Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 13, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 13, 1842 Page 1
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tout fvt & flte NOT THE GLORY OF C 1 S A R RUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1842. No. 49. LILY SYRUP. An unpar railed remedy for Viscoses of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Mood, Hooping Cough, $c. fy. TO T1IK PUBLIC. In presenting to llie j lie a new remedy for disea- neor the lunfr,il may lie proper to say thai, judging from the many e-citificate and recconimcudation of other iccilics contained in the newspaper? of (lie day no new remedy was fallal for or required. Hut if the popular rctneJic had materially le-scned the lulls of mortality, or any one of the many preparation' po fscd those virtue reconi mended, so that after n la. trial, the patient could depend upon its healing power--, and rationally 1ioj for a speedy recovery of health, this huniMe attempt to arret the progress of Pulmo aary Consumption would not have nppeaicd. Out that the violinw of ihi destroyer are daily in creasing, need" no-proof anil the lame cale of the Druggistsshow that llie remedies ot the day have been fairly trieJ, an I failed in their ob,'e'ct, if lint ob ject wallie restoration to heal'h of person s rloriug Irom disease, of the Itiuss. While one remedy dries up a cough that shnildbe properlv uidel to throw o l the viscid phlegm collected upon the lungs and throat the harbinger uf di-e.ise, another, hy n had selection ni ii KTiptcirnnt. is indeed enabled to dispossess the present tenant, 1ml leaves a wor.-o one to occupy the ihaitercd premi-es; and ly it, the work of death is the seoncr accompli-licd. TlicLII.Y SYHLP inow Mievedto 1 the he-t .m,li- lun.' eoniii'aints. lia ever nnpeared. To cure Pulmonary Consumption after the disease has done it MM work, or iiccoine t'.ui-.i upon inc vi- al Cini'iiiiiK. and tubercles an: formed and And atmospheric air is inhale.l into the part-, is not amonirthc pretension- of the thou-andanil one nopn'ar nosirnnisto the contrary, notwithstanding). Tin. nii-.hcmedia- re-torcd inanv who were sun- posed tole leyond cure, hy men standing high in the medical protession; pui uicir resummon m ih.-iiui it.n.i.w.1 ilmt rtn-ni .nid nod men may in the Map; or progress of tliedi-ca-i-. Hence, let no person dc-pairof relief, until he ha-made a lair trial a tin. I ,iU Svrun. Thia medicine operates l.y promwtns a free and ray epcctoralion, ihi-rel y freeing the lungs and throat (rom viscid phlegm, nnd-trciiglhenhig the par's xml freeing them from intlamalory action which .-..nciiiMi.. ilt.. itwp-e of Pulmonary Cou-nniplinii. The Syrup isentirclv free from a-iv mineral -uhsum c, nu purely vegciaote mm may u-t i.n-.u .u 1-1 feel snCle lie Ihe mo-i delicate constitution-. It is highly recommcndel to lh"-c. who have weal; lungs. Teacher- 01 performers of vocal mu-ic will find it of invaluable use to them, hy ii- giving great strength and sweetne to the lone-ol mu -ic, mil en aiding the person to ueiform with grc.uc.t-e. Pit' lie speakers and debater will luid a ol invaluable scr vie,- to them. Tin- medicine ha- ls-eit thoroughly nnd mw. -fully tcslel livable pliv-ie-ian, and by their advice is now prepare! and n ler-M to the public, to speak fur il-clf til IhccHi-e of alllictcd Ii imauiiy. Ami may ho who tiles-c I the instrumentality of clav to open ihccye of tJIC UIIIiU, mai.e ll a messing in llie t.niuij, ui, the reat obiect of tlx proprietor will I e accoin- rlished. All me heme slio d.l l liven according to the situ tiou of the patient ; and, il much rclieed, a .smaller quantity than wheru there i con-ulerable strength. Thedire.'tions on the kittle may I a; la! en as a general i-.ilc: but if tal.en for a Ions standing cough, it inav be necessary to lal.e a niMch larger do-e for someone of two days, an leven ol ener until an cxpe -loraliou produced that will 1 fieo and ca-y. When llicrc t much liglmie-s ol the che-1. it will sometime . increa-i the coag.h for a d.vv or two; in whu-hca-e, ihc patient should tike the .SvVup more I'icclv. cen until tt should produce a.-livh' lia i-ea of Ihuslouiach He ni ed not tear any harm liom such -en.ition. I would say to all who purchase llrt m iinne lor we, that llicv e.i haw but linle hope ol k-ius leuciittcd I en, uule-- a taken stcadilv when it is commence! with. Some havctal.en it once a ilav, then twice, ihen not anv liu two or three days. I '.1111101 me Hut su.-h .1 I If likely to receive min-n U-iicul Iroiu it ; lint 11 tai.eii regularly, it is eminently cab-ul.ite.l 10 uproot the dis ease, an'it to resiort? to s'onnd licalth. It is thcearne t desire of the proprietor 10 have every one that n-e- n! least one bottle of it steadily according K tbed rcc-tioit-, to eoiniii inicate the res I ( 10 the per.-on ol wlmin he purchased the medic. nr. The propricior 1- privilege 1 10 refer to the fullowius persons 'V ho have u-ed the Lily Syrup, mi I who will tie happy to Rive infuriii.itlon of it- nipt nor healing powrrs,'to anv wi-huiz to know more a! out it. Mr. t'rilteiiifcn, one of the linn of K. K. Smith A i'it., whole aleand retail merchant, lixchanKe-Mi-ce', lto-he-ler, for bhvdin at the Inn?-. Kev. I.'. Tucker, I'.t-tor of second llaplitt Church, Roi-he.ter. Captain K. rreeman, for a bad conzh. Mr. Stoddard, of the lirm ol S'anwood & Co. hook ..!!.. .,f It, if.. In and Stale -Irtvta. Hu.-hesier. Mr. J. .M. Frenclv, North-Street, I!odie-ter, tor the 1. ....: , v, Mr. Soiilhworlh, Stone-street, Roclw-ler, for l ad Mr. Itolcrt I'Kiblen, Monrre-strcct, lloohc-tcr, in a severe and alarming ca-e of the wliooiiing-coupli K larnanl, Ksijuire, ollice tn i-ourt-hou-c, 111 a nir nf wlioom'nr-couch ill his f.tmilv. Captain V. 1). l-'i.-h, fur a casooi l'hthiio in his fHllliU. Rev. .Mr. Clark, Pastor of the Baptist Church, l.e Knv Rev. Mr. P. Church, Pastor of the first Hapti-t Church. Rochester. Captain A. Urilton, lor Haemorrhage of the lungs. A. G. Smith, cashier of Mechanics and Farmers' flank, Roche-ter. I.. W. Sibley, of the firm of Sil lcv & Scrantom, dry sood merchants and auctioneer-, liuilalo-strett. ftohee'er. . Kcv. A. Kins-ley, Pastor of llie Baptist Church at Manchester. Rev. Jacob Knann. Kvanrell-t. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carritse Ma.kcr, St. Paul-street, flirmn TiirL-rr nltornevut law. Roche-ter. Mr. Thomas A-hman, paver, Roche-ler, who ha reeeived astonishing relief. l'lca-c inquire of Ins tare. Itev. Thomas Carlton, M. K. Cli. Rochester, A. Steel, (bleeding at lung-) Lockport. H. Miner, We-t Henrietta, Monroe I'o. Profes-or Mctiinnts, Hainillon Theol. Sem'y. Rev. Ixjvi Tucker, Cleveland, Ohio, rr w. Cool.-. " ICTThe Proprietor has been oTcreil ctrlifica'es tiy many of the above (rentlenien J but he prclcrs lliat tno-e vvistuug tntormation, vvouio can 011 uivm per tonally. PECK &.SPKAH, ' A cent-for tin-section. meansof savins tliou.-aud- from an untimely crave, or Purifier oftln 11 lias ueeil sitece-s. and i-e.t-e-, viz. Consu.iipiion, Whoopina (Jonah-, com-1 cures it ha perloruieil, and the (treat iirmatut inane 1011 Coushs. Co'd.. diiricnll lli-ealbiiiir. Inlluciiza. fori! bv t.10 advice of nhvsician well aco'iaintot with wumsy, A-titinn, I'litliisic, Spiiiinj. ot iiiooii, i-i.iiu- ency, iii'iiL-ciiou, L-oo-enc 01 the tiovvcl., His- ot every kind, Cramp, Rickets, Colic, C.llnnh, lly-ep uirv, raiuuu7, "ypocponuriac Aiicciions, iieauactie, SicKiics-at Stomach, Aloa-lc, a preventive of Coif lasriousdiscases, Coutand Rheumatism. IZPTIionhove Medicine itircparcd I v Henrv Scv- inoiir,ol'IIadley, .Ma. from the Onsiiiul Recipe, by the direction ol said .Moon', nnd sold by litui and the rmciial Drussi-lsin the United Stales. Sold wholesale and relail hy Peel; it ,5pcar. M CORK'S KSSI'ACi: OF I.I I 'Ii .V Valuable I Mclicine. w hich, if nY-bllc niiulinl. will e the IVOTICH JcyMehcine i be.l known by the ll ernes it peifoim-.riJ I. Newton's Panacea, moon. 1 lie iiuparaiicicii aim snu old nnd 11-ed for ihiriv vcar. with 1 inercJintrrepulntion vvhieli ihl mcihcinc has ncuair found very ellicaciou- in the followimr ! ed thro-tuhoul the New l'ii?l.ilid Stales, nnd liu inanv -IF.RTAIN CURF. FOR SICK HF.ADACHK, vj which has been tied ill families, everv member of which has had sick hcndaclio front infancy, ns n constitutional family complaint, nnd lias cured elite- Unity mcvery instaiieojet known, n niotin t inr lo 111 1 nyliundrcds. It isnot iinilcnsniit to the taste, nnd docs nut prevent the daily avocations of one 111112 it il must bo persevered in, nnd thn cure is grmlttnl, but certain una permanent, instances nre constantly mmtiplyingwlicrcthi-distressing complaint is coin- ilctely rtlicvcil aim enrol, nllhoiilt ol years -tannine iv the use of Dr. Spohn's celtbralcil rcntedv. One lecidcdnreferenceisitsnlcasinlness. linviiin none of the nauseatina ctfect of coniinon drugs. Itis so nerfcctlvsalisfactorv. that the nronrietnr lias given directions lor liisogenlsto rt-funu the price to any one vv ho is not ptcacu witii, ami even cureil uy il. He hopes also t tint ibis tnav secure ils great ben efits to the distressed snllcrcrs who nrc laboring under Headache. Ii SPOIIX. 31. D., inventor and Pro prietor. .SoldbyCO.USrroCv-.r. TO., ?1 Maiden I.ano. New York. P F. C K & S P P. A If, Wltoletla Agents n few doors cast of tho Post Office, Uurlini'- ton, v t. n9 7)1,I.I'.TT U IlltADI.KY have just received L nnd oiler for sale at the lowest miccs for cash or approved credit, a large nnd well stlecliii assortment ol liioeencs, consisting in part 01 llie Mlo.vuur: 5 IIluls St CroW s igar, 10 do Porto Ilico 10 do New Oi cans 50 Hags Itio Collie, 30 do .lava do SO Boxes snip, 3 do superior do ." 1I0 I'xtra do 10 Ke.'s salt Pctrc, llhd St Cro x Rum, 5 Pipes lliilhiut Gin, '2" qr ca-ks Malaga Wine, ."jfl l! l'iic?, '20 11 igs 1'ipper, do Pimento, 'i't Keg-pure ftinger, 25 do Raisins. its preparation, has hid iced the proprietor lo extend ll fiif.tiil.ilinn in .illiln-l ecerc town ill the Cistern Stales nnd the principal towns in the United Sinte. This Pnnacoii warranted purely vegelal le,und I- not surpassed y any other niedici'iie ever ollered to the allbcted ns 'it- extensive sale nod great popularity plainly prove. It ha- vvillun llie la-t cigniceu montiis cured in thou-ati Isoflho most ob-linate ili-ca-cs, a can le pz-oved by cerliliealesj mm 1-pronounced by eminent an 1 repei'tnble physician- (he I e-l medicine in use. L'.-cfnl inl'ormalinu may 1 e loiind ill cireii'.iirs eonuiiniiig certificnles of cure-and diieclions fur In king the medicine. The following nppointed ngenl. Burlington, PF.CKitnd SPF.AR, R. Moody St Albans, Curtis and Ru-sel Millon, C. Draki -Milloit Fall-, Buriict and S.iwvcr Walerville, Fi-1. and Brown, llinc.burgh, Hull nnd Cook Fairfax, Parker and Matlield Vcrjicnues, nn I Murray Cambridge, M. Wire- Underbill, M. ('. Barney .North Feirisl.urL'li, II. C. Wicker Ceorgi.-i,' A. Bli-s VVilli-lon, N'. Cliiliendcu Itichmcivl, (iri-en & liho 1c- .lolm-on, (i. 1,. Warner nnd C - Monkloii, F.ihan niuilli liakermelii, Ariuiugion aim vv oouwar i lield, Buiiict and I iirnswoiih. c.o.p.l.I.IO "1'riNnotv sAsii- T Just received 15, 21) and 217 by S) casements ol siish.a first rate article al 31 nnd 31 cents perlighti nl-n nil kind- midsize-, I'urnisbed to order. Ticonileroga black- lead, a lir-t rale ni-ncle, for sale very low, toge'licr with n np...n vrii-iv ol 01 her aril clcsas cheap ascan hclound al any oilier establish incut m tnc placo tiKO. it.tkk.son. oy g u m s RSET as 2 xa ,o "1T7 HATCH would nfortn tho 111 VV a habiinnts of Bui liliL'ioti nnd vi' citnty, that lie lias opened n shop in VjPiiicii street, ni tne sign 01 me nine, wlicte hointends to cairy on the liiin siiiilh Business, in all ils various branch es. Having bien cmplojcd for the last si years in the shop of .1. M. Caswell, in I.aiiMiigburgli, (uiidoubKilly tho best shot) in the United .SlntesA he feck war ranted in oll'criiig his woik to the public. Burlington, June 1, 1811. lVOCT. I J Headache M i'F. MAItSII.VI,l.S Aruin.ilic, Catarrh nnd I'his Snuii i- superior lo anv thing vel Known, lor removing mat iroiiHe-oine ui- e, the L.ilurrh, anil al-o a row 111 the '.cut, an I the headache, ll opens anil purge- out all ohsituciion trcnglheiis the gl.ind-,au I uivt'-u hnillhy action toll liart- a. ectod. It 1- pi rlcct.v Ircc Irom anv llnngdeli lenou- in it- composition has a 1 lea-ant (lav-or. aiii its imme balee.i'ec', after 1 cing useil, Is nbgrceable. Price II 7 cents per Pintle. l)o-t. M-tr-hallS Vc.-elab'e Indian Black Pl.ASTIilt 'I hi- Pla-lcr i- unrivalled for curing -mil ,.ve! lings, S -urvv Sores, Lame Back-, and 1- ic-h v (l'liul- patn-tu tlie spic-, iiip-nnu 1.1111! s; nivl-clilom I.11I- ti givetelu'l 111 lix'al Rhe iniati-in-. If appbed to 111 -i 'e,it will cure many of I be common Liver Complain!- and i-e.pial, if not superior, to auv thing in uc for corns on the Icet ; the viiti.i's of this Pla ter have ken .vitne-cd by thousand.- ol the Imi'c -rale-, wlio liave te-ie 1 il-ciiu-ai-y; Miiii pyttie pio prictor; viia-. nowen, .vuuiiieoiiry, t., nuu -rr.xn, B in.iirliugt Vt. H price. LOVELY iV SEYMOUIi. AVE iust ree'd from Xevv York a large assort mem 01 warpctings 01 every 1.11111 jusiuy aim Enirlish Drutrettf. a 0rc.1t variety of patlmi- Octa con and Drab Persia Floor Oil Cloth from 3-S 10 9-4 wide. Rush Malting from 4-4 tn C-4 wide, Juigi! Manilla nnd Alocant Malls, Stoir Rods iVc. Also, Prpnrh nnd American Paner HnneiiiL's. a larccr aseortuicnt than was ever before olleicd in this placn and at prices that cannot lail lo suit punliasirs. Nov. lSth 1341. Til E snb-cribcr has a Iahge stock of School Books nnd Paner. Merchants. School conitnit'ees A-c.furnis.hcd on tho most liberal terms. Rags and jiost Kinusui country iitouuee recciveiiiu p.iviurni Nor.i'6. C.fiOODRlLII DltAPKU AMI TAIKOH. m OIILII once more remind his customers that ll continue- locarry on the above busme-s in all 1. ...rim,.. I.ranebes al his Old Staml on St. Paul Mreet, near tho Kpicopal Church, and in sight of the UatliolieUfturcn. 1 naiihiui iur loiwt are solicited 10 continue iheir patronage, arid many new ones are much desired. I he newest r a.h ions promptly received. Culling done on short notice cheap for cash. I have on hand some old account, which I should lie to exchange for cash. .Nov. 12, 1811. Nails ami lion. I CZfi( KHUN XAII.S assorted sizes, m.-rj-F iuu no 1 im-iung .miiis, n.i do fcfcii .i up hi 1 1 a "Kin ion Iisiiii --nikr. Troiu '.iOit tit t'O 1 nuil ti iurli 10 Tons of roirul and sipiaie Iron, fiom 3 1-tlths to 3 inch. 10 Tons of horse tdioc Iron, of the. various sizes t do of Hand Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, tin and square in. Bloom do For sale at nnnulaiMiircr's prici . by FnU.F.TTi.t BRADf.F.V, Agcnls. PI AM) FOJiTKS. MR. MUNSOX, 1MO-5T re peel fully give- inl ine thai be h-i-011 hand and i.- V iitaniil'acl'iring a variety of Piano Fortes, which are oicrcd lor sale on llie ino-l re.Ti n ib e term-. A- the e in-iriiincuts aie inailcon vcrvinucl, improvcl plan, llicv are w.irrnnted lo ie super or to an oiucr in-ir-ioicui- 01 uie r-i.iuo 1.111 1, in pariakuii.' in a high degree ll.o lorn; 1 1 tbu Flule In point ofio'ich audilur.ibdiiv of workman b p llicv ne al-o wanmrcu 10 ie irpini 10 any in-tin- men's uiuiiiit.n turu 1 111 the i.uget ft'atcs. .i perstin- vv ho want a good Piano are parliculnrly in vited to call ami xamiiie lor llitiiuclvc-. Burlington, Feb. 21, 1&12. "A rVSTRHIOUS! A ecntleman lulonginctu jVL one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city.vvliotniisl lie well known lonumeroiisiiienus bavinir since the venr 1S1R. tin to recently, been bent neatly Uotiijle, nun lor several years eoiiiiiuu 10 ins licil, lias ticcn icstureil to goi 11 lieaitn lias regained Ids n.iturnl rnrt iiositimi and has ollitted Ills ear. inge,nnil now walks with eascil e pciieveinis is tltcgenileman - own iecripnon as near as possiuic, nnd thtreis no exaggeration ui it. Wo will giveinnui- rcrs his addriss, ntul doubt not humane fellings will excuse the liberty i so that any one doubling, may .-noirlliesefacls thouiih he rcnucsls his name may not appear in print. Among oilier instances, Mr. Jas. (.Reynolds. Ill Christie-street, has been restored. and will give personal ns-urances of the facts of his ense. Until were rheumatism, and contracted colds nnd sinews. I low has this I ecu ilono I Answer, liu the IiMm Vegetable FAixcr in Ivrnal'y, and Jhtres' Xcne and Hone Liniment rxl-rniiiiii. ,ian. ati. leu. SohlmilybijCOMS'rOCK if. CO., 71 ,ljiil(n' Ltre. Setc Yuri. 11!) PUCK cV- .SPP.Ali, Wholesale Agents, a few doors east of the Post Office, Biirling'ou, Vt. - . - - INDIA.V I'lIItCiATIVIi IMI.I.S, '.'w,v( Vrgrtable. A rA-M'FA'"ICIl I) rii lci be imm.-l.a'c -upcrin- j-tj.ttnileiicc of WilliamiViii'b!,vice-pre.idcnl ol the .Nort .lmrricnn Cullcje of Health, for the treatment audei 10 tif di.-cuos in the form of Billions nnd ru-r- voii- Fever-, .Measles, Small Pox, Pauls 10 the toin.ick, l ack mi l side, Consumption, Dropsy,1, mo iln. Cineer. Siiinilla of Blood. Sic', like imati-ni, Di.irrhn- i, Dy-cniarv, Colics Dy.pcp-I sia, I'.ilpualun 01 111c iicari, i.iccn ami sores 01 every kind, if-c. .S:c c or saai 1 y PKCK .V SPIHR, Burlington. V. II. IKM I.V, Willi-ton. W. .1. li;o(ll,A.S', Ilme-burgh. .1. II.IIAI.BritT, Wi-ifi,nl. j iik'jmu.'j 111 1 uafini MOFFAT'S VliOl'.TABWO I.IFK MEDICINKS. The-e medicine- are indebted for Iheir name lo their manifest and sensible action in purifying the spring- and channels of life, and enduing them with renewed lone nnd vigor. In many hundred certified c.iseivvhicli have been made pullio, nnd in almost everv species ofdi'sen-e lo w Inch llie human frame f lial Ie, ihc happy elects of.MolTAT'j Life Pili. and Pil'KXtx BlTTi.ns havu been greatfullyand publidy ne.iiiowledged by (he persons benefitted, und who were previously tinacu lamted with llie beautifully phi losophical princip'es upon which they are compound ed.nud iiiinii which thevooiisciincnlly act. The l.IFF. MI:l)ICI.M.& recommend tliemclvc In ti.p.i-f.4 of every form nnd description. Their first operation k lo 'oo-cn from the coals of (he stomach mid bowel-, he various impurities and crudities con stantly scilling around lheiujnnd to remove the har denel f.ues which collect in the convolutions of the sinalle-1 inlc-lines. Oilier meibcine.s only partially eleanelhe-e, and leave such collected mas-cs behind n- to produce habitual ooliveness, with all its Irani ol evils, or sudden diarrhea, with it- imminent dagcrs.n This fact i well known to nil regular anatomists, who examine the human bowels nfler death J nnd hence the prejudice of those well informed men against nuach medicine or medicines prepared and Heralded lo thepiil.licby iguormil per-on-. The second clleet ol Ihel.ife Me licines i-to clcan-e the kidneys mid the bht'lJcr, und by this means, tin; tivt-r and the liui-, tho heallhfiiliielion ofwhielientlrclydepeiulsnpon the re gularity of the urinar organ-. The Llood, which lakes its red color from the agency ol the liver and the lungs lieloie il passes into the heart, being thus purified py iiiein, mid nourisncu uy iuuu l unni irom a ciean stuiuaeh. conr-es freely through the veins, renews every part of the sy-lem, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol licallli 111 tne uiooming eneel;. MuTnl'x Vczctnlilc Llie Medieities have been thnr oughlv te-lcd, and pronounced a sovereign rcinedyfor Dc.neii.i.i. Flntiileiicv. Palpitation of llie Heart. Loss of Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Restlessness, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos. tivcncs-, lliarrlura, Cholera, Fevers of nil kind-, Rbeuin ili-m, (ioui, Dropsies ol all kind-, Gravel, Worm-, Aslhina and Consumption, Scurvy' Fleers' Inveterate Sore-. Scorbutic Kruplions and Bad Com plexions, F.ruptive complaints, tallow, Cloudy, nnd oihcrdi-agreeable Complexions, Salt Rheum, r.rvsio- elas, Common Colds and Inlluens!a,aiid various other complaints which afflict tliehntnan Iramc. In fcvr.n nn I Anun, parlicularly, the Life .Medicine- have I ecu tno-t cmincntivsiiccv-siiu ; so iniicn so tnat 111 me I-ever .111 1 Aguedi-lrict., Phy-icians almost tuiiveioally prc-cril c them. All in it .nr. .io:iat reiiuiresoi in- patients is to le particular in taking the Idle Medicines striclly accor ding to the direct ions. It isnot a newspaper notice, or by anything Ihct heliini-elfmaysay intheir favor, that he hopes to gain ciedit. Itisiilonebythe rcsults of a trial. MOFFAT'S MKDH'AL MA.MIAL; designed as a lome.tie iriiidetii he.illh. Thlslllllo pamnhlet. ed'tcd by W. B., 27o Broadw ay, .New 1 ork, ha- I ern pul li-he.l fortbe purpose ofcxplaimng niorefully Mr. Mo bit'-theory ol disca-es, und will le loiitnl highly interesting to persons seeking health. It treats upon prevalent di-eases, and the causes thereof. Price, 25 rent- nr -:i e I vVlr .1 o lal's Agents lipnera V These valuable Medicines are for salebyGF.ORF.K L. WARNFIt A-Co. Jobnsin, Vt., General Agents, by whom all orders from any part of the Slate or Canada, will le prumptij answered. -a t Dec. 17, 1311. II AGAR Sf ARTHUR, General Agent-for Mo bil'- celebrated medicine.' lo whom all applications for agehcies must Le ad drccil. Builington, Jan. 23, 1812. BR. TAYIOR'S BALSAM O V 1,1 V K IllVORT, Oli-ervo when vou buy thai von get the genuine, prepare! at 35 Iluwery, New Vork. See that 375 BoweryMcw Vork is on the wrapper of each Bottle. All others nre Frnitik and sold only by speculators, without regard Injustice, to thu public, or the proprie tors of the geiiuinenrlicle. IrOR Consumption, and I.iver complaint-, Dyspep sia, dizziness of the head, loss of appetite, Dysen tarv, and general regulator ol the whulesystem. None genuine l.u that iirepnred at 373 Bowery, New York, where lint nriicle was first made, the char. acierofthe medicine formed and established by the present sole proprietors, and whonre the only-person knowing the conipositiou of the genuine. It has I cen iced successfully for cighl years in the cure of these diseases. JcyRcmcinl cr llm original and Genuine Is made only al io. 375 Bowery. New York. A 1 other are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As a general remedy for the-e diseases. I am f.dlv satisfied, from long experience, there is no medicine eifial to Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being pine y vegeinoie, it call lie used Willi the iitmo-t salely l.y nil tic. -(ins in every condition. It elean-es. the lungs l.y expectoration, relievos difficult breathing, andsceiiis o heal theche-t. Therccan lo noqtiction but tin- medicine is n certain cuic fur chronic roughs and colds. 1 have useJ it lour year- in mv praetiif, and always with success. A. F. ROGF.R'S, M. D. 1 touting tn the J hrnat. I know-Dr. Taylor's B.tlsam of Liverwort lo tc a certain remedy for lliiseomplninl, ns I have u-ed il my-clf and fuuud ils everts mi iiinnedi.ile. I was much troubled until I made me of this medicine. M. L. HF.NHHAW. 211 Mungln st. Hoar.-enes Ciued For the cure of hoar-enuss 1 can -tronglv reccouunind Dr. Taylor'-Bal-atn of Liy ervyorl. I liave not onlylouud great 1 enelit my-clf, but many of my eongieg.ttion by my re 'commenda tion have recicviil great I enelii from its virtue, ll is atoni c mild .efficacious and Intrude. RLV.AZ. LF.WIS. Severe Coughs and Colds I have had n mo-t se vere cold and con jli, (or a long flints which 1 could not gel ridof." Aher n-ing many tt-e!e.s things I tri ed Taylor's Bahmn of l.ivcrworl, and it cured me in a lewii.u's. ll. iv i;i(i;i.ui;n.. Rai-uig of Wood About two w-cel.s ago I bad a fall, which cau-cd me lo -pit large qualities of blood wlin-li uotlung could cure until I tried Dr. luylor s Bal-ain of Liverwort. This incln-iiie gave me imme diate rcliefand in n very short time elected an entire re. Let nil per-on-try it. IIFtill MC GAI!VKV,21 Cannon -I ur. Invlor's o l.ivervvor I In-superior remedy lordi-ea-c- ol llie lung- nud nvir lias obtain ed a reiiiitn'ion never lefoicepiallcd. Remarkable Cure of Cunsiiiniitwn. was her death Willi tin- d.-c.i-c. that mv friends enl for a pr.csl to confe-s mo etc I died, lie in His iiiLn-v, told mc uol to giveini mm I tried nr. I'aylor'- HaNam of Liverwort. I sent immediately or this ineibeiiie, und nllhough tho conte-l for a few lavs I etween this nieihcine.niid mv dcea-e was se vere, the medicine conipiei el, and in a fortnight 1 is re-toied tolie.tltli. I had a co ish, im-ing ol mat r. lo ol mv voice, pain-, weakness. &c. I can re fer to Doetor'Wil-i p. in the Csirlton Ilou-e. for the truth of my statement. MA1! DILL, 10 h stit-cleor. iiewaicoi uaii'i-. ot ji uveill.c. Summer Complaint. The Bal-ain ol Liverwort, in -evcral ca-es of thi li-ea-c, wnere all other remedies applied bv tmysi cians have proved ineifcctual, hit produceil a pcrlirs ure fft It I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. TIIIS article 1.1 too well known to need commcn - dation and the c.xperUnce of seven years has demonstrated to tho commercial cunnntinitv. that for accuracy, convenience anil durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 lo C ton. Dot mint Warehouse do. to vvci'di from 1-2 lb. ouUOOIbs., Portahlo do. to weigh from 1-2 u7. to '00 lbs. Portable Counter do a oewntticln to wen. from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. tt J. II. Peck &. Co.-Asents. Burlington, Ajiril 8 1R41. BOOTS A1TD HOSO'. I'or tlieMii-llig li-.tdc. . (iBM'MIJinX'S Calf Boots, sow cil nnd peggtd, with nnd with out h el plates ; Kip lioots. sovvel nnd peg ged : Men'.- and Boys' Thick Boots; Gent's Cnlf Gaiters, the best anie'efer Spring wear ever inaiifactiircd. .O Pairs Women's Leather Boolrrs and Shoes, Gent's Leather Over Shoes. The above will 1 e told low for ready cadi, by J AMF.S II. IM.ATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Stncls, Builington. March 1, IB-l.'. liuir 31111 Slonrsitnd Iiolling Chilis, ft A PAIR of Fretich llurr JIill Sinnta nuil n conv ""plcte assurlinent of Dolling Cloths, from a cele brated .Manufactory in Holland, fur silc at reduced prices, by I-Ul.1,1, l r it l.ilAUl.liV, Agcnls. IIOV. i'J. AT ATUHE'fS GRAND RKSTOIIAT1VF.. Tin 1.x valuable Vegetal le Medicine stand unrivalled lor theliiliowing complaints, viz: Dyspepsia, 4or Indi' ge-iioii,oi-e.t-cii t.iver, Miiou-disorder-, wropsv, Astn ma, Costivene.-s, Worms mid lo of Appetite, and bv cleansing the stomach ami I owels, cure- piiin- in the side, -tomach and ci.lil. ui.l ,i,n,rl,. ,( Imiu -tJiiibne, lloar-i- .li..rtiis- ol I re.uli, IServou- coiuiila nils, etc., which nrcfienncnily the e icet of dis ease, i-or leveraiid Ague, it fa ino-t valuaile pre vcnlativc as well as a sovereign icinedy. ll. virtue iimns- miv ihing bcrelofure known 111 removi'mr St 'iiu-' Daiuc, two boitles have I een known to'eiue Ihis nlUu-img disease, alicr having I allied every cxer lion lorfour vcars. It lias a most powerful influence in removing nervous ci.iiipi.nni-. it i- pleasant total. ami "oea-y in its operation, that it may I c administered to the uifdiil willi safely. The above'Miilicine is very highly recommended l - in.tiiy scientific gentlemen and n large nuiiil cr ol ladie-, vv ho have proved ihr virtue- of Hie Medicine bv personal of their -....:i:... . i :n..t- .:.:. . , , .., i.iiiiiui -. .iiiii iimvi uiica t-s ui-eoiopai.ics eacn oonie, with direction-. It may le had whole t.le or retail ol . Ili-il.nn, Uarre, and J. C. I urnam, Last Williams town, v I. sole proprietors. 1'iciiared lioin Ihc oi igm il recipe; lur sale by J.. II. Preiiti.s.JIoutiiclier, nnd I'l-fK ll.hl't-lll. Iliirlingion, and in the principal towns in the sl,tte;nll ure nous signe.t ui tnc iianu writnic ol tne proprietor BEWARE OF DECEPTION. It has frequently come to the know le !go of the sub scriber, thai empty SiiuH'Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the purpose of si lling in theninn inferior quality .Smill'; and also, that his aniui-iauud nave, ui sonic instances, otcn counter feited, or the general th sign of '.he sanin so iiiii'ntid as to easily diceive the unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi. tltttij to inform piiriliascru of the manner in which they nre often imposed upon ; and lie wool 1 litrcbv rtuuest Ihdii to tear od or def.ico tho l.-ibels on Ihooulsideuf tho.lars, nflcr having disposed of the contents, so ns to prevent further list ol the Mine. A suitable reward will bo paid for such evidence ns will lead to the detection and conviction of Ihc im postors. 'l'iic subscriber continues to Min'ifitcture, and vf. ftrs for sale the fullotciiiq articles: rinc Iti'ouu Smill'. Genuine Maccnboy, J ro-o American Rappee, Imitation do. S flavoud, Holland do. Sicily, do, Tuberore. Maltese, do. St. (Imer. Cutacoa, do. Ktrohurg. Coarsen rown Siniir. Deinigros. JVatthilochcs. Pure Vircinia. French Rappee. Bourbon, Amciicnn (icntleinm St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. I.. .Mixture. Yellow Smill, Scotch and) ,- . 1 ii-Ii Bind "guard or ? f-.-.rca IlighToasti , inc- I.ish High Toast, 5 Colrtt ueet Srcntnl l'nc Cut ('lievviiiK Tobacco. Spanish, Ktlcforl, Canaster, Common and Sinn. VrA liberal discoiuit made lo wbolcsalo dealers. PF.TFR LORILLARD, Jr., 12 Chatnam-St., Now York, Slirctlngs. LYMAN & COLE fl AVI! itecivcd, in nddiiion to their for stock of 1 A Dry tiooils, mi extensive a sst ituicut ol Kill an I Winter tirod- ; among which will le lo md .i i-eat variety of articles Ii r Lakes' Cloak-; Alpaccj Lustre, a very ptclty article; Al area silk Warp, Cainblctccn, Plain Black Alpine-, Fig'd do., Satin Dams k, Biychclla, Persian Cloth, Ficneh,, and liugli: h'.Mcrino-, Mou-cline de laiiie and primed sStxunit's, a great variety auu low priced; tioals liuir mid iiuil.ilion ty.-imi let. SILKS. A small assortment of ru b fig'd and slri'pd Silk Heavy Black Canton, Grodc .S'wiss nnd other silks, SHAWLS. Lupin's 1 el scarlet, I lack, while, and colored; A lew extra -ie vv or-led shawl-, Glove-mid Hosiery a large a ortmcnl ; an iiniisuallylargeassorimentol American prim-; 1-icm h and i.ngli h ilu. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton singling nud sinning: 'I'icki. g and Wail ling; Mlcaclieu lot on and Jlcrrimae sheeting, very ' - low. VMI.Oirs TMMMIXGS. Wur-li'l Kiiiilins, m'IU' ilo. L.irsv ronml anil snuaio .utm.ur ji)rti". iur inrraiiii nu inni iurtiit"-.fij iii- WnMtvl iiml ftlk Aurv: h'nireil nil; an I flve IliiiUm-, mow l.L'iirc : ftvin mIK, Twiift uv Tin ad P.uUinSi Cau!i, hclena- CtlM .Hmm, Hi own (iinl lllai'l; Lnu'ii ; Vtir(fil phu l for Farin; i Uuttun fr x'r t'oat-i tve, FANCY IIKFS. A varielv of rich dc Lame, Chally, silk, and new stvie lancv nn-. nun v i-.f. lillO AD CLOTHS. Heavy doul lu mtllcil Broad ('loth.: IVnver and Pilot Cloih-; Hich Diamond Bcuv ci Cloih ; also a cucra ussoi'tme'iit ol Il irluigton JI ill Cloths. Gentlemen and Ladies arc invited loc.ill and exam ine our very exit iisivc assortment, which we o:ler at rcduccit prices tor t asti. Bitrlinglon, 23 Oct. 1811. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and C'oniiscllorat Law, TWO POORS KAST OF Till TOUT OFFICE, IT staius, lUferto Messrs. J. & . II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, llarristcr and Attornry at Law, ( Late in the office of the lhn. Solicitor Gen' I Day) L1TTI.R ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1841. Reference in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire.?! rff BALKS l-l Brown Sliecling". '3 Case, Illeaclieil do. Nov. 30, 1811. For sale by VILAS, LOOM1S & CO. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UA1BIUCAU JI' S T received, a supply ol Marsh's eclel rated Trusa's, of every dcsi-ripiion, for sale by the dozen or.inslf, Nov. I. PECK if. SPEAK. ll 1 I riscs neciiralelv appli cdlrcc of t barge. FARRAR, WAFT ROOT, Importers anil Wholesale nnd Detail Dcalcrsln nRnnKFRV m ass & mm warc VIIHnni -. , l w w w Wllllll I L.J Keep constant iv on Hand large assort mtnt of IJm iter Sets com plite, willi soup auu fcauce iu reuis, Butter Boats. Salad covered Dishes P alters. I'ickcl Id-lie and CusiutU Ctis oi Blue, Pink, White, Aldan and Bourbon sprig'd ware, willi Tea Sets to match each ; a great variety of Toilet i-cts and all rjiialiiie-s ol common ware usually wanted tor family use', all of which will bo sold cheap at wholesale or retail at tlieir aiorc, corner oi ciiurcli and Uollege streets Burlington, Jan. 31, I'iVi. jEWTOEtE. " The Sew Vork"Casli Uai dvvai c Store. THE Subscriler having ilc'ennined to carry on thellAUDWAItK IIIINIJS in all ii-br.inche. in Burlington, Vt.b.t- opened nnd now oiler- for sale an entirely new and w ell selected us-orimenl of goods in ih above line. Ili objeoi llii winter I eiuj more to learn the de mands oi llie market, tn order lo lo able to supply iln .imii in ihc Spring, and- n l.e intends doing u slrietly cash iu-iness, he sedicils a shaie of pul lie natronnge, cotilideut lliat his prut;- will Lc found to suit all who may lavor him Willi a call. lnrlin?ton,Vt.Dcc.2I, 1811. W.M.J. I1FST. Sircng's Building, t'ollcse sired, near the Ermine, DDnLlIvTCTOrvT CHAIR FACTORY ll I.. . I.I.I-Oa. e.iiilmues Ihc - bu-mess n inaniilacturui Chairs at the obi s'and, of the fol lowing descriptions: Cuil jlnpf (Jrtcmn, Cnneb'eat, CoininonCane -rfT. i. nnd I' llirr hi nl. I.mi.n ntnl .Siufill vSn llocMnif, do tlo Com- H rrH "10" ''0 'onlmu Dining, Ac. &c. V 'll D All of which nrc warranted a first g 1 rate nriicle and will bo sold at prices to correspond willi the limes. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, n supply of warranted Live Grcese Fenlheis, which will be. tsild low for ensh, WANTED, by the subscriber. Curl mid Buds E)r Maple, delivered tit his (.hop m Church slrei l, opposite the old Bonk. C.I, NF.I.-ON II. V (I Ii It K It T II T ESPF.OTFl'I.I.Y informs) his friends and tho .l.v public, lhal lie has now opened n Livery S'nlile, and Ins on hand re'idy for use some excellent Horses and Carriages. Sleighs-, llnrticsses. A p. which ho will let on reasonable terms. table at llciiiaiimi Bishon's lt..l w 1. te'.... ' r. . ti . J-. ' , imii, .7UUIU iiib uvuim vuuii jiuusv oipure llilllllIOII, Dcteinbcr 10, 18-11. OTvifl Z. K.TTS'.i.g,.,, U E.L. FARRAR gives notice that he continues to carry on tho luisi ucss as usual of manufit-turing s-iouo vvaro oi a siipcrior ouahtv in all ils varieties and will m all times be in rend iness in supply merchants on the most reosonal lc terms, all orelcrs piuinplly attended to alms l actory, 1 earl Street, lluilingion. jan.Ji. Ibis'. GLASS WARE, CV nil descriptions constanllv on hand t a full as Vsortnient of Tiunblirs, plain, pressed, ground, star hottoin and cut elass Wintsi Jellies. Leinonaih nnd Egg glasses; Lamps of ail descriptions Lamp guisses, iree-aiucis, vvuier notttcs, npecie jars, vtrt' ous sues; I'reserve Dislies, cut glass Cu-tatd Bowl Pitchers, Salts, Castor Hollies, Revolving Cnsiors and cut glass Lanips, for solo (cheap of course) at the new urotiiiiy aim t.iass vv ore House oi FARRAR, WAIT & ROOT, Burlington, Jim, 31, 1612. 1" OWI.AND'S fieruinn Steel saw mill saws, ntnn J.tufaciurcd loonier and fitted for tho sawing of hemlock, cpruce, pine, ana every description oi naru tinnier, o, uj ana i icci, vvisu F.uelish Cast-steel cross cut siws, Hue iV Co.'o do eirrulm do Irom II) to .'0 inches, and inanufaclurdl for llie trade in this vicinity. For tale nt tho Wharf, hy Nov. 29 KOLLEn'ci BRADLEY WANTED. Domestic Quills wanted in exvhnner for Boo' s or Stationery, by March 10. S. HUNTINGTON. NEW GOODS Till? Subseribers have jiisiieieivesllargv nddiiion to their Block of Saddlery Coach and Shelf Hardware in all lis varieties, Ilso Drugs, Medicine, Paints, v arm-he-, I) ve.-tu:l-, lim es of nil kind, Joiners' I ool-, fcr. HAGAH tt AltTlIin. Attheold.-taii.l,Sigiiolihe Surprizing Cure nf Consumption. Mr. It. Uladdm ol Delhi, N. V., ofn naturally eon tiniiitive constitution, has I ecu saved from an on timely end by the u-cofDr. Tuvlor's Balsam of Lie erwort. A seveie cold I ro icht on an altuck of Pleu re-y, and thus endeil In gciieralilclulily and consuinp. lion, a cn-iaiu coiign, in'i-uc uu-ii, re-re nlgnt lie-, piu-e, nun eont.nui'l lo-s nt tlt-bli, actrelcil eciv tit-.uii : nut a- soon as l comincni-e l in m tin-lal-ain I grew leiter, and i now fully icstoreJ io iieaitu. Shortness of Breath. ror llli- di-C.l-e. I hull' lilu-nv-s I. mini Dr. Tfivlr.p' It . I .1-1 ' . . ... ...ii-uiii ui i.ive-rwoit nil excellent remedy. II t- once so snlemid so ctecln-e. that I nlte-nv- lis,, il my prnclice, and rcccoinnu-nd it lu mv I'rieinl-. have u-ed it in some hundred- t fen.e vyilhiii llie lour ye'.tr-, auu i nave never it ai . In innnv ea-cs of asthma, 1 fully lelieveitto have I een the iiicuus ui saving tuccious lives, i.ei mi um it. nCOItRK UAl.PII. l n None genuine but thai picparcl at 37."i. iouerc New York a- will lc .-ecu bv the la el- :unl vi r.n" per- of each buiilc. Be sure v'-ou look when you buy. I u.- i;i-ii line eilii iiiuav - e- lll.liimcil 1)1 llie Old Agent-. Me-r-. N. Lovc'v eV Co.. now Love vt Seyinour Dr. Moody and Pc Ii &, Cheini and Dmggs, lluilingion . H. B.irne-, Charlotte William lihcsle.. Jr. Richmond Ceo. Aver- tV (' Milton A. A. W. Brown. Cau l I le W.' If. Kec.'e soiitli Hero Horace 'Aad-vvorib, Aorih Hero s.s, liavi, Albursh r. L.O!ena, West A! burgh-D. W. Carpenter, Wiuerbiiry. i;ts!sl-;i.l.' a'lO.UAv.11 IIITl I'.llS. iniiy U n-ed in Wiueor water. The'-ecclebrale'ilbitler arecomposed purely of veire able of the inot iiino cent yet speeilie virtues. They are recommended par ticularly lur re-loring weal; constitutions-, clean-in and slreiitrtheuiuir the stomach, and increasing the appetite also a prcvenianvcatrain-t llie cholera inor- ns, lever and nunc, removing nausea, voiuitni? icarl burnini', weakness in the I rca-t, pain in the lomacli and oilier -yinptom-oi llalnleiiccmid i ndn'e-- tiou. One box will uncturcouegulluu. I ricc'Jj cts. box. Itussr.i.L'i Itch Oiktmcn't. Thi- choice and safe oiiitinenl i- saitl to I e superior to uny ntiw in u-c, foi that tli-agreeable and loath .ome d.sen-f, the I'll'll Tin- Odilinent I so ceart.iiu in it operation that no i;r-on tlouPli"! Willi tlie aluVe tli-order ought lo I ilhout it. It ts a remedy lor cutnneou eruption 'orbtdic a'lcctioiis of the head, ontny oilier brcakinir out which ari'i's from sharp liiimurs. in the blood. rice o s cts, a 1 ox. Ui's-u.i.'s Bii.i.ioua Pn.i, or familv lysie, for geneial n-e, in ca-es of .luiiiuluc, inorl n ii -ibilitv ol'the sti.mach tt n I boweU los ol appetile, ietid 1 reatb, costivene-s. Pile-, mid all di-cn-es nris- ing from biliary derangement., al-o correcting the stnie of the I loud, mid elean-mg the sy-ieiu ed foul and vi-cid humours, lhc-opis aie it milil tn tbartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are llieiefurea valuablu and highly iipjiroved medicine, and are pronounced n-siich bv lliemo-t disnigui-hcil nysicians. oox eoiuaiiitug si3 nils, i nee ox Kus.fll's iclei ralcel Salt Kiir.fM uistmkst. i ni ls unipie-tioual ly the I c-1 nnd -nll'st remedy ever J el o fcrcd to the p ililio for that ob-lin-ite disorder SAul till U.vt. v here oilier mean nave i.tnt-ei, n na-suc-ee.!ed. and llie fact tint it has Uen -xteu-ively u-ed by eminent 1'raclitioner speaks voluine-in it- pini-c. it i- cuiiatiy cuicacio i- in an ui-ca-cs oi iuu -mu, paid head, ring worm', and the mo-t inveterate Itch, eVc. o.c. iNiitncro-is e-crliltca'es iiught 1 e eiltauied, I ul the propritor clioo-e- that a fan- tn.iUhould I cibe i v evidcnie ol lis -ulterior caicacv. i-rice.iuteni a I ox. For -ale l y Peck if. Spear mid liol crt Moody, B irliiigloni Dr. f. 1- Hull (.ool;, lime biugh: f. II. Il.irne-. t;liar:otic; I.. Jane-, in-eu L. Tyler, J:--.'x; F Al-o, ly the ihii; lirougho'ut the' siuti'. COiN'WAY MEDIC 'IN lis. rpiIE Subscriler W. L. KIDDKR, gives notlco lhal he has sueccsl the late T. Kidder in thd preparation of the well known Conwat Medicines aim win iicrcniier give pariieuiur altentieui to the preparation of the following anicle-, the long es tablished eelcbi fly of which, precludes the necessity oi n re-piiiiieauuii ot tne nuiueruus certuicaie in the hands of the proprietor. Dnct. .Icbb's Itlicumatlc r.itilmclit. tor Rhoumati-in. Brii e. Sprains. Niimbne. Chilblain-, Sti.lhcs in llie joinls, &e., will all'ord Iho most unexpcu'eil and iinnitdiale reliefin llie most obstinate case of Rhe unati-m, in n few hours ; Ihis article is openly recommended by Physicians. Thti Liniment is done up in enlarged bottles. Price! 37 ecuts. Dumfries' Itch Ointment. The cxlcnfve sale nnd established reputation ot Dt-sirnlns' Itch Ointment, encourages (he pro prietor lo recommend il lo the pul lie willi renewed confidence, osihe most innocent and powerful rem cdy for llus annoying disease; it eonlain- no mcr cu'ry, or any other dangerous ingredient, an I can I it applied nt all limes with perfect salely. 1 nco 23 cents a Box Remedy fur the Piles. The conoiiiring li-iimony of relieved patients, Irom nil (pinner-, le-tifying'to the cure- elected l.y the me heme afier all others had (ailod, together with t lie inerca-ing demand fur the arlh-le Irom all parts of the country, prove it to I e one of llie mo-t valuabl specifics known for Ibis troul lesomo complaint. fCjPA Clergyman writes Bo-toii, IV) ruary 13, 18f 1. I have made trial of Dumfries' Pile Kleelury and found it produceil a snbitnry influence ttlmos.1 inline cialely, and coiilii'eiiily I elieve it nn e ectiml temedy fir uncotnforlablt' nnd del iltta'ing ctimplainu I li inutility has induced iiieto iccoMimcnd it to per-ont lb isallheicd, and sol shall continue lodo. Your re pei'llully, J. S. The remedy eon-i-ls of nn Oiiitmeui and Electuary. Price for I tub 7j (cuts, or 37 cents when but one is wanted, accoiiipnuie I wnh p ain and ampie dirtto Hons wnh a ele-criplnin i f the complaint. Diiml'i ie' Rye Water. IVr sore or injlamed eyes, no-lung known give, sin h immediate and comfortable Iclicf, and in some exceedingly bud cas es i he III' si iiiiexj ecled and d -irat le relief lias I ten ft) md in the u-c ot this EvO water, after outer remedies had failed. Persons who have mod it, prono'iine it wi houl be-itation tbele-t picparatiou fir sore, treak, or injlamed ryes, the have ever met with. Priee 23 cents a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn 1" lastcr. The most safe and spee-lv cure for Corn vet tils 'overe I ; the relief is immediate, ll dissotves and removes the corn from the fool with case and exp. ion and txeitltout the least pain. Price 23 ccuu a oox. J' oil and anitilc directions aceomnanv each of tbo al nvc m tides. N. U. None of the above articles will 1 e genuine. uilcs.s signevl W. L, Kid Ir on tb.e o-ilside -wranoer. For -ale a' hi Counting Room, SB Slate Street, up Slair-, corner of Merchant- Row, Bo-ton. Abo by Mr.ssns. PI CK & SPEAR, Burlington, Vt. . A lilernl di-co-uu mlowed toi!eafers. iller V Ilunliiiirli'n, Bichmonil gist- and n ci i haul- gcueiallv o2.!ln- NEW ESTABLISHMENT. (SUCCESSORS TO n. UltUiOS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners. T OI'LI) re.peclfully inform the iiihabuunl H Biirliuglou and the sin rounding ce untiv. that lliey carry on the l,oiutimiary litistness, on all various branches. Dctt-iunucd lo u-e the very I c ma erin - in manuiac iinng. ncv wi at n nun' furnish Merchant nud other-dealing in Confection .trie., willi llie I est nun itv. mid on Hie uut'-i in blelernis. Shop on Church Stiecl, two door- South ol .-, I-.. Howard' store', newly nil I m-aily luieil p where weeordially invite all to call and examine o articles, e-oiii-lingol nil kinds ol" Stick Candu, Ball: auu fvis-t-s, iicans ami i'iaiuun-1.-, iiiaids, repper' mint, Lemon Drops, Vaniiia Cream, Loze'ngrs.H.igai Plumbs, Curraways, Coinfii, Caia Buds, Rock mid Brown Candy, S.igar Sand, Mottoes and Secrets, Sugar Apples, Potatoes, Egg', and Baskets wnh various other article too numerous lo be mentioned. A general assortment of rich and fancy Cake- on band, and bakcl to order, together Willi Ice LV.i in to furnish panic's, o.c.d.c. .1 i Cni-bii Canbt, which we recommend for Cough-. Colds, Hoar-eness, &v. Wu do not jucieirl lo say with Mr. J. Psase e Son, that our Candy will cure nil disease leading to Consumption, vie lliink thai ii saying loo much. UL,UUi5. We have a good assortment of Itrass and Wooden Clocks, which wc will .ell very low for oa-h or ap proved credit, 1'le.ije call und examine Lcforc pur chasing clevvhcrc. ii. All order irom n distance, post paul, will bo promptly allcndcl io, and packages mid boxes pul on ioard of singes or boal. when rc.iuircri. free if charge. Be) parlienlar and ad Ire'ss all orders to MIT CHELL et BAILNF.-, Confectioners, there f eiuglwei tirm-oi tne same name in the village. Biiriiiigmn. Vi. Oct. -2, 1811. -pVlSI'.Asr.S OV THE I.IIN(i. Deeiileill) I J llie intist ii'nnil.n icnit i etei kiiuvi n in Autei lea Vegetable Pulmonary Ilatsutn is die iiiu-i tniusblt' icilifilv mm in h-hoii C(iiiyli,CiiliH, .i-ihni.i ui t-hllnsic rnu.iiiiipiiuii, w linopiiig cunlili sml ihiIiiidii ii v itllirlloir 'ifeveiv kind, lis sale i sie.ublt iiicie.tiiiiig, tiiui I lie pinptieuii in p ciinsi.iiillv ,,1-civniii die tiei-l IrftoiHlit .iieiniiii nl us t (li-ris. I he ii!ioiviii itciv . tie iillernl lur pulil c rx.iuiiii4iniii. An IsTKlit sti0 Cst. nf t Ipiierfimu Mr l," S Ci'v, Kius-uni, U's'r en,, N. Y. to ihr pi.ipilelufs, t IHII it uf i Ii yili nisi. .i dulv irc.d leiiMikrtblp cine .is efp-eied b, llie eg-i.ttle I'ul inonaiv !il. .ml III llie e.tniei hiiiI -pi lug ul I..,.-. I.eisnit, Mi. Muudt, h.t'l been su k a long iiiiip vtiih ihc (-niis-iinipl inn. His iiht.ii' g i v cti bun in He was i eiliii-i d iii low .ts lo be unable In help biiu-elf -tod u.m i.n-ii it l.iiip ipi.inliit of IiIikk! when be coimtH'iictd using ill R.iI'.iiii, whirh ha I'llVcled a eonlplelp erne, nud hp lit nut ,ts b lip .nid hp.ulv h evet lie .H. tlr. Mood b i icmilt d fi mil ibis 111 u 11, but lip h is ireiniscil me n uinie ilel.iih d .ii-cinini of his case, In, h I w ill fin ward tun. C. S CLAY. Kingston, "V. Y. June 23. lSS. Emi.ici of s Ipiiei fiuin I)i. J.ipiib .Mjprit Ths Vrgl.ible v B.iI-.iiii li.i bei-n sold in tin. ciuiiilv for livn tens', und the uiedieitie h.i-.iinid an iliiriiiniiiuii celebiilv, fm 11 .eiiiclt In line 111-1:011 1 f illcd ul h.ittui llie dt-.lieil tlTcel I inn b) in. ine.ins 111 fitur if llie iii.tnv un-niuns, iiinsi nl vv bii h si e 1111 linsituin liii)il a rrpilul'iiis iubbc, bin 1I1.1I wliiib I kniivv by 11. e In hp Plfeciu il, I 1 .1111111I lip'p bill git. nit .lepiob itiiin lliere'o. A minuet fi-il pi pp.trl inn h i bceiiiilfered Iipip bv a Ir.ltl-lliiig Ageill, of Ciuus'tu k, ,. V. and theip is .iiioiher .irm le veiuted licit: lhal i. -trtingl) suspected lo bespiu urns J .vcon M V f ns. M. D, Mifllingion, Juni'il.i cn I'e M.iv 15, l&o7 Fuuu Dr. Srtinilt'I Mm 1 el I, lu Ihc I'miju ieinis of llie Vpp latilp I .mi s-.u isfipd iImi the Ve .ei.ible lUktiin 11 .i v.iln idle iiieipcne Ii has been used in lips pl.u-p with cmuplpip siiccpii 111 Hit (lt-i iii.iie complaint ul the liutii, iilicn-lpil Willi rt -Ptpi p C11114I1, lu.s uf voii'P, and the r.lii'Ull' of liilirh hliiud, wIikIiImiI piptiuiislt icri-ie.1 inaiiv iippiuted piesi lipliiuis. Alter iismi; ibe ILiIh-iii) one ttesk, llie it'll is v 11 ice 1 el 11 1 lied nnd he tt .is-.ihli. tn spp tk .iiuti li.y. This rase ncruried suiup time since, :tud ike Ulan is not. Pliw-tged ,101 mil) bill lal'miuus biiiiinpsl. Rpsppcllullv, fe, S. Moiilit.l.t , ll is nntv iiintp 1I1.111 six vpm siiii-p I limiihi trr) tun b) 1,11 .iffecluui nf the liuis, .ind int rnniptaint tvs ed In hp ini'iil .ib'c bv n council of lluep fht siciaiis. I ttiuillieii rp-luied 10 . goo I licillh as I Ii td pnnjeill'ir ili.tii), lit tHliti Hip VPUfUlilp I'ul. tnnnrfiv Bilsrfin. Since ntv ipcutcr) I hate icioui iiipnded llip B.ils.iiu in a 111-oit ct-ss of 'iiug enuiilainlii, and u fir ns I can Ipiiiu, ils iisp Ii-is in v.iriahl) Ijceii liilluvtPtl lit inurli Iipim-IU, and 111 uiaiit inttaiiCPn it ha efTeclttt ciuey ttbii b tti-ie holl unex penrd. Mamull Kt'LiDir, B ismii, Marrh 2. 1S37. Fnr atp, wholes-ale and mail, l PECK k SPEMt.lliirliinion, Vi. a lor v ami sn imi: or i: so land. In a scri of familiar Letters to a Friend. By C. EDWARDS LESTER. riVHS is tlie title of a work, just published in Nov Jl York by Harper and Ilruthers. 'm two volume of 350 pages, and embellished with magnificent Steal Engravings. The author has furnished some verv striking factl relative to the actual social state of England, and placed her Olory and Shame in striking contrast. I he lollowing ate some ol the topics dwelt upon. Tlie ill 'Sirious Men of Great Britain their history nnd nels, their conversations (with the author,) and then influence upon Ihc destinies of tlie world. Also, Original Cotnmunicationsfwnt the most distinguish' cd statesmen nnu puets 111 Europe, on the greatest subjects now agitating the wnihl the cruel and tyuniiicul oppression of the En.-hsh Government ill nil its beatings ns blind course in regard to the whole Turill' and Duty Question thn hnrrihla starvation, nakedness, woe, crime and degradation of the mass of the people of llnfslanil Iheir Causes then untold abominations and cruelties of the Factory Sya 'em, m its destruction of ihous indf of innocent ehil drt n, iVc the lyionny and corruptions of the Estab lished Church the woes nnd oppressions of Ireland the great structure or English despotism in Asia, with it sacrtliceof niit'on by famine and slavery ami an honest but painful picture of all that consti lines the Shame of England. And n can 'id piclura also, of nil tint i lowly, beautiful, liberal and great 111 her Si cicty, coii'timting ils Glory. A description ol the most interesting ami vrnprablo Ruin, rallies. drals, Castle, Abbey- and Monutntnls. with as full a picture of London, (the metropolis of tho world,) as ill err 1 space for gnat Public Works Liberal nnd l!i nevnlent institutions Xnblc rfibrts making for the tedeinpiion nf the oppressed of England from tyran ny with glances it rvrty interesting objtct tlie au thor tin 1 wnh nt sea nnd during l-MO 111 Gnat Britain. The New York Coinim-n i ll Advertiser, at the close of some remarks, s ''We can do nojit-tice 10 this W'.tk tn tin brief notice, nor is it important tves-hou'd. fot it Hill be readil read, nnd duly appre ciated. The American pcop'o are duly inter ted in the subjects of which it treats, and llu'v are ably and eloquenllv discussal." Forsaleat llie Bookstore of I'M'. IS42. I). A. BR AM AX To lllnrk-nilllis lUosliurgh Coal. THEsuliscnbcrs have just rcetivid forty tons of Jtloslntgh Coal, vvlirih for Smith's 110 is unsur passed byauy of the mineral e-oals, and wheroknowii has taken '.ho place ol charcoal. Igniting cnsilv and burning freely, it is highly lecoiniiiendetl for erates and domestic use, I'OLI.ETT U BRADLEY. Hooks nuil Paper. CfiOODMCII, one door E t-t t.l'Farrar tt Wnil' t CrockervSloic. DP STAIR.. h.ia verv general collecitoii df Hooks, includinga largostock ol'Sihool Books and Paper. All wishing 10 purcha-H wilt tlo well to cull. Produce and domestic liiannfai lure.- 11 every ile.cnplion rccenej in pavnient. School coin miilcc. fiirni-luiig for school-, sliall have I ooks gra luiloii!)' lor all eluldnii 111 tlieir ditiricts who-it pa- rein arc tinai ltt to 1 uy. Dev. ,,. mill! Stibscrili-r will tiavensh for a fuw Thoii.niil X pounds of good Fleece Wool, delivered at iheir Store, hcnilofPcarlSt. July.', It'll. BRADLEY &. HYDE. II road Cloths. THE undersigned offer iho cloths manufaetnred by tho"Burlington .Mill Co." at wholesale ut I prices. I hjasjorlment comprises the vatiou-colors and rpiulities, ntul for tcxtuic, beauty of finish, and excellence of manufacture, nrc not surpassed by anv American or English 1 laths. FOLLETT ... BRADLEY, Not. 23. Burlington Mill Cn. NOTICE 'IOM.lHCIIA.VrS. 'Hint buy Crockery tt Class U'aro. JAHIt Alt WAIT IHtor give notice to iiicrchitiils m llie adtoinni Couiuie thai they have their spring stock of Crockery in store and arc now ready to supply their orders for as-nrtetl Cratet to any amount packnliu ib mo-t workmanlike man ner airew York and Boston prices, which will be HIS ni V n rr.Mttt .Hum- Is. sll (bnl Sinw nfun A 11 . Padlock, corner of Church ders nrr.mpilyxtvutI at Iheir nor, Cerntr Church , Store, corner of Church and Collfg' Ccfinan Cough Syrup ! rillllSdesertclly distinguohed mlteiiie, together X wnh Taylor's' Balsam if Liverwort Jayne' Exptsicraut, Lily Syrip, Down ' i.lixir, Mcoic'- E-cire of Life, Bartholomew'- Pink I x ptrlor.ini tyr ip, 'or see-r.i colds, coughs and e-om-plnut- Id ling lo Consumption. For sale by .Nov. I. PECK A. SPEAR. SllCCtlllgs. ZZf) BALES of heavy bhte ings of dilft rent qualities, Ov.iave ust been received and nre ollered for tale nt Manufacturers' pncisto Merchant nud othirs, who nre invited to call and examine the Mnck before purchasing elsewhere, under the beln I lhal iho exam ination will provu ndvutit'iwoii .. them. By I'OLI.ETT tt BRADLEY. Nov. 29. nl Iho Wharf A HEAVY assortment and Cutler shoes. Wrought Xnils, Crow Bais..e, just received and ollcrcd lot? by Nov. 23. I'OLI.ETT it BRADLEY. sliLUNC OFF CHEAP. STRONGS 1$. Co. now oiler their slock of Goods for prices nt which purchasers will fni l it nn ob ject lo buy. 'I he stock is large nnd must ba sold pre vious to Iho 1st of April next, when llie term of co partnership expires.. Sugars, Tens, Spices, Raisins, Tobacco, t odfi-h, Salmon, coarscnnil lino sail, Lamp Oi1, Molas es.iVc. Iron, Foreign nnd American, of everv description. St.-el of nil kinds, Anvils, ices, shovel, spades, Forks, Cnldtoil Kittles, and Hollow Ware m great vanety. States, Slove pipe, and stove irimiiunB-'i Tin ware, &c. cheap, nit cheap, xeryclttap. Dec. 30, ISH. TO YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS. 1'AltltAlt, VAIT ii. HOOT, 17" F.EP constantly on hand a full assortment of X elega GolJ band Ten Plates, Gold edge nnd line do. gant T a Sets, of liold land t.luna. (..-lit snrii.'il rln. Extra life gold band do. Gold cdgchnrA. sprig'd Jo Gold edge and line do. Gold bind Preserve and While and sprig d do. Cup plates. White China Breakfast and Tea Plates, Pitchers, Bowls Butter Stands und Nurse Lamps with small T age FOR SALE. MHIAT large nnd commodious two sto X ry ISticli Dvvelng House .t Lot tiiuattd on Iho wtst side of College green at the held of Colleirp.streiu in ,t,i ,-.l. The Hi i't: is 32 bv 13. with n I with Ki'chen nu I Provision cellars, and a wing 32 by uj.exiondingnoiih on Ci.llcgoGrccn.vulri wood and sn it- no i-coeiow, and ehamicrs and sltcpin" roonn n't. ye. A large and couiiiiihIio i- Barn, carriage hou-e n-c hull f,an I oilier oiit-hniis,.., and a spacmii. yard west of tbeilwe'lluighou e, and a good durable well w.t er of thelt-sl ipiality m the village, and a 1 rick lylern. One an I a rpiancr iieitcl land, ofthe lirt i aim j fruit trees west of ihc In u e nud ynrd. The B nldmg aici-onslrncied in mtslern lvle, rl I he le-t niateria's and woi-ktu.tnsliip, wtrrp envied bv ilu snb-erilcr for his own u-e, nud the Iwatton af t.irl.averyexlriisivti and plea-din prospt-et of the yilhge an I lake un ihc We-l and inot surpassed by auv oi her in liu. part t f the eenntry. A io for sale a lot coniauuugnii.icropf lanl t'irect ly t-ii;ioi-.eihe a' ovv leu with a -nulla nventent wood dwt l iu ho l-f ll.lTCOII. 1' r -'ii-c- are inyui'.l tocall nn 1 exinine for Ihem selvc Terms made kiiovvn bv tin- ,u' s. rd cr on the premies. ' i'AMl'EL R.ED. II ,r uig'rn June, 16, ?40. n2 TO VAllM KM GRASS SI-:i".I. The Mibscribers have selected from lest siui'ilt's of notilii'rn growih, their usual supply u( It, tils (7rj--and Clr.r Sml, n h tin y can ree-oniiuetiil as very sunt 1 iur. Many far mers who hive uid'oitiinnelv usi'd the souilu'tnor wet cm seed, a Inr.'e q tnniitv ol winch has 'ecu hercti'f re sold in ihc lu-tktldioi ho d oi Lake Chain plum, have b cn taught by t-xpeticnce ,he d.fl' ttneo beiwcen sec 's of a s.'ittl-.eru i r northern giovtth, For si'ent the Doc .. March 1G, I3J2. J'OLl.ETT .t BR DLY. COPARTNERSHIP. HKXHY 11. llOxTUIlli .VT P. it W L. --irony having conucilisl tlnir Tut hops. w 'ldo husinths in that lino under llie nunc of II. II Host vMii.etC'. a the sit occupied by s-iid llostwick, where uiTy be found a fa I and conijili-le as ortuirnt uf TIN U ARE, nniiiilitt lined uprcssly for the retail trade', together with Copper and Slice-t Ironwork, Stove Pipe, S ove I rimiiiines, ivc. All kin 's of Job wotk furnislietl al short l . lice. En to iiothiuid co.i du lor pipe furnished and rut up. Copper mimps and lead pipe fitrnishtd and set if itquirtd. Those who pntrom.n this blanch of business shall, nt this shop, o quickly und well served, fir a reasonble eonipen sanon. II II. BOSTWICKit Co. Burlington, Apr. 10, 18-12. poilT.tlll.H FlIHV.tCH, with elevated Ov. I rn, a convenient nnd e'linomteul article for cook inp, in warm weather, for side bv Apr. 12, H.H.BQSTWICK it Co. WEALTH AND WORTH. AMONG thn very many valuable new publica lions received the lat week at tbu Bookstore of iho nit -cribcr.iiiny be lound, WE tl.TH it WORTH, ho firslof a series of American Family Tales fr-na the pen of an Amtrican. That vorth and not wealth makes the man is plainly ami clcgnully provtil. recommend every fnhtr 10 place this litil woik in and College Streets. and Oollcse ureeis, Burliiiglon. IVnPois nltachcd, China Inkstands, a wry pretty I recommend r cry lallnr to place this hit ' n0' 'J' for preents-for sale cheap ai the Crockery the hands of his children that they may 5"n itore. rorher of Church and Collfg- tr-IJ. to act imder the trials Of beieavmenj I and JL"":''' llarlington, Jan. 'Jl, 1612 .Match 1. p, .i. DRAAr.

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