Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 13, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 13, 1843 Page 1
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WOT THE GI.OKV or CUT T II 13 V & ! r A It I OT HOME. ! n , i,.r3airi"' rT-"-rviw.';.r?''--'--111 ''T'-rr-. r- CTgi-.Tia3ar7nTT;m r-m rra.aj;.saasjrnsjfjHcsr i-. jw-i.u.ri.".. m. nn-.ii -i n U UU NJi TO N. V 1 2 Ij MONT. V1M1)AY.,JAiUB VH, iRJ:j. C- ftp. 33. vol. xvr. N E U II 0 h 0 (J V . (Concluded.) Sub-Committee met Nov. 13i1t. Present Messrs. Bryant nnd O'.Sullivan, and Or. I orry. The subject nf tlio experiments tu-day was a. Air. JI , a young nnn rcsidmu. in tins city, a me chanics but he was nut regarded by Ur. I!, ns suni ciently impressible to pionouncc any nry decided "Tha'hrst experiment consisted in a trial of s Ircnnlh In the arms. In the lint place, Ins natural stri'iulli of arm vns tested by means or a carpet-Ins contain intotno books the weight hem.; ira !c cqm a'.ent to his utmost muscular power Dr. It. then operated in such a manner as to rel it the muscular system ; and In pctlnps ten minutes, Im wa unable to su port what ho hid previously done with case1, nor was lie able to sustain it afler a larac heavy volume and one of a smaller ti.c vrro if from the b."R. Ir. B. now reversed the operation Iv ex citm tlmscor nans which nivolono to the svs.rni, when jMr. -il., notwithstanding the faiienes repeated alt. mpts at Jiftin" at his utmost strength, was so cllectua ly rc-invie-orated as lobe ni'ui able to suppoit vviili case the greatest weicht ho had ct any ii.iiu lifted. The second experiment was intended to illustrate '.lie Haxn Jti of ihe tntis-ulir syslcm.vyliieli attends a state of intoxication. Dr. 11, as Jlr. i.l. stood up in front or lion, placed his hand on the ap prop: ate organs s and, in a few inom.;nls, we obP'rv cd .Mr. M. recoilmj or Ftairjarme back, ar, if unable to support turns 'If. Tin- experiment was several times repeated with the same result. In walkn? across the floor, Mr. M appeared incapable or pro ceeding m n straight and stea ly manner ; and one time, be became si wca . as to he obhicd to iwn chiir-whim atted how he felt, he answered tlut he fell as f he had been ilrinlnn?to.j murh. I)r. 1$, now remarked thai he would endeavor to excite an orean in Mr M. of which lie (the tiihjret) ceptmn. ' no' But as Mr M. r. onlv a moderate dnnref- of ioinre.-sihiiiiv. Dr. 11- ail led that he d d not expect to pro luce any ivid mvof '.-station of 'be lie- ...... r it... . n,.r wns he sure ivcn ot m 'ucin.. tnydr-i.le.i result. The first i fleet I n! could he imputed to tV operation, was the remark or Mr. M , that Ins mind felt like a p rfe.-t hi jus, btuw men ly consc ou3 of surronnd.ns object", without t.,o capa bility of rclVUmn. Dr. II. all this time, was at .... ;.. ... ii,onr.rin of uisauilVi and he now toatliSeJ h:s operation bv touch a t two portions of thf head at once. rcnnetins the i iimmillee to watcli pbstlv the rosu'is. In a U ininuus, we rli'covf red theoipreMion of Mr. M.'s eounternncei luinined by an unsjal amm itnn ; and tins w le-arded with the r.icre surprise, as Mr. M . who is ungual y of a dull, lieivy, and duTi lent ,1-pirtmenl, api'eared quite cm ttrris1 and say when In first ca-nein;o the pres roci of Hie. Committee. 8 ion af'-r lhi chi'iBC in the exprensioa of his countenance1, Mr. M. suddenly ti'jiiircil or air. Hrynui wiii'ititr lie vva- noi in" eiu or of the 11 Kvenmir Po't t11 and upon hrins answer ed in the HiTirtnalUc. be aro-e and shoo1 Inn.l. with Mr. II m : ;, ' . ' liKl, wo know is the' iea. or J,b and the oicau account of your poiM.c, but vonr P'ry- -" re- jo P;1,,lolo y Insanity, and what has m.rked above I r. . was nt ii t. imn al u i 1-'Am,.l, :iUsnetl,M M,!ltai n.osophy two pori.onsof the head-onether- r' Lr l,reuo!ony, Craniosopy, I'livmu-noiny, r.-luea- lie.?. 'I lul Hie exneniiK nl mndeb.- Dr. Hu cha.nn weie wonderful, e .1,1 d.!ii'-iilt libeli. ie! bin wo have n i icanm to buspect that tliey wuie the le- Flllt uf I'o'l SlO't. Iltsilvd, That the e.xf erinrnts have, in our opin ion, demonstrated the. liiseovi lies made by I)r llu ehanaiij that they may be repcatad on persons km P'culnry constituted lis tu bo impicsi d bv the n"r vous fluids! and that the phcnaiiieni elicited Ly au till" on diiretent p'rsom who have no prcvion knowledge of his discoveries, may bons iinilurni as is roiiPBtcnt with thu ihursitics of constiiulion and lemperamrnt, amonotlieinipussiblo class. KeeoKcd, That, in our opinion, hu lias demonstra ted the practicability of tucitmc or mudifyini:. or arreslina the action of the smcral moral, mental, or rorpnrcal nrcanp. so an to rliantrn thu llnunht, feeliiu'.s, mid action", of thu individual for the tunc. As instances of these tlTeels, wc refer omotirj others to experiments, by which were produced a sense of cold, of beat, or weakness, or "trenctli. i f luinccr and satisfaction of nppeli n ; of drunkenness and so briety: (if indolence and industry; of pattiotism, or hatred of country, .f r. f;e. , Itesoled, That from the brief roursa of lectures we have hist attended, wc antieirnte a rrrat and radi cal rhani;o in thu heretofore received doctrines of psvchol-n-y, phrenology, pltysmbsy, patlmloi;y, and therapeutu . And fiom tlie tiw modes of mi tipa ti in practised by Dr. Iluchanan, and from the n -"carciiis already made, and now beinj ina j byhi.m, we regard what we liac ccen osth; daw mils of a hriIiterday for the science, of man nml the improve nient of his r.'ee. which was personally comph mentarv to Dr. II, has been ut his reijuest, omitted fiiun piiblicilion On motnn, tho c!i lirman and secretary were di rected to present a copy of the resolutions to Dr. Uu elnnan. Tho class was composed of the following gentle men Dr. Robert Hathaway, I Jr. Harris, Dr. Mrur.., V.. Illltekle, (,'eoroe (t.-ei?, Divid l!i,:l'uin, rdmiinil Hvatt, James lnvson, Dr. i:. rarmly, :ind others. On mvion, 1'esolvcd that the proceedings of this meetmabu published. ....... , ROUT. I.. SMITH, Cha'n. Jaiic3 L.wsok, Scc'y. it. I,. .Smith, t'an Jon's. Vf n. D. Murphy Thomas Denny, Chatles rox, V. I,., Miles ri-amiicrs, II. II. Kmc, Lewis Wakely, A. (lentlemen s vou desire from me a sketch of the princioles of neurolnay, I submit the followinj? bil?f siatenuut, hoping mat us brevity win not rcuuer n The word Niro!o?v, as it relates to man, is but another name for the ureal science of Anthropology, because the science f the nervous suhsnucc. nc us- s inly includes all the mauifesiaiwns ol mum ami iu I ...,li .,p .1, ni.i,,l..nt iinon Mibr-lancc, '"w r- i , r ,,n .v r nr.. imrii.i v k 111 I ip r, liiniru i auu sen. i.ieni n- thp?p tv o n lints w"re in" oniv pai is 01 ,,",, ' . , , -. . , i -lead touch.') bv Dr I! we were of course struck tcinattc laws ol tl.e human ccr.itilution, which eon- in. iran ioiri 1 ' 1 , . j ; tuie the seiem-e of Neiirulnsy. ,S" kC,t ? r i !m ,0 nf XI lirv'i's noetrv an 1 Tac c'nra-uer.slic fe iture of that systetA of Neu- d rea KfTlX l-c s a nd he", 'pVprr.- roUw which 1 broa,!,t belore .lie public ,s, th it ,t has irslron"d" retoln e an op-, .rinniiv of pens- been o-til.t.-h.-J by means f and fu, j sirraj n " ' . ' ls,j exPeri-ueu10, and may earilv b J venlud by any nidi- X'W'X ?f, i r. V " Ko inn- vidua! who has , he necessary pi.ienco ti pursue .ho . . ( . .1 ,r,..,. It .if 1 IrtCII Ih .(. f;hir,"f'n,& The7penmcnts r, ,, , in cxcil;,,. lhe rioas rlnn.d oMiis r"vr havi- - l-ui able loVonioo.o a funetnii- of I ho nervous oubslancu in tho cram im or I nllfvl'e TmV n-Ution whether lie del , the body by the application of the proper s.m.ul itinS ' S'r T ' I. , V..,t ! I e n ictrv Mr. M. replied i aKents. I.very article- of lhe materia incdiea pos-es- vT.7 mahle a -et Ins ulel"- toij-elhcr -, and if I m some lonn, or tin; power . I e.x lit did. he fearel that they would be eoo.l for nntlr (r, ti then sii-o.te fill, as nt iuiii',11, ire any paenc inpirn-.m f.nm me nanu in ur. . lis mn-ht n"thaps li insiured by lhe touch or Jir. Bryant. This ti5;stiinli3 s,"-md to artoat a q ute pl.usiblo; and Mr. H. -i-,..,r 'nily placed his hands on the rennsof iuutaroii and credulity, and, alter me time, on that, il.,, nf se!f-e eeni. Mr. ..I. now not only talked in irWins teMns about poetry, but recited Sfvrrnl i.ssoaces v. uh thr most extraya Cint cnthus'Tin and x-Se-ient (.eciiri'Iation, li. i.,T,irt-n nn n1rnat f.iriou': cicilctnc-.t, and tmiiT les-iy xi sxr.ri oui oi '"i'-1 Ou- cinna and in )d fin' tbe f .nctions ; ('alvini'-:'!, r.lee tncilv, Mae'n li'in, and CViloric possi-s-. , fba -nt e.xci Uti2 powers ; but no njjenl that I have i 1 poss'Fat-s o efficient, and at the Slide time, so rou.'eunal an in fluence as the aura of the oeivous Fyt -n. This Neuraura, which is th a;i-nt by wltich on? individual makes a plivsiolniiieat iinpn ssion upon anoth.-r, whnn in contact, is r idiatrd i.nd condin tdl frce'ly from thclui'mn baud. Thecxpen-iu rils winch I hive made in your presence, cnnsi-t m npplyiny this .WuriruJ to lhe varuiiB porlemsof thu brant, up on which il inav make an lninrcHsiuii thruUL-ri the cranium and Hie face, which present no obstacles to lubi-rt was lhe'ov.-m" fiom Lsmpb il s " I'lcss-! n' , , auoj.ri was in" i,iioi.u.0 i Tninvm e rnmtt.-.nt rem Its from such e.xrcn- ures of Ilpe Oh! sacred Truth! thy triumph c-d awhile, nd Hope, It.v i-ier. rens-d th;- 10 f.mile, AVhen leagued Opiue.s.oi paur'd to na-th'rn wart Hr w'u-ket'd psadm" and h-r fi-rc- hu'ftis, Vavrl her n-.-ad sixn iirrt ti th h-cc-eor men, JVal d her loud drum ind twr.Vi h-r trumpet horn: Tj'iullu )-n horror brooded o'-r her ran, Presainrrvrath to Poland tnd to man! IVarsiw's last rhampia", etc. Anath-r consi-,1-1 of a psfiatie Imlisn 'T,.si.a, denou'icina i' e v. ' ' :r. r.' ;""r' 1 J -' 1 le nuestion, ik d ah i s res'o".;' be . is in the habit f le-.i.m; p .eti v. be anw.-re-1 ,n the nejativj. CYrtauily nu one, fioui hi-- r il ippr-ir-enee, would havesusp.-ctel h:m to be lhe least given t,a po-lic dcclamati in. Indie I, now, when the ex-citeni-nt w-a panhllv re-nnv, d !iv oaer-tinR on the antaonisticor"ans, hew"s ena' le to r-pat the from 'ampb.ll w:th ml a-- -' nice in th" wav of bav in, the. first woi'' of ne irlv every liiu' ; and when requested to de, lain them as before, h merelv-re-peatrd.ina smV e-l voice, neli parts as he recullw ted, expressing b his retains a wain of mleiestm the 'ubi"ct. , tt'hibtsidl under tlr mnnencc. or self-citeem and some remains or the ex-itenunt produced by the or ptn of insinuy, Mr. M. f rorth his ideas at consid erable lenfrth on virion. poVitieil Ruhjects. fb' the spe cial edification of Mesr. Ilryanl and O Sullivan, he hsvin i ist before iDarncd that the I itler was also an editor. Ho made a hxnn-tte a-'iiu't party publics and party editors, advising to cniiline hw at tention to literature, end rs.icciallv poetry. I rpm Mr. O'.S' Ihvan, he altempted to exact a promise tint he would pu'hfh in thu " Dcmo-.ini" Ilevie-.1-, an article which he wool I, on that con lition, write in rejanl to tho rnhts of man. In this request he. was erv stiennous and exaetin except ror a few mo ments wnii't l)t. li neiu tnrnt11, il t n .sarv I Hit wu should maKe ihrm up on persons whosM-erebr.ll .action is easily rxened ur dsrxni-i by s i'!it influences. I; is necessarv that theportm of lb,1 brain wlnih we excitet, ou dbeso cn-rfT-ucilly stiuiu'ateil a3 to become predominant ov-r all th-other i onions, and to man, I. "t us func tnin a pure and distinct form, unniinnbd with any d.l-ier.t or rounteraetmi' functions. It is nbii trrnelv desirnblo ibat the experiments i-houl.l bo mi,l upon persons whose mental c uliivatiou, n par. iy an integrity ren lor their d, seripnons of their ii'i "nit,ins cuuons, exact, and worthy tf mi- It rmifi li nee. A-.i"V ' xp -nments have been repeated by many phre.i ' -i t- aud oilu r.s, nn.H...vo c.-nerally ,t, n itiemptid bv th.un d nnn llie onto or e iuio'ilii;i,.--m supei induced by incsmeuc operations, I would re matl;, lhat such expoi uunits are o.iin In 'Illy decep tive and m iccurato. r.xperimentsshoul 1 be1 ma !u in tho natural condition of the sulif ct. m l Iree from thu linaoinitive e.xcitenient which belongs lo somnambu- lism. As rirasl have luard of tlie result of the jiunarnhnr.e. experiments, 1 know-or but f, w cai.s n which thu operator h is not been misled by hu im ,.T,Tii e Riuoeet. Ao extensive course of cxperimnts upon persons of intrll:2etice, in their natural Hate of nun. I, Ins es- lahhs'iedauJ pla'cd iynnn a uoiint, llu-1 iet mat the brain, as a psveholorieal orL'.an, manuVits an ru mens j number of rnrnl il functions, and til it ll.erearc phreno!o"ieal divisions in tin1 main, oilier man in ivhicli y,,u have, ni'd that tiplcs the t "ti uonv ol Viuir n'U-'i s n nun ly 1 1 e, or uniess o iai.-e luoi'.r of inti l'i"i lit ob-i rvi ts biveb'.cn ludJildj , t , l,v an 1 1 1 leinio mid inetb. .lie uisatntv, n nei i,i-s ol laeis lias been dmch'pid, and n new scicnr' xi"-ts, w'ui h iinpenoiisly d manda the niliniioti cl ill lovcrsof Ittilh or riu nds or man, and which, if un h df of its hi iuh I proniiH'ia rca'ised, must oriein te a nrcat and hajipy eia in tho history of imin.iii Willi high respet, enhanced by the cordiality, cour tesy ami promptness with which you have engaged in jour iccetit duties, I remain, t IUl ilUlll.xi: r, , ,,,,, .IDS. It. I1UCHANAN. Messrs. Brynnt, I'orry and O'fiullivan. SOMTlTslTFi'TNY. Tho Court of diqtilroy orilcred for the piirposn of iiivcslio.ttino llit! facts iclating to this cxriilri" case, nsscmblru on boatu tilt1 North Carolina, lying at Now Yoik, on the JStlitillo. Thu first tinil soronil dns wore principally taken in the organization anil preliminary .irr.ingpniriils all of which we omit, nml commence with Capl. Mackenzie's account nf the rase, as officially lcpoiicel. We copy from tho Tribune. t.iaczlz::ziivh T:nztTiyr.. "Tim Jutl"o Advocate proceeded lo rend it, which ho did in a low tonn of voico and with great rapidily. As thu Court decline to allovv cither this or any other official docu ment to be copied for the press, wc cannot only present a sketch of it, from inch notes as ho coidd t.iko tinder the unfavorable cir cumstances already mentioned. The nar rative was substantially as follows:" U. S. ll.aio SoMrns, Ni.vv-Yrni,-, Dec. Is), 1-1 J. Since my arrival at this port I have been dli"cnt ly enj;rir,cd in pripimr? tor the1 Dejiartuiuit at Wash ington a full an.! del nled narrative or all the minim al Hires connected with the mutiny on board the L". S. brisj-of-vvar Vomers on her recent voyaao fiom Afncai but 1. iviajj been freq icnedy interrupted, es I. t... il,,. . .,ii. .I., of fru-iifls. I havebecn Icrcid I j ril.noui-h mv tirsl mteiilion and lo confine Myself entirely to a Bketeh ol the occurrences Al ter baMiiq tl.e Azores and .Mi dura in October! pro eecdt.u, aceoiuiuii in v..a.,,t, 'IViii r,ll'j nud i'urto I'r.i..a 'I htnce 1 v.dit lo Libiria ixpectiog tiud illicU. S. bloon-of war Vund.d.a. lhtt an nrrivuii: there I learned lhat she had fhIuI on tin bill ot Oc tober for the L'li.ti d Slates as I undeuMoo , Ti.c d -i--p ilclu s xv nit wlui-hl was enlru-led fo her l iu thus len lered of no use were U-ll will theU. it. Ae'ciil. w'.iote receipt for them isinell.-d. On the 1 1 of November 1 sailed for the L'lukd Jlatcs via HI. Tliouri", win re1 1 thought it nece.-.'arv ti lake in sup-1 ply of bread, vv iti r and other n Ircidimeiis. On Sat- i ur'daj1, the 25lli of Novenibor, l.ieut (.ansuvocrt c.i.'iiemto th." cilun and luloriiied me' be had learn-d from Mkblnpmati WnU --that ijoupiraey e.x-isie-d on board lhe ship to captuie the, to iiuir der the Captain, bruu over as many ofi thu luevv ns possible, iniird- r tho rest ml cuivcrt ihu vessel into a pirate; and that .xndihipttrin Reiner was at the he-ad of the cnspiraev. Tlrs, l.i .t. Ci. laid, h.ul been told u li.m by .Midsh.pman Wales, whuse nar ration was as follow-? : On the niuht of the "3jt!i ol November, between G and 3 o'cloc. in the evi unit', Wales ta',1 howniiaruus- I by Spencer, who a'ktd him lo ;,) up.,n the booms, as he hnd sani.'tliin to say to linn, lie col up, mid. on iiriivm.' at thr 'moms, tie a-.kd by Spi no r, "Do vou fear ib uh I do vou fear a (bat mm I do you far to kill a man!" Wales, with admirable coitlnt ui'iucetl Speiieer to m mi, toj',; lhe oath ul s-cre-v, and ctilered mlo all Ins plans. Sjiencer told bun lb it he h id about -0 men in lu plot s that they would c.isi y en I I'ossi 5.-.,m of lhe slop, murder the Couutnn hr and oiTi vri an I coinincnco pitacy. lie Cave. W alts all lhe detaus of bis plan, vvlm h were ail ui.rab'v sintisl for his nurpuse. and arranned much b.rer, Mr. Wa'es said, than ho could have done it Inms, If. As nn in ucetn"nt to ctnbarl: m the entir- prise, Sp"netr said lhat a lirijebox uf wine on board coniaimd a larce amount of nold and oilier treasure. II, i obttct was to "0 to the K-lc of nuts, where otic of his ns oeiati s, who had been n pirate b fore, had n confedetate; that ho would attack no vissi Is lhat be coul I n t capture, and de-troy all hu enptund; lint lie vv iuM eui t from tin m sueii lemales ns were prop- er, usj ib"in. an I then df-pese ol theni ; lliat ho b'l.l nil Ih d-iai!s of th.-oh il driwnnui on a paper, which wis in the1 back i f his cravat. Ilc-howetl monev to Mr. W.iles, and, her ire s"pi:a i !', thrialeneil bun with instnnt death if he e ver revialeel what hu had told turn. Su di. procecdi d f'npt. Mirkcnrr, w as lhe p 'rport f thu luf.irmati m vvtm h I r" eived ,rom I. lent, lianse Vi.ort. To nit- lhe w h..'e .ifi ur n mi t. ni msiro ik that 1 treated it w.lh ti I and b -lieved thilfcpen rerhad b. en nmusins hi'iiself nnd W.iles with Fotne storv of piracy he Ind b arr.ed from sumo novc 1 jr tale of murder. Snil I could not help I'd IiDfT that it was sporting will n sen ns subj..1!" and lhat my duty required ui" to be upon uiy iruvrd, and I resolvu il close ly lo wati h the mivemeuts of Spuieer. 1 diiectcd tin first Iiii-uienunt to obervn bin veiv llirrowly. 1 b airu d that in lhe cuurseof the diy Stirnre-r bad ben in the wanl-rlimi for s imeti n". and bid bu"ieil b nisf'f in exiuiuuuu' a ch irtol the ci-t lnili, , r.n 1 that bo had on 'e s ime inquire1 conecrnuiL' lhe isle of I'ines. Tim Lieutenant told h m lhat lie heheted it was a place much frequrnted by IVates, and drily .,. . i , . . . . .r I... 1... i . - .i.. i .... I as it U 111111 11 UU III J 1111) .lt-q'1 Hill nii.i-3 nitiui "I'M, tichantmL-, o 1 - .s Ide, Ina btmeas, nicttii-ed my lie--lie to rit rid of hi n. On th a p., ni, 1 bee; that I may not ho misunder 1 levere iiuihonty, nml in tin, IU publican country I icgnd its excrel'"' as nn evidence (ifcetuu oiledmcnce and virtue. Hut I have no rtpct fur Uu bjacsunor nn honored fattier. On the contrary, the conuuei or that man w ho niliu s liy Ins ctiines the pu'r f-imo i nml the Inh honor nf h.s p.iritit seems to mo lo bo far more base than one i n-i.illv niiitlv fiom an humbler sunon. Hut I wih 1101111111; to Jo wuh baseness 111 any rliapci least of all on lioatd a vessrl bthnvitii; tu thu Unttril .States. On ehis nccnunl 1 wished to jiet rid of Sin peer. Twoulhcts soon lifter joined lhe vessel, and thus seven were obliged lo oc cupy the ninrc filled only fur five. I had hc.iid thr.t Spencer hit expirssed n wiliirioness to bo tiansfetred .ind hope I thailio would now consent. On reaching th,s point of lhe narrative, the Judrjo Advoealu found it impossible to proceed, from a mis take which hod occiiriJ in the arrangement of the shirts. The lcnJtii was iheicfolo kuspi-nelcd for tho time bcine. Sixond T)r. The Judpo Atlvoc.ttt1 at the opening of the Court, reatl the whole of CotnniMnJpr Mackcn. :;ie's Narrative of tne transactions on boarel lhe yotner!". We commence our sketch of it beluw at tlie pnint where our icjiort of yestcidey ter minated : 1 desired t.ieut. Ganjovosrt to ptalc to Mr. Spencer lhat if lie would apply to Cutnmmlnrc l'crry to detach him from the Seiners I would reconil his application. The application was accordingly made and I seconded i!, earnestly urjrin that it might bo granted in order to tc enra the comfort of the yoiniej olTicers. 0 un mtiilore Perry, how ever, declined In detach M.d sliipniiiii S'poticer liiit.t-.i.d he' vvi uhl consent to detach Mid. Honor". I could not, however, con sunt to part with Mr. Honors--, whom I hid Ion;; known to ho an accomplished f eannn, a gentle in 111 and an dfiie'cr of the highejt atlaiiiinciits both in and Imyrml his profo---,ioii. 'I'lio Sum urs arronliiiply railed with seven in the sleer- a '0 ; thny could not all ml oowti to'xouier at ,11 lor tlm purpose ol nb-r i.iif Cn in 1 t'il an I Sm ill as they thouhl cmno alnntj npi 11 lli" tpinr. or-recK. I liu pT.-nu'i id lin'h weie l.iniile-r. !v clean and neat tlmy beam detcimmrd lhat llieir appearance shnuhl provoke nn repronf on account of a fault in that particular. Cnert WELt, Etood up lo his full s'aUire, enrryin;? his batllc-axo firmly and Rtr.uldy ; hia cheeks pale, hut his cyo fixed to starboard, llo wore a do lerminedand ilaiifjcroitM air. S.xt.t.T. proscn'.ed a very diffbront tiure. Ilia appearance was (jhastly, his manner uneasy ; he i-hifted hN weight from side to side, and his battle-axe from hand to hand. His eye vvaw never for a mo merit fixeil, bul always turned fruu inc. 1 at tributed conduct to (car ; though I now be lieve the business upon which ho h'-ul entered was repugnant to his nature, but th it his lino for ramiey and lutn was too strong for his fide'l ity. 1'ivu Lellf, or 10 o'clock vv an tho time for Divine service. 'Die P.rst li.oulonant asked if he blinuld call the roll. I tool hitn it would be host to wait till the tinio ua-. up. 1'ivo bell? struck and all wore ciilcd to uiiii.'er. The in; turoe h .t!l"s orwuin to Mt Kiulov. I then 1 best to arm tho petty officers : on this point only jppikn to the crew of the nece.i'ity of conform- the Knst Lutileiiaut ihrTered from mo; and I mg in ail pittic.uiar.sti tlie- oidur.s ol the vousol ; fo mil that ho vas0f tho same opinion with somo vvlrcli wore l.nmvn. I t"'d llintn lint every of the p"tty officers tlipuisolves ; they said that juinishiiient mil cted on hoird must ho made .-iirij 1 could not tell whom to trust, it would known to tho .Soctelary of the Navy, ami that I ba best to trust no one. I made upmvown the less they were in n-imunt the greater would j mind, and judged of thu characters whom I he the credit that would attach In the ('omnnn- could trust and determined to arm them. 1 or der and the crow. Hat the whole crow, I unon I dercd to ho issued to each a cutlass, a nistol and found were fur from trmipiil. They collected ' cartridges. 1 ordered preparations also to ba 111 Knots upon ton tlork : teilitious words wore heard among them, and they assumed an luso. lent and menacing tone. Homo of the potty officers were examined and found to be trao to tho rulers, but It was the goueial impression tint tho vessel was Car from being eufe. There wan loason lo I'uar that on tint very night a re. cue would bo attempted. I obtained a varie'y of inteliionncc concerning oonlVrenrca among the d.s.iilbctcd. Individual whom i Ir.d nut suppo-ed In Le implicated weio found closely associated with sever.ilKvIm wore known to he among ;ho disilwciod, anil e-evoral tiuie.i theie were nymnloms tint limy were about to tlnke crow were all present, weio unusually atlon-1 thu bio.v. Mr. Wales one; deeded C .. U'iI live, and their responses were more th in onhn urily lull and ami. me. In the examination their countenance exhibited nothing to excite diitrusl. In the afternonn tho sk) -h.uls and studding sails were set. Gamely, one of the best of the apprentices, wls sent aloft on thu royal yard to make some alteration in the rigging. At once a Midden jerk was given lo lhe brace by Small and another, who has t.ot been discovered, avid the fore. topmast, wuh the top-a.l, galhnt-slay-sail and head-galT-lopsail, at otic.o came down, (laselv was on the roval-v ire!. I scarcclv dared tn hok to see tho spot where the boy should son in drawing 011L a hand-spike trout its place ; nn.1 on presenting h.s co"J.od pisN.l at him, he only ollured some lame evctn i1. I became ex ceedingly anxious, and loinaiiind ctinsraiitly on leek. At lli o'clock the watch was called. made for the execution of tho the three. All hands were called to witness punishment. The whips Were arranged, tl.e officers were stationed about tho deck, and tho petty officers were di reeled lo cut 1! wvn any one who should let go his w hip or fail to haul vv hen oidercd. 1 put 1 11 my full uniform, came on dork and I i1111-.-1-14' -ii 1,1 uauuu-u eou uioai p-tnueu eiuey eiiuv ever uowurcti upon any iiuicer m tne American Navy the announcement to tho prisoners of t'10 fate that awat'ed them. I aporoached Spencer and said to him . " Vou were about to t ike my hfo, Mr. .Spencer, w'lthnut piovocation, without cause or the slightest offence Vou intended to kill 1110 sueldenly in the night while 1 vv.n buried in sleep, without giving mo a a ngle moment to .end one word ot affection tu my wile, ono prayer to (JoJ for her welfare. Your h: is now furlotted and the necessity of tne cue compels me to taUo it. 1 do not in. io boilono. I did not dare to believe this carrying awaj nftho tnpmast the wnrl; of treachery: but 1 kiuw tint an occasion of th.s tort, niich as the the table ; two of them had no tochers but slept . Ins. of the boy, vvhic'i should create confusion fall. The nr-.xt inonicnt his i-lnilovv appeared nt 1 rent him forward and ordered him to take the thu mast-head, and I pie-entiv d.srmored him forward lookout lor four hours. 1 directed a examining, with adnnublo cuolnut, what Was I i'I"cu watch to he kept up and distributed the Mcleinlev. (trern and one nr twri olfiois iinssci! 1 ion.1. li, t. i,-,,;t-,ir ,frtl. ... il... ..,,i -.r . ... . ... ........ v., ... ,i,-,m, Jft.ll III lilt. IIIIIUU II. their muster: they could not bo asleep, and why claiming tho sacrifice. If there bo in your thny sheiuld he absent just at tint time, wh-n brea-t one feeling true to nature, you will ha they never had been bctore, was not easy to bo Igiatufitl for the premature disclosure of your h-een. When they appeired, they all had oine 1 horrible designs. Vou surely ought to ba lame nxcu-e. Tliey prcdii.blv had agreed to I thankful tint vou have been prevented from tha meet at tint time and to commence some act of I terrible deeds you meditated. If v0u have any 1 ( word to send to your rather, any satisfaction ta express to nun mat you were not allowed to violence. Green said ho could not gat aft. upon the steerage ilech, and subjected them selves to considerable inc .nveiiicnrc, to all which, however, they readily submitted without lhe slightest murmur or complaint, and perfonn ed every duty which foil to them to the perfect eatis-faction nf al! thu nfiiecrs. All these things I railed to recollection and endeavored carefully to review thu whole con duct of Spencer. 1 had treated linn precisely ,is I treated other Midshipman ; though I Ind and interrupt the duty ot the Mil or--, would be sought by them if tliey were bent on lho prose cution ot the enterprise. All possible meas ures' were taken to prevent confusion, 'lhe rigging was immediately restored and the sails bcntalresh. livery member of the crow wa-' employed, and ail tilings v crc made to go on with regularity. To my as'un.-limcnt upon the occurrence ol this d.s.i'ster all tho cimMurators vho were named in the programme of Summer, .orbit's reproved lutn somewhat lcss thin the , no matter 111 what part nt the visel tbev wvru itliers tor Blight devial.ons fr. ni the strict line engaged at the tune, imir.ed atolv mustered at if hisdu'y. This .eros-u from tnv ronvict'on that the mainmast vv hothnr aniin ited by sotnu new tiiere could he hut little hope of e.-senlialiv Ferv iug one who had proved to ho to decidedly Ins own enemy. 1 observed that he was in the habit of associating but little with the other of-flier!--, hut that ho was rontmua ly intimate with the cicw. lie was often in the habit nt joking with thotn and finding whenever ho met them, with a smile never known but on nich occa-.-ions; and I had frequently observed in him a strange I'.vhing ol tho eye. Recalling these things in addition to what I had been revealed, 1 rctnlved at once to make myself sure of hi- person, thuuirh 1 thought that I would lire' let Mr. Wales have another inter view with and obtain further knowledge of his mutinous plans. If hu was really in eam ea', enough, however, was already known. in the evening 1 give unoos to .x:r. I'jrrv born rol to serve their country, or intending to carry out their tie.1'!!?, I cannot tay. I Ins eir. uthern in a similar manner. At d o'clock others missed their mus'or. 1 heard ol this With tho greatest tine wiuei-?. Wnere, 1 asked, wai th.H to end ! If the men upon a hr'ght night like tin.-, seem m'lliuo is ami d.sposed to undertake the rescue ol those con fulfil, 011 a bad li ght, 111 a stoim, 111 the m.det nl utter darkness, how much greater will hu the probability of 11 rescue ? Il al! suspected should be ironed, would the dinger be over! What sytup ilhy tn ght not bo felt far the prisoners? Thcsu tmttors crowded upon my mind. I con sidered the imminent onl wlucli hung over the lives 0! tho officers and crew ; I thought ot lho easj traversed in every d1 rectum Ly tiitm-hut-111 mi, unarmed an I ib-fenceles-; I th eight ol what due tu the iu'ercst nt commerce, to the safety of tho lives of thousands tijon tin ile.p, tn thu sanctity 01 tho American l:ig en trusted to mv care, an 1 to mv n.i 11 honor. All my Clerk, to hive all the officers come aft upon lie had had with Spcnror. He drrnel ihit it w.i umslaiice at cure confirmed mv bet.ef in the these considerations unpie-ed me with the uli- continued exis'enco of the danger. The eyes I 'olute tiecoss.ty of adopt ingsomo farther moans of Spencer travelled eonliiiunlv to the mist-! security lor the vessel had been given head, and he cast quick anil Mealthy glances about, as he had not done he'Vire. The wreck wa Koon cle'ire.l away, and -up;ier piped. Afler Flipper tho 11 nne porsons iiiustcred a! mast-head, and tho cads were si. After qtiir tors they diepersed. Si ill I did not think it nfu to leave Cromwell at liberty during the n'g.V, which was ernplnlicaliy tin- sown of danger. Alter consulting witli 1, cut. Gauscvnnrt, 1 do lermini'd to arrest Cromwell. An offuer was sent to guar.! the x.'zzm'Z. 1 met Cromwell at the foot of tin1 JacnYs lad dor, g" ng alt, and -'up. pen him. 1 ael-cd hun about tne cn'iversaium the (pinrtor-ileek. v hen they wore brougut up, I a; preached Spenrcr anil addiessuJ llln ihus: 11 1 undetaiid, sir, that you ai-pire to the rom inand of the Homers." With a deferential air he replied :" Oh. i", tir!" " Did you not," said I, "tell Mr. Wales that you had 'a mutin ous project on foot that vou intended to Kill he, and sud, "It was not me. sir : it was Small (Cromwell was the talle-t mm on hmrd the vessel and Snnll the sliorle.-'.) Cromwell was immediately put in irons. Snnll being thus ac cused by an associate, was a'sn ironed. The ut most vigilance was enj lined unon the officer. All IVoro arioeit. ntiil mllin. t.ii--!n'f Mr tl.n t'.rwt the Coiiimatider and the officers of the Sinners, Lieutenant was cnnstantly on dei k. ami such of tho crew as )ou could nut seduce to 'I'be next mnrniii1.', wlich was Monday the your plat s, ami to enter upon a cour.-o of pira. 1 'J:lh of November, two enriios of ron-uler ihle ii:e , inagmiutiu cr-ine to light. Unoot I lie men Had been detected in Mealing from a unit and tin1 S'ewanl had s'nlen monev and given some of il anfrartuosiiies of the convolutions, and lliat ihcrearo 1 ccr pas-ed lhe day sullenly, and was oftin observe-d noFimplu primitive cirebial orcans minifotuii.' a 10 be 'xaininm:;a paper, and writing with a pencil, mire sn-cial sinjlc fimctiuu, unless wo carry our rub-1 and inikm riiis with hu penkaife. Lieut, (lanse- '. .' .. .. . ..1. 1 . . " r. . 1. ... . . r .- r. .i 1. ... 1 .. 1 tn-ii-'.ons so 11 as in HUM- n lui'iun.o uii;jii vi e-aeiu i vooii soon aner 111 iue s nu- ci 11-- i'n ihhim, ihu- nun enimiinient fibre of a ronvo utinn Tho nnniheror cerebral nrjaus which we may re cosnise is, tlnrcfore, a mal'i r or arbitrary nriangu mcnt, as wo mi)' divide the brain, for convenience, ,1,1-erv fnor or five reeions. or wiih cuual nrecn- In-hinl on lhe organ of j wn runetnnal accuracy, into three, four or livo to the forclop, when h" found lil.iieiinaijed in working some love devices upon hi- arr.l. llo expressed a desire lo leirn lho rate of the. Cliroiiomfer, nnd was referred to lhe M ister of Marine". He wasfrequendv (vii r-ni;ied ri holdint; s-erct confereii.-es with llivitsw-aiu Cromwell and Smi.l, and was known humility, when, douhtiim hu abrov, he itesired nr. i iiun.pflj, jVom li'iy to a liunlred su'jdivisiom m hive "iven monev to iMlcrcr.t ersnus ol tuectevv. B to furei'h lum a few idti", and insiruct hun I W01i, ,e as man v as wo Can leirn lo henie correct- I!,.i id al-o inct.-d ilustew-ai.llJ fleal hnndy, which hiw to auaP'c llr.n. The eonirist be-1 1 , ,s S:,f-, nt i, umber fir practical puipos. s. ii.., l hivcii t u c er.-w, an j w.t'i which he had once tueen lhe powers of expression an 1 ciuviirri m i? f .-ti1, . -lieu w uu equal eeriaiiny, urn in ; or uu or r.viee f uruni, iiimseii, .. . ' . I I .. I I.l! .... 1. P I - ..I .1 .A.lna.. ........ I. ..( I t ' .. . . 1 1 .. . .1. .... 1 . .. . .1 . . 1 A ,. n 1 .1 1 1 . n ll-lilrnn, IS US milCll ,1 p'l Si'il'iyo nu-". '-J ' iii'i,,i'H wi.iii, i i.i.u .u i, ivuiii .i.- iii-,i.; il ii u...; iu uik ... ... nt-,1 in. i o tintniiius its svmi .tlluc-i Willi lha bouv. nrt'iens to stale the cu cumi.tni',es ci nnecit d wuh ami exercises i's conlrolluiij power over it by means , tin ir hivi v' brand V on buird. When the v cssel was of certain eon dueiar nrauis at lhe biso of tliecnce- i fir't eq u;i;e."l, I told lhe fir- iitenant thai it was phalon, by wbieh itradntis vohtionary, circtilitory niyiU-ire ihu no In. i ir f h-uiM be used and secretory influences to the muscular system and . in;,, of ih- vesai 1 ; and rav- ns a rra'ou for this 'hat oilier n-suesof lhe bo lv. I ac'i Iiorliuii ot thu brim I ihu nMentioii ofhosi ituhiv nhvivs fi II unon lhe f '.in fra m ihs siih-comuntti.", loicceivctiieir report, ries- n3 nn iniinntn relitionor sympathy v.iiu us pirn-;-1 tarn nnd hu tindi r nfii-r rs, ami lhat upon sucli ocen ent Uev. 1 r- W.unwrieht, Or. Wislnueioii, Or. hilar re;non eif lhe body, and exercises a niodfyini; in-1 sions all should have llo ;r din-n. This hull had its Forrv Mr. liryant. Mr. Iten'dict, Mr. Denote, ..Ir iVicnm. npan the peneral circulation and innervation i intended efl' ct, and I never hil creu-iou in use c.iui O'Suiiivan Dr. Wasliineloti was called to tlie I (,f ih-j system. It is lliroirih lhe conductor ori; ms pi,inn. Knovvinir that I.1 'im n itii f! m-evoort v.uv chslr The minutes of the last meeting were read int i, F, relalions or lho brain and bod y aie 1 ed il.e mailt r in the s ime light, I did nut interfere nml inorovcd. . csnnnsiie.i, iniau nm iov'ni"ii--ii i.imu m.-u -,vuu ion airaurreineni oi me warn roont ; anu u i ino u iii i I . , .,,.:, ...ns il.rn nrcsen- l.A nr,wl..,l 1,.. nnern liner utinn lhe In run. mat' .1-.,,.. c , ,, ...-..,1 1 I.-. i.. il... .. .... r f. ...mO t- e-asily, and, indeed, moro proniplly evol.ed by n Iviiio. It unvv apptnrs that when the vcsti was optrilius upon ino cnrie-ponu.uij conuuciurs, wnieu ur 1,-red to the roast ol Afitca, a supply nt hranuv tWight nni scnlmruit, evi ie. d bv bun while uu It r the exeiicment of the intellectual orpins, and the tnoitdull ami nidinary ileportnient when Una eicitc meatwas remuved, was very striking. Dec. 2 1S12.9 Tarle Place. The Cc-iimittee met in pursuance of an invitation The imrl of lhe suD-comuueiet; w.m wu. j.lti"-o ted, read, and a' cf pled, m . e. i ..rl.n nri was then minuted t Hesnlved," Tint in consequence of ih dilliculty of trnnnniuheir influence direcily, tii.lali c fiiniTis no ui-'i'- i Jke exireinelv s nail tiumlier r persons renamed hy I ha.l het o nr.lei i.,l .1-. Ii.iinl lie snme .vim had tirevi- Tims ill wo exn un lhe relalions of the brain lo . rli' ', n ,m in,. n,n e-nnin ml ,i!m I'looiiht le tho ho ly, and ny carrying oui iu in uii.i.u.iticai ntvs rild be a jii, il i -t - n..wl I I, I HI-. 1,1-1 II III n, nehanan as highlv impressible, ibis cinim tteei n; c,.r,-bil physiology, weshivv lhe intl ieuee of each 1 rn,. iv nret h 1 then ihotudit, butbv eleign, abstain from making any nrrnne-uienis lor nnn pur-1 ,..irnspliere of thu brain upon Lie ojipns luliuuspiicre, as subsMprii de velopenu ms hive inndu prohihle, the nn t turontu imu upon me m,n- ,i,iii- ii ii, ui iui-ii',,1)-, sii'ivaru ordert-1 pose i nnd, w-thout assnuun tho resoonsihihly of ouy concl.'sions from tin observatnns narrated in the nrocee titfs, thai ih.iso miniit.H be published ua der,tUMhrec.ionorihesuhe.o,nmiilee. ..n f)r. h.chinan stated lhat Ir; snll des,re. nnd hop- .l tn find simn su'ij-cts nrpuimc exuioonio, ...n. li.r inrn ooeritefor tint ohijet. i nt ic cou i can u ion lhat mode be might uc- ,.e lhe enntinu ince ni mepreseue . 00.1, rnpointmentnfnnothfr,lo i,o l.i-iii r smr'csted any ceniit.uito ... , . la.g. y"l" .1., , w , ,m,t furiher aet.on m lhe matter by this committee, it now adjourn tine die. vivinrei nt meeting of ibo Reutlumcn who attended the ..e 1'tir-hnnf.n. lectures o, Sy, K nee, 1312. l,r Ii. Im... I.1-1-. .l.e'-t. Ill tiril r.i PYiil-im tho ii-litiolis ol lho uuirl lo 'lie nam. I ce, a. 1 ihni ,1 .,,1.1.. ti, . ,,.,. .. n ..... 1 ,,.,.1im .ln nnlthe ieeu!.ir mode or laws of Ihe.r coan. .xioii, an bond, of ibis wnsu-,' d by lhe tue-sorbv would nut bea more ehmeult i.isk thin in explain iho , anv oilier thnn.-iicneer and t'.iu.evvhoui hovndcavoi rel.iliiins belivc n lho br im nntl Ihu body -either or e I la corrupt, vvlm h would seem lo lhe novieo a chimerical under-1 Spencer bid the f.ieu'.tv of throw-in? his lower hw tnkina. , , oit of 10 nt and .,f tin:-, ,lving wuh 11 a vim rv of Tins higher pxyeoloiical philosophy, however, con- mus e-il aire ; and he was frequently f mnd thus uinus siitutisiiopiriof lliBpsvculogico-pbys.oliiiiic:,! sys-.ingiha erevv. In his int. rcourse'with 1110 be vvn lem to which 1 hive called ihu illsnli 111 of the pubhe, K, tv . the lost degree1, but among the crew 1 leirn and which nimsal extensive, ikIuciIioiiiiI nud medieil jel I'm lie was loudly ami blasphemously vituperative lllllliy. J I"'" i-),r . h. v.. ....... .c. ui,. perfect illustration, nnd regret lhat I have nut hut lho opp itunitv of illustrating, 111 your presence, the beneficial influence which may ba exerted upon thu sick. . . , . ,. , . Tho experiments wim mem -incs nppueu m the tin rv! "im'n nave torn 11. m soineihm it," he replied, "but it was nn!y in jtAr." "Wni rutin t, then, tint you tyld hun ol such a plan." " ) es, nr. 1 his, sir, 1 continued, "vou must know isV Aing upon a fen bidden mbect. This j ike, ur, may cost you your life. I!e pleasrd, fir, to remote your neck-h.eiidkere'hiel." lie d-d to. 1 look it and opened it, but there evas no'hing in it. I allied km what he had dune wuh the j- iper th it was m it! "The pa per," he s nil, " wine h hid been in it coniiiincd ;ny d iv'h vvoil: ; and I destroyed it." " It is a slr.iug'o place, sir," i-aiet I, " o keep your ac. conn:.-." lie acquie.-ceel with nn air ol tlie greatest de'orencc and blandtiess. I sud to, "ViKir de-ign was to make your.-clf com ni'.iuler ol this vcsml. Vou muM Invo been aware tint you could compass it only by pas. sing over my d'ad body and over the ho. of all the nliicers of thu Smners. Vou had laid oat for yourself, sir, a great deal to do. It is my duty to confine you." Turning to 1, out. (, 1 s.tid, "Arrest Mr. Spencer, and place hiiii in double irons." J, out. Gans.jvoort stepped forward and received from Mr. Spencer Ins sword. Mr. Spencer was then ordered to Mtdmvn: ho did sj. D.uihlu irons were then put upon htm, as were also Intnl. cull's for the takoot gre iter security. I d roUed Lieul. O.111. scvoorl tophce a watch over Mr. .Spencer, and to gnu orders to put hun to instant death if hu was detccled in speaking or holding anv rom. munication with any of tne croiv. Thu nature, ot those orders was told 'to Mr. Spencer. At the s imo tune, I directed him tn allow hun eve. ry po-sible indulgence consistent with his situ keeping. The t-i-k was executed by Lent, (i insevuort with the greatest kindness and hu inanity. While lie watcheel wuh . in eaglo eye eivor all his niencmunts, and was ready at a mo incut's warning to take his life upon a violation ol those conditions on which his safety tlepou. ded, ho attended to all his wants, covered hun with his o,vn gtrinent from the sipialls of ram by winch wn were visited, am! ministered in ev. cry way to his comfort with ail tho tendcrncts and assiduity of a woman. Tho officers were then reminded to quarters : tho crew and bjtiories were inspected, the or der.s were repeated, and the retreat was healen. Tl.e r-llkor-J of thu vv.vclt were all directed to ho ful.y tinned wdh cuiiassus and pistols, with rounds' of a'liuninit.on, and every thing was put ir. order for tlie night. On searching tho locker of Spencer, a razor efo was found in it, which ho had lecentlv drawn from lho Purser. On opening it there was no riser within, hut in Us Mead a niece of ... -.1,-1 ,, .... piper 111 iviiicn was roucu nouuier. un too in to Spencer. Ties was no 1. me to iel.iv Ihu dis. cpl neofthc ship, and both the ni"ii were pun. is-hed tn the extent of the hev. Il was roon af. ter found that a man named Walihun had told McKinley where three bottle-, of wine worn p'aced and offered them to h in. McK.u'ey w as stationed near tlie artn-idie-t and nynrte I to s 10 lhe IV-t Leuteniut. Ii!iii-!iiii-rit of tlnm, ln-vever, vvaspo.tponod till the next d iv, I'linifhmunt ot t!n other two loing mn I tho't 10 11 .i in npporiuniiv 10 enueavnr tn maKe an 1111- hecoine a l'ir.ile, as you ought to do, you will hive ten minutes granted .11 which to vvrile it." Midalupinaii TlionijiMjn vva3then directed to note thu time and inform me when it had ex pned. Spencer teemed ovcrcoir.o witV -emotion. Ho burst into a flood of tears slid: on hia knees, and sa.d tie was not fu to die. I ra pouted to him his catechism, and begged him to oiler Miiccru prayers for the forgiveness, t recommended lo him tlie English Prayer II ink, assuring him that hu would find in it ..o.nethiug HUited to ali his necessities. Crom well loll upon lus kueets, protecting his inno cence, and invoking the name of bis wife. Spencer dechred t It it Cromwell was innocent, ind begied tint this noght be believed. This, I con'osy, Ktnggered me ; but the evidence of his guill was conclusive. L e it. Gatitcvoort said that there was not 1 shadow of doubt cf it. Too potty ofii.'ers said hu was the one man iroui whom real apprehension was entertained. Hu was al lir.-t tlie acc unphre of Spencer, and was then urged on by turn, an had been by iitrn turned lo h.s iccoun. I tr'ud to show hun now Spencer had endeavored to use hun, and told Spencer that he had made renurks about hun lie would not consider flittering, lie ex pressed gre it anxiety to know what they were. I to.d lutn Cromwell hid t-a.d of him auuanoth er person that there wis a "d J fool on 0119 side, and .1 d d kn ive uu the other," and told bun tint Cromwell would have allowed hitn to live only so long as he could have made him .- ., 1 1. on . . . 1 1 1 e liiseiuiio uiiuM'ii. tira,ju nun, uuu ironi III it time Lo Ea.d no menc ol Cromiveil s inno cence. Subsequent circumstance made me believe) tint Spencer w i-nrd to save h.ut, prouubiy fron tho hope,- that ho would ) r-t get possession of iho vs-p1 and carry out his original design ; and perhaps Cromwell would in some way I'fi'oct his re-cno He endeavored at the same tune tn persiiule me tint .Snu.l was only an .ih, is for .soma one else, on bts hst thour'j this j was proved to be t.ili-e. Sum! alone was the) one we h id sot is the poltroon of tho to my charge. 1 took counsel with the 1'irst Lieulenanr, and wa, fortified in my purposes by fi.rJ.112 his opin ion identical with toy own. In so grave a case, involving so in my into'cM and such high re sponsibilities, 1 leltuosirous of having the opin '0:1 ol all my officers upon tho muter, though not a shatlovv of doubt remained on my m i.d ol the guilt of the prisoners, should their execution he deemed necossiry. 1 del not f.u jet that tiie ofiicers we're still hoys, and lint all the re-sp.Hi-iliih'y of the pp. reeding 11111-t rest upon the older and higher 1 fikcr.-.. S,ul I lett desir 011s to luvo their opin.iiii, and ntcordiugly ad. diesai'd them the tollowuig h'tlor : V. S. Ileito h'oMiins, Snv. 30, W2. ftcnlltmcn: I am des'nous of availing iust-lf ol your c lunsel 1:1 lhe very resjionsiiile p tsiu u in which I fuul mys'-If pi iced. Yon are iw.ire .1 tliocireu nn-ce--winch hive rcsulte I in lhe-eonfiue-in. nt o! II e( shipiiiin Srcsetu i.f Uo.itsam'h male I'll :.iivuie, and ol'.-eiui in :i vei. ; nud 1 puipos.1 y olisiaui trout tillering mlo if, laiU innei rtuog ili.'iu. Xeeissaniy i r ..r .1 ..ii'....i; . . tlie cie.v"who have so long Uen lamp, red vvit'h.-ioid 'breo ; yet he received the announcement of knowrig ihe suspieiou which soiu- of tin-1 his fan- with g-eat compisure. He was asked cievv who me ni l uge, I ml. lies you and nk your 1 u bit prepartio is ho w lo m ike, llo said uiiilid counsel a. to the hi st course in.w In lie i, ..,.,, . . ,,i,,K. ear, j f.,r said he. sued; nnd I cab upon 011 to into del, berate and di-pis-iunate cons dwialion, the 1 omluct whieh wi'l Im ueccs.-iry for u safe I'ouuuiiince ol ihe remainder of our, nnd 10 en't -hten tne with vour opinion as lo tlie pr. pe-r method lo to be pursued. 1 am, )our uln-di-nt tervant, Air.-c. Sliucll M vckevzic, Cainmandcr. lAtui. (iimei onr!, and other. A,ter Ii id w riiieri this letter, but before 1 had sent it, at about 0 o'clock, W.Uon, being toiled iii his attempt to get up an outbreak al night, anil l'eoling th it ho was narrowly watched nnd win no longer left at liberty, cantc forward and unde nne e.iine and worth e.-- conle3-ion,and rni lest prcssion upon the new. had L'ood reason to1,., t f .- t in. mn.lit not ho nut 111 iron-. I told him think tint the dinger of the conspiracy wis not tint il lie h-.d mad.-anv . 0 couie.-sion, in suicer over. I behoved tint a tint ntv of the crew pv and truth, he should not be nv e-ted ; but might bo said to I o in d'salijctod and Hut it was ,111 m-,ill m his olfi.-er to n'l'er hun so disposed to res ,-t di-ciplme. Some uiy-terioiis lm0 astorv asthat he had to d. rx'nllnn nrre agency had evidently born at work since th" cnu'd bege'itou' ol hun, an 1 he was imui'dialely departure of Ihe Sinners fiom New Vork ; ni. I put m irons. Wli.'u 011 the African coast I knew this was now d. sell eel. I exp' tincd to Ihe crew Hi it Im hid procured an extraordinary kni'e, the general nature of Spencer's plot an.i the at- I bioad 111 the uiidd.e, and rnnuiog to a point. Ue trocmus clnracter of the designs hu hid formed. , bid tnitle it verv slrirn on b ith sides. t was a Mr sila8 Jones'calleel tho ineciing to order, nnd Mr. h,las..,,;' jir It. L. Smiili was aimointed 'I'." nnmnA '.noton ol Aid. Wu,. 1). Muiphy, ous mcetinp, oir-red lho follow...;; rcoiuuo,,., ...ot... Wem n",,e;',"mn"0lVo.l bv l'-e rhsi a.lending The cotnm . e - an . 0.1 ( .,,,, , the course nf -i ' of eenti,n(s . ! Vecla-s.l eg! r ave re P , , ,0 ,or(u . X soivcu. n nf pr, iuchanan wan .observed, he CSa,i.ryinBn;irielvW g.e,Uention. ur hep 1 am l lmt lm. of th general triiiii "'u lh .n., eors, w-e-riidesnniel to illustrntesouiBiinnoriaul pun e.plesin reference In liutnan impr. sibihiy, and the mode in vv hicli inedbin. s prodneo Hit ir 1 Ih-.-ts. The exiierimenl of biingmg nn impressible person into contact vviih iho heatl of nnolher, illusirale s die laws ofiransmisston of tin Ix'eiiraura, and presents i.n a 111 thud of accomplishing, n perfect di isuosw of th-ease, as well asorexplonng the physidogv or lhe bruin, and ascertaining lhe charaeiers ol pailieidar in livid ul. Tiiis nielli vl, which 1 hnvef .r some til l eiriagedii applyin,! lo pncliee, mul u'ti nan ly lake ih, pii-ei il'iioe of til! other methods ioiios.s and exauiinat' m, i iihei for chancier fir din ase, Tr for .1... . ,t,,t. Heti, nt .iTa,., 'iinrie iirinemles. In cuiclusi. a, permit ine to remark, lhat tlin prin- ,y alliance, an I four wero nil rusted In mv especial ciptesnf NetirnVijy have been established by innu-' c-vrc. Thn circumstance oflus connection vvithn merablo coincidctt butmonious facts, timilret to those high and dutinfiuJird officer of tho Government by niimstjiui', nnd tint he Ind often abused mo in lhe 111 sl "'Uine'com and voilent lernis, and d clareil that it would imchim rial pleisaru to roll 010 overboard from t'lerouinl lop. I faun 1 lint heln l drawn a len re tintiti 111 nl'n bliel. A iir and nslie'd inemhers of toe erew vv al ihv thoua'ht of it ; lint In hi ! oflon said th" vessel could hxnsiiv 1 thit lie Ind nol lonjt before eximine I ih- p ilms of Ih" hnnds of one of the mids'iip'ii ui, to ti l his fortune, and hid predicted for lum a spe-dy rind vodnl de-ilh. Tli-selhinjsinl'ueil ur1 to Im'. bicVover all I had beared or observed of the Some rs. Woen v unie; --p-neer first reporr.-d himself tn nieforduty on hoard nivvss j I save him my baud and vvthnmel mm on b ei. d. I he-ird not Ion" afler lint h 1 hail been in .1 'r.....i 1. 1 it.. ..I .:ii;.,a nn- mat he uad b-.Mi d.s'iiiss , fur (b-utikeiiness. I'.mn henruia lhi I ei-nest!v it, sin-lb sieuovalfrnm mv ve-1 pr.n- pillv 01 aeeiuui or lhe vniins men 1 nati wuu 111 j tier piper was written a string ol charactcrr, af. torwards found In ho Greek letters, with which Spencer was known to bo familiar. It forlu natelv Inppoiied tint there was on hoard anoth er individual who was well acquiintod with tho fj retil 0110 whose knowledge of this as of ov erytlung else, was devoted wholly to tho service ofiim country. The Cieek clmaricrivm being converted into our own langingo by Mr. lieu rv Kot'ors. iiroved to contain the plan for the proponed mutiny. There was a list of tho ehf. faront mouiher of tho crow, somo uf whom wero marked rcrliiu and others doublful; fume of whom wctc mirked lo be kfjit at all events?, and o'her.v to tu destroyed. Theso wero dos gna tod who wero to do tho work of murder in tlie varioin npirtmonts; olliora were to open thn tw-onf whoiii we-n connecied wuh me by bluol, two anu-cliest, and tho btulioim of all weio assigned. I bi Tueseliv after o 1 ,rt -n -,ll l,a,,ls l.v. nil, nn.l r,. ..iTAeiilriisled In mv cspcrnl ,.., .11.... : 1 .e-.....i... . . I ." 1 "l"'l aU r T' J" I took il rare not to helrav a susnicion that I thought any particular ono of them was deeply implicated, but exhorted all of them to repent of their inter Hons and attend faiihful'v to their dii- ty. I took goodrato to assure' them tint the imijiriiy of lhe crew must at alleven s shire the fate of thu ofiicers. I strove tn divert tbe'r minds from the p ctiires of successful vice whiol. Spencer In I pro.vnted lo th 'in. I brought up b-'I'oic them thu un-ijej. of friends at homo ; 1 endeavored lo impre-s upon th"ir minds tlio en. dc.iriug nituie of 1 hose ties nf kindred liom w h ch .S'peucer Ind sou-'ht to sever th"tn fmever. and expre'st'd ( lie hope tint with n three weeks we slioiilelall lie again sm uigour friend--. 1 lli nk. ed Cod that he had proviileil tbrm all vvilh dear fnendi who wore d ojply interested 111 their wel. fire, and that I hey hid" the prospect uf ro soon being onre more among them. Tho clfect of my address on them was various. Many of Ihetti seemed delighted at thur narrow delivery, auJ others teemed struck with hor ror at tlie thought of Ih" terrible dangerthey had escipeel. Same seemed overwh 'lined with terror at (he antic ipation of punn-hhiont that awaited them. OilierM were overcome bv therighlsot reluming houi", and wept profuselv at the mention of tho friends tliey hoped so sooii to sec. Leonid not heh. luliev-'iniriliat all tin. crew were una tranquil, and tint tlie vessel was again sale. II o'j-v rved that Spencer was endeavoring to huh! inivlligenco with Fnmo e.f them, I d. reeled lho faces ol all tho prisoners to be turned a:t, and that no to'j.ieco should bo al lowed them vv Iipii tho supply tliey hail upon thoir porsonsat tho tuno of tho, r arrest should bo ex. Iiausted. 1 told them 1 would see that thoy hid everything necessary for thoir comfort; tint each should havo Inn ration; tint they should he abundamly supplied with overv tiling noce,wv for thoir rnnvoa.once. Hut I 'told them that lei. baccn-vason y astiuiuhnt.anil that, as w slied their mmds tn become as tranquil as possible, 1 cutilel i-ot allow them to use il, ''ho il iv alter Sjioucer's tobacco was ittnpped, his sp rit gave way. llo would sit for along tinio Willi his face buried in Ins cloak, and vvlun 'hu raised his head Ins faco was bathed in tears. llo was touched by tho kind ntiunliou of Sir. Ganrcvoort. llo told lum tint ho was nntthon in a e'ato lo ppeMl. of anvlhint-. hut that he would tho next day tell h tu .ill would answer any quest ion tint nroht b 'put lohiin, were singular weapui1, 01 110 u-e except in Kill, no had been seen also lhe day before .-hirpening In-battle-axe with a li'e, and Ind hrmight one pin ol it to an edge. Tli.sw.i.'u thing never allow 1 ed or known before 011 biard. M K n'ey iva-1 no.varrc.-ted. Howa evide'illy tlio nidiViduii. ; in every way lho most lorm d ib.o otail coucrno.l. . MeKi-e was a's 1 put in irons. 1 walked, ireiuul t'10 bat;ri;s, followed by Liout.i li iiis-vooit, and in 1 lu a carelul iiHpnction. Dutlioreco pt ol my letter the off., crs immo dii'cly ass .ni'oifd and entered upon ihu nxaniiiu t.ouol w itncs-us, who were fworu and their it's vviitten tlown. In add, turn to this each witness -ijjuod the evidence ho give. In ili-i-uinplov inuiit thec.flicers passed the vvholo day without interruption, and without taking the least food. I renniiieil, myself, m charge e l the deck. I'lieolVuers wore esun-ed from watch duty .nd tha vv itrlis were so arranged that two in sue. cession toll lo me. On Ihe Ut December tho I1' is: Lieutenant favo cJ i.m w th the fallowing lott:r: U. S. IIhio SoMBas, December I, 1812. Sis : In answer lo your letter requiring our couni I ns to Hie tusl course to be pu.stlud Willi n'tfir I tu die .prisoners MeLNcBa CaoMW-iiei., and Sm vi.t, wehave thu honor to l ne. ihu lhe evi leueo w.ueh has e-o.ii, toour knovvlt ago u.t.r lhe 111 j-i cnicfnl. del.lieraleau-l elis;iisiunale c'in.iiUralloti vvliuli ;necxiji ney wi-uiel nllotv, is ul such a injure ns to call lor ih most deci I- idajii.ut. We irjc, iv.n.i-,1 lhat in the ex'simi; stale ,.rtii,n-.-i ii evi in .) 10 curv lie Drisonors 1,1 thuUuitcd ial. s. IVu ihmls shit sif-ty, our lives, nnd honor to the ll"g entrusted 10 our eh try.e, rcqiuies 111 it I'm prisoners lie pui 10 ui-iin, ns me course ui n .1.I1.11 -iii-.t 1.1 itinKi- a s iiuuirv niiurrs&i.i.i 1111011 ene- rcst oriho crew. In this d" -kioii wo trust we hive been ;uidI by our duty lo tto.l, to oui Louutry, and to the ticrvieo. ltepeetrully, youoi-edient servint". Lieut. (i.vstcvooKT, and oihcsr. Com. Mtektmie. . I at onee concurred in lhe justice of this opin ion, ami undo preparations 10 carry the recom mendation into etl'ect. Two oilier ronep'rators wore almost as guilty asthu throo smgleel euii fnp oveention : they could bo kept confined without extreme danger to tho ultimate safetv of the vessel. Tho throo chief mutineer wero tho only ones capable of navigating and "hut my poor old ni.nher, and I vvemld rattier the should not know whit Ins become nf me." I returned to Spotr-er. 1 asked hun what innssige he had lo semi to h.s friends. Ho .-i.d "None. Teil them lint I die wishing them every ble-sing an 1 lnpp. nets. I daserva death tor tins and my other er ms. There are f.-w cr.nie.s I have ml comm. ited. I am oin rere'y penitent for them all. 1 only fear my ia too late." 1 asked him if there was any one whom he had in; tred to whom ha could ni ike reparation iny --.e who was suf lering oholoipiy on 1. s account ! lie said "So", but tins will kill my p ar mother " I did not knrv b.iforc ho hid a mother, and waa inched by his aliusloti to her. I asked him if it would not hive been far more dreadful if ha hid vucceednl in his at'ennt if it were not nitu'i better lo d.e as ho w.iu.d thin to become a pnuto and steep liim-e.t so terribly in bloou and g'lilt. He said, " 1 do not know- what would Invo l.ocotne of me if I bait succeeded." I told him lint Cromwell would soon have mada a way with hun, and lint McKinley would ', oroh ib'y hive de-troycl thorn both, lie said ha 'feared' tliis would "injure Ins father." "Had I vol succeeded," 1 replied, "the injury you ; ". ild hive do in hun wou'd havo been much if, 0 iter." If it bid been pus-, hie 'o lake him ' ii 1 ue, as I at first iti'end-.' I, 1 told lum that ho .v. ni lei invo got, as in a n-i,ia a man wuu mine and m'.l.ientiul (..ouls would always bo 1 'eiri-tl ; tint Iho course I was taking would jure h.s fither Ios3 lino if lie should go hotna a : 1 bo cond 'iiitio I, yet Jg n ese ape. He said hit he Ind attempted the svne thing on board t John Adams an 1 the Potomac; but had boea unsucrcssf ih He ii.ked it I hail not ex. agji'ra'ud the danger, I told h iu " ,Vo ; lhat his attempts to corrupt tho crow hid been too vvide.y successful ; t! .t I kne iv of the exist, once of tlio conspiracy hat d.d not know how extensive it was." 1 recapitu'a'ed lo him hii acts. He was star' led when I Ii Id lion of liii s'e.iling brandy, lie admitted tl.e ju.liceof his ftto but asked' me if I w.i3 riot "going too far ami too fa-f Does the law justify you V said lie. I replied that h,s opinion was net unpreju. d.ced; tint I had consulted all the officers and t'iry had given their oa.n ui tint it was ju I-. lb it lie deserved deV.h. He akrd " vv liat would helhonniiiierof lusdei'h." I explained it to hun. llo requested that ho might be shot. I told liini that it could not be lhat he must bo hung. Il0adm1ttedth.1t it was just. He ob. jeeied tei tleo shortness tif tho time and requea. ted that an hour m ght bo given to prepare! I mule no answer (o tins hut allowed much more than tho hour ho asked lor to clapso. He ro. quoiiied tli it his fice urght be covered. I gran ted his request and askeel h m it should ba covered with. Ho si.d a handkerchief. In his locker win found a black one which was put on hiu face. Crmuwol1 and Smill made the same request, and trocks were taken from theirlock crs vv tli which thetrheids were co. rat. Spencer asked fnr a U.ble and Prayer Hemic ! they wero given to h ni. Ho said, " I am a be. Lever but do ''on think tint iny repentanca will bo accepted I" 1 called to his mindtbe -:i 1 , nl hu 1 ir romnv il. a mo'ivo i ime1 on itiu crosy, ami loin nun iiui viou a inur- ti caeturo lho vessel' and carry out the onirini! ctes wero equal to all Ins wants. He kneeled ilosicu wou'd bo at once taken away. Tlie r ' down and read from tlio Pcayor Hook, and asked lives were iutly forfeited and tho interests ot agi 11 if I thought his reuontance would be ac the country, the sah-iy ol tlio sei, and the honor cepted, siymg lhat his time. Was short. I told ,if iho ftii'rrenuire.l tho sacrifice. In thenws. lum tiod not only understood his case but could Tho following day was .Sunday, and all woro again call towilnoss punn, ami Walllnm m'W imfwsittm J found m'jlaw: and in that suit his grace to it. Ha hegoed tint I won d to be intpectcdat 10 o'clock. I took my station' was punished to tho extent of the la for oficr-' necetttiy I trutl for justifintion. 1 thought it forfiva him. Hold him 1 did most wnceraiy pomcetolhecauseoi".-"1- t

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