Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 22, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 22, 1842 Page 2
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If SMS witui statu tickkt. rou oovnnxoit, CHARLES PAINE. ron mi:ut. aovnnvon, WAITSTiLLJt. I? ANN 13 Y. ron ntK.tsrnxn, JOHN S l A U L n I N G . rori tEXAToRd ntiTTrxnn.v couxtv. DWID FKE.NCII, TKUAIAN GALUSIIA. CJ" vVo em ndd nothing to the exquisite r -inii'ss of tlin following dish, so wo liaml w over to our readers with tho common! of i.i.H talented, humorous, ncroivplished and n'.e follow, Chandler of tin- United States G :vtip, nt Philadelphia. Let him road who likes fun, but lei him weep who chcr i 'irs the honor of his conntrv. Hero it is lU'AWFUL " PLAT" ! I ! I TiiC CONSPIRACY 1 1 ! Wo admonished otir readers on Saturday rn irning, that something tiwfid was coming t!i'ou'.!i tho M i.lisoniun. Plot', tie.nnns, r 1 'I'.ionsi, fyc, were to hp exposed. Well, in the latest number of the Madtsoniati, the promise is kept. Cotitpiincy, treason, and re' cllii-ii, are all out nearly all exposed. i i o do our re.i.lci.s think are to be drawn, hai.ged, ind quaitered, for this attempt upon tho nnmiintod t Tiulv we cannol tell hut wps-i' join tho statement l.y tho .Mutlisoninii i f the plot, .n Titus Outes was wont lo prj.ioitiico the name ; rrrm t'tf MiiJteohhn if Stlurdzy. " N- v for thj lariicuLirs. " y n'li tts tliu Tariff Distii'.'Utio't Bill r. t'.o House, crimps un Saturday rest. tain in labor, hrinping forth a niouso, but1 rather liko the effort of tho Yunkoo hoy, who throw up a thundering great pumpkin. " And what do you think it camo down 1" " A pumpkin certainly ." " No, not at all ; it came down squash." Thu unpleasant pur! of this eipnscure is, that the MudMonian h recognized as tho or gan of the President of the United States J j and tho ridicule of such an outbreak attaches to the institutions of tho country. TIIC PUIIUC LAN11S-SIIAUT. OF VUIL MONT. Tint " -530,000 annually," Mr. Watchman, you promised Vermont, from tho avails of tho public lands if " Tip and 'IT' should bo elected you hnve'ut told us anything about it if vc have got it how much, iSic. Come, out with it. Vermont l'alrint. Certainly these are fair quc-lioni', auil we will answer them. On Monday last our faith .'il St ito I'reasurer, in answer to inquiries put by linn, received a lellrr from tho Secretary of t!io Tioasury, announcing tint, measures were in progress lor the distribution of thft land money and i h roin na completed tho necessary infor mattoti would bo given. .Soon, then, Vermont will receive lisrclr.ini in the lin-t division under ihe dittnliution art of&'ept. h-t, which may be ipp'.oil in the wisdom of our legislature lo c.v iend the blessings of Education, devolopo the resources of the state, or even of lint can bo really found to diM'liamo the debt of the slate. I'liu amount of the first .semi-annual distribi.. too wo know not: it will probab'y bo about UUOOII, in amount much suvillor thin wn reasonably to be anticipated, as the sales of the public l.iml.s have been extremely small, 'l'he reason Utimp'y lli.s: by 'lie operation of lore- fucopul rv, the whole business of tho countiv has been pruslra'ed, credit blasted, intertill im-provetii"iit.-i slopped, anil of ruursii the tido of oni.r.ilien, bothforo gn and do.nci-'tic, Im been chickeJ. a".d oven thu means ol purchasing Intnl. domed to Ihoao uho would otherwise become ivb'p"i.ihut ropnotors of the soil. With tlie vol u n of ihe l" "I o'd I ' v ot Whig poiirv I'Koi r:.'i ion to rMMiwric in dim. fill a d a SOUND CUMinXOV vv i! corno a rv val of Irj-inopo, im.l the otierrry anil the i,n-0"p"i-.'' oi ihe popl4 will once mure coii'. into fu.l p'.iy, wo my ahipst lit"r,il!y say, to make Uc ery ".le-erl h'o-to'ii bkj tho utsi." Wo uny thi'ii, in Ihe ru!i fruition of true Wing iiejasuu" and tint till then, anticipito lint Vor mint v. ill receive an annual revenue Irom the a ifiolulion will j pnli'iC lands, cipi il to her oulinary expenses. emeus in ijnruy, i .v ct.i;o i!c ol l!io lands in lurmzr yeard Eo-t-, (if iio be not in the nican- t , ti'cned from Ins purpiMc by tho r t "i r'ce in his pi-ito and nro'cr a."'it !e.i oi .K-'i.npiit against tho Chief Miiiistra'c n; ( , . ...,n'r;'. 1 i.mcdi i.e! In? . -. I l-v tl.s CI iv whi i ,Z ns 1'ICfiilelil s lcT'd '::iab'l,,v In M mic Viirmn il mnra llir.n ih.slint H.U (! iTt'.-i ill,, it.ll iim inn! n'n.'..ra ,t( I,... nl'n I !...!.. Ul .1.. .1,.... ..I. ... I.I. 1 -I. v. . ... )i i. ui.iii i 1. 1 u III. Jill I'll III.. ,11 I.f lvll IS Mlll.'r LI 1.111(1 1. hill' 1, is we w ifh inner losee, and indeed never can li.arn under the d rtribiitton act. It washy . iuii!.r ir..l rei,suiurr (ho hri.l ino'iev, by the j,ct I'.oikii r.nd land agents, whicii stimulated wu'ter.i I'peoiil.itii'ii lo o .'',UI and ruunt an tc.v in pi I vhi.-li f-.miot o.'cur tn ling us t!i' ncei.i s .-ire re pi'roil to be d i: ; ib i o '. c ilmnl; t'.o I'.itr'ot Irraivma us thi" op o iilu-uwo tiie (lillerence in Wn it the profes. poucv oi oiino'.it loco'oco.s n f w o av jetted. Iiec.i'i.-u lor patty purpoMjs their lend- irr.) w!i,.e li .i trial slnll be peiidinu n the &or.r I h Iio be a emit io-oliit.oii for th it, by ;i.o C it.on, (u-lrch th;y ivou'il no! a.i; i"-ir lo c o i v M t!,e onsc',) wnu'd have o be p't'-p i i')' th" Prcmdunl. they will rp;,-;iil it rs n'. Tuy v.-ii) c-:ti:Lr flio 1 i.h-ir Bus'ded. The D.i-.i 'billion iJ t lin ! j rushc.I tlircugh tho fco',1'0 a"d re .'.lucp-im. .il.ingum imM idle 'o h,s .lo.'tumtv hrielly t ng.l.oii-.', il the hile iioiiso i-r..-' fui. N;og and locoioco pol.c. r ls cl, and art as Prc.!nl ;.it 01 tl p Cubed ' i.olu-v m Vpi loom " I, tie wfl tie r'artul as t utl. I ribs I 1 f 'b, anil olicrcil ej v "In 'bo mean time, tin? CYjicnri'TioNA" Pr"-1: vt, (alw.iyj conforo jig 'o 1 ,o provK i .31, ::,.tt. s crcd'instriiiiuMit,) will rilain iot r "t. f, .tf.O'.o'h not rncntm'spi! rt ihi I'lini lU ' -'rate by the Kedei.t! Clay Whig !,;y. ' ingurri m iy icq -e tho 01I1. e-l;ol.lcrs 10 cVy 11. i, ami masiiech ,ts most of tho unpoit 1 1' c fi?ps are tided ty the min.oni; I ..- of Clay, it is'pn.bab.e they wiil aU r. it'll yicc. Tii'ifj wl.u do not, cfn be easily to, , . J. " I i(? esinn wi" b pnd.-ned. 'Pop pv. oc's nf C''.fip command i.i.i net i.e rel.nquislied by I c j o' er that he, until the but Kiob.n ti.c-rt. w.ii Lc purportlj tjunloiucd fur iiinii'h.i. " In the mcaiitlmo f. duplicate Cabinent may ti" nppM'itd, ibr.iild tl.o o'd one prcvp lei'raiio. iy. T'.ero may l.o a m t:,rg!e f r tl c po,os.--i 1 f the nrrlnrt.'. &ini-of tii.. C.iiMient ii tors h..o their nmbie ifnomen' pro't' . 1 garrisoi.p.l, and will doubtless In found to tt" -ir!; bo'd enei'h to dolt nil llivui. " 'I our the reign of tarrm c.iiiii'.or.ces, ',Vc t., . i-.nng tl ,e iiiBt o i'.i 1 1. Iliic. And r y Uoaien that wo m..y n-.t live ti witnc. ion 1. ic, hiclc.'!1, comp'cto pur tr.'.tion ol Lir itv! " ' 1? t;.d that inert of t'.e A, my ard N.uv rc-,,) tl.j full bu.inJit of 111 tie 1 onfu'red by r.i'suer the o"". c. 1 e pA'tisins of the Dictator bui, timer. C ! ' t !iae tejfnn lo beiievo :h a tho rank r,d jCe are not. Ji any ol tho oJi.-ers should bo fou. d willing to obey the in.mda'es nf the Ripl Deputy, wo li.uu' I111I confidence in the r'r - " ..tu'i-tiFin of the hw. and titi:v of th? 1 I. " Ma tha' Alui'gli'j G.d who wait lied over r-, nt'd fiio'oc'od ui in the g'ooinof the lt;o Ju j ., ':ol forailto us 111 tiie preson' cru-is ! Ho vhai.j.v tho l'res.dciiiwl r.'iiir .v.,s c eu 'hither by tl.o 01re ol lie.nen'y Fattier. 'a ; lite our trust 111 Him. Urf Wilnotfoi 1 ke us. Iio will r'iil imrJ our gbu.' un Ci:- Il'ioi , ar.d shioid our Constitutional Pre i in' ngaii'.st thu wicked issaulls of oil pblni.Ml b'ui'e,s and inebriate tr.i.tors. " Our countiv cai.i.ot bp doomed to fill thus ig :o ''y. Tho Uepu'.lic cannot be thos- km i.i to 10 ap; ei-o the ainbiluin of n few rctk ess, li principled deni.i2''guc', who counl i.eierob-t-i.i tha pjwer tbey icel: by maatiBot the tallo: b cs. " " "An irappirVnpnt was once mrdita'p I and r"v d 2iiuui T loiun J.-ffj.-;ii. tne A.oslle of D uijc a.'y. V'.'itit, Henry C.ywas s Demo. rrT. Wlipn th -i J5o proti type ro'-e to p-C'or b n clnrg Mr. 1 ,y sprang to the tloor, t 'd ci'nl out, " Mr. Spcal.ur, the gentleman suil3 tho fl.or upon which he siaml-i !" "Is it any wood- r, then, thu. tne arduiu rind icaloi.s ihs;ile oi Jt Ifirsniean Domoctary 'mild slrno tha late of lex d u.tiion. prode'. cer ir! Iiut .Mr. C'sy is imt thero to lohuhe the mover. And were ho prp?c T, would be din.1 Ho ie no Hut 11 ths tno'ur of the rosnlu'ion in tho easo 01 Jef. fers.'nd served iho leliul.o w' he rcceivrd, h id wh.ih 111 our opin on he rmieo illy inered whuo.gtit to ba w d of the i-nWhy beinr w ho t avowrd his delcriiiiiiat.ou ty unj-eacti I r fcidout Tyler 1 " Wo fear not the result. W,-i know tint the Pre dent w ns fpotlcss as Washington, in li ri pacity. What " IreaFon, lugli c, or inifduino mur, has ho to.uuiinpil ? li,nc anil 11. s acciiiieis hnnw it. imt tliev n-e . "t"ivcd to suppenil liim, that thev mav. in the ii tr rval, fix upon tho country the fan's of tbe'r Federal measures ! " Ho wiil bo ncrpiiltei', triumpban'ly acquit, tpd, anJ comfoitcd and tustaitied by tlie im.ini. luous voice of tho nation! "Dut the leign of terror, however short, may fit a stipim upon our republican systam o! Gov. eminent, But tho usurpers will bp punished. Their rngn v. ill bo luief i s it will be inglori our, mid the penal'v will be adequate to the cf fellc.', Wc rsp, in rending the ubovo, thai iho pd Jtor of tin1 MmJiaoninii has left oppn a place of rcirtiat, nnd prepared hiimelf fur the continfeiicy ot disHppointnifnt, by siiying till these things will bo clone, if Mr. Bot'ln in uuT rtitoiiTi.Ni:o raou in rrnrosc r the Madisommn. If tho Wadnonidn hould fngUra onv hotly, wo iioarldy trust ihat its editor will freo himself from tll moral lespmuibility, hy saying " his artUlec wwo not culcuUtetl m frighten." Il would In an awful thinp for iho Whip pnriy, if any of iheir plans should mUcarry m conscquaaco oi Irtghl lium tho Wmlitu ciuii. era .11 n frui iiit Invo oi h;c enileavored to con e.';u tbe.r old an:i-p.-i (peine policy, and to sail iJild'jr a filso Oils. Tlicr pnfrsf-d poocy is to ;au inn leiual pr..'eclion l.y a leveieio 'i'arilT; but be it reiiioiiiheipil, tint tlicy s'ill insist thai iho h-.d ro .'inuu pit ill go into lbs,.l ire.ifiiiy On the fiippixiiinn that iho hiu I '.ilcs 1 c re-'oi",l '0 1! 0 iisu.1' average, the re ?ult 0 !o.-. o'.-o p.di.'y is to r -b Vermont first of .'roiu Q-'lMKlO to 'JtlO.OOO per year. anJ ueM to pu' lb s riio the iro.sury to ridua the ."!' if jrutcstitM to nt;r industry. Tint is th.- soup e opurttton of locoojco policy; and wi ll 11 we Win p- licy, which i, to gnu W-roi'iiil :V)0,(!00 or Si;0,0l)0 per year, in nid'.'W tun" , " be diiM) isod ol lor the evclu- put l.i"i"ht ol lli.t sta.c. iont th-M leave D iin-s tic Industry to l'rnttN eon wl; cli whole nstio i,il rpi'ciino hv nnpojit duties. 1 ro'oc.i iioie-y 3 luuu'lod on more pirty evpr-di- oncy, to (ove; the .-T'lppoit oi nt ithnrn itT ni"ii on tl.o one haii'l, and lai.d robbers 011 heo'lipr. Wing po.icy is founa'cd on tho con si. Mi, o", Mid iho pri.K i;i.oj 01 j istice, le'.il iiiS '"'d p'iliioiini. lsicofoco ol. cy would rob the s' nei. of pir.ppr'y icq inert by tiie blo.'d and tie.'iFU'o 1 f tlie.r citizens and yie'd an un siih'anli.i! and ac.llaiing idviis'.i,) of niciden 1:1 pro'.Tiion. Wing poncy v.ou'd give to the states tho.r own, dcar-bougiil by the su lie ring of our Hnolutii nary lathers, and itrant ste.uiy, Kiib'.'.a'iiidl r.nd constant jirotec'ioii to all the tr pat in'eiests of the j c"p,c. Such iB tho dif ference in tl.o p hry, the principle", ami thu iitns, ot tha iwo jiartiOn sir it Iho isuo put 10 t l.o pcop e ot ernion'. i.el the people answer. Wo .ipped In the Whim's to ?.nsi one and i!l to auswp', now a 111 1310, by a rallv at the po!,s. With Hie arno f.uth, the same t.ieig., a.idihe same glurious tr.umph. CONGRESS. Cencspandcnco nf tho Journal of Commerce. Wasiiinotow, Kridnv, July 15th. 3 o'clock, P. M. On tnntinn of Mr. 1'illinorc, tlio ltouio went Ifno Coinmittcc of the Whale, and roaumoil tho i-onsid-trnlion of iho 'Inriff Hill. After the rejection of several amendments propos ed by .Mr. Kornanco Mr. Filhnoto nioved to strikn out ihat clause rols. tini' lu a tut v on coal, and lo insert a specific iluly of 31,1.1 per ion. Air. Itoosevplt opposed the amendment. Ann in n verv earnest iiiiiiiiiit. ilcnoiliucil the liieh dutv on coil, its n imtbarious nnd shameful oppression ol the poor ol New V01K, nut lor the benelll 01 ttio lrcns iitv, but for tho protit of iho owners of Pennsylvania coil UeM. Iloobtcctcd lo tins hiine of trilmto on New York for tho benefit nf Iviinilvnnh. This nrttclo was to the preservation of life in n .Northern climate, anil me proposed enormous uuiy would reach to the alms houses, and to every poor wretch in bis cellar. Aficr further remarks, ho mov ed 10 striHo out Sl,7j p r ton, nnd to insert "25 ccnla per ton." Mr. Hrown of Penn. risked whv iho New York t.rzislnturo did not rem 1 1 tbcirduv o! 10 cents per liiishol on sill, which wisn burdensome excise 011 the poor ol iNeiv orlr. nnd runnsylvanm- Tneamendinent ol Mr. Kooevelt was then reject, ed, after which that of Mr. I'Mlmore wasnsreed to .Mr. I'Mbnore moved tostri e out ihat proviso whicli allows n drnwlmck on cxportiu coal consuin cd on tiosrd Atlantic steam veasds. Mr. Roocvc t strenuously opposed iheamendmcnt but il was adopted. At 12 o'clock iho debate ceased, nut tlie voiinrrronlinueil on aiuiniliuenls. P. S. Tea un! Cullcefrcnof duly. The amend men! of the Coinnnl'ee of Ways nnd .Meina, impo sinn duties on Teasnnd (JiinVc. have 111st been reject ed. The whole of the original sections wilh Iho tea duty are stricken out. lly this morning's bqat wehavo the prececdingsup tnthe hour nf adjournment on Friday. Mr. CiiHliini; moved lo strike nut the twenty-fifth ection, which repeals ihe nroviso in Ihe dislribution law. On this motion Iclltrs were oidircd when 70 vole 1 in the alTirmilive, nnd 10') in tho negative. .Mr. ltooi veil movcii to striKo Irom 1 he ijili sec lion thoworiU ,lthe vroviso to ihe sixlh section of -sons lo repial not meielv the proviso in Ihe Dis- iiiijuuon act, inn 1110 wnoloacl. 1 lie motion was ncciMved. When tho bill had bon read ihroufih, tlie com miltee tnse. Mr. Itionon moved the nrcviniia niie'lion. and wiihout takinrravoio the House adjourned. Wasiunoton, .Saturday, July 10. In the House to.d iy Mr. Adams from the se lect committee nn the " reasons" deposited in the Slate Department by the President for hi? signature of the Apportionment bill, made a re port on the subject, concluding with a resolu tion declarint! tho ac' of the President in this, unwarranted by the Constitution of the United Slate, injurious to the public interests, and that the House protest ftgninsl tho act being lepea ted oras-umed as a precedent hereafter. The report wn laid on the table and ordered printed. The Tarilt'bill wan then again ti.kun up in the lluuse for final action, the question being on concurrence 'villi thu amendments of tho Com mit'eo ; on v.'h ch the prov ous quest un had been moved last evening by Mr. Bron'-on of e- The previous dueslion was seconded and the main question was then ordeied, and the House proceeded to voln un t Iio numerous amendments of the Committee. Among those of impnitauce, ' on which the Yen nnd N.ivh worn rnlinil. il,n ' tallowing were conruried in : Increasing ihe duty on woollen blmhotp, cv ceoduiff in value at the nlace wheneo inmoripd 70 cents each, and preceding in dimensions 72 ! by 5'2 indies each, from 3o to !!0 per cent, ad ' Governor, Members of tho Legislaturo nl all, by a very handsome majority. , Wasiiinoton, July 1C, 1842 TI10 proceedings in tho Sonato yesterday A PROTF.CTIVE TAIUFP. To some it mav nt first blush scorn strands that a binli TanlTsliuuld reduce prices. Any onc,bowover, who examines tho subject fur a moment will sco that such must bo tho natural consequence, and for the following among other reasons t isi. iiencournRcscnpiiaiisisiocim.nminuioou'-i- .!i., p . M.,mr. nesa Willi tlieir money, ilierntiy leninnt locoinpcuuun j " io""""" "" nmone the inanufocliirers themselves, which it auro ter, wa!l nasseJ throilpli that bodv 2d. A high Tntiff (iivc assurance to tho mmiufsc- directing hii odltion of tho laws of tho United neX irhll'OT." n,0 S....0S to ho compiled nnd printed, and pro unproieincnl of Ida machinery and tho extension of viding for Iho distribution thereof, ltnnic his busintss. . . . 1. ...... ., , ., . n!n .1.. o.. 3d. The skill nnd inrzenuity of American operatives uimuiy Hiiur ino passage 01 mis uui uiu oun ar not excelled by nny in tho world, nd ,jn soini. .0 wel j,, Exucutivo sossion. Willi closed speciesof imniifnciurca they actually excel all others, as 111 nioscoi inns, nxes, xc. 4lil. Tlip rnnililir.a mnrv ulipte. nfiiirdrd for the CS- tabhhnicnt of inamifactures on durnblo oirramsof waler, cheap materials in most easel abundant sup plies of the taw materinl low price of fuel and light All we nsk in ibis matter from thoao who rnise the cry that Protection increases prices, ia to bring for wnrd their proof. We have never seen them do it yelt Ihev nlw.iys dcnl in voaiie generalities. Well, if Free Tiade writers will not do this, Ihen we nsk doors In the Homo tho new Tariff Bill was un dor consideration lilt a late hour. Several other unimportant amendments wero made to tho hill and a great many more wore pro posed and rejected. Among thoso which wero rejected was one proposing to strlko FRIDAY MORNING. JULY 22, 1842. those whom t''ov attempt to dcceUo to examine for 0t ttl :i t part of tho bill which provides for l.n...n1.... tl. Ill 1 .I., ll.h Hral-n.. hi. ' ' no foundation Land Distribution Law. Tho voto on this amendment stood as follows yeas 70, nays 103. So you see there is still a majority of 35 in tho House of Representatives who ad here to tho principle of Distribution Presi dent Tyler's Iro to tho contrary nolwilh standing. At about 7 o'clock last eveninir tho committee rose, and reported thrj Bill, with the amendments lo tlm House, and the final vote on its passage will undoubtedly bo taken before iho House adjourns to-night. If tho question is decided before the closing of tho mail this evening, I will muko you acquainted with the result. I am very happy to inform you thai, by I lu; efforts of your Delegation, an amend mont was yesterday proposed ari carried, increasing the duty on unmanufactured Wool still higher than it was raised by iho previous intendments. In order that you have a clear understanding of the nature of these amend ment?, I will endeavor to explain them to you a little more fully The effect of the ament'mont adopted last Tuesday, in Committee of tho Whole, was yet taken place, and when even onn nf their own parly iias deemed it duo to himself to deny tho foul concatenation of lies promul gated on this subject by tho Boston Post and kindred prints. These beauties, regardless of tho foul corruption, the illegal voting, by which tho suffrHgo men, unwatched, nnd ir responsible as was their eduction, obtained their supposed majority, and forgetting or pretending to forgot that Dorr himself has acknowledged his cunviction that a majority of the people was not in his favor, are pra ting with hypocntic woo about tho " victims of liberty" and of free suffrage, and iho wicked Whigs that don't sympathize with the aforesaid " victims 1" This base attempt of Locofocoism adds one more strand to the rope with wl icli tho people will hang that party "out to dry" this fall. PROTECTION. CorrcspoiMlcucc of the Frco Press. Washington, July 15, 18-12, No business of any groat importance or of general interest to your leaders' has been done in the Senate since the date of my last communication, with tin; exception of the passage through that body of the Bill " fur liter to extend remedial justice in the courts rof the United States." Tho object of this Bill is to guaid against unnecessary collisions between the State and General Govern nients, in matters which properly belong, under the Constitution of the United States, lo the General Government, to whom is given the general supervision of our foreign relations, tho regulation of our intercourse with other nations, and tho exclusive power of declaring war and makiii" peace. This Bill is calculated to provide for cases that may occur, in this country, similar 10 that of iMcLuod and, if its provisions hud been in operation at that time, the General Govern ment would have been saved much trouble and expense and the country at larco much anxiety and excitement. But nntwithstand Tho unscrupulous rcadinoss of tho radical party to chango tlieir ground, in order to shield themselves from political annihilation, was never more manifest than in tlieir recent attempts to pass for the exclusive friends of protection alter waging a twelvo years war, side and side with tho great enemies of a tar iff, the slave holders of the south. Week after week and your after year havo their papers, highand low, teemed with arguments intended to convinco the Farmers ol Ver mont, that protection was after all a humbug. That it was sought, not lo benefit them, but khf.p it unroui: the people That the same party who tiro bawling with now horn r.c.i! about protection, in this State, in order to catch votes for tho real encmici of protection, arc. constantly VO TING IN SOLID COLUMN AGAINST EVERY MOVE MADE IN CONGRESS to PROTECT the interests of iho FAR MERS and tho MECHANICS of our land against tho labor of enslaved Europe I Lot tho pcoplo not forgot that while tho Vermont remnant of Locofocoism is loud, within a few months, for n tariff, tho great body of tho leaders of the parly to which they havo always acknowledged allegiance, and with whom they still act in full con cert nnd communion, are, WHEREVER THEY DARE TO BE, the open enemies of all restrictive duties. The best way to silenco a Locofoco who claims to bo a friend of protection up here in Vermont, is to show him the journals of Congress and read over to him the yeas ani nays on tho Tariff question. CONSISTKNCY OF JOHN TYLER. The Richmond Whig baa gathered up soma of the opinions of Mr Tyler in regard to the Compromise Act and the disti ibution of the pub lic land moneys. Some of these we copy. In a speech of .Mr Tyler in 183!), he said: "The public lands are not mentioned in the com promise lull, nor could thtyhavt beta lourt of by Congress. The fact is, thai the land lull was at thu moment of the passige of ihe compromise bill, in tho President's poiktt. "So far os Congress was con ccrned, the procccdiof the sales bad been disposed of 1 1 . i.. ...n....i .t.A uin..n....n ..r .1... is..m... , p f. , , , ,. iuvv.iiiii.iiiy naium mi; siuuaiuiv ui nii; i iciiui n v to augment tho furlillies of rich capitalists, t become a hw. HOW TURN CAN THE COM- l'lto.MisK ai;t hk .maui:i.n Aiv wiy uk PENDENT ON ANY DISPOSITION OF THE PUUUC LANDS!" In 1910, Mr Tyler sent a letter to the Pitts. bum Whig-, in which was the following: "My opinions were ful'y expressed nt St. Claiss ville nnd at Sleubenvitlu. Al both places, in legard 10 the question whnt arc your opinions as to theTanfTI I answered ih 1 1 was in favor of the distribution of the proceeds of tho sites of Ihe public lands ninonj the -tales, and in favor of raising the revenue by du nes on imports, in opposition to a resort tn a systeni and second their efforts to mako "serfs" of the laboring men of Vermont. Theso con sistent politicians havo wrought with com mendable industry to convince the wool grower and mechanics that protection to the kinds of labor in which they aro engaged would never redound to tlieir benefit but would fatten Charles P.iine and other man ufacturers, whom tho party always referred of direct laxitiun, ns every waynnerous lo the neopla , . unproductive to ihe treaury and expensive in Ihe pot to as "proud aristocrats" seeking to livu on to limit the low duty of 5 per cent, to Wool the unpaid labor of otherj. They were told lertion. Thai in Ihcsn views! wnsclcasir1 tobeheva th-il I concurred will. Mr Clny and Urn. Hnrrison, sr Ihat there existed n prospect, tn ihe event of General Harrison's election, thai a permanent system wouM be introduced in pliee of n fleotins nnd ever snryir. system, which promises one thing lo-doy and pro duces another to-morrow." To these, the Richmond Whig in addition cites Mr Tyler's Message to Congress, on tho opening of the extra session in June, 1941, in ...I.I.. I. I. a v,.nt. tti tnmn r.utnliioc. find 7! cents a pound, borne other amendments nle in their true lialu hv the, whirrs, nnd tha . ...... .1.. 1 r .... i.i.....i. ,i,. pas- wdc, are likewise deemed important, were il v tnthe noils tear after venr. nnd voted . ' 1 . j under six, instead of eight cents per pound as originally fixed in the Bill, and to confine the duly to coarse wool. This hitler amend- mend is considered important, as it is sup posed that fine wool, mixed with coarse, has that freo trade was nearer the true doctrine, and that that, with hard money, and Loco foco supremacy would bring about high pri ces, plenty of work, and tnaikets abundant for all our productions. These safe doc- ing the pressing, palpable necessity of such legislation as this Bill contemplates, the Loco desirl)(,d t0 prcvunt framI , importi loco members of iho Senate resisted its pas- wi,1pi1 nr lih..U,. ,l,.nni ;mv. sage with great unanimity and with extraor- iltsu adoptcd flt ,ime, uin.nj uiwinaey anu perseverance, uut tin. formerly been imported, valued under eight trines were constantly kept before the peo- ng wooi, consequence was that the people went stead- . Treasury had teen emptied by the Van Buren ailininistration.ind still lemamed without humus Tho effect of tho I down these southern "allies" with their free trt.'i.rv.t : Yeai 115. Navs 103. In Moasiriir ., , '"Bu'"cnis in lavor ot the Li ill were so con Froai the Montgomery V"h!,''. A I'ttoruci'ivr; TARIIT. duly on woollen and woisied yarn from Co to 00 p-sr rent, ad valorem: Yeas 112, Nays lOd. inducing the duly on bar or boh iron, mub; wholly or in pirt by rolling, from S.'iO to 327 50 per ton : 1 10. Niv 30. Ktnkimr mn tin. duly of one cent per pound on raw hides of all ! Kinasanu insert lno per centum ad valorem. Yeas 11)7, Nays 00. 1 lie amendment frikin-jr out the dutv on cotton unmanufactured of li cents per pound, and inserting a duty of 30 per cent, ad valorem, was non car.urrcd in Ye is 01, Nays 107. I lie wliOie section iniiiosini' a dutv on tea and coffee teas stricken uut j Yeas US', Nys-GS. ANO. HER EX l.OSION. The St. Louis Ke, ublican furnishes thu following ace omit of another explosion near the mouth of tho Mifmuri, by which sixty-throe persons, mo;tly Geriirins, weio wounded. The n'ft.imboal Edna collapsed both flues of !.o- 1 .r 'ored boi'c at a quai er piat four o'clock, lies morning, at thu mouth of the Missouri river. The Edna landed at the mouth about one o'clock this morning. Tho laian was Iving there, and Iho Edna landed on the outside of her, and laid in such a position thai it was diffi cult for the Lium tn got away from the shore. However, after a hltlo trouble, tho Iatan grit under way, and had run three or four hundred yaids, when tho Edna sho.ed out from thu Kioie. Her bow could not have boon more tliui ono 100 feet fio.n the shore when she col-lap-ed bor Hues. Her engine had been work 1 Mir out of rrear full a I1r.1l hour, and bad not bjeti stopped in ire than ten mmutciJ at tho very , One Loro Foco even went so far as to as ojtsalo. 1 r j ... 1 was looking a', the Edna when the carnality i 1 l,u"L' I""" L"og uomu-mic elusive and overwhelming that it was passed by a very u 1 usual majority, Tho following arc tho yeas and nas: 1 ras Messrs, Archer, narrow, Rales, Biynrd, Ilcrrieii, r.hoate. Clayton, Comad, Cralis, Crittenden, Linyioii, r.vaiis, uruiiani, uunlinrrton, .llancuin, Jter. rick, Miller, Morehcad. Phelns. Poror. Pieaton. Sun mons, Smith, of Indiana, Sprague, Tallmadge, While Woodbrida. 27. Nays Messrs. Allen, liashv. Itenton. n.i-hanan. Calhoun, f'ulhberi, Fulton. Kin).', L'tm, Se.ier.Sinith of Coiineiicul, Siuracon, Tnppan, Wilcox, Woodbury, ' 1 1111, 1 "linn 1 (. Ill the House of Representatives tho Tmiff tllll lnm lin.M, tin, nroiiiinent subjuci under consideration. I beiievo I mentioned in my last tllllt til" Ilooso hurl p nard it ,-. i, lull, in to the effect that all debatn on the general provisions of the Bill should cease :it 12 o'clock last Tuesday noon. Up lo that hour, the discussion was continued with extraor dinary spirit and intimation. On tho Mon day previous to the termination of the debate, the House continued in session till after 12 o'clock at night. Every Loco Foco, who spoke upon thu subject, up to tho hour of the termination of the debate, with but ono solitary exception, took bold and decided ground against tho protective policy, de nounced the Bill as a Whig measure, and some of them declared ihat they should ad vise their constituents never to submit lo it. amendment which was adopted yesterday trade doctrines. Now when the time for a was to add 3 per cent, to the duty of all im- j readjustment of duties his arrived and tho ported wool, betweun six and thirty cents long cherished wishes of tho people begin to per pound. I manifest themselves in a iinanniily for pro- An effort will bo made to-dav to add n , lection which throws a grievousshadow over Let our readers compare President Tyler w.llt himself for "fur none but himself can be his parallel" nnd see bow grossly he has, as 'r. tident, abindnned the opinions ho professed lo hold as a candidal';. VO LAX D. MAJOR TOCII M A X. A T.iriir for the pro'ictinu of A icriiMti in dur-trv m not only nub', hut alKohitciv ncccssi- iy lor tho goo 1 of Ihu w lude nuop.e. It is no 1 OFsaiv th 't there t-hould be 10 this coutilrv ; duorsi v of eiuplovnieiits, and th.itall branches of mduatiy Fliou'iil Lo carried on, so tlu l the da rn uui for labor tniy be abundant. Had it not been tor the diversity we never should h no be ci.r.iu a tirosi oioiH and wealthy nntion, as it is not so mui'li tlio aiii uint ol la'.or as itsv.iruty which produces v.-oahh. Il all our labor wat I dovoie.l to agricultural purMtitr, wo might fill our sioro-houscs with Ihe products of tho boi! ; all wo.iiu wieii to tell, nut tbeic wouM Im none tn buy, and conf-eipiently tt wouh! be v linden. Every man whudovoies'lnmsolf to new branch, es of industry iroduces.v.t"iith for h'iin,elf th. ' rect.y by hi l.ibe.r, and wealih for others huh. rucily, by lu'iking a ilemirul lor the products ot the-r labor. Wh;n the labors of a community ir ('defined to a lew branches of industry, wa ger inii-l la!!, and ihe poor become poorer. II .t when new branehe o! uulutiy aio started, the eiowde.l traders me rebeied by the suprr. nuinerary tradesmen, workmen are sought tor. and ihe community prospers. ''.'. provido a diversiiy of employments, to estabhsn nuuier oiirf brancheii of industry, to create a demand for laboiers, to provide plenty of work at good wa;cs, and lively markets al good prices, is the policy of nnygmernmijiir, and especially of our p puoo' ,111 xu.urmiif w, in v.iiiciiiue prosperity ol tlie ViOrKing men is the great paramount in- terest." Thus it ie that protection to manufacture benefits the tanner more than any body else. It does this by inducing a pirtot thine who aro or would iiei'ome farmers and others to o into inei nanicai pursuits, tu.s mal.eo more coiimi. uers or buyera of tho farmer h produce and producers, and of cointe more demand, quicker sain anu ucticr prices, now clro shall wu ac count for the lacl that r.ultitnled farms in the inter or of Massachusetts, in the ncighborhoid of maMitarturin' yillautr, are worth lour times as much to they are 111 New York, of equably ol noil ! Tticy' would not to worth any more if the owners could not pcHI their products to bot'er advantage. And when farm nroJucn ri. tes from biicIi causes, farm labor rircn with it; mr wneii a young man ran got eigntor tun dot. Iar a week Inr h t work in tome mechanical pursuit, he will not work 011 a farm for twelvo dul arj a month. If one kind of business is more profitable than another 111 the same'eom. mutiny, man will continually bo leavinir that which in least profitable. Jn this way nioiec. 11011 to any one groat interest operates bench cully upon ell others. Turn tho matter anv way, it finally resolves itself into this, that lo encourage m.uiulactniicii nnd mechanical pur. suite is to encourage agriculture, by insuring tho farmer n lair price lor ins product., and to i.uu 1110 Miwer ny paying him a fair equiva vii. 1111 1IIH MTVUTH, Well, the rxposnru of fonspiracv Is .1 1,'Miile iv it i f. 'i it ,'ot.einrily the nioiin fiaonenod. and li ill observed her tome tnnn ho lore the accident, and I did not think blio had uuusuiily high steam, I am of the opinion that wiitie obsirucitoii existed cither in the sup. ply pipe, or in the force pinup, which p.vveuled the usual quantity of water Irom jjoirw into the boilorr. Tlie number of wounded is sixty-three, most. Iy (Ionium. Sumo two or three were blown into thu river and saved, and it is suppo-cd thai two or three others wero lost. The cabins of the Ehu and Iaiau are filled with the wounded and they are receiving every a'tention from I ho ptssengers ami others, tint ran be bcslowed upon them. As soon as thu accident happened, the Iatan Implied r.lotii'side thu Edna and towed her to the Illinois shore, when the Annawari took her 111 tow, and iho Iatan proceeded to St. 1juis with tho wounded. Tlie Edna was bound up the Missouri with full height. She has been towed by the Aona waii. So tar wc are unable to get the names ol tho wounded, but learn from tho nfhVcis of the Edna tint they were Germ ins, w ith the evcen. turn of tlie second Eng.neer, who was 011 watch, and one fireman. Tney 111 e a portion of a party of emigrants who landed lieie a few days since from the t aleiloma. We understand that not a single cabin passen ger wan injured. Two or three only have died, though it ap pears almost impossible that rovaral of them can recover. We wero on board the Edna, and nercr have wo beheld such abmht. A number of men ami women appear ti bo literally skinned. Tue whole force of the steam was thrown aft, over the deck pissengers. 113 they tlejit. They will be reinnveu to tne Hospital. up 10 tne 111 'lit ot tne o.l instant, it was an nounced that III) had died. It was expected that Miveral others would die during the night Ricon is sellitv at Uatindal, MiMouri, : II l 11 r .T y. fX7Tho Boston Transcript s.ivs a let ter lias lieen received 111 that cily tioin tin lion. Wiiituv I lioinpson, elated Aiexico, Juno (j, 111 which Mr. I lioinpson writes that lie lias received assurances ot die intention of the .Mexican government soon lo release all Uui 1 cxuii prisoners. A HioonT I iiARAcrrii. A man named Tltnry aanson, wnu rnea in rans not ion,; since at lliosci ol 87, bus fi'Vil bu ofDeo of ctecutioiicr under the French government since lie was about "0 years ot ace, and il is suppostd that lie has taken more lives loan any other executioner thai ever livid. Jlnviui; never been hiinsclf n nolniian. he miura I llie it lo'ine for both parlies during ihe period when iho leaiful sncine was in ui h constant renuisinon bv Bjcccsfiil parlizana. In those times be struck off from Unity 10 fui ly heads a clny. It was a matter of hrhfr. lence lu bun whether his victims neie Kinqs and Queens or rugged democrats, or whether there were more or less in number, lis being as he uerier lands in. tho servant of Ihe law. and bound 10 ol sv. asking no questions. !lu Mruck off th hinds of Loire A VI. in, Mam Anloineltc, 1 an on, Knbrt nicire. etc. Ac. and lallerlv of Picncha Alibrnmb. Truly, Ksnton hselccii n man tt blood. What his uValh bed rcft'clione wcto is oil staled, Piotnhly stien at'iiif was new irru'ie.i run tea.', iuitu. duly of three percent, to imported wool val ued at over 30 cents a pound. If this effort is successful, tho wool-growers of your Slate will have every reason to be satisfied with (ho provisions of tho Bill. I intended to give you some account in this letter of the amendments proposed by ihu Loco Fucos, which were designed to re- tuce tho duly em imported wool, hi'tovv ttio rate originally fixed hi the Bill. But I must defer that till another time, ns it is now ul- nlmost trio Into to mail my letter. The Bill will go to the Senile .Monday or Tuesday of next week, and ihe Locos will undoubtedly do all in their power to defeat it in that body, as they have done in the House. But their efforts will bo unavailing. G. W. L. ' thu Locofoco futurity in this State, it costs ', Bpl()W wi) bo f()UW ,,)e roaom;on, hich the party which learned its unpri'iicilL-il ( watU of a)nc0 ,lCnied us the plca.-tire of pub'.ish- tactics in the school of Martin Van Buren , no jog last week. The information to be g'caiioJ effort whatever, nor even a twinge of consci- ' from the luminous lectures of M ijor Tccmus once to come out with the coolest effrontery, ' is not !es than the huh gr.i'ilicati'm denved and proclaim itself tho only true church "of from tho eloquence w,'l. lr'- - e hand'ee h s protection. subject. With tho h s-..ry of I". .A ,.r . 11 rr . .1 . .1 11 . wo are ml more or 1c.h a-qui i e.1, bjt'lo -Wo urn told, 111 efloct, that tho old mgu-1 , , ,, , , , ., , , , , tines of this L'liU.inl ami latent d ovile Unf 111 munis with which they sought lo drug the I . . ,.11, , . , " ue'aii" of deep and thritln' m'ernit people, were nothing but "gammon," used in 1)Q l(,(l,.s ,m.e ve, i;ivcn Wo be,iCVe merely to ausw'er .1 present purpose, and b) J j nmral flirco uf op,:lir.n to which he is r.O'.v no moans 'n tended to by in future. appealing for the restoration nf his ibstrarted Tim effoll is gravely 111:1 Jo lo induce the country, and when we look back to tho resu3. people to abandon tho steady and uniform ' citation of Greece among nations after ages of friends of protection who Invo maintained prostration, and again to the emancipation of into the arms of these half fledged tarillites, industry was not only not conferred by the Constitution, either incidentally, or by im plication, but that it was, 111 fact, directly prohibited by that instrument! Another Loco, and ono of the 1 cadi 111: men of the parly too, denounced tho protective system, us a system of robbery and plunder 1 I stato these simple facts that til-- farmers in your Slate may know what they havo to expect from tho Loco rocos at Washington. I havo no time for comments at present. I have said (hero was one exception lo this general opposition of the Loco Focus to tho doctrine' of I'rolection. This was Chas. J. Ingersoll of Pennsylvania. lie declared himself 111 favor of protection, hut contended that tho Imocr the duties were, the greater would bo ihe protection ! He was ihu only Loco who said one word in favor of tho pro tective policy, nnd you may judge for your self how much such an ally is woilh. Since the termination of the general dis cussion last Tuesday, many amendments to tho Bill have been proposed in Committee of the Whole, hut most of them havo been rejected. Of tho general character of the amendments which have yet been offered, I will, at present, only remark, that those pro- posed by the Loco Focos were, almost with out exception, designed to dimmish the pro tective duties, and that these were resisted and defeated by the Whigs. While the article in the Bill which pro vides for duties on unmanufactured Wool was under consideration, four different Loco Voi rose, in succession, and each proposed amendments by which the duty on Wool would be greatly reduced. These amend ments were promptly voted down by tht Whigs. 1 think thu wool-growers in your Stato ought to be iiiudo acquainted with these facts. One or two amendments luvo been pro posed by the Whigs, and tarried, by which the duly on Wool has been raised above tho rate originally fixed bv the Bill. 1 willondoa vor to give joun more particular uccountof theso amendments in another letter to-mor row. I will also statu to you tho nadirs of those proposed by the Loco Tocos, if 1 havo time. Inrrof tusto. O. W. L. P. 8. Newt lias just arrival) lhaMb Whigs havn enrned ihe riiy of flow O mp THE STATE NOMINATIONS. We laid before our readers last week tho proceedings of the State Convention which le-noininated tho Stato ticket of last year. This nomination meets our hearty approval, and wo anticipated no other coursu on thu part of the Convention. The greatest har mony prevailed, and our assembled friends gave tho most cheering accounts of I ho activity and determination of tho Whigs throughout the state. The desperate and vile minions of Radi calism havo already commenced tlieir falso and insidious attacks upon Col. Paine, and meanly seek by iiiuctido and implication to give currency to tho despicable and ground less slanders propagated against him last year. Repeated challenges were thrown to iheso hush-fighting cowards to romo out, if they had any thing to come out with but mum was the word. It better suited the assassin-liko temper of the apologists of traitors, to slab in tho dark, leaving the per son attacked, no belter defence than the hon est indignation which rose on every hand al tliu base and undei hand method resorted lo against him, by theso unscrupulous hacks. These congenial appliances of Locofoco ism succeeded in raising a small dust, which, combined with tho general apathy of the Whigs, prevented Col. Paine from being elected by the people al the last election. But the peuplo have observed with what high hopes this circumstance inspired the arch enemy, and limy aro pretty generally uniting in tho determination not 10 permit this triumph to last long enough to affect tlie Government of the Stale al all, or to make uny change in the steady and even lenor of their affairs. Col. Paine will bo elected by the people, and by this net they will al once vindicate him from tho insinuated lies of sneaks and cowards, and themselves from the impuinlion of having believed such lies on such authority. its policy through weal and woe, and jump 'Pl 1 01,1 oonuage, we cannot out oupu Lou oiipt: ,i 1111 1.0011UC-111.U, lllJl l oiau.. will. after listening wiih disgust to their free trade slang for a elozen years. Whether the peo ple of Vermont aro ready to hug this viper to their bosoms, remains to be shown in Sep tember. Meanwhile let thorn bear in mind how much more dependable old friends are generally conceded to he, and how little du ller 21,000,000 of heroes will evontuillv disan- tiiral herself and once moro take her rank aroong the nations of tho earth. At the cloo of Major Tochmas's last lecture on the 9lh July instant, the large, respectable and cnthu s.iistic audience assembled on the occasion, wsra called to order, nnd .N'atiian II. Haswell. Esq. being called to the Chair and John .. Pomceox, Eq. ap- r.rMA rof rl!r.. il.n C . 1 1 . . . I.. ... . .1...: .. pendiince can be safely placed in those who ,roJlll.,d by K. A, SrASf ,t.0Vi nsq. and unanimously suddenly abandon a long and obstinately ele- j adopted: fended principlo, wilh an open and obvious ' tf'vA Tint the powerful and eloquent Ii tures ', ' 1 i to which we have listened from Major Tochmav, interest in the change. i have not ereiied, hut only awakened s(reh in our nii ,1; ,,;,, ,i, i,j, ,,,. beans ihe synipathv, nratitudeand admiration which 1 ho dr-guisc is too thin tho object too )t.conll. .WjJans i,evertm2 10 the callsni but ill clear. This protection cry of Locofocoism fmcd land that sent its Kosc.i'sko and in l'ulaki to . , .. our revolutionary ranks, is all moonshine, a mero trick at vote-calclling, Il,so!rtd, Thai we unite with the fnends of liberty or ralher a shifi to escano iho overvvhelmill" ,nrousbo t the world in fervent hopes for ihe final or rauier a sum 10 iscipu 1110 u.t riiLiiiiiuB , ri.9lor,,nll of ,,,, osl Mnr amon? tho .,, nni rebuke which will ever bo the fate of the i iho ove-rihrow of iho iron despotism which crushe ncr to me en in. lltsolTid, That our best wishes attend :he accom plished and devoted exile oi, his patriotic pilcrirnncd through our country, and that we hope he may find us not deaf to hu earnest nnd heart-slirrini; appeal ill behalf of his blcedm? land, The following resolutions were then introduced by It. S. M. Bocchkitj:, Esq. and passed without a die- paity which goes to tho people of Vermont upon the principle of free trade. THE SUMMIT l.EVKLOF IMPUDENCE. It is actually true, incredible as il may seem, thai tome of the reckless organs of Locofocoism are mingling die Rhode Island question wilh tho other pie-bald issues which ihey seek to mako with the Whigs and lauding iho traitor Dorr with high-flown eu logies, wliilo every grade nnd species of falsehood it resorted lo, in order lo create iho impression that the authorities of Rhode Island aro exercising atrocious cruellies upon tho cut-lhioitte ink en in arms agnirut the Government, when every body knows ihat pel n tingle renrittion of ihcso vrorlhies hie Qy1 A week or Iwo since we took occa sion to say a word on the subject of the false charges made against the present Congress ( eniine voice i of neglect of public business, inactivity, and a disposition to protract the session for noth ing. Wo then endeavoied to repel the charge, and stated our belief that this Con gress had done more business than an) of its predecessors for many years. Hern is the proof the "logic of figures" which will lend, wu think, to collect the false itnpres sioiso industriously created by Locofocoism. From the Washington Correspondent of (he Ntvv Vork Aineri an. Statement of bueinrn done during the long Sess ion of the 26ih t-'ongitss : 4(0 bills reported up lo June 21th. 20 " passed tho House ' 21 Sennls lulls psssed " " 6."J printed Keporla of Committees. Statement of business done duiing the long Sect ion of tho 27th Congress : 511 bills reported up tn June 24th. 222 " passed the House " 32 Senate bills passed Ihe Hous;. 831 printed reports of Committee. The above is a comparative statement of the prog ress of business in Ihe House ol Representatives in Connrcss and all preceding Congresses. Tlie House of Representative in the last Congress (26th) did more business nnd did it faster than any ihat prece ded it. This shows you bow far ihe present Cone rcrs exceeds oil others in industry, fidelity, and merit. In quality, the printed reports of the present House surpass ihose of preceding Houses even more ihnn in quantity and number., I need bui refer you lo such ns ihofe of the Committers nf Va)s and Means, Manufacture, Commerce, I'ubbc Expenditure, Revolutionary Claims, Forrun Allurs, l laims, & c. All these are without a parallel in prcrrdinp: Houses, for eslen' of resinrcb and mveslinlion, calculation, compilation, slimy anu composition. This comparative view of IfRislalive business is an anlhenl'c statement, diawn up nt mv request in Ihe office of the Clerk of llie House of Representatives, where it was imde up on iHe 2Gih ot June, hy the principal Cleik, by a careful examination of records. R. M. T. H. licsohtd. That deeply impressed n are vith the convictions, that the probation of Poland was the result of an unholy conspiracy of the despots if Europe, lo exltipitefrom die Kurnpean soil, the Tree of Freedom which hallowed the country of a Cofer ricus nnd a SohhAi, and prouiifed lo spread it branchis fir and wid ihtourh the IjiiH, we feel ihat lh gallant Poles have hi en and continue to be, ihe perscculivl victims of their indomitable love of lib erty, and Ihat as such, iheir eacred cause should be as e hope it I' the common cause of all nations en jojiimfreo coiisiuniionil covernments nnd institu tions, wneiner rtpuui.rsn or monarchical, noi nosma lo the liberties ot mankind. Jlisohid, That these proceedings be sicned by th chairman nnd secular) and published in the paper of thi town. N R. HASWELL, Criairnan. J. N. PoMtsov, Sccrttary. lt7"Tho people of the United States must be fastidious indeed, if they do nut find soma dish to tlieir taste in the following feast set before them hy the " True Whig," a gal lant little paper published al Washington: "CC" LOCO TICKET- Pru.dent, MAH'UN VAN HUUEN. Vice, JAMF.S K I'OLK. bachelor' ticket. President. .IAVES llt'CIIANA.V. Vice, WII.I.I.W1 R. KING. HASP MONTV TICKET. Piesideni, THOMAS H. ItKNTO.V. Vice, JOHN JI. NIL.ES. xcmrviso TICKET. Prceideni. JOHN C. CALHOUN. vice, Levi wooduury. WA TICKET. President, UICHAR" M. J.OHNSON. Vice; DWID R. PORTER. rirtOMATIC TICKET. Prfniileui, l.KWIS l ASS. Vice, ANDREW STI VENSO.V. Col. Wu, L. Stonb, Editor of the Com mercial Advertiser, has been appointed by tho Board of Supervisors in New York, Deputy Snpcrintendant of Common Schools in the phi-el of KiU Gtecn JIalerJe m'wfirtl INSURGENTS TICKET. Pru'denl, THOMAS XV DOOR. Vice, WILLIAM ALLEN. T. T. QUIB TICKFT. Present JOIIN'' Vice, J. WASHINGTON 1 SON. THE WHIG CANDIDATE. n ... ,t, l.roi.l hud. and in oil its length, wa Over tho bro iJ j ,,, f man A li i V's n '" ' " ' 1 u " f 8 ,oin,d " man. Ann HJJNKy CUAy, ft-Thc last instalment, accordiug to Ne apolitan Treaty, wa pai-J on tho Hth Jiirtt.

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