Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 14, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 14, 1842 Page 1
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' . . : - ' NOT TUB OIiOHY OP BUT TIX;I3 V B I. T A IS E OT R (A M VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER H IS42. '-- No. 2.0. EXCHANGE HOTEL, street, at the head if ihr Steamboat Wharf lliii'lliislon, Vrrmoiit. BY iMOSKS L. I1AIIT. mills e.taMi-hmcnt, o l.ivorn'ly located for the X ac.timiiod.vioii of the bu-no- and r lvollinsj comm initv, I- now t; en to iho p l' Ik. "It oat'lir. upon tliu is rou'e call :U t lie I vlmuco Hold f ir ua--eiiper-, an I ihose arriving or tiepartnip I y S ei n lln-i'i I" which ca-o their b.nrmpei" icnitived wi li "I" 'h "-''i will nnd thi" In u-e peculiarly lo their Tnc ,ce,cr tender- hiervici, wiili tlic n-urniicc, j ia a l re.pc 'is tin' ntui" Mian iie-ervi- hhj i.tmi- ftblc ,ini leranou of all who may palronl.-u il. Burlmton, April I, IS 12. -13 f. GKOllGK II. PUCK, Attorney ami t'oiii'..c.lornt Law, Two tioor. EA--T or Tin: tost stairs. Uclrr to Messrs. J. & J. II. lM'.C'i: & Co. Nov. W. A. ItOUISUTSON, narrlstcr and Attorney at Law, Late in t'tc nfli.-coflhe lhn. Solicitor Ctn'l Djy) Lrrit'.r. sr. JAJir.s's sTitmvr. Montreal, 1 Nov. I'll. llafcrenre in llurlitipton, to CHAltl.I'.ii ADAMS, I'.niuire. 24 PECK &T SP li A R , wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American d s u a S . Also, DRUROIsrS GLASS WAKE. l".urlItit;OH, VI. "J 1 r.l' IS X J. It. M HOLS tiae iii-o-! . ciatcd llienisi-hes in Ini men f- r the nccomiuo datmn of ihor. who hive nut the opportunity ol eillmj at their tci Vnee. Mr. N. "ill spend mc-t of tus ti in ii-i'inj the ull.tse m this ami the ailjoin inir ciunties, anil wi.l perform all operation? on 1'ie telli neceiry fur their iresi;ranon. Mr. N. will a b i prci ire the mnut'i for tlie rei'epiion nf aitifieial teeth i take in. lie! an 1 traninit them lo Mr. I.ew. the celebra'el ei -Ineieil Jetiiwt, who mII a!vi. l at Inn', ml wh.i-B tn.ivillel fiieem, mJ im wc iri.'il ex.'rii.iii-i o plene, will eiiure the piih ie liel ter woil; thin em he pwurfl r'n-ivhere. Our moile nf "Otlinir it fir -upenor to any other in point ol Ioo' cinv .iiu'iif., an J junhili y. Anv oil" wml'iia teeth citi I'li-nc Miie iliy with a nio'ith full of (h'eav 'il tei th. mill return tho next wi h a new s.;'. l'nei"" "inteil In the timea and circumstance?. All np'-raiuins war mnteJ. .'. l.UWIS, J. 1!. NICHOLS. nurlinit'on, Vt..Mav,laH. 3335?XS &i?D Si-ess. r.r. n .vp Siiniirer ll ot , 0'inie loiir,eiil. AImj,iiio.i inls of l'.oot" am! 'S'S'1,"!' sl,',",,'s-' for 'In .e,inn f run n.woiiR'n, no I ''Ovs or trill". liiS Wmli us Uu.ial none W'Si- ton '.T. J,15I! JI. I'l.VI'T. C:n?r of fn.ireli am! flierry Sttiet.", lurlinton. Mil- 1'', 11-2. SPRING ARRIVALS At Mean (lmrlcr. No. 1), Water-street. NO MISTAKE!! T WIS i nn-.v ir y n Ih.iii.-, .nil wo it.i lerin. 1J ln irra'cf I n '.m e 'emcm-hi I' ''' c"" .'H'lvlnrlhe'ervl.' ' ' r .i.u-e lie li.i- re o ve I. an I hope, by sirie' a tea nut to li i-inei -in 1 a '.e lerinina on (u ple.i.e, h it he imv merit a run'ni i miee ol" th.a ie. lie w hi s i r liu he In- i'i t re vue 1 fr i Ne.e or , Ho.'oii, Al anv an I Tn . rom ihe H'e.i on mrM'i !! , .1 an 1 sreneiMi .1 - r .irlineni of l"re h (inn !-, Im h, in a 1 1 1 t" h f firmer ioc .,nid'.e a i ip;e'ej.,.-oiMneiii,''omi.ri-iii.' ji'inot every arii Ie ol 1 1 ui'v ip i . .Ve. Xe. One Cent licwnrd will I ft riven to any ier-ou w how fl 'iinl at anv other More a creat a vn' e in I elt..elc: ej a s-ortiin'ii a eaa he t" n 1 a IH'. IS'S. l',i'ie ea I .in I ei inline f r e'.vc , an I yen r'l no Z av.-ny (U appuiu e I. MnviD HEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. . vST O O 7j s TTfOrLD ri'-pcc f I'vii urm Ln'tt- an I Hrn- tleiniMi ol II ir..u r'i a-i I i ti y lu li t rvn"'i n."t I iiiH.-i I ilnu'tii u Ik'u' lit-w II .iuu ufi re, (' n't h : i rf.iil) d . ' hi U nf vt1. hi tha 3h f 'i (t.. lleli. I'itrei'wl Imut New Yui U l h rc tit - - ut l-a tic lien with a rhfife c Ir ' ' ; of ';, Keep rtm-lantly Ml haul an i in tu if i t .ro to or ir ill km l- nf wir . " ir'l up'1 in tinned utry; aiiimi-f win -li my l-c I'tiuml linn C.ilf,, S.'-il and i;,ii'tr H nil- 'a I.t-.' G.u'er-, UivU ib, WaI'ui-j; iin--( Sli.i , . & . .i.o, i an I '-it liu '-, t-oili lur intni a a M y ; ami clulxicn's fihom ( all UiiuU. lfea irivi him a rail, two ! or- Vet of the r;.trl Mrwi liu.i'C, at the rilmioI' the "fiig IJont." U irlin-Mc.n, Mav, Hti. St) f. Trc.lh, 'I'ntiSnvr t;otir 'lrth! Great Ii:ii'ovtU3UHt in IJojslists'V ! "I l!. SANTO.S h,ni,i. ciuijcd Dr. I'UAKSON, XJ Snri'i on and M Inineal Dentist from the city of New dm;, a? a putner, would most respsetfully anil'iiiu x lo ihe eititens of Uurliniftnti anil the uciiih bona;; w,.s ilril lin y nu opemil an oITi e at Mr firinMiM s, on the Wen si Ie of Church street, one door North uf the Uurlnmlnii Ihnk, where Ihev are prepared ta attend to all easts included in eillar branch of the protefsion. I'roiuone to a full sjt of Incorruptible Mineral Til th (nf Dr l'cars m's own inniuficturc) inserlcii upon his Inulilv inuroved su 'lion plate, which is retimed firmly in the mouth upon strictly fHi'ntiric prinnplcs, thin disoensiriir with the use of clap", springs or Iciture, so ohj Tlijinhle. Teeth inserlcii upon tho nh.ivpan are liyond d ' tecliuii, and ren dered, if not so useful as lliemtural one", more ser viceable than those inserted upon the ordinary prin ciples. Decayed Teeth filled with pure ?old, or a prepara tion which is introduced in the form of a paste, hut goon Inrdens and retisls the acton nf nil acids or other corrosive matter, while it pives the tooth its natural appearance and prcacrics it from farther de cay. Achinc teeth cured in a few minutes, and filled with tho nhoic preparation and leslond lo usifulnihs. Accumulation of tartar rcmowd from ihe teeth without iiijurini! the enamel, which is ficipjcntly the result of an unskilful operation. All operations warranted to nivc sitisfiction. Teeth extracted with one third the usual pain, Individuals desirous of hiving dentil operations performid are in vi ed to call and see (prciniens, and eatisfv themselves of llienhovo improicmcrits, Children's ledli teiulaied when inilfiriuition is takinj place in cunserpencp of neglect during stcoiid Hoi tit ion . Advice aiven on diseases of ihe fiums, Sockets, and Antrum, free of charpc. Dr. I'carson has in his possesion Iellirs and rer tificatrs from professional men of the first retpecta. iiiliiy in tho city of New York, -and Clnrlcstnii, S.fJ, ,hcr liofiijnycd a Ions and extensive practice. I Us "Meet in aomins north is in consequence of bilious afltctionb. rj-Omre hours from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Ilurluiiiion, June Ifi, IRI'J. 2 rJUHSiJltll'ilONs" l-'Olt TIIK NKW WOKLlf keckivkr at Tiir. BURLINGTON HOOKSTORE. iDterejtinir li,iiculion-.L..,i ;..(,.. v.., h-m n Im fiiniiiliL'd with tho -.fimn r..... - -.... . i ' x. ti ii nn i fl nn J ! (i 1 1 hth' nnil iln.. . i- ' i , fci-ii riiiti. . , , "i "mini, nv nvf. in now rrauv iur iiit. linn 17. 1812. l. A. lilt A M AN llll'.-) lafiiof ratrint lltury, elienp eibiion June 15. I'or sain by (!. (iOODUICIl. Trusses. m N F. W biippIv of Thompson f rclenrated im proved Trusses; nleo Or Hull's cclcbrn'rd Tru'scsand supporlers for halehv HAGAltef-ARIITHl'fl, Qnf Ch nnd Collrje stir ei. Ilurltnyton, June J 7i"i mfi il .-V -VV''-1 NOT I CIS Por the nerotnnioihtion of pa-scnucrs ile?lroup of taltiiiH ihc scum o'clock line of Steani Hints Iroi.i Alliiny, (whicl llnny, (.iilneli went into operation on the "Oih ni .ml,) a tiain nf liailroail Cars will ftart from Si he- plant nec'ady, ilaily, at nj nVlork r. .M. dunni! tho eon tnnnneoof ihe n!ou niranueinent on tliu Huer. lly tins arrninjcmciit, paeiiHer3 may leave Saratoga Spring at 3 5 to I o'eloel; I', il. ami rearli Alliany in time for the In at, which will rale travc Ur Irom I tho north, the cxp uise of rem miius over nii'lil at Alhany or Troy, lly the evixim ; arraiu'eim lit. epi 7.i nof S iraloin arenhlipeil to leaic home at 7o'c 1 ic't in Ihe uiiirinn", lo take Ihestiain hint at Albany at 7 1'. JI. ! (.17 miles n Uail-ll nil ! 1 !) JOHN COSTIGAX, SuperinteniJent, April 'il, 1512. iVoi tlJus'ti 'Ve!o:! r.itie. ISAAC V. IJAKKIt contui'iu ihe roltWAliDINt; III'SINK Cliainp'aiti, Noflliern t'nunl, ntid llmlson ISlllT. Pee'iiiiiir II important lo ie ain 'heCT'l CnMomcr of the Line, an lull new one , lie v.-1 1 ' ue hi- lie-t eii'Vavi r- lo -ii'i fy n'l, ami e 'l-c- Ii nee I to in eie.i e hi eor'i n to pri iiicie the iineie-t" o 1ns einplojer. I y i'iimij nil I i- nc vniru;cil to In. eariMvi h ih-pa'i-h mi'l .afety. 'or fVrifit apt tyto I'. I!. .I.m:,VT ' oentie Slip, 1'ort: CatlIS, V Ci en'ie. Slip, New Yet!:. . n. i'.r..r.v, iui, i ir, . I', t '( M ti IK, ) .1. II. llouM'.n, i Troy. I. A. C.Miti:i ( N, j ('. II., 101, Pit, All any. I. V. Haki.ii, ('ouioel.' l,an Ini!' nil J U'hiteliall l'ot.n.Tr & HnMii.r.r, llinlniiriou. A. I. I. mid, I'hm-i i ruh. Ai.i.ks 1 1 ji T"ck, Tnr Kon. .1. 1'. I'li ner. Sc Si x, S . ,lohn. idPI'iov i Hi e l.'i.'i ItiM'i -stieet, up .'tairf. Whlleh ill, A pill Ip'IJ. pIT.TAIN Cl'Ri: run SH1C IIUADAnTH. O which ha heeu nscil ill Pimihe!", eiery ineiuliei of winch tiai had sick headache from infancy, as a eoiiM tulional family complaint, anil Ins cured t lice nnlly in every instancr vet kiviw n. amoiuum to in i. ny hi'mdiciK 1 1 is not unpleasant to the tate, and loes not preu'iit thedaily avoeailons of one usiiiir it it must Iw persevered in, an I the cine is gradual, hut eerfi.n and p.rm.nient. Instances are" cotitniilh inuliipKiiU'wIicretlii ditresin2 complaint p. coin, di-iely ii hc'.cil and cured, nUhnush of years tandum !v the ic-e of Dr. Spohu's ccU lirnteil 'remedy. On. lec.di'd preleruvcis it" pleasantness, hiving none ol ihe inusealin eflt ct of common dru. ltnso peif ell veTtt-f let rv, that the proprietor lia ;icn ilireeimn" f ir hi" aL'i-uts lo lelunil tile price to my one w ho is not id' n'-e 1 with, and even cured h it. lie hopes id-o thin dm may secure iisfrrcat hen fits to the di--iri ed suMi-n rs who arc liihonni.' undei llia-lache. 1".. Sl'OUN, M. !)., invcutoi and l'ro ineior. Nnl.l he CO IT.VffifV? ri), 71 :Hni.!Mi Lnno New Vim k. I'COIC it SI'll A I., WlloVstili lai-nts, a few do; rs east of tho I'ost Office, limlmo t'lii, I. n'J" )tj'l'. .II.Vr.-illAI.IS An in me, C.imiib mi. IJ Ib-.i ..letif t M''. 'I In- Sun 1 1- .ii t'l'ior In mil i h 1 1 ei i.. -...! n, I'T rciihivi.i that trntil Ie nine ill , ihe L'.iianli, and al-o a cold in ihe 1 end, no I tin Inn a die'. Il open .luboiree. oil all ob-li'ienoii-. '.en hi'il-tliey'.in I ,ail I line- a he'tl'liy ael'ini i I In i.i ri - ,i eeie I. 1 1 i- p rfeeliv live fiuin any ihinir ile'e eno i- in it eompo-ition ha- a len-nut flavor, mi i n 'mine liaiee it, after ' mm iuu.1, i al erri-cil fe. I'liee;; eont-lierliiilllo. Do !. Mar h iHV Ve.-e n'-'e Indian ll.'ae' I'LASl'ldl. I hi- l'!i-ier i- '.iiriv.i' cd fi r e u ni.' "n.f li u- .wel ttij-, S -urvy Sine-, Laiiii' Pa and I Ye h Wo-md-; tain- in 'he -i Ie-, Hip an 1 1. on s an I -e-I Inm l.til- li 'ive relief ill lo.'ll llln' ma'i in . If a,.fi.el In ill. i le,it will e ire many of iheeuiiniion l.iii'rl'nnipl.iini.. in I i- e pml, if nut iiicr.i r, in any ilinr.' in ii-i- I'm urn - on the feel , Ihe in - e of liu -1' a-ter linn' 1 1 ei vuiiefC 1 I y lhoi-and of iii'livul ml- in ll.e I'm e S'a'o-, who'haveto lel u- e'ln-a"y. Snhl 1 ythe pro iirn'ior; Cha-. Ilowcn, MiJJIelairy, Vi,, and I'l.t'i; i, II i'i.'o,,-'i ri V"t. Tl Ins free) 'ently come to t''o knoile 'pe of I he suh- I. hcriber, Ilia: einptv Mini) . I ii", Willi Ins l.nliei on thoni, have been bought rp for the urpose ofsi lliiif in lh" in an inf'iioro nhiv Sm II : mid ids.), that Ii Sunt! lib. have', in some' instance, been tounter li He I, or lln .'ill inl d h en cf thn Mine bo inn atril as to e-a-'ilv deeiiie the unwary, lie eleetns il, thi-ri'- lore, In duty In inform pur liasers ol Ihe uriiiiier u whie'i lliey are oftim imp' srd upon s and he Moid lit ichy requ 'st thinn to liar eifl'or di laee the I, bids on Ihe outside of thelitis, nfler Iiimul' d siosed of the contents ""lis ii, nreu'iit full In rim ot the sump. A s in ible rewnr I w ill he pud for such ev deuce as will Ie ill lo thcdclicliou and coimciion of Ihe im- notiors. 'JVicsu'ivfiilT rinttnurtt tn Mimtfiritrr, and of Xrs for sale the follotfitiv urlidcs: I 1 1 1 e isiMVtn m.uii. Genuine Maceoboy, "I ro n American Happen, llavored, Iloll.iiul do. Tuberose. Si. Omer. Sirai-burjf. Smiir. Niitebiinche. 1'ieiii h Itnppee. Atuciicn n Gentleman t n nil i ion Si'dv, Maltese, Cuucua, do, do. elo. do. Cjars Deiniurns. l'urc Virijinh. Ilourboii. Si. Dominjro. ' IMire Spa-ifch. Copt'iih.itjun, supninr fnvnr. I,. JIixluic. I'llow fSniill. "'colcli nnd ,.. lush lilac einrd cr HinhT.Mi't 1 me' l,i"hlIi"hT,nst, J Coir?c. vrel Scentc I I'lin Cut l licviins Tolinrco. Spanish, Iv'lef irt, Cma"li-r. Couimoii ind Slems. 9T. liber d di"Coiiut tiiatle towbole"ile deih rs, IMVIT'.IlI.OKII.l.Altl', Jr., 1' Chitnaui-St., New Yor'.. ii su ii .ic tnnr.i rri LOVELY tc SEYMOUPt A U II ih.w ctiH-iiin a heavy sloe'., en' fenona1 le V. ('o(tK n'mnitly iur.-hai.i .New "I'nrk M ini h arc eili'rel to Ihe puptie at prn'i'4 winch eaiiuot fad to eu-iire their sale. Aiuoiiu' tlieinare, Hlael;, llhei lllael;, Hbie, luvi-il lo Green and "te'e-l mixed Ilroad Clolh-. n verv uperior uuali'v nl C.i--imi'ie-, S l' Vi'lvel, e-iiuir-, l.inen Drillpi'-'-. Gambroiiii-. and a vnra'tv "f Goo'U fur "Uiinner wa-ur allow piK'e-t liiiiiib iniiie-, a "od nss'irimi'Ui of sil'.s for elre--cs an I Imiiipi-, sntin, Cliallvs, lllael, nud eoloiul Mn-lin do I.aniC", a luree lot nf Merino Shawl" and II II. f . elre-" I Mi. f-. uu I sear!-, silk no I linen cam! ne II ILK n preat varieiv nl Gloves mil Hose; a hrire a-snrtiueiit nf lan-'h li, I'ri-neb, mid AJlierienn e.ilieoi.. and mo irniiia enlieoe nl runri" cedeiilelly low prices ; l.i'uhnin, Hiaw.ind I'aliu li'at I'Oiiuel"; a "real v.irie.y in nun on-, i.ui-e-, eiiuii-i-la-. Iara ol-. "-.n -ha Ic-, Mo-liii-, Ciuil ries.l le.i'-lien lind mil leaehol Coiltnisi 3U00 roll" paper lini'.'inas Inrlerui'.','i pla-e, rnps, tnatts, LMri'uliiiifs, all eifwhieli aru for talc, low. June! I, I8IJ. il orison's Pills ' STAND unrivalled na i lean-cr and purifier of the bow(l, MoihI, undllie who'o system. In Diar rhoea nr l!j06enos tS llie bnwel" and oilier summer complaints, llie-e e an I erchod upon Willi perleei enn liileneei n n common inedu'ine lei I o l.epl icady lor use on all occasions where a cathartic i uce led, till" mcJicinei i luieoiiiilled. Si Id nnlv ut the Variety Slore. by 1'ANGHOIt.N ef- IIHI.NSM AID, Aeeuls for Morisom nfLinidon. 50 IIIIDS.Ganlnrr Hrewer'a N. I'.nnlautl Hum, 30 l'ipes nnd Half fines Aincrionii llrandy , 40 elo do llalilmnre Gin, 10 do do MYllevuiMii' UrnndVi t elo elo 1 Swan' Gin, lOlIhJs. St. Cro'x limn, 30 llbla. Sherry and - Ind -a Wines, i'i do Mal.iga do 5 Ho I'nrl do rf lit) hyj. etJ II PUCK it Co r." .'-jar it-,.1. Ie 'i Mir i i im Known I y I lit i " e rie-i it perform ii'rli' I. iv-wiou - IMnm-ea, or 1' Tilier ol'the Illnoil. 'I in) unii.iralli le I an I Mil inerei-iinrre,! ra'iou wh i'h .In- ineln'oie In-ni'ijirr-v I thru mini II the Ne v l'.nul,ui H .re , and ihe m my eueil li i" perliriiiel, an I the an' n de'inn I made for it I v tai' n Iv.i'e of i'iv- "'i in '! a aiiitoe. wi h il" prep mil ii hi, h i . m I I i hi' propnei' r to ex'e'i ' il eir.i.ilalioii in nlni'i-t every town in th" ei"ti'rn S'a'o ihe principal lmvn in r lie I'mii' I S n'e-. T'.i- I'airieci" wii'i'.iircl purely cseiu' lc,and i- not "irna-e.l 'y any other tnc lii'tuo ever o ere I to Ihe .Villi' o I a" 'it exten-iie "tile uu I pop il.iri y plainly prove, Il li.i - w'llhiu the la-t euh'ceu month i' ired'ils ihi'U nil I-nfllio lini-l iib-tnia'e di-ea-e-, n iMiile' prove I by eeriilii'.reP, nun I pronnunee I by I'lniiieul an I ie' pe ''a' le phy"ti'iau- the I e; I luedie me in i-e. I' e'f il nib rni.iliiui may I u lo uid in e'lin'a'tiiurr ee-rtilii-.Te'- of r- 're's and diie ''ion" fur tu kner 'hiMiii'dicine. The feilb.wuiT nunointeil nireiil-. II u'!iU'.'lou, V I'.CICail SI' P. A It, H. Moody Si AT an-, Cnrti" mi I II i-sel tlil'ou, C. I'l.i' e M 1 on I'a'l-, I! irni-l and S.i .vver W.i'eri ille, l''"b nn"l llrown, Ilme-b'iriili, M ill mil t'oei', l'tiirfix, I'ar'.er nn I Uu'itcl.l Vei'ce.ine., Aelniii- nnd M"rrnv Cam' rn'si', M. Wire I'lilerhill, M. (.Harney .Ninth l''ern-' uri-li, II. O. tieortrt.i. A. Uli Willi ton, N. t hillendcn lii. 'hiin n I, Green it l'hn 'e- Ji bn-i'ii, (!. 1.. Warner nn 1 C Mmi'.toii, I 'ban' i". in h ua ei'-liel rniiii'-.r'iui auJ i on Iwnr I I'.ur liulil, Uuruci nn I ranuwortli. e''.IIO m. a. n 'vn fss;," t)I! AI'E", c and taii.ok, HAS j'il i. i'irnrl f".iin New Yolk " iih tin .sI'HING I'M s HONS i nl"o. a superior as sorl'iieut of TlilM.IIINGS. Vl'.S I INHS, ite. -hop m t'htiieli street, nearly oppiniiclhe llmho' llurli, ..ton. Miv I'!, I a "jVrVHTIllUOU.S: A jicnilciiiaii-Im lon'rinff fu J li. oiieiif the nio"t ancient and wcillhy finul.C" of this citv.who nmn ho well known tonumerousfnend' lit injj sinee Ihe J eir I .tH, up lo recently, been he'tit ne.nly double, ami Inr suvtrnl years confined t) hi" he'd, Ins been rcslored lo iro d health has rmaincd Ins ii.iiural rreel poMtioti and ha" qiutud In. ear naje, and now n!ks with e"isc ! ! We bi-Iiccthis h ihet'.'n'lemaii'-own des unti'ui as near ns DO"iibl(, and liu re i no ex icixention m it. We will irive mn'ii n rs Ins 'iildress, nnd iloubt not luinnue leihiira will ec se the liberty so that any one itmibtin:', tiny .noir thi se I ids .houuli he rciitesls hi" iinine tiny not appear ill pi int. .imoii'jotliiTin"tnnccs, ilir..l;i". G. lie ynohls, 111 Chiistie-.-tieet, has bet n rcMore'd, and will cive pe rsonal a"uranee of the fiets ol Ins case, 1'eith were rlu itiirilism, nnd contiactcd coids and sinews, llow Ins tins I ce u done ! An.vH'cr. Hi the Imlian Vi'ifttnhlc Klixer in- Irrnullij, and 11 ices' Xirrrand llnne Liniment cxirrnaUn. .Inn. "Jf, Hll. SolJonhjlnCO.MSTOCK if- CO., 71 Maiden ,irc, AYif V'or.. lit) IM'.CR it .S'l'KAi:. V.'hnlcsile Anents. a few- doors e'-iat of thel'ost I ifTie", Ilui bur op, Vt. V. I,. .M-.I.SO.N, iMiilmii'S ihe bi:".iie-s of nrinidaeluiiiii.. Chairs al the old s'nuil, of tin low aiu' ilesciipiinns: ('ml Maple (iiiemn, ' nne-heat, Coninion Cane nnd I'l'itf Nat, Larce anil Snrill Ki"id Si at Rockiii'-, elo do Coni- 'r luoll no ' iioinion DinriL', ive. ive. i ii ..r .. i .:. i. i . if i .Mini nn ii in i- i in uiiii-ii n in -i t' V rile article.' and will be sold at prices lo e'oit.!" ml won ilieiune". IT.ATHr.nS, AND IV-ATMIM lli:DS, ltl'ADY M A DI'.. Constantly on hand, a -imply of warranted I,ie Grei "e ! -iiue'rs, w Inch will be sold low fir cash. WANTI'.D, bv the siibsciibcr, Cml ntiu Hirels I'.ye Maple, delivered at Ins shop ill Chinch tie I ippniie Ihe old I'ank. C. I. NICf.ON coi:iinxi:i:siui'. nRVIIV !3. UOSTt U li it T. I". it W. I.. mi on j Inline con in i led i hi u Tin Miops w ill e!o liiiness in Mini tine mill, -r the intne ol II. II. Hum. iie it t". a the shop n"eili!e.l liy .mil liotwii-, he'ic mnv be found a lull and complete a" oiliin-iit d TIN W ltr., urtiitifnctmcd i-xtnesslv tor thorctnil tridi-. toe-tlier with Copper nnd Shut Iron w.nk, sine Ihpe. S oe 'I rimniiii"", i'-e. All km s of ,b,, voik fiirni-hi-d al sh irl n tice. I'.'iie imlh and e'o -In -lor pipe furnished mid put up. "o per i limps and lead pipe funn"hi d and v 1 if m epiin it. Those who piilionv.e tin" btanrli i f buiir:s shall, nl this sheip, en.ueUIy and Weil set ve I, fir i rei iei e eoiupeii -anon. II II. HO ST WICK ,t C'. Iliirlii"tnn, Ap'. 10 112. JSO Y.XTOX iV liUIHUTT, (Sur i rs o C, D.Wellir.l T7 O I I, D it"p. eifullv P f .rm ihc i ih ihitnntsfif ii linns mull and ih adjoimnir ov is ilril ihey have eonnnen -eel bn-ine"s in the More foinierly oe--i npieel by A- S. it G. I). Wi Her, and aie now receiv ing n pt ncnil a"soriint nt i f I'auev Dry G. oils, I laid- are ami Gtoee-rics, which tbevolll r to ihe- public a low ns can be purediased in ihe eounty for ' ii"h. I liev le-pccifully s ilicil a share of pit'ilie iintutiiiee, eonfideni that their pritr-will bo fo nil to suit all hu may faior them wuh a e'lll. NOItl.K I,. HOVNTON, vii.i,ia.ii iiunnnT. Il neslutrph, Miv 4, lr1.'. 4 'y i T f -i -v K' It. C O I. IJ M I! V 11 it I'e. nnSI'r.CTITI.I.Y infirm liu ir iVends and the i.t luibl.c. dial iliei halt now om ncd a Lierv S able and Ii He on hau I re adv lor use tome excellent I loiscs mil Cirrni'i s.Sli lehs, I lame "se-.iV e. vi Inch ihev will let on reiisouni le d rui". Mable al Hcujamin Ihshop's llolel, South West Corner Cotrt llonso b'rjuarr, Hmluilton. BOARDJNd HOUSE. TIIH Ilou-j i" now Oi'l'.V lor Ihu inception nf bonrelers. All ho w ish lo bo nil, lire invite 1 In call and i. Minnie Ins bouse ami the pe nilvan- t ipe- win Ii u ii uc ion and location t,llcr, for comfoil nut con Venn nee, j ciims, very moderate. May 10, 131?. ( :)FFFi:lilUA 1 NClU'ASi: WILSON'S Co to Mill, a very su 1 pent.riiriiele, f i hi'cIv W 1. .1. lll'NT. HARDWARE. rj""lli; mb-cril er havimr ic eiiih rc'eni'lu'l his I. sioektl Hardware, o er- fir tale ihe fnlluwins Good-, at the lowe-l pr , Cutlery. Table nun V ert Knilo- and Korks, I'.n nn ll'oe!; el ICnivts, lia.or-, S 'ior-, Sin ep Shear-, ili.lel.ri Kliive-, -hoc do., Meel-, it", ttc. Caipeiilci's'nml .Inlnci s Too!.. Ca-tnnl "Ipriua Stt-e! I'.inutl, Hand and li'ppmp Sawsj t in liar d". I'n In 8 lo 2 I iinle. ; Crn e-ui nnd Mill i'n i Miei'-I'ra 'c- iiiilllni-j l-'irmer an inorii el'h, e!-j Go ee-, I'.ane li-ni-, .Vnfer , Min-inon-' Hau I Ae , A Ve , Ilau.lner .etc.; liana-' inn' IMIilwiir- I'I ine- i Ta-.i r, Peaw, Mi'l-nw, Ihi-tnrd, l'i ml in.', Wardnijr unil (J.ibine' Tiles; Sh e, Wnml an I llor-t-Uasji.-i u general n- ortiucut ol Sudtllcry 1 1. ud it J re, I'armlii!; ITlrnslls. Cra 'b'-, Scvihe-, M iiinu and llav I'orlf ; Hot" ; A lue ' Shovi'l- j Spade . Hit. htiu fS'n cl-, A,e. tte, ImiipI-IiIii? anil Guilders' Ilnrihtarr. Tray-, Hri'auui.i 'lea an I I o en l'nisi Lamps; Spillnon-j Hand nu I Tea Del-; C.i-inr- ; llrilaunia, Germ. in -ivernud plate I Tea ,t Spoeuis ; Metal mid enameled Sa n e Pan-1 1'ryni'J Pan-, P.UI". Pot- and Ke-tle-, lira Ketile-'. I'lie Irmis. tte. I.ih'I.-j II. ill lliice-, James' Screws ; .Norfolk ami twin!)'lies; units 1 niiet n tlo. ; Wiulnw r.i-tcuiii"s; Sa h Pullie S rcw-; IlidSciew-: Maliopaii, mid Ola.-.-1 urniluru Kno' s:Gli,e,itc. ite. June 3 1. W.M.J. HINT, S'ronir-' Ibid hna nuitr.TNGTON nun i vlfit Y IS now in fdl ( pernt ion nnd ran furni-li nil wt'ers for 111. Lit inn surpa--ed in tpniKty by any t tbci fei'-nrewery. GIO. PLTIUtSON. Hull ncion, Auc. 2", 1PI2. N. K. Kiiin. It) Hbl-. N. i:. K'lin 50 per cent n'.oee nronf. for sale nl Ilo-lrni nrice- l'i ami ficis'ii. l y (K- i iiuuii i aini.iuLi. i is rti i ri. i. i. i ifi)i'T''A'i 'sir, i ; r. m.f; T.i i 'i ; amTi ri t i.T.. i-T 11. The-e me h 'Hie-are in le' le I f ir their name lo their m.iuile-t mi I -en-il le n 'turn Ii pnrifvinp' the -prinir an I i-h.iniiel" nf life, an I eu 'innir tlicm w!,b reui'wel lone and v sr, I'i manv Ii m Irevl eertiie i iM-e which hau) I eeii mile i i " 1 1 -, nn I in n'lnn-t i'ici-y -pe e. i fdi ea-et" hi di 'lie'h 'le'in fr.fne i ln'le.'h" hii'.vi; ei- ofMon n' I Ii r. Til.!.-isn I'lliFAlx" lave I ecu 7ie,nf d v and pi' lull nm led.a'.l l.v 'be per-on I I'ni'.nie I, mi l v, le uerepreV,o-,-!v',i,e,'e,lw. Inbebca ',t,f dlvpln-lit l,."0,e.i: nrinl'ii.e. iinon win -h tl,cv meeomnii, ,J. I'be l.ll-'i: MIMlHTNKS iceiininii iid theui'lvc" In i ill I di-eit'"iif everv form mil dccnpiiou. Their lir-t ope'raiion i" to 'oo-en from llie coals i'f the -toniaeh an t'Umel-, I lie vurm i un,i iritic- and nil Inic" i:on--tanilv "cilliuir aronnd lliemj an I loieinove lh har dene I' fact'" which collivl in the eorivolniion. of the -mal!e-t inte-tiney. O her liie'icme nnly pam.ilv dean eihe-e, and leave -iii-Ii i'i llec'e.l inn- e I ehiml a- to prod n e ha1 iluaeo-livcncs, with all IN nam nl evil-. nr-uiMen di.iriliin, Willi it- uii'iiiucut il.-in-r-.n '1 hi- fie! i" vce'l I no '.-n lo n'l re.-iar unatntuM-, who examine I lieh iiiiau I ei.-el ?f erceMih ; and benee the pici'thi eof those well iiiloi-n.ed men tiiraiu-1 eria-l. lue heme or iiiehcine" pre,kar d and lie'rab'e I te 'hep i1 Ic I v inn mill per on-. 'I he e-'ond e iei I e. iliel.ife Me'licines i-lo clem e ihe" I 'dney and Ihe Mil I lor, an I I yilii- an-, the and ihelune'-, the hf ilaciion of n Inch eiiioely I'epeu I. Mpon the re imlaniy e f tho m-niary n.-'.'an-. The I loud, winch ia' e- is re I color from'tlie ae'e-peve I the' 'ivernnd I lie Iiiiii- I elore it pi-e into I be h -irt, I emir ilei" purilicil I y llietii, an I nouri-lied I y fasl oiiiiiiu from a e'leMii foin.ieh, Co ir e- freelv ihro e-'h ihe vein-, renew cvci y pari of the -v-lcm, and lriniiih,inily mount. the fanner ol health in the blonniiiix ehtel.. Mo iiil' Vr'.'i' le I, lie Mivhciiie'- bale I ecu ther fi'ishlj H'-te I, nod pmnniinoed a "iivinisn rcine'dv for Dv-pep-ia, Flapilcney, I'alpila'ioii nf the He art, l,o of Appe'iite, learl-bm n nnd Hcad-a'-bo, l'eile.iie, Ill-iciiipcr, Ansiciy, l.iuuior mil Melancholy, Co nvene, Diarrlnr'i, Cholera, I'ever of all" I ii d-, Khc .UMti-m, titi'ii, Drop-ie" ol nil l.m.l, (iravel, Wiinn-, A-ihmi and Con-niniou, Senrw' 1 1 -er-' Inveierate "1 ire, Seoi'iotie I'rop'iou- uh I Hid Ceuu-n'e.xion-, la'M'ive e.i'iiplaiu'-, -a'low, Clennly, mil n her di ncre'oal le Ce.inpleAie n , S ill l.'he on, fry- ip-el.i-, Ceiiuuion Ctdd- and lull euz.i,aud ariou- i' coui, 1 mil" which nlll.c muni frame. In I Yarn an I Afit'i:, narlie il.irly, the l.ifn .Me heme" have I ee-ii uio-i e'tii'iieu y-ic,e f I; o in it'll mi that in the I'ever an 1 A-.' icdisiriet-, l'liysieiaas almost nun ersally pre eri! e iheiii. All Mr. Mo ','at renuiri'-of hi" pitieu'" i" to 1 e lariieiilar in ta . insr I lie lafe Me h -inei -trieily ace-tir-dinii' to f In iliree'iou-. Ili-nol I new-pani'V nctii-e., or I y niiMhuii ihet he hnn-elf ony-a in the r lav r, liu: "ho hope- to gam cie lit. It i-alone by the, icmi!i- " MoVVa'PS MKPU'AU MANI'AI.; tle-icnixl a-a dome -lie s uelt io heal Ii.1?m-li'le p'linpli'i", e'd'li'1 byW.H.Mo ,tt,'27.'i Hrii.iilAuy.'w Yuri., ha- I een iiiilli-lie I for'he ii rpti-e'ole TTfii n- nn icf I'y Mr. Mei al'-theory of ih-c i-e-, an I in'1 le lo'ind lochly m'etei oi'j" to I' uu !i i''h. I ir'it- upon in'i'va'i'n' di-e'a-e'-, an I 'he -ii-c- II. ' I'nee, 2.1 it for -a'e ' y Ir Mi fit'-A ' ,'cucia'iv. Tin""' a! ei'i'e Me-' ne- an I -r -ale' v til OiiT.I" I,. WAIi.M I! it I'n, .1. Iin-ii, I., lieni'iul Aeeul-, v whom al1 or.'er- from any put tf iho Siiho eir C uvula, wdl 'e proiup'h .in'uuel. 23 I I Dee. 17, 1811. IT AG Alt ,'AIlTJTUt, General Apen'- lor Mo at'- t-e'e' inie-d nuv'ie.iie-, o whom all applications for m-ehe'ici ?jniil I o uJ-'r-e '. I! rhmr'tn, Jan. 2", 1812. VATUUIS'S CHAM) HI m'IOHA'I IM 'I In t r vi'nitlle epe nlle .Mccii me -land- imrivallei' for llll lollowme eninp'a UN, VIZ ! D' pejl-ill, er Indr i.,ioii,di-c.i-i' 1 1. ne,-, I ilio i-ih-e r 'er-, I'rup-y, A-tli-na, Co-'ii'iu -, W't rue ami lo-- ol Ap"'ii e. and ' Ic.iil-tiiL' ihc -ttnitaeh and I owe!-, ei ie- pn,n- in tl c -i 'e, stoui.e h an I I reu-l, e, Id- au.i i o ie'h" eif lonj - Mil I ne, Hoar iiie .-, -It, -tnc- i Ii, Neilou-olllpl.l.nt-, e'c., lllii'll ureliepicntly '1, d ! .lien..-. I'ol l-'.-l.-riintl A- '-, 0 " O" -i Vll'llal le pre- ve'iitii'ivi a- we-'l u- u sou-re c;n leuie.lj, h, iriie- - ti n;is- anv liium l.ere'le lore known in lemovniir M. 'llusl Dil'i' e, two I tit'le InVU 1 1 ell Lliowu to etuc hisnlllifm-r.'.i-'sse, ul'er h.uiinx laif.e-il eiery eer ion lorfo 'r year-. It ha-n mo-l po-eil'ul uilbienec n re.novimr nei uus ei inplaiiil-. 1 1 i- plea-ant to tal.t lu-l -oi-i- v nl ir- nperaiion, h it it e.iav I e'lidminiMenil in ihe mf.i'il h i h cfe v. I'lii' al live .Mctlii-me i-ien li ahly reconiineii '( "l y many soion.iiic irenilemeii, iii.l ti arje n-tiii' er in lame , w no nine oroiei itn virii e- of the Me ine I y per-onal nsx r nil thai nf ilicu aiuil.i s, A 1 ill nl ' t r lie -a e- ne -iimp-tr ic-each I nllh .i nh tl ree it n-. it miv I e h ul who.e t.le or re'uil nl S. lin am, I'.irro, and .1. C. I-.irii.uu, I a-l Uilliam own, i,m 'e pioprieii r-. Ih'p'trcil ti-mn ilieortem il recipe; for -aiu I y I:. II. l'renii.", Mon pelter, nu I'r.ii: tfSi'i-M'., II u-'iii'j-'t'n, and in the pr neipal town- in the -nrejnll hp i i 'ne 1 in i lie li inn wrilhiu . I lie iroiirit-i i:. L. I'Alli! !t tiv s ll.illce he conn nies t e-arrv on the lutsi Iie"s .is usual of imiiuftct nn; &i .v ware ol a srierior ipiahly in all its v iriclies and will tn all n ncs be m re id- iiieichanls on the most n w le Icrius, nil otdcr pioiepi y attended lo at lus I'uctoty , Pcirl Nrcel, tluiluiji'iii. Jn.i-31. I9W. .5A H!"S I'ACIiAC.I', UX1MSI llttitrcn AtL'tinj and .Montrc it, UNTIL timber untie, leiunp Albiny t n Wediv -day, an I Montreal nu S.i'unl.iy of cnt h wtt k, in i oiiu, m in wuh li.irnilen A-i'o. at Albany io New York, Philadelphia, I'o-ion, I.iveipool, I.on loii, Irel mi I, -Se.itlnn I in I llivro, f.r the lians on ol Specie, Hank Notes, Valiisble P ipeis. I'lekaaes of Goo I", lljuks, and all oilier Paictls mm may oner. Mon real i:clinnoe ColT e Iloime. Al'iinv No. P.', i:chniiLe lluildii)s. 1'i'W York No. i. Wall .-ire el. Ho-toii No. 8, Cut.rt Strut. Huiluifton J. it .1. II. Pie' , it, Co. Ill IT.iil.NCI 1 ,1.1 A- Pakkii, L. Y. t', J. H. l!cr.p, J P. Wells, ) Albany, N Y. li. it 1). It. I'Li-.-i, Knt.i. n d Co., Troy, N. V. A. Wa-iioi- , ) A II. W. Ilvnrs- it Co.Casllctnn, Yt, J. & J. II. Pet i! it Co., !' ilm.'itin, Vl. J. C. Son, Si. John.-, L. C. Aptd 21. 4-tf. 1MMV.VTH (5 l.licr llll'. ne.v an, I HiKiein is Ii iltliuii-now cieciiuu m I asi Chailoiie ill I e oi.enn 1 til ihe Li tnl wilU ill t.T I Ii piTinlentleii eeii Mr. J.Tl.s Hiioi Kr,n- i-MM mine iaiiie-'t'i.,nrin,eiii in litmliaud .Miun by -Mi-. M. A. Ti.n I!i-,i,i.m' ifi h Jl.iv, SU, all term opens 2'J h A iL-o-t, Wniltr tin 28 h NoMiuler. Twelii young Lu he- an I Geii'lemen may I e ae. nu iii't-n in iiiu i.iouiy ol .nr. r, i eruis &.., per ip'iini-r, innuvunie. Jli-n-:;U. an I ALre- " i. a liuiir exira. Djv S holar-. (rout 82 ii) to i,:n. ' al I 1 . edu -atltl llll'ir thef-n-i. nf em Mienl ' an I liavint lii'ie'ln in l.on li u, lii-., ami in ihi-.s aie iiice Iter air val, i ply ( aliliel to-iiperiuleiid ihe I' rench and .Musie di'iiarinitnr. Goveiuiueni simile paieil'al. I n liiO'Cunaeq.noitel wi'hthe scrvi 'C, experience an I al dny of .Mr. T. it-lereni e mav 1 e had lo t .1.1 nale ly, II irliiu L. Jlo'i, Si. Ji hue, J.C. Parke, Whitehall. J. it. Ilolleiilfci,, j. Miicrmau, i eru'cmic" A, S, l erry, Iroy. CliaHt.ii,., H'i Anril, 18121 NEW BOOK STORE. " Live mid lot Live." rntlli: ml sen' e'r Im received fioui .New Vnr'- new ui iply t,( School Hunks, Ibhi,.., p,nver Hon,.-, Ti.-tim-i,.ete. tte. It .-ellc r Willi .1 o-ni.l "ns. sortinenl nf S alionery, and Hook-I in hie,' SiiKk, lo w hich lienivnet ihu n "uu lonof ll.e pul lie, I'eelmir veiy ei.iiefiil f.irlhe lileial pa'roiri.'e lieieiofore ro i fue l, be w ill renew hi. exertions tu please nil that y tue.r in n wnii.iieir pairnnaec,, S. HL'.NTINGTflN'. Slrniip-' lli.ildinrf. corner Church an, I CViHcm. si. opi.o-ne llajarti. Arthur's, Siu l!el Ledger, June 10. ClAWS. Rowland's Mill Saws; IX. Ilooand Co's t-J cirrul'ir tlo. i rnalish cross em do t llnn.t nim.l nnd back tlo, i Compass, Wood nn I IVIloe tin. Just rcceiveel and for rale by II fi Ml it AUTIIl'It, i Cor C'h anil College st.-et 's, Jni 1 h, 1P12. w . . ..7 . , VOyX. .JlTf 3Pe.' IJ A It S A .11 () I.' I, I V 11 I! V? () H Tt (S0ftf when von l,y tint vo-i eel On peiriiee, n'e niie I M.37,) 11 merv, .New. or!.. Fee h.,t 37.) Howi rv Ne-.i' Vnr'. I- tn I Ik rapper or inch Untile. Ml n her-aie I'ra,'d and o'd on'y ly spcenln . r-( wnlr U' ri'.'arlto pi uee.iothu public, or ihoprupi.e- 'nr- 1 1 Ihe pew. neurotic. " V hi, P K .1 ! .r1 "T;' 'S'"" ?-"'"m,l" 1 "f "IM'clite, Dy-e,,. neeriifibe lne lieuiu fi line I nml bshu I by the tire-tml fo'e proprietor", nnd whoare ihennly er-nn unwini: ine enmiio-uiou en i no neuuiiie. 1 1 1 1 e-cn u.ed -uei e--f lv for ci 'ht vetr-jn lie. cure of ihese lisea-e-. JC""!!! mender ihe nnirin ' nud Genu ie I-ma Ic nnlv at No. 37.5 llnwerv. Nim-Vorl.-. ll other-ore eoiinieifLit. Consumption and TAvcr Complaint ! As a ctmeial reme y for llie e tl sea-c, I am f lly atl-iie I, from lope exiterie'lee. Iliert i- nn tee !e ne c nlinPr. Tailor'- Hi'-am nl l.iverworl. Humr ne y M'-'e'ai .e, u m iv v , i Ne uiiun-l -ale v yiillpe.-ou. m every e m leion. Il eVa i e- ihe nil- I V rxprtteri ion, re' eve ihllleull Irt'.l'hu-'. aicl-eein-ln heal die I'he-t. 'Iheiecnn Icimuue :n n b it till- ineiheine I- u eei-talll e-uie for e hrnnie i ei ,tili- nml cold-. 1 hue "c.l il la r veir in niv pra"ine, and alv.nv-vi'h- ne .'l". 110(11. US, Al. II. 1 ickUii in the Throat. I Dr. Tavlor'- Hi -am if l.neiwort to le erlaill reine-lv for till- enimdaill. n- I hnve o etl 11 my-ell an I found it- e Vet- nn miii.ctba'c. I wa iiineli irniil.lctl until I m.e' eofihi- medieine. M. L. HI .NII.W. 211 M.nicin si. Iloar-enc- Ciue,l Korlbee" ie of h r eni"- I ran -Irouirlv reeeominend I'r, Tavler's II il am of Liv- t rworl. I lcie uni on yloiui'l preat 1 ctieht my-e.l, but in my rif niv t'oie.rreira'i' n lynii ie -eoiiiint''nil-i-liou have ie -it ve I t'reat I encr iioni ii- vir.i.e. H i .1 ti in c lui'tl , eliicaeion- an I hariu't.-. Kl V. AZ. I.IAVIS. Severe ''otmh" and Cob! I have had n Ino-t -e- vere cold and eou.'h, lor ii lonp mneiihi'lil eould not sei ri J of. Al er u-iuz ninny u e'e- Ihimi- I tri ed Ta vhn's Hal. am of Liverwnr'i, an I il e"re I ine in n lew'div". ,lA-i. li. KT.Iilll.NOClW U ii-inp of Rlnoi! A' onl two wte' hlmi I bail u kill, w i it'll em -el ine it) -,nt lare iii iii'ie- of I win hnothiuir could i" le' im'd I Irii'il Dr. Taltr'- 1 1 1.'vcrwor'. '1 Ins mc'ieine Lraie ine imuie- li.rc rebel' an I m ti verv short nine e .cere 1 an eiilue cuie. Lctal! perin-il e. in uu i i A iii i i,-l i ntiu"!! -t. I'r. Tavlor'- Hil-a'n of Luer.vor' '1 In-- n em lemedv (tirth ea-e- ttt'il.e hnn:- an I lii r ha- ub'.aui- ed a re.iuia'ion neier 1 1 ttnee ina.lci!. ltcmarhidik Cure of Consumption. vn--o ne ir her deaih w'lh th,- eh-ei e. ih it tn fi icii'ls -em for a pr t-i inen:ili.- n,e eu I i'iel. lie .ii hi- nn r v, K'ltl lue not loiruci'i nu i I Inel Dr. Tav'or'- I'lil-am of Luerwor'. 1 -col uniuedia eli lot iln- me heme, and .il'lim ah the eoii'o I f r a few 'uv I e'llcen lin-lue llcinc, and my th e.l-e w.i- e vcre , 1 be iiie.henie eon, ,ene I, an'l in a lor'nuhi I w i - ic-ioie I tnlie.ihh. I ha Into mh, ran msr of mal lei, lei ot uu l nice, plitl-, wc.l' lie-,, it '. 1 ertll if I'er in Docior Wil-i n, in tic I'mom ijim-e, for the tni'li t fmy -in'eiiient. MAitV DILL, ic h -tree cor. He'V.are'ol fra id-. e t:;J aveni.e. Summer Complaint. Tl.e ol L'lerwnr', m en'C" of tbi di ea-e, w here-ill t lher leuie he- nppl etl ly phyi e ,iu- have provexl nu'dee-tual, ha" jiroJuecd ii pe-i-levi cuie Surprizing Cure, of Cintvnnptitin. Mr. It. ill.i'liliu id Delhi, N. V., nl a n. rural y eon. -uni )iive enn-luiition, ha- I ecu -aw! tiei.n an nn -timely end '.v ihe il e of IV, 'I uyli i'- H ll-am t f l.iv r".'i ri. A M'letc c il 1 1 ro'ihi on an a'lael, of P eu re , and ihu - 'li 'e I hi ven.'r.i1, ik-i Hi'y atel "on - unp- il hi. A conslatit en ijrli, I ne llu-h, ie-l'e-- nL'bl-, e'l p d-e, nil.l eo.ilnuel lo-- nl II, kIi, u acnil n - ee'y Ie.i'li ; but a- soon a- I ciuiiuiein el the n I tin- I ill-am I prcw I e,ler, ami I- now f.Jlv io-ture.l io health. Shorturss of ihcaih. I'i r lid- ill-1 i-e, I bine j iinv- in mil Pr. Tavlor'-Hal-am of Liverwort nn ex-e 'em leme 'y. It 'i. a i ll'f -n -an.-ni'l -o e 'e lue, I nKvav-tle in my pini'tn e, nn I leecnumiend il tn mv fi end.. J bine o-ul il in -on e bun 'ie,'- , f ea e-. w'l.Iun ll.e pn I'o ir ye ir-, an I I have never i! fad. In mam e.l e- of.l-'.hiiH, I t'nl'v le, etc il tn bale I eeu ib'e mean- of.-nviu pitvati- lue-. 1 er nil , p. lil.Ulilll. 1! W.PII, M, D. None ceiiiiiiii buttbil I in ,173. .mierv. Ne'w Vnrk a-will U'.ei'n I v' tin la' fl- an I i riper- ol e.e'h I" Ille. He - in yn i b o'. w hen yo.i buy. I he eeii uni ean al-.tnv- I e n' I i I he O I April-, Me -r ,'.N, Lnve v it Co , n nv l.r.ielv - Seviuo r I'r. Moily .m l IV, U it Spe-ir, i 'heuii-i in I Dr il-ji Is, II .iliupinn S II. I! line ,Ch ir o n William llho'f", Jr. liu I, mon, ; -er- i. I o Miln a A. it W. Mro t'ii, Grand .leW.' II. Kef 't r, i.nvh Ifcm li i.v t Wi l-Miir'h, Xi.r.h Men .1. I nv-, Al' iirc'i I'. l,.o:en i, Wet Alb r-.h-D. it W, Car, 'enter, W.rerl mv, 7"LVMAN COLK nAVC reteivel their ti-oa' even ne a-rreieiit an I var'f'y of Spr n .'ami Su-nui.v GOODS, whiehlhevo t"-al jiieatly re I.i, e I pr ce-i eon-i-no.' in purl ttf Priiiel l.awii-, Camliit-, .Mu-lin, and mo irninu: I aw n-, U eli -anu .-ni.ietl Hllzernie, f r laJics' s tinnier dl'--r -, !-eti pnticrn Mu-lin do La ne-, 'ami -iri'pM ttt. P a u, ' 'ne'; an 1 1 1 el li'-k Horn' az ne, 1'iLlliel I 'ue b'ael, ami cn'nre I tlo, Ile.ny bh -k (Jau'i n,Grt.,'e andcol'd Silks, r!i;nils. I.up'ti'-1 est -earlct. Ilia-'', an I eolore.l .Merino. .Scarf nuil I'.inry IlniutKrirlilrl. Mu-lin tie l.-iuie, 'I lul it woil, an I laucv sann Ileniiaui; Lacheue at-, i.ue s; XlMu'f. Mii-lmt'e Lame .-hawlr, raw silk tin., prime I W' r ted tlo. La I'aucy silk Mitt" an I ti'oret, colored l-'d'el elo, I I ick ewimr .ill- elo. Mi. f. enori-l silk Glove-, Men'- Li le Tinea I, eo'crel si l.,wh te sil'., an I Kid tin. Men'- Id n-k lial an Cr.iv.r-, ll.i'ksiU half II ir, an I India r it .1 cv S i-,ei. elrrs, L.i le ' white nu I Ma 'k silk nu I (i'ene., wliie llo-e, Hack uni e'ultnt'J ,i'l, an I Ki'l lilov-. Ioi- Ceiitlcmrn'sSumrarr Slrinel in I, dim wl.i'e I turn Dull, eojorel do. Gum! i oi, Hamilton M' uro- and Pemm , Mixe.1 S it iiene. I riioiie' e, .1 1 ' ol Linen, etc. Dos'.irvllr Coo !. In ban llri', Ssr, Jill, Milille.ex nnltvher ( ' tinn S'leeiniL'-. A fre.u rpuiutry I, lea 'bed ilieeitntf anil sInriuiD, ury low pru'e-l. I iitoii 1 li.iehed cnlti n, "Suiil.iard wide. Ilinle:! tin. 5-1 mil f l dn. in. tiling a inoiu oMciiMie a.-eirtmcul linn we liavecvt r l.epl, Merri'iue ro nm si imp, nipeiline mili'e.icbel eotiou slnriiir, - i it Ik and lord drill heavy litli ui an I i ad Imp. Tin it Cat, if I'm' reiki- nn I Para-ol, Cap, Hoiinet and neck, Tall'da do. Galloons, Ta-iu-, etc. I'rlnls. Tai' Hivcr, Merrimac, Drier, llri-tol and many oilier -i lis rf American prints, eery low prictM, J.nlish and I'leuch prin's, Gumdiaiu-, etc, C'otlis. A peneral as-nrlmeiil of II"on Jldl Co. Hrond Cloihseon-lanlly rn hand, Al-"i"her sliles of lira I tloih- and Castiiuerc-, L'nglish, I'iciicli nn I German do. IVIied t'arpenn. Silk, Twi-i, I hi lonr, Surge, Cnnvass Paddinp, Stlecii, ite. tte, Iliirluipion, 211 Mav, 1 S 1 2. U7-V;wil' SASi. The subscrils r- have pur eli a is I he Mailiintry for the iiiamit.ictiircof Window ,-a-h foriuerh eiwned anil used 1 y Sidnry Simib, at Winooski Oil), ii lid are now manufacturing rvciy i'e cription, and keep eon-tant-ly on hand an assortment of 7 1 v 9 Sash,nt tlielollowing prices. 11 Lighted C.iM-iiient 31 els, per Lipht. 8 do 31 dn 0 tlo 3 elo II do 3j do t do 5 I'or sale, at their Shop nt the Tails, and bv Georse Peiirson, All orders in the above line aJ ht.nd tn Cuiiin it Ch.vr. will le ihanklully nveived anil preiiupuy aticuueMie), MOTS CATI.IX.2l. LUW1N W. CIIASD. IlarlinRtnn, April .0, 1S12, NO JI I ST, K i:. S uiokcil Ileeh also, Polk by the barrel, iust rcceiewl. fur -alu liv Jnnc, IBi:. I. DAVIS. I r- ufc , I M3 . ri FATEMT -fH-ATFOilM SCALES. WARRANTED. "EIIIsS nrtioloig too will known M ned common' i 't I Tl ill(J (lie rpi ol -LVtll ycni3 I tis vena lis ' UimiMiatl'd til llie ..ii,ii,.,.r, ,nl ,,,,,,,,,,, I f . ...!,,,,,. ninviTl!rr'-VCH''y','T'''','i'1'''1 llur''ll,l,,y- lluv '"?A Vl::Lo".,,'1" '", Iroiu.ito bN . -Tinn ii i. ,,V;rt''7u',' ""' "JW'-'P" iron; II). -nr ii ton- nt,, mwcLii noni l i oz. 10 '-t'O lbs. I'oi-tnnh 'miller tlo -a new article to weLdi from 1-2 o.. lo 10 lb". J. it J. II. Peck it Co. Agents. April 8 lo 11. Hnilinptoii, 1I.Ni i lh KMni(l! Ill'i'IHiS. XI it-t-l iii V ircor . .I'tT. '1 lu'-x'fi'N1! in' luav I'' in'L'iti itlcr- .ui'foiniuM'il purely Vr-'C nl li'- t.f lie iriu-i imio t'l-ii' y'l pe 'iln- viriiit-.. 'I hey me tcndmneittleJ pur in' il.irly fur rtMoim? (oiilitt!th n, eli'mi-int' .mil ,lenlrillenltl the - niimfh, an I ini-ieanip' iln apjit?ti!e al.o a piwi'iai it' nuairit thet holeia mnr-Im-, fevt-r iiihI asrn, riMiioinir nait-i-a, vmi.iii!r, he.irt h iriMitr, MiMdnt- in the Ln-.i-r, pam in the -.Uh'iU'Ii nnd other yinptniit fll.i'ulHU'oanil ni.liue--tion. Ono !jox will iiiunuroonoijMlIcn. lVnej eu. a I ox. Ilrir.i.i- Itch Ointif;t. ThN rhnice nD'Kufe oiuiinfin i- nu tn I e !. r to any n"W m n-e, toi that tli acree.illo an I Im h iwiiw il -Vj-c, (lit- lll'JI. 'i'hi- Omtnien! i. mi eHr-niti m it opera:iin thai w-)T-oii io il !,"l wch (In 'i ov ili-ur'r f.tht In I e wi'hi'til it Il t a r.'iiu !y Iur e itrtnru i. or iption-, .( il 1 1 if a e."ion of jhe or .my otlm I rt-al uw it wlu li arifs fnun li.irji h miort in the Lluod. Pni' 2.1 et . n I ox. Hin Vifii.TACi.n 1'iti.tecs Pni, or fomih t)hyM' dr ironeial u-e, n e.i t f .I.imioIk e, tni r' ii mi i' tiny -I t he .t-.iti.i h an 1 1 owel-, hi-- ol appeii'e. tii' i-l I ir'nh, '."iivrne I'i v , ami nil 'ieae- an nitf frt.nili'Mry'nt-, al o f ir .'orrectnif the f the 1 loo ainl t'li',iiiinff the Miem ft' Id :l U'hI vi-eiil hflin.' nr. 'I he e piiK .-iil a ini'd ea i hnn it, pro h't me iierht-r pa n - hor pripnr-s ami an 'heiefi re a ah a' 'o aiitl h -jIj apiiroi,! nie Iihih, iiiil art' proitftm e I n--i.e!i I v (.iun)t (!itini"u-hi iviei.m-.. i-ai n I ox eciit iiniii 3d riitr, i ru t "i ft-... i ex l i- eH relet ra'etl Salt I'nt'.i'M 0lTMl'XT. Tin nn i r-:.onal l in' ! ei ik t nii.i lv eer e ii'li-ri'd lo the p il he fur lhv oh-.:nne ih-or.fer .i' Kill I l. heie i.'iiern.taa?- i..iVtla. r , il li,i-.c-'ee'el, nn the f.iei lint it l:i lien oiinively ue. I y eminenl Imttitnntr peal. -4 volmiie- in it- pr.ii-e It' i en tal! l.e:ieo.- in all th ci c-i'l' the -Km -eah he.til, i ni-' wtirin-.aiitl iltMini! ni'.e:era i I u-h. .Ve. Ve, .ntnerti i (er'nn a e mm ttt I e tiliaineI 1 ii the pri'.mtur ch(( e- thai a fur ir .fl - Im iM I e tin "illy evi ien j nfit- ij en r e In ,t -y, I'i i e ;"0 t en- it 1 1. l-'ur Mile 4 v lYck ( Mpcar ami ri Min ! , It rhn-i ai ; IV. i. !.. M. .,an i II ill t ui 1,11 ne-'-Mivhi II, , Ch.m.)"e; L.Taae-, de iizia; 'I 'ei, V ; r..l!t r V II .iruiL'i i, Itifht.iii 'tt ly the (li'ii-rji't- uad hani'- ( nernllj 'iron rlni tt 'lie t.iH-. t 'J-t'ii .jf tlx innt ii'ipul.if 1 1 in 1 1 wn i kixiii ii in in i itM l';;j tnfili I'ulmnmtry HuUam n itn innpi i.iu.illr r-,,1 v unit .' I I I'lll'll, C'tl'l , -4.l'l lT hihiii roil -naipt tun. vv tin iii K t u.ta !i an.! ti'iii'Mi t ) rntM- il i'Vru kiml. hi -.if i .! I 'iirif.i-i.iH. 1111(1 ih iimpi ivnt" ate rtiu-i.l'i'K .tifiiini; hf ihm-i iiih't iir.M(n m its rfjt-ci-. liv t'l'ttuin tipw ccittfliMM nr il i it pl.t ' I e rx n tn 1 1 nm N I x I n y s i r n I si- t'.K (.km nf t I.Mirr fieu- lr(' . .k, K"t-Hi.i, IIji'M rn,, i. V, Hi iIh il piifim-, " inn nl -le' ! h iiii. v.. ihm ihi i fin i k tliV ( it i w .i- i-If v I'd li, i he Vf-j It- t'ul ikjmiiv 11 tl-am in tin1 w ui'i'i .tint ( i im; t.l 1?3j. I h in -mi. Mi Uonil, h i t I iiiii t t i itiiin) i nn uni li nnisiiiiiptniii. Id pi.-. m.-i.iii- hid hkch hnn hp It t ,i h iliirt d mi ltiv hi Itf im;i!l- iii it i Imiff 1 nitl u.i i.ii-iiij iil.tii'1 ipt.i ii 1 1 1 ol hlonii , hfi In folium lift i ii-ifi-; iIih ll.iU.iiii, utiith h.i-i fllci'ic.l Iplt'lH fill .till III 14 . l-Vt ,. i'f .Hilt jHail rt- f't iii . - Mr, h i if imv ! d inn iln iimn Imi In Ii ) pi nn (" I tut .i nini f lift ittl it-i-i ii tit nf hi t- n im. w Im h I i I f'.i u.ird n-n. C CL Y. Kmjf nn. .. Y .limi 2 !3oS. I. Mi.n l t. ilfiiti fnun Hi. .1 trnl )fi 'I l'r ('illniiMl.n I it-, mi t'Prn .u'rf In lll'i f'.unu Ijr ii ii ittol rli- me licnif li.i i.iiM'it .u iiii i'tniMf i iIi tti ii i , (oi 1 1 i .i' reli in i-iif i n 1. 1 ni i t tiled nl Ii n in; ihc iWnrit fl"i n I ;imli mi h.p.i.n Illfll'X nl i- in till N'1-.litilli, lll'iof ill U llll h rfl f mi .ii.Mi)ir iipii'i ,i iifdtili' piit.l.f, t.ii i ihu uluili I Unim li ii-t. in In i 1 1 ii i), i iitiitii h'p Ini) IM, ii pi nh l nm thn ct n. A 1 1 mill fi h H p- f ..n.ii nm h-n Itfcn nil it 'l h-i f .i tt in lni i nf , id itimiii k ' , and i lift f ( .iiirxliri ai it Ip i cndcil hei e I hat i h nu,; U Piiij c i- t-d lu hi- mn- J cur. MvFfi. M, I). illlin j 'nn , Jiint il i rn I V nu. Mux ii, Iboi I mm (Ji. t-1 Mimk'M, .i ihf I'iMpi ifim it tin1 Vp latih rnhiinii n IIhI- nn, I .im r-.m-flrd im( ilir V ei lid l'iitiniiii i.m Hal on h i i.ilii'itiV nifil einp 1 1 h I- hif ii tis-rd nt lie- pi in i nh i iiinplp'f enn in an u hi I in in piMiipl inn nl tin Imi'M, ,r if u ffd wuh ,i .f w u P'.mjIi, im d iiff, nnd ihf Mining uf niiH'h dhind, chilli had pip. nm-U pi(pd main .ipiiuied piri i iptiuiH. .n i iinitij die lid! nn mhh f k, iln p.nii'ii imrf i p-u in tl and hf .i? - I ! m po ik audi It.y. I hi fa-f im'I'imki! -(itnf Mini imr, anl Ikr in in ii initv i'it;i2Mi mil nno. iiiaiiiif Inn laKn iouc hninnfti. Jtrf I itt v . fie. S. Moimih.i.. l li D'lrt llinif lllili fl Partt fiillff I ll dr I uaight if i Inn h an afTfciinn "I lie m-s; and mi rinuplanii w t-j dfi l-Hf I in hf iifin ahlf hi a rimirit nf thtpp i hi M'ltiiff. I ii a. ihf n if-Mnnl in .t-i im I hf ahh a- I had fiinifdliir in-iiii r.iii, hi it in j the Vi j-firthlp I'n' ni'MiiM litUnn. Sincf nn iffniri t hm n-rnni nifiittf-it (hf KiUaiii mi a (jtt'.ii ni-ini n 'utc riiinpkiiitii, hiii -ii fu ih 1 can lain, i i iifP It id in i.iitalili tffii Inlliun d l hum li Ix-nrlii, and in main iiiltir ll had ftfti'ldt fin PC lllin It ui'tf tiluil-l Hntx pfPied. Samui- r. I.v tti- rr. It.- on, larrh 2. 1S.T7. Inr ale, uhittfale iun rftail, h I'HCK L Srr.Mt.Mu, .in". Vi. To UmMiTs niMl iiln-. IOATIOS, fl tp'nniiU -ind lank plninH M liorl iJnnTi.'i'j !i!-n n t'tmilnr Sa f ' i fdiihnr, at the Hnrlin::t.ti Iron Pntimti y. Turning tlonn. nr lalhe lo h l for ttiri.iio; lU'd l'osts er coltjinti'. 'ell tltr rc cnv. .1 ni i ay. J.l l& 13 A V, Hiiiltni-fnn, prit 11 I5!?. I iiper 1 landings. l1 ei Ta-'er Ilanirmir-, pn'tcrn- entirely 1V)M ne.e, ol alln alr.te. iul opt ne-1 t v .lime Ifi. Wll. III'ItUilT f. I-OOIIS ha'.jiiFt rerpsvfd Snip I.rntlirr for ! lief nt.H n-h, lv tho luiiidrnl pounds. Alt-o, latrnt nn l trm Uaiher. Jit no 10. C100D-S of alt tli s ripti n tire Fellin: rrv 1nr nt I liurlmni'-n, pniffiilatly at S. It. S OTTS, fl'IlF. facilities of the nibbcnlicr in procirinp lioolm, . nnd every nr ielc in Im nr.t are fiich ih to rmdrr pneis, eorrcs, omhnp to dictum s.if' uidiicc iho public loe illume 'heir pair, nipe in hi .NVu Warr, Any publications not on hand, will be pimided nn toon ai urelcrs can bo forwarded lo the Cuie.". Wm Us received the present wee' , n. follows Pictorial l'.si.i)8hy ll.iun.ih Jloore, ll-'iim f r Hi riMii.'leinpernnc llytns, Wi nllh nu I Worlh, llatnnby 11 iIl'o, Tliiei' I lit"ry cf I'n neh Kcvolution, ItltiDinficld'ii Circle Ti'Haiurnt. P.irne' Notrsnn Isniih, 3 Vo, isliru Aualouiv, Wlnlplcj'sComprnn The r.iine ami fiioryof nnplnnd, .inoni, Tliol.i't Tiihec. by lirant, A Wicalh for the tomb, Life of Patrick Hcnrv, .Sketch lloole, 2 Vol". It is well, Wav .MnrKs, II, A. HUAJIAIN. hoarding nousn. The R il-cril er mil com inue-hi" hoard. iijp ho re ntlho foi t ofl'ollepcsireet, neir the Sn'inre, nml will u-e hi- lesi aitlSfi'i cxerlit il pive sali-lai nun 'O llio-e Ji.jyvA Mi,,, ne.v favor linn m oh tl.eir nalrnn- a'lc, lit b.n also SBieral rinvrnini! an l emiieel Itnnm. lo let. .KISIU'V I 'OA NT. i'on a alu. qn SH Alir.S of. Stock in the llurlinplnn funk. tt Por terms apply lo 1IALLE.N' llurliutton 30ih June 13-1-. CO.S A V jihl)K .N ;.. rt'IIi: ib-inber W. L. KIDI I1,. l'iVc- notien ill he ha- -ue.xf.l the lire T. Kmt'i r In tn" j ara it n t f ihe well I in wn d miav Mi riltiNE-, nil I w II l.citnlicr art culur I'tlenlti n to tl.a n 'I ihe li l.o.wm.' ariiele , the lonp cs ta islicl ec'ibi ny nl w Im h, pre' III' e llie inte-sny i fa ic-p-il iic.itn u of the in iiieruiis eeriitiitne-r the Inn dk of Ihe pinirie or. Duct. Jrbls ISIicilinallc l.lliltnciit. tor 111,0 1" a' I in, Urn r-, Spram , Niniil no-, Chd1 lam-, S.i.'nts- in tin ,i'n s, tte., will a lead ihe ino-t iiiu-xpcc ud and iiunitoi ile rel'i fin (be most nl -linalc ease- i f lhe nnnli in, m u tew hour-; lhi nr'u-le i-openly leeomineiii'eil I y Pby ieian-. 'lie l.'iiniiciit i done up iiien'arpeJ hollies. Price 371 cents. ' T 1 ,, , C.-1 tl1. l. .),,..,( .,,i,,v-1 (HI, S.tlllli'Vlll. The rx'en-ive.-i'e and e-abli be.1 iipntatirntl o,1F,,,K.' Oinimiat. eiiio re. ihe pro- pr,c , r 10 leeouio en I U in ,1 e p, I lie wrh lentwed coniieeiice, a- Ine u.o t iiinoccui an I p' iitrltu rem elyftrths iiinu ymp dt-ei-e; n ti n'n.n- no leei eury, t r anv o'bt-V iiiitipeio i- jn rtditn1. an I can I e ap; lie I ni nil llinej Willi pcttecl inllty. Price 2j cent? u lit x llcmotly for (lnj I'llcs. The cmieuiriup ti-niuiny il re' e. e! patient', Irom nil i nrei-, n pi me' to iln c-ie- e I e Ihe ine li'-me uln r ml oiher- ha. I la P.. I, le ce I.erNvi Ii 'ho mcicam' iltiu.iml I rihear i le lioio ad par'- ot iheeoiiniry, proie it io I r oi.c nl ihe mo-l -j. evillc-1 iiown Inr iln- trcul le-cai.u coiriplaiiil, iCPA Cii'isyniau write- llo-ti ii, Pe' tuary 13, IS 11. I have male trial of iJuuilne-' Pile l.'livtn iry and found it pnsliit"il ii -uhuni-y mil tn, e allot -i i'mmc- iatelv, and erii'i 't n'ly libtiei aim e.-n al ri me ly I' r unci inform' e an 1 del it-nnn ri midaiui. II miming has mil n e.i ine 'n rect i-on en I il to pertuii" li tie. alll.eietl, nint-nl -h ell cumin e to elo. Yeeir- tf-p 'lict'y, J. 1 be ro'i'e lv et n i-i . ol nc I liininein and I'fueiuary. I rit-e lor I n'ti 7o eon s, or :i7i eetit- hen I'-ii out. i waiiied, neei e I i i h pam and ump.'u uuoc . ion- widi a ill crip-nn'f be i-eeno nn,, llumtVlis' l;ye atcr. I't r Dorr or iijtnninl rytt,, no hinir I novn pivei -ii -h immediate aid roiturtutde lelirj. an-i in -ome cvctedinfly had cait. helms, i 1 1 v ee.etl antl ele--ualieir 1 1 h l-I trn fu ml in ihe i-e ol tin- Lee water, a fter uther remidies hatlfai id. Prrsim- who have ii-t.l ii, ihoiio ii. e i1 ei i In u 'i a'ioiiihele-l p epjiniion ft r tore, iccnV, i r iitf.uimd eves, they lia'.e ewer mt I i. Pi i. e i.i c to u ' oitle, cuiii: roit roKtVS. A 1 li 1 o n Corn 1 1 a t e r The ino-i -.if.- .tn I - ee lv cure It r Coin" yet th overolj ilierelel'i-,,re. it di--olve- mil remeive- f om the lo-n with eaue and expedi tion and uitliuut the lea. I pain. Puce 23 cent-" ut ". P ill and ample direction- accompany each of th'J i' ove arne'e-. .V. II. .Nine if llie above arlic'c- will I r Pennine, nie---fui.t-'i W. L, Kiel !er ein 'lie o-i'-l 'e wrl j er. Por -a'e a hi- Co niirnr liot in, SG ""a e S ltd, up Sia.r , 1 1 rut r i I M'r h in- liow, Itn ion. Al-n I y .Mi.-bs. PI Ci; i'v ."-PI Ml, 11 ilui-loii, Vl. . i ii'crnt i . n -i o ,. -o Wei-. i uk h.ia:. JtrWt. rP'lAT hnpc and coinrnodioi:" two tn V.i J- rv Hi irl. Diulllt ulioii'.e Lot TcS siiunlitl on the -l side oi Colli pe priin -J1;k3L at the h nl of Collepe trei I, in ihi-i tl mi. l he II, i,i- is, -; bv 1"), wuh a bn-e me tu stary, with Kl ilicu nn ' Proi'sum eell-iis-. ami a wine 32 liv iij. e vien.l.ii.- iieuih i u Ct liiMClliecn.u uti wonti and -'i re hn re beltm , and e,ntii' er- uilJ -iet'im,0" rooini i'on'. A .'a r.'t an-l commoi'io i- II. on, t. in aue I e ii e li"U-e,antl niher ii'it-hou-e-, and a -pacino- yirJ we-f nf il.eil-ae.liuc h -1 e, mid a niil tl rn1 le we" r w.i i-r nt tl e I e'st i laley m the villain', and a ' r epierii. One an i n iptnrier acre1-el lam', t fihe tu i i.alm j a lai-je caidtti midelione Iruit lice- wt-l lie In U e ill-. I ; nt.!. 'I he II ihbnp-.ireern-trecieil in modern f'yle, ot he le-i rn.i'i-ria'- aieleeori in-lii,i, wrn erre'ed I v be -ub-rnl rr f. r In-om o u-e, and Ihe luaiio'i nf-Inrl-avcij eit-n-ie nn I plra-.inl pro eel i f tl.e village an i la e rn the We-i aud i-not iiiipa-td by my tuber in iln- p.irl i f the t niry. A -o tin -ale a b t ennia-iunirjiii a -re of land eliied l rnpo-i-e ll.e al ove lot with J -mallcoiivemt u. wi oJ de. c! unr ho t-t' 1 1 ciefiii. Pi r duncr. are iu el iotll an 1 ex mine for il.ern--elve Terms made Ivliu'.vn I v ihc u - li er rn Lu preni!-.-. ' SVMl l'L It! UP. . II r'liia'i n .1 ipi. Ki. l'lfl. n2 lvtt-i IZrsiiids n!' I':i:iiil)' E'loin'. till, -ul - e n er i- now hm' v iu' on SSfej l-li I '.""' '',r" -I'''"-' '',1" n m eh' ine iSsMa3 ' I I'"-' none I nr. mil- t l i.e. urn i- m r, ever r eir I in lb - mnrl e'. in. f 'in linn Im-' mil mi n- ibau iwt-n'v 'l tni I Ml-tl the b i. e-t rei'U'a'ie-u, l.e pltdL-e-i ihal 1-Ioiir m 'd I Inm -h.ill rue llie nm-t erlect a' f.ictit n, an.' w .d ' e w arran I m a'l ' n t. .N. It. I'.ii e- tr inn- i-i ns an 1 on ban '. Dealer- in P'o r, Mi reliant-and l'.im,. e- are ro rpt"-:iul'y invte-l ro t-r-'er .ind try ii,e iirti'-ie. P -liipped In order in pi o I paehae- wi'linni del.iv, on leeeiet i f I'rnfls, ecru icne- rl tlir-i o Ca b. .1. .N, Ill.NSI ILL. 117 llivcr-i. Troy. April 25, lli. -17m4 Now Estalili.-hiiiciii. rpiin iib"ciibeis havinp opt ncd a Paint Shf p m X the li iL.inir nee door South of 11. shop's Hotel, would iispecilully inform ilinr frunds nnd ihe pub lic ihat liicv an pitj-artd to ini cute nil hind" of House, Carriage and Sign 1'aiuling, Gilding, ('lading, and Paper Hanging, i the rirtct pos-iti'e inanntr, and hopehv s'rirt ic tonal intention 'o bus ne-s lo leccivc a sliaie ol in- public patronag-. Pi. o.sPAri.niNG, S. II. Kf's'-LI.L. I.nrlingtrn, April V, 1M2. -I7lf. Gold Hand Cliiti.t. 'VPriM! Hold Hand, Hand and Sprit'd China i VVi .SV.'s and ii.aie lo mat h. er i bean ni iho Cir, r .Sfnrr uf rAliltAl!. WAIT iV 1,'OOT. Jem 17 ll. AIM W I LLS Sin it-, I In'-'ren's Shoe-, itc III. lla'f On, er-, Kid Sb., ju-iri3!r Tt-l I v Jf. HITlLnUT. ' PVS' I.PnilOUN HATS, jimt r.ceiveil at 1 June i, I? 12. .11 SCOTT'S. Cast Si eel, - - i f .--, n r. f-ns. , i f, ... - . Ji- uitnoia ccieuiaieti e nsi .-icr i, jusi receiv ed and for stle bv W.M. J. HUNT. lit, i mnit Miv 10, 1 12. Sir. ng i ui dinp. XHIV AMI Clir.Al- ITAItDWAItr:, Cl'TLTHl Y, r"lir. m'seiitur h.ivinp ji -i ntuiniii from Nif - i'r , wture lit-lin icittl a in u nml cc - plclt i-oitmfr.t of M MlDWAUfl, ,-.M)l l.l.m II AUll V l(i:.l LILI. tV.iVc. lltiwo I.isllw.snn , at ill" lnwtt IT-lll P'let. 1 Mill toe IiciIii.i" wlncli lie lias of obmininer 1 t Bund-, ho ne'iiblcil ti) oiler ll.inlwaro nl cnnsu'i i lily Ires prices llian it lias lullivrto been sold in Ver inonl. llo'e in want i f article in the above lino wi 1 find it ilit i r lo give Inm n rill. W.M. .1. Hl'NT, Strong" Pinbl n". CoIIrgr t., near the Snuare Iliith mi. ii, May 1-54.'. D l : GS it MEDICiiS E S. p II II siihfciibcrs are continually upTcd wilh 6 ereruartirle in llir a'evi branih. boilmf ihe Officinal nuil Patent hinds. Mrihtinnl wains ftoni Saratopij no. from Calcdoma, Cnrndni ln!ica! Wines and -Spirits ; I.-cchisj Surpienl liisirnmrnis ' Mineral Tcciii, ite. iNc, Prescription nui un at thn i,noriefi oifit t. 5"0!) orrn at all Aenr., PF.CK it i SPEAR, Apothecaries. lliitlmpli n, Vl. Juhj 7lh. MFSSns.PA.N'0POIl.N it IlIlLN'fiMAin havejnsi received son iMutoco e- for the rxainmatim ofin.erts, flowers, ilr.; iil-e, jlieio-eope- or linen iiiii wool piovrr-; a lew mere I t-nnl lul miicn ran Aecnrtl.oii" with eniuoni-, wertli Tn in J? 1 2 r txi Musio Iliixi-, I'lule-, rngcolt'is and oiler Imlru menis ; a Ipw lie I.i col' I Cent's S, nrfs. leantif I m ems; f timiner Sl'H'k., I,, Priinnnia Spiltern , al le and drawing Pencils, lleh lin, cigar case., Ac. si the Viirie'v Sioie, Cedar I'o.-tH. t rifin CtDAK POSTS, a fir-l rr BrtleV, f, r 1 UUU sne low l v rOLLiTT if IfliALLE Old Pafl.-,U June, 1812.

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