Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 15, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 15, 1843 Page 3
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department of music, nttrncU so much of the public attention, tinU renlly good artists receive so much fulsome mluliition, we tliink that llio young, tho nspirin, tititJ the worthy, hould receive from nil n helping hand. Tim?, should they lin found competent tu itand tho test of public opinion, they mny loon riso to tho topmost sound of their sub limo profession, otiierwise, soon full, be forgotten, ahd heard of no more. Wo have heard Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Seguin, Mrs. Bailey, Madam Castellon, mid Mad emoiscllo Calivo; for mellowness and rich ness of voice, wu do not think any of tliorn surpasses her, anil ouo only equals her. Mrs. Scpuiti's execution is more finished, but she has had the advantngo of ten years more practise : and wo scruplo not to say, that oro the same length of time has passed from tho present with tins young lady, she will at last cipial her. One great fault how ever was but too apparent to all in her sing ing, especially in her Italian Cavatiua, ' Dalla Goija," from tho Opera of lilizlo ot Claudio arranged by Mcrcandanto. That is, her method of catching or recovering her breath. It is goiio too hastily and with quite an audible noise, Vtliich can bo avoid ed by throwing open to its utmost tension tho asophagus, as well as the mouth, whilst In-drawing. If it must be donn, we much prfer in a case of this kind, to have our vis ivo faculties cfl'ended than those of hearing. And in fact it nflbrds us more pleasure to listen to any music, not looking at the object from whence it emcnates, believing it some " Ethereal found divine," from dim dis tance advancing and then again retreating', then to know, recollect, nud feel, the consci ousness of tho performer's presence. Wo cannot end this notice without men tioning the beautiful effect of Miss Andrews low notes. They resemble nothing that we havo ever heard, save the rich and melodi ous tones of the fit si and second strings of the violin on the shifts. To cut a long story short we will say, Hoping that sho may bestow her attention to making herself as perfect as possible, that tho lias fairly entranced us and all that were so fortunate as to have heard her. May they soon visit us again for a longer sojourn. For iho Free Press. To His Esccttcscr, CiiAntts Paine, Govcknoh of the Slito of Vermont. DearSir: I have vcnlurcd to address n vhort sc ries or papers to you, on the righteousness of punish ing the murderer with death. Two reasons have determined me to take this step, One is, the high respect which I cherish for your chsracter as n man and as a citizen who lias done the State good service. The second i, that the sub ject on which I write, isono that deeply concernsthe Stato over which yon preside. It involves principles and beatings which lie at the foundition of govern meat. And as the public mind has been called to il nd 13 likely to be again, even the small measure of light, that I may be able to throwtipon it, tinynssist some of my fellow citizens in establishing their opin ions upon the truth. . The principal object, in the following papers', will be, to exhibit th'e theological argument on the sub ject of capital punishment nnd to show, that no ue- MAN LEGISLATURE HAS ANV COS'TltOL OVER THE L.W contained in Genesis Sib, 5th mid Gtli and that the repeal of ill is law would be both offensive to God and unsafe foi eoinmuniiy. This being a mat'er of deep concern to the Slate over which vu preside, I trust yon will pardon llio presumption of inscribing these pipers to you. With sentiments of high regard, I am Dear Sir, As ever jours truly, C. Sept. 1st, 1813. tTBLIC SENTIMENT nESPECTINO CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. DsarSis: Tho most important temporal concern of the Stateis i's criminal Jurisprudence. Thisisthe chief pillar of tho public: security, and is intimately connected with' the fundamental principles of momls and religion, tic who looks patiently into this sub ject, will see that it has many important bearings! and that our existing codefor tho punishment of high crimes isono of the last things that ought to be expe rimented with hastily, by our legislators. This would be to unsettle nil o lr established convictions respect trig the guilt of crime, and to trifle with tho most sa cred interests of society ; for it is supposed lhatllie public safety and welfare depend on the prompt inflic tion of adequate penalties on tho violators of whole some law. Punitive justice, thus executed, we be lieve to be bencroltnce to the public. The first fact claiming o ir attention, is tho recent, Ceneral moveineutofiliepuhlic mind toward the alio- Iltion of Capital Punishment. 'There is a growing dis- sMisfsction will, the pena, codes es,abS,,cd by the c'h'uT KTOra furitans of rvew England nnd by Pcnn and Ins asso-1 composed partly of his disciples nn I nt nstlt, parlly eiates, and by those Christian patriots who conducted of ihenlllicied and languid brought to him as the foun our nation through the revolution, nnd established a 1 ',1'" .f !'fl'i "nd hePharisces and Prnns w bo view the trovernment of Hw in,l tu " ; Mcssiih Willi Involuntary wonder and mortal teal- eovemmcnt or law- and order. These men were as ousy. These groups nre ehspo cd with gicottiudg inuclijdistinguishcd for their conscientiousness nnd meat, and nfiiird lo each other a proper help hrihe humanity as for their praciical wisdom and consuiu- Pc"cral svstem of light and shado in the vilmlo pecc; mate ability. Why arc wc dissatisfied with the codes ,h,ey un',11l!a, l"'r"ri! I,B eves like distant lulls in ihe j .. . "v"uta ! .iw of the sumer evening. nn,l llip,.itu. mnnr oroainea uy uiem, and upproved nnd commended to us by the experience of haif a cenlury 1 'lliat ibere is discontent, is plain. In tho Legislatures of several fr:nd!!o;:iol',ionof cvr,,ir,ivhM iasfavtitite and popular incasuteof the day. In New ers. on tho left, ore more consnicno, s. Peir rP,n!n,l. Votlt, Pennsylvania and aamc olhcr stales, ihe popu Itr branch of the Legislates havo well nigh earned the point. Other Legislatures mc, every year, earn estly petitioned lo net inTtha Same direction. Punish ing the wilrul mnrdcrcf by death, is denounced ns "barbarous," " Savage," &c. Our own Legislature, infected with this new species of I cncvolcnce, have taken one step in he work of reform.anl in their wis. dom and mercy, havo ordained that tho murderer shall be imprisoned for life, nnd then hung! This, lo be sure, looks a liltlo liU adrancin.-bd. However, " " " ureiariu his Bill as .", tv a '"'"ahly hcalihy-'aspectr A -j , , . nn) he nress has taken uroundin eonsidorible port.,..'' " ,e P" ' " 'L"rrCUncl,n favor of doing avvny all puisii. 11,11 ' Look which way we will, we fi.tu JU viuenceoi illness, is carriea tiy m two strong porters, one stand the relaxation of ciiminal law, loth in IhO en-dment , fngnl iholiead suprting tho superior part of tho body, and in tho execution. fir m t. t,...nmtnn t,n . nn, frequent and tho public conscience insensible to ils enormity. Ths seducer who carries infamy nnd misery into the bosom of a once- happy family; who destroys the reputation and pence of tho very pride of that family, is doomed by law to no punishment. True, by law he may be fined in ihe sum of a hundred dol- tars or so. Hit strictly this is no punishment. It is deemed no real disrnco. For having paid (he sum (which can never be nn offsetl against iho luin of character and happiness) he walks, tinwhipped nnd onscornad, into iho same circle of socieiynnd loses no caite. It is confessed by all that crimes of this char acter are much more frequent than formerly. The wreck of innocence, of character and moral worth is startling. " It is a stjta of dungs not to be endured." And if millers go on St the present rate, iho order o( society will soon bo reversed, nnd our whole legisla tion may fall into th'e hands of those who believe that "concealed adultery is no crime." We havo sad evidenco of tho relixntion of criminal law in every department. 11 Foul deeds, from ruffian violence npojj'Jife, through Ihe black catnlogueof ar son, rape, burglary, theft nJ swindling of every de cree and contrivance, nro common occurrences i nnd vshile from tho halls of justice, a voice proclaiming tne fearful isyrease of crime is sounding in our ears, the executive ialtrni us that there is a nwibid sym t4 sky with offsnderf , interposing bttwren rrine and punislimcnt." The public mind"nppeat9 to hate been settling down Into an aversion to me condemns lion of crime. How difficult wns it, a few yents since, to get on with the Itialof Robinson, tin) mi questioned murderer of Ellen Jcwctt'I How loudly did some of the newspapers (thoso of public sentiment) plead in his behalf I When was ever u murder committed with more) deliberate mnlicc or in more aggravating circumstances than that of Adams by Coif? Vet, (siys n writer in the Biblical Reposi tory) the periodical highest in political standing, and probably most powerful in our country, represents Colt us tlto fulTercr of vindictive vengeance and ar raigns oil btfore whom his causo crime, in legal pro ie;ding, as its guilty inflic era. Tho law and its tri bunals arc condemned j the murderer justified 1 Tho law prostrated bcloru tho malefactor ihctidcof sjm pathy sustaining tho oflclidcr, justice down trodden, and the public safety forgotten in Iho strong sympa thy for the criminal 1 In ono paper wo read tho pre sentment of o grand jury solemnly protesting, that pardons nro granted so easily that the adminisirnlicn of iho ciiminal law is n useless expense) in another, we havo tho message of the Governor the dispenser of theso pardons, deploring ihu relaxation of criminal jus'ieo ond complaining that the court and jury con victing nnd sentencing one day, recommend to mctcy and tosu-sion the next!'1 Tiie ease with which parduns nro obtained for tho most obnoxious criminals is another evidence of a dangerous relaxstion of criminal law. Iti estima ted by an nble jurist tint the majority of sentences for life havo been put a.i end to, by pardon, within four or five years ; the term which these sentence" for mest attrocious crimes had been allowed to run, un derlie patdoning power, not being equal to what tho Legislature had prescribed for minor offences. Look at the state of public sentiment in respect to tho swindlers of the public revenue. How next to impossible to obtain a verdict against ono of these honorable gentlemen, even while he stands before tho court and tho country with tho fruits of hU iniquity in hishands? How many men in office have stolen money from the stato nr.d gtncinl government by hundred of thousands, and yet, instead of biing branded ns thieves and brought to justice, they have been suffer ed to go at large i and tho worst that is said of them is " they have failed "or " they hive been unfuriu natc." Tho defalcations of men in public trust in tho city of New Vol It alone, in 1612, is ct down in the pub. lie newspnpeis, at 5G70.000. What is the temedyl In nine cases out ot ten, nono is applied. The clolh which theso rogues wear and tho legerdemain of the law, sbi Ids them. When such deeds, in high places go unpunished, they tend a most pernicious influence through nil tanks of society. It is a sort of premium upon dishonesty. While tho public morals are deteriorating and crime and perfidy ore growing bold nnd frequent, is it a lime to relax the wholesome restraints of law? Is not this rowing llio wrong way 1 Ought there not to be an increase, instead of remission, of penalty 7 I think I sceanoihcr reason for maintaining and enforcing in all its slrength our criminal code. I find it in the char acter of a large portion of the foreign population com ing anion; us. The hope is cher.shed in royal pala ces of destroying our government by flooding it with a certain sort of population. Thesa foreigners nt home have been accustomed to a strong government. ' They come here and breathe an air more free than their lungs can bear. Said an intelligent Irishman lo me the other day, " Your government will never do for the lower class of the foreigners Its restr-tints are so mild and its authority so distant and invisible, lint they will neither repct nor fear il: they will feel themselves invited by it to the commission of crime." Is it then a lime to rchx tho criminal law I In my next paper, I shall consider the ends of tlioT criminal code: With much respect, Vours truly, C. WEST'S 1'AINTINGS. Wo are requested to stato that West's groat pointings is to return hero on next Monday night nnd offered on that evening and all day Tuesday until 3aoYlock P. M. in order to ac c'niiiinoil.ito visitors from the Country as well as tho Village. Those who are present on Monday evening will be addmittcd fieu on Tuesday ilurinsr the tlav time. W'u delight, ruber than. ! ..-.vise, t 7 OT this subject, considci in" nsmii rs 111c m ci sa i'v bound In do, tbats'.ich i'!nbticms have au e.i: ih nt imititl in fluence upon the public iu b.-lu-ve-r m the new tc lament can view this speaking p-iinlmgwiilxuit protii. In reading the sm-icd scripture afier himuL' witness ed it, 11 afforded a much more ready couipn lu-nsion of iiuuy iiiiiisnuiiuus coiiceriun. uiu mteie-liiig sp-cia vie. 11 n uy tu ouro 1 es; eii.zrns wtrc nrtseni vesier- .... . . .1. ,- . , , c r v. -" iN.t'vut - im; imu, vu,in ,uc uiu- day to witness the wonder , illy depicted Ine I, te ex- ', f ?''d T ,,I?U follo;ving symptoms, ted Stales for , ,i I District to medircced, I ho hereby pr ission of ihe .-nvieur, twelve nm.stl,. ' an e sick, 1 nr ,v nf e 1 u r7"i' '" 1 10 '-'" m?" Plv0 f" """ ,h: " information for viola- Wind, rickety, palsied, c-razv. nnd 01 her mala lies mo 1 J.i ' 7 ofca9c'' V1Z! eahnessof tho voice; pun in lion of the Revenue Law of tho United Slates has hum ining .0 leseril e, nlfof w him re nco, ed I l 'r'VZ ITT" "n"? "'' w"" ,".".l"1'!" ' ' been fded in said Court by Chailcs Davis, Esq , Dis bv their pa.cntsor ives. who seen ,o Z "SSL of 1 llZ, "Z 1 '&S. 'n i'''6, ""'V vTn uf lll! I -Mlorney cf .he United Stales for said Distriel, nMffira f.milv nounr.-iv.Hl in r,ii.l,fl A " . . .1 . I i. isproponion but all subordinate ,0 'the great and siUiiiinc spectacle of our hivior healing the sick in iho temple at Jerusalem. Who would not licit ily to such a spectacle at 12 1-2 els. But to the sub ject. Here Ihe visiter is brought to view with the Sou of the Almighty embodied in a human shape, standing in a and typical cnpm-ily of healing the sick; on his face the mildness of a nnu of ihe tender est feeling is so exquisitely blcndi d with tho majesty of a beinga hovn n Hum that it is not easy to siv which most prevails, the meek and hiimbb son of .Maty, or the imperative Creator and Master of the Universe. II it attitude is easy nnd dignified; thcilraperv elegant and noble, ample without enenmbrante, folded with simplicity nnd taste, nud according 10 the old and g ncrally ndnpiul custom of red nnd blue. Til,, hnfl. low of the sumer evening, and ihe rdf-Liti,. mnnr which is spread nboui ihrm pp-duccs the innt correct tcrhl perspective. In the groups of ihe nposii-s, w hich serves as a lack oround 10 the tinurennd is n of the cartoon "ihe Death of Annnnias." Jlathew. wno relates ineiact, wns cillcct Irnm Ins toll desk soon after a circumstance similar to this being wrought; he spcms to laku a mrlicutnr inter si. On the liolu nfChrist urn several persons bringing nbjtcts, of pay an 1 commiseration 10 him who wns of nil the sons of men the most comnassionatp ; n lit an iful woman in n dark gnrmeit boi ling n sick infint, llio most impos ing seen that Can be imagined ; In bin I her n distressed mother brmgs forvvnrd with natutnl tngerntssa ricke ty lny. and bei ween her and Jesus weicmnk n prom inent feature of n handsome v-'uni; dill who has Inst OTtVp i iieiu, wnriis tllptessiv e V nil I ic mini or I he srecm .This group is Inckencd by the Chief Prici nnd ! 'nri'"'", w,,"SB,'0lln,,'n;,nct.s, bylheir varielv nnd aptness nro in a most classic slyle. On ibt, left band I is nn old man, .worn out wnh n long nnd dcnih brood ' V , " V,.""1""! "' 1 . . " .v-- -"- 'I- J TVr.lme "" i "wilrn" P"--i or. f d -.I fim." ll'e f,'e.' Bnd .&-'Chi" "'!:,.",-"sl "' - u.y nnu rniu.iMi; i,: kneelingone, stpm rnlber living beings than the ni3'- r - - .-i -. t vi - icriy eiurt oi a juoiiious pencil, inn wnnt snail Wu Bay nr the nek man etilruslrd lo their care; the. im pressions will ever remain, nl least il will be very hint 10 ir t lid nf from ihe mind t ihn expression is won. tlerful. Wo lend iu the half sunken eyes, on ihe pro icling brows, nnd quivering lips of tlcrnying man, , i,v ,nnB n,i i, . ,i,i ' n,t.. -.....: cd with t' e most energetic emphasis, his skeleton, , arm nnd hands nro raised Inwards iho real sourco nf hcnllll nnd comfort. Contrast is n most desirnblennd powerful engine of n a painter, nnd Wes' hns secured il in tiumiimiiiii in una utcni wnric. v u or enn it pe that any of our citizens will loso iho opportunity of seeing tins i-iiuiinu vviien oniy B-ven-pence nanpenny is chared for entrance to suclin sioht. We nre in formed by the proprietor that a combined increase has laKen place Irom ciav lo unv. 1 ne presumption is nil will seen arterlcarning ot its merits, tiul let this not be too late nn hour nnd mourn nfler its dcpnrluic, wnen trienels relate n it, ntloruing sucli lund ot agree able pleasure to the numerous visitors. JNOTICE. TIIESiibcrilers having funnel a copartnership under the name and firm of KI'RN & tSTKAH, would inform their friends and the Pul lie cenernllv, that Ihev have opened an entire new stack cf FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS npd DRY GROCER IES, to which they respectfully invite their atiemion. I'Arvjbl. KEUJV, O. C. SPEAR. . Burliniftrn,Chur'h Street, Sept. Jlth, 1543 I5if CONCERT OP SACRED MUSIC, To bo held ot Essex Centre on Tuesday, the ZtUh itist. nt 9 o'clock A. M. Clergymen nud the several choirs in Chittenden County, wiih their respective t'hniresleis, nro itviled lo nttind. ICorh chnir to sing scperately such Music ns best suits their convenience. Tho o' Jeet of this meeting is to organize In convention anil adopt such measures, ns is though! best calculi;, ted, to elevate the s'nndnrd of Church Music in this Cnunty. Thcro will ben cnnimilteo at tho door lo receive stiangers, ntld diiect them to places of enter tainment. GUV SPENCER. Teacher of Vocal Must:. Darlington Sept. 12, 1913 HltlGMTON MAltKnT..Sep. 4, 19 13. At Market, COO Dcef Callle. 120 Slores, 30 Cows and Calve, 2300 Sheep, nnd -100 Swine. Prices lleef Cattle A very small number ofcx Irnut 84 50'$ SI 75 j First quality, S125 ls?84E0f second quality S375 ? 4 25 j third quality 83 0 3 50. Stores Sales not su&cicnt to establish prices CottJ and Calces Sales at 813, 15, 10, 22, and 824. Sheep Salo quick lots were sold from 75e to 1 50. Wethers 1 33, I 62, 1 75) n very nice ot, to ship, 1 89. Sinus Lots of Shoats lo peddle at 43c for Sows, nnd Ejc for narrows, A lot of old Hogsnt4JoJ 41c At retail from 5 lo 7c. NEW YOItK U.VTTM3 MAHKETS. Sep. 4 At Market. 1200 Dcef Cattle, 200 Southern, 40 Cows nnd Calves nnd, 2300 Sheep nud Lambs. Prices Reef Cattle Tho offerings this week oro large, nnd no material change in prices; we continue to quote retailing quantities at SI GO, t2 5 25, and D 75 with a few extra nt SG. Coin and Calrrt All sold at S10 9820. Sheep and Lambs Sales o 2100 at 81 to 33 for .Sheep, and 81 50 i? 82 50 for Lambs. BOSTON MAHKKT-Sep. 5. FLOUR Howard si. 6 12. Western canal, 4 73 ! 4 97; 19 per lb. CIir.USE.-4i:? 5 do do. WOOL. There is but little chonce in Iho market on previous reported prices. The quantity taken by manufacturers is much larger than nt the same period a year ago. The supplies of fleece wool are are equal to the deman I; but of pulle I the stock is liglit. There is a sternly demand for foreign coarse, and consilera blu s lies have been mado since the last weekly report, nt full prices. Saxony nnd Merino fleeces, 37 a 40 Full Blood, 35 a 33 1 blood, 30 a 33 Cuinmon 1 blood, 25 a 2S Lamb's, lsi quality, 30 a 32 Smyrna washed, 17 a 23 Bengali, 6 a 12 lluenos Ayre, 4 a 20 ' M Si ir ir a dl , flfcJThiirsday Sept. 7, at Milton, by Rev. Mr. Coo. per, Mr. Cam. eton S. Leonard, of Georgia, to Miss KcziAit II. Ocwby, only daughter of Mr. John M. Dewey, of .Millon Vt, D u o (3, In Huntington, on tho 31 inst. Horace, ng?d 3 years and on the 5th Inst. Amos, aged It months, children of Arnold Sherman. DR. UAiXXnXG'S LEGTUR3S, On the cause and many Diseases of the Human Tntnk. TIIE Lectures will embrace remarks nnnn n(Tu. lions of the Lings and Heart, Bronchitis, Dy.pep n, Spinal affections. Hypocondria, Female debilitv, and IServous complaints. The object will be shown in a familiar manner, that the origin ufiheso diseases is usually Mechani cal, and not vital, and consequently ihoy can bu cur ed only by tnechanich means. In illustrating this theory, the Licturer will use Tun Drawings as large as urt, wlnHi present a vrry inking view of tho ucimiy auu uiseaseu sinic oi ine internal oran A new supporter, invented by Dr. Baning. called the Patent Lace, will be presented before the audi- n n.l -.: V . i,in v uiiu -ii.iii.iiiuii civeii ui ua principles ami nron- .rtMB T . I.. 1 ' ..' 1 erties. This Lace is designed ns an a-aistant in il... remuvnlof the nbuve named, diseasts, while nt the same time it t-niirely supersedes the supposed neccs of thai ruinous practice, light lacing. .?tj"The Lecture will commence on Monday Eve niii'i ii'.-xl, continuing five .consecutive evenings. The p,.nu iu uu uvu:iHiitu iiercauer. Ladies and Gentlemen aro invited to attend the course. ttyADMisstoN rncr..T N. I! Dr. II. car! bo consulted nt bis room from 10 A. .11. to 4 V r. icouragenieni is not only held ft tl-ll t Ul. fr. n.ol.... goneness iMbestoniahV Pain, nil, back wi' -urvnuiru 01 me npine, gnat vvcaKliess of the 3'"' "T'J in the liiubs. Willi a fainting nnd d zziness, when rid ing or walking, n numbness and pnckling sensations of the limbs accompanied by a sudden pain in the hips on moving. From tho Middlebury People's Press. ' DOCT. BANNING'S LECTURES, The last nf the repe ited course of Duct, (tanning's tecum a upon Ihe human trunk, and the cause nnd .ir,.,rm.n r .1... , ..... u. ...I, ... uiu uiwja7a iiiuiueiii iu 115 ncrange mint, was delivered 10 n very crowded nnd gratified nsscinbly nt the Town Room, Inst evening; nt the close of which ihe following resolution was offered by Mr. Slade. and .adopted by nclamalion. liesahed. lhat we lender our thanks to Doct Ban ning for his inlerestini; and instructive lectures, evin cing as Ihey have done, the soundness of his head and the kindness of his heart ; and that we cordially com mend him to the regurd and confidence of all. Dn. Bassiso having spent sometime in this ptnee, Icciunng gialuilously on the nreservnlion of health, and Iho cause and cure of rnanv formidable diseases of the human Irnnk, we the undersigned, citizens of Miil,ll.. urn i.l,.Ut.,..i. .i... l: .. .1.. "-7. !'-" j..u,i. in oiiiitic-iiuillK Itllll U Hit confidence nnd regard of nil. We commend him. for ins Minwieitgeni the human system; fur his clear, practical, common sense exposition nf iv lint uh .lepm a very important theory in regnrd to many di eases i.i ..nn 11 11 is sunjrci 1 uiiu inr ms irnnK, open-neatt-ed, kind nnd liberal spirit. We would'especially com mend him to the medical profession, whi so kind at tentions and aid a hlilo acquaintance with him will convince tbcni he well deserves. All classes of com munity should attend his lectures as well lor the Use ful knowledge which may be derived from them, as (or ihe excellent mornl influence Ihev exert. Sinned. Win. Slade, Peter Stnrr, Joniihnn Allen M. I). Willi tin P. Russel M. D. S. IVnil I.ithrnn M. D., K. D. Ilnrber, A. Wilcox, Hnrvey Wilcox, Jouies M. Plnde. B. Brierlv, late Pa-tnr nf Ihe Paniisi Church nnd Editor of thi Vl. Obsorvcr, T. II. Lunt, Psstorof in" tmiMisi vnurcn, Middltbiity Sept. II, 1813. MILITARY NOTICE. Q.VAKTER Mates Genfrl' OrncE. Brandon. Sent 1. IHn. The applications by mail, leu hi. cfli v for the pay ment ot thecomper.intinn provii'e.1 I y sec-linn 233 ol ihe Miliija Act. for AdiUinnts nnd Clerks of Cnnman- ie, nre sc. numerous and so urgent, ttnt the Quarter Ma.ter General is compelled to pivo this nubliu no- .ice to il,e(t4; ilicer., and lo oihers pre,cn ing claim, 'nililaryTS;,en.e; thai he doe, not deem him.elf auinorizcd lo ilrnvv monev from the Pul lie Treasury, ii ur i apprise i, uy ine returns ol Jlaai-lrale, ihe re-ldt Oflho proeceitinis for llie rnlUftirtn nfrtiteK and penalties in thesevernl rrgimt-nls. When this ic-..!t shall le ascertained, the proper orders will be Irnnsmi; en wunout nnv uniiece-.nrv celny. D. W. C. CLARK. 15w3 ll'isrler Mnsler General, Vt Positlrt Sale of a ItVpcn Factory. On THURSDAY, Oct. 10 h, at 1'2 o'clock, at the Old Slate House, Boston. (Will he sold without rccrve, by order c.f an Assignee,) I he oolcn r aclory nnd Mnchinery for. inerlv owne.1 by the Green Mountain Woolen Manufacturing Company, situa ted in llit.- floiirishinz villain of Ludlow, Wind-or couiilv. Vermont, upon Blaek River, one eil he I e.i .(ream, for iropellinz manu facturing machinery in Ihe Hale, 'llio Factory buil ding is five slnries high, sub.ianoially buihl o brick, andcapublecifconlaiuing six els of kerseymere ma chinery. There ure now in said Factory three pri.i-e sets of machinery, wilh a comnleietct ejflixlures fur I tie same j al.ti, mijoining ralil raciory, a worxl house, dyu house and dry hou e, all of which arc nearly new nnd convenient for the hu-ines,. Also, a con. venicnt hoarding hou.e, suflirienl to accommodate from 50 to 73 boar lhrs ; nbo, Iwo lmrn, and on the samepiivilege, a Saw Mill. The location is favora ble for obtaining wcol at a very cheap rate. For further particulars enquire of D. TERRY. Fsq..P, M. st Ltidlow.rr WHITWELI, HEA vr.k a CO. Mvi No, i S!rcV, M'1 BjKOOK AT- Till 9. QAAA Yds Black, .llluu Black, and Col'J tjJ7J McitAnu nnd Alpnecn Lusno. OOOO V.I... Full Priii1?, a -treat Viiffcty patterns. 2000 " Plain and PrlnletJluuselino tie Lniue, Cluisnn mi I Fig'd Wor-tcd Ore tie Nop". SOOO " Broad Chilli-, Urnvvii Cloth-, Cai. Here iin l Sjtiinulls, ju-l received by September 14, 1613. II. W. CATLIN. 1 O Bales FINE BUFFALO ROBES, jnst ree'd by YZ II. W. CATLIN. A Ij S O, Fur Boa-, Fur and Cloth Trimmed Cups, n lurgo assortment. S II O 8 A lc.nitifil articlu Ni-vv York French Kid Sliipcrs nnd Tic, Cloth an I Kid Bul,lif, Ch 1 Ireu'n Shuci, Patent Itulber', t'oouc and Fine Men's Uont, just received by II. W. CATLIN. V HARRINGTON lm a tfvv mam of the Life an I Speeches c.f Henry Clay, 2 vol-. Paper covers, price 81,00 i The same bound, 81,25. N O T I C li . THE Sill scril cr will prufer a pelillon to the next 8cion cf ibeLegi-lalUre, tonliec-xeliisive grant to keep n Ferry, fur'tne lerm of live years from the cu-1 nud horlh hhtireoftlicNorlh Hslfol 1-lel.a Motl to the west shore ot Alburgll, nnd nio from ihe wct fioi'o of th north half of taid Isle La Molt to Chazy, in tho Unto of New York. HARRY HILL. Mo ta Mott, f-ept. 7, 1913. I5w3 SALE of BANKRUPT EFFECTS NOTICE is hereby given, that by virlue of orders nnd decrees in Bankruptcy, in the lollr.vving c.-uei iMicJ out of Ihe Di-trwt Court til' llio L'ni'e I Slates, fur Ihe District of Vermont, I will sell at pub lic Auction, at my tjfll.'c in Burlington, Saturday Oclo Ier7, 1813, fit 2 o'clock P. M., the c ici-ls of aid Bankrupts nt heiem c'e-crilol, and which lucauie vo.ieJ in mc by virtue of ihe decrees afuiusaiJ. KlU-cls of Dexter M. Fay, of Ilurliiiston. All the notes. Rccoun's, judxemenN anldeniaiWi.tle- scribe-1 in his S.'hed.ilc m Uaukruptcy, a surrelf'er ed by him, and which Y.'ill be particularly JcimLcJ at the tiinu of .ale. Inflects or Henry II. Illno, of nurllugton. A In n e and lot situate in Burlington, on Ma'nc ft., a ibjuct lo a morlgatre in Wvlli Lyman for 8300, and aloa morig.igoto Henry Boanlman. of Colcho-ter. fir St 100 All .tbo aceu inl, notes, an.1 demand.- do culed in his sai l -c heilule A lol of hind situale in Colthe-ier, ccmuiniiig one hundred acre-, conveyed bv Anon Uutu-ick to Hinc and IJuardninn. and Mib- jeetton mongage of S9U0 in favor of Henry Board- man tt uiii-neer iiiurcaui, leiugtiieiiuiie clescriuu in the Mhcdiilu 1 1 .aid llinc. NATHAN B. HASWELL, Assignee. Septcmlcr, 12, 1913. I5w4 BRONSON- ORATION lelorethe Literary So-cictic-.c.f theU. V. M., jut piihlt-hed and for sale Scpl. 11, '43. by V. HARRINGTON. ADAMS' NEW ARITHMETIC, fur sale by the hundred, dozen or single copv. at Sept. II, '43. V. HARRINGTON'S. ESTRAY. STRAYED Iroin the Sub-enler about the lat of Aiiiru-t, a Intge White Marc, i.oine spotted on her si lej Al-o, a Bay Mare Coll. The tinder shall I e Miitabl rewurJeil bv giving inlorniation or returning Iho haine to the SMbicril er. MICHAEL VILLhT. Iliue-burgh, Sept. 12, 1343. I5w3 Asn Itliuads' Instate. 1fE TIIE SUB jtaUBER". having been ap- T pointed bv the Honorable the Probate Court fir the District of Chittenden, commissioners lo re ceive, examine nnd adjust the claims and demands ol nil persons, against the estate of ASA RHOADS, laluol Richmond, in said District, deceased, represent ed insolvent, nni alsoallclaimsnnd demands exlubi tedin uli'-ict thereto) and six months from the day of the da:e hertnf being allowed by said court for thai purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that we vvillntlcnd to the business of our taid appointment, nl the dwelling ol Christian Rhoads in liichmond in slid di-tiicl, on the 3d day of October nnd 6th day of .March next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of aid da vs. I Datel this Gth dav of September A. D. 1S13. 13w3 REUBEN NIMS. ( Co.nnu,- ROLI.A GLKASON, A'l.lrnvv Chatficlit'a Estate. VTE ihe subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims am) demands of nil per sons against the estate of ANDREW CHATKIELD, late ot iiuniington, in said Uisinct, deceased, rtprc i scnted insolvent, and also all claims nnd demands exhibited in offset thereto and six hionllis from the I.ln....i.i.n.t. - i r I. . : ,, -jt... I u1 ul i,,c u,llu ueivoi, uciug miuweu uy saiu touri C..r .1- .1 C I I... I for thai purnose, wo do therefore hertby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appoint mint, at Iho dwelling of Jonathan B. Dikein Hun tington in said District, on the ISth days of Novem ber and Jnndary next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said davs. Dated, this 20th dav of Jtilv A. D. 1613. 15w3 AMOS B. COOPER. ) n DAM EL SCOITELD, C""mt"iontr3. MARSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ! TDcrsoant r.i-tnnni nVr.M c I , ...... , rant issued out or ihe Hon. District Court of the Uni ... p 1 J. I t t . ngiinst the following descrilcd goods and mcrchnn uize: 2 frock coats, 2 pnir pantaloons. 2 vests, 2 cloaks, 9 Sdk Cravals, 2 Yds Ribbon, 3 Yds Cotton Clolh. 1 shawl, 4 muslin clclain dres patterns, 1 dress pat lent, 1 pair shoes, 2 nnir gloves, 2 slocks, 1 cravat, 5 vols, sermons, 1 bible, I tesinment, 1 hat, 1 worsted handkerchief, -1 1-2 yards glazed cambric, seized on the waters of Lnke Champlnin, near Burlington, in the District nf Vermont, June 13, 1S43. 3 silk shawls, 1 box linen thread, 1 doz. pair gloves, 30 ninriui skins, 2 cross fox skins, 2 squirrel linings, 2 pair suiall moccasins. 2 doz. colored coney s' ins, scueil on the waters nf Lake Champlnin. neir Bur lington, in the District of Vermont, July 20, 1843. iu yams musiin tie lain, is I 1 yarus, camnric, y J-4 ards bishop's lawn, 7 yards Swiss muslin, 2 small pieces insertion, seized on the vvnicra of Lnkn Cham plnin, near Burlington, in tho District of Vermont, July 27, 1843. 1 box containing 200 bottles of Bang's Mixture, seized nn the wniern of Lake Clinniplnin, nenr Al bum!!, in the District of Vermont. Aumst 22. 1S43. nun inn, hi un unit i nun iiiniriuaiinii, nt tne ...l ...Ill I.- I I .... M !r .!.- .L. next siateu term ot sain instrict court to lie holiten at Rutland, within nnd for said District, on tho Clh day of October next, of which all persons interested will take nonce an i govern themselves accordingly. Given under my hnnd nt Bradford, in said District, this 8th day of Sfcicmher, 1813. 14 WILLIAM UAIIKON, Marshal. STOCK OF GOODS FOR SALE, AND S I ORE TO 1," T. A Nrntire tin small stock of DRY GOODS nd XX tiliOCI.IllESof a person wishing to retire from the business, will be sold cheap, nnd terms ofpaymenl made ea-v. the stock is well laid in and an excellent opportunity lor one wi-hing to commence oiisiness. Apiyto JustfM WAIT, Assignee. Sept, 7, 1813. 14 NOTICE. rjllllS may ccrtilv lhat I have given mv son, Bv- X hos Woodwortii, his time ami full III erf y to Iran-act biisrtes for hiih-el(. I shall clnim none ol hisearninys anvdnhls of his conlraciing af ter nil' ua;e. ll.U'llA iVUUUVYUKTII. Atte-t, Alfbed Bickmell. Acstaim .Mathews. Underhill, Sept, 4'h 1813. I4w3 NOTICE IS hereby given that application will le made to Ihe Legislal.ire of the Slate of Vermont at its next !-e-ion to incorporate a Sieain llont Comiiany to be t niiilcJ theCbamplain Opposition Steam Boat Com nany, wilh a Capital of thirty thousand dollar. Willi liberty to increase the Capital lo one hundred thousand uoiiars. Dated at St Albans, Sept. 5 1843. 14w3 NI3W GOODS SEI'T. O 18-13. THE Sub.crilcr has jn-i returned Irnm N. Y wilh a very large Assortment of Fan-y an binp e Drv Gnod, and Groceries, (Liquprs Excepted) iiiv-ii win i cisoi i ai very low priec-ior uasii or pro uu. f, oiiegeni.) u it. w, ua I l.lis. rpiIL 1'iirlnertiiip heretofore exisling Ittwtsen a iilcntTZ ami James JIiciioiis unde Ihe firmotO-nilUM V MICHOLLS. . lenuina led and dis.otveil on ihe 2.t day of August by mutual consent. All peisons havuig claims against ihe linn oi u ni mm ci :.UtJlIOI.LSarerequcsiedlopre sent tliesaine to and rrt-ive navmeni: inf ill. 13 MOHITZ OSTllEIM rpilB citizens of ll.irlinslon and the Pub ic ceneral I- ly are respectfully infonne-1, lhat the German Store will le eontin ed at tbe old stand, under the firni4of M. OSTI1I.IM Ac Co. A generous share cf Patronage is respectfully renue.ted. We hone bv onrcnuttingnilenlion lo business and punctual regard io an engagemenis io secure trie continence ot inc pun Hi'. A new nnd fre-h assortment of Goods is iuat re teivedand will letoltlal Ihercry foicist prices. The nu.uiu a. tvsjiceuuiiy inviicti I ti i-n.i. Burlington Sept, 1813. M. OSTHEIM UCo, STRAY COW. Cow is a larce red colour, half hhted and one horn broken, has been cone since 1'isesdav STor- nir-g-, ifany cnewdl giy inftrinattcit o her, I will nav ihsm ieralty and inaaV them I iodic. Sept. 7ih 1813. OEO. A. XLLCS' DP.. J. SMITH'S. IATR0LRPTIG PUACTIGE OF MIHBHCINIS. tWthJcicett't highly cnnccntratedMedicatCtimpounds iC3"SO CUKE NO i'AV.,3l OR. SMITH, would most rape.f illy Inform tho inhalutiint. of R irlinglon, ait I is viiniiy lint fofsirftn vj'ir.? ho fi ts been iu the practice ol Medicine and Miditifcru'. G ve.irs in Cliarlclown nn i Boston, Ma. arid lOyeirt in Ihe easterly part of Vermonli mi l lie Is cuniijcut Ins praciiti! ins heen as succes.ful, nslbat of any olbcr phy-leiaii in Ihl. pirl of tho co intry. It h is ever I ecu nil nbicct ol paramount Importance with him, to simplify this practice of Medicine, nnd ortreome disease Willi Iho greatest possible prompts tude and certainly and lor -cvvral years pa-l ho has been investigating the theory an Itntris of tbo irro fri'e praulii-t', or external n;i;il'u'.llion of Vtobcine highly concentrated. In lliuinean liuif, be ha I ecu uing the above Medicines iu his practlco, and has I noma f illy convinced of iho currecino.s of Ihe theory nt cittanio-ja absorption, and the grcit utility oi' Ireitlng tiiscast.-s upon ilus principle; and be thinks the ndvitntnges uf this course of Meliontloii, will, upon n lutle inve-liiraKon nnd refit el Ion, ap pear obvious lo nil. In the tin" treatment f Chil dren nnd en-miiC extreme debility, an I iu cases ol Female weakness, w-heru I tit I ill Iu .Medicine cut le taken internally, lbe-e remedies nro of the greale-l importance) for, in many cai.", ho can electa speedy cure, by the ucnf external applii-atious, alone. But in olMinu'u nnd violent ca-o, by taking at ibt same time, internally, an appropriate medicine, the disorder may I u ntlueke-d on both surfaces, at the nmn time, thai is, externally and Internally. Having mado Inm-elf acquain'o-t with every form of tlisea-t! inci 'cut to this pan of the country, be now o'lers bis si-rviies to the citizens ol lliirlin'gion and ils vicinity: confident thai, by nltcniiou and kind ness to life sick, nn I a judicious nnd f.iiibful applica tion of the above rem" lie, he shall be able lo meet ihe mot sang fine expectations of all who may give him a call. He will attend upon Iho sick, at their place of residence out wheru they re-ide at toe pleat n dis tance, hc will provide loardand convenient quarters for them to icmnm in the village, until they nre so far red eved, as in I e nble to relurn home, and nselbc .Medicine, wilbont Ihe nld of a pliy-ieian. lie will lake cn-es of Consumption Female Complaints, Rheumatism, &c. ivc. nt his oirn risk of a cure, pro vided Ihcpitticnt will rcniniu in ihe village and lol !ovv hi tbrecliuns, o long as he is willing to pre scril c fvr him ; nnd provided nlo, that the paiient C"iirc hint the payment of bis bill, il a euro shall I e tfrei'icd. 'I here are m.anv advantages fur parents nt a dis tance, wild are altl ciisl wilh cHi'Otit'c cuinplaiit, in coming nnd remaining in li'.u vilhtfjc n few weeks) fiir, iu n shori tune, ihe disorder may be broken up, aid is at band, when il co.dd n."I I e, in many instance, by sen ling for .Medicine and directions, nnd applying them ut home, without the niil of a Physician. And le.u'e, the patient will become letter acquainted with hi di-en-e, an-l the bet mode of using the medicine in A is catr. All communications, pot paid, will receive imme tlitte ntlcntion. N. B. Doc tor Siniih may be consulted at his resi dence in Champlnin St. three doors south of Pearl, a few rols west of Dr. Hinebtirg's stone ho'ic, tCZJSaline, Medicateti labour, arici shotcer Maths, may le bad, t-i'licrus a luxury, or remedial agent, by calling ns above. fCJA lew copies of Jcwett's Familv Piivsi cian fur .-ale. Sept. 1, 1813. mC iiousi; tu itti.vr. A COMMODIOUS HOUSE tu let replete with evety convenience for a large or small family, wilh very largo vard, garden and nn abundance bt trailed fruit trees, will be let vcrv cheap. App'v nl the crockery store, to JOSEPH WAIT. Burlington, Sept. 1, 1913. 13 Irn Smith's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I tllHEHnn. the Pro District of Chittenden, ss. J 1 bale Court fur Ihe District of Chittenden : To all persons conccrnod in Ihcestntcof IRA SMITH late of Willision in said D strict, deceased, teslale, GnrxTiso. Whereas the Executor of the Estate of said deceas ed, proposes to render nn account of his adminisira lion, a ti.l pres;nt his account against said estate fur examination and allowance nt a session of tho Court of Probate, to be hidden nt the office of iho Register of said court in Burlington on llio lGlh day of Sep tember 1B13, at 10 o'clock A. M. TitEnr.ronn. Ynu nre hereby notified to nppenr be fore said court nt the tuna nnd place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account afore said should not be nllowcd. Given undor mv hand at Burlington this 29th day of August, A. D. 1313. CHS. RUSSELL Judge. CASH PAID ton LA noun. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, Two Journeymen Ciirriers to wiiom jrood wages in ca-li will be pai I. Call at mv Leather Store on Pearl slrect. August 21. 1813. 1.'. C I.OOMIS. NOTICE. ALL Persons havinj any un-eMled business with the late firm of Panosor.v it Uiun-maid, nre de- ireu to e ui an i nave n cio-eu inline imieiy. A'ig. 27, '13. JA'S E. BRINSMAID. SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CAS If, or ot a smalt advance from cost tn exchange fur Gram. rPIIE following ariii le nre now o len-d at the JL llrii'C .Shop, in rear ot the Conn House, viz: Curl Maple Cam; Seat Chair.-, Pain'cd Cane Scat do Common DmuiiiT an.1 Rocking Chairs, Bureaus, Light nn I Wab Stands, Cherry Dinning Table, Work and Toilet do Bedsteads, Clocks, ,f.r. .1 I so Rice's Patent Fanning Mill-, nl rcducil price. ., . A. BARNES jr., .eent. Hnrlinslrn, August 21, ISIS. " 12if li In. ml I'at-rliizloii'M Ustatn. STATIC OF VKllVO.XT. ) Mini-: Hen. the Di-iru i of Chill.-n Icn. s.. i JL Prol.nte l OMrl for the Di-tru t orchilit-ndcn i To a I persons i-oneerncd in the rs'nle of Kit. WARD F. URING1 ON la'.e of Burlinstnu in said liisinei, iiccen-ctl, Witnnnss Pnvid Iv. Pnnubnrn Adniim .tr.llnr rf tbecsiaieof s;ii( i!e-oa-e-lf prupo-cs lo rcn ler an nc- n uit ot ms a'liuinisiralinu, ami prc ent Iu. nccount ;am.i saui e-iaic- lor cxaiuiu ilion anil nllowan 'e m se-sion of Ihe Courl of Probate, to I u bol.len at il,.. Registers office iu Burlington, in said district on the second Wednesday of Septcmlcr next. Therefore, Vo-i are hcrt-l y notific I to appear I cfure said court at thotimeand place nfoie-aid, and shew tnsc. if anv von have, whv ihe s.-i-nunt nlnr.-i,l honld not he allowed. Given uinler mv hand at Barlington this 22nd dav ol August A. D. Idl3. ' I2.v3 Win. WESTON Register S. N. VAItMAIiEK, .Vo. 2 CounseHor 1IM. (Peck's Building.) 13 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of N E W GENESSKE WHEAT ofthe growth of 1313. for seed, a first article, for sale by GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Aug. 31. 13 NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, IN CtllTTEii HF.NCOUNTV. NOTICE to all creditors and other persons in in terest, that bv order of the District Courl of the United Slates for Iho D.slrict of Vermont, a dividend out of llio n-sests of HENRY ZOTT.UA N, of South Iloro, JOHN SINCI,ER, of Essev, HENRY of Essei, LUCIUS WOODARD, of Essex, JOHN SJI1TH, of Colchester, nnd CHESTER PARKER, of Underbill. Bankrupts will be made and declared bv the Court on tho 2)ih dav of October next, at ten o'clock fore noon, at Iheolucoor bamuel 1'renliss. in Monlpeher. in said District, among the creditors who shall have proved and filed prouls ol their df;l lie I ore sail day. unless snmcteni cause ue men ana mere snewn to the contrary. EDWARD II. PRENTISS, Clerk. Dated tho2llhdaynf August, IS 13. CIIEAIM'.K! CUT. API'Ill 'T'lIF. SUBSCRIBER will sell for cish ur exchange A. rorvvool, llronil Cloths or almost every uescrip lion at lower prico than can 1 c found elsewhere. It. VV. UAI L ,V, P. .9. Those in want of cloths w-tll do well to ca'l before making their purchases. 13 ASiOIITKn CriVTES OP CIIOCKF.IIY "JOSEPH WAIT give notice to merchants thu he tl lias1 a full stork uf assorted piekages nf CROCK. FRY, llHkll will sail nt nt .no prices at any Stir York nssV. Merchants who Prefer In buv-in that wavnre invited to call and examine ihe invoice at th Crockery Store. Burlington, Aua.23lh, 1813. 13 NOVA NCOTIV PIiAHTT. It. Ton. Fresh Grnind .Nova Scotia Piaster mw delivered at our mill, at Citv. or on the dock, by FOLLhTI, BRADLEY & Co. South Wharf, July, 1913. fi SUiHJRFINE PI.OUH. THE Siilsu'ilrr- aru daily receiying Superfine Flour mbatrcNsnl half Imrrt-ls, seleciel with car and of the most approved laands, vvhich they otTrr for cash at s small advance, ,r. . . TOl.LKTT, URAPl,F.Yr C. Ol-) PrvV, Jun e"l.3: Oliver Howard'; J-Malr. STATE OF VliltMUS'T,) AT a lrol u'e Dl-trict ot Chltiendcn, ss. j V. I'our', held n llnrlinglon vwiliin nnj Inr "aid, tm the 10 b day of Aigii,i A, I). 1313) Presenl Ciiaklk Res sell, Judge. An instrument purporting m ' e tl e Inst will nud liMaiiicnl tf Oliver Howard, I.yu t-l Miltnn, in sa ibirj:t, dctca-c I, I eihg pre cu e I te the Court by Tabitln Howard, c.xc -ctnx tl ' re in mined, I'orprolnte; 'I bo Court nlon-aul tb.'b appoint Ihe secou-l Wcdncsdnv tf September, 1013, nt 10 o'cloi l: A. .M. nt tbu oill -c nf ihe Reg slcr t.f -nffl Court in BurlfiiL-tnn nfuio.nid Inr uioiln i -nio Wdlj nnd doth order t tint nil persons fuiu-crnc-d I e notilicd In appear at the tnno nil I p'mc iiforrs.nd tu contest llio protu'e of sal I will, (if the)' c) by public ntiou of tbi order ibrtu vccel 9 sue. c- ivlj prcvin is to said second We b,c-d.iy t f f-'c.iicmb-.-'r 1313, In Ihu Burlington Free Pro,,, n i.ews popt-r printed In sail I! irlmglon. Given under my hand at Bur.'ingtou, aforesaid 'ho I9thtlav of Atigu.t, IS43. 13 ' CHAItLES RUSSELL. Jadce. NOTICU. THIS nnv certify that I hive given to mv son HARRY IC. STEARNS, bis time during the r, st of his tniuurily nnd shall claim none of his wnges nor pay any debts of his contracting fium Ilus due. stearns. Westford March 1st 1943. 12w3 pOD FISH, Lemon., Ibfl -n Soft nnd Cold Water W Cracker-, and Pilot Rival, ju-i rcccvel by AiiTU-t2t S.'N. GAUT .V Co. Butter! Mutter U WANTED a quantity nf nice Butter in exrlnngo fir Goods, fur which n fur price will bo p-iid by Aug. 17, 1813. H. N. GAUT tt CO. nunr.ixarux man school. GEORGE LEE LYMAN PRINCIPAL. rpiIE Academic year of this Institution will cam X mencenn Monday the 'JOth inst. ngnsl 1S13. llw3 WATCH US CliOCltS AM) .1 liWUJ.UY. PLATED Spoons, snu ,'crs nud trays,,'e-'l !;, briiannii waie nud nll'guoils in lbe-e lines, wo are now opening- nnd ofTrr nl lower pru e than nt liny oilier place. Wj reieuo ir.nny ol i ur guoils direcly from the makers M'lbem nu 1 can and will .ell ihcin as low, and -time lower, than -my Bos ton, New York or Country House will ,-ci them. Wt- have some of the heavy plated tea spoons nl 50 cents per set ; licivv large pbucd lablu spoon-, f r mir y .old fjr SOcchi., nl 2s cent cn-h ; goil silver lever watches at 830 and Sij, and good gold Icur., cxira jewelled, at -575, lbe-e prices nre lor cash. The-cgood nre of our last purelufc lorca-b, and we invite a'lt-iition to cur new and cxien-ivenssoituienl which -inte ru-mo-i i revived is -cllin,' lower than ii:;v can or will sell, Wcugnui inviie old nud new ciMomrr tti 'all. Fine Wood Clocks id 1 est mahognny ca-cs at SI j linesl Brass o.'ocks for t3 i sliver stu-ciueles all pa'- lerns fur Si, s eel 85 cent, many vnneiie to suit nil age. in Pasgiwiiv it IJnissMviD. Asa Ittiond's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I A T it Prolate Court District ol Chilteii'Iin, J XX held at I!irl n;i.n vvithiii and for aid Dwnci on I he 1 j hduy of Augu-I, .i. u. I5U-rie-enl, Charles Kus-eli, Judge. An instrument purpi rling to he the la-twill and icstnuienl of ASA RHOADS. late of Richmc nt'. in sail Dislrict, dceca-ed, Icing pn sc-n'ed to the Court here l.v Amos, Bally, one of the Extt-utsrs ihoiein na me I, fiir prol n't-; The Courl afore aid t'o'b appoint the fir-.-t Wednes day of Se iitin' cr, 1513, nl 10 o'clock, A. JL, at the O li. e of ihe R -gisicr ol'sai 1 Courr, iu s n i Uurlmg t;n for proving -.lulvvi'l, nnd dutli order lhat nil per son concerned be noiilieJ to uppcar at the lime and p'aee nloresjil In cin:i-t Iheprol.a'e of said will, (if Ihev ste cnu-e.) I y pul Iic.uiun if Uu i rder llutt: weeks g icecssivcly m ihu BurbnsKui Five Pre.., :t new paper prin't'd in said IjiirliiigK n, picvious to aid fir-! Wednesday of .Septvmler, 1613. Given 111! Icrmv h mil at atd lbirltu?ton. tbo 15 h dayof August, 1813. Ilwa CIIARI.I .S HUSSI.LI., .Iittlpe. Wood ! ! 1 2If" Cords of good dry hard H'ood, nlo, nfew 1JJ Hhgs. of the first quality ur VINEGAR, Fur sale by 10 GEORGE PETERSON. M. ;. KATIIItUN .v. CO. ERAPSRS fit TAILOF-S, (Xearly opposite the Old Hank,) CHURCH STREET, nlO If.) Dcrlinoton, Veumost. .'nri)llnc ISaxtcr'si I.'stntc. STATr. OF I'lJHMOXT,) JJKit remember- District ol Chiiicndcii, ss. ) XJ cd tint nt n Probate Court held at Burlington within nnd fur the district of Chittenden on iho20ih day of June, IB 13. An instrument purporting to be the last will nnd testament, of Caroline Baxter, latu of Burlington m said district, deceased, was presenlcd to said Court fur probate by Carlos Baxter, the Executor therein nnmtd. Therefore, it is ordered bysiid Court ibat public no lice bogiven in all persons concerned therein to ap pear btlure said Court, at a session thereof to be hoi deii at the register's office in Burlington, aforesaid, on the becond Wednesday of September, A. D. 13)3, and contest the probate of siid will; nnd it is further ordered lliat their order be published three weeks suc cessively iu ihe Burlington Ftco Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in tins State, ihe last of which publication shall be previous to the day assigned ns if irsaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt the Registers office lllis 20lh day of June A. D. 1RI3. WM. WESTON, Register. A C A R D . O N. CAUT & Co. present their oompliment s-Js lo Hie pu! In-, and especially to tbtisc lavcral le lo I lie ciicciurngciucnl of a eroctrv ainrecontlnpml nn siri'-t Tempera nee priueiplts, and, while ihev crate ful y acknowlevhe ihegci.crou manner in which ihev have. I cen berc'nl'oro siisia ntil, rc ivil'.illy so'ieii ii eonliniianee ol that pn'run.igc whu-h no e.lorts on their pari shall le wanting lo cY-crve. Tbcr n'ore i I'irccly iu Ihe n-ir of S:ro: g's bud I- ing, soii-n oi ti. ii, iiCi..uvn:l."'rin Shop. xnw tmniis, PINK SAUCEIIS, Fan-, O.-iave Pules, Mo'a'Bes Ciqis, Boy'. Bells, fit: 7 PASOBcnit ft BnixsMvin. shoes i shoes!.' ADEN'S PEGGED GRAINED l.'OWNINCS, LM " IlccVd do Pump " do Slip;. ers, Ladic Lace Leather Shce, do Spring heeled Slips, tui iv i.i tie-, do Cloth Ru.kin, Children's Cloth Giiter, do Isfithfr ilire, Mie Pcg'd Leather Lace Shies. do Kid, lor sale bv S. N. GAUT & Co. B.irliugion. July 2I,1SI3. 7 Fre-h lot of Rai.ius, Figs, Dried Curants, Citron, ' Tamirin 1, Rice, Salcralu, St ireh, Pure Gin ger, Cboco'utt's-htlts, Indigo, Gum Camphor, Baker Cocoa Paste, Candle, Bar nud Shaving Si up Civ cn ii it an I tmokinir Tobacco, e- ir-, Jli la.-c, and Vinegar all cf which are od'ered for e.i.h nt vert- red ceI price-, by 7 S, N. GAUT tV Co. ' noticis. ritllE GRIST MILL at Onion River Lower Falls I has 1 cen thoroughly repaired und Ibe most part rebuilt, and vvjll recommence on the 20 b of July. l hanul il lo Irirml for lavors icecivet and Mould I e happy to see them ngain. 'I bo-e living al n-'i-tinet-WL-htng t patronize the miir.inJ return the some lav will p'enso i-all mornings. Supcilmc Flu ir. live Flour nnd In ban Meal kept con-ilaiiilv lar sale. jiuy r., 'Jin iil.u. i.DUCl viui.. GRAIN CHADMCS. TMIE subscribers have received their usual supplv J- of PATENT GRAIN CRADLES, which wil be soiu nt a reduced price tor can. n u.Alt if Alii nuit. Burlington, Vt., 13th July, 1313, ) G cor. Ch. nnd Coll. streets. UP AM) IHUNG. rpiIE Cash System wns never progresses better X than now nt now.vnn s vviieto the wno monev is taken in suchnunniitios ns to keep every hind nciivt and busily emploved in measuring nnd prrnarinr packages lo hand over to eusinincrsnsnn cvilence nf leaving Ihe money at tho People s Cheap Cash Siorc, wnoseArcniis iiuvv.Mtn. Thursday morning, 13lh July, 1813. C OIL S. 3.000 Gal.. Full Sperm and nun- Winter O 1. 3000 culs. llViccd Whalo do 2100 i ials. Linseed Oil. 1000 tlo I.ird tin 1000 do Olive. do for ta'o very low by I III. I, I.I I, UIUIIU.I ss. CO. Oil Dock, July 13, 18-13. G r.oNxr.Trt. VNr.W loi Floreuct! Urakl and Amazon Uonnots, jn-t reeeivel cb.f apcr lhan ever, I v July7, 1313 II. W. CATLIN. PUBLIC NOTICE. IV. YORK tt MOVrilH.VI. HXPHliSf.. VIRGIL AND HOWARD, (successars in S Ja. cossA will run ns heretofore, leaving Burlington for Munirral Wednesday evening and for the South Friday evening of cm h week. Packages innv be lert nt ihe omce or Messrs J. J. H. Peck if-Co., Burlington. fi If p'la&ter. 200 TONS fri'srievlnl Niva Ssvn P s.'es. 1 j h rrK a. rn 4 J ine JO, '4V J r.'t-sj ' 13 sr.. , vLi. Hi'- j.3 wxm fiEMEDYfO ror. sad: i;v n TRETIL st ."PEAR. , i.. Allen ). Uracil'. STATr: or vi-aimont, Dis il - et ( iui'i .i 'en, s. Ilurlui-'mi, w 'ii n and fi r --u nn Hie 11 h due i t Ju',. 11.1. uf.llr.. , ? T a f'rol ata l. G bed at i- rn t of Clntleiidsrt tui'i : s II' rner lifiicb, ol v.iiii-'o-i, in .nil tli-lrii-i iirt-.l 'i'e.1 m tut couu Al'en T. In io iim il in v. i 't n ', 6'!'mr fnr'i thai Leu h, li'" ot -nil llirjni"oi, t' t.'i-t-', testae, ut t'lt'timu id h dei'li was -e z-. I ot iy. iblluvving tbu en e I pin el ol land In ii M'-ulm '.ion, viz: Begin ing nt die ei rncr I e-t'.-.-tfii live n rv let - h: 111 and 00 on 'In! m, rill oi IVul sirccl j thence ut,r,lierly m Ihu I. noli' Wecnsai I Ii t-, eleven '-hams nnd fitly link, tu the north tnsi t'oincrM' -ni-l 'n: No 20, and north west comer c I -ni I h.-.No. 13 j 'hence vc k-rlyontlio noi"h Inn of s.ii I 'ol .o. 20, tbiins stveniy lb ir links', to a -I.i' e j dienee -(, uher'y, parallel wi'ih ihu l"t lire-, livcc'uii i- anddh; link's tu a -lake: Ileum ci-tt r.'y parallel wi.h Pearl stret-, Iwo chains tilty ueven liu'.s lo n-ti' c j 'lieu' c snuibcilv parallel vvi'h Ihe lo! line , s x Imiiiiv hu I fnr.y two links, u 'earl -'I, ei ; ih- ( e i 'lit! uordi line of Pearl street, ea-'er-v eteit'ii ii .nl'.- iii the pi ii. oi't t-giuiifng, conra.n in .- cue n 1 1 ihreii len.h . nor." ol nu.', I ciii-j pirt r.f .i d lot . '. SU thai llio sal I Allen T. n i lie I nt.'e 'birepi Iv 'In- b'Vv 1 1 nn cxec'itn n in Ir- iuv:ir vjj'n I Mala, hi C'oriniirfi ilm pit-vious io -aid levy thu sin I Homer p in bit cd -iiliiu'ciiiiiii und paid the sni.l AI en f, thtiel'i r ill i! the -u d Aneii T. at ibe hum.- ol h s i'i-iiIi, held I Inn I i.i irn-1 lor -t,d Homer, and prnyina t nul en r1 ii'i' ance thereof Ii the nil II incr, 1 v W '. lit- cxe'- iior ol'lhc Inst will n:i ' ;u I.i T. ngrecib'y to stnliitc in .eh pro ided- Wbercrpin, the itonrt nfrrc-u d t' f.o e ci nvt-v-n P. V ' ., .i: ' t :hc .j a c in i e -n ''i an ic-at tl u 'ivon l v cilin-.i'av ol September, lirt, tor 'e.- i , inr! d'.'i ii ins on said pciilion nLll.u of iheRcgi ter ol -aid eo rt in sai'l B.itJ'iiiti p, and doth order ibat'iil person ln t'resiel Icnot lied iheasd'l.y catn.ti td hi. - r'ei-. eonia, niic iby snhsiiince'of tai.l pent i -il, thro" WCtlt 'lde. jvtlv ill tbe tliirlmgltu Five Pic.-, u iiewspnper pruned iu silid Ilurlinglun. tl-e lit t o w !!t-:i i.udlii .TinU t 1 e previous to said st- -ornl H cd I'ny ft Sie I'eui1 1 r. Hl.'i. Chmi under . iii i. I j i,t, -1 t;ii iiin'i:r ; ' ii,lb!sS7'bduvol.lii!y.lS43. V.ti. WF.S'i'O.S', Hegitter. mv h t n J at scud Buiitn 0 3 V 5)Yi: WOO!).-.. il C.mi H' K. Cmn W,,od. ,gM 33U do Cainph. Log Weed 250 dii S;. I' 1J 3aO lll F.l-lli', 75 do Mal-'cr, 30 'u H i e 1'liol, 45 tbi A' in, 100 do Co pera-, f.v-aVat en! andebeapf IV I'OI.I.f'.TT, IiRADl.LV &. Co. Jos-)).! -!. Ma'Ps Cstutc. STATU OF rVlt.UJXT t n T a Probata limd l-le D'stiicl.". JiS. Court hidden at ibe Probattf oibeo in .North Her , vviilun nnl for sniilii-n , on ihe I!) h d iv t f Au.ur, A. I). 1SI3 Pic-enlthe It"u. JorL Alien, Judge: An nistrn- m 'in p r n r iu-' lo I e ll c l-i-t v i t and tc-lament, ot Jn-cph Molt, Inle i f All urjli, i.i sail d.nir rt, t'c- cca-e I, t cing (nt'scute I here lor I rot a'tt, hy Jo-epu -M. Moll, one ol ibe h-ir of snil deicased. It is 'crcd Iv -in I Co .11, thai a eer-on- t-onccrnot ilicrcn:, It- no'iflcl to atipcar u n se-sion of said Co'ir', lo I c boli'en nt tl.c Co irt House, iu North Hero on the lfi h day of Sep'cml cr, A. D. 1313. and shew cause if mv ihey have or innv have against iu prol ate c I saul will, forwliu-h it is fur ther ori'erel lli-it a copy ol thu reci rd of this order le puiiii-ne'i inrtv weft s ucecssiveiy in Ihe rreti Pres., u new--paier priii'e I nt R uluiton, in Clut tenden Couiilv, ns soon a may Le. A ttuc eopv ol Kc.'oril. ii Attest, AI'GUSTL'S KNIGHT, ilenister Joscp'i .".liner's: Estate. VX7E Tb" so' .,-,i crs. hiving been nppoin'el y v ihe H.mera! le 'la- Prt.1 an; Court lor Ihu Dis trict cfCiuttcn 'eu, coiiiu i loner io revcivc, ex?Ciiaii and iidjusi ihe ela nis mi l iVmnid of nil pe;scns, tsainst ihe c-ia'c 1 1 JO-i:;'!! .lHKER, late i.f Mil lon, in -aid Distriet, I'l-eei-ed, repreL'iite I in lvent nnj nto u'l clams and e'enia ! cxlii1 1'.cd in otl'set therein; and six months from ihu day of t'ie dsm heroi f, I eing u.'lowe I I y said courl bn-'lbai purpose, wc do iheit-iore hero' y'gu'c uotn-e, th u wc'will at terd lo ibe I n-inc - of o- r nnpomtuien', at me dwell irg oflho Wi 'on- Si ly Mi icr, iu Mltou, m said di trict, ou ibe fo in Ii T-.e-dav of O -u.ber no I Ncveiu- ber in M, alio o'elock, A. M., on each of said uatcu litis liih .tty o! J Iv A. D. 1S13. IR WITT! RS. i 1 KVI TO.MIir.!l-riv C fln .liv'roi: sDWIS. SI I'll 'a 'Hi. S ib-i-ii' cr ha - on ..m 1 a lurce and superior Ji a-s iriment 1 1 STOM. W RE, -ui.enor lo anr mule in the I'ni't-.l H'a'e-, which boo cr lb' -ala at Red ii vd IVi e-, and is ready to icei ive orders, pack an I I'e'ivei-, liev tcnit.uu orpic'.ngc, on I on id of Canal Bo.'. ., ei-ber lor 'I rov, Albany, or We5t Troy, I". r t-a h or a ipr.-v.-1 paper.' All orders by .Ma. I or i tl.ervvi-e, imtncJiattly atlea-" ded to. I. SrVMOl'R. 41 rem, st. Trov, N. V. , May 17, 1?4.'J. 51 MANTLE LAMPS Avery elegant -et of JI WTLE LAMPS, -1 bur nus wuh cut shades, fur sale uncommonly cheap" nt tlieiruekuvstuie ly JOsEPH WAIT. Ilu 'liuglnn. June 0 1S43. A T liUWAItl.'.- ibeie nu-a ftt'l siip-i'v nf Gools C V wlui-li -i r I 9?''i July, oajlit low- and aru o.i sale cheap.' 8 WOOL! WOOL.'! f 5 HE su! sen' cr wishes lo p ir-ha-e Wool, an 1 will pay in go '-, grain, or a.'.-uuu.;, at his Store, nt U irliiig-";! Falls. SIDNEY BARLOW. June 00. 1813. 4 tf ov.MMixorox CI.T 0 2 EC S TO N R S ! Manufactured from the celebrated Holblns Ledge, CutnmiiiL'ton. ""Olt many year- sir. ill quantities ff stcno havo L been enrr e I fr m l!ii I edec. lo t'i 'erent pans ut the eo nrry, unti'l the rciei'u'un and demand for liicuiin 'u ctiiiepie eni ovtperlo pnrcha-e Iheen liit.' Ledge, an I ma' e 'he ue c- u-v ui'rangcicents lor f iriiisiniiK ihe p i1 b vv i h in nr iclo v.-bn-h tbcv hiv o li-n' so e.lit h,r an itriiete Mipericir. 1 tub in sly a an I 'lunula. I re, I" nnv Ibnt bn. ever 1 ecu i. leied. . Ihcs'i ernr qiao'vol liie .lonei. iui.novvlc.hi d I v ail who hn' effiveii ibein a trin!; and Ibe tact i-f 'ifvr sie-muie I by the iunsiiin dcmaii'l l'"r them, from, ino-e stiiiuiis tu ctiuinry uiio vviiicn incv nave toi nu their w.iv. For sale Iv 1 J. A- J. II. PI CK CO. on-; 2,000 t"!p,mW' ii'i.Ter and r!l ? mi 3,S0J irei. liol Whslo 1,ik) Lin eel ;,li0 Laisl 500 Ohio do do do J. fi J. II. PECK it CO. Juiic30, '13. 4, OTiVXat. ( Hlf 1 boxes Cyleu 'r Gil lJKJJ Burlington, V Bran 1. ermont, Essox an.1 LV;o' 303 Bedford, .Virini". an I t'l n'on Crrvvn. J. cv J. II. PECK i's CO. Agnls. Juno ."0, '43. 4 I'UUIT. OHO !1GtS R.ineh Rni ii,., VJU 15 Ra-s Jtu Vrii Nut, 10 llsnx.', IJ i'o Aim nt, 15 do F.lLct:. .iI. h. peck & col Jnni 30 Ml. 4 notich. nTIIIImiv cerli'y i!it 1 have givrn my sun Pso. rra Itcr.LinnTliis lin e tu trnnsact t, iinrss for lumslfj nnd sbslMiiip none of Ins tsi'ii nis nor pay any debt of his contractu'" fro u iblscbii-. WEIGHT IIUUl.BERT. Undsrliil", Juno 1 IF43. tl w3 THE CHEMICAL OIL nl' 0 PECK et SPEAR'S. NOTICE. VTTT. hive a cum' er ol demands dee us frcn" T,? cent io iioi'nrs. vvb'ch w O'i'd I e conferrins a fav-or if pi' I immcb.i-c'v as wc urn n want ol" ih ninni'nt. Good JvTiCO 11 Iter would not ' e re'n 1 if orTercd snr.u, S. N. GAUT sV C. Burl'mti n, Ang '.t 23. 151-!. ft ,irr, iVam hsriV. Cart and GerpmB .J I Se.ibc", f,0 do Hiv P-rk. !,nn do Hav Pike-, ffi .Vi II r u'e ' ro1 1 tit nvn'.rr u. Cf.

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