Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 18, 1842 Page 1
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. -ZZZ- " ""' "' " " ' ' '" "" . - i i -,.,- tt NOT TBI QLOXY OP C JB S A M BUT T L F A R 1 OF BOMB. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18,1842. VOL. XVI. No. 25. fJOfWl English Quills, small size and mipcri JXfJJ or quality suitable for Ladies School. Just received by C. GOODRICH. J3cpt. 7. ' English and American Prints, 20 Cases just received and for sale by Oct. Slh. 1848. VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. Great Bargains. 10P Wainright's best improved premium cook .store t 1 fancy parlour stove ; 1 box stove i 1 two horse wagon. Theabove are all in good condition for immediate use, although second handand will bo sold at n low rate. Wm. HURLBUT. Oct. 7, 1942. At the New Cash Store, KNIVES AND PORKS j pocket and pen-knives: sissors and she raj silver, steel and bross thim bles; raxors and Chapman's patent straps) tobaco nd'snutV boxes ( shaving and fancy perfumed soapi best needles arid pinsi fancy and glass beads) hair; dust, cloth and tooth brushes) German Silver, Brit ania and Iron table and lea spoons ; jews harps i TEA TRAYS BY THE SETT OR SINGLE, New beginners in houso keeping, will find it for their interest tocxaminethis assortment, which has been recently purchased at very reduced prices and will he sold at unusual low prices. Oct. 6, 1842. Wm. HURLBUT. India lliihhcrs. LADIES Patent India Rubbers. " Common plain and Fancy do. " Gentlemen's plain and Fancydo. Sept. 23. Wm. HURLBUT. Umbrellas. T7INE Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, jl " imitation no, Com mon Cambric Sept 23. do. just received by Wm. HURLBUT. Furs. 0. 1 Otter Caps, Lynx, Mutts, Boa. Buffalo Robes. Fur Collars. Fur Trimmings. Nutria and aiusKrat uan,&c uc.,ail tery cneap, ny Oct. 19, 1842. H. W. CATLIN. N GEORGE H. PECK, Attorney and Counsellor at Iav, ' tWO D0018 EAST OP THE POST OFFICE, CP STAIRS. Refer to Messrs. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ROBERTSON, Barrister and Attorney at Law, (Lalt in the office of the Hon. Solicitor Gen' I Day) I LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nor. 1841. Reference in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, Esquire. 24 PECK & SPEAR, wholesale, dealers in English, French,' India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGISTS GLASS WARE. Burlington, Vt. 1842. Northern Transportation Line. VV halonshunrh Cement. THE above article lias been thoroughly tested and found superior to any other now in ue. t i' or sale by j, o& j. i. i-tn. u& vvu ISAAC V. BAKER ILL continue the FORWARDING BUSINESS Lake Champlaln, Northern Canal, and Hudson inver. Deeming it imnortant to retain the Old Customers of the Line, and add'new onc. he will use his bc-t endeavors to ratify all, and pledges himself to in crease his exertions to promote the interests ol his employers by doing all business entrusted to his care wuu uispaicn anu saieiy. l or rrcignt appiyto C. B. Janes, 27 CocntiesSlip, PorE Catlin, 33 Cocnlic Slip, New York. C. II. IIarnct, 101, Pier, Albany. P. Comtock, 1 J. II. Hooker, i Troy. L. A. CAnLETON, J I. V. Baker, Ooinstock's Landing and Whitehall. FoLLETT & ftRADLET, Blirll'llgtOn. A. I). Lado, Pittsburgh. Allen Com-tock, Von Kent. J. C. Pierce & Son, St. John. ICP'Trov office 155 Ruer-street, up stairs. Whitehall, April 1812. HEAVY plain beaver cloths) heavy waved do. black nnd hlnn hroad'do t invisiblcnrccn ohvedo: black and bluo black Casimercs ) satin, velvet, and worsted vestings super satin stocks i merino, buck nnd other gloves, can bo found at tho Cash Store of Oct. Olh, 1842. win, nuitbiiui, Wrapping Taper. 5QQREAMSa9sor,cd sizes, Sept. 7. Jcv Cash Store, THE subscriber has just received from New York, a stinnlv of FALL and WINTER GOODS. comprising alpinest of every quality ) alpacca and al- naccn I nsirn I monno a vuneiv ui cuiursi u uui uuu printed mouslin do laincsj French, English, and American prints) black nnd bluo black silks; light colored uo.i urcss nanuKcrcnicis anu cravats; uuu net and neck ribbons ) long whito kid gloves j hosie ry of all kinds) thread, laces and heeding! muslin cdmnss and insertions: colored silk frimres for dies- ses i kahvlc. merino, nlaid.nnd other shawls: French work coflais, &c, &c. to which the attention of the public is respectfully invited. Wm. HURLBuT. Oct. 6th, 1842. EXCHANGEHOTEL, Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Burlington, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS ctablihmont, so favorably located for the nci-ominodation of the bnsnes and travelling community, i now open to the public. Pot Coaches upon the various routes call at the Exchange Hotel for passengers, and those nrriving or departing by atoain oai, in wnis-n ..-.; men ua... it- ,,vs. without charge, will tlnJ this house peculiarly to their convenience. The keeper tenders his service, wilh the asuranoe, that in all respects the hou shall deserve tho favor able consideration nf all wlio may patronise It. Burllnion, April 1, 1812. Stocks, Scarfs, and Collars. OTOCKS. Scarf. Collar. Suneiider. Bosoms O Pantaloon Straps, at'lower prices than ever, and more beautiful pattern". We have from 100 to 150 fine Stocks ot ail describnbie patterns. Pangborn St, Brinsmaid, Fresh Teas. SUPERIOR TEAS of all kinds, fresh from market. ALSO. Java and Common Collee) Loaf, Lump, and Brown Sugar j Ginger, Salcratus, Cnsia, Cloves Pepper and Spice, Sperm Candles, Indigo, Soap, &c, for sale, rery low, by H. W. CATLIN Oct. 19, 1812. , MAGNETIC ODONTICA. THE TEETH I THE TEETH ! ! The Incomparable Tooth Prejiaration. THE fact is proved, and the mo-t incredulous and doubting are lully conviuceJ of its great utility, as we have the evidence from the sale of about 23 OOO boxesof tlie Odoutica, within the pat year. It is ascertained from experience, that when u-ed, the teeth will never decay, but remain till lliclaic-t age olni.n, with iheir nainral wear; and more miliou saads of cases, nvrvoui toothache, (ihat climax of pain) has at once been clecinally cured by this tuot popular dentriuce in America. And in .-unciu.ion, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual value a Ijcaulifut set of teeth, sound mim s.nd a sweet breath more than fiflv cents that will be lonuerde-tituteofa box of Or M.'Hitch. ock's Magnetic UJontica. TO MERCHANTS Who wish to purchase Crockery, Importer and Packer of Crockery, China $ Glass Ware, WOULD give notice that he is prepared to Pack any amount of Ware according to order, at New York and Boston prices, saving freight and breakage to all who purchase of him. He has a good assortment, and respectfully solicits Merchants to call and examine his stock before buying in mantel. Store, corner of Church and College Streets. Burlington, 20th Oct. 1840. DAY & MARTIN'S BLACKING, the real stuff imported from London, for sale by I I'ANCDOKS U UBIKSMA'D D everv mil- HAIR! HAIR!! BALDNESS. Important Discovery the Great Mystery jouna out at fast. STERUY'S HAIR REGENERATOR. Dr. I Rimv. after much attention to the imporianl subject of preserving the hair, has after many experi ments chemical andphysical, been able to discover an article which is now otterea wun tue greatest conn dence for the toilette, as the best thiugeer discover. H for its nfteninir and Denetratinc oualitv. to pro duce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling off when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turn inir irmv. It is more nourisliinz than Domatum. an. tiaue oil. or Cologne water. It is a beautiful article far Isdies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and nrnduMi uncommon brilliancr. Thousandshave tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in eve ry instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infilliWe cure in all affections of the Bkin on the head na dan druff, &c dec. Every family should be supplied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and ornamental an- peqdage of a fine head of hair, with which nature baa uppitea us, may oe prescrvra. CfL, OOKAT THIS .J Have you a Cough t yn finn die F consumption e iJJJJ vear in the United States, and lions suffer from troublesome coughs and colds, that can be cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegetable Cream Couirh Dron. a safe medical prescription, contain ing no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years will most postively afford Teiici, ana save you irom mm nwiui uiaasv, juiiiiuii ary consumption, which sweeps into the grave hun ..mI. nfihn vniinor. ihft nld. the loeelu anuthe irsv. Have vou a couzhi Be persuai'ed to purchase a bottle of the Cough Drops to-day 1 To-morrow may DO1 loo late, rnce ou cciiib jcr uuuie. WORMS 1 WORMS! TTL M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and uncaual MJ led Worm Tea, a sovereign remedy for Worms, This invaluable medicine has been tested bv the ex- oetience of more than ten vears use, and administered to more than 18.000 person of various ages, and notons solitary complaint j tor in no one ui uie uiuu aandsof instances, where it has been used agreeable to the printed directions, has it ever failed. N. B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Teatas there are many nostrums abroad for the destruction ofwoims. 1 1 8NTJFF only Tweiity-tlve Cents. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly inventd SNUFF, the best article ever discovered by scientific men, in F.utope or America, for the cure and absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizxiness of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headache, Fallen Sickness, Fits, and In fants troubled with Snuffles, partial shocks of Pal Mti, etc. LOTION, LOTION. ' - Dr. Evans Beautifying Lotion. . HIGHLY esteemed fur curing all Eruptions, Coarseness, Redness, and Pimples on the Face, Neck or hands, and effectually cleaning thocomplex tonand removing all diseases of the skin. Nothincr contributes so much to our eeneral suc cess in life, as an engaging 6m appearance. The Lo tion is admired as a most fragrant, mild, safe wash, ana greatly esieenieu tor ua vmuesin cieaii&niKiB'Jii' ooingi and purifying the ekin of all eruptions, so iniu rious to female beauty, and restoring it to a nigh de' ta nf nurlt V. A beautiful and healthful complexion is the prido of an who possess It, ana toe envy oi tnose wuo are uc-Drivcrinrit. A good appearance is the best recommendation i landasths Beautifying Lotion purifies the skin, and ISmOVeS U T:n.nlAa RlAl..tia Tnn. fiunhnrn. snd Redness, tni produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady hould use at her toilette. Gentlemen will iw fin( this a delightful remedy to remove an iuoghne, Pimples,Ringworms, Spots, KMness. soreness or iv. r ..j nn nnri iverv kind of eruption on the nutfCe of the human body. It is nartxularly recommenaM oentlamnn to be used after shaving, as it will prVent the otherwise certain man vi bu cuuuuon soap, in turning toe For In wholesale and retail, br Pom.. A, n.v. tMSOH, sole Proprietors and Successors to A. Hitch cock A, Co., 117 Oenesee Street, Utica, N. Y, i in Ceorgia, by L. Janes t Milton Falls, by Barrett & jsawyeri Jonuson, oy u. u. iiaincivbu. i tiurlmg. ton, and by n . Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Gtnum Jfattnt medicines. ntianarwTi -iERTAIN CURE FOtt SILK IlEADACHE, ( j wlimli hns boon iim-fl in fnmiltop, every incmbor of which has had sick headache from infancy, as n constitutional tamtly complaint, anu nas cureu cllec- tuikllv in pvorv instance vet Known, nmountinir to inn. nv hundreds. It is not unnlcasant to the taste, and does not prevent thedaily avocations offone using it It must Dcperscvcrea in, aiiutiic cuie is yiuuuui, uui certain and permanent. Instances are constantly mnlifnlfinrr whpri.tlii i1iitressin? complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years standing l ihn nan nf Dr. Snohn's celebrated remedy. One .. . . ueciueuprcicrenccisiisincauiinn:i.a, ua.ui nun. v. me nauscaung ciicci ui luiiunuii uiuya. Itis so pcrieciiysausi.tciory, inai in inuiicim ti-a given directions for his agents to refund tho price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed sufferers who arelaboringundcr Headache. E. SPOIIN. 51. D., inventor ana rro- prietor. Sola oy uUitiS i ula q- tw., 1 1 lunmcii L.une. New York. PECK dr. SPEAR, Wholesale Agents, a few doors cast of the Post Office, Burling ton, vt. I" NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. B.WOODS tTTOtILD rcsnectfullvinfurin the Ladies and Gen' VV tleincn of Burlinston and vicinity Ihat he .has recentlv oncned nnestal lishinent where he will man ufacture, (whole-ale and retail) all kind of work in the Shoe line. He has just received from New York ihenre.pnt sivleof La'U. toscther with a choice se lection ot siock. newm Keep cuiisianiiy tin iianu and manufacture to order all kind of work" got up" in this country ) among which may be found UentS Cnlf. Goat. Seal and Gaiter Boots Ladie-i' Gaiters. Buskins Walking Shoes, Slips, &c. etc. Also, coare and kip lioots, noih lor men anu uoys; ana cinisren s Shoes ot all Kind. Plcae sivehim a call, two door West of the Pearl Street House, at the signof the "Dig Boot." Uurlington,Aiay, lan. auu. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY CI Li. ;NKL,sui, continues tnc J business of manufacturing Chairs at tho old stand, of the foP lowing descriptions: Curl Staple Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane and Flag Seat, Large and Small Raised Scat Rocking, do do Com mon do. Common Dining, Ac. eic. All of which aro warrantca a nrst rate article and will bo sold at prices to enrresnond with the times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY ilAUK. Constnntlv on hand, n stinnlv of warranted Live Greeso Fenlncrs, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber. Curl and Birds J-.yc Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank. C. L. NELbON Stove. DOYNTON ty liURRITT, (Successors to A.S. & G.D.Wellcr.) TT7 O Ij L D respectfully inform the inhabitants of VV Hineslurgh and the adjoining towns that they have commenced business in the Store formerly oc cupied by A. S. & G. D. Weller, and are now receiv ing a general assortment f Fancy Dry Goods, Hard ware and Groceries, which they offer to the public a low as can be purchased in the county for cash. They respccifully solicit a share of imblic uutionage, confident that their prices will be found to suit all who may favor them with a rail. IVOW.rj I.. TIOYIYTON, WIM.IAM nimniTT. Hincsburch, May 4, 1H12. 49 MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. Tlic-e medicines are indebted for their name to their manifest nnd tcnsihle action in purifying the springs and channels of life, and enduing them with renewed tone nnd vigor. In many hundred certified cases which have been made pul.lic, and in almost every species of disease to which the human frame is liable, the happy ellccts of Moffat's Life Pill, and rllXNIX IIITTEns l.ave neen (,n..uiuiiy mm piililiciy acknowledged by the persons benefitted, and who were prcviouly unacquainted with the beautifully phi losophical principles upon which they are compound cd,nnd upon which thev consequently act. The LIFE MEDICINES recomriicnd themselves In dicasc of every form and description. Their first operation i to loosen from the coats ol the stomach nnd bowcN, the various impurities nnd crudities con stantly settling around them; nnd toremove the har dened faces which collect in the convolutions of the smallest Intestines. Other medicines only partially cleanse these, and leave such collected masses behind a to produce habitual eoslivcness, with all its train ol evils, or suddep diarrhoea, with its Imminent dngcr.n Tills fact is Well known to oil regular anatomists, who examine the human bowels aflerdeath ) and hence the prejudice of those well informed men against nuack medicines or medicines prepared nnd heralded to thepubllc by ignoranl persons. The second eflect ol the Life Medicines is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and by this means, theliverandthcliings,the healihfulaciinn of which entirely depends upon the re gularity of the urinary organ". The blood, iwhicli lakes its red color from the agency ol the liver and the lungs lielore it passes into the heart, being thus purified by thcin, and nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the vem, renews every part of the system, and triumphantly mounts the thinner ot hcaun in tne mnoming cnccK. Moil'at's Vegetable Life Medicines have been thor oughly tested, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for I)ypepia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Lo or Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Restlessness, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor nnd Melancholy, Cos tiveness, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fevers of all kind", Rheumatism, Goui, Dropsies ol all kinds, Gravel, Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcers' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Com plexions', Eruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oiherdi-agreeablc Complexions, Salt Rheum, Erysip elas, Common Colds nnd Influenza, and various other complaints which afflict the human frame. In Feeii and Ague, iiarticularlv. the Life Medicines have been most eminently successful so much so that in the Fever and Agueditricts, Physicians almost universally iirescriliC them. All tnat Mr. MofTat renuiresof hi patients is to be particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly accor ding to the direction". It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything thet he himself may say intheir favor, that he hopes to gain credit. Itisnlonebythc results of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL: designed as a dome-tic guide to beallh. Thislittle pamphlet, cd'lcd hvW.B. Motlht. 275 Broadway. New York, has I ecu pill li-heil forthe purpose ofextilaining inorefiilly Mr. Modat'slheory of diseases, and will le lound highly intereslinslonersonsseekins health. It treats upon prevalent diseases, and the causes thereof. Price, 25 cent forsalehy.YIr MolTat'sAgcntsgcnerally. These valuable Medicines are for sale by GEOIIEE L. WAltNr.K & Uo. jonnsnn, vt., general Agents, bv whom all order from any part of the Stale or Canada, will lie prompt!) answered. 28-t f Dec. 17, mil. II AGAR ff ARTHUR, Rpncrnl A rents for Mortal's celebrated medicine", o whom all applications for ngelicies musf be ad- re-seii. Burlinston, Jan. 23, 1812. . '. GlilSWOLD'S BOARDING HOUSE. TnillS House is now OPEN for Ihe reception of Hoarders. All who wish to uoaro, arc invited to call and examine his house and the pc'-uliar advan tage, whkli its construction and location offer, for cotiuottand convenience. Tr.nsis, very moderate. May 10, 1842, Trusses ! Trusses ! SENQLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. THE Undersigned are constantly supplied with the above articles of the invention and manufac ture of Hull, Marsh, and Twichell, all or which art in highest repute , also, Hull's and Marsh's 07s FEMALE SUPPORTERS. 0 PECK 4. SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggiss and Venders of all gen 'uine I'attnt Alrdicince, and Dealer in Surgical Instruments. COFFFE MILLS. INCREASE WILSON'S Collie Mills, a very su pcrior article, fur sale by WM. J. HUNT. NATURE'S GRAND RESTOKATIVK. I Ins valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz: Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, ih'sea-ed Liver, bilious disorder, Dropsy, Asth ma, Costivene-", Worm nnd loss of Appetite, and by cleansing the stomach and bowels, rure pains in the ,1.. sininnch nnJ l.rcasl. colu ami cous-lis c.l ions standing, Hoarsemv-, iicrtne ui, nervous ompluints-,ctc., which areircu.nenuy tne mm m uis use. h'oi Fever and Ague, it I" a most valuable, pre- vo.tiui iv.. nw .'i. nsi a soveren-n rc iieuv. lis v iritie- suriiass any thing heretofore known in removing St. Viins1 Dunce two bottles have U-en known to cure hisntUKtingillsease, auer Having uuiucu every excr wm lurfniir venr. It has n most powerful inlliicnce in removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant to take and so easy in its operation, that it may I e administered to the infant wilh safely. The above 'Medicine i very highly recommended liy many scientific gentlemen, ml a large niiinoer oi luiue., wn nave proven ine irtuc of the Medicine by personal use and that of their families. A bill of certificates accompanies each bottle, wiihdirections. It may be had wholeside or retail ol S. Britain, llarrc, and'J. C. Fariinin, East Williams town, Vt. sole proprietors. Prepared from the origin al recipe j for sale by E.H. PrentN", Montpelier, and Peck .f-Si'EAn, Burlington, anil in the principal towns in the stateiall iiirci'tious signeuin ineiiaiiuwriiiiig oi me proprietor Dye Wood, &c. THE Snbscrilcrs have received and now offer for sale a large and well selected assortment of Dye Wools of everv description, together with Cream Turiar. Lac Dve, Connera. Madder, Indigo. Alum. Borax, &c. &c. Buyers are respectfully requested to call at the Stone Store, head of the Steamboat wharf, examine the articles, which are warranted to beresh ironi tne new lor: market, ana nurcnaseu ot t Me pre-ent extremely low prices, learn the terms, which are uui a small advance irom cni, ami leave then oritcrs. ! ULLKTI ot 1IUAUI.I-.V Stone Store, Bepi. 22, 1812. THE Ladies and Gentlemen of Burlington and its vicinity arc respectfully invited to call and exam ine a good variety of benuliful bockK which are now receiving and opcuing at the Variety Siore on Church street, ny rAiuuuitI o. ui(irS.UAIU. OclolerH, 1812. DUCT. MAHSHAL.IS Arouwtic, Catarrh and Headache SNl'l- F. This Snn'l'is superior to any thin., vei kr...wn. fur removinir that troiiblesouie dis ease the Catarrh, and also a cold in the head, and the headache. It opens and purges out all obsttuctions, strengl hens the glands,and give" a licalthy action tmhe naru atlected. It is ncrfectlv tree from anv thing dele lerioii" in its composition has a pleasant flavor, and itsimmedialecllect, after being used, is abgreeabfe. Price 3 7 cents per tiottie. l)oci. I's Vegetab'clndian Black PLASTER. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel ngs, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hark, anil r re.-n wouniis ) iinuismlli- su e-, inns and L,unis: anuseiuom lain, to irlvn rohvr in local liheumatisliis. If applied to the will cure many of the common Liver Complaints; and is equal, if not superior, to any thing in use for corns on the feet ; the virtues of this Plaster have been witnessed ny tnousanus oi inuiviunni m mc uuueu Slates, who have tested its elficary. Sold by I he pro prietor ; una., isou-en, anuuieuury, i., aim i ten a. Spear, Uun.orlingt vt. i'erfumcry. LARGE BOTTLES COLOGNE. Farina's best Cologne, somo with gold labels nnd some with plain ) Verbena, and all the most delicate and fra grant Derfumes from Paris. London. Germany, and America ; sweet scented Toilet and Shaving Soap of tno most approved Kinds; ux Marrow, rouiatum and every thing in the line of Perfumes Oils, Extracts, Tooth and Nail Brushes. Orris Tooth Pastes, Tooth 1'owucrs, etc.; our assortment in this ana oilier lines, ot tno ocst articles, is "ic plus ultra." 21 Pakgdorst &. Bbiksmaid. WATCHES. CJCHOOL TEACHEIJS, kJ farmers. Mechanic.-. 1. a dies and Gentlemen of all oc cupalions who wish Watches, areinviteii to iook at our as surtment ; a I who wish to liuy aiul pay fur Watches can 1 e suited in prica, nualilv and all other particulars. We have new atches at quite Jom price" and high prices, and we have second hand Watches at less than their value, some oeuer man many new one". 21 Pangborn it BrI.M-maId. BEWARE OF DECEPTION. nun frrmirntlv enmn to the knowledge of the sub' sonhpr. ihm omntv Snuft Jars, with Ilia Label on ihpni hnva hivn bousht uu for the l.urpose of selling in them an inferior quality Snufl'i and also, that his snutl-labcls have, in some insiances, ucen counter feited, or the general design of the same so imitated as to easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi auy to inform purchasers of the manner in wtnoii n.v nrfl nnpn imnoscu uuou I aim no wuuiii hereby request them to tear off or deface the Labels on Ihe outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, so as to prevent further list of the same. A suitaDie reward will ne pain lor tutu cviucucc u will lead to the detection and conviction of the im- nnntnra. ine luoscriaer continues to juunnunuic, u.u Jers for sale the rolloxcing articles t 71ns llrown Snuff. Genuine Maccobov. ) rose American Rappee, Imitation do. I flavored, noiiana ao. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, de. St.Omer. Curacoa, ao. oirasourg. voarso unwa nuun. Demicroi. Natchitoches. PtirA Virirtnia. French Rannee. Houroon. Aincnemi uniirewau St. Domingo. Pure Spaaish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Scotch and) Finei Irish Blackguard or Co HighToaslj ,,ne" Irish High Toast, " BWeei BCCIlieu A' no iiv.ii,hi. Y""-s. Spanish, Kitefort, Canaster, Common and Stems. T-rk .liscnunt made to wholesale dealers. PETER LORILLARD, Jr., 42 Cbatnam-St:, New York. EG DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, Observe when vou buy that vou get the genuine, prepared at 375 Bowery, New York. See that 375 Bowery New York is on the wrapper of each Bottle. All others are Fraud and sold only by speculators, without regard to justice, to Ihe public, or the proprie tors of the genuine article. FOR Consumption, nnd Liver complaints, Dyspep sia, dizziness of the head, loss of appetite, Dyscn larv, and general rcgulater of the whole system. None genuine but that prepared at 375 Bowery, New York, where the nrliclc wa first made, the char acter of Ihe medicine formed and established by the present sole proprietors, and who ore the only person knowing the composition of the genuine. It has been used successfully for eight years in the cure of these diseases. CP1!.! nuinltr Ihe original nnd Genuine i made only nt No. 375 Bowery, New York. All others are counterfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint I Asa general remedy for these disease", 1 nm filly satisfied, from long experience, there Is no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being niirc'y vegetable, it can beucd with the utmost safety byallpc.sons in every condition. It cleanc the lung" by expectoration, relieves iluTicult brcaihing, nnd seems to heal the chest. There can bo no question but tbi" medicine is a certain cure for chronic cough and colds. I have useJ'it four years in my practice, and always with succes. A. F. ROGERS, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort to be a certain remedy for this complaint, as I have used it myscll and lound its c:lect an immediate. I was much troubled until I made ueofihi medicine. M. L. HENSHAW. 211 Maugin -U Hoarseness Ciucd For the cure of boar-cue." 1 can strongly rcfconimend Dr. Taylor's HaKam of Liv erwort. I have not onlyfound great benefit myself, nut many ni my congregation hy my reccomiiienita lion have recicved great I cnelit from its virtue. It is atonce mild ,cl!icucious and harmless. Itf.V.A.. Lf.WlS. SevereCoughs and Colds I have had a most se vere cold nnd cough, for a long nine which I could not get rid of. After using many u.-ele-s things I tri ed Taylor's Baltam of Liverwort, and it cured tne in a few days. JAS. B. KEHUINOCK. Raiing of Blood About two weeks ago I had n fall, which caused mc to spit large qualities of blond which nothing could cure until I tried Dr. Taylor's BaKnin of Liverwort. Tln medicine gnve me imme diate relief ami in a very short tunc ellccted an entire cure. Let all persons trv it. HUGH MC GAUVEY, 21 Cannon st. Dr. Taylor's Bnbam of Liverwort This superior remedy fordicasc of ihe lungs nud livir has obtain ed a reputa'ion never liefore equalled. Remarkable Cure oj Consumption. . . . wassti near iter ueatn wuu tin ilsea-e, mat my friends sent for a iir.est o confess me ere I died. He in his incr.-v, told tno not to give up until I tried Dr. Taylor's !talam of LiverWort. I sent inumtlintclv lor this medicine, and although Hie conte-l for a few ilays lietwecn tills ineilicine, and my ilieae was se vere, the medicine conquered, and in a fortnight I was restored to health. 1 had n cough, raising of mat ter, loss ol mv voice, pains, weakness. &c. I can re fer to Doctor Wilson, in the Carbon Ilon-e, for the truth of my statement. MARY DILL, lG'h street cor, Beware of fraud. 0f3J avenue. Summer Complaint. The Balsam ol Liverwort, in several cases of this disease, where all other remedies applied by physi cians have proved, lias produced It perfect cure sflLa TF m .-.IRBAAte.. ' - Vr- PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS article!? too well known to nc-d common - dation and the experience of seven years lias demonstrated to Iho commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience ond durability, they arc unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. 'oBOOOIbs., Portablo do. to weigh from 12 oz. to 200 lbs. PortablcCounter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. ,. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlinston, April 8 1841. PERU IKON COMPANY, i HAVE, and will constantly keep in deposits with their Agents at Builington, t., Pern manufac- turcu iiuiisuuu iron, ui tuu iliiuwiu; ucsi.upiis.ii, to Wit ! NAIhS. . . 3d, 4d, Bd, Gl,8d, lOd, 12d,20d,2ld, 30d, 40d, B0d,60.. SI'IKKS. inch, 4 1-2, 6, 5 1-2. and G. FIXISUIXG NA1I.S.-66, Pd, lOd, 12d, manufae- tutcd specially for finishing nice woik. FLOOR NAILS. 12d,20d, nnd24d. nOUXI) OAT,-3-8,7-10, 1-2, -16. 5-9, 1M. 3-4, 7-8, 1 inch. 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 38, 1 1-2, 1 5-8, 13-4, 2 melt. 2 1.4,2 1.2,3. nnd 3 1-2. . .... SfllMIlK ffO.V, 3-8, 7-16, 1-2,9-16,5-8, lllt, 3-4, 7-8, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. DAXD OiV,-l 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 2 3-4,3. 3 1-2, 4, 4 1-2, 5 inch. Tinti III OA',-1 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and from 3-9 to B-o thicK. HOUSE SHOE WON. various sizes. HAMi: AND SCiOLL WON. do. do. MAUIiLE SAW PLATES, cut to order al hurt notice. The Peru I rnn Co. manufacture their goods at Clin tonvillc,N. Y. from Iron of their own make. They intend to keep in the hand of their agents a more full and complete assortment than can le found in the Stale. It is 1 elieved that the good" from this estab li. hiucnt ore 1 eiter manufactured, than those from anv other in its vicinity. " Purchasers are respccifully solicited to inspect the Goods of this Co Prices a low and terms as favor able, as can I e obtained intheSlnte. T. F. & W. L. STRONG, Agents. Aug. 25lb, 1812. DISCASKH OF THE I.UNGS.-Drcidedl the inosi popular rcinnlj eter knonn in Amf-rid Vegetable Pulmonary llatsam is ihe must valuable iennd) now in use fur cuii(hs, colds, aihn,u orphlhisic, consiiinpiinn. whooping rough and pnlmnitnry affi-clions ofetery kind, lis tale is steadily iucieasing, and Ihe proprietors are cousianlly leceiviug ihe must burnable account of in effects. 'I be fullowing new certificates ate offered for public examination. An Intkkestino Case. Extract ofa teller from Mr li S Clay, King.inu, Ulstfr co., N. Y. In ihe proprietors. "Yuurs uf llie 9. It inl. was duly tee'd A reni.irkable cure uaseffecteil by ihe VcgAintdc lnl inCinri lt.ll.Jm 111 llm itinl.r i.nrl .n.lnn ..1 IRf. 'I I.. J " ........ ....u r ...H ... Buuu .... IB, i. Oil ISLTllJUr ... Li. JVll'.'l.l.. KI.S-S (erson, Mr. Atuotlt . Ii.ul been sick a long time uiih I that be has succeed the late T. Kidder in the Ihe consumption. His ph. ician had giten him up preparation of the well known Comvat Medicines, He was reducrdso low rfs lo lieunablein help hiiu-elf, and will hereafter giic particular attention to the and was raising a laiof niianliiv of bluotl when he preparation of ihe Ibllouing article", the lone es COIN WAY MEDICINES. mm: Subscriber W. L. KIDDKR, gives notice Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. II. til. in ol Delhi, N. Y., ofa naturally con. "iiinpiive cou-litiition, has l.cen saved from an un timely end by the u-eofDr. Taylor's IHIam of Liv erwort. A severe cold brought on an attack of Plcu- y, and thus ended in generaldebihly and coiisiimp- 1011. A constant cnugli, hectic lliish, ret:c night", cl; pulse, nnd continued loss of flesh, augeicd n itcatn ! lint a snnn n I commenced llie nsi-nf ii lialsnm 1 crow better, and is now fully rrsion.1 o health. E. L. FARRAR ives notice that e continues to carry on tho busi less as usual of manufacturing Stone ware of n superior quality in all its varieties and will at all limna l, in --eiiies3 to stinnlv Shortness of Iircath. For thi disease, I have nltvay loiiml Dr. Taylcr'i illSitlll ui u vtTwcin nn .'Xl.' .'nf ril, I ,.. at once so safe and so elective, ihat I always use it in my practice, aim rccconimcnd II to my friend. I have used it in some hundreds ofcae within the pa four year", and 1 have never had it fail. In many of asthma, I fully lclicve it to lmte lecn the means of -aving prceiou live". Let all u-e it. GE011GE RALPH, M. D. None genuine but thai prepared nt 375. iowcry. New York as will le s.n ,y ihe l.l el and ier oi eacn noine. ne sure you loot; hen you buy. I he genuine can always I e obtained of ihe Old Agents. Me-sr.. N. Lovely sVCo.. now Lnvnli- it Seymour Dr. Moody nnd Peck &, Chemist's uuu iruggisis, ii uimgion s. ii. uirnu', Ulianotte William Uholc, Jr. Richmond Geo. Ayi rs iV Co. Milton A. it W. llrown. Grand U.W. H. K.-l.-r South Hero Horace Wadsworlh, North Hero S.& J. i'avi.",At)Urgn r. cc uuiena, West Alburgh D. & W. Carpenter, Waterbury. merchants on the most rcosonaLle icrms nil nnl,.r. promptly attended to at his Factory , Pearl Street, Burlington. Jnn.31. 1812. JACOIiS'S PACKAGE EXIMtESS, Deticccn Albanv and Montrml. UNTIL further notice, leaving Albany on Wednesday, nnd Montreal on Saturday of each week, in connexion willi llarnden & Co. nt Albany to New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Liverpool, Lon don. Ireland. Scotland and Havre. for thn trans. Donation of Specie. Bank Notes. Vnlnnlito Pnnn,. Packages of Goods, Books, and all other Parcels mat may oner. itiontrcai f.xcnange Uollce House. All anv No. 12, Exchange Buildings. JTcw York No. 3, Wall Slrcct. Boston No. 8, Court Street. Burlington -J. &. J. H. Peck, & Co. REFERENCES. Eu as Baker, .,, L. Y. if B. Reed, f Albany, N. Y. P.Wells, E. & D. B. Plum, I Trov N v Kellcki q. Co., ( lTy A. Watrocs, J A. II. W. Uvden & Co.Castleton, Vt. J. & J. H. Peck &. Co., Burlington, Vt. J. C. I'EiECE.f- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. 4Slf. The subscriber-have pur chased the Machintry for the ma n ul.icture of Window Sash formerly owned and used by Sidney Smith, at VVinooski City.and are now matiuficturing every des cription, and keep constant ly on hand an assortment of 7 by 9 Sasb.nt the following prices. iz i.iguu-1 Lihnuiras Jt cts. per bight. 8 do 3J do 9 do 3J do 6 do 3 do 4 do 5 For sale at their Shop at the Falls, nnd by George cterson. All orders in the above line niMn til in Cullin t Chase, will Le thankfully received and proiiijioy uticuucu tu. SlU-ilvS UAl LI.S'l. EDWIN VV. CHASE. D URLING TON BREWER Y I TS now in full operation und can I X furnish all orders for BEER not surpassed in quality by any other -Brewery. I GEO. PETRnsON. Burlington, Aug. 25, 1842. N. E. Rum. SO Hhds. N. E. Rum 50 per cent above proof, for tale at Boston prices aim iicikiii, I'V FOLLETT It Old Dock, June 3. i BRADLEY. 03 For Sale. rilHE HOUSE AND LOT, now occupied by the Widow Severance, sluatedon the road to the Falls, a short distance East of the College. Apply to J. C J. II IM'A'.V Cv UO, TPRIVATE HEI.F.f.T ROAKDIiG SCIIOOI. rllllr, new and spacious Building" now erecting in J. hast Charlotte will I opened (if the Lord will) underthonqieririteiidenceol Mr. J. Ten sisien in ine -.aoies-department in rrenctiand Music Oy JUISBiU. A. I EN 1IROEKE, 16th May, 1812, Fall term opens 29th August, Winter do 28lh November. Twelve voting Ladies and Genllemen mav 1 ac commodated in the family of Mr. T. Terms $25 per quarter, in advance. Mu.icSIO. French and Alge bra, 85. Washing extra. Day Scholars, from 82,50 MissT. educated under the care of eminent Teachers. and having taught in London, Eng., and in ihis Stale since her arrival, is amply qualified tosuperintendlhe rmicuanu music uepannicni. uovernineni strictly parental. i o ino-e unacquainted with tne services, experience ami aniiny ui mr. i. reierence may ne nail to E.T.Englesby.Burlinglon, I E. Moil, St. Johns, J. 11. Hollenheck, J. C. Parke, Whitehall. . Sherman, v ergenncs A. S. Perry, Troy. Charlotte, 18ih April, 18121 HALLOCK'S NEW GRAMMAR of ihe English Ladguage, fur the use of Common Schools. Avauesiics anu oeminahi es. ju&t recciveu ana lor sate at ine uook store 01 Oct. 25. 21 D. A. BR AM AN. Fine Gold Goods. BRACELETS, Snaps, Head ornaments, Neck and Ear ornaments, beautiful Pins, and Rings, Hearts. Crosses. Head Pins. Cuff Pins. Slides. Buck ics, i-riii-ii", opeciucies, etc., ui must peautlltu pat terns and at prices which will suit thoso who know a good article from trash. Our goods will be put at low prices for the quality. Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to examine them before purchasing, i PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. LETTER PAPER. "HVom 10 cents to 75 cents a nuire cmbracine eve i. ry variety from low prices to English Iioltle Pa per eleven vears old. Also, Enjlish and American note paper, English and American fulio Post or double Lcttar, Ban'. Post cue. dec. f or sale by u. UUUURICII, Sept. 7. Shawls. FALL and winter Shawls, a great variety cheaper than ever by II. W. CATLIN. Fept 7, 1812. ' Notice to Merchants. 1 OrVTk YARDS SuDer Burlincton Mill Com 1 0JJ piny BROADCLOTHS, for sale at re dueed Prices. Those wishing to purchase will do well to call soon, for if not sold here tho Cloths will be sent to market , SIDNEY BARLOW. Agent. Office ef the B. M Co. ) Sept. 16, 18)2. ) 15 if commenced using tin- Bal.rim. wlitrh has effecied a complete cure, and lie is now as hate and heart) as everliewas. Mr, Mnodv has removed fiom ihis low n. hut he Ims nrcinlfed me a more detailrd iiccoiuit of his ch.c, which I willful w.ird tnu. C. S CLAY. Kingsion, N. Y. June 25. 1838. Extract nf letter from Dr. Jacob Mers. The Vegetable Pulmonary Bal.aui lias bepn sold in this county for Iwo years, urn! Ihe medicine has gained an uncommon celehril), for ii .caieel) in one instance latieii 1,1 na nig ilia dcsueii ellecl I am by nn means in l.ivor nfiln. many nnsiiums, moftol which ate mi Iiosilioiii upon a credulous public, bin thai which I mow by ii In be effeciual, I ratuioi help but git-m appiolnlion thereto. A counterfeit preparalioii liecnnflrreil here by a tratelling Agent, of Luiusinck, N. Y. aadtliercis another article tended heie thai is strongly suspected lo bespiuiuti Jacob Myurs, M. D. Mifilinglnii, Juniata co. I'enn. May 3, 1837 Ftnm Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo llie Pinn ieiots of ihe ege table Pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied thai the Ve getable Piilmon.i.ry Bali-tin is a valuable medecine Ii h,H been used in I his place wilh complete success in anobslinaie complaint uf Ihe lung, attended wilh a seveiecougb, loss of voice, and ihe raising of much blund, vtliich bad previously resisted many approved pifseriptions. Alter using ihe Balsam one week, ihe pattern s voice returned and he wasanl in sneak audi h.y. This case occurred some time since, and ibe man is now engaged not only in active bin labnrious business. Respectfully. &c. S. Morrill Ii is now more than six years since I was drought very low by an affection of the lungs, anil rm cmnptaini was declared lo be incurable by a council nfihree phy sicians. I was then restored lo asgoo-l beallh as I had enjoyed for many years, by using the Vegetable Put tnonarv Balsam. Since mv reroterv I have recom mended the Balsam in n great many cases of lung complaints, and so lar as I can learn, us use Ins in variably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances 11 lias etlecied cures unit 11 were uuniiy unex peeied. SAMUEL EVERETT Bosion. March 2. 1837. l-'nr sale, wholesale and retail, by PECK& SPER,Borlingtona Vl. Furniture. CONSISTING of Cane seat Chairs, common Fancy Chairs. Larnets. Dining Tables. Bed steads. 'Kitchen Furniture, with a good Cooking Stove nnd trimmings, and an elevated oven. Tho nbove furniture is nearly new, hiving been used on. lyniuw wccks; anu any or all uinnuovc articles uui 10 sold to suit purclnscrs very low Tor casli fortur I. n. l- jL.n..:.A r s? tmv'i'ivrT.nv ll.l Jl.ll lls-lllUir- VJIUI1U VI J , . V- A VI. sept, ij, i8ia. ii-tt WINDOW SASH. Valualile Estate For Sale. THE Subscril er o'Ters for sale the dtvcl ling house and lot. consisting o about one and a quarter ncre of laud, situated Oil College Street, belonging lo the estate of the late Dr. Robert Moody. The hou-e is of brick, thoroughly built, and very conveniently 1 n'l... 1' :.. II if-1 iiii.iiiL-s.i. ins: Kiirurn is wen suppueu won irun, and in n high state of cultivation. A credit will 1 c given, for a portion of the purchase money, of two ycarsiroiu isivcioicr, Ion. I.I.O. II. SUAW, Ailmr. Burlington, Sept. 21, 1812. 17-H PATENT nnd Common Ladie's and Gcntlcinan's, Indian Rubber Shoes, Double and Single soled Buskins nnd Slips, just reed, by Oct. 12, 1842. H. W. CATLIN. TO OOO YARDS Brown Sheeting, Shirtings 1-,,w,'v'-' ond Drillings. 5000 Yards dark Eng. and American P.ints, tonn ti... r-A.n ti,.:nn ...:t. nn.i - ,uw i'.ouuiiuiiiiuuiii, HIUVllllll I UUI, JU3V UUU and for sale at very low prices by UCI. IS, II. Vi. CATLil.. Burlington, April 9, 1812. LADY'S ANNUAL REGISTER and HOUSE WIFE'S ALMANAC for 1843, for sale bv Sept. 23, 1812. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Groceries. riONSTANTLY on hand an assortment o Famil Groceries. Wm. HURLBUT. Sept. 23. BURLINGTON COMB FACTORY. THE Subscribers having taken the well known Establishment, formerly occunied bv Vilas. Loomis, & Co., are now manufacturing, and will keep constantly on hand, a general assortment of COM 11a, of superior qualities, which will he nllordod at the 1 . : i, 1 1 lowest pnucBt( iucrcuuuiH, biiu uiucrs, wisuiug iur a superior urucie iur rciau, win uuu 11 to tiieir au;an tage to call and cxaiiiincour stock. UlUKUI t' 'ilJlAUsS. Burlington, Sept. 8 1812. 14 tf NrvD fall Goods. THE subscriber has just received fiom New York a large and extensive assortment of Fall and Winter Goods, which he offers for sale at the lowest m , : r 1. . pussiuie prices iur cnsii, vim SuDer blueblk wool dved waived beaver cloths. " Indico blue, blue blk and uivis. orcen plain do. Superhno and common broad cloths, all colors and prices, " " nilol do do 1 " blue blk, gold mixed, and fancy colored cassunere, " " steel mixed s-itlinetts, " 3-4, 4-4 and 5-4 while flonnels, " 3-4 twilled and plain colored do. Velvet, satin, and dark worsted vi stings, Light and dark ngutcuanu plain biiki. nlinliflvii. Mausbn Do I.aines. Alpacca Cloths, French, English and German Merinos shawls, L.acrs, itiooons, uiovcs, suspenuers, u.c. OCt. li, 10. II. . lyAlljliV, Lifo ! Life ! ! Life ! ! ! R. Jonathan Moore's ESSENCE OF LIFE. The TV J most highly esteemed Medicine that has ever lieen discovered for curing Coughs. Colds, Asthmas, and CONSUMPTIO.NS. It will also remove the Whnoping-Coiigh in one-week. Prepared hyllEN rt Setmodr. from the original receipt, by the direr lion of said Moore. For sale wholesale, by PECK & STEAK, Uurlin ton. and at retail, bv the principal Druggists in United States. , Orders directed 10 Henry ueymour, iiauiey, was will receive prompt altention, and any quantity Medicine immril atelv furnished. Caution. As thers is much of the spurious arti clefor sale. IGflie particular to enquire for that pre psreu ry usury veymour, uauiey, nastacRuteits. allisbeJ celebl ilv of which, nrttludes the neicssiiy ofa rc-iiublicnltou of the numerous certificate, in the hands of the proprietor. Doct. .1 ebb's Rheumatic Liniment. tor Rheumatism. Bruise-. Sprains. Numbness. Chill-Iain, Stillness in the joints, &v., will nllcrd the most titicxpeo'oil and immediate reliefin the most olisimale case, of lthc.iinnti-ln, in a few hour. ) this article is openly recommended by Phv-ieian. 1h Lmiiiicntisdoneiip menlargcd bullies. Pncti 37 tents. Dumfries' Itch Ointment. The extensive sale and established reputation el DuMFRir.s1 Itch Oistment, encourage" the pro prietor to recommend it to ihe public with renewed eonlidence, as the most innocent ami powerful rem edy for this annoying disease; it c-ontnlit no mer cury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and can I e applied n't all times with perfect talety. Price 25 cents a Box. Remedy for the Plies. The concurring testimony of relieved patients. Irom nil quarters, testifying to tliecnre elected by the medicine after all others hail (ailed, together with tho increasing demand for the article Irom all parts of thecounlry, proye it to be one ol ihe mot valuabln .specific- known forlbi" troublesome complaint. ICPA Clergyman writes llolon, Felruaryl3, 1811. I have made trial of Dumfries' Pile Electuary and found it produced a salutary influence almost imme diately, nnd confidently lelieve it an e.lectual remedy for that iincumfurlal.le nnd debilitating complaint. Humanity ha induced me to recommend it to persons thus afiheted, and so I shall continue to do. Yours respectfully, J. S. The remedy conits of an Ointment and Electuary. Price for both 75 cents, or 37 cents when but one is wanted, accompanied with plain and ample direcJ lions with n description of the complaint. Dumfries Eye Water. For sore or injtamtd eyes, nothing known gives such immediate ami comfortable lclitf, and in soma exceedingly bad cases llie most unexpected and de sirable relief ha. U-cn fuund in the use ot ibis Eva water, after other remedies had failed. Persons who have 11, pronounce it without hesitation ihe lat preparation fi r sore, weak, or inflamed eyes, they have ever met wilh. Prue 25 ceni a bottle. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster The most afonnd speedy curfi fur Corns yet dis covercl; the relief is immediate, it dissolves and remove" the corn from Ibe fuot with ease and expedi tion and icithout the least pain. Price 25 cents a Box. Full and ample directions accompany each of tha 11 u.t. tinicic N. B. None cf the nbove articles will legcnume, itnle." sjpned V. L. Kidder on the out-ide wrapper.' for sale at hi Counting Room, 8C State Street, up' ii-, corner 01 -lerciiants now, lit-ion. Also by Messrs. PI CK & SPEAK, Burlington, Vl. , A III eral discount allowed 10 dealers. T?AKEWELL'S Shoes, Half Gaiter, Kid J. M Slu.s. 'Children's Shoes, &e. just received by 16. WM. HlfftLBUT. ""krfV ROLLS House Paper nnd Uorderingsjust W open and for sale very cheap by Oct. 12, 1812. II. W. CATLIN. 150 Tin Hate &c BOXi:S Tin Plato 1-3 X, IU do. do. l. square, 50 Bundles Iron Wire, assorted Nos. 30 do. English i-heet Iron, 10 Packs Russian do. t!. "G Boxes Canada do. do. I Cask Sheet inc. together wilh a een eral assortment of Sheet Copper, Sheet Lead, Cop per bolts,Rivels, fcc, by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. UCI. 0111, IS!.'. SHISimiVGS, &c- OA BALES 4-4 Brown Sheetings, OKJ I do do Drillings, 2 Cases Bleached Sheetings, 3 do York and Dclan are Tickings 10 Ps. Canvass, 10 do Padding, for sale by Oct, 5th, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. WIRT'S Life of Palrick Henry, cheap edition, June 15. For sale by C. GOODRICH, TO LET. A Commodious hTONE HOUSEal present occu -A ptCdUV LIB. 1IINEBERO, premises. iiurungion, r-epi. ij, ibi'. Fur terms apply at the 15 tf Printed Lawns. QC PIECES at S.B. SCOTTS. Several styles AmKf as low as one shilling per yard. June 3 (ieeso Feathers. fi()( LBS. Live Geee Feather", just received vvy and lor sale for vash lowerlhanever 1 etore sold in town- May 13. . L. NELSON. 49lf. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected nssortmont. consist XV ing of fJi'f, Mahogany and Uilt, Mohosany, and Fancy framed Looking Glasses, forstloat greatly reduced prices at Iho Hardware Store, Comer of iiiurcii and uonego si., oy UAUAll st a in uuu. S. B. SCOTT Those rare opportunity of purchasing cheep. To undersell all former ptices, is tne order 01 tue gay, TSnow opening new Goods in abundance. x. who nave wasn will now have a Cloth Caps. JUSTrec'd direct from the manufacturers a full as sortment of all kinds Cloth Caps and For Sale at great bargains by, June a, 4? H. w. uati.IN. ROMAN CF.MENT. -1 f( BARRELS of this celebrated Cement, its X JJ quality naviog dccii tested and lound su perior to any in use, for sale at reduced prices, by Sept. 8th. 1842. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. DRUGS & MEDICINES. TH E subscribers are continually supplied with erery article in the above branch, both of the Oliicmalnnd Patent kinds. Medicinal waters from Saratoga ; do. from Caledonia, Canada ; Medical Wines and Spirits! Leeches-, Surgical Instruments t Mineral Teeth. &c. sc. Prcscrmtions nut nn nt tha shortest notice. Shop open at all hours. PECK & SPEAR, Apoihecsries. Burlington, Vt. Simmons' Tools, ALL DESCRIPTIONS.jusireceivedandfor v' sue 11 Burlington, May 19, 1S42. WM. J. I1ENT. Strongs Building Stoves for Wood, t CANADA Parlor, and 2 superior Cook Stoves fer sale or exchange for wood at HOWARD'S Sept. 23, 1842. QAWJ-.-RoHland's Mill Saws ; R. Hoe and Co'a O circular do.: English cross cut do.: Hand, panel and hack do.; Compass, Wood and Felloe do. Just received and for 6alc by IIAGAR A, ARTHUR, t'or. Ch. and College streets. June 17th, IS42. 31 orison's Pills OTAND unrivalled aa clean-er and purifier of the O bowel", blood, and the whole system. In Diar- rlu eu or looseness of ihe bowel and oilier summer 'oiuplaiuts, ihe.e can le relied upon with perfect con (iden e; ns a common medicine to le kept ready for use nn all occasions where a cathartic is tieeled, this medicine i unequalled. Sold only at the Variety Store by PAM.BOHN it. ultl.NSMAID, Agents lor .vionsons 01 London. Cheap ! Cheap ! ! Vncw lot of Broad Cloths, just received, and for sale at very reduced prices for cash or wool by H. W. CATLIN. P. S. Prices to compare with the miait. Sept 7lh, 1S42. fflllK Subscriber will sell at tho lowest cash JL For Sale. iiorwill sell at pricelhodwelling house, barn and out buildings nnd about lour acres uf land pleasantly siliiaicei at Milton Falls, and the tan yard, shop and tools. lately owned nnd occupied by Warren Sibley. The Houso and Barn are well finished, convenient and new: and there is not, probably, in thecounly a better situation for thcimrstmentof a small capital in the Tanning and Currj me business. A short credit will be given for a part of tho purchase mono) wiihgoodlpapcr Fpr further particulars inquire of Mr. Mdion Watson on theprciniies or of the subscribers in Weslford. JOHN SIBLEY. DANFORTH WALES. Weslford, Oct. 12, 1SI2. CASH! CASIIU PAID for BUCKWHEAT-dthvered al Shelbnrn Mills. HORACE WHEELER. Sept. 25, 1842. I7-lf Lyman &. Cole, HAVING made arrangements with Messrs Roe lofson ft, Ralhbiirn.Jo manufacture their wool into Cloths, they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Broad Cloths and Beaver Cloths, and also an assortment of the Burlincton Mill Co. Cloth", and nn extensive assortment of other Dry Goods, which they will exchange for wool. Mer chants and others will have a favorable opportunity for exchanging their wool. Sept. 23, 1842. Feathers. 200O lbs. Geese Feathers warranted of superior quality, and Country collection, fcr ra'e by Oct. 5th, 1841. VILAS, LOOMJS fc Co. t 1

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