Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 31, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 31, 1841 Page 1
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O I- O " V :. r VOL. XV. ' i 1 1 1 ii 1 1 an bi h IM I , '... . ' - - LILY SYRUP. I MTMfi vll UllHnrmtletl rcvirdll f,ir IHvr,ire- l' H 1 ,,,.., ... ' . - . ... " 'l- ",L J-l cure i iiorl'nrni iii I. ,..,,n,.'. .. . .. J Lungs, Consumption, Cowhs. Inilurn-n ll hl' lce" ol laud u-ed lor ilintv- year, wiih.rroit "r 1 "' "l" "' 1,0 trii,. raHL-!.-l ami Mill Colds. Asthma Snill fJ ll , V"'"-"'' ' ""'"" ' ' ' wtt" '"";''";'"aNon which tl.i- medic,,,,' ha.ucqair- . """'"i f'lttlllg of )loa(l,Vhv,vu.. C..iiii.upfinii,WI,.,npia iMirh-,ot in- l'ir""p'lu 11 I'm -ovy Hnsiaii'1 Suiii", nnl the main- Hooping Cough, fyc. ey. moil Cough., Cod., ,l,Hi -nil Uiealhtng, Inlltionz, ""'"',' I'1'' pc'rloi-nicd, ami tho a.eit .'email,! made iti, M.t. ,,t.; Ouui.v. Avilinii. Phil...... s,,,n,,,,. ,.r in i I.-...' ..' lor II by llioudviou ufiiliv-ieian well a ..-lim... u-,.l, In presenting lo tlicmihlie n Z I.. ,-. . I ncanf i he lmi.ri It mi.. I., . ,u, , l"mtnS oihcr sncciiic'cnui.,,,,.. I ;,. ". . T' i nelin.l,..,,. .1-' no new rciuvly wa.ralU-1 form- rc'i'iiiAil. II u il'l'hc j : "'iin; nvw m urt oi i hi ,iv 1 H'CI "inn'riaiiv ic i'iiiiI iliul.i s nf Med those virtue n-eumnn.ii.livl. mi arura fair trial, the palic-aleonl.ldepenil upon iis he ilm; powers a 11.1 r.lti.m.1 lint... ('..- . . .. 1 ' . , i , j ""r- "'i . rjn Liiy ri ... - rv oi ne.uili. !ln allempt to nrre-t the pniare-s r.lTulimj. nry Coniiiiiitun wonhl nol have appeare.1. Hut tint the vietinn oftln ileiroycr are daily in wavincr, neoN noproofanil the Iar?e e.ile of the piusfM.siiinv llial the remeiliei ol the ilay have l-Tcn fairly Irie.l, an 1 failed in theirobie.'l, if ill it ,. ject w-.isllierelor.iion to heilih of peron sa,!erins from Ji-e.i.e oflhu Inn... While one teniedy drie n a eonch that -ho-il 1 he properly aided to throw I theyi.-eid phle,-m eollee:-d upon the Inns-, an I the harbinger of di-ea-e, anolher, hy a Ind s-eleelion ol an cxpeeloranl, ii imleed enal.led'lo di-po-e- the present tenant, l.nt leaveia wor-ecneto oeeiipy the thaiiercd pn-mi-c- i and l.y n, the t-.i ofdeath U the ooner ncci'inplihed. The I.II.Y SYltl 1' i now Lelieved lo I e the I c-t remedy forlim; i-omp anit-, tint I, an ever nppeirel. lo cure I'lilmonary Con-mnpiiun afier iho di-ea-e ha dote in lat work, orl e.-onie eale.l upon the vi tal fiinctiun-, an I tubcrchs are formed mil I mien and alino-phcri.-air U mlnlel into thel to'.eii part-. nnot amon Hiepie;niMon, of Ihethoii.andaiid oae 'op' nostnuiNto the enniiary, notwiili-tandins). rin inedicn-.eilns le-loiel m'.inv wlm weie Mip-pOM-d to l.e I eyn.-nl ntr, I v men -tandaiu- Iiil'Ii in Hie meJical prole-non ,-1 ui their te-toration lo health on ly prove I q.-e r an 1 men may 1 emi-tal,, m the tage or piouie.- ol thedKea-e. Henee, let no ppiion .le-pairof relief, mini ho has nude a lair Inal ef the Lily Syrip. Tins medieine opera'e I y premotin' a free and ea-y cpeetoraiii.n, Iherel v IVceniL' the li.inrs and throat Iroin vw-,,1 phl.-ni, and -tic islheinnirllie pari, an I lieemsr them from inilania'oiv ueiion wind. consti'ii' the divei-e of 1'ulmnii u'y t'on-iinipiion. T heSynip i entirely free fioin :e-y nnneral -nl Man. e, an.l purely tei-etal lo j and may he lal.en with per-li-ct afety l.y tho miM'eon-timiion-. It i highly ri-eonniiende I to tho-e who have weal; Inn;;'. Te.u-hei-oi peiformer of voeal inu-ie will find it of mval ial le uto lo them, liy i- jrmim meat itrenRih and wee'nc to the tono.of m i ie, an I en (il)lini? the person lo irform wnh rtealea.e. I'nl lie ppeal.erkanildc'.aier.. will Inid it ol iinuh at le M-r-viee to them. Thi inelir-ine ha I cen thoro.iKhlv an Uneee.vf illv te-teJ l.y Me phyieian., an.l l.y their adviee i now prepare I a-i 1 n Vred to iho pnl.lie, lo -p.-a1; fr ,:.i.:f in theca i e of ain:H h iinaimy. An.l may he who l.les-ol the iiiommen'iil tv i.felav lo open iheeve-of the Wind, mV e ll a Mehi;; to ilie hum in family, and the sreat ohjeet of il.e iiroprletLr will lo aeei.m plifhe.l. All nielieinc sho il I le riven ae-or.linr lo the m'iii ation of the patient ; and, il in.ich red ard, a Muni or fj iantily Ihan where there i- con-ii'eral le -Irenirdi. Thedire-tions on the Lottie may I e lal.en nn general r lie : hut if taken for a lonr -ta'ndmir eo 'gh, if may 1 e nei-e-'ary lo tale a nmi h iar.i;erdo-e fort-ianeone or two day-, an 1 even ol oner until ct it I prod.i.ed that will le Iko anil ei-y. When ihere i imieh lisli'ne-s ol the ehet, it will -omeiime- ineica-e the cousli for a d ly or mo; in wlnehea-e, the patiein ho"l I la'.e ihesyrnp more fieely, een until it -honld prodiire a -lishr n:uea of the li.m i.-h. lie med not fear any harm froi h -en-,.ilion. I wird I -ay to all who pim-ha-c ill s meli.-nip lor u-e, tint they ean f.ave hut little hope ol I ems I eneiitcd l.y it, uiifi-" p ii ta ca -.'.eAdily when il i eoiiinieucel Willi. Some tiave taken it once a dty, then twiee. then nol any for two or three.lays 1 eannol -ay that viieh wo ild I e likely lo reicivc m n-li lenefit from it ; Lot if iaU n regularly, it i eminenlly eale ihned tuuproot the di-ea-c, and to rcs'ore to so'ind l.ialih. It i-thecaii.e t t'e.ire of the proprietor lo hae every one ih U u-e at Ica-i one I ottie of it f.ea hly aecorJinz le the d ree- it(.n-, pi eonmi nieate the re-nil to the whom he pureha-el the tnedieme. 1 lie propr e or i pnvilfpeJ lo refer lo t!i follow in oe happy lo give iiil,.rni,i!!.-.n of ll- 'ureiii.r healin power-, lo any wi-lung to know more a' uut it. Mr. ('riii'-n.i,-,., .,,i of the linn c f i:, I'. Sini'h & tv., whule-Kleaml retail mercha.T, i.xelianire-nue', lioehe :er, lor Ml:n; at the I in:;-. liev. K. 'I'ue'.ier, l'asior ol" second ISanti-t Clrireh, Ho-he-ter. ' Captain K. Trccman, for ahadeonsh. Mr. SloJlard, of ihe liriuol ri anwood A: Co. hool; fvller. comer of 1! rlalo and Stale trecp, Hoehcs'cr. Mr. J. M. French, .Norlh-street, Hoche.-ier, lor the hoopinz-eoi.i;li. Mr. fjoulhworili, Stone-meet, Kocli'Mer, for lad 0'ieh. Mr. Holert M'Kil.len, Monrf-e-lreei, I!oche!cr, in at were ah I a! irminse.i-e of iho wliooi.iii"-eooah K. llarnard, llvpiue, oilieii in ooiirl-lio,i-e, in a c of -.vlioopin-eoiih in hi family. Captain W. I). I'ith, for a caseoi I'lillu-ie iu hi- fimtly. Hey. Mr. Clark, Paslor of tie !aptit Church, l.e Roy liev. Mr. P. Church, Paslcr of ihe f.r-l Itapii-t Church, Kochesler. Captain A. Unt'.on, for llatmorrhai;o of the Junj.'-. A. G. Smiih, ca-hier of Mechanic anl Kirmcr-.' -Bank, Kot-he-ter. U VV. sSUcy, rf the (inn of Sil ley &. S. raniom, ,lry eood nierclian'.s and aaetioncer-, 11.1.1'alo-ttrccl, ...! .... Key. A. Kinsley, Pa-tor of ihe Church .Manclie-ier. Rev. Jaeoli Knapp, i;anseli-!. Mr. T. llumi, Cirri ij-o Ma1 er, S'. Pa il-slreet, Hiram Tucker, n'lorney at law, Uoil.iMcr. Mr. Thoma A-hm iu, paver. Roc ho -tor, who lia receive I astonishing relief. Plea-e in ore tf his case. I!ev. Thoma Carl ion, M. II. Cli. Rochesler. A. S'til, (l leeliiii at liinsr J l.oekporl. II. Miner, We-t Henrietta, Monroe Co. Profeor .Mctiinui-, Hamilton 'I heol. S'em'v. Rev. Levi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " IZJ Tho Projirieior has I ecu oTere.1 c:rtiliea!es by many of the above !;euilcinen J but ho prefers that ihore wirhms mlbrinanbii, would call on them per sonally. PECK &. SPEAR, Arenl for tin lection. AT S. B. SCOTT'S. 100 DOZ. Spool Thread, ' 7 ilalefk.etinL. 200 piece. Calico. 23 " rre.ieh and Iai;;lih Merino.-, Q5 " Moulinp del.ame, 100 SliawN, xanou kind-, A (treat variety of Mllis for dre-iev, fonnetf, &e. M, G. RATHBUN, I)HAI'i:.t AXI) TAII.OK, PKAiti, sruni.T, HAS just returned from .New York, Willi full re ports of ihe Kail l'ahioiis, and is prepared lo ex ecute orders for winter garments in tin.- mo-t approved -style. lie ha also on hand a tclect a-soriment cf clioue irimmin?-, adapted lo the tea-oil : such iu ltraid, ISuttoiis, mntlluKU, I'ancy Vest IJIndlnt;s Cord, and Itulloiis, ,tc. Ac. J. I). lie i al-o airent for Scon iV WibonV Re port of Ka.lnon-, which will 1 e in fiirnt-lied lo any one wi-hing them, and tbert"iuilluiiifuriii.illoiilreely fiven. Ilurlinslon, Nov. -1. 1811. jr. T IS VON, DHAl'lt AN D TAII.OIt. Wl Ol.'I.I) onee more remind ht t ii-nnucr.. thai he conlinuo loearry on lie- above busincs in all Its various I ranches til In OW Stand on St, Paul street, neartboKpiseopal Church, and in n;bl of the Catholic Gh'trcli. Thankful for pa-t favor ., tlleii. tointrsare solieilej to eotitini.n iht-ir patronatre, and many new one are much de-ired, Thent-vvesl Jll i(,n promptly received. Ciittint; done on thnrt iioiicetheapfor cnh. I Inveon hand mm., old a.-ct.unu whieh 1 iho'iltl Jike toi'tehmirefor rnai. Nov. 12, 1811. PKOTKCTIVE SYS7rEii7 CtUOHlS of superior fnu-li and d iraLlo colors jnt inaiiufii.-turel by iho llurlnistou Mill Co. for ale at the lowe-t price, at the New fi-.orr, Vinroi-Ki f ftpirml.r 17 1 11 SIMMY IURI.OW I J I I i ' i " - "tui'ii i .11 - NOT BAg.-niyasai mi i1 i iruM "-''"'i V In igo-liu,-, Ikw., of 1 ho Bowel.,' Kit, ol every kim i, i ramp., liii-iecl.- (.(. o, C.uarr h. Di-en- Si'-kiie-m .-.t.m.i.-h, alea-lc-, n movi-iilivu of Con- i.'iivm i. um. i: i I i . .. ... '"'x .r-3I"Ili'aliovu!l;lifiiii.Hi,ri-p.iirll,yirtMirvHL'v- monr.iil llmllry, Mil", from' the Unsiniil Itwu.u I v HiCilirL-iioii ol -aul .Monio, nnil ol I l,y him anil tl.t ptni'Mpal l)niL'i.'iNin Iho l'iiiifJHiali'. Sol.l t ImluMilt! u ml rtlnil, Iv IVek & Si-ar, liar insion, an.l hy theilcalowBeiicrnllv lliro'n-h. out Inu I'ciiinirv ted PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. IHIS ailielei loo well known to necil eomincn nation -and the experience of s.cvcn years has ilemoiisiraled to the commernal community, that lor neciimey, eotivenietife anil durahihtv, they are iinrivallr-d Cnl vaul scale In wei"li "from U In 0 . -nnn .."r"'!"U chollto tin, lo WCI3I1 from 1-2 111. inn ?. 0 1 !"' l ",nhu ln- " mcijjIi from 1 'J oz. to -uu His. I'ori ililei ouiiler ilo-a now arliclo to wei.-U Irom 1.-: ,v. to 10 lbs. ,. t .t. II. I'eck & Co. Agents. l.utlmgton, April 8 1311. I'AINTIVC:. "lni: -iil.viiler leins lhankfal for pa-l layors .. wiitikl le-pe.-ifilly x lint u eontiiiiiann- ol the ame aii.lreinin I hi-fi lend- and the puLlie that he lirepared lo iu inm...l.ito them tithe sdiorto-t notice audimi II ivorihlo teiin, m the union, tranches m then! incline. Shop oppo-iteMr. C. A. Seyiuoui', Hat Store, I'cail-vticvt, Uiirlmzion, Vt. JAMIS SCOTP. April I, nl3:ly rtr.iiTAix cmtK rou sine iiuadachr, y llicll lia hoi II ll-l d iu fundi.. J. fvrrv I,,. r of which has ha I sick h. adacho fioin m!-incv, as a cont lutional fimtly complaint, and Ins cured tlfec- iut iv in every msnnceyct Known, amonntin.' to ma ny hundreds. It 1 Hot llllt.lp.icnnl In .1... ME.n ...1 does not prevent ihodady avoi-alions of one ti-iti" it It must le; pertvercd 111, and the emu 1 frrndutif hut cettatn nli.l p.-rmanent. Iuiancis nr.. e,inti.,mlv multipU ms lure tin- .h-ti t -uii complaint is com pletcly 11 lined and cured, allhousli of vcars -1311111112 hy th" iie of Dr. .Snohn's celLlinn.,1 "r..,od.- n,. decided prcfruie.-is itp!easTntne?, tinhig n'ono of Hi" nauseating iIIlc! of common drug. Ills i pnfictlysati-faitorv, thai thepropriclor Ins L'ivcn iltrcelioti lor lusa'entsto rtfunil Iho price lo any one ho i not ph a'e.l with, and een cuied liy il. lie hopes nlo that this tiny secure its prcat elits to tiie dtklrcseil siilh-rcr who are lahorum under Ile idaclie. V.. Sl'OlI.W 31. 1)., inventor and l'ro prietor. SoMliy CO.U.SI'rorA-.f. rn., 71 af iidcn Xcw York. I' V.rK S I' 11 A If. Wlm',.ln .U-enls, a few dotrs last of the PoslOnicc, llurlitm- ton. t. j ('locl.ery and (Jlass 'arc A I'i:W set s White Ware, alto Glass . Dishes and I'lnte. Decanters. Tiimlilers.r.niiin. i)-e. lor sale very low, liy -s. m. poi'i: I' 017X1), 01! nnv be found m this vill uie, directly opposite the Methodist Chapel, an OLD PAl.Vl' SHOP, newly lilted tip . u jimd style, where the undersi'Mied will he slid to wait on In old customers who "may favor hint with their j atrunafrt-, Cmlfi R. G. SPAUI.DIXC). llarlniKlon, April '.! 1S-I1. I 11. Ml 1 I. I., Dotitti.t: isass ISASKAM) VIOI.S. A I! RAM AM P R K S- es,lcd in the Sci ence of Music, that lie continues lo inanufacluie a Concoitl, Xew Hnmpshiie, P.ASS AND DOUJU.1-: PASS YIOI.S, cf a very supenor quality, mid havuis ohlaineil tlie first Premiums that lias'evcr In tu nnartled loan A lueiican manufacturer of such instrument at the -;rrat I 'airs of the American I nstitiile in Now Yoik City, nl the ureal I'au of the .Mechanic's Association ill Doslon, nnd nl the Pair of iho Mechanic's Charita ble Asaoe'iation iu Porilnid, Maine he now not only lenders Ins ll.nnks to jus frauds and patron-for pa-t favors, but pledges himself to Rehyious .Societies, .Musical Associations and individual., v. ho may wish lo purchase, that no reasonable eilorls shall be want iim on his pait, to e-tiable linn to miet their oidns in lliu inot prompt and satisfactory maimer, that lie may Mill relnin tlicirioiifideiice-. and mini a coniinil anrcif'thCi'.jcrai patronage lie lias for many years ei.-it cd. Ilcnlso keepsnn cvtcnsiio anrtmcnt of Ml'SICAI, INSTRHMHNTS, of tins best qu.ilny, vvliiiliho oilers for sale on the most icasonable terms, aiiionp vvlueli aie MM.OD10NS AND SlUiAPlIlNKS, wliicli areiniieli ailmircd for sweet tic-s of tone, and well a inplctl to parlor or church inutte. Music Schools, Military Hands, or iiidivi.luala, can he supplied with llrnssiind olbtr instruments ol nnv description, ascheip or cheaper tlinn tlicy can pur- cuase in tue cny oi dosioii. Atso, Yiolm, llass and Double Pass Yiol Strings Hows, Undoes, Patent Heads, Tunint' Korks & Pipe Instruction Hooks, Clarionrlt Ret tls and inoulli Pie. ces. Umbrellas. Parasols. Walkinir Canes, tie. Oitlels will ho ciatcful v rtce-ived. and llisliumcnls sent by Sla?o nt theiik of tho manufacturer, and if not saiisiaeiory, may lie ext iianccil. Musical iustrumenlsand Ilmbrt llas.ri'pairrd as uu. al. Plea'o call al his new Music Store-, a few doors soulli of the I'.nglc Coffee IIoue. nil i onrnril, Aew 1 iampsiiire, .llarcii i, Isit, I'ANC.HORN ,1- IIRINSMAID, Apenf, Purling, ton, Vt. G 110 CEUI ES, &c TSAAC WARNI'.R l.tcps constantly for tale al lni Store, opposite S. I'.. Hovvaid's Store, Coenac lliandy, Holland Oin, Si. Croix Rum, Itnslon Ruin, low pticed liiaiitly, 1 ! -i 1 1 1 1 1 in re- Gin, Antigua Ruin, Cherry do. Wines, of must kinds and prices, Molasses, I.oif, Lump and l'rown su;."ir-, Ilysonand Vmuis Hyson, Iljson Skin and Ulack Teasi llo Raisins, Ke? tlo. Codtisb, Salmon, Macktrel, Sounds ant! Tonguts, Rice, liar Soap, I'nncydo, Allspices j Pepper, G'uijjcr, Nulines j Ciovt-, Ciiinainon, Salcra'iis, Polantl Sinrili, .Mustard, Indico, Pepper Sauce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table Knit ; C'nnilU n ; Spanish Sei'ars, half Spanish tlo. Dtcanlere, Tumblers, Lamps, Jars. tf-c. Also .r0() Jlarrcls Salt. Tho Liquors are w-irrciiud lobothe best tint can bo bniijht in New York. Tavcrn-kcrpcrs anel olheis vvillfintlit for ihe ir benefit to call nnd cxainitic tlicm before they buy elsew lit re. Ilurlinston, Nov. 5. 1B11. School Mollis, Paper, .tr. fiib-eribcr Ins n lahce slock of Krhrml rp 11 1: A Hooks s nn I Paper. Merchants. School rniniinw. tVc. lurnisliiU on U10 most liberal lerni. Rags and most kindaof country produce received in payment. Nov. 213. O, fiOODRIt II. .. . 1 .. .. - 70I,l.i:TT A: IJItAIMiKY Invc just rcct ivc-.l 1 and oflcr for sale nt the lowest orient fur nn.l. .r approvotl ctc'lil, a larpo and well suleeieji nortment ol (iinecne, eoiisisuni; in pari 01 ine ..loine;i 51llulsStCroi-isitgnr, 5 Hhd Si Crnix RUIn, r, l'm,,u II,,tl 1 t: .. 1 1(1 do Porto Rico tlo tlo 10 do New Orleans: ,10 llaRi Rio Codec, SO tlo Java do 10 llotcs soap, 2 tlo f upe-nor do IH do r.itra 1I0 20 Ke.. sop 1'iira, 2) qr casks .Malaga Wine, 50 Boxes Pipce, 20 ll ii-B Pepper, 20 do Pi men to, 2.') h'cg purn Gir.gcr 2i tlo Raisins specifiPlyinrorm Vi.i?'jziay all TUB min , n -ifi-iv. n u r 1 1 J 1 . 7 " ' ' "'' ,ra ' '"' proprietor to extend i . . 1 """""i evciy limn in lie t-a Iitii &? "?l'l,ri'r",P'T''' 'I"-' t Jii ii o T Spite. ..." ," V" "'"""- ' l'n-iy Mliil lr,a... i, nol Mrr i;i-n i v v iiiiicr nn. iimhh ! .n..,.. i . i Hi. " , '.l'',L' ' ,'ii-mj -ale iiii.I sri-at in in. ' , - ii ii.i .williin the la-l n m it h eiue.1 us I1IOI1-I1H 1011110 Mist o!.tlll,i:o lll-cl-l eau ie prove i l.y certi cult-, an s prououiice.l 'vj i, . i . i n. r.i ll .in ... .iv . i. ...... i. in .... eonlaiuin-r eeiiitic.ile of cm.- au, iluections , , t.(. kniir the medicine. 'Ihe fol..wina appointed agent. Iluiliii-toii, PKCICnnd SIT. All, It. Moody Si Allan, Corns and lio-sel Millon, C. I'.ak'i Mil'on l-all-, lliirnet and Sawyer-Wu.r,,l,. , I'i.l; mid llrown, Iliiie.liur-;h, Hull an ( Kin fax, Parker and Matlield Yi-rpeiine, Adam, and .'Inriav -(.anihndKe, M. Win Cnderhill, M C. Ilirn.-v .oilh 1-i-rri.burL'h, H. C. Wicker (iron. . Illiss " illi-toii, N. Chiltrnilctt Ki.-hiin.nd. tircvn & Ithr. V. -Johu-on, (i. I.. Wurncr and (' MonVlon, Kihau Smith IIP crslicM, Armniu'lon and Wmnlwar I I'air lield, l.urnet and I'arnswurlh. e.n.p.l y.Kia MAKsflAI,!,'- continue- unrivalled n a stienslhenina PI,ASTi:it: Al-o, for llheuina-li-m, Lamene- or pain iu theside-, liml s or hack : for-erol lion swe'linir., ,rvy .sore, l-'n-li wound.; mid Ibr. i treneral l-'.tindy Pla-lerors.ilve. PorCoin-, moreover try it j p.ue close, per-evere in Iheu-e l,y makinsa new-npiilieuliun ocea.iou.illy, and in tune, your com will 1 e cuied. I'..r 'ale l.y ' PIX'lv SPKAI!, Iliirlinclon, .Ian. 22, 1811. ly.f.lS Dr. A. Slit-i man's Coitirh Kocimcs. Cousih Jlelieiiie ha ever 1 ecu inliod-ieed into ruiont that ha even ucb .ni.srw. lion. I hey seldom fall to i-uie the mo-t eotiih ami cold- in a few day. Numerous icfer eme might le -riven lo per.orswho have teen cured l.y Ihem, but wheic their merits are so generally known k appie -iated il is u-cle. lospeeify in. lance-. The above medicine, a well Shi-rni.ui1- celebrated vV orm l.czenie., Poor Man1- pla-lcr, and other pte paralion may I eha.l of ov.-l- I'A.Nni'.Cll.N & lilllNSMA 1 1). .. WM riMXtV SASII- j V T .lust received l.", 11 ) and -2 17 by Dea-cinents i. j sash, a fu -1 ra-e arli.-b.-al 3 ! and lit eenl per li'ht; uUo A ii ..ri i .... , .... I n,(- ...... -inu'i 1 lllll-ULM to ..r ler. 1 ic(.mIcr..Lra l.lacu Jlei I, a lir-t rate ariiele, fur -ale very low, toucher Willi a sreat variety of other arli- cl i'e cheap a can le found at any oilier meniin the phi' e. lit.o. Pi.ti.iiso.n. lr HATCH would iufonn tin I linbit'iiits of ISuilumoii and i liltv. that he ha oncniil a ?.boti in ......ui nuii.., in uiu m;tii Ul iilC jiine, ' where lieiiitnidMo carry on ihe (iiui Jl smith liusims-s, in till its vaiious luaiieli . I Ia mi bien i mployed for the l isi 4 six years in the shop .f '.I. M. Caswell, in I.nnsintjlmrL'h, (imdotthlcdlv the best shop in the l.'nited Stale,) lic'fe. I- war- ,. rant, d m oir-riii" Ins work lo the iiublie. Kurlington, June 1, loll. MYSTI'.HIOITS: A i nlleinan lirlonciiifi to one of Ihe most unci, nt and wealthy fimilics nf this city.who mut ho well known tonunicrou-.frn nils having since the year ISIrt, up to recently, bun bent neatly double, ami fur several jcars confined to lu lled, Ins been restored lo (jo il health has reiiained bis natural erect position and has quitted bis car riage, and now walks with ease I ! We In lievo llns is llioscnllcmanV ow u description a near as posaihl., and there is no e..a?i;eralioii in it. We will irive inqui rers his addie.-n, and dotiht not humane feelmi;s will c.e ise the liberty; si that any one tlmMinx, in ly Unnv. these facts hottnli lie requests his name mi) not appear m print. Amoni; other instance, .Mr.Ja. Ii. Reynold, 1 1 1 Chri-tie sirect, lias been le-tored, and will jiivc peisoinl assurances of the fids of Ir.a case. Hotli wcte rlieiinniisiu, and contracted cords and sinews. Ilowbas this I ion done 1 Anxmr. Hi lltr Imli.m Vcgiltihlc Illixer in ternal'!; (iiul I! ie. s1 .Vine and lSunc Liniment -.ilium street, at tlie sijrn ol Itic Kitle, ---v' Ja.i. 'JO, Hll. SoldonlibyCO.IHi'roCK.f. CO., 71 M.tiihll I.ant, ,Vir Yorl.. ,,o PI'.CIv et M'I:aI(, Wholcsalo Asents, lliel'osi Oflicc, llurlmy'on, Vt. a few doors east of FOIt .SALE T nllAT l irpe and coniinndious two li rv Etrick Dvv.-Imr Ilitn.i. I .al silu itc'd on the west side of Collrpo jrncn nttho hen! of Collee-slicct. in this vil- ajie. IbcII.i-sf. i 32 by with a basement story, with hi cben an I l'rovi-.uii cellars, and a vviti"3 by G')'iioilh 011 'i.Pce l.'iecii, u n It woo'iand -1. re ho i-e- In 'o.v, an 1 chain! er- an I Icepiu- icoiii al.ove. A lare-andeo nmodioii- Iiarn,earria.e hou-t u-e liou-e,. ind other i..-hi.u.i-, and a -pt.-ion- jar I we-l of llifilvifllinshiiii-c, ami a u'ood tlira' le we I or vva'er of Ihe lest tpialny 111 ihe villaee, an I a I rick t-j.lern. (),ie an I a quarter a.'ie- ol laml, 1 f iho lir-l qualm ; a !ar-'e sar leu fruit tree we-t cf the hi 11 e and yard. 1 ne 11 iii.iuiir- areci n-n-uctel 111 modern .Myle, ol Iho le-t nn'eria'- and workman-hip, weiecn-etel I y .iiomi. .r:'.T own ii-e. and iv. 11 (or.l-a verv e,un-ive anl ;.'e.i.ait nro-pecl tf the1 village an I la' e on the We-'t an.l i-uu't .-urpa-el I y any oilier in Ihi- part of ihe et.i ntry. Abo lor sale n lot etintainiiiixauitcre of land direct ly oppo-i'e Ihe a! let with a iiial.-e'iiyeiiteulwoo I dwelling hoiiru thereon. Pi r 'ha-ei'-are invite I to call anl exiniue for ilium 'live 'It-ruin madeknovvn by ihe ul nl er on the preiui-e.. .VAMI PI, Ri:i:D. Il.irlmstrai June, IC, IRIO. n wileiaiM wRuYTrrs INDIAN IMMtGATIVi: 1MI.LS, 1'nlirohj Writable. ATANUKAC'IUKKH under lite imiu.-Jiate superia J Lli ndeneeof Willi,tmWriilit,vice.irt-.n!eut of the XortlrAmcrhairllollcge of Health, for ihe treatment ami cure e,l th.-ea-e- 111 the form ol lidlio i and Ncr vou lever-, Mea!o., Small 'o, Pam. in the i-ti mack, I ack and i Ie, Con-nmptiou, Drop-y, Scrof ula, Cancer, SpinuiK ef Ille.od, .S'l'-k-llciid-ache-, Kin-imaii-m,, Uyeuiarv. Colics. Ih-.i)ei.- sia, Palpitutien of the Heart. U.-crs and ere of every Kind, ty-e. eve I or .ale I y Pi:ch' .t SITAIt, Il.irlingicn. W. II. IIOU.Y, W. .1. IUO(il,A.V, Hme.l..irKh. J. H.IIALllL'ltl', We-tfonl. 22 0-t 131!. rilE WINOOSKI SASH FACTORY, .aunr- 1 .-5 111 eon-taut operation . .1111 preptreii 10 execule or ler- lor Wl.NDOWSASH of every dceripijun, an I in lliu bc-t imuner. A eon-t int supply kept ( n lull I an I lor sale at litest., re of lieor'e I'eter-ou, in liur linston, at tlie-lollovvuiu' l'i i!i:s; ca-cineutr, :ij cents ,er I.tsht, 12 Light 8 do. !t do. f, tlo. t tlo. tlu. tlo di) do tlo. tlo. tlo, tlo tin tlo tlo tin tlo SIDNLY do tin t'ti SMITH. 1.2 June IP, DUCT. MAHSII. Heada-he S.MTI Arom ittc, Catarrh and Tin- Snud superior tn any inmg yet l.novvn, lor icmovuig ihat Iro'iblt-.t.iiie th ca-e, the Cnmrrh, ami al-o a ce.Id iu the I, uu I the headache, It tipcn and purge out all nh-ti notions, siieugiiie-ii.tiiegiand-,au.l!;ivc-a bealthy aclum t,, c (..tits .1 it-tt-i. 11 1, p itt-ciiy in e Iri.tti any ihiugileli icrious m it eompo-iiiou ha a 1 Ita.ant llavor. and itsiminisbatee.l.c.,a',cf fcuig u-ed, i le Price :t 1 eenl per bolilc. Don. Mar-halps Vceiab'e Indian Black IhisPlasttr i unrivitlltvl for t iring seiof doiis .wt. ling, Scurvy Soit, Laini- Back, and I'ri-h Wiit,tl; pdinsinihe side, Hip and Liml s; an l-eldom fails it. give relief 111 local ilhoiiiiiatoiih. If niii-hed tn ihe 1 .ii't',11 will cuie many of ihecoiniiion Liver Complaints: I and is equal, ij not superior, lo any llnug 111 n-e for ,ie&2, I vv, ne.Vts y t ou SlX w h.Niave e - l,i,.!"; V 1 n,,r'' 'pruitirt Chav '4 J:. , V'.V'l" prV pt ' 'ii.l,'," 'V. c,l"ry, I., nnd Pre it A: hiMR, Uurlmgion Vt S A ft. Q U TUB v..-a.-. ugyiaii,iniBmm; f II M 0 T. FRIDAY, DECEMBER :n, 18-11. i ""I'll O T.VT'.-i KCI.I'MI I l.rl-l. VI l.-iiu-i viv- 'B. The-.-medii inc. are iin'cl.t... fin il...... uiu.r .n.iuiie.i ana a lion m piirifvine the "prins; iii.i eiiannel ol lilt-, ami cnduim.' Ihem with renewed tone and viffor. In many hundred ccrlilie.1 e.i-evvmen nave t ecu untie luillr, nnd iu nlmo.i eiery specie tifdi-ea-t! lo which the human frame i i.ihle, the happy u !e.:l of Mot i-atS I.ii t; Pai. ami Pil'KNIY. IIiiti-.u have keen -irealf illy and puhlitlv neoinvvliHlrretl by the p.-r-on lenelitletl, and who vvci.; pteviou-ly unacTianiledvvithlhebeJiililiillyphi. -'j'1" I -ip e ii.ou wiii.-uiiicy nrueompoiiud- e.l, in I upon which ihcy eon-etpieully iif-l. j I he I.II'KMPDH'INKS recommend Iheimctve iu I li...-a-..- of every lorni and de-eriplion. Their lirt .peration t to 'oo-eii Irointhe coal of Iho stiMaeli i ii i i ovce, ;nc .iri.)'iiiup.nt!e and oiuditie- coir i.iuiii e.l.ul, ai-Miiti mem; nun lo remove I lie har deiie.1 face which .".lie iu Ihe convolution of the -ri.illt-l rite-tine- Odicr medieiiie only partially elenii..el.iest, and leave- such eulle'etetl inc.s.e I ehin'tl a- l'i,. uba1 .'. al co.tnenc.s, with all il Irani ol t-vil.. orsuddeu '..irili'vi, v nil it imminent tlarer-.n Tins t, wci . no'v-i !.i nil ro-Jiilar aualonii.t., v! ... ll.. h .man lioesaltert!eath i and hciitt !h" or.-udi" if'boic well informed men a-rani.t quack i ledieme or inehcin. prepared ind hc-aldcd to Iheieil liel.; liiioraul pcr-ou. The i-eouel eiltv-t of liiel.ife Mel..i,ic . to . lean-e the ..idni'V and the 1 ladder, apt' by Hit 'iieau-, the liver -ind the bin:;., the healthfulaclioii ofw Inch entirely depend upon the rc SuLtriiy of the iirinar orau'-. The blood, which lakesi-s redeolor fioiii ihe au'iievnf Ihe liver and the bin-.' I eloie itpas.e into ihe he.iil, I .mirth i piirilicd l.y lb. -in, an I noun-he I by fiin.1 coinin-r from a clean sionncn, cour-e Ircely thro'isli Iho vein, every part of Ihe sv-le-m, and triumphantly renew mount in.- i .tuner oi ne-anii iu ine i loomiiiir eticeti.'s Ye'jctable Life Me hemes have I ecu thor otiejhly tcte-d, and pronouin'ed a soveien;ii remedy for IK--it-p.ia, rialulency, Palpitation of the Heart, l.os ol Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache-, l!e.e.siii--.s, Ill-temper, Anvieiy, liinr lor anl Melancholy, Convene.-, Diarrb.ea, Choleia, lever of all' kind-, liheunnti-m, (!oui, ol all kind., (travel, Worm-, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy1 I leer.' nvclciate Sore-, Scorbutic Krupnou and Mad Com p'exiou., I'riptivc eomplaint-, .allow, Cloudy, and oiherdi-arreeal Ie Coniplt-Mon-, Salt llheum, ia-y-ip-cla, Common Cold ami lnln.'nz.i,aiiil earion other complaint vvhieh allbet frame. Iu 1'r.vr.n and Anun, parliciilarly, the Life .M.-bcme have leen ino.t enimently siiece.ful j mi much .-o Ihat iu the I'evei'.in 1 A:ri.eih-,trie-t-t l'hysieian almost tinive-i .-ally pie-cn! e them. All th u Mr. Mnl'at require- of hi- patient i- to le particular in ta'.ni'j the Info Me heme trielly aet-r.r-dni'' lo the direction-. Ili-iiot.t ncw.papeT notite-, or by anytbiii thel In-liini-elfnny.ay in their favt r, llul hehopesto gain credit. It I alone Ly the re-ult ofa fa.r trial. MuITAT'S MEDICAL MANCAL; de-iirnesl a a dome-.tu-ir n letn liea! Ii. Thi-lttlle tiamph'.-t, eil'led by W. II. Mo la',27j llroadnay, New York, ha- leen po! Ii.he I for the p'.rpo-e ofeXilainiu? moiefdly Mr. Mo ku1. theory of di-ea-c, and will I e- loiiml hc-hly iiitere-tiii'j tO'icr-ou--eekinir health. It ttcit- upon prcva'en'di ca-e, and tke oau-i liierer.f. Prite-, -2.' ceui for -a'e 1 y Mr M-.tlat1. Airciit-scnt-inHv. Tht-sf vabnble Mt-hcrne, ait- lor sale I y CllOIII'K I.. WA1I.M It i'i fo. .lohn-t n, V (., Ueneral Aeent-, I y v bom all or.'er- fioin any pnit tf the Slate or Canada, w.ll I e prompt!) au-wered. 23 ll Dee. 17, l-ll. 'It l'i, Hll. T A'l'UIMJ'S CliA.M) i:i.TOI!ATI'i:. This J.N valuable ct-alle Medieine stand- unrivalled lor thefolluwius e-ompl.iuil., v:z : l)y..pep-ia, or Indi-nt---ioii,ili-e.i-ed l.ivcr, bili.i i-th-or.Vr-, l)rup-y, A.lh "' Co-tncne-., Worm and lo. of Appciiie.'aud by ''can-ins the .panach and I owe!., cure- m the, stoma. !i and I ii-a-l, ei Ids and coiil-Ii of Itms tJuduis, lloir-eno-s, sliorlue-s of bre.uli, Nervous .-..inpla in-, etc., which aielicqiicntly tho .- cct o di ea-e. I". r 1 evernnd Airi.e, it i-;i mii-t valuable pre vcnta'ii a-wed a- a -ovciciirn icni.-dj. It. virtue. . up.T- any lion-.' heielof. re known 111 it-iuovinir St. Vitus' Dam.., two bonle. b ive 1 ern known to cue ihi- alllu-tiii'-'diM-ase-, al'crhavm,- I allied every exer tion lor four It ha- 11 most powciful iiiflti.-nee 111 leoiovint'iiervoii.t-t nipht'iii.. It 1. plea.aul to take an.l -oea-y 111 il opi-ianon, ihat 11 may I eadnunisiere-d to ine iiiiani wun ,aie!y. I lie al tne -Mwhcine 1- very tiieuiy leeo ,-n 'etl .- many M-ieiitme tri-nileiuen, -.t. ....... ,, Limine, w no nave nrtivci 1 .e vu Hie- ol Hie Medicine I ypi-r-c nal us-and that ol'iheir .1...111. . .1 .mi 1.1 . ei-iiucale. aecomtunie- each bottle wiihtlireu'ii.iis. ll may le bad who'e ale or re I t.i , 'i.tiie, aim ... e,. 1 uinaiii, i. William town,'e r-. Picpaicd from llet.11 .11 recipe j lor sale ly I.. II. I'renti.., Muuipclu-r, ,! 11 i- ..... ' t cii .i-at-i-Ait, Kurlmsmn, and in the principal town m the ..tale-pill do eel ion, -iucil in I be-hand writme ol ihe proprietor DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. 1 1 1 re -eve i, a -imply 01 .Mar-ii tcto nlej . irus-e-, ol every de-enp ription, for -a'e I v Ihe tluzen nslc, Nov. 1. I a'-c iia'ele Pl.CK,..s'i'I.AIt. a .-die If iet- til el; 1 t:o. O 1 f)( RICWARD Ins bteu oll'crctl for inonths I vJV to any one who will use.a boiileof llii'i v l.iinmcnt fur the 1'ilrs. without belli!: curt il. Of thousands sold, in 110 one instance ha it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming lo be had where 11 is sold. It is also a certain cure 111 nearly every tase. (I. Menially,) in llie loiiovviug complaint. 1 or lie Piles, for all iliopsy, lender fit I, sore iliroat, by can cels or ulcers, croup, w hooping coiuth, scald head, Tighlnessof tlieelicst, especially in children, foul ul cers of ihe legs, or til her fungus sores, however eihsti- inleor long slamlmg, I10.-I1 vvountls, clniljlams.etc. LOOK OlJ'l'. Some tu-iinllers hate counterfeited this arlicltjaud put it lip irith rarlutisdeeicts. Do not l.e imposed upon. 11110 iniiig omy win proicci you it ts the name of COMSTDCK .- CO: that name must he aWay on the wramer, or vou may be ciliat ed, Do 111. 1 lorget it, Taku iho direction vvilli you nnd lest liy lint, or never buy 11 ; for it is imjioniblc for any oilier lo bo true or genuine. 11!) Sold by COM.TOCK CO. 71 Maiden Lane, New York. P I". C K ft. S P K A R, Wliolale Agent, a fivv doors cast of the Post Ollice, Burling ton, Yt. V "nIvmndIcheap"!" WK are now opening a largo nnd fashionable Mock of Goods adapted lo the season, which will be sold lower than usual for cash. Among our Goods may be found llie following : Alpacca Lustre-, Alpine, col'd and I lack, Black and him- black bombazines, Preach, l',n.;!isli ti ml German .Merinos, Mauseliue de Lame mid Saxony, Worsted Plaid nnd sirge, Orleans cloths, I'rcncli, I'.iigli.-li nnd Ann rican calicot s. Goal's Irur and crape camlet, Plannels, lt d, white an I domestic. Ticking, twill cotton nnd cotton Tlannfl, Wadding, balling, and collon yarn, Coiion slieeiing clieaper than ever, Ilia k and blue black silks, China and Bonnet do. Cap nnd llonnt t Ribbons, S.Ik Cringe and T-isscls, Drcs lldkfs and Client cravat, Gloves and mills of every description, Table Clollis, tlo. linen, tin, covers, Dninond llcavcr Clothe, sup. tlo. Uroi 1 chillis, blk blue blk,b!ue, grcon olive etc. Sn,-.iptt. son. nnd enmtnon. Vesiingo, stlin do, silk velvet, cup. and com. IVhi.unblo stocks, fi. ill's euibr.ud. ied sliarf, silk mid Pongee tidies., Lamb's wool htilf hose, talk tlo. while nnd brown i-ollnndo. niix'il and blk do. blk worsloddo. while an. I li'k n'k do. Cluldicirs uloves and do Mulls and But, Asitieaii l.ombsivin.Cort, &e Hiissui Diaper anil Crash. (IROCERIES. Young llvson, Old Hyson, Imperial nnd Clack XKns rpilP, liiirlinsion lircwcry i now --.TV-jrKij '-infill nperalion, ami ' Peer ol Jipl-f" (if itiljjj 'lie very best quality is kept con (LsJ i'lV.-i'i.'-'inlly 011 Ii ind for sale in whole ii3or liall barrel. (!. PHTUUSO.V. Tea, fresl, nnd cheap. Raisins, CnfTtsj, Sugar, Mo- Unv' U,,e' Tiliaceo, Pepper. Allsnirc, Cmnumrm, l'!ov'"'' NulnvW Lf nJ ,"? Coeoo, ( ',f,,.c'a,c nnd rianv ther artieles. cheap for rash at , J r, WH M 1NO t Co a n b or r O M rum 23X1. TAirtOR'S I IJ A r, S A 31 O V I, I V ll it Y C) II T. Ob-erve when vou by thai vo i eel the rrenmne &.'''-eNew Yorl? .ee 1' , Vm i- ton. 1 ontiie wrapper 01 each iioitle. All other- are I rand and sold only by speculator-, vviiln in le-'ardtojii-tice.iotliu public, or the prontie lor of Ihu gentu'iiearlicle. TOIt Cons implion, and Liver ecmplainl-, Dyspcp i. sia,ibz2ine.oflbe licad, ln ofappenio, lary, and (rent-rnl lespilalerol the whole sy.tem. None jreii'iine but that ineparel at ,17j llowery, .New tirk, where the arir lo wa hr-t made, ther-lmr ' -lc'erofilie 1110 heme formed and o.tal lisbed I v the present sole proprietor, and whonre theonly ee'r-on knowing the i-otnpeisilion of the genuine. It has I ceil 11-ed succe-sfiilly for eiahl year iu the ttire of thege disca-t-.. r3"I!emeiiiler lliu original and (ien n ie I made only at No. .17.1 Iti.ti-nrt. .... -, i. ... ,, . ..J, ...... I Wl. ,l oilier :n c c oiinic rleit. Consumption and Licr Cvnphiinl ' As a treneral remedy for the-., disease, I 11111 f.lly all. lied, from Illlin e'Mt.erieilct . tl., r.- 1- .... ...,...,..".. to Dr. Taylor1- llil.uin 01 . verwen. lit ,n-r pure y veelal.Ie, it e-au bo u-ed witli h-- 1 , . -ale.v by all I.e.. on in every eonditit.n Ii ,1,.,,,.. ,1,;, lima l.y expeeli. ration, relieve dulieiilt Lrenthinir, aii.beemtt) heal llieehe-t. 'Ibcictaii I c noque-tinn but tin. medicine is a certain cure It r t hrn.i... r n ml,. and cold.. I have used it lour vear. iu my oraeiice. ant! always wcli-uter-. A. !'. ROfiLlt'S. .M. 1). J irhhiig in the 'J'ftraut. I know Dr. Taylor1 lia'.nmif l.ncrwmt to le nterl.nn leine-dy lor IkKcomplani'. a 1 have 11-eJ it my.-clf and found ll c.'eet an immediate. I v.u iniicli troubled until I mat' ut filn- mebeine. M- I- HI NS1IAW.2I1 Mamiin -l. Hotr-ene- Ciued I'or llu-e.ue of lioar'en.- - ! can -iron sly reccommend Dr. I aylor1 Mal-am of Lit eiwer'. I have not onlyleutid ureal lenelit luyt.-'f, but many of my comrrcuMlit 11 1 v my re eomine'nda I1011 have rcvicvedeical I enelil irom ils virti e. il 1.. at once mild ,ei!icaeiou and liarmle--. IU.V. A. I.I-.WI-5. :cycre'1ouilis an I Cold I h.ue liad n ino.t -t- vere cold and eniL-h, for a loiu limu vv hu b I could not trel ndof. Alter ii-lnir many u.-e'e-s iniiie. 1 1.1- cdTuvlor' llal-ani of Liverwort, and it fire I mo 111 a lew day. JAS. I!. K'P.liPINOCK'. Rai-urj of niood About two week a -n I h id n fall, which cau-el me 10 -pit larire qtiatilie of I lot. I wbi di 1101b, 11.- could e re nnul I tr.ed l,r. Tayh 1'. II d-iun of Liverwort. '1 In- me.'i. ine eue me 11111111.. dia-e relief and in a very short time e leclo.1 an euliie cuie-. Let ail pci-on try it. Ill-till MO 0AHVr.Y,-21 Canurn t. Dr. Taylor's Ilal-am of Liverw. r: 'I his nipenor remedy l'ordi-c.i-c- of il-.e- fine- nnd In, r hi. .il.ii.n- e.l a rt").ila'it 11 never Itfoiee-pialie-d. lumarLaulc (,ure oj Consumption. . . . w-a-so near her .'e.uli with tin-th-ea-c, thai my friends .-cut f..r 11 or c-t loeonfe-- int.- cie I died, lie in In. mtr 'V, told me nol lo -rive no umii I inel I).-. Taylor1- l!a'l-am t f Liierworl. I .cut ininiedia'uiy lor llu- mehciue, and allien qh Ihe conte-l for 11 feu day- 1 et vv tt-ii tin- me heme, and my dee-a-e wa- e-ve-ie,lhe mi-b -ineconq..eit-!, and m a ftirtniehl I wa. re-loiedtolieabh. I ha I a eoi.-h, rai-in.' of mat ter, It.-- ol my voice-, pain-,, Aie. I can ic fcr to Doctor Wil-n, ui the Carlitn IIuu.c, for lb" iruih r.f my staienieii!. MARY DILL, IU Ii -ireeteor. Il. vvaie'of fia id-. 1 1 ;j uvcm.e. Stimmrr Cnmjdainl. The ol Liverwort, m ea-e. of 1I11-di-.-a e, wheie all other leme he, a)pbeil by phy-i-eian- have Jiroved ineifectiial, ha prod iced j pu.'leet etlle Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. !!. tiladdui ol Delhi, N". Y., ol n 11,11. iral y eon. -uiiiplive eoii.tipilion, l.a- leen -avel from a'u 1111 liinely cud by the u-e ol Dr. Tuylf r1. 1! tl-aui 1 f l.iv-ervv-t rl. A seven- col 1 1 10 i::hl "i.ii an attat-'. ol Pic 1-le-y, nndtliu- ended 111 ifeneraltlcbiliiynnd eoiisiiinp. Hon. A constant en urh, he.-tie tlu.h, ro-t't'. iiitrhi-, q tick pul.e, an I cont.nuel ...s of tltsh, a-ircred a spi'tviy I'e.rii ; l.ul a. soon a- I i-.iiiiiiieu.-i-1 Ihe u-ei.f llu- 1 al-atn I (fievv I e ter, and i now I-liy re-lbiel lo health. Shortness of Ureal h. Vi't tlii- eb-ea-e, I have alivav- found Dr. Tayh r' I'al.uiu of j.iverwort an exie'fent It 1. ai . nee so -ale and -o e ective, lb it I dlwav". u-e 11 nt my piar-tice, and iceeoiumcnt! it lo my' frend.. I have tee 1 11 in -ome huu-lreil e f m-o- w'lilnn the pa four year-, and I have never bad it fad. Iu many ea-t-s . fa-ihma, I ful'y le' even to have leen the mean- t f saving pree-iou- live-, l-i nil i-e p. UI.OI.CL RALPH, M. D. Noiu- seeuine 1 ut ilial prepare I al :!7j. ;,vei-y. New 1 oik a-vvi'l It- .ecu Iv the la' el- an I wrapper-of c.i di bottle, lit--ue on loo', vi hen V 0.1 buy. Tl.t-ireii mie can alv. nv-I eoi tauie I ol the O'd Aeont-, Me .r .'N. !.i.-e y .S: Co., now Lov.-b eV Sevmonr Dr. Moody an I P.-i k .V; Spear, Chenn-t-tiu I Drusji-t., I) J. II. Pirn..- .Clnrlooe William Itho'i-, Jr. lit bmon.' t.'.-o. Ay. r.iV Co. Milton A. .V VV., (i-au I I le W.' II. K'ee'er -'outli Hero II. .race Wad-worth. Nonh Her .! Davi-, All urffh K. iV L. O.en 1, We-t Alb .rjh-D. A . Carpenter, Waterbury. NEW EST A 15 L I S 1 1 .M E NT. -!. z .'.. iz B-:??.zn ( .Sl'CClWSUItS TO "if iritKiU-S.) Whohsak and llctail Conftetwiicrs, "117'OrLI) ie-pc f.i'ly inf rm the iah-t' itanl. cf T II ill, iu, 011 anl ihe sum. n 1 ng euiniiy, lh.-r lli.-y early on llu; Confectionary Husintis, on' all it. vario 1- I ranclic . Dciiiniiiii'd to n-e ihe very I e,t material- 111 uiaiiulaep'riug, ihey will at a'l time f.irin-b M. r.-hant-and o-her-dea'l.n-.' 111 t'onl'e -i.on. -ine-, wi'.li the I est q -ality, an I on the lovve-t po'Crin-. s!i .,1 On !'!: v '' rev", two el r- S-i iih I S. L, llovvaid ; S.t re, newly an I n-ttly fine'1 up. tvhere we cor lia'ly nivi'e a'l to e.ilj a 11 1 1 vanpne r, -r irli- le-, con-i. ling nl all kind- id" S'ick Candy, D ills nil Ki-.-e-, I lean-a ml Piimoul., Braid., Pepper- nunt, la-'ineu Diop-, vanilla Cream, Locnce-,.- iar I'ai uli-, 1 jrrawav, Loin.-it, La 1.1 11.1 1-, K.'e-. anil Br wn Only, SmarSaiid, Mutire and Se.-re-t.. Sigar Apiiles, Pota'.te-, H.'i-, an I Pu-'.e-t-, with varn-u- o ner .uncle- ltei 11 imereu to I e menu. nc.l. A general a t rimcui t-f rii h and lauey l.'ake- o-i lian I, and I a'.e I in rrder, tore be-r wiih I o.Cieains lofurni-li parue-, eVe. iVe. -AL-O- Col-oil Can-dt, which wt rvs-oinineml for ('ouglh, Cild-, Hoar ci.t, Ae-. We do nt-t nrctt 11 1 ti say wnh Mr. J. Pa-e 1VS011, tint our Candy will 9 ire all di-ea-e. lea hug to Consumption, vie think that 11 saving too much. CLOCKS. We have a good a-onment of Ilrass and Wooden ClocUs, which we will -cll very low for cah t r ap proved e-rc-.lit, Plc.t-e call and examine I cfore pur cb t-tng el-evvherc. N. II. All order, (rem a di-tancc, po-t paid, will It; proui'.llv atleiu'etlto, and paekasesaud boxo n'.t on loard of las- ta I oil., when reiired, fiee tf i-uar.e. lie tiar.ii- liar aii-t ao ire an oroer- to .vu 1 . ClIivLL iV BAKNK, Confectioners, there leingtvvo iirnisoi 1110 -ame name 111 me village,'ingion. Yl. Oel, 22, 1311, CHURCH .MUSIC. TMIK following vi'uablo Mitsital Works are con J. siantly for salo by the subscriber al the lowest prices, by Iho dor., or larger qutnlity, viz : The Modern Psalmist, a new work by L, Mason. B.)ioii Acideins collcclion oft liurch Music Mctho li-i lliiriuomst, Ode on, and Boston and American Glee Book. Nov. 1311 ILA. BR.VMAN. Jl, WRIGHT it Co. w ill open v ithiii ihrea n J J tour nay-, .rum 1 ouu loguuu y.i- t.vira -.iperht', (dual Icrro ind), superfine, lino ami common all wool Carpeting, which Invc I ecu parch. i-wl ino-ily 111 N". orl ai a icticn, and w,l l e sol I at vey low priet-. Also Twilled and plain Venetian stair carpeting, neinp itii't Ltoiioiie-aipeiiu, uu eioin-, .iiatt. e:c. Nov. 12. A CARD. MP.SSriS. PANtiBORN ,t BRINSMAlDtt!; leave In nnut'iince ihe sale arrival of one of the firm from Pnalaiid, having vi.iitti many ol ,he mo-i cc'cbra'evl Watch, Clock, Jewelry, C-nlery, I't if unvry and Taney Good- Manufactiirit- in l.tverpfirl, Pre. eon, Si. Ililen-, Man. he.-ier, Shtffiel.l, Biriniu-.hani, nnil London. We hive receitl ome mmplis r, fine Lever Watches in Gold and silver (t'ligi-li) Cue., and have mnkini at some of the I e-i shops tu laiejlandn variety of Waitbe.-, winch arc expected next me nib. Vc have re-nec 1 fotne .T.p!t of! uroiccs,it'ng(, .n, hot ( n-.ltvr., I ...irp , ct. . We have mg bv Mc.-rs. Rotlzirs Knnr Woslcnho'm .(- Sons and l llietts, Kn-ve, liaior-, scissor-, e-.-.t-f the Utt quality. Any Got,! in our WELT me, WaKhCs of any mak'cr la KnBlaiid will leim-, po,,,,! a, low prices as onycitv tbop' '-,ll furmHtthi - Al! re n are mv,e.l . c tn.l ike m, i. C,',' .i.aK-reee -, n)S 1 B. juijjj :sxseatt2sexE bussi:i,ias stomach mrvi its u-.ed i Wincorw.iter.-'l'hc.ecelel laledbitteTs srxsriBfTtrara2CTir!c utters 1 , , ,. "I'"', mm' Ll vHi? nl'lu "toTIIIi of tin- luo-t unit,. I nrn r,.r-..i..t.un.l...l .. ... tieultirly for ru-toriiiK weak ei.ii.tiiuiious, cleau-i'ii" 1 ami strengthening the stomach, and mcroa.ui-,' the, apielite al.o apievenialivuiiKainvtiliucliolera moral-, lov.-r and aue, removing nausea, voiniiuir, hearl buniiiiL', we.vkne- iu the- brea-l, pain in ihe, stomach and oilier symi.tomofi!aiiil.'ni.em.d ...,n..,-. Hon. One box will tincture one gallon. Pr:te2j'cl. I 'E1',,,, 1 n, , , I Unr.LLs Itch OiST.Mr.s-T. n In choice and safel 0111 inient 1 said 10 1 e superior lo any now 111 n-e, for hal el.aRiccab'c nnd loatb-oine tl, tea e, ll.e l'i Cll. I .... . , . , .- T -'.-. ....... Ihi.O. itmeit st. teartam in it opera'ioii that 110 per-ou tloiibed vviilitl,,. a oye eb-onler o.icht to le ,. i't , 11 fV'oreutanenii.eription, stt,rl.ulle .i.,eclions t,fthe hoad, oratiyoihcrlrtakin... il w Inch f . 1 ' , . " 1 ,in-e from tharp h nnurs 111 the blood, Price 05 e'l . a I o. i.ii i t i.'s i.tii;TAEi.i: llu 1 toi-s Pn t.s, or family pbysi.-, lor eeneral u-e, 111 ca ei tf Jaundice, morl itl eu-ibtluy t f tho -toinacli nn I bowel-, lo. of appetite, fend I reaili, eo-tiveue-.-, Pile-, nnd all di-ea-e- an liv,' from I ibary tlerain-ement., al-o far ('orret-iuijr the state of llie I loo I, and eleaii-ing the -y-iem ol foul and viscid binutur-. TI.e-e pill niea inild ta I harti'-, problem;- nei'her pain- nor gripiuu", ami are Iherefore a valualle and highly approved me hciue, andaie pronounced a-.-uch 1 vllieiuo-l ih-tingui-hed phy-ieian-. Laeli box eon'.'uinmg ?,i I'dl.. IViee 3 1 et.. a box Ru.-elPs celc! rated Salt l'ttt.f m Oi;.-tmi:vt. Thi 1 imqi't-.tionalily ihe l-.-t and -afe-t icinely ever vet 10 the public for ihdi o'-tuia-e th.or.'er SAl.'l Itlil-.l'.M. When- other mean bavelade I, it ln-..-tee lei, and the fact that it ha It en ..vcn-iyo!) u-cl by eminent Practitn nor eaks volume- 111 il piai-e. Itl e-pinlly elieai-ioi in all th-c-i i-of iho -kin, scald head, ringvvorm,aii-1 Ih.i 111. ,-t iiiveiern'e llch, it-c. I've, Nuini-rivi eeriiiieate. might I e olaaiued, 1 111 .he propntor t-lmo-e I hit a fair trial -ho ,ld I elhe onlj ev ideii. e of it superior..' lien y. Price :"(Ji cut. a I ox. I'or .ale Iv Peek d- Speariiud llt.l .'rt Moo'v, II ilui'rt'.iif Dr. C P. .Mil.-, an I If dl & I'.,.. ,ILm--biirjrhi S. II, Harm-, Charlotte; L. Jane-, lieiaen; L. Tvi.-r, L.-ex ; Puller ci I! u'oc'ton, i;..m,(nd Al-o, ly Ihe th 11 -'gi.-l and bant, generally hroujbo 11 the stale. o2.Uu'. -i-is!':asi:s m Tin: d,,-,,! , S.J Cegrn6c Pulmonary thttm 1 leiucl, mm in u-e I .1 t oi.i(li.,e ild., the I... ..I vatll .lilf ,11 tl II..I III I til ll I-II. C.l.l-niiiptit.ii, ivlir.ripiii .id I itluluii 11 i ill CllliHS oleveiv kind, ll pa't-i sieaild) oicie.i.ii.2. ,1 nil I be i'li.piien.ii. ate t-fiii.'.oitU ivo.j l.e 111. .. (.iot..blp at'C.iitilt of 1 1 .. efiVfl , 'I he 1,.1'iuvuiy ne-iv ce-uitic.ilt'? lie .lib-led I.11 iub! e i- i.iii.i timu. As l. mttsriNG Ctsi Lxo.iei of 1 Idler fii.tu Mr ll S Cl.11, Ku..m... Ij.rct... N. Y. to ihe (ir,.prielni.. -''..nt of ihe U Ii mi. vv,t itt-M leiu ..' cme ti...f,-c etl b) ihe 'ei! ut.l.'i- I'nl tnun.iiv lit ll.e i tiiii-i ..nil -, 1 inn 1. 1 l?'.io. 'I be I Pt..ll, Vli. Mtimli , h 1 I been u k Iti.. lime Willi "111 t'tii.Hii ion. 1 1 1. pl.v-ii-i.t.H l'. ten Inn, np lit vv.i it. 1. 1. '.'.I so I. .11 ..s 10 I e .01 ibt.- o. help 1. 1111. HI, u . 1.11. in j; a liiitf ipi.ninv nl 1. 1. ....I vvliful.e .'u.iin'.-iip. il iIim t,i.,iiii( uholi Im- e.Veicd a i-utnpl-'l .. cult., and l.e 1. 11 ... .1. I. t'e nd lieailv a t vei Mr, Mi.tidv 1. 1 leuiov. .1 fiiint tin. tti't 11. lull I..-In '--;l ! iii-iie del 1. lid .11.11. ol'tn, c i-e, 11 hit I, I vi ill I'.., vi.itd 1 C. S CLY. lviiij,t.n, N, Y. June 2.J l?oB. ..I'., leiiei I'... in Dr. Meet The Vi-2fi d.'i- Pnliiuut..iv Ibtbioii I... I.e.n ...Id in i,i. ' ov lot urn vent, llie 111c lieine h i t-.tmed an nil.'. .lluii.... felt l.i tlv, bit tl can cli in mi.- 1 .1 -1 .1 nrr I'nVil ..I I. iiu.i: Ihe tie.iieo fflecl I ion hi nti me.i. 1 1.1 I tv-.r of lln- in 011 n... In. 111., it,t til iv lot h a e iln )ieii I i.itl upon .1 0 chiLiii tii.hbc, b.11 lt.ilvil.ith I kiinii b) u... h. be t iTi-e 11 .1, I raiiii... l.-'p 1 111 tv - inv II p. nil .11.1.1 A t O'.t.lpt f.-il i. ei l.tin his been ..If. led lieie bv a 11 ivelloii nenl, t.f C..inint k, N. Y. and Iheie i .in.iibt-r ir iclevtiide.j lieie ihat i linnli upcc'etl lo be -ptu 'tin. J COI! M 1 I RS. M. 1). M ililiii.tin , Jiiii! 1 1.1 eo I't-uii. Mav 3, 1SI17 I'li.n. Dr. S..iuuel Mfiiiell, It. llie I'lttpi iei.i. . t.f ili Yee 1. title P. d.u. noil 1 P...t.iu. I .1111 s.ili.fieil ihillheYe. .el 1I1I1- I'u'iiiii.i iri Ibiljun 1 .. v .1 In 1 b e Itie.b-i' ll ll.l. been tt.i-d in lln pi. tee ivilll C.Htipleie ttcce. in .01 till. 1 111 ne ciiuipli.ul nl llu- l.t.ij, .men-fed vv.lh ,. -cetpi ..Ii, li.. nf vtiue. and ihe rn-iiiJ ol tiiiuli Mm nl, v hit I. had p.Pil.u.-li unnv ..p.inie.t pi e.t t i.t inn. Ainu 1111. .he II iN .nl out- iv. tK, llie p tilt II voice I c 1.1 tied ..ll.l he u ... .,I,m ,, .pck ...nil b'y, n.i ocniriptl fi.u.p hiiih hoi.-.-, .h..! il, tn iiiiu).v eiu 1 2 01 1 1. 01 lull) luat-nve lull l.tli.u 101.. Iiti-iui's. I it'r pt et ltd t v . f-e. S MoHHM.I. Ii .....V Hunt-ll..... si v e.irs !ut'e I 1.1 in.. verv Ion bv an ..nVriitui ..f ill. In 1". 1..1.I uiv c...ii.I..iiii 11 -I det-t.tie.l III bt- 1... .11 able III 11 i-.,.ill'l I ..f "I..,-.- bv .ici.d.s. I vv.t .Itea i.-...itil 10 ..C"t. I health it I hid en.i.v e,l fur mill) veirs, bv 11.014 ibe Wpi.iI.Ic Pi.' .11. .11 .tv Bib-. 111, Since uu tcr.tverv I iicinii int-iideil Ihe B .Is.ltu 01 aitte.l ui-i.iv c.i-t of 'tit. ' ami to fir .1. I c.i b.t.n. iis ue I... in. bpt-.t fi.ll.iw cd bt uu.. Ii benefit, and in in.i.iv l.isianc. s H lots effeciett cm rs libit h iveie ul.tibv tu.e. peeitd. S'AWl'tr. nvtKKTT. Ill nil, Man It 2, 1S37 I'm tle, vvholts-.'e and retail, fcj I'KCK ingii.i.. Vt. tt L.-e. I,,.)ON, eoiilimic ll.e bus ne-3 of mam faetuiing Chairs at the old s'and, of the fol lowing tle.-ci ipttm-.s : Cull Miqde Grteian, t'lim Stsi, Common Cane and King Stat, Lnrpe and Small Ra sed Seat Rocking, tlo tlo Coin man do, Common Dining, tic. etc. All of winch aie wntranle I a first rate ailn-le antl w ill be sold at prices tn correspond vv ith tin- mm , ANO I'P.ATHUR BK.D-S, RK.ADY rK-ATiii:us, -MAl'l-;. Const.tnilv on hind, a sunnlv of warranted Live G-.-c.-e Kcaihers, which will ie- sold low for cash. W N"TI, by the subscriber, Curl and Buds V.e Maple, delivered at his shun in Chun Ii suet t. oi posi'te i the o'.d L'auk. C. L. NT.L-ON HA V H i,ceivt-.l, in a Idiiuui to their f.-r toek cf , Dry Goods, an a sor Rient of Kail 1 an I Wiu'er fi. isl. ; am. n j wlo.-li will le found a rjieal variety r.f artiele. I r La I e.1 CI. a'.- : Alp.uct ! L-i-tre, a verv prei'y aroe'e; Alpie-t-.i silk Warf, I t;aml letcen, 11 tin II acli Alpine, r tc M eto.. Satin Dama-k, Dry. he'la, I't-r-ian til. h, Kicnch, German, and I'luli-h Menuo-, Mo i-e ir.e i't- la ne at.l pr.nieil Stvonie-, a great verety anl low pristvl; Geal1. lian an I Imi-a'.ionCtml bt. SILKS. A -mill a'snrtmeni of ri di fie'd and tri'p-l Silk, Heavy Bla -k Canton, Grode S i i. anJ Clher sllki. .S.11I7..S. Lupin's 1 c-t carle', I It.-'., vv h ie, at, I ct'ered; A few c-strt -ize baw 1-, Glove- a 1 1 llo.iry, a large a-tr:mrn t .in mi t.- allv larceas-.crurent'ii American print-; Kienib and Kiuji-h do. domestic aoons. Cotion sheeliiig and shniini:; 'IV-ki g anlW.t.I ding ; 11 e.i.lxtl Colli n and Mernmae ilie-etinf, very low. V'.l ILOll S miMMISG.t. Wor-trl B n !inc,-dk tlo. Large ro uil and square Muha'r Cor.S for overcoats; Cor 1 ford-H -. at-; Wor-'.e.l a d nlk i'lice; fi.-..rel sdl; mi I Velvet II nton., new figure ; t" - I , Tw-is- an I '1 hrta '; P.t'Ming, Canv i-, -i-let : , C. I1 1 Je.tns, Br. wn and Black L nen ; Wor-ted p'ti 1 for K.ic.n; ; Bulte.ll fe-r over coal, A-e. FA.VCV Ifh'FS. A var'et) of ruh .le I -t ne, Chal'y, sil! , aal new tvlel'ancyll' f. mi l Neil , 11ROAD CLOTHS, Heavy ilouUe mi led Broa I ( i'th; B-aver and P. lot Clo'hs J Iiieh D amonJ lieiuer Cb'th-; al-o a general ai-orimenl i f B irl ng.on MillCloihs. Genile nen and Lad es are invited io call and exam ine t ur very e -t uive aicitir.eiit, uh.c'i vv-e oner ai re I l.-isl pn-1 fr Cash. Birlingion, 22 O l. IS 11. I' ATA Itlill SNU1T. J AilSIl.tLt.'S ?NUKK, u ndle- nnjil-e Catarrh ll I and the varto'i di.ejso-of .lis heal, aivel!a ore eves, jn nil pnrt of ihe co.'n'ry ; and siinaminf ihe rep itatien which il lit long -nice gauie-t, ef Icing alioj nely the 1 en arti-lc cf the kind in Ihe in irl-e'. Ka.b boti'c ooni nin ib'ei roe the iijnt'v of one of i bene which are nffire I t "'o:-LY IWf.NIY. FIVK CL'NTS." A.iJ t iherefore i m fh rhrt,-r as well as letter arm le. For -s'e bv PJ.CK .fc fsprl n.vl Dn. IiOill'. .VOOI'Y. V"- w 1 QH 0 p urbngton, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.1.18 QHKETINGS. Si- r'lnr, 1 -'.ei-, i- oi. B"i " VJ '10- , f .nh-t F 6 nf ,vVe. ' P . v I a ' , No. :w. Itufliiln Holies. ASt'PriilOR ar'i. ie, Ind, ,11, tanned j Fur thick and iieavy, P.-,t -oft anil p'ia! le wi'l not in lure by we.line. Dor -n'e I v UK KOK V CAT LIN, We-t side Conn Ht,u.e Stiua'te, llurliu-.ton, Vt. Ny. 12, l?ll. N. I!. Di n't p. relia-t-until you Invc prxeJlljc article at ILtl-CVS. Al-oilarrU and Dry Casks. J' O O K 11 Jl R I ! -jJR. I'DI'IOR Will you phase notify tips com nlinumtv lint the subscriber Ins opimd a Stove -Vtore, first tloor vvtslol J. eV .1.11. Per kit Co. vv.icre lie has a cent ml n..nri,rni nl f,!,,,., IVi-iml tin-, .1 jiuiuoi 11 orilUCIH 01 I otifllir- 1.0.x ail Parlor Stove, Ciildron. and Hollow Wa.e or th supenor llraii.lon Cm mes j nl o Peek's Hot Al Cookinpl Stove, which he is nianurnrturins in ihi Iplacc. 'I lie conlruclnm of this slnvc is such tba Iho Air ihii ' iiii'i'ill-Illlllliill III t M'mL It MJL II lll.l th, firs! and lnrpet hetit come- directly unocr tho boib rs nnd then passes round n spnciou oral equally Runted oven, anl requirrs Inn compnra ivt ly tittle fuel Input it 111 opctnlion, and bnkes equal n brick oven, 1 here iiitulit be a List of signatures prorurcrt as Ion;; a ihe rt eoinmemlatinn ofa country I SI from Ihe lui;lict sourct s ill ihe sccions where it ts in use j hut a preamble about tin stove or the Yankee Not 011 uth , and if money continue scarce vou mii-t use the It t f it, so tloii't e!o without on that account, but ci 11 and Irv tb- new Stove. Ilnrliiutoii, Nov. 19, 1511. S. W. TAYLOR. m i; . I-1 it a s k n , HAS ju-l rcli rne.1 fi tun New Ye rl , vv 11I1 ll.e la'et fa Int. 11-fur lb nncts, Cnp-,t tta!., Pre- e-,cVe. sintai le fur the -cast n. Al -1 a rn b nnd la-h una' l-; is-o-.iiicm ol-d';-. Velvet-, Velve-een- tindtrarnunir-. I'or II e-t ami Pie-.e-. She lia- n'-o R-"r,n', I'e.ith, is, 'reiu li undo her Pit v. tr-, Lai.-, I .' ns, I', Mu-, Curls ami 1 her ar't-ic- in I be Mi lenery linetiiii nuiiieio-i. o pnrtieu'nit e. A!-t an e'ernnt a-sortineni ol Ufa-, and a iror.d a--t rtn cut 1 fib nnttn and I "up. it-idy ti.r sale-, nil win lisle wi'l -el as cbeapor ehciper Ihan tbevaii I e I oo.-ht elitwLers oft.-q .al -tyb- an 'itmleyt f jood-. Il-.rluivti 11, Oc -2-3, l-ll. " NEW RP.ALilNG BOOK KOR SCHOOLS. Till: era Monitor to Youth, hold: n u il,, thru-n't ip Models uercly tofnrmt'iiiro'ta Chuartm Ihi Danut Adam., Aul.iur of Ada ;.-i..' -etr Arithmetic. r.xirnel-from the Puf'acc. 'TIll:.M0NITOb'lALRi:Di:R p0.c3 distinctive-trails- 'I he'cl is to supj ly vviiatis be-ikved to be the gnat c!riueratuni in our seliools A Efriej of evrci-. "ri-latui'j lo what concerns the practical mall, rs of life. truth, integrity, lnne'ly, industry, t.uipeinnce. Ion tboiighl, friiirnlilv, patient cndurancei of adv. r-itv. and whatever else "lends lo f..rm and fii Ihe t Inrat 1. 1 of jouth, We vvih lo uupr -s it on the mile's of tlv se, into whose hand- l!iei cxcreists shall com'-, n ivy, in llns stul tinieof life, w hat ts here so nbund.imly lncul calcil, llnl 'Hveryimn I eiiq halicnlly the architect ol Ins own fortune' that with then-selves it ln vvhether they -balleverbe any lliuig or iiotlni", lni a moiievtd capital lo begin with does not wu'V vv hit in the balance lor or naain-t ihem, thnt.coinini; nil., life vv i h htalili. strength, capacity lor lab .r eood rileenlion, ii useful nnil rc'pectab'u iiade, hi'lnis of in !u-try. sobu- ly, punr tutlity, frugality, and abova ail, wnh a good ami unsullied" character, thev Invo the best of all c-ipilal, a moral capital : ihe noblest of all pow.-r, inoial power : anl ihe most ct riam nit aiis of honest ami honorable, accumulation anil foiiunc, nnd may be sure, under ciicumslanct ortli ntrily propitious, to ne lo tint eouipeteticv ofmlla elite, rtsp.-ct. and general contidt-rice, nnd t'hat I on orable m.-asure of wealth and lmb pen 'ence, which hou tl fully satisfy a reasonable virtuous ambi nun." Kvtrscl from Recc. innirmla lions. The intluenee will a'l be found on the side of virtu mornhtv and religion. Occasional comments are given. Difficult or unusual words are definitl, Prnsa and poetry a e suitably mttrmin.lcd 1 1 ij haid i ly lo lie mnkini d Ilia! llu bt ok should fad of i opu. Ilarilv. ll certainly wnuhl not, had it not so man eonipetitois thai had got the stnrtofit in the race A il I its mettle i such as lo give fur protniso'ca ultimate 'iiect- in theconttst, ll.uton h'ecurder. l)r A-'aiu : Having cxiiinined to some extent your Monitorial Binder, 1 am i-lta.ed wnh n3 plan lis obji ci ami 'be manner in which it has been e.xccu' ted. ll mi ins ntli'pitd lo llu-inie an i moral miprowtitnt of ihoscfor whose use it was eleuncd. 1 irui it will prove to be what in nntlinrfendlv an' lie pin (li.-v ) S. BARS TOW, h-e.-,ie. It sjut snob a boo', a our New K.iieland boyi mil gill will I c gl- d lo see. for it inci l.-ai-s in a p'ei-mg manner, industry, fiui-rd 'v. n utli, h mc ly, lempirante, p. ace, kmtlncs. I- riiiudc. nnd a cheerful piety. 'Iho Vocabulary, ii tl at the nmi the arrai)"e inciit fortbliiiiiig wni.'s, will add to lis value in fii hands of a indicium tenrhcr. (Bev.) ABIP.I.A. LlVLiniOP.i:, Kccnc. We have alsoreecoiiiiiitnilat.oiis from a number of in.iivirii.als ami t nl, among vv huh are D. Cros by, Prcctptor of the High School' N'itiua: J. New Ion Brown, Profissorol New Hampton. Ilin'so adopted by the A-uciait.ns of School Teithci m Cht-hncnnd Hilsboi..' counti.-s, nntl by tin Mt-hotil Coiiiiniirte of Concord. Ah ,ui 000 copiet have been published, and mostly di-po-e.l .-f. Piib'i-h.d and ibrsn't- by ROPY, KIMBALL et M K.Kit ILL. Nonh l .nd, Mii.n slitei, Concord, N. H. Alo I'.r -'ale by SA.'.ICin, liPXTLVCTdV, Bi'iinrf. n J P, Bohciis, Vngtiinrs, .1. Ilmer. 31 i ieburr, W. Kimball. Brandon, Win. White Rullaud, j. T. 3Itittin Muiiipt her, P..neipi!s of Academi- , ',;tcl Sebon's andlcacli er v 'iH.nlly are invi-'d lo i' c bosk. P'.ase call nntl exaiiiine biforepunhaM'i. I'riilifti IIoiul's l-'.sfafc. "T.'.Ti: OK VK.RMONT, ryu; Unn. l!,e Pro It .'nit ol fhiUcntlt ii, 1 bait- tVutt for iho I). " l of t hilltiideii Tu all Per?-. n eon-erncd in ' r-lale of lit uben I't cd Lie of, in said i -I, liiivn-Ml, (Ireilmr. ' 'i reus, Xib.i W Chiirih, Ailm. tie Lc-hnmol i' 1 '-'tic ol said tit ci list d, i o ot s to rt n-'er an ac i' ut'liis adtmu.strat.on, and f-rtsent lo account ni -t said estate- for exnuiiniiiou and allnvvencent is 1 n of Ihe Conn of Piobale, to be holtlen at iho It -:cr' Ofiite n liml nt ion in snul Dituct on tliv : J We.lnt sda v of January lit l. -let'ore, You are hcieby mnifitd tn appear 'f Tors p, i en t at the time and t luce afoiesaid, nntl show - ' . if any vou Lave, why the account aforcsaii .:h ! I not bealloviid. t; mi under uiv bind al Buiknglon this fifteenth .n) ei' December A. D. I-'H. Wm. WKSTO.N, Reg ster. vVni. Isilliiinie's Ustiitr. SfvrLOK i:i(.ViO.YI, j A T a IVt'a-c Court Pis ru t of ( Ii t en.'t ns.i J l.t-li'ni at lb ibmrion vv i h.n and ft i the District al.'.t n ih- ft er b t'ay e,f I'e-t em' cr, A. D. I "Ml, mi in-lr.inn nt ptirpor' ng lo I e- Iho la-l Will and Teiau-ini if Wil.ain Kil I urue, la'e i f B,.r!.ni'on, in sa I Pi-tpc .'e-'ca-t, wa- procn esl it. ti t- Cuun lieicf, r Pnd a e, I v Ann Killn me, ihe f xci un-i x lie rem ion, Tbcreli ii-n . i-r.'t-reil I y -at.l Ct ur', ihu p tlin notiic le given id a'l per-on-in'rie-ti.t :l.e:e ll lo appear I et. re mi.l Cour', at a -e-.-ion it r i c lo hoi, en at ibe Kf(ii-tir'8 i Hi e. in sa d Bur. it v n, on llie -e-'end e ne duv ol' Jan nrv, A. lb lr'12 snd et-it't-.t il.u pud ale oi said Wdl. an 1 h i i rl.tror t'eied ihtt th- or tt-r be published ihreevvee' - -.,hl-sivtly ei the B-iil'iu.un Kite Pn---, n mwv paper pnn't' I al H 'rltegu it, in ,h - m e, the la-l cf v I leh shall 1 e- pre vi.,. tu ihe day assifue.', as an.t-.-a J fer lii.iriiv. G.vtn nn 'er my lutnd at the Rei. Icr'a Oil -e, this 1 ll daj ol l e.ii'iltr, 1SII. W1. Wf stcx, Ur. -Icr A -. I. .x I. it A L A-orlii-ent Pt i made 'u.h.ei, Harnesses pu .lntlTrml.., I, t a at ll.e ild s-an,l J nonh -i-'e the .Sip Hre.nearJ. Iluw- . J .In.'. Hi.-aI -l, ..t. . ... , liiliH i .......'iiai ar- Hi .in" '"' a' " MI 'v b "in i.. my 1 no IIO. . ' I I : - .ne . Vv I,,.,.. .s-;r.. ( , ,nl. Bi'-.tiet Bud Pell-, ".'.tilled in the a ipt' riaant-l.Tovr, an I KitllClu h. .S'-io- ami IL, i-..,! .tu '--n ( f Karn ei'i produce ic. eived m avnier.1. CjII an l 5. S. Ki.J.i(. B.ringtn.O.-.COh 1811. NEW (iOOUS. l. i a are now rcceiv H""!!!; i.ibft-Mb'ia are now rcceivins ihur sfcond i sit nrly of Kail and Winter Goods : among which mty in lou.i.i ruin nun I'ininonti jiraver Cloihr, I Htftvv Pilot do. Broad Cloth for Lads1 cloaks, j v -rv cheaps Cassimere, Sitinetls, Klanncls. rrenck an I Knclish M-imn , A'oac.a rlmli, Bombnines ail w)l bin M n. I. e. . very fine ; M,!ks, col'd ; anl black -1 k I, Ve vet tr uint'"e", ti'W Cerels an 1 Ta's. " ' ba-r and sMi I'r.n s Gimp Trim. r.iini.J, Gi ' in Wi .' tl.. R b .rs, S "v',s, Ht?kf Llie l""e Vr'i, el Wbte'l sm Ol'er i v v 0H e c,.v, -v q 1 M nt-IuHTI C

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