Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 14, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 14, 1842 Page 3
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1UN IUYS liST VTK. STATE OF U'.RMOVP . ' a prnbite court District v (V" ? - - at natlilmt"n V lllim nu',1 nr s ml .1 -r u ul Ch.itc.iden.on Iho Utli J I'aiTmi. !'..'"' .ft the r.iUle nf Din Tl-iv till- til uJ llu: iin.'itii . dre-eased, liivnir thed In I n-.lllll.' l-IMll. ii. ' 1 1 nil n in wril nc, Honing .a- 1 'I mi, d and i ascd forth Min i'ii" -!!'' r .1... it 1 i ill! I i. tlitd red estate, w. .'v acres i" 1 ""' 1 1 n sv'' l!i lr,,;l : lwo ;",ru9 of I in J W'!" ihebuildmgs i.i nun mi s.ud llurlington. ?' i',o late rcsiJ. iico" of t ie deceased) ono and oni lourtli nerd of land murine mill pond in raid Darlington, Willi two dwelling houses thereon, and i. ...i iln.-a nml .i half ncrcs of land ttnon tho norili side of the highway, leading from tho village of Kmlini'ton toOuion river falls, together wilh n ilwel- Inu house llicrcon; nlso,pews in tho congregational church at the falls m Colchester, no. 3, 22 and 40 s in winch real estate the Widow of the said deceased is entitled to dower. And further sctthm forth that I. wund nutate of the said deceased is Insufficient ... ,' i,n,lrl, is allowed ncainst said estate and that it will bo ncci-sarv to sell nil the leal estato and the rcvcr3ionor men Mows iiowcr therein, ami aiso uiu nrrannnl estate, for the purpose of paving the debts cm.l eatntn. find llin cvtirnses of acltlllllt?lra' lion; and praying said court to liccnso him to sell the ...,u nt aiul leal estate, subiect to the Widows -...1.4 r -- lli.iro ii mill the le version of said clow. er, anrccalilv "to the statute in such case made and nrowded i Wiieueiton, the court aforesaid cloth np .i.o it.i .Ini nf October. 1SI2. for licarinc and decidinc on said petition, at Ihcofllro of tho licgistcr -r .,i,lnnrt. in said lturlimrlon. mid dotli order that all persons interested bo notified thereof, by publica tion of tli. J order, containing the substance of said threo weeks suecossn civ. in the "Hurling. f,m I'rte Press." a newspaper printed in paid llur- lingtun, tho lasl of which publications to bo previous to thc31st day ol October, isri. Oivcn miller iny hand at raid llurlington this 11th day of Oelobei, A. D. 1112. Wm. WESTON, Ucvhlcr. ADMINISTRATOR'S SAM:. rpUK subscriber will sell at auction al the store of X II. TIIOM S in liurhngton, on Saturday the 29th day of October, instant, at 1 o'clock, I'. .11., all tho personal property belonging In Iho F.stato of Jo seph N. Dunning, l.ilo of lliirhngion, deceased, coii Bistiti" ortho following articles, viz: 1 set of ntch linker's ton's, 1 set nf Clockmakci's tools, 1 set of silver plater's tools, Vices, stoic ami pipe, 1 pin desk, I Clock, 7 watcli'", alotof witch movements, jew dry, drawer-, bibles, 2 click engines auJ a lot of furniture, wire, brass, itc. Ac. also, a pew "in ill" Uriels Church nt Colcheter Tails, and a pew in the Cpiseop-il ' hurt It in ISuilington. Islington, Oct. 12, IS 12. " J. II. HOLLUNIIUCK, jliiiu'iiftrrafor. f:.THEanioieoK, pi: 1T1 ION ion DIVOliCF., Gro.W. Titoxipsos-. S L Mating that the parties wero married March 11. HI I, and that the said (scorgc on tha 1st Ortnbjr 1339, wilfully deserted the said Either, an J snve that time has afforded her no sup pan, and praxing that a decree of divorce may be ad judged It is ordered that (he 6iul fieorgc appear before the S 'nr -n Courl at their term in lluilington in dan uvy 1 'I i, to show cause why the piayer of said pe- t, r sli mid i.ot be grani.d, and lhal the subtlaiice - i ,i n lilion an 1 th's ord-r be tuilillied in the Tree P e-t three weeks su'i'i""ivi'lv, the last of ii:ch I be r -civ eiivi li.-fire the session of raid Couit. whu I I ' !) suti'icicnt notice to the s.nd rji-ortje. M. L UI-.NNKTT. .ludnc. 0- 751 20-3 I'liilip Wlu'Hor'ri lisuilo. TTTC the sub'cpb.-rs, Inemg been appointed by W the Hoiinrahl; the I'rob He Court for the l)u r. 't of Chii'"iiden, com-nissi'ini'M to rccciv, ew o'liini' a id a.lj'Hl the c' iim a-i I de naii 's of all per-Fii-a.-Miisiti-eslaie ol 1'lIll.W 117.''. .'i', Hie i M. it. to in said Dihiih-i, decT-ed, r pii snuted lfH''en!, and'1 .i'id ih'Uiands exhibited n i.'V ! 1'ieretn; mi l si moulds fro-n ih clayof the di e u"v.if liM.ig allowrtl liy s d Cuirt for thai pur p se. wudo thireioi!- lien by i'h n 'iec, lint we will a i'' i I to lb' lmv,nss of our a;it nnliurnt at Ihe c.v n'l nl'Wi 1 iw ll.u W uri-Ea, in Millon, in hi J I). uricl. on ih' 20. 'i ilayn ol' O.'ioher ".nd .1 uiiia rj n -t, at 10 "'' lo k . it , on cn h of sai 1 days. Dated this 20th day of Virusi. a. n. 1?42. 1-.. V, ELL1NGTOS. Kawli.v Witt nr.', 20 Uu Paskcb, ' Commts- stoncts. 'oi:irtn'rs!u) Nuticti. ftJOTl''i: is hereby civn tint tin-c partnership IN hrtti file iislmg undii-ilu: firm of I'ARI'AU, WMT iM HOOT, is t'm dty disi!ve.l hv inuliia! cous"nt, .tosi'ph Wail hn ti p-ii''t'nfd the stuck an I drills of I'.. I.. Tirru -.n I II. 1'. l!o it, ,b'e It Wait ik duly tulhorizej to s nV nil ihe nlTnvs of the hte..rm. J l;,:N I.. PARI! Alt, .10-r."IT WAIT, HlilA.1! r. HOOT. Cjrlinlon, Oct. 10. Ii, AU l-rsons bsvin Htitull recounts wilh the lalf trni are rcq eud to e-Ml rm-t mtu-t ihi-m with out drlay, at the time of the Buoscribcr, corner ( hurch and College St. josni'it WAIT. Iioston i ccr o. P ALi; Ale and Pone-, nnnu'Viuici by this cole brnted i orupiny, for sal bv J. o-J. a. pnci: 5. Co. Agents. Oct. 7,1312. T'he subscribe', wifhiiiLr t' closo his buemers 6. oncet-ns, ofl'ers U the Public the whulc of In ItiS-.- ttuc. of ware AT COST, FOR CASH ; Coas-sr'nz of all kin Is of Tin ware, Oil Cans of vari ous Ironi 1 lo 1 JO gallons, and a Urge quantity oi -toe pipe. Also n.lew stues nnd trimmuigs le mtmingou hand, and other aiticles too numeious (jr an sdertiseuetnt. Persons wishing to purchase w II find it for their aJviii'.a"o to callrnsa tare oppoilum'v i" ofl'ered J.'J. STAlllt. CiitircVst., oppoiitelhe Jfl, ? O -i. 7 Hi, h'!2. j C0-3m .io.-;onli Wait, CtlVr.n nonce thai lie has purchased thcsl'ckof r GUOD.SoflusUleii.irtner.siiillie CKUCICK11V bus-iness, and that he will coniuiiie lo pack ctatesof crocksry and glass woic to ordei. at New Voik snd I'oiton puces, he lias noiv his tail .supply for the fill isle, and respectfully solicits merchaim in this, n I ndjniijiig Counties, to examine hit stock and prices bfo c they iiurchasemtnaiket. liurlinglon.Oet. 10, 11 12. XrAVUOODS. O M. TOPr. is now receiving lus fall stock of k Goods, Consisuii; in ijart of ri-o-k and IHue Heaver Cloths, L a. k, lllue, Invisibla fireenand m,..t Pirnad cloihs ( ' " Mixt and fancy Cassimeres (Home of superior quality) raslnnere, daiu and fig'd Eatin vcsliugs, Cloths, Alpaecn Luslre, Pnnteil Suxonv and Orleans Cloths V'a.n and figd .Aloushn Delams, IMk.and lllue Hilt. -Si.k Velvets, Ladie-sC"raats Hod and White Flan nels Canton do t'aTony Wool and Angola Shirt, and Drawers Merino Scarfs, 1-1, 51. nnd G-1 brow n and lllcarh- cd Shri tings, Cotion Yarn, Wiekmj.IUk. and White Wadding, Pttnng, Pudding, Canvass, silk and worsted. Coat Cords and Holdings, While and cold Horse Dlauktts, ie. ec. AESO. A good assortment of Groceries such at Loaf, Lump and Powd. Sugar, l'nrlo llieo and Muscavadodo. P. 11. an! N.Oihans Molasses, Ilio anil old Java ( Villi?, Hyson, Voun? Hyson und Hyson Skin Teas, Knglii-n Mustard, Raisins, s,ai, CavcndUh and fin cut Tobacco etc. if-c. Tl, nliMU,, eilh innnv other cowls. wero nurchas- ri at theprcse-nllow prices, and will be sold as cheap as Ihe cheapest. Oct. 13, 1S12. rilIIF. Snliscrilier will foil al the lowest rash JL price the dwelling house, ham und outbuildings nnd about lour acres of land pleasantly situated at M.imi, l'.ills. and the tan yard, shoii and tools lately owned and occupied by Warren Sibley. Tho House and liarn arc well flnikhod, convenient and new j and there is not, probably, in lliccounly a belter situation far the investment of a small capital in the Tanning and Currying business. A short credit wi l bo given for a patt of the purchase money with goo ' taper For further particulars inquire ol Mr. Milion Watson on me premises orot iiiesiinsi-iiotii; u. JjANFOllTHWALr.S. WcsKord.Ot. 13. 1812. New Fall Goods. naiir. subscriber has inct received fiom New Vorli I - i.... .,,1 ,.,..,, r i.vii .! Winter (ioods, which he oilers for sale at the lowest possible prices lor cash, mis Siir blue blk wool dyed waiveil beaver cloths, " Indico blue, blue blk nnd invis. ureen plain do. and common broal cloihs, all colors and prices, ii " pilot do do " " I,' i blk, gold mixed, and fancy eolortd Cis.-m, te, " steel mixed MlPnclls, 3 1, 4 1 a .d 5-1 while flanntls, i 3 tw Ii I nnd plain roloitd do Velvet, iHin, and il nk v illicit yi slings, ( .ht a i ar 1' ' n 1 platiisilki.. f hh v I us m D I'i , t iri an 1 tlerman 31f iinss s. Ii ,ar'i( Olo is, l-ospeni! rs e' e E:!OST3:i'SU':Pj CjoMlK Cnpartner-bip liorr tttfuro existing be 0. t eon U. Ilium nn,l C. I!i ntn ir. under the fuul ofC.llennsand.Son,islhndav by tniitual consent Dis3olMil. All ilemnntls clue nam in in are i.u wnn ii. Leavenworth forcollc'-iioii. The busnirna will'bo con tinued hv (J. lkniis Jr. al the old siaud. Allforiutt Custainiis aic tc i clniliy n.Min. lo continue) tlicir ponotiai'c, an'! ttfiity new unes r.i sin u. I . iii'ims, rruuns to ma sncp in i can oircci. Oct. 13,1-312. rjpiIK Ladies and Gentlemen of Ibn-luinon and I'-. Jl tii'imty aie ic-pivifiilly inviicl toeall nnd exam. Inc. t L-ood v'nriiMVcif beau'ifiil irood, wlii'di nrn now receiving and eipi'iiniir tit the Variety Store on Ch treh Slrcvt.l.v I'AMJIIOKN & UKINSMAllJ. Oetolcrl3, 1812. ir AVKiced. ncry extensive, a.-ortinent of rail and Winlcr luioN, wlneli tliev n ler at prices to meet lhelinii'3. A variety ofllroad Cluilis, t'n sfnieros. Snlmcits lleaer (;ioih iVc. Merino, ( 'amb lel, Alpaeea, M. Do Lames, striped and plant, u;ry rich new patterns. SHAWLS. Rich Heavy Honey t'cuiib mid Adrianople shawl-, a new nrtii'lc, very cmnlortaHo lor w inlcr, l'laid Shawl-8-1 wry low pru 1 1, (.'bailey, Merino, M. Do Laiuc, V' o't ii do. Scarfs, Knitcy 111,1-. and Cravats. Mitl and Uluvcs, u great varieiy. Chine woolen Jlilf, ery warm lor winter, Clime Silk do. Cotton do. for Miccc Children, Mi-es w orste-d Milts, Urcet m Cull'-, &e, . I'phvr wur-ted, I'.iikthh forwnrl.ini? worsted, Silk f'riiiL'e, Cord-, Cloak Tas-clsete'. Woislud I'nugcs, and ilinding.', A nib arliitcm it Dark low I'riccd Prints, Motirnintr do. very 1 1 i DOMESTIC coons. Heavy .S'liivine-, Slnrlinir'.Tiidiiiii.', Otngham, Hutlinir, Wiiddiiig if-r. ColMliantbrie-, lle-t (iiiigliam 1 nil.ielta'-, Superior Kiiitliny Wor.-te.l, and Wool yarn, Thread Knitting Cotton, lVenih working Cotton, .Mar shall's Lnicii Tlitc id S1IOUS. Ladies 1'idSltps nml Ties, Unitize Ties. Clnldien'sSlioe-, C"l'd (i.u er-, Uoote'es &.C., India liuhlen, I'ly nnd l'lain, lliiiialo Ro' e, I'nriiud other Cemi Collar", l'oicliaser- nn.l oihers areiuvJtedto call and exam tnllteir New (ino-U .i, I! irliiiL'ton, 12ih O 'loler, IS 10. U. S, FViARSHALL'S SALE. J")l"l!I.IC Notiie i- here1 y the following I. goirl-, ware-and inerehand.ze I'lini'einned m the Hon. Di-tricl Conn of the 1'. S. lor I lie Di-tnot ol Vermont at Ihe tr Oclol el Term, IS 10, will 1 e-old at l'ullto Auction at tho room of Col. II. Thoin.i- in li irlimrlon in -aid Di-tnct em the 1-t. day ol Nov. tie'M lo the Uglus' bidik'r, snlo to coin nieiice at 10 o'clock A. M. to wit : 3 horse--, I two hor-e' w.igjon, 1 whip, 1 ne -k, 1 sir-inL'li,1 2 I I. nr i li,un-,2 hi'r-e I lauket-, 1 i hiiiii haller, 1 1 II k silk liandkfs. 5 o'oird cotton shawl-, 1 ;.atr Jloca ins, 3 Look-, d ptnrt. ci rduioy pantal'ioti-, 5 pairs rth'ii Iniek-I.m p.uit-, 0 pair linen ilnlling patil-, 1 new I n "lc, 1 h urod ir.inl., 1 pair neen plaid pant-, 1 -liipe-d -Inn, 1 -caiict wor-iul vi-t, 3 -Miuiiicr ve'-i-, 1 old -ink, I -ai-i, 3 hammer-, A!so, 1 Kreni-li hor-e, I la -k h"r-e I nam ofpnier, 1 carpet In-', -1 Minis lack 1 ri a c'l'th. (iiteu nii'Vr invhandat Rroe'Ji id ibi.- lOlh e'av e.f ej.loee., ioiz. MLI.IAA! IIAr,i;ON,.1r4AEW. II. V. IIICKOK. TTAVINO assuineel ihe Sellb mem of ihe nuaiis of 1.1 ii.uA-u CVmnnncl J . M. Ii ritrhti Co cauj be found at II. Leavenworth office w here all thei. ilcnnnd-s are left for collection and will be eulc! less inimeadia'ely attended m. II ICJTOIC & CATLIN. Uuilington Oct. 7th, 1812. Lost. ON th" 0 h. nf October In tw, en ISriMil a"nd 1'. Iitiitton, on the road through Starkslmro' and Ilinesburtih, two IVather ll.-ds an I a (ilass Lantern which wen-all red up toge ther in a c.ihco lied qi,,li, WhoeMr will ie infornia inn wheie said nii.e-les tiny be found or leave ihein .11 H. Thotua's Stole 11. Ilurliut; on shall be hbirallv irwnrdnl. HLZI KIAII TOSTFR. S'JLELsVK- COW.. iTltM I.D from iheJ.ds-r U-r s ii'i-, adar' rolCow to J. iV'liir 1(1 tP-ir. n'.l il.... . I...1.I 'TC flL -'"'-vel ' 11, I. n.r iitel .om,. w hue Ii.i"ti5w hi r in il.e-e-n I i f it. Whooeer will re u,iih.iiii..wiiraneni . iin.iiiou here fl.e may I ,- f.' I e- leMiudcd. I! .il.oy'r.iijO . 13( 1? 12. TJA'I'RNT nnd Common I.'iilie's'iiiiii (ie-nlli i.iiiu'v, L lllilnn Itltklier Miom. Don!. If, i.n.l Km., I.. r..!.l llusmns nnd Slips, justrecJ. I y H. W. CATLIN. Ml anls daik Litfi. ami American Prints, 1000 IbsCntton Hailing, wn-kaud Varn, just rccd' ami for sale at very low prices by Oct-12. 1312. H. W. CATLIN. 7nf)'!C)''''S House Paper and llordeiingsjust K open and for sale icrv chenti hv Oct. 12, 112. 'II. W. CATLIN, iow Cash Store, TMIK subscriber has iust rfeetved from New Ynrlc X a supply of FALL and WIN Tr.R GOODS, eomprisingalpmes of every quality; alpaeca and al pacca luslre ; insrino n variety of colors; plain nnd prmt'd mouslin de laiuus; rreneh, fitipkh, snd Aii'encsn prints; black and blue black silks; hs,ht luiuim uii, uii-sa iiamiKeren.eii anil erayats ; hon net and neck ribbon. ; long white kid gbnesi ho-:e-rynfallknda; threaJ, hces and bee-ding; muslin relgings anil incprtmns; colored s.Ik fringes for dies- ses; i.anyle, merino, pji,l,a-i,l other shawl'-. French woik collais, Ac etc. .i which the attention of ihe public is lesper ifiillj muted. Wm. IIL'ULWT. Oct. 0th, 1812. Tin Plato &c. ItOXKS Tin Plate 1-3 X, 10 do. do. IX nouare, r-0 bundles Iron Wire, asrted Nos. I!0 do. r.'iglisli .-licet Iron, 10 Packs Uns-isii do. do. 7G Poxes Canada do. do, 1 Cask Sheet Zinc lnrili.r ;.!. 150 eral asortnient of Sheet Copper, Sheet Lead, Con. per bolis lliiets, Uc , by VILAS, LOOMIS A- Co. "1,1, Utli, lOU. s!n-:icjriiGs."& '10 lULHS i-l llrown She. lings, 0J 1 ,,, r0 I,r,!,n,, . t.aKs llieached .Sheetings, 2 do Vork and D.lanaioTickinEJ 10 Ps. Canvass, 10 do Padding, for sale by Oct fith, V-n. VILAS, LOOMIS Sr. Co. Combs. SOD 'onTn "P "ni1 twi't, UKJK. 20C0 doz Side Combs 230 ( o Ivory elo hne.S fine ,V SS ffne rnc- German silver Combs, Oct 5th, 1912, ..yj nuaa ivunu JKieKCl (10 hy VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Thread &,c. 200 Ihs. Whito and collored cotton thread. 2 Cases Spc 1 Thread, 50 lis. HUe-l; Linen Thread, 51) Orn-k round Laei-i-, for sale I y Oct. 5ih, ISI'J. VII.AS, I.OOMISetCo. Silks. I CASH Pongee Silky, L 15 Pieces lllaek, lllue Hlaek and rnrcd do. .ii in, ii.iiiuu uii'i inula ftewui'"s 10,000 Sl.enu American do For tale Ly VII.AS, LOOMIS & Co Pins, Needles, tfce. 300 I'acks London Pins, 100 do American elo 100 IK-. mixed rlo .100 M Drilled oiedNmili-s, 10(1 (i'ri)-s lb oU and I2)e-, 200 eln Kniitiiif 'ilh, n.rfnli-bv Oct. Stli, ISi . VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. Matches. 100 'Gross just leceivt-d nnd for sale hy (let nth IQ10 I'll to l.-ii-i.tlc. . J "'"i ia1.iiio i e el. Feathers, esu Feitther 2000 H'S. Geosu Feiithers warranted of tupcrior quality, and Country ci l'icnoti, l,.r nl by Oct. 5th, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS U Co. English and American Prints, 20 Cases just leceivod and for s.ilo hy Oct. 5th. 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS et Co. Great JIar''ains. 1 OF Wamruht's best iinpriAed premium rook 1 stoci 1 fancy parl' urstove; 1 box stove ; 1 iwo horsa en,'on. The above ara alln ,,o nic-mJinon fir -i imeri de use, although second band, aid w 'l ber.'ir a ')w ,sU" Wt llllti.IU'T. O t 7 VA2. " bnlo oiVIIuitUi'tipt'si IHic'clv. TOT OTICK is hereby pivxn that by virtue of tho sevc 1 ") tal oidcra of Uaukruptcy in tho following case s issued out of the Distnct Court of tho Unite 1 Stall s, for thei District of Ve inotit, I will tsell nt public auc tion ntmvoincoin Itjihngion Vermont, on Saturday, October 8th, at 10 o'clock, A. 31., Mich tll'ccts of the llankrupti lieiein inined na becaino vc-tcd in tnc bv irtuc ol the Dc-ieos nfitTKaiil, viz ! JUTKCTS OF LEMllU, CVRT1S OF JiCHI.tWTOX. r, 1 Volumes of llooks nnd I'ninplilcls. EFFECTS OF MiS Ell li. LOWltY of uniusaroy. Account- against tho following persons, residence stated to bo in llurlington, u : Wilhniii()giknSl,K7, .Matthew Crate3 S3.00, Samuel K. lsham ft2,00. 'I'lioinas Mullen S3.BI. John Arnold $0.11, Daniel Williams Sa,7livAbni r I'ollnrd S3, 1 1, Daniel Strtniford ie., l nomas i ei y due, inncw. juiiummi i . j ?, an nul Smith 73c, Minos Stearns 61,33, Timothy Ha gar 45,15, Warren Taylor 53c, Charles l)upnrfIO,09, John While 93c. Thomas Connor! 1.75. Caleb liieh- ardson S10,(il, Samuel Dorr S1.-12, l!,llyKid"iiSI0,Ci0, If. M. Wilder, .leriehii 3Sc, Daniel llowker, l-.ssex Si!,00, .Uremiali llarngan, Whitehall, N. V. $",72, niijiih Ttlh'iy, Wilhtou 3,00, Henry Ishnni, St. Oeorge 81.51, William fortius, Montreal $3,13, John Leonard. West Troy. N. V. $2.1.17, Levi I'rcnch, Wil- liston V2,31, It. llonel. CharlolieSI,25, Iv (4oodwm, 'rcsiileiieeiinkiiown) $7,-16, D. U. Not ton, Usscx 33e., James Thompson, Tiny, N. V. ff.'JT, Lorni Stow, W uhstoii oi.Wi. l.vnian Alien, creinencc uiikiiuwii) ei,00, Newel White, Windsor 410,33, I? Jarvis, rcsi- ilencuunknown5'i,r4. Jiwgmenis agaui3i uie 101 lowing persons, u.: n juilirincnt in favor of Moiseif" Lowry n-.tunst i-ainiu I R llrown nf Rome, N. York tin 330,7(1, A. Cntlin, Uuilmntoii $5,()3, II. Cninhell, Ituiliiigton ci, i', I.. ii. mown, iiiniingion ,i:, John Agnn, llnrlingion S3 00, njitdgnient in favor ol .Morse ij" I.owiy ngtiiiist II. Aldridge", tesidenco un known, for 818,00. Noir.s against the following persons residence, slate I to be m llurlington, Chester Aihcrlou $10,77, Wnrren Tailor $11,47, Jonathan Tiumnrd Sl.f-0. S. I'. Raker fi'7.51. Clrulea Cleui- cms 51c, John Secly, residence unknown, S!,50, Nelson Hill, Rochesler, N. V."SI,50, C Kabin, resi deiico unknown 03c., Harvey I'. Hatch, r.ssex.SGO, II. It. .V J.3Imisoii,Willisoii ail,DI, II. Carpen ter, Troy, N. V. $03,23. Ilraslus Allen, Ollnwa $ 10,00, W. II. .Mann, L. Canada S iJ.UU, also, uliout -U Vol ume3 of llooks and I'liainplct-. EFFECTS OF HIRAM DAVIS OF JERICHO. Iliratn Davis' interest innjndirment against James Wclton. principal djhtor and Monj. !'. Johnson, Ins Trustee for SV!,P2, the same bung the properly nf the Heparin crMiip oi i iirsiu ev. oiiuou iavis. iiiraui Davis interest in a Note given to Simon Davis by Ira Abbot of Jericho for $25.00. The interest of Hi ram Daxis m an account nirainst llcury Lake of ntemr lor laitor, ol annul s;j,uu. I lie mieresi ol 111 ram Davis in n ceitain l'atent called "Sami'son- Da vis's Vina ting I'l-Mr," which interest will be pub licly made known at tho time of sale. EFFECTS ()FsTuOXLVlS OF JERICHO. Simon Davis' interest in a iiulgnicnt nsrninxt James We-llon, principal debtor, nim I'enj. 1". Johnson Ins i rusiee lor S )2,'.I2. Hie -ame lienu: tnc property ol tlie late partnerstitp ol Kirain eV. hiinon I'avis. Hi :rr,i,i .V. Sumtn IVnte fit ninn Davis' inleiest m a Nolo given to lntii by Ira Abbot of Jericho. The inn resi of Simon Davis'm an account ngi'.iiin Henry Lnl;e of Stowe, for labor, of about S2"i,00. The inlen at of Simon Dams in a cr I- tllUI l'llelll Clllk'd "SAMCEON- I'AVK 3 lai.VHNU I'oie. All ihe intt lept stiirh Simon l)ais no8' hcssed or claimed to ihe Dwelling in v.linli he resuleil when declared a llankrupt, situate in s.uJ Je-ruiio. EFFECTS OF ORSO. II. SAXTO.X Ol HURL1SGTOX. -NoTr.againsi .toon narney, iesinCnc0 unKnown, 101','J'11"' a Eiven ny Jonn ileirick ol liurimg- eN ole against Kulus i ro-sman ot llnrlingion lur 83,3), a Note .mains! Ittcharil t onng, re'.tleiice tin known, for S3,00, a Note against Cnssius 1. Hi own for 31 cords of wood. Note nixuiii'-l Lclii l-rns of South Hero for 810 CO, AIo tin: follow. n;; nccounis due paid Suton, from Mi--, I'ramer, first naue nol di senlied, of Alburt'll for SI000, Alexanihr Ilnttce, lesidmre uiiknoiMi, 81,50, II. H. Ilrn-on Huies- I inu'i vl 00, I'hai les t 'urns, N. w Orleans J- septi A. DiuinuiL. h i.-tate &t,UU, James 1- uzjern rinidence unknown, S-2.23, llrainard Kent, residct unknowi', tflO.00, D im I lienu HurhnL'tiin S2 CO, I". ehue Gris.vold, re.-tl-nec unknown, $1,75, Francis M. Norton nnd her husband Hentv N'lton l'.ur- Iiiicloii ?2".00. Thnnns .Mills ol Cde-heMcr 1.2; John Uemin'jton of.Ioiinsn -l,"0, W. H. Smith, res- I leti'-e unknown, ! Sarah nlers. rcsup nee un knouu, --s-i.t.O, Anson Spi-lmm, i"tdciice unknown SHOO, Oeoige llrail.slnw, llurlingtnn M.CO, John Fishe, Canada $1,00, S iin'l Sineleni,!! irhi'gton 51,00. Thomaa NenK le-idence unknown. ?"i,2, Cns-ms P. llrown Rl 2' II. 31, ll.'dwin HincLurgh tl.00, Ueubeu II "Iv, llin hnnton S1A71), Kitsin I'liase. liur. lini'ioo I no. Mm. I'm! Dinvilk-, firnt mine nol Mate.l.s;, no.!, Iturhtii'lon vi.00. Saloi na Wt'il-etli, i". IlurlifipMii S 1.00, Also 1 sett Denlis Tools, 10 Honne-ls, 3 (Japs, ! Haildboxes anil part of a pnco oi louuualloii iiiuMin. EFFECTS OFI'Ri:.'lSOX CROFV1 OF IlVRUGTOX. All the e laim of Prtsson Ciofut to a Note, stated to he mislaid or lost, against one Abram II. 3Itt, dati ( April fith, l3s, for S10I.00. Nolo against Ahiam II 3Ioit for i'0 00. an account against I'her Crofut, de ceased, who resided in Detroit, ol auout s-iuu.UU EFFECTS OF DAVIS S. RFSSEL Ol HFREIXUTOX. 1 Time Piece, 2 Stoves nnd Pipe, 100 Shoe Las t 1 Work-lie nclies, l Cutting 1 aiile, 1 Hoot Tree", Crimps, about 30 Volumes Houksand Pliamplilels. And on Saturday, Octobir 15, at 10 o'clock A. 31 at ii, v oilicc, DEFECTS Or.lOIIS SMITH OI' COL- cm:sri:n. X Horn! signed by James Dome, as aircnt for James C. Duane, for a Deed ofa eertain pieceof Land king and being m the town of Duane in tho Matu ol New Vorl., und all the right and in teres! of John Smith in said Land N VI'HAN II. HASURl-L, .War, llurlington, Sept. 2"i, 112. UN1T1U) STATUS DIHTUirT COURT, Vermont IJKtrlr.t. IN BANivllUP'J'CY. Notice to (.how rntikp niraliist I'ctlon of ALHI-.IIT H. lil.Mvi:, of Mil'on ill said Dislnct, to be declaieil llankrupt, at the ( ourt-llouse, in Uu land, in said District, on 1 hursdav, Uctchct lc)2, 10, A. 31. S.UirF.L HAHTLr.T. of Jericho in said Disinei tindcielired iiaukiupl, at Ihe CouiMlouse, in ltut lanii, in caul District, on 1 Inn belay, Uctobsr IS 12, 10, A. 31. JIART1N C. HOSTWICK, of Jericho in taid Disti :ct, to be di-clttreil ll-inkrupl, at ll.e (Vntrl-llnuse, Rtithnd, in said Disinct, on Thursday, October 1 I J. 10. A. 31. D NIKL H. LAKfJ of Stow-, in said Dislri' t, to be ilucl.ueil the Couri-Housi , in Kullan, in t-.iid District, on Thursday, October 0, le!2, 10, A. .11. TIMOTHY W. 11 NICHOLS, of F.ssex m raid Dis tricl. to lie declared nanliruM. at the Court-llnuse in Rutland, in said District on Thursday, October, ti. iii4, iee .i. .11. NATHANIFL T. STILUS, of Underbill in said Dis tncl, to be declared llatiklupt, at Iho Couit-Ilousc, iiiHullaud, in taid District, on Thursday, October u, i"u, tu, A. M. TAIIOlI .S7:irf:.f,, ofAlhurgliiiisaal Disttict, in ue ueciareei iianarupi, at tho Uourt-lloiise, Rut'and, in said District, cn Thurcday, Octobei ll?.10, A. M. A5..1 .S. U II, of Jericho m said District, to bn i!e. eland Riukrupt, nt ihe Court-IIouse, in Rutland, in saul District, on Thursday, October C, 1SI2, 10, VHIIXOX IIAUIUXnmy, of said uisirici, in oc declared isankrupl, at the Court House, in Rutland, in said District, on Thursday October fi, 1R12. 10. A. M. ' ri!A.CIS II. .O.V.'i'iifRiehinond in said Dis tnct, to tieueciaied nunkrupt, nt iho t ourl-llouse In Rutland, in said district, on Thursday, October n, ill-', in, t .ii, ,vi.w;.i. . niw.t, oi i.ssexin said District, to lie declared lianurupt, nt Iho Court-IIouse, in Rut mm, in Bam uisinci, on i nurs'Jay,Uctoberu, 181 it., DAVID 1. WAI.KLll.or Alburgh, in said Distiicl lo be di clare'd Hnnkrunt. nt thn r.niri.ii,,,.. ,-, Ruilanil, i f ol District, on Thursday, October C, IK. II . -I' I I If ,1 't.r. fc' ... . i.i.tvn i'-1 e i , iMiiu-n io gtiow cause aznin-i tlie pciiiii n in JiM'i'.ti i;!nrk and Sunn el lloantiiian, prrtner m trad under ihe firm nnd i-lylc oi Mr , un i lii nnioiaii, Atplieir llrll, A'hnintMr.i Ii, r e.fihe e-ni , of Alphe i- 1 1 n II el Milmn ileu-a-r.1, INau I. mum, i.i e-uezer luiney, Jedediuh Whcl it, John M. I H'ue'v, Sidney 31-irrs, Wil mm M.irrn, IMrpie hiaii.wi'aiher,nll 1 1 Milu.n in mii,1 Di.lrn-l and Leonard Jidionnotl nf Ibirlnnriou nnd Peler Jo. Iiiinuiiil "1 llarri'. tu -aid di.inei, parmerMii trade unue'riiie nyiftu . jonnniifil nnd I tuinmuy, e-iesli lor.. ol 1arre-u hi nicy e. Jlihon in -aid District, that the" paid Waril'll Sll-le-v In ilecliuisl a ll.iol.ri. m. Ihe (Vurt.llnn.e in Holland, in paid Dislnci.'I'hurpJay Oetol erO, 181S, at 10 e,M,pfk A. M. LIHJ.NAKD .XI. DI.0., of Underbill, for his Dis charge nnd Ceriilu ate i,h Hankrupt, at the Court iiuuse in iiiiiiiiiui, in said tnsirici, on I nday, the sevi nth diy of October. A. D. 1112, at 10 A M SVLVI.STFR II. WOKDF.N, of IWt, for his Dis charge und f 'ertilieale as Ir'ankiupi, at ihe Court llnuHo ni Rutland, in stud Disinei, on Friday, tho Ec-vcnth day of Oi lohr, A. I). 18,2, at 10 A. M. DAVID 'l Vl.llR, of Lpaex, for his Disehame and Cernli. ale us Hun' inpi. at the Com I House in Rut la,' I m "I J Di-n et. ot. Friday, ll-e sewcutli day i dfO t. 'i,- x 1). 1 (.' at 10 M RO L c H.iriN,(d L-cx,f.r his Di hargo an , ( ",p I a I's '.r I a' ' , f . in l II se m I! J I' I 'il y iho vn'ti dav oi OcuU-r A l 1 J, at 1" A U OOrOIGLt SESSION, 1842. Tho npproacliing session of tlio Legisla ture will bo one ol extraordinary impoitoncu nnd interest, aud though tho pay is hardly such its to induct; its to take the trouble; of publishing tt daily paper, we shall do it through the session. THUMS. WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL, du- ring tho session, SI. WATCHMAN & STATU JOURNAL, lor throe months, .r)() cents. WATCHMAN &i STATE JOURNAL, duiinj tho session, i?o cents. Postmasters and others forwarding So shall receive six copies of tho Daily Journal la copies for blO. (U"ICditors who give tho above three in- scrtioni will bo furnished with the Daily. E. P. WALTON & SONS. Montptilior, Sept. SiO, IS 12. Notice. No account will bo kept at the Post OtTir after to 1st October. Tho; wishing to ha'-enccounls ki-pl ill bo rcuuircd to elonosito mo amount ol ono quarter in auvance. . 11. u. 3 i AUY, I'. M. llurlington, Sept. 0, 1I2. of July, lfS.12. l"ST rc -cive'd nnd h r -ale, a lreh alipply of Plain and liijiiritl Para-ol-, Real Seo'eh ttinsharu t'mbrclla, (icut's ltah! and brown LeKhorn Hat. 31illenrr and Die-s .Makers e-an Lel'urni.lieJ -ith .any arliele- in their Hue ; sii. h as 1 am y I lower- and Arliheial-, Silk wiiim I Wire, Tnrllon Lines, Mu.lius, Sillin, Plum and eolortd Lawn lor dresses, Whalel one-, Sci-soi -, 'ccll'e, Abo, Shell CemibHeailPi.r-e., lieruian SiKer'I'al lcutidTca Spoons, Fancy Pen and Pi cket Kni.cs. Adeline n is invited loan as orinteii! e.f Hioad Cloihs and Ci-sitiien-s, from auction sales. Groceries. Teas. S tear. Mola"e-.anJ Family Groceries rene- i ly, ol iji.alities and pr.e-ea whi' li i-aiiuot bill to Vl in. Ill lil.lll r. tlonk'bliiillng anil lllaul.-jltouls. IHKiLKS. Journal-, Kecord-, tiv. c. fer aU or IJ utai'e toerd.'r. Old liuok.s reho old at -her! nolle e. June 15. bv O. liOOIUtlt'll. KORI.IIT .MOODY'S I.Vl'A TL. ITATF.OFVI-.ItMONT, The Hi n. tl.e Prolate iriei ni L,li;lleii'!cn, ) i oi.ri lor ihe iiMriel ol Cliiitenden, to all per-ons e-otn erne I in ihe e-iatt- fliolert nody latu ol Uur'nmtun in .-ai-l Di-'ra-t, leeei-el, Grctine. Wheie-is, ficei. Ii. Shaw, admini-tra'n,-e f the e la'eoi aid deee-.i e 1, pi-opo-e-to le-nicran a count ef his iiihiiint-truiiou, and pte-e-ni hi-, aeeoun' nant-t tatd e-me for cxaniination and allowaiue- at a -ea-em ol the L.0 irt nt rrobJtv, to be Ii ilden al the Kegi-lcr'-oilb i" in Hull iifilnu in said eii-tra-i on lii." twenty ireond lav of Oetol it, IS 1 2. There-iore, i on are hereby noiiliedlo appear I efore aiucourl at the time and place kfore-aid, and -hew i'i-c, it any yon hive", way the account alore-atd honlil not I eallowed, Oivcn iiinler my hand at Iiuriington tins 4ih Jay of October A. D. IS 12. Wm. WI STON, Hitter. TATK OF VLIIMONT, 11 he llonoial le the Pro- Di-irict of Chittenden. ( bale Court wilh n nnd lur ho lli-lnei of Chittenden. To the creditors niiilinh- r- coucerneJ in thec-tate of Robert Moody lale id Hitrh.iirten in -ai I Di-'r ct,e'ece-i-l. Whereas, llco. H. h.ivv, Adituiii-tra:or of the e ate of ps. I ele.-e.i-ed, ha ma.lj application lo ilus ouil, toeieullho tunc limi'e.l tor making pay ment ed'tlie i.elils of c.i.d iVea-cl, twelve inontli I'r.iiu the 22 I, day ol Ocio! er m-ianl, and ihe 22 I. d.ij ol Ot-led-er in-taut, I eu: a siynellor a hcuinc. in thu pre.uiM'-, :ti the O lice ot the Ileiisier ol lln Co irt, in -am Hurliiirton aud il havimr I ee'n ordere I hat notii'c therei f I e given, I, y p-ibli-hinllusde rt e lute wee1,.- p-'ilvc--ivi ly m the Hurltng'on Fie-o Pie--a new-paper prm'el at Hurluigton, lefcreihc lime nx'"l lor he irmg ! Tliereloie, you are-he-ie-by noiii'e-d toappcar 1 cforc aidCour!, at the' time unci plaie'Iifurc-aid, ihea and Ihcic to inai.e n1 jcelion, il any you I. aye; to ihe -aid time cl pa j mi nt i em g further exii-nded, a - utoie-aid. Ciiven iiinler my h inJ at Hmli..gton thi--1 h d.iv ofOctoLcr.V. D. 1842. Wm wt.aio.N, ntaitur. In Tluntlonton. on ttio 2-5tI, oil. after a distrc-sillL! illness ol more than llnee weol.e, Dr. Pim,ce: Stan- nisii, tiolamc rnysienn ol mat lown,nytd Z'z. In this deinif c. his friends have lost an all'eclionali rtlative.ind neighbor, and the public a skdluland cininenlly sucrerful young practitioner. At the New Cash Store, T NI VI'S AND FORKS : pocket and nen-knivti V mssors andshc-ira: s.lver, steel and brass thim bles j razors and Chapman's patent strnp., j toh.ieo arm snun uoxes; suiningauti lancy pcriumed soap best needles and pins; I'incy and glass beads; hair dust, c'oth and tooth blushes; t.crmin Silver, Unt- ama nnd Iron tablo and tea spoons ; jews harps: TF.A TllAVS I1V TIIK S F.TT Ol! SINGLi:, New hceinners in house kecpiP". wd find it for their interest toenamine. this assortment, which has been recently purchased at veryreducsd prices an win ne sold al unusual low puces. UC! b, M. llUtet.liL 1 . Ktigllsh Drawing atnl Welting l'cnriln. MANUFACTURED from Cumberland lead. Ju-t received by C. GOODRICH, swpt. 7. Whalonslur'j;h Cement. TIIK above -irlie'le hss t.ern tlioroiighlv teted n lo mil puperior lo any other new in us. For sale- by J. cc J. 11. Pf.CIC e'o VVrappltiK Paper. ftnnRnAlISmsorlcJsues. For "!'b JKJJ C. GOODRICH". Spt. 7. Hank of Uurlhton Cinriryrtt:! Ci-cstt Cccht Clinton County Hank and their Trailers. J A Cl'ION OI'A.SSF.M May Term, A. D, 1S12. i V and adv.ineiil, paid, laid rut and i xpen ted, al-o i, i iiieiiiiliier Mini ot i.'uy, money B in miu e-eivtvl. The paid Clinton County Hank, U-tni ab-cnt from this Stan-at the lime e I ihe -ervii e ed the Plamiills' paid writ, and not having pcr-onal noineol the pen dency ul this pent, it t ordered i.y tne x o-trt neri', thai ihe paid I 'union C tuny Il.iui. 1 uoliiicil ed" the pe'ildeii'-v uf ilus sun, by pul It-huip the puli-laneo of Ihe I'laintill-'paid wril nnd tlei-laralii.ii together with this order, thiee vveeuss.iece--.velv, in ihe Huj liugtoii Free Pie , a new-paper printftd m Hulling ion in -aid Coutity, the la-t of which pnl ltcatioiis to I o at least twenty Mays 1 elore the" silting of tliisConrl at its next Trim on the -1th 'I uc-day of November nc.xl, w in. h will 1 o ilcctneJ piilTicie-nl nntiee to the paid Clinton Comity lljnk to appear and make ans wer to paid suit. J. N. I'i'Murui', Attorney. WM. NOnLK, Clerk. 19 James Carninir Surriror 1 Ciiittkniien Coi'.srv of Lamed and Cornins I Cot'hT. v.. ("May Term A. I). 1812 Lane, Cornmir Suydam. ) ACTION OK ASM 31l'SIT,for S300, good-, ware, and inerclian hzepoldniiddcliveml. 'I'hepaid Delend.tnts l.'ing al m-iii Irom this Stale at the time of tho service of iho Plaiuti U' writ, and not laving i.e-r-onal nonce of Ihe pendency of ibis uit, it is ordcre-d by the ai I Court now here, that il.e paid Deleiidants be nolilie.1 oflhe pen' y ol ilus sun, ly pulli-hms the ubstanesj t.f the Plain ti.lp' paid wril, togeiher W ith tin- order, three vvce-ki. slice,.. pivi-Iv- iiiilu" lliirlu.irien Kree Pre-p.nnewMi.i- per iriulil in llui-liusioii ill pan! Cninily, the l.i-l of wlneli piil.lieati.iu- to I e al le-ut twenty days I elore the Pilling of tin.- Court at its next 'I emi on ihe llh Tue-ilay of Noyetul er next.xv hich will bo dis-nieel sut lii lent in nee io ihe paid dele'iidan.s to appearand inai.e- an-wertothis paid s ul. J. N. I'uiiuuui, Attorney. WM. NOI11.F, Clerk. PJ Corni.igs if" Patterson, ) CniTT'-'.nrs Cot'.STt VS. ol't'UT, Lane, Carninc d .fuyriini. ) MayTcrin, A. D, 1812. ACTION OK ASSUMPSIT, 'or goodv,, and im-r' h.indizi"poldand ilelivcu-1. The aid lelendaiit being nbpent from this State at tho time of Ihe pcrvur of ihe I'laintill's writ, and not iiiiving pcr- niial nopro of the pendency of tins -nil, il is ordered by the paid Court now h"n-,lhat the -aid Defendants be noniiesl of the pendi-ucv ofil i tuii,!y publishing the sibpianeeol Iho Plainli IVpanl writ, together wall tin- onler, lhrceveokssiiive-bive-Iv, ill the II irluigton Fre-o Pre-, a new-paper print -, , in II irl'i.gum III paid Cullii y, the la-l of which ptiblu alum to l at lea-t twenty el.iy. 1 efore the -iilniB of llin I'onrl at n next Term, en ihe -lb 'I ,,. ,f.-iv ol November next, which will loilce-meid Pinlioi-iil in lo the said defendants to appearand make auwi-r tulhis suit. J.S.Ifc....l.ny. WMfN0BLK(nr. Shoos. A new lot just rece ved Irom F well, a cliMpat NOW ii 00(19. AvnRV large estortment of Fall and Winlcr floods, iu t opened ch aper than ever bv o.t. mil, lew. id ii. w. cvn.iN- QKAVV plain beavtr cloths ; heavy waved da. black and blue broad do l umntlilntrtcon olive do: biack and blue black Casimcrcsi satin, velvet, and w-oistcd vcslitigs super Eatin stocks j tiu rino, buck and otlic,- aluvci, can bo found al the Cash Store of Oet. Gill, 1S-12. Wm. HIJIll.fHTT. Cheap ! Cheap ! ! A now lot of liroad Cloths, just received, nnd for x). tale at vcrv reduced prices for cnsli or wool bj II. W. OATL1N. P. S. Prices to compile with the titucs,nu mijuAt. Sept 7tlt, 1312. rOll SALI nt a small advance from eos'. 50 brls. Lowood, CO Nicwood, Camwood, io Kedwood, 2j " I'listic, 10 Alum, 5 " iM,iddr, 10 lecgs No. 1 Ilmcry, 2fl " Indigo, i cases litflnctl Horn. I'OLtr.TT &. llBADLKTl. Aug 5.1912. VUIVA KllU:i! t'lISHII! rjlHH Jl embers of "The Vermont Jlutual Fire In- ( 3urauce ( ompaiiy nroliereby iiotilied that iho lollowing assessments have been mute by the Hi lectors on all notes in iorce on tliufoUowiii' days, to wn : Dm. Jan. April May May July lCih, KH. Oih, 1L42, llh, " of one per cent, 1 1 5th, " " ' " 27th, 1 " " 11 21th, " i ' " " 3Iaking 2 ner cent, for thd vear. Mid per rentage to I c cast on theorigim,l amount of tho premium note without lefercnco to any endorse ment, and lo be paid to the Ti eatery, nt Ins office in Muutpelier, on or before iho 19th day of October, 1S12, being tho day of the annual uieeline ot siid company. It ii hiiprd that each member of the Legiilature wil1 feel an interest in haling all persons who ate insured in his town, avail lliemsehcs of the opportunity in forward the nu ney for their assess ments by htm i nnd it is expected that no member of the Company will fail of doin so as it ofnn costs lhi-ni more to forward tlnir money otherwise than their assessments amount to. Membcts should rc"oI!ect this. At a in.eting o( the Directors e n tho first Wednes d.iv of this month, iho foil jwimi resolution was adop ted : Jtctolretl, That in ca9e it should become necetsary to protecu'e any person ho neglects to pay his ai sessment when due lint the Trca urer is herby di rected to colle-ct tho whole amount of the premium note agreeable to the Act ol m.-oruoration. The Tow n Cleik, Constable or tonic ineml-cr of Hie ompaiiy is rei;,i, stid to read the above tesolu tion at their rcspcciiveTown merliiujsili September, that all interested in a v he notifi-l. J. T. THURSTON, Treas. Jlontpehcr, Aug. 9, 1312. 17-3 'I'O .MCIICIIANTS T"io '.visJi to! C roc Is cvy, FAR RAH, WAIT A HOOT, Importers and of Crockery, China ej Class IVare, Vt"OUI.D give notice thai they are prepared to 1 Pack any amount of Waie iie-cordm to order, al New ork and llos'.on prices, sivuig licightand hiea'.-.ago to all who purchase of them. They have a good irtineiit, and respectfully solicit 3Ierehr.nts lo call and eiaminc the.r stok belore buying m .Market. Store, corner ol Church snd Colleje SlrcvU. Hurlmston, Mill .-epl. l'HO. Cash. A3IONO the many vays of ob'aining OOODG. there can be none better 'ban chanu'nga smstl sum of money for a laree amount of fSvids as may now be b id by applying at HOWARD'S. Sept. 23, IHM. CUatnplain Transportation Ciuttedi-n Cocsty Hcman Cidj and 3Iay Term, A. D. 1312. 1 itnrfnrc J'. cony.. i 'pillS IS AN ACllON OF ASSU3IPSIT, on L Noted-ituK.Iiich 10, 1311, for ihusum o.'SlSi),- 30. payable on d"iirind with lulciesl. J ucsa.d lleuian aud l neodore being absent Irom this Slate nt the tini-j of the service of this writ, and not having personal notice of the pendency of this sun, il is ordered bv nits iouri, Here, lhal nicy ne. no nli.3.1 ihurtsjr.hv !i'lii'niir ''ie ibstnneo of said v nt loeethcr with II.!-. older, three u-Ciks sticcesstvclv tin. "'I'lirlingion Free Picas," a newspaper priuied in lur Iiiiir on in sain uouin',', tu apt ot vv -.k i nu i ica nous io ne at least twenty days helore th'- silting ol Una Court at its nevl Term on ih-i lili Tuesday i.f iNovemhcr next, winch will ho Heemnl s.iuieicnt no tice to the said Ileuim and Theodore u appear and makcauswer tn said suit. Shaw oi Weston-, Attorn-ys. 19 Win. NOBLE, CVr,V. dui.nplaln Transportation CiiIviemif.n Cocstv Company j Cover, v.s. Hcman Cailyand 3Iaj Term, A. D. 1312. Peter Ctimstork. J rpniS IS AN At TION ON COVF.N NT, daled J. January LI, lt"J7,by vvhuli the Defendants agreed to cut and deliver, as tlidein slated, ! fWi cords of Hemlock, Pitch Pme. and Tuntar-u vvisi.i forAHO pc-cord ; and also, 1,000 cords of Pitch Pme wood at ?'!,0U per cord. And the I'laintill's aver they have paidlhoDef.nilaiilsiiifullforeaidri.OOOcordsofvvoud, but that ihe Defendants have not kept and performed the said coxunam i.ui nine iirokin the same, nnd have not cm ami ddceicd mid wood, as tliev had thereiucijvcnaiiicd to do. 'I'he said Cndy and Comsiock, bum; absent from this State at ihe tunc of the sei vice of lies writ, and not having personal noiicn of the pendency of this Mill; 11 isorelered by ilt- and Court now here, that they he notified therisif, hy publishing the substance ofs-tid writ, togeiher with tins order, thren vvtelis sucee.ssivi ly, in lhu"lliir!ingiiiu Free Pre-ss," a new. paper printed ill Hurluigton in said County, the laptof which publications lobe at least twenty diyKbiforp the sdiinitof ibis Court at its next Term on ihe -1th Tuns lay of November next, which wdl be dei-ined sufficient nonce io the mid Cady und Comsiock to appearand make answer tn said sun. Snvw i: Wksto-s, Allornevp. PJ Wiii. NOl'.LF., Clr: Hat act II. S..vyerund' ClIllTCVrilS.N (.'ovsiv Iltxalana 11. Swjcr, I 'OCR! . vs. Deciu- W'adf.rorlJi . 3IayTerm, A D. 1R1 C'l'lONON NOTR, dated .March 23, 1337, for the t A. sum of S500, pnxnblcon demand. The Defendant being iih-ent trom ibis Slate at the lime "f the service of the Plainlilis' urn, and noi hav ing peisoual nonce of ine pendency of ihi sun, n is ordered by iho Court now hue, the Defend un be not fieel thereof, bv publishmg the. substance ol the Plamtills s.nd vvnt, ingeilier vvilh this order, three vvei.l.s uecesnely, ni the "Hurlingtoil 1'ne Press," a newspaper printed tn nurhngloti n siod County, the last of ptibhcalions, lo bo al lea-t twenty daye before the sitting ol this Conn tit il next Term, on tho llh Tuesday of November next, which will he deemed sufficient nonce to tho said De fendant, lo appear and make answer to the said suit. ALins .', Plait, Attorm js. 19 Win. NOHLr., Clerk. M,ad,llot;ers ij" Co.! 1 Cnti Cou.nti v-. ( Coitir. Toirnsenel ami Wlltonl, f .May IVrm A. I. 1SI2. and their Trwitee. J A CHUN OKA "sUMPSIT, on a draft or order, TV dated O lul er 2 I. 1 41 1, made by John Wdl.irl, on the -aid Town end A Will ird, therein oidering lliem lopav to the e.reh'i-1 I" I.. VaudercuoL, I nnaith. from da'e ihe sunn f S.iOO, wlneli .nd draft, I cuig duly pre-euioil le', and aeyeipttsl by .aid Town-endi. Wil l.inl, the paid L. .inden'ool., then and there en-dr-edlhu - uddralt to the P..1111I1IV- und (.nlere.1 Ihe itoiilinls tlieri'ol lo be paid 111 tbiii',yet the De-lend-euls have iu. imhI the p.inie. Thes,ud iteteiid.iut,Ti.wn-en land Willanl 1 ems abpi'iil Ir.dn ib"- Sia eai the lime e.f the pervice ol ihe Plaiiui Is', paid Writ, and not having iicr-.' in . tiie 1 f the pendency ft ihi- -uu, it is or.leresl by ihe wnd Co irt now lieie, thai ihe s ml uvfe.i luuls be 110 Ulie I Ihereui; by jmbli-lima ihe mb-unco ol ihe I'minli'ls' paid wril, ii.u'ciher wi li 1 his in-.lcr, lluee vvneks siiecessive'ly 111 ll.e "llurlnigiou 1'ieo Pre," 11 uewpp.ipi-r primed 111 II irluig ou ill "nil County, the la-t "i w hi -h pul liea'u n-m I e at Ie4t tvveutv days U-f ire the pitunj i faid Court HI it ue'.xl 'li-nii on ihe til T,.esil,iy 1 1 .Sovenil tr nexl whu-hwil le ikeiiusl pull), i.-iil nonce lo ihe -ni l defcudanu ti ap pear and mill e an-vver to paid suit. J. N. Poim-iv, .Wrormy. WM. NOHLr., Clerk. JJtn -V. Pomcrvj rop 1 ('ill 7ani-, f J iiiTTi.snr.N Ci.un rt CouiiT Clinton Countv Hank May Term A. 0. 1312. ;L.- .it........ 1 nltil eaeir 1 j rn 1 1 IS ip an n. iiem on Hook aeoount elaiuiing the J piun f150. The -aid Cmlou County Rani;, I e-ing nb-ent Irom ihi. S ate al iho luuee I ilmpervice of iho I'l.iiun IV wr.t unii I not Itiviii,' .er unl u..ii, a of ihe pen 'ein-v of ihi- pun, u ip i'i-.!i'ii d 1 v ihe ad Cisiri now her, , lit it the pat 1 li-111'. be noiuird of ihe pen 'cie-v ihere ef, l.yjiul ll-inilg ll.e -ubi-l.iiicetif ihe I lain, ill's p.n : wril, togeiher wilh ihi onk-r, ihrew weoUs s-.e.-e -pively, iu Un) llnrliugton Fiee Piesp, n ne-wppapi . priiitetl 111 lhir;,n,..ii in said e'oiniy, the la-t ol vvliu-li pill In .it on- to leai lea-: Iv. enty dayn I efore lliepiitiil'-- i.f'i'ir1 ai it in Term i-u lie -pi Tue-djy if Soyeiui tu ilex', win, hxv,l I -s deeuie o il ic ti no 1 I" the pa d UanK lo appear und 1 111a e 1 , r, 'ils' 1 J, N P 11 , 't. jr 1 V,M llf, C'trk, Furniture. pON3ISTINO of Cans sent Chairs, common Kancv Chairs. Lnrneti. uinina Tables, lied- steads. Kitchen Furniture, Willi a good Cooking Slovo and trimmings, and an elevated oven. 'Iho abovo furniture is nearly new, having been used on lyafew WLcksj and anr or nil lha above articles will be sold to suit purchasers very low for cash for fur-th.-i parl'talsis uquirs of S. HUNTINGTON. rte-pi. I.,, iin. ten Valuable lislute For Sale. .9i?s-? ' I "IlKSnbscril er u'lurs for tale the dweb jt. ling uou-c aiiu 101, (-unsting oi ai'Oiit one and a quarter acre ol laud, situated on ( i.lleije Street, belonging to tlu fsinie oflhe Inle Dr. Kol.ert Moody. The hou-e is ol buck, thoroughly built, and very conveniently atr.iiice.l. The garden is well supplied wilh fruit, mil in a linrb sln'e of oidlivation. A iroeht Will be given, for a portion of tint pureha-e tuoiiey, el two yearsiioui i i uuieisjr, larz. OF.O. H. SHAW, Admr. ilurlinu-tnii, Sept. 21, 1812. 17- t Trusses ! Trusses ! EiNOLK. DOUDI.K. U.MBIUCAU 1 5111- tnderigneel Hri"eous,nu,'y with thu . anove am -:cs of the invrniion nml tore (.fllull, M.nsli, n.i i T ehe-'l, al, of which re in In .'.est re- u!e; al-o, lli.ll"? aiei Marsh's OJ" l'EJIALE St'rPOP.TEItS. Pl-V'li A- SI'F.AH, .Manvfadurinc Dmanisln a nil Vr.irfci) of all gen uine l'ali nt Mitlirinc", nml lialin in Surgical Instruments. Dye Wood, &,c. rPHK Su'i-cril crs have" rcie-ivel and now offer for t -ale a I irse an 1 v eil -eleele I a"-ortinent of Dje Wood-, of every i'e.i-riitiou, toireihrr with Cream Tartar, Lac Hje". Ci ppcra-, M alder, Indijro. Alum, Horax, etc. eve. Ilttjers aie re-,erif illy re-pie-stesl lo call al the ,S'(one Start, lira.! e.fihe S.caml oal whirl, era mine lite ai-tt'-'i s, In, li are v. arraoir I to be fresh tioiii ihe c,v V erk Mar1 el, t.itd i"ir''lri-e-J at the ore-cur exne nelv love prices, learn the term-, which are lit a finaii udv.inee IVntn i-',-t, am! leave their r.'ns. FOI I.LTI c. 11HADL1.Y. Stone S'ore, Sep'. 22, 1S42. iN'ow Fall Goods. VA1UF.TV of fall and Winter (ioods j.nt rccciv-e-d, liny be found ni th." New Cash Sloto we t side church struct. ticiitlcmcn and L-ulir s are mviied to call and j?,. Vm. IIUP.LHUT. Sept. 23. India II tililiors. I ADIF.? Patent India Rubber). J " Coiiim in plain and Fancy do. Oeiiilemen'f plain and Fancy do, Sent. 23. Wm. HURLDUT. (Jtnltrollas. jINK Scotch fiini. lu.m Umbrellas. " Imitation do. Common Cambric. d . just received by Sept 23. W.,. IHTLUUT. Milciioll's Primary Gporaj)hy .Mitchell .s Sfiiool ttcor:!)!i v, Kov to Mitchell's School Alius F'.rsaleby U. HUNi'lNCTON. July 25. For Sale. e leal (ne hor e l!Vlf70.V, let'her r an I C-i-h n, '.v.lin !.ire 31-it A Nr.vTnnlr XV. eoveiol oveiMig the Unicm i f the IPi-vi', all n or. in ( r-''i-e. PANOfiOie.N A. IISI.S3M.MD. i-vpt. C3 h. 17-g Clolh (Japs. 4 NF.W assortuiw-titjist received by II. W. CATLIN. Sept. 23th, 1342. Stoves for Wood. 9 CANADA Parlor, and la.iperiir Cock Stoves for 1 s ilu or exchange lur wood at HOWARD'S Jxpt. 21, lsr ciikaVeii t;ln' tih: ciikai'Est. ARIl Ul, W M'P e'v ROOT, hive j very extern- L MVt' ".sorMlHUt of CROCKEUV, CLASS & CHINA W.UJK, that they w i st II Cn--a;.ir ih-in can be bjj-.'ht m any store in the Slate. Tecv denn n umieces ary to euu- inerare aritel, it Ik in i,u'.i lent lo nay lliat almost cvei y arin le in th " h-ie e-t i Im f mnd in stock. I Persons VM.-Iini- to l-.iy v. ill find it to then advantage to examine the sioek a' tie' Crockery Store, cjrncr Church and Cil'eget. I'urlingto.-i. Sep I. 30, If. 12. 1 ADV'S ANNUAL RKiaSTFR and UOUSr. J.J Wll-T. S ALMANAC tor 1311 for sale by Sept. 2,-, 112. .-A.UUUL HUNTINt.TON. Ci rocorics. C'tON-TAN fLY on baud an as-oitm'tit of Fanul J tirociric". Wji. HURL HUT. Sept. 2. IS'ow (lertnan Sttno. nHH Subset ihers respectfully inuirni the inhnbi- lauls nf l.ur mjion and v.cniiiv. 1I111 ihev ln.p C lifs0$ 011 hand a id arecon.stnnily rotiving a t ck of SU-' N'i'ck or liuiids.nnd ellts-iually cleanmgiliccoinpicx PUHIOR caiOCURIUS, which Ihey will sell at . I0" 1ni' removing all disease, 'of the skin. ci. ape- i.n'ci,! than erer of'irtd before in thitmar- Nothing contributes so much tu our general sue .v, consisting o! Sugars,' Teas, C'ollee, Chocolate, ' crf 1,1 hfe, as an engaging first app-irance. Thel.o t'ocoa. R.ii-ins. Currant-. Aluionds. l'n.nrs X'miq I lion is admired as a most frairrnni. in, Id. safn w.i-h. Spi.-es, R ee. Piail llniley, March. Olive O,!, Su- gar-Hoiisn 3,olas-cs, Sperm and T.illow Candies, bpcrr.t ami Mined x halo O.I, Soap Havau.i and Principe Cigars, Tobacco, ,Vc. .j'-e. AlFO The Pure Holland (ScU-dam) fiin.and Pve French Cognac for Medicine, i-pnnis'i, French and Oermau Wine.-, Vintages nf 122 ami 1531 for "led. cine. They als ) be-g l-ae e to mention that ihey havs a rich assortment. if FIH'.Nl'H DP.V t.OODS, which they respectfully invite tli j publ c lo insptct. Store mi CoPegB Sircot, lornt'ii ly occupied bj 2Ir. Ilraman, liookseP... o-t:ii:im .r-MiciinLLs. O'T-" !)r Sale. p.VIDfor HUCKWHIlVT-deliveresI al srhsllmrn A- 31ills HORAtT. WITPI't fir Sept. : l?r. 17-tf livman it X-.OIO, HAM.NC. madearrauceuirnts with .Messrs Hoe lofson v: Raihhurn, to manufacture their wool in'o Cloihs, they will keen ronsianlly on hand a large osso.tment of liroad Cloths and HeaierOlotlis and also an n-sirtment of the Uuilington .Mill Co' Uoili-, and nu extensive assortment of other Dry (toods, vvli cli they will cxchauire for wool. 3jer. chants and odiers wdl have a lavoiablo taiiortuniiv tor ixrhnnging tht-,r wool. ft'j.OO Howard. TOST from off the Fosiern Stag on its paare J from llin hmiion to Montpeher, on the inoriim-' of the 13th bepi. int, a " l.l-ATr.U HAT HON, ci ntamingan old Hat, a t-hut, and itindrv other ar ticles. , ALSO, rS the lfi h, a humlle done up in a Canvass sack v eoniainma one pair New- Hlankcls, one pmr Shirts, one old Red Cloak, a Ladles Dress, Ac !tc I ho above reward will Im paid for information which uny lead to thud.icoveiy or the articles, bv applying ' ' ,. , JOHN CHURCH, Ajent. Iliirhnglnii, Spt. 22, IS4S. Fanner's and Mechanic's STOCK. WILL he sold at tho nihseiiher's office, on Sat urday, Oct. Pib, ut 10 o'e-1 ick, A. 31.. at Pu' he Am-'ion, 31 Shares ol lARMKH'SA- MF.C1IAN 1C S 11 NK stock, lor approved llankabU piper at tO diys with interest. ' ' N. II. HaSWF.LL, Auctioneer, Sept. 11, 1B12. Now IJoarilin" House. T7-AKRFN SIIILFY In, openol a HOARDINC, HOl'SK. inthe l.tnldmu known ns'.he Ward.. worth Home,' corner of Pearl an I White Mreeis, I'liiliiigion, where len or (ifivxn repia'.le Iponrder- iiijv leais-,.uiin ulaitxl. Sipt. I.., 1912. 5:f. J7$$. rpnK IlOt SU. AND LOT, now I - r-cipieil bv the Widow Sevcunee, , lfJLiiVi.rj ""'Ste leu il.e read 10 1 lie Fall-, a horl i .It-lan cl.. r 'l. C. 1 r;e A'iply to 1 , J. e. j. 11. pu-R&'c;,. CASH! 'CASIIlf NOTICE. rpiIKmbseriber has tilted up hr faeiory in tbcbesi 1- iinnucr, and .sprepst,,! laexecnt. .ill orders in h s hue to the sjiisfaeiionof customers. Fulled Cioihs mixed, and col .1. d, A.e oUj. l'lanncls, tnanufacturid and dr. tt A on sliarci or by Ihe yard, on I tic best terms, and " the u.t maiiue- , , HORATIO HARVEY" JsaHio C-jnrre, July 31, Iei2. BURLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. 'TMIL' Acodamic tfir of tli.s Inttilution (selivkk 1 i p, t , . n.iii- ntinriors i,f eleven wed em h i the II r couimenetng Augu-I 2D, the tocenid Noy. 21, ibeth, l-eb2(), the lourili .uy 10. ... TMTION, in the common English branches, t1, 50", in the higher Kngli-h brauehes and thelangts ncs.83,50i synblo to Ihe principal nt the ni'd.Ile i eacl, quarter. Noi.c will le charged for lesillw half a quarter, and no deductions made (oralnam unless oci a'le nisl by stcknes". .Mlt. CtlARI.KS O., ths principal un dcr whofo instruction ami inanHircinoni, dtiriuu II past year, the school hasac'uired linrh andwe-Ildi se'rvenl rcpuinlion,hail ren rugogeJ by IheTrnslee-1 the eusiiim; year) and at hisrr'iuesi, Mr. Oeorge Ljman, a araditale of lis L'niveri.y, has lecn a cialod with him a gentleman In who. elaluiti "I. acijuireinents the public earn icpoie ll.e uluioiie.'.iil! denci". This sehool i'llciiened exclu-nelv ("r jaunt gen lleine-n, and all who may patron..'." n aie u.un 1 lint no cxerliunn will be wanlin? on the port of i 'I'eaeliersto givoueh as are placed un-Icr il.uir char a thorouiih seieutKieknovvIrdKeof the eVpHrtmpnls t which they maj attend. All who v.-i-h lole-o-scholars, in the true ff the term, of the ninpleand reaJy aMlstun-e ol the Teaehei- no I'lhers arede-ired. The importance ol l-etu? present the first day tf tl. quarter, cannot be ti o oarnesily ree-oinuiene e iVe r, who propose tn attend the Sehool, iise-lae-i willtle , he foimed, which tho-s who enter sub: eiiueiitly, n ai etiicete'l lo min. Tlie ehara'te-r and Incut im of this hnvl iiif well reeumuieU'l il lo the patronage of tlw lrieud, solid I earmq. UOAltD n.ay Le obtained lor 1,50 or 52,00 pu WC4k. 0. o. iNnFnsoi.i,, J. K. CDNVLRSL, II. ALI.CN, GF.O 1! SHAW, T. rOt.LF.TT, N. K. IIASWF.LL, WVLL a LYMAN. Denhntton, August 19, 1812. 31 A V. N 13 l' I ('. ( I) () N T I (I A . i tiietukih i : Tht Incomparablt Tooth 1'itycuation. THU fjc I is prove-d, and the ino-t tneri'dulous an! diiublinsr are tully e-onviuceJ i.l it- irreat titilny as we have the evdencc fiomthe of about i!5 -OOI I ones ol il.e Oionttcn, wilh n the pi-t jear. I i asceriaine'l from experience', that when u-ed, thu let th will never decay, but remain till Ihelate-t k ol man, wiihlheir ua'ui al vv ', and more in dio-i -an':n of ca-es, nervou- tooth e-he, (that china cf pmu) ha-ar onci ! eon e 'cctually e-ii-e,l I y ihi itio t popular ilen'riliee m Amer.ea. An 1 tnc,ncu-ie where, tr who isil,u yn-ing la ly or (.-emi'dium, -i e-. tho indtvt lual that val'ie- a I ea ,tiful -e-i i flee h, i, in gum-, and a -wee! ilh mure llun tit'v lenl-,' wi.l I e le.nirerde-tituteofa box of Dr M.llitcli. u.k'. 31ane.ic. OJoutieii. II A 111! HAIR!! llALDXEss,-Important Ditiuttrijlht Gr.ct 17y,'ery found out at tail. DR. SIHRIIV'S Il'.MR RF.UF.NUI! V10R.-Dr St-rry, after lnl"-h attuiiinu to ihe impeia-.t subject ol pn serving the hair, has alter minv , x n uu ills chcimcal and ph v -i a I, ht en able to divov-1 an article which is now off red with ll.e rreit'st , () fl. deiie-c for the toilette, as the best tiling e it dii ver ed, tor and pen'-trating c ulnv, I . ' ro dueea good head of ha.r to pre v. nt u 1, , ,, u 'j!, olf vv hen 1 alduess ib apprehend, d- to restore it , lien baldness has taken place1, and loprevtnt itlrotntu II ingKray. It is more nourishing fiaii potiiaiuin, an tique o,l, or Cologne water, li is a beaut, hi. urlicU for ladies' curls it makes ihe hair a .11 and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousands hnvti trsie-il its superior viituesand excellence, and in eve ry instance it etai.ds unrivalled. It is an infil. mIs cure in all ali'ecti, naof the fkm on ihnhead as drulT etc Ac. F.very family I ould he supplied w uh u boltlo of this oil, that hy na application lo tho head and hair nf children, the bcat'tunl a ,d nrnom, ntal np pendire ofa fine head of In r, with v.-hich nature has supphsJUi, may ue presirnu. IO-:, o !' Tv a r this Ilnve J'oti a Cous;l! I Tfi 000 VAV.QV CONSUMPTION evcrr lUjWUlJ jear in ihe Uu d Ss-itPk, an i I.ons ni'"er fiom troi.l.lesome i-on. lis and col .s. that can bo cured by Dr. M. llttcheaek'- x ei;. table Cre-in Cough Drop-, 'a safe medical pus'-iipnon, com, t itig no poisjnous driii.'s, and us-d in an exte-i-ne pri' liccfor seveial vears wil ninrt posiively alio d leh' f, and a-ive vou from that avvfe.1 .iL-e'iise, pnl non nryconsuniplioh, which sweeps into the grave hun dreds ot the young, the old, ihe lorelij ami thu gay. Hove you a cout:h? He pir-ua 'ed t.. purclia-o a battle" of lbs Cough Drops to-day ? To-morrow may b US lste. Price SO cents per bo tle. .von.'-K : wo it 3i -ij TR. M IIIT. I1CO K'S unrnall. d nnd un.-cinl. led Worm Tea, a sov.-rei.-u reun Iv for Wjinit This invaluable mide-me has been test, J by the e.x peiience of more than ti n tears u5e, aiul adm n.sterel to tnorei tli in 18.000 pirson-ot vaiousa-;es, und notoi.e solitary eoniplaint : for in no one of the tu.tu smds of in.-nnces, v here 11 Ims fei n used agreealo to Ihe bunte 1 d renions, lias it ever failed. N. H. Ask fui Dr. 31. Hitclicoek's Worm Tea, as there are many no jirums abroad for tho destruction of vv ot ins. S sX'rr only Tirentv-flrc Cents. PlU M. HITCHCOCK'S new Iv invcntd SNITF, Jj the best atlicle ever discovered by kcientifis men, m F.uiope or America, for ihe cineand ab.-olin relufof ( ntarrh, Dizziness of ihe Ibad, Weak Lies, Nervous Hrnd.icht, Fallen Mckness. Fits. tnl In' I fsnls troubled with Snutlles, partial shucks of Pal- . jy, etc. I LOTION, I.OTIOV. I Dr. Kvnm' lSeautlfyliii; I.ntlon. T-I lOHIa esteemed fir curing ad F.ruptmnt, 1 CoarBen'ss. Redness, and Pinitiles no the Fj, e and great y rsttemed fo, its xutues 111 clean-ini:, sofi- ro.iii,-, nuo pen..') .111. uie 01 an errptioi-s. so tiiju rio,.k 1 1 femals beauty end real 'ring it to a li yh ds ne nf purity. A beautiful and healthful complexion is ihn pr de of all who possets it, and the envy of those who aie il priied nf it. A good appenrnnc is the best re-enmmendnbon ; -snd as the llrsutifyinc- Lotuui pnrilie, il.e tk,n oni removes all Pimples, Ulolehc, Tan, Sunburn, and R-fiess, end produces a beautiful hue, it is il.e only cosmetic a lady p.hou!d iiseal her toilette. fisntlemm will also fin, Itlus a ibhaliiful rcmixl7 toieniove all Roughness. Piuiplcsllingwoims, Spots, IV 'nets, Soreness of iho face and nos-, nnd evei y I 1 1 of erupi.on on the surface of the huuiau body -! narticusily reennrneii nd to grullenieii lo lis upp I alter shaving, as it vv.ll rev rut the nth.rwips esi'-iti trtict of all common toap, in tuinmg ths b".-' 1 remalurely grey. Fn silu vv hoi! sale and retail, by Fosira et Di, k 1? t -ile Piopi.cio-s nnd Sue-etsors 10 A. line mik it Co., 117 (ieiiisie Stint, Ubc.i, N. V.j m Op rpts, hv I.. Jaii'-s; 3til'ctt Ka'ls, bv Harn it f-rsvoi; Johnson hyO.I. Warntr -V Co. ; Huiiuig. (cn and by vr.CK eV spnR, Manufacturing Dntssists, and Venders of all genuine Patent Medicines. iOTBCE) 'i'o rnritipvs :tiid Won! Rmtrri's. 'I e -u! s nl er-hay n.r a en 'he i .,o i. f.e ' 1 nj U-ial li-hu.i-ni of the l-ut ,11. t,,u 31 " Co, at W noo-ki fill:-, will ri'i-e ve 10 Manuta -fit.- t..r upon ihe t. II. w!feondit, u, Vi : For rtrrsi!,-o!h, itch p. fif, r.1, Siee1, 1 r ( atVt Mix, lllue Ilia. I.-, Hrnvvn-, orln-xe-, at.ivvu y-five rents per jaut, (rone lull of ihe goel vv tin. l-hfs. Narrow ci th-, f. eh a, Slirep-' Orev, rrrhsr ni x' ire , will I e maii ifaetiirrd lo mil 1 11 ..uier-. cut ix-a-onal 'e terms. The ipiality e.fihe ele ihs insile tt iliis e-'ab i-h-inrnt for tlir 'a-l eiuhiicn mun'hs under the 5 p,-i n. trnden'e of IJie sut pi nl rrs, 1 po will '11, vn m HopIiiii, N. Vork, and ihe neipli! or nc ti vvns 111 n 1 Slate, that no fiirtln-r rei-oinnieudntn a is . 1 ne rsary 10 indu, e F.irniers .indoimrs vv ishiiiy; 'o cet vve.r-l mati"facii,-,l il.r iheir own u c rr n ar' el, na patronise this establishment. Customers miv rest a f silted that nopjni- will I r -pai.d to nve c. tt an but on, 'he ins. hmery I eu e idihe'eiq ally, alfordp 4dvan'a;e tor do-, a chuif woik a .h r 116 l,ceii,l in the verv I e, manner, w In hi an 01 11 e tiiiai ibat etnnt t I e o ere ' m -ii'ii' ei e-'nb , urni,, ClllflS I I HOF ni-.N' SAMU. I. R. KA'lIim.N. , nelrrfntc ef chsia.'fr or're p., 11. 11 diiy ,if h ul'Kril ers may I e I.a-I I yap 'y ni: o Sidn.y Harlow, It. M. Co. J. eSt J. H Pivk iS. Co. ItnrliurICT, rol'eit ex; Hrad'rv. ' J. W. Weaver, WinotV.j Falls, VTinocpki Fall., A' g. 3lt lSli. Sliawls. IJiALl.aml vvmitr Siawl, 0 great variety chraper than ever by 11 .' W. CATLIN. Srpi 7, 1SI2. TO LET. A Commodious .sTOVU HOUSUst present ore), piedti) Da. IIinissko. For tenna apply at .us pil'lllisis. Uuilington. Sept, L rt?. K, ,f Wednesday r.veuing, ) S; ii:, I "VCW GOODS ut Howard si iiitdsniiarrivin-, A ' 15 iivv ' Printod Lavvn's. ! n pif fs.isi' s- iirvs s-r, Hy's, O" 1" II vy in as t'1 ciiop'stby II, W. CATLIN, j- as oneshvlcip- r yard. Juae S

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