Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 29, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 29, 1843 Page 3
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,..-, ,,. , m,, I i ,, ....g . I ...Is. . 1 Communication. I To if KsctUEscv, CiiAtiLns Paine, Govnnson oftho Stato of Vcrmnnt. ' No. III. rjfoUNDS OP THE PttE.IUDICE AGAINST CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. I'ltAnSini Inmv last comiiiiinicalijn the innuiry Waiinititutcd, " ll'nl are fie proper ends nfpunith mtxt?" A survey uf the whole field nnd of llie best minorities, brought us to theconcltisicn, tlint punish mest, proceeding even on tho principles of justice, should have for its ends, the pretention of crime) the security of society from violence) tliefnrnisliingconi tninity with an instriiclivo nnd practicnl standnid of guilt, nnd, in connexion with these, the comfort and reformation of the criminal, If such bo the ends of punishment) ns has been shown, both from the Scriptures nnd from llie great masters of tho law, HVience coin's t'i about thai so violent a prejudice has arisen of late against capital punishment Allow tne in the present letter lo an swer this question. Hitherto, nil njes, nations and governments have assumed the ilivino nppiiintnirnt of death lor wilful murder) nnd have inflicted it vviihout nny question f its justice or expediency. Men nf nil nnlion", ihris- timand pagan, ruler? nnd tlier I'd, have acoucccd I .! l !...!.. ! ll, :,.e!nn in, I luili). if Willi PIIIUlll'II IllltlllUIIII J III III); I'lllV". .. I "this law. Uu. ot late tins law will. ,.', is denounced .... . a i, i .i , u a uiuim, c-ii.ui, tiiiin i - llk..iln Ml Hen.oinn" n ilnln n)m e " A I' All . ,, I. n!s,l In t.n nntuan.nnrc nlil in tillcilf Ifttici. ' lotion, "down with the law." If this wcrcnnlyni temporary, political hobby, on which demagogues were seeking to tide into office nnd into fivi t with llie " dear people," fur whose we file they are so tremen dously conec'ned, there would I e less cause nf solici tude. 11 it ii ia nol s i. Intelligent nnd good men aio j rapidly (too rapidlv I feal) changing their opinions respecting the tightfousness of dcalh-piinijhmciit. t What arc the iews on this subject producing this j change 7 ! Having noliced with some care the discussions of I this great question in differed' sections of the country, j far a few yenr past, it appears to mo that the priju 1 .dice against the existing law, has arisen from tho three 'following sources, 1st. From llie lavish use nnd consequent .abuse of sopilil piinishmenl hv most governments. 2d. From a iniscouceplion of thepiopcr ends of punishment. And, 3J. Krom a mistaken view ol the slate of the world when the invv in Gen. 0 : G, wjs given. 1st. Therxisling prijudice against capital punish ment has arisen, in part, from, the lavish use ami abuse nf this oidinance. " Hiiviiil' n sword pn' in'" their hands, men in power, like lilile children, have loved to flourish it on every occasion. " Had tin pun ishment of death been restricted by all naiions to the ingle crime of inurdei, and been left by men vvheic God left it, theie probably would have lncn no more question nboul Us justice nnd piopii. ty ill in ribotitthc propriety of iho first commandments, lint irovoin ments in their lyrany, (heir nectssiiie- and love of power, have abused Ibis vv holcsome law uf God, by applying it to a mulliinde of miiioi offences. In En gland, in the lime of Judge UlacKtione, no less than one hundred and sixty uffenees were punishable with death. In other co mines of Europe the penal code was still more sanguinary ; For, sivs Sir William, af ter speaking of these ICO felonies of death; " Disgust ing a this catalogue mav seem, it will nflnrd pleasure to an English reader nnd honor to the English law, to compare it willi the shocking apparatus of death nnd torment to bo met with in llie criminal codes of al most every nation of Europe." Dunn the re en of. Iienry tne vin. ,u,uuu persons were puni-neu iy death in England or about ?,C00 rveiy T.'ivbr 1 theiion power if Rii'tia, the penal code was snll t more bloody, up to the time of the !.mpics C'.tih i line. Hinnan blood was inado to fliw foi every of- j fence, till the court began to sicken with honor at the ' sight, when thu empress, It-aping from one extreme to the other, nhoVhe.l death-puni-hment rutin ly and stilisiitttted banishment to the eternal snows nnd dps olatinns of Siacria. 'I hi,however ill I not sutVu-e, an I after experiment nunishuicnt by d nth for murder and a fevvolhcr crimes was restored, rti in Fiance, Spi:n, Ge'inany and Tuscany, tluir penal yndis wre terribly severe i and hy.ailaelimg death to mi nor ofTen es, they tempted men tn commit murder, fjr Iho purj oso of conci aline, such minor nUeuces. In ihe settlement of this country, our father- brought with them sonio of llvsecrroii nf the old wotldand enirafted ihein upon ihe new government. In most of the otiginnl Mates, finin five to fifieen or twenty different species of crime were made punisha ble with death. In the penal co.le of Vermont, ndop ted in 1737, nol hss titan ttn different ufl'.nccs are mvle capital. Such a wholesale applicnlion of capital punishment, as Europe exhibits, rendns it boih odious an I una Tailing. It but increases the number of offences) for in the words of III Kksi'ino hi'iisclf, "The injured party through cornpa&sioti will ofictifoi hear pro'ecu t'on j Juries tbrniiiih compassion, Avill forget tluir onl and cither acquit the guilty or initiuate the na ture of the oirencc ) and judges hroui-h couipas-iin will respite one ha'f the convicts nnd recommend them to the royal mercy. Among so many chances of escape, thenecdy and batdtned offender, overlook ing the nnd ilude who suffer, boldly emraes in some desperate attempt to rr beve Ins wants or supply bis rices ) and, if unexpectedly, the hand of justice over Takes him, he deems himsilf pecul nrly unfortunate in falling at hut a sacrifice to bins which long impu nity had taught him 'o contemn." This vvholi-a't' application of capital punihment, has produced a jirrjudice against it in ell cases. It has begotten a deep scuiini'-nl of injustice, n hidi our minds naturally conr.'ect with cap tal pumhment teven for murder. This savcrity Ins tmioed thu pub lie feeling into compassion lor all cinnina ", nn I we -fotget to distinguish betvveeii a crime against life and m crimsngaiusi propeity. At the people of France, during the revolution, in aitcmpi.'iig to ri I themselves cl the iron yoko of popery, threw nfT chri'tnnity with it) mist.iking "lint to he one nnd the inn thing with the galling yoke they h id so long borne) so we, in rej-ctiug the nhuses of the divine 1 ivv, are in dan ger of casting ofl'tbe liw itself. The very arguments which, in olher rotinnii s, nro urged against the "bit tes of thelavv, ourpb hiithropistsurgeagainsi theAtc itself. That, which, in Unhand, proves that It man ought not to be hung for stealing twilec pence ; in this countnj, proves that be ought not tube hung for deliberate murder. 2. A second sourceof the existing prejudice agninst capital piiniflimrnt for inurler, is doiibilrss, a mis. tonception nf the ends if punishment. Alllbfeends must be kept in mind- justice, tho prevention of crime, the enfeiy of community and llie good of the offender. Singling out nnyono end, nnd following that exclusively,-we shall surely mistake in our con elusions. In lliesierner ngcsnf the old world, gov ernments seem to have looked only nt the prevention of crime and the s'.abihty of their thrones; aiuUo they applied the highest sanction of I iw Ion multi tude of minor offences, furgeliing entirely the claims of humanity in thenff-ndcr. Hence the unauthorized cruelty f tin ir penal codes. Our philanthropists, erring on the other extreme, seem to bo looking only to tho comfort an I reforuia tion of the offender, and nre so .absoibed in this, ns to lose sight of jusiiee nnd faftlynnd the proper means of preserving the innnrrnt from giiih, and heneo ihe unauthorized lenity of the r.cvv code recommended lo our adoption. There is obviuu.-ly something lse to be cared for beside the criminal and his comfort, There is a higher concern than ineniy (0 contrive how light we can make the penalty of his transgres sion. He has cast behind bis back, every considera tion that forbade il)o ft igitious purpose of his I avvlesi wi'ij he has trampled, with entire disregard nf social I duty, upon the comforts, rights nnd Fafely of others) il seems inequitable, that vvc should act on the nunc principle of disrngard to the public welfare, in punish ins his offence, as he has done in cninmining it, I'b. cing before us all the ends of piinishmenl, we cnti cur with the sentiment, "llintinsiendnf ihecriminnP comfort and reformation being the first coucirn, Ihey nre the Inst j The first being to produce nith an cf. limateand abhorrence of crime in the common nvnd, that the thought of it shall be lonlhsome) the sec ond, to mnkemch sensible impression of pain and ig nominy upen the wicked nnd'unpiinciplcd, ns to de Iter them from hazarding the consequence rf crime) and the list, bo fir as consistent with most ifTvelually leeuriny theso result', the comfort and rcformatioa ihe offender," c "Htattnesof tho State of Vermont" l79;-.rp, rnd 68. T It la worthy of notice, that tho aged fathers upon tho bench, the long tried nnd experienced jurists, the men hoso position, and experience best fit them tu judgo 1 1 this matter, are not found ntnong tho advo cates for abolishing cnpilnl punishment, audi men vvnrn U3 against hazarding the experiment. This scheme of clemency commenced with incro notion- isls in philosophy. And the community, willing to nvoid what i3 titan's, no less than, God's strange wotk, that of punishing tnnn, have left them to make their improvements in their own way. But I cannot allow that the benevo'ence, which is claimed to nctu ate Ibis movement, is ircnuinp. It scents 8 partial an I una sided, that I cannot help suspecting it to be spurious. Why is it, that the sympathies of the friends of thU measure, nil seem to he expended on tho cuhnit tho muidcrcr? Why is it thai wo have so little of the sarelynl the community! nnd of llie piotccii'in which thedicnd of ibis tremen dous punishment affords to human life? and of the ftarof drawing down on tho whole coinmiiniiy the displeasure of Ojil, on account of innocent blood tin righteously shed, but nol ironed for 1 Whvisnll the pity of theso reformers expended on the i-tii ty ollen d'ri Is it n it plain that this arises from a. too r c'ttaivc cnntcutpl tlion of only one of tho ends of pun ishtnen' 1 3. A ihlrd source of prrj i-'i'e naai'i'i 'ipita' pin . . . . . , I """J '' nf the leorld irheti find tnre Hiis hnr. Vie r'jnrlit'tir Wit .) ,. delh man's blood, by man s'mll his bbm I ' c s'lfd." It has been iimicndril that this pnnitiinmy law, vva dfigned ,r a tiiilenud ftrocous are of tin1 world. and though ii"crssarv and useful ih'ti. it mioht now to be laiil nsiib', nnd that milder piiiiishmenis slmii'd now bo su!istiliiled, adapted to our iiierened eivdiza lion and rcfi 'enient. Let it bo remembered that this was nneoftbe t.awsghtn to Noah, at a peiind when probalily three f iiirths nf earth's inhabitants were nf, sors uf llie Iron it Union. Tins rtfal law there. lore, instead of beitij oueof the necessities of a rinlc and irreligious nue, was given to those who stood high ill piety nnd cullivalinn ) ' It vvni llie girt of God to n chiisiianizid hiimnnily." And ns to the stippnsid severity nf the .tewish code, (ofwhii-h the law above quoted was a part, only in a modified sense,) it was far more mild than the present criminal codes of the most refined nations of modern Hurope. The.tewisl code, vvliii h has been so nun h oeii'iiml fur its sup posed crmllv, nevet inflicted I lie penalty of diath for aiiv lucre invnsion of property saveonc, viz! the ini q limns Invasion nnd ns'-uinption nf property in man, T.X.21: 1( lie that stcaltth a man anil icllit'i him, or if he be found in his hands he shall surtlij be put to deat'i. Having in some measure prepared the vyav, I in tend in my next, to examine the theological oigu juent in favor nf capital punishment. . Willi higbist respect, Yours truly, C. Cnmmii meation. slavrryTn rrazil, candtict nftliu llritlsli govc-nmottt nnd ..igonts. In the nltcmtiictl suppression o le savc trade. CIMPTEn 11. 'if melhnd of ftlinnontn slare TtiseUtikinn and tr.tnspoitiar start. their fund, treatment. i-c. 'A sl.ive vess. I is fitted out with two decks, that is, like a s'oop-of.war : ri", is tin upper or spar deck, the next bel.ny, being ibe be lb or slave fleck, and un-di-rneaih ibis, ihe boll for iho storage of goods and p-ovisions. The bcrlh (I-ck i filled with ring-bolts, w!iii:'i lite Xe ioes aie chimed to n c-o lliey nre troublesome, and it is generally doi,. as soan as tin. v are Inntight nn tnaiil. Upon arriving on the coast, the captain Itnv'nwsrrr tint th-co isf is clear pn,-v (Is nt inn to take in hi eirgo of live stuck, which i the object of bis appe-n nnee. Tbercntc regular depots esildibed along llie c iai, for tho purpose of fuiiii'iiu'- lb . vcs.-ls which appear off there with negroes. They arc always nor- chase I f r I. ulisli manufacture, nnd cut of this f.ict singular as il may apcear, we shall deduce pnrtof ihe interest nf these disinterested Dillons, These mnnu ficturcs ate sent from England, to llio cle Jnntiro, for ibis secret purpose in large qaaniitiee, nnd are tran shipped from thence In Aug da, nnd Mcngucia, the p'ineipal slave depot', in American boitoms. When n ves'- therefore arrives on the eoat for slaves, they am .ill rc.i ly negotiated for, nnd there is noiliing to do but ship'them nn board ns soon ns possible, nnd sci sail. The whole transaction is pirfornied by ex'en s ve agenccs orirnn!z"d throuchnut !irnz,l, nnd ihe coast, in vvlrch the English merchants of Rio de Jn nciro have no small share. The vessel hound to the coast of Africa, proccds to s line bay or inlet forty or fifty miles from the towns nbovcinenlioned, vv beie she may be in greater seeuii'V. She then receives on board llie live cargo, oftentimes, having nn choice of weather, throiich a tremendous surf, where many lose their lives. Tor, should ihe conductors of the boat, miscalculate in their baste, vvlfh ihey fn q lently do, ihe weight which it will bear, upon arriving in the Fii'f they do not hesitate I in ab mi throning four or fivo of ihem overboard. Once on board, lliey nre doi.bV-iro'ricd nfld eh lined down to thn filsvetleck, where they, remnhj cneral!y sp-a' ing tho whole voyage, nt at tcist, -until rvinfme- inent willi lis attendant cvi's In- si vv en kTjBBBBsVid enneiaied them, ns to render lbm perfec lv,- les. As soon ns possible sfier ih-ir -hipmenl, vessel which hints them, weighs anchor from their native shore, nnd they are torn from their friends :i kindrcil, never ngain tu meet, i.n'ess as slave nv a foreign laud ! They are packed in Ihe ves el like salmon in a bar rel, so that llie foulest airs and filth rap illy nceimin lue, and brcel disease in its most horril niliire nmongst them. The small-po'c p'ovci t't-ir best friend, in relieving f- uu the eriuliv -in l nei iy of thos . I y nature th-ir proie"io s I 1 as s ' ih j thev are ofien i 11-s thrown nveriio 1 I e om t.'i v arc dead. We have known vi sel 1 01 ipuir iii'inoisl o' lirai'l of between 200 and 40) to n burfv-n, ,1 , with f.0111 4 u 700 negroes at the e.imui tleenieni f , t'i, i- voyage, and d iriug tint voyage to have I it ;C0 by the s,nal.po,or nm-third nf iheir whole number ! Theso slaves durinj llitir passage neinss ihe south ern Atlaiilicarefid upon Furrid umlice flour, n spe cies of root indigenous to Cinzil, boiled in the ship's c ippcrs, and from one to two pints of water per'dny. When chained to the deck lliey nre fed, bin when, mi ller .any circumstances lliey arc teleascd from their bond", they cat a- best thev can nut of a large wood en pilfer, llie strongest inking llie lion's share. Olher perils bcs.l ihcin on ihe ocean, which vvr shall nisuiioii, when speaking of the capture of a slave vessel by n man-of-war. After having arrived nt iheir destination, ihey are landed as they are received on board, some fifty miles Ir any city: they arc then marched up to thetdave market, walking epectre-ns they nre, nnd tlure told to iheir fututc nia-lcrs, and here vveend chapter 2. (To he eonlioiKil ) fX7Thi' Lnt-nlnni-, nf tllu Li'xinfjlnn Dis trict fire ulii.knv houses rl ililisliril nil through 1I111 Oistiict iluriiiL' 1 1 s - l ili' r.invnss. Ami et tin.' itiiiriinl ilicni" of tdcir th'iiun I'i.iliiiii whs vvli ii th" mill il tin; " Imril c'nli'r riiniiui(;ii of 1840." Only lliiul; nf .1 m ill's ir'n('liinjj njs.ii list liniil-cidcr tliin'ieli tin liiiiig'-linlu of ii wliiskey liJirri-l. I.cuisuiltc Juunitfl., " Zcli, run v uu tell ns who is thu greatest ninn in llif Lti'itt'fl Suites 1" " Yfs, sir, Mr. WicklilTe." ' Why so, kii-V " Ili', sir, Im's nt llio lirad of tho mai'e ili')iiiiiiicni ; nnd if 'ivva.'it fur liiui iIhto vvotililn'l lin nny males, sir; 11 ml males h very itcrcss.iiy sir, ton frco fuutiiry, sir; nin) sir " " Stoi Z.'b, llnil'll !o " "1N0 sir, 'uvoiit do tit nil, siiipciusn. sir, if llturn vvuii't no nmli's, .ir, tho fniiinli's, sir, wniililii't livtt on no fiiiiilitinii wlmitivitr, dir. Jiif.1 you think, sir, fur liioinrlil, sir, tiiuli the siltiutinn of 11 wlinlc win hi full of uiiiic ii-ctffl fi'iiuilcs, sir ! Oil, sir, it's nvvfiil, sir. Oli! 0I1! oh!" Hurt! Zuli's fuuliiigs wcro luo many for him, mill lit) fiiutcd. Sunit'luifly s tys Cnliiiiilius U entitled to no (jroiil credit (in- Inving di-tcovurcd llie Ann'r icitn Cutilini.'iH. It was so large he couldn't, totll have mined ii! The follow inr latter Is from tho Pastor of tho Bap tist Church fit Kee-evillc, N. V., a gmtilcinen of just ly deserved popularity, ns a prencher. n scholar, n christian nnd n man, And it shows that the medi cine of Dr. Richardson, ol Sontlt lloailing, mass., which is nltered for sale by several or out crtnens wnu act as his ngent, has n very wide popularity, ond II worthy ot universal pntronnge. ran n ntnit Annrv vri nnar Sin Having, for several yenra past, been in the habit of s"eiung aim uniting renei iruui uiiiiiinniiiiumr vum plainls from your truly celebrated Hitters, I feel great plea 'urn in expressing lor younty nonrty ninnHs. I am fully i-nnvlnced that their very extensive pop ularity is well deserved. I am convinced of this from my own experience, add from n careful and pro loucod observation. It is not ft mushroom populari ty, "ihc offspring of newspaper puffs, which, like Jo rin'i's gourd, spring Up in a night, and destined to ns snreHt-n death I bill II is n nonulnritv that is destined to live and incrase in brightness, when tho fume of a mtiltitiMe nt the nostrums ot tne uay snail nave perished and been forgotten. 1 llinnn vou mat you nave leu it your auty to circu late then) ilirnii'jh tin! ermnlry: nnd 1 nin ure, that, woe t ic human lami v are all ic Fit wit t lie muni- tiidinous nilinents to which flesh is heir, thev will be svu lit after nnd purchased, and that yon Will contin o receive, nmnlo necuniarv comnensation. nnd. He to w iat is mhni e v dearer to n rf lcrntis leatt. inosni cere, snooinncoiis thanks of a i-ralcful nrineinle. l was well acq inini i wnu ynur iinonri-u r ,-iinei, and hail fn a ienl oectsimi for til" professional scrv- i,l.liiBi.I.LniH,i nn,l rf liflnrih,r nf hisrnrpi nnd mill Itndes now live who will nlwnvs revere i,n I bless his memory. I am truly thankful that ho basso woilhvn soil) nnd I hone that the vi'tttm, nnd L'ood name, and meiticol skill of the fi her may I, my hvi m bis ufhpring. l our obliged and graieful frientt. c. sAWYP-a. Kecseville, Sept. 20, 18I3. lCw3 THR TBA PARTY. Tho Ladies of Burlitijilnn will bo "at homo" at S rotmfl Hall this evenintr 7 oVInclc. The citizens fr;nerally arc invited to tuko tea with them. Tickkts fur Genlleincn 50 els ; Gen tlemen nnd Luly 73 cte : Ladies 5J3 rts ; to be hni! nt Mr. llarritigtati'n Dock Store and at the door. The whole amnttnt paid for tickets will be applied to the support of the ciiahitv school. Under tho patronage of all denominations'. Refreshments! arc supplied by the contributions of the benevolent. A CARD. Tho umlersisncd wishes to express his thanks to Members of tho Methodist Episcopal Church, and other benevolent centlcmrn of IliirlinBton, for the: subscription of morn than mnt. nufJ, cnrD De t-LAns tn tho I'unils nf Tr.ov 'ofe itKNcg Academv. JF.PSE T. PF.CK. Uurhititon, Heptemtiur 2fi 1813. liRIC.HTO.V .1IAISKF.T. Sep. 13, 1343. At Jfarket, "00 Beef Cattle, 330 Stores, 3C00 Sheep, and 1075 Swine. Pmcr.s Oee't "attic The price obtained last week were hardly sustained. Wo quote extra at S4 50 j First quality, S-lfrSl23; second quality S3 73 ? 4 third quality S3 ft S3 50. Soi t Two year old 83 $ 13; three year oldSll 17. Sheep Small lots were sold from 75c to 1 50. Wethers 1 25, 1 and 1 G2. .SiWne Shoals to peddle at 4c for Sows, and 5jc for Harrows j selected lots a fraction more. Old Hogs rrant Ohio, 4 & 4J-) selected old Hogs froui" New Vurk, 4 'foe. At retail from Bio Gh'- NniV YORK CATTI.K MAllKKI'-S.-Sep. 13 At Market. 1400 ISeefCnllle, 3571'rom the South, remainder East nnd West) 2j Cows and Calves, nnd 3300 Sheep and Lambs. l'nicE' lieef Cattle Prices having declined th!s week we quatetbe range oryiccJrtf in 83 60, to 83 10-03 wiTi-lifiii.ti. Coin and Cofrn 815 to 85G all sold. SI.eep and Immbs Sheep from 91,50 4 83,50) Lnmbs 31, to 82 12 CC0 left over. hoston Muuirr-Sfpj.i". FLOUR-IIownrd at. 5 12. Western canal, 175,r?4S7. ,a. ,,v,T k rUTTEi:.-10B13pfrlb. CIIEESE.-4 S r, do do. WOOL. Since ourMaV report 'about 700 bales Smyrna Inv'o been suld'aj pijtesjnot, public) SCO ib (.onloya 7t i8:per. lb. ThcrT1!! an, incensed Jc maud for fl-ece. Tllu stock of ptillcuVs ih'considera ble to admit of operations of much importance. Saxony arid Meiino fleeces, 37 f 40 n Full tllood, i Mood, Coinmon I blood, 0 Lamb's, 1st quality, ... Smyrna washed, t , 34 'il 3G 1 o 20. ti 32 12 25 'iTM S0(!2 20 r a 81P 13 4 20 tiengazi, qx Iluonns Ay re, M si ir ca d!, tVt FurttMiller, New York, on the I Ith' inslant, Captain Jons I'nicE of this place, to Mrs. MasU dsns ol Whitehall, N. Y. iJJ u m w In Underhiilon tho 3 1 instant, Ma. Ouvin, Chcbcii, igcd4lyeais. Primsrs in Michigan and lilnoia arc req.jstftl &c. leased are tho dead that die in the Lord." We have receive I the fi'lnng obituary noti-e from a re-iiniiM1 IcMinne, with a Tse..t tn pub il wiiboi.'t allcnil on, vvhah we accordinsly do. I i.Slie'l urn, 111 the 21-1 in-t., Hannah. Con-nrt of Levi mm uk Kvni.r, il lilts 71-1 v'EAr of her age. rtRMivisF.s'cr. cr tiie riasT o.vvs or a widower.. I b.ivv lived willi her 52 year, 111 nion'li-, and 7 .lay . Ihe li,ii part ol ihe lime wa a nnx'utt-nt me wi h .1 il cpro mt'iou n family ars, in inn anon 1 f.iiirciui enipiiriir es, r theenumiiiii ft urscof naiorc, which ii.i plcare, hi t ibu who'c aidcl 111 brnelilin? our c'ee,anilg.iiii'n z a re-pe-in! ley an linn 1 n c u v 'Ihe liner part i f flic lime o r knulnc m m e.uli ilher wen; .Muiiial i .bu iwi' 1: 1 mil men 'el fur my I eoefii, nnd I h ir I in lire carilen Ibr berV. Ala-! how changed llio itcne) the 'Skgiun .be prepared my iiiciil-m and 1 1 11 1 my nieinlio.' in j. Up a -,111', nn I I ry nil en i ring ii. 'I he 'I'liina'tie-, C.irrol, Hce's, OuK.n , nn I Vege'ahle Uy.icts hnw lha' I Imvb Io-i my i fin in having btr gpml in view while rai-uig Ihem and twain I cry. Then to lirnu 111 the ei'm e ii-ed antl give it to Lucia to lay up m .ie.i I nf mother l.iri nno tier tear. In lme,,ilie u liolc or the vege lal le Mism uru-tciltn ihe garb of moirning, which 11 till my. heart lhal I cannoi dila'c upon the many virl't-s nf the In't- Haiioiih Cini-lick, who left ber ear liy n'm e in l.ill laiilt of receiving an heavenly iiilicri.tint-e in r-tiurn Ma, Editor : I'lea-c publi-h the a' ove and ol lire nn c.u cii.iouicr. 110 not omit or al't-r an of Hie leuiine-enecs. 7, ours cic. J. E. .IRINSMAID ic BIIOTHEIIS, S icces-or to PANGIIOIIN tfa HIIIVSSIAID, I.MI'011'IF.IiS OF WATCHES AMD JEWELRY. Manufacturer oftliLoit S'lveb Ware; Rcpairerjof Wahhct, Clocks anil Mxeelnj. Jame F.ooah HniNSNtiD. fatiowitK Shift Hnr.vsMAlo, William Hubs HrtfNsstAiD. 17 NOTICE IS hereby given that application v ill be made to the Legislature of the Siatoof Vermont at its next Session 10 incorporate! a Steam Boat Company lobe entitled the I hamplaiu Opposition Sleani Hoot Com : anv, with n rnpnnl of 30.000 dollars with hberiy to increase ioe rnpuni 111 onn tun ireo uiousanu uollare. Date I at St. Albans, Sept. 5. 18)3, NOTICE. '"PHIS may certify ihat I have given my son Will J iain M. Johns, his time during ihe rest nf his mi nority, and shall claim none of his vvngeit nor pay any dtbls of ais contracting from ibis dale. SILAS JOHNS. Huntington, Sent. SI. iq 13. M7 STRAY STEGll. SJTHAYKD from the barn nf It,.- S ib-rrilcr, Sept. " 20, a red nrer,tvvo years old ail Spring. Any iiilnriiiatioii will I e rewarded. I7w3 II. J. HKINKIIKitn. LOST. TN tbi village, on Tnrnlav, Sept. SO, a DROWN OVERCOAT. Tlienndefw,l confer aftvor by leaving il nt this oflVo 17 STRAY COW. STHAt-D froinlhutubrrilr, t;npr nbout the 21 inft.,a Dun or light rel COW, of a very hati-.l.-otnc build, and yctrs old lat aprin?. Any in formaiion concerning her vHI be lib eradv iouiien a'fJ. sl".' i It iVIingion, Sept. 27, 1843. 17 vv3 WANTED, HlfTHm; Mixed, nnd Hrnvvn IIACIS in T lir Hooks, writing aim v ,1." I.'" 30 Sept., 1813. 17 V. HAum.iu.s. rnsttr .,.t,b.:i l.n nnti' nn b.tiid mil Intends to ?" :. 'v' ; . mi M. I u nl lettil snoit inniuc, i.u-icii... .-, l..u. l:l i.l,.nl ami S-biml Uool.. in low lor cosh at can It' pnn iia-ou in innrkui. 30 Sept. 18W. 17 V. HARRINGTON. i it tiiitvriTnM v-.1 1 neivi u scrinnons for V nil nf run, nun nf ili Kureiiu Review, the American Renrin' tifFiueien Reviews tho Ameri can Q inr'crties nnd Monthly Marjnzmes, vvc, cte. 30 Sept., 1S13. " Villi. IVI'.I'.I. I.IIKH At I! ASS VIOI.S. B ASS nin Diiiblo llass Viol M l'rescull " nnu Dearl oil's niaku for -ale nt inaniifuciMrer.- pru cj 17 llntSSMAID CC IIROTIir.RS. NBff GDI IDS. N all their variolic (ipeuing nnd for a'c by L 17 HnissMMD V Ilaoaiir.r.s, lOO CIIOIM'ING Tit A VS. CI I II A 1. TlIOSKvybo are prep iring to m,tl,o iniiurd pie, fnusiie. Ac. arc intormel that they au teleei a good Tr.ty from nn a"orinient ti( all izu nl cur ti re. 17 UntNsMAto & llafiTitr.ns. Alt IiITAIt Y IllITTOSiM ON HAND. A It I II.LKItY, Infiintry, llillc. Field and S'.u I lint t. ion". Ilulitiit for lii-neral and Sui'u will 1 1 f irnilie I at abort notice. Cliappc.iux and o:her cap 1 unijhcJ in ne'er. 17 J. K. I'r'ssvia'd It I.jnian Itceclici's Instate. STATU O!-' Vl-.Ii.MONT, Mi HE Hon. tbePrf- i'itfi:t nt t.lii'ten len, v. 1 X talc l-ourt tcr Ihe Dl-trict (ifl'lii'tenden : To 1 1 oer-on o n vrnel in the cla'c of LYMA l!l'.l:Clini!. I.lte ol liine-bursb. m aid l)i-lriri.i!e- eca-e.l, liREF.r.Na. vvticnr. v, Winer nee 'lier,a luiiin.tralor ot tlie e- tale of -aid detea'i; 1, propo-o. to render nn account of bi adoiini tratit u, and jiresent hi- account airain! -aid c ta'e for exao'tiii ition and al'o'vitncu at ft e mui id ibe Court ol'IVnh t e, to I e hotdc.i at the Rea i'ei'ifli v in II nl u jtuii, in .said district, on llie 18th diiv of Octi le r hex'. TiiERitrnnr.) Yo i are hereby no'ifiel to nn.near be fore .aid court lit llie lime nil I place aforc-id,.nud -hevv muse, it anv you nave, why trie accu.iut alore said llo ild not I e allowc I. (liven UiulL'r nty han I at Burlington this 2Ul day oi ae.ueini er, ,. u., isi,. 17 Win. WFSTO.V, Register, Ati'.i Ilnvtlaiul's i:r,l,a'c. STATE OF Vr.nMOSV.l A T n Probate District of Chittenden, ss. it Court held at lliirlingion within nnd fur the di'tre't ol'Chitten ten on thcjjtli day ot r'nlemhcr, .1. u. ibli, pre sent the Hon. ( hailcs Hiis?cll, .In lue, a coiiv of the last will and testament of Ann Ilnnland lata nf ilia town nn I County of Westches'er, nnd Sinlcofjvcw n ork, deceased, ibdv allowed and (irovetl in the Sur rugate s 1 oiiri. wiiinii anil lor s.inl Uountv ol vvest chesteMnd !Sti eof New Y,iik,lMvmgbeen piescnlcil tome oourt Here tiiapsaul copy anu proots may 1 e til ed and recorded in Ihe probaleCouri.fur ihe diliict (,f Chitienden aforesaid, agreeably Jo the Statute in such ensemado and provided. TiiRRcroaE. the Probate Co in for the district of Chittenden nforesaid dolh hereby order that all per sons intt rested be notified to appear before said pro- , bate court, at a session thereof to beheld nt tho Keg- isters' OfTieo indliir'ini'ton. nforesai I. 00 th. Isilitlay ofOctoler.A. I). 1311 an I eonlest the filim and ,--.1:- 1 1 ...-ii ', .1. . s. 1 ui.iii 11 uu )! f t n 1 1, ' v 111 -ill 1 win, 1 1 inev !re eiiusr, 1 mi....! r .1..: ...1- - .1 - 1.. ' :... i. n v iiuuid.ii i uu hi 1 1113 iii iici in i ce ne ill sic.i.i.,is ci y !n il, lt.,rli,,)1 rrrn n.. n.ln.,,1 . said Hurli'iston, all of which publications to be prcvi- ous to saul Iitn Hay ot Ui lober, A. u. IS)3. livn int er IIIV hanU at !nr liu nn ll oresai. . this Cjlh day of September, A. D 1313. Wm. WESTON, Heriscr. PORTABLE GRIST MILLS. taprllFl n ib-criber baviuir been annoiire I nireol for A the -ale of Jn-i.ili I'l.ilt' Univcr-al lVrlil-le Grist Mill, is prepared tn I iini-h in II. at i hurt notice, an J a iihoriseil tu i-ell r'ghts fur in hvid uil. towns or counties. This mill too'; the jireinriiu al lha Fair of he American'c- in N. Voik,lflt autumn, and ihe mi' sefivnt sales have filly Lome unt llio high prai-e thcrelc lo.iel ii(nn if. Iiisrdinirable fiirgiindiiiilndian corn and h.are feed. Or in of all kinds is ,.uiund with crpril facility. Also eoff.'e, anil ail kinds nf spice-;; nlso salt, druirV, .to. O'"! it -, I w.l,.-l C. 1'a i I ' - iluribd'uy is equal lonnv oily r mill, ihe stone Uing compo n I of French Burr i anil il' efficiency wilh lis sunplii ity is remaiknble, ns arcalso its other desira ble, eominendalinn's for coinpae'nes', portableuess nnd low (iricc. 'A here nre f iirx'lifl'.reni :zes now niadeofihes-mi'l', vi7 18,21, GOuid 3G iticli siontj n. b I, Cl)S .,. ft'nri Tl. cll.llrcl inn I 11.1 ii i y nanil powfjoanu turned oy a cfgnu, ,mu enuer oi j eciuor ot nic ri'i wm nun icsiaiueni oi r,,v.iiui-.i. Ihem are readily wotked by liorMsteani or bubt i ALEXANDER, late of VVilhston, in said ihstrirt, de waltr power. Wherever waler power is Scarce, an 1 ceased, bavitiL' liled in said Court bis petilion in vvri itrisl mills for grinding corn or grain of ahyVuul arc ting selling forth lhal llie said lesiator died seined of eori'i'nuenilv scarce, these iialent mills vWl beal- ii'htv sit am! lliree fuuiih acris of land siluate in I IIIOS most invaluable) for with onenfthese mills with nower. nny person cnnhl grind all that could bo "fcrrnnnil lit any oluer mill , It is aj once nilur.t tril liy kivlin have seen this millfpcrforti),. that As srulv tt riBft .1 , ' 1 . -t : : . . 'l r. Hi vine nnu economical machine ) ns vvi' more-avork cju; be done with less power (hv nh'ut half,) iljan arry'itber mill, nnd it will do the work at len si . u l and as last, Aid the price is less than for any other, v- 1 - H -ttr PRnSON CROFIIT. Rurlinglift, S"aJ20: 13)3. lfi if W .TONS' : . Vermont Itcsister l''armcr's A 1H44.' . rTHIF. publisher will make Ihe-W'rmnn I for 1SJ4 more full antl cnivipleie than an lias ever before heen published, raid n will he or near I lie 20lh Nov. or as soon as a rcLLnr.d BErrltegistrr ran he issireiCr - CjThe edition wi l bo limiteil. an 1 orders mus mule soon to secure a supply. Hooksellers paper ma iler-, mer. nants, ixc, should aililrcss their onlers un medinirlv lo F. P. WALTON and SONS, Mnnlprlier. Vt. fsEdilors in Vermont will be rhjitlrd '' one dozen Registers by publishing this advpajsoilfent threo weeKs. sfcJAivv Sept. IP, IB 13. IS NOTICE. THIS certifies that I have given my Son ORSON DROWN, hi timodorina hi iniiinnly, In irim act 1 1 smc-s for biin-clf, antl .hall not hold mvilfne count rde for any ik-'.i of his oouir.actin? , ncr claim any oi ni earnings atier ituL'ale. A.MOS IIUOW.V. Mdlnn, Sept. 20, 1843. IC.v3 PIANO FOR SALE. A I c.vitif d an I fir-t r.ilero e-vvno.1 Pianoforte V with i-ix a ii I a hnlfnclnve-, li'ilense I,. and q n v iiuininreJ, may le hiJ al a vcrymu-rratu price. En iiuireo Seer. It'll 1813. 16 NOTICE, THE annual meetintr nf ihi inem'er of the V,r monl Mulual Firo In-uranee Company, wi l I e lief 'en a' the O lie-nf ,al I Company in Montptlier, on the 13ih day of O iol cr nex, nl nnco'cliiek, P, M fi.rflic purp'Se ol elwlinu Directors fur I he en-iiing vca'r, nmenibiiL' llie by law-, ami Iran ac'iiiz Olher bo ine. as maylu litemel oeiv ary. Ilynrjcrof Dir-etor-. J. Y. VAIL, Secretary. Iu ran-e vj.ncr. aept, u, idij. I6u3 CiKRMA. HTOItn. AgooJ as, crimen of Fringef, Oitui, Cord and Tassel', lfi J i't received I y OSTIIEIM it CO. NI3IY CiOOO. CH-Kand Wor-teJ Shavi I .very hanUoma ttyl O for the Seaon, Jul ieceive,l at the IC OKItMAN STOflE. GROCERIES. TTYSON, Ilvson Skin, Young llvson. Pouchon? XX nnd Souchong Tea ) Cuba. New Orleans, Loaf nnn iiiwiiereu .-ugnrs f. it, .aioinsses, Uinger, I'ep per, Spice, Cassia. Nutmers, Cloves, Srderatus, liar Soap, Variriaird do,,' -Milslard, Mould Candles, Co coa, iSic. vie, jusi receive I nnd for sale hv P. & II. II. DOOLITTLE. Sepf. Slili. 1RI1. 16 vvC I.UMIIKIt YA III). FOB, sale hv ibe suhseriheis nt iheir yard on Pearl Street, COMMON IIOAKDS, LATH. FLOOR nOARDP, ready praned, CLAPIIOARDS, CI.E4R I'OMtD3, Also. 3,000 CEDAR POSTS, while it rtd. HICKOK .r STEVENS. Porhngton, 20th September, 18-13. 16w3 FARWELL'S SUOES. I HARWELL'S Kid Slips, do, French do, do. do. do. do. Walking Shoer, do. Morocco do. do. Just rci veil and constantly on hand, for sale by P. ft II. II. DOOLITTLE. Sept. tOih. IFt3. 16 nfi FRESH TKAS. OLD and Young Hyeon, Hyson Skin, and Black Teas, of n superior quality, for xlont the lowest mar'sel pries by KERN it SPEAR. Church Strtel, Stpi, 22, 1R13. I6tf hr.atiac Tor TO TJin PUBLIC. ty- Lcatltcr i I.e&llicr 1 N-hcallicr it lS EC. LOOMIS lias nn hand the largest nnd best nssotttnent nf LRATIIHR that bns'bccn ufTeied in this mnrlset, and will be sold for cash or good pa per, cheaper than it Ins been sold in tbll part of the country for years', nn be ii determined to tell, if with out pront, Among vvinc t nro COO Side Nolo Leather, from it tu ujcts. per id. "lOO do Upper Leather, S5 Dozen Calf Skins. Harness, llridle, Top, Skirtin2, Rand. r n Mnrocea, Kid, Lining, Rinding, Trimming iS v. XI. Russeit Bridle. i) Horse Hide nnd Hog Skins. Shoemakers' Tools, Lasts. Hunt Trees, and Trlinmuura of every descrip Hon. AISO, I1IISS S IIIICK IJOOIS. 10. J, Ul ',au I'lcnse cull ami saitsw yonrstll, I'earl street. Sepl,2lst, 1313. 1" 3 Samital C. Alexatidcr's Ustatc. SIM TE HP VIlllMONT. TM1F. Htn. the I)l-irii-l(if Oliillenilen.s-. 1 X Prolate Court fur the nt-trirt of Cluttviulen : Ti D I iiersnns t'nnri'rncd in I 10 CS'aiC Ot OA.'l tlPt- C. Al.KXANUMt. lalu of Wil, in said 111 rift, CnnCltNn Whereas. John Van SW.leii, Fxrcutnr tif the Ins will and te-l.iuient nf aid ilwt'.i-ed, propo-es In rent iter an a-etrmt of Ins n'liiuuis'raiioii, ami jiru unt in nrenunt iiain.t .oiil n.tnin for uxaininal ion and nl lnwnne, in a .einn oftlio Court tf Probate, to If boldeii nt the ReMer nlbci! in Itiirlinittnn, in laid district nn tho'eciind We bio-day of Oelnler, next. Therefore, Yoo nrehm-l.y notuiiil tunppeur ttfure aid court nt lliotinienn l plai'e nl'oie-aid, nnd bevy cause, if any you have, why the account nlurcaid .hmt.t not tn.'nllnu p I. Given itti.ler my band at Burlington thi C:h day ol Se 'teirl ci, A. D. IS 13. !Gv3 Win. WI'STON i?cgjtr Asa v Itei.'s I'stntc. ST A TH OF VF.llMOST, 1 rpilK Hon. Ihe Di-IHC! of Ch.t'coilen. . V X I'rol n'e court for ihe Di.tnct of Chilieu It 11. to nil pcri-iMi.cnnccrn s 1 in ll ta'e it ASA A I I.I IV, late M lline-iurgl ni'tiii trict. I'ccc.isit . iinr.ET'No. Harmon W. Allen, ndiutiiltrn'r ol the C'la'e of utiildeeea'cd. prooo v to ren ler nn ae unt of his ndmiui.tratiiiii, no I pre-cut b a account nirniii.t ai lc:ac for e.v.tniimtllnli and n oWMllccai a -e.siiin (,r the I icirl ol I'rul ale. to 1 c holilcll ill llie lieii-ter's (lPiu m lluniuglo.i, 111 aid ilislriii, on the IB Inlay ol U-lnler, linx'. TtiF.iicFr nr.. vi 11 art; hereby nn'ified to nnnear 1 fore nnd ci urt nt tin' luce mid phre atore-nid, nnd hhevv cau-C) if. .any yn 1 have, why the account afore said shouhl nut I c nllowii.l. 0 1 veil nndc.-j my ban I at Burlingt' n, tlsi-t 13th day 01 .-cp euM er, A. 1;. bi. IGv3. Wm. WISTON, Remitter. Robert Moody's Ustatc. STATE OF VMIMOXT,) MMIF. Hon. the l'1-tr ci nf t'bilieinVn, s. L I'rol n'e co irl for Ihe l))-lricl i f I luiteiu'en, fonll per-cu concerned in Uioc-ia fi.f 1(01)1 1(1' JIOOUY, late of Ihiibug tun, in nil Di-inc, 1'e ci cl, Giicetino. WIIHISI.A-?, Ge rue II. Sh.ivv, mimin'S la'.orol'lho cs'ii'u of 1 1 t'eciM-ie-l, propo-c t" render an aecu till ol b saJmjiu-tr.iuon, and pre em In- iiccuuni ng.iini aid c-pfo lor cxatninaliou unit allowance nt a ses sion of the Cuurl ol l'rol ate, lo be '.i b'en al the l'egi-lcr- ntlicc in ta d ii.irl ng en en ll u iSih daj cf 0,'in! cr, next. Tiir.Ki.ri 1.2, you are herel y notified lo ap; ear I e fure Mild coin al the time an I pla-e aiorcaid, an I shew 1 .lu-c, ir any you have, why the accojiit cture ald -hoiilU not 1 u allowed. ' Given under my band at Ilcrling'on, this SO. h day of Septvmler, A. D. 1? 13. 1Cv3 ---Wjr WESTOX, leeqisteT. raitgbbrii'R tlstitc. , ATI The. 'Cril-cr. bavjng been appointell-y tne able die Prol ate Co irt lor ibe I ii- ' trict ofCbifien 'en, comnii. loner- to reci ive, ex riine ,,,. ,,,1-f-'. .1 1...... 1 .!...,....!.. ..I tl ' ,'" ', 1 hi- . 11, - - ... ,, ' nnntn jr,i ,,.. r .1 M n j H v Vf ; won X' in,.. . f R.. v. . ...... . .. . . - in 'f n. in .-.ii 1 I) i -i i let. docc.i cd. eo'e I in .t 1- .J-'Oit tin I nln all cU m-anddeiiia U cxlu! i'cd:n nl'-ct iinsnii inu i. uinini itim iiiquii tn nuuw,, I "ere" I, I coil; iiiiioi; I I y -uio niiii ! nun rir iu-r wo no theit'lorc licie'-y givv noiite, thai w.- will at terd lo the I n inc-sini r n ptuntnicul, al tne o.lice nl' Shaw it Wc-t'Mi, in lluriiticft'ii, in enid ill tnct, on iho vsti'tap l.ivs of Noveoi' cr an I Fel.riiary,iuxt, at 10 o'i Ii cl., A. M., n aeh nf mid day. Dated lhis'2-51 il.vv "I Aogi-I A. I). 1S13. -"BryOTHY-f. aTitO.NG, !Cv3 LL'TlfEll M. IIAGAK. jhinners. NO'I" ICE. rrrlHSorlifiep that I li.ive ijiven my sou, -. f Viii.l.t. i i , ins time diirinnf ln minority, to tratn-a.-t business ,. , ,1 lor lumrell, niitl j siiiii claim none nl ir uiirtutigs nor pay any ii'.'uis ot ins coinr.ictlli alturtli's il,ilo. v 1? i" 1 I I ' " Clnrlnlte, K"pt 18. 1843. K3 Saniuj I . Alcx.-.mloiN I'.sl.-itc. STATE OF VE'JMONT, ) A T a Probaln Court District of Chitienden, ss. J V. held at IJurlingtoii, vv ithiii and foi Ihe district of Chiiti'tult n, on ihe ISih day of Mepieinlier, A. IJ.. IBM, John an bicUlm Lt said Willision, bring the fatm on which be lived al llie I time, of bis death, that sa'd Ian I is incumber! d by innrtaagcs nuioiinliiiglo tUuj III fxeliiiveot inter- it. lhal ihe 1I1 bis a lowed by llie ooiniiussioncrs 1 , 1 , 1.. - .: I nrunst sai'l estate rtrluiv em saiti mor'gat'c'iainount 1 to SGI'- in, lint ihe inventory of iho pci'mial estate is onlv $337 73, that llie ctMncsnf .ldministrrinc saitl csiate are not less linn fifty ilolhis, and that it will hc-iiccssary lo fell ibe whole of ihe rial es'.ale for the payinenl nf said debts and mortgage, and ,raving the fourt to grant him license io sell i lie whole of said real esi.ale ngrici'.l'Iy 10 iL0 s .iliiu.' '" ' such in'e nndennd ptiiudid. v licicupon ihul'mirl nlore mil doih ni pomt the lolh day of Oclober, li13, iifainignmi iiecirling nn saul petition at incomer he lleL'isii r of said t'ourl. in said Ibirbni'ion. and ith order tlinlnll persons inlet ested be nolified ilure. i nf by ptihte-ntii'iMif ibis ordei containing ihe 'nb- i s'ance of said petiitoti thteeivefk- fliiccest-ively in the I lliirhnginn FieelVe'", a newspaper printed in said Ihiilington, the last of vvlrch piihhcnlinns lo be pre- I vimi. In ihe saitl 13ih day of Oelober. 1SJ3. I Diven under my haml nl 'aid llutbiigton, this ISih day of Sepiembcr. A. D.. 1513 IS WM. WESTON, Rcsittcr. THE Si b-eril ers liavina formed i copartnership cni'cr Ibf iv.inennil liri" of KI'I!. At SI'FAII, wool 1 mfnrm their friends nn 1 the Pol lie si-nerallv, lint ihey hav i- npene I nn entire neicitrch i f FANCY ANOS I'AI'l.E DltY GOODS .m l DI1Y CltOCEIt IKS, to vvbuh they re-pecil'ullv invite tluir atieii'ion. ' DANIKL KEliN, O. I'. KI'FAi:. B irlinT'on, Church Slreet, Sept. 9lh, 18-13, 15:f MILITARY NOTICE. O.UABTr.n Mv Ti n UnsKRVL's OrncE. ) llrantloii, Sepi I, 1813. The.ap-ilica'ions I y mail, luihi. clfi o I'or the pay men' M iheci m icrth'ion provi.Vd I y icciinn 233 ol ihe Jliliiia Ac', fur Atlin uiit. no I I le'rks (,f C.topan-ie-, are n ii'imeru'isjiu I o urgent, ll nl li e Q inner -Master i i-fflnVllel uuve tin- pol he no 'i e to 'be e uiliicr. ami lo o h'ers nmrniing claims fur nnhlary expemes, lhal he die nm iWni linn-elf ti'Hltnzt-u tn draw money Irom Iho I' il lie 1 rea-ury, oiilirl'i'is nppr'se i, by the reliiriinf Maei-lr.Hi-, i f Ihe re nil ollho pncc lin. for ll'e col'cclion of fines antl pennl' es in the .everal regiment-, When lira ic nil shall I a-i erlnnie I, the proper or 'en will be transmit. cd wit tie ut any ''nm e-.arv ''clay. 1. W. C. CLAI'IK. I5w3 tjtarier .Masvr Oeneral, Vt. 1'osititt Sale of a Wuolen Factory. On THURSDAY, Oct. 10 Ii, at 12 (A-loc!.-, at the Old Slate Ilon.f, Ilo-ion. ( Will besold wil ho it ie-crve, I y Assignci-,) JWyA ) lie Woolen raelcrynnd .Machinery for. ti'JtTI nidly owned I y ihe Oreen .Mo'iiitaui v ooleii .l imita'etoriog t 'ompany, sit 'a ted in ihe floiiri-liinri villa re of Ludlow, Willi or co inly. Vermont. Anon lll.ii It Rivcrt one of.he le-i strennis I'or priipWlintr nuni. factoring inaclrnery in ibenate. 'I bu Factory boil ding is live sinriea high, Mihlanc'ally Imibl cl brick, nntl f-apublu of continuing six el of ki-r-evmcro ma- rh nerj'. There are now in 'iid Fn' tnry lliref priu.c els ol iii.ii hinery, vviih a c-omnleietet of ri.x'iire.s fcr 'heiame; nl.o,a Ijoining taitl Faeiory.a wooii ho'nr, dyo hone and dry hen c, all of winch are nearly new and coiiyeinenl for the b i i.ic. Al-n, a ion. lenient I carding hou-e, Milhcieni lo ncruminmlale from 50 lo 75 bnnrlhr) a bo, luo barn-, and on ihe Miuiepiivilege, a Saw Mill. 1 he location is faynra hie fur obtaining w nol ai a very cheap rate. For further piriiculars enquire of D. PEJiRV, I-m., P. M. at L"dlntv,cr wiirrwi:i.i.,sjBAVLii,, 13-5 No. Stf'CMoitnn Illock, Milk st. 'PIIE eiiirenofIl.iritiiioii and the Pub ie general. J ly nre rtspectf illy infoimel, ihat the drmnn S;or will In ofintin eil at the o'd stand, mitler the linn of.M, OSTIIEIM iV Co. A generou. tharerf Pulnnagc is resprcif dly renie.-teil. We lippo lv iinreuiitiingaiteniion lo biinnessnnd punciiiai regaril to all engagement' to .eciirt' ihecoiiMt-nieiiliheiiub-lie. A nevvand fie.h as-orlmenl rf(inrl is re. ceivuland will letoldal thctirioirjprcM. The public are repecifully invitevl to call. uitningioii oepi, itHi. w. OSTHr IM fiiCo. STRAY COW. MY Cow i a large rel colour, half biped and one horn broken, ha. been rone inreTuc-dty Mcr nir.?, if any one will give iutorniaiion r l' her. I -ill pav them literally and Ib'nlr ihe"i kiadty. ,epi 7in imj u tir.O A. ALLEN iWdor NEW GOODS. rpHP rubscribern have just returned from Ntr I Vnrl:. Bhrl wniilH re!lie.lfllllv luvile the UllStlUutl of purchaser lo their lare and well (Elected nssott ... ' . . nnnnu ,,f n.n,l nlnllis. Ilea- oii.111,'1 ).,iiiri-iniK I'lv." . 1 ip f'lilt)'. f 'n sslitir a. S)ntinpli. Vrstilll". StiS, yel vet, Tabby Velvet, satin Vesting", uiacn i SilK, Iliad. Gro de Swiss, do, IJIuo Ulack Gro Oram ! do, Colored Gro do Nnples do, Mwiselin de Lains, Ulacl'. Alpacca, Stripe do, Parisian, Merinos, Ulack Bombazine, tlingbams, Bishop Lawn, Hatred and Swi'i Mo'islin, Jlhll do, Ilus ia Diaper, Hird I. ye do. Crash, wine nr.u uotorcu i.ninunc9, una uieacmu whirling, Irish Linen, Ladies .Cravats, Jloiischnde Lnine Poin's, Cla'.k I'nliati Cravats, Colored S1L1 rtrnvaf. Uion ham llsm r. Ill noil', i.ouon Hose, ?upcr Unsliitnete Ui'j., Miners, l.ace, i.aoie and Genilemans Gloves of all kinds. Night Cap), WlucjnnlCo'urett Spool Threail. I'ailding, i;nnvass, Silk, T.vvist, Htittnns, I.intn Tbrtnd, Svlestn, ig gans, Coal Cords and Rini'iugs, Wnieh Guard', Car pet llinding, tlmbrtllni, India. Hubhel , Neil Sus- 1 , 1. ... 11 ri. ,..i'.. )),).:. 1 T...l peiuiers, inuia turner uo, auco, lumu inm iwu Klannul, While Cotton Flannel, Unbleached do, Bliavvis, r iirmturc ninoini!.", i, Living, utiiuovs, nur bins. Wickintr. Col nin Yarn, t arnet Warn. Vc. i5c all of vvlucli have been purciiascu ur cam, aim we are ilcleriiiincu not to liu uiiilersoiii. P. if II. II. D00LITT-T3 Sept, 20, 1SI3. ICw6 BUFFALO ROBES, JUST received and for sale viry low by P. . II, 11. DOOLi'tTt.r.. Pcpt JOlh, 1S13. lfi vG LUTllA Y. QTRAYflD from the ub-crd cr, on the H'h in-t., n Ulack Cow, Willi a Utile giey acri.s liie i ac, and tail, horns turning over, good to mil!;, and ibc tvvcen d nod 5 cnr.-old. Tim Under will 1 e rea oil ally recuiiipensid, I y giving luformaiion of ber tu IIA.ML.U iuu. 1 Ml. HMrlhigtMi, Sept. 21, 1S!3. 1C2 BROAD CLOTHS, t'nss.ameris, Vesiings, Orleans t loib.Silk Warp. Lustre Aloacca. JL 1). Laities. Dainas'f ahyle Shawls. Fancy Cravats, Oentlemens Slocks. Coll.irs. Slice in'", nnd most nrlieh.siisu.illv cnlled for in the Dry Goods line, erm'tnnlly on hand and lor sale liy Kl.uri t tM'l-.All. Church Street, Sept. 22, 1343. IUlf IIAIII! IIAIU ! FfflllF, riiblienrerrspcetfiillv informrd that IIiC. A. SMITH, is now prepir'cd to furnish any article in tito line 01 iitur won; on llie shortest uotic Cash paid lor long hair. Shop west side of the American Hotel. lhirhngton, Sept. 21, 1S-13. IGif VERMONT ALMAM C M RE'JIS I'KIM OH 1844. Till'. I.trorai le retUi 100 .ml fi'endlv nnt.cesril the lir.-t iiiunber of this v.ilnaMe htile annual, has Miiicl re.l the pal Ic hcis 111 nrt inerea e I exert inn 10 ma'-ie me secoml iiciii! er t-'':n'lr ilc-rfv iiigibo pat rot nirei.f 11 ih-ceiuing p il ic a f i,t.y i i- I its f,r. iht r merit -ball I liy su-taiu ilu-favora1 le repulaiiou w inco -lie um nuoiiern.i a-q tor 1, :U-T nn Kcg,ier will 'u ret ly I r rtuvervnn or alien Hie '.'Uli it iSiiveiii'iT, an 1 all orders will I llianl.fily re.-civo.l nn I promptly an.wered. A lib erul ili-eiinnl iii.ku In llio c vvhu 1 11 v 111 qiaull'iu'. All ivil lchers of new. .inner in Vennon', vvhilvv gie tne in ovc no'i a' mice m 1 rliou 111 il'eir rcsnee t vc papers-hall I ecmillt' 1 111 , at duze.i id the fieg- I wir lo r 1110 .lllle, to ,( lorvvar 'e I in any way tliey .!:all direr Angu;t 23, 18-13. 1..1.L. o l .VI-,"In. IC,v3 GKte M A S N T OfiiE. Maw.arr.11i nnd Vcrmicvlly, Obre? an I Caper.-, S liana Uai in--, Vary nice Hox do. Ere'.i. h Fijs, t'ocne N ,t-, Fienib Preared Mustard, ricm a i'len.are 1 ciiccul i'c. 1 A', Cocoa Pa-te, Ur making Chocola'cinime.b'a'.tly, 1 liondea.i I'ruies in Glis Jar. and Fancy Eo.e.. . , . m , , 1 Sardine procrvel in OlivcO 1. , . , - , , ,, Uuiia irc-erv c I (.ineer. All of 111 crit r ntiali'lt- Just receive,! ly O'TIU'IM it CU. w N T I C I r"plIE Sul scri'er will prufir n petition to the next -a. se-smii r.i iiiei.egi-iiiture, tortlieexr-ii.sivearant to kcc,i a Ferry, lor ine term of (ive vcr-. from the ci-l an I honh shoieof iheNcrth Hall ol 1-Ie l.a Moll to the west shore ol Alli'imb. an I nun IVrun ili .i bore ofih-norlh h ilt'i,ran Uo La .Moll lo Uuzy, in the Hale of New York. HARRY HILL. Me l.a Mmt, Sept. 7, 1913. I.W3 I SALE of BANKRUPT EFFECTS TVTOTifl,' i.t,,,!,,..,, f.. i .. ..: ., I . ii , t , . ,,, i ii.ii i, hiiw i'i timiT J- and decrees m ll.inkrupicy, in the lulb..wiuc ca-cs i..i e I o it ot 'he Hi-irici I unrt of llio Foi Males, for the Di-lri : i f V,-rnirn, I will sell at nub- FsVA;v" i'i' . j',' '- " li ' ' f.rJii'r.- 7-r '.u'.;'v.'.. t'vs. v:,, li.tnl.r'p's a- heiein I'lvrn'nl, mil vvh ch lccanic ve-ieJ in me I y virli e of die decree- afuies il J. KfTccIs til'Drxtcr .11. I'.ay, oT Hiuliuglon. All the nti'i", a-ciit n s,.iitlLremeniaii I demand, i'c h a be I m h s .S.-lie I .le in It iii'ki' i;i!cy, a surreni'er- c I by hi mil vv Inch will I e ,iar,ieulurly dcs.-ril eJ at llio tune ol',a'e. Iillccts of Henry It. Illnc, of Iturlliigloii. A hi ti e nn I lot -imale lit I! 'r'uigiou. i n M.t ne t., ibjcei lo a morigairi' to Wh. Lyniaii lor SidJ, ami al-na nuitigi'.-eto Henry lionr.lniaii, of Colcheter, fir SI 100 All the accoun', ni,:e. an I I'cuiaii I- iV-- I'li'cil in bis p.u I n'he.l.iV lot cfland -ima'c in Uoiciie-icr, coiiMiiung nut' h 111 'it I acre-, cenveyctj I v Ao-on llo-iwicl in lloicau I llcardoiau, an I -ul inn ,- r t ... r. jeci in a cut raie 1 1 ojuu in Mvor ol liuirv uoar.l- man 1 1 Cub he-ler afnu-ai I, I ung ibe nunc ilctcriU'd 1 in ine tctioiiiiei I -anl nine. ! -NATHAN i: 1 Septemler, U, 1311. IIASWELL, .Iinrr. I5ivl A few Hogsheads of f-'f. Crnix Sumr l.o. Si. -tX Croi.t Molasses, of a sup ii'r quality for sale bv n I K.S fc SPUAK. 'Church .itrwt. Sept. 22. 1S13. 16lf ES TRA V. STRAYFD Irom ihe Sub-order al-o it Ihe la-t ol Aucu-l, a lattrc Wh te 31 ire, some s lotted oo her nVi Al o, a Hay M.iu- loll. The finder i-IijII I e Miital ly rew.irJtil i-y iriv mg ii'lorm uinn or re urnmg Ihe hauiu Id ihe Sub' en! er. MICHAEL MLLKT. lline burgh, Sept. I 1S-I3. I53 Asa IllioaiK' Estate. TIIE SUII-CRinr.R'. havmir been no- liointed by the Honorable the i'lobate Coutt for the Dirir'ctof thiiieiitVu, coiinnis-inners tn re ceive examine and adjust theclfltnis and demands ni nil persons, against the estate of ASA RIU'AI'S, latcorRiihmontl,insaid Di'tuct, deceased, reprcenl cd insolvent, mi J nlsiiallclainisand demands cthibi tedin oll'set thereto j and sit months from the day 1 1 ihe dale hereof being allowed by saitl conn fir 'that purpose, we do then fore lieu by give notice, ihat i will al lend to the business o'f our '.lid nppmn lutein, nl ihe dwcllio; 01 l hnst an llboads in ilichninnd m aid di-tncl, oi llie 3d I'.ay of Oetnber and Clh diy of .Match net", at lOoV.'u'ck, A. M., on each of mho ill v.. L'aieJ this Cth day nf fteptrmbcr A. D. IS13. JAItOIS HOA'f, 15vv3 KEUItEN M.MS, RULLA GLi:,SON Comnii.' M'oncr-. Ailravv Cl.itlb'ilN Cstale. WE the siiliscnbeis, having bi-en appointed by Ihe lloiioinhlo the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, ciTntniissionera to receive, ex amine and adjust lbs elaiiA.s ami demaic's of nil per. sons agiiusi the cslatem ANDRI-W ClIA'l FIELD, late ol Huntington, iti'-rid Disiricf, deceased, repre sented iusolveiii, anil also all elauna and demands exhibited in otl'set therein ) nnd six iiionlhs fiom the day of ihe date hereof, bring nlbiwed by sa.d Couri for thai putn 5e, wo do ihi rrfofg henby givo notit e, ihat we will attend tn the husincts of orjr appoint mtni, al Ihedvvrlhng of Jcnithin 11. Diieiu Hints liiigton'in said District, nn the 13th tlavs of Novem ber and .1 inuary next, at 10 o'clock, A. AL, on each of ssnt day'. Dated, this 20th dav of July A. D. 1313. I5vv3 AAItlS It. CUOIT.II, DAMH. SCOFIELD, Commissioners. M Mi'SUAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATKS OF A.MEKIt'Ai ) TJvscat Vermont llitlriit, lo xcil i X ion war rant issued out of tho Hon. Luttict Court nf ihu Uni led Stales for add Disirrt lo mo directed, I ho hi ri by give this public notice, ihat an information for viola lion of Ihe Revenue Li v nf thn llnitnl Smis Ic.s bein filed in said LV.lrl by Chillis Davis, V.t-q , D.s inci .aiiorucy ci ine uniieii mates ur taia uistriei, against the following descril ed yooda and rpcrchan dizet 2 frnck coats, 2 pair pantaloons. 2 vests, 2 cloak', 0 Silk Cravats, 2 Yds Ritbon, 5 Yds Cotton Cloth. 1 ihaw I, 4 muslin de bin dress pa'tf rns. 1 dress pat icrn, 1 pair shots, 2 pair gloves, 2sloiks, 1 eiaval, B vols s'rmnns, 1 bible, I trsiament, 1, 1 worsted handkerchief, 4 1-2 yards glnz-d camhiic, seiied cn the wntein of Lake ChaiCpTain, near Huilinglon, in tho Disluei of Vermont, June 13, 1S13. 3 silk shawls, 1 box linen thread, 1 doz. pair gloves, 30 martin skins, 2 cross fot skins, 2 squirrel linings, 2 pair small moccasins. 2 doz. colored coney b' ins seued on the waters of Lake Cliampliin, near Bur linrton, in Ihe Disirict of Vermont, July 20, 1P13. 40 yaids muslin de lain, 12 1 4 yards cambric, 0 3-1 yards bishop's lawn, 7 yards Swiss muslin, 2 small piecrs insertion, seized on lha waters of Lk Cham plain, near Darlington, in iho District of Vermont, July 27, 1313. 1 box containing 100 bottles of Ring's Mitur, seized on the waters of Like Champlain. nenr Al burgh, in the Dintrict of Vermont August 22, 1813. And trial will bo had on said information, at the next slated term of said District Conn to be holden nt Rutland, wjihin and for sniJ District, on ihe Cth dav of October Next, of which all rsrsons inierrttcd will take noiirenn I govern thamselvts accordingly, Oivcn under my hind at sail D'sirict, this Bib day n! IKentemher, 1813. 14 WILIIAM ntRKO.V, .Vir.ll WANTED, J70t;rtor five god Joiir.'ie y;tci j.lners.for wl 1 .ii 3 J. Iiur r,rica win on iiain J"'" .". L' fair price will bn pail, flurlinglon, Sept. JO, 1&13. lvf (Cr"LOOK A T TltUltJS , OflS VJ. Ela.''-, IS! :u niu , nnd Ct I'd 0.9tJ Meit.r. nud A.pacT t.-iu . OO(M) Yd-. 1 ah f'riirs, a grevt vtr.ely ii ertu. aooo " Plain aiKll'rhft-i viiTt'-,'ti i; i-ainu-, Ch,i-ans mi I Fig'd 'ht,-A O-u h rap ' Droad CImIi., Ceavar Uh.tll aoou mere nno .ji.ii.cuf, '-i re j j ; i . Stpteintcr 11, 1SI3- H. l.ATUi. 1 Ci Calein.NE IilTFAl.0 ROBKHi 'list r-.-'' IX, II. W. CAll.Li. -ALSO Fur fif'a, Fur and Cioih TmnirieJ Cap', A !r4'i a-strtiiieat. -sun i:s, Alcanurtil firttp'i r"ev ur': l-'n.n -li I.ii.S i 'er-i a ml Tie', Clu'.h and Kid Ujl-fu, Oh I ivi - ;.i!, P.t'cnt Rnlber.-, Ccurte anJ 1 1 .e .ilea ' . ' i receive?! by H. v. v-Aii.i'- 'nf. Pi"'0' Ilangm-:', a great; U VJU putcrn, ra. lived . v' Sent. I t. IBU 11. W. CATI.IN. Also, 23 Reams Letter Paper very l.AV. mi 3 lATHOLIiPTIO PRACTICE OP tnihJeiceit's hiqhj conccntriitrd.M. Jie.ilCon; o ind) (CTNO CURE r.o V..-r3 DR. SMITH, wo il l in vat ru ,k" ' d y mrir'ir the inliAbilrtnt of H irlmg'ci, an 1 i: vci ! v that fursixer:t Vfirs bo haal'-iii he j i r a t eil Medicine and Miiliciltri;; UJO'f- ini c mwtiaiii 11,,-lon, Ma. and lOvcir i.i the ca Hi'V pari r,i Vermont; anl In- isco.i .!. it h s pri'i eb.a I ee-v ou-ie-liil, a- inai ci any cte'.T puy i.-un in mi put oftbe caur.try. , 11 livs ever i tvn an oii,ivi ui u n.i i .vi.-.n Willi him, losi'mp'i'fji tl.c;ivtffes of Muliehir anJ oivrcome ifi'Msf with ihe fsrrattsl po'til't pr!"ipli. hide and certainty; audi, r-eveia vcar- u-' I" Ii in lecn inv'-li'-'aini!.' ihelire an nirnt" oi act a Uptic pr i"ti a. r t eternal a.i.i'i v i"'i of - heme hi'hbj concentrated. In '.ben can line, he In- 1 cm ii-tnir Hi" a'love .'ic iiccn m-pi.i -n i, u lecome fillv i'oiivi.itI f 'lie corn; -liv.'-s of .ha theory ol cutaniau absorption, ail'l 'be great "'il ' ol treitiiig icscose npi'ii Ihi" iHn:'i,i'f; an ' hi thinks the advuirnrjis nt ihi-iour e ti vie i rii'ii, will, upon ali't e iiie-tiBniu.ii an 1 rel'te u n. no pear oi vi'ni.1 1" all- In 'I.e. ihe 'ro.vini-u e.f CtiV dren anil r-a c uf czticme debttilij, an I in "a-e- i I' .-mah-irrnAnis.', vviuro Mi' It ne ,uc ncice c in u taken internally, the e reiie- lie- are ' f ihe gria o t mipornnce ; for, in many ca o , lo rj i c c a speedy cu re, 1 y ' 1 c n c of ft eternal a i il t 1 uii, i'miib. Rut In oli-lina-c nn 1 vu lent ca j . by I ik iii a' hu -aim nme, iilttrnallij, an a, .pro ,r a c ..,' cipe, ine; ili-order may lea' aikctl o.i bulk .fi-ff's, lit .be .nme lime, lhal i. evlinully and internnl'y. Haying inv'i l.iui-i'lf r.'i'i.nn ol with every f urn of di-ea u infi 'cut lo tin- par' of the iciriy, be no-v tiler b' -cr,'.' e to the ei"7ju-ol I'n r toirit'O n' 1 its vieiuiiy: e'livident thai, ly ii'ton-rni an 1 I 'nj ii;.. to the nil-., an I a'i- an I l,u h'Ui a i,j a lion of tiie ah ve remc lies, be -ba'l I e n' !e I" c ''.) the mn-t saiijj nno ex, elation . tf a!l who may g v u him a call, lie will ntlcnd upon the ic';, a! the-r p'.UP-rf re-idenee j unt vv hero they n i 'e at lor 'ter u i'i tance, !,c '.'.'ill prov i 'c I oar I n 1 1 iiiveii'eiil n, ar'r, for llivm lo tCMhi in ''' V 'I i-e, ueiil lbry ,u . far icl evd, a p. I ea'ile '0 re ni h' n c, no I c Mt-lii-iii", vvi'htmi ihe ai I i f n H- 1 la' o ca e- of Consul'.; tion. Female Com;!-' 'r, Ithr.imali'm. ite. ite. ai his o::n risk if a tu t r.a vtectl ibepirieiit will remain in 'he viHnse a". , M- low hi-diiiviiuii-, so long a be i. w !I ng .-erit e fi r him ; nnlprovi'ed nl-o, that lie; ' .' ""., ilus'ire...e i iflee'Cl'. 'I here are many ailv-.inl.igcs fi r patir i t - lance, who are atlbc'ed vvi'h chronic c e coming ai d remaining in the vlin.ieaf I'or, in a short time, the disorder ir.H' bo i when daily .Me licit 1 md i at Inn1, when '. I c, in inaiiy ininiicc-, I y sen ling "' !" "le directions. 'nnd niuiiyni'. them at In. -v ''i i aid of a Pbysi'-'un. Anl I ft-n'v, ilieoi.ioil I loconm leiler ac.) tain'ml W'ih his ca r, unj luo be-t mode of using iho mcdi -uu! ni his cm:. All co'iim initiation-, po I p.ii !, v.'i:l loccive im :u ill i'c at:enlicn. N. H. Doeicr Smith mey be cu-i 1 e I at h's ie i-dciii-e m Chvuiphiiu S'. three ,1 mr- s i ell o! IV.'.rlf a few roU west of IV. Hiuc! i r's ho v. ItZr'Sidinc, AUdiintcd Vapour, and p'ioir:r ffil'is. may I e had, i ilher as a u.t uy, or rciucial a.-cn'.-by c'a'ling ni alovc. Irj'A fa'V iti.iiei of Jeivctt'b I.'a:ii:.'.- Fii-.h-tlAsflbr ale. ' I. IR'. - CAiilf, nr at a small adecwrr j-jn;'. in exchange fur (train. THE billowing nrslo aie no v o ere T a Uu llrid. --'ii, f ii rear rif bo f J tor; IIo,:-c, :zt C rl .Min'c Can.- Sea; Ci.i.r-. Pun cd Cant Seat do Ciiiiuuou Dinniiig nnlR'tc' :ng Ohf.".-, I'cie.iu-. Ltghl antl Wa h M a-.,. Cherry Dinning Ta' le , Wwr.. and To.lct dor Kclsteads, Ch-e';-, if, -. Also- . Riee'a Patent Fanning Mi. I , n re' t "t! pi-c. m A. IIARNES jr., A rtrt., Rnrlinglrn. Auiu-i 03. 1 5 I! Jf s. s. I' v it m.i,i ::. !.,1I'a's:!i.7;2i, li.s.To .Vi. 'i Counsclh-s Hall. (Peck's Ilitiltbiic ) 1J WHEAT. A FE'.V bushels cfNIAV IlilMSs'T. M II EA" 6 of thegro'.v th of 1;!3, for I, n fi -st mi -Ic, fjf sale by GEO. PE l'ERON. nnrhnglnri, Anr.31. H NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN I'AMTCPTCY, IV CIIITIE i EN' OLNTY. ATOTICE to all crethtois and ol n r persons h n L ten st, Ihat by order r-f the Dtsiin I Com t of the United Stale' for llie D stiM of Verm -nt, a divijenj out of the i u of HENRY 7.0TTMN, or s-om!, Hero, JOHN slVn.F.vl!, of I'.-sct, HINI.'Y IIO Mi DM N. r "f Eijev, I.UOH'S WDOD.Ml", of Efjt, JOHN SMITH, of Cobb" iir.aud CIlI'.-sTER I'AUK'FR, cl Undnhill. riankrupis will be mule ami deelipslliy lha Cnurt on the '-.ith div of O' tuber n -M at ten n'elni k fnre notui. ai thentliceof Saninel Pieniis, m Mo'ip'lier, in said I'istriet, among ihe cie bin's w h i shall h v ornved ati'l filed p'roofs of lie ir d -' ts In fire sn I day, unless suffieierit cause bo t'-en and 1'ierj s'leivu ttr the contrary. EDWvRD II. P.1EXn-S, C.'trV. Fated the 2Illi il ly nf August, l?tj. K.oirnTT) 1 1: ti: v t:itot i:t nv. JOSEPH WAIT gives notice lo menhinis ih i , has a full s! i of assorted pickaxes of !0''E EJIY, thai he wi'l "-11 at in l-ir prlns oi any V,. York' pedlar. Afercb-ints vvhopri-fi'r lo buy n il i way are invited to cill and cxjm.nj lh" Crockery ?tore. Hiirltngton, An?. S3th, 15j.. i NOVA M'OTI v. I'lArsTI: If. 'il P!.18'ef Bnn Inns rivb Ortmul Nova S w.- ,'t Wiveied 1' oir null, n- Wimin.L-i Cm. nr nnihed(K-k. ly KOI. 1,1-TP, lUMDLl.Y it Co. So nh Wlinrf; Jil'y, s3 0 Sttl'iil'.FINli li'l.OUIt. THE S il s i'cr. are ill y receiving Si,' Flour in larrel an I hif'nncl.. ..,..! v, caie and of the m -I approve! i.iej. v.-h ch lhv o xv for ca b al a una I advi i s FOLLLT Old I'oeV, Ji-r 8, - j) , LR.'.rLEVsV: Cr. VII Mtlil.NGTO.V hi a levy cine- of tin- 1. 1 an I S-cccbc. i I' Henry C -iv, 'i vol-. ','a ,ir onvirs, priie SI, 00) The -amy I o.u'i ', 31,33. Noi'icr. "IMIE HIT I ST MILL nt On., n U ivrlmvor rR- 3 b i I ctn thou uglily ri'tui ie I nn ' Is nn i irt rein il', and vv.'ll rojoniiiii nce i u il. -:o I f I lv - Than'. f d to fr en Is fur lavci - ic.-o v ru an I vyi u Mo happy to ir ihem a.-fli.i. 'I ho r at a ', laniM to patron z Ibe m il nil r.-tuiu 'he tune d,iy will ph- re call mt r;i ng . Sii.teiline Ho r. l!rs Four nnd In ban 'etc n. ttnlv fn .le. J .lv 12. '13. 'In IE') HI :i I'vir.C DI-s'SOLUTIIUN. rjlHE ropirtiidislup her- luio-p c-.iiir- yn'1' " firm of J. S. it W. E. JIUi'-.ON, 'ta t'. dLsolteJ by mutml consnt. JOHN S. MFN-O.V. L'.a;': .-..iniN-.i Colchester. August Id, IStl, ., A ty i;o.sni'y, A Ni:W lot Florr ico ir-nd and iV jii-i re civoJ cheaper than c July 7, 1313 PUBLIC NOTU ';. rv. York & iiiovruuu, r. . .ik:;! j I KUI I, A.MI', (SU ts- . . t, . .. coss,) will un ashcrnofvre, Ic " iu-i.i!'" n for Montrnl Wednss lay cvcn,i r.n.1 fur tha Suut.i Fridav evening of eaih vv'ctk. Packagramay bs lefi at iho ofrtCo nf Mcins J. ti J. II, Pt-clc it- Co., Burlington- 5 if lDRO.ONN OliATIO.V let-re the L tcai-vS JL cirtiesrf t!,U. V. M., m-t n lu-iai ' ," rs Stv- ala ?c,vi. 11,43- ly V II vRRiNGTON. A I 'A MS NEW AUITHMJ-riC i:r y tvj J. V h inOre-l, .Int.-n or SV It, ii.u.H'V .to:

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