Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 8 Temmuz 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 8 Temmuz 1842 Page 1
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V NOT THE GLORY OF C J3 S A R BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 8, 1842. No. 5. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Burlington, Vermoiil. BY MOSES L. IIAItT. F11HIS c-labll-hmcnt, so favorably located fur tliu JL accommodation of tlm bn-nc-. nml travelling community, l now open to tho public. Po-t Coaehu upon the various route- call at ilio Lxchaitgn Hotel for pa-suger-, ami those arriving or etciarling by Gti'jin lloat, In which ca-e their baggage i removed Nvilhoeil charge, will lind Ihis liuu-e pcctiluily to ihuir convenience. The keeper tender. In-service-, wnli the a-surancr, i iiat ill all re-pect-, the liuu .-hall de-one the favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. Uurlinlon, April 1, IS 12. -13lf. AMERICAN HOTEL and csn.vniiAi, STACK IIOUSH, BURLINGTON,. VT. Till subscribers have Ic-asul for a term of yent tliH Well known splendid establishment, winch is very pleasantly located in one of the must delightful villasesi m North America. The several line- of slaves arrive at and depart from this house dadv. Tins Uotcli-furiii-heel in the best older, and well supplied With the choicest that the markets afl'oid. They will lies happy to see thiir friends and all who may favor them with their p-itronage. 3"C'arriagcs always in attendance, at tlio Steam Hoats. S. W. TAYLOR. WARRLW F. SH.YTTCC1C. nurlinswn, April 2!)lh, 1812. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney awl Counsellor at I .air, two noons east or Tin: rosT orrur.,i-r FTA l n s . liefer to Messrs. J. & J. II.PKCH it Co. ov-ia; A. ROBERTSON, ISarrl-tcr nud Attorney nt Law, (l.atc in the offf-eof the fen. Solicitor (itn'l Day) LlTll'.r, ST. JAMF.S'S STKKHT. Montreal, 1 Nov. 18-11. lleferi'iice in Hurlington, to. CKAltLF.S ADAMS, Inquire. 21 P ECK &. SP EAR, wholesale dealers in Jlnglish, French, Ind'ut and American DRUGS. DHirtSGlsrS GLASS WAR15. l'.iirlliigleii. VI. j MEW FASHIONSAND NEWliOODS. Tlio-ub-criberlia ,1'i-t rciiiniel lioin New Voriv with a well KeleiMed aorl inent of vvu. I djetl CLOTHS a n.l t sfi.iui;Ji!:s; Al., Summer mods, WliuK anl Trnn- luing'. of the veiy U'it ipi.tiiiy. The a'-ovc articles w re nirclMM'l wnli and noli nepuur !e to i.oi un i in lo I'A!1IHI.N A.MI Fur'h' we I, Mulilh ',, ami tl loii'. i' it i. -i,w parh -in'.y rc.j c-ilh' aiic.rion ol voinu . -is -io irn to Di'' -lyle ..f liie andl'i."' 'oa ma li ?.! I i-di'ili-linn'iit ibi-S prni.'. -t .'en moroodwii'.-i in life .-an be a.-cnmie lalfd wi'li gcrmuiH r. I.ipted lo ihrir are, general ui', .V.... M ire than ntunl pim- Ijken a to Mic,ev! mid comfort. Having ol.'oinel il.e laie-t I'prmri'i. ill- in ihe ariof Culling and Jlakiiii' gen Hcn'cu'. iniiciiiv uf all l,ind-A I r imitating ihe uio-l - k -t ! of Ony Tnilor- mconinvnl iniproveiueut. ' i i mention-, ibes i., cril cr triiM-thai bi-c-lii- i-h.iii-m will lel'or.nJ one of the u-ry let m the V" JAMKR MITl'lin.L, Draper an-ITadur. I! iril. lotVie cii-toiiicr atllie above i- iah b liiiiriit." (ieiillemeii not a-UoJlo U..e a gJriiicni juib- i. line.!. , . II rlinst-.n, 13 Miy. 1I3. ''' "I 1 I t I A A. 15. Nd MOi.S nave iioso .1 . rutwl Ihciiibelieh in bu mess f. r ilie accoiiniio rlation of thnsa who b.iv- run the opportunity ot imIIiu' at thur re-i luiiw. Mr. N. will s end iwnt or lus linn-in viki'inij the villuuts m tln and the adjoin ing counties, and wiil p.-rfirm nil operations on tho 'tec li nccis-iry fi r their preservation. Mr. N. will also pr- piro llic mouth for the neep lion of artificial tecih i lake models, nnd transmit tlicui to Mr. Lewi", the ctlelii.fed tin- lunical ilenn-i, who will always beat home, and who-i- unuvalle I siicciss, and un wearied cxi rtiuns lo jdeas", will cusuru the public bet ter woik than can be procured c'-cwlicrc. Our modo of setting is fur pupi rn-r lo any other in point ol looks, convenience, anil durability. Any one wanting teeth nn come m.- ihy with a month foil of decayed teeth, nnd return the next wiih a ncwuei. l'riccs tuiltd lo tha times and circumstances. All operations war ranted. M'Ayi. , J. IS. NICHOLS. llurhns'on, Vt May, If 12. BOOTS A1TD SSOBS. n r.NTi.r.M r.N's Siiinmcr Hoot-, nunc low-priced. Alo,niost .linds ot Moots anil 'Shuis suitable for ihe 'fcasonf riiiin.vvomeii, nnd bovs or eirls. Work us usual dono to order. JAJIUS II. I' I. ATT, Corner of Church and Cherry Slriils, llurhngtou. May 12, 1612. SPRING ARRIVALS Hcaalna,eX,,.Oy1,,c.,S,cct. At DAVIS i now truly at home, and would return hi- gralcfiil acl.nowli-i'giiieiii.iothepiil.'i. gen irallyfortlievcrvlilcralialroiiago he ba. re o ve.l, nud liope. by a strict a'teniion to bn-inesH-.uvl a i.e termma' ic-n lo please, tl. it he may met a coiitin 1 a, e of Ihesaioe. le would stale l int be l a-tu-t received from New Yoik, Iloslou, Albany and I roy, from the lale-t importation-, a large and general a sortment of Kre h (food-, whi'-li, in addition to Ins former stoc' .inakeacompleieas-oriuicut, compiling almo.-t every nrticleol fiinilv -upply.&e.iVi-. One Cent Jleward will re "Iven lo any person who will tiiidal any other More as grcalii vaficiy and wclUclccte.1 u.eortinent u ran be lunula' DAMS S. 1'lean- call and i-xaiuuir b.r yoiu.-ehi-., mil you Will not go away di-appoiu'.e I. May 20. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. WOULD ro-pccifiillvinlorm the Ladie. and t-cn-dHiien of II irlingio.i am vicinity lhat be has rccei. 'o"ik1io i-.ul Ushnient where hu will iimii if ici e whole-ale nnd let.ul) all kuvLo work 11 i&K llel,,.re.-.-:vi-d from New Mirk lem-o.i-n t siyleof La-l-. tugelhcr with a choice si-tnepi-u-iiiij j i..,, i i.pii constant y nn hand rJl Go Soul ami "ailer lloots-LadiiM', B1ug!voMn,rall,tvvodoor Teatl Strict Ho"--, sisnofU'o Wff;f S,rirs!r;;, S'&i Juno SI MOH AWK AXI) .tllOHON llAII.-ltOAI). NOTICE. For the accommodation of passengers ilesiious of takiiii! the seen o'clock line of .Steam Hunts from Albany, (which went into operation on the 20lh in stant,) a train of liailroad Cars will start from Sche nectady, daily, nt oi o'clock 1'. M. during the con tinuance of the above nrinngcmenl on the River. II v this arrangement, passengers may leave Saratoga Spring-al 3 i to I o cluck P. M. and nach Albany m lima tor tlio Dual, wnicn win save travellers irom tho north, the expense of remaining over night nt Albany or Troy, llv the existing arrangement, ci'i- ens of Saratoga are obliged to liaio boinuat 7 o'clock in the morning, to take the slcam boat at Albany at i .vi.: I3i nmes via Kail-w an i n) JOHN COSTIGAN, Supcriiilendent. April 22, 1911. 1 842. A'orliicm Traiisitorlatioii I.ino. ISAAC V. HAKEIl riLLcontiniiu the roilWAItniNC BfSINISS V Y on Lake Champlalii, Noiilicvn Canal, and Hudson isivcr. IVcminc it important to retain the Old Customer of the Line, nud a. id new one-, he will u-e hi- be.-t endeavor- lo mti.-fy a'l, hud plcdrc- liinw'l to in cic.i i- hi- cxcrlii'ii- to pi-otuoic the in'cie-t- ot his employer- by doui'.' all bn-nie--! cntiusled to In -.ire wnli di-pa-chan 1 afeiy. er freight apply tn C. II. Jani:-, 27 Coentie- Slip, IVri: C.vTLt.-i, 3'l Ci.ciiiie- Slip, New Yoik. ('. II. llAim-.r, 101, l'a-r, Albany. I'. CoM-TOlK, ) J. II. llocM;n, y Troy. L. A. Cahluton, ) 1. V. IIvki'.ii, Cuin-ioi'l,'- Lauding and Whitehall 1 011.BTT k lliiAm.i:T, Iliirlingion. A. I). Lint), I'l.iil-biirgh. Al.t.r.v ( hm tock, I'uii Kent. .1. (. l'tr.un: fc Son, S'. .l.-hn-. irr" I ruv olli. c In. i liiier-vrict, up stairn. Whilchiill, April IS12. w ooi!i:'s ix-iKNci: hk liki: i, 1" a Mebemi-, which, if tightly applied, will I e the uiean-i'l saviiiir lliou-aiul- Irom an iintimi v -rniir lllu-livu -old and i:-cd for lliirty vein-, Willi ere.H -tit-cc,--, aivi loini'i very cik-.h-ioii- in the lolluwiu lii-i i--, vi. Loit-n.iipiioii, vv iioopni!; i o-igh-, cum moil l o'tali-, Co d-, iliitieiilt liit'.iiliiii-, Inlbicnx Qiiiu-y, A-thma, rhilu-ic, Spilling of llbm d, Klaiii cn"y, In ligu-t-o.i, Lon-cr.e--of the llowel-, ru-i evcr'vkiud, t.'r.iiup-, Rickel-, Colic, Cnlairb, l)y-ci t.irv, I'.tiutiiiL', Hviiocliondii.ic A 'e.'liun-, lleadaclic Sickiii" at niom.ich, Me. i-le-, a preventive tl Con i.igio i-iu-ca-e-, . ii n a n 1 1 Kbeinnali-iii. il 1 I ne-ii.ove vie ncine i-piopnnl 1 v lleury Sey tiiimrot Itatllcv, .via, from the lii-i-ipc, I tbedircctiun ol -aid Mooic, ami sold by bun and lb nrni'-ipal Dniggi-t-in the I nilcdfti.itc.-. Suld whole-ale and retail by I'eck .V .S'pear. -ir.DT.uN cmtr. roi; sick iiijad vciti l j w I11r.l1 ii is Peon n1)! Ill l.uiilbcs. cicrv 111. nil.. of which has had sn k headache fnnn inlancy, as n consiitutional f.mi'lv complamt, and Ins cured fllce tudly uieviry instancejel known, aniounling to ma ny hundreds. It is not iinpli -i-ant lo the la-lc, nnd d.ijs not prevent thud uly aiocitions of one 11-ing it 11 nuisl tic pcrs' -nil 111, and the emu is giadual, but certain and pirmanciil. In-tanee- are c-on-tanlly inultiplviiigvvhi rellu-dislrcsiiig complaint is com- pb ti lyrchcii d and cured, alll gh of )oars standing hy Ihe use of Dr. Spolm s celebrated remedy. One di'cub dprcfcieiiceisits pleasantness, having none of the nauseating cll'ect nf common dings. His fo perfecilysatisfartory, that the proprietor has L'iveii diicctions lor his agents to icfunil tho price to any one who is not pleaded with, and tveu cured by II. lie hopes also llial this nny secure its great lull-i-fits to the dislrcs-scd sullcrcrs who arc labormgiiiidei Hcaihehe. 1.. SP011N, M. O., inventor and I'm prir tor. Sold by COMSVOCK $ CO.. 71 Maiden Lane. New Vork. I'l'.CK & S 1' I'. A II, Whole.-ik Agnus, a few dm rs east of tho Tost Office, Burling ton, Vt. n'J DOCT. .tlAIISHAiil.'S Aroinitic, Camirh inn SMI I'. Tlu-Snu 1 1- -iipcrior to nnv ihuig vet i.r.jwn, lor icinov msr thai troul le-oine di--e.i-c the C.ilai 1 h, and al-o a cold 111 ihe I cad, and thi headache. It opens and purge, out all ob-n iictiou-, -tiens'heii-ihegl.ind-,andgivt-ii heali by act-on to the part- .1 'e. tc I. Il i- pi ifectly tree from any thiugdele-'criou- 111 11- composition li.i- " plca-unt Ikivnr, ami cs 11n11c.l1.11ee 'eci, after Icing ii-ed, Is .ibn-cil k-. I'l'ici-Itl cent-per boitle. Do.-i. Mar.-hail's Ve.Tinble Imlian niaci; ri.AMI i.ii. I In- I'la-ler i- unrivalled for curing -crofdou- swi-l- lull-, Scurvy Soies, Lame Hack, anil 1-ie-h nund- j pain-111 iln" -i.k , liip-aiidLiinbsj andseldoiii fad- to give reuei 111 locai i.uc n ...i-n... ... m. I ! will euro many 01 inecoi m i.iver i-oiiipi.iiiii-j and is cij-ial, if not -iipcrior, lo any Ihuig 111 n-c lot corn- on Hie led . Ilie v rule- 01 1111- i i.i-u-r nave rcen witne.-ed by llioi-and- of 1111l1vnl11.1l- 111 the I nileil Slate-, who have le lei il- cilicacy. Sold hylhe pio prielor; Clia-. Iloweii, Middlebury, Vi., au'd l'i:ii;iV, II lu.orlnut v I. m:VARi: of veceptjox. It has frcq icnlly come to the knowledge of the mh scriber, thai empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up fur the purpose of belling in llienian mfirior t nlity Snuil'j nnd also, that his Snull-labcU have, in soiiio iiit inces, been louutcr felted, or the trcnrrnl design cf the s-ime so iini'ated astoeasily deceive the unwary. Hi-deems il, tlare fore. hi-f117 to inform tiurihascrs. of tho m.iii ucr in whii'li tliey arc often imposed upon t nud lie would hereby ri quest thrill to tear off or lUfaeo tliu Libels on the outside of the Jars, after haling disposed of the couleiils, so ns to prevent lurlner usi 01 the same. A suitable rcwar I w ill bo paid for such evidence as 11 1 1 . . .1. . t : r .1 will lean iu uie ueiceuoil uuu tunui-iiuii u me im postors. 'I'iesiihicrlilcr continue to Minufaclurc, and (J. J'crs for sate the folloicins; articles: l-'Inc liroilll Slillir. Genuine Jlaccoboy, ro c American Rapprc, Imitation lo. flavored. Holl.ind do. Sicily, Maltese, Curacoa, do. Tuberose. do. St. Oincr. do. Strasburg. Coarsen rotrn Snttll. Dcminros. NalchitoclKs. I'urc Vireinia. I'rcncli ItiiPPic Ilourboii. American Gentleman St. Domingo, Pure Spanish. Copinhageii, superior flavor. I.. Mixture. 1 t-iioiY aiiuii, Scotch ami 7 Irish Blackguard cr I Coirfc. IlinhToast Irish II12I1 Toast. Mioct f.i-1-nicil I' lie 1 111 1 iietvuiK looarro. Spmi-h, Kiteforl, Canaster, f Joinmoiiniid Steins. fVA .liberal ih-comit mado to wholesale dealers. iTmi I.OltH.LAllD, Jr., 12 Cliatnam-St., New on.. lT37f G00D3S. LOVKLY & SHYJMOUR A It I', now opening a heavy stock of ca-onaMe x 1. womi-recently purcliasin 111 ;m-w 101k wnn 11 an- oillrfl 10 the puplie at irnv which cannot fail to i-n-iin- their sale. Among thcniiirc, llku-k, llluo Hlue, Invisible (iiien and steel mixed llio.ul ('loth-, a very superior quality nl tki-.-imere-. Silk Velvet, Ve-tuur..,.,i DriMiii?. Gaiiibroou-, and a vin iety of Goods lur summer wear nt low price-i l!omljaqine-, .1 gouJ a-sorliiii'iii nfl silks fi r dre-is and l oniu l-, sunn, Ch illys, lllack and coloiiil Mii-lin do Lames, 11 large lot of Mi-ruio Shawl- and Hdkf., dre-s Hdl.f-. mid scaifs, nil; and linen cambric Hdkl-. 11 great variely ol Gloves ami llo-e; a largo a-soiliuent of L'ngli-h, I-'rencli, and American calico-?, and iiiourning calicoes nt impri" cnlenlitlly low prices j Leghorn, straw and I'alin leal bonnets i 11 gieal variely ol Hibbous, Lace., I.'mbiel. la , l'arasols-, sun shades, Mii-lnii', C'ambnc-.ble.icbisi anil unbleached Cotionsj 3000 rolls p iper hangings, I ordering, braking jjla-c-, rugs, nialt-, carpeting-, all of which nro for sale lov . June 1, 1311 NOT I UK. SC?MeJicinu is ln-l Known hy the cure- it perluiin..Jtn1 I. New-Ion'.- l'nnaeca. or Piirihor of iho Wood. 'Ihe unparalleled and stil I increaingicpiimiion wineli till" mcincine na-ncqair el throughout the New Fnglnnd Slater nnd them.invl circuit h.i- performed, an I the great demand inndr ca-c. which have been lira, e pu In-, and in almost fur it bv t.iciulvicu ofphy-ioinnstvcll acquaint! Willi ' every specie ofdi-ea-eto vvlncli the human frame I il ion, ha- ind iced the proprietor to extern' I liable, the hnppyc eel of Moi-fat a LHk Pii.i.- anii its oir.iulalton to nlmo-i every town in the ca-tcrn I I'aiKN'tx Hittkii-have leeii grcalhillyaud puhliely .Suite, nml ihe Iiiwii. Ill the United States, i ncoinwlcdged by the pertons bcneliltcd, and who 1 111 l .1 1 1 .1 III W.I I I .III ICt I I'MI l I - .ttUl'H , ... ..... . ... , j iirp.i-iil I v any other medicine ever ollcreil to the loopfmn! princip'e upon vvlnclitlicj nreeompoiind .illhclcd a-'n exlcn-.u- .lle and great popula.riiy j ed, and upon which Ibi-y coii.eaiienlly ai l. plainly prove. Il Im-within the lnt eighteen moiilh-l The IJM-. MI.DIClM.s rccoininend thMnelve-in curediis thou-niuLofthe inot obMin.ite di.-ca.e-, n.di-iM'e of every lurin and le-c riptioii. Their first i hi. rau.icci- warranteM purely vogeiaiieyinu i inn an be nroved by cerlilicn'c. nnu nrononnecd bv eminent nnd re-pect.ible phy-ici,in the bel nu-dieine ii u.-c. LVclul ion may li- loiinn in circulars 'outaiiiin-' certilieale- of curc and direelion-. for tn- kinir the inedicinc. The followina appointed agent'. Ibirlinirton, l'KCKnnd ST KAIL K. Jlnwly St Alban, Curli- and l!u-oel Milton, C. Drake Milton Kail-, Unmet and S.iwver Vatcrvillc,.I"i-k and Urown, llinc.biirsli, Hull and Cook l'airfjx, I' and Mnilield Vcrgenno-, Adam- nnd Murray Cainbridiro, M. Wire t'nderlull, M. C. Harney NiiiiIi 1'errKl iimli. II. C. Wicker (Jeoreia, A.'llli WiIIl-ioii. N. Cliilteuilen Kiclnrioiiil, tircen it Illiixle lolm-on, u. I., vvnrncr ami .ioni.ion, i mi.iu Smilh llaker-liclil, Arimiigton and Woodward Kair- - ... i ... , - -. i field, llnrnct and r.irn-worlh. lriNOOiV SASII- VT Just received 15, 20 ami 2 17 by Uca-eincnt ol ash. a lir.-t fate article at 31 and 'i cent- per light; nlo nil kind- nnd-izi", linni-hed lo order. Tieiiiideroia bla--k i. i .. n..., .. rl.. In r..r i. n ., ...... ..... ... .... B sale very low, togeihcr with " a great v; p rc.1t variety uf other aril e as cheap as can be found at any other e-tabli-li nieiit. Or.o. l'nTtnsoN. TTY'STIilltlOUS! A centleinati bcloneinL'to one of the most ancient and wealthy families of tins city, who must no wen known to numerous menus haviim since the year 1 8 IS. tin to recently, been bent neatly double, ami lor beverai years contined to his lied, has been restored to goi d health has regained his natural erect position nnd has quilted Ins car riage, and now walks with eaol! We believe this is thcL'cntlcinati's own description as near as pn-iblc, and llietei" no exaggeration 111 it. Wo will givoinnui- rerslii-'adiln-s, and doubt not humane lUlmgs will excuse the liberty j so that any one doultb:r, may hnoic these fact' iliough lie requests his name may not appear in prmi. .inning oiner msiaiiccs, .nr. jas. G. Reynolds, 1 1 1 Christie-street, has been restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case, iiotn were rneiinntisin, and contracted colds and Hiicws. Ilowhas this I ecu done I AjiMtvr. lit the Indian Vmetahle EILver in- ternallv, ami hires' XencnnJ llune lAnimenl externaUii. Jan. M'.), IS II. fritaonttj by uumstuuw .r. U(., 71 Miiilen ijane, .cic or,. n-.i l'lX'IC it .VI'KAIi, Wholesale Agent., a few- doors east of the Tost OlUce, liurhngloii, t, STIRLING TON CHAIR PACTORV g 1 i .vi.i.mi.v, continues the vy. business of maniifnctminn Chairs at tliu old s'and, of the bil lowing descriptions: Curl Mnuh. Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Cane ami i-lag scat, i.arge and Small liaised Stat Hockini', do do Com- 111011 no, 1 oiiimon Dining, eVC. &c. All of which arc warranted a first rale article and will be sold at piiees , ... ..1 1 i -t'oiiu ,miii me nine-. PKATllLRS, ax i) I-'HATIIHIl IlLDS, ltr.ADY .madi:. Constantly nn hand, a supply of warranted Live Green- IValhirs, which will be sold low for cash. ,V,A by Ibo Kiibsc riber, Curl and lliids Lye oi.iivi-,fu in ma SIioji In Clmrclt r.. ,-fit the old Hank. c. L. NKI0V CO FA 11 TyFltSJllF. nr.xisv 11. nosrtviciv .vt. v.& w. l. -'iron;' haiinir eoniici ted tin ir Tin Hums, will do hii-im ill lhat line uinkr the name of II. 11. liu-t- wick .V. Co. nl tho shop .occupied by said ISostwick, where may be found a full and complete af ortmcnt of TIN WAItL, iiiariiifactiiicd exinessly fortheielnil trade, together with Copper anil Sheet lion work, Stove 1'ipe, s ovo I riinniiiii.r-, e-e. All kin 's of Job woikfitrm-ln d at short ti' liee. ICavo troth ami con- Ini-tnr liir.c furni-lied and put up. Conner immns and lead iipo furnished and sit if rrqiiiiid. Those who patronize this brunch 1 f business shall, at this shop, e quicxiy anu wi it si'iven, tor a reasoin' le eompen siition. II II. IIOSTWICKiS. CV Ilnrlington, pr. 10, IB 12. CASH ST03.S. BOVXTON A HU Jilt ITT, (Suecessi rs lo A..S. it G.I). Wilier,) WO I' I. 1) icspectfiilly iiifonn the inhabitants of llincs' lire Ii and thu'iidjoining low ns that they have eoniniciHid business in tho Stoio formerly oc cupied by A. S. iV G. I). Wcller, and am now receiv ing n gcneriilnssurtiiicnt i f l-'ancy Dry Goods, Hard ware and Gioeerics, which theyofiir lo the public a low as can be purchased in tho county fun-ash. '1 hey respectfully solicit n sharnof public patronage. confident that tin ir prices will be to suit all who may favor tliun with a call. NOIILK L. HOVN'ION, WILLIAM uuimriT. Ilincsburgh, May -., 43 N O '! I C li. rPHF. Subscriber would infoiintlic pnblic tliatlie X has on band a acneraln-.-oitnicnt of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunin, Valines, Carpet J!ags,l'iips and Lastcs, and niimeioiis other articles ill his lino of business. wlnrliwill be sold as cheap ns can be boiiehl in this viciinly. I liinnel, l ull Cloth, Lumber, W ood, and most kinds of farmers' produce received in payment. "Jj-Sliop Iwo doors l.nt of Ihe l'osl Office. Is also kept hv tho subscriber n few rods Last of the Court House, when-the ntiblic will at nil times Inula man inicadincss lo nttind calls, and as good Horsesaiid CarnaL-csasc-iri be found in tho place, and at ns Mir prices. S. S. SKINNLR. Ilnrlington, May B, 18)2. it. c i) I. it 1: it t 11 Co. O r.SI'IXTI'TLLY inform their fnends and the .LA nublic, hat they have now opened a Live ry Siablo and line on hand ready for u-c some excellentllorses and Carriigcs,Slei2lis,llarncsses,A r. which they will lei 011 n aso'nable terms. Stable nt He ijainui Histinp's Until, South Weft Corner Cout House Square, i.iiniiigioii. BOMDlNfMIOUSE. rpiHS House is now OIMIN for the reception of j. noaniers. .mi w un wish to uoaru, nro inviieu to call and examine his house and t lie peculiar advantage- wlii' li its construction and location oflcr, for commit unit convenience. Teilms, very niodeiate, May 10, 1BI a'NEWCASII STORE 1 r-n rPlin Subscijberb rcspcrlfully inform tho inliabi l. tants of lluilingtuii and vicinity tliut they have euiiiiiuiici-d business in the Store recently occupied by Mr Hr.iliian, llookscllcr, on College street. Tho duct 1 raiicii 01 tncir business will coiim-i in French Dry (luotls. Ilciiic confidcnl that llirmmli so iiiiiuv nirans and facilities wliuli they have for furnishing their Store Willi the most l.ishtonablc articles, and that their Pli ers will sun all who may favor them with a call, tin-)- rcsiicniiuiiy suiieii n mare 01 pmuic patronage. They also have for sale a geiieial assortment of m perior GUflCLUIKS, which they rller for the lowest ptiers OSTHKIM iV MICHOLI.S lii.lnif.ton, Mjv l'J, f.V. MOFFAT'S VJXILTAULF. MKK .MIHUCIXhS. Tho-u medicine- arc indebted fur their n.iine to their manifo-t and scn-iUi! action in purifying the pring-nud channel of Ire, nnu enduing (hem with lenewed tone and visor. In many hundred certified re previously unacquainted Willi liieheaiitifully phi- operation i to 'oo-en from lie coats of the .-toniach and bowel-, the various impiritie and crudities rim- Hint r K'lllins niouml tlicm, nnu to remove the har dened face, which collect ii the convolutions of the -malle-t intestine-'. Oilier mei icines only partially elcan-etlio-c, and leave .-uili collected ma-c Mini'd ns in prouuee iiaiuuiiii cu-oivu-.-o, .vnuuii u- uiim oi ev il-, or sudden diarrlura, with it.- iimninent dager.-.n Till, f.u-t i well known to nil regular nnatonii.-t-. who examine the human bowels aiieroeiith j and hence the prejudico of those well informed men again-trmnck medicine or medicines prepared and heralded to theiiiiLlichy ignorant pcr.-oiM. '1 he (-econd clleet ot the Life Me.hcines i- to clean-e the kidneys nml the bladder, and by thi mean-, thcliveraiiilielungs,lbe he.illhliilaelioii ol'iiliiclieiitiielydi-pcnd-iipun the re gularity of the urinary orirau-. The blood, which lake, lis red color from the airency ol the liver and the bing-l.elore it pa e into the bout, bein-.' lli'i- purifitil by them, and notiri-hed by fowl coming from a clean stomach, eour-e. fieelv tliro-ih the Vein-, renew- eycry pari of ihe sy-tem, nnd triumphantly inuunts ine uaiiuer oi ucaiiii in mi' oiuoiiuii ciieei.. Moilat's Vegeiable Lile .Mcilt-ine- have I ecu thor oughly te-led, and pronoiin-'iil.i -oveieicn rcinedvfo iiy-pep-i.i, rlatnlency, IMipinnonoi the Heart, Lo in A ppeuie, tieari-iiurii nuu iiea-i-acne, ue-ue-.-i il Appetite, lleart-liiini nnu iieau-acne, Jle-ile-.-ni--, ll-teinper, Anxiely, Lamruor and .Melancholy, Co-iveues-, Diarrlura, Cholera, Keter- of all' kind-, theiilii.iti-iii, (ioui, Drop-icsot nil kimf-, (tinvcl, 111 tiyeue Ithei u orm-, .-inm.i auu 1.011-uirpiiuu, oenrvy- t;t"cr-' Inveterate Sore-, Seorbiitic Kniptious and liad Com plexion., L'ruptive couipl.iint', sallow, Cloudy, am' oilicrdi-u-.'reeal le ComiiloMon-, Salt Rlii-'im. L'rv.-in. cla-, Common Cold- and Iullii(nza,and variou- other 01 1 1 : .1.1 hit.- which allhct thehuiiian li.ime. In I'rii n mid Acitr..iiarticiilarlr. the Life Medicines lint u I ecu tno-t eiuiiietilly -iicee--fnl ; so much so that 111 the I- ever ami Agiienistiieis, I' iiliuo.-tiunvcr.iilly pre-cril e tbem. All .Mr. .Mo lat roii'iiro-ui 111. patients i u le ii.irticular ill taking the Life .Mohcine- stricilv aeeor- ding to the direction-. It i-nolo new-paper nulict-, or liy nnytlimg Ihct lie lnin-ell ni.iy.-ay m their favor, tli Jl he hopes to gain credit. luSulonebytlie ic.-ults 01 a i.iir 1r1.11. IIOI-KAT'S MKDICAL MAM'ALi de-iL-mi a-a lotne-tie -'uidetobcilih. Tln-litlle iaimihlcf. itbicd by W.ll, Mo, 27j llroadway, Ntw York, has 1 ecu p-ibli-hed lor Ihe pnrpo-e ofeplainini moie fully Mr. .wo nil'-theory 01 ni-e.i-es, nun win ic loimii nisiny inlere-tiuitopcrson-n-ei.iiig lieillli. It treat- upon prevalenldi-ca-e., thereof. I'rice, 25 cent for -ale bv. Mr Moll'at'-Au'cnl-ccnerallv. 1 ncse vaiu.iiiie .iieiiciiH-- are lor sale .y iii.uiii.i-. WARNKIt & Co. Johnson, VI., General Al-cuI-, by whom all order- Irom any pail of Canada, will I e promptl) an-wercd. the Slate or 2d t I Dec. 17, 1S1K. HAG All iS All TNUll, (tctiornl AirrnK for Hit) tin t t'lel-ratt'il nilinm1 (o whom all application Jur a-'chfic must le aJ- (!re-t'l. lturIincIo:it Jan. 23, 1512. lT a Tint i-: .S GRAND HKSTOKATIVJ-:. Tin: 1 V.llll iluable eiretal.e Medii-ine stand- mirivalle lur thelulluwins couiplaini-, viz: Dy-pep-ia, or Ineli te-tioii,ib-ei.l Livei, biliou-ib-ordci-, Drop.y, A-th ma, 1 o-livcni, 1 nu- and u ol'Appeliie. and by " the -loin, tch and 1 owel-, cure- pain- m the -nlc, stomach and l.rca-l, cold- and cotmb- of Ioui: viaiutini:, iioarM-n.---, shoriii.--- ".. -... coiiuil...--.."-. ..1.1-1- - nc'pieully the e lect ol ili ca-c. 1 or 1 everuii'l Ague, 11 1-a 1110-t v.ilu.ilJe pre vi-iiianve a.- wen a- a soieu ign reuiciii. 11- virlut itirpas-nuy tliniir bciciuluie l.nown 111 lemoving St iitii-- name, iwo 00111c-nave 1 ecu known 10 cm iiusiiiuiciiumii-citsc, niicr uav nig i amen every cxer 11011 lorliur vear.-. It ha- a 1110-t powerlul iiilb.cnc 111 it-moving 11crv011-ct.1npl.11nt.-. It 1- tilea-nut, indsoea-y 111 it-opciatiou, it mayleaditnni-tcred 10 the infi'iit wnli safety. The above'.Mv.licinc i- veiy and ii l.irce niiiul er ofl.uhc-.' w ho have uroin I if. iiuiiui e. o c iiien nv 111.11 v m- c n nc "en r nt. virliie-iu lliu.Miilicine by Personal iiseand that of 1 ben I'.m.t;,- 1 1. ill .,r.... nil', ....,.,..,.n, ......1. 1 1.. Willi direciion-. ii may le bad wholc-ido or retail ol -7. Iin .illl, ll.uic, nii'l .1. U, 1 ,11 uiim, La-t Willi, un -envn, i. sole proprietor-. rr.-i.ueii iiom the origin .11 recipe; lorsaiu oy 1.. 11. i-reiili.--, .nontpclicr, ami I lXK d-Sl'tAll, Iliii'invton, and 111 the principal town- 111 the -late;. ill iirivnoii- -igiiiMin ine ii.iini w rinni; 01 tin-proprietor E L. rARUAIt gives notice that he continues tn carry on tliohusi iicss as usual of 111 niuficl'iriiig Stone ware of a superior qua llv III all ils varieties -Hid will m nil limes he in read iness tn yunnle merchants on the must u-o oialle terms, all orders promptly atlemlecl to nt Ins l-'actory , l'earl Street, iiiiriiiigiuii. Jan. .11. Itji:. j.u'iiBvs 1'ackaTji:, llelireen Albany and Montreal, UNTIL further notice, leaving Albany on Wednesday, and Montreal on Saturday of each week, ill cuiiucMon with llurndt-n & Co. at Albany to New York, Philadelphia, Ilosmn, Liverpool, Lon don. In I in I. Scotland and Havre. for the trans portation of Specie, Hank Notes, Yulu.ible Papers, Packages of Goods, Hooks, and all other Parctls nun may on. r. Mon'real Lxchmge Cofli-c House. All nnv No. 12, Kxchauie lluildiiigj. J.'cw Yoik No. J, Wall Street, llosion No. P, Court Sircpt. Partington J. it J. 11. Peel, cX. Co. in i'i:i!i:Ncr.s. L. Y. if.J. 1!. Rcip, J AIbaii),N. 1. P. Wens, r.. & i). n. Piot, ( T y .f. Co., f lr0' A. W.vrnoi-s, ) A. II. W. HriiKN Co.naslleton, Yt. J. vt J. 11. Prxic A Co., Ilurlingioii, Vt. J, (". PciRCEif- Son, St. Johns, L. C. Aprd23. 4-if. IMtlVATU .Si I4XT ejoamdi:g school. rplIL new nnd spaciou- ll -ildiiig-nowriev'tiii.' in 1 Last Charlntii! will leopcneil (if the Lord will) on ler ll- nipennlendi-nee ol Mr. J.Ti.N Hiiot.KE.a i-i-tfl in ihe Lndie-Meianme'iit in French and Music by Mi-s M. A. Tek llnnr.Ki:, 10.1. .May, 1812, I. ill term open- 2Jih Auso.t, Winter do 25th Novel iber. Tw die young Ladies and Genllciuen may I e ne-i-omnio.laii-d in the family of .Mr. T. Term- S25 per quarter, in advance. Mu-ie'410. Krench and Also bra, Sri. Wa lung e.lra. Day Scholars, Iiom 82,50 to 4,50. .MissT. e-dii -ate-l under llieei re of eminent Teachers, nud having taught in London, l.'nir., and in this Slate -iiK'cher arrival, is amply qtialilit-il tosiiperintend the rienchiind Mtisiu ilcparlnient. Govcinnienl strictly parcninl. To tho.e unacqiiainli-il wnli the f crvii'c-, rxperieneu ami anility ni .nr. I . retcu-nce may I uau lo L.T.L'ngle-br, Ilnrlington, J, H. Hollcnlii-k, " J. Sherman, Vrrsenncs H Moil. St. John.. J.C. Parke, Whitehall. A.S I'ciry, Troy, Charlotte, ISth April, 18121 NEW BOOK STORE. " Livo nnd let Live." rilllL siibse-nli-r has nveivvd from New York a & new supply of School Hooks, Hible-, Prajcr Houk, Testament., Ac, 1S.0, lOKeiliTivith ,i goinl as sortmcnl of Slillioncry, and Book-binding Sirs-k, to which he Int lies Ihe intention 3f the public. Feeling Very grateful for the liberal patronage lieiclofnie rr-i-liiil, he will renew Ins eve-rlion lo plca.-e all that may favor bun vvithiheir iidiroiMgi-.. S. Ht'iVI'l.MiTON. Slrnngs' Hiiilding, e-orner Cliurch dnd College sts., opi.iiiliiHas-ir& Ailhur's, Sifii Rrd Ledger. .IIIIIU W MISTAKI-:,- Smoked Hfefi also. Pork hv lb, barrel, just re-nvtd for --alt bv Millie ii, nu i. u,v ! DR. TAYlOR'3 II A I. S A M O I" 1. 1 V K It IV UKT, Ob-erve when vou buy that von get the genuine, prepared nt 375 llowery, New Vork. See that 375 liowcry Now York is on the wrapper of each Uottle. All oilier- aie Fraud-and -old only by siiccnlntor-, without rejard lojiistice.tothe public, or tliu proprie tors H tliu genuine article. IOR Consumption, and Liver complaint", Dyspep . si.ijdizzine-soflhe head, los of appetite, Dysen larv. and eeneral re-rtilaterof the w-bnle -v-icm. I t Ninii: genuine but that iirepnied nt 375 Uowery, New York, where the arliclc wa- hr-t made, tlieelmr aclerofthe niedicnie formed and c-tablished bv the nre-ent sole proprietors, and whonre the only persons knowing the compci.ition of the genuine. It has been ii-t-d siieee fully for ciiihl year- in the cure of ihesi. diseases. CyUcmiml cr the original and Genuine i made only attNo. 375 liowcry, New-York. All other- are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa Ki-ncral remedy for the-e diseases. 1 am fi.llv satisfied, from long experience, there i. 110 medicine equal to Dr. Taylor'- l!.ilniu of Liverwort, living :mre v vegetaiiie, it can ueu-etl with Ine ulino-t siilely iV nil lie. -on- in every condition. It elean-c- the lungs by expectoration, relievo- dillienll briMlliinir, an.l'1-em-lo heal theche-t. Thcrecaii Lo noque-tion but Ihi- niedicine I-a ccilain cure for c lirouie i-o iuli- and cold-. I have nse.l'it lour years in mv piaclice, and alwnyswilh-ucces-. A. I'. ROGLRS, M. 1). 1 ickluiq in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'- Hiilsaniif Liverwirt 10 be 11 certain remedy for thi-complaint, as I have n-ed il iny.-1-ll unit luuiul Hs ellcct- 1111 iiiiincdintc. I w.i- much troubled until I inaelc ii-eofihi- iiiiib'cine 51. L. I1KXS1IAW. 211 Mangin st. Hoarscnes- Ciue-d For the cure- of huar-e-ne 1 e-ati stronirlv ree-eoinniend Dr. Tnvlor1.- Itnl.nin of Liv- erworl. I have not emlylound great I enrlit niyclf. inn many oi my ooiiircganon ov my ro.-eonimeniia' tion have iccie-vetl great I enclit froni it- virtue. It i atouee mi!d , eiru'.iciou-und barnile-s. 1ILV.A'. i.r.wis. Scyeret'oiish- and Cold I have had a mo-l vere e'old and euti'jh, for a lung time w hi.'h I could not eel nil uf. Allcr li-insr many li-e-'e-s tlunus 1 trl ciiTaylor's Hal-am of Liierwor'i, an I it ruled me in .. i .u... iio i L-riituvni-i.' u-v "i.i,.-. .Hi.-. . Rai-iiig of Iilotnl About two wi-l.s a-'o I bad a bill, which i-aiKcd mc lo -pit lariro oti.ilitic- of blood wineli iioiiung coiiiii cure- until 1 Irieu nr. layior s lial-ain ol L.iverwort. I ln incin-inu gave mo iniiiic- liatc ri bet and in n very short time e.lectel an entiii' ure. Let all per-on-try it. IICGII MC GARVF.Y, 21 Camion st Dr. Taylor'.- llabaiu of Liverwort Tin- snncrior lenieily lorili-ea-e- ol ihe lung- anl lit cr lia- obtain ed a leputa'ioii never licfuivc-ii.ilb-.l. Ilemaruablc Cure of Consumption. wa-sii near her de.illi with thi- di.-ea-e, thai my fiicnds sent lor a pr.e-l toeoiile-- my en- I die-d. H in III iner-y. Ink! me not to iriveiin until I tniil Dr. ruvlor's Hal-am of Liverwoit. 1 -enl iinincdi.itcly for thi- incilu-ini-, and although the coiite-l for a few tlays I etween tin-iiH-.ticine-, nml my ih.i-.i-e wa- s vere , the medicine e-ouqueioJ, and in a forinUhl wa- re-toivd toi-.ihh. I had iicouuh, nii-ing of mat ter. lo ol my voice, pain-, weakue-.. etc. 1 can re fer lo Doctor v ilsi ii, in the- t arlton Ilou.e, for Un truth ofinystnirineiit. MARV DILI-, Hi h street cor, l.ewaic ol nati'i-. ol jj tiveni.c, Slimmer Complaint. The Hal-am ol Liverwort, in several i-.l-es of th b-e.i-e-, wbeie all oilier reuie-ihe- applied by phv-i oian- have proved inclleciual, ha- llOlllcel a peiiect cuie Surprizing Cure of Consumption 51 r. It. Gladdm ol Delhi, N. Y,, of a natiiially con -uinptivc coii-titiition, ha- I ecu save-d fiom un liiucly cud by the u-e of Dr. Tnvloi'- of Liv erwi rl. A -cieieeoldl louahl un an attack of Pli-u ic-y, anilthu- enuel in general debility. Hid cou-iimn lion. A ci.n-tant couirli, hi-ciic ilu-h, ic-ib- nights. iiiiioV iiiiUi-, unit cont.iiut-l lu- nl I'.e.ti. ni-icred -I l-c.1V elc.lin : but a- ..null n- I coiinni'iiri.t 1 1... ..... thi- bill-am I grew letter, nud i- now lully re-tored lO I1C.IIIII. Shortness of Hrealh I t r tin- ih-ea-e, I have aliiav- loiind Dr. Taylor' oi i.iv.iwort an cxi illcnt u-im-ly. It i- once so silte and -o u li-clive, 1 siitiituu it my practice, and re-ccn n-nd it to my Iriend-. haie u-ed it in some hundre-d- i,f e-a-e- wilbiii tiic- i lunr, iiiiu i nave never it lail. In many ea-e-ot a-iiima, i limy I elicvu it lo havo I ei-n t mean- of saving prci-ibu- livev. I.i-I all n-o it. GLOItGL' RALPH. 11 I) None genuine but that prepare I at Wnwery. i on. a-win ic -ivn liy nu- i.ii il-an.l wrap yyi mm c.n u lu.iuc. m- sure v nil li en; w lien J nu Idly i ii.- L'l irniir- i-.iii .iiw.i V- I rill 111'IHM I I ll.e O'd Airi-nt-, Mc -r-.'N. Lme'y t 'o., now- Lore Dr. .Mooily and Pi-kit Spcir, Clicini an I Druggi-t-, II u liiiL'0.n S. II. II iruc, Cbaiiom William Khole-, Jr. Richmond Geo, AyirsiiC hi i .i. ev ii.niown, iiranii i-ic vv . ii.rwcie' .--oiiili llcru Horace ,-id-worlh, Ninth Hero S.A n.ivi-.Ali.urgh r. k tuUlena, We.-t Alb irh D, W. Carpenter, Waterbury. ODDIMP CAOUinM COD M f A r orniivu rrtoiiiuDi run CHARLES A. SJlYMOUIl IIA just leeeived from New- York the spring paiterns for Hats and invites tho pubhc to call nnd examine his assortment, which comprises hats of various qualities linn price?, some very low. He especially invites Mich gen iLmru ashaveheretofoic oiven r nrifcreneii In hnis nf Smith,.!-.. manufacture to look at Ins stock of fi in lints 1 hip). in poin; ofcilorand linish, aul in point of uui.ii.iiii;-, mi siiLTiur, to any imib uia-iuiactliiccl in tho city of New York. Pearl bt. April 13th, LYMAN & COLE nAVF. icieiye.1 their u-iial etien-iie amrimeii and variety of Spruigaud Summer GOODS, which they o'lerat srinaily (enlui-ihl price-; cou-i-iuig m part of Prinle-il Lawn.-, Cambrics, Muslins an I Humming l.r.wiis, Rich -utiii slripeJ Hllzorine, & . fur Indie's' summer dit'.-.'-. New panel n Muslin eleLninc.-,faiiii!trip'dFolian, iti. Plain, black an 1 Uuu black noinbazuie, Fiiiml blue black and coloii-l di. licit v black Canton, Gro de Swi. nndenl'd Silks, Shan Is. Lupin's le-st -earlet, black aude-olored 5Ierino. rfrai fs and I'unry llamllu'iclilct'-. Muslin tie Unni', 'Unlet wool, mil fancy satin llermaui; Lachcne Craval-, law silk H'dk'f-. Mu. lini'o Lauiu Shawls, raw silk do., piintcd vvor-te.lelo. La I'uncy silk Mitt, and l!'nre, colorcl 'diet do. Hack sf'vving sill. du. Mis.-e- colored silk Glove-, Men's Li-le Thre-ad, coli-reil silk, while silk, and Kid do. Me-n's blaek Italian Cravats, black silk half Hose', and India rubl cr Su-prn-elers, Ladie-' white and blaek silk Hn.ii and Glove-, while .Merino llo.-e, black and e'ljoieil ,ilk and Kid Glove-. For (.'fiillcini'ii's Summer Wear. Striped and plain while Inu-ii Drill, colored do. Gambruon-, Hamilton Mixture and Deiiiiu-, Mixed i'atinelle, Krmmette, Jacket Linen, etc. wonicsiic ijooiiw. Indian Head, S.ark Mill-, .Middlce and other Cotton Sbifliiiis. A gre-nt quantity ble.icbeJ fbeeliiiruiid shirting, very low prieeel. I'nioii bleacheil cnlton, 7-6 and yard tvule. Ilartlelt iLi. 5-4 an 1 C-t do, making a moie extensive a ortnienl than wo hiiveevtrkept. Mcrrini.ic eoiiou slii-etmg, supeitinc linblrachcil i-ntlou shirlinir, Sn lolk and rord dull heavy tie'k mg and waddin;, Thii-r Cite- rf I'inbirll.-is and Parasols, Cap, Hoiiuel and utvk Ribbons, 'lulfctn do. Galloon-, Tastes, ite. 11 lilts. Fall River, Jlcrrimac, Doicr, Hrnlol and nianv oiher styles of American piiuts, ve'iy lowpriecel. Lngllsh and French punts, (iinglianis, etc. 1 1 load Cloths. A gcne-ial asMirlincnt of Hiirliagton Mill Co. Hroad Clulb-con-lanlly on hand, Alouther sltle.- of Iroadilnlli- ilnJ Ca-siiucic-, L'nglish, Flinch and German do, rolled Carpeting. Silk, Twil, Pillions, Surge', Cinias, Paddin?, Slri-.l, .e, ite', lliirlingtou, 20 May, IS 12. M. G. It, A Til 1 UUiV, DHAlMilt ANMTTT.OH, r TAS iiml rtturne.l from New Yoik ttub the I I SIMIING I'ASIIIONS: also, it superior as .nrlmnni nf TRIMMINGS. VHSTINGS, c I Shnn in Cliui.-Ii h. t. tin ti nnnomte Ihe Hunk of Burlington nv in i PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. nPHIS articleis too well tlnlillll Mtllt lllrt nvncfiiitirn nf cnor.11 it..ora I, no (ictiionstratcil to iho einilinr-reinl rnmmtmiiv tbnl ....ui.juy, cuuveiiiciicu anu iiiiraoiuiy, iney nre unrivnlled Coal yard scales to weigh frutn 3 to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do. to worn 1 frnm !- 1. SOOO lbs.. Pnrtflbln iln. tn wpirrh from In 200 lbs. l'orlableConnterdo a nowarticle to weigh irom 1-2 uz. lo 40 Iba. J. & J. II. Veck & Co. .ljenrs. Itiirlmgton, April 8 1811. USSIII IAS- S'lOMACH HI'ITI'IIS. may b Xi- iited in W ineor water. Tbeseie'i-br.itedbittcrs are compofiil purely ol Vt-L'e able- of the most iuno-i-eni yet -neoihe virtue-. Tbev lire reconinicnd'd par- tieiilarlv fur re-luring weak eon-titiitions, elean-ing and slreiigthcning the stomach, and ineiea-inir Ihe peine' also a preveniniiieagain-lllieeiioierainor -, lewr und aue. jeinovmtr nausea, vomitiu?. heart biirutiii.', in ihe brea-t, pain in the lomacti and oilier viiiitonisoiii.iiiiieni-eMiiu munre I ion. One box will tillrlurc one gallon. Prlce2j el- box. I'.t.'ssr.i.t.'s Itch Oistmi-.nt. Thi-i buieo and safe oimiueiit i-said lo I e s qieiiur to any now in u-e-, fur ui-aeri-cabic an I loain-oine u sea-e, the 11111. Thi-Oinimenl -so icarltiiu lit ils operation that no per.-on ttouLicl witu the nioveeli or.'er ou-.-liI lo I withiiui it. It i- a remedy lur eiitaneo-is e-riiption--ee-rbiitie a 'i-clioiis of ihe head, or nnv other bre-akin out which ari-es from sharp hiiiuois m the blood. nn: 2a els. n l-ux. Res iu.i.S crctaum: UlLLlors I'll ls, or family hysic, for ueneral u-e, m ca-e, of Jaundice', inorbio cn-il ilily of the -tomaeli and bowel-, lo- eil appetilv, lii'lid breath, coslivene , Pile-, and nil 'i-e-Kse- lin ing Iiom biliary iteran-tciiient-, ai-n mr i-crni-nn? the e f the I looJ, iin-1 cleau-ing the sy-iem ol ml anil vi-ciel humoiir.-. llie-u pills r.iu a mini ca thartic, pio l-ieiilg ui'ither pain- nor gripinir, and are ibi'i-efurca valuable and highly approve.-! medicine'. ill-tare prnnoiiiice.l a--i.eli l.y tiienio.-t ni-tingiii-neu ihy-k-ian-. Lach box conl'ainins 33 Pill-. Price .11 ct-. a I ox ii'i-c 1.- ceici in nl itnr.t'M uintmknt. i ni l's iiiniiie-.tioiiably ihe I i-t and all--t reineily ever vet .... . . .. 1 ...... .i ... I i. ...1... w-il'l oni'rcil lo in,' p iniic lor inai oii-iiiia-c ui-uruci- o.i. i RHLI'.M. W here eilln-r ini an- have laded, it ha-siie- cedeil, and ihe l.iei that it ha- I leu sxle-n-ive-ly u-ei! iv eminent Piae-tilioner- -peaks voliiuie- in it- nrni-e Il I- e-qu.illy e.lie-acioii- in nil dica-e- of the skin, i d head. riiiL' worm-, and the most unelerate .Vi-, etc. .Niuneroii- eertnica-u- might 1 obtained, I ut tin: pronritoi- e-hoo-c- that a lair trial -hoiild to Hie only evidence ofil- -tqienor etlicaey. Price 50 i-cnt-1 Pox. r or sale hy I'eeu ip r-pcaraun uoie-ri .uoouy llnllincton ; Dr. C. L. Mile.-, and Hull fi Cool,-, llme- buri-'h; S. II. Harm'-, Chnrlulle; L. Jane-, Georgia I.. 'IVIcr. K i-v : rul er iV HiuiIiiil-iuii. liichinoui Al-o, by the elrUL'gi.-t- nud iiierch.iui- generally hruuc'biiut the state. ei2.yn' -pvISIIASI-IS OI'TIIK LUNGS. Dcriiledlj U the iniil ll-ni'-iH ever klmiMI III Aiusi ic.l Vegetable Vulmonury Balsam t lli 111041 tnliMble t-in.'di uuu iiiicfiii cuii-ili .cold-, a-ihina or iiluhisie roimuupli'jil. wlioiiping cough mu piililiMiiarv Hlbclienl. il even kind. Ils sale is slcnhlt iiiciensliig. nii.t Mi iniini iciiii i .ne rniniMiilli . ei-ei t ini die 1110. 1 f.unmh! uriiiim uf its 1 nVrii. 'Ihe fiilluwntj. new ci'riifie.ilr. up utfi're'd fur imtil e esn.iil.iliiui. An Is rt:nt.siisQ Cask. Ux.iact ef a li-ner fnuu lr L S C!.i, King. inn, Ul.i-r ro , IS, V. le. 1I1 prupnnlfirs. ' 1 outs uf ihe ftih iihi. u.i dull in: ipiii iik.ibte cine slfi-cied h) llip 'cgiahle Pol t 111 Ilie uuitei .nut -pi lug ol IL.J. II tersnn, Mr. Vtnudi, h id been pick aloni-liiue uitli 'Iih ruiisiiiiiiiliiin. III. I1.11I L-iieii linn 111 I le w a. 1 Lilui-ed su low .is 10 be unable In hslp liim-elf, oi'l ii.ts al.uite qu.iiilili nf blui.d when he coniiiir-iict d iifing iln-, wliuli elu-eied riuuplsie cure, and lie is n-m a-liilpand he.llll I sin hp a. .Mr. Muuilv ipiuuii d finiu ibis lunn but belli, premised 1:11- niuu- detailed account of li eii.e, which 1 uillfuiii.ird mti. CS CLAY. Kiui-siiiii, i. V. June S3. IS.13. Lmlii-i nf .1 lellci finni Di. J.ienli Mjeis. Tli VrgM.,ble Piiliiiini.ii H'll-.un has Iippii sul'.l ill ill ci'iimi for iwovcuii, ainl die iiiedicinp has g.iini el iiiii'iiniiiuiii iclpluiti, lor 11 .r.iicelt 111 one iiiciaiiet- ftllpil id lulling llip elesited fiTpi'l 1 inn b) no uir.uii iiitivm .if l In- in. mi nnptiiiius, ninlt)l ivliu-haie 11 posiliuiH upon .1 creihlt'jiis public, bin which Kil'iiv ny ii, r 111 iip (-lli-cui il, l r ii iicit iicip inn iu. in. il'Pinhttinit there'o. A roiuilri ft-H iiiei..iirtliuii h hpen nffried hpie hi alMitlluig Agpul, nf Cniusiurli .t. 1 . .ind tlieie is .iiiiiihi'r .irncle leaded lieie dial .liongl) su-prried lo bi-rpm lull. Jacob Mrrns, M. I), Mifllingion, JmiMi.i ro Prmi. M.iv tl, 1S37 Finni Di. ShiuiicI Moiiell, li 1 it.- I'mpi ie-lnis of ihe Vpye l.ible PiibiiitiiHrt I .nu s.ilisilcd lliallheVe IPl.ibtp Piiliiiiiii.i.ri H.iIj-iiii is a v .itu.ible uipdpcine Ii h.i. been iiiii'd in iln- ifn p uiih rniuplpie tin-res. in in ulii. in ne riiuipl.iiiil nl llic luns, aneiiitpil Willi -eiei p C11114I1, Iim. uf tiiice. and llip riiiniig nf iniirli pie i.i-lsli ic.isipil in.uiv appiine pir.i'i ipilnii.. Af'1-1 iiin 1 hu HaliMin one wt-ik, the p.ilieni s iuicp renirnrd and Iip w a-thl- pi spe m .it'di h.y. I his rase nrriineil siiiiip iiiiip siiicp. ami 111.111 is now png.itjpil 1101 null inriiie bin Uhmioii liiisine.l. Rpfppeifnllt , fee. S. MonliKt.l. Il is ti'iw 111. hp ili.iii ?i vrrs since I l-iutihi terj hm b an Hlleriiuu nl ihe Inns., and 1111 e'itiiil.iinl ti.10 derl tie I in bp inruiatile In a rmuiril iifiluep ill t .ioi.iiis. I u .19 1 lira re 1 11 1 ed lo .is ipm I lip.ihb a . I had eiiii)tdfnr rilni) jptr-, bi tiring llip Vpgpiablc P11I It 1I.-.1111, Smre 1111 rei-nirr) I hue irroiu iiipiiiIpiI Hip H-iIs.iiii hi ii m.ini t-.i.ts uf 'ling rtiiupMiiii., hmiI ro far .1. I cm b..un, iis use in i.iri.ihlj born f.tll.iiw il bv ii.iii ,1 lii-nslii, anil 111 nirfii) uii.itiicii 11 mis eiree-tt-ii nn ve w hn Ii hpic Imiiv unux prrird. SVUL, Ibis on, M.irrh 2, 1S.".7- For sale, wliuh'sle and lel.til, by PLCK SPKAri,lliiiliiiSioii, Vi. Tn Iiiilldrrs and n'.hris. BOARDS, Cl.iphoaids and PbinU plained at short notic.-i also a Cncuhir Saw for slillmg, nt tho lluth'ngtnu Iron Foimdrv. Turning done, or lithe to III for turning lied Posts or columns. Cash Ac. re ceived 111 pay. JAR IS GA . Hiirlingtoii, April 22, 154?. " CEME.XT.CISTKK IV S. rPIIK sill peril cr- h.iimslhcrisbl 10 ue, in and for .1 the county of L'hilti'iu'cii, Parl-ci'- Hydraulic Ce ment, for Ci'-te-iiis lle-ervoirs, A-qielict-, Cellar ititcnen an.l .-iia' ie r loor-, lur ine purpu-c nt niahing Ihe-iii dry and prot.faiaui-t rat- ; ill 11 Ilc.inh-, Sinks iVe, would intorm tlic iniiai'iiatit-01 tarn county, inai ihcv-.vill U-re-.idv the comme sca.un lo .i-icn .1 tn all calls in the above'line nf l.ii.-mi'ss aud will wurrant Hieir wcrl. to be (Jural le. JIISITII lilMHI.V, ORLANDO OWLN. Hnrbneton. March 0. IS t . N.H. All 'order, nddie el to the sill scrd cis al IIinesNiss tor llur inilon will rt reive iiiuiieuiatc al lenliei'i. n 10 CHEAP BOOK ST0B3. flMlK facilities of the tdhscribcr in procuring books, J nud every article iu his linear! fueh ss lo lender prices, corrcspoiiuiiig 10 uiu iime-3,iiiuuui-e nu- puuuv m c.-iiiiime their natrenane to his Yfir Store. Any piibhcatiotisnoton hand, will ho provided as Soon as oritcrr can no lotwnreieu 10 tue iiiie-.-. Works received the present w eek, as follow s. Pictorial Ibble, Lssays by Hannnli Jloorc, Ilourn for HenicnleinpcrHiic.- Hyins, AVe.tllli nud Worth, Hnrnaby R idgp, Tliiets' History of French Retolulion, Hlooiiifii lJ'-i Creek Testament, Hinit-s' Notes on Isaith.3 Vti's, Wislars Anatomy, Whelplry'sCompend, The I'anni and Giolvaf Inplnnd. Zanonl. The Last Tubes, hy Grant, A Wreath for the tomb, Lilenf I'atncli Henry, olielcn hook,, tots. It is well, Way Maiks, . ..... I). A. HRAJIAN. JSO-iliDlA'O HOUSE. The Snbscril'er still continues hi board ing hoiist" at tho foot of College street, near the Square, and will u-e Ills I est exertions tn give sali-tadion to 1I10..0 who may lavor liimivini tncir paiinn air He in- a C i ' isilUI'tilM Hot ni o a' AI.UAXY AND HOSTON ItAIl. JIOAU; Faro reduced lo nsotou US. Timo of startini? altered to hrfnm fi A M.r.n nnd after Monday, 2nd inst., (this day) arrive in nusiou siime uayai l l . ill, Morning train through to Ho.-tcn, leave, the Depot at GreenSush at J before G d'clock precisely ev morniiiL',piiiitlays excented.) Pas-eugers must Icavu Albany by ths South ferry, notlator than I past 3 o'clock. Noon tram to Springfield js discontinued. A nipht train IhtaUiTh f., tlnOtn .11 IfiAVA Orieiidiih at 1 lefiiru 7 P. M, pa er.rers mu.l leave Albany, as above, not lamr than 6i o'ulcjiik. Pa.-engcr-for Springfield can takotbis traie. uiuirnnyrom no-ion arrives in ureentiL-n at 5t P. M. giving sufficient tune for pa eugera to talu ine cars.ior ins wesi, or the 7 o'clock Loat lor IS. I. FOIl IfMlTFUllD AND NEW HAWK. Pa-senners leavins Albany in the uiornimr b tlm 1 before G o'clock tram from Ureenbush, arrive iu Springfield at 11 a. m. may ltaToiinmeiliatcly for Hartfoid thence by cars arrive in Ncw-IItvcn by 7J p. m. Or leave Grcenbush in the i before 7 p. in. iinin, arrive in npnnguc-iu at 1 a. in thence ol 5 a. in. by Steam Hoat to Harlford, arriving there at 1 1 llieticc by Steam Hoat al 2 p. ni. arrive in New York next miming by 6 o'clock, or they may leave Hartford forNew Iliivcn by Hail Rood atB p. m. and arrive there nt 71 p. m. Steam Hoat leaves New Haven for New Yotk at 0,a. in. end arrive: at the latter city at 2 p. m. Fare to Springfield 3,l)0. P.i--enner3 aie particularly requested to prcauro their Tickets I elore taking seats in the Curs. Ti.-k 1 1 - can be obtained in Albany al O. R, Payno' oilier, 2J liioadway, or at Ticket Oilicu in Depot nl Grceubu-h. WM..H.T0W.N3KN1), Master Tran-ponaticyj. Greenbu-h Depot, May 2, 1812. CONWAY IMEDICIiNES. nMW. Sub-criler V. L. KIDDKR, givu, notic X that he ha- siieece-d the late T. Kidder la tlm prcjiaia'ion of Ibu well known CVswat -MKDtuNE-, ii. 1 111.-11.-1111L-1 $iiv puiiieuir Hiiuiuiuil iu tun prcnnratioii of ihe following article-, tho long es tablished etle'ii ity of which, preclude the net-e-.fty ufa re-publication of the numerous icitiUcatct 11 the baud- of the proprietor. Doct. .Tcbb's Rlicumatlc X.Jiilruont. I cr Rke ininti-m. Urui-es. Snrain-. Numbness: Chilblain-, 5ii;liit-3 in t'ie joints, dte., will alford .1 . . ......1 .. 1 r...i: r:.. .1 . . iiiu uio-i iuu-Ajii.--. in nun iuiuie.-ni.iie reiieiiit tue mgii oiisimate case. 01 lthcumatl-m, in a tew Hours ; Ihi. article i- openly rex-ominended by Phy-ieiatis. Tlm Linitnent is Uoue up iu enlarged bottles. Pries 371 ent-. Dumfries' Itch Ointment. The cleii-ive sale and establi-hed renuintion ol DuMtitic-' Itch Ointment, encourages the nro- prie-tor tei recomniend it to the publiu with renewed eoulidence, a- the mo-t innocent and powerfil rem tylurlliis annoying elisea-e; it contains no inci- e-iirv, or any oilier ilanterons inirrctlienl, ".11 1 can I e applied nt all time'i with perfect ssfuty. Pric j cent- a Hox. ltcliietly for the Piles. i The t'Ollelll rim? tc-liiiionv nf relieved n..' or.!.: Irom all quarter, te-tifyinir in lb; cus-s ....... ted bv the iiieihcr.ieafier it 1 1 oth'.-r- had tiiU.4, t0.jeih r Willi the iucrea.-irig tlcmdnd for the artiile Irom J.l parts o! mc ciiiurv , pruu iuui.c mil; ui iu n '-1 ,.iiuaui. speciiic- known for tin- trout I'-somc 1 oniplaiut. iuj-A Cler-'yinan write- " Ho-lon. Tclruarv 13. 1S11. I have made trial of Dumfries' Pile Fleciuary and found it produced a .-nlulnry infliienie almost imoie di.itcly, and conlidently I elieve it nil ellectual remetiy lui mat micominrtiilile ami deMlitatiiig complaint. Uiimnnitj ha- injured me to recommend it tu por.oaa llin- ulihcte-el, and -o I .-hall to do. Yours re pcet fully, J. S. The rcm-ly con-i-i- of an Ointment and FJccluary' Pne-c for l oth 7j eeuts, or 371 cent- when but one t vvaiiteel, ace-oinpanieil with plain and ample direc tions with a dc-criplion of the complaint, DumtVIes' Kye Water. For sore or injlamed eyes, not h ill c known gives -neb immediate and comfortable ulief, and ill some exceedingly bad cases ll'io most unexpected and de--irable icliefh.i-been found in the 11-0 ot this Kvo water, after other remedies had failed. Person- who Iuno 11-eil 11, prnnnuncu it wiihout he-itation the lot piep.iraiion ti r orc, weak, or inflamed eyes, they bavu uie-r met with. 1'ne u 2j cent-it bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The inu-t -afo nnd speesly curt; for Corn, yet di.--ovcrel; the relief 1- immeeliate. 11 di-solves arid remove- thl'corn fiom U,t foot v.-itliia.e and expedi tion and icilhout the least vain. Price 25 cents a How Full and ample direclions acconipjny ench of tha a! nve article-. N, H. None fcf the above article, will be genuice, onlc signed W. L. Kidder on ibu outside wrapper. For sale at hi-Counting Room, 86 State Street, up Suir, corner of Merchant. How, Ho-ton. Al-o by Mussns. PKCK & SPKAH, Burlington, Vt. , A lilieral di-ceiiint allowed to dealer,. FOR SALE. Si THAT large and commodious two ito ry It lick Divelng House it Lot situated 011 the west side of Cnllcpe erree-a ntthc head of Colleire.street. in this vil ngt. llic Hou-k is3'2 by Jj, with a base mem stury, witli Kitchen and l'rovision eclhrs, and a wing 32 by G5. extending nnrtii on College Green, with wood and -tore hou-C below, and cli.unl cr- and sleeping room, above. A larsoan Icommoiho'i- Harn,carrias:e house icehou-e, dud other ont-hoii-t-, and a spaciou- yanl wesl of Iheelwellinglioii-e, and a good durable well of water of ihe hist quality 111 the villaire, and a brick -,-icrii. une anil a quaner acre 01 lann, 01 ine nri liijlilvs a large garden and choice fruit lives west cf the hou-e and j aril. , 'I be lbiilding- arecon-trnctpil in modern style. 01 the I e-t material, and workman-hip, were erected by ie -iib-cril crfnr hi-own n-e, nud the location af- 1. .id-a very extcn-ive and ple-a-ant pro-pe-ct uf tho v u.ii:e an.l lake ru the ie.l nml t-tiot surpassed oy any other in thi- part of the ciuntry. A so tor sale a lot containing an acre nf land dirret- Iv nnpoMte the above lot with a siilailce.nvf iiientvvooj Iwcllmg hou-e thereon. P rba-cr-nre inviteil tot-all and eminefor thm cjve Terms made known by ihe sul scril rr on the prriui.o-. (SA-ill r.L Ill.KH. 11 irlmgion June, id, IP ill. r. iti-iuids or ru in iij- rionr. THII -iib-t nl er i- now receiving on M?Pfl iFm 'oii-ljninent, and will lo well sup. ililtsaral nlie.1 ihrouch ihe si'iison with some if tliu choicest Hrands of Western I'lour. ever otlcre.1 111 this marl el. Having Flour liianiilneiuiwl by more tbnn twcnly h Irrnt Mill- of the Ii Jthe.t rciiUtfttion, be nlcdcen lhat Flour sold 1 y htm shall give the inot pcrfeet satisfaction, and will e warranted in nil ca-e... N. H. Farcy Iiranii. constantly on nana. Dealers in Flour. Merchant- and Families Src ro- rpectfully invite-lto order and tit- ihe article. F our shipped in order 111 gnnd package-- wi hoot delay, oil receipt if Drafts, cerliticatc- ol il'po-ite or J. N. IIINSDILL. 1 17 Rivcr-n. Troy. April zo, isa. -win NEW ESTABLISHIVIENT. rpnK subscribets having opened n Paint Shrp in I. ihe biiitdine one door South of Hishap's Hotel. would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that th-y nro prepared 10 execute, nil kinds of Jloiisc, Carriage anil tign J'amting, Gilding, Glazing, and I'aucr Hanging, in the neatest possible niantwr, and hope hv strict petsnnal attention to husinc s to rccriioa share ol lie public patronage. s.' hVrussull. ' Iliiiltngtrn, April 29, IM l SELLING OFF CJIEAP. 'pilK Bubsinber, desirous of closing Ins busim-"- JL nOWOUCIH in un- I'u.-u., u i.. nit r inv.m .lisdp. eonsistin" of a larce and ireneia: or'tnient'Orplnm tliwildjaaiincd warera-s ki t s, stove pt"-'o.Vcf trimmings, ana tv-y ' -atiiele"iviiJily'iillcJ for in his liumfhusine-tt ' tm pliteof various bites, Ru si.i, Kng'ish.nn ! fi sheet iron, sheet copper, line, lead pipe, w ,r. , Af. All rcrsons vusiiing 10 purciinsr tiny c .no above articles, arc invited to cnll and rxatnine tor themselves, and they will be convinced of the above 1 AHre-niintsdu'i to the late firm of Starr & Dow. 1 must lit- clrsed winirihstdv either by rLn,fJ n' t IMilmfon Mat 6,161? 43 if

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