Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 28, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 28, 1842 Page 2
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i iinn i 'T1 f 11 1 b li m n II I I'I' ,i n VBltMOsftEHISIATUItk SENATE. Tcssn.iv, Oct. 19, Prayer by the chaplain. The President announced ilia committre on the Stato Librury, Messrs. Ulodgclt, Uarrclt and CUII9. Report By Mr. Camp, of rules forjointAsscmblyi report concurred in and the mica adopted. Resolutions I'tom the Hon e, assigning a day for the election of .Secretary of Slate, itc, called up by Mr., anil concuired in. Assigning lo morrow morning, lOu'clnek, for tho election' of U. .S. Senator) .Mr. Mnggs oll'crcd atiiendni'iit, which was lost! Mr. Cults moved to lay iiponiho tabloi mo tion lnt, and resolution concurred in. J'clition l)f Preston anil others, liy air. Smalloy, relating to the insane i rcfeircdto couim.t' tee nn um Judiciary. Re olulion Proposing to reduce tho salaries cf Judaea of tho supremo court, and utlicr officers of this elate, called up by Mr. Cults, who nlltied amend nieut, crjsini: ufter lliei word Rcsolced, and sub eliluliui! a resolution of inqti.ry. On dim niiinnl meut Jlr. Spinutie demanded llio yeas and naxi, when the amcniuuint was adopted, yeas, 23, nay I, and thus amended the icsoliilton passed. Mill My ."Mr. l'iencli,iii addilion to the 21lh chap ter of 11. S. ; twice read and ref.rred to coiuiuiltcc on Judiciary. Resolution Uv Mi. Smalley, referring so much of the liovcrnji's Message as rcl.itcs to lMiodo Is land, to a select caniiintleo of three i passed, The Hill introduced by Mr. Hatch, on the 15th, relating to tho fJrand List, propoc: Sue. 1 To set real eslalo in die grand list at S mills on the dollar, instead of one per cut. 2. To exempt from taxation the polls of persons liable by law lo do military duly. 3. Totax pnvale and professional llbraiics whi h amount to more than SjOm value. 1. To equalize 3lh section of liting law, so that pleasure carnages, gold, silver, or oilier watcher, shall not be exempt troin taxation. IIOUSi:. Prayer by the Uiv. .Mr Gridlcy. l'ltilions referred. Of Daniel I'iueo and others to committee on Education; of Rutland citizens corps to Military committee! of Hubert Wtthcrspoon and olhcrs to committee on Ho.uls s iomonlraiicc ol Tappan Elevens against the right of Win. II. Carter to a seat, tn committee on Elections; of Willaid Heed and oiheis to I.andTax committee. Tho committee on joint rules made report, and the rules wcte adopled. The speaker announced the standing committee as fol'nws: Ways and Atmns Messis. Wiraner, Fox, Hen ry, Wusht, Who lurk. On Military AJ'i'rs Messrs. Cishman, 1'arncy, Davis of NorxvKli, Jones of Dovrr, Cooper. Judiciary Committer Messrs. llcbaid, Vila, Can field, Woodhridge, Colby. Committee of Claims Mesr. Van Sieklcn, Smith of liuikslnre, Hoscoe, Harris of Vindhan, Slilphen. On Roads Spraguc, Winslow, Charlton, Park, Aiken. 'On Hanks Messrs. Warner, Cobb of Slrafijrd, Noyes, Daniels, Henry. Un itumiry Mc'ssr. Sink, Dustin, IloUi'lcr of Mar-hl'u Id, nheldon, Wi b.-ici of t nhot. On Mmiifrclurca Messis. Uuss, Paddock, Pope l'lll'lldl. Ill'lhllliH. On .k'.-f. ultnre Messr. Chamberlain, Jones of Waiul'uid. Peaks, Kmcry, Wlnlncy. Lint 'li.v 0m.iitt"'3x. fiti'ld. Powell, Wintclaw, Mi I', Had v nl" Monniugion. 7'j move ti(i tic tirund y,W-.ilc rs Iliirwood, JlaitciJ ilc, F. Id, liev, Iin.;i' , .ccilhani. Hv ', Tu le of UYallfrsti Id, 1'eiry, Pond, H.'V.e ul Wiieiuisiou), Page- of i iirinth. '-mull of Ilinrs hur;..i, Stml'iii, IHoi-e, Mil.ouil, Deiimsnn ul Ihiikc, Smhuin, .1 nn s,'liaui, lluid, 1, ul I of Wulcot , Smith of But in, Font of Lowell, llroiks, Co Id, Ladd of (irjml Isle. li'ecn. Oencrtil Ctitm:tt-c Jlc-tr. Hailcy of r.lmoie, II melton, Ho. vii ol Writ i.i, I'o'tne, Slack, S .pir.i.l of (Jornwall, Flint of lliamtice, Jack-on, Kent, Chimb' ilam, llarr, riin mil, Wells, irni:'-lcy. On Zilucei'ioH Me-sr.f. l', llotiuin, Nllea Ptake, of Ool.'hi ster. Diilrihuling Committee Messrs. Wiley, Xewill, Bowe, Whipple, Hump, Mav, l.e-ncnwoilh, Dougi j of Waietbury, HradLy, Hiigliam. Unmet, Kowell, A Uriel, Holeoinb. On ii'7.? Me?rs. Fullcrton, Parker. On Slate J'risou .Messrs. Shatter, retlibor.e, Van Sicklen, Cu.hmiin, liaiber of Kuosburi.di. On Ycn'sion Mers Cnnfi 'ld,l'ieulis nndCol'iy. Committee In ennnlhe the Grand List Mcs-is. Sprajjue, Tullle of S.indiMte, Cl.nk, Dennisoii of IlarlHind, Skid-, Taylor, I'o irdma'i of Mdion, ICulb, Morrill of Djiu die, Goe, Small, dimming, Graves, j Molt. Resolutions On ihobankri'pt law; made tho order fortius afternoon. l!y Mr Sanborn, iii.lriii'ling delc Bauun in Conurcss in co fur an I'vutn.on inr fivu jcarsof the octuf S33, giving pen-ious to wilows j ' to com mauo ine oruer lor lo-morrow murmng. iv .ir. j Peek, instructing thecoinmiitioof Wilis and Means toiniiimeiutu the expediency of assessng the tarulty ' aniljiLir.ii u 3 of prulessional iiitu j parsed. Hv "Mr. I Joir s,of Ujer,reierruig to '-line com. thfcxpcdicncv I abbessiiig polls at Hi; passed. Hy Mr. Hall, diict- ' ing the Miuio eotnnimc" lo ev inline nil I rrpoi I up 'ii j tliuJlMiiig law; p.issed. Tho lesoiulion on lM.odc Island dilficiiliii-s wa taken up and passed, tin" mo- er having accented a S'lhaiitutc, sunnlv iclcrnnv the subject to a i leet coiiiiiiiiti'e of five. Hy Mr. Piiti bone, mslrucliiig tho coiuiuinee on nducaiiou in in quire into the expediency ol fixing ihe first of April lor thii eotnuii'iieeiui'iit of fvo niu.iths' srlni"ls sup ported by other than publ.e m jiuy j laid upon the inme. The resolution reh'ive totln-crand list of Windsor ' Counlv beiu' calle I un. Mr l!i.s move I lo dismis : it, thu hsleis of the coiinly liming carried out the j statiitous luev um eisl.iuJ II. Mr llilb ol i. avi'p tile list .1 .1;- cxtruHicly line and tin t 'lo listen In J nut erpiaiized II, us intended by ihe utd: ho dcuit. I the n aiution liree.saiy, as ibe Blamltiig eouiiinllec cuiild imi i qu dr.e the ll-t as be tween lowns. '1 ins iinipiaiiy, uu'eis rennd.ed, would htaiid for 5 years, and tb n-mcdx imit he given ileic, as the tuni' tor the Inters tn net bad pas ted. MrW.udmr said the baler-, had met in iid'or-, d met wi 'i Hiu a. 'I, mid had not nlti'riil the bst, I bulk ing tli'-y . o'i! t not bttlcr it. ."Mr IMti'mno diemcd. tin; le.iiutiuii uun 'ci'sarv. Mr Win.-low nppost-il the in it. on lo di.uii's; tho hsieii had dceluud io eqtiahzu thihsl. lie pio-culed a table ihoxxiie fruit inequality in tho valuation of bind. Mr H-bi.d thought the law had in ibis e ise been compliinl w h, audio undertake heio to revise the actum of the In ters, lo)ktd likcmi ft Jin the fin il decision of the cii.-,e. 'I his case was not within the re tch of tho House, anl if it und.'irtake3 to asuiiie power in this ' case, it 11114I11 be ci nip'llid to rev so the list of every county. Mr .-bailer deemed tho intuit on of Hi a resolution lo be to niiiuid the fa' jIuIc, and was ill oe- , fore an anomal) 111 legislaliou. 1 1 1-concur nil in ibe xiews of .Mr lkbaid, and indeed ur;;(d that if th'i House coi.ld review the bls of enmities, so of towns, and exui of individuals. Mr I)axi3 could not aceule to the sentiments ihat the Ho .no could not un lo j what it bad already done, or lint itcoul I not give justice in a case hkctliH; nor did he consider llnsun spfeal trom niinai decision ; 11 xvas railicr nn appeal I Tha Governor conimtnieated sundry documents I rehlmg lo tho ."-'ale Prison, xvlihlt wire laid on the l.ioln anil oiueredto 11a prinleil. J'c, lions 1 (. rred -Of Jona Warner jr ,011 slavery, and of Jacob Carey, to Judiciary committee. Of Mooes Warner, lo select rotmnUoonf thrco. si:nati;.-2 o cwcit, p. m. llilhtty Mr Hatch, relating to claims against the Stale. By Mr Cults, relating to the insane poor. Hy Mr French, relating tit? the militia. Scveiolly twice tead. and then rifcttcd loapp.opriate commit lees. t'esoliittont From the House, relating to theNa bankrupt lav-laid upon tho table nn motion of Mr BrigirJ. Assigning Tin "day next lor the election of Nipcrinkiidcntund Ihtec I ircrlorsof the Stato Prison 1 nnieiidrd on motion o Mr Purler, i as to proxidc for the cleecion of Chaplain of the Pnnu nl iIih suite iine, and, so nircndtiieil, pasifd. Ily Mr lliiilcr, if Inline to fees before nuditors' touris aiid rerercesi pard, anil refericd to comniitlre nn Finance. Hv .Mr Ituilcr relating In the l.cgislutixe Dreitoivi Mr II. anted that Iih name and county were omitted in the Dltcctory; laid upon the table, on motion of Mr. Hrigi;s. Reports nf Com nutlet- on the JntHriiry Adverse to the rcnhiiirut rehliugto theextensioji of jail limits, nnl lo the rctolulion for cxlc ndnig juri'-d'etion of Justice in certain case. Of tlm bill in addilion lo chap. 21 of It. S., with amendment, xvhich was a bpied, and the bilI,on motion of Mr Kprague, bid tlpen the table. M migc, from the Governor, eotniminicating public docinneiils fioni sundry sta'es; laid upon the tabic. benale xvent into joint assembly. On moiiin nf Mr Starr, the documents above notire I were icferiol Pi a select lice of three. HO!) !. The Speaker appo'iunl a commitlfcon the pi liiion of Moses Warner, Mcssis. Hillings, How ard of Aiuloxer, mid Slack. 1'dititms referred. OfHcman Green to general commiltci of'Arunah Spear and others, 10 Judicial y coinmittp. Jlii's introduced. By Mr. Keith, rcg'ilaling choice of to'Mt rip centalive ( for adjourned tnrc'ing! from d.iv to day, and ivj balloting to be had aficr 10 al ni:lil,l referred to Judiciary commit. ec. Ily Mr. 1'ivisof to reduce expen'ts of r-tatc Prison, refrrtd to the general committee. Ily Mr. fSnuld, lo pay Lucius II. Massnre, referred to cum until e of claim". '' tiit'im, Hv Mr. Wright, for Joint assembly 10 oYlo. k on T.icaday noxt, to clr.ct Rcpi tier ol dc ets'on ol' .-uiiretnc 1 oil' t' comini'-noners of deaf, dumb and blind, and .Sncant-at-Arm-; passed. The Senate came in, and the joint at.scmbly made the following appointment'): Hon. Wm. lieb.'id 1th Assistant Jndgo Supreme Court. Hon J. .,!. Shaftcr, Sccretarv of Slap. For Mr. Shaficr 113, J. T. Maroion 1 13, C. I,. Kn irp I". scatii tin? 2. Divd P crce, A'tditor of accounts againt the "tatc. D.nid Picice 13'J, Samuel 11. M.itlocl.s 113, seat-trr,n-2. fn-pb Herry I i DmM Hildwin 112.1 The SuuM tenml and lb" House ndjoiirned. i:ati:.- Tms.-iiAv, Oct. .(). Prayer by lb chaplain. (n n'fle on e, u nnnii'i''o'i frm other Statu. Me-H"., HariVit anil I'.non. iliih. Hv Mr. ll'iilir n Inling to feci of rcfereei, aii'lii.irand witn,s-' , tw kc ni l and rtfrrrcd to the ccMuiniiiec onfiiiinccj hy .Mr Shtldoti rLhlin.' to lox r. nii-", ixxicn rtei'l and rclcrn d lo the cem mi no on fnance; hy Mr Ha ll'tt. lo piy J-'hn A. Stanton in"1 others, ihe snm imniiomd, read and '(I'.rrfd to t'10 coinni'tle oil claims! ly same, for ihe relief of Sal nn Dnis and ol.ier, txvieo read rifeirnl lo cii.iinntle 011 llic ji dietary m addi lion to ch ip I: r 21 of the H"H'd Matuies, eallrd up hv Mr S icillev. v ho nted his "!" 'Inns to Ills hill. w ichaiier icnnil." byM' ss D.II.115I1 i.u.Hriggs and H1. ul. it x.tii te-comuiitt. d lo com mil K" n tt.c j'idi enry j by Mr F.atou. in addilion lo ( h-iptcr ."O 0 the j H"x'ied Slntiil.". Ix.icerci I and reiVrrtd lo lliecnrn- iiuttit! tin -x-ticii'line rclatm-f to clilt'c of -.Jhti'Is (pioviding a scveiop'-ualtyfiir lanip'iin': xxithjururs) in tenant ca--?, ri p irtcd by the ('0111111111"' 011 the, xuili iircpo..-i -ofain n.lment. x.lueh xxeic coiii.' pre,i m ciniiintticof tbc xxhol , Mr Camp ill the c'm,-, nnd ni'nptcd. ni'd the I il1, 11" s'nen led, rc p.nli'd to the Stn-ilc, furlher eun-i icrcrl dchati.l bv Mi-'r Hiil'i'S, Hludgill, Dilhnghain, and laid no ihe I ihlc. J'i'iliua, bv air Sowlcs, of S Ixctrr Phelp' and J. P. I.add, read and refericd to tha committee nn 011 ihe Judiciary. I.'e-ol.illon, from tin Houc, ns'lgnina a day for the election of Hepnitcr "f decision ol the Supreme Comt, and in wlneli the S"tiatc rcjlvcd to concur. Sena c wi ul into int a1 einlilv. It'll, by J.r Hiildii'l, to incorporate the St. Al ban. Mcaui lui'l and tr.iiHpcrtati 111 cnnriany, lw c read and rcf. rred 10 comuiillco on M'li.ufaciiire Si natc adjourni d. lior.!'. I'nver by Urx-. Mr Kellogg. 'I h" s .vlh r.nuuil rf p'ki of the TriHIet of ihe In sane Ai him waspn.-ented, and ECO copies ordeicd tu hi I fiuit d. I'd linns ref-rreilOt Sliarlinrno I nrnpiLe 0 ; on Iliad. Of Harvey I.iM'Oiuh and otlicrsj lo Military cn nnilllee. Of Corpctanon nf uinonl Univi ; read 11ml rcfened nH comminee on Cliini. 'Of fluirehdl Saniiiscn aW othcts; lojti dii'nrx comiiviti". Jtilh in!iui'ii,-rdy,v Mr. lliv.v", of Veinon, in'ion to I'. mi" laivj nf-rr.d to co' to in,ml..e the Gum I l.:Jl. Hy .Mr Orpi utrr, t) 111 coiporiiti of O-aii'ie County: n fern d 10 ctii imiiccon Hinks. Hy Mr Wliq le, for reli-.f of i ,'..n of .-tiiiufi. 1 1: rifericl arum, to iiuikeup lh" E"in l l;.t. Hv Mr I'nlion, 111 oddit'on 10 tin sevrial nnlMi i acts, n latnig to collection ol liin s; rtferredlo Milita ry coininiliif. Hv Mr Van Sukhn, to pievtnt ille gal x'n'iiiii at' on ciinj- i r icricd to clarvcom nunc. Ily Ml Slnlti r, piovulpig .for n' 111, n't for dam i?" in laxini out inglixxax', in ad.ii (100 to chap. '.0 R. S.i referred lo comnmUo on IloaiU. nr-olnlinntUv Mr lloI(n,in:ruclini cari. on Una !" loii'o ere win ihcr andilois and i:oiniu.s"i''.lcr hue In ) .ni'.o nn ! oil Win mslu T urupikc '-o., nnil al.n wh.ihci d 1 ildo loll lias n .t bren l.iki'ti al one gair.nnd x.helher a if xinon of ran s ol toll is not Ifc-'iry; pa'sed. Hv Mr Ibm.-hton, ofSinnfo-d, ns 10 lii.'i'Xp. dieney of ex itlding jtiiiiliction i.f J'lj licexi.flbi p. ace in ea-nnf ili'.l: Cissed Hv Mr Davis, 01 N.. i'i.'riieuig co n. of Way mid Mcaii" t ,ie um n b II .x 1 uriug a in m prompt aei niinn i'u Iv of aecouii'.in.- ot'i'csj pn'snl. Hv Mr IVikei, nj eim.r ihe 1','ic-i ul iho Diuei.ry fiirM,-he(, nn acc.1.1 11 01 ihe aeeiilcitiil o,iii--:.)U nf llio Snutor f. in I. un . tile ounix; la.d on the table. Ilr;n,t - Hv rommitne nl I'.lccdon-, lliaj John II. M-niison, of CI i-lenbiiry, had not icsubd in that 1 1 xv 1 1 one y.-irprowoiH to h h elc lion, ae."ninpau:cd t,y a resilut on ihat s cd Miui-oti is nof cniilbd 10 a seal in the Ilou-e. Mr Ilar'iniitJil inovej to recom m. I, Mi.piined bv Mr Pi ttib'uic, who iuoxv.1 in struciion! for Ibe heiiingof ccriaiu l( slimonv, prox injlliitMr Muliisou atteinlf d at the hour and hie I'.u 1 i'kiiii' testimony, that no nngi-liaic xvasprcent, Ill-it It. tM.ittisin) waiiidone bom and Inrty minutes a.ul .leparte.l. and I'm ihi ii iiiipiny was taken af ter hisdcjvirliirc. Mc-,sr. t.'.iul'iel.l and Woo.lhridge opp d i'i" motion, nrguiii'i that ihe iidnu-Mun of this I 'si.miny made no ilifliience m llio ens : Mr .M'itlioii ha I not waited a reasonable tune or llio ta I. ng nf ihe tf-tunonv. Alter some explanations by Mr Sbafier, tho ni'iiion In recommit was wilhilrawu. I, in mi iwumi v renewed bv .xir Ua, xvuu 111 from an inferior to it superior power. He di not t si.ueti.ins 'to a I nil lesi'tnony to controvert the cor think ibis resolution was to ricala!l laws or 111I1 r- feie xvuu ottitr counties: it xxasa mailer belonging to Windsor county alone, and ho thought thcincm lersof that ceunty iiiigbt safely be lell to judge 111 ihe matter, they certainly would not aft if ihey found no rightful poxxer 10 do so. Mr Canficldsaid this xvas substantially an ell'ort to repeal the banng law, or to make a new one by (imple re-oliilion. It proposed in fact that Ibe House proceed to rquahze the list in the towns of Windsor county an act which they had no power to do. After further remarks by Messrs. Van SicMm, Vilas, Canfi Id, Sbafier, Ku is, Hebard, Winslow, and Woodhridge, the resolution was dismissed, 1 19 to - WrnscenAv, Oct. 19. K. Allen and SF.WTn. Prayer by thechaplaiu. Committee on Rills Messrs, Green. Resolution ViV Mr Hricgs, proxiding tint ilia election ol Unite I Srates Senator ho postponed I'.nnl Friday morning; passed, and concurred nt by the House. Hills By Mr Holler, altsri.ig lb! mmo of Oil man Sinclair lo lliat of Oilman Sinclair Moolv twite read and laid upon the labia, In addilion to chap. 'J I of It. S.; twice read and refctred to Judi ciary committee. isolation nv Butler, rtlatinn to fees of Audit ors of accounts! pissed, an J on moiiin of Mr Ilrigga subsequently reconsidered, amended, end tc ferrcd to committee on Finance. IIOHSr.. Praver bv the He v. .Mr Ballon. Resolutions From llio Senate, postponing thetiui5 for an 1 lection of U. S. Senator In I'riJiy next, in A. M nrrreml lo. The voto adotiliilif Mr I id oiri's resolul'ion of ycslerday xvas reconsidered and iho rnntithnii ,li (niKeJ. I This r so ution referred .1 iiortionof ih.i niessiL'non blavtrv. but was not c 1. led for by any thing 111 tho message, nnd was llicnfore improper! Mr Fulsoni enncunnl in llus d spoe.iiou of the reso'utmn.l The resolution 111 favor of n ropcil of ihe bjukrupt Taw xvas taktn up. Mr ins sus tained it IticIIx", urging llial as ibe -cnate xvas equal I v divide I un tlion icsiion of repeal and our r-enaiors voted in tho negative, tins reso iiiiou would prolnhl t.enrn a rpne:il uf iho law. Mr Canfield sai l lo lisnUroni law. in bis view, had H'eured all lb" bene fits dm ned from 11. and be xvas llieieforo III faxnr ol repeal. Mt Harrington said that on one condition he should be in favor of the bankrupt lawi that xvas if the liuanciai system 01 tne extra kess m 01 mi was lo be adorned. As that system had not bei cstri'd out, he ihou dit tho bankrupt law unnecessa ry. Tho resolmion was ihen adopted! aye 1WJ, 1 uoes 4 . . . . By Mr Jones of W. for a joint assembly Tuesday next, 10 A. M. to elect S ipetmlendcnt and Uircclou of Slate Prison 1 adopted. Hills Introduced Ily Mr Mntt, to piv Wm, W White end Horaco Wordsworth i to Military com- miltte. By I!r Winslow, lor relief of toxvn of Pom- fret, to sppruo real estate nt S1J per acre on tne list of IBvi: refericd to committee 10 makeup the i, leeintsi of tonniunv taken before the magistrate Hi fore anv qtieuinn was taken, the Seirile eaino 111, and the following appointments were made : FHANKUN COUNTY. Wm. Bridges, Judge of Pro' ale for the district of Georgia. (V.I.KtJU.M UllLA I I . j'paphriis I!. Chase, Assistmt J,,iCCs. Isaac .. Hay, S James Itoberls, jr., Danville, FhcrifT. Nathaii'i I Perkins, High llaihir. TliTt n Howard, Slate's Attorney. K.iniiii I II. Mattocks, Judge of probate. fi.o. W. Drc.v.Arcliclaus.iias, Saiu'lU. Mallocus, Jail Couii.n-Fio"i'r. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Andiew A. -wcit, Moi'.ti elier, Shcriir. Alph.usRobl.ins, H.glt H11I1IV. Oraiml II., Statu's Attorney. Axel So-ddim. Judge of Probate. Daniel Hal Ix. ul, Harry iiichaidsun, Cytui Ware, Ju.le Couiimssio'icrs. Olti.l ANS rot'N'l Y. Moody H. Ki.nball, HthT. Jones, I.ul.e Spencer Juil Co'il iisv.'onerj The 1 ji lt aeuiblvnilioiirned lo 3 P. M. Widnes- (hy in xl, wh .1 the Hon u rcuund consideration of the (II muinl.uiy ta.e, ".xiicn the mailer xxds made Hie order lor lo-i:ioirow morning. SRYA'.'F. 2 o'cLOCk". P. M. (.-,...-.. 1 1... II... ..1 ,.C ll.n iifc.yiu.iu.l 1 lull, ,uu iiuusr, un n .- Dan rnpl law; tnken up and passed xvitlioul ucuati yens (, nays none, 1'etitiun Of I.l brtis FJierlon. late Puncrintcid cm for building Ihe Slate House ; presented by Mr llloiigetl cud ntcrred to com. on uinms. .'-In addi ion to clian. 101 of It. S. frolatin lo .p by Mr. lll i I :elt, who proposed nnadduioual seciiou, in iiiiiendiuiit, fixing penalty not exceeding Iv.'o hundred di.ll iis, 011 1111 oftieer, for iho ii'.liiini! 01 imuroiur v sncauing lo -1 1'iry, 011 tel- cring another so to speak, ill case of n jury before a jiiiiee) amended uaopteo, and Hie bill passed to u.'coii I readniL. Kemirts of ilia Bank Inspector and Hank Com 1111-si'cMn.r, communicated by the Ooicrm r, tead and rif.-'-c.l. HOIJ-'P.. Hilts introduced. Ily Mr Pick, to pay Silvniim lliol.-v. referred 10 cominitteo of cl.imsi I y Mr Vil-H, lo il.slribi.te the school fund among Ihe everal toxvis, rcferrc t to cuiniiiul. e on (duration; by Mr Jin shall, in a.ldilun 10 scc.'Ji cbji. Ci II. S referred to judiciary c.mimitlrc, Hy Mr Van Sicklm, lo prevent tho importation of paupers into llus slalc, rtferred tu Juibc try ci'inimiice. '(''in. Of Harry Nms,hani and others, for di vision of Wmdoi co uity laid on llio lable. B13NATB. l-V.iDAV, Oct. ill. Prayer by the Chaplain. Hills by Mr, Piofd, in alteration of tho no iclatin; to the grand list ; twice rsad and rtfr red to tho nslcct committco on that subjic'. Ily Mr. A. Alien, oxletiding tlia jiirisilictinn nl jtulicos 111 cctt.iiii cased ; twice read and refer icil to a select r.oinmiltue Messrs. A. Allan, Jlin-jham and Towtifley. Air. llatoii .asked tn ho disdiargoil from the select romtiiit'eo 1111 tho (Jrand L.sf, apMirjrnitijr. as n reason, Ins other official duties, nnd tho fact that ho was last year opposed to the bill. Ditt'liarreil. I'et'tiun T?y Mr. Smalley, of Lucius Sander son ; road and referred to committee on Claim. 11. Rnmlvr Mutual notice, xvcro ex. chained between the Sjenalu and House, that the respnctivo bodies were ready to proceed to the olcclioii of a Sc'ialnr for tlm Stato in the Coiiorcse of the United Slates, for the term of six years from and after the dlh of March Heft. Tho, S2n.1tor.s- then proceeded 'n ballot. Mr. Camp nominated Wm. I'miam. Mr Dillingham nominated Wm. C. INadlbv. Senaiors llripirs and Dirinirliaiii, tellers. Tho ballota worn lor Willnin Uphatn, 10 Wm. C. Bradley, 11 and Wr.t. Uj'HAM was declared elected. On motion of Mr Hrimfs, tho IIiuhc xva in formed by inensajte, of the election of U. S. Sen ator on the part of the Senate. A inessaire xva received from tlin House, that, that body had also elected a U. S. Siin.itur, and were in readiness to unite xxith the Senate, when the Senators trpaired to tha Hall of tho Iloiwa of IJeprrr'-riatives. IIOIJSK. Player by the chaplain. The Spi'ikc r annomicdl the following commiltces: O.i the bi'l to district the Slate Metsrs Canfield, Iloxtr, of Vcrnnii, ''ox, KiiKrll, '.Vardnir, Vilas, Van Sieklcn, ICrith, Wcb'tcr of Cabot, C3oxc, Baker, Cum miligs, Marshall, Mutt. On R'mde hlnnd Afl'uirs Mcar. Harrington, Canfield. 'ohb of .Stratmrd, Cuhnifin, ( hamlicrhm. As to ofT'erie I 'edrrnl (hrenrnenl lio'dini' erflces in this .tale .Messrs Baker, Caipcultr, Diinson of 1 1. inland. 1'ilition reerredOt Abncr Jackman and ethers 1 to I.'ind Tax cotnmillte. R Lol'il rnv, Hy .Mr Cuslimnri, referring tho pan of ihe mess me on ..clionl", &r. lo tho ciimmitlec on i;dtii'auon s pass'd. Ily Mr Ward tier, diieelmg the Auditor of Accounts to supirintend Ihe printing of all the rt p jrts on fin in'vsof the Slate, in one pamphlet ! pasted. Ily Mr Peek on ihe Tcnflj allesring that Ihe new tar fflavori tnanufacturr. nho'e oilier int n sia, and instructing our deIcja:ion in t'ongicta to urge furtlcr duties on xvool; made the oidei lor to-niorow morning. Ilv Mr Morrill, i".tructuig c.unnittle on Acrieuitiiro to impure into the cpeil.eucv of living a sin ill bomry nn win at i parsed. Ily Mr .Mcl.ond, for c.xcmpiion of cmdrx horscnfroin all but highway la.xe-; nf rr,d lo Military committee. Rill" inlrodnenl. Hepo'rted bv Ihe auditor on tate finanre-', laid on the lalile an.! ;i00 copic onlered lo be printed. Ily Mr Whipple, rclalmg In grand, rcl, rrr 1 to select cnnmiiit. ofTix?. Ily .Mr liohbiiis, inailihiion to lit" psiing pet, icferrcd lo committe lo m il.eiip ihe grand list. Hv Mi'Davi-.ol N., to pay D.'inforlli ii I.cwk certain nutcs gucii by Mil Inn ll.ovn as "iiperinteoih nt of Slate I'riion, nfcr red lo cjinmiUeeof Waviand .Means. Ilv -Mi Pond, relative tiitakmgacknonleilgnirul nf deeds s itfcitid In Judiciary cuium.tlcc. 1'y Mr Parbi r, in addilion to ai t to repeal part nf climter PO, 11. S., nfirrcd 10 J11 l.e ary e nmnitti,c. Hy Mr Cotion, relating lo e.t euip"in of persotf scrupulous of hearing ami", re ferr".l to cntiiiniitK on Military .iflhirs. Hy Mr ICel- l"eg, in aliliiinn 10 chapter 13 11. S., icferred to judi ciary commi'lee. Hy Mr Culay, in addilion to dialer 0 II S, annex. in:r !-in of Norton to Orleans county, refernd lo seleet cimn-itte of live. The n ivrrnor cummtir.icatcd ihe report of the Quaiter MutT fie't1 ral, abo.a wtitien nie-faee. Hi.r.trno.N or u. s. sr.N.vroii. Tli hour of ten having nrmed. a nic-are wai ncnt to lh" Suiale announcing the.t the houic as rculv on II part, In roe, crl to an election nf Senator for .St xi hi- fioin and afler the fourth nf March next. A s.mihr nns-iea x ho received from ihe Sen-lie, when ihe Iliian' imictcdid lo the ballot. .li Van Siel.leu iininiinied linn. Wm. L'ldiam, and Mr Vila lion. Win. C. Bradley. Meis. Nnniaii.l Baker acted as tellers. Thu ballot na si lollo. i Wm. TTpham 122 Win. ('. Bradley 100 Jae,,1, CoPamer, 3 Horace llierelt 1 Andrew Tracy 1 Thus Iluichinson 1 Mcfa.".T being excliani'id, announcin. en elec tion on the p tit of both 1 1 mi. 1. ihe .Si 11 1 tc c.imo 111, and 011 coinp.trtnir 1 ie records of hoili hiju,( 1 Hon. WII.I.l .M UPHAM wit (Icclarcl 1 h cted Senator for llio urin of 0 )ears iroiu lh' fom th of March ir.-;t. The fienaie reiircd. Mr Wnodhriilgo eallrd up ibe resolution in faxorcf rclucing lliepi" ol memoes ol 1 ougresi, xxnui 11 win amend. J hy ndd.uga icq tesl lint ihe Covemor I'lirnith copies 10 our (Megati 111. Mr Vilas movi d to 'iinend by reiliiciiur i'i" iav fur every "0 cnlci tr.iv 1 1 Irmn fiii lo S3 ; ndipted, and tin fesnl'ition x;i. hn tlx sust-iuieil bv Mr. WooJ'jriJgeand passed, CO I 10 io.' Mr Henry callin'.'rp the petition nf Harry Bing ham and others, in-ive.1 it leleren.'e to the iuec.i'.e,s l'r. ,tti Windsor cutiiiH : Mew Dtni-on of II. nid Canlb'ld u.pos-(l its reference, win 11 .Mr W.inlner ri.oxel lo lav the piiitam on '.he lable, logixr lime for. cmi. illat'iin a .long Ihe part., s iiileli t d: -lip-11 iTU'd hv T "! Tr-iev nnd Wiii.lo.v, oinio. d bv Mis-r-, II 1 )(:.. Puttibone, Hakcr and lliee oi i. aii.l e iri in!, iCtloS',. T.iee'iion.trauf e of Win. P. Baseoirib and others vis rtrrred to coiiimiit.e on road1. The'rti'.c.ii 11 by vriiti-tl message, calbd llio at- tr nn.. 11 of ihe Home In a portion id' 111" (. M. llene r d'- It pjrl an I llu rep 11 1 xvas referud to the com mittee 011 Military al!au. SCNATI.. 5 oclock, p.m. Rills, Altering section I'i, chap c d of Itevi-ed' iiles, tittrodiiced by .Mr S ixx Ii -, of ihe com. on Agri culture, without amcndin.nt. I) baud bv Ml 1.. Alltn 111 favor, opposed bv Mi 'rs M tinell and Pield, and on milium of Air 1 ' imp, 1 11 1 t.pon the t tide. In i.ldit.iHi to ch i;i. C) i.l II S, icp.irlcd, with pi opined an ell hncul. relating to Ibe ol pntatots and apple'! 1 u'uen.l'iient adopted, an I liie li.ll inder cd to he cii.irii.-ed and rca la tiiirdiiiiie. In addition tochapitr 21 of H. S., teporlid bv Mr. Briggs, of the C'litimiitee on Hie .ludicrirv a dverse loin tassa-!e; hill n ici li d. To reiiil g'M chanter a- of It. S.; rip.iriel and lud I'pou lh- lahle. In ad ution to 1 hapler '.'? and 101 of It S; comm'llo reportul llial the s'linn o.ijiht not to pa-ij laid on llio lahle on motion of Mi Plumb. In addition to the act for I lie relief of Ihe ui-ano r"or, repotted Willi proposal of amendment, and hid 011 the i.i.deon motion ot air Cult", idler reinaiki liy.-Xlessrs Hillingliam, 1'ieiicli, anu ( mi". Ri voi Is. Of the committee oa the Judiciary, ad Xfre to the p-tiiion of Daniel Prflon and .lo-eih xx li.ppic, 111..1 iik petitioner 11011 iraxo to xvitimraw llicr IKtiti in. In laxurnl the n 'tition o , "rati xx il- lough'.iy, and also uf llio petition ofl.aura Hlixabeih Moore 'and others, and the petitioners had leave lo bring in bills. Resolution, I' rom the Hoii'e 111 favor of n reduction in the pay and indcatje of membersnf ( 'ongn ss ; af ter remarks li v .Mr IJiiitiiilnui 111 lavor. tne reo- luleiii, un motion of Mr Briggs, xxas laid upon the ildc. The Chair announced ihe appointment nf Mr Huh- be upon ihe "ul.j.'ct of the grand list, 111 place of Mr Luton, cxcu'ci. HOUSU. T'ic Glnslenhimi Case. This nuestion came up when -Mr Hariingtou renewed ihe million 10 recommit, .1 protracted ueiiatc enued, principal- upon tho propriety or iinpropiit ly of ndmiiiing testmiony to conitoveri tlic erriile ale ol ihe magis trate bef ire whom ihe dep.iiti ins nani.t Mr Mat- oil were taKRii : loose sii-diming the iieomuut- mcni cluing it no Hie iT'iiuvl tint tins testimony should be a bnilti d On Ihe inber band it wis coo ten led thai Ihn adinii in id Ihe lesliinony 111 qucs tion would not man ri illy alter iheci'c. The 1110-ti-,,1 In rei'iimnul xvns fUstained bv Hnrrilli- 1011. It.iker. 1'. it.bone. Hue of S. anil Vilas, onnoa. d by Messrs Shafler, C.uifiild, Prentii, Voodbrilgc and IlJicoe, snil rijVcled, aye 01, noes IH. The tiovcrnor coiiiuiuiiieiled reports ol Auditnr in llio Treasury, of same on Sihnol nnd, of l.oiniius sinners ofdexf, dumb, blind, and insane, and Ihe Au dnor's abstract. Hero and Ihero aroom mnccnpied in the oh1 town, but most of tho survivors live in a little valley called the I'as-oiti', rmmiii'; parallel t thu town, in huts hiving ii"illi3r li'inrs tiorxviu d'jws and most of tiioin infonor lo tho worst nut houses on our farnm, Of millbruijr, Imivovcr, o.xropt aiimnrr tlm sick, tharo is little J a.i vcg. olablo food, tho chief ahiiilulo necessary of Ine, is cheap And abundant that i?, it may bo had for the gathering. And of grief I saw none. The people appealed lo boai jjay and cheerful a's if no misfortune hid befallen them. I do not con, dor this inilifTironce as c.lnractoristic of the people. I believe it to ho generally the ease, whore ,1 calamity is universal. Cvory man seen that Ins neighbor in as badly olT as himself. No eye h diruclcd Willi U3ocinl f.ytii pithy tn him; and he soon funis llial wailing is siiperlluoiis and "won't pay.' And, not only this, but, in tho excitinout consequent lo the breakm; up of all conventional arrangements, civil and domestic, all external restraint is re moved, and each 111 111 becomca as had as ho dares. J.iccnliotisncss has greatly increased since the earthquake. Almost every body ap peared tn drink largely of gin, tafn, or other nr. dent spirit,and many a man of 'of ctanding' keeps a concubine, openly, who has not taken the trouble to remote his xvife from the ruins, and give her 11 decent burial. Marriage, however, has timer been a favorite ceremony on the island. Tho Prctidoiit. Iuin"clf, is not married, but lues with thu widow of t'clion, the former President, uhoin, it is caid, he seduced during the lifetime, of the latter. Some two or three hundred coupler) were married diiriiirr the i.anic which Hitccccdod the earthquake ; hut this iu now over. Dal you over reman; that iiitenie fear created intense thirst ! Wilhin a few niiiiuU") after the lint rhuck, nearly all tho r.urvirois were raging for water. and a all the fountains in the jilacc, but one. were hurried, the struggling over I Ins xvas ties cribed to me as iike that nf brutes in similar circumstance. Many rcinai kadla instances are related of Imiacity of hie in the buried-alivn. I was tub! by an IJngiish, mic of tho most rosjicc lablo men in the place a lil'le girl was ta. ken out of 'h. rii.n.-, tilixc, nine days liter the earthquake. She was n-k;d if she ttas hungry or thirsty. She tan! no. If she was in ah;, piin from the, Sit. She sa.d 110 she felt very xxoll. 15 tit sho died the r.c.t diy. A voting man who hid been absent at Port .111 I'nncc, relumed seven dayi after the earlh niak. He inquired after the various ip."m- I era of his f.iiti'l'.'. Nobody had seen thein. He wei.t to work among the rum? of h'.s hon.-o found his mother and sister dead, but tool; Ins father out alixc, and he is living now. It will In iiimv years before Capo Havtieu renins its former mcrraiitpp importance. No niovt'U'.ont has xet lic;ti made toward ill reno vation. There it little money, no credit, and no stiirc-liouses, roii-cqiieiillv onlv a retail trade in the place, at present. XmititclM 17. I'lHDAV MO it NINO, OCTOIH 11 23, 1812. The I.ocos Ind notniinled K'Lllag? in Judge Colla- I mcr's place, nnd llio Wiuis xvric some, hat inclined to support hint, until they found Ihe iray in which I, icofocoisni xx'as foing towoik lol.cp pobicsolf Ihehenoh, (namdy, by cramming a dt.tpcralo politi t ciandowu tluir tlitoiU)aud ihen itoecurrcd lu lliciil lh il modesty would seem lodiclaio that a party which has been cttrnally in the minority, ought not lo claim n majority of the court, and so they elected the Hon. William Hebard of Randolph j n man xxho will do abundant jttslico to the place, and who received the cordial support of all tho Wliigs. This xvas a sore grief to llio Locus, especially thoio who pcrferred Kellogg to a doiien "between'nies" like William, and who only wont into iho cramming process under llio whip nnd pur. Bin there is 110 other way for them than to learn wisdom in future, and remember the homely adage, "what is sass for the gouso is sas3 for tne gander." The general opinion seems to be that Gov. Crafts will be relumed to tho Senate for thu unexpired term, although our ancient friend Bell of Woldcn and Judgo it Into of Windham county, havo entered the lists against him. J.- Mc M. Shatter of Townshcnd (Representative) is tho new Secretary of Slate, and a One fellow bo i, let 1110 tell you. Tho districting matter has not assumed adefinite shape a yet. Tho education l oinmitlco nppoinlcd by the (loxcmor have sent in an able report, nsalso tho Military Com nuttccj which xvill both boiii print shortly. I must stop here, promising lo let you bear from 1110 again in case ine imparlance 01 evems snail seem to war rant it. leanwhilc, I am &c. I.OOKr.R ON. STATE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY, Wo have received from an occusionul correspondent of our paper the following ac count of tho nddress of tho Ilo.v. 11 11. and IIai.i. of I5eniiiiigton, lieforu tliu "Vermont llisloiicul nnil Antiquarian Society," which lielil its annual meeting ut Montpelier, on I'lidoy nfli'nioon and ( nf .i,t week. Wo hope this iiddiess will he published us wo know of no niiin who is nioru f.iiiiili,ir with the eaiiy history uf our Slate or better able to defend it again st the combined as saults of thu ignorant and malicious. Correspondence of (lie .'rcc I'rcss. ' Mo.NTrci.iEn, Vt. Oct.2G, 1312. Ma. P.DiTOn, While al the Metropolis last week, I had the pleasure of attending the annual nicetingof llie"VcnnontIIistoncaland Ant quarian Sooiety,"and listening to the addrcs of Hon. Hiland Hail before thai body. Mc. II.xt1.ha3 long been known to the coun try as one of our ablest and most indefatigable mcni beiaof Congrc-3, and during Ihe la-t session added fresli laurels to 1 1 13 brow by bis eloq 'cut exposition of the frauds nnd corruption growiii' out of llio no torious ' Virginia land claims," and his able reply lo the malicious and cowardly altacl; of Ux-Oovcrnor CiLMiia, on our Siato and its citizens. On this occa sion, he appeared ralher in the character of historian, and acquitted himself in ihat, ns bo has always done in the political field, right honorably. Th.s character, however, is by no means a new ore to Mb. Hall. For many years be has hern ae lively engaged in brin 'ing to light . hatever facts re- It wit convincing. Wo hope to lie utile to ly n f u, i give you an abstract of the speecliesof llieso gentlemen. Men of all similes of opinion respecting tlm best mean, of liencfittiiig dm colored i.ico, listened to lluiiii with profound interest and delight. An outline of these: speeches wo will endeavor to furnish for your noxt paper. The following is au abstract from tho Secretary's ANNUAL JMIPOJIT. Onco mnro wo are permitted to noot, In min gle our congratulations and express) our thanks for the good blessing of God, xvhich has boon upon us and upon the work of our hinds during another year. Tho Vermont Colonization .So ciely holds this evening its twenty-third anni versary. Tho Hcnort of your Director.-', em bracing the principal events of the year, will he, in some respoelp, like the pillar of cloud and of fire that went before tho children of Israel xvhilo they wore attempting to plant a colony in their father land; that pillar being ono side dark, xvhilo tho other hide was all bright and lumin ous. So with u, in the events of tho last year, some havo been sad and others joyous. Tho year- h is quickly passed ; and in its swift and silent course, it has home away some who have long stood by our side, and borne a priuripal part in those labors of philanthropy. Our vetierablo and honoured President appears no more in his place. Having tilled Ins diys Willi usefulness, honor and deod-s of ligh', lie his boon f'alborcd lo Inn fat herd in peace. Hod Ins thus taken a chief pillar in our Society. liosawti.s inclined to loan on this pillar, Ho 'I ilOSO ban thi'rofnro taken it away Ihat we may hence forth lean 011 Hi Almighty arm. Ji'non I'.uxr. was the President 20 years, and una of tho most liberal patrons of ibis soci cly from its organization in 181!) until bis iluath. The enterprise ot Cnjonialion lay near Ins heart. Purely benevolent in its in'cntion and benign in its results, ho cherished this society M'-on: of tin nobiest institutions of tho ae. The veneration we cherub for his memory and our respect for his t.ilonl, experience, t!it" rr ly and iriioihie's forbid nur proceeding in thedu'ios of the evening, without a parsing tribute to Ins gpod name. Would wo place before our aspir ing youth tho model of ngrcat and good public 111 in, wc shall scarcely find among ourselves a heller one than that furnished 111 our late ene- ratne l'rcsuloiit. In the just language ol Ins successor, "with a strong natural understanding, improved by an early cl.T-.ici! education, Judge PAisr. united in hitii'Olt tbc high virtues of ah wore iiiiolbgent and cniirpr, -i.g pcrsm.--, acting Pir " hu un p o.oiucnt uf their own c .n hiion and tho wind of tho r kindred in Afr cu." " O'l tlm 7di of July h-;, tho .Mariposa sai'ed rrom ioriiiik,'V!t.ialargn .umborof euiigranls, j-Jl 111 all. A more nitrrsniiijr or promising body of eimgranls never loft our shures. Most of these wore emancipated by lhDir matorc and instructed with special rereretice to a homo in Alrica. Tho large portion of thoso xvcro ablo to read. Sumo ol thorn were skilf il mschanicB, olhers xvoil acquainted with the culture of tho F-ugar cine and the whole process of sugar mak. ing. in 01 incm trained to habits of industry ami economy, imny of them members of tho christian church and one a preacher of the gos pel. Tho followinif interesting nartieulnrn are. gathered, in an abridged form, from the last ro. port 01 the niroiit society. (ion. .1. .1. llonri'.Ts, tho Lieut. Oovcrnor, im mediately on hearing of tho demise of Hov. Hu- ctiAN.t.v, assumed hy virtue ol hisoflicc, tho ad- ministration of tlm Government. At nur latest dates all things were Mulct and rironiisni". 1 hero was no jar, anddisorderor coinuntion on arroiint of the reins nf government pis-ing into different hinds. On the contrary, there seemed to ho a general disposition t unboM i,u law?, and abide by the proxi-iuiw of the Constitution. Hon. Uonr.nTs is a colonist of more than ordi nary intelligunca and energy of character. Ho stands high among tho citizens of Liberia, and we have great cotilidencc In his capacity to man age the duties of Chief L.xecutivo of the Com. monwoalth. The regular oflic'al reports which wo havo received 111 regard to tho health ol the inhabi tants the past year, have been of a h.ghly en couraging nature. Tho several companies of emigrants sent out, hive pis-ed througii their acclimation with an unusually &m ill amount of sickness, and x ely fuxv (b-ithe. The iiicip.eut slops have been taken, for thu eatabls-linioiit, in tho colony, of .1 tchool, 111 sha'l ho educated from youths of tho colony and na ives 01 the country a regular body ul' plnsicians. Tins ine isuro "will essentially (oirnoiile to tho lieal'b, weliarc and respecta bihty of the coriiinonweal'li. KUaULTS. The American Colonization Society has been in operation a httlo over twenty years. Il has purchased and obtained by honorable and Ra'is lactury iiijirociatiim, a tract of country on tho western coatd of Alrk-n, ns largo as the Slate of Vermont. It has sent out awl soli led rinchulitiff some ic-capf.ircl Aliicms) morn thin (iOOOcol. ELECTION OF SENATOIL Ly refi-iring to the proceedings of the legislature our readers will perccivi: that llio Ilo.v. Wii.i.i.x.m Ufii.xM, of .Montpelier, was, oti Fiiday inoriiinj; of hut week, olec ted a .Senator to represent this .State in tho .Somite of the United Slates for six vears from and afler tlieltli of .March next. The votes stood, in the Ilou-o of llepreseiitntives, for iln. UniAii, lL'-, for William C. ey 101), and six scattering. In the Seiiale tin. vnio xvns for IJeiust 1(1. and for 15r.ul- ey 11. Upliain'-. ninjorllj,' over Hr,ullcv, scntleiing nnil nil Is. llio t) scatloring votes wero all Whigs. Mit. Uimiaji's elec- lion wt; havo no doubt will givo general sat isfaction to the people of tho Slate. 1 1 is competitors wore tho Hon. IIoiiaci'. Evr.- itr.TT, of Windsor, and .Tuiini; Cot.t. mi:ii, of Wond-tork. lJut a plurality of tin Whig ineinhois favoiing the. claims of Mr.. Ur 11 a si, the fiicniL of tin; oilier two 'jentleiiu'i) iii.iL'naniinoiisly yiehkd their individual pief- ei i.'iici.'s anil cm mo 111 on the lirst lialiot loi'l the succe.-sful ciiiulidate. Thus wero tho; hopes of thu Loco I'ocos most sadly dis.ip-' pointeJ. 1 hey hail conluienlly preuicleil such a division aniong our fiieiids as would prevent a majority from agreeing upon eith er of tho three candiJ.ite-.. Hut thanks to the integrity and natriotixtu of the Whig iiR'inbeis, our gallant little State slill hu mmus an uiulivideil and fall delegation of staunch and true Wliigs. Tlic election of Senator to fill tho vacan cy occasioned hy the resignation of Judge I'rentiss tool; place yesterday morning, and resulted in the choice of Cx-Uoveinnr, Sasiukl (J. CnxrT.s. Tlie votestood us fol lows ; in the Senate, Ckapts, 1G, Win. C. Ih.idloy 1-L In tho House, Crafts 11"; llradley 9J, KellS, lltitehinsoii 1, 1. Majority for Crafis over all 10. of life. Ho had a full and just sense of moral obligation and ho seemed at all times to act un der Us controling influence. He pcrformad all h.s duties if." 7, with au n"itiuous diligence, with strict punctuality, and with uncompromising li de'ity." In short, he combined in his charac ter all the attributes nf a good and great public man. 1'ut he has gone. Having limslicd his work, he Ins doubtless received the plaudit, .Servant of Ood, well done, Hen from thy loved employ, The battle fom nt, ihe victory xvon, Kntcr thy M'e-ler's joy. May his mantle lull upon his successor, and up on us all. Wn urn ril-jn rrillod nn.m tn rrr.fird llip rnm-iv. lain to the early history ot crmoni, and .3 the repu-, n) llV , ,l0 cx(.PlUMt aml ort;,v (;-,,,,,. I'd Titlior of many xalnihli tssiys on that rubject ,. f (,llr ,,ben,in Colonie--, Thomas lit chan which have appeared in one or ihe licnnlnilon papers . AN, ''he sad tidings of his deatli reached us (hill" the past year. Too prodirlions of which 1 1 hut a few days after our last anniversai v. Ho solute integrity and unwavering firmness of , onistn. It has lour colon, e and ton settlements, purpose. lie was oxenipi.iry in every relation . wnn a present p'ipii,..iioii of Iroui .iDUO to am sneaking, evinced a knowledge and research res pecting facts of the olden time, winch must have been the woii; of jcats. Mu. Hall commenced hi ad lies, by some allu sions to dies. who have aided in ( Incident's the his toi y of tho ! ite, and among others, paid a ami des'Tvcd compliment lo the labors of oar fellow- toxvnsinaii, !nv. .apoci: Tiiojirso::. The piincipal ihud nt tho ag'ncy hnuse, at I'l-.m dive, .S'ept, Id, 1? II, with calmness and peace ot soul and 111 the tiiuniplis ol that faith which ho had long pro'escd. His iews of tlie grand enterprise o! Colonization, in to its benevolence, its entire practicability, and Us important and necessary re.iil'-', remained unaltered to the very last, While on Ins lirst voyage to the Colony 111 Is)."), pin oflhe di-course was directed to an cx-ainination 1 ,,L' "nilu 1,1 -nvate journal Iho fn cf tho irruiind of ihecontut between the early set tiers of our stale, nnd Xow Voa-. Tiio principles nininlaiucd by iho Green Motituaiii Buys, nod iho I',1, .t Xow VmJ; ucra ihorooshly i-anvas-cd, and tho lucid au I 1 Urpicut lnnnuer 111 which he di'iuiinslialed the justice of lh? pouioua ma.iitiuiicd by VnaMONT through iho whole of this lone; and wea risome s' niggle, could trot t.ii t find ajrritciiil response 111 the hearts of all her ion". The all icks inado by I'm h'To.Ni: in his life of I'ka.nT, on die character of .Illcn and bis associates, were ably met and iiiiiiu plniH'y refuted. Intlio minds of all candid and well informed readers, Col. Stoxe's characicr as a histo rian must be forever Maine I by the unfairness xviih which he has treated the (,",ily hi.tory of nur st.ile. We would not charge Inei with intentional mir pre sent iImii, l.ut Ma. Hall's addrcs eerl nnly showed up many sad xiolat, ms 01' historical truth, where charily to the wonliy Colonel must plead ignorance 0.1 ins part as lus lu&l npoloay. Sullice it to say, lh it the orator's defence of iho course pursued hy Vermont nnd her cil.zens in her contest with her .-is. ler states was triumphant and complete. The slan ders vviueti have been heaped upon her by Inr cne iiuea wuie ihoroaidily refuted, and tho patiiolisui and viilue Willi which she bore herelf lhrouj'i ciicum siaiices tho most Hying, wero exhibited 111 their prop er colors. It would hciloing injustice to the orator for me to atlempi anything like a detailed sketch of Ins address, I10111 l.uinoiy. Il will doubtless coon be published and 1 presume yo 1 will then avail yourself of the rip porlunily 10 g ihe it a moro cxlendul and pciftct no nce, xxiih such extracts as will raise to new esteem in tlie c.iinil-i of the inhabitants of Wrmont, 0110 who already ranks among tho most houoivd cl" her cm- zens. KTIIAX. (1000 inhabitant. T'10 slave-trade has been broken up for '.100 miles along the coast in the vicinity ol these cettiuiiicnt. Many thousands of tho surrounding natus tribe--, "have been brought into friendly allianci Willi liie-r colo llio?, submit lhcnielvcs)tn llieir laws and enjoy the benslits of their s.-honls and cinirches. Schools have been established al ill llio settle ments and the facil.'.cs of education are open to all. Twelve or fourteen ciuiriiies haxo been founded, and lew places in (Ilinstondinii are bet ter supplied with ihe gospel or show more of its restraining' influence on their his. A new channel of .'fri.i.ierce h is been open ed and tho ox'i ml rom .M e.r .via aununt year ly to, Irmn Sri),i!)tl lo IljO.UdU, in (.ain-wood. 1 ivory, p-iim ml, hide. &: j The 1111. ma is well orj-m'Z' d nnd Ins shown it'olf adequate 1 1 the d-Viueof the culonies against mi hostile n.itive li'm. s. I Two noxvsjiapers n.-e pub .-lied, whrso col- tl in 11s, in their various notices and a.l.t-r'iso-1 moms exhibit nil the marks ul a pru-parous ami j thriving state. At li 11.1 Cove and Monrovia are I'ub'ic Li. ! hr.iries, one of which contains trom l'JUO to 1300 xo1 nines. 1 The giiverunicnt nf L.bcna is cPt.'i.i"y ro ' puhliivan. The Hovoriior is ap;io:n'f.' I by the , Society. His powers aie defined bv ilia r jiisti- union nnd law. The Lent. Ciuveno Secrc ! lory, ftejriter, 'f'l'iiasuiyr, flainrc, V'tiii - cillors, fc' K.'r.ff'', C'oo.stab'i -i, iSLc. are 1 ie Pi hj tho 1.011UIJ. I hu ileeii(ii.s nru lie d n inua" t"rntmg record ot h.s convictions and hopes, on en'er ng Iho wi-rl: in winch ho laid down li life. "Tho (7od who tempore, tho wind to tho "horn 1 11110, cm a!-n temper Un rax-H of a tropi cal sun to a nurihei'ii C(iii-titii'ion. Hut tlmii h nn !... ...r. ...ill 1 ,r..U ... in... i is II-s'to wiitctt 1 00, and is wo'r.uir or all ' es0l' anl1 Rro conducted u.iu g.eut i,ri,ii 1.;.' ami ii.jviu uill. Tilt Judiciary coii-i-ih of the Coven;, r and a competent number nl justices: nl H The courts honl thoir mo'itinv se Cait. Havtif.s. Wo have just received a letter from a valued friend in Philadelphia, who Ins recently arrived from Capo llaylicn. Al though it was not intsuded for publication, wc can see 110 impropriety in placing soma oxlrarts from it before our readers, and, as wo think that they may bo rather interesting, wo take tho lib erty of doing to : ' A few days afler you pai ted from tne, I sailed for Cape llaytion, St. Domingo, as supercargo of the brig- . I was thero l." days and had much trouble and difficulty with the cargo. I found my consignee sick, and ho afterwards died. 1 gave tho consigniiient to another man, who toon fell sick also. A third man took clnrne. and died in six days af:er. and I ljft tin loiirlh ono rii k. All th clerks, and all liandi 011 board wcie sick, except tho captain and my self; and ono of our mon died. In s-hort, almost over) body 111 tho placo xvas etrk while 1 was there, or had boon provious'y. Tho disease Was bullous iulennitUMit fever, with fotno caos of black vomit, and was taid to bo occasioned bv animal and vegetable decay going on beneath the ruins. Tho newspaper accounts of tho earthquako wero nut Mile, i any, exaggerated, mere Coi'.iiiiinilcalloii. Mosiruicn, Oct. 53, 131?. Mn. r.niTOr.. I suppose a in.uute account of the doings of the ''consriuated Wisdom" would not be very accept Jldo to you or your readers, and so I shall not spin a very Ion"; yarn. Will, lo befjin with, you know lliat diVers things xvcre lo be done al llus ses sion v bich do not fill 10 the share of every I.e.; sla- tine. There was, first and foremost a Senator lo make for sii years, nnd a choice to make In Iwecn three good Whys, all well worthy of Iho place That matter is happily di-posu! uf, 111 iho election of Mr Upliain al the liisl ballot. I!y the way, lu gave n'j'iin last iniht, wildcat were lo bo teen puliy much all creation, with a "smart spun' liu" of vary pretty women, of which MoiiipcliL-r and its vicinity can boast not a few. There were grey x derails, and d ipper youngsters, simpering misses, staid dames, and clouds of white saliu, white muslin, and black utvtt, hair and eyes and all crowdul to llio vcigc ofsullViiioii, ,et most persevcrinsly striving lo be very agreeable. The new Senator and Ills colleague lojethtr xvdb I lis I.vcillcnry and the rest of the .State dignitaries, "without distinction of parly," seemed to be running llio race of enjoyment xxith unallectcd fjood will. It xxas altogcilur as pleasant as a real liana Jidc "Jam" ever can bo. 1'iof. tirimos was lluio and I was debgliled to meet the noble and gal lant Jlijor Tocbinan, whose leciurcs on his native land, excited so detp an interest in your placo last summer. He islo lecture here in a few days. It is further necessary for this I.egMrture to dis trict the 2-tale. elect a Senator for this winter and make the usual elections, all which taken logother, 10 to furm imito a budget i and llie consequence is, llio "third house" has been belter attended than usual. The I.ocos played a characteristic game 111 the lec lion of Judges. The Whigs thought Mr Williams bad turned pjhtician, and bcs.dei, Iiiixiiik been j'udue fifteen years, had no nvimluhmni; claims to the privilege uf riding the Chief Justiceship, unlit he inan- ai'.'.l lo difeat tin parly who had always elected linn, and so ihey nominated Judgo ltoyiefor Chief Jus lie 1 but Ilia I okies, I noxving a few Whigs xvcro per sonally friendly lo Williams, v I11I0 sonic doubted tbc pi., cy of rtniDVing him, nominated h.ui against Itoyce, and ufier .1 most saintly speech from your man Smalley, deprecating ibu introduction of politi cal coiuidcml ins 11110 tho clciiou of Jm es, and I abusing ltoycu"bkoa pic'" for xai.ous sins, Accident to General Jackson. Tito Nashville Whig of Saluiduv, October 13, s'ivo: "Wo iniilerstiind that (ionernl Jack son received a painful injury in the forehead, on Thursday last, hy tin; upietting of M ij or Uonelson s caiirige, neai tlm llerniilage, 111 which ho was riding out to visit .1 sick neigh bor. TI10 accident was caused hy llio res tiveness of tho horses which tlio diiver xvas iinahlo lo control. Wo hope tho injury will not prove a serious one." N. V. Com: and linq. s.n ul. Il r. Having Visited the village nf New Henrgin, o':o of tho ten selt'emenls in our colony, during ihat voyase, after desi ribing tho be.iuiy of iho I'niiii'iy, Ihe richness (if tho soil, tho luxuri ance il its i'ruiis and tiip eonion'inont andthrilt of its inlnh'tii'it-' he siid. '' the C.d. n.a tion tSuciety ncciiuip!iiicd no lung umr", than ha lieeti done hi tho re-cic from iduery aid s lvage hab.ts of these 1100 happy pri pie, I should kowell Ki!isfiil." fiin li were the viexvs of tins intelligent and noblo-hearlcd philaiithroptt xvuoii fie entered on Ins woi ri lus ndministration, he has roi'er.i'fi incre.isin this good work, and ps ho went down lo tho grave by lingering disease, forgetful ot himself, he spout the last remain of Ins strenglh in at. tempting to disabuse the people of this land and engage them lo bring to this eher.shei caue thu aid it deserved. As wo meet In night, there comes one voice from the heights of Williams town and aii ither from that fresli gravo be ueaththe palm-tree's shade at a-sa, calling us to awake and increase our cllnrls a hundred Odd. And yet another voice breaks upon the stillne-s of this sanctuary. It comes from thou, sands in the south and west, who for their pi tient servitude, been offered their free dom, or who have bought it with tho price if their extra toil, saying "lhi3 is not our rest. We would depart hence. Help us, or we and our w.xes and our little ones, iniut sink again into hopele.sp bondage." Wh le (imi his atlheted u-', for nur profit in these di.pensi'ions ot hi Providence, He has unt left 11 without witness of Hi goodness and nf His special 11ppr.d1.1rwu of our cause. Tho short, all the righ's of hie, liberty a d ix aio secure under the laws and the , are s.i'.i-lied will) their .aduriiistr.ilniii. Ins been ice uiip., I by the Anionc nitlou So let v under tlie ble.-s. inr ol 1 li'U. . ... In I 0 or I' 1 in. '1 A tins i' ('1 .0. u 1, m Id'.o umr. than t:u ai.d at an expense ot onl,' f$H,000! Who d )os not lm It Lack upon the Tor he I'rco l'rcss. GREAT COLON'!. VTION M Eli TIN (1 On Thursday ovoning, the -Oth inst., was held at Moiiipelier, the AJJ atiniversiry o tliu Vermont Colonization Societv : Mr. I'iu- nev, formerly Governor of tho colony ;u Liberia and the Hov. U. IL Giuloy, many veins Focrclnry of the National Society, wero present. At Ci o'clock llio Hon. Israel I'. Dana, tho oldest Vice President tool; tho chair. Tlio meeting was opened with prayer hy tlio Kev. Dr. Merrill of Middlehury and willi appro priate and well performed music from tlio It issa and Capo l'ahnas, is deemed by tho pa choir and organ. I ho first item ol hiibiucss was llio following resolution introduced by enterprise ot Coinii i il.yu has made progress during the past year. Tho Report then goes on to show what lias been done during the year, in collecting (iinds, circulating intelligence: then, after al luding lo difficulties arising nut of the divi ded state of the public mind, it proceeds The 11100111.' of tho parent foe cty during tho year, is 8"l,!ll'-2 ; a sum by no means ade ipn'o to ns iiece.-Fitic. Wo need not the society has Riillcred, evceedingly Willi other b 'iioiolent objects, from tho unov.iinpled scare it y id money and toe low prices of agricultural product, lis plans and Us results of course inxo been measured and must bo estimated by its means. T110 i bjecls tn xx Inch its a'toiilinu has been chiefly directed, aro tlio sending out of emigrants, the purchase of territory, the en couragement of agriculture, and the adoption of measures for tecuring governmental protection. Tho Ilnlish tiovernment and nation aro po cuharly alivo to tlie importance of Africa as a mart for trade. It is tho policy of tint nation to onicr that continent at every accessible point. The possession and entire control of that section of the African coast, wing botwenn tho Hon. Judgo White, of I'ulnoy Itestih eil, That tlio Vermont Colonization So. cioty most deeply feel, and lament, the great tie. privation they havo sustained in tho decease of thoir lato venerable and highly esteemed l'res idem, tho Hon. Judge l'.iiue, A great and good man has fallen ! His many distinguishing ir. lues, his untiring zeal and great liberality in promoting the benevolent cause of colonization, will endear his memory to every christian, pa triot and philanthropist, in all after tune, This resolution was accompanied hy a rent society so important to tho permanent sc. ciyity and prosperity of our colonies, that pecul iar ell'ort has been mado for purchasing this country. On this account, tho only expeditions which the means of the society have permitted, havo been gotten up with special reference to those who must Inxo been sold into perpetual boudago unless taken to tho colony. Only two or three expeditions havo been fit ted out smro our last annual meeting. One ship tailed from Norfolk on tho I61I1 ol last Oct. fsnine lifly emancipated slaves from Homings. Inirghy, K., nnd Richmond, Va., bad applied for a passage. Hut great delay was occasioned by want it funds. In rumequeuco ot this tb ay 1 1. e. because ll.o real irieuds ol the colored raeo j.n and rhn u'di all I progress 01 inese colonies we 11 .1 .1111.0. llieiii w.lh I ""'m "ml ' nu"'" "as ueo "oil" ! 'd lorw.irct 10 ineir iiuure uesiiny, wait intense interest anu hope ! CONCLUSION. We havo now presented a rapid d eta'! of the condition i.l' this society, of the operations of tho l'arout Hoard, and of the present state of things 111 our co.nuy. 1'roin tho view before us, you will ee that our entcrpiie is one of great moral grandeur. Two races ol men and two quarters ol ihe giobo aro interested 111 its result-. The slave. trade is to be abolished, that accursed tr.ilic, which oven now annually r dis Africa of hall a inimon of her children. This evil is v if t and appalling enough to "hang all the churches and c ..ihe all the c.ergy of 1 hi'isteudoni in innurnii g, and oc cupy, as an object cf chief concern, .1 ihe gov eriuneuls ol tlic ( iviliod world until it iio sup. ptossed." The intellectual ind moral renova tion 11! Africa is to boeilec'ed and her hundred million be brought under the ti I' lein e of , Christianity and iivihzation. Ther.ipai ' nf the en orcd race for iinpioveiii'Mit and se... o'crn- menl is lo bo deinonstia'ed, (il it I, is not been,) so as to remove trom slaveholders their most plausible oljeetlon to euii.u ipatinu and Icaic (heir consciences uiish c.ded Jiul tree to be act. ed 011 by truth. Tho general ou.iiion nl tho civ. ' ihz.'d world, of governments, societies and mis sionary boaiiN is fast settling down upon the conclusion, that these miraily grand and far reaching results, ran be g.ancd only by planting civilized ami chr.xtiau coUmies 011 that coul.nent. Lxen Sir Thomas I'owell Uuxlon and tho Ilr.tish African Coloiuzitinn Society, now plead strenuously that this is tho most effectual way of blessing Africa. Shall wo then desist from this work ? We are told Ih it nur enterprise costs gre it sacrifi ces and must oncouiiier eminent d IhYulties. lie it so. These are the price of ail rca! good attained here. When wag ever a continent en. lightened and an empire founded, by celoniiiiig, xwthout great (btficultics ! Truly benex deut, intelligent and coble spirits are not daunted by obstacles. Tho fauit-hearted and selfish who arc, should re id tho ui.c'. mging lessons of his tory both civil and s.iciod, Threo thouiaud )ears ago, a great nation were enslaved in Africa. In that nation were folded up tho instrumentalities destined to en lighten and save, not .1 continent merely, but the world. Atlougth Hod broke the yoke of tho oppressor and called His people to go and plant a co onv in t no and o t icir iann -'" "itnv is literally not a whole tenantablo housoleft in the iMr Williams was duly elected L'hicr Justicoby Loco placo; and of tho Dor l'.J,000 iuhabitantp, not focoiam aided by rx few Whigs. This they thought Iet?d that) three sum tin arc ucnoalh tua ruins. glory enough for one day but 1110 emi wuanot yet On this account, the only expeditions , to the lieavonly mandate, they arose a'ul tic part . , . . ' ..ii.., , ' io iiinj lm inadn nnd ilif cu, iiiiuiuiisn sucruii us Ili'ullios encountered. -'?ai !l,u deserts burn 111" sands and pestilence lay between them and their appointed homo. Hut they arose with Ihoir wives and their little ones and their cat tle and committed themselves totheirpei lous way. At Ln'gtl'i murmuring aiiil.rcboihon bmko oiit. A pari ol Iho people changed their minds, mid concluded that Ibis e' pi' 011 from tho land of their birth was all wrung and Waked.- They n.nsisled in gi leg bai k. Tie v 'i- c up all ijilli 111 the scbciup id' Cidtm.i 11 ' oitgn tied had directed it. The decried thecouinry lor they had started, it was an un. wholesome luiid, wlwse inl-.abitanls i,cre gnims. This factious pirty set Un .melvesto pcmiado asmanvas o--.b o to g ) back to U; t. l'.nd; I'lius Iho ciin of blessing was dashed from I ing lh d they lould ax a,l ne lung. ' " y ''''e'" a lied III.' it' 1 xviui n.u v , , and cruel manner. I" is if i..,iv, c 1.1 1 ' - Je- inecting was addressed, for moro than two en'anglcd m to -ro si 's, wci s vt , 4 , 1 V . . t a' d'e ' W ' ' ' "'""1"n 11 no" I (ic.iuiiiired Hu few very uppropriato remarlxs hv Judgo ' d.d not furnili the requisite means, just befoio . . . ... tl.n, (vi n, t-ns.l, nnc. fill! limrfl At XX'l.i,. ii'mc Hint, 1 iiiiukI ,. nili.iii.iil "w -.'-....i. ... , ....." . ,, lltl. l... 1. .. tu ,,... iiuiillliiiuillll muuihuu 1 1 I .1 , .. I , l'1"' coiiies.i'd tlio wil lis. of iho former masters hy the society. of thete inloi.dod emigrant, and Ihey were en- Tlio following abstract of the annual Re- ' jonicd by tho court lu remain ami a ndo t in is t . . Mil... . ,1 . .... .ri.L.e.e.ii.f tflu .tit..l f-.s port of llio -Directors was presented hy tlio ( 10 , p3 of W0 lwor ,lcopl in a ms, U)1PY. a Ilex. .1. K. Conversn ; Afler which, tlm neel..,l nml rrnel manner. IT 1 if i. ilv. (1 l'r 11 r.'"i i' 11 1 ' " hours, hv Messrs. Gurlov nnil Pinnov in a . ...1. ,. i. .. ,1.,,. r..r.., ise.t. . .1 tm v couul to d tatt'ai . j II II 11 I 11 1 s lu tut. , V hi. 1, lu ill i f.w, . 1.. . , . .iVlOOlll e t ' tin I of eloijucnco and truth as delightful us xvas oahcd to 6ad with a. cargoof goods and on- j ol ms proxi ,

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