tho love of gain car ry men. O 'lis a dreadful employment. Is it not cruel to take the last shilling Irom a labor ing man, when his children want bread. Hut this is its mildest form. It is llondislilo the last drink to a furious man, and thus goad him on to tho last dreadful deed t In-1 takes away the life of his wife. He who should put a sword into the hands of a maniac would be responsible in earthly courts for all the conse quences ; and shall lie be less res- ponsible in tlio courts above, who puts into his hands that which makes him a maniac, and adds despera tion to his fury. a. e. Tub Hon. Ilnxnv W. Dwiciiit, (recent ly a, resident of this place,) formerly a distin guished member of Congress froniHcrkshire, Mass,, and a gentleman of fine talents and accomplishments, has been for many years, much to the regret of all who knew him, the victim of intemperate habits. We rejoice to loam, therefore, that the prsent temperance. reformation includes him among tho many thousands who have turned from the error of thoir ways, and that he is now actively en gaged as a temperance lecturer. Tho foll owing paragraph in relation to Mr Divight, is from tho Salem, Mass., Gazette : 2j-IIcnry W. Dvvight, of Stoekbridge, formerly a member of Congress from this stale, appeared at a temperance nit-cling in Middleton, (.'mm. last week, and gave to the audience llic benefit of his mournful experience. The "Constitution" states! "Mr '!) wight i?aid, as Dido bid Eneas relate to her ihe story ot liis sud'erings and hardships, fresli ns ho was fin m llie lU'stiuctton of thccily nnd the elisastcrs ol era, so herelie was biddnc fiesh from I lie scene, and opcri enceof ihcdrnnknrds's wo, to narrate hisiinearnish ed storr, and and urge others to escape- the rock on which he split." Salem Grx The United .States Hank. We are gra tified to learn, says the Philadelphia Gazette of yesterday, that proposals have boon made to the government, through the Collector of this port, for the the puicha-'C of the magnificent hanking house of this corporation, for a custom house. The election recently held in Putnam county, Geo., for State .Senator, resulted in the choice of Griggs, (W.) by a majority of 13 votes, over Hudson (D.) At the annual election in October there was a tie between these twa individual". Mississippi. Twenty-nine counties remain to be heard from. The Loco Foco candidate is a little ahead. lie will be elected without doubt. Col. Vf.ot., of the Courier and Rnqtiircr. has been sentenced to pay tho cum of S-100 for libelling James F. Cooper, the novclibt. HousATONtc Raii.ko.ui. The Hridgoporl (Ct.) .Standard states tiie railroad from that city will bo completed to North Canaan by tho 10th of December. ArroiNTMEST nv the I'nr.stpr.NT. Chns Davie;, late Professor of Mathematics in the Military Academy at West I'oint, to ho a Pay master in the Army in the place of AT.ijor Donald Frazcr, resigned. Nkv oiik State Canals. J here were received for toll on the New York State Canals, during the second week in November, ST-l,- 021,72. Charles Davies, lato Professor of Mathema tics at West Point, has been appointed by tho President, Paymaster in the Army, in the place of Maj. Donald Frazer, resigned. A Riovmist Convicte'I SnvEnr, Scvicxcn. Tho trial of l.Jvvard Holing alms Sidnov T. .Smith, for bigamy, came on before the superior Court of Rock innhani Conntr. N. C, last verk. Ho was convic ted almost instantaneously bv tho iurv. lie was then sentenced by the Judge to be. branded with the letter 11 on his left check (which was cairied into execution in the presence of tho Court) to be imprisoned three j ears, and to rcccivothirty-nmc lashes at Ihre several times before tho expiration of his term of imprison ment. In Philadelphia, simple imprisonment for GO days is deemed ample punishment for thesaniccrime u coinnnucu uy n woman. Aonr.r.n vpon- 1 ho common Council of Albany has noioulv contented to the continuance of the II. end M. Railroad into the heart of city, but ha? also nccrnted a prorjosilion from tho Railroad Conmanr for carrying the contiuualion into immediate cllict. J He arrangement is to give us bonus to tho city to il.A rtr fiir.n onn I. ? ...... . ; tiiuuiNwuii.uivMUWU i.ioiiii , 11:111, limits,, and to convev also its State stieet iiioncrtr : in ncn- rideration of which tho citv is to make such hnnrovc merits as slrall dispense with the inclined planes the eastern termination to be carried into the citv ns farms practicable, consistently with i's hciner operated l,y locomotive power. A committee, consisting of the Mayor, Recorder, and three members of the board was appointed to perlect tlio arrangement. llAGUMElfYi rpjJR kubscribcr would inform the ladies and gen X tlcnien oflsurlinnton and vicinitr. that be bus taken rooms at Howards Hotel, for tlio purpose of laiwo Dagurrr.otjpo Miniature s. Without troublini; the eiuens wit b n IcmriW nH rrtti"einint, he would simply lay, that ho ran do the thing tin right, in proof of which, specimens aro to bo seen atiHownru',, cither in the sitting room, or at his room no Mt anu ii'so nr ino vmeriean. Instruction given in this beautiful anon rcnsonablo terms and warrantee! nsgooil ascanlm had at Ilos- ton or New oris, I'ersons imciestou are invited to call nnd sro for themselves. rvutuiA. vvii.&().. Kov. 1(1, 1811. STRAYED, IJ'ROM the siihscribt r on the first of July last, one ml lined back steer, one lined back he ife r, and one lirindlc heifer. Whoever will return said catileor give information where they may tic found shall I Hiiably rewarded. ORRI.V Rlllil), Charlotte-, Nov. 2), 1841. TO RENT. A LAUGH two story dwelling House, sitiintril on J. VL.oeh btrcct, near Iho " Pearl Street House." Apply to GF.O. H. MOORn, Nov. 2i. Pearl Street. FOR SALE. 1 TV"! Co"U of "ry Pine and Hard Wood. 1 VAV Nov. ?1. Gi'.o. II. MOOItlC. Tim DISENTHRALLED, cv j. a. wniTTinn. Ho had been bowed down to drunkennoss, An abject worshipper) The priefo of manhood's pulse had grown Toofnint and cold to slir) And lie bail given his spirit up To tiounlilcs'cd tin all, And bowing to tho poison cup Ho gloried in his fall I Thorn enmo a chance the cloud rollod oil', And light ft mi Ins brain And like thopassingof a dream That cnineth not ngnin, Tlio shadow of tho spirit lied, lie saw thcgulf before, HosliiiddcrcJ at I ho wnslo behind And was a iiinn once more. He shook iho serpent folds away runt gathered round hishcait. Am shakes ihownying forest oak Its poison vinonpart i Ilestood erect leninting prido Gruvv terrible within. And conscience sal in judgment on His most familiar sin. Tlio light of Istcukct again Alonghis railway shono And Rtasonhke a monarch sat Upon his golden throne. The honored and the wise once more Within hi presence came And lingcicd oft on lovely lips, His unco forbidden name. There may bs glory in the might That trcndeih nations down--Wreathes for the crimaoin 'Conqueror l'ride for the Kingly crowns Jit I noble is that triumph hour The disenthralled shall find, When evil passion boweth down Unto tho God-like min I. t i:m pur a n c k not ice. The liurlinzlon Total Abstinence Snrietv will hold their Quarterly Meeting nt the Court House on Friday the 3d day of December next, at six o'clock in the evening. M a ir n e o 3 On tlio 23d itist. by Rev. (. G. Ingcrsoll, Mr. William .1. Odell to Miss Sauaii I'LAor,, botli of this town. In Charlotte on the Dili inst. fly the Ucv. Mr. Goodman .Mr. John Tagctt to Miss Uctscy M. SUIT. all of Charlotte. In this town on Monday evening, by lit. Rev. Dish op Hepkina, Mr. Georgo Richaidion to Miss. Anne llcaltv, both of this place. In llrandon Vl.Xov. 18l!i Mr. Samuel ll.Ppauldmg to Miss I.ucy Lyon. Ilv the A'tr. .. O'CaUaghan, Mr. Francis Cham paigne to Miss I'liabetli Ctimmarais, both of this town j Mr. Michael Finton to .Miss Mary Flinn, boih of Moietown ; Mr. Timothy Gliiinou in Miss Catha rine Rvan, both of Morctove nj Mr. Filgcrnld to Miss Rosa M'Kcnna, both of this town; Mr. John Hui Icy to Miss Mary Hurler, bolh of this town ', Mr. Patrick .Morrounti to Miss Ilnderct I'inn, both of this town : Mr. I.dvvaru Donei'an to .itlss arah Jicunh, both ot Troy vt.i Mt. Juim i-roKrr lo .vtiss .nary .viiiten. holliof Middle bury i also, by tho crime, Mr. Thomas M'Gown to Mis Bridget I.euwich,both of ahorcham. In this v ilhi"c, of consnmptii n, on the mormn'r of .Nov. r.", iitns. i.i.i,., wnoot t'rei. uiajkui; vv. I!i:.i:DlCT, aged 19 years. She came amoner us, some cichtecn vcars aero, in II the crace of mature womanhood, united with mai denly liveliness: -he lived with us,nnd we saw her with a meek and active and joyous spirit, ollering up the energies ol tier linnet, aim me aitecitons ot tier heart. to the new rclatmns which sho and her laniily su' tatned. In scckin2 nahllv to sustain tbesc. no nor soual sacrifice was deemed too great j if it co',t her natriuionv. it was inven if incessant loil was re quired, it was chccrlully borne; if it occasioned loss of personal attraction, and di prived her of personal ease and comfoits, all were offered upon the altar of self denying dnty, a-tier leasoiiable service. To those who knew how justly sho appreciated the relations in which her fn mil v stood lo the comimintte. nnd hnev carnestlysheciiefcavored to fulfil her duties in despileof nnnalhns difficulties, it is no matter of surmise that stie, who caino among us. ntiuost in Ihe perfection of womaniy tieauev, icn us, pi some sense, overtjorne by the tnau ol me, and with the traces ol care and exhaustion written on her countenance. She wen,. however, ns other beloved sisters bad gone from the some circle, counting it nil joy to sillier in the cause of truth; and uneleTstanding the blessedness of that savins, "behold wo count those happy which endure." Whether we who remain may have done eur duty or not, ncr crown, which iaucin noi away, tiiiau grow brmliter nuc hrignter. ller rthiTious a flections were deep, strong, nnd ac tive: tar more active than many supdojcc . ller no. euliar circumstances fi.rbnde hci doing ns her spon taneous h-cmcs ol en nicmcii. one etc i"iitci 1 in l ie most active duties, nnd was felt tobo a friend in tlttd bv nil llie circle of her aerninintanccs, rich or noor. Jvo one took deeper interest in the prosperity cf puro rclisnon in the Clrireh ; no one wa- more ready to en gage in every religious service. She was able early to understand the cfuractcr of her disease, nnd to ami cipato with calmness its fatal termination. She marked Us progress, irom wcck io ween, nnu men irom Uay to dav. and then from hour In hour, as tlioush, to her clear vi-'ion, it was a calculable thing. I'.vcrv tirnvi. sion was seasonably made for her family, and her mind free V and S"ontancously tinned toheaven rto pics no! topics which wcro newor strange, nut to the simplicities ot inogospn; nnu more mail nil, to the Snuour as the object of her most rcvercntand most nr. dent attachment, ami as the ground, bolh of hcrpracc iiiftirmrn (. Sn.-li w prf br vii'wq or t,t I, IL U LI.HUt .1111,1(1 till I i.lllllll-llll- 111 Ul. 1 ill II II L I I II' anil extent 01 llie IJIVini' l.uw -uai ll wnsoiilj'nsvtnnd- met in tlio Savior, that she. lor a mnir.enr. lu It it nos- 'iti'c lor Her to no regariieo oiner iiinn wun uitcrat,- horrenec bv a bfiiigol ai solute Holiness, itwas onlr asabijliii!' m him, sho could think of herself ex cept nsn vat-aw ay a cnsi-nway irom iiic-siiu iioin lion,.. Theiefiredid she elms to her Saviour nsherall n'l ill all. So intimate and spontaneous did lbi union to our Lord seem in her, lhal ihe showed not ouiy in her sicumrs, but more or less initio habitual n nor of her life, that disintere-tcel desire to do uood and that svmpathy in tho wants and ettH'i-rings of others, vv hu h he possessed wiitiout nicnfurc a itesiie vvhichi scctucd in hcr.not only hniiii .ai loan uiicoinmon leerrce, but ical ; Ihe otlfpriug ol a ihvino niriitc, ol which she wa-n irtakcr. Her own faith in Ihonrom iscs of God was 1 1 ihoniost unwaveringkind : not the mrstiinwavtniir'in her expressions, belt m al her nc- lions. TUerowasno uniie'teior iinuuun her conuuet or efi'orts. This was so, both in sickness and in health. in life and in death. In the hour m wh'.ch, with great simplicity, sho look leave of her family and Inends, ihcrocoiiiunoipcmurcpponianeous aim unwavering Hint manifest. It was seen in her tones, in her voico, in her collected nnd discriminating manner, in her peaceful, but firm anil quiet thoughts. To each that were about her, sho gavo her parting advice, and that with singular discrimination and npposiie ncis. Nocluld could'havcbecn more peaceful upon a father's bosom, nnno more quiet and self posicssed in the firmest health, or with iho clearest intellect. It was ihus tho lamp of lifo went out, not ns into dark ncss. "There i-no dnrkness in iho valley," sho siid, but as in the coming light ofa glorious day; it was but as the natural expiration of earthly hope that existence might begin anew in thepossessionof eternal blessed ness. Who could do otherwise than exclaim, "let me die thndcathofthorigliteoiis,niidletmy latter end belike his." B2SE3iX2? F05R CASES. HRUAT HAP.GAINS. rpiIU New York Auction priced Goods have ar JL rived in Uxtra largo ejunntuicsand varieties which may 1 chad at corresponding rates, of tho people's Agent, 2(1 Nov. HOWAJil). Canftlngs, Ituggsniul (U Clntlis. rl'ST opened a largo assortment of Carpetings, Ruggs, l'loor and Table Cloths, which will ho sold for cash at such prices as cannot hut mil the purchaser, by Nov.20. U. M. WRIGHT -r-Co, J"' Pices more Houso Paper, just received cheaper than ever br Nov. 2fi. U. ii. WRIGHT et Co. CtOJII'ORTAUI.r. Silk thirls nnd Drawers, a nc supply at Nov. 2(1. HOWARD'S. Hounds, I7INU Florence Uraid, (Velvet trimmed) Ilonncls, JL Plain straw and silk lionncts, a lull assortment, very cheap, ju-lrcc'd by U.M. WUKillTcVCo. i ov. ih. Crocl.crv anil Class Ware. AITAV sens White Granite Ware, also Glass . Dishes nnd Plates, Decjhicrs, T hh'rs.I.auips, .r-c. for salo very low, by S. M. POPU. Noy. 21. Soda Crackers ! AFIiUSlI supply just received nnd for sale hr Nov. S. M. POPU. HYSON, V. Hy-on, U.S. nnd Poucbong Teas ; Powdeieil, I, oaf, l.ninp,eriibel and P. It, Sugar; Java and Uio ('oiler, Porto Rico Molasses, Coe'eia, ground pepper nnd fpiir, chive's, Nutniexs, unreh, IUisiii-, whole and half boxes, for ale nt iho .New lore on ll.e we-l ndn ol' iho Square, by H. M. 1'01'F. TiininiiiiKs lor CloaVis, PTflO YARDS' heavy Gimp, Mohair and Silk ej"" Fringes expressly for trimming MantilNs nnd Cloaks, al I.OVULV& SUY.MOUR'S, Nor. 2.i. i CH.OTH CAJ'S. Anew nssortmrnl of nil ktatia 'and prices, just receitedby IoJJ. 'I'iyjU NEW AND CHEAP ! Wl. aro now opening a large and fashionable Stuck of Goods adapted to tho season, which will bo sold lower than usual for cash. Among our Goods may bo found tho following t Alpacca Lustre, Alpine, col'd and I lack, IJlackaud blue black bonibnzines, French, English nndGcrmnn Mctinos, Mntischno do I.aino and Saxony, Worsted Plaid nnd sirge, Orleans cloths, Ficnch, English and American calicoes, (ioal's hair and crape camlet, Flannels, red, white nnddolneslie. Ticking, twill cotton nnd cotton Flannel, WndduiL', balling, nnd cotton yam, Cotton sheeting cheaper than over, )llaik and blue black silks, China and l!onnct do. Cap and llonnet Kibbons, Silk Fringe and Tassels, Jlrcss lldkfs nnd Chcnn cravats, Gloves and milts of every desciiplion, Tnblo Clolhs, do. linen, do. covers, Dinmoml Heaver Clolhs, sup. do. Hroid clolhs, bllt bluo blk,blue, green olive eVc. Sattnetl, sup. and common, Vcstings, satin do. silk velvet, sup. and com. Fashionable stocks, Gent's embroidered sharfs. silk and Pongee hdkfs. Lamb's wool half hose, silk do. white and brown cotton do. mix'd and blk do. Ilk worsted do. whilcand blk silk do. Children's gloves and do. Mull and lloas, Astrican Lambskin, Caps, Ac. Jiussia Diaper and Crah. GROCERIES. Vo'ing Hyson, Old Hyson, Imperial and lllack Tea, fresh nnd cheap, ltaisins, Collie, Sugar, Mo lasses, Hire, Tobacco, I'eppcr, Allspice, Ciiiiiunion, Cloves, Nutmegs, I. oaf and J.mnp Sugar, Coroa, Chocolate and many other articles, cheap for cnh at .1. 1'. WHALING it. Co. I!iirhnglon, Nov. 24, 1811. LO VEL Y eV Mi YMO Ull ARK now re'ee'iring direct from New Yolk, a very exlcn-iven orinient of llreiad Cloths, n great variety, Heaver and Diamond do. Pilot Cloths, Co.itings and shag, Cnssinieies, I'ariihain'sS.ilinelts, Ve-tiner, a li:atitifiuaortinpiit. The nhoee'. toerether with a belter nvsnriinent of Fiillnii'l Winie'rtloeiels liian were ever for .sale in llii tore, nre fiom Ihe la!e-t imimrlntioiis. and were tv lee-letl with gri'at eaie, and will I e sold at A small AUVAISCE. Call and examine for vonr-i'lve-s. Hiirlinriton, Nov. 23, 1311. HOMF. made Flannel, Grey Cloth, Socks, 6Vc. by Nov. 25. S. II. SCOTT. GAITKR Hoots, a spring he'ele'd lluskiu-, Kid slips, ilo. .Morocco Walkiner shoe-s. rrench Kid -lilts. hilt and rol'd, l,y Nov. 2.",. S. It. SL'OIT. TVII JIlifl'. WITH a great vaiiety of others, le'iedved this morning br N v. 2.1. S. 11. SCOTT. STATU OF VF.RMONT. ) The Hon. tho Probate District of Chittenden, ss. (Court for the District of tjhiltcnilcii : To all persons concerned in the estnto of Jchicl Julius, late of Huntington, in said District, deceased, t Greeting. Wheicas, the ndininisirntors of iho estate of said deceased, propose lo render an account of their ad ministration, and present their account aerainst said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the lourt ol Probate, to he boldcn at the J-ngloHnll in Williston, on the third Monday of December next. i m rciorc, 1 on are ncreoy noiuicii 10 appear uciore said court nt the time and lilace aforesaid, ami shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid hou d not he a own . (liven under mv hand at Willi-ton. tliis 13lh dav of iove-mueT, .-v. it. i3ie. - v m. vvrsiOK, Kcgislcr. STATU 01' VURMONT. Tl District of Chittenden. S Court within and for tho District of Chittenden : To the creditors and olhcrs concerned in tho estate of Jellied Johns, late of linn hnerton in said District, deceased. hcreas Hcniainin Johns nnu (tcornc Johns, two or I he aclnun.strntois of the estate ol said deceased, have made tapphcation to this Court, lo extend the lime limited for making payment of the debts and settling the estate of said deceased, six months from the lblh day of November mst. and the- thud .Montlar of December next, being assigned for n hearing m the premises, at tho l aulc Hall in w ilhslon, m said dis trict, and it having been ordered that notice thereof ue given, hy putihsiiing this uccice ihreo weens sue' cessicly in the Imrhngton Press, n news paper primed ni iturnngion, t elore the timo nxeu tor near ui". I hcrcfore. vou arc hcrchv notified to aonear beforo said Court, nt the time nnd place aforesaid, then nn.l incrc io lnaiecnhjcction, it nnv you have, to the said time Of l.nvme ilt bcineT cxlcnd'cd as nfnresaid. Given under my hand at Williston this 15th day of -vovcinncr, j. it. idii. w. Nr.sTON, Register. Ilznlictli UrowncIPs listatc. STATU OF VURMONT. ) A T n I'rnl,-,to C.,ri District of Chittenden, ts. j iXholden ntllurhnglon within and for the District aforesaid on the eighteenth day of November, A. 1). 1811, an Instrument purport ing to to bo tho last Will and Testament of Uhzahcth lirowncll, latcor Colchester, in sai l District eleccascd, was presented to the Court here for Probate, by Win. 1! Mi. no.. 1..- .1 , ' 1 1 hercfoie; ii is oidcrcd by said Court, that public notice be given to nil persons inteiested thereinto appear before said Coin t, nt a session thereof to lc noiueii at the ltcjoster soiticc lu said Ilurlmgton on iho third Wednesday of December, A. D. 1811. mid contest the probate or sat I Will, nnd it is further orelcreel thai ibis eirder bo pulilislied three weeks successively ill the RurliiiL'ton Free Press, .a paper printed nt Ilurlington, in this state, the last of vvnicii snail lie previous to llieelay assigned, as afore said, for heaniiL'. Given under "my hand nt the Regi-tcr's office, this r ,otiuuci, .1. Ii. JSHI, . Vv- Weston, Register. NEW RUADING I100IC FOR SCHOOLS." rnrf irU'I'l'inii r i. .-. . ,u ,.Vn.(,i- y.iini.irn(if .,o(rer irhfr,liu tn fnrm their mm ( liiirnrlrrt Fit, 71.....; ..1.." juor nj Miamr -Ntir Arithmetic. l'.vlraels from the Preface. "Till: norses disiine live traits' The ohiect is in sunnlv wtm, , l...t;.-..t lo bo the great drsidcratuni in our schools A series oi exercises reiatim: to what concerns llie practical matters of life, truth, intcurilv. honestr. indnstrt. teinpcranre, forclhorght, frugality, paticntciidurance oi a ivcrsiey, aim wnaiever else tends to form and ux iitc character oi youiii. ie wish io impress it on the munis ol those, into wnoso nanus uicse exercises 6,a( romCi r,0Wi ,n ,n. co ouieoi me, w uai is nc.'u so nhuuetantly incul' caled, that'Kverymm UemnhAticnllv the arehito.- ot his own fortune' that vvitii themselves it lies whether they i-hall ercr be nny thing or nothing, that a moneyed capital to begin with docs not wcigh'a whit in the balance for or ngaiusi them, lliat.comin'g into hfo with health, strength, capacity for labor.cooil education, a useful and respectable trade, habits of iiiuiisirv, sourieey, puiiciiiahly, Irugahly, and above all. Willi a good and unsullied character, they have thebrst of all capital, a moral capital : iho noblest oi .oi puwer, morai power: and the most certain means oi noiicse aim nnnurnnic accumulation and fortune, and may bo sure, under circumstances natily propitious, to rie to tint competency of influ ence, respect, nnd general confidence, and that hon orable measure of wealth and independence, which nun u iuny aausiy a reasonauic anu virtuous anibi uon. Uxlracts from Rceeninnienilntii-ino Tho influence will nil be found on the siele of virtue morality and religion. Occasional comments aro given. Difficult or unusual words nre defined. Prose nnu poetry are Mutably iniermimjled It is hard it, ju w iniiitiiuu nine unx onoiv snoiiiu tan oi popn lanty. It certainly would not, had it not so manv competitors Hint had not tho start ofit in tlmrmni As it is its mettle is such as lo give fair promise of ultimate success in the contest, llaston llecorihr. in. jiuanis : Having cMinuneU lo some extent your .nomionai leeauer, I nm pleased with its plan Us object nnil the maimer in which it has been execu icu. Jl seems ndnpled to the intellectual and moral improvement oi tnoseloivhoso tisetl was designed I trust it will prove to be what its author fondly an ticipalcs. (l!v.)Z. S. I1ARSTOW, Kcene. Itisjust such a hookas our New Uncland boys n' i ..ii, ii j;iiio ii, bee, lor it inculcates in i plcasingiiianncr, industrv, frticalitv. truth, hnnn.iv temperance, peace, kindness, lurtitude, nnd a cheerful piety. The Vocnbtilarr. end at the and ilin i,rrn,,n. mentforilefining wonls, will add lo its value in ihe nanus oi h juuieious icacncr. (RevA AIHUI.A. I.ivr.mtnnp t,- We have alsoreccommcndalions from a niimherof miiieiuiiuisaiiu periodicals, among vMiicliarclJ, Croa br, Preceptor of the Iliirh SchooP Nasuna, J. K...... ton Drown. Professor of Theoloi'i- nt N'ew Ilnmnim. llisrilso adopted by tho Associations of Schooi itaciieia in i nesmieanu iiinsnoro' countits, and uj iiiuutiiirin vui.iiiitiiLi; o, v.uilcnol. About BOOO copies have been published, nnd mostly disposed of. I'lilihshnl and rorsalo by 110RY, KIMI1AI.I. ,V MURRII.U. North I'.nd. Muinstrci l. I.'mwnnl TV ll Also for Sale hv Samuel Iluntmulon llurhnion J. U. Roberts, Vergeniies, J. Ilagcr, Muldleburv, n, nininnii, nrniidon, win. nnito lliitland, J, 'I Mntston Montpeher, Principals of Academies, Select Schools and lead, era generally are invited 10 examine the book. Pleaso call and examine luforc purchasing. TVT C I.UOD'S Till A I. 11 C pages neta v o, PricnUl ' ivtiv. a, I'or sate ny u, liOODKICH. A7"0UN(i ORATOR, or New York Class Hook, and eoiuiiies oi ejiojrapnv anu itistory, I he nltention e f Teaehcis is particularly requested lo iiicaprne noons, l or sale by C. GOODRICH Nov. 23. AUCTION TOMORROW, ii i ii. i nu.viArs, TTOjlSF-Snnd Cnrrisgcs, Fat Cattle. AAA son large quantity of Fur and Cloth Caps of mi; luiiunmg uccnpiiuii, (.on consignmeni, lots to mil. . 'ikl kill, II , I PUin Sclctt Cnps, Opera do. Nnvy do. Navy 01a?.cel dp. Nvvy with Fur band do. Fur .Veal do. UnirSoaldo. Atuskrat do. Plain Cloth do. Spanish .nau iiuiisLiiuiu runiiium, T-T Tn?MAS n"" 0,1 lll,u'i 0 l'n, breed lcohndic iincKS, one nnu two years old, that shear 7 lbs. of wool each for saleor hire. School Hooks, I'aiicr, Ac. rH IJ subscriber has n laligo stock or School Hooks nnd Paper. Merchants, School commit'ecs ec. furnished on the most hbeial terms. Rags nnd most kindsof country produce received in payment. ...... . v., wueuieieii. I AM1 O1-1" Winter Sperm Oil, Fall do. do IWinter Refined do. cheap by S. 11. SCOTT. T,, Stork of Hnrelvvarn for sale. ' IIF. etilnciiber oirers for sale, nt a large discount . fromtbocost the mtiro slock of Goods, consist mgof n B n.-ral assortment of Ilardvvnro and n small assortment or.Mrdu ines, belonging t the t-staleof tho latclloberl Moody, together Willi two years' lease of th" store lately occupied by hun. I'hc location or Ihu store, tho profitable character o the business, being tho only Ilardwnre store in the place, nnd the terms upon which ihe slock is offered, render the opportunity of investment, one or tho safest nnd most piofitnble in the state. .!c,m'',r l,''l"cn,' ""questionable indorsed paper, atfi, 12, 18, nnd 22 months. GF.O.H.SHAW, Admr Jlur!mi:ton, Nov. 19. I811. ' PARTICULAR NO'flCE. r uni Mioserii er having seild bis interiM in the---tsiove nnd Ilanhvarc bushiest is deMenmneel to eletse tin I bo e'onci'ri, w-iib it,.. t.v,K, i.r..Bit.i...irt,.... , toilu onil, has 1,-ft all the notes and stcounts (now .. in. n.ui.i- oi ii. i,cuvcnvv orm, i.-ii. lor mmtdmlt e'O lection. Inirnxieil m-.ii ml .. notiee, and govern thcnuelics ne'coidint'lv. ,. J. VVAI.NWRHJHT. "nrlmgton, Nov. 15, ISil. ESTRAY. STRAYED Irom the sinVrrilcr nboui four or five Wt-ck silicon light reil yearling Heifer, of goo.l i.c .nm m ymm e'oiiuiiioii. .iari.i'ii with n white trine on Ihn bin., whim on tin. eml ,r ,t,.. ,.t n...t baer, and a slit in (be left ear. Whoever will give inlormntion where said heifer mnvle1 found lo the iibcril er cn Norlh -trcet, or to A'. W. IIYOK, Pearl street, shall le'smiablv rewarilesl. Jiiiriingun,r.ov. 15, 1S1I. AI.UXANDUR VAIO. STRAY WARE. ALIGHT Hay Mare, supposed lo be ten or twelve years old, broke into mv inclo-nrc in Hilton. on iho 1st Nov. inst. which may be had hv Ihe owner on ia)iiigicasonniiioentirgis. JAOUA IIIIUNN, luiiion, i, nov. isij. GROCERIES, etc. ISAAC WARNF.Rkeetis constantly for salcnt his Store, opposite S. U. Howard's Store. t;onmc iirandy, Holland Gin, St. Crou Rum, lloston Rum, low priced Hrnnelr, Mallimoro Gin, Antigua Rum, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds and prices, Molasses, Loaf, Lump and llrown sugars, Hyson and Young Hyson, Hjson Skin nnd lllack Teas; Ilox Raisins, Keg do. Codfish, Salmon, Mackerel, Sounds and Tongues, Rice, liar Soap, Fancy do. Allspice s ; Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs ; Ciovc, Cinnamon, Salcraltis, Poland Starch, .Mustard, Indigo, Pepper Sauce, Cofiia, Chocolate, Table Salt ; Candles j Spanish Segars, lialrSpanisli do. Decanters, Tumblers, Lamps, Jars. oV. Also 300 Jlancls .Sal. The Liouors aro warrcnted tobo ihn best tbm em he bousht in New York. Tavern-keepers and othei s will find it for their benefit to call and examine them before they buy elsewhere. ilurlmgton, .ov. 5. IS II. " LIVE AND LET LIVE." THK Mib'crilcr would re-pivtlbllr return his thanks to his manv natron- l'nr their i'n-nr.,. I, Iho pa-tfiw year-, and wemld nl-o inlonn ihe-m lie has ropieni-iicM In- took ol Slnlionerr, Hook-, Itiuihiier Steiek. eVe. and will 1 e h.mni. in ; .; ........ nil that chall favor him wiih their ii.trnu:ir.r. nn, clliirlou hi-part -hall bespnresl to give i-aii.'f.ielion. wiirMoe-i, ro-e uioncy; iiii'ictore', we cannot eivu it avray, or sell it be-leiw e-o-l, or at com ; but what wc have to sell, (if we cm srt an opportunity nt us small advani e Irom eo-t as nnv erne ran eh, nnd live hy their hiisine'--. Individuals' wi-hing io puri ha-e Common S-hool Ilook.s, Siatioiicrr, or lllank Hooks ,.iu nave n enance- io le-t tl. smefritr nfi he sn b.eri ber.when hoars he will sell ohc.ii, fur ea,li,by eallnr al the sign of the Red U'djrer, Coilc'e stieet. " SAJll'lX lH'NTIMiTON. Nor. IS, 1811. NEW GOODS. TIIU siib-cribers arc now receiving their second supply of Fall and Winter Goods ; among which may b found Plain nnd Diamond Reaver Cloths, Heavy Pilot do. Ilroad Cloth for Ladies' cloaks very cheap; Cassimercs, Salinetts, Flannels, French and English .Merino-. Alpacca clolhs, llombnzincs, all wool plain M. De I.aines, very fine; Silks, col'd nne black silk Velvet, Velvet trimmings, silk Ccrds .inn lar-cia, iiiuiour nnu sine ! nnges, I. imp Trim mings, German Worsteds, Ribbons, Shawls, Hdkfs. Laces, Lace Vails, ic. which are oficred verrlow for cash, by Nov. 19. E. M. WRIGHT & Co. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney ami ('oniiselloi-at I,aw, two poors cvsTOi'Tiin rosT orricn, vr staiks. Re fer lo Messrs. J. eV J. H. PUCK et Co. Not. 19. A. ROI5ERTSON, lar"rlscr and Atlnrncy nt Law, (Late in the lUTtccof the Asn. Solicitor Gen' I Dm) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1S11. Reftfrence in Ilurlington, to CHARLES ADA.ME-, ICquir,-. I T.noklng Classes. 1 Oni,OOK,N(UU'ASSr-s varvinginpricefrom LAV JO cts to 8'ja, just ree'il nnd for sale by w Nov. is ien. Loyr.LYjt si.ymoi'r. Miff S'I'OIlli AXI) M!V OOODST O M. POi'L is now receiving his fall stock of Lorais, consisting ol a general assortment ot Dry Goods. Groceries, Crockery and Hard ware, which neoners lor s ite nt a small advance irom cost. Oct. 21, 1811. PLAIN nud Diamond Hearer cloth, black, lire, invi-iUc green nnd Oxford mir.'d broad cloths.. lllack, blue, inix'd Cas-imeies and sattiuets ; al-o, lriinuitiisrs for making the i,inie,,''(or nU- cheap as uieeiM'ape-i, oy -ov. la. n. -n, run-.. TW. the Glllll would inform the public that he has just received from New York a better assortment of Harness trimming than was ever e.llered nt nny Sjiop m Chillciielcn county. It comprises avnriclvnf Plnted I. - 1 1 t 'apninicu anu I oucil, Ware. His Leather and work shall beenunl to his Trim miii'rs. and bold cheaper than can bo boucht nt nnv other shop in iho state. Saddles, liridlca, Ilariiesses ami Trunks, of nil kinds and pricci, constantly on hand. Ilincsburgb, Nov. 18-11. LOVELY iS SEYMOUR. HAVE just ree'd from New York a large assort ment of Carpetings of every kind quality and price. English Drugells, a creat vaiiety of patterns Octr. gon and Drab Persia Floor Oil Cloth fioni 3-8 to 9-1 wide, Rush Mailing from 4-4 to G-4 wide, Rupas Manilln and Alncant Matts, Stair Rods c. Also, French and American Paper Hangings, a larger assortment than was ever before olleredin this place nnd at prices that cannot fad lo suit purchasers. Nov. 16th 1611. Ct LOTUS ! ! Jiil opened, n puncral assorment ol Ilroad Cloth", Ca.Minere,-l satinctls and Vi-tiug elieaper than cvtr al ike Cash store on Cheapside. Oct. 18. J. P. WII.M.I.Nti & Co, DOMESTICIv'S. Sbevtiiic, Shining, llaii'np, Wadding, Wie-kmg, Cotton Yarn, Coiion Finns nel.&e. eheiip, al (Oct. 12l) J. P. WHALING it Co'a G1 ROCERI ES. A largo ami mp. assortment of r'I'ens, S.igarf, Co le e, Rice, .Molos,e--, an I many other peirssary articles, lovtcr lhan u-nnl for cash, a Oct. 12. WIIALINC ,f. Co'a. D HAWING PKNCIlA-HiiglialiDrawiiisIVnoila for au by Oe-l. 1 1. C. GOODUICI1. At Hie Xcvv Cash Store. Wo aro now opening a New and SrLB.triD assort. incut of Goods just selected Willi leference to the wnnlsof the People, consisting of French ) R-I Plaid .Slinwls I'.nglish & P Drrss ll'd'ks American ) Silk Shawls Romhazincs Merino do. Alpines Itrochc do. Merinoes Ilnlian Cravats M. 1). Lainrs (I'ash'bV) Tlagg H'el'lis Silks of every 6llo A new and complete assortment of liroad-Cloihs, CassiinerisandSallineltSjiind Vcstings, Flannels sVe. Also, n large assortment f Groceries, Teas, of ev ery qualitr. Sugars, .Molasses, ("oilee, Ac. &c. all of which will be sold very low for Cssn. JAS. P. WHALING fCc ALL'S WELL AND ALL'S CHEAP at nuwAiurn. VI55i All a Pacha, All a Pine, III 4.1 IL All Silk Artioles, All .Mohair do. All Linen do. All Hemp do. All l'nr do. All Shoo do. All Fancy do. All Jewelry, do. All Toy do. All Cutlery do. All Cloth do. All Cnrpcl do. All Pnper Hanging do. All Crockery do. All Glass do. AM Looking Glass do. All Ornamental do. All Silk All lltbbont, All Muilins, All Laces, All Shawls, All Hdkrs. All llonnett, All Gloves, All Hosiery, All Trimmings, All Dress Clolhs, All Cloak Stufii, All Veil vets, All Woe.1 Arlictm, All Worsted do. All Cotton do. Also All Grocery do. Together erilh all fttlinr ..r rln, nn.....-;ot,ir- Iho most general Stock which ho ha ever had the pleaseitreof oflcnng, nnd anhey 'enn, will ho ALL sold chenp to the People, at HOWAJtD'S. lONov.'Il. Ii)VKI.- ,4s SUV.MOIJH. T H' Ml for sale njievv nnd extensivo nssortmcnt of seasonable Goods conitirisinfTei-rvnMiele ne. cossary for the convenience or taslo of tha public. i-vov. ta, tan. QUI.LS A newiupply just received fiom Ntv ) ork.coiiM'.tingotNo.. Rj, I j, 20, 30, 40, 50, and ou Opaque, Rii.s.iu,Ae. for sale I j S. IH'NTINO'I ON. oib-n '"--u ucjger, uoueju sircut, ior. It3, 1811. POLYGLOTI' lllllLES-IJemid in superior 7'ue I.hj IHnding j nl-o iilnin binding, Royal Octavo, Mlital.lo lor laniily use, for sale by Nor. IS. . Ill -M INQTON. D RAWING i'APKIt.-A superior quality of Super Keiynl Drawing Paper, jusl recoivml nnd for sale I)' Nor. IS. S. HUNTINGTON. DLACB INS. CSTUPIIUNS' Hot It Illueor Ill.ick Ink, 3 " Ilhic Fluid, Cooper et Phillips' lllack Ink, Uricliet et Thayer's " The nublic aiu invited to rive the shorn inl: tnd fluid a fair trial, for I nm sure they can havo nothing better. Warranted not to chance in nnv climate. For sale by Nov. I'. S. HUNTINGTON. Writing Taper. ry C RUAMS Cup, Letter and Note paper, received I Wand for sile by Nov. 18. M. HUNTINGTON. Iluffalo Itohcs. 7I1ALF.S superior Rufljlo Robes, juat roceivad nnd for sale as cheap as Ihe cheapest, by Nov. IS. by I'.. M. WRIGHT it Co.. Also No. 1 Oiler Caps, Lynx Mull's and lloas, l'ur Collars, Angola Fringes, etc. 1 "IIAI.KS llrown sheetings for aalo by llnbalo, J. V-pice, or j ard, very cheap, by N'av. E. M. WRIGHT et Co. Also, a full assortment bleached shillings, sheetings Tickings, Canton Flannels, Diapers, Hatting, Wicking etc. James Darby's lOatatc. if siih-crilers beini appointed bv the Hon. Wp:r! Probate Court for the Di-trnt ol (.'rand Isle. toieerivc, exainiue and adjust idle l.iiiu. nndilcuiamk of all pcr-oiis again -l ihe E-lalo ofjjmi's Darby, late of Allmrgh, ele'eeased, lepre enti'd insolvent ; mid also all claims and demandi. o.hil,rd 111 o'lsetilii rete'i and six meiutlis freuu Iho elate: bereeif hcmir allowesj by said Court lor thai purpo-e, viv do thereloiu hcicbr give notice lliat wo will ilteiid to ihe bu-mo-s ol our appointment nt tho dwelling hou.-c of the wilow .lane Darby, 111 .Mburgh m .-mil Ih-trict, oil the la-t Saluid.iy of Deci'iiil er and the Lis! Satiuel.iy uf April ne-et ill 10 oVIoek A. M. 011 each of s.nd ilav'.-. D.elevl al Alburirh, Ibis lstd.ivof Novemler, A. I). 1b41. WM.L. SOWLI.S, W.M. II. LY3IAN. L O O K HE R L "iYTR. EDl'IOR Will you please notify this com fii.munity lliat tho subscriber has opened a Stove .Store, first door westof J. eV J. II. Pock et Co. whero lie has a general assortment of Cooking, Ilox and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, mid Hollow Ware of the supctior llrandon Cnsltngs; al-o Ruck's Hot Air Cooking Stove, which he is manufacturing in ibis place. The construction of tins stove is such that Ihu tirst ami sharpest heat comes elircctly under the boileis and then passes round a spacious and equally heated oven, and rcqiiirrs hut comparatively little fuel to put it in operation, and bakes equal to a brick oven. 1 nerc migni uc a 1.1st ot signatures prncinei ns long as the recommendation ot .1 country P. M Irom the highest sources m ihe sccions where 11 is in use ; but a preamble about thi- stove or the Yankee Notion useless, ami ll money continues scarce vou must use the less of it. so don t do without on that account, hut call nnd try tho new Stove.. 1 uurimaion,ov. iu, isii. m. vv. i.uii, M, G, RATHBUM, WlAl'LM AXI) TAIl.OH, PEA 11 1, .STREET', I I ..- 111-1 iciiirnin irom .uw 1 eir ;. veil 1 n re- XXtiorts ofthe Fall Fashion-, and inren.ired toe- e-e-uio oruersior wiiiier garments ill inc lllosl approve-il style. He has al-o 011 hand a select assortment cf choice trimming-, nel.iptcd to tho sc.i-ou : such m Ilia id. linttoiis, - Itiiidiins, l''.iucy Vcsf lllnillngs Curd, nut! Iluttinis, tie. s;c. N. II. He is al-o agent for Seem it Wil-un's Re port ol I'.i-hions, which will le to lurni-hul to any one eei-hinslhein, and the requeue iiilormuiiou lieelr given. liui liiigton, Nov. 4. ISII. .1. TltVOxN, Dlt.Vl'lt AXI) TAILOR. WJ1 Ol I.I) oiie-e moie- remind hi- in-touiers thai be 'oiiliiuie- loisirry on the ahove buaiue-s 111 j it- various I ranches ut hi- Old Stand on ftt. I'.iui .street, near the Church, nnd 111 .-iht of the ('.itholieCbi.rch. Th.1nl.l11l for p.i-l favor-", eUciis- loinerj aie souciteit to e'oiiiini.o iheir patronage', nm many uev.' one- me much eje-n ext. I heueuesi rj-h Kin- pioliqitly It'. e'lVe'J. Ciittine; do'iiuein hhort notice ebeai, for cash. 1 i,.i,n 1111 .wi oM mvnillll- Which 1 should lit.e shoutii uivi' lo e'xchani'c torteisi. .Nor. IJ, is 11. .STRAY STEER. CTRAYED Ii una the W.i l-worlh lot, em the inter Ovale, aboutiru d.ns sinec a il'Iu red two year oh steer, with, 101110 w hue 011 tho I illy, ami Lutloiis cn llie horn-. Anv iiilorm.ilMii I'l.nie'riiini: him will I e thank filly rescued and III orally p.eullor. nm iiiikioh, .sor, iu, isii. HAVII) 1 isii Alpacca Cloths. A SPLENDID Article, (silk w.irp),Alp uci doth .i,.ieca i.u-iicj Hue 1 i.u-U M. De Lame-, and O.i.Miniciciti' uiolli-, ju-t rece'ivisl nt price- e'orics pouiliug with tliftiiue-, br I.. M, WRIGH T ct Co. Nur. 14. Ilurliugloii Itookstorc. mllE MllscrileT Would ine-ilo llio nltention of In J. Ineii'l-and Ibe public to his new afsoiiincnr ol lloeik-. 'I he' I e-l le'eviioii he has evi'r inaile', both 111 .Miscelliiheous and School Hooks are now oicrcd thKipfur cuj'i. Nor. 10. D. A. 11RAMAN. Duck's r.Ke iit Cooking Stores. rplll. le-t stovu lor llie saving of labor and fuel X whie'h has ever bee n olleiesl tor sale in tins Mate tne lire 1 cing eiirevtly muter the boilers, -o as 10 take liieiirslnuu siurpcst, and then passing around men in in 11 ,-, mi ns 10 give tne oen a regular bakin? rqualloii liriekoven; and I eing larger ihau in any olhereookiii!: Hove now 111 11-0. For sale hr Nor. 10, ISIL h. M. POPE. (.v M. WRIGHT it Co. will open oiilnn thrc? or ,J, four day-, roni l.'iOO to000 yd- Extra mpcrlie, (eloiiblc cround), -npcniiic, lino and e'oiumon all wool Carpeimgs, wlnc-lt haee I een pureha-i'l mostv , N. orl.aiaii. lien, nnd will Ic sohl at rev low priie. Al-o Ivvillesl nnd plain Venetian sla'ir c.irpetiu' Hemp and Cotton carpeting, Oilcloth. nails, etc. AOV. IS. A CARD. GI10RN -p.TES.SUS. PANGI10RN it HRINSMAlDlr to unnoiimi. the sale arrival of one, of th. Case;.-, and have Inakine at some of ihe I e,t -hons ,,. Miulaniln variety ol Vvatche.., which nie expect,-, next month. 1 We have ieeeivr.1 some braimful .an.nlcs of Itrnaees. Itnies. Pn,. l......... I. ..!.(- i. ..i ' ul " ,'",'''.""".'1-, 1 I'll'l. cte. ii.ive niasnu oy .vie-rs. KiKi-er, Son v o-tenbohn if. .Sons nnd Elliotts, Knives. Razor sei-sor., etc. 01 the- Lost quality Any Good, , rr line-, alche. of any maker 111 England mil I e mi pornsl lo onier, at as low prices a. nur eiiy shop will furnish then . All persons arc invited to ca I nnd,ec lliesainples of Goesls nhadv if cenesl Nor. 10, ISII. ' ' M It I N OS. Aln.uva .-lull. l"c " moii-line delaine.. I'reneh. IWIi.l, ..' ran punts, led, white and prinled Flannel-, C.euton l. AI.M). ' Slieseiings, shirtings, Tickinpf, Cotton Yarn. Wick, mc, Hailing, Wadding, cte-, for sale reiy ow hv Ji S. M. POPE. 5 IT IIID'S V.ytt, l,'u,,is and Irish Dispr. I IJ Nor. 12. t,, h. br SCOTT I'ROTKCTIVK SYSTKM, 'HIS ( f Mipmor liuivh and i!uraMlt ru pi. O'lll inauiifaii,ir,'l by ihe Hurlincion .Mill Co. f,,, f; ill till' Imvr.l i.rii-c 1 1 V, V ... 1 at ihe Inwoi price-, at ihe eu- .Store, 1 rtllf, JIJ- Si'ptcnilcr, 17, ISII 5H,m:V p,mw eh liMtcd Vi, I,, Cl,,4., Jewelry, Ctlejy, itrf.imrrr and f-aner Good. .Maiinf.ietunes in,ool, Pre.l eon, S. Men-, Manchesicr, Sheffield, ll,r.n,Vl,a,n, and London. Wo hare reeeneil ,ome amne, f) line lrcr atches m (JoM n,l .,1,... n.. .. ". , THK subscril er ofhirs for sala nt hil Hrick Simp, in Chorry Siraet, n lnrge variety of Fuss, con listing of Gcnetl fura White, grey, brown nnd black fun, for Ladies trimmings Lynx and squirted Iloai ALSO Suparior black Oiler and hair Otter cops Shetland ami south sea seal lu. Hoys cnps, forKOcenls Fur nnd hair collars, n varinty Northwest llullalo Robes Fur and cloth caps repaired, and Muds and Cans made to order, br Wm i.SEYMOt;R. Rurbngton, Oct. 29, 1811. DISSOLUTION. rTMlU pnrtnotship heretofore oxtstinz b!wcen II J. C. Ulackiiiaii St Lewis D. Turrtll, is thii day dissolved by mutual consent. H.C. 11LACKMAN, . L. D. TURR1LL. ,33T Tho hisintu vrill bu contiimod by II. C. Ul.-icl.mau. Jericho, Oct. 2, 1SH. . LYMAN & COLE HA E re-reived, in ad ion lo Iheir fijr stock e.f Dry Cloodt, nn cslenuve asortmenl of Tall and WnitiT GcinN j mining which will lu foind a great variety of articles f. r Ladic-' Cloaks j Alpacca Ln-lre, a verr pretty article; Alpaeva silk Warp, Caml letecii, Plain llluek Alpine, J'ii-M de,., Salin l).ihia-k, liryrhrll.i, Per-ian Cloth, I'reneh, German, nnd Eiili-b'.Mt'rino, Moii't'line e!e Uiue nnd printcJ Sixouie-, a meat variety and low pnceJ; (Jeial's llau and Imitulioii Caml let. .v , a-sr. A niall nssrrinient of rich lig'J and tn',d Silks, Itvaty Illaek Canton, GroiV .Vwi-. nml other nlk. SJ I AWLS. Lupin's 1 est searlr', I hick, while, and color!; A few oKtra -iVe-Worfe Uliawl-, Ghnoaiid llo-.ary, a large assortment t nil iiiiu-iiallylari.'eassorlineiitol American print-; I'reneh and Ensli-h do. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shee'iug and hirlimr; Ticl,i..g and Wad din?; ; lileaclied Cotton and Merrimai; Jitetinj, very lovV. TMI.OlfS TliJMMlSGS. Wor.tod lluiibm:, silk do. Large round nnd squar Jfoluir Cords for over coals; silk Cord'oals; Wor-te. and eilk 6'irgo; li'iireJ nlk an 1 Velvet Ibitton-, new fiernre .sewing -ill., Twi-l nnd T bread: Padding. Canva-s. scleeia.. ('ol'd Ilron and Iliac!. Linen ; Wor.-led plaiJ for I'aeiur ; lluttom for over coats, etc. FANCY IIKFS. A varictv ofric hdu l.aine, Challr, silk, auJ utw tvle Fancy llkfs. and Veil-. JSIIOAD CLOTHS. Il.'nvv dotil inillril Urnii'l (Mulli: fJner sn-1 Pilot Cloth; Hicti Diamoiiii l!c.ier (loli; aUo a rncrol nj-.ortin"nt IJ.nlmijtori Mill Clolli". ( it'nl U'lni'ii nnd I.seilH- vlxm ih r 1 in rail a ml exam int? up crrxlLn-ir aooitir.v'iit, wLilU wc uer at linilm-'li'll, ll U!. lII. I'optllar Hotels. FRANKLIN IIOUSll, IIOSION, Con. of MAititr.T St. and Mnr.ciUNT's Row. JXf Ti'll. tindersiitiEd, (formerly of the feints?! Elm street Hotel, and laic proprietor I i!?8a of Congress Hall, New York,) would j UjLJ&tlM most rcsnectfiillr inform liis friends and the public generally, that bclua become the lessee of tins establishment, and nut it in aninle order for tlieir aceouimodalioii. 1 be house i, located in theeetitro of busine-s, with in a few loils- of Cluincy Market, and I ut a short dt from the landing of the English and Eastern Stcatner. Ihe lour experience" the subscriber has had in tho nnnaucmentof a nubhc II owse, gives him perfect con lidenci'in hiiabi'ilii s, and he there fine phdges him- seii to giro satistaction to tlio-e vviio lavor hun Willi their patre page. A Dining room has been fitted op, xprcssly for Ihe commodation of Ladies and Genlh men, which will he found dai'y siiieadvvith the best themarkct alliip's. The Gentlemen s Ordinary ; which can necommoda'c auoiit iuu persons, win uo proviucu wun a 1 ine suu btantial luxuries of iho season. I he .Servants will he found honest and attentive exerting themselves on all occasions to -.ivo satisfac tion. J. T. MACOMI'ER. Croel.rrv nt Cost ! FEW ,ets of blue, pink and Dora ware ; alo, y(ila, Di-be-, Gla-s l.antn-. etc. at cost for the purpo-e of closing that kind of bn-me-s. .Nov. m. .s. 11. siut 1. DIrSOLUTlO.V. THE Copartnership of N. I.ovelr eV Co. was dis solved on the first instant All Debts! Due this firm must bo settled without delay. Either of the subscribers will attend to settlements. Wc trust evcrv i.erson imhbied to this concern. will take due nuiiec and guvern ihetnscUes accoid inrly. . N. I.OVr.LV, ilurlington .Nor, 11. ikii. v.m. 111 hi. hi. i . .tlltli'tis and Glove. HEAVY Driver-Lined Duck-kill Mit'ens ; Mocca sins of superior epiahty, Ladie-s' Heaver, .Merino and Fur lineel Kid Gloves, 'eheap 1 r Nov. 5. 1:. M. WRIGHT if. CO. ft HEY Canada Slocking', Rib! eel and A li s irom iniris anil inaver-, tiist reieiu-ii 1 y Nov. j. E. M. WRIGHT et CO. Dr. A. Sherman's Cough Lozcugc. V) u Cough Mishoine ha- erer I een inlroduetsl into ' 1 Vermont that has given such tiniver-al 1 lion. They M-ldoiu fail to euro the ino-t tioit'ile-otne j eotish- mid cold- ma few day-. Numerous icfer onccs inilit 1 e eriven to pr'r-01 sw ho have I ecu eureil i by them, but where the'ir ineiits aie -o e;enerallr j known ii appre'ei.ocl it is loe'e-s lospecifr m-taiiccs. The above me lu'ine, as we-Il .'slieriil.ltl's ee'e'hra'eii j Worm Loeirre-, Poor Man'- pl.i-iers, and other pie- i pjranous mar 1 e nan 1 1 Nov. 4. ' I'A.NlillOltN & IIIilNSMAID. CJIIEETING lurtiner-, Tickiner, Wiel.mer, Hatlinc- O Wadding-, 'fw II ,1 v otioiis, e. antnn I Innnel.,,e. Nor. I. S. II. t-UO l I'. I r liiirgirnl lusli iiuii'iils t TT A W'S 1.L article, in M'll-injwting Appautu-, (n Idi.tiliil , in oa e.,) .-yrinsi's orall kunl, U'riM-l Pumps (111 la-ci), elo. I'ip e, U and slllelds, N tir-niir Mottles nnd Tides rf many km U, Gum I'la-ti,. Rui.,for eluldren i-ti'tti'iir Tcelh, S;lvcr, Flexil !e auiHium Ela-tio Calheieis, lloiiirie's' slomach 'lid e-, laish-h and (ierman -pring i.ancets, Em:li-h and American fhniiib elei.'.s silver ami s'eel sprm; 'l'nis.i'-, (a mo.-t eeleVrited aitiele ) of every kind and size', Hull's de.. do. do. Twitchell's Gum f-'a-tlo do. do. do. saleby Nor. I. PECK it SPEAR. ALPACCA Lii'lie-, i-a-litniri.' 1I01I1-, pnii'i-.l Saxo-iiie'-, Orleans elnih-, Carolina plaid-, it,'. ii Al-o French and lindi-li Mermos too numerciH to nieiiiioiint Kie'auy ieuiice.1 prices. i,y Nor. I. S. II. SCO'IT. L'loor Clolhs, Sir. TICIII and dark punted Floor idoth-, 10-4, 12-4, -Jnm IS-1 Heavy Wlniney Hlau'.et-, scarlet, Hrei'n, nnu , one iior'O oianiici-, ncav r twili il rianne's by Nor. E. M. WRIGHT .f- CO. Ni:V FIRM AND NEW GOODS. THE Subscribers havinir cn'ered into e-oparlner-shipunder the firm of Lovely et Seymour have jii-t ree'd nn unuasiial largo assoitmcnt uf Goods which ihey will sell as cheap as Ihe cheapest, N'OIU.F. LOVELY. MARTINA. SEYMOUR. Uuilington Nov, 11, lell QjTRAYED from tlio subscriber, nt Millon Falls, a I Dark llrown Cow, fi years old, with a white itripe across her forehead nnd white on the nose broad horns. Also a yearliiip heifer, light red, with a whits face, white on the end of the lad. Whoever will return sai I caliloorgtve information by letter to Ihe subscriber shall le bonorablyrrwarded. TIMOTHY MAYNARD. Talile Covers. CHIMSONand Drah Dama.k Worsted, Daimsl. Lin i'ii, and I rown table ('overs, bv S. II. SCOTT. Hard Vi'arc. MEV Sho(.s,Jli,nK lianlle do. tpa.V., Manure 4 Forks, Halier nnd Traia Chum-, also si ell Hardware, by Nor 13. S. M. POPE. "I7RL51I Tea-, Jnr.i Co 'iv, Logure L do. St, Domingo do. Surar lloioe Mola-e-, Porto Rico syrup, Fie-h ho Raisin-, e'assia, clove's, Pnlverizisl Loaf stiear. Loaf do. mil TEAS. 5WJi I row n do. ,neiaius, Gin;rr, Nul- 'mm., ste'. Ju-l leteue.t. 1-he.11 sr linn e ver, by Nor, 12. S, II, SCO IT. , AT S. BrSCOTT'S; 1 OO Vm- sl'""l Thrral, 1 I J.f 7 Hales, hrenng, 100 piece, C.iheo, 25 " Fie a h and Fnjlrsl, Mir,nUc 25 " .Moiolineilel.aine, KK1 Shawl-, various kinil A crcM r.ineiyol'nlks for dices, loitne's, .. Iliill.ilt, Itobcs. A SUPERIOR article, Indian tannelj Tor thick nnd neary, P,'ts soft and pliaM..w'ill not in mre by writuij;. For sale by HU'KOK it CA'I'I.IN, We-t si.'e Couri lionet Square, Hurl ngti n, Vi, Nor. 12, 134 1. N. II. Don't r,iiichaserunti! rcsi hara priced the nrtiii'v nt'C.'O. Alio Parrcli and Pry CasVi. V--A-"ess-. 5rA.V15 ti"i.vs:it 1 THOMAS will coniinua Jiit Auction Salu in tbu nrterniion ofnvorv Wudntidnv snd Hotuf. dnv. A lattro o- anlilv of Household Furnitarcof dilfcrent dcs'tiptiotia will be oficred, tngth cr with aiovesit various kinds, wun pipe, aniea. ot nxy Goods. Ciilleri'. Clocks. Jewtlrv. etc.. cVce. will be. ollfred Tuesday, Tliursday and Saturday lvonings, uniu lurincr notice. uciouer 1311. OH CASES I'.nalish nnd American Prmla, "iV 2 " llleeclied Sheetinjs, 1 " Col'd CnmbriH, 1. " Apron Checks, Juno 1st, 1811, juat received br VILAS, LOOMIX c CO. Oct. 1, nil. 30 HALES llrown Sheeting, 2 do. do. Drilling, 5 do. ilo. Tickinsi, 1 do. Canvass Padding, 15 Pieces Red Padding, 1 do. 40 inch Ilurlaps, tint reeeivtil by Oct. 1st, IS11. VILAS.LOOMIS &.C'o, 2 CASES CnTorcd English Merinos, 1 ' Illaek do. 1 " I'ig'e! Rombazine, 1 " Alpacca Cloth, 20 pieces Rlaek, iTinicn oasonv, for sale by VILAS, Oct. 1st, ISM. LOOMIS et CO. - Cs.SE Ponerre Silk 1 20 pieces Illaek and Fig! d. 20 " Pomrcc lldkfs. 201h. Ilnlian SewinnSilk, 5 " Illaek and col'd Twist. O-l. 1,1811. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS, cV Co. Dnn LIIS. White nnd col'd Thread, dUU SO " Illaek Linen, ',f Gross Round nnd Flat I.acetf. Oct. 1, ISIL For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS cV Co. ,111(1 GROSS Gilt Coat nnd Vt-t Buttona, 2.'.0 do. Horn do. do. do. 20 do. 300 ilo. 250 do. nS2 Oct. 1st, 1511. (In. Vest do. Pnnliloon Pearl Shirt elo. do. I or sale 1 v TILAS, LOOMIS dc CO. Qfli"i M DRILLED Kved Needle DUW 200 Gros Hooks nnd Eyea. 100 do. Knittins Pina, 3 Cases London Pini, 1 do. American do. hist ree'd bf Oct. lt. 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS fi CO. 1 C"SI'."Wood Pocket Combs, J SO dnz. German Silver do, ;00 " Cap do. 200 " Twist do. 2000 " Side do. i'O " lirass. do. n",2 for sala bv Jur.e 1st, 1P11. VILAS. LOOMIS & CO. 1 Tt'I'l'S Iteasand other Fur',hy I.VX Nov. a. P. I). SCOTT. II..CK,llncllai'k, lisht nlnin, lierlit figured, Oro Jde Vfriqucanl China Silks, low for cash, br Nor. .1 S B.SCOTT. Sherman's Celebrated Mcdlelnetl SHERMAN'S Lorenu'i's, of e-eery tort, " Pupillary O.I, (a 'certain van tut snro nipples) " Poor JIan's I'la-ler. Constantly for sale at Nov. 1. I'.KCK it SPEAR'S. A LOT OF WOOD LAND for sale near the Lake. TTlAI. o, two hundred cords of Wood on the bank. Enquire of ETHAN BURROUGHS. Ferrisbttrgli, Nov. 1S41. A FEW Hales I 0-1 Pnime.1 Rii'alo Robes, Men's I e'-t Slieil.iud seal Caps, .Nutria Fur do, llovdo Men's and llor's liair m jI ilo. For Collars, efcr. for sn'ee l eap fiir'e'a-h, hv !'. IIOOLIITI.E. Nov. 4. ISII. ' 2 0 0 Pieces French, English and American Punts, just rc for sale at the lowest priccas, by Oct. 20. S. II. SCOTT. "lniS and Fur Tnnniimgs, consisting of English L Squirrel, Genet, and Coney Mulls, Astracan and Eneli-h Squirrel Robes, I'nas. natural nnd colored Coney skins, Nutria do. White Conev Plates, tec. &o. receired this day bv (Oct. 29.) S, R. SCOTT. .( DO.. Hinvy Plaid Shawl-, I y Li Oct. 20. S. II. SCOTT. THE Subsciil er will p.iycash rorn fevr Thousand pounds of gooil Fleece Wool, delivered at iheir Store lieadofPearlSt. I1RADLEY & HYDE. July 2, 1341. SA T T I N E T T S. W. &. D. D. Farnhatn a an lurinr 1 l'k, b'Hc mixcl, drab nnd cadet mixed aat t.netts, Cheap by E. M. WRIGHT & Co. "I7I.CT E and FIFE MUSIC New Preceptors for X the Flute and Fife, just received hv Oct. P. C. GOODRICH. 20 doz. Sides of Upper Leather, For sale bv K. C. LOO.MIS. Oct. S 1311. Pearl Street. 20O SidcsnfCalcutia Leather, For sale by Oct. .. 1141. E. C. LOOMIS. OO Dewnii Calf Skin, For sale by OO Oct.s. Hll. F..C. LOOMIS. I TOKOIVOS. Kid: Uiiidiiigs, Limns, shoe-thraed 1 L Last., oli-. A.c. For sale by E. C. LOOMIS. OO Pairs of Men's thick boots from 32.50 to83,00, Oct.- 1-11. For sale by E. C. LOOMIs. C T It A Y S T i: i: It. Stray in Mnr l" O ed from ihe auhscriber, last, a light red, two-year-old Steer. wiih crop on the right ear. A tuna 1 lo Com'ieusaiion w ill be made to anr person who willjrive information where lie nur bu foni 1 DANIEL W. CHASE. Cdchcstar.O't. IC, ISIL lJ T K A IJ Stolen!: from the s ibseriber on the 10th inst., a large hay llorse,withone whin, hind foot, whosocvar will rrive informatiein win resaid horse may be found, shall bs suitably re ward, d. MOSF.S ATWOOl). 'Inrlottc, O t. 10, 1S40. r AMP Oil. llendie! anil onl leacheil, of superio, 1 Jn i.ilitv, tor sa e eheap br S. M. POPE. A GENERA 1. Assortment ol ri' idr made .addles, Ilarnr,r nnd Trunk-, for -ale at the old stand iiorth -tile ihe Square, near J. How ard's Hotel, with siieh additional ar ticles n is usually fetind in my line ot hnsiiie-s. Whip8, .scours, Comls, Uruslic- and Pells, adapted lo the npprriehinc season. Flannel, Tor, and Full Cloth. ..ktns and Hides and all ! mds of Farmer's prcslm e rceieed in parment. Call and ree. S. S. SKINNER. lbirling:on, Oct. 29th, IS tl . cducation. A YOUNG LADY who is qualified lo Icath Mv tic, roinncr and Vtnri, is desirous of obtain ing a situation 111 a respectable seminary cr family. Si-Addri's hot 91, PostOffice, Montreal. October 1. 1F11. lief German Cougll Syrup 1 rpMS ilfsey.o ,y ihstms ushpl mejieine, tornther I iv I, Tai.Vs llal-ain or Liverwort Jayno'a Inl in I Ape- iran', I y Syrup, Down ' Elixir. M. e's Eence !' I -. n.irihi omew's Pink L pe ' 1 a at syrup, f T sctcr coi.l , coushs and com ical Yvt sah, I y .Nov. I. PECK it SPEAK. v A S II 1 ON It I. E, UonnefSiIksofrvcryslvr I and quality, Itl'k, lllue IH'k and China 5ilk for ilressr.. elo. Salin for do. Sara. 5ilka and Win er Ribbons (new style,) Winter Artificial Flow ers. Velvet, etc. itc. J. P. W1IALNO. Oct. 12, Hdl, LAW I1I.ANKS. Ct GOODRICH has constantly for iila bv tbo Ream or Ouire, n general assortment of lam. blanks, printed from forins fiom Revised 5talntes, consisting of . .. , . Justice Writs mil Executions, all kinds in use Tiusicsi Writs Cnuniy CotH 1 Wrils and Evseutions, various kind Warin'ittry, (luit-chini, nnd Moitgage Deeds Ch ineery Rills fur fore-losing Mortgajca Ulanlis fer IVposuious Adinmistralors llonds I.riiets of Guardianship Oll'ictis Rooeipit J ii slice Appeals lllankafoi Noics, Hay-Sralcs, He. Ac. August 10 h. F Y.MAN it COLE offer fur sale Hlnck ami Hlue XU Illaek and col'd silk Velvets, for Lad en' !innra andClonkTrimminjai Alsja variety of silk Frlng. H. 1 i mi iSi r t 1 ,

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