Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 20, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 20, 1843 Page 2
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WW JPQ&Il! GOVERNOR' MESSAGE. ViUoic Citizens tf the Senate ami vfthe Ilntsc ofltepresental'ucs. First of all, as it becomes Iho agents of n ro. Iiginus people, lot in publicly acknowledge the Divine goodness in cmititiultijr up In us our lib. ortics, as a slat", and as a tuition : for ilm emml IllCISUro nl IikhIiI, r,i,l.,.n.t I... I.. .. 7, v;j-v"r" i"--"!"1-'."' nn ,,r ,c abundant productions ... ...c i.,.,,,, hmii atn wisdom irntti above, thai wc may fitly perform thu duties for which vu ire assembled. Till lerrislatinn of cel.. I,,. n.n1l C,J characterized by. so much prudence mid intelligence, that nnyitdvicoor caution bv me, of a general nature, wnuld bo quite superfluous. J lie condition nT ilin inliKliii'iiiic ..r H.u .., is, upon tho whole, probably as good as that of finer pe.ip.e. we are an intelligent, moral and'law.abidinjr people ; wo have institutions, securing the liberty and rights of Ilm citizens; wo have a fertile -oi!, a healthful and invignra tins climate, and industrious Inbits, which cn. able us lo surpass any other r.tato in tho Union, according in our population, in iho value of our ay ric u It u ra I prod u c 1 10 ii". The subject or V. lucation, in all its branches, If of such vital importance to a free people, so intimately cotiiioeled with tho Individual welfare of llio members nl n stale, and so indispensable to tlio very existence of the blessings ilowing iroin iree institutions ami representative govern monlp, that il is not surprising that it should an nually havo attracted ihe attoiitinn of bo.h the legislative and I.vuctilive dunnrtments Common school edu-ation is perhaps a gen orally diffused, ainimj all cl.isses of people in this stale, as am')ii' any other coiiinuiuily, in tho Ui.itcd Slates or cVowhere : yet the system now in operation is far Ircmi reil z tur all tho advantages whu h ought to be expected from il. It is dou In less susceptible i.f great linprovcmeiils mid the oflhris which have been made in sever, al of our sister stiles, within n few years, to in. vcstigalc ami obi i ilo nunnrous evils, and to in. trod lire a gro iter decree of uniformity and more efficiency in coinmrm schoul instruction, have not been without their boncticial inlhionce. Let us profit by the example of otli.Jrs. Valuable suyieitions nil this s.lbjeet are enn taincd in aucocssivo rep .rls, made by Iciniativo committees, during tlo two past years. Our higher institutions of learning, connected inliv miloly, as they are, with our common fcIiooIs, and exerting an immense infiiionre itpm Ilm in tellectual condition of our citizens, ought to receive the fo.-torlng care of the logi-l.ituio. iSTo .Vstnto U'ooiil hn nnrlnpl ,flil.h ulinolil nv- cludc those frmn consideration. U'heiher the creation of a It j i"r J of duration, with the pow ers and d.ities contemplated in the legislative report of last year, will not propire the w'.iy for the introduction of gioat iinprovcmetits, is tub. mitted for your inalurc consideration. Tho militia, without which there would btj no safety to our government or country, are to opt to receive an annual compliment and then be neglected. Whether the law far the im proveuip ut of their condition, which had been prepared with g cat care, and pissed at the last teflon, will prove useful and satisfactory to tint and patriotic body of citizen soldiers, for who-u icgiihtinn and benefit it was made, I am not able at prct-enl lo determine ; and per haps there has not been sufficient tune, since the pissage of the act, to test its utility. By an act p.i?cd al tho Inst session," relating to Capital l'uiiMitncnt, it is directed that if any oersoii sh.ill co.n.n.t any crime, which by the law of this state is pmiiilnblo with death, such person shall be sentenced to solitary inent in the state's prison, until the punishment of death shall be inflicted ; and also, if any per son shall hereafter be convicted of any crun. punishable by death, sucli poisun sh ill in liliu manner he sentenced to solitary confinement, until the sentence of death slnll be inflicted. By tho act it is further provided, that no sen tence or death shall u-j executed until after one year from the time of pissing such a mtence, Iior until the whole record of the pro-'eedingH in such case shall be certified to the Governor; nor until a warrant shall be issued, by tlis Gov ernor, under Iho bca of the slate, with tho rec ord annexed thereto, directed to the Shorilf of the' county whore the slate's prison is situated, commanding said Sheriff to cause execution to be done' upon the person, upon whom sentence lias been passed, it is understood that there lias been one conviction and sentence under this law, which it will bo iny reluctant duty to pass upon, as the law uppcam to me to bo objection able. 1 cannot believe for a moment that it was the intention of the Legislature, by this act, to pro pare (he way lor the total abolishment of capita! punishment, even in caes of murder : for such a measure, in mv opin,u:i, would be fraught with evils of a mast direful kind : but this v which chin-res in soma measure our lone estab lished mode of administering criminal justice, may give occasion for a beliet in the public mind that alter conviction there will be loss certainty of punishment. Althouali this statute may be open to some other objections, that part of it which relates to thoisiuuig of a death warrant by the Governor, is perliap.1 the most so. It is not sufiiciently ov plicit, to show distinctly, whether it is a mere discretionary power, thai lie may or may not ex ercise, after examining the record of conviction, or a duty to be performed as a ministerial oliiccr. If it means the first, it is in effect a power to pardon or commute, which is not given him by the Constitution, and cannot ba conferred by tho legislature. It it means the hit, why impose this ungracious duty upon tho Chief Magistrate, who in most governments, and in this to a cer tain extent, is entrusted with the privilege of leleasioglroiu punishment, and not the btern duty of inflicting it. Hot if ho is to order a con-1 vict to execution, the mon solemn of all official acts, it should be done by express authority nl law, aiil not I (I ft to int'urence or constructio i. It is submitted to your consideration whether this law should not be repealed, or at least ro. X ised. 'I'ho sad existence of Slavery in many of the stales of this Union, should be the cause of deep humiliation to the moralist, the patriot, and the christian ; but the eoiitimivice of this ineffable curse in tho District of Columbia, and in thu Territories, should excilo our warmest indig. nation. There, thomands of human beings arc in perpetual bondage; nnd a slave. market is openly held at the seal ot thu freest govern inent unoii earth. This U a spectacle fit only lor tyrants to behold ; h ml to inako litis state of I lungs not only permanent, out as ii aiso 10 last 'u the awlul responsibility of it upon tho citi zens of the tree states, them hae not been wantim; repreteiitatives in iho Federal Govern ment, from those state?, (happily none from our own) who have refused, where Congress has clearly ihe right lo act, to let the oppressed go fiee. vud to abolish ft tralTic, which, by tho spir it of tho laws oven of that government, is rank ed piracy itself. Piay, uioro : they have silenced remonstrance- of sovereign states against these grevioua wrongs, and excluded the petitions of the people. A state may not infringe the compact as exists on the subject of slavery, any more than other partu ot the uonstiiutiou. Wo nave an H'.vorn to suppoit llntp'nstrumenl ; and lo attempt tn'avado or repeal tho oath, by casuistical sophis try as t.oits binding force, would be neither just nor wmo, lljt whatever legislative powers the (states do posses", fchould bo exercised as occa sions arise, so as pat to give one scruple more of lu'liig iiesh than the bond requires. An unhappy decision of the .Supremo Court of the United'States, undo In Januiry, 181'J, in the 'ease of I'rigg r. the Slate of l'euusalvani.i, it is believed will occasion somo danger '.o the free colored people who may Ijo found in this s'nte. Ii lliat caso it u understood to have been decided thfit the Federal Government hivo an ejcclue.te rtpbt In regulate tho mods in which the claim of a mister over his fU'ilivo lavo shall bo nr. do : that Congress has already Hxorcised'right, in a perfectly constitutional maimer, through I lie law ol lU., ; that all leg. hI.'Huii on the part i.flho several tales, which .I....-, It, i-,..'tlv It mi I a nr i-ii.trii Ihn rhrlit wf recovery uf ftijlliviilave,ii entirely nuU and void, that no statu cmi pass a law In any way in-1 tonering with iho power of BUininary remnvul from Its lomturynl an individual clannod as n fugilivo slave. provided Unit that this power bo ia m-t.-m.iiuij iijiiTn iioy Miiiu to suitor its ija li lii.igMtrate-i to exercise the same power. 'I'ho law i.f Congress nf 170.1 confeis the same power upon stale migHtratea ns that fjiven to jiufyca of iho United H a'es Courts, and upon . ', . that slattilu Iho court sues their magistrates may, it t!mv chmvo to, ovorcl-o the authority thus . or lined bv Male l.mMa. .-.inlet it.', Ics. linn " 'I'l ... ...... . .. .'.i i . .- .i lion. I Innli'cwion iiesenttliu law o ho I.tiid, and lliu danger is,!; our number of magistrates, some may bo found who aro not 1 1 informed as lo their duty, and may .. and mav aci uuauvise(iiy,aii(i inn?, upon a lalse claim consign sonic unfortunate being forever to bono. In., o' t... t I.- .1-..?.!.... ' .13 n-.ivi;. , nih IIUIO HIU OUUfSlOO Oi ill'J III lJ istratn there is no appeal. I therefore recommend to the legislature to pass a law prohibiting all maaistratos. actiiiir under tho authority ot this slate, Iroin taking cognizanco of, or acting under, the act of Con gress passed the l'Jth July, UO'J, relating to fu giiiiic slaves, or anv other law that may bo pas sen of similar import. This would 6ccm from the aforesaid deciu nt) bo nsrfecilv constitu tional and roper, and indeed almost invited by the court, by the language before quoted. Uy sucn an act, the evil consequences ot the u;cis ion may in some degioa be mitigated. I also recommend a law prohibiting all o.xo cutlvo officers of the stale from arresting, or do taming in jail, any person who is claimed as ; luguivo slave ; believing this to ho a proper mode of exhibiting the determination of this state to do no act, w hich she may constitutional ly emit to do, to countenance tho institution of slavery. 1 no commonwealth of Massachusetts has recently passed such a law, and tho exam, pie is believed to bo worthy of imitation. If tin; passing of iho statute proposed shall incident ally lend to prevent the rccaptuto of fugitivo slates', may wo not well pvclaini in its defence in the language of I he sage of Alonticello "shall distressed humanity find no asylum .'" Tl.eie are strong reasons for anticipating that an attempt will very sooi he made to annex tho Uopublie. of Texas to the United Slates, as well fur tho purpose of creating a perpetual market lor slaves, as, tioni that Urge territory, to carve out slave states enough to give a preponderant cy in tho Union to Iho slave power. If such an attempt shall succeed, then woo bolides our un happy country. Who then can hepo that the wr.ilh of leaven can bo longer restrained 1 1 have spoken porh ips too freely upon this exciting subject ; but at the capitol of Vermont, unlike tint at Washington, thero is liberty o( speech upon all public, topics. In our expenditure ill.' utmost economy that is consistent with the maintaining and promo lion of tin public interests, should be constant ly practised. 'J'lie just medium between parsi niony and extravagance, in public, transactions, i. is not always caV lo discover, and it is to be found only by the good sense of those who make thu lawn; and this was one reason why our Constitu. ion declares that the House of Repre sentative:', which originates all appropriation bills, shall consist of men mist noted for wis dom, as well as irtuc. In this state, where the only permanent source of revenue is direct taxation, profuscMicss of the people's money should bo carefully avoided. it appears by the deport of Hie Auditor in the Tro.wir lint the fi'itc School Fund amounts iu ,,u.i,..)i uuu tuai oi I n:s sum 1 1 , ij I i ;., ,,. ii.., r t r..,.. ,i, ,..t . I il'lli.MI rT I .l.. . .1;. , if ma,i.ii..r SUa.0-,0 I)-", is duo from individuals on I loan-. In one view, the stalo is in debt in tho Iirst sum; and in another view, it is a creditor I in the last Tho Auditor uf Accounts has i . ...... ....... ...I... ,1... .into r.r ,t... given vory cogent realms w hy the debt of tho state to tlie luiid ought lo tit cancolleu ; and , il ; ,ho tLC,i ol Secretary and Assistant Secretniy tho.e reasons appear to the General Assembly, i The votes Ihviul' been counted, it appeared that I)n as I hey do to me, convincing and unanswerable, I Witt C. Clauh, l'.q , of llromlon was elected See the debt will, as the fund is under the control of j '"nty, and Enoch Davis, Esq. of Bennington, nssis- the stale, bo cancelled l int a 1 anil of duties upon importations. Mtheiont to supply all the reasonable wants ol the N.ilioual (iivcrnmcnt, and shaped with a substantive and bowi JiJt intention to give ade ipiate protection to home industry, is absolutely necessary for the true independence and pros- prity of the country, is believed to bo a fiinda meilttl p ilitical Irurh, which ought on all suita i,i,. .,....,.,.,..,., I. n r,.i I, itni.n.n t,m. ,v"l,lli .liniihtl o ,it f,rtl,'lo tiri nmhiirnniiM I tirin, but might distinctly to embrace the idea ol protection for the sake ot protection, that thus there may be but two side:) to the question, and no cover for hypocrisy on either. The last Congross'found that llio sliding scale of the Compromise Act had descended so low that the icvcmio was not sufficient to supaort tho G jvornment ; tint the low rate of duties hid caused excessive importations of foreign goods, and consequently immense indebtedness and largo remittances of specie abroad, whils at homo tho results wete, groat injuav to our man ufactures, as well as to t'tose who furnish mate- rials, la'jor ami sutisistcncp, ana an almost uni- orsal depression of the business of the country. I In Ibis state of things, (lie majority of that Con gress undertook toenacla new, and it was !;cp. ' ed, a better Tariff; and after the strut;; tipposi tion of tlio great bidy of tlx minority, and with the tGiuctant votes of a small number of that minority, the present Tariff was passed. Al though it is but about a year einco its passage. its operation Ins already been moil bcnelicial. Husiiiess i3 now uncommonly active in the com mercial cities; the important manufactories aro in lively operation ; the demand for tho great staple of our slat is revived, and the price has somovvhn increased ; and it is believed that if the present Tan!" can survive tho attacks of its opponents in the next Congress, the business of the country will be in a permanent state of pros perity, and, consequently, our agricultural pro ductions in good demand. If, as has been ailed 'ed, it shall turn out that tlio protection afforded to every interest, except , that which ia peculiarly our own, is loo high, vvhiU thu protection to that is inadequate, it is surely consolatory to reflect, that tho portion uf the pxopie, tioni whom tins complaint arises, may control the majority in the next Congress; and 1 liny add, reasonable to expect, that ma jority will raise tho duty on wool to the ueces. sary point. I he correctness oi tins expectation however, tune will determine. It should be remembered that the present Tariff was not secured without a great sacrifice. Tho overweening opinions of the President, and tho opposition of tho minority in Congress coin- polled tho poetponement, and perhaps tho final I os o, of the distribution of the proceeds of tlio sales of the public lauds among the several stale", to which they have a just right. This was donr, lent the want of a nuflicient revenue should oblige Congress to pass a Tariff highlv protective; thus indicting upon tho states a double injury the loss of their portion of tho money accruing from tho sales of tho Diiblic lands, nnd tho risk of having the present Tariff demolished or impaired. While we liavo yiel ded to the necessity of suspending tho Land Distribution, iu order lo sucuro Protection. I conceive it lo ho our duty constantly to insist upon, Distribution, as a measure which cannot bo dented without trampling upon the sacred rights of the states. I have thus used tho common privilege of ovcry citizen lo spoil; upon somo of tho tjues. lions of national policy which now cniiairo tlio attention of the public, meaning of course no disrespect to those who entertain different viuws. My opinions may be uf small value, vet frankness requires that they should not bo with, held. 1 thank you most cordially for the honor vou have conferred upon me, and I will assiduously co-operate with you in promoting such meas ures for the good uf tho people as your collective wisdom may devise, and aid you, so far us it is my province, in bringing tlio session to a close wiiu an convenient uespaicit, JOHN MATTOCKS. KsEcuiivn Chamber, ) Montpelior, 11th Oct. A. 1). 1913. ADlHtUMH OI' I.IKUT. GOV. EATON, ov taking thu chair as rsciioiNT on-ne senate. I Gentlemen of the S'enaUtln entering upon the , Lar-lmrn nt m v nnnrnnrinln ilulieslBB tnur nrlrlir,,. uinr,l mi not iimenmbla how irdnctis aw the In bouri which I undertake, or how high tho responsi I "jH'ies wlncli I nssume. I nm aware, in tho first ; Pacci '""'"'vhairol lln fenale no tesline-place i,r lv,'nilul"':-'l'1' ' nl''td o opportunity for " i'i'uai' iiiusi nu c uusi.iutiy on iiienicri--coti8tnnt ,,y exercising the most isiluiil attention, In order to guaru ogumst mistakes ami insure accuracy and des Untch III the hit tillesfl of But mere industry nnd mental activity. I am also aware, are not nlono a sufficient guarantee for tho successful discharge 01 1 lie Unties or tins slalion. Al pnrlinincnury rules aro founded upon fixed I P,rmc'l,lcsi having it ror their lending object lo ensuro l . ll.0,V.l"nn'c. nml '""sful imnsaclion of business! i iimiuii ns suen, nicy cntntnenu inemsc ves lo oviru innu'Z .,.ri; n,i ....i i... ! application of ,hcso rnto. hko ilm nnnliVMi. nf nil other general principles, may, in a Riven case, be very """icuiianu Uoubtlitl Lines which are in some in Stances clear and distinct, in ntliprd hr-enmn ehnrlnwu and uncertain. And henco even he who lias otlained Iho highest standard of qualification who is most familiar with precedents, whose perceptions aro most prompt nnd clear, nnd whose powers of discrimina tion most acute, will ot times find himself in a posi Hon of no small difficulty will, at limes, find all these high iiiolificalion9 put in requisition, and perhaps severely taxed, in llio decission of questions which may present themselves in the prosress of business. Hut for myself, gentlemen, I dare not hope to be exempt from errors errors, too, which it may require much candor and kindness on your part to overlook. Indeed, in view ,of the ombarnssmenls and responsi bilities, nnd I might add, the piinful anxieties, thai necessarily cluster around Iho station wnich I am colled upon to occupy connected n llicso must be with the certainty of errors and deficiences on my part I might well shrink from the task before me. Hut there is another nnd more cncournginif aspect, in which the subject presents itself. I recall lo mind the fact that I have never seen or known, in this Scnato Chamber, n deliberate attempt lo cm barrn.s the presiding officer. I remember that on the contrary there has uniformly been exhibited, from every quarter, a manly and penerous purpose lo aid Nl... ... nrt.r . , . ' . .-A- .I... .I. ii.,, ut nm, in Hi-si, iieucaie nnu aim cull duties. Here ever in Iho free, lull and nirnot expression of personal and politienl differences ofopin ion in the stem conllct of mind, tho love of order, like soma guiidim eenius, rcicned predomi nnnti miintniniii!! iu nssendnncy nveMhoso strong passions an I hih excitements which are so often conccnlroled and exhibited in Iho halls of lejsislation. And, nentleiuen. the bono which I entrrtnin tlm, this history of the past will prove but the continual history of tho future, cbeets inn snmeuhnt in mi- itn., While I feel conscious that I musldencnd very niiieli on your co-operation for any lhiii ol'euc cest in lliedifcharce of ihcdiitiesdcvolviu!; on me, I fie! also an undoubtum nssuraneu this iiiii'.ii iii nu gfiiuMiusiy iiLiori'Cd inc. On my pari, uenlldmen. shall aim to lrent nerv member of ibis bodv with conrtesv. Iiindn,.s, ami r.. peet : and shall endeavor nl least to PM.ird invnclr ijiuat uiu Linus ui iiiij.iot'ncc or pnruaiitv. re wards these f rmrs I eoul I plead for pardon or indul Senco with but liitlesricet nnd I hope, in thescpar- .......... a, .wa,,u ju iivjiisi uiuiistMii iur utssaiisiac- lion. Hut I Cirncstlv solicit vnnr kin rl nnd bearnnce towards those errors and failures which may result iroin inexperience, or oilier deficiences of quali fication. Against errors and failures of this charac ter, no security can ba found in honesty of purpose. .tnd. ccntluncn. be it miderftlnnd that I nsit frnm vm, the kindness I have solicited, not as a mere matter of wonted reremnnv oiiterlaimni? at Hit ciime lime ,i self-confident ns'urancc of my own infallibility but Ins!; il because I expect that I shall often, perhops too often, cive you occasion for its exercise. And now, centlemcn, lei us addres. ourselves to the business of lhoscsion. with tho manlv and natrinlie determination that harmony, courtesy and dmnity shall characterize our proceceinc, anil that in nil our deliberation1) the honor and welfare of our state, shall bo tho high nnd guiding object of our ambition. VERMONT LEGISLATURE. Pursuant to the Constitution nnd laws of Vermont, the members elect of tho Senate nnd House of Hep rcsenlilives, met nt ihe Slate House in Moutpelicr, I on Thnrsd.iv llin l?tli fli-l IR11 SENATE The Seerelnry called tho Senate in . 1 "".!"!!, .""'! 1.''?! "! Grnnd He, of which no return had been made. On motion of Mr. Camp, the Sennto proceeded to J,r"'"Icm , ""J1 'll, " K N. BIMfK'S, senator from Uut and co. was tlecled. - . .. . , nroeeeded to lain Serrelnrv Tho Seetefiry was directed to inform llie House of tha orgmiialion of the Sen ile. Messrs. Huller and Cutts wcro appointed to in form Iho Governor of the organization of the Senate. On motion of Mr. Starr, tlin niles of the last ses sion we're adopted for the t i mo being. The following Senators wero appointed n ennvass- i my cunmntteo on inc part oi tha t-enatc. Messrs. -Morgan of Hrnninginn, I'orter of YV. mdsor. Thomp son of Windham, E. Allen of Rutland, Mun-il ol tAildis.iii. Parr of Oraiii'C. Stono of Chittenden Sprasuo of Wa!,ington, Cnhoqii of Caledonia, Green Franklin, Huller of Lamoille, Camp of Orleans and Ihnsham of Essex. Mr E. Allen presented die Petition of Wallace Molt and llio mcmoiial of Willhm Sowlcs nnd others nsk iny that Wallace Molt may he permitted to take his teat us Senator fiom Grind I tie Co., nnd the petition and utcngiial wcro referred to committee on Elec tion". Mr Camp moved m procetd toeleeta Chaplain. Mr Spru'iu objected, and moved to invite ibe Clergy man of Montpcher to officiate alternately. After some rental ks by Sprasue, Camp and Duller, the mo tion of Mr Camp was carried. Tho Rev. George II. Manser, was elected. Mr Camp moved that the Senate qo into the nf the committee an Rules nnd Elections! '',t"-u' ,, , . . committee on Rules Mcsrs Sarcennt, Slarr and Sprague were appoin ted committee on riections. Mr Duller moved that when the Senate adjourn it bo to meet at 3 o'clock this afternoon ; carried. Itesolittions. Hy Mr Huller, that the Senate and House of Representatives meet in joint assembly, this nftcrnoon nt 3 u'clock, to hear the report of the Canvassing C. nunittec. By Mr Camp, that the Secretary bo directed to furnish iho Senate with one daily and ono weekly newspaper during tho session. Hy Mr Thompson, for a Lesislativo Directory, ordering 400 copies to be printed. Severally adopt ed. A message was received frnm the House informing tho Senate that iho House was organized. Also, a incssasie that the House had appointed a Canvassing Committee on iticir part, ana nan concurred in pass ins tho Senate Resolutions for a joint Assembly. On motion of Mr Dulton, tho Senate sdjourned. HOUSE. The House was called to order bv J McM. Shafter, Eq., Secretary of Ststc, when the roll vvns called and the members sworn. Mr llorlifl-ins ol Wcstneld vvms admitted to a scat without producing his credentials, and sworn. too House t nen nroeeea to the election of Soeaker. Mr Everett nominated Mr Tracy of Woodstock, and Mr Harrington nominated .Mr Vilas of Chelsai whereupon the ballots were taken and resulted in tho election oi mo Hon. ANDREW TRACY, as follows: Messrt Harrington and Tracy being lei lers t Mr Tracy Mr Vilas Mr T. 11. Tracy Mr Folsnni Mr C, II. Harrington Mr A. M. Hawkins Ut 1 1 I 1 212 Whole number, Mr Tracv was sworn, and in a handsome and ap propriato nddress thanked the House far the honor conferred upon him, and appealed confidently for the concurrence ot every member in nresemns tne or der, decorum and courtesy Defiling an assembly of inerepreseniativesoia ine- people. IPendinz this election Messrs Smecd of Dummer ston and Railway of Putney, presented themselves in tho House, and on motion of Mr Everett weic sworn anh permitted lo ole.l l lie House men proceeded lo inn election ot uierx pro tempore, Messrs Warner and Henry being toilers, wnen FERRANH F. MF.UII.l., Esq. of Montpelior, was tlecled, by tho following vote: F. F. Menll, 113 O. II. Smith, 36 R. R. Thrall, 3 Tho Speaker nominated the Canvassing Committee on iho part of the House, as follows, and they were appointed : Jcnn'nBtVm. County Messrs Park, Colo, Gilson. HVnci'iam Messrs Clurk, Rico of Somerset, Field. H'l'iidsor Messrs Dennison, Henry, Smith. Ilittland Messrs Kellot?e. Harrinirton. Neal. iiion Messrs Wright, Smith of Monkloii.Smilh of rvew nuven. Oranipr Messrs Foster, Sanborn, Emery, Chittenden Messrt Whittcmure, Douglass, Am bler. I rutAfnrfon Messrs Holden, Wing, Dewy. Cdeilunin Messrs Chombeilain, Sanborn, Ross. Fmnklin Messrs Harney, Gates of Franklin; Clapp. L imoille Messrs Hinds, Morgon, Wilbur. Orleans Messrs Hinmnn, llowcll, Smith. 7,'jif.r Mcsirs H ibburd, Gould, Howe. (Irand I.le Messrs Martin. Holcomli. Hall. The usual messages were exchanqed, announcing the organization of each House, and tho appointed ot , a eanvafting committee. I rules of tha last session for the time being, udoplcd. firffUIUUU'is, -"I ,.l ui auut..i nw From tho Senate, lor n joint assembly to receive the ' rennrl of the ranvassilli; Committee I concurred in. I'mtu ih St note, onWing 400 cop of Leilstlv Directory, which was concurred In. By Mr Wright, iu uujuiiiu io 3 i . ji. tins aay, nuopied. SENATE. 3 o'clock. P. Al. Mr Duller nresen ted tho petition of II, II. Reynolds, setting forth that he was duly elected Senator for Grand Isle County, auu praying huh ue may nave leave to tauo Ills scat ; V.b..v...W bW..llllllll.V Ull JKl.ltUlia. . Ths lime havint; arrived for noitiL' into ioint Atcem bly, the Senators repaired to tho Hall of tho House ui lieprcscniauves. On tho return of tho Scnato from Joint Assembly, tin ran iiiiiuuuccu n rcsunnion ior a joint Assoui' bly lo-mnrrow at lOo'clock for tho purpose of elec ting a Governor, I.icut. Governor and Treasurer. On motion of Mr Snrgcant amended by striking out "to morrow at lOo'clucl.," nnd ineerling " this afternoon i nan pasi i o ciocit. a inessago was received from tho House that the House had concurred in tho resolution of tho Senate for n Inini ni,inlilv. Tim hour bovine arrived tho Senate repoircd lo tho Hall of I..II... ..r ... ' ..... uiuuuuM'ui iirprescniaiivcs luyo inio joint usscm bly Willi the House. The Senate having returned Mr Cutis introduced o resolution that tho two hou ses go into county Conventionson Friday ot3o'elock and to meet in joint assembly on Saturday ut 10 o'clock, for the appointment of conntyoilicersi pass ed. On motion of Mr Starr Iho Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Mr Daniels of Rutland appeared and was sworn. llttotutions. Ity Mr Winslow, inviting the clergy men of Montpelierto officiate in rotation as chaplains of the Housoj adopted. I!y Mr Winslow, to furnish each member with one daily and ono weekly news paper i Mr Davis of N. demanded tho yeas and nays when the resolution was adopted, 153 to 7 11 y Mr Peck, for county conventions on Monday next, 3 P. M. nnd joint assembly at 10 A. M. on Tuesday next, lo complete county oppoinlmcnts j adopted. Tho Chair announced tho Committee on Rules viz. Messrs Everett, Vilas nnd Whittcmnrc. ' Uiilt Introduced. Hy Mr Davis of Norwich, to repent Iho militia act of 1842, which was referred to the Committee on Militory Affu'rs. Ity Mr Davis of ft, relalivo to granting licenses to retailers of distilled sptrils, nnd repe ding the act of Nov. 5 1312, which was reerrea to tneueneral Committee. llemonslranc-ol Abel Whitney and others, against Iho risht of Moses I'olsom to a seat as member from Worccslor, referred to tho Conitnitteo on Elec tions. The Senate came in and a ioint assemble was form. cd to receive the report of the canvassing committee which was made as follows : For Gortrnor. Whole number of voles, 150,231 23,118 21,465 21,932 3,7Cti 21 Necessary lo n Choice John Mattocks, llaniel Ki'lloptr, Charles K. Williams, Scatteiing, For Lieut. Oottmtr. Whole number of votes, Necessary to a choico, Horace Eaton, Wyllys Lyman, Aaron Angier, Scattering, For Trtamrtr. Whole number of votes, Necessary to n choice, John Spalding, Daniel Haldwin, Harry Hale, Scattering, 40,871 21,933 21,383 21,'JOJ 3.5SI G O.JSO 24,741 21,333 21,021 3,507 17 1 he senate withdrew. ELECTION OF GOVERNOR. A resolution from the Senatn wn rm-WfA ,'i. n joint assembly this ofiernpon lojclect a Governor, t.ieui. .uvi;inur, ion i rea surer, vviucn was concur red in unanimously, when the Senate catno in, and die joint assembly proceeded lo Iheeh clions, with the following res dls, Messrs Camp of iho Senate, and Vilas ol the House acting as tellers : Whole number, Necessary for a choice, John Mattocks, Daniel Kcllocg, Charles K. Williams, 212 vii 131 101 7 hereupon Hon. JOHN MATTOCKS, was declared to be elected Governor for tho year ensuing.- Votes for Lieut. Governor, Mr Butler of tho Senate and Mr Stacy of the House, tellers: V hole number, Necessary for a choice, Horace Laton, Wyllys Lyman, Aaron Anjier, 244 123 131 107 C 'v Hereupon mo Hon. HORACE EATON was declared lo be ejected Lieut. Governor for the year ensuing. Votes for Treasurer, Mr Cults of the Senate and Mr Harrington of the House being tellers: Wholn number, 240 Necessary for a choict, . 121 John -palding, 123 Daniel Haldwin, 102 Hairy Male, 4 Scattering, 1 Whereupon the Hon. JOHN SPALDING . was declared to bo elected Treasurer for On motion of Senator Serpent, a committee of one member of each House was ordered to be appoinied lo inform the Hon. John Mattocks of his election : and Mr Sargent of the Senate and Mr Stacy of tho House were appuinted. The Senate withdrew. A resolution from the Senate fnins to-morrow 3 P. M. for county conventions, nnd 10 A. M. Satur day for joint assembly, to complete county appoint ments. Friday, Oct. 13. Prayer by the chaplain. ScNATn. A message was received from the House that the Houe had concurred in pasemg Senate reso lutions lor a Legislative uircciory ond lorn joint as sembly for the election of county officers. Un motion ol air lliompson, n committee of two were appointed to wnit upon thu Lieutenant Gover nor nnd inform him of his election. Missis lliompson and t, Alien wcio appointed committee. Thecommitteo on Rules. bvMr Camn. Chairman. reported the rules of last session t adopted. un motion oi .r uainp, llio sonaio adjourned. HOUSE. Prayer by iho Rev. Mr Scott. Ittsoni'ioti. Bv Mr Ilri""S for ioint assembly at lOo'clock to-morrow, to elect judges of the Suniemo Court; opposed by Mr Hillings nnd rejected. Hilts Introduced. Hv Mr Hibbard. remi ntin the issue of vvritof Audita Querela, referred lo Judicia ry Committee j by Mr Davis ol" N. omendinjj chap- leri reviseu mtiiirs ieuuivu 10 niuvvnysj rcierreu to itcuerni ionimiuee. uy .iir Harrington, reguia. ling llio office of Clerk of iho House of Representa tives (the clerk to receive a salary of 8100 and appoint his own assistants) referred to select committee of live, uy Jir tsurrout-lis, alterina UUlli section of tho militia Act of 1842, referred to Committee on Milita ry AfTuirs. un inuouu ui .iir neiiogg, me iionsc procccucu to the election of Clerk of tho Ho'i-efor the year ensu ing, Willi the lollowtnR result, Messrs Wright of Shorcham and Davis of Norwich being tellers ; Ferrand F. Merrd', 115 O. II. Smith, U3 R. II. Thrall, 2 Whereupon Fasbakd F. Mebrili. Esn. wnn dee. ted and sworn. On motion of Mr Demson. tho Houe nrocceded to the election of engrossing clerk fur the year ensu ing, with tho following result, Messrs Hillings and sanuorn tellers i Ambrose L. Drown, 113 Horace Clark, 97 C. I Knapp, 1 Horace Hrown, 1 When Ambrose L. Hrown of Rutland was declarnd cleclrd. Mr Everett from the committee, reported Rules of the House lor llio procnt session, which were adopt cd. On motion of Mr Warner, tho vole of ycslcnhy passing Mr Peck's resolution for county conventions, was re-considered, and the resolution was dismissed, being superceded by a resolution from the Senate. I'cltitionQt John Slafter and others of Norwich against certain exempts from, militory duty, and n.mlnct llirt nrnr-ltA nf in ilan ...n I n Tiie petition was read and occasioned some htllo amusement, when Mr Harrington said it was some wirii vviinuciiiiiiiy uuu nuieriioi in us reierenco to the Committee on, Roads Rejected, nnd it was re ferred to the Committee on Military Allans. Of Alon zoPerseth, referred to IheGencrnl Committee. 'Hie Speaker, appomtdd the Ndect Comtntitoe on tho bill regulating the ollico of Clerk of the House, viz. Messrs Harrington,, Whiltemore, Vilas, Wurner, and Ross: and on motion of Mr Daniels tho com milteo had leave lo sit during Iho session of the House. Subsequently llio commute.) reported the lull, and tho engrossment was dicpensed with. Mr Davis of N. moved to commit the lull lor nmend menl by striking out 3100 and inserting $30, which was supported by Mr Davis of Norwich, and oppo-ed bv Messrs Whillemoro and Harrington and negativ ed. Tho bill was then passed, after a few remarks in its favor by Mr Vilas, nnd against it by .Messrs Da vis of N. (on occount ol tho salary) and Folsom. SENATE. 2 o'clock. P. M. A inesaan u-nnri. eeived from the housn thai the House had pasted n hill abolishing the office "f Assistant Clerk, raiding tho salary of clerk to 8100, and giving tho appoint ment of assistant to tho cletk. The bill was read twice nnd referred to commilteo on Judiciary. A message was received from iho Governor an nouncing that he would take iho oath of office this afternoon at 3 o'clock t and that ho would rommn. I nicato to tho senate his annual message to-morrow al 11 o ClOCK. On motion of Mr Camp tho senate proceeded to the election nf standing Committees. Tho following committees were then appointed t fTinanct Messrs Camp, Cahoon, Munsil. Judiciary Messrs Brigjrs, But'er, Sargeant CaIm .Vrssrs Cutis, Fnrr, Plumb. ?dicoli'on Messrs Dtitton, Scott, Sabin. Agrirvtlun McFsrsE. Mien, Phillips, Rctd, Manufactures Messrs Purler, Sprague, Harris. Military Affairs Messrs A. Allcn.Tlioinpson.Uass Iloads una Canals Messrs Field, Griswold and Hubbard, Hanks Messrs Slnrr, Cahoon and Stone. Land Tuxes .Messrs Green, Hingbaui and Morgan lUsatulion. Hy .Mr Cntnp, directing tho commillco on Judiciary lo cnquite mlo ibe expediency of author izing, by law, tho secretary to appoint his Assistant) passed. IIOUSE.-lUioti'ion-I!y Mr Dcnison, for a joint assembly ot 10 A. M. on Tuesday next, to elect Judg es of the supremo Court and secretary of Slutc, adopted. Tho Governor elect informed the Houso by mes sago lliat he should laku Ihcoalh of office at 3 P. M. this day, and transmit tho annual nitssago to-morrow morning at 11 u'clock. Saturday, Oct. 11. Praver by the Chaplain, SENATE A communication was received from the Governor lliat the follow ing vacancies had occur red in Iho Mililh of this State. In Iho 1st Division by the resignation of Gen, Mnrtiti liol eilst in the 1st Hrigndc by Ihc disrhnrgo of llrig.idicr General N. Hlockineri in the Dili Urigadoby discharge of Briga dier Gen era! R. Smith. A resolution was received frnm ihn ffnonii fnr n joint assembly for tho election of Judges of Ihc Su- ,,iL.i.u wuiu. .inn .juu i-uuy uicinic; on inuoo.-. ui .Mr Huller laid on iho table. Also for n joint assem bly for llie election of a llriirailier Genernl in iilnri of ,,.: i: n ... , ,... . . ' . . Murmur ueuerai niaciiiner uiscnargeu, concurred in. . ..u ..ui.-i uui u.iiiiu iii, lueeivru ine oam, made a lirief and liandsomo address and look the chair. The President, on recommendation of Seri't. ut-Arms, appointed.. C Camp, Doorkeeper and S. u. miimgs, assistant, Mr Plumb presented a nctition frnm the Inhabitants of Hraltlcboro' asking tho repeal of nil acts rclativo to mo saio oi anient spirits, nnd giving to tho town au thority the power of nnnolntinir nersnns lit retail ui-l spirits j referred to a committee nf ibrce. Ilesolutions. Uy Mr Camp, for amending tho 2Sth chap, of ibe Revised Statutes in its provision for the sale or property ntlaiVoJ nn tlimnn nrnpp linfnfn jiidginent passed. Hy Mr. A. Men. directing the Judiciary Com to enouire into ihn p.xnnl pealing the Statute ol last yeat lo the punishment of rrimes! nnqsivl. Hit Xlr t.'nrr .t;.An:.. .l.n rn. Judiciary to ctiTiire into tho expediency of passing an net regulating Iho nssmnment of nmnrrtv. ,-np(l. Hy Mr Camp, for the nppointment of n Com. on joint Rules j passed. Hy .Mr Reed, directing the Com. nn Education lo enquire into the expediency of so amend ing the laws relating to Com. School n-. to procure a more equal distribution of iho school money, nnd to encourago tho moro general attendance of children, and providing that no District shall draw money on such children as do not attend school ut least two months in the year i passed, Hy Mr Griswold, in structing thoCommitteeon Military nlTiira to enquire into tho expediency of nmending tho 53d section of the militia act of Inst year so tint tho non-enminissioncd officers and clerk shall bo elected by officers and pri vntes j passed. Cominit'co on the Judiciary reported (House) bill regulating the appointment of Clerk nnd nssi-iant; read n third lime nnd passed. The chair appointed Cominittcoon Joint Rules, Messrs Camp, Cahoon nnd Dulton. The Senate then went into joint assembly. The Senate enmem from joint assembly, when llio Governor transmitted his annual Message by Mr. Hale his oecrelary, which was road ; on motion of Mr Iliiggs 300 copies vvetn ordered to bo printed. , MrBngcs introJnced a bill remodelling tho Judi ciary, the Supreme Court loconsist of a Chief .lustre nnd two assistant Justices j the Stnte to bo divided into four Judicial Dislricts,oneeirctnt Judgofor each district) a special term of tho Supreme court may bo held once each vear, tit such time nnd place as tho Court may determine; each circuit justice lo be a ch.ancellcr nnd chief juslicenf tho county courts with in his district ; ordired to huon the table. HOUSE-I'rayfr by Rev. Mr Kellogg. tcsnltitionaUv Mr Hillings, directing thoiommil tceof Ways and Means lo report tipun ihe proper dis position of the money teccived from tin public lands) pa-sscd. Ily Mr Whiltemore, directing the nppoint ment at this time of the committees to canvass the votes far members or Congress Whereupon Ihc Speaker nominated and tho House appointed the committees as follows : 7rt ' District Messrs Daniels, Marks, Manchard, Clatk, Warren. Second District Ncsns Everett, Davis of N., Wheeler, Sandborn of Strafford. Hancock. Third District Messrs Whitiemore, Gates of Eranklin, Warner, Rhodes, Griffith. Fourth District Messrs Hibbard, Peck, Cum inins, Morgnn, Fisher nfc.ahni. I'ttllion at Cenlro Turnpike Co., referred lo tho committee on Roads. Hills introduced Hv Sir. Davis of N., in addition to ch ip. 10R. S., (relalivo to neglect in Imildinir sehool houses after thn dtvisnn of districts) relerred to the committee on Education'. Hy Mr Whilcomb, to incnrpnratolbe Groflnti Fire Company, refe'rred to Judiciary cnmniittca. By Mr Grnndy in addition to chap. 83 R. S., referred lo ihn Judiciary committee. By. Mr Flint, In encourage thccnltivntinn of wheal, (granting premiums,) rt fared to committee on Agri culture. By Mr Burroughs, in addition lo chap.81 of R. S., rcfeircd lo the General committee. By Mr. Morrill, in amendment of tho listing act of 1841, refer red to Genernl oinniillcc. By Mr. Davis ol'N.,in nddition to c!inp. 110 R. S., (fixing the premium on silk at 10 cents per pound,) referred to connnilico on Agriculture. Bv Mr Flint, regulating fees for services of writs (no fees for al tachmculs unless property i actually taken into pos session,) rcferretl to the Judiciary committee. On ibe nomination of the Sargennt-nl-Arms, tho Speaker appointed ihc officers of ihe House as fol lows : Sliubael II. Flint, Door-Keeper. I.tunan Ilublee, 3 John M. Fox, r Attendants. Norman Uutrant, ) Charles Dewey, jlLssenycr, The Governor informed the House of voconcies in the military department by the discharge of the fol lowing officers . J ,j Ocn. Martin Roberts, 1st Di vision: llrig. Gen. Norman Ithckmcr, 1st Brigade) llrig. Gen. Roland Siniih, Olh Blip. Mesilution by Mr Harrington, for n joint assembly at 10 this morning lo elect n Brig. Genernl in ihe place of Gen. Rlacktner ) passp 1. Fiom the Senate, fjr n joint co'iimi'tee on joint ru!e ) concurred in. The Senate rami in and thefollnvvingnppoinlmenls wcro made by llicjoint nsemiilv: BENNINGTON C'OUNTV. "orenD Jam Assislani J,'s" "fths Co. Court .l'. V. I). S. McKowen, Sheriff". Aaron Dennio, ir. Jliph Ilalliff, A. I,. Miner. Slate's Mlornev. Leonard S lrgent, Judge of I'robntefor the DistriU of Manchester. O. C. Mcrril, Judc nf Probate for the district of Hcnnineton. John C. Roberts, Aaron Baker, Wm. M. Sperry, .ait Commtftnonrr:. John Hicks, O. C. .Merrill, Henry Robinson, Com- inissionersfor thcJait at Hcnnington. WINDHAM COUNT V. Em?" Vneelock. I ' JudS" "f"" C' C- Russell Hyde, S'tcrif. Pnrdon T. Kimball, High liaitif. John Kimball. Slate's Attorney. Ellcrv Albee, Judje of l'robitefor the district of il estminsier. Wm. Adams, Henj. Ormslec, Nahuin Eager, Jail Commissioners. RUTLAND COUNTY. Ezra June, Assistant Judge of the Co. Cmirt. Jacob Edgerlon, jr, Sheriff". Aimer Mead, High Ilaili'f. Wm.C. Kuitediye. Scale's Attorney. Wm. Hall, Judge of Probate for the District of Uutlantt, Almon Warner, Judge of Probate for ths District of Fairharen. ORANGE COUNTY. Jacob Kent, jr. Sherif. Samuel E.' riuvis, ;iirt IJailiT. Jell'ersnn P. Kidder. Stale's Attarnc'i. J. W. I). Parker, Judge of Probate for the District of Uratljortl. WINDSOR COUNTY. David Pierce, I , , d oJ-tht Ca Court Reuben Washburn, j ' o J .enn F. Hvde, Sherif. OrraPaul, High Uailif. Si-wnll Fiillnm. State's Attorney. Thomas F. Hammond, Judge of Probate for the llittrictofltimlsor. CHITTENDEN COUNTY. John Alleu,iCk,en' Mzf" Co. Court Holla Gleason, Sheriff". Horace Ferris. High HaitilT. Henry Leavenworth, Stale s Attorney. fUmrlfH ltnssetl. Jndirc or" Probate. Wm. A. Griswold, James H. Piatt, Isaac Dow Jail Commissioners. CALEDONIA COUNTY. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Q!,aoi' t ?.TI'S0"' , ip As'l Judgesoflh, Co Court Sheflleld Hay ward, r. ) J Geo. W. linker. Sheriff. Alpheus Bobbins, High Hailijf, O. H.Smi'h, State's Attorney. Azel Spalding, Judae of Probate. Daniel Haldwin. It. II. Keith, Alfred Wainwright, Jail Commissioners, FRANKLIN COUNTY. Js'S'l'- Co. Court. John S. Foster, She) If. Jnntes Bellows. Hiah Ilailitf. Win. C. Wilson. Watt's Attorney. Wm. Bridges, .JWjeo" Probate. Hates Turner, Jasper Curtis, Joseph II . Hsriuard, JM Commissioners. ESSEX COUNTY. Msnin-FrenTh'jA'''' Mtu.nh. Co. Ccur,. Geo. W. Gates, SheriJT. John W Webb, H&K Uailif Wm. Hey wood, jr Slate's Affornty. Moodv Uieh. JtlJae of Prahntr. John Dodge, Isanc Cumtniugs, Jnmcs Folansby, Jail Commissioners, On moduli of Mr. Davis uf N. the joint assembly for County officers adjourned to 10 o'clock A. M. Wednesday next. The joint assembly was then formed for Ihceleclion of General, 1st Bngado 1st Division, and on Iho nom ination of Ml. Hnrrtnglon, Col. Isaac M'Daniels was unanimously iiecteu. Tho Governor communicated his annual Message, as iouows i Tho Messano having been renrl. nn mntion nf .Mr. Wright of Shorcbatn, 500 copies wcro ordered lo bo prmicu lor tne use ol the House. Adjourned. 2 o'clock P. M. SENATE The chair announced as committee on bills Messrs. Thompson, and Scott. Committees were appointed to canvass voles for members of Congress, ns follows i 1st District, Messrs A. Allen, Morgan and Thomp son. 2nd. Messrs Porter, Fnrr nnd Cutts. 3d. Messrs Read, Mttnsill nnd Hublnrd. 4th. Messrs. Camp, Cahoon and Butler. Also Coinmilleoon petition of inhabitants of Uiatlleboro' Messrs Plumb, Butler nnd Sabin. , Mr. llrigcs called up Iho lull, in relation to the Ju diciary) Iho bill was rend a second lime and referred lo committee on the Ju1' iary. On motion of Mr. Huller so much of tho Gov. Mes sage as referred to the net relating lo tho punishment of crimes was referred to n select com. Mi Sargcnnt, for Iho com. of Elections, to which was referred Iho petition of Wolloeo Mott asking that ho may be permitted lo take his seat as Senator of Grand Isld, reported in favor of the petition and pre sented n resolution granting the prayer of tho peti tion: after some remarks in favor of the resolution, by .Messrs Sargcuit, and Briggs, and by Messrs Sprague and Butts in tho negative, Mr. Farr moved to lay the resolution on tho table) carried. On mo tion of .Mr Briggs tho Senate Adjourned. HOUSE Tho chair announced tho joint commit tee on Rules on iho part of tha House, viz. Messrs Ev erett, Vilas and Whilletnorc. Uiilt introduced. Bv .Mr. Rice, of Somerset, re pealing scctionsB and 11 of chap. 21 a. s. which was referred lo thejudiciary committee. By Mr. Walker to rcinnd to Addison rotter Si overpaid taxes, wmcn was referred to tho committee on Claim. By ,Mr Pinney, relating to the nlo of property on execution, which was icfcrred to iho Judiciary Committee. Hy Mr Whitiemore, incorporating the Champlain opposi tion Steam Boat Company, which was referred to a Commilteo of five. llesalulions. Hy Mr Harrington, referring that part of the Governor's Message on capital punish ment to n select commilteo of five) passed. By Mr Sandborn of Lyndon, referring thntparton the school fund, to tho committee on education, passed. By Mr Davis of N. referring lliat part nn the militia to the cotnniitlco on military allairs: 'passed. By Mr Hil lings, referring that part on slavery to the General Committee) nmendedon mo'ion of Mr Davis of N. by substituting the Judiciarycommittee, and passed. Hy Mr Sanborn of Lyndon, instructing our delega tion in Congress lo endeavor to procure Ihe extension of the law ol 1833, relative- to pensions to widows, for the term of five years) passed. Petitions. Of select men of St. Johnsbury, Con cord, Victory, and Kithy, relative to the act for iho ictnovnl ofolistruclions in Pass.imsic river, &c, refer red to Judiciary committee. Monday, Oct. 10. SENATE. Prayer by llio chaplain. On motion of Mr Culls, the Governor's Message was referred lo committees as follows) so much as relates to the TarilT and the proceeds of the public lands, to a comniitleo of three) so much ns relates to education, to tho committee on Education; so muHi as lelates lo the school Fund, to the commilteo on Finance: somuc'i ns r dates to tho on military All'drsj nnd so much ns relates t slavery and Atinexaton of Texas to llio Union, to a solect committee of three. A message was received frnm the Governor, on nouncing Ihe appointment of Henry Hale, Secretary of Civil and Military AIDirs. The Cltuir announced ns committee on that part of the Governor's message relating to capital punish, ment, Messrs Butler, Starr and Read. Mr Dutlun called nn the House resolution far n joint assembly on Tuesday, for thcelect'on of Judges ol supremo Uourt and secretary of Stale, and on mo tion of .Mr Sargeant, laid on the table. liesotuiiom. By.Mr Spr.ajiue relating lo thoOr.and List, that a select committee bo instructed locnq iire into tho expediency of introducing a hill providing that the nsel of Hanks, nlnivo their capital paid ill, be taxed ) passed. From the House, for a joint ns scnibly on Tuesday nt 10 o'clock ) concurred in. In- strs:ting our senators and .Members in Congress to procure the extension of the law, granltng pensuns to widows in cetlain cases; laid un the table. .Mr llnggs introduced a bill nmending chap. 07, a. s. relating lo the maintenance of illegitimate children ) read and referred lo committee on Judiciary. Mr Briggs called up Ihe resolution of the committee nn Elections, relating to thepelition of Wallace Mott. Iho resolution was debited in the affirmative by Messrs Ren I and Starr, ond in the negative by Messrs Huller anil Far, nnd on motion of Mr Camn. the sen ate ndj.iurned. There was n mistake ns lo ibis question on Satur day, rendered worse by a typographical error. The inouuii was simpiy 10 it. on ine ionic, nnaincre miiks of Mr Duller (not Hulls) and olheis, wero confined lo that motion simply. Prayer by the Itcv. Mr Gridley. HOUSE. Itcsoliitions. Hy Mr Whitiemore, re ferring m much of ihc Governor's message as relates to the Turin to a select cotnmitteu of five) and so much as relates to the Annexation of Texas to the Union, lo the judiciary committee; psssed. Hy Mr Rice of Somerset, for n joint nssemhlv nt lOo'clock to-nioriow to elect a General in the 9lli Hrigado vice R. Smiib : passed. By Mr Douglass, of Vvatcrbuiy referring that part of the Governor's message on Ed- are reasons enough, nnd they set at rest tho ccali.iu, to Iho on Education ; passed. . ' By Mr Smith of Cavendish instructing the jjdiciary 1 sispir.ttions of those who ail vocato, though VC conimitteeioenquireintotliectpediencyofiinninend. I ru f..,rrf11.. ,1,,, ,,,,i; r u ,1;; ii . ment of the law, in relation to tho removal of pau-1 r-V c',rc!". . ""- policy of digging up a pets; passed. By Mr Kellogi referring so much of i candidate ut llio clevenlli hour: n man per- the Governor's mess-igo ns relates to expenditures, lo 1 , .. , . ,. . , , . the committer) of Ways nnd .Means) passed Hy I dianco well enotigli in Ills place but who in Mr IldliiHTs. for n ioint assembly nt 10 A. M. on ' Thursday next for the election of Auditor of Ae coitnls cud Auditor in the Treasury ) passed. By Mr Winslow, as to tho expediency of repahtig llio lOih sec. or ncl or 161- ill addition io the 29th chap. n. s.; pass,.,!. Hills Introduced. By Mr Whitiemore, repealing the net nl last year relating to capital punishments, relerred lo the judiciary committee. By Mr White law, in ntuendmentof chap. 12 n. s.,rcfetred to gen oral eoininille. By Mr Warner, lo incorporate tho Lincoln Iron Company, reforred to the commiiieeon .Manufactures. Bv .Mr Whiuemon-. in amendment of chap. 73 n. s., referred to ihetudiciarv commiilce. Ity .vtr uenisin in a tuiiinn io chap. 47 a. s. rep rreu i to tha judiciary committee. Hv Mr Hawkins, to prevent usury, nnd repealing llie 3). lilt and 5th sec-' lions ot cnap. t i n. s., rcierreu to tne Juuiciary com mittee. Hy Mr Wallace, in addition to act regulating sheriffs, high bailiffs and constable's fees, (mileage to 1 bo charged by nearest route,) referred to the Judicia rycommittee. By Mr Harrington, relating to iho ju diciary, similar to the bills of Mr Briggs in the senate, rcierreu to tne juuiciary committee. The chair announced as follows, the standing com mitters of ihc House. On Elections Messrs Hibbard. Rico of Somerset. Tracy. Saniiorn'of Stratford, Kellogg, Foster.McI.oud Ul vvaysanu .vieans .viessrs vvrtgntoi snorcnam Henry, Clark, Wing, Smith ol Cavendish. On .Military Adairs Messrs Barney, Davis of Nor wich, Harlow, Page, Ilarnes. Judiciary Uomuiiuee aicssrs i.vcrcti, vuas, nun temorc, Harrington, Hibbarb. Commilteo of Claims Messrs Grnndy, Rico of Somerset, Dentson, jiarus. rerry ol Leicester. On iloads .iiessrrvuisiow,jcweit,'-iapp, itoou ward, Holden. On Banks Messrs Warner, Henry, Daniels, Gates of Franklin, Cunimings. On Agriculture Messrs Chamberlain, Latbrop, Iladwav. Kingman, Bacon. Land Tax Committee-Messrs Guild.Goold.Wlute law, Edgerlon of llydepark, Martin of North Hero. l;onitnrteo on .vinuuiacunes -mcssis uuss, .uar lindale, Billings, Flint, Goodhue. Commilteo to mate up Ihe Grand List Messrs 1 Lyon, Colo) Fisher of Townshend, BurrowB of Ver non ) Briggs t f Clarendon, Bucklin; Bowman, Wal coil, Spencer, Gage) Emery of Washington, Kidder of Brainlree) Leavenworth, Stacy) Sargeant, Spl ding) Burroughs of Kirbv, Ingalls) GalesofSt Al bans, Urishamt Hinds, Tcrtll -, Jameson, Hodgkinsj Howe of Luncnburgh, Marshall) Hall of South He. ro.Holcomb. Commilteo of E lucatton Messrs Whiltemore Sanborn of Lyndon, Rice of Bridport, Warren, Crow ley. Distributing Committee Messrs Davis ot Land rrnvp. Whilcomb. Mason. Howard of An lover. Kccsc, tlaldwin,, uuaicy, i.nchie, unss, ovvn, it,i r m,..r.,l,l nAn n ...... Sf L.;,IJ f i:.l IvOlllUiniCO Oil llll JIHBIS JVIUUtl Ul ' dllll.lVC 11,1 Hawkins. On Stato's Prison Messrs Denisnn, Davis of Nor wieh, Neal, Goodrich of Sudbury, Eastman. On Revision Messrs Vilas, Stscy, Grandy. General Cotntuillce Messrs Field, Buck, Bogue, Richardson, Briggs of Salisbury, Stevens, of Newbu ry, Patrick, Douidassof Wnlcburv, Darling, "aton, Bennett, Wilder, Walker of Maidstone, Uriflllh. Tho chair announced the select committee on capi tal punishment ns follows: Messrs Harrington, Whiltemore. Davis of Norwich. Warner. Russ. Petitions referred Of Wm Woodard, to commitlen on claims) of tho Hank of llrattleboro, to tiiccom- mince on Banks. Of Sylvanus Ripley for rcmuner - nlion for money lost on account of a suspension net passed by the Legislature of this Stale, which was renu nnu reieirci iu mu .u,u!ii,ro m numi&i ui i,. i . , .Win. in .1. ir . 1 W. Campbell nnd others, and of Cobot LibIu Infant. ,0 ba destruclno (o the welfare, present and ry, for compensation tq tho uniformed militia, referred prospective of our Countr . nnd which ought to the committee on military Affairs. ' ' . , , Tbecbair presented the 7th Annual Repott of the not to be permuted to triumph. IVow no trustees of ihe Vt. Asylum for tho Insane, which on i .n r,ln roninml ,;,,, ,l,; vi.iu fnr moiionof Mr Clatk, was referred to a select commit I iiAn C,ln colona 'E'"'ls lu, mo teeor five. ' ment unless ho disputes the rules of urilhnio- Tho Governor, by messape. informed the House of .. ,, , . tho appointment of Henry Hale, Esq. of Burlington, 'c i an l'w "W man who ever was u Whig, tho Truslecsof the Asylum fur the Insane, wuu or dered to be printed. 2 o'clock P. M. SLNArL The resolution of the cominittcoon elections, on the petition of Wnllnco Mott, being ths order or tho day, was taken up and further debated in favor by Messrs Plumb and Briggs. y.Mr Butler moved lint llin resolution nnd report be referred hick lo tho conitnitlceon Elections for a spe cial report. Lost as follows: Yeas Messrs Cnss, Bingham, Bailer, Cahoon, Farr, Griswold, Phillips, .S'cntland Sprague 9. Nays Messrs A. Allen, E. Allen, Briggs, Camp, Culls, IJutiou, Field, Green, Harris, Hubbard, Mor gan, Munsill, Porter, I'l b, Read Sargeant, Starr, Stone and Thompson. 20. The main question on Iho passage of tho resolution was then taken and the resolution was passed as fol lows : Yeas Messrs A. Allen. E. Allen, Briggs, Cahoon, Camp, Cults, Dulton, Field. Green, Hartis, Hubbard, Morgan, Munsill, Porter. Plumb, Read, S'abin, Sar gennt. .Start, .Vionoand Thompson 21. N?v."7".!!e's'ir3 "-"i Itinghain, Huller, Farr, Gris wold, Phtlhp, Scott and Sprague 8. Mr Mott then appeared, was sworn and took his scat. Mr Sergeant, from tho committee of Elections, to which was referred thepelition of H. II. Reynolds, reported ngainst the prayer of the petition, and askod that ho mialit havo leave io withdraw his petition; leave granted. .Mr Starr introduced a resolution granting Mr Rey nolds pay per diem lo ibis time and travel") pass. Tho Senate then adjourned. HOUSE Petitions efertcd. Of Honrv H. Robin son, to commilteo of claims ; of inhabitants of Mon roe, asking for the alteration or the name of that town back to Woodbury, to General Committee. Tho Governor returned the bill regulating the offi ce of Clerk of tho House, signed ; itis therefore a law. Resolutions. By Mr. Kcltoirir. for ioint nssemhlr at 10 A. M. 'I hursdaynext, to elect Sargcant-at-Arms; passed. By Mr Davis of N. for a joint assembly al the same time, to fill the vacancy occasioned br ths resignation of Maj. Gen. Martin Roberts) passed. By Mr Winslow, instructing the Judicary commutes to iauircinti Ihe exncdioncv of allnwint time for rt. demption of land sold for taxes, nlso to require 30 days iiQitceui sues ior i.axesj passed. The chair appointed tho select committee on tin Tnriirand Public Lands, viz : Messrs Erercll. Vilat, Wright of Shorcham, Sanborn of Straflurd, Kellogg. Also iho cntitmilleonn the bill to charter the Cham plain opposition Steam Boat Company, viz: Messrs Whiltemore, Harrington, Tdden, Rhodes and Mat thews. Bill introduced. Bv Mr Crowley, extending juris diction of Justices nrthePcnce in trustee process to 8100, referred to iho judiciary committee. Adjourned. MR. CLAY. If doubts havo heretofore existed in tha Whig ranks, ns lo the expediency of making Mr. Clay the PrcsirJ-ntia! Candidate in 1844, wo presume they are by this time dispelled, and he may now bo regarded, (us indeed ho has been for many mouths,) as the candidate wuu witoni .none tlicro can lie any serious prospect of ti batllo by llie Whig parly next year. His claims to this distinction are of a character which forbid their being question ed by any but those who are eillier openly orsecrelly inimical to Ins interests. Indeed, it were needless to put the cavils of the fen who opposed his nomination, to any olher test titan to nsk them who else in the uni versal Whig party, viewing the present stato of public opinion, could muster ;t coporal's guard at tho polls in 1844? Does any sane . man fill to see llio necessity which controls nil parties that look for success, compelling them to select ns their standard bearors thn men who most emphatically personify and embody their principles Do men suppose lliat great parlies are ready as a general rule lo hop from candi date to candidate as the uninstrucled capric of a Convention may lend the way 1 If so, wo warn thoni to come out of that fit before it prove fatal. Wo trust nnd believe the Baltimore Convention will know betlar. The parly with one accord lias settled down on Mr. Clay, and for a plain reason, because they seo no oilier man in their ranks, whose experience, whoso steadfast adherence to their principles and ability in maintaining and defoiuling them are ennui to his. Thess tnt.0 cases out ot ten does not embody tbo principles of tho party, but has in reserve snniu cross grained quirk totally a war with those principles, such for instance as iho de testable Virginia ul'.sirnctionwitli which tho unlucky chuicet uf the Harrisburgli men is now visiting this nation. It being then, well settled that Mr. Clay is our candidate, cn n thero be much doubt of his election 1 Wo answer no. To doubt that tho Whig Candidate, being a man whom tlio parly approve, will be elected is to be lieve One of Iwo things: cither that the peo ple who in 1S40 by a vast majority appro ved of tlio measures of the Whigs.have chang ed their opinion, or that they will not vote in 1844. Tlio first supposition is not warranted by any events tending to change an enlight ened opinion of nur policy, nnd the idea that pcoplo will refuso to voto next year, is to us, absurd. Besides, notwithstanding the clanv ors of Locofocoisni, over victories in State where tlio Whigs have made littlo effort,, what aro now the signs 1 How is it in Tcn ncssco? How in Norlh Carolina? How in Maryland nnd Ceorgia and Vermont? Thero the Whigs havo done battle nobly, and as usual in such cases they are victors. Then what aro tha prospects of the foe?. An irrecnnciieanio Icuil between the great rejected of 1840, and his far greater com petitor of Fort Hill, is tho sign in their firma ment. Thus stand tho combatants, both contend ing, as they pretend for principles which they deem essential to tlio welfare of this gigantic strife fc what do our" Liberty party" friends ask us to do I Why, nothing, except nuietlr j tn l:ir .tnii'ii mir nrmt nr n.lmt - umi u..t.a, u. .,a, ,9 same thing to voto for their man, who, as they free ly admit, is about ns likely to bo elected ac Nathan Smilie. And ihey ask this too, in the faco of tho fact that a plurality only is rei quired to elect tho electors, so that, the Abo litionists every where being mostly Whigs, tho direct, visible, inevitnblo tendency of foK following their advice, is at tho next election 1 t0 scc,lro ,l0 ascendancy of princinles.which. ' " "i-i'ii-s,wiin.ii, ! unless wo are false nnd dishuncsl. we believm FRIDAY MORNING, OCT. 20, 1343.

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