Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 9 Aralık 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 9 Aralık 1842 Page 3
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CARD. (t70ur most acknowledgements ra due to our excellent friendj, Mr-sirs. Oitiuim and MicuoLLsfor n basket or " the juictt, " accompanies. liy tho follow lug very handsome communication. Thtt the wine is of the choicest kind wo have lufficiont assurance in the sourco from which it tames ; and, really, a happier conceit was nev er dreamed of, than that of packing champaign with almonds unless, indeed, it be that kin dred one, of packing almonds in champaign. To the Editor of the Free Press. That tho worshipful Free Press is dovotcd to objects of Commerce and is chiefly intended for the Morcantilo world wo wore aware : but we. howerer, perceive with incffoblc delight that it also deals with the Muses, and that with tho veriest good humor possiiile, it can conjure up one of the fairest of the brond of Ricclius ! which signal triumph of the Ituhy God tit these timet opens a new ana glorious licld to profound investigation. How highly we Drize so svirit-ed i production, our worshipful friend of tho Free Press will be aoie 10 estimate iromour uuiu uui&mtcn iuiuc with tho pleasure of presenting for his accept ance. a bottle of the identical lloidsick Cham paign, and another of Hochhcimer Ausbruch sacked in Sicilian Almonds. The garlands of sisterhood with which the Godsenwreathcd tho Vineyards of Champaign, and those of the eximious Rhine, will be, wc hope, a sufficient emblem of the cordiality and irienasmp with which wn make the ottering, OSTHEIM & MICUOLLS, Burlington, Doc. 7th, 1312. TESTIMONIAL. At a meeting of the Chittenden County Bar, converted in the court room, on the evening of tho 30lh of November, 1812, the Hon. FRAN. CIS WILSON, and the Hon. RDMUND WELLINGTON, assistant judges of Cliittcn. den County Court, being about to retire from the bench by the expiration of their term of office ; the following resolutions were passed unanimously : Resolved, That the bar take pleasure in bearing testimony to the integrity, ability, and iranllenianlv conduct unifornierly exhibited bv the Hon. Frances Wilson, and the Hon. Eomund Wellington, during the lime they bave held their respective office, as well upon the bench, as in their intercourse with the bar R'tuhed. That the Clerk of the bar be in. atrucled to furnish a copy of the above rcsolu. tion, to each of the above named gentlemen, and to each of tho Editors of the newspapers m Burlington, fur publication. A true extract from the minutes. Attest, Wh. WESTON, CUrk, THI? TAUIFF-A SCKNK. We betr the scrutiny of every render to the resnlu tiani (ou our first page,) introduced to tho Senate by Senator Ilubbell. The same wore brought befoic the House: of course there was an understanding with anifbodf, in fact, lliere is no doubt about it, these were cooked up by leading Locofocos, and embody the policy of the party. Look at iheoi: there is no exnrcssiuii of principles, nor the shadow of nn ex pressiou. Are the Locos in favor of n Protective Tamil They don t sav so in their resolutions. Ha.e they any principles of their dim ? None are express ed in tuese resoiunons. ai'sin wesay iook nt tncin. They recite ihst the legislature said so and so last year, and then intimate lhat i he new TunfTdoes not oinc up to that standard, especially on,nnd con clude by instructing .nnr delegation to go for more protection on that article. In short, in these resolu tions the Lncofoces attempt to balk ihe question by skulking behind the resolutions which a Whig leg'n laturs lust year adopted, and in doing that, they nei ther approve nor disipprovo of those resolutions! As we observed in the nutsc'., the same resolutions were introduced in the House; th-v came up on the last evening of the session, when Mr. Oushtmn pro ceeded to strip the I.oeofoeo ass of I he linn's skin, by ofHiring the followins substitute. It is to the point, declaring the constitutionality nf a Protective Tnrifi nd instritciinsr oi.r delegation to m for F.QUAl, PAOTIv TIO.V TO ALL HRANCHF.S OF AMER ICAN INDUSTIiY : , "Whereas, in the opinion of this General Assembly, Conareta hava tht constitutional power to ioiponedii' ties for purposes of Protection, and believing that all classes should be f-nuallv nrateolpil lletolred, therefore, by the Senate and ttnuu of Representatives, linn our oeiinitit in ioiisiiBaueiii. trueted and our Representatives requested to use aSalr influence to nrocure such nltetationsin our rer- tnut laws, if needed, at will secure eaual protection to AIjU aranencsoj American snuusiry. This is sdonted as a substitute for the oilier resolu tiens, and then recurs the question on its passage. Jlr. Cushman demands the yeas and noes, mat eve ry man's name may go on to the journals, and thus hn m tha rmonle who are the true friends of Pro tection. Thi- is cruel to the poor Locos, nn I cries rise all about the hall for him to withdraw the call j but, like a gallant General ns he is, he pushes the en emy either to bring out their forces or retreat. It is i crisis s time.lor leaders to prove their skill. Well Mr. Vilas, the I.oeofoeo commander-in-chief, con suits an instant wilh (iencral llaker the word is xnieklv nassed to the nearest troops: the general of ficers lead oh", Col. McLoud wheels into the line of march, anfl a granu envision 01 l.ocoioco iro"p is an t once seen going tun mi jar rie uoori i ncy re treat iliev won't sland fire: in other words, ihev dare not reronl their votes, yea or nay, on the plain question of Protection, and therefore run nwnv Havim thus demonstrated the fact, lhat ihe l.ocofo- cos run from the House to avoid this question, Mr. Cuahmiu withdrew his call for the aves and noes. and the resolution was adopted rire race. Wc now state, as in justice we are bound todo-and as n sharp rebuke to the ntreating Locos we give the fad lhat oaveral of the Loeofoco members would not follow the example set by the more radical portion nf the party. Messrs. Harrington, Colby, Cobb, and Page of Corinth, remained in the House, to our knowledge, and undoubtedly many more. The first named also voted in favor of the resolution, and we presume lhat others of the party did the same, though we have no knowledge ot Ihe tact. 1 he scene was rich, deciuca 1r and will heln not a litllc in showinir the ueonli the true character of the professions made by nt least large portion of the Loeofoco parly on the question or protection. i r. iiaicnmnn. RESOLTTIONS ON THF. TARIFF. The Patriot covcrlly justifies tho anti-tar iff locos for runring out of the House and refusing to vote in favor of "Equal Protf.C' tion to all clauses or, to bo literally correct, we will say, that it strives to cover tho retreating Locofocos, by complaining of the whiss. That our readers mavseo what the Patriot really complains of, wo givo tho resolutions adopted by tho House, hut which were not acted on in the Senate, for want of quorum. In addition to tho resolution of Mr. Cushman, in favor of equal protection to all branches of domestic industry, the fol lowing were passed by the House. Wo un derstind the Patriot to complain that these resolutions were adopted, and that Mr. Hub bell's non-committal resolutions wcro not adopted. Watchman. - 1. rttuhtd. That it is highly proper, if not an im perativeduty, for the reptesentamea of Ihe people, on suitable occasions, to ueelare their sentanients on HBjwrtint questions of public policy. 1. Knotted. Thai manuel lubor is honorable, and that civilization and all improvement, intellectual and physical, ars dependant upon it. 3. Ruohed, That the systems of political economy aftha Old World, and the laws mace in accordance with them, are mainly liesed upon the unjust tide of ivint the laboring classes a mere snhsislencct con uqsemly ihe great body of the people, having no voieein iho government, fiel litlleor no responsibility rlinf upon ihrni. 4. fe'rd,Ttint the American People, from their ova oi ircrumniuKi hailed oioppresnon, iiavendopteri sa principle, ibauaci, member nf the community is a constiiuent pari f ,,e rniernment. each sharing liko in the responsibiluu., ,d advantages of a stale vi p-rieci rij'iitinY. R Ifetnlrtft Thai til or, w . r .... . . ' V i f , -1 ffiass Ul tilir tlil.riia, undirthe most fsvorableeirruinsmnces, must always rely upon the avails of iheir labor, nuionly for a com fortable subsisisnce, but for Ihe inesna , ,rrt ,e xpensesora suitable edtieslion and iruininv nf their 1. 1 .. 1. -... i ... : . , . "vi. vniiiirvu u urn in ciirtw,; ,hc.m , nt, o'leillgrntly on nublic affairs, and thereby savn themselves f.... i. coining the victims of false professions snd the base arts of unprincipled aspirants. 6. ?! J. That a protective Tariff is indisprnssUe la a inn reward m labor, it bin" ihe onlv barrier in a foreign competition, whieh rannotheothrrwisolhan deatruetive alike to the industry and motels of the ountry. 7. K-otted.ThH the TantTlaw lately passed by nm wrmmm thantrh nnl mestinp tha wishes of the ttmia tfpaii' iaa tr ell of 'no frvtwM prns)'aisl nevertheless, in ils operation, to be greatly beneficial to the country (and although it bus tint yet produced much advancement in the price of tho crent staple of , ci iiioiii, ii mi? ii.iu uie cocci in nrresi iiini pikiii; tendency in the tabic of wool, which existed before itslcnnctinent. v. llesoireit, That the opinion expressed py a por tion of oiirciiircns, that tlia present Tarifl' alTarus a creator protection to the manufacture than to tho growers of wool. Is croncous, as a slight inspection of the inriu law win snow. 9. tooceo", That if our woolen manufactures arc not nmtedril so ns to enable diem to run their ma chinery profittiMy, n duty on foreign wool, however nign, will uo oi nine ucneiiito tno American lorincr. 10. llesolred, That while wc extend our thanks In our delegation in both houses of Congress for their persevering efforts in procuring tho passago of the torift" law, wo tal.e the occasion to urge upon them tho use of all honornblc means in their power to de fend and maintain its protective provisions, without which the country cannot prosper. 11. Hctolrcd, That our Sennlors in Congress be in structed, and our Rcprcentitives requested, to use nil honorable menns in their power to procure such n modification of said Turin" law, as shall more cfi'ec tually protect tho wool interest of Vermont. Shocking Death. A girl named Cath- nrino Kcngan, a native of Ireland, about 22 years old, who was a servant in the family of Mr. Livingston in tho Blooniingdiile road, N. Y., was burned so badly, in conscqitenco of Iter clothes taking fire, that she died on Tuesday at the liouso of a relative in 17th street, where she was sent by her employer after the accident. Tho coroner's jury re turned the following verdict "Death from wounJs caused by her clothes taking fire in tho kitchen of Mr. Livingston, on the Bloom ingdulo road, and that the conduct of Mr, Livingston was not worthy of a Christian or a cood Samaritan, in allowing the deceased to bo removed from his dwelling." A Haiid Hit. Mr. Clay and Ez-Gover nor Gilmer. The last Cltarloltsvillo Advo cato gives the following anecdote : When tha reruWl session "f 1911 had commenced it is said lliat.Mr. Gilmer met Mr. Clay, and alludinz to a previous conversation during the extra session in which Mr. G. had predicted a change against the Whias in the fall elections, advancintr, he lemsrked. "I told you so Mr. Clay, I predicted that Ohio and In rfiana would be lost to the Whiss. I'.verv thins foretold Ins hapvned. You find I am a prophet." ''Tisttu.'," was ihe eply, 'you predicted ajiuc events nt the extra session, Mr. u., which tnvn nappenen and which renniredno prophet tofureee. but von did not tell me one thing, you did uot tell me all. You did not prophecy thatT. W. Gilmer, elected in the spring in nnooftho strongest Whig Districts in pr imus, upon the declaration lhat he was erry inch a Il7n'i, would he found in the fnil, less than six months nfierwnrds, recording his voloat Ihe polls for a rabid Loeofoco to represent him in the Stole Legislature! I believe iai was not embraced in your other predic tions!" Wo very much regret to see the following unpleasant statement in the Boston Trans cript : Judge. Story. We regret to learn that the health of this indefatigable magistrate has been so enfeebled by his unremitting attention to the duties of his office in the Circuit Court of this district that he has been obliged to delay giving his opinions in the jury trials for the present term, except in some Jew cases of bankruptcy now before him. The absence of Jude Story from the bench will be much lainctiteil ; and the nublic hope is a heartfelt and sincere one that he mav kioh be restored to renewed actii-- ity and usefulness in a sphere in which he has been so preeminently distinguished. 13" We find the following very complemen tary nolicice of Governor Paine in the Now Orleans Tropic : " Charles Paine has been re-elected Gover nor of Vermont,as the returns from all tho towns, how, by a m ijority of about 1000 votes over s niiDonents. Col. I'dino is undoubtedly one of the most capable executive officers in the Union amanut hue education, groat coolness tnd accuracy of nidirmeiit, and mnrular energy and decision of character. Whij Vermont may well be proud of her Whnr Governor. The Editor of iho Hurlinslon Sentinel, if Ma lam Rumor is correct, is circulating a petition rcqu sling the removal of Mr. Stacy from the office, on the gionnu mat no isa printer, it must he tho most dis- uitercstcj patriotism in a printer toinist upon Ins own profession as a disqualification for ofliec. Mr. Wins- ow, surely should not ask or accent the office under sueii circumstances. t'eot;ts I'nts. Dickenf, in his commendation of I'arnum's Hotel in Baltimore says it is about the only Hotel in ihe United males where he lound water enough to wash himself. c wonder how much water it lakes to wash Mr Dickens. The remark we have miouil j e. ..!.....:.! I , . t noi we lear, uie uuiy cvmeiice lie gives ui his ueing rauier a uiriy le.iow. l.ouxsxiue journal. A CLIMATE FOR INVALIDS. A physician in Kentucky, recommends for tlitt euro of consumption, and other Chronic diseases, i residence in the Maiiiinolli cavo. Tho following is an extinct from his recommendations, founded on his own per sonal experience, and addressed to the edit ors of tho Louisville Journal. Mr. Mitchell is said to bo a gentleman of great respec tabilily. About tho 1st of Decembnr last I was taken with a alight cough; I paid but little attention to it lor some wceKs, and it at length became quite troublesome. I expectorated a great quantity of pus, and sultjrej considerably with a pain in my lett side and breast, had great difficulty in breathing, and was very weak and Iceulc. Alter trying a number ol the popular remedies lor my disease without receiving any bcnelit, 1 concluded to try the eltects of a rest donre in the ilf.unmoth Cave. I went into the cavumi theSOtli of May, and took up mv rest deuce about three-fourths of a mile from the entrance. For some days I felt worse in every particular, though in the course of a wock'l became much belter, I could breathe with the greatest case, my cough subsided in a great de grec, and i have suttercd but little Willi pain since tho lirst week alter I went in the cavo I remained in the cave only a few weeks, and I have no doubt if I had remained in it until now my health would have been restored. My opinion is that the Mammoth Cave will cure any ciiruinc uisease in me nrsi stage; mil wuen the disease has become settled and the patient too weak to take a good deal of exercise in the vast and tnugniftcient avenues of the cave, I cannot recommend a trial of its atmospheric virtues. 1 think it a matter of tho greatest un portanco fur individuals to take as much exor cise as possible tn the cave, and unless they are able to walk at least three or four miles during the day, my improssion is they will de rive no permanent benefit fro n their subter rancan abode. I say three or four miles, a (lis tanre for an invalid to walk which may be startling to those not aware oi the lact that owing to the purity, uniformity, and other char actenstics nf the cave atmosphere, five times as mnch exercise can be taken in tins under ground territory as in the regions above. I would especially advise all persons who are susceptible to changes of weather to spend the winter in the .Mammoth Cue, the temperature being the same nt all seasons : 58 or 00 ol Fahrenheit, The most proper season for visi ting tho Mammoth Cue is, I think, tho month nf November, or whenever the thermoinelor ranges below GO. In proportion to the externil coldness is the apparent warmth ol the cave, and the converse ol th b is true, mvj lids would be deterred from residing in ihi rave should they visit it on a warm summer day, owing lo unpleasant coldness and Hccming humidity which they would experience upon their first entranco in tho cave, but Ihe sensa tion is widely different when the thermometer is below 00 : it is truly a delicious feeling, which all must enjoy who exchange the cold and boisterous clime of winter for the temper, atr, uniform and exhilarating air of the Mam moth Caye. W. J. MITr.HF.T.T. Pistimiwt Impsstihsmce. ''Whsl'i vour profes sion 1" said a lawyer a day or two sine in our crim inal court, addressing a witness whom he was ques- tnnmg. "What is voura 1" threw back ihe witness, coolly and with emphasis. "i ntn a lawyer," sain tut nrsi spemr. "Then vou liavo studied Hlsckatnne to little or no purpose, or you would not ask mo such a question." "I inetely nsked you," continued the lawyer, "be cause 1 have not the pleasure of vour acquaintance." "Well, 1 shall not tell you," returned tho witness, "at lhate no desire to cultiiiate vour." A t ational ThitnkseieiniT. Tho time seems to be rapidly apnroacliinsr when we shall have a National I hanksgiving throughout the Un. inn, instead of the partial and sectional demon. atrations to the Deity which now take place. 'til.' t , ... J , i t . , j ins wouiu inueeu Become us as an cnngnieneu nation of Christians. Last vear, as is stated by a New York cotcmporary, all the States north of Pennsylvania and the Ohio river, ob served this ancient festival, and this year the States of Maryland, North and South Carolina have adopted it. Ueorgelown'D. C.) Advocate. " One hundred and cfirin." exclaimed a voire, that told at once its owner's wish and his nlaee of birth. The officer on duty, finding that tile Itox so number ed was not let, returned to his loop hole, and scru tinize uie speaker verv cnrelully, when the follow ing conversation took place: iitui-cr. "vvnii do you want r Pat. ' Letters, if you plaie." Officer." Who sent you her.1 Pat " Twas just myself, sir." Officer. "What is yournamel" Pat." Dermot Iluehes, sir." Officer. " Whv do vou exocct to pat vour tetters in this wav 1" Pol." What way 'ud I expect to get Ihim, sir 7 sliure, this is the post office V Officer." Yes, hut why do you ask for 111 1" Pat, "It's where I live, sir, one hundred and firm, Delsncy Street." A". V. AmerUan. Not ntrcoveAciso. At ihe present prices of pro visionsout west, the in ore a man ra:scs, the worse ho is off", In Illinois, it takes ViO pound of pork to buv a pound of lea i ! roellingnt 1 0 cents : corn 12Ji w beat, 25 1 potatoc','8 onions. I shilling ; beef nt re tail, 3 cents a pound. The TanfT won't do these people any harm, as soon as it has had time to set our facial y wheels in motion, nnd restores prosperity in our mechanics, uivc us returns tor our labor and we will buy their produce. iMuellJuurnal. Jcstic vs. HANKatTTCT. Judge l.eavettc in a late case decided lhal nn order ofthe Stale Court, tin der the statute against the father of an illegitimate child, for Us maintenance rnuld not be disrharued by a decree in bankruptcy. It being an obligation im posed by nature. A Sios. OnlvoneLoeo Foco paper in Alabama is in lavnrot van tiurcn; all merest hate coins out m favor of John C. Calhoun. Hi'lgliton Market, Monday Not. 28. llti'Porled for the New Kni'land I'nrmer.l At market. 950 Cattle. S75 Stores 2S00 SheiD and cm c... ' ' ' uou riwine. PRICKS. Rccr Cattle A vnke or two extra 11 GO. Kirst qunhly, SI 00 n $1 25. Sseeond quality. tuni i.i. i nirii nuiiiiy. amu nojuu UARRELING CATTLK, TTLK, SI less!) 12L No 1,82 SO. STORKS-Two year old it $7 a $12. Three year old. 414 a 820. SIIKEP Lots were sold from 73c to$l 73, Welh- ers from SI 73 to 2 73. SWINK-Lots to reddle 21 for Sows. nd3? for Harrows. One entire lot 21. At retail, from :H tu v ii(H,i:s u.i; rmci.s cunitF.NT. SKKDS. Herds Grass. S.' 50 to 3 00 Dor hii'hrl. Red Top, 40 to SO cents. Clover Ni rthcrn, 00 In l.'c so ithern, 0 a 10c. Flaxseed, 81 75 per buh- i. l.uccrne, JVC. per ID. lanarv btcd. is 5U ner buhel. (iltAIN. Duty, Corn. Rve and Dcms. free : Car- ley 19 per cent.i Oats 20 per cent. I lie transaction have nut been ofanv crent im- pnitance, and prices compared wilh ihe last weekly report are wunoui niucii cnangc. Corn .orl hern. old. bushil 00 to 00 Southern round yellow, old, 3" a 37 Southern flit yellow, new. n -on. oo. winie a 'jao .ew tJricnn: w 00 llarlev 00 a Rve. Northern. 73 a 00 do. Southern, 03a 70 Oals, Southern, 27 n 23 Northern io. m ma Keans.per bushel ui 1 23. shorts, ner lonoie oun. a man, a I'KOVISIONS. I)urinr the nast week the trans actions in Heef and pork have been unusually small wr me senson, wiiniini producing any great cnange un previous quotations. licet MPSS4lno. new 1,1,1. S7 Ml a R OO Xin 0 00 n 000 No. 1.500 aBB0-do Prime! B0 a 4 00 Pork-F,tra clear 4 mo. bbl. 814 B0 a 00 00 doClearSlf 50 a HOOdo. Mess, 8 00 a 73 do Prime 8 ) 00 n 000 do Mess from other Stales, n do rnmedouo s-0 00 a ooOno. Cargo do. OaOOO "lesr do do Sl'O 00 a 00 00 Hotter, s unninc G R lo store, unin reeled. 8 a 10 dodairv. 12 a 15. Lard No. 1. Roston ins. 7 a 71 do So ih and WVaiem. 7a7I Hams, Roston, 7 a 7 do Southern and Wes tern, b n 7 Cheese, ahip g ami 4 meal, 4 a 5 do new milk, 6 a 7. WOOL. Duly. The valun whereof nt the nlarn of exportation sliall not exceed 7 cts. per pound, free. All wherenflhe value exceeds 7 cts. per pound, 30 per ei. no vni. nun J CIS per itouno. bales nf I'ulled nnd I'liece continue to be made. wiilioui iiiueli change in puces. V do not hear of any important movements in coarse foremn I'rime or haxonv I-teens, washed, Ih 37n40 American full Mood. Ho 31 n 3", n.i. 4 do 3-' a 3'! Oo. J do 23 n 30 1 nnd common do 23 u 2s Soivr- nn Sheep, washed, 20 n 23 Do. unwashed, 10 a 13 l!encii do S n 10 nxnnv. rlean. 00 Huenos A VI pa unpicked. 7 n 10-do. do.Virkrd. 12 a 1G Simerfmn Northern polled lamb 33 a 33 No. I do. d. do. 23 a M.o. 2 oo do do 2U a 2i No. 3 do do do a HOPS. Duty 20 per cent. Hut few parcels have come in from ihe country this week, and we hear of no salts t.y ihe croivers. 1st sort Mass. 1812, lb. 0 a 9 J. 2d do. do. do. 7 a Sod, In this town, on Monday morning last, at the resi dence of his son-in-law R. fl. Cole, Esq. Mr. Sam it.l Ct.'TLEs, formerly of Cambridgeport, Mass. aged 77 years. WALTON'S vermo s'v RuciisrrcR, AND FAItMGNK' ALMANAC, m. J 1843. rtUA TAIINlt Ihe lu e.l Ueiri.lrr i,f AHnrnev. Clerir, men. Physician, Po-lma -'sr., State, Town Co inty, Civil, Ju heial an 1 MditaryO licers ever pnb- ii-uc.i , M, n iiu-me.s li reciorv HI me nnncinal Villige. in the Sia'e, a raemorandnm for every dav in the year, nnd a larger varie'v ol other val.mble and m'eresling matter, to the larmer and tiusine man, man i in I e I i m l in any oilier Rci-ier. lTAS .1 lint her n ibill'Slirm. Cnntaininir tiniilar mal ler, hiii le.scomrileie a a Htyi-ter, has lrn issiieil at Wood-toe, all de.irousol porchasinronr ediiion. wi'l .lease or ler"WALTONs' VEnsiosT IIeoisteii." rorsale hvthe ! ihli.her., J. T. .Msrstnn. and G V. Ciibhd Co., Monlpe'ier tCGooilrieh, and Vila- .omul, at vu., uurnneion ; jona. llacar, .Muldle bnry t J. P. Milton, Kutlaml j Jo-enh Sieen, llraiile 'orir; Simeon Ide, agent tor Clnremnnt (N. II.) ..aiiuiAciiirin uiupnny , ira wnite, ewiury J. Hu-sc'l, St. All an, and by paper-maker., mcr chants and trader generally. E P. WALTON it SONS. Monlpelier, l'eo.2, 1812. STAGE ibr PLATTSitUIKill. A STAGE will commence running, dairy, (Sun. daysexeep'el. between II irlington and Plait.. ourirn, is. i .. riu iiranil It e. a .nun I lie ice i,. ronairlerevl afe. Lcav e. each place al half, na.t n A, ,l. Iee.9 1912 ACliU IS. UISIIOP, Cliamplain Transporlatioie (Jo TIIE.STOl'KHOLDF.RSofiboChamnlainTran.. X portation Company, are heredy notified, that the annual meeting for the election of Directors of said Company, for tho ensuing year, will bo holden at ihe Hotel of John Howard in Uuilington, on the firBt muiounv oi January nexi, ai one o clock, I. M. By order, if-c. PHILO DOOLITTLE, Clerk Champlain Transpot tation Company. , Rurhngton,Dec.3l, 1842. ItllODA Srt'MJI'S I LVfATF, S I ATr. OF VKBMONI', ) A T A Pro1 ate Court Oniric! itfRrainI Nle. I J. hnldrn ul mc l)u.l. bug ho i-4- in .Norih Hero m .aiddi-trict on 1'he 25th dav ol Novcinlcr A. I. 1812. I're-ent tlie Hon. Joel Allen JuJis, nn inurnment P'irporlinglo he th-la-i will and lelaiue.u M Ithola nvvaim lae ol rio uh Hem ih Kail di.trict iWa-et, K-ing prceire.1 to Ihe IJonrl herelv DnvM Corf Ilie ex-'ilorihere'n naine.1 lur Prol ate, it . ordered Co.iri, tint all per on . concerned therein le noiilied to a;penr I more ai, court at u se-.iou tlierrnl lo I e holden nt the Dwelling Iiouko of David Cnrbin in S ei'h'Heroin .ai l ib-lrieum the Saturday ... . ., ,.- uiiiu , x-nay in January a, i, 1813, at one o'clock P. M. mid ,hew iici.eif a.iv they may have agaiii.l the Prol ale of cal l wil', for which p irpo.e it Ii I ir her ordered that a copy of the it-iitu wuiii.unicri.D p'riinni inree wee.w Miece HVely ill the Utirlinclon Free Pre-, rrininl al Uur. Iingtonia tho County of Chittenden as soon a. may A Inro rpT ifRocord, Attest ... r., JQfiL ALLEN, JWi Samuel C. Alcxnlidcr's Estate. WF, THR SUnSCRllir.tif?, hnv'ngbecn appoint. : ed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine anil adju'l ihs claims and demands of all per sons, against th eitale of S AMUKL O. ALl'.XAN DI'.H. late of Williston.ln said District, deceased, n o- resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto I and six months from the day of the date hereof, beinn allowed bv said Court for that purposo, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to thebtisint ssof our appointment, at thedwelltng of widow Miry Alsinnder, in Willis- I ' n . . . L ...1... f l . ' . r ion. in sniu Lfiiirici, on ino llliru muiiuavs hi Janua ry and May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of am unvs. Dstcd this 1 5 day of November. A. D., IW. CHAUNCKY HROWNELL, ) Commis I1F.RAI.D STEVKNS. ) sioners. Jcrieillah KleldS ICstate. STATE OK VKRMONT, AT Probst Court i'itrict oi unineneen, ) J.v m I 'en at uurnngion within and for Ihe Di-lriet aforrsaal on the tifih dav of Defender, A. I. 1 8 13, nn Instrument tiitfnortinir tn lu Ihela-i 1(71 anl Tittamtnt of JKI'KI 'I A II Flr.LD, late of Jericho, in sill ilis rut ileeean, wi pre.en'ed to the Cnurl here f r l'rol ate, by Charles Hu1 lll, one ofthe I'evi.oe. therein named.' Therefore, it (nlireil Iv inid conrl. that nnllie notice lp guen to all persons eoneerned therein tn annesr I efrre said a ,eii n tlierenflo I e hi'!- den at ihe RegMtr' older, in aid H irlies'iin, on 'ha eeonu r me-iiay ot re! ruary, A. v. IMi, snd eon-. iet the pro! a'e oi I'ol l Will, and il l further ordrre I that thii order I e published three weeks Micco-sively in j lie Derlingion Five Prc, a newspapar printed at Burlingl-n, in thiSia'e, llielo.t ol whieh shall I e pre vio it lo the day ns'icned, as aforo aid for hearing Riven under my hand nt the RegMet's Office, this 5th dav of Decern' sr, A. D, 1642. 28 WILLIAM WKSTON, Regiter. WALTONS VERMOjNT RliGlSTER. 1843. 1 rX(t J';ST reed1 ami fur Sale 1 v 1UUU Dee. 9th. 1912. C.tiOODRICII. SALE OF BANKRUPT EFFECTS, Rflcets of William Stewart, of South Hero. Tty virtue ofnn order of the United Slates District Court for Ihe District of Vermont, tome directed, I will sell at Public Auction at the dwelling-house of Helmer Kent in South Hero, oil the 2d day of Janu ary. 1641, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, a promissory nolo against fSenrcc Chase, of Chntiugay, N. V., for the sum of 8210,00, psyable to the firm oil. fJ.fcV. Stewart. Snid note in in the hands of Augustus Douglass, of Chatatigay aforesaid for collection. Al so, one for 8105 00 against Oliver C. I'm roughs of While Hall, N. Y., dated 5lh of June, 1S37, p iynb'.e in freight on Lake or Cannl, the season of the date of said note, with inleiesl. on which hns been paid, to applvon said note, in March, 137,8)2,10 j said note payable to the firm oil C5 eiW.Mewalt. Oll.r.S HARRINGTON, Assignee. Alburgh, 23th Nov., ISI2. 23 Inflects of David I. Wnlker, of Alburjh. Ry virtue ofnn older of ihe United Slates District Court, for Ihe District of Vermont, to me directed, I will sell nt Public Am tion, at my office in Alburgh, on Saturday, Ihe7lh day of Jamiiry, 1913, ntoneo'. clock in the afternoon, one promissory note ngsinat William W.Williams, of Oeorgia, for '8i0.00, daled August 6th, 1331, payable to David I, Wnlker, the In of June, 1837; one note against Duncan H. Mc ttrigor, of Alburgh, for $1,24, dated 1st June, 1811. Also, two Swarm ofltces with their hives. RILES HARRINGTON, Assignee. Alburgh, 28th Nov., 1812. 23 F.fl'ccts of Henry 'jittman of South Hero. TV Ol ICE i hereby gien lhal I y virtue ot au or 1" der, to mc directed I v iheL'nileil Slater Dilriet Court, f' r the Di-lri't nfermonl, of the 7lh day of .oeinbcr 1S42, I will sell at Public AcctIon, a' Ihe Sline Store oppoitr ihe dweilintr Ilou-e of .Nani-v Ad.iin-, in South Hero, in ihe Counlv "f Grand Nip, on JlonJ.iy ihe 2 1 day of January 1S17, eoinineueiiig nt 1 ii'ebc!, P. M. the fi-llowiriir article of iier-onal properly, an,! i ho e in action, which are ve-ted in uie hy llieonlers nndttwree'!'! nil Conn. Viz. I Tal le. 1 Pland, 0 fancveliair. I narlor stnvo. .iti.l pipe-, 'hovtl ami tonsr. 1 allU e, 2 old ItrnMIe-, I pa,r hand (art wheel-, 10 Hoxp, 175 IN iron, 10 l'i-;rel,2 b'g chain., J f. ol Wazi.n I oxe-, 2 mm eatnul-, 1 Fowlin 1'ieee, 1 mrrle leieb or Citfer, I ' in .line and pipe-, 1 (irind Sioup, I o'd anvil, 276 lh M-rap iron, 8 horse-lu e-, 5 rivnts, 16 bolt , I tlinw-, 1 anvil, 3 vice., 2 d.c nlate , I M-rew p'a'.e, 2lelge-, 10 Inminer-, C tomr-, 2 ni he, 15 tap-, 1 J pair- ot d v, 1 Inn Unw, 5 i h !, I de-k and laie, 1 -oMcnng iron, 1 -bueeiea-e nnJ punch, 6 hea hn-r loo'., 4 punching toot-, 20 piu'Im--,2 .wsl-ire-, I lullower, 1 hit .lock an. 1 9 I ii, 2 drill", 1 drill s uok, 3 lirntner', 1 tiro hovel, ii b irninz iron-, 1 shaving box and lonl-, 1 ee weJce, 6 tiles. I tool Iwk, I coal shovel, I sh ive, 1 tyre wheel and clew. 2 wrenehe. 1 hone. I ivre .inn nd2 hook, 1 1-pil.e lool uud tvwn oilier email nrli- l ies I elun'.'iu'.' tn tue I lack'Miulhmc: ounce. snd the follow ui'.' del l in fivor of, aid llenrv Zotiman Icforo bis llankrupley: An awnnnt again. I Wil liam A. II. irneit ol .Milton of 1, 00 Again'i Fr-ter Holein-im of Cinton Counlv (N. J) of SM.23, Cha's Ihi-hey of same plat e r f 82,50. Levi Samp on, of h'iik i nr, ui oo.-it. janio- 1101191.111, urano ite, .0,39. Hefey Wad-worth. Soulh Hero. 31 ecnit. Wm. Plielp., So.uli Hero, of 3jei., Asainst Je.-e Landou, So ilk Hero, nf 2j cents. Uuib Landon. Soulh Hero, for 31 (em-. Again-t Seih Clarl, skerh Hero, of 33 it-. .Insepb llointnian, South Hero, ol 3c!s. liemamui Hoar inan. Souih llcro. ol'Sl.00. David Corl.m, Simth Hero, i.'SI,39. John Ho-lwivk. Oiand l-lr. SI. 75. I.viikim Mnrmi. Somh H-ro, ot 81,25. Alexau.ler Phelps, Milton, of S2.3I. The hsta'e ot l.h-hi Itiv, lair i.f South Hero, of SZ.I'J. t'e er ii i-nev, ol eiih Hero, 50 el-, nllan Ad.nn-.Craiiil Uie, 3 1 cts. Timoihv D. White. So tth Hero, of 50 el-. A promi-orv nine against .Milo AilaiiK. South Hero, ol'S3.01. An aecoint asain-t Join T. h'eiler. So lib llcro, nf 424,00. An necount aisiii-t Laui land I'lxle,-, Smith Hero, tfi$3,00. .t ner n. i.amson, r-o tn Hero, ot 52,50. Alo, a l onJ ui el by Da I Kmi of Iturliu.'ioit, to mi llf.iry Zottiuan in 1839. binduiL- ihr .anl ICern o lee.l to .aid Zotiinan. on lei'ni mint SlinniHl I, .he iniere t, ihe dwee lmg hiei-e, I arn, Ulack.mi'h'.. honatl'l al.oill 2) a re. of an I. ihe .nine nrrini.m occup ed by ihe. at IZ i lmau.iu Snu b Hern aforr aid. in i.i.-i HAKltllNU IO.N, Aitirnee. Alburgh, Nov. 15, 1912. 20a3 TO BE SOLI) AT AUCTION. Un Sjturday, lectmtier, 17, AT H. 'IHOMAS' AUCTION HOOM. A BRICK HOUSE wilh small clap-boirdtd Cot- A lfiiiiBllal,0,l .1 it,- I....1, I . . ,. . .. ., m. in. uan. vii uie lien ii'n,i,n few rods soulh of tho Ilridge, whith ran be rented in tnree apartments, as three doors all open at diherent points, or it can as well beused as one house. Good stone cellar under the whole: the best nf water eon. veyed in pipes, about 20 feet, into the cellar; Good oianie ana ueo, smaii yara, i)c. Also, a building lot about 42 bv 65 feet, on Pearl Street, opposite the Slote formerly occupied bv Dan uay, ai uie lop ot uie tirst mil Irom the bridge, on me icvei pari ui me sireei niosi convenient lor any iiuaniess on i ,i is, t me oi uie nnuge. Another small lot, 32 feet front, on the new road. next south of mi house. Also, Balance of email lot through which Ihe road ran. leavinir shorn V. ft front on ihe new road and very narrow nt on. enit. and about 10 to 20 feet al Ihs other, next norih of my houe, and cut oil' from the new Road. Lots now owned by Messrs. Vilas, Loomis St Co. snd one unught by Mr. Shad Place, which makes them of value to those persons. Warrantee deeds from Mr JohnK. Gray and Mr. IL W. Cstlin. Alan. mart. sage Deeds and all the notes given for about 110 acres of b'nd in Fayston, Vl. All Ihe ahove deeds can be ooen atCHAatcs Henh a shop, Pearl, kt. LOS T , DCTWEF.N C. Haynrs' house an.lWinons'.i Fall D a BLACK UOA. The fi.dcr shall be suilably ,flnir.i i) ivatinu il ni'ios unicc, Bnrli.iginn, Nov. 30, 1812. 27tf skates already trimmed with Straps, Buckles, 4c, for 50, 75 cents, II 1,50 1,75 perpair. r.a.vuoun.M ct imi.vjjisui. Dec 1. 27w3 Hank of Burlington. NXTICE is hereby given that a meeting ofthe Sicxkhoiders of the Hank of B irhngton, will he holden al their Hanking House oa the m.-ond Tuesday ul January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M. fur the pur-po-enf hooting liven Directors for ihe year next Clis'uilfr, Byorderot the President nnd Direelor.. It. G. COLK, CasMrr. Burlington, Dee. 1, 1842. ANNUALS FOR 1843. CONSISTING of the Gift, Christian Poiivtnlr, friendship's Ottering;, Affection'. Cilft, The Itosc. For sa'e n iho Uouk Siore of Dec. 1. 1342. D. A. B1UMAN. STATIONERY. A Gieal variety of Stationery, new and ot the ur i 0,'iaiuv, lor t:e ey n, a. iiu..i.;. Nov. 30, 1842. 27 PIANO FORTH MUSIC. A N unutHillvhrsre atsnrtment i t Ml'slC. atlant . ul lu ihe Piano For.c, ha jnt en na'Cived and now oaereJ lur tale, at who.c-a e or retail, Py D. A. BItAMAN. Ilurlingion, Dec. 1,1812. 27 VERMONT REGISTER IT?011 la. dow IV .( thoBookSjoro of r Hrr.tti. T. A. BJUUAN. LARGE AUCTION SALES, Wednesdays, Wednesday livening t, andl Saturday Evenings, n Y H. T II O M A S . STOVi:s and PlPfi, K1ICIIF.N I'tlRNITURK, ' I'arminz tJleni , Sleighs and Waggons, Dav Uoons, and India Rubber Clullnng. Also, A large lot of tr and Cloth If infer Cups, Sales cominued in tho evening. Dee. 2, 1812. icw and Valuable Hooks. A MONO the new nv-ortment of BOOKS, which the s'ibseril cr lin lately p'lrclia.u I, and now o'!erfor sale, may lo found the lo lowing Wntely' Kingdom of Chrisl, tllls'Tiiriiiulnry, Longfellow's Voices of tho night, do DallniU, Coltr.d.'c's Coufe'sion', (ieuis of Auieiienn l-'cnuls Pools, CarlyleCharliin, Hyperion, Henry id Ofiendinger, I'Minter'." Ouide. Dtinglisnn'a Phyiolnty, Downing'" Cottiiae Ciardeninj, lliy's Treati-c on bnpti-m, Slutneall's Lecture- Iturnell on Heformation. Carlvle's Frenrh Kevolution, Teiuiy on' I'i nil. l)unghon' Priiitur, Kdward'i. I'hyiolozy, C'on'blinu an I fate of E.ljlond, flold-inith'i E-,ay, John'On'-. Raela, Hook of Piuasuros. My -onV loot,, Bi'Me nnd Clo et, Mr. Sigo'irnev'- Poem, WarJworlh's Pucins, Lalla Rookb, Colertdge' Pnotieal Works, lJ'irle' While I'ouni", Ilridal Gift, Science of common Tilings, Flora's Lexicon, Claim of ihe Country in American Female, Cray. I'oinnicat Text Ilnok, D'Aiibi.'iie'a RefoniLitiun in Ocriainydt Swnz erlau , Aniuisl Cheml-try, Agricultural KleincnN, Clark's Scripturo Piomi.o, ,. D. A. BRAMAN. Burhngson, Dee.JI, 18I. 273 American Almanac lor JNi:i, lor iy D. A. 11 RAM AN. Noverrber 30. 1S4-2. 27 Lrelal bvis Pencils, lor salt! Iy n. . . . ..n ...... ""V. u. A. ntllJIA.'V, STRAY II El FLU. CAME into Iho enclosure of the s ib-cnt er, about Ihe hr-t of O toberla-t, a red yeirb'ni IIEIFKR, wilh a -mall Wart on ihe Ici'i eye. ' The owner is re- u, ietieu to pay charges ntvl lake her away. J. S. f'LATT. Colchester, Nov. 29,1312. GREAT BARGAINS IN SHOES, BOO I H K S , Sir. Stc. WM. HU11LHUT, now oilers to !!, Shoes, nt prices far below what has been dune hereto fore, aucn as Kid Kuskins, 2 or 3 qualities, Walking Shoes, various kinds. Ladies' Slips, Misses' Kid Slips and Lace Boot, Misses' Straped Shoes, Lace Hoots. Gaiters and half Gaiters Children's Thick hoes, Do. CalfSkin Shoes, Ladies' Thick Shoes, coarse and fine, Also.-RUHHERS. Men's patentind common, Ladies do. do. Nov. 22. 1812. 25 NOTICE. OWING to my heavy Iises, 1 shall be o! ligi-d tn call on all indeblf d to me lo make payment, nnd to sell inv Store anl Goods to aoid lluir being sold at Sheriff sale. 1 hope ibis notice will le sufficient, ns I should regret lo sue many nf my customer that nave man wnn me over twenty ears. I have a good assortment of Goods, and the'v will be .old. 1 shall make no accounts alter Ihe 31st i'ay of Decern i.... tiq ii ... i t? uci, a, mv iju, iiugiuii iorr. SlU.Nfcy H.HILUW. Hurliugton, Nov. SI I, ipi. 25-if AEW HOOKS. rWMjy. HAND HOOK OF I'ANCV NEEDLE WORK, I. v Mi-a Lambert : il!utratJ Willi en gravinue and exlra gilt h n ling. Harrow's t.Vji-ics of Spain, I.tndley's Horticulture, H'Storjr ofTea-, -oil sin I climate, Chap'er- on t-hurc h Vurd-, Public In-truction in Pru.ia. I.iebic's Or'-'snic Cheinl.irv. nPDlicd to Phcioloe-v and Palho'oirv, 1 rimbuli'- Kemini-eencrs ol bi own time frum 1750 to 1M41. t ivd I'.n.'ineenn!?, bv D. H. .Mshon. Cninpanmn lu the Hook ofGeneif. hv Samuel H i oriter. u. it. Hmu'lcy'sStor es about ln-tincr, Tales ol ihe Kings nl Kngland, Naturalist'. Kami !.. Practical Treat i on the Di-ease of Children, bv J.iiiiv inirtn, u. I t;. ,.r. ' I rc.m-e on Mieep, wilh directions for their mnn a?etnenl anil IrcuiiiH-nl ol Ui-ease-, Iy Amuro: Itluc'.man. The Poiilirr 1 anl. 'hebe.t method of .ele tin n arm'.', nn I hreeJing the'Oit specie, of llninesti. Fowl, hv P. Uo-well, fur K.ale by C. GOODHILll. sov. i'u Stravi'd Vcarlinir. CAMK into I e enclosure of ihe suh-criler, abrait the lir-t if November, a red yearling STLI It i le owner is rcqi e-iru io prove properrj, pay char es anu lai.e mm uwav. ' JOSF.PII B. SANHOUN. Burlingicn, Dec. , 1R42. 27w3 Cvrus K. nirge's Rtlc7" WKiheS.ilscrder . h.ivuu I eti. ajipoin'e.l 1 y the llonnralle the Pro1 ate Court lor Ihe iJi'trii't ot Chcien len, commis. inner- o re- eve, eiauuue and adpi-t the and iV'iian l i f all iti iui-, ;i'.'uni Ihe e-iatr ol Cvrus K. Ilirge, late ofUiiclcrhill in .aid I'isirict. ilrreasnl. renre-enieil ln-oKcn . and als i all claims and I'etnand- exhil bed in o'set therc'o : nn I IX month, from thudav ol ilie da'c hereof. I em" nl- lowel hy ald Court f r lhat pnri'0-e, we do therefore herel y tfive notice, that wewitt aitcnu toihe irisme.s oln ir atiooiiitment, at theiKvellincof l.l'iah Wir -e tu Underhill in said I'itricl on the .eon I Wednesday of Dei collar and Mart b next, at 10 o'cl. ck, A. M. on each of said day. Daled, ihi2dday of Novem' er A. I). 1SI2. KLLIOT FliINK Ciunmi... SC OLIVKUGOODIIUK. sioner-. Bell Cliittriidcn'a ICstate. WF. the kiibseril trs, havint; lcen appoiu'el by the llnunral le the Prol ire Cumt lor the Dis trict of Chttlen len. cniiuni iotiers to receive, exam ine nnd adjust the clatnisutid t'eu-nnds of u pcr-ons seain-t the e-tate i.f IIFI.A Cill lTKHKKN. late ul Shelburti. in nid Dislrfl,, rcjirc.ctittsi insol vent, and al-o all claim, niel ilni.inl rxhihnnl in o l.trl thereto! and six niunlhs from the day of l he date hereof, being allowed hy said court lor that purpo-e, we no Ihereton heret y give nonce, unit we will at tend to ilie business of'onr nppoinlinent nt the dwell ing 1 1 Shclhurn. in Mild Dis. irici on tho 23' h day ofApnl nexi, ul lOn'clisd;, A. M. I'atej.this scam cav 1 1 u.ioicr, n. u. Ibli. lvman Hall, , - 2S HKNUV S. MOItSF., Commtsuoners. Pierce Stniullsli's fKslatc. "VT7E the enhscribeis, having been appointed bv VV the Honorable the Probate Court for Ihe District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and ndiust the claims and dcnrin l of all ner sonsagaiti9t the estate ol I'll.'lCi: STASlUtlll, laleof Il inlimr' slid District. deceased. rclircsiiu- ed ! a so allolaims and demands evhiluied in onset thereto; and six mouths limn Ihe uayol the date hereof, being allowetl by said Court for that pur pose, wodo ihereforo hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our nppomtinenl, at the dwelling ot Jonainan II. inke, in linn nmli'ii, III said District, nn Ihe hri-t Mondays nl January and .May next, at lu o'clocK, a. m on each ol saiddavs. Dated this 7lh day of November, a. d. 1842. r..UA i. u.r.M, commis zs n.Nli:LG01tllA.M. 5 sinners. 5 Celebrated Speeches. AMF.IHCAN Oratory, or Select Speeches of nent Americans Patrick Henry. Antes. emi Han dolrh. Calhoun. lAcinaston. Morris. H'thster. Pink lie. Krerett. de.. if-c. Sele' t Snee lies cf Wind ham and Hurkinson! edited by llol ert Wnlsb, 1 ol. Celehraleil Speethes of Chnlhnm, llorke, inl and Mniiuinsh, I vol. dimming' Select Speeches, w.ih n Biographical Sketch, and an Appendix of llx tracts from bis wriiings, and peet bi s, edited hy Hubert Walsh, 1 vol, 6 yo., just t.nhlitlinl and for sale I y C. GOODRICH. Nov. 55. 2.1 iov recoivintr, a Fnsh lock ol Staplo and Fancy GoooJ,, which inuit be oU Cheat of eour.e. Such as Fancy Velvet Kiblnns, newct style, Fancy French do do Alpatvas, of every var'eiy, Velvet Dres Handkerilncft, Sdk do do Fringes and Gunper, Bonnet Silk', Alto, Klecsnt ahawlaiSilksBioeba, Damask tVer. sterf, for sale b WH, HttLBUT. Nor. , t4 M Sell-l'rolcclors, (o Travellers and 1 louse-Keepers. The grtalett modem Inproeemml in fire Arm: cll-'ocHi.git Scli-rcvoiving I'oilot 1'Ntols, WHICH enn bo discharged su limes hi n few sec ends) the pistol cocks, thu barrel revolves nnd discharges by merely pulling Iho trigger) the cham ber and bairelisin ono piece, and therefore cannot blow apart like soma tepealing pistols. The ron strueliun is very eiuiplu they can be drawn from tho pocket and used with one hand without Ihe loss of a moment I six shots can bo fired as fast ns a man can crook his finger. They arc no larger than the ordi nary pocket pistol. For travellers, housc-krencrs. contain", planters. public otlicers and others, they nrc nil indispensable article, as persons lioth male nnd Icinale, can with the pistol, protect tlitir lics nnd piopcrly if attacked hv inane persons, ns ono of them is eoual to near a dozen of the i ommnn kind. The public is invited to cnll and examine the same ns their simplicity being warranted not to get out oT order, nnd their perfect safety will certainly recom mend iiieui over an oiuers. Also, for salo double nnd siirjlc barrel Pistols, fine ones made by Ilnll.s & ISrolhers,, from 5j to a j rich. Aio, n tew chenp ones itiaae some wheie. Wo have tiercussion Cans and Pills. Kla'k". Shot Hags, Dirk, Howie Knives Sttelsj pocket lite lighters, with Hint nnd punk. Knives, llazors, Scissors, Ac. PANOHORN cf- 11R1NS.MAII). Die. 1. 27w3 tj'.'i'iwr "-..i.tri-L I?OK COrtiHS, I'Ol.DS, ASTHMA IC, CONSI MPTION, UIIOOPIN rPII'IIIIS- iNti coriiii. and all Pdtnonirv ATeetmn" anl lit c.i-es of ihe Limits, thi. is I ciieved in le ,cino. poiiuliir 4; iiti- ai'iou Me'hcnie everknonn in Anicric.i.for nroofol which, wc would rifcr lo tbo-e wjm have u-cl it, and lollie nninerivis cernticate. nf Pliyician an I oihcr attache I lo ihe inside wrapper of cadi lotlle. Or. Amorv lluniina.of Franklin. Mas., writp. ih:it after having pre-cribed Ihe usual reined. e wtlhnii relief, and having cnnultsl wilh icveral eminent tdiy-ieian., ho has foun I the Veretalle Pnliannary usisam tohate h.ul llieile-treile ire'. and rri'iimmeiiJ. it as a ssfe, conveireiil nnd e:fn ar-ioiis medicine. Dr. I hemas iirown. of( onconl. N. H.. u ri'e. lhat to hi" know IciIl'c, it hnsntver ih.nppolire I the rea- ona' icexpeciannni ottno-eulio li,uen,-ehl. The publie are parlic diirlv cautioned nuain.l ihe many Counterfeits or imitation! v. Im h have partial- i) or wnoiiy iissiiinni nic naniroi Ilie genuine article. (Urue ..-urcii mat it i nn genuine uule-s one I nth of tl.i! uri'icn tisn.iirrrs of SA.MPSO.N RKKI1 or WM.JON'N ( CILKH. nre found altai bid loa jellow In' el on a I Im- envelope. (All label, of iinu HI er he i nle ol Dec. 1839, will hae the wriiten it'iiaiurc nf Wm. .lon'n Cutler.l Pre.iaml he II Kl D, WING & CI TI.r.K, (la'e Low &. Heed,') i ii.iic-iiic iriiiiiBf, oi ii,i;ii.iiii M.. miun, anil IV Dr-ip'iTi'-l"'. Aixithf. ftrie-- ami founirv hilt. L'hant? ueuera'lv. Pric 50 t' n'n. PECK & Si'EAK, Agents. B.irlinzlon, Dec. I, IS 12. Iy. PECK & SPEAR, AGHNTS FOU SIIKKMAN'S LOZF.NGES. t 11 :ii i , ,hl'i 1 cuiLimiis cry ran tjikm: nuo'.v.N pkopli: ay they nic the pV.i.antest VJT anl ino-t c le ttie nit ucine in use. r.noriuo'i. quaiitiliosari'suld, and eery Lnly li'.vs t hem. Frv man lion', r.-q. coilor ol tin .Merchants iMauanine, ay. nicy curt'i tu en i-'ti in a lew hour. lhen-v .Mr. Dnilar, of the Mil-'ounal siieei Chimb, i cnrcil nf a very lalcoll niilciiighiu oueday. 'I hi Key. .Mr. Anthony, ol the .Methodist th trill wa cured ol ci n.unn t in i I y ihem. SIIKHMA.N'S WOUM LOZr.NGI S have -avc! me lives ol iho i.anJ'. Ask W. K. fcvan-, F..n llalker .t j Ihe Hon. I.Ktnrd J. Purer, lion. B. 11, li.-.irus'cy, nr. I,, iiunier, ami neirly nil our phvi cutis what ihcy thin', of Hii'mian - Lozenge., nd tney will ell yo ilhey areexce leu: the on v infalla b.'t me hemes known. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR I.OZFNGES are real antidote, to headael.c, palpitation, sc.T,--..,ne.s(ov- ues. oi .pirn, nun uc-'Huvieni'V or III-, e ecl-i c ilj hniion.'. t hndwick of the Wc liiiL-mn. Mr, ign patu'er, Mauir Clark, and ahmi I eerv I o lv- knows i In ir value. 1'OOIt .MAN'S'PLASTLlt-Sherinan'-weiiiean- eo-i. ig ceni-, an i i ivriain to pure rhe ttiMii.i lum'uso, pain or wen ,ne m the Iirea-t, .jile or lack, al-o )i t an Itheyc ire worms wh.,, npplirl i" l".r-. s i itisi.-, hi .inv one Him It.l o-cM ii, nn i hi -;ir ,1 inr one Mioner i n.m Hi cen'-. lor nil inhcr dater.. SUItr. NIPPLF.- IVs.iivrlv cred I y She-man'. P.ipil' iry Oil, without la1 iiil' t!u child from ihe I rea-t. nr. merman oe-ire. pnrlicuMriy lint nor in. era ho'ild Icc.irifil lhat Ihev L'et llii.efciiii,.si,..,.ninn. I.izeit.'e nivi ruis'cra, as he caiiuoi I c n.eont.Klu inr mil woniiie.s arin-ies may ol herwise le p.uinc i unnti inem. I,.ke.. e all t.r.Ni-lvr. IMTKNT MFIHriNFS Perfumeries. Srarh. Inls. lllarl.invs tf.f .r... ai..., fiTi'Mrrs coxri:cTJONi:itir.s, ror uie re M 1 raue. fir. ale i.y. Pf:CK it SPCAU i.' Hurlinulon, Vl, JL1I..Y Sllll'n THIS knownanl unparalleled re.nely for Cotirn", jriiiici.c, uu, .itfif'iu, fcS,(,p imtOU, Whooping L'wiipli, Irritation and ii tea.c'd state of i i.. t, ...i... ... , in n nungs, aim isunsumyiion. ror.aic nv I'Lt'K it SPFAR, DrusrUt -111 Ageuislor Uurltiiglou ami u vu-inily. aJl'TICIAN. frlr a i few days onlv." rIHn above appended to a long ndveriisment often meets the eves of our citizen, who are retpec- fully informed lliatwe have a verydecent assottment of Concave, Convex and Cotuavo Convex or Pens cofie SI'J-CTACLI"-, nnd that we can fit most per sons with good Glasses in a few minutes if they with. loouyapair. We hava line tljld mounted Spccta cits at (9 and $10 per pairs Silver, of various pat terns, at $i, 2,25, 2,50, and S3 per pnir j Finest beau tiful sleel llows, beautiliil Glass, 82 perpair. The Glasscs in our best speclaclrs nre us iood nsMore " Celebrated llnlicians ' rhargo our cil tens S J per pnir for, nnd which ueoftiu have to exchange ma "few da) sonl)" efier they leave. We havenrry number o Gla from l.'iuuh focus lo 40 which niiiubirs will fil almost (Viryona fioin twnjenrs old to over 100. and we can fit those who hsveCaLi raels partially formed in the Lye. We have also liluesiiel How isl Spccls at EOets T'ets. and SirO i German sdver good one nt ?l. P'nted, steel ami Hi ass nl W et. Meilnnd .Metal ones at 23 nnd 37 els. perpair. We have Gi)gts, prolectursi ni.-o (iernnn Silvct nnd Morioco picmcles cafes tases uivrn giaiis when wo sill rpeclaclcs, Those who buv speelaclts of its can drpcuil npiin theMrliclis protirig of ihe quality wo tcl ihein It is. Wnunile attention to our present assottment of Goods in our line, we never had Letter. PANGUOKN S. BHINSMAID. .Ve Opticians. Tee 1. I3U, 27w3 CAPS. -1TF.rt. Seal, Nutria and Mm1 rats, For Tr'rn''1 V- sn iuii.tii itng ettoriinsiit-vi ree'd beeaperthfin osrr,iiv H.W.CATUN. ' ricn'.tsH. iew. !l T C. BKNNS jr. si Co. DRAPER'? c5tTAII.ORG. (Ui Door Smth nf the Dank, tVAuirfc street.) EVEllV VAKIin V Ob' CL- Til V TiIIMMINOI t O.NSTANT LV ON ILINU. Cutting done. In tile most approved at) la aud sVariaiitcd. Dilrlmglon, November, 18-12. 2X AMERICAN HOTEL AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, 11Y H. W. TAVLOH, CoiraT Hocse Sqcabe, IIcbunctok, Vt. 26tf Just KoccivcJand lor Sale, clicjap for Cash, Fur l.'oas, Black and nn'iiral color Russi in Saplelloast a large assortment of New Vork insdii Hoys' Cloth Caps) Fund, Plain Cloth Capsi Seal siitnao.) aeieiuo.) Alen s uaiia, i' tired and I' siti WM Nov. 23d., 1912. IIPIILHUTT. 25 LOOK HERE. IARMF-US, who wish to putchaso Stovss, fi.f wood, or nroduce of nlmust nnv ile.crinttt n. w i.I please call at the "Stove Sture," second dour west vf cc J. II. l'eik, if Co. S..W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Nov. 21, 1512. 2h-U 1H13. UOSTON AI.MAXAC. TIIK Boston Almanao for '313 will bo'rearly fur delivery about ihe second wrek in Oecenibsr.- The Publisher is hnppy lo announce to the Public nini mi nuiun-r oi I lie Aimnnnc will contain original rieitsofall Ihe ihurchu in l.oilun. The diaints were mane on uie spot hy an eminent artt.t ol . l.' .i toti, (Mr. II. Hilhnvs.) nnd were cut bv sums of cor best Kngravers. Kach one i accompanied with a short chronological account Trotn the formation ol tt.i Society to the present time. This information. .: eompanie I h a correct view of each hnue of Piilhe vvorsittpin Ilie i.tty, v.111 aive piitttcular mtetast ' Ihe Almanac, and rsnrrialli so. whrn il is nsmsid. ered lhat fit m'wle of fie Churches in Boston an mbraced in the aicoitnt. i he remamdi r of l ie honk will be occiin!d with Ihe usual mailer found in the Almanac, and which ha given il si niui h celel rity in years past. The covers of the Almanac will he decorated wilh hishly wro.mht specimen of F.mboniitg, snd elabotste Tan ey Printing. 'Ihe volume, ss a whole, will axc-ed any number lhat has ytt hem published. As but limited number will be struck off, our Iricnds from the country are reoatMleJ to send in their orders' t soin as poisice lo u.e publiHipr, or lo Messrs. Thomas itsoou at 1,0., awe street. Urdets first rscinod will le Hist altended to. Nov. 15. Transatlantic Newspaper and Ueuerat Atcncy Olfice, L,lverKiol. C1IAI1LF.S WII.l.MI R, Newspaper, f'onsardine. and Central A 'int. S'L'HPLIKStu order, with grea'er promptitude anl ' reiiuTariti than any other hou-e. and on the mn.t rea-onillelerrn-, (a London D nly Paper for 6 10a. a-rninr per annum, .MHsrirrsi, I'bice UtRkCNrs, SiurrtNc Lists, MiuAZis-csan I lh'osiioad parts of the I'niTiDSrATss, t am as a. Nova Scotia, an I New KrVKSIVICK. Ivll.lMa'l Steamer, sa'lm" on ihe 4lh and 19 b oleai'h tiiou h from Literpool, i- well a Iy met iron, orilllll UU'J CQUlamVlOn i UIHI IO 311 lh lir....,t..K , ... ... r i ,r I.. .1.. "in isiMAK i-i,,),iisi jiilsicu, auo i fx A", iy inu Royal MjH Sttamsis i-ailiiig every Fortutht from C. W.willreceiveCon.i'-nmenlsof Goads :or Small Parents -ent lo hlsiare .-hull be luneii.allvfcrwar.teJ lo their tie nnanon. Anv drsenjition cf Goods pur-cha-el and forwarded lo order. oejt i'i Kin, andall other ile-crmlion of ADTtr.-, re. eiveJ for iii;erlion in all Ihe European Publications. N. H. All or 'er should 1 e mlilr,.. I " Wii.lhsk" in f ill, and none will 1 e attended to un- accoiupan.e I I v a renuilaiuc, or referento for pavtneiit on -nine Liverpool or London llon-e. il. tor- ofNew. miners iivertin-rihe a' me Adver- ti rmenl on e a week will re cue a suoolvof L'rit- i-h Newpaper', on .-ending a paper Mirked) con. Minutr it.) Iron, Sletd &c. OfYTONS asiortel Kngli.h Tire Iron, J 1 O " do. Swedes and Peru do. do. 3 " ltu-.ta Old Mai le do. OO " Per. i man il.c ture.l ro indand -onsre Iron cni 'iaciii'i all ur from J in. to 2 J in. 10tmi a.-orel hranllron. IO " S -r.dl Iron anil -hoe slupei 3 " lti.-ta h,,r.e nail rials, Anvils. Vhes. S e lies. Trai e Chain.. Borax. File and Ua-ps. Shovel-, Snade-. Cro Uar die. Slccl. Sani'erson's Cast S'eel, tin aTe. Gcrnnu " Lncli-h llisld. 11 Ainerirnn " 1 ,fiO Sells S'eel nlated Cutter and RV'-rh Shaa. ie. A.C. tu. i Kc e.vel by STRONGS. More Now (Joods. ANF.VV lot Silk and Cotton Warp Alpacca Luslrei, Win'er Vesims. Velvet Bonnet .in I Cjh Hih. h. u-, M'ltf-, B a-. Cuis. Fur 'I iimnim-ia. .Milieus. Gloves and .Mocatn, Cloths and Ca..tu,eie , Hnre lllan'-et., ,lp. out reiill y H. W. C'ATLIN. Nov. 17-h. 1512. Klonr. 340 RBLS. Superfino fluur nf smiprior briMl-, Iv S1RO.SGS. Nov, 1J. ,,25 Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Course Western Salt, 500 do Turk. Hani do 500 .'. ., do 151) BMs We. tern hue do 40 Sacks Liverpool 1 town do 60 Sit ks We-tern fine do 0 Cans Salt in loaves for table u.e, i,y Nov. 12. SfAONG?. Billions. 150 (ross Horn Cotitand Vest Butioni; loo do (lilt do do do l'0 do do IVineVa Tan sleets Pearl Shirt do do do do joo 2.'iO I OO Bone do do for sale I V Nov. It, 131J. VILAS, LOOMIS f-Co. UAUAll & .ARTIKIM. AKK now r(-,-e:Tinp new n-rw -.Mpp! e- ot SADLERY', COACH AM) SUF.IT HARDWARE, in ad il var.tics. ALSO, DRUGS ft Mi:DICIN!.l" PMNTS, OILS. VAll, maul-;.--, &. Ac. Bui ueion, Vl. llih Nov. I3I. Tin Plalc &c, 30 """s I''"!''! ii II.IU. i!u.-ui an I KuglMi Sheet Iron, r sirr ed n-i-l 10 IU.. Iron Wire a-snrle!. Seem Sheei Cop per, Tinned and Hack rivet-, Wire Veilmn, Braie Keith's tVc, ec. STRONGS. Nov. it. mi. Novtimhor IH. IS1. NEW FALL iV WINTER GOODS, II V vV.11. II II It MUTT. "jyrOW rcccning n full and eonijdete st-aorlmrnt of la Goods ndaptul lo the present season many ar ticles of enure new style, which cannot fsil In plrsse. A new sttloof Colouied Chesngeahle Alpsecas, wilh hijh liistn, ns wrll a many other fancy Maple Aiti. cits which were landetl at N. V. by ihe Gieat Wes tern Steamer, only one we-k since. Hut 1 have no wis 'i tn eminieraie: 1 invua sll to fall and exsniio for llicm(ltes. These Goods are oftcrcd at very TetluciHl prices. Also, Superior Family Groceries, Codfih of first q1 aliiy, Lamp Oil. Iftf lissoiicos. OA Orosi Peppermint, 2 onnce Tlala. r 15 do Wintcrgreen, do dr. Iff do Cinnamon, do A 1 0 do Lemon, do do A do Bergamot, for sa'e 1 y J Nov. I t. '42. ilas. LnrmsfcC". GROCERlliS. St, Crou. Pjrto Rico and New Orlnr.s in lib.!- -Jv i ,-u.nis. 10 Ton Lump nnd Onuble Itr fined Loaf ?ufar, 5 bids. Cnodicd nnd Powdered do ro 6' hhds I'm in It ro Mulissts, 10 bids. N'eo Oiliaiit do 40 C'liisl 11 j -on. Hyson fkin, Young Hyion and Poucl one Teas. 2 ions Saltralii", h.l"if 1,ml UUNes r'uCi CavcndWi and Sbets Tobar en. 1 barrel Lorillsrd's Maecnhny FrcfT, 15 bbl Smoking ami fine eui Chewing Tobneoo, TO Lous Ilui'fh Rauinr, 3f ba.s old Java, Gian Jsva, Rio, and I.Jf.tira CntTte, 6 do Pep 'er and riniento. Alio. Siareb, Cia nnmon, Niiimece, Cloves. Pipes Bur Lamp, Hptrm Caudles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Msrkerel. salmon, f.e. With Ihe above, end many other Goods, vt wlsfc to buy msniy. and olT't more for it than is usuall psid in ihi lMrBeT : rejanseifnllT h- ft g

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