Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 19, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 19, 1843 Page 3
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Gov. Tiioms. Our leaders will recoiled that wo ynvi; mi account u week or two ngo of 11 most disejiiici'I'til fijit between tlio two Loco l'uco Governors ol Virgin!,! nnil Mary land, Since. timo we liavo mot with llio following curd I'm in Guv Thomas of Mil. i the li.iltimnro llupiililiciiti : Missis. Editors Sri ing llul nn article, which ap peared originally in the Kichiiiou I Star, is being cop ied generally by the newspapers as an nmliciilic no count urn pailrv nfl'.nr in which I was Hhiclantly coueei ucd at Slauutuii, il is dm- Id m self in si V Unl it does mo initislice. Ilcuig, however, cniucly cer tain that the lorco or what 1 am now riiiicianiiy com pelled to ma' o pu'.ilic cannot I"! m tha least degree, diminished hy iniaicprescnialiuns of a numeral lu and contemptible nssaull, made where ll was- foreseen 1 would not he permitted properly to chaslis-- my cow ardly assailant, I shall not ho diverted fioin the course. Ions; since mat ke lout fir invself, tu engage inn news paper conlroversy of any UiikI. It" my character for manliness needs ihe .nd ol' a contest as to tin inerit9 or n seulll in a crowd, II is not worth preserving. The p-turul and humiliating nll'dr in which I am involved demands, and "hall rcoiivc, ninueh moiose rious trcalnitnt. Measures will be taken and pursu ed, uninfluenced hy fear, favor, or allccl'ion, lo unveil, in a Iccouiini! manner, cvciy fiut and circumsiancc necessary lo istubli-h llie lute cliatattcr or nil con cerned in brill?'! x ah rit an I dissolving my ill-f.ilcd martiigc. W hen rrry thing has been disclosed, I havo a perfect i-iiufidcnc thai prevalent mis ippichcn- si ins, which my Ioiil' hi -nee has all mien opportunity t) male, ns in tiropi itilerctui- an I tkli a iiii'tvui my conutici in mo imni atu telaiioii orbfe, vv-.ll Ic correct eJ and removed. l-'RANCIS THOMAS. AsNArotM, May S, l-!3. (lTTIiu (olloiving story ist-uing the rounds of tlio pupeis. Wo woniler in what putt of Vermont tlui incident occnicd. i.ccr.NTiaciiir'.s or a madman. Mr. a bivvvt r i.i Vermont, dodii! a L-ood bust ncss, at on -o became ih-niiu, an I took it mln Ins head to nhandun the pracliee of I iw. and em.'ii.'e in basket m ili i . .'c w is at li, si a ery nwkwaid hand ai tins empliiu.inl, Inn. by iluit of piisevei.anco, be Bonn Incline mv skill ill, an 1 eou'd weave a basket as lie bad lo m'l'yw ivinuii utgiiniinl "I ihu bar lie lulluu-cil lb s r.usiius.s about Mx iiioulbs. whin ta'i.113 a new notion lutn hi- bead, he abandoned II lor that ol elintr i illuming Tun materia! us d in this occupation was bar!: xvhich hoslruiiieil from llio trees in summer, when it peels misicisily. II mug home one day civ crcd rrom head lo Toot wilh mud, lie was as nl wli-ve hi! bad been. Hi u he had L'ot so Ihuruui-hiv bedai He answerid, that be bad been m a neighbori'ie swamp alter elm hark, ut which lie cMiilnleil a strip nbout rony feit long. 'Do you lemark ibis!' said he Ilium; 1 'I v. 1 Vest but how dues this act omit lor Kill's so mud ly 1 It isn t usual u I'm J mad u.i l... lop of a tree.' 'No but you tnav somninics, find il in the bottom, though, I'll lull vou how 1 liiund il. I ml llie b.nk near the root oll'tlie tiee. and then sliinnu! il upwards e.nco.iii2 It would co ne lo an i ml an I break nfl. anil run itself out afn r a while, llul il linns on like a sun in chancery mid I sliipt. and stiiul, tiniil it run up forty Teet and as strong 11 ever. Tniuks I 10 uiysell, there's na use in nmsuiii" the Ihiii2 anv I'aiber, and so I'll enlcr a nolle jiro'eipu. Hut nut lo lose benefit of what I hail done ill. 11 was Ihe point 10 bo dci ideu I wished at lean t 1 s u'o cosl hut pshaw ! 1 forsol I'm not a lawyer now. Well, as I was savins. I looked at the subject to sec bow I could Pccure ihe Darn. It was to 1 strong lor me 10 ureal; on. ;U nnv rate. iIioiiimii I. theie s nioie linn one wuv lo sum cai, as a hutelier would bay. If I canndl bnak oil tins bark, I can cli, nh up iiy it. Nosoonersaidtlian done. I 1 izetl hold of tho snip, and, placing my leei against 1110 trun.i ol the llie, lau up haml ovu hand. Ily this m.'Uio 1 of eliinbiim, you wilt per, ccive my back must have been downward, and near ly in a Iuii2 1nl.1l iioiiiou hy feit bum' braeei! against the tree, and my head M indina feu 1 1 1 it 111 an nnylc of nearly ui. 11 ly decrees. H.ninir arrived at the piper In u'll, I uas i!i !! in a ipianil ny, bavv to pet my Kiii'e outol to v pot kel, ami bow lo ret it open when it was out. II 1 I I ."1 wini uno 11.1111I, 1 wa feirful Ibeollu r vv mid le t hold me. II r.vcv.T. s.iv I, lis nick or nothing. I'll try llio ixpt riun ut at any rile so I riin"di'ivvevliillv,'vuh 111 v lift hind while I took out my kuit'u with my nsht, and opening 11 with my leein, w nippui 01 me nan. as clean as me uw tvo-iIU doeli an uilail. 1 And wlnt do vou ibink was tlio result 1' 'Why, vou came tin on your back, of course V ' Right L-eiillemeu of thejury a very correct verdict. inaceu. 1 r.aiueilovvn llil in the inuil. .evir was: client hid 11 itter on bis bac'. linn I and never wa one so completely bedaubed with lilt'i and mild. I'm thinks totheyieldinir iialure of ibesoil, I sived tn bones, and only luoiighl avv.iy the nusi likr on tin coat. I gamed my cause ton wuicli is mors than can say of all mv undrriakiutrs.' Thecominiiv'l iii'di' I I lily at the c'-lawvii oeeonnl ol Iih evnloil whdi ihcl.uiir, Irticim' be eoi'n in lb., nin, s ml, l!i 1 i'ib inuil, li e ihe old WO' roai. i.rea-w woulJ nib 0.1 v. hen .1 was dry. He e miiniinl a while longer to I'unow his oeeupa 11011 of oil ur bollniiiniL'. vvlicn suddeiiW I lenniin saoea'aiu. lie leliuied ihe nf 1 iw. anj lias, ever smee, perferrcd his opponent0 on iheir backs, in a legal way, tu li v,v I.i il on Ins own in so lii'li.Tous a manner as thatubivc ulaled. .V. V Tram. ITJamcs Watson Wni:n. Editor of tlio Cotir ur and I-hrjuirer, vv w tr ed at (.'nopcrslinvit last week fur a libel in J. IVnitnnrc Cooper, 'l'be aliened lili'-'l iiii'taiiicd in a puiian. leview or Mr. Cooper1!! "Ilnmo ns rniiml." Jiul'c Willard roftt-i'd lo lot tlio Ik.oI; un lo llio Jniy as evidence for Ihe def'Micc in tho toot It, wo hear, of a former decision hy liiin.-oll ! lie charg ed very hard atinst the defend mt. Messi?. J. A. yprNxctt and A. L. Jonmr: conducted the defence ably wo need not siv. The Jury could not a'reo 011 a verdict yiie for conviction, scren for iicnuillal. 1); the wav, Ibct"! noils brought by Mr Cooper in hehall'of "Ihe 1'enple" for lihelj on hiniso''. remind tis of tho client, who said lie never Icticvv luiiv much lie had been injured till he In1 ird h,s lawyer state llio cause in Court. .V. Y. Triliir.ic. ' CoiTAons. Mr., Conitnissinncr of 1'atenti", in his annual report for J 3 1-3, des cribes a new- inudn ul buililinir cottaffps or or dinary dwelling's, which has Leon adnpled in llio West. I!n mivh lluit the inan-riala is funned hy removing the foil, di'gin lu llie common clay, (winch is almost iiinvor-al, c.-pocii.lly ;.t the West,) inixiuv: it with water and Fliaiv, nnd treading it iutn 11 ortar hy o.xcn ; from tins line!; aro inadoof 16 by III by 9 inches or 1 hy h-, fj iiiche.--, in a pl.itili 111011I11, and struck with ; niece of iion hoop. Thi-t-e lirieks ate dried up on the grmiiid lot'- or twolvo davt-, vv Inlc the foundation of the 1 i.ild w' is iiiepaieni", am prairie wood nil , nr (which is bettor) a entii'm' of slate laid, 011 winch tint dried hut iiiitiiirnt br,il; ate licit up, a fnut in thickness, llie wind -sv anil doors bciii'' put in as it proceeds: division walls a bru-l; wulo or seven inches; mil" o shinxles or lhalcli, prnji-ctiii'' a loot nr two earl way. 'I'hu walls are then p!.ii-!i-reil Willi gai'id lime moitar, and lli2 n-eoiid lime Willi Ihosiine,'d; the msulu vv itliout il.islnn, and the liiuifco is built. This hoiii-e is very 1 h".ip, le warm in winter, anil cool in huinnior, and nll'ord. .r.o rctroat I t veruiiii. Its w.iIIh mo not dun,;, unhiirnt brick ab-oilnn no vvalt-r, whiili tile burnt, boui' porniiy, will do. Huch .1 Im iw in iy be Filey cmicd up two or lliti u t't-i 1- -ii-most fire-p inn', and nearly as eln'ip as a lug cabin, (111 roino places more' sn,) and vv ,11 latl a century if the fouuda ion be well la.d. r.'ew Yorlt Cattle niaiUel May S, At market, B97 Ilccr Catilo (393 rrom the Souib,) sis Us. end Calves and 173 Sheen. Prices iff CYirie-sold at a furlhcr rdvancc uf 50 cents per cwi. and wc ijuolo lo correspond, viz u -tt 7 M for rciatltti( quantities, with sonic sales higher, and SI 73 'nfC lor poor and ordinary cattle. The runt Let was ileared of every thing. Coirs and Calrcs Sales of -13 at S13, hlj to $30. 67itrp anci hahxls Thcfew-at inatkct vvcieall ta ken at S3 50 t 01 CO to S3. Supplies arc much wan led, IlrlRlitott Market.- -Monday, May P, 15-13. At Matk-1,200 liter Catllc, 1G Cows and Calves, 20 pairs Working Oxen, 120 ftheep, and 1373 Swine. Pbicsi lt;rf C,i(c In consequence of the limit cd number of llerr Catlloat inar'.it, piiccs ndianeid considerably. We qiuie a very few at tnflo more (honour bijlie.t quoiaiions: Pirn quality, 0 M second quality V 1 5,5. rd quality, 81,73. Coiriniiri CiWdm Kroin SI I to Si). Working O-ri-613,SlS8C0and 675. Shetp-l.ols wtre told rrom 1,73 lo S3. Sirfn Lots lo peddle lj .JC ror Sows, nnd 5 I-Ec for Harrows j large Harrow. DJc. At reioil fioni 5 to Cc. FOR SALE A powl Concord Wai'iton rfx May 1. PiVOIOEU & IllHN-MMU. I At Montpclier, on Vcdiir hy, Ihu 17ll instant by the Rev. .tohn dridley, Prof, Calvim Pn.vsn of llio Puivcrsity of Vcriiionl, to Misi Maiitiia Howes, of Munlpi I cr. In nincsbiir.-li, on the 2,1 insl,, by Kev. O, S Hoyl, .Mr. Xoblp. I Hov-nton, Mi reliant, to Miss Mauian L. Ooooynvn, eldest il.iulitcr of Docl. Daniel C-jod yer, all or llmei-burgh. 3D) ii (ill, In th's lovvn, on llio Till in t,, Mr. Nathan Scy Mocn, a Hevolulionary pensioner, aged 8J years. At Hose Hill CHford, Miss, on the 22 insl , Mrr. S.vnvn Ann Ssccn, daughter of Mis. 1'iudclico I. Mason of this town. In Villiton, April 22nd of Dropsy, Ascimt. Men, ii.w, son of A. II. Munay, aged 8 ycats mid 3 months. "As the sweet flower which scents the inorn. Hut withers in llio lising day, Thus lovely srcin.'d theinfant's dawn! Thus swiftly lied his life away 1 Krc sin could Might, or, sorrow fade, Death timely came wilh friendly care) The opening I ml 10 heaven conveyed, And bade il bloom forever there. Vet the sad hour ihal look the boy l'eiln s has span d a heavier dooin, Snatched him from scenes of guilty joy, Or rrom the pangs of ills to come. Ho died b"fiire his infant soul Had evir hunted with wrong desire; Iladivu' spurned at Ilenicn's couttol, Or ever quenched its sacred foe. Ho died lo sin, be died lo caret I';it I'jr a in jniciit fi ll tlio rod, Then splinging 011 llie viewless air, Spuad his light vv ing, and soaied to Cod." In .Terichn, M.irdi 21st., .Mrs. Anna IIliss, wife of Timothy Uhs-., a grit 7-1 yeais. Also, on the simodav and in ihu same boue, Mis. Jclia II. Iluss, wife or Mr. ..bin.a llbss, and daughter ol Abel Drury, Ksq, of Iligbgale, aged 3'! yi Thus in a singleday vveie the father and son both d.piived oftheir booin companions, and left alone 10 mourn in lliis vale of lears. Mr. Timothy Dliss seem ed most deeply to leel his lonely situalion, for not on ly his companion vas lnlcn,bul nl.o hisdaughter-in-I ivy, in whuiii his whole heart was hound up. mid to w hunt he looked id administer lo his wanls and soothe his sorrows in life's diparling hours. I!ul ho had not long to nnum in this vale of tears. On the 17lh of April the messenger Dealh also summoned him away lo meet Ins dear fiiendsin a heller wot hi than ibis. llesweelly fell alccp 111 Jesu, having home llieliials orhfo71vcars. 'I hey all died of llie prevailing epi demic, nnd all left llio condoling evidence that they had a heller portion in Heaven. Mr. Timothy IIliss and wife had lived logi liter for more I ban half a ccn lury, and had long bein finlbfiil members of llio Church offiod. M s. Julia II. I'li-'s had been a pro fe?or nf rihuion about nine years, during which lime s!io had wmI' id woi iby of htr proiession, and 111 her dealh, llie church of winch she was a member fiel in deed lint they sustain a loss. Comm. I. a : it 1 it. NOW JS Till: Tl.MK. ' C. I 09.11 IS, Ins ibis ,',vi ,,iv.d a gentral ft assortment of I.eit'u , Morocco, Kds, Ccc. i-c. .4 T 1 1 l'lndiilfrs nrcverv deaeri ilinti. As ii i. nnt nni'i-.iui' that he shin. Id innuur rate miu-le, lie would rnv In Ihe piibln-, lint hi: v, ill sell any nilieles 111 his "line for ms'i, eheanir than they vveie ever lufuie olle.-id in ihu 111 arket. P. h. Ciod Sole Le.alhcr riom 10 lo 21 cts. a pouu I. Moots and .Shoe. Piarl Street, May 13, 1313. 51w3 KM IV (lODII.-i at t:ii: (ii-:it3tK stokk. rpil II vit,.enltt r- iv-pei-ifuliy infirm 1 tu- udii'a 1 I nils of Ibirliiiit-iii an I -Mirn 111 ling r-n miry, lint ll.ey have lelurni'l I10111 No.v Vnr'; will a'ili.'e 'o.- 1 f I hi- m 1.IM1: eru r drill erii-.. l-'ruils. Pn-.erv i-s. is'-, wlei-b 1 bey n it l',,r sab- .0 ibelo.vfe?l ea-b pnee-, eoiii-lin - 111 nan nf iln- IoIIom in.-; t Hngai-v Dou'.li-audMiilo icaacJ.Craslied, Povv-' t'l'i-f 1 and brown. Tcas..inpi-nal, Hyson, fi mpo y.'er, Vn-ing Hy-1 ui. lly nu .S in, SiiuVhniiir and Piiwchouir. j t'of'ei--Ol I Ui vernn 1 ni .lava, Ln-.'-nrn, A.C. t-'rullh mil Su'latia llai-ius, Oiurani-, 1 chin -i- rreueli Pr-ine 111 c!'i-jar- an I fun",' I-iim--, 1 Itnr.liM ,x Si ft Sbelli-I Alniuud-, 1'ia , I i ron. Tain 1 linl-, O.ive-, Ca, ir-, Co iMiiiit-, Kilberis, .ll.i.leira ui!-, i--. I .-pljcs ('iiiiianiiai, Caiia I'ud-, Piaicnlo, Clove.-, ' N iniii-;., Mai--, iVe. S.irli u-s 111 Oiv-' Oil ('1 il'ia ix brin I,) 0,--ters (1 I'.i 'einan 'e,) Ani-lmv i--, A.v. l-.a' Ma -earuni I .unl Vera i i' 1 1. I'ii-.u-Ii 1'u-' le- ('i'i--.) Wa n il ('.11 11 1, 1.1,11 l. ii, Jiii-iI e I'.i le. Peppir .S i-i, c, ' Iliy .1 r, 'I 1 I'M, Lemon Syrup. Pit-iu-h Sweei I .1 t-r. 1.1 i'-.i, 1 ion avrua. 1 it-ucii rsvveei Clincii!.! i and S uieri- r I -m. l-'icneh iiri-care 1 an I l-ln-j'i-h M -tar'. ObvcO.I, Sperm Oil 1111 1 Can- I'll--, P.ilenl S -t-rni C.-iudlt- . Oa iile, Alinon 1, .1 - ii.-s.ri-1 uiul r.iuiily Soi.s. Perf .inerii---. Ilo-lou Water an I S.nel, Plot Una I and Soda Il'-ciiii. A I o,llio ( -i-atan Mi.icral U.i'e-s, I 'it-pure llnl an i t-- -m; t.ini) iiin, i ieneh i.t gn.n-.111 1 i;,ignai-1 I1.1111-iiuisui-lur uiediii ic. 'Ihe Heil 1 !, Cbauqiai'ii in q art -ml pm! In-tli- , An z,-itu Mipi riine, Sw-i Ah vii he, Cm o-o 1 an.l lilitu sh Wine- for Mohen'i-. I heir I'H-:, ut 1111 inr eil I i.'.ir- t- uu-iirpa-.e I, c- 11- I ting ofllie Itillo-.yiug i-li'i e 1 1.111 1. : l.ali 1, Itu alia, lteu Hell. .1.1 r t z. Ilriliniu.i. I'riuci-B it rin.i. Also, ibe Ce-ruuii and Snivrn a Siitokiu-j Ti b.r-eo. u 1 11 1.1 vi & .Mi(;iH)l.l.S. Ct llt-gi- S-., ni-xi I" Mr. WuiiV (.'roeUery S.orc. 11 irliuijion, May IS, 1311. ; 1. iv (.inn 1-1 ,f. II 11 tinilttein- . :..:..... i- -r. ......... mt.- n" nu iio.' Hutu 1 .ew-Vuik 1111 ext nsivc iissoii.neni ol '- '- unpied 10 ihespiing Ir.ide. Thtir facilities fur pur- iii-in ' h ive bun such as x ill enab le Iheni in inn I t!ie:rg 1 1 s la i-,nu;i, lition wilh nny oiherr, and llicv I aieileierniinednuttobeuu'ersold for cash.orgooil ciedn. " 1 May 19, 1513. 51 Ovv 1 NOTHJIL nt Onion River Lower falls, will I be discnill inicd nllei llie first wtek in Jnnp. fur , the purpose ol being ihorouglilyri paired, live Flour, I 11101 111 .iieai, !tc., win ne i epi i-niistanlly lor sale at llio Store connected with tin- Mill. ai-.ORC-H EDGECUM May 13 1S12. yuj' 1.1 ALES Cotton Shetliug, do Tiekiugj, Lotion ai 11 do Halls. do 00 nulls, do Twine. do Wicks, ilo Carpet Marp, just received and far sale low. bv io.nuy, -u. Uiv-51 r. K 11. WAGON MAKER. TTAN' I ED a In -dale workman ni Wa-gons an VV ( nriiagi: to co to Caua la an I in. e an 111 lere-t 111 lliat I ranch nl ba-ine-i. Iuqiiiii- nf ,. , II. WHIIIILIIIt. Ilur ingioii, MaylG, '13 5 1 w3 Lam! of the diem Maintains, at IHitintlon, ly Ihe title ol l.alc ( liiiiiiplalu ichkh unites us to II e Umpire State, ISri Mm, '-III. li.VCllNlC. fDIIII'.ltl'. is ca-'ses lur inaliiug these times produe. t live ol icasons for now k-IIiii from one or Ihu must general sioi ks 0r Mcicliantlizc ever had 111 ibo Cheap Cash Kioreat prices lutlictlu uiiprcccileiiKil I anil that loo without any puluiud nllutiurs l.ein.. n iilo in our captain win is nciing ns Presidiiil, for ihetiadc will coon uiiiler Ihe p.-itiuidar p-lroinm- nf llio Oiecil .11 1I1111 Hoys wh i are an invincible , shield ng.'ilt proseripliun.iyriiniiynr rq prisnniiand without any onprihi nnun of rimiutul from Accncy j for iudnstrioiisly and fuiihf lly fcrvinc in buying low f .r S'.llinjchvsp to the Pooploat HOWARD'S. it rrmrm 1 1 11 11 n 1 NOT ICR. TI UK S il s ti' crs a ro now I. iiMiinlacinring nml Imp coil't.iu'ly 1111 hand a good as sortiiu'ol or WINDOW SASH UOUliS mil 111 INDS iim-'o U' op.T(.riu llielnrtM iKitiix. All tit dors mUren'J t the miraiiirairanniiiir Bsnnmi )uuiwiiiiLiiaii';,ii tibcnt cr.- will receive prompt mti'irutii. V.'iuois'.i Call-, May 18, IS1J. it llilll V4 viihw'.i SI NUW WATCH IIS. Wf. haw rein veil n sinall iiivouc of very riNU lini-bed l.cvrr Wit ti lies ma''e I y llusley, Ilar risniij nnd oilur goul makers at Liverpool. Waleh e ni n'nnlar kind-, nrnur impurlaiion, uu: in 1 se by many p-rtonim lbi vicinity, an I they are mi well I nov'vii that we nee I -ny but Utile emu ei mug llienil Wo wool I just tnenlion'lhal wo haveh.i I .sinii' made this wiii'i'r llul we I ebevople.t elho nil St Old Walebe. la' on towuriN new nne nl fair piieo. J Ivory kind 1 1 Wulehe or Cb 1 k cleared mi l re paired well. Wood unit llras ('llie'. . u!so for Mile. PANCJIiOKN & Ultl.NSMAll'. May 19, 1813. .11 U'.IA. IIUJILIWT, f llie New Cash Store. i now onening mid V. o Vnng lor ale mi (be lowest terms fur easli, a greit var'ciy of S aplcaud I'.iney Dry Goals mh h Ai Moihibni-i'e Lames an I Unify-, Print", 1'iiiM I.iuvii", an 1 I'reiu h Mii-lins Silrf-, nlam nnd 1'u titst, I lite I lack and cul'J, 1'is'd rie., Plain l.awn, (Jlnve , .Vi'l, and Iln-'ery, Sbanl", Il.inill.i ri Im-f. nml Cra al, Ladies rioien. e liiai I and other lloiincti, e. nil I Itlr-e. Slravy l'omicl, Itonnel 'rrinimin'js "ihl on-, &c. I 'rml Clo h , (,'a-iineiv , and uli.iell!, A ri h .i-i rtinriit 1 f lmir, tienllciuen'S!inkv an 1 Ciavats, Rtinily (Irm er o-, Lamp Oil, &e. tieiiilen c:i I.TOliurn Ha'-, l!oy Lcsi'iirn on, I I'.iluileirdo, May 16, 'mo?? cjcEia ?ji,j:iE'. . a 'in. o iiM-rr er lias uu nan 1 a large aiel -uper.or A a surllnelil i.i SIO.M. WAliK, niperior to any in 1 1 1 10 1 in 1 line 1 iiiie-, wiui'ii ne 11 rr- id' -iroai lied ud I'll e-, and I-leady 10 us , ive i.r. ir' , luck aiiilde'ivir, I'm' . e.irl.ije i r paekage, ouliard ol Canal limit-, wilier lur'l'ioy, All any.'ur Wot Troy, nir e-i-ii 1,1 aiipruvi1 1 papi r. All orders I y .Mail or i lhervvi-c, iimiio.hately alien de I 10. I. SHVMOUIt, 41 Ftrnjst. Troy, N. V., May 17, 1S13. ul nut, 1, ions' SERIES OF GRAMMARS. IINGI.ISII, LATIN' AM) Olir.HK, O.V THE .-AMI-: PLAN, For the use of Colleges, Academics ami Common bihnnls. (I'libliscJli'j llubimon, I'rall if. Co. AVw York.) N preparing this i-erii s, ihe main object has been, J. first: 10 prov nle I, r llie use of sehools asitnl 1 1 n-s linolts on tin j iiiiporlaut branch of study, more. , sunplu III llieir aiiaiigcuient, mjiu complete, in lluir pans, and better In the purpo is of public insltueiioii, than any hireloforo 111 nsj in our public I Seminaries: and .Sicondly, lo eivu llie whole .1 uni- I form ehaiaetei by fullovviug, in each, ly, ' llie same arraiigein nl of parts, using the same , I uianuuaiical terms, ami epie.smg Ihe defunlious, 1 I ru'c, and leading p iris, as nearly as ihu natural f' I the i.ase would ailiiut in ihe same language 1 anil 1 thus lo lendtr the sitiily or one Grammar" a 111010 ' . profitable iiilrodurlion lo Ihe study or anolber than 1 ' il rnn lie. IV rn llm Imlru ncn.l .l.ll!. a .. ..)-!.. .. ..... .. ..v...,, . ., .(u('-i n iucij jiuiii tach nihil in Ihfirvvhnle : 'yle and anaiiL'enienl, as Ihosiinovv 111 use eoinnionlv do. I'y ihii means, il 1 is believed, much lane and labor w ill be saved, both to iinehir and pup:l,-il:o annlogv nnd pitidiaritii s 1 01 me ion 11 01 rineinL'es nung tonsiaully 1, c lit 111 view, will slimy what is cnniiii'in lo all, orpecubir lo each, the confusion and d.lliiidiv uuneee-anlv jnid by Ihe use or ilunciilary vvoihs, dilhrmi; widely fioni eaeh other in language and slriielure win no nvuiJeil, ami ihe progress of ihu student iniieli more lapid. iayand saii fn-imy. TIlCSO Winks fnun a'lolnnlelesriirs of i-Ienient-in- books, 111 which the subslanei-of the best Oraininars in tach langunne has bien compressed into a volume of eiinvenienl sie, liaiiilFomely priuled on fine paper, neally an I strongly I omul, and nl a moihrile price. The whole si lies is noiv subiuilied to I lie judgment of n discerning public and ispemlly 10 teachers and supeimtcndi ins of sehools and seminaries ol learn ing lliroughoul the I niled Slates. roi-i the lion. Airnno Coskiinc, Jtuh'C of Ihe Vailed itjtcs Court in tltr KuWicrn DLtrhi of iN'flo Vo-;. Pumioms' Sreins or OnAsiii vns I!y the recent pal l ean 11 of "Tin: PciNcir-LRa or Latin Okam Mln iiissenr. nf grammars (Hnidisb, L-ilin, and On ' ) is nl hngih eoiopleleil. To lluir prep'ira tinn, I)r rullions has devnled many veaisoflhc t pinion of bis life. In 1 lie eoiiipnsiiiun ol llies,e ill-., Ii-- Il 11 r'l-m 0 nil mil nam aio-l nnt'ilii-i- u till the vv irk of his abb si pruleei ssors j and while up on llie nm- hand, be has not serupbsl freely lo avail iiiin-i-ii ii nun inuil-., no uie nun r iianu, uv siuiit- I V ,1. ' l.'l-ra II Ihal H obi elio-l-ibln in ll,..m mil bv r -1 1 1 iilelhug. i npiovuni. and i lusiraiiugiho n si, he has unqui siionalilv sneeeei ei d in einilru(.ling llie les dei i.lAtlty the vei v beM grainuiar, m each of llie lliree above named laii!!U iges, lliat has (itap , lieared. Such is lb ib libeiate and iinoarinl iudix- j inent whiih b-is bei n ripenu-dlv 1 pns-td bv the j most c-ouipi tent judge, respeeliug lli'i J 'rit-lisli and Oreik i-riiinmaisi and surh, 1 lusilalenoi 10 he hive, will be Ihe ju-l.-nunt fnrmedur the Latin gram I 11. ar. llul indrpeiideiitly nf the supei iniily nf lheo I works srpaialelyeonsi lered, ihey po-.ess, eolhelive I lr, the ureal aldiuonal reeomii'iendalion of having 1 I heir hading parls nrrnncul in Ihe s-i;i order, and, I as fir as propeily ean h) done, cxprtsiid in Ihe mine I All acquaintance wilh 0110 of Iheui, I llieiefor--, cannot fid greally to I'icililalo the study I of anolber, and al llu-sinie time, by ihrrrtiug the al- icnli-in or Ihe Eiudi-nt ih.-lmelly to ihe p u'nts or ncieenienl and uf difference in llie si-viinl lan-.'iia-ites. tinender his acqiii-itions inore aeeurate, nnd at ihe "Mij tune 10 1'ive him clearer and more i-ompre-hens-tkjjiews of ilia eeneral priurinlrs nf languaL'e. Theiaipoiianee or H-ina m aradenuesand schools of llio IJniieil . Stale. 11011 1 lint a' ly wriiien and unex eeplionalilo school links, is incalculable j and with out unending unnecessarily 10 dipreeiale Ihe libois of others, ai a friend of sound I'dueilioi-, I cannot retrain fioni epre'iiiL' nu earnest hop- of sei in-; ibis seii -s nf "r-uiuuirs in g-.ncral ue. They arenli benulifu'ly j-ri.i'.-il on very good paper, and are sjld al very leaFonable piicts. C-rs-iioby S. HUNTIN'OTON', Clvvl Ilook-scller, lliirlmgion, Vt, C.lldlns with Oold ami Silvering with silver bv CJaty.nilsni. rpiIIS process of silvering nnd edding nnv be ren- I ileretl qiuie us. f. I lo Mir, bants, Mechanic!-,! 1 --'""li. 1 ioii-i-- ec u rs, aiiu otticrs. 1 he nroecss ! will lie sliewu nnd lully lii'ide kuovvii and liamrlis " Hit wilh nil ncci-saiy inaleiiala fnrnislud on I uiuderale leruis and salisftelioti given. Pari or llio , pioecs. in '.-ildiiiL' i 11 u llie- sime as that used by s uie, vvlio a-i-vcn ling ihe secret nrnnnd ihe rounlry. I M'orlt ui lira hue will I e atn mled 10 if tl, shed on , rcasonahle Kims. fit 1'AsoaoaN it Hai::siAtD. IJOJ.'NIiTS AND I.rciinitV MVlri. A NEW Fiipplv of Ladies' I'lorenee and Straw- 1 . iioiincis. air 1 .lien s Leghorn tlals just received and for sib- very cheap by i 1HM ,y' Bn'" 51Cw ' H.ILDOOI.ITTLE. ' A low uu- 1'ii-sh'y Pnpaiel Ouiecr, fur sa'e low, ju-t leceive'l by PI.CIC it SI'CAIt. AI.I5.VNY AND llllsTIIS It Al U I'aro Itci'.iiccil (o 8-1. ROAl). ' s'lTTl'S rfTTX rfsl-r-. r'i-, I ifriZs frVeU-ri ffl-CTJA tti--, vfuriTf i.f t-r -if vfi -t-r rtrz.j? r.v. ' ss-i-' i-i '-' y i.-t--"-ww---.-i.-a-i I 'tire to L'osImi 1 educed lo & In those ir10 go through tty same train. On on I a for Mon lay, M.,v fctti. pa-u-nger trains run daily, (-1.11.L1y i.xcep-e, ) a- l,il!ow-i 1 i-ave tjiien' 11-h al 1 1 eforu 7 a, M. arrive in Ilo... Inn GJ I-. M. line 1! ly. Leave tireeil,i.sli al Icfon- 3 f. M. lolic 111 Snr unl el ' arnvt- 111 Ho.-tnu m J A. ji. next day. I'nn Wniui:Tt n and Nnaiv cn Pu-n-ugt-rs ml c lliu lifjie 7 Ham Irom OriTii1 csh, mvr-ivi llie -It-auibnal lr.1111 from II0.-I011 ut Woixc-ler lbcneo In rur in 11. I uu llAinrmn An Nr.iv Il.ivr.:; Pa-enersl,-av im.' (iieenl u-li lit Ibu-7 A, M., ml e ihe -li-aui! oat ut .Spriualiu'tl ul 12J i. ten h Hartford at 3 r. M., and prtiue.1 by iar- id New- llavcii. P.i.,i-agt-r. may nl.o leave (ircenbnsli al I cfori- 3 1'. M.. rt'lll b Snilliellelil 81. Ilu-nce I i- eti.r. 111,111. di.ile.y in llarilord lulge-1 e.ivo Harjordaicj next 1 murnuig in cur for New II. urn i'a.-euscr luii-t leave ibe icl,ei Oille.-. in Sisnu-i- II 1 I, Maiden Lane, for 1 he 11 nl-roa I I'eiry alGt 1 A. M., or 2 r M. llu: I'eiry I rat will I o punctual in Marimg. Ti -kii- fur the cir- in.i-t Le obinuuxl I e'oru t'oina mi I uard the li rry I tui. W. 11. TOWN MINI), Master of'l IlKAt'XIW l lJP.uni SCVRPVS COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL. IJ'OIt Ihe cine nr DE M'NESS, pains, mid iheilis charge or mailer rrom ihu i.arsj also all those dis-igrrcablo noises, hku llm hulling or inseei, railing or vvulcr, vvlii'Zing or t loam, il c. &e which aio syniptoiiis of npproai lung ilefucis, and also generally 1111entl.ini unit the di-iase-I'ccrAr.ED uv 11. IIELL.orihnCi yorPhiladrlpiiia, mil si. hi in wholes il- am! telail by Dnugisls and Apniberniiis grnetally 111 llio I'mltd Siaies. At, y by PECK it SPEAIt, wl'i.h place iiiteicsiin-,' fit-u in rclaiion 10 the cllicucy of the Acoustic Oil may lie seen. , ., L H. . LUMI'r.RT. Wasliin-ton St, PhiladelpMs, May 17. FAUNIJSTOCK'S CCCr.Ult 1TI3D VHIt.tlll'UCIi: or WOH.1I MtHJICINC, Is for mle.'v I'lU K ii mPIIAK. lly the Cro-s, l-'oasn, cr Singlu ISolllc. TITUSIC PAlT.ll rjrsaleby 1V1. 11. J. SIIU.MWAV. AS1. May 12, 1311. no 1 .v ii , A Kuneiior.s article if lll.ACIC IXIv. jut icccivcd -fVApiilHi l y II. J. SUCMWAY, jlgetif. Alpllctis I'fi'sotis' Mstalc. sr.xrr. or vi:imuxt, i rp m; n0, the Di-lncl nl Chitleuileii, '. 1 X Piobalu Couit for the dolriet of Clullen len, In nil ner-nns l oneern ed 111 the of Al.l'IH l PCUSONS, late ol Jirieho. 111 iniild.riel,di'iea'cd, tiiir.r.iINn, WHI.ItllA-, llnil en liiiel.wiiod, adininislraH'r of the o-'in" ifjnll iV eii'i'i', propo-c In render nil account 1, 1' his n. hit iii-liaiii.ii, mil lii- nc-i-oiint iiguin-1 raide-lalu lor c.aininal on nnd allow iiuei-at 11 M-s-iun of llio Courl 1 I Pro! ale, to 1 1-bullion at ll.i-l!e.-i-ri' iii'lice 111 1! irlinglun, in Miidilis lint, mi ihu M-eoud we liie-day of J uie next. Tberrfoi-i-, yi 1 an- heie'-y tioliiie 1 10 appear belore aid i-oiirl ai ihe II 110 an I jdn -o al'orc-aid anil shew cause, if any vo.i have, why llie account aforesaid -bould itot I u iillnwe I. fiiven mi !ir my band at l'.uliiiglon, this fir-t day i.r May,, A. D. IS 13. V,'m. WI.STON, Holster. STA TV. OP Vi:i!Mo'xT.) ril II P. Prolate cf Chi'lin leu. ) JL Coin for the I)itrii-i 1 1 Cliiilenden. To ibu en-hlor- nn l olhet- con-erned in the elale nf Alphe is Pcr-ous laic of Jcrn ho, in s.ii I Di-lnei, deei n-o I. W11r.11r.As Uc 1! cn Hoe'cwooJ, irdmini-traior ofllie I--l.t'i-of -in I di-ee i-e I, lu-iiui'o appbeiitioii lo ibis Un ill, lo i-xieiiU llie tune iimncl lor niiiMng pay moot i.i llie iiebls and .citlma -aid i-lale one Irom the TI Ii i I.i v ol .nay, IBIj; an.l the fceon I We bie-ilav of .Ii ne next. 1 uunr .i-n.'ni-d lor a bear ine in the 01-eim-o.. at the olllce of ibu Ueirktcr of this i-ourl, an I il having been or.lere 1 that no-ice llii-ieol be given, by pub i-bing this iieeree Uu Wei h s lc-ccs-iiev in lie Iiur iiislcm lice l'u-a new. paper prinied at Iliuhngti-n, tifure the time nxe 1 n-r hearing. Tberefoie. vo-i art herehv noliliel. In appear le line said tho lime and nlaeo nloie-ai.l, thru and then-, In make ol-jeelinu il any yi.11 have, lo tho said lime nf paj incut Icing luriher intended a af ri'-anl. Civou under my ban 1 at I'lrlington, this first day or M iv, A. I". 13 U. 51 3v Wm. WCSTON, Register. I Daviil A. Page's Kstatc. Wll Till! SUI!5( III lllllt-:, having been ap , puiuiedby llie Honoiable llie Prohale Court 1 fur llie Distr-itof (Iraud I lo, c juiniissi.incrs to ic 1 ceive, examine nnd a lj ijt all claims and demands of all pel suns, again! Ihe eslaleof D.W ID A. l'Alill, , late ofNor h lleio, in said Di-trict, deceased, ripro seined insolvent, an also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'-el then 10 1 and si-: months from llie 1 niiieteeiilh day nf Apr.i I.i s- hrmgallowcd by said omul fur ihal purporP, we do llurcforc lieu by give nutice, 1 that wi: wdl attend to tho hui-.n ssof our -a d aiipoini - inuil, nl tho dwelling linn u 1 1 the v. 1 low, Minerva P.iL-c.ii Nniih Hero, 1 11 thch rl l'i,o'av uf .Se-eein-I her 1,1 .i, I'lnin 'J uVlicl. A. .11. until loVloe'.. P. M. 111 of Mil I d iv. Dale I al M'urib Hero. ll.cSih dav of May, A.D. 1 13. 1VII.I.IA.1I I'. liCfiSKLl., Coinnii, 31 ASAHI'L ADLI..N, Jsioncr-. .lolin Truiuai.'s t '.slate-. W1 V. llu- -ob i-ril t r- li.ivmg been appointed by I lie Honorable the Pin! ,110 Court, for llu- Hi-- Iti 'l nf (Iraud 1-le, eoiiuni loner- lu icteivi i-.x-iniuie and a lju-t llu: claim- an.l i'ciii.111 Is nl a I per-i 11s m-iim-l tb'.-e-la e of JOHN' TUUMAN, la'.e of Al biiigh 111 -all t'i-iiic', i'o,i'.i-i-,l, repri-cu'eil in-ulvcnl and also all claim- and t' evht'i'cl in n'l-el Iheit-M ; ai.d-ix month -1 rum the day nl tbed.i'i' here- nf 1 1 lug a.luwcil I y Mini C' nr! br lliai p-irpi .--, we dillu-iel le hire-! y'givo tinlin- we will attend tn llio In oft. ir uiiiu.nrniinl al ihe iLvl-IIiii-' Iiii-i-i- ol'ibt- Lite- Ji lin Tiuiiian, in Adt-treli, in -at-l th-lii, 0.1 llu- '11 1 il.iv nl A igu I an", the 2!si day nl M-ntt-m-I er next, ut 11) n'. lur! , A. M. 011 eacli nf '-aid tlav. Dale-I in I-i-La Mi f tin- 7ih t av ef April, IS 13. 1!!. 1111 I., ) SOALNI 1VIH TNI.V, Coin:ni-! inner--. PI l-ll P '!KS x r, I.'jctie-iE-r AIIch'h i.state. STATi: OP VIMMOXT, ) rp It F. Hon. lue l-isnct nl l iiitlemli 11, S3. S Jl Prolero t'ourt fur the Di-iuct nl' 1 liiilenden. lo a I poisons eon eel mil in llio e-Ualo or HIir.NT'HR ALLEN, hie ot'Colcbi n r. in s-iid I). strict, ilo ca-ed. (!ncr.Ti:.o. WHKltHAJS', Ch ules C -llins, r.ilniinislralor of llie c-la'e of said tlcet used, propo-es Ion ndir an account ul ins adiiuiu-iraliiin, and pre-ent Ins account ngain-t said eslalu for exaniunllun and ai'o-.vatue at uses -ion ol llie t'oerl ol Probate, t o I - hidden nl llie Retisier'-ofiice in lluili:il,ni, in s i.d dislir.t on llie sicond IVe Inetd.iy nf Juno next. Then-lore, you are henby n-iiified lo appear bc-firt- said coin l at tho limo and place nforesaid, anil show e-iu-e, if any vuii have, why llie account af-ic-e.u-l -lioiild ust bf allowed. Oivcn under mv hand at nuiHugtmi, this tcnlh day or May, A. D. 1513. Wm. Wl.-TON, register. STA'I'i: OP V::t!.WO.XV, rpiIE Hon. Ihe Distiiet of Chil'i nilen. 5 i Piobate Court within anil fur llio Du riet of r'liilit-ntli 11. To lb- crediiors and niluis euuti'metlin ihe estate of I'.liC.N T..IIR ALLEN, laic of Colchester, in said Disliiel, dcci a-ed. Wbenas Charles Collins, administrator of tho rs. late of saivl deeeasid, has iiitit!.' application 10 tins Courl, toexlend llie lime limited for unking payment of the th Ins of said decea-ed, and si llling said "cst-ile one year from llie 22 I day ol' July, 1313, and llie sec nnj Wcdneslay or Jiinu ne.xi, being ns'tuned Tor a liearitif in ihe premi-tes, al llie olliec nl lliel'egi-lcr nf ihu Court, and 11 liav ing been ordered that noli. -e thereof bo given, bv publishing ihu dtcrcti ihne vyeiks fiiccrssivi-ly in llie liurlinglou I-'nc Press, a newspaper pruned at l'uihugiou, before the time fixed fui healing. Therefore, vou are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, ni llu-lime and place aforisait!, then and iherc, to m-ike objection ir any you have, lu the said linn- or piytiit 111 In in ii further extended as nforesaid, fiiven nml r mv hand at lliulingiuii, ibis until day or May, A. D. 1313. W;i. WESTON, Hesisttr. S11I mini IHl'rrN I'.stnlc. STATi: OP Vi:i!M()ST, ) rpilll Hun. (he Dis ii-i nl Cbi'ii iiilcii, .. J J. Prnl a-e Co irt fur llu- Dl-triet 1 f (lli'-ieu'!, n. m all i-ersnn- con, em. 1-1 111 ll.e (s-irc nl SOLOMONS. MILL! 1!, la'i-of w ill,. 11 11, 11, mh I il slrici 'ei-ea-t tl, tiin-.r.Ttxo. WIIIIltMAS, Marry Mil'ir. iidniiniftrainr il Ibe estate o! - ai t iV- -ei.e I, prupli e-ln u-uder an uceo'iiil ul In- a hnuiistr.iimn, uu I pre I'll! In- acct unl agniii-l i ill I i-sla i' f r examination rtndallnwaut i-ai a m-.s-ou of llii-1 ti-11 I Prob in-, to I c lioMi-n at 1 lie Rcii-ter'-ri-'lto, in II ibir.'ltiii, in said I'islriel, on llie scioud Wis'iie-i'.iy neJiuii'iie.xt: Tlii-iefuie you mt- lieiiliy nniifltsl to apvear 1 crorc f atn t-utiri at the tune uu. I place ainie-aui, ami Hictv cau-i- ir any ii-i have, why the account afurc-aul -Im ni l lo t 1 1- alluwisl. Oiven uu 'er my hand at I! irlinglen, tlii- four-li day of .Hay, A. D. IS13. E0w3 WM. WESTON, llcshttr. Amosi Clarl.'si l-lslatc. STAT: OP r.'.'.lO.VV, 'pilll llm. the Dislriet nl Cbi ifiiili-n, ss. J .L Proline Coin forilic Di-lru-i ol C'hii'eni'iii, lo nil ncr-nii- i-i,h, itii-i-d il Ibe c lalo of AMOS CIiAltiv, lift- of 1 1 iri--birah ui said Li-tnc', i'i-,-e.i el, (Iiir.r.TiNO. WHEItl A"4, Homer l.ul-i e.xct-utiir of llie 1 1-1 will an I IcUini in 1, 1 tai I i'o i-asi-.!, pn-po-es 111 u-n j uer an nie-inint nl hi uUinnii-Tulinn, an.l prisenl ni iiei-uiiui i-gitiifi .am I'-ta-o lur ixauiinai,nu aim al low am e- nl a -cinu 1 f I bo (Virl nl Pi id ale, 10 Ic lioldi-n at the Rt-gi-ier's iifli -o in I! ir'inirlnu, in anl Diriil.ou ibe ,ecnu I We-lue day if June next, 'I lierel'oie, v 011 an- hereby unitlie I o appear I t-fore sailrouil al the litno and ji'iiee afuri-.-aitl, mi l fhevy i-aii-i-, if any yon have why tlio account nfure-aid ilini lj not le allowi-.l, Oiven 1111 lei my liaulal tiurlinglon, this day or M,,y, A. D. IS 13. SOivS Wm. WKSTO.V, lleglihr. Marluimu Audol's ll-lnle. STATi: Ol' 'i:i!MOSV,) AT n Pmlate Di-tru-t ul Chiili-ndi-ii, S V Court hul !en at llurluiglmi, wiibin and It rlh" di-irici nd ic-nid 111 llu-(!h day nf .May, A. D. IS!'!, 1:11 lu-ir iinenl p ir poring to li-tie!a"t Will and Tiviiniont uf .M1RI ANNE Al'I'LT, la'c nl U ir'u g:i 11, in -,nd l iu-nt iVccase I, vv .1- pio-cu'el 10 llu- Ciurt bcru K.r Pro! ale ( i y Jean I'ulinu ihci-xc - itnr, iheri-ui nami- l, I Tberefoif, 11 i-urdercd ly aid Cnurl, that public iiutiti-lu given to n't per-uns i-niii-erneil iln-ri-iii 10 bel'nie .aid Court, at a .c-su.u llierer lo bo , hidden at the Kegisicr's oiliee, in Uur'inslon, on the 1011 1 Widni'-d.iv nf .line, A.D. 1813, ami conti'l ' llie pro' atenf -aid Will, and 11 1. f irilier crdcrisl ihal 1 llu 1 r Icr I bellhrcovvii-'.-nii-ce sitelyui lli-i iiiruuginii I r-o rre-, n icw-spipir prureil at II ir luigiuii, 111 ibi-Sale, ihe last of w Im h il.alllepro via is In the d iy u-si .ne ', as mure ai for I. earn g, (liven under niy hau l nl the It'ieinct'i. odlco (hi Cdi duy of May, A. D. 1S'3. to WM, W3TON, RtgUU. MclluiU Catlln's Mutate. STATE OP VIlllMOXTA A T 0 Prolate Hi-lnel nf Chi tendon, t. i j Court lioldeu 11. 1 1 1... .1... it....:... 1 (ii 11111 uiriuii, wiiiiiii nun iui 11, u i'is iiei niiiri Hu,o, on Ihe2-J,h, ilay'i.f April, A. I). IS 13, on In-lrumcnt 1 .. .t... i... vo.11 ... -r. r Ml.-. I'm .w ,nm ll'l - II.I- 1.91 .lllIIU I C I'lllldll Ul . . -1NDA CATI.IN. lalu nf Iliirbnaion. in said di-lnet deee.t.i-d, was pre-ciiled lo Ihe t'ourt here for Probote, oy Henry vv, onllut Hie executor, therein named. t Tbercloie il ordcreil by .-aid Coiirl,tliat public 110 tieo 1 1! given lo all pcons eo.lcerned I herein to ap pear I clou: mid Court, nl 11 fos-inn thereof lo le hid den at the llogi-ter's cilice ill .'aid ll-irlinglon, on the -eeoml Ve.l..e-dnv nf June, A. I). 1813, mil contc-t the prui ale nl mi hi vv hi, ami it Is lurllier nrucrol Hi it Hits nroer 1 u pm Mhe I three weeks sucir-lvciy 111 the llnrlinglon IViu Pie-s-, a nevv.-paper prinu-d ui lturlinglnn,in lb s M.itt-.thc Irv-t of w lueli pul lieatinn slrill bepreviciH to the day a-nigned, as aloie-aid fur i.Tiiruiir, (iiveu tinier mvlinnd at Ihe Keii-tct'a odice. thl 23:bd.iycl April, A. D. 1313. on vvi.-sida, Kea-l-ler. Amy Itnardinati's llslntf. STATU OP Vnii.VOST, rpilll Hun. the Ii-I rn t of Chittenden, s-. S X Pro) ate Court for Ihe ih-lriet iif Ch'tleiii'i-n, to nil per-nu concern ed in the i-sliilo of AMY I1UAKD.MAX, laloof Mil ton in -.aid Di.lrlel. deiia isl. (Ir.r.tTr.s'n. WHLIIl'AS, .Samuel lloardinan, ndnihii rnlor 1 f me o-ta'o 01 -aio 1 e.-easin, prnpo-es to nuiler an ae- 10 nl i.r hi- ailmiu'i-lr.ilii'it. an I prc-cnl In- a -count ngalast saidf-lale lor i-ainiiialioii and allowance, at 11 m inu nf IlieOo-irl of I'robitk-, In loboldcn lit the Leg s er's olliec, in lliiihngiou, 111 Mild dislriet, 011 the fcce-'inl Wedne-djy nl June ne.M. Tlieref no, you hie hero! y nulified 10 nppear I elori--ai I i-i-urt at ibu tune nnd Vnet: ufore-aid, and -bevy i-ati-i-, il any yo i have why tho aeeo uit alore-unl slmiilil 1101 be nllowcil. (iivni iiin'i r mv baud at lliirlington, this fourth day or May, A. D. IS 13. ' M WM. WIISI O.V, nezishr. Timothy IIliss Kutatc. WK llio suhscnheis, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probata Court for Ihu District of Cliiilenden. commissioners to receive, ex amine and ndiust the claims and demands of all per sons against thecslalcol'TV.lOVVV UtJSS, late of Jcticlio, in said Disliiel, deceased, repicscnlul in solvent, and nlso all claims and demands exhibited in oll'sct therein i nnd six months fioni llio day or the dato hereof, luiiig allowed by said Court lor that nnrnose, vvu do therefore hereby give noiice.ihat we will a I lend to the. business of our nppomltmrit, at the dwelling of el 111 1 libs-, 111 .ternlio, ill said Dis trict, un llie lib .S.iiurdays nf May and November next, at 10 o clock, A. il on each or said ilaj-3. Datid, this 1st dav or March, A. D. 1313. -10 V?;iVK'r:LL,(c0.u..-.,rs. JA.HUS II. PI.ATT, BOOT $ SIIOi: MAKER, HAS remove 1 lus suop 10 vt timer row, n . to llnu-aril's S11.11'. rn Church .-Icet-t. 1 pcsile 11a large a-nrtmi-iil nl Ladies and Oeiitlenicn's llout lull (inner-, l!iinlie and Shoe-" ; nlao, .Mi-si- an, llov Tluel. Hoot- and llroan-, all nl vvlneb I: will sell nl very low price- for ca-li. All kind 1 f vvnr 111 In-lino inadelo order. Plea-i- tall and exjinino hi- work and priie-, ho Ice.-, i-ouliJeut thai Lolli will meet yo ir npprol ale 11. 11 irliiiirlnn, May 3, 1313. -I3lf, VICTUALING SHOP, r.v 11. i-'osTint, UNDF.l! llie Uriel: S.nic lately uecepii-J 1 y IV. II. Curii:', an I at pi.-.-iil I y S. N. Caul if- Co., on Church -t., vvl.eri- be w. 1 1 u happy lo n-rvo all who may call npi n bun with ll.e 1 hoiee-l icI're-luueiiN llii-'sei-on and marl rl niav a.loid. llurbnsloir, May 3, 1313. dDw3. Xliff npiir. Uu ii-r-i SIs-'t'.VUI.Is-HMUNT. j lie 1 having piircha-ed tin- X s t il lit- tint Ihey iitlind lo t-uiinnio ihe Pad and Tub AI turinif Hi-uie.-in all il- varmtis 1 1.1111 lu-s at Ihe nl I -land ol'Orville Sineli-ar, 1! irlinslon Call-. They vvnl vv hnlesa'c or iclinl a- Ik-si .nits the pur chaser. All order;- pininplly atteni'cl to. I!M!M..S & '1 Ilurling'.riii, May 1, 1SI"- 3 ! KOTICU. DOCTI R HlllNI'lil lli: le-peclfully announces In hi- iVieuil- and llu- p 1! li - geiiera'ly, in i-un--epeu-ci'l ciuitniicl llidipo-itiuu, h-.-' leel- it a duly ilue lo hitusi-f to relire fioni Ihe pr.u tici- of hi-pro-l'.--iuu for Ihe pie-ent, wilh a v ovy lo ie-0 re lu-ovv 11 health. 11. 1 In- abui'.y tu lu-uuie the uni (11 1: will be given. I! irlin-.'lon, May 10, IS 13. 3w 30 , due 110- I'MltlODICAl.S. 'TWII-. -ul-eriler 1- prepirtxl lo f-rni-h any ofllie I l Periodical publieanoii- of llie day, Iteviews, 1 -'lu-'ii! no-, or Mum lily Kcprinl- nl lori-igu work-, al luwe-1 nili i- iei-'s i,riee and lice ol po-lag I ue ivert-1 in Ii irlui .'it 11. I A ea'alngi e ami Vpccinicn limn! i-r of -nine of Ihe , xvni!.- may I o seen ul Mr. Si!. lev'-. -Maui .-Irctl. Or der- lift a-a! nve, oral Uu.: -13, l'o-t ( '.lire, will I e ploinpilr atlcnelc I 10 if aecunipauieu I y lln- cash. J. W. MAY, Aeeni forWilderci Co., Gen. Di iribuline; A-jeut-, lio-inn. 10 if US Ol-' 3IONUV. , IVllh the New (ion Is w.n le-celvcl a xvay of Using; money nt Hovvaid'.s. f1HII way in w lueli inoncy nml I 1 1-u-ed to ad I vau'ii-.'t- ba- alvvav - I ecu one nf auMi'UMie-- to it- pn-si-.-i r , uud ib.u'a wav 1- nnvv lo-uu! out, tn-iilu. 'v in ll.e e lime , -liou'd 1 1- .1 1 an- e 1 f it- I eing iiiunetlia'ely far unl vv-de, and cv i-nsiveiy ma.'i- known. 'I in- I'lu-nVL-ry can Ir iei' zed I y applying , at ihe ever 1'p and Luu'i.', i n-1, an I Cbia'.i lur Cash, I uiul No i nijii 1-m int-ii 1 I" r ilebl t-tal h-lin i-nt, and I -o!e -ling Ihcreboin fa- n-e an ! di-'rihutiun -ueh evi 1 1'ences a-eacli miy thin'; for llieui tlvtsmo titfeil- ual and i-oiic'ii-iye 10 tl e.r unairiiiaiioii- i,r ui -an f, I III" 1 L-t-ii- lli-tni mid vai-cl ,'t- ire-, ivlncli vi-ill tear llu let nf I cin-j pul fiiby t'i:o piaciice m all llie i.-e-f d and la-he na! !i-dep iriuicui-, for il i o arranged ihal each at a ix anee may le i-i,n-eiii s nf ll.e ureal u-ilitv lo 1 1- n:-.iun-1 by iiivinc: llie C.i-b firtitud- dniv'ilv in ll.e I'd ili-'s geui HOWARD. li.irliuglt n, 10 May, '1J. OJ TO LET. rjPIir, Lot on Pearl street, known by the .Mttnson 11 Lot; coniaining nbout three acres divided by a fence nilo twu bus, whit !i can be n tiled sepatati'ly. Tlio ground rupiues plougluug and inriehing. I'or lliat nsu 11 will ba it nnd lu'iv, ll cuniains about scveniy-iivc go-d apple ttccs, put crafiid fnut. 1 nqiiireof LYMAN A ( OLE. .11 ay 12, tt. SO r.STHAY. rpAKLN 1'P by the -ulcrd er, on the Gh in-l. I iillmt; nr ft ur nld II.W MAKE (OLT. '1 he owner i rtq -es't-i 10 prove prtq er y, pay t bar ge an I tal.e her avv.iv, i:.'.r.Kir.L tracv. .Sbelbi-rn, May 0, 1313. SOW 3 ItOAIlDI-.ltS IRO.M iboCoi-it lit. i-e- Stpiareor College may fmlu'nul nc -i.mmi dalioii, on mode. ato terms, by applying (1. WARIHN Mai.i strict. Ilo-i-e lately oiui.ncd by Ceu. U. Shaw, ll-q. -May I, ISn. .'D-3 NOTICE. a "HIE s-il-rrilcr h ivinu' ta'.en hi-sen IltKr.T II. . DoneirTl.l'. Into Ct parlncr-lup, llie bus ne will I o com iii'u-d nt hfouKiun I under the firm of P. U II. II. Doulitti.-:. I'll ILO DOOLITTLII. fliirliiigion, I7ih April, IS 13. TO THE LADIES Dr. Hull's ilte-io Abdominal Supporter. .- , .,-A 'IIIIS nt-vv lii-lriiiuinl fur the radica !!'.-. ''""' ",' I iulap-ii-Lien, or I.i iiag nl !--Cyi.c Wniiib, I exlernnl npp':ea'irii y-upcr cuing Ihu u c ul Hie 1 o.ts.-uon-Mr aMu I'i-..-arv, I toulit!entlv rcenin ,...,.'.. 1 .,..1:. ,ni 1 ... ....... of neifeci re-lnralion in it nev er having failisl 1 1 ptrlorniiug a cure, even under the mo-1 nggrava'cd i-ire iin-laiiii--. Tin- S ippnrii-r ba- nllniucd a very Inch iliaracn-r in lluropen-well a-111 tin- co- n'ry. Il i-adt p'i-1 ti. iht'iMtiredi-ii-e ufpe uric-, ami nil otl.t-r pa 111 1 u I -nr-gicu1 ex leiiienl-, in tin- l.j-m-in Hu-pilals of London and Pari-,andis univcr.iillyii'eninmeui'i-if in Europe by iiuslit-al iiu-ii of ihe luabt'-t lank. In llu- country it isii -lamed by - lie Ic.ithnir iiicml ers of llicfaeullie's nr College-and 'Hu-pitalt, and hy ail (he eminent pri vate practitioner. D? i. ?. FLETCHER f PATENT. THIS Enuncnlly necffn' In'trnmcnt for the cure nl Henna in it eviiry form, in I olh .ll.ile and l-Vmalt-fioin llu ii.f.iul in i lie a lull, is I iing rirntnnii-uVd ly the S ir',.-al Dt-partincal and multitudes of I'ltysf-ciau- in the b .rent Ma- a Ii i-ett.,aiu nilierst-t-'uiiis i f llu- I'liinii -, inu-iiig Ino varie'y ol l'm.-.i-- so d an 1 t-u. , ln tsl in tin (iii' tin ariicli-1 inu-t highly c Ik-uic i I y Praetiliunersuu Incu W use, it Lcpcciully Ici-ninnieu-leil by our townsmen Doctor Hatch anil im:ck sc speai:, At which place may nl-ol o liiuMltu's .Masui's and TwjTcurii'i HERNIA '1 RUSS, for iupn.ics in the Wiir, Pnc.UN, ihe iul.inl t i life adult. UTi'-TI.e o mi l the above fur falo miiiIv or I v ihi- iltzcii, On hand eanstanllv a trood assortment oj oi uiiii.,1, j.ti ii..i;r.,-v i n. IVA.VI'HIJ. S-40 BBLS. Superfine flour of superior irtKJi, ny aiKU.i., SIIfjITAIt Y Olt A?V OTHKIt GOODS. WH have a person 111 New Y ork c!ccling Good for ust howill be there sbiiiuilivs.iicrlians two wc-chs or nioie any nrln-les lu our hue or out of il will le lorwnrdod for all who leave orders nl the Variety Sinn-. As wo vv i-h lo send some muiey cauth wo wish Ihuse who owe us lo pay 11015. l'.l.N'tlUOll.N ii llntNSMAIO. May 1, 1313. -ID COI. I. Ill Tl'lt'S OI'I-MCIJ, 1 DlS'lltlCT OP VKRMO.N'T, J RirluiL'lon. Anril 2(1. 1S13. ) PI'DLIC NOTIOH is hereby ifivcn tliat a circular has been re.-civcil nl llil- ninio from the Treasury Deparimcnl, ifiving informnlinii lliat a birgcquanlily (in niiinl er andiimo'iui,) of Trca-ury Note, rtxloeined by the Collector at New Orleau-. aiid allecol to liavi" I ecu by liini Iran-mine I to ihu Treasury n llieiiBih day til .Inly 1812, having never been received there, are picunieii in nave iceu piinoinu,) eiiher Irum Ihe mail or Irom tin- (;u-.'oui llnu-c, nnd nil pcr-ous are here' y eaulioiie.1 a'.'ain-t reeeivuiiinr ui-L'olialuiir nnv iifsn nl Note, which ore deflate! by tho ecrclnry of the I icasiiry In I o " no longer valul ui.truini'iit." A de-ermlive M-i.ed'de oflho .Notes above de-eril ed can 1 o kcu at Ibis o'lb-c. -13 WILLIAM I'. nillfiG-J, Collector, "nTvFsTa b"l fs hTeTtT rpilK 3ib.cnlir X hav im moved in- tr Ihe NUW MUCK IHILDINll, laming tlit-Oounly lluildiug-, on Cli ncii smei, is carrvniL' 1 11 llu- HAT :tMWr.'3&!! MANUI-'Al TL'III.Ml III 'S Nl SS in all variuu-. brauebes. He now n!!irlo the led lie a 0ct1cr.1l assortment ol tin' osl faMonnblc Ifats 111 use: among vviiivn is n very Miperuir urueie 11 SKIN HATS, equal in neatness an I style at-d I el.eved lo 1 e far u, perior lur iinrauiiilv 10 any iiiinar 01 uie ever 1 e- Il ic oflcred 111 lb.- market. AI-n, a very -npenor nr- ne'e-ol t.'ASTOItSs anil tommoii Hats., anion which ate a levy nf Ihu -luuulli I aslurs-knowu I ' the mime ol t-A-siMKiir. IIais. Any particular la hmn nr style- varying from the general l.i-bion made lo order ul tin- hoite-t notice. All tiio al ove will be Mild a- ibeap as tlici liiapi- I. JOHN S I 111 -SON. llurliagton, April 27, IS 13. -lSlf ItlJCK IVIIiLVT, A Very Miic-iiir aitiele 101! Si I'.D, for j-ale by April 23, 1S13. 01.0. PLTKIkON. IIISSIIN DUN'S AMP.ltlCAN (, A l.iuillev- liorliciiltine, Mr ah- hy April as), 1813 II. J. SllL'MWAY, Agent. William- 1'. Phillip-' Ustatc. WCTlir. SUIlSCIHIlEIli-, having been appoint cn by llio Honoiable the Piobate Court for the District of Clultendcn, commissioners to reciive, ex amine end adjust the claims and demands of all per sons, against ihecslaloofWILI.lA.M P. PHILLIPS, lalo of llutlinlon, in said District, deeeasid, represent ed insolvent, and also all claims and demands e.xlub itid in 1 (i-tt llicieto ; and six moiiihs Irotn the day oT tho date hereof, beinir allowid by said Court Tor that pin pose, weilo iiicnlore lieieuy give notice, thai we udlnlicnd 10 tlic husimsj of our "appointment, at the Cxcliamte lintel of .''.loses L. Hart, in lurhng- Ion, in said District, 011 Ihe second Tuesdays of June and Stplcuiocr next, at lUo clocu, A. ji., oncacliol bjid dav s. Dated, this first day of April, A.D. 1313. ISA.U! N VII, .Conimis HIINRV MAYO, 2d. ! sloncts. J-Vjv,J of paturiis at nunnlaetiirer- priie-, lor ale bv II. IV. CA'ILIN. April 1 1, 1; 10 LISTS FOR 'FANES 1843. T LAMS forli-t- lor 1 13, furni-hed al -liori no- XJ tu c fir 151,00 per 100. C. UOODKICH. April I, 113 li KOTICIJ." fRIIIIS Cerl lie I have given to my sen, -a WILLIAM A. TO 117..', bis tim-j duriiiL the re-t of hi inuioriiy, and -hall claim none of his wages nor pay any deils of his i-nnlraclin-.' from tins dale. .IO-HL'A C. l'OWLl II. Culclie-ter, April I, IS 13. -13w3' FOIl f-Al.f. fill HE House and lot belonging to James Lingshoro jl situatcil on the Auw lluaa leaning irom liurung ton Mpiara lo the Calls. I'or terms apply to Apti!27, ltlli. -litf L, I!. PLATT. White Lead. 1TON Wlnte Lead in Oil, 3 do dry do.x-.arranle equal 111 quality to any inamiletureil in the'' Unite i S a'i" price unusually low. Nov. IP,, 132. STltONUS. REMEDY FOR HART) TIMES. DSOS2ACI0 COOK "T7'OULD inform the public that he is supplying T. V W. (111)1! wilh slock of Ihofirst riunlityj for all kinds of woi', usually kmt in a Saddler's usually Kept 111 a baiidler a shop.' Troin ihe well known iliarncler of Ma. (!ibb s wotk eomnit ix ation is unnecessary. An cxctl'.enl nssoitincut of work now on hand for sal-- at nnee- tocmrcsnond with the liutis. ('enllenien who wi h 10 find their own leather will be vviiianled hist plum harnesses at S'2-. Hinesburgh, Apul21. 4v,-17 T. W. GHH1. LUMBER YARD. rpiIE snbscribirs keep on hand a supply ofl.nm I her or various kinds al llie.r j aril on Pearl St vv here ihey will promptly wait on cusloinets. Linn ber s-ivveil louidir. Applvio Henry P. Hicknk. .Ilareh 10. II1CKOK ti STEVENS. 1 5 tj A C K S 3 2 3 T S 3 3 N J . rri.MtV IVIIIT.NKY begs leave to remind J.X ibnse v.-I u ate not alieady apprised of ihe faci mat ne lias n moveii lis i siabl.--hniiiit to tlio new liriel; 'Imp corner of Pearl-t. and llu new load vvhetel.o will be happy to sirvehis old friends, ami make as many nctf ones as promptness and liuelity may secure. tVAOOOXS. Ifohas on hand 3 Double Waggons, mxde of the best mateiials, with iron axles, and warranted lo do goon Two one-harso I.UMUCR WACCONS-a Eood atiieie. Also, a number of superior ( ONCORD WAG GONS with wood and iron axles. All ol vvhuh will be sold very i-hesp for cash, nndat prices utiaptcu to mo inns, lor gooj paper. o TO Itr. NT. Tliesccontl stnryof the bni'.dingalinvc alluded to tieing a roam ;o ny -10. ami an excellent stand lor Painttror Whccl-vv right. HENRY WHITNEY, r.ailingion, April 12, '-!3. ii 3nt iiousi: con w u,r.. ."Tf" A VlMI al"' ciaiveniem IIOl'SK, will ttiifSFl 7"V girden an I g.olvva'er attached. i c iV-ptj I'lea-anlly MluauM near llie I uiiiic pari Il li ire,vf (,i ,tu. j iilaac : a very de-ira! le reidi-nei -iTi .-au. Vi letoldlovy.' Forlerni-applvlo jui;cii MAIT Conor oft hurch and ( ollego tt-. ) lliirliugti.n, April 12, 1513. 5 4B Wool! poi.f orso.N Sc. RAiillll ,S liavini Leased the I - commul.t Manvfailurinz I'.ttubhshmevt. ol die II .iiing i'ii M II Ci.,' and i-nniic.-tfd ilieui-i-lve- in lni.nif.-s v. nli Mr. .-'idnlv IIakli vv, (fi inner Atciii i" r iiin ijti.,1 are now- iciuy to ic -i ,ve vv uoi ui iiiauii-f.i'-turo ti r i- i-lonier uito l!n adcl. th. Tl llio-e tliai have had woik lieietofi.rt- I y Ru-'f-cn ami itath'iiiu, lu-Ie ui-eil I c aio io iiulucoa coniuri' ant i-1 1'liatronue, and lo all o; he,-- vvc vyn ili! tay thai llu wnrl. will 1 1- ilom tu a ui'i-c manner. f armers, .l.-r.-'tuu. and olh' rs vvi.h'n lu have wool .viaiiulaciunsl fur their cvvn u-e or fur n nr' ct niav ris! a-sin-d no pan or attention will I (spared tt) give llio le-t ut tan taeiiuu. lerm ul ptyiucni iiiailei-i-y tnratl lot- nl wool Irom 0tu i - ami up wards: Small lot Cash nr unf ball if ibe iloiii when fini bed. 'llie bu-ine.-. will IceundacleJ undir ll.e firm of ROI'.LOKSON, RATHIll'N e; C April 5, 1813. -15 REMOVED. MMIE mbscnlcr would inlorm Tv 1 hi- cusiuiii-r- tlmt he ha- taken Stflj Samnil Hiinlinglon, a a Hook lilfjrfiWf",;, llindciy.rti.-t'ciirtastolH. Thomas .-'-.?t tw nu- .lino lcrineriv oecu lieu ov li'lilll AiK-laui nml Coinmissirii aicre, nil v-O'lle1 "t., "mt . --till fin nf ready nn le SADDLKS HARNISSI.S.'TP.l'NKS, CARPin .1 tl(i.-, and all such articles a are untnllv kepi m hi- lute of hu-liiis, may ho had al fair pruei ; Ttruti m payn.eut mace eay. a liverTstajsle Alto l.i pt I ytbe u' scrils-r.a lew roilca-t nf I l.o Court Hoii-ii Si i.are, and live or mx sbuih nl hii-hopoii Cot lego tt, (iulsl (ientlnlcn-lwo lour or sixhor.o teams furnisliexl on thurt nctiic. A pp I icati on made at tho the shop nr barn will receive -saddle Morses prompt lor Ladies and 'tr-au-cv.k'i'5olca,lc'n- H. S. f-KINMi'lV rur!, Kirsb 'it, Itii. 3' SPRING FASHION FOR UATh .Tgs. riiHI. Kul cr'crlias toci ' QJl'-i'J X llicSprui' l'litieritsltrllM ' W-jiJW nnd ie,i.iantly imiuf turn,, a' 5si-!.V?s o.ii-is lotbe p,'l.- Ir 1 "I '' '' "-"":iv')-:ii'lll,il'ul11 111 ll,u ei'v'ir " 1. Wf''1i3Fl 'I lu' a--ir inent Ml bi.idfoni .. iS' , in par'.orilieb lovvini', vir. KINI. UCAVr.Il hat a Super Nuirii " 1'iiiu l!rii.-b ' Unuuuon Do 'a t'fts.iuiere 1 Iiuitation and Common ' AL:U, Cxlrn lino Mole Skin " lir superior to most of the Hits be.iriny that na-n of which -onio have! itu sold in this plat 0, As the -ub-cril er is nvvarj that umo gcntlemr Ii ive laken a fancy lo Ibis l.m I nrbal, ho lull in'- in nolltlle expi-it-u lii prneiiring llie I e-l material- 1-1 111 their in.iiiuf.ictuii', audiil-ooneof -huvi-ry Ic In hat inaLers, mm ny Mniottig, i nnvv o o , 1 ailiele in ihi-lnn nut infeiinr in ihe I e-l li'y Ir 1, 111 poiiti of -t vlo ord irali b.y, nn-l lavri'- gi- , ircn to call, exaliiini'i ami cnmpit'iV q- nli.y un I i lelorctlicy purcli.i-i: e'-c-.v 1 ere. 1 1 .1 'H Iv ' -ub-cril er'iuu vv .11 reule I to s i-l.iut welling vv uipiry. Hu's made lo nrd'-r i n -lu rl ti'i'ue. liny-chilli eup 10.1-lanlly on hull I, nil if vv I. will l.o sold cheap .1- the j ln'ane-l. CllAULL-j A SEYUOt 11. llurlinglon, Pearl Si reel , ) ,r . ,, April 7, IS I.i. j 1 FOR SA1.R; TM1P, lu-vy, coinmo lin-ts, llh IH"v. t'tjuiiiin in ri'i " li X litlU'lv DWIII.I INC. HOI S' Lot .it Uu- ei iner 1 f (;i..!i-!Ti- and 1' street, which 1 not f r pro pert or , veuieiiro e.X'-el'ed Iv nnv mIhbi ' 1 1 ayuicut 111 part may iein.1.11 mm -. A, , it. Vt.tll. I,. It AN if S. II. IIOWAHD. Ilur'fnsnon, .March 30, 19 1.,. 1 !' ,'aslt paid lor Poll. THH Subf'-ribcrs will pnv cisli on ddivciy f WELL l'ATTI NMDPOltK. I'OLLl'.TT &. r.HADLCY Iliirlinnion, Dec. 2-.'. lfe-U. iifl NiTrtcrj.- THOSE wli)lnva unsettled matters with S. I Slot rare int. s-l rtie f.ililv inPjrmc-1 ihal I -v do himself the pleasure-of ' avin ibent Ijr colit.' f not arranged unme lialily. MO E!1 SAXIM SAtlSM'AllI.LA l-'I.VW, Cnmimund Survp nf S''ir.-iii arilht, I!AKTO.'S SMil'P 01-' SAPS M'Altll-LA, fur the immrdiiii" iviiT'i n tf tin OAIllidNA lLD Ml AD. J'xlract if S'irtiT aril.' ', Spanish ami American lint tian V"' "'' Ml reniivvncil H-r I'l'MH'YlNO 'I'HU LL I'D ; INVIOOHATINti THII IMir.M.THV, M ltllSTOIMNO .SOCNDNCS-i TO Tilll CONoTJ TUTION. At v. lu le id'- and ri -ail. I V 12 1T.CIC itSl'IIMt. Wwis'i AMERICAN STORE. i 'T5IIR--ONS in irmif nferocer'us of anv lin or X lairs Snirits or II (in.? lor medicine," ir a- anyolherpurpo-e, will do will In i .1,1 i:iilit---i' -I et-jWho ccn-iantly keep a'l l.ei ' of the a' "Vt- .i ele, n- pure and imadi-ltcra-e,!, In say ibe I.i ' an I e bought al any (lerin.iu Sioie, He d, t not 'eoen I on the silly iim',!'. ofllie lin.e -t rvmg e r t a l.ltle trcavi'i new-iiaper lo e-l-a1 !i-h i'ic eh ,i r punly t.f bis Ihi, ior-and wine-, 1 ul moKiip i - linVniL-, lornearlv Iwen'y year-, told mm,, til, Tavern keeper-wit! -n (i.iy n i'i many nl il t i.i coniiiiiiing to i.tivu it im. Ann ivt-ii mis - i -editor, who ha- lalely found --ch o' ,i-iiiK ne-. , 1 (but who, it seeiu-,prai t-us lupua - uio-t v. I. lo him last,) ha- open, in n mo 1 il li.'in.' n r ilrain; ut theub-eril t-r - wine-, anil eal el I u best he ever la-ted. The sol iei i! ir di e- i- I hi liuunr- a! out tho tounlty. i-huv. ,ng and them. He think thi-pecplo have 1 ecu unpo e I enough uf hue by such pedlar-. Dot ifper-oe-' in; siieii arueic- w ill can al in- 'i re in l.'ir -directly nppu-iie Mr. S. E. Howard'- S' re, in C Ireel, lie will -ell then Ihe piirc-l an I le'u. fur llie Invve-t pri. c.', and ihey will always i.n -uniform in price and ip.a!uy." ISAAC n.i::.i Iliiilingion, reK I, IS 13. oO'i CA H INENT FURNITURE. npiIH SCIISCRIIIER would remn-1 t'.u- P ", X iliatho s.illconitnacs i'c''AI!Nrx r I 1 - -NESS at ihe Old Stand, on Ci-n-e.'i Stre-t, fr y Nichols ,e. Hcrnck, and over Mr. Htulbut's -, wherohe has a good a-scrtment of 1'nh"gi'.v, P .1 Walnut, Cheiry nnd Pino rCRNITCRII, e,,n- - or Secretanes', liureaus; S fas; Die ng, Tea, ' and Toih I, Tables; Iled-teniU an-1 Stands, v. a lie will sell for cash unusually low, r.ccoidir.. to t' a tuncj. WANTED, In exchanre, Uirch and JIaple SC iNTLlNO. a-blt-ror 1'edstetU 2 inch, 1 inrh, 1 Qths 1-1 "'i I'.ASSWOOD, WHITE PINE HOARDS. PUU I HOARDS, and most kinds of County ProJii-c.- Phase call and examine Cor voui ' Ives. SAMUEL NICIIOL-'. Iluilinnton, Jan. 13. I?13. J! f LOOK AT THIS FARMERS! THE-iihseri'ers vvi'l .1! Nt lV.CTITtE V.u iL IIN CLOTHS fur ill tuner. l!.e cuiiuue -ca.-on, al tin- follovvui? price--, lo vt il Satinet!, for 23 el per v aril, Sluep- (trey, nla u, 23 e. ill- per yard, Mi-island r-3(1 i ' Ca imeres 3 i',i We al-oh.ive u i lairiv il CLOITI3 cn Inn 1 - ' u we will i-Mhange fur Wen'. .MI'RRAY e': PA'UIJ' i:. llmes'urch, Manh 11, lfa!3. -12 0 BLANK BOOKS. v.-.,-, .iiei'i un, an.l I'einy Leilier-; Jn-trn : i un, an.l I'eiiiv- Lcdzer-,- Jn , Dae I i ..Ii v ' 1 si'.-, i;-cnr I-, ami a erene.i i! a--i i ton n ' " n I Ulan!. Uooks, a! llie n'd -'.lie' u-ta r 10 If. J. SHU'dWAV, .1 Salt. i OOO nUSIlKLS Course Western Salt, 5'!l do Ti.rk- I land i'o 1 do S', Hi e, i! ) le ;0 IP Is Wi -tern lice do t'ti do lii Si.-',. Livcrpt.fl I lown CO S.ick Wcti-rn line 1 Cj-is Salt ui loaves for la! Icu-r, hy N v. 12. S'l KONC-i. Xoticc. niV nOARIti RS can iy acccmmi-,'a-ed r-a 'V nn derate lirm.--, ! v iiiui'vui I" I.I.MI'IIL ITRT"8, r.url ncton, Mrr-h 21, 1 13. lOXCilANi; liOTlif . lVti.'cr street, allhf hfid of 'ic rv im' I , IJuilllii'loii. Vermont. DY lUOSKS L. I1AHT. rHIIS e.iabli-liincni, i, lavora! ly In ic'f r -I- a'-comiitiida-.iuii of ll.e It re -"-i,1 -i cominunity, ! nnvv- o, en itniit- p d -i -, i'u-i C. -upon the van. i. rou'e ea 1 al tin' l-'x -ban: e 1! i' for p.fsengcr-, an 1 Ibr si- a.-.iviiic or i e ar i. 'y Sleam I'oai, in vv-lucli ca-c 'be r h.iJir.ii-t-.- ic - I vvilliuuteliar-'i', w.ll un I this h .u-Cj.cctil.ailv . .1. r ennvenieiii e. The ket-pi r'ci 'cr hi--cn -to , w lithe a-- i -, that in all rt'pe ! Ibe fit a fball de i rvi; -.1. a, uli'u coiii 'era ion f all vv ho nuy paironi e i'. llurlinton, April 1, IS 12. !3 ". S.1IAI.I. T1VIST COIII'.H, NnV ONf -. 1) Di Jt. Sin.i'l Plan-d Horn 1 vv -I Ci i i' -. fi r. fij tiuall iil.iin h: rn Tw.-i Cmu' s, Ctb ; ' Shell an I 2 ile-z Turluise .bell '1 -v i tCiniil-,1 t hell i li-and I ael. Crndi-, very line Ivi.rv I s, horn nnd other k.n I- of line Drt"- -ui I t in1 . V it Condi ant a lea-ilil'-l a-.i r inr-it til'mr Ii - , Tut ih and Na 1 tlr i-h-, i-ui- Cuub Cliiiue. - c ., rc.-eivtil al llu' Variclj Suit-. -,1 March 31, If t'J. P.vNcncr.K it Pr.iNrMA n. "liA'.OH? 1l ODOLRS it SON'S' an I o I er line Rarer, a'tn V Straps, UrusJio , La her M i.xts, .- an-, CV- tor , aie by Pangh r.s f Uttts JiAto. .Hvh31, I?I3. 11 BISHOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN ISM. Ai-pcnnd letter to the RIGHT RKV. V' V' IS P. K'I'.NltU'K. .it.n Cjihiiir ,,-r, cr Philadelphia, l!y JOHN It EN I' Y HOIK'N- I'. D, WAopoflhe Diicesof Ver'tti ,it. 1 i ; .', I-'ro inlc by II. J. SHCIIU AY, A :. April li, "" .-. ' IM.AS for 6a!e by ths thctand Caddy bow . 1 13 Ibt. OLD HVA'ON. YOUNG IIVSON. HYSON MCLN. . . W;i. IirRLIICT. I.urlinton, March 31, IS-13. u FOR SALE, 1 YOKD of WORKING CAT JM Much 4, IStS. low 11 J lo H. W. tA'JUX

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