Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 9, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 9, 1842 Page 3
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l.ATKST FROM CHINA. V, ti. Knir IJoston, ) !)tii May. 18 W. j" V arc now at anchor oil' Wlumpo-t. a. feu- nidus below Canton. W nrnyoil l.oro on the 7tli inst. from Macao, anJ Manilla, which .lac on I mjv porJiajn nutico on a fiitino oi'c-.sion. Tliu 'Commodore tins boon hero for some time in tbo C'jiislollation, un-jajroil in itivcsli. rations nnil ncp-otiatioiH connected with thu rights ami interests of our citizens. Tho Con. gtellation and Huston aro tlio only vessels of war tint have river approached to near Canton in a friendly way, and tlio only ones, it is be lieve. 1, tint has over, in time of peace, m-rended go far up the river without a chop, or loiter of .iniiij--ioii. A French ship, who-o comnmi. der had an interview with the Authorities some four miles from the city, and is cusw-clcd to have been clandestinely admitted within the walls several months since, anchored lower down. There were thoo who arjjucd unfavorably for any cniiimiinic.itioii we mijilrt wish to hold with i no Clim.'sc Authorities from wlnt it was fenr-d mijlit be construed into a disregard ot the hws of tho Empire. I have not learned that any prejudice was etched, and have little doubt tint in omitting to apply for a "Chop," tlio Commodore acted in view of cons derations r-iiffirintitlv twent. and which lie was beatable J o to estimate. The English pros?, and many private indi viduals and other--, both hero and c'scwli;r manifest a very inieii-.' jealousy of our opri. -ttons. Onn ol tlio liist acts of Comuind.ire Kearney, after li.e arr,va1, wa-to declare in tho in t ptiulic manner po-ib'o, that tho illegal, or contraband traffic in opium, should lunr no pro tection or coiiiilenance Irani him, or tho forces under I. s coinirnnd. Ifilhertn.otir ll.ijrhas been -prostituted not inifrcfiueiitly by foreirnois ne j well as our oivn citi"ii--, to cover a nelario'.is mid demoralizing trafiic, foi bidden by the prin ciples ot pli laniuropv, and the laws of a coun try wlmse duiiiesiic institutions, our policy as a neutral nation bids us to i d. The avowal c.f tnese principles, nr of Ins intention to do no violence to tho institutions and laws of China, with.u their appropriate sphere, and upon her own errilo,-ie.-, on the part of the Commodore, vas regarded as a practical condemnation of a polity, winch Great Uritain has puiniad, and is ttill pursuing wherever her power extends, and win h she would !oti- since have cntaiicd tipe-h us had she been able. The loss of the younr; man Sherry, of tho Ameii -an blnp Morrison, in his retieat from '.' uitun, when the Dii-tlu-li made an aitnrl; upon tn,.t city, Ins received attention, 'l'ho whole train, ictiuti Ins been disavowed by the Chinese A im-nliee, and is slippered tu be in a eouino ol Kiiiiciblo adjuMineir. 'I'ue loiter ot the (, 'mum-dorr, who very prop c.iv iclused any in'ercouiv throu-rli the Hon" ii:.-h.i.hii-,s, was leco.ved by an oli'iccr of the vr. iK ot Cap jiii on equal tciint, a circumstance l,- . !y iiuprc codui.'cil. li.jrd mst. an accident occurred, which ii'ii at firm mai'splcoup, but as it hus re s u ,. ,i, (brio is hltle r a.-on to regret it. '1 .u l.'omi". xtore waG pi-opo'i' g to move liia th.p a i.ilio nearer Canton, anJ with this view. It.jMSiit a boat to Found alonn- his proposed 'rack. In the nveculiun of tin.' duty, the boat i oic'uod near o;:e of thi (.'Mh-.-lc fortF, and w ,s Ujioii, .it lirst, pay t !.j (.'binesc, with 10. vder only, and ultcrvvaid.i With thot. Mo dam lyo was done and wise'! r the intention was merely to intimidate or in is not now of i o!iopience. '1'ne (' had crime to con- der nurveyin; and t-oijiidiii-r on the part ol a uireigncr, as a hostile act, and it is not curpiii vr tint a eubor- 11. uate in charge of the fort leu it his duty to prevent it. The superior authorities a; ' 'inter, however, manifested an early desire to a-', st tho matter it i c ib,y, and tendered an apu y. oven before w-re called ujhih to do m. This if, 1 be beneve, the lirst ii't-tanro in which tho authori ties have voluntarily held direct ii.terrouree with si iurcijjn C- Agent. 'J'be Ohinot-e hnve nut been tie linn to (iro upon a foreign lap, on oven our : .- this ciuse. Veiy l"V of the more cmnzeu iiauoim would allow Inieijrr. ie--i-ois of war to inahe t-urvcy.- of their harbors or rivers. To-day we received a vi!t from one rf Iho li admini's of the Chinese I'.npire, ol whh there are tv o, and suite. Thej were received With all the tokens of resp"c!, that would he iaid to a ruriesjii'iidin'r ' r ol any o! the jji-.u' rations of the world, a id uupeared to be li iiiv gritiied. They vinted both s-hips in Eiiccetfiim. At lirt-, they were disroncci '..!, and perhaps -, 1 t.c alainu'd at lindmg lheni-.r!ieseoiupleto-lv mi the ha ids of thoBC whose power, obviously, ry lir exi-eeded their cxpecio-is; but after ! ;.annr their uelf p.JtHi.;ion, .ipj,;vired to no t i..ery linn;; v, till .uteiith.ii. It is not ini I ''.i'o'.n that Ibey h .ve p.qiineil soma useful I., s. 1'lity were . 1 to ( yainme w hat cvji ihy chose, and i,r pari.iv e sp-icd to in , e mem with sjch a i n i our f p.-", as w. ii hid ii, id just trealiujiit, will probably at i s , iriicular juncture, do ui'-re ior our amica h hi1. ons with ilns numeii'un and (.insular p.. ,i -, to have rezed Canion and several .ith I iKe it, to the grouod. When we have to r i iv, ;t n nrt- on of two or llirci hundred mil--. .i pacnlc ,,0,11-y if mt itorc cogens is at Jt .i- .ii, i'i pjiot.tb.o than nfi-rci'i'.o one. t ir'nil probably sec much more of them f-ra v.i !ci-.e this region ; and it may he that mrv s'tAtU not be :o.u d to have been altogeth er m v.-i". Hitherto, ICuitipcanii have lor tho inivi :r; conie m contact with tho .h iii only war, precisely like those of tlio English, and I speech, explanatory of tho principles on which t." 1 l.. 1!.. l l n l ..".I ! !... Ill I. t....1 I.ttl tl. tlinnrrnnt which the J nu uiii i.v -f, - highly croditablu to Colestlnl ingoliuity Tlio Urillsli ship Ann Imil been lost on tlio istnliil of Formosa, nml tlio wliolu of tlio crew mado prisoners hy tlio Chineso. Tlio Ann contained to a laro niiioiint. II. J!. M. shipTituliil had been despatched to rescuo tho Ann's crew, Tlio Clinton Register of tlio 26th says 'Natives report that tho whole crow arc on slioru and well treated, at tlio place where tho Ncrbtuldu's pcoplo nie, the name of which wo lutvu not heard. If this cheering report is true, tho cmws of both the Ann and Ncrbuddit tiro now, probably, on hoiird 11. M. ships at Anioy.' Ships ih:stiiovi;ii hy run;. A letter from Honibay, dated July 19, says : Tlio Vnnsittart and Cornvvnllis Invc boon ittteily consumed by fuo in tlio harbor, du linU thu piesent nwuilli ; and two innie, the Kate and Adelaide, wuia last night discov ered to be in llaiues, hut wens saved by thu exertions of the master atlend.iiit's do-p.-irlnient. All of theso .ships were about to sni', flhe Vnnsittart, Kate, anil Adelaide, in deed, iniincdiniely.) Tho Viinsillnit and Cornwallis wen.' ltonibnv vessels, and laden with cotton lor China ; and the Kate belonp ed to a britisb port, and was convex nig coals to Aden. It is thought to ba I ho net of tin incendiary, and a reward of .oOO has been (i fibred by government for the discovery of the ollenileis. home men havo lieen eom inilted, chnrjied with liaviugbeen conceined . . .t... : I!... II ' in uie iiiuoiiunii jsiii. I it is based. kins attains Ids majority at eighteen. J- roni tho moment of tho king's death if tho mtccessor bo underage, tho piinco nearest tho throne, in the crdir 'cf ennccsiiOn nslabiishrdby tl.o charter of lSHt), and'-M years of age, ia to ho invested with tho rescuer, dilrinjr tho whole pnriol of tbo minority. The full and entire excrciso cf tho royal authority in tho n.ima of tho king under aire is to belong to thu Itegont. The safo keep. inland cuarihaniliip of thu king wln'st under n,'Vs ij to bolong to the Queen er Frincivs Inn mother, if not married .ii;Lin, and in deruull thereof, to Ins grandmother, if not married pgiin. 'l'ho committee to whom the bill was refer red, rep rtcd unanimously in favor of it, with two unimportant ametidmynlF, a:u there was no doubt hut that it would pass tin Chambers. At a meeting of the Great Western 'Jteani Navigation Company, at llristol.on tho 10;h, it was resolved that tho afl'iirs of tho Company should bo wound up. A coimni'.tej often per. sons were authorized to dispooO of the whole property of the Company to the hot advantogo. It is said to havo proved a ruinous (speculation. Now German Store. 1 TIIH Subictibcrs respectfully inform ihainhabi lantsof liitrhnston and vicini y, lhat tbey btivo on liatitt n.-.ii nrecon-lniuly rcceninij nst'-tkof SU lTMUlt NllOOIIltlliS, which llicy will sill nt c'ldipcr prie't thin c ter nfftr'd htjwt in IhU may I tt, i-ons-istinij or fju"nr, 'Uai, C.ifl r, Chorfdnlc, Uocon, Hn?inr Ci.ri.iit", A, l'rmn 3. Nut. Jj"cc?. It'cc, Vcnr Haiti V, ftlnrrb. Olive Oil, Su- riil'IlOUO .tl'il 13 V , 0,'Ullll ini't t.iii'iw .uii.utn. ."incim nn'l leiincu unio uii, foav, iinvain nnu Prmcipo (Jijars, Tobacco, i)-c. Tlinriiralfnllnnd (ficllkiktill Olll. Olid I'lUt Frcncl Oognu- fur Modi-i ie, I reach and O.rmnii V.'in, , Vie'., lief o( 182? ami lc il for M-I'.cine. 'I hey nlnj f-c Itivu in -lic-nti'm lint t'ir-y have n -:..t. r iiir jf -ii nn - i a iniivj ...1.1.1, ll'llil" llllt'l' . t'l t ' .I... l. ,.,J,W,I Ihcv 1' ipi-.-tliillv ill v i to 1 lio pii'ilic io inipeet. Stuiu on ( ' )!l"") Siroot, Ivrmci! occi'p.t d by 3Ir. r.rainmi, Uoukstllcr. osTiiniM ,f. Miciiot.i.r;. i:n?tUU Drawliifi mid Writing I'euclls. MAiVlil'AO I'Urttil) from Cuii.beilmd leid. Ju-t by '. G00DK1CI1. .' opt. 7. COMD FACTORY. nrnxxDAV."- lathu tuom ciiuot'K. The steam packet Caledonia, ('apt. l,ott, ar rived at Huston, on Friday last, at half part-u o'clock, A. M. Thsie had been Koriotis disturbances in tho manufacturing districte, particularly those of the principal manufactures. It began in a general turn out for higher wr.:;e. It is pro nounced to be tho result ef a political conspira cy of tho Charti'-tF. Ths papers are full of tho details of proceeding1! in the different towns. The interference ol the mihtaiy was necessary in various instances, and troops were despatch ed by railway from London. The d.sturbauces had in a cons derable degree subsided. Villmer's American News Lctlcr gives the follow iiigfiunniaiy account oflhesu dis turbances, which will give a better idea of the stale of things than any hurried digest which we cut mako from the daily pnpeis. Hininp the last ten days, the wlwlc of tbo ninnii farlin nig uisir.t-to have htm in ihc siciti?! no'cih c etini.iintiu.i, nml llw inn, tls in i he ).t-.ti.tnblu di osul inhtihiiaiits In li-rl Mtii thu inmost alarm ; nt theumc we w in;, mt.'-i of iho mnncfaCinuv urans in l.nn casliue, iJlic'-shire, Vorkf-bne, lallordslnrc, mid War wickshire, n.ny be soul lo bo m a state ol 'nsurrcc lim ai'.i il ia.'.ilicu t, and, indeed, it,io.,lil,: to say vvhal will bo the rtiull uf tlio ino.t i.ivnt whi' li now poing f.jrvv.inl, or tos.iy win nor where it wd! uni'.n ate. 'i hp liifl bceaii 10 a-riimc n n 1101.S of .tcl in Mam hcti r, w litre the work men lurped out hum il..' mill?, wilh Iho ostensihlti ,n li st frr liiIur wn'cs. H'll siijiienlly, however, il btfrimu i-v.Ji.iii 'Ital lbs Urn-out ori;innltd in niolivos of pol In-., nnd ilii-crv now every where ih "Tlio (Jhmtnr, or no wuru. 1 no nun ouis nt lust mnoiinlt'il only to a Tun l'i:ori.u in movion in Onto Tw-nKTV TllOUS.tXU Vol-NO WlIKH t.V Couxci!,. Thu Columbus Stele .lontnal of tho 2.")tb says that tho Vomit; M'ii' Con volition at Newark . as one of tho largest and most enthusiastic over rssemhlud in Ohio. Till Ii! o'clock, every rued, street and avenuu was lilernlly crdinined with Whigs, who weio nedi'mi! foiwaid to save nnd protect our country. New uk presumed a solid i.iass of people. We Irani that the Convention was variously est, muted, fioui 13 lo L'O.OOQ. The manly and leafless sl.imi taken by tho gallant hiu's of the Legisla ture was sustained with entire unanimity. On tho other build, iho Locus, nflei- di illu ming up for recruits for weeks, were scarce ly ah'.e to unther men enough together lo to make a thecal pltitomt ut their kilo bit Hi: Convention. In point of nnmbeis it was about on a pur wilh the T!or meetings which have been held throughout ihe eoun try. Hut the Whigs, thu Whig--of IS 10, are slill alive Throiibout Ouio tbey are nieeliiiu' by tbonrninls and tens of thou sands. At I) iv ton, Neni.i, J.i li.irtiii mil Nevvnik.tho Wliis were there by acrts, ith the same piinciples and with the s line deter mination that hi ought thenitujiethcr in 180 li 1 ;JI rTilII Rul-tcilbcrs linv nc ti!.pn die well I nown L r.ntil,.bminl, fi.-innly by Vit.vs, I.oe-ti", it o., ere now iiiat.ulu.turinj, and will ttty r ,,, d... nil ... it Nt, 1. ii at iter ilii'.tini-ntofCOMHS, nt . , ..into, .vi. which will bc.ndoidid at tlis lov'st nricc. jllorcltmil.', and othsrs, wishinc for h suprrior nrliclofur retail, wd 1T.H it to tlicir ,1So to clland --.'-if. .n:,IAj;Tja. Iliulinston, Sept. 19. 'f "rTiMin-RT l!AKTO'.- I. STATE. ; ill,- v,l(j.T. ) A T i l'robote Court tof Uiiilciuiui, "I. J X.V I'dU'II at Itutliinr- At residence in !l.nlin,:l3n, on tbo 18th nil. Jin. Jlosns Catlin, in iho 7'iutl year of his ace. Thooah full of veil,, and in a iiiumin- nrepircd for the Clni-tinn's levvnrd, his Heath is jritaily and must dc. srvcdly lameuti-d, by nuimroiis n lames, nnd nil-, by the inbabiianls of our town. Tor be was a man of liish cxnllenea in moral an.i reb'ious char acter. (Jhristiin hiunil.ty, Rtiilk'nessol spirit, benev. oieiU kiiidiio s and d.-cide.l, cheerful piety, were in him happily blenJtd, qtnlif) ins him fir all llr respon sible, li inor.ible and endearing icl iiions of life. lie watnn nlii-clinn-.tle brother, a confiJin I'rirnil, a pru dent conns' llor, a useful ciluen and re e niticntly, a tifinee-mnlii r. In all iho relnlions nf aocinl few-hundrul persons, hut there, Iihvi.. Inkeu the ,omcnilPl ,ii9Lf villi so much modesty, beticvo aitihoi nee lty sinprise, went uliont fmni mill to tin I. I . Ir, ,. ,, . , t uninvested, iluiiiandina iho hands cnmli.ved ,n ,,.., ' i h'nee and fid-hty, that c!I lI lhat ibey have lost a to turn out, until ihur numbers nnn in many , Tabled fu nd. tltoiisandn. Whenever Iheir dt 'innds were not cum- JI'. Catliu's history, is, ill some mensTiie, indcnlifi MM wiiii, lorco was iiseu. ai ichbiii, llio ni-'ine- c, hi, ihe history ol tho town: fn.nt the lime of, nn-' iho nulitiirv weio i-a'.lid o.u, when ilie I lli3 Jcml'' be had beui a resident bee vv.-ll mvh up v oik ol hlaubier btijiiii. ?so sooner was lluninlelli- ! on half a century. lie may bo icsnr 'rd as iho pieu rcn':e ronveynl to I'n ?inn n'ul the o:'i-r maiud-iutur-inS towns i, ,iu Fim.'.ar si-eties eo-urrid. Kvprt-fsts ( i e sen! lo London and liebnd for troops win h b.ivehteu dinvvn fiom all fi'.nrcrs into tho dintm-is ivhtre lite miin eisl, nn.J tlio rt'i-jteciihleor wed Ihv torlion uf 1'if pct'jile have lieru swum in as i"(i,i- l il I ' 1.1 3 uy ilil': 'ri !- In Pt. .(oi, -;.( ll-.fiiir ivds only Myml hy iho militnry liiin;. tin ihe nioli the tcMilt of vhi'-H wits ll. il inntiy of i.terioters wete verelv woundi d, ,rirne of whnin hnvn ?ineo died. i r who led from Lit. lilicKI Cotm'v, Conn, lint miiiierotis nrd ucful chss of mnuMi-ts, woo v-'crc found union? the ( jrly and Iii'in nim'ness men of ibis pi. tee. Ilewiii n.itiie of Lilc-hfield t iivnnliip Ronii. Ilipmenti inicndiut' ltiln fir llio f prof. " 'ic -neitr the fhrl-r r y-vs t.l h'l lift-, as a clarlv m asl'ire, v,-illnn unci-'. Soon nfler bit tunrriis (with a Nicco of Col In llilifi-, on I lie 12i'i, I'm nmb was il" pers.-d at ihc I'lban Alle-tJ his wife becniue hrp'Iy ind-restcl in nut Ikcii out IuI. Tim tnornm. Iliet- lire airtuniiis in l!'e ivii.-i-iin- .il U.:r nl.ieo Ins lit ttccounts limn In -ine s w.s ,it a land, nnd llio rnnrri have bid several coIIim jus v, n!i the nrlitmy, in wbie'i not only fomenf Iho relit U hnveheen vvounde.l, bill niniih rs uf llio m;'itiry he side", nnd one or iwo of each have been killed. In iliel'olterii-j, lliesamo s:nf of ibincj stilt exists, nnd ilia mob have bad reroutso to the destruction of pi on erly by fir... In Oldham, Jlid lleton, t'lmiley, Iliac (: biir'i, Hlocliport, lliirslein, llollon, W'nian, and, in deed, in every town whne Inrge nunibers of work men are employed, ucm ly tbo snine scenes bnve or ciirred as those nt M iuehester, descrilied nt lenslli in another pan of our sheet. Not less than twenty f r sjns have been l'.ii...i, while the lumbers w-outi led An.tnn, ...... ... nr .. 1..1..I J 1l.- .null.. , mi ny in.- ;., wi t i.i mi ii y wr iiiui'ii. t I'U . tlnen hriR tsiii'i! a nroi-ltiiii tlion. set in. r.nih t!,.ii I " 1 sonminic Iiefo.e rurelin'-e.l in ilu-l.n'jto nnd vicitiiiv, by lb? Allen f unity of ili:-bury Conn Jlr. Catl'ti mine fust to lli.rtinijton in 1703 lo t.ilie llio ovtrsinht of 'theso lands. Kindiug it a place of business and thrift, ho concluded to selile hero, and removed bis f-inily to this place in 1707. lie was soon followed, not only by several Pimiltfi of bis I connexion", Iml liy outers front utehue'd County who were induced tostlllo hero through his favoi j bio lepres -nl U.on. The subj't of our sketch clnbhslied himself in mertbaniile business, which he pursued for several yetrs. Tho' he di I not then indulge tho Chrioiians be was a man of (rood cxai.,plo cud prudent iiiil:v-erpii,isofiiiecouulivteiionsrioislAt-eoerur-! depoitinent. When, in lha early s-olemcnl of tho red, nnd ilen.umei ? sueh nets lis m l nvful, a rewnre ol lilty pounili for Hie tippK In ii-ou of ivtry person whonn trial shrill hu cinvieied of having Li ken pari in il.e riois, wiili a free pardon lo any nc om pli who will give evideeee ngmim his Rssoci.ites Such ate. ttte a am i lint ham oc-iirred slncelhc nil inn of thclnM slenmer. In Jla-iehctcr nnd l'riston, l'i. n. , is have beeomole's violent, nnd the inni nitv of nu Ij ii ic ru t.n in operilion j bul it is difik-ult to s iv v 'if n iho whnlf o! llif uiciiu'ocluiin tuw-us vvi.l f-d'ow Tieii exntnple. There 'invi plo been siiuifl riots in the niiniiirr districts of .NcolLnd, but lln-vba-.e not been n'tf'id. d wub any seiious eonseeucnets. The Kumpem stivst " Vt e iilinue lo receive Ve IV ditrcitt!!s from llic disturbed ditiicl. Sevcnil riiois huo been shot liy thu military nt Uur'-le'ii, in .'-Infliirdeliite. Il is hoped, nnd pen inl- ly liellC'Ved. thst ell Will end in tint ri,nr.n til' n fe it. d t-....ei(iiir, and expect to i-eo eioiaof Ihe dv, t so many iheusnnd of people cannot remain : j ,;; of this Etranju na'ei.i. I Vlh 'l" einpl'iyinent fur nnv lenRth of mun. The ii,-!!iv.i -iB nnu iiqi crentcti any cieiti iintnsinees m t,r- city of London. Il is thccenernl opinion ihrro of V. t, litre t-o. icty. Wo havo already nceom. I' ' li,- 'I i. a fo'.u-ie operati m and siicce" o the lin.: 1 .-n - -.e alike uncertain, and it haidiy b .nm. mc to indulge eonjeetures re".-!ici '.iiig them. iv -ral traiisports contttiiiintr ..iii!orcomenls of me nnd .trtillery, and arlULry t .rscs from In t! j. me i-aid to Lj on Iheir way, r.ndto have al l .ady arrived at Singapore. Oilier reinfoico iff its fioni are expected ; and it is gen erally nuppiK-ed that Kir Henry l'oUiiigm-, niei'i .lies an incursion into tho country, ami an at'in k u; mi I'crkiu. Tiio Ounce are strong men. When called Upon to meet death, where it is inevitable, they do not appear to be mote tenacious of bfo than others, i hey aro daily learning; from their ene mies, and will probably continue to do so. The sucevsesof the Htitish lorces cost them more latterly than humeri). Tho mouth ol tlej Yellow Kiver, and firand Canal are represented as shallow, and it is Ma. cd that l.'O new forls havo been com-tructcd upon their banks, and obstructions already sunk in the bed of the river and canal. The tide on the other iiSI-'d fl or 8 fenti and the obstruc t ions, it 13 probable may bo easily removed at low Witer, at least to a Bufficiont c.ten! to enabla iiouir and h::ht transports to pass upon llm rice of the tide, 'l'ho Riirrouiuhny: country is p'lpu'oos, and several hundred lliou. raifl men are already in arm tu oppose tho pro- town, (a- wo h-ivo often been told by his eontempora ties,) when intemperance, eabbaih-bltnhinj; net! profjntiicss vvero iho prevalent nnd unrebuted of the place, be set himself steadly aguiiut thc-so vt cts and held forih a bright example of li.gli re;:.e. to tin! law- uf Cod. Through nil he' life ho vvus puc Heal y a te-uipeiaucc mm and a an let observer ol lli h'al,L,-,ili. lull though he had beta thus Eli.clly moral man, about tbo year 1816, liii leind was awalienctl to the iie.;'oitaiico of prmonal religion : to the necessity of n tfru! eAange m himself. There was at tb'n period aonieihins lilte a revival m ih town ami some of the lead ng business men, with many olbcrs, became llio hopeful subjects of rcnova tins sracc. At ibis pjuod, Mr. Cntluiobuincd ilia peace in believing winch spi.ngsoi.y from a firm and j j f u 1 trust in Christ. New object, new dunes, and a new vvoilil oocned to his view. To Ihese new ob Ihit I operatives are tustifiLd m rti.sims a ftulhcr I jecls.iud duiicahe addressed l.unsjf v.uh cons.ateiit rntV noy-p'.id t . lh"m uc,1'am""B an rca0 1110 andnUady 7.eal ihro' ell all bis t-M Ufe. lie In the Comnnns, tin Monday, AuffiiM 8.-I.ord """cd m 1S17 with iho fii.regaiwmd Chuich j the I'nlmerston neked Sii. It. lct whether iho news lirst ehurcli formed ia the place and or'.tm3j, sumo which had lately arrived from India was true. There I twelve or fomlecn years before, under Lis own loof. attiSlAS-t , chrUuan horail-eu obiamcd, was .hojoyof far Iho withdrawal of liritisb Hoops from the west I'ta prorptuty, the lolace ol his afPioUons and Ins han't of tli.i Indus. Sir Uohrrt l'etl and he hid , firm -.iiiorl ill ruhiices and dtath. IIo had illlej ..iri.nBonjeei'nyomnitceoniniuiiicstii.tis upon lie ull the rel.tiions ef life vvnh beueyoknee, eouily and i, within and for the D.siii. t u.oreanid on l.testc dn.ivof Auuui, A. I). HI-', n liislruimelpur i tin I lo bo tin! hat Will and Tt sinmeiit of Udln-ri tATI IJisiriot tun ond ; " l i. , . ,i t, ., ,i ,. inrio, i.ue oi lii ieiouiL'ii, i'i - iiitn-t mi,..,. to the Court I't it lnr 1'iot alt, by oil sjininh llitilo.lhoHxevutiix '.hc,t ii n iintd. Viia yur.-.u is ordortd i y :ru -ourt tuaifiiui.c nolii-e be (ovtii lead persons initrcaieii ineii.u in tippear loloro undC'omt, til a fusion Ihr.eof lobe hold, n til ilw r. ten tiffi ' i." . I Cirliiit'on, on thu si-iHind Wrdne-ihiy oi Vi-ioh r A. f). In aim conti-tl tin- pioln".- ol said w.ll, an,1 it is fin tie r or- red lint tins oulur I epu:.iiiuu nine cin sunt ile m Mm ItiuliuiMon 1'ici! I'les". n i!ev.-niipf r prill rdnt lluihnplnn, in thu Slate, of wludi nh ill he pmvious lo the day assijiud, as aforesaid, lur " """ ....... iivtn under inv iiatiu ni 1110 iierjuiei J unicc, ibis second day uf Aufinl, A. 1). 13li. w ji. i-ifi l i'.N, i: itisier. JIA11U II ATM BAIiDNK'iS. Important DUcortrythe Great jujatry jonnn om ai uni. Di. sTniiuvs iiU'.r.:,T.!iiVroii.-i. Htcrry, after innch altt neon In llio imporiant si'.liirctofiireirvini' the hair, lies nfler many cxptti- I1H-013 Cllf irilCill nun pn vni' in, ui-.-ii uuiu lit tiiatu.i i oi. nrlicle wlitcli is now olli.rcu wmi tno creaicsi conn din to for thu oi eltc. us llio best u.inscvcr uiscovcr ed. lor its suflenlns nnd ncnctrat'ni! tnialitv. to nro- tlucen cood head of lmir to prevent it from falhnj o fwhen I aldness is npprcliendul to ro'toroll wiicn baldness bus taken place, ami to prevent ' irom mrn mrrtirnv. 1 1 is inoi c nnuribin? tbnu lioiiiitum. nu tiiiuu oil, or Coloane water It ii a beautiful nrllclo fur ladies' curls it irakrs tbo ban- fift i.nd lively, and produces iinco iiiu'iii brilliancy, i liotinnJ3liavo tcst' d its 'Op.'lljr virtue'' inn etctll'.i.t r, nnd in eve- ry iniinnte it siards nnnvidbtl. It Is an infallible cure in all id!eclien of iho --kin on Itiehenl ns tl.iu drnfi', &c t'c. Uvi -y fjun'y slio'ild be supplied with abnllle of lies oil, lhat by :' i nppliefioli to the brad nnd hair of children, ihebermtilul nnd oi nnnirnlnlnp pfntlniic of n fine of lour, with whish nature has tiui'pbed uj, may bo pieseivul. Sir I, O O K a7t II I M .-75 Havo you a Coti?li I ryfk nfin IKI' CONSUMI'TIO.V r.vcry U'JUV. ttir in the L'niled SluttO. nn t mil- lions ndl' r from trne'iji 'oiiin coitiibs and rolds. Il ni eiin be eurtd by Dr. M. Hitchenck's rg'lsbIo Cream CoulIi liron . a snfo mtdknl i rtseription, conl.nn- in; no peii inniH ilrns1", and used in nu eslensive prii' 'ice lor sevrrnl ye-us win moil post.vciy aimrti Iflief, nnd s-ivn jou fron lhat awful di'mse, pulinnn. ary runitimptiou, which sweeps into Ihoqrnve hutl drls n! ih vnune tlie old. the Inrclu and lb" nay. I live yuii n couch 7 Ho persui 'ed In puiolnso n bolileofiho Cone'i l)rop to-dnv 7 To-uinttow n,ny bo too lute. Trice 50 .-Ms per In lie. I or sale. wholc'-ile and rtPul, I v I nir.n v Uiec.os, in'e I'rep.ii-'o.s End Hui'i-i s r" io A. li.tflf-o -U tp ( o , 11" Oeiiesee Siiwt, Uiii-t, X. V.; ill Ceorgia, by I.. .l-n',i..f Jidton l-nds, by Isir-ttt m .-Hwttrt .' tin; K.m. be li. L. Warncrit Co.i rturlinetuu. bv ITCH A Nl'fJUt, mnniifai-'iirinr; lirnpcitts, nnd venders o nil Ecnuine pnitiu nrtiicints. PERU IR0NC0MPANY HAVK, nnd will contmtly kocp in diposita with Iboir Ajjcnls nt Iluibnston. U, l'cru manufac tured Nads and Iron, of iho following descriptions, lo wit i A XAlhS. , , , 3d, 4d. 5.1, CI, BJ, lf)d, 12.1, SOd, 2 Id, 30J, 40d, SOJ.GOd. Rl'IKi;si inch, t 1-2, r,, 5 -'2, nnd 0. riMSlflSr A' lA.S'.-Gd, Sd, lOd, 12d, manufao- luted specially lor nmsiiinz luco wont. ri.OOll XW,.y.-l'!il, 20 J. and 21d. IltO.V. Kotrxn mox,-i-.-n, 1-2, 9-11. 3-3, u-ifl. 3-1, 7-9, 1 inrb. 1 1-8, 1 1-4, t 3-fi, i 1-2, 15-8, . n t ... . n 1 .1 '1 1 -I 1 n 1 i- 1, , luro, 1 i - j, ii in i , i .. srivAir. ikrX,-i- 7-lfi, 1-2.0.10,5-?, 11-16, 3 I, 7-H. I, 1 l-b, I I-l, l ;t-B, a, s i-i ineues. JIASI yWO.V,-l l-I, 1 1-2, 1 3-J, 1, 2 1-1, 2 1-2, 2 3-1, i. 3 1-2. .1, 4 l-'i, 5 men. , , TIlli: UtOS,- 1-4, 1 1-2, I 3-1, 1 wide, r.ndfr:m jllDun linen. jfunsi: aiiou innx. various si--. jami: Asi) sc.iiot.t. lunx. tie. -io. MMIULU HAW PLATES, c 11 to order at llmrt lintll t. . Tl.o Pi 1 ii I run fu. Inn iiMf.lf'lli'B llitli .00.11 Ut Cl II" nville, . Y. fn in linn t( l.itirovvn OM'i.e. They ..I'l'ini tn I. fen in 1 1 e Inn Ui f ilieii-ii'ir 1 a more full nnd toeipbte ps ortlm-nt lli.inenn I e fti ii.d in ihe Slate. It I-l.e'ieve I lint tlic con's Iretn H'H e-.Ui-livhiii-'iil :uu I-.'tt'-r nnuufatt iri.l. than i! j i from anv- other In its t tcirt'ly. Pure in inmrvre n- lullv, I te mi"i llio -led- (il'lhis Co. I'n ft a low 111) n.-ruii I.ivor- ,il Ie, a-j I v ol tan. i d in tt'i.- S's'e. 1. 1-. tl V. I.. SlliU.iU, .uiuui". Aug. 5i'b, 18 W. Jnliirmnlion Wanted. TT''iII V.I lli'ltY. nl 1 l.e Tnvn i f M uhyrancr, I'nreh 'itC.irl iir'i.i- 1, Cte n y I,,, th, lie' indtamu to lb", en 'inv al nut 12 veil n.-", tin- :r-t iwu yi .ir hi- liVc-.l ,'n lline-l , r h .ii.i' II irutisii nil. and v. lien ti I h'-ard from live 1 in Troy- V . In I nulier l'Hr -k w ho iiiiw H-i !e in II irburtmi v t. vviil.e, to ! f hi ii tuliinun'.ioa tf li.'s vvlitual owls. A ir. 13, IS 12. LllTVlUl PAPEIL "L"Vrom 10 cnls to 75 cents n rpiip embracing eve 1. ryvaii'-'y from low piicci lo nr.jjl'.ih Ilottltl'u-iv- e' vt'll veirs u'.l At.ii. r.n.. tub m.'l Vnierienn nole pat er, Tni'l.'! .nil Anitricnn fiilin Pot ordo. ble l.t ti 'r. I'.in tte.&e. I'orsaleby C. GC0D1UCU Sept. 7. nrrciit o-.-K'.s i:sTA-rr. TATi: ()!' VnitMO.N'T. 'I'n I'.ob.itf Couit lurul nl Chilli inli n, s. ) eV li'vlden nt n.nhoii m. vvuliiii tied fui the Dilriei alnte ni'on tin liy ol Hipliuibrr, A. I). 1312. mi mm lit pur i.iii.n' In belle lil Will .indTtStanwr.t t.l l.utj C Iliitbiotk, bileof II nbui;l.,.i in e,u l Uis'iifl t. -ciamd, v-ns presented lo ibi- Couit hire lur l'mb'ile y K.ii-ti.el IIUciicock, one ui un: i.jli-u.oio iiieniu "lined. ... . . . , .. TlMi cfare, it is ordered by cnidCon.t. mil pnnnc milieu be riven lo nil persona iritensled llritin pmp- )F.mi- befoie and Uuuil, nt n e. ss.nn thmi.til in i-e l.itilon -i. die l!oei!er s Offee in mid Inn, on the rftond Wc live lay of iXtoltr, A. I). Ir: ami roiilc-t tlio .ioi ue oi sn n "in, iu ll is blither onl.-u- l 1 : t lhi or er bo p,ibl,bi'.l time .'kssiifccsively in ihe Hur iim-i i I He rusts, niwspipir ruili'd at lliiflrijtuti, in this Stale, the l.-i-t of whicli sbnll be pieviuns lo ihe day, as id irtnul lor lu-ir ivj. (7icn under inv h ind al Il.e r.e-. 'i-tcr'S umcc, inn Sddiyof Kepluu'iber, A. I. PI'J. ' IV.. v.'I'iTnV Tlni.lut. r tljl. ...J ...... , .vj.-.y Clolh Ci'.iis te front t'if 11 tu'-i ( ; ! arijijlb.iiaa.ns by, .lunj !, 12' ti:.ST rec ti itirtft Iront ne tinuutneiurti- a hi.: n-- j ol nil tii'i ; -ill Ci rs nml I'nr S i! nl ROM II. W. CAfl.Kv". ii ','.m Ti iTns'iJH'i-s nml Vonl Orsuvers The -"' -r I cr h.ivine 'i' t-n tl.e NVno'en Main- I'i-t'u hie i; 'at li limei.t of lb" rur.iue on Jini ' .it W llne-l.l i'.dl-, V ill K-ifle weel l Mill ,1 V it; for customer. i',-uii Ihe lu'.luwir.if tfne'iti. n i-Vr Proa lclo-b-. sued nt 0for.1, Steel, titV, l.v. Ifm. t::ae;.. ltr ,wn-. or 0 ive , at ev.iry-lnt. enl ptr jard, erei.o ball' t.f Il.e cuod-wlien hii , IiaI. Knrro-v eb.'h-t, s'fh m Shiwp-' Crcy, or other uevnro , will li:iiiiiii,lieturcd to suit cti.toiner. on i.-i ona' ie -emu. T!.e (un'i'v t the t-loih. made n' ihN -inuli b men' fT 'h'- '.i-l cieldeen m .mil-, nndtr S ipi i 'li eu '.ii e -f 'lie s it 'cnler, i ' well l-iu.wii I'i, ii ii. ff. Yt ,1 . anil be tic nli' .inni.-ii.vvii-- mm. 1 ale, ilia' tn" I flier ifi-i inn en.'ii'ii ii t itt-.tet ih i- .trvlo iie'iee l-'irueit .ind oilier wis'.nmr to in win iiiam ! ie' tei ler ii.eirowii ti o tr tnni" ei, n imin'i-this rslnhl shinent. t'tismmels nny r aiiined that ii. i ii.t in - w il' I e -pan, I " r.vv in i ill U ' "', 'be tu.i liinvrv 1 e r.s id ihe I e I ipi.i ! v iliorl k lv in..i.'i.. loi lie. -i ehiiu' w-eili nt'innno in nn Ihe very i es- inalim-i', wu t-li i liiiini.te nienltlnti-ii.nol loo relm -m.i! v e -all ;1."ihiii t IIU'fTI ei lUM.l hi .SAMU. Lli. UVI 11! t N. ItclereiH-e ef i-liiM.-er ir n-pun liilly c.1 ll iLstn' tr- icu y t e- lia I bv ap.i'vma 'o Si ',' fir!' i", At-. I). M. Co. . ii.l. II I'erl. .'s Co. 13 irhns'.en. I", IV k'.-, I'rad ev. .1. W, Wt r,V me ' i IMI'. VVinoos' i I'.i'l , Auf. 31 : I rr !UIUCI of I'liseekbriiletl t emen!, Us i ntislilv having been n ''d and found cu pel iur lo nnv in iee,lor sin- n rn'iii-id piles, bv -.t: l?m I'll! 1 i-TT i'i! v 1 1 1 .1 ". . 3Cpi. Will. IO... ....... . - S. II. SCO ! T. IS now Openlnrr new f!o-.ns m nbiiiidinee. Then h-ivo ( nsh will row hive-i late opporli nity of puri-'i'ihii! rl'eep. To i.ndcrs.-.l all furiuui puces is lie! onln ol nie nay. p.: Cht'iij) Groc-i,i'i,!. VSO, 1 1 v-ioiv Slim, Yniini' Hyson, I'ou rhen"; and So.icbonij: 'I'ean I'lirln Ilu o, Cn- bi muscovado, .Now Orleans, I.iuf, Lump, and pondered uirrfr : Suite oli", Hice, I'epier, c, '.'.ir.-.n, :i, . i r'.in,r, n'ul (,'n. irer : .vlrcouoy nml oo:t n rsnnii : lyuvcnoisli I mo (;ut, and sinoknt!; i un.icco. hnlisli mus- laid, Hal- Soap, sc. Just rei-e.ved, and fr.r sale v.ry cheap by 1'. iiOUl.tTTLK. 3' li, Sept. IS 12. 1-5 flw JCNATI7AN ATWATI li'S I.STATE. ii ihe sehs -r.'-Ciii. Iinvnnr t eeu uinn ii.teill y llie llntioi .il Ie the l'r 'a'cCnoril r'lcli - li-ii't r.rC'li . . -en 'en, onniiin. i-,.,rc r lo iife,ve, exam nie and cdp.-i theclaiiui, auddeuiand:, ol all vr -o:i.-naaiii t thee roe t.f JONATHAN ATWATFU, late of Wilii-'en to atj I) -.h 't". deeenel. rt-pre--eii! e.l in-olvenl. and also ull elam.s nn I 't l.un.1- exlid - iic l in cIT-e.l ihi re.o : ani x nnuiih- tri m Ihe- dale lit it- Ij 1 emir abinved by said Conn fir lhat piu-no,t', we . ii Iheitlere l.eifl y lint null e. dial wu will ill- lend luilie' Or oi our i.itieiilinitnt. at llm tulite ol II. !.e lib, m Ii irl,.ntie,i,iii -aiJ Ui-liiel, tin lite la-l 'I ..e-d.tys t.l St j.'.-m' .ji and 4.i iary ncr.'., at 10 i.'.'lne.., a . -il., on f.ith t.l taut tlays. l)a:ed llm, 5 h t'av . I Mf ml er, A. I. 1SI2. II. i.l .W l.NnOU'UI, tluiniiussTiv. II. '1 IIO.MAS. 5 fr-. 11 3.v . i'fu:i;.)iu:,u:Ti::is. TI'ST ri-ifvel a lev hue '.n.-e 'I imaMOMCTu: J rtr iJu Ut-J In 40 nn Aneii-l 2J b. nil I e' w T -..NGlIOllS I!Ki:i -i VIA ID. l'ortuintji'v, Sou).--, Hait'Oiirf, F'er ATilNA'S Cel. i!, It.iyU .! e I I Ml tu K I'll' 'I.I II I Ud MUSIS CATI.I.V8 I'STAIT. STAT I. (If M'.ltMO.NT, ) A T n I'r-- C'u-irl Li tri.-t tifChi-ien-'t-n, 'S. ( Ji Ii l.'t-n nl li .rHnr- nrt.w- lhpi and lor tee Ui-.'net alero.i I it Ilie .1 t uy nl A i.i -', A I'. IS 12, 'in In iri'i'eiii pii, u-uii in I e t-li I.' I Will end I oii."i' . f ! -r. ATI !. i.i et f II 'r'liiait.n. in mi i Di-Miet ,kci i, v.. is ,.rt ell'e.1 to Ihe (teitrl here for l'r. hate, by liny C.lllui in enrv v . I a in. Ho I to - i.nri lle-ie'ii iriine-1, llir.i-.h! Ht, il i-tn-nit-1 1 y .ii,i Lour', inn pii- in- no icv L- EiVoii lo ti'l i tison. itueit'.'i-1 uitn-'ii m tn,.e ,r I el, ,ie -ai I ( o ir1, nl a -t'.-iun llti-iet 1 lulu in i t u n' ie i'er: er i i -.n-e "n i it ireiminu mi he -e (.nil We 'ne ilil- of-'i"i'eill fr. A. D. 13 I i, nnd -tiiittj.i Ike prt.' nie 1 1 io I Wu" : nnd .1 i f n her or It-.-e ' ilu' '.Iik nr Vr Ie pi I' bed tluee Wick mm' e s ve v 1" 'In' lluil.iM'nii 1 r,.e IVe.-, n intvn .i tr ::r.iited ut ikiiliiiL'lon. ,-i lln- H ire. the la-I i i'v 'in h -1'initN in b-.- pievioui "o tbo diy .is-iitnu-', as 'i nre ti I. I r learnt. On "ii uiiJer my hri'nl lln: Itei-tei Cui e, this Ph tiny of Aiign-I, A. I1- IS 12. Wm. W1-5TON, llt-ji-UT. A bAlU: BAY M.Uli:, iho lert lend foot while, -Vihebnfk wire. Whuevei w .11 return her tu the owner, wi I be liberally rewarded. JUIl.- Water Street, Hurling on, Aug. Id, 1312. UN1TLD STATES DIS'l'fttCT CtJLlt' Vclltiont lHllirl. IIS UANKIIUPTCY. N'ollco tu slioW catiso asalinl l'etlnn or DAVID 1. WAtKKIt, of Albutgh, m snid Dialncl. to be declared Ihnkiupt, nt lbs Courl-IInuse, n Itiitlnnd, in said District, on Thursday, Oelubur C i m? in a lT. .V llAXlillUPTCY. Not lee lo hovv csus. ncninl thu pent. mi ol Ji vph fjlr.rk nnd satin f. Ilonrdnian, paiiner ill tradciinder llrj firm and t'-.t-of ClarLiin.l lloardiimn, Alpln i- Hall, Adiuini-iia tor ofllo e.ta-e ef Alpheu. Hah olMdinn t'e-in . . Nnthen Lineoln, I.I enezi-r Wl.ueey, Jeilel.uh V. ie-:i T, John M, Uewt-y, H.ilniy 'I irrs, Vniinm I'lnri 'mplc Sierkv. snifier.all i.f Mil nn ainl'inr- nml lii-oirar i .inlioiiiiu'.i i i; r , .ii'.n ni.i i-nmr J hor.niitl tjf lijne. in inij tliMni, iiarmur-tr. In. - uderllie Ovhjol S. Juhomir.ii Hid l 'iiiipany, oia lor ol Wnrreu .Sd Icy of Jidloii in mid Distrn.', tl.u the std Wnrrcn Sibley lo dclsreil a lla-iLrnp', i tho C'tiurt-lluu-u m Uutlaiid, in ald 1)1. ,rlcl,1 bur wj O lolerG, ISI-2, nt 10 o'elnel. A. M. LCONAIID M. DIXON, of fi, letbill, far Lis IV elinrgo nnd Cerliritnto lis Itsiikrnpt, nt Iho C n House in Rulbinil, in snid Dnlrn t, on I'tidav, I.',-. sevinlh day ofOelntier. A. 0. 1942. al 10 A. M. SYI.VI.STMU li. Oi!Di:.N, of laex, for his T e charge nnd t eriiRraienrf Wnenrupi, nt loeCei'i. Houe in ltiit'nnd, in t- d-Di'irict, on I'riday, 'li nevetitli dnv nl Oe" 'nr. A. 1). HI' el 13 A. Si. DAVID TYt.I".:i,of s, f-r Ins Durhntpe nn e.t ri.nente n , inn r,.,.!, ni ine t w'n i House in it land, m sa d Dis'i.rt. on rrn'n.. tie Btvan'h 'Jny efOeiob r. D. 1-h.M 10 A. M. UOYAI. SIIMI.MW, of r.ssi.v. for his D',c!iarri niw Uertu r,.jJa Hie Court I lomt : Kulland, in'snaftK-iii(.i, on I'riday. tho sav-n" day of Octo''crm D. Hl2, al 10 A. M. Jot ice. "jpiIK SabWi-ibor will soil at Public. Auction iL (yn!ii,fnc:ti2 nn Wednfsdiv, llio 7lh fepvtn her ':tt, nt 10 o'cleck, A. JI., nt Miller's Inn, ?Ia Ie-', .N". Y., tbe lot ol land known ns Ihe C A T L I N '1' II ACT, 'il the I wu "f llnudiii, I'l-.-mklin e mntv con'am .ni! at. mt 201)0, icrts m lots of front CO loVOOaerci, 'i--icu p tieh-e..'rs .paitif.iiarly deatribe-l at ihe I- , f i sale. When a let is fu' up it will be i .J P0it,i to Ihe ,n.''iii.t hidd'r wiuiont re crv e, nnu lu b bidd n:. The Unci hai rtf'.ntly been urvejv'd I y .' II. llu'li.i I, of aid town, w ho will eive any and n' on uqiure I, by ii plvimt io him, m 'o 'b sub liv, tjtm, q ahty,, te. The tract nf lw i-.iiiout 7 tiult niniih w't of the village of Jl iloni the' Co to.vtt of I'mn'mn Co., N. Y., lyin? on but1 ude of the road lendiiiL' from iiniipor to Dunno l'u i. nee. I.itl'n .Sshiiou river passes neatly lbroush ' evil trc of s.n I tint!, and it h is a number of mill i i nnd lame quontiius of (J thr. Tho whole tract a wi 11 wooded, ray two thirds hnrd wood, the rt ma -i"4 nno thud l'ine, Cidarnnd Hemlock; tod, sunuj loam, warm nnd pri.duttive. Terms, one llurd iluv.-n ill money or entile, and Tee balance in two eqirtl nonufil p lyincn's, wdh nn' u t Ititere-t, suit -ati-l-ieliirily -ecuirtl. 1 tie lr!e r.,.-i lo the find is iiiitiiiesnun ihie. Anv pure inisrrs wl. wish topa the vvh de amount d evn, will be nliciw- ! n ieb ito uf 10 per ceni. on the whule sum ol pure-hat mono. WH.I.ItM TAYI.OU, Id. I'v Itiebard ITerse, AwHoncir. nr.oKr: into t ) n' o ii tlie- Notice. Ihe e'i !i'uo tf the Sn'-sei d er, r.-ii: Ii 1 1 mv iiit, a Vlnif in iietd lole three vein "II. 'I nt' owner i- lee-e-lt-ilo pitivt- nro.-rriv, pay t-lMitie. ant i-..e Urvav. I.YMA.MlAl.l.. Sl.l',, A ie. 1 5, Vitini AiTUs. lSyr.ST.-S I'll' ill I'-iint M.1I-, just received ar.d 7 fur lie bv Ilvo.ia it AaTneu. Ilurluialon, 12th Auntr", 151'.'. . tISIIlOt ICS -! ( C't in.-tie: Pietri' an 1 o'b k'.-e, I ivtieVr, I!o.i-vv-e-r, I'.iv l( in-ino . nci V. jit, Col, i r.l .,M.i" tilltn.f, .., Om- Tim 'it- I'M :e, Urns 'I tn li 'A . b. rue Tn b-W.i h, T.e hl't.v.-'er-.J.ii:'.'- li.i'r JIjIh uf Ctl in! in, iml'-linn li I, lb tr , il,., lu -1 nr, An ki e nn 1 ntlier Hiipruied lu:ir j 'Ite't- nu. I .' rvt-ry ft w V- , I' i I- and 1' w.Vr, -'., C't.-'ri 1' it--ei, It. iv tuiii', Viiii.irlb, e". I 'llinese 11 n ,-e, I' .ni, Pi e 't,u JJah ; SO 1'"', N.ipte- fii'Hp, S.i .inni fui Ci iiipn. ti '. Cieii e i'f iivtm, I'.i r.nj Sen i, ('a t If tl. i;, W n I or Snap, V.i b 11 t'l, I acea .Snip up l v.inu i o'ber kuid-, Stinp fur rem ivtnt; tnins, reni,. .int. t';,-, Ke .in Soap, China Cum'ip, nml i.ther aruelf- in tins lu.f. jM otlici nil I Articles, Morrioii's IMM'rtini the ilrili-h C here of'l' la ndi it. Indian l'l.tiiii'ivt' I'll SI 1 1 iLaii'-t Ct .i-rli an I Worm Lozcnue . 1' or Mun'- l'la-ler, Shivimin' lie bnz, ne lo e-iifl'V ee-ery an I llowel Ci iiij.i. inn . : Sturm. m'- l!iia-i O.iru.eir, and in.i-t 1 nu'- el Dr. A. Snei iiuri1. l.e"ii.-( 'I hum i-nu'-I'tvl.m'i ni.dlV-.ei-i ii' Kye Watr, Se, 'lei I'tw-dcr-, rino'ltiii yr.lp fur ehi! lien euitin Iveth cr liavmsi -orcKtnn i MU'I III K3 Kl.t.H.I'. N. 11. 'Iho nni't-riL'iied aie airent- t f the al oyu n-ii,, .ned.eitial nrt it te-, and . II theni al wholt-iile uriwiid nl the lone-l nrut", oine t t i he in were pur, ua-i-1 I y n ) "i-t nl'ihu-e w ho wi-hei1 fwrll't-ui. A l'u- Ii - ipp'lj hi I i i-ivt-t, nndHll wlr yi-!i 'or any ibitiy i.i ihe .ibive hue are myited li ..xauiuietpialnyiiii t pr te-, in Ihe ety Siere. Aus'i-t IG h I'ANt.l'.OlfS A IIIMN'SM AID A I e, Willow Clia i-.-, v'a-.tir, Cradle.. Aug. 10 h. 1'. A: II JA.V.IS l'ARHVS l.eiTA'1 IZ. STA'l i: Ol." VI IIV.ONT. ) 'I be lb n. 'he Pro! a'e I mtrn t f Ora-i I 1 If, J Co .rl fur tl.o I'l-tritt ol (irnnd l-e. To the iieir. and all r i-i.n t-iiic' in the e-'.'tc ol J.v:ii.s l Ar.'ir, lale tf Alburjii, t'e U'l c.l. O.i nppli'-ation nf I In I 'see iinrsof -.idi'e ei el lo have ilie nine t x'eii V I to -t-'t'e ,ui e-'a e nne veir hum Ihe !J b day 1 1' :;i-(reiu! rr, A. IMS 12, ll i-ordered, thuliiotne I c even inn, I per- n tiiieie,'.!, lha' a ln-arinif will I e I. i I en - n I an iln-ati iti nt the li uri liti i e ni Nert'i Hern, ,m tl e lOhdiytf Sep- eui-t r in h nt; , i.e n t io u, r. il., n: wre n -nue ,ei- nnv an.'ctr .ut I li'Ai- n l-e ii any un-y hue, v.-hv 'he'ieie ! if ti I - ild ll. I I e- exteiHe.l altc al l Hi -aid ii,. ,. iea u it. On. n i tnler !!, mini ..nrl'l l'ern l.l.- lint IC.bdiv it V 2U ', A. lb liM:. Al ..t ill -j K.Ml.lll, llerr-slt-r. .yilli-itois Acutlcniy. jmii: v.u. rr.UM of this insiitutio- 3. will commence on V.'? ::. the 7th tr b'tpt., un-l'-i- the iii'tiurlion of t'. I. 11A.M1I.T0: a rietui I'.aduute ol tin- L'tnvet :v .if Vermot.t Kiotu Ihe -icrt' v.'iirh has lull, in 'c nlten-'i-d Zlr II-iiii,lloii n a It-ieber, ihe Tr i-'ets fu'' "inli h-ni r' rt.eoniini'ndiiie bun lo Ihe public ns .1 Voun;; nu nliiinilmt'.v ni'-iluii i lo d sr-harec t!if dutitsol l'i ne. pal, wilh piolii lu mo aciiuiar anu tionor io coininu uity. A new nnd eommodinm buildmrr lias recenilv pft' eree't'd, vv' u-h. P'uflber wnli its pit is-iut Ion- :i andea y -md diree-l ctitnitpuiierliii.n w nil nil p 'its ' Ihe coillliry will llll-ltr ll n ut-u'rniMe pint-e i"i i i rt nis nnd uardiana to tduunle their childrui ana ward . . . , . ... Tim yt-ir is divided into two Term?,; of two q liners ol ll Weeks each. TtntoN, fur the cuinnion I'-niilisti brancbc", v.- ' he 1 1,00 a tpmrter ; fur the hiaher branches and lha I iinrwi-p". SI "0. ... , I'iubo nn he iii.l-uncd in jrooti lamuics, irom ei,..', to:.00perwiek, I lit patronage oi itiepunuc i re-pt-euuny so iensn. yctcos 1'vnMKer.r., I IIaiivv Jlnaan, I 1-! .1 CiiiTTiisnr.N, 'Vruslttt. r.ioitT Clark, Also:; Imniicv. J gress ol an invader. 'J'liu Iwpc of lineland appears to ho to e.cila Btidsu--taiii a rival parly. Such a faction mi. dnub'ediy exit--i, but whlher Knj:l.init will do nvt any advantage from p, we cannot toll. The Chinee are romarltable for thnir high cs. tirnation in which filial lutios aro held. ho j-overntnent is loa r.oiisid'Jiab'.o oxient p.uri.irrh al and in all thuir inttitutiniis and laws, tho Km peror is ropiotentcd as tho father of his people This persona-.' r--ill,l bv ihc Chineso Km Tucl;, islhe llurd pcrMunjrn nfihe Umpire. Ho wnsnecoui nnniel bvnn r.iiL'intci', said lo Loin tho confidence of the Umpire. "Tlicro wus no trutli in the rumor that llm Pliinnsn Ililtl ofTereil, or were coin" to n(Ter. forlv millions of dollars for pence, On tlio contrary, nil their movements wcic ns stroiHy inilicutivo of stubborn rcshtnnco as cvcr. Tliey wero still forlifving tlm ap proaches to Cinton, nbovo Wlianipoii. Tlio uhieett but he hnd evrrv ren nn in brlinin ihn it,.. Iliii -h Irenps jtnl occupie 1 Candabar nnd Jellnabad and ilinl I'.iey were in such a condition as lo prevent their belli;; speedily removed. A letter received by Ilarnden &. Co. from London says "The House of Sir Robert I'cel, at Tansworlb, was surrounded by a mob on Iho night of iho 1 Sill, and burnt. Troops wcroscnt from llirmingham to quell the riot." Wo havo three London papers of tho 10th whicli "do not contain the news." Parliament was prorogued by the Quscn in person, on the 'M, after the most important session tincc tho p3nsiri-j of tho rofoim hill. The contents of tho royal speech aro not par. ticularly important. Tlio Duke of Wellington is nppniutod Com. inuider-in-Chiofof tho Army, in placo of Lord Hill, who resiyficd on account of ill health, Tho appointment vvs? announced in tho (Ja title of Iho 15th lilt. The Queen was about to make a visit to Scotland. It was cxpecled that tho would em bark at Woolwich, August 29, in Iho yacht Itoyal George, to bo attended by tho Phjuo fri. ate, and a squadron of stoam vessels and yachts. Kho would bo accoinnanieil In- Prinen Albnt. soveral of tho Ministry, including Sir Iioborl I!l fScJ nru ,he,leaJ "ho'110 ' B Cor" fidelity, jet lookm-j only at his heart nnu hfe, ho eo.ild see no -jround lu hope far salvation, but under tbudctp consciousness of indwcllm-- bin, v.-bieii this view .iwakeiied. ho ciald look lo ,u. nMrinoiu ami intercession of Jesus Chris', wilh joyful assurance of pardon and eternal 1 fe. The chamber of Ii s tioKncss nnd dent h was a piivdesud plncc. rVot that it was dittinsuialied by ihosr'trituiipbs of faith, foiinuiiiics Wilticsicti, bul for n calm nnd confiding dual in tbe pioiuitii-saud j-ooJness of Go 1, and for clear vn-w-a of lha wny oi salvation through, (null in Cluial. '.Villi a rti':tiai tiun lotbe will of (Jod, w hieli vv,i ihi rtadl millur of r.occssily norot piesuinption, but of clear views and evangelical trust in he go-ipel, ho comiuiiled bunfcell anew in o ihe leu-da ul his Saviukr, nnd i-heerf idly waited his tha.ij. I'vm mini ihi menial vvandei ingaof h.s lisllu.rj, Ins tluua rs, nt intervals, Beeiued r.iliou illy and deb-ibtlu ly emplojed upon the upon the "houia" he wnf about lo finer. ;.t mid day thomcasnu cauittor Ins icluf, sajiii- Servant of (iod well done I lt si Irom ihy lovttl cniploy, The Inltle fought, the vuioiy won, Ihlter thy mailer j y, His funeral was nttendetl on Saturday, by n tar-re concourso of citi7en;, wlius,) oriow icslifiett how much ho was rejpsclod and loved. Hut he is gone. We thall sec bis face no more. Yet the memorial of his good namo and dtodH will be still fresh as ihe morning breeze and fragrant ns Iho flower ef sjmng ;i a : w n t u: odd n t i t; a . TIIii'i ni-.TU ! 111!-, 'lF.liill ! ! Ti'ie Inciimpurable 'Vunth I'rei'aratiort. rPI!K fae i- proud, and il.e ino-i iiti-riiiu'ou-. an.l ,L tloul'iinrt nie tully i imyn t-e I nl it irre.u nii'ily, ns we il.e eve'eni e fmui 'he -a'e t.f about Sj - (K)t) 1 tiM'-td 'be O.'tuilu n, w-i'h n il.e p i-l year, ll t a erlaint-1 from r Npcneii. e, that when ti-i-d, il.e et ih will never decay, Iml t niani till i'n- Mlt'-t ae ol innn, v. nh their natural wear ; and mure m tin. i '.ni ls ef, nervou- tuolh.r he, (tlial ebinax t f pain) ha it nt oneo t yen eleetnilly fired by tin. miM pojeilar drninlito m Amenea. And in cmu-lir ion, where, i r who i-the younp lady nr jren'', aye. Ih i'i- i ' lal thai table, a I ea-atif n irl ofleeih, o in I crii ns und ,t m t . brealh mere lil'v t-ent, thai I It linn i- de-tit iic ofa l-ox ot LV. M. III'. heoi-kV Ma nt- ie 0 '' III ia. I-'or sals whoh' ;'c r.i.d rrlad, by eoT!:n t I'ick- isso:, aolt rroprtelora and Suictssors to A. unci took A- Co., 117 t!i.niie ,'jirttt, Uliea, K. Y.i in (icorgin, by 1.. Janes; M.'tnn I'alls, by Ilnrrctt iV Sawvet,- .lohnson, bv 'J. 1.. Warner Co. i Hurling. inn, by l'l'.CK .V -I'PAll, iin.iiilaeiaims Oruggiala, and icniieic oi nil ge-.time pitonl msdii-incs. 1VOUMH! '.VOI'.tt-:! "1?. M. Ill I'l llCOCK'S uur vailed r.nd unequ-il-U r led WoruiTn.n sovi icien icine.ty for Wornn. I'h'n iiu-alanble tnetb "ino has hern Ksied by Ihe rv- pciienee nf more than en j.als n-e, a. id adliiull'li'ltd lu uiiire man ii'.i.w. p, r .in oi vnritiu Rce-t, ana not one "nlilaiy eoiiiplaiut . for in nn one nf ihe lllou aiidof insl.inees, bero r has leeti utl ngreeible lotbe in inte.l diri.(..,inH. tin it ever failed. Tf. II. Ask lui Dr. JI. ItiicheoeK's Wnrni 'In.ns ihere nie many no-lrains abroad lur tho iMtiuctiou of v.muis. SMI IT ': y Tn'enf y-flvc t:-3.. "p.U JI. nnVIICOCK's! newlj inve ud .-.Ijri', ! ihi best a li. ' ever di-ci v.rid bv M ii-nufla men. tu I'liiLj e nt Ami lit-a, fiir the euren i I aht-olule tr li fuf t ilnrrh. Dp t,n,t of ihe Head, Wisk Fvi'S Nnv.iiis!' . nhe, !' dlt .I .siiknrss, I'll-, an I In funis iroubud wi h LHoflles, patlml thocks yf Pal u y, etc. cool, ncr principal resiueuco wlnlo in .Scot, land will ho at Dal Keitlis Palace, thu resi dence nf the Duko of fuccleu;;b, whero she will hold a Drawing I'ootn. Sho will embark on her rctutn from .Scotland on tho 12ll) of Sep. tcmbor. Fkancc. The new Trench Chainler of Dep uties had asi-emblcd. On tho Olh the President of tlio Coum'il laid In Slnikshoro'. Ave- 31, Sirs. r.LizAnc-ru Savlcs. aged c.-, wifrtiif Srceucs fAyer-s, ajed CJ, wboiii lie suiviveu omy lour woeus. In ibis Town. nn llm lGlh July, Sarah n.,dau 'liter of Wm, l'.aud Sarah A. I'lulnps, njied-i years and 8 innnihs. Vinil'I'iB I'spcr. ftnnfl1-A-Ii3'--iSO'lcd sizes, r.irsaleliy OUU c. aoofjiticu. S.'pt. 7. ,. , . .r..:i. ni' yj" "u -"" l"a 1 ""mull oi mo L.uiun-11 mm Chinese wero (lunl.iymu' tlio perruc'ion ol . i...... ...... 7 . . . . .. I... .o .,. M,inni, i..'ii;ii4uirii,iiiii til iriiut'e'D niy iieifenty rnSbffi . introduced' by an KCr( llus'ls'l (IiiIIIj. sinadsizeatiifupcri- KJJ' oi tiuniur su.laii'ior i-snes enooi. Scf. luttreeeivedby C liOOPKICH M'TIOt I.tlTKI". Dr. Kvans' l"t?aulir Ins I, oil m. TJIfitn.Y eni'tneil fr n.trin? a I llriipttnn , I 1. i.'ti.'iit-r-tii tn, Ktilnin, nnd I'i ip'as uu I lie I'see, Net k or huiidii.nnd flu i u!ly i hunin--ilK'COinple.x-inii and tein.ivint1 all tlfeni-t. of the ekui. ro!hii!j enmiibiil h so ml" h In our gt-nr'al sil" crss in b e, a . ani'tiHumii til si appeaiaure. Tnnl.o imn is tidinireil as a iiiosi frng.aiil, m Id. safe w-i b, and itrent'y ifcltemed for Us viilurs ill idi-iuini, fc.i'l rniiic, and punfvin.j ilit i.kui ol all eruplions, so inju rious lo icmale beauty, nuJ nsioring it io a high ue guenf puriiv. A lie iatilul and henliliCd complexion i the pride of idl who put-less il, and die cuvy of those who de piived of it. A g'jid appearanea is ihe best reeotitrnenilaiioti j ami f I'i lb suiifjM)e purities ihe skin, nml ri Minn nil l',u,ple3, I'.luii hes. Tan, .'it.nburn, and ltidnrs nnd ii .ilu, . a a beniiiiful hue, it it the only Ciifuiilie h lndy 'n d, .im. il her loil.-lte. (eiitli r.n ! will i flini ihit .1 H.di.d Iful reni'dv lorenioveall nouflnitsa, I'i nph .Hun-wtirms, Sp un Hrdnei., Shi ri ii i, of ihefitee nr.d nose, ail cvmy kind of eruption on thrsuilaee nf ilia hiiniin body. It is nntlieirnrly reeintiinentli.d M aentb men lo h' W.tfity't shaving, as it will pretenl lb" r.llirrwi.'? "eri-J" eflwi of all tnimnnn sosp, in turninu the ii.irti ri-ninttiiriy (iey. j or suit-, wnol- oeanu rr rii'l. by i-Oht' n i'v ririr N'.. n. vole Prop. iiors ond SnrefSirs io A. Iliichi-.u k A Co., 117 fii-newr SI , I'nea. N. Y t in fb nr.-n. b. I Ja s: M 'Ion Calls, by ll-irieil fi Savvi ri J .' ".nn, by ft I.. Winner iV i I turini' Pru BURUMGTQNjllG!! SCHOOL. T'lll. Aeetlemie year of tli. Iii.tiiut.-ni t'mitvii'ed i -.In nuarl'-i - of eleitn k !, - rai h -, the rb-t "(iriii.t'tn it j; Ant i-t -I'i 'be nx-nnl Jicy. 21, the linril IV . S I, Ihe Ki.inli .liny la. 'li llidN.m Ihe foi'iinoii;-.h brant he.", SI, .10: in ihe-h-idiiT KiilIi-Ii 1 rani he. mi l ilelnnvni. "t -.. iy'iO 1 pal j' ie lo Ihe pi.tnil al nl the prndletf ea'-ii n arier. T-tni.e vv ill Ie tliaieed lor 'e than bill'.n quarter, and no ilfdiie'ii.ini mad-; fur abnt-ntc i nles. t cea-'t mil i v kih-i. Mil. CilAltl.l 3 C. 1'AllKKIt, lb: principal un der w',io-e intr .i-bnn ami iiiaiiairaineiii, tl irniir tin !iom tear. Ilic-i-h m. han anited a liiih and will 'e -ervc I ie iii a'.ioa, lias t ten ent a;-ejl y tboTr n'ec- for tho i-l-nne jeari aiel :il In-n ics , wr. ncnrr-ei. l.vmaii. ai-rali.1'0 ..flhc l' liver- .'y, hi-' ! eeu o eia el wrh bini i et uiirinan in whn-e-ialenl anJ ne i uu'mi'ii:'! the public can repore the tiimo't ctmh dl'llee. 'I In- s.-brol in't -iptieil cxelnslvelv for yt line jrcu t'einen. nml alt who may ii.iitoiiue it arc an-art lhat no etcri.fu vv.l le v-an'inr oil the pan of ill Teacher" lo mve .-m-h usaie pile itl under tliuireharge a thoro t;li M'letvitii Unnw le 'j-e 1 1 Il.e fle'iar'num'- lo ivhii li thev may r.iiend. All who wt ll tolriinne .ph.ilai-, m tl.e tree unse of the lerm, maybe sine nl ihe ninple-atiil lenly .i-mhIiihic ol the Jeivlien. no .itlieintuode-ire.l. Tlieiumt r niiio of I eins pre-nil the fiM 1'ay of ll iiinrer, i.-iniint lo u e.nne-iiv iit-o'iiniein e e,o n i l.o iiripti-eltiat'eiil I tie Si In ml, will then I o h nne I, whit Ii iho. e who cirtr u! icq t liny, will I .. rvi e !( I tt 'iiin. '1'bti elnrarler and lrc.'tien ef lhi n-betl may well rivoimi ni l it tutbepaironati1 ol iV.e friend-, el nl id . inr nj!. 1MA1CI) may tr obtunel I.r SI.50 er C3.00 ptr week. . n. u. irvm itKfu l, .i. iv. i ii n v i.uai;, H. AU.n.V, (ii:o. ii. hii tw, T, KOI.I.I TP. 1 ? IS. II. HASWKLI.. I WYI.I-iS I.Y.1IA.V. J Iliulinston, August ID, 18 Pi. KS AX!) Ci.OCKH. f--- ; . . 1 1 1 1 . . i nu. I e.eill etditl riril I i...l 1 . .....1 I.UH'MI. l- . s,;, .I m: V. a'l-ht-'i.if -h .'ii ) n-i t a;,, i led iiiJ ol ff-'K -Si' 'bene 1 fa-hieiiniiie and pie--VI 1 'Jna'. u P'"eiii. IJ'te anJ -mall j I,J'. I . ijPJSti tin" I'lov enit'llt. vv'iifh V". v .-,i;vSI w-i'l ' ft-.i-e-dioanvpallt-rn oi SIIAT.K I.tiVI-Rnn 1 1 rPINr.WATCIII.' TIL1.11.0 1-..NULIHI ItATttir.-l. tiso, Kir -a' yerv reni' -nifle pricc, n .ew-ffood Ilnh-h Wa'ciie-, whit h have Lien, ai.'l w.ll run as wen a- new oi e-.'lV.'OOri'.NCIOCK'i very ebeap I TiiMMi'i t licl.i an.l lln. Mi j ekl-IasI.ioneil bra Clo V f .r -ale nuiie Invv. irnt'lotln and Waiehcc e'l-an.-l and repaned wnli iic:ilne..-i andd-anateli an I arrai ed, as teual. 1'A.Nl.iUOIi.N i- IMlNSMAin. Aujf. IS, IS)'.'. ' l o u n . ITiIlKSII GrounJ llcur received this day and for esle 1' by .May 20. 1). DAYlsi. FARM FOR SALU. I'DU MAI.!'., ilist well known I'arm -it '."'. lined in M It. ei, ab.iul olio mile bom lie 5 --PI"-'r I-'"!'-1! foniiiilynvviit J and oeeupied bv the l'.cv. S. II. t'rnii, tO'Uii.iiin'! be tween -ii j and 300 ucies ol lind, eo,npu ed in pnrl of iniivvui", I Ihi'-e ami ,:vii'iin'.', anil eottj nond Ins nnd . 'war on bird. .V I farm is vv. "I v. .! ied, ti is two i.'ojd ilivtllm.' bonifs, one of vvh! Ji i.i of brick, ihe other of vvuod, both in sond report three goo I eood bnriu, one of whieli is Why ll,t-l, iheoihrrs 30 by 10 let 1 1 a horse hnru r.ed other out buildings with rjroiid yards nn I vvaltr hrmijiht into ihun snd lo the hove in Ion-, and also 'hree I'md -velU of vvaler on uu larm; bemg a dtsuahle "ilualiun for a man who wauls to rai-e neat "lock or sheep or both, or is an euollmt firm lor the ri-iiry buiine. Thos Wii-liliii! la purchase a u-h a firm would do well b- ii.p!)ui' soi'.i lo John and Jamfi Merlon on the ptemif, , or to Hen. v iii.?ib3!i of .few Haven. Milton, Match - I, p:fj. il if 7it;i lit:;: Ittkt I!:s:il.' StimiHtuj-. rpllli bilit'nl vtar idivi.liil i.ito Iwo nr.;- ' ! ''I 1 vv e-'it ft 'h : one toinnii'iieiii-' ihe fr-i V- ... day of March ;, lb' third Wetlet 'V f -tpii'inhf r. Tl." hame lr ' ird and tuit- u ,sS p. r ti in i Ii r ef 1 1 wt-i k-, or'iO '-r term of v. 5. An ad.litn.ini ih.Tj.-e ol ?i eetits .3 made fui liiu in den al eu-" nl the elmnl. x t a ' n j c j,'c elt :hc Pine : -pt-i qunrler, S17.03 The'.utiiieni fir, 'i 1 0 Drawing and Pniulinjr, S.r.O I-'u neb, at Prof. Uouchettc's charge, 5 "0 I.itm, H'O The M'r-ic department is under the :arc of Ptofts sor Wunliuiller f tit'imany. .Miss is desirous tint pupils (rom a'irnnd s'p l.' ' b.aidal ihe -teiiunnry. Aside irom olh.radv.nnf-s. tl'.c beauly and bealibfubit s oi lee u ailou Miner il in Us. If decirnble. Heard has bet i ledi red InSii ier quarter. The b. huol is not sectarian, but ihe Princijii! hopes ever lo fi 1 1 she e lueatss for eternity, ltnrlm.'ton, Aimu"i I i, l-1 IJ. d Hitics'inn-jh Acaticniv. r?, WM Fall Term will commence V. JL d.-iv Aueust 31st, under the care of tli -n ; pal, P. Dixicnr.. Hoard, m.-!.- 'unt wa-binr, li-bla und feel, c 1 1 had in cood lanubes nt 61, oO per we-lt. Ch-irtse lor Tuition, fiom il lo yci r, ,-.-ur .' 11 weeks. T. W. nillll, Sccretiry. Iline-burrb. An". 15, Is 12. Blanc MauoG ."loulils. 71.nitAB. Y:1T tl KOOT hnvo llhnu .Ifina- i- if- airman I'.sm, Milrh Slundt. Clear S'jnth, JJi'g Ci's, Ciulart! do. f?i-- Cnn iVe .-iie .i, Ot iss C. niinert, tpe. four five A: fit bot tle H.-v't "' Cb8!o:s,b'.1 very chwp f couite. June ill, Is IJ. THE A7-:ir WOULD. rn"lI-;f.ira iiutn' i r-ol the .-.t-1 v.tiiid t . - -1 1 1 3 varmi- mil Ii'- 'mis n"'ev are is u '. r . . 1 e hsd.ii Ihe II. ink i'-. rt- ol I ho Mib-erd cr, a- e -t'e or retail. The t, ;i Inst Ii .n eun'.i i "7V I m,':'.' i-in'iDn.' flfr ' 'v sanj T.w,- " '.;' rami 7'imi of Louis J'liili'l'pt, Kii.j "f t i fren'.h.' pM tei-eivfd. ,UJ it. n. .. uraM'N l," Oil SAI.I-. nt a ndvnnct from cos: L 60 brl. Logwood, 50 " .icwooi1, 25 " Camwo d, 25 " HedwroJ, ' s " rii-ir. 10 " Ainu, fi " Madder, 10 kegs .o. 1 l'm:ry, 2d " Indige, 5 cases Ucfined llorax. I'm LETT tt IlnAr'ITS , Tr. Ih subset iher i IOOI)3 areeltea i, and will be so unid ngood Tai vj ifT taket. iho pl.e-e of the vieuuui, subili nue Vilnn which have nlreadv (ollattl ihe whole Aiin';-:aii KMauial Ue i.blicau Sjrlem of ciii-tuir-at'e iie il to .ei leiilluris by nnn-priite linn m Man ufarl'ireist Ihe whole rum and mbsimeeof wlneh -lha we 'live for he Ian past several via rs, been ItMlit'n mnr undi r and f r lbs benefit of Pun in Na Ho' , rather than folennji n, r own ind islry, whieli when it thuw.-d tin.'t in imliii liiil nr muled tutor pi uu wis ntruc wiili the p.-iniiiii! Vein ihuik j am! as Iho People will sini.1 williIoi in it Power shah ee-isc io oputsla aa-iinal ihe National llt-pubbenn Yi tabl v, then' the V.jmi-i li..ral nrei.H will be iinprove I. the Mm. i. ei.' inn s si I in iiieuen. the oirr of tin Cnimli) ll nl 1 1va it ii; i J euT'oyaiiiii, nion. v hi . in ae-nu Inepeiilnle, nn,. dl III pre ly aril um fui i.itid nf OOODi then at now le had of ilie People's ts nl. llOVYAilD. Cheap Cash Store, Sept. Ut, It!! ( ii I'd r in it t i i n :t n tod. TOIIN -iKIll.l.ol ib.i inwntil Cir'cfn, t-t.nii-j J i.i l.iii.'jlu..l, Irebiiid, I. Ii ibi p uie u' o n 15 nen, fur Mi no. a', win re he leii'td for mine una in I ilien leur veil lu Si. P air, l.v.-heie liel tineht iiine I md. lis i- mm nippo-e I lo 1 r living ai Hur liiiitn n i r t3l AH nn,antl ifihi-ihn '. I nnvi hi- ye, he ii- ihrreuil lo einiune of Mr. U C. Ilo 'inan, C3 l.y 4i St, Al1 stty, w here hewdl find hU nt ri llri.'ci' S ede, wh i In - lee i unne tune in tbi r, un.rJ(b'n wliii ran rf no li ' 117 -el him. lin,!,nin ... orr-t.-kup vtt. iiiiiniifje. I Alh inv. Ani, I, IT-' rut'"-sts. ana vtnJer of all -.-Jnuine raunt ttTJ" i'beN. All an pap- w ll e.inf.-r a avrr n I !' " v. ft 1111 1' iha tile -iv,-. baviiir. b-.-.! nimointr-il be ihe linn. Ihe I'liiiiale dull I. . il.e Diairtit til Cl.itli-ndi 11, tn itee vr, e.vamine a il adjust the elaiuiiand demnidt of all persons, aam-i ihe e -.t.iio of I'phriiim Sitli, Ittle ef Ji-rivlnt, in snul liistiii-t. dert.tcd, lenre uied msn vi nt. and 1 tu ar elu'ins and demand inhibited Ml olf-ti ititrt'o; atul .ix lennib Irom Ihe dn; ul the dale heieof, le .1 ' said court ftir that pitipo.e, we do llure fore hen by pive nulirv, ihat irn wu! ntliud to ihe liuitue.a of our npnuiiiiiueiil, al the dwelling nl Jr.- aecii.v .-iTHEf, in .lerieiiti, in sail u stri. 1, on the M londnv s of ti ntember, reeeuiher and January ntxt. at 10 ii'elni-k, a. ri , on inch uf siid tl iy. Dated, this Sin ri-iv of Jidy, A. D. JWJ, J. fi, IIILI,, ) Cominii. TRl'MAN C..M.U--IIA. sion. rs. . C.VTL1N i () t i C. (! . "JM1P. Cooilnerhii herelofnie e-timiiig under the 1. fr 111 ol S-rm. A Piei.a, is litis day ilinlved by uiii'usl etin"--ul. The biinimis! will be rmiiinuid hj .1. Sfl'.I'l.r., at thu old stand. Inhtrtif ih, p-irms vr nt hiidty 10 use tbe name ol ihe firm 111 e-loiu ihe bueiiusj. JOSIAH STKHI.K, Win. A. HILLS. N. fl. All p-rnns having uuai ultil neciiinls 01 Nod s due, are n- lili'd lhat ihey tnust he Milled or annnged previous 10 ihc firsl day of He, or liny will be lift with an Attornov f r roll, eiinn. JOSIAH sit.kli:. Wu. A. HILLS. Ilinraburcb, An-. 1, ISIJ. Itloi ison's Pillii STAND tinrinlled a. a 1 lean er nnd pnri.fer fir ilie 1 nvv-i-l ,1 If-h'., and iho whole .y't,m In 1'iar rht ea er teisrni s- 1 f 'lie I owtW r.'n I ..t'liiii t-i -t inp'aii.'i, ihe e . 11 1 0 ie!irl 1 pon vv-ult pei-feel ei ti ideal e a - a eotnniuu intlie,t,e 'o I r I epl u-a ly iVr um nn all o.mvihoii'. iv heie a ea hariie i- nee 'ed, tin melieine U luioriualle ', Sill mi'v at 'he Yur elv S-.nrcly pAMiHOWv (- DUl.NsU MP, '. Auisili. for .Murnniu ef Louden, 0k1' TO HUA'T. Geo I, ennveinen llr '' e -l"Il piVer. finnie. l.nn iro-M live'Iiiii; b-jr. -ly. UCTTKU. mtST UVTKnniileof Tublo r...ller in sma" . V. or Inrgs, far rale by AiiS. 4, 1E1J. iVc'.v Goods A 1:1 in. 'ATIN STIJIPP.l) CIULI.Y--, P',ieri-..'.k!, I. ebl -.nd Dark Printed I.ivvni Neck, ' . . ml nnd C-iji lubbei.-i ; Ilci. I'dlili O1 ivaaiid 1 IV nnl. 1 I.tneu ; Lisle Tlne-iill etloui Ln.1'.! n d Duk Kid Lilnvtsj I'ook Mu!m ; P hup I. awns Colton Hoi'! Nispciidii'i; N.edlesi L'aipa in? ; Tbicml, Ac., all Viiy cbcnp hv f!;; II. f'ATM"' Tons itiul ( 'tillcc. I Kl.MI supplv of Tens and Ciille, Z n'luiilv, jusi icccivcd undfoi sdeas clua Pet I. bv Am... -1. ISIJ. II. VV hi tr -. CAM IN. Pirw J',iiriiilitrt: U (irr-Uorsr. On Churcli-st. (In rear of Hit- Court House,' lum.ixnrox, vr. nn.vKNr.s iV Kl have nn Van.1 sn-1 are etiu-t .n'lv- Rtttiii-r 10 iheir -leek of H -'r f a iiinimi i -l ie, Siifn-, "--eeii-lar.t--, I' :n a , a' 1 y and el.erry tliiiin.', n'lilrc and tarJTal !-, Je'-tus A . he. a 11 a 111 si Curl inap'e, enne -ea! lireeian, eom.ion .-aie tv, ed .eat fu ekin .ml tl-mntl ' 1 1 A 1 1 i j a 1 ' whieb nre uintie in Ihele-t mnnuer 1.1JI t. ce I workmen, an I will I e s 1 1 m nii. et t rt n nm w ith Ihe timet., foi e.l.-h, luui'e-r, or i-uuri'i ' p-- dnoe. Itlcc's Patent rai.nliiK Jllllr, Mamiftit-'.iel l y Dame-ife Keel. r, etir-ii"'v e san 1, w iiii b 1 bey wdl e.v ung lur j,ian or 1 . h if e lined. rvha-( Cloc.lii of all Lmli auJ ekesp s t'if AUd,'h-l. Jii ? 1-T4: 111 nn i fii; Utt'iisiiu. flf POZIN Paieni Seuhe fn.iih. mi .1. U ti' imi ; in... W ai net's it'lo' ra el gn f.nd crad'f S y'i 50 In. linn I liaLci, llav .' nr.F, V'je't ll xfoul'-. do do tW Do, Hoes and epH Heel do $hr.fU, S,i'u-, tVe. 1'. '-. ly June 30. I . I". .1- V ... 1 RO.'.i, w a o . VILs-i If n-Tinn f-O'-PS GOOD DRY HHD WOCT JolrMr46 Jt vv fomii y c, n-sor'

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