Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 21, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 21, 1843 Page 2
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it 'UJt JJ1SCS von Govtutxuu, JOHN MATTOCKS. roa. urcT. aovcnson, II 0 It A C li E A T O N . ron TttCAEi'DCR, JOHN SPALDING. I'OR CON01ir.5S, HON, GEORGE P, MARSH, ron sr.v.VTr ns ion chittenden cocstv. DAVID IS i' A 1) , i. unit: it sro.vii. tEwiTon ran naANn isls cncNTir. WA li I, I H JIOTTi Mornl' That the names of Jolin Mattock. Hop nco r.ntnn and Joim Spalding, form n ticket itivmci lilo Iiy nil Ihe pallry chicanery nml tditisivu ribaldry l oft- defeated I.ncofocoisniand Hint vvu conticteiil- Iv look to llic People for h crilict in September so decided nnd conclusive as ru once to vindicate thcin mil confound ilieir rcvilers, Jtctoltrd'han llief 'rci1il Ifiiieiiacc of iliollon, (Jeo. 1'. .M atifii wo " ho'd the system of slavery to scribed to ils stock or otherwise absorbed Iiy it,iiii(l loaned out where it was most needed nnil would lie most productive. mo ney would liuvii heon instantly employed in building, clearing, farming, Inlying imple ments, clolli,,fcc. jiving employment to La bor nnd making n market for Product, loan '!:;tcMM which would l.avu vastly incensed " mous vermin; nnd iivjurv to the best interest of tho Mho llusinoss and llio iinnual Prntluction of " whnlepcnpleholl. of the Korth nnd of the Souili," j ,)0 Cmmlrv. Tin) fnrnier, enabled hv n ami I hat wcio nlro clie nt re, Mr. Alius ha opinion 1 , ., ... 1 . . .i,.,nni .., nnv it. il. t; . loan on uio "ccur.iv "i ins nine uoniesieaii 10 bemrt Iiy forcible, irsrtnnco lather Ihnu submission. iffwiw I lint we hao observed, mid mat wenp lilniiil. in ils hole course, thnni ministration of (Snv crnor 1'ainki Ihnt it Ins been moi useful nod most subdue, improve and fertilizo it, instead of wasting his time nnd woirsing his.lili) out to get ext'Ciitinns stayed nnd tlebts extended, honorable) that it ins been uniformly marked hy I would li.ivt; paid tho money In the Laborer Tin: tVino i'3vtfm Hume labor i work at homo; liny nt home! fell nl honiet spend at mime: cmnl.iv our own coll i trymeii in preference! help Americana I,rt t proieri .stnrricaii lamri assist American indus try t let the. South Iced ilie lNiulli the Tv'orlh mnnlv tho South) what we don't want wo will sinpnwayj whit wo ean't unUu or produce we will buy fiom lorcigncr 1 In is the ss ln,i system j tins is tlenrv t'la)'s policy. Wo love our own dear country, anil our own counirvmcn, hefori' nnv louii'ii nation s and mean first to lake caio of Ann rimn men and Amen e'an bovs, an I Amnri''nn cnlsand vinti"n. We are not an idle people i we must anil we wid live hv our labor, li feeds u and it clothes us. nnd we mean to tnkn ciiool'.lnt labor in picfcicnrti to any etn, or any power firei;'ii or domestic. LIcnec wo want a d)tnolie and proteetive tarill'. WHIG CO UNIT CONVENTION. Agreeable to notice a Convention nf the Whigs of Chittenden County was held at French's Inn, in Williston, on tho 12tl. in ula nt. Tho Convention having been ralk-d toor dcr, the f ollowiiij; officers were appointed. IIon.TIMOTIIV ror.1,1 TT, PresHlciit. ll.R';M:n W nn and ) Vien A. I.. lir.ACH, r.qis. J l're.i.dilils. A. II. M.wNAcn and c.,..; A. I.. llnAcu.Jr. J SccrctaruE.. 'On ntolion, mdeied thai a committer! of five be appointed hy the Chair to prepaio a colics of resolutions to he presented to tho Convention. The Chair appointed .Messrs. llr.Nnv Hai.g, Ai,iii:rt G. Win rir.Moni:, Koi.i. 'Gi.r.AsoN, Jam r.s Me.M. SiiArrr.ii, and As tos Lamion to constitute said runniiillee. wisdom, ft telilv. nml tvitriiiiiniii i hv an ardent dco lion to the bcpt inli rifUni Ihn Stale j hyunwiarieJ exertions to secure adequate proti clmn to our domes tic indus'ry from ihe i;eneral pnvrrnineiit, nnd loin eournge purh a eheine of Stale Legislation a would devcluro our phvsieal resource, and improve nur sflem nf pnldio instrueiion, and that we hereby tendc r In liini, on hi vnlunl'iry rclirenienl frmn tho nfllcn he has so f liihfnllv filled, Iho assurance of our continued confidence and respect. Tim resolulinns were eloquently discussed hy Messrs. llr.Nnv IIai.i:, P. .Maiisii, Joiim liAttsTow, and others, and iinaniinnusly adopted. Mr. Halo then introduced tho following that ho will now pay to tho Sheriff, and his crop would have been doubled. Wo beliuvo the absolute, loss to tho Country, from tho lion-oniploynient of tho Capital now locked tip in our great Cilic, will be nianv million. This evil will to a ureal extent cure itself ultimately ; but what is lost during its con tinuance is lost forever. The Turin' wo have is n good one, Hot withstanding a few inconsiderable defects nnd it is tho sheet-anchor of tho Nation's Prospeiiiy. Surrendered it can never ho ; nml it must never oo overtlunwn. Ami yet resolution, winch ho said would have been 1 ""'"V ""I"""1 of l''"'nd and laKhood can work ,, , . , ,., , Ills oveithrow, it will his molten down. presented by the Committee, bad they known j T(,ru .r(j Jii(jt(lss nJvt,rs(, ,() o( Wo received the following communica tion from the ltuv. Jciin.MiAii O'Cam.aoiian for our paper last week but wnio tinnbloto publish it then on account of tho press of oili er matter. For llio Prco Tress. DF.niAUiiiNo r.AUORF.its.-STonn pay. Take In review nn tho ouo hainl : that op prcssion nf llio poor ; nuking tho needy of tho land to fail ; defrauding laborer. of their wazes is a sin crying to Heaven, that brings down tho wrath and firuof Iloavcn upon tho people and nations ; a sin that will, even if no oilier sin were cmiiniilteil by them, consign the goats nn tho last day into eternal fire in company with the Devil and the damned ; and on the cither, con sider llle ahnol general prevalence of the self name sin in uur community, not only amongst Iho open ami tinilitcuifcd FWindlcrp, but aniMigst professors of religion and would. be. up. right, ("polices characters who fcoiii to believe tin) law nl' (Jnd and to bo desirnu lor llio sancti firatinn nf their snuls. Store pay and nothing else seems to he the order of lbs day, when tho ponrnio employed to build Ihe house, plough iho Held, mow llio hay, leap the rem, if they take not tlie refuse or remnant of the goods th it are, no doubt, out of fish.on or nf a inferior quality ; or the parcels nl barren lands or llio lolteriii!; houses that had been pnrcliacd on speculation durini' the p iper bauble, they will cot no wane lis oveithrow, it will liu Inoken down. or employment at all. J.vuutiio overseers nl tho Convention would h ive selected tho two gentlemen to whom it referred, as their cm did, ites for the Senate. 'tsolrctl That wo have the full"! confidence in lli" ability, npriglitnris, and political imperii v of I)A viii ltcn, of ColrhiMi r, nod I.urncn Stone, nf Cliailoile, and lb it we and ni si cordi ally recommend diem to the V.'liu Ptinodaev of the C unity a eminently qualified to represent them m ill" btate Senate !nt tail. On motion of Mr. Wliiltemorc is was fur ther lrsolrrilT'iint the nomination of the Hon. flcenon 1'. M a rfn a a Iti prc.'oinhi'c in f longress ineei." our cordial appiobation, and llial we will support It wilh nil tint honotaiilc means nl our comuiand. On motion of Mr. SiiArrr.ii llihnhed Tint when t!u Conventinn ndionrn it a Ijourn in me. I nl tin place nn lliu first day of Sep tember next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M. On motion of Mr. Ktnnshttry it was thru Itttatral That we tendtr our llianks to the I'rcM deal ol'lhi fonveutinn for the aeei ptahle manner in w Inch he has preided over its dchhriaiions. To this resolution Judge Fomxtt made a brief leply which liu concluded by saying that we had as strong n ticket for Slate, Protective Industry of this country which can liclily n fiord to spend millions lo crush tho Protection now enjoyed by that Industry. These inteicsls am now vigilant, active, in telligent, and lavish of money, while the Nome Interest is sluggish mid careless too often unduly confident on the one hand or unwisely despondent on the other. This In terest must he awakened, ntul it must put loith ils .strength in the simple now rapidly approaching. X. Y. Tribune. Innlini' congressional, anti coiiuiv oiucers as nnd i , rawn i irreilv .'mm tho ( nsirm, lloi..-.. m ' Mr. Van Ih'r.r.M and .Ir.ssn IIovt. The Al hany livening Jotirn il is engaged in discussing Willi mine Locoloco papers of tho West the question whether Jesse lhyt was or i a Con ferva! ivo or nnt. It is found it seems a very ennvrmont mode whenever one of Van Huron's defaulters becomes exposed, for tho parly toerv o it thai lie was a Conservative. In relation to Jesse Hnyt this liny answer well enough at a it, .-lance, Imt licit; we ito nt believe there can be found u Ijocofopn impudent cnoimh, amoii" the ino-t impudent ever undeitooit lo rule ami ruin a nation, ,o tot nn suc.i a pretext Not tin' y were the untnunsc nun of the pub. quandeicil in the campaign of IS 10, O l motion of Gr.tmrsr. A. Ai.i.r.x, n com-1 (!V(,r ,(;n pr(.s,.n,., tl, lu poopli', and that i Vorl;, but Jesse Hoyt deemed it incumbent on ittee of three was appointed by the dele- tti,, t,, ! ,.lnonv, ;,, zeal, which hunselfto kci-p foreign nalions, through our ttesfrnn, each town respectively to nomi- j tll(1 Wl.i.solVonnon, knevvsn well howto ,,- nleMd''ihe TX lulut lor their country, lie had no doubt tbev 1 while mo l. veiling journal may arL'iio the mat- 1 lie lollowmg natueil geiilleman were nc- , W()kl 1r;ninpli:intl v elected, cordingly appointed by llio soveial towns as 0n ,,:,, V0,,(i ,1, ,nlnscrin. 0r tt, j proceedings of tho Convention be prepared , by the Secretaries, signed hv the officers and the Committee of Nominations. HurUni'ton II. Ilradlev, Geo. A. Allen, (leo. K. Piatt. Ciaro.'c-t-lco. Pcrttins. I.csnard Sherman, A. published ill ihe Free Press. CuMc'cr DaviJ Read, Isaac Sherwood, I. W. Wi avt r. I!ttx Warren Ford, Fdislia Ford, Ahram Frot. fne'ji i't l.j mail Oorvvii', lkunn 11. Smiih, John Willi lock. lliinlln"Jon lllnrbs Urcwsler, Jalirz Fargo. .hi I ho .Milton Foul, John U. Clapp, Andrew XA'arnir. MUttin., CI. Whittcmore, Sninitel Iloardman. ItiOimmxJ Uulla Gliason, Aino!-l'. Cooper A. 11. Ma mid. fiS'ielbuin Wm. Harmon, I.yman Hall. (Jui ec Htuben l.ocUwnod. Irndtr!iill llain.ird Ward, I.rvi Warner. H'mlfurd Win. S. Wood,.lohii Allrn. Tho Conimiltco of Nominalions met and organized by appointing A. L. Bnacii, Chair man and Gr.o. K. Pi.att Secretary. The Convention then adjourned to meet at Williston on the fust day of .September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. TIMOTHV FOt.T.'TT, Prnidmt. HAIINAIin Vi'auh, ) Vi'0 A. I,. Hi:acii, ) President. A. 11. Maynaiui, I c. 1 each Jr., ( A. I.. Fjecretarics. GRAND ISI.K COUNI'V WHIfi SHNATO RIAL CO.NVn.NTION. The delegates from the several towns in Grand Isle Comity mot in Convention nt the Court house in North Hero, on the 11th inst., agreeably lo previous notice. Having orgnni- tcr to tho halislaction of itself and its leaders, from the history of llio tnii"s it will perhaps be more sali.-factnry to have the matter settled hv Hoyt huuself under Ins own hand. It appears by a docuni"!it (Xn. G3',), page 511) that .Mr. Hoyt protiahly wishing to console .Mr. Consul Davy, at Leeds, with the prospect of rontiniiaucc in cifl'iLC, vvrolo to him as folluws, under date of October lit), 1910 : "You will see hy ihe ncwpapers from ibis coun try, winch 1 sind you by iIil I'icsi.'iiiI, lint a fierce conleM is joins on for the i lection o, l'ns.di nl. To day ihe election i hi'ld in two Sialia. Ohio nnd Pennsylvania : the f.iimer will vote for (len. Harri son nnd tlu lallcr for .Mr. X'nn lluieu a sin ill mi ta e On Monday llic 2d Xov. Iho eleclinn is held in nhoni a d"Z n .state. 'I'ho vi-tory is claimed by both side, hut 1 lino's Mr. Van llurtii will succeed. Very rtspetftftillv, .1. IIOVT." In a teller to Consul O-den, ho writes: (page 41."i) "You will fee by the papers thai Wh'ggcry in Ibis eountiy isvtivmuch ustd up. ''Vciy lespeelfidly, J. IIOVT." The Ky.Co1lec.lnr was however a Conserva tive in one reuse : he enmenrd tl.o public inn. ney in hi own poche', as well as the beet ilefaul tcr in Ihn whole iaiil;s of thein during all the terms of Jackson and Van Huron, lie was nnt on'y on the most intimate terms with tho sago The Convention then adjourned till one zed by appointing the Hon. JOF.l, AI.U'.N o'clock, when tho Committee ofNuminalions Chairman, and John- W. llitmvx Secretary, on nresemoJto iho Convention tho names f motion of Hon. Samuel Ad inn a committee of . . . - lltrnn f.nin rt.t, !.,i.- tl'c nn.mln.l ,n :...,, "" TRUMAN GALUSIIA of Jmiche, and i . a"iT" ... .............. i f i,!,,,,,,,. mt vvn, , ,1L, ,,)lt ,lf writing LUT1IF.R STONE of Charlotte as camli- ! a. " P"M!) ,'0 roP-,nl f"" '""'"', ln ''' daily, keepmghun advised of tho state of dates for tho Slate Senate, which nomina tion was unanimously eh;i then addressed thu nptiroprnti) manner, expiesssing his thanl.s On motion nf Hon. S. Adams-, voted, to llio delegates for their paitiality towards j rnou.-'.y, th it the report be accepted. tho Slate Senate the ensuing year, and after due ! llmms ui general, and nt tinanrcs in parlicuhar. deliberation the committee renor'rd lhat ihov ! He Ftlll cieitiniies lo he a friend and avdvncale y adopted. Mr. Gain- ; tia,i sclectc,l WAT.LIS MOT I', Kq, of South I llf l'alr"l,i nll !u!d the latter surceed at bo Convention in n very ' Here, as a suitable person for Sla-c Senator. I''0,"??1 ceci..,ii. o would respectfully suggest , . , , i . . thu Hnyt would be for bun nio-t vorthii Sec him, liis strung attachment lo Whig princi- j pies, and his conviction that ho could more ( cnVctu.illy promote Whig interests hy not standing as a candidate for office another year. And ho theieloro respectfully ie quested tho Conventinn to excuse him. Mr. Gam siiv was accordingly excused, and thereupon tho busine.-s of selecting another candidate was rc-coniinitted to the commit tee of nomin itions, who immediately report cd tlie nanio of DAVID READ ,' Esq. of Colchester to fill the vicanrv in tho ticket. On motion, voted that the proceedings of this Convention be s:gued by the Chairman and Sec rotary, and puln.shcJ in the liiiMiig.on Free 1'res. On motion of Guy Whitney, Cup, voted, to adjourn tine die. JOni, AI.U'.X, Chairman. J. W. Rr.ov.'v', Secretary. FRIENDS OF PROTECTION ! BE READY 1 Fiom overy poition of the Union wo have accounts of the revival of liusiness nnd the Mr.'s noniinilion wiv unanimously increased employment of Industry under thu confirmed hv the Convention. j New Tariff. Property is geneially nppre- ciatiuj in value, in spite of tlio i unions con traction of the Cuirency, which is nt this moment smaller in volume ihau at nnv linn: Mr. (I si, t: , on behalf of the Committee, then reported tho following RESOLUTIONS. Tlrso'.ctd That the Wlii" of Chiitenden Counly, tar from ren inhT; llei prcsnot m an uniniportant cri fis in the. political alt ur nl me tjiinui, f-el coiupelle lo declare du'ir belief l'i it at no in rr.d In llio nalio MooJ in greater iced of Ilieir utuust activity and vyi Ijiko, Hco'rtd That the power of Impo na prolrhi'ory or resirictiveie!!id:iUiin upon ihn iniporlininn nf lor- ijn tn:rclnndr.e, fir 1 lie purpuso nl hpiini,! proun lion or of r venue, wlncli win ori.'inaliv inherent in tlie LeMHlatun s ol the several Stales as in civireicntii'E, has Iwcti irnnffi rrnl lo I nnnre, by ihn ndoDf.on of tin ('nnstiitinon of the Ft iinl Si.iks. Iltsultrd Thai (JonarrsH ouehi lo exerciso ih power of proictnon, in repaid lo all hranc'ie of ilo- inrslic inuutiry, 10 ine proa-'c'iiion oi wnieu our sou. since 1630. M inufactures of various kinds ato commencing and now branches of pro- .litrflm, !, ri. Mnntitlitr III tlin 5smiiIi :,i,il SV'tiLt ii where it was fonneily said lhat only Agii- culture could bo piosecuted. rhis i what llio Country eminenily needs a better dif fusion and proportion nf its industry and ibis thu 'l'.n ill" is ed'eciing. Three or four active Al.inulactui ing villages in Indiana anil Illinois, w hii b vv onld nlli' rotary of the Tieasury. .V Y. J'xprcss. Family J.sns. The Ray Stale Demo crat, the oigan of the Calhoun branch of Massachusetts Loco Fo:oism, propounds tho follovyipg ugly questions to ils neighbor of the Post, the organ of the Van Rureniles : "S'ln ninons this administration enn be trusted bv the deinoerai-v nan aihoea'o nf ihcir huh nriuci- pies, nnd a fav.iier of liu ir ust an I liberal measure ol L"iv, iniuent wliudi these nriu ipli demand? Is It John 1 j ler, the liailor lo Ins own pane, Ihe dupe n lusown a-oentes? Is it John C sneneer. thu Irai tor to his parly, In Mr. I'lav, nml lo the very mail v. ho nas pi ic.'ii nioi w urro lift i, ana reposes hi conli ili-ive m hinil Is it ihe SS'hm, Upshur nnd Wic'i tide, or 1 lie iiohneil irnders, llunsli iw and Porter 1 'I here is not one of iln m lhat voiihl not sacrifice Iho Deinociaiie parly ill a moment for the purpose of car- r) nc mil Iheir own selluli views, nn I iiniiumj slieunth for 'lu ms Ives. 'I Into is nullum; then lobe expect ed from this ndniinislr.nion in ihe way of siipnorlinp; deoincraiic measures or pnniiple.s, except so fir as a venal nnd, rvme pmicy inav dictnle for ihe piuposo of dteiivini; and betrayina the parly." the loads and oilier public work, although the taxes were collected in cash, pay in goods the nml laborers the paltry wages earned with the Kvveat of their brow. If this practice of store pay bo not opp'cssion of tho poor, making Iho poorol the laud lo lail, ilelrauilmg the lalmrcis of Ihcir hire, 1 do not know what to call it. Now come and see how tho practice is condom tied in both Testaments. Mnlhew v, 7. Rlo-sed arc tho merciful for thev i-hall obtain uierrv. Where is the niorev or charilv of defrauding with store pas' the poor of otic third of their wa ges who have no other means of suiiporl for themselves and fainilv I 1 ho employer. guilty of Iho fraud murder the Sou of (!od m tho pre sence of tho Father? Mailt, xxv, d'J ; I was hun gry and you gave me not to eat ; 1 w as thirsty and yo g.ivo ino not todrink-Anien 1 say to you, as long as you did ut to ono ol th-jo lo'ist, nei ther did you do it to me. Iich.old the Trutli it self declares that by feedni';, clothing, or reliev ing the poor you fsed, clothe, Himself in their por.-on, and th.i in .anii.shuig them to death by curtailing t'lioir xsycs yotl murder Himself in their pnnn. James v, i. Go to now, yo rich men, wcop and howl for your miseries which shall come upon you, your riches arc corrupted; and your garments ate moth-eaten ; jour gold anil sliver is cankered ; and the rust of them shall be for a testimony against you, and shall eat your flesh like lire. You have stored opto voursolf wrath against the last dav : II 'hold thu lure of vour laborers who have reaped down your field which by Irani! has been kept bad; Iiy you, cricth : ami the crv of llicin iiath entered into tho ears of the Lord of Sibbaolli. IJcitl. ly. I I. Thou shalt not rcfuo the hire of tho needv and tho poor, whether he he thy bruthcr, or the stranger tint dwulleth with thee In Ihe land, and is within thv gales ; but thou shalt pay him the price of his labor the same day, helore the going down of the tun, be cause he is poor, and wilh il he maiiit.iiuclh his lilo ; lest ho crv against nice to the Lord. Therefore Ihe hue of tho poor man must be paid as soon as it lalls due, the saino day before tho going now n nl the sun ; to ilelav the inv meat or lo withold under any mask or pretence nnv portion of Ins scanty subsislance in a sin crving to the Lord for vengenco. Rut the heart less unmerciful people commit the fraud tinder tun niik ol store pay. Amv sec how the pro idiet directly modems that horrid practice Amos, vnr, 4. Hear ye lint cru-li the poor and make ihu poor and needy of llio land to fad ; saying when Ihe month hoover, and wo shall sell our waxes ; and tho S ilibalh, and wo shall o en tho rorn; that wo nriy lessen Iho measure and increase the sikle and may convey in decit fill balances, that we may possess the needy for money and the poor for a pair nf shoes, and may sell Ihe refuse of the corn! Thu Lord h.itii sworn against the pride of Jacob : surely I will never forget all their work. And it shall come topass in that day, saith tho Lord God that Iho sun shall go down at mid. dav, and I will make the earth dark in tho dav light, and I will turn your feasts into Humming, and all your songs lino laiueoiaiioii. Remark lint oppressing Iho poor or making the needy i-f the land to fail, breaking them down or banishing thein ; by waiting for the Sabbath or period for settling and paying up the iiurv to compel t licit) to imy your vvaie at your own terms bv lessoning the measure, or raising Ihe pme M.'.'f, by hiring thu needy for a piirof shoes anil reuiso ol tliu corn by hiring them vv ith store pay is such a detestable sin as lo make the Lord God swear against his own chosen poo. pie that darkness and mourning will come upon them. What demon then put it mm the hearts ol tno AmsricjiLs lo involve themselves in the sams s:n. JEREMIAH O'CALLAGIIAN. American Artists. In concluding our interesting urticlo on Amorican Artist in tho July number of tho Democratic Review, Mr. Giicilvouoii, himself n distinguished sculp ton, bestows this generous eulogy upon an eminent contemporary, a native of this Slate, who is now acquiring famn for himself and lidding to the renown of his country in Italy. " As n confirmation of the statements wehnvomado nnd in support of our view of lliem, we turn with prido nnd hope lo Hiram Powers, ns Iho most reinarknblo iiutancu wo havo ivcr mil wilh of a natural nnd beautiful development. I)i-ciphned by hi previous occupations to the cx ncltsl execution, ho brought loin first tllort in sculpture, nanu mm eye, n put ironi mm and fruit of tod, which made hi first cllort in its walk n master piirc. Thu scrip nf portraits which caino frnin Ins hand durini! ihe three or four yrars previous lo ms leaving nil country are unparnueieii nv any modern woiks in that class, which we have seen. In tho portraits of privale citizen, bo displayed Iho hrcarflli as llio classic model, united to the force, the evidence, nnd the unflinching exactness of thu l)ng- ucrrent) pe. in ms imsmi i..x-i"rc?uicni wuains, no ins rnven llio tvpu by which the for. lis of oilier poilrnilsof th il sl ilcsman will bo tested I m lhat of Gen. Jackson, the indomilablu will nnd hiph puipnse of the old hero, nicotinic. His hut of .Mr. Webster i p 'rhap. hu chefd' cruvreot nortraituie. It has iho inihvidualilv nf lloudou's Vnllaire. united to llieerand breadlh of flhantrv s Scott. SSheihcrwe rcpnrd tho nctionof theheail, Ihu .aliunde of tho leatmi,or Ihe Hit ill ol Iho loriin, we find noiliing wauling. Coniparctlns l)einolhcnnn bust wilh some oftho lowering cariae lure which libel the lata Secrelarv. and von will see nl oneo the diflcrcnce between ihejjrasp of rjeniusand ihe slnf.s of inedlocril V. Diiiimr -cvenil vcais past, n considerable portion of Mr. Power's tun'! has hi en devoled to a slain,- nf live. Tin work will douhiless soon he sent lo this eounlry. Wo have seen it in the erm, in ihe flivver, nnd in the full, rich fruit. It U worthy it nutlior. SS'e hope and trust thai ils fcxlnhllion hern will not only confirm ihefanio whvh Inlv has nccorded In him, but will remove from hi paih in a for.'mn 1 ind, some or the hilteies' thorns by which tho feel of eeniuaro smiled in i's march inward peifcclion. SS'e will nnt belies o Van!, even in these time, America will allow a man. who has done so well, tn bo punished for hi de votion to hisari, nnd lo lie made lo sutler from his love for those connect! d wilh linn." tolerated by the people of this State. It is certainly no disgrace to tho editor of tho Democrat that ho is a mere boy, that he is n foreigner, that ho lias but just received his certificate of naturalization, that holms nev er yet been allowed to vote in this country, and that ho is cnniparatively ignorant oftho nature of our institutions nnd thu character of our people. All this, wo repeat, is nn tlis- graco to tho young man. lint that, being so THE CUSTOM HOUSE. Probably no political monrciivrc has been tnndo in Vermont, since its admission into llio Union, svhicli has bct'ii so strongly con demned by the public voice, lis thu late movements of C. P. Van Ness, anil Tyler in the Custom House nnd Post Office departments in this State. Except the cor rupt clique who control tho Sentinel no man of either pairy pretends to justify them. situated, he should have thu ofTrontry to make Even tho "Truo Demncrjit," ono ot tho such an unprovoked and scnrilous assault up- most rabid of thu Loco Foco papers is com on an honoicJ, cherished citizen of Vermont, Ipcllcd to speak out ns follows. Wo copy upon a man sstio lias spent ins ntu among i irom tun last svocit s Ueniocrnt. the people oftho State, who has gi osvli gray in their service, and who is knots n to tho prent mass of lliem to bo as blameless in his life, ns exemplary in his charades, and as honest and upiiglit in nil his dealings ns any man in New England that surh an attack, wo say, from such a source, should ho mado upon .siici n nian,is exceedingly discreditable to tho nutlior of it. Sihgular as it may seem to llio editor of the Democial, character in this Statu Is of some value. Il may not bo assailed and slandered with impunity. It is prized above every thing else by those sho possess it, in whatever esti nation it may bo held by tboso svho do not. It is u seiiotis cliarge to say that n man is "rrsi tutc of all deceit cy, alt morality, all honesty, and utterly corrupt'" and the rcnrt.r. of Vermont svho haso known John Mattocks for more than half u century will repel the insinuate Iiy this ' honorable, secret service 1 twurluuxttwj) SS'hen .ludeo liri.Trrs eanie into novver he fltind ihst tho inspector's office nt St. All. an was of no aft whatever to tho povcrnmenl; con"qiicntly he abol ished Iho office nlio-eihtr, then by sivin in two .......a tlin ..,... ,.f 0 Oft ... , l. , - n. . .1 t 'v.,13 ,i,.' .iiii ui 3iav iu hiu (ieiue. iu uiis rtoncru Lie net nf .Indite Uriges fitv all suid ainrn There WHS hilt mil, Htnnmn .rill nnlitist ntHiea know lint thooincc wa wholly useless nnd the sail- ry a mere ilonntion to the former iricuinlirni. Some time last .May Col. Hyde re-utnblhhed this office, nnd lb" same pmon tc-i? rt-ajijminlal. wilh a salary ni j'iu pi r auiiuiu. ana on money n taken fiom ihe pockets of iho people to be bestowid upon tli' in seni incum'riii for doing no unry icni'trer. Why should this be? Why should llus nnney b scandalously squandered upon a favorite ol iho Col lector? What icason cant'ol, Iljdeiive forbistow ing t'lo money on thai inspcdnrl The colonel knows lint llns same inspector has received nior than .M 700 under the former ndounisirniion for dolnq no.Vn'iif be nncr was 0f nnv be efit to f.c t'overn nif nl. " ll would bo ipiilo satif.iclnry to me if Colonel Ilvdo could f-'ive some cxplannt-on of Ibis mailer. The people, nnd ( specially iho Demnerncv, wish to know why ihcir money is thus shamelessly thrown nwav upon tin pet of tho Col ei tor. Whether it is for liu open public dull', nrn compensation forsoma hoiornhlr, ttr.rct service! Jusi leil ns all about it, colnnil, so that wo may bo satisfied wilh you. What does tho Trim Democrat mean lo insolent imputations of this imported shin- ! Does our neighbor refer to the popular Ira derer, next September, in such a manner as ,dilion that Van Ness had a troublesome wa- I'r.OTlXTI'l.V AOAINsT I'lICi: 'I'lLSDH. The whole ainnutit of foieigu merchandise imported into the IJni'ed Slates, in l?lt, was $127,915, 000. The duties charged on the amount w is 811, l57.(l(IO being rln-en and one linlj er cent. The whole amount of American produce expml cd, during the Fame period toother routitnos, was SSI,()(M),W)0. Tho amount nf duties levied on ins, wa.s cH-'.oi.'iMPUii iiemgons nuntliul no ract thither tho sur- I fr "'' ! ''''m average yalun r , , I nf 1 oli.inv, expoiied in lc"0-U), was y9,JJ,- l ol llio fist, anil . .lu .;llr10,ln a,ny charges were SUV plus I'l'in ilo Population givo eniploynient to any wlucli may ho nn- 'J.-,:!i 1(1 being over the- hundred percent'.- I'liiplosed in Iho est would . leiluco llio With these lads bolero the i.eonle. the I.opo cli'inie. nod nainrnl produceoiis t; nHap-ril. ! in ice of what those States must tin v. and F leaders advocate a reduction of our tariff. litvnirtu r il mt' luuu'ii ion, iii miuu iiii-niis- i . e ,. , . f-clory, both in Ihe nniouiii, nnd mode of levying, of I aise '.u.ii oi eveiy uiing nicy nave lo sell, dunes upon ocn cr.EAT ETArtB, lia nevrrihelessbeen thus increasing ihe value ol" nil the Laud, productive nf trial uiHaiila;.., by r.ducing iho ini- 'n,ber, &r. iu llio West. Monev, now al notlilwusof fornan vvrnl nnd vvoob n, nnd that Ihe , , VV'hig incni'.ins of ihe N.irdi by wlioseexcriK ns it most a total stranger to whole Counties, xvnspasced, in fpire of the nrjhs!tion of Soitlitrn j would ho largely put ill circulation : every jrow-os-.nrc entitled u. mo (.rnmiiae ol uuircoun-j j,,,, v; h;iS j,v Valuo would "J. possess a I,. Ill I III, ,i lllll, imk. W 119 ,111, MCll-M I K r l,,lll?(;, i iii.- faolrrJTnt the I'isinpnnnii ntlempi of iho cash value, I wo wouhl no longer hear ol I H ones toon .xtcm!id to the inniii buildii g nnd lo n as if lo coucdutto English and French coin. inerce, and call it reciprocity. limton Alias. I'rom the Albany Rve. Jouruil. nrcsTiiuciivi: nun at i..vNsiNfjuuann A file broke out nbout half past -I o'clock yesterday aii.'ruaou in ina siaines iiuuciieu m me uiriiJ uoui iu I.ansan iiruh, know ns llio lteiifsilaer lloutc. Ihe Plf njl.-il D.'inoer.its to fasien upon llio Wins.' the , good hoiscs sold al tho Sheriff's post for S5 ""I"" V ..'.,. J ' 1 ;s , , S r . ,,,,,, been dining the past year. Our Protective I ai ill is slowly nut constantly working vat iu ibe f ice of the notorious f.ul, lhat an incrtnir i( , r tit v upon tint artic e was a lvoca'cd hv Iho Win:', nnd n rcrlnrlicn proposed nnd urccd by Ihel.oco I'oco moniiiers of Ihe ln-a ('onirics, lire proof nf a d, hlo ratoihf '-jn iu iho liade.s of lhat parly lo dcceivo the FWc', , ,, u. ...... rJO'reo l uni i'ie i'ii'iisiinn ,.i uiu .,uiun in uiu good to ihe country ; vvr. only need intelli gence and firmness to. sustain il, and all will be woll. Let no man believe that ihe Tar- nou y oi inoieciioii n iiini'-y w in u iii-y line i:i.iiiii , , , ,, . it e i, eel nnd enjoved fir their own staide. until ihey have I" 's l',ls- beciiilsc the next llottso of Re)re jirown so stroni! ns in defy conipeiiiiou nrises from senlativcs is hkelv to bu Loco-Foco ; llio n il.ternunalioi. to sacrifice ihe fr.e labourer of the Sl'.NATI'. " the bieakwatel oftho Coilstitll .Norih lo thoflavedioldir nf Iho Sonlh, wiililiulihni; . ,, , ,,,, . , .,, the very bread from Ihe industrious fri rinnn, for lliu tion IS pretty certain to til) W lug, and vv til sake of swelling iho already i norinoii profits of the vvn (rust, hold the Destructives at bnv till ihe labour of ihe o..roSP(.I IiotKlmnn. , Colntrv ral) . nrtmsvl , ,,,l0. ,0 lir rrpre-iniiatioii of thu rioutii by the (miners of ihe t;oniuuin n. ftctolrrd That ihn flan, lately" siirestrd by nn fnunent statesman of rigulating duties by nrrnnee menl 1 with forei'-'n power., is m indf nnnraeiicnble, of doubtful poiisiiiuliunaliiv, nnd, .inasmuch nit pro poses lo purchase llio rii'ht nf iiii.i:i'( dulies hv eoncision3 necessary fatal to douicmic industf, boih virtually sn abandonment of the princ plo of pioice lion, nnd of most danjerous e.xniuple, ns lending lo incrcaso Ihe nlro id vt o great inlluenco of foreigners in our doinesiiccnncrrn. HtKofrcd That wo honor Iho nfficent tlin Chief Magiitrntn of thi nation, nnd may llnd speed the limo when we shall honor Ihn incumbent. Heiolred Thai wo ndmiro Ihe spirit which dicinted the reception lately given lo our nccidenlnl President, on bis lour lo lloslon : regardi'iir il a a simplo ofi'jr riffrieid respect to his office, coupled wilh a courteous cjneealinent ofeonteninl fir lb Hian. Ilctolrid That we reiranl Ihcre'urn In offico of tho nncient pets of l.ocofoeoiin, under the niiininn irntionnf. Ihe man whose elfciion liirned them out, ns oi Ihe linpniwt po-jsibln illuslrnlions of tho char' isnf IhiiS " master nnd men "proving vvhsr ev- rrs'Vx'dv knew hefmr. ihnl lh ir prineiplcf air- tv I -"f.xt loavrp nnd Kro liulite. one aeleis man has u right tn despair of ihe Rcpulic ! Tho greatest evil now experienced is cau sed In. the want of a National Rank. In tho absence of such an Institution, money con centrates iu our Great Cities, where it is not svanted, instead of diffusing itself ss hero it is needed nml would ho useful. Millions aro now piled up in our Rank vaults nnd pri vate deposites because it cannni bo safely loaned or invested by ils holders sons to bring lliem al 5 per cent, svhilo there aro sv hole districts oftho Country in which that money is wanted on gnod security nnd would bu worth 10. Thoro is u chasm between the class which has money lo lend nnd that which might piofitably anil safely borrow it, and ibis chasm would bo abridged by u Na tional Rank. Mad ivti had such nn institu tion for six months past, llio money now ly ing idle in our Cities would have been sub- htcvverv Ie Uineinir to Mr. Patleo. nml llienco snrcad in.' uurlh nod south, rnu'ed fur ihreu hours wilh incut fury, destroying about llurly-fivo buddings anil diun iieina nroily ns ninny more. Among the buildings cunnmd are the Itt'iissiiucr House, a lino oruK no nl. wilh ,'xlen-ive slnblts, thesis. ei' n large mini hero! brick, and woodtii dvvillum huuses; a hro brewery nnd soap factory ; the piiningoflieo of ihe I.-iiiMiielniieli Gazette: n doxen or more storis mid nearly a scoiuof workshops, shed nod nulbuildin.s ol various Kinds. 1 lie tola) nuinuni ol proper IV lies roved or uiiurcd bv llm iircennnot fall short of$l. fiOO. Ol" this sum S'.'iOO is insuied in Ihe lteu.-selacr Couniv . Mutual Insuranco Company. Tho tontli grnliou wa checked about 7 o'clock, .by the united exertions of ihe firemen of I uusiuhurcli. Waterford nnd Troy. This is much die must sciious cnlaumy ol Ihe Innd that bus esir belalau lliu vi:lcol l.nn singuurfili. Hon. D.sniui. WnnsTr.ii was cast in a suit instituted against him, us endorser of a note for $7000. Tito circumstances were these : When tlin nolo fell due. nnd was not paid by ll Mour. Compi.i.xii-.nts to Mn. Wo cut tho billowing fiom (he New York Tribune, ono of the ablest Whig vipers in the country. " dearie P. Mir', Htq, nf Rurlinglon. In been nounnaled bv die SS'bins uf iho I'ourili Dislrict in eTitiout. lie is ono uf ilie uiosl ace imnhslied schol ars in the U.i.o 1, and 1 mini liouorablv known in Ins own Sinie n a sound and learnid Inwvirnnda polme il wriler of I'lniuent nbihlv. lie is nrdenlly nt laehed to whig princip i s, nn I will represent hiscon lituenls wilh d.stini'uishcd honor, lie will bo elec ted of course." I'rom the Xew Orleans Tropic. "In the Congressional district inwhirh Mr. Slide now resides, the SS lug ( oitveulion In noinunlrrl lb Hon. (.eoree 1. mats t lor Utin'Ti'ss. he ncarle nn unanimous vote hisehclion maybe considered ns quite certain. Mr. .Marsh is a genilenian of line nbd- itie. and win no uonor 10 scrmoni nnu lo iew i-.iil'-land in Cnni'res. His fniher. ihe Hon. Chas. Marsh. nop of the purest of the old SS'lug paitiots of lint ol I SSI112 Mate, whs n vs ing represenlaipo m t onsreso many year ago, and the son will achieve and sustain al the Capiinl,-n lepuiaiion vvoiihv the if sire." "HONr.ST JACK" SUST.UNI.D HV A LOCO- roco. rrnm llio moment thai John Mattock received ihe nnnunniion fur l.ovi ruor. we have been suro thai ho would b ive the unanimous and enthusiastic sunnorl of Ihe SS'hig party, and ihn! ho would also be sustained by not a few of iho loco foco parly, who know tho man nnu Ktin.v mm nuiv io nuiiure. nut we comess lhat lb" idea that ha would bu most efficiently sup porle'd by a hm-foco press, had hardly found n place m our spepu! mon. Iiy such u p'pss John Mattocks is now most vigorously commended inr Iho npproha lion of ihepeople. Ill liorl. the Spirit of the Are is west villuinonshi otuviic him. Ofcoiiise ihe (Jen- erni win ne iruiini'iiamiy i iceieii. i.asinnn pumps the lilhiesi vvnier wlirn " mo long, low, niaei; senno nor" of locofocuism Ins tho worst weather. U'afc't man. Hurrah for I'm Ilurenl dill nf sixty-seren Innd receivers, unoer v ail iiiiren, siTii ionr were uciaui tei ! ihn o only were found honi si! '! Mini! linn llii-l ll is a fact lhat in 1313 the I.oco Focol.and Offirrrs. in nnd out of office, had Ihe runt moil sum of one million nine hundred and Jifty thou s, mil dollars, lint llio difaidtui'' I.oco I'oco Custom 1 1 oust officers had in their hinds iho round sum of one million nine hundred and tvrntu-seven thousand fmr hundred and ten dollar, m.ikini! m all Tllltl'll", r.Mii.i.inNSTiiitr.K ni'NDitr.i) and sr.s'uv. TV-.SI'.Vr.N THOUSAND I'OUIl UIMWLD AND TI'.N' DOLI. StlSII! Thesn are iho venllemen who talk nf two dollars a day and roast beef, nnd who nsk for power o'afu Jndianu Stole .fuurnul. FRIDAY MORNIXG, JULY 21, 1813. THE TYLER NOMINATIONS. Wo omilted to notice last week the pro ceedings of the Loco Convention held at Essex on tho Gtli instant. Hansom Jones, of Richmond, nnd Henry S. Morse, of.Shel- hiim, were nominated for Cuunlv Senators, Wo call these the Tyler nominations, from the fact that the Tyler cohorts oftho Cos torn House, the Post Office, and the Break. waier were well representee!, in too Con ventinn, by Mr. Parker of Williton, and Messis. Wins! sv mid St. Tammany O'llns svcll, of I'uilinglon. Winslnvv and Il.iswell were on the coiuniitteo of resolutions, and, though Parker's name does not appear in print, wo aro assuied ho was piescnt and took an active p irt in the proceedings of llio Convention. Thus aro John Tyler and C. P. Van Ness busy at svork, through their hireling agents, in pulling the ssires and ma king the family airnngeuinnts of tho Loco Focos for this county. Wo shall see svheth er tho Green Mountain Hoys will brook such inlerfeience. It has not been our custom here in Vermont to acknowledge tho dicta tion either of Virginia Slave Dris'ers, or su perannuated ileba lichees. THE REPEAL MEETING. Wo observe lhat the Sentinel's report of proceedings at ihe Repeal Meeting varies es- seutiatly from that published by us. The resolution of Mr. Haswell is publ'isdied in full though it catild not be obtained by the Sect aries, and Ins remarks aro reported mnre at length and contain sundry tilings omitted by ihu Secretaries in the gieat hurry of making up their report. This is well enough though wo svisb the resolution had been furnished, that sve might h ive published it willi the rest. While speaking of this wo will remark that the Secretaries have requested us to supply in omission svhicli gavo them sincere regret. After the Rev. Mr. O'Callaghan had replied to Mr. Il.iswell for tho last time, James O'- G ratly Est), mado n short but spirited appear to the meeting to dismiss tho resolution of Mr. Ilnbsvell as irrelevant, but staling at the same time that he should oppose its passage if called to vote upon it. The speech of Mr. O'Grady, though short, was very well timed will make tho blood mount lo his leurples if ho has nn honest drop in Ids veins. (UMIin. John Quixuv Adams passed through this town in tho boat last week on his svav to Montreal and Qnbec. The ven- crablo'patriot was in the oniovment ol liis tixplicit in hi nllcgiitions usual good hcullh. It is hoped that on bis return ho may be prevailed upon to stop here for n day, tint our citi.ens may see tho time honored Statesman, w bo after reaching the highest em this station, has so long slood in llio halls of Congress, the unyielding champion of liiitb and justice, the bold ami u ncom promising advocate of Northern lights, and the rem lisoh'ss scourgeof Southern Ilo' spur. Long may the veteran legislator live to adorn the House vv biih bus so long been the theatre ofpatiiolisin ni.d eloquence. wirH on bis hands of whom he wished to rid himself, nnd that the Depuiysbip al St. A. was established as a sort of marriage settle ment 1 Is this what the Democrat refers to? Will our neighbor please lo bo a little moro We see the Sen tinel took no notice of the questions proba bly because they were not sufficiently spe cific. But if lliu T. D. really meant to say that tho depuiysbip in question was estab lished meri'ly lo provide a marriage settle ment upon the husband of one of C. P. Van Ness's inistiesses, he ought to speak with a little mnre boldness, for sve are sure the peo ple nf Vermont will bo very slow to sanction such an operation. Again sve say will tho Democrat please define ils meaning a liltla more exp'icitly 1 To bo suro sve think tet understand him well enough, but then our neighbor of the Sentinel, who is perhaps a lit- ARPvIVAL OF THE CALEDONIA. The British Mail Steamer, Caledonia, dull of comprehension, dent appear to ai rived at Boston on Monday evening last. ku0iy what he is driving at. She left Liverpool on the 4th instant ar rived at Halifax on Sattuday the loth, where OyTho Vermont Patriot, tho most influ- sbo was detained five hours. She has made O""-'', tlic ,,,ost !ll1'- alul 1110 n''0,it " her passage from Liverpool lo Boston in 13 Locofoco paper in the state, says of davs. Sho luings London papers of tho (id ' Mattocks and Horace. Eaton, that inst., being 15 dass later than the lat advi- ," As JIE' et Ai-.r. entitled to kespect." cos. Tho new s is ....important. Tho learn- ' As the Watchman says of .he Spirit of llm ed Doctors of Oxford University undertook ! Age if tho True Democrat was capaobo of to confer thu degree of D. C. L. upon our inmisler at the Court of St. James, but were prevented by tho inteiference of the under graduates on tho ground that Mr. Everett was a Unilarian!,!! The proceedings of the under-gradii.iles wore disgraceful in (ho ex treme a club of pot house rioters would' have been ashamed lo h ive been engaged in j them. And several of iho English papers I have the decency to denounco them. Allans , iu Ireland aio still in n very excited condi- appreciating ajusl and cutting reuuKe, wo would commend thai line to it. JOHN TYLER. Wo cut tho following piragr.iphs from tlo lust number of iho Democratic Resiew, for the special benefit of thu Custom House and Post OlTicu Departments. Tho editor of tho Review, bo it understood, is tho sworn fi lend of Van liitren, and speaks with em phasis the voice oftho Van Burcn branch of flw, tvirle-. ditiyn, and serious riots have broken out in i ' , . ' "The sp'ctaclc presume 1 ai ashinston is ecr- Wnli'.s. In little hail been dono ' ,,,!,-( we into the coarse wur.l. 1 ut u mut out !) I .- . . . ... I.. .t, ll, -n r r i-d ihr. I certainly the most disiutling ever el exhibited by ! ol interest 10 in. lu tho House ot Louis the i a,lmm,'sll1m, of our' rnl government It Canada Corn Bill had been read a second j almost cnoiuh to turn thestomaih of an havat i nan, . .r i il .1 1 II . nt'.lln ,.,.. tie ne I'cmucrJi ur , .ir. ,w ikwiiuhj uu .um. time, svu sua., givu uiv uni "i h"'Ji " s, nut next week, mrilur, Mr. SS'ebsler risiding in Waslunsioii. but liad nil ngent for Iho inaiiagemcui of b.s piivnle busi ness in Itoslon. Thu holder of the note sent notice by mad tn Air. SS'ebsler, nt SVashiiiKlon.of llio non. p-iyineul, bin ibero was no prouf thai ho ever rei civ edit. I'oi .Mr. SVehsler it vvn nniniauied llmi thu nolieo should have I ecu sinl lo lloslun, wbero it wns known he had his duuiicil. 'I ho court, however, held ihnl iho inniling of the nolieo to Washington wns, under iho circumstances, sufficient notice', and gav e judgment against Mr. Wibsler. U ve expected. The fLatlessnnd f.iilbful coursaof John .Mattocks wins iho lispes-i nnd even ilia votes of not a few of those, who do not oirreo with him on all .poluicnl points. Of this elans is Air. SS'etherbeo of Danville, mo nig uisinci coiivcnunu nnd nnnouneed his mjipon e)( " honest Jack " II atrhman. effective, and quite sevcio upon Tainany," mid nothing but the hurry of making tho report, and tho confusion svhieji marked ihe close of ihe meeting, could have prevented the Secretaries from noticing it in its order iu the icpnrt. t iIfTtru e democra T. This paper devotes two or three columns to to us this week, which we must contrive to an swer in n briuf paragraph. Tho burden of our neigbboi's complaint seems to bu that sve ailed him n "foreigner." This, bo insists, is an inexcusable outrage upon decency and good manners. True, be admits that ho is it " foreigner," but then ho cunsideis it gioss scurrility in us to call him so. To bu suro, bo considers it no disgrace lo bo a " foreign er." He seems rather inclined to plume himself upon tho fact that he is one. And in svlril, then, pray tell us, consists tho" in decency" of our charge ( If it is no re proach lo a man lo be called n foreigner and wo certainly have never pretended lhat jt was in respect was our language " scurrilous " Our neighbor wouhl do well lo look a littlo moro closely lo his logic. Tho Democrat next undertakes lo apolo gise fur ils indecent and filthy assault upon General Mattocks, and lhat our readers mas seo willi what dexterity llio cdiior ex cuses himself wo will quote his language. It is as follows : The indecency oi our Jemarks wns derived from iIip subject ol inov irenien. ,111111 was oe-r ci associated with Jobil Mullock lhat wns not inde cent? SVe can nssnro tlin Tree I'ri'S lhat it was not f mil love ol Ai dirty work we undci look ihe dissi c lion: but r 'C"i a ' nro i 'he watch-lower, ns fie suaullini of Ihe peo; U 3 rmhls, we could not in justice lo lliem nml to nursrivis remain sueni, nun (Xr'Read ihe proceedings of the County Convention which will bu found in another part of our paper. We shall endeavor tn procure an abstract of some oftho speeches which svere mado there for our next week's paper. IIAIL STORM. A violent bail storm passed ever llio towns of Essex and Jeiicbo in this County on Sat urday 8lli hist. The stones vvejre uf uncom mon si.e, some ut them being as large as an ounce bullet, nnd none much below those , ',.,igincr ofoific concti! iuch feebleness and sveh petty activity of i'null intri't' tti-'i prei-nston of purity and meh shumelenncss of jmtltical reunfifv-sucli nlTeculiou of Hide pen 'cut diDiuiy, nnd suib f.i.vnmz for llio scornfully refused favor of n crent nnd nuble ptty, ic'iose smiles ore nercr lobe propriatid tysucamtn and suit -neons 'lake it for all in all, We ne'er shall look upon its like again!' " The writer proceeds lo charge Mr. Tyler with trea chery to bis former friends, npologizcs for having ev er inset led his porirail in the Review, nnd quotes frcm nn old number doubts then entertained of the princi ples on which Ins administration would be conducted. Ho ihen procredsns follows : " Tho doubts then entertained with regret hivs been since veiy ifieclunlly dissipated by Mr. Tiler himself, liis recent course in the particular above nllu.ied I" llns ss dualized appiicnium of nil Ihn power at n.s cnuunnnn, townru ,tini,,i,slns Ss miirbi lu, vni.Ptcil nvcrv tic mridenlisuriliiy nthis nope. ora uemncraucnom- tliniensions As miglit lie txpe cn.ei, a vers . ;. ,. .,ujcss , hich ih lament, iblo desliuclion ol ciups, tiees and ,nrl.'S and the mote substantial favois of ollue nt . , , in, i .1 not only gianied bui lendeicd lo noy I emocrat ofde- windows was tho result .Many houses had icm jai;u. gtllmini,. m c lief.iund willing locon but here and theie a pane of glass left iinbio- j uiinuato'lii nself withilu d sgusifidness of such poll 1 , ... i i ' licnl preislitution liu wholcsa e nnd retail venality ken. Slout corn was totally demolished, and ' nf pnirunnpc. not only bestowed at ihe central depot 1 1,,, i, ..,,. f,,li.. nlTiuli ii..i s milie slrin- ' ' Injher diplom.ilic bill" s for Ceincress.onnl sup thu tender luliugo ol litut tuo quilo strip- , porl nna tiovoiion. but peddled nrmmd ihe country peel ufi. Several eaidens svtro- completclv 1 wheti vi r n little village postmaster can ibefe-und su ,. , ,. . , " peeled of Iiein2 suspicious as loihezi al nnd sincenty oereii ui nny green iinug iu ni.uis wnuiu ;,f us a. nchiiK nl to the .Sdniunsirntion nil lln, w s.iv, folliiHing so clo.-elv ns it did on ilie lieelsot .xir. Tv lei's ovyn ucent professions on these very idenii ml points of political principle, not only necessarily inspires u wilh nn inter disgust foi his present course of nduiini.straiioii.nnd distrust for nny ibing that can iDino out ol'il within ihe period for which iho coun try has yet M ti.lerata it ; bill also, rellecting back up on the nast llm hehlnf ns illustration of the politicsl', has ever before occurred in this re- ! character of .ho man w ho could be cnpnbleof it.exhi- ' bus him in an aspect which compels us lo nssent Iff gion. The storm seemed to travel northeast, I the justice ot ihelasi lliiier.ngof the portraits recently , , , . , ,e .i I ilrnwu of him hv nil iheoiaiorsand pditorsofhisown culling out n belt about halt or three qnar- '."jV,,; pa"iv. If our lnnc.nRo U, we cen ters of a milo wide. Wo aio sorrv on Prof. wo hive lost all patienco with the subject of ,. , . .i . I which it speaks," Espy s account, lhat wo a.e not able to wi.u g iy . WinIow, vt Co. to th a scientific desc. ipt.un of this rare ciuiosity in j abovc (mm ,,,,, , of Lo. his line, but perhaps ,t may have thrust its coforoiM1)i ,0 Democrallc Review What no,o into the garden Savan, lo, .. Ti.nnnv l)f , Breakwater do- mav uo uiuuteii in uuuguuu nieieai, io ex-, . w.ii ..... i-.i. . rlin, l,ll(llllll, . , " V. llltt UI. ...... llirifly onions and beets had been. Wheat, rse, oats and barley were converted into stubbles, without culling, nnd even herd's grass was in several instances extensively beheaded. Wo believe nothing like this in Tlio lion. John Quincy Adams, arrived in our city hy Iho 11 o'clock train from tho F.ast, on hid way lo Saratoga Springs. Albany Eee. Jour. Strango as it may feem, svo believe this is the first time Ihn venerable F.x.l'residont was in Albany. Tho present is his first visit to Iho Springs, and liu has never yet been to tho Falls of Niagara. AT. Y. Com. Ailc. Mr. O'Couiioll, in a great sjiecrh, before the Loyal National Itopcal Association tho 15th of .May. made tlio Inllowing striKUig ipioiaiiou. "The history of Ireland can bo traced through the statute look, liko tho track nf a wounded man throne;', a crowd, by tho blood. poso ils wandering depredations to ihogazo of the public. fIT" Tho Whigs of tho fourth Congress ional Distiicl held a Convention al Dauvill on the li-'lli instant and nominated tl.o Hon. llr.Nnv F. Janes, of Washington County, as their Cdtidid.ito for Congress, ami appointed Hon. Kit ictus F.llltli.lNKs of Caledonia counly as delegate lo the National Conven lion nnd Gen. E. P.' Montpelier assubstilute. Of the convention tho Watch man speaks ns follows ; , 'I'he District Cunrenlion. wa have barely room nnd nine in sav. was well alien Usl. though rnnidv or .via. I'Eces-cv, all moiivlitv, ail honesty, asp ! from I alcdoiiu Counly, and n pood spirit wasm-mi- iisieu. i nn ruiui son oi pmu n ), " " ,,in ranks, nud itecin ojo, we believe vitl lie liiou'li'. into ncuvv employment. SS'e wcio particulaily iimtdled in lebolduigin Iho Oonvention a largo number of ,,n,,,r Iiiielheenl. nnd several ol lliem moved .... ..'.i . ... l. U,inittil. ilrr.'n.lprtt nf llm lr,i t-.,i,l Now svu havo no idea of nllosving ourself ican failh jt is n hopeful omen, nnd ebid young tn ho excited by this cluhlisli rant nnd black nuurdism. i ...,. li .,.!il, nil r ili,i,ncs ihn cncli ' never lei tlie clamorous' iiiouiliiiig of rioeracy, by who wrote It, with nil calmness, that S'IC" j patly hacks and detaining ilennpogues, blind t.s ti angua"o from him in regard to General the truth, that the priiu-iplesand policy ofiho svhigs B , . , . . i, .,' now are, in nil iheir tiiuin lealurrs, identical with those Mattocks is not in good taste. It is not wi,ich were sustained by Wfuhinstoii.Jeirerren, Msd only exceedingly foolish, but it will nnt bo , ison nnd Monroe. SEE THEM PCI1LICLV IN'CLTEH nv OEISO CALICO ITON Til PLVCr.lVTlIC Oe'OERNATOBIAL CIIAIB A MAN VOID -,,nnl pT AS Tlir. PETTV INI KlQl'ISO CLI0.1'E W HO PIIO cciiEii ms No.MisaTloN. Nor have we done with him vel. We've a stoty to toll wor.h two of our lasi. 'I he shall rue tho day they put in nomination John Alntioclis ,,Jn in nersevcremthis noble inili in this, llio eoo?i -l.l ....iVn ,rn,l. llirnncll ulni-li ihn nnl.nn I,, id jiui vvu tiasuiu iiiu suuiil: iiiuh heen lilesseei won prusiiciuy nnei irne eiory. ror be kind enough to givo us their opinion LITIT.ARV NOTICHS. Tlir. Xohtii Americas IIeview, No. cxx. Jcly, 1313. The present number of llusold favorite indicsle that ils r.ditorial charpe has f illen into good hands. Mr. TranCH llovven, who has recently succeeded to Dr. l'alfiey, ils late HJilor, is ono of those quiet ond unobtrusive, yot'sterhns nnl accomplished scholars, so many of whom may bo found in the literary cir cles of Boston. Ho has lonpbcennconlributor to the pages nf this and oilier periodicals of the highest char aetor, and hi writings have been so much admired, lhat the public have rceenily called for a cofcled ed'u n, a compliment paid lo but few rv-vvtrs, whether on tins or trio other sale ol ihe water. Ant. 1, is nn ahlo nnd eloquent paper onlhe"fs and Character of 'Vhomis Paine." Wo fully sym pathisowidi the writer in his manly exposition of the depravity of Maine's moral character, nor would wo bo the defender of liis political conduct i but in hii detestation of the man, it seems to us ho has done in justice both to bis intellectual power, nnd his Uevolu. tionary services. Tho testimony of SS'nshinclon himself sets this laitor point nt rest. "Musi the me. rils," says ho in a letter to Mr. Mndison in Uhalf of Paine, "nnd service of common sense comiuue lo slide down the stream of time unrewsrded by t) country! His writings certainly had a powerful ef fect upon (ho political mind" And th furl thet fci

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