Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 28, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 28, 1843 Page 2
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I A riFSCIJS : r:ir. lintirs ,wu p uvii.wies op tuf. TV. "'..;.Ui .STATES is RKOARD t.i SI.AVI It V 'Cc . itrlci o- Kn.tit, pubtWitd in te Western J: . Chronklt, Ohio,) aJUrtht diction tlil'l. tv A vme or cuio. Xtinilier 0. v '-.tusi ar the co.vstitition ccBTisrrp. Hditori H:iv nj in my two last nunilieri rune ullusbn Id the maimer in winch the pen iliL'Trcu Stales line Won involved in iho c .')' expense n si ivory, 1 will now ptocml In i. smiie ol the instances in wliiih i halts lull I veil in the emit of tlm institution. tci o ri.iiiuMrss, approved l-Mui'tity V7, IrOl. .'rv and ("it si ive tr.aile'ui tin' Distil i of I'nliiin vere re-cit.ili'isiicil ini) i'iiniinii"il. As snntetli iy nl o, sm ut e.vists in rcainl In the power of Con. s over the sulj an ci sl.iiery in ih it 111 tre-i, it he well in ii'ui ilk, that i'ie Stan-mil' Mat yianil . Virginia, hv uVf,s of eowmu liuarintjil.ili'in I.Vcj, 'cev il i In1 tciritorv e,tibr.aenl within the Distri' t . fiiliiniln in ilu' Uniuvl Miti's These fleeiln nl si.inr.icli runt. urn il n clause piiitnlins that tin ne laws should continue m f ucu within thotriii v i'i'ile.1, mini l 'nnnre s shnvld accept the firaut. tl?'5s ncccplcil tin' grant, ami, Irani that instant, Slitcltws ceased in have, iinv force nr ifl'.-ci 'Inn the tciiitnty, It then came unih i llie control ' number snvcrei(:iitv, aii'l.otcntnse, nil former lave ust cease. When I spenk nf former State law, I r In nil statute or municipal laws. lilt'liuliilL' tin v nf ihi.vnt an I distribution, anil the 1 iws tin' Ih'Clionnf ili.'ht anil I'linUhitu dimes, ns wet ae laws of shveiy nivl the slain trule. A I these i6eil in oxi-t the in uncut 0ii2ics accepted llie .'nits. From time .i this, there ha been iui t lunicinal law in evjaleiicu w ithin sail D'lMri.t ex ' pt hi It rf Con creis. In meter that the penp'e with : i llie Di-tri ! shoiilil fiiifl' r nil inconvenience fur the 'Uitol laws, C. ingress na-seil the ail nlinic i,f. r r-"t to. Itv this law, llie .latini s form, rlv in forei vere re-emcio I, ant ' ee nne the Ann of Comrrst ",n I li ive t een in f irr since th it inn i 'in t'ns wav la wry whs re rintilii.hod. anil liy voice of this act of fjon 're. the i-l ive traile is nw continued in thi ity thai hear the nam i of Waiiiinotov Hepral ill il ai.l nf ('.dutch, mnl the t ne tiaile will inMnni ly In; nhii'.ir'iiiil, ami sh'vny wi.l lie 'tune awav for ever. Oonroas refiisoit lo'rcptal ilns law of thiii own eriaetniL'. ainl hy mch if'iisil upha'Js thuthne traile, itli nil in hnriore, anil itn atteielanl i;ill Itv virliteof tln law, parents are s p ai.attil finui then ihihlien, liuahinds finui thiir wties. brothers fiotn their si'trrs. and i hained to the e.nlHe, or pl.acnl on linaril iho siive ships, are ii"tineil fir a anstliern liurket. Itv virtue of ilv.s law of Cnnjrcs', all the t,es of .ilnnijsiie life are aeieierl liv the nirreenaiv I I'Iit in Ivmiin fl-sli. Him the father, in ihe pies e loo of his wife and e'lihlreu, It is been Known lo lay violent Intuits upon himself, and rnrli imn the pne mea of his GihI, raiher than nuet the horrors of a pirniion iilxiut lo be irill nll upon htm, under the sinciion of tins Coartiienal (lure trade. Here within the w.itls. of the pus mi. netted by I'uiule diawn from iho peopl- of the free Stan , ilie'nioihei In been I n.iwn, in th.' unutterable aiutiish oflur biiiI, lo ir.nrd r llie ehil tien of her own body, to prevent their othetuiso inevitable doom of In in e. p i,id to a eviihiru bl.ive market; and then wnh with hands reeking v.-ith the blood of her nHspruitf, to sever the thread "nf h"rnn eiiieiliV, rather than !::;. t tho torta.'s of th it 'ewerable commerce " now eiri-d on im.lor of llie law pi?eilnn.1 rnstainsd hv votes of n-irlhern reprttcnt.ilicts I'e lilionsare forwarded overy year ro Unngte?, prajitta t.iat bodv lo repeal tins law, an I the'miv release ihe pploof thi mrth from t'i: svil-sckenms emit at tend.anl u;im this trade in smV rmtr hnnrmtiv. Vit theajpttitinns ate treated witu eniiti.ipt, r.d we are eomp.-lle,' to continin? involved in il- tuniliide. feir- i ? tat n'ir rclcas' fro it it uiul'i 'J'-rt e int-rctl of iizsnvcio:acrs. lo preieui our rinw liom lhi srnilt, everv OjinncMtic memb.'r of ss from Ohio has. for ears, nnilut lit infl inner and eiTirts with the bhvihohters of the smth. tmleed, tin v have btoop before the world as "'is Sic'si Gwnh" of the slaveholders j ruadv, on nil oeeai-i ins to fihi the haltten of th no who follow a UalVlJ eonde nnwl and Piecratml bv llio cinhz 1 woild etiri-d nf Rod, anil in leu hy man. I will not nceupy tini'by.i'iv thinu morn than a mere r.fireii"eto ihe fuel thai slavery and thu trade i ists in the Territoiy nf Flmid.1, undi-r liv sanriun and nppm'iaii m of ihe Cnnare.s of th United Smits t In th emit of this jistaininu and continuinij the insiiiii ion in that Ter ritory, the people of ihefne titatcs nrodifplv involv e.I. whilu Ihoir peiiii m, to li relieve I from eneh P'l lt are indiirnanllv se imed from the halls of lean I nimby thiir tenants in ths House of Urpreecnii lives. In a former number I refened to the fiet that the r.xeoutivii of the Uniiod Si.ltes has put forth mir na tional inf. lunco for m inv vears ' In imrcnl Iht abo lition of i'ariry inthr hinndnf Culni"Jir Iht na svi thit ' tie s'vlJtn emancipation of ft mninroua population vinli W)t but be viry tensibiy fftt upon Js a-ljumt thorn of tSt VMlvt Stntrii Hew fir thv'3 1 eTins nf our tlov, rninenl have i'liolvtil lie in the guilt of si i 'y ant o'' the-Iav' Irmle, as they have 'ee'l can olon there t.irlhilut lifieen years, I ail unable to determine. 1 'e'e: lo I'lils, and leave them tor the consid ralion nf tlic- ttodi r. Tee troops of ihe U ited St i ca have nfen hien cillot niosn.iir if tivervbv the riircrt mterposiii in of our n-ms. More than fivehuri died slaves weie enpiurul by our a inv in I'londi, nnd n turned 1 1 a siaio of jUierminable h'.uhv. 'iJei'xdio I -f H- aiiafd- r'"ni-r n Ttm- thepeopleof litolVec SjajWaVe been invohtsl in all the j.'iiilt of i nslivinu'MTr" fellow men, in nriler ilnt Hie, slavcholJers may Invc the Lerniu ul their l.i tor. In my fourth ivimber I reftrrrd to the manner in which a firi within theTerritoiv of Morula wa bbin no, nnd two h indred an I s-venty lit m, onic-n. nnn r'ulilrcn were inur end nv tne erew el a siiin- lioat itetaehed from our uanl f irre, fur Ihe n.ile p r pisjof robbing ihem of ihetr lives, fir no oilier lea em than lint ihev were u n .. i 1 1 1 r, a loberobb-d i their liherhj. Th f. murder. iintnr'jl!chil in t'.o 'nsin ry of .'inv neo and culiuhiHuej tioveinmeul on emh, wis ci'iimiited ty pusins in our eniploy-bv our n.'enis, aciin.' in our n mie an I bv our n.nh i ity Wd weretli'is invilved in ihennilt of liilrnilvh nd il i twi hnn'red ant peven yof our fi-1 ow beings to ther ti i 1 itoo.ii, i.a onhr thai laTry may continue and prosper. ''The deep itunnalion of their oft " refts on us on the people uf i:e fie.jKtaii3, lie til as on iIiosh of tht's!avulaU'. In Ihe yeuernl s'ippori which our Oovernment has piven to laverv. thev h ive iniolvtd our i njilenf ihe free .Slalealil the general tmlt r.t that iiisiiliilion. -The late eens is has siveu us s)iiiiintere-ttn i by vih'u h ihe number nf lives annually ncrificd nmonu the el ives inav Im esnmateJ with an np'ptnMmaU.iii loiruih. It hislioen said bv some iulelluent slave hdlers, that Ihe most profuaide nu.e in wbiih 1 lo nit iii il h'-im, wn trcn vsir." Hy this t is un ilersto ul ilnt the h i'd r may in ike m ire proHt trom lii slave by ilnvimi liiui s i haul as to nuke the av era;s leimih nf life a n ini; bis slaves n i m ira ih in Kiii-n ynird after thev reai h maturiiv, Hyeimpar iag iho mi'ii!'er of doith', betwiv i iheaies of iw n tv Riid fntv. ann'i'; tin1 slaves of the s null aud the laborers of the n nth, fl rue ni inio 1 may bj f irmel ns lo the nu nhjrof iniirdeis bv thi n'm; of slates i.i ihs I'n to I States. The writer sp-rika from uu ui nry when he slates that sued co "ipirin ms sh iw th it f mr huii'licl t ousaii i human lues have been sae-llfc-d to tho Mold 'i of slaiery wiiliui ihil'iiled Slates Is'lween 1.10 and !310. In the I'lull of th se wholesale in irdois theiieonle of the fnu States have iv n iniolved, in jiistsneh deire as thev have lent their infiaence nnd nnl n npnoitins that i'lsutuiion. r.very man w'n uni hn in'l i-'n-e 1 1 withh .1.1 ftoui our pcrji'it a k ioA'I'i Ut of thesu fi-t, nn I nf their r'm'i's.i 1 hi ox 1 11 it fr 1 11 1 us ineimvivihl' aiiviunt of snill,li' com, s arcevaory in the murders thine nn- mil toil. Our publi'inen an I editors, win end-avor tn S'lnnreaa th 'aaitation nf our rvhlsm this subi'ct. liecvrie voluntary partiripatorsm shed tin ir lies river of hi vy), thn stains of which ceiituiks will noi wash fwi our national rseitiheon. 1 muht refer In numerous intanT in which peo ple if Ihe fni' St nei h ivn In cu involved in the milt 'r .1. .1... I... I,, 1 I,,,... I enoujh in eeive ns CTi'iiphs. My nbj-ct Ini been to show my readers the 111 inner in which iheir eain'iitii' tional liehts lo reunin fren from the B..1I1 and m irnl tnrpiiuJeitf slnveiv. havcbeeii tnvn bd. If llie Ped- I e ral fJoverrimeiil had abolished itnve-v in every Stnie e.f this Union, the n.itraee ure.n i'ii Konsliliriin vvniibl h ivs'Leen no pri ater, 1I11111 has bien that of in vtilvinf 'tho P'Tiple of Iho fico States in lie base wickedness nf slnvi ry nnd of ibe slant Irnde. Yd Mr IMitor our put.! - press, a id public men, have nal nnlv remained s'tpinely inactive under these pom. live violations of the Cir ic'ion ud of our riyhls, l ul tiiev lime beeii aUsolul.l) ,en'. ()uofour srent pahiirnl parlies Ins constantly iiiilml in the pripetra'ion of tliosnrnitrttaes iipon the profile, while it trui'l bo neki'owleslid lint ihemhtr has exhibited enlirelv too much imoiisiluliiv lo our wihnijs 1 aldtougli ll.eir 'vofs nud nuts, lor fjiite yea s pa", 'i"V ilco iit'ie' t.i Ihe world mi tin wiltiricncis entirely 10 yield up our blri.i.l-bouihl fcrivn'rv" This servile yii blunt up of the Cinsiilu tPfurtyj: ' n1'" nti'l Inter m of tho fret 5aiTipPP'n na favur anion; tl.ptjj'ls fn cither F.vPrv retnralte ironibsr from Ohio has, for yi 1" oppose I n'l !)te; this law, or I" tt pthti traffic 111 slaves t Sinee the rahli ntion of aiti, le, an attempt has !i 11 made in (...-truss 1 1 u.s - royn of n tern Inrial law of ITorida, win. 11 niiinoriz tc hi. slaveryof sii'liffcerolonil personsnsee. . , nv po-l nf lint lerritory. Thi liw was suna,ncd by cverv 0 'mocraiic member from (Tun. as well n inisiof l'i"sn from Ihe fien State, vhas r.ansiitii-. cuts will thereby become, liable lobe sidd jnln inter-, niinalibi lionilnee. (Vide Jnurnnl of ihe Hoiisi! of n-prefiiiit.alivis of Ibc31 nf January, Wi ) j seI. Ipticr nf Mr Vnn Ilurcn, Secretary of Stale to Mr. Von Xttt I our Ministtr in Spain, O.'tol ir 2 13?0- parly. No southern patriot demand it nirlhem lulriul will sih iillv sii'uiui in n II no mir loiiou ne nniiuauieii, n wii he hy nuppurlin? Iht. (.oiutilutum, hv rinlntintr it. Itv in nniainmi.' ihe luhts l.ollt of llienorM and of iliroti7i not bv liampliiii! upon thosi! of 1'iiher section. The south must bo permitted to inaintiiii tin ir slavery while llicy w.b'i to do oo the ninth must I c perniitti'il to njovits freedom iinenniauiinatnl and nnpnllitml hv the i!i tnftfanry. The political pari v lliallhrows its iiiflueiic into the lupport of all il ce njhts, will bo Hista ned bv the penidei while ihe pirlv ei ther invadi s the liehts of the south, or siipnuly Hit renibrsup tho." of Ihciioiih. will befoind w litmtr, when u,;licd ttl the lia mice of public senii'iu nt 1'AOll'IOUd. rOKKIGN. ARRIVAL Of -Fill: BRITANNIA. Twelve lns 'atri fiohi Iti.Ktni it. Tim Sti'mnsltip Hiilnntiin uiiivril til Unstnii nt lock W't'dln ulnv nl' lust v i k She le)' Liverpool on llie 4li insl., nnd muili llie pass ine III iiliont 11 itnys. ller trip i .i . . ... .. . from ll.illf.ix to Roslon wns peiloiiiled ill 8G , 1 j noma in,- siiuiii'M cut lei inn. We mi. ;,,,I,,l,i,,,l ... ll,,.,l,, t- r1., r.. ' tllllftltl'll tO ll.llllen A, LO. llll Liverpool illlll llovlllll p.ipels with tile news. ' r:, ...,., ,r i. t. i i 1 1 ti Li .?,? , ,r.l 'l i ,, o 3J TIUr 19 Clint actum I ruailitiL' in .the naikit Lomuiodoii' rorier, llielnilul Ntates Jlimstct at r-onstaiilinoilc etiul ibeie on ihe 3 I inM The it, i ,-i l.rn ,, , ri J iv ,., I i,,.l sieaniei The Pn sideni's Messaeenn the .shlvirton Ireaty, and the rloMna-irCoiurc ss was receive I by ihe (Jreit VAYs em : ihe Message creal'd sonircxi'itemerr, and ihe T. indon Tunis handles il with mt glovis. Th it i XI aonhnarv uoilt nf on u. ihiThnmes Tunnel, waopi iieil on .Siturday, ihelVh nil. after whiih llie due, -tore and liv r fneinlsilineil nt tho I.oiv Inn Invern, when a vole of thinks was proposed and carii il f r the t is erance and in-jciiuitv niani ii'sted by ihe cln. f f-nginior, b'ii J. Itrnnell, through nil ttietindeiiakuu 11 iln rt S Mithe , pnet fmreite of nnelaiid. died on 'h--.'lst ufMari h. He lefl n lmpc riy nf nliout 50, 001 Thenew steam' ' Hibernii." i aiKerli-nl In have Liverpool on the lO'li. The ft47.etteof t'r icow aananneed Ihe death on ihe 14lh ult., at ihe aire offjl iars, of Omi'l Siamslrs W.ul.'.'s I, who hid fil ed llie pojt of 1'ujiJenl uf the n publie ihirini! 15 vi .n. Thercis no'hiue laier from riuna. There is a ilrei lul 1','ti the iradenf Innd. Vill,ner'3 Neivs Letter stales that there is a falling olTof full oiie.fourili of the emigrati'in to this country cause the diliieullv to obtain wor!(. Hevltii orHco Majesty. Wiiiro happv to state that her M 'jeity eouiiuues to be in the 1 nj ivment ol everl eni h'alih ; an I not eithstan.l ne lite proviitiiiy of the event ivhieh is looke I f n ward 10 with so 11111 -h intense inieieat by nil the loyal subjects of our luluv id (4.1:11 n. Lonoo-c. M n lav. Aptil 3 1. In the House of rioiiinious. Sit Unherl IVe siand in reply to a n iestion ol" Lmd John Itussell. ihai he had received 'iepite',es I 0111 Ir Fot, w ih a copy of toe Pren,'iu s Mesja-je and ihe iMinmumeation of .Mr. Wibsler. and that he vvniiid lav them In fire the lloilie 1 lie eovernmcnt lia I not cuen any inslru - 11,111 to Lo-d As'i'eut in that mo lifie ' Lord Ibeideen's I ile-padi of IJ 1?!! hy 111. nrmcip 1 s they weie ite- ttrnuneil to adhere. In answer 10 . r, lefiion fiom down to ihocnnehidiiiij of thetreatv ol Washington Mr. iliiin", Sir R. Peel s uri he could not eive anv as. ' the true boundary had been a suhj ti ol r:oiiiaiiiilis suranei' that the mntion in r.ferellre 10 the Itiioidsri' i nitte: the hutorv of whiih lit L.tuMiln .w;,l, Tr nil U'.ieht ,11,1 iihaii l.'rtil,' t t 7ik I Lord P limeislon'ston ih'eateiieil imniin nn llie ; modes 111 which lliegovcrnuieiit iniulit have sehctel As'ibuilnn Treaty cincupiii llie IIotis.tnf 1 'ommons In settle this dispute, his Lonlxhip proceeds lo the o I the -t'i id', and en led in nuke. Mr ttume consideration of the nne fiimlly iiil"ii il, namily, to then 2a ve n Mice of a 111 nim that lb j Ticaty of Wash- niyitiate for a con v. niionnl line. The inie j.'nV rn in.'ton i nbke honorablo and ndvaniaireoiis to each , nieiii wished in do ibis, Inn thev wi ic told that Maine of the hijh contraeiui ; parli"s. and that the llianks 'insist 'd nn 11 ivinir the treaty fulfilled. There weie ort'iu Hoiissarod 1 10 1, ini J-'ihurton w!i 1 nejniia : ted th" treaty, nn I iho inini-tc's whia adiisi.t it. niiiuu en 11 iu llin Hi! 01 u b'liiuir oiouoii 111 the lloii-u ol Lords. LivEsr-toi A:ir."icvN Psovif Ms Masket foi the m mill enliie; Apul W-Therc lino been cxlens ve Iransaeiions in old It cf mil Poik duriue ihe pasl ill inth, at p-iocs varym.' 'tec irdin'.' to Iho condi imi 01 tne aitiete. I '.e niarsct is now tinner I r what remains in fust hands. Xew llu f. as well as Pork, mem a readv sile at f irmnr q loiaiions ; the arrival 1 f larce f unpli' s woiil I citisa pnci-s to recide. Tvo n iw Har m or Itains h iveariiicd. Old Pn kled Hams are ne.ailv uns ibialde. The slot k ofCluc-e is muili reduced. The list public salo was not w, II allendcf'j but a em-iilernld 'quan Hy wsslakin. iinin well b" leotff I. st my extreme n 1 itiuons Vith lari-o nni- valsnf Lard, priees have consib-rshlv reeo I d, nnd .enn.tir.' n n.,li..a fir ..liilvller.' n'lrn.w.i, I, .. nn. ' met a nnlvsal,. TV find son amin dem'anrt ; th- b'st pared ofr.rcd (1000) f mr.d Luyers at 3Ss to 37s &J per owl. . ; ' . i I DEVTII OF SOUTlIfiY. ! rr-i ,. ,. i , i , . , rite I'.nnllsli pupeis, winch ueu In ought ( hv llie Riituiinia, minuiince llm denlli nf this , .,, I dlsllttgiilshi (I wi iler nnd pnet. It will no seen finni llie follow nip iiiilico of him, wlticlt Isfioin ii Loinl'iti join mil, that lit lmd lii'en in ;i stale ili-r.i ni'iiii'ji t for llie 1 three yenis hefiire his lie.illi. We nerel toanno ini e died alh of M 'bert Smthcv. on itiislsv (Maubil ) ,ai bis ri nib-iicc tu Kiswul, ' t or ill's i i in ms nieiuis iiiii-i invc l.ten lone pt' , nr.,. ... ,iv ,,,..- ...nj- n n in ii-ri, n il si.iir oi niinru uaiiviien, arm a iiioniu nco nc was not aid.' tit uieoeuise th.ij.0 wno hi! Ii -en his coin pani ms fiom his juuth. S -nrcrly could hi- wifecon--de bet self with the p turboi. ilni he n cojut.eil cv, n her. Lxciss of menial labor in cveiy dep iiiinent nf In. ritur -p.ieiiy. It'story. hi lerephv, ciuiei o, an I pmlosjphv. ciiutimf.l Irom vear In enr, wiihoutcis niton bowed hi" simile spun nl last and n'lM-urnl lue eeiuu- which htd m lone can n idol v up m the in mure id ihe ate. Asa pnn unit nn exuberance of I n leiTit.ou s.'id'iui i q ml. e l, and a mas erv of ver lfi ait on m vi r uiup med and ns a prose wmer at once elejant nnd lucih'e his niuic will en lure as Line, as the hi'igu isc in whii h he wroie. The " wi'd anl wonderou. tnlo" of I'lialaba," and the almost equally wondemus "Cur-e of Cclnui i," are the pm t piecis on whi' It his finie will principnlly rest. As a pros.' win. r he was a pi'tfe-t del of st vie - easy but nol fe.-bli stately but not I'tiinbioii in! learned but not pidarl"'. His chief prose winks are l.twot 'is hi" e ae Ho A el tliu Church " " Hl-iory ol ihe I'eiuns lir V r." "L Iters from Snain I an I P irtnja)," P..s iy" o i the I'io.ti s mil Pros , peels ur -si aety " Hiitirvof llraze, "lives of tin H ins'i AI nirds" .f.'. HeaUi wrote hi 12 nph i.'sof Kirk VV lire' anl vlh iiieitou, and e tiled lleir works, h s.l'.'s it Imn i c I'lecii'ins both nf the prima p il nnd minor Fngln'i ii-ts. IU w i. np,iii'iied p 1 I laureate in 1312 He was Mice 111 irn I -first 111 very culy hie, nil I itiain but a few yens before ih ! m uini'nl overcl in li is of bis intellect, 10 .Miss I'nrohn. II i.vb s, a la Iv wh isename as a p 'le-is, hilbeen lo-ij an I I ivornbly known 10 tnsp.i'ilie nn I who in h I in sul Mm lenrsnl'his life wit h i over bun with th t m lerest sihcuiilc, anl all Ih 1 the rn nt d'V.iiis! nir-rtion couU do to hhten th-heavy 1 11 1 of his exisivnce. 1 1 all pic relations of lite, i'r. s uiihey was untver sally alloA''! by I'm., whi knew himli'si. mbe truly e.x 1 nalirv. Ily bis own f imdv h 1 was a.l ircCi and wa Inv.- nlr.'i.s un lemlo el thai the burihen of miintaiui n ihe fain t y of a man of yeniiis. wh ne irrrciibir habits ill q 1 ilifiel hi 11 for the discha'i;'' of the ordinary dunes o'-fe, chiefly devovedon Dr Soathcy. Adianti';'. we fear, was b u too ofien it ken of iris kind nnd nimahln disposition of S uiihev by Ihn. who were less provident 1 r jess industrious thn hi nsi-lf Till hie niin I was nnnirwr!, he renin ed his habitual kindness of ihsnnsiii'ui : aadth"ae eo'iiplinhe.! irentteman who aeeo npaoieil hi n. a vear or two a'D. ini a rontinentnl tour, un b" liken fu the , J"' he'lili, ,welt with food nfT-etion on the 1 'nnv si iihIiIi; ir lis of lus clnr.icii r whii h broke , "".''I ami i" nil ins Hill. rimr, Or. Si.lllhcv was a l'i olleinsn i'l llm lies, nenti. nT ine worn, ins n msj at Ih" I.alics was ever open to all who presented ih"imi It. s with s li'ah'e iulrodiie. rein, nn I 111 reare lew peis ins of anv ibnineii nwtn linseil lhr,n.l, ii . i I ilnnkenof it iSr ,C-1U" "h !,"U "'" -Islands reported nun. un il.,. vlnic i!(rtr, lUTIQOKiw Isltintls rrnnrfitl hnti tutth i'm i i .. .i . .... w. i. 1 IIUil'IIM IMI' MMir I U I fl . - IvI.M JM I a lil'UIIItl II ) II. li f('Vlfl Irillll IM'I a lll'.llllt)! 1(01111. 1) fl('Viri fritlll iHTlHUiJii tu llu inst., inti Mll(!, ii icu.tiii.ii ,f In- ili.t m i I'Hstimns h llm s,..t.r M,.('.,y ri'i.nrl on llm -J I n il irch. at h ill mist il ,r.i i ii'i lock, A, M. ivlimi ni'.ir Cnlia, on llmir ft , .,, : , ,,. ti. . . .! IIOIO Jam .li.t lo hi. I In, mas, , v.-ry Rcvoio sliocks ol'iin .'.irlliiiu ikii wnro i'.tn ............ I :.. i ... in i ii-iii i.h i.i .in , 'iiuhi in n; mioiiii's," Il also nmfii ins tin-stiili'initit that a shnrl: tvn foil til .htnuii"! on llin "ih nil ; nml rriviw inli'llUii n.e. i, uioilu'r on llm 2ih, n-isl ii'imrlcil ill Kiiiston, J.iinaii'ii, ilml tlm riimil . . , , , , . ,. , i l .r,a i,, ,, (li'iii,,m,iri. liy cuio of, "" ' ,"."v""l'' "Olliro ! i,s is iimiui news ii nui'. UaliJtU I'nsl. Death or (Vm.modoiik PonTrn. The KtiirhshpaprrKiiimitinn tint Comnmtlnrr I'.-ftor, tlm Unilm Slates Clnr-o at Cemstanti r.o,C, JlrJ on the, OJ pf ilarcl, 'I'll K TRC TY 01' WASIIINf; TON. Tho Britannia liriiuglii i.iiits ciiiilniuinj,' u full ri'inrl nf mi ilittTi'slinj,' tlnlinti' in I'.ii li.itlii'lil ii'l.ttivi' to I In; Wnlisler iintl Aslitnir tnn Tti'itiy. Fi'iini itii' following n'inrt nl' I'AJ.Mr.usTON'H spi'ci-li nnr rentiers will pin ct'ivi' tlm " niilili' Lord ' si'imiis to In-nf llie opininn ill. it the Aiiioricin Si-cicliiiy tt tle- iill'lIK' till) lll'Sl III' llll! ll.ltoillll. Wllilll l!l'll- Ion mnl tlic (lnliii urn ilciiiiiini'iiio M it. U't' I'nr niiifi'ilinci'vi'n tli!ii! to Kiiii l inil, Lnnl I'At.MKtKrtt.v rlmrgi'S Lmtl All nuiini.N' "illi stiiii'iiili'iino I'vrrv iIiiiil' to llie Jnili'il Slnlcs. Tills proves llial tin.' Tie.HV n v rv I'lir oiln on liulli sides. t. ird I'ALMr.RsroN, in tuppoit nf bis motion for copi sof nil (oininiuiieaiions whiih hnietsken place li-1. vei n inn com rnnieii's n (in at Hrilaiu and llie uirieu oniii's won 11 icriuce 10 l ie iieaiv 01 ' ,,.,n, u-ina keil. Iluil since he had iinnoiin'cd hi- j"1""""" min nioiion ihenoierninetit h 1 1 granted one portion of the iapcrs, natnel) : the eorrcsponoeneu wtneti nan taiieti prnn ihiwihui i.oru .suoviitos-, ni Washington, and .Mr. Webstcii. nw hkt,l for bull o sul Iledlof.,,,,. Cess, and ji would bu but tight anil for that they should .also be laid upon llie lable of the house. Th ' L-ov,..ei,t. withnut heini. asked to do so, had laid ' lino i ihe table not m relv ev.lrue but compete .piisiniii me lorris.iooiieiieu neiwien ii'i-late u"iv- ' "miient and their plenipotentiary hi W.isl uL'tnn nint should belli possession of th-. lemaimltr. An iiher reason why the in hi in nuahl lo liecnui)ilio I Willi was Ihe difll'renee of opinion wi h resp-el to die n iliey of llie Irealv. Ho wis one of thosn wh hl'inied the tr 'alv allocthrr he considered that th" nee niiiions hat been iinski'fiilly conducted that sulfi lent rei-ard had not been iiai I l i the di' ni ihe coiiniry, n ir lul suITi -ienl cire been taken to preienl'lerins liemi; made lo its diadviiitaL'e. H was aware that in evpn sUH' Ins dn ip;irobi'i in of the Ireaty ol ashinutnn he sh'Sild be met with the a' a icons run '0 ili-lurhinj Hie tnenillv rel in ms w'ueh ni ,1. f.-ii, niM 'ii-iw' en mi' iwocoiintiies. 1 nceari wnien lie nan t ikenituniii! the. ten years he In I bei 11 e.iaii". t,.,l wph th" tpivertimcnt would ptoe thai he did not nndeiratcthe value of heme at peace weh all nnion-i ii'idil miiM be evident tint here wis no count rv wnh wh. ill choouil us more to n a e u lomvpeaceiiii. .11 .iie.iiino irennv an 1 runn 11 relr.ii ms. lha 1 with th- Unilul Suns ("beets). The two iialiona were of on co 11111 in origin j ih ir man n ts I in .iiaee, laws, religion an I customs were alike. Tin se, togciher with the pecuh ir similarity nf th.-ir brnnrhi s of inibr-try, nil tended tocreiteii b md of iinim between this country a nlth1 U.iiied Siai-s. a til'h il nl not cxi-t with respect 10 nnv i.lher naii 'n nn earth. Them were however two points of d fT'r cneeco'iinion to both, namely, th ir separate ten. "raphieal position, and then liavin lo carry nut con- ll.ctmc in'etests. Utnbr ihest- circiiiiistsnci s. in ihe 1 I'lternanonnl in lremi, ee u'l-iwl, unuM ,nt,n ,,U,,.. I..,. i he. 1 iween Ihe two coimtties, nnv inequnhtv of adanta"e, however the easii may be s.e.lh.'d and siflelied rlnwn hv tenintrarvcircii nstanees, limit, m the lotuMun, cans., disiiirban c. If nnv trentv eni.ieit imn by ihe I lo rnii'ttttes s'lould provn ilisiilviniaijes 1 1 one of v. as clear inai uiere woulil he no lioiieorthe firm an I I istim; peace which it was to be n'csuinid tin v 'l wi-hed to s r euablishe.l bei ween the two e uniiies (eliecrsV 'I he treaty of 173.$ enn-nad ibis reinarkalile piHimhle: "To prevent 'ill innuds 111 fu lure ns to what arc thi'liou'id iries thev i-hall be held 10 he as ollows ' el Irom Iho ma uernf that iiniv nrmi nn ,,i..,,l, AO.,. .11. , I.. .1 .:.... two 111 .i1r. in w liu It Ilns plan 111 "Jit have Ins 11 car ried out s it iniehl have lieeti arrnnuid by iho ordinn rv iii-oruments 01 nei'iuiaiion, or tliu eovernnieiit nuuht have done wl'.at ii did d 1 send our n spend mission 10 Ainetica. Nn man whowuii with the pnnin nnd paiade of nsicnal mission h ml income I....... .. 1 I.J. I.I . ,, llu.iii.- tin 11 y-,, ttiii' ,1 , oiiu ine r. .1 1-lit' w ,11 Ill'llir.lU V dciniisi f pom-nnd cf menu; Ins e'lvcrnmenl to no to Ihe full c: tint nf coiiec-sioii, i alio i ih n have il I satiiiie i. i. euiiic mime without liceoiiiphsliine lus ; u ii-' 1. Minn iui; hi i' ri mm in pi iii nui ; iuc 'll nu-l in they ought to be ex"edin'.'lvcari fid as hi t'lu minis'iT illey sun mil. For vinous realms he ihouiiht ihe eov.riiuuit ha I undo nn iue leiheni choice The u il le lor I w ho h id been s b eti d was both a llni'Sh sulij'i i nnd nn Amiiican riuzeti; he posess"d riuc-i1 v p ises iuinn ibis country nnd in- Icrcts of the deepest and tnoi-t inipirtani kind; Inn h aia SO I'O'lUieteil Very deeply .lllll III 11 Itludin: mnner with .the Uniied Sines. Lord Ashlmt ion i lvl" b?"" m. t",,',li: lllt'' '"" bi'.l n'J patiieular . .i ri in e in p'iblie neenti.itiim, nnd in ihe vciy nul- s, t hi: made a uiisiitku which riioefroui his not beuiL.' . tully ai-q lainted with the usual courpuof ii"oiiatiiin. la ni'iUmj; his first prop isilion he descri id it as Ins i u!linatiim This was inuhcr usual nor courteous 1 ra'berofl'.iisu'tii the poly,d with. It is'iyine. "Thii my first wonl In no tin list ; tike . llil, or von shall have notions." lSeiciiln b he thnueht Lord Ashburton had commence I with nn I ultimatum thai ne nuaiiu true niim ml to it. ami that il was not conistcui with thediL'iiiiv ofn Mhiis. tertosiy.iu the first instance, " 1 will'tint ttofioui this pioposiiion," nnd then, in the iciv next step, m retire fiom it ileinu-t say that the llnti-h PI aiipo tentinv had made two urent imi.tnkes li M. in throwini' n r nil ducu nous ns to the meriisof hi clauu. and r.c-.M, in allowm America In put the q u s lion upon the b si- ihnl the cnunii v bcbiiiui d to the Un led Slates, and that ah Imlaml wns In eel must ,ni mpi. pn Ci llll CS.-.OII, l ll)r S CO.IMill'l ll'll,l L I'd Aslibieto ion, in f id. went over lo Amen, u w nb able o . qaivalt ins ; which be ft mid so iiniiisva hunt'.', ih il he had Ihroivii iheni all in iheftei .f air v eli-ter j 1 1 sh in, he shot Ins bae wtthnnt kr ms one .quii item nt ine noiiin. (" lieu, hear! mil n laueh ) r Nihsi.r bid taken ihem up by one; a'll fl'st, h nil, Von Ble li' llie nnviun nnn ni in" i .in in ',iii , we in c nn 1 11 o mr l II a I 0 will h. vi iy 1 1 lit lo i Ami be put that sin reii'ler in li," ni ,et i. I " hi in lie leUiiiiul. Ihinlie s ltd, " ( ri von nne us up lb iiueiioii of thefem sne mis ", it is via hit c, but .til 1 will pm kct llial." Aijain, with rt-pcit to Itouse's '.mu and II- lonn hue of frontier belmieui to it. that was n most imp ir lam c uii e-siiin ; ihe Am tu nn Ooh rniiieut wis well aware of the mine nf lloic.u's Point, and yet it Itad been tend red to ihem without biinj ne'ecd for: in reply, they Hai l ihev were very lunch o iliueil, nnd would take eaie th il final II main did not ir t ii ntiniti (' IL aM ' and lauuhier.) Then thu-'u.'ar Island had been I'tveu up ; Ameriei replied, ihe suircn I. r wns ,., t.!n,l il, n,n ,,r t.',,nn,i ...i... I, ..i nleiity of sucnr islau Is utile they before had nm.o. Willi respect to ibe lumi inl ilisiriet, iho noble Lord wn'.in use manner uiankeil Inr I; nnd, Ihoiifli Ihe Anieri. niis did not snic it was nl piei-mi ol vnlne, y. 1 thev c ilciitaicd upon cell iifj sonic rub Lnebsh inen to lend them iiii'ttev to otk ih' se nine whi 'h would be cf eal s )u u ol "o nfil to ihem. All ihe-e thuii's had be il yocli up nt II is siaue' of the in initiiiion when I.'ird Ashhurinn w,h" I to kiep the t'reat Ii rntorv norlh of ihe St. John's tiier. At the end of the iicunii own, the noble Lord had'iollmiu' to iiff'r ns anq itnlni and I'leuluallv llie noble Lord was in th il p isilion that he could only sav. ' Dtnw up the Ir'aiv. send il to me quickly, nnd 1 will sen t." I'm bad ns this boundary wns it was not entirely eeilleilj became, bv an nniclu nf ihe in alv we were lo npnlv lo ihci!ociionof one pari of ibis honndarv line the fihionable Prlion of "a slulini.' s ol." the scale was to slidenlij and ilown the St. Jjhn's tdl a point wns f nind, wtiieh was to be so many miles f-nai one plare, and so many fro n nnoihcr llll il met nt a poiui hen after In bp di t. ruiinpd. In peakin? ofth" arii'des which relate c the sup pression nf the slay" mile, he aid that in ici'anl In ihii nli eel ince the pres nt Ooi ernmenl had come into power, ii had made ureal steps ha kwanl. and that ihu firt iireat stride was the ard ! o this era iv, liv hieh we nee,.,. led formally from iho tTm rd Siatesn most inndequnte . na tiremeiit inliui if the complete fu'fibneat of that ar iec nf the Ireaty o' nhem, by which ih" Anieiican poverriment sDrcd ilia lei h ihe contracifnf pirnes sha'l use ihcirt'e.i rnl'ivie. to aeouiiis'i ihe nbnlii'n'i of itie .lue trade He co'lileinucd ihe corres!vuul"liee of Lord Ashh't'ion r s icmi'iy ih" Preole, nn I chnraetcir.i 1 it ! " 'HI Ut'l'lllll ensile v. lo a repu'lia l"ll p Ihe I IW ff ' f-'lie slaw on P.iti-h Crnn,l. i iii't i'-rii'"i "ti'iri" iii' iiti' i rii . iv,n nnvpninicntf. .SnrHv ih- Hons. 11 f"?1?. ii nun I lis it nriil uniljrallnmir ttill Avicfi.i( iu Iumhi llin two finvprnnicntp. Siirrivih'i Ilnuwrnuu n ithivf 1 f irynit 'Ti ih iii'1 Viiennr.1 Spuntft rnrrunpiilrr 1 r.t..l .... ...i .s f .1.. r ! "I"!!!!!-!!!!! VnniI MHin lllf "irtJITI "I "I" tll'l'MII tnrr Imi nni i mln , ill In I ..inn ) 1 fprrilnrf. nntltlmln tiill hi I l in t.rnttfhl info llu' Amtiirnn Sf-niii fn mkim iinnmliii the tVhii ifrri orv, Inch, hftii it pn ,,,,, n,f,ic,l ton .teelara.i, coilelnileil by rvnrc.sim. ihe bane llu Ip paec(pji(in of MPrt fun n iw, Intw thnl llu f tvorahlt ' '' """ "bull t c .nie,ica.,s ha I now acquired would I lend them, tivn senn of iusiie1. Ii h ino.le'atc in , il,eirr,m,rc .1. ina.idM and thai n fri-ndly inlerennrse w. -llid tie iiiaininin.d betwi cn ihe fiovcriimcnt, nnd tlicpiaiple of bolli (oiiuiii.p Umi. John Jl. Diwsoit. n Iti'pri'scntntivn in f'oiiiri'Sjj from ih" Slain nf Ions!a" , has I er" appoliitoil bv tlio l'rottdmil in thn nfTici' of Post. in i.ii'r iii i in- . ii v in iii'n .v iro'.inr, in tnu in.ici f fiemcral William iJchuvF, ri'sljim'il. ma-tor of llm rilv of Sinv-OrlPanr, in tho (ilari J,, annonncimr i,i .appoinimniit llm ,,neia) imperii. .fi-Orlcans. savs : "Wo linlii-vn tin line scpction iiiccis urn npprnliaiinn cu tlio h (r( niuidrilcif all parlio, .and onus rv.ilonrn In iu i neuincnlir friends of tlm Prnsiitmil that llm ""TffL '"' " " s'r ' XaUmal ln'Cli8C"' FltKSMKT IV CONNi:c PICUT. I' tun ill'' fiillouino Mr.iot'uihs t.iki II I'lntll (lie ll'iitl'.itil Ciinimit, Inst work, nnr lendern will -sen lliere lias hren qultu n fit'slmt in thu land ul'slO'itly linliils. From the c'ourniii of Monday. THK niP.SIILT. Hie lale heavy rni i nn I ihe illecls of the sun tinon ihe snmv lolheliorihi'f u, has csuscd an unusual Il mil in tho ( nun, i ll. in,. mil us banks me now over. Ilmedliin ureal xtne I.-.M evetimu n wasal l"tt j iboie l.iwwnur miik, and tlsitic at the rale of nun 1 inch ihe h ii r Ciinineiresitiriiscm. reil with wa. ter ihroiiBhont its euiiic leiielh, nnd II pper part nf Fiontstre.t is in tlicsnue 01111111011. Our 111 relnnts in n ate sttaai, 1 eimv l ronl, wi rclmsy in leiuminz Iheeooil fio 11 their cellars, fearful that tho water might rise much limber. Frnm the Cournntnf Tueday. The Con leclicul imitinucil 1.1 rise diiiiiii; vestcrd.av at iheratefrom one and a h ilf lo two inches the hour". The r covers all Fro il ircrt iileueT.ilcnt, and lasi cveninowisnn ihefiri 11 mr of Mr. Dean's lem. pefance Invein, rorher nl Frnnl and Mnrcan slrcela. nu rch nils m i,j neieh'i nlm id of the liver, have In en put to irrc.ii inconvenience in reininun; their amilii. On Comuierec stin t nnd the louir part nf Slate sirect, tho water is nn iho first 11 mr of a number of m ores. Th"cauenr th- Hr',L. CVnpanv in Harl. foul, is reported 10 be a yoodilial injured by the wash ing uf the waiir. Fro 11 the t'ourant of Wednesday. Tho lllvcr Coatinii 'd riinr during Momlav nijhl and yester day. Last cveiii in jt wi- tho ielit to be at .1 stand the water t 111 11 benn; nlemi iuhiivsix (ei t aboie low water mar , and waniioir mlv 14 inches of beiiu; as I.I..U m . I.. .1... ...... ,1 . , e . .rtl . . .. r .. J inmi - 111 lie- ' lH I II HI III -UI. ll"COIIl I 'IV in- j dies more w mid tiriiic it on a level with the lloir of ihe In idee. All that pal t of Front street .above Ferry. is cuf'cil with watir urd it is on ibe fiisi fl nirs of all Ihe dw. limes ami . ,1 nil ,l,.se,, , ! lion of II e itv cast of Frnnl. Il s also sreimrl the dwellings in ViHaL'e sircel .'oniintieit, nn I in the low er pan of Windsor sire. t. 1.1 M iruan sireei. ths wa. ter is up n.atU in Irnat nf Church's rope-walk and ill Out mi bile of Ihe mpp-wslk is up to lis roof. Th" 'links of ilw Line Hiver, for some distance from its mom"', u mo it iw n caused by the seiiins ineu ol the miter I 0111 the nnnnret cur. The letun tv Ooal, nnd all the I 'S in ih- lower pan of West t'.a'l Mre. 1. are snm.iinded with water. In n poriim .ifMtll meet Ih- water is 111 the cellars The water pas-inu' llirnmh Asvhim strci t ciihert, ha a', m,d its wav on to llie low i.rniinH in the re-" nf i'.,l,v,hncs on 1 10 owe r nails of Ann and Hi-rh Etr.ets, Our icer"'nnis rencallv have rennved their eoi.ds ton place of saf.Mv, an I welmsi thedantane will not be heavy Som lumber has been rani. at frnm llie ards on D teli Poiiii.luii we have heard no particular nsto the auanl, ly I'min iheConinnt of Thursday. The River had fallen Inst eienine about one foot, nnd wa- then fallim' nl llie rate of nboui an inch the linn" At its '.-realesi heiijhl an Tuesday, as near ns et'tuil ne nseertain'Tl 1 was vi inih s lower ilian 111 ''!''' L'rfr" f " I "f ifl. 'n'l n many pnlus hiiih r 'J"i'''e fl '.id o 1P4I. The f'ournni spoke of the '." 1 u.' ' ""'e' ns "l0 Srcalesl in Cnnnecli n ' !J';H ''y , ," 8 y '"Pr''nn"' twonun came from Hill '."'-"i".'. ""n.i ec nun -i i, 10 i imn, hmo nnn e 1 n 1 me pi 10 wnin 111 imnl nl in st ire of Jlr. Imsc D. I'ull, corner of Stale nnd Frnm itreets. Our read er at a ibsiani c. will bo able in f ,rm some idea 01 llieexientof t1 0 tin I, from lbs circmnilatice. Vesteidny. lino were drnwiri' n seine fiir Shad, a f, w iods b.low Inilaj's Mill; Ini without s'.i'cer. We witncssKl, however, 11110 haul of ihirlv or fji ty nlew ives. From the Cournnl of FiiJay. The Itlvcr Had fallen up to last 1 venule, nliuii four feet, and 10. lay most of our merchants who have been driien from their pl.ieis ol buaincbs, will piobably benblc to ntui 11. rroin thu Si.tit HfiniUT. HON. IllLND H LL. It will he ierceii ed, frnm llin su'ijnined teller, lint lint linn. llii.tNn lln.i, declines lli'iuo n riiii'lul.iie ul the next riin'ievii,ii:il .. .. ll'l'l I , . . Cinv.isi. lull.' we (In mil iisvitiiie (lie rtolil to roiilrol his iniirM', Ve ue Oiilllint I'efr.ilti ,(,lt ...v,,, ,,, f I'Xpi essinii nt uur stnceie icen't which wi- know we shore in I'mumon with the nuns ol'lin nl I i'iitisliiieiils,ili,i his sen . ee-mo In clovn nl o post which lie lius filled so credit, ihlv in liimself, un I mi .solisf.ictnrilv nil li(!ii"lici ill v in the public. His labors tliouoli ipiiet nnd iiiinliliusive, hove lieeti nf (lie must iiiiieiniiiiiio mid useful rli.iiucler. ide frnm hi. ii'tni.'i ,nm other ei vices, his iuvelie'ilio" "ml x'.'siire nl' the nl" lite N'iiniui.i Ciiilitmil.ilinll, nnd nther R vn lutintinrv Claim- sued Vom i ' ii : 1 1 1 i t) nml lilimiler, millions nf the public ucosiuc. I'l'iv nf Ins us-ni i ill s petfoiini'il nunc l.ilior or wustt'd less nine in uescless deli.iie. lie liin ly ii ill! i i'Ssi . I the llnus", hut when m llid si i, il Whs iliine eirei'lii'illv, mid In ihe put Kio. Me showed liiuiM-ll'i'iimpelem nml pi pi in the discli.un,. nl hi, duty, whether in puldic ileh.ite or privnle 'iivesiiuliiut, Ii in.illeii'd Utile, w I ii 't I H r lie I till Imii nuil e. pnsi il llie initpiitv nl' 'ironi.i (V tiuU iiiuii llie public lie.iMiiy hv severe inv eslio.ilinu, ill llie eiiiniuillee mum ; nr vl n 1 1 n-i In' hurle I li n k tile toi.iiitenl im'ii ill lies ei si imuiii his I'iitii.ilic .M.uiiilai Sine, nml lebukeil in Mem, just, nml I,,,,,.! the is of: ., il.'o.-'iu' in,.,. .on ofVi,..ii,i.i, ,n ., .. . .. , 1 ' 1 no llm lloor nl the II nise. he was alike sue- I , , . , i I . miii nnn il mill I in I in Few imlilie ser- v.itils have liiim uime loillilnl in the poll nit- in clivfli.ii nc of dulv, nr ri'Ceiv 'il in lelm n in 11 iiiei'inn nml .'.inphati.: ii,'el iii ms of ihe popular favor. Ami lie lias now laid , ...... . i i.i .- :i . i , ., nui-, v.iin.iin .inn i.iiin. llll lllsi'll.lini' n W III isl' lllll It's lm h is l'll'illtl!- ly rri'i'ivo.l, l'i nui his .iiirnvini; cniiiiiiiiciits, 1 1 il. wi'lciimn il.iiiltt wt.i.i, noM:. To tlio freemen of the first C'oticrcssloiial District. Gentleinuu: Fnun ih umforin decla rations I h.ivi) undo to all with whom I have ciinvorH- eil mi thu subjecl einci'tny la -t oiection to Cn.a-L'res-", I prpsumu il is ''I'ner.illv iitiih'r.-lnnil lliroiiL'hi'Ut tho ilislrtr', th if I iln not ilesirt! tn be .! un a caniliililr. Ilnt as thn time is approach in;; when ynu will be rem ired In select an imli. vidual for your reprpsi'iil.iliie, I ibem it proper thus publicly to Htinnmire that I decline homo cnii-ulorcd us one amoiiir thosu from wlnmi the eclectmn is lo I c made. In lakh,;; leave of jnu the freemen nf tlm old Coiiirressiimal district ihe power ol Ian. ouaffo will nut allmv'nto toevpri'rs my jjrateful leeluiort lor the repealed minitcsi,iiions of your kiiultii'S9 anil part ality luwsrils me, and I rib ill mi! attempt it. 1 know, indeed, that iboso man ileftattona havo bar e.M'eeileil my merits, out I cannot prize them the? less on tint .account. 1 lruslj niajt hcaluWil tn ailil, Jhat while Iho remembrance of these iiutir.viium of your rnnfi. tlmtre will be the proudest rci'ollert'mna of my liiture life, the cniisciiiiisin'ss nf having muleav. ori'il to serve you honestly and faithfully, will ho among its pleasing refl-jctiniis. HI LAND HALL. ncnniiijrtop, April 9,1313. washing ton's oir tilda y at vi. i:nna. A rorrepDiindeiit at V.etuiu write.--, 23d u!t: 'Yesterday, '.KM, Mr. Jotulcr, the .Minister nf iho Umti d Sillies at Vienna, save a b ill in lion, or of Washington's hirlh-dav. ller lliohness Princess .Molteriuch did thu bunors of "reception is lady p itroiiecs-. Anion": llin Clients w.n the dislinuislii'd veteran polcier, Ins Imperial llijjh. ners Ihe Archduke, Charles Hcrutnpanieil by Ins nn, the Ari'luhiko Frederick, and Ihnir fuites. It was cratilyini; tou'eoneof ihe most' eel Fohhurs nl Kuropo shoivino; respect to the meinory of Iho timet lotiowneil of Auuirica. ru co Altieri, Asisloltcal Nunr.:o ; ihe Am biiKs.idors to Lnul mil, lVaiico and Turkei ; their Unvnl iho Prime. nf Wasa, thu lle-ri'tlitarv Oriind Duku uf Rulen, ,.l jl.e Prince' ol Nassui, wim an ps"tn Iho w i. m i Vienna ; the loieitru .Ministers of the it lll'ient ('niirls of l'Jtirnpn, iiiihin.inyof the most iln-titi. t'lii.hrdiif thu Austrian and llmiLMrian nnluhlv oflmlh sexer-, lio'inied ilunlaj- by Ihoir presHiice. A lino in irhln bust of WiiBhiiiir'on was eoi'.siuc. uously placed, surrutiniled hy 11 overs and ever- orrnoe. ulncli nlir... in, I .,,,l, ... ,...,,.... greens, inch iittriiilcd much atletilinn. The arrangements of the dancing salnon and lad ed'l nlei were t'ully and eleganllv made, tin ier Ihu dircctmn of ho'r Highness Princess Mettcrnich, whose afhble, gr.vtoful aud iligni. lied in nue.T nf rernptiantliriitigliniil tho nveliin clieileil llin iiitiiiiratinti nf all; nml is was (,'one" r.illy rem tit it Iho I'mucsH novor looked inoru lie.nililiil ami ltiriri.itiiirr. ''io cniiinnitv nuiMsled ofidioiit Jj:i() til lialilo and ho lll'ly nl Vienna. Tho timht w.isntul iitimntei'l in Hie cUrcnir, mnl iho il.incu kept lip witl. npirit until 5 in thu inornin. The iih-eneo (ifPriTue Mnlternicli was deeply liiniented, lioliavnu' otiire.-ied Ini own Hiiu ore 1 rerrel. mil liavimr boon .,1,1., i..iin,,.l .,,il,.,r .( iho Court IiiIIk "iliirnnf the seann. TIiih in ir...,,., i , tV, ,, ' .. . ,T . ', " .' Y 11 '" H birlli.d..y been rel.;. ,iri",," vnirintf tint Ihu and non men of oiory e;!0 uri! upprecialeil hy lite itilullijretit and tltihlo oluvery entnilrV. The AtnerttMii Minis. Inr uuui every eX'Tlinu to render Ihe evesnino nurcciili e to his iliiiurriiilieil nent5, ami lia ninplc raiifo to lie yrAtilie.l at Ins nueecss ; and tho American nation slmuM l.u proud In know Ihe iiiiniu of Was'iinoinn is bold in the liiohest respect in Kumpn as woll as in Atnori ra. The lull opened iwlh Wiishinifion'rt 111 trch, oxeenled liy Strauss mid Ins lunH. His Impe rial lliohness 1 ho ArchdiikH (,'h irles ami l'riuee MolliMiiicli lio.iiled Iho I'otoiiiiiMj," Tliehirlli diy of V,ishiiii;li,ii wad celohra'ed mi Hut 2') I nil., hy llin Americana in Rotiio, in llieir usual inaun.'i. hy a pubbe dinner. About tony rilizonsnf 1 be Uniipil S a'es wens pre.Miiit. Tim Print 0 dij C iniiio, llin iMtiiviiislinil nun. r ihst, tthn resuli.'d 111 my yu irs in Philadelphia, M I ,Mr. (irccti, the Au'ierieaii Consul, wmc present sis quests. Thi' oiivurnni"tit of I In: United &' ii!cs lias never Mipported auv diplo. miusi or coti-ui-ueiterii al lite IMpal UoUrl. Sensation in a Tuance. I'he sensations 1 ..r . 1.. 1 . . 1 , t .. . ".' " '" '",. I",r.",,:' 'tli e n.iiuue, III ' " 1 . ""'" "'0 'onow mir case ol n iMiire. "A iiuiij: lady, an .iiieiulant on the I'riuro-s , alter liavine been confineil In her bed for ajjicat letieth of time with violent nerv. tins ih.-order, Wns at las', lo all appearances do. prneil of h'e. Her hps were q nto pal", her lace ri'-emhled Iho roiintetniici! ofn dp id p-r. son, and Ihe hody irew co el. She was ro nov. ed Irom Ihe ri nun in which she died, was laid in a coffin, and the day of her funeral lived nn. 1'hcd.iy arrived, and, arciirtluijr In the custmu nl tho einitilry, luneral suns and hymns were Hini(r before the door. Just as the people were nhniit tnnaildnivulhelid of the r.iilfi i, a kind nl porspiraltnn was ohserveil to appear on the sur t.irt! of the hody. It jtrevv oroilor every inn men', and nt last a kind of convuumo tu ition was observed in the hands and lent of the enrpso. A few inmutct; alter, during which time fresh siotis of returning lilu appeared, she at once Ojiened her eyes, and uttered a must pitiable shriek. Physicians were quickly procured, .mil in the course nf a fe.v d ivs she was considerably restored, and is probably .elivo at tlnsdiy. The description wh eli she .jivo nl her Mlu.itioti is extremuly reuiarkable, ami forms n curious and Authentic addition In psyi'h'tlicjy. .Sim sitd it seemed in her that she was really de-el; yel she was perfectly conscious o! all lint Happened around her m this ilrea ll'ul sute. She ei blitic.lly heard her Ineiuls spe.ikiiiL' and liinieiitiii"; her d.ith at the e tiles .,( her ceffi i. She felt ihcin pull on the dead. clothes and lav her in them. This Icelio' produced ,i iiwniai .iiixiety '6 indescribable. Sin tr ed in cry, hut her soul was without power, mid miihl un act in her body. She had the contrail ctniy Icolin as if the were in th" and yet not in il at one and the same time. Ii was equally inipos.-ihlc for her In stretchout her. inns, or fo open eyes, or to cry, allhoiiolt she iiinlinu .illy endeavored to do so. Thn internal an iiish of her ttiiiid was, downier, at its utmost heiolit when the funeral hymns were beoiiii to be smiir, and uImmi the lid nf the cotfio was about in bo naled down, Thu thought tint she wns in he bur e,l alive was the o in th it caie actii ity to her tniiid, and caused it to operate on her frrfiue." ffinns on Sleep. Tlic spirit or Hf.dhrw music and song. Tne Rev. (ji'oreo II. llislius ul 1J .stun, week before U", dehvored Ins iiitrolnctory lecture ai Mil! Tabernacle, to a very larc and attentive aud.encp. 7'ue subjecl of his lurtiirc! was ihe Hemic Odes of the Hebrew, with their tufl more no ine clnrider. Alter inlerrui'' to th' inti rest h Ii ch iheso mlcs haie lor the b b ic. il s'li'lout, Iho Hint the ni'ieici to, the lecturer proceeiled iiieiiitiai"nn ihe jjre.ii mil iuiicu which they must hive uxerlctl in the t ' inn il Kin 31 I lie niuimal cliaractcr nl the lie. lire iv. ''in; tii s.t musical event in the .Mosaic h.slnry, he said, wa. the sononf Mom, le rlly alter the im-,ii;! ol the li"U tae.i. iiitlniii', was Inr her Inuu the desion ol .1 ,se-, in tha. so e', thin il ni'i'icil il splav ; hut il exercises n pe cuhar lulliinuci! mi Ihe people, Inun its hih poetic merit mid th bea itv ol the l-tn'M ie. ins -i.lrini" so l.' w.n en iiine I inoru than one Ihoii-itiil ye ire before the tiuu ol llouifr, .1' d was tho in "lei nf all the hemic odes of llm I lehiew i-; and tlinil.'h we had be'oro us th" eevited Lino iaoe and hibluiis iun.'ery nf the inspired write-, vet we cnini have hut a I tint t"iifep!ion of lis tltnl in; ell ;cts. 1 lie lo turer "V l'r'"'ee;led to co,,,ler whether the choni- " ' '"'b!- a-i.1 .rai.rii.jr.wiilt Uiu-a HI..M..1S. was nccnnip lined hv Ihe Israehtieh woineii, w ee nri.nnal wnh ibmo.or .omed fromlbe Krvotians. and showed cnnulusivelv how their kuowled e, lrnt', ami customs were all derived Irom bjypt. ' r'nuii the t ict of .Miees lining h.-en oduciileil ' '" ,C r"llr' "r K-'v'' Iinmn. who led Iho ch',r,",1 iKn" "", Bvp'pm. lie drew the infer. em ii that this cleirus .iccompaii ed by tunhrels i in, ,.,. , . ,, ,, )rr Kyopt. llea'so shmved how many of tho snnjs of w hich h nun'i'd mereiv the first line-, in lite writion-, hue hetm Inst to u-; and siul that, though in Ihe liiiej nf Mosps ami Joshua he music nf Ihe IIuhrewH did not cvtend lieynud ch luting it. yet it must, Irom the spirit of poetry wh ch tteie'r exhibited, have been highly cxlnl aratinj;. Fiiiiiithe time nf .Muse.-, the lecturer passed to the aje of Jud.'er', a'ul exptttale.l at hoiri" lenoih on Ddbornh's sou' of Iri'Jiil.ih, the tail inane of winch, he said, was that of mirtial pis sion, lie referred lo Ibe schools of llm prophet, established liy S im le'. V'.ie sell ml of prophet ins in fact, ho said, a public freo system of na tional education, and designed to rekindle.' the oxpiriuir intriotism of the Israelite-', by rung ini; the heroic. m.ios of .Moses ! and thin was the reason they were called prophets, because thei ni"; hemic poiifis. 'The inspirilinrr elTjct o Ihc-o Houifs mioht Ik; conceived, if wo took iuli consideration the efTorl which hearing them hat upon San', who, when the prophets came d.iwi the hillmiintfim,', seized a harp, and joined them, heriiminuui a iiminer inspired. 'The above is a very brief ami imperfect out lino of tho lecture, which was highly interest ioo; the more so from its bein;.' illustrated by renditions and clinriiscR of the sonj;of Moces at ter the p lss.i.m of tho Red Sea, the 00, h psalm, and tho sn'iir of ll itiakkuk. Tie: chorti.e.s wcreyivon hv fl full and cfli. rient choir, and were highly ofiective. 'Th" s ilj-iet of lm next lecture, which lie an nounced v mill bo delivered on Fruity next week, will he Ihe devotional songs of the He brews. A Foot,. A spruce young buck was boasting of his success with tho fair, and among other thiuss ilcc.hireil thai ho might have sjmrked'w with a Li ly whom he named. "Why limn," said bis Yiieiul, di, von neglml such u golilenoppiniuniiy?'' "Be. rouse," iiinweieil he, " she begged ttt be n cusid, mid I was such n ilemeil f.i.,1 tli u I excused her !" Thu rat llu iu Michigan atn dyi i.T i iiimi'mis nl sheer sltrvi : , 1 1 1 1 i-i M 1 1 1 1 1 i II ilor I ion nf i. itin'e i up llll lliii fodiler, ami lln'ie i- o. i.i in , for ihem to eal. Nimrnd, Inokiug ul the moon llm ntlur ' mm 111111;, reni.iiki d thu it must suielt Le I . . .- 1 iii'.uly nut nf change. ' Why so ?' asked we. ' Recausu I sou it has got its hut quar. ter,'' replied tlio urchin 1 ou ciiiijiiiin.'ii .rtiri;inpii won un; imii.-r in I which it refers win taken from a Boston piper ..l-Now'inbur. ,7!)- u .... . .. . I Or oun AtiiRAiiLF. Savhur. Tlic following Tho siibjoiiioil paMfjraph Willi tlm letlor to I Icttor was taken Irntii a iinuusrnpt in llin pos session 01 mu prcentit l.iuuiv nl ivolly, now in L.rd Knlly'H librarv, whirl. "wa. lakui, fr.,,,. tl.e , letter of Puhlius LeiilatUf, ul itoiiio. ; filter of Puttins L'.ntaliit In the Senate if Rnmt, concerning Jesus Chi int. It Un'.ng Iho usii il eiis'iim nl It mi in G ivcrn. ors lo adierlin' the Sonate mnl People 01' such material lliinj.s as happened in their provinces, in the iI.ivhoI Ihe Hui;ii'riir Tiberius, Pub. lilts Iientaliis, Pn.'Hilunt id Juik'.i, wrote the lid loivin ep.otle lo the Senate, e.onceriiitijf our Siviotir ; There appeared in tliceo our da;-, .a nnn nf great i.-ttie, nanieil Jemis (.'hrist,' who is yel living aiimui.' U', and nl' the Gentiles is an ept cd for a prophet of trut'i, hut his own disciples call him the S if U id. He raisu'h the dead, ami cnrelh all liiauner of diseases ! Am 111 (if stature sumo-wli it tall and rummy, w 1 1 It very riiveretid muiiten nice, nuch as the beholders uny u.iio iiivo aim tear. Hit, ii.ur nl llie color iif a chustnu;, full ripen, p am tu losers u hence j iinwmvirn u is inure uncut, futility ami wavnio about his shoulders : In the tu uVi ol his heatl is seam, or pirtitinn ol the hair, after Ibe uniiner nf the N.iMriucs. II s pl.iiu and very iteiicate: ins t.ico witliout spot nr wrinkle, beiulified with a lovoly red: His nose and mouth mi tonne 'as nothini: cm be reprehended: Ills lieanl iiueiiish, in color like ins hair, and not terv lull", but lurked : I Its eves orav, eileai d quirk. In reprnvui'' he ii lerrdi e ! lo ail inoiiishiiio, coilrti.'iius and spoken: l', in! in I'linvrs ituui, inixeil ivi'h j.'i'el)'. 1 ran not he remciii'iored tint any h.ivc'seen linn l.ltioh, hut many luue seen htm weep. In pre portion, tii'tsl excellent: Ills hands ami arin in ml dele table to bobo'il : In spniktiio. lory teuijicr.ile, mutest ami w,ee : A inin for Ins singular beauty, surpassing the children o men. Friday, ap.iil 23, nn. RHODE ISLAND AND THE SENTL NEL. Our t'xrprtlinply fnceiliotis nnd amiable noiolilior of tlm Smitiiml simms lo lm miikini; liiiiKflf very unli.iiiy lncauo the pimilo of Rlurdf Kliti'l urn so ioiiorant and obstinate limy can neillu'i appri'ci.ito llm cri'itt merits of Tlinm is W. D irr, nor rolisli the trinsci'iiiliinl lieantii's of his ciulc of politic il lines. Hn (!iiilnnvtiietl to mako il appear, in his lift piper, tint tlm imiv Consiiliiiitin of tli 11 St ito ilmiii-s the ri'lit of stilTiiioo to a Inr:'" cl i of inmii iri.ius ciii7,"iis. We vnn ilcr if nnr uciolilmr kntiws .iiivtliim: nliout tlm C'liiviitiitinii tn w hii'h lm nl'ji'Cis so stroiio Has Im over nun of its 'ciiim.s I Cm lm qiiotn a linn of it I'urri'clh I We- pre sume not. lie ei i.lonily kouiv.j nothing iiluiiit it. Vt wtll l'i 1 ,'l'ir 1 slim, fir his infoi uialton, that it is nvmi more libera! in its extension of tliu right of suflr.igo limn the C'ltijtitutmti which was proposcel by llm Dorr p ir ly. So (itiexcepliouiiblo wis it, in il'.'i'il, lliut it was adopted by almost tin.iiii moiH vote nf tlm people, tln-rei nut being fif ty inmi in llm wh' li; Kline who opposeil iis rolificiiioii And yet the Sentinel has the fool efTrontry to itsserl, " the natiiriil rijhl nf Midi-.i!.'!' is tint urkimwleilee'il in the Ctitisliliilinti ;" tbilt the " ilivine linht nf the land bolder iilone i recosnizi'il " ; lli n. liv il, " men are arr.iyeii in p ircels, a. u drover would arrav Lis rnllle, at market ;" w bile " llm rigbls of men, as men, ate utterly ili ri'anluil !" Now, ns we said I efnre, we pri'smne the edimr of the Smititvl Ins never re'.ul a line of ih. Cmisiiiiiiiun, mid we cm uiily iici'niiiii for hi reckless nml rim'im; as. S'Tlions in regard lo it, on tho hypothesis that he siw ihem in some Dorr naner. be fore Ihe ehirtiin, an I, in the simplicity of Ins nature, supposed them in lm true. This is th" most dilutable wav o iicciiutitinrr for his folly. I flie h is any i Ihrr ixcusojiWif. fer we will clieei fully present it. L'.xpeii once will te.ic.'i our neililmr, however, that such ridiculous ami foulh.irilv iissm lions r:in not be pahm-il nlT upon tho intelligent pen plo nl er11111nt, ami llm attempt to tin it ...III ....I.. !. '.. ... .,. . . . 1 w in .'o,v eijiiro iiihsd wini are sti wan I tg in self respect ns lo resort to such a ilirepnl,ihe pr.irlice. 'rim Rhode Island i leciiuii, we repeal, was a mutest between the law-abi-(ling ami tlm licentious. .And the victory was ii triumph of pence, ami order, ami reru luted liberty over the most pestilent radical ism that ever cursed a Si..e. i.r.sxi.v to Tiiiiid P.rtv Ano MTIONKTS. Tho New York Legislature, which I'ontiiiueil u large Loco Foro inajuri tv, passed an act (luring iis late session, la king away Ihe right rf Tltm. dv urtv from . j.... .. ....I I : .1.. i... . 1 in, im-i.-.,.,! ,ii ,,.i..i, ihi ioi"ill or i.iiiimcic c.i i .i , , . , us a Southern slave, though he were in fae free citizen of the Slate of New York!- Wit did not suppose thu spi it of liberty was o utterly extinct, iu any free Statu of this Union. U'e did not believe that a majority could bu found in any Northern Legislative body so false lo thu gn at principles uf bu rn in liberty, so craven-lienrlcd, so utterly recreant to the spirit of nnr insiiiiit'nns, as to submit lo such an allrorious, such u hare faced encroachment upon human rights. Rut it seems we were mistaken. Tliu South demanded tlm sacrifice, and Van Bnren did nut dare to jeopardize his popularity in that quarter by resisting the demand. Thu Law was passed, wu rejoice lo say, by Loco Fo- co voles alone. Not a single Whig voted iu :.. r...... v i.- i'i.:.. 1....1 ... .. , its favor. Nnv, llm Whigs had Massed a law in 1840, when they had a majority in tho, expressly securing this right lo all persons of color, who might be claimed as slaves. This la v was particularly obnox ious in the South and llm New York " Dough rift's" have ihei efnre repealed it. Again we pm it t.i our Abolition frieiuhs i this llu lime In weaken li'"'1' nf the fiiends nf liberty mid Sorlhrrn hy div m.iik ' 1 n'ie.f Nn m tiwij funs in , . r , o- ni llm cvporieiici' of 11 my i.IU I'ul'iiies, that every vote tlir"U 11 I the t It in I pain caiididiitis is so much taken IV11111 tl.ti 'i'iL's did lo the Loco Funis? mi much sul'Sliarted from llm friends uf liberty and added lo ihu fiiends of slavery I The New York Tiibuno sns tho " bill of nbominattons," to which wo havu leierri'U, llllt llllly ri'pt'.llH till' J I 1810, but tlu provisions uf 'Sl reipii.ino I)rof ,ml u, ...1 ... ... T .. tliu Revisicl Putins rlriiui etl in fiiiitive slives urn reullv siicli( ntiil even nullifies, s 1 fir us 11 relates to tin's sub- j,.,., ,M! ,ime.ll.j wri( f fwmif rrpU. . . .. .. . ' S'""""! " i"'"-' " 1 us iivil Ulliciiy Ity wliiili 11 111:111 held in ImndHge n.ielit tonipel Ids iHsktnnsIrr to sliruv Ids lijjlit $0 to riinsiriiiii liim. Sucli is (lie DeinorMcy of 1813 siicli is in rerrnrtl for Freedom and thu Riolns of Ah t " OTLakb CiM.Mn.Ai.v is now clear nf ice, and the Stemnlioats BuiimxctoNhikI Wiiitk ham. r.oiiiiiienceil their refill ir trips yester diy, under llin cmnnimid of C iptains Siirn M l.v nnd Lyon. To tlioiii wh 1 luve pass d tliioiioli our L i'(e 011 llieso " floiiline pala ces " we need s iv noil ini; in minnie Dilation of tlit.'.n. Tlioso who li.ive nil', liave vet to ,.iirM is tlie ierfi!Clion of travelling. We. iitiil.'Hl itid the Strimar riiitinii'iired rminint? on 'TlmiMl.iy also, under tliu coin tu imi ol C ipt. D ivis. CONNECTICUT ELECTION. Uncial Ite'uris. The llarlfnril Comant of last Saturday niiblishes tlm olTicial vote of Connecticut for fi'ivernor, Lieutenant O ivernor, Treasurer, Members of Congress, &i, tie. It sas " The whole i I cr nf voles polled fur G ivernor is 54.923 uf which Mr. Cleave I mil has 2?,4ir; Mr. Btllwin 25,591 j Mr. Gillette 1S72 ; scatteiing 49. Il will Im seen thai Mr. Clciviltud lacks 97 votes of being el'M'led. He will undoubtedly ho chosen by the Lfgi'lstoie, but there U soma rmisolati m in knowm? that Im is n it thu rlmiro of a majority of thu peoilu of tho Slate. In 1812, the whole number of votes pollprj fur Govi iiior was 51,253 of which Mr. Ellsworth (Whin) ren ived 23,700 ; Cleavn l.iiitl (L'l-i) 25,561; Gilleite ( lm.) 1319; LuoiiiK (C.msei v.ilive) 612; scatleiing 58. The lirgest votu ever polled iu the Statu was in 1840, when ll p Whig caiidida'e for Governor received 30,555 Voles; the Loco Forn caiulid.iti! 24,98!J ; scattering 142. Tlm voto ibis year is 1652 less than in '40. In this State, no otTieers are chosen ly pluralities except members of Congress and Senators. In only one of the congressional districts, has the successful candidate a ma jnrily nf the voles, vW. : the third, where Mr. 0 ill in has a majority nf 594. In this dis trict, the majority acainst Air. Seymour, is 38- ; in tlm second, the majority against Mr. Slevv.irl is 300 ; in the fourth, the majority nil i nst .Mr. .Simons n 27.1 md vet all these "eiitleiiioti aro elected by pluralities. Il will lm seen by an ex imi'i ilion of thn votes, thai I In- course taken bv political Ab olitionists his Ii.iJ tlm effect of again placing iho Statu in tlm hiiiijc of Lorofocnism. They have, indirectly to he sure, aided in pulling their worst enemies iu power. They am welcome to all tlm joy it can give them, of bavin" Win. S. llolaliir l as their Lieut. Governor, and meiuliers of Congress who will vole to sustain tlm gag la. v." ffT'Fiouihis letter, hit It will bp fnutul in another column, it will ho seen that the llo.v. Hii.and IIai.i. declines a re-election lo Congress. It will be by mi means an easy iii itler to make his place jrcind. He has bemi ii m ist iic'lul, industrious, and labori ous I'epr. s ! taLve. He set, loin addressed iho IL ii.' , but whenever he did, ho rnm uiiuded its alleniioii i remark which ran lm made of hut very few members. His spirited and manly indication of Vermont, I nt summer, against the indent attack of a rliipie of Southern Hotspurs will long he re- moml I to his honor. Wtt understand .Mu. Ilt.1,1. Ins resumed the practice of law in company with A. P. Lvman, Esq., of Bennington. WARNING TO SMUGGLERS. Tlm lOihSi'i-liiin of thu lain Tirifl'Law provides " Tint if any person shall know ingly am! wilfully, with intent to defraud tho revenue of the United Slates, smuggle, r,r clandestinely Introdtiro into the United SlaiDs. niy goods, wares, or meicliandizo sub ject to duty by ,,w. and which should havo been invoiced, without paving or accounting fir the duly, or shall make nut, or pass, or attempt to piss through tlm C.islom House, nnv false, forged or fraudulent invoire, every such person, his, her or their aiders or abet tors shall he deemed guilty of a misdemean or, ami on conviction thereof, shall be lined . , . 1 "y sum not etceeding fivii thousand dol i . . . p iinin.rtiiu uni- """" I.r" "'rm MCe-d tng two years or both at llie discretion of tbo Court." CitAitACTErtii.Tic. Thu Locofocos of Hancock coiiiiiy.Sndunj.ri'rfnily had a con vi mini', for tho jmrposo of nominating a member of Ci)n;res. Among a 'turies of resolutions off-rud to iho meeting, bv a com miltee appointed for tliu purpose of prepar ing ihem, was one to the emeri that no indW Milual should " he presented to thi Dtmoc. , racy, as a candidate fur Congress, tohott PRIVATE CHARACTER way giot rta. sunojle gruuitd of objection in a lrge 0fw lion of Ihu Domocrarv." This retnl,: voted do, by a large majoritu A. 1 . 1 .. a 11al11r.1l sequel, ihe nominee of the Con volition whs a man known to ho a specula, tor in public life, and a swindler and dofaul ter in private. Ti'E Presidential Canvas. The Lo co Foco State Convention in Indiana, held some three mouths since, addressed a nrcu J lar to Messrs. Calhoun, Cass, Van Ouren j Johnson and Unci 111, thu candidates for the Lien Foco l,resiileiil,ii,1mln.nnn,.ik ing llieir opinions on the pioininenl puliiical . qmslions ol llmil.n. All these celillenmn "'iihlbe excepiion f JJr, Van Buren havo replied lo Iheso queiiesnutl unnnuncu them. solves as opposed 10 the Tariff, lo the Land Distribution, to tlm assumption of Stalo Debts tic. tie. JMr. Van Buren as yet nlavs mum " referred, nut only repe.iU the Jury Lmv of

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