Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 22 Eylül 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 22 Eylül 1843 Page 4
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Emm &n caw m ten lie touched his harp, nnd nations heard, enlram td, CONSMU'TION AND MVUIt COS! PLAINT 1 1 DR. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 375 Bowery, New York. IT'OR llieourcol Cough, Colds, Asthma, whoop . Ina Coiiy-h, Catarrh, palnin tlio si.lo itn.l breast, lironchitli liver complaints, and all those afl'ei-ticiti of tho t ln-oat and liins, which nro a source of so much snflenngnn'l so ofieu Icrminnle m l-ossOMr" Hon, this lemedy is justly and hiehly distinguished. It is purely vegetable, mild and "gentle In ils clients upon Ihe ylcll), nml can 1 c in the most deli cate cases with safely ns well as well as utility. So extensively ins It lieen uen nnu o oucn proven ccsful even in extreme and apparently almnt hope less cuse, not only ns a palialive hut a a remedy j thill tne proprietor leeis no nesiiencv in luiruuui-uiK it nd reccommending it to all who unlortitnalcty SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT WIRE OP A l.b DISEASES ARISING FHOM AN IM PURE STATE OFTHE IILOOD, OR HAD IT OK THE SYSTEM, NAMELY: SCROFULA, on KINa's FAIL, IttlEUMATlSM, OBSTlNATC ittanneous eiiittions, riMri.r.s, on rusiui.Es ON THE FACE, DLOTCilr.S, IHLF.,CtlllONIC SOftE KTEs, ntNO wonM on tetteh, scalb HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OFlltr. BONES ANII JOINTS, STUDDORN ULCF.HS, on lumbago, nnd diseases urm'ug Irom an injudicious ueol Mercury,Ascitie,or Drop-y, exposure or Im prudence in life. Also, Chronic Constitutional Disorders will he remo ved hy this preparation may have occasion lorcort to some meansof rccov- Improvement in whatever regards Ihc happiness cry. Physician", familiar with its cilects nnu aware anu wi Tub Wife of Leon and other Poems. By two sisters of the West. New York, D. Ap plcton &. Company. This is the title of a work of which we have accidentally just seen a copy, though wn believo it is tint yet received at Hr.rnngtonV. The au thors, we learn, reside in the state of Mississippi, where these poems were written without any thought of their publication, until at the earnest desiro of their father, they allowed them to be put to press. To us they seem to possess unti Bual mnrit. It is the poetry of the affections ex pressed with great sweetness and naturalness, in graceful and flowing numbers. Tho thought in the following little poem is very beautiful and Directing : "JUNE EARTHLY CHILDREN ROUND ME BLOOM." Mine earthly children round me bloom, Lovely nhkc in smiles or tears ; My fairest sleeps wi'hin the tomb, Through long and silent years. And eattlily ties are round me bound, ilnd earthly feclincs fondly nnrs'd i And j et, the spell is not unwound That link'd inc to my first. A fairv thine, with flaxen hair, And eyes of bit.?, and downy cheek Anil frolic limbs, and lips that were Sliiving for evermore to speak. A thingas lovely nsthc day, Pair as tho shapes that span the beams A innocent as flowers of May, As frail, as fading, ns our dreams. Into the scale of childhood fade Slowly fioni cirli young living brows Yet still.'in sunshine, or in shade, That infant is an infant now. Seinns may roll, and manhood'r pride ' vo.ithrul breast withcarc may fill j . , ,i. by i.i they'll leave my side, But she will be my baby still. And evermore by tbeo nnsecn, That vision followelhcvery vvherej When three a'e g-ilhcreJ on the green, Yet I can see anothei there. When three around the board are set And call on Father, and on Mother To mortal ev s but three are met, Hut I, but 1 can see another. A chciub child with angel wings, Is floating o'tr tne, fond nnd free, And still that gladsome infant fin us, "Grieve not dear mother, not for inel" Here is another poem, not quite perfect in tho expression, but presenting a most agreeable portraiture ofyouthful character, drawn, we can no: doubt, after some actual original : "THE CHILD OP MANY TEARS." His very birth with erief was fraught, And ominous the day; The nugel who the infant brought, The mother called away; And still we rented in doubt nnd care, The boy through rolling years; And call him, in our valley fair, "The child of many tears!" He wa3 a gentle, loving tiling, Of a soft heart, and true; With lovo that to our souls did cling, And daily, hourly grow; And his were dark and shaded eyes, And la-hes soft and fine ; Arnrehead c.ilm as summer skies, A childish face divine. But his was an imperfect mould Oh! sorrow lone and dim ThosjlimbsBi free, and lithe, and bold, God had not given to him. But bent, and wry, nnd ill at easa In his dnilt mournful lot, Hu seemed like a rich mastcr-pieca Half finished, and forgot. He grew up in our native vale, F.v'n with the bending flowers ; Ills boyi-h cheek was ever pale, As jas'mine of die bowers. And most he loved to lie at length Upon the long soft grass, While visions of a swcepinsslrenglh, O'tr his deep hcait would pass. His was a leen and subtle soul And wnrd of power and might, And visions lie could not control, Burst evermore to liht. The bidden irc-isnresof his thought First calmly Unwed along, Until they swelled, with beauty fraught, A river bioad and strong. lie left u left thatlowly home, That porc h ha luvcd so well ; We listid, his slow step to come, Vainly; w hen evening fell. We open to each other spake Ofhim, w'uli earnest fears, We loved him for his parents' sake, That "child of many tears." And many a year rolled slowly on, With changes crowded fast; Wchavonot heard nf him since en Ocr steps he pondered last. One eve, n stranger to our door C'ttne, covered wilh the snow; And from his lips we heard once more 01 him lov'd long ago. The Inchest in the council room, Tim wittiest in the hall ; Hit) lord ofa far distant home, Adored, revered of all; Wearing upon a youthful brow, The power and pride of years, With yearnings strange we name him row, That "child of many tears." In the following verses we recognise more strength of manner. LINES, She mot me with the, sains calm brow Shu boioin other years; I nimclled then, I marvel now, Wnero slept her blindinz tears. She spoke not oneeof that lost star, That perished from her thy; Her words were all of malteia far From that gicat agony. Sha maikrd my dim and teaiful eyes, My broken speech shchenid. And dark and bitter memories Within tier heart were stirred. Asujdeu shudder, quick and sharp, Shook her with quiverings, As visibly as when a harp Isswept o'er nil its strings. Annshon pallor vtiltd her cheek; Cold damp stood on her brow ; And when It last she strove to speak, He -soids worn whimpered low; Pin h .on ilnt "nn undaunted will, '( lii. i'pi r Mruvo in vain, t' d r iwt inu.i'd sturin, "bo still;" And h!io wa. lalin again. Calm 1 Ay, with that despair which knows The vanity of tears, Elm patiently awaits tho close Of her appointed years; Thankful alike, when breaks the dawn, Or sunlight furies ill gloom; Pcvause each day her steps are drawn (itill merer to the tomb I of the healing properties tion, not uiurenucnlly p and with the Mcdienl F vmmwmmr NOTICE. THE S.iliseribers nru now inanufaelnrimr. nnd keep con.tnnlly nn hand a good as sortment of WINDOW SASH nf every de-eriptlon. SASH DOORS nnd IILlNDS made to tinier on the shorle-t notice. All orders nddreed to the subscribers will receive prompt attention. 1 lATl IM .t I'ltAMM- ;:lDMHil:lHiM 0ATL1N Wi,ioosUFnl.,Mayl8, 1813. 51 elfnrcofour race is constantly on tho march to of thi vegetable prepara- perfection, and with each succeeding day sonic new iirescnoeu It in 1 heir pracuce, nrooicm issoiveu, or euiuu oruiuunu ,ei;iui Faculty centrally, Unas met having nn important anu uireci ueanng over nimi f with more than ordinary approhation. highe.-t destinies. II we lake n retrospective view CONSUMPTION. over tne pai iwcniy years, now is mu niniu simo The followinc remarks were taken from a late with wonder I What rapid strides has science made niimler of the Medical Magazine!- , In every department of civilised life! particularly in "The surprising client proiluccil DV tne geuuino inai which rcinioiu mi: lumwunji: m n o mm in Dr. Tnylor'i Bal-am of Liverwort, made at 375 tcmiii health nnd diea-c. How valuable anil imh- Bowery, in Cotmimption eae, cannot fait exciting penable nretbe curative means recently discovered a deep and thrilling intcre.-t throughout the world. through the ngeiu-y of cliemMry 1 How does the We have so long believed thedisease (Consumption) imagination kindle and our admiration g'ow nt llic incurable, that it is difficult to credit our fences when ingenuity, the near approach to the standard of per. we see persons evidently consumptive, restored to fection, of the pre-ent lime ! 1 hrough Ihc elal ornle health. Yet it is n fact of daily occurrence ! inve.-tigntion of Pliy-iology, or the science of Life, Certificate from the highest and mo-t rcpceiable and the Pathology of prevalent diene, much vnlua- sources of persons wbohave either I ecu greatly re- Me practical knowledge has licen gained. lni-onc- i,.n,l I... i, nr nin..l r,.nvrml frnm ailHctlons of mience of I ccollliuL' ncniiaintcd with the orcniiiza the limns and liver, could I c furnished in abundance tmn, the elements of the various tisMiesand structures DKAI NIOSM CUitUIM SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL. FOR the cure of DEAFNESS, pains, and tbedis chargo of matter from tho ears; nlso all those disagreeable noises, like tho buzzing of insects, falling of water, whizzing of steam, &c. &c, which ore symptoms of approaching deafness, and also generally nttendant with the disease. Prepared by IS. HELL, of tho City of Philadclphio, nnu soiu at wholesale ana retail ny urucgists ana Apothccnties generally in tho United States. At Hurnnqton, vt., oy r ori'.Ait, At winch nlaco interesting facts in relation to tho efficacy of the Acoustic Oil may be seen. II. 11. I.UiUI'I'.lll. Wnshinaton St. Philadelphia. May 17. Stignra nnd Moliisscs. PORTO RICO, New Orleans Trinidad Molassc, In Hliils., Ticrccs'nnd Uhls. Porlo Rico, St. Croix nud New Orleans Sugar. Philadelphia nnd New York Loafand Lump do Smarts & Wooley,& Woolscy's double refined do White ami Hrowu Ilnvanna do Crushed nnd Powdered do For Sale by the subscribers nt a small advance from cost. P0LLE1T, BRADLEY tt Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected assortment, consist ingof Gilt, Mahogany and Gilt,Mohogany,and Fanci) framed Lookinc Glasses, for site nt greatly reduced prices nt tho Hardware Store, Corner of Church and College Sts., by HAGAR & ARTHUR. I,i,l wp insert only ihc followinff t Certificate.' "Being constitutionally predispos ed to Consumption, n inembir of my family having suffered severely from irilalion of the Lungs, ac companied with cough nnd raising matter and Mood, in-reilier with severe nain in mv -idcund breast, til! I was supposed to be beyond recovery, I was induced bv ailviee of Dr. Perkins, '..s b lnt re-ort to Iry "Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort," I have taken five bottles man. i began to improve Willi the nrst dm of the system, remedies have been sotisht afier and discovered exact v ndanted to combine Willi, neutral ize and expel morbifieo matter, the cause of disease, nnd substitute healthy action in Us place. Tho beau tiful simplicity of this mode ol treatment is not only bv the nalholosv of disease, not only gratnful to the snlicrcr, but pcrlectly in consonnncc wilh the operations of Nnmre,ainHnlisfaclorv tothe views and reasonings of every intelligent, reflecting mind. It is that Sanps's Sarsaparilla, n .scientific tle.nnd while taking Ihc third, waM f.r recovered combination ofesscntial principle-of the most valua as to be able to gel about. Since which time, by continued use of it I am quite retoreJ and able to a'lend to my usual I Usi.icss To per.-ons suTering . . i,-.. ;.....r. ...... I .1 irom coilgllf nnu uiiecnousui llicuuugs, i uoeitiu-e-llv reccomincnd it. (Sigiml) JAS. C. SCOTT. Elizabeth City, X. C. Dec. IC, 1842. For a common cold nnd cnuirh, this is one of the very best temedies ever discovered. A. II. There is nspuriois nnd counterfeit article afloat, and lately introduced into this place. There fore becarefnl to get the genuine, which is from 375 Bowery N. Y. an I see that the new enirravcd wrap per is on the buttle to prevent counlerfeiis. For sale bv PECK & SPEAR, and LOVELY & SEYMOUR, "Hurl ins ton ; S. II. Barnes, Charlotte; M. Hall, Hinesburgh ; Win. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond. June 30. vl SALT. 10.000 BUSH. Solar Salt, 3,000 do Fine do a,C00 llarrcls do do 200 Sack Ashton's" Dairy do 100 do Tabic do J. &. J. H. PECK &, CO. June 30, '43. 4 7 5 DOZ. Blood's Cast and German Steel ayine., AO do Rixford do do do 25 do HuV Fork, 40 do Blood's Hoes, 150 do Hny Rakes, 20 do Horse Hoy do J. & J. II. PECK & CO. .June 30, '43. 4 50 40 HHPS. Gardner Brewer, Bezlon, S. E. ium, 3D Pipes Riandy, 40 do Baltimore Gin. 5 do "Swan" do pure, 10 Half "PellevoisiV' Brandy 10 llhds. St. Croix Rum, 30 Uhls. Suerry and Maderia Wine, 40 do Malaga do 8 do Port do J. f- J. H. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. IRON, STEEL, NAILS & HARD WARE. Tons Enelish Iron, from 1 1-8 to 6 inch wide. 1U do Old Sab e Russia do Tons New Salle do do do Swedes do do Peru do do Horse Shoe do do Round from to 2i inches, do Square do 3-S lo 3 do do Hound do H to 4 do do Hoop do i to 1 1 do do Home and Scioll do do P. S. I. Russia Rods, do Sanderson Cast Steel, do Person's Spring do from 1 to 3 inches do Swedes do do American do do German do do Enelish Blister do 000 Kess Nails, from 3d to 20d 2,00 do Spikes from 30d to COd 2.00 do Brails fioni Cd to 20d 3,00 Doz Fil.-s and Rasps. A general assortment of Anvils mid Vices. June 30, 1843. J. & J. H. PKCK K Co. FLOUR. OF superior 1 rand-, in Barrels and Half Barrels, remedies were recommended, hut they did no goi constantly arriving. About a year since I was taken severely j w ' , I TT TTL'L- X. fir. I ... '...,. . ....... PRINT WAREHOUSE BF. LKE, (formerly of ihelirm ol Lord & Lee) . andU. II. BREWS TElt, under the firm of LEE & BREWSTER, havee-ial.lished at 113 Pearl street few Vori;, a -luusr. O.Y il.V EXTENSIVE SCALE, r.XCI.IISIVFXV FOR PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece or nacuaac. Bv coiifinine their attention entirely and exclusive- lv lb this one article, L. if- B, will lo enabled to not only exhibit a more extensive and I eauiiful nssortment than i- to 1? found el-ewhere, (ihcre beins no fimihr Cslallisliment for prints in tlie United tslale-) Out to sell always at prices as low, and generally lower than those ot hou-es who-e attention and ineansare divided anions a large variety of article. I lie entire stool;, cnibrucing niiout one llioii-ann liieienl oatterus and colorinff. has leen received within a few days; is perfectly fresh, and comprises II uie laie-tan j cnoii-e-t spring nyie. ayi INFORMS lus friends that he has returned from llo-ion nnd New York, having bought a large hock ol lmiy uijuud, wine i no is no'.v opening the Store formerly occupied I v D. A. Ilranun. lhonorlh-we,stccrnet of Strong's Buildings, opposite Mesrrf. iPeck & Spear,: where be intends keeping contlandvon.bandon extensive assonment of DRV GOODS' which 1 141 will ol.'er nt theluwe-t marUl Price'. Hi attention I eing exclusively devoted to Dry uot'il. anil In mono l.enlg LARGE ri.VI.ES AND SMALL PROFITS. be is enul fed to accomodate bis old Frit nils, OuHo iners nnu Hie I nunc Willi goons at rtxiticru prK-et, Call and tee. Burl.iijrttn, July 7, If 13. 5 10 8 12 20 12 10 5 15 12 2 4 3 1 3 i June 30, '43. J. if- J. II. PECK & CO. 4 ltlp vecelahle sill stances, operates unon the system. The Sarsaparilla is comluned Willi (lie mo-t cilii'tual 200 aid, tlie ino-l salulary prodintion-, the most potent 1 00 simples of the vegetal le kingdom ; and its nnprece- 200 denied success in the restoration In health of iho.-e 300 w ho had long pined under themosldi-lressingchron- 50 ic maladies, ha given it an exalted character, fur- 2 nislung as u does evidence outs own intrinsic value, 40 nnd recommending it to the afflicted in terms the nf- 75 flicted only can know. It liaslong licen n most im portant desideratum in ihe practice of medicine lo ob tain n remedy similar to thi onelhat would niton the liver, stomach and bowels uiih all the precision and potency of mineral preparations, jet without any of their deleterious e Sects upon the vital powers of the sytem. The attention of the reader i respectfully called to the following certificates. Hou ever great achieve, menls have heretofore been made by the use of this invaluable medicine, yet d.iily experience shows re sults still more rcniarkal le. The Proprietors here avail themselves of the opportunity of faying it is n source of constant sati-fictinn that they are made the means of relieving siieli an amount of Miilerinir. Nkwark, N. J., Dec. 13, 1812. Messrs. Sands : Gent Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your treatment to me, n stranger suffering under one of Ihe most loathsome diseases that nature is capable of hearinc. 'I lie disease with which ( was affhclcdi'niiiineuccd with iir.laiuation of llieeve, 111 Hie 1836, winch caused nlinnst total blindness. Fer this I wn treated nnd finally relieved, but iho remedies were such ns to cause the develop ment ofa scrofulous affection on my leftarm near the CIl'OW. The pain extended from ihe .shoulder lo the end o my finier-, nnd for two vcnr.s my suilerings were I c yo'ud description. I tiicd various remedies md eon. suited diiierenl physicians in icw 1 one. nnd nmon?sl them the late Dr. Htishe,whn told me the disca-e of the arm was 011-01 hy the large quantity of mercury taken to cure the inllaiualion of my eves. My sulicrinss continued, ilicnnn enlarged, tumors formed in different places, and in a few months dis charged, making ten runningtihi'rs at onetime, some noove anu some oeuny uie eioow, nnu the discharge was so offensive that no person could bear 10 le in the room where I was. I ihen annliedto ano'berdi lingiiishcd physician, who told 1110 amputation of the arm was the only thing that could save inv life, a it was unpossil leth cure so dreadful a disease ; but as I was unwilling In consent to it, he recommended me 10 ii-e wanr.s ranm-e.i freely, winch I did without deminir hut little benefit. Forlhrce years 1 was un able torni-emy band 10 my bead, oreombmy head, and the scrofula now made lis nppearance on my head, destroying the bone in different place, causing extensive nlccrntions, and I feared it might reach nnd destroy the brain the bead swe'led very much, ac companied Willi violent pain. Numerous external out.. wnh n swelling ol the body from head 10 foot, so t hat 1 was entirely helpless. Tbeiloctor advised me to an 10 the hospitnl, for he did not understand inycn-e. For the last few month I had been afflicted with a severe pain ill both sides, al limes so hard I could scarcely hum my i pmui. a nai-i,iug cougn eoii'ianiiy nn ncyeil me, ainltliiseoini.mi-ii win, my oiffer maladic, rendereilmi! truly mi-eral le. Such, gciilleman, has been my situation for seven years of mylilc, when I commenced tho n-e of yo'ir .ar-apniiila ; but as my ease was considered hope'e-s, and the near prospect ofn speedy dissolution sieiuodineviulle, I felt but lil tlecnco iragement to pcr evere. The pcr-iiasion of friends induced mo to try your medicine hieh in n few days produce I n gre.ii elnnire 111 my system gen erally, hy causing nn nppelin-, relieving th'epaius,nnd giving me stienglh. As -ipves- 111-piic confidence, DYE STUFFS. 300 BBLS. Campli'y Log Wood, CA11INENT FURNITURE. THE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, that he still continues tho CAUINENT BUSI NESS nt the Old Stand, on CAwrcft Street, formerly Nichols ,f. Herrick, anil over Mr. Hurlbut's Store, where ho hnsa cood nssortment nf Mahogany. Black Walnut, Cherry nnd Pine FURNITURE, consisting of Secretaries; llurcaus; Sofas; Dining, Tea, Work nnd Toilet. Tables-. Bedsteads and Stands, which he will senior casn unusually low, according 10 inc tunes. WANTED, In exchange. Hireh nnd Manlo SCANTLING, suitn blefor Itedsteds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Stbs nnd 1-2 inch BASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, BIRCH IHJAKU3. and most Kinas 01 country rrpuuec. Plcasccalt and examine for yourselves. SAMUEL NICHOLS, flmlincton, Jan. 13. 1843. 34tf SOLAR LAMPS. A Newnndverv handsomccarlielc of Suncndinn XI Lamns.canableof burning tbeclieape-t otialitv of oil and producing a pleasant and powerful light, for salo tiv juaci-ii vhaii. JunclG, 1813. 2 200 KEGS POWDER, 100 Uag Shot, 150 llroonu' 100 Patent Pails. J. & J. II. PUCK if. CO. June 30, '43. 4 FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA or PHTHIS IC. CONSUMPTION. WHOOPING COUGH, and all Pulmonary Affections an J Diseases of the Lungs, this is believed to be the most popular & effi cacious Medicine ever known in Amenca.for proof ol winch, we would reler to llioe who have ued 11, nnu to the numerous certificates of Physicians nnd others attached lothe Inside wrapper 01 each bottle. Dr. Amor v Hunting, of Franklin, Mass. writes that a or having urc-cr pen tne usual remedies wi hoiit relief, nnd having consulted with several eminent physicians, he has found the Vegetable Pulmonary naisam to have hail tnctitvircuciicci, ami recommends it ns a safe, convenient nnd elli'-acious medicine. Dr. Thomas Drown, of Concord, N. II., writes that to his knowledge, II lias never disappointed the rea sonable expectations 01 thotuwlio haven-edit. Tlie public are particularly cautioned against the many Counterfeits or imitations whiih have partial ly or wholly assumed ihe inline of ihe gen time article. fCJBo assured thai it is not genuine unless one or both of Ihe written signatures of SAMPSON REED or WM.JON'N CUTLER, arc found attached to a yellow lal el on a blue envelope. (All labels of and after the date ofDec. 1S30, will havetlie written signature of Win, .lon'n Cutler. Prepared by REED, WING & CUT LRU, (late Low & Heed,) Wholesale Druggists, 51 Chatham st., Bo-ton, and sold by Druggists, Apothecaries and country mer chants generally. Prue 50 cents. PECK fc SVEATl, Agents. Burlington, Dec. 1, IS 12. ly. rtnr Wood. Ouerciiron Hark. Peac h Wood. Lac Dye, Cudl ear Indigo's, Oil Vitriol, Muriatic Acid, Muri ate of Tin, Clothiers Brushc, Clothiers Jacks, Press Papers, TcnterHooks, Cord '1 acl.s, ive. 1 ' J. if- J. H. PECK if- CO. June 30, '43. TUItACCO. - AVF.NnlSlf .r. PLUG TOBACCO of the most KJ approved brand. Deen ci Brown's celebrated Chew ng nnd Smoking Tobacco : Also, Sheep Tolac co, for sale very low bv ruuur.i 1, uiiiiiur.J i(- vw Old Dock, June 8, 1813. I do do do do do do do do St, Donrngo Cam Wood, Hacho Fustic, Madder, Blue Vitriol, Alum, Coppcra do do T HAS. U,D nnd YOUNG 11VSON. sonic of very superior Vynualiti. Hvson Skin and Twnnkny in chests, half chests and caddies, for sale by rULLbll, DlCAHljCl ct, wo. Old Dock, JunoS, 1813. 1 X. E. HUM. A Constant simply of I-ellon'sN. E. Rum. m Hint A Pipe-, Half Pipes nnd Ilbls., 50 per cent above prool, for s:,le at llostoii prices and freight, ov 1 ' , ,-r-f I'l.. a. r. I i'-Jlljl.l 1, llllAliuiii 1 ix iu., ii;cilt. Old Dock, June 8, IS 13. 1 CAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do, Long handed do and Spades, Cro Bars, Russian Nail Rods, warranted, Shot, Sheet and Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article, Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, &c. &c. for sale by FOLLETI", BRADLEY cc Co. Old Dock, June 81813. 1 HAGAR &, AKTIIUR, ARE now receiving new supplies of SADDLERY, COACH AJfD SHELF HARDWARE. in all itsvarities. ALSO, DRUGS&MF.DIUINES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES. Ac. &c. Burlmnton. Vt. ) June 2, 1813. J JIUCK WHEAT, A Very superior article FOR SEED, for sale by April 25, 1813. GEO. PETERSON. " WATERS AND SYRUPS! A I.DAN Y AND IIOSTON KAIL ROAD' Fare Reduced to 81. fare to Huston reduced to Silo those who go through y same train. On nnd after Monday, May Slh, passenger trains run daily, (Sundays excepted) ns follows; Leave Oreenbuh at J Lefure 7 a. M. arrive in Do; Ion 01 r. M. snnio day. Leave Greenbusli at J liclore 3 r. m. lodge in Siiringhehl arrive in Boston nt 11 J a. m. next day. For WoRcr.sTr.n and Norwich Passengers lake lbu 4 before 7 train Irom G eeiibush, inlenect the tcauihoat lr.un from Boston at Worcester thence to Norwich. Fun IlAnTFonn asp .New Haven Pas-cngcrs lea v- ing (Jrecnl uh 1 before 7 a. M.. lake the slcainl oal at Springfield al 1-21 m. reach Hartford at 3 r. M aiid oroceed bv cars to New Haven. Passengers may 111-0 leave urcennusn at 1 eiore p. M.. reach Springfield 8i. thence by stage mime batc'.v to Hartford lodge leave IlarllbrdutGl next morning in cars lor iew llnven. Passengers mu-t leave the I icketOlfice, in Stnnwix Hall, Maiden Lane, for the Rail-road Ferry Boat atCl a. m., or 2J r. M. Ihe terry boat will I e punctual in starting. Ticket for the ears must be obtained Lelore going on board the ferry boat. W. II. 1L IV 11 -II ..111, Mnstor uf 1 rancporlution. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE supply just received from the manu- factory, for sale low by LOVIvLY June 15, 1813. & SEYMOUR. 2 DRY GROCERIES. OF superior quality, fresh from New York, ju received and for tale very low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. June 15, 1813. 2 I was encouraged loperseverc. Mypains srewca-i-er, mv strength returned, foodiclishcJ, the ulcers heal ed, new fle-h formed, and I once more fe't within inc thall might get well. 1 hnvenow used the Sarsapa rilla about two months, and am like n dill-rent be ing. The arm that was to be amputated ha-entirely healed, a thing that seemed unpo-sil le. I can scarce ly believe theevidence of my own eye-, but Mich is ihe fact j uud il is now as useful as al any period of my life, p.idmy general health i belter than il has leeii for venrs past. Ile.ilih.wliatmagiein the word! how many thou sands have songbl it in foreign lands nnd sunny clime, and have sought 111 vuin! Yet il came to inc when I had give., opto die; andns I feel the pnlsn- lionsofhcnlth coursing through my veins, my whole heart and oulgoforlh in fervent gratitudelo the au thor of all our sure men-ie--, that he ha leen era-ciou-ly pleated to I h-s the means made u-eof. 'Tru ly have you proved yourself the good Samaritan 10 ihe afflicted, (or next to my Creator my life is indebted to you (or rather) the use of your invaluable Sarsapa rilla. The vnlue of such a medicine is countless be yond price, money cannot pay for il. I have been FRESH SARATOGA WATERS, CONGRESS, IODINE AND PAVILLIO. ALBURGH WATER. CALEDONlT WATERS. BARTON'S SYRUP. LEMON SYRUP, PINE-APPLE SYRUP. 1 PECK & SPEAR. AT HOWARDS. THE Good Itis-'J and arriving are 01" unsurpassed raised Irom deal h, I maysay.tor my friends and my brilliance and at orip..s ir, .,,rr.n,in.l . ,1, n self thought it iu!u.-Mb!c I could recover. And now gentlemen Miner mc lo add another prool ccrtiue.1 too oy my menu- nnu gimruinns as a just acunowieu; prices to corre-pon-l iniprove-ng slate (.flradc. evidence-ol which are in dicated in Cily, Town, and Country. ii.-- jyoui in iiiriiugion may be oninincfl by as application to the Peoples Agent HOWARD. 1 nursuay .norning, ocpt. 7, 43 14 PECK & Sl'EAR, AGENTS FOR SHERMAN'S LO'.E.NGES 'I UTitlNiiittt AJLtn lU lt !LirnMAifT s.iiL.1 1 nn no m 'ASSAUS NY . 1 1 -I'i-'i ;jwop..vta-ij A Good article o' HYSON,') YOUNf HYSON, V jj 95 a, ss. 0 SKIN fc . SOLT HONG J For sale cheap at the I'ctnpeianco Store, I y ngill xo, 1011. s. ix. halt cm uo. MARSH'S LIFE AND REMAINS. THE Remains of the Rev. James Marsh, D. D. late President, and Professor of Moral nnd Intel lectual Philosophy in tho University of Vermont, with a memoir of hisl.fc. For snlo by June 29. II. J. SHUMWAY, Ayent. COMMENCEMENT THIS year the Graduate from Howard's has a ea'l to locate himself in the city of Troy, N. Y., where 11 reputation of ihe entcrprizeol its business men stands equal 10 those of any city in America. I he above reipii-iiion for one fiom Howard's is made inent of ihc virtue of your health restoring Sarsapa rilla. That Iho affheieJ may also use it and euioy tbe lenelitsit alone can confer, is the heartfelt, fer- veui wish ui uieir unti your irienii. MARTHA CONLIN. 1 know Marilia Conlin nnd I elieve what she states in this document to le perfectly correct. JOHN POWER, Vicar General or New York, Rccior of Si. Peter's Church. Given at New York this Mil, day of Dec, 1812. 1 know ManhaConlin, and ha ve known of her suf fering illness. JOHN HUIIOIS, Bishop of New-York. I place full confidence in the statement made by Martha Conlin, having known her the past twenty years. I will cheerfully give nm' particular in rela tion 10 her ca'e to ihose who may wi-h further Infor mation. Sr. ELIZABETH, Superior of tlie Roman Calliolie Orphan Asylum, Prince street, N. Y, Dec. 1 1, 1842. I have confidence in the representations innde by Martha Conlin, and havefull knowledge of her case, ELIJAH F. Pl'HDY. Alderman 10th Ward of the Cily ol New York. ucc. 1 1, lOVi. Martha Conlin has lived in my family ihe last 13 I y 0110 of Ihe most ancient and repmnblu slandin commercial houses there, nnd with a fill knowledge 01 ine acquirement 01 11 previou gr.idu.)!e, who is 111 Isi.iuc by Iheir .ide: llio-i. nkuivlin li.ivp Ini-aind themselves a tot her plates Irom ihe same Almamator yearsi and I hereby certify ihe foregoing statement u,c .muiii-, uni-s. i-rt:vios 10 uie negree 1 eiug 1 uiauc ij uoitn i.kuiini, nbout to le given a full audience may I c daily accom- Mrs. MARY B. LOYD. modaieil in receiving abundant evidence of the Vale- No. C01 Broad s'reel. Newark. N. J. diclorys being de.crve I, by nny mutual interchange Prepared and sold, wholesale nud reinil, and for dial may be wi-bed wilh iho various patrons of the exportation, by A. B. SANDS & CO., Druggists and Store by Ids giving ns heretofore his assiduous attcn- Chemists, Grnuite Buildings, No. 273 Broadway, cor- lion in putting Ihe goods fast uud cheap 11,10 their ner of Chniul ersirccl, New York. Inn Is at HOWARD'S. GEORGE PETERSON, Agent Sfitli July, 1813. 8 liij special appointment for the Proprietors for 7ur- . s.. who res in 1 mu eiuvre.i. eoiuicaiions 01 1 Million. 1 ermuni, uiiuht saieuv I'rui-'msis Kciicruny CHILDREN Clt Y FOR TJIEM! 1 ROWN PEOPLE say they nre the p'easantcst vji ami mo-; elective medicine 111 use. i.normou quantities are sold, and every body likes 1 hem. SllI'JKJIA.VS WORM LUZUNULiS have saveil the lies ofl inosnildr. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZKNGES are real antidotes to headache, palpitation, sea-.sckuess,low ncss 01 spirits ami uesponueiicy 1 sipalion. spondency or tlicc:iit ofdis ntt. MAHSIIATiTAS AROMATIC AND III: AD A CUE CATARRH SNUFF. THIS Snufl is superior In any thing vet known, for removing that troublesome dpea-e, the Ca tarrh, and also a cold in the head, and headache. Il opens and purges out nil obstruction, sjrengllicns the glands and gives a healthy action to the parts affected. It is perfectly free from any thing delelcri ousin its composition hasa pleasant flavor, and its immediate effect nfier Icing used, is agreeable. Price 374 el, per I ottle. Each bottle contains about three limes ihennantilv of Ihe several kinds of Catarrh Snulf, now selling at n lower price, and is iliercforc cheaper, as well as UClter man any tiling 01 inc i.inu in 11 aruei. DOCT. JAIIVIS' T0 3J3ATO 33.E.3LIQUS FILLS. THESE Pillsconlaiu no Calomel, b il are compos ed entirely of Vegetable sub-lam es, and have in their composition a large portion of the pure extract ol that highly article, the 1 opinio 1 Jam, con-iiiuiing tiH-ni essentially, TOMATO PILLS. The propnciorfecls a conhdeii' e in rcvommendin them ns superior to most, nnd infu'icr to none ofth Pill which are making so much noi-e nt the Prc'cut lay. ns a ourilier of the blood, a corrcclorof a bilious or dyspeptic state and habit, or ns a common cathartic. He a-s-ire-ihe mil, lie thai they have the cordial and daci led approbation of physicians of the highest res- pcclalnlity, vvhuuse llieni in their practice. Sold hyllie i'roprieior,uiiAiii.i.-, nun i.h,.miu lleburv. Vl. Wm. C. .Slinip-on and Heed, Edward llrinlv', Mer-. Lewis, lloslon ) Hoa lley Phelps c, Co., A. II Sr. 1). SANDS, and others in New York; PECK & SPEAR nnd HAGAR it ARTHUR, Ilur- linsrton. 17., and by Druggi-is generally throughout the Unite I Stales and Canada. February 23, IB 13. PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, and will constantly keen in depoiites wkh their Agents at Builinglon, vt., Peru manufac tured Noil and Iron, of the following description, to wit 1 NAIT.S. 3d, 4d, fid, Cd.Bd, lOd, 12d,20d,24d, 30d, 40d, BOd.Cad SPIKES. inch, 4 1-2, 5, 5 1-2, and 6. FINISHING NA1I.S.-M, Bd, l6d, 12d, mtnufsc tutcd specially for finishing nice woik. FLOOR NAILS. I2d,20d, and 24d. IRON. ROUND IRON, 3-8,7-10, 1-2, 9-1C, 5-8, 11-16 4-1, -o, 1 men, 1 i-a, 1 i-i, 1 j-u, 1 l-z, l5-o 1 .)-, i incu, i 1-4, i i-i, i, anu J i-z. SQUARE IRON, 3-3, 7-16, 1-2,9.16,6-8, IMG i-a, 1, 1 i-b, 1 1-4, 1 3-ti, i, i i'i inches. HAND IRON, I 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2 j-i, J, j h, i i',o incn. Tlllli lllON,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and from 3-9 to 5-B thick. HORSE SHOE IRON, various sites. IIA.VE AND SCROLL IRON. do. do. MAR RLE SAW PLATES, cut to order a short notice. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture theirgoodsatClin tonvillc.N. Y. from Iron of their own make. They intend to keep in the hands of their agents a more fid nnd complete assortment than can le found in the Slate. It is bclicv-cl that the goods from this estab lishmcnt are better manufactured, than those front any other in its vicinity. Piircha-crs nru respectfully solicited to inspect the Goods ofihis Co. Prices ns low and terms as favor able, as can leobiniued intheSlnle. T. F. & W. L. STRONG, Agents. Aug. 25th. 1842. TAILORING mm AT WINOOSKI FALLS. THE subscriber respectfully informs his customer nnd friends that he has re-umed his business af Winoos',i Full, where be will l.e happy to answer l any calls t'lat he iniy 1 c favored with. WANTED 1 A t oo J smart boy as an apprentice to the above bus ino-i-. J-,ltr..MlAlt I1A1(R1.UIU. Fall, May 25, 1343. 51 If JOSEPH WAIT Ilasi received a full supply of CO as TXjTHICH he will 'ell at the following terij mode t V rate nriccs for ready pay. vi 1 Printed Tea Cup- and 6' nicer- the set Irom 37cs. pp. Printed TcaSci-, 2y piece-, from Si 50 up. v lii!c('ranite Tea sets, newest style, 29 pieces, 51,b: Pilulod Breakfast. Dinner and Tea Sets. .11 n-. 2. .1-2 lu do do do do do do do do do do do White Granite do do Printed Breakf.i-t plates, per doz. 50 piece 33 do GS do from 2,52 to 4,32 S3 81 nud 1,0 j 3,27 3,3 4,32 POOR MAN'S PLASTER-Shermnn'sweincnn- costs 12 cents, nud is certain to cure rheuuulism, lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side or oac-L, also piles, SOKE -NIPPLES Positively cured by Sheiman'i Papillary Od, without taking the child from ihe breast Dr. Sherman de-ires particularly that purchascm should bu careful th.illheygct tliegciiiiineShcrinan's Lozenges am! Pluslers, us hocnmioi be accountable for the worthies-, articles thai may otherwise be palmed upon ihcm. Likewise all Genuine PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMES, SOAPS. INKS, BLACKINGS, MEDICAL WINES and LIQUORS, pure,; STU ART'S CONFECTIONERIES, PECK & SPEAR. Wholc.-ale and Reinil Druggists, .SiiD-AgenId 8 II Tuppcr, Charlotte t Horace Cook, Shelburn; George Ayres, Milton Falls j Ed win Hard, Underbill; A Guthrie, ! Maiden Lane, Al beny, N. Y. Win Rhodes jr., Richmond; NCInt lenden & Co, Wdlision. lo mart nnd nint Bovvl, per doz. Blue Printed Tea Pots, each 31 Printed Chambers from 50 cents up. CHINA tVAItH. Snrin'd China Tea Set-. 32 pieces 83.50 Upwards Gold Rand 4- Sprig'd do, 33 p-., from 87,50 10 S15.00 Gold Band & Spng'J ChinaTplatcs, from 2,25 to 3,30 China Pitchers from 31 cent, to 1,12 White China Cup Plate, per doz. 41 i;t.n.m.- wAiir.. Edged Plates from 30 10 CO cents per dozen. Edged Bakers nnd Nappic, from 9 to 23 cents each, Coloured Buvvl-, from 50 to 62 cents per doen. Pitchers, pints 10 half gallon, from 8 to 25 cents each mugs. Mints ami ium lunis, iroiu i 10 j cents cac u. Common Chanil ers from 15 to 30 ct. each. I'llti: PROOF WARE. Yellow llakingphiles, per dozen from 75ct, lo81,00. enow uven liishe-, y to 13 niche-, from 10 10 31 cl Vellow Cake Pan, 9 to 11 inch, from 13 to 23 cenis. 1 enow nappies irom u, 12 and is cents each, Handled Soap Dippers, C cents each, GLASS WAIli:. Good Tumbler from 50 cent, iinwards. Moulded and Cut Wine-, from 73 ct. to 3,50 per doz -inisiruiii i ci 10 i,uu jicr pair. Cruit 19 cts per pair. Lemonade Glasse-, 75 cts to 2,25 per doz. Lamp, all size from 10 1 is. 10 1,50 each. Study Lamps wilh shade-, 75 cts. Laulerns from 60 cts. upward. and a great variety of other articles in Ihe Crockery and Glass Ware line, all ofwhich will bo sold muci chetper than can be hud at any oilier store in the suiie. llurlinglon, June, 1813. jSnltf FISH. 200 Qninlals Cod Fish, luu lioxcs Herring. J. eve II. l'l-.UK sj. CO. Lilh! Lilc!! lifc!! ! DR. Jonathan Moore's E.vSKNCEOFLlFE. Ths mo-t highly oiecined Meihi-ine that has ever been discovered for ennng CouirAs, Colds, Asthmas, and COMsl'MI'llONS. Il will also remove ,h4 Whoopiiig-Cougli in one week. Prepared by Hen nr Sr.TMoL-r.. from ihe original receipt, by the direo Hon of -aid Moore. For sale whole-ale, by PECK it SPEAR, Burlin ton, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in United Slates. Order- directed to Henry Seymour, Hndley, Ma will receive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine inuntdialely furnished. Caution. A there is much of the spurious art cle for sale, ',C3I e particular to enquire for tbatpre pared by Henry Seymour, Hndley, Mas.achusills. AMURICAN II DTKL. AND GENERA L S TA GE HO USE, S. W. TAYLOR. Coubt Hocse S41-AEE, BcnLINOTON, Vt. 2l)tf Iron, Slcel &,c. S)C TONS assorted English 1 ire Iron, &J IO " do. Sweiles and Peru do. do. 3 " Russia Old Salle do. OO " Peru manulactiired roundand square Iron embracing all sizes from 1 in. to 2 in. IO ton assorted brand Iron. IO " Scroll Iron and shoeshape, ; 11 Ru-sia horse nail rods, Anvils. Vices. Sledges. Trace Chains. Borax, File and Rasps, Shuvcls, Spade-, Cro Bars ccc. tsteel. Sanderson's Cast Steel, Greave- Cierman " English blistd. " American " l.SO Sells Steel nlated.Cutter and Sleigh Shop &c. &C. just Received by STRONGS. ."MADAM HOIVIX'S ANTI-SPASMODIC EMMENAG06UE Ou jcni.ilc Zitflttl.itof. For Irreguhr and Painful Menstruation, and for the Suppression or Retention 1 f the Menses WHENEVER any of the organs of ihe human frame cease or refuse lo perforin their c trice, the seeds cf disease nre sown, ot which the harvest is death, unless, by timely attention the obstruc tions are remuved nud nature is thereby re-tored lo her wonted action. Through carelessness and ne clecl thousands of female- in this northern climate have gonedovvn to .111 early grave of Conjumjiion a dise.i.ethnt Willi liPinle-is in v anal lv urcinotedbr. nnd 111 mo-t ea-c- has it- origin in a derangement of those organ upon vibiih the I.'mmenarocl-e is es pecially designed to act, 1110-1, if not all of whom night have I ecu saved by a timely resort to this medicine. VERBAL TESTIMONY-thcl e-t that can 1 e offer ed in proof of 11s efficacy, may be found in every ighborhood where the r mmenecocve has been employed in accordance with .Maunm Boivin's direc tion-. 11 is prepared in wine, and though powerful i neverlliele-s a safe medicine for family use. Each bottle contains about 2 1-2 ounces Price 75 cts, A III eraldi-count will 1 e made 10 Physician-. who use it in their practice, and 10 persons w ho pur chaschyquauiily. Sold in llurlinslon and vicinity i y i' ex, tl'r.Alt, Agents. Dec. 22. IS 12. 30 JAMES I!. PI.ATT. BOOT iV SHOE MAKER, HAS remove I hi shop 10 Warner's row, opposite to Howard's Sloie, on Churc h siccct. liehasn large a-onment ol Ladies nnd Gentlemen's Bool-. half Oailir-, lloolee- and Slice-; also, Misc-and Boy's Thick I!oot and Brngniis, all ofwhich he will sell nt very low prices fur cash. All kinds if work in his line made lo order. Please call and examine his work and price-, be leels, confident Ihal both will meet yo ir appro! alii 11. 11 irluiglon, -May Li, ISU. -IJii. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience nnd durability, they aro unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. lo 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1-2 07.. to 200 lbi. PortableCountcrdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, Juno 30, 1643. 4lf GROCERIES. A f Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans 'ivy Sugars, 10 Ton Lump nnd Double Refined Loaf Sugar 5 bids. Crushed and Povvdertd do do 0' hhds Porto Rto Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson, llyson Pkin, Young Hyaon and Pouchong Teas. 2 tons Saleralus, 25 kegs and boxes Plug, Caven.ish and Sheep Tobacco. 1 barrel Lorillard's Maccahoy Snuff, 15 bbls Smoking and fine cut Chewing Tobacco 50 boxes Hunch Raisins, 30 bags old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Lagulra Coffee, G do Pepper and Pimento. Also, Starch, Cin namon, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pipes, Bur Lamp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, 4c. Willi Ihe above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy nionejr, and offer more for it than is usually paid inlilii vicinity. Purchasers arc respectfully in vited to call. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1812. 25 DRUGS & MEDICINES The sub-crilers are coniinu- ally supplied w lb EVERY AIM H'l.E in the al ove I ranch, I oih if iheOihcnifc. and Patent kind-; Medicinal wn'er- frrm Paralegal do. from Caledonia, Canada ; .Medical Wine and Liquor, (pure). Lcishes; Surgical Instruments -'Min eral Teeth, Ac. rj-Pre-eription put up at .honest nonce. iCyS'ion open at all hours. PKCK it SPEAR. Apotheeariei liurlingtnn, 1 en. 1, itu, others under coinidcrntiou, Just Hcrclvcd and I'or Hale at the TICMI'l-.llAKf:!-' K I'l III I.' 14'r.nii uraugesnnd U-mon, Rice, fiale . rains Co'.ee, Dried Curanls, Ciiron, Tamarind-, BvX and Keg Raisins, Figs, Chocolate Shells, Baker. vvv.a , asie, 11 ew itriicie, prepiireu in one minute for use; alio, Eu.t llostoii Sueur Hou.e Jlolii-ses. a (upericirarliclolorihoTal le. Abo, an assortment of Ml AIM. I1. IJltv liOODS, which they will sell a low for cah or ready pny t; . .,,, u ii., iij,e ,,, iilc pinee, A fresh loi cfllnston Sofi and Cold Water Crack ers Unci Pilot Bread, lllll as u-eilri mivum rnn. stanily fresh supplies the public may bo assured ol ,l,t,(l-. Tlie public are respectfully tni-iieil to call and ex amine the Goods and Price.-1 dure purchasing t l-e-wheie, ,. . , S. N. GAUT tt CO. Burliugton, June 22, 1813. 3if NOTnyK. Piiice 81 per botlle, G bonles I'or 85. Burlington, March 8, 1843. 41 ly P EC K & tTPEAR- wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American D UGS, Also.-DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Murllugton, Vt. C. BKNNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS fit TAI3L.ORS, 2d Door South of the Rank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CI. Til & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting done In tho most approved stylo and ct. 2Ctf. ON CONSKiNMi-NT. A Heavy and full assortment of Sheetings of the following celebrated brand-: Lawrence Mill', Anthony do Exeter Manufacturing Company Massachusetts Mills, together Willi Bleached Sheet ings, for sale at New York ptuo and charges hy FOLI.EIT. BRAULKV cfc Co. fl'V IE subscribers would respictfidlv calltheatten i- tion of country iiierchants lo their extensive and well selected assortment of Groceries nurehnsed at thn present jow prices and offered at a small advance from cost vu 1 Old Gov eminent Java CofTeoa very superior article Green do do, Riu and St. Domingo do, Saleralus, Pepper, Cassia, Spice, Soap, Ginger, Snulf, iVc.&c. Rice, Raisins. FOLLF.TT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813. EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf inii'iiiigion, v crnioiii. HY MOSES L. HART. THIS estnhli-hnicnt, so favorably located for the uccominodalion of the hu-nc-s and Iravclling community, I- now open iodic public. Po-t Coaches upon llie various routes call at the Kxchangu Hotel for passenger-, and those arriving or depariiug by Oieaui mull, Ill Wllli ll iiii ,nt:ii uauiii-is iciiiuiii withoul charge, will hnd lln houeepeculiarly 10 their onvenicncc. The keener tenders hi service., wnh the assurance. that in all respects, uie nous nan oescrvetne tavor able eonnileraliou of all who may patronise it. Uurlintun, April I, laij 4311. Old Dock, Juno 8, 1B43. 1 TOBACCO. 50.BOXES "UonhV' Cavondisli Tobacco 30 do "Encler'." do do 40 do Various bivoripj brands do do 30 Keg do do do Ping. J. &.J. II. PKCK & CO. June 30, '43. 1 BALES Cutton Sheeting, do Tii-kinifi. Collon Yarn, dq Balis, do .Wicks, do Cnrnei Warn just received nnd for sale low, by 18 May, '43. Cw 51 P. h II, II. DOOLITTLE. do do Drills. Tvvirie, O 1. Warranted Burlington, November, 1542. A GRISWOLD & CMHIf, i. Il. day disolved CASH PAID fftr'FI.AX SEI-'D oy mutual consent. The juinr. will be ennlmiie,! I . . . 1 . ...... . . . II ineont stand by Z. u, Clark. I INSKKU OIL and Oil. Bll-.AL, for sale bv South Hro, Juno 3fl, 1813, K Gil IS WOLD, G. CLARK. j Burliiiglon, No STILES A. MeEl.ROV. At Ihe Oil Mill nllbc Full.. I, 1842. N,y HAW 8'. 8 & 1 fool Mill Saws, manufactured to i ) order at Rowland's eelobrnlat works, Philadcl nhin. O, (11-J J( T foot Can Steel X Cut Saws. Kiigli.h Plate. ' 111, 18, SO, 33, 84 (-?80 Inch Circular Saws, cast steel. 18, 11. 10, 18, 30, 88 & 31 inch Can Steel Sliiling Sows. For sale I v FOLL'ETP. IIRADLY fe Co. , Old Dock, June P, 1813, THE subsciibers are constantly supplied with a full assortment of Nails and Iron, manufactured by tho Au Sable Iron Works, and the Eaglo Nail Co. as follows: 3d 4d (d 8d lOd 12d 20.1 24d 30d 40d SOd and 60d nails, I, 4j 5, 51, anil G inch Spike, died lOd 12dniid20d finishing Nails and Brads, Round ami Square Iron bum 3-1U to 3 1-2 inch, If mill iron irom 1 i-iiooincn, llorso Shoe Iron Exlia do do, Scroll and llamo do. Murblo Saw Plates, The goods manufactured by the above companies arc not surpassed if equalled by any manufactured in this vicinity, nnu Uiey ore onereu lo tne puimc upon terms ns fuvornhlo as con bo obtained in the Stale. Purchasers will find it for iheir interest lo call before purchasing elsewhere as wo have a superior article anu will noi uo unciersoiu. KOl.LETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, IS13. 1 T7NGLISIt Tiro Iron from 1 1-8 inch wide to C 1 1 . l...l.u l r l,:..trnAeBn. -mm Kisi,-, si i.i. ol iiio . u, luu. iiitniivBnbr, Swcedes Iron flit and square, Old Table do flat and square, Hoe do Hoops do 5-8 3-4 1, 1 1-4 inches, .Sanderson's Cast Steel flat and square, Noylorsand II. C. German Steel, Eoglo do do, Spring do do, Toe Cork po do, &c. 4c. for sale by FOLLKTT, BRADLEY f- Co. Old Dock, June8, 1813. 1 NOTICE. I' OU1S FOLI jrrr having been admitted to an In ,..,sshi iii the mereanidH concern of Follett and Bradley, business will hereafter le conducted under ha,. m nn . ... I . 1 - inenrmoi 1'ul.ut.i j, iiuii'l.r. r v o. 1 Old Dotk, June ,-tei3, 1 ROM) l'F.NS. HE FOURTH LOT ol ibeso much approve Pens have Ui-n just received. nly 20. 7 I'ANr.iions & BaissMAin. LORRILLARD'S TOBACCO AND SNUFF. 40 BARRELS Cliovving Tobacco, 5U do auiouillg uo 250 Jars Maccahoy SnuH', 400 Bladders Scot h do J. if- J. II. Pl-XK & CO. Agents June 30, '43. 4. Wool. trW Wool! TT OELOFSON & RATHIII1N having Leased the XV commodious .1iiiiMiicfurinir Establishment, of Ihe llurlinglon Aim no., ami connei-ieu ineiu,eive in bii-inc-9 with Mr. SiPNtv Barlow, (former A gent for aid Co..) arc now ready to receive Wool to manu facture for customers into Blue, Black, Steel, Oxford, nn.l I-...1... M,v 1. II n ft h 4 . . '1, . ,,n.n a mi s.vv i..i,Afta.v...ivijf... lluit have had work done heretofore by Roelfson and Ratlibun. little need be snid m induce n conlinu- ance or patronage, and to all others we would say inai the work will he. done in a workmanlUc manner. Farmers. Merchants and others wishing to have wool Maniifaciuriil for their own use or for market may rest assured that no pa'ns or attention wilt be spared togiveihe li-st of sali-facu'on. Terms of payment madeeasv fcrall lots of wool Irom 1000 lbs and up wards i Small lots Cash or one hall of the cloths vvlien finished. The business will beconducted under the linn of ROELOFSON, RATHBUN & Co. April 5, 1813. 4S (ibASS, ASTAA I, w . ri..l , " I .. .. II ...1 ;,, rr.n Vl r , r . r j iiuavi ivyiciiuiT vj,tt,.s, .11. , ....... v.. e5WWW E.0I nIut 1 .-, ii.ands. for iale at re duccd prices, by FOLLETT, BBADLEV & Co. 1 n oon lb. WlTf'lF.Hll.f.S nuv WHITE LEAD 150 Kei doiround in Oil, for sale at reduced . ? . 1 .. "1 rnr 1 ,.-.nni nu 1 ni W A IV prue. oy ruuKrn HIIH-.MMI - Old Do-.-k, July I?, 1813. I l36 TO THE LADIES Dr. Hull's Utero Abdominal Supporter. Tills new Instrument for the radica cure of Prolapsus Uteri, or falling o the vvomti, ti) external application 'superseding the use of the objection able Pessary, is confidently recom mended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it nev er having failed of performing a cure, even under the mostaenrnvaicii circumstance. 1 he Supporter has attained a very high character in Europeas well as in this country. Itis adopted to IliecHlireilisiiscofpe-sarics, and all other pa infill sur gical expedient-, in the Lying-in Hospiialsof London and Paris, andis iiniver-allyrecommended in Europe hy medical men 01 uie Highest ranK. in iniscouniry it is sprained he ihe leading members ol the faculties ofCollegcand'Hospiials,nndby allthe eminent pri vate practitioners. 1. . r.i. sWjn. $ D? m.r.fletchers THIS Eminently Micce-fu! Instrument for the cure of Hernia in lis every form, in lolh Male and Female from ihe infant to the adult, is leinir recommended bv tho Surgical Department and mnllilude. nf lhvi. eians in the slate ot .Massachusetts, and other sections of the Union j among Ihe varicly ofTrusses sold and employed in this stale this article is most highly es teemed by Practitioner, and actual use. It is especially leoommenueu i,y cur townsmen Doctors Hatch and IlEiNEauncii. PECK fc SPEAR, At which place may al.o I e had, Hi-ll's .Mabsh's and Twitciieil'sIHERNIA TRUSS, lor mpiurcsinilie Malr Person, from the infant lo the adult. and the abov e for sale sinelv or bv tha dozen. On hand constantly a pood assortment o S URGICAL INSTRUMENTS. HO YE ! ! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY BARTON'S SYUUP for makinjr tho most delicious of Beverages ror. this warm weather. A SAND'S SARSAPARILLA FLVID, Compound Syrup cf Sarsaparil'a, Extract of Sarsaparilla, Spanish and American Root SarsaparilU ; All renowned for PURIFYING THE BLOOD I (s-lilfsinimift'f. 11 I'll n it fi-,1,. . us , iuiivai jivvi I nr. 1 i-ur.Ali 1 ll 1 , Ai-i, RESTORING SOUNDNESS TO THE CONST! TIITinV A, ,,.Uhi r nn.l ...f. I l, 42 FECK & SHEAR. Dru V. 4

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