Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 25, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 25, 1842 Page 2
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emu wmm -'Conokess. Tho .titlial business of tlio last legislative week ttrW nslnnglon tuny ho stininiotl in n fow-EiMitonccs. Tliu coiisidur.ilinii of Mr. Clay '3 rovemte ami rrlrLMiclimoiit resolutions miy probably bo comi-lei-eil as now con cluded, lilr. Calliotin spoko upon tlioni on Wednesday, making an able speech in op position to any c!nii winch, in tlio views of Soutli Carolina (lie boirig the Stale) will intcrferdwith tho Compromise. After an cfJTort,t:sid to bo ono of his very best, vc knives and forks to Sheffield, nur cloths to 11 rumigham, our silks to Lyons, our shoos ami hats to Paris, ami mir litcrnturc and opinions to London, wo shall bo little butter in effect than a Kurnpenn dependency. We shall ho flcfi. clout In many essentials of truly National axis, tenco. Tlio policy of sanding our Cotton abroad lobe spun for ounown use our Wheat to bo exorbitantly taxed to tho famished and misera ble tiniiulacturer of our Clothes, when wn could give bun twice as much broad for his cloth and ho u twico as much cloth for our bread, if wo by Protection allured him to and stistaiucd him upon oar own soil, is of itself ru. ! . 1 1 . . .. f mous onougn, nut ui inuuencc on our na tional position a ill Bolf-sullicicncy is still more tepiorablo. A retaliation of tlio Commercial Restrictions of England is preferable to a War in every way: one cannot complain ol it; she cannot resin iti and tho sympathies of 'the world arc on our aide. It destroys nothing, prevents no nun's Ins legitimate calling in peace anil can hardly expect that any, or many, will follow iinon his side : and wo mitt that tho followin, fiicnds;of domestic industry know heller than "'V- " iho pl,i.rj.1 ,of t,lc 1'VlmicIi peasai.tV , . , ,, , , war cry. 1 1'eaco with the cottage War .vith to consume liio timo of the fecnale, and tlio ,!, pataco !' it would detract Irom tho income money of the iiconle. in nnv more debate of the nobles, land-lords. liUImn. &c. of Britain ..n,... t 1 but it would add vastly and permanently to tho 1 " " ' ' "I'ufliiiitiBi ui;i 11.1 nil, u ill.- , . r .1 . I . fl .1 . ' , happiness of that largo portion other thrifty ar- tlon! 1 ho lloiisu havejust half finished iho ti.aus and workmen whom it would allure to Appropriation Dill ; hut as they have settled and cherish upon our own soil, and leavo thoso ,1 : ...1.. .1.... 1.... .... at homo with lower rents and a freer competi- nit; w. iiwiMii-, .i..i ..iuiu uoi sm'ciiii; ui-1 . t .1 , , r .1. I ' I hnti fnrtliiiir Inlinr. In nvnrv vinw Wft r:i 1 tnkn propriations are to bo made, tho rest of the of it, a defensive w ir of commercial restrictions work will occupy comparatively littlu time, 'or iNatioriai Independence is tho only and prop. .t 1.1 ., .1.1 . -1 1 er 0110 for us, in view of the nzgrcsive policy :7w,"h "-i, mo o.hi ..m. ()f GrMl nritain More noisio -ould 1)0 mill0 is in a good statu of forwardness ; and wo with powder, but infinitely creator and more are. nnnii thn Iinrnn nut in nvimr cll'ects would be realized from thor- . . ,., , r 1 oughly Reciprocal Duties. Tribune. .'II (- V I II VJV. IIIIIIIILJ W IMU IVvSJ'IW 9ViblH at last to have got to work. .Till: CREOLE QUESTION. The following which wo copy from tlio M ulisoniaii, probably shows tlio view which is taken by the administration, of the debate leiiWoadbiirynd the I'.x-Clmncctlor of the Ktchc-1 hy the gato of Struenus r, ier, tho Finance Uhnirman 1 f the hsl nnd preceding ' 'pf.0 ailVP upi.ip.irp V piaie. CONGRESS. Wasiiisotov. March 1C. The Loan Hill The Hctrcnliimcnt anu T.tntFr l!r.!-oi vtioss ot Tt or 1 nr. I he vsenr. Tlio timunl tlio llousi! tin been occuii.ed to-dny in the cnnidernlionol Iho I.-i 111 Hill, n new movement, which hns been mime nusoutlcly necessary by the mbnrrassuicnts in tho Treitiry dcnnrtiiiciit. The in the House of Lords, on tho subject of tho SipXih" mutineers of tlio Creole. Tha writerof the teuditn; iho Loan. A dclnto spr.uni 11 fi, ofctmraj, nnd ,- t , .1 . .1 . n variety orniiestions were asieil. Sir. Filinmc, ns nruclo'seonis to supposo tint tho contents of nf t he fommittw of Ways .... Minns, told ?r. Webster's letter, of January 2!), might Mist''rv.ana in a wowsa 11c niwajs iioes. ir . t r to follottnl wrth a proposition Ik est' rid tho true have hrcn known to Lord Aberdeen. If hum iwrlvo vcars, nspmpnsid hv tha Pro idcnt and that letter went on. by the Ilritaunia, ns is affifflISl":i; to hu snppusetl from its date, "it cnulJ not m'fitiahlo. Mr. Adams 'itaind this pinpoitijn, , , , 1 ., , b it it wis vole I down l)V a iireo vote. Too lem irls li-ivo neon received liy lMr. f.verelt lit tlio of Mr. A latin were wioj judiciou, an. I I'ttiiin till v pat- nine of tho debate. This took nlaco on the r. urli I no-1 .vjry thin.- n whii-h lieifucsut- . 111; 1 1 niiiiri s 111.1t tor ilelay Here tl'i- 14th of rohruary; tho Britannia an ivod in hody would s-.iiVr tmi the uldier of our nriny, the r .,l il, ti,t, ,,,t ri . sMiiien in mir serviro. nnd llie lahner upon nur nuli- Jierpool on the lot id news ofherar- ,.....,. Th;-fusident w.m not t . iv .. suiWr. rival was received 111 London on Iho mom- h"1 ini!:rt,,-tmt it was our duty to pav our il-lit CoiiL'resscs. Mr. rSiiniiinniU Decnn with Sir, runt, and ended wilh Mr. Calhoun, Riving JlrH'todhiiryn ood ninny heavy hloWsas he went on. as well for what ho had siidyes rnliy wlfli more 7.' til than discretion, ns for 1 1 1 t 1 1. ..... .:!.... wuai u' 11 10 wiiui'ii in uiose lunu nnu luiiuiennu 11'" ports of his, which any one 01100 leading 'tlirni could never fornet. Mr. Wiisht nnd Mr Calhnuu had the facts whieb forttieil Ihu ha.i of their wholu nrijuitlent taken front under them, and he arguments thus luinhliiip don there wn no occasion, Mr. Sinnnonds well remarked in spending time in n formal answer. The speoch of Mr. Siinmond, which I shall do no more ilnu to allude to now, had twoaspccls, political nnd national. He stated it as a conviction, of his ini'id, liased upon inurli til uinht and cxaniinatinn, that iho evil times which creates the present emliar rasments throunh ihe country, otiainated in the mal administration oftho Van Utiren party. The retrench ment, they had induljird in Mas ninre thenreticiil than practical. Senators of the saino ptrty did not even nijreeasto ths causes of thccxtrnvacincc which most wrrenow inehneil to admit. The 'enator from Ne.v Vork had laid the blame upon 1 lie Hecutivc Depart ment and theexeeos oft'ieir reeeominendntions. mil the Senator from New Hampshire had laid thvldune at the door of Oonaress, heeau e Cotijnss hail no' relipd uinn tho estimates. Mr. Siuvnoiids howcd lint no leliance rou'dheplaccd upon the e tiinates of the Secre'nry of the Treasury, and the evidence of tho f.ict was seen in the experience nf ISM, when the secretary 0 tunateil tlie receipts to come into ine Treasury to lioSID.OOOOnO ami they turned out In he S 17,000 000. This was ahout Iho value nf the estimates and the history of ihe Seere nriesest'tnateshad tnui-lit lum to vnluenno fact moretlnn n iliousand estimates. Then eatno an array of fart, harked hy a score of illutratio is to prove that ihe mil h nhiise'l American system was the true system of the country, anil wo Id prove, hsnrfieisl to nil' the country. ltwaa protec tion nf American labor over forci-MI 1ahor of frucal ind sirv nt home ovprstarv iis indu try nhrnad. It nflertnl a'l elases of ihe. peop'e, a I interests nn 1 all sections of the rounlrv. It would prove as vnhnhlc tu Ihe .South as it would lo the North, and wasns im rorlnnt to one. section nf the i-ounlrv u lo the other. To what extent It would prove so, the Senator from tthodi! Island made mantle! not from the, statement of mere opinion, but from thestronzer lo tic of f iet, backed hv the plainest and simplest of I'lustralions, ulrch no one could iranisay or nnswer. Mr. Calhoun was made to inre many limes durina this short speech, and once the Senator from South Can lina shot hi cranny socHeetuatlv I did not expect he wnul I have 0'iied his mouth n?ain far a twelve lie nth. He was nrraicned upon the subject of the Compro mise. Act, and told by the Senator from Uhode Island ntlnnlv that he voted for the t'ili, hieh,every body I new, hut foi the most important provision of the Ili'l. "Never," "nrrtr," "Nr.vr.a." said Mr. Calhoun. 'The Senator fnrm Suith Carolina certain y did," resnoii 'ed Mr. iinmonds, "1 have seen ihe record !" "Never," "ntrer," rctiirntil Mr. Calhoun. ' I be lieved the provision iiueoustit tiooal." "We"," sai I Mr. S'uiinoiid', ' I will not misreprc. sent the Senate. L' t us see the record." Mr. Calhoun, "lirins it Mr. .Secretary." (.Mr. Seen tary vanished fioin Ihe ehambr r like a locomo tive over a railroad track, and Mr. Calhoun in close pur-uit at his heels. 1 is oneraved on a rntmct On one side sre written these words. (A similar pinto is sent to each Ihuo.l II was lound in an antique vase of white tnirnle, while excavating in the ancient 'Citv of Atiullla.'iii the kingilnui of Naplrs, in Ue year l2s0, and was discovered by the Commissaries of Arlo attach ed to the Trench arinl, nt the o.vpeditlon o( Naples. It was found enclosed in a box of ebn. ny in the Sacristy oft'hartrem. The vaeo is in the Chapel of Catena. Tho French translation was made hy the mcmbcra of the Commission of Arte. The original is in the Hebrew lan iuage. Tho Cliartrom requested earnestly that tho plate Bhould not bo taken away from them. The request was trrantcd, a a reward for tho sacrifices they hai) made for the army. M. Demon, one oftho savatis, caused a plate to lie made 01 the same model, on whicli lie had engraved the above sentence. At the sale of his collection of antiquities, &c. it was bought by Lend Howard fur S,e!)() francs. Translated from the Courier tics lltates Vnis. ing of the IG1I1. Oca Relation's with nNoi.ANn Tin; Cnnotn Cmf. Our tenders will ohstive thnt, according tu ihe tit llyeneo roui'hl ' the Acadia sic imer Iro ti KuhnJ, a il ''late hid ti'ien plain in i!i.- I!rili-h llo.ise uf I. r Is. in whicli ihe ail'ur i.f Ilia Creole vv.n tho -uloi ! nf dis ii.isioii, It is nroh tint tho lit ter of .Mr. Webster In I at tlm tuns reiched .on I in, nn t lint its com iih were an iwn to I. .rd A'lcrdeen but the in.'inliL'rs ot ihe Ilous of Lords, who paru runted ill III" d. b He, wvre not a lus d of the views taken iiv the Secret irv of State in refef'-nee to the nfl'iir, and iiet.'il, pi all probability, solely upon ilu repn s.. minions nude by i'ie authorities ol'Neiv I ' 1 1 -viV'ie-. Il w.ll b iibs .-V(d lliat Lord A. e'pre?.-cd linn?! II erv "innliil v 011 Hie occasion, and I tat h ir-.nitiks were r.uin.h'd entiulv 1111011 iho nrineiole. mmrrsally a Innlted to Inva bJen esla.b islied by ihe liw of naiions. thai in I hu absence rf treaty stiii'd.i- tions lo tint etl' i t. 11 1 power Ins a riant todnnrind of another the rcsiituli m ol erinnn.ils liiL'itive Irom 1 s tice. This is the iloetiiue which the Supreme Court nf the I'nited Sta es constantly hn'ils; hut the truth of this doctrine does not tou-h the case of the Creoln. In tint case the United States has made no demand the restoration ol fuumves from notice anJ, co!isqMcntly, makes no cotiipl-iiut ol'the nfusal orttr!i demanu". I tie co op.aint i.s, mat an Amer ican vessel in naain2 from 0:10 port ol the. United States to another with slaves onboard, was carried by mutiny into one of the H111M1 islands, and the local autiionti"s ol mat i-latin, in-iiean nt eo'iti niuv,' ihcms'lvcs with the performance of thiir tdain duly of delivering the Cnp am from the ronfiiiement to Nvld'h the mutineers had subjected him, and then reft inns His ship lo his onruan 1 an. I control, direct lv interfered, ori'ireetlv enc.iurai'ed o hers to inter fere, in f. fieciiiL' tho 1 laves fiom the uullioiity of tlio mnstir an I assistina their dispersion. They an 1 to nav thctn iiromptly. lie would inform Con en ss, and iheco'inlrv too, that this was to be done only in one wiv. and that hy taxation. Tho respon- sib;luv lor neti.i", wasplatad hv Mr. A'liins in the ri.dit q iarler. Il reie. with Connies?, na l i'mignu vvoui.i lie he.d responsihle. 'I ho llni'.sj was 111 l ominiitee to a late hour, but there wa no aelion at i'ie nine nf adjournment. In the Senate, Mr Calhoun Ins been l.ihoiiii!; for two or three hours 1 1 prove, as he did in his oaily col leiate d iys, that the beit piiuipkiilsirrovv 11 'on tlie .o uct apple tre -s Notvvithst'in hni: the imnrnved ot punli 4 s mi itu-nt, lie laliois hard lo he cons, s Well MA-rcnnn. The census of IVashhiff. ton County, Vt. for 1840, nIiows the followin2 singular result. We doubt whether any other county in the Union is so nicely poised. It is what we call "close shaving." Males. Females. White persons, 11712 1171:1 Colored do. 11 10 1173.1 11 75:i iiOtS) KR1D.VV MORNINO. MARCH, 25, 1912. Tlin SOU I'll llROCtlXH FOR 1'ROTnOI'ION. No intelligent Whig will ho astonished at tlie settled conviction which is pervading tho Free States that a Protective Tariff is, in the present slum of the commercial work indispensable to the permanent prosperity uf our country. In common with others, we have always said that the chide North would soon ho compelled, in self-defence, and for thnt tho petition he refei rod nnd printed. I ratonf newspaper postage us il now is, for This motion '.vns opposed with great hitler- papers of the- usual nnsi:i'pi;r size ; hut on nest I'V the Northern ilniinli-f.iccs nnd thn those of tho 111 initnotll size, ono cent extra iinti-1 ariir chivalry nf the .South. But tho mnlinii prevailed iiotwiilislnntling, hy 11 vuto of i)2 to 08, which wo regard ns 11 very fa vorable indication on the pin t of tlio House. Who can ho surprised nt such nn apparent cliaiigu nf feeling in Congress, when he con siders tho indications of public sentiment in all sections of Iho country. A correspond ent of the Commercial Advertiser, writing from Mobile, Alabama, under date of tho .r)tli inst. says: " A great change is going forward here, and I believe in the South generally, on the subject of protection to homo industry in nil its various branches. Wo are becoming morn American, nnd less local and selfish in our views 01 general policy. W e now sec that wo have too long followed the visiomuy theories of Calhoun, McDuflie, nnd others, which, though they look well on paper, sup. ported ns they are hy the plausible nnd so. phisticnl arguments of thoso nhle gentlemen and their worshippers, do not answer in practice. " GENUINE LOCOFOCOISM. Whilo tho People of tlio South nre fast becoming converts to the Tariff policy, the Tory papers of this State, witli haidly an exception, still persist in their hostility to protection. What confidence can the free men of Vermont place in 11 party, which, with inveterate obstinacy, clings lo doctrines that have been repeatedly exploded hy the most convincing arguments nnd contradicted hy the fatal experience of j ears. Yet such is tlio caso with the Tory papers of this State. While tho farmers are complaining at tho low prices at which they nre compelled to sacrifice every thing they produce their wool, butler, clieese, pork, grain of every is to he imposed for uvery fivo square inches of excess. CTTIiero was a largo Tariff meeting nt Woodstock, in Windsor county, 011 tho 17lh insjtanl. Hon. Cinnt.r.s Maiimi presided, and Hon. William .Iahvis wroto tin address which was read oil the occasion. Wo shall endeavor to publish a part or tho wholu of it next week. Similar meetings are to be held at Montpelier and St. Albans to-day. fjyWc noticed that tho Spirit of the Age of tlio 11th instant, contained a reply to n communication which appeared in this paper over tho signature of A Westford Farmer." We sent the paper which contained tlio ic- ply to our correspondent, mid he has ninth rejoinder, whicli came too late for our this week's paper, but shall appear in our next Wo have thought proper to givo this notice thnt our friend, the Major, may he preparing to meet tha f.ito which awaits him. Ho a " used up man," to a dead certainty. self-preservation, to demand I'roteciinn. in language that could neither be misunderstood kin,l i,ml '" f',ct ov-'ry t'i'S ""a "P" nor disregarded. Hut wo did not suppose 1 ,l,,!ir farms whilo tlm wages of labor arc Mr. siiinnonds continued, "While the rcntlenian 1 l:it tho Ion" cherished " constitutional scru- "own with tho prices of our agricultu- pits," and the obMiuntu prejudices of the r!l1 pm'cls while the last round dollar is perverse nnd boniuhted South would so soon , lu',vi,lS wintry to pay for the goods break nwav before the newer of renson nnd ! ,vu import while nil classes at the North the sun light of troth. Such, however, is ' ilrl' s,lmlil".r protection, puotkctio.n, 1 tlie fact. Tho ilhinlrustnl patiiols of' ' '' when even the press and the politicmi s of the South are yielding up opinions and inveterate ilutiiiin2 uphisauilioritv I will eoniinue inv snei eh.1 Mr. s. went on for ten m. mile , when in popped Mr. Calhoun al lhi n're door and fres'i from the Seere lades' nflice, with ' bel1, book nnd candl " ns he th uiahti at any rate with book open and the ttac tu ned. Mr. innvioiils was interrupted in a hurry to make the explanation and Mr. Calhoun was up in a bur I to eoinnifnend ra lim, when 'o ned behold, Mr. Siiniuonds was. rbht and .Mr. Calhoun wronp! Ilehad f.iri t en htsovvn unrntntituttonal vote, and read the evidence of h s own shame to rhcSnate. As a moment bifore he had come into tho t'hambcr! from the rivalry p limed, b xited an I spurieil. benovv uiai-'ehisexit ike . . . . . ' . , ,. ' , . I nnndtntr m-nr tlmir eniinn PI nii .il.... ,t ndoi with his iniH.i't ween hi le-s. Mr. ( nlhonn British Colonies 111 India. Hence they be- l,ul","lr' oir tlieir (otton 1 lant.itlons at Georgia and south Carolina heL'in to perceive , ",L' !,u""cml s 01 that their great staple is in imminent danger ' ,l,L'ir '""S f ,l(,,'sl,, tl id competition of Ji,,, ; prejudices in view of the ruin which is im- "Tlie Lord has taken our President," re marked a Whig the other day, "tlie Locos have got our Vico 1'rrsiuent, 11111I lor any thing I can see, the u 1 has got us. Albany Argus. And the Vice Prcsiilcnt has f.illen into the worst hands, remarked another Whig. Shod Ano Levtiiku l)i:vt,i:it's Convc.v- tion. A largo coinuiitlee, tippomted hy the late convention hold in this city of Shoe and Leather Dealers has published an address to llin peopln of M isachusetts, in whicli they irguo the question of protection to American industry. The comntilteo stale tlie follow ing facts in proof of tho rapid increase in the importation of foreign shoes, and to show that under tho operation of tho compromise act, all the finer description of hoots and shoes will bo imported front Franco. Host. Daily "As an instance, wo would state th it an in- dividual in Ii.ietnii who in I! I sold hut three hundred dollars worth of French hoots, during tho last year imported and sold more than ten thousand dollars worth of that article alone. "In the hist vessel that arrived in tlie port of ISo-lim Irom l-rauce, contained about live thou sand pairs of Paris Hunts and .shoes '." le-it in hi- novel an I irmst obsolete notions in re2ird ' now much I in.-er ;.i sent anldid not in iko Ins en- ,,jn )0 . :.,t(l ..;r 1 . .-heiMim! tl.m.rli.s 1 Sl,c" il """"as tho I ory papers ol er lo nrnteetion The inosl lliui'is lie b-i. ever hi.forn ' trance nntl Vlr. MOltllonds had 1 OSed. , , . , , . . , , . . ioj roiu non. iiitcnisi ui. ni-iver ncmre . , . , , , ,, ,, ... ., r... ..:,,, ..1 . ,, , .. ... niollt lire nun "III" n chiracterisic sneers .'il. oiiiiiiiiiuu-ii'-u ii-u-ii int. v.j 1 1 iiii ..1 1 11 .11 1 nil. 1 1 im 11 iii.iniii: ilUMilLIIIIII ill (I I lll'l r 11SI I1IO - the Home valoalinii prineiple, ill a ne-it, ter e, and 1 , ... nt the Till ill" conventions which ai I a'.'aiiil prrtel Hon bo has advanced to-dav, and Ihelteo Iri !e sy tein liee upon Mir part alone ihounlt everv other nation und'r Heaven .idopt a dif- fi'ient policy. Kree tra ie says Jnltn Hull 111 theory, an I free tra 'e savs Jn'in ('. Call) 11111 in praeliee. This is now Mr. t'alh nun tilcrt an I it will he harped hy the Senator from Sotilh Carolina, and all those who act with hur, until it swells into a snrt of id ra South ern Chorus. Mr. Calhoun's spivih embodies a irteat manv finds, but Ihey are i f tint 1 hs wlnrh it is n it pata loxie'il to sivirenot always true' He ciyes you ihe iiinty and trni' f icts lo arii e al a c nel siou when the bun Ireth truih would give you n different ssue-ilt' cetlier. The ptniests siill come in upon the Treaurv l)e- pxrtintnt lor llienl.I sues of Treasury .otes. 1 in; .-s.'iiate vv. rn a ikhi' inn" in i-.ieeuiive .-session ibis eveni-i upm th no inn 11 i to of Colonel Stew an of Maryland, ns I'nst f'o i ptroller of iho Treasury 1 epar llllr lit. .NO collliusion was nrrivui ni ine uour of aJj;'iriinicnt. Vouis, &e. 11. 1!. (Y.-iiTii XvpmpriatiKH llill, Pii'U: 1. milt, The 7'ie.vr. r. ' -ailiec .n? mi'ii. Dtc'ient. it"-. Toe lloiii-e have had T1.1t one idea to day, and that ihe ful eonipaet spieeh, as eMeetiv'e ns any lliiui: I have Ik a rd , ohecli(iiis. The Utopian j are asseni- long o ! hling in all sections of the country, and al- 10 1110 oil! "r nunc vim, 111.: uiF 1.111 wis M'llt'llll'S lit f ri'C 1 I'.Kje, WlllCll linvc SO comp'ile, and 111 ouler not to tpod 11 I have but mven , . , tlie co'ieliisiuns wiihoul any 01 the detail or lllo-tra- 'n:iii-u 111 1110 suiiiiv 0011111, anil WHICH SO 1 - - o - - -1 t,..,H which were tunny, npproptiate and .. st elllc- firm ,vi,lst'(,(i t. convinciM I.,,,;, ,-' and niiijestic tt.ovenients of the PEOPLE. "y- . . . . 1 .. r r " t 'vi 1 1 .1... :.. iuin 1 iii-v jiisuu 1111; miiiiu .iiiiu 111 iuiu, 111114 The Senate wercin r.Mceutiveesi,in to ilav. and Northern Whim, urn sivnnt Iiv ilu. Ii.i.n-.l 1... roiiliriueil tlm 1 1 of cnnsular nominalions In Am- , " "..,.. werp, Mororco, V.-ra Cruz and Maitinupie, which I ' ,m"',! potent iirgument of self-interest. "Mri' t N(,v The anticipated reduction in tho p, ice of Vork, h is In en f.ivorably n ported upon by the lnt cotton touches the ton ler tnsr.icnces of the (Mice Coinin t ee and it will be contiinied by the 11 rl....nt...." . . I t r .1 " .1 nate, nil rumors to Ihe eontinry 11 itwi liMaod nc. ""''V ....... .4 . .1 ui.i. ,,,uu- Xpi'Ct II1111111 York as Consul n Aiitweii. Mr. Ma onvnl Tnmr ers, d,.,,,,,,,.,,,, -Vt. Trade as " uttcnnstittiliati- Mr. Diaoi m.l lo .M.trtlii'i ie, and ir. wood lo era 1 ... , Cru.. Al! ol ihes..api'ointmeiits are discicct, excel- at, prot I. liming mat lie loresaw and pr lent and micu m wan res 111 111 uouui 10 me p-irie-s ami credit lo the (Jovennnnit. (CThero is no better Hotel in this sec tion of tlie state than tho Pkaul Stiii:i:t IIousi:. Our friend Hoot does the fair thing hy his customers. If nnv ono doubts our word let lum call and see for himself. N. 15. IJy the above wo don't mean to sinhate any thing against our oilier Hotels, for they have all trcalrtl us well, before we joined the. Ttinpcrancc Socitty, that is or rather that was. the-grain market. In his journey ho had oc- iisiun to traverse 111111:11 01 lie interior ueiwcon us and tho Mississippi, nnd we were stir- ...!...! ... I.. .1 'n I . .1 in .n n 1.1 ii'nrti iuiu u.tlliKi.i rnpiiiii ns su fieely invested ns it is in wheat. At Chic ago, there art! perhaps 7U,000 hislml stored, ono liall 01 which, it not more, has already . been purchased on th'n account. At Michi gan city, St. Joseph, ISiles, Milwaukie, mid ill the interior towns, lie lo iiid heavy pur :hases for tho same tlestinaiion, nnd wliiclt havo been bought witli coin, eastern funds nnd drafts, at from 75 to 83 cents tier bush el, according lo location and facilities for fu ture shipment. This vast amount of grain will pass through iliu WelhmJ canal, 00 con verted into llour, and then seek tho English market as the product of the province at a minimal free duty, to tho impoverishment of our trade nnd internal works. AxoTtir.n ExTmonniNAnv Death-bed Contussion has been niado concerning tho fate of Mrs. Alston, Col. Burr's daughter. She left Charleston for New York some thir ty years ago in a brie, which was never heard from. A dying sailor in Maine years aftor confessed thai he was ono of tlio crew, who murdered thn passengers for tlieir money. Another sailor subsequently died in Mobile, and made a similar confession. The New Orleans papers now report a third con fession, that uf a sailor who recently died in Texas. This man died i 1 great distress of mind. He said Mrs. Alston was tho last ono put overboard. Her image, he said, was al ways before him, and lie could not die with out confessing tlie horiid deed. The closinc scenu of his life was horrible in tho extreme. He raved with madness, exclaiming "There! there she i now ! I see her standing bo- fore me ! away ! away !" Heart Occur.itr.Ncn. On the 10th February, .Mr. William McClung left his peaceful habitation, his wit and four children, in the wilderness of Nicholas county, V.i., and went to bumincrsville to transact sniue busi ness, with an intention to return home that evening; hut the mountain storm became bo intense in the aftcruoni, that he declined doing so. His wife and children having retired to rest wore alarmed at the lute hour by the burning of their hou-e. H!ie escaped with her little ones from the iolence ot the devouring fira, hut, alas ! it was only to perish by the polling of the pitiless i-torin ! The next day when Mr. M'Clung returned homp, ho found hid house consumed by tho dimes, anil his wife and all In children Irozen to death! The shock was too great for feebla human nature : he sunk under it, he becamo wild ; he desired to be bur ed with his family and his friends were compelled to put him in close coiitieineut. A sy.npatliuin heart s.-arcely can deter mine which to pity iiii-t, tlie mother and tha children, who perished 111 an hour, or Ihe hus band and the father, who lived to lccl the piins of death athiniMaud time-'. .-nate, nil rumors to ine eonnnry 11 owi iiMami nc. j - The I.OCM.E of Ihe consular iinininnlions are New 1 oliji.flinus I'liileeliiio. Wi- ex York. P. nnsylvania, .Norih Carolina, nn Mtli de Is-I . . . . . , ,. bind, Mr. Muimrl llnicht of LooKiann or New soon to hear Air. John Consistency Call retain 'd the nineteen persons en.'acel in the mutiny some one which has oecuped almost all the tune of ru I nrirder, and now. as vv.n anticipated in Mr. the Hou-e f r live or six winks pnst. The .lo rnal Wibsicr s letter, they find they cannot punic'i Ihe had bit bun read when the nous,, resolved itseii ;n crime tlu'iiselves nn l decline to send thent to the to Couuniltee of lie' Wholeon ihe state ol the Un on, United Sink's for trial nn I punishment. What then (: the puipos? f e. lnsidcrm? the vee I question P'n- does the win le amount to tint til s, town: lint in a nnu 111 ni 111011 10 me evpen iuu-hiiif .-i.-iu- in clear e.i'e of pu.acv nn 1 murder committed on board pailne'iil. '1 be di hale was commenced hy Mr C'li nf nn American vessel upon the hi.di sois, the vess.l try, of'IVnn., anil closed hy, 1 hardly ku iw whom. Iiein-' nfterwards earned by theennimai p-irlieinto A arnty oioiisii' lis wi anooi. i.u-i nie iiim .1,,. .u.nnr, Ur.ilJ, ;ji,..l ihu 1 io-I iiidiorlrs if ibat 1 sneaker was distiiisixl to o icii a in refer- istaml eireriiirtv inteirvinl. as wi II to nrnieet lhn'e eiiee to the I'risil.'H', the I'resiil.-iu'n fi i nds, and siir..,t,. r.,,m n't i.iui;tiiii.Mii no ! i .! ft, a eiTinin those who h"ld lehiti nt tiersou'ill v, nt least "iifrii ml f j iv. s fii ind ou hoard ihe vv se' 1 This is the so' - ly to the Pre-piunt. This pr d.ltw' subject, in the e. r- ttn-'e of t'l- eas'1; nnl neither Lord lirouL'hani, else of some skill nnd diserilinil nn the part of the r ....I r .,,.li.,,,.i ..... r ,.r.l 11.....,.-,.. .t. .irrn-n il.-n ( Modi ma ii of I he Couiuntn e. w a-n voi.l-d. nrh i nr vb'-or ne-onls wiihlhe. hriiHn'es of A'l ah I'mon debate wns next llinatened. frendly national intereoiitseiu modern ti its. It may In fairly inferred, from the tone inatiifesti d on the part of Ihe lio n- of Lor Is. that there cxiH n 1 very e .neiliato'y disoi-iti in i i th it lo ly towards lhel'ni'ed Mates, nnl it belt lives i. to look to o r rlafo'ie's n I'i'j ov "it of hostihties hew nlhelwo ronntries. Vh.a iirntev'tion ha e vve on the t untie rust! Non?. or nt rt to na-i. Wiat on the Kisiern. 7orth"rn, Southern, nnd V.'siern. frontiers t .Yunt. What immlier of war -t.-aniershave we niton 1 Si tieoot thrr; if the old ru'lon he included. 11ns the ,,. ,.....', ,,,ri f i. ,cmber from Ohio in adniinistinlion nut thei-e m ttcis Iiefore Con.'res. Ves, ofcranl otrr asntn. What has Ciniqrcss done in reii.ird lo IihoiT Sut'uiv'. it has beeo too busy in reducing the nnmhrr of ils pi"f. What will the p-oph whose lives and property are at Hake, say U tnis'i i.ct tie people tpeuKjor incmtticts. WAR WITH GUBAT BIU'I'AI.V, Wedeonly lament that our inflitnrnable Pa triots who every few months are amused to tlio limbers of Iiritish domination nn the sot, lint. ji-h arrogance, Iiritish grasping at universal do- hunitm, cce. ccc. catiuoi lie peixuatieu id act ei v"" i "" with consistent and calm reoard to , heir own .ir:,;,,ffi,i,rl .mmS nUX xehoment reprcsonlations. CnlMppily, were- ri-inonsin reSard to the lidh Mr. Smiih nf Indiana, j;fft to perceive their red neat subsides as , cl,airmanof Ihe Couimitteo en I'lilihc Lands, dieted this " crisis" in 1328, and boisterously 'I lie. Sen ne have aili Mime! until Mond iv and ihe protestim: that lie has always been in favor House as us-.ial have done worse to m nullum;. ; , . Wasiiinoton-, M uch 11. ol u Protective 1 anil. I his may seem nil- Hot one l ranch of T-on r -yfa , - '-l " ""i V"i prohnblo to some. I5t.t would it not he an I tliu husi'ies tlure was ofa pnvale cliaracti r. liw i House, befoie In in:; two leu r.- in session, found ii-clf moro stiango tint the "rent Nullifier shoidil . ..1 n.l .. ..... Ii. nip.. r c Anoih rprcitv couiiiientaryupiii Vaislaiivcnctoiiat live through tliu present session without WHshuiirton since the nici tiim i f C,mi(!.s llnii,1!r another somerset in order to ni.iin- rhe-'upremeCiiiirl ndjo rued tin i. y in-i:ay, hih seviralol the Judges ll.tVC llll Iliu Ciiy no newa.u , i,uu imn f.iii..iin. i nui wl' will IIUI illll I'nnjid. ' If.. nn i,k nnint. I he New Yoik post nllice nppiv.nii". ni anracis a i"--.- i in.! ilea' nf attention, nil I lllClenre cll'ills I perceive! Tin. fiillmviniT fvtrnrt tc eniivl fmni n ?o have ihentip.iintmeiil rc.-i-le! ill ihe Senate if pos. I " sihle. Many .Vew-Vnrkers areh-rc, nnd u is sa;d for late niltnlier ol the S.ivanniin Oeorgtan, for- ilatpurim-e. 'I be siory ipr.;n.u.iy no ninre .ii an . , ,, . . . .imi.''ilrin- Lr"ssil. I '1:1111111111.111.111' nnu.. . .I...I... ... ..viv....-. . - , ill.' ti. . The I. co I'Vicos, however will all nppo e it. journals 111 tho wliolo Union. o Inllv con- he Temperiiiicn causn promess. s lu re every nay , ., . ., .i,,,,,., -lerelmor lo t he day. The Com-ression- cur with tho Boston Alias, to which e.vcel- alTenipeinnco Socirty nlrendy nuiiih.ts niiy-ciht ' L,M, . arc indebted for tliu extract, ...t.i.i.a .ml llii.ii.ri.nni!iri H. I ' 1 ,, .. , -. , . ! that it is self-interest and not tiuo love of Isvc Ilit.t.. Wo commend tho follow- 1 country that has produced the change. Hut in" extract from a late number uf Hill's iS. although their repentauco is a tlcath-bc II. Patriot, to tin; attention ol the editor ol iho Budget. Governor Hill, since he liirn i e ' i... ii.: ....i... .....i :., ell liirilllT, 1 in iiih 'M U I 13 I' V ea IU UlU I nil in- ..... ...,.'. 1 . , . -'Il .. ,! ', patriotic, unsocial, anti-Auieiican, sincid.i terest ol tho country. , 1 . ' ' "Let Iho manufacturing industry and cap- views of public policy, and seek lor safely ital hu fostered'' and in ten years from his in the good Whig principle of Protection, time the products will bo double and perhaps I'hotkctios. A state of feelint; is crowing up in i ... .. i :n i... I I L.....I the South upon tins suliic t, vry diU'ereut fiom that trei...' ........ ..i ... ...... r ,.i a,Jlll,,,1,l,vra,s!;(1 It is nniini! that I should be up witlllll our lioruers lliai will p.iy il s0, when It is hut Hu ivulent that oftr uitensts lead price for the surplus of our formers than they us to u !i a change, ritl'.l'. Tlttl)'. WITH ALL 'an oblait. a, the seaports ,n M tssjehusetts. WV berts bavincriin riot yesterday upori iiiis nuestion.nnii iet in-r ivioii'i in. i. iii. .ii" iiniiii - u.inu.u.i hum or i i,..vii i n;s, and wu i . .i il i . . n I. . r. t . .. . . i i .. .. I f . I .... I . i". ...i .1... .. I...!., s; .... I. I .1.... I . al valley tlie wnoie leugiu oi tut' suite lei iimi is . - . compute pros lint!, of Ohio, was in ilu-mood tomakea intle fuss m re"aid to thirlv dollars, which hail hern or was to In; nppropii nel for s mm purpose or i.lhcr connected with snverv. liie very iiieiiuou ol toe vvoios oimivi-s ind s lverv nut some of tlie more pcosiiivo id the S i Ihern liieiiibfrs into a fever beat of exci enienl, Tlie two i 'a mIi'ih, V115 1111, Ob ir.'i 1, Al 111 em, ivn- t ekv. wen- n noon the lonr to'-etlier. and nie meiii- b-rs'clnrsed 10 ihe teclh with a fever beat ealori". Tl'Cre was a iidieulous eseess of exeiieinent aiiloo, in rsi'Velauee brinimiR s 'ch a firi.brand subject into ihe debate vv hen tune was so precious and ilet'iy so iniurio s. Alter ninny woros, many jn'iuis m inner, uno inm-n nccninonioiisleel nj, the House was tinauy oiiniyiii lo a vote upon the neniliiiL' iiiietion, and in or'ir to unite a whi'isib. Iiusiiiess. eerv dollar 1 f the urn. oosjd c lnlin 'cnt aiinnipri'iu n wjs strek from the hill. I'lio Uumiiiutce ttu n rose, ana 1110 nouso au tiirnerl. 1 lie senate were en?asid lit til" cn nrraimn "i two subiecis, I'lrtt, the I'll lo amend the Land Distrilvtioii ct so as to favor the selllers upon tliep bh 'land, fav onus Ihe prc-coiptioncrs. .xiello we should sutiposo the memory of tlie flagel lation they received on that occasion, would teacli lliem, out of mere parly policy, if from no higher motive, to treat with a little more decency, if they cannot respect, the wonts mid the will of tliu masses. Pethaps, however, Imn wnnlil lie asking 11 little loo much of the Democracy ! But let that puss. We were led to these remarks hy looking over tlio columns of the Tory pa pers in our own Slate during the last two or three weel.s. Our nei.jhbor of the Sentinel could not help ridiculing and sneeiiui! nt the T.i riff convention whicli assembled in this town on the eleventh instant, mid our cotem porary of the Montpelier Patriot curls his lip in derision at the call for a Turin" meet ing in Montpelier to-day. Bui tho Spirit of tliu Age which, for its frankness is entitled to stand ill tho head of tho Tory press in Vermont, holds the following language in regard to these Tariff meetings. Read it farmers ! Head il mechanics and friends nf P rulerlion eve r v wliereI Cy We knew a 111 in in M tssacliusetts who made a good living hy minding liis own bu siness. Moral. There are certain editors in this state who would do well tu imitate his example. usury; The assignee of an insolvent, in Boston, fnldi ng that largo usury had been paid to a certain person by the insolvent, immediately instituted a suit against the iiiouey-lendLr, for three times the amount of the extra interest paid by the insolvent. The defence was, that the assignee! had nothing to do witli .1 trans action whicli had taken place some time he fore, of whicli no part was unsettled. But tho JiiJl'o decided thai the right lo the suit pis ud in the assignment of .ill tlm effects of the in solvent, a id judgment went against the de fendant IbrSiaOO. repentance, yet we heartily rejoice that any thing h is driven then) to abandon their 1111- xuthlenly as it is Kindled, and all is icy indiflor. ence till another fever tit overcomes them, to bo followed instantly by a threo months' torpor s lrlnrr. Our own view of the subject is cntirn'y differ nut from this. Wo are not blind to the char ncter of British policy and pretensions we ap prole-ml nur vision in that regard is as clear and as earnest as our neighbors, but we insist Mr, Woodbury de'ivered bi'.ise'f nf one ol his scold that it if-not by these llashcs of boisterous bel- ;nz speeches touchinir iucdcntallv upon the who'c je'crenrv mat ner unsleeping, msiuiuus projei is 1 series tu res.uveswnieu u i m-m norieu, ano mu.. lorr.ed ilm table mail liands 'iuely mini his nuini; nnist, hy shownm lliat all of the nlnnious provi-ions ori(;inat.d with nnd were consummated by the cue 111 M of i-lriliillion. Mr. McKuberts, durms his ex posure, looked ns ehesp as he h 1 1 nude himself, r. diciilous. Ileliiid beenmnsi iin'parin!;iii his cp ihcts and now that the mailer wss trie I, it provid thai a'l his imui'inilion was ley. lied at b( sum fiieuds. Mr. Clay s Tarill II solutions was tlio linal sunject nnsi lered before a pe Irnclcd l.icculive session nt self nirjrandiyenient are to be foiled. Nel liter hive we much faith in resisting her by efl-ative warfare. War ih a kindly trim" it is I 'tie suited to the ffoniusof a true Republic. In i'ie defence of our own noil, w aie a in itch for i-otiibiticil Humpo ; away from that (-oil, wo ularly upon some of the most inipnriant Mr. Simmons will nddrc". the senate to-morrow. and 11 v.-rv practical and a' lesneech may bo expect il from him upon the subject of lloma Valuation, the L,iiinproinii.e -let, eve. The new- iim.oinlmeiit oll'ost Mnnter of New Vurl. was not eonsidernlin l'.veeuiivc Session. The nun- hae never vot amounted to much, and it is I ioaiinn ol Mr llaynor, ns 1'. M, at Syracuse, was con honed wo never will for ono victorious ram pai"ii abroad would bo the grave of our IVoo. . ... . .1 in.: ... . itoin. woilo not necu any siiiiiuuii 10 nur pie. ent flock nf Xation-tl vau'itv and .self-ronrmt t)f all the means and app'ianrcs of foreign and inui'ime war, (ircat Br.tain po-i'.-e ten loour on whether it be Money, Credit, trained h'nl iliers, .Shipr-, Oiihi.nii'e or minion;. I lor for ires. "-, belt tho worldher Ibets whiten every 'rr mi jlrv flnamerR h ivnr thickly oven onour shores. Uiidnubti'd'y we can match these if we will; hut to do it wo must incur IiuMioim B ich as wo liavo never known our land must nwarm hke iier.s with t t.x.gatlicrers ; our hbo-crs like hers go snp;ier!o3s to uigged beds. We cannot doubt thai theie is a mofO excellent way than this. We do not object lo mnlerate nav, if you I n . , ... .1 The Vermont Patriot thinks wo made a mist ike in publishing Mr. Young's letter. Wu think not. Stimm I'iiicatk. I lie government steameis Missouri and Mississippi art! now both in port at New York, and nre lo go to sea in a few das, as a part of the homo squ tdron. The former wns built nnd equip ped at New York, and tlie latter at Philadel phia. They arc both of tlie same size, and of similar armament, but tlieir engines are different in form. Tliu Misippi lias been lo Norfolk, and back to New Yurk. Tin: Missouri madn an experimental trip ofa few miles on Frid ty. Tlie result of the experi ments of both, thus far. is satisfactory. Fur ther experiments will soon test their qualities. ...I..., ;,;,.,r,.v....l em... ami everv ner.. nf aim u ... ro.perny. . ,-.10 not iiiMI lie now lo say " I. , " ;. mil he cause 111 ty 'ciotni i n rit lici that we il i not laud will I ISO 111 Value sumo tweiliv-live, sonio hve suili unllv witlnu nurse ves. wu nil Mil' fifty, and some an hundred per cent. There t WOlttAC.r, HOMi: MAX IT VCTl'ltl S, nnd ' i ,ii . i Iheicfore tas,4 all oar energies mid I hem in taut, lo uro r.:rtain men who would now seem to wish piv filr ,hw ,; ntvM) ,. , , , -, , p" r t V 1 1 'c to )r( srill is iru: vnty pnni nui iut .miuii putnurfM niiiiuiyi nursLiit's. i.nnor inisTpp 1 ...I.... I., n.,i i t,. ..ii . .1 i.... i nr wu iifinuuf mnit-'M fur -i i tit I' nil t iv.iii ii. nm .... i . "e nv nnt vet Innim tu Urtrihutt our Urce iinini .i ill mil ll.rnu iViri' ithvll-lli'tlttll lit till WAV .1 1 . " 1 i.rirri',!! nntilic iiiittro Vf-iilL'iit. Will llio IU'(i- 1 TodinMeui lotto this, it is nwM-nrv t.urrrt tiiiip ... ( r .1 . . 1 . , 1 , . pie choose lor public servants those only win. - 'Ii;Ii:t'-'u;ir Vir.;;, fr'tiil.-iii bv dnv n- CI iv's resolutions. Ho made a complete ' which gives a full ol the cat&slrnphc. aro desirous ol drivum away llm capital ol , 1H f nn r mnUet. Tills MI.'ST 111 IIV .hu'icder of Woodbury ami Calhoun. Hoi ''ho facts arc as already stated She had sit other States which seeks to emiilov tse f on 1'IKlWCTIOX. Wo hall then produce, and man- u""c"u 01 " "ol" ' ""nl,; teen cabin passengers, with three ladie aur ... . I ..I. I ' . ' . . I t .... t .s',t, I ...... ii iiurn e .1 Mil nel l . .. l ' I . 11... I. I.. I... . .mmoi-oiin n..,),.!' 1 c 1 1 in fl im li il , '" " ill" nui uwil lHtttlUClH, Ii II T II 01 t '0 S 1 1 IM WU il f l'in.ain hWO CIMUirtMI. IWIH uuuufw uur.-i Mitii.tii u lllll IIUHII.IUiiJ tw ........ .1 ''11 II.. I .1 . Mr. Evans, the Senator from Maine, I133 . .1 ... 11 1 11st in. nie a most iiuniiiaoiu speecr, on Air. STUAM 110AT KXI'I.USION Wo mentioned yesterday tho explosion of the North Star near Tu.-caleos.i, by which tifieen persons were killed. The uca!oosa Phi contains a letter Irom Thomas Mawvell, a sur- J vitor, who by his coolness ami uiiparalled ever , lions, saved tin! lues of many of his companioni-. thrown enluely into idleness hy the "real elut of any one irliele, ns is now the ease. Coitou is a ilrtisr, ites winle Senetarv of the Treasury, nnd plosion hko artillery, and in an instant tiu, .' I thirds of 1 1 m beautiful boat was hurled into tin nrmeil Several Naval OXecrsscnt in for advancement were also eon-i lered. T!ie "Diel'.ens" made his rppeannce at the Capi ml to-dav. nnd was stared nut of countenance whir . .. .... 1.. ..i.l.t.:... 11. ..I .. ever II" went, ins noy w.a wuu nun, nnu mini wire pro 1 "ions lions. Tins t-t-pnms ins nione-ni,e, un Secretarvof 'he Smrr, will live I nn iiilerlain inent, and a linle world ol pmple will be present On Mmday the lteporters conieinidate pit iiik him a t-oiiii hiuenfary dinner, nnd 011 Wedinsdiiy he will Ieati; the city. , The Sopreino Court met to-ihy nt una 0 clock, nud nfer renderimr several decisons ndjuuined tint.! Situidnv, when lb term will end. W.ssiii.voTOs-, March II. The V'nT .1 Sptrc'ifro-n M: Simtnontti nf It I. Mr Calhoun In a hail ie vjCammon stnae tape riur to Jittivn. The 'mi e Chamber ihis inotniiift presented a f erne of more than utual 111I1 rest, and one the iinpriss-eii 1 pe beautify numerous villages, irhich furnish a support for the farm rs surrounding them)" A MXGUI.AR OirtCIAl. nOCUMKNT. Chinee . . ... ... 1 ....I... . . 1 - m r. 1 1. , , 1 no es t . .... nas jiui pui urn. our i nn inc inun iinpobin- WosUi iiuetusm our o vr. rnvkct, is nonrur bein- snoko of iho conipromisii act as wo line 10 0 mro aJllini5 am wcre areaty x up aim 11 prt.M.n-juu.c,a uocmnm in VJrWJ fii bwin rxtiaci 1 chni.n nf a :i mero act of Con- ufh water; the t.nin deck was shivered into nans mm iifiH uvur dcimi rurunuMi in iiuiiun un- tMirsp.iiiucni n: me . inrht. . .-r. .,.j,ir- tlm Un.iA Uw mwl nmw nfanm. I I I -!.;. tT . -A... .!..( i 1'llll.T l'PU If III On.-" U' llm llllHirnnmrdrj t1 . . 111111 I .1 UVIH M It '-!-,- ' 'li t" ttlL iinti 't ii iu in tii-, ."iiu 1111 v iii I ii r ii riu r n;mi i ru . ... .muiii rr.i.ii'miro in t uin ill inn . . -.. . . .e . t. i. -i t.i nmill.iiv..ese, w-e .,..,. continue lo Inn-' mil . '.m ! "m"t' , "".'"- , "' - I air in a.nin t .u . tnu i-ouers .was o.mvu n no ilusnriiele reipnrca n protection, nnd our nsseriion 1 ate, in a stt le w hich mailo llm (tx-Sucrelnn ; hundred and lilly yarda over the tops of the 'Vy ! look rather' streaked round .he eyes. He ', "S?ff 1'T" I c u ?u r....i'. .... i.n'.fi .......'i.. at v c no ui r. 'ji'u 0 inn era to nav, i tun "",', - ,- . 1 . . . ' . ! . J . .,f w i in Ii w i enniiniie tnr many i ai'6 tu co ne. p C.1M-, im' ... ....i,..v..u ...... n1(.-10ll ,llr, hnwever, tvns no inure than u fpeech armour iiiifrl impnrtant l urtihcatmns In pro. nnj j, ta0 f.oin oto vv!io3!i toien if seldom beard, i-idi? iimtih) munitluns nf war tu tit fur ?ea nur who tn of in inner, mi nn tin la- National veiT.olf. Hut In huildi'i"; liovy ships lijn of hennrnn iloquent ib Inter. Il was known, vvlien wo canmit by any menu procure- moil however, mat wiuimii t-innn iuaiinei, rncc oi pe. ,ou,h fur llmeo Jv rotting in our-harbow r ml ltC", yards to incrcasm!.' nur joauusnt?, or our offl-1 m.o'dmn iho mere bulhancv nf nn nfllc no ili.plny. cers lo any tiling; hko War measures or policy 1 Common feino i-huhed in plain, every day, homespun l.-..'i'i. (il.iertions. Thev tt'lll ! illnsirniion. tt-ns the ntlr.ielinii lliat dri-vv tuiteihcr n never answer our lilirpo-e. Wo can annoy very iiiiinoroiiBaudiencu of (..-mlenieii rdiote muira, .. . ... . . 1 i ..,.., .!..i. i... nnil ntiout i.l llioenntors in ine cuy uciow, i..r. ly the arts ot I'eacc (Hay'f tnrifi'nnd re Iri nchinent resolution" whb ihe subjectofdibale, nnd Mr .Siminondi", of Rhode Is i. ! laud, wns Ihe spanker. The subject had I ecn made ' r.' C. nu .uoll rtnin itiA nt. VIM... ... . ....... ..i.l.r nmi.lj lu ttii. nilrm. ,' ,o , . vv...., ., V.. " , Vlv t ,li to .I e .SV.inlor . wril fiom the ill lion anil maiuBnar0 oi n iron , a u -,,-;,, .,., lo ,,te 0,ni011, of.i.hetr, ss IV in Iba. noliet- hnvin- a i Di' O VIOVV to llbffl'Utn ISATION- " L. '. l n. ... r.,-, n a - - - ii iNP'-j-rvrM- , I hoi 'I (, ' r Is ' bet'- r -aeper eTpcne'ica nnd r' flo lion. I I inent as it has been tent to Uf, t-'ENTCNin rendered by Pontius Pilate, Ac. Iiiij; timurniir of Lower (i.allilee, stating that Jems of Nazareth thall suffer death on tin ' In the year seventeen nf tho Umpire of I'lberitis ( ict-ar, and the 25th day of March, in thu city of lioft Jerusalem, Anna and llaiph u luv IiMtt ci-isin nil! dleers, nn l a Uritrof Drotection must limiMi,, ly ijiem." Ve inspect therenay lie, so-no doubts ns to these .'iler'. w-IiiIp co'ion is so low nt hone, hut llm least idvaiieo in our pru-es, we are certain would briii larirn imports fiom abroad, if in July next the coin. hem; Prie.ts and sncrilicators of thn n,.pio ot f0" n ,7,l';''rh!ra7"n "" re'l'l", 'Im; ,l,,,y (iod ; Pontius Pilate, (iovernorof iJerlJalliJ'0-,01"'' I':' '' r iIiwjb c-m. pt-r mn.l. lee, Htting on tlm Presidential Chair of the i"la""' "'u almte, wo perceive Pictory, ciindiMiniM Jesus Indie on the Cross, be. from tlio proceedings of Conures, thai thu ivvcen'lvvo thietos tlm urcat and notorious cy, constituents of .Mr. W. O. Duller, ono of thn ulcnco of the people sayim;: ., . , .... ' 1. Jems is a seducer. muX ultra ami- I arifi Loco locoi from Ken- ..uuiitrniiioprrm, nnu must vt-nke up the Smiih r.,t tvliirh itllmii" l sonio cell enien re- 'I" i-r hr tu.-t on.- "V learn .1,,,. i. 1 g s, " " '"'"""c" r . re, lv a dozen human belli''--. i. "i sent Ito-n Hisi in nnd Sni r:..i khi-iImiIkiI it ns much iitoru sscreil even tlian ttero iirniectin out iiere fur cotton, ihiriiij the last in,. nib ! The in- .i. ..... .,:,. I. r.mvtilnriiil ns iios'ssintr tho ntiss of lutltiuunble ftlbs M.' pro luetsnl cotton in the Hr li h Kast lmi; . I'1" ' . It im,, ,l, ',,,11 ami ,,, soon attract the nl'.enti.iii of oar S,iuili,.r,i ,,r. ,1. itivnt nil. W h shall UIV0 an ""''"' ',' ... ....... in"1"" " : s i v.-nro u.ini' n wuu rcu ooi uu Mime AwnitictN Sun.L AnnoAD. Ono oftho numerous letters from our foreign cor respondents, rcccm d by the Acadia, in forms ns that tho new carpet mentioned in llii' b)it"j description's of tho recant royal .'lit ist emu jj, us li.iviur been laid for the oc casion in M. lieore'; Chapel, was "tlie in vention ofI. A. Wells, Ks( nn American, It is a new patent felled enrpet, nliirh is iiuih.' trithout spinning or vvedvin. Tl.r oi lier w .is ejven for one thousand yards for the floor of the Chapel and for tins stnt apart ments of tin; castle. In precisely nine days from the ilato the order was iven, one thou sand turds were at tlie ensile, and on the lloor. Tlie carpets were Wry much admired hy the Queen, tin; KiiiL' of Pitissia, and in fact, "iivn iiuitersal satisfaclinn. The most brilliant and beautiful colors are printed from blocks of every possible variety, and it is said that 1 1 it st: carpets can he sold hy the re tailer at ahout three shilliiins sterling per yard, and afford a reniuneratins profit to tlio manufacturer and wholesale dealer. Theso patent felted carpets appear likely to super cede the uioro expensive carpets now in gen eral use. Huu.ntso Burnt. The New Oi leans Uulletiii ol thu "ill announces thr burning of tho Jeflurson College, ono of the buildings uf the institution of which Mr. Al wander II. b vera It is resident. Iho building was discovered to bit on ftro about two o'clock on the sixth, and in a few hours nothing hut the walls remained. Most of tho students had gone down to Netr Orleans. Wo add tho following from tho Bee : The CoIIcm contained n fine I.ibrsry with 7.0CO volumes, ttlmh lute rn.-t S3710; inalheineiiral in siruiuents, nnd a Inr-;? rjuaumy of ctlur furnitur. The total cost of the b ildin; nnd furniture, according in llielJH' rejf'rl of the imsleii. i 6133,393 13. Tho liuildiiiiwas insured for S52,C00. Vir.r.iN.v Tlio IIouso of Delegates of this State lately voted, by fiS to 53, to re ceive llm State's tpiota of the U. S. Land Dislrib lion. In the Senate, hotvrver, il so amended us to provide that the Distribu tion shodd cease .whenever the lariffshoald be raised above 20 per cont., when it wu negiuivt'd-UOto 10. Mr. Clay will leave Washington in sbout t .t o weeks, prior to which he will partake of public dinner, tu be given by his friends. PncrAr.ATioN rop. nn.tTii. Tho convict I)?la!iunt, who is to bo executed to-morrow, at Dublin, amused himself during part of last Sat ur.hy maVuu; mmisc-triips and catching mice ! Times, Veb. 5.'A. Ho is fc-c.litious, Ii. He is an enemy of tho law. 1. Ho calls hiuisrjf falsely llm Son of find, f, lie calls himself faltcly tliu King of Is.' rael. C. lie entered into tho Templo followed by a multitude beariuj; p'1" branches in thou bauds, Older the first centurion, Qtiirilus Cornollui; to lead biin tu tho place of execution. Forbid to any perfon tvhomsccter, cither potr or rich, to oppose the death of Jesus, Tlie tvituerses who eiuned tho contleinnatlm nro m follow:!, Jhiitel Uobant, a Plnrife; irol, nianufaclure.s of that suite, nnd prayed 11, JoanucB nrfchatcl ; it. Ilai.hayl llobauu I. . . . t't'ic'.u f' .en, 'or tlm passago uf nil act hying protective J .' '. -f "i - rf J ' . v ' ,'11 M lucky, have just soul him a stroiiL' petition urging upon Congress the necessity nf pass ing a retaliating, protuctiui Tin id', impnsim high duties on the manufactured goods of thoso countries which lay heavy duties upon American Tobacco, When the Keutnckiaii loul; lii seat Mr. Stuart presented a similar memorial from tho prolific mother of " nb straclious" herself, llm anti-Tariff, Ritchie ridden statu of Virginia! It came from thn abstract of hi speech next week. NEW l'OST 01-TICE LAW. Thu Postmaster Oenernl has presented to and there from lances that had a confused pile iheis from the furuice, whilo their groans and their cries for lielpcai .c horribly and awfully to my cars. Hy great exertions all the ladies, the children and" the men who could move wcre got on tOinre. II at tho 'alo is yet untold ; the boat was now thu Conimtlteo of Congress on Post Offices ! entirely enveloped in the Haines ; from stem to nnd Post ItoaiN, several bills, which', if pas- 1 Morn it wane mighty miss of that dread elc. .urn i mi it""" i M1Gnti )t,rr0 our eye,-, pi that abyss ol set! into laws, will havo un important 't;ci , tiam,., t,Pro were not lefst'lnn ten or twclvonf upon tho Department, our follow beings burning into cinders. I saw 'I he fust is to niithorizn ihu Postmaster , behiro mo three ot them burning in tho bright HicliiM , .. . ...Je.t llamcs one of them apiiarently m a silling General to mako contracts with any i. ulro.itls K,mWt tlm sickuiug cries ol to caiiv thu mail during tho eonlinnancn of, uhors cnuM bo heard.wbocouM not no seenind ' . .. , i ... .i ... , ii i... ii...... im ns.islanco wliatuver. I...ti. ! in i tin's 111 llll D.lllt llir UV IHU VJUveill- '"" iuu.ioi , , , Illl.ll v....... - - mont in cash, or fivu per cent scrip. Tho second is a bill lo ul"r iho rates of postage, betters now puunjsn u.m u nuar ler cents, lo pay fivo cunts j thoso paying tvielvoaud u half, to pay ten j thoso paying elghleern and tlircu-quarlers, to pay twenty; tho highest prico, twonly-tiva couts, to re main us il is. , i I I I 'll tifoiiase? to conti't'ie the Gnn.tT Divin.i in Wtlls Pond. Ir. Trn man Kdburu, of .M ddletuwn, while cutting a hole in the ice on Wells Pond, dropped bis ao through the hole where the water was 1G 1-2 feet deep. He throw nlT his clothes, dovo through the hole where ho lost his aw, went to tlie bottom, got Ins axe, and threw it up on tha .cp. This was done last week. Rutland (V.) Wrald. Attempt lo Assassiii'itc in HVif Jersey. On Monday evening an attempt was made in tho street at llimlentovvn to nssassinatp Mr. Kes. tor, the keeper of tho Rail-rind Hotel of that town. Ho was bes-et, acrordmg to the Phila. l.edg -r, by two or three pert-one, one of whom stabbed bun. Fortunately the weapon did not penetrate bis body, being prevented by tho thickness of his clothing. DisTnr.ssisG Acciur.NT. Wo learn that a inoft distressing accident occurred in Iredell co. N. C. on iho dtli uift. The daughters of Mr. Hustle while returning heme from a ed. ding party, worn overtaken by a storm of wind and rnin, winch was violent that Ihey deser led Ihoir rarriago to tal.o beltcr in a rcbeol house, which wns rmne little distnnrc off! .... .. . ft tl..o Lli. 1. I . . ..f.t... n..fTul ..f I'noj.h.v. Wliito rumum; .o ... ...u.i. nusi e, ci a i niunu u. .im . plltriinning tlio rest, was in autonce, when tha "One of our merchants, who has just re- ip of a pine tree, breaking off; tc'l upon her, turned from an extensive tves em tour, conf- a uion buryin- her benen'h tho surface of tb ,,, ' vns im. iu rtiui ficts in ti'fiti-l lu cnrlh. t'h" was ir-ta.r.'y killed. rrnm the moment of cAplcsiun until sho was burnt down to tho warer's edge, not inore.lhan twenty minutes elapsed. ' . ,,or.. lilted nnd snverlv 3undcd. A. 1. 'iriiuiif. wounucu Wo take the following from tho commer- I

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