Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 21 Temmuz 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 21 Temmuz 1843 Page 3
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writings produced n "powerful ciTcct" ij lha pest ovi dence of their ability, Tho "Crisis" was n to nes of labored nnd eflectivo papers. It was one of these, appearing as it did just nt tlie crisis of that most gloomy period of tho Revolution the winter of '7? and '73 that did moro perhaps limn anything clso to bring men to their reason, and to counteract tho el forts of that seditious cabal, which was fast undermi ning tho influence of Washington, by seeking in every possible way to destroy tho almost universal confi dcnca'uhjch w as placed in his ability nnd integrity. What would liavo been tho consequences if the at tempt had proved succe-sful I f.ct tho answer to this determine tho merit to which Paine is entitled, for throwing a most powerful obstacle in tho way. lie ides, soon after thenprcarnnco of Burke's celebrated " Reflections upon the French Revolution," thonppo ila party casts about for some one to reply. And whom did they select 7 Whom, but Thomas Paine? It is fair to presume that I'aino was no intellectual pigmy, or ho would not have been pittulby hit friends against so powerful on antagonist. Hut wo must top, or fall under tho suspicion, perhaps, of enter taining respect for other poinisnl his character. Tho article is well worth thcatlcniivt perusal of every ono Interested (and who is noli) in American History. Theothcr ntt-eles, which we hue not room to no tice more particularly, are entitled "The Fisheries," " Stephens' Incidents of Travel in Yucatan," "Nor thern Lakes nnd Southern Invalids," " Miss llremcr's Novels," "Classical Studies,"" Ncstoriati Christians," and " The Mutiny of the Somers." Graham's Lames' and Gents.' 3Iaoa7ine, July-. This commences a new volume, and is as usual finely embellished, and full of interest to belli grave and gay. Cooper has a Sketch of the Life of l'aul Jones, and Judge Conrad of Louisiana, contributes a Poem entitled "Tho Sons or the Wilderness." Lady's Rook, Jclv. We should not dare to say anything against ibis Hook, even if wo had a disposi tion. "The Perilous Feat " is nearest to our liking of any plate we have seen Ibis many a day. Select LinnAnv or Religious Knowledge, No. 7, Jcly. A monthly publication, designed to circulate in a cheap, nnd convenient form the last Religious works. " D'Aubignu's History of Reformation" is already finished, and "Llorcnte's History of the In quisition" is in its second No. Price 15 els. Rocert Merry's Museum, July, 1S-13, SI per year. The above publications may bo had at Harring ton's Bookstore. CORNELIUS P. VAN NESS. This genllurnnti seems now to bo in litgli feather nl Washington. It is said, am! we have no iloulil with trtilli, that Van Ness and Spencer have every thing tlipir own way. To what an cxirumity must John Tyler be reduced to fuel obliged to resort to such u broken down Imck for advice and assistance. The following paragraph is fiom a Into num ber of the New York Tribune, and is the most glaiing instance of official corruplion with which tho public havo recently made acquainted. 0 ir late Minister at Spain, C. P. V -n Ness, it seems stood charged on ihe books of the Tieasury with about S10.C00 for money drawn as salary and con tingencies of ihe mission to Madrid, afitr he hod been superseded in that office. All ihe facts nnd circum stances w ith the case, and on vvbieh Mr. V N. relied for his disrhaigc from ihe habihtv, had been carcfiillv considered by .Mr. Furs) th, and pronounced insuf ficient to invalidate the demand, and .Mr. Wcl Her nnd I is successor, I unilersland, have declined to vniy that dpe'iHinn. In the pleiuiude of his power, Imuev er, Ihe President of the United State has seen ft not only to order the acco-itil lobe tancttlid l- the corny trailer, but a balance lo be 1 tiid Ihe late Miniblcr of about S.'.CCO! Tins is the man who has hern so busy in restoring tho old dynasty hero in Vermont, whose word was sufficient to foist upon the people of this stale, even against tho earnest remonstrance of the whole Loco Foco party, audi men as Hyde, nnd Winslow, and Hill, nnd Tarlton, and Eastman nnd Haswell, most of whom have been suckled at the pub lic expense for iho last fifteen years ! Bui thank Heaven Van Ness can't force them all through tho Senate. (UTlio oh.'ciiun in Louisiiua has result ed in choice of two Loco members of On gress, ono Whig probably, and one not heard from Tho Trues Democrat, though, seems to have got relurns by Express from the whole statu ! C?"Tlio Whigs of the fourth Congression al District in M.tiiip, have nominated Lu Tlintt Severance, Esq. Editor of the Kene- bnc Journal as their candidate for Congress. This is the distiict in which Hon. David Hiionso.v, the present member, resides. Mr .S.'s district was cut up by tho new apportion ment, and the consequence is the selection of n new candidate. Mr Severance, if wo may judge from his paper, is a very able man, Aad every way worthy to represent the dis trict. His paper is one of the very best in jdio whole union. Ho will bo elected. CT' We understand that I'lnlo Evarls, a young man about 21 years of age, was drown ed, in Bolton, un tho 1-lth inst. JIu was bathing niih ono of his companions nt tho time the inelancholly accident occurred Papers in Ohio arc requested to notice. 4TII OF JULY CELEIMtATIONS. Tho fourth was celebrated throughout the Slate this year willi moro enihusiasm and good feeling than is usual even on such oc casions. At Norlbfield they had a union celebration, at which the following toast was drank and reccivrdwith markcdapprobalion. The Gocernor of Vermont A natho con of the Green Mount iiiu,- mav e never be dependent up on immigration for our Rulers. To this sentiment governor Paint, respon ded in a few neat and appropriate remarks acknowledging with pride that he was a sou of tho Green Mountains, and thanking the company for the kind manner in which they had received iho toast. At Pcjtchatn, the residence of Jon.v Mat tocks, the following toast was received with tremendous nppluuso by an assembly of more than 1500 people. The three distinquithed Oencrali General Peace, General Prosperity, and General Ma'toiks. Tho day was celebrated with great en thusiasm nt Woodstock also. Among tlm toasts which wero drank wo select tho fol lowing. Ily H. II. timings, r.fci. The Drama of three Acts -The Siamp Act, theTea Act, nnd ihelloston port aci, n iiuii prouiiceu mo mucli admired alter niece, NAineiicnn Independence. Uy O. P. Chandlet Esq. who presided at thn table, f The Kvcrgreen State-May tha genius of Liberty, when holly pursued elsewhere, a rerugc in our mounl.uim. To this sentiment tho Hon. Jacob Colla- mrr niado tho following felicitous responso wliicli wo copy Irom tho last Mercury. Sib White on this day wc would chciish a hrncv. oTtnt palriotisrn, embracing our courilry and our whole country, it must Icexpccicd we bhuulel retain so much of iclf-respect as to remember n,,r n-n mne s a state, ond our claims, as a member of the 'great Falerr, As the citirens of Vermont, let us gather up with filial and patriotic zeal thu incidents and fW turiefourrly history, and insist on our rank and First, then, let it bo remembered, that ours is tho only state in INew England which novcr was a colo ny. Wo werom torn, and never were In bondage to any man. Again Let It bo remembered, that Vermont wa tho first horn child in this family nf renoblies. Hum to the respoctablo parentage of the thirteen old origi nal stock, wo camo forth the child of frcn oare.nts. and wo claim Ihcrefoie, in tho family, tho right of ptinio geiuliire. Lwit n4o bo remembered, that thcfilhcrsand pio neers in Vermont had, in tho revolutionary struggle, a double war to sustain. They contributed their full proportion of trcasurso aiid of bloo.l in contending against the conimun enemy, nnd doing batllo for tbu national independence, as tlio capture of TiconUnoga, the battles or Hubbar'.on and of ilennington will bear witness. At thosamu time thevwrrn eiinitipllcd III tli-fend themselves as a state. against the claims or .'New Hampshire and ,cv i ot It. How will thoy undtrstood their rights and bow manfully they sus t'liiird ilium, iho result, ourt.xisicnceas a state, heals witness. Let in remember, ton, hniv l-irrrp n idinrn nfibe blond of the revolutionary soldiers Is belling i'l our' vein". When tho war nflhn roi-.diitinn i-ln-pil and ihe ntliccrs and sohlitrsof tho army were dihindid no iiicwnnu lorn nonie, a nrgo portion sought mat huiiH-inltio theniuir slate, Verinnnt. Henco we lini e had the lirgpst roll of revolul mirv pensioners ol any slate in Ihe Union, in ptoportion to our poptih- nun. uniiisiono t vpccicei irom tho cliililrrn ol such parentage, ami what teturnsanl respimsibil.tif--, do such tirim-iples imply, in virtue, intelligence, deci sion efclnrnctcr, patriotism 7 Curs is indeed a country nf high nreen hills and deep valtics, but it should be tPinenihered, that in uch lo cal iiiu is ever nurture el the strong and unconquerable nttachmcnt to Iho cuuntrv, as in tho highlands of Scotland nnd Ihe Alpnf Switz-rhn I. Our, tin. Is a countrv of compilative!)' slrnlc sod nnd severe cli mate. Wc hive not the. broad acre's, rii li savanna", leep prairies with which the younger and more fa vored sons of tin! r-innlv have been furnished frmn Hie pntnininv nfnur f ithcrs. Hut there is ono article of produce in which we must not s itT-r by competition or comparison crtiinnt must lurnt-h Men. In elo-ing, .1 iiel tri-' ollatilcr oil, -roil I he tuinwintz The I'io leers ami Pa'rhrchs of Vermont. Tluv sliared larcclv in thodefenco nf iho country ngim-t ihe common enemy in nur glorious revolution, and at the same lima tllev asserted and imintainpd nnr stile iodepeiidpnce against the demands and usiirmtinnsof nliier slatis. Let us cherish a icsiioct for their inein- ory, stu ly their c'nrncte", improve on their intelli gence and mutate tin ir virtuis. BALLOONING THE ATLANTIC. Mr. J. Wise, the cclflnaled balloonist, gives notice lo all Hie wot Id, that ho will ve ry shortly make an ;uri,il trip with his bal loon across the Atlantic. He thus concludes his communication : The llilloon is to be ono hundred feet In diameter. which will given nctt ascending power of niciiiy-five thousand iiouuJs bciiu anility s-llliii ienl In hliilie rv- cry thine sale and comfortable. A sea-worthy boat is to tie used for the car, which is lo bo depended on, in ease the iiuinon should h ippcn In fail in accom plishing ihe voyage. The boat would nlso be. ealeo. laled upon in case I he regular current of wind should bodivirled from the course by the inllnem o of the ocean, or through other causes. Thei'iew to consist of ihrcoppisnii, viz: an .Eroiwut, a Navigator, and a rr icoiilio l.anilsiuau. There-fore, the heotilo of Knrnnp. AfYtpr,. Adi. nn,1 all other pails on lliu oci-nn or eL-uvv here, who have never en a I'alloun. will bear in mind, that it is a larpe Globe nude ol"e loth, ensconced in a net-wnrl;, with a sloop haugin; imdeiiieiih it containiiiu iho 'la tesl news fiom llioU. Stales,' with Ihe crew nf the world s obedient servant. JNO. WISK. Animal I'iU'ons. The venom nf the boo anil the wasp is a liquid contained in a Rina'l wsti. etc, forced through the hollow tulia of the ttiiitr into the wound inllictcd by that instrument. From tho evperiinc'ils of l'untaiia, w o learn that it boars a sinking icsoinhlancc to the neiis-rni nf tho viper. That of the bee is much longer in liymir when exposed In the air than the vcnciin nf the wasp. The ttin of the bee should be immediately extracted; and the best npplica lion is opium and olive ml, one drachm nflli former linely powdered, nibbed down with one ounce of the latter, and applied to I lie part af fected by means of lint, which should be fro- tiiont!y renewed. No experiment upon which we can rely have been mule on the poison nf the spider tribe. lVotn the rapidity with wlrcli these animals destroy their prey, and even one nnouier, wc cannot eioubt that their poison i3 sufficiently virulent. holt poultices or Irosh flesh, bread and milk, or in tho absence nf these, even mud, are e.vcol lent applications to the Minus of insects, and even the biles of the most venomous snakes. I he Fpecific recommended in such cases for in ternal use, are not tn ho compared in efficacy Willi the timely application of a poultice of the llosh of a chicken or other animal recentlv kill. ed. The flesh nf the rntilo-smikc ittelf U in some parts of America reckoned to po-sess spo rific virtues, and doubtless will answer nearly, if not quite as well, as any othei trood soft i ii.1 moist poultice, which williehloin fail In effect a cure when promptly applied and frcquentlv re nuwed. In this way Ihe nritatieui and inilam. nation induced by the poison in the part bitten, is often arrested at nnce. auil nreiented from evleiiding to vital parts. Thoto cnnclusion. are ihn results of experiments made with tho pnsoii ol the rattlesnake, in which tlio ino-t celobrau.'d Indian and other specifics wore used with little it . ny a ivxn age. Farmer' Uticyo'i . S. II. f. The Society for Religious Inquiry of tho Uni vcrsity of Vt. will hold its annual Celebration in the I o.v brick Church on Monday the 31st nf July at half past soven in the Kvi'-niug. The address w ill be del.vorod by Rev. Zhna's Ilt.tss. Tho public an; respectfully invited to attend. ISv Older nl tlio Socio! v. JONA.J. .MARVIN, Cor. Secretary. 1'rom iIip Vt. Chrnni le. Usivt.rity i v Vebmost, ) Hiirliii'itun. J The annual commencement bribe University of Vermont will bo holden on Wednesday ihn s.-cond ilav of August. 'Ihe anniversary of the society fur Itehgi.uis Inquiry will be haldeii on .Mond.iv eve nin previous, liclore-which a elisrotirso will be'dehvered by Itcv. '.enas Hliss. The annivrr-nrv of ih Liicra ry Societies will bo holden nn Tuesday nfiemoon bforo which an oration will ho pronounced bv Rev' Mr. Itrounson. Junior Kxhibiiion will Li-in the nf-ti-rnoon and evening of tlio same day. Al tho i-oiiebmon of ihe commencement rxcrc'ses a Lulngy will bo pronounced on iho Hi,. Itcv. fr M irdi by Rev O, II. Cliecver, ofN, vv Voik. Mui!i-iii, impeding tn enler nt CoaiuiHicemcnt, are rrquested lo present themselves for e-Aniiinaiiou on Tuesday morning pricidmg rninmcnccincnt. J. v iicelcr, I'rest mtlGHTON MAItKnT.-Jj. l0, ISJ3. At Market 200 Heef Canlo 00, pairs Working Ox ), 15 Cows and Calve-, :000 Sheep, and 30'Siue. Prices L'eef (.'ufc Wemioto Tirst quality, 4 CO. seeoni! quality -1 'a. . 2j; Hurd nuahtv. 3 75 (S 4 Q-, Working Oxen Coirs and Calces Sales at 1C, 19, 21, and 23. Sheep Sab's were made at I, to 2 2. Sicinc No Lots sold. At retail 1 to5. NHW YGltIC CATTI.IJ .MAItKUT-July 10. At market, D25 head of fresh Cutile, (Gj from the Souib) CO Cows and Calves and 1573 Shicp and Lambs. Pbices frrf Cattle remain as last week, and we continue q -oiations i 50 iff C 25 for retailing qualities. Left over, l:io. Coim and Calcei All tnlten at 817, & 25 lo 30; Sheep and Lambs Sales of 1375 bead at 1 23S S3 "j or Sheep and 31 23 S3 73 for Lambs. UOSrD.V .UAHICin'-July II. ri.OUR-Hovva'rd st. POO, n5 75, Western canal, 5 C2 a C 00. LUTTKR.-Gallperlb. GTII'.RSn.-SJ n 6 do do. WOOL. Purina ih week past Consume;.' have bren purchasing freely all the old clip. Uut little pf Iho now clip of flecco wool Ins yd coma to market, ond wo have heard of but few tales (br delivery. Saxony ond Merino fleeces, 33 a .jo Pull Illood, 32 n $ 5 blood, 25 u 27 Common J blood, 20n23 Smyrna washed, 17 a 25 Bengali, B a 10 Huenos Ayrc, 4 a 20 GERMAN STORE. OO O Different patterns Mouslin de Lainer, 9 Very Cheip. bv 10th July. DSTHEIM et MICHOLI.P. At Winooski Kalis, on tho 18th inst,, Mrs. Mary, wifo of Charles Midgley.ngcd 33 years. The deceased hna Ipfl n nmnriit vnt nnpv t,e Imp rum) ly ns well as in the cirelo of her acquaintance. Ileing nnpretinding in her character, lu-r most intimate friends best knew her worth. Her family, most of all, lilt lier influence. To Ibein her loss is irrepara ble. She wns not n member iif the i9iblo Church, but sho entertained n bopn of her acceptance with God, which was fully continued in her Last hours. After taking leave of her dee ply nflheted husband nnd disconsolate children, sho calmly t,unk away as "dies tho wave nlong tho shore." Com. a a a it n . SN. tJAUT e t'o. pre-cut their oompliinetit tn iho public, ond i'-poi'ially to tbo-o fnvnrnl le to Ihe c-nceurace'iiient (,f n Grocery store cnndiictevl on strict 'leinpi-r.ineu principles, nnd, while thev cralo ful y nckimtvleshre thegeaierinis manner in wbie li they h i v I e-ou berelol'oio mla mil, re-pevil'illy solicit n contiii'iJiu-i! of that patronage wln'ch no cliirts on tlie-ir pan shall lo waiitnia to itc-crve'. , Their s'nip i iVi-cily In the n-u of Strong's build ing, smiili of II. II. Ilo. twicl.'-. Tin Shop. .IRWKI.ttV. A New assortment nf llrmu'ln", Pm, Iling, .V Ile-.irt-, SIh'c-, Sii qn, Cu l I'in, aril other orn.i menifj lii.l.l Chain-, Kev, tVo. Ainoog tho Pini nie C.iinen, Tin, tin , Ague-marine, Dijiiiimd, KmcralJ, I .i-le, Onv.v, Stone C.iino', Riby, Pe.irl, mid oilier prei-in i. 8'niie.--, nlllo set -inslo niid sunn- in e-bi-ttr-. Afo, Pi liu llinir- nn I Pin-, nnd lthu with plain tops, Signet, cVr. Among be Itings art oinu i-t with -Icme- nt lo'.ve-r h-i-i--i ihiniiny ( efiue o 'critl ; our aeirtniei:t is menu eompV e ill lii uvi-r. July 20. (J Panudiiiis it IlniNSMAis. 7Ki:'JU ISUrri.'lt and MAV OIII-:i?Si:. fir .a!e l bv- S. N. (iAUr A On. ACiol orticte' nl HV.-0.,1 VOItNtJ HYSON, I rt c 1IV()N SKIN lv(C -SOUCHONG J Per sale chcan, at thu I'cinpn nice Sinre, h . July 20, S. N. OAtT'efe Co. Gi:it;.iAV sToitn. JUST ri'ceivcd, China preserved Ginger, Dates, Lemons and Oranges OSTIIEIM efc JIICI10LLR. P.inlinntnn, .TidvMili. 1913. 7 1 1 ST Itl.Cl lVi:i), llroun Sh.-e-ting, llrovvn and i U'eai-hcJ .Shiriiiigs, ol good q-ialnv, I v 'ulv 7 S. N. CAPT & Co NOTICE. BIin rjnmrtncrsh ji herctofuro eMunir 1 etweeu A miLSWOM) it CI.AKK", U lln elay ib-olve-d bv lllMt ial e-on-ent. Tbo bit-llie'.s will i n nnnlmtM-.l at the o d stand l,y 7.. G. Ci.ark. I', I-. ukisvv OLD, G. LLAitK. Ro-illi Hero, June 20, 1811. 7w3 Ni:W Gllttl). pilSS A LA It. M CLGCKS, IJra-s anl Wool XJ Sinking Clic!s. Tunc Pie-ce-s. eVc. in the inn.i leautitd flno-tini tip! Mnbnrinv (l.i.n.. nl timtri-i-n. de-iilol low pii e-i llio-e- who wish lo uvuc a eoud loo!, vcrv low shiidd lake- one of t Item befnie llie-y are trone, ihwoiiii- orde-ie'd to e. Ilie-m in n re-d ii-tion m order to raie t lie- ca-h I v.e evrln'n dav it it a very tew' nioie at the u-diice I pro e1-, for -a'o Ly 1'Ascnonv it HlllNMAlli. Wn warrant lliem in ntn ue.l, lu-ie are no I e-lli rnne. PINK" SAl'cr.itS.Yan-, 0.-ui'oV,iiic, Mo'a-scs !,,..' I!.,li. . ,. i ANonrr.s iv llnis-sMAin. C.Gl.I) 151 ADS, TL'ST n.MSHi:D,,oiiieline(i.-!d I lea U, at various i) pri'-i-. 7 Panodors it IImssmaid. cot, I) IM-JXS. rplIK FOUItTII I.OI'ol il,e-se much approved J Penhive I ecu jo-t re-ti-ivi-d. J"'y -u- 7 I'ANC.nons- it DaixsjtAiD. sjioi:s soi:sf Arn.V.-i M.tit!LD ORM.NLIl DOU'NINGS, IM " Ilic'cl do PnoiiiH ilo Laibe Lace Leather Phcev, Slipjii-rs, ii" tinng lie-eli-il blip-, !o Ki I Tic-, i'l) (lull, 1', :.!,',, Children's Cloth O liter, Mi-c I'l-g'.l Leather La -e Sine. no ivui l ies, lor --ali-1 v S. N. GAL'T & Co. liMriington, July 21, IS 13 7 V ' re-h lot iifRaiMii-, Tigs, Dried Curants, Cilron, ."i I ain.iiind-, lliee,, Stareli, Pure Gin ger, CliiM-olntuiSbells, In-ligo, Gum Canipbor, ll.iker' Cocoa Pa-tr, CanJle, liar and Shaving Soap.Cav ;' '"l 1 S-no' Tobacco, Sugar-, Mola.-e-.-, and ine. , ,ib of which arc o e-ie-,1 fur e-n-h nl very ledi-e- price-, by 7 S. N. OAUT t Co. NOTICI3. 'VUF. GRIST MILL nt Onion River Lower Falls Jt lias I i-en tboroogliK' ri-naire-d nn,l id.. m,,.t rebuilt, and will ieommi-nco on ihe 20 h of July. i ii.iiikiiii in irienci. iur iavor re-i eivc I nnd would 1 o happy tn mp ihem a.-ain. 'I ho e Iiviiiet at,-.. wi-Iiiii to p.itroiiinf tho mill and return the same o.iy win pn-a-i- rail mornings. Supe-itnie Flour, Ityi Finnr unit Indian Men! U-pi con-nnnilv tar .il,-. July 12, MX Mm UP.O. l.DGCl'.UUL'. :ni.N cit.i)i(i;s. rPIIK fiibcriliers b ivn reeeivid their U'lial eupplv X of PATF.NT GRAIN IRADLKS, which will be sold at a reduced price for cash. HAGAR ,f- ARTHUR, fl irlinston, Vt., 13th July, 1313, C cor. Ch. nnd Coll. streets. ) 1TI lll lllllvn rplIF. Cash Msleiii wns never progress better I ,1. 1 I .. I " , . ,.., un., .,1 a ..un 1- my wiioi money is taUen 111 hueh qjanlitie-s as to keep e very hand aclive and busily cinplocd in im-isiiring nnd preparing ,.b,.k. .u ,,.u u,i-, , ii?,, 1 1 in 1 mi ev iiieoce 01 leaving tlio money at tlie Pioplc s Cheap Cash Store, i hns,- A jpnl t llM'lfi ... - W,,llll. 'I hursday morning, 13lh July, IR 13. G 1 84 8. FOR ALUDRG1I A Nil IIIGIIOATr. SPRINGS AND MKS-IsaiOI HAY. The atcam-tlaat CAPT. A. TRUJIAN, Wdl tp-i, , r.- ..1... 1 1 1: v. - . 1 ... . . v .... ..u.tiu-, .i,riii iiann, iin'v ("'in lay,,!) on ll.i- aiiiv.ll of ibe S.eauie-'r S that place Irom II irliiiginii, and will carrv p-isse.ifr. in Alhursh and Hiliiii- Sjiag-, nnfl .VllSSI-qnul ,i y. 1 ' 1 K'cti-hnino Will leave .Mi-i-quoi Bav nt 7 11. cloe-l., A. M. landing nt llighgato und Alf.i r.'h, and arrive nl KuighV In timo to ime-t the S.iranac on Her way freni Burlinginn to St. Allan-. I .i-enger li-avmg in thu Saranue. whii h leave , 'r "igtou at S o,.ck, A. M. vn, Port Kent, Port Jai-..-.i ii, Pl.itt-1, r-.h and iho Island., w ill ihe Wa-lniigloii al Knight-' Ian ling a nl mu si.ue-d and liMiiiiv.-veildire. ilv ihro igli md r.-turning by ihe .lehiiigiun ,-an mu- ili(nrann) fur Si. Albans or by ii-ni lining nt Knight-' mini l,er roinrn from Si. . lian., will I .- laiu'cil in Ilnrliiigton 111 season for the 1.1110 Moats e-ithe-r way. Iliirbngion, July 1, IS 13. iCr"lhi.-.nrraugi-iiii ni 111 con'inui- until the 1-t of rxpli-iiiie-r iie-x', 1111'e-s notie-e 1. fciven 10 ihoe-ontrary. OILS. 3i rme Gal Fall Sperm nnd pure Winter Oil, cab. Il'.'lr.-rl VI,:,lp .1,, s-'.www SOobgai 2500 gal-, lono do 1000 do l.iu-ccd Oil, Lard ilo Olive do for tale vcrv low bv . I'l'LLITIT, RRADLI.Y 'it Co. Old Doe!-, July 13,1813. 0 NOVA SCOTIA IM.ASTKIt. 500 1 on. j-re-li (irouiid .Novn Se-eaia Plaster I'elivcri-d al our mill, nt Winoo.U Citv, or My FOI.I.LTT, BRADLLY it Jo. Vluif, July, 13)3. e on I bo doct So lib W DVIi WOODS. "D fTh tni" Wnel. "w 330 do Ciinph. Us Wood 250 do Si. Domingo do 350 do Fu-iie, 73 do 31 nil k-r, .'Id do Bhiu rriol, -13 do Alum, 100 elo Cojipera., for sa!e at rol and cheaper bv FOLLRIT, URADLEV & Co. June 13, 1813. (i bASS, ftCA Boxes Cy.'enni-r Gla, H'trllngton Vt , wWw I'.s-cx and Lal.u Brand-, for sale nt re dueej prices, by FOLLLTP, BRADLEV & Co. 15,000 IbsWITIIIOillLLS nnv WHITE LEAD 150 Kegs do around ill Oil, for sale ut ri-Ju.o.l price, by FOLI.F.TT, HRADLEY it t'o. Old Doe-k, Jnly 12, 1613. C 1 Bfl doit, Itlanehard's- Cast lend German Steel Sc.-thes, 50 elo liny Forks, 3,00 do liny Rakt-s, 50 do lloe'i for sals by FOLLKTT, BRADLF.Y rf- Of. Old P'-c.k. July It, 1813. 8 HATS. SINGLKit Double Ilnin'd colore! and white oruIMf, received by It, W. CAT UN, July 7, IS13. Administrator's Sale. NOTICRis he-ieby(iven thai the iindor-iqne.l will sell nt public mil lion 011 ihe 2-lilnlay of July, 1 11 ion . 1 ,...t 1. 1 .. .i.if.-- ..: ... ', ,u,j, 1 i,,ii,ui,iiiK o, 1 i, 1:1, ,11 ,uu uiiurii'iuil nt tliuljtcicsidi'iiccof Dan Uny dece-a-ol in llurhiu?- tun, nu me real nuu per.-onai eitaie ni ine sain eie ic.iscd, not I efoiedi-po-i-d of includiue; tho reversion of the widow dower. 1 1 KM AN ALI.LN, Administrator of said Kstale. Ihirlfiiston, July 3, 1813. 2w STRAY COLT. STUAVKI) from iliosuhtcrilir nn the 1st cl June last, a bright lav Marc Colt. 2 Mir old. blnel; nunc and tail. Tlio'linder will 1 0 liberally compen ateel, by giving uny Information ol snid coll tn 11. 1,'U.USTUUh. Slir!burn,July3, 13)3. 5a3 WOOL! WOOL!! rilMIK subsi i it er wi.-lie tuiiiiri'b.iiu Wool, an l will pay in pod, (frnm, or nivciiuls, al his Store, Burlington Falls. SlDM'.V HARLOW. Juno 30, IS 13. -I tl R Ii VOL VINO CA S TORS. A GOOD n-Mirtinent of Revolving Cuior "n i-liean a thu iheapc.-t.and naoodus tbebu-i" anl will lusiildon terms to suit purchasers, l.'.xtra 1 e,tlie lor ii -tor-. -l PAvnrions it Ilnts-swAiD. iMAUSirs LIl'E AND REMAINS. HIIR Remains of ihe Itcv. JAMrs Marsh, D. D. X late Pri Sldent. and Professor of Moral nnd Intil- lectual Philosophy in iho University of Vermont, with a ineninir of Ins life. Formic bv Jnne2'J. II. J. SIITJMWAY, Avent. CHEAT HEDUCTION IN PRICES. A T the Crockery more n verv hrce nssonnipiii of CROCICF.IIV. GLASS. CHINA nod IHO.V STO.NH WARF, for sale much rhenper linn nl nny thero store in the conniv. JOSLPH WAIT. Htirhnijlon, Juno 30, 1813. 4 VVMMIXUTOX SOYTIIR STONES! Manufactured from the celebrated UMins Ledge, Cummtnfrtan.- IOlt many year- small quantities rf strne have 1 ecu e-arr ol In tn ll;i l.e-d r,-. in ,!,'. .,. nl tlio i-ri'inny. unlill tlio rep-ilniiim nnd ek-mnnd for 1I10111 in,'iiiolilio pre-eni owner to purihn-e llicen liio Ledge, and 111, l e-1 lie nc-o.-nrv arrangement, lor f irnislimg ihe pill lie With an nr ic'ie which 1 hey have -o long sought lor an nrlie'c snperii r, 1 nth in -lyle nnd iii.iiiul'.n tiire-, In anv that ha- eve-r I ee-n o.lereil. 1 lie superior qialiiyol the stone l ne-UiowIeileeil by all who have given them a trial; nnd I he tact 1. fully .ii-taineil hv ihe lili-ii-ling ek-lnnnd fur I hem. from lho-e .ei-tiiins ol" cnunlry into which thev have found liie.r way. For Mile by ' 4 J. 00 .1. 11. IM CK it CO. OQ0 ons I"1 Winter and Full Sperm 2,51)0 lile-aelioJ Whalo do I,fl0 Lm-i-ed do 500 Co 500 Olive ,l , . J. & J. H. PLCK & CO. June 30, 13. 4 fit. ss r-..i 1.... 1 O fr() 1 Cylendi r Glass, s uur lurnn ion, Vi-rinont, Kex and Lal.e 3U0 Itedflird, Sirlme, nn I Clininn Crnw-n, .1. et. j. 11. rr.ejh. iv lo, a June- 30, '-I3. renfj. 4 GHOCIlltlKS. 1 nnH',f5. P'. Croix an I Port Rico Sugar, l ) I -. IH.I. I.n.lf IViJ.,.1 H.rl l'V l,.r.. I ,! 30 llhl.. Port R en Moln-;ef, tuu 1 tuna Hvon Skin lea, 75 do Vo ,ng nn I Hyson do -iUU .via't. aia, 2 Barrels Clove", 2 do Nmnicgi, 3a Tierces Sa!e-ratu, JIJ h,-g- I'nro Ginger, 100 Boxes P.arSoap, 50 do Pine--. 20 Bag. IVpper, -ja no rniicuio, 40 doltinCo lie, Ij ilo Java do . &. J. H. PECK & CO. 4 June 30, '43. FHUIT. Onfi BOXRS Bunch Rabins, JJ 13 B.egi 31 vleria Nuts. 10 do do do Brazil, A linen J. I'll, i-iti. J. ft J. II. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. PLASTER. OnfiTONS fr"-'1' '-'o-ml Nova Scotia Platter. yJJ J. it. J. H. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 PA1XT8. 10.000 , WCTE1!ILLS T White lllfl Vffr ,rrni,n,l fn IVI I11O Kegs elo ground in Oil, 411 II Ii. jpam-li White, 25 Venetiin Red, 20 do Fil-ihIi Yellow, 20 do Spts. Turpi'uliu Chrome Green J'mer.ild do French do Brun-wicl: do Crown Vi'llowp Blue, Small'.. Saui Paper 10 30. '43. J. it J. II. PECK it CO. 1 nONN'liTS. NEW lot Flori-ueo Braid and Amazon Bonnet" in-t re-ceivel ehianir than ever, bv A Julv 7. 1SI3 II. W. CATLIN. PUBLIC NOTICE. N. VOKK& .HO.NTURAIi KXIMtESS, VIRGIL AND HOWARD, (successors to S. Ja cobs,) will run ns heretofore, leaving Burlington for Montreal Wednesday evening nnd for the Soutli Fmlav tventng of eat-h witk. Packages mav be left nt the office of 3lessrs.J. it J. II. Peck d- Co., Burlington. 5 if INFORMS hi. fi ii-ii Is that he ha. relumed from Bo-Ion nnd New York, having I ought; a larire sloo'; e,f DRY GOODS, wine ho I. now opening in iho Sioru formerly ncc ipied I y D. A. flr.m1.111, 111 llio norih-wo.l ceriier e,f Sin ng'- B.iilding-, nppu.ue 3Ie- rs. Pc -I; et Spe-ar, wbeio l:o intends keening cnnt,in iv nn band nu i-x'e-u-ivo a--(riiuiul of DRY GOODS' wbi'h he will oiler a- llio lowe-t inarl.e-l pnie-. III. alii-nnon I eim; exilu-ively devoted to Dry Goi'd -. on I his mono I ring LARGE ri.Vt.hS "AM SHALL PROFITS, he i eiial led in neeomndnte hi. edJ Friends, Cu-to-iners iiikI the Public willi e;oeds at 11-duii-d priee. Call and ice. It irliiiginn, Jul - 7, 1S13. notici:. rp HIS may certify lint I hnvocivcnmy son Paos L rcn llcnLoriiT his lime to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of his enrninjjs nor pay any debl of his contracting from this dale. WEIGHT HURLBERT. Underbill, Juno 1 ISO. C w3 THE CIIE.MICAIi OIL at G PECK it SPEAR'S. P II I NT WA 1113 IIOUSI3 BF. LEE, (foruu-rlv ol ihe linn ot I.orJ & nndU. II. BRKWS PER, under iho firm ofLEE it KRKWSTi.R, havet-ial li-bed nt 113 Pearl Uriel New York, a WARKHOUSE O.V AX U.XTUXSIi'U SCALU, EXCLUSIVELY I'OR PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and in'erinr tradu by ihe piece or package. Ry confining, iheir atleinion entirely and exclusive, ly 10 ihn one iirticle, L. if- B, wi'l I a e-nal led to not nulv exhibit a moreexten-ivenn 1 1 tnuiilul atorinii-iil than in in le found el-i-w here-, (there being no iinilni! li.hmeut fur print in tho Uiii-ed Sta'e-) Imt to sell always at prices as low, anl geneially lower than lho-e nl ho i-e. who-u attention and ineansare ihv-ii'o,. uiooiig a largo vane-ty of article.-. The ciitno stni-l,, mil racing .ilo it one thoipnnd di ierent patiern. and cnli.ring-', has lee-n re-ccived wiihinafewdav.; is pcrfei'ify fre-h, and ioinprie all iho latest anJ choi'-e.-t spring style. 6yl CASH WANTED, IriOR WHICH Goodsatu fair price can beobtained ' nt the Temperance Store. A good assortment of nico Vest Patterns, Black Cravats, Italian do. Wicking, Wadding nnd Ratlin-;. A few Ynnkce Shoe Blushes, Day nnd .Martin's Blacking, Japan do Pastodo. Sarsapardla .Mead. Cavendish, Fine Cut and Smoking Tounrco. Rice, Ginger nnd Saleraius. Ink, Shaving and Bar Soaps, for sa'e uncommonly low by S. N. GAUT it Co. June 29, 1843. 4 FLOUR, OF superior brands, 10 Barrels and Half Darreli, constantly arriving;. J. if J- II PFCK A CO. June 30, '4i. 4 WATERS AND SYRUPS I FRESH SAIUTOGA WATERS, CONGRKSS, IODINE AND PAVILLION. ALnURGTTwATr.R. CALEDONIA WATERS. BARTON'S SYRUP, LEMON SYRUP AND ABOUT TO nECEIVK PINL-APPLE SYRUP. 1 Pl.CK & SPEAR. NO TI C E OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. NOTICE to all creditorsand other persons in in. tercl, that by order or the District Court of the United Stales for Iho District of Vermonl. n dividpnd out of Ihe ncsts of JOHN SINCLEAR or Essex, HENRY BOAHD.MAN jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARD of Essex, JOHN SMITH of Colchester, CHESTER PARKER of Underbill, and SIMEON DAVIS of Jericho, Bankrupts, wi'l bo made and declaicd by tho Court, on ihe fiftrenlh dav of Jnlv nm. nl ID nVtni-L- fnte. noon, at Iheolliee of Samuel l'renlis, in 3Iontpclicr, ill said District, among Ihe Crnhlnrn ulin ebnl limn proved nnd Died proofs of their debts befon- said day unless suiTicii nl cause in ihe cases above enumerated oc then ntiu there sliovvn lo the contrarv. i;i)W.lll II. PRF.NTIS3, Clerk. Dated the 24th day of Jui.e, 1613. IRON, STEEL, NAILS & 1IARV. WARE. A f Tons English Iron, from I 1-S to 6 inch wiJc. V 10 do Old Sablo Russia do Tons New Sa' lo do do do Swedes do 10 8 12 20 12 10 5 15 12 2 4 3 1 3 e.o do elo do do do do do do elo elo do Peru do Horse Shoe do Round from to 2 inches, Square do 3-3 lo 3 do Round do I J to 4 do Hoop do J to I J do Hnuie nnd Scroll do P. S. I. Russia Rods. Sindeison Cast Steel, Person's Spring do fiom IJ to 3 inches S vvi des do American do German do FrifitUh niistPP rln do do 2.000 Keg,, NnilJ, from 3 I to 20d no spiUes from 30J to G0J 2 00 dn Brads from Cd to 20J 3.00 Dnz Files and Rasns. A irensral assortment of Anvils and Vices. June 30, 1843. J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. MANTLE LAMPS A very elegant set of .MANTLE LAMPS, 4 bur I1US with cut shades, for sale unponimonlv ebpnn at the crockery store I v JOSEPH WAIT. Burlington, June 30, 1313. 4 'FOW Colli, a good article, 111-t rurcivvd bv 1 June 30, 1813. II. W. CATLIN. CONSUMI'TIO.V AND I.lVIvIt COM PLAINT ! ! I)U. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 375 fJoinry, .Ve-j York. FORihucineol Coigli-, Colds A-ihma, whopp ing Co 1; h, Cnperrh, pain, in the .1 le and brea-t, Bro-iehiti. hver e-omplaint-, an 1 all iho-eH'it-eiion of the llirnat a Kit lung--, winch arc nso-ineofso mueli siitleriugau terinina e in Ion, liu- teunj ly is pi-tly an I highly I'i-tingiii-lied. It is purely veget.i. le-, nnld and geiille in v- i-'ici-ip'-n ll.e -y-tiin, nnd can I v InU-ii in thu nio-t deb eate e-a-cs wi h -afety ns well a. we!' a. utility. So i-xtcii-ivi-l) ha. it I tin mod and -n often proved siic-i-es.ful even in extremeanl apparently almn.t hnpe-'es-t e-a-u--, iiiHeudv a. a pahalive Imt a. a renedy ; that the propr otnr feel, no lie-ilenev in introducing il and rei-iommendii'ff it to all who unluriimati-ly may haveocca-ion to ic-ort In ome mean, of recov er;' Phy.ician., Mmilur with it- i-li-.-n and aware el the healing prope-rue- of tbi. vegeta1 le pre-,iar:i-lit-n, not unfre-ip e-nllv ores nl i-J it in llie-ir pr.i' lice, and willi iho 3IoJiea'l Fienhy generally, it has met willi more than or knarvnpprn! atiem. CO.NSUMI'IION. The following rcnnr- were taken from a late num'er of the-Med nn I .Magazine: "Tlie irpri-ing cVrt prnd-ai-.l by lie genuine Dr. Taylor'" D,il-am of Liverwort, made nl 375 Bowery, in Cen-nmptioii ca-es, caiiiii t 'eil excinn a deep and limbing miere-t tlirougho il ll.e world. Wehave-o b ng 1 eln- el tiiod sea-e (Consuioption) incuial le, that it 1. ibilii-ult in eiodit our tin-e. w hen we see per-011- -jvulj-ji-ly i-on.iiui;it e, restored lo health. Yel il i.-n laojvl daily oi-ourreoee 1 Cernfir-a'e Irom llierhiglu-.i an I mo-t re-necia' le source- of person- wliohavo either I e-eii ercntly re lieved ly it, or entne-ly reeoveri-d from a 'eotiun. nf ihe lung, anl liver, i-nul I I c l'irnihud in abundance b 't we insert onlv tin- I, llovving : l r.RTK ii.vti:. " Being eon-iuntionallv pre li-pos-edto C'lifiinijition, a nienibi r nf my family having suflt're l -even-ly frnm iruation of ihe l.tmg-, nc companicJ wi'lico igh anl r.u-iu? nniteranl I loo I, together wi.h severe pim in my ,i 'emid I ica-t, til' I wa- .iippo-i-1 In be bevno I ic.-iivere, 1 wa inJuco I lyalvno of Dr. Pi-ikui--, ... n l.i-t re-nrt 10 try "Tavloi'i. Balsam nf Liv era ort," 1 h ive la . en live hoiile. in all. I b'-gan 10 improve Willi ihe first b' t lle'.anJ while) taking ihe llnrd, wa. so fir ic-nvercd ns to bo able 111 gitaloul. Since which time, by cnntiniielu-u of it I am quite re.'oiel and able t'o attend lo my I u,i,ie,.. To persons .11 fering In in cough, and a. liv iou of the L uig-, I do eain-e-tlv ri-ci omniend it. (K'lNiesI) J A-?. C. SCOTT. F.lizubtlh City, X. C. Dec. 10, 1S42. For a common e-i. 1 and cough, tin. i, one of the verv; 1 e.-t ever i'i-eoveri-d. .V. II. There h n spurio is and eo interfeit article afloat, and lately inirod u-el into this place. Theri b ic beearef 1 lo get ihe geu- ine, whieli Is from 375 Bowcrv X 1 . 1111 1 tee ilm ihe now engraved wrap per 1. on ihe bouleio prevent e-nuuierfeiH. .r.'C.A:j!V ''Vl'ICK fl SPE R, and LOVELY it SLV .MOUIt, liur'iugtou: S. II. Barnes, Charlotte! .M. Hall, llincbiirphj Win. Rlioele-, Jr. Riehmoml. Juno 30, yj Piti IMIDS. Gardner llievver, Bezton, N. L". Ham, 0f 30 Pipe. Biandy, ' 41) do BaPimoreGin, 5 do "Swan" do pure, lOIIalf-'Pelli-voi.iir' Brandy 10 llh-L. St. Croix Rom, 30 Bids. Suerry and Madcri.i Wine, 40 do Mala-a do 8 do Purl do J. if- J. II. PECK et CO. June 30, '43. SALT. 10,000 BUSH- Sonar Salt, 3,1,00 do Fine elo A!,L0J Barrels do do 200 Sack-. " Asliion's" Dairv do 1 1 ,11 ,1,, T,,l.l.. .1.. ' J. it, J. II. PECK it CO. June 30, '13. 4 75 IJOZ. RluoiTs Cast mid Gorman Sice ovine.-. SO do R i.x Tom do do do 1 1. y Fork., Illond' Hoe, I lay R.i!,e,, Ile,f-c Hay do J. it J. II. PECK A. CO. I 25 40 150 20 do do do elo June SO, '43 DYE STUFFS. ?00 BBLS- Catiipli'y Log Wooel, 200 do St. Doui n go do 100 do Cam Wood, 20D do llarho do 300 do Fnvie-, 50 do .Madder, 25 do B.'uo Vitriol, 40 elo Alum, 75 do Coi,)i'ra", Bar Woenl, Qucr.-iiron Bark. Teach Wood, Lae Dye, Cu ll ear Indigii'i-, Oil Vitriol, Muriatiu Acid, Muri ate of 'I in, Clothiers Bru-bt-, Cloth ers Jacks, l'rc Papers, Tenter Hooks, Card Tacks, Ac J, .f- J. II. PECK ,f- CO. June 30, '13. 4 A rt W IhircL ol auperuiio I'lour, ui-i rtve-ived ana for sale by S. .N. HAITI if- CO. "LIVE AND LET LIVE." S. HUNTINGTON, WOULD rcspecfully inform his patrons and the public generally lhat ho has icceived and will conlinue lo receive through llio season a good supply of School Duo'is, Bibles, Hymn Books, and Sta tionary, which wdl bo sold very low for ready pay, He has also made arrangements for obtaining as nftennsoncen nionlh such School Books ns may be needed in this vicinity and ho respectfully solicits the pationngoof ihe public hoping by attention lo his business totnerrit Ihe same. Jin will also pive his personal attention to Book Binding and Blank Bonk Making. All work entrus ted to his cars will meet with prompt attention. Strong's Building, corner Church and foliage Btreets. Jiin9, 1R13, U-4 CHA'S 1 AUSTIN, Xo. 91 State it., Albany', X. Y. 3irC CROCK lltlY. AN cxtensivenssortiiipntjust received from New ork, for sale low by I.OVFLV& SEYMOUR. June 15, 1313. . 2 Janice Marsh's llstatc rp HE adjourned and la-l inee'.ini of the Coinmi L n'oners on said E-iale, will le held on Mtm.l.iv Juno 2 1 nt 2 o'clecV, P. 31. at Lyman & Mnnh's Ofllce. REMAN ALLEN, ) n . . GEO. V. MARSIl! Commtssicners. Ju 22. 3 Cvius K. IJli-Ee'a IJslnte. STATU OP IV.Vr.lO.VV, ; A T re Pro! ate-Di-triet of Chiltenden, --. j Xl. Court hul I at nurliiiglon, within and fur the eh.-lriet r,f Clnlte-nden, on the 13 h ilnv or June, A. D. ISM, Elijah Birge, Hdiiiiiii-tr.ituroflliec-lale- of Cyru I.'. Birge, laio'e.f ljun-rbill in said I'i-lriel, de-.-c.ised, inli-.taic, huving lile I in sni I in irl lii pennon in w ruing, setting lonh that 1 Le s u I Cyru wa, nt the lime ol In-, li-.nh, un der contract tn convey 10 bun, the-caul I lipid, 1I10 fiiltnw-in ele-i nl cd parcel of land, situnlei' 111 cud Lndcrlull, vi : Fi-rty nire-i f Ian 1 0 I f.-mn tho nirih ide nfl.eit Nn. .'15, 111 the- fir-t divi-ion e,flot, drawn In the oiigtnal tight of William Sncl.ett, and is of equal wldih exicndintr iho w-h"lu length of stud lot ; thai the said contra 't remairii-d i:iipe-eule-d n,i the part of .aid Cyr.i-nud praying the judge nf sa.d Court to i-xe-ciiioadeed of-aid land In lliesaid Elipili, aqree-a1 ly to tlie- sialuiu in uch c-a-emaJe and provi ded. Thereloie liu- i-nnrl afore-n d doth appoint the si-eond Wfdnedny of July IS13, fir hearing nndeV e.idins on -aid petition, al the oilice of the Reiis'erof said Court, in said Uuilinginn, nnddolh e.ri'er'lhai all person. iii!eic-tjd I e notilie-d Ihcieof bv pul In-atli n of Ibis order, e-iiiilniniiig llie-ub-laiKeol'said pen. 11 e, tbreowou',.-iuve.-ively in ibe Burlinginn Free Pre-, a new. papev prmlc I in said It iibugte.n, tho la-l e.r whie-li pub icatlou. to I e prevonis to thu ni,d lecond WeihieslayorJiily, 1813. Given under mv ban I, at said I! irlingtcn, this 13 h day of June, A. D. IS 13. 33 Wm. WESTON, IteirUtrr. TO PRINTERS. WANTED, A GOOU COMPOSPIOR. , , S. I'LIICIIKR. B irlington, June 11, IS 13. 2 CONE LANTERNS. A New and very han l..on,e-tv lent' heavy Moulded lila. Cone Laiilcrns, lor s.ih-1 v 2 June 10, 1;I3. JOi'KPH WAIT. GOLD '.'A'f.'..N. SO.ME leautil'ul new pat ernsjust received. 2 1'AvoooaN it BnissMAin. r RO-ST STONfl WARE. riIIE S ib-erd e-r b e 011 ball I a large and siqienor X a sortment of .STO.NH WARD, superior to nny m t ie in the United Statu , wlui-li he o h-r. Ibi- sa.'u al Red li ed Pri i--, and 1- ready lo u-i-e ive ore'er-. nael; and deliver, flee ,.( e-ai tagu or package', em loarJ of Canal Boat-, ciiher for 'I roy, Albany, or West Tmy, for ca-h or apprnvenl paper. All orders Ly Mail or nlhervviiC, iinmeJiately atten ded 10. I. SF.V .MOUR, 41 Ferry st Troy, N. Y., May 17, ISJ.!. 51 U" .'.--ni'i.w.j iiiaiuiu u- iiii-e.vtcni lo which they have been fivorcd by the patron- QTtiriM .r- urr-iini r o 11... .t . ui nun iiieinij .inn ine puouc ttenerniiv', ueg leave to n-turn their beiU hanks for the favors receiv ed. and b-iitn rpilppiLjIirir ,,r.-,r,.;,. In ,1,.. al of their spring asjomffiit of dry and fancy coods wtncli h Ill's choicest di-cription the southern 3Iar L,.i, m,-l,l .,ii:,i nn,,. ..n:.. ,i.. -...i . r. i - v.., .ntn ,iv. (luu'js iur ij ne oil Ihe chcapx' term", and hope to be honored with a continuiiioii of thu distingu'slied and general palron ait they have heretofore received. LOOTCING GLASSES. A LARGE supply ju-t received fiom the tnanu factorv, for sale low bv LOVELY it SEY.MOUPi. June 15, 111?. 2 DRY GROCERIES, OF superior quality, fresh fiom New York, just rectivcd and for sale vcrv low by LOVELY it SEYMOUR. Juno 15, 1-A3. 2 BRIGADE NOTICE. r"IVlE Adjutants of the sev-ral Regiments in the a- 3d Biigide of Vermont .Militia, lire requested to meet me at A. BurrdPs Inn in Hinesburgh, with thiir Record", Rosters, and files, on Tuesday 27th inst. at 10 o'cloik A. 31. ngncableto the requirements of ine .hi ma .ice oi 131.:. P. BOYNTO.V, Inspector 3d Iiiigade Vt. Jluitia Ilmrsburgh. Junr 13, 1313. Levi Vutti- g'. Kstntc. WE THE SUIl-l.RHIi-.R-., having been op pointed by ihe Hono.ablo the Probate Cimit fur tho District of L Irtten.'en, commissioners to re ceive, i-xninine and adiut the claims nnd de-minds i I all persons, against thoestateof LJ I Nt'TTI.NG, I lale of Undi-ihnl, in said District, ep,-eapd, repre- tented insolvent, nnd also all cliims mil ''omands i-xhibiipd in thrrctot and sis inonih.fmni ihe i d.iy of liie lia'e Inn- f beingallovved by said co,,- for lhat purpose, we do ihe re fore hereby give notice, I that we will attend to the bu-incssof our 'said appoint I mint, nt tho dwelling i.l Per i. Nulling, in Fn ler- Inll, in .anl ili-tip-i, on liu- fir I Tue-dajsol Aeg isl am! Noveinler next, at lOo'eloek, A. M., on each of sai I day.-. Daiol ihi I2'!i dav nf Miv, V. D. 1 S 13. TRUU VN SHKI DEN, ) CninmU 3 O MVJ R GOODHUE, siincr-. rIVE POL1.AR-- Riy.VRD.-Sto'en, from the i.iii uruiiii i-i un- uinver-iiv, snine null-sini-e, live ebeinii-al 'niermonictt rs. and a gla-s Hvdromi- ter, TbeTlieruionicer. were all Lf Kenlill's mal.i-, with I heir I u!U e'X'ending be-.'ow- ll.e .e-ales. Two were filled Willi coloied .pint the others with mer cury, and gradua'cd very huh. The-Thermometer-, weie l.e-nl m u e-a-e, and one ol lb -in in a .mall ma liogany ea-e ( fit. own. The ilvdromefer vva.niade, it . lelii-Tcl, Iv Leielioui-, and wa. in a s.iri'l green i-.i'e. For a ru-inration nfihe Iu.tninieiil. and di'tee tu n ot tho lln-l, five dollar, will 1 e paid and a I ur pmpi rtiou ol lhat sum lor a pari ed Ihe ment.. 3.v3 Gl O, VV. BEN! DICT. NOTICE. TMIIS nnv certify lint I Invo nivcn mv ron. Svl X vcsler Hol lredgoJr. his uinr-, ,-inJ hereafter shall not eonirol any i fins earniiifs, nor liold mysiir re sponsible lo pay anv ih !is of Ins contraciiig nftei this dine. .SYLVESTER IIOLDR1 DGE. Albursh, June 20, 1SH. 4w.I M 1LI.1T.VKY BLANKS fur sale bv II. J. SIIUAIWAY, .lpn Jt Received and For Sale at the TP. 31 P I It A N C i: STO 11 i. IRE-sil TEAS, Oranges and Lemon-, Rice, Pale ratus Co ipe, Dried Curio's, Cilron, 'l.iinarind., Box and lie.; K.ii-in-, Fig., Chocolate Shills, Baker. Cicoa Pa-ie, n new artn-'e, prepare I in nne miniiii- tor ine; a'io, l.j-t lio.tnu ftitgur iinu-o .vieua-se--, a superu r arlie-lelor theT.i' le, Al-o, nn n. eniiieut of STAPLE DRY GOODS, which ihey will -el I a. low for catli or ready piy a! nnv o'li'cr sti-re in the nl.iee. A fre-h lot if Bo.lon Soft nnd Co'd Water Cr.u-k- e-n nnd Pilot Bread, an n weaie receiving con stantly fre-h siii,ilns the ji-ili'ii- may le a..-unsl el incir i iainv. The put lie are rcpeetl'illy fni-i'e-l to call an I c. amino ihe GooJ an I Prices I elore pareh.i.iug el-c-where. S. N. GAUT it CO. Burlington, June 2'.', IS 13. 3f II I It CUTTING AND I'.ASY SHAVING, At the Barter Shop liiuk-r Howard'. Hotel, north iinr. rounr iiovse s,ji'.ni:, BY WII.U.VM STEWART. ICP'N, It. Itiz-ir. p u in l om dcte order. 3w3 2oo ki:os i-owoEii, ll0 Man. Shoi, 150 Di z.i-orn Brtionis' 100 Pali ut Palls. J. it J. II. PECK !f- CO. June 30, '43. -1 FISH. 200 Quintals Coil Full, 1U0 Boxes Herring, J. it J. II. PECK if- CO. June 30, '43, 4 CASH PAID FOR WOOL ! rpilE Snlscrilcr wi! pay cash for Cle-an Fleece X Wool e'clivercl at hi store, Ce lleg,- Green. HARRY BRADLEY. Burlington, lO'.h June, IS 13. 3vv3 MACHINE CARDS, OF SprinijliilJ Vi-rnionl, and Springfield 3Ias.v chmctl. .Mnnur.ieinre. J. A. J. II. PECK it CO. Agents. June 30, MS. 4 LORRILLARirS TOBACCO AND SNUFF. 40 BARRELS Chowinc Tobacco, 50 do Siiiokun? do 250 Jar .Maccaboy Snuff, 400 Bladder. Scot h do J. if- J. II. PLCK & CO, Agents. June 30, MS. 4 WOOL vwoieJin Kxcban;efnroasb or Burling nm Mill lo. Cloth-, by w- CATLIN JunrS, 1313. 6 FIRST rate BUILDING LOTS for ile i.rar id eadeiiiv on Colk-ire 9 rce-t. Also 2 Poxs' fn Ii i Stone Church and one in the Unitarian Bride Chnrihf L'unuire nf II' THOMAS. June 15, 1813. 'i II David's listate. STATU OF VURMOXT,) AT a prohatn DiMriU of Cliitn-nden, s. J court hcldi.l IliirlinRteni, within nnd for the district of Chiflendi em the seventh elay ol Jjnc, 1913. Moses Atwnu. nne nf the heirs to the etn'e of David AiwoikI, la e of Chnr'ottc in said eb.trii t, deeca-e-d, line ta'.e, hnv Ingfile-liii ad court hi- petition in writing, setliu . lorlhthnt ho hold In common with the other heirs t said e-lnti-, one tenth pnrlid ihe A llowing de cri! i parcels ed land, lying in said Charlotte viz, nine seven a -res and'iwe-lve rud of land nlf thu so il!, end if ihe seoind divi-ion lot of the original rig!, of Jonathan Ail en, wiih Iho I uilding- and appur lenaiiee-1 aln, 51 acres and 1 1 rods of lot Nn. i of ihollr-t division drawn lo tlm right i.t John llnag, Li-inn iho same Inn Is heretofore set o to Aiwoo I widow of the said into ta' , as Iur di,wer in said e-lato ; and praying -aid ceu to ouli-r pariiiion of said lands to f.u maele amot. the several pers'-n. cntitliil thi'ieln, TnnncroiiE, the e'liurt nfore-ai I doth appoint t( sie-nnd U'odiie-ilny of July, 1313, fjr hearing v! di-iding on .ail i,L-i'ion at ih,i-,-i,l il i7p7f,-B of aid court in said I, irlmirinu, an I doth order tin' all pcr-ous iutere-tod lln-icof by pcblicnuon of tli or 'er, lontaunng ihe-s ihstainci'f said pitmen, thn-i weeks sueec-ivi'ly lo tho Biirlin;it)ii Fnu Press, , new-paper prinicu m sain iiiitiiiigton, the la-t o. w Inch piil.lica'ions to I c prcvims to the day appom ted as aforo-nid fiir hearing. Given tinder mv hand at said Burlina'nn. ibu sevonlli day of June, A. D. IS 13. -t. i;a i o., iipgisier. DISSOLUTION. J" Y31AN if- COLE, have ibis day dissolved their f-J Copartnershin bv consent. All nrrni, indebtpilare requested to call and Si-tt'e imuiPiliatelv i iiiisuiiusiiig ueinauos against ine laic linn will pri sent tbe-in for payment. Tho Books nnd Notes cse l.p found for a fovv days at thoold stand. Atler which time they will bo removed toE. Lyman's Store, at ti., nortli west lornerof Strong Buddings, formerly m ' cupiidbyl). A. 1'ramm, nt which place both parti' win at any tuna attend to tho kcttlement of all thuf hooks and demands. ELI S LY.MAN, ,. . MORTON COLE. Burlington June ?, IS 13. 1 Noricn. LOUIS roLLETT hav iir bein ndniined to nn in-P-re-l ill Ihe mer-anlllt! l.oiu-i-rn c,f t.r.l)M,t . Br.idli-v, bis.ine.-s will hoofler le con l-icted uni'i. the linn of POI.I.EIT. BRALLLY U Co. Old Dnp.k, .t ine I, IS 1 1. I TOHACCO. CAM'NDISII r- PLUG TOBACCO of Ihe mtiif; aiuiroved brand., flepn it Itmu ,,'. ,!.. I,rn Chewing and Smoking Tobacco ! Al.o. Shee.i Tolia co, fir sale very low by , . ' U1.I.I.1T, UKADLLY if- Co. Old Dock, June B, 11 3. i T H A S3 . OLD and YOUNG HYSON, -nine of very superior ipiahti, Ilv-nn Skin and Tvvankny in chests, hall chests and caJJic.., for sale bv , hOL,l.KTT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Doc!.-, JiineS, 1513. I N. H. HTJJI- A Constant sopoly of Felton'.-N. E. R im, in Hhd. . ,i,v-, i, i, i ipc. uii.i,, uu per cent aoova proof, for .ale at Bo-ton pnt-es and Iri-'ght, bv KDI l.tTl niiuui'v .s. ( a.. i. OllDix-k, June 8, I543I '' j ASTSTEI-L Shovels, iron co, Long handed do and Spader, Cro Bars. Russian Nail Rods, warranted, snot, A Sheet and Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article, Anvils. Tracoand Halter Chains, etc. etc. for silebv rs. ir r r-n,- .... .... m ruiiur.ll, ihi.ilii.ui o; LO. Old Dock, JuneS 1313. I i.Ut CH KINK lr,OIJI!. TIIP, Suls-ii' er. are daily receiving Superfine" Flour 111 barrels and half barrels, .eleeip.t itroh care and of the m i-l approved bland-, which thef for ca-h at a small advance. , lOLLKIT, BRADLEY &C. Oil Pock, June S, IS 13. i tVOOSTHU A: D.VUCilY, WHOLESALE GROCERS, COMMISSION r-iEHCHANTS, 261 Hirer slrett, Troy, .V. Y. (OPPOSITE USE riASSIOH IIOVSE HAVE ju-t riM-ived, and 0 ir f. r .ale, a lull an-J rennjiteie h.-ortineui nf liROCERIl S, which thev art- p'eparel In se'i as Inn- a. thev e-an fe pur chase ' in 1I11 . ma-kel or New York, either fur cajU er appri vei pa i-r. The foil .wing nniv-les com-pri-e a part e,! 1'ieir a ' ti.ieut. SO ChP-nand hi'f 1 eti of Hy nn, Yo.mj Hyjorif llv-i-ii -"'.in, end P iwviiing 'I i-j-. "JO Hhl- Si l'rii,, Porio Rico and New Orleans S - ir . Loafand Lump do do 50 Minis bt. Croix, Porio Ripo and TrinnidtJ M, a--e-. (30 Bag. Old Java, Laj'lira, Slani'la and Cul I OlMloxc and half boxc Ra sin--. 1!') K'ig- Ma.aga do in lineirVr. 10 Buses lariiiu. brands Cavendish Tohaccos, 8 to -25 cent, per nuuud. I," Tier-e. Hi- e, Pep"er, Spice, Cloves, NutJ inc.- , Salaia u-, ( n..ia, Fis, tiHt,&c. ,() IluM-s .Nu. 1 liar Soap. .10 d.i 3Iiu'd Candle-, Gs nnd 8. Also, Con-tantlv nn hand, Fi-li, I'.our, Salt, I0f1 S.v'.s Liverpo I n?h'e I rand, Me.. Pork. Also, Lt,ior.s and Wines if all kinds, which are o'e-red euityl'i'.onieT. Coiinlry'.Meichants will do well to call and exam ine their s'oi-l. 1 1 lure purcliii-inr elsewhere. W. it D. hgve made arrangement, for the -a'e of Flour, whi'-h will cna! le ihem lofunii-h at all tunes, frnm 1 10 500 b'.l.., al ill. lowest market price, lew-Inch parti attention will Lt-puid. 3Liy2S, IS13. 3ra JET HVTTOXS, FOR Iadjrs dresses, and other new articles Juit recciveT. 2 P.vNnaons- t Bkin-smio. OHOI) IIIIASS Al, VltJI CLOCKS, "T TARRANTKD, at the vtry low price cCSi,, tat i l n.h down only, June PiHcccRs- &. BaivsMAiD. TO PAVCIt .tlAlvinisi. " WANTED, a journeyman Paper-maker, for ma chine tin 'iriij and fini-lnng. ,. , , L WELLINGTON. .Millrn, Jane 15, ISI3. 2 tJeorije- Piindle's UstatOt WF. the subscriheis, having been appointed b the Honorable the Probate Court for th District of Chittenden, comtnisrsioners to receive, ex amine atr.l ailtust the claims an I demands nf all per sons against iliecstateorGEORGE PRINDI.E, lata of Chailotic, in s in! District, deceased, represented in solvent, and also all claims ond demands exhibited in oflset thereto ; and six months fiom the day of the dale hereof, being allowed by sa.d Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice,ihat wo will attend to iht" business of our appointment, at llio dwelling of widow Louisa Printlle, in Charlotte, in said District, on tho 2d Wednesday, of Julv and .Noveinler nc.t, at 10 o'clock, A. M., oil each of laid davs. Dntpd, this IO1I1 div of 3Iav. A. D. IS 13. 52 BURK LEVVI'.N WORTH, I n . . ORRIN REED, Commisimers. WANTED ! nOO ir,'NI)S' Bees Wax. Al-o, A quantity 0JJ ifl.rgot urSn-irirtl Rve in r-eehangt-, l y 51 PECK A SPEAR, Druggist- RE VO L VI NG CA S TORS. ALar,re a.soriuvni of Revo vine- Ca-iors, tour, livo and si botilo-, very cheap indeed, lor said ailhi-Cro-Ui-rvStorely JOiEllli WAIT. June IC, 1S'3. 3 SOLAR LAMPS. ANewnnd vcrv liand.oineeariii'le of Suspending l.amp-,capa!-leof b iming iheeheape-t mialuy ofod and pr'u -inff a pleasant and powerful huh', for .ale bv JOSEPH WAIT. June 10, 1PI3. 2 TOBACCO. 50iRXES "Bonn's" Cavonelisb Tobacco 30 do " EnderV do do 40 do Vnriou. favoriie brands do do 30 Ki'(!s do do do Pb.e, J. & J. II. PECK it CO, June 30, M3. 4 Henry Tovvnscurt's Estate. STATU OF VUHMOXT, ) rl' HE Hon. tho District ol Chittenden, ss. ( JL Probate Court for ihe district of Chiiienden, in all per.ons concern eil in the e.tntcof HENRY TOWNSEND, lata of Iroy, in the Stale ol iew li orlr, uecea-eo, testate, Gurr.TiNo. WH EREA "5, George B. Shaw admiuistraior with the will annexiil of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an atvount rf bis adni'ni.lraiioa. an ! present hi., account against aid e.-lnio for ex amination lino aiiowancr qi n sra-ii-n ui iuc Luuri ce Probaie, to In holden at iheRegislerV oRh-c in Bur" lincton. in said district, on the second Wednesday o July next. 1 lieri'lorr, you are nereny noiinfi in apj-ear oeioro said coun at ihe time and id ace albreiaid and shefv cause, if any you have, why the account afornMicj boim noi re koww, Given under mv haniat B irlington, 1 hfc 2', day of Jmif, A. D. 1S43. WM. WFJlTON, Regittm, 4

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