Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 4, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 4, 1843 Page 3
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liose States 7 Whether soino of thoso States liavo not certainly threatened to repudiate their debts, and thus cheat their honest creditors out of tho amount 1 And whether thoy nro not entangled in a net of pov erty and embarrassment, through their own nii'fiov ernmcnt, from which they pretend to justify their work of repudiation, on tho score, that they shall never boablo to pay their dibl, with tho accumula ting interest 7 Furtlicrinoic, will ho deny, that some millions of tho State debt of Alabama, was issued for Hanking purposctl That two millions five hundred thousand dollars of the debt of hard money Missouri, was for tho samo object J That of tho fivo millions loan in tho Slnlcof Michigan, tho Statelias lost more than one third of the proceeds of the stock which has been issued, by the irifl'clity and insolvency of those with whom the loans were negotiated! while, accord ing to tho Report of tho lloaid of Internal Improve ment in that State, the remainder was laid out in such a way, as that about three fourths of tho whole fivo millions, was wasted 1 Such were some of the doings, in tho administra tion of allJire, in theso I.oco Foco States and how in tho mean timo did the People fare there J Their taxes became higher than they could biari increased from year to year to meet tho interest on their loans, and defray the prodigal expenditures of their Slate ru lers. In some of thoso Slates, old horses, cats and dogs, were made a lawful tender, in payment of cash debts sheriffs, and other executive officers, who at tempted to collect debtsby legal process weromobed and if per chance the property of tho poor debtor was Ecized and sold, a cow would go for one, oral most two dollars. No business, and consequently no demand or reward for labour j and most of those Slates wero nnd arc inn condition of poverty, bank ruptcy, and distress, unknown hitherto in the history of tho country whilo Vermont, (though she has been greatly depressed and paralyzed, by tho desolating policy of fourteen years of misrule in tho General Government, and the cq rally mad career in tho gov ernment of most of the Stales, during the samo pe riod,) under the wisdom ami guidance of an unchang ed Wilis administration, still '"''d' '":r credit untar nished, her treasury supplied, herself free from em barrassment, and her people more prosperous and in dependent thin those of any other State in the Union. Such being tho case, I think Vermont will not change her political character, or policy j but will bo content to remain a Whig Slato still. As to the assertion thai our young men oro leaving Vermont for other will require better evi. dence to make me believe it than the slaicinent of the True Democrat man. If 1 have been correctly in formed he is quite a "young man" himself. lain not aware lhat he has any intention of leaving us at present. But if he intends to continue his practice of slandering our best citizens ns he has done, I for one caro not how soon he goes. If he has so poor an opinion of Vermont how happened it that ho came here ( for 1 undcrs'and he is n foreigner) instead of go ing to some other Stale? If he lias got sick of uslet bim clear out, I am sure we shall not grumble. .1 WESTFORD FARMER. IATWIARY NOTICES. 4 Blackwood's Magazine, July. Cliristo jilier North grows older and wiser every month. Hut for his rani; Toryism, and violent antipathy to everything American, or rather everything not English, lie would give to foreigners as well as his own countrymen the "agreoablcst " monthly budget of wit and wisdom, issued from any of our modern literature factories. It is however, a main article i his creed that theie is hut one nation and that is tho British, Even Ireland is, in his view, but the tail to the kite ; and just as, when tho kilo is up, its stability do pends upon the integrity of the tai1, so now, if Ireland breaks avay,Me N'ation.tlian which there is no other, will bo sure of a disastrous fall. Chtistnphcr is therefore no Repealer. To ho a contributor to UUcliwood's pages, hatred to Ho publicanism " tho turbulent spirit of Domocrn- cv is the conditio sine qua non. e rnav suppose that every one admitted to that high (lis tinctinn undergoes a sort of preliminary c.ami. nation touching his proficiency in matters lite vary, scientific, and political. The anxious can didate has passed tho ordeal in the first two branches, and acquitted himself satisfactorily thus far in the third. Sir Hobcrt I'col is a To ry and a Christian, and Lord John Kusscl is a Whig and a quite the reverse. Chris topher proceeds in the examination somewhat in this wise " Christopher. Where is America ! Candidate. It lies upon tho outskirts of New Brunswick. Ch. Who arc tho inhabitants of New Bruns wick 1 Can. Blucnoscs. CH. Who! Etr, who! Can. Subjects of Her Majesty. Ch. Who first discovered' America 1 Can. John Cabot. Ch. llnw aro the United States inhabited? Can. By wolves, boars, catamounts, yan. liees, loenfocos and other wild animals. CA. What is the state of education ! Can. Thoy are entirely destitute of its rudi monts. But few can read write or spoil. Even their late President, whoso name was Hickory, was accustomed to ppell all with an o and cor. net with a I; as for example, oil correct. OA. Who was Bonj. franklin ! Can. lie was a member of tho Royal Socio ty of Edinburgh Ch Have they any Church in tho United States ! Can. No, sir. And therefore no religion. CA. Aro theso People not to bo pitied ! Can. They are. Ch Who was George Washinton ! Can. -" lie was a traitor." (Ulachcood.) Ch. U'liat was the prominent trait in his character ! Can. Dostructivenets. Ho is said to havo chopped down his father's entire peach orchard .16 soon as he was large enough to wield a hatch et. He had, moreover, great efTrontry, fur ho made hold to loll of the act. a British seventy-four mounts a hundred guns, tliis, forsooth, is what this writer facetiously calls "a high morality of honor " which comos of English aristocracy 1 " Carlylo's " Past and Present " is favorably noticed, and there am other papers, interesting of course, in "Music," "Salmon Fishery," &c. Mnnity's Museum, August. For sale at Uawiing-ton's. A. beggar nskctl a bishop for n penny tlio bishop refused, llo then asked fur Ills blessing, which tho bishop very rcndily con sented to iiccord. Tim bcggur reflected n moment, nud concluded hu would not lake it 'for,' said lie, ' if it wero worth u penny, you would not give it to inc.' llogcrs, tho convict, who murdered Mr. Lincoln, Wnrdon of tho Massachusetts State Prison, pleads insanity, us tho causa of the diabolical act. JKIUCO. Tho Whigs of tho Town of Jericho aro requested to meet at the Town Room, in Jericho, on Monday tho 21st day of Aug ust, insl., ut G o'clock V. M. to select a suit able candidate to represent said town in tho Legislature of this Slate. By order of iho town Committee. Jericho, Aug 2, 1S43. Dlt. FITCH AND CONSUMPTION. Fnnn Lectuhes. Dr. Fitch of Philadelphia will favor this village with two Lectures on tho causes and cure of Consumption, on Monday evening, 7th August, in tho 7'own House, to Gentlemen only. On Tuesday evening, August th, to the Ladies only, on tho subject of beauty, health and Consumption. Sec circulars. Dr. Fitch will bo in town two days only, 'Tuesday and Wednesday at the American Ho- tel. SHISHII'F'S 8AI.K. ON SATURDAY, August 6lh, I shall sell at II. Thomas' Auction Store, CO Side. SOLE LEATHER, 2 HORSES, 1 DOUBLE WAGGO.V, , 1 SINGLE WAGGON, nnd unci NEW CUTTER. If. FF.tlKISS, Dep. Shcri I'. Burlington, July 27, 1813. 8 2w Joseph Mliier's Instate. WI5 The subscribers, hiving been appointed l-y the IIoiirr.iMc tho Probalu Court for the Dis trict of Chillciu'eii, coinini-ioner. ti receive, examine and udpist the chum, nnd demands of all pcihons, against tho .Mate ofJOSEPH MINK It, lulu of Mil ton, in nid I)itrict, dece,icd, reprconteJ insolvent and nlto nil claims nnd dcinads exhibited in oll-et therein; nud six months from tlio day of the date hereof, heme allowed by .aid tourl lor that purpo:e, wo do ihetcfore hereby give notice, that we will nt tend to 1 1n I our appointment, at tlio dwell ing oflhc Widow Sally Miner, in Milton, in fniil th ine!, on lite fourth Too-day- of October and Novem ber next, at It) o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated this 12lh day ofjulv A. D. 1813. IRAWITTI-.ltS, Jrnll,m LEVI TOMIir.ltSON, ?c?""'' II ECTOR ADAMS, J sioner,. COMMENCEMENT rPI!IS year the Graduate from Howard's has a J. call to locale himself in iho city of Troy, N. Y., where a reputation ofllie cutcrprize of its business men stands equal tu thoso of any city in America. The above. rcipii.i'ion for one from Howard's is made by one of the mo-t ancient and reputable standing commercial houses there, and with a full knowledge of the acquirements of n previous graduate, who i in lu-ines hy their side) those al-o who have located themselves at other places from tlio same Almatnator uro NumlerOncs. Previous to the degree Icing a! out to bo Riven a full audience may bo daily accom modated in receiving abundant evidence ol the Vale dictory, being deserved, bv any mutual interchange that may be wished with the various patrons of tho Storu by hi. giving as heretofore his assiduous atten tion in putting the goods fa.l and cheap inio iheir hands at HOWARD'S. 2Clh July, 1813. 8 I'. S. One tre-hiuan entered, nnnhcations of others under consideration. Let ,lCm ltHIGHTOX MARKET-July 24, 1843. At Market 330 Beef Cattle, 20 Cows and Calves, That arc tronhlcd Willi those loninlaliits Inrl tirni in summer season, sucli as lljscntcry, rim uir.t, ti i mm: .inn mi .1 iiomc 01 JAVSO UAIIMINATIVI2 II A I. AM. at PECK if- SPEAR'S. 2300 Sheep, and 100 Swine. I'bices Ilccf Cattle Last week's prices were not sustained. We noticed a few extra at 4 50 ii 4,75 j First quality, 1 25 a 4 50 i second quality 4 4 25 j third quality, 3 507 4. Coin and Calces Sales at 1519, 22. and S2G. Sheep Pull. Lots were sold from I to 1 73, 2 23. Steine No lots were sold to peddle. A few small pigs were peddled. NEW YORK OATTI.IJ MAltKHT July 21. Al market, 000 fresh Cattle, 730 from the South j 50 Cows and Calves and 1S0O Sheen and l.ambs. l'nicES llrrf Cattle wcto very dull, anil prices barely maintained wo quote S3 60 3 S3 with a few at 53 23150 unsold. Com and Calcrs All taken nt S13, 523823. Sheep and Lambs, Sales 1C00 at SI 12J 3 S2 50 for Lambs, and SI S3 23 for Sheep, which is a decline. Hay Sales of new at 30c per cvvt. and old at 50 & 52Jc. BOSTON MAltKIiT July 25. Flour Gcnneseo.i.lS to 5,31. Wool Transactions limited in Boston, but extern slve purchases have been undo in the country by manufacturers and speculators, at prices beyond the expectation of growers. Tho new clip is now com ing into inaiUet freely, nnd wo look for c.xlenfeive op erations. For pulled wool prices have again advanc ed, and the slock at market is small. A steady de mand prevails for foreign coarse, with a diminished stock at market. .Waf. In Colchester, on tho 27th stilt, by tho Kcv. C, Green, Mr. Gtoaar. Sevebance to Miss Uitsci M. Cook, both of former place. 33L E STRAY. BHOKE into tl.e the enclosure of Iho suhsmlcr, about the 18:h in. I., a Largo Drown Hor-e. with one while hind foot. The owner i rcq-ic-lcd to prove prop, ertv, pay charge, and tnlc him 'nvvav. ASAIILL STACY. liurltiigton, July 22, 1843. 8w3 C A Ii I) . S X. GAl'T ,5. Co. pre-cnt their ooniphment. ) 10 the nubile, and o-mviallv to those favor.vl e to the encouragement of it grocery store conducted on -triet Temperance principles, und, while they grate ful'y acknowledge ihe geiierou. manner in which they liavn I ecu herelotbro i-tamod, re-pcctfully solieit n continuance of that palronage wdiich no eilbrts on their part .hall 1 e wanting to de-crve. 1 Heir siore i. directly in tho rear ol Mror.g s build- in?, KMIli ol II. II. Ilo-tvvick - I in Miop. AT HOWAftD'S (here ore a full supply pi Gwii which wero bought low and aro on sale cheap. 28lh July, 1813. 8 Administrator's Hale. NOTICKIs heteby given that the undersigned will sell nt public auction on Iho 21th day of July, A. I). 1843, commencing at 1 o'clock in the afternoon at Ibclntciesideneeof Dan Day deceit -d InUurling ton, all tho real and per.-onal estate of the .aid de ceased, not licforcdt'.pojcd of including the reversion of tho widows dower, IIKMAN ALI.KN, Itminisirator of said Estate. Darlington, July 3, 1813. 2w STRAY COLT. STHAYHD from iheMibscriltrou the 1st ol June last, a biighlhay Marc Colt, 2 Jear old, black mane and tail. The finder will bo literally compen sated, by giving any information ol said coll to ' b II. COMSTOCK. Shclburn.July 3, 1813. S-v3 WOOL! WOOL!! TUB withes to purchase Wool, and will pay in good', grain, or accounts, at his Store, ul uiirlingiou runs. Juno 30, 1843. S1DNKY IIARLOW. 4 if REVOLVING CASTORS. A GOOD assortment of Revolving Cantors "a. cheap a. the cheapes.l,and aigoodai tliebel" and will Lc sold on terms to suit purchaser. Extra Lottie, lor c.tor.. 4 Panodoiim iV. Mrinsmaid. MARSH'S LIFE AND REMAINS. a"MIK Remains of the Rev. James Maiisii, D. D. . late President, and Professor of Moral nnd Intel lectual Philosophy in the University of Vermont, with a memoir of his l.fe. For sale by June 29. II. J. SIIUMWAY, Aytnt. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES AT the Crockerv Store a very large assortment of CROCKF.IlY, GLASS, CHINA nnd IRON STU.MS vVAlvK, rorsale mucn cheaper than nt nny thero store in tho county. JOSEPH WAIT. Uurliugton, June 30, 1843. 4 CUMMINGTOS SCYTHE STONES! Manufactured from the celebrated Itobbint Ledge, Cummincton, Mass. FOR many years small quantities of stone have been earned from tbi. Ledge, to difTerent parts oi mc country, ontiii inc repmuiion ami demanu lor them induced'tbe nre-ent owners to nurcha-e thecn- lire Ledge, and inuLethc nece.ary arrangements lor furnishing the public with an article which they have .o lung .ought lor an article .superior, lioth in .lylo anu manuiacture, to nnv mat lias ever I een olicreu. The superior quality of the stone is acknowledged by all who have given I hem a trial; and thclnct is fully su-iained by the increasing demand for them, from tho-c section, of country into which they have found their way. For sale by 4 J. & J. II. PECK & CO. WATERS AND SYRUPS! FRfJsJM SARATOOA WATF.RS, CONGIIUSS, lODINi: AND PAVII.LION. ALflUItonTwATER. CALEDONIA WATERS. BARTON'S SYRUpTlEMON SYRUP, PINE-APPLE SYRUP. 1 PECK & SPEAR. NOTI C E OF DIVIDENDS IN HANICIIUP ICY, IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. NOTICE to all creditors nml other persons in in terest, that by order of tho District Court of the United States for tho District of Vermont, u dividend out of the nsscsts of JOHN SINCLEAR of Essex, HENRY I'.OAIIDMAN jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARD of Essex, JOHN SMITH of Colchester, CHESTER PARKER of Underbill, und SIMEON DAVIS of Jericho, Dankrupts, will bg mado and declared bv the Court, on the fifteenth day of July next, at 10 o'clock fore noon, nt the olHco of Samuel Prentiss, in Montnclier, in said District, among Iho Creditors w ho shall liavo proved and filed proofs of iheir debts before said day unless sufficient cause in the cases above enuineratud bo then and there shown tu the contrary. EDWAliD H. PRENTISS, Clerk. Dated tho 21th thy of June, 1813. 2,000 p"" 2,300 Bfeachod Whulo 1,800 Un-eed 500 Lard 500 Olive June 30, '43. f f)ff boxes Cylender Glass, llratcH. 300 Hedford, Saranac, and Clinton Crown. J. H J. 11. 0 iJ. June 30, '43. A New . He .ir.wniiiiv. assortment of munches. Pins, Ring. art-, f-lide-,Siris, Cull Pin, and other orna ment-; Onld Chun., Key-, sVe. Among the Pills, are Cameo, Tiirquoi-, Ague-marine, Diamond, Emerald, l'.t-te, Onyx, Stone Cameo, Ruby, Pearl, and other precious Stone-, some set muuIo nnd some in elu-ter. Apo, Plain Ring-and I'm-, and Iting. with plain tops, Signet, sVe. Among the Rings art .ome set with Mone. ut lower price, than nny before oJered ; our aorum'til is more comp'elc mail ever. July s:u. i GROCERIES. OHIIDS. St. Croix and Port Rico Sugar, 15 HMs. I.oaf Crushed and Powdered do 30 llhd-. Port Rico Molasses, 100 China Hvon SunTea. 75 do Yo .tiL-nnd Ilysou 1 ioo .Ainu, i-assia, narrelsuioves, tlo Nutincgs, 30 Tierce. Sa'eratus, 10 heir- Pure lunger. 100 Boxes Bar Soap. 50 tlo Pipe., 20 Hairs Pepper, 25 do Pimento, 40 do Rio Collee, 5 do Java uo PamIUOIIN it DlllNSMAin. T7IUMI DUITER and NEW 1 l,v S. CHEESE, for .ale N. GAUT & Co. A Good article o' IIVr-ON.l YOI'Nf HYSON,ln- Ot L 0 i SKIN & ( " h SOW tlONG j For .a n , at the l'cnipciance Slore, by July 1-1 I J. S. N. r.AUT Sc. Co. l'RUIT. OHrt HOXIS Ittinch Hai.ins, JJ 15 Bags Maderi Nuts, ) do Brazil, ! do Almond.., i do Filberts. J. & J. II. PECK fc CO. June 30, '43. 4 B ii o d , In.IIunfmnton, on the 21st ult. Capt. Ehenezeb Cotteu, aged 81 years, formerly from Fiizvvilliam, Me. He was one of the Revolutionary Soldiers. Printers in Monlpelier and Me. ore requested stc. A DMIXISSTIIA TOIl'S .sali:. npilE Vendue ol" tho real anil per-onal e-tate of jl ha. ua . late i. . I- ail- lourned until Mondnv the Till dav ol ui, wciocii in me anernuon, ni tne nie residence ot Hie deiea-cil. II. At LEN. itilmiiiisrafor. iugu-t I, 1813. 9 NOTICR. "I5ROKE intolhecndo-iireol the nibseribcr, al out xj tne ijiiuiuy ia-i, a 112m hay or yellow LOL I , Mippu-eu 10 1 0 two 1 ne owner), reque-l' cj io prove property, payenarge- and lal.e tt nvvav. uavii; 15U.1J1. Wdlhton, Aiigu-t 1, IS 13. t'Oll SAliU OK TO ui:nt. THE House and lot i-imaicd in Colchester opposite A.. I. Merrill's tavern. The It t coninin. six and one fuurih acres of land, ha. a dwelling house, two oarns mil a goou wen 1,1 water tlu-reou. Annie to JA.Ill'.n m. .tlUUllfc. I'earl Rtrrpt. Burlington, Angii.t 3, 1843. 9w3 NOTICE THIS may certify that I have given mysoiijOr.nnoE Runs., his lime to transact bunncs for him-elf. nniiinni 1 .naiiciaimnoneoi ni. earning nor nay any G Kit MAX STOKH. JUST received, China preserved Ginger, Dates Lemons and Oranges. OSTHEIM it MICIIOLLS. Ilurliiigton, July 20th, 1813. 7 PLASTER. TONS fresh gound Nova Scotia Plaster. UU J. &. J. H. PECK Sc. CO. June 30, '43. 4 TH-iT RECEIVED, Drown Sheeting, Drown and sJ Bleached Shirtings, ol good quality, bv July 21. 7 S. is. UAL 1 it 10 NOTICE. rilHE Conarlnershin heretofore existing letvvecn X GlilSWOI.I) & CLARK", i. tin. day disolved bv mutual con-cm. Tlio bu-uie-s will ie continued nt the old stand by Z. G. CLAni:. 11. 1.. llllVVUl.U, '.. G. CLARK. South Hero, June 20, 1843. 7w3 XEH' GOOD. 1")RASS ALARM CLOCKS, Brass and Wood 1J Sinking Clocks, Time Pieces, &e. in the mo Icauiild fine-fini hed Ma hoianv Ca-e-. nt unnrcce ilctuel low prt -c. , lliti-e wdio wish to secure n good cluck very low should lake one of them before they are gene, a. we are (irccri.l to sen tnrni nt n great reduction in order 10 raise the ca-h by a certain day. But a very lew more at the reduced price', for hale by I'ANODOBN IV 1JB1NSMA1P. We warrant them to run well, there are no I ettcrones, XI3W GOODS. "PINK SAFCEHS, Fans, Octave Flutes, Motases Jl uups, liov". liells, ve. 7 I'anodoks cV Rrinsmaid. Gill, I) HI AOS TUST FINISHLDouieliiin Gold Bead., at various priw- 1'ANOOOnS & BaiNSMAlD. debts of hia contracting Jericho, July 23, 1813. after tbi- date. SAMUEL BURNS. 9vv3 GOLD I'EXS. mllEJ FOURTH LOT ol theso much approved X ren. nave lcenjut receives!. July 20. 7 I'ANKBonN & BrInsmaid. SHOES SHOES!! WANTED IMMEDIA TEI.Y. A Person who perfectly understand. Millinery nnd h,TKS'S PEGGED GRAINED DOWNINGS, Dre-.. Mating. Six dollars per month would be 1V1 " Heeled tlo Pumps g von to n competent person. Any application ad- " do Slippers, tiis-ssvi rusitii. 01. .juin,-, Mining tcrtiib ana uuaiiiicatiotis, win nieit nnineuiate attention. All letter, rnift 1 0 post paid. 9w3 Allen T. Itcacli's Kstatc, STATE OF Vl'MMOST AT a Probate Dislti-tol Llnttcnucn, s. S Xi. Court belt at Burlington, within tuid for the district of Chittenden on Iho 27lh day of Julv, 1813, conies Homer Beach, of Willi-ton, in said district and hied in said couri his pennon in writing, selling lonh that Allen T. ucach, ale 01 sinu uurlinL'ton, nccea-tsl. ic-taie. at the lime ol In. death wa. seized ol the following di Ladies Lace Leather Shoe., 110 .-spring heeled Nips, do Kid Tic-, do Chub Buskin". Children's Cloth Gaiter, do u-atlier Mioe-, Mic Peg'd leather Lace Shoe. do K11I Ties, lor sale by S. N. Burlington, July -Jl, 1813. GAUT k Co. 7 the lino I etw ecu said lot-, eleven chains nnd fifty link., T..,,.r., imr.. hv 10 iho nonh east corner of sni.l lot No 20, nnd north ' west enrnrr ol said lot No. 19 ; thence wc-tcrly on the iiiiiiii iihu ui A.ii'i iui i.u. xu,iwtj cuaiii. scveniv tour ri -!!,.. cril ed parcel ol land in said llnrlinston, viz : llesi y;,.. u vuu .v...,.,. .v v.... ns; aUht, (,ornc ,,nv(,e1 ,-no n(.rc N0i lfjnnd jo tins dcstructiveneis i on Iho north hue of Pearl street; thence northerly in Can. No, sir. Ch. liavo they any Army or Navy ! Crtrt,---No, eir. Tlio former was annihilated rlurint' tho late wal anil New Orleans, some half a dozen turcd and sunk. Ch. What is the chief occupation of tho pco pie! Can. Chewing tobacco Ch. You are admitted as a contributor to Blackwood. " Dickens' American Notes " are Fre-h lot of Raisin., Figs, Dried Corants, Citron, 1 1 ainarin't-, nice, nateratu., aiarcti, rurc iiin cr. Chocolate Shells. In hgn. Gum Camphor. Baker', Cocoa Paste, Candles. Bar and Shaving Soan. Cav endi-h an I Smoking Tobacco, Sugar-,, and inegnr all of which are ollercd for ca-h nt very S. N. GAUT iV Co. . ... , , ,m linn.., iu., Mac, mciii-13 .ouiiiiTiy, purnilll Willi mc at l'lattsblirgh, tho Ihames lot line., livechaiu. nnd eight links to astnke: thence , and the latter consistin'' ol easterly parallel with Pearl street, two chain, filly ,.r 1 -i. 1 . 1, . seven link. 10 a Make; thence souiheilv parallel with "fir built frigates" was cap- lhe lot line., six chains and forty two links, to 'earl street ! thence in the north line of Pearl street, caster ly seventeen links to the place of 1 eeinninir, contain ing one hiiu inree lemn. aires 01 lanu, ieiiig part ol said lot No. 0; that the mid Allen T. acquired title thereto bv the levy ol nn execution in his favor against Malachi Corning ; that previous to said lew Ihe said Homer purchased said execution and paid the said Allen F, therefor; thai the Mid Allen T. at XOTICIJ. WIIE GRIST .MILL at Onion River Lower Fall JL has 1 ecu thoroughly tenaired and tho mo-t part rebuilt, and will recommence on the 20 h of July. Thankful 10 friend, for favor, receiveti and would be happy to see ihem again. Tho-e living al athstaneo wishing to patronize llic mill and return the same .i Ill ..1 ..n ............. c...a.r.n.. L'l.... n.. uiy . i 1. n'c 1 ail in,', mugs. ,ju i nut: ' luur, 4iyv Flour and Indian Meal kept con-tlnntly far mIc. July vi, is. 'jm uiAj. r.uuuu.iiui' OILS. Winter and Fall Sperm do do do do k J. II. PECK & CO. 4 IRON, STEEL, NAILS &. HARP. WARE. Tons English Iron, from 1 1-8 to 0 inch wiJc. 10 do Old Sable Russia tlo Tons New Sal.lo do do do Swedes do Pern do Horse Shoo do Round from J to2J inches, Square do 3-9 10 3 do Round do 15 to 4 do Hoop tlo i 10 U do Hanie nnd Scroll do P. S. I. Rttssin Rods. Sanderson Cast Steel, Pierson's Spring do from li to 1 inchos Svvides do American do German do Eiifdish Blister tlo 2.000 Kcga Nails, from 3,1 to 201 2,00 do Spikes from 30.1 to 60d 2.00 tlo Ilrads from 6d to 20J 3,00 D02 Files and Rasns. A irenornl assortment of Anvils nnd Vices. June 30, 1SJ3. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. 40 5 10 3 12 20 12 10 5 15 W z 4 i 1 3 .i llo do do do do do do do do do do do do do GLASS, 'vlender ( Burlington, Vermont, Essex and Lake Agents. 4 CIIA'S I.. AUSTIN, A'o. 91 State tt., Albany, A'. V. 3u-G cifo ok nnv. AN extensive nssortnicnl just received from New York, for sale low by irfyrwrj-,' ssyBuiu-Jitt-:s' . mow Cloth, a good artitlc, j'ist fo"!ivi-Jlv 1 Juno 30, 1813. H. W. CATLIN June 15, 1813. LOVLL Y ii SEYMOUR. 3 James Marsh's I'.slate. rp HE adjourned and la.t meeting of Iho Conimis J. .inner. 011 snid Estate, will I e held on Monday June 21 nt 2 o'clock, 1'. M, ut Lyiiiau &. Marsh's Olllce. IH'.MAN ALLEN. ) ... GEO. 1. MARSH. 1 tHii.oncr. J11 22. 3 Cyrus K. lllrgo's Uslate. STATE OF VEIIMOXT, A T u Probate Di-trn:t of Chillendeii, ss. XV Court hel l nt Burlington, within and for the di-trict of Chittenden, on tho"13'li (lav of June, A. D. 1813, Elijah Dirge, iidmini-tratur oftlio dale of Cyrus h. Uirce, Intu of Unnethill In said district, deceasid, intestate, having lilcl 111 sni 1 court his petition in wrilinir, 'setting lortli tb tt the said Cvru. wii', al Ihu time of In', dealh, un der contract to convey to him, the said Ijijoli, the toiiowing parcel ot land, -Hraic in saiti Underbill, viz: Forty airescf laud 0 I'lroiu the north sioc ot iiot inii. .Ki, in tne urti uivi-iou 01 lots, uruvv 11 SALT. 10.000 BUSH. Solar Suit, 3,IJ(I0 do line uo U.UOO Hairels do tlo 200 Sacks " A. hum's" Dairy do KjO do Table do J, J. II. PECK &. CO; lUUCiU, -IJ I 75'DOZrHTootTsCait nnd German Swo ytbe-. liixtom no ll.y For'.., Blood's Hoc., Hay Rake.-, none nay J. i. J. SO 25 40 150 20 June 30, 43. tlo do tlo do do do do II. do PECK A CO DYE STUPES. 300 RUl-S. Ctiinph'y Log Wood, 200 100 200 300 50 23 40 do tlo do do do do do St. DoillillTO Cam Wood, Dacha Fisiic, M adder, BiUu Viiuol, A 1 11 lit. sit,t vi uui Hi'. .J, 111 inc "tfi ut, run ui kj, uninii . CoiMiepl. to the original right of William Sacketl, and is of ,'J w , y,t.rc,;ron Bark. IVacI, W equal width expending tliu win. e length of snid lot; cu,j uar Iudi-t.'., Od Vitriol, Mu.-iatii that the -aid contract remained unexecuted 11.1 the ,,, ,,r -i ,. (Jloihicrs llru-he-. Cloth et nut cf.aid Cvnis ,aud praying the indgu of said Court to exeeuieadeul of said hind to the said Elijah, ngrccal !v to lhe ..Inlttte in si.cli ea-ema 'e and provi ded. Tliere'oru the court d doth appoint tho second Wednesday of July 1813. for bearing nnd tic- liduig 011 suid petnion, at the ollicsi ofthe Itcgislcrof saiu uourt, in said uuriingnni, antittotn r.ruer mat all persons interested lenotilicd thereof by pnl Illation of th). order, ci utainiug ihe.tibstnnceols.iid petilun, three weeks suet o..lvely in the Burlington Frte Pre-s, a news piper printed in said Builington, the U-t tl which pub lent ions tn I e prevoius to the said second Wi-Jiicsilay ol July, IS1J. Given uiider my hand, t said Uurlingttn, this llih uay 01 June, .v. v. low. J.vj Wm. WESTON, lleei.ter. Wood, Lao D 7 ttio Acid. Mult ato of 'I in, Cloihiers llru-he-, Cloth ers Jacks, Pru-J Papers, Tenter Hook., Cud Ta-k -.tor If 111 &Vk l us J tnc 30. '43. 4 , I A l-T.W u 11 ret XX ami for .-alo by ul nuperliiie flour, iu-t lei'eivo' 1 -.'. fi f rrt TO PRINTERS WANTED, A f.OOV COMPOSITOR. Ditrlington, June 14, 1813 S. FLLTCHER. CONE LANTERNS. A New and very liandsOiiioMylu tl'Luavy Mouldad wia.. tjonc l.diiteriis, lor sale I v June 1C, 1313. JQjKPU WAIT. GOLD PENCILS. SOME.lcautiful new patternsjust received. 2 P.vxGuua: &. UkWHkio. June 30, '43. &.J.. J. II. PECK &. CO. MANTLE LAMPS very elegant set of MANTLE LAMPS, 4 bur nus with cut shades, for sale uncommonly cheap at tho crockery store bv JOSEPH WAIT. uurltngtnn, June jo, lu. COXSITMI'TION AND IJVKIt COM- I' LA I N T 1 1 , nil. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 373 Jlawery, A'ets York. T?OR the cure ol Couch--, Colds, A-llinn, whoop- L ine Co ich, Catarrh, pains in the si Ie and I rea-t, Bronchitis liver complaints, and nil tho-calleelion. I of the throat and lung-, which nru a .ours e of so much suffering an I so of en tcriuin.i'e 111 Lon.ump Tios, tin. remedy is iiiMlvnud highly distinguished. It 1. purely veictahle, m'lld and gentle in il. edict. upon lhe system, nnd can I e taken 111 the mint deli- Icate cases with satcly as well a. well as utility, co extensively has it I ecu 11-ed nnd -o often proved me- Ice-stul even in extreme an 1 apparently aiinosi Hope less ca-e-, not only a. a paliative hut as a remedy ; that theprojirietor heiteiv'v in introducing I it and recconimending it to nil w ho uniorninaieiy may have occasion to re-ort to some mean, of reetiv- I ery. Physician-, laniilur with it- e teei. nnti aware Iof the healing properite. of thi. vegetal Io prejnra lion, not tinfreipienllv prcsr-ri! eil it in their practice, and with the Mebcn'l Facility generally, it has met with more than or.nnarv nppropation. Jll.NMJ.ll'll'li. The following remar'is were taken from a late mini! er of the Medical Magazine: "The surpri-ing elect produce 1 by the ccuuine I Dr. Taylor'. Balsam of Liverwort, inn le nt 375 Bowery, in Consumption ca-es, cannot fad exciting itcep onu iiiriinng imeresi inroiignnui inc worm. i?.oir sTorja wiyn. rillti; Subseril er has 011 hall I a large auJ superior Jl nssortmeiit of STONE WARH, superior to any made in the 1 Intel state-, which haulers !w s'e at Reduced Prices, and i. ready 10 iceeivu order-, pack and deliver, free of enrtasu or package, on hoard U Canal Boat-, either for Troy, Albany, or VfnA Troy, lorca-lt or approved paper. All orJers by Mail or olhervvho, nnmod.ately attiu ded to. I. SEYMOUR, 44 Ftrif' Troy.N. V.. May 17, 1813. SI A CARD. 1 MICIIOLLS sensible to thocxtcnt to which they havo been favored by thu patron age of their Inends and tlio public generally, beg leave to tuurn iheirnest tiiauivstor me l.nors iceeiv cd: and having redeemed their promise, in lhe tetiew- nl of their spring assortment of dry nnd fancy ynodi which is the choicest description lhe southern Mar kets could afford, now offer their new Goods for sale on Ihe cheapest terms, and hope to be honored with a continuation of the distiiigu.shed and general patron age they have heretofore received. JjJOICINa GLASSES. A LARGE supply jtt-t received from tba manu factory, for sale low bv LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. Juno 13, 1813. 2 rsTin:i.M o1; DRY GROCERIES, superior quality, fresh from Now York, just received and for sale very low ny LUVKLV C4 SLI.UUUU June 15, 1343. "LIVE AND LET LIVE." S. IHJXTINC.TOX, WOULD rcspecfully inform h'3 patrons and !' n nubhe generally that ha has leciited and will continuo to riceivo through the siasnn -1 good auppl of School l!oo'..s, Bibles, Hymn Hooks, nnd Sl-i nonary, which will ho sold very low lur ready pay lit. tin. nlsu mnde arram't inotits fur obtaining often as once a month such Schoul llooksnsmay I-' needed in tins vicinity and ho rrsprcthiiiy solicit the patiomcaof the public hoping by attention lif his businesj'10 merrit same. IIn wi 1 1.11 tdve his personal attention to unor, Binilinun I Blank Book Making. All work cntrcs led to his caro will meet with prompt nltcnlion. Strong's Budding, cormr v-liurcti tina i-oiiegit Streets. . . June 9, 1913. lw-1 , GFIIiSr ra'e UUII.DI.MJ LOI S lur 'ale hear Academe uu Culleae Street. Also 2 Pew.' in lb' Stone Church auJ onein the Unitarian Erie; Church. Lnquire of II THOMAS. June I.), " David AUvool's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) AT a" probata District of Chittenden, ss. S 1 tt- court lielJin Uurliiwlon, within and for thedi-tricl of Cliitlendutt 011 tho seventh day t.t June, 1813. Moses Alwond, one of the heirs to the uM'e of David Atwood, la e of Charlotte iti .aid th-iriit, docca-cd, mleita'e, hav niif ale I in -lid irt hi. peliliou in writing, settin-r forth that he hold, in iiitniiion with the other heirs to .aid t-tate, one truth part el the follovvinp t'e-crilui parcels ol land, lying m sail Cliarlotte; vht, nineir seven u-res and iwelre rod. of land of! the sou'lf cud cf ll.e sec 11J division lot cf the original right of Jonathan Aiken, with the 1 nildings and appur-tensiicc-: al-o, 31 acres and 14 rods of lot No. 33, of the lirst divi-ion drawn to the original right u! John Ilonsr, hem the same land, lieictofore set 0.1! to Su-annah Alwood widow of the said iute-tale, as her dower in .aid e-Ci'e ; nu I praying -aid eour'- 10 order partition ot said l.tudj to I d made aniouA' the several pera na entitled lhereto.t TiicRErons, the court afore-ail 'dolh appoint tie seeoii I Wednesday of July, IS 13, for hearing and deciding on sail pelitiuii at theoilivu of thu Hegistir of -aid court in said Darlington, and doth order that ail per-on. interi-ted thereof hy pel lication if thu order, containing ihes'ibstoncet'f said petition, Ihrei weel:s succeivelv 111 tne ilurlinrrtoii r ree rre.s, a newspaper printed in said Builiiigton, the last ot which pulilicn'ions to 1 c prevnus to'the day appoin ted a. aforcaid fur hearing. Uivcn under my Hand at said liiirnngton, Inn seventh day of June, A. 1). 1843. vvm. v 1 v, uegisier. DISSOLUTION. LYMAN .f. COLE, havo this day dissolved their Conarlnershin bv mutual consent. All lictsor.s indebted are requested to call and s. tile immediately. BRIGADE NOTICE. THE Adjutants of tha several Regiments in the Those having demands against the late firm will pro 1 I r.F Wmaii, M, !,,! .on. mt,l In l.....r,.n nn . T I, 1 At. n.! na. - Jl "l.l 'I. "MHUIII sen, iiiriu 1UI WJ tu. III. meet me at A. liurrill a inn in iiine.Durgn, vvun tueir Records. Hosiers, nnd files, on Tueslny 27th Inst. nt 10 o'clock A. M.. agreeable 10 tho requirements of the Militia Act ol lb4'.'. n. ROYNTON. Inspector 3d Brigade Vt. Militia. Htncshurgli, June M, 134J. I.evl Xultliic's I'.slate. XTTV, THE SUB. (TUBERS, having been p. v T pointed by tho Honorable the Probate Court fur the District of Chilten leu. commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust the claims and demnnds of 1, . .1 . e 1 I'll -T-fT-,i. Vr n npr.nn..n'Tniii.iiiic('.ininii i.i.i 1.1 I I .ui. WehavesO long lelieved thed sea-o (Consuuiptinn) )110 0f L' !prlil i Bai. District, deceased, rcpre- sen-eiwhen senied insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands PAINTS. 1 H finn LBS- WETHEniLLS dry White iw.viuu Lean, '. s.n 1.-.. . . .1 L 1 -.! lull ises uu Kri'iiuu 111 uu, 10 llbls. $pnni-h White, 25 Venetian Red, "0 do French Yellow, SO do Spts. Turpentin Chrome Grven Emerald do French do Brunswick do Crown Yellow, Prussian Blue, Small's, Sani Paper. J. 4. J. II. PECK A, CO. June 30. '43. 4 T incural le. that it i. dnhVull to creJit our se we see per-ons evitlenlly eon.niupfve, restored to health. Yet it i- n ftcl ol daily occurrence 1 Cf nineties Irom thu highest an I mo-t re-peotaMe source, of person, whohave either lien greatly re lieved by it, or entiiely recovered from alleclionsrf the Inner, an I liver, could I e furnished in abundance out we iii-ert only the loliowing ; Cciitificate. " Being constitutionally preh-pos- eil to Consumption, a ineinbir of my family having snllered severely from iritnnon of "the Lungs, ac companied with cough and r.n-ing matter and tlood, togetner won severe p.1111 111 my sineunu i-rca-t, nr I wa. suppo-ed to bo beyond recovery, I wa. induced bv ndvito of Dr. Perkin-. ... a lu-t resort 10 try "Taylor's Balsam of Liverworl," 1 havo taken five homes m all. 1 pegan to improve Willi the nr.-l i 1 lle,nnd while taking the third, vy.isso fjr recovered as to bo .ililu to gel uPoiit. hiiuo which tune, by continued u-e of it 1 am quite restorej and able to attend to my ii-ual I u-i.ies.. To persons su fering from couch, und ailections of the Lung-, 1 do earn estly reccnmnienJ it. (Signed) JAS. C. SCOn". Kliznbclli City, .X. C. Dec. 10, 1B42. For a common col 1 nud cough, tins is one cf the very le-t remedies ever di-covcred. A. D. Ilicio 1- a.punni and counterfeit nrttcle afloat, and lately introduced into this place. There furu be careful to gel the genuine, which i. from 373 Bowery IS. 1 . an I see lint lhe new cntrraved wrap per is on the bonle 10 prevent counterfeits. For snlohvPECK k SPER, and LOVELY &. SEYMOUR, Biiriinglon ; S. II. Barnes, Charlotte; M, uau, iiincsiiurgh; n m. KlKKies, Jr. Richmond. NOTICE. June 30. yl HIS may certify lhat I hnveeivenmy .on Paoi- . ,,,s. Oanlncr Brewer. Bezton. N. E. Ram. pen numoERT ms lime 10 transaci ousiness lor ; 11 p it,,,iv n.l ahn nnn. nth,. Mrninirl nnr nav . .' .1 . " 11()NI!TS. NEW lot Florence Braid and Amazon Bonnets, . 111 -t received cheaper lhan ever, ly JnlyT, 1813 ' H. W. CATLIN. PUBLIC NOTICE. TV. YOHICSiMONTREAli EXPHESS, AN'n HOWARD, (successors to S. Ja V mil. svill run ns herciofore. leavin Burlington for Montreal Wednesday evening and for Iho South Cr.rtnu nvpninnrnf fnch weeK. Paekas-es mav be left at the office of Messrs. J. & J. H. Peck if- t,o., uurungion. o xlubited in oll'sct thereto j and six months from the day t if lhe date hereof bemgallovvcd by said court for that purpose, wo tlo llienlore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business 01 our -am appoint ment, al tho dwelling ul Pcr-i Nutting, in I'r.dcr- lidt m nid di.lrit-t. on tl.e lir-t Tuesdays Ot A"rust nnd Xnvcinl ir next, at lOu'cloek, A. M., on each of said days. Datol tins 12th day of May. A. D. 1513. TRftft.N SIUXDEN, Commis 3 OUVFR GOODIlllE, 5 sioner-. I7IVE DOLLARS REWARD. Stolen, from the JL Lai oratory of lhe University, some time since, live cheinicalTheniiomcltrs, and a ela-s Hydrome ter. The, herinonielers were nil 01 h.en nil's luimc, with Iheir 1 ul lis extending below Iho sc.i,e. I wo were fi ei with coloi el spirit the others Willi mer cury, and graduated very high. The Thermometer were kept in a ca.-e, and 'one ol th Mil in a small nn- hoe-anv ca-e ci its own. 1 ne uvorouieier w.i- mauc, 11 i. Ifdicvcl. bv Lerebonts. and wa. in .1 small green case. Porn re-toration of the Instrument. and deles tit 11 of the thi-f, live dollars will le paid and n lair proportion of lhat sum lor a part 01 the in-trn- ment. .i.e. tn.o. . nr... 1.1iv- j . himself, and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any dent of Ins contracting troin 1111s naie. Undorhill, June 1 1843. ' C w3 THE CHEMICAL OIL nt 6 PECK & SPEAR'S. 1 843. 40 do Baltimore Gin, 5 tlo "Svan"do pure, 10 Half 'IVIIcvoisin" Brandy 10 llhd.. St. Croix Rum, 30 Ubls. Snerry and MaJ,(rin Wm, 40 tin Mnlaga do 8 tlo Port do J. if J. H. PECK it CO. June 30, '43. FOR ALUI1RGH AND HIGHGATE SPRINGS, AND MISS1SHUUJ BAY. The Steam-Uoat CASH WANTED. TT'OR WHICH Goodsnta fair price can beobtained V at the Temperance Store. A good assortment of nice Vest Patterns, lllsck Cravats, Italian do. Wickmr, Wadding nnd Batting. A few , ankre Shoe Brushes. Dav nnd Martin a Blacking. Japan do, Paste do. Sarsananlla .Mead. Cavendish, Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. Rice, Ginger nnd Saleratus. Ink, Shaving and Bar Soaps, for sVe uncommonly low by a, u.vui ol uo. June.!), 1H13. FLOUR, r 1 rs Ti-Trt rnHT I IT AJ 11 I tx JL Jl7i s nf P"ir brand-, in Barrels and Half Barrels, to bo reviewed and abused, becauso he did not Homer, and prnyiug' said court to decree a convey- more abuse these vile republican. W.I. you - - e. ; ; undertake it btr I' Allen T. agreeably to natute in such ca. e made and n.l. nndulitn rnnlina in tlio nffirmatien tind 1 prOVdolJ ... ... I.- -i i.i i i N liereupon, iho court aforesaid doth appoint the witbaraws. Hut politics aside lllackwood is the second Wednesday of September, 1813, lur lieinng narairon of Magazines. " Jlarston or the Me- UI,J deciding on said peiition nt the oillce ofthe Regi.". 1 GRAIN CRADLES. rPHE subscribers have received their usual t-urply 1 nfPATI'NT GRAIN CRADLES, which willba lhe time ol Ins deulli, held suid land in trust for said sold nt a reduced price for ensh. IlAliAK tl- AKI11UK. Burlington, Vt., 13th July, 1513, ) 6 cor. Ch. nnd Coll. streets. J tcr ol said court in said I! irlincion. nnd ,nl. ihatntl persons mtere.leil 1 eiionfied thereof by PiiMl cation of this order, containing lhe sub-mucc of said inoir8 of a Slatesman" commenced in Iho Juno No. and continued in this bids fair to bo the Nn vol of the fcabon. "Tlio Aristocracy nf Kng i.,.l i-i niitithor tilnasant nnd inslructivo naner. l'f the author had ecr read " Cooper's Naval "fffifeto tiisinrv" ho would not havo none out of hia 0w3 .env tn sneer at tlio American Navy. He seems not to know that the practice which ho btigma tizes as immoral, was adopted from their exam pie. Tho lalo war seems to have aroused tho consciences of tlio wlioto British pcoplo and the writcre for Blackwood especially. If an Amo rtcan tevcnty-fotir mounts nighty guns, why, she g a har and lior owners arc immoral, but if UP AMI DOING. rnilE Cash Svsloni wan never progressing better .1. than now at Howard's where tho wool money is taken In such quantities ns lo keep every hand active and busdv ciniilovcd ill incasurm: nnd prciiarini' packages to hand over to customers as an evidence of CAPT. A. TRUMAN, Will leave Knieht.' landintr. North Island, daily (Sundays excepted) on the arrival of lhe Sieamer Snranacai that place from Burlington, and will carry passengers lo Alburgh and Highgale Springs, and .iiissisfiuui nay. Returning Will leave Missiinuoi Bay at 7 o' clock, A.M. landing at Highgale and Alburgh, and arrive at Knignts'm time to ineei ino oaranaoun her wav from llurlinirinn to Si. Albans. i-a-iengers leaving in ine naranae, wnicn ievt Burlington at 8 o'clock, A. M. via. Port Kent, Fori constantly arriving. j June 30, '43. if. J. H. l'ECK & CO. ELIAS IYMAN, TNFOKMS hi. friends lhat he has relurned from A llo-lon and New York, having bought! a laipu stock ol DKY GOUUS, wnte.'i tie is now opening in the Storo lormerly occupied by D. A. Braman, in lhenorlh-we-teirner of Strong'.. Ihul'lings, opposiir Mc-srs. Peck ui Spear, where he intends keeping eonsiamlyon handnn exten-ivo a.oninenl of DRY NOTICE. rTMHS mav certify that I have given mv son, Syb -L vester Iloldredge Jr. his time, nnd hereafter shall not control any cf bis earnings, nor hold myself re spousiblo to pay any debts of bis contracting after tins tlnte. ai uvi-.aii.iv. iiul,uiu uur,, Alburgh, Junc20, jS 13 4w3 TXTILLlTAItY BLANKS for sale bv 11 II. J. SIIUMWAY, Asent The Books and Notes can befound forn few days at the old stand. After which timet hev will b.' removed to P.. Lvman s torp. at tb north west corner nf Strong Dnildings, formerly oc cupied by I). A. Braman, nt which place both parties will at nnv time attend to the settlement of all iheir books and demands. ELIAS LYMAN, MORTON COLE, Burlington June 3. 143. NOTICT.. T' OITS roLI.ETT haying been admitted to an in J Kre-t tn the nwantile inncern of Pollctt and Bradley, business W'ill hereatler le ci nducied under the linn of POI.LLTT, BRADLEY k Co. Old Dock, J me 1, 1311. 1 TOHACCO. CIAVENDISII .t- I'Lt'f! TOBACCO of iho moai ' approve! brand-. Deeu : Brown". celebrataJ Chewing nnd Smoking Tutaeeo ; Al-o, SheeTohao co, lur saleverj low l.y tUI.Ll.IT, IIHAIU.1.1 u- uo. Old Doc1:, .luneS, 1343. l r i : a . OLD and VOIINO HYSON, some of very superior ouatitt. Ilv-on Skin and Twankav in cheats, half cbe3tsand caddie., for sale by 1 Ul.l.l.l T, UltAUt-t-Y iV i;o. Old Doc';, Junefe, IS 13. J N. V ROM. A Constant supnly of Fcliou'sN. L. Rum, m Hhds Pipe-, Ilali'Pire- nnd BLls., 50 per cent abovt proof, lor ile at lln-ton ince- and freight, by fULI.l.l I, liltAUL.l.1 , ei L.O., J,g,lH. Oil Dock, Juiu S, 1813. 1 CAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do, Long hapded do and Spades. Cro Bars, Russian Nail Rocs, warranted, Shot, aliect and Bar Lead. Patent Vices, a new and supcrur article, Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, iVc. Ac. for ssleby KULLKTI, UKADLI.V X Co. Old Dock, Juno 8 18 H. 1 Just Hcccivrtl and I'or Sale at tlio TIJMI-r.UAXCK STOKE, THRESH TEAS, Oramies and Uunon-, Itiee, Sale . ratus CiV.ce, Dried Curant", Citron, 'lamiriud. Bin am I !,' Rai-in.. Fn... Chocolate shell-, Biker' Ctcoa I'a-ie, n new article, prepared in one minute fnr nten T.-i-t Bo-ton Suear lIou.-e Mtila-se-. a sunt rii'rarnele lor theTal le. Also.nn a-sortment of ST A 1' LE DRY GOODS, which they will -ell n low for ca-h or ready pay as ni anv oilier siore in ine piace. A fresh lot cf Boston Sofi and Cold Water track-.-r. nnd Pdnt Bread, and a. we are rectivjng con stantly fre-h supplies lhe publie may to assured ol llieir quality, SIJI'EllIMXB I'l.OUII. THE Stilseiiler. nre dai'y receiving Superfine Flour in barrel, and half barrels, .elivled with caro and of the nm-t approved biands, which tlrnf o.ier lur ciu ni a sinan nuvance. TOI.LtriT, BRADLEY 4; Cis. Old Pock, June g, 1513. I 'I O l'AlM'U MAKKHS. WANTED, a li urneynnn Paper-maker, for ma chine tindiug and tini-hinr. E. WELLINGTON. .Mlltrn, June 15, 1S13. ammo where. Burlington, June J2, 1613. S. N. G.U'T & CO. 3if Washincrton at Vntrrht. landine as above stated and be conveyed directly ihrough and returning by the Washington can take the Saranaq lor Si. Albans, or by remaining at Knights until her return from St. Albans, will Islanded in Burlington in aeason for the uine lloats either way. Ilurlinuloii. Jnlv 1I.1R4.V ICJrhis arrangement to con'inue until the 1st of bipteinter next, un'e-s notice is given lo the contrary, GLASS. price'. Ills attention leing exclusively uevoiai iu Drv Oood-. and his mono leing LARGE SALtS AND SMALL PROFITS, he is enabled to accomodate his old Friends, Cnsto mersandlhe Public wilh goods at ralucrd price.. Call an I see. Burlington, July 7, IS4J. V 14 1 NT WA II K II O US 13 BF. LKE, (formerly ol lhe lirm ol Lord it Lee) . undtT. B. under lhe Hon of LEE 1U I'eurl Hreet Gcntgc Pilrillc'k Ilsitate. WE the subscribers, having bten nppoinled by the Ilnnornhle the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine nnd adjust lhe chums nnd demands of all per- L ' i ...r.,ll,. ;..,.! ow-stl nnd ex- sons agant the estate nf GI.ORGl. PRINDLE, ate 1 he put lie are resne,. fully nv ted o all and v of ch,-t,0 jn s1, 0i.triCt, deceased, represented in nno the Goods nnd Prices I i U-t- . , , .,., ,, ,t.., '., .,hihlt.s in ofl'scl thereto.' and su months from Ihe day of ihu data hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give noiice,that we wm attemi to tne business 01 our appointment, at ihe dwelling of widow Louisa Prindie. in Charlotte. in ssid District, on the 2d Wednesdays of July and Novcm! cr next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 10th dav nf May. A. D. 1343. SI ItURK LI.' VnNWORTH, rt..!-. ORRIN REED, Commusioner: WANTED! Xnfi POt'NDS ol Bee. Wax. Al-o, A quantity UU" cf Ergot crS.i'irrcd Rye in exchange, ly 61 PECK it SPEAK, Druggist. REVOLVING CASTORS. A Large assortment ol Revo.vinp Ca.lOrs, lour, five 'and six bottles, very cheap indeed, (or sale at the Crockery Store by JOoEIIH WAIT. June tu, ibtJ. - FASIUONAIllii: IIAUl CUTTING AXI) F.ASY SHAVING, At the Barf ir Shop under Howard's Hotel, NotiTH tinr, cocht nocsr. so.oae, I1Y WILLIAM STEWART. d7"S. II. HazT. P'U in complete order. 3w3 200 KCGS I'OWDER, 100 Hags Shot. 150 Di z. com Broom.' 100 Patent Pails. J. & J. H. PECK CO. June 50, '43. FISH. 200 Qnintals Cod Fish, ,00 Uoxe, Herrmf. j 4J PE(:K (f. co. June 30, '43. CASH PAID FOR WOOL! rpiIT. Snlscrilcr will pay cash for Clean Fleece J. Wool delivered at his store. College Green. GOOD IIHASS ALARM CIOCKl, 1ANTEI), at I Ii down only. "I "I A RR A NTE U, at the very low prsie of $3, frr ii i a- June 22. P.VN'.ECr.N- it Psivst'P. , 16 IX petiimn. three week. sce..ively , ,ho Burl. ncliu. 1 0 Bl ,n0 ' e0',,B " "CT,.". SX i.' ii . . i .. " i is. 11(1311 yitiii is ii-Jiwiui. the la. ,,f wh, in!, , . a on to k v S I ""P -' Jul' tes-'omi Wdlnt-Miftv (if 1913. (iiven i'n.! r my hinJ ut uaid Uurlnifflon. tltm J7iln!av ol Jnly,16 13, i fll. nuiiiwiii itceitcra 3.000 150 DYi: AVIIOim. Cnm Wool. 350 do Camph. Ixig Wwd tiu oi. wuuitngo tlo do Fustic, do Madder, do Blue Vim.. I, do Alum. do Copperas, for sale at com and chenper' bv i'OLLBIT. BRADLEY t to. I June 13, le 13- i Q50 350 75 30 45 100 O II. s. Gal.. Full Sperm and pure Winter Oil, 3000 cnls. Bleieed Whale do 2500 gals. Liu.eed Oil, 1000 du Lard tlo 100O do Olivo do for rale very Nav by FOLLETT, BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, July 13, 1S13. 6 5520 ,ox" Cylenner Glass, Burlington I , & flllEWoTER, have established at r-aw"WW .;a.ex Bn(1 Lai,.e flrands, for sale aire- vuw York, a WARIHOFSE duced prices, by FOLIATr, URADI.EV tt Co. o.V A.V EXTENSIVE 1 5.O00 lbs WITHF.RILLS nay WHITE LEAD 150 Kegs do Ground in Oil, for sain at redmed nrice. bv FOI.LF.TT. URAULKY ci Co. Old Dock, July 12. 1813. G XOVA SCOTIA I'liASTKR. CAIt Tons Ground Nova Scotia Plaster delivered al our mill at Winooski City, or I on the dock, by FOLLLTP HIIADLLY it Co. Snith Wharf July. IS 13 0 "fl CA doz, Blanehard'a Cast and German Steel Sivthes. 50 do Hay Fork., 3,00 tlo Hay Rake-, Ml do Hoe, for sale bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY d Co. Old Dock. July 13. 11343. C GERMAN STORE. AAA Different patterrs Motulin de;-, em-r vtry Cheap, bv J'jib July. I OSTHEIM A MICHOLI.E SCALE, fxclusivelv ton TRINTEI) CALICOES, To supply lhe city and interior trade by the piece or pnekaae. By confining ibeir nllt-nnon entirely and exeluvive y to Ibis one article, L. if- B, will le enal led lo lint onlr exhibit a more extetiivennd I a.-ortmcut lhan i to 1st found elsewhere, (there being no similar esiabli.hincnl for prints 111 lhe United Slate.) Inn lu sell uiivnys nt prices ae low, and generally lower than those ol houses who-e attention and means are divided among a largo variety of nrlieles. The entire nook, embracing al-out one thousand diflerint patterns an I colorings, lias toen received within a law dm sj it, pf-tfecily fresh, and emprlet all the late -t and eh 'l' 0. t 'pring st) le. 5yl HARRY Burlington, 19:h June, 1843. BRADLEY. 3w3 . . . 1 . . . r. , tnne il.-lO li 1j wmnn, OF Springlicld Vermont, and SpringUcld Ma-si chu.etls Mnnul'.ict"re. J. it. J. 11. PECK & CO. Agents. Junc30,'43. L OR 11 1 LLARD'S TO ISA C C O AND SNUFF. 4( DAHHCLS Cltuwing Tobacco, 50 do Smoking do 250 Jars Mnc ahoy Sntilf, 100 Bladders Scot h lo J. if- J. II. PECK & CO. Age-it'-June 30, MS. j WOOL wanted 111 Ft panic lur rfshor Burling inr.MilU'o,C'cih.1b II. W ('ATI IN. J.11 e2S, 1M3. Ilcnrv Townsenil'a Kslate. STATE OF 'VERMONT, HE Hon. the District 01 Chiliendeu, ss. 5 X Probate Court f..r the di.strisl of Chiliendeu, to all perons concern e.1 in the e-taleof Hl'NRV TOW.NSEND, late cj Troy, la the Slate of .Now York, deceased, lestte, GliFMINcr WHEREAS, George B. ivhavv administrator with the will annexed of the estale of said deceased, .,nnn.,.. in render an account of his adiniuL-tratiCB. and present lu account against raid estate for ex Hiiiiuat on and allowance at a ses-ion of the Court 0 Probate, to leholden at the Register's orlice in Bur lington, in tai l distntl, on Ihoiceond Wednesday a JllTI,erdbre, ou nrclicreby notifiesltn appear belorn lafj court at (he tune and place aforesaid and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid sliouu noire u;iosvi-j. Given undirmv hand at Barlmgton, this 221hy f Jm.r. A P 1M1 ' Wm 'ATM ,7u.-

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