Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 2, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 2, 1843 Page 3
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ith.1fruH about iho matlor, although Ida not: prescnintioii in regard t.i tha site of the proposcu aucst mo 10 make it. not because I expect or wish lo navo you givcuny nccu 10 my ugg.minii-..iiu.iiis now no favors to n9kof you, in youroflicial capac ity at icasi. ., Tho signers of tin potition also request me to add toy recommendation to their own for tlio appoint ment of Mr. Samuel P. CaulMns, lo tlio ollicc of postmaster. If.-ho wcrt. an honest true-hearted democrat, should scorn lo do it. I tumble as 1 am In tho political world, I would not now, for rcason which you can readily understand, recommend a friend foroffico to you, or to any of tin corrupt and tsnal clique who constitute the prcstnt administrtion. I apeak politically, nnd tho epithets I use I apply to the administration as a whole, and not individually, nd of course exempt youriclf from their applica tion. Rut in relation to Mr. Caulkins, it is sufficient t ay that he is one of the three Mil renegades in the town of Lempster, and, therefore, a r try proper man for you to appoint, lit possesses the very qualificn tions fot which tho members of the present Adminis tration (yourself excepted) ro most distinguished, tilt treachery to his principles ond his parti anil, therefore, must bo on acceptable acquisition to tho corps of office holders under Ilia command of Capt. Tyler. I hone you will appoint him, sir, for I know of no man hereabouts who would represent tho Ad mini.lrnlion so well fnlw-nvs excentinff vnurselO in their two leading characteristics, viz . destitution of principle and political renegadism. Your late ap- Eginiiiicius 111 lllia It-llliljr nu.i- ll uu ...v ....... liie.lioht federal stanin of politicians, and the rene- sues have taken sucn conduce on your pari in ingn iidnenn. I Ho not know what more I can add to recommend Mr. Caulkins to your favorable consider ation. Respectfully, your obedient servant, EDMUND BURKE. To tho Postmaster Gr.NcnAL of the U. S. A oood symptom- Following tho exam pit of tho state, the Democracy of Spring field, the capital of Illinois, has attempted to carry out tlio doctrino of repudiation in re gard t the public debt of tho town, amount ing to the sum of 33.334 dollars. One half of the amount is due to citizens of the town, ttho had advanced the money in good faith to tho corporation. Tho Governor of tlio state, and tho stato printer, were both active In their exertions to swindlo their creditors, But not so the people. Indignant at tho knavish design, they turned out with conv tncndable spirit, and repudiated the rcpudia tort electing an cntiro Whig municipal government. A bright page, this, in the po litical history of that state. THE COMET STRUCK THE SUN I Such is the startling rcpoit. We find tn the U. S. Gazette of Fridy, another communication from the indefatigable as tronomers of tho Phila. Observatory, (Messrs Walker, Kendall and Downs,) containing the result of their further researches, which concludes that tlio late Comet did, on the 27th of February last, strike the Sun and rebound! If theso calculations prove cor reel, this must be considered tho most re markablc circumstance in the annals of as tronomy. We havo time anil room only for the concluding passages of their communicu lion. Eucko's comet is gradually winding itself up, and must some, time or oilier experience the fate of this comet of IS 13. That is to say it must actually conic In contact with the atmosphere or permanent portions of the body of the sun. It has already been inalter of pecuiaiiuu wim astronomers wnen this event snail occur (however remote.) what will be the fate of the comet? Will il join ibe mass of the sun a drop in n ocean or will it rebound and L'lancc off in an other orbit, an hyperbola for instance, nnd never rc turn7 Now ihat which is destined some day to be the Lite ol hnckc s comet scorns actually tohavcoC' curred w ith the recent comet. It appearB to have come in contact with the perma nent portion of the atmosphere of tho sun, and to have been so much resisted in its course as to pass oil in a path which, prolonged backward, cnieis the sun. It may have been before n parabola or an elpsc, and it may have been the comet of 16G9 or both, and in this case something hkc a shock, or rebound, must have occurred at this perihelion passage, which lias changed the orbit into a hyperbola, pasting thro' the un. Whenever a shock of two bodies takes place of which one is considered as fixed, the subsequent path of Ihooiher prolonged backwards, passes through the first. We repeat it ihat we oiler these views of the subject as suggestions merely, and hopo that others will bo more fortunate in arriving at a positive cer tainty. The perturbation have not been computed. It is hardly possible that they can have produced this Iteration of the orbit. If such an alteration has ac tually taken place, tho powerful re-istance of a medi um near tho sun or actual contract with the sun's atmosphere can alone account for it. Yours respectfully. SEARS C. WALKER. Tho Gazctto remarks, that tho general reader can have little conception of tho im mense labor bestowed upon this subject, which, we are credibly informed, has amount ed to eight or ten hours a day, since lllli of March close cyphering, to say nothing of tho ability required to direct such computa tions correctly. Occuhrence. A recent num ber of the Charleston (S. C.) Mercury has the following very singular statement: A Turkey-buzzard was struck dead in the sky by lightning on Wednesday afternoon. The Washington Light Infantry were at the titnu parading on Citadel aqunro, ond some confusion was caused in their ranks, by the poor buzzard plumping down among ihem simultaneously with the severe thunder-clap with which thorambegan. It fell at tho very feet of one of the men. No huuso in iho vicinity was struck by tho lightning. The schooner at Lucas's Mill, had her mi$t shattered late in the evening. This is very singular. As birds are tho occupants of tho air, and are continually moving in tho midst of electrical batteries, tho dress in which they aro clad feathers is ono of tho very best of all non-conductors, and thus ono of tho best of all possiblo pro- iomuis Hum ma umiuom u.. a .... perpetually changing electrical condition of the atmosphere, its dim-rent sections and patches, and the vapors and clouds that float in it. MORE MORMON PLATES. Two of the Illinois papers, tho Whig and tho Horald, published at Quincv in that State, havo lately put in circulation a tale of six brazen plates dug out ol an ancient mound in Piko county, III., in the vicinity of a placo called Kinderhook. Tho plates aro stated to be covered on each sido with hieroglyph ics. Somo of tho figures havo a littlo resem blanco to the sun, others to the moon, others to trees; and ''many," says tho Herald, "havo a striking similarity to somo of tho capital letters and figures of tho English lan guage." Tlio more material part of tho ac count wo copy as follows : A respectable merchant of Kinderhook, having for eoma timo past felt a strong anxiety toasrertain what was contained m tho mounds which abound in tho vicinity of that place, was induced to mako an excava tion on the IGlh inst. in tho centre of one which u much larger than any of tho other.. At the depth of icii it-t, ............. uu oiionuoneu me work mill tho 23d, when mute a niimb.t ofcitizens repaired to the place of operation, and comnnced work. After digging through dil crcnt sir,t of earth, and rinding some specimens ol lime, and what was believ ed to be pot-metal, tho rock was petroled , ,10 depth of of about three feet, and had thtoppearanco of some tii..9 or other hating been exctkVely heat ed. Human bones were found which hail ti., appear, ance of having been burnt. Charcoal was (hoovered in great abundance, and then these six brasat(( Their ahap is somewhat similar to a bell, hajn2 j hole pierced in the small end. Whan found they ,.;r eund tngMhtr by two rlirp, and i ring through h holes, which had the appearanco of iron, hut In such a stato ofdecomposition, that upon a very slight pres sure they crumbled lo pieces. The plates wcio very black when found, but after having been carefully cleansed, they wcro found to be covered with hieroglyphic. Tltcso searches anil Diggings were under taken, it is added, in obedienco to a dreuni tlince dieamcd, utid when the plates had been found they went sent to Nauvoo, to bo examined and kept by the famous Mormon prophet, Jo Smith. It will be remembered by somo of our readers that Mormonism originated in the discovery, mado by this same prophetical Mr, Smith, of several brazen plates in tho earth, in tho town of Manchester, Ontario county, in N. York. Those plates and tho strnngo characters engraven on them, wore interpreted by Mr. Smith, and his interpre tationssuggested to his mind, as he nvers, by tho Holy Spirit being collected and pub lished, constitute tho book of tho Mormon Bible. Theso plates will undoubtedly bo interpreted also, and published in like man ner, and then there will bo another volume of what wo may call this fossil revelation. Causes or Removal trom Orricn. Mr. Prentice, of tho Louisville Journal, hits off tho propensity of acting President Ty ler to rcmovo persons from office for slight causes, in tho following happy manner. The causo here assigned is a much more ra tional and sensible one, than some which have actually been put forth by tho adminis tration. "It is said ihat n man of considerable li'rrarv re putation, now in office at Washington, is about is bo dismissed. His offence is that in a late nrliclo writ ten by him for n Maguinc, bo spoke of Homer, Vir gil, Milton and Shakspear, without once mentioning tne name oi tno aumor ot Ahnsuerus. " Prentice says of tho rumored appointment of Mr. Cushing to a foreign mission " It is still thought, that Mr. Cushing will bo sent abroad. Well, if sent at all, let him bo sent as far as possible. 'Tis ono of those cases in which 'distance' would lend 'enchantment to the view.' " Mississippi. While Gov. McNult, tho Vicksburg Sentinel and other Lncofoco au thorities, aro open and undisguised in their . . . .. ..... IainoUS doctrine nf rrniiili.ifinn. it ic nr.iilV. . .., . b. ,v ing to perceive that the Whigs of the Slate in Common with some nf thn mnrn rnsnncfri. . 1 l)'e of tho opposite party, aro as open and undistinguished in their repudiation of so in famous a doctrino. In a letter published in the ISatchcz Courier. Screcnnt S. Prentiss for a short timo tho eloquent Representative ol Mississippi 111 Congress, holds this Ian cunco : "I consider the first and paramount duty of the - ir,,"j i I'lcotin; uiu oirtii; imm inciianusol repudiators, to save ihe Stato from unci degredation, audio pievent any decent and honest man fiom leav ing it 111 disgust. It is absolutely nciccttary to beat Inpsi! null. I mu nra t -n.,..:.!... .I.:. - r . miauii-i una iiuesiion self preservation, and ttiat to its success we ought sacrifice all other political considerations whatever. minimal; m u muro rcpiiiabie residence than a -. . 1. "- 'mmiuiuiiiik ii-uuer 01 .Missis sippi. To purge it from the lcnroy which now ren ders it an object of loathing and scorn to all Chrisien- ..... u t.,.ijr .itiim;i-, personal or political which may be necessary to attain tho point." ScUI,PTUItE-Coi.U.MtlUS.-TllO Ohio Slntn Journal has a letter of rocent date, from an American at Naples, who says : " I this morning, in compiny with our Consul, called at the studio of Sinor I'crsico to see a group 111 marble iWncli lie is just finishing for the American t.oi'erntnpnt. nnil u it I. ia ,rt l, .1. . . . at Washing . in. 'Ihe suljcct iho landing of Co- luniDiis, and tlicgioup consists of a noble" figure of the Discoverer of ihe New World, and a wonderfully fino statue of an Indian woman. "Tho Sculptor has represented Columbus in tho a 11,1 f 1111 til 11 1 1 nm Ik. u-n . t ' V"" . r : ""iiiuu .iin.ns 10 ue nastcning ing from the spot in the greatest alarm at the strange snprlni-rlir vol dlnnlm.. i .rtn..n!.. 1 n , ...... ,....,; . siaiiiciu tunusuy anu won der at the 111 nidcrs. Tho action and expression of the piece I think aro admirable." I ho lemalo Indian figuro must, wo take it, bo desicned to svmboliso thn fi.t., nf the Indian tribes, wondering and shrink ing curious and yet turning away retiring nnd disappearing before tho great white race, lord paramount of the wholo earth, and whose restless enlerprisc, genius, and power has just reached them across tho ocean, in the person of Columbus. C?-Tiin Boston Courier. Tho New York Tribune has tho following very flatter ing notice of Buckingham and his paper : A word now lo tho Boston Courier. The Editor of that journal is one whom wc delight to have for an opponent, for the fact of his hostility ever gives us llV. V nsKllrnnPn nf Blli-.naa .P . r. i t , .in in isiucrauc spirit and bearing, his grosa contempt of public opinion, did I nrl.y,,lis,?elractl(m aml abuse of General tinrri KiTvtiidi, vLician U1CI10IU Up- ?n,iLie P''c fcclmrr ulucli secured hid nominntion 11 'TCI n nrl lit a n nnlinn ii, lOin a. .I.. i ... ...inuuuaiiuu in imu. i iiieiimooi ttie liar- risburg Convention, the Courier did Gen. II. the fa vor of decrying him very zealously, declaring that, if air. May was noi nominated, Massachusetts would surely go for Van liurcn. Ilut Gen. Harrison vas nominated, Massachusetts taking tho lead therein, and Massachusetts gao him 20,000 majority. That year, the Courier tried hard to prevent ihe nomina tion of John Davis for Governor! he was nominated, o course, by acclamation, and received some 19,000 majority. Since then, the Courier has distinguished itself by sustaining the cause ol Anarchy ond Arson in Rhode Island, by lauding Mr. Webster wherever ho has acted unliko his former self, and by trying whereof no'arV wou'id"'tako "ll'i'm. "NoT'thaT'tbe Whig party is united cm Mr. Clay for next President, the Courier discards him, puis its noso lo the winJ again, and insists on running Mr. Wcbittrl liniC.IITO.V MAItKET7-"May 22, 1843. At Market, 330 Beef Cattle, 35 Cowa and Calves IS paira Working Oxen, 575 Sheep, and 1700 Swine. Paicts-ZtfCoWe-Thcpricesobtaincd last week for a like quality were not austainfd. We quote a few extra 6,50; first quality, 5 31; second quality 4,75 t S3 third quality, U if, 94,50. Cows and, 822, 823 and 835. Wor(in Oxm-Salcs at $59, 865, 70 and 875. Mutp-Mt were sold from 1,60 to 2,25. Sit(n-Lots to peddle from 4 ff 6c for Sowa, and 5 V 8c for narrows 1 largo Barrows Sc. At re tail from 5J to 7e. New York Cattle Market-May 22, At market, 763 Iiecf Canle, (320 from tha South,) 110 Cows and Colves'and 4G5 Shsep. Vmcn-Ileef CalUe-M at market but 30 taken at S3 itf 87, 60 for retciling qualities, to 81 (t 4,75 for ordinary and inferior. Coici and Calves Sales of FOat 813 to 825 830. Slieep-Hilts at 81,75 to 2,50 & 81,10 for extra Left, 30 noSTOJT MAIIKET.-May 24. rtoua. Genesee, B a 0 00, Ohio, good, 4 62 a 467, Ik'TTEB. 12 a 18 per lb. PurTtr r. m 1 J J- Wool. Saxony and Merino flwws, Full blood, ' 1 blood, Mood, Common i blood, Smyrna washed, Dcngaxi, Husnos Ayr, 33 a 34 31 a 33 29 a 31 ii a 27 K a 22 U a 29 9 a 13 f a 10 STATE CONTENTION. TO THE WHIGS OF VERMONT. A Stato Convention of the Whigs of Ver mont will bo holden AT RUTLAND, ON WEDNESDAY THE 23TH DAY OF JUNE NEXT, for tho purpose of nominal ing State Officers, and for the transaction of other matters deemed necessary, preparatory to tho Annual September Election. And also to appoint two Delegates nnd two Sub stitutes at largo to attend the National Con vention to bo holden in May 1844, for tho nomination of candidates for tho offices of President and Vice President of the United States. Tho Whigs at their several District Conventions in the State arc requested also to appoint ono Delegate and Substitute each, for tho purpose above stated It is specially important, and therefore particularly desired, that not a singlo town in Vermont should bo unrepresented at said State Convention by two or more delegates Calvin Townsi.ey. En.tsTus Fairiianks, John A. Conant, E. P. Walton Jr., I Stato Central George A. Ai.t.nN, f Committee, Harmon Can-held, John A. Pratt, Artemas Cusiiman, May 10, 1843. DISTRICT CONVENTION, The Whigs of congressional District No 3 nre requested to meet in convention at Burlington, on Thursday the 8th day of Juno A. D. 1S43, at 10 o'clock A. M. to select a suitablo candidate to represent said dis trict in tho congress of tho United States Each town in said district, is requested lo appoint three or more Delegates to said con vention. Samuel Adams, Harvev Bell, I District Orlando Stevens, f Committee. Cassius P. Peck, TEMI'KKANCH NOTICE. An adjourned incctimr of the Burlington To tal Abstinence Society will bo hold this even- ii at 7 o'clock, to consider tho propriety of eel ebratinjj the coming 4th nf July on Temperance principles. All citizens who favor such a pro jeet are invited to attend. E. A. STANSBURY Sec. Mm if en c2 , In St. Mark's Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Tuesday evening, May 7, by the Itov. Bishop Mac Coskry, Mr. V. It. I.ivi.sostos Pcibce to Miss Ellen Elizabeth Steele. In Essex, on the morning of May 22d, of Consump tion, Mahiette Pace, daughter of Col. Samuel Page, aged 23 years. The deceased became a member of tha Congrega tional Church in Essex in IS29. As a Christian, f ho was even, firm, consistent and exemplary. Though life was opening gay before her, and the world un folding iu alluring scenes to her view its charms could not enchant her, could not stay htr spirit, ' heavenly glory beamed so bright." During a long illness, the was never hcaid to murmur, or repine at God's dealing with her. And it is a rich consolation to her relatives and friends, to know the sams religion she so sweetly cxemplefied in health, was her sup. port in death that it enabled her with calmness and retignation to breathe the fervent prayer "Lord Je sus receive my spirit," as she closed her eyes in death. The wind has passed over tho field, and tho flower is gone tho loved one is no more! Well may we weep for hcr's was a character mild and lovely. Unassuming, mild and gentle in her disposition, and withn heail susceptible of iho warmest ond purest emotions of friendship, tha was tho delight of all her companions. She was a Christian we need savno more. Ripe fr heaven, she has gono to the land where the rainbow never fades, and all is fair. Many will be the tears wc shed over tho grave of one ao worthy one whose memory wo ahall ever cherish. "Wo' 11 think of thee in the spring tim, And in the summer's fruitful prime, And when tho autumn leaf is dead, And when the winter's snow is spread, Above thy lonely gMve." NEW GOODS. (TIIIE Subscriber i now receiving his usual atockof X IJIIV tiUUUS if- UKOCF.RIKS. Also, Flocb, Pobk, Salmon, Mackerel, Cod F6H, &c. &c, which will bo sold as cheap as the cheapest. Juno I, 1313. 52 tf HORACE LANE. B U'lTER f. WOOL WANTED by june .'u ih. ii II. Vr. CATLIN. TAMES RANKE.N. oilers hi cervices lo ih miMm I a a House Snor.R and Farrier, at ihe Shop of r;,. . . ii.... ... ii .i i . ' . . 1 .iu, .i. aiii-ii, ni iniriin;ion, anu naving made ar rangements wnh a:d Allen, to tale that part of the hii-ine-s in Mild Shop, pledges I im-clf to devote hi services exclusively lo ihat branch, and craves of the public a fair trial of bis skill, having devoted more than ten vear-nf his life (on 'hall of said term in the City .,1 New York) to mUe himself master of his prorewiui., confidence ot success in his line. 'SJ w3 ACHOI'PING TRAYS. Few Wooden Chopping Trays, assorted sizes j also, Vt , ooden Mallets, with knives attaahed for cutting and breaking Loaf Sugar j Carpet Hainmtra, Scrubbing and Floor Brushes, all very cheap. 62 PAN6B0a! & BaiNSMAID. Georire Prlndlr'. Ranio. E the subscribers, having been appointed by the IIOnnmlilA thn Prnl-Bi. t n;.i.l.,.r ..- wuu.. iui me u. wim icnoen, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demandi of all per sona against the estate of GEORGE PR1NDLE. late of Charlotte, m said District, deceased, represented in solvent, and also al claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wa do therefore hereby give notice.lhat we win attend to the business of our appointment, at the d wellmg of widow Louisa Prindle, in Charlotte, m said District, on the 2d Wednesdays of July (do! days'' " "eX,, 10 'c'ock A- on e,eb "tt Uated, this lOih dav of Mav, A. D. 1B43. M IIURK LE VEN WORTH, ) - , . ORRIN REED, CommUsionert. r,, llelaey Palmer'i Estate. S WW 'F'O.Vr, j AT a Prolate i-lrict of Chittenden, ) Court holden at liiirlmston, within and for ihe Dia'rict aforesaid, ontbe2tih,.laj;i.f May, A. I). 1813, un Instrument , ..V-f,.'?,;.",,1. ,a;,w" aud T.stament of,, i -Au.iii.,inio iiiinesi,iirgh,in saiddmriot iter ea-cl, waa presented In the Court here for Probote, l.y James I'almrr the i-xiieiit(.r, therein named. I hercfore il is ordered ,y said Conrl.that public no tice I e given tn all person ro.icerntsl therein lo ap pear I efiire sanlU.urt, at a ses.jnn thereof lo le hoi 'Ur l?ge M"'1.'" Wlll'"on, on Ihe third prol ate of said W, Bn, it ,,lr,hcr Ihat his order I epulb.h.-,! three weeU successively in the ilurlington free Pre-s, a newspaper printed at lira State the last of b!ch p!.l'licaTion shall 1 previous to ihe day assigned, at aforesaid for ' s"VuB- M ..... n.MuBo. "lsiun, Kfittr. j HAGAR Sl ARTHUR, ARE now receiting new uppliei of SADDLERY, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE. inalliu variliei. DRtTOSflc MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES. &c. Ac. Darlington. Vt. Juno 2, 1813. 5 SPRING FASHIONS FASHIONABLE GOODS. THE subscriler aro now receiting thir supply of FASHIONABLE UOODS for Oentlcmen'n cloihidg,eonisting of Droadclotiis, L.AstMERE, ailk', aauin, tvivei, ulrnoa and Mar' KiiWe Vesting. also, a good asonmnioi otoeio, iravats, Slilrt", Bovuma, Collars ond Suspci.ders. They are prep ired to executo all orders in their line ui uusineasin a suytrwr uyiw ui acaiocs uuu uu raliilitv. siioprnonurcn strcei,auooor a onto oi Ihe name. June 1, 1314. 52 3w C. BKKNS, Jr. & Co. John Wellcr'a Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. A T a Probata Court District ot Chittenden, rs. ) held at Burlington, wilhin and for said District ofCliiltenden on the IGlh day rt May, 1813, RtciMBD Wei ler nl Hinesburgh. in tue uonniy ot Uhitten.icn, laving filed in vai.l Couri bi petition In writing, ceiling forth that John weiitr, late oi nam Minc-our8ii,iieccasc.i, onlhoi.ev cnlhdavof October. A. D. 1821.1ivbl written aurce men', contracted with the same Richard to deed to him a certain portion of hi, the anid John's home faim iiifaid Hmeibnrgh, to wit," all tha Innd in i-nid f.rm thai be east of the north nd south road run ning through the fame" imnn ecrmin rnmlilinni in said written agreement tet forih, which conditions have been sub-taniially fulfilled and complied with on ihc part of aid petitioner; that, t,f the tamc land, the niuu"n ..tnci men uiavu wiiiiuui naving cunvcy cd Ihe same to thenelitioner: that then, nre no ilel.t. duofrom tlieentaicol ai.l John Wellcr which can le gally prevent the conveyance ol taul land lo said pe titioner, and waving said Court to decree that mii.1 land be conveyed by the Administratrix of tho estate ol l lie aid John, to ihc said Richard. TiiEanrnrtE, the court alfirc-ald doth nppoinl the tourth Monday of June, A. 1. 1843, lor hearing and deciding on said petition at Andrew llnrriit' tavern in said Hine.-burgh, and doth ordar that nil person tnterctol be notified thertof by publication of tbi order, containing the sub-dance of mii petition, three weolii. Micccssively in the Uiirlington Free Pres. a newspniicr printed in Burlington in the Comity (if ChitlciuJen, previously to the taid fourth Monday of HIU A. V. 1019. (iiven under my hand at Durlington, in said dis trict thi sixteenth day or May, A. ft. 1813. Wm. WESTON, ltegi,ter. CUPAIITNEUSIIIP NOTICE, TVT G. RATH BUN, having associated with him i'JL. aeif U. F. WARD, will continue tho TAILORING BUSINESS at hi old stand, in Church tt., under the firm of .11. Kl. IIATHIIUX C6 I.O. M. G. K. &. Co. have just returned from New Yorli and nre prepared to furnish their natrons wilh unr 11101114 made in the latest and must fashionable sivle. or as ordered. They have a choice and well c!ectcd assortment oi estiscs and I riumihgs. Uiirlington, May 2G, 1813. 51w4 TEMPERANCE STORE. S. ee OAtJT & Co. have received and will I e re ceivin"- tlirotiwh lhi jtc.i-.fiii. DRV COOIls: FAMILY GROCERIES, of the best quality. ...i.:..i. .i :ii ..ii i viui.ii uiv-y wm sen lur vnsn or reauv pay lor n Mnall nil advance ns at anv oilier Sion. in Itnrbii" ton i and as they inlend to l.cep their Slorc free from tilt! IK-ffiime of Alebtlh.,1. ttu-l- hnm. t.i- i.rniin.l nlli.t.. tion to bii-ine-s and tiurichl .!calinc". and t ie small advance . n their Goods, to receive a share of pui'iic pairouage. Store 3door South ofthe Crockery Store. Burlington, May 2 1, 1813. 51 LOVKIjV & SEYMOUR A lE now opening and oiler to ihe j.ul lie a fresh xj. aim extensive assortment or DRY HOODS, which, having I tc-n recently purchased in New York will I e, sold ut prices suifieienlly low to correspond nit minis, .iniung i no uocxi-, are the follow mi 7, Oloths, cassiniere-, Sattinct-, Vesting! Sill Velvet, Satin Vesting, Drilling, Gamhror,n,Uoiii baziac. Gro de Rhine, Dress and Ltoiinel Silk-. ltd bons , iliislin de l.ame, Alpn.-ca, Gingham, Lawn, Muslin. Mull. Dinner. Dmiiiv. ri,iti,. r".n...... HdUs., Glove-, Milts, Hoe, Crape, Fringe, Tassels! M'isiiii Uollars, Mgmc, Lae-., Veils, M. .! Lame ;''i moreens, r.iper Hanging., ISonlerin?-. Haize. Druggells, Oil Cloths 3-8 to 16-4 wide, llur laps, Matting, Tufted Matla, Hemp and Woolen Car- I'dlll, UCI. SVC. Church Strict, May 25th, 1813. 51 NEW GOODS, AT GREAT BARGAINS. muR .,.i,.,-.,i ... I,,. , i-.. . ...... . 1. ....ojii-. iciiirntn. iruin ,,ew i or with a larire nf I'nm-v ai..i :,.,,) irk Ilry Good-, among which may be found very tine """i "e.i nroaa uiotns and Ca-sinier-, (Urap de Kite and Ispahan Cloth., Garni roons, Drillings and Linens for Gents wear) Alpacin-, Homl uzini-. Muslin De Lame-, Plain and Striped c'hally-., Primed Lawn-, rrench Cambric. Hnlrnrin,- I.nn r ,,.- nrfi,ti Iw.n.... I... , --.ii .. - ..'... ; ;'... ;' ."-.-I. "". on. iru .-in- , ii L'K-iii vnr Ladies' and Mis-es' Unnnet-, Artiheinl Flower Stn(L-a Su-npfV a... I r.n...... . n ..i , . ..... . , x.i.,vuib, i urusiiiis unii L-inorei- ,V. .t'" slni!le .anJ Joul lu bnm'.l Leghorn Hals; -. uiiini ouet-tings. uiapers, licuuig-, Wicl; am. .r.n Urn. ' ' The 'above articles and a great variety not enuinc : ---si, ijv'iiih m uieiowt;-, iri(c.s in in !""'" suiu as cne.ip ns mo cheapest for iiu-u win. nre in want, win uo wen ui lii-tnp. I , ' call -v...... ,-ii.ii.i9ii,:; cisewiiere. May 23, 43. 51 H. W. CATLIN PREMIUM DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PEN T0 vou wish lo improve your hand writing 1 J Do you wish to retrench jour expenses for the next five vears 1 Do you wish to avoid the vexatious corroding of sils;i ici,s I Are yon troubled in procuring good quills or pen .111, 1.S , Do vou wish to write u-ilh ph.r nnd nlr.Ski.Fn t Do you wish a beautiful pen and atwavs in order Do you wish to make an acceptable present to a friend ) Does your eyesight fail, or your hand treml le, so "-' j v is wuin'iiu iii musing a uuuu pen I If vou answer"TEs" toanvor all of these m tion, plea-ecall at the Variety Store and examine unr leaumui uiamonu pointeii goui pens. We have written with oneof ihe-pni-n n-hi.-h lm been in constant use far more than thrco years and is now as guuu ns ever. 51 Pangborn Si flnlNSMAir. WOOSTEK de DAVCIIV, WHOLESALE GROCERS AMD commissioN mbbcbants, 2(3 1 rtirer street, 'Troy, N, Y. (orrosiTE the man's i om iiorac.) HAVE ju.i received, and oiler for sale, a full and complete hssoriment of GROCERIES, which they are prepared to sell as low as they can lo pur chased in this market or New York, either for cash or approved paper. The following articles com prise a part of their assortment. SO Chests and half chest of Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Powchong Teas. 20 Hh.U St Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans Sugars. Loaf and Lump do do SO Hhd St. Croix, Porto Rico and Trinnidad Molasse. 30 Uag.OIJ Java, Laguira, Manilla and Cuba Coffee. 1 OO Boxes and half boxe Raisin. 30 Kegs Malaga do m fine orde r. 40 Boxes various brands Cavendish Tobaeeos, 6 to 25 cents per pound. IS Tierces Rice, Pepper, Spices, Cloves, Nut mei, Salaratu, Cassia, Figs, Nuts,6Ve. SO Boies No. I Bar Soap. SO do Mould Candles, Cs and 8. Also. Constantly on hand, Fi.h, Flour, Salt, 100 Sack Liverpool ashl e brand, Mess Pork. Also, Liquors and Wines of all kinds, which are oilrml only to particular customers. t Country Merchants will do well to call and exam ine their stock 1-efore purchasing elsewhere. ,w- & l. have made arrangements for the sale of Flour, which wilienalle them to furnish at all limes, from 1 to 500 bbls., at Ihe lowest market price, to which particular attention will lopaid. May 20, 1843. 3m ML. 1. 1 MAN & OAHUI.Mac, 339 Hirer st,at the old standof Holier, Gardinenf- Co. WILL Continue the FREIGHTING and COM MISSION biisino.s, and would resprclfully so licit n share of public patronage. Our e.M- rom-pn-e those ofthe first class, which will sail regularly bt-lwecn this city and New York. All goods destined for tho north will be forwarded direct from ibe vessel. All properly consigned to Boston and Providence will be forwarded by our line. We ahall always keep on hand at wholesale, Pork, Western Flour, Fish, and Salt. We have been ap pointed the agents fur the tale of Western Harrol (salt, and we are prepared to sell it as low as it can bepurcbased by ibe load al the worLc. Troy.N. Y., May 16, IBIS. H. B. lUfiGSLY, jtn in A'.t York, Qfl4t 17 Ccmf Slip, rivy MRS M. FnASEH. HAS just returned from New Yotk with a fashionable assortment of MIL LINEKV liibbons, Laces, Flawsrs. Gloves, ALSO, Wvl2A good assortment of "V JSP Princt Aloert and 7'utcan S 1 rt 1 o nu WHICH Will DO old as cheap as the cheap st. Burlington, May 19, 1913. 61 tf NEW GOODS. SM. POPE ha jut received a general auort- nicnt of Dry Goods and Groceriet. Also, txtra nnrl Fine Mole Skin Hat, lghorn Hnd Palm Leaf do Florcnre and Sirsw Uonnet.. which he is dispose! to roll at a very small advance from cost. Burlington, May25ih, 1843. 51 3w TAII-OniNG AT WINOUSKI FALLS. THE nbscriberrc-pcrtriilly Inform his distortion and friends that he hax resumed his business at Winooski Fall, where he will bo happy lo aniwtt to any calls that he uiav I c I'.ivnn'.J willi, vv AiN 1 r.U I A good smart boy as an apiircutiro to iho al.ovo bin- mess. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Fatl, May 2.i, IB43. 51 tf xlTOQ lbs WOOL WANTED TTAVINO Piirchae.l the Woolen Factory formerlv ii owned by Uaao Ulnl.c, at .Milton FalT, and am irctinir n new set of .Mncbinerv. am now rendtf m ro- t-eive Wool to Mnniifucture by tin' yard or upon share--, into Cassimcrc-, Satinett, Flannel, Com mon Greys nnd Mill Colored Cloths, cheaper than wua ever uone in wis couniry oviore. i.. a, rtAKi.. Millon, May 17, 1313 51tf SM.VI'.It SlECTACIiHS. TJ'OR two dollars at the Variety Smre. Goggle, Cases and all thing in the optical line, chcai'cr man ever oi.i. ai I'ancboiw .1-hms-smaid. WANTED I POUNDS ot Rce Wax. Also, A quantity -w oi r.riroi or ourreu live in exe naiiL'e. nv 51 PECK & SPEAR, Druggists. TO It EST. THE Uallom House, one mile south of the village Apply to II. LEAVENWORTH. May 22,1, 1843. 51 If Groceries. A PRIME lot. Tea. Sucnrs and CoTecsi Salcra- A Iui, Rice, Molasses, Lamp Oil, iVc, lust re coiled bv H. W. CATLIN. May 23, 1913. 51 T?AUEWELL'ri Gaiter and half Gaiter. French i Slips and Walking Shoe-, ic, &. just received Jiav'ij, '13. ol l.y 11. w ca i i.i.n. HKOUCEl) HEIJUCTIOX I Hrass Clocks at Ho! need I'rlccs. IOH the purpose of turning a lot of Clocks iiitocish, we now oiler some of the most beau, liful finisbcl llras and Woul Clucks al half t rice, tor cash only; we have Wood Clocks ns low as SJ3, some at S4 23. Lira-. Clocl.sof the I est kind in tine tin hshed .Mahoiranv Cas.. some O G and some D011I le O l, for 5 and 83 23. Wo war rant them In keen goal time none bellercnn le bad any where, call soon nnd get a clock 1 eiore nicy nre uu pone, as we nave out few at thuau extremely low niici-. For other p iv than cash or for credit the old price win lie cuargeu. Now is ihc time to secure a clock for almost noth ing. Please call and see them soon. May 215. 1913. Pasoiiorn & BntMsMAin. SUW GOODS. V7E are reoeiw'ng a cood 1 v assortment of the vari ous kinds of gc oils in our line, purchased low for cash, which e shall bcbnppylo shew and se'l 10 any who may wi-h I'or them. In' the line o"f Watches and Jewelry, l!ru-bc, Combs, Clocks. Musical Instruments. Cuilcrv, Plated, German Silver, KriMnnia Ware, Cas-lor-, Lamp Wicks and Glasses, Plated Ilndis nud Eyes, I'm, Needles, Whalebone-, Willow Waggons, Chairs, Cradle-, Toys, Doll, .Masks, Marbles, Pic tures, lnslrii'lioii Buoks for Musical Instruments, Military Goods, Percussion Caps Fancy Toilet Soaps Work Boxes, Writing l)e-ks, Baskets, Faos, Music Uoxes, Snud nnd Tobacco Boxes, Speetaela, 'lhim- i.ics, 1 Colfa Lvelcts.Eiasiic. Hoot La.-cts. S-.trf- uud Sio. k ar. Dosonis, si rans. suirit Lcicls. Si ver Imjooii?. s.oiii ueetis, otc. etc. Our asst rnneiil i vcrv complete and constant ad ditions nre making 10 it, and we will tell any article as low as the very lowest. May 20. P.wnnons sV llalNSMtio. lllram Tobias Instate. WE TIIK SUIISCIUUKR, hnvingbeen appoint tn by the Honorable the Probnle Court for tlio District of Grand Isle, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands nf all per sons, against the estate of Hlll.iM TOBIAS, laic of Grand Isle, in said District, deceased, n present ed insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands ciluh ittd in ollsel thereto ; and six months from the first day or April, 1313, being allowed by sold Court Tor ihat purpose, we do iherefote hereby givenotre, ihat wo ill nlfcnd to the business of our appointment, at thn dwelling houe or widow Anna Tobias, in Grand Isle on the 12th day of September, lS13,ottcn o'clock forenoon of said day. DOUASTUS CENTER, ) r SI-.TH HO AG, Commif JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, ) """' Grand Isle, .May 6, 1913. llarnabiis I. llnrnum's llslatc. STATE OF VEHMOXT, j Tho lion. Ihe Pro-Distrk-I of Chittenden, s. ) bate ("run for ihc Disirict or C'hilteniVn : 'In all per(ls conivrnt-d tn the Estate of BXIl.XARl'S P. BAIlXtlM, laieor Milton, in 5aid Di-lrictdis-caseil, Gui.etinr. WHLKKS, Arthur Hunting, nilmiiustraKr or the e-tale ofthe said deceased, propo-es to render au ai-L'OMll t of Ill's nitmi.iislrii, inn n n, I ...... ...ti 1. a 1. against -aid esinlefor examination and allowance at instruction, than any heretofore in use in our public a se.ion of the Court ot Probate, m be holden at lb Seminaries! nnd Secondly, to rive the whole .1 uni Registers',. 1 dice, in Burlington, in said district, on the ! f',,rl" mnrnctcr by following, in each, substantially, strond Wednesday cf June next. '" Mno nrrangenunt of parts, using tho same a'i,..rof,,.rt I-..,. .. i.....,i... ...... ft.i crammatical terms, and ih .t-rini.inn. . ... . 1, ,.,.. t ... ,i,,iii;ii inn 11' 1 iiuif said court at Ibe lime nnd place afore-.iid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why tho account afort-aid snoiiiii not oe allowed. Given under my hand at Butlington, thisIOih day of May, 1913. ;iw3 Wm, WESTON, lit Bister. Wllll.-im Ilimli'si Ustatc. WE THE .sUIISCRIBER.S, having been ap pointed bv the Honoral lo tha Probata Cnnn for tho District of Chittenden, commissi mera to ro - ceivc, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against ihe estate of WILLIAM BUSH late of Underbill in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from tho clay of the date heroor, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will nltend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of II. Cady in Underbill in ssid District, on the Inst 'lues lay of August and October next, at 10 o'clock, A.M.. an each of said days. Dated, this Cih day of May A. D. 1913. JOHN WARNER ) Commis- 51v3 HENRY STOvVELL sioneis. BALES Cotton Sheeting, Cotton Yam, do Tickings, do llatts, do Drills, do Wicks, do Twine, do Carpet Warp, just received and for sale low, by 19 May, '43. Cw31 P. & II. IL DOOLITTLE. NEW GOODS AT THE GKIIMAX STOIti:. THE subscribers respectfully inform the inlnbi tanla of Burlington and surrounding country, that they have returned from New York with a largo slock ofthe most superior Groceries, Fruils, Preserves, tin. which they oiler for saleal the lowest eah prices, consisting in part of the following; 8tigaraDouble and single reiinod.Crashed, Pow. tiered and brown. TcaB.lmperial, 'Hyson, Gunpowder, Young liv en, Dyson Skin, Souchong and Powchong. Coffee Old Government, Java, Laguira, &e. FruitsMalaga and Sullana Raisins, Currant, choice French Prunes in glass jar and fancy Bones, Bordeaux Soft Shelled Almond, Fur-, Citron, Tama rind, Olive, Capers, Coooanuis, FilberU, Madeira mil, ipi Splccs--Plnnamon, Cassia Buds, Pimento, Cloves, Nutmegs, Mace, tVc. Sardines in Olivo Oil (Oullioux brand,) Oyler (a 1'alleman le,) Anehovirs, Are. Italian Maccaroiu and Vermicelli. Ficneh Pickle (Variant.-.) Walnut Catsun, Uuvlon Porter, Jtijulo Paste. Pepper Sam-r, ''a' Water, Tapioca, Union Syrup. French Sweet Chocolate nnd Superior Cocoa. French prepared and English Mustard. OliveOil, Sperm O.l nnd Can-die-, Palrnt 8 perm Candle. Castile, Almond, Va riegated Hnd Family Soaps. Perfumeries., Boston Water and Sweet Crackers, Pilot Bread anJ Sola UlsCIIII, Also.ih.) German Mineral ll'ucrt,thepirHolIaiiil (Schildam) Gin, French Cognac ami Cognao Cham, paignelor medicine, 'the ital Heidsiek Champaign in quart and pint boitle, Auiieile superfine, Swiss Absynthe, Curaeoa and Rhenish Wines for Medicine. Their stock ofimporied Cigars i unmrpasse.1, con sisting of ihe following choice brand-: La Union, He galia, Reiv-urell, Jaquer, Brillania, Princess Norma. Also, the Gorman and Smyrnia Smokina Totacco. - tkSfHEIM & MICIIOLL9. Ctltga Pj., nsii 10 Mr. Wait', LTCs.f rv- Sior. B jrlingron, May 18, 1503, " Wool, fff Wool! ROELOFSON A. HA'I IIIILIN having LcaicJ the commoilioiia Manufacturing Establishment, f.f Ihe tlurllngton Mill Co., and connected ihem.clve In bulni!awith Mr. Sidney Barlow, ((..rmfr Agent fur said Co..) nre nowtcady to ruceRe Wool to manu facture for customer into Blue, Black, Steel, Oxford, and Cadet Mix 1J R O A I) C L, OT II . To lhoc that have had work dona heretofore by Rodfson anu uainoun, iiittc necu I said 10 induce n eonunu mice of patronage, and to all others) we would say that Ibe work will lie done In a wnrkiuanli.o manner. l armers, Merchants nnd o(Air wishing to have wool Manufactured for their own use or for market may rest assured that no pn'ns or nltcnlton will le spared togivetbe lst of satisfaction. Terms of payment made case for all lot of won! Imm 1nrm Hi and un- wards; Small lots Cash or one hall of the elcths when fini-bed. Tho businun wilt be conducted under Uju firm of ROELOFSON, RATHDL'N & Co. April S, 1313. 45 NOTIP.K. A LL able bodied white mn1r pitisona betwo.-n the IV- apes of IS and 45 veir.q. resii intr in thn town of n...i:,n ...i.: . n ..i...!. j ? .1.. u 11. ...1 uuiiingiviii pui-jvvi is. i.iiiiiiiiy uuiy 111 me ju uDiiai- lion Company, of tho enrolled mihli. of tho Slate of Vermont, aro nercny, notified nnd warned to parado nt the Court House, on tho first Tuesday, theCth day of June, A. D. 1843, atBo'clock in the lorenoon. fully armed nnd CQuipned. as recinml bvlaw. for in spection and review 01 arm and for tho election of n captain, 101111 tno vacancy occasioned by tne re signation and discharge of Capt. A. S. Watncr, and to fill all other vacancies in said Company, and mere wnu lor iiirmcr nrucrs. By order of Lieut. E. Half lit, Commanding. E. L. DODD, Clerk. May 19, 1913. UltlGADi: ORDERS, No. X. Head Quarters, 3d BntoADr. 1st DivtxmoM. ) llincsburf. Man 11. 1943. I BY the requirements of the Militil Act, I hereby nimoint Hemas Alien. C01.0. Cassics P. Peck and Copt. Jocepii Hatch, of Hurlingtun, oonrii 01 Appeal lor tno mntli ttcgimrnt; and Jo seph Wiitpric. Colo. Holla Gleasot. of Richmond, Liewt. Colo. Or.vit.i.E Shaw, of Jericho, as a Board or Anneal forthech-hth Renimont. All persons concerned will tako duo notico and govern themselves accordingly. IIEMAN R. .SMITH, Brig. Gen. By Order B Hov.nton, Brig. Insp. bHATHEH. NO IV IS TIIK TIME. EC. I.OOMIS, has this day received a general assortment of Leather, Morocco, Kids, ic. Jc. also, Findings of every description. As it is not necessary that he should ennumerate articles, he wonld say, lo tho public, that ho will sell any articles in his line lor cash, cheaper than they were over before ofl'ered in this market. P. S. Good Sole Leather from IC to 21 ct. a pnunl. Hoots and Shoes. Pearl Street, May 13, 1913. 61w3 NKV GOODS. Pit H. II. DOOLITTLE are now receiving from . New York an cxtensivo assortment of Goods adapted lo the spring trade. Their facilities for pur chasing have been such as will enable them to put theirgoods in competition with any others, and they arc determined not to be under sold for cash, or good credit. May 18, 1313. El Svt WAGON MAKER. YTTANIED n fir-trntc workman at Waggons an 1 Lurrmse to go to Canada and lake an m tcrcst in thai Lranch of busine.s. Inriiiire of II. WHEELCR. 51w3 Burlington, May 16, '43 NOTICI3. THE Orist Mill, at Onion River Lower falls, will be discontinued after tho first week in June, for the purpose of being thoroughly repaired. Rye Flour, Indnn Mal, &c, will bo l.cpt constantly fur sale at the Store connected with the Mill, GEORGE EDGECUMBR. May 18. 1912. 51 WM. HURLIWT, Of the New Cash Store, is now opening and otlcnug for sale on the lowest terms for cash. a gro it variety of Staple and Fnncy Dry Goods, such as Motisclinedc Laine and Challys, rruit-, rigil Lawn, aau rrench atuslins, Silks, plain and figured, blue black and ctl'd, Fig'd Cambrics, Plain Lawns, Gloie-, Mitt, and Ho-mry, Shawl-, Handkerchiefs and Craeat, Ladies Florence Braid and other UonoMt, Ladies and Mn-es Straw Bonnets, Boiiint Triinmmzs, Ribbon,, &c. Ilrn I Cloths, CasMincrv.s, and Saiiaena, A rich assortment of Vestinzs, Genteuien's Stocks and Cravats, Family Groceries, Lamp Oil, io. Gentli'inens Leghorn Hat, Boys Leieorn ami Palinleaf do, MayJlB, TROY STONE! WARE. rilHE Subscriler ha on ban 1 a large and superior M. a.soriiiu-iii of STO.NL WAKE, superior to any 111.1110 in in.- i iini-u i-iaie-, wini-.-i nc o icrs ios sa'e al Itstbictd Pri'-t-s, and is ready to ici-eive ori'trs. pack an.ljdcliver, fri-e -l i-artaire or package, on lean! of Canal Boat-, cither for I roy, Albany, or West Troy, iui i-'isii ir iii.jirim-i -rt',T. All orders ty Mail or otherwise, immoliately atten ded to. I. SF.Y.MOUR, 44 Ferry st. Troy, N. Y., May 17, 1843. 51 IIUM.IONH' SERIES OF GRAMMARS, ENGLISH, LATIN AND GREEK, ON THE SAME PLAN, For the mo of Colleges, Academics and Common Schools. Pitblised ty llobinton, Pratt d Co. A'etr YorAr.) TN preparing Ibis series, tho rniin obiccl has been, J. I-irst! lo provide for the use of schools a set of class buoks on this important branch of study, moro simple 111 their arrangement, more complete in thiir parts, and belter adapted to the purposes of public 1 - . 11 , . w...-, rule., and leading pans, as nearly as Iho naturoofl ' 1 ,u c!,Sl- uuiu anmit in tno same languages and I thus lo rendir ihe study of one Grammar a more1 profitable introduction to the study of another than it can be, when Ibe hooka used chller sn widelvfrom each othet in their whole s!)le and arrangement, as those now in uso commonly do. By this means, it isbtlievcd, much time and labor will be saved, bulb tutrachcrnnd pupil, iho analogy and peculiarities 1 view, will show what is common to nil. or neeuliar 01 nit- UMit.11.111 tanuuuUv-B utiiij; cunsinilliy Kepi 10 cacn, me coniusion anu uiiiicuity iinnecesarilv occasioned by the uso of elementary works, diflering s-cnn 1 Wednesday of June next, widely ftom each other in language and structure Therefore, you are hmby notified to appear bo will bo avoided, and the progress of ihe studnt ')ie "id ooutt at tho timo and phce aforesaid, and much tnoto rapid, easy and satisfactory. 1 show cause, if any you have, why the account afore- l nesc works irom a complete acnes of elementary books, in which tho substance of the best Grammars in each language has been compressed into a volume or convenient size, handsomely printed on fina paper, neatly and strongly bound, andnt a moderate price. Tho whole series is now submitted to the judgment of a discerning public and especially to teachers and superintendents of schools, nnd seminaries of learn jug throughout the United States. From the llm. Alfbkd ConklIno, Judgt ,As Unittd States Court in the Northern Vistri of New Yor.'t. Pullions' Series or Grammars Bv tho rr-rrnt publication of ''The Psinciplss or Latim Gram-," this series of grammars (English, Lalin, and of the debts of said dcccitd, and settling said estate Greek,) is at length completed. To their prenara-1 one year from the 22d day of July, 113, and Ibe s -c- IS. II.. III..... 1... -).,..,. I ' .'i.l.Ih.J UVI...I....I I. i.l -o.l If.. . best portion of his life. In the composition of these hooks, he has thown an intimate acquaintance with the works of his ablest predecessors ; and while up on the ono hind, he has not scrupled freely lo avail himself of their labors, on Ihe other hand, by studi ously avoiding allthal is objectionable in thm,and by rc-modelling, improving, and illustrating the rest, he has unquestionably succceeeed in constructing the best decidedly the very best grammar, in each of the three above named languages, Ihat has yet ap peared. Such is the deliberate and impartial judg ment which has been repeatedly expressed by the most competent judges, respecting the English and Greek grammars; and such, I hesitate not to be lieve, will be the judgment formed of the Latin grain mar. But independently of the superiority of these works separately considered, they possess, collective ly, the great additional recommendation of having their leading pans arranged in tc same order, ami, as fur as properly can bo done, expressed in tht same lannuai;e. An acquaintance wilh one of them, therefore, cannot fail greatly to farilititre Ihe study or another, and at tho same tune, by directing ihc at tention or th" student distinctly to the points or agreement and of dilTerencc in the several langua ges, to lender his acquisitions more accurate, and at the simn time to give him clearer and more compre hensive view s of tho general principles of language. The importance of using in academies and schools or Iho United Slates none but ally written and unex ceptionable school -books, is incalculable! and Milli on! intending unnecessarily to depreciate the labors or others, as a friend or sound education, I cannot refrain from expressing, an earnest hops of seeing this series of grammars in general usA. They areall beautifully printed on very good paper, and are sold at very reasonable price. For sale by S. HUNTINGTON, Mw4 Book-seller, Burlington, Vt. nun, uf. uuui'.ii. into U..UUU iii.iiijr jt'niB OI IIIC 4- A Few jars Frffhly Prtpariri Ajnasr, (I'rssle letw, ' jut !!vd by PECK -SPAR. I NOTICE. THE SiibscrfUri are nv manulaoiaring and ke. f onstaully on hand a. gc-od surtmrnt of WINDOW SASKatr r,f every de.criutlun. SAoIi DOORS BLtN'DS tualo t order on tit shortest notice. All orders aOdroisod to ibe WailllllJSMlK I aubscrit ar will ractive prompt attention. 1 A,m ,v A. f-tl A Qt-L Winooski Falls, May 18, 1843. 51 ALBANY AMI IIOSTON HAIL ItOAU" Faro Reduced to 84. Fare It Boston reduced to ti to those tr.'io go tKrvugh by same train. On nnd aficr Monday, May 81b, pn-enger tram? run daily, (Sundiy txccpte'l) as follow! l.eavoGrceiil vihat 1 Lufore 7 1. M arrive in Bo ton Cr r. m. same day. l.eac Griscnbiish at J lefiro 3 r. !. loilgo ir Snringheld arrive In Hosion at 11 a. m. next day. For Worcester and Norwich Pasiengers ia' the i before 7 train trom Giccn' i ah, ni'cr.-eci tL. ?lcauil-oat train from Boston ut Worcu-tci thcuto to NorKh. For HAnTroRD ano Nrw Uavej; l-H'-engerslenv. Ing Grcenluh i before 7 A. M., take the ste.inil on at Springfield nt 12i M. Ii tl.irllurd at 3 p. sj , and proceed by tars 10 New Huven. Passengers may also leave Grt-cnbiisb al J Icfore 3 r. M., reach Sprinnlicld Fl, tbenci! by stace imnn: diatc'.y to Hartford lodge Icavu HjnfordutCJ tn .t morning in cars for New Haven. Passenccrs must leave tl.u Ticket Oilicc, In Sunw-s Hall, Maiden Lane, for the Rail-road Fciry lloal ni Cj a M., or 2 p M. the ferry boat will 1 u punctual n starting. Tickets for the cars must be obtained lo'ji 1 going ou board the firry boat. w. 11. town--i:nd, Maj'cr of'l ranpurtaticr. DKAl-'NIiSS CUIlUDt SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL, FOR the cure of DEAFNESS, paine, nnd tbedn charge of matter from tho eari nlso all thu--.-disagreeablo noies, like the buzzing of insect, railing of water, uhi7zing of steam, oc. itc, win b nre symptoms of approaching deafness, and alss generally attendant with the disease. Prepared dv II. BELL, of the City of Philadelphia, and sold at wholesale and relnil by Druggists an. Apothecniios generally in the United t'tat-s. At Burlington. Vt.. bv PECK & SPEAR. At which placo interesting fads 111 relation to tho efficacy of the Acoustic Oil may be een. II. LI. L.UAll'l-;ilT. W1.ehin2.on St. Philadelphia. May 17. AIpliciis I'ersoni.' ICslatc. STATE OF VERMOST, rp HE Hon. tl.u District ot Chittenden, si. J -L Probate CouM for the district of Chittenden, to all persons concern ed in the ctnte of ALPHKU3 PKRSONS, late ol Jericho, in said di-tri'-l, deceased, WIIERKAM, lteulen Hock wood, administrator cf the estate of said deceased, propose to render an account of his tulministrailon, and prt-ent hi- ac count neaiiint said estate for t-xnuuaat on and allow ance at a sesjion of ihe Court of Prol me, to I e ho, den at the Register oiRi-e in Rjrlmgton, ill said dis trict, 011 the second wedne-day of June next. Therefore, yo-i are hereby notified to nppetr befor-i said court nt the time and place af'orc.aid nnd she." cause, if any you have, why the account nforesa.d should nol le allotted. Given under my baud at Burlington, this first day of May, A. D. 1813. Wsi. WESTON, liegister. STATE OF VEMOXT, Districi of Chnttnden, I District of Chittenden. ; rix II r. ProbaM 1 JL Court for iho To the creditor- and others concerned in the ostalu of Alphe is Persons, late of Jurubo, in sail Di.tni , derea-ed. WiiEHCia Re il en Rockwood, administrator of tho estate of said dcci-i-ed, has made application lo this Court, to extend the tune limited lor pay ment ofthe dt-Ms and settling .aid estate one ear from the 7lh day of .May, lSl3; and the secon 1 Wednesday or June next, I eing a-stincd for n bear ing in the premise., at the oilice of the Register of this court, and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given, by pub ishm this decree thrcj weeks successively in the Burlington Free Prcs a news paper printed at Burlington, fcifure the timo fixi-1 for hearing. Therefore, you nr hereby notified, to appear bo tore said court, at the time nnd place nfore-aid, then and there, to make ol-jcction il any you have. to th'i said tune of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hind at Darlington, this firsldaj of May, A. D. 1313. 51 3w Wm. WESTON, Register. David A. l'agc's Estate. Xrp. THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap " pointed by the Honorable the Probate Court fnrtlie District of Grand I'lc, commissioners to re ceive, cxiutino and adjust nil claims and demnnds of all persons, ngainst ilie estatcof DAVID A. PAGK, late of .North Hero, ins-aid District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, nn-J also all clnims nnd demand exhibited in oll'sct thereto; andsi months from thr nineteenth day of April las! being nllowed by said court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we wilt attend to the business of our sa-d appoint ment, at thedwe'ling hon-c ol the widow, Miucrvi Pate, in North Hero, c 11 the third Ti es lav ol" Septem ber next, from 9 o'clock A. M. until 1 o'clock P. M. on of call day. Da.e-jRt.Norihllt-ro.ibcSilidavi'fMay, A.D. IS 13. WILLIAM l. UTSjKLL, Comini, 51 ASAHFL AD1.EN. ( sioncr. John Truman's INtate. WE the si.b-crilers having been nppoin'e-l by ihe Honorable the Prol ate Co-.:rt, for Ihe Dis trict of Grand Lie, commissioners to receive examine and .s-Jjust the claims an iVman Is ol a I per-uai the e.tatc of JOHN TRfMAN, late of Al V.rrii. in saul district, deccas-ed, repro-cu'ed inscivciit and also nil ilaim nnd demands exln'iied 111 o l-et thereto; ai'.tlsix months from tbeday of the here of Icing allowed by -aid Ci un tor that pnrpc se, -ve do then-tore here! y give notice that we w d attend to ibe bi. sines. of our a piunuiirnt nl the dwelling hou-u ofthe late John Truman, in Alb-irirb, in sai I Dj-ir ci, on Ihe 22 I dav of A igu-t anJ the 2ls' day ol'?cptyn I ir next, ut 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of .-aid day. Dale.1 at Isle La Moll, this 7lh day tf April, IS43 IRA HILL, 3 SCALAND WHITNEY, Couunisicocr. KLISHA PARKS, $ 51 Kbriirzcr Allen's IJhtate STATE OF VERMONT, r ry II E Hon. the Dn'rict or Chittenden, s. ) X Pioba e Court for tha District of C hittenden, tn n I porsons con- ' rerned in the etato of KHENKZER ALLEN, lata of Colchester, in said District, dot cased, Goeetiso. I WlIEREAsS.', Charles Collins, ndmiiiistratorof tha - enate or ssid deceased, proposes lo render an account of bis adminisirnlion, and pru-snt hi account against ssid ertate for examination and allowance nt a am- i.m of tho Court of I'robate, t 0 be hohlan at tho P. Mister's office in Ihulineton. in said district on thu ai.i snoum not oe allowed. Oiten under my band at Burlincton. this tenth dav- of May, A. D. 1313. Wm. WEiTON, Eciisttr STATE OF VERMONT, rpiIE Hon. tha District of Chiticndcn. S L Probale Court within and for tlio Dis'.rict of Chittenden. Tn the creditors and others concerned in the ratals of I'.BENl'.ZER ALLEN, late of Colchester, in said District, deceased. Whereas Charles Collins, administrator cf the es tate or sail deceased, has made application 10 th' I Court, to extend the lime limited for mst.inn iinvmeit 1 -"" iidhiii-ihj m ..iiv iit .i, iirniy a--iiu-,i iu hearing in the premises, at the office ot ibeHcmsfe. of this Court, audit having been ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing this dtcree th eo weeks successively in the Burlington Free Pre, a newspaper printed at Builingion, before tho fixed for hearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, al tho lime and place aforesaid, then an there, to make objection if any you have, to the I time of payment being further extended as afop'S.n 1 Given und.'r mv hand at Burlington, this tenth daj of May, A. D. 1343. Wm. WESTON, Eegislrr. TO LET. THE Lot on Pearl urect, known by the Mnrion Lot; containing abom three acres divided by n fence into two lots, which can be rented separately. The ground requires ploughing and enriching. For thai use it will be tented low. It contains about seventy-five good apple trees, part grafted fiuit. Enquire or LYMAN vV. COLE. May lil, 1343. JO .TAMISS II. 1'I.ATT, BOOT SHOE MAKER, HAS removed bis shop to Warner's ruw, opposite lo Howard's, Store, on Church steeei. Heliasa i'f assortment ol La-lice and Gentlemen' Boots, half Gaittrs, Bootees ami Shoes: also, Mbsc and Boy s Thick Boots nnd llrogan, all of which he will jell at very low prices for a Ji. All kind cf work in his line made 10 order. Please call and examnh his work and prices, be leels, confident that both will meet your approbation. Burlington, May 3, 1813. 49it, nONNUTS ANU LEGHORN HATS. A EfE" "PP'y of Ladiea' Florence and Straw 4- Donncia. anu .aien a a T.Anti.srri ll.l. to., .aaa. .a and for sale very cheap bv lbMay, 1843. glow I. H II DOOLITTIX.

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