Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 10, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 10, 1842 Page 3
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STARTING? CltlLDRttf IN the World The following extract from tlie works of a living wri ter, is tcpleto witli ound philosophy and com tnon sense : It is well worth tho attbrition of parents : " Many an unwise parent labors hard and lives sparingly all his life for tho purpose of leaving enough to give his children a start in the world, as it is called. Setting a young man afloat with money left him by his relatives, la liko tying bladders under tho arm of one who cannot swim: ten chances to one he will lose his bladders and go to the bottom. Teach him to swim and ho will never need tho bladder?, Give your child a sound education, and you have done enough for him. See to it that his morals arc purr, his mind cultivated, and his whole nature made subser vient to the laws which covern man. and you have givon what will be of more value than tho wealth of the Indies. Vou have given him a start which no misfortune can deprive him of. The earlier you teach him to depend upon his own resour ces tho better." TiiRtt-MNO Incident. Attempt if the Tiger to Dexmtr Hcrr Driesbach. On Thursday eve ning, as the celebrated wild beast performer, Driesbacb, was performing with his animals at the Bowery Theatre, tho Leopard and the Ti ger volunteered an extra incident to tho perfor mance by a rcgnlar sot-to while Driobach was in the cage with themwhich came tiear costing him his life. Driesbach had succeeded in sep arating the combatants, one of which, the Leop ard, he caused to leap upon his shoulders, when the Tiger made a spring upon him also,und bu his teeth and claws into the unfortunate nun's face and head, tearing oil' a portion of his ecalp, lacerating his face in a most shocking manner and covering him with blood. The indomitable courage and address of the heroic German, Irawcver, was never more conspicuous ly displayed thsn upon this odcasinn ; and so ef fectually did ho subdue the enraged animals, ven wlifle in the most imminent peril, that some part of the audience were not aware of the c.x tent'of thc accident. N. V. New lira. A TARR1F DILI. FOR JIEVF.NUE Was yesterday reported by ilio indefatigable Com mittee of Ways and Means of the Houso of Kenresen- tativesi and now, if we may sneak figuratively of the t)usines oi in? suasion, an me 'iuiis urc 111 die nrc. -Wevish that none oflhcm mnyburn! We have glanced our eye over (he bill, .with a view to give the reader a general idea of its character. It -proposes to lay duties on goodsiuiporlcu fromabroad on the chief articles thereof, as foljows t On msnuOtctured wool exceeding- eight cents per pound in value, thirty per centum nd valorem. Orrthe same article of the valne. of eight cents or under per pound, a duty of five per cent, nd valorem. On all uitnufactute- of wuol forty per cent, nd vaf mri, except carpeting, blankets, and some other ar Vclcs, on which special ad valorem dutiosare prop s ed. On cotton unmanufactured, three cents perpouivl. On all msni.facluies of cotton not otherwise speci fin), tkirtv per centum ad valorem." On all articles of silk, according to their character, thirty or thirty-fire per cent. On manufactured hemp, forty dollar per ton.- On iror., ill bars or bolts, not manufactured by rolling, cig'n'ecn dollars per ton-; on the same article, vTiade'm whole or in part by rolling, thirty dollars pci lar,. On load, in nice, bars or sheets, three cents not- nonnd. An .,. ..I-,,.. . ... a r.-... - ' - s."i fila"i uuui i,eui-n,i! iu luriy-nve cenis , per pound ; on plain, moulded, iind prc.iied glass, Irom ten to sixteen cents per po ind. Of nil articles of china or any other earthen ware, thirty per cent, ad valorem. On tinned sole or bend leather, six'centsper pound; on calfskins tanned and drcised, three dollars and Cfty-eents per dozen, Ac On all bound books in the English language, twen ty rents per pound, Ac. On raw sugar, two and n half cents per pound. On teai, according to their qunlily, twenty cents, fifteen cents, ten cents, down 10 Bohca, on which a duty of three cents only is proposed. On nalt, ten cents per bushel. Alter going through n long (.numeration of specific dmi'-s, a duly of twenty per centum nd valorem upon all rcm&ming article-. Ait additional duty often tier cent, on all articles im ported in foreign vessels in case3 tvherca specific dis crimination is 1101 innuc in me tun. All duties hereafter to he iraid in cali. The bill nlso piopotes to repeal the proviso of the . urn isisiiiuukou Act, which suspenusj uic operation if that act in the event of any duly being laid by ton--reas of a l.igbi rratolhn twenty per cenluui ud v.ii urem. .Vat. Int. Extensive Firtu in Nonrot.K. (Va.) Twf.ntv Houses Dr.sTitoYF.u A firo broke out this morning it half past i o'clock, in a wooden tcncnietil on Little Winer stnirt, " noxt to the curtier of Woodsidc's hind, which spread with great rapidity to the adjoining , Imililings, and was not subdued until it hail swnpt throti"!t to Wide Witter street, carry ing, in its destructive career, every building in the space between Holt's lane (East) mid Warren's row, in the rear of the Exchange., (West) including LacoMu's block, in which was the U. -states rendezvous The row of buildings belonging to tho es tate of James Woodward, Esq., and the large lirick homo on W. W. street, of the late. Mrs. Lcpiin. Kimball's luitiso was the only one destroyed on the north side of Lit tle W. street. Wo have not time to ascertain the prcise number of hmtsvs destroyed, but helluva it Iocs not fallslioit of20. ' They wero all of lirick except two. The exchange) was in imminent danger ; out experionceil the same good fortune which attended it at the meiuurablo fires of 1799 and 1804, when the same spot was swept by the destructive clement. The late Mr. Grizzle. A very worthy 'fisherman by the name of Grrizlo wnsdrown ed some time since, and. all search for his iody proved unavailing. After il had been in tlfo water some months, however, it was discovered floating upon the surface, and ta ken to the shore, whereupon Mr. Smith was despatched to convey the intelligence to the afflicted widow. Mr. Smith Well, Mrs. Grizzle, wo have found Mr. Grizzle's body. Mrs. Grizzle You do n't say so ! Mr. S. Yes wo have tho jury lias sot on it, and found it full of eels. Mrs. G. You don't say Mr. Grizzle's "body is full of eels .' Mr. S. Yes it is, nnd wo want to know what you will have'done with it I Mrs. G. Why, how many eels should .you think there is in htfn ? Mr. S. Why, about a bushel. Mrs. G. Well, then, I think -you had better send the eels up to the house and set him again. (7 Hon. John C. Spencer has just issu ed a General Order, cutting off tho allow ances of "Extra Rations" hitherto riiado to various officers of the Army on tho ground -of ining constructively in tho command of posts. TI10 allowance wus first niado only to each officer actually in command of a nost but has crown into a flagrant abuso, bv the . " 1 1 .1 c. .. i- ii, correciion of which the Secretary ol ar will save tho countsy many thousands per annum. fT?Mr. Van Huron was recently nt Co luinbia.Tenn., Gov. Polk's residence. Tho result of his is now confidently averred, will bo tho following Iocofoco tick el : Jor President, Martin Van Huren, of N. Y. For Vice President, James K. Polk, of Tcnn Both enemies of Protection, and friends of British) frr 0 trade. A Victim or Sctertition. TlicNsw Hampshire Standard mentions Ihe case of a female servant in Eietfr in that stale, who fell a victim lo superstition. Sho broko 0 looktng-glnssi and sho regarded tho event ss oruinous of calamity to her. Wnuntcd by this ideajfie becamosad and dejected, nnd in two or three dfys retired to bed. A medical gentleman was -i,.l r.....,ft li.r ntirelv frrp from bodl V OIS- ase but wholly prostrated from mcntnl excitement. In two or thrco days inoro she was a corpse, having evidently fallen a victim to tho absurd superstitioa of jr.,lrnaeLoiienrecm.;iifffwmtlieerfntofbreak- irg a looKmr -glass. Mr. HotroitroN's concorton Tuesday ove ning last Was well attended, and it is believed gavo very peroral satisfaction. "Tho Gam bler's Wifo" wo3 well worth tho price of ad mission. Ono of Mr. Alunsou's Pianos was used on tho occasion, which gavo fino elTdct. Mr. II. will givo another Concert in his des criptive style tho first of next wcejk, by re quest of a number of citizens. INVOLUTION TUOY CONF.ltr.FCIv. Rtsofrctl, That the thanks of this conference be and aro hereby rcsDoctfullv tendered to Ihoeitiieiisuf tlur- linglon for their very great hospitality and kindness iiiciiii-it.iiiiiiiji uiu iiieuiuers 01 mis couicreni-e during its present session. J. U. HOUGI1TAUNO, Hilrlington JuneS, 1312. Sec y Tro-j Conf. TEMl'ERANCR NOTICE. An adjourned meeting of jlio Young Men's Total Abstinence Sorictv will be hntden ihis cveninn nt the Court House, at lialf-'na-t seven o'clock. A punctual nttenunnee is requested as business of inucn lmercst will do i.rousut inrwaru. S. I'ATF.K, Jn., Secretary. MairirSotfl In this town on the 30th ult. by Rev. S. D. iSrnwn, 3Ir. Wm. R. I.awiencc to Miss Luthera Smith, both oi mis town. In this village, on the 3d in?t. suddenly, Mrs Olive, wifeol It. F. McFARLAKD,ngcd 35 years nnd 9 months. Punters In N. V., N. H., 111. and Michigan aro re quested, ipc. NOTICH. rpHR Subscriber rcspeLlfully gives nolir, that be 1 is prepared to attend to thebu?incsjof Land Sur- ryinir nnd mapping. Hnving access to the plans auu paper? oi ins inio ratner. lie nope? ny tlie Incil ity lor inlormation tnus nlturiJcd mm, anX bv slnct anention, to perform wilh nccuracy.nll business en truied to him. He maybe found at tlie late resilience of his Fatlier, iieail or Alain Street; JOHN It. JOHNSON, liiirlinglon, Juno 1812. rj-Stop your Disease in tlie Symptoms. Dr. Cooa of this town uses n mode of prnctiee to stop any msease in me symptoms. This lie docs by sbV"g medicines that act upon tho tlisonso without opeiating against the strcngili of the patient. When ne is nrst colled no is not-liablo to rail in any case. Burlington.'June 10, 1342. NEW BOOK STORE. " Live jiiuI let Live." npillv Mil si-ril er liawiH-uivod from New Vork A new Mippiy ijti!l-hool Uoi)k, ltiblc, 1'iaver limil,--, 'l-unientte. &r. Ingeth-r Willi n good a-siirtim-ut of S.aliuinTvj, and lloiil.-bindiug Stock, to vvliii-h hemvittu Ihe a;'ion nl'the pul he. Feeling vciy urair.nn inr ine 111 ei at pairi'tiatre hriclofnru ru irivvl, he will renew hi- oerti"n to plc.e nil that iti". .win ucn 'iiituuairi1., H. HU.Vl'INfiTON. StronttO II .il.liii'.', corner Chun h an I College st Oij.o.iti.!lujarvt'.-, Sign lioJ Ledger. Juno 10. Quill?. A N F, W s ipply, ol the hiahe-i iviml ,t., n re l i-eivedat S. IIUNTI.NG'I ON'.-?. June 10. 1 Pl'RENTlCK WASTED "70R P.M'F.R MAKING. A strong healthy hoy, X about 1C to 13 years of aire, iiiiendin? loworli for hn iivin, may find a good opportunity bv apply mg to J11I1C 0. Li. liUUUlill II EMF.IISON'S Outlines of Geography nnd History. Blake's Young Orator or New York Header. The attention of school teachers is particularlv re quested to the above books. Copies fiitnishrd for cxnmninnon. June a. u. liuuuitlUII. GHBAP B002 ST0E.E. 'IHF facilities of tho subscriber in procuring book Jl and every article in Ins line nie such as to render prices, corresponding to llietiiues,i. induce the public iu eiiiiiiiiiu iiit-ir iiiiri'iinuc m ins .wm. .-.rope. Any publicntioii.-, not oil hand, will be plimdcd as soon as orders can ucior warned 10 1 lie 1 Hies. Worksreeeived tho present wee1., aa follows. Victoria! Hihle, r.ssayshy Hannalrloore, Hours for Ilenven.'lenipernnc Hyni, Wi ahh nnd Worth, liarnniiy It dgo, Thiers' History of French Revolution, liloomfield's Cretk Testament, liai lies' Notes on I.ii ih, 3 Vo', Wjstars Anatoiiiv, Wlu-lpley'st'ompend, The Fame and Glorv of V.iij ind. Znnom. The l.asl .Tillies, by Grant, A Wieaih for the tomb. l.ileoi ratniK lienrv, SKctcli U00H, I o s. It is well, Wav Marks, I). A. HIUMAN TO THE run LIC. TIIF. Snbieriber ln- ree'd n gjnernl assortment Goods nt Ids 1 Id Store nnd nt Ji s new Suno vvinoosRi iiinge vviucii will lie sold nt prices cor responding with the times cheap a- the clicnpest. N. H. Superior llurlmglon Jlill Co. Clo'hs for sale, SIDNEY HAllI.OW. .Uiitlington June IO1I1 1S12. nl fiw Clotli Cups. TUST ree'd ihrcetfrom the manufacturers n full ns sortment of all l.uuls Cloih Caps and For S lie gaal bargains by,..Iune P, 12' H. W. CATI.1N. Sluics. Jt'STrci'd a new lot I'.irwdls "lmrs 1 .2 Gaiters f-lirs, June 9 12' II. W. ( ATLIN. I.illlihci'. FT. C.immon Pine Hoard', . eZJAJJyJ 10,000 fi.clmr'do. do. ' 100,000 ft. siirnco do. for sale by . II. W. CATI.IN. SEW CAS 8 1 STOiCE, BY WM. HURIiliUT. rPHR subs'-riber has taken the newly fined Store, X West side Church-street, between the ' Hazaar' nnd ' Vjineiy Store,' where litis now opening and otrering for sale nn extensive nnd general assortment 01 tioous aitnptid to the want-01 tt,e community amongst which arc a great variety of French Silks. Printed Muslins nnd Lawns. Long Simula nnd Srnrfs, Hdkfs, Shawls, Cravats, i.';,.i on. 1 1.,-'. 1 nn,t .,i:.. -;...,,. m,,k. Nansook, book nnd olhpr Muslins, I.adics nnd gentlemen's Linen IWkfs, Insertions, Hdgjngs, Heading and Thread Laees Work Collars, Heiieulrs, Head Pngs nnd Purses, Tarlton and plain Muslins nud I.aces. ltibbons, a beautiful nesotttuuu nnd new s tvle. Ladies' Florence, Hraid, Modena, Slrawand Misses Ilonne's. Artificial Flowers, Gimp Edging and trimmings for 1 usenn noiineis. Parasols, a beautiful assortment of new styles. Hosiery of every variety, llrosdcfolhs, Cnssimcrs,' Vesting. &c. Gent's summer Goods, Stocks, Collars, &c. Gent, and boys Leghorn nnd 01 her Hats. Dry (Jrocerlcs. a cood assortment. K. 11. This entile stock of goods has been pur cliase'i wiiiun a lew aays, wnn great csre and at time when the prices were more depressed thsni sny previous period but will be sold for ready cash at n small aiivnnee irom rosi, Ilnrlington, June 10 1842. TAKEN UP TjY tin- mbscril er 011 tl,e31st cl .May last, tw I J si rrel mare-, one al out ten years old and the oilier five: ill" latter has a white stripe in the fae The owner I- reqie-tod to prove properly, pavVlurre ami laueinciii.iway. luui 1.11, Cokhester, June -1, 1812. nl T1SOI.UTION.-The public are noii- t lieu linn ine linn 01 ttiiriu-il auu isuwycr, iitiriy jlg i,.nii..s a. merchants nt Milton Falls, Vi. wn- -solve I bv mutual con-enl nn ibeSih dynf J111111 ary, A.l). IHt'2; and thedebts due said firm arc a signeoio Jed Bavvyer., a. nuu.Miri , jei)sawyj:k. Milton, June!, 1842. nl COM M 1 S 1 ON F.R' S X f)Tl r. K. WTT. theSul scrilers. havinc been anuoinlisl bv Ihe llonrrallo the Pml ate Court for iheDi-tnet of Chillendi'ii, commissioners tti receive, examine nnd adjii-t ihe claims and demands of all pcrmns againl ihe esiHieofJaeobliin-dill.laicol St. George in said di-lriel, ('ecea-ed, repre-rnte.1 insolvent, and also all claims and demand., exhibited in o lset there to j and six months from Ihe day of ihriUtc hereof bring nlloweil by said Court for that purpo-e, wr do therefore herel y give notice, that w will attend to Ihebii'ine-s of our apifuntment, nt ihe dwelling of Giles S. Ilins IhiU, in St. (feorgein snid district, on the iceoud 'i'lics 'ays of July and Novotftier next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ed said dav.;f- s DateJthis I Uhil.iyof May, A.'l.THfi. JG.I'BliN I.Ut;KWOOI), 1 Commis. ISAAC HltillF.I-:, .ioncrs. Ill T OSTHclvvcen Allen & Plan's ollico tfnd the -LJMctliodisi Chapel on WodncsdayEvcuingBlhinst a Brass Door Key. The finder (if any) will confer a favor by leaving the saiiie at Allen it Piatt's offics and ihaii be satisfactorily rewaideis for hie trouble, STATE OF VERMONT. TIE it remembered, that laiinciKicii comity, s. ) xj nt the Loiinty lionrt begun and Iralden nt rtiitlfnstnn within nnif for tliu Coitutv of Chittenden uliiremiil. on tin fount, 'I'm- day of May, in the year of our Lord ono thousand cignt luinnicti nun tony two; i neurar.u Juror.-, now liere in tjnnrt duly empnn nclled nnd sworn, upon tlnir i.nlli pre-cnt, that they find the Common Jail in snid County of Chittenden to bo wholly ins-iinicient for tho yal'o and eomfona1 lo kceninx "I the prisoner.-, nnd thai I he fame niiehl lo berciitired in tlie iiinuiier lu-ieni.if er -el fnrtli. And fur the belter uiiilt of the neee-Miy of with repair", iheypreini-e that tlicpm-iion of the liinldiiig apprnpr aicd to the confinement of prioncr is twen ty four by twenty Ihefcet onti(V, with walUtifthiee loot or thereabouts in ilm-l,ne., ami two Morie. in height. The lower i-tury N divided into a pa-atcand two cen, irin onus oLont nine ty fil.een Icel, and lighitil iiinl vciitillnled only by a narrow nnd uugln zed aperture throiiuh thewnlVin eai h. That the t cond ttiry cniiM'.ts of a single riinmjishtcdnnd veil- laicu uy iwo winuow-t on ihe ,outli ndf. 1 lint In--inucli u the Jail buiibnirM wei-e ir.,i-i(-i1 m,nn llip North line of the Coun'y land, and other buil lins have reeenlly 1 urn creeled by ihu ocenpanls of the adiueent Und north. ne.Hier lii.l,, i,r nir r,n lp longer obtained in thatdireulinn. That the walU ol llieJnil were originally slightly and inartifieially con Mrucled tf small unhewn stone ilmt ihcv have I ecn perfuratfl alino-l through the whole ux ent of tho lower Mory, njdin many places in the upper story and ecilllU'. nnd tinvi, I Men rei..-,l. llu nnrlifilltr ,,n. derminedby the attempts of prisoners toe-cape, in vvm-i-ii-iciiee oi wiir-ii iney nre-o lum-n w-eauened a lureiiuer inu ate keeping oi priiouers mpoMlile, eveept by iimintniutm: a regular nnd con-iant waleh. Thai the r imiu condition of the cells oil ihe gro-tnd tlonr, lia- Ions sinio obligul ihe keeper of the Jail alinoM wholly to dispell. e with their n-e, and eon e- pienuy, nil pnsoncr, w-hclln-r eoiilinvil fur debt or .-riuin, are oi nece-.ny kept in Hie ontv remainin; room, leinz that in t he.Lvond -inrv. 'I haKlionwr. g. number of nri-oncM i-auout emlii. nml tlmi ilu- eonliireiiieiit of siii-h a niimlier of pri-oner- in asingle u ii.tiv-iiiiy vi-iiniiiu lapariitieni, iv iie-iructivcot Ihe eumforl und In the lieu th of the nrisoner-. and rejvgnnnt to every principle ot biimaniiy. That tjm, air jimiv oi t-oiiiiiieiiieiii i-i prov tied lor wo men, and lliMl ltiel.-iilrr1lliri-.-rni-H nl.liirml in ul..toi deeeney, by locking up Ihe female prisoners in the same i li men, or to runtheri.k ofiheir eaiic, l.y appropriating lo their u5e, the common liainler of the ho i-c. That in the iiidcmenl f ilie Grand J, irrirfc. it,.. uimioriaiid stviirityol prisoners require n well ad ditional nnnrtmellls. us im-ater mri-nt-ih nf lion.nnd llml Ihe-c end-may be W'-t attained bveon- slriieiuig in ini-rcir ot the South F..M part of Ih'e pre sent Jnil, nn addition of twenty eicht by tbinv four leel, to lolliertwitluonnoeied in mh.1i manner' a to allow of introducing- air and light on thice sides: to oe omit oi Mime ot simal In q uility and dimeii-K,n nud to l divided into suital leruouis abovo and Le low. rhat by thin mean, and this only, can eriini..all e ("Cured and slum ,b und (-rilnniiKliini ,,nu nim, n,m1 iwi iiciiiirsniin iriuaie pri-oner-. 'I betirand Juror.-, furihei- reeoiniiieiid. ibnt ilip ,,-nlt of the prt-sfiit stonu part of the Jail be taken down, an I the in.ituri.iU tberenf. to far a ihe same inae answer a guod purpo-e, ben-edin the construction ol iiieaiiiiiiioiini creel ion atiuve reeofn mended. J.. I . l.iiglc-by, Foreman. Samuel Quinecy, Carrad llurre t. I'm F, llevvetl,' U. II. i'enniman, Mar-lml! Catle, Kli Chiitendoji, C!de ltood, Samuel Niehi U, .Saiinal FUti her, Nathan Steam-. Arihur Dn-twn h, IMiilii Au-tiii, William O. Il.nker, John Tarkcr, Jaiue. Whiteomb, .lo-eph Whipple. Chittenden (Xunty Court, M.ivTciin. A. 1). t si 12. The forenoing lndii intent haviiu U-en read nnd considered, it is ordered bv the Court, that it le re corded, und ai-o, pul n-iiej in inuii me new-papers pruned m Duniugion. .uityji, ibiz. Atle-t, vv.M.iNUiii.i;,v.K'rii MARSHAL'S S.VI.K. nuni if vm'inr u ,1... ,l.. r..l i 11.1. in iiiiinj i.u. itiii, inu lur J- lowiii" coodn, wares and tiicrehundi'.e. condemn ed in the Hon. District Court of the Uliito I States for the Vermont District, May Term, 16-12, will be sold at Public Auction nt II. Thomas' Auction room iu liiirlinglon, in said di-i riet, on the 21st day of Juno instant, to tlie highest bidder, sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. SI. to wit: 1 black bather trunk. 1 carpet bag, 18 pieces bandanna handkerchief?, 4 pieces sua iianuKcrcmcis, u wooucn sinus, i pair woollen drawers, 12 challv handkerchiefs, 1 challv shawl, 1 mncK euiv uauiiKcrc n ei. i nree i vcivei in i. i naieiit lever silver watch. 12 1 roadclotlefrock coats, 1 duss coal, -1 platen cpiutetls, aquaiility ot ot 1 silver scraps, -I cotton tmrt, 4 woollen understiiits, 1 tinir cotton drawers, 4 old handkerchiefs. 1 mullock nnd kcv. 5 pairs socks, 1 broadcloth cap, n lot of small tin and wooden boxes and other small articles, 1 neck stock, 2 horses, 1 double harness, 1 two horse sleigh, 2 buf falo skill", 2 bl.inktts, 1 neck joke. Also, 17 pairs oi coiirsH cnetK nml kerseymere omits, 'i nmrs won en pants. 10 nnlrs ol'b nek ornndtiMth i.iti,t, u pun bucksin pants, 7 piirs tied mixed panls, 1 pair coarse pants, ti mack tiroa iclotii vests, J pounds i-.iicjisi bnc-ii ibiead, 1 linen nhle suieid. 10 robrov hammer eoieis, i voi5uti nnniiKeri iiici-, i snei., Also, i uuz. of coarse kersey pants, 1 dozen tilni k kersey pants, nairs finnkeiscv nine limits black, 20 vards fineb'ac brmdeloth, 11 yards black ditto, 6 pairs clucked nants. 3 naiis strel-mixed nant". 2 pairs nlaiii Hants. 11 broadcloth lound-a-boiila. Alsn,2rtl ynrdscobco prints, 14 yards black bioadelu h, 10 yards broad cloth, 11$ yards black cassimere, 9;yards invi-ible green bioadeloth, 07 gallon-- bii'rd painl nil. Oiven under my band at Brndfurd, tli.s G'.h daycf June, 1842. WILLIAM IiAUUON, Marshal: A l l'ltESEXT GtOODS of all description- nje selling very low at f llurlirgton, pnrltciilmly nt S. II. SI OTTS. As latens at S o'tloek this evening the run nt jionwiiirs continued will unabated vigor. How long it will last must depend upon his ability to lake up the bills upon presentation, or to satisfy that there will not be liny pnrlialily to presenters) many, to be sure, from the rush nre delayed, but foitunntely llieters so much of curiosity about the Grand IW.snr that one does not tiro iu nn half hour's detention, knowing that equal nnd quick ju-ticc will be nicled out to every onn having the whole or any pnns of Dollars to difposn of, 'and it is even rtunoicd that fiom his avidity to buy up even the small lots of money ns well astho large ones that there may be a slill fmlber rise upon I lie price of moneyof the kindsof coin and of safely fund nnd other good bank billsi but be that as it may Goods were never so low and Cash so high as it is now at the old Money Matkct Store kept by tho peo ple's agent. June 3 1312. S. EUIL HOWARD. Printed Lawns. QtX PIECES nt S.B. SCOTTS.-Sevcriil styles, TVTENS' LEGHORN HATS, just received at 1M Juno 3, 1812. S. B. SCOTT'S. "PAPER HANGINGS, at S. B. SCOTTS. I June 3. New ("alicoes. Tt7V-II r-..t;,.i. .1 t r ... n- . . . n I iiniiuu, ..iiusii (inn jtuivi i' an, iioiu ij iu nu lei luu luiva man cvti, ui per cent lower ihan ever, at Juno 3. S. B. SCOTTS. French I', BLACK, 1 lue-black and colored Silks, cheap, very 1 Juno 3. nl S. B. SCOTTS. SARGENT, SPRAGUE efc Co.'s TOBACCO, by the quantity or otherwise, at S, B. SCOTTS. PARASOLS a great vaiicty nt Juno 3. S. B. SCOTTS. Fresh Flour. flMIE suWril its nre daily receiving and'olerfor JL sale lYesh Flour selecusl vvilh care and a s i- nerior article. l"OU,LIT& liRADLLV. Old Dock, June 3. N. F. Rum. HI Hhds N. K. Rum 50 per cent above proof, fur sale at Boston prices and freight, by l oi,l,ETT& BRADLEY. Oil Do,:l.,Juue3. DOZ, Woolen at greail) reduced prices tV. and a very superior nrln le, for sale by Old Dock, June 3. FOLLKTT it BRA flLEY. To Rem. ONEhalf of a Iwo store hn'iri,itiiirl on .Main street, ono fourth of a nnleca-t . of iheSuunre. I' O-se-slon eii-Mn iuilllf. Pdintelynnd for any length of tune. I For particulars inouire ot June 2, 1842. S. HU.NTINGTON, NO MISTAKE.' IJ'LOUn FLOUR Jusl received nnd for sale by the subscriber, a few barrels of SUDer.suner eilra ftuioy yt-6iem Flour, (I'ngle brand,) none letter if uiiy as goto, jtccottect iagto brand wnrrnnteij per- icct. - June 11. I). DAVIS. Hams! Hams! TUST RECEIVED and for tale by the subscriber, J n few barrels picked Hams, very low also smo ked. Juno II. D. DAVIS, NO M!STAKE.-Smoked Beef: also, Pork by the barrel, just rccivcd hi s!e by June it itM-' n, DAVIS HEW GOODS. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. UK K now opening a heavy stock of seasonable Goods reeenlly purchased ill New York which nre oficied to tho puplie nl prices which cannot fail lo ensure llieir sale. Among theniarc, Ulnek, Itftie Illaek, Blue, Invisiblo Green and steel tnixed Broad Cloths, a very siiienor ipialily of us-imere-, ouii eivei, e-iinir-, i.inen i;rilllligs, Gninbroon-, and a variety ol'Goods for siiinmer wear in low prieu- 1 iioiiioaipue-, a mjin, itssorimeui Ol silks for diei-t-s and boniieli, satin, Cliallv, Black nnd colored Mii-dm i!e I, nines, a large lot of Merino tihnwls nud llil!,!. dre-s Ilill.l-. 11ml scarfs, silk nnd linen cambric Hdkfs. a great variety ol Gloves and Hose; 11 larec assortment of Engli'-h, French, and American ealicoe, aiidiiio.irningialieoes at nnpte eedenleilly low pneis; Ighoin, slrawand Palm leaf ii('iincti a great vario.y 01 xiiniion-, i.nee, umiin-l-l'.trn-ol-, sun shade-, Muliu, Cnmbrie-,blcaehcu and mil leai-hed Cottons j 3000 roll paper hanging-, I ordering, looking gla-e-i, rugs, matt-, earpeiin gs, an 01 which nrc lorsnlciow. June J, 1812. Tin Plate, &o. 1 HO MOXF.S Tin Plate, 1-3 X. approv'd brands, 1UU 10 do do IX. square, 6U Uundles Iron wire, a-sortcd rsos. 30 do Lnghsh Sheet Iron, do G I'ncks Russia do do 1 Cask Sheet .ink. Also A eeiieriil assortment of Tinners' articles. such as Sheet Copper, Sheet Lend, Copper Bolt, &c. Iiy i.uu.Mia oi uo., May 27, 1812. 0moi!e Pcarl-st. House Sliocliiijrs. Afi BALKS 4-4 Brown Sheeiiugs. Vf 2 Ujse. UleaehcJ do. For sale by VILAS, LOOM1S ti CO. May 27, 1812. 0(( M DIULLF.D F.ycd Needles, 150 Gross Hooks and I'.ves. uu do. Knitting rins, 100 Packs Aniericnn do. 300 do London do. 100 Lbs. mixed do. for sale by Mny27, 1812. . VILAS, LOOMIS oi CO. English and American Prints. O CASKS just received nnd for sain nt low pri 1 6 ccs, by May 27. VILAS, LOOMIS &Co. A CASUS TICKING", 4lt 1 do Welliii'-'ton Fancies, 1 do Blue Drilling, 1 Bale Brown do 1 do Canvass, , 10 Pieces Red Paddinu. For sale bv May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS .( Co. Coinlis. 300 DOZLW TWIST COMBS, suu no i;np do 2500 do Side do 400 do Ivory do 100 do l'a'ent Brass do 50 do German silver Pocket do CO Gross Wood do do For nle I y May 27, 1842. VILAS, LOOMIS .f- Co. Thread, &c 0(n LBS. white and col'd Cotton Thread, tJJJ 3 Cases do do Spool do 50 Lbs. Black Linen, do 50 Gross Hound I.neetfl, For pale bv May 27, 1842. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Silks. 1CAF. Tongee Silk, 20 Pieces black, blue black and figured do 20 lb-. India sewing do 20.0C0 Skein American do. For sale by May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS ic Co. Feathers. fiOn LBS. Gce-e Feathers, warranted of superior C'"V' nmlilll ilwl mnnlpi, snltssll,,,, 1000 Lbs. Hens' Fcatherls, Pr sale by May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS it Co Dissolution. VfOTICF. is hen by given that the copartnership lx heretofore existing between Georne Avers and Willjatn Veriuan, under the firm of GEonoa Avsins &. uo., is tins day by mutual consent dissolved. All persons indebted to said firm are requested to call upon ueorge Ayers Willi whom nre tell all the hook! nud demand- of said film, for sdllemcnt. All tier sons hiving claims against said firm aro requested to present iiiom tome said ueorge Avers lor payment. (.i.iiiii.i i jvii.-i. Millon.Mnvir.ioi'. sv.,1. V 1-.1U1.VM. Tho business will hereafter be enrned on ns usual nt the Store formerly occupied by Gcortre Avers nud Co. in Milton, by OKOUGI-: AVICRS. GA.tlltltqOXS-I.inen Drill, Moleskin, nnd n great variety of other summer goods, very chenp. Juno 3, 1812. S. 11. SCOTT. IJMUCSII TKAS-Giound Spiec, Cotlce, Prune, . Kais'ns Figs, Currants, if-c. dT-c. at June 3, 1812. s. B. SCOTTS. YANKI3K INVRXTIOV. Patented in the U. States and England ; Woodward' 's Shielded Victoria Shawl anil Diaper Pin. "The Victoria Pati-nl Shielded Pin wai adopted hv hcr.Maj-ty in the ROVAl, NbltSEUV, from the perfect uvurity exlende.1 by it to the Royal, against tho-e injufie- ineideut to the use of ihe ordi nary pin, whether ii-ed in ih- Shawls of ihe Nur-e or Ihe Diaper of the ltuyal InCmt." '1 hi- I'm i just Ihe arlii-le wauled. Sold nt ihu Vnriety Siore. Juiii' 3. PANGI'.OIJN & liltl.NSMAID. LAW PARTNERSHIP. fHE under-iitned, having foimed a copartner-hip J. iu the praetiee ollaw, will give prompt attention lo nil bu-ines- culru-tcd to ibeni in the line i f their profession. WH. 1,1AM . IIUIGGS. EDWARD A. STANSUL'RV. Burlington, t. June 1st., 1812. Commissioners Notice. WE the sulscri er- having 1 een appointed by the Honorable Prolate Coin for the Di-triet ot tirnnd Die, Commiiontr- to rceive, examine nnd adjil-t tbuelaim- nnd deni.iiids,i,fu per-ons itsain-t Ihue tata of William Uo.lg,.jii, l,ne of Grand Me iu said district deceased, repieseutc.l insolvent, and also all claims and demands ehibiilin o l'-et lhirelo niul six month, fromtheday of the dale hercol Icing nl lowed by said Court for that pnrpo-e-, vvedo IherHI'orc herd y givo notice that we will attend tothe ..u-ine-s ot our nppomiinent nt ilic dwelling house of Rulh flodu'Mm, iu Grand Me, on tlu 1,,-t Saturday of Oj toher next, A. D. IS 13, from len o't-jock in llie noon till six o'cloel. in the afternoon ef Ihe same day. Dated at Grand Melius SI, day of May, A D.I812. SA.Ml'EI, ADAMS, ( Commis- JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, I sioners. STRAYED from the sub-nl er about a week since, a brown mare, about 12 years old, blind in the left eye and has a short switch tail. At-n. a sorrel 'limn. about It) years old, with sravlns en her legs and a son; brea-t. Any information rtlating to the above will I e suitably paid for. JOHN DHUNELL, Burlington, June.2, 1B1. Water Street, Pasturing IJ'OR Hor-es and Cows to rent. Aptvly to May 31. H. LEA VLN WORTH. FRESH Teas Sugar nnd Dry Grocerie-, Just re ceived and for sale low bv June2i. LOVELY it SEYMOUR. NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore existing I elvveen the suliM-ril er.- under ihe firm of Burneii & B ir gi'ss is thi day dissolved by mutual con-cnt, and all persons indetted to said lirm, or having .demands against Ihe same are hereby iioiiliud and iifjue-icl to lellletbu same wilh Lyman Burgc.-s who is the only one authorised to seilleihe same. WILLI M A.BFRNEITs. .... LYMAN BURGLSS. Miltcn, May 2C, 1812. The Subscriber oflers for sale a general assortment of Dry and Domestic Goods, Broad Clolhs, 'Cassi meres Satltnetts Silks, Ribbons, Bunnetls, Dry Gro-ceries,,-Hardware nnd Crockery on Ihe most reason able terms for cash or most of Produce. Milton .May 20, 1BI2 LYMAN BURGESS. t'itnri.-1'liv A LARGE and splendid assortment of Croclteiy of new nnd beautiful pallerns for sale low by June 2nd 1542 i ni'l'i v sp.winim Cheap Groceries. YSON ON, Young Hv-cm, lly,on skin, Tonkay amf uchonrTea-. Pono Ru-oSiiirar. Loal l..m and Powdere I do. P. R. Mr,in-,-. Lemon svnuu tl n and Java Co fee, A. &f. !'iu Orleani Suyare ehiap at tht eheavnt, tar leby Juno 3. . S. M. POPE. LIGHT! LIGHT!! ALL who wish lo light shop-, storei or puMi buddings, cheap and will nieinvilcj to rail and mo Gold's Chemical Oil arid Lamps. The Oil is 75-s. per. gallon anl will give more light than 82 worth of Lamp Oil, Lamps and Oil and WjcU and Gl.sie, for mleat ihe Variety Store. June 3. P ANf.BOBV ft Pftl V.?:tAin PECK &, SPEAR, wholcsalo dealers In English, French, India and American DRUGS. Ano.-Diujaaisrs auss ware. Hurlingtoii, Vt. SOMETHING UE7r. Chairs! Chairs)! Chairs J!! I'ho siib-cnbcrs having etabllsbeil ihem-elvcs in thu Chair Staking and Chair Painting business, have Ihe shop formerly occupied by Johnn nolt if- Maiichard, two doors South of the County lit use, Church street, Burlington, where Ihey intend to luaniifuetiiic and ol'er for salea com. tdele ns-ortmenl of Chairs of every description, at such prices as cannot fad to givo sutl-laction. Settees, Sellce Ciadles nnd Solas ol all land- made to order on sliorl notice. Al-o, old Chairs and all kinds of Furniture repaired and painted or var niriied und made lo look ns well a new. B. The highest pnee-i will Ir iaid for good Bass Wood Blank, plain and curl .Maple, Beach, Birch, and l'nie Limier, and most kind-of country t'Hxiiice in exchange ir tjnairs, nnu even cisii or cnrresl I nut. lulls will not t e retu-eu. Give us a call, t,adic nnd tif nllemen. I'11'KF.ItING ttTHAYTH. Builinglon, May S3, 18 12- Sltf. . LEMONS. ' Cf BOXES of Imon in prime order, for salo al t)J New Vork prices .an-l fieizht, by Old Dock, May 27. i-OU.r.'IT BHAlJI.EVt CODFISH. AFRKfll supply and n prime nrtiele for sale by Obi Dock, May 27. FOI.LETT ,f- BltA DLKV. LEHIGH COAL. (TtHE Sub-cril ers have received a supply of I.e- J high uoal, wlueli lliev ol'er nl rodiued nriees. Old I took, May 27. FObLIflT & BRAPI.EV. SIIIXGLE. Kf THOUSAND good priiiieShingle, tor -ale vo- ry tow Ly S. WALKER. May 21. . .May 25i, T842. ' . Messrs. PANGH(TilJf.t. ItHIXSMAIl) WOULD infurin their eiistoiners and the pul lie that they have ju-t ruccivtnl fiom England a variety of Patent liver Watches and Movement-, niadeexpiessly for tbcin, some with their name and some with the maker's name upon tneiii. . . Persons wi-lnna to set a c o oD Watch, gold or silver, may depend .upon obtaining one v. hicdi will- silltlhem. ve invite me aucuuoji oi jimges in our, superu rassoi-ttnent of fine finished accurate running v, aieiit.-. , , Gold and silver Sneetnele-. gold and silver Pencil-. Chain-, Keys, BroachtVi Rings, Pins, Lockets,-Snaps, etc. . Ca-tors, Oofce r iltorers, COflio and leu i'ots, lied Pails, Molasses Cups, 'Puudjlers, smull Lamps, Soup Ladle, Cake Baskets, Sic. Jllllliirv Goods. Sword. Enauleites, Sashes. Plate, Plume. But ton-, liclts, I'istuls, ipe. 1'iatcii uoou. Rich Cake Ba-kel-, Ciindletic!., SnuUers and Trny, Castor-, Tin Spoons, Creuin Siooii", Sugar TonVs, Nut rti-nekeis. Children's Cui,&c. Ainonv the-e may Le loun I some very rich goodj, Silver Ware. Tea nndTal leSntion-. sucarTonn. r-reain spoon De-scrt Sminii", Mo-tard and Salt Spoons Sdvor t !... Thimhle-.Siiiifriloxe-. Vineirarcto-. Tweezers, 6ic. Siioons and Humbles made in the shop of sterling silver, marking free. Hardware and Cutlery. Pen nnd Pocket Knive-, Razor-, ui on,tweeJers, Buckle-, Nut CnicUrs and Pickers Powder Flasks, Shot Bag-, sti-ji i-peetacles, Lhain-, Keys, ura Can ile-ticks, S uilfers undTray.-, s eel Snu.lei, Ja amiedTiavs andSunl'ers and various other Goods. 'Perfumery. Hair Oils. eVc. Fnrrina's eenuinu Cologne, No, 1 and 2, Lavender, B.iv Water, Rose, Honey, and oilier ex tracts, Javne's Hair Tonic, Balm ol" Cobuiil ia,B i.Ialo, Bear, Ward'-, Macca-sor nnd other hair, Poiim- tum, Lip salve, Uourl ria-ter, c-e. I.nmii Wicks anil Glasses. Gold's Chemicul Oil nnd Lamps, nea'cr, ehcafcr nml I r-iterilinn nnv tuber kind foi shoo-, stores and churches. Persons wi-hmir in lii'ht their ,ore-i ean- lifully and economieally aru invitid toexamime some ol the Lamps now in ii-eat our siorecvery uveiiiiiB Variety. Miisit. Rnip.. Th!imIihii-. F utes nnd Aeeordian i.h-....i..i ll.,. V ,ut-. Water level-. Tlier- luoineter-, conversation and visitiucr Cards, plnyinc do., farlor IlalN. (?rni-es Hoims. H.itt'edore. Ian Pin-, t-liavvl-, Diaper, Hair and all kind- Pin-nnd Needle-i, Card Cases, Snap'- ivory Combs, horn and bell Co'iil,-, lim-lit's, Comb ele liner-, Sealing Wax iiiiiinis, vt 11,1,'ehouc, IMnt Mr.ip-, I mar ua-o i'lsh lines and hooks, Cane-, Cup Spring-", Twine. Dress Stocks, Hyi-on Collars! Ac. Satin, sills and boml u7iuo Stoi-k-. suiniut-r Stocks. S'.trl", etc. of beautiful styles nud. rich patterns, linen Cullars, pointed, square and round, Byron Lo! lars. rani ciraps, auspeudcrs, cc. To vs. nun. Swords, Marble-. Dolls, Bosses Calc'dc, Tr unpets, Basket-, Day'- Pin Ca-c--, I'arlor Ball-, milium-, woolly Don-, Hurscs, Cows, Tops auu many oilier uuiiircits' I oj . Various Things. Diamond Cemeni. Screw Swift-. Screw Cushions wluic Wax, silver niul. Kuive-, lih Knives, Prc-un Salts, Atkinson'- IVu'lalory, and a variety of other goods. We would re.peelfu'lly inform iur' ir.enus nnu cu.-teu er-, aim an persons visum town, that vie arc eoii-iaufy a Iduur lo our n--orl incut, and that it never was better than nl piesi-nt nnd we shall Icluppylo sell to any who may plea e to e.ib and at priie- lliat i-au hardly fill to suit. Tint!? who ate not ui-iiuniuti'd with Willi frorids am prices, arc invited to call and see for themselves anil not take "hmr-sau storiis," Our ohiccl is to secure permanent customers lo do il we expect to give a fill conn nlcui lur all t-a-li It Ji will, us and lo sell such goid- a- our customers will Iu pleased vvi h vv lu-ii ihey L-i-t home and examine ihem nud take thu " seeoiid sol er ihoushl." Watehc, Clocks and Jewelry, cleaned and repair d I y exptricucod workmen. Cah paid for Silver. SLIPS. New York stylo of Freneli KiJ Slip just received by .May 27.J S. B. SCOTT. Fashionable Hals. Q CASES J, & 1!. Knower's warranted lint-, cheap w iur cash, al -nay it. . . spuri a. BROADCLOTHS, Ca.s'iniercs, cli'oap, by May 47 Sutlinctts.&e. &c, S. B. SCOTT. 1XORTU AND SOUTH. SOUTHERN N.ORLEANS SUGAR is run down to 5 cents per lb. with tho wrapper and siring put sniaitlyou nt every go off. Tlie cotton interest is made to ft el tho piessure on the wool of Vermont and Ihe manufactured articles of tho Northern and Middle states ore run so swift lliat those who want must stand ready to take, for.tho time will soon close in upon the rear of sales, vvhrnull must come from far away off beyond thowide, wide sea, and bcboucul of those who eat the bread of theii own couiitfy,whllc they will do the Mailufacluring for iho, American Fanner, Planter nnd Hon. Gentlemen Politicians of this Innd of Idertv, wdhout some ndjiislment of the Taiiffis quickly made. Those vvihmg a nioinemo of ihe times (not to last long) can be supplied af the cheapr si rates at 26 May, '42. . HOWARD'S. shoes. . BLACK and colored HairOniiers, French Kid.and spring heel slips, ' Walking Shoe-, Men's Pumps, Mi-ses Slips am) Children's Shoes, of G.N. Tare well's manu'aciure, lust received and for sale as.i-hcap as Ihei-heaiiest. May27. H. W. I'AT.I.I.V I.'lni-i-nce Iloiilicts. 1 CASE Florence Braid Bonnets, new shape, of J. a finalities and price--, opened nu- nay l v May 28. H. W. CATLIN. Leghorn Hals. SINGLE and double brimmed colored nnd while Lrihorn Hals j col'd and white Palm Liaf Hats, a large assortment, very cheap, bv May2G. . H. W. CATLIN. PARASOLS. I ! 1CH figured Brocaded, China nnd plain silk Tar' J A n-ols, all pricts and t-olois, by Mav 26. H. W. CATLIN. Farewell's Shoes. BLACK and colored hair Gaiters, Misses do do. Kid Slips, French Buskin Shoes, SInrocro do Children's do. 5Icn s Pumps, if-c. just received and for sale cheap, 1 v May 26, 1812. S. M. POPK. 3LA0K fflTTRS, A Full Blooded French Home, WILL be kept for Marcs through ihe season. He will sland at Hubble'., Charlotte 4 corner., on Mondays-, at I. fc C. Martin's, Fcrrisburg h, Tiif - L'inr'. Mi nk inn. Wednesdays t Burnt ., Hinesbtirgh, Thursdays! S, Miner's, east part of Shrlburn, Fridays! al E. Hewett's, tlsplist corners Charlotte, Salutdnjs. As for heautj, color, Ufa and kind llorseexcfedsliim. If the rearers i f horses nra deposed lo improve their stock, I shall be thankfr.1 to receive Iheir patronage. Term, low fur c..h. Two, three and four dollars . A. NF.VS i'.LI. fhsrleris, May It, 195. I (TPNEW CASH STORE 1 TUB Subscribers respectfully inform tho inhabi tants Of Itlirlinntnn find vtnlnifu tl.n lli.u Knvn commenced business in the Sloro recently occupied by Mr Brnmnn, Books6ller, on Collego street. The chief branch of their business will consi-t in French Dry Goods. BeinE confident that throitah so manv menns and facilities which they havofor furnishing their Sloro with th most fnshibnnblo articles, nnd that their pri ces will suit nil who may favor Ihem with a call,they ii-sii-i;iiu!iy nuiieu n suurc ui puuiie.pairoungc. They also have for salo a general assortment of su perior GROCERIES, which they ofler for the lowest prices. OSTHKIM tfe MICHOLLS. Burlington, May 19, 1312. FOR SALE OR TO LET. IIOIISl-.' Also a small Building Lot. May 20. C. BEN NS. PAPER. C.i GOODRICH has jmt received from the manu facturers 2 Cae, of blue fuieZ Cap nnd Letter paper. May IB. BOOKS AND PAPER. ITtHOSF. wl-hing lobuy Books and Paper foreah, jl prouuec, or on credit will nnu a goo-i stoeK and nt their own prices, by calling nt tho old stand, UP STAIRS. May 18. AbOH K S.-A pair of 13 imh Olol c on high vj Manns, a uitien-eu nnu in good order lor sstc very low, by May 18. C. GOODRICH. SPUING ARRIVALS At Head (luartcre, No. I (1. Vntet -Street. NO MISTAKE!! DAVIS i-now truly at home, and would return his grateful acknowledgments tothe public: gen erally forlho very liberal palronairu he lias receivod, and hopes iy a strict attention to Ijn-inc-s and ails li'immation lo iilease. Hint he may merit a continu ance of tbcsnine. He would statu that ho has ju-t rei-uive-1 fiom New Yoi k, Boston, All any and Troy, iiout ine i.ite-1 importation-, a larire an-l general as sortment of Fre h Goods, which, in addition to his former stock, make a comp'ete a ssortiuent, comprising uluiojt every ankle of family supply. &u.c. Une Vent Jictcaru will I c given to any per-on vv ho will Iind nt any e,ther tore a great a vjr etv nnd well veleotcd a.sortment as can be lo.n I at DA VIS'S. Please call and exumme lor vouraelve-, and you will not iru away di'appointed.' .viavzu. Nova Scotja lMas4cr. THE Subscribers nro this dny receiving a fresh supply of Nova Scotia Plaster, and will com mence grinding at their Mill at the I- si's on Monday next. FOLLEIT & BRADLEY. Burlington, Mny 20, 1812. SAWS. ENGLISH Cast Sleel, cross nit. Hoe & Co.'s do ciicular, from 8 to 10 inshos. Rowland's Mill. Just received and tor -ale. WM. J. HUNT. Strongs Building, College St., near the Sq-.rc. Burlington, May 19, 1812. Sir immnns loolp, (r ALL DESCRIPTIONS, tust received and for s ' sale ny H.U.J., Burlington, Mny 19, 1542. Strongs Building Cast Steel, TE5SUPA. SONS celebrated Cast Steel. jut recciv- o cdnnd for sale bv w.u. J. UU.nt, Burlington, Mny 10, 1912. Strongs Rudding. '. O U II . ITiRESII Ground flour received this dnv and for silc ' by May 20. I). DAVld. (.'lover and llenls (Jrass Seed April 8. 1 y J. & J. H. PECK & Co. HOARDING HOUSE. m ji 'I he S.ib-crd er .-lilt continues his board ing hti-i-e at ihe foot of College strest, iTjJSiiiL. near Ihe S piare, and will ii-p Ins best jiifjttv exertions to give salt-faction to tho-e 4O0KiQ-k who may la .-or him wilh their patron n"e. He has also several innveuieiit and truntcol Room, io let. JOSHI'A LOA.SE. Ayril-20, 1312. TO PRINTERS. YTrANTF.D, a PRF.SSMAN and COMPOSITOR, hy U. laootlrich. iay o FARM FOR SALE. FOR SALE, that well known Farm sit uated in Milton, nbout one mile fiotn-the upier i-alls, lurinerlv owned nnu occupied bv tho Rev. S. Its Crane, cnmaitimg be- twe(n273atid 300 acres of land, comnri ed III part of mowing, Ullage and pastnrim., and goid wood lots and siiirnr nrclnrd. Said farm is well watered, has two good dwelling houses, ono of which is of brick, the other of wood, both in trnod repair: three cood good barns, one of which is CO by 14 fiet, the others 30 by 40 feet a hoi so barn and oilier out buildings with cood yards and wntcr hrousht inio them and to thehous-c ill logs, anil also three com! wells of water on iln farm ; being a dcsnabln situation for a man who wants to raise neat stock or sheep or both, or ' is an excellent farm for tho dairy business. Those wishins to purchaso such a farni would do well by, applying soon to John and James Morion on tho, pieiiiies, or to Gen. Win. Nash of New Haven. Milton, March 24, 1512. 42-if Huston Garden Seeds. Q BOXES Garden Seeds fiom Yankee Farmer eC Office, Boston, for sale by C. t.OODRICH. May 4. Also, White Mulh iry Seed, Rula Bairi Seed, (Scotch purple tor.) Sage Feed, at ona fourth theusutl price. Fcs-eiiden's American Gardener. N KW (iOOl) S ! THE sub-criber has just returned from New York vvith a ceneral nssortmciit of Dry Goods, Groecricst Crockery and Hardware. r Also, F'louri Pork, Salmon, .Hackcrcl,. Codfish; .vie. whiili he will sill as chr-np the ehehpest. HORACi: LANE. Burlingtuii, .May 25, 1312. 51:4w DllUGS MEDICI.NES. TH E suheribers nrc continuslly silpplin) with erenj artiitc in the a' five brnneh, both of the Oflicmal and P.iirnl kinds. Medicinal waters from Saratoga i, do. from Caledonia, Cnnaih s Medical Wines and-Spirits i Leeches t .urgicnl InsTiiinents i .Mineral-Tcrtli, Ac. Ale. Prescriptions put up at the shortest notice. SAoji open at all hour''. PECKst. SPEAR, Apmhecnries. Burlmgli n, Vt. LYMAN & jCOLE HAt E receivetl iheir usual exien-ive asorintent nod vau'eiy of S ir I Sjuiner GOODS, whieh Ihey o"er al greatly rchu o I pr ces i-onsistiui; ui part of Pnnte.1 Lawns, lainlncs, Muslins and mourning I awns. R eh sajiji striped Bllrorine, !;e. fi.r la Pes' a imnier dres. es,. ' .cv, patti-rn-MusImileLaines,,atinsrip'd Eolians, eke. j Plain, black and blun 1 lack Bom! a.-.ine, ) Figuiisl blue black and coloic-t do. i IliavyHaikCaii'ion.firoile Swiss nndc l'J Silki. Miawls. Lupin'sl est (cartel, b'ai-k andcnlois-l Meririo. Scarfs and Paucy llaiulkvrclilcfs. I Muslin de Lame. '1 hi1 et wool, nnd f.inev satin llermani I.a'heuc Lravais, raw s II; il .lk i--. Mii-liu iV Lame Shawls, raw silk do., printed wursicildit. La Fancy tilk Mitts and Gloves, re.lored Fillet do. black sewing silk do. Mis-es i-olernl silk Gloves, Men's Lisle ThicAd, colorol si'k, vvli.te silk, and Kid do. Men's black Italian Cravats, black silk half Hose, and Indi.t rubl er Suspen ders, Ijilie.' while and black silk Hose and Glove-, while .Merino Ho. -, black and eclorc-l Mil.- and Kid Gloves. For tirntlemeii'a Summer Wear. Stripe.1 nn I plain while linen Drill, Colored do. tiainbroon-, 1 1 ami I ton Jh.xlurCs and llemin-, Mixed S.itinelte, Ernunii e, Jacl et Linen, Ac. Domestic Goods. Indiau Head, Siark Mills, Middlesex and other Cotton Sheetings, A great quantity bleaehisj -dueling and shirting, very low priced. Union . M, ached cotton, 7-8 and yard wile. Bartloit do. .1-4 and 6-1 do. making a more exterl.lve a-seutuieiit than we have evtr kept) 'Mernniac cotton sheeling, rupeifine iinbleachcil couon shiriinsr, Sud'olk and cord drill heavy tick ing and wadding. Three Cases rf UtnVrellas and Parasols, Cap, Bonnet nnd neck Ribbons, 'I afTeti do. Galleons, Tale., Ac. , Frluti. Fall River, Merriinar, Dover, Bristol and many oiher Hyle. of American prints, very low priced. English and French prims, Ginghams, Ac Itroad Cloths. A reneral assortment of iiurlington Mill Co. Bread Cloths constantly on hand. Alsoother nvles of iron. i iimns snii v-astiinere;, cngugn, c ,encn and German do. Felleil Carpeting. Silk, Twui, Button., Purge, Onva-, Padding, Si'lecn. Ac, cVo. Burlinglon. 20 M.y, IS4S. FRANKLIN HOTEL Ah. IllSHOP respectfully informs the pub'ia that ho has taken the abovo establishment, situated on the south-west torner of Court House Square, Burlington, Vt., which i now In excellent repair nnd well furnished for the accommodation of the public. .This Home possesses from its commanding situa tion nnd proximity to the fiat of business, advantages for the traveller nnd man of leisure, and is well cnl- cuiatea iur tne accommodation ot permanent liosrd ers, and for strangers passing through or visiting tbo plnce. i lie TAnt.ES are supplied With a 1 iho luxuries and varieties ol the season, and the Basis constantly filled Tin, IIIU UlBl 111 HIMSRI1U1.II1U11BS. Mr II. flatters himself that by a strict attention lo tne trnnfs and nceifi'e of the public, he shsll bo nine io iiicrit auu receive a nncroi snare oi patronage. N. R. All nleellnl MVPHV ST1II1.C I. rXsn kept at this House, where horses and carriages will niwnyn in in renames lor nil WHO WISH. Burlington, May, 1342. J0:3w FISH. 50 Quintals Cod Fish.lorsnle by 9 May. 131-2. S. WALKER. NEW AM) CHEAP HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &Qt rilHR sulscnbcr having just returned from Now , crk, where he has selected a new mid com plete assortment of HARDWARE, SADDLERY HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. novv offer, th. samo at the lowest cash prices. From tne facilities whith be baa Of obtaining hi. goods, ho is enabled to offer Hardware ol consider ably le3s prices than it has hitherto been .old in Var mnnt. Those in want of nrticlcs in the abovo lino wi'l find it their interest to gie him a call. WM. 3. tlUNT, Strongs Buildins, College St., near tbo Squaro. Builinglon, May 1812. M. G. It ATIIBUJY) DIl.VPEH AND TAILOR, HAS iust returned from New York with A SPRING FASHIONS ; nl.o. n .,ir,rins ... sortmcnt of TRIM.MINGS, VKSTINGS, Ac. .-nop in v. iturcn street, nearly opposite the Bank of Burliugtotl. May 13, 1842. . REMOVAL. THr. Subscriber has removed his Bookstore and Bindery to the corner of Church and College si., tn therooms formerly occupied by Messrs. Curit. and Rn-sell, ns a Watch Shop and Shoe Store. Friends and customers and the public are respe.t fully invited to call. S. HUNTINGTON. May 9, 1812. Sign Red Ledgor. WINDOW SASH. The subscribers have plu--eha-cd the Machintry for the manulactilro of Window Sa-h formerly owned nai used by Sidney Smith, at Winooski City,and are now manufacturing every des cription, and keep constant- lv em himl nn astorlmont of 7 I v 6 Sash, at the following prices. 12 Lightwl Casements 3J cts. per Light. 8 do 31 do 9 do 3i do 6 do 3j do 4 do 5 For -ale nttluir Shop at the Falls, and by O.orge Pe'erson. All orders in the above fine mklrps-tsl in Catlin it t.'hase, will le thankfully received auJ promptly attended to. MOSES CATLIN, 2d. fcUWI.-Vi vv. UHASC. Burlingtcn, April 9, 1842. pO LET, X Si reel, abov o. The lot of land and one House on Peart kiiuvvu as the Munson lot, Enquire a. At LYMAN COLE'S Ladio,' Bronze Kid Ties, " Kid Tie-and Slips, " illaek and colored cloth Oaltert, Children's, colored Gaiter--, " Bronze, " Illaek Kid Bootees, Gem's Kid and Morocco Pumps. May 18. GLASS. Boxes Glas of dulerent tie-, for aale by 500 sire, nnd quali S. WALKER. WINES. ai Qr. Casks of very i-hoiee Wines of different kind-, lor sale by (May 9.) S. WALKER. AI.PI1EUS HALL'S ESTATE. STATE OF VERMONT. The lion, the Probata District of Chittenden, ss. $ court for the District of Chittenden t to all persons concerned in the estate of Alplu-'.'s Hail late of Milton in said District, deceas ed, Greeting. Whereas, the administrators of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of iheir ad-mini-tration. and present their account nsainst snid j ,ie cCml , proutc, to be holden nt the Register's e-iaie lor examination nnd allowance at ollico in Burlington In said di-trict on the twenty filth day of June next. Therefore, jou nre hereby notified to appear leforo snid court nt the time nnd place aforesaid, and shew caue, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington this 23th day of .Mav A. D. 1S42. Wm. WFSTON, Register. EVANS CHANCE'S ESTATE. STATF. OF VERMONT. ) The Hon. theProbste District of Chtitendeii, ss. J court for the District of Ottiltenilt n i to r.11 per-ons concerned in the, 'state of Evans Chance late of Burlington in said Dtstiict, de ceased, Greeting. Whereas, llnrmon Bench, administrator debonit non of the estate n s ud decensi-d, proposes to rendor nn account of his ndininistiation, and present his ac count against said esinie for examination and allow ance nt a session of the court of Piobatc, lo be hol den nt the R;giicr's office in Burlington In said dis trict mi tho twenty fifth dny of June next. Then fore, you nre hereby notified loappear before said court al the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, it any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this.23th day of May A. D. 1312. ' Win. WESTON, Register plaster' J ET TON": Fresh Groifnd Plaster, by 30 Dee., Ml. J.A-J.H.Pii Piei if-Co. i) -l IIUAK-S Munch Ramus, JI 40 Kigs Malaga ia 15 Bags Madeira Nuts, 12 do Fdbirts, 13 do Branl do 10 do Almonds, by 30 Dec, 1811. J. .f- J. H. PECK d Co. fj KEGS Powder, i.Jf so Bags Slior, 100 Dozen Corn Brooms, bv IVc. 30. Ml. J. A J. f I. P.tit A Co. . O OlClNG G LA SSES. A LARGE, nn I well silccted assortment, consist., ingof Gilt, Mahogany and Gilt, Mohogany, and l'anry framed Looking Glasses, for .Vest greatly reduced prices at tho Hatdwarc Store, Corner of Church and Collrao Sm , hy II AGAR A ARTHUR. Cf HHDS. Gardner Brewer's N. England Ru'tiv 31) Pipe, and Half Pipes American Brandy , 40 do do Baltimore Gin, 10 do do 'IMIevoisin' Brandy, 5 do do 1 Swan' Gin. 10 Hhds. Si. Croix R"in, 30 Bid. Sherry and Madeira Wines, 31 do Mnlaga do 5 do Port do 31 Dec. 1 8tl by J., PECK A Co. Ff.OVR. OS BBLS. nnd C00 half do. of the most ap ooWW proved brands, by 30 Dec, 1811. J. A J. H. PI-CK .f- Co. TOllACCO. Boxes To' aooci, Kec do. 10 Cut do. (br sale bv 20 0 Mav. 1612. P. WALKFR. p6r7c. OH 1IHI.S Pork, for sale by 0 Mav. 1842. S. WALKER; SHEErlNG. 10 Bales sheeting, for sale bv .. 9 May. S. WAI.KFB; GROCERIES. I f Hhds. Molasses, lOdo Sugar, 10 Boxes Loafdo 1 J 10 (lags Coffee, S.dc. Pepper, .Id". Spice, 10 Kens. Ginger, 10 Boxes Soap, for sale bv 9 May, IP 12. S. WALK1R. T. F. A tV. I.. STRONG. HAVING purchased of the firm of Stronr 4c their stock in trade, will continue the bimnes ando 'ertopurchaier- ccods in their hue, at prion corresponding wilh the tunes. April 13. 1S12 Miren Skins lor Hook niiigliH,c. CA DOZ. Sheep Skins, assorted qu.Utlesn QWvWh,!,,) and for sa'e to mannfaoinrers .ad others nt low prices-, by VILAS, LOOMIS, A CoV Nov. 30.1841. . . - . ROAD CLOTHS, Cassiinercs, Silk Velvet, VesV. ings, and Gambroons, of superior qutiijr, jujt received and now epe ning by . "Ap'rilS. LOVELY A SEYMOUR PAPER HANGINGS, just imported from Knnce, some beautiful p.ttrins. for saleby A-ril OVELY4tTMOUR.

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