Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 18, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 18, 1842 Page 2
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fflft nDTli TTR WlH tii tH J r k J ti el f ' , VERMONT LEGISLATURE. , SENATE. Tuiioav, Nov. P. 1B12. rrster bv thachanlain. Resolutions Rclatinir to officers of lha Oners) fovernment holding offices in (his Slalo, including n.c.sooi air aiowcu, a postmaster, and late com missioner of the deaf, dumb and blind t called up by Mr Bribes, when Mr, Camp called for the reading of a pan ui me written report on inesumect, recommend ing tho payment to MrStowcll of his claim for scrvi- s ai i commissioner. Tho Senate non-concurred with tho House in the resolution. Hy Mr Sprague, providing for the taxation of corporations) read and referred to committee. Reports Bv Mr Starr, ofthe stive communication, of a resolution against tho uuseui mo iraniiing privilege, nnu in tavor or a re form in the Post Ofllce Department) resolution read and passed. House bill in amendment of an act incorporating tha Hank f Montpelier, reported by MrSowlcs, with - iMupvismuu ui nuienaincni, wmcn was annpied nd the bill, reducinrj its capital stock to S50.000, oiv DOSed in rinhntR tiv Mr Si lirr uiliA alnulln.l tt.nt iL liankof Montpelier was probably as will, perhaps betterJmanagcd. than any other Bank in the state. It ecmcd to him, however, that tho largo amount of its bills in circulation was an argument ngainst reducing Its capital stock. Mr Dillingham explained the amount in circulation, hu nltii.linr In llm this bank paid a great proportion of the pensioners of ' omie, loruie uenerni government, in their own bills, or in specie when demanded. Deducting this amount, and tho circulation was less than of many etherof our banks. Por tho redemption of its bills ample bonds and ample funds were provided. Sir Prague, alter remarks, moved that the bill bo laid ipon the table! opposed by Mr Dillingham, and negatived, when the fill, reducing tho stock to 830, 000, was read a third time and passed. Pioidingfor geological survey ofthe State, called up by Mr wvntn, anu nuvucsieu y luessrs omanv and c-hei-don. when Mr Hatch nronnspd nn nnifnffm,.nt nn. tiding that no money bo expended lor the purpose -mil urn initial inucuirancss oi 1110 Biaio is cancel led. Mr Smallcy hoped the bill would hot be defeat ed bv this amendment. Ampndmrnt rp,wtpA w).n Mr Sprague opposed the bill for the reason that nino lanlL. nl I.!. - - - I.. 1.1 1 um.iio ui ma mimuiuuiiip, lie ueucvcu, were oppo posed to a ecological survey of tho slate, though personally he was himself in favor, and mov ed an indefinite postponement of the bill, demanding the yeas and nays on his motion : opposed by Mes srs Starr and Raton, supported by Messrs Dlodgett and Sprague, and negatived, yeas G, nays 17. when the rule for engrossment was dispensed, and llio bill read a third time, and Mr Blodgett (remanding tho yeas and nays, it psssed, yean 10. nays 5. Hclaling to the repair cf highways and bridges) rend a third lime and passed. Altering the 3d and 5lh Judicial circuit) rejected. Fixing the timo of holding county courts in Chittenden and Lamoille counties) laid on the tahle, when Mi Stevens movod a considera tion of the vote rejecting the 3d and 5th judicial cir eutt bill i voto re-considered, and tho bill fnnh,.r aim. ported b Messrs Smallcy and French, opposed by Mr Butler, and rasscd. veas IG. nnvaS i.'.ivimr ii.v. timo for holding county courts in tho counties of iimciiueii nnu i. anionic; relating to unsncn Turn pike Co.) relating to a tax on lands in Goshen j rc Ialing.toatax on lands in Avery Gore) severally read a third time and passed. Adj. HOUSE -Prayer by tho Rev. Mr Scott. Listing Laic. The bill in addition to the listing law was read the second time, when Mr Rice moved to put the maximum of assessment of faculty at $30 instead of S58 : adopted. Mr Premiss moved to add "merchants" for assessment of faculty: rejectid. Mr Vilas said ho voted for ths law of "last year, as it passed the House, and wasin favor of the facnliv tax to a reasonable extent j he was also in favor of omaot tne provisions ot tins bill) but for various reasons he must opposo it, and among them was the unreasonable increase of tho assessment on polls and faculty. Ha believed that 81 was euffinsnt for tho poll tax. Mr Van Sicklcn concurred in theso objections and added others, viz. that no new apprais-d of property was to be mado under four years, leaving the people for that length of time subjected to the unequal and onerous appraisal made tho prcsentycar j also that while debts wero to be deducted from personal prop, rty, none were to be mado from real estate, lie aaid the bill was a mere salvo for the most unjust fea tures of the existing low. Mr Pettibone stated difficulties in the practical ope ration of the bill, especially in reference to taxes for the. repair of school-houses: he thought no s ich tax could bt raised. Mr P. subsequently moved an amendment requiring a new appraisal of reaicatato in the several school districts in 1813. Mr Cobb of S. moved an amendment confining the eductions for military service, to those rcsidin" in this atate: adopted. Mr Keith moved to rsduc the polls frsm 83 to 92 : adopted. Mr Shofter moved to strike out the minimum of assessments for faculty, remarking that if a lawyer was found to have no faculty, ho ought not to bo as etsed: rejected. Mr S. then sjid he was still for the bill, on the ground that he hoped, from the repre sentations and expectations ot tho friends of this bill, that it would do sumegood; but fioin tho haste with which the bill was passed, he could have no op- Eortunity for deliberately examining it. So far as ho ad noticed, he thought it an improvement, but he had his fears that thero might be sad mistakes in it. Mr Vilas said the views expressed by the gentleman from Townshend would lead him to vote ngainst ths bill. Mr Shnfier responded. .Mr Cnnfield said the complaint of hurrying this bill was not well founded : it had been well considered. Mr Dcnnison moved an amendment, in the exemption for military services, to correspond with the reduction made on the polls : adopted. Mr Noyes moved to re-commit : sapported by Messrs Noyes and Van Sicklcn, opposed by Messrs Billings, Canfield and Barton, and nogalited. Mr Field moved an amendment confining the de ductions for military strvice to thoso who are obliged by law to do military duty : supported by Mr Cush man and adopted. Mr Cushman moved to strike out the St exemption of field and BtafTofficers for furnishing horse for mili tary sirviccj he was for putting tho ollicers and sol diers on an equal fooling. S-iipporiod by .Messrs Cushman, Canfield and Rice, when Mr Peck moved an amendment to this amendment, which was oppo sed by Messrs Keith and Mcl.oud and rejected. The amendment uf Mr Cushman was adopted, 81 to 0. Mr Bailey of Elmore brieflv oonoied the bill ; lm believed that it increased the burdens of the jaw of last year. ' The bill was then ordered to be engrossed : yeas 171, noes -23. Engrossed Bills. Relating to fees of auditors, referees, dc; reducing salary of Governor's secreta ry) relating to banks (Mr Prentiss' bill, supported by Messrs Warner, Woidbridgo, Prentiss atrl I'cliibonc, and opposed by Mr Vilas j) to incorporate the branch turnpike company severally read the third time and nasssd. Mr Prentiss, by request, moved to reconsider tho tots of yesterday rejecting the bill relatiyo to banks reaecmingin uosion or iow irorK, wnicli was laid on the table. Reports My Judiciary committee, asking to be discharged from inquiring into the expediency of tax ing property used (not originally sequestered) for charitable purposes, etc. ; granted. By select com mittee, Senate bill taxing Chittenden county) Mr Parker objected that this was n revenue bill, which the Senate had no right to originate) bill supported br Mr Von Sicklcn. onooscd bv Sir Parker, whn moved co amend mo as to assess the lax on the list of miz, instead or trill adopted. ftriiujiii Sevnal remonstrances ngainst the di vision of Windsor county were referred to the mem hers of that county. Tho petition of Joseph Wah lace was referred to the General committee. The Senate returned the bills in relation to the bank of Montpelier, and altering the name ot Elvira Patterson, with amendment, which was concurred in, Rills introduced Ry Mr Pettibone, in relation to banks (requiring bonds for redemption of bills from all direfltorsof banks under the act of 1310, and of all banks hereafter chartered,) referred to committee on DsnK. By .it r iiarKer, fixing tliesalnry of state li Its run at 5100 instead of 75. referred to committee on the library. By Mr Fulierton to alter the name oi oewau Liawrenco risn, relerred to general com mittee. From the Senate, in addition to chap. 44 K, S., relating to the bank of Windsor, for surveying line between Bennington and Windcor counties, and they were ordered to a third reading) in addition to cnap. iu, il a., reierred to judiciary committee) in amendment ot ensp. w, k. s., (relative to prosecu tion of bonds of directors of insolvent banks, and nf. tr that the bill-holders may come upon the safety fund.) and it was made the order for this afternoon. Resolution By Mr Winslow, for the publicationof procccaings oi juiiii assemuiy in tne journals oi tno iiouaei uuopiea. Ant, SENATE. 2 o'clock. P. M. Resolutions From tlioi House, relating to tho granting of pensions lo widows, reported by Mr vamp, and concurred in ny tne senate. JJt7 Renealine the laws licensim? the sale of ar dent spirits t laid on the table. In addition to chap. 41 R.H.. relatinrto leasest sunnorted bv Mr Brigzs. read a third time and passed. House bill fixing tho salary or ttu Secretary of civil and military otiairsat eiau per annum) to incorporate tne nrancn rum piktCo.; regulutine fees t rclatine to Banks: sever ally twice read and referred to committees. To pay John 8. Pettibono tho sum montioncd, reported by MrCu'ts.with a proposal to fill the blank with the sum of 372, as a compensition fur services rendered tha state in prosecuting lha Essex County Bank. Mr Hubbel, after atating the time and expense of the services of Mr Pettibone, moved that tha blank be filled with 8120 1 apposed br Mr Brines, and netta- lived. 15 to 12. Bill laid on the tabic, on motion of Mr liubbtl. UireeliBg tne commissioner of tho school fund to cancel the demands against the Uni versity of Vermont! called up by Mr Kston, support M In debate by Messrs Eaton and Smalley, and ftu viu iua ibuiv, wiicii iu uuiitiv wciiv nun jtniii a ambljr. MOUBE mits introduced. Bv Mr Davis ofN. Mdalive u SiM Prison, rrfvrred to committi of I Ways land Means'! to repeal net of last year In 1 amendment of sec. 63, chap. 23 11, S,, Uidonthota- i II in. iv i r innniain. n hi i inntn n nh u ?s . referred to committee on education. By Mr Foster, ior rcuei oiunoua a. lidsott, rctcrrcd to commit tee on Education. Tho Governor informed tho House that Elijah Farr dcehncsocceptin'g tho office of atato's attorney fot Or angn county. Tho bill chartering the Ascntnoy Bank was called up by Mr Wnrdner, supported by Messrs Wnrdncr and Noyes, opposed by Mr Pettibone, and rejected on tho 3d readme. 103 toBG. The bill from the Senate, taxing Chittenden co. was amended, on motion of Mr Van Sicklen, so ns to i ii wo im aucnuaioEum on tne list ot inn, and order ed to 3d reading. Resolutions. BvMr Wnrdner. directing thn audi. 'fr 2 accounts to continue his investigations as to i;m imanciai anairs ot tne state, and mat in connec tion with thottcasurcr, ho shall enforco the collection of unsettled balances: adopted. By Mr Keith, rela ting to lhoTarill'(lhat tho present law docs not uivo protection cnounli to wool, and instructino our rfile. gation to go for more protection to that article,) mado nil- M1UUI UI 11119 UVCIlingt Reports. By judiciary committee, Senate Mil to repeal sec. 22 chap. 59 R. Statutes, and it was otder- ed to a third rendimr. Itv pnmmlllpn nn rnmta l.;tt relating to highways (relating to discontinuance of roan,) anu mo Dili was ordered to a third reading ) thatno action is necessary ns to Winooski turnpike) ngainst bill relating to Winooski furnpiko company, and after sorno discussion by Messrs Parker, Spraguo and Holden, it was recommitted with instructions to report n lull repealing the actof 1815. fho Senate camatn and tho joint assembly pro ceeded to ballot fur Superintendent of tho State Pris on. Istbal't. 2d. 3J. -Iili. nth. Gth. 103 103 103 107 10-j 101 SO 02 73 Gfl G2 63 27 31 42 30 17 3 Jeptha Bradley Jlilion Drown I Son oi i i Buck Isiac Sherwood 4 5 37 51 G3 fl n n r. a a Scattering rUler the third ballot. Mr Von Sirkln 11 nnimnnlml Isaac Sherwood. Tho Reporter left tho joint assembly at candle hghting, on the 7lh ballot. ir ! it SnNATn.-Wcdncsdaynv.Nov.O. Mr Shehlen had leave of absence fioin and after rridav next. , Hills.-To pay John S. Pettibone S72 ) read n third timo and passed. Incorporating the St. Albans fatcaiti Mill and Transportation Co. Mr. Comii moved a reconsideration ofthe voto rejecting it j Sen ato refused to reconsider. Relating to the collection of taxes ) to pay Emery Melcndy ) to pay Win. Jlax ham i making an anpiopriaiion for tho evpenes of the Convention called by the Council of Censors authorizing the Treasurer to borrow the sum men tioned j nssessing n tax for the suppott of govern ment ) relating to tho election of representatives to Congres j in addition to and alteration nfnn act re lating to the grand list ; in addition to chap. 03 of R S. ) in addition to chap. 77 of R. .S. j severally twice read and referred to appropriate committee". Rela ting to the militia. On motion of Mr llri"" tho Senate wr-ntiiitocoimnittoo of tho whole, ancTrusum cd the consideration of the bill. Tlio coiumiitco ro soivid to ninend the bill bv odding nn cnactim clause, and substituting 8 (or G years' service to en" title a soldier of the active militia to n dischargo from mihtaryduly, and, so amended, thebili was reported to tho Senate, amendments adopted, and ihe bill was read a tlnrd timo and passed. Repealing an act therein mentioned, (relatin? to affidavit law,) repor ted by com. nnd ordered to be engrossed. Helming to the safety fund banks, called up by Mr Hnlcli who proposed nn amendment to tiie lstsection which was adopted. 12 to 9. and tho hill, nfin,- V.,.it... amendment, on motion of Mr. Dillingham, was read a 3d timo and passed. Resolution ropoi led by minority of comm. on Election, relating -to ; tin seat of Senator A. Alltn, called upby Mr. Blodgett. The question being on the amendment oirered by Mr Townaley, resolvmir that Mr. A. Allen, had resigned his offico of Postmaster previous to his r.ectiou as senator, nnd was ontitlc'd to his seat. Mr Townslsy withdrew his (proposition ofamendment, when Mr Eaton ollered n substitute alleging that .Air. Allen had resigned the offico of postmaster before tho time of his election ns Senator by forwarding Ilia resignation to tho Postmastci Gen eral, and delivering over his books and papers Air Dillingham moved so to amend tho substiiuto as' to make it read, "delivering over his hooks and papers" tohisown clerk. Mr Eaton then withdrew his Mib stitute, nnd Mr. Uriggs moved that tho resolution of the minority of the committee bo indefinitely post poned, lleloro the question was taken, the Senate IIOUSE.-Mcssrs. Garden and JudsonKned leave of nbsenco. Revorts. Bv committee of ninlm. .u. bill to credit the tun n ol Guildhall, and it was hid on the table. Bv the conimitipnnn llnlra nr.n:.... i.:n in addition to bank act of 1640 (requiring bonds of directors,) bill supported by Mr. Pettibone, when a motion to dismiss was negatived, 120 to 5G, onil the bill was ordered to a third reading. I!v conimittocon State Prison, bill to pay the debts of thn nr! t,w eludes adeh:saL'aints tho nriann nn.i nr,n....'.... 313,000,) and it vas ordered too third reading t against inns iu iay incuuiiiiiusiiuior OI USO. V. lillls and DanforthiSi Lewis, and thev were dismissed; the coninutteB wa discharged fioin the Jietition of the town of Builitizton. Uv iudiniarv rnsnnln.. i,:n i repeal actof 1311 in amendment of sec. GJc. 23 R. S nnd it wasordercd to be engrossed j an-iinst bill in re lation to imprisonment fur debt, nnd it was dismis sed. By committee of Claims, bill to pay Chiitncey Goodrich S910: Jlr. Davis of N. moved to reduce the sum to S700, adopted, ond tho bill was ordcrrd to be engrossed. By judiciary committee, bill in relation to sec. oj c. ii n. n. (same as tiiu former bill, which has been ordcrrd to a third reading, nnd it mi missed. By committee on roads, bill in addition to act incorporating Hosiien turnpike company, and it uasordued to a 3d reading) bill in alteration of chap. 21 R. S., and it wa3 ordered to a 3d readui". 7 Vie Militia Rill'VUc Senate sent down l.lll reported l.y die select conimittco (appointed by the vjuveril'll, llll a euiiu UIIIL-UUIIICHI. Mr. Harrington said the Governor had htcn liarly fortimato in selecting tlic committee to report una uiu u u.iinu iu nn: iiuuse irom tuo oenatc, Willi but n single amendment, and he trusted would bo pas sed as it stands. Mr f.'usliman said he never would mnsmi in ml.-o any bill at the recommendation of any committee, so long as in n wvrefalhhlc. Ho duo not ilo it. Tliis bill was in several respects objectionable; dan gerous to the statu, by which arms wero to bo provi ded, and the bonds required for their safe kcniin win not auoiu sumcieiii security j otijectionablo in the mode of electing ollicers ) burdciisoinu in requir ing too much duty j and in somo instances imposing litrs wituout a Hearing, tie was uillmg lo take the bill witli some amendments. Mr. Vilas wished time for examination, without nkim up the time of the house, and moved to lay tho bill on the table. Mr Canfield said the bill had been some lime in the hands of every member, and had undoubtedly been well examined. 1 1 could not be expected, even after amendments, that all will bo satisfied. Ilo was wil ling to'take tho lull as it was, satisfied that in en deavoring to amend it, it would bo rendered worse than it is. MrViIassaid ho really wished time to examine the bill, to satisfy himself upon it, and if pressed to vote now, ho must go against the bill. Mr t-'ushmnn taid that a very few amendments, in addition lo thoso mide by tho House this mornin", would render the bill acceptable. " Mr Pettibone said be wns anxious to make a thor ough examination oi the bill, but there was evidently no lime for that. Ho saw in it ono feature which would lead him to support it : it required the cuiol led inihlin to come out but once a year. On that sin defeature he was willing to voto for thebili and go heme : his constituents would care little ubout the remainder of the G? pages, 60 long os they wcro re lieved Irom the burdens underwluch they had so long groaned. He was opposed lo nil amendments, belie" ving il safest to take the bill as it is. Mr. Davis of N, couldn't agree with his friend from Manchester, who for a singlo drop of honey, would toko a pint of wormwood. Mr Pettibone We have had the wormwood for three ycats , weare notnfraid of that. Mr Davis Thebili contains some good features, but many bad ones : too many bid ones to permit him to vote for il without examination. Mr Vilas withdrew his motion to lie, and on motion of Mr Rice, the bill was referred to a select 'commit tee of five. Geological Surrey Mr Prentiss called up the Sen ate bill, providing for a geological survey of tho State. Amotion to strikeout the section, providing for com mencing tho survey at the northwest corner of lha Stale, was reiecied. Mr Shafier mm-,vl inmnmn. ato 810,000, conditioned ihnt this is nil that is to bo ncpropnnicu, wmcn was subsequently withdrawn. -Mr Vilas moved to strikeout the clause, million tho Governor lo osree ns to the sum of compensation to tho surveyor, and substitute a proviso leaving iho sum to bo fixed hy the Legislature j supported by Messrs Vilas. Cobb of S and Ifeiih. Messrs Shifter, Colby, Warner, Cushman and Wnrd ner, and rcjecttd, 10'J to 93, Mr. Davisof N, moved to amend by striking out "first instalment" and inserting 81000 : i. c tho ap propriation not to bo iniJe until $1000 are received front the public lands t'ost. Three motions lo adjourn were negotived, when ths question recurred on the 3d reading of tho bill. Mr. Henry said lis was in favor of a survey, but would not vote for this bill, on the ground lliat it was dependent on the land'fund. If placed upon money in the treasury ho would vote for it. Mr. Wnrdner said he could not voto for tho bill, if it mado n direct draft upon the treasury : ho sustained it because the money came from precisely the right source, and the survey would not be a burden upon the stale. Mr Shnfier proceeded at some length in support of tha bill, when lie gave way to a motion of adjourn ment by Mr. Jones of Waiisficld : ayea 82, noes 87. Rtnewed by Mr Wardner, and carried, SCNATK. TitUKSDiv, Nov. 10. Prayer by the cliaplain. Mr button aiked leave ( absence from and after to-morrow morning ; leave granted. Resolution From the,. House, .providing for adjournment on Monday, instead of 'Wednes day morning next, In which it was resolved to concur. Dills Relating to grammar school In Poach am, roportcd by com. on Education ; read a third .-timo and n.uscil To nav Zadock Thompson tho sum of $500, roportcd by tho conimittco on Kducation; and a statement of tacts in tho case, at the call of Air Smalley, was mado' by Mr Eaton, ehowing that, in tho publication of his now Gafecttcr, MrThompson, at groat labor and expense, had conferred upon the State, in a botanical and zoological point of view atone, benefits which had cost other states some ten or fifteen thousand dollars, and that tho conimittco was unanimous in report ing tho bill. Supported by Messrs. Briggs, Smalley, Dutton, Hatch and Cutte, opposed oy Messrs. Sprague and Butler, and passed, 15 to 10, and thebili was ordered to bo engrossed and read a third time, 10 to 10. On motion of Mr Smalloy the rulo of engrossment was dispens ed with, nnd thebili was road a third timo and passed. Relating to public accounts; read a third 'timo and passed. Relating to the instruc tion of tho (loaf, dumb, blind, and insane poor; and making tho Governor commissioner; read a !3d timo and laid on the table. Constituting a Board of Education, reported by Mr Eaton with proposed amendments, which wore adopt ed, when Mr Butler moved to erase the provis ion oftho bill for the payment of tho board and clerk, which was designed as a test question, and decided in tho affirmative, 10 to 8, and tho bill was indefinitely postponed. Relating to the grand list, reported by Mr Hatch, with propo sals of amend nent, which wore adof,led, when Mr Slovens moved additional section, refusing tho deduction of amounts of personal property in cases of debts due. Supported by Messrs. Butler, Cults and Starr, on the ground that the ctlbct ofthe amendment would be in place per sonal property and real cstato upon an equal footing, and to prevent fraud ; opposed by Hatch, JJutton, and French, upon the ground that the amendment, if adopted, would render the sys tem still more oppressive and unequal, and ul limatoly result in the repeal of the entire sys tem. Amendment adopted and the Senate adj. HOUSE Prayer by tho Rev Mr Scott. Messrs. Barber Brown of W. and Park ob tninod leave of absence. Messrs. Harrington, Cushman, Pettibone, Canfield and Rice wero appointed the select committee on tho militia bill, and had leavo to sit diiringtho session of tho house. Adjournment. Mr Canfield introduced a resolution for adjournment without day on ion morning next. Air Vilas moved to lay upon the table, lost and tho resolution was passed. Geological Survey Tho Senate bill came up on the question of the second reading : sup. ported by Alessrs. Shafter, and Ellis, opposed by .Messrs. Webster of Colchester, Cobb of S., Vilas Keith, and Davis of N. and rejected ayes, 71, noos 193. The Senate came in and sundry justices of tho peace were appointed, also Eemund Wes ton, States Attorney of Orange Co. The joint assembly adjourned on Saturday 3 p. m. and the Senate withdrew. r , SI:.ATP..-Tiiitsdav F.v. Nov. 10. fc j unintentionally omitted to report that when the bill to pay Kadnck Thompson 8300 was pending in the Senate, Mr. Hatch moved lo substitute 8230, and if that sum was inserted, ho would vole for the bill, but his molion not prevailing, Jlr. H. voted against the bill. Rills, introduced nnd referred Relating to impris onment of debtors j tciating to tho surplus revenue, and providing for its proportionate distribution omong gores i relating to paupers in jiilj relating lo the col lection of taxes. Untitled meeliaiiic'slicu, reported by Judiciary coin., adverse to its passage, ns legislatin" for ono class of the community to tho exclusion an3 injury of others. Mr. Sprague demanded tho yeas nnd nays, and the bill was i ejected, yeas 1, nays23. Twice read and referred ; for thu punishment of cap ital crimes ; to pay Chauncey Goodrich the sum men tioned i to pay the claims ngainst thoStato Prison! to repeal an act in amendment of sec. C3, chap. 53 nf the 11. S.j in addition lo chop. 20 of It. S. Tho Senate went into committee of the whole in con-idcrnlion of the bill relating to the grand list, l'ortcr's amendment was adopted, and various other proposals of amendment considered, when the com mittee rose, rcnortcd tho nntendinrrils In tlin nnBirt and tbey wero disposed of as follows; ' To strike out tho 9th section ; adopted, yeas 14, nn va il. To acid a 13th section (not to deduct debts due) adopted, yeas 14, nays 11. Mr. Hurler's amendment t mtoptcd, 15 to 10. To add n new section, nrovidini! for an nnnenl from assessment of listers to decision of selectmen ; udop- leu, iu iu And the bill, so amended, was laid on tho table, on motion of Mr. Camp. ITr Itrlrr.ra follr. nn I lip rucnltit !rt n mtntlnf. ,n flirt removal of Hie District and Circuit courts to Slontpe lier, when Mr. Smallcy moved that it bo indefinitely losponcu : motion supporieu uy Messrs. smalley, irbes, Dutton. Canin, Hubbel, Starr nnd Cutis, on- posed by Mr. Harllclt, nnd tho resolution was indeti nitelv nosnoncd. 13 to 8. .Air. llartlett asked and obtained leave of absence from and after to-morrow. IIOIJSK. I'elitionrecrrcd. OHIarvy Copeland to judiciary committee. Reports. Uy committee on roads, bill in relation to Winooski Turnpike, (repealing 2d section of actof 1SL), in cllect reducinrrtojl.) a motion to dismiss was sustained by Me srs. Wiggins, Cushman and llailcy o(K. opposed by Mcbsis. Holden and lveilh and lost, 93 too'ij the bill was then ordered to a third reading. The other bill in relation to this company was dis missed, lly committee on Slavery, utiainst the peti tion of It, '1'. Robinson, nnd llic petitioners had leave to withdraw ; that tho subjects embraced ill the peti tion of Joshua Atwood ond Thus. II. Palmer had been already acted on, and Ihe petitioners had leave to withdraw, lly the Committee on Library, bill fix ing salary of Stato Librarian, and it was ordered to a third reading! a resolution, for furnishing the Library with copies of 'documents published by order of the Legislature, passed j tha tame committee reported that tho Library had been well kept tbepast year, al so a bill for the purchase of sundry books, which wns ordered to a third reading, lly committee on educa tion, that legislation upon schools is at this time in expedient j on bill for tho relief of Rhoda A. AI. Ld son, that no legislation is ncccssaiy, and it was laid o:i Iho table; against petition of Kssex Co. Giammar School, nnd petitioners had leave to withdraw; against bill relating to assessing school district taxes, nnd it was dismissed; billiu amendment ofehap. 13, (raising school lax to 9 cents on tho list of 1812, if-c. the list being reduced,) nnd it was laid on tho tabic lly General Committee, bill in amendment of sec. 21, chop. 101 It. Sand it wasdismissod,59to5G; against petitions of Joseph Wallace and others, and the peti tioners had had leave to withdraw : bill in amend ment of aci relating to reports of decisions of ihe Su premo Court, (reporter's salary reduced from 8700 to 300,) and it wasordercd ton third reading; bill al tering the mines of sundry persons, (embracing the names of per3ons who -o names have heretofore been presented in separate bills, which wcro dismissed,) and it was ordcied to a third reading; against the Senate bill fixing county courts in Chittenden and La moille counties, and it was rejected. Hy Judiciary n.H.nnilln SJ,.nlnl.,IMIw,;.,ril,lorC.., . ..:.(. an amendment, which was adopted, and tho bill or dered to a third reading! asking to bo discharged from resolution as to taxing betterments on public lands granted ; bill to equalize the privileges of Ihe inhabitants of ihisslate, ond to remove odious dis tinctions between them, (freehold not lo be required to entitle to hold any office in this State,) and it was ordered too third reading, nfler striking nut the last pari ui mo line; onanist uui 10 amenu cnap. ii it, S. in relation to trustees, and it was dismissed : Ren. ate bill for tho relief of Salma Davis and others, and li U3 JJU3SeUt SKSATE. Fhidav. Nov. II Rills Relating to the trustee process ; read 3d timo nnd pas-ed. Relating lo paupers in jail, and provi ding that after ninety days confinement the prisjners be dischorgeed, or his support bo paid by Ihe creditor nnd not by tlieslate; renorloel by tho committee, od vcrse toils passage. Hill supported by Alessrs. Storr lllodgett, and Camp, opposed by Alessrs. Uriel's, Hubbel. and Smallcy. and reieclcef. In addition to chip. 23 11. S.; vole pasting the bill reconsidered, bill amended, nnd ncaiu uasscd. Rclatinir to the nun- islunent of capital crimes, reported by Air. Iluller, of llio select committee upon t lie subject, without amend ment, upon tue passage ot mis bin, an interesting debate arose between Alessrs. Ilriggs, Barllett, Camp, ICaton, Hiiiltr, Smallcy, and Plumb, in favor, and Alessrs. Culls and Uarrclt, opposed, when the bill was laid on Ihe table. This bill provides that no par son convicted ofcanitnl crime Bliall be executed with in ono year after his conviction t when convictions occur the offender lo be confined in Iho Stale Prison until execution, or its arrest by further proceedings. lu.-iiiun'j in ine collection oi taxes; orucreu to be en grossed. Relating to the surplus revenue, and its di vision in part, among sundry cores, renortcd bv com' mittt-e, adverse ito its passage, ond rejected. To pay the claims against Iho stato prUon : relating to elec tion ot iiepreseniauvo lo uongrrss ; severally repor ted bv committee, re ul a third time, and Dassed. Re. hung to tho government of ihoAIditia, taken up.nnd the amendments nronoscd bv tho I louse concurred in. To pay Henry Stevens for services rendered in inquir ing i revolutionary cmiuiu.reporicu Dy tne com mittee, in favor ; twico read and recommitted, Air. Hubbel beintr added to Ihe committee To inenrrm. rale tho Dank of OrangoCounty, at Chelsea, with a rapilal of 830.000; twice read and laid on the table, Relalinr? lo the .lavlnc of roads t indefinitely nmt. poned. House bill relating to elections! amendment nonconcurrou in. HOUSE. Reports. Dy commltleo of Ways and Alcnns, against resolutions declaring that the now tariff favors manufacttircraovorolher classes, &c. and it was laid on tho tablo) also on' sundry resolu tions relative to public accounts, thai action is unne cessary. Uy conimittco on tho list, ngaint bills rela ting to tho list, and thnv Wcro Intd nn tlm tnl.ta tit wait Iho fate of tho bill passed by tho House on tha Buojecif SF,lVATE.-;j-To repeal the lieenss law, tai led up by Air. Plumb, who offered amendment repeal ing alt penalties for thdtale of ardent spirits; amend ment adopted. Air. P. then proposed to restrict the salo, under a penalty of S50 rejected, and Ihe bill in definitely postponed. Relating to imprisonment for debt: Air. Duller moved on amendment to meet the caso of absconding debtors adopted. SEIVATR. Fbiday Evening, Nor. II, 1842. Tho committee on tho bill to twiv ttrnm S,ucn, wcro discharged from any further consideration of UIU BUHIC. Rills Relating to affidavit law; relating to tho election of members of Oongrosai severally reported nnd indefinitely postponed. In nddition to chap. 77 pf II. S., relating to llio collection of toxes on wild lands; amended, read a thid timo nnd passed. To pay Chaunccy Goodrich tho sum mentioned, report ed by commitico, with a proposed amendment, eras ing S700 and inserting 8350: amendment adopted, 14 to 7, and tho bill read a third time and passed. In amendment of chapter 80 R. S., relating to batiks, called tip by Air Smalloy, who said tho only object of tho bill wns to prevent nn evasion of tho existing law, and stated tho manner in which it wos evaded. Air b tarr stated tho reason of tho committco for reporting adverse to the bill that its object was already at tained by tho law. when duly enforced. Air Smallcy moved that tho blank bo filled with 81,000 1 negatived 7 lo 13. Air S. then moved 82,000: adoptod. 22 to 0, and tho bill was read a 3d timo nnd passed. Uy Mr I'rench, altering the term ofChitlcnden Co. court; rulo dispensed with, nnd tho bill read 3 limes and pas sed. Relating to imprisonment for debt, under con sideration at adjournment ; called up by Air Ilriggs, who moved, as a test question, that it bo indefinitely postponed agreed to. In amendment of section 03, chap. 23 R. S. read a third timo nnd passed. To equalize i the privileges of tlie inhabitants of this state; in addition to chap. 60 II. S., relating to banks : di recting die Treacurer to credit Iho town of Guildhall the sum mentioned t in alteration ofehap. 25 R. S., relating to 1st and 2d judicial circuits; repealing sec. 1, chap. J) R. S.j altering tho names of persons llicrcm mentioned; in amendment of an act relating to the reporting oftho supremo court decisions ; rela ting to the collection of Mate taxes; fixing the salary or librarian ; relating lo Slate library ; lobank slock' severally twico read and referred. Relating to the collection of taxes; read n third time and passed. Repealing sec. Gofchap. 23 It. S. ; vote passing the bill reconsidered, bill amended, and passed. Altering the names of certain personsi reported, read a third lime and passed. Constituting a Hoard of Kducation, called up by Mr Eaton, amended, road a third timo and lost, 9 to 10. Relating to 1st and 2d judicial cir cuits; in amendment of chap. IB R. S. ; relati'mMo AAinooskt Turnpiko Co. i severally twice read and referred. Relating to the punishment of capital crimes ( called up by Jlr Uiilkr, opposed in debate by Mr Starr, supported by Air Dillingham, when Air i ,s',. 01 "'9 rCfluest, was excused Irom voting, and Ihe bill was read a third time,, 13 to 7, and passed. Jlr Smallcy moved a reconsideration of the vote re jecting Ihe bill constituting a Uoird of Education for lIlO supervision of common Rrhnntn vntnri.fnnat.tov- ed and the bill read a third time and passed, II to 10. "mi rciaung to uams siock; rcau a third time mm pnsseu. Revolt l!v Mr Plntnn. nf rnm nn rlnf nmonfa frnin other states, against the doctrine of tho repudiation of sum; ueois, wun accompanying resolutions, which nio iuiiu jtuu tioopieu. Ifrsntuiinn li.. it- n:n:ni.M . .i.- MJj t.xl Liiuii"iitiiii, leiiuenng ui thanlts ofthe Senate toits President, for theabloond impartial manner in which ho had discharged Ihodu ties of the chair; to which the President made a feel ing and appropriate renlv. iiuuoiv. mparts, uy judiciary committee fa-1 VOrab 0 tO tho netition nf Clllirrl.ill Run, nan,. ..I others, and tho petitioners had Icavo to withdraw, a bill on tho subject having been reported. Uy com mittee on Education, against legislation at present on schools. lly judiciary commilteo, bill in amendment of sec. 2 chap. 43 R. S. (fiximr termsof Windhnn. ml indsor co. courts,) passed. liy select committee, bill anncxinc sundry towns lo Dmnnp m nml i ,unD dismissed, liy judiciary committee, anainst H. W. Copeland s petition for exempting fowls from attach ment nun uie petitioner Had lcao lo withdraw; Senate bill in addition to rbnn. 2t) S fr.,ln, ;., . highways laid out over toll bridires i nnnncnl l, Alessrs llailcy of E. and Keith, and rejected. Uycom imlieo on 1-ducalion, in favor of Senate bill to pay .adock Thompson : supported by Alessrs Canfield, "ebslcr of Colchester, nnd f.Vilhv. nnnnul l... ir srs Spraguo and Keith, and lost on tho 2d reading, 77 Papers on the table. Rill for thn rpi;,.rnrnt.n.i. a AI. Kdson. and it was dismiaqoil. Inmi-i.;..... been otherwise, made for her.) Hill in amendment of c. IB it. ."5. (relative to school taxes,) nnd it was mado the order for Alondav next: Li similni- lull I,-.- k passcd.J Dili relating to the militia, dismissed. , Air Keith asked leave to introduce a bill taxing slock one bank owned by another bank: grantwi, and iho bill wea three tunes and paused. f.ngrpsscU JJitls. Tocrcdit town of Guildhall ; in addttiun to clitw. soil. H.rfurt,r..Hr ;nnn i. &e. against direciors of insolvent banks ; in altera tion ut chap. 25 11. S. (tillering judicial circuits;) re pealing sec. 2 clup. 29 It. S. (the section repealed lim its jurisdiction of justices in trustee process;) relating iu uiu iviicmuii ui oiai luAta, unci nig tuo names 01 the persons I herein mentioned: to cnnalizn nriiilnnna of tho inhabitants of this stale; in amendment of act rciaung lo supreme uourt reports (salary of report er reduced to S3C0 ;) fixing salary of the librarian ; relating lo the btato library; from the Senate, defin ing the rights of freemen, ipc; to repeal tec. 2 of nnd Winslow, nyes 08, noes 65; relating to school taxes scmally passed. Rills introduced. From tlio Senate, relating to deaf, dumb, blind and insane, (tho Governor lo per form the services of commissioners, and receive there for S100 per annum,) nnd it was passed ; in nltera tiod of sec. fi cliap. 57 on limitation of actions, ex tending timo to six years, and it was rejected ; defin ing 32d sec. chap, '15 R. S., referring to judiciary committee j to pay John S.'Pettibono ZTZ, referred to committee on claims. (solution. From the Scnote, to procure collec tion and arrangement of naners cunnecied with tlm early history ol the slate, nnd to continue the com mission ofllenry Stevens, in relation lo revolutiona ry claims : relerred to committco on claims. SENATE. Saturday, Nov. 12, 1812. Prayer by the chaplain. The amendment offered bv Mr. Porter, which Wll reported in proceedings of Senate of Thursday after noon, nronosid to assess mechanics, mannfneinrpra nnd merchants, according to their respective gains, in uiu juugmciu oi uie listers, not exceeding SlUUj but that thev should not bo assessed in ntw nthrr nv fur their stock in trade. Opposed in debate by Air. Hatch. j Rills To rnualizo the nnvilermq nf llin inbnl ntnn la of this Slate, dispensing with freehold qualifications. Air Ilriggs moved to substiiuto for its title, "relatin" to freehold qualifications :" amendment adopted, and tho bill read a third timo and passed. Repealing sec. 2, chap. 29 U.S., relating to jurisdiction of justices in uumfe (iiuicd!., rrjiurica uy com., aovcrse lo us rejected. Iiiamendmcnt of sec. 2, chap 23 R. S., reported by com., with a proposal to omend by striking out Iho 2d section, which was adopted, and llio bill read a third time and passed. Altering ii mm .u juuieiui circuiiD j rcau a tmru nmo anu pas sed, IS to 5. In addition lo chap. 60 II. S. j read a 3d time and passed. Relating to the collection of taxes, reported by com. on Finance ; rend a 3d time nnd pas sed. In amendment ofehap. 18 R. S., relating to ihe State Library t directing the Treas irer to credit the lown ot uuildliall Ihe buiii mentioned ; fixing salary ot librarian ; severally read a third lime and passed. To amend sec. 23, chap. 21 R. S. rejected. To re peal nnaet thcrciu mentioned j indefinitely postponed. In addition to chap. 21 R. S. j amended, and ordered to bocngrossed. Relalinirto renair of hirdiwnvfi : in. definitely postponed. Relating to the punishment of i-dpuui ci mien i inucumteiy posiponca. in addition toon act relating to Hanks i indefinitely postponed. To repeal see, IG, chap. 1 of 11,8. ; indefinitely post, poned. To nav adock Thomoson tho sum mention' edj returned from the House, wilh an amendment, in which the Senate resolved to concur. Resolutions Reloling to tlio pay and mileogo of iiiciiiueio ui congress iiaitcnup, wnen .nr. Munsui inoven to nmend by inserting 8b per day, and 83 for cveiy .u nines travel. Amendment supported in ue bate bv Messrs. Hillta. n.imn nnd Tlillinnhnm. nnnnfi cd by .Messrs. Spraguo and Duller, and adopted, H lo i, mm me lesuiutton, ns amenncu, passen, yeas u, nays 0. Rclatinir to a tariff i indefinitely nostnoncd. on mOtlOnofMr. Ilrions 1'2 to 11. fl'licoi o tbo resolutions introduced by Air Hubtell, and will be published in full in a future paper. Relating to tha 8eat Of Senator A. Allpn. rrnnrld Tiv rnmm. nn Elec. lions, alleging that Air A. had resigned his offico of posiniasterprevious lo his election as Senator, and was entitled to bis seat i taken up, when Air. Briggs moved an indefinite postponement. Upon this mo tion a debate ennnpil nn llm mi.rilBnrihnnnr.tion. nnil the facts in iho caso supported by Air. Camp, on the ..uw inni oeiiatur .-iien nau compucu wiui ino re quirements ol his commission nnd the rules ofthe uepartmeni, liy doing all in his power, by resigning '"s commission, and surrendering his papers ; oppos i t J'j.Snallcy, who conimded that resignation nnu uaiiuiiigoicr oi papers did not amount lo ccas ina tO be riOStmnmp (tint nnltiini. elinrl nf nn nn. lual aaceptation of the resignation, or removal by the 1 03tmasttr-Gencral, could lender the individual eli gible, under existing laws, to a seat in the Senate. luiuier remarks uy Air liutier, oppotea, and air Jtunsill, tn'avor, without taking tho question the Sen- Adjourned. SRViTP-e....... e... m.. in '. . , WAfl.Liai ...... . ... Mr. Stark moved to reconsider the oteof yestcr llay, PaSSlni lllOfienatn hill rlofininn th rtn-ht nr frfta- ?.Vn 5 "Of discussion hy Messrs. Vilas. Can6.1d, ." " U"""B riuoone, oprague. liauey of Blanc, Rice, Foster of ji., Uakcr, Warner, HarrinRton, Van ,n- oin i,.h","nfc- tho motion was carried, 1U3 to BZ. ITItu bill, among other things, requires students to vote at their homes, not In tho towns where they resido only for tho purposes of obtaining nn education. After furthor discussion by Alessrs. Vilas, Noyes, Pctlibono and Woodbndjre, Air Petti bone moved to amend, by Btriklng out the clause re peating the Kith seo.'of tho election law, carried, 100 to 74. Further discussion ensued by Atcs-rs. Pren tiss. Vilas; Cobb, ofiS.. Cushman, Shafter, Colby, and Von Sicklen, and the bill was rejected, 103 to GU. Reports. By select committee, a bill forngeologi col.survey, which on' motionof AIn Shafter (who made the report Waslaid On the table with tio under standing that it shall not again bo taken up. Dy committco of claims. Scnato resolution relative to doc umentary history of this State, nnd extending tho vuiiiiiusaiuuui ii. oicvcus, rfjecteu. uy select com mittee, in favor oftho resolution of the Scnato con demning thodoctrinoof repudiation as practiced in some slates, Alississippt for instance Mr Vilas moved nn amendment approving 6f showing faith in this respect by works, asserting that. Alassachusctta had repudiated repudiation ond yet refused to pay her own stato debts : adopted, nnd the Senate resolutions concurred in. lly commiltcuol claims, n statement of facts ns to debts duo from tho University of Ver mont, with a resolution to postpono tho collection of this debt, which was, after discussion by Alessrs. Aioyes', Van Sicklcn, Premiss, Wordncr, Cushman, Hnrnngton, Pettibone, Baker, Davis of N.. passed unanimously. By select committee, a scries of reso lutions on tho tariff, which wcro adopted without a division, except the seventh nnd eighth, which wcro that tho present tarilT is not partial to tho manufac turers, and that though it mav not afford all tha pro tection necessary lo wool, it did arrest tho downward tendency in theprico of that articlo. Air Harrington moved lo amend by substituting instructions to our delegation to go for more protection on wool. Dcbato ensued by Alessrs Wardner, Hollister of AI., Stark, Warner, Canfield, Pctlibono, Peck, Vilas, linker nnd Cushmanj thenmendmcnt was rejected, 78 to GO tho original adopted, B0 to 56 and Air Harrington's resolution was added to tho Bcrics by a unanimous vote. Another series of resolutions on llio Turin coming up, Air Cushman moved nn amendment, declaring the doclrineof protection to its full extent, nnd in structing our delegation in Congress accordingly, which was adopted. The question recurring upon ils adoption. Air Cushman bal ed forthsaves and noes. whereupon several members leaving tho hall, Air C. said as it seemed a portion of the House doro not vote, ho would withdraw the call. The resolution was then adopted. ihe Governor sent in the following message : Executive Chamber, Nov. 12, 1H42. 12 o'clock. $ I have to inform tho House of Representatives that a Dill this moment having been presented to mo in such a form that 1 cannot rcau it, nnel otso not en grossed, I shall have further communication to make on Monday morning, at 5 o'clock. CHARLES PAINE. To Hon. Anduew Tracy, Speaker of tho Houso of Representatives, Adjoumod. AIosnAT, Nov. 1 1, 4 a. m. SENATE Prayer by the chaplain. Tho resolutions from tho Houso of Representatives on llio subject of tho tariff were taken up, whereupon a rail of the Senate was ordered, and eleven Senators only being present, tho ro was no quorum. Thesoveral messages wero exchanged, and Ihe President of the Senate adjourned the Senate without day. HOUSE. Tho govenor by message announced to the House that he bad signed llio bill in addition to the listing law, and after exchanging the usual mes sages, the Speaker adjourned the Houso without day. THE LEGISLATURE. This body adjourned, without day, at fivo o'clock on Monday morning, the resolution fixing upon Wednesday for the session to terminato having been received by a concur- ent voto of tho two Houses. In accordance with our apprehensions, the Sill for a Geo logical snrvey oftho State, which passed tlio Scnato last week by so largo a majority, was defeated in tho House of Representatives. For tins unfortunate result wo aro indebted to tho bad management of some of tho friends ofthe Bill, to the clamor of Loco Foco dem agogues, and lo tho false and niggardly no tions of economy which infest tho sapient noddles of some of the weaker brethren in our own ranks. Tho more intelligent mem bers of both parties in tho Houso were deci dedly and stronely in favor of survey. But tlio narrow-minded and illiberal, which class unfortunately comprised this year a large majority ofthe Loco members, and, wo re gret to say it, a very respectable numerical minority of the Whigs, went point blank against it, ns they always go against any measure for the improvement of tho State, which involves an expenditure of dollars and cents. The Bills for tho relief of our Uni versity, and for tho establishment of a board of Education, both of which had passed the Senate independent of party divisions, met the same fate in tho Houso of Representa tives, which had befallen the scheme fur a Geological survey. Wo intend soon to en ter upon the discussion of tho subjects in our columns and to call the calm and dispassion ate attention of tho pcoplo to their para mount importance both to tho moral and physical property of our State. For tho present wo can only express our regret at their ill success in tho Houso of Representa tives and hopo a better destiny may await them hereafter. But, notwithstanding tho shameful defeat of theso measures, tho Legislature Iiavo pas sed two or threo Bills of great importance, and which, wo have no doubt, will bo highly beneficial to the Stato in their practical re sults. Wo allude particularly to the Militia Bill and the Bill to sccuro a moro perfect accountability of public officers. We Iiavo not spaco at present to givo tho particular provisions of these two Bills, but shall refer to the subject again, and enter into a moro intricate discussion of them. On tho last day of tho Session, another Bill was passed also', at which, wo Iiavo no doubt many iff our readers will bo pleased; we mean the Bill to pay tho Rev. Zapock Thompson of this town, tho sum of five hun dred dollars, for his services in preparing that excellent and valuable work the natu ral, civil, and statistical history ofthe Slate. Tho passago of this Bill will bo as gratify ing to Mr. Thompson as it was creditable to the Legislature. NEW YORK ELECTION. Locofocoism has swept tho Stato liko a tornado. -Tho Whigs arc routed, horse, foot, and dragoons. Bouck is elected Governor, by something over 20,000 maj. The Scn ato stands 10 Whigs to 22 locos ; tho House 3G whigs to 92 locos ; and tho Congressional representation, 10 whigs to 24 locos. Tho only green spot in tho State, is Albany City, where, upon a full vote, tho whigs Iiavo re versed a majority of near tno hundred againtt them last year, to near six in thoir favor this an increase upon tho majority of 1840. All honor to tho gallant whigs of Albany. CyTho communication of "An old Anil Jackson man," in regard to County Judges, which which wo promised to givo this week, wo havo accidentally mislaid. Will our os teemed correspondent excuse us so far as to pre pars another for ui 1 FRIDAY AIORNING, NOVEMBER 19, 1642. ELECTION OF DELEGATES. Tlio clioico of delegates to a convention to puss upon the amendments proposed to tlio Constitution, by tlio Council of Censors, look placo in tints Stato on Tuesday lasl Somehow or other this election seems not to iiavo been .brought to tho rlotico of tlio con! munity generally, and wo venturo to say that a majority oftho voters in tho Stato wcro not awaro oftho existence of sucli an election. This general apathy, however, seems i,ohavo boon improved by tlio Locofo cos to mako a rally, and as far as wo can learn they have pretty generally elected tlio delegates. If tlicro is any stock to bo mado out of such an operation they aro welcome to it. Burlington, Wyllys Lyman, Shelburn, Harry Morse, Colchester, Jacob Rolfo, ' , Milton, A. O. Wliittcmorc, Jericho, Truman Galusha, Williston, Truman Cliittondon, ' ,. Charlotte, Everett Rich. MASSACHUSETTS. Tho election camo off in this Stato on Monday. Our returns nro as yet incom plete ; but what wo Iiavo is somewhat akin to thoso of New York, and il is more than probable that Morton is elected Governor. The Post says: "Tho aggregate voto of last year in tho Stato was 111,062, of which Davis had 55,974 ; Morton, 51.3GG ; aboli tion and scattering, 3,721. Tlio Majority ofDnvis over nil was 880. Tlio majority over Norton, of Davis and scattering, 8,328, votes, which Morton must gain to be elected. As far as hoard from this gain lias boon mado, and if the rest of tho stato lias done as well for us, Marcus Morton has a majority over all others I" NEW ASPECTS. Tho recent elections in Ohio and New York seem to have inspired tho locofoco party with the strange hopn of again rallying on Mr. Van Burcn, for President. Mr. Bon- ton, it will bo recollected,somc twelve months since, proclaimed his adhesion to Mr. Van Burcn, and within a fuw days tho Globe, which is his acknowledged mouth-piece, has commenced a furious attack upon Tyler's administration, and gives at length the roa- sons why tho democracy must havo nothing lo do with it. Wo quoto tho following, as a specimen of tho wholosalo assault : The Democratic parlv does not, and cannot, op- provo llio general course of Air. Tyler s administra tion, uiinvuii u inuy sanction some oi inc acts oi mat nentlcman sucli as tho vetoes of tbo bank, nnd what is called 'the little tariffbill.' These were, undoubted ly, highly agrceablo lo that party (but tho grounds on which they wcro based were not equally satisfac tory. The Democratic party cannot forget that Air. Tyler would havo approved tho bill establishing a Hank of the United Stales, but fot the clause civim! it the absolute rmht to intrudo branches in'o the Sinte. without their consents nor that he approved the bill for the distribution of the public lands, and on ly incidentally dissentinc from it afterwords, on the ground that it violated a provision that it should not iunec.iicci lieu inc necessities ui uie uoverumcni renuircd a hmhcrdutv than twentv tier cent, on for eign importalions; nor that be precipitately gave his assent to the repeal of thoindenendent trcasurv: nor tnai lie approved an intainous, demoralizing bankrupt law; nor that he promised tho inlerfcicnco of the troops of the United States, for Iho nurnoso of arres ting the extension of tho rights of siillrage in Rhode island. Above all, tncy cannot tan to remember thai .nr. i yler nas funetiu'ieu a land bill more obnox ious, bvfar. thnn that which ho vetoed i nnd lliat III r. --cim-a's exertions m nrocurmn- llm nnssrin-n nf ilmi hill arc about to be rewarded by a scat in tho Cabinet. i.tiBtiy, now can inc nemocrniic party tic, or be come, "ono and indivisible" with tho "friends of Air. TVLER." when thev see. Mr. Wprstpb nnn nf tlifir mosi stern, inflexible opponents in tlio situation of III9IMHIIU coiiuucniiai minister ; ana .nr. ar-ENCER at the head of another Department s and both civinc out ns tho future measure of llio Administration. Walpoi.b'b execrable exchequer system, with debt, paper money, and corrrplion in its train 1" This the Mudisonian resents with becom ing indignation, and manifests' very little dis position to acquiesce in this arrangement. After moro than insinuating that tho Globo has seen its best days, and hitting Benton a severe gird under the fifth rib, tho Madiso nian thus alludes to Mr. Van Burcn's "grace ful retirement." As for signing tho repeal of tlio Sub Treasury, the address of the New York Democratic Stato Convention, this fall, sub stantially acknowledges that it was condemn ed by the People. Tho address compli ments Mr. Van Buren, and very properly, on his "graceful retirement" in obedience to tho voice of a majority of the People. It is a cardinal principle of Democracy that the majority shall bo obeyed. Now, no ono will deny that the repeal of tho Sub-Treasury was openly and universally advocated by the victorious party during tho campaign of 1840. In truth, Mr. Van Bttren's defeat was mainly owing to tho unpopularity ofthe Sub Treasury. It furnished a sound cur rency for the office-holders, but nothing for the People not even an "in-ci-den-tal-ly." Mr. Benton is in favor of incidental pro tection to the People from a Tariff on the samo principle, why should not the Govern ment givo the People a sound currency "in-ci-den-tal-ly," if you pleaso 1 Tins thu Exchequer will do. Wo think the Sub-Treasury men will prefer tho Excheq uer to a United Slates Bank, and tho Uni ted States Bank men will prefer it to tho Sub Treasury. Wo have taken our ground, and intend to maintain it. Duwitt Clinton Clark, of Brandon, has been appointed Major General in Chief of tho Vt. Militia. A very good appointment. John C. Colt. Tho application of Colt, who is under sentence of death for tho mur der of Adams, for Exccutivo clemency, has been denied, and ho will doubtless bo execu ted to-day, agrceablo to tho sentence. Texas. A littlo additional news lias ar rived relating to the operations going for ward. President Houston mado a speech to the troops on tho 3d, in which ho told them that Texas must now "go ahead" in earnest and mako up her mind for fighting. Ho al so issued orders for the march to the Rio Grande and beyond it if llio general thinks it advisable. Tho rendezvous to bo at San Antonio on tho 25th. Tho command seems to Iiavo been bestowed on General Somer villo. (? Counterfeits. Look out for S3 counterfeits on the Montpelier, Chelsea, and Calcdnoia, Bunks. DELAWARE HERSELF. Tho Statu of Delaware ('small In. territo ry, with a heart blj 8noughJbr,a Continent,' as tho high Priostof Grand Island once cor rectly observed,), hold her election hin tbo samo day with oursjamijn trio midst of tha sarno ferocioustompost. Yfo supposed she liad'gono with the'cuVrent, of course, "and did not givo tho first-reports which reached us of a Whig victory. It appears, however, that the Whigs Iiavo succeeded by a very small but sufficient majority. Hon. Georoi u. Rodney is reelected to Congress - by It voto closo as this : . iVifs for Rodney, Whig. Kent Co 130 Do. forJonts, Loco. Newcastle - - 199 Sussex 79 Rodney'a mtjt . 20a Total--. 209 n Wo havo taken the worst roport from each County , considering that tho most likely to proyo correct. Wo presume Sodney is cho son. Tho Legislature is Whig beyond doubt. Tribune. New Hampshire United States Sivato. Chattes O. Alhcrton was on Wednesday last elected U. S. Senator from New Hampshire for six. year from iho 4th of Alarch next. The Treaty of Washington. Tha rati fication of this treaty is officially announced. and the treaty itself officially published in tho National Intelligencer,. , ... .w. O V. VfLWUCI IIIUIMIV that tlicro will bo some sharp work soon on tha Mex ican side of the Rio Grande. Texas. Galveston dates to thn 2nA nttimm wore received at Now Orleans on the 31it ult. Tho news does not appear to be of much importance. The citizens of Galveston wera engaged in fortifying the island. President Houston has issued a proclamation calling on tho mombers of Congress to convene at Wash ington oii tho 14th inst. The Houstonian statei that tho notorious Cordova, who headed the Mexicans at Nacogodochcs in 183S, was killed at tho battle of Solado, together with the broth or of Gen. Vasijuez, and several Cherokee In dians. Interesting from Cuba Tho uchr. Bur lington, Capt. Ellis, arrived at Savanna on Friday evening, Nov 4, from Givara, Cuba. Sho was bound to New York,, and owing to a stress of weather, put into that port, having experienced come danger in heavy gales. I ho passengers of the Burlington have fur nished the Georgian for publication the fol lowing statement: "On the I Gth da V of October, nnnfarcd o!Tl. nnu of Givara, a tmall sloop showing Eng-lish colors, from which a boat put oil nnd came into the harbor. navingon tioaru Liavia lurnhull, qr. member of Parliament, one of the mixed cemmi9ioner oftha African Doard, wilh authority from the English gov ernment to demand the lileration, of not only tha Enili-h black in this part ofthe Island, but of all airicansinlrCKiuceu since the treaty of 1821. Imme Itatcly on landinsr, dressed in full uniform, he called upon the commanuanie ol the port, presenting his iM'snori, and desirinrr to know if he could nroceed immediately to certain plantation", which he named, wiui a view oi prosecuting nis intentions; staling; t lint the ve-cl would lay on" the harbor during hi short absence. 1 his tho commandanle positively refused, ordering' at the mine time the vessel to enter the port. On anchoring sho wan boarded by the authorities and found manned wilh ne;roe- the pilot or captain of said vessel, one Tom Cater by name, a free mulatto, a Spani-h nutlaw and perpetrator of illegal acts on tin side of the KlanJ, and for whom the Spanish au thorities have for many vears been on the qui tits, A guard was placed on hoard lo prevent any com munication with Ihe shore, Mr. Turnbull then re quested permission to proceed to the town ofHol guin where the Governor of the district reside, desi ring at thu same time Ihe protection of the author ities, and whether it were safe for him to go without arm-, a- lie hart nothing but his Mvord. 1 lie commandantc assiiretl nun that tie would bt perfeelly safe, and ordered a corporal and two men io ticci'iiiniiny him, with strict injunctions not to ..i.w.v ...i in i-uirr nnu unv pmniauun, or commu nicate with any one on the route. On presenting him-tdf at the Governor's he wis recosnized as the English Consul, who had caused (o much trouble in Havana n short lime ago, and who only saved his life by flying for protection on board the Engli.h euard shin here: and in con-cnnence cf opinions and nctsexpressd by him to the injury of the planters of this, Island, was ordered offand forbid io return to any pari thereof by the Captain General. He was immediately arresied and placed under the survillancc of a double guard, no one being allowad to see or speak to him. Orders were likewise i-sited to place the captain and crew of the vessel in the fort, with thu same restrictions, where they now are. Air. Turnbull and company will be sent on shortly by a steamboat, which is expected at Givara daily, to Havana, to lo placed at the disposal of the Capt. General, the Governor not being empowered to aci in such a case. The arrival of this srentleman has caused treat ex citement, particularly among the English planters, of which there are a number at Givara, and vigorous measures would have been adopted to prevent the fur thering of his views, had Ihe Governor not taken such a decisive step." PUBLIC SALE OF AMERICAN PRO VISIONS AT LIVERPOOL. Monday, the 10th ulto., was the day fix ed by the new tariff for the payment of the reduced duties on salted provision, and, in consequence, public sales to a considerable extent were announced to take place on the lollowing day in Liverpool. Theso sale comprised 1512 barrels of American beef, 219'J barrels American pork, 321 barrels American hams, C9 1 barrels Canadian pork, and 35 barrels Canadian beef, which exci ted considerable interest and curiosity. The attendance of town and country dealers wai numerous, with some gentlemen from Ire land, thn latter, no doubt, to watch the pro gress of a trade threatening to interfere with that which they have enjoyed exclusively to long. ft must be observed that a greater portion oftho United Stales beef was imported some months ago, and having been cured before it was known that there would bo a change in tlio British duties, were not so well suited to tho tasto of consumers here, as doubtless thoy will be rendered hereafter. The meat was generally well fed, though rather fatter than tho usual run of Irish. Of the beef, on tho contrary it was observed that it was not sufficiently well fed. We question whether tho sales Iiavo resulted to thn satisfaction of the importers generally ;' the buyers evident ly acted with more wariness from being new to the trade. Ofthe United Stales provis ions a largo portion was withdrawn, the pri ces not coming up to expectations. The hams that wcro sold went at 30s. fid. to 31s. per cwt. duty paid. Prime beef sold ntSSs. to 39s. per barrel, duty paid ; a very old parcel went oven lower. Pork went at 41s. to 4Gs: per barrel duly paid. The Ca nadian pork realizod43s. to 46s. per barrel, duty paid, and the little Canadian beef that was offered brought 46s. to 4Ss. for prima ; ono lot prime mess 50s. per barrel, duty paid. Several parcels of American cheese wero also offered, and sold at S6s. 6d. to 46. 6d. per cwt. duty paid, for inferior to raid dlingquality, whilo afew lotsofgood brought 50s. to 54s. per cwt. duty paid. Earthquake in Canada. The Montreal Gazette of 10th Nov, iust says: "On Monday morning, tho shock of an earthquake waa felt vary sensibly in this citv. It lasted nnlv i seconds, and in its effect, was like the trern- bung sonsation occasioned by a roar of artil lery. Tho windows of tho bouses, and "even tho walls of thick stono buildings, wcro smart ly shaken. The shock wis experienced 'in various parts of the country. Private accounts from Three Rirers and Sore mention thai

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