Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 16, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 16, 1842 Page 1
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TOW W O T ' T H E GLORY OF O S 'A R BUT TUB WELFARE OF nOMB. VOL. XVI. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1842. No. 29. India Rubbers. T ADIF.S Patent India Rubbers. Common plain and Fancy do, Gentlemen's plain and Fancy do. Sept. 23. Wm. IIURt.HUT. Urn broil. as. FINE Scotch Gingham Umbrellas. " Imitation do. Common Cambric do. just received by Sept 23. Wm. IlURLUUT. PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers In English, French, India and American DRUGS. Atso, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Iliii-llngton, Vt. October 20tli, 1812. LOVELY & SEYMOUR A RE now opening ami oiler fur tale a lie.ivy Mock XX of soasonnblo DRY HOODS, 10 which the nt tntton of purchasers is respectfully invited. Tiio lock comprise a larRO variety of BROAD CLOTHS, BEAVER CLOTHS, Casstmeres. Alpaceas, Bombazines, in short, every article ncccsary to constitute a full assortment of Fall and Winter Goods. ALSO a good assortment of JCROGKERY and a largo quantity of DRY GROCERIES. Tho public are assured that the above arc for sale low. WAGON MATS, for sale by WM. J. HUNT. Strong s building, College ft. ) Uurlingion, ivov. n, jsia. 24. M. G, IIATIIBUN, DRAPEU AND TAILOR, HAS just returned from New York, with a full atsorlinent of VESTINGS.TRIHIIVIINGS tie., of the mot fashionable aud Miprrior quality, and will execute all order'! in tne most i Amox.iii.c &TTLE. llurtinglon, Oct. 23, 1842. 23if TO COUNTRY OTHER MER CHANTS. (TJ DOZEN Pen and Pot-Let Kiuvc, on cards of lU one dozen cacti; .Ml iloz. eci-or-, it". 12 doz. Razorin sing'eca'c, which weie bought low and will be sold by the card or package at such price that they can searocly lad to allbrd the ictailcr from 73 to 100 per cent, advance. Stroug'sbuilding, College st. WM. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, IS 12. Lamps for Students. SHADE LAMPS FOR STUDENTS, for sale hy WM. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, IS 12. GEO. PETERSON. OFFERS FOR SALE, on tcrni3 adapted to the times, 1.5 bbls. fresh ground l'uckwhcat Fi.oi.-n, 1 0 bbls iMacinack TIIOUT ; and lOO Cords Hard WOOD, each a good article of its kind. Oct. 23, 1812. Sltf CASH PAID for FLAX SEED. LiNSEKD OIL and OIL MEAL for sale bv STILES it McELliOY. At the Oil Mill at the Fall-. Burlington, Nov. 1, IS 12. 23,ly Furs. NO. 1 Otter Caps, Lvnx, Mun, Roas Rufliilo Robe-, Fur Collars, Fur Trimming-, Xiilri.innd ;Wuskrat Cap, &c. occ, all tcry cheap, I v Oct. ID, 18 U. J II. W. 'CATLIN. Scbool Books, A GENERAL assortment, fur sale at low prices, at the old stand &Up Stairs. Nor. 21, 1812. 26 C. GOODRICH. Produce of every description ree'd in payment. Saddlery Hardware. A GENERAL nxortment of Harne- MnLcr' and Saddlers Hardivnie. Wm. J. HUNT. Not. II, 1812. Thompson's late History ol'Ver- 1 IH 4 T 1 monr, lor saio uy u. a. uiu.'iii.i Sheetings, &c. 40 Bales A-i Brown Shcctin 2 Cases Ilk-ached do. I do York and Delaware Tickimr. 2 Dale Drown Drilling, lO Ps. Canva-. lOdo Padding-, for sale by 25tf OV. 11, -ii. ILAF, I.OOM13 V 1,(1, Boston Beer Co. DALE Ale and Porter, manufactured by this ccle- . orateu company, lor taio uy J.ccJ. II. PECK & Co. Agents, Oct. 7, 1842. NEW GOODS. SM. POPE is now receiving his fall stock of . Goods, Co nsisting in part of Clack and llliie Heaver Cloths, Black, Uluc, Invisible Gicenand mixt Broad cloths " " 3Iixt and fancy Cassimcrcs (soino of superior quality) Cashmere, plain and fig'd satin vestings, Alpacca Clolhs,.lji.-icca Lustre, Printed Savonyand Orleans Cloths Plain and ligd. Jlouslin Detains, Illk.nnd Blue Iilk. Silk Velvets, I.adiesCravats Red and White Flan nels Canton do. Saxony Wool and Angola Shirt, and Drawers Merino Scarfs, -1-1, 5-1, and G-4 brown and Bleach ed Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, Wicking.lllk. and White Wadding, Batting, Padding, Canvass, silk and worsted, Coat Cords and Bindings, White and cold Horse Blankets, &c. &c. ALSO. A good assortment of Groceries such ns Loaf, Lump and Powd, Sugar, Porto Rico and 3Iuscavadodo. P. R. nnd N. Orleans Molasses, Rio and old Java Cofice, Hyson, Young Hyson and Hyson Skin Tens, English Mustard, Raisins, Soap, Cavendish and fin?cutTubacco&c. if-c. FPUs .1,-iu ...III. ...nn.r m, r1i 1 a . ...w uuu.u inu.ijr 'i..i irifu, nitw 'u...ud ed at the present low prices, and will be sold as cheap as me encapest. Oct. 13, 1812. TO MERCHANTS Who wish to purchase Crocltcry, Importer and Packer of Crockery, China cj Glass Ware, WOULD give notice that ho is prepared to Pack anv amount of Waro according to order. t New York and Boston prices, saving freight and breakage to all who purchase of him. He has a good assortment, and respectfully solicits Merchants to call and t-xamino his stock before buying in Market. Store, corner of Church nnd College Streets. Burlington, 20th Oct. 1840. MAHOGANY & ROSEWOOD flHE subscriber has received a largo lot of Ala A hogany anij Rosewood, on Consignment, which he it auihoruul t0 tt.i a New York prices; consist ing of Crotch Shade and Motile Vcnccrs of all quali ties anil prices, Boards of 1-, 0-8, T.s ani t Inch Uiick, Iloardi suitable lor Tabic, and Coffins, Mahogany Plank of l n s nI,a 3 g.a inch thick, IjWE cecse FEATHERS. A largo simply on hand of LivoGee,e Fi,erf. of country collection, for 50 cents per pound, cnfcli CHAIRS AT WIIoTESAIiU it HETA1I, of all kinds and as low us canl.o bought in Vermont' may be found nt lbo old s land of Nelson nnd Gales' oppo.itelhe old Bank on Church sttcel, or two doori north of tho Catholic Church, Si, Paul street. ,. C. L. NELSON. ft lif BtoB, Nov. 10, 16-12. Ut IMMIinillll I IUIIIIl,ll.l.iJliiJUUIIJI,li-llU:AJIU-JJ.'TJJUI AlilJANY AND 1JOSTON ItAIli ItOAl) I 'arc through to JSostim .. Morning train through to Do-ton, haves the Depot at Grccnhuh at J bcforo7 o'clock precisely cvciy moruinsr, (Sundays excepted.) arrives at Chatham 8, at Pittsficld 0?, n Springfield 121 31. at Worcester 3, P.M. and at Boston C. Ureal fast al Chatham. Passengers must leave Albany, by tho south ferry, not later than GJ o'clock. The afternoon train haves the Dc'pol in Grccnbush at i before 1 o'clock, arrives at Chatham at 2 o'clock, at l'iltslicld 3J, at Springfield GJ. , Passengers can leave Springl'uldalG A. M. nndar rivo in Boston nt 111 A. M. Passengers leave Albany as nbovo at 125 o'clock, and not later tn insuio a passage. Tho cars of the Hudson and Berkshire road will run between Chatham aud Hudson iu conncMoii with both trains. run iiMirronn axd xi:wiiavi:x. Passengers leaving Albany in the inorniiu from Oici-nbii-h, nrrivo in Springfield at 12J in. may leavo Springfield nt 1 o'clock for Ilnrlfoid thenco by cars nrrivo iu Nevv-lfnvcn by 75 p. m. ; or leave Urcculiush In tlio luruiu l p. in. train, utilvo 111 Springfield at G p. in thenco at 8 a. in. by Steam lloat to Hartford, arriving llicro at 11 thuico by Steam lloat at 2 p. m. nrrivo in New York next morning by 5 o'clock, or they may leavo Hartford for New Haven by Rail Rood at 5 p. in. and arrive there at 75 p. m. Steamboat leaves New Haven for N. Yoik daily. to Giinnxrtr.t.u, it a .vo vr.n axd liAvr.iutii.h. Stages will leave Springfield, daily, at 0 P. 31. for Haverhill, via Northampton, Grccnlicld, Dralllcboro' and Hanover. Stages also tun daily from West Brookficld to Waio and Enfield from Palmer to Tlncc River., Bclchcrtown, Amherst and 3fonsoii Fiom Wilbra ham to South Hadlcy nnd Northampton. Fare to Springfield S3. Passengers nio pntticularly requested to procure ticketsbeloro takingseatsiu the cars. Tickets can beoblainidin Albany atG. R. Payne's office, 2i Broadway, or at ticket Oiiico in Depot, at Grccnbush. FREIGHT DEPARTMENT A Freight Tram will leave Grccnbush daily, (Sundays excepted) for Boston, at 3 A. 31. Charges for Flour to all stations cast of Springfield, 37! els. per barrel. First cla-s freight, such a? imported Dry Goods, Tias, Bonnets, Boots and Shoes, o-c.,1-9 per 2U00 lbs. 2d class, such as Hides, Leather, Hemp, Grassjbiid, Fresh meat and Fish, at G CO per 20P0 Ilia. 3d class, such as Cotton, Dvo Woods, 3Iolnses, Sugar, Ac. nt S3 per 2000 lbs. -llli class, such as Coal, Grain, Pig Iron, Lumber, Wood, itc, at Wl per 2000 lbs. Parcels less than 1,000 lbs. nt first class rates. Etcry information will bo given at the oilice in the Depot at Grccnbush. S. WITT, Freight Agent. W. II.TOW.Nril-.XD, Master 1 ran-poitaticn. Depot Grecnbii'h, Nov. 8, 1812. TOTAV13RX KHHl'UHS AND CltOCKRri In tne State ol Vermont. THE SUUSCHIHERS beg to Inform them that they have on hand a large and choice assort ment of' GROCERIES, WINES AND LIQUORS, consisting of M-a.r.?, 'Ikas, Uoitee, i-kcitp, nnu CiaAiisj .MAni-.inA, 3Ialca and 1'okt Wis-ks ; Ja maica and St. Ciioix lir.M j Coosvo linvuiiv and Holland Gin'. t.Stiicuum.) with which they can be supplied at wholesale priccsat tluir New (Jcrman hlorc, on College St., next door to Mr. Wait s extensive Crockery Store. riio Subscribers would nmto the Tamil keepers nnd Grocers of tho vicinity lo call and judsre for thcmscltes. and thoso who umv nlrato to tend llicir orders win uo laitiituiiy ntu-nuca to. ur'i'in:i i iv. iMiuiiiii.m lhirlington, Vt., Nov. J, IS 12. 21-ir GROCERIES, A C Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Ricjand New Orleans Sucnis, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar, 5 Mils, crushed and rowiicicu uo 1" hhds Porto Rico .Molais, 10 . bbls. NowOrhans do 10 Chests Hyson, Ilysou Skin, Young H) son and Pouehong Kas. 2 tons SahralU;.. 23 kens nnd boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep lobacco. 1 barrel Lorilhrd's 3Iaccabov Snub", 15 bbls Smoking and line cut Chewing Tobacco, GO hn.vcs Hunch Ruttlis. 30 bacs old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and I.aguira Collie, G do Ptiii-er nnd Pimento. Also, Starch, fin nanion, Nutmegs, Cloi.cs, Pipes, l!ur Lamp, Sju nii gaudies, tJinger, uou i isu, .uucwuii, ciinnuo, Willi the above, and mnuv other Goods, we wish to buy money, and olli r inoic for it than is usually paid in'lhis vicinity. Purchasers arc ri -peetlully m viled lo call. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1312, November 18, 1S42; NEW FALL A WINTER GOODS, JIV WM. 1IU1IUDUT. NOW receiving a full and complete assortment of Goods adapted to thoprccni season many ar-tii-les nf entire new stvle. ,'hich cannotfail to phase. A new stylo of Colotiicd Chcaugcable Alpaicas, with lngli lustre, as will as many onur inneysiapio iiiif cles winch were landed at N. Y. by the Gieat Wes tern steamer, only one xetel; since, nut i liavo no wish to enumerate; I invito all to call and examine for themselves. These Goods aic ollercd at very reduced prices. Also, Superior Family Groceries, offirst quality, Lamp Oil. 23lf THE NEW GERMAN STOKE. rrMIE tiluler-isned rt'-pts'li'iillv infoiin tins iuliabi- X tants of Ilurlingioii and v inity, that they have ju-t reliirneil Iroin New 1 orU Willi .in exicn-lve sioi-K of llie most superior Groceries, Cboii csl 1'iuit-, ifcc. ever olli-rel to lbo iuhibitants of this state, cou-lsl- g in pari ol the following viz : SUGARS, Double and Single Refined, Crushed and Brown. T E.VS. Imperial, Dy-on, Gunpowder, Young llysomlly- sou skip, & iclioug and i-oucnoiig. V I' V K K , Old Government Java, Lns-uira. A-c. K IJ ITS, New Malaga and S ulian i Raisin, Currants, choice French Prunes in gins- jars, Bordeaux soft -helled nnd shelled Almond-, Figs, Citron, New Tamarinds, Olives, Capers-, Cocoa a ml .Madeira Nuts. FilLciis. tie. Sardine-iu Olive Oil, Anchovies nnd Dutch Ilrring llaliau -Maccaroni nnd Vermicelli French PicLcls, London " nlniit Kclchup unilJiijuI.el'.iste, Nutmegs, Jlnzo and other spices, Fiench sw eet Chocolate nnd superior Cocoa, French preparedand Engli-h Mutard, Olive Oil, Sperm Oil and Candle, Best colored Sperm Candles, for partie-, Casti'e, Variegated and family Soap. Alia. The 1'i'ni: Il&lland'fSchicd.iiiO Gin. I'rciicl Coinae and Coiriiaii ChainiMisn. b r ineJieine, the real Heid-iek Champaign, Orange Cnrraeoa Liqnc-ur, Siani-h, I nnch and German Wine.-, Vintage, of 1S22 and 1 BJ 1, lor liiedicnic. Their .tuck of imported Ci"ars isiui'urnasscil. con si-ting ofthu following chou-o Brands : La Union, Hegaha, Junucz.Brilnnniu, Manilla Llieroot,l'nnces Noima t iil-othu German Smoking Tobacco Kana Icr and lonir Dutch Pine.-. The subscribers expect not to hoard up treasures in times likolho present, nor would they 1 o dispo.-cdeo indo among tho cilizciisof a placo where they have I ecu welcoined with such cordial lilcrulily, but they do hope that the peculiar care and ullciitioii they have bestowed in tlieseleclion of their various goods should Lc rewarded bv iindin" puichascra for thai thev may hereafter bo encoiirnircil tobring again into lbo niarkcl tbechoice-t novel nrticl's with which they aro now supplied mid which they offer to the public on icruis which nicy coii-cicui-iousiyueeinien! cov cring n most reasonable advance op the co.t price. OdTIIEIM it MICIIOLLS. College St. next toJIr. Waits extensivo CrocLciy Store. O. it M. also beg leave lo mention that lhcy have removed llieirl Dry Goods to Cliurih, Slicet, next DrvtIool. Siorelo .Mr. Howai-dV. Tbcv reneclfullv invito iho Undies to call who will find lbo Prices ofl onus, Hbavvlf, MouiCline dc Laincs, CalIicoc9,&c, VERT CHEAP, S.HUM.VT JOSEPH WAK lias i-ccclvi'd a lull supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, added lo the foiincr slock, hi assort in v II t qllllu coiupli'le, and it is oJeicd at rcryloieiricc$ iudi-cdjcoric Pumliiiir with the pie.Hire nf i!u Lnie I amilic- in want of Goods m lis line, will civil io tan nun cx.iinine nt leasi, at the eui ner id I lunch and Culleye slrecl. liiiiluiijIon.Oil., 1SI2. 2011 17011 SALE, at a small advance fiom cost u f-0 btls. Logwood, CO " Niowood, 23 " (Jamwood, 23 " Redwood, 23 " Fustic, 10 " Alum, 5 " Madder, 10 lica No. 1 llmcry, 2J " Indigo, G cases Refini d Rorax. l'OLLETT & RnADtEVS. Aug. 5.1C1J. Whalonslnii'frli Cement. THE at ove ailM-le Ins I cen thrrouglily telcd and found s'lpenor to any "Hut now m ii'c. rur -me oy j. i-c j. ii. t'j.iviv cc iu Cod Fish and Mackerel. O TONS Cod Fi-b, aud nfcwhallBbUNol Mack- r' t'rel iiisi iccd.l STUONUS. Nov C. u5 Lamp Oil. 1 "inn GALLONS, pine Winter and Fnll Strain- j-vvvj t-iMR'im oil, hy STRONGS. iNV. to. ii23 R H VOL VI NG CAS TORS. Atioud ood n--cirlincnt of Hevo'vintr CaMOrs with live mid ix bottle's each, for sale eheap, at the new Ci'oci.cty More, corner ol Clmri-li nntl liiei-, i,y jusi.l'U w.ii i. Diirlni 'ton, Nov. 1G, 1812. 25 A STIIAli A all'S, of very rich nnd medium iii' iiitio.-, lor sale very t-ucap ai ine t-rocut-rv loie of JOSEPH WAIT. Diiiliii-rton, Nov. 10, IS 12. 23 Cheap Crockery. TTOWEl'ir WAIT will fuiiii.h families with anv " bind ol'C'i ocl.t-rv. Chma tr Gl.i-s Ware Ciir.Arr.ii than can I e found nt nny store iu the slate, lie has a crv lull as-nrtmenl lowhiih 1 o mvilcs the attcii- tmti nf fainil'i'-, at the Croi-ti-ry stC'ic, corner of Ch'iich and Collecre street-, Iir ho will really sell ci.-.i. 2. liiiilimrtfin, aov. ju, tbii. FLOUR- 1 cm WHOLE and 100 lll.U fre-h around so X 'Jyj i.eiiuie fiie-ic Flour, j,'-t rt-ccivtil and for eai by Gl.O. 1'i.TEliSON. Transatlantic Now-paper ami C.incral Agency Office, .1-ilvcrpooL C1IAKLEB WIIiLMKR, Xcirspavcr, I 'ortcarding, and General Atnl, OUPPLIES lo order, with srealei- nronintitiidu and O icguhirit) than any olhiT liou-e, and on the mo-t lea-ouil lete'rm-, (a London Daily Paper for.A'G 10-; .Sicrlmu-per annum,) Xr.w-i-Ari r.i, 1 iiin:Cunin:Ts, Siiii-i ixo Li--s,MA(ii7ixi-.sand lio'oKStoall pans ol the United S tatks, Cakaua,?oa StfHii,andNi:w lll-.UNSWlii;, bv thoMuit fJUuiners b.nllll!; on iliu -illl nuJ lUihoU-arhnionih from J.ieerpoo!, .is wcllns hy tbo.e fi ciu llrit.tol, nnd Southampton ; nnd lo all Ihe Wr.sT lxntAN l-i.SDs, .Mi-Alto, nnd Ti:.-:as, by the 7?,ya .lfaif fiUamirs failing eery l'orlinghl from l'almouth. C W. will receive Consignments of Goods ; or Small I'arcclj -em to his care -dull be piiiictuilly forwarded In their i!i'-lniaiion. Any de-cnplion of Goods, pnr-cha-cd and forwardctl to'iirder. -N'r.xT of h'l.v, and all other iV cription of ADTr.n 1 iscMt-.N-Ts, reieiveJ fur in-ci lion in-all the Vuropean Publication. N. II All order- -hould lo addrc-'cd "f'ntr.Lics WfLLMcn" in f'dl, and none will I e, mended to mi le s by a leimtlam e, or .refercuie fur pavment on mimic Livi-i-pool or Loudon Ilou-e. (Editors of Ni-w.papers in-crtinglhe above Adver-li-t'iiu-nl on i' a'i will j-eceie a supply of I'ril-i-h .N'ew-pjp"i', on lending a paper ( con. Mining- ii. J Iron, Steel &c. OnYTO.NS a-.ortel Enib-h Tno Iron, CJ IO" do. .Swci.-s.inll'criido.ilo. ,i jruin t-'i-i sai'io iio. GO " Peru i.i.iirlliii'luied rnnudand .-quarelron I'ln'-rai-m r all -ize- liom J in. to 2 J in. IO lops a--orlel brand Iron. It) " S-roll Iron and -hoe shape--, :S ,l Ui,--ia hor-e n.vl ro-l-; Anvi's, Vkcs, Sle lac-, Uh.tin-.Iloiax. Tilaj and l!.t.-p-, Shovels, Spade', Cro Bars .&c. ' ftteel. Sam'erson's Cnsl'Stiel, Griuvv llcrmau ljiirli-h bli-ld. Ainciii-aii " 1.SO Sells Steel plaled Culler and Sleieh ?hoes &c. ice. jut Reccivel by ST110NGS. More New Goods. ANEW lot Sill, and Cotton Warp AlpaceaLu-trcs, . Winter Vc-tin--'-, Velvet Bonnet and (Jap Ribbon-, Mull'-, Boa-, Cap-, Fur Tiiiiiiuiu:s, -Mittens, Gloves mid Moii-in, Cloib-and (i-siufi ie-, Horsu Blanket-, itc. iV jilst reedby II. W. CA TUN Nov. 17lh. 1812. Flour. 34-0 "BLS. Stijicrfino flour of superior brand-, bv STRONGS. Nov, Ij. ii2j Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Conrso Western Salt, 61)0 iio Tun;- island no 500 do St, ULc-4 do 150 Bbls Western lino do 10 Sacks Liverpool 1 lown do GO Sai ks Wcstcni lino do G Ca-cs Salt in leave, for table U' Nov. 12. STRONGS. Essences. firnss Peppermint, 'i ounce vials. 13 do Winicrgiccn, do do 20 , do Cinnamon, do do l.O do Lemon, do do fi do Bcrgtimot, for sale by IJ Nov. 11, '12. VILA-.. LooMisfcco. Till Plato &c, Sniioxes Tinl'liitc 23 Bills, lluia and English Sheet Iron, assorted nosj 10 Bill-. Iron Win a-torted, Scent Sheet Cop it, Tinned and black rivets, Wire Vellum, lira-. lieiui - sv . is. . guw.msi Nov. 17. 1812. Trusses ! Trusses ! SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. rilllE Undersigned are constantly supplied with the JL above articles oflbo invention and manufac ture of Hull, Marsh, and Twichell, nil of which are iu highest repute; nl-o, Hull's uud Mursh's (TP" I'E.MALH SUPPORTEKS. 0 PECK it SPEAR, Auntihffiirfii'r Viifgfts miii Venders of all gen. nine Patent Atcdicines, and Dealers in Surgical Instrument. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Waler street, al the lical of the Steamboat Wharf Utirllngton, Vermont. BY iMOSES L. HART. FTMIIS etabli-hm6nt, (o favorably located for the JL ncdomniodaliOn of the busncs and irnvellm!? coinnuuiity, i now open to the publle. Po-t Coaclies upon me various rouics can ni uio i.xcuangc Hotel lor passenger, ana i nose nrrivmg or tieparnng oy Strain lloat, hi which ca-c their baggneei rcmnved without charge, will find this hou-e peculiarly to their son ven iciice. .it...l I.!. ...!.!..! l lie ui'i-jni 1 1 ii-n i ? in-, -ii v ii v.-, wiui t lie ii'snriiuii , that ill all rc.peet-, the lions shall decrvothe favor able consideration of all who may patronhe it. uuriiuion, aprii i, isiz. J1A(!S 15 T I C ODONTICA. THE TEETH I THE truth 1 ! The Incomparable Tooth Preparation. THE fu-l Is proved, and the mo-t incredulous and doubting aie hilly convinced of iu great utility, as wc have the evidence from tho sale of about 35. 000 boxes of the Odonlica, within the pnsi year. It is ascertained from otpciieme, that when ti-ed, the Icelli will never decay, but icniaiil till the late-l ngo 01 man, with their naluial wrar S and more inlhou- snuds tifca-cs, neivoiH totihtclic, (ilmt climax of: pain; iiasnioiu't: occit ei.cciKtuy t-iucu uy this mo-t popular dcnlrinee m Ainiriet, And iu eonelu-ion, where, or who is the young lai'y or, aye, the individual that values a Lcastifiil set of icelli, sound gums, and a sweet biealh moiethan fifty cents, that will be longcrdoslilutcofa boxof Dr JI.'Hitch.ocL's 31,tgneli: Odoulic.t. hair i hath a HARDNESS. Important Discovery the Great Atislenj found oii at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENERATOR. Dr. Sterrv. after much atttn ion to tho imnortant Subject of preserving the hair, his after many experi ments cueinicaianupnysicai, urcu nbie to discover an nrliclo which is now oll'ered with tho greatest confi dence for tho toilette, as tho bes; thins over discover ed, lor its softening and penetm'ing quality, to pro duce a good bend of hair lo prevent it from falling oil' when I aldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turn ing gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, an tique oil, or Cologne Water. It is a beautiful article for ladic3 curia it makes tho hair soft and lively. and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousandshavo tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in eve ry instance it stands unrivalled. It U on infallible cure in all affections of the shin on the head as dan druli; &o iNc. Every family should bo supplied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application lo the head and hair of children, iho beautiful and ornamental an- pendago of a fine head of hair, with which nature has supplied us, may ue preservcu. g3-Ij OOKAT THIS .-a Have yon a Cough t Onn die of consumption VyjVJUV year in the United States, nn overv nnd mil- lions suffer from troublesome coughs and colds, that can bo cured by Dn M. Hitchcock's Vegctablo Cream Cough Drop, a safe medical prescription, contain ing no poisonous; drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several year3 will most postively allbrd relief, and save you from that awful disease, pulmon ary consumption, which sweeps into the grave hun dreds oflbo voillifr. the old. the lorelu and the iiv. Ilnvo you n cough'? Bo persuaded lo nurchaso a botlloof the Cough Drops to-day 7 To-morrow may be too late. Price 50 cents per bottle. WORMS 1 WORMS I DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequal led Worm Tea, a sovereign remedy for Worms. This invaluable mcdicino has been tested bv the cx- pciiencu of morn than ten years use, and administered to mora man i,uvm persons of various ages, ana notono solitn'ry complaint j for in no one of the thou sands of instances, where il.hns bn used ngretablo to mo primed directions; has it f-vcr fnilnl. N. B. Ask for Dr. Multitchrock's Worm Tcatn9 there aro many nostruina abroad for tho destruction ofvvotnis. SNUFF-only Tweuty-flvc Cents. DR. 31. HITCHCOCK'S newly inventd SNUFF, the best aiticle ever discovered by scientific men, m Euiopo or America, for the curoand absolute rcliffof Catarrh, Diziiness of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headache, Fallen-Sickness, Fits, and In fants troubled wiili SuulUes, partial shocks of Pal- scy, etc. I.OTTO.V, LOTION. Dr. Evnns' Henutil'ying r.oiton. HIGHLY cjtcemcd for curing all Eruptions, . Coarseness, Redness, and Pimples on the Face, Neck or hands,and ctl'cctually clcaninglhccouiplex ion and rdnoviug all incases of the skin. Nothing t'ontributci so much to our general suc cess in life, as ancngajing first appearance. The Lo tion is admired ns a most fragrant, mild, safe wa-h, and greatly esteemed lr its virtues in cleansing, soft ening, and purifying tho tkin of nil eruptions, so inju rious lo female beauty, and restoring it lo a high dc rrrCoof nuritv. A beautiful and healtnful complexion is tho pride of an who possess it, anuino envy oi inose who are de prived ofit. A good appearance is the best recommendation s and as tho B-nutifying Lotion purities the skin, and removes all Pimples, Blotches. Tan, Sunburn, nnd Redness, and produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmcticalady shoulduseat her toilette. Gcnllcmni will also find this a delightful remedy to remove all Roughness, Piiitples.Uingworms, Spots, Redness. Soreness of tho face nnd nose, and every kind of eruption on Ihcsttrface of the human body. It is particularly recommended to gentlemen lo be used after shaving, as it will prevent the otherwise certain effect of all common soap, in turning tho beard prematurely nrev. For solo wholesale and retail, by Fosteh & Dick inson, sole I'roprielors nnd successors lo A. Hitch co( cc. uo., 11 licncseo Mrcct, utica. n. v.; in Dccrgia, by I.. Janes; Milton halls, by I!arrc!t& Sawyer; Johnson, by G. L. Warner&Co. j Burlin, ton, and by Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Genuine I'atent Bledicines, TSTcUi g?ooag. GEORGE lETERSON TTAS jn-l returned from New York with a large XX and lull supply ot Dry Goods, Groceries and Crockery, consisting ol'almo-t evciy article commonly called for, all which have jut been purcha-ed at very low r.lle, and Will 1 e -old much lower than be evt-r had the pli-a-uro ol ohcring ihem befoiej among them may Ik- found S.IO bbls Fine Salt, .(( hu-h. Coarse Salt, (( bags Nova Scotia Plaster. 1 (XI bbls. fresh ground Superfine Flour. WANTED, In exchango for Goods, Flaxseed, Butter, Cheese and While I! cans. Burlington, Oct. 20, 1812. 20-tf URL ING TON ERE VER Y IS now in full operation nnd can furnish all order fur BEER not I snrpas'cd in quality by any other .urewery. 1 ' GEO. PlTEftSON. Iliiridigton, Aug. 23, 1812. CA HFENTER'S $ JOINER'S TOOLS. SLATER'S celebrated Sheilicld Prates and Ilitts, trying Squate., mortice Gouges, nnd Perils, Plows nnd Planes of every description; Augurs, Augur But, Frnining Firmer, nnd turning Chisel, and'liouiie.s j Plauu Iron, a largen-sortmentof Hand, Pannel, ami Back Saws, Taper File.-, Steel Squares, llainmcrs, Broad Axes, itc. &.e. Strong's blinding, College st. W 31. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, 1812. -Store For Sale, riilll. subscrilcr oilers for (nio bis A Nov" Illck Store, situated in Shclbiiru Villa?e, together with the goods uud furniture, such nsFairl ank's iM.iiforin nuJ Counter Scales. Writing Desks, show Case, Stoves, qil M' measures, ate. Tim is one cf iho 1 est locations Tor a country bust ein Chittenden county, "JlMS'l'OCK. Shelburn, Xor. 18,1812. Uuok Wheat Flour. A FEW half Bbls very Superiorly BTRON6S. Nov. 10. WINDOW SASH. The subscribers have pur chased the 3Iachlntry for the manufacture of Window 8ah formerly owned and ucil by Sidney Smith, at Winooskl City,nnd are now m iniifteturing every ties, criplion, mid keep constant ly on hand an assortment of 7 by 9 Sash, at the following prices. 12 Lighted Casements 31 ets. per Light. 8 do 31 do 0 do 3 do G do 3J do 4 do 5 For sale at their Shop at the Falls, nnd hy George Peterson, All orders in ih0 above line nddrecd to Culin & Cha-e, will Le thankfully received and promptly attended to. HUI.iKS CATl.LN,2d. EDWIN W. CHASE. Unrllnzten, April 3, 1812. BURLINGTON COMB FACTORY. THE Subscribers having taken the well known Establishment, former v occunicd bv Vilas. Loomis, &. Co., are now manufacturing, ami will keep constanllvonhnnd. apeneral assortment of C03I11S. of superior qualities, which will beallbrdcd nt the lowest prices. lUercnants, nnu other?, wishing for a superior articlo for retail, will find it to their advan tage to calland examine our stock. UKUKUT if TI.UA.NUB. Uurlington, Sept. 8 1812. 11 tf LYMArj & core si. HAVE reed, a very 'extensivo assortment of Fall and Winter Good, which they o icr at prices to meet the limes. A variety ofllroad Cloths. Cas. simercs, Satinclts, Beaver Cl'olhs c-e. 3Ieriuo.-, Canib lct, Alpacca, .M. Do Lainc-s, slriped and plain, very rich new patterns. SJlAW.Lt). Rich Heavy Honey Comb and 'Adrianople hawl. a new nrtule, verv coiufortal le for winter, Pl.iiil Shawls 8-1 vcrv low priced. Cliallev. .Merino, 31. DcLiine, Wcolen do. hearls, rancy tiki.. nnd Cravats. Mitts and Gloves, n great variety, Chine woolen 3Iitt-, very warm lor winter, ChineSilk do. Cotton do.fjr -Misses it Children, Mi es worsted Mitts, Grecian Cull'., eco, Zcphvr wor.-ted, Pattern- for working worsted, SitU fringes, Cords, Cloak Tas-cls&c. Worsted Fringe, nnd iliuding., FRINTS. A rich assortment ol Dark low Priced Prints, Mourning do. very nice. DOMESTIC GOODS. Heavy S'hceiings, Shirting, Ticking, Gingham, Baiting, Wadding ipc. Col'dGanibric-, Bc-t Gumliam Umbrella's. Superior Knitting Worsted, and Woolyarn, Thread Knitting Cotton, French working Collon, Jlar sball's Linen Thread lie. SHOES. Ladie- Kid Slips ami Ties, Bronze Ties. Cliildtcn'sShoes, Col'd Gaiters, Bootees itc., India Rubbers, Figd. and Plain, Butl'alo Robe, Kiirnnd other Coat Collars, Purchasers nnd others arc invited to calland exam ine their New Goods Burlington, 12lh October, 1812. MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. Tbe-e medicines are indebted for their name lo llicir manifest and sensible action in purifying the springsand channels of life, and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified caseswhich have been made mil lie, und iu abno-t every species ofdispa-e to which the human frame is liable, the happy edect- ofMcrrtT's. Liie Pill- and Piiiknix BiTTi.ns have been gicatfullyand publicly aoUiiowledgcil by the pcr-ons' Lcueililcil, nnd wlio woro iiniicquainleit wilhtliobi-aillltully phi losophical princip'cs upon which they arc compound- Co, nntl upon won ii uii-v vuiiswinontiy an. Tho till- r. .Ml.lili reccmmciiu iiieimcivesiii di-ea-es ol every lorm and descniilioit. 1 heir firs! operation is to 'ooscn from ilie coats of the stomach and bow-cl-, tho various impurities and crudities con stantly seillmg around them; and toiemove the har dened faces which collect in the convolutions of the smallest inliv-iinc. O-.hcr medicines only partially, and leave such collected mas-e- behind as lo produce habitual eo-tivcness, with all its train of evils, or-iiuiieu in.imi'c i, w iiu us loniiuiciii o.ii-'i'rs-. Thi- fact i- well known to all anatomist' who examine the human bowclsnfterdealh i and hence the pri-iiidiceot those vvcilmtoriiieil men ngaiustqnael. medicines or medicines prepared and hcialdi-J to thcpnblie bv icnoranl persons. The second elicit ol the Life .Medicines is to clean-c the kidneys and the bladder, and bvthis means, (tin liver and the lungs, the healthfiilnciion of which entiiely depend-upon the re gularity of the urinar,- orsrau-. The blood, 'wlnih It's reil color from the agency of the liver and the lungs I clore itpa-scs into Ihe heart, I cing thu- purified by Uiem, nnd nouri-iini byiood coining nom a cieau slomach, eoiir-es freely through the vein-, renews every pari of the sy-tcm, nnd triumphantly mounts lbo banner of health in the blooming check. Moflat' Vegetal le Life Medicine- have Icon thor oughly te-ted, and pronounced a sovereign remedy for Dy-pep-ia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss ol Appetite. Heart-burn and Head-.ii be, lbMle-sne-s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor an I Melancholy, Cos. tivcncss, Diarrluea, Cholera, Fevers of all' kind, Rheumatism, Goui, Dropsies of nil kinds, Ginvcl, Worm-, A-thm.i and Con-iimplion, Scurvy' Flier-' Inveterate Sore-, Scorbntie. Eruptions and Bad Com plexions, Eruptive complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and oilier di-airreeat lo Complexion, Salt Hhcuiii, Erv-sm- ela, Common Cold and Inlliieiiza,aud various other complaints wincli niitict ine Human name, in i evi.r and Aoue. particularly, the bue .Medicines have le mosi cminenlly succe-sfnl ; so much -o ih;it in the r ever and Agncdistricts, I'liy-ician- almost universally Pre-cril e ihem. All tnaiMr. Mol'at requires of his patients is to le particular ill talcing the kite AiiMiomc strictly accor ding lo tho directions. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything diet he lum-elfmaysay in their favor, mat ue uopes io gam credit, nisiiioiieiyiiie results of a fair trial. MOITA'PS MEDICAL MANUAL; deigned ns a dome-tie guideto health. Thislilllu pamphlet, editi-d by W.B. Mollht, 273 Broadway, New York, ha- leen ptli'li-ucii ior ine piirpo-e uicxiiirtiiiiiii; iiioreuuiy Air. Mo hit's theory ol diseases, aud will lc loiind hishlv intercstinir tonersons seeking health. Il treats upon prevalent disease, andthee.iu-es thereof. Prkv, 23 cents lor sale py.ur .iiuiai'..i:eni-generaiiv. These valuable Medicines are for salobyGEOItEE L. WARNER & Co. Jolin-on, Vt., General A cents, by whom all orders from any part of (be Siatu or Canada, will be prompll) answered. 23-1 f Dee. 17, 18-11. HA GAR $- ARTHUR, General Agents for Jloflal'- celebrated medicine to whom all applications for agchcics must Le ad dre-seil. Burlington, Jan. 23, IS 12. TO THE LADIES. Dr. Hull's Utcro Abdominal Supporter. THIS new Instrument fur the radical euro ol" Prolapsus Uteri, or falling of the womb, P) external application, siincneiltng the use ot tbo objection able Pessary, I- i-oiili.Icnilv reeoin- mended lo the alllictixl us Iho means of perfect restoration lo health, it nev er having (ailed cl performing a cure, even uudir the mosi aggravated circumstance.. The Supporter has altained a very lush character in Europe us well as iu this country. Id's tulcpted (o (hecndrudwisu of pessaries, aud all other pamliil sur gical expedients, in the l.ving-iii Hospitals of London uud Paris, and is universally recommended in Europe by medical men of the highest rank. Iu tin- eouulry t i sustained by I he leading members ol ihe faculties f Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent pri ule practitioners. ILT For Sale, singly or by tho dozen, by PECK & SPEAR, Dealers in Surgical Imtruments. Hardware. a"MIE subscriber continues to have on hand a gen . nnd well selected assortment of Hardware, in its various branches, all of which he will sell very low for Cash, and would respectfully solit it attentiou io (Iio tame, from thoso wishing to purchase. Wm. J. HUNT, Stong's building, College Si., Nov. 1 1 1812. Whito Lead. 1TON Whito Lead in Oil, Ii do dry do. warranted emial in quality to any manufactured in tho Unite.. Stales price unusually low. S'IRONGS Nov. 10, 1S. iRDAlis PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articlois too well known to need commen dation .nnd llmroirri.i,Anrcn,.Mi . I, no demonstrated to tho commercial coinnuuiity.. that .o. uiuiimcy, convenience and immunity, they ore unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh Irom '.J to G ions. Dormant W arehouso do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs.. Pnrlnbln dn Inunint, f,-..,.. 11 . 200 lbs. PortableCoimtcrdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. H. Peck it Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1811. Valuable Estate For Sale. TMl I-. Siibscril cr oHer? for sale I be dive! J. ling bou-e ami lot, con-i-ling of auoiu cnonud a quarter acio ol land, situalC'l on CclleL'e Strcei. l.t'lnnn-ine in tbeesiaie of the lute Dr. Hubert 3Ioody. 'I'hu hou-e ISCflrick. tlioroualdv bllllr. :tnd vcrv ronlenu-iillt- arranged. The garden is v. ell supplied with 1'iuit, nnd iu n high stale of cultivation. A credit will le given, for a portion of the purchase money, of two )i-.ii.iiuin isicctoicr, its ii. Ul.u. II. SHAW. Admr. Burlington, Sept. 21, 1812. 17 tt TO LET. A Commodious. STONE HOUSEat prcscntoccu j- pitd by Dn. Hineceuo. For terms apply at tho premises. Burlington, Sept. 13, 1812. 13 tf Geese Feathers. ?V LBS. Live Gce-e Feathers. iitt received UwW nnd forsalebi-caitlovvcrlbancvcrlelbre -old iu lovvn JIny 13. KJ. Li. ii'.L.OU.. 49! f. ROMAN CEMENT 1 f( BARRELS of this celebrated Cement, its lVyV quality having been tested nnd found su perior to any m use,ior saicat rcuuccii prices, uy aept. stn. lsi'j. i oui.i.i i it iiu.vui.n CO PAR TNE llSIffF. TTENItY II. ItOSTWICIv itT. F. it W. E. JLJ-Strong having connected their Tin Fhops, will do ousiness in mat line uitucr tne name ot n. ii. nost wick it Co. al tho shop occupied bv said Bostwick w hero mav be found a full and complete assortment of TIN WARE, manufactured cxun-ssly for the retail iraue, logciucr Willi uoppcr and nneet iron worn, alovol'ipc, siovo trimmings, &c. -ill limns ol job work furnished nt short notice. Eave troth and con ductor pipe furnished and put up. Copper pumps and lead pipo furnished and set if rcquircu. Those who patronize this branch of business shall, at this shop, I e quickly and well served, for a rcasonal lo compen salion. II. H. BOSTWICK & Co. Burlington, Apr. 10, 11512. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. E . vr O O D s WOULD respectfully inform the Ladie and Gen tlcmcn of Burlington and vrinity that be ha recently opened anc-tal lislnnent whcie be will man ufactnie, ( whole-ale nnd retail) all kinds of wcrk in i... -.-I i ii. . : 1 r..r... V nil. sili'i; Hue. iiu na-ju-i icii i nom -sirw iuih the pre-ent style of La-i, together with a choice se- lei-linn ol S'loi-k. Ilevv-lil l.i.i'i constantly oil hand anu iiianuiaciiire to oroer an i.ino-ui wiirii" goti-p in thlscotintry; among which may be found Gem' Calf, Goat, Seal and Gaiter Bool Ladle-' Gaiters nasi, n-, w alKingblioe-, Mip-, ic. e. Al-o, coar.- nii'll.ii Boot-, both forniciiandLoys; and children' Shoes of all kind.. Please give him a call, Iwo doors West of the l ean ntrect Hou-e, at II, c si.'nol UiC'liig Uuot." Hiirlingion,.May, 1812. " 30.1". JACOUS-S IMfJK.ttiU IJXIMIESS, lleliceeu Albany and Montreal. U.vni, lurttier notice, leaving Albany cn Wednesday, and Montreal on Saturday of each week, in connexion with llnrnden it Co. nt Albnny iocw i ox a, i'niianciimn, i.osioii, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scotland and llavte, for Iho trans norittliou of Specie. Bank Note-. Valunb u Paper Packages of Goods, Books, and all other Parcels tint may otlir. Montreal Exchnngo Coffee House. Albany No. 12, Exchange Buildings, J.'cw Yoik No. 3, Wall Mrcct. Boston No. ?, Court Street. Burlington J. it .1. II. Peck, it Co. REFERENCES. LMJj'Reep, j Albany, N.Y. P. Wells, ) E. it D. B. Pu-.M, f T N y Keluo ,f. Co., ( lroy" A. WATnoi-F, ) A. II. W. Hvnr.M it Co.Castlcton, Vt. J. it J. H. Peck & Co., Burlington, Vt. J. C. PEtucE.r- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 25. 43tf. BEWAllE OF DECEPTION. It has frequently come to the knowledge of tho sub scriber, thai empty Snuff Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought up for the purpose of selling in thciiinn inferior ip ohty Snuff; and also, that his Sniill-labels have, in soino in-tmcc., been counter- TliIoiI rtr ll,n nnoml .Iaji.yii rf !,., sin-A an iltlttnl.l as tn easily deceive the unwary. Ho deems it, there - fore, hi- duty tn inform punhaseis of the manner m . I . . f. . ' i , 1. I , w hich nicy aro oncn nnposeu upon , nun ue wuui hereby request them to tear off or deface the Libel on the outside of tho Jars, nfter having disposed of tin contents, so as to prevent Anther list of the same. A suitable reward will be paid for such evidence a will lead to the detection and conviction of tho im postors. The subscriber continues to Afanufacture, and of fers for sale the fulloicing articles I l'"lnc Ill-own Slitifl'. Genuino Maccoboy, ) ro-e American Rappee, Imitalion do. flavored, Holland do. Sicily, 3Ialtese, Curacoa, do. Tuberose, do. St.Omer. do. Sirasburg. Coarse Ilrovni Sniill'. Demiaros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. French Rappee. Bourbon. American Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Smiil, Scotchnnd) ... Irish BlncLguard cr ? HighToastJ 1,1,1C- Irish Hiah Toast, Cowe. Sweet Scenteil Pno Cut Chewing Tobacco. Spanish, Kitefort, Canaster, Comnionand Stems. !"A liberal discount made lo vv bolcsale dealers. PETER LOR1LLARD, Jr., 42 Chatnam-St., New York. Life! Life! ! Life ! ! ! TNR. Jonathan Moore'- ISSK.NCKOF LIFE. The U most highly c-lecnuM JUlicino tliat has ever been di-covcred for curing Courhs, Colds, AsUima: und CO.NSl'MPIIONS. ll willnl-o remove the Wliooping-l'oiigh in one week. Prepared by Hen nv Sevmocr, from the original receipt, by the diree lion t f said Moore. For sulo wholesale, by PECK & SPEAR, Bnrlui ton, and at mail, by the principal Druggists in United Slates. Orders di reeled lo Henry Seymour, Hadlcy, .Mas will iii eive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine immediately furnished. Caution. As there i much cf the spurious nrti clo for sale, JCp'lo particular to cuquiro lor that pre pared by Henry Seymour, Iludley, .Massachusetts. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY 1.. ii-.L5UiV, continues t lie Jt business of manufacturing Chairs nt the old stand, of tho fol lowing descriptions! Curl 3Iaplo Grecian, Cone Seat, Common Cane and Flag Seat, Largo and Small Raised Scat Rockinir, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, itc. ilc. All of which ate warranted a first rate article, and w ill bo sold at prices iu correspond wnu ine times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY 3IADE. Constantly on hand, a simply of warranted Live Greese Fialhers. which will Lo cold low for cash. WANTED, by ihe subscriber. Curl and Birds Eyo Maple, delivered at his t-hop in Chtircli street, opposite tne oiu nam. u. is. ixiiL.--vi fi. FERU IRON COMFANY. "TAVE. anil will constantly keen in dcrjosite with JUJ. their Agents nt Builington, Vt., Peru manufac tured Nails and Iron, of thu following descriptions, to wit ! XAff.S. 3d, 4d, Ed, Cl.Sd, lOd, 12d,20d,2ld,30J, 40d, 60J.60J. Sl'Ih t;.S.l inch, 4 1-2, 0, a 1-2. nnd U. IXISItlXG XAIf.S. Gd, fid, lOd, 12d, manufas tuted specially for finishimr nice woik. 'l.OOl! .V.lA,V.-12d, 20J, nnd 21d. IRON. intXI) lllOX 3-8. 7-1(5. 1-2, 9-1G.6-9, 11-16, 3-4, 7-8. 1 inch, 1 1-S, 1 1-1, 1 3-3, 1 1-2, 1 o-9. 13-1, 2 inch. 2 1-1.2 1-2. 3. nnd 3 1-2. SflUAlill lllOX, 3-8, 7-1G, 1.2,9-16,6-6, 11-18, 3-1, cs, i, i ia, 1 l-l, ia-B, i, i i-iincncs. 11 A n 1I10X,-1 1-1, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-1, 1 1-3, i ;t-i, i. s 1-4, 4, 4 1-2,5 inch. Tllli: UU)X, 1-1, 1 1-2, 13-1, 2 wide, and from o-n lo o-o UIICK. IIOIISJ SltOll lllOX, various size II AMI'. A XI) SCJIOI.I. lllOX. do. do. MAllllLi: HAW P LATHS, cut to ordor si licrl notice. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture their coodsat Clin tniivdle, N. V. Irom Iron ol' their own make. They Intend to Uvp in the ban-Is of ihctr agents a more full nnd couiplcle as-orlincnl than can I e found in tb Siale. It is I elicveJ that the goods from this estab lishment nie lelter manufactured, than tbojo from . anv other in its vicinity. Puri-hacr.ure re-pcclfully solicited to inspect th Goods ol'tln- Co. Prices a- low and terms, as favor able, as can Le obtained in the Slate. T. F. & W. I.. STRONG, Agents. Aug. QJih, IS 12. CONWAY MEDICINES. THE Subscriber W. L. KIDDKR, gives notlos that he ha suc-cccd the late T. Kidder in the preparation of the well known Conway Medicines, nnd will hereafter give particular attention to Its preparation of the following article--, the long os lablishi'd cclibi ity of which, precludes the necessity ofa re-Publication of Ihe numerous certificates fit the liaiufs of tho proprietor. Doct. .K'bb's Rheumatic Unlmciit. lor Rhcuiuathm. Briu-e-. .Snram. Numbness. Chilblain-, Silliness in the joints, ite., will ail'orJ the most uiH-xpcu'ed and iinmtdiate reliefiu the mot obstinate case- tf lihctmntism, in a few hours j this article, is openly recommended by Physicians. 'Ih L.I11U1IC1U is uoue up in enlarged pomes. rriCK-wt CC.lls. Uuml'rlcs' Itch Ointment. The exlcn-ive sale and established reputation ol I'UMFniE-' Itch Ointment, encourages ihe pro pricier lo lecominend it lo the public with renewed confidence, a ihe most innocent and powerful rem edy lor tins annoying uuease; it contains no mer cury, or nny other dangerous ingredient, and can I e applied nt all tiines'with perfect safety. Ptict 23 cents a Box. Remedy for the Piles. The concurring testimony of relieved patients. Irom all quarters, tc-lil'ying lo the cures eiiecied by the me Heine after all others had laded, together with ibe mcieasing demand for the arlirle liom all parts ot the country, prove ittole one ofthe most valuable specifies known forlhi trouLlcsomo complaint. CPA Clergyman write fio-ton, Fel iuary 13, IS 11. I have made trial cf Duiiiiries1 Pile Electuary and found ii piou'tced a salutary inlhicnce almost imme diately, and cotifi'Viply I tli'cve it an eileetiinl remedy for that uncomfortable and debilitating complaint. Humanity has induced mL-io recommend it to persons, thus afiiictcJ, and so I shall continue lodo. Yours respectfully, J. S. The remedy crn-i-t- of an Ointment and Electuary. Price for I oth 73 icnts, or 371 cent. when but one is wanted, accompanied with plain and ample dirs-' lions with a do-cription cf the complaint. Dumfries Eye Water. For sore or inf.amtd eyes, nothing known givss Mich immediate nnd comfortable relief, and iu sorn exceedingly bad cases the most unexpected and do suable relief luis hceii found in lbo u-e ol this Eym vv .iter, after other remedies had failed. Persons who have u-cJ it, pronounce it without hesitation the beet pieparatimi fir sore, weal:, or inflamed eyes, ihf have ever met with. Prite 23 cents, a bolllc. CURE FOIt CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The most -afe and speedy cure fir Corns yet dis covered ; the relief is immediate, it dissolves and remove ihei-orn fiom the loot with ease and expedi tion and irf'iui.-( the least pain. Price 23 cent Box. Full and ample directions accompany each of tbt above article. N. B. Num cf the above articles will le genuine, iinle-s signc I W. L. Knlder on the out-ide wrapper, rorsaluat hi-Counting Room, tG State Street, up Stair-, corner of .Merchants How, Boston. Also by Mks..j. P1.CK it SPEAK, Burlington, Vt. , A III cral ili-count a, lowed to dealers. New Establishment. THIE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop la X the building one door South of Bishop's HoleL would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that thev are prepared to execute nil kinds ef House, Carriage ami Sign Fainting, Gilding, Glazing, and Faper Hanging, in the neatest pos-ib'o manner, and hope by strisl peisonnl attention to to reccivas snais f tho public patronage. R. G. SPAULDINO, S. II. RUSSELL. Burlingtrn, April 29, 18d2. 47tf. DRUGS Si. MEDICINES. rilllE subscribers aro continually supplied wills .1 cccrti art'ulc in Ine nlove branch, both of the 1 Oflicinil ami Patent kinds, u I'aient Kimts. Medicinal waters frsm do. from Caledonia. Canada: Mediesl fir'" lv,,i,diin Wim sand Spirits; Leeches; Surgical Instruments t u.ncral Tci tn, ite, 4-c. Prescriptions put up at tk shortest nonce. Sop open at all hours. PECK & SPEAR, Apothecaries. Hutliugtcn, Vt. For Sale. r jniin Subscriber will sell at the Uwett calk price the dwelling house, bam and out building an t uboul tour acres of land pleasantly situatts at M'ltiin Falls, and the tan yard, shop and tools lately nvviiid md occupied by Warren Sibley. The Flosse and Barn are well finished, convenient snd new; as' iln-rii is pot, probably, in thecouuty a better tiluatie for thu investment ofn small capital in the Tannisf and Currying business. A short credit will be gi8 fur a part of the purchasa money with gooi'lpaper Fee fui ther particulars inquire of 3tr. Jlilton Wals the premises or of the subscribers in Westfsrd. JOHN SIBLEY. DANFORTH WALK. Wetford.O-t. 12, 1S42. CA Srl CASH!! ' -n.UDfor BUCKWHEAT delivered nt Shlbnr X JIills. HORACE WHEELER. Sept. 25, IS II. 17-tf corm: mills. tNCRKASE WILSON'S Co.ite 3Iills, a rsrvin 1 perior aruele, for sale by WM, J. HUNT. Dye Wood, &c. THE Sub-cnlcr have received snd now offer for -ule a large and well selected assortment of Dye Woods 1 1 every t'c-criptron, together with Cream Tartar, La Dye, Copperas, Madder, Indigo. Alum, Borax, See, fee. Buyers are respectfully requested le eal at the Stone Store, head cf the Steamt oat whsrf, exsininethenrticles, which are warranted to bfrssk from the .New 'ork .Market, and purchased st the present extremely low prices, learn tho terms, which are but a small advance from cost, snd leate their orders. FOLLET f & BBADLKY. Stone Store, Sept. 22, 1P42. New Hoarding House. ITrARREN SIBLEY ha. onenr 1 a BOARDING V HOUSE ill the building known as 'the Wsrds- vvirth House' corner of Pearl snd l hue streets, Burlington, where ten or lifteen respectable Hoarders may Lc accommodated. Sept. 15, 1812 15tf. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected nssortment, consist, ingof Gilt, A(ahoanyand Gill, MohoSany, and Fancy framed Looking Glasses, for sile nt greatly reduced rrieea ut tho Hardvvaro Store, Corner of Church and Collego Sis., by H.VGAR it ARTHUR. Cloth Cops. A NEW assortment just rec d. H. w. CATLm, 2Y Sert.23lh,iei.

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