Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 26, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 26, 1843 Page 2
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ARRIVAL or THE CALEDONIA. it is discovered, I may be hung." She said, "Then 1 will die with vou," meaning that nho Tho steam-ship Caledonia, Capt. Lott, arrived nt Boston nl (5 1-2 o'clock Eriday morning. Sho loft Liverpool on tttn llli insl. and brings Fivn Days Liter inlelli gnncc than tho Gioat Western. This in terval hat presented nothing striking as re gards this country, except a debate in the House of Commons on the 2nd inst., arising out of the threadbare subject of tin; Ash- burton treaty. The remarks of Sir Rubeit Peel, tho' biicf, were effective, and his n'lu- sion to the sncedv settlement of the Otoeon "ll'c coroner. 1 " . . . I ll .1.- t O,. question was as favorably received by the , 1 ,s ,'"c s""fla" V" "'. 1 "", rT ' . . . r . far at no h concerned tliero is no )mlit of its House as it win ue uy noin countries. .....i. i.,.. ,.rc ... ..,..1, rL..,snn i0 think ho tiny We :in under obligations to Thompson's havo told a faishood concernim? bcr participa te- f:ii x. c. i.' ... turn, it m cvii urn t int in owes ncr no cuoo ixpres lur t iuiiili o.inifi s L..111 iiiiuuii ... .... , ., . . ... ' ' i i . M am' 1'1IS "w.v ho the medium by wb.cli ho i onus, iium mum vuiuiiiu um auiii- fiol;s revenge, tjlio Ins been triumphantly no would commit suicide." Tho whole plan of tho murder was then arranged between them. The light was selected the wood brought in for a largo fire and every thing else was at band that they deemed necessary for the successful Issue of tho affiir. .S'lie told what hour of the night her husband slept tho noun los', anil prom cd when ho was deeply buried in sloop In kiw.k nil the will. Ho waited ; she did knock as agreed. Ho then entered quietly with an aie, and struck him ono severe blow. !lo thinks ho struck only one. Mrs. Wilson then iroso and got a light, and Mr. Wilson in a few moments w,is dead. They built up a hrgo fire, tin! wont to work to wash up the Ulooil, ami cle.iue the clothe. While doing this they agreed upon tho statement of tho altnr tb.U lioitld lie true ii, ami that slatemanl iras inauc niary., Tlic state of the manufacturing districts is pncotiraging : many rircumtanccs induce an expectation of a continued ihi;imvom:nt in the trade generally, and the consumption of cotton continues mo.tllv on tlio increase. A Focoml edition of the London Chronicle contains the following extraordinary express from l'.iri : " Paris, May Vi. The afnilrs of Pcrvia arc Arranged. Tho Divan has cnnci'dud all the do mait'lH of HiisMa : Pnnro Ocorgewitch is to abdicate, Ins councillors and Kiamd to quit Borvia, ami a new election to lake place, proba bly in favor of Prince Mdusch. ".n atlrmpt was made nt Milan to assassi rule th" Viceroy, which faded." The Ilarvc Thea'ro was destroyed by fire on Friday night, the tilt : "hen .Mr. I ortier the ininager, who resided in apartments attach eJ to the thcatie, lost h s life. The overland null ftom India and China bad cot arrived. Locally speaking, the most important parlii mentary tnoicmont which ha been taken for years, is too (lovornincnt l.ducntion scheme a pMi'civorthv measure in the abstract, but so tnii'pil with l,,iuism that it has roused milled bv a iurv of her country ; and public opinion should not reverse that acquittal on au thority so questionable. M U.S. WILSON'S CONFESSION. Tho Portland Arirus publishes tho following as the tonfess.on ot Mrs. ilson, recently ac quitted of tho charge of b iving been concerned with Thorn in the miiriicroi her nusiianu. (onh-hon. Mrs. W. says that on tho mor- ning of the murder she Ins no doubt the was awakened (as sho always stated) by tho blow that killed her husband. She started up, and discovered his bead tossing about the pillow. she spoke to mm, but ho did not answer, lie hit tin! speak alicr sho awoke, bhe started from the bed, and "lit a light." 7'licn she saw tint ho hid boon struck, (with the pole of tho ac, she had no doubt, as she saw it in the room, ami it could not bo lotiml nltcr uards,) ami that the door, which was clocd the muht before, was open. She ran to call Bon- jimin Wi'son from the other part, when, as she leached tho entry, as sho partially ttirnco tier head towards the stairs, she saw Thorn land ing on them. .She at once said to him, "Vou lime killed r.hslia," lie gave bora look that frightened her still more than &ho was before, To the Editors of the National Intelligencer. Lr. Rnv, (N. Y.) May 14, 1843. Gcntlcnion : 1 have just soon tho ad dress to tho People of the freo Slates on tho i . -.i 1 .!-.. 'v t stiujcci oi mo annex iuiuii ui i-mji iguuu by thirlcon members of tlio 27tli Congress, as published in your paper of May 4th. Tho address was prepared just nt tho closo of the session, and was presented to very lew of the members for their signatures for want of time. It was signed by the thirteen whose names nre npnonded to it at Washington, and was subsequently sent to several others for their signatures at their respective places of icsidonce. Eiht other members, whose names are not affixed to the copy published in your paper, have since signed it, or after reading it, have written to me mid autbnri7. cd and requested mo to sign their names In it before its publication. Of this fact, Mr. Adams, who had tho kindness to present it to vou for publication, was not aware; and, unfortunately, it nnnenrs without their mimes. 1 herewith send you their names, and request j on, and all other editors who have publish ed the Address, to publish thorn as addition al sinners as an act of justice to Ibcnt. I al so request those editors who shall hereafter nublisb (lie address to publish it with the whole twenty-one names affixed instead of the thirteen as beretoturo published. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, " SETI1 M. GATES. The following arc the members who bavo cither signi'd a copy of tho Address as pub lished, or renticsted'that their names be sub scribed to the copy furnished to you, to wit : HAVin ni!Osos, ucn0N, TRCMAN SMITH, STA LEV N. CLAtlKn, TIIOS. W. W1LIMMS, ARCHIBALD L. LINN, GEOBOC N. DIUGOS, TIIOS. A. TOMLINSON. the ire and called into action the jealousies of and threatened her, if the ever told, that be fill other sects in the country. Accordingly, tho Dissenters and Ro inn Catholics hue been making a demonstration of strength against it in cery quaiter of the lard, and rot it ions, with upwaids of tico millions of signatures, were presented to the House of Commons agaitibt it on .Monilay evening. Tho (lovcrnmcnt has been obliged to bond before the storm, and some modifications have 'been made in tho original draught of the bill, but not enough to satisfy the sectaries, who fill maintain that in tho bill as it stands, the Church of l.nglaml Ins advantages to their interests. The probability, is, so fierce is the oppoMtim, the measure will bo with drawn, and ith it all chance, during the pros ent generation, at least, of the htato prnviuin. b sound m and religious education for the children of tho poor. Tho High Church party has always looked Upon tho education of the lower clas-es with an "evil eye, unless directed according to their views. Ne.lber pirtv will give way, and the result wi tho continuance of the existing do moralization and mental dukness in the most densly populated districts of England the nianuiactnnng districts'. The usual aicrago return under tho old act of tho liabilities and assets of tho Rink of England, embracing the period from the "3ih of January to the SJ2d of April, both inclusiie, which appeared in the Gazette of the oO.h ult., Civcs the lollowing results, viz. That the average of tho 13 weeks ending April as compircd with tho average of the l.i uccks ending January vis, shows An increase in the circulation of JC597.000 An in the deposps of L'JIT.OOO An incre.iFO in the stock' of bullion of .1:5,000 The yearly comparison is as follows: The avuiMge of the 13 weeks ending the 2'2d of Apiil, 1313, as compared with the average of the 13 weeks ending the 23d of April, 1312, shows An increase in tlio circulation of .C3,001,00() An increase in tho deposits of 3,3r)l,000 An increase in the stock of bullion of .1,(103,000 Titr. Sr.AsoN anp tut, Cr.ors in Lnuland. There is every prospect of a ery early and very abnod int ban est tins year. Fioui the mildness of the winter, tho wheat was mop forward at tho beginning of April than it usu nil v is at the end of that month, and the abund ant rains, and ocrainnil genial weather which we hive sioro hid hive caused it to advance, notwithstanding a few checks from frosty nights. The spring corn, which was got into the ground almo-t as well as the wheat, is al-o beginning to show itself strong and healthy, especially tho oils and beans, and the grass crops look better on the l.-tol .May than they hail clone lor several vcars. 1 he limbing ion has been unusually good this spring, and from the abundance of grass tho lambs are ere now very fine and large, and wo may add. cheaper than they have been at tins season lor would kill her, and that she would bo consider ed equally guilty with him, if found out, and ihcv would both bo bung. By this means, be omoollod her to return to tho room, and assist bun to cover up tho blasting evidences of tho lecd. "Hut murder v i I out. It has a thousand tongues. Ho stripped the bloody blanket Irom off the bed, and put it into the tub. Tho towel she used to wipe tho oIoju from her husband s face. It is inconceivable, she continues, what she has suffered with these facts upon Iter mind, and vet afraid to divulge them, from fear of Thorn, and ignorance of the operations of the law. She was anxious to tell the whole before tho coro. iter's inquest, and has boon since; but she has lipon dolerrcd by tho reasons state ! a fear of living from present evils, to those sho know not if. Thorn never insinuated to her that ho nan an idea of committing the horrid crime. It is stated that 7'iinrn, previously ronvictcd of mini tho COUNTY CONVENTION. Wo hope tho several whig County Commit, tecs in the State, will delay calling County Con. volitions to make tho nominations for Senators, until after the sitting of the Slate Convention. We doom tho holding of County Conventions before the State Convention bad policy. 7'he Slate Convention should bo first held and im mediately after that body rises, the County Con volitions should bo hold. In this way the doings of the State Convention will come up before the people in their county assemblage, and all receive their approbation at tho srino time. The State Committee will probably call the Stato Convention soon. Wo do not know as it matters much bow soon. Our opponents say that wo may expect hard fighting tho coming campaign. Very well. The Green Mountain Whigs arc fighting fowls : tboy have bad some little experience in that line; the Hessians found them "hard cases" at lleniiington,"long time ago." And the Ivcofocns have experienced a similar treatment at their hands for years. If fighting is really to bo the order of tho day, it needs no wizzaid's wand to enable one to predict that a most gloriour victory awaits 'ho whig forces in September. o hope the suggestions we have llung out Mrs, WrnsTErt. on his way homeward from this city and from public life, accepted of the compliment of a Public Dinner offered to him by a number or merchants and other leaning citizens of lhltimnre, without distinction of party, in token of thoir estimate of the sorvi. ccs rendered by him in the station which be lias lately resigned. A full account of this public Festival, at which Honr.UT Gii.mor, Esq. presided, will doubtless bo published. In the mean time we gather the following particulars of it from the Halthnoro Sun of yesterday : Tho Dinner on Thursday evening took place at the lAcliangc lintel, and upwards nl a hun dred citizens were present. After partaking of tho dinner provided on the occasion, the follow ing regular toasts wore drank : First. The Union now and forever ono and in separable. Srcond. The President of the United Stale". Third. The OoNniTCTioN nf tlio United States, itsnmhnrs, fmindcr, and defenders. Fourth. Tho memory of Washington. The fifth toast in order was prefaced with a few remark", from the ("hair, appropriate to the distinguished statesman whom the gentleman present had assembled to lienor. It was as follows : "Our guest, Daniel Wedsteh." After the applause which followed the an. noiincment of this toast, Mn. WrnsTnr. rose and addressed the company in a speech occu. pying about an hour and a half, adducing a sc. rios, of facts concerning our commercial rola. lions with several foreign nations, the iinfav .r. able position wbirli was occupied by the Unitei Slates in consequence of the present policy observed in tlio intercourse by treaty stipula. tinns, anil suggesting such changes asappoaroi to be moro likely In conduce to the national am! commercial interests, &.r. abstaining from all allusion to party topics. On concluding his speech, .Mr. YV. submitted, "in all sincerity, truth, and heartiness," tho following senti ment : t "Prosperity to die inhnbilnnts of the Mennmental city : AUvnysilislinginslicil alike lor enterprise, puii lie spirit, and the warmest and most cordial hospl talily." After Oio conclusion of Mr. Webster's re marks the sixth regular toast was announc co, viz : " r.ngland and bcr Queen." The national compliment implied in this toast was duly acknovt lodged bv Mr. McTavisII the British Consul, in a neat, pertinent, and brief speech. Tho seventh and last regular toast was : "Lord Asiiucbton." This was prefaced by some remarks from tho chair, complimentary to the character of the subject ot it, and received with very decided marks of respect. .at. Int. Ilnr.vrrr or Herodotus, the most amusing and sagacious of historians, relates tho following pithy story. A eertnin citv of Innia lioinif Intd nresscd. both bv a foreign enemy and famine, a.'nt n deputation to tlio Spartans imploring aid. Their chief orator was nt tlio bead of tho embassy) who stood up, sod made llm laconic Scnnlc a long and flat onto speech. When lie bad done, tho magistrates told him for his answer, lint they could not understand any of tho latter part ot his discourse, and could not recollect the beginning! so ho might go homo and sny so. The suppliant city, di'lcrmined lo match tlio child ren of T.vciirnus in their breutv of communication. sent llicin a second embassy) which was commis sioned only to present an empty bread basket, and inform the Spartans that they were short of proven der. Tho Senate, however, drily expressed, ns before, lis impatience nt their excess of words, tcllinc them thai their empty pannier was quite enough, am! thai iney una no iutu 10 uc imornicu oi uiai wuicu mcir eyes told than. Correspondence of the Unltiniorc Patriot. Wasiiinoton, Mny 15th, 1813. Mr. Cusliini nnd Mr. l'lctchet Webster Invo bo in this cily for somo days, preparing fir their depart ure on the Chim mission. The ale Secretary of Slato stilt occupies a room in the department adjoining the ollicial chamber. ll is slated thai Legate will continue to preside over this office. run Presilcnt, Mr. Unhur and Mr. Potter only, will U'h the north, for the ostensitdo purpose of at tending Iho liimkrr Hill celebration. Mr. Spencer and Mr. Lejire will icmam at Washington, to carry on I lie Oivernment. Mr. Holier! Tvler. nt nrcscnt. does the lienors of iho While ilouso the rest of the f.inrly being absent. I he friends of Mr. Curlis and Mr. Ouden UnUinan lmi reason lo bnltnned for the growing inflnnen of Alderman Slides an I Mr, llidbi who nr.- prw cd wol iin'ri'.aseil eir esn''ss, the one for the office nf I isirict At nrney, and lh oilier for lb U of Collec- lor nt icw i on.. relative to tho hold ng of County Conventions! m?,"'. The ItEritE3 or Mussns. Caliiocn, Van Bcren Oass, Johnson, anu Hccihnan. i lie I'.vcimig l'osl ot yesterday contains some thing over ten columns ol "replies" on the pari ol the hvu Democratic candidates fur ll.e I'risulenry. These were dieted by a Commit tec appointed lu put sunury quesnons 10 uiee gentlemen, on nie pari ut a Loeoloco Slate ('onvenln n in Indiana. And they are an now iiuuiisneii ill a i.atcn, uy tne i.vl'Iiiii: l'osl, (a Van liuren paper,) the Virginia clcclion be will bo heeded. Woodstock Mercury. Tnr. GiTAltt). It is rumored nnd generally iirdeiing Wilson, has been sentenced (after ! tint Dr. RInllory will be nppninted iMinistcr Vermont fashion) to one ycai's imprison-1 or Charge d'Afiairs lo Constantinople, to incut, and then, or so soon as tho Governor hall by warrant d.rect, to be hung, CC?" Another Srr..MiioAT Disaster. Through the politeness of Capt. Sherman ..e i . n... t.t...i u. u,UM, u,. B., u .... di!j for Ciisli.n2 nftcr bc. nijecto() M to lay beluro our readers the particulars of j Sucrt.tary 0f ,l0 Navv, goes to China ; Ir- fill tho post madu vacant by the death of Com. Porter. If this bo truth, ns soon ns Profit can get ; Secretary of State to itiako out his com mission lo some unnamed place, every member of the Guard will have been provi- i collision between the Qitccn and Siilcn ham mail Steamer, on Lake St. Peters, on their way between Qjubcc nnd Montreal. The accident occurred about two o'clock on Tuesday morning, and wc find the follow ing account of it in the Montreal Gazette of Wednesday for the curly receipt of which wo are indebted to Capt. Sherman. A great excitement prevailed in town yesterday, win, of Fa., goes to Deinniark : Wise wnn ted lo go to France, but tho Senate would not consent ; Profit would have gone to some of the South American principalities, if Webster had not refused to sign n coin mission for him ; nnd now Dr. Mallory. the last of the Guard, goes to Turkey ! Well, for a set of gentleman, who set out with the declaration that tlicv were entirely governed by conscience, and would accept 7'bo people of Vermont are celebrated tho world over for morality and uprightness but wo were not made aware till lately that even their convicted scoundrels wore among Iho most trustworthy men in tho community. The Mercury says that a vrTung man recently arrived at Windsor in the stato and applied for admis sion to tho .state rnson showing the papers which entitled him to a residence there. It seems ho had been convicted at Motitpelier of some offence, sentenced to tho State Prison for six months, and in order to save expense was fitted out with his papers and sent on to Wind- sor by stage, without ftheritl or other attendant ! On reaching Woodstock the stage by accident left lum : but ho coolly waited a day and look tho next stage ! iX. Y. Tribune. A fact. On arriving at Windsor, the convict wont straight to (be prison, delivered his letter of introduction, nnd was duly locked up, Watchman. pan of tho party. They regard its editor ns the " hinting tool" of Captain Tyler, " un der the control of a clique " of ofJicc holders, whoso "principles aro mado an nrticle of 6nrr and transfer." This is certainly plain language, but as it seems to have been endorsed pretty generally by tho brethren in this vicinity, it is quite satisfactory evidence tint they nt least consider it to bo true. Wo understand that nearly two hundred subscri bers wcro obtained for the True Democrat in this town nlono, tho first day tho prospec tus was issued. This is on alarming indica tion that tho Sentinel man will speedily bo obliged to " shuffle off this mortal coil," "Or take up arms against a sea of troubles," though it is to bo feared bc can not, " Dy opposing, tnd them." But vo havo just received n conimunicn tion on this subject, which wilt bc found in another column, to which wo would refer those of our renders who have nasal nerve enough to withstand tho anatomical applica tion of tlio dissecting knife to putrified bodies. (U'Wo havo received a communication, from one of our college friends, correcting some of the misrepresentations of n corres pondent of the hist Sentinel, who signs him self "A Member of tho University." Rul tho subject ho discusses is a matter of so lit tin public interest or importance that we tlihk it hardly worth while to publish the ar ticle. "The Sentinel is not extensively rend in this community, nnd its statements do not carry sufficient weight to make it necessary to contradict them. Besides the ccntlemanhi writer of the Sentinel article docs not seem now to bc in a very amiable frame of mind, and wo would not, for the world, do anything which might add Is the excitement of his meek and gentlo spirit. He evidently con siders himself quite rt smart young man, and wo rcgict exceedingly lo see him so much under the control of passion and excitement. FRIDAV MOUNl.VG.l MAY 2G.1 843. after iho nrmal of iho steamer Lady CoWiu from nil office, they have come us near fulfilling enccoi us being rumored that a (huir promise, us ono could desire ! 1 heir taken daee bttween Iho Qitfn ,,riiv flainiii" iialriotisni nnd nail steamer. As many versions siipcrlilinian puril, lianiin patriotism aim iiolile disinterestedness, nave evenuateu jusi Ucldec, in consequence learlul collision naj taKi and l ie mlcnham mail steamer. As many of th.. story uerc current, and as some of them wero o etaiprated, that U Ihev Weill into circulation tin cintradiei'd, ihcy would be sure to produce alarm aiuoii"St ihose who mlicr knew of relations or friends being on bo.aid, or expected them lo arrive aboul this nine, irom me oiner siuo oi ino .uinnuc, we inaae u a neurit M learn as tnanv of the particulars as wc could, nnd we now hasten to communicate ihcm. All narliis uh whom wehaic converted, ap pear In be coininced that the passengers (steerage as well as cauiii,; oo ouaru uuui nuais uac neen siveu, and only iwo men, forming pari of the crew of tho Queen, ate repotted missing. .Much anxiety on ac count of ihe ios of human life, is thus happily saved, and it is not nt all impruhihlu dial even the two who are missing, may yet bc fuund to have reached tho shore in saiety, or lo have proceeded, iulhccon fusim, to Quebec. The Queen lift Three Kivcrsata quarter past one o'eb ek leshrday iiiorniug, and when about nino mdes up'ibe lake, she came m collision with the mail sttainet Syiltnham. This occurred al out lulf pasl two o'clock. One informant represents Ihe mailt as as we expected ! Richmond Whig. mnv iw.iro 'I'hnroie nt t mrl , n.ennrt rr lirmif ( lear. 1 0 SUITS SUIOIIOI oriHllll V. OUU Wiere ue ' . "i l"''l ' r ,., l,.,i il,..;,,!,!.,,.!,!!, ,.l,, great abundance o. every kind ot produce, ex- " " V,ow hire : was hnzy. cept, pcrnap-. ot irint. and obiecls'at a htllo distanco could not easily be dis- PiinvistnNs. Asirr.tciv Tho ntnrli of iin.'iuisiu'd. The Queen was struck in the forward Beef and Pork is considerably reduced : holders trmgway, oTtln- l.iboanl side, and shortly afterwards are now firm at the advanced quotation, and olv Jp. wSSV.-1 hSd'0.?"!,: tlio torn 3iicy in tlio marnsi is upward". 1 no j Ml probability, a wry different lerininaiion to the little .New that hn arrived his been taken accident. As it was, several of the passengers, who from the riuav at full r lies. No now Hams or were below at tho tune of tho collision, made a nar- Iiacon havo vet arm oil. I inosn q nini ri ow. row escape, i no waicr unug wiiuiu lour incucn oi er: a considerable parcel was cllercd on the 27lh ult about half of ulnch found buyers: this has relieved tho pressure, and hJders are now firmer. With a large import of Lard, prices have roreded Us to .'is. Some holders refuse lo go nn at present rates, but tho articles must be considered dull. Scleral small par. sols of (ireasc. Ilattcr has Leon taken at the quotations. die level of the upper deck. II became nccesaiy to cut several opening in it to release those who were OrncE oFTitr, American, ) Portland, May, 10 lrjlU, confession or TiiortN, tiik Mun i)i:iu:ii! A rumor having readied uc this tnorninrrthat Thorn bad confessed the murder of Wilson, for which be w now undur sentence of death, we repaired imtncdi4tly to the j id to learn tho facts. He stated in our pretence that ho had done it, and being toleinniy warned by the ltov Dr. Nichols, who was present, not to confess what was not true, bo twico asserted that ho "bad told nothing but tho solemn truth. We are informed that his confession is very full, covering the whole ground from his lir.-t courtship of Mif. Wilson to the timo of the murder: that it was taken down, as ho related it, by tlio Sheriff, and being road to bun uns then signed. Wu have mado ciery effort to nee the SherifTand fcctirc a copy, but are in. formed tint ho has loft tho city. We shall, without doubt, bo able to present it to our rca ders in full by Thursday. In the meantime wc have received from Mr. Hooper, tho Jailor, who was present, the following synopo's of Tiior.s'u confession. Ho eays that ho was engaged to Louisa bo. fore ho went to sea, but on bis return, to bis great disappointment, bo found that the had married Mr. Wilson. Ho then had no thoughts of injuring her busbind in any respect. He went to bis sister's and staid a short time, but thev wore poor and unable to tako care of lum and so told luir,. He then went to Mr. W il ion's, where he renewed hi former intimacy with Louisa. Sho frcnucntly, he says, express. cd a wisdi that her husband was doad : said at ono time, when bo was coming from tho barn, that die wiihed bo would break bid nnclt. At reveral other times sho taid she ivuhcd thai oino nncuouhl murder him. Ho say icrti nl lur own suggestion that the idea of murdering Mr. Wilton was lirst con. t eived by him. One day, when die uttered tbla Willi, ho rbpliwd, "Suppcie murder him, atttl low. Wo understand that eight individuals were taken out in this nay. The passengi rs and crew villained on ihe unner deck, from the lime of the ac cident till six o'clock in the morning, when the ruy Calboine. nn tier way nnfrom Hoc nee. came to their rescue. I lev were all. wi 111 no exception oi nuoui forty or fiftv, who went ashore in a raftsman's boal, lironnlit up lo tins city, anu landed salcly auoui four o clock, l". -il The IVinl Sydenham, nt the time of, and shortly before ihe collision, was enioc with one wheel, in consripience of a Iritlnig denouement which had occurrei in a nario uer maeuinerv. ane remauieo by die Queen nfier the necidetit, with the view, we uuilerslanu, ot taking "It her passengers, but the master, muling his own vessel in a unking stale, made for iho land i Inn lielore reaching it, she went down. As in the case of the Quern, il was fortunate mat thu water was no Deeper ttinn meriiy lo sue merge the lower part of the hull. The Lumber Merchant, after a lime, came to the Lard Siden hain't a'sjjinnce, and convejedher pas-engers and ctew to (IulIicc. Wo believe tint neither of the steam vessels was protected by insurance against marine risks. Stronp hopes are cnteriamiU ut being able lo rfisc bom in shori lime. We know not whether blame is attachable to any of llie parlies in charge of the vessels! but we hopo for Die public satisi.ariion, that a searching mvesngn tion wi I bo undrrlnKen by the proper authorities Il i dieadful lo think on what the consequences run! it b ivo been, hnii n ca o been b ourne at the lime, or had the accident occurred in deeper water man it uu Tun Game Srn.i, C.innir.i) o.v. Capt. Tyler has played another card in Vermont and with his usual skill : it was instantly trumped and ho lust, ns ho always does, all the honors. II. 15. Stacy, Esq., appointed by Tiler himself Postmaster nt Burlington, as dismissed last Saturday week. I'reviuus to bis entering upon its duties, the office was ept in one of the oldest, dirtiest and most repulsive corners ol that lie.tutilul village: he immediately filled up, in most elegant stile, a central nnd commodious office, and is continued, down to the da of his pro scription, to discharge its duties u ith all pos- itilu fidelity and care, nnd to the pnrtect sal isfaction of men of nil parlies. Dana, ins- low, Esq., whoso solo recommendation con sisted in having edited for n year nr two ono of the puniest, least reputable Loco Foco sheets in New England, has been nppninted bis successor. As soon as it was known in Butlington that Mr. Stacy was removed, be was elected Clerk ol llm County and su preme Courts, then in Session in placo of Mr. Noble, who had, though a Loco Toco, been allowed to bold it for n great number ol years. Tho office is worth somo hundred dollars moro than that be lost, and Mr. Stacy is relieved from tho nightmare oppression of being obliged lo appear to approve the prol ligacy and meanness of tlio Tyler Adminis tration. Tim Captain will have to try again -X. Y. Tribune. Uf iho ten columns thus occunictl. seven are filled up by .Mr. Van liuren. 'I be essence, of w all the rest contain has alrendy transpired: nor was there any great necessity for the oilier "eanditatcs for the candidacy' lo say any tliiugupon I lie subjects sub nulled lo them; llicir opinions wcro will cnougl known already, on each. Willi "tho Sam; of I. in deiiwiild" tboeac was different, and there were one or two points upon w'lueli Iho present opinions of that personage wereopjccis ot curiosity, lie lias now un deriakcu to satisfy ihat curiosity, in these scien col u 1 1 1 1 1 a ol ' soiu mailer. The "reply" starts oh" with two columns and a hall about a National Hank ; "logo's labor lsl!" A half a dozen lines di-poseof Ihe Distribution question, and iben conies a column and a half upon the subject ol the Taritl. Jlr. Van lijrcn goes for some kind of a Tariff. a Taiill'lor revenue, and not a tarilf fur protection, bo says. Vet be aiers disunctly that ' be has no doubt of the Constitutional power lo makedscriinin.ilions." And ibeso discriminations he thinks "indi-pensablc to tho successlul operation of ciery revenue bill" and it is his opinion, moreover, thai, "if it bo at any tune deemed neeessary.or conduetiic lo Ihe safety of the country, to encourage the mauufaclutir at homo uf the articles necessary lo its defence m war. noih- ing can be more proper than to do so by a discrimin ation in favor of their domestic manufacture, inasmuch as mo oojuci in view is 10 promote ino salcly ol nn." This is rather foggy, wead'ini, but perhaps the fol lowing perspicuous paragraph may appear more clear to llie seamier alter a nuamng : When the convention speak of a discrimination tarill'for revenue. 1 understand Ihcm as refLrmm to discriiuinainiis below iho maximum rale of duties up on imported articles, not designed to increase the pro tection aireauy niuruiu lo uointsue inanul.acturers, I ut lo carry out views of policy ditfercnl m their character, and which may properly be embraced in such a measure." In sober earnest, Ibis part of -Mr. Van Huron's elab orate document will satisfy nobody. The frien Is of a go io i arm can nnu noining coroiai in ino seeming concessions occasionally liiliinated, not expressed, in the course of tins mysliii al paper, while t li frie tra ders will bo npi to 'smell a ral," m "that heap of meai youuer so uexierousiy roiieu up lo conceal w hat is tinder. We see noibing in this "reply" to warrant us in saying inai u ucio'.ens a very spcetly culmination uf the stnrof K indcrhook in the nscen- danl, or tlut bodes any lery terrible eclipse to the nery planet inai ueaius irom i-ort Hill. 1 lungs m fact tiny be considered as rcmaininT "n statu cuo antebellum," or prely much as they did leloro last l.iemng's I'ust was issued. Il is remarkable that Mr. Van Ilurcn cannot write a short straightforward and clear-headed document which common (or uncommon) people can under- siano, ino log oi ins en.aracier nnd ol hn priuci pies appears in foggy words .V. V. .'xirrss. ward in a mighty ronscrvalivo element in our Government, that vast " corps do ro servo" who in common times, and on ordi- naiy occasions aro loo indifferent lo the pot ty struggles of men, nnd the scrambles of iho outs ngainsl the ins, to mingle nt nil in polit ical strife, or even to excrciso tho preroga tivo of voters, hul who, once aroused to a sense of danger to the Constitution and laws they revere, arc seen rushing like a vast ar my to the rescue of the right, nnd covering the assailants with ignominy and defeat. Such was their high mission then, when tho corruption of tho national government had spread infection over tho whole land, taint ing its moral atmosphere with the miasma of broken pledges, violated public faith, offi cial peculation nnd political traffic: and it needs not a very keen eyo to perceive, that having accidentally failed of accomplishing their object, tlicy are preparing lo placo its final consummation beyond a peradvunture. The same wcuwho decided the battle of 1810 will decide that nf 1S44, and in the same manner. Tho political outlaw who chances at present lo stand as the target for the min gled hatred and scorn of a whole people, with the few iidlierents whom nn idiot in ike ui ciiinii.ihCLs could as w t il bavo bought, my fmry that his enpi'n' is daily increas ing, tlii sage nl l.iiiai'iiw.iin ami ino amies man of Foil Hill may imagine, the former that the people will permit him lo craul back again to poison llie streams of public virtue ; and tlio latter that bis long looked for turn has come at last, but ihey aro doomed to certain defeat, " in spitu of lamentations." And the reason is obvious. Either the Lo cofoco slander that the people wero drunk in 1840, is line, or else they intended a change of measures as well as men, by tho overwhelming vote nf that year. They in jended to try the measures proposed by tho Whigs and they intend it yet. No man be lieves, though many false demagogies affect to believe, that wo aro now living under tlio All snnsiblo From llie Boston Atlas, .Moue Onstoss or the l.nro Koco Paitt one or its I.FADEns, We published, a few days since, a PiraL'rnph from die Paid Tinder, in reenrd lo die Loco Koco parly. Tint nirnrapb contained more truth than is usually found in the same number of hnespu a I.oen boco journal. T he following paragraph wlmin lltn l'.ill, S'lmtAr. nf StturHnv. 'Hint Innp- uil is deleted lo tlieinteresls nnd measure- nf the I.o eo Koco parly, and edited bv Parke Oodwin. n son in-law of Win. (J. Ilrynnt, and connected with Mr. R in the editorial management of llie New-Yolk live, nin? I'osi, thcltaJing l.oco Koco organ in New-York, This- pnsange occurs in a nohec of llrownson's arti cle in the last number of the Democrnlic Review. "Mr. Calhoun is a man much too profound and phi losophical for hi parly. He is, in fjel, Me onfy Cfntc tnr thlnkrr included ament; Hi membtrt. Such per sons n Van Huren and Wright, Ibiehanen, Hancrnfi, Ac., arc mere school bow and bubble rt cnmn.arcd lo him. 'rieijhare'nooriqinaliti of thousht. nnd much less any rent vital poifr, Tliere it nn lft in then, only the Imitation of life. Thc-nojf they enn do, ii to repeat parrot-like the trorii of JefTerton or some old lender, nnd urcue a question of mere Expediency of tlio mere appllcation)t pii'iriri'ei. They aie a meagre, drv, threadbare tit of half men, litinr upon thehutkt of Ihtpuit, or on the trumlt IKtlftll frtm the MI tm rU nn Hkt Vmlhun." MORK TVLKIIISM IN VURMON7. Wc understand that Henry B. Stacv, I'sq. has been removed from the Post Office at Burling ton, and the office given to Mr. Winslnw.of the Burlington Sentinel. Undoubtedly neither the public of Burlington, nor tho Post Oihco Do- parlment has had any reason to conipiam oi Mr. Stacy as a post. master. 7'hcro must have been other reasons to induce the President (this is an Executive appointment,) to make thiscbango ; and we can think of nothing but these, Stacy is a Whig, and supporiru uen. Harrison for President and one John 7'ylerfor Vice President, (a tire President ho has been with a vengeance,) while Winslow is a fiery locofncn, and (Was ono of tho billcrcst rovilcrs of " 7'ipperanoe and 7'yler too" in 1SU). Since Bob 7'vlcr'n recent announcement in the 7'ylcr organ in N. York, it is of course to be expected that the Burlington Sentinel will henceforth be an out and out 7'yler newspaper. IW have no objection to see Van Buren editors sell out to 7ylcr ; none certainly. 71io public can tee precisely bow much locofoco demo crats value their principles. Watchman. Success or Tiic IliionE Island ScrrnACE I'AnTT. Vic sumrltmes Illicit saiJ that Iho tullrago partv of Ubode Ibland has been beaicn. Il n a mistake Tlio Eulfragepirly has gained all ihey eoiiieinpl.iied in ihe outset of their labors. They resulted to kill and bury ihe old "Charter." That has been done. They deteriniin d lo have a ltepubhc form of govern- mem, guar.auiiyn ri a wriucn uonsmunoii. They uavegoi ii, anu in precisely incsiine manner as pur sued at ihe beginuiiu' of ihcir labors. They were op. posed at every s cp i but Ihev a.lianced boldlv for ward, 'the opposite party wire compelled to follow closo alter, i no nuuragn parly triumphed twice. Who men ins ucen ueaien ii'icoeian. If the Plebeian N right (and Mr. Slamm ought to bo good authority for the opinion of his barn-burning friends, llie Dorntes.) there will be no more civil war in Ubode Island. The Suflrage men hao "triumph, ed twice,' and aie of course satisfied. Tho l.iw and Order nartv are certainly content. The heroes ol the''ewter Mug" too must be abundantly gratified with tne result oi ne;r exertions, lor the "Itoyai ter" is dead and buried, nnd Rhode Island now en lovs "a republican form of covermnint cuaranlied in il w linen tuinimiii',!.. oiuee, nun, uieie It no further, occasion for "agitation" in Hhode Island, Messrs Slauini, Ming, and Mil.e Walsh will have to select a new lie! 1 for their proselyting labors. Whv HOI try men u loua u.i tiijuu i nnu c w 1 1 .1 llipsmrci III the former, "the mother of tin Sta es and States men," the elective franchise, to say nothing of other "natural rinhts." is infinitely moro restricted than ever it was in Ithodo Island. In the latter a religious test isexacled of all persons ho'ding office under the Mlate niluiuiislration. uainoucs nre rigidly excluded from any share in the ndiuinistrnlion of the Govern- ...... .(,,. .,,;..l . knnr ll....'. f.,11 .,..,..:, r I.. it iv, ,, ,.. ..,..,. tit t" ...... 'i i, t, iijii in in burthens. Tho "lloynl Charter" of Ubode Island contained nothing so bigoted or nbsurd ns iheso pro visions in the "republican constitutions ' or iSew- Hampshire and Virginia. And yet llieso two Slates are held up as patterns of Democracy. Albany Ute. Jour. JT The determination of Mr. Van Huren's friends lo fasten upon the autumn ot 1813, ns the time for holding their National Convenlion, meets wilh less nml Ipks nw the matter is discussed more Rt length ninong the ticoplo. We learn lhat Ihe project received another blow in the l.oco Koco ("enrdion, at ihe Ilerresentntiits llnll, on Wednesday cienmg. There is certainly much trouble in Induing the for- ret for the service nf the magician. They may at Insl be nil drilled into columns j Tor Ihey show the nr. nml ilevniinn of iruo intissrhiicn avium their ser vices nre wantid. Hut much wotk must bc done, Tl. r'nllinoii imripat is too straiuhlforwaid nnd stub' born a thing to bo set nside for Iho ndianceuient of Mr. Van liuren, wiltiout mo nss oi vasiinon, nnu skill i of winch they mny perhaps sec some evidence, in the refusal tne oner evening, iu in upon nny wur, refusal mndebyincn, sonieof whom werestrnne- opposul lo the lime tie siynatert, nnd olluri Kil, nd rightly too, that ibeir constituents sent iltwa tuxe, tt pwrM. Uerft4 CVuritil. We learn that John Jones is elected to Con. gross iu the Richmond (Va.) district. This is not Mr. Tvler s John Jones, mil Air. van llu. rcn's. Kach of those distinguished candidates, keeps a John Jones'. Cannot Mr. Calhoun cast about and find ono ! I'rentice. It may bo doubted whether Mr. Calhoun would not respond to this query in the language of Oliver Cromwell, by exclaiming, " O, John Jones, John Jones, tho 1. it deliver mo from John Jones. Norfolk lUrald, Mn. Van Bvren and the 'lnirr The Charleston Mercury finds it difficult to under stand Mr. van liuren s views on this subject ir-says ; " If a man will go out and try lo tnoasuro the shadow of a tree top, iu a windy day, bo will find two dilliculties first, to t tho e.tact place where it begins, and secondMo fix the cxart place wliero it ends. Wo havo experienced a little nf tliiu in assigning tho boundaries to Mr. Vin Buren's principles of tariff tuition ihgy II tMM Ukiii Motto." THE STATE CONVENTION. The prriod is again approaching when llie Whigs of Vermont aro accustomed to meet in Council lo select the men who nre to fill tho high offices of the Statu for tho ensuing political year. It has been onr wont, when this season returns, to call the attention of our readers to the subject, and glance nt the prospects of the coining campaign. And in doing so nt present, wo can truly say, we have scarcely ever been able to give belter promise uf success than seems to open be fore its ibis year. Although our present Chief Magistrate has declined a re-election, nnd tho task will therefore devolve on the Convention to niaku n new nomination for that office, ue have no feats of the result. We believe that, large as is tho circle from which iho choice is to bo made, there is wis- lotii,self-donial, virtue and patriotism enougb in thu Whigs of the State, to bring forward man who will command the unanimous approbation and cordial support of tho Whig Democracy, and we have no doubt ihey will do so. At the same time we would urge up on all our friends the necessity of a full and fair representation of every town in the State in order that tho voico of tho convention may be nn honest expression of tho popular will. Wo see not why tho Whigs of the sev eral towns in this county cannot select their egatcs to the State Convention nt the same iitno recommended liy the Uounty Coinntiltco for thu appointment of delegates to nominnlu a candidate for Congress. Let these preliminary inatleis be promptly atten ded to, and let tho popular preference be faitly made known, and no shall go into llie contest with a confidence of victory which can only ho felt by tboso who have never been conquered, and who glory in the con sciousness that ihey never havo deserved to be. MOUE FAMILY JAILS. The rank ait 1 He Mcklui; out of the traces. The appointment by Captain Tyler of Winslow ,'intl Hide to tho I'ost Office nnd Ciilleciorship in this placo is an executive dose, a pill, so to speak, which the " Democ racy" aru determined not to swallow. Hyde's appointment caused a good deal of squirming, but Winslow's excited n stench so oflenstvo in tho popular nostrils that it could not bo endured. Tho untcrrificd Democra cy have accordingly broken out into open re bellion. The Sentinel nnd its Editor have been-foriually read out the parly, and a new paper is to be started, under the cognomen of "The Irttc Democrat," wilh the cxprcs sivo motto " Nullius addictus jurarc in ver ba ma"istri," a pretty freo translation of which is " tee stccar tee tcont icear the Tyler collar." The following is tho prospectus. rnasrECTCS or the T R U B I) 11 M O C It A T. ".VuWui addlctut jirare in verba magislri." DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE GREAT RErCDLICAN IMBTY, ASE TIIK rOEE AND I'EARLESS MAINTEN ANCE OF JErrERSONIAN PRINCIPLES. Tho subscriber proposes lo i"iie a new weeklv na per under the above tide, at Ilurlinglon, as soon as llie necessary arrangenicnis can no ninue, nnu a num. uer oi ?u'icriocra uouuncn nicicui 10 warrnni Him in the undertaking. It will be a closely printed sheet of the usual sizo of noli I ion I newsnaners. on new line and good paper nnd furnished to subscribers nt tiie low rale ol i!,su, iniariably in advance, Fifteen copies for SIS. It may be proper !o siale, that it will be what it purports, tho hireling tool ofio nia.lcr. Il will be under the direction nf no party "clique." Its party will be I UK I'l-.ui'l.l.s its principles, those of Ihe Cirenl Knthersof Republicanism ; its candidates, those of the Conventions of the Democracy proper, fairly and honestly represented. Il is netdlcfs lo urge on the Democracy of Chitten den Counly the necessity of Ihis movement, or the need of their naive exertions lo carry il forward. ( is our firm conriction that there it no other saltation for the Party. Painful lliough it be, it mcst be ino keni if the Deinoerncv of Vermont nnd nf the Union is lo bo bough! nnd sold, if PltlNCII'I.KS nre lobe srlnl naught, if trio Ireo tujTraget of an enhphtrned I'eonle nre lo lie mado nn nrnrle of barter nnd (Mm. fer, then may our national banner be furled, nnd llie last requiem sung oier the ruin of the nilghhesl peo ple thai eier exit(d. Ifnughl of pitriohstn, of pub lic spirit remain, if nny thing of energy, of ancient vig or is left in tho descendants ol Ihe brave mountain eers, we nk U assutanec in this undertaking. Burlington, Mny, 1S13. A. II. HI-SHOP. Thus it will bc seen the " Democracy " i no lonr rconiM lb otiatl m tba or- tt7Mn. WnnsTcrt delivered a great speech nl Baltimore on Thursday evening of , operation of the Whig policy last week, parts of which wo shall endeavor j "10" kn'nv 'liatcver they will admit, that to make room for in our next paper. HL. the present depression arises from llm success makes no allusion nt all to party politics, at ' ,llu vorv doctrines now contended fur by least of thu present day, a sure sign ho js j Locofocoism, and is a legacy left us by tho sick of them, and feels the force of his en- j J-'ckson nnd Van Buren dynasty, as tho ro- quiry at Faneiiil Hall," Whete shall 1 goV slllt of their mad cxpeiiments upon the cre dulity and endurance ot a generous people. Mr. Botts, late Representative of the Rich mond, Va., Congressional District, lias re- Tho Whig policy, then, must bn tried. Tho ! people are not to bo turned from llie current cently flayed Captain Tyler alive, in a ( of their humor, by such puppets as John Ty- communication to tho Richmond Whig. We would republish the article, but wo con sider the Captain of too liitlo importance to justify such a proceeding. fX? Does our neighbor of thn People's Press wish to convey iho impression that ho considers this congressional Disliict doubtful in its political character f Such would bo tho natural inference from his re marks about thn convention for tho last week or two. But such is not tho fact. Gov. Paino's majority last September over Stnilie, Williams, scattering and all was 111S votes. And wbigs in tho District, who, if they should cither of them get tho nomination, would swell lhat majority to 1300 next fall. ODD VISITER. Our wharf was visited on Tuesday morn ing by an Iron Steam Boat. This novel spectacle attracted the attention of many of our citizens who went down to pay '.heir res pects lo llie stranger, although most of us were too late to do more than catch a glimpse of her as she wended her way to Pittsburgh. We are informed that she is to ply between New York and St. Johns, being mado ex actly to fit a canal lock Notwithstanding tho heavy material of which sho is made, site is represented its light, pretty little craft, worthy in build and appointments of the beautiful waters she is destined to traverse ler or John any body else, nor will the clam ors of Radicalism against the great statesman of tho west bo potent enough to prevent them from doing him the justice which has been so long withheld by the machinations of tho ingrates who in former years wero proud to walk in his shadow. The fiec trade creed of Calhoun cannot even carry thn South, should he bo nominated, while at the North wu think of nn Slate be could get except New Hampshire, ami Gov. Hill is making his chances dubious even tliere. But should the eel of Kindcrlionk (wo bog pordon, of " Liiideimald ") urigglo himself inlo tho nomination, bis imiiil-no-iioint principles would lose both North and South, whilo Calhoun would holt, and universal Locofoco ism be whelmed in undktingnishdblu ruin, confusion and defeat. " So mote it be." fJCTiiu Post Orncn. We invoko the the particular iitlcmiou of our neighbor of the Sentinel to the following paragraph from n letter of instructions addressed to S. R. Hob- bie, Acting Post Master General, and signed John Tyler, Sept. 28, 1S41. I will take this occasion, also, to add for vour in struction, that the appointment to, nnd continuance in tbeollice of postma-ier of any one editing a politi cal newspaper is in the highot ilegree o' jecnonable. Ii involves most of the consequents nhove slated, introduces politics inlo I lie post olliee, diuuni-hrs rev enue and confers pruikges on ihe editor which all cannot enjoy. In a word, it is mi filed purpoo as far as in mi lies, to separate the I'nt Oflice Depart ment frompahiics, and tiring about that reform which the country has so loudly demanded. Scptem'crSS, 1311. JOHN TVLER. Consistency, thy name is Captain Tyler. PROSPECTS AHEAD. Viewed from the point at which wo have now arrived, tho future presents any thing but a cheering prospect to the spirit of Lo cofocoisnt. Tho charm with which tlio pop STII.I. ANOTHRK Il.Ut, ItO.t D ROUTE. His now proposed in (.'anad.a, nnd ihe Common Council of l!oton haie parsed resolutions favoring the plan, to extend the Concord Hail Road up the valley of the Connecticut through die district ofSl. I'rancis (Canada,) to Montreal. We line little doubt of the spicily success of this plan, if the capitnlisls of lloston nnd Uontreal in it. Tim road would i... ,,r . , ,i. -....i i-. illarity uf Jackson and tlio tactics of Villi I ninnland New nmphirr; and when that is eslab Buren seemed so long lo have invested it, NZV .".tl.X Bm"h1 was completely broken in 1840, never again haici-i. -i .--...kc ,i-t,p.n e Watchrmn. wo beliovc, to bn revived. Whatever curs-! " (f'hp Capit ,!its of L'oton nnd Montre es may have followed llie accidental cleva-i enlUl in it." Nor we. But iheio is no lion of a traitor and a knave in that cam paign, one good result has been secured, and that is tho ono above alluded to. Previous to that time tho insolcnco inseparable from long and uninterrupted success, produced open avowals of the most shocking doctrines which havo ever disgraced any political creed, and llm single fact of success, oven without the aid of the destructive nnd agra rian principles which will always command a certain class of adherents, sufficed to ren der the so called Democratic party the fa vorite one, with all those whoso politics take their " form and pressure " from tho times, and who would rather burn powder nt the success of any principles than suffer defeat while maintaining any. Success was to ma ny a sufficient test of truth, and to be found on the side of a minority, they wcro not slow to consider synonymous wilh being found on thn side of error. These advantages amounted indeed, almost to nn insurmounta ble barrier against tho assaults of the clearest truth, and tho most undoubiod proof of pecu lation, fraud and malversation on tho pari of. the public servants. Yea, clear proof! ot rascality wero called tho misrepres"';"ons of a disappointed faction, and '0 Locofoco newspapers, hearing at niait-head the mollo " Eternal vigil"" ' lho PrIco ' lil erty," quietly shut 'heir eyes to tho frauds of their masters, or defended, with every ap pearance of offended innocence, tho evil practices of an administration upon whoso notorious rottenness anu shameless corrup tion ihey wero themselves " waxing fat and kicking." The revolution of 1840 only served to show that thu people were not such fools as th Let ot took tUm to b. It broujlrt far- mure probability that capitalists will invest their money in such an undertaking nt pres ent, in our opinion, than there is that they will sink it in tho bottom of tho ocean. Much has been said lately about constructing rail roads through ibis slate, in various di rections, but it will all end in smoke, and we shall carry our produce to market for twen ty years to come, as mo have for twenty years past, in carts, and on horse back. KIDNAPPING AT HIGHGATE. Wo understand that whilo Mr. Cornelius Hogabnom of Highgato was in this town on Wednesday last, n woman (supposed to bo his former wife,) entered his houso and seiz ed a daughter ten lears old nnd earr"-J into the Proviuco of Canada. it ilhstand ing the most spredy dilige 'CR on tho part of the friends of .Mr. Iliii-'oom, tho child eould not ho rccoverc"1 s,o was traced by Mr. Il.iskins io-"JollSi"idlherc ib0 Kidnap pers tooHlc rail-mail to Laprarie nnd prob ably ',u llPon I'1" canal or river on their westward. ranktin Messenger Mav Wo learn from tho Boston Mercantile Journal that a number of the friends of Mr. r WensTcn in that cily, are to hold a meeting on Friday evening, "for the purpose of adop ting nieasuiesln extend to him a welcome on Ins return, and to express their appreciation of his character and services." John Jaciib Astor. iho millionaire, says that it com bint mom ,,bnr and genius to make hisirsr thousand dollars, than all the millions lit it followed ; and that now, were bo n young man, ho would lather undertake, at the hazard nf loving his lifo, iho task of niiiMiig n imnilteu thousand dollats on the foundation of ono thousand, than one thou sand odI of nothing.

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