Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 1, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLOnY OF CJSSAH BUT T IX C WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1842. No. 4. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the head if the Steamboat Wharf lltii llngloo, Vermont. BY MOSES L. II ART. THIS c-ta' li-limcill, -o tavoral ly localcd fur the ari-ointnodalion of tho hu-ne.s and tr.i vellttiir community, i now o en in the put lie. Po-l Coat-he upon the varioi- rou'e- rail ai Ihu I xchnngi' lime for pa-senger, aii't ihose arnvimr or tit-parting I y Steam Boat, in which ea-c-1 lieir bigg.nrei- iciuovi-' without charge, will ti ml thi- hi ue peculiarly to their 'convenience. The keeper lender- hi- 'emeu , wiih the a tirancr, Wat in all re-pcrl-, the hou. hall de me the favor-'-.ble eon-nlcrs'ion of all u tio may patron! e it. Burlinlfn, April I, 1812. .13 f. AMERICAN HOTEL AXI) GHNHK Mi STACK IH)USH, BURLINGTON, VT. """piIF. siilcitlier Into lens'id for n term of year- this well known splendid establishment, which is very pleas ndly located in one of the nt"St delightful villa les in North America. The spveial lino el.-tnues at mid depart from thi linn-., daily. This lintel i furnt hed in the best order, nnil well supplied with the choicest that the markets nlford. They will be happy to see their friends and all who may favor them with llicit p'lironnpc. jfCarriagcs always in attendance M the Sleam Boats. 8. W. TAYLOR. W rrun r. SIIATTUCK. Burlington, April 2!Hh, 1812. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney ami Comiscllorat Law, TWO WOODS EAST OF Till; rOW OmCl'., IT STAIRS, Refer to Messrc. J. iV 3. II. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, Barrister ami Attorney at Law, Late in the qlficcof the If-m. Solicitor Gen'l Day) LITTLE ST. JAMF.S'S STRIiET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1S41. Rfereaea in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. 21 1- EC K & S P K Alt, wholesale dealers in Knglish, French, India and American d n u a . Aiscy-DRUGGIST'S GLASS WAKE. IlurJlnstoii, Vt. WEW FASHIONS AND NEW GOODS. Tlie-nb.cnln.rlia tn.t reniriiet lioin Ne.v ioik with welt -ele -led a.-'in inent of wo..l djed CLOTHS an I c vssninitL:s ; Also, Summer Goods, e tin;- an I Tum ining of ihe very leal '1 lanty. '1'he a' oveartirle vvtre onr.'h.i-t i wli ear 'and not nu poor tt!e to l.c luun 1 in lot. .vn li: for the w:cd, MMl ' off !, anil the Vaunt;. The -uh-cririr parueu ir y uq e '-ihe aimi'ion yonni ero''cien to iho -iv.c ol 1'ie-- and IV"" 'Coats made at in-r.-1 1 li Inneni ihi-S prin.'. Oen llenea morea Kain eil in life ran be aecoininoJalrd null sai menu, a lao'ed io ill. ir a.-e, general uppeai ntv,U: If. M ie than pun- taken a-to Mze,ra-' mid toinfort. Ilavoir ohtainel the la'r t iniiirovemrnt- in the art of f'nmn2 and Mnkins sen-tkinen'- sarmenli- of all kind-A I y nniiatii'p! lhcmo-t flier ( l of Coy Tailor- in improvement), from time'o time, the s i1- en! er iru-t-lh-it In e in' will Is found one of the very le t in the reuntrv. JAMKS MITCUn.l., Uraper an ITa lor. N. H. Nnri-1; loihe cn-l'inicr at hoa'ove e lab-li.-InnrH, Gentlemen n"t a-krd to ta..o a garment nle-- liite 1. Ilirlinton, 13 May, 1 12. t(. DENTISTRY. T r.I'.WlS .v .1. II. XH lltLS have afo .) . rhud iheinsflves in bu mess fa tho aecommo- dntinn of tho2 who hav" nut the opportunity of cabins; nt their rei Vnec. Mr. N. will s end mot of his turn in visi'mc the villages in tins and llie oiijntn ing counties, and wi'l pirfirm all "pirations on tha tee h neccs-.iry ("r tlicir preservation, .nr. .. will also prepare the innut'i fur the reception of artificial teeth ; lake models. nnJ transmit ihrm lo Mr I.ewi, the ci.l."hra ed inc drntifi, who will always beat home, and vvho-e iin.ivallol ruece's, nnd un wearitri etirlions 'o plea"e, will eiiur the poll ie bet ter work than can he procured u'tcwherc. Our mode of wtiini; is fir superior to any ulier in point ol looks, convenience, and durabih y. inv one wantins teeth can coina "ilu A ty w.lh a mouth full of decayed tetth, and return the nest wi h a new s-e . Prices suittc! to th times and circumstances. All operations war ranted. J. u:wis, J. 1!. NICHOLS. Durlins'on, Vt.,May,l'!42. BOOTS OT. NTLU.M UN'S' Summer lb ot , come low priced. Al-o, most . I inifs of Hoots and Ci Shoes Etiitable for ihe itnsoo f r men, women, and bovs or cirls. Work as usual done lo order. .lAMi:s II. l'LATT, Cerner of Church and Cherry Streets, liurlington. .May 12, 1S12. SPRING ARRIVALS At llcaa (luartcrs. No. 10. Water--Strcot. AO MISTAKE!! DAVIS i-now truly at home, and would return hi- grateful acknowledgment- to the publir gen erally (orthe vrry lilieral patronage he lias reieived, and liopc- by a tflricl atlnilion lo bu-ine-Mind a de termination In plra-e, that ho may merit a ronlinii am ftC 1 Ik-k.n Hit. He woiihl slate that he ha- lu-t received from New Yoik, llotou, All any and Troy, from the lale-t unporlntion-, a large and general a-. mrtme-nl of Fro li Good-, which, in addition lo his former -doe',m iVe aeoinpV i'as-oiiinenijConipnuug altno-t every article oi umiiv ippiy. ft-e. etc-. One Cent Reward will le given loanyper-on vv hovvll hnd nt any other -.lore ns sreat a var ety and well iclreit-1 a-korimenl as can be loundat DAVIS'S. I'lca-e call and ex.inime f..r yoiir.elvo-, and you will not go away di-appoiiucJ. May 20. ' m SHOE ISTABLIsTlMENT. rs.woODS WOULD re-pecif illyinlorin the Ladie- and Gen llenien of 11 irlington and vi''iniiy that he ha recently oiieneil an e-tal lihinent vv here he will man ufacture, (who'e ale and reiail) all kind-of work in the Shoe line. He ha. j'ii received from New York lliepre-ent siyleol La-1-. loae ber with a i hoiee c lection of Stock. He will kee-p ef.n.mnlly on haul and manufacture loonier all kind- of work " cot up" in Ibi-country, uinong which may u, fmind Geiil'. Calf. Goat, Seal and Ganer Hoot- LaditV Gaiter-, ii... I.,.,. Wslkin-r Shoe-, Slip-, O.C. etc. Al-.i.eojrr KlLi! PI and kip Hoot-, bolli for men and boys; and cluUron'. 1 Shocsof all kinds, -I'leae give him a call, two door Wen of ihe Tearl Street Hon-e, ni the Bignof the "Ilig Hoot." lltilliiiSton.Ma)-, 1812. SO f. N D. A tirrt rale Uoot maker will find coin-lanl cinp'joy and high wages by applying soon i to just 11. ' 00iv? MOII VIC AND UDSUN It.VlL-ltOAU. NOTICE. For the accommodation of pa-sengers tit sirons of taking iho seven o'clock line of .-nam Bin Is from Alhmy, (which, went into o, erntinn on the 20ih in stant,) a train of Itailroad Cars ni l 9tart from Sihe ncc ndy, daily, at 5J o'clock 1. .M. during the roll iinuinceof he a ove nirangcmrnt on the Kivor. lly this arrangement, paseni;ers may leave Saratoga S,ir.ii'4-al 3 I'm 4 o'elocli 1'. l, nod reach Albany in time for the hi. at, which w ill save travellers from tho north, tlio exp'iise of rcnnining over inht at Alhanv or Trov. lly tho evistiiiir nrratiecineut. ri'i. zerisoi Sar.itoua areobliced to leave bouieat 7 o'clock in the murium;, in take ihc steam boat at Albany nt 7 1'. M. I (37 miles via Kail-U ad 1 II) JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. April 22, 1SI2. J 84.2. IVorllicrn Trausporlulion Line. ISAAC V. BAKER y7-.L.ronti;ii.e the I'OKWAKDI.NO 11US1.NTSS Lake Cliamplnln, Northern Canal, anil lltidson 1th er. I'eeinins It important to leiain the Old Cotomer of the Line, and add new one-, he will n-e hi- be-t endeavor- to ali fy all, and pledre- hiln-e ( to in-riea-e hi- exerln-n- lo pi-omoie llie tn'eic-t- oi his employer- I y I'oinj all ln-:ne-s cntru!ed to ln eairw'i'h di iin'thanil -afety. for freight aprly to l'. 11.,5 t oeime-Slip, Torn Cat US, 31! 'i entie- Slip, New York. C. II. liARNf.v, 101, 1'ier, All any. P. I Cm ti ck, 1 J. II. Hook i n, Troy. i.. a. rAi'.Lii' i k, S I. . ItAKl'.a, t'i'ni- ii-V. Landms anj Whitehall, l u.i.r.iT & I n jpi i v, rinilinjion. A. I. t..vni), I'hi"-' rsb. At l.r.v l cm T' rii, l'oi' Ken'. .1. 1'. I'ir.itcr. & Sov, S .John. JCjl'rov oin e l.")5 Itner-slreel, tip ylairs. Whitehall, April ltjpj. IIOOKI.'S K-!r. i: OK l.ll'i:.-. Vala'lr ' Mr hi'ine, which, il riehilv aiiolird, vvillleihr mran-of .-avinir llioii-ntid- froin an outimrlv irrair. It In-teen -ol I and n-rd for hiriv year. wi'Iikici - irre--, an I lo'iirl vrry edirariou- in ihe followine li-e:i-e-, viz.'ion, honpnic l.ciosh-, com non t'oi'.'li-, tio I , ilnTi 'nil llre.iihin, Inlhieuza '3 iin-y, A-lhm.i, Phihi-ir, Spit'ina of llb.od, Kl.nii- h'n'.y, in lize ' Oi, Loo rnc-- of 'lie llovvrl , I in ol even-tun 1, I lain,,., Kirl.eK, Ci.lie, Ca airli, Ih- lary, I-.inn nr.', lly.ioi-liiMi A e ion , lira la"rl,-, -iene--ni oin.i n, .ilea i" , a prrveutive ol Con ta-io drea r , lloni and Uhe im-iti m. jLj'I lien' ove vie heme i- oienareJ I v Henrv See ran ir,of llai'lry, Ma . from the Ornrimil lienpe, Ihe huviion oi aid Mooir, and -old I y hiiuatidlhi iinii"ipal I'ni2?i.t.-in the I Sold whole ale and retail I y I'rrl, iV ,"?pcar. i lERTAlN CUIir. I'Olt SK1C lIKADAClli:, which has been u-od in fanulicH, every toeuiher of which has bail sick hendithe from infancy, as n eon-t tutional fannlv complaint, and ln cured llee linlly in every Mi'tanccyei known, nmounting to m.i-nvliiiiidreJ-.. It i- nut iiiiplea-ant to the Ini-te, nnd does not prevent llie Hilly avo'-inons of one using il it mint be poisevi red, in, nnd llie rule is gradual, but cert i n and peimau'int. Instaticis are con-t.iiitly iiiulliplvingvvherellit distressing roniplauil is com pletely lelieved nnd cured, nltbough of yenis tanding bv the use of Dr. Snolin's cidebtated rcmedv. One decided prefcrencois its pleasantni ss, bavin none of the nau-e-ating effect ot romuion ilrngs. Itis so pcrfecllysatisfacMrv, that the proprietor hn I'iven direeti ins tor his agents to lelunil the price to tiny one who is not ih a-e 1 with ami even cured by il. lie hopes also jint this may secure its great ben efits to the di-tiissed sullen rs w ho are laboring under Headache. II. SPOH,N. M. I)., inventor and Pio prietor. Sold by GOMSTOCK CO., 71 Maiden Lane. New York. P T.C K & S P V. A It, Who'esile Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Utirhng ton, Vt. , n9 nt)CT. '.tIAttSIIALL'S An in in , Catarrh air lira laedi" SM VV. Tin- Sun 1 1- -uperior lo auv llnng vet known, for lemoruiz troul le-ome di--e'.i e, ihe IVarrh, an I ,il-o a rold in the 1 e'a I, and Ihe hiad.iehe. It oprn- an I nurgr- o il all oh-n union-, iieng the gl. in U,andgivr- a lwalihy aefon t'- llie nan a erled. It l- tn rf'-eHv tree from any I h ins dr'e- irrio i- in n eonioo-itioii ha- a lea-ant flavor, an I i" inline hale c e,", after i eing ied, is al grrcabfi'. Prnr3l ernl-per liotllr. lo -i. Mar h.i I'- Veje'al. e Inilian lilac', rt.ASI Kit. 'I hi- Pla-trr i- on rivalle'd for e-iring -rrof doo- -wel ling-, S -urvy S're-, Lame liaru, and r le-h ouud- ; pain in he -ide-, Hip-an I l.iml -i an I .elcloiu fill-to give retiei in irn-ai line inati-ni-. n a ipnin mine -i ' will e ire many of iheroininon Liver Complaint -: in I I-eiuai, il not -uperior, to nnv unntr in u-e lor corn- on the fee", the vtri'.e- ol tin ria ternave'eeu wi'ue elly iho -anil- of individual-in llie I'm ed - a wit., have te lea it- ei'iearv. oll ' vine pro- nnriori I lia , lio.veii, Middlel.ury, v I., and ri.tK &. -'riiAn, It in, irluui Vi. BEWARE OF D E CEP Tl OA. Tl has frcq enily come to the knowle 'pe of ihe sub-i-senber, tha empty SnuffJnrs, with his Label on them, have hi en bought up for Ihe purpose of silliiis in them an infeuor nlny SniiH ; and also, that Ins Snuff-labels have, in some instances, been lounter feitul, or the ircnrral design cf she satna so imi aled ns lo easily deceive t lie unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi duty to inform pur Insert, of the nnnner in which they are ofien impi scd upon; and he vvoull hirebv rt nuest them to tenr olTor dclace tho L bels j on llie outside ol the Jars, nfltr having disposed of the conicnis, -o res io preveni lurioe-i iim oi ine a iiue. A s'litabla rewar I will he paid tor such evidence ns will lead to the detection and conviction of the im postors. The subctitlcr continues to Mmufucture, and of. fcrs for tale the followinpr articltt: 'tun llrovvn SniiH". Genuine Marcoboy, ) Imitation do. S ro e American Rappee. Ho. S llavoreu, iion.inri do. Sicily, Mailt se, Cur.coa, do. Tuberose. do. Si. Omer. do. Strnsburg. coarsen rowii miiiii. Dermgros. Nntchiloches. Pure Vireinia. French Rnpncc. Ilourbou. American Gcnllemin St. Douiingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Siiiirt. Scotch nnd? Iu-h Ulne tiinrd or ? rrnrt. IIigliToistl ,me' Irish High Toast, i ConrSe mvitI Scenleil l''ne Cut t'licwine Tobacco. Spanish, Kileforl, Canaster. Coniinon nnd Stems. rA I beral discount nnde to wholesale dealers. PIVlKR LORILLARD, Jr., 42 Cliattiain-St., New York. 1TBW COODS. LOVELY & SEYMOUR Alt U now opemn? a heavy -.toe', of -ea-ona' le Good- reeciiily pureha,eil 111 New York whuh areoierelio Ihe puplie at price which cannot fall lo en-1110 their .ale. Among iheinare, llluek. lib e lllaek, He. Invi-ihle Green and teel mixed llroad t loth-, a very superior epialny of Ca timere-, S I'. Velvet, Ve-iinj-, Linen Drilling., Gamliroon-, andn variety in uooei- lor-ummer wear at low pri'e-; llomtia pne-, a good n-surlmcnl f'hallv- lllacl a lot of Merino il , lor tlie-is and iriiiiei , -nun, 1 an, I rnlorel Mu Im ,'r La nes, a larse -;i.m,.I. and II l f- drt .. Hdl f . nil I S'-uif . nil; an I oner, eitml no Hdkl.. a creat var nv ol Gloves and Ho.e; a large a-sornnent of I.'ngli h, Fiem h, and Ainf- eni ealieoes. nntl inonrniuir ealicoe- ai tinpie te.leniedly low prices; Leghoin, Uraw and Palm leaf outlet.; a great vane y 01 iviooon-, i-aee-, unit la-, Pnru-ol-, -.-in -hade-, Mii-lui-, Canibrir-,l.leaehea and unlleaehej Cottons; 3000 rolls paper hanging-, I or lennL'. lookimr ela.-c. rues, matts, carpeting-.. all of which arc for kale low. ' JutiC 1,1-12, I Known by ih uiaeea or r irilier ol tlio lllooil. I ho miparanc.iei ami mii inerea-inirreiiiitatloii whieli iln medieine haacoair e I iliro 13I10 it the New Kimlnn IHmii'-, and the nun finre- it ha performed, an I the sreit ileman I ma I. for it by ofphyieian well aq laintnuvi I it preparation, lia In I ires I ihe proprietor to exlen itH'ioii to alino-t every town in ihe ea'eri S'.i'e- and the prineipal lown In 'he Unite 1 Suite.. Thi I'.innrcH w.irr.micJ purely vrseia1 lr,unil i- n. viroa-rd ly any other mrdirfne ever o ere.l to tlx n Illrr'Oil n H exlen-ue -nlo mil !.ieal popularly plainly prove. It hn within the: la-t eiihieen month ewred its ihow-nn I- oflho mo-l oh-lina e di-ea e-, a canlc prove I by renilieate nnn l prouonner 1 ly eminent nit I re-perta! le physician- the I e-t iiiehiine in o-e. U efnl infi rination inay I e lo'inil m roniainius rertifiralr- f core-and dire.'lion- for la liini Ihe nirdirnir. The followiii2 at.pointed nient.. Hirlinsrion, I' ECK mid SI' UAH, li. .Moody Ht All nn, t-'nrli-mid ltn-sel Milton, (!. Druli Milion Kali-, llnrnet and S.uvvei Watervilb', l"'-l. nut llrown, llmo-biirh, Hull and tloo!; I'airlax, l'ar'.er an I Ma'licld Versenne-, Adam- vind .M'irr.iv ( ain'rilar. M. Wire I niterhill, .M. ( . Il.irnrv North Torn-' iimli, 11. 0. (!eonta, A. Illi willMon. N. I hiltenilen Itielinn ml, (.rem & Ithode- John on, ft. j, Warner and I'' Monl;ton, I'lhin -miih lla'.er-lielil. Arnimton nnd vv ooilwar I 1'iiir- lield, lbirnct an I laru-worlli. e.o.p.l .I'.ID WINIlOtV SASH -J isl receive I 15, 211 nnd 217 by Ufa euient- ol -ash, a tirl fa'e artirle at 3J an I 3J rent- per lurht i nl-n all ' in 1- nnd-ize, I'irui-hod to order. TicondcroiTa blaelc lea I, a lir-t rate article, for -ale very low, tOL-e'lier with n errat variete of other artl- f'.et a clicopns can he found ut nnv other etahlili nent. iL o. Pktkihon. MYSTr.IMOUS! A crntletnan bilonringto one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city, who must he will known toniiincroiisfn(.nds having since the year 1 9 IS, up lo recently, been bent neatly double, and for several years confined to liis lied, has been restored to go' d health has regained bis natural erect position and ho quilted Ins car liage, and now walks with easel! We In heve this is theiretrleman - own description a near ns posihle, and thcrcis no exaggeration 'n it. Wevvdl give inqui re rs Ins address, and doubt not humane feelings will rc se the hhil ty , so that any one ihublbw, may knenc these facts ihousb lie requests his name may not appear m print. Among oilier instances, .iir.Jas. G. Reynolds, 111 Christie-fired, Ins been restored, nnd will give personal a-s.uianccs of the ficts of his rnse. Hutu vverc rheumatism, nnn contracted eorus and i-incvvs. Ilowha tins 1 ccn done! Answer. Hi the Indian Vegetable flixcr in trrnalhi, and tiers' .Writ and Hone Liniment cxtcrnalli. Jan. '!0, 1S11. Sold only 4v COMSTOCK cf. CO., 71 .Uiidcn Lore. AVir York. til) PUCK & .VITAlt, Wholesale Agents, a few door" ri-t of the Po-t t WFice, Hurling on, Vt. JJilKLINGTON CIIAIH TACTORY I,. M.l.bOA, continues the business of manur.ietiiiing Chnirs nt the old s'lind, of thefol lowing descriptions: Cutl Maple Grecian, ''anrScat, Common Cane and Hag Sent, I.nrL'0 and Small "r- Ra'std Sent Rockine', do do Coin All of which are warranted a firsi rate article and will he sold at prices to correspond with llie time . ni) i'katiikr iji-:s, rk.aoy .madi:. i I,-,',.! -.upplv of wnrrinlfl t !--. KUATIIURS, leh will he sold low tor C'lsll. WANTKD. hv the suhsenher. Curl and Itirds Maple, delivered at liis rhup in Church street, opposite Ihe old ISnuk. C. t.. NIU.-O.N CO PARTNERS IP. nUXUV II. ISttSTWICIv .VT. F.& W. L. .--irong having roiiiu'eted llnirTin "hops, will do business in thai line undi r llie inmeol 11.11. Il.--.t-wie it C '. ni the "hop occupied by nd llo-twick, when, nny he found a full ntul compli te a ortinent ol TIN W RK, nniMifnctuied rxnirly fur llie retail traile, logriher with Copper and Sheet Iron work, Stove Pipe. S ovo 'I rimiuings, e-r. All kin s of Job woik ftirni-hed at shoit n tice. Have iroth and co -ibi' tor pipe fiirni-hi d and put up. ("Vipoer limps nul lead pipe furnished and st t if lequircii. Those who palroni.e ibis blanch i f bii-mess shall, at this -.hop, e quickly and well srvel, fir i rnin le eompcii -iitio'i. II II. BOSTWlCKiV: Ca. Ilutlington, Apr. 10, 1R12. GASH STOOLS. EOVNTON P.URR1TT, (Success' rs o A.S. A G D. Welle r,) WOULD icspeeifully n film the inhabitants of Iline-s lire 11 and the adjoining owns tint they have conimerii ed bn-iuess in ihe Store formerly oc rupied by A. S e. G I), Weller,nn'l are now rereiv ing n general nsnrtmcnt f Fancy Dry Gi i!i, Hard "are and Groceries, which theyofUr to the public a lownscan be purchased in the county foriash. 'I hcv rc-pcctfully solicit a share of public patronage, confident that their priieswill be fo nd to suit all who may favor them with n es.1l. NOIlI.r. L. 1I0YNT0N, WILLIAM UURRITT. Hineshureli, May 1, 1512. 43 N O '? I C K . Tlin Subscriber would inform the p ihlic that he has on hand a erneralassorlment of Harnesses, saddles, l ruiiks, I altscs, Cartel Rags, Whips and Lashes, nnd mutinous other articles n his lino of business, which will be sold as cheap as can be bought 111 this vicinity. Flannel, Full Cloth, Lumber, Wood, nnd tnosi kinds of firuurs' produce received in payment. tSIuio Iwo donrs 1 net nf the Pn-i flflo-. Is also kept bv tho suhsenher n few rods Ka-t of the Court llou-e, win re the public will nt nil limes find a man in readme lo attend cal's, anil ns nood Horses ami Carnages as can be found in ihe place, and at as lair puces. i'i-.-VUO.O-VV-' Burlington, May 5, 1812. j?JBW TTVPR-ST STABLE. It. O L II !: It 'I' II -t Co. KF.SPF.OTFULl.Y inllirni their fiietids and the public, hat they have now opened a I. ivery S ablo nnd hive on hand ready for use sumo excellent Horses mill Carrinpcs,Sleiglis,IIarnesse-,c5 - w Inclu hey will let on reasonaluo terins. .-I'lblen 11a lainin tishoi 6 Hotel, South West Corner Co, it House Square, liurlington. BOARDINC JIOUSE. flHH llmiso is now OPF.N for the rrcpplion of a. hoarders. All who wish to tioaril, nre invited to cnll and examine his house and the pa ul in r advantage- whi h m rona'iuction and location oflir, for conuoi t ami convenience. Terms, very moderate. May 10, 1B12. (DNEW GASH STORE $ THE Subsctibcrs respectfully inform the inhsbi lantsol Hiirlinplun and vicinity that they have commenced business in the Sloie recently occupied I by Mr ilraimn, llioksf I e r, on Gollrgo street. The thief I ranch of thetr business will con-i t in Fl't'ltt'll I))'! Lr.lOdS. lifim. eonfldent lhat through so many means and fari'itifs which they have for furnishing their Store wiih th- most fashiotiablo articles, and Ihnt 'heir pri ces will run all who may favor them with a ciill-tney respectfully toiicn a sharo of public patronage. Tlicy also nave lor sate a general assortment 01 su pertor UKULLUIbb, vvhicfi iiiey oiir toi t locst NOTICI'. :Q"lehcine u t r-l Known byll e ire- It perfiiniN.aJ I. Nrwlon'- Paiiae-c: or I irilier ofllie lllooil. The unparalleled ami sti ii ;n i " 1 prices. ,",!' 'v raum.1,1,0 Darliitfton .May 19, 1P12 J OKKAT'ri MXIhTAIlLi: LIKI-i .Mi:i)K'IN..S. ill The-e medieine-arc ludcl ted for their name I' heir miinfe-t and -eii-il Ie action in purifying tin firing- all I c haunels of life, nnd enduing them with emiwel tone and vior. In inanv hundred eerlilie .i.e. which btve leen made pulli", and in ahno-i very -peeie- ofdi-ca-c t" whieli the human frame I b.i1 le, Ihe happy o eet of Moffat's Lite Pli.s and t'll.r.viv have leen sreatfullynnd pnlliily ie nowledjj'ed by the pcr-nus leneliiied, and who v ere previou-ly'unaeq lauiled with thcheautifnlly phi oo; prmeip e- upon win' di they nreeompound e I, an I iio'iii which i lice con -o icntly ael. The LIKH MIIDK IN IS recomnicnd lliem-clve-in Il e.i-01 of every form nnd de-rription, Their hr-i peration i- lo 'oo-en from llie roals of the Mouiach ml I owel-,.the various imp iritic and erudilies ron tanlly seitling niound them; and to remove the liar Irnrl fire- which eollert in the convolution- of (he -malle-t intr-tine-. O.her meiheines only partially rlean-ellie-p, nnd leave -uch rolleetnl ma.c I ehind a- lo produce hahilualro-tivene-, with all it- train ol evil-, or-ii'lden dinrrhica, Willi it- imminent daeer-.n Thi- fael i- well known to all regular aiiatonii-t-, whorxauimc the human I owel aflerilenth j and hence hr prrpuhreof those well infcrmt-1 men mrain-tnuark mediciiir- or mrdieinr prepared and heralded to 'he pul lie by iguoianl per-oi., The i-crond ellerl ol the Life .Me'hciue-i-to rlran-e the kidneys nnd the hladdtr, and by thi- niein-, lheliverandtlieluiig,the hral'hfulaeiiou ofwhielientirelyilencnd-iipon the re gularity of the urinary organ'-. The blood, which lake- n- red color from llie agency ol the liver anil the lung.belore it pa c intolhe heart, I trine I lm purified by them, and nouri-hrd by fool roming from a clean -touiach, eo-ir-e- freely thro igh the vein-, rcnew every part of the -v-tem, mid triuinphanily mount ihe banner ol healih in the blooming check. Mo fat'.-Vegetable Life Mchcinc-'have leen thor oughly le-teil, Hud pronoiini-eda -overeisn remedvfor Dv-prp-ia, Khitiileney, Palpitation of ihullearl, Lo of Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Ife-tle--ne , Ill-lrmper, Anxiety, Languor mi l Melancholy, Co nvene", Diarrhn-a, Cholera, Fever- of all kind-, Klie iinni-m, ikum, nrop-ies ot all Kind-, tirnvel, Worm-, A-lhnia ami Con-innptioii, Seurvv1 L'le-er- Inveter.tte Sore-, r-eorlnitir I.riiplions and Had Coin-plexiou-, iiriptive eomplaiu'-, -allow, ('loiidy, and otlierih.nirreea' Ie t'otnnlevion-. Sail Rheum, l.rv-io- ela-, ('ommoii Cild- and Iu!l-icuza,nnil variou- iither eoinpl.nnl- which afflict theh frame. In anil aouf, partieiuarty, tlio i.ue AiiMicine- nave leen mo-l emiiirnily -urre tut ; -o much -o that in llie Fever and A-rni'di-tricl-, l' pre-rrile them. All m il Mr. Mn Tat rrquirr-of Ill's patients is to 1 r narticiilar in taking the Lite. Me heme- -Irirtlv aeror- iling lo the ilirernon-. Ili-nota new-paper nntier, or byanythnnrlliet he luni-elf may-ay in their favor, liehopesio sain credit, Iti-'aloiieby the re-iilt-of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MFDICAL MANUAL; de-itrned a-a dome-lie a'h. ThMillle aiuplik'i, ed'led by W. II. Mo I'.il, 275 llmailway, New York, ha- I em no' li-he I for the p irpo-u ofe-ipl.imiiig mnrrf,lly Mr. .Mo 'at'-theory of di-ra-cs, and will te lound highly inlere-tini lo er-un-teeknn: hejhli. It Ireal- upon prevalent diea-e-, nndlheeau-e- thereof. Price, 25 eeni for air1 y Vlr'- Asrut-seneinllv. These valuable Me home- are (or .-ale I ytillOI'Ur. L. W MtNTIt Co. John-i n, 't General Aseni-, 1 v whom all orJcr- from any pan cf the Stale or Canada, will lepioinplh nii-wered. is I Dec. 17, 1811. HAG Ml S)' ARTHUR, General Arent- for Mo at'- cclel raird inedieine 'o whom all upplii'ations for nselieies must Le ml- dn ed. II irlinglun, Jan. 23, IS 12. T ATUltK l v.i'.ialle S GRAND RLSTOItATIVi:. Tin i'gr-allr Mrdiruir -land- unrivalled for thefoHowinc ridiipl.i'nt-, viz: Dy-prp-ia, or Indi ae-iiou, ih-ra r.l Livrr, bilio i-ib-or irr-, Di op-y, A -lb I 1,.. ..I a ...i i.. ,.','.-.-.-- i, -.i'i I ovvels, r ire- pain- in the -i 'r, -toin.o'h an I I rca-t, e, M- and c . --rii- ol li n; -luudui--, lloar-ene--, -lionnr-- of I reMth, Nervou eompla inu, nr., which are lieqiieully tlir e rrt ol dl l.or. For Frii-rulid Ai" ', il t- u oui-l v.lltlal le pre venlativc a-w ell a- a -oieirign lemedy. li- vinoe -urpa-- nnv lliing heretnf rr novvn in removing St. Vltn.-' Dam e, ivvii lot'lr- have I evil l,nown toeme tin-auliciins di-ra-e, af vr hav ing I allied every exer tionlorlo'ir vrar-. II ha-a mo-t powerlul mtl'.ence in re ocving nervon- ei inplaint-. Ill- ple'a-aut total. and -oi'.i-y in il- operanou, that it may I eailinini-terrd io the infant weh -afey. The aliove'.Medirine i- verj h'ahly levominen 'ed "l v inauy srieulilie genllrnirii, nnd ii liirire n unl er oflad r-,' who have proird the vi rt' e ot the Mc-linnc I vprr-i nal use end lhat of ihrir lainilirs. A I ill ofreriitica'e- accompai ir-caeh bottle, wuiniiree ion, n innv ie had wticie me or rr'ail ol -. Ilrliain, llarre, and .1. C. larnam, I.n-t Willi, un. own, Vt,.-ole propr.el r-. Pp-paii-i! from theonsin al recipe; for tale ly E. II. Prenti.--, Moniprlier, Slid IT.CK d-bri'Aii. II 'rlington, and in the principal town- in the tuie'jall in c -I ion- .-ine-d m ihe hand writing ol tiiepropnelor SINGLE. DOUBLE. U.MUILICAU I" U S T receive'!, a supply ot Mar-h's e elel rated 1 Tms e-, of every r escriplion, for ale I y Ihe dozen T.insle, iov. 1. l't.i iv ,p .M'r.Ait. LZJ Tru e- aerurat ely appli edfrer ol 1 11.11 ye. E I.. FARRAR gives notice that I10 continues to carry on tho busi ness as usual of manufacturing Stone ware of a siiT-rior quality 111 all us varieties ind will tn all ti lies be in read. ness to sunolv merchants on tho mosl reoson 1 lo terms, all order promptly attended to at his Factory . Pearl Street, Hurlmi-iou. Jan. 31. 1312. JACOIIN'S PACKAtJi:, lictirten Albany and Montreal, UNTIL further noiice, leaving Albany rn Wednesday, and Montreal on Saturday of each week, 111 connexion wiih llarnrlen ti Co, at Albany 10 New York, Philadelphia, Hoston, Liverpool, Lon. don, Ireland, Scotland and Havre, for the trans portation ol Specie, Hank Notes, Valuable Pspets, Packages of Goods, Uooks, and all other Parcels lliut may olTer, Mon'rcal Exchange Coffee House. All any No. 12, Exchange Buildings. S-'ew Yoik No. 3, Wall Mreet. Doston No. 1, Court Street. Burlington J, eV J. II. Peck, efc Co. RUFERENC'ES. I'.LIAS IlAKER, ) ill,-... V- T- I.. Y. .f-J. 11 Reep, Albany, N. . I t ELLS, n. .t , n. ptr, Kkll. a if- Co., A. Watbovf. Troy, N, Y. A II. W. Hvpen t Co.Castleion, Vt. J- ct J. H. Pecic tt Co., Hurlingion, Vt. J.C. Peirce.1- Son, Si, Johns, L, C, April 23. . 45tf. 1'ltlVATK S LKCT noAfeiDSNf; sciiooi.. riHE new and spaeiou- H u'!din(t-now erevting in I I ast Charlotte will I e ee rne I (if the Lord will) mi'ler Ihe superintendence nf Mr. J.TrN HnoEKr., a--n-ted in ihe Latbc-'ilrpatlinenl 111 French and MusK LyMi-.M. A.Tln Uuotuc, 10 h May, 1812, Fall term open- 2!) h Auau-i, Winter do 23ih Novemlcr. Twelve young Ladie. nn I Gentlemen mav Is ac commodated in Ihe family of Mr, T. Term- ?25 per quarter, 111 advanic, Mu-icSlO. French anil Alee- I ra. 5. Wa-hing extra. Day S-holars, from 82,50 to 4.50. Mt T, edu -aled nnderthecareofeminentTearher, and ha vine tausht in London. Fn2.. and in thi- Slate uife her arrival, i amply qualified to.iiperinlend ihe r.ur.l, -.-.I M. ...... I. '.. C .' . . ...ii. iv uvjial iniciii, vu, cl iimwll eiuii- naren'al. To Iho-ennacquainleil with the erviees, experience nu 1 ii' iiuv 01 .ir. 1. reierencr mav teliati 10 1. 1 .1 ituie.i , u.iriiujion, I r.. .nun, Rt.jonns, I I.-.. t.. 1.. n 1 ... t I. .. ' . , ..., Hollenlwk, " J. 11. Patle, Whitehtl'. 11 r-nerman, verKennes A B 1 ' y. ify ( hr r jftm Arr,i( )(,ic, DR. TAlf CRS 11 A Ii S A M OF MVKIMVOBT, Oh.erve when you buy that von eel the genuine, prepared at 3"i llowerv, evv VorC. See that 375 How, ry New York i on'the wrapper of each Bottle. ll other-are Fraud-and sold only by -peculator-, without regard lo -ii-ticc, to the publieor the proprietor- of the geniiuioarticle. rOU Cons'iniptinn, and reiver ccinplaint, Dyspcp JL sia, dizzinc of llie he-ad, lo-s of appetite, fjy, en nn v, niei -,---uerai rt-Lruiaieroi llie wnoie-v -icm. None iren-iine but that nren.tred al .17 Itneee-,, New York, where the article wa- lir-t made, thecha'r aeeroflhe me heinu formed and e-lnl bshed I v the pre-cnt -ole prrprielor-', and vvhoare theonly peV.-on knowing the eompo-ilion of the genuine. If ha-1 evn n-i'd -ncce fully for eight year- in the cure of these dise-a-e-. JCPReiiie-ml cr the original and Genuine i-made only at No. 373 How cry, New York. All other- are eounierfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! As n geneial renujly for I lie-c dise-a-e-, I mn filly -ali-fied, from lonrj exprrienec, there i no medicine eq ial lo Dr. Taylor'- of Liverwort. Ileing pure y vegetable', il ran beo-ed with the nlino-t -alelv lyallpe.-on- in every condition. Il clean-c the long- ly expectoralioo, relieve- duTicolt hrealhing, anil-eeni-to heal iheehe-t. There ran be noque-lion but thi- medicine i- a certain f-uie for chronic ro mh-nndeold-. I have n-e.l il (o ir year-in inv practic e, ami alvvav-wiihsneces.. A. F. 1100 Kits, M, D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'- ll.i -am rf Livervvoit to be arerlain remrdy'for ihi-crmiphiint, a- I have u-ed il my. elf ami found it- e'eei- an immediate. 1 was much IrouLlcd until I made n-eofihi- meilieine. M. L. H LNSIIAW, 211 Mangin -I. Hoar..cnes'. Ciued For the cure of hoar-ene-- I I'nu stronglv rercoinniend Dr. Taj lor'- llabani of Liv erwort. I have not onlylound grral 1 euelit my-rlf, but many of my t'onsfegaiii n bv my reivominenda t ion have reeieved gieat lenelil ironi its virtue. It i ntonce mild , eilic.teiou- and harni'r . ItlXAZ. LLWI-5. SevereCoiigh-an I Cold I have had a mn-t .-c-vcre roltl and C0112I1, for a long time which I could not eel ridof. After ii-ing many it-e-Ie-- thing- 1 tri edTayloi's Ual-ani of Liverwort, and it etued me in a tew d.iv. JA. li. IvIililtlUUIv. Rai-ius of Illoeid About two wi el, . niro I had a fall, wnieli e-au-ed me lo -pit larire tpiatitir- of I lord w hi, h nothing could ruru nunl I Irird Dr. Taylor'- of Liverwort. Tin- inetlirini; irave me inline- hate ri lief and tn a very short tune e lected an entile cure. Let all prr-on- Irv il. HUGH MC GARVLY.Sl Cannon -t. Dr. Taylor'- Il.ibam of Livrrwort This -uurrior remedy fordoea-e- of llie lung- un I liver ha- uM.nii- :J a rr mta-iiui nrver I efoiee piallril. Remarkable Cure of Consumption. . . wa--one,ir her death with ihi- di-ea-r. that mv friends -cut for a pr e-t to e-onfr--ine ere I i'ie.1. lie in In- nier.-v, told me not In give up until 1 tried Dr. Tavlor'- of Liverwort. I -cut immedia'elv for tin- iiKvhrine, an I alihotigh the ennte-t lor n few tlays I eivveeu tin-ine liruie, and my 1I1 tu-e .vva- -r-veir , the ine.hriueeonqncic 1, and tn a fortniaht I wa- re-loivdtoh-Mllh. I ha laroiiih, rai-tn? ofmal trr, lo- ol inv voice, pain-, weakne-,. &e. 1 can re fer to Doeter N'il-' 11, 111 the Carlton Ilou-c, for the tnit li ol iiiysiateineui. .MAK1 DILL, 1C h ,lieelror, llewarc of fraud-. of:) I nveni c. . Summer Complaint. The llabani ol Liverwort, in -evcral ea-es of thi- di-c.w. where all other tenie lie-, aoolird Iv phv-i nan- have prove-d inclTectual, has proJ.iced it jicrfeet cuie Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. It. Gla.ldin ol Delhi, Jf. Y ol a iiaiurnhv eon -utnplive cou-lilution, ha- leen -avel from an 1111- limelV end by the u.e of Dr. Taylor'-. l!.tl-ain ol l.iv-i-rwiirl. V -I'ti-n. i."l.ll ro'icht on no nllurl: ol Pltii rr y, Hnd Ihu- enile I m crucial del di'vand eoii-unp ti in. A i-oii-'ani ro ij!i, he ir.. flu-li.'re-tlc night- o ,r.pil-e, ant rontuuel lo of lltsh. a .neird 11 - cedy dca'h ; but it- oon a- I coinme'ni el lh u-e of tin- 1 ui-am 1 urew I e tcr, and i now hilly re-toicJ iu Shortness nf Ilrrath. Fur thi- di-ea e, I hnve-.aiwnv lound Dr. Tavior luii'.iui hi i.ncrwi'ri an e-xeelcnt reine ty. It i- al onte -n -afeaud -o e 'e-tive', thai I hIiv.iv- u-r 11 in my piaetitv, and rceenmiiientl 11 to mv friend-, hutc n-e I it 111 -ome hundred- 1 f ca-e- vvt'lnn llie pa lo ir, nno 1 nave never had il tail. In many .. , . ... .!,.- I e. .11.. 1 ..1 .. .... 1 , "".' u'- ""1 t 'nj 1 t-ni t: 11 111 11 live 1 rcn lll mean- of saving precie.u- live-. Lei all o-e it. GK0RGI-. RALPH, M. D. None genuine but lhat prepare I at 375. ouery. .ew 1 tin; ns win ie -rcn ly tne la' el- an I wrap per- of each bottle. He -trie you look when you j.uv 'I ho jrrn unc can alvvav- I col tamed of ihe O l Aceni-, Mis -r-. N. Love'v iV Co.. iptv Lnvelv tV Sevnio ir Dr. Mornly an I Pe. k A Spe-ar, Chenn-f. un 1 iruui-i-, i) 0 iiniion -. u. is irne , Uharlotte William Itho't-, Jr. Richmond Ceo. Avir- eV Co. Milton A. o- W, frown, Grand I le W. II. Kco'er Soiiih Hcio llnrare Wad-wonh. Nnnh Hero .1 Da vi-, All iirph F. V L. 0!en 1, We-i Albjrgh IK &. vv , (Jarpenter, Vv uteri ury SPRING FASHION FOR CHARLES A. SEYMOUR HAS nisi icceivcd fioni Now Yoik the spring paiterns for Hats anil invites the public 10 call nnd examine his assortment, which cumi'iK-cH puis 01 various qualities Vii. ';'.. ? - t llenien ashave'heretofote given a orefeieneo to lints nf Srtntt,-.rn maniifacturo to look nt Ins stock of lim- hnts .vldcl- iii point of calor and finish arc equal, an I in point of uuraiiiiii) , i.n superior, 10 any nais nianuiaciurcil in ine city 01 .New ork. Pearl st. April 13th. LYMAN & COLE H'AVE rtsetvr.1 their u-ual ex'en-ive n.nrimenl an 1 variety of Spring and Summer GOODS, which they n era! greatly redtired price-1 t-nn-i-ting in part of Printed Lawn-, Ciiinbrie-, Mii.-lins and mourning Lawns. Rich ami striped nilzorine, &e. fcr ladies' s imuier tlrc-ie-. New pattern MulindeLaine, (atin-tripMUcltans, tie. Plain, b'ack and blue black Domltazme, 1'isure i Hue black and enloiel do. Heavy blaek Canton, 1,'ro'lr Swt-s androl'd Silks, Shawls. Lupin's I est -cartel black and colored Merino. Scarfs and Fancy Handkerchiefs. Mulm tie Lame, Thtlet wool, and fancy satin Hermani; Laehene Cravai-, raw silk IIMk'Is. Mu-lin de Lame tihawb, raw silk do., priutej wi r.-iedtlo. La Fancy nil; Mitts and G'ove, colored Fillet do. I lack -ewinz silk do. Mi-es eolcred silk Gloves, MenV Li-le Thread, colored silk, wh.te ulli, ami Kid do. Men'-, blaek Italian Cravat-, Hack -ili half Ho-e, and India rubier S i-pen-iter-, Ladie-' while and brack silk Hose and Glove-, while Merino Hc-e, bluck and colored ilk and Kid Glove.. For Gentlemen Summrr IVcar. StnpeJ an I plain white linen Drill, colored do. fiamhroons, Haiuilton .Mixiure- anil Denim-, Mixed Satineitr, Uriuineitf, Jacket Linen, etc. Doiiii'stlc Good-. Indian Head, S'nrk Mill-, Mnklleex and other C 'tton Sheeting-. A great quantity bleached iheetuiff and shirting, very low priced. L'nicn bleached ronon, 7-8 an I yard wide. Hartlett do. 5-4 and 6-1 do. making a moie extensive a-sortineut than we haveovtrkept. coilon sheennf, Mi;ieihne unbleached cotton -hirtin;, Su toll; and cord drill heavy Hik ing un I walling. Three Ca-e- cf Uint rella. ami Para-ob, Cap, Bonnet nnd i.e-ck Rild 011, TalTeta elo. Galloons, Taste-, tte, I'llnls. Tall River, Merrimae, Dover, Hrntil and many other slyles of American print-, very low priced. Knglull and French pun's, Gingham-, etc. llroail Cloths. A general a-.orinienl of llurliugion Mill Co. Ilrosil Cloih-eon.lantly on haml. Al-ooiher slvle- ol lrca.l cloth- and Ca-.uncre-, L'nghsh, French and German do. Felted Carnelini?. Silk, Twi-t, Uuitoni, Surge, Convs, Padding, Sx'lecia, c-e. oie. niirlington, 20 May, IS 12. M. G. ItATIint'JV, IIHAPKit AND TAlLOIt, j"l relnrned from New Yoik with the 11 SPRING FASHIONS; also, a superior as . uitiuriit 01 iiiii'i.tutii-,' tJ.J - t. ..t-, t.-:. Shop :n I'Surrh strs--t, ntst.y oproette tfit Bulk of Emlington Ms 13 1-1? w-r--?-?:;:--- PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. fTMIIS articleis too well known to need common- da'ion and tlio experience of seven yeais has demonstrated to the eoinmeret-il rniiimnnite llml for nrcuracv. conveniener ami dnmhlliiv. il.ev nre unrivalled Coal vniel scales to weigh rromJlo G li-na IV. It' 1. I.. fll. r. , n,t. .'..iiii.uii iiiuiiuu-e IIU, IO WClgll 1IOI11 l-lo. to i'OOO lbs., l'nrt-hln i!n. In t-niA frnn, I ' .., 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to wei"h from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. it .1. H. Peck it Co. .ltnfj. Ritrhngton, April 8 1811. 3U.-SI.I l.'s. S'lOMACH liriTJ-RS. may h .V ii-ed iu W ineor water. Thc-ecelebraled hitler.- arecotnpo-tl purely of vrke'al le- ef the most inno rent yrl -iieeihc virtue-. They are rect'inmendctl par- ticularlv for te-tormg weal; eoii-litution-, clean 111c ind MreinrlhcniiiL' the sioinach. nnd iueieaMii.- the appetite al-o a prevrnlaliveagain-l tlieeliolrralnor- o 1-, levrr and ague, rrmoving iiau-ea, vomiting, heart btirniur, weaknr- iu ihe 1 rra-l, pain in the toniat Ii a ml oilier symptoms of flatulence a ml unlike Hon. One Lox will tincture one gallon, I'u,u2jet-, a box. Rossr.LL', Itch Oimtmp.kt. Tin- choice and safe omlinent I- saitl to I e sup nor 10 any now in u.-e, for lhat tli-agreeable an I loa-h-omc d,-ea-e, the ITt'll, I hi-Omlinent is -o eearlnin in its operation lhal no per-oti tlouble-il with the nl ove di-ordrr on-:ht to lr without it. It is n irnie Iv lor cutaneous eruption-, eorbulic afecnoii- of the head, orany olherl iiakiug out whieli an-es from -harii huniois 111 the blood. Price 05 rt.. a I ov. lies 1.1 1.'- Km.TARix Piti.s, or familv phvsie, for jrrncral u-r, ut rn-r- of Jntindice, morl 11: en-ii nny 01 tin: -touiarii and 1 owe-i-, 10 01 npprtne, ftrnd 1 re'ath, co-tivrne , Pile-, nntl all ili.-ea-e- an. Irotn I iliary derangement-, al-o lur e-orreetimr the -late of tbr I loo I, an 1 rliMii-ni lhe-yiein ot foul and vi-ritl humour-, The-e pills area'miltl ea iharur, piodurina pel her pain- nor griping, and are iheiefore a valuulle ami highly approved innlirme, an lare pronounced a--uch I y Ihe mo-t di -iingm-hoil iiiy-tciau-. i.acii oov eon'.aiiiiug ,51 riu-, i nce 37j cl-, :i I ox Uu-ells eelel ratetlSvi.T l.iinfM OI.STMnST. 1 111- 1- uti'p'c-tioua! ly the Ir-t ami -ate-t rrinedy evervel o lercd 10 the p li'lic for lhat ob-tina'0 h-ortler S.L'l Kill I .vl. Where oilier mean-have tailed, it ha-siie- le.l. and the fact that it h.i- I ten -xteii-ivelv u-ed by eminent Practiilt ncrs .-peaks volutnos 111 11- prni-c. it 1- r-Tialiy e tiracio 1- 111 an tioca-e- 01 ine sum, aid head, rins worm-. and the most inveterate- llch, eVr. O.C. Nuturro't- rcrtuira'e- miLht le i.btauied, ut Ihe propntor rhoo-c- that a fair tnal -lioold I ethe only e'vitlenee of it- superior rtlieai-y. Prire oOrrnl- a 'ox. 1 or sale 1 v 1 ecu tp --pear nnd 1,01 ert .nootiv, 11 iibniton; Dr. C Ii. Mile-, and I bill & Cook, ILne-- Iturgh ; S, II. Garlic-, Charloilc; L. Jane-, Georgia; L. Tyler, 1.' ex ; I tiller Ilunliiiglon, He hinoiul Al-o, ly ihu dru?gi-4- and mere ham- generally hroii-rhoiit the -tair. o-'.Dn D'ihe AMIS OP 'I IIi: l,UNG-.-..)eeid?dlt tit'i-l li'tpltkir 1 ein--dt etei kniitv II III Alltel icrt I'citctabh 1'utmonury UaUuui in llie iiiusl v.ilu tide it 111 il, nott ri n-e toi t-iiej-li.,eii1d-, n.imi.u or plitui-ie, eiHi-iiinpiioii. wliii.iiiiog roegli tt.l piiliuuii ti -ill einittf "li'teit kiinl, lis f.i'e it sie.ulil) 1111 le.tpmg. -nd Ihe el I'pi if Mil i. .tie .,Mil,iitllv ,et-emii die ill". I (rftuilili itciitint nf list (feet t. Ihe ft, line, mii ne,v ceitiuc.ile tie tifli-i 1 tl I. n ptidl e eK.,itdu iimn, .x I s r Kit i s 1 1 o C3K lls'inci of .1 leiier fmni Vlr G 8 CIhi, Kiii'j.ttui, U'liier er,, N, '. lo llie pi 'prieliii., 'iuh n nf the Dill lil.l, w.ts ilul ,ecd leiiiitk.ible cine tt ,1,1 elb-cied hj llie VegMtde 1'ul. iiiuimiv lt.ll--Itn III Hie tt tiiiei .mil -pi iitg ul 1S35. 'Ihe lei-en. Mi Mon'b, h nt been -it h .1 long lime wnh hf eiiii'it'iipiinn. Hi- pit-.ici.tii. eiten Imn up lie was it iliii-til ,10 lutt -ni 10 he iiiuitj'e 111 help huu-elf, mil VV.Ii. Irtl-lllg H t.llge tllrfnlll of hlunel when tie ''niiiiiii iietd ihe II il i, tihiih h.i effecied f-oitipleie cute, nnd he ot n.itt .1- h lie and hettilv a. evei he tins. Mi. I I euint tl fi oill I h It lott n, l.til lie h i" pieiil'.ed lite t uetie detailed icctnitii of r.t-e tthieh I wi Ifiutt.irtl C. S CLAY. K 1114,1.011, N. V June 25 1S33. Uxn.trl itT-i leliei fimn )l .l.teol Mjers The Vej'-l tb'e I'lihnnn.ii Il-I.;tin lias been -old in ihi. f'tiiiiv for iwo ve.irs, aiel llie inctieitie lots it.nned .tn inieiiiiiinii'i eelebrilv, fin 11 .e.tteeli 111 iiti- iimuiiit fnleil nl Ii.iwiij die de.iieit 1 (Teri I am ! on uie.i'tr. 11 f"iiiir ef die 111 tin nn-iinnif, ni'1.1 nl w Im h .tie 1111 ,o-. 1 1 Mint upon a rreilul ms public, Imi ih 11 which 1 knittv by n--- 10 he e(T-.f ti il, I rniitu help hut tit, in, 11 piolt -lion ihere'o. A roitiilei feil pt ej..irrtl 1011 Im been nftVieil lit-te It, a lr. it riling AgenI, of Comsitirk, .N V, .ind tlte-t nulher article veudett heie thai 1. Iruttgl) fiispecietl Iu be-piuiiiti- .laron Vtvrns, M, t). Mitlliiigioii, Juni tin en I'eiin. Ma 3, 1S37 Firm Dr. S-itniiel Mnnell, in the ! ,i,t ieint-of ihe Vee t'thle I'libnniiHrv I .tin falicfietl lhal ihe Ve .ei thle I'tiliniiiMM J L, 1 j 1 111 1. a v.iln th'e inedeciec Ii Inn been u-ed in tin- place ttilh eiunpleie suree-s in tn iibHtiu.ite ciiiupla'iil ol ihe lungs, .itletpled tvilll a -evete 4I1, Ins-nf voire, and lbs r.ii-uig nf much bltiml, . hteh had pi ev lutiidt leiii.ted 111.111 approteil pi ei 1 ipl inns, Aller n-ieg the Hab-tin one week, llie p illeni'f totee le'ttrnetl and he tvas.ilile tn spc ik audi b.y. I'Iim (,i, ort-ilneil sttnie time since, and ihe man is now engaged mil only in aclite lull labniioiir buiuness. Itenprc iftilli , &c. S. MoHiiri.i.. It 'm ii'itv mine 1I1.111 .i-e tears rirce t tta. I.ituttttii terv hi" h an affecnon nf llie lung., and int ettinplaini was ilerl.ned 10 be incurable In a council of 1 lit ee lit. ticians, I was llien le-lturd lu aKB'.o 1 healih a- I had eiijitted fur man) veais, ht it-lni llie Vegelahle I'll', tuiiitiiv lial-am. Since int termer) I hate icrom ilientled the 111 11 gteal mailt of !:nig etiinpl.ilni., ami gn far a. I can bain, lis inr his in t.nialdt been ftitl'itted ht nun Vi l.-uif-fii, and in uiaut inn laurel it ha efft-cit n cures tt lot h weie ttlml't tinex. peeied. S A M v Er. Lv 1 11 tTT, Il .s on, March 2. 1S37. For it.ile, wholesale and retail, h) PUCK & SPnR,llnrliiigion, Vl. To Itiilblct s and otlu-rs. BOARDS, Clapboards and plained at short notice; also a Cncular Saw A-r slittm;, at the liurlington Iron Foundry, Turning done, or lithe to let for turning lied Posts or columns Cash Arc. re ceived in pay. J ARAMS GAY. Burlington, April 22, 1512. CEMIiN r CISTlSKiXS. THE sul scnlers having the ris. In 10 11-e, in and for the co. inly of Chitten.'en, Pari er's IlydrHiiln- Ce ment, for Ci-lern-, Re erv irs, A q '-! Cellar Kitchen and Sial le Floor-, for the tnrpi.-e of niakuig them dry and proefagnm-t rat- ; al-o Hear h, Sink Ac. would inform the inhahnant- of said county, that thev will 1 e ready the coming sei-on to anend to all cil(- in the above line oflii-iue- aad will warrant their tvirk to le dura! le. .m-sl.FlI LAM'ON. ORLA.NPO OWrN. Burlington, March 3, 1312. N.ll. AH'onVr- addresel to the ml -cril ers at Hine-bu-fih or Uurlinsion will reetive inunediate al- ten'iou. nlO CHEAP 300X STOP.B. f jIIE facilities of the subscriber in procuring books, J mid every nrticloin his line are such as to render pricts, correspondiiiR to the induce llie public to cntinuo heir patronage to his AVtr .Sror. Any publications not on hand, will be provided as seen as orders can bo forwarded to iho Cities. Vv orks received the present wee., usfollows. Pictorial Iliblo, Essays by Hunnah Moure, Hour, ft r Heaven, 'I einp'eranc Hyms, Wealth and Worth, Barnaby R 'dg, Thiers' Il'story of French Revolution, llloonifiehl's Cieek Testament, Barnes' Notes on Is-inh, 3 Vo's, Wistnrs Anntomv, Whelpley'sCompend, The Fame and Gloiyof England, Zinom, The Last Tnhis, by Grant, A Wreaih for the tomb, Lifeof Patrick Henry, Sketch Book, 2 Vols. It is well, Way Maiks. P. A. BRA MAN. BOARDING HOUSE. The Sub-eril er still continue-his beard ing hnn.e at Ihe foot of Collere street, near the Square, and will u-e his Iet exertions to giv salL-la. lion to tho-e who niv Ivor h n vrtth 'bwr nttron. are lie fc ' irfaeri tri -M ssi Rren. i" 'PSHi K POAM M MX. I" J"9.-4U ,'nna trt--.iv- ALIIAN-i ANJJ IIO--'lt). HAIL LOAD. Fare redttroil to IJsoton s,;. Time of stattintr nlteretl 10 1 lirr,,r r. v t.nn and oiler .Monday, 2nd nut., (Ihis day) ornvu m uosion same oay at 7 1 il. Morning limn ihrou-ih 10 Do-ton, Icavos the Depot at Green'.ush at 1 before G o'clock- pieci-rly eveiT moriii'ig,(;.iiiii.-v- c.xceptetl.) Pas-engers inii-t leave Albany by the South I eny, not later than i pail J o'clock. Noon train tn Springfield is dironllnnol. A night train through to Joston will leavs Gnendieh nl I elbro 7 P. M. pa-er.-rers mint leave Albany, a- above, noi later than GlVvlr-wk. Pa-encer- for 'fpringlield can tale I lit- train. The train from Ilo-ioii arrive- in Greenbu-h at 5 P. JL giving Milllcient tunc for pa-cugcr to laht, the car- for the vol, or the 7 o'elot I, I oat lorN. V foi iu iyj'fnnr .inv; sntviiA rr.v. Pa-sengrrs leaving All any in the morning by tha J I tfore 0 o'l-lock train fiom Orvi-nbit-h, nrrivo in Springfield ntlUa. m. mav have fmme limrl.. r,,r Hartfoid tin nco by cars nrrivo in New-IHvi.11 by l .. ... f I I ..! .1 , , r. 1 j j,. in. wi ie-ivr v'rt-eiiousn in inc t oeiore i p. in tram, arrive in Springfield at a. in. thence nt 3 a. in. by r-team lloat to Hartfoid, nrritim.' there nt 11 thence by Steam Hiatal 2 p. 111. arri-em New Yoik next moriiimrhy S o'clock, or they may leave Hartford for New Haven by Rail Rood at j p. 111 and arrivo tbero alJ p. 111. Steam float leaves New Haven for N" w Y01V. n O.n.m. and arrives nt the latter ctty ut 2 0 ir Faie to Sprmglieltl SJ.OO. I'.i ennerS ate paru, marly rtq es'eil to procurs the r Tickets 1 elme takine -en'-nnlie Cars. 'I e.rt-can be obtained m AM any at 0. Ii. Payne', oillees 2j Broadway, Lr at, 'I icket'Oilieu 111 I.epol at Greenlu-h. WM. H.T0WNSFND, Mas'cr '1 ran.-portalion. Greenbu-h Depot, May", 1812. CON WA Y M IS DI CI . ES; rplii: Sub-eril er W. L. KIDDFIt. give, none-. JL that he ha- Micrerd the hilt: T. Kidder in this pre-iiaraticn ol" llielvell known Cos war MldIcim.s, iiiij will hereafter irive particular nltenln 11 to tin! prriaratioii of the following arlick--, llie long c--nil Imlii-d erlrhiity of which, pre-rltnles the nece-sity of a it lull In .11:1111 of the numerous lettlheatcs la (he hand- of the propneior. Doct. .IclJb's Khcumatlc Liniment. Lor Rl-ciimati-m, llru-e-, Spiam-, Numbness, Chilblain-, sitiencs in ihe joinis, ttc, wi I allbrJ the mo-t iiticxper-rd and iminciliaie rrliefin the mo-t ol -tinale case- ef Rhcmiati-iii, 111 a few hour.-; tin arln li: is openly rrrommciule.1 by Phy-itinn-. Thu Liniment is done up in enlarged bottles. Price 371 ' Ullts. Dumfries' Itch Ointment. The exten-ive sale and e-tnl li.hed leputation ol Dlmirik-' hen Oi.VT.MCNT, rnoour.iccs the pro pneior 10 reeoiniiiemt it lo the public with renewed conlitlcnce, a- the mo-t innocent and powerful rem e-iyiuriiii- uiiunyiiig tu-e-.i-e; 11 contain- no mer cury, or any oilier dangero 1- imriedient, and can I e Applied n't till times Willi pcifect talety. Pnc-i 23 cents a liox.' Itemcdy for the Plies. The concurring tt-tnuony e.r relieved patirnls; from nil quarter-, tr-td'ying to the rui-;- vi'eeted bv Ihe medicine afie r all other- had fadud, In-reiher with lira mcrca-ing tlein.ind foril-eanlt-le Iroul all part-ol theeoiiulry, pruve it to 1 e one of ihe mo-l Valuable specifics known for tin- trcublo-onie rompl.iint, itZJ". Clergyman vvrile- Ho-1011, rel ri'arv 13, 1811. I have made trial of Dunifrie-' Pile Klectuary and fountl it prntluc-rsl a salutary intliient e almost liiune t'ialely, and ronliiVnily ltlirve it an e eetual remcdf . . .1 ., ...r....i ... 1 .1 .t... 1.. 1 11, it ,111, i.uiioi itioie .iti't ueoiinn'ins rompiaiui II iinnui"J ha. iiiiIik e I me 10 iccommcnd it toper-tons th i-aflheletl, and.-ol shall lontmue lodo. Your- re pe-' ilully, .1. S. The reme-ly oru-i-t- of an Oiiitment and Uleeluarv. Priro for I oth 75 tents, or 37 cent- when but one it wanted, accompanied with p'am and ample direc lions vvuh a ile-cripiii'n t f t.c complaint, Diimfilts' Hjc IVnlcr. F'.r sore or injtajned eyts, ni'tliiuir l;nown givss -uch immediate and comfortable itlicf, and in -omn txcccdingly bad cases ilia innst m-.ex'i ce-letl and do--ualle iclief ha. I ten foiiiid in llie u-e o tin. Kve water, after other remedies had failed. Pr.-on - vv ho have n-t-d it, pronounce 11 wnliout he-itation the le-i picp.ira-ion ft r sore, veal;, or inflamed eyes, iLey have ever met with. I're e 25 cent- a bollle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn piaster. The mo-l rafe and -pee ly cure for Corns yet di. overel; the re icf 1. iuiuie;di.i'e. il di olve- and remove- the corn f tun the foot with ease and erptdi twn and x:Wwut the least pain. Price 23 cent, a Full and ample direction; accompany each of the al ove ai licit". N. 1). None of the above articles will I e genuine, unle---ignrd W. L. Kidder on 1 lit- o il-u'e vvraitper. lor-nleai hi-Coumiiig Room, g(J S'.Tc S'reet, up Siair-, roriier of Mer han. Riuv, lln-'on. Al-n by Mnssi-.s. Pi-CIC A: Sl'I.AR, II. r'uiL-tou, Vt. .' A III t-ral i!i-t-ii un a lowed to t'ealer-. FOR SALK. THAT large and commodious two sto ry Ilrick Duclng House -t liot situated on the west side of College green ntthe held of Coll t'Ce.slrrel ill this vil. The HOUSE IS 32 hv 45. vtllb n br.srinenl tl-rt' with Ki'chen an ' Provision, and a wing 32 by Gj.e.xtciidmgiic.rlh on College liievn,wuli vyod and -loic nou-e liclo.v, and eliaiuters anJ sleepin" room, al ove. A larssandcoiiimotlmu- Darn, carriage hou-e ice hou-e-, and oilier out-lioii-e-, and .1 -paeiou- yard wejt of ihedwe'lin': hou-r, and a -rood dura' le wed ( f wa'cr of Ihe I est quality in the villace, and a I nek r,-tern. One-and a nuarte-f at rt-of land, t.fihe 11 ( q raliit ; a lar.-r garden and rhoice fruit trees west of ine nou-e and ynnl. The Buildings areeon-'.rucied tn modem style, c he 1 e-t materia1- ami workmanship, werereeieJ bv 'lie siib-cnler ft r hi-ow n u-e, and llie loi-alion af. ford- a very extensive anJ plea-ant prospect of the vi la-re and lake em the We--t and i- not surpas-eJ ly any oilier in thi- part of 1 Le country. A so for sale ,t lot .ram ngan acre of inpit rl reet. Iv "npo-itethe abo.-e b.i willia .-malleivnvc.t'iii vetxl l-vejng hOU-e 'lierci 11. P r'ha er-aie mv pul inc" and exniine for them-ree- Terms uiaje kiiMvn bv ihe su1 sen t r n h. ir. -ii e-. ' SAMUKL ' 1 H iflinalon J me, 1G, 1 10. n3 Jixlta Iii;mtls f rumily IMottr. -(--- 'l III'. 1! -tr. ir -ov-.-re ev n; cn TVPit Ml C tl t'i 'ir, -mil w.ll .. we 1 sop- lt'l-.t---rfE3J i''1 r igh the -e.i' n wi h nie ir-SiLtf of te fi.oiee t Hnnd- cfViV.i, j F10 , ever o e-ie 1 in .h - marl e Hav ni Kim, r nnm .an ted 1 y nit re than twenty Jl ennt Mil.s of li.e h the t repu-ation, he pltdces that Flour suit, ly h 111 -'.all give the mo-l perfe-'t -aii-faciion, nndwi I e wai-ran'el iu nil ea-es. N, B. Facty Urantis constantly in harj'l. Dealer- in Flo ir, Merchants aiid Fann ies arc rl rpectfully t'nvitedio orler and try the arii. le. F our i-hippttl 10 rr.l. r in gnoil packages without delay, 011 cf Drafts, ceiiihcatc- of th-po-ite or C..-(i. J. N. HINSI'lLL. 117 ftiver-t. Troy. April 25, 1812. 47m4 lIM-l-J. llf'tM NEW ESTABLISHMENT. rpiIK subscribers having opened a Pamt S! -pin X the l. tiding one door South 01' P.tliop's Hon I, would respecllully inf.nin their friends and the pub lic lhat lliev ait prt,aied to execute all kinds of House, Carriage and Sign I'aintiug, Gilding, Glaiing, and I'uper Hanging, in the ncstest pos.ib'e manner, and hnpehv f'ttet personal attention lo to receive a share of the public patronage. R. 0. SPAULDINO, S. H. RUSSLIX. Durlingien, ArnlW, laJ2. 47lf. SELLING OFF CllF.AP. THE subscriber, desirous of closing Ins business, now offers to the public, at cost, the whole of his stock in trade, consisting of a large and geneinl as s.irtmentof pla ntin andjipanned ware, bra-s kettles, stove pipes, stoves and tiunmings, and every other article iisiiillv called f..r in his line of business. Aim, tin plate of various sues, Ru sla, Unghsh.anJ Canada sheet iron, sheet coprer, zinc, lead pipe, wire, Ac, Ove. All persons wishing to purchase any of ths above articles, are invited lo call and examine for themselves, and thsy will bo convinced of tho above statement. , - All accounts due to the lata firm of Starr ft Dow, must bu elrtii iu rr.eiate'v n'her "-y payment rr no. J TAR"v Pa' ift-r, Msv f, 1F-1? 45 if

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