Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 23, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 23, 1842 Page 1
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WW Tit NOT TUB Q L O B Y OF C .H S A H BUT TUB W I. F A B 8 OP BOMB. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2:, 1842. VOL. XVI. No. 30. v 11 AGAR & ARTHUK. ARE now receiving new new supplies of SADLERY, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, in all its varitic?. Also, DRUGS & MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR, NISHES, &c. &c. Burlington, Vt. lllhNov. 1942.$ PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in Englith, French, India and American DRUGS. Auo, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Burlington, Vt. October 20th. lf.42. LOVELY & SEYMOUR ARE now opening nn I o 'er fur sale a heavy stuck of sea.onahle DRY GOODS, to which the At tention of purchasers i repectf'.illy InvjteJ. The itock compne a larze variety of BROAD CLOTHS, BEAVER CLOTHS, Casimere. Alnacca. Botnl nzinc. in short, everv article ne-e-ary In eoiitil:ite u fjll assortment of fail and winter uoo.1. ALSO- a roo-1 asortment nl CIIOCKERV and a large quantity of DRY GROCERIES. Tne public are a-jreJthai the above are for sale low. "YAGON MATS, for sale l,y VM. J. HUNT. 24. Strongs building, Cnl'esrest. Burlington, Nuv. 1 1, 181 312. I M. (i, RATI I BUN, DRAPER AND TAILOR, TTAS jnsl retnmel from New York, with n fn'l XX arsortmcnt of VE5TINGS,TRIIHIKInGS IkC, ol the lil(i-t foshioiiuWc and sttperu r qua 1 1 y, aiuwiu execute an oruer in ine most fasii onam.e ,TTtE. Burlington, Oct. 28, 1842.1 23 f LOOK HERE. FARMERS, who wish to purchase Stoves, for wood, or nroduce of almost nnv tlescrinlii n. will please call at the "Stove Store," second door west uf j. at j. it. recti, a v-o. S.-W. TAYLOR. Burlington, Nov. 24, 1912. 25-tf TO COUNTRY OTHER MER CHANTS. Cf DOZEN Pen an I Pocket Kmve, on cards of w one ttozen evii; J (I doz. tx'i-str-, do. 12 doz. Raz ir in sins which were louzhi low an I wil' be sold by the can I or package at such price that iheycan scarnely fail to a.lord the retailer from 7s to iuu per cent, auvante. Strong' bui'Min?, College st. W.M. J. HUNT, Nov. 11, 1842. Lamps lor Students. SHADE LAMPS FOR STUDENTS, for rale l,v W.M. J. HUNT. ' Nov. II, 1642. GEO. PETERSON. OFFERS FOR SALE, on terms adapted to the limes, 1.1 bbls. fresh ground Buckwheat Flora, 1 o t.Ms Mc;..r.u TROUT t and m 9s orus ro:tti ..wwLS, each a good article of its kind. Oct. 25. 1642. 21tf CASH PAID lor FLAX SEliD. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for -ale In-STI1.E-! &. MeEl.UOY. At the Oil Mill alike Fall. Burlington, Nov. I, 1S12. 23,ly Boston Vrvr v o. PALE Ale and Porter, manufactured by this cele brated Company, for sale by J.&J.H.PECK& Co. Oct. 7, 1842. Agents. Thompson's late History ol Ver mont, for sale by D. A." DRAMA N. 1843. BOSTON ALMANAC. THE Boston Almanac for 1B43 will be ready for delivery about the second week in December. The Publisher is happy to announce to the Public that this number of the Almanac uillconiain original tinea all the churches in Hottvn. The drnumgs were made on the spot by an eminent artist of Bos ton, (Mr. H. Billings,) and were cut by some of our best Engravers. Each one is accompanied uith a short chronological accountfrom liie formation ol the Society to the present time. This inforinalion, ac companied by a correct view of each house of Public Worshipin the City, uill give particular inleiest to the Almanac, and especially so, when it is consid ered that the whole of the Churches in Boston are tmblactd in the account. The remainder of the book will be occupied with the usual matter found in the Almanac, and which has given it so much celelrityin years past. The covers of the Almanac will be decorated with highly wrought specimens of Embossing, and elaborate Fan cy Printing. The volume, as a whole, uill exceed any number that has yet been published. As but a limited number will be struck off, our friends from the country are requested to send in their orders as soon as possihe to the publisher, or to Messrs. Thomas Gsoom & Co., State Street. Orders first received will I e first attended to. Nov. 15. NEW GOODS. SM. POPE is now receiving his fall stock of Goods, Co nsisting in part of Black and Blue Beaver Cloths, BlicW, Blue, Invisible Greenand mixt Broad cloths 1 " Mixt and fancy Cassimeres (somo of superior quality) Cashmere, plain and fig'd entin vestings, Alpacca Cloths, Alpaeca Lustre, Printed Saxony and Orleans Cloths Plain and figd. Mouslin Detains, lllk.and Blue Blk. Silk Velvets, I.adiesCravals Red and White Flan nels Canton do. Saxony Wool and Angola Shirt, and Drawers Merino Scarfs, 4-4, 5-4. and G-4 brown ai.d bleach ed Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, Wicking.Blk. and White Wadding, Batting, Padding, Canvass, silk and worstrd. Cost Cords and Bindings, Whito and cold Horse Blankets, cVc. &c. ALSO. A good assortment ofGrocericssuchas I.onf, Lump and Pnwd. Sugar, Porto Rico and Muscavadodo. P.R. and N. Orleans Molasses, Rio and old Java Collie, Hyson, Young llysonind Hyson Skin Teas, English Mustard, Raisins, Soap, Cavendish and fin cut Tobacco Ac. f-c. The above wiih many other goods, were purchas ed at the present low prices, and will be sold as cheap s the cheapest, Oct. 13, 1842. MAHOGANY & IU.SEYVOOU T11HF. mbfcriber has received n lane lot of Ah. X hogany and Rosexcood, on Cnnignmenl, which tic i aiithomed io rell at New York price ; consist. V't ol Crotch Shade ud Mottle Veneers of all quali ties and prices. Boards of I -1, S-8, t-8 and 1 tneli thick, Doards suitable far Tables and Collins, Ma'io?any I'latik ol l a aud 1-2 Inch thick. iivp r.fPSK rir-i' . - - - - 'ii'jiij, A targe supply on band of Lie Oee, Feailier, of vuiiMiijr .viiwi, ,v. ,.v. I'uunu, vain, CHAIRH AT WlinTESAL.F. Ac RETAIIj of all kindanJ a.low as eanlle honQhi in l'..........' may )e found at the old stand of Nel.on and Gaie! oppo.iletho old Bank on Church street, or two doors norm oi tae vainuuo raui street. C. U NELSON Borlingtoa, Nov. 10, IMS. 1 ALBANY AND BOSTON HAH- ItOAD Fare through to llnstoti 85. Morning train through to BoMon, leave the Depo at Orecnkuh at 1 before 7 o'clock precbely cveiy morning, (Sundays excepted.) arrives nt Chatham 8, at Pittsfield 93, ni Springfield 12J M. nl Worcester 3j P. M. and at Boston G. BnaMast al Chitham. Passengers must cave Albany, by the south ferry, not later than C o'clock. The afternoon train leaves the Depot in urcenbush at 1 before 1 o'clock, arrives at Chatham at 2 o'clock, at l'ittsficld 3j, at Springfield G!. rnsscngcrs can leave opnnehcluatb A. ol. andnr- rivo in Boston at Hi A. M. Passengers leave Albany ns above at 124 o clock, ami not later to insure a passage. The cars of the Hudson and Berkshire road will run between Chatham and Hudson in connexion with bolh trains. FOR HARTFORD AND NEW HAVEN. Pasen!rera leaving: All anv in the morning from Greenhusii. arrive in" Springfield at 121 m. may leave -Springfield nt 1 oVIncU for HnTtfold lti.neQ by cars arrive in iNew-iinvcn uy .j p. m. ; oricaye urcentiush in the i oetore i p. in. tram, arrive in SpnngtieKl at bj p. m. tnence at a a. m. oy steam Boat to Hartford, arriving thero at 11 ihcnce by Steam Boat n 2 p. m. arrive in New York next morning by 5 o'clock, or thev may leave Hartford for New Haven by Rail Rood at 5 p. m. and arrive there at "J p. m. Steamboat leaves New Haven for N. York daily. TO GREENFIELD. HANOVER AND HA VERUILL. Stages will leave Springfield, daily, at 0 P. 51. for Haverhi.l, via Noithampton, Greenfield, Brattlcboro' and Hanover. Stages also tun daily from West Brookfield to Ware and Enfield from Palmer to Tlnee Rivers, Belchertown, Amherst and Monson Kiom Wilbra ham to South Hndley and Northampton. Fare to Springfield S3. Passengers are particularly requested to procure tickets before laking scats in the cars. Tickets can be obtained in Albany ntG. R.Payne's office, 21 Itroadway, oral ticket oilice in Depot, at Greenhusii. FREIGHT DEPARTMENT A Freight Tram will leave Grccnbuali daily, (Sundays excepted) for Boton, nt 5 A. M. Charges for Flour to all stations cast of Springfield, 37'. ctsf ner barrel. First cl.vs freight, such as imported Dry Goods, Teas, Bonnets, Uootsnnd Shoes, &c.,5D per 2000 lbs. 2d class, such as Hides, Leather, Hemp, Grns seed, Fresh meat and Fish, at G 50 per 20f0 lbs. 3d class, such ns Cotton, live Woods, Molasses, Sugar, &c. at S per 2000 lbs. 4th class, such ns Coal. Grain, Pig Iron, blunder, "oou.ivc, nlfct per uuu lus. Parcels less llinn 1.000 lbs. at first class rales. Eicry inforinalion uill be given at the office in the Depot at urccnousn. S. WITT, Freight Agent. W. H.TOWNShND, Master Transportation. Pennt nreenlni'h, Nov. S, 1812. TOTAVliilN HI'. I I'Ull-AM) GltUCEHS III llic Sf aloof Vcimont. THE SUBSCRIIIERS beg to Inform them that they have on hand a large and choice assort ment of GROCERIES, WINES AND LIQUORS, consisting of igabs, Teas, Coffee, Fbuits, and Cioabs; Madeira, Malaga and Port Wises i Ja maica mid t;T. Cnoix Rum Coonac BnASDV nnd Holland Gin, (Schiedam,) with which they can be supplied at wholesale prices nt their New Herman Store, on College St., next door to Mr. Wail's extensive Crockery Store. The Subscribers would mvno the Tavern keepers mid uioccrs or the viciniiy to mil imlpe for themselves, nnd thoe who may please to tend their orders will be faithfully attended to. OSTIIF.IM & MICHOLLS. Burlington, Vt., Nov. 9, IS42. 24-tf GROCERIES. A f Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans SuL'nrs, 10 Tun Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar, 5 bbls. Crushed nnd Powdered do do G hhds Porto R co Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests IIj son. Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and PoucliongTcns. 2 tons Salernlus, 25 kc.'s and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep Tobacco. 1 barrel l.orlllard's Maccnboy Snufl', 15 bbls Snxikingand fine cut Chewing Tobacco, 50 boxes Bunch Rabins, 3C bans old Java, G,an Java, Rio, and Laguira CofTec, G do Pep-er nnd Pimento. Also. Starch, Cin nninon, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pipts, Bur I. amp, Sperm Candles, Ginaer, Cod Fish, Mackerel, ."nhuon, &C. Willi the above, and mnny oilier Goods, ve wish to buy money, and ofii r innre for it than is usually paid in this vicinity. Purchasers nro re.peetPilly in vited to call. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1SI2. 25 Sstoro For Sale, riVIE sub-eril er o 'ers for sale hi. J New Htick Sfore. situated in Sbelliorn Village, together with ihe gniKl and I irnilure, s-ieli nrairl nnu Plaifonn ami Counter Senile, Writing Dek, show Ca-e, Siove-, Od Can-, measure, &e. I'lii" I one of the I et location- for a country busi ness in Chittenden county, ami will If sold low. GEO. I). COMSTOCK. Shelbum, Nor. 18, 1842. 25'f CARPENTER'S $ JOINER'S TOOLS. SLATER'S celebrated Sheffield Braces and Bins, trying Squares, mortice Gouges, and I'evils, Plows nnd Plane of every description ; Augurs, Augur Bills, Framing Firmer, and turning Chbcl and Gouge, j Plane Iron-, a large a-soriment of Hand, Pannel, and Back Saws, Taper Files, Steel Squares, Hammer-, Broad Axe, &e. &c. Sirong's building, College st. W.M. J. HUNT. Nov. II, 1842. THE NEW GERMAN STORE. THE iinder-ianed re-pcell'ully inform the inhabi tant rif Itnrlmrrtiin ni.,1 vli'i'ntti'. lliut lli..i Laip jut relurnetlfrorn New York with n ex'en-ive sKh-U of llic most superior lirocerie, Choicest Fruit, &e. ever ti icru 1 01 u:t nin ioiuim ui luis siuir, cuuslsl- ing in pan of the following viz : MUCAIIS, Doullc and Single RelineJ, Crushed and Brown. T 13 A K , Imperial. Hvon, Gunnowder. Younir Hvson.IIv- son Skin, Sjchong and Po lehoug. COFFEE, Old Government Java, l.aguira. &c. I" It U I T 8 , New Malaga and idiana Raisin, Currant, choice French Prunes in g!a. jars, Bordeaux soli sliellul ami shelled Almond, Figs, Curon, New Tamarind., Olive, Capers, Cocoa and Madeira Nuls, Fill erls, &e. Sdrdiue 111 Olive Oil, Anelinvie nnd Dutch llering Italian Maecaroui and Verinieel'i French Pickets, l.onilou Walnut Keulrip and JojuLePasle, Nutmegs, Maze and olher spice, Fieneh sweet Chncolateand.uperior Coccs, French preparedand Englih Mu.tnrd, Olive Oil, Sperm Oil nnd Candle, lle-t colored Serin Candles, for panic., Cati'e, Vanegaled and Family Soap. Afio, The Pens Holland (Selredam) Gin, French Cosnnoaud Cognac Champaign, lor inehelne, the real llei l-iek Chaumaii'ii, Orange C'irr.icoa Lin etr, Spani.h, I'renehau.l German Wine-, Vintages of 1622 und IS31, for mcdieine. Their toek of uuporled Cigar i.iinurpns e'l, con si.ling of the following elum-u Bran I : La Union, Itegalia, Jnquez.llriianr.ia, Mamll.1 Cherooisrinee-s Norma al-o llieGerman Sinoking Tol aceo Kanas leraud long D neb Pipes. 'Iliesiibserilcr expect not to hoard up tres-ure. in lime like the pre-enl, nor woiil I thev le dispo.-elso ludo ninong the eilizeii ol n place where ihey hnve leeu welcome I with sin h cordial lileralily, but ihey do hope that I ho pec iliar care ami attention iliey have I erewarded by liuding puicliaers for them, that ihey may hereaferbo encnirased tolring again into the l,...t . i.... I. ...i. ...i. .1 lll.l.ri IllCklli'llu-l iiwici uiuti-s WON Willi o low nro now suppl ed and which they ofler to Ihe public, onlcrms which they roncienciously declare as cov ering a most reasonable advance on thecn.i prices. OjSTHEI.M & MICHOLLS. College St. next to Mr. Watts exieosive Crockery Store. JOSEPH WAIT lias received a full supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, added to the foiiner stock, makes his a so r I m e n t mute complete, and it i.o.ierea at reryloicpricee with the presure of thetimes. Familie.ln wantol'Goods in bis line, will do well 10 call nnd examine at least, at the corner of Church and College street. Burlington, Oct. 20ih, 1842. SOlf OR SALE, nt a small odvnncc from cost . 60 brls. Logwood, 60 " Nicwood, 25 " Camwood, 25 " Redwood, 25 " Fustic, 10 " Alum, B " Madder, 10 kegs No. 1 Emery, 2G " Indigo, 5 cases Refined Borax. FOLLETI & BnABLEVJ. Aug. 5,1942. VVhiilonshurgh Cement. THE above article has I een thoroughly leted and found s ipenor 10 any oilier now in oe. For -ale by J. At J. II. PECK & Co Cotl Kisli and Mackerel. D TONS Cod Fish, and afewhalfBb!Nol Mack J erel lost recd. STRONGS. Nov G. n25 Lamp Oil. 1 fCCi GALLONS, pure Winter and Fall Strain 1 UUU e.1 .perm Oil, by STRONGS. Piov. tu. inn. n25 REVOLVING CASTORS. A Good asiiriment of Revolving Catoi with four, five and ix bottles each, for sale cheap, al ihe new Crockery Store, corner of Clrirrh an I College street, ly JOSEPH WAIT. Burlington, Nov. 1G, 1842. 25 A ST HAL, LAMPS, of very rich and medium n. qualilie., for sale very cheap at the Crockery store of JOSEPH WAIT. Burlington, Nov. 16, 1642. 25 Cheap Crockery. TOSKPH WAIT will fnrni.h families with anv 9 kind of Crockery, China or G!a-s Ware Cheaper than can 1 e lonnu at any iorc 111 ine iaic. tie na a verv full assortment to which l.e inviiei the alien lion of fiinilie-, at I he Cruel cry store, corner of Church and College street-, for lie will realty sell cheap. 25 Burlington, Nov. IG, 1812. FLOUR wiiole anJ 100 i Bbl. fre-h ground su perfine senctvt- Flour, jnl received and for GEO. PETERSON. 150 sa I y Transatlantic Newspaper and General Agency Office, Liverpool. CHARLES WII.T.MKR, Newspaper, Forwarding, and General Asent, SUPPLIES 10 order, with greater promptitude and regularity thanany other hou-e, and on ihe mo-t reaoual leierni, (a London Daily Paper for G 10 S erliiigperann iin,) NF.ivsrAPEn'4, Price Ccruents, Siuri'fs'n l-icTc,MAnAi!irir.9rtii'l lli'un-i mull pari, oi the United SrATfs, Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Unc.vsn ick, l ytheMail Steamers sailing on the 4lh and 10 h ol each 1110111I1 from Liverpool, a. wella. by llm-e from Bristol, and Southampton i and to all the Wr.ST IvniAX I laxd, Mexico, nnd Texas, ly the Royal .l.ii Stcameis sailing every Fortnight 'from Falmouth. C. W. will receive Consignment of Goods ; or Small Parcels ent to hi. care shall be punctually forwarded K their dc-t inn 1 ion. Any ilei-enptinn of Goods pur eba ed and forwardnl 10 order. Next or Kin, and all other lecription of Adter thf.ments, re.-eived for insertion in all Ihe European Publications. N. II. All or.'er should l e addrced "CiiAnLES Willmer" in full, and none will le atiended 10 un le s aceoiupan.e I I y a remittance, or reference for payment on some Liverpool or London House. (Editor, of New, paper, in-ertingthe above Advcr ti cuient onee a week will receive a -unnlyof Brit-i-h New-paper.-, on sending a paper (.Varies!) eon Mining 11. TO MERCHANTS Vt'Iiowisli to iMircliiisc Crockery. Importer and Packer of Crockery, China $ Glass Ware, WOULD give notice that he is prepared to Pack any amount of Ware according toorder, at New York and Boston prices, saving freight and bteakago to all who purchase of him. He has a good assortment, and respectfully solicits Merchants to call and examine lus stock before buying in Market. Store, corner of Church and College Streets. Burlington, 20th Oct. 1810. Iron, Steel &c. OAITOXS a.sorte I Engli.h Tire Iron, iiJ 1 0 " do. Swede, and Peru do. do. 3 ' Ru.ia Old Sable do. OO " Peru manulactureJ roundand square Iron embracing all size Iroin J in. to 2 J in. IO Ions asone.l brand Iron, 1 0 " Scroll Iron and shoe shapes, 3 " Ru.ia hor-e nail rod., Anvils, Vice, Sledge., Trace Chain, Borax, Files and Rasps-, Shovels, Spade, Cro Bars &c. Steel. Sanderson's Cast Steel, Greave German " Engli.h blistd. " American 11 J, SO Setts Steel plated Cutter and Slenrh Shoes &C. &. jut Receive I by STRONGS. Flour. 340 BBLS. Silpurfino flour of superior bran I-, bv STRONGS. Nov, 15. n25 Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Course Western Salt, 500 do Turk. Mand 500 do St, Uhes 150 Bbls We-tern fine 40 Sack. Liverpool blown do do do do do fU aacks Viesicrn tine u Uates bait in loa ve for table use, hy Nov. 12. STRONGS. Tin Plate &c, gO Boxes Tin Plato, 25 Bdl. Itu.sia and Englih Sheet Iron, assorted no; 40 Bdl-. Iron Wire a.sorlcd, 5 cent Sheet Cop. per, Tin ne J and black rivets, Wire Vellum, Bras Kellle,&c.A:c. STRONGS. Nov. 17. 1842. Trusses ! Trusses ! SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBIUCAL THE Undersigned are constantly supplied with the above articles of the invention and manufac ture of Hull, Marsh, and Twiihcll, all of which are in highest repute) also, Hull's and Marsh's 07 FEMALE SUPPOIITEIlS.-s0 PECK & SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggists and Venders of all gn Mine Patent Medicines, and Dtaltrt Svrgiml butnmmli. isMsttmilaMrBr LilLiY SIRUP! THISiknown and unparalleled remedy for Coughs, InAucnsa, Colds, Aylhma. Snittina of lllnod. Whooping Ctugh, Irritation and di-seated state eft c uungs, biiu vimumjmon, cor sale oy PECK & SPEAR, Druggist. 57lf AfTPntB fnr Kllrlinntnn an, I EXCHANGE HOTEL, Wafer street, al the head of the Steamboat Wharf uuruiiEioii, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS ctabli.hmcnt, o lavorably located for the necommodation of the bu.ncs and travelling community, 1 now open to the public. Po.tConche upon the various rouie call at the Exchange Hotel for pa.senger, and I those arriving or departing by Steam Boat, in which e their baggage 1 removed without charge, will linl this house peculiarly to their eonven icnee. The keeper tender hi service, with the anrance, that in all repect, the hou .hall deserve the favor able consideration of all who may patronhe it. Burlinton, April 1, 1812. 43if. MAGNETIC OIIONTICA. THE TEETH ! THE TEETH ! ! The Incomparable Tooth Preparation. THE fai l is proved, and the mo.t incredulous and doubling are fully convinced of in great utility, ns we have the evidence from the sale of about 35 000 I oxesof the Odontica, within the pa-t year. It is ascertained from experience, that when u-ed, the leeth will never decay, but remain till thelate-l age UI mail, iiiiiiiii uaiuiai . ctu , anil mure 111 I null an Is ofca-cs, nervou. toothache, ( climax of u I ..An .. In... .n I I 1 I . piiin; na..,, . b..cinuii) iiiicj uy nil. liiu-l popular dentriliie in America. And in conclu-ion, where, nr who i. the yoing lady or gentleman, aye, Ihe individual that value- a beautiful set of teeih, so mJ gu.n, and a sweet breath more than fifty cents, that will le longer detinue of a box of Dr M. Hitch, ock's Magnetic OJontica. HAIR! HAIR!! BALDNESS. Important Discovery the Great Mysicry jouna out al last. TR. STERUY'S HAIR REGENERATOR. Dr. U Stcrry, after much attention to the important suujectoi preserving oic omi, ous uner iiisuy cxpeil uienls chemical ana physi' al, been able to discover an article which is now offered with the greatest confi dence for the toilette, as the best thingevcr discover ed, lor its softening nnd penetrating oualitv. to nro- duce a good bead of hair to prevent it from falling on wnen i aioncss is nppreueiiueu 10 restore n wnen baldness has taken place, and toprevent itfroni turn in'rorav. It is more nourishing than tiomatum. an tique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beautiful article for ladies' curls it makes the hair soft and lively. and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousandshave tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in eve ry instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cur. in no nueeiiiin m iih .m on iiiv oeuu us uan drufi", &c Vc. Every family should be supplied with a bottle of this od, that by its application to the head and hair of children, tne nentuiiui ana ornamental ap pendage of a fine head of hair, witli which nature has supplied us, may be preserved. y-I, o O K A T THIS .3 Have you a Cough I OT. nnr. DIE OF CONSUMPTION every UjUUU year in the United States, and mil lions sufier from troublesome coughs and colds, that enn be cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegetable Cream Cough Drop-, a safe medical prescription, contain ing no poisonous drugs, nnd used in an extensive practice for several years will most postivcly aflbrd relief, and save you from that awful disease, pulmon ary consumption, which sweeps into the grave hun dreds of the young, the old, theorry and the gay. Have you n cough? Be persuaded to purchase a bottle of the Cough Drops to-day 7 To-morrow may be too late. Price 50 cents per bo. tie. WORMS! VOMS! DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequal led Worm Tea, a sovereign remedy for Worms. This invaluable medicine has been tested by the ex pel ienee of more thnn ten years use, and administered to more than 18.000 person of various ages, and not one solitary complaint ; for in no one of the thou sands of instances, where it has been used agreeable to the printed directions, basil ever failed. N. B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea. as there are many nostrums abroad for the destruction ofvvotms. SMUFF-only Twenty-five Cents. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S ncvvlyinventd SNUFF, the best niticlc ever discovered by scientific men, in Euiope or America, for the cureand absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizziness of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headache, Fallen Sickness, Fits, and In fants troubled with Snutlles, partial shocks of Pal- sey, etc. LOTION. LOTION. Dr. Evans Beautifying Lotion. HIGHLY esteemed fur curing all Eruption, Coarseness, Redness, and Pimples on the Face, Neck or hands, and effectually cleaning thecomplex ion and removing all diseases of the skin. Nothing contributes so much to our general suc cess in life, as an engaging first appearance. The Lo tion is admired as a most fragrant, mild, safe wa-h, and greatly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, soft ening, nnd purifying the ekin of all eruptions, so inju rious to female beauty, and restoring it to a high de gree of purity. A beautiful and healthful complexion is the pride of all who possess it, and the envy of those who are de prived of it. A good appearanco is the best recommendation; and as the Beautifying Lotion purifies the skin, and removes all Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Sunburn, and Redness, and produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady should use nt her toilette. Gentlemen will also find this a delightful remedy lo remove all Roughness, Pimples, Ringworms. Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, and every kind of eruption on the surface of the human body. -It is particularly recommended to gentlemen to be used after shaving, as it will prevent the otherwise certain effect of all common soap, in turning the beard prematurely grey. For sale wholesale and retail, by Fostib & Dick inson, sole Proprietors and Successors to A. Hitch cock & Co., 117 Genesee Street, Ulica, N. Y. I in Georgia, by L. Janes; Milton Falls, by Barrett & Sawyer; Johnson, byG. I,. Warner & t'o. Burling ton, and by PECK & SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Genuine Patent Medicines. ycto (SooHfl. GEORGE PETERSON HAS just returned from New York with a large ami full s ipply of Dru Goods. Groceries and Crockcru, eoii.-i-iing of almo-t every article commonly called for, all which have jut It-en purchaed at very low rale, and will I e sold much lower than he ever had thepleaure ol o.l'ering them befolej among thein may I e fo ind a m II. f.' I . xoil nut nne 7au, SOO buh. Coarse Salt, (( bag. Nova Scotia Plaster. lOO bbls. freli ground Superfine Flour. WANTED, In exchange for Goods, Flaxseed, Butter. Cheese nnd White Beans. Burlington, Oct. 20, 1842. 20-tf 11 URLING TON 1IRE WER Y IS now in full operation und can furnish all orders for I1EER not in quality by any other Brewery. ur.u. rr.1 tnauis. urliogton, Aug. 25, 1B48. WINDOW SASH. The subscriber have pur chased the Machinery for the manufacture of Window Sah formerly owned and used by Sidney Smith, at Winookl City,and are now manufacturing every des cription, and keep constant ly on hand an assortment of 7 hj by 9 Sash, at the following prices. 12 Lighted Casements 31 cts. per Light. do do do 9 do 31 6 do 3, 4 do 5 For sale at their Shop at the Falls, and by George Peterson, All orders in the above fine addresed to Catlin & Chaie. will Le thankfully received and promptly attended to. MOSES CATLIN, 2d. EDWIN W. CHASE. Burlington, April 9, 1 842. BURLINGTON COMB FACTORY. THE Subscribers having taken the well known Establishment, formerly occupied by Vilas, Loomis, Si Co., are now manufacturing, and will keep constantly on hand, agcneral assortment of COMBS, of superior qualities, which will beafiorded at the lowest prices. Merchants, and others, wishing for a superior article for retail, will find it to their advan tage to call and examine our stock. CROFUT if TIMANUS. Burlington, Sept. 8 1842. 14 tf LYMAN & COiB. HAVE reed, a very extensive aortment of Fall and Winter Good, which they o.ler at priies to meet thetimes. A variety of Broad Cloih. Cas simeres. Satinet!, Beaver Cloths tVc. Merino, Camb let, Alpacca, M. DeLaines, striped and plain, very rich new patterns. SHAWLS. Rich Heavy Honey Comb and Adnanople shawl, a new article, verv comfortal le for winter, Plaid Shawls 8-4 very low priced, Cballey, Merino, M. DeLaine, Woolen do. Scarfs, Fancy Hkfs.and Cravats. Milts andGloves, a great vaneiyf Chine woolen Mill, very warm tor winter, ChincSilk do. Cotton do. for Mise-& Children, Mi..cs worsted Mitts, Grecian Cull', tc, Zephvr worsted, Pattern fur working worsted, Silk fringe, Cord-, Cloak Tassels dtc. Worsted Fringes and itin lings, PRINTS. A rich assortment of Dark low Priced Prints, Monrnini do. very nee DOMESTIC GOODS. Heavy Sheetings, Shirting, Ticking, Gingham, Batting, Wadding if-e. Col'dGanibnc.-, Best Gingham Umbrella', Superior Knitting Worsted, and Woolyarn, Thread Knitting Cotton, French working Cotton, Mar- snail s binen 1 nreau sc. SHOES. Ladle Kid Slips and Ties, Bronze Ties. Childien'sShoe, Col'dGai'er, Bootees etc., India Rubbers, Figd, and Plain, BnlialoRobe, Fur and other Coat Collars, Purchasers and others are invited to call and exam ine their New Good Burlington, 12ih October, 1842. MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFE MEDICINES. The-e medicine. are indebted for their name to their manife.t and sensible action in purifying the springsand channels of life, and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor. In many hundred certified ca-e which have been made pulli", and in almost every species ofdisea-c to which the human frame l liable, the happy elects of Moffat's Life Pill and PiUENtx Bitter, have lieen greatfully and publicly acknowledged by the per-on benefitted, and who were unacquainted with the beautifully phi losophical pnncip'c upon ...hlchihev are compound ed, and upon which Ihey consequently act. The LIFE MEDICINES recommend them.elvcin di.ea.e of every form and decripn'on. Their fir.i operation N to 'oo.-en from the coats of the stomach and bowel, the various impnritie and crudities con stantly sealing around them; and to remove the har dened face which collect in the convolutions of the sinallet intestine. Other medicine, only partially clean-elhe-e, and leave such collected ma-es I ehinil as to produce habitual eo.tiveness, with all it train of evil, or Midden diarrhrea, with its imminent dager-.n Thi fact i well known to all regular anatomist-, who examine the human bowel after death J and hence the prejudice of those well informed men asain-t quack medicine or medicines prepared and heralded to the public by ignoranl peron. The second ellcct o Ihe Life Medicines is to elean-e the kidney and the Madder, and bythis mean, the liver and theliini, the healthfulaciiou of which entirely depend upon the re gularity of ihe urinary organ-. The blood, which lake-is ml color fromihe agency of the liver and the lung. More it pne into the heart, I eing thu purified by them, and noun-lied by food coming from a clean stomach, cour-e freely thro.igh the vein, renew. every pari of the svtein, and triumphantly mounts the banner ol healih in the blooming cheek. Mnil'at's Vegetable Life Medicine, have I een thor oughly teted, and pronounced a sovereign remedyfor Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Palpnaiionof ihe Heart, Loss of Appetite, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Resile-nes, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Cos liveness, Diarrhoea, Cholera, Fever of all kind, Rheumatism, Gom, Dropsies of all kind, Gravel, Worm, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Ulcer.' Inveicrale Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Com. plexion, Eruptive complaint., sallow, Cloudy, and other disagreeable Complexion, Salt Rheum, fcry.ip ela., Common Colds nnd Influenza, and various other complaints which afflict the human frame. In Fever ami Ague, particularly, the Life Medicines have Leen most eminently successful ; so much so that in the reveranu Agneuistricts, rnysicians almost universally pre-crile them. All mat Mr. Moffat requires of his patients is to tie particular in taking tne bite Meoicines strictly accor ding lo the direction. It is not a newspaper notice, or by anything Ihet hehimlfmaysay in their favor, that he hopes to gain credit. Ilia alone by ihe results Ul a mir trim. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANUAL; designed as a dome.tic guidetohealih Thislitlle pamphlet, ed'led hyW.ll.Mo.Tat,275Broadway,New York, ha leen published for Ihe purpose ofexplaining morefully Mr. Mo!lat' theory ol diseases, and will be found highly interesting topersons seeking health. It treat upon prevalent diseases, and the causes thereof. Price, 25 cent for sale by Mr Moffat's Agents generally. These valuable Medicines are for sale by GEOREE L. WARNER cV Co. Johnson, VI., General Agents, by whom all orders from any part of the State or Canada, will be promptly answered. 28-1 f Dec. 17, 1841. HAGAR ft ARTHUR, General Agents for Mortal's celel rated medicine, to whom all applications Lgr agehcies must be ad dressed. Burlington, Jan. 29, 1842. TO THE LADIES. Dr. Hull's Utero Abdominal Supporter. THIS new Instrument for Ihe radical cure of Prolapsu. Uteri, or falling of ,tne tv until, tij external application, sUlH'r.-edinir the use of ihe obiecnon. able Pessary, is confidently recom- iitenuevi io ine auucini as ine means of perfect restoration to health, it nev er having failed cl performing a cure, even under the mo.t aggravate! circumstance. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe as well as in thi countrv. It is adopted to iheemiredi.iise of pessaries, and all olher pa mini sur gical expedients, in the Lying-in Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally recommended in Europe by medical men of ihe Inglie.t rank. In lhi country t isntainedbyihe leading mem! ers ol ihe ficullies f College, and llospitals, nnd by all llic eminent pn ate practitioners, XT Fob Saie, singly or ly the dozen, by PECK &, SPEAR, Dealers in Surgical Instruments. Hardware. THE subscriber continues to have on band a gen eral and well selected assortment of Hardware, in is various branches, all of whii h he will sell rrry low for Cash, and would re-pectfully solicit attintion to the same, froia those wishing to purchase. Wm. J. HUNT. Stoag'sNirlding, College St., Nov. 11 1841. Saddlery Hardware. A GENERAL assortment of Harness Makers' and Saddlers' Hardware. Wm. J. HUNT. fY.. II, IMS. 1 fMwaArVsYj, PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. "PHISarticIcis too well kn own to need eommen- elation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to lhei commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh iroin i- oz. to 1U IDS. J. cV. J. H. Peck & Co. Agents, Burlington, April 8 1841. Valuable Estate For Sale. .fsssss. rpHE Subscril er oilers for sale Ihe dwel (Wlfc J- ling hou-e and jot, con.iting of liisB aiiout one ami a quarter acre of land, CUsL situated on College Street, belonging lo ine esiaic oi ine late nr. iioueri amour, I ne hou-e is oi linclt, thoroughly builf, and very conveniently arranged. The garden is well supplied with fruit. and in a high state of cultivation. A credit will le given, for a portion of Ihe purchase money, of iwo yearsiruui isiviciOLer, IO-IZ. GEO. B. SHAW, Admr. Burlington, Sept. 21, 1812. 17-11 TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSE at present oeeu f- pied by Da. Hineoero. For terms apply at the premises. Burlington, Sept. 15, 1812. 15 tf (ieese Feathers. "j LBS. Live Gee.e Feather, jut received vIV-'V and fur sale for cash lowerlhanever before sold in town. C. L. NELSON. May 13. 43:f. ROMAN CKMENT. 1 Of) BARRELSof this celebrated Cement, its 1 y-r- quality having been tested and found su perior to any in use, for sale at reduced prices, by Sept. 8th. 1342. FOLLF.TT & BRADLEY. CO PAR TNERSHIP. HENHY II. IIOSTWICK & T. F. & W. L. Strong having connected their Tin Shops, will do business in that line under the name of H. II. Bost wick & Co. at the shop occupied by said Bostwick, where may be found a full and complete as-ortment of TIN WARE, manufactured expressly fnr the retail trade, together witti copper ana Sheet iron worn, Stove Pipe, Sove Trimmings, 6-c. Allkinlsof Job work furnished at short notice. Eave troth and con ductor pipe furnished and put up. Copper pumps and lead pipe furnished nnd set if required. Those who patronize this branch cf business shall, at this shop, I e quickly and well served, for a rensonal le compen sation. H. H. BOSTWICK & C. Burlington, Apr. 10, 1842. NEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. E.WOODS WOULD re.pectfullv inform the Ladie and Gen tlemen of B irlington and viciniiy that he has recently opened ane.tal bailment where he will man ufacture, (whole-ale and retail) all kind of work in the Shoe line. He haju-t received from New York .1 .. ....I t , . .. i u - uir ircciii i) ic oi i.u-i. iuc:iicr won u eiioiee -e-lection of Stock. Hewift keep con-tantly on band and manufacture to order all kind- of work " got up" in thi-country; among which may be found Gent' ball, ooat, neat anil itaiter uoots i.adie." batten Uukin, Walking shoe, slip, a.e. cic. A No, coarse ami Mp isoot., tiotn lor men anu noys j and children's Shoes of all kind. .Please mvehim a call, two dcor West of the fcari street iiou-e, attne signot the "liig Boot." Burlington. May, 1842. 50; f. JACOBS'S PACKAGE, Between Albany and Montreal, UiMlb lurtlicr nonce, leaving Albany on Wednesday, and Montreal on Saturday of each week, in connexion with Harnden &Co. at Albany to New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Liverpool, Lon don, Ireland, Scotland and Havre, for the trans portation of Specie, Bank Notes, Valuable Papers, Packages of Goods, Books, and all other Parcels that may otter. Montreal Exchange Coffee House. All anv No. 12, Exchange Buildings. Xew Yotk No. 3, Wall Street. Boston No. 8, Court Street. Burlington J. & J. H. Peck, & Co. REFERENCES. Elias Baker, in...... iw v L. Y. tf- J. B. Reed, Mbnay N- Y- P. Wells . E. & U. It. Plvm, ( Trn v Kell. o tf- Co., ( Tty N- Y- A. Watrovs, ) A. H. W. Hvden cVCo.Castleton, Vt. J. A J. H. Peck & Co., Burlington, Vt. J. C. Peirce J Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. 4Stf. BEWARE OF DECEPTION. It hasfreq iently come to the know ledge of the sub scriber, that empty Snull Jars, with his Label on them, have been bought un for the purpose of selling in them an inferior quality Snull ; and also, that his c n-it.ii : ' ; . , atiuii'iaueisnave, in some instances, oeen counier fcited, or the general design of the same so imiiated as lo easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi- duty to inform purchasers of the manner in which they are often imposed upon ; and he woul I hereby request them to tear ofTor deface the Labels on the outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contents, so as to prevent further list oi tne same. A suitable reward will he paid for such evidence as will lead to the detection and conviction or the im postors. The subscrider continues to Manufacture, and cf fers for sale the following articles: Fine Drown Snull'. Genuine Maccoboy, ro-e American Rappee, imitation ao. ) navorea, nouana ao. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Maltese, do. Si.Omet. Curscos, do. Sirasburg. Coarse Brown Snuff. Dcmigros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. French Rannee. Bourbon. American Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanish. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Sou ft, Scotch and? Irish Blackguard or f,.,,.. HighToastJ hlne- Irish High Toast, j Cosrw Sweet Scented Fne Cut L'hcwine Tobacco. Spanish, Kitefort, Canaster. Common and Stems. J3rA liberal discount made to wholesale dealers. PETER LOIUI.LAlU, Jr., 42 Chatnam-St., New York. Lite! Lite! ! Lite ! ! ! DR. Jonathan Moore's ESSENCE OF LIFE. The mo-t highly eleeined Medicine that has ever been di.eovered for ruring Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and CONSUMPTIONS. It will abo remove the Whooping-Cough in one week. Prepared by Hen rt Seymour, from the original receipt, by the dircc lion of .aid Moore. For sale wholeale, by PECK & SPEAR, Burliti ion, and al retail, by lue principal Druggists in United States. Order directed to Henry Seymour, Hadley, Mas will receive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine immediately f irnisheJ. Cautiom A there is much of the spurious aril cle for sale, ICPI-e particular to enquire for that pre pared by Henry reymour, Hadley, .iaac!iuscti. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY b. NKLSU., continues tne J business of manufactuting Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions! Curl Maple Grecian, Cane Seat, Common Cane and Flag Seat, Large and Small Raised Seat Rocking, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, Ac. Ac. All of which arc warranted a first rate article and will be sold at prices in enrrrsnond wilh the times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live rirrssa fraihrrs. which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite ass mi. v. b. ntaMti PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, and will constantly keep in deposits with their Agents at Butlington, M., Peru mnnufae- lurea nans arm lion, oi ine louowing aesciipuuss, to wit : NAILS. 3d, 4d. Ed, CI, Sd, lOd, 12d, 20d,24d, 30d, 40d, 50d,60d, SPIKES -A inch, 4 1-2, 6, 5 1-2. and 6. FINISHING NAlt.S.-6d, 8d, lOd, 12d, manafai- turcd specially Tor finishinir nice woik. FLOOR NAILS.-V2A, 20d, and 24d. IRON. ROUND lRON,-3-$, 7-1G, 1-2, 9-16. 5-9, 11-11, 3-4, 7-8, I inch. 1 1-8, I 1-4, 1 3-H, 1 l-Z, 1 6-B, 1 3-4, 2 inch, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 3, nnd 3 1-2. SQUARE 1RON.-3 B, 7-16, 1-2, 9-1G. 5-8, ll-lt 3-4, 7-8. 1. 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. BAND IRON,-l 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, S l,-2, 2 3-4,3.3 1-2,4, 4 1-2, 5 inch. TIRE IRON, I 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and Item 3-H to 5-, thick. HORSE SHOE IRON, varion sites. HAME AND SCROLL IRON. do. do. MARBLE SAW PLATES, cut to orderl short notice. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture their goodsat Clii tonville, N. Y. from Iron of theirown make. They inlend to keep in the hand of their agent a more full and complete as-oriment thancan le found in tb State. It is llieved that the goods from thi c-tab It'.hment are better manufactured, than thore from any other in it vicinity. Pnrcha-ersare rc-pectfully solicited to in.pex t the Good ofthi Co. Prue a low and terras as favor able, as can I e obtained in the S We. T. F. 4. W. L. STRONG, Agents. Aug. 25th, 1842. CONWAY MEDlCIiMCS. THE Suli-cribcr W. L. KIDDKR, give notice that he ha succeed ihe late T. Kidder in the preparation of the well known Cosvvat Medicines, und will hereafter give particular attenlitn to the preparation of the following article, the long es tabliehed eelebi ity of which, preclude., the necessity of a rc-iiiiblieation of the numerous certihiaies ia the bands oft lie proprietor. Dnct. .1 ebb's Rheumatic Liniment. tot Itheuniaii-m. Brni-e-. Suratn. Numl ncs. Chilblain-, Slidnes in the joints, etc., will allord the mot unexpected and immediate reliefin the most ob.tinate case of ltheumati-m, in a few hour ; this article I. openly recommended by Phy-ician. 1 he biniHiemia uoneup incniargej Dottles. l'nisJ7i tents. Dumfries Itch Ointment. The cxten-ive sale and establt-hed reputation ol Di'.mirie.' Itch Ointment, eneouraies the pro prietor to recommend it to the pul lie wilh renewed confidence, a the mo-t innocent and powerful rem- euy lor tins annoying oiseae; it contain no mei eury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and caa I e applied at all times wilh perfect safetv. Price 25 cents a Box. Remedy for the Plies. The concurring te-tnnony of relieved patient, from all quarter-, testifying to the cure etlected by the medicine after all other had tailed, together with the increasing demand for the article from all parts ol the country, prove it lo 1 e one of the mn-t valuable specific, known for tin. troublesome complaint, ICA Clergyman write Ho-ton, February 13, 1941. I have made trial of Dumfne.' Pile Electuary and found it produced a salutary influence almost imme diately, and confidently I elicve it an c 'ectual remedy for that uncomfortable and debilitaiing complaint. Humanity ha. induced ine to recommend it to person Ihus afflicted, and so I shall continue to do. Your, respectfully, J. S. The remedy con-ists of an Ointment and Electuary. Prue for Loih 75 icnts, or 37 cent, when but one is wanted, accompanied with p'am and ample direc tions with a de-criplion of the complaint. Dumfries' Eye Water. For sore or infamed eyes, nothing known give sinh immediate and comjortable relief, and in some exceedingly bad cases ihe most unexpected and de sirable lelief ha. I een found in the n.-e ot this Eye water, after other remedies had failed. Person, who have u-ed it, nrunounte it without lie-itaiion the test nieparation for sort, weak, or inflamed eyes, they have ever met with. Prue 25 cent a Lottie. CURE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The nio.t .afeand speedy cure for Corn yet di. eovereJ ; the relief is immediate. It disolve and remove, the corn fioin the foot wilh ease and expedi tion and without the least pain. Price 25 tenu a Box. Full and ample directions accompany each of the al ove article.. N. B. None of the above article, will I e genuine, inle.-. signed W. L. Kidder on ihe o iiside wrapper. For-a'eat hi. Counting; Room, 80 Stale Street, up Stair, corner of Merchant. Row, llo.ton. Also by Messrs. PECK & SPEAR, Burlington, Vt. . A III eial di-count allowed to dealers. New Establishment. THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shcp ia the b idding one door South of Bishop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that they are prepared lo execute nil kinds ef House, Carriage and Sign Paintiug Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the neatest possible manner, and hope by Btrisl personal attention lo business to receive a snare of the public patronage. R. G. SPAULDINO, S. H. RUSSELL. Burlington, April 29, IBd2. 47tt DRUGS & MEDICINES. TH E subscribers are continually suppl ed with everv article in tne alove branch, buth at tbsi Officinal nnd Patent kinds. Medicinal waters from Saratoga; do. from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wines and Spirits; Leeches; Surgical Instruments 1 Mineral Teeth, itc. o-c. Prescriptions put up at the shortest nonce. Shop open at all hours. PECK & SPEAR, Apoihecaries. Burlington, Vt. For Sale. rriHE Subscriber will sell at tht Itwest cash -L price the dwelling house, barn and outbuildings and about four acres of land pleasantly situated al .Milton Falls, and the tan yard, shop and tools lately owned and occupied by Warren Sibley. The House and Barn are well finished, convenient and new; and there is not, probably, in thecounty a better situation for the investment of a small capital in the Tanning and Currying business. A short credit wi I be given for a part of the purchase money wiih poodpnper For further particulars inquire of Mr. Milton Watson on the premises or of the subscribers in Westford. JOHN SIBLEY. DANFORTH WALES. Westford, Oct. 12, 1S42. CASH! CASH!! JJAID for BUCKWIIEAT-delivered at Shclham X .Mills. HORACE WHEELER. Sept. 25, IS 13. 17-tf INCREASE WILSON'S Cotlee Mills, a verv sir. perior article, for sale by WM. J. HUNT. Dye Wood, &c THE Subscril ers have received and now offer for sale a large and well selected a.-ortment of Pye Woods of everv description, toielher wilh Cream Tarlar, Lac Dje, Copperas, Madder, Indigo. Alum, llorax, Ac. Sic. Buyers are rep'ifully requested to call at the Stone Store, head of the Steamlnst wharf, examinethe articles, which are warranted to berA from the New t'ork Market, and pnrchaed at the preent extremely low prices, learn the lerms, which are but a small advance from coi, and leave their orders. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Slone Store, Sept. 22, 1812. New Boarding Utilise. WARREN SIBLEY ha, opened a BOARDING HOUSE in Ihe buiidim: known as 'the Wards. worth House,' corner of Pearl and White streets, Burlington, where ten or fifteen respectable boarders may l.e accommodated. r-ep'. I". IB42. I5tf. LOOKING GLASSES. I mne ... I ...,11 .!.-. .l . . . A ......v... at... . , , evi,liii, tUUSlBl ingof Gilt, Mahogany and Gilt, MohoSany, and Fancv framed Looking Glasses, for atle at ir.ntlw teuueeu prices a too iiuruwsre oiore, borner ( --MIMI .1, HUM .y.M'mV M.., . W. tfg SXSJt ninth Cans. NEW sssartment just ree'df H. W. CATLIN

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