Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 22, 1842 Page 1
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VOL. XV. LILY SYRUP. An unparrallcd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, tnjtuenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Wood, Hooping Cough, Sfc. to tub vmw.xc. In presenting to tlio,'n..lio n new remedy fur di.ea iio of the lanirSjit may he proper to s ny that, judging from llio iiMiiy ceinlicate nnd reecoinuiendatiems of other specifics rotttaiiuil in the newspapers of tho ilay no new remedy wascaltod for or requiicd. Hut if the popular remedies had materially lessened tho lulls of mortality! or nny one of the many picparution po -ascd those virtue recommended, mi that nflcrn la trial, the patient eonld depend upon its healing pow er-, and rationally hope for a speedy recovery o1 health, this humble attempt to arre-t the progte- of Pulmo nary Constimpiion would not have nppeaieil. liul that the victims of thi destroyer are daily in creasing, nee Is no proof and the large -cale eif tho UruggiM show that Hie remedies tl Hie day have been fairlv tnoJ, and tailed in theiroli)eet, it that oh .Jeet was tfic restoration to heillh of hereon vi Icrin Irom diseases of the Inn:. While one remelv drie Up a cough tint should be properlv niilel to throw o l mcvisciii pinegni conccirii upon moiling niitiiuroat the harbinger of diease. another, hv a had selection ol au expeotornnt, is indeed en.ihled to dipo--o. the present tenant, hut leave a wor.e one to oeeitpy the shattered prcmic) and hy it, the work ofdealh is the sooner oceompiiiic i. ThcLll.Y SYUIP ii now hclicve.lto ho the le-t remedy for lung complaint, thai ha ever appealed. i o euro I'ulinonary Conuraplion niter tlie disease ha done it last work', or become seated upeiu the ve tal function, and tuberclci are formed and I, and atmospheric air t tnliale.l into the nrnken part, la not m"nar the pretentions ol tliethO'ianilainl on popular no-triimto the eontrary, notwithstanding). Thi' meheineih.i re-tored many who were sup posed to he l.eyond eure, hy men .!aivl.'ng liinh in tlie medical pro(e-ion j hut their ro-torsition to health on ly proved" that grcui and good men may I e iuita!.cit, in the stage or proirre-s of thed'ease Hence, let iui person de-pairof relief, until ho ha made a fair trial of the Lily Syrup. This medicine operate hy promoting a free an. 1 ea--y expectoration, thereby treeing the Inns and throat from vioid phlegm, an. I trciigtlicnmg the pari, mid freeing them from inll.imatory neiion wlnc-h constitutes the disc".c of Pulmonary Coiwimplion. The Syrup i entirely dee from any mineral -nl stance, and purely vc'i-tabl'1; and may lie taken with pur led safety hy the inol drlicaIc"conlitulion. It is highly rccnmmemlr I to tho-u who have weal; lung. Teacher oi performer of vocal muie will Iind it of invahiaMe life to them, hy ii giving ureal strength and swe'elne to the tone.'uf uvi-ir, an I en abling the person to perform with c.i'c. Pul lie speaker and elohater. will find it ol invahia! le ser vice to them. Tin me heine ha 1 ecu thoroughly audsiiree-sfully 1cte.l hy able phyicjn, mi 1 hy their advice i now prepared and o Icred to the pul lie, to prak fur iirlf in the caur of nllhctcd Immaniiy. And may hi: who lle-el the iiiMrnuienlality of clay to oien the rye. of the blind, it a bleing to the human family, null I'm j:ie.U object of tho proprietor will lo accom plished. All mo heine !io il 1 1 e given according to the situ ation of the patient ; ati'l,it lunch re 1 iced, a Mnal'er quantity than where there i cousideiablc strengih. Theihretions on the lioiile may 1 e taken a a general rule : hut if taken for a long 'landing rough, iunay 1 e nere-.ary to take a much larirertlo'e for ome one or two day, and evrn of ener until an expectoration i. prodiireil that will 1' free and ray. When there i mindi lightnc-s ol the chest, it will (jineiime iucreae .the cough fur a day or Iwo j in which rue, the patient should lake ihe Sy'rip moir fieely, eeu until it houId prod ice a slight liausea of the stomach. He need ntjt teir any harm from sii'di cnvjtiou. 1 world say to nil who purchase this medicine toriw. that they can have hut little hope ol I eing 1 enelitte-l I y it, uule it is taken tea.hly when il i eoinnieneed with. Some liavetakcn itoncen day, then twice, iheu not ant-lbr two or three day. J cannot -ny that such wo il I lo llikcly to tcceiie mm h I enefil trom it ; hut if taken regularly, it i eminently r-ilcu.ited touprooi the di--eae-, and to restore to sound health. It ithecarne-t deire of ihe proprietor to have e cry one tint u-e at 'leal one hoiile of ii stcaldy aceorilurj 1r ihe direc tion, In roinmunicale ihe result lo ilie peron ol whom he purchase.! ihe medicine. The proprie'or is.privih.-2e I tn rufi-r ;o the followini! oer..ons 'vho hae. mod the l.i'y Syrup, ami who wdl lie happy to give mfurmailoii of it superior hralnig jiowers, to any wilnng to I.udw mi re a' (ail U. Mr. I'rillcntfen, one of the firm of I". I". Smith it. C-o., whole aloand rrlail njer diant, l.'xrdKlgestrco,, Koehe-ter, for hlceihng at ihe lung. Hev. Ii Tucker, I'a-lcr of second llapttst Church, lioelie.ter. Captain K. Krceinan, for a ha 1 cough. .Mr. StodJ.ird, of he lirm ol Slanwood & Co. I n.ik--r!ler. corner of llii.l'alo nnd Stale streets, Ifochoor. Jlr. J. .M. French, Norlh-stivet, Uoche-ter, lor the t liooping-coi'gh. Mr. So.ilhworlh, illone-streel, Kielwter, fur lud 'OUgll. Mr. rtoltrt M'Kihlen, Jlonnv-stree!, 1'o he.tcr, in a -evereatid alarming ra-e of the hou .uug-coiigh K. llarnard, i'nuire, otlie in eoiirt-iioii-r, in a rn-c of wIioo;'..'h in hi family. Captain V. ). Ti-li, fur n casni l'hlhi-ie in hi family. Itev. Mr.';, i'at.r of the Ilipti-l Church, l.e Kov liev. Mr.' P. Church, Pastor of ihe lir-t Il.iptiM t'hurch, Hoele.-l'T. Captain A. Hrit'.on, lor Hacmurrliigc of the 1'ings. A. O. Smiih, eahier of Mechanics and I'.timcr' Bank, Hochetcr. h. V. Sihlev, of the firm of Si! Icy it S rantom, dry soiHl-inercIiant an I ain-ioneer-, lhi ljo-.trecl, Koclies'cr. liev. A. King Icy, Pas'or rf the llapti: Church at Mancheter. Itev. Jacob Knnpp, Kvangeht. Mr. T. Ilunn, C'arrhpo Maker, St. IVil-street, Hiram Tnel.i r, aitomey at law, Itoeho-ter. Mr. Thorna Ahman, paer, ltoi heter, who ha receivtfl Jstoni-liing relief, l'lea.-e iniiiire of his oiise. Rev. Thomas Carlton, M. I!. Ch. Ho'-he-ter. A. Sled, (bleeding at lung) l.oekporl. II. Miner, Wen Henrietta, Munn-Co. 1'rofcv.or Meliinni, Hainiltnu 'I heol. rVm'y- Rey. Ixtvi, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook, " " C7 The Proprietor has leen oTcrtil by many of ihe above genilenien ; but ho prcti isthai those w'i-hing information, would rail on them pcr uoully. PECK &SLM-:AIt, Agents fur this e 'lion. HAVIv just rte'd from icw Vorl. a lntjje assort ment of Carpctiugs of every kind quality and Xiricc. English Drugells, a jreat variety of pattern Octa gon and Drab Persia I'loor Oil Cloth from 3-8 to B-i wide, Rush Matting from 4-4 to C-4 wide, Rugis Manilla and Alacant Malts, Stair Rods Ac. Also, French and American Paper Hanging, a larger assortment than was ever beforo oll'crcd m litis place and at prices that cannot fail tn fuii purchasers. Nov. lSlh 1811. rT H K fub-criber has a lahj;ri stock of School J Rooks and Paper. Merchants, School coiumil'ecs &t. furnished on tlie most liberal terms. Rags and Tint kinds of country produce received in payment, Nov. VS. C.COODIUI H. J. TRYON, DItAIMt AXI) TAILOR, WOl'kll once more remind bis customer that lie continue lorarry on the above business in all ti various branches at hi Old Stand on St. Paul street, nearthuKpi'COpal Church, mid in night of the Catholic Church. Thaiikful for pa.-l favors, Udcii--tonicrs arc solicited to continue iheir patronapi'j and many new one are much de-ircd. The iicwe-l 1' ash ion promptly received. Culling done on short notice cheap fur each. I haeon hand mino old a"count which 1 should iko to cxvhangu for cash. Nov. 12, 1811. GEORGK II. I'ECK, Attorney and Counsellorat Latr, TWO POORS EAST Or TIIC TOST 0TICr,lP STAir.6. Refer to 3Ic6srs. J. 4: J. H, PUCK & Co. Nov. 10. A. UOIJEItTSON, llarrUtcr and Attorney at Law, (Lalt in the ojlice of the lhn. Solicitor den'l Day) MTTJ.U ST. JAMKS'S STRr.r.T. Montreal, I Nov. 1611. Reforcnco iu Burlington, lo CHARLES ADAMS, i:,quir6.21 II.MANV TO JJOSTO.N J1Y It Al I,.1U)A1) mmmmm. Via CHATHAM, PITTSI'l Kt.O, SPKINOni'.LD ANI1 WORCr.STIUt. ON and nrter Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1SI1, llio Passes or.uTnAiss will run throiigh Ihe entire lino, ns louowat hcavoOrccnbusli daily, Sunday excepted, 03 A.M. and 1P.M. The inuming (mill will nrrivo at Chatham 81, at Pittsfictd j)), nt Fpringfiehl 121 31., at Worcester 4 P. M. mid ntlJoslon 7 P. 31. Tho afternoon train will arrive at Chatham 2J, nt Piflsneld 3, at Springfield (ij P. 31., leave .Springfield next morning Gi A. 31., arrive at Worcester Ui nnd at lloston 12 31. nmrnNi.vo, leave lloston 7 A. 31. and 3 P. SI. The morning train arrives nt (ireenbusb 11 P. M. Tho afternoon train arrives at Greenbusli 12J 31. next u.iv, longing at spimgiield. The cars of the Hudson and Hcrksliiro Rail-Roa'd will run belwccn Hudson and Chatham in connexion with the ahovo tiains. PAssBsonns from the cilvof Albany must take tho boat from Kerry Whatf at 6 A.M. and 121 31, KARH3. Prom fircenbttsh to Chatham, $0 112 Chatham to Piltslichl, 0 90 Pi'tslic'd to ."pritigneM, 1 BO Springfield to Worcester, 1 BO Worcester lo Hoston, 1 50 If paid through 1 rom Albany to lloston, 5 50 Worcester, 4 23 Springfield, 3 00 Pitlsrld, 1 50 IT"u.on, 1 23 TOR NT.W YORK, I'm Sprinpjicltl, Hertford and Sew Ifarcn. Passengers leaving Oive'nbush hy the 1 o'clock, P. 31. tram, arrive nt Springfield, OJ P. 31. : thrnceby stage (23 miles) to Hartronl, arriving nt II P. 31.; leave next morning in cars for New-Haven, arming in time lo take steamer for New York, where they arrive at 2 to 3 P. 31. Or leave (irccnbiHi hy the morning Haiti, arriving at New-Haven 8 P. 31., thence m8.! p" 'm "CAl lnor"'"!!'1 '" ?"iw Yor'! arr'vi"!.' by Tare, if paid through from Oreenbuh to New ) ork, fi. 'Picket lo be purdnseil at (1. R. Pavne's Ofhce, Thorp's lluil.lings, 2J llioadway, Albany, and nt the. office of the Df-putin Cirienbush. Om.30 (.i:ORt!U W. WHISTLUR, Hngincer. JS-JICNCK OK l.lFi:.-A Vaba'.le Jli. .Medicine, which, if riahllv applied, will I o the mean ui saving lhouand from an iiiiliimly gniie. It ha leen sold and ued for thirty yeais, w' ucce, au 1 found very r.liraciou m the fnllnifui"' ili-ei-e-, vi. Uous'i.npiion, honpinc Cough-, com mon Coigh-, Co'd-, difficult llieatliiiig, Intlucuza, '"iiny, Aliun.i, riitln.ic, Spitting or lllood, Halu Icncy, Indige.tinn, hoo-ene of ihe llowih, Tit of every I, Cranio., lilul.el. Colin. Calnrrli l),-.... tare, Painting, Hypochondriac AiUviiun, Head ichc, Sic!.ne-at S oina'di, Mea-lc-, a pieicntive" ofCon- i.rjiu i.i.iv...1 Hum ami liiieuiuati-in. iCj'l hen bovi-.Me lirinei prepare 1 by Henry Sev mour, ofllndlcv. .Ma. r,in ii. ri,.,.r;.;t I.. thedire-lioii of-aid Mi.oir, an I soldl.y bun and the nnivipal Druggi.t-in Ihe Unite ISiale... :uld whole-ale and utad by Peckoc .S'pcar. ( tKiiTAiN crm: roi: sine hiudache, j which has been used in families, eerre mnmlinr of Inch has had sick headache fiom inlancy, as a uiisuiiuiuK.ii laiuuy cuiupi.uui, nun n is ciireu elkc- uiaiiy in every instanceyet Known, amounting to nni nv hundreds. It is not to it... isti., nml docs nut prevent tin daily awic-itions ofoneusiricr it Ii l.n :.. 1.1 ... , . P . i. nun. uu itiin..iitii in, ,hiu H1U CHI U H grUUIiai, llllt ecilain nnd permanent. Instances ate constantly multipliiigwheretlii di-trcing complaint is com pletely rclicrd and cuied, although of years landiii" hv the use of Dr. .Snohn's .- I, I llfllfll rntti.nt,. On,. decided pi efereiice is il s (ilea sail lues, hiving none of the nauseating elleet of rniumuii drugs. Ilis so perf;cllysatifaclory, that the proprietor has given directions tor bis agents lu refund tha price to iiiiy iiu no is uui pica-t'ji woo, nim even eureu oy ii. uu iiin'ri iun in. ii i in- ni.iy bcciiru us great oeu efits to the distressed sullerci.s who nrr laboring under Headache. P.. SPOIIN, 31. D., intcntor and Pro prietor. SoldbyCO.USV'orVi.r. CO., 71 Maiden I.nne. New Yoik. IT. UK .V S IT. A Ii, Wholesale Agents, a few doers cast of ihe Pott Office, llurling lon, Vt. no Ciockcry ami (3 lass Ware. A IT.W set's Wluto Ctnnite Ware, also Glass x. Dishes and Plate, DecJiuers, Tumblers.I.nmps, d-c. for sale lery low, hy S. 31. POPK. 17V,,':'I'T AI,'J,iV '-0just rect iwl L and oilir for sale at the lowest prices for cash or unproved ciedit, a largo and well selected assortment i-uiii.-iiiij; in parior me nuiowiu": 5 llhds St CroK s igar, I 3 llhd St Croix- R in 10 do Porto Pico do 10 do New Orleans ijj itn. .) l'ipes Holland G.u, 23 qr casks 3Ialnga Wine, 30 Poxes Pipes, 20 lhgs Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2 1 ICi g- pure Ginger, 23 d Raiting. f0 Hags Rio Co lire, 30 do .lav a do 30 lloxes soap, 23 do suprnor do t 23 do i'.xir.i do ' 20!Ce.-s saltl'ttre, nOCT. MARSHAL!!? Arum Hie, Catanb and 11... I....)... C-.I'CI.1 'CI.. i I .uiumni ,j.m . i . i in nun 1 1 siiptTior io any I It i ii yel known, for removing that troub,'eoiue ill- IM-f..lhi.('nl:lrrli. -n.l nt.M 11 ,...t.l ,,t il... I ....I I .1... headache-. 1 1 open aul purge- out all obtiuciions, -Iiengihen-the gland.-,audme a healthy aei(,n to ihe part. a itvted. Il i pi rfectlv Irei; from any Ihingde'e terio.i in its compoition has a i Ica-aui flavor, and ilsiinniedialce.rect, after being ued, is abgrceal le. Price !1 7 rents per bottle. Iln.l. V I.1..I...1 lll..l. Til .r....... iii"i.m I'lJCl. ri3J 1,1,, I 111 l'iasli-r I unrivalled fur curing serofnlou swelling-, S.uri y Sore-, hame Hack, and I'reh Wound : nam Ml tin. .iil.. Itiu. im.l I .iml... I ...l.l... r. i . ffive rebel in local If applied to the I le,ii will cure niany of llieeummoii l.iierConiplainlsj .-'jm.r, ii ..ui 1-iijii.iiiii, in auv iniiig in ii-c tor corn on ihe feel ; the virtues of Ihi Pl.vter have been witne.icd by ihoisands of individual in the I'niled Slale, who havete-tul It rllicaey. Sold bylhe nm. pnuori Clu. llowcn.Middlebiiry, Vt., au'd Pkikcc SriiAH, 11 in.orlingt Vt. A LARGI', assortment of Ilrass Kettles, Vices. AlHI S 'I'mi-l. f 'linlno llnll..r,ln . t , -.- ' ui. vik. eic.isoricreu for ualoat prices which cannot fail to suit customers '' on rOM.I.TT.f.IRADI.KY, Old Dock, lliirinigidn. DA., has tn hand and i receivui" . a -ran,u.n.,l,. I ... ...! i i " - '. -.wu Hvuumuiiui ariuie in 111 lino for the r all TrtAtir-, roiuisiing of nil kind , y..ip, iui'i .iiii.iiiu uuu pupuiar worlis Ihe most recent puMicalions ALSO A new supply of llhinlt Hooks, consisting ofl.c L'CIS. Jo'imfils 11.1,. Int-rtt.n TVnlrt n.,.l II. II li-t" ofnll sizes, in fiillan I halt lending Cap anil Letter il'ci uicoesi uinu, urawing, l ibsup,-Jtorocco, Mnrllc, Ilkitting, nnd other varieties of papir, Ink, Quill, Slates, llotincl Hoards, Pencil, Sand Iioxes, Lttler Slumps, rej Ta)ie iind .Stationery generally n gnat vaiiciv. Oct. 12. .nlls and Iron. "I kftn Kn(5s assorted sizes, ItJUll 100 do I'liushing Nnils, do do 100 Kegs Spike, from 30d to CO 1 and G inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 l-Cilis to 3 inch. 10 Tons of liorso shoo Iron, o( i1ic4various sizes 1 do of Hand Iron, G do of Scroll do 10 do a -sorted, flat and srjunro Am. Illootn do Tor sale at manufacturer's prices, by KOLLKTl'it IIRADLLY, Agents. " LlVC AND LET LIVE." m Ilr. suliscriler would rcsff -tfullv return Ids L lliankslohismanypairoiisforiheirfavorsiluruig tho r-t live year., nnd would also mlorm llieui that ho ha rcplenisheJ his tuck of Slnlioncry, Hooks, lliniling Slock, cVc. and will be happy o wait upon all that shall favor him Willi their patronage, and no c.Torton hi. part shall be spared to give sainlaetion. Oursiocli cot money i therefore, we cannot give it away, or sell it below co.t, or at cost j but what we have lo sell, (if wo can get an opportunity) at u small advance from t-n-t a any one can do'and live iy their biisincs. Individuals wishing to iiurchakf Common School Hooks, Siationery, or Plank Hooks ran have a chance to et the sincerity of the suhseri I cr,wlien ho ray. he will sell cheap for e.ish,by calling at llio sign of the Red Ixnlgrr, College stntl, SAMI'IJI. IIUNTIMi'ION. S'ov. g, 1611. MULINGTON, 1VOTICI'.. iOJlcdicine is best known by ihe J-l cure it performs.ij I. Newton'. Panacea, or Purilicr ol'lho Ulood. The unparalleled and Mill increasing reputation which ihi tneJicine haneiair cd throughout IheNew KnahindStnlei, nnd the mnnv cures it ha performed, and Ihe grcit demand made fur it by the advice ofphvsieians well acuuaiutoi Willi its preparation, ha induced the proprietor lo extend , il eir.uilation o allnol every town in Ihe eastern I Slate and the principal town tn the United Stale. 1 Tin Panaeen warranted purely vegelable,aiid i not suroa-ru i,y auv oiucr iiicuic ue ever o. e cu to tiir alllicied a 'its rxirnie sale nnd great popularity plainly prove. Jl has within tho lat eighteen month enrcil lis Iliou.ntiJ untie mol oliluiaie duca-es, u can le proved by certificates, and i ornnounced bv eminent and rupcelable physician the I ul medicine in no. U.-eful infonnalion may be found in circular. eontaining cerlilicalc ol cures and diieelicn for la- tlie luedicme. Ihe following nppoin'ed ngeiil, llurlinglon, PF.CICnnd SPP.AR. 1(. iloodv Si Albiin-, Corn nnd ltu-sel 31illon, C. Drake .Hilton I'nll, llurnct nnd Sawyer Waler ille, J ik nnd llrown, llineliurgh, Hull and Cook Rurlax, Parker and .Uatliehl Versennc. Adam and .Murray Cambridge, 31. Wire Underbill, M. C. Harney North l'ernburgb, II. C. Wicker Georgia, A. Illis Willlion, N. Chitlendcn liirhinond, Urecn itlihode .lohu-oti, (i. I.. Wnrner nnd C MouMon, hthan Suiiih Unkcrsfield, Arinington and Woodward Knir lield, Uiirnet and rarnworlh. - "IMMIIV SAyil- V Just received 15,20 i and 217 by 'Jcn-emenis ol 4: ash, a first rale artlclu at 3 J mil 3V cent Per liihti nlu nil kind nndize, furm-hed p lo order. Tieondcroga black f; lead, a lir-t rate article, for i sine very low, logeiner Willi d . - '.ii;.ii ,.,ni.t ,n wuiv.1 iui- ac clit-ap n- fan 1-u loutid at any oilier otaLIMi- 7- ; ' 'SU'J. i r.TEIlSON. ITT HATCH would inform llio m- . hibiiaiits of liurlins'on and vi- c.nity, that ho lias opened a shop in Chinch street, nt llio sign of the Rtlle, hcro lie intends to carry on the Gun smith Ritsincs". in all its various branch- ea. Having been employed for tho last six years m tnosnopot .1. M. Uaswell, in Lansinghurgh, (iindonhledly tho best siiop in llio IJinieil States,) ho reel war ranted in olicring his work to the public. Lurlmgton, June 1, 1S11. 1TVSTIS!UOUSl A gentleman lidnnsincrtu -L-L one of the inosl ancient and wealthy families of mis ciiy.wuo niiisi no wen unuwn to numerous lncnils having since the year 1813, up toiccently, been bent neatly double, nnd for several jears eonlined to his bed, has been restored to go. d health has regained his natural erect position and ha quitted Ins car riage, and now walks with ease 1 1 Wc hi licvo this w thcgciilleinati's own description as near as possible, and thcrois no exaggcrntion in il. Wo will give inqui rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse the liberty! so that any one doitbtiiw, may l;noie these facts .hough hq requests his naino may not appear in print. Among oilier instances, Mr.Jas'. G. Reynolds, 1 1 1 Christic-.-treel, Ins been restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of hit cao. lloth were rlieiiniilism, nnd contracted curds and sinews. Ilowlias Ibis 1 ccn done 1 Ansicr. Hi thr Indian Vmcluble ElLcer in- ternally, and A-hts' Km rami Unite lAnimutl cxterna!li,. Jan. 0!), 1311. fSuhlanty Inj COMSTOCK .f- CO., 71 Mjlda, hare. .Yric Yuri. n9 PUCK & SPKAR. Wholesale Arrenls. u few- doors east of Ihel'osi Ofriecliiirliiigion, Vt. WILLIAM wjiioirr.s INDIAN PJJKCJATIVi: IMLI.S, r.ntinhj Vcgt'tablc. '.TANCI'A-"t t!Jti:j under the iniiiied.ale miiciiu--L Llendeuce of WiliaiiiWr.rhl,vicc-pre-ii!enl of the Svrth American Cullrre tif IhaWt. t'.ir llin intin.n,i nnd cure of ili-rii-e in llio foim of Hdliou and Ncr- vou l ever-, Mca!e-, Small Po, Pain in the stounck, 1 nek and ide, Conumptioii, I ronv, Scrof ula, C.incer, Spilling of Hlood, ,S'ick-I lead-ache, Khe imali-ni, Diarrlur a, Dvriilary, Colic, Dy.peo- ia, ralpiintKu ot Ihe Heart, I leers nnd soie, of. c cry Kind, ipe. iVc I or sale l y PliCK ,c SPUAR, llurlinglon. W. II. HOLLY, Wiliton. W..I. DrOliLA..', ll.i.eburi:li. .1. II.I1ALUUUT, Wr-iford. llurr 31111 Klntu's ami Hulling Cljtlis, PAIR of French 1 lurr 31ill Stones nud a eoui "wpleto aFsortnient of Hulling Cloths, from a cele brated 31amifjctnry in Holland, for sale at reduced piiccs, by FOLLKTT&HUADLr.Y, .Wnts. Oov. 29. TP A V II n'ceived, in addition tolbeirfor lock of; -ijliii-j . onus, an cxiensive n-suniucut of I-all and Winter Grod. j nmong which will lefomidii great variety of arinle f.r Ladies' Cb ak : Aliacea L'itie, a very pietly arliclej Alpacra silk, Cainblelcen, Plain Hlaek, I'ikM do., Satin D.inia-k, llryi hclla, Persian Cloih, 1'iciicli, CiVrmar, and Umrli-h Merino', .Mou-rluie i'c lainr nnd nrim,., Saxome, a grr.u vai.cty and low priced; Cent's 11 an .ui.i 1 1 ii i iui ion a 11 1 1 K'l. an.KS. A small n't rlment of in b lig'd and sln'id Sill;, Heavy Ulnck Canton, (irodr , and other silks. SUAWf.S. Lupin'. 1 e-t scarlet, 1 lack, while, and colored : lew extiti size Wor-lod shawl, (ilove mid Ho-iery, a urac iissuroiiem j an uuu-u.illy lai sc aoi imciil 1 1 iiiiericuu prim-; i rrni'll llli'll do. nOMllHTJC GOODS. Cotton sheeting and si g; Ticki, ' und Wad ouig ; uicaerieu i;onon ami .licrriinac sluctni; ug, cry low. r. il on s ruiuMixas. vior.-tel do. Large round and s.iuare iT..i..i.en.i. r... . . .i i. , .. . 1 ...u.,,,,, i., ,ur uiU uui, M,i, lytr,, ior nrr ruaUi Wor-le-l and silk Surge; ligurel ilk and Velvet tuition, m-w iigurc ; sewmg ilk, Twist an I Thread; Padding. Canva. selecia. (kil'd Ilrnu i, mJ Hlack Linen; Wor.-tdl plaid for Pacing; lluiton for oicr cuais, ivc. FANCY IKFS. A varietj ofnelnlr Laiue, Chally, silk, and stvlel ancyllkf. and Veil. 11 HO AD CLOTHS. lleavy iloulde nulled llroa l Cloih; H-aver and Pilot Cloih; Rich Diamond lleiiei Cloih; alo a hv uti.i iiaiui uiii-in in iiuitiiiiuii ill i;olll. (icnllenien and Ladie are iuiitrd In call und exam ints our eryexienivcasortmcu;, w hich we oiler at reiiiiccu irice lor v au. llurlinglon, 22 Oct. 1811. DUHLINGTON CHAIR TACTOnV fl ; ' .M-.I.SO.N, eonnmies the uusiness of inaniifacluiing Chairs nt tho old Bland, of ilm f,,l. lowing descriptions Curl Mnnln Grecian, Cnnc.Siat, Common Cane .uu ,.iy .Jim, i.argo ami small Raised Scat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Connnnn Dining, Ac. o;c. All of which mo warranted a first rate ariielo and will bn sold nt prices fi:athi:rs, .... . uu, fj.uiiu iin , ii- IIM1CS. AND KHATIIEIl HUDS, RUADY al.lKi:. tonslantly on Innd, n supply of warranted Live rfj.',i',n.,,ller.s' wl"cl' Wl" " -""'J low for cash. miii'1' ';)' ','! sidiscriber, Curl und ilirds Uye Maple, i ehvertd at Ins shop m Church slreut.'opiwsiie .Mum -aim. u, j,. KLiON 3MEWilVRY STABSB. It. C () I. It K 1! 'I' II nU.SPKCI'KULLY informs Ins friends nnd the J i public, that ho has now opetkd a Licry Sinblc, nnd hasou hand ready for use sumo excellent Horses mid Carriages, Sleighs, Harnes-es.Ac. which ho will let on reasonablo terms. Stable nt Heiijaniiii Hishon's Hotel, South West Corner Court Housa Square, Hurliurjton, ' ' December 10, 1811, ROWLAND'S (iermaii Sti-ct siw mill saws, man lifaciurcd to order and lilted fur the sawiri"of ,.vi, run-, uuu nny ucseripuyn oi Hard lunber. fi,Gl nnd 7 fott. Also I.nglisli Cast-steel cross cut saws, , HoeifcCo.'s do circtihii do from 1G lo 2G luetics, and manufactured for tho trade in this vicinity ''or salo at tho Wharf, hy :23 folli:tt& iiradluy Kt II11LS. Winter Oil, of superior oualilvTlbrTulo UXJ low by FOhLHTT & URADI.r.Y J a VERMONT, FRIDAY, TVJOI'TAT'.S VUCKTAIILi: LH'U MUDICLNKS. iTi The-e medicine are iiuleLted for iheir name tn ineir mnuiiesi unu seiiiuie neiion m ptirityiug the spring nnd channels of life1, nnd enduing ibem with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified e.wewbleh have been made pul fie, nnd in iilmoi every specie ofdi-cao to which Ihe human frame is liable, the happy a lect of .Moi fat' I.iit. Pill and Piiienk Hitti:u have been grealfullyand publicly acknowledged hy the person briiclit'tel, nnd who were previouly ttnacqnaintvil with iheheauiiflilly phi loophien! prineip'e iqiou which they are, compound ed, nnd imon which Iheveou'enuenlly m-i. u-i... i ti.'i.- u eiiii't V m .J ... ill i.irii.ui.iiiiiniio leeuilllllelKI ve in diseases of every form nud tceriptiun. Their lirsl operation t to !ooen from the coats of the stomach and bowel, tho various impnritie nnd eruili'ties con lantly settling around them; and to remove the har dened face which collect in the convolution of the stnnlle-t inte-tinc. Other medicine only nii-ilil!,. eleumelhc-c, nnd leave such collected lnn-e 1 rhiii'd a lo produce habilual roliveness, with nil it tram ol evil, orsiuiiien iiiarniica, wun n imminent uagcr.n 'I hi fact i well known to all regular nnntniniJi- who examine the humnti bowrl afii-rdeaih ; and henee the ireiidiee of those well informed men again) quack medicine or medicine, prepared and heralded to inepui.iieiiy ig'iorani person, i nu fecond elleet ol lie i,iio .Me Hemes is to cleane tlie Ufilney and the bladder, und bytbi mean, the liver nudtlieliings, the. heallhfulaclion ofivhiclientirelyilepend-iipon Ihe rc irnlariiy of the urinar orcan. Tin. I.tnn,! s...;,.i. lake us red color from the agency of the liver and the lung belore it pae into the heart, 1 ring tbu piinfiiil i.y uiciii, iui'i iioiii iii(ti ny loon coming ironi a clean lomaeh, eoitr-e fieely through the vein, renew every pan of ihe svlein, nnd triumphantly mounts iiiu i '.i iiiiL-r 'i U1..1 i iiiv 1'iiiiiiiiiu CIK'CK. Mo.lal'. Vegetable Life Medicinc'lnve been thor oughly lustrd, und pronounced a suveiemn remedy fur Dyspep.ia, I'latiilency, Palpitation of Ihellcart, Los ol Appetite, Heart-burn nnd Ilead-aclic, lleole-sness, Ill-temper, AtiM'eiy, Languor and .Melancholy, Co livcncs, Diarrluca, Cholera, Fever of all kind, lihouiiviti.m, Com, Drop-ies ol nil kind-, Grael, Worms, Asthma and Conuinptt'oii, Scurvy' I'lcer' Inveterate Sore, Seorbutie Lruplion and Had Com plexion, L'r.tptive eoinplainl, sallow, Cloudy, and oiherdi-agieeable Complexion, Sail Iibeuni, i-ry.-ip-ela, Coimuoii ("old nnd Inlluenza,nud variou other complaints which alllict ihebmnan frame. In Fi:u:r. and Alien, parlieularly, the Life Medicine bate lern mot eimiieully succeful ; so much so (hat in tlie Pout nnd A gueilitrict,Phyiciansalinoi universally pre-cril e ibem. All that Mr. .Modal require of hi patients is In be particular in taking Ihe Life Medicine slricily accor ding lo he diieelion. It i not a newspaper nnticr, or by anything Ihet he hiiu-elfinay-ay In tiii-ir favor, thai be hopes to gam credit. Ilis alone by the reiiili of a fairirial. .MOFFAT'd MLDICAL MAM'AL; designed a n domeiio eruide to health Thisliltlo pamphlel, edited by W.ll. 3Io!ldt,273 Hroaday, New York, ha leen puUihed for llio purpose ofcxplaining more fully Mr. .Mo'l'at' theory of dicaes, ami will 1c lound highly iiilereslingtopeioufreking health. Il treat upon prevalent disease, and the caucs thereof. Prler. ' -. ceiilt for -ale by Mr 3In'lat'. Agents generally. I bese valuable Me licine are fur sale by OLOltKL L. WAIIMil! it Co. .Iuhnon, Vt., (.'eneral Accuts, by whom all order from nny part of the Slate or Canada, will le proniptli iitis'wereil. 2S t f Dec. 17, 1S1I. HA C All A 17; TIIVR, General Agents for 3Io'lai'.. cclebruied medicine, to whom all applications for ngclicics must le ad-ore-ril. Hiiilingtun, Jan. 23, 1812. AJATUHIC'S GRAND RKsTOKATI VK 'fin l i vamai tegelable 31edieiiii- stand unrivalled fir thi'fullowi fiiiplauil., viz: l)jiep-ia, or ludi cetioii,iiisea.e.l I.iier, bilinudior.lcr., Dron-v, Ath ma, toslnene-s, Worm, and lo- of Appetite, and by .-iwimii-ii Ui, iniwcis, ruic pani in t lie , . "no i rc,ii, com ami cons is ol Ions; Uuiiiui:, iloarene. tinru,,... ,.r i,r....i. v..P..r.... L-oiiipiiiiiii, fie., wnii'ii air ii.-ivuuy tlie elect ol di .'"or l'cierand Ague, it i a mot le pre- M.iu.iiiie a wen a ii suicrcigu icmeily. Its virtue urpa any thing herelofuic known in' removing- St. mis uuuev, iwo oouie nave I ren known u cute thlsnlllii'liugdiM'ase, titter having bullied every evei-. '" lorluur car.. II has a mo powerful influence in reinnviiig nervous eoiiiilainl.. In pleasant lo lake .uu -u i. i-y in ii operauou, n may I c ailininistern toll f.lut i.'ill. -r.n.f.. Tl, l M..I:..:.. . ; . j i i T V ' .i ".I Heine i yery highly recommended bv many scientific gentlemen, and a large iiiiml rr ot lad.r.. ,,-lwi 1,-,, .. ...t .u.. virtue-of the Meihciuu by personal use and that of their ......,..r. ,,, wi. ii iiiii-air accompanies eacii lioltlc, vyithdirei'lioii. It may 1 e had wholc-nle or leinil n! MII1.IIU, uarre, unu j. i,. l arnalu. Willi.un. town, I. sole proprietor. Prepared from the orieui al iceipc; for sale by ! II. Prenti, .Montpelier, and llurlinglon, and in l,e principal towns in the state ;all direction -igncdin Ihe hand writing ofiheproinetor SINGLE. DOUBLE. U.MI11LICAL. T-F T ":'elvnl. -upply ol Mar-h' celelrated a I rus-c, ol every description, for nle bv the dozen W--7.w' y"v-u Pi:cic.f.'.5Pi:Ait. Lvc aecuratcly applicdfne ofrluirgr. S1GO SlEWRtD. Q I 0(i 1,,VARD has been offered for months V-1"" to any mm who will use abottleof Hay's JAnimnU fur the I'iles, without being cured. Of thousands Sold, in no one instance lias, it failed of a cure. Piouf overwluliniiw to be had where iussold. Itis also a certain cure" til marly ereru case. i. 'JI'cr"7jl'i)iii ihefo'lowing complaints. Cor Ihe I lies, for all dropsy, tender lect, sore throat, by can cers or ulcers, croup, whooping cough, scald head, 1 ighlness of the chest, especially in children, foul id eersof the legs, or oilier fungus soies, howcicr obsli naleor lone' standinL'. fu sb wound I'liilhlriitik rl. LOOK OUT. Some swindlers hare counterfeited ints aritcir, una jntiit up tritfi vuriousderices. Do not be imposed upon. One thing only will protect yon it is the name of COMSTOCK if- CO: that name must he always un the vrtwjitr, or joumay be cheat ed. Do not forget it. Take the direction with you nil icsi ny I tint, or never buy it j for it is impossible jr any oilier lo bo Iruo or genuine. n'J Sold by COMSTOCK ft CO., 71 3Iaiden Lane, ew ork. P K C K it S P : A R, Wholsnle New Agent lti, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Hurling. ton PKT1TION TO SRI.L UKP. STATU. OK ) At a Prohaio Court held at Distiict .of Chittenden J llurlinglon within and for llio 'lislrtct of Chittenden on tho 31st. day of .March A. D. IS 12. Samuel Hoardman, of 3Iilton, in saidldistrict, guar dian of l-.hsha lloardmnn and Hetsey Hoard man.Tiolh of mid .Milton, minor children of Henry C. lloardmnn late of said 3hlton, deceased, filed in said court his peliliqn, in writinir, setting forth that his said wauls are seized in Ihcir own right in fee, ns tenants in com. mon, of about scicntv acres of land, and biii'dings thereon, situated in safd Milton, being tho anno farm on which llio said Henry C. Iiied and dud t nud that they aronlsofciucdof an undividid intetoiit in lot num ber pno in tho flm division of lands in South Hero, in the county of Grand Isle, being all their interest in said last lueniioncd lot hieh iheyowu a lieiis to their lato inother, Amy Hoardman, lateof said M,Itnn, dc ceasid ; And further setting forth that il would con. once lo the interest oflus said wards to have their in terest in the nfnrtsaid lands sold, and llio proceeds of such sa'c put at mtcrrsi, and praying said court to h. cense and empower him, the said guardian to sell and curacy his said wnrd' interest in said land, for the purpose aforesaid, ngrecably to the statute in such case inado and provided. .. . Then fnie, the court aforesaid doth appoint the (wen ty llurd div ofAnril, A. D. 1812, for hearingand deci ding on said petition, at 1 lie oflicoof thejRegist'cr at said ltiirlmglon, and doth order that all persons inlc reslcd benotilkxl ilicreof, by publication of this order, containing Ihe suhstnncouf said nctilion, three wetks successively in llio Lturlinaton Free Press, a newspa per printed in said llurlinglon, ad of which publications to h previous to said twenty third day of April. A. D. IB12.' Given under my hand at said Uurhngton this 31st day of March A. D. 1812. W31. Wr.STON RtpUttr, Halinon. On IlllLS. and 20 half do. Noilh Shore Hudson JU Ilay Salmon, for salo hv Doc 1,1811 I'OLI.i:TTA;HRADl.i:Y. APRIL 22, 1842. DR. TAYHOa'S - Ii S A 31 O I1' Ji I V K 11 W tl It T. ii . Ou-ertu when you buy lhat vou get the genuin, prepared nt 375 lowery, New York. See That 375 llowcryiNew ork t on the wrapper of each Holtle. All oilier are I-rand- and sold only bv speculator, without regard to justice, to ihe public, 6r the proprie- Or-i fil llin miiiiiiwifisii'J,. ' 1 TT 9" Jfonsumplmri, and Liv,;r ecinplaints, Dvspep X sia,dizzuiepflhe bead, lo., or appetite, DyUn lary, and general tcgulalerol tho whole sviem. rvone genuine but that prepared at 375 llowery, ew ork, where ihe arlicle wa first made, ibeehar- me iiieucineiormeil nnd e lablihed by the Pi escnt so!epriineior, and whoarotheonlyrc'r-on Knowing Ihe composition of the genuine. It ha I ecu mui siicce.My for eigbl years in the aire of these othe aiTeoimterfei..3" 1!u"cr' All Consumption and Liver Comnlaint I As a general remedy fur those discae, 1 hiii fully sati-lwd Ironi long experience, there i no medicine epialtoDr. laylor' iiilsam of Liverwort. Ilcin" time v cgctahlo, u can bo used with Ihe utmo.t -aleiv by all )c.un, m every eondition. It clean-o ib'u lung by expectoration, relieves ditlicult breaihin-, andseemto heal Iheche-l. 'lberecan I c nonue-tioii but lln medieiiiu is ncerlam eure fur rl.i-nni,. .i,l.. and colds. I have uscfii four year in my praeiire, and alwny with uiie. A. F. IIOULU'S 31. D Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor' llalsam of Lnerwort to Le a certain remedy for Ihi complaint, u I h.ue ued il my,cll nnd found il. eTect au iniuicdiaic. I wa much troubled until I made ii-uofthi medicine ')! L. IILNSIIAW. 211 Mangir, si. Iloarenc- LiuedI'oribrrure of huar-eiie 1 can strongly rcceoiuineiid Dr. Taylor's Hah am of Liv erwort. I Imenot onlylound Siral 1 encfit my,rlf, but many of my congregation by my rc-commenda-Hun have recievcd great le,nelit from its virtue. It i. alonce luilil , eilicaciou and harinle, , HLV.A'. LKWIS.- Sevcre Cough and Cold. I have had a mm ,e vereeold and eoii.;b, fur a long time which I could not gel i id of. Allrr uing many u-ele-s thing I Iri cil I aylor s ilalsam of Liverwort, and il rnrrd me in a lew day. J.yS. l',. KKKKLN'OCK. Ilai-ing of Itloixl About two weeks ngo I had a (all, wiiieh caused me lu spil largo ipi.ititie of blood which nothing could cure until I Incd Dr. Taylor'. llalsaiu of Liverwort. Tin mes!i"ine me iniiue ebate relief and in n very short tune e iected an entile cuie Let all pcron try if. r, n- , , -MCCAI!T.Y,21 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor' Halsain of Liverwort Tin. superior rcunily fordi-ca-e of ihe lung and liver ha obtain ed a rrputa'iun nreer bcforeepialled. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . . wa so near her death with tin di.eae, that my friends sent for a iir.c-1 tueonfc me ere I died. He in bis mercy, told me not lu givcup moil I trnxl Dr. Inylor'. ll.ilain of Liicrworl. 1 sent immediately forthi nie'dicinc, uud nlllmiigh the eon'e-t fur u few days I clwccii thi medicine, and my di ea-r wa se ycro,lhe ineiheineeonqiiricd, and in a fortnight 1 wa te.-loa'd to health. I had a rough, I a i.ins of mat ter, los of my voice, pain, weakue-s, Ac. 1 can re fer lo Doctor WiIm n, in Ihe Carbon House, fur ihe truth of my statement. 31 AUV DILL, Ifih -trectror. Ileware offiaud-. ut 3 I nveuce. Summer Complaint. Tl.c Ilal-ani ol Liverwort, in everal ra-e of thi. eh-cae, i here all other reined-e applied ly have proved ineilectiial, ha pruduecd ii pci'feel cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. It. Claddin ol Delhi, N". Y., of a naturally eon. suinptive eonliiuiiiai, has leen saved from uu on timely cud by the me of Dr. Tnvlor' Hal.-am of l.iv erwerl. A set ere i old I roiiht-oii n muii.L- i.r I1... re-y, aiidihu civled in general elehdity and coni;mp IIJil. A rontant cough, heclie llu-li, reM'e. night .pi..-!, put,-, nnd coiit,nuil Ius of flesh, uuiretnl il I . , J , ""' l"'u a i i-oiiinieiicr.i ,e u'eul tin - balani I grew letter, uud is now f illy re-lorcd to health. ' Shortness of Breath. For Ihi ili-ra-r, 1 havr nlwuv round Dr. Taylor' Uatsam of l.iverwi'rt au e'x. rlfent reuie ly. It'i at once so .-afe and so 1 alwny it-c ,t , my iirnctiee, and reicoiniurt.l ji ,u n: frlt.,., i b.u ll-ed it in onie hundred if ca,r. evnliiii . a. four year, and 1 have m.yrr had it fail. I ,mn. case ofa-lhina, 1 lully 1 ebevc it to hue leen the mean cf -awug precious live. U- all u-r it CIXlIICi: HALPII, m'. D. .None gcnmiie piepairl at 373. Anvery. .Newlork a will le -ecu by the lal el and wrap pci ot each boiile. He sine vo l le.ok when yu i I ny Ihe gcu line can alwav I ol'ibe Old Agent-, Me.,r.'N. Lowly iV Co., now Lovely it Seymour Dr. Moody and Peek ifc Spear, Clienn-t' and Druggils, Hji lingionS. II. It irne-, Chailotic William lihok-, dr. ltichmondCcu. Aver it Co .Milton A. iV W. llrown, I! rand I-le W.' II. ICi-Irr' Soulh llrro Hor ; Vad.worlli, North Here s & ' Davis, Alburgh F. i'c L. Olena, Wet Alb irgh-D. oi W . Carpenter, W.ite'rbiny. NEW KSTAHLISHMKNT. CSUCCE.SSOKS TO I',. HIMGOS,) Yholesale and Retail Confectioners, XTOVL) ir.pectfully tnfurin ihe inhabitant cf T 7 llurlinglon aie' Ihe surrounding e- unu v, thai ihryearryon the Confectionary Uusiness, on' nil it. variou I ranche. DeMeiiuiiii-d to u-e the very I ft material in manufacturing, tbev will ul all 'time furnili Mcrebaiit and otber dealing in. Confcct .online-, with the lest quality, and on ihelouc-t poi-b'cte-rm. Shop uu I'll ir.'h Sliev;, two dour Souh i f S. K. Howard'. Store, newly an. I neaily lit tot up, whe-ru we cordially invite' all tn rail an I rxaminro ir arln-lr-, e on-i-tingof all kind, of stick Candi, Halls and Kir, llrail ami Diamond-, llraid-, Pe-pper-luint, Lcuiiin Diop, Vanilla Cream, Lozenue-,S.i-ar Plumb-, Carraway-.-T'oinlit, C.iu lluds, Hock and Hrowu Candy, Sugar Sand, Muttoe nud Se.-rcis, Su.'.ir Apple-, Pontine-, Ilggi, and lla!,r, Wth yarn u other aiticle too u imerou io I c inriitiunci. A general aorliucnl id' rich and lancy Cake, on hand, and I ake 1 lo order, logeiher with Ii e Creams to furnish panic, ct' -AL-0- Canih, which we reioiiinicud for Cough', Cild-, llnar-ciii'ss, iVe-. Wei do not lireien I lu sly with Mr.J. P-a.r eVSi.u, that tur Cundv-will cnrr ll di-ca.e. lea ling lo Cuii.iimption, we think that is saving loo much. CLOCKS. Wrhaca gocnl n-orinirnl of llrass and Wooden Cluiks, which we will ell ti rv low fur rash rr np luuvrd rieihl. I'lea.-c call aiiif cxciiiuic Id'oie ptn eba:ng rl-ewbeie'. N. II. All orders from a di-ianrr. mt nni.l ..n le iirouipilv alleudexl to, and package and lioxc put on loan! of stage ot loal, when ic.pnre!, frie rf i-uaruc. nr jnii nv uuu in ires all orucr lu ill l -C11IXL eVlHHNUS Confectioners, ihtic Icing two tirmof the same name in hr village. Ibirhngton. Vt. Oct. 22. IS 1 1. To IllaeksniHlis lHosljtircli Coal. ritllK subscribers have j'ust recciied forty tons of I !,,. r.W, nnnl l.,l, f,,r S.,,,1,1,'. ...... passed byany of coals, and whercknoun lias taken '.he plnco ol charcoal. Ignitinp; easily and burning freely, ills highly iccoinmended for grates and ibinu'Slic isc. FOLLliTT St HHADLr.Y. CIIUHCII MUSIC. rpiIK following valuablo .Musical Works are eon X slanlly for salo by tho subscriber at the lowest prices, by the doz. or larger qumtity, iz : The .Modern Psalmist, n new work by L. 3Iason. Huston Academy's collection of Church 3Iucic 31ellio lit llarmonisl, Odeoii, and I!olon and American Olee Hook. .Nov. 1811. pA. mi VMANV JJooks and I'.icr. Ct fiOOIlllICIl, one dftor Hast orFarrar&.Vuit'. CioekrrvSioie'. I'P .iTAIItS. basa wn- -I rollrcnon it Hooks, including a largo slock of School Hooks and Paper. All wishing Id pure ha-e will do we'd 10 call. Produce and dcnnolir niaiiul.iriur every doiripnon receuved in patmeiii, Sclioolcoiu miiiccs furnishing fur teluieiL, shall have I ooks gra liiilou!y for all children in their district, whn-e pa. reins air to Lity, Dec, 15. rnllM Subscrilrr w ill pay rash for a few Thousand L noilllds of COOll I'leee'C Wool, deliierril nl ilmtr Store, headoIPiarl St. HUADLKY & HYDH. July 2,1811. Ilroad Clollm. r"piin undersigned ofl'er tho cloths manufactured by J. tho "llurlinglon 31ill Co." at wholesale,: I oaten prices. I lie assortment comprises the varinu-colors and qualities, and fur trxluic; beauty of finish, and excellence of manufacture, are not surpassed hy any .unci ie uu ur l.liKllsil i luius. KOLI.mT HRADLKV. Nor 39. Hurhnst"n Mill Co. P. , f 1 JL I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need cc - ila'ion and tho experi-nce of seven yei demonstrated in il. eats has that uiiriva lie, -Coal y ard scale, to weigh are Ions. Dormant Warehouse do. to wewh from i.'i lb. ... r. tnBOOOlhs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 m. to fltO lb. Portable Counter do-a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to lOlb. ,. J' & J. II. Pec & Co. Agents. llurlinglon, April 8 1311. , UhSKMi'M SIOMACH UITTKKS. may i', ed in W meor water. Theteeelel latedbilter arreoinpo-eil iiure'ly ul vege:nble. of the most flino cent yet spuetlie virtue. I liev are reeonimeiide'd pur lieulnrly fur rr-tormg weak coutilulion, elcau.-ing nnd strengthening the stomach, and increasing the appetite alo a preventiiiiieagamsllbe cholera mor bu, fever und ague, removing nauea, vomiting, heart burniug,weakiies in ihe biea!, pain m the stomach uud other yniit( ins ol llatiilcuceand iiidige. tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Price 23 ct.. a beix. Uussr.i.i.S Itch Oin-tmiint. This choice and safe oiiitmriit is said lu I e superior to any now in u-e, for thai di-aairrahle nnd loalh-oniu d,ca-c, the ITCH. Thi Oininienl i o erarlain in its no pcr-on llnublod widi the above disorder ought to lu without it. It i a remedy I. ir eulaneoiis eruption, scorbutic u.lei'lion of the head, or any either 1 1 diking out which nnes from sharp humor. in the bloexl. Pi ice 23 ct. a I ox. IiLM-r.Li.S Vi.dKT.ini.t: Hti.i toes I'n.i.., or family pbjsie-, for general ii.r, in ca-es of Jaiindiee', moibiil st.i-ibihly i f ll:e -toinach and bowel-, lu of appelile', fien'il 1 rcaih, cosiin'iie-, Pile-, and all di-ca-r arm ing fruu biliary eVrnngeini'iil-, alo far corn-cling the stale cf the 1 loovl, and cleansing the svicm ol bed and Mcid humours. Thc-e pills nrea'mild ea tharnc, pro luchi nrilhrr pun nor griping, and are tbeiefurea and highly approval medicine, and are pronounced a such irvthcmo-l ilitiiiguihcd fihy.ieiau. Dach box eouuiniug 33 Pill. Price 37i its. a 1 ox Uucll's celcbraitil Silt Hiieum Oimtmi:nt. Tin i iinqiiclionablv the 1 el and siifc-l rcmiily ewr vet oll'ereil lo ill pulilic for that ob-Imate di-order SAL'l Kill. P.M. Where either me'an have tailed, il hassue ereJed, and the fr tlhat it ha lien -xteii-ively n-eel by eminent Practitioner spe'.iks volume in it prai-e. It l equally eilicaciou in nil di-easr of the skin, -raid he id, i in g worm, and ti e mo.t inielerate Itch, e.r. ec. .Nuiiieroi icrlilii'a'c might le oil. mini, but the propritor e-hoo-e- that a fair trial should I othe only evideu.e ofil superior ullii'ticy. Price 50cenla box. For ale 1 v Peck if- Spear and Hoi ei I .Muisly, ll.irliugton; Dr. C. I'. .Mile., and H ill f. Conk, limes burgh; S. II. li.irne., Charloile; L.Jane-, Ccoreia; L. Tyler, L.ex ; Fuller & Iliiutingioii, Iiicbmond Abo, by the diuggist and merchants gcneially hro'ighout the stale. i2.iri: pifsi'AWKs or THE l,H.Nf;S...Deeidrdli J 1lie iiiiuii pupiilar i riiis-di ei i r kiniiin in Ampi !r.i I egctdble Pulmonary Uultam is ilu- umsi talii.ible lenndi nuu iiii.ef',l euejh,eulil, nlliu..i or plnluie, eoiisiiiiipiiiiii. ntiiKiping roush and piihuun-ii y afl. eiimis nfeeerj kind. Im sale id aie.idtl) ineieasiitg. and I In. prtifineioiii aic eoutiiinU icceitiiig ilu iui,i faemidilH .iicuiinl ul its efTeels. 'I be fnllim ini nwiv ccr I itic.itt r aie uflVted fir putil c eilibl.llir,ii. A.N IsrEUtsio Csk Uxuait nfa leiiei fimn Mi i; S Cl.ij, King. inn, U'sn-r N. V. lo ilie pi.qiiieiuir. "Vmiis uf ihe Dili ui.i, a. dult nc'd A i em iik.iblc erne was etfrcn-d b, the 'eg iiat.le Pul. lllgii.ii) lial'.iui in ihe wiii'ei .mil -pi nig i. 183.). 'I lie prison, ilr. itunili, li. nl hern sitk a lung nine e.iih ihe euiifuiiliiiii. Hi plij-iciii. bad i;nen liiin iqi He wa ledum! to low .is to he u liable In help biin.elf, 411.1 was l.ning a latge . j... il i of hlmid wlifii he coiiiineiiefil using Ilie, wllii Ii ha rffrctpil a eumplele rule, nud he u n-m as bale .mil braiii a ever lie wa, .Mi, .Mood n mon il fiom ibis ln n, bin lie Ii i premised me .i luuie delaili d .lecmini of his ci-e, winch I n illl.ii ward i C. S CLY. ICiiiji. i,.( N, Y Jinn- 2.) 1S3S. Lmi.ii-I uf ,i liMieu fi I),. J.iroli itlwia. 'Ilie legfLib',. Piibiiiuirfie li.ib.iin Ii., hi's-ti su!d in ibis oiiiiin for Iwnieais d the medicine has caincd an uiieiiinaiii.i rcleiu iij , for il M'.urelj in mte iiisiance failed u li.n in; iliedesiie.l i Heel 'I am bj uu humus in f iur uflli.i iii.tii) iiti.i tniiH , mnslul wlmh air im pusilimis iipini a rrpduluii public, bin ihal whiili I kii.m by iim-lu be, I i.tinim help bill gii r mi appiob itiim iheieio, A rounlf ifi-ll pi..iiniia Imd been uflVred here In a nan lling Agenl, iifCi.nisiiick, i. V. amllheieis amilher anil le tended here ihal i strung Ij siispcrled lu hespiiriiiii J A co ll tin til, JI, D, Miflliiigtnn, JuaiHla ru I'eiin. M.i) 3, 1837 Fimn Dr. Samuel Miiili ll, in the Piupi ieuns uf itii- Veue table Piibiloil.iri H.itsmn. I a li.lird ilie Ve. .etiblc Piilninn in i IS.ili.uu is a i.ilnab'e uirdi'iine Il h i been used in lln. pl.iee uilli ei.uideie suiees. in an ob-liil.uc rullipl mil ul Ihe Inn;, .itlrnJed w lib a r-eir riiiih, Ins nf wire, and ilie raising uf niiirh hluuil, whilb had pienuiisli ir.islril in. in) appunril piesriiplinns. Alii r mnng ilie Halin une niik.llu l ilieif 's mire leilillli d and he as. ltd" In tyr ik audi by. Mils cue oecillied smue liuis. inre, uml ihe man is now engajed nut niitj in acliw hm lalmiiniis bilsiliesi, Uf,ii'i'llnli, fie. S. Mo Ii II It. I., Il is now uiiiie six wr silli-H I was hiriy.ln er) low Li uu iifTi'rnnn ul I - Innj, .t n . I un i ,l.,i,ii was i!er.iif.l lu b ineiil.ible bj a einineil uf liner .h , . sieuuis. I uh ihen le-luled in a itiin I lie.illli a. I had rn,njrd fur in.,ni wirs, bj ii-in; I lis Vegetable Pul. inon.irv Hls.uii. .Siner im ireneerj I h.ue irrnin mended die It.itsnm in n man) nf 'iin riiuiphilius, and so far ii- I rail liuuii, ils u.p tun in. v.ui.ilil) bi-eii fi, I l.i u nl In iiiinli biiiifii, and in man) instances il has tftfeetl il em I s w ha It weir u hut ) imex'. peeisd. SAMCKt, F.vt Kt-rr, lb. on, M.u.:li 2, 1837. I'm sale, whuli's.ilc and icliil, hi I'I'.CK ! SPF.Ml,lli.rligi,., Vi. Ciockcry at, t'o.t ! API AV et of blue, p'n , nn I Dove ware l?la Dihe, r;ia Lamp., etc. at res! I alo, fur Ihe piupuse ol rloinglbat km.; of bu.inr-. .Vnv. 12 S. ii.srr.TT. PartvcllN Shoes. AI.AlKil' supply of 3lnioero walking Shoes, Kid Slip, .Misses do , and 3Ien's Pump', ju;t re ceived an I fur sale cheap, by tire, i, imii. S. 31. POPK. Cei nian Cough Svruti I rjlIHS deserve Hy ihlingiu hetl nusbriur, toge'lbrr A Willi Tnyloi'.. Halam of Liwrworl Jayni's Indian Fxpes'toraut, Lily Svrup, Down ' l.'lixir, .Moorc s Lsseii'-o ot laic, Ilartlioloinew'. Pjnk Lx pcclurant strap, (or seirro rold-, e-oughs and I'otn plaint Ira ling to Consumption. formic by .Nov.l. PIICIC it SPKAR. Slicrllngs. rrt ItALF.S of hraty shco ingbof different qualities, f Jwhave lust been reeeircil and arc offered fir rale at Manufacturer!.' prices to 3Ierrhanf and oilier., who are invited to call and examine the stock before purchasing elsewhere, under Ihe Pellet lhat the exam ination will prove advantierous In them. Hy FOLLl'.TT A IHtADLr.Y. Nov. 211. nt the Whorf A 1IKAVY and Cutter shoes. I VWrought Nads, Crow liars, Ac, just received and offered low by j Nov. 23. FOI.Lr.TTeV IIHADLKY. 1 Si:LLLG OFF CHEAP. STRONHS & Co. now offer Iheir slock of floods for prices at which pntchasers will fin I ft an ob ject to buy. 'I he stock is large nnd must be sold pre uonsto iholsl of Apul next, when the term of co partnership expires. Sugars, Teas, Sniees, KaisitiB, Tobacco, Codfish, Falnion, coarseand fino soil, Lamp Oil, Mola8es,Ac. Iron, Foreign and American of every description. Fieri uf all kinds, Anvil', iees, shovels, Fpades, Fnrks, Caldron Kctllcs, and Hollow Wine in great variety. Stores, Stove pipe, and stnro trimming', Til) ware, etc. c.'irnp, all cheap, rery cheap. Dec. 30,1811. lttinnet ! Ilniinels ! ! I A HEAl'TirULassorimciit ol Florence nnd ilk iTLtlonuets much below ihopncts of last summer Nlso, a great variety of Clicno Ribbons, by Dec 10. S P Sr.OTT No. 46. COiNWAY ilEDICIi lis. rnili: Subcrilcr W. L. KIDDKH, give notu X that ho ha. succeed the late T. Kidder in the preparation of the well known Co.nwat .MtDteitus; ami will bcreafter give particular ntieniion to tbu prr,,a,ation of the lullowmg anicle, the long os In.ilialK.'d c-jlebllty of which, precludes the uee?t,ity ol a ic-iiubliealion of the nuineruu. ecrlibeatiw iii the hands of the proprietor. lloct. Jebli's llhcumallc Iilnlinctrt. for l.houiualim, Urni-e, Sprain, Numlno.; Chilblain, Silliness in (In; joints, ovr., will atlbrd the mot unexpee'ed nnd inuueui.ile relicfin the luot ob.-tinilu ease ef llheumali-in, in a few hours; this article is openly rccommcn."s I by Phy.jcian. Tim Liniment is done up in enlarged liutlles. Price 371 e-euts. Diiiitfilcs' Kch Oliitnicnt. The exlen-ivu sale and csttibli-1ied reputation ol DuMtniE' Itch Oivtmcnt, encourage ibu pro prietor tu roroinineii i it o Ihe public with renewed confidence, as the mot i moccnt and powerful rem edy fur this annoying di-ea e; iteoniam no mer cury, or any olhr dangerous ingredient, and can I e applied at all timus. Willi perfect safely. Pried 2j cents a liux. ltcmcdy for (lie Piles. I liu concurring- testimony e,f relict cd patient, Irom ell qiiartc,-, testifying to the eure, Cifcclcd by the medicine ufier all other hal faikd, togeiher with' the iucreaing demand for the arlicle from all parts of the country, pioie it lo I o one of the most valuable! speeities known fortius troublesome compluiut. CJA Clcrjjyinan write Hoton, February 13, 1311. I Irnvo made trial of Dumfries' Pile lilcetcarv and found it produced a salutary inllueme almost imme diately, and ecnlidrnlly lelieve it an e.'Icclunl remedy lor lhat niicomtortabie and debililniiug complaint. Humanity ha induce line to iccoMimctid it to persons lb 1 allhclcd, and hi 1 -ball continue to do". ,, Yours re-ptvirullv, J, S. I'lic remedy ron.i-ts of an tinlinenl nnd es;lllar: I rue for I oth 7u rents, or 37 cent when but ono is wante-J, ii-eompanied with plain and ample dirou lions wuh a e!o-cription of ihe complaint. Dumfries' I3yc Vatcr. bur sort or inf.aund eyes, nothing known giro -"I'h immediate nnd comfortable iilleT. nn.l in .nmo evcrcdincly had cases the must unexpected and de irable ri'brf ha birn fo ind in the u-e ol this Kyu w a!er, after oilier remedies had failed. Pursous who Into ii-ed it, pronounce it without he-itation lhelt preptranoii Ii r sore, weak, or injlamed eyes, ibuy hate ctcr met wuh. Pmc 23 cent a bottle. CUI'.E FOR CORNS: Albion Corn Plaster, lhetiio-t safuaiid speedy cure for Corn yet dis rovercl; I he relief i immediate, it dissolves and reniove thucorn fiom llm funi with Hon an neithottt the least pain. Price 25 cents a Full and ample directions accompany each or tho a! ovc arlicle. N. H. .Nunc of ihe above articles will I e genuine, unle.. signed NY. I,. Kidder on the o itside wrapper: l orta.eal hi. Co intlng Hooin. fctl Srnte .Street, uri Siair, eoruir of .Mer. ban! How. Ho.inn. Al.n bv .Mus,r.s. Pi:CK et SPKAH, llurlinglon, Vt. . A liberal e'l-eoiini allowed lo dealers'. 1,'LOltV AXV SHAME OF EXULAND. In a series of familiar Letters to a Friend. Hy C. KDNVAKDS LKSTER. TltHIS is the title of a work, just published In Now -- York by Harper and lirothers, in two volume' of 550 pages, and embellished with magnificent Steel baigraviugs. The author has furnished some very sinking facts' relatite to the actual social state of England, and placed her Glory and Shame in strikim: contrast; The followini; ato some of the topics dwelt upon. The ill strwc 3Icnof Great Hritain their history and acts, their contersctiuns (with tho author,) and their inlluenco upon the destinies of tho world. Also, Original Co.nmhnicationsUnm the most distinguish ed statesmen and poets in L'urope, on the greatest subjects now agilating tho world the cruel and tyrannical oppression of tho'!is!i liovernment in all its bearings us blind courso in regard to th- whole Turili and Duly Uuesiion the horriblo starvation, nakedness, woe, crime and degradation of the tnasii oflhepeoplcqf .'ngutir.' their Causes tho untold abominations and ermines of thel'actory Sys leni, in its destruction of thousands of innocent chil dreii, iVc.-thc tyranny nnd corruptions of llio Estnb lishid Church the woes and oppressions of Ireland the great structure of English despotism in Asia, with its sacrifice of miliums by famine and slavery and an honest but painful picture of all tint consti tutes the Shame of England. And a candid picturo also, of un that is lovely, beautiful, libera! and great in bcrSteiety, constituting ua Glory.- A description otthemos' interesting and venerable Ruins, Cathe drals, (. asilcs, Abbet s and .Monuments, with as full a picture of London, (the metropolis of the world,) as there is space fur Treat Public Works Liberal nnd Lenetolent Institutions Xuhle ( tlbrts making for tho lcdemption of the oppressed of England from tyran ny with glances at every interesting object the au Ihuf met with nt sen and during 140 in drcat Britain. Ihe New York Commercial Advertiser, at the rlosa of sonic remarks, continues! " Wc can do no justice to this work m this brief police, nor is it important we shou'd, fur it will be readil) rend, nud duly apire cialcd. The American pecp'e are duly interested in the subjects of which it treats, nnd they are ably and eloquently discussed." For salo at ilia liookstoro of 1 "b- 1312- D. A. Hlt.V3I.NN. FOU SALE. rpIIAT large nnd commodious two sto': X ry lliiclc Ducim; House Lot situated on the west side nf rv,!l, JjSSUatlhe this vil. n-.: '"pii'ioi: i.2by-lj, with a basement etory; with Ki'chen anJ Prutis.nn rrll-r. ,...1 . .. : ' .,JA i:-..rx;enln,g north . n C. n'--LCl.reen.wi.b u-ili'i lure lioii-e below, am. chain! rr an slernint- ron,-,. n ove'. , large and roiiimudin i . Hnsn r,;.. i..... icchou.r andul, and a spaeiint yrd wc-t ot tbe'dwe lmu-h and a good ibiral le well of wa rr ol ihe brst qr.lry , the v.llarc, nn l.i 1 rick e,-trrn. One and a q'crucrer,t laml, rfibo first q ua in ; a large garden .iajchu,ce fruit tree., west of lie bnu.e and jr.rd. '1 l.e Il.tilding. arci.ias'ruried in me-lcrn style, of ir Ir.t mate-rial and w-..r' niansln., werrerec'toj by hi uheril er tui Ir own ii.i. n,,,i .1... i . , l . ' '" IIIIUII Ol- f . U nterv exirn-ite an I . 'ci.-ant pro-pert e,r tbd villige and lake i,,, ihe NVct Had is net. surpassed by ant-oilier in lln.. p irt oftbr eoiintry. A so for sale a li t cun'aiuingan aero of land directs ly onpo.iie Ihe above lot with a sinalleoiivcnieulwood , inn. uiiii-i- uiiTl ' I. P. r 'baer are mviii. 1 to mil n n t .vmi... r,. s. vr 'IVrms made known 1 y ihr su' s. ril-cr on the ly"-e. . SA.Ml'LL KKT.D. it iriington Jane, IC, 140. n.j .VL'ir" FiRjf - ,v:ir raor.s.. Dont coiielcnin ttllliout a trial." T s,ul'"rl!"'" '? h'rnicd a cupaitntrriup; J- under ihe firm of Ha liev nn I Coon, for the pur. pose of earning rn the business of 3Iasonry, in all lis branches', m llinliuglon or any of the ndjoinlnji lotj ns. NVe will cue our person attention to brick and stor.o work,, and all manner of jobbing connected with .Masonry. Tho senior partner has Inn more than 25 years' experience m the basine-s, aiui we feol tho utmost confidence in soliciting tho patronage i of thepuhlie. bcl.evinp and irnou-in? that wo can elo asgood woikashas been or can bo done in this place. NVe will warrant all woiR entrust ed to our cine lu he done when promised and dons lln despatch when e-nl'H for, and well done. N solicit a small share i f public patrona"e. AAIIO.V ILNDLY, HOUATIO N, COON. . iv;ir firm. rpHE Subscribers would repecifully inform the public that they have purchased the entire stock of Furniture ?nd FnnningMills at the New Ebtahjish- nieni herctnfjre owned nnd condurted by the film' rf .Milchdlii Il.iru s, uud will eun.miie the bustnrss undi-r llio linn of Harnes .V Kee'er, w here ihey intend to keep constantly on hand an extcnsite assortment of Sufns, Secretaries, Hook-roscs, Huieaus, I'cdsttsds, Tables a'ttd Stands of various kinds and prices to suit cus nnicr.. 3Iosl kinds of country produce re ceive! inpaynienl. Also inosl kinds Lumber, suitable for our busiiio-s will be taken in exchange for Furr.t lutc or Fanning .Mills. IIAUNES it KEELKR. TannxT. THE iwo nory dwellmf Hen e on Pearl street, late ly iveiipiiHl by lhhop Hopkins and ncarlv opoiie tho Hrick Church. T 0 premises may 1 r' ui'Mcdui any linie,and'r-.oa given. Apply te t ro. 0. ikokkshix Isrh1 tl - J311 phlstf

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