Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 2, 1842 Page 1
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is. .4 S V s.V !) IJ O T T II 73 GLORY O V C a rt D U t a a u n i r a n a op no at n. IWITIl?.-iltin-.3 VOL. XVI. n II tt L I NUT 0 N. V E U M 0 N T, V II 1 1) A V. S E P T E M 15 13 II 2, l Si-'. No. ft BXCUANGB HOTEL, Water strut, at the henJ vf the Steamboat Wharf lluillm-ion, Vermont. BY MOSl.S h. 1IAUT. THIS establishment, 'O favorably located for llie ai'ioinnioil.ition of I lie Im-iic-and ir.ivt'llm.; coninrinitv, i how open 1" the pill In'. Po-t Cuadies upon 1 lie v.ino i rJU'e- rail at the'c Hotel (or passengers, ami those arnvinr or ik-pnrlini I y fsieiin lloat, in win h i-i: lliotr b.K":iiM. ictnove-l with m, w ,11 hud this huu-u peeuli.ttly lo iheir conrcn ieii'-c. Tno keeper ten k.r his en lot;., with the assurance, tint in nil rc-pr 't-, In." holt, lia II tie erte the fiioi al.le i-on i: Icr i .ion of all who in.iy patroiii-c il. llurliuinii, April 1, IS 12. -13 f. Attorney :ilul (.'ounirllnrat Law, two poosr r.hi or nm tost oiFicn,t.r t-TAins. Refer to Messrs. J. A- J. ILPKC.' & Co. Nov. 111. A. UOIJIJUTSON, llarr.-ittr ami Attorney ill I.nw, IMi in 1'ic nfffCQf the If.n. Solicitor Cicn't Day) LlTII.r. ST. .1 AMUR'S JSTllKKT. Montreal, 1 Nov. tl 'fereit 'o m 'Siitlinaton, to '.HAULUS ADAMS, Ksquirc. 2t P E C K & S P 10 A R, w li o 1 c s a 1 1! il c a 1 e rs i n English, French, India and American d - TJ G S . gass wunr.. IJiivllii'-n". Vt. "T 1 I. VIS .v J. tS. .'.St ICO!,-. nntc n-so-.) . mini th -niselies in bi uie- f r the accijiiimo d.Tnn ot't'w1 uii i li uv ici lii.1 oiiiioilnniiv of c illin.' at di 'ir ro'i 'i im-c. Mr. X. will p n I mo-.t of Ins ti n in lsimmu tin- viuaai's in tun and llie aiijoin Ki'4 cjum'o'", ami 1 iiMfiirm nil opi'Miion on the tet'lli iiif "iirv fur their pri'erv:uiim. Mr. .. uill nis) prep ire the niont'i for llie nv'Citioa of nrti.'ienl teeth ; tie mo i-l an I tians utt iheni lo Mr. l."Wi, the celibra e.l mc-hnnical ifsiiii'i, who will always beat lioni", ami wit i-o uiiumM.'. I fneces", anil uii MV.ii, J e rtuins 'o ph'Tf, w.ll entire the pnh'ie In t er wmk tlrtn cm be pr ienre.1 e'acwherc. Our inotl,j il netii'i'! w fir t inerior to any oilier in point nl loolio, LOtiveni n an I ilui.duh y. "Any one want' vj teeth r ii oinc n J iv with a mouth full oMeeajvil lei th, ami ret irn the if.M wi h a new si". Pnees sniteil to Ih. li'iios atiil c.i(.jmstJHCCF. Ml operations war mr.leJ. .T. t.P.WlS, J. !!. MOIIOI.S. Hijrlin'i'on, Vt., Mav, 112. a v. vn.r.M r. ns Sunim r Hoot-, honi lov. priced. Alao,niot . 1 tit ,h ot liiioi.i anil ;'?J.Sh ; Pint ible for the w ( i "i f r int n.wouu'ti, anil lioys or iirii. ' as done to.,', l-r. .IAU!'.-. 21. 1M.ATT, .May 1'.', I m-. SPRING AIMIVALS At Ilcaa CJ,irii-'erv. n, i i). cr--treat. NO MISTAKE!! DAA'IS i-now ir ,!v nl tiome, mil wonbl return hi-pra-cl ,1 a ' u.,-.v.e 'a'1 m-' be p'.bli :'en-.-r.illv lorlhe ven I c il.n't i' .i- r"i-v 1, and iope l.v a 9'r a leii'i mi '" b i-im " an I a ' e terinina mil in plcj-e, i be nnv 'oerit .1 oii'm l--e of 'h.-.i"ie. lie w .i I I " i e hit be l,.w pi-t revive I from Xe e 1 or,, Do M'nnvniil '1 my, fioui the l.i'e i ini'iorMin u-, niu an I ceneral u fririineni of 1're h t;,.ol-, h '', in u Union to b f for uer -'oe ,m i' e a con pV'e-i-.r'uicnt.eotiij.nsius alma t evere ar'i . t ( r n'v - v. .te. &v. One Cent itcirurd will I e - ttrire a. A lit ii lo i.iy er on m bo w II 'iud ill any ('tlier r.-ii ,i v if i- v an I'ueb .elee.el a-sorimenl ti ula-D.WIS'S. ,i I .in I exiiiniie f r yo :r, a'U yu ,a..-ui .'i a.i,' In el. I'll- wo! no 'Z Mav 20. MEW SHOE ESTABlJSilMT. WOI'I.D re "f'l'v i iiiirn the l.aib." mil Cm ilcoien of li trl an I i -niny ih it he ba. re i' 1 v n ieiie1 ane-iii' liniment here he w.ll in iii tif.i ' re, (vvho'e ale nil I rc'.ul) nil I m I- ufwor'.- in tlu- Slue li-ie. Ilobi-tu t re fivel from New orl; ihenri; eat i!eo( l.a I-, lose her with a eh' i leeiioii of Sulci;. Ilewi'l I wp i-on-nnl'v on liau.l Mid in.unifV't ire to o- ler all ' i.i I of wr . " ;oi iii" in tln-eo mtrv; anion .' which in iv lu f.ii'i I (!enl' C.ilf, lioat, S,m .iiid (i incr II .l '.aJie-.' ti.iucr-, H il. il-,'ioe-, Sli,i-,c. i... Al-s eoir c llnol, 1 olli for men an 1 1 "ys j and chil.ien i Slioen of nil'U. , .I'le.i-e uivehiin a ea'l, two 'b nr- e-i of ihe Peirl Street I l."i-e, a' ''ie siiiof tlie"Wi Hoot." 1) irlinuMon, May, HI J. S'J Tivllt, 'IWlIiSmw. ijmtr Teeth! Jrnnt It!a:rovoiiiitu i n OiiiilNlrj-: Tl". SAXTOX bavin? eiii red Dr. l'lIAIISOX, XJ Suruenn and Mc-lnniril Denliet from the . ny of New York, aa a partner, w vtbl most renf etfnllv annouife to the ciicn1 of Itiirlinaton and lhenei'h borniL' tnwiih tl it th" hive ooeniil an nll'i v at Mr nnmol or. 'he WVs't fi 'e of ("hnrrli etieet, one door North nf t'u' llurlin 'ton Han't, where they are prepared to allend In nil nsrs included in cither urnncli o the proic"ion. From one n a fuM t of Tneo-rontible "".lineral Teeth (of Or l'd-wi's own iivi'i'ifT''ure) inserted upon hi Inihly i'tinT'ovel sucti ,n pli'e, whi-h is retained firinlv in th" mouth nnon Mri' tlv pf-i'-otile principles, ihus disieis'uT wiih the use of elicfis eprtnus or b'citure, fco i'n etiejible. Teeth insertou upon i'h above p'm am bvoi 1 d"teeiion, and ren .tered, if not so useful a ihe natural ones, more snr. wicrilils linn thi'Jins rtel upon ibo ordinary prin cip'ei. Deeav. 1 Teeih fi'le I wnh pure fold, or n prepara tion wini h i uvro hie d in ihe form nf n naste, but pnon In1 lens find resists the action of all aeidn or nther eorrone tmitrr, wild-it rives ili tooth its ni'ural aj peann-c and prc!rve it from f iriher r!e cs y. Aehiii? tcelh cit'ed in n few minutes, nnd filled Willi the nbovo ,rf 'ira'ionnnd resioi'd lo usefulness, Aeeuuodat.oTis 'f tattar r.ino.ed fiom the Icih without ni'iiriiu' 'he enami I, "Inch is frequently the result of nn nnwMKol onersl'on. All oner '-lis va"ant d to fdeo salisfaefnn. Teelli p". -tn.l with one llnrd ihe usual pai'l. IndlU'loals -I,-, r us nf havin" denial opr rations perfumed are mi . I n M and se sneeirn. ns, rind satisfy thems'lv") ,,f th" nbove imtimveu'enis. 'hillren's lerih roulatnd when inalfirmation is lakin" p'ace in eonserpience of noalect during uccond doniilion. Advice ?ivei on diseases of llie Gums, Sjckcty, and Antrum, free of eliarre. Or. I'enrson has m his possession letters and cer tificates from prnf"sinnal nfii of the first rcspeeta t) il it y in the city of New York, and f barb ston, U.f, uhero be eni iye,l a lona nn 1 ovten-ive praeiiei , Iis nbieet in com ng north is in lonscujciice of bilious afTictions. "-"rOITicn hours from 1 . M. to 5 I'. M. IlurlinrtJn, June in, 1J1'. 1 "si'HSCHIl'TIO.VS I'OIt Til '' NT.W WOIM.I) nr.rrivrn at tub Ii UR L 1NG TON JS O O KS TO .' H. PKKSONS yi.lnn!,' to nv.iil thnn-ulyes of the manv intereMimrpu' lienlioni-iifl inlbn.Ycic WarM, ran I n supplied with ibo mm', fire t f iio-iiice, by rivmp their nnuie-. to ibo Bnh"'rd t r. Worl s, kui b a'k aiioni, and J.ieocene, mid lim e of iniihir char ncter. i-an I o p'ireli'iHl at ihe very low unroof run IPS io 8."i els. The i"v novel, Morlcy J rn-loin, I y Jjm , is now ready for -ale. June 17.1R1J. 'A"AN. IRI '-i I ,( I-at'lilt I t Il'nry, r' 1 an 1 -.. p f.ot)- or, ui'. n -Aiafit'is.T-'v SrOIIAWtC AND ItJJDStIN- ItAir-UOAl). NOT I C 11 Tor the nccotuniodation of pasen?ern f!rnrniii of t iKni!! llie seen o'cloek line of Steam I'm itx Irotu Alb any, (wliieh went into o.'ernlioii on the 20ii ill' utaiit,) n tram of liailroid (-"niu mi,I utart li .mi Sehe neeiady, daily, at oMock 1'. M. l g the con tinuance of die nlovo tirratisiriuent on the liner. I'y this'einrnt. pai-."Uia'is may kine Waiatoga S,ir,n;-nt :) J to 1 o'ebelt 1'. M. and reach Albany to tune for the In at, which will eae tmvc I.t-i from ihe tiorlh, the expense uf rem iinini; iner nmht nl Albany or Troy, liy the ciliti2 ariiinneinciii, i pi 7i & ir.iti)2'i areobhyed lo leaio bonieal 7 o'elocU in the tnornii'L', to t-ike llie Ptenn boat at Albany at 7 l1. M.! U7imbauHail-ll. ad! II) JOHN COSTinAN, Sui rintend"nt. April "J2, 1813. 1 S4$J. .Vyrllict-ii Tt':;:tsiMi'l:t(iiu I.inp. jf ISAAC V. I!.Ki:U yJIU, eontiii ,e ll.e I'UHU Alll.'IMJ UfSINlS Lake (.'li.iinp'.alii, Norlliern C'nunl, and Hudson IS Iri'i. P.viiiinj it imporiniit i, ie. am the Old C'.tomer, of th. l.uie, an lull if ,rc., lie wil1 u-e hi- lie-t eu 'euvur. lo 'ii'ifyul, nu i pie lire- biiu.-o I lo m 'mm e hi. rM-rti n K, ,n in. i il,. in e.e t. ol h s cui.ilover- I y i'o'ii.' nil 1. 1-ue-c emiu-tej lo hi., 'in wi h .li .! h nn 1 a." , . lir rrciaht apply to '. li. .H.;i:s,V7 1 oeulit. Slip, Porr r.n 1 1', IS.K'ocutie-. Slip, New Vcr't. f. II. llAiisr.i, ll), l'ter, All any. P. t'l'M PIS, 1 .1. II. II." Ki.n, STrpy. I.. A. tvi!i.r.'..v, ) 1. V. I!ak, n i tmi-'oc!.'- hn-r and Wh.tehall. l'o i.i.i r I'll lit t v, li'Tlingluu. A ... I -ADD, P,,t r-li. A i ij ' . ; i a 1 i .r, Pi r ITflir. .1. ' l'i..m -. & Si ,', S . Johns. ;t I3 1'ri v olfi e 1 '." Itiier-siicel, up stairs. W'h ;. h ill, ril l-ipj. ! i 'I -if!. S I.S-:l'.S( !: UK I, I IT. A Vnl n' ',. .It! .Me heiii", whieh, if riuhily .ipplied, will I e the 'u .in--ol' -aviii'T tho'nnd- tioinau iniliiuclv i:iaic Il hi- lecu sol, laud it el for iliiny year., wVli .rc:ti i-i t'-, an I f.i iu l very o.licncio'i's "m ihe folli wi in h-e.i e , v.-j. tJoiiH'i.ii'i.uijWlriopina t'oi!! , etuii 'lon Courli , Cod , ihtH,n!' Hreiiibintr, luflutMr'i, J un-y, A timet, P'u hi ic, Sjiiitui. of Idood,ri,ii'i. eii'y, In !i:e I Ol, l.or.-m.. i.f the lh.wi I , IV-ol cr Liu', t.i'ani.i,'a". 1 1 In, (j.l ill-l i. ln-en- I m, I'.i'uliu;, llypoidion hiA" A V-non-, ilea i.iclus, icue at ."'oniaclt, .ile.i le., u preventive nl Ot n- !.t2-o I-.ll-t H-0-, liolllKII'l KI.e llllHll-ltl. t ;r"'l lira' oveMo b. ne i. pu-fure 1 ' v llei.ry ''ey- a r, 1 1' I l,i .lei , Ala--, from the O.'i'.'i.uil I!e.'i e, I ll ' I' n ol -ai t Mo. ie, an I -.-I I I y h i in und ibe inu-ipil Lroj'-'i l.-in the I'liPeiWia'c-. Sold v. bale-ale nud retail I v Peel. Spear. -iiiiiTti.v ft'iti: roi: sir k iinAnArnn, V nh eh has b .u us"d in finiihi s, every tne'iibei ul which Ins ha.! siek lieatluehe limn inlnnej', ns u f'in-1 1 imily tiomplnint, ana has t-tireil eliec Mi illy mevery inst'ineeyti Known, am mntitur. t.i ina nv it'iiidied'-. U it not tin; 1 to the lusie, nti.l d i - not pi i .cnl llie daily uo of one uttiii-i it it must b. . .-' vend m, und llie cute is .jra io.-.l, In t ct i fi.ii .Hid P' rinniicnt. Insfiiie s "nrn ei-t till v in iliiph ma ln n tin ilistre-sini: ronij I i.ui i . oni id. tely ii ii. led and cured, a'.th.iii.'h of . ..'a landing by tho use of Or. Soolin b c. I, ,, ..t.-l iwiitdv. One deedcdpiefereneeisilBpha-aiii . . , haiiig none of IRh natiacntHv; iiec-i or cnuruon orut'S. ItisKipeif ctlysaii-'i Dry, thai ihe proprietor line hiil'l.r " . "if. b -iil"IUsio leliind the price lo any oiu v. .u i -t i.uiue.l v.ith, and tven cured bj it. I.: li .pi s ,t!-.o 'lint ibis may S". ure it- (in ul b.-n-elii-i to the distrisse.l s'lllcri rs who are lab.irm lt under ll.adache. P.. bl'OUN. M. D i.T.cntor and Pio pii. X'ir. Sol.! liyCO.IW'nrA'tf. CO., 71 AIiM.-n I.nnp. New Vol k. PUCK & S P IC A I!, Wbo'es'ilt Ay, 'ills, a few doi m east of the PobtOiTicc, Iiuihnu tou, t. nl) ! OC!'. .".lAItSIIAI.Ifs Arum t'.i' ti i li an . erior to ton I J lt.Mlneh.iSM I I , Th.. -in r t.-i i,f...wu, lor letnov .nu , the (.'u'urrli, nu I ul - o a e. I.t.'hc, It open- .lu 1 ii'iriit th it li.. i 'e miii' th-- Id III llie I 1-4 ', nil I the o'i' a. I i.l.-i.tic.on-, a he tl'hv Hfi'on lo tl,t 'lit'ii-their. .ui I ,au I (i,i , a e -ie I. I'l p' I'lcetiy lree Iroui any thinirt.e'e-'ciioi- in il-c j..r.o-uiou has a tea-nnt t1 i"or, tin ' i uii'iie h.i'ec re, alter I eni"" tt.ed, is a I It. Puce.!, .'iit-poi'hoitle. P.. I. Mar hallV Veeia'.V Indian lilac' PLAS I'l.K. 'I In- P!a-It.r i- iinnv.illetl for e irui'-: -erf -It u- .-ivel-liti-r-, S -urvy Soie-. Lnme 11.11''., and Pre h Woitp(. ; pi". n- in 'he Vile-, I lip- an 1 Lint! an I -el.lom fail - n, live rebel' in local l!he itiiati-iu-. If applied In ihe -i 'r,it w i I cue many of ll eeoinnion Liver Complaint-; md i. cq nl, ifuut -upei'ior, to liny iliunr in ue for corn- on ihe feel , the virtue of lln- Pla-ter have 1 1 en viine.-e I I y tho.-.m'!- of jiiihvitl 'id-in thel'ni'e' S a'e-, who have te I. I i's e'lie.i' y. St, Id 1 1 the pro orie'or; Ch.i-. II .-acii, Middlcliiny, Vl., and Prci; .V 'l'litrt, II ui,.i,lui.i V. n i: ir.i ii i: o p n i: c i:i ti on. Tlhasfrcq eiuly eo'iie to ibo knowle gp of thft sub scriber, t!it empty Snuff Jars, with Ins l.tibel on the. u, true h-cn biu'ht up for the purpose ol's. Ihntr in them ail inferior q nluy Sin ll'i nnd til-o, that his Suiilf-I ihcls have, in soinn instances, btctt counter feited, nr the tr.-ni ml th s'tn rf .hc .imo so imi'nted ns to eat-ilv ilcet ive the unwary. HcdeertiHjt, t Iter- -fore, hi duty to mini in pun hasers of ih, manner ui ivlneh tliey nre often impisttl upon; nnd hit ivoul I hen by request llu-iii to lenr oll'or tlefae. the 1. bels on the oijt-ul''of tho .lar. nfter batitii; disposed of ihr contents, -on- to prevent lurlht-r un of the same. A siurthlf. iciinr I will bo jiaid for such t y il-itec as will le, id lo the. detection and conviction of tho im nosiors. Titesuhtrrider cout:nnrs to .M tnufortwe, and vf. jcrfijor eoir me iniiowmx urit.'.t.: I'l iir Ilrown !imir. flenuine Alaceohoy, ro e Atii"riviii Rappre, I'iiiiat..,ii tin, S llatorvd, Holland do. Si 'ity, dt. Tubr-osc. .Maid er, do. St.Onier. (.'uiJcoa, do. Sirnshurg. Coarse Ilrown Suiilf. Deniicros. Natclntnelics. Pure Virpinia. I'n neli Knpptv. II nirlion. Ainerican tietnleimn Si. Dmninoo. Pure Spaniih. Coin nlrieen, superior flavor. I. Alixtmc. Vcllotv fi' ufl. cole'i nnd ? Iti-li l"c t'inril or HitdiToist ( InsliUi'hTeasi. Omrse. Sti'cet Seentril I. lie Cut 1 11 tyiiiR 'l oharrn. Spanish, I'lteforl, t.'nnastf r. ('onitnnii ami Stems. rV I bernl fbscount ufide loubolesale tltaltfrft. PI.IT.Il I.OIUM.ARI ', Jr., 12 Cliaimiu-sjt., New Yor. I.OVi:!' .V, SF.YMOL'It Alt I. now o ..-.tin 4 heavy n ' nf -ejscna' le (OH.U reeenily ,.,r, ill o v 'rl, win, I, aieo.erulin ihe p ipbo hi price-which laiinnl fail to en-iiiii tht ir -ale. Auionii iheiniuc,' llll"'. Ill',, l!,k, III,,., i,y,..,Mn On it .tool inixnl llit.,td Cloth., n very i-iiper.or tiiali'y ol (i- I'ii.i.-, S I', Veil. t, Ve-tui'?., I.iuen iii.intr,! roon-, iiudn vnrieiy ol IiishU lersuuinier wear al low price-i liomb.iquic-, a jjood asaoriiiu in ,,f -ill., fur tlrees and louiitp, mini, Ch.illy-, Iliad, und eoloted Alu.liu do Dailies, a lars-ilot of Merino Sh.uvis and IJ.II I'-, i!ieb IhlLfs. .in I scarf-, sill, and sreat variety ol (iloyas and Ilo-e; a larfrn acnineiit of Lnu-li'-h, I'leiieh, .md Amerienti eatictcs, and mo iruitig enliets- at mipiC' t i-tlenttslly low prices j I.C4I10111, slinw.iu.l P.1I111 leal l i.niii'l. : a vurio.y ol Itibhun-, Dicus, I'm! id- In--, P.ira-nl- nn -hn It-, Mti-lhi-, Onm' no. I lent hen and nn! I tv I Co'inns: Sllfll) rolls paper hani' 11 '"ill,.' . I 11. ; 1.1 c , ,,, j'i, m.i'is, r.'i ii fu . r ..., ' I f" 11 h 1. J'u l Is! I rcjOTl IJ" tie heme i le-l I nou n by the IN eires it perl'"inw. I. Newton' Panie e.i. , or I'. jllicr ol the lllood, 'I he i 1 1 ; ir illeled and ml inci'ei-iii'riep'i'iiiii'ii wlni'li lln- lue licinr b,i-nciiiir-el thru itfho it ihe.Ne v KuirlandS'iito-, nud ihe in nn ., cures 11 ha-, p.-i'l, r. no I, mil the irreil clcinun I mule lor it by I .ii a Iv .re ol ,ihyi 'iin well a , ininlof i i lis preparation, hi- tn.l iced lite proprietor to rsleii'l it- cii'oul.ilio'i to .ilni'i-t every town m llie. ea-lrrii Sia'es mid Ihe prin 'i,wl lowils in ihel'tiilol S'li'C". Tin- l'.in tcei- w.irr.tmel purely ewul le.itn l i u il -'M'P'1ed ! y 'lay oilier me licnie rer o leie 1 to ihe , rib, "el ,i- in I't'en ie -uh' nil 1 srent popilaiiy plainly prove. It h,t- within ibe In t I'lh'reu iiioulli. ei.rcd us ih. in mi In . ft he Ino t tib-lin.ilu iloei'i-, n .nn le poel I y rt'i'iiii'M'e-, nu , i- pronounce I y eiiinienl nud le pe Mul-h' physiei.ius ihe I e-t nit- bruit in ii-e. I1 rt'il itif r nation iuay I e f.i tud m'. I'ontniuiii'r eerilfietre. of r nr- and dire "ion-, (or ta l.mir ihe medicine, 'the lollowiii'.' npn'iin'ed nvenis. I! irlinvlun. I' 1'. C IC and S 1' P. A U, !!. .do., Iv Si All nn, (Jurlis and 11 1- -I -M 1 11 (m, tl. Drnti Mil on Pull-, I! itn"l and S.rvver W.iterv lib, I'i-I. nu 1 l!rowu, 11, no b'u'h, 11 ill mil t'oo', l'.iirf.ix, Par' er and At iilie' I Vt rjienne , Adam- nn I .Mnrr.iv fain1 1'i-Le, M. W re 1 it.'.'iluil, M. t . ilaiuey North I'err'-' nr- h, II. O. Vi.',ir ftinrrfn, A. Itli.s Wi" i-it.ii, N, ( liii'ci '. n I! In i, i ', (li'i'en.-k.l(ho,le- .b lin ( ii, I!, I.. ui uer nud C M. n' ion, I'lini di l'a er-1", i A i nun .'ion and V ,olv.,,rl-Pi iie'l, P. irnc an I 1 nm-wurth. e . l.'.l.lll t)ltAVt:.( AXU TASi.tlU, HAS eisl rilurnil fr ini Now V.nk wlili tlu M'lilMI I" Win-,!-! : n'.-i. n niprwr as Bort u-iit ofTI'nrilN'li . r.sviN'.s, ft". -hop in Church r.t.i.l, .uaih oj po-iie llie llink of liurlii.Kton. , ny u, l-r.'. 7V;TVr-Tr.;!3')ltS! A rinllemnn bib'ti-iliptn i ti oneol lliu most ancient ami c'llthy 1 mill t H nl tins" city, who mu-,t be mil known to ii,tiiieru-,fiietiiU Inyirie suieji the year 131", tip to recently, been bent in nl;, double, mid for Decern I veur coiilliitd I) his In d, has bet n icstorcd lo d health bus icgaiued his natural erect osiiion ami lias rpiittrd Ins ear I i in'e, and now walks with ease 1 1 We believe I Ins ia , tlieLren leiiun.' o ,' n 'b'sci ijiii.m ua tv ar ns )t.isible, and then inii-vto -.itiou ui it. We will frivciiimii-j nrs his nddi eh. and doubt not humane let-limpi will r.c e the liberty ; ho thnt tiny one doubting, may Vnnit llicso faetsA-lioiieh he rt qitesln his nniiie mav nol apper.r in prim. Anion.' oth. r instances, Air. .Ins. (1. Reynolds, lit Chri-.iic-.-tic, t, lin-' lueu reslorrd. anil mil fjive pcronnl a-surnrici f. of th 1 fuels of Ins en-'. Poth Here ill' uitp!1 -.n, and contracted cottl and news. Mow ha this I eett I "( r. H" lie In linn l'"." 'itt'le Vlixw in erv.o'.'i , and II w .' .V. t. r and ii jne Linli : nl rj ,':. 1811. Sotdoitijli COMSTUCK CO., 71 Mdiihn .T-t. .Ytir i'vrl: nfl PIlt-'K Ai. Nl'l'.'.l!, Wholesale Agents, a few tloorseast of the Post I 'lllee, li uliiiyon, Vt. I,. .I.I.J., tutiiuniis the btisines., nf intinnfaetniine flltnirs at the old s antl, of thcfol low dr-ei ipti.u.s : ("nil JInple (ireenn, CnneSeal, (iomiiinn Cune and flu ' Scat, I.arire ami Small K'--" 21 Ka'f d Sent Koekin.'. do do Com- 1J ; mon tlo, I otnmo.i Dunns', fte. tare. H n Ail oi wiutii are wananicii u lirst I rate in tide anil will be '-old at prices 10 corrt.pciui wnn iiietiuiL"-. PHATlir-ItS, AND IV.WHI-il lillDS, IIUADY MADI1. Constantly on hand, a epply of wamiiteil I .tie t'l"' i se i'l -it'iers, w !ueh y.ill h, s .1 f ,. c.-'i. i.i..ij.iJ, ny t.u HUiireriljer, vitrl iiini I, ye M ..,,! .1 ,.t li... ollop 111 1.' I '. .),.--llt the o.d I aid;. C. I.. N!?l.-ON CO 'AH TNKRS!!1'. t; t'.NitY t:. tittsT svt: sit, v. i.. x. l.Iirnn'r having con . tt I Tin .Hiops, v.dldti bit sin ss in tlml line imtler ibo nini" ot H. H. il wt wi' iVt'. a I'l - '-'lop ' 'i-'ipi'-d nye..,d lle'tiviek, nil r(. mav be f mild a ful, mid eoinpl le as orini lit 1 'J IN W tlili, ma iiil'a. tuuil ixpitsly for thertlail irn.le, loi'-thcr null t'otpe,- and Shet Iioti walk, Stoic Pipe. S oil 'I rim. ui:'"--, c.e. All kin 's of Job woik fui 'ii-'ird at shoil n nee. P lie it ot b nod co ' the lor pij c 1. i 1 ished aid put up. ' iier t iimps nud lead pipe fuinisl-..-.! nnd'si t if ici'ii til. Thoe who i -l'Hin.y." this bi.incli f l.i.- ic shall, nl tb.s shop, e q.u-lily and vw II neive I, I r i lea- ma' le eonipcn -am. i. II It. K0oTH-iCi:& On. Ihtilin-ririr, Apr. 10, P;'2. CJABll STORE. no r.v ton n i v; n tt, (Suecesf, rs o V.S.tfir (i.DAVellci,) Vyj O I I, I) itsipeifully 1 f ,1111 tin inhabitants of V 1 limes nrili nnd ih ti.liiiiune 'ntvns that llicy hate common tdhtit'iuuss 111 1 lie .Slum f.jiinerly oi eopi -il by A. S ti. t'i. I). Wcller, und lire now rt eeii't iuii a ft nernl nsHorimciii 1 f I'anev Dry b ods, Hard a are and firoccrits. uhich ll.eyoU'erto the pub1;' a lownscin be piirehi't tl in ill ciui tv for 1 nsh. 'I hey rc epcci lull y solicit it share of public uiuttiiinge. eonliJint ihnt their p'i , s will bo fo .nil to tan ail who may favor tltini withn call. NOIil.H I POYNTON, V1I,I.I.AI P.UIUtPIT. I! ncshurrh, May 4, K-12. 49 rpill" Subscriber would inform ihe p bl.o that he X has on band a .-cticral ns.-oi tint nt of Harnesses, Saddles, Trunks, Valissa, Carjut JSif;s, Wiijis and Lashes, onu 11 cut ' 01 s otlu 1 uiiiil'i, n I , lini' of business, which viii ne toiii ns c' 111 ns, i;l . i ,t m ,' Mti'iuv. 1 hiiinil, Pull Mult, Lumber, Wood, and iiio-t Kinds . I 1 irui' 1-' pin li ee n .-, n-td 111 payment, g j-.-shnp two doors I ast of iin p,m Oflico. :;TO:-s"r stasis i5T- Is also kept by the nibscribrr rbfVA a ''"' luu'1 of tna Court II 'i-e, win re Ihe pu1 l,c v. dint ad tun. s find 11 mini 111 icndinpps 10 aittiid ca. s, and as t;ij.d 11 : - f ni.d I 'ai r 1 "1 s as 1 an hi loi'iiri in tho place, anil at as In. r prices. s. s Piciwr.u. Iliir ington, May 5, Ifl'J. - V.Sttv.c . 1 4 It I' II iv; Co. iiisu ,11 lie ir fi i-iuls nud ill p-.SIM.iTn LLV XVpublle, b 11 ihee bnveuoiv on. u .1 11 Livi rv S altlu nun 11 itc on ici'i 1 1. i.i t or 11-1 t xe. lit 11 1 1 1, u .1 -nnd ( '.irn i.'t-,Sl 1 'i, 1 1 inn. s-t -,C: v Inch t lit V will btoiir. -i I, 1 . 1 in-, --i.ible m lle.ii' l'islioi 1 1 1 .11 1, s 1111:1 ti Connr Com 11 nine Square lluiliiif;tot. -pill's Hons' is now OPI. for the reception of -- b oil. la. All u lei vt ..-li 10 bo ml, rue invileil In call .ti I x'tiuiuo bis but. '-e und the p, uhar adtaii- Hi" it. 11 Ii 11 , 1 .11.'.,,,. i.,,i and local. on ollri, lor coniioitiiiul c.iiit. 111, u '.. M Mil's vi 1 n.o'eiale. May 10, 1-13. TnV C'ASI f STORE !X0 rpiIK Subs.'iibors ri'-pewfullv inform the uiliabi 1. tints of Hurlinpi'iu ami ticinuy that llicy limn coiiiin. 11. cd I iisiiii ss in the Slore 11 . nily occupb'tl by Air Unman, l,jo!,.cl er, 011 Colleen sin ct. '1 ho chief I ranch nf their bnn. sj will cuiim tin V nn eh Dry rnoth'. lb mi! confident iliat llirotuli so manv inrnns and f.iei'ilies Aluthihey luivcf.r rtiiiintliin- tin ir Store Willi lb" most fashionable nrliele, and that Iheir liri ct.s will suit nil who may fnior iheni Willi n call, llieyi respectfully so'ti i' a of pit! he iciironaye. Th 'I n!-o have fur -n!o a k, -h ml ti c-lmerii of mi- ' igisi. U. C ( I, li , i."J ' 1P , i lo b Hi. i oji, fo tholo'tvt ,i,.s lf-.riII.IM A- MICHOLl 1 i i 'n I'T 'T f ( iI'Tats'vpi i'l'fVvuiTi': i ,i pi: m p.pi u i..-tr xl!L The-o'ei'te I fur their n.iiiie It, the r in mife-t and -en-il'te action ii rit ma I hi qirnii-aii I channels of life, n-i I eii'iim-,' ihcni wcl icni'wel lone nnd viK'T. In manv Ii in-lie I eerniin,, c.i-eivhich have 1 ecu Made pi' Ii , an, I m uiitui-i every species ol th e.i-o lo ii Inch the li'inuin I'r.iiiie i ln'le,tlie h'.ippye el ol Moiiat's I ti c Pili.s ami Pnu'Aiv Inie leeu sreatf dlj and pullu-lj .iL.,no,vled(red by the per-ons I enelint-tl, nnd whi, m ere pievitu ly'uu.te.iTim'ed wrU lliebeatitif illy pbj. losoplnea! prin'eipu. upon win -htliey ureeomioiin'j e Lnii I ii't.-n win -h iheyeon-e-i .entiy net. The 1,1 KK MUDK'IM'S lecomnieud lheme!vc in h e.t-e- til' eierv lorni and ile-eription. Their In-1 operitlon i- to Vio-ru frutnllie eo.i -t f lb., -loinich .iiid ln.ii'l , tin' verii, -s en, 1'iriite-aid crti cm c,,n--lantlv -eillluir urn md tliein; nnd toieniove il.r hai' .leiiel f.o'tv. m bi.-li (."lU'-t ill the convolution- of ihe iu.ilh'-i iiiie-itiic-. nn' hcuies only p.arlia'lv "le.i i-e;le e, and leave -idi c. ee;t I im (.( duml a- to produce hu' ttunl eotivenes, will, all ttr train ol evil-. or-iddeii tbarrhtea, Willi iti. tinniuient da-.-cr-.n 'I his is well knonn lo till re.-ilnr .'lim'onii-t-, wbt't'x.iiniiietliih uii.iii I oitcl- il eriieuih ; and hence llie prepldiceof ihosc we'l iilfoiiued lueti n.ulli-l q incl, medicine or me lieines proicd and beralcel to then il lie I y urn mill per-on-. 'I lie -e -oml ei'e't of i In I ifc Me"li''iue i . to ' lean e ll.e I i htey- and the 'ladder, and I y tin's luean-, the lier and llie bin"-, ihe heul'hfiila "ion t t'whk Ii entirely depen.l-up.-ii the ie ir ilari'y of the nriiciiy orstiii. The blood, v. hieh ta! e-iV red color froiu'ilie aiiency ol ihe liver nnd llie bin'.'-I eloie il pa-e-iulo ihe lit-.irt, luinirth is purified I y them, nn I niiiri-litl I foul emnhig fmm a clean, Co tr es f.t-ely thro tub Ihe yeui'., renews every "an ofhe -v-iein, nnd Irinniphnn'lv int,uin lln I'luni'T ol health in llie I lo'iniinir eheel,', Alo Ia '- V. e ,i le I. k i a . have ten thr. o-iolilv te-lel, ti'i'l piouo"n c.l a -oyeic'-nt leinedyfor Dv-pep-ia, l'l.u ilentty, P.ilpitn'ion of llie Heart, Lou. of Se iciie, IIe,iri-l urn nu I lit i l-.n-lu, lie lt..-iie.-, lll-ein,ier, Anxiety, I, minor und Alclani ho'y, Cos. Inenc- , Ihuii'tiitM, ( 'li leru, Peier.- of nil' ku.d-, II he uimti-m, Hon', llrop-ies ot nil km I-, Clune', vvorni , A-'n"ii nu i v in- "i.uioi,, r-eiirvv I leer- lnve iv.i'c, Scorbulic I "rij-l i ',i- rod IH-I Coin, plexions, Krtpive complain'-, -aov, Co'tdy, nnd o.hor.b n-rcea1 le Complex-oil-, Sail Hhc iin, l',ry-ip-e'a , '' in in -ii Ctl- nu I lull .'uiM, an I var.ou-. ,1 r eoiniil uni li'.'h nllhel theli niinn fnnne. In fi i r" ni I Ao.:., pin lie .l.irly, the Life Alo. heme.- h.tie I t-ep most em neti'lv siicee'-.f'il j -o much to that in ihe Peter .hi 1 A rueJMiie(p,I,liyeieiaiisiiniMinii'efr.illj pre ri' e tliem. il 1. 'I'tt Air. Mo'l'at rciuirt'-ttf his pni'enN fs to lt 'fini'-iiar in tu'wiu the l.ile Ale lie-iie- -:i, i.i a i din'T lo 'lie 'hice'mn-. Il i- ti"t ,i ut-i-pi er n " e, or I y ,Kiylh:ii'' I hut liehim-e.l uay-av in ' tlisi'lie hopes to tram cielit. I'i-a' ..e'v i I :i fur ir ,il. MOFKATS AIFP1CA1. M'.M W : '. duilie ti a n.'ep h Tin- r b " 1 i I i-U'.n. M , .,.,'275 Hi- til iv, ' 'i'ill'-hetf 'he ic rp'--e 'It- do in'- ihe ry of tiiMM-i -,uii i ill'erc-!ltl.r!o'el'B"ll -eel nu li prcyilentth cnt!, and tl.'tei'. t en' lor -t'" ' y dr Alo I'll' Tl.'4e tnlnible Mel-e'iitt- aie L WAHM-KtStCu, Jthn tn, V m hoiu all t.r t r- Ir. iiinti, Oanivla. will It- promplli nn v. 17, 1S!I. MAC All S, General A"cnts fi r Mo 'a'- . 'nirlii mall appliouiion.- for u . ,'r --el. II rlins'oa, Jan. 23, V ATUHF. H , v.i' :tl ie et tlltAMI c al le M. for 'he ft lb, in. eotil"!n nl- i;e--,iou, th ei etl Liter, bilitei u .1, Co- ic. e--, 1 1. n- an 1 clean nsr the toni.i di :inl 1 1 -t 'f, MOIOiO ti .1,1 1 1 te.iM, ,l -Ian bii'.', 1 loai . - , ;n complaints, ' '.. '' veiitii'.itV 0- , st.ron any 111 111'-' 1 . 'e - ihi-al'l 11011 1. 1 1 . In re ie v , . , -iintUoeii-t in ,' 10 ihe ir.: : . . Ii'-hly r, -, nud 1,1 r ' ti vii'tcc- tiff l.t Al 1 cine ' v pel - amilit .-. A I ill ffcer.ili, a e- 1 vrh.l reeli. 11-. ll in ly I e li 1 1 . 1'i'i '11, Piii.e, mid .1. C. !' . wo, V , s- le j lopneli r . P. .il i n'ipe; for .-aie I y 1.'. 11. P.. . llorlinirton, and In tin' pr.neipi lilt" ion- -i-ille I III lln baud . iiiercb uison the nio-ireis piompt y allciidcd to at hi llnrl n -ton. .3At;(ITJ'ri 5'ACKAC.i: Hitir'en Albany m .' UNTIL 'liirlhcr nonce, It-. Wednesday, anil Jlnntreul week, in ennnt M ui with iliuii 1 10 Ncy Voi't, Phil i.lcl',: ,a, V. ' ,. .Inn, Irilanl. Scjil 111 J and II n , I tin m 011 111 Specie, Itnnlt .N'ott -, P.ick:r'.s of tijudti, Hooks, 4 it thin may oiler. .Mon rul r.-srhmneCoflt.. II' Al nnv No. 12, lin hni -e li ' Leu i'otk No. d, Wall ' uni. Il.ision No. 8, Cuii 1 Sin 1 1. Ilurlincloii J. it .1. II. P. e , J III I'i:itD.M I... I .Lt 0 liAitrn, I. , Y. ..l. ii, Ueeo, I'. Wni t., II. A I). Ii. I'tvj!, f lau o .1 Co., 1 A. Wat not , ) A. II. W. MvnnN A ( o.f J. el J. II. Puce tV c. r J. I'niarn.f- Son, ft April 2ii. IMilVATi: S rplll lle v .111 . ,, .,, , 11 . ,- , I I nsl Chnr1. i. ,,,, , ,, ( , iinlerthe-iq,,,,,, , .!,.,. ol jjn . q , -i-'t' l in'hi. l.alc ,..,Jr ,,,, I y Mi 3l. A. Tr.;.- Himi kr, ,, ' b Mai, I-JIJ, I .i'lieriunpcn-gy h A.iy.i t, inler tlo ') b J 'I'welie iiciurr , 1 1 nn ' ("! n '" "i etlllllllti Jl'. I 111 t1B ,,y 'J, q inner, 111, t. .AIu j0. 1' lra,l,'fl, Vni hiug c.Miti. Day Sin ,,. 1 i, . MisT. ivl'i-.tlel under Ihee ii't'ofeinineut Tea ''i.t and Ihiviiik t.iinrlit 111 Lon Itni, I'm.'., and 111 1I11 S n't -nice her arr.inl, 1-limply ,,, aline I 10-iipe, 1, e.i III,, I iiiicliniid A!uie ilcpartnieiit. tlouiiiiuenl urn i'v l4lelltul. Tiiilio.eiiiin,p.aui'i,lwi,hilie.,rii,v.1i-,,t.r.,.m.c au t al il.iyol Mr,'l, ie(,..,..,n. i,,!,.,,!,. V tV 1 ''-' r-'y.l orliivion.l K, Molt,,, . . II. 1 l.'ilenf .sl., I, ('. Par'.., AYhinhall. J. hh.i'.ii.iH, triieinics . S. Perry, Troy. barlo c, H li Ann', 13 lit WEW B30K STOJIE. ." Livo ;ui(l lot I.ivc." rHIirim'fri'fr his reee ye I from Sow y,, -3 ..',, -u.ipl, ,f sj. , UllI. U.hic,, paVr hook , Ir-.i'iient-.i'',.. ., irw,., ,, ' ,, ' sorpneiii f SmiM.iiHrj, uid Jlt'!.-I ui.lliu S'. e it. w.n b b.'inviie- iht..titn'it,util Hie p ,,,L..,,., . iy rfi-.tii-ful I rtlis. Dl pu'ruiai-e hu,oi'i'ft) ru-tt-iif I, he will renew hi. csertioti- 10 all ilul may l.tvor bmi willuhuir siioiiam.. Strnutri.' Ilnjlthnr, comer (Tiuieh and Colleic Mi 0iiuiifJItiri.V Arthur', Siau IM Il.u4air. '' June l), in . vi I. NIPPON. ".,H Ml-I' 'aMi.rl, . J ne i 1 ' - I' k'd lit tt foi 04 I tilt, tit by ihe it a i, s a -.i o i.' i, i v i: r. v.' o t, Ob-erie vihenvoli boy thai i nu -re' the fen- me, ore ,,nel ut 37 liowery', .Sew orl.. See tint "7r llowt ryNew Yuri, is on ihe 'eripiper of each lloitle. ll oilier-ure PimtU mil -old only Iv teeuhiii'r , without pe-arlio piti.e, toiho puMlCjir tl.u proprie tors ol ihe Keiiuitiij'jrti.'li. 101! tt n-'iinption, und Liter it mplnlnl, I)y.sp) 1. Ma.thzziui ofihe herl, lo- of iippente, Oyseu lnnj nn I ( re ilu'crol the hole-V-'etn. None rell line I ut licit ,.,. .-, i-t. I t 7.) 'liowery, .M'W 1 Orl,. II he.c the II II 'It ttri- hr-t lil.ti'.'. ll.,..1,n- iteertfthe me I v foime 1 nud e la! Imhu.l I y llie ieiut mi e pripni'or-, mid who ore the only per-on. knowing the eoin,iosii,i,n of the ai-n'tine. If litis I et n i-ed sjicee f I'y for e.'.-h' year- in the cure of these disea-e-. L3'l!inu.iii'i r'tlw nnd (ieiiiine isUM Nn. J7j liowery, New York. All other- arc counterfeit. Cnnsithtftlinn and Liver Complaint ! As n trt'iicral reine !y for the-e ilufn.ur, I am f lly -a'l-liu I, li oin oim i-s'pcricin-c, tliere i. no eq-nl lo Pr. 'I'nyli i'- lltl'nm of l.ivertu rt. Iliiusr icrey if-.etable, it ran be -e I with ih iinno t -aleiy I V all pe. on- m eyrry einhiion, Il elea i-e, tl..; luinr-i ly ixpt"lor.iiou, iclieve- thtHcilt brvailiintr, and -ecnisio iherhe-t. 'I lieifeitu I 0 noqtie lion b il ilii-"ine i- u rennm run for chronic en mhs und e. I.l. I lime u-ed it lour veils in my practice, and nhtay.swi'h- imos.. A. "I". liOCilill'S, AI. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Tav'oi's li r-am f Liieraort to I,c iieei'laui ic'iie'y for ihi-eoni Innr, n 1 have u-O'l it my tit nn 1 loutid its rV-i- n iiniijt.l ale. I was in ! h Iroili.'d 0 nti! I in.nV et f-lii ice heme. M. I.. Ill iVllAW. 211 Mann. n -t. CiueJ Pt,r ihee. re vf lio.n eness 1 can -lioiii'lv reccomtneiid I r. Taylor'- IJal-nni of Liv crwuil. I liaie nol unlyh,und sreat I enelit myelf, but in-iny . f my i(n'n,iit n 1 y m, re -eiimuiviidn-tit,n rvt-h velarnai leuelit iroui its virtue. It t a t once mild , eilicicious au.l liurniless. liKV.AZ. Id'AVIS. Severe'ioiiirlis an I Cold. I h'lie hud n itin-t e vere coltl an I eoiuh, ur ti lomr tune which I could not ire' ri lof. After iimhst. initny ti'tle-s tiimars 1 iri e.lTuyloi-V of l.ncrwort, ami il eared me in a lew d iv- .(AS. 11. tCr.Ul.lMJCK. llai fug of lilooil Alout two wteU ttjt 1 had n full, iihieh e-iu-eJ im to spit lur qttaiuies of l.lon.l whi.-h noihiiiL' co dtl co uii'il 1 Incl Dr. Tnylor' 11a! ainofL yerwort. 'I In- nieiie ne iravc iiit'iiunic- 'i,.i t it i .ia ,i ,t ' U'f. 1.l . , I ' I bilk, Twi-I, 1 lu Ions, Surae, Coin s ScWI'l, Ai". ,e. Ilurliiigloii, -.'ll M.ty, '18 J. l'atkliiicr, WINDOW HASH. Tlu nt'..eril-ir- hn-e tuir- elia oj ii JUaclriiny for ..,' iiiui mi ic-om i.i ii niiioiv-.-ab Ibriiierlv I and 'I.1S1 II S,. im..'1. n. I Wnn, 1,1,1 Ditv an I are now lii.iinilti -turuK meiy ihi. 'rii'iitii( and keep coiimjui. I)' on hand nu ii.orliMeni of 7 l.y 0 Sa.h,!!t ilf lollowiii- i,rH.e. PI UglilcO Ca-emeiju 3J ci,.p,'r LiKi. f, -ii do V" 3 ,lo I - . I , ' . I . , ' ' , I" '.IIU , I 'It 11 il.', l,, lilt T, I f'i', 1 , ' ' ie .1 al , 1' I. 1 '1 11 . r.,'. I inch ie. 1 v 1 1 I r. 1 ' I , - ri . I "b lot. c ... 1. :;3 p.!!-. I't , I 1 ' ' ; ' ' ; lor C oni- yet ,' - , , . , . ' ' . 1 ' ' 1 s 1 ' 1 'I e. it ui - -olvt - lot t , t 1'- ' ' re ' -1 tt,7 ' 1 rT-v nt. 1 ' ' 'i 1 ' ult fsfl an 1 -- "' - p , 1 (i i ' ' -' 1 I ' . n ic , etcr . ' ' ' '-'' -' , '. Price 'ii ttuu a ' " ' 'I'll ' ' . 1 1 ', r 1 ' , mgmtmmj , . my each B 'r 11, t 1 M , . c a H ' . .11 H , v jSjSjBjBjBjBjBjBjBjBjBjBjBjSjB H ' 0 . ,, v M I 1 '- I I . -' . ".. - , ,r M t III 1 U 11,. H ,1-11 M not H ..- on , H I I . t , t tt . e ll .i. l,p tit t.e.i 0 . 1 " 1 it 1,, .m ".iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii . i ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmU ' " 1 !i" H i. iiiutr- M t Ill " a-' ten- - 1 iHi i ii ieh l , ,t .. immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi i . M Lmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . .n-,,,,-,,11,,,., ,,, I h H in i. - tn. . ' ' ''V$ZOiuj.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw'' IHH . it i i an IT, A ' t i i 1 ii-ui, - iii 1 will ,. itrianl 1 r . f 'e . ia' I.. i-t tins. i IM .... r .i i it. . .'1 1 '"I ta it , t i .1 , . , D- ,i .' ? , ,t r I ( r i , i ' i, i ui , , i i I p , , - , ' 11 ' I J . U I' ' ,' 'A. I V II All ', .1-, lioii-.-; Urna l t 'a l. . ' 1 1 ..." . V , A -''IK la- ' ' . ' t , I . , tn 1. , ,u , , '( " ' r. . .. ii. ui i v a -me . -, i-n. I- ,,i I, .,, ,.!.,:.1,:v.':. " OixS I i ( ! Cj'Iiu .V Chs-e, will Ir t.:iu II, rt,,,,,! an,i plt'lle.l, , a"i 1 t , v, rs c vri , I in,' ; ' 0 1- :'.t-'K g--J i. umir:ran J, 'i,'i.W-U.a -il-i J s y.'.- Vmm? PLA.7F0KM GGAl.ES. Y.'ARniAMTED. 'IIIIS nrtinlcis too v., II Uiuv.-n to nrod cotnmeti tin ion ami Ihe i t n n eniKfu j ar-j I u dcuioiistiated to the .- .iiiin.-rciiil coiniiii.tiiiy. Ilint for neenrncv. cinveoi i" , and tlnrnliilitv, ihey are uiinsniieti .oni viiit, walis to wt'o'i hum Htn li ions. I " t'sSrl I I 's s'lOAIAtTt UnTI KS may I" X u-ed in Mien!' m ,rer, 'I het ceicl npco I, iner arc conipo-cl pinelyi fveire able- ot the most fniio ten' yet -p.'Cihe trinef-. They Are re olumeri 'eil par lieiliirly for ri-t,rina ileal, ei.'i-li.iiion., cle.iii-inii nud -lienmlieuinir the stoiiin 'h, and ilieieaMtitr the appetite al-ti a'rettnrr'lve ai.ain-t theeholciu nior bo-, li'ver and n-'ie, re not ma nau-ca, v ni i . irii. , hf,iri I ur.i ii.-, -aim ue - :., ,lu; breti-t, pain m the -torn i I. ,u. I oilier- i,.', m-offla''deiiec!tlui in li-c leu. One l.o.x inn im- uieoiie-f.iltoii. Piu.2j es. a I ox. Kl."I'.i.i.'i Itch OivTMr.Mi. Thl ehoice. an-Unfe oiiiiuuut i- mii Lit. J i -,'per'or rt, nnv now in re, for linn ill acn-eii 'e an I lot h nine d '.i e, ll o I'l Cll. Tin-Oiniiii. n' i-et'iir a.n in n- 0,-c.i'i' n tliat no per'on ttoul led wi it ibe a' trw (h-t nler tf tht 10 Le wulioui it. It is a reine !y im rniniiro if e,-iption , -e. rb 'tie .1 'ot-'lCfilr- of ihcltr id, o any oilier ll6.lklll'.' out ivbii li m n from tbarp b .mors in ihe tlo .1. I'l'i e-J', ... I ov. Hit i ix't, fct,i.iAi,i.i. IiiLi tous Piu., nr family phvs- . ' i c , i . 'i "i e- i I .I.i ,n,, lu n "ll-' ' ' ' I" ' i'l ' in ! I owel . In oIll.Mietl'e. .' ' " ,1' e , tt" ' :t'l '.' rtc- ttr'-- ' 1 . . .' , ' o f r , i rrevi,". Ll'M LM '. oui .'u ov i;n, ' 1. PIJ. - .ul',. el In the ti' .ertlcrs at ilnieli'ii i. reic.u iiuiimxiihU' a1 S 3C0Z fitfORB. 'plll. faeiliiicsofthe siibscuber injirociirin? books, a and fverv nr' in his line nro such It- to rentier prices, e nun uuit'iiu lo incline .-..p indue lln-public to c. ni.'i.i ' li" ir p ill' ii'i.e l.t his .Vtri M.,r. Any piiblieatii.n tn t on ban I, w ill be pint d, d as soon U. .ilders call be f irwaiiltd to the I il . Wolknl, et ttej th. pitetit wee'., iia (-.Hows-, P etui ai I ' , I. -sat, by II. ion ill Mnoii. IMiiini r lienv. !, Itirpet'iiie lit in", Weali'i ami Worth, llamaby U 'hte, Tlii ia' Uislt ryuf ritiicli Uevuititio.i, lllooinfli Id's Cn tit Tr.tniient, llarues' Not, son lsni ih. t Vo's, Wifluis Anatiiuiy, W header's Uouiprnd, The Pnine n .tl (llm vof ll.iel.nid, Zauum, Thcl.a-t 'Pi ile s, by 'Cm..', A Wienth for tbf totlili, l.ifuof Patrick !iirv. Sketch Hook, 5 Vol-, It is well, Wav Jlniks I). A. Hit ..MAN. no Alt DING H0VSK. Tin Sub c. i'rr still eonllni ehn board l" tc al ibe I', t i.fCol'c.-e-iree'. l!'::d'i S 5 fi wirm int iv iienuusn do. to tr.ri, f,..,t. 1.5 . I " : t,, ,- lo '000 .., Pormb lo t o. to Wtilidi lrom 1.4 a to 1 I i "V 11 1,0 P'" ''' " r" ' ' WO IIh. Pornbl,'Cn',Um;!DLnt i S ' " ' from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. '"v,-',,' c i , , .', . nni . y .i , i-c e) u i-oimi'ii- u. i . i- I ." J II Prr fn t.,,1. ettry, oi nnv o.hcr t'.i ,-c,o i, i,i r. o,t n', in ' . in llmbnato,,, A;nd H 1P11. Co.-.l?r,.S. I e .,,,, .,', ,; all u.u, lull, , erlc-t toy. , - n i . . J ''I?!! t - ft i( Jt 'I '.i.i.'' ,-"i - ihe -v-ieie I j , P., , ,. . 1 1 . 1 I"- t , I'- n... ,1 'me.! , ,- 1 . ' . I ' Oi 1 C'li'l , 'l '!., - , . I e -n , I ,1, t I -r I' o !' ! 1 lit R t C 1. M 1 I, , , 1 1 Hi i 11 H t , 1 '1 nu -,l le ' '' sgg-u. '- " t-J-'jit'!1 iWj -jx. J-larcar CO.- WAV MKUiri.NKS. riilli: Sd-tribcr V.'. I,. 1CI I il 1 It g,vo. , ..(, I. Unit he hn. Miceetl the In'e T. Kni.ler m the ptenftni'i. u i f H u v.eil I ii. ( . NWAt Mroi, ,t -, nii'l v 'I lot-caber f vc articilt,- aiiuiiiiou i., p.t. pre'ci i a I ii ii i f tl,i loo,, n i' mo c . l t j. . . cs tn iiril't'l e't hi i'y tif idi h, r r. m 't- !.. ,,,' . . , . fa ie p t' '"init.'ii t,l the num.,, j- ., (.,,.,. , (he hatitls ot the proprie ur. O'ti-I. JeW.'s ISIicUttifitlr. Ltlnlmniit. I or i.'uc : a i in, H,. i ,. ( S)rn, t fi,,,,,' ,.,, f 'lull !a,ii-, S i cess m ihe ju.n ',, &, wi I u ll,.; nu. 1 iineSpt 'c ' qn.l num. PiMo febefin the i, - t.' -luift't ece tf Hlicii', i i-n, in t "t"iv boor ; u in . ici-o, y ie ic. u 'e : 1 1 I'l'i i miii l.uiimcnlis douo "ji ,n eu Hi.. I b.e'.c.s. f'i . '1 u 3; ! .unif. I numfricV it eh Olntmciit. I The e-i'en ive .a'e and i-s'a' ii Led rei.uta'it n rl Rfttiedy for tlio IMIcs. The ron innu.r it :iin,,ny of relieved patient-, li' in all q inner-, ii-t,IVuif'io iheeiuos o.le. t.', , v the niettieute lifter all oiher- had Ihilstl, tngc'ilier with the mercasiiii; tltui.uiil for ihe nr'i.le lrom nil pari-ol llieeo..nity, prove it to I e one of l he most spocilies I noi. il forihl- troul le-onieioniplanit. iCjA Cleigyiitun vritts II"-!' n, IV mart 111, 1-!1. I have lin 'c tml nf I u un-,- -,,. .md found it produced a -nl'iiau mil .eni e iiluit st oialely, anil et.iilidcn'ly lcl.l-vi li nn e e-ti nl i. u . v f r i hut iiireomiV.ilRl..e and del iliui'imx com, ' . i, . jl iii.auity m md itetlmeto reconiinend ntopti in lint-alihetc I, nnil-ol h ill coiitinue lodo. Yo i . ie-p"ti'il!y, J. S, The re'i.e ly et n-i.t - ol an Uniimciit mid I 't, . m i nco ior i tr.n ri ecu , or 37 cent- when Ic i . . inn .1, n,-e. mp.i.i.c I i uh pain and ample i it.-c- 1 1011 wi,iin tie crip-it u oi '.no complaint. Dumfries' tiye V.'nter. - o. iitjlamctt cyts, nt'ihniK knotn i"V ' r'ntc ami conijoi tvhte iii'c'. un.l in -r ' e p -'I -I, " ' ' case ine moat ntiex, ectt-ii ai, , ' 1 . ll found in ihe u-e oi ! - ' r i-mnlies hadtilttd. Per-t .i- ' ' ' . li C 'I 11 I, In ll' hesi'ailt 11 it. y 1,1 'i i r , aciik, or inflamed nL , Pi -. e V.J eon.- n I ottlc. , von CORNS. CIIKAP. ir.i.'.s nher.t'.s . , M IW Oil. I S to, ill peb'l ' ' 'sinii li.s I "" ' nr, UlO tlllo'' , at "e Htitl mil' , ,t iii nu. e, con-,, i a ntf.i l.i n Mi ai . i p. t'S. Slt'l. S it i i. ' u-vallv calkd f.,r m l.i mil ita.c, u.ii'j,s, and eve j , I, tie ul liiisiiits. ' ' ,t of various s z- s, Pu sia, Kuu'ish.and Cj . I Tin, sheet copper, -tine, lead pipe, tvirr. A. , e. All persona ni-li.njr to purcliate any t,f i i ii'i ite-ntiieles, nre iniiterf lo tall and t-tafim c p r tbr usihes, and llicy will be coimntcd of the u'-ow l.l ' ' etlt. All account ilni' lo lite laic firm of Starr Tow, must be clccd, I v paiic. i i or ""e. J. J. JSTAII'.'. Ihirlinffton, 3Iy 6, 1?45. .; tf Kim AM) IHUAV If. UWWA UK, C U'VL K Jl Y, 'STJir. u' hati ijf ju.t n turned from Nr I Vt r'., i In ic he h is s. b-ctr.l a new arult.-i I'D to apsoiiiiHiit ,,f HARDWAUK, StOl 1.1 ;V tl situ .tit 1.. t 1. 1 ut-.lll . i.e. now oil. rs Hi, -.i,. .. at the lowcfteash pii.ts. lrom me faciliii. a it Inch lie lias of obtainiti" 1 ,s i.- i, ...... i.i. ..i ... ,,,r . it .. !.., . I ' I u',0jW4b'y lens juices than u has hiiliuto bctn bold in . Tbose in want f atlicles in the above linn w 1 1 find it their inurcst lo guc bun a tall. WM. J. lU'N'T, Stronns I'uiltl n?, College tt., near the Squa-p. Iluili igloo, May If li. Dli LTG?5 Si. MEUIC1MSS. fRtiin iubscribers nre contimially sitnplieri t h s trery arlUU ia the Ditto tuaiith, both of tl e OiVii-uml iind Went kinds. J'ediciiinl notersfi n Siroioc-.n tlo. from Pitlednn.a. Canada: WmcJ anj bpirilsi Lectl.rsi bmeicul liislruititi.i ' Tet ill, A i. Ao. l'rtsct'piioiia put up at the shortrtt no ice. .jApi vren al nil hour: l'JJC'X s-v SPHAIt, ApoibeeariVs. BurlitiBti p, A't' Jul II 7l. MI'SSIiaPANGIHlRN it ItJll.VSMAIDliaer reeeitotl mime III icro-ciii-Mi for ihe exsmiiri' ' of in et'-, flow er-, &'.', nl", Slu-rtt. cn r r I " mi l itool nrover-l a ten nt re ipiiin t'.nt-ti e. i'I'.iu- rib belli !'!0 I I w J ' DU'IS 1. 1 i

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