Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 13, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 13, 1843 Page 4
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A TO FAMILIES & INVALIDS. The following; lntllprnvililn f'mntly rr:nr. Ahi may bo I'miml ut Ihn vitiligo !)rnr liarc; nmt soon nt cicry cmtntiy Moie In thr Mute ItrincmlW mid nrvrr get them unless the) have the fUosltnlJc nfjr.ntnrc of l?)x-!t . .'- n the wrapper., its oil other. liy I lie same ii.i;,,ts tiro base, nnpi'iliotii nl counter, fells. If tho merchant nearer! you Ins llicin not, urge liim In pro. urn ihrtn lit 71 M.iith-n.binr, thr next lime ho vi-iis New York, or to write fir thm. No family should It a irrrl withtml theft remedies. BALM OF COLUMBIA, toil Till', HAIR, which will stop it if filling out, ur rtsiure it on hit J place', mill on children make it grow rapidly, or on thbse who hate lnl the hair from any rmie. AI.Ij VERMIN ihst infest the hcids of children In schools, are presented or killed by it nt once. Find the name of n" It, or never try it. Kememher this ahtnys. RHEUMATI8M, i WMtS, is.'.; Sr.-'ir--.iUA positively exited, and all thiirrU"t nnr- and linbi are restored, i'l th" "Id t young, hv the Imhas ViutrASt.e Kt.ixin -nii Nwnvt inh Bomk I.inikpnt- but net cr the name of Comstock A Co. on it tr;.. lS,i j U ;ji t.ii:jZ ?J are wlioll) pi. eiii' J, or cotr;.ed it llio ntuck ha? cctneon, il'yuti ie the cny true HavO LivivvM.from mJ cwy thi-g reiwcd hy it lint n-imrs of an out. fti.ul application. It art- like a ch.imi. l.'sc it. IJOIiRHS that Itinc.Bone, Spavin, Wincl-Oal!", ic., are cured by Ro-'m" Srtttrtci and JFli(l(fCi'llt 1ii,ich itily eurerl by Roofi' rounder Ointment. .Mark lhi, all horacmen. Dalloy's Rlsgical Faia Sj tX&C'lor SiiATS.-'i'he nnt exlruordinar) rtiae'1! ever invnu-d fir all new or oM EKi K'::-.Vsr4V-,,& It haa di.iiitt. thousands. It i and no failur. rill ttkc ojl all pain in ten minute! It ill cure the LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A belli r nml more nice and prude never vs' made. All should wear thrtn regularly. C-U'V'S l-KJIPEKANCK S5?.TTKR5: en the principle of subMiluiitii; the rom'c in place of the eimu!i.nt piineiple, which hss reformed o nun) eru ikard. To h ufd wiili LIN'S nFix TILLS, tuprrior to ah 'hers tr c! m-i'i,'! lite i-;tem and the liitmor afect. n?. the blood, and fur all irrigularitic of the bowik, mil the hcdllh.ri r s,r. dec Dr. 1.1's -!. C f ill- (JT. i i 1 1 nnnire, thus :1 r""j a-ja h '1 fl .1 l.. l: ic - tO. U diiiii DPi.GPCHN'G HEADACHE REMEDY mil (lli'ctually c.ire pick hvadarbr-, cit!,-r Irom the Hetidr, ili. .f i.jj.i.'iVj . 1 or oi.iuus. -s un'n,:it Willi great jj. DR. SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH, fbr thr crriain preiention of .v2il' or Feneral tickniM ; kecpin,- the t tomach in nift per. feci order, the bowcln refular, m a determination to Aeeurftee. ESSSiS alEXiiSiiii paint m the bones, hni.recnrs, and L .- i " irt quickly cured by it. Know tliin by tryin;. CORNS. The Fr-m-h J'li-lcr i' a nie rnr. irNX CiA' P--' t. .v; '.-.o-v;: -" v-r- j " . . c: eir any UiaJe you wisli, hut will net color th akin. It "SAFARSLLS. comstock-s com rOLM) i ATRAC I". There u no oiUr prep.ra. B'on of S.irsaparilla that can esccd or eqinl thi. If you ate Fine to get CuvstwVs, you ill find 11 tupcrior to all others. It dom not require pudinj. CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A poaitive cure for the pilex, and all rxternal ailin?" all internal irritations brought to tl-e lurficc by friction with this U,ihn ; io in couih', inelled or core throat, ti.-htness of the chet, this Balm applied on a thiuncl will rclu've and cure at once. Frtbh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by it. Dr. iJfJt-Uioirmcto'fl 1, 'J.dJtl.J.JL nt or cure all ineijiiriit e,, w ., hi. take n 111 timo, mid is a J, iylupjj ren.cJ). k.jau kcr the name, and net tVmsfoc.'.', KLte i QVWS V t:rt j?U5E mil1 .radica'c ah r?? in children or adub. w; h a certttn.y i.uitc. csU'iu h.n,;. It U the tame a Uiat made by duck, and .!! with a np.dit ahaott tui rediblc, by eo.iituri J- Co., New York. tootu imors. klink'b- ure tntctualiT. CnlsfsilnffrrHintosrl'if t'oti-ri-'., in l,f y--r lit?, l.tCwmtlfl ."tuH,. vu,c .1 UK -uu,l.r niN'n ... IfllH Ily appljiug to our agents in each ton ami village, pirtrs may bo had free, sliuwnj; tha most respectable names in thn country for these facts, n that no one can fail to hchevn them. fjrj-ISo sure you cull lurouriirticlec,HiirI not bo put oil' with Hiiy stories, flint others lire as Booti. iiavi:tjii:sj:oij ko,u, should in- joiir niotto3ii,( lUse mrer can li live a7 ;itiuni without cur names to Hum. All tl.esonrticJi'i to hi lind wliolciiilc mill ictnil only of us. &$M$c36o Wliu'c"!a Uruc!'"' "I st i,Vn.I.s"p. New York, nnd of our n;enl. PF.f'IC A, SPEUl, Chemit'i und Ihugslits, und tuji. HUH AIIU, ISuruug'on. Ti'ausallnntlc Ncws-j-nper aud General Agency OfHci1, I.hcipool. C.'HAHLIW Vt'IM.MElt. Xcwspapcr, yontartlinp, und (icnernl Anmt, Ol'PPLll.Stn or !cr, wob printer promptilocit and O ic iinrt tiian any oiber liou-e, and 011 tin most rea .onal loierms, (i London D rly Pa,ier for jCG 10. Sleiliiispcrann 101,) Ni.wsr .vrr us, Ci'iir.siNTs, Sitii i'isti Lisrs,MACAVisr:saii I I'.ooystiia'l pails of Hie INITEIiarATHS, 1 ASAnA,JOVA HCOTIA, aim IN MV UatiNsuici.-, I y the Mail Stamen sulitis n tins Jib aud I!) boti.ii biiion hfroin IAccr).col, as wtllas ly those t'rmn Mi titol.MM Southiimi ton : and lo all the West Inihan l-l.Asni!, Mrxtto, mid Texas, ly the itoijai .inn aicameis suuing evtry 1 ortnigut Irom J-'atmouth. C, W.willreceive Consignments of Goods j or Smalt Parcilsmm to lilscurc - ball be punctually forwardn.1 to their de-linniioii. Any ileseriplion of Good, pur cha ed und forwarded to order. Next cr Kim, and all other inscription ol Aovtn TISEmf.Nts, rceiveJ for insertion in all il.e Itarojican Pittu aliens, N. II il or'ers should le nddrested "fiur.tei Willmek" in I "II, and 110m1 will I e nllenihsl 10 un less neeompaiKrl by a rcinntnntv, or reference, (or payment tut omo Liverpool or London House. Editor of Newpnper in-ivlin(rhe ul me Adver ti.ement once a week wUI rei-eive 11 f upply of Hm i.h Newrjiaperi, oil tending a paper Atarktd) iou taluiiiff it. mil p' v mm Tit if i'- ' - Sloro For Snlo, stihcril or o 'rrs fof sale bis New Illicit Store sllnnicil in urn illncr, tngcilcr with Ihc mid firniliirt', pi. eh nsl nirl link's 'iirin ninl Counter Scales. Writing I)c-k., show IVc, Soic, Oil Can-, tnca-iire , Ac 1'lin is cm" of Ihc I c-t locution fur a country busi ness in Ghilleiiden county, nnd will I c tdd low. GEO. I). C0MST0CK. Shclburn, Nor. IS, IS 12. 23if PECK & SPEAR, tv h o 1 c s a 1 n il o a 1 c rs In English, French, India ami American 3D EL O 3 3 . Atso.-DiiUOCilSTS GLASS WARK. Hurt In ton, Vt. C. DUNNS jr. &- Co. n i-? "r cm rn r TT1 .a-i-TTi f (! Poor South qf the Hank; Church ttreet.) EVERY VARII'.TV OK CI,' Tlt & TRIMMINOS LONhTANTLY O.N HAND. Cutting done lit tlip most approved style and Warranted. Burlington, Notcrr.ber, 1312. !Gif. 'j lie United Hales Psalmody. T J KINO a collection of Psalms anil H)inn lune, selected from the hist European misters to utiirh i ml.!...! n liree number of ormtn.ll com- liovitions fiom the tens of mote than thirty dif ferent author", who written e.xprely lor the work, ami especially adaptid the services of llio oaticluarv. I' or wile at mo hook ftnre oi Dec. 2.. 39 D. A. UllAMAN AMERICAN HOTKL AND G EX till A I. S TA GE HO USE, ItY S. W. TAYI.OH, Covht Ho'.te fc'at'Ar.r, IUt.hmotcn, Vt. 2(!tf jo ar. sen vr, Han rrrclvfii a full upply er CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, nd.!i! to the loiiper i stoi'lj nukea in a o r t" rn v n t rpnti- cunip etc, anil It i o 'ored at vcrylow prices C;ii'rSMiu''iOJ- pondim; with the ol'tlo'lioic". Kjin.bc in wnntot Oocxl in In .me, will ,iourll tm-all .mil ixaiiutieatlea-t, at tho corner ul t'h rch and t-'ollegu stncl. liri,nptoii,0ct.2t).li, IS 12. 20tf 11AUA11 cS AKT1IUU, Alih now nveivini; new ncsv Mippbcof COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, inallltsV.Uiliis. ALSO, DRrnSi'.-. MK.DIClNI-y, PAINTS, "U.S. VAU, NlrfllKS, Ac. Ac. liiirlinirton, Vt. llth Nov. 1312. J look nunu. "IT'ARJIKRS, who v i-h to puieliie Stove", for I wiifir!. nr nrotliiee of filtmi-it nnv ibsCrit'tli n.Wlil pltire cull at the ''Stove Store." ticond door west of J. ii J. H. Peck, t o. S.:V. TAYLOR, liurlinjton, :ov. -i i, 1013. ia-it Lamps Cor Student?. CJHAPK LAMiy J'Olt STL'DKA'l , for nV 1 v W.M. J. Nov. II, 11!. HI NT. " iwni.rxti TON MlllWEIl Y t:!'jr " S now in f nl 1 perahon .111 1 can rx-r- s 7 L I'uni.-h aiV i.nb-r- tor RKI.K not - ? 7 iJ.Vir - To-'-' m quality by any i.tUr GLO. Pl.TKHSON. It hi: c.uii'EXTj:ir. iV JoixEira TOOLS. OLATIR'S oclel ra'fl Sln-i!il I Prare and llilt V J trymj J'',are-, loprtwo O.irp,-, nnd '','ViN, 'Hv. ii'ii P am'- of i-.-'rv de-en:. tion : A 'J' Annr Hilt. Kr.iinin-' I'.rnii'r-, audi rniiiir t'h", 1 .111 1 tiinsf-; PI in" Imn-, n I n rsj t .1 - -. 1 ri ri 111 1 .1" i ami, Pauucl, nod tin'!. S.iws, T.i;"r Kile-, Steel yq i.irt, llvnmer-, l!ri'.i I Am-, ivr. ccf. S.n iis' I 'ii'.'r.?, CUIt't'e st. W.M. J. HUNT. Nov. 11, 1S12. DuriZoirccjTorj c:iaii: tactouy 6 t 1.. NI.LSON, rontiiitips llie J . b:isnc'-s of iniiuufii'tuiiii. Clriirs at tin; old s'and, of tliel'ul 1 ti Iowiiil' di.criptioti.s t Curl Maple On rnn, Cane Si at, Common fane and KI.ik Si at, i.nriro and Small "N-Ua Itaisiil Seat Uoi kinir, do do Com R r" tl 11. on do, Comnion DidiiIl', Ac. Ac. II I All of which are warraiiiul a first J k rite article and will be sold at prices 111 inrr,-.rinni w- 1 1 inen lies. FEATHERS, AND IT. VI'IIK.R RK.DS, READY MADE. Convtaiitlv on hind, a supply of warranted Live Rrt"" Kraidirs, which will lie snhl low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Ihrda Eye Maple, delivered at Inn shop in Church slrei-t. opposite the old Hank. C. L. NI'.L'-UN" WINDOW SASH. Tho sub-' hivepur- the Ma hmiry fur t the manufacture of Window y rsash formcrlv owned and b' u-s-it by Silney S11111I1, al t Vi'inooski Ci' l arei.uw j j I mtii ificiui ! I t er.pttun, an - - I ly on h.tii' turiii every de-- an I seep eou-ianl- I an assortment f 7 1 V 9 Sa.h, at thetoliowmg pm t . 12 Lirjhtts Cn.cii.uiis 31 el-, per l.uhu R .1,1 '.1 ' I,, do 3J tlu 6 do 31 do 4 do 5" For sale at their Shop at t,e Falls, an ' by Georje (V'erstin. All onVrs in the alsive line aJ ire-s'.i 10 Cut'in iV I ha-e, will le ihsiutully receivnl and prouiptlj alteuJedto. MOM'.S ('ATLIN,2 1. ,. I.D'A'l.N V.. CHASE. Hirlmilon, April 9, GROCEllIDS. A O Hhds. St. Croix, Potto Rico and New Orltana 'itv 1 Su.'ara, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar, 5 bids. Crushed and Powdend do do G liluis Potto 11 co Mnla uses. 10 bids. New Orleans, Ho 40 Chots II, Hyson Skin, Young Hyaoi and Pouehiiii,. Tias. J tons haloratiiii, .5 kejs and boms Plug, Cavendish and Sheep 1 barrel l.orill.ird's Maceahoy Pnufl', In Smokini; nnd fine cut Chewing Tobacco, F0 boxes lluriili R'iiinsi. 3C bavH old Java, Gian Java, Rio, and I.aguira ioiiee, G do Pep ier and Pimento. Alsi. S'arch. Cin naiiir.n,Nuimei!s, clows, I'qts, l!i;r Lamp, Nrrrni Cindbs, (iiu.'i-r, foil I'lsli, M.ickerel, Milmon, Ac. With the above, and many other floods, we wih to buy money, and offer mote for it linn 1- usually n..,.l ...1,1.:.. ,.. .' I. . ,;.iu ,n;iiii tii.-iijiiy, i-urcnaai'is ate rcspceii'in y m viledlocall. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1312. .j-, MAHOGANY RCSEWOOD rMHE aubscrll er has icceived n larce lot of AIi--H- hoqamj and lloseicood, 011 Coiisipiiiiiint, winch no- is uiiiiiurisi-M iu ten at auw 1 orK prlies: consist. ii'B ol Crolelt Sliade anil .Miottlc Vcnccrsi of all ijuall- ties anil prices. Hoards) of 1 -1 , fl-R, 7-f and 1 Inch (Iiict, Hoards KUllaljlt; lor Talilrk att.l Collins;, .t.alioiratiy I'lniiU of 1 1-1,2 and j l-'ilnch uiiiL. A lartrc wipply on hsiid of l.tioGee-o Kea'heri, it couiitiy lolleciion, for 10 leuts per pound, Cash. CII.1IRH AT WIIOMIs-Al.i: .t HP.TAlIt, tfall kin Is and asldw as eaidl o bout-lu in eruioiil, may I e fonu 1 at il.e old tlnrid of Nebou and Gnu-. oppo,iicthn ol I Hani, nn t'liur h slreei, or two door. norm 01 llio s.;unoliuiJhurcli,rit. 1'aiil street. ,. C. I,. NELSON. Uurlingloii.N'iiv. 10, 1812. ilif STATIONERY. tircat variety 1,1 .Suuoiury, new an 1 ol the - - in A first O'ltilili for bfll 1 v H. A. IlllAMAN. Nov. 50, 1SU. 1TOR sale Cheap fir Cash, Drusl Applt . Putter, Grey Cloth, DomtMie Flannels, les, Tnbli &e. 1. s' w. -49. u, W OA' ifA.iietr.ii enmi iVtfW 4. fi 1 1 I I- tfl i-ftK PATEWT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. finiftH nrli..t..m Inn well known In llfCll COmmen J ih ton and the c.tpirttniBof cevtn years hai ilomonitiateil to the coinnicrcnl community, that for accuracy, conveni' ncc and durability, they are unmallcd t'oal jaril si alts to wcitli front '.J to 6 ton. Dormant Warehouse, do, to wcil'Ii from 1-3 lb. tooOOOIbs., Portable do. towuuh from 1 2 02. to 200 lbs. Pnrtablelloiinterdo anewnrlicle to weigh from 1-2 Li. to 40 lbs. J. it J. II. Peck it Co. Agents, Rurlincton, April 8 1811. ir-r. yJA. IOK COKOHS. COLDS, ASTHMA .rPII'lIIIS I'', CMNSKMPTION, WIIDOPINC COKill, and all Pdmoii'irv Atfi' t'ons and Di ea i's of the Lnnps,t'.iis is lelirvfl to le ih'Mn.t popular Aedi ea 'ion Me 'n-ine ever I. tl' lvn in Airie-ieajfi r proof ol whi' h, v,' would rt'lvr to tin' v v-lio hint' n-eo it, an 1 totln nun-err is rrrnfu'Vo- of Ph an 1 other.-, aliaelie I to the inji ! wr.i',' er oftji h lottle. Dr. A'nory H m nr.',of I ran! lin, Mas, writes llmt alter havnrj prr-enbe I the u-'ial rtniei'ies without relief, nnJ I1.1t ins ionnilii'1 wi'h "veral eminent jihv', ho has fo.ind the Ve.'fiat lo Pulmonary ll.i'sam to hale Iht'd' irtsle vl, and reeoiiiir.end it a- a a!V, eoiuen ent 1111 1 eili' aeiotis inedieme. Dr. TIhuim-Hrown. of Cotieorl, N. II., wrilH.that lo lii know U'je, i' hasin'ier diMippoiniel Ihu rta soinl lees'its'tations ol' t If --- who havou-tsl it. Tliftv. bill' are parue il irly nzain-t the many Counterfeits or imitations v. li.iti liave partial ly or wholly as'iined the name of the pennine artiele. ' !tr"Ile assured tint it i not genuine unless cm or loth of the v ri'i'-n 'i-'tinPres of SAMPSON KF.i:i 1 r WM.JON'N CCTLEK, nn-found atiai h'd ton je'lnw laN't 011 a Pine nivelope. (All labels of uuu art-r ine 1 aie 1 1 oir. ijj. win n.tve nn- wrrtcn lEitanire if Wm. .Inn'n Cu'Iit. Prepared bv Klil D, WINO A C1TI EH, (i'e Low A lieed,') Whole-nit1 Dru.-'iis!-, 31 Cli.i' st., llo-tnn, and sold lv Dri trui-K Ani the -ar'e- and eouiurv iner- ihanls (jenera lv. Pr.iv JO en's. it Sl'lSAK, Agents. Bitrlinston, Dee. 1, 181J. ly. PECfv & SPEAR, AGENTS FOR SHERM N'8 LO'.I.NGES. UY a,- vs,j.'s C77.j.';;.v ;i: ion niHM! fii:u. I'l.tll'l.t; fay tliey are the p'iTante-t s-s :in.i in on1 hciii'1 m use. Kiiurmoii ii'ianluifs ure-o ' c . ' , ,-rv 1 1. 'v li'.,'- ibcni. Slll-.liMAN'ri ')RM Lu.KNUKS haie saved II. e lives 1,1 II 0 i '11,1 SIIKRU .VS CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real iilrh.'t1. to l.e,i.i.i,.lii., ,al. iiaiiou, sea-siekiu-sjlow ot spin., and despondency or oi dis -IP men. POOR MN"S PLASTER Sherman's we in nn co-ts 1 icii:-, ami isiert.on to e-ire rlie,jm.itsni. Iiiui'a-n, pain or weakness in llie brc.tsi, side or I ack, a,-o pi f.. SUiiE Ml'l't.i:' Positively cere I by Sherman's rapi.i.irv iii , wuuo'it iu.,111 iiioriniti irom llie I rca-i Dr. falierinin de ire- pariieul irly that p-ir dia-ers lio'ild leearef il that u'ti tin1 enuiiie Sherman's l.i zcii.'e. .111 1 I'Msii rs, .1. he eaiiuut I e a vuuii'able lor 'he wurible-s article that may otherwise be p.UMie 1 upon iiii'iu. L ke-i.e all t;i.vctNR PA I'E.NT MEDICINI'S PEIt KCMES, .s()APS. INKS, l!,.U KIN'ti-' MI.DH'AI. WINES nml I.HJ ORS, ;,uir,; ,STL- AiTs vu.i'ucTiu.i:ini:s, P1.CI: A, S PEA II v leiiu a'r anil Keiail Driiui.-ts, " OPTICIAN." For n l'v d'ivs only." THE above appended to a loni advertisment often meets the eves of our citizens, who are resnee- fully iiifonued wo h ivu n wry decent assortment 01 uori"ive, t nex ami i :on nto convex or T'ns copie SPECTACLE'S, and tint we can fit most in r f oils W illi cood f il i-ses m a tVv.1 minutes if they tri . to o.iya pur. Inva luii lul l iniunteil Bptcti eics at j ami ui per pur; nuver, ul various pat terns, ut 3i, 2,23, 2.r.0, and rd pir pur ; Kinist biau tiful steel Hows, beautiful Glass, S2 per imr. The i.sssns in our nest spectacles are as eood nsao '(elt'natcd Opticians chariio our cil reus $2 tier pur lor, anu which weoneti nave to cxcnanseinn "lew days only clter t It y leave, lie liaveevcrv number ol lilass from l-2incb focus to 40 whie! numbers wi'l fit almost everyone from two years 1 ui 10 over i"o, ami we can in niosc wno inve v ata- rscts partislly foriuej 111 the I.vo. e nvciho bin" st.-el How ed .'-peels nt f-0 cts. 7'cts. anil 100 Gernnn Filver good onesntSI. Plated, stelaml llrasssloOct. Meelnn l Mo'.alonesnt 23 and 37 els, rer pur. "3iK' ""gsleJ, I.vo protectors; nici ict linn r-nvet and .'lorroco pceticii'a casis case piven grans when wo sell speci.11 les. Those who buy sieiee!es of us em d perul upon the articles proiiiiL'iir the ii'iulitv we leb llieni II is. We invite atlrnit'.n to our pnieijl assortmiiil of Goods in our Una, we never Irui belter. PAN'GUORN Cl URINSMsID. Not Opticians. L'iC. I, Ibii. ilwi rpillS'knnn'iinn I unparalleled remcly for Cou?is, ,,, Injtums'i, Voids, A.-thnia, Spitting of Jllood, lUioojun! t.ui'h. Irritation und di seastdstate of the Lungs, nnd C'liisiim; lion. ', r -ale. by 0-1 . . V' S!' f 'S1l I'rugght. -1 A Agents bii Ilurlingioii ami ii. vi. nnty. Trusses ! Trusses ! QNGLE. DOUBLE. UX1BIUCAI, rjlllL I nifrmignelarBconstanily supplied with the n;,';VMar.'! . j' ''"' inveniinii and manufac ture of Hull, Mnisli, and Twn heM, all of which are in hi,1 hot lejiutti also, Hull' and Mur.h's 07" l'iS.1!AMJ SUri'ORTEIlS.l) , . PECK A SPKAH, Manvfacturlnrr Druergltts and Venders cf all etn. iu'ik Patent Medicines, and Dealers im Burguai InHrumtrUt. i ' r li, , L ... - :. i.t.l 1. THE NEW GERMAN STORE. rpltl! iiin'crsianeil re-peitfiilly inform the inh.ibl X lanls of ILirlinaton nml vicinity, that they hive iml reinriKsl from Now i or ; wil l mi cxtciv ho stock of the most superior llrin'cries, Clio.test Kruitf, &e. ever oderol to the Inhabitants of this stale, consist ing lit pari 01 llie iniiou-ine -viz ! s ii i 11 r? , Double and Single, Refined, Cru-licd and Drown. T HAS, Imnerial. Ilvfon. Outitiowi'tr. Youne Hyson. Hv son Skin, S,nhoii!r and Po iobonij. Li II li 1, 1 ; f- Old Government Java. Lntriiir.i. Ac, II If IT M , New Malaga andS nlian Ital'in", C'", choice Preach Prunes in r?la jar.s, ' llordeaiix soft shelled and shelled Almond", Kns, Citron, New Tamarind-, Olive-, Capers, Cocoa and Madeira Nuis, Kill eris, he. SarJirnn in Olive Oil, Anchovies and Dutch Henna's ll.1h.1n .Maecironl and Vertnirel i French Picktls, London nulnul Ketihup and Jiijidel'ft-le, Nutmegs, Mnsn and other spice-, Krenih sweel Choeola le and superior Cocoa, Krtm h preparelaud Lnilih Mu-tard, Olive Oil, Sperm O.I and Candles, He-teoh rcl Sperm Cand'es, for parties, Castpe, VarH gaied and Kandy Soap. Also, The Penn Holland (Schiedam) Gin, French Cojrnac and Cojrnuc Champaisn, lor me heme, the ral Ileid-ick Chamnanrn, Orange Curr.ieoa Liiioeor, Spanish, trench and Ucrman Wine, Vintages of 1322 and 1331, for ineilii iiie.' Their stnek of Imported Cigars siinurpas'eil, eon-si-nns of the folloA-mj choice llrands : La Union, lieiMlia, Jaqtiei.llritannia, .Manilla Cherootj,Princes Norma ; ali the German Sinokiu Tobacco Kanai ter and long Dutch Pipes, The fitbscrilcrs expect not to heard up treasures in time likethe pre-ent, nor woulJ they It1 dispo-cdso lodo amonj.-the liifzens ol a place wliere they have I cen welcomeJ wjfli such ci rdial lilerality, but they do hope that tl upieuliar care an I attention they have 1 e-timed m those'cvtio'i of their nrioii- tocsl- should lerewarded by lin'lnii;piirchn-ersfi,rthe.n,that they may hereof 1 r I e encoiraje.l lolrinc nirain into the market Inet nun e-l novel iirtiel s witn wliien they nre now suppled and w huh tiny t ffer to the pul.lio 011 terms which they I'oii-c'eneiojslvdeelarea.s cov ering a most reasonable i-Iviiihv on ttieco-t price'. OVI IIKIM A MIOH01.I.S. College St. next tuMr. Waits extensive Crockery Siore. TOTAVUHN KKKIUJU'sANn CltOCEIlS In tilt; State of Vermnnt. THE SUHSCRI HERS beg to Inform them that they have on hand a larse and choice assort ment of (RQCKRIES. WINES AND LIQUORS. consisting of "vcarc. Tr.As, CorrEE, Keuits, and CiiAasi Madcira, Malaga and Pobt Wises ; Ja maica nnd tr. Cnoix Rcmj Coonac IIranbt and Holland Oin, (itchirxlam,) with which Ibcy can bo upplieil at wimiesaic ptues at tneir New Ccrman Store. on College St., next door to Mr. Wait's extensive Crockery htorc. I lie hutiscritiers woulil invito the tavern Keepers and Grocirs of the vicinity to call and iudre for tlmnselvi s, and those who may please to send their orders will be laitmuliy nttrmjeu to. US I III. I 1 04 .11IU1IUI.1.3 Rurlinplon, Vt., Nov. 9, 1-12. 21-lf UNI'IT.D S'i'A'IT.S 11ISTRICT COURT, VoriHont District. IN I5AKRUPTCY. Notice to sliow cause against Pctlon of LYMAN D. CIU'RCII.til Jericho, in saiddiftrict, to ledeclared a oansrupt, nl il.e oiineoi Mmuel Prentiss, Hi-tn t Ju lee, in Monti idler, in said Dis tru't, on Thur-day the ninth day ol February, 1643, len o'clock I'orenotui. HENJAMIN K. Mi I'ARLAND. of nnrlinston. in sai 1 disiricl, lo I e represented a flaiikrupt, at tbu oilice ed ss.ucuel rreuliss, ii'strnt Jmiji', 111 .iiont- jieher, 111 sai I dis'rici, on T litirsitay ihe r.inlh cay ol IV roarv. 1S43. leu o'clock, forenoon. DKXTI.It M. KAV. 111 ni.l di-in. t, n I e declareil a Iktu'.rupl, al llie oiice (f ani'.fl Prenlis-, District J.i Ige, in Muul.ielicr, 111 sai. I District, on 1 liursJay the ninth dacot l-'el ruarv. lhl!l. ten o'clock, ii"on. DA VII. L WARD, of Milton, in laid Di-tr'Ct, to le tleclarel a t,.in..ript, at the olnce ol a.imin1! 1'ren tl--, District'f, in .wo.itpeiier, in sa d District, on 1 11 ir-daj, use iimiliday 01 i-et ruary, IS13, ten o cioi-u, ti.renoo'i. KMNLU HOL'KWOOD, of llurlingtcn, for his Di-ch.iriC and I ertil.iate as Itaiikrunl. at th- ot lice of Sar.i'ie! Premiss, Di-tr.i t Judge, in Jlonl- pelier,ni sai'i I'l-trict, on I ue-cn- tl.e tenth day , , ,C'I ..... ...l. ..I. is. ui uan v, 101, si rn I, 1 11. , . .11 . A 1 ! ! " I . CltOOKK.U, of liurlmsion, lor his Di'scharg' and Certiticat'as Pan! rupt, at the oiiice otSam uel Prenti-s, Di-trict J nlge, in Montpelier, 111 said District, on T .esd.iy, the tenth day of January, is 13. a lea ovincs. A. .11. lli.NAJAII S. PHEI.P.s, of Albursh, for bis Di- 1 I'lr-e an I eriliicite a- Hani runt, al the one t.l.s.1111 .el Prenlts-, Di-trici Jiidire, 111 Mon'relier, in sai. 1 in iri'i, on 1 "esiiay, me teniti dnv ouan oarv, ISIS, nt leu o'clock, A. M. JOHN C JACKSON, ol I'nderlnll, for bis Di eh.irse nnd Cerlltieaie as -rum. at the oiliei ot Mm .el Priiiii-, PisEri-'t Ju.'ge, in .Montpelar, 111 said District, on I ue-day, the tenth day ot Jail inrv. 1313, al ten o'cb c'., A. M. ROSWI I.I. M. SINCLAIR, of Wctfonl. for hi Disclrirgean 1 Certiueate as Hanlrupt, al the of- fi ' ol .1111 ict t'rent'ss. District Jiidire, in altrnt' pehcr, in sai l District, 011 Tuesday, the tenth day 1 1 .1 iiriarv, is I t. ni icn o i'ioeh, a.m. 1IKNUV RUARDMAN, J .nior. ol Essex, for hi Di-charge and Cemls ateas llinkrupt,at the ol Ike of Sanii.ul Prenlis-. District Judse. in Mint pelier, in sai 1 District, on Tuesdav, tho tenth dav ofj.iu are. IS13, at ten o'clr ck. A. M. KISH1.RTI1 1 VI.!', of Itiirlington, for his Discharge an I Ctrnlicate a iiaui.riipi, at llie oiiu'e oi am ri I Pieiitis-, Di-iricl JmU'c, 111 Montptl't r, in said li stri 'l, on Tno ilay, the tenth day of January 1SI3. at ten o'elo A. M. TIMOTHY W. II. NICHOLS, of Essex, for hi. llisi-ii rge and i;er'itnaieas i..iril,r ipt, at the i t lice of Sam 'el Preiitis, Ditri 1 Jcdr'e, in .Mont pe'ier, 111 sai'i in-iriei, 011 1 ne-u.ty, the tenili day ofJan iarv. 1511. attenoV! fk. A.'M. DAVID I. WALK! R, ot Aiburgb, lor hi- Discharge a id Cert li a'e as H 111' r 'pt, at the iv.Iiee of .s'.ini- uel Prentiss. Diine Judge, in Montpelier, in said Di-trut, on i'v-dav, tut: ttnlli day ot January 113, a' ten o'cbie'-. A. M. MAKII.V C. HOSTWICK. of I'ndcrhill.forhis DI- ebarv',1 and t.'ertilientc us llauliriipt, at the otl.n1 of Samuel Prentiss, Dis'rict Judge, in'li, r, in said Ditnct, on Tot-day, the tenth day of Janua rv, 1313. alien o'clock, A.M. Da'NII'I. H. LAKE, ot Stuwe, for hisDh-chirgeami Certi'icaie as Il.1nkr.1pt, at the office of Samuel Prc.'in s, Dis'rict Judge, 111 Mrnlpeber, in said District, on Tuetlav, the leiitb day of Januarv, 1813, al len o'clock, 'A. M. SAM I'LL IIARTLF.'IT, if Jericho, for his Dis t'Sarge an I Cer'ituate as Hank nipt, at the oifie,' of Samuel Prenti-, Di trict Judge, 111, in said Di -lrt ", on Tuesd ly, the tenth day of Jam.a rv, 1813, at lennVltsk, A. M. AI.lil.K 1' G. HI. AMI', ol Milton, for his Di.charse au I Ctrtuieali' a- !San,.r ipt, ul the niUco of Sam uel Prentiss, District Jodie, in .Montpelier. in said Dis'rict, 1 ti Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1-313, iv ten o'.locL, A. M. JOHN .SINGULAR, of E-ex, for his Discharge and Ccnilie.i'e a. bankrupt, al the orliee 1 1 Saim.el Prenti s, i-tr et J nice, in Montpelier, in said Di tri -l, 011 Tuesday, the tenth thy ol January, 1343, at ten o'clock, A. M. TABOR I. SEWELL ofAlburgb, for his Discharge and Certificate as Hatikriipt, at lb,1 oifiee ot Sam uel Prenlis-, District Judge, in Montpelier, 111 said Ili-mct, on Tiie-day, the ttnlli ddy of January, 1S13, a' len o'clock, A.M. NATHANIEL HUOWN.ofRichinond, for hi. Dis charge and (Vrlllicate a- Hankrupl, at the office ot Ham nl Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said District, on I iicl.iy, llie tentli day 01 Janua- ry. 1843. at ten o'clock, A. M. 1 UN Kit POLLARD, of liuilmgto A I IN Kit POLLARD, of liuilmgton, for hi Discharge und Cerltucuieas Hankrupl, at the 1 lliceofaauiiiel I'rentlss, Di-tru t Judge, 111 .Monlelier, 111 said Di tn.'t, on Tuf day, ihc tenth day ol January, 1S11, al leu o'i'Iihm , a. :ii. JOSiH'A RKM.MINC.TON, Junior, of Ilitu-1 iirgh, for his Discharge an I Certificate- si Bankrupt, ul tlie uil'.oi; of Samuel Prentiss, Dntriit Judge, in Moiitptlier, in ai 1 District, on Tut-day, the tenth davol Jamiiry. IS 13, at leu n'elis'l:. A-. M. VERNON HARRINGTON of Burlington, for bis Discharge and Ctriilicatens Bankrupt, at theoflico of S.nnu'l Prentiss. Disttict Judge, in Monlpclier, in said Distrr t, cm Tnesdiy. the tenth day of Janu nry, 1613, at leu o'clock A. M. LY JI t N POI.LMiD. of Hiirliir.'ton. for bis Dis. clnrgeand Cerlltieaie a Bankrupt, ut the office of Samuel I'tenti-', District Judge, 111 Montpelier, in sail Di-triet, on Tuesday, the tenth day of January, 1BI3,.U ten 11' 'lock, A.M. MARK NOllltlS.of (V.lehe-ter, (or his Discharge an I Certuicaie a. Bankrupt, at the office of Sam uel Prentiss, Di-triet JnJtre, in .Montpelier, ill said District, on Tuesday, llie tentli day ol January, IS 13, nt ten o'clock, A. .M , SIMEON COVILL, of Burlington, for hi Discharge nil I Ccrllli'-ulciis Bankrupt, at the oifiee of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, 111 Montpelier, in mid Dis trict, on T ie-day, the tenth day of January, 1813, al ten o'clock, A, M. N'VI H MKL T. t-TILES, ol I'ndcrhill, for his Dis- t liar'-'i'uu.l Certilieite as Bankrupt, at the oilico of P linnet Prentiss. Di-trut JiiJce. 111 Moiitnelier. in sal I District, mi Tiie-day, tho lentil day of January, 1813. nt ten oVIoeV, A.M. I'RNCI4.' JOVNER. of Richmond, for i s Dis chirgeand Certificate as Rinkrupt at theoflico of sS'amiirl Prentiss. District JuJgc, 111 Montpelier, in sai 1 District, on Tuesdav, the lentil day of January, IH13, at ten o clock, A. M. SIMEON II. BLISS, ofKssci, for his Discliargcand t.crlificale as Bankrupt, al the ofllce of Samual Prcntias, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said District, on Tueidiy, the Uath tk of Jirm UH3, M w'lech i I ASSIGNEICS SALE IN BANK RUPTCY. BYZlRTrnnfnu order usued out of the 1'. S. Dftrict Court for the Di-lncf of Vermont, I will pell ul Pol, lie. Auction, ot my ouVi1, in Iliirlingtnu, on Saturday, January 1 1. 1813, at 2 o'clock P. M., nil the rUlu title nn I fntere-t whii h Sylvester II. Wor tleii hadtinlhe25.liof.Mny 18 12, to n lot of land ol aloutfn(y acres, in Wahiiuton, Lucas County, Ohio, and the same land described in his Schedule, fillet in said Court. NATII4N II. IIASWLLL, Atsis'ite. Hurli'iift'on, Dec. I I. 18!2. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Wafer street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf ituriitit-tnn, Vermont. IJV MOSIiS L. HAItT. THIS establishment, o favorably located for the nccouimodation of the biisne-s and travelling community, l now o en to the public. Pot Coa'dies nnon the various routes call at the Exchange. Hotel for pi'seiKcr-, and those arrmnu or deparlinj; by Steam lloat, in which cae their bapcaee is removed without charge, will find this house peculiarly to their convenient e. The keeper tenders his crvice, with the assurance, that in all ro.pects the huus shall deserve the favor able eonsiJeration of all who may patronise it. llurlinton, April 1, IS12. tf. IF AVE reel, a very extensive assortment of rail and inter Good-, which Ihev o ,er nt prices to meet tbetinies. A variety ofllroad Cloths, Cas stineres. Satinctts, Heaver Cloths Ac. Merinos, Camb lel, Alpacea, M, I)u Lames, striped und plain, very rich new patterns. Pill A I IJiij. Rich Heavy Honey Conb and Adrianoplo shawls, new article, very coii.l'orial le for winter, Plaid Shawl 3 ! very low priced, Challey, Merino, M. IJc Liine, Wi olen do. Scarfs, fancy Hkfs.and Cravats. Mm- and Gloves, a jrrcat variety, Chine woolen Mito, very warm lor winter, ChineSilU' tin. Cotton do. lor Mwes A, Children, Ms,es worstel Mitts, Grecian Cull's, Ae, Zephvr worsted, Patterns for workins worsted, Silk f'r, ni:es, (.'on!-, Cloak Tassels Ac. Worsted Kringes, nnd iluii'in j., PRINTS, A rich assortmentot Dark low Priced Prints, Monrninsdo. virynice. DOMESTIC GOODS. Heavy iS'l,eeliii?s, Shirtings, Tu-kin?, Gingham, Hattin?, Wad bug ijV. Col'dGambric.', Rest tiinjharn I'm! rella', Superior Knitting Worsted, and Wool varn, Thread Knitting Cotton, French working Cotton, Mar shall's Linen Tlirenl &o. shoes. Ladiet Kid Slips an I Ties, llronze Tit's. Children'sHhoe-. Col'd li.u'er-, lioolees India HuM ers, Kigd. nnd Plain, llirlalo KiPes, Kiirnnl other Coat Collars, Purchasers ar.d ihcr.s are invited to call and exam ine their New Goo l Rirlinjiton, 12ih O'toler, 1812. NEW GOODS. CJ M. POPE is now receiving his fall stock of Goods, Co nsiitin;' in part of Black and Illue Heaver C oths. Black, illuc. Invisible Green and mixt Broad cloths " " Mivt and fancy Casstnurcs (sotno of superior quauiyj Cashmere, plmi and tig'd satin vestings, Aljiacci Cloths, Aljiacca Lustre, Printed Saxony. nnd Orb ans Cloths Plain and ligd. Mouslm Detains, Illk.and nine Ulk td'. v.Unin r ,i,i.('. ii.i 1 vi,;i,. eiin, nels Canton tio. Saxony Wool and Antioh Shirt, and Drawers Merino Scarfs, 1-1, 3-1. and G-i brown ar.d Hlcach- ed Sheetings, Cotton Vim, Viekiit!j,Hlk. and White Wadding, llatttng, Paddinr, Canvass, silk ani worsted, Coat Lords and Huntings, White and cold Ilorsc lilaukcts, Ac. Ac. lisa A good assortment ofGrooericssuchaS Loif, Lump ami Powd. Sugar, Porto Rico and Muscat trio do. P.R. and N. Orleans Molassc, Rn. nnd old Java Colfee, Hyson, Young llvsnn and Hyson Skin Teas, English Mu-tard, Rii-'lns, Soap, Citciidicli and fin cutTobacco Ac. if-c. The above with mativ other goods, were purchas ed at the present low prices, and will be cold as cheap as the eheipt st. Pet. 13, 1112. nnour.r, pr.TKiisos HAS just re'' rue I from New ork with a large an I tull supply t f Dry Goods, Groceries and Crockery, .on. i-ting of ;ilino-t eery article commonly ca'led f r, all have iusv ecu our. ha-el at very low rale , anl will I e sold 1111.1 1 lower than be ever lui.N the pie 1-'. re ol o.lering thciii bclote; ninoug them may I . found .-) I bis Fine Salt, .5 OO l"i-h. Coar-'1 Salt, 200 lag. Nova Scotia Plaster. 10) bbls. fro h groon I Superfine Flour. WANTED, In exclnnre for Gool, Flaxseed, Butter. Chce c and Wluie Peaiis. Huriiiigt'ii, IV. 20, IS 12. 20-tf- TO iMi;iJCUAiNTS Wliowists ti ti.sreIi.tM Crocltcty, Impartsr and Packer of Crockery, China iy Glass Ware, VtfOl'LD give notice that he is prepared to V Pack any amii'iut of Wareaceordinc In ord' r, at New York and I'oslnti price?, saving In ighl and bteikngo to all who purchase of bun. He has n good assort metit, and iispecifully solicits Merchants to call nnd i.xnmuie Ins stock before bujiug in .Market. .Store, corner of Church and College Streets, niirhnrtoii, 20th Oct. 1310. lion, sStcol &c. Ort'TONS a-.t,rtel F11H1.I1 Ttre Iron, .wVJ 1 O " tin. Swede, and Peru do. do. ft " Riis,a Old S tble do. 0(" Pern maiitilactured roundand square Iron em1 racing all sizes fiom in. to 2 j in. 1 O ton n-sortt l brand Iron. 1 ( " S, roll Iron nnd -hoe shape, It " Ru ni her e mil r'l-, Anvils, Vices, Sledges, Trace Chain., Borax, rile, and R.isps, Shovels, Spado-, Cro Bars Ac. SStcel. Sanderson's Can Siecl, Greaves German " English bli-td. " American " 1 ,5 O Si't( Sleel plated Cutter and S'cigh rslioes . Ac. just Re vive 1 by STHON'GS. l''lour. 34.0 BBLS. Supcrfino flour of superior I rand-, I V STRONGS. Nov, IS. n25 Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Courso Western Salt, 500 do Turk. Island do 500 do S', Ubes do UO Bbls Western line do 10 Sacks Liverpool I lown do b0 S.v k- Western line do G Cases Sail in lo.ivesfor table ite,liv Nov. 12. S I HONGS. Uod Kisli ami Mackerel. Q TflNS Ctsl Fi-h, and afewhalfllbls No 1 Maek- t- erel jusi rcco.i STRONliS. Nov 1G. I, amp (Jil. 1 (( M 1 GALLONS, pure Winter and FallKirain 1 JW ' I -perm Oil, by STRONGS. Nov. 1G. 1S12. niS 'Pin Plate &.c, Rf Iloxrs Tin l'lntc, 25 Hdis. Russia an 1 English Sheet Iron, assorted nosj 40 It I1-. Iron tv ire a-sorteJ, aicnt sheet Cop per, Tinned and black rivets, Wire Vellum, Keltic. Ac. Ae. STRONGS. Nov. 17. IS 12. ticoso Feathers. " LBS. Live Gee.c Feather-, ju-t rcccivivl JJ Kj and for salcbr vash lowertbauever I efore .old 111 town. w. L., May 13. 4UX GEO. PETERSON. rKFERS KOR SALE, on terms adapted lo the y-f tunes, 1.1 bbls. fresh ground Buckwheat Kxoun, I O bbls M icin.ick TROLT t and ltMi Cords Hard WOOD, each a good article! of its kind. Oct. 23, 1812. 21t( CASH PAID for FLAX SEED. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for snle hv A. McEl.liOY. Al the Oil Milt at the Kails. Burlington, Nov. I, 1312. 23,ly Boston Heer Co. HALE Ale and Porter, nianufactuicd by this ctW laSl'0Pls; CASSI MERES, "andlxiT I. bratcd Company, for sale by ,- l--' ISET1S, for salcloiv, by 1 oa" Of 7Ua Wtft LOVELY & SEYMOUR MOFFAT'S VEOETAULK LIKE MEDIC INKS. These mt-Jieini's nre iudcl te.1 for ibeir name to their manifest nnd sensible nctinn in purifying Ihe springsnn 1 1 hatinels of life, nn.l enduur them Willi renewel ton" and vig ir. In ti.aiiv liiiii'lred 1 eitdird cn-tN which bite Icen made nul 1 , nnd in almost et cry species lithe li frame is liable, the haiipye 'e ls 01 MorpAT's LlrF. I'll t.s Avn Pttr.MIx lltrrtns l.ave leen gri aifullynnd put Inly nciiowli'ilged :y the fr-ons leueti'ted, and who were previously iinicipininlcM wi ll Ihc beaut ib illy pin losophica! princip e upon whe hlhey arueolnpO'iud ed, mi l upon win li thev consequently net. The LIKE MKIlK 1NES reeomii'en I themselves in diseases of every form nnd t'e-criptiuii. Their firt operation i. to 'ooscn from the eoaisol the stomal h and I owel-, the vnno'is impurities and crudities con stantly seitlmg nruund them', and to remove the har dened faces which collect in tin1 convolutions of the in.illet inle-tuies. (J.hcr mc hemes only p.niially cleansctlie-e, nnd leave su'li ei Heeled ma. es li liuul ns 10 produce habitual eo-tiveness, wuh all it. tram ol evil-, orsiid'leu iliarilue.i, with its imminenl dacrer-.u This fact is well known to nil rctruLir, who examine the human I owelsafltrdiidh t nnd hence the preiudi'T of lliusc 11 ell informed men aaain-l quack medicine- or medicines prepared and heralded to then il li ' V i-ii rnnl persons. Hie second e.iect ol the Life Me lu iiies is to 1 lean-e the kidneys and the bladder, and by tin. mean-, llie livernrtil the luriT-, tin. healllif'ilaeiiou of if Inch entirely depend, upon the re gularity of the urinary oriran. 'I no blood, whii li takes lis re I color fiom'the nixencyof the liver and llie lungs l.t lore it passes into the heart, being thus purified by them, and nourished by fuod coming from a clean stomach, cour-es freely ihru igli lln; veins, renew every part of the vstetn, nnd triiiinpliintly mounts the banner of heabh m the bloomuiz cheek. Moil'at's Ve-ietal le Lite Medicines have been thor oughly te-ttsl, nnd pronountisln sovereten rernedy for Dv.nen.i.i. Fl.uiileiicv. Palmtalinn of the Heart. l.o of Appetite, Heart-burn and Ilead-ache, l.'estlu.rnes., Ill-temper, Anxiety, i.iniior an 1 .ueianenoij', io tivercss, Diarrl.ira, Cholera, Fevers of nil kir.d.-, It beiimat -tn. l,ou'. uron.n'i 01 an Mtnis, t, ravel. Worm-, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvv' I'lccr-' Inveiera'e Sores, S.-orl.tdie Eruptions and Had Com plexions, Eriptive t'limp'aints, .-.allow', (;io lv, and oilierdisn.'reenble Cotirdexu 11-, Salt llliciin, Ertsip-ela-, Common Cold- an! lull ienza,and '.arums other omul mils win, h nfilict iheh iinan 1 1,1 me. In 1 Finn and Ant'E, nartici.larly, the Life Mo hemes have I ecu mos eiiiineiiMv sncce--l 11 ; so mum so that in the I ever and Ague district-, I'liv'sieiaii-almost universally pre-eril e them. All in 11 .tr. .1101.11 requires 01 ins patients is to te particular in taking the Life Medicines lnctly accor ding to tin1 directions. It i-not a new-paner notite. or by anything ttiet he lutn-ell'may-ay in their favor, that he hopes to gam credit. It is alone by the re-ults of a trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANI'Al.; desimcl a n lome-lie code to beabh. Thi-litllo pamphlet, eddi-d by W.H. Modal, 273 llroad.iay, New York, lias leen pul lished for the purpose ofcxplaining morel" lly Mr. Mo bit', theory of disea-t's, an I will Ic tound hichly interesting to-crson-s ekini iieann. 11 1re.11. iqmn prevalent diseases, nnd Ihe ciu-t's thereof. Price, 2." cents fur -a'e y Mr M' li'at'- A-.'ent-generally. These vihnble .Me be ni- are (or sale I y Gt.ORI.r. L. WAHNI R A Co. Johns, m, Vt., General Agent-, ' v whom all order- from ney pirt of the Sure or Canada, will I e promptl) answered. 23 I 1 Dec. 17, 1311. HA GAR iy 71 TIIUR, General Agents d r Mo al'. ce'el rated i,.ei'iciiie-, to whom all applications for agehcies tuusMo ad dr. d. Hiirlitigion, Jan. ippi. M A C N UT I V. Ci I) O N T I C A . THE IEI.'IH ! 'I III. 'I EL'I II ! ! The Incomparable. Tooth Preparation. TMIE fai l is proved, and the inn-t mere lulous and X doubting arc lully eonvmee'l of its uti ily, .is we li ive llie evi..ence Irom ttie -a.e 01 ill 0111 o -000 I oxes of the Oi'ontii'n, wiilun the pat y, jr. Il 1.. ascenatu'-i troni experience, that when u-ed, the ivtli wdi no-ver decay, but remain ml the iate-t age ol man, with their na'ural wear j and more in tho. 1 1 s ol e.i-es, nervo is loi.iliache, ('hat climax et pain) Ins at once leen e 'ts-iiially eunil ly ibi- mo-i popular ileniriii.e 111 Aicerica. And in ecnc'itsion, w her.1, or wim is the ytnng ladv t,r gen: enian, aye, the 111 lu 1 biai th u v al 'cs a I ,m -ct 1 f'ce h, so'i'n I nu.n-. and a wecl I ituth more than tidv will I e longer ;e none Ol a 1 ox Ol it .ii.iuu'II. oci. s Magnetic O lotitiea. HAIR! I MRU nAI,DN'r:s. Important Disroccylhc Great AiV 'eru tiitiut out at rusr. Till. STERRV'S II UR RK"KN'i.RATOR. Dr. iJ Stetrv, after much nli'ntionto the important subject ul preserving the hair, has after tinny experi ments chemical and nhvsi al, been able to discover an article which Is now ottered tilth the greatest conii di iice for the toilette, as the bi -t thingctcr discover ed, lor its softening and renctrating quality, to pro ducea good land of Imr to prevtnt it from falling off when I nldiics is apprehendedto restureit u hi n bildnoss lias taken p'ac1, and dfrom turn ing gray. It is mere nourishing than ponmum, n liquc oil, or Cologne water. It is a beaut nil article for Indus' curls it mikes the hair ni and l.vciy, and produces uncommon briHim-v. Tbousindshase . . 1 . it , . tcslid lis sup rior virioi s aii-i eie. neui e, ami in eve ry instance it stand. utir.talled. It is an infill:' le cure in all atlecti nsof the skin on lit head as tian- drufl' Ac s'c. Everv faunlv should be .sunrd.. d wjir a boltl.i of this oil, tint by its application lo the heat and nir of children, the tic iutiiul nn I ornaments rp peiiiiigc of a tine head of In r, with which nature has supplied us, miy uc preserv.u. 33-1, ) K T T II I H .JZ Have vnti a Cough ! TO Of If! I)"". OK CD --sL'MPTION cvrry tJ)))J tvirin the Enitcd States, nn 1 mil lions hiifi' r fiom Could' .ome coughs and e.dd. that can be cured by Dr. M. Ilitelienck'a 1 egctable Cream 1 ougii urop . a sale iiudicui prescription, contain ing no puis, moils drugs, and used in an extensive lira dice for s( vcral vara will most nnstivelv atlotd clu I, and s ive j on irom that awlul elisor. se, ptilmon- nry consumption, tvlm li sweeps into the grate hun dreds of the young, the old, th 1 'ur,.'y an, I the gay Have you a coii"h ? Be ptrsiii'lcd tn purchase a boltle 01 me Uoiigh urops to-itay I 1 o-morrow may bo too laic, l'tico 50 cents per bo lie. IVOR US! WOim-. ! DR. M. lIITi'MCOt ICS imrivnllcl and uncqm. led Worm Tea. n soven ii'ii remi dv for Worms This invalinble 1111 .In itie has ben tested by the et- pi tience o; trior," iinu ten venrs use, and ndm.nitcreil o moret'nu IS, 000 person, of various arcs, and not onu solitary e.ouipl.itut t for in no one. of the tlmu- smdsof nisi inccs, w here it has been used agreeable to the printed direction. Ins it ever filled. N. 11. Ask fot Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, a there are many nostrums abroad for llie dtstruction of wot ins. SMJH miiv Twenty-live Cents. DR M. HITCHCOCK'S newlyinvcntd SNCKl", the host article ever disctertd by scientific rn"n, m Euiopoor America, f-r th" ciircaud nbsnlr.te rcliffof Catarrh, Dirzittess of ihc Head, Weak K., Nervous Head iclie, Fallen Mckness, Kits, .-nd In fants troubled with SmitHc", partial shocks of Pal- aey, etc. l.OTIOV, l.dTrON. Dr. Hvaiis' Hcaiitlfjing l.otlnn. HIGHLY esteemed f r curing a I Krupt'on, Coarseness, Redness, and Pimples on llie Face, Neck or haitds,and ell'ei tually cleaning lliccompIeA ion and reiinvin'r all diseisis of the .skin. Nothing contributes so much to our gcncril suc cess in life, as an engaging first appearance. The Lo tion is ndmir-dasn most (ragr.iut, mild, safe vva-b, and great y esteemed for i's viitmstn cha'ittng, soft ening, and ptirif) in1-' the shin of all eruptions, so inju rious to letnale beauty, and restoring it to a high dc t'leeof rurnv. A beautiful anil healthful complexion is tl.e pride of an w 110 possess ii, aim itie envy 01 uiusc who uic uc prived of 11. A good appearance is tho best recommendation : and as the Beautifying Lotion purifies the skin, and removes all Pimples, jliiiche, Tan, Sunburn, and Redness, and produces a beiutilul hue, II is Ihc only cosmetic a lady should iisent her toilette. Gentlemen will also find this n delightful remedy to remove nil Roiigline.-s, Piinples,Rinijw onus, Spots, Redness. Sort!!' ss of the l ice and nose, und even kind of eruption on tlicsurf ice of the human body. It it pirticu arly recommended to gentlemen to be used after shaving, as tl will prevent the otherwise certain efi'ect of alt common soap, 111 turning the hca'd prematurely irrey, Kor sib- whob siljtind rrtiil, by Postm A Dick inson, sole Proprietors nml Surcissors 10 A. llitili cock A Co., 117 Gctusc hired, I til l, is. 1 . ; in Geirgia, byL. Janesj Miltnn Rills, by BirreltA awjeri Johnson, by G. 1.. Warner A Co. ; Barling- ton, and by I'CCK .fc SPEAR, Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Genuine Patent Medicines. TO THE LADIES, Dr. Hull's llteio Miiuinrier. I'll .3 new ll-lrinieiit fi r llie radical euro of Prolapsus I uti, or f.dlnlg ol the! Vioiii'i, It cxlenial uppiieiiiii'ii, iiner isbug Hie ti,e ot Uin onjts'iiou alio IVsnirv. i confidently rivoin t. ilu' nilheits a. the means t.C ..... C.., ....Inmlilill in liiltb. it I1CV' r having laded 1 1 pi 1 lurnung a cure, even under the 1110-1 n'-'"r.ivuitvl t .ri'i.m-tan e. The S ipporler ba aitauied n very lush character 111 Europe as well ns 111 this eo uilry. his al.pusllo lhceHtiredisiiseofpe-arics.aui'a 1 s or tho Lymg-m Ilo..pdalsof loindo'i and Pans, undu univerMillyrocomiiiende 1 111 Europe I,.. ,ii..ti..,il men ol iho higlif.t rank. In this eo'iiurv t is su.taiiied bv ihe leading menil ers. ol the faculties f Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent pn ate practitioner.. . 0- Ton Salt, sinr-lv qt..w. :,u do20"1 in Surgical Imtrumenti. fi ti & PERU IRON COMPANY. HA 1'., find will constantly kctp in ileposite with thnr Vccnlsnt I'.iiilington, Vt , Peru manufac tured Nails and Iron, of tho following description, to wit ! sAti.a. II, Id, -d, CI,Pd,10.l, l.'d, 20il, a Itl, SO.), 40d, 50d,COtl. Sl'IKI'.S 1 inch, 1 1-2, 5, ij 1-2. and G. l'lMISIII.ti A,l.,S'.-uii, ed, 10J, I2d, manufa tiind upeeiilly bir Iiniebi'v.' nico woik. r'l.OOR iY.l6'.-12d, iOJ, and 21d. IRON. iiotrsi) .'r).v,-3-g, 7-113, 1-2, rj-iG, 5-a li-iat) 3-, i-h, 1 men, 1 1 1-1, 1 3-u, 1 i-i, !!, 1 3-1. 2 inch. 2 1-1.2 I-2. 1. Lul'I 1-2. SflCAItn lfl()Xi.S, 710. 1-'.', 0-10,5-8, 1M0 a-1, 7-y, 1, I 1-8, I 1-1, 13-P. 2, 2 1-2 inches. HASP li:t)X,-l l.,l, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-1, 2 1-?, 2 3-1,3.3 1-2, 1,-1 1-2, S inch. 77?: WOX,-l 1-1, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2 wide, and from 3-1 lo 5 3 thick, lUlllUi: Sllon WOX, varioti. sizes, iiami: AXD srioi.r. max. do. do. MAIUtr.i: .V.lIK PLA'Vr.S, cut lo order shell notice. The Peeii Iron Co. manufacture their goods at Clin (onville, N. Y. from Iron of their own make. Ther iii'cii 1 to keep 111 thehaii'i's t f their agents a more full and complete ns-orni.eiit I ban can 1 e found in tho S ate. It 1- I e'leve I that Ihe poods from Ibis estab lishment arc letter mi'iiufaeturetl, llinn llio-e from any other 111 its vicinity. Piirci,iM'i.nre respectfully solicited to Inspact tho Goods of this Co. Prices as low nnd terms aslavor--able, as can I e obiniuisl ill ll eSiate. T K. & W. L. S'IRONO, Agents. Aug. 2.VI1, 1812. CO N W A Y ?,1 E I ) I ( . J IN ES. rpiIE Subscriber W. I,. KIDDi R, give, notie 1. that be ha- sn. r eesl tin; late T. Kul.ler in the lirepaMiiou of tho well known Convvai .Mr.DtciNEs, 1110 win i.ereniter true r.ariicuiar niienin 11 to tti prepuration of the fotlowin', articles, the long cs ti1 hahed eeVbi it v ot wh eh, pr-, lU'.V. llie uc. essilY fa re-pnl Icatioii ot the; numerous ceitifu ales in the hand, r.f the prnpr,,"oi'. Dnct. .IchVs Itlfitiradc T.lttlincitf. for Hlic.i 1 a'l-iii. Bru-e-. Snrauis. Nnmbnes. ChiP lain-, S'i nts. m tie ion t, Ac, will alibrd llie ino-t iinexpee'ril nnd iinmtiliate relielin the most obsttnale case. 1 1 li!ie.iunii-in, m a few hours i I his article i orienlv re. onnneiu'e-l bv Phv-icinns. TLa Liniment is done up in enlarged "buttles. Price 37k tents. Diimfrlcs' Kelt Oltiftnelit. The extensive .ale and Cslal li-heil rermlation oi DfMFntf.s' Itch Oivtmeni, encourages the pro prietor to ris'ummen.l it to tlu pni be with renewaJ onlu.ence, a. the mist innocent and powerful rem dy for thi. anrn ymg di-rasf j it contains no rncr urv. or nnv other nangtrou. iiigrttbenl. and raa I e applied a'l nil tinn with peileet safety. Pritaf .1 Lcnis a nrx for the Piles. The tir"'rrn ; le-nmony if re.itvcd patients. Irom all q iar er-, ie-t,fving to ll-ecire. elected iy llie u.e'icne afitr all other, ha, I tided, togeiher w.ti llie increi-ing I'einatid for the an le Ir.m a I panacf the cotiiitry, prove it to I e one o! ihe rno-t vali.ablo peciiio. mown i..r t In trtarle-ni.ieioniplaiiit. !cyA C.ergjman w rue Host. ,n, IV1 ruarv 13, 1SI1. I have ma'c trial nf Dumir e ' I'd,; I'V-nnrv mil foiltid it pr.-liicela -nl dart inl('.--n' e almr tt immu- t' ly, and e-onin'cnily I epeve 11 an e e ,ai r'to'silv b r that i,"i' omf. rrtb.e and del mta'uig eoiiiplaiat. Human ut has ind iccl recu-MTien it lo penes llius affiiete.1, and.ol shall continue todo. lour respt-'tU'ily, J, 3. The remedy con-i.t of an Uinutieni and Fleciuary. Pri. e fi r 1 oih 73 .cms, or 37; cents vtnn but ena is wanted, a.'coiunanied w nh 1, uin and amnio thros. lions with a tie er.ption of 'he eonipLunt. Duinfrlcs' l'yr Waler. Kor sore or irjiamed eyes, notiiu g known giwai such immediate a 1 cjrforiable reiief, and in sa-rss, exceedingly had rates iric m' si 01 ex n-'ri and d s ri' le rs-, 1 1 ha-1 1 en lo .nd mil . e. oi this Itro water, after ol'ier re'tedi'j hadjj. '-d. Persons who have n-t I it, pri no n e it w 1 h 1 - , t 1 n the btsu luip.ira'n n fi r sore, v;ak, e irf.m-l eyes, xitf. have ever met wuh. Pr,e2j"" a 1 Mtlit. cuhl: for coiins. Albion Cora 1' 1 s t c r The most safe n 1 sp ;.'y rjre 1. r C cms yst dit covrel; the relief 1. imriej v It d.-.-clre. aoj remove, theeorn f'om Ih'S.j-' vvi.Iiiims' ' rnsli. lion and i:ithout the rati pain. Knee 23 ceaiaa III, A, K', I and ample direction, accompany each f lha al ove article-. N. H. i ne . f the above ar 1 io ts -1! re euuissa, r.r.. ..'gnrl W. L. K du-r on ihe o, 'jje rp'T. F..r .a'e r. hi. Ce niing Htrin, a im- 3trert, tif Stair . crrner of Mcr. ban'- He, Hc.'nn. AIo if Messrs. PtCK il SPf P., b r'. ngton, Tl . A Id t-ral I't-cocnt a 'scl 10 -'tier.. iNc.v Es.abli?hriieit. rpiir. subsertberi havine cpf ,ied a Pa nt Shrp in. 1. theb ililiug oi'.f dour Souin of V. s' cp's Hotoi, would respectfully .nforni tfeir fr ends and lha fuas ll that thev nre prepared to ss-.-uie rl, kinds tt House, Carriage ar.d Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, end Paper Hanging, in ths neatest tn s-ib'e tnaiper, r.nj hesaby strict P-rfiinal attention 10 to rere.ira ahr nt the public patronage. R. G.SPAri.niNG, S. II. RLS'SELL. Riirlingf.n, April 20, 1EJ2. 47it . O O KING GLA S S E S. A LARGE an 1 well sclei r, 0 a - f,rtmei t, consist . V ingot" lidt, .Ifa'.jrui';, audi fr.;;, cuany, ant fancy framed Looking "ttasei, 1-s s'. e at greatly re.'.icd pr.ees at the Hardwire i-rore. oif Chureli and ( 'ol ere S s., by H AGAR ARTHUB. S.WOOD 15 XTfOlLD re-pei-tfiilvinii nu 1 c La. ic and Gfftr . 1 llemen of I! lr.uvro n nil 1, 1, y ihat he tas recenily opentsi tint': fit1 ' -h,. ent I t-re lie will man ulac re, (v.-ho.'e-a't1 anl rci. ) al, iad. cf wcrlr in the Sh. e line. He ha. jn,t reoe.vel ffl m .ew yott the pre eat style of La.!-, togeiher w.-.h a chos'e e lu iionol StiK-k, He will keep ccn-'autly on hand and iiianuficture m order nil kind, of wonc -otup"' in tin. eo ntryi among wh,. -n may le fcund Gent's ( all, Goai, and (inner lb" t La be.' Gaitersv Hi.k n-, alkmg shoe, Mips, Ac. Ac. Aso,foarss iml I ip Bout-, 1 oih fur ru,, aj ,t ,-3 and chilaren shoes of all l.iqd. ,p,;i'a''C give him a call, two eh ors West fth 1 earl Sirtet Hon-f, nl the signof the "Pig Bod." H.irliiigion, .May, IS 12. 0 50, Lilo! Li to"! ! Eilb ! ! ! DR. Jona'hau Moore'. ES-JE.nCK OK LIFE. That mo.t h.gbly e.iee'.ied Mi ne ,,t has eer I ivn disfovers fir curing CeiirrAs, C'eWj. Asthmm and CON.-l'MPilONS." It tvnul-o rem.'," U h"oping-t ough 111 one week. Prepared bv Hesj r.Y Seimoi-r, from the original receipt, by the dire lie "i if iidMuore. Em1 -ale w hole-a'e, by PKCK & SPK R, Burlia inn, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in I inie I S'ates. Orders direcie.l to Henry, Hadley, .Vr w ll re proiu it 'iiieni'i ui, nn.l auy quantilT .Medic ne iiiuii' diately firm-icl. C'.ti tioij. A. lucre 1. m 1, n ol" the spurious srtl el.'f'.r-n'e, ,'Cp-.e panic !ar !c e: ipurelor that pro p ire 1 1 v' Henry, Ha.lley, M i.-achiisfii,. COPARTNERSHIP. Hl.XltY II. IUISTWICIC AT. K.tfc W L strong bavin connected iliurTm Shops, will do business m that line utidir the mine of II. It. Boit wic. A Co. at the shop occupied bvsaij Bostwick, where nny be found a full and complete as-ortmenl of TIN W RE, Manufactured expressly for thorcied trade, tog.-thir with Copper nn.l Shut Ironwork, Stove Pipe S ote 'Irimuiuii's, Ac. All k.i ' of Job vvotkfurni-li. d at short in. lice. Kite troth and con dm tor I' , punished nnd put up. Copper rutnos and lead 1 .1. d and set n it quirr I. These who pa'uie- ''cs binneh of bus m ss sl,..ll, at th.s shop, Icq;ly and well served, fir a reisjua h eotnpeo '. II II. ROSTWICI. A Cs. Burlington, Apr. 10. 1812. O'JRLiNGTON CDBXcTORYT 'l'.Ie. Siibseriners hat 11 ! taken tin well known t F.stiblis'uiiienl, o-cupicd by Vilas, lev us, A Co., nre iiowiiiiinufnctermg and wil keep 1 Mis'aiitly on hand, ag, neril assnrlmctil of COMBS, of superior qualuics, which will hcallordcd al Ihs 'rn 1 s prices. .Merchants, and olhf rs, wishing for 1 siq.onor article for retail, will find it to their adtan. 1 lite, to call and examine our stock. CROKIT .p TIMANUS l'cHiiigton,J-rDb8 I? ' 4",A,'fs Vaiiiiiliio Lslalo For Sale." ffl T,i;mg,timu:efi::i;,r-!'': i 11 SS a,,ul one and abou one an, a qttarier acre of land' itoa'e-d on ( . 1 e.o.-'trect, lelongii g ,cJ be Itre Dr. lis ' ert Moody. Tl,,: -UiiTLs situ ... . ...... ... t- ,.r , r. , ,.r, ;j,0(x .... . - and , a high s'a.e of , inva,,,, Ac eXJ'i given, lor a portion 01 ihe 1 im h',.-... . ear,fro.n t.locolir, Til " ",U'"')'' vt ,wo H irlnigl-in, Sept. ?, 18(.0, "' Adm. TO r.H'r A "t t!1-??"" r'rO.VI-: Hcwsnat prrsontoeen PlciiVes. ' "i-NEt-aa. 1 or terms apply t Burhr,'lon, j-tpi. 13, 18 12. j5 ,r inicxl S,a,e--nricl nlj:" , U :

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