Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 10 Mart 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 10 Mart 1843 Page 3
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rom winch a Urge portion of my Mlow-citucti! will dariva an incidotilal ndvanlnce, 1 say plainly, 1 should prefer llialallcr. Tim ttinimf.icturera nro our fellow cilil6iYS and if we limy givo litem n benefit, without injury to ourselves, it U Very liltlo to say we ought to do it. I have a real feeling f fUlow-citiienship M Ihim. However, these suggestions of mine, wlielntr well or lll.foiinrleJ, uro of liltlu importance to lire main nointi 1 insist on j which arc, thnt this "uojeci of tho Tariff ought to tu adjusted in a spirit of liberal comproitiisc.-uJit.ftu' and settled I thai tho com promise I have mentioned is in principle, a fair one i and that tho general system ought to be settled, Willi a view to some dcgrco of pornnncncy. It has been aid, that sinco the present Tariff wentintoopcratton, there'has been n great decrease of importation; and i.:. i... i...... t,l Air unnn the sunnositiotl. or rathcrassertion, that tho duties Imposed on many of tho most important aniens, are in uuiu I '"" ",;' If this be so, s-urdy it ought to be corrected. Hut tho present Tariff lias had no fair expet iment. The do ..ran., ,,f Imnortatian mav havo bcenowine to the cm barrasscd state of the country) and whether this be the cause or not, or one of tho operating causes, may, I suppose, bo ascertained bv'nn inquiry whether there naa noi ocen a uecrense oi uiipuiiuiiuii oi uiu ucout ticles, ns well as of those sul ject to dm v. There is another cause which mny alone have sufficed to pro duce Such anefTect tho apprehension of a sudden al- tarallnn nTtlm Tnrifr trrpnl v reducing lllO dllllCS, atld exposing the importers to loss and ruin. This was threatened. Hut, however, all this may bo, I say agftinj i only liivoKo a iuh uuu uuuiu, pjnui v. wm mnmian. In selecting a Statesman for tho Chief Magistracy, w aKmilrl never look for a man who onrces with us In ill thinos i wo shall find no such man. If there is any competitor for tho office, whoso opinions arc moulded by the interests of his ambition, who con sults the feelings and opinions of liis fellow-citizens only to get llieir votes, that man is unworthy of our confidence. If there is anv coinnetitor for the office, who professes exclusive devotion to the interests of any one portion oi mo empire, who rests ins tiauuiv our sanrage entirely upon iniuuevouoii, wnusu u,nu ionaiiveness rcnders.liiin incapable of any concession to others, and who disclaims all compronnso in mat ter! of policy that can only bo adjusted by comprom ise, lhat m.iii i nnt fit fiir thn nlnee. I know n man. who has approved himself capable ol exactly that kind of compromise I npprove who has ever avowed his principles with the utmost enndor, and maintain ed them with independence, and w ho yet, whenever tho Interest of his country has required, has been ready to make tho most liberal concessions, in mat ters of policy, to the opinions, the wishes, the feel ings, and the interests of others ; who, without for getting, much less sacrificing, the interests of hisown part of the Union, extends his generous regards to those of every quarter of the empire and whoso abili ties and wisdom are equal to any and every exigency of State affairs. The Whigs of Virginia have thought proper to con vene us together on the birth day of Washington hoping, I presume, that the memory of that general and magnanimous devotion to (he interests of his whole country, nnd that just and equal regard for ev ery part of it, which he so signally manifested in all his actions, may inspire us with emulation of his il lustrious example. DEAN SWIFT AND THE TAILOR. A Tailor In Dublin, near tho residence, of the Dean, took it Into tho " ninth pnrt" of hi ad that ho wis specially and divinely inspired nterprci ttio propnccicp. aim especially ma It of Revelations. Quilting- the shop-board, he turned out a preacher, or ratlier a prophet, until hid customers had left his shop, and his family were likely to famish. His monomania was well known to jjeati cswtti, wnu ocnevo lently watched forsomo opportunity to turn tho current of his thoughts. One night, the tailor, as he fancied, got especial revelation to go and convert Dean Swift, and next morninjr look up tho line of march to the deanery. The Dean, whose study was furnished with a glass door, caw tlm tailor annroach, and Instantly surmised tho naturo of his errand. Throwing himsel-f into an attitude of solemnity and thoughtful ness, with the Dible opened before him, and Ills eyes fixed on tho lOtli chapter of Revelation, ho awaited his approach. The door opened, and tho tailor announced in an unearthly voice " Dean Swift, I am sent by tho Almighty to announco to you" " Come in, my friend," said the Dean, " I am in great trouble, and no doubt tho Lord has sent you to help me out of my difficulty." This unexpected welcome inspired tho tai lor, and strengthened crcatly his assurance in his own prophetic character, and disposed him to listen to tho discloscurc. "My friend," said the Dean, "I have just been reading the 10th chapter of Revelation, and am greatly distressed at a difficulty I havo mot with ; and you arc tho very man to help me out. Hero is an account of an angel that came down from heaven, who was so largo that he Dlaccd one foot on tho sea and the other on tho earth, and lifted up his hands to heaven. Now, my knowledge of the mathematics," continued the Dean, " has enabled mo to calculate exactly the size and form of this angel ; but I am in a meat difficulty, for I wish to know how much cloth it will take to make him a pair of breech es : and as that is exactly in your line of busi ness, I have no doubt tho Lord has sent you to show tne." This expostulation came like an electric shock to the poor tailor I He rushed from the house, ran to his shoo, and a sudden revulsion of thought and feeling came over him. Making breeches was exactly in Ins line ot business. lie returned to his occupation, thoroughly cured of his prophetical revelation by tho wit of the Dean. REMOVED. SN. (MUT & Co. respectfully inform their . v:....itf ..t tl... DnMic that thev have removsd their Good! to the store recently occupied by W. II. Curtis, on Church St. three door south of Mr. Wait'i Crockery Store. March 10. YANKEE SPIRIT. NEVER, even in days when the Tea wii souiea in Boston Harbour, was it more visible than ere a few evenings since, on mo euojcci oi levying TjVnh flin Pnnln tn pet a Fira Enmne Why It un. ra:BiBi4 rit,rl. resitted, and had not a few cool, deliberate, calculating persons, together with tho Peoples Agent aavanceu into me ureuui, wu mii " the assailed and assailors would havo become lo etherial n to have vanished into thin air together with all the combustible materials in the Villago lie fore there would have been a yielding of an iota of the right either to Tax on tho one side or to nay it on tho oilier but happily it is fully nnd amicably adjus ted, ana cacti stanus squareiy on men icitgu rmht! nnd the division lino expunged from even an appearance by being submerged in a united, genet ous, magnanimous, voluntary subscription, adequate to the expectations ol the People themselves, nnd as an earnest it was last evening over ono thousand dollars high, well, close and compactly piled up, and imh tin.niV hK rflUrt 'I'. H . MirOntr. B.I1U HID Peoples Agent, who were four days in accomplishing their mission, have found leisure to again attend to their own affairs, in which they wish both to act well their part. How well the Peoples Agent will conduct the Peoples Chenp Cash Store, they, the i'god e. arcinvitea to examine at uurnngton, fliarcn a, Communication. " SHORT SIGHTED, RUINOUS POLICY." " " No. 4. I am' to say something showing that Mechan ic arc in some measure to blame that many pursue the " short-sighted ruinous policy " of lending abroad for such goods as are made amongst us. H'lien a mechanic engages to fin ish a piece of work in fine style, do it well, as well as some other which is pointed out or shown tnd fails to do it as well, that is slights it, he is to blame, for this will of course milio a custo mer desire to no abroad. Promising work by a certain time and not having it ready at the time has the same tendency. Using poorer mate rials than city workmen has the Earno effect. Selling poorer articles for the price of good city made articles will do the same, although the customers moy not at first see the difference. When we neglect to make and finish off our articles in the prevailing style, complying with the tastes of our easterners and neighbors, even in small matters, thinking and paging, " It will do well enough, last just as long," etc. etc., we may depend their patience will be tried. Very mahy oilier ways might be spoken of which are by some pursued and practised, tho tendency of which is to send our friends to other markets for wares, goods aud merchandise, such as could tud should be purchased here. It is not ex pected that Uio few simple, undigested thoughts here thrown out, will make much difference with many who arc most intended, but should they awaken thought upon tho subject in the jnind of any onf, I shall be paid for tho time 1 .have devoted to it. Thought upon this subject and others connected with it, is desirable. Some reasons why will readily suggest themselves to all who give attention to it. Although "mechanics may bo in fault still that does not excuse us. Our citizens are interest ed, deeply interested in sustaining all trades amongsfus. This can bo done vigorously, by buying audi articles as we need at home, when they are to bo had at home. If our neighbor does not and cannot make such as wo wish, "have him get us such a finished article. Let him who is in tho business and must know more about such articles than a perton not in it, buy for us and ho can mako something and still sell in the article as low as wo could get it ourselves and as far as my experience extends, in nine cases out of ten, lower, when quality is consid ered. This will apply to all trades and all goods, mora particularly to such articles or good, how ever, which require an intimate acquaintance with tho material and quality which, in some 'articles and trades is hid from ordinary obscr ration. CoxNECTiccr. The Congressional nominations of bun tho parties for the several District! in Uonnecu cut ere as iollows Dist. Whins. I. .Thomas K. flrace, n..Sam'ID. Hubbard, III. .Edward Eldridgc, IV. .Tlios. B. Osborne, Locos. Thomas H. Seymour, John Stewart, George S. Catlin, Samuel Simons. A iiEAVr verdict. Eight thousand dollars damage has been rendered by a Jury in iomp kins county circuit for a breach of promise o: msrriage. The parties to the suit were Mary Conrad and Josia B. Williams, both of the vil lage of Ithaca. TEMPERANCE MEETING. A special meeting of the Builington Total Absti nenco Society is hereby warned to meet at the Baptist mccting-houso this evening, to take such measures a may be required by (ho occasion of the death of our respected brother John I!. Johnson. C. ADAMS, For the Committee. Friday, March 10. B. M. T. A meeting of ihe Mechanic's Institute will be held st the Court House, at half past six, on Tuesday eve ing next. A lecturo may be expected from one of the members, on the History of the discovery and progressive improvement in the application of Steam Power. Admission, as usual. By order of the directors, D. K. PANGBORN; Urn. Brighton Market .Monday, Feb. 27, 1843. At Market 410 Beef Cattle. 750 Sheen. nd 1G0 Swine 40 Beef Cattle unsold. PmcEs. Uctf Cattle. We quote to correspond with last week : about the same prices were obtained for a like quality, : A few extra P5. First qaality, 84 ;50 4 75. Second quality, 84 (.0 & i 25. Third quality,3 50 & 4 00. ooiri ana waives. very few sales. Skeep. Sales were made at prices from 82 50, to 75 Sielne. No lots were sold to neddle. A few were retailed from 4J to 5j and a few small shoats at G ct. Massachusetts. Tho Boston Atlas yives tho official returns at tho second trial elect members of congress in tho Old Day Statp, as follows : - In the second district, Mr. Sallonstall (Whig) ro ttnived 3,967 votes. Mr Ranloul (Loco) 1,979 : nil others 1350. No choice. In the third district, Mr Abbott (Whig) has 3.777 Totes: Mr Mansur (Loco) -1,032 ; all others 1120. IMo choice. In tho fourth district, Mr. Parmcntcr (Loco) hni (,339 votes, and is elected. In tho fifth district, Mr Hudson, (Whig) has 5,12: votes; Mr Merrick (Loco) 4,640; nllolhcrs711. No choice. Inthe sixth district, Mr Baker (Whig) has 5,02' voles; Jir unapin tuocoj i,tiss; an outers O'Jl. i ' choice In the seventh disirict, Mr Uockwcil (Whig) has 4,034 votes; Air. uisnop i.ozo)i,iiti; all otners bio io cnoice. Thus it will he seen that a chore has b een effected in only one district namely the fourth. The Governor and Council have ordered another trial on the first Monday in April. 1 FOR SALE. YOKE of WORKING CATTLE 6 year old. March 4. 1843. tl. w. vaium, tear, and 1 horebr certify thii forcifoin j statement m.du by herself I. correct. UIBV , vn No. 604 Broad si reel, Newark, N. J. n.-n.-M I .nl,l wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. SANDS A. CO., Druggiv.s and Chemist, Granite Bitildinits No. 873 Broadway, cor ner oi unambert-sircet, nm . timnnti PETLRSON. Airtni Du tpteial appotntmtntfor tht Pnprittortfor flur Jingon, I'trmonl, and for sale by DrtiagWs generally. 1'nlCE 91 per tiotur, u nunm iur 93. Burlington, March 8, 1843. 41 ly (Jccso Feathers. rrr LBS. Livo Occto Feathers, just received OvJL and for saleof catfc lower than ever before aold in town. C. U w -vr; Miv 13. Wanted. TN exchange for Good., Wool, Sheen's Pell; Wheat, 1 Rye, Corn, Oats, &c. H. W. CATLIN. fib. 15th, 1H-1J. 33 SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE Ol- ALL DISEASES AHISIISH h HUM AIM IM PURE STATE OnilS IJLUUU, Ull UAU IT OF THE SYSTEM, NAMELY : jcnoroLjt, on kino's evil, rttiEtjMXTijM, obstihat CUTANNEOOS ERurTlONS, riMTLES, OR rU3TCI.II ON THE TACE, OLOTC1IE-), DILE, CHRONIC SORE ETE, BINS WORM OR TETTER, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OF THE BONE AND JOINTS, STUBBORN ULCERS, or lumbago, and disease ariM'ng Irom an injudicious usoot Mercury,Ascities,or Dropy, cxpourc or im prudence in lifo. Also. Chronic Conttittitional Disorders will he remo ved by this preparation. Imnrovement In whatever regarJs the happiness and welfare of our race i constantly on the march to perfection, and wilh eacli siicceeiiing day some new problem i- tolved, or mine profound secret revealed, having an important and direct bearing over mn's bighe-t tie-times. If we lake a relro-pective view over the pat twenty vear-, how is the mind t-lruck wilh wonder 1 What rapid vtrides lia- science made in every department or civihze.1 life 1 particularly in that which relate, to the knowledge of the human sys tem in health nnd diea-e. How vnluaMe and indis pensable are iho curallve menu- rei enlly discovered through the agency of cheiniiry 1 How due the imagination kindle nnd our admiration g'ow at the ingenuity, the near appraat h to the standard of per fection, of Ihe pre-ent time ! Through the elaborate investigations of Phy-iology, or the science ol Lift, and 1I10 Pathology of prevalent di.eae, much valua ble nraelioal knowledge has 1 een cained. In conse. nuenceof becoming acquainted wilh the organiza tion, tne elements 01 iuc vunuus tissues unu structures of the svsiem. remade have been soii"lil nfier nml discovered exactly adapted 10 combine with, neutral ize nnd expel morDitue mailer, the t-aue ordisense, and substitute healthy action in its place. The beau tiful simplicity of this mode of treatment is not only suzne-ted bv the nalhulogy of disease, not on W gratnfnl to the stitlerer, but perleclly in consonance with the operations of Nalure,antl satisfactory toihn views and reasoning" of every intelligent, reflecting mind. It is that Sands's Sarsaparilla, a scientific comiiinaiion oie.-senii.n priiUNpiffejiiiiit- nio-t valua ble' vegetable sul stance--, opea re-, tipou the system. The Sarsaparilla is combined wilh tlm rnost crfcctual aid, the most salutary prodiiciionJJ-le most potent Fi'mples of the vegetable kingdom ; and it., unprece dented success in the restoration to health of tho'e who bad long pined under the most distressingchron icmaladie?,has given it an exalted tharacier, fur nishing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic value, and recommending it to the afflicted in terms the af flicted only can know. It has long been a most im portant desideratum in the practice of medicine to ob tain a remedy similar to tin- one that woul.l acton the liver, stomach and bowel wilh all the preei-ion j anu iuieilt-y 01 iintirui I'rcpuruiiuiiv, yet Wltnoill ai.y of their deleterious eiTccia upon the vital powers ol the system. The attention of the reader h respectfully called to tho following cerinicalt-s. However great acliievt ments have heretofore l.een made by the use of this invaluable medicine, yet daily experience shows re sult still more remarkable. The proprietors here avail tbeinselves of the opportunity of saying it 1 a source of constant sati-fnetion that they are made iiiv nivalis v. ciicviiik sin-11 an amount 01 suuenng. iSKWAKK, n. j., ucc. 13, Afessrt. Sandt : Gcnl WonK mnnot num. ii. arraliliide I feel for your tri-alnieni in me a stitlering under one of the most loathsome disease that nature is capable of bearing. The diseu-e wilh which 1 was afflicted commenced with inflamation of OA ntNKNT FURNITURE. mHE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, JL that he still continue uie moibimi 1 Hens., 11.0 ni,i stand, on Church Strut, formerly Nichols f. Hcrrick, and over Mr. Hurlbul' Store, u.i....t.. k.. mm! nrtmcnt of Mahoiranv. UlacK Walnut, Cherry and Pine FURNITURE consisting of Secretaries Burcousi Sofas Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Tables! Bedsteads and Stands, which ho will ellfor cash unusually low, occordiug to the tlmC'- WANTED. In exchange, Birch and Maple SCANTLING, uita blefor Bedstcd-2 inch, 1 inch, S 8th and 1-2 inch BASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, IjtRtll BOARDS, and most Kinai ot o unity rruuut. Please call and examine ICHOLS. Oitrlinston. Jan. 13. 1343. 34tf FIRE NOTICE. THE Annnal Meetingof the Burlington h ire Com pany will be holden at J. Howard's Hotel, on Wetlnesday, the 8th day of March inst , at 7 o'clock P. M., by adjournment. ICPBiisiness of importance still pending. Shall 1.-... Rrabe Eniriiiel Members interested will please take notice and attend this time or it may be too late, a thi is poiitively tte fast call. L. CUMMINOS, Cfr. March 1, 1843. SAVE COST. ALL persons indebted to the late firms of Karrar nil Wall, and Futrnr Watt and Hoot, are noti fied that to save coat and trouble there uiu-t bo an Immediate settlement with theiubscnber at the Crock cry Store. JOSEPH WAIT. h eli. 83, 1843. 33 White Washing. LCOUGHLIN would re-pcctltilly inform the pub- he that he will nmwer all calls in Ihe above line In n neiit nnd u-orklminlike atvle. All applica tions for hi services will be promptly attended to ami sniislaclion war rained. Referenceto Mr, Joint Myers. Burlington, Feb. 22, 1813. 39 w3 ZERO. THERMOMETERS graduated lo 40 below O. Black Snip. Clarinet Reed Ac, hill received. COPAR TNERSIIIP. THE undersigned have this day entered Into Par tnership ai Attornics and Counsellors nt Law SOLICITORS A1N CHANCBBT. Any business confided them will receive their im mediate and undivided attention. JACOB MAEChT, J. McMELLEN SHAPTER. Burlington, March 1, IS 13. DISSOLUTION. WE have this day, by mutual consent, ilislolved all our biiinees connections, which have here tofore been carried on by us under the ilrm and style of GAY 6 EDWARDS. The Iron-foundry business will hereafter be carried on by Jesse Gay hi all its various branches. All de mands due Ihe late firm of Gay Edwards are in the lmn,1 nf Je.tM.-Gav for settlement, and debts over-due said linn must le promptly met or a collection of them will be enforced. JESSE GAV, JAMES H. EDWARDS Burlington, Feb. 28, 1843. BOO KS, 2 vol. do do 7 vol. Extracts from a Letter. SAtTON'.RlVER,(nar Rellowt Fallt.) ) Jan. 31(, 1843. Messr. l'ANCBonrr t Brinsmaid, I am in great want of the genuine Morrison's Pills or Hygcian Medicine, which 1 suppose can be had in lliis State on Iv nf VOM. My health, which has been exceedingly poor for several years past, became lat August very alarm ing. For three month my friends cxpc-clcd me lo live Inn a snort time. iy uicase whs pronoitnccu the WORST POSSIBLE form ol DYSPEPSIA. In December I procured from your agent at Bellows Falls, Mr. M.S. Buckland, a dollar package ofMon rIion' Pill, made at the British College of Health, It was the last ho had. 1 commenced the ue ofthem when I could hardly hold my head from my pillow j I could lake no nourishment, except it might be about half a tea-cup of gruel or sago, or some light thing of that Kind) my ne.n nau ten tne-so mat my imiuiaie friends could scarcely recogni-eme ; my bowels were so shrunk up, so constipate!, that it was with great difficulty I could get ordinary medicine to operaie, I could led my back none by placing my nana upon my abdomen. Your Medicine acted like a charm. My bowels have not been in so regular and good a slate for some years. 1 wish vou lo send me a large (83) package immediately. Mr. James I. Cutler of your place may be able to tell you of a private opportunity to send, if not, rtd thtm by mail, directed 10 me, care of your agent, M. S. Buckland, Bellows Fall, Vt. Do not fail to send tliem. Yours, truly, LUCICS A. SMITH. The letter from which the above extracts are taken can be seen by any person at the Vartc-ty Store. The Medicine snoken of. is establishing its reputation even against the almost unconquerable prejudice of the public, against the almost united opposition of the Medical rroiession, anu in trie miost 01 a perteci deluge of new meJicirtu, and unaideJ by puffing, or even ordinary advertisini-'i a we have not advertised it to any extent since 1840 throughout the Slate, and we find in the counties where we have aot advertised for live year.J, the sales are doubling every year. The call for the medicine thi winter, (caused, probably, by unusual sickness,) hows quite an increase com pared with last year. We wish no neron to tale medicine needlessly. If you need medicine, we know thi to l a oood one. PANUnOKN URINSMAID State Agent fdr Messrs. Morrison of the Britih College of Health, London, We hold our appointment directly from them, and sign our name upon every package and box sold in Ihe State. Fed. 23. 39 PANGBORN & BRINSMAID, Luther Carpenter I.tfttc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) -TrHEREAS John F. District of Chittenden,!. V VV Tirrell, aduilnli. trator ofthe estate of uillicr larpenter laic oi Hunt ington, in said district, deccajed, intestate, hath ap plied to said Court to extend tho time for the pay ment 01 tne uenis anu settlement ot miu win. year from the 15th day of March, A. D. 1843. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth order and a- I, il,3,l Mnndnv of March. 1843. at the Eagl6 Hall Tavern, In Willi-ton, in said district, at 10 o'clock, A. M., lor hearing intue premises. Anu uotn niriurr order that notice be given to all persons interested in saidc-tafc to appear at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause if any they have against said applica tion, and for lhat nuriiosctlial the substance of said ap plication together with this, order be published three weeks sucfesively previous to the time of hearing, In fix. l-r.ii,Pri.. urini t nt Burlington, in said district. Dated at Burlington, in ihe County of Chittenden, the 21st day ori-cb'y. A. v. wa. 39 w3 C. RUSSELL, Judge. AUCTION SALES; Wtdnetdayt, Wednetdatf Evtmngt, ami Hatttrday nvtmngt, BY 11. THOMAS. STOVES and PIPE, KITCHEN FURNITURE. Farming Utensil, Sleigh and Waggon, Dr Good, nnd India Rubber Clothing. Alio, A tart let of Fur and Cloth JKtnfer Vavi. Illr.nn niark'a ttatatn. STATE OF VERMONT, j rpHEHon.lheProbale District of Chittenden, . i X Court for tho Dis trict of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the . , .... 1 . . ; u j:. vsL.aiuv, late 01 uiuiou m jiu ui ttict, deceased, GaMtmo. WiiKDAs, Elijah Hernckand Linus Rascom, Ex ecutor ofthe last will and testament of the said dc rpnanrt. nrnnnfti to render nn account of their admin istration and present their account against laid estate for examination and allowanc at a session of the Court ofProbate, to be holden at tho Itegnter oruce in Burlington, in said district, on the second Wednes day of March next. Therefore, You are hereby noti fied to appear before saia court at tne llineanil iat:e aiuresaiu,atiu Sliewtnue,ii uity tuuuuvc, nil n i-mmi fifnrpniil nltonld not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this l-ltli nay of rcbruary A. u. loiJ. . . vv.u. nboiot-ii iicgistcr. BOOKS, Rttailcd at Wholesale Prices. rTUtF. .nli.rrilii-r hn laken the extensive and rnlu- X able stock of Law, Medical, Theological, Mis cellaneous, Classical, and School Books, lately be longing to C. Goodrich, comprising the largest and best selected stock'm the State, which he offers at retail lor cash nt wholesale prices, Many valuable booKs will i.e sold at one nan tnei original price. Call at the old stand ICrUp Stair- it. j. Al , Agent Feb. 13, 1843. 33tf French prepared Mustard and Fresh Citron, (new frui() just received by Jacob's Exprees, and which is offered for sale at tho German Store. OSTHE1M dr. MICHOLLS. 2 vols 3 do 3 do In this town, on Thursday the 9th inst., Joim B. Johnsok, son of the late John Johnson, Esq., aged 24 years. His funeral will take place to-morrow morning, at 10 o'clock, from the residence of his mother. At Haverhill, N. H. Feb. B, Mr. Amo Chapman, aged 73, for more than forty years a member of the Congregational Church. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. ' IN UAKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of DEXTER M. FAY, ol Burlington, for his Discharge ami ueriitu-aie, as a uaiiKrupi, at t lie uonrt House in Windsor, in eaid Dilriot, on Wednesday, the 2lihd:tvof.Mav.A.I) 10 A.M. BENJAMIN F. McFAKLAND. ol Biirlinsrton. for his Discharge nnd Certiticatc,a a Bankrupt, nt the lourt liouse,iu winuor,in sain tu-tricton Wednes day. 1 In- 2lili day of May. A. D. 1843. nt tn A. M. ELEASKR H. BHOWN, of Burlington, for his Dis- L-naruu n 1,1 C'eniiicute, us a itm,ru )l. nt tne cjourt House, in Windsor, in said district, on Wednesday, tne 21m uay 01 may, a. u. io.j, at in a. ii. CoHsttTE.sT. Those "democrats," who ore willing to liJtTi-r all but martyrdom for ihe people's rights (as they; call them) in Rhode Island, and yet role against rltoieing the people nf Vtrmonlto tote on amendments to outr oitn constitution 1 Daniel Kellogg and Wyllys I.ymUn, locofoco candidates for Governor and Lieut. Govfrtnor, stand in thi enviable position and with therr, Xtands tho editor of the Vermont Patriot. BeautiftAl "Democrats," Watchman. Ma. ClaV's DEPAnTuar.. Tho New Orleans Bee of the 17tli Hire ,iys; "This great statesman for the last two monlhJfi onr rjherished resident where he has won golden opinvjons from tho entire population, left us yesterday nt omc o'clock, on board the steamboat Diamond. For several hours prior to' his departure, ' the landing nnd leveie were lined with spectators, anx ious lo shake him by lhe hand and wish him health nd happiness. On hiv .appearance, he was enthusias tically greeted, and os tl',e boat pushed off from the Unding, a long ond loud i.Wout roso from a thousand voices, and not a man, whclhcr Whig or Democrat, watched the receding outliioc f lne ,aTc ihot was freighted with its priceless bu.rhen, without wishing prosperity, joy ond increased h onor and happiness to the good, gallant, lugh-mindeui nou0 Harry of tho Wt4" A CHANCE FOR A CASH JOB!! '"PHE Committee annointed for the mirnose of re X tiairinrr or rchuildinc the COUNTY JAIL, fur tho County of Chittenden, would give public notice mat tney nave c-ome 10 tne conclusion to pull down Ihe old Juil 'nnd build a new ono attached to the pre sent dwelling house, and that the materials of the old Jail to far as they maybe suitable will be made use of in ouiiuttig tne new one. a plan lor tne iewJau and the addition to be made to the House, may be seen at tho dwelling house of John Hcrrick, Esq, in Burlington, who will also shew Mechanics or other persons wishing to make proposals for ihe Job, the premises and tho materials ol the old Jail. Sealed l'roposalsjor building and furni-hing materials for the entire job according to plan will be received uniil flic first Monday of April next, at John Howards, in Burlington, at which lilacc the said C'Uninillee will mt-et tit 9 o'clock, A. M,, of the sameday, lo decide. The Commute further give notice thatibey shall not feel thenisclu'. bound to accept of any o( ihe propo sals that may 1 e made, unle-s in llieirjudgenntnt such proposal- may le mote advaningeuus 10 the County than for idem 10 proctol to build by hiring and super (trending it ihein-elves. It is furlher expected thai whoever may lake the job will proceed under Ihe su pcrvisirn of ihe Committee, and the same must be dune to their acceptance. JOHN VANSICKLEN, 3 I HUMAN CHITTENDEN, Committee. JOHN ALLEN, 2w41 Who 19 Geobge Latimer? Dav y j,ee child, Esq. the Washington correspondent of tho liberator, speak ing of the remarks mado by Southern,.,,, , reference to the great Latimer pennon, says the i,cst ,njng ne heird woi the answer of Mr. Adama to Virginian who came to his seat andosked who Gcnrc ltimer ffc l'I,La ' 'i'r? 8?"-0f 0 vcry .resnc5lal,I K f-ntleman of Nsrlolk, in Virginia, n membcr nf one of ,10 ,n08( Tcaoeetable and distincuished families in tha. c... , and 1 riliieh'of tho Common wealth of Mo t6ncliilsclB'i Tit vitgimaii icijfeu iiuuui ant vurrtvai;gn urnn riltTCf heti, ,,ron John n. Joslln' Estate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Probate Court fur the District of Chittenden, commissioner! In rn. ceivc, examine and adjust Ihe claims and demands of an persons, against tho estate of John II. Joslln, late of We.tfc-rd, in said Disirict, deceased, repre sented insolvent, nnd olso all claims and demands exhibited in onset thereto f and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for mat purpose, we 00 inerefore hereby give notice, that we will altend to the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling ot Wm. Wood, in Westford, in said District, on the fourth Monday ol April nnd the last Monday of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 13th day of February, A. D, 1843. -11 WM. BOWMAN. ) Commi. HORATIO ALLEN, aioneri. TO RENT, A DWELLING house, two Barn, and fifteen acre 'of land a few rods louth of the College. Inquire of LOVELY It SEYMOUR. March 8th, 1643. thppves. in lh. i-Mr IfltR ...hll. n,n.-l .Nm... iiiiiiiuicss. i-c-r tinsi nn. treateu antinnauyrelieven, but the remedies were such as to cause ihe develop ment of a scrofulous affection on mv left arm near th elbow The nain extended from the shoulder tn tlm m,l nf my linger.-, and lor two years my sitllc-rings were be yond description. 1 tried various remedie nd con sulted different pliy-icianin New York, and amongst tiiciii 1110 laie or. iiusne, who ioui mcllic disease of tne arm was cau-eil by the large quantity of mercury taken to cure the iiillamalion of mv eves. m j suiicriugs contiiiuc-u, iiiearm enlarged, tumor. formed in different nlaccs. and in a fi-u- innmli. charged, makinzic-n runnintrult-era utnnetiinn. ionig anove ana some below tne elbow, and the discharge ivas su uiitiis-vi; mat no rier-on c-ouiu bear to be in theroom wherelwas. I then tiligiiishcd physician, who fold tne amputation of the arm was the only thing thai could savciuy life, as it was impossible to cure so dreadfil a disease ; but aa I was unwilling to coii'cnt to it, he recommended me to use SwamN Panacea freely, which I did without deriving but little benefit. For three years I wa un able to raise mv hand to my bead, orcntnli mv 1,-p.l and thu scrofula now made it appearance on my head, destroying the bone in different places, causing cxtenive ulcerations, and I feared ii might reach and uesiroy the Drain the head swelled very much, ac companied with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, but ihey did no good. About a year.pincc I was taken severely ill with a swelling ol the body from head to foot, so that 1 wa entirely helpless. The doctor advised me to go to the hospital, for he did not understand myca'e. For the last few months 1 had been afflicted with a severe pain in both sides, nt times so bard 1 could scarcely hold my breath. A hacking cough eonvtitntly an noyed 111c, andthiscombinedwithiiiy other maladie, rendered me truly miserable. Such, gentleman, has been my situation for seven years of my life, when I commenced the use of your Saraparilla but as my case was considered hopeless-, and the near prospect of a sncedv dissolution seemed inevitable. 1 f,-li but lit. tie encouragement to persevere. The per-uasion of incuus uiuuccu me 10 try your meuicine winch in a few days produced a great change 111 my system gen erally, by causing an appetite, relieving thcpains,and giving me siicngin. as success inspires connuence, I was encouraged to persevere. My pains rew easi er, my slrengih returned, food relished, the ulcers heal ed, new fle,n formed, and 1 once more felt within me that I might get well. I have now used the Sarsapa rilla about two monllts. and am like a different be ing. The arm ihntiras to be amputated has entirely healed, a thing that seemed impossible. I can scarce ly believe the evidence of my own eye.-, but such is Ihe fact ; and if i now a useful as at any period of my life, and my general health is better than it has been for years past. Health, what magic in the word I how many thousand- have sought it in foreign lands and sunny dune-, and have sought in vain I Yet it came to me when I had give., up to die i and a I feel the piil-a-tionsof health coursing through my veins, my whole heart and soul go forth in fervent graliludeto the an thor of all our sure mercie-, lhat he ha been gra-poti-ly pleased lo I lc-s the mean! made use of. 'Tru ly have you proved yourself ihe good Samaritan lo Ihe nu"iicied1for next to my Creator mv life is indebted to you (or- rather) the use of your invaluable Sar-apa-nUa. The value of such a medicine is coiiniles be yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have been rai-ed Irom death, I may say,lor my friend and my self thoutrhlit ilnnnislblel t-nnbl rrc-nver. And now gentlemen s irl'er ino to add another proof certified too u in) ini-iiu- unu gjiaruinns a a just acknowledge ment of ibe virtues of vour health rctlorine- Sarsnna- rilla. That the afflicted may also use il and enjoy .1.. 1 c. 1 .-. 1 r . 1 - t 1 . luiuin 11 uiunu can comer, is tne ucarucii, icr ,ciii w,bu ut tucir anu your irienu. .11AK1MA curL,in. 1 know Martha Conlin and believe what she itates in Wis document o be perfectly correct. JOHN POWER, Vicar General of New York, Itcr-lnr nf Rl. Pp,..' rthnrpl,. Given at New York this 14th day of Dec., 1842. I know Martha Conlin, and he known of her tuf ring illness. iWWtfOIS? liisToh of New-York. BYRON'S WORKS. Johnson's Works, Boswell's Johnson, Maryati's Works, Scon's do Naturalist's Library wilh 400 Eneravins. Brookes' Universal Gaxctleer drought down to the present lime containing the Census of 1810. I rumbelrs Kcminiscences, Steven's Central America, Sear's Pictorial Illustrations of th Bible, Gold-mith's Animated Nature Josephns' Works, Lives ol the Presidents. Sterne' Works, Hewitt's Visits to Remarkable Places, 1,1 cV SJ Scries Student'! Life in Germany, uoieridge. worm, do aicis to neiiection, do Statesman's manual. Cooper's Naval History, wirl'a ratricK, Hemans' Works, Crabbe, Hcber and I'ollolr, Milton, Young, and Gray, Rogers', Campbell, fcc. Cowper nnd Thompson, Glimpses ef Ihe Old World, I vol. select i-oems, oy ir. aigourney, gus, Huntington's Poems, Sterling's Works. Dick'. Siderial Heaven's, Love and madnes of Tasso Torquato, Life of Roscoe, 2 volume, E.i-lefn Arts and Antiquities, gilt, Bible Quadrupeds, Kilt, cVc. oic. de. For sale by H. J. SHU.MWAY, jlifcnt. March 1843. 40 Asa Ij. liyon' Estate. WE the subscribers, having bectt appointed by the Honorable the Probate Ccrart for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine, and adiust the claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of ASA LYON, late of otieiDurn, in saiu Listriei, ueL-eusuu,ic(Mcoviiit-ti maui vent, and olso all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said tvourl tor that purpose, we uo inereiorc nercoy give nouce,iiiai we will attend to the business of our appointment, at ih .livrllintr nf tha late Asa L. Lvnn. in Shelhurn. in said District, on the 6th day of May, and 17lh of July, next, at iu o'clock, A. ni., on cacn 01 satuuays, Dated, this ICtti dav ot J Commissioners. NOW IS THE TIME. My Store Is sold and possession to be tlvcn the last of this month. TJERSONS wishing to purchase an assortment of JU Cjoui. or store rtirnilurecantio so cheaper man elsewhere, and those lhat wish 10 save them-elve from Cost will please call immediately, for my credi tors niiatt be satisfied 11 possible. SIDNEY BARLOW, Burlington, Pearl St. ) March 0, 1843. j FRENCH BOOKS. MEADOW'S Dictionary, Nugent' do Charles XII. Im Brim's Telemaque, Bolmar's Phrase, do Leviiac's Grammar, Wanotrotchet's Grammar, Fosdick's French Introduciion. Bugard'.t Teacher, Pel rin's Kable, De Sac-v's Grammar, Viede Washington, Le Glaneur, French Guide, do Recitations, do Drani&tiqu"!, GuillaumeTell, Foraalebt II. J. SHUMWAV, Agtnt. BLANK BOOKS. iAP. Medium. and Deinv tlc-er, Jonrnnt.. Da J Books, Recopl, and a geneail asortmcnl ol half bound uianK uooits, at Ihe old "land -ipsiairs. 40 II. J. SHUMWAV, Agtnt LAW BOOKS. 'NGLISH Common Law Report, 39 Volume, J " UonuenseilOhancery iwuorts.icair.j uru .lohnson's New York Ueuorts, 11 do New York Digest, 4 do do no i 00 American Chancery Diffe-if. 3 do Siarkic-'a Evidence, (new edition) 3 do Keni's-, (new eJiusu, oalf.) uo Chiltv on Bills. Coltivn on Contracts. Archibald' Criminal Pleading, Gould's Heading, Russell on Crime, l'oinlin's Law Dictionary, Bouvier'. do do Cnwi-n'a Justice, Magistrate Criminal Law, Clarke's Rudiments and Practice, Law ofthe United States, by Story and Shirswood in 4 volumes. Oliver's Law Summary, Owen on Bankruptcy, Archibald uiacKsion, 4 volumes. Cliillv'k do 2 volume. J 1 . t ..if . r-f- A 10, A general assorlinent 01 l.av uiiAiina, Justice's Docket, esc. oic. for snlent thcoldstanu, one door east of Wait' Crockery Store, bv 39 II. J. SHUMWAV, Agent. January, A. V. 1843. It. S. MUll.M-., O. I1URR11T. Plastering nnd Stucco Work. THE Subscriber begsleaveto tender hi- service to the public in the above line. Having served a regular apprenticeship to that huinei exclusively, in the city of Dublin, and had some year exnerience in tin's country, he feel quiie confident of his ability to give enure saiisiaction. ror a sampicm 111 wurs m- would refer to thelSew Brick Church in this town. He may l e found at the comer of Pearl and Lafay ette its., near Russell'. Tavern illloiiAcu rniiiur,iiuAii i. Burlington, Fed. 20, 1813. 39 3w DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership heretofore existing between tne aiih.-crilier. in the Cistern biisines. 1. this day by mutual con-ent dissolved. The business of ineltrminay te setlieu witit euner 01 tne iamn-r. ' inpptt livnnv Burlington, Fed. C, 1843. ORLANDO OWEN. 37 3w t NOTICE, TS hereby given to all concerned that I have this day riven my sons, Mitchell Bombard, Jr., and Franei Bombard. their time, during their minority : and I will not pay any deSt of iheir contracting, nor claim any ofiheirwage-, hut they are al liberty to transact all business lor tneniscive. Atle-t, Lewis &ottn:s, Jr. hi MITCHELL nnOMARD. Alburgh, May 81, 1812. mark 1 37 w3 Look GKr.A I inducement" are oiicred l y totho-ewhowi-hto pay Cash foi at This ! are offered by the sud-crilicr or Drv Goods or Dry Gro'-eric, a the change 1 wanted and iniisl le had, if sellms cood vem cheap wi 1 nioctire it. P. S. Please give mc a call an 1 you will find it no nummig. 11, .CAli.l.- Fed. 15 h, 1343. 33 BASS VIOLS. MEI.ODIANS, Bass Viols, and Doudlc Bass Viols; very fine ones, suitable fur small or lorgeChurch- es. Individuals or Choirs are inviicd to examine them. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID Jan. 1943. 34 Caili nald for Pork. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for jl vv cub r a i ir.. i-.ti i-uita, FOLLETT & BRADLEY Burlington, Dec. 22, 1842. 30 ENGLISH WATCHES. VARIETY of low priced double and single-cased J.M. f.iigiin ttatcne". Jiml received, some nue r.n cli;h Levers of our own importation. Those think ing of buying a good Lever, are desired to look at them. 37 rAiNuuuiti-x j. ukiismaiu AlpUeui Hall' Kttate. STATE OF VERMONT) AT 1 Probate Court District of Chittenden, 11, il held al Burlinclon, within anil for the diltr.'ct of Chittenden nn the 1X dav ofFebruarv. A. D. 1843. Alnheui Hall and Cnro- line Hall, two of Ihe heirs to the Estate of Alpheus naut me 01 mirion, in saiu uisinci, ucceaaed ! hied In said court their petition, in writing, setting forth lhat they each hold one seventh part ofthe estate of the said dec-cased in common with the other heirs 10 said estate and praying said court to order a division 01 saiu estate, and to appoint commissioners to mate such division, agreeably to Ihe statute in such case made and nrovided. Whereunon.'the Court alore.aid dolh appoint the fourth Wednesday of March, 1843, ,ur urariiig auu ucciuwk on saiu pennon ai tne oitice ofthe Register of said Court, in said Burlington, and doth order that all persons interested be notified thereof by publication of this order, containing ihe substance of said petition, three weeka successively mc uiniiiiuiw,, nro -rcs,a newspaper nnntcu in LUMBER YARD. THE subscribers keen on hand a supply of Lum ber of various kinds at their yard on Pearl St. where they will promptly wait on customer. Lum ber sawed 10 order. Apply to Htnry P. Hiekok. Hircn iu. HICKOK" k STEVENS. fering I blar tu .nrtftjinp In lh matf. bv Martha Conlin. having known her the nail twenty 1 win cneenuiiy give any particulars laeia- ...... ,u hc, case to inosa wno may wisn mrtner tntor1 mation. Sr. EMZABETH. Superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Prince street. N. Y. nw-.ii.lR.12. I havo confidence in th representations made by luarina ijonun, anu nave lull Knowledge ni her case, ELIJAH t. I'UUUV. Alderman 10th Ward ofthe City oINew York, nc. 14. iB4a. Ifirtba Ccnl'n lis InvJ'r. iry family lk lilt 13 said Burlington, the last of which publication" 10 le evioiiMo Ihe said lourlh weunc-ilay ot March, 1843. Given under my hand thi 231 day of February, A. D. 1843. 40 3w WM. WESTON, Register. REMOVAL. n. Il KELLOGG. TAILOR. TDEGS leave to inform the nublio thai he hi re- JE) moveal to Ihe new Brick Building opposite Guy Catliit's Esq., and takes tbisopporluniiy to thank his friends for llieir support since his commencing busi ness in this vicinity, and to as.-ure them that he will endeavor to desert e a continuance of Iheir favora by uuiisiam anniicaiiun to 111s uusincss. V n r'.,. . : .1 1. ... u. yui,n,u UUI1G IUIIIIHI, Burlingion, Feb. 20, 1843. 39 tf STOCKS. WHITE Satin Stock suitable for wedding and other parties; black satin and bomlazine stocks, nlain and wilh bow: scarl stock: n eted and plain stocks j we have receied a variety of orniitiiiii city iiinue stocks, cotinrs, uosouis, scan UL.V. oiucksui unc-t nuaiitic auu iiianmaciuic sci line at from 25 lo 50 cent lower than former mice We arc reoeivini bv Harnden's and Jacob's Ex sresses, every ten days, new goods to keep our as sortment very comn eie. and we invue an examina lion bv nil lieforo nnrchasinc : uoo-ls of the same quality cannot be pun-ha'cd on more uvorabioterm n t'A!uiitJui a iii(iia.iAiu Wanted to Exchange, .ING HOUSE and LOT.c A first rale DWELLING HOUSE and "rising near half an acre of land wilh out build ntr. for a farm in the neighborhood of B irl incton A good dareain will be given to -tnv one who wishes to move into the village of Burlington for the purpose of keeping boarder, or fur professional services, as inis house is near me square. H. THOMAS. Astnt. Burlington. Feb. 15. 1813. 39tf Nnw is tho time. TTOWARD IS AT HOMEConsideringthe good XJL sleishins-, lioods are amazing cheap at How ard. and never, never, never, wa there before such 1 eood lime as now for those havinz money lo nav with, Why the people's agent has no chargin g at his store all he getsi just what tlmypay, and surely thats cnca; enough. Thur-day Morning. ) 38 lG'h Fed. 1813. I vols, 3 do Sdo 2 do vol,-, Sale continued in the evening. In Chancery. Charles F. StANlronD, 1 Chittenden County, vs 1 noverater term, a.u. 101 James Lancshoie and f Jo.rt.ii l.'iinrit-i.n. Wheren". Cha's F. Stam ford, of Burlington, in saldeouiily, b) Charles RlOsoUi Solicitor, filed his Bill in Chancery, al the November Term, 1812, of the Court of Chancery, in md Conn. IV, against Jainc banfanoro; "I nuriington, in sau County, and Joseph Fairfield, of Es.ex, in said Coun ty, therein staling, that on the 21st day of Octo ber, A. D. 1840, the said 1 angshoro being ndtbtel to the said Stamford, in the mm nl 2SO,00, a ipaci- bed in three promlsory notes 01 that date, payauio la one, two and three year w.lh interest, in orJor I secure the payment thereof, made and delivered totb said Sianilord a mortgage deed ofthe following dw cribed land, in Burlington aforesaid: viz. A,jertiin parcel of land, on tne westwaruiy sine 01 me new road, so called, leading from Pearl street to Nor'Jj street, beginning at the north east corner of a piee ol ytnd by said Stanilord conveyed to one Rowell O. apauuiing by aecj, me iuiii uay 01 June, a. ui ibiu, thence northerly on the west line ol said road, lour rou-, tnence wesiwuruiy on a line pariiuei wnu tna north line ofiticland souunvcyed to said Spauldtng, 16 rud to the cast me of Ihe burvine cround lot. thence soiilhwartlly, on theea.t line ol Ihe buryiny ground lot, 4 roils to the north west corner ol said land conveyed to saidSpaulding, thence ea-twirdly on the t.orthlinc ol said land, so conveyed to said Spudding, IU rod! to ine place 01 leginning. auj further stating,.hat on Ihe 28ih day of May, A. V. Isll, the said L-angore, ny mongageaeeu, convoy- e said premises to tne aam josenn rairneiu 10 secure the payment to aid rairntiu 01 his, the sou cd the Langshore's note to said Fairfield of thai date, for tha . .nr..,.. f . 1 . t . . sum c with sum ol 8145,00, payable in three years from ibedau interest annually, whereby the said t-airfield Claims'tille totbesald premi-csj and further statinii that the said note had not m any part been paid, 111J nravinc- a decree of foreclosure on the said uremistM against the said LangsliOrc nnd Fairlield, tnd ail other person claiming ua-ier litem. And it noticing made 10 appear to said Court tbil tho said defendants have had personal notice of th service nnd pendency of said Bill, the cause is c-ontic-tied to the next stated term of said court, and it it further ordered by said court that the aid Stsnitord cause notice thereof to I e given to tbeaid Langshcrtu nnd Fuirfield, by publishing the substance of .aid Bill nnd thi order three weeks successively, in the "Bur lingion Free Press," a newspaper printed in Burling ton, in said county, Ihe lat of which publication to be at least 20 day.' before the next stated term of thi court, lo lie holden on the SJ Tuesday of May next, which shall l e deemed sullicicnt notice to the saM Langshore nud Fa rlield to appear and ma.e answer to said Bill. W. NOBLE, Clerh. Burlington, Fed'y 14, 1813. 38wJ iJll. MARSHALL'S AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATARRH SNUFF. ""PHIS Snuff is superior I o any thing jet known, tor mmoving mat irouoie-orne aisen.e, me ua arrn, anu uiso a coiu in tne ueau, auu neauacne. 1 open and purge out dll obstruction, strengthens the glands and gives n heallliy action to the parts alleuted. It is perfectly free from any thing deleteri ous in its composition has a pleasant flavor, and its umnciiiate enect alter i-cing u;tii; is agreeable. Price 37i ct. per bottle. Each bottle contains about three limej the quantity ofthe several kind of Catarrh Sumlj now selling al a lower price, and is therefore cheaper, as well as belter than anything ofthe kind in market. BOCT. JAItVIS' TOMATO BIIIXOUS PILLS. THESE Pill contain 110 Cab mel,but are compos ed entirely of Vesetable substances, and have in their composition a larcu portion ofthe Pure extract of that highly medicinal article, the Tomato Plant, instituting Ihein essentially, TOMATO PILLS. The nronrietor feels a confidence in reeommendinir them as superior to 11101, and inferior to none ofthe Pills which are inakinz so much noise at the present day, as a purifier of the Uood, a corrector of a bilious or dy-peptic slate and h.tbit, or a a common cathartic. He assure. the public lhat they have the cordial and dacided approbation of physicians ol the highest res- lui'iiiiy, win, use iiiciii 111 iiit-ir practice. Bold by tne t'roprietor, UlIAKI.ra lIOWtN, .Itid dlebury. Vt. Win. C. Slimpson and Rce.1. Edward Brinly. Mori, Lewie, lloston 1 Hoadlev Pheln-i & Co., A. B. it I). SANDS, nnd others in New York : PECK & SPEAR and 11 AG AH & ARTIIUR. llur- linirton, Vt., and by Druggists generally throughout k..i'n;iu,isii. .l Pn..,la tltv u.iii.u .j ,to, February 23, 1843. Iy39 AMERICAN STORE. ( "pERSONsi in trarif of groceries of any kind, tr i pure Spirits or U'inesfor medicine," or fox any other purpose, will do well to tall on the siibscri her,whu constantly keeps all kinds ofthe above arti cles, a pure nnd unadulterated, to say the least, a can le bought at any German Store. He does aot depend on the silly pud's of ihe tinie-erving editor ol a little iceakly newspaper to establish the character or purity of hi liquors and wines, but more upon hii having, for nearly twenty years, sold fomost ofthe Tavern keepers willuh filly miles ninny; ofiljcm still continuing to buy of him. And even tRis sapient editor, who hai lately found such obligiuglicighl or, (but who, it seems, praies Am liquors most who trav to him last,) has ofien, in n most obliging 'Manner, drani; of the subscriber's wine-, and called them th. best he ever tasted. The subscriber does not carry his liquors nbout the country, showing and pcdliiig them. He thin k.lhc people have been imposed upon enough of late by such pedlar.. But if person want ing such article will'cnll at his store in Burltnztuo, directly opposite Mr. S. E. Howard's Store, in Chun at street, he will sell them the purest and lest article for the lowest prices, and they will alway find theui uniform in price and quality. ISAAC WARNER. Burting'ton, Feb. I, 1843. 36if THE GERMAN STORE. THE s ibscriders deg leave to renew to the public of this place and the surrounding country, the llllllllUIIOIl IlliU lllCy CUItllllllsT tO KCC! LUIlSlUiltl)' Mil nanu u cuoice as-oriuieiu 01 DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES. all of which in their particular kind, arc of superior quality and surpMsing cheapness. , Especially would they Invite public aiteniion tn their imported UEgMAN, FnE.vcH&Si'ASl-H WINES, tiit-ir cognac liUAftin, anu HOLLAND fSchCtlall!) GIN, most of which have already been for ome years miner llieir own particular survey anu inpee tion. nnd thcaae of which added lo their unniienon able p-irily renders them peculiarly ht for medicinal use.. They also respectfully inform Store-keepers and Tavern-keeper of Ihe ndjaiTnt town, who are tic sirous of supplying their Cu-tomer with genuine article, that they can lie supplied with them at the German Store, in Burlington, where the ludscriler will leave it to the discrimination of tho-e who may call to judge how far they have n claim to assert the superiority 01 111c iiiticics incv oner iur shic OSTHEIM & MICHOLLS. College St., next to Mr. Wail's extensive Crockery Store. Jan. 26, 18)3. 35 New Establishment. THE undersigned having 1 ought out the en'ir stock of BARNES or KEKLLR, leg lcae t inform the pudlic that ihey intend to continue th CABINET and CHAIR MAKING BUSINESS, in all its branches, at the old stand of Barns and Keeler. The public generally, and ihe cuizens of lltirlinetOB 111 particular, are requested 10 can anu examine ineir work and their price. They will sell any article in their line cheaper than can be bought in ihis market. A. ol u. r. oAtti-ro. Burlington, Feb. 10, 1843. TUB Books and paper. ol Ih nndersiencd will l kept for the present at the shop heretofore occupied by them , ihey req-.c-t all person indebted lo call and nay immediately, or ihey will he under tlie necessity .of leaving their demands for collection. All person having claims against tne subscriber, are respectfully requested to present them for adjust incut, as they are determined to bring all their easi ness 10 r.clo.-c as soon as possible. BARNES if- KEELER. Burlington, Feb. 10, 1813. Best I-'amUy Groceries at tho NEW CASH STORE. Old Hyson, Y. Hyson, Ptucliong, TEAS Java, Macka, '( C0KFEK. Green ) Sjpcrior Young Hyson, in caddies of 13 lb Loar,L;,n,p,SU(.AKS Clove, Nutmeg", Cinnamon, Alspice, Pepper, Ginger, Mo!nsset n, Also, Lamp Oil of ditrerent qualities. Any of ihe above articles will be sold for ReacTf Cash at price, corresponding with the tlrne. Fed. 3, 1843. Wm. HCRLBUT. Crisis. Ketpit before the People. The Great Fire Engine. DAYS before the issuing 01 another piper may be decided the cause of one of the most fortunate occurrences in the anmla or our own belnvnd and beautiful Village, in the accomplishment of a full, fair, honest, honorable, judicioiti subscription and dona lion lor the buying in Engine to aid in the protection and preservation ol our rives, homes and properly; and for the furtherance of such just and worthy object, Ihe People's Agent is not only willing but solicitous to act in concert with Ihe heraldic printers and others by selling Good cheap, which may be fully learned bv looking attbe goods and prices at HOWARD'S. P. S.The Fire meeting Hinds adj'd. to Wednee diyevening, 1 March. Thursday mnrnlug,23d Feb., '43. Notice. fllHE inhabitant olihe town of Bnrlington.quali 1 fiedlovote in TOWN MEETING, are hereby notified to appear AT THE TOWN HOUSE in said town, on MONDAY, the SIX'IH day of MARCH next, at TEN o'clock forenoon, for the purpose ol electing town officers, and to transact other buu'nesi that may come delore said meeting. Burlington, Feb. 17, 1843. 38 : 3w EXCITEMENT. THE rtrong feeling leing wrought among our cit izen for the procuring a Fire Engine or the preservation nnd protection olour dwellings, shops, chattel-, goods and etiects from the destructive conse quences of one of our most useful elements, il is thought will 1 e allayed in an early accomplishment of Ibe wishes of the most ardently 'desirous, and that the PeonleV Aac-nt maV be ready to act in concert with hi fellow citizens, on Monday evening next, hi application to ihe business ttf hi profession til selling goods cheap lo the People theroselve, win prosecuted 10 the extent of his ability and the Vndlic requirements, which comes strictly in ac.ordarice wilh his cheerhd, Up and Doing, Quick and Cheap for Cash and No Imprisonment for Debt Sys'.em, which, wa commenced in April, 1822, and yet thus contin ued, and fur a portion ofthe credit of being so, is wil ling 10 allow a co-working of th'j. Boxer Engine Company, whose ever watchfulness and exertion have been a shield 10 the continuance of the opera tions, and that Ihey may receive... partial eauivalenl for their zeal and ataiduity in the cause, a portion of me avail ot uoui):" win ncappropnaieq lor a conlin nance of Iheirexislence ol .t leat the profits on sale Ihnl may le made previous to the adjourned meeting, wnen every ciuzen is expeclul to meet his neighbour and greet and congrnlu'iaic on Ihe hoped happy result of having accomplished by voluntary sulscriptron that whii h Iheycoidd hive no heir! in doing by cold and unceremonious Taxation, all of which is duly submitted for ihe benefit of the buyers of goal., and the can. e of Protection from the ravage 01 Fire.---Theplnn of which will be lully made known dv ap plying at HOWARD'S. In haste, Thursday mormng,9lh Feb., '43. 31 DRUGS & MEDICINES The subscribers are continu ally supplied with EVERY AUIK.'LE inthe above branch, dolh of iheOriicina! and Patent kind; Medicinal waier from Saratoga 1 .1.1. from Caledonia, Canada ; Medical Wine and ior-,(pur) Letvhea i Surgical Inslruments ilMsn eral Teeth, &c. Jj-Prescriptioas put up al sbortcat ii-It ICC. lLjShop openat all hotlrt. , PECK SPEAR, Apothtearit: B irlinion, Feb. 1, 1843. Iy3 House 'and Store To Let. ANea and Convenient llouae, osl buildings, and small garden. Alio, a convenient Stoke, in k good siidatfoa as any oiher in Church street. Both or either of the above tenement tn t e let for one or more years, and possession given the l'.r.-l day ofMav next. 10A.V. rAnir.n. February 2, 1843. SS Spruce Clapboards and Shingles, On vary reatoitb's hums by '. J. A J. H. PECK 4 CO. Music FEnnUAIlY lfflh. Two beautiful loned Double Bass Viols, half dozen Bass Viols, three Melodians, n n.l ATn.-iint- Forks, naient heads for bass viols. baiVviol tail pieces, bridyea and bows, string, hair for bow, de. Choirs or individuals who wish good inurnment! are invited 10 call aad see this superior aiVortmTnt. 38 PANGBORN ct BRINSMAID. PAPER, REAMS wrapping, allotted liiest But ZUU quality of Letter, Note, Envelope and Blot ting Pper, for ale by geb. J3d, '43. 39 H. J. SHUMWAY, Agtnt. HORNS taken in exchange for COMBS by CHOfTTr it TllBlNin. rt, im 1M3, 39 February 8th. 184.1. trll. Hl'KLlil'T hii on hand a well leleelad as W sortmrnt ol DRY GOODS purchased in New York, in November last, at the lowest rale, which he is determined to sell at such prices a will correspond with tne low prucaui pruuupc. mcso gouoi con money and 'mutt, be sold to rtise money again. Cheap good irlay be obtained at u The New Cheap Cash Store." Ai there is now a littlt sleighing we invite all tho persons wno visiiuurungion tor iraae,iocau na ex amine our goods, 31 WM.'HURLBUT Dissolution of Copartnership, rpIE Conarinersbiu heretofore existing under, tha JL mm ci i-eakl, w a i nr.r. i tn, it inis day dis solved by mutual consent. The bonne-s will bicon tinuad and all deminds settled I y A. S. PxaU. A. S. PEARL, . pscar MTtrtrroi. Mtlten, Y., Jan. lit, !e4J. 7 w Cash paid fbr Data, delivery at their Store, Old Dock-, Burlington, Dec 22. 1843. &. BR.DLET. 30 TO MERCHANTS Who wish to parchnsc Crockerf Importer and Packer of , Crockery, China Sf Glass Wire, WOULD give notice that he ii prepared to Pack any amount of Ware according to ordVr. at New York and Boston pried, saving frright nd breakage to all who purchase of him. Me hai a good assortment, and respectfully ttoticfl Merchant to call and examine nn atocK uerore Buying in Market., Store, corner of Church nnd College Street.- -, Burlington, 20th Oct. 1840. Iron, Sleol &c. Qf TONS assorted English Tire Iron, I XiJ i O " do. Swedes and Peru do. to. 3 ' Russia Old Sible do.. OO " Peru manulactured roundind souare Irea entliracing all sites from J in.- tot in. lO tons. isorie,l brand Iron. 10" ScVoll Irdn ancT shoe thipes, 8 " Rnssii horse nail rod,., 5 Anvil, Vice, Sledges, Trace Chains, Bcnx, rjlt indRUps, Shovclr, Spades, CroBirt ttr. - Steel. Baaaarton.' Cast SttV G reave German English blittd. " American 1,8 OSet$teel pitted Cutter iaJ BUrk ep 4ui tic. just Received by STRONGS. Flour. 3jiO BDLSi Buperfin flour of superior IriaoVbv BTHO59. tfov, 13. , . ,t J

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