Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 26, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 26, 1843 Page 3
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THE FLARE TJP. Mr. Editop. : I suppose every body had Boon tlio prtupectus nf tlio " Trim Democrat" which is destined to supplant the lonesome, concern htoly bought in by one John Tyler, and so I shall refer to it accordingly. It seems from the prospectus, tint the bolter portion of the " democracy" have lnnj enjoyed a striking coincidence of FTiilitnout with most of the whigs, as to tho character of the Editor, and the calibre of his paper, find although induced by policy to choke down their detestation of both, they still kept tho fire sufllciontly alive to be kindled into a blaze at a moment's notice on the application of combustible materials. It would further appear that those materials have been supplied in tho late bargain and sale to Tylerism, which was appropriately concluded by " tho party of the second part" in tho publi cation of O'Conncll's letter to tho precious Bob ! This, with tho restoration of tho Hour bons at tho Custom House, has filled up tho measure of " Domocra'.lc" wrath, and precipi tated tho crisis. As to tho sale of the Sentinel to tho apostate Tyler, we may safely challenge the "annals of recorded time" to furnish an. other instance where it seemed as if all circum stances, all traits of character, and all attri butos of roguery had conspired in harmomous union, to render tho crawling slave and his sneaking master, tho appropriate emblems, fit representatives, and perfect counterparts of each other. Hut it is a, shame to the said bet ter portion, that they have so Ions endured, no matter from what motives, such a chicle of political balderdash and low scurrility, os their organ. I profess nojjrcat love for cither branch of this family quarrel, but my leanings are cer tiinly toward the folks who are determined to have their dish cooked with I.ocofocoism pure, untainted by tho pestilential filth of Tylerian venality. SPECTATOR. ANOTHER. ACT OF INFAMY. We have to chronicle this week another outrage committed by John Tyler upon the feelings of u whole community, in the re moval of the Post Master of the Citv of Newark, New Jersey. This is more fla grant and shameless disregard of the popular voice, a blacker and meaner piece of treason than the two Executive visitations which have recently befallen this place, as will ap pear from n perusal of the following article. From the Newark Daily Advertiser. Itcmuval in the Post Office. The people of I li is city are about 10 experience the tlie injustice and insult at the hands of John Tyler, wllteh Invo outraged the feelings of so many other communities. Without cause or notice, or even so much as the pretence of any reason whatever, Mnjor William Stevens, tho faithful anil popular postmaster of this city, has been most unceremoniously superse ded. Major Stevens has received no notice of any inten tion to remove him fiom the Department, hut was called upon tins morning by nn nt tie member of the so-called " democratic " pahy, and informal ihnt he hid receive I a commission to take iho ollice! Hu mors that a removal was contemplated have been some time m cue illation, but rlie office Ins been so well kept, ami with such universal acceptance, and the official conduct of the po-tunstcr had'd such mcriti'd commendation from the head of the de partment, tint we deemed it incredible that even John T) lor should perpmrale such nn uuwarrnnable and uncalled-for outrage. Majir Stevens was appointed bv Mr. Tyler him se'f, with the cut re n'ipro' nti in of lie; .SVinto, less than 2 years ng i, ami has not only done ii'itli ng s.nce to forfeit the c iiifidence Iben icp'oed i I hi'ii is not charged with any act or conduct that could warrr I his r oval, hut has a Imini.ii rod tlio office with so much fidelity an I ami'iiitv both as rcgnds h s o li cial superiors and ihe public, as in have won univci-il approbation. Thediitus of no public in ... ivrre ever administered willt moie 2e1ter.i1' i i-fi- ..11, mid men of all panics freely unite in beam r tf -tiinony to the fact. Some months since, when an intimation was given that a secret effort was making to cfTici his lem ml, in behalf nf Dims member of the partv which Mr. Tyler is so vainly trying 10 suborn, a strong and gen eral cxpre-snn of the feelings of the people was made to the Department in the form of a innonMrnnco, cm bracing morethan three hundred iiienil ers of 1 lie Democratic pWty, which it was thought had put the subject nt rest. Hut the feelings of tho people and the claims of jus tice nre alike disregarded by nn Administration which is madly bent on perpetuating its power in defiance of both. It is some consolation to know that its days nre numbered. Ma. Van Bunr-.v i.v Pennsylvania. A short time since a. writer in the Albany Ar gus ventured to assert that though Mr. Bu chanan was thu first choice of Pennsylvania yet it was " equally certain that the party in that State preferred Mr. Vtin Burcn to any other Candidate." Tho Lancaster Intelli gencer, an influential Loco Foco paper, meets this statement by tho following em phatic contradiction : We avct, with perfect confidence, that out of the city and county of Philadelphia, Mr. Van lluren is the weakest of all our candidates, with, perhaps, a single exception. We have a tolerably extensive ac quaintance and intercourse throughout the State, and we have yet to meet the first Loco Foco resident be tween the Schuylkill and tho Alleghany, who has de clared himself in favor of Mr. Vsn lluren, as his first choice, though wo have learned that there arc n few such in the city of l'ittburg. Va third nomina tion, he has no party whatever in the interior. Splendiii Cactus. A largo and mag nificent specimen of tho Jrnkunsonii Cactus, is now exhibiting at Providence, and said to he the finest plant of the kind ever seen in Rhode Isl ind. It is described as having more than 20 main branches, some of which arc 4 or 5 feet in liemht, all very tastefully trained, presenting about 130 flowers, now in different stages of expansion; eoiiio of those in perfection being very largo and su perbly beautiful. lios. Trans. A MoTiirn in Israel. The following is a copy of an inscription on a tomb 6toneln Litchfield, Conn. " Mary, wife of deacon John Hue), Esq. Died Nor. 4, 17G3, Aged 90. She was the mother of 13 children, 101 cram! children, 271 Gr. grand children, 22 Gr. Gr. grand children. Total, 410 Of whom 030 survived her." w York Cattle Market May 15, At market, too Beef Collie (COO from the South,) 75 Cows and CtiWosjnnd 323 Sheep. Paicta-Mr Camt-The supplies arc better and the ectivit) in the market eontinucs, but we quote 11 decline of SO cts. cwt. on I lie extreme range toy 43, 05 87, for retailing qualities, and iS S3 fur or ninnry rattle. 103 left over. Coir j and Calves All at market taken nt $13, S25 to $30. SAetp-AII b'Jt CO token at $1,75 to S3, snd 4,50 for a few choice lots. Wy-Supplics good. Prices ranje from EO to 52 cents per cwt. BrlElitou Market Monday, May 15, IE43, At Matkcl, 300 llecf fntile, 20 Cows and Cnlves 10 pairs working Untn, 700 lieep. nnd C73 Swine. Peters Be'JCaltU The prices obtained last week were har.lly sustained for n like fjuaiity a few belter Cattle werent market, and wcro mid for more Ihnn our hiehest mioiations t Pir-t mialily, f 2 S3; 50 second quality ? ' a,.Ji mini mnliiy, SI -5 81,75. Cows and Calves I'rom SIC u, S27 nnd one a. S10, Working Oxen Tin ealcs noiicrd. JS'An-I,olB were sold from $1 lo 33. Sjivt l.ois lo peddle from ift 5c for How, ml 61 S Cc for Harrows ; rtlectf d lot nl ' .ance) lmt Usrrews 5e. O li. it r:il from t W . 2 mmme$ JWiagr-T. "fr llievnr(iin.iM'to sellalowns CViWr2S'--r eha-ciii STATE CONVENTION. TO THE WHIGS OF VERMONT. A Stato Convention of the Whigs of Ver mont will he holden AT RUTLAND, ON WEDNESDAY THE 28TII DAY OF JUNE NEXT, for tho purpose of nominat ing State Officers, and for the transaction of other matters deemed necessary, preparatory to the Annual September Election. And also to appoint two Delegates and two Sub stitutes nt largo to attend the National Con vention to ho holden in May 1844, for the nomination of candidates for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States. The Whigs nt their several District Conventions in the Stale aro requested also to appoint one Delegate and Substitute each, for the purpose above stated. It is specially important, and therefore particularly desired, that not a single town in Vermont should be unrepresented at said Stato Convention by two or more delegates. Calvin Townsi.i-.v, Ents'ius Fa i it hanks, John A. Ciinant, E. P. Walton Jit., I State Central Grorgi: A. Alllw, f Cummittce. IIaiimox Canfii:li, John A. Pit vrr, AltTLMAS Cushman, May 10, 1843. DISTRICT CONVENTION. The Whigs of congressional District No 3 tiro requested to meet in convention nt Burlington, on Thursday the 8th day of June A. D. 1843, at 10 o'clock A. M. to select a suitable candid, He to represent said dis trict in the congress of the United Slates. Each, town in said district, is requested lo appoint Ihrcc or more Delegates to said con vention. St.Mur.L Adams. 1 Il.wtvcv Bull. I District Oitn.vnn Srr.vnNs, f Cummittce Casmin P. L'i:ck, CHITTENDEN COUNTY. The Whigs of Chittenden County arc re quested lo meet in their respective towns on the 31st inst. for the purpose of appointing three delegates lo represent them in the District Convention of the Sth of June. It is recommended that the delegates he furnished, in all cases, with the usual creden tials. C. P. Plck, ) - T li n ..,. i-d. 1 IJI.UIIUI.I 1 , W.M. IIau.mun. ) Com. TE A J I'K 11 A N C F, NOTICE. 77io regular ninntlily meeting of the Durling ton Total Abstinence iS jciety will be held this evening nt lull" past six o'clock, P. M. ..-JA. STANSDUIIY, Secretary. : B il b & , In Jericho, on the IGlh ult., Mr. Daniel IIctciun eon, in his Sjtli jear. Alston iho 14th inst. Mr I'enoxia Cn.utv, in his S3th year. Also, on the IGlh inst., Mr. Icuaci n Cimi-i.v-, in his S3d year In Matilda, Tppcr I'anada, rn the I2tli inst., Mrs. Hannah Stacv, wife of Henry Stacy, and daughter of Zenas and I.ucy Skmner, formerly of Cornwall, Vt. aged 35 years. Printers in .Michigan, and Illinois, ate requested Ac. coPAKTxnnsiup xoTir.rc. M T CJ. RATHHUN. bavin? associated with him- c.f C. F. WARD, will continni! the ta i u o n j x a n us i x n .v .? 1 'A i',1'1 l'1'"1' 111 (;birt-b ,.., under the firm of .... , lVlllliU- tV. V1. M. (. It. ifc On. have pi-t returned from Now York an I are prepared to f irni-h ilieir palrou with gar ment mule in the l.ile-t n ml mo-t fi-hinnil lo lyle, or a ordered. They have a choice and well selected aonmi'iii of Votist.s mi'l TniMsiiNCS. liurlinglon, May 20, ISI3. Blw-l tIimTeraxce store. SN. OAl'Ttt Co. have received r.n I will I e re- covins Ihrnigb the H-a-on, I1IIV COOO TAMILY RltOC.'i:itli:.S, &: of tho best quality, winch I hey will ,cll for Cash or ready pay for n small an n lvalue as at any oilier Stnre'in llnrlini lon j and as they inlen I lo l'.eep their Siore fieo from the perfume, of Alcholii.l, lliey hope bv pronvit mien lion to bii-ine-s and uprisht dciling-', ami ilic small ndvancu i n ibeir Good tu receive a literal share of pul lie patronage. Store 3door Month oflhc Crockery Store. Ilurlmgton, Mav2l, IS 13. 5 i.ovi:i,v & suv.tiouit AUK now opening and o ler to the put lie a frc-h mil ('.von-ivo n-Miriineni nf DIIY (iOO'l.S, which, having I ten recently i'iiclm.i'.l in New Yor1., will I e sold at prices su lb'-ieutly low to i-nrn-pon I with ihe limes. Anion? the Good-, arc the follow uiz llroad Cloths, Ciis-inicre., S linet-, Yc-'inpo, S.ll, Vi'lvf, Sum ViMincr, Dri'line.Oaml roi.n.lli.m I aziac, (!ro de Rhine, Drc-s nnd llonnet Silk-, ltd,. bous, Mo-lin do l.umc, .Vl,ncca, O iijh.nn, Lawn, M i-lin, Mull, Dnper, D.mny, Cam! ric, Oiaval-, II.l!.f.., lilove-, Mi (., II .-, Cra,,e, Krmie. T.i.scl-, .Mos ul fin nr.. Ijl.rm.. V-.I. m .1.1 , i. r ....v-, ' 1 , .'1. .ii- i.aiut" hhawls .Moreen-, p.ipcr llamrin.. tlordcrmi-, hp-, Matiinjr, Tufted Malta, Hemp ami Woolen Car petmsr, &h. iSu; nircli&lrtel, May 2jli, 1SI3. 51 XIIW ROODS AT G Hi: AT BARGAINS. rpili: s ib-crd t has ii. rt'tuni'-l from New York "'lib n Ur?e a-snriiiieni of Fancy nnd Staple , which may no 10111111 crv line VWol Dye I llroad Clollis nuil Ca-.imcr-, (Drap dc l.tlunnd Ispahan Cloth-, Sombroi.ns, Drd ins and Linens for Cent, ) Alpacca.. II0111I nzinc-. Jliislm Do Lame-, Plum and Striped i bally-, 1'iinicd l.awii , French Cainl ric-, lialzarinu I.awn, (a new 'iju'mi, pi 1111 nun hi ripe. 1 .111. ; a pre u van. ely i.fSilk Shawl-, lldl.-f.., I.ace-, Glove, Ribl ons, Ladie.' mid Mi-c-' llnnncts Arlilicial Flower-, ..iw. up, .- .in-, nn , vrnvais j I'arn-oim anil umiirci-la-; Men'., .male and cliiul le brmi'd Lculiorn Hals: 12-1 I.incn Sheeting-, Diaper.-, Ticking., Wieb'n?, orn, f.c, &c. Tlie nbi.p nrlicles anl a prcat variety not cmune ratel Inve Ircn lumslit nt tbelowesl prices in mar ket, and will losolda. tlicip n the clieaie-t for n-li. Tlio-c who nre in wanl, will do well lo call I clore p'ircliasiiij el.ewhere. May23,M3. 51 II. W. CATI.1N. PIIRMIUM DIAMOND POINTED COLD PEN. DO von wish in improve your hand writing 1 Do yo i wish to relrvnch yourcxpen-e-. for the neTt fnc jiar-1 Do you wi-h to avsiJ Ibe vexatious corrodin- of mei pen7 Are yon Ironl led in procuring good quill, or pen knives 7 111) villi wi-h 10 write with ea.f nnd nleftsiirp 1 Do you wi,h n bcainif d pen nil I alirays in on'er iui wish id irnikc nn aivepiawo present to n friend 7 Duo. your rye-lulu fail, or your luntl trrm'Ie, so ,ii ju , mv i, ,i nn, in niauin n pno-t pen I If in i nnswrr"ir.s" tonnvor nil of thn r n in lion-, plea ei all nt the Vnrn-iy Smrc nnd examine ii t i can ii ii I'l-i'iniii i I'uureii piiui peiis. We havn wril'en with I'lie of lb tl-I'lisn, wb icb tin been in constant u-e for nioro than three yearand in uuw bp fuui a- rvcr. f) Film it EktflMirO. I WOOVTEIt Ac IXA tcrfT, ( U h li O tajiiTcvNsirntTitOif (ftroCKUiTtS, which they ran le pur- market or New York, either for uash or approved paper. The following articles com prise a part of their assortment. uiic-i-nun nan cnesi ot tiy-on, l OLngnyson, llv-on Sl,in,niid Powclionjc Tea. '20 IlhUtit Croix. Porto Itico nd New Orleans Susrar-. Loafnnd Lump do do CO llhd St. Croix, Porto Rico nnd TnnnWtd Mnlnsses, :tO Da;. Old Java. Lazuirn, Manilla tnd Cuba Coffee. IOO Doxcs and half hoxc Itaisinv. 20 KeusMnlasa do in fine order. 4(1 Hoxe-i various hrand Cavendish Tobaccos, G lo 25 ccnt per pound, 1.1 Tierces Rice, Pepper, Spiers, Cloves, Nut-ine-.'s, Salaralu-, ('n-.ia, rig-, rvuis, etc. SO Iliiiu-Nn. 1 liar Soap. ,1(1 do Mould Candle", Gs and 8-. Also, Conslnntlv on hnnd, Fish, Flour, .Salt, 100 Sacks Lierpo l a-hl v brand, Mess Pork. AIo, Liipiors and Wines of all kinds, which are o Icred only to pailicular customer". Country .Merchants will do well lo rail nnd exam ine their stock I elbre r.iircliasioir elsewdiere. W, & D. have made arrangement for the ale of h lour, which will eual le lliem lo lunu-li at nil Hme, from 1 lo 500 bbK., ot the lowest market price, lo whiih particular attention will lepaid. MnvSG, 1S13. 3m S1I.M.HA V OAIIDI.'VEH, 339 Hirer st,ulthcoldstandofHakcr, Gardiner if-Co. WILL (Winue the KUEKjHTLNO and COM M I SSION biisino-'. and would rereclfiillv so- li'il a share of public pilronaire. Our e-els com-pn-i; tho-c o Tl lie fir-l cln--, wbiih will -ail regularly belween t his cdv nndlNcw 1 ork. All uoods dc-tined fur the ni r li willbe fiirvar le d re-'t from the vcels. Ml properly ccui-i'iicdtu Do . ton and Providence will I c b rwitrde I I y our line. We sh.ill .ab.vavs kce.i on ban lat wholesale. Pork. Western Flour, Fih, an I Si'l. We have I ten np pr.iuiel Ibe ajciils fur the -ale of Western Uarrel -alt, anil we arc prepare 1 to sell it as low as it tan le p1 r. based I y Ihe lea I at the works. Troy, N. Y.. M.iv 10, 1913. 11. II. h'IMI.'jLY, Ae-enf t'n New York, 3m Oice 17 Coentit Slip. M ItS M. FitAsi:n. )(. HAS just returned from IS'ew Yolk with a fishionable nssorlmenl of MI LUNEKY Ribbons, Laces, Plcwera, Gloves, nnu Aiuts. AX, SO, Auood assortment of Prince A'O'.rt and'V'utmn IlATS-nll which will be sold as cheap as the cheap est. Burlington, May 19, 1813. 51 tf SK1V GOODS. SM. POPI! has j 1 1 -1 receive I a general assort- nienl "f Drvdood-and Oroccrivs. Also, J.'x'ra and Fine .Mclc Skin Hats, Leghorn and Palm Leaf do Fliiren'-e an I traw Bonnet-, winch he I di-po-ed o sell at a very imall advance from cot. H irlingion, May25lh, 1S43. 51 3w t m.oiuxo AT WfNOOSKI FALLS. THE -ub-cribcr rc-pcctfilly inform. hi- cu-tomer nn I friend-thai lie has reumed In. business at Wlnlioskl F.ilb. wlicr,. be vi'.ll I lij,i,. m on.,... any calls that he m.iv I e f.ivore I with. WANTI-.D ! A good smart boy a.nn u.nrentice to the above bns-uics-. JEHFMIAII HAltltl.NGION. Wmno-ki Fall-, Slav 23, 1913. 51 If aHDt3t0 WOOL WANTED HAVIXf! Purclia-fl the Woolen Factory formerly owned I y tllake, at Milton Fall., and am iretiiiir a new -el nf .Machinery, am now rend, to re i rive Wool In .Mnnul.icliire by the yard or upon hare-, into Cas.jmcre-, Saiiiie'lt-, Flannel-, Com- moil trcy. and .MillCnorcd Cloths, cheaper than was cvr done in tin country lelore. . A. I'KARL. Millon, May 17, 1S-13. 51tf SM.VIJR siEr.TACi,i:s, FOIt two nt the Var'ely Store. Ooorle-, Ca-CS ail I all iblllL's in III.. tin.. ,ti.-nn.p Ill iii ever -o'.l. 51 Pasgsorm u- IIrinshaid. TIM IV'I'F.n I nf.r0J.'NDS"' IIee'' Wax.'Al-o, Aouantity WJ of i.rint or H lurre I Rye in exchange, bv oi rr.iH cv. nt'1'.Ai., Uriiffgists, TO It EXT. Till: Ita'lom IIoii-c, onemi'c snmh of the village. Applvto II. LIUVEX WORTH. May 221, 1SI3. 51 If Groceries. APMMF. lot, Tea-, S liar-anl Co Tees j Salcra liis, Rue, .Molassc-, Lamp Oil, &c. &c., pi-t re icucl by II. W. CATLIN. Mav2J,lSI3. 51 1AIti:WEI,L'S G.ii'cr- and half Oailer-, French Slios .in 1 Walklnir Shoe-. &.t:. &. in-i rpc-iced .Mav 25, '13. 51 b II. V U.M Ll.. lti:i)LICi:i H EDUCTION I IJrass Clocks nt Reduced Prices. FOIt ibe p irpo-e of tnrnfnj a lot of Clock" into coh, we nowo'ler somuol ibemo-t I e -it. tilul finished llra-s and Wood Clm ks nt half i.rice, for ca-h only ; we h.ive Wood Clm ks a low n- S?3, some nt 84 25. nra-s uiocl,.nf the let kind in line polished Auhozanr Ca-e snmo O O and some Donl le O li.lorSj and 55 25. We war rant lliem to keen "ood lime. uunt icucrcao cc nan any wnere, call soon nnil get' a ciocu i eiore i tie y nre all gone, as we have but lew at tneseexireineiy low prices, For other pay than cash or for i r for credit the old price will be chariot .Now i- the time to se-tire a clock fnr ilniui nnil, mg. P'e.i-ei nil and see lliem -oon. .Mav 20. 1313. Pasgdorsj fe Ruin. maid. MZY GOODS. WK are receiving a good assortment of the vari ous kind-of goo N in our bne, purdia-el low feu cash, which ue.hall be happy to .hew and se l to nnvwhn mav wish fur lliem. In' the line n'f Watches an I Jewelry, Urushe-, Comb-, fil,.l-. Im.;,.,i Cuilery'Pla'cd, (i Silver, Kri'.innia Ware.Cas. tor-, i.amp i"i.s nn I tju-,e , I'lnlcd Hoi ks and I ve-.Pm-. .Needle-. Whale1 one-. Willow Wn'-'iin. Chairs, Crulle-, Tov.-, Dull-, .Ma-ks, Marl Irs, Pic-Pin-, liisir.Mion I! io' s fur Musical In-tninienls, Milunrv Good-, PeriM.-iun Cap, Fancv Toilet Soaps w rk lloxe-, Writing I'e.ks, lln-t-ets. Fan-. Music lloxe-. Sun I an I To! aee.i lloxes. Sneelaela.. 1 him. bl.'., l.yce's.l-.', Duol La ets.S-arf. and Sunk.. Collar-, llosoin-, Straps, Spirit Lciels, Silver f-'poon-. Cold Hee ls, &c, ite. O ir a-si rimciit i. verv romnle'c and constant nd. dim ii-an-Hinkinr to ii, nnd we will icll any article H" lown. the eery lowc-l. Ma 2G. Pancdohs Si Hsi.vsmaid. Illram Tobias' Estntr. WETIIE SUHSCItlltl'.R hiving been appoint en bv the Honorable the Probate Court for ibe District nf Grand Isle, commissioners lo receive. . niiiincand adjust the claims nnd demands of nil per sons, n"ain-l the estate nf IllllAM TnniAS. his of Grand Isle, in said Dislriel, deceased, represent. co insolvent, nnu niso an nanus and demands exbih ited in i.hVl thereto! and six months from the first nay ot April, leu neinir nuowcu by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby rive notice, that wo willnticnd In the business of our npnoinlme nt, al the dwelling house of widow Anna Tobias, in Grand Isle on Ihe 12ih day of September, 1S43, at ten o'clock forenoon of said dnv. DOUASTUS CENTER, ) -SI TU HOAG. fCommis. JOHN OHAMnERLAIN.S ,l'n,r Grand Isle, May 8. 1813. IJariiabus p. Itanium's Kstatr. STATU or ynlMONT, ) The Hon. the Pro- wi-im-i oi i .iiinenuen, s. ) late Loiirl lor ine I)-lricl fif Chilteil'Vn I 'In all rier.nnl rnnrrtt in the IMa e r.l nUiNAlWS P. BAIiNUM la'e of .m lion, in .nm ui.irici I'eceaseo, tiaririso. WHFREV.S. Arthur Ilimlinr. admlni.irmi.r nf ihe eiaip ot Hie saiu oecense.J, propne to render an acco ml of hi a Imiui-lralion, and present ht ac'Oiint iisainsi sain e-inie mr examinanon and allowance at a se-sion of the Court ol Pro'iale, tn I e hoi lea M lh rtrgi-ter.'-Miire, in finrlinjlon, in faiddilrici,on Ihe econd Wednesday cf June next. Therefore, you are hereby nntifie 1 In appear I efore , .,.iin ni mr unie nno piare niore-am, ami enew cvi-e, if any you have, why the account aforesaid -liou'd not ,b allowed. G en under my hand at fyiilinston. this 20th day ol May, 1813. jjwi Wh. WrriTO?;, HegitiT. IIUCK WIIRAT. A Very mperior arttela FOR SfF.D. for sale hr ipril SS, ISO. CBO. yWRSON. 7 Wlllltm nush'i Estate. TV pointed by the Honorable tha Probsts Court l ror tiu District or unittenoen, commissi men 10 re I ceivo, examine and adjust tho claims and demands nf all persons, against Ihe estate ol WILLIAM uusn Into of Underbill in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in orTset thereto t and six months from ihe day of tlio date licrcol, bcini, nnowca ay said ooutt lor mat purpose, we do therefore hereby givo notice, that we win nncnu 10 uic iiu-jiii-i-, w, uur nppuinimeni, m mi: dwellin? of 11. Cadv in Underbill in said District, on the last Tucsbiy.or August and October next, .at 10 o'clock, A. M on each of said days. Dated, this Gin (lay oi may A. I). 1HI3. JOHN WARNER JCommis 61w3 IIRNRV STOWELL, sioners. Wool, fix Wool! ROEI.OFSON A HATHItllN havinir Lease I the commodious Manufacturing Kstallishment, of the Durlinglon Mill Co.,' and connected thein.elve in bii-ine-s with Mr. Sidney Haiilow, (former Agent A r aid Co..) nre now ready lo receive Wool to manu facture for customer into lilne, Hlnck. Steel, Oxford, and Cadet Mix n U O A D V, U O Til S. To tho-e that have had work done heretofore by Rcelf-on and Rathbun, little need I c said to induce; n continu ance of patronntro, and to nil others we would -ay lliat ibe work will le done in a workmanlike manner. Farmers, Merchants and o(Aer wi-lnng to have wool Manufactured for their own u-e or for market mav rest a-s ired ihut no pa n or attention will I c -pared to give the le-t of satisfaction. Term- of payment madeeav for all lot of wool Iroin 1000 lbs and up ward, j Small lot- Cash or ono hall of the cloth when li ni-lied . The business will he cund icteJ under the firm of HOELOKSON, RATHBUN ii Co. April 5, 1S43. 45 NOTICK. ALL able bodied while male ciliien9 between the ages of 19 and 45 years, rcsidine in the town of Burlington, subject to military duty in the 3d llattal lion Compnny. of the enrolled militis of the Slate of Vermont, nre hereby notified nnd warned to parade at the Court House, on ibe first Tuesday, tho Cth day of June, A I). 1S43. nt Oo'clock in the forenoon, fully armed and equipped, as rcq.nred by law. for in spection and review of arms j nnd for the election of a Captain, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the re siannimn and discbnigoof Capt. A. S. Wnrntr, and to fill nil other vacancies m said Company, and thero wait for further orders. Uy order of Lieut. E. Hnieht, Commanding. , , K. L. DODD, Clerk. May 19, 1S. HIt.A.I)i: ORDERS N'o. 2. Head QcAjtc'.s, 3d Hbioadt. 1st Divission. JT Jlinesburg, Miy 11, 1S-J3. BY the rafiuirements of the Mihlh Act, I hereby APPffll Hsman Amis, Colo. Casshs P. PEcWnira" Capt. Ji scpii Hatch, of lliirbngton, s Uoftd AT Appeal for I lie ninth Regiment; nnd Jo scpiAAVutrriB, Colo, Holla Glkasox, of Richmond, LiewNColo.Oavn.LS Shaw, of Jericho, 89 a Board of Appeal forthe riehlh Regiment. All persons concerned will take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. II EM AN R. .-"MITH, Brig, f!y Order B Hov.nto.v, Vrir. Insp. Gen. l.liA'l II Kit. NOW IS THE TIME. EC. LOOMIS, has ibis dny received a general assortment of Leather, Morocco, Kids, itc. if-c. ALSO, Findings of every description. As it is not necessary that ho should ennumernte articles, he wonld say to the public, that he will sell any articles in his 'line for cash, cheaper than they wcro ever before offered in this market. P. S. Good Sole Leather from 16 to 21 cts. a pound. Boots and Shoes. Pearl Street, May 13, 1313. Blw3 JiHW GOODS AT THE Gi:itMN STORK. THE siib-criber- respectfully inform the mini i laiits of HiirbiiKUjii nnd surrounding country, that they; have rttiirneihflraiii New York wi'h a 'largo -lock of ihu must -upcni-r O'roceric-, Frinls, Preserves, Ac. which lliey oiler for salt? at the lowest ca h price-, consisting in pari of ihe fullou ing : Sugars Doul le and silicic retincJ, Crashed, Pow dered nnd brow n. Tea Imperial, Hyson, Gunpowder, Young Hy n, lly on Skin, Sunt hong and I'owchonc, Cotrrc Old (lovernmciit, Jaa, Lairiiira, A:c. t-'rillts Malana and Sultana Raisin, Cuirnnt', clioice French Prune, in glass jar- and fancy Boxes, Ijordeaux Sufi Shelled Almond-, Fig-, Citron, Tamil rind-, Olives, Caper-, Cocoaiiut, Filberts, Madeira nuts, if.c. Splccs Cinnamon, Cassia Buds, Pimento, Clove-, ..iuiiiegf iiace, o.c. Sardines in Olive Oil (Oullioix bran.lA Oysters (.1 I'alleinande,) Anehov'i-. i.c. Italian Mm carom i ,lon. "ulbons has devoted many years of the and Vermicelli, rieneh Piekle. (VarMuie..) Walniil best portion of his life. In the composition of these Cat-un, London Porter, Jujul e I'a-te. Pepper Saw c, books, be has shown an inliniato acquaintance with Hay Waier, Tapioca, l-inon Syrup. French Sweet 'he works of his ablest predecessors j and while up Chocnla'e and Superior Cocoa. French prepared i n the one hand, be Ins not scrupled freely to nvad and English Mir-tard. Olive Oil, Sperm Oil and Can- himself of their labors, on the nthrr hand, by stiidi-die-, Patent Snerm Candles. Ca-lile, Almond, Va- ' oii'ly avoiding all that is objectionable iii them, an 1 negated nnd Family Soaps. Perf imerie-. Ilo-ton I by re-modelling, improving, and i'lustraling the rest, Water and Sweet Cracker-, Pilot Bread and Soda , ho has unquestionably siicceeceed in contrucling ihe B'sciiii. I best decidedly the lerv best grammar, in each of Ai-o,iiie (serman .iinera Iruicr, the pure Holland i me tlirce aliove named languages, that has yet ap (Schililam) liin, French Cognac an I Cognac (.'ham- penrcd. Such is tho deliberate and impartial tudg- paignelor medicine. 'I he Heid-ick Clianinai in quart nnd pint l.onle-, Anizeile superfine, Swiss Absvnihe, Cnracoa nnd l'heiush Wine- for MeJicine. 'I'hcir-tnck ofimporied Cigar- i im-urpas-ed, con-si-liiigofibefullowingcboiic I rand-: La Union, l!e galia, Reiicirell, Jaqnez, Briilania, Pruicc-s Norma. Also, the German and Sinvniia Smoking Tobacco. 05THEIM & .MICHOLL-s. College Si., next lo Mr, Wail's Crockery Store. Burlington, May 18, 1311. ni:v GOO I iS. P&H. H. DOOLITl LE arc now receiving from New York an extensive assortment nf Goods adapted to the spring trade. Their fncihlies fur pur chasing have been such as will enable them to put llio.r gojils in competition with any others, nnd thev are determined not to be under sold for cash, or coo'd credit. lay 13, 1S13. 51 6w lHlfcfrhuMdl, i NOTICE. falls, will at Onion River T.nwer DO discontinnpil nopr ttiAfirai u,.rl, ,n T,.n- r... the nurnose ofbeinfrthnriitinrtilt, ,sn;,.,l !.. l.-l'..- Iiidnn Meal, itc., will be kepi constantly or sale at Ihe Store ayK siiuiv cuiiHt'ciuu wnn imp .tun. , , Ul-.UUUU EDGECUMBE. la. 13 1.'. m M...U.. xm y 1 ALES Colt man : Sheeting, Cotton Yam, iTickingj, do llan, do Wicks, d Drills. do Twine, do Carpet Warp, , DOOLITTI.E. just received and for sale low, by IS May, '43. Cw51 P. & H. II WAGON MAKER. WANTED a lirst rale workman at Waggons nn Carnage to go lo Canada and la, e an in lerc-t in that I ranch ot business. Inquire nf ,. ,, . . H. WHEELER.;on,Mayl6, '4i 5w3 hand of the Green Mountains, at Burlington, by the sute of Lake Champlain which, unites us to the Empire Slate, ISth May, M3. urnvir. 'TWERE is causes for making these timet produc- liveol reasons for now selling from one of tha most general stocks of Merchandize ever had in the Chean Cash Sioient nricp hot ..nn-n.iAn.n i , '. : r...s- ,,j . . 1 1 . , ,-l;uciiicu and that too without any political allusions being " 'V inpmm who is acung as 'resident, for l ie tiade will go on under the particular patronne of ti e Green Mountain Boys who arc an invincible sliiPld against proscription, tyranny or oppression nnd without any nnnrchenskm nf rnnn.,1 r,.., i. ....... for industriously and fnithf dlv servinirin bnvint, tnvl. fur selhnc cheap to tha People at HOWARD'S. FOR SALE. pood Concord Waggon, fl May 21. pAa PaNOOOBK &. BSINSMAID. IIS Mf MIINPf With the New Goods was rcrclvcd a wav of iHlug money at Howard's. 'IMII-, way in which money could leo-nl to ad. . vantage has always I ren one of anxiou-ne-s to is posset r-. and thai a wav i. nnu. in.m.i n ... Iicularly in the-e tune-, should I e a eau-eof its I eing immediately far and wide, and ex'ensively made known. The ihsenvery can le reabfcil by applvin 81 ,Z,eyV VP "'' ,,nin!r' Q"1'''1"' "nl tH-i for Cash, and No Impri-onmrnl for debt rstabli-hmrnt, and sele.inng therelrom for use and distribution such evi dences a-each may think for thrm-elvts mo-teffect- iibi nnu conclusive lo Itieinmaginaiion or in iati-fy. ing iheir many and varied de-ire., which will I ear the test of Icing put fully into practice in all the ne pil andfa-hionabledepartmept", for ii in ,o arranged lliiil each al a glance may le conscious of Ihe great uiilily to le atinine-l by paying the Ca-h for Good, direci y to ihe Peoole'n Agent HOWARD. Burlington, 10 May, '43. 50 TO LET. HPHB LotanPrarl slreel.known by tha Mnnson Lot; contsinin? about three acres divided by a fence inlo two lots, which can ha rrnled sepsralely. The ground rromres ploughing and enriching. For that usa is will he rrnled low. It rontsins about seventy rve good apple trees, pari srafted frnil. mII'IT IL, LVMAN t COLE. May Ji, 1813. jo WANTED. 340 BBL8. BuMrfiiit iaat of snnerior XOTICE. THE Siibscnbefj r now manufaetaring and keep constaolly ou hand a good as sortment of WINDOW SASH ol etery de-eriptlon. SASH DOORS and BLINDS mada to order on Ihe shor e-t notice. ' 1 !uiEiii aji'il muii an mm mm w.tiiBiwi.iii'ii:iiiirt All orders addraised tu the lubscribcrs will receive prompt attention. lsT-l ITJ A. fll 1 tal Whiooskl Fall., May 18, 1813. 51 NEW WATCH ICS. WE have received a small Invoice of tery rixs lini-hel Lever Wntchcs made by Bcesltv, Har rison, nnd oiher pixxl makers at Liverpool. Watch es of similar kind', of our importation, are In use by many persons in this vicinity, nnd they are so well known that we need ,ny but htilc eonierning theml Wo would just mention I hat we have had some made this winter that we believe lilea-e the most particular. Old Watches taken toward" new one- at fair prices. Every kind ol Wan he. or Clocks cleaned nnd re paired well. Wood nnd Brass Clods, nlso for sale. PANGUOItN ii BRl.NS.MAlD. May 18,1943. 51 IK.). 1IU11LHUT, Of the New Cash Store, i- now opening and o 'ering for sale (m the lowest terms for cash, a great arieiy nf Staple and Fancy Dry GooJ, siuh as Mo'i-clineile Laiiie and ("bally., Print-, Fig'd Lawns, and French Muslins, Silk's, plain and figured, I hie black and col'd, Fig'd Cambrics, Plain Lawns, (iloic., Mitt-, and Hosiery, Shawl-, Hniidkcrihicfs and Cravats, Ladies Florence Braid nnd other Uonnetl, Ladies and Mi-e- Straw Bonnets, Hoiinei Trimming., Ribbons, &c. Una I Clo'h-, Caimcre--, and Satlaettl, A rii h assortment cf Ve-tings, Ceiitlcmen's Stocks and Cravats, Family Groceries, Lamp Oil, &c. (leiitlomens Leghorn Hals, Roys Legcorn and Palmleaf do, May 16, TR03T SIGNS WARE. riMIf; Subscril er ha on band a large nnd superior X a-sortim-nt of STONE WARE, superior to any made in the t'nited Stale-, uliic.'i lioolcrs for sale at lied it ed Pii' f-, and i- rcjdy lo receive order-, pack and.dcliver, free cartage or package, on loard ol Canal Boat-, either for Troy, AILany. or West Troy, fur cash or approved paper. All order- by Mail or otherwise, immediaHy atten ded to. I. SEYMOUR, 44 Ferry st. Troy, N. Y., May 17, ISI3. 51 inn. i. ions' SERIES OF GRAMMARS, ENGLISH, LATIN AND GREEK, ON THE SAME PLAN, For the use of Colleges, Academics and Common Schools. (Publiscdby HMnion, Pratt if- Co. New York.) IN prcparmg this series, the main object has been, First: To provide for the use of schools a set ol class li'ioks on this important branch of study, more simple in their arrangement, more complete in their parts, and better ..daiited to thepurpo es of public instruction, Ihnn nny heretofore in use in our public Seminaries: and Secondly, to give the whole a uni form character by following, in each, substantially, the same arrangein. nt of parts, using the same ginmmnlical terms, and expressing the definitions, rules, and leading parts, as nearly as the natureof the case would admit in the same language! and thus to rendu ihe study of one Grammar a more profitable introduction to tho study of nnother than it can be, w icn iho books used differ so widely from eacliothei in their whole s'.j le and arrangement, as those now in use commonly do. By this means, it isbeheied, much lime and labor will be saved, both to tiachcr and pupil, the analogy and peculiarities of the dilTVicnt languages being constantly kept in view, will show what is common to all, or peculiar to each, the confusion and difficulty unnecessarily occasioned by the use of elementary works, differing widely from each other in language and structure will ho avoided, and the progress of the student much more rapid, easy nnd sn li factory. These works from a' complete sciies of elementary book", in which tlio substance of the best Grammars in each language has been compressed into a volume of convenient size, handsomely printed on fine paper, neatly and strongly lound, nndnt a moderate price. The whole tries h now submitted to the judgment of a discerning public and especially to teachers ond superintendents of schools, nnd seminaries ol learn' iug throughout the United States. From 1'ie lion. Al.rann Conkliko, Judyc lie United States Court in the 'Sorlhern Uistri of Xeir York. Rdi.lioxs' Series or GnAMsntis By the recent publication of "Tun Principle or Latin Gram mar." ibis scries of nrammars fFnchsh l.niin nml Greek,) is nt length completed. To their nrcnara- incnt which Ins been reocated v cxpressed by the most competent judges, respecting the English and Greek nr.Miimars: and such. 1 hcsilale nm tn l-. heve, will be the judgment formed of the Latin gram mar. Hut independently of the superiority of these works scpa-atelv considered, they pos-css, collective ly, tho great additional recommendation nf having their leading parts arranged in the same ard'r, and, as far as properly can be done, expressed in the same lan"iat;e. An acquaintance with one of lliem, therefore, cannot fail greally to facilitate the study of nnother, and nt ibesime time, by directing the at tention of the student distinctly to the piints nf agreement and nf ihfrcrrncc. in the several langua ges, I,, lender his acquisitions more accurate, nnd at the same time to ghe him clearer nnd more compre hensive mows of ihe general principles of language. Theinpnrlanoc of uing in acadeniiesand schnnls"of tho Umieil States none hut nl ly written nnd unex ccptionable school books, is incalculable : and wiib. out intending unnecessarily to depreciate the labors rV i niiicrs, as a irienil ol sounu cilucatiou, I cannot efrain from exnressini? nn earnest bnm nf ,nn. ibis series of grammars in ceneral use. They are nil beautifully printed on very good paper, and are sold I 'c'y reasonable prices. i-iirsaie oy S. HUNTINGTON. 51 w4 Book-seller, Burlington. Vt. Glldliig with Gold nml Silvering with Sliver by Galvanism. THIS process of silvering nnd gilding may he ren dered quiie tisefi'l to Men bants, .Mechanics, Saddlers, House keepers, and others. The process will be shewn nnd tully made known and Batteries together with all necessary materials furnished on moderate terms, nnd satisfaction given. Part of the proces- in gilding i- not the same as thai used by some, who are vend ing ihe secret around the enunlry. Work in this bne will be attended to if desired on reasonable terms. 61 Panodobn A. IIhinsmaid. HONNI2TS AND I.EGIIOItN HATS. ANEW supply nf Ladies' Florence and Straw Bonnets, and Men's Leirhorn Hats ini rc,.rt and for sale very cheap by in.iny, isu. oiuw i'. it II. II, DOOLITTI.E. A Few jar- Freshly Prepared Ginger, fur sale low, ju-t received by PECK & SPEAR. ALBANY AND nOMOM It AIL ROAD Fare ltcdiircd to St. Fare to Boston reduced to$to those who go through oy same tram. On and afier Monday. .Mav 8ih. nmcnirer trains run daily, (Sunday, txcepied) n follow., t Leave' Grcenl uhnt I efore 7 A. M. arrive in Bos. ton CJ r. m. same day. Leave Greenbiish 'al lefore 3 p. M. lodge in Snringlield arrive in llo-ion nt 11) a. m, next day. For Wcrcesteb ano Norwich Pa-senpers lake the 1 1 fore 7 train from (!reen''iish, intrr-eel the .leaiiiboni iratn from Boston at Worce-ter thence to Nor iih. r or llARTronr) and New Haves Passengers leav ing (ircenl u-h I befure 7 A. M.. lake the steam) nm nt Springfie'd at lij M. reai h Harllord at 3 r. H., ni.d proccel by i ar In New Haven, Pn-scnger- may al-o leave Greenbiish at I efore 3 r. M., reach Springfield $, ihenco I v stage imme- oiaie.v in uani-ini iisige eave Iiaruoru at u next morning in cars for New Haven. Passenger- must leave ihe Ticket O.Tier, in Sianwix HaM, Maiden Lane, for the Rail-road Ferry Boat alCJ A. M., or Vt r M. the ferry I cat will le punctual in starling, rickets for the cars must Le obtained I e'ore going on board the ferry boat. W. II. TOWNE.ND, Master of 1 ransportation. DEAFNESS CURED. SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL, FOR the cure nf DEAFNESS, pains, and thedis charge of mailer from the ears; also all those disagreeable noises, hke the butiini of insects, falling of water, whining of steam, 4 c. &c, which are symptoms nf approaching deafness, and also generally attendani uiih the disease. Psefared bv B. Br.LL.of Ihe City of Philadelphia, and sold at wholes-dp and retail by Druggists and Apolhecaiies jtenerally in ihe United Stales. At Builinglnn, Vi., by PECK fc SPEAR, At which place interesting fiels in relation ta tha afficjcj of tht Acoustic Oil may b sn. B. B. LVUTTJlf, W,tnts St. rbflidtlphb K.y IT FAHNESTOCK'S CEXEDR 4.TED srtlaEiliiliilii vermifuge or worm medicinr, is for sale dy PECK & SPEAR. By the Gross, Dozen, or Single Bottle. MUSIC PAPER for sale by II. J. SHUMWAV. AW. May 12, 1313. 50 INK. Superiors article of BLACK INK, jut received April 23. by II. J. SHU.MW'AY, Agent. Alplicus Persons' Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, rj-s he Hon. the Di-trcl ot Chittenden, ss. J J- Probate Court for the district of Chittenden, lo nil per-nns concern ed ill the e-taleof AI.PHf.US PERSONS, late ol Jericho, in aiddi.lric,derea.ed, WHEREAS, Rciilcn Ilockwood, adminislratnr of the eta'e of said dei eased, propo-e- to render an account of his administration, nnd prt-ent ln ac count against said e-tale for examinat on and allow ance nt a session of the Court of Prol nte, to be hol den at ihe Hegi-lcr's ollice in Bjrlington, in -aid dis trict, on the second Wednesday of June next. Therefore, you nre hereby notille I lo appear before aid court in the time and place afore. aid nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not 1 e allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this first day of May, A. D. 1843. Wii. WESTON, lteSister. STATE OF VEltMOXT, rii II E Probate Di-trict of Chillcnden. 1 A Court for the District of Chittenden. To ihe creditor- and oilier- concerned in the e-tate of Pcr-on, late of Jerk ho, in saiJ District, decca-ed. Wilcnr.AB Re iben Roekwoo I, administrator of the e-l:ite of snid deeea-l, In-made application In this Court, tn extend the tune limited lor making pay ment of the debts and settling -aid e-tate one jear from the 7lh day of May, IS 13 ; and the seoon I Wednesday of June next, I eing n-signeJ lor a hear ing in Ihe premi-c-, nijlie o'lice of ihe ltegi-ter of this conn, anJ it lsjiig been orderel thaino'ice thereof be given, by pub ishing this decree three week, s'icctvh cly in the Burlington Free Prc n news paper printed nt Burlington, htfure the lime fixi-l for bearing. Therefore, you art hereby notified, lo appear le lore said court, at the time and place alore-aid, then and there, In make objection II nny you have, to the snid time of payment being further extended as afore-aid. Given under mv hand at Bjrlington, this first day of May, A. 1. IS 13. 51 3w W.m. WESTON, Register. David A. Vase's Estate. WF. THE SUB-CRIIIER-s, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Probate Court , lor tlio uistnct of orand I-le, commissioners lo re j ceivc, cxauuno and adjust all claims and demands of all persons, against the estatcof lA ID A. PAGE, late of North Hero, in said District, deceased, rcpre 1 sented insolvent, and also nil claims and demands I exhibited in offset thereto ; and sit months from the J nineteenth day of April last being alio wed by said court ' for that purpose, we do then fore hereby give notice, I that we will attend to the busmcssof our said appoint ment, al thcdwcllmg hou-e ol the widow, Minerva Page, in North Hero, on tliethirdTnesduv of Septem ber next, from 3 o'clock A. M. until 4 o'clock P. M. on of sai i day. DatcJat.Noribllero.'theSlhdavnfMay, A.D. 1513. WILLIAM I). RUSSELL, ) Commi,- 51 AS AH EL AD I.E.N', 5 sioncr-. Joliu Truman's Esiatc. WE the stib-criber having been appointed by I tie Honorable the I'rol ale Court, for Ibe Dis trict of Grand l-le, commissioners to receive examine and dju-t the claim- and demands i. a'l pcr-on ag- .i-t tbet-ia'e of JOHN TRl'.MAN, late of Al ' rgh. in -aid di-trict, decea-cd, rcprt-ca'cd insolvent and nlso all claims and dcni ind- cxhilitcJ in o l-et thereto; and -rx months from the day of the dale liere of Icing allnwelLy said Court fur that purpose, we do iheref.ire hereby give notice that we will alterd lo the besiucs-of o ir appointment at the dwelling houe of the late John Truman, in Alburgh, in -ai 1 District, on the 22 I day nf August nnltbe Slstday ofPeptcm ter next, at 10 f.Mo"k, A. M. on each cf 'said days. Dated at Is'e La Met!, this "ill day of April, IS 13. IIIA HILL, )' SCAI.AND WHITNEY, Commissioners. i:li.ha parks, S si Ubenczer Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, jriMII! Hon. the Dis net of Chittenden, ss. J X Proba'e Court for ihe District of Chittenden, to all porsons con cerned in the (state of EIIE.N EZER ALLEN, late of Colclu iter, in said District, deceased, GnEETtNC. WHEREAS, Charles Collins, administrator of tho estate of al deceased, proposes to render nn account of bis administration, and present ln account against said estate for examination and allowance nt a ses sion of the Court of Probate, t o be holden at the Register's office m Biitlington, in said district on the second Wednesday of June next. Therefore, you nre hereby notified to appear be fore said coin t at the timo and place aforesaid, and snow cause, u nny you nave, why ttie account afore said should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this tenth day of .May, A. D. 143. Wm. WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpm) Hon. the District of C'hitiendcn. S JL Probate Court within and for ibe Dis'rict of Chittenden. Tn the creditors nnd nihers concerned in the estate of F.I1F.N EZER ALLEN, late of Colchester, in saiJ District, deceased. Whereas Charles Collins, administrator of tho. tale of said deceased, has made application lo tins Court, to extend the lime limited for making payment of iho debts of said deceased, and stlliug said estate one year from the 22d day of July, 1513, and the sec ond Wedncslay of June next, being assigned for a hearing in the premises, at iho office ot the Register of this Court, nnd it having been orilered that notice thereof be given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Pres, a newspaper printed at Burlington, before tho time fixed for hearing. Therefore, yoii aro hereby nntifi'd, to appear before said Court, ai the time and place aforesaid, then ano there, to make objection if any you have, to the said lime of payment being further extended as aforesa' I Given under mv hand at Burlington, this tenth day of .May, A. D. 1813. ' Wm. WESTON, Registrr. Poloman S. Miner's Eslate. STATE OF VERMONT, j rpm: Hon. ib Disiiict ot Chillcnden, s. $ JL I'rol ate Court for Ibe Di-triet i f Chillcnden, In all persons eencern el in the rstaie of SOLOMON S. MILLER, late of Willi. ton, in said district decea-ed, Gnrr.Tivc. WHEREAS, Hurry Miller, administrator if the stale ot said dee ca-rd, propo-e lo render an account ol hi- administration, and pre-ent hi- account ncnin-t said esta'e for examination andallowanceat a se-sion of Ihe Court cf Probate, In le holden at Ihe Regi-ler's o'lice, in Burlington, in said district, on the second Wedne-day of June next; Therefore you are hereby notified to apx'ear lefore said court at Ihe time nnd place afore-aid, and shew cau-e if any you have, why the account aforesaid shrul I not I'e allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this four h day of May, A D. IS13. 50w3 ' WM. WESTON, Register. Amos: riarsi's Kstatr. STATE OF VERMOS'T, ) HIIE Hm. the Distrii'l of Cbiiitnilrn, ss. J 1 Prolate Coin lor the District of Chiitende'n, to all per-on- concern ed in the e-tate of AMOS CLARK, late i f Hino burgh in said Di-iricf, eleeea-ed, (tRer.TiNri. WHEREAS, Homer Clark, executor of the Ian will and testament ol said e'es'easel.nrrnn r to ren. der an account ol his ndmmi-iration, and present nis nreouni pfaiiyi sniei c-in:c ior examination ano at lowauic at a ses-ion of the Court ol Prol a'e, tole holden at the Register's office in Burlington, in said District, on Ihe second We Ino-day e)f June next. Therefore, you are hereby notuiel to appear lefore said court at the lime and place afore-aid, nnd shew cause, if any you have why the acccunt aforesaid should not I e allowed. Given un !er my hand at Burlington, this 10:b day of Mav, A. D. IS43- ' 50w3 Wm. WF.STO.V, Register. .Marianne Audet's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, j AT ft Prolate District of Chittenden, ss. J Xi. Court hollen at Burhngtrn.xviihin and for Ihe district aforesaid on Ihe6h day of May, A.D. Ifrl3,sn Inslnmient pur porting tn I e the lat Will and Testament of MARI ANNF, AUDKT, late of Burlingion, in said district deceased, wa pre-entol lo ihe Court here lor Probate by Jean D itille lha executor, therein named. Therefore, it is ordered by said Court, that pnllr notice I given to all persons concerned therein to appear befora said Court, al a session thereof to he holden at the Register's oilier, in I'u.-linpton, on the second Wedneselay of June, A. D. 1813, and cont-l Ihe prol ale of said Will, and it ie further ordered that ihi crier lepublisheelihreeweeksmciessuelyin the Burlington Free Pres, a newspaper printed at B ir lingion, in lhi Slate, the last of which shall le pre vious to the elay assigned, as Mortal-' (or bearing. Givao under my band at Ihe Beaistef's nfflna tab ftsayfM,A.I. lM . w Vm. Weston, Mollnda Catlln's Ktlato. STATE OF VERMONT, I AT a Fr iU Ditirie! cf Chltlendon, e. ( t. Court hut tn at Burlington, within and lor the Dis'rict afore. aid, oatli23iii,dayiif Aprd. A. D. 1S13, an In-trumait purporting to I e tbelast Will nnd Tc-lnment of ML LINDA CATLIN, Into of Burlington, In sn I district decca-ed, was presented to Iho Co irt here f r Prcbote, by Henrv W, Catbn the exesutor, theiem named. Therefore il is ordore I by -aid Co'irt,tliat pu1 ie no tice l given lo all persons concerned therein ' ap pear I etore said Court, at (i u-,nn thereof to 'e hol den at the Register's ollice in 'aid Burlington, on 'I c e-ond Weli.K.dayof June, A. D. IS 13, or I come t thu prol ateofscld Will, anlit Is further r,r '.'re I tint this order I w pul lisbed three weeks -ucie- ely in the Burlington Free Pre-j, a ne.v-paper prm'eJ at B irliiigtoiijiii th's state.tlie la-t of whiehtvi d 'fi'icri shall be previous to the day assigned, ns ufurc a j for biaring. Given under my hand at the Ilegi in', olice, th i 23'hday of April, A. D. 1213. 50 ' WM. WETO:?. n- er Amy Itnardniati's Kstntc. STATE OF VERMONT, I rplll H n l a District of Cbittcic'en, s-. ) X IV a'e ( 'mrt for ihe di tri -t of Ch Iten Jen, t nil per ' "c- n ed in the estate of AMY IIUARdMA.V, an; r.r "j . ton in aid Di-titct, o'eca el, (t.i fiv WHEREAS, Samuel CuarihniMi, ndi i i r I the e-ta'e tf -aid ''eccasej, pr' -es iu n u.' i co int of his ndinin.'-'r.iti'.ii. an i pre. en' b - . til against said es'a'e lnr exam uaiii'ii an 1 ' t a se-sion of IheCo irt of Pro' a'e, to I e h ,! 'u i ' c Beg s er's office, In Burliug'oii, in -aid d,s n t, Oj is see'nnd Wi'ilne-day ol June next. Therefore, you are here! y untitle 1 to np-1 v ' a said court nt the tune nnd p'acu nfuro-nid ar 1 v cau-e, if any vou hax'e why the ae'e-o ml a rc .id should not bei allowed. (jivcii under mv hand at Burlinglon,'l.i-f,. u 1, of May, A.D, 1313. WM. WF.UV, ?s ' Timothy IIINs' b-lalr, WE the subscriber', having been 1 the Honorable tho I'white C", it r District of Chittenden, r jminisiionri t n ammo nnd adjust the claims a'i I ilraii" ' 'f sons azainst the estate of TIMO THY HI. I" of .Icr.chu, in said District, detcTed, re pi i1 solvent, and also all claims nnd deinan i r.x in olfset then to; nnd i months fro n t'sc ' ' dato hereof, biang allovvnl by s.i d Co I ' ay at V 3 Jt 1 1 cr piirrinse, we do tliercforo licriuy rive n will attend to the busmi S3 ol our a ol our nrpo.'i'n tn. the dwelling of Zed in i liln , ui .L ri.'ho in - a I trict, on thn -Mi Sa'ur 'ay- f Mav on I V' next, at 10 o clock, A. M., on rach of n I d ys. Dated, this ltdai of Mare h, A 1). 151J. iJ C'l I VJ II I.UXX RV, I A A HON BROWN El L, , C-immi JAM liS II. 11. ATT, HOOT ,v SHOE MAKER, HAS removel his .hop to Warner'- mxv, ' 10 a to Howard's Store, i n Ch ir'b -Hi t". I'e a a large assortment ol Ladies nnd (Jeiitb'i u V I'o ' , hall (Sailer-, Bootees an I Shoes ; n'sn, -sc .mj Hoy'. Thick Boot- and lirognn-, iillifinhi I sell at X'ery lo.y price- for ca h. Al! km 1- e f i"; ni his line mai.'i' to ordi r. Plea-ciill an' cva 4 bis work and pruc-, be feel-, eonudtnt that 1 1 . . II meet your appred atu n. I! irlingion, May 3, ISI". -ID. VICTUALING SHOP, ly II. FOSTi:i!, U'.NDElt the I' S'ore l.rc'v e.' el v W C' rtis, and at pre-ent I y S. N. Cla r if- C , Church st., where he v.'i'l 1 1; happy lo c: en" may call nprn him with Ibe cli -i':cst re r ' f the'sea-on and market maj a.lord. C m . first rate Spruce lirtr. 1'irlingtoii, May 5, IS 13. -tP K. , on hi II i and N CIV nSTAIl MM 1.1! 12 NT THE Uic'crsigne ! having pur-hasel sloe k of On die S nclear, i vi leave public that they m'en I to e'ont,r" e the Pa Manufacturing Bu-ine-s in all it- vnr s nt the old stand ofO.-v lie Sinclcar, 1) it1 n They will wholesale' or retail as best -un-chaser. All orders promptly n'lendc I m. I T . n' ' i Fa I BAIi.M.S & THATCHER Burlington, May 1, IS 13. 3 -13 notki:. DOCTi'R Iir.l.Nrill.lU;re.pectfi'llyai.a" in 'c a his friends and ihe pul li- gencra'Ty, 'I at il u--e"ciii ced co.iunce'l nidi-po-iiiitii, h'-lceU u a di y due lo I. c se I tn retire fiom Ihe pia.t nl 1 ' ' -le-siein for the prc-i'ip, with a v ew to test' rc ' - wii liealill. On hi. ability to re.-unie tho sanic, rUie no-tie"-' will be given. B irlingion, May 10, 1S13. 3-v 50 lMMtlODlCAI.-i. THE mlncriler is prepare I to firni-li air, ; Periixhcal publii-ation- cf ihe d.iv 11- . , Magazine-, or Moirbly Reprint, rf fore gu . . r at the lowest publisher'., prices, and free id postage, if delivered in Burlington. A e-aialogue and -pi'cimcn nundcr- cf srti'e of 'be work- may i e seen a! M. Siblev'-. Maul -il. Or-eler- It'll a- a'-cive, or at llnx 13, I'o-l (III, , will i u pionipilvaltende-d to if acectnpaiuou I yih'-. ash. J. W. M vv, Agent for Wilder tt Co., Gen. Di-'rd u'iii.' Apia's, Boston. 50 tf LO OKING GLASSES. A LARGE nn 1 well selected Tsorttrii i t, cons's' ingof Gilt, MAoganycnd (lilt, Mo': vd Fancy framed Looking Glasses, furs', cm "-i illy reduced prices at the Hardware Si. .re, Com r nf Church and College Sis., by HAGAR it ARTHIU. STOCK OK IIAItD'.VAItr. TOR SAI. rTMILSl'llSCRIRLK, having de'eim c I -o . e f r i e -i. Biirliugion in the' spring, i.Vr. fir i'e, cash, his cnlireslock of llARI WAIir, v ' i -n I'ost in New Vork, aildnigthere ui'u ixvopcr rii . expen-e cftranspi'rtal I. n. As b's -'o'- i ei iii-w, and well selected, (fur pro. fi f win i he v refer loany Hardware intT'diant) and ve -p r i previous lei ihe pas-age of II o new Tar i B 1, thinks n wou d be iiiipo--iblo lor any ,"- n ". wi-lu'd to en'-'a.-cin thel usiiic--, iroK.'s. i.. 'i favora' le cir.iim-lain'cs, W.M. J. LI Nl Sirong's Hue, Pug, Pee-. SO, IS 12. 31 i 1 TO LET. A Commodious;-TONE HOCSEat prrs'-nt o-ci-pied by Da. Hineeero. Fcr terms nrij !y at tin preniie3. Burlington, Sept. 15, 1SJ2. 1 if Tin Plato &c, SO oxrs Tin Plato, 25 Hill-. Russia and English Sheet fron in el no ; 40 BII-. Iron Wire a i ned, ."iccn! Shu" C i cr, Tinned and black rivet-, Wire x'e'b I' . s K.-lesOsc.Ac. STKON'.S. Nov. 17. IS 12. NOTICE. TMtr. ub'Crder having la' en In-sen llrvr.T 1'. Dooiittix lull Ci parnersbip, the bra ,n - 1 I e cuniin'ied at his old t,in 1 under the firm ol p. . H. I. DooLirri-n. PHILO DOOLITTLF. Burlington, 17 h Apr,', 1 13. Wauled lo Exchange. fl.'-t rate DWH.I.I.NG HOI'S E and I Pri, ing near halfan acie e'f 'nn 1 wi'h , ti A ne, for a larm in ihe ne ch'i' rboo I ofB i n. n, A g''rvl I argatn will be given to any one xi ho w ,tes to move in'o lhc vil'age i f It ir' ingf n f r t' c pi r(n a of Ircping I oarder-, o f r prNis-iona! seivice-, as hi- house is near Ibe square. II. THOMAS, ,tgrn B r'ington, Feb. 15, 1S13. 39-t ESTIt A Y. rjlAKKN VP by tho snb-crder on the f, h inl I a three or four xearold HAY MAR1HOIT The owner is rrqu.steil to prove proper. y, pay i har- rcs aniiiaKe ncr -wnj, I l.ixll.l. THAl'Y. Shelburn, May 0, 1611. 50 '3 noAitonits TJ'RO.M the Court Hou-r Square or CY'Vpc r'ny find gooil accommodation-, on ineu'era'e ifrms. bv applyingto W.RRr SIl'l r,V,m Mam street Hir.i.e lately occupied by (loo. B. Shaw, l'sij. nay I, IBM. mwo FOR SALE, YOKE of WORKING CATTLE 5 vrars ell. March 4, 1543. II. W. CA'ILIN. i nnrv recr. hof?e papfr, a great va' cty 1 I ,J of patterns at mannfi nerers i,-'e-. for 11. W. CAT UN 4 ft sale I v April 11,1813. HA7-ORS. RODOERS &. SONS' an 1 other fine Raror-, sUtr Straps. Pruskes. la-hrr Boxes. S' ap-, Ac. 'c sale by Tangs! i. Puts maIP. .xi arm 31, leu. i BISHOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN ISM. Asreond letler In the RIGHT REV. FRANCIS P. KF.NRICK. Roman Catholic Bishop if PhlhdelpMa, By JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, D. D. Bishop of th Diceesof Vermont. Juslpnhhehed. Fro -ale by H. J. 5 HUM WAY, Asevt. Apr-'S, 5 MXA, TWIST r.njir.3, NUtV ONP.S-. 1 Q rjcz. Small riated Horn Twst Ci "' ' -r. 1 ii jniall plain horn Twist Coml s, C Shell and 5 don Tortoise ballT..i-tCot'i '.' .hell side and back Comb-, verv fir,- lvo-i - horn and other kinds offine D'e np C at ' r Comhs and a leautifnl eft Tooth and Nad Brushes, fine (Joci C!. iSr Tctivsl aj lh YtrWy Store. 4 ( March S1.1M3. Fisas'e rh ifc Bim r,

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