Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 19, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 19, 1843 Page 2
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the nir.HTa and i'i!ivii,i:ai:s ov tiih SF.Vi'lUI, STATl'S inKKOAUD to SI, V Ditng a series of Kstctys, published in 1'ie Western tint Chronicle, (O'llo,) nftertlie election o'lS.'J. IT A 17III0 Of OHIO. Number ft. osjr.CTioNi Asswt:nr.n. Mb. r.niTOR ! In this, my cln-ing number, It is my InU'Hiim in answer pouiu objections lli:it have been urged .iitiutst n union nf the friends nf ti'tt llicrn rights. Tho liist, niul mo t jin.iorlnnl, nhjceiion uracil liy tho "Liberty tinn" i, "Henry Cloy is th'-i Wing candidate 1'icsuh nt, and tlicy rtnnut vole for bun, bee-line ho is a slaveholder." My tirst an-u-.vcr to tins ol)j i'Ii.iii h, lhat .Mr. Clny'iv not llio nnccnf those rights which our Anti-davcr)' men deem important, lfl by 1I114 form of expression it lio un derstood that llioso who tinilo with that pnrly ntc. in any degree, to neglect llio protection of Ircu labor by n proper tuiill'iif ilutios or if they intend to ablu tion llio Improvement of our lake, linibors.nud our riv er navigation, ami other northern interests which tho Whig derm important, then 1, for one, cannot luiita with them, nor can 1 believe their prupeclnf pucccjs vcrv flittering. Our peoplomav easily be pers railed 15 maintain our right licit tluir mtcnlinn it railed to them I but it will bo difficult lit convince lllt'i'l lliat it lies become their duty to neglect cither their rights or tlieir interests. Hut if a poriion of our frien Is form a tlitinct pnrly for the puppni l of the right of petition, and to nniu nin the I'lccdoni ofdcbaie, and fjr lint purpose they sh .uld oppose llu-to w ho are rngapi d fi r t no protec tion u( Iho fne labor of the mirth, while another por tion turn lluir atlenti 11 lo this l.uiir ntj-.-ct, nnd on poso lluir inllui'lieo In the former, is it lint perfectly h-nr that both must fail I WI11I0 a union in runnort 1 of bn Ih ivoiild incMtably senile llio tiinnilih nl each. rll. HI H. that .Mr. ChlV ivnnlhel Hut t halo not lime to tuirsun llie snhi.-et f.irllmr ! of lliu I11.! partial piosont and v.hclhcr I haioulrcady oc-'tipiul tiioreof your paper, anil nioro ho will be, Is pt Ic uncutiui. IS'or can 1 admit it to of llio tittenlion of your reailetx, linn 1 designed In be Rood or sound policy lor me 10 withdraw Horn dm 1 hive done hen I commenced tlico cssiy.s. ll has support of i! '".I m.n at this time, for the reason lhat , been mv object loe.ill public nttcnlinn to whit 1 he. 1 think a bad man may bo 11 candidate two years j bete the trti" points in isuo. I have intended tospeak henoofnr anilhor ofi'iee. Agiin I should Mr. t.Tiydic with meli plainness, int no mm, nor pirlv, nor cd befme thy net I'rcsi-lentinl 1 lection, or should ho not iior. should mv that I feared to slate lbs ir'iue nulh. or tint mil' pipers tnro not tmnhm aiLoimenu touchim; "II our right. And if I hive, f tllen short of lln, I nguni call upon tlio rihtors of the l'lulanlhro pit and the laiiancipitur to show wherein ? And, on tin' other hind, if there bo n Whig eilnor who is 1111 Wilbni! to support ntour who thinks tlieas. sci tinn and support ofall our lights and inlercsls im pohlie or iiupiiidriit, I dciic him to place his objec tions hi fine the public ll I surely lime tlmt our pi pers and our people Irid ceased to contend about imwirs and terms, and lhat they should search nut toino princi lc, or fume constitutional or political riht, a lliu foundation of their o-nrrcls. Agiin, the writer would say to Ins readers, that he nas puiiorin no opinion upon thecoii'liliiliinnl rights 01 inn seuiai ."Mates, without nnliirc invtslijMtinii, or on which hecntnttiuu anv doubt. Yet ho claims for himself ho! :ti ili t y. A ml if any mm desho c.ipli-nali-ins. or aullinrities oil any point he will most encotniiiv inrmsu ii'.em. In inking lcixcnf my readers, I wih to ft v that 1 was incluci.l to appear before tho public, nn this nib i'et. fioni the 111031 lboin.i"h ennwrtmn. lint no (Wed niul rta!ihhid pobrv will lid fimitd bv the (! f... . I. It- 1 f .1... e V-'.. :.. I Hi, LI II Mil ill . Hill' I HU 1 11:111.", Ul II III 11 It .' Ill 1 1 III 1 1 1 1 ui'S.'ttlrd col ernuig si iv 'rv. l.n ikingat Oliio, Xew Vorlt, and nllofiS'eiv lhnjland, anil considering tho tesult of our late. c!rcliim, ami the division which itmrt and di ide llie fii'hd- of iheiior h. and of lib irlyinthn'o Slates, wc mult tdj a-linowlrdt'O that we Ini."' hllhilio,!' of cei'ig our i itereii, our htnor, or nor ncbts nriilectcd, until union hill chnractciizi our pobncal tlllirti. Since llio c iniuicneeincnt of tin so csavs, nnny tlunsi have transpired loiivrt tiio'.ipli thoro Ins been a lit t lo alteration in pri ce.) which may In a yrcat ilogrco Lu attributed Id the. Into nuwa front Amnric.i. Vivo imiro private banliiiifr-hntiscs linvo sua pondeil piivmoiit. 'I'lio 11110 Mnssrc Claris .mil Co., of Leicester ; the others Messrs. tiiltorsolo and (loddiinl, of Market lUrhorouoh, bo a nn ml 1. l.i 1 1'. bow call thrv iulilv their wilhdrawal at the late elecllon from Iho sup,ion of men who openly avow and snppnil every pnnriple which they do tlh inselvis. My next answer K that 31 r. t'l iv, tinder tlie liivs of lCi'iitmhy, is pirnuttrd to bold elaie". I!) Iho Coiieiilolion of the Tinted States thai is m ule no ihsnuahlieaiion finin oliicc. It is nn ob ject unknown 10 llio C'onliiution, nnd wo ought to ba careful how we nllempl innovalions upon that in striiuient, iinb'ss they 1 0 timilj 111 iho mode pointed out for its nnii'iidnieiit. The first 1'iesident, under tho Conslilulion, was a nlnvtkoUlor t and the si iveholdets of those Stales hnoan equal right to Imlil oflic lhat cciillemcn who retide 111 the free Siat.'s hive. I'orii", at tins il iv, to cslibhsh sui h a rule as a (ct f r ufli.'c, would be a Mnhtion ol the rijhi3nf the people ol tbcslavo States. 'I'hi' i', m in v opinion, hmhly nlji elionahle. It would show us willing lo inradii llirir Ul'IiIs. while wo pro fess 10 mii'iliiu our own. This would l o iiicotifM rut. (),.r inquiry should be, t;ill he maintain th: t'nnslitutinn, and ir"' hi Puppart the constitution il it A' ofoll pails nf the I'nion I If we Iite.s.ili3(icd thai he will In lhi., we oncht not to throw nwiyour fohtijal inlluence, and sullirour intniM-, our honor, i.r.d jur c itiB'it.itioiril liyhlito bo irampli d under loot liy a party who appeal .-.iisious to bung us unikr iho eu'j' ctioti of the south. I would, in all candor, ask Lib tiy nirn, they would not pnfir the f .ipport of our imhts bv n tlavLlmlihrig I'romJent, ri thcr than th. ir destruction by a " 1101 il.eru nrin wi h south nip iiiupleal" I cirlainly pn fer iln! our can it iila 1 a should not be s lavcholdtis 1 fur I belwvr ive in uuiz. ''icn in a slave &1110. lo.'ir immora hni to so csavs. wren . an I must deircet f.oui the moral cb.iiaetrr r, 1 this com letion nunc thorough' upmi tho mind. 1 tluso who practise it. Like all other mcis, it -liould teler, anion; oilier llinms, to tho I.itunrr ca'eat h no its d.ii w.iht in our cstiinai.i of ih iraeler I ut l!uioii, nrd the nbsoibiug intrrrst now fill on tho ilia ni' ll J to uotliin ' more. Should 31 r. Clay, or 1 subj -ut in 3Iisifliiisetts and in Virginit. I'Veliir.' his fiiends, itisfy lie' that, if eleele I I'nsident, bo ih sirou.n In call llio attenlion of our people, as well as will, in go ' I filth, support -ill Ihcse rights to whieh I lhat of our politicians and Statesmen, to th iinnor liavo nlluJi d, and which ban' bet 11 so oflc 11 anil so tancr of a speedy si lllemeiit of llioso qil"itiins which l'in trampli I noon, and hu Ic the only candidate, I involtc the must vital intetcstsof the frcu Siairs, I who, m my opinion, will sut.iin thoc rmhts, and who, I hue mixed upon such inoniciits as I cr.uld spue from nt the sun.' ti . e liasa ri asonibleehmee for election, ' nihi r rtiiplovmrnts to place saino of my nowsb I ouM not j. -i tn. If to my coiieiem'e were 1 lo j iho piiliho. I have done ibis unJiu the strong w thh il.l in suppuit fiom bin. Wire 1 to do so, com ieliou lhat every true patriot should put forth hu en 1 then by e'ect a mm who I behevid would 1 io!a'i' , influence to siislain uur ri 'Ills, and lo unite our hon our t'out lul. on, and d.sreard our rights, I should pie m the prntictioii of our interest', our honor, and Fur tho IjiMiuf.t of tliu Ladies vu givo tlio fnllowing front tlio I. ilt; lOnglisli ptipcu. I'ASIIIONS b'OIt 3IAY. The newest and most fashionable materials nf tho s'.'ison is tho canielcin silk, deriving its 11.11110 from tho ciery-iatling shailes it ns'iinics in tlillorent liuhtsi this and tall'eias mere, 1'ekin I'cngal, Hciissii' citanii. hircL'CS of manv slvles. foudards. inoiisseluies. cachoni rc, ij'-c, arc now replacing the thickest tnitc- rials n wmiors an snailes 01 grcv ana violet am lasu ional le. Ilultoii' aro much iisrd in rcduigotrs and rohesofiluui iiculijru they areiniduol oolorcd class, ngale, stones, Cvc, having a gold point in the centre, ami arc 01 a rouuii lorm. mar i.ico is aimosi an in di'pensiblo accouipinimcnt of every toilette! cauiads arc of lace, srarf.s of lace, lliiunces of lace, etc. cVc I'oint do Veniso is nlso lunch in demand, and is mado in ci cry colors nnd 1I10 patitrtis are either antique, rcii'itssinec, or pompadour ; il is nlso made in black and white for shawls, or scaifsof caiheiniro or ba rege. THE TARIFF. Wo ore obliged to tlio I'coplii's I'rcs' for correcting tut ntteinptctl tnisioprdsuiiinliiiii of our remarks on tlio Turifl' by tbo Sjiirit of tlio Age. Tlio number of tho Age which contninctl llio ntisrcprnsciitntion did not reitcli tliis office, or trc should havo cor rected it otirself. I'rom tho3Iiillebtiry rcopte'a Press. JIAItlv TUP. CLOVr.N-I-OOT-OUT, 1MIKI.Y. We extract tho following from tho Spirit of llio Agr, which has assumed so many airs as tho organ of locofocoism in Vermont. Co.MiNo Itousn. The llutlinelon Vrco I'rcs' says it approve the doctrines of tho President in relation lo n Tnriir. In Ins last message the President said, " Hr.vnst'n (is) the primary object in the imposi tion or taxes." ' J ' 'Wo arc glid to see tho Flee Press abandoning llio federal doctrine of Protection per se. It is so fist becoming unpopular with tho people that tho coons begin to abandon it. That is just what wo have pro-dieted.' In attempting to misrepresent the Free Press, the .1..-. ...I. ).,., 11 l-,,?l'U 13 UMII OUI'IIO ncss. I or slnme, 3Ir. n.istnian. How could voa so incontinently kick ofT tho covering which bis D'csi' continue) to lie mado imrrason.ihlv loner. Ilr 1 .rtv Itrllinit , tt,, thiiii.vtltir.D qrn lii'n lori .loi-rt 111 nee with riielie, two tnclf, tr two biais placed in billierlo been so ncccss.irv to prevent tlio people from e ic 1 wave 1 11 int nes en 1 i ' 1 ann in-io niiiiiiieu 111 vuur n 1 1 rai tiui 1 uv i mil iv ov ctiargo uie poopio with tho siuia ao iniloinnenl ot protection with yourself? While you, .Mnrston, Winslow "cl id genus oinno" aro daily revealing yourselves as 1110 sworn thralls 01 tree trade, wnnt whig, or whig press, or whig meeting in the I'niied I liz tiglil, nut mav haie full hack', nr.ililllu fullness on tho shoujilers, nnd the ccinluro is not c.xcbulcdi the pilcime is a little charged in form, concealing liss of llio liL'iiri'i the sleeves aro still tulit, hut those a h Louis XIII. hue many admirers, and it is expected will become mote general n3 iho senson alliances. 1 States has abandoned protection per se ? Tiii prin- pnr citniug ilressc, gauzo or linen, lornuna ilouhle 1 eipm n inicrwoven into tho icry siiostanco 01 tlio theribv Income neec-orv m hu act", in ord r lo satisfy myself in regml lo Mr. f'hy's tioivs in this sul. j 'i t, l. n'oneof llirfovriioi."i pro pie, miy proponn 1 to him any and all questions lhat I m ly 1I1 em important on ibis sulq-'st ; and if he bo lvorlhy of Tilt hqli onHe, U; wu'f not hesitate to an swer tii n lullv an I frankly, lfl, thru, become sn i"fie I lout he w ill, if elected, disregard those ron&titu tiouil rights of tho 1101 th, I cum t snpporl htm it would bo w r mg for me lo do so ; for 1 ho,i!.l become accessory to l1.'.1 li i'nion of our t'onsiilulion, mvl liio eilivi slim of I he lights of the fr'e St ite. (lurch ins of poli1' cou-'i.intlv rrq'iiroof lis muluil coiiees;(,ns of uiuiii Ml j but 110 rucum'tancc ran j.tttlv the juldini'iipof any poll' in of tli"Con-tihiti 01. Whrn tint sh ill be done, sicicty w.llbo risulnd into ili v! 'inenis. Aiiotlu r o! ic lion i', lhat shveho!Jer, when in of-fi-.e, el ioj is.i'-o to iho free cititi t. Tins a'Sernon Ins piov mi to 1 true in 111 my cases, but is not rorrcct in all instances. I quote lb ' cxamplo of the pn rout fpatkrr of the llouso of Representative, tbo Hon. John White. No northern nnn Ins condemned his official acls. lie has discharged hw duties honor.i 1 ly, and is as much entitled to cnnfijeneo as though ho livtd in a free Sialo. Hero I would caution our nntt-sl ivory men not 10 permit their lofty principles of hum 111 righli to dwindle down lo mero local 'al o.isie. We shou'd no nioro imado thos;in! nf t lie Con-uuiltim by making tho holding of slaves a lcl for ol!i-e, linn wo fliould permit our southern friends to mvado Us Idler. A 'iin: it isDiid, that the Wh'gs hivcdono nothing in fivor of lliDs.' rights winch auti-shvery in 'o rou nder so important, la the assertion correct t Have not. I (I., W.llnin Slide, fc- til 31. Cites, m.l other Wl.i , d.iiiy w'nl ihev could for the th fence an J s'tp,)"' t 01 nou'i. 11 iijiii.' it is n. I ihes." nro indiciituah. Vet tney belong to llio lug pm '', tn.l coustp'i'e 1 jnrt of 11 j m.l surely their nets can not be pliivd to the credit of the ntcr party, ti it do not our f ihii 1 , who in tko thisolijeciion, chirge oier ti) llu Wlu:'piity iho acts of indivi.iinls In longing to that pihh-il sjet when iheyoj.poso the cause of In mm 1 4lits7 Tho gr. 11 holy of the Whig pnrly 111 Coiigri voh',1 1 1 tlio o'mii.itu "Isl rule. A liw in Ir.'iJ nl j ji.nng liio opposite pirty pre vented i'S r ,mI. li'ierty papers an 1 Iln ir pmty eharw I this as the act of iho HVii'tji irty ; wh.l"they deny 10 tint ptriy any e, edit for t!in eii'irts of ;r". AJaiii's nu I others. Tins praeiiri is u.ijosl, anil night 10 cct"o. II it hive not tho WI114 parly (an' when I sp, ik of th" pirtv, I m 'in tho w i'riritj nl tho party.) vjmI in e.put of ihcse ti.-hts f ir tin-1.1-1 two 1 ir.i llivo I'l-jr 11 it vol.i I i r.iuit llu o !: en frig, m I in f.ivir of ill riaht of p- tition, when iliesi' ij 11 s'i ill ) elm ' b '.'ore tlieui ? Ih I l!i"v n it suit 11 1 Mr. V'tiit', whi 11 an.illeniit instiuJelo c 'iiMre him f I id ihey not -ni u,t JJr. (i I linjjs when reii 1 ir. d ? I). 1 11 it th ; Whig party in lit- iL.-trict sustain him ! I n-k. 111 wii it lusmnv, fir llie lisi t.vo y.'ir , In vi! toe Wlius in the ILri-aof liepiesent imr 1'nli d tns',13'1111 Ih seiijhts, when ngi'alul upi'i cf t' livi. "1 I will not siy, tint t'.iey hive nt all tmi"s nniula'tiril our lights ; but I n ) not he'itaio in riyui", llintl know or niiii'tancr' wh.'tt tlio rj ies tun of noit'11'i n tight aim bo 'n brojgh' di-ti irtlv he fore llio. 11 for tho l ist two vrars, in whit h a nnj iriiy of tho me.nliors of iho Whig party pn-aent havo not ui;iiniu iiiosu iiguis. Yet 't .' assort. 'd 1 v som". tint " tho two great no. litl -il pin., s Invebeen rqunllt- rppo'"i to llio rght' nf imtiki.1'1 and 1 1 I'm interests of iho people of iho fr.vNit s" Ii-in hirdl) beheio lint any inte'digeiit lnan would mal e mu h siateiuent while iimhr ibee-x-enn-oof a "unahlerr-iiil to eandor. It is well known t-ia', for llio List two years, in oieiy iii'ilaneein which tlnso r..dils 1 1 drar 1 1 our diends tnio coin ) befiio (mgrcss, evei y i).,uin',ratic uioiuhrr from this Stile hi' oppus. I ihcm, and lint evet y Whig ircinhcr from tins ritate has 'istitiieu bei'ti suhsianiially true t lougn nit 10 Iho Mine from ill s ':tale introdn tho C.insliitition of oar common conn rv. l'ACII'ICUS. Sin p this article w.npu! in. in. ui.i hed, the Norfolk meet- skirt' in two colore, tho oncpink, tho other lilac, and tniieii ailimreil, proil.ieing me clletts so mnrli npprov e'd of tho c.inieleoti silk j tliosimeslvleisal'o applied to bonnets nfcagplissc; it produces the opal linls. 3Iinlillcs of blick lilet. with Irimiiungsof tho smir, will bo icry lasliionablo this seascn; als the mintrau Venilicno in black or while, linen wiih lilac of pink silk s scarfs nf glace si'k aro hollowed nut nt tho throit and trimmed a la rratulcmeic. Crispin' and camails of larlatnno over, aro mado with four rows oflice nnd embro drry i the various stiles of tnanlc'ct all form pelerine behind, and llie ends nie rounded j llicy arc trimmed Willi a ribbon all vicillcj trimmings of ribbon quilled, mid hinds of silk ileeoupec in fesoii', nro much in use1. Rounds arc made inclining more over llie face, and not epiiir so deep nt the cor', and the crown' are not so low behind, but rather exno the hvr ; tho nnro simple for morning wear are Him mcd with plain ribbon?. C.ipotcs a coulisses are not much ornamented, and sonic aro nndool straw wiih silk crown', with merely a nii'iid, and long ends at iho side; tho chou is some times nf plain net. White, sitin bonnet' are covered wiih lice, and ornamented wiih a long wdiitc feather) the Penelope bonnet is the newest style, and capotes a h 3Iadonne, with long veil' of lullc. Leghorns, whether pliin or sewed, arc now in favor, nnd very in form and Iriminhig according lo tho use required. Rounds of ctoll'e sylphnle nro made ralher close, with a narrow I nuilloniic of 'tulle, and hunch of lilac or flour do ccdras; naillc do riz mixed wiih sit'; form prclly rapoli", wiih springs nf .May nnd feather leaves or wreaths of aiibepine. Voin the London and Pa ris .dtiics .ilitgaitncnf 1 .uiiou. TUP. RKCKONIN'G. whig policy. The ono is with the other. lint as lor 5 on, where arc you but upon the slippery ground of a larill'for rriennn inrrilvl Tho most deeided fico the south siand on thusaino basis. A tan f for revenue is all ihev want. As sumo whatfver gatb it please, or ntako whatever prcieniioiu 11 may in 1 it anon 1 incmeniai protection, nnd high pressure tarilf, aristocratic nionopolic, and old leileransm all nt last turns out to be a cloa V to their eternal hosiilnv real genuine protection, which locofocoism did yesterday, does to-day, and iviu lo-iuorrnw, nuu lorever oppose, .mil ilonounce. 1 o" coveiun; is nnvnys so snott 111.1t llie cloien-toot will souio here ho opiod. Wlnlever variety nf hues lo deceive llio people the chamelion of locofocoism liny assume, thev nil nt last subside into n black and wrathful opposition lo any firm, fit'-el, nnd drd'ed protection, for protection's sale, such as is advoca ted by tbo w higs, an I which alone can prove perma nent bcneficiil to public prosperity. 100,000 50,000 iirtillerymen mill tins nnny is coitlrolli'tl bv tlio ' of till llio Russians." This I hold to bo tho strongest government in existence. Incuso of invasion, tint inexhaustible wealth of the nobles, nnd tbo inuxh.ttistiblo numbers ol'tbo seif-hood would supply nn nnny of 0110 mil lion fighting men ! Of this nnny tbo inl'.in try nro ndniirublj" drilletl, wisll-infornit-cJ, highly export in tlio use of the bayonet, tin (I tlio hardiest soldiers in Europe. Tbo env itlry nro good, nttd tho miille rymen tiro good, hut tbo groat strenglb in defensive wnrfaro lies in tbo Cossack horsemen. Who can rend without ndmiration and terror of these wild cavaliers of (lie desert of their intense nttiicliinent to their country of their tiger liko cunitiiiL' in layins wait for their urev. iinil their lerocity in destroying it and ol their astonishing powers ol uniliirant'o sleep iug on their horses, and baking their meat un der the saddle ! To sco ono of thrso Hoops of marauders in their green jackets, red lirceclics, and jockey caps, with 11 matchlock slung over their shoulders and n twelve foot piku in their hands, rise up sitdilnnlv from tho horizon liko a cloud of sand, and come scourina over tho plum with 1 whoop and I11II011,' must bo a frightful iipparilinn to nn invading nrmv. lionaparte s I' rc nclimtm saw it often to their sorrow, and fell before it liko the Sininiiii. Hut what will the ambitious despot Nich olas, with an nnibitioii,coiiqiiest-loving peo ple, liko the Russians, do next ? It is very easy to see what be would tin if it wero not UULLION..S' GRAMMAR. It is; pr'i'iab'y known to mnst of our res- havo 111 a ilu this simple statement of facts I merely, anil avoided every thin; which might wear the appearance of viliiperiilinii or den tho Ri.v. I)n, Ui;u, ions, Professor abuse, fur the obvious reason tlmt, in com-, nf L inguages in tho Albany Academy, bit mint with nineteen twentieths of the intelli- tecenlly piihlilie, 11 M-iies uf grnmm.iis of gent cili.ens of this Slate, wo havo long re- tho Latin, (Jieel., ami I'nolisii I,niL'ii!igcSf garded Mr. Tyler as too degraded, contempt- which have become almost universal favor- iblo, nnd insignificant to cntitlu him to tho iles in all llie schools and seminaries of learn-- dignity of invectivo: for wo ate not of tlio number of those who think that high station can confer either worth, respectability, or reputation upon a dishonored nnd polluted name. As wo havo already siid tho intelli gence of Mr. Stacy's lemoval reached this place on Saturday ovening, and the Connly Court being in session, 11 meeting of tho Whig members of the bar was called on Monday morning, nt which Air. S. was unanimously recommended for llio office ofCleik of tho Court, a place which has been filled, fur tho last twenty vents, by a Loco Foco, though thu County has always been Whig. And tho Court, complying with the wishes of the bar, havo given htm thu appointment. This post is quilo as lucrative anil honorable as that fiom which Air. Stacy had just been ejected, and the promptness) with which the appointment was made was very creditable to all parlies concerned in it. The result of this ntrcmpt at 1rosc1intion will tench certain "The commercial and industrious portion of tho eniiiumnily have a great and 'cvcie rcrkonins vc: to ... .1 1. .!. IV! ... .. .. .. " . i .. vir ....I , 1 ...... ..n p . 1 inJjiia 1 'iiouiMiio me or; party. 11 is or uie monstrous ,t , . ,. ,i , ,'; i. '" T ! 1 impositions which they haic attempted within n few tr..r' ,,;,. netiarato v to meco nuwel. i -, iJIT'lP.'' T" ,hem' anJ -htch are now been. ii.,.,i., ,lmvi.i r... V v., ...i..i -'IT Virginia is ihusuri'ed inarm her militia in support of Tho above remarkable passage is from tho theory, sonic northern IMitors feel it ihctr duty to' Now Yeuk livening I'ost ; nnd llio coolness 0 t(J .ls,S(MtUn iin, ,lc, tjvuItsHt sell-coin z I pl.ironcy of the author, render it wot thy of ARRIVAL OF Till'. OliHAT WRSTKRX. ' a liltlo inquiry. ,, .., . . ,1 " Tlie commercial and iiidiisliious portion 1 ho Steam Ship ( W estern art.ved 0f t1(! cnmmii.iily , of course, aro indebted at New Yoik at "o'clock Fri lay morning, to the Whigs fur the wicked anil iinjustifiii in VI day's from Liverpool. This ' blu war upon the United States Bank waged is without doubt the 'hottest titp on record. by fjeneral J.icksoit. ... -, 1,1, it ii - t c ,i Ihey aro indebted lo tho W bigs, ol Wo are mtloliteil tj .111. Ilohlitdgc for the I ,t ,. .1 0 ; e.uuise;, iui inu ininiii wui iipuu ino e:iirieil- cy, 111 which tlio removal ot llio deposites N. Y. Ilcrall, from which wo take tho fol- lowiti': items of news. Tlio Western brotiglit out 01 pisfcnjor?. On the 2."l'.b April the Queen wassilely do livcroil of a l'miccsi ; anJ h.itii mother and cli.hl aro doing w ell. Tlio Dukoof Sussex' died 011 tho L'lst April, TO years old. Parliament mot after the Kistor liolulays on Motuhy, April 21, ami, the following night, Sir Robert 1'eel entered into a detailed cx'plan ition of tho ronsons which fristrnlcd tho ,-.o,iini?rci,il trM'ics wiih Portugal and lir.17.1l. I he l.iilure 01 ,,Ir. h.iii. s iin.ssioii to thn in ronsiderod by the trading community as a n.n- calamity, hnglatid it is ftmlcmled by the fico traderf, has linen tacrilieed in this instance, to tlia Went India mnnnpoly. After tho United States. l!ra;::l it I'n;;'.inil'i3 host rurtnincr; huiico the fear of having itn markets chvioil. In conuuetion with this subject wo per ceive by an ittrival at Hos'nii from Rio do Janeiro that .Mr. ICIlis the Brilkli Minister, was to leave soon fur Ilnglaud, without con- clutliii" a commercial treaty, lint it was sup was tin incident. They iire indebted to the Whigs, after that event, for tho multiplication of Stato banks in every quarter of the Union, into which the public funds weio thrust, without a thought of security, and with a positive injunction to make a fico use of them, so that speculation might thrive on a htuntetl currency, encouraged by the National Ex ecutive, ntitl that liy biibl'mif, tho unparal leled prosperity of thu nation, consequent upon Whig legislation, should ho do.-lroyed. To tho Whigs, of couise, "llio commer cial nnd iiidnstiiotts portion of llie commu nity" owoi the onnriiiiiuj nitional expendit ures, increasing from twelve millions per annum, under John Qiuncy Adams, to Hp winds of thiily millions, under Air. Van Htiieu. 1 o tlio Whigs, tiniloiihtetllv, tho nation owes tho disgraceful exhibition, now made common, ol lending at thu public crib the ass that will bray the loudest in favor of the posed ho would carrv the terms offeied bv j adniiniterer nf the fodder. Ilrazil, to bo further considered m Kngland. T" 11,11 U'lli,1-"i (f c"u"u' Pop!o owe n , .- 1 .- , 1 the ruinous policy commenced under Gen- Ono 0 the s ipulations was said to no the 111 c 1 1 .- c ,t r 1 oral Jackson ol legislating for mouths, of adtiiissiuit of I.iii'.ilian codee for ronstnup- .,,,.,ii,, .,. ,ln ,!. f t, p,,i. ronstnui tit) n, paying i!3 per cant, ad valorem. 7'ha agitation of religious quostions still enn tinties to Ji.s'.racl tho Scnttisb church, and these nf her members who are commonly called imn-ennforuii.-'-', rcor.i ilalonnineil to mainlniti tho thurcli in ascendancy over tho civil court?, nnd 10 mike every exertion to abnlis-h the pro-cat s-ystem of prcfeiitatinn by patronage. The ap p'r.nchiiig niiivncation of tho (lonur.i! Assembly is looked forward to with interest, and opinions are various i'S to the party w hich is likely to pre dominate! there. Tlio foreign news with which the arrival of ppealing to tlio passions ot tho t'eople, and accommodating professions to the pre judices of tho manv giving pledges of general iiolicv to hu constantly violated in pailicular instances, nnd to bu as constantly sustained by tho noisy and the unprincipled, who derive an immeilutu lienelil Irom what must sap the foundations of the Republic To the Whigs, of course, the People owe the heautiliil exhibition ol Lxeculivo par tialilv, lit appointments lhat distinonished the Admitiisti.itions of General Jackson and Air. Van Huron. To them is duo tbo at d m on? audi; m Z 1 '" "X1 V-""" 'ckM " f "PP"0 ! pointm.uit of men, in spite of tho veto of I' of .he iivopiru.-s tp nenlly, . 1 r-ineaiHtitic reader., is unusually barren ,,. Senate, nnd uolwitlistandin-proofs of P no extent. A Wlna monib. r and uiiunpoitaiit. A solemn calm eeotns to have ...,;.,.. .... ..,,,1 :,.. T, il,,.,,, 1 .1,,., ,f " iced resolutions declarii." Ihe ! yto'en over tho-o rei'ioii?. tho incidents of l""l"i!''L anil cr nu.. I 1, due, ot , M i.sots 01 i,.e ire,, .-.ntis n set torn m my sec.111,1 u.w0 Utsiractod cotul.lion it was hut lately our luuulior, nn I was 3 stained by every W hii't-olleacue ; ' i,..t:..flt tn,(.,-n-,l 11 'u' loofhis Denneratio collea.rues moved a nso-1 UJ-""S lOlCCOul. In .mli 11 ,nra lion for thus pr.s iin n 10 nssi 1 our I l.M'l... THKI'IVK ORKAT MHJf OFIJtmOPn. EMPEROR NICHOLAS. TnAt'At.c.n SquAitn, London, 1842. Amid tlio many crimes and disasleis ari sing from the usurpation of Napoleon (hero wero also runny real benefits: ono of the greatest of these was tho lesson taught to he reditary sovereigns. Ilu taught them that legitimacy was no attnncmcnl for imbecility, anil by his own Inilliant example exploded much of thu prevailing nonsense in regard to tho ' divine right of kings.' Mo proved that the only divinity ' lay in tlio clear head ami tho strong arm ; that a monarch, in order to ensure the affection and obedience of his sub jects, must depend upon something more than velvet robes, and sceptres, and faded tapestry; that ho must bu tho real, genuine uHg tho 1 Kooning man,' or' able man,' as Carlvlo would say. And such arc the principal sovereigns of Europe at this time. Of Louis Phillippo I b ivo already spoken, anu tlio striKini; contrast between linn and the painted .simulacra of the old Umirlion dy nasties. 1 lie lire-sent kin-' til Prussia at funis quite as strong a contrast with his pre decessors up to thu timo ol'tbo battle of Je na, lie is it simple, unostentatious, haul- working man, associating fieely with his subjects, and attending faithfully to the af- liiii s ol Ins kingdom. A irieiid of mine late ly met him coming up the Rhine in a steam boat, and as the boats passed, the King, who was silling nt dinner on a stool by the pub lic table, rose fiom his seat, waved his nap kin around his head in answer to their salute, Hid sat down again to finish a meal shan-d in commun with bis fellow n issetigeis. What would tho (fraud 3Iunaniuo h ive thought of of such etiquette ! llernadntto of Sweden is another royal operative ol tlio real iS.ipo-li.-uii school a man who has no other claim lo lilt! place he holds lint tho fitness which Providence lias given mm. Hut the strongest instance is found, pur haps, in tho Emperor Nicholas. Seizing tho throne from his brother Constantino bv 1111 act of usurpation, it has required all tlio nerve, all tlio vigilance, and all the energy ol his strong mind to retain his grasp, and well has ho played his part. Tho Emperor is now -17 years old, and, fur llio last 20 years, Ins life has been ono of constant enterprise and toil. The nfl'itrs of his overgrown Em pire, of which he claims the title uf ' Father,' are all to bo kept under his iuuncdiatu su pcrintendence: if a courier arrive from Si bona, or Warsaw, or the shores of tho Cas pian, he must overlook tho despntch ; if his grenadieis arc to parade, ho must bu pre sent ; oven if a firo breaks out in his capital, there ho is, puffing, sweating, and shouting with the best of them. Those who havo seen bis JIajesly describo his appearance us imposing in tho extreme. Ho is G feet 2 inches in height, finely form ed, with great breadth of shoulder and chest, groat length and symmetry of limb, with a large, blue eve, Grecian nose and every part of his frame in the satin; colossal pro portion. At tho royal lovees ho is di.-ain- uished amid all lliojowollcd ami sabred prin 3 M"1 I .1 1 .1 .1 .1 . s I. for the Heels of Engl,,,,,!. Turkey w.n.ld . nomer u.ey resiuo in new ioi k snri!i nn into that caiiai-ions maw which lias or Washington, that, boloie they again at- ,3- -"I 1 - already swallowed Poland, and a great part tempt to encroach upon tho righls of llio ol Persia, without appearing lo lie any near- Green Mountain I3os, ihey would do well er full than was the Slough uf Despair nfter ,,, .,, .i...,i i... " .., c ,1,,,!. , ., - , 1 , . 1 I'l 31.U ,,ni.tiii.i iiiliu ,11V. Iiui .si1111; ul ,ti 11 tho contributions ol stone mid rtilihish , . , .,. , ... from the Land t.fDestruclion. The Empress ow ""!""'' rencii 01 reiriuuiiie Catharine long miico saw, that the posses- jastice. Well may the ft tends of Air. Van sion of Turkey would give Iter possession of Ness, in this town, exclaim with Alacbelb, iho Archipelago, mid the key of Iho whole "In iluso casc3 East, and therefore sho erected a Column Oil o s 111 nive j .ucmen uerci 11111 wo 1.111 icacu the frontiers of the devoted country with this inscription: This is the way to Constantinople. That column is thu guide post of Russian politics; and should another general war break out, an armv of Russia might soon be seen marching by it, in tiiuniph, hearing the spoils of tho oldest capital in Europe to a Tonl-iL'ue thu inn ntor. This even-hsnded iu-lieo t.ommeiids the mtrridientsol our poisoned clnheo 10 our own hps , Our readers will nrobablv hear from Air. Slacy himself in a sboit time. ing 111 the country. Our attention has rc- coldly been called to his llnglisk grammar and wo have no hesitation in recommending it strongly lo public favor. It combines tho tneiiis of Aluiray, nn Leutiic the most di tinguisheil ol his successors. Vo have not space Ibis week for a more particular notico ol it. Its merits aro mote fully set fortlt in, an advertisement which will ho found in an other column, nnd thu grammar itself can bo obtained at the Hook Store of AI11. S. Hun-tinoto.v. A Concert of S icred AIosic was given by the Choir of tho Ale ihntlist Church nt tbo Chapel on Thursday of l ist week, under tho lead of Aim J. A. Pmttiv of Aliddlebury. Several excellent pieces wero sung in a milliner tpiile creditable both to the leader and the choir. Air. P. has had charge of the school connected with the Church during the past summer, and has proved his ability tis a teacher in ibis iiiipoitant purt of our church sen ices. The concert was well atten ded, and the audience retired well satisfied with thu entertainment of the evening. Communicated. P. .(! 1 ejus With the coiiununicntion which wo pu'ilish nver this signature this week vie tlose the smie?. They wero writ ten by Air. Gidding, M. C. 'nun Ohio, and wo hope ihey h no been pcttmd by all our readers. MR. MAR-.ll'S ADDRHSS. Of course it is unnecessary fur us to di city which ono hundred and fifty years ago reel the intention of our readers to this in slructivc historical discourse, the first part of 1 approbation ol Ins course in the trying scenes which graces our columns this week. Those through winch Im has lately been called to a marsli. Yours as over, Tuinurr. of t Commande AIacki-.v.u:. The New Yoik papers con tain a cot n-sptmiluuee between 300 of the Merchants antl Captains of Packets in New York, and Commander Alackenzie. The letter of the 11101 chants expresses their T. L. C. who listened to its delivery will need no ex- l,:isi extends to him tlieir sympathy, and hoitation of ours lo induce them to read it, approves or the public decisions which Intra and llioso who did not will peruse it, we aro ' acquitted him with honor. The Expresi sure, with interest and cratification. From sl"':i 'I'" gentlemen signing the letter FRIDAY MORMN'G, MAV 13, 1843. ,)lG cxRn, (m( Oriiforiiiiition which . Iliivi claimed the right nnd the privilcgo of DISTRICT CONVENTION. Tho Whigs of congressional District No 3 aro requested lo meet in convention at Burlington, on Thursday the Sth day of June A. D. IS 13, at 10 o'clock A. AI. lo select a suitable candidate to represent saiil dis trict in the congress of tho United States, Each town in said district, is requested to appoint three or moic Delegates to said con vention. Samuhi. Adams, ) I1aiivi:v Ucll, I District Or.i.iNim Srr.viiNs. Committee. Cassius P. Pixk, bo exhibits, from the imiccrsaHty ns well as I' tymg every expense to which ho has been from tho minuteness of his knowledge on the suUjeet liy the vaiiutis trials to which bo has subject of his discourse, a stranger to Mn. "ecu exposed. AIaumi would suppose that tho "History of the Alechauic Arts" had been tho favorite study of his life. Hut wo presume wo nie speaking within bounds when we say theio is no subject in tho broad rangu of historical C 1 1 IT T E N I) E N C O U N T Y . The Whigs of Chittenden County arc rc quested to meet in their respective towns on 1I10 5It lost, lor tho puiposo ut appointut; three delegates lo 1 eiiiesent them in th District Convention of llio 8th of June. It is recommended (bat the delegates he furnished, in all cases, with the usual crcden tuts. n ij n.... S. L . I i.l.l, I - nr s-oiuiuy f nimr r-r 1 ( r'.in, All'. CcsiliNc;, tho new envoy lo China, has not only uccepled his appointment, but be has also contented to receive tho first year's salary of $9,000, nnd the customary Otllflt of SD.000. Ill0rf. Till! OtKrr mnv nnn. Science or Art will, which his acquaintance bo cullsljL,n,i iis nilcd, whatever may besiud is less extensive and perfect. Thu Address '.i. trravirii was written, as we Happen to Know, on suoii notice, at such inleivals of time as could be snatched fiom numerous other duties, and without the aid of books to anv great extent. Anil vet we veiituio tbo asseiliuii that with L. P. Wm. Haiimon. HOW IT HAPPENED. Tho gallant ul. I soldier, General SoLOMO.f Van Rt:.'ssi.t,.un, who was lately dismissed fiom the ofiico of Pusiiii.ister ol'Albanv, was time, and leisure, and llie opnoi utility of con- 11 member ol the New York delegation in tho sidling authoi ities e liiVw.'i, thrro N haidly ninislinrg Convent', ,, of December; 1839. N riiul-iiiil w-lm i'iitil-1 i"iu. I ' '- '-! ttl.i-.i..u Iuj I.Hi-K- ,.JJ,.10J ,a a niori! p'jrfuot history of the Aloch tnio Arts I the Publi-, to repel s mv i nputalions cast on Milhiu tho same compass. his ulViei il i iimltu i m on Administration T.'unxt tvwiilxcmv ptint, he c1om- with the annesetl account of Wo learn that Daniel Webster yesterday 1 ,i m i' rc 1 I e.-3lni;u lliu uimi; .i .Ji n.uil 1 ui .Jt.ue . nun i .1 .1 .1..,. 1 1....1. i ....... ,n a i ... r:......-.i ..Ct, ' III, 11 lllll'll -' 1J Li III L , . I I 1111 III , UVIIIIIIU .'I I.IL. ,. .., ., ...... 1 J i mitim-tnti! mi in tlt.t ..,.11. 1.. .1 l.t. ....... .r United Stales, is appointed to bo Acting ' V " thu origi i of tho nomination of Air, Tyler as Vice Piesi.lent of tho Uniied States. in i ituresling lenimiscence of an or ! iho country, wu extract for our readers : THE CONGRESSIONAL TION. "At the Ilarmbiirt' Conteniion nf Deer nib r, 1S39, on Iho inormni: itiir (iencial Harriton had been noiuinitiil lur I"n. lint, th,. Xew Vor. delegation, of wh , iv .is a meiiili.-, wcie-i', mhledby Ihunselres, nnd were consilient!!; the e,in si.on ufa eamlulate for Vice I'r M-Jeiit Ij ,i:u .1 th, in. As I entered lha I rouiu, uneeii ooierit-o inai tney were wsiliuw 1 tin led so bur- Secretary uf Statu for tho present. Caleb Cushing of Alassachtiselts. is nii- CONVLN- nointed Aliuisler and Cummiioncr to Chi na, in the place of Edwatd Everett who de- Our readers will see that tho Committee dines the appointment. JS'at. Jntcllicnar. lave renncsted tho W iil-s of the Severn TI,,, Mrmumml il,r. It.ili;,,i,,n, Pn.llur iuai.iino e oinrnii.ui imi tin lot so towns in this County to meet on tlio 31st Inst. lr;otl generally wo II informed, writes fiom ' for I'le.-uient, tney mo 10 iiomn.atu'a Vice and appoint delegates to the Convention lo Washington as follows; "Mr Cushing, it is j HphuUhnt I did not wed, to name a candidate. no lie-in in tins town on the cntli ol juihj lo s,,j, ,as selected Air. John rx Ut, Jr. as Ins i ' J" " l'-m m any mie ihey would nomiuato a Member of Congress. Our Private Sect clary. Air. Webster shortly fiiends in Addison Cuunlyhavedesignated the returns to Massachusetts. lie held on its 31m which day wo presume will bo alsoadop- ()ng as he could without changing bis politics . ,.li,o nrt.l i,.f. l.tinnnrrttm ,lii i.r .nl.i.l f ,r II, ti r 'solueo'i of cent-tue. And is il po-siblo lhat any mm em n jwr b.i -ineerein sayiny lhat llie two pirtieu c- all subs'i vunt to the iuieren of the soiiib I" it .3 '-im I that tho Whins, hare been sub.-frurnt to 'rrh'-rn dietiiion j nnd their ncls. in former icir, r-oq-ioti I to pr wo the fact This chire;o is loo true. L'p lo a certain tunc, bulb partiis appear to have been f ibunMvo to tlicdcnnnilsof thf slave lalatis Such, too, wu tho ease trenernlly with Hi men who now ni'ilto lliHchnie. Their attention hid n i i i. n been ero"sed lo tho Buljeet. Tiny, with tho Wman and tbo Ii uioeiai!1, were eouilly inconsi-ious of the ni noachinents tip. n cur ruhts i and llio Whis", or iho )rniocrat, mav nn-.v malie this chirgn a;-;iinbi iho "I.iuoily 1 irty" wl'li Iho panic propriety that llie litter can i.rjie it aetainst tho o hera. Thu truth i, the nliuse of norih -m nhta his but just hi-iin to atltael nlieinum. Hut whatever h is bren done in Coiiiiresj, has been done by IIVnVo. l'p to this linio llierc. has be- n no I. ilu rtv men in lhat bud-.', or in our Klalc I.e- pisluure. Ihii mi b his lien then-volution in ublio opinion tint, if it eontinui . lo pro'trcfb a it has for the las' y. nr, it will lu conipl' li-'t i ur nglils i-ccil-red: nnd Iho Const. union will bo vindicau-i! 1 1 fort1 thai n.irtv will "tt manv members (lei ted to iitbcr bidv. Would it not bn heller fot dm causo of northern rights if '-nr l.iberlv men wero todial justly nnd canjidly wiih both of tho (ferai p ilnie.n' tut lit e, nn.l to approve at frankly ihilivhiehisprauiswoilhy, nn ihev cindenin thil which is w roiiL'. Hut it la siid tint llio present pobncal pirlieshaie become corrupt, and il is there foro necesmrv lo form n new narlv. lint sl-all bo fre from such pobncal cor minions. lSut I ntli. from u lie nee aro woto lind llie men for ibis new nirlv t Mut ihev not conio fiom the present parlies? And will ihey bo more purr, more honest, and nioro patriotic when transferred lo a new party, than limy now arc'! U ih?ro any re generating inlhsrnocs to act upon such on join the new rnriy l .tro ineir poiuiem iiaiietre-sious 10 oe .. eil out! ill! Iho Ythi2 who Ilia alwivs art -d hoi.'stly. and been ruided by a piueeic defirc for hu counti food, bo more bin ly to h-ive his parlv. ,-r, ii,,i',., leiiomid llio ollico feeker? I would not bv anv tue-ai. ' 'l0 underBtood as iuiiiuminiij iho motived of llioso who ..""W cmslilutp the l.ihetf. pnrt) .... ,i. ,..,i..... i i ..i:.... ibeni ns honest nnd intii it- io ns any other 'e-hss or men. tl"'",1 if 11,0,, r n ii .... ' ho hkelv to draw to them llinnrnllimiln ini-l iho iin,,ri'e 'cJ flOIll both of the other pnilVtii r Again I it I said to liavo become nrresFitr," ,rm 0 parly whoso principal objjet tball bo Iho mi..'"0" Contrary to oar ovpectatinnF, we nro enabled to piipply the readers of this number with Into Indian now p. lty the extra t-te.nmcr "flenas rerim," advice-, from Calcutta, of tho date Maich tho fitli, hnvu linen leceived. Tho rte.imer brought Colonel I'r.isor, the be.irorof ilUpitche?, Ftip;chcd tu In of a ui'-st iiiipoitant character. Tho nature and contents of iheni have not piifii. no I man matters remained comparatively trampiil. The disturbances which it was ex- period the death ol Maharajah nt (manor would incite, havo not occuircil, and tho election of his,r w ill ho adjusted amicably. Iho (ifivorniir-dfitieral hail left Delhi for Atrra as toon as ho was apprised of Maharajah's death. Prom Scindo and Cabul we have no news by this arrival It is rumored that advices havo been received by the Mcaiucr, which i-t.nto that tho vigor and detenu. nation of Sir Henry Pottingcr, who had positively ioiiifoii tlio niterlerence ol tlio (,o. 1 lungs wero liltoly to portiro a f-jieedy anil sat. infacltiry i-ettlenieut of the tarill llio much dreaded subtciftige of the Chinese. The general iinproveuipiit which Ins of late nmiifested itself in our trade, has been progres sing f-lowly but hteadily, though the Jirico of money in the London market continues as loiv a.s eicr. There is no material change In the prices of the public securities, and any fractional alteration that may bo noticed, lias been Iho re. suit of mere temporary causes which from time to time have a slight iitllucucc ou the Loudon market. Thero has been a good demand fur most des criptiom of goods this week, although tho Bales have not been very extensive. 7'lioro is a boh. era! uuprcit.ion that prices will advance us the bcanm iiroo-rcFFes, Tho i'xpnri of manufactured gondii Ins been extensive, Mimulatctl by tho unparalleled low. nesa of priced ; nnd as the accounts from Amer ica indicate that llio crop of rottnn will ho very large, thoro is every probability of tbo mnnii com so, tho doctrine that men must not bo removed fiom oflice, though openly proved dishonest anil pocnlant, lest it should inter fere with an election. Let the commercial and industrious clas ses (aro not tho merchants indusiiious ?) look at these things. Let them consider the prosperity of tho nation tinder tho preva lence of thoe principles which an; now de nounced as Wbiogery, and then let them contemplate tho wide-spread ruin consequent upon tho disturbing antl destructive policy that followed : and after thai, ihey may say wiih whom they have lo hold a reckoning. United Slates llaxrttc. Tho votes in Conj-ress for fuppressio- tho flnve l,r,"rur l,.uin,"' 1lj,u 10 conliuu his pttrclutea of COtu 'iiie.n Tins "rico llrov'fcin3 rei.tutucs very low, . i, 'r.llti w-ldeti tc .-a itu'i mr ,m,l. illicil I. pr nor in i . - . .. ..ra... muvu u,..n - r - - v tri'le in tho Disliici of Cohiinl.i.i. nnd for repoilinj tbo territorial hw of l-'lotidi whieh authorizes felling fnrnien into ulaverv. weio civen eineo tlm nboin tiubli.bed. On theno oupiiliiinH ii, from the fro Suim divided ahuocl vniirtly by , faction in airty U. The Ci il.., - -iii-uriiw iiil' rouiiiiee. vv l,..l 1... I. I ... .1..II otton ii-.m "v' iti;f uun A VAN 11UREN SUI5-TREASURER Tho Albany Evening Journal after sel lout! the enormous defalcation of Jesse lloyt as declared by llie Jury, adds : Tho people may ihanlt .Martin Van Iturcn f ir his neavy lots, i no appointment ot Jtscu Hollas cot. hciorof tho Port of Now Vork. was mado bv .Mr, Van lliiren aeainst the ndviea ol the respectable nun of lhemty, and with a full knowledge lhat lloyt was overw he-liui-e Willi l ehl. anil liankrunl in cicuit nt the icrv tinio thai this must responsible (rust was committed lo bis bands. Hut I loll had one peculiar H uiiiiicaiioii ior tiie;ouiee wiucii, 111 .nr. 1 an nu ren's csliuinlioti nunc ilian rnunttrbalanrc nil tit. It cie-ncies of rhnrnclcr or capacity. As n threivd and reckless political manager, ho was almost unrivalled. Tlio Now Voik Custom llousu nllorded a fine t'uld for tbo oxcictso of his blull. A small per ccntaueon tho vast sums passug tluougli Ins hands wou'd foinish an ample corrupiinn fund for party use". The result proved, in this respect at least, the wisdom of Ur, Vuu Huron's choice. Dunns; IToyt's colleclors hip largo supplies were eniisiunlly ilrnwn from iho New VoiU Custom Hqiio to di-fray po'itieal expenses. In dm ipi-al Hrlifitloof IBiO, the Now Yolk O bloin Ilouo was laid under contribution in furnish the mean of pur ehasui); .Mr. Van Itoren's re tleciion. flf llio total ilifjli-aiion of i'in.OOO, ilouhtlt-fs oiin-fourih. if not one-half, is lo bo traced to litis simrlo campaign rior ivouiu the loss ei cr halo been (H4clo.-iu lo llie pill lie if I.oco I-'ocoism bad eanird tbcibir. Tho ncculation would bain been coicicd un, and llie do- iatilter continued in ollice, loditiio nun carry out further si hemes of public plunder for pally benefit. Itut tho lii'Jiuph of iho Wbiits in that trreat ronlest made it necessary for Mr. Van lliiren to go throimh lha show of icinovin bis trusty followir from die New Yoik rolleeloreljip, and led lo ibuileleclion and exposure of tbo inonnious fraud by which the pen plo have been robbed of two hundred and livcn y three thousand ilullure ibtoujh Ihcsycucjr of a Van Diirta ottic bol,I- hi p'e.i-d topiesent. 'Hi? my colli aguts declined, nnd ns.-im iirp-il mu lo oll'.ru nouunaiiou. I then sain main siieii was lln-ir v.iii I would name sever al inihvidiiiUfioiii whom ilu could make ihcirehiiicc; and. iici-orihiilv. I I resent- ,1 uie naim nf . I, ,lin Tt. ted in Franklin and Grand Isle. Hut tbo !ls , U'hio. Tho Locolocos tendencies of 1 !, '$ -rL ":",!!',A.J!n!.J"t" M-leiiion, ai d witiied nie lo ili-inate lite eaiididalf . I then n mi, it. Mill Ti Ii r, n ml he was unanimously i aeiept, I II- wis on llie crouuil, and knew what io- re 1 h-d I k n. ln I i.i,nii c;l.r 0f ,10 Ollici two nl, i.,tti n nniil, hi- would hue been ne. ces, by his plain dress and commanding fig ure, anil ho towers above ilium all, like the first kini of Israel among tbo shetihenl war riors that surrnundi'd him. Ho is the gigan tic head of the must gigantic Empire on earth. Russia is certainly a most wonderful conn- try. "Stretching aruunu lliren tpiarters ol llie globe, it already numbers 7U,tJUU,UUU ol in habitants, and in a century inure may num ber 1UIJ millions 1 It embraces every van et v of soil, nroducl, and occupation, fro in the stunted pines ot Archangel to tlio blooming irarden ol the Crimea, Irom tlio hunters ol hems ou tho ice-hills of Kamscbatka, lo th diggers of salt in the mines of Cracow. The licit wheat fields on iho shores of llio Block Sea pour their annual produce into the era liaries of Odessa ; the shepherd of the inte rior pastures his immense herds on llie cen trtil steppes, each returning fair, drives iho fnsllings of his thick to thu bazaars of Moscow; while, from llio frozen norih, where life well nigh goes out,' tho hardy forester floats down, during his short-lived summer, tho furs which ho had taken beneath tho light uf llio aurora during his long wintry night. All this varied population are divided into two classes. First conio tho hereditary nobles huge suns of Anak, purso proud, high .spirited, and for tho most part ignorant rulling in splen dor and filth, covered with diamonds and ver min a set of princely desperadoes ready at any time for a revel or a muster, a inasnue- rado or a campaign. From iheso riotous nabobs, two or three of whom could buy up thu wholu of Iowa at government prices,' there is but ono step to tbo ic7i in cotnpa lisou with w hum our Southern slaves ant freemen indeed. Ileitis of them throng all tho plantations of tho nobility working wiih (lay isuuunpnrtantillliiiuusinossticoniy tlonc ,u Administiution hecamo loo strong . tir . . . .. . in tunc. u limit) no luwn in uio tiisirict ,,, :lml U umreloro reluctantly, anil tiller wifl fiil to send delegales.and those ton, who ,f,ci,t personal ell'uit, cut loose from the nf- really represent tbo Whig feeling of their ficu, I j not doubt that hu now "breathes , l',-.,y"l( !' V1" ,'' K""lin,i"' 1"ul cn.minmy. towns. Wo aro now, as it were, to orgiui.o freer." What will bo his fiitmo course is nus error ui'das ui'mi'i r.' wl 7 1, 'i ' "l.'ii'ri'ic tho district, and scrapo arquaintanco for a pL'ihaps as iinceitain to himself as it is en ten years pull in thu santt ltarne?s,and it isol tiroly unknown to thu publi Iho Highest importance that wu begin aught, Let all be fairness and justice in the forma- THE LATE 11 ANKRUPT ACT. lion and action of the convention, and then Soino liuiu during the last season, .ludgo we may reasonably hope for unanimity, nnd Wtdls, til'ihi' U. S. District Court fur the its inevitable) consenuoncc an overwhelm- District of Missoui i, made a decision in a iug tiiuniph. I-'ioni llie M iili-on'.in. Wo nro nuthoriz.-d to comrade t, "m the slroneeit terms, ihe decluialion in ide by Ihecihlor of die Her aid 111 it Mr ltubeit Tylu has wn-ten a l-lier lo AI ileriur.n Tnwli, in wbub he rinrrs.-.-s mi'llr.K.n limit wo nine -irniiin il nt lii-,,.iirni ast Of tins clianau wu have at liresont , , ,., ,, .,, . ., i one, more unr.itiiMl rrsti ANOTHER TOUCH OF TYLERIS.M Ilr.Nitv 15. Si'ACV was removed from tbo olftce of Post Master, in ibis place, on Sat urday of last week, and D.i.. Winm.ow, Editor of the Sc-iiliiu-l, was appointed in his place very little to say. It is in perfect keeping with all the recent public acls of Mr Tyler, It excites no regret in tho breast of the gen tleman who hits been proscribed, no indigo a thin among Ids numerous fiiends, and no snrptisc in the community at large. All our citizens know that Mr. Slacy has been at great expense in fitting up his oflice, and that hu has changed it from thu most tlaik antl dreary, and dismal hole in this whole town a fit emblem of Locofocoism into ono of tho most neat, tasteful, and elegant Post Of fices in all New England. We all know too that ho has discharged his duties as Post Mas ter to tlio perfect satisfaction of the whole community, without reference to party. Wo may add also that he has carefully abstained, cise under tho lalo U.S. Bankrupt Act, against thu constitutionality of that act. That decision having lately come under re view before Justice Citron of the U. S. Cir cuit Court, silting in iho same Distlict, has been reversed and the constitutional validity of the act afliimed. It is understood that my cr er- rr cm.,, In deplore, lliu I did it for th.-hi't. 1 h-d cited in Cun:;rcs with lion m jiats iione I v. and I dim deem ed linn an honei.i'iloniin ; an t,is Virerinii was mar ly b.ilamid, 1 hiied the neminalion of my amiabl Inenii noahl ineline the scale m our I'aior. ' t'U'Ji is a hrn f stati-nieut of die manner in which John Tyler ohiiimril In- mon ninoi. How pretiously ho has deceiinl anil ihsippo niul expri-tnttons lha v.holocouiury can tei-iu'v Hot letii'ui'ion is drawing iceh, and tbo lid.eiis t-nnrm I n.inkcii. A lower 1 ill aw ails hint than has nveri-il.e n anv public man who haactcr betrajed the tmrptaccd confidence of lat country. "SOI. VAN UAN.S-SF.LAr.K. ".Us.t.s-r, Jl.u-j, 1SIJ." thu Circuit Court, so that in all other cases, and theio aru many, pending in the District Court, tho act will he held valid. In iho Louisiana U. S. Circuit Court, al so, Justice McKinley has had occasion to pass upon the same question, and he has sustained tlio validity of tho act. These decisions will probably put an end to all further litigation of the question of iho validity bf the Bankrupt act in the Mississip pi Valley, and the proceedings under it will go on without obstruction till they are all dis posed of. (t?ConnECTio.v. An error occurred in the communication of "A Member of the In stitute" which we published last week. In- so far ns an honest man and good citi.en slcad of saying"on account of some in formal could abstain, from any active interference in jiy in thu organization of tho Uuiverity In paity politics since ho wasappoiuted. And slilute, all thn pieceedings uf this society wo havo tho most satisfactory evidence that havo been declared to he ilh'gaV'ihe original ninety tiinc hundredths of our postage-pay. ' manuscript rend its follow s, "From somo in if citizens were ulteily opposed to any formality in llio organizilinii uf llio special chance in tho oflice, "and least ofall to ' meeliiiL' of tho University Institute, at which lllll ilium. limns ui uiu ihiuiiiiv nut hine it nil- , , ,, , i , 1 " , , ,, , , out pay, living on ryo meal, and chopped SHch cllillll!u ns w taken place. - , Mr. Lasnnan was elected, all the proceed straw until thuy can live no longer, nnd then Hut nntwithstanding .'ill this, and ihe added ings of tho society at lhat meeting havo sincu die, leaving a wretched inheritance of bond-1 fact that Mr. Stacy received his coiiiiiiissinn j been derided to lie illegal, nnd among litem U"H lo their cluldien. I rralll . hands of Mr. Tvler himself, vol ns Nil immense empire with it, great tcrri- j wo s,id b,.ror .is ..., no tory and its great tliverjit v uf rank is control led by a Handing uruiy of 500,000 infantry lurpriio whatever in tint cotnmunily. Wc those relating to Mr. E." Tliourrorin punt ing the communication was our turn and not the author's. N. I for die ereat inlems iiimeni s.-rvie, sol' .M- W l-.i r ilian i!,- ,. r ino eri'.-ineni i niul u the .'s. -re -iry or Slate retirfi Irom tho t 'ihinet, no one w ill n ,oi t die nccessuv of bisii(lieiid s. paratiunfiom ilu Government more than tins Kcnt'cman." Thu New Yoik Cornier nnd Enquirer re in uks on the above lhat this ceitificuto of n!:,iiy and capacity given by Mr. Robert Tiler to D.wir.i. WtnsTEt; will doubilcw enable lite Ex-Secretaiy io push his 'ay th.'ough tho world with tulerablu i-cess. If he should open an oflice in Boston on his re tain hu might reasui""ly expect, wiih Mai ler Ruben's iecoi""",u'ation in his pocket, to eibtain a coid'erable amount of collecting LiiMiicss. Qi-irr. CoMpi.iMi:.T.r.v. The Loco Fo ro of the L i Fayette Congicssional Dis trict in Indiana lately nominated a Mr. John Petit as their candidate fur Congress. The Indiana Eagle, tho leading Lno Foco pa. per in tho district, speaks of Poijt n (no following very ilatleiing terms: "Wo wash our hand ofbeniLr acccssany to fasten 1113 this slam upon the Deinocraiu- parly of dus dis-irii-t, nnd feel conseioua lliat I utiiiruls of the sober Ibiukini' pnrt ol ilu l)t-iiioci-al9 will shiink from 'nL iinhaili' -v. d and polluted touch of tins putrid lui,D'n, morlahij." v General (Luxes Ims lu-.-n iissioij.-d 0 t,Q ron.i.iand of iho Third Mdilary. department ol thu A i my. Ills Iic.k'.i lartt ls wi llv , si. ijouis, Alissoun. jinny Vliroinctt. and ft'a,ey

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