Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 18, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF O JB S A n, DDT THE WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XV. -BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, 31 ARC II 13, IS 12. No. 41. LILY SYRUP. An unpnrtallcd remedy for Diseases nf the. Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, fnjlttenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, looping Cough, fyc. i$ TO Tim PUIIUC. In pre-cn I ! ti tf lu tlavn lie a new remedy for dica illOllKy K3.Sf.NCr' OK I.IFK-A Valuable, JVOTH'i.. naMcdieme is I ct known by llie Mi-hcine, which, If rightly applied, will I e the 1 cure it perform..,, jj I. Newton's Panacea, mean of saving tlinnaiid from an untimely grave, or I'uriflrr of the Wood. Tin! unparalleled ami still It ha I ecu -old ami u-ed fur ihirty year, wilhgreat incrcniiigrepiilnlinn which ihi medicine hnncqnir iiceo, ami found very eihenoiot in the following 1 ed throughout the Now I'nulnndSinie, nnd the many di-ca-c, viz. Con i.npiiou, Whooping Cough, com- cure it ha performed, and the grcit iletnan I lind'e mon Cough, Co'il , diftaeuli llrcallnn?, lulluen-ai, fur it by thea I rice nl'phy.ioisnv.'ell acq'niti!i will Quia-)-, A-lhuia, Phihiio, Spitting of Itiuod, Klatu- it, preparation, hn bid icel lite proprietor to ex'en I lency, In hce-tion, Loo.eue.. of the llowcl , Fil-ol it. eir.mla'inn to almn-t every town in the c.ilcru CVITV kilt I. Cranio. Itlchel. Cnlip. CatArrh. Df.pii st-i.,.. nml tin. nr innl Ifiti'iu in ttn Itni'i'.l st'ii'i... an. of the lungspt may I c proper to -ay that, lodging tnrv, Fainting, llvpochnn liiaeA livlinn., lleadiche, Tin- Panioei warran'e I purely vegeiai ltyin I i nol from I he m iny eeililieaie and reecouiuieudatioti of S.iiin.ieh, Mea-le-, a preventive ofCon-, siirpa-ed v any oilier me heme ever o 'ered to the olhcrpeeiltroiiiaiiiedmthenewpaperorihe'lay c-, Com and Rite unati-m. iailhc.l a 'il- exti'ii-ivo sale and great poptlari y ao newremclv wacallel for or re.p.irod. II it if the: .Cr-'llienl ove Me li.-in: i pre.iared I v Henry Sev-1 plainly prove. It ha within the lift eighteen month. mo ir,onimley, .Ma... I'roni the Original Recipe, fy cured us Ihoti-nn I nflho mol oh.tiint'e (li.ea'e., a thedueilii.ii of. aid .Moore, and sol I by him and the , can he Proved hv ceriilieate. and i nronoiinced by '.. i.l Vfnln. I urn ....I. .....II.. ..I ....: .. . . 11 pop ilar reme lie had in.venady Ic-scnr I the lull o( 'mortality, or any one of the many preiiaration po ws.eutliose virtue iccoinmi'ii km, o antra la. trial, the patient eo il I depend upon it healing power, ind rationally hope for a spee ly recovery o( lu-dili, 'hi humble utienipt to arrest the prngre of I'ultnu 'liary Con-umptiun would not have appealed. But that the victim- of tin destroyer are daily In-,crua-ing, nee 1 no proofan.l the large ealc of the )rugKi.tBiow that th" i-cinchc "I the ilav have been furly ir'e I, an 1 fulel in thciruhiert, li that ob Jtjl wal(iere.ior.itioii lo hcahh of per-on R'lilcrntg 'irom Ji-ea-e of thu I'm While one rcniE ly drie 'an a ro mil that -boil I he properly aidel lo throw o I thevi-oid plile-m eollecie.lniion the lung- an llliroat "the hsrhingcr of di-c..c, inolhcr, hv a had selection til an ex'ieetnrnnt, i- in Iced enabled lo ili-po.-c-s the present tenant, bulleivcn wor.eonelo occupy th" tdinttcrel premi-e ; an J hy it, the work ofileatli 1 thu teoncr acci iiiiili.he I. Thel.ll.Y SYRt I' inow Iclievelto le the fr-t remc'y lur liinj I'omo itint-, lliaf ha ever appcirel. To cuie 1' ilmon.iry Coii-iimplion afer the ill ea-e his dor.o its I . viir'., or I come .ei'cJ npon the vi tal fincn'oii., an I tubercles are formed an I 1 roen, and anno. plieric air i inhale I into the crot-en part, Is not anions the pie'cn ion of the tho i-andan I one po'i I'ar no trim lo the connary, iiDtwnh.'.nn.hnjr). Tin-' ine hcineih i re-torcl many ho wi op pose 1 nil I eyond euro, l y men 'ati I'm: hi'-'h in t lie ;ne leal prolc-ion ; I ut theii le-toralioii lo health on ly prove. I tint Ercat and cooil men may I, In the .lae or proirrf- of ih'di.oae. Hence, let tio pcrsou ie pairof relief, until he ha made a fair trial of the l.tly Syr p. This medicine operate lynrnmntini a fice and ea-y epeclora:inu, there! y freeing the htm and throat Irom viv.d .h'c'.'iii,-ni Ulronslliennitr the pir's nJ fieeimr them from iiillaiiia'ury action winch constiinie the iIlctc of l'.ilmonafy Coifiiinpiioii. Tlie .Syrup i eutirelv free from a iv imiierjl -id rtam e, sn I p ireiy vejetal.Ie; and may l taken with pcr iect safety hy ihu mo. delicate' eon-titution. It i lii'-'hly recommend.: I lo tho-e uho Inve weal; limit. Teacher-oi performer of vocal luu.icwill find it of invahial le uso to them, l,y ii eivius sicat s'renc'h anl Ai-eiltc to the tone.of tun. ic, and en. thlini the pcr-on to perfinm with prt.i'ea-e. I'nl r speaker and dcLa'.er. will hud it ol iiivul.i&t ie ser vice to tlcni. Tin medicine ha- 1 ecu thoronzhly sn l-ncre-f,illy tc.ted hvahle nhv-ician-, and hv their advice 1 now prenue'l and oicred to the p-iM'io, to pral: for il-clf n thecau-eofnilhctttl Icimaniiy. And may he who uie.'Ci inc itiTrnncn aoiv oi ciay 10 open iiccje oi 'the blin I, m i' e it a Mi's-inir to Hie Iriinm (imily, and the ereil object of the proprietor will le u-voiii-plishisl. All me hcinc -ho d 1 I e nivcn ncordinsr lo the .iln ation of the patient ; and, it in ich rel"vl,a'cr ; 'Aiuny than where there - i on-i,k.'iahli! -Iienir h. i hed're 'tion on he I otlte may I e la' en a-a general rule: Inn if 'iikrn for a Ion:: -lau.hni en isli, it 'may I c 'nece.ary lo la' e a m ti 'arvcr do e for -onie on or 'two day, an 1 cvf n ot euer mild an citv "ora'ion i produci'd that will le fi.-c and ci y. V.'liru 'hcrei in ich liuh'ne - ol ihe chc-i, ti will . iiioinc tncrca-e the co m h lor h nay or 'wo ; m win -h 'H e, 'he tva'tcui "ftho-ll I tal-e the cr.i;! iihiic Irce'c, i'eii iiitlil n -tun,I-l nrod nr a lish' nau-ea ol the iimia h Ho ore I inn fear any hiiriu from -ii.'li cii:Iioii. 1 wool -ay lo nil who pureha e th . mcliciiie (i r i: e, that ilicv can have hut li lie 1.0e ol I cin-- I cueiired I vi', unle- i ts la ea -tcvl.Iy w'len it t-coinilienccl Willi. Some i.aveia' en II oice a ilav, then twiiv. not any fi r tw oi l!urciW., T imimot wv lUs t slid) wo Idle likely to receiie in ich honefli tVom it , hut if la' cn rca'i'.irly, il i- ciuuier.'ly cni"i..ed lotinroot the di --a.e, un'l to rct'ore totinir. l hcalih. I I- ilu eirue I leire of ihe prorir'or to h iieexciynue :hat ice m lea t oitc Licit- of it -lea lily acccr.'lm - tt the tl ni-tion-, to comm p.icitc the ic dt to the person ot 'whom he icirrhfc I die medicine. The. ir'ipr c or I-. privil.":.1 1 loivfci lothe follov in:: per on ilto h.t-2 u yd the l.tly --vr iji, unit who w.Il Cjo hi;py to ifive infnritia'tou of u sii'cru r hc.ilni',: -iowcr-,'to any vi .hinyr io know more a' out ii. Mr. Critlendeii, one of the. linn of 1". F. rfainli it .'o. whole aleand iclail mcr.'hau1, llxi.lian'.'e-slrco', Kititf Ivr, I'orl.lcchnxal the I in -. Rey. 11. T.c'.er, l'a-tor of e -ond llaptisi Clnrcii, Iio die ler. Captain K. Freeman, for n h idco'ijli. Mr. Siol.lard, of the tirmol S anwoisl .V Co. 1 ot.!;-rHer-, corner of 11 1 Into and -j:atc -tnct, Rudic-'cr. Mr. J. M. French, .Norlh-trcet, I'oche-tcr, lor the ithoopinr-co ih. Mr. Soiilhworih, .S'tone-irect, Uoclw-ter, for 1 ad tough. Mr. liolert M'Kihlen, Monroe-street, Itoche-lcr, ,u a eveieaii laNriniiii; ca eof the wliooiiiiiij-niush R Maruar Ki lire, ollii: in eo-irt-tiou-e, in a 4 e of who(toiii2-co.iyh in hi- family, Capmin W, I), I'ish, for a caseoi I'hlhl.ic in hi family. Her, Mr. Clark, J'astor of the l!aplit Church, I.c Hoy Itev. Mr. P. Churcli, Palor uf thu lir-t Ilapti-t Ch irch Hochclcr. Laplam A. Ilnt'.on, (or Ilacmorrhv.'e of the Inn;.. A. (J. Smih, ca hier of .Mechanics and Farmer.-' Bank, Km he-icr. I.. W. Sjller, of the firm of Hd ley ife Sr-ranlom, dry aood incrciiaul- and auciioneers, Uu Ulo-rtreel, lto"lic-'er, Hev. A. ICiu.tey, Pa-tor of the Ilapti-: Churcli at Manche-ter. Hev. Jacoh Knann, J'vauceli!. Mr. T. I lun ii, Uarriiee .Maker, St. I'ad-strfct, If iram Tucker, a torneyat law, lim he ier. Mr. Thonia-Ashuijii, i.ijrr, Ilocheler, who ha- roceivei aioniMim; leiiei. flc.l-c iiirinre ot In ca-e. Rev. Thonia Carlion, M. F.. Ch. Roche-ter, A.S'ecl, (Idee Inn at Inn?.) Locl.port. It. Miner, We t llenne ia, .Miiurie Co. lV-ife-or Mcl!inii., Ilamiln n 'I hcol. S;m'y. Rev. U'Vi Tucker, Clcy.daiid, Ohio. C. W. ('(,(,!,-, " " IC71 The Proprietor ha I ecu ol'ercd c;rtifiea'e ky many of the above cenilemen j hut he preler-lhal t&o.c wi.hin information, would call on thciii per- ftouauy. PECK JtSPKAIt, A'-'ent- for tin- section. Druztri-lnin Ihe L'niledSinte SoM whole-ale ml retail, I y Peck Si Spear, thtdcalcr jenerullv through- PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrttcloi too well known to need cointiien d.Tion mil the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, thev are unrivalled Coal yard scales to wcitth 1 1 am !i to G ton. Dormmt Uanlinus-o do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 3000 Ih., Portable, do. to wciali from 1 2 at. to 200 lb. PortahleCotinlcr ilo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oi. to 10 Ilu. J. it J. II. Pcci: & Co. Agents. Burlmston, April 9 1S11. eminent and re. pVvial.le physician theet niclkiii'c ; tt ..r..i .- i i :.. ..: in nsv. w.'vi.ii M'li ilia V I . ii'iiiiH in l il t il... rs- containing crrlillcate of cure and direeiion for In king the medicine. The following aptioitned aient. Ilurlin?loii. PUCK and .SPF.AR, It. Moody St Allan, Curti mid Hu-scl Milton, C. Drale Milton Fall-, 11 tract and ?awver Waterville, Fi-I; ami Drown, II ine-hurjli, Hull and Cook Fairfax, Parker and Mriilicld Vcrpcnne-, Adam- and Murray Cam! rube. M. Wire 1'iulcrliill, M. C. Harney North Fcrrnl unit, 11. 0. Wicker (icorfria, A. Illi Willi.ton,N. t'liitienden Kichniond.tirccu it Rhode- .lohu on, ti, I,. Wainer mid C Monkton, I'ltlian Sunlit lla-er-lielil, Armiiiirloii and Woodward Fair field, II irnet and l ariiwforlh. e.o.p.l.l'.IO PAIXTIXCJ. TlfF -uh-riUr lenia thankful for pat favor wo ild re-- ectf illy -olictt a continuance ot the ame an I KMinud hi- friend nn.l the i iblic that he i prcpaicil to nccommodaic them on the shorlc-t noiite in I mo 1 1 ivoralile terms in the variou- oraiiclicj in t In-.i! oeline. Shop oppo.iie air. C. A. Seymour Hat Store, Pcail-.tlcct, Darlington, Vl. J A. MIS SCOTF. April 1, 1S1I. ii:ly Cr.RTAIN CURF, FOR SK K IIF.ADACHF,, w Inch hi been used in familie, ccry incinhcr of which has had sick headache from infancy, a a constitutional family complaint, and lin cured eflec tirilly inevcry Miftanccyct known, nmounlm loma nv liindie If. It is not iinidcasant to the taste, and il.ijs preicr.t llicd'iily aiocation of one iisiii!.'1t il mnt h " persevered in, and the cine i cradunl, hut cctta'ti and pcrinanciit. In-taiiccs are contaiitly ii'iiltiplyintlierethi di-trc.ini' complaint t coni plctcly n hcM'd and cured, althouah of ycais triiidtn by the uc of Dr. Spohn's ccUlnakil icincdy. On" decided tircl'i,rijnc"titpleT'"iii;ucs-, hniitt" none of the ni'ieatin!! cIT-ct of commoti ilrnvc- Itis n pc'l'ecilyitifictorv, tint the proprietor lias tcn directions tor his agents to refund the jirico to any one 'hi i not oh'acd with, nud even cured liy il. lie hope nlo that this uny ccure its ureal lien elite to the diirr-sed ufleri rs who are laburiui: under Ilcnnrhc. I". .SPOHN". M. D., inventor ami Pro olii lor. .Sold by COMSTOrKJ- Cel.. 71 M .ldcn r.attp. Xi w Turk. P F.C K .V S P l". A If, Whn'csnle zenK afewdoi rs east of the Post Olltce, liurliii"- ton, t. mi iri,nt)v asii ,Iut received 13. 211 an I 217 by !)ca-enicnl- ol nh,a lir-t rale article at 3J ind 31 cent- per lijlu ; nl-o all kind- and-ite., liiiiil bc.l o orilcr. Ticoudcroa black ea I, a lir-t rale article, for ule very low, toseuier Willi a ercat variety of other arlt- cli-e cheap a- can be lo uid at any other etabl.h iiunt in the iilnce. (i'r.o. I'K.TKii-oy. "lFG iywsr?2"fTlS y'O ..-0 W HATCH would inform the in- habitants, of Ilurliiifr'on and yi c nity, that he has opened a shop in Chinch strert, at the simi of the Rule, w here he intends lo carry on the Oun- smith lliisincss, in all its annus branch, es. llmiPL-lHcn employed lor the lnt six years in the thop of J. M. Caswell, in I.aiisiniihur"li, (undoubtedly thu hct shop in the United States,) ho feds war ranted in oII'tiii his work to the public. iiuriini'Ton, juno l, l'ill. A pc. for t'l ockri y anil tilass. N arc. lute (tnnite V aic, i I1i-hc and Pkile, DtOJiitcrs, Tunibcr,r.nnips, lie eiy fow, by S. M. POPF.. POUND. OR may ho found in this ilhie, dirrctlv oppniite the .Methodic OI,I) PAINT SIIOP, newly fitted upin nood tvjc, wdierc the undersigned will lie tdad to wait on his old customer win may favor him Willi their p'ltionae. bin in II. li. ftl'AUtiDI.Mi. lliiilin..ton, April 23 UU. 17()I.I.Ii'T ni!.l)l,i;V liacjti.s' iccciM-d 1. atiit otter tor sale ni tu appioveu cieilil, a lare. ol (loccrics, eoiisilin; j liluls St UruK s 10 do Porlo Rico 10 do Xew Orleans ,r0 Hags Rio Cullec, 30 do .lava do "0 li.ivs so-ip, t do supcnor 110 2"i do Kvna do 10 Kc.fs salt Pctrc, lowtel nricis for casli jr and well si icclcii assortment in put of the fi lliwiii!.': :ar, o Mhi St Cro.x Ruin. 1I0 5 Pipes Holland G,n, do I 2"i iir casks Ma'aea Wine, 50 Roves Pipes, 20 I! lira Ptppcr, 20 do Pimento, 2 1 ICi!! pure Giiijcr, 25 do Raisins. LOOK HERE! I TR. F.DI'IOR Will ynii plase notify this coin 1M iiuinitv tint the subscriber has opt licit a Stove S'tore. fust door west of . I. & J. II. Pcck& Co. where lie has a general as-ortmcnt ol Cookui'.', l!ox and parlor atmes, valorous, nun iionow vaie 01 111c suuerior llraudon Casimi:! nl u liuck'u Mot Air Cookui!! Stoic, which hen nnnufni luring in this n ace. 1 lie conslruclioii ol tins stole is such lint tlie first and sharpest heat come, directly under the boilers and then passes round a spaciou. and eipi.illy luatcd oven, an I rrnniris but compnra ivi Iv line fuel to put It 111 opeiatioii, and bakes crjual to a brick oven. 'I here iuii;ht bo a List of signatures irocured as Ion" a Ihe rccuiiiniciidation of a country P. M. from the hihest sources in the sciiotis white il is in uses lint a preamble about thi ntni e or tho Yankee Nut on useless, nn.l if money coniinues scarce yi u must iie the less 1 fit, so don't do without on that account, hut c ill and try the new Stove. I! ir in ttun, ' iv I'), 1S41. S. W. TAYLOR "A,TYST13RIOUS! A Rcnllcitinn luIonsinfMn i. L one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city, who must he will known to numerous friend It'ivine since llievcar 1 SIS. 1111 to recently, ban bent nearly double, and fur scleral jears confined to, hi ocu, nas occu resiorco 10 t;oo neaiiu uas rcaiucu his 11 ii tu ml erect position and has ouittcd his car- rnsie, and now walks with case!! We bihevcthis is llieL'cit lemaii'.. ow n description as near as posiblr, aim lucre r no exaeircranon 111 11. iiowui eiveiuipu. rcrs hi-address, and doubt not humane feelings will cu se tlie liberty ; so tbat any one tlunbliniZi may .iirtr these facts linii"h he rciuists his naiiie nuy not appeir 111 print, A1110111: oilier instniccs, .Mr. .las. (J. Ri vnolds, 1 H Clinstic-cticct, lias hern restored, and will "ivu ptrsonal assurances of the fact of Ins case, llnth were rheumatism, and contracted cords and -inews. Howha this 1 ecu done 1 Answer. Ilu the Imliun Vegetable I. lixer in- lernally, ami I hires' Sme.und Hum 1udinent .rlerniill:. Jan. ysi, 1B11. Stldmihi h COMSTOCK if- CO.. 71 AUitltn Lire. AVie V'or.. lit) PFC'K & .STKAlt, Wholesale Ascnts, a Tew loor ptst of ibePot llOlei-, Iturlitiyon, Vt. v fi, liTm wmuiTT's INDIAN I'lritCATIVi: 1MI.I.S, r.ntir-bj Veminble. MAM'FAC'IUHI I' u 'ei the mime ha'e -iipcrin 'i 11 'cm e 1 f Villi.imWri''b!,vice-pre i.lcnl of he Xorth Aweritan Cullcve oT Health, fur ihe tteutment 'ind e 'iv 1 1 ill ea i! 111 the loriu ot liillio 1-and .Ncr- VO'I- t'cvcr., atca-le., rjuiiit l'ox, I'.im in Hie turn ie! , I aek mi l -i V, Coii."iiioiiou, l'roo-v..S toI- ila, Canier. S'lil'iiej if lllnml. .S.e'.-llc'u'l.a he. Ittie'inaii in. tiiarrl'ie'i, iy eniiiiv, (.ones, liy-tieii 1, of ihe Heart, luer.- and sore of every km.', i '. e 1 or ire 1 y PKi'K' & SPCAlt, ll'trlinRlon. W. 11. HOI.LV, Willi.nai. W. .1. I II 'Or: I. A S,'irsli. .1. 11. HAi.iirirr, v- f, ri. MOFFAT'S VroiTAUI.I': lAl'H iMKDICINIA Thee iiihcine. are iudcl led for their name In their inanife-t and seii-iblu nction in purifvina the prini; and channels ol life, and enliiinir thetii with rcncweil lone nn I viRor. 111 many n uulril cerliliel ii-ewhi( h have Iceu made nul Ic, nnd in nltno.l eiery -pecie oinoen-e 10 wtiicii ine 11 inian traine 1 Iir le,lhe liappva eel- olaloiTAT l.llr. PlLI.-anp Pil'KSlx ItiTTi-.n have leen ipeatfillynnd pdliily itcnowledsed by the per-on I enciii'tel, nnd whi were iiieviou-ly'iinacn lainled wi lillieheaiilifullyohi. lo-nphica! princip'e upon wdii hilny nreeoinpouini. e.l,aiid upon which they con -cpienily net. 'Ihe l.IFK MKDIL'INKS leconiincnd iheiiwlve in di. ea-e of every form nnd do-criplion. Their lirsl operation i to 'oo-en fioin the coals of the -inmach and bowel , tho various inipiirilie nnd erudiies con- tautly settling aro inii tiicin;ani to remove the bar lenel face which collect in the coniolulinn of the .inalh'.i iiiie.tme. O.her me.hcine only nanmdv cleaii-etlie-e, and leave -iich collected ma.c I ehiu'd a to produce habitual eo-tivenc.-s, wuh all it- train ol evil, or-uiklen dianlura, with it imminent dacr-.n Thi fact i well known to all rrsular anatomi.t.. whoexamine the human bowel a Iter death J and hence I he pii'indice of those well informed men arain-tquael. tnt-Lliciiu- or mi! heme prepared and hvrahled to thenul.lie I y isnoraul per-ou. The -econd ol'e ale'hcine i-lo eleaii'e the kidney- and the bladder, 1111 1 I ylhi- mean-, tho liver an( tliu lim-j--, the lieat'lil ilae'ion 01 wiiiciienliiciyiieicnii-upon tlie re sularily of Ihe iirinnr orcan. i'he Hood, which lake. 1 s red color fiom the tiscncy ot ihe llvcrnud the lunif I elore it p.i'-e into the heart, I eintr thu purified oy ttiein, an 1 notir.teo i.y loim eoinui!: irom a clean .toiinch, co ire freely throinrh the vem. renew.- every pail ofilie .-v-tein, and triumpliauily inouiit lue cauuer 01 ucaoo m 110: tMiitniiiirj: ( ueeu. Mo laps Vegetal le Lile Medicine, bale I cen thor o ii;hly le-teil, and pronounced a -overeien remeilvfor Dy.pcp.ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo ol'Appeiile, Heart-hii'rnnn I Ilead-ai he, Re-lle.-iie..., Ill-temper, Anxiety, L'lii? tor mil Melancholy, Co nvene, Diarrluea, Cholera, Fever of nil', Rhe ini.iti.iii, (loin, Drop-ics ol all kind., OtM-cl, Worm., Alhma and Consumption, Senrvv' Ul'-cr-' Inveterate Sore-, Scorbntie Fropliou and llad Com-pIcMou-, Fripnve eoniplainl., .allow, (."loudy, and otbcrih.a'.'rceal le (Nanplexion.. Salt niio im, Frv-io- ela-, Common ('ohl and Influenza, and variou- iithtr complaint wlneii alibct tlicirimaii irame. lu rnii.n an I AfiUf., parlictdarly, the Life .Mehciiie- have I ecu ino-t euiincn'ly -ucce 1 11 ; .0 imieti mi that in the Fever . 1 nd Asuedi-trict-, Physician- nlmot uuiiersally pri'.crile them. All th u Mr. Mo fat rcqtiiresnf hi patient- itnle particular in ta'.inc the Life .Medicine -trictly accor ilinor to the directum. It i-not a ncw-pape'r noliic, or by anytkins ihet hehim-elfiiiiy-ay in their favor, that lie hopes to gamercht. Iti'alonel yihe re-ults of a fi:r tr:al. MOFFATS MFDK'Al. MANFAL; ile-nneil a a dome. tic :: iide'oheal h. Tln-lillle pninphle1, ed'leil by W.Il. Mo fat, 275 llrunduay, New York, ha- I ecu pill li-he I for the icrpo-e ofexplaiuui': moieflly .Mr. Mo laps theory of ih-ea-e-, and will le tound loshly intere-titvj looerson-M'ekinr hcalih. It treat- upon prevalent di-en c-, and ihe cau-c- thereof. Price, 2a cent for-alel y Mr Mo'lat'. Aircni-ecnernllv. These vabnble .Mel'cine- aie for -ale I vdkORJ'K U WARN Fit & Co. John-on, t., General Aeent-, y whom all order- from any part of the f-iate or Can 1 la. will 1 e proniptli an-wereJ. 23 1 f Dec. 17, HACAK if ARTHUR, General A'-'ent- lor Mo at's 1 e!el rated inedicuie., 10 w lii'iu all npplicafon- for nvhcica must la nd- re-e 1, llurlnm'on, Jan. 29, 1812. BR. TilY . OXl'J It A Ii S A SI O V 1. 1 V K II W O It T, Ob-erye when you li,y that Vou get Ihe j-enuine, piepnrcd at 37J Ilowery, New 'ork. See that 375 fy iVw York i 011 the wrapper of e.u h Uottle. ll other, are Fraud nnd sold only by speculator-, without re anl 10 .pi. lice, to thu pitl.'lic, or the proiuie tor of tho t'eniiuia article. 15011 Coiis'inipiinn, aud'I.lver ccmplnint.-, I)ypcp sia, dizzine ofthe lica I, lo-s ofappeute, tary, and general lepiln'crol the whole. yoem. .Noneireu iiiie I ut that prepared at 375 Ilowery, ew 1 ork, where the nrliclu wa- lir.-t made, thecha'r ae er of the Ine.hcme foniied nnd e tnl hshed l.y the lire-cut so'e proprietors, and whoure the only per-ons knowins the eompo.ilion of the genuine. It ha I ecu u-ed succe-.fiillv for ei'-hl vi-nr, in ll,. il..... disea-e-. iOlicmemlcrlhe oriKiual nn.l (icniiiac; 1- made only at So. S75 Rowery, .New York. All other are counlerfcit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a emeral for the e disease-, I am filly sntt-liu.l, from long experience, ihcre i- no luel.'ein'e epial 10 Dr. Taylor'. Ikil.iim of Liverwort. Reintf pure y tivclahlc, it can boused with the ulmo-tmleiy liy all ne..oa in every conhtiin. It eleni e Ihe luii!: ly expectoration, relieves ditlicult breathin.', heal iheche.t. 'lhi iecan I e iioiUe-tioit but thi- iiie.hcine i-aecrlnin cure for 1 hronic i o .h and cold-. I have u-ed it four ear in my praciu e, and alwiiywi'h.iice,. A.'F. ROfJLKS, .M. I), Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. luylor' 11 1 -am of I.neiwort to Le 11 WMMIII II HI II IJL'SSIM.I.'S STOMACH UI'IILRS. may Ir-ii-e.1 in Wiueor water. 'I he-tie'el ratcdl.itler arecompo-ed purely of veso able of the most liino eetil yet specilm virtue. They are recommended par ticularly for reforms weak coii-iitniion, clean. ina ami 'rciitrthemii!: the siomach. anl mcreasiiiL' the nil iiiim iinuiimn 1 iiiim m VI.Il.iNY TO IJOSTO.N HV HAIL-ROAI Wiii r Mill Stuncs ami IS11UI111: Clitlis. PAIR of French Purr ."Mill Sioucs nnd a cone ''plele nssortiuent of Roltmz Cloths, from a ci le brnled Manufactory in Iloll ind, for sale at reduced price, ,v KULLKITfc HtlAOI.r.Y, Ascuts. mm Oct. 13, 1S11. 'piin Itiirlinelon llrewrry i- now I- in full iipniiinit, nod Iter of I 10 VITV k'HI .lil.l M I - is Kent con LS-stinily 011 Ii ind for sale in wliok J3ur half barrtla U. PI, 1 1, :rson. OCT. MAUSIIAI.IS Aroniitic, Catnirh and M. G. RATHBUN, DHAIMJ t AND TAII.OIt, PKARL STRUT, HAS ju-t returned from Nuw York, with fill re ports of 1 be Fall Fahioiis, an 1 is prepar.l loex 'ecuto orders for winter garment in the ino-t apiroved ivle. He ha also on h ind a select assortment ef choice trinimni'.'., adapted 10 the sea 011 : Mich a. llral.l, Jliittons, llinJinss, Fancy Vest Itlndinijs Cord, and lliiltons, ,.c. Ac. JJ. I), lie i alo aqent for Scott .V Wil. ou's Re port ol Fa hion., whiih will I c lit finished 10 any one wi-lnujlhem, an I the requisite iulomiatioii freely given. llurlinjtnn, Nov. 4. IS 11. J. Tit YON, DltAlMt AND, WOPLD onceiiioreiemind ln. cu-toiiicrs that lm continue to carry on the above busine-s in nil t vai ions branches at hi- Old Stand on St. Paul trcet, near the Kpi-copal Churi li, and in sight of the CatholiuClmreli. Thankful for pu-t favor-, illcu totner. are sollcile.l to eoniintie iheir palrouaFC. and many new one ate much de-ired. The newest Fash ions promptly rreeived. Cutting done on short notice cheap for tath. I have on hand some old accounts which I should ike 10 exchange for caili, Nov. 12, 1811. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and Coiiiikcllorat l,nw, tWO BOOBS EAhT Ol- THE COST OrFICE, CF tTAIia. ncferto Mctsr. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. thill'' el known, lor lemovins that trout le-oine di ea-e, Ihe Calarih, and al-o a cold 111 the ' cad, and ihe headache. Il open- and pure out all oli-tiiiction-, -licit;:! hfu-the eand-,nnd mica healthy action to I lie part- a leoied. It i- h rfectlv lice from any thinsdele terio 1- in it- eoinpo-ition ha a 1 lea-aui flavor, and iia iiiiiue.h.iiee .iv, iil'ier I cing u-eil, is abgreeal.fe. PrneS7 cciil per bottle. Doct. Mar hall's Ve.-e'nVe Indian Illack Pl.ASTKR. 'Ihi- Pla-ter i iuirivallil for curing .crof ilou. swel-line-, S urvy Sure. Inne llach, and Fre h Wo uld. ; pain in he -l ie-, Hip- 11 11 1 lain' sj an I .elilom fail- lo 2ive relief 111 local Rhe iiia!i-in . If applied to the -i will cure iiiaiivof Ihecommon l.ucr (.01111. hunt-: and i e lual, if not .interior, to any lliinj: in u.e for corns 011 ihe fee' ; the urine- of Ihi. Pla ler Inifleen witneedly iho isiind- of individ ial-in ihe I'ni'ed S n.e-, who Itavete lei i' eilicaey. Sold I yilio pro prietor J Oha. Ilo.ven, Middlcbury, V., and Pick o; spr.An, II in.orluu't Vt, AI.AROH assortniiiil of llrass Kettles, Vicis, Anvils, Trace Chains, Halter do. tie. etc. isoficrcd for salgat prices which cannot fail to suit 1 u-tunicis hy I'OLI.I TT.r- llRADI.F.Y, Nov. 29. Old Dock, Burlington. A. ROBERTSON, narrjstcr and Attorney at Law, (lietU in the qfflce of the lUn, Solicitor f!en't Day) UTII.K SJT. JAMKS'S SIRHRT. Montreal, 1 Nov. I&I1. R-furence in Hurlmston, to CIIARLKS ADAMS, lrjlrf U FOR SALE. fllllAT larpe and cntninodioiis two sto. 1 ry Ilrick Dtri'lin; House A: Lot cituatcd 011 the west side of Colleen grtc 11 attho head of ColleeO'Slrccl. in this vd age. Ihe IIoi'sk is 32 hv 43. with a basemeni slnrv. with Ki then an J Provision cellars, and a wing 32 by oj.uxti'iidiui; north on Collcped'rcen. Willi woisl and .tore lioii-e below, ami chamler- and Icepin" room alme. A Inriiuandcnuunisboi II .irn. lift i h iifhou 1, mid 11 spaciou. yard West Of IheilH'ellini-hou.c. nn.l n .rr,n.l .lrnll.. ;..! or wa'er of the I est quality , the village, nn I a I rick oj.lem. One and un,uaricracre.ol land, of tho lirst f ualiiv j a lane carden and ihoicu fruit tree west of ihe hru-c and yard. 1 lie n. 111,11111;. nrecon-iriK'ieu in modern Kyle, nl he le. imt'cnals nnd workmaiiship, weroereciel I y ihe sub.cril er for In-own u-e, and Ihe location af. fori a very exlen-ive an l pleasant pro-pect of the villa jte an I la'.e on the We-t and 1 not mrpa-scj l.y any oilier in thi pari of the country. A o for sale a lot cnriiaiuiii"; an acre of land direct ly (inpo-i'ethtt above lot with d small convenient wood dwelling ho'i-e thereon. P.r 'ha er are invoe.l 10 tall and ex 111 lue for iheni .five Terms made known by ilia sulscril er on the lirrmi vi. sVAMl I.L. 111. 1.1', II irlmjtton June, 10, 1B10. n2 . LYMAN & COLE T.r I' nceiw-l, in a Idiiiiui to their for stock I JL Dry Cnnjs, an extensive a -.or nicnt of Fall nu I Wiioer (it 1. 1-; niuiai!.' which will le fo ud a local variety of am. le. f. r La lie-' Cloaks ; Alna ra t.i lie, a erv pretty arii. ie; Alpiurn sill; Wan Canil Ie:cen, Plain H'nek A i.ine. I i"',l .'p.. Sun Dania.l., Ilryebclla, Per-iau Ciolh, Ficucli, li'eruiac, nun i.ii'-'ii.ii .ucriiue, .mi'i.e.uic iir none and jir.n Sixonte-, a sreat variety and low priced; Goal's nail uuu iiuiiauoii iaiui ici, S 11. KS. A small a-rrimenl of rn h lia'd and stri'pd Silk Heavy Illack Canton. Gro 'e vi.., and other silks, SHAWLS. I.upui' I e. .caile , ' lac , white, and colored; A few extra -ue Wor te I haw I-, Glnie- and llo.ierv. a laru'e a oi'iueni ; ail nil i- ally lar.-ea-sortii.eilli I Aliicncan print ; r icneli mi l t nali b ilu. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotion .hce iii'.' and shirlinir; Ttcki g and Wad ding ; Hlcnched Cotton andMcrr.niaetheeiinj, uiv low. TAILOITS TIHMMIXGS. Wor-lel Ihnding, -ill; do. Lane round and square aloha'r Cords for overcoats; silk Cord fordre coal.; Wor-lel and silk .S'irgc; tigurel silk anl Velvet It'ilion-, new figure ; .owing sill , Twist and Thnad; Pa 'dun:, Canva-., tcleein., Col'd Jean-, Ilrown and lilac'. Linen ; WonteJ plai 1 for Facing ; lliiltous for over coals, ike. FANCY IIKFS. A varietj ofriclnle Laine, Chally, silk, and new stjIeFaucylP f . and Veil-, JSROAD CLOTIS. Ileavv do d h 'led llroad (oth-j II-aver and Pilot Cloth-; Rich Diamond Renin Clinh-; al-o a general .ii-nrluicut of II rlui'.'ton Mill Cloth-. Gentlemen an I are in vile I in call and exam ine our u'lyex'i ii-iic notiuent, which we at re I iee, price f',ir Ca-b. II illusion, 22 0.-M6U. DDBtlNGTON CHAIR FACTORY C' I.. .'.l,hO., continues the ' business of inaniifiicliiiing Chairs at the old s'and, of thefol lowmK ilcscriiiionsi Cut I Mp!u Oricinn, CaneSiat, Comiiinn Caue nnd Flag Sinl, Largo and Small Ka.sid Scat Rockini,', do do Com mon do. Common Dining, Ac. &c. All of which nro warranted a first rate nrticle and will be sold at prices in ciiirespuuu won ine nines. FEATHI.RS, AND I'KATHKR liF.OS, KKADY MADK. Constantly on hand, n supply of warranted Live Creese Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTKI), hy the subscriber, Curl and Ilirds Fe Maple, deli vend at his shop in Church street, opposite the old Hank. C. L. NF.Li-ON i ATUHU'tS GliAMi ItlXIOIlA'IIV'i:. l hi i-i va' .al e i-vjI le .MeibVniH o,i,l. ,,r,-.. ,n...l tor iiieioiiowmi! coinpla nl-, viz I Dy.pep.ia, i,r I ntli-se-uon,ibiea ed l.iier, biliou-di-c r 'ci., DrOi.y, A-tb- ..i, v w-ini-iif... ii, in mitl m o a nit' It', nml v leau-iii'.' the ti.iu.icli ami I owe!-, cure- pam in the I' c, ston li and I ica-l, ei.ld. and co igh- of lone taudius, Iloir-tne.., hortne.- of Ireaih, Nervous 'oiiipain.,f!c., winch aielieunently the e.ect ol di- eac. l or l-cicrnuil Aiti c. n ia mo-t valua le ore venlalive a-well n a smerricn reinedv. It virtue -urpa any thing known in removing Si. i uu-' Maine, two untie, have I in known lo cure Ihi-allbctiugUi-ease, afer having I allied every excr lion lor fo il jear-. Il has a ino-t powciful inlliience in re.ooviiiL' nervou.ciinplamt.. It i plea -nut Intake lil.l -oea-y in ll- ooera ion. Mini it mav . u.Iin.n i-iit.-.! lo l lie iiil.inl won salely. be al ove .iltilicuie is icrv htulily lei'Onuneni'vil Iv many -cicniiiic gcntleincii, and ii large ii'iui! er ol'laibe-,' who hale proied the virp e ol IhcMcheincI vncr-onal ns?mliliat i fibeir I'ainibcs. A I ill ol i erinica'c-aci ompai ic-cach 1 otilc. wiihdireii'ion.. It mav le bail whole ule or le'uil ni Itrimin, llarrc, mi l .1. C. I . imam, I a-t William.. 'own, I. sole luoiuieli r. Pieoaiul Irom l ie onmn al recipe; for sale ly 1 II. Preuii... .Mon'ilier, am .. .. I i' K iphl't AII I! trliug'on, and in the principal town- in Ihe -lalepill liic'iion. Israel m he ban I wriliua ofihetuoiirii'tor a certain rc-mtily for ihi complaint, as I have u-cd it in -vii uuu luuuu us e. ei i an iinmciliale. I wa. much troubled until I made u.ei flip, mehciiie. M. L. IIKNS1IAW.21I .Maiigin st. Hoar-ene. Ciuil For the cure of hoar-ene-. 1 can .Irongly recconiinend Dr. Taylor's Ual-am of Liv erwort. 1 haienoi onlyloiind I ciielit inyjelf, but many ofmy coiiL'regation by my icvominenda lion have recicvelgreal lenclii Irom its virtue. It i at once mild ,eilic.ieiou-and hainile . mx.y.. llwis. Scveie Cough and Colds I have had a lun-t e verei old and coifzh, lor a long liino whnhl could not L-ei ridof. Af'er ii-inir mane n.c'e.- ilini.-- I in. r t-lTaylorV llal.-am of l.ncrworl, an I it curt' I me in " a ew day. J.S. II. KKRltOCK. Ilai'ing of Rlood I' ll it two Wtel.s .lirli I hail :i kill, wiich cau-ed nie lo iit lane (pialine- of I lood whi. Ii noilimi: could cure until I trie I Dr. T.n lm'. nal-ani of Liverwort. Tin inedi.'ine "aie me imme diate relief and in a very short tune e leetoJ an euii.e cuie. Let all per-on- Irv it. 111011 MC OARVT.Y,21 Cannon t. it. iiiiior- i III li .HiTWnr hi.- nor reuieiy luriu ea-e- ot ihe iMtix- mi l linr ha olilain e.I a re una ion never 1 1 fore e-j 'tailed. licmarkabtc Cure oj Consumption. wao near her death wuh thi ili.e.i.e. ihu niv inciius sciii lor a pr e-i toconie- mo ere I Pie l. II in hi- luir'V, told ine not to giictm until t tried Dr. 1 avtor s Ha .am of l.nerworl. 1 sent immediate v fortln. niedieme, and allhougji the eon'e-t for a few lay- I el ween tin- me hcine, nml uiv di-ea-e wa -e- lere , the medicineconiueie I, an I in a fortnight I wa- rcloiul tolieallh. I ha I a en ie h. rai.inir ot mat ler, lo ot in v voice, tviui-. weane... ivc. I can le- ter in Doctor list u, m the l.arllon Hon e, lor Ihe iriiin oi inysia emenl. J1AK1 HILL, 10 h street cor. ucwaieot tra in-. o(3 I avenue. Summer Complaint. The llal-am ol Liierwon. in scleral ea.e- of ihi- loea-e, where all other reme lie- atiulied l.y pby-i- cian- Ii ue proven inellcctiial, Iia- produced u peitccl cult Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. R. Gla.kbn ol Delhi, N'". Y.. ol a nalurabv con ulllptive COII-liluliou. tin- teen ...... I frr..,. n.. iiiueiy emi hy i lie .u-e of Dr. Tnvlor'- llal-am of Lie erwi ri. . -eicre com I ro nrht on an aitack of Pleu. y, and thu. en.lel in general debdiiy and con-. inn lion. A ci.n-'ant co ih, hecno flu h.'re.ile.- ni-rln. I c . p'll.e, an I emit nuel lo of lit eh. n-uroicd i, oely death j but a. uon a- I eLiumcniul ihe n-enf thi- I nl-am I grew le ter, and is now fully rcstoicl io noi an. Shortness of llrcath. l i r tin e, I have ahvay- tumid Dr. Taylor' nai-ain oi Liverwort an exrellent It SINULE. DOUBLE. UAIUILICAL. o 1'r S r rrceivisl, a -npply ot Mar-h's celel rated iis-t'., of eerv cscrinlion. for a'o 1 e ibe dozen or stiVJle, JVoe. 1. PKCK .f. 6'PI Alt iiyi'f 1'se aceiira cly applielfice of haree. D' once -o .aieau.i u e e-nie, that I nlway-ue it lu my piactnv, and iwomiucud it to my friend.. I ii.ii e u-e.1 it in some liumlrtMs i fca-e. wiihiii the pa. lo-ir vcar., nun i nave never na.l il lai . in m.inv ca ts ofa-lhma, 1 tully lelu vettto have leen the nie.iii ol saving precious Inc.. Lei nil u.e it. OF.ORGF. RALPH. M. D. None genuine but that prepaid ut 375. Wimerv av 1 orl. a. will I e .ecu by Ihe la1 el-and wra per- ol each li.,e. lie ure vou look w hen vou hue The ten line can nlwav I eol.iauie.l of ihe O'd Al-ciU-, Me sr-. N. Loie'y iV Co., now Lovely .V Sevino ir Dr. .Momlv and Pei k St. Snear. Cheinit' an l Drugii I-, 11 iilinzton . II. It.irne .Clnilotte iiiiain lu.o e-, Jr. tin hinoii ' Geo. Ayi r V ( o. .iiioon .i. ss. ...iiiowu, iiran.i i ie i . ll. itt'!cr, -ninth Hero 11 ran V a 1-w orih, Norih lien Sit .1 Da vt-, AP u rirli I, .v l..o:cn!t, V.t Alb. rh D. & . Cari liter, atert cry $100 R WARS'. OH HKWARD has hieu offered for months tr V 1' to any one who will use a hottlcof llmj's Liniiiftit fur the J'iles, without being cured. Oi thousands sold, in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof over" Induing to ho had where il is sold, J t is also a certain cure lu nearly every case. Tl.. :.. (l.xtcrnnTly,) in the following complaints. For the i-ues, mr an uropsy, tender lit t, sore throat, Iv can cers or ulcers, crimp, whooping couah, scald head IIHAVY ntsoiitntnl nf Sleish and Cuittr shoes. WEJW LIViJRY STABLE. It. CO f, It I'll TH 11 nSPI.CTKUI.LY liil'orins his friends and the JLVpuhhc. that he has now onim il n t.n,-rv s i,i and Ins on hand ready for usu some picellem ltr...o ana uarrnsee, nieisns, iinrpeste,i1r. which hewil let on reasonable leniis, Mable at Hcnjauiin liishop's Hotel, South West Corner Court Housu Square, lliirluigton, Dti-eniber 10, I9H. Saws; P OWLAND'S (Jerman Siee' saw mill saws, man l.Viifaciurid to order and fitted for the sawing of hf.lnln.-l ....... .1 .1 .- . i . ........... .in,-, aim livery ucscnpuon ot naiu llinber. C, lit and 7 feet. Also hnghfcli Cast.stcel cross cut saws, IIoovV.' o.'b do rirculai do from 16 lo 2G inches, and manufactured for the trade in this vicinity. I.-..- ..I . .t. e -ui ni inn nan, uy Nov. 23 KOLI.KTT A I1HADI.CY nglllni'ssof the chest, csiu ciallv in cliddien. foul id cere of the legs, or other fungus sores, however obsti naleor long ttnmliug, fresh wounds, ( liilblain.,etc. I.OOIC OUT. Sonic sieindlers have counterfeited this artiilcjiintl put il u;i with rariovsdericet. Do mil he imposed upon. One thing only wi'l protect you it is the name of CO.MSVOCK .f. CO: that name mutt be aheiys on the vraij er, or jnii tuny beclunt ed. Do not torgct it. Take the direction with you nnd test hy that, or never buy i' j for it is impossible for nny oilier lo be true or genuine, n'J Sold by CO.MSVOCK ft CO., 71 Maiden Lane, New York. PKCK it S P K A R, Wlmlsale Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Hurling ton. Vt. " Ll V I AND LET LIVK75 rp HI siibscriler would re-peeifillv return III I thanks to hi many patron for their i'ayorsdnriug Ilia past live year, and would nlo inform them that he lias repleiiNhel hi lis;!; of Stationery, Hook., Ilinding Sio'k, esc, and will I e happy lo wait upon all that .ha 1 lavor him H'illi their patronage, and no e'orton hi-pari shall he spare I to give .aiofaclion. Oir stool eo.t money) thcirfnir, we cnnnol give it away, or sell ii heloCy co., or at eo.t j but what wo have in sell, (if we can trel an opportuniiy) at a. small a.lvanio from co. a. any one can do' and live ky llieir bu-ine , Individuals wishing to pun haie .oininoii School llook, Siatioiiery,.or fllank Rooks can have u i ham e io ten the sincerity of ihe siil scri I er.wiicu he nys he will sell cheap f r y calling at Ihe sign of llie HcdLclgrr, I'olleieaiuel.' sa.mI'i:liii'.nti.ngto.. Nov. P, 1811. lltirlingtbti ltookslorr. rpllR sol jcnler would invite Ihu attention of I I Iriend. ami He rnblio to In new assoiimenr of floo.(. The lo-t sefrclion he ha ever made, both in Mia ellaneoi and School Uonk arc now o"erttl eh cap for cash. Nov. 10. D. A. IIRAMAN. Morlion'a Pills. PANGIIOHN if- HHINSMAID nre appointed State Agents by Messrs. Alexander MF.SSRS. appoinlei and John Morison, of the British Cotlrgo i f Health, N I . W K S T A B L I S I LM li NT . HnfisIkaSl&JBsrao:'?, (srccKSMDUs ro i;. iiiik, ,;,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, "CM OFLD re-ne ufu'ly infurin ihe i.ihai itnm. IT H.trlingloii and liie surrounding ciuiiny, that luey t.iri y mi uu: iwrjiriitfnury isusintss, fill all t vano i-Tranche.. Deleiiiiuie.l lo u-e the very I c material in iii inuiaciurinir, iltey will at all time lurni h .Mcri'hani and other, dcilm; in Cnufivi on arie , widi the I est n, "uliiy, an I on the lowct ni,.-si b'e er'ii.. Shop on Ch tr Ii stree', Iwu door- Souh 1 1 &. t.. iiowar.i - n.oie, newly an l neaily tiiii-1 ,i, ...i i.n . ii . . ii i . - ' wucre wc cm uaiij mvrc nu to can an i evolution article., con-i-tini of all l-iiul. of Stick Ciiiiy, Hal it ' lv..e, iicuri nun I'l.iiniuiil.. llratl-. IVnner, mull, Leinoii Dio.i, Vanilla Cieaui, Loeuar-, .S.i".ir Plmnli., Carraway., Comfit., Ca-M.i H id,, Rih-I; anil lir.iwii Lauuy, a igar ami, aiotti.e- an I Secret ni.'ar Apple-, Polati e-,, nnd, with variou oilier article- too n uneri u to I e mentioned, A general a i rimcul ol ruh and fancy Cake. iianii, aim i a .e i in oruer, togetner wun ice (Jreanii tolurni-li panic, .Vc. i: -ALSO- Couittt Casnv, which we recommend for Cough Cold., Iloar.enc, Arc. e do not Willi .llr.J. r.a-e (Vr-iin, that lor Candy will cuie all iti-c.i'U lea.iing lo (jiuiiiiiiptioii, we think that saying loo much. CLUCKS. We lmc a good a .-orimeiit of llrass and Wooden Cloil.s, which we will -ell lery low fur ca-b i r np. proved i rislu. Plca-e t-all and examine I fibre pur ch ii tr chew-here. N. II. All order Irom a dit.mce, pot paid, will le promptly attended to, and pacl.aue. and lioxo pul on i oarti oi smge or ioai, wneu re.pureii, lice i charee. Re parlio ilar and a.l.lre-s all orilcr to MIT CIH.LL iv. IIAI(.MV, Confectioners, there leingtw liriu.ol Ihu s line name in 'he Village. Il ir'inyion. Yi. O i. 22, 1811. ipetite also a pieieiilniiieiisraiu-t the cholera mor- i. lever ami airue. remoiii heart bnrnuij,wcakne in ll: stomach ami other symptom- o: Hon. One l.ox will tincture one gallon. Price 25 ets. I ox. Rcssr.l.l.'s Itch Oistmhst. This ihok-e and afe ointment i said to I e superior to any now tu u-e, for nil di.agice.thlo and loath. nine d sea e. the PI I'll. Thi Ointment i o ccarlain in its operation that no per-on doubled with the al ove disorder ought to le without it. It is a reineily for eutaileo i eruption.. orbiilie ii'i'eclion. of ihe head, or any other breaking it which ari-cs from sharp humors in the hlianl. Price 25 el, a I ox. Res-H.i.'s kcktadlk Hit Lines Pn.ts. rr lamilv hvsic. for general use. in e.t-e f Jaundu e. morl ill eil-ll ll tl v of the .tt'lltach an I bowel., lo- of ntinelite. firtid 1 realh, co-iiiene.., Pile., and all ilie!te. an nig Irom Hilary tlariineeinent. u o bir correcitn'? Ihe tnte of the I loo k mid ctejiiMnz the svieui ol and viscid humour... The e mil. nrea'imld ea- llianie, pro lucing neitlur pant nor rriping, and are thcicfore a valuable and highly unproved medicine. indnre pronounced aiich I y theino-t ih-tiiigui-hcti illV.lciail. L'ach box i-iintaiiitti'i- .t Pill. Prif .17' els. a I ox Itu-ell s celcbra'tsl Salt Rheum Ointmf.nt. This - uiiip.e-tional Iv the Le-l nnd -afct remedy cleric! lereil to the tvihlio lor that ob-tma'c ih-order SAL RIII'.L'.M. Whcie other mean-have tailed, it ha.sue- teile I, and the fact that il iia Lien -xten-ively u-cd y ennneiit Praelitioners sneaks vohiiKesiu n nrnt-e. Ill cpially eilicaciou- in nil di-t-a-c of the -kin, scald head, ring worm-, nml thu must nueicrate Itch, 4c. ee. .Numerous certificate Plight le obtained. HI the pronator choo-e- that a fair trial -huuld 1 e the only evidence of u -uperioreilicaey. Price 50 cent a liox. ror stile by reck if. Spear and Rol ert .Moisly, ll iiliiigtoii: Dr. '. L. .Miic, ;ui I Hull & Cook, llinc- urelt! S. H. Ilarf.e., Charlotte; L. Jane-. Geoigtat Tyler, Lcx ; Fuller V llur.tinglon, Riiliiiiond M-o, ly the ihuggi-t and merchant- eeneiallv hrofj In ml ihe inte. o2 llir i-sF.asi-:, tK i hi:;-. DhhIi-ih llle leilli-iK ei-i kll'iuu III AiiisiiCh elatte Pulmonary Uatsnm i the iimsi la' j em. di mm lu ii. e ..i ciu'.i',e.i!d., a.lhn.a oi 111 liisli Ciil.niiiliiii, i lumping riiitil rfitil iillliini li fl. f IIimi. Il'iei) kind, lis l sii' Inc.r.isiii and ill. piiipiieiiii an eoti.t.iiilli .eceiiiua die 1110.1 laiomblr llCilllllt 1,1 llsrftel'l. Ihe ,,I!,)WIII2 ueiv cri I ilic.ilis si e nlTei I'd I'll piibl e iiimi. 1 s N I n r ni i jii!o Cisk 1: raci ofa Ipiipi lieu, r C S Cl.ii, I'tnii.tmi. Uiipi en.. EV. Y. io ihs .ptieoii. .'iiiiis of the Dili iiii. wa dull m-.'d l put ii k.ible cine ii us efT- ceil hi l he Vcgint.le Put itiunaii in ibe aiicci and .pi mi! ul 1S35. I lit er. un, li Mijiidi, had been n-k louii nine unh lie ciiiisioniitiiul. Ill i,lt-icMii htl cocn linn up u as icdiu'i'd sn Inn -i in I e unable to help b on. ell I wa ialini a latiie ouaillili of bliu.d ulisn he eiiiiiuiPiicrd uini; the, whiih hi ffieeipd .. I'liinph'le cine, and hp I li-ut a-lltfatld I a i ei he m a. Mr. .MmiiiI. has iciunii d finui ihi ion it. but he h i prcui'red me a iiiuip detailed accoiuii of his cap, uliiili I iiiilf..iw.iril nut. C. S CLAY. Koii i, N. Y June 25 1838. Kxti.n'1 iifnlpitpi fimti Dr J.icnl, .Miers T'Iip Vrgelrftite Pulliiiitiai J tlalsain has I. Pen suld in lilts mill for iwoipars. and Ihe nie Iiciiip Ii.i" itaitied an iiii'iunniuii celeliriii. lur ii .raiceli in pup iutaiice itpil id haitin ihp dpsiieii sffcci I am by no meant film unite mam itit.liiiui. nuts! ol wlni h ate irn ii.isuiiiim upon a crpilitlnns inihlir, bin thai whtcli I kimiv liy use lu lip pfleciial. I ralliiul llPlp lull ttiv- mi ii piob iiimi itipip'o, A roiiinei leii in ppai ul ion ha. bppii nfliipd heie hi a ir.ui'lluie Atfeiii. of Ciiinstiu k. V Y. aiidlhpiPi aanihiT ariirle ivitded heip ihat i irongl) siHpected lu be.iwi nms jACon Mvrns, M. I). MifMiitsiiin, co IViin. Mai 3, 18fl7 Fiunt Dr. -iiiMtel Mnriell, In ihe Piupt ipiius nl the Vpjp i.ilite I'lilinnU'll l Italsaltl. I .nil salisfipil lhal ihp Ye. PI iblp Pii!uiiii iti Italjllil is .. ilii.lli'e uiedi-rnie It tl i been tisi'd in ihi place with Ciiillplpip suices in hi otil in oe riiinplaiiil nt I lie lunii, atien.reil ivlih -eieip eiiitiih, I'M nl irni'P, and the r.tmg ol innrh liliiud, Inch had pipituiisti ip!ipiI iiian upturned iiien.'tiplinns, A Iter ll sr ihp ltat.illl one wppk. the palli-ip ii lotcp leitirned and he wamilnp lo spe ik audi h.y, I'hi cise on lined some limp since, and tin in in is nniv pngaspil not only in ariiip but labnrioiui ,iiliips KpsiiriiliiUi, So. S Mohrvm l IS lllil 111,.. f, SIX lP.irS Stlll'P I lrts bllillulll iei bin lii an .iflpcniiii 1. 1 ihe hiiig. mi ci.tiipl-iin ilei laip.l lu be iiii'iu .ibte hi a ci.uncil of thipp phi Clans. I uai llien ip.lml'd lo asjji.o I llenhh a thai! Mimed fr inaitv icars, In it. out I lit Veipiablp Pn' ni.iiiiri .ut. Since mi tecmeri t baie tecoiii neililpil I IIP Ifllsaui lu a flieal flani ot pill!. ''iitupbiiats, and .o far a I can l".iin, its imp has in latlabll Iippii I'.illmieil In uuu h beiipfil, and ill iiiiini iiisl.inri II lias pfTpcteil curl's u hu h ueie ii hill i unpx pel-iPll. M)IUI.t,t,VIKITr, Ibis on , Marrh 2. 1837 I'm -ate, uhit'ealp and iplail, by PEI.'K & SI'i;H !! Vi. To lllai'l.sinltlis Itlosbitrcli foul. rTtHI, subscribers hale just recciicd forty tons of I lltosl urfili Lout, wncili lor Smith's u.-e is iiiisiir passed by nny coals, and wlitrckuowi has taken the place ol charcoal. Innilim. ensiti- nn.l burning freely, it ie highly recommended foriiralcs and ilomcsiic use. i wi.l.l. I l s IU(.l)l.l. V. cuuncu iMu.sic. TIIF. follow intr va'uable Musical Works are con L stantly for sale by the subscriber nt tho lowest prices, ny mo itoz. or larger qumtity, we : Tho Modern Psaluiisl, a new work hv I.. Mnton. Iloston Academy's collection of LliUicli Muiic iil ttio "i t Harmonist, O 'con, and Huston and American Olce flook. Nov. 1811, I). A. 11RAMAN, 'i SLWRlOHTi". Co. will opei wuhiii thre l-i lourday , rom 15UOlo2COO vd- Fmra .'merfie (do dileurouidj, -uperline, Hue nnd conunnn all woo (.arjieiing-, which haie I i'cn p ircha-el mn-ily m ,i. i oruiu iiuci ieii, nun wut i e sopi at icy low rite Al.o TwiPe.l nu I plain Veneiian stair enrpetin Hemp mid Cotton carpeting, Oil cloth-, Mult, etc. Nov. 12. hooks and I'.iperi COOODRICII, one door F. i.t of Faf rar ft Wait', . Crockery Sioir, t'P STAIRS, ha a very renera cilleciion of flooks, including a large stock ofSchou Hisiks and Paper. All wi.hintr to nurcha.e w well o call Priklnce and tlninp.iic innni,h,itiu. eicry deiriplton rrreimd in pawneni. School com mittees (limishing fi r school., shall have I ooks gra liiilou.iyforall children in their dislncts who.-e pa rents are unnnie to t uy. ptv, 5, A -TXW rough! Nails, Crow Hare, Ac, iutt received and CA URLS. Winter Oil, of mpprior nnality, for .ale wrllin efTers,! low ,y ;ov 29.) FOLLETTfV flRADLEY. OU low I j nU.I.ETT ft-- nRAlll.rv rZ"lt London! one of our firm visiledtherollcL'cin London. nnd wo hold our iinnoinlmenl now directly from head quarters. A correct picture of the Colloio Hiiildtnira can ha eecn at the Yarietv S'tore and in the hands nf . rn I IF. Subscriler willnavesth rm r.,u TUn.n.i otirsuh-agenls, AH the packages will ha slgntd in 1 pounds of gxiad Flee, e Wool, deli wred at their N-fiH()Kl I ft HKlB.iuiu," i atorf, hf no; ol Pel l St HRART FY it IIVDF SM'e Arents July fll Via CHATHAM, PI1TSFH.LD, SPRKNGFILLD .nu ok(.;i;st r.ii. iug nausea, vomiting, I aniDrier Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1341, the Pask.v he Irea-i, pain in lheM oeu Trains wi I inn llirough the elituc line, so .fllaliilcnccaiul indnre.- Si'T-V"" , n' lireinuusli daily, Sunday excepted, o J t. .11. uuu 1 I .11. The inoriuiii; train wiil nrriie nt Cliathnm Sj, : Pittsflpld 9), nt .- pringliild 12J M., at Worcester 4 P. M and nt Iloston 7 P. M. The nfici noon train uillanive at Chatham 2', at Piltsficld J, at .Springfield (i P. M , leave Springfield next morning GJ A. 3I..arriie at Worcester"' and at 'i ...... ,n . ' LiO-lUII li .11 . RncnNtso, lenie L'oston 7 A. M. and 3 P. M. Tlie Morning fain arrivcs'nl Gricnbush 6J P. JI. Thenftcrnonn train arrives al Orccnbusli 121 M. ne. day, lodginsat Spiingltild. , The cars of the Hudson and Rerkshire RaiLRoad will run between Hudson and Chatham ineonnexwn ith the above trains. PAsfKsctrfis fiom the city of Aihany must toko th boat fiom Ferry Wharf at CJ A. M. and 12 Al. FARH-!. From Ortcnhusli to Chaihain, tO 62J f'haihani to Piltsficld,. 0 90 Pitlslicltl lo Springfield, 1 SO Springfield to Worcester, I 0 Worcesler to Iloston, I S8 If paid through Irom Albany to Boston, 6 60 Worccsier, 4 2t Springfield, S 00 Piltsficld, -- 1 DO Iludfon, 1 U FOR M'.W YORK, Via Sprinejield Hartford and AVis Ilawcn. . Passengers leaving Grecnhusli by the 1 o'clock, P.. M. train, arrite nt Sprincfipld, fi- P. M.i thence by stage (23 miles) 'to Hartford, arriving at 11 P. M.j Icaic next ninriiing in cars for New-Haven, arriiinj in time to take steamer for New York, where they atriu-at2 to 3 P. M. Or leave Riei'iiliuh by tlu morning train, arriving at Ncw-Haien 3 P. JL, llitno hv steamer next morning, tu New York, arming br 2 to 3 P.M. Fate, if paid throtn.di Irom Grecnbush to New. Yoik, Tukcto to be mii' lmscd at O. R. Pavxi's OITiec, Tliorp'a I'liildinep, 2J llrnadway, Albany, aui st the oflicenf the Dpoi in fJrcenbuh. Gin-CO (.I'ORfiF. W. WHISTLF.R, Hngincer. Ilt Uy tho ue of the Hvgeian Vegctabla UNIYKRSAL JlY.DKC'lNF.S or the IlaiTtsii College or Health, London. Which have obtained the approbation and rccomnen- us cho hare been cured I nfh mm fi vers, djtion of 'r.ioitun In Consumptions, Cho'era Morbus, turns, inlctnallv or cxtcruilly j Dispepsa, Fe Ague, Indigestion, Rihous or Nervous . lilt lions j fi(( Ca-e- of Cons iuipu'nn ; 2.7C0 ca es if U(..' Col l. an I Co mh. j ,(iiiea e. f U heiv. mg Co igli, an I 200 ca-cs i f A.thni i, have I ten re por'cd cure I by Slieruiin'-, Cii'tih Lozengcr I e-n'e e ire innunicra'.le ihronglio t the coi.ntry that hav, not i ecu rt'iiorle I. Children die of w o ms, and many grriwn peeple i er f r I fe wiih virioi di-ea es ari ing front Worm . The rnlj-fiire and icitnin remedy for all tnl- ol Worm i r-herins.n' Wi r u Lozenge-. Ile'i have c ml since llieir uiiroi'uctii n mure than 1,-100,000 ea-e-, nnd have neicr I ecu known to lai' in h single ins an -e. Nervoi Ilea Inch and Palpitation rf the Hear relieved in from 5 lo 10 mniuie- by 3 or 4 of SI'er. man'. Luzeiigcr. It I- really -urpii-mg how tcl they operate. In hvidiiali of llie highc-l rc-pectabd-ity can I e referred to. We il; Racks, or pain in the I aek. side., I rea-t or Rl.c.iuni, ili-in, cured by Sherman' Pour Alan' Plan ter i or'ce only 2J i eius. 1000,000 solla of ihem, and warranted su perior to a I o'her'plnter-, eo-t what I lie may. They abocure Corn-, drawing tlieni out I y the root. Ask for Sherman's Poor .Man's I'll. ter, and see that lu signature A. SIH'l'MA.N', M. !., wilh dire-lions, I on the I acl. of each, an I around each box of genuine Loz enge. A vi i lai! otln-is, a-thi'V are worthies-, or el eiujnri'U.. Dr. Sliernun l'lhe only Medicated Lorcnger Manufacturer in America. Sold at Whole-ale and liVm! at the Yarietv Sure ly, PA.N'CiDORN k RRI.NS.Vl AID. Meri'lisnts and Drug.'i-t suppliel at the tame pruts as at the Warehouse in .New York. CrcrkcVy at ('out t el. of blue. p. nk an I Dove ware : al-o. Pfsbe, (Has. Lamps, e'c. at cost for the purno-e of clostug that kind of bii.ine.s. Nov. I? S, M, scorr. A fi:w, nia rarivell's Shoes. A I.ARfiF. supply nf JIoiocco yalking Shoes, Kid V Slips, Mistea do, and Men's Piinin-. tusl re- ci ived nn I for sale chiap, by Lice, i, iph. M. POPF. (Icroian Cotigli Syrup ! flMIISile-ervo'ly ili-uugui hcl lunheinr, together Jl wuh Taylor'.' Hal. am of l.iierwort Javne' In ban Fxpi-'ti'ran', I.iTy Syrup, Down ' I lixir, Moore' K.-en e of Life, llarlholotneiv' Pink I x- pectoraut svr ip, for seven cold-, couglis and torn iilam'. leading to Consumption. For salely .Nov. I. I'LCXst SPJUR. GllOCKUIES. OLD Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson skin and Pon. . choiig Te is, Si.Croix'nnd Porlo Rico an I -Musca. vado brown Sugars, double an I single refined Loaf do. Hunch Musoatell Hnisins, Cofl'is-, Salemins, Ao Just recened by H. M. WRIGHT & Co. Dec. 3. Mlcctllics. EC I1ALI.S of heavy slice ingsof iliflerrnt qualities, JV7have i list been rcrcired nud nrc nflcied fur sale .11 Jlnnufaetiirers' nneis in Merchant and others, who aro invited to e-all and exauuna the stock hefoie purchasing elsewhere, under Ihe hcliel Ihat tho exam ination will prove advnntsgeous t'tthem. Uy I'ULLl'.rrvt llKAUI.I.V, Nov.S'J. at Iho Wharf Salmon, OH I1RL'. and 20 half do. .North Shore Hudson OV7 Hiy Salmon, for sale hv Dec. 1, 1SU. FOLI.r.TT & HRADI.r.Y. and all di-eases of the Liter, e luw Fever, Gout, Klicumatispi, l, uiihaco, Tie t oloreux Dripsy, St. Vitus's Dance, l'pilepsy, Apiplexy, Paralysis, Pal sec, (reen Sickness, and all o' structions to which the I'emalc lotni is so distres-singly liable, and wines sends so many ol" the fairest portion of be crea'ion t : ...1.. . tl ... .. t nicir uiiiiur.iici v gruvcsi oiuaii roe, aie&tel. Whooping Cough, Srar'i I Fever, Asthma, Jaundioo, Ginvcl, Stone, and all Urinarv Obstructions, Fistula, Piles, Stneture , Rup urcs, and Syphilis in all iti stagesj Constiiatcd Rowels, Woims, Scurvy, t; filings of llie tkin, K. lip's Evil, and all Cutaneous Disorders! in short, every Complaint to ths huinnn frame is so dircfully subject, tinder all their vaiitd forms and names; as the Hygcian coavictidii is that Mas is scoject to only ONC REAL DISEASE That is, to the Impurity of the Dlood, from whence spiings every I omp aiut that can pos sibly assad his complicated frame, and that it is th perpetual struggle of this vital, pule stream oflife,(ihj gift of Almighty power) to disercumbcr it elf of its v.scous, acrid humours, with which it has become cciiiimxtd, through the ncgligince of parents; th ignorance, or maltreatment ot the doctots; or lt vicious, or gormandizing propensities of us all. This valuable medicine, being composed only of vegetable matter, or medical herbs, and warranted on oath, a-containing not one panicle of mercurial, mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which are uncongenial io the notute of man, and thcrcfoie des Irnctiveof the human fianie) is found to be perfectly harinncss to the most lender age, or weakest frame, under every sinse of human sufliring; the most pleasant and benign in its operation, and, at the samo lime, tie most certain ni searching out tlie root of every loniplaint, howovi r diep, and of erformiiu- s cure, that was ever ofi'ercd to the world. 'I his wond erful tlleei, too is pr. duer d by ihe least trouble to ths pnticnis, hy merely swallowing a certain number o( pills, and being called a few extra tiroes to the pur ins, s of evacuation, wilh the least possible .ensation of pain, exlin' s'lon of bodily strength, and without the fear of catching cold or nllcniion to dress or diet, in nny way did'ercm from their nccustomed hali s. These Pi 'a cuie in all cases, and ennnot betoken in exces. Hxpericnee which is the touchsiuna c( all human km wlcd e, has long borne testimony to he fact; and oxtens-vo. use of ihcm has already ve rified its truth in tins ruimiry. These Mull' i'nes cure by purging, and yet the weak, thefichle, intirin, thenirvous, the delicate, are in a few data ttit ngtlienml by their opration. bcause they clear the body of its 1ml huini urs, ond invau'ablv pioiluce soun slecti. They nre the afest and most el.ii ions Medicine io iake lb sea; preventing scurvy, costiveness, .f-c. The operation of this mild Medicine, which conveys immediate oonvi' tion of rs utility, fiom the first dose i as beneficial to the mind as the body; first calmin;, then i" ring all Mental llcrancemtnts, Vtmitrleitiii, 'erroiis A ftctions. Irrit.ibititits, and Hestlcssnttt, from whatever source : complaints which have hith erto nni been properly tindcrs'ood, as the llygeists f.uiud them all to proreid from acrimonious humours in ihe blood, and, h-ppiiy f,r the j rtsent and future irue of iiiuii.i'ik', di'envi'rcd a ci'ui anl iimrrrrat mode of purifyine, eurinp, and preventing: The being curcj of any disease, infirmity nr fore, is now no mote a dubious or uncertain procedure nerseverence in the YegetaLlo Universal Medicines w.balwava rclore nature to her due course. The ilerary redentiry of both eese.s, whose pur-it'ta so much impair the, will find a sure r nicely nt ihe Universal Medicines for preserving the energy and sprigdithnes" of lite imagination, and impioviilg liieir health i old sje will be attained hy the useot hem, and passed fice fiom pam and infirmities. with tho in) stents of other nip'hcinesi ihcyotily tiipnre to be persevered in with' siillinenily large doses, and llm patient will always come nil will ; when a disease is obstinate, palicnLs ficnueinly do not takedoses large enough. The mcdi. incs are comprised in three diiTcrent art', rles only, vc in two kinds af pills, of diHi-ren sireiiL'lh or power, di signaled hv No. sndNo 5; tho first is a powerful, but most penile and mild sperient or opi ning medicine detaching and partially rcmovinc the bilious ropy humours, whilst the No. 2'Pills carry olTthose and the terous, acrid and putrid humours incidental lo the body i nnd act together as a ferret in a warren, never resting until cvtrv aven e of tho human frame is thoroughly searched, and cloanscd of its impurit es. The Ve gctaMe Clcmsing Powdets are great ast. tince to patients and fnciliialo the evacuation of bad humors; thev soften, cleanse, snd detach theacrini onions phlcgini arc coiling nnd al'ay the thirst. One, two, or three pmiders may bo taken throughout tho day, mixed in hal a vwnc glass i f watir. DIUFCTIONS FOR I.'Si;. , Nns. J and 2 are b .th aperient nn.l p rgative, and may be iisl indiscruniiiairlyi but upcncncu hss proved that No. 2 I ihe most cfiicaein c in subduing ninny disen rs, in fcitrs of all kin.'s, intlnniuiations nsilnnn, sina l-pox, niraslens, 'gnat, cholirs, caiicej and in all violent diseases or pain, it is nt citarv r take one dose of No. 1 tn-dav, the same of No. 2 to morrow, and n pent the No. 2 be tu .t day: inrirot. inc the dose by one pill every .third day after. In coii'imipiions nnd nervous afi'e lions, it is detl. rablo lo lake alternate i'o(s of No. I and I. The dosrs in be varied according lo llie nature of the complaint, roininen'inu- gencially vvnh 4 or 8 and in rtasing ftadually to ID, in some cases 30. ' Patients should renirm'ier that I or I Pills do food RoiCdp mole good-ten oi twelve piodifce a de cided aineli irnl ion, nnd 20 or 30 mil, by perseve rance, teach the most deep-rooted complaint. Persons who wish to know more about ilygetan ean buyorbtrrow the Morisoniana of the -Wart, We have visitoi iho College in London it become personally ncquninlcd with. Messrs. Alexr. & John ...iiis.iii iv ii.iiu uui tigcm.-) uneciiy irom inem Persons wishing io buy at whote-ale will le' n .u uu iieetni iriuiB. Cirlnd Stones. rinished nnd unfinished Nova Scotia. ?0 lll.N-! (irtnil Stones, assorted Mien, Nov tit. I htness. for alr hv I rot I EtTiV nn.tri KT snp iiur names win ne written on every box efc nlrw Sold a. 2. A- 50 ets. per box also j,, SJ, 8l gf ages. "T10ac vv hn need Jltdiciri mav Vs.. "ck --""' MedLK SS benrtiVtl!" of MedH-inK .-en." mrui lltt fisten,w,,rAA((,,, . "h.'ft-ilt Agmt

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