Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 19, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 19, 1842 Page 3
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A Curat Gun. Captain Stockton lias had constructed n wrought iron camion, that will throw ft hall weighing one liundrcd and twelve luutids". It vvas tested yesterday, at the Phil. adclphia Navy yard. 'I'lio largest charge of powder used was forty-five pounds. Kmhwant' at fiur.r.r.o 'I'ho nunihcr of cnn'rants had arrived up to Saturday, was 30137. During tlio saino period last year, the arrivals were UyJlD. Uiiiii'it Starvation. Tlio intelligence rc n.inil vestcrdav from St. John, N. 15, is of a very distrcssiiij,' nature. A great proportion of the recently arrivcu iniinigranig aio wauuurmg about the Mrccts, penniless and houseless, with out the possibility of procuring work. In con. sentience of tlio prevailing distress, a special nmptiiirr of magistrates was hold to take into consideration the condition ol tlio numerous poor, and to devise measures for their immedi ate relief, as well as to provide against tlio ap preaching fall and winter, should circumstances render assistance necessary. It is stated in tlio St. John's Herald that as nothing can bo done for the immigrants, the on. ly course which the Lieut. Governor can pur suic is to communicate with the Government at home, and urge the necessity of some measures being adopted thcio to prevent the inhabitants uf the province being overwhelmed by eucIi a lorront of poverty and helplessness as had been landed during the two previous months. The writer concludes as follows : "Wo say that wo want no more emigration cociclics, nor any more money expended in their behalf, until emigration itself is placed on such a footing as will abolish the miseries and expenses of the present system. Until the Uritisli government prevents the exportation of 1 heir paupers to our thores, and masters and owners of passenger vessels are made respon sible for each passenger they take or bring, cm tgration will prove a curse instead of a blessing, fl'e hope that Sir William Colebrooko will think seriously upon this subject : for unless iomo ihng be immediately done in tlio proper miar tor, our taxes in this country for the support ol the poor, will far exceed the capability to pay of three-fourths of the people." Not Francis, who was to have been lunged for an attempt to assassinate the wife of Albert ofS.ixe Cobiirg, has had his punishment commuted to transportation to the most penal settlement of Tasmania. Sksikvck. ! "J. I''. Deniycr, lalo Postmaster at S.mtli Duihaiu. Giccnc On., who was on Thiirsdiv ;ouvictcd of abstraclui ' a k llcr coiitaimiiir Oil.", fruin the Mail, has been sentenced to 10 ycais iiiijiiisoii limn. -V. V. I'per: Nt-nowi. Deut. A notice npptnrs in the Gazette, . i ii" tint llic Lord of (lie nc.iury, liaviii'' ecru- (i. ii tu tlio commissioners for tlio tcducliuii nf the r.l debt, lint tlio actual cpeuditiiro uf tlio .oiiur v fur tlio VLar ending 5lli Apnl, 131.', ccccdcd tin, rev- nun by 2,13,J.!'31 -i O.I., no Finn Null bo up jili il by tlio said comuil-sioncrs on account of the i nkiiiguiidlicc.veeii tlio 7 ill July and lilh October Thinv-nino indictments for wilful murder have K , framed by tlio Crown in the police cnurt for tlio I "tii, - lses, ill which each mull of tlio 'i'J ooinmil- 1 1 vcicly charge I ns a, the rest a.diiig and abcltui. Is- Paiiuami-.s't. Ill the House of Commons, Ju ly 5, 'he atlair ol" Cut. Duridas win brought up by an in uiry from Lotd Worslcy. JThe Colonel win lius'd with havin;;okcii vciy disicspectfuliy of ,. II lecn at & public dinner table' although one of I, i il-ip'siy's aids. lie did good sirvicc during tlio Canada rebellion m I.i7. Sir I) 'dry Hardingc icplied that Colonel Dundas liad Iimti called on tor r.n explanation, by which lie i d noi siicccd ir. sbfolvinj.' Iu:ni If from the charge, ile had consequently lcn disniiticd fioin his ollico if tiueeti' aid, removed finm the command of llio - 3d regiment, and put on half pay. ProsTtcT ov a i- Ei-roci:. Tlio editor cf (lie liatrc GkzcUo makes tluifjllort ,113 judicious ob servations on tlio present str.tcof Europe, as affected liy the death of (ho duke of ' Means: The JrMli of the duke of Diloaii" haa led ta tho trvprcfs'on of wejl grounded feais oi'u general Eino lean. war- 'flic iiilcrnil coimpulions rendered more iriibsblcsm franco "ill bo likely to shako tlio w link' eiuiitiiicnt.. We 9XQ not excite sure but such a breeze nulif bi' likely to do censiderslde good iitibtmld 'i,r'ik We fear that the. (c.-'"iiisiiis of Europe 1110 Out coneolnlaiuifi ilu-er pavier and oxU'ildiitg lluir t ucroclint'nt3 ovci vhc t igtii. ot' iufi. The pro-yx-esf of Literal opinions baa tfeu baldly perceptible during the feu' lust yens, while immense backward kinitiM 3ic i.l.iiniv nbsr.rati!e. A ncncral war iniiiht ujMin rouc the spirit of I.ibeity and unloose the lunges of power tint aro rustim? into'iu. franco has been vtruins tov.'a.d a despotiMii. .Aluch as we admire t.ouis riuliipi', and ,ti ,'plv as. wc y:n nalbnn w ith Ins, foituiie. it I-nut to bo couccakd hat hi' bai made foniti daring .ticroachiiiHits on the fj"re3 instiwnoiK of hii kiii,Mjin. In Kn'laud, the ratlin nf fn edoin m hralilv l.onlo llott-!! hi' ibu W'lisllt 0 (iiver, and U'nlosa the intolirant aristocracy of lliaf kui'tdoin issiiakon as by an rartlupiaKc, 11 will n tfij.l chain on ilia people, tn Austria, t'liiss-i i, 1 1. .11 ir I. il.cri! is no cdraucc. Tin! autocrat is uuli- iuT ilm ruwer of Hussii lo an extent dangerous to In. I: I.) In- an abaoluta manatch. Poland "rnanti 1111- ,1 r I, iv v burilene. while lu r In ft blood crirD von " ii'.o. Much gold m ull then; countries liny am from n il 1st urban eo of t ' : t lit usivo pence svlnrli drnot? arc nnproviu'' lo in lucn their hold ol tnu'iT. Tlio atnioriilicni uf alt I'.iiroiie iicedj luuin nation, and the tiiiitnl.'l-'iiit 11I0110 inay du it. IJettor 1 clmiiM cuiiie 1I1111 that aues of enit-liiiiir dc-noliin rhonlJ ctiui'iii-h evi rv ctiiirk of fiecdoin. 1'i'iirful as 13 war. 11 is preferable to peace. Let us Imve rpvuhiiinii tniber iban rtcb.iiiiL' despotism the rnoiucnlary iain of extraction lather llian years of 'tic oyony 01 a uiau 100111. Hunker Hill Monument. The cap-stone of the monument was laid 011 Saturday nior ning at G o'clock. A national salute announ ced the completion of the work, which was ciiniiiieticcd seventeen cars ago. The Hunker Hill Aurora says: "The structure, wc unv now fav, js completed, although coiHiilerablo work in nimluny p!l Hip ex terior as well as tin- inn nor, yet remains to he done, in iv-. mi. mr cone, about tntulv small blocks haM' hei-nlef' to enable the tmilders tnudiust theit machine- rv. winch aie now lo bo supplied. The outside of the- work wdlaUo undergo the fimlun; opcrnlion, as t lie stagini; 1 towered down fioin the top, and the uniw niri nf tlip intri'.nr is aUo lo be smooth. Inin- inercJ, all of which will occupy the piincipal part of llio prcsrul season. iVn iimlrrtmiiil that for a short tunc, arranic- inentK will ho mado so that pirsons may ascend 10 the top nf tlio structure; and apparatus is soon to he prepared by which pcrf-ons may bec-omcyed up and down, insiuo llioconc, oy sieam ; Cum: rou Consumption. A writer in the .Maine Farmer recommends the uso of Jolinswort tea in cases of Consumption. He says it has helped a friend of his whose case bafiled the skill of physicians, and il may help others. The herb may ho gathered any timo af ter it is large enough, but the best timo for gathering it is the 7th month. It its virtues aro tested at all, they should bo thoroughly tested. TI1K AUGUST ELECTIONS. fibrillins are lo lake place in August in bcvcral .States, as follows ! . Aug. 1st. Kentucky-Lcgi-laluro only i it Indiana legislature and couuly ofiicers ; " Illinois Gov., Legia. and county ofiicers Mi-sourt- Congress ; " " " Alabama Ligit-lamrei a i,i .lib T: Cmulir.a tlovcrnor and Legislature. i- I'nmrrrss will llOlllOSO llV gen 1 111 HHIIIUIl. Wl .' .,i i i m;. .,,,; I, ni i hpir ilec loll wil be i lo L-nl and void, bimg'coiiirary to tlio second section of tho new Apportionment Law1 of Congress, which .inscribes that alt futuro elections oi .iicmuers oi Com'ress throughout tho Union shall be mado by fT, .llQlriptR. A United Slates Senator from each of these States for six years tnuin- ni u cuuseu uy vim icioiu m lio elected. This is thoonlv eircum htance which will givo tli'o result any decided political iniiiortance. Of llio retiring Senators, thrco arc Wl'fa and tluco Loco 1'ocos. Tlfo statement of n jienny paper that Tennessee holds n State election this year is incmcct. Tcnn 'sscc tlccts a Oovcrnor and Lcgislatiiro every odd vear Special elections ore to be held this year in tvvo or Ibrco coanlics only to fill cauil vacancies l 'n'scpicmber, elections will be held ns follows : Sep". 0, Vermont Gov., Lieut, an. Legislature " 11. Maine-Governor and Legislature. In each nf ihcso States a U. S. Senator is depend in2,;V, Y. VVitMttf. A PROPOSITION. Tlio following proportion is mentioned by the Dostou D.iily Advertiser as not unlikely lo bo favorably received : "It is to re-enact the tariff bill, with a modi ficallon of the !27th tection in such fonn db to postpone the laud distribution for n period of perhaps twoycirs, with a provision that it shall then revive, 'unless again posponcd or repealed. This it is possible may bo nccedod to, not for tlio purpose of meeting the President's argument, but from the necessity of the case, to avoid the total failure of a revenue bill. We say, not for llio purpose of meeting the President's argu ment, that the country is made bankrupt by ta king out of tlio Treasury 8010,000 for dislribu tion among the States; for this argument Is hufllcietitly answeicd by the fact that the bill which he lias vetoed would put moro than that additional revenue into the treasury every month." Distress ik Unoi.and and Wales. Sir Jnmcs Graham lately announced in tlio House of Common?, Iho terrible fact, that nvclvo liundrcd thousand peo ple aro lit present receiving parochial relief in l'.ns land and Wales! Olio in ever) thirteen of tlio popu lation is on iho poor rales, and we may safely assume that one in evrrv ti n is deslillltn. This stntn nf dis tress is iinparaifeli d, wo do bchcc, in llio history of iiuy lumen on uiciaccoi uiu caiiu. ,'iocruccn Her ald. ESSEX. (tWIiigs of Essex nro requested to meet in Convention at tlio lied School House, Essex Centre, on Friday evening Sept. lid, at O o clock, lor the purpose- ol nomma ting some suitable person as their candidate to represent tlio town in the next L.egisla turc. A lull ami punctual attendance is n: nested. My retpjcst of Town Committee. MajTirfiisci In this town, on the lGth inst., by the Itcv. 15. O Mtikcr, Mr. Danifi. C. Iloibirrox, of Wyoiniim X. Y. to Miss JruAxSA Alton, of ("ouiigton, N. Y In this town, on the 11th int. bv Uev. Mr. Meek er, Mr. Jons I). Pjckehing to Miss IIaiiriet C Dnr.w. In Jeiieho, on tlio 7th hist, bv tlio Uev. Z. Itlis-s, Mr .Iiidson It. Osgood of Dayton Ohio, lo Miss Olive Lee ol tlio lornur place. In Jericho, on iho lGth. inst.. Mn. Rli'iiar Allen ot Jiurlingtuii to.Miss. i.vma aaeii, 01 uiatpiaco. 10) ii In Slit Ilium, on the 1 till inst, Harriet I'.liza daugh ter of Simeon W.nnd Ahniia Payne, a'ed Ihrcovears 1 1 !.. I ..r x-.1 auu one moiiiii. I'miiirs 111 1110 omie ui .,nv j oiiv aic reipieslcd, ipc. At bis icsidencc, ill ibis town, on the lSlh int., our aRcd and hiahly repectnl low iif-maii, Mr. JIoi-es Catlik, ill thu 71'iid year of his uye. His funeral will be'allendcd 011 fiaturday, tho -Oth inst., at 3 o'clock, P. .M. IPiWI B J 'l1 JIWI" ilJOTMI. W.LI. I I IMIIHIMII1W ! I llll !! 7.Y J,I.YA"i'f7' 'l'CY, iNotii-e to s-huw euuse ue-aiii-t Iho pclilinii of Ji 'pli Chill; mid S.uui.el Itoirdinau, partner in trade under the tirin iiud tyle of Chirk and lloardinun, Alphe is Il.ill, AihiuniMi'.i li.r ol'tbe c-t.i'e of Alplic 1- Hall U'.M.llon ilci-ea-el, Xiilbau L'lu'nlu, Whilney, Jiilediah W luvl er, .lohti M. I'Vwey,Si Iney Marrs, Wil lain iMan--, PuipV Sinrkwi'.nfiir, all uf Miln 11 111 -aid Di-lrict ; mid I.i'Onar I J'iIhiiiiioII i.( lliirhiiLrnn aii.l IVlcr Ju liouiiotl ol ll.ine, 111 .nd di-lrid, pariner-.m ti.nto under llic -tjle nl ,S. .Ii b"nue,l mid Company, I'li'.h tors ol Wai-rea Si'dey of'lou ill -ai.l I 'istrii-l, that thei-niil W.'irien Mil ley ! dieian'd a li.iukrupi, at the Cipuit-lliiu-o 111 If'i'll.unl, 111 -uid l)i-tnei,'l'hur-d.iy I) tuber , HU, .it 10 o'clock- A. M. A DARK HAY MARII, the left bind font white, tV the back sore. Whoever will return her to tlio owner, wi.lbe liberally rewarded. JOHN BRUNT.LL. Water Street, Hurlinglon, Aug. 18, 1812, Information Wanted. HVGH MPI'.PIIV, ol t Pari5l,;olC.irliii2tirJ,l the Town of Muchgranno, L.ouuiv L'iMtii, Ireland r.uiiu lo tin. ciiinvi-y abiiui 11 jcar asfii, the lir-t two ycai helivefl in tluu'-biiiLdi and lliu Iniuloii Vi. and when lat l..ird tioinlived in Troy N. V. Ili linnhti P.iirn l. wl.o uinv re-uli' in lliirliii-lmi Vt. vu-be to oblaiu iiiliii'iualioii ol'hw wbeie-.ibouls, Aiif. ISJ2. I'cfl'untcpy, ."Soaps, Hair Oils', Cosmetics &.c. IAUlNA'.l Cfl tlermaii Colognej l'renli-v and rr Colojrnr. Laveniler, ltocwaler, Hay Kuiii and H.iv Water. Hniiev aler. Culd Cream.. Milk olllo-e-. Olio of Ko-c, 0,ris Toolhc-Pate, Orris Tooili-Wu-b, CliloiineToolli-W,i.i, Touh Powder-, Javnc'.- Il.u'r Tuuie, H.ilui of O ( - J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i , Waul'-Hair Oil, Hear-, Ijiiilalo, .vriir.i--nr, Aiuuj uuuil olher approved h.ur Ud-; Toilet :iu I .Nur-cry Pcvvder. Puds and Powder, Lii, i-ahc. Court Plii-ter, Hcraiuui. inegar Koniie, Chiiicsu lt"0','i', 1'iiiu.iliiin, Pie-tun S.illi-i SOAPS, .Viplc Soap, t'liponaeeiMi-. Coiupuund, Ciciuo ue S.ivoii. l-'loutiuir Suan. Win.Nur Snap. Wa-h I!. ill-, Caeo.i Soap and vanou- other l.uuU, Su.ip ti r icNiovmg l.un-, gie.i-e pot cce. Ke-an So.ip, China Ceinent, and oiberariiile-iii tlu line. jMcdicinal Articles, Morn-onV Pill- I'miu I Ik- liritMi College of lle.illh l.ciidnn. Puig.itive Pill-: s Ci.u.'h Hint Win in I.I.HCI1JI-, Pnor M.iuV l'.i-ter, Slierm.ur ue-tmative I.uzi nuiK lo euro lly-entery mid I towel C1.11111I.1111H : Shoiuinn'-. Hici-t Oiuliueiil, and luo-t I. unit ni Dr. A. Sherman' Lozenge-.. 'I lioiiip-oii'. IVi'ilu's nnd P..t.'r-iiuV Eyu Water, Se.Jlelz Pow der-, aooiiiiu'," lul) lur children ciinng teciii or havineioregiun.: MOfll fS !l. .1 it'". N. II. Ibu luider.-igne.l aru agenl-. for i f the above papular medicinal article-, mid ell ibeni ut ihole-ale nrielai in ihe louv-i unco-. Some ol thc-niwcie p'lri'lu-ed by ieijue-l nftho-u vvliowi-lietl liiribi'iu. A lii'.h siinplv ui-t icieiveil, andall who vvi-hfur any lliing in the above hue aie invited to exaiiiiuequabiyaud pru-e-, al ihe Vuriclv Sloie. AllgUjl 1UIII l'it.VUIUll,V cc 1UI.XS.U.1I, Al-o, Willow Chair.-, W.igcu-, Ciadles. Anp. llih. P.&.H. Notice. llROIvE into the eneltiMiio of the Sub-ci-llcr, .Ualoiu thelweiitieih nl'Mny la-l, a dark I rovvii Man- Mippo-i-d tot e three ye.i'ia old. The owner is leoiiuMcd to move tuoi'crlv. liav eh .me- mil her away. LI .MAN HALL. Sliel'iiiine, Aug. 1.5, 1S12. niiicshurfjrh Acndcinv. rvi II Ij Tall Term will coininencc Wcdnes. -M. day Aucust 31st. under the care of the pnnci pal, P. lil.'ltKEE. Hoard, including washing, lights and fuel, can U bad in good l iniilies at sl.oO per week. Charge lor 'I iiition, from si to -1,30 per quarter of 1 1 M CLUS. T. W. GIHI), Secretary. Hiiie-hurgb, Aug. 13, 1812. FOURTH PRECEDENT. Tariff' Vetiml, awl Ihe prucmU nf the Pullic iMUds tavcajur the uenejil nj tchuoimg llic J 'triple' s Children. HUvv Alii', Ibe IVople ugiut, prepaiatory to eir-eum-lauie-,i to di-no-o ol'tidod-at n'ldng o.l prices iiuiil sumeihiug fiiither i heard from Cuiigre.-s aim i re-nKutaiiiin lyiei too. Then fore bargain may be expected al tho peo ple Cheap ("noli Store. Tliurd.iy.Mornins, 18 Aug, '42. THE NEW WOULD. riHIEcxtia u i il n I er ol the New World eontaimn A vurio'H oul lieations a Ibey aie isucd, may bo had al IheHtiok Store ol tho .ubcril er, at Whole nilo or retail. The two last iiiuid er-, i-i'iil.lninig "V'io t'nilcd IrUhmvii their Lirca and Whim." ".ifcand Times of Louis 1'hWppt, Kins VS ",e J'rencli," ni'ticivived, Aug. 17. D. A. I'RAilAN, w O O . 100 CORDS GOOD DRY HARD WOOD for sale by U, H(.l'l',llSU.. Hurlinglon, July 23, 1812. Whitehall, Tuesday moiniiig, j 12th July, 1812. ( To the Patrons of the. J'eojite's Store : Their Agent twin tin place thus far on hi journey, I eg leave lo lender hi llianLs puironat'ti Ihiough iho thus larreiiMiu ol leceiving their suppbe and lei lev e the trade i:i I ecu mutual, lie having di vided ihuumiai profit with them ut timo, their porlion ol eoiirsei ul their option todo with us thei choice, and the Mime high und iuvaluabli! priv ilege is prcMUiicd to 1 e iiuiciitrtl lu him who ha thus i-crml llicm, on the true inoncj' prinehdejniidduiiug Uisubstnefl I'roin liiacuttoineis, should; he discover uny new nnproevd inelhod of nccomiii'Xlaling llicni by kupplymg Iheir feverul de.irc for aeiiiiring the iicicariesaiideoinfortsloriliein, il will be impiovtM to il,e uc-i ofliis iibdiiioaiid cbceiful'.y impiutul and pruiislgutcd mdue tun by thoirup nnd doing agent. S. EARLIIOVVRl). Mr If -H.i-. I . . I. ,.: . ..l...l.L.rt ...II PI....... . .-.. uiin uiu leu urueri vvnn iiii--i, io , ov., .,ivj. I Chvap, Cheap, and all Cheap without icwve. Notice. rilllli Subscriber will sell at Public Auction, JL commencing on Wednesday, tho 7th Septem ber next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at Miller's Inn, at Ma lone, N. Y., tho lot of land known as tho C A T LIN TRACT, in tho town of Ilrandon, Franklin county contain ing about 2000, acres in lots of from 50 to 200 acres, to suit purchasers particiilaily described at Iho timo of sale. , ncn a lot is put up 11 win no soul pusmvciy to tho highest bidder without re-crvc, and no by. bidding. Tho tract has recently been surveyed by J. II. Holland, of aid town, who will Rive, nny and all information required, by applying to him, ns to tho subilnisions, quality, timber, ivc. The tract of land i uuoui 1 nines souiii wcsini 1110 village 01 iuaione, tho Co. tow n of I'raiiklni (3o., N. Y., lyinp on both sides of the road leading from Bangor to Duanu I'ur nacc. hiltle .Salmon rhcr passes nearly through tho centre of said tract, and it has 11 number of mill -lies and largo quantities of Cular. Tho whole tract is well wooded, say two thirds hard wood, tlio remain ing 0110 third Pine, Cedar and Hemlock i sod, sandy loam, warm and productre. Terms, one third down in money or cattle, and tho balance in Iwo equal annual payments, with annual interest, and satisfactorily secured. Tho title given mine Linn is unquestionable. Any purchasers who wish lo liav ihe wbnln amount rlfiwn. will lipnlloM-ed a rebate of 10 per cent, on tho wbolo sum of purcbaso money. WILLIAM TAYLOIl, 2d. Ily ltichard ICcesc, AuUionccr. Willislou Acmlciuy. rWUV, VM.l. 'MUM of this Institution iL will enmnunco on Wcilncsday, tho 7lh of Sept., under tho instruction of V.. J. HAMILTON", n n i'1-iit irrudiuiti. of tho Univcrsitv of Vermont. I'roiu llio success which has hitherto attended Mr. Hamilton as n teacher, tho Trustees feel confident in r'r-niiiiitendlll-i him to tho liulitic ns a votinrr mnll nbundanlly qualified lo dischaigo llio duties of Princi pal, witn pi 011 1 to me sciwiar and honor to cotninu nitv. A new and commodious building has recently been erected, which, together with its nlcasant location. and ca-y and direct communication with all parts of the country win lenucr it n ocsiranio place lor pa rents mid guardians to educate their children and WHI li s. Thu year is divided into two Terms, consisting of two (iiaiters 01 11 wccks cacu. Tuition, fur Ihe comiiion Hnglisli branches, will be Sl.OO a quaiter ; for ihe higher branches and the languages 8 1 50. l!onn can bo obtained in good families, from SI, 50 toS':,P0 per weiU. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. olMEON l'AlEMi:i.EE, 1 llAnw MlLLEIl, I l-.i.i CuiTTEvnEN, Iruttcc. VVu bioiit Clark, Alson Lanhon. Wil the subscribers, having been appointed by the lion, the Probate- Court for the District of Chitti mli n, comniissionci s to icceivc, examine and ndju-t the chums and demand of nil persons, against Ihe estate of lair.sEZEii Allen, Lite of Colchester, in said District, ihciascd, represented insolvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited inoli'sct there to! and sit months from the day of the dato hereof, being allowed by said conn for that purpose, we do therrfoic hereby give notice, that wo will attend to tho biisiiiiss of our appointment, nt tho dwelling of I'.ben Spencer, ill Colchester, in said District, on the first Mondays of October and January next, at 10 o'clock, A. ."U., on each of said davs. Dated, ibis 22d day of July, A. D.'1SI2. Joseph I',. Itiionns, ) Commit I'cENEZEit Spencer. S hioiirrs. ITaiti7AlTuI "V5 7 H.ST'S Patent Paint .Mills, jj-t received and for sale by &. Auniin. Ibirlington, l'-'th August, 1812. Strayed or Stolen, 17 ROM the siibeiiber on or about tho 20ili of July. 1 n e t, a Huddling si7cd dark bay mare, shod all round, seven or eight years old, with a small breach on tho left tide. Whoever will givo information where she may bo found, shalMio rewarded. 1..MJL11 UU.lUl.lil . Ilincsburgh, August S, 1812. I ii f o r in a t i o n Wanted. TOIIN" Slvlil.l . ol tin- townol CurUcu. rouniv J of Longford, Ireland, left that place about Vi year ago, iir, where he rcided for some' time uuil tbi'ii iciiiuvcil lo SI. All an-, Vt. where ho bought oiue Mini, lie iuoviijipoed to Is iivuig ut ilitr liugti iior St Albans, and il'ihi lioi,l 1 nieel hi eye, he l? dueel(J to unitiiio of ill. L. O, Ilo.luian, 0C l.y diu Si, Albany, wheie iicvvdl Iiud hi- Mler Hridgtt Sl.elly, win - ha hi en suinu time in tlii euuutrv, but who can get no titling ol him. Albany, Aug. 1, 1514. iUJ-'I'bcSi. All an paper will confer a lavcr on i very win thy worn in by noticing' the almvv. ItOIIERT MOODY'S ESTATE- STA'I T, OP- 'i:it."MO.NT. Tlin lion, ibrl'rnbaln District of Cbilltnden, ss. court for the Distnctof Cluiteiidiii. Toull pi-i-ims llllereti1l in the cMatcof ltiil.erl Momly, lalo ol Duiliugton in said di-trii-l, de-cca-ed. (irutinz. v heivas. tieorge It. Shaw, adin'r ol the e-tau- of Ihe aid deee.i-ed, h.i hied m said court In pennon in writing, n'ltinif I'orth that the mih! Robert dnl emed i.f iho lollowing de.-eril ed leal etalo sdii.ito m s.nd Hurlinglon, viz. a liou-e and lot on College Slrcet where the widow of tho said deecaed now ic- -nle ; ten ueie i.f land tying on Hie v uiooKt turn pil.e, near the gale, and ii'ni" thirty-M'eoud p.ul of lot -No. 1U3, on Sharp shin point, so called, le.i'ed to mid occimni! bv John II, llupMug, in which laud the widow ol llio raid deeea-ed i entitled to dower, and ulo Iwo pew. in St. Paul Church in Ibii'ingliiu, and a tall m the shed near a id ehtireh, an I .1 pew in Ihe Mu'ti'ig-liume in Viliage ni l'oli lielcr; Mi ll the ier.onal ctate ot the Mini do immiI i in-iiliieienl to pav ihodcbl alloweil by the coniiui-sioncr againt it would leuece.-ary to n-ll all of Slid real e-talu and said j ews and Mall, and the iever.ion ol" dower tbeieiu, lur the p'lipo v ot" paying the debt ugain-t -aid e late and theepeii-e ol .idnimi-tr.itiou, an-1 prnviug -;u I court to I ceiice the Mild uihuiui-trjtor to sell nil ol e-tati', pew mid stall (-ubieet to the Wld dow' rigid id dowerllieieiu,) and the ieverioii rl dower, agii eably to the stalU'e i.i eueli catc made and piovided, Wheieupun, the court aforesaid doth appoint the twi'iity-iiintli day of Augu-t, IS 12, forbearing and dividing on said petiuon, al tbeoilici! of Ihe ltcgi-lcr ol'saideouil, in Miid Hiiilingtou, nuddoib ordci that all peiM.ii inteic-ted be niitilicd thcreol", by publica tion o! ihi orde-r, containing tlio mb-tani e of anl iiitiliou thii'C wii-l., .ucceively in the Htirhiigtoti l-'iee Pie-. a new-p.iper prinliil in aul Ibirliiistou, pievimiK to,iul iweiily-uiiilh dav of Augut, 1812. linen under luv h ind at said Hurlmgloii this lU.b, dav ol Augii-l, IS 12. WJI. WEiTON Ilcsietcr. Strayed. (T'liOM the sub-ei-ilcr about the lOili, ofMav la-t 1 a bav two years old mare Coll gum! size with v-hiie hind lect and w lute -pot in the lorchead, ulii a djil. bio-vii or bl. lei, horse Cult one year oil. Who ever will give anv information concerning. ui I Colt-, wheie they may to loulid, shall be well icvvarded. NEL'SON NEWELL. Charlotte, Aug. 9th, 1812. E tho subscribers, having been appointed by V T tho Hon. Probate Court for thu District of Chittenden, commis-iniiors lo receive, examine ami adjust the claims nnd demandsof all persons, against tho estate of , Y.U.l.V II li HCUIHI, late of Hiues burgh, in said Distiict, deceased, represented insol vent, and n!.-o all claims and demands c.bibittd in oll'sct thereto; and six mouths from tho day ot tho date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, wo do hereby give nonce, that wo will attend to tho busnit-s of our appumtmcnt, at the dwelling of Elmer Ibccher, in Ilincsburgh, in said District, on the first Monday of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. it. Dated, this2Glh dav of May, a. ii. 1512. .lOSi: I'll MAIISII, ) Commis- W:M.. It. SMITH. S sioiicrs. JMutic iMan;c iMoulds, ITtARRAlt, WAIT it ROOT have Want Monsre Mouldi,Chinn i Herman Vasts, Match Stands, Cigar Stands, -.'eg Cups, Custard do. ita' Can illc Slid.'., (Hast (.'reamers, ipc. four Ihe & tax but tle Reiolting Castors, nil very cheap of course. Juno 30,lel2. Farm iim Utensils. OH DOZEN P.ueni Scythe Snath, AKJ 50 do. Hand Rul.e.-, '.'0 du. liav Forks. Warncr' celebrated gra and cradle Scythes, Rixl'ord's do do du Do. Hoes and eiisl Heel do Shovels. Spader, eVe. Ax. by Jitueal). T. F. & W. U STRONG. Nno FuritituM Ware-llmisc. (In CIiuitIi-sL (in rear of tin- Court House,) UUIU.ISGTOS, VT. BHAUNT.S & Iv KI'.I.KH have on hand mid an constantly adding to their -luck of their own luaiiufaetuie, Sofa., Secretaries, Huie,iu, mahogany nnd cherry duiiiig, cetilrouiid card Tables, HcdstcaJ, & . tie. C II A IR SI Curl maple, eaue scat, Grecian, common cane, rais ed Mat inukiiig and common dining. CHAIItS; allot w hich aie made, in thu Le-t niaiiiieriind liy experien ce! wurkinen, nnd will bo sold at price. coneponil mg with I..0 lime, for cisli, luiuU'r, or country pro- ' ' ' Itlre'h IMlcnl luiiilhi; Jlill., Maniifiieturul liy ll.irnes it Kctlcr, constantly on sand, which they will excluugti for Slum or cash il e lured , , , irehan Clocks of all kinds and prices cheap as th Aodehctt. July-2, 18P2.V niirliiiKlon I'ctnitlc Scinliittiy. THK School year is divided into two terms of 22 nw ts curb i nno enuimcncing the first Wednes day of March tlio other, tho third Wednesday of September. Tho charge lor board and tuition is 830 per quarter ol II weens, or per term 01 a wcnis. An additional charge of 25 cents is made for the inci dental expenses of the .'cliool. Ii X T B A O II A n u 1. s , Music on tho Piano per quarter, 512,00 The Instrument for practice, 2,00 Drawing and Painting, 5,00 Krcnch, at Prof. Uouclictto's charge, 5,50 Latin, , , 3.00 Tho Music department is under the caro of Profes sor Windmillcr of Damany. Miss I,co is desirous that pupils from abroad should board at the Seminary. Aside from other advantages, the unsurpassed beauty and hcalthfuhiess oi tho situ ation render it in itself desirable. Hoard has been reduced to S23 per quarter. . . , Tho Sihool is not sectarian, but the Principal holies ccr to feel that she educates for eternity. Iliirhnirton, August 1st, mu. N oticc, THE Copartnership heretofore existing under tho firm of Steele & Hills, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tlio business will bo continued by J. STl'KLIC, nt tho old stand. Kiihcrof tho parties are at liberty to use tho name ol tho firm in closing "'0,Sl .losiAii STnra.E, Win. A. HILLS. N. It. All persons having unsettled accounts or Notes due, are notified that they must bo settled or arranged previous to the first day of September next, or I hev will ho lift with an Attorney for colli ction. ' JOS1AH STHKLK. Wji. A. HILLS. Ilincsburgh, Aug. 1, IS 12. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by the Hon. the Probate Court fur the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and adjut the claims and demands of all persons, against Ihoeslateof Cphraim Stiles, lato ol .icneho. m said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'sct thereto s and sin months Ironi the day of tho dato hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpoe, wo do there fore hereby give nolice, that we will attend to Ibu business of our appointment, nt the dwelling of Je iii siia Stiles, in Jericho, in said District, on Iho 2d Mondays nf September, December imd January next, at 1U u Hock, a. sr., on cacn oi sain uays. Dated, this Stli day of July, A. D. 1812. J. O. HILL, )Comiiiis TRUMAN (1ALUSIIA. J sioncrs. Ill, Ull I.- n, an.nll mt i-nlirn Tn tin r,Kl , wi, i.iji-,, ... .. o....... " ...... .... 1 r.n I..U t ,,...,-.n.l mi ui m. i iwfc ...., f0 " Nicwood, 1 2i " Camwood, 21 " Redwood, '23 " Fustic, 10 " Alum, B " Madder, 10 kegs No. 1 Emery, 2f. " Indigo, 5 cases Refuii'il Horax. 1'OI.LETT & Hll.VDt.EVS. Aug. 5, 18T2. FOLt SALU, At tlio Cheap Cash Hook Store, THE NEW WORLD, containing ".Morli.v Ens rax," by James "Tlio I.ottcbv or Lire," by the Countess nf Illessinglon also, the " Fobbst Lin:," a lalo work by ilrs. Clavcrs, author of the ".Vac Home." "Jhnru of ' (Iftcrdingen." July 23, 1812. D. A. I1R.VMAN. BUTTKll. t FIRST RVTE article of Table Putter in small J. V or largo quantities, for ate by II. W. CATL1N. Aug. 1, IP 12. New Goods Again. Si ATI N .STRIPED CH.U.LY.S, H!uo rilack Silk, ) I.ii.btand Dark Printed Lawns: Neck, Honnet, anil Cap Ribbons ; Host, Fillett Gloves and .Mils, Par asols s Linen j Lisle Thread! Cotton ; Light and DaikKul Gloves; Hook Muslins; Hihop l.awns: Cotton Hose; Suspenders; Needles; Carpet Llmd- mgs; Thread, eVc, all very cheap liv .Vug. -1, II. , . C.v I l.l.v. Teas and Colfcc. V1'RF,?II supply nf Teas and Codec of superior ouahly, j isl icceived and for sale as cheap as the cheapest, bv H. W.CATL1N. Aug. -1. 1812. ni!ASS iS' GItATN SCYTHES. QJIT'ERIOR patent concave ett evlhe, tii.inul.ii O lured by J. 1'arwell cc'Co. l-'ilclibiiigli, Mas, and w.tirauted. D. DAVIS. Aln f!l!OCri!H'l, wet anddrv, a good uortment. !:.WV .l.l;t: ChUTJUSr, Irumtliociown of till- hiMil Hi Ihi-M.le nl'lli.i li.i.l. l'l.UUIt Itw lie-tcr lancy brand, a sup. article. I'L OU 11. Fb RESII Ground Hour received this day and for sale May 20. 1). DAVIS. JMorison's Pills OTAN'D unrivalled a a clean-cr and purifier of the O bowel, blood, and the wbolo sv'Meni. tn Diar rhoea ur li osciu'ss ot the bowel and oilier nminrr I'omnbllilt. tbee can lie relied uiion Willi perleet eon lidcnec; a a coiniuou medicine to lie kept ready far u-i.- mi .in ui-i.-.iiuii wilt I u il t a in a rue- i in c ii'h, nil medieiiie i uiienualled. Sold onlv nt the Variety Store by P.VNlitlORN .f- HlilNSMAID, Agent fur Mori.-ons ofLnndon. TO KENT. GoihI, convenient Hriek dwelling liou-e, Pu-.eiun given immediately. B5 J.ununc ol VILAS, I.OO.MIS if- Co. JulyS, 1313. (WANS WAdUO.X MATS TEST lei eived mid lur Mile by July 22. Wil. J. III'NT. Cloth Caps. TUSTrec'd direct from the manufacturers n full as- o sortmcnt of all binds Cloth Caps and For Sale at great bargains liy, June J, vi 11. v. u.TI.l.. FA11M roil SALE. FOR SALE, that well known Farm sit ti a lid in ilillon, nbiiut one mile liom tho upper l ulls, formerly owned nnd occupied bv tho Rev. S. R. Crane, containing be tween 273 and 300 acres of land, compri-ed ill part of mowing, tillage and pasturing, and good wood lots and sugar orchard.. Said farm is well watered, has tvvo good dwelling bouses, one cf which is of brick, tho oilier of wood, both pi good repair ; thrco good good barns, one of which is CO by 11 feel, the others 30 by 10 feet ; a horse bam and other out buildings with guoil yard. und water brought inio them and to the boils u m log-, and al.o three good wclla of vvatcr on the farm; being a desirable siination for n man who wants to raise neat stock or sheep or both, or is 1111 excellent farm for Iho dairy business. Those wishing 10 puichasu Mich n firm would do well by applying boon to John mil Jaims Morton on the premises, or to Gen. Wm. Nash of New Haven. Milton,Mareh2l, 131.'. -12 tf AO MlSTAKi:.' "I7I,OUIt-FLOUR-Jiit received nnd for sale by X tho subscriber, n few liarrels of super-npcr extra fancy Western Flour, (Eoglo brand,) none letter if nny usgoou. iiccniicci i.agiouranu warranted per fect. June 11. 1). DAVIS. AHEL NEWi:i,,'., ESl'ATE. STATE OF VERMONT, ITbo Hon. the Probalf Ditrieiol"Cliittenden s-, j Court fur tho Di-lnel ol Chiltenden, To all Per-ous eoucerned in thee-tatcof Abel Newell lateofChnilotte in said Di-lnel, ikvea ed. (Ireitin'J. WHLRLAS, Ezra Ho'l, executor of the lat will mid lelaineui uf said disv.iisl, propose lo lender 1111 nivouni of hi adinici-triiuon, and present hiiiecounl against mid estate forexaiinimiuii aiidiillowamt'iit ase-ioii of the Court of Probate, ml n hidden at the Kcgi-lciV oilice ill Iliirliiigtun msaiddilricl oil llio HH-iind Wislne-il.iy id Augut next Tbercfoie, You are hciehy iioiliil toappear 1 1 fore .iid court nt thetinii! und place nloie-aid, and shew cnu-e, if nny yen have, why the account afoicsaid sim 1111 11111 1 1- iiiiuwM, Given iiuder my hand at Itur iugton thi-2lt dav of 'in' A. D. 1812, Wil. WESTON, lleghte'r. WANTED. A good female Cook. Enriuireuf HIRAM F. GR1SWOED. Hurlinglon, July 1-1, 1SI2. Vli IIicmiI seriU-rs, having Icen nppmnitsl liy ? tho llouuiablo the Prolan. Omit for Ihe Di trict of Chitlcndeii, eoiiiiiii.Moners to receive, e;ui. me !indudiui iheclaiin. and demand of all pel sous, again. t the elate of Henry Tow n-cinl, hue ol Troy, Stale of New Vork divca-cd, repie.culcd iii-iiieiit, and aUo nil llanos and demand exhibilcd m od-el ihcictii! a ud six months frmn bo day ol the dale hereof, being alhivvixl by mid Cult lor that purpo-e, we do iberel'ore hereby give nulne, that we will ill lend to lhebuincs ol our iippiuuiiiicnt, ut ibe Hotel of John Howard 111 lluiliujiuiii, m said district, on the liisl .Monday of Scptcinber next, ut 1U n'cloik, A.M. Datcdlhis'23llidjy nfjiine, A. I). SI2. LtTllElt I.OOMLS, JCoinnii. PIIILODOOLI'ITLK, I sioncrs. SUMMER GOODS. BLACK Grodcl'oi and Astraehau Clolbs. Light and Dark Gamhroons, Kentucky Jeans ond Marino Cass'uncres, Rdi'd and Plain White Linen Drillings, Col'd Cotton Drillings, Very Chmpby. JuiicJIst IB12. 11. W. CATLIN. AUCTION SALE. THR following property, belonging to tlio estate of LEWIS LYMAN, lain f IlnFifurd. deernsi.,1. sit. ualcd on the Ompoiuponoosie river, in Norwich, Vt., win no oucrcu lor snie at auction, on tlio premises, on the I7th day of August next, at two o'clock, afternoon via i A Grist anil Saw Mills : Carding and Clot linn Works. with tho necessary tools and apparatus for working the same AN OIL MILL, MACHINE SHOP, and - muni ..,...,,. ,,. . i... ......... ........ ' . , u 1 IVH -ll,Vill.lll-,K lll.AUrv.-l.HlllI isuur, Willi the vvatcr privilege for said Mills, and with tho Mill Dwelling House nnd garden adjoining. Also, Jive one Story Dwelling Houses' with tlio usual pardons tu each, nnd nbinit 30 ACH ES of good tillage land. Snid property will bo oU'ercd in parts, orine whole togetlicr, as willbo announced at me timo ol sale. Terms of sale, 20 per cent, down, or on delivering the deeds, Iho remainder in fivo annual nnvmi'iits with annaul interest. MARY It. LYMAN, Adm'x and diiardinn to Minor Heirs, JOH LYMAN, ) ... GEORGE LYMAN, ) AUm 8 JulyS, 1812. ' NOTICE. THE subscriber has fitted lipids factory in the best . . manner, and is prepared lo execute nil orders in Ins lino to tho satisfaclioiinf customers. Fulled Cloths mixed, and colored, &c. also, Flannels, manufactured nnd dressed on shares or by the yard, on (lie best terms, and in tho lest manner. HORATIO HARNEY. Jericho Centre, July 31, IS 12. INDUCEMENT. "jlTANY AND VARIOUS are the ways of dispos L'JLiug of Money but none for tlio moment seems lo bo so ndvantagcous to Iho subscriber ns to put it in to his bands as tho agent of the People and tako theie for such useful, beautiful, and ornamental receipts as arc of the handy workmanship of art now collected from all the several descriptions of American Manu factures thereby nt the samotimo giving cncouragi1 ment through his receiving and disiribiitingt-niporiinn tn the Laboring, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Tra ding, nnd Commercial interest of the wholejcoinmu nity which is hoped will not be cast oft'fron but yet receive tho fostering care and patronage nf tour pub lic Servants whom wo unitedly call tho Gifcernment and all of which and when accomplished iufslrirt ac cordance with the above suggestions will prove high ly beneficial to tho largest accomplishment of the pro gressive spirit of intellect and prnductivo improve ment uf llio ago and thus to all tho patrons nf the Money Store kept bv HOWARD. Cheap Cash Store '23 July '12. T11DNEW CASH STORE. AFRESH supply of new and desirable Goods, is expected by Tomorrow's Hoat purchased at N. Y. Iliepresent Week, and vvill be sold, ns USUAL al a small ndvunco froiuN. Y. prices Among which will bo found, Plain nnd figd' Parasols of every variety, Scotch Gingham, anil Imitation, Umbrellas, Floranco Ilraid, Modem and Straw Hounets, Rich Honnet Ribbons, Do Cap and Neck do. Ladies Fillet! Gloves nnd Mitts, La' Mosell Fans, French work'd Collars Rich Thread Laces, Muslin Edgings and Insertions, Canihrick do. du. 111k. and Cold' Silk Fringes for Dicscs, Silk Fiingcs for Shawls, Curtain Fringes, Rich Dress llandkfsnnd Cravats, Fine Linen Cambricks, do. do. llaniikPs, Rich Printed French muslins, Plain Col'd Lawns, , Mouslino DeLaines, Challeys, n beautiful assortment, A great Variety of Hosiery, Hlk'Laco Veils. Hlk Silk Lace for do. Scotch Ginghams, French, Eng. nnd American Prints, Furniture Calico, Gent. Leghorn Hats, do. Lisle'Thrcad Gloves, do. Silk do. do. Rest ltoskin do. Artificial Shell Side Combs, Julv 23, 1812. WM. HURLHUT. N. It. Good Tabic Duttcr vvill borce'd in exchange for Goods. NEW AND VALUABLE HOOKS. i.I',CEIVEI)tliisweek,andfor salcut the Hook i store of the Subscriber. Southcys Pollitical Works S Vo. Cloth. Gibsons Surgery 2 Vols. Infant School .Manuel, Danght-on's Physiology, 2 Vols. East and Wesl'i Vols. Heciard's General Anatomy, Hancroft's History U. S. lliptory nf Am. lloird nf dir. Mi. Younger President Edward's Work" 2 Vols. Robinsons Grcik and Eng. Lexicon, Nordheinicrs Concordance, Cambridge and Saybrook Platform, Parkers Lectures on Univcrsalism, Hutlers Works 1 Vol. S Vo. Robinsons Palestine. Tennyson's Poems 2 Vols. Woods on Perfection, Pond on the Church, Edwards on the Will, Sears Hiblo liiography. July 23, 1812, I). A. P.RAMAN. WE tho subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Prolate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, commissioners to reccivc,examiiie and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against the estate of John li. Calkins late of Ilincs burgh in said District, deceased, represented insol vent, and also all claims and demand exhibited in oflsct thereto ; and sW mouths from the dav of the dato hereof, being allowed by said Conn for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Widow Jerusha Calkins in Ilincsburgh in said District, on the Third Mondaysof Octoberand January next, al 10 o'clock, A. JL on each of said davs. Dated, this 12th d.ivof July A. I). 1812. AUGUSTUS McEUEN Comniis SMITH NOHIiE sioiicrs. ELlAHETIl IIROWNELL'S ESTATE. WE the Subscribers, having been appointed by the I lonorahlo the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, exaiuine aiid adjust the claims and demands of all persons, ag iinst hp cstatcof Elizabeth Hiowntll late of Colchester in said District, dcccasec. represented iiisolvcnl, and also all claims and demands exhibited ill offset thereto ; and si months from the day of iho date hereof, being allowed by said Court fur that purpose, we do there forojicreby give notice, that we wi'l attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Jumes Phut in Colchester in said District, mi tho Second .Mondaysof September and January next at 10 o'clock A. il., on each of said days. Dated, Ibis bill dav of July A. D. IF 12. CIl'S. COLLINS .Commis JOSEPH COLVERJ sioncrs. AN IMP OUT ANT W O R A". rnllE LIVES AND TIMES OF "THE UNITED I IRISHMAN." Hy Dr. R, R. Madden, author of "Travels in the cast," c. &e. This valuable and interesting work, now 111 the London press, will bo published on the 1st. of August, in Extra Numbersof the New World, the proprie tor expecting lo receive, tho prool'bhcets by the next Cunard steamer. It will contain particulars never lirfnrn made nnhlie. respecting the plans, object nnd J conduct, of the "UNITED IRISHMAN" ihoineans by which their seer' is vvcro ucirajcn 10 niu uovtru nient, and their measures fru-trated. In the collec tion of Iho 'materials, which involved tho labor of many ycais, Dr. Maddiii made three visits to the United Slates, and obtained important documents and information from tho survivors of the United Irishman, who liad here sought nnd found shelter. There is no period in modern history nioro replete with stirring and pathetic incidents, than that nf the famous so-called "Irish Rcbilhon" of 1793. It fur nishes the richest material for romantic narrative. Strife entered into tho homes of men, and Danger was picsint at their fiicsidcs. Hut u is unnccissary to enlarge upon n topic, the mention of which iscnourdi to excite the coldest reader. Dr. Madden'o woik will meet the most highly raised expectations, and bo re ceived with universal favor. rV'1'ho above Woik will be for sale nl D. A. I'RA ilAN'S HOOK STOKE, III Ituiluigton, immediately onils publication, whero ulso subscriptions lo the "siiw wouin'' tiro received. COVFl'i: MILLS. I NCREASE WILSON'S Colleo Mills, n very u I .-I ,-.- -I.I.- ,I'S, ,,,-'l X peuor ariieic, lur saie oy WM, J. HI NT. wini: cloth. "lyjO. I and No. 8, Iron Wne ("loth lu-l nvcivcd 11 oy Wit. .1. Ill N'P, July 22. Strong- l'iiilding,Collee-st, CANADA MAIL. Hv n recent arrangcinent of tho Department, the Excliaiigu Olliro at I Imlialo has been Iranslernil tn Ititrliniitiin. where a mad is made of liir Moiitrcal daily, (Sundays excepted,) at 7 P. M.nuJ despatched per Steamboat, liy this arrangement the retmlar lime between Huston ond Montreal is hut two .pays, mid bctwtcu tho latter City and llurhngtun, only ten n. liirili-nlimir.. Post Musters in this State, and east, will jllfas-c take notice ol this arrangcinent, ana govci 11 iiem .Ka U, ..i.nh.l.iU.. I Tho Canada mail arrives (per loatA about 71 nnd Icltixr to lie mailed al lliirbngton, should be denclHled in llio otlicA liv fi P. M. II. H. STACY P.JM Curlington, July 21 1512. UNITIJD STATUS DISTRICT COURT Vermont District. IN HANKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause ngalnst I'clloti of IN ILVNKRUPTCy, Notice to show causo against petition of Joshua Remington Jr. of Ilincsburgh in said District, tobatlcclarcil Haiikrupl.atilioOfficool Sam uel Printiss, District Judge, in Montpclicr,in said Dis trict, on Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10, A.M. IN HANKRUPTCY, Nolicotoshow euuse against petition of Lyman Pollard of Hurlinglon in said Dis trict, to be declared Uankrunt, ntthoOflicoof Samuel Primiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said District on Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10. A. M. IN HANKRUPTCY, Nolico toshow cause against petition of Abner Pollard of Colchester in said I listrict to bo declared the Office of Saiinu.l Prin tiss, District Judge, in Montpelicr,in aid District, on Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10, A. M. IN HANCRUPTCY. Notice to show cause against petition of Abel Crookcr of Hurlinglon in said Dis trict to bo declared liankrupt, at the office of Sam tiel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said District, on Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10, A. M. IN HANKRUPTCY. Notico to show cause against petition of Sumner Ruck wood of Darlington in said District, tn bo declared liankrupt, nt tho ollico of Samuel Printiss. Disliict Jurlirc. in iloiitiiclier. in seid District, on Wednesday, August 31, 1812, 10, A. SATITAS1KI. nilOWX. of Richmond, in said District, to bo dcclarid liankrupt, al the oltl -e of Samuel Premiss, uistuct Judge, ill Jlnntpelier, tn said District, on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1812, 10, a.m. SIMKOX COVII.l., Hurlinglon, in said District, to be declared liankrupt, al thu office of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montprhrr,iii said Dis trict, on Widnesday, August 31, 1812, 10, , v. M. MA11K SOIllllS, of Colchester, in said District, tole dcclarid liankrupt, at tho office of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, m said District, on Wednesday. August 31. 1812. 10. a. si. JOHS SlSCl.l'.Alt, of Essex, in said District, to bo declared liankrupt, al llicollicc of Samuel I'rcn tiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said District, on Wednesday. August 31, 1812, 10, A. t. UENAJAH S. I'll ELI'S, of Alburgh. in said District, to bo declared Uankrunt. at thu Ollico of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Moiitpehcr,in said Dis trict, on Wcilncsday, August 31, 10, A. il. ROSWLLL M. SINCLEAR, of Welford, in said District, to be declared liankrupt, at tho Offiot nf Saiiiuil Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said Uisetncl, on Wednesday, August JI, ibu, 10, i. .u. LMin.'t( Titivi'n r tl,.,l;.,i ! n;,i.;.i to be declared liankrupt, at the Olllce of Saiuuei Prentiss, District Judge, m Mnntpcher.m said Dis tiict, on Wednesday, August 31, 1312, 10, A, M. HENRY HOARDMAN, Jr., of Essex, in said Dis trict, to be declared liankrupt, at the Office of Sam uel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpclier, in said i-.ici, on vtiuncsua, .vugiisi .il, ibl., lu, ,v. .u. JOHN C. JACKSON, nf Underbill, in said District to bo declared liankrupt, at tho Office of Samuel Pientiss, Disliict Judge, in Montpclier in said Dis trict, on Wednesday, August 31, it-12, IU, ,. il. LEONARD M. DIXON, of Cndcrlnll. for Ins Dis charge and Certificate as I'aukitipt, at the Comt House in Rutlnnd, in said District, on Friday, the seventh day ol October, A. I). IS 12, nt I'J A. il. SYLVESTER Ii. WOKDEN. of Essex, for bis Dis charge and Certificate as Unukriipt, at the Court House in Rutland, in said District, on I'ridav, tho seventh day ol October, A. I. 1812, at 1U A. il. DAVID TYLER, of Essex, for his Discharge and Certificate n llaulrtiid, at the Court House in Rut land, in sad District, on Friday, tlio seventh day oi ucioncr, .v. n. nr.', at lu .v. al. ROYAL SHERMAN, uf Essex, for his Dischanrc and Ccriificalo as H.iiikrupl, at the Court House in Jtutlaiid, tn sain uistrict, on l-ndav. tho seventh ilny of October, A. I). 1S12, at 10 A. il. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that I have relinquished to my son, Samuel T. Wilcox, iho reiduo nt his minnnlvthat hois at full llbertv tn act A rnntmet his own benefit, and that I shall hereafter claim none ofliis earnings or hold invself irsponsiMe for his debts. EHENEER WILCOX. I-'.ss,.-,.llv 20. 1812. WE the ul'eiiber-, having 1 ceil nppuinliil by the Honorable the Pud ate Court lor the l)ilri t of I'huter.iU'u, eoliiiui-. inner 10 leceive, examine and adjiii ibe claim aii.ldeniand ul'all per-nn-, ngain-i Ibe e-tale of Heniaiuin Ad.iiii-, late of ililtiui in -aid Hi-triel. dei-ca-ed. reiuesi'Hled in-olveut. and al.-o all c'.iiin and ileuiand exhibiied 111 u i-et therein; and -i mouth Irom the day ul the date lierenl, I e ng allowed by said court fur that purpusi', wo do there lure hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the buinc- of our appointment, at ibe dwelling of V. A." J. Adam, in Milton in -aid lliirict, on ihe 13lh day of S'ptcml er next, at 10 oMock, A. il. D.ueJ tin- Siih day ol ilav, A. I). ISli. JOHN J VCKSON", ) Commi- ELIJAH lIl ltltlt K, ?-i r-. aii'i:i:stic'j: ir 1 tj:d j;OR PAPER MAKINO.-A strong healthy, Up, iiiiiuu tu n, ,a uiiinwi age, nut uiiillg IU-.VOIK fur his living, mav find a good onjiuitumtv hy apply ing to JuneS. C. GOO'DRK H. Lumber. OH nfin Common Pino Hoards, U,UUU 10,000 fl. clear do. do. ' , on nnn r. 100,000 ft. snruco do. for sale by II. W. C.YTI.IN. SELECT SCHOOL. rplIE next term of the .Milton- Ci.aicai. Sri.rcT X Scuuui. will ei mmence on ilimil.iv, August li. I eriii per ouarter In ni S.i to I, lluard 111.1v I e obtained ill le-pi-cinl le fanidie tor 51,23 per week. C. TAYLOR, Prme1p.1l ilillon, July SO, i-S 13. Bw7 Has just returned again from Niw York. rpHE New Good are l'a-1 aniviiig, among which X uie seine of the luvve-t priced arlicle ever 1 c fore Inowii, and nil aie n cheap a ei old I e desired, Millinery article-, iieh 11 Huiinet-.Tarleion Mti-lin, Mower and Itihl on, new Calieoe aim ilusiin, rdk Muvvl, II.IKI-., tilme-, Mil; lln-icry, L.ue.s Fun-, Parai,l-, Ve, ce, 111 nil the variety und -ijle imaginable: and a he ell onlv for luouev. ibe lib- ject ol'buvtiiggoiiil of the People's Agem iliiect can 1 .. .:.n.. : 1 . .1... 1.. .1 . 1 . 1 . iniiy .uoiiueii, rz. ni gelling uii ui.iiei pru-e n i ea-b at ll e same that the ti.nxl are to 1 , bad I ack again tor it cheap, making a sure luclit lo the our- cha-cr ot IU tier cent adv.inlage in the trade, bv ap plying at, .heap u.ish olore, 'ill July, 12. AMERICAN HOTEL AM) (.I'.M'.ltAI, STACIJ IIOL'SE, IIUULliNGTON, VT. 'I 'III, pubscriiier Having leased this well kiioun JL Holi I, would give notice to his friends ami the travelling public, that 1111 pains will be spand 011 his part to, iiiauo it cip-ai to any esiatili.iiincnt ot Un kind i.i 'be Country. From a long esncrii nee in 1 1 11 business, ho Hatters himself he shall be nb'o tn give saiisr.icuoii 10 uu w 110 may lavor nun vwiii a eaii. S. IV. TAYLOIL r.itrlington, July II, 1812. 7 if. ITTiESII Tens Sugar nnd Dry Grocene-, Jut rc . ciivid and fur talc low hv .lime 3d. LOVELY sV SEYMOUR, "lUM"Ki:it Y, A LARGE and splendid assortinciit of Crockciy ol newnnd bcaiiliful patterns lor sale low by Jimo2ndlS12 LOVI-.LY ASEYilOUR. Chonn Groceries. HYSON", Young Hvson, lly-ou, Toukayam' Piiui'lioiigTe.i., Purlo RrcoSiignr, Leal, Lump, und Powdered do. P. U. ilola-se. Lciiii-n svrui. Ric. niulj.ivu Collie, ee. iVc, .vifip Urleans .jgarot cheap as the ritcapest, toi leby June 3. S. il. I'OPE. IIIERSON'S Outlines of Geography and History. .J Hlake'h Young Orator or New orl. Header. 't he iittcutioii of school teachers is particuhrlv re quested lo the above books. Copies furnished for examination. JuneS. C. GOODRICH. 1ft OG. T' EFT rho Subscriber, nl Howards Hotel, Itur j liiigion.on the liiihiiist, a habi brindlo DOG, with natural tail about eight inche- long, and tipi wilh while. Whoever will return said dog to the subscriber at olehester, or leave bun at Howard's Hotel, shall be liberally compcnali(i. Cob hester, July ;j, im-. J- 11. 111, I'OSlTlVI'.liY i:i,l,l NC Ol'K A VI'llY Liigc assoi 1 .,.,. pi,,,!,. i:itv 1 -of all It Z ingoi aii .u XlVcrv low" for Cash or Pro T." ,'afc . ) dern sl'.r. notice. Cloths ,1 ,cc, t o les mai , iiandomily drc sed UlllKsaililUlcesuiss.r - r and Handsoi ily elrc sed cleaned in U'C bebt manner and Pressed. I' HI'.NNS, STAIlt HOPS. . , ... .. , i. .1 :,., Itils. ui-t iiveived and for R , i,. WM. J. Di NT, Siiong building, Colleccst July vii. Silks. l.!0SE,tfebtack and figured do 20 lbs. India sowing do . :vC'l6ll'''Ct'ia" V"''"' '-UH"S CUV Feathers. oTrt LPS Geese Feathers, vvorranted of Eupettor 800 hty ond country colkc ion. IM0 Lbs liens ' f', 1.00MIS & Co' .ay 27 May 1 HARDWARE. rpltK snb-eribcr having recinlly, replenished hrs L stool; til Hardware, oilers fc-r siilu the li.llmvm. Goods, at the lowest prin's. Cutlery. I'-iblo nno De-crt Knives and Forks, l'n aiidPoek- r Knives, Razors, Seinir, Slucn Shear.., liulciu., ivilive-, .uii,: iin., Cli n., wc. iwe. Cat pcnlcts' ami Jolliers Tools. Cat mill Spring Steel Pnnm-I, Hnnd and Itippini. Saws; Circular do. from 8 to '2 1 inches ; Cross-cut and .Mill do J Slater's Urace nnd Hitt-i Firmer an i inortieoClnel Oonges, Plane lron, Augers, Sim iiioii' Hand Axe, Adies, Ilanilner, cVe.) Hangs' ami Haldwin's Planes j 'I npir,, itill-avv. llastard, Luiialliiig, Warding and Cabinet r des s Shoe. V oi and Hor-o Rasps j a general as-ortiuciit ol Saddlery liaruicare. Farming. Utensils. Cradles, Seville. Maniiru nnd Ilav Fork" l Hoc. . Ame' Shovels ; Spade., Ditching Shovel", eVe. ite. I' iii'iiisiiing mm iJiumers' liai nvvai e. Tiay, Hrilamiia Tea und Cpilee Pot ; Lamp Sniiloons i Hand and Ten li.istors : liritaiinin. German silver and (dated -Tea .and Table Spoons . .viettil uiiu enameled sauioran j frying rans, iui. Paii, Pots ami Kettle, Hra Kettle., Fire Irons, cV . l.oek ; mitt Hinge I James' hcrews j iNorfulk ami Knob Latches Hlale's Eeutcheon do.) Window Fnteniiiss; Sall Pulliesi Rail Screws HedSiTevv . .Mahogany and Gla-.-t FuriiiluraKiiobsi(!lue, cV,e. &i. June 21. Wit. J. HUNT, Strong' Hinlding CIAL1COES are seliingat Hurlbut's Cheap Cash Store at less prices than were evrr known in th.s part of tho country. Hcautiful English, French and American punts. Call at the new store, Cburch-st J111108. Wil. HTRLHUT. BO.MAAZl.Nl'.S, black nnd blue black, lor sale, m tlio lowest prices, byJunoS. WM. HLRLHL"! 'OLAIN all wool Monsclinu do Laines, sup, r satm slnjicd do., printed do. of every variety, for saio al astouie in" v low prices at the new store, bv June 8. VV .VI. 11L Ill.llU 1 ", Grain Cradles. CIRANT'S celebrated Grain Cradles just receive, r and for sale by . HAGAR & ARTHUR, At tho old stand, sign of the Padlock, cor. thurcn and Collcgostrcets. June, 1812. OAWS.-Rovv land's Mill Saws ; R. Hoeand CoV O circular do.; Englih cross cut do.; Hand, pane, and back do.; Compass, Wood and Felloe do. Just received nnd for sale by HAGAR & ARTHUR Cor. Ch. nnd College streets. Juno Kill, 1812. Trusses. AN E W supply of Thompson's celebrated im proved Tiuosis; also Dr. Hull's celebrated Trusses and supporters for sale by . HAGAR f ARHTHUR, Cor. Ch and College streets. Burlington, June 17th Mitchell's Geographical Works. TVTITCHULL'S Primary Geography, 11 " School do. and Atlas, " Gcogtapliical Reader, " Outline Mans, " Key to study of Maps. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Jims IV OldStand up Stair. r HI T'S Life of Patrick Henry, cheap edition, V T Juno 13. For sale by C. GOODRICH Onmcr'n Naval Ilistmy. '. HRIDGED bv the author and complete in one Volume, just received by C. GOODRICH. June 13. Ito'ik'biiidlng ,'iml Itlauk Hooks. JElXililt--, Journal, Record-, etc. cce. I'er ale or J ma le toord.'r. Old Hooks lebonnd at -boil notice. June 13. by C. GOODRICH. 1UIUAR, WAIT 4 ROOT, Have received n full supply ot" CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, added totheirlbitncr tock, makes their assort ment quint complete, and It 1- m t-t, d in rerytew prices indeedjcorre- punduig witn the picui-u ul Ihe nine, hiumlic 111 wantot iniou lu ibeir hue will do well to call and examine al lcal, it the ei.rner ol Chinch and Uollege alrect. Hiiiliugton, June I7lh, IS 12. Gold Bund China. Sl'PKRIt Gold Hand, Hand and Spriird China. J'la Sits and plate 10 match, very cheap at llio China- SlorcoC KARRAli, W.U l"v ROOT. June 17lb. TAltr.U ELL'S (Jhoe Half Gaiter-, Kid Slips X Cluli'ieu'-Sine-, eVe. jut rcieitcd by 10. Wit. Ill'ItLlSUT. Paper Hangings. I ' Piece, Paiicr Hanging, patterns entirely 1 UUU new, ot Uil qualitie-, in-l opened bv Jhne 10. , ..1. nuiiuiie , Sole Leather. EC. LOOM. IS lias just received Sol Leather for . 1 1 cents cash, by rho hundred pounds. Also, Patent and string leather. June Hi. Casli Paid for Bark. E. C. LOOMIS will pay cash lor 40 or 50 cord ood Hemlock liark, It delivered 111 0110 inoniii troin date. June lm Taper Hangings. I ' ti C5 Crrvr PIl'.CES, for sale at Manufacturer's prices ijj.i adding : freight, by C. GOODRICH. June 10. Dinner Sets. "PEAITHVL lllue, Pink and Hoiu-bon Sprig'd Din-, .Li ncil-iM-, eoiuplele with Tea and Cofico. to inateh fur sale uncommonly low at the new Crockery Store. June 17. FARRAR, WAITst ROOT. Glass Ware. V IT'LL norlincn; of lilass II ur, crnsiting of Limp, Tumbler-, Pie-crve Di-bc-, Pitchers, Howl-, vvnn', cu-tnrd-, jellie-, celery tand, goblets, .'sc. fur sale.' cheap ill lilt-China and l,Ia, waiehuust; uf June 17. KAHRAH, WAIT & ROOT. TO RENT. THE Store formerly occupied bv Ilickok 4- Catlin Appply to June 8, 42. H. W. CATLIN. mllhds. M11I.1-1-, 10 do Sugar, 10 Huxe-lrfiafJo 111 Hag Cutlet-, J'lo. Pepper, Silt.. Spice, 10 Keg liiugcr, 20 HcM'sSnap, lirtnle by 0 May, Is 12. S. WALK I R, 'L'F.I- I ING. 10 Hales shcctnif, lor sale by O Mav. WALKER. ltnporta a t Vlsco certf ! t'I'RTAIN ITREFOR CORNS. Dr. Hailcy t-f ."".Va.iiugliin eiiy ha at length di-e ovcrcd a cure- r Cum. Tin medicine is an inifailiiigeiiie 111 thu hurt pai u iil'hllcin minute, wilhoul pain or d.nn . ;n lu ibe patient; PLCK & .-"PEAR, lliirtington, are my only author il Agents l'cr the counties ol" Chilli'iiden and Or-!-.,., TIKIS. JURE WHITAMORE, .L II 2, 1812. -tut Agent fur N. E. Stales. NOTICE. Carding and Cloth Dressing at Muddy lti ouk. 'I'VHIS Establisbuient ha Icen fitted up in gmsl X iri'er.ani' no pains will le spareel to do all wcrk 10 Ihe salisfactioii ol" ibe public. R, P. ST AC.. stCo. Hurlinglon, June 20, ISIS. 1 WOOL. TUIE highest Market Price will be rakl for good L clean Fleece wool mi acc'ls or in exchange for Goods by June 30 M2. H. W. CATLIN, Tin Plate, ttc. -1 r HOXI'.S Tin Plate, 1-3 X.opprov'd brands, X Vv 10 do do l.. square, 50 Handles Iron Wire, n-sorled Nos. 30 do laiglifh Sheet Iron, do li Packs Russia do do , l'..l, s;t. Vint . Also-A general assortment -j ' ,, such us Sheet Copper, htj 'iVoMlS Co., i,t t.. ,u ' "tv ' ' "" , ....., uu.. .ncrs articles, vc. Sheetings. lOJ'A HALliS l-t HrovMitlitviiiiiis. ' ULAS?'l.OOMlS eV CO. .May 27, 1R12. At'lAMAN eV COLE'S, Ladies nroiKcKidTies, ti KidTitv. and Slips, , it niai'k nnd eeiloreM cloth iiaiteit, Cbddi en's colored Gaiters, t. Hrouze. 11 Hlack Kid HoWffs, Gent'. Kid and Morocco Pui'T'. Mav is. nnni'ivir It-olrTs, Cassimercs, t' .bean, by ,u' B1

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