Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 30, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 30, 1842 Page 3
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C7"An error tins occurred in tlio il.itc fix ed for tlir salo of lltuikrupl's clTccls, imtl nlso of die Fanners ami much tnics Dunk stock winch is now corrccti-d, hiii! (lie sale fixed lor tliu 8tli of October. We ni.ikel 1 1 is notice that nil concerned may govern themselves accor dingly. my: "Things arc dally getting to look more liko the glorious time of 1810. Wc saw a couple of Tennessee wag ons, the othci day, surmounted with gallant flags-, inscribed with the name of -'Henry Clay." " By heavens ! it was a goodly sight 1" Tho cbclric feeling of tho olden time was kindled xviihin us. Wo almost felt as if about to see and hear the great Wing ball again rolling and thun dering through the streets." Sense IN A dehating Socictv. Tlio follow ing scene lately occurred in a debating socie ty :- President. We will take the ayes and noes on the previous question. Member. A word or two, Mr. President, Friends, lioinans, Countrymen : lend me your tars President. Order, sir ! We will take tho eyes and hum first ! (L7TVic Whig young Men of New York to the Hon. Silas Wright, Jr. Our read ers will recollect the apology which Silas Wright recently niado 1o his party for vot ing for the Tnrifl', and tho promises by which )io accompanied it. Referring to this vote tho Whins of New York adopted the follow ing Resolution at their l.ito Statu Conven tion : Resolved, Tint we sympathise with our distingu ished Senator, lion. Silas Wright, III the necessity to w inch ho is subjected nf humbly apologiyuig tihis political allies anil promising not to do si ngsm. whenever he jive a vote for his cunstilm nts ; and we cherish a lively hope thai he will he relieved ironi tins nscssity on ami alter the 1th of March next. Tho. Globe is alarmed at tho arousal of the gallant Whigs of Ohio, and predicts truly we doubt not defeat to I.ocofocoism wherever the spirit of 18-10 is revived. It expends a column and 11 half in warning its friends ngsiinM the olTorls of the Whigs. The tinmo of lluxiiv Cl. v upon our banner ciriies dismay into the ranks of the cneim : for they know that it gives token of 11 gallant contest, fought under a leader, worthy of the principles hu represents, and the great pai ry he leads to victory. The New Uedfi.rdlJ.illetin relales the fol lowing story of lion. Dixon II. Lewis, mem ber of'Congrcss from Alabama : "It i? said of Dixon II. Lewis, ( who is so large that he occupies three seats in a stage coach, hut is (ducted to but one in Congress,) thai while looking round fur a sufficiently cap irions chiir. at a public meeting, an old fashioned tiian ctied out, 'Three cltr,rs for Lewis!' whereupon three chairs were immediately brought in, and the great mail comfortably ".Ued amid the loud applause uf the audi ence !" Laconic. It is said a gentleman in New York city received a letter from Dan iel Webster announcing 1I10 fact of the ralif ieati.m of the trealy with Great Iirilain, da ted on Saturday evening 10 o'clock, of which tiie following is u copy : "Dmx Sir. worki- 3D to 9. Yrs. D. W." ICrom the Raleigh (No'th Cimlm) Register. VUTK I'.Oil fiOVEH.NOR. Xi-di is the ou'y rounty. nu.v r. 111 lining to be hoard frcin, to complete the returns of the Gov ernor's election. Our Uib'e, vx lien last publish ed, presented tho fnllo'.v ing roMil:, viz : Whir. Li--. Mor.r.uuAO,, .iO.SHIl Greens. -71 1M yj.lll 31,111 Present major. Ji, 131 From the Cezaile. A:i--sic iNcincNT The Same ou Cons-. An inei I it occurred at tha grest Wing gathering ai Hamilton (Ohio) on Saturdy last th 11 created a v. 1st ileal of amusement. As one of the ib-legation- fiuiu n neighbonn r township wis en'tniij (lie town 111 a Ions, hearing vunoiis I. itinera, cuiliii-ms, nnd devices, nni singing Whig sn'i.-rf 1 1 tliu spun ot li40, a cluster of Li-ufoer- sta 1 li.ig among ihe Wine; were b.i'y ill milking 11 milks up ill iho lip jn n.aching inuliitude. " Sli" said one ol thcLoeos, there conies Wlug.-cry vv.lli Us bauiicis, clap-trn,ifl, nod humbugs, nnd I shouldn't wonder if they had the "inie old 00011 tl..-y hidheic 111 Iho Coin union o 1H10." l!y this tunc the van nf tho procession began pns fin;,' the group -a lnn.5 slnn? of horsemen, uxor iht abreast, each ono bearing sonic appropriate h. inner. Next camo a car on which a number of tdscksmith were nt work; and bcaimg vatmus em litems of their trade. Then came another can bear ing a parcel of shoemaker at worl., and also having pnatc banners and devices. Ncjt came a large car of log cabins hoys dealing various emblems of hus bandry, and paruculary a representation of humble life in the "slashes of Hanover." In Ihe imdelol tho car wis an uak sapling on which was pctclud a noble looking coon, haling a Ijhil immediately nbove Ins head, in lare letters, The Same Old Coon." Soon after this was discovered, one of the Whig rosrcl out, " ihero comes the same old coon, 6ure enough " The Loco who had before prophccied that it would come, appeared lobe struck wall utter dismay, and uith an agonized countenance exclaimed, "Tliu same old coin, I swear," and turning to his I, oco compunons said, " Come boys, let's go borne, wei'o brat now nothing can sund against Whig songs nnd coons." Tlustliciled a arnernl shout of triumphant merri ment from the Whigs that made the welkin ring for a mile every ono exclaiming "the same old coon I" Thcrpisa rumor afloat ofn most mournful and chocking affair having occurred at Windham, Vl. on -unday last It appeared that a partially insane person by the name of Spaulding, ol New Ipswich, in this State, left hi- liumea short timongo and wint to Windham. Last vvcik Ins brother went thereaf ter him for the purpoo of bring. ng him back. Da Sundry morning ho was standing 111 a shed wilh linn seciuingl) peaceable nnd quiet, when be receivid 011 bis head a wound inflicted with auaxe by t he man, w hich caused his death in afew hours. The in sane binther has been lodged in Ncwfarie jail to awail Keene Sentinel, From the New Orleans lice, Sept. 13. Yeuoxv l'tvr n, During the last iw-o days thero were 14 admissions of yi How fever into the Charity Ho-piul, 12 dischmgcs and 7 deaths. The number of interments reported to tho Hoard of Health for llie week ending on Saturday, wereilJ, of which 41 of yellow fever. CHINA. It was currently icpurtcd at Canton that tho Emperor, rather than await n vKit from cenernl Sir II. Gondii anil admiral Sir Win. Parker at his Palaco at JVkiti, had prefer red retiring huyoml the Great Wall wilii his family, considering himself to ho much safer in Tartary than in China. I lis Celestial Majesty before going was graciously pleased to command his loving subjects to fight away, promising that if they killed till tho barha rians ho would return and rulo them as be fore. Such imperial condescension must he very gratifying to them. Wo quote fiom tho (.anion lie9S the latest neus from flight of the Emperor. Wo loarn 011 good authority that tlio Emperor, appre hensive of 11 visit from the English to I'ekin, lias retired into I nrlitry, and lias, before his deparliiii', magnanimously issued procla mations to his people, unjoining them to de fend themselves to the very utmost. We ! wonder what the people will say lo be for- J saken by him whoso duly il is to protect them such pusillrnimlty deserves that the! I'coplo should throw oil tboir allegiance to a I 1 in co who seems so littlo deserving of it. INDIA. A telegraphic despatch from Marseilles dated the !10lh nil., announces the arrival nl that place of the oveiland mail from India. Tho intelligence it I rings painfully confirms the iipprehenrions which were excited in tlio public mind by the last accounts from Jella lahnd. The Great Liverpool, which reach ed Marseilles on Tuesday morning, is tlio heater of the most melanrholy accounts from tho camp of general Pollock. These ac counts come down lo the 23d of June. Dis ease, excessive heat, sccai cily of provisions, and tho simoom, had decimated the troops; and discontent tit the statu of inaction in which the troops were kept, is said to be at its height. As was untieipalcd, Ukliar Khan had possessed himself of the Dala Ilis sar, nnd of tliu treasures that were deposit ed there. The govemor-gonerul had, how over. left gcnoral Pollock to act according to his own judgment. Symptoms of mutiny had manifested themselves among the Sikhs. Tho accounts from Candabar nro the lllh June, but lire wholly dovoid of interest. ITIOM jinxico. Uy tho arrival of t'10 brig Apalac!iicoli, from Tarn- pico, which port she left on the 23lh nit. Rome later Mexican intilligcne - has been received. IhcApala' chicola brought 8127,707 10, in specie. A conrliicln ftnm the ritv of Mexico was daily looked for nt Vira Cruz. Don i". Almonte has hem appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Sute. lie. had the ruiutatiuu of hemp n sagacious nnd cool-hendid man. Uwas genually thought that tins appointment wo ddtrnd to close the briach be tween tho two governments. A nrnlilie vein of irold. extending ne.arlv 20 miles. lias been di eovclcd mar the bay of St. I'ranctsco, 111 Upper California. -V U. Jicc, ,Srp(. 1J. MIDI,F.Sr.X COUXTV COURT-I.OUIS PHILIPPE IN" TIIOUtlLU. Mrs. Mary Hi cams, n I.idy of Hibernian e.trae lion, and whose ocal powers were endued with " niJu.tiiiiial keys," na uunneil a gaunt-looliiiiir rrenehman, the nauicrakeoflheking nf tliu I-'uneli for the mm of mucin 11 slnihnts nun sivi tncc. 1 'ommissioner is I lie claim fur, Mis. Hog. gns7 .Mr. Hoir 'ins Sure, ihi 1 me lord, its for money he ows in. nib in li'uhirl of me ready-furnished lodiiin.1 lis is a poor wulily woman I iihi and mi, me lord l iu ..lihgeil to take it in men llingntuj wid inej ami this Fame l.ewy riulip, as lie i-i Is hi osill, has lieu r paid me nt all, from the limu lu first diiiii'dme b'-d till lie lift it nltojiethi r. Iikea big thafe as he i. litems of laughter. And sure it is inn. t; en and sixjicnco he's uwin' me, honest money. Con'miissioncr-VInt do you eay to thi, Mr. Lou is Philippe 1 Mr. 1'lnlippe (looking cxcedinply like an excitrd monkcv) Snis, I shall say nothiii' ho miicliasjnii not li e lo hear. Laimhter. This woman ktn nic go into lirr bid, and 1 find one two thru s:doz en orders in de same bed, Commissioner What ! six dozm in one bed? I.ouis Philippe Sars nioie, sale : and all tie long night I ke. p biting and biting, nnd de more 1 bitedc 111 ir.. they Lei p on scrai-h a scinch, ltonrsof lauidi-tt-r. 1 sleep aw ake all de night, and net are so much as open my eyes- that htd r-ti dirty. -Mrs. Ilngims- Hear him, sow, the lyin, bnstej if it wasa't for iiinnni rs, I'd tell him a puce of me iiiiud bid lu'-k to ihe mother llnil bore him j 1110 own house, baa pot a character, mid me b"ds:trc nbclancal th" shirt on your lordship's own back, laugh Icr. Louis Philippe It was not n tnu-!i de what a you calls bugs an 1 Hoes s 1 iniieli s the landlady's tongue which I. tip on a go, go, h!,e one infirinl machine and I got tin fh-ep till I wake up in the morning, laughter: then i!e boils so much dirly, vrrdlrty, lire t pri, Hire 1 elintl llol pny ill ln.incy iiuvmro. I ni' i-t most neveare to pay lo nobody so much mon eys I havnnot got. Iloars of lauuhtei.J Commissioner You will cilher pay this money sir, or go lo prison iwcntv days. Mrs. Hogg us Long life lo ver lordship, audit's mes If will gi.u him n batun' into i lie bargain, the nasty pp-ilpecn. Oil), il me own Dmis was but alive " rVevenrc shall vol! pay me," taid ihe representa tive of Louis Philipp.-, grinning awfully" neveare w l.rie the body l1-in my brtaih. Saire! thero is no juMiee at home, and you bh.ill wrong me jest as vou please. Hoars of laughter. 1 shall go pay every tinw neellI-e.,, Here Mr l.oui- I'hilipp ', deelai ing war and exter mination to nil F: n I :i ml, s. rainbhd out of court eloselv followed by '-lollv H i.gtns, who beMowed her compliments upon lliu Haul in right good Mi le sian . Another Veto A Ion. I taiher, tho other day, wishing to form analbiuee bitwcn his stupid son and a line young lidy of his acipjaintance, bent him to her with the following note .- "Dear Miidam allow mo to prcBcnt my Hill for youraceoplan.-e " The lady scut the lad bai 1. to h.-i father, with the following reply : ' "Dear hir vour Ihd is v. toe '." Ilcturnimr Gmd fur Eeit.. gentlemen in Nor wich, (Amu., w !ios garden was entered and plun dered on Sunday iiighi, git s notirrin the Cornier of llial City that it tliedt predators will call on him any morning during the week, "he shall leceho two days s pply of fresh vegetables and a copy of the Holy Sjii.iturcs, and iij questions asked." Wanted G iris want good husbands i young men want prudent and sweet tempered wives. Dandies and fashi'. nablo ladies who screw their waisi? to re semble wasps, want common sense. franklin says that " poven hours sleep is enough for n scholar, fight lor a laborer, an I nina for a kog." Who fluttelb I "Pan you tell mo tho way to the penetentiary I" aked a stranger. "Ves, bir pick the first man's pocket thut you meet." "There," said a Federal Loco the other day" to a firmer of . neighboring town, who had been ma king somo trilling purchases at one of our stores "the price of that sugar has been raised one cent a pound owing to ihe passage of the Whig'." " Very well," said the other, "I can tery wall af ford to pay it, for iho samo tnrifl' has nlso raised every pouu 1 uf my wool nine cents." .luimni Jjgrii. Cause of Quarrel. 'I wish I owned all tho pas lino Ian, I m the world,' taid Hob. 'Will.luUhl ownl all tho cattle in tho world,' said .ul. 'How could )ou feed them V a-ked Hob. 'I'd liirn ihcm into your pasture, 1 said Ned. 'No you u-outil'nt.' , Ves I iiMiiii.' -Vou mn!''l shall)' and then came Ihe fisticuffs and (J ! how they did fight I Not a run V.f. Tho editor of the Ilarre Oaicttc was funnel ly Post Master at lhal tow n, bui u few months ngo he was removed nnd another person ap pointed in his place. Whereupon ho his peipctratcd the following joke in his paper KEMiNisrr.ME. What hour of ihodav reminds us of what ir are 1 X. I'. M. to bo sure'! Pauev Anocl. Thomas Angel was picked up out of the gullir, drunk, in Ualtuuore, on Tucbday night. An old bachelor ha'viug been lauahed nt by n bevy of pnttv girls, told tliuu that ihey were small p ito toes. Wo in iy bo smalt potatoes," replied ono ol the iiiar'tns, " but we are switt ones." " Please, sir," sail the nn of n country tavern keeper, to a newspaper proprietor, " my lather begs you to lend hiiu your pjper, ho only wants to It." "Till your lather," answered the proprietor, "first to beuJ me his dinner, I only want to eat it." We suppose the Whigs will acknowledged thai they made. Iho bankrupt law, Hill. Yes, if Iho Loco Tocos will acknowledge that they made the bankrupts. I .ouistille Journal. Marif el . On Sunday evening, the 25th instant, by the Rev. J. K. Converse, Mr. S, W. Taiiob, nf the Amen ( can Hottl, to Miss K. Wiikins, nil of this j town. In Shtlburn, on tho 16th inst. by Win. Harmon I'sn.. Mr. OnviL!.K II. Isiiam. of .Shclburn. lo Miss Hetsev J.). IIbown, of (ieorgia. In this village on the cvmng of Tuebday, Cth iast., TiumOTTE r. .S'-tionr, ildcstdaughtertf the Rev II. Safford of llurlington, and wife of Jamei I' Wha'injr 0f tin. wlhge, m the'JJl jrar of her Tho sadden death of this lovely young lady has cruised tho profoundest gtief to a largo circlo who know nnd prized her excellence. Those, who wero acquainted with her in tho walks of life, need not bo told of her glorious triumph over death, She lived tho life of tin humble nn devoted christian, and truly ran wesay her "last end was hko bis." .(no, tit?gcitntby tlic sudden death of Charlotte H- Yes I wo will weep, our bitter tears thall gush, I'or our rent hearts are wrung with deepest pain, That she, our loveliest, in the morning Hush Of her yo dig life, we thrill not meet ngnin. Did we not lovo herl yes I but love in vain Did strive to kindle in her clntk the blu-li Of health, or make the languid eye regain Its brightness, or iho creeping life-tide tush As wns its wont s How could death thusourlond hopes crush 1 She came among us in the early glow Of youth, itnd benuty, nnd her bright ej-e danced With joy, that wcll'd from the pare heart below, l.iKcsomo clear sprnignn wlucli the sun nnsgianccu, rriendsgatheicil round her. and ns time advanced Jscw- acts of virtue nn licr pathway shed Their blessed inllncncc. bv love enhanced i Tben who u-itl nv. flint nn her dvinrf bed. A Saviour's tender hand was in't beneath her hcadl 01 who can tr II the exultation high That kindles in tho christian's soul, wlitn dentil Unbars th prison gale, and sciaphs lly :. i . .i..:. .t. ;...nil,i Then dry your tcars.for Iho' tho grave's c hill breath lias swept a peerless nnwur ironi enrin away, 'Tis ti anted in a nenial clime, beneath A brighter sky, whom clouds bide not the ray Of nn enduring sun, of un eternal day. Jssstx Lounlu Ucpubluan. iir.i.1- . At Albutgh.on the 21st instant, nt the residence of her lather. m. U lllUM S. SowLs. SABAll ilAn- tiia Sowlbs, of consumptioti, ill thu'-Olh year of her agu. At Wi!i?ton,on the 13ih instant, Mr. Sahcel t, Al.EXANtiEn. in the 31st vear of hisil"c. At Underbill, on the V6lh insl. Mr. Cvnca II. Hnnor, of the hemoptysis, nfter n painful illness of two weens, in the v: 1 1 i year nt ins nge. OCrOBISSl SESSION, IS12. The approaching session of tlio Legisla ture will he one ol extraordinary importance and interest, and though iho pay is hardly such as to induce us to take the trouble of publishing a daily paper, we shall do it through the session. TEHMS. WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL, du- liiiE lite session, SI. WATCHMAN & STATE JOUUNAL, for three months, of) rents. WATCHMAN & STATE JOURNAL, during tin- m's-uoii, 25 cents. I'ostmaslers and others lorwaidinir $.,") shall rercivo six ropii-s of the Daily Journal 12 copies for $10. (tH-'.dilnrs who give tho ahovo three in sertions will be furnished with the Daily. E. l WALTON & SONS. Montpelicr, Sept 20, 1812. No account will be kept nt lha Post Office after the 1st October. Those wishing lo havi'iiccounts kept will be required to depositu the amount of one quarter in advance. II. n. STACY, I M. llurlington, Sept. P, l'.-:. TO MERCHANTS Wlio wis!t to imi-c!i:i(: Crockery, FAR It All, WAIT & ROOT, Importers and Pachors of Crockery, China i$ Glass TFarc, T OULD give notice that ihey are prepared to Pack any niiiountof Wareaccordinc toorder, at .Vow Yoik und Ito-ton piices, saving freight and bic.ikngoto all who purchase of them. They have a good ns irtmctit, and respi clfully solicit Merchants to call and famine their stock before buying in .Market. Store, corner of Church and College St reels, liiirhiiglon, SOihfteiit. IBID. 11 iiK" i i-'i u is n iirrfiTn rplin Members of "The Vermont Mutual I'iic In 1. surnueo I'oinpany" iircliercby iiolilkd that ilio followiTig asse-Miicuts have been made by the Di rectors oil ail notes in foice on thefollowing days, to wit: Dec. .Inn. April Mny May July icih, mi, 9th, -1SI ' Jib, " eth, " 2?th, " uith, " of one per cent. I " " " flaking --. 2 per cent for tho year. Slid per cenlage to 1 o cast on tliooiiginal amount of the premium notu w.tliout reference lo nnv indorse ment, and to be paid to theTieaury, at Ins ofiVc in Moutneher, on or before the 19th day ol October, 1812, bung the day of the annual meeting o wiiJ company. It is hoped that each member of i tic Legislature wil' fiel an inleresiin having nil persons whonicm-urcdin his town, avail themselves of tlio opportunity to forwaul the money tor their assess ments by hum mid it is expected that no member of the Company will fai' of doing so as it ofim co-ts the n nmru to forwanl lluir money otherwise ilmn their issessuiculs amount to. Members should recollect this. At u imeting of the Directors on the first Wi dues day of this month, ihe lollowing nsuliition was adop ted : Ilesolred, That ill case il should become necessary to piosee-U'e any person who neglects lo pay his ns bcssment when due that the Trea-urcr is herby di rected to collect the whole, amount of tho premium note agree-able to the Act of incorporation. The Town Clerk, Consiable or r-onic member of the company is remu sted to read tho nbove resolu tion at their respective Town iiicctmgsin September, that all interested may be notified. J. T. THURSTON. Trra. Monlpelier, Aug. 8, 1312. 17-:i Cloth Cups. ANKW assortment just received by II. W. CATLIN. Sept. 2Sth, 1S12. Cash. A MONO the many ways of ob'ninirig fiOODS, Ihereican benono hitler than changing n small 61IUI of money for a large amount of (Soods ns may now be had by arplvuig ut HOWARD'S. Sept.'.'!). 1812. Stovos lor Wootl. 1 CANADA Parlor, nnd 2supeiior Cook Stoves for I pale or exchange for wood at HOWARD'S 23, 1812. CIIEM'ER THAN THE CHE A TEST. lARRAR, WAIT & ROOT, have a very cxlen X mvu assortment of CllOl'KLItV, CLASS A, CHINA WARH, that they wil sell Ch ajirr than can bo bought m any sloro in the State. They deem it utiiicccsi-iry to tun iniraio article's, it being fuHicum to say that almost eveiv article m the line e aii hefomid in llu ir sincl l'ersonswisliiiig to buy will find It to tlie-ir advantage i. . .Minimi- u,u aiui-K ii i uitj urocKcry oioi c, corner Church nndCollegeHt, liutlingtoii. Sept. 30, 1612, r advs ANNu,T"'KirmurH3irsTi. lj WiriVS ALMANAC for 1SII1, for sale bv Sept. l l12. SA Mlir.L II UNTI NOTON. iivai'A'.vU'.a. C CONSTANTLY on hand an assottment of Family J Urocries. V.m. HtniLllUT. Sept. 2). INow Fall (j'ootls. A VARII'.TY of fall and Winter Cood jusi rcceiv- ...I ..... I... C......I n. Un -V .--.t ... I i ' 3 .."'liu . uiu i, Hsu niore wo-t side church streit, IJenlleiiiiii and Ladies are muted lit fill ntn) Du, ,11, I, I ll.Tr.l -'-. Dtu. IIP, OUHlillU I, Sept. H, India K iilihers. I" ADH'.S I'alcnt India Rubbers. -J " Coiiimon plain nnd I'uncy do. " noiitlcmen'ii plain and I-'ancyilo, Sept.2i. W.m. HURLnUT. IJiiilimllas. IINi: Scotch Oiugham Umbrellas, i. " Imitation do. Common Cambric do. just received by Sept 23. Wm. 1IURL1IUT. Mitchell's Primary Cioogniphy Mitchell's SoImoI (icogrnphv, Key to Mitchell's School Atlas, For sale by S, IIUNT1NOTON. Jiijy 25. For Sale. A New andrjti-elli-nl one horjc WAGOS, leather com 1 Seal and ( u-luon, wnha largo Mai rover ng the I ittoni of the H'dgun, all in prime or. dcr, IMNOTIOKN' A liniNS.MAID, SVpt a h 17 8 Furniture. CONSISTING of Cane scat Chairs, common 1,'nnr.t Clmira. Initials. Dlnimr Tables. Ued- steads. 'Kitchen Turniture, with n good Cooking Stove and trimmings, and an elevated oven. The above furniture is nearly new. IriVinglicsn used on ly n lew weeks j and nny or an inenuove articles win be sold to sail purchnseis very low for cash for fur ther per cjlawenquitoof S. HUNTINGTON. Sept. 15, 1U12. 11-11 Vnltmblo Kstiiks For Salo. f pUK S.iberil cr oleN for n!c the divcl ?,riii5 -1- hng lioii-o and lot, conl-iiiig nf i"Ka about uie and n iuaricr acre of land, '?3"?', sitonled on tU lle'c Street. 1 eloiiL-i'iu to thee-iaio of the lute Dr. Holerl Moody. The lion-c Is uf I nek. thoro'ialdv built, and very eonvcnicnlh- nrrantel. The garden i well supplied with I'ruit, nnd hi a high s'ale or i'ol'nnton. A cn-dil will It- civen, lor n portion of Iho urcha-e luoiioy, ol two year.-fi oui K-lOeniler, 1812. nL-ra u m, . t.. t i. OilAIV, A'l'I'J-, n.irlincton, Sept. 21, 1812. IT I Trusses! Trusses! SINQLE DOUBLE. UMMLICAL TDK Undersicncl nre constantly sepplied wilh the al ovu nrliclcs of the uiviniinu and man if.ic- ture of Hull, Mnrsh, nnd Tw-i.-lu'll, nil nf which are 111 highe.l repute; nl-o, u iii'sanl .Marsh s fjj5- 1TMAI.E SUlM'OUTnitS. 0 l'F.f'K efe SPHAIt, Ahnufacturini Origgini and Venders if all goi nine Patent Aledieincs, and Dealers in Humicnl instrument. Dye Wood, &c. Till! S.i'-crilcrs bavo re-ce-ived and now offe r for -ale a large and we'l .-c'clel as-iutmcnt of Dye Woods of every iV-ea-iption, togi'tber with t'ri'am Tinar, Lac Dye', Ctippcra-, Madde-r, liulign. Abim, l!"rax, fn etc. Iliiyei- nre re-pe-ipilly re-ip i!e'l to call ui tin- Rtone Store, heailcl'ibe S cam1 1111I wbarl, cuiniiirllie- nr'i -les, Ir.'h are wairuule-1 10 beti't'js'i from 1 hu .New I'e.rk Mnrl.e-i, nnd i,tr-lu-el at Ihe piv-e-nt eMicini'ly lew prnes, Ic.un the term-, will, h are I .1 u tiiiall'advanei' from e-o-t, and b-.ive tbe-ii-or !rrs. rOl.l.liTP .V. lllt.M'LLV, Sli.iii! S'orc, Kepi. 22, 1312. SAMUl'.ti C. AliRXANDHRVS K.STA'I R. S IA'IF. CF Vl.ltMO.VP, T n I'mbate Ce.urt nistrii-lafChilUnilcn. J J V hoi li'ii at llurlinu teiii, within and for tl.c I)i-truM afnre-iiid on the 2t)ih day of SeMteml it, A. I). 1312, an in-tr'Unc'it pur pi. rim.- 10 I c Ihe In -1 Will nnd Te-'aiiuwl'ie-l O. AIex.111 'e-r, la'i- of W dlis-e n in 'lld dictri ' eli- e-.i--cl, wa-, pro-cine I to llie- Co irl here for I'r.ilnle-, by Jehu Vnn-ii-'.lcii, ihe- lei-uii r, lbc.."ii lumi'l. ' Tiurefure, it 1- ordered by said Co irl, lb.i' public uo'iic be given to till per-ou- ceuicirni'd tlieiui 11, to uppi ar hi lore -ui I ('o 'rl, at a -cs-iein tbcie-eif to to li.ii'le'ii nt ihe Regis-cr'- eillicc 111 s.iid 11 irlmgtnu e n tbo2l Wi.'diii..i!uy of O-l. ,'A. 1. 1612, an Icoue-t thepr 1 1' of sji I Will, an I 11 i f ir her eirdeie I th 11 "his orle-r be pn' li-he I three wee't-. -tiee-e'-sjcvly in the Ibirlingion I'lie Pie, a ncHspnpcr prmtcel nt li oh lutein, 111 tin- rfiuii', the l.i-t nt which -hall I v previoti- to llie elay a--igne-d n-afnre"-.iiil feir bearing. Hiven under mv hand ni the- I.'egi-tcr'.- oilier, ilm 20th day els'eptenil cr, A. D. IG 12. WILLIAM WINSTON, 10-3 Re-gi-ter. Ira Smith's iOstntc. STATH OF LItMONT, A T n l'rnbal.- Court District nf Chittenden, ss. ) X lioldcn at'ing ton, wiihin and for Ihe Di-.riet ,ifnri--.nd on iheSUili day ot Septrin! cr, A. D. 1312, an m-lniincnt pur porting to I c llie l.i-t W II and TeUnmeui Ir.i .Smith, ia'e of Wjlbslon in ,.iid Dj-lnel iltvca-e-1, was prc-M-n'cd to llie Court hi-rc lor Pro' ate, ly Hiram 1). Smith, the L'm-c nor, therein named. Therefore, it is orde-rc 1 by -aid Conn, ihat public notice 1 e given tei nil pcrso'n- concerned thcre-iu, 10 appear I eforo -aid e-ourl, at a n'.-ion ihere-e f to be boldcii nt the Re'saVcr'- oilier in -aid llurlington, on ihe-tvond Wcdiii'slay of Oco! cr, A. D. IS 12, and conte-t the probate ofVaul Will, mid it i- f-rtlief or dered lliat till- order I v pulli-lii'd lliree wi-ek,- mic-ccs-ivcly in ibe llurlington Free l're--, a new-paper pruned a I iiuilingte 11, 111 thi .Slate1, the In -t of wluedi -ha I I c jircviuu- to the el.iy as-igiied a- ale rcald lor heaiing. (ilei'ii inidi-r mvhand at tl. Ite -icr's orgec. i1o 20. li day ol ScpK-oii ' r, a I'. I-IJ. UlLt-IAM WLSTON, 1C-.1 llegi-l.r. .foliti Sullivan's lislatu, STATIC OF VKliMONT, ) rplIF. Hon, the Pro District of Chittenden, si. S I bine Court bribe-Di-lrn I e.l Chi-ti-u.le-n, to nil per-on- e-euii-eine I in ihe K tule of John .-Millivan, laicol'IC-se-x 111 -aid Di-trn-i, de-ii-.i-ed, filTctlng. Wbi-ri-n--, Van-iel, 'cn, a hniiii-'rn-or ol tlio IC-laie ' f aiel dce-ca-e-1, pnpse-to render 011 in, co ml 1. flu- adiiiini-ira'iou, nod pre cm hi- no -o ml iigain-t -:n le-.-n e f. r i-Miiiiiiri:iou and ii'liiu'inn u ut a c ion nf the Conn 1 f I'rol n te, telle lioldi-n nt tl e-l.'cgi-'ri's odiee in II ulingti 11 1 11 Mini tlts-triet 111 the -ev-nud We-hic-deey of t).-;o'iir r.e:l. 'I heii-fnir, yo-i nie hcrel y no'ilied to appear I el'e.i-i' Mini e-o irt at thu li ne and place all re-uul, and shew e'aii-e-. il any 5011, why the account utino-nid shoiilel not I c iilli'wul. (iite-ii under my han I at I! lilingion, thi- 20,li dav of Seiicin! cr, A. D. 1S12. WILLIAM W.TO.N, R-3 Itegiaier. V Y7"l. tbe sub-iTilcr- having levu Bppmn'cel by the Don. llie l'rob i'c Co in lor Ihe Di-ti ici nf Clnllenile'ii, i-eiinmiioiicr- to ri ivive, I'x iniiiii- nnd adpi-t tbecl.iiiii. mil de'in end- of .ill pcrnui-, againhl the i--ta-e ed .ln-iab I'.irii-w-orih, U'e ol We-Tnrd, m -ai l Di-irici, i'ivcn-i-,1, rcpie eme I in iilvi-ut, an I nlo all i-l.iiin- an I ili-uiaiid-oxlnl'ial in n '-el ilit-ie-to; and mx n on li- I'r.uu ibcday nf llie-elate hereof, I e-mg nllowe-,1 by -aid Co in u,r th.ei p irpo-r, wc l,i iherefore herd y give no ice-, we1 will atie-ii I lc llie bu-ine-s-1,1 appciiunnent, ut the dwelling nf Ke-iien I .irn-wnnli in e-tlonl 111 -aid Di-uici, 011 the 1 1-1 .Mon lays ed'O -to' cr mi l Nowm! cr next, 111 III oVIiH-k, A M, on imi'Ii ol -aid dav. DateJ this8lh elayof June, A. 1). 1S12. Ili s-tn Stowm.l, ) Commis A-a S. (ioK, S Ifi 3 IIiium Umi.ow-. ) s fTP I''or Sale. rVMlV. IIOU.SK AM) LOT, now -E- occ.ipie.,1 by the Widow Severance, Muttislmi the rend to the Fall-, a short di tane-o J.a-l ofilic Ced'e-gi-. Annlv tn J. II, I'l.CKA Co. CASH! CASH!! pAID for liUCKWIlICAT-delivcreel nt tficlhnrn -1- Sid's- HORACF. WHICLI.F.R. kept. 23, 16 12 1 7.,f liyman &, Cole, HAVINO made arrangements wilh Messrs Roc lofson & Ralhbiirn, to manufacture their wool into Cloibs, they will keep constantly on hand 11 largeassoitment of Broad Cloihs and Heaver Cloihs nnd also nn assortment of the llurlington .Mill Co Cloth-, and an extensive assortment of other Dry lioods, wh.eli ihey will exchange for wool. Mer chants and o hers will lmo a favorable epporiuimy for exchanging their wool. Sept. 2,i, ISl2. fT.7)( Howard. IOSTfinm off the l'n-lern Stage on its passage - from llurlington tn .Moutreher', on the tnoriiinif of the loth Sepl. insl, a I.I'ATLR HAT HON, c.-ritaimngnn old Hat, a Shirt, and sundry other ar ticles. ALSO, ON the Ifi-h, a bundle done up in a Camass Sack, containing one pair New Blankets, one pair Shirts.onuold Red Cloak, a Ladu-s Dress, e i: Ton .ilini',, rm..,.,,l ....II 1... 1 p. .... .. ..,.,, ,,. ,,.,, ,r niioriunuon which may lead to the discovery of Ihe articles, by applying to ' , e Jon:v CHl'llCIl, Agent, llurlington, Sept. 22, 1.-12. I'armer's and Mechanic's 15 A Mi STOCK. WILL bo sold at llm subscriber's ollicc, on Pa: unlay, Oct. Bib, ut 10 o'clock, A. M., nt Pub-.."l."''."--. 'sbures nf LAR.MF.R'Scl, MUCIIAN IC S IIA.Nk.NTorK, for n.proM-d llankablo paper at 90 days wilh inieresi. Spl II 1942 iN'' "' 1IASWl:l'f'. Auctioneer. New Hoardinnr I louse. WAl'Rl'N SII1U:Y hi- opened a UOARniNfi I101S1-. iii ihe building Lumen as 'llie WauU woith lloute-, coriiircf INjarl mil While streets, liilrllliglon, where ten nr flftetll ic rrclablr hoarder-, uuy l.'ai-i-oiiimodaied. Spt. 1.1, 1SI2. Uif. NOTICE. rpiir6uliscriber hasfitteel up his factory in the best L manner, and is pre pared to execute all orders in his line to the salisfariionof customers. Fulled Cloihs mixed, and colored, eve. ulso, Flannels, manufactured and dressed on thares or by thu yard, on the best ifrms and in the list manner , , HORATIO I) IRNPY er h r't its. July 31 112 BURLINGTONHIGH SCHOOL, TIIM Acntcinic year of this Institution isdivi'li-d into four iiuxrtcr of e leven week inch i thetii-t e-omini'iieinji Atigiet 29, the second ISiiy. 21, thethird I'ch2iJ, (be! Ibiirth Mny 15. H lTION,in tliu e-oinuiou I'.n dih branches, S,. fill I in 'he lui'her Iviigll h l iam hes nnd iliulaug ia- cos. $5,50 i ti.iyu'.le to the principal nt the ni'dd.'e of e-aeli ip.nrlcr. Nut.o will lu e-hargol lor lessllian half 11 i mi'ter, nnd no duliie-tion- made luraHcucc iiiiles 1 c 'ii-n ne-d I v sickni-s. Mil. CllARLI-.'S C l'AItlvKIt, the principal nil iter wliovo ni-liaiclieiii nnd luanagciiieni, during (be patycir, tbe.chnol linsneqiiiie-d a high and well de-iTii-il reputation, has ' reu e-ncaired I y lhuTr istics fi.r tho cn-uing jcnr mid nt hiiispics', .Mr. (icorgcl.. Lyman, ugradniilo of the I'liiver. lly. has I ecu no ei'aic.1 Willi Inm a t'l-nllcman in who-eMa'cni-nn 1 a ipiire-incuts the pu'-lio i-Jn rcjio.o the 11I1110-1 conii-iliiii-i-. Tin- Bi-liiiut isde-iigncd cxe-'iivivilv (or yiung pen-llenii-n, nn I all who may pitronize it nre u-sure I that no exertion- will I e wanting on I lit; part of lb" Teachers lo ifivoMu h as n replaces! under llieir charge a thorough scieulilic kniiwlulsiuof the elepartments to wlnili they may attend. All who wi-h to I rentne scholai", in the lino .iiioe of 1 he lerni, n.ayhe -urn of the auiileaiid ready nistanee e,l the Tcael.ei- no other- niudu-ir"l. Tlieinipe r'aue e of le-ing present the lint day of the quarter, cannot le te o einie-tly recommein id'tn nil who propoM-tonttend the S.-lu e., asola-.-e-s wdlilien I o foriiiu I, which iho-e who entir siiLiequuntly, will I 0 cxpivlcd in oill, Thu charactir and Irenlion of this n-boed mny we'll reeomini'iid it to the patronage of the I'ucndsol eihd I caring. HOARD may Lu obtained lor 31,50 cr 32,00 per wcei;. (i. ft. lNC.I'RSOI.L, J. K., II Al.LRN, C.ICO. 11. SHAW, T. I'OLLl'.TT, N. I(. UASWr.LL, WYLL S LYMAN llurlington, August 19, 1912. .11 t il S ti TIC Ollll IS T I (! , . Tiiii iT.iriii i Tin: 'if.ltii The Incomparable Tooth Preparation. rTMIIC I'.n-I i proved, nn I 'be ino-t iiw-n' luhm ten I JL iioitiiling are lully coin nice-1 nt il- gival nil ilv, as we have- ihe i-videtie-e from the -ale. nf ul eait 2T - 000 ' oxe's e.l'tbc ) 'oiilh a, wuh n the-pa t ve ar. It i ,1-iei'inuH-l irom exiicriunic, lhal when ued. il ii'i-th wih nce-cr de-cay, but rcinain till Ihe Inte-t sge ol man, with their uaiurol ; itu I nmri' in -ho i -an Is ofea-cs, iin-viiii- tooib eclii', ( tf i.e i ii ) li i- .11 mice I run e.le -tually euro I I v iln mo-l ..,,.. r ilcnli-ili. in A iii.-i'i.-.i. An I in i,i,' whcre-,or who i-tbe young la ly or firentlciiiau, .ije-, Ihe nidivi bull that value- a I eutfufut -e' eifice.h, sot.'ri I gum-, and a swee-t bri-atli mere thin titlv e-eni-, tlut will be Iniuer de-tit, iti' of .i I ox of Dr M.'lIiieli.oekS .Magnetic Uiiontievi. HAIR! HAIR!! IJAIiDMOS. Important Dincortr'j -the Great .iyAttry jointu out al TMi. Kl r.HKY'.S HAIR H1C(.F.NKRA'I0I!.-Dr. 1J sterry, after nimh aiimtioii to the important ninjeci oi pnsi ri'ig eue nair, uas inier many exptn liienls eh. mii-al and phyi -al, been able lo diseuv-Tnti nrucie wnioii is uov em. reu wnu me greaiest conn di'iice for the toilette, ns Ihe best tliiOL'e'.ei discoer-r. id, lor Us soltening and licni Iratiim nunhlv. to urn- ilue-oa good hind of hair lo pre vinl it fiiini lulling off win n I aldne-ss is npprchen b el--to resiort it when baldness has taken place, .and to preve lit it from turn ing amy II '3 menu nourishing than pomatum, nn tieiue oil, or Colugne wale r. It is a biautilu nrii.-lc fur ladies' curls it makes thu hair s ift and lively, and produces uncommon uulli-inny. Thousands have testul its superior Virtues and i xeilh iif-u, nnd in eve ry instance it Hands imnwilh el. Il is nn infallible cure in all affecte. ns of the ekiu on the head as dan druff, etc o.c. F.very family should be suppled with a bolllo of this oil, that hv its application to the lined and hair of childn n. the beautiful runlornam, ntnlap ptndagc of n line head of liaT, with wlii-'h nature !ra9 sup;rllcd ui may bo pri served. O " K A T T II I . Ihiyc joi: a Cough t ryC ",-''' CONSUMPTION every v)v lJ year in the I'micel Stat. -, an I mil lions .-ulier from troublesome coucbs ami colds, that can bo cured by Dr. M, Hitchcock's t egetable Cream Cough Drop, n safe medical presciiptioii, contain ing no poisonous elrugs, and used in an cvtenive prat-lice for several yiars will most jiostivcly nlloid relief, and save j on from that awful iuscae, pulinon ary consumption, which sweips into the grave hun dreds of tho young, the old, the lureli; and the gay. llnee you n cough 7 lie pe-sua 'eil t" pure-haso a bollhof tho Cough Drops to-day ? To-runnovt may bo too hie. 1'iice 30 ce-nts per bo lie, ivoiims: u)it;,is: I1PV ,M, llTl'"-'Ori:'S , . )V",r!" lva.n sovereign reined v for Worms. I Ins invaluable ini'dicino liss been tisi'ed by the ex pciieuec of more lhan ten cars n., d ndiu msierul to more th in IK, 000 person- of var.ous ages, and not one solitary complaint s for in n ) one of the thou sail, Is of instances, where it has been used agreeable lo the priiiti'diliri-clions, hasit ever faded. N. II. Ask foi Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Te.a,a there are many nostrums abroad for llie ileslru. tion of w onus. SMJFF-niily Tivi-nty-ilvo Ccnt. pjK M. HITCHCOCK'S newh mventd SL"FF, I ' the bet nrticlc over discovcreel by fcientifie men, in l'.iiinpeor America, for tin cure.iud nbseiliite rehi.fof Critnrih, Di7.ini ss of the llcnd, Weak T-yes, Nervous Ileadichn, Fellen .-ickne-e, Fits, ,'nti In fants troubled wilh SnurHes, partial shocks of Pal- sey, etc. I.OTIOV, LOTION. Dr. TCvnns' Itcautll' Ing Lotion. rrifiHLV estrcmed f r e-uring a l F.ruptHin-, 1 L Coarseness, Iti-dness, ami I'lo.ples on (lie Face, Neck or hands, ami elle tually cleaning ihceonipk'X lonand n movin.; all diseases of Ihe skin. Nolhitjg eonliibiitcs so much to our general suc cess in hfe, a an engaging first appearance. The Lo tion is nelnurcd as a most fragrant, m Id, safe wa h, and nrcat y esii emed for its viitui-sin, soft emng, nnd purilyiti'iheekin of all eruption. o inju rious to leniale ticauty, and resioring it-ri a high de giieof puritv. A beautiful nnd healthful complexion is tl-e pride of all who possess it, nnd the envyof those whoaiode-prive-d of it, A g mil appe arance is ihe best reenmmnndap' m ; and ns the lleiulifying Loli in purifies the skin, and removes all I'uuples, llloiehes, Tan, Sunburn, and Redne-s, and prndue-es n heiiutiful hue, it is the onlv eniui'tic a lady s'muld use at he r toilette. Cientlemrn will nlso fiml this n ih'.;ditfiil remedy to remove all Rouglim ss, I'luipUs.Ringworin?, Spots, I!e-diiess, Sonmsg of the face and new, anel eveiy kind of eruption on thesurfnee of the human body. it is pnrti-ii'arly reeonimendeil to gentlemen lo be iisul .afier shaving, ns it will prevent the- otherwise certain (fleet of all common soap, in turning the b nrel prematurely grey. For sale wholes-donnd retail, hv 1'osrEn Dick inson, sole Preiprictors and Successors to A. Iliteh encli A Co., 117 On.-i'e Stiert, I'tiri, N. Y. , in (Jeorgin, bv L. Janes; .Milton Falls, by HnrreiieV Sawyer i Johnson, by G. I, Warner cV Co: ; llurlinr ion, ami by PIXK it BIT. R, Manufacturing Dmsghts, and Venders of all ircuuwr. Patent Medicines. .I 'N VI II . ATWATI I!'S1 STvV'T'. T ' 'he -ol -i-nber-, having I i-i-n a;.pi.u'c l ' v V llie !c ibn I' ale Cnort f. r llie r i tri.-t nf Chlllen le-n, e-niiiiiii-Me tier- in iive'ive-, e au'-lui- and a lpi-t tlii'cl.iinis aiidili'maiid- ni all persnus. agaiu-t Ihe i--ta- nf JON.VIIIA.N ATW.lTf R, bate nf Willi-ii ii oi a' 1 1) -inei, iVva?-isel,' e 1 i.i-i.lvt-ni, n. I al-n all ela'ins anddeman I- r-v lif1--ite I ui ' IT-cii tin retn j ain's x month- from the- da-r ben e f, ' e" uf al.i wed by nt I Cis-n f"r that irno.e, we .In tbereleire-he-re'l v give notiie-, il,iit wm will m-te-ii-l inilie-l u-im- ef our appn-niment, nt the e.rrirp nl II, Li'.ivcuu orlb, in li iil'iicuiii. in -si.l Di-ni i. r.n tbe l i-1 'l' 'i.-.l.iv.- nf Si'pti-m! r nu I .lani ary m xl, at ID ei'i-liK-k, . M., on e-aeli if -aid div-. I'atoel tin 5li .lay id .-i p-cinl i r, A. I. IS12, II, I. i:VI-.NWOR 111, (ConunissH ri ll. J J cr 1 1 3vr ToI'miticiMHitl Wool Oroxvere. Tl... a,., I or I,, it ,.l ... U ,,,.... . , ..v . . ....... ... -I, ,, ,, vi, ,- ,,IHM. f.i. iui-iiiff F.-in1 Ii hnicnt if the- Hurltmruin Mill Co. nt W iii.n-l i'-, v di rcnive wool tn . lire f. r cu-toiuci . u; e.u ihe f, II. wmg eeii lit! M. Viz : For Uri'adcloih-, meh n- Oxfnnf, iteel, nrCa'.i Mix, 111 lie f SljcU Ure.u'ii-, i r 1 1' ie,, ivl .every -lie e e-enl- per yard, er'.ne- huh el thr (jet l.vvjii.n hn-i-liil. Narrow cb ih-, ieh as Sheep-' firrv, cr mher iniMuri'-, will I emanuiiti lurid to .-un en iuner . m rt'd-onablc ierm. Tho quality of the e 'e ills made at di -e 'sb'i h ineiii for the 'n-t eigliien ni nihs under ilus s ipvnn-leM-lenct' i f Ihe- s ibse ri' erf, t- su wi l I m w-n in Hnste ii, N. Ynrk, and the nc'chl onug te wn- in ih ? Slate, that no further recorrurcni'nlii n I- I'trtnnl ric ce.-.-ary to iiiehn-c F.irn'eis and others wishing in w-nol iiiaiinf.icliire.l f.r the, r own u c tr mirl.ei, to piiiroiuse this establishment. Customers may reel assurcel Ihat no pain- will le -pared in giw entire ati-lai I on, the machinery I eir r of Ihelo q m,, advantage- (or ilc.-.a'ching woik nnhori no-(ii-enndin tho x-ery lot inanneT, which i- an in hiv mcnt ihatciinict tcer'trolin iiial!i-r e-tahlnhmenis. ( HHISTIVN ROF.I OFSON. SAMIII I.R, ItATIlllt'.V Relerenec c.f h.iiii-nr ir re p.n-,! :ny of eh,, tub i-rd it h.jv e In I by an ly ng o S 1 ie y I i , , A.,, l. i-o. 3. c ,1. II IV. IciV. (.,.. I! ri ng I nllencv Ura.lVv. ' .1 W Wen er, V mo. s' t I a , W no- fL Fa" r,A f l i 112 Sulu or Ifitiilmiit,K lill'ccts. TW OTICF. is hueby given that h y virtue of the seve 1 1 ral orders of ISauhriiptcy in the following cases issued out of tho District Court of Iho Unite I Stales, for tho District of Vermont, I will sell nt public auc tion ntnivoll'icein llurlington Vi rmotit, on Saturday, October tllh, at 10 o'clock, A. M., such effects ol the Bankrupts herein iiaincd ns became vo-ted in me by virtue ol the Decrees nforcsuiel, vit t Ol' JiUULIMCTOX. 1 Volumes ol' Hooks and I'muplilcto. V.VFDCTH OV MIXKIl li. I.OWJIY ov lWituxaroN. A rcnuntn nerainat Iho following Persons, residence stated to bo in llurlington, viz t William Ogdcn-S 1.87, Mntthuvv Urates 'Jj.l.U, Mamttel K. Isiiam Ui.uu, Thomas Mullen 6.1,31, Jolin Arnold 80,11, D.aiuei lV.II..,Bll7i: Al,t,. II..U,,r.l 1 1 llii. I SIInnir,,rH 12c, Thoma-i tei y33c, llmmV Jolilloii 51.75, Ad am Smith 7.jc., Minos Slearus 81,5."), Timothy Ha gar S3, 1 5, Warnn TnylorDoc , Charles DupnrSlO.03, John Whin 8".,Tn-)mas Co-inor 81,73, Caleb llieh nrdson 310,01, Samuel Dorr 81,12, Billy KiHen SIO.CO, II. .XI. Willi' r, Jenclio aaev, iiaimt uowker, S1.00, Jeremiah Ilurrigan, Vi'hit.'hull, N. Y. 69,72, F.lijih Tillary, Willi-ton 83 00, Henry Ihnni, St. George 81,31, Williim l'ortiii", Jlouirinl S'i.H, John Leonard, Wist Tioy, N. V. t-ii 47. Levi P'reiu h, Wil liston 82.'J1, II. Ilovvel. Chailoite. 1.23, IC. Ooeidwin, (rei(leiict unknownl &7,dfl, D. C. N u ton, Ksex SSe.. .lainrs Tlionipson, Troy, N. V. .5')7, Loicn Stow, Wi nston JJJ.'iu, l.ymnu Allen. treiicnci uiiKnovvni 81,00. Ncwil While, Windsor 010 13, IC Jarvi", te.i- elcnconnnnovvn 51), H. .inn,.; lien's against tna ioi lowing persons, vizi a judgment in favasr of Meu'eir Lovvrv nainst Samuel R Brown nf Rome, N.York fot S.;0,7G, A. Catlin, Burlington S3,0'i. It. Catnbell, Burlmcton i I.FO. '.. II. Brown. Builinrton 83.75. jobn Agau, Burlington $3.00, a judgment in favor of Morse ip l.ovviy ngainsl 11. Aliinoge, resiilein-o un known, for S1S.00. NoTrs again-! tho following persons residence; state.1 to be in Blirlingrnn, Chester Ailierlon SI0.77, Warren Tnvlor 611,47, Jonathan Tngard Sl.fcO. S. F. Il.ikcr 827,61, Charles Clem cms Sir., John Secly, residence unknown, S2,."0, Nelson Hill, l'.oe hester, N. Y.' l,".0, C. Sahin, rc-i- il"iice iinkneHvn b je., llnrvcv r . lialeli, U,I U, II, It eV J. Munson.Willi-toii 511,111, 11. & II. Carpen ter, Troy, i. Y. !-21,-.'i, !'rai us Allen Ottawa 811)00. W. II. JIuiiii, L. Canada SYJ.00, also, about 20 Vol ume's uf Books and i'lmmikt . UVl'CCTH Ob' lllli M DA VIS 01' .it: nt ciio. Hiram Davis' iiiereet in a judgment ngainsl James Wulton. priiici.ial d ''it r and II. 'iij. I". Johnson, his Tni'teefnr ?V2 fi'2. llie amo being the nropi rlv of the late partnership of Hirnin it Simon D.avi-. Ilitam D.ivi' inieusl in a Noli-given lo Simon Davis bv Iin Abbot of Jcrieho for 523,00. The inieiest of Ili i.atn Davis in nu account ng-iinsl Henry Lake of Stovvi' for labor, of about ?23,00. Tin- interest of Hi ram Davis in a ccitam 1'iti ut e-ulled "Samison Da-x-H'a Yiiiiiatiso l'cp," which niti rest will be pub he ly made know n at tho lime of sale. i:rn:crs or snio.r da via or Jl'.ltlOUO. Simon Davis' interest in n jinlgmrut against James Wilton, principal debtor, and Hi uj. F. Jo'in-'nii hi Trusree for 32,'.I2. tho simc bun.- llie pmp-ity nf llie lale p irini isliip ol Hiram eV, Simon D i is. si mon Davis' iute-rest in n .Note give-n lo Ihoi by Ira Abbot ol Jericho. The mter-'st'of Simon DavU'innii account against llenrvLaki of Stowi', for labor, of I about s23,O0. Thein'inst of Simon D.ivi- in a cc-i-' tain I'aieiit called "Samp-'S I avi-'s VmnATivei I'l-.-ie." Ail do int'.r -t which Sun in Davis pos--i si d or il.iinii d to the Dwell. n : lluse in vvln-ii he r.-siil. d when d-'ulared n Ba.ilirupt, n.tantu in said Jenctin. rrrruTs or ouso.v :i. haxtox or liiniAXOTOX. Notr ngnint Jjbn Barney, les-.dinco unknown, f,u SJ),00, a Note gi. u t,v John Henici: nf Ituiiiug tou, to Spaulding aii.lbviii.n as i.;ne I fir Sla,0J.a Notpagamtet Rufus .M, Crustna'i of Ilur'ington f tr Sl,2.3, a Not" ng.iinst ltieh'ird Ynun.', re-ideni-c un known, for 5i.00. a Note against Cuss us 1. Blown fir 'iS corels of wo id. Note g-,uit I. ilia I'crris of South Hero for 510,00. AIo tlic following accounts due end S i.xt in, from Mi-s Bi-i'iier, first une not eli'seribe-j, of Alboigli for 6 i U 00, Alixiui,l"r Batlci', residence unknown, 1,50, II. II. Benson Il'ties I urgh 1 00, Charles (hull- N"W, Orleans S7j, Jo se'ph N. Dimiunc's Ulete jl,00, Janies Fiiz.rerald, ri -ideni'c unknown, .fi;2,23. Ilr.imard Kent, residence unknown, SM0,00, David He in I'uilincton HI fO, F.v elme (ins.vold, residence iinktiown, $1,73, Francis M. Norton and her liuhapd Hem v Ncrbm Bur linglon S23.0O, Mills ol C ilehe-ter 1,23, John Remington ofjohiison $1,30. V,". B. Smith, res idence unknown, J51.SR. Sarah Water", ri"idenceun known, $.3,00, An.-on Spehnau, r.-sidene-e unknown, SJ3,00, ileoige liiadshaw. liurhii'ion s2,C0, John 1'i-he, C,iu idaS: OJ, Sn-n'l Sincle'ir.liiirlingroii ? 1,00. Tliomns Neals, re-iilcii -e unknow n. t3 23, Cn u 1'. Brown 81.23, II. M. Baldwin Ilinesburgh t-1.00, Rcuhi n B i-lv Burlingt'in '-l 1,73, Susan t'h-is., 1 1 r liugion 312 03, Mis. Pool Danville, first name not stated. S2i,00, Heinan f!l irk, Hurl, acton "2,00, Sabu na Wetlierbee. Biiihnglon Si.0), Also 1 srtt llentisl Tool", 10 Bonn us, 'J . ips, -t Bandboxes and part of a piece ol tuiiiutaiun .xiu-im. r.rrncTs or riir.ssnx cnonrr or nuituxarox. All the' claim uf Pre'sson Crofut lo a Note, stated tn be mislaid or lose, .lgain-i one Abiaui I! M"lt, ilateei April flih, B.i-i. for t:10),i,0. Note uga'nst Abram B. Molt for S-0 00. an nce-oi.nt against Liu r Crofiu, de ceased, who milled ill Deiroit,"i.f about 8200 CO EFFVCTS OF DAVIS S. IIUSSKLOF Dvni.isarox. 1 Time Piece, 2 Stove- and Pipe. K0 Shoe Lasts, I Work-Henchfs, I Cutting i ab.e. I Bunt T-.e, i Ciimps, aboui SO Volumes Books ;.nel Phimi'diUt.-. And on Saturday, O. tober 1.3, at 10 o'clocjt.A. M. at my, or. ions smith or col- CUBSTRH. A I'ond signed by James Duan". ns ngent for .lame- C. Iliuin., for n De i d of a certain p e'ee nl Land Ivingand be-in.'in the town of Doan in the -leteof New Yoik, nnd all tlierilil and interest of John Smith IR said I. NATI1W B IJASWLLL, Atsignce. Builing'on. S. pi 23 F42 TNlfliu S I'A TIW DIS I'ltiC F CtJL'UT, in iJAeNKs; ui"r(n'. ? itK-o to shoxx- cau-c nualnst IVtlou of ALItl llT G. ULAKIC, of Milton in said Disfict. lo ho declares! Bankrupt, at the Ciui-t-Ileiu-ei, in Riit Innd, in "aid Distnei, on l'huieday, Octobii C, 1812, 10, A. M. SAMUF.L IlARTI.e'.T, of Ten -ho in seal District to be declared Bankrupt, at lb e 'miri-Housc, m Rut land, in said District, on Thursday, October C, 1R42, in. A. M. MARTIN C. Jericho in 'aid District, to be declared Bmkrept, at the Coitrt-IIouse, in ltutlani, i i and Disinct, on Thursday, Oeiobu- G, 1R12, 10, A. M. , ., . . DANIFLII L VKR of Stow, in said Distrt t, to lie declariil Bankrupt, at the C.)urt-IIriue,in Rutland, in -ud Di.liicl, on Thursday, Oclober 0, 1SI2, 10, A. M. TIMOTHY W. R. NICHOLS, of F.srx in sad Dia Iricr, lo be dtciare-d Bsnkrupi, nl the Court-IIou-e, m Rutland, in said Di-lrecl on 'llmrsdjy, O.tober, il. KSI2, 10, . M. NATH WIKL T. STH.r.R,if I'ndeihill in saiel Dis trict, to be' declared Bankrupt, nt llie Co l!l-IIou-. in It .tl.iiid, in slid District, on Thursday, October fi, 1-t', in, A Jl TAlitllt 1 SKWF.LL, of Alhnrghm i.d Disuut. in be declared Bnnkiupr, ar tliu Court-Mouse, m Rut in d, ui naid D.siiici,i.ii Thursday, Uciobn li, 1P12, 10, M. , , ASA N.VOIP, of Jeiic'-i in sa'd D "trici, to be i'i- dared li.inkrupt, at the Couri-Hoiidi', in Ruilnnd. n said D.siuct, on Tlmrselay, Ociobi-r tl, ls'12, 10, A. M. VIJUNOX II UtlHXOTOS: of fnid Dwiriet, to bo eleclurid l'.nl.iupi, al lha Court. I lloute, in R.ul'ind, tn said District, on Thursday, October t ns- lu, V rUAXCS II. .l(ll.i:ll of Richmond in sM Dis ti ict. lo be declared Bin'hrupt.nt ihe Court House, In Holland, in saw u.siiict, oa inurauav, ucioutt f.. ISI2. 10 A M. SIM: ,Y HLISS of F.skcx in said District, to he decl.ircel, a! ihe Coiift-Mnuse, in Hu1. hnd, in said nisu.ct, on ThurtJay, Octobci fi, III.' 10, A. M. DAVID I. WALKER, of Ah urgh in said Pistuet, in be de-clarrd I'ankn pt, ol tin- Coin t-IInu, in Rudand, in s. 'd Ditiici, on Tliurs :aj, Oatober 6, -i, 10. M. .V ItAXKM'l'TCY, Notiee to t.'-x- cause jiipii-i the ie' '-I'll f Ji-srph Clark u I Sam- Hoar hu .in, par ne,- in tra If mini r the firm nnd style e.f C!r' anl li' aidmuii, Alpl ei- Hal1, A lin nisi ra il r of the r-t.a e .f .l;bei- Hall ii'Mdion d.-e-a e', Na'han L n.xilu, Dene m Wliiun-y, Je lehah Wheel er, Jnhn M. I'ewev, Sidney Marrs, W,l xm Murr-, Pi r, e Siarkwea'lier.all id Md on in said Pi-irki; an I Lei inr.1 Je In efU irlin'nn and Pe'rr Jo hnnnnit ul Bsrre, In a,.l I'i-uk-t, par ivr-in trade un.'irth sile t S. Ji hciincu and Company, ceoh-t..r- ed W.ineii S I ley if Milir.i m tn 1 Bmrui, tla' die -ai.l Warren S,! lev l- Of uil a lUnl-ript, n the CVurt-lIou cinR'.'land, m a d District, Thur ii.iv 0. -tnl cr 6, ls42, at 10 oMei-t. A. M. 1. r.ONAHD M. DI.XO.N, of 1'nderhiH, for his Die cheirge and Ceitificalc as Itankiupt, at lha Couil House in Rutland, in said District, on Friday, ihe revenih d iv of October, A. D. 1S42, at 10 A. M. SYLVLSTRR 11. WOflDlCN, oKstn.for his Dts charge and Csrtiflcite as Vaiikrupt, at the Court Ilou-e in Hntland, in saill Dislucl, on Friday, Ihe seventh day of October, A. D. 1P42, at 10 A. -M. DxVIO TYLFR nf, for lis Disehniie and Ccrnti ale ns B in iupt, at the Court Hmsi in But I - i mrad Disir n on Fr ' . , I1 e Mirnthdav of Orieib r AD.' 1? al '0 M ROYU ' 'II RMAN, of Ls x for his Discharf a- It e lib ti- as Pankrupt. ut 'he Cvui t H Jine ir Rif'a 1, ui ( i D -i ici. on Friday, lbs n vent i , DURINGTON COMB FACTORY, rnlHC .Subscribers having token the well known X Kslabhshnicilt, formerly occupied by Vilas, Looms, & Co., ore now manufacturing, nndwil.kee, constantly on hand, a general assortment of COMBS of superior qualities, which will betnl!'ord .d nt th." lowest prices. Merchants, and others, wishing fo a superior articlofor retail, will find it to their odvan logo lo callaud cxnmtnnour stock. CROFUT .f- T1MANUS. Burlington, Sept. 8, 1912. U 'f . . Life! Lilcll liilb!! ! rU. Jnaihan Moore's KS'-jn.'it KOKLIFF. Th- 1J luo-t hnelilv f-teemi'd Mcd.' thnt hns eve li-en ib-covered (or r-iiriug CaVhc, Colds, Atthmai and CON-jtJxiniONS. Il xv Itt-n rein, ve b Wli"oping-Coiigh lu one week, i'rc.a-cd 'j Hns' nr HEJMoCR, ironi lliel un-'inai rif i- ;, i y b oiroe lion of -aid Moi'i-e. For -ale wholo-n'e, bvITiCh U SPK.'.R, Durlitl ton, and nt retail, by tLe principal Dpiggbta nt I'm e I Suites. Order- directed to Henry Seymour, Iladh'j, Mas will re'eive pronijit niteii'iin,'eiud any ipeaut ty Medicine tmin dia.vly f irni-htd. Caution. As there is much i f tho ipurions art' cle for -ule, ICZP'i e pnrliei.i'ar n. itiiuue (or thit pra paled by Ilcnry Soymu ,r, Ha lley, .'lA--a -Il ise ts. LUCY 1 1 ITCH COCK'S ICSTATK. STATIC OF VICRMONT, I A Tn Probate Coif t District of Chittenden, ss. J i holde n at Burhnc ton, within and for thu District nfore-aid on tho thu day of September, A. D. 1812, nn Instrument put porting to bo the last Will and Testament of Lucy C Hitchcock, late of Barlinglon in said District di ceased, was presented to the Court here lor I'robot by Samuel Hitchcock, one of thc.ICxccutors thai... named. Therefore, it is ordered by said Court, that puhl notice be given to nil persons uileristed therein tonp near before fail Cnurt, nt n session tlnnuf to nolelcn nt tho Register's Office in wi.el H . ton, on tho second Wednisl.ay of Oii.'.r, A. D. 1112, nnd conti -t the probate of said Will, an, it is further oi tiered ilint Ilus or.'ir bo pul.ltsni " t'., weens sueccs-iveiy in nic iiur iiigrun ss. a nevvspapir printed at Burlington, in tl - Si nr ' e-la-t of win h pruill be previous lo the day tiss si , as aforesaid for Given uniler my h mil nt the Regi-tcrs Office, tl s 3d day of September, A. I). 1 12. WM. HI.3IU.X, tlPe'strr LAW EOUKS. I OHNSON'-J Report", 11 Vols. New Yolk D'.rc I 4 o'. l'etirdnfs Abridgment 1-3 ois American Ch.inciry Ligrst, 2 Vols. ICdcn on lu iunctioti, new lithiion. Adams on Kjcetnent, ni ICdition. Principal and Agent. Lube's F.euity Plcnei in.', (.ulikhngs I'laclue b. S. Courts. Law ul Fixtures. I'ickiifl! uu Bankiuptcy. Just received by l.. GOODRICH Sipt. 7, 1312. THE LAST NOTICE. 4 1,1, person, inib-i ted to the l.tte linn nf Hagar iV 1 Cnin-toe ., w-ill p'e'a e lo take none e thai -u -w,d b:.' e.i iiiiicn -e-d iu-ani-1 ihcm, (wilhiiot di-tini e a nf per-oos). nu the nr-i tlaj of O.-tol ir next, if iie-e p.eid lu-ev.ou: to Jav. ' l.UTIIFU M. HAOAR, Ul.O. D. CO.MiTOtK. Shclburn-, Sep'. 13, 1SI2. lj if iNcw lioods. DOOLI'n ha- l"-t ici-ene I fre m New- York a ne.v s-ippU nt Fail ai.el Winter (Jood-, v n ih I o -i-i.- n! ver low pi 1. 1'-, V v ill Sepl. 9, It 12. 13 fiev i iidia t ulilior Shoes. I CA3L INDIA I5LTJBI.R SHOLS, plain and ImeJ 4 j'i-t rc'ivel, and Inr -ale low, ly Sept. 18 IS. 13 G.v- DCOL1TTLL'. Shoes. A new lot just received from Farewell, as cheap as -TV ns the cheapest by H. W. CATLIN. Sheetings. BROWN nnd black sheiting-, bed tick, c " i bans, cotton varn, black xvauuin", -tc. ex.c. just received, tind lor tale virv low bv S. B. !-CO'TT. Now Calicoes. AVLRY large assorlment ju-t opened nnd for s.ile by the piece or otherwise, cheaper tl. m ev er by s. B. SCOTT 5000 ICngll-li Q,ullls, small sie an ' s ip or quality suu.ible for Ladle" d,.-, ,. Just ltci-ivedby C. GOODRICH. pi. 7. Aolico to jMciclianis. ! 0( YARDS Super liurhngton M.ll C ,in lOVJIpaiiy BROA1 CLOTHS, fuiseatrc du 'ed prices. Those v, to purchase will do w.-U to call P n't, for .f in t said he. i the Clotlis will be tent '. maiK ' hIDNF.Y HARLOW, Agent Office of the Ii. M Co. ) Sept. 16, H42. 5 13 If Cheap ! Cheap ! ! new lot of Broad Cloihs, just received, nnd for -IX. sale at very reduced puces for c-ish or m I by II. W. CATLIN. P. S. I'ricis to compare with the linies,rie mUtakt. Sept 7lh, If 12. ' Shiwl 77 LL nnd winter -l;awls, a great varietv cheaper than eve. by 11. W. CATLIN. So 7, lrlJ. TO LET. A Commodious ."-TONIC HOL'SICat piesent oe.-u '1 piedbv Da. Hineoeco. For terms apply at the preni'ses, Burlington, ttept. 15, P12. 15 tf Wcdni-d.iy L' ei ing, ; Sept. II, 1-4, J TVinW GOODS nt Howard's arrived and anivtng, 1 x 13 3vv New (iennan .'lore. 'yilF. Subscr bers respectfully inform the inliaht J. tantsol Burlington and virini y, that they have nu hand a d nrei'oii-lanlly receiving a st 'koi SF-l'F-.'lOR CBOCLRIIS, which they will sel at ei-.ipei pricis than er.r oflircd before in this ma kit, consisting ol Sugars, 'Peas, Coffee, Choco ale. Cocoa, Rai.-ins, Currants, Almond", Prune-, Ni.'s, Spice", Rce, I'enrl Bsihy, March. Olive Oil, Su-gir-Honse Molas es, S eim and Tallow- C'ai"4 fl pei,ii and iclini-il Whale Oil, Soap, Havana and P.mcrii) Cuars, Tobacco, cle-. ef-c. ALSO The Pure Holland (Schicdsir) On, nnd Pure Fr i h C.i.Mi.ic for Medicn'i', panish, French and O Jti vii. s, x linages oi isg.'anu 1MJ1 tor .ileeii. ,n I ' also LvgKave ro mcniion that t1' , i a assortment uf FR1.NCI1 DRY'.OiI)S w ii i'i v r.ppi-ctlully invite tho puld.c to insp ct : ) e on Colf.g,' Street, loriueily occupied by Mr Fr. nni, BooksilUr. OSTIIF.IM .f-MICHOLI.S (jIL.HF.RT IIARTO'S FaTA'I V. -Tl V. OF VF.RMONT, ) T n Piuh-t, . D .--l -I ot Clllttii.le-ll, s, j f hold" Il III Li t. i ihm and I'm llie District atoresaiel on i oil .'ay of August, A D. 1912, an Insn n ' 'in ! In be the lat Will ami Testame: i (.. Iho to. late of llinrshnrgh, lu saidDismci ueci.i was ,m .. ntcd to the Coirt here lor Piol ate, by .-u-saii'ish Bnrto.tlii' Fx-eutrix ihircm nan ,d Tntr.fos t, it is ordered I y aaid Conn, tl-a' uh' f notice be given t a I ersons uiterf-ifd tl.e tn to appiar bclote saiJCeiuit, it a ession thereof t '-e ho'tlen al tic registers, offi -e in sai I rSm lin t, n. cn the see-ond Wednesday of Oclobi r A. D. 1S42, nr.d conteit the probiiu of sxid will, nnd it is further or dered that this oreb r be ptiblisln d ll,iee weiks su eis sively m ths Burlington Frro Pre", a nevx "roper this Slav, ihe last of which ah ill be previous to the day aej.-iu-d, as aforesaid, (,.r In ariug. fixen under my hand al the Rfgiitci's Office, thi3 tecond day ot Au?ut, A. n. 1S12. W.-i. Wr.STON, Kc'lster. OR S.U.r rt a Fm.a'l advanrei from cos' 50 hrls. Leavvood, 50 Nicwond, Camwood, Redwood, Keiatic, Alum, 10 B " 3Iaddir, 10 kegs No. 1 Lmtrj', t' " Indigc, 6 catcaHofincd Biras. Fcur-Tr A. FaAcirx-ii Au,-.3, 131 ilh ol July, ltf-iS. JUST rcitvt-dan I for .ale'a fresh supply of PIjIii and ng'ired P.ara i h, KimI Seen, h Hinghur.i llnil rcl'at, Gem's lihi aniH'xn L-ghi.rii llsi, Iddliner- and I r. s Mai ers can 1 efnrnishrJ xriih manv article in (he. r line; -."has ran-) 1 lower- am! Ariilicials, Silk woun I Wire, 'I .irhen LaeVf, M'h1Ir, B.Jkr, T!a u andco!cr-l Laxvns mr drrties, Whalt-buiie-, Sel se r, NcVil'e-, A1 o, Shell Com'.-, i-,' i rrliian Siv ri 'I a' leand Te e. Sju-innf, Fnev Pen a. d 1'i' Kn ee . A tnf. n is ii. 'f't. an s-oi,niii nf 1, -at It, , mil fa ami es, fronui.eiien ( t-Gn-'er s, Ira-, ,.a r. M 'a-ri,andl am 'x-OrocriM ce ,..,,.,. en,rr-, which a 6 i- 1 ' - 1 1 ii- r a t i v; v to x "

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